Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 5
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IJf IWt BWPTOW WBFOM?' /trl-tHTtON. _ kw fireproof build-no. MinrT11 PI'LTON, NARfitf A iD AW RTBBBTS. BIKi'ANT 6rrr?-K8 To runt in the above riRI- riUMIF wKl LOCATED HILDING, BEING IN CI.OtlE I'R'iXIMITY T<> TIIB ?? ^am CITY MALL, THE COURTS^ THE POST OFFICE, orru B* B U IT A ? L*4 ?r b K LA W Y E B 8, B RO K E US. *ANk;>, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC, CAN BK B"t? VlNOLT OR KN MITE. Of ANY bbblRED nu KK< > W IUXIJ >EET TO a.XC7 FEET, AT $300. ? ?*iv AMI UPWARD TO 112,000, ACCORDING TO Iflf AM' WlCAtlON 1 1IE ABOV r. Hi ILMNO IS COMPLETELY KIBE PROOF, iMi WILL HK HEADY FOK OCUUl'AN'CY ON OR ?? FOKE MAY I.1K73. A LI. Al'Pl tCATIONII FOR OFFICES TO BE MADE lO lioMrK MORGAN, No. ; PINE STREET. A? offices ? in ih? _ DRPXEL BUILDlKrt. ?Ol TIIKAt>T CORN KB OF BROADWAY AND WALL STREET, CORPORATIONS. BANK l' PS, LAWYERS, Ac., our ii tor rxiiiuiiiution _ . ON AND AFTER APRIL I. . two ntalrca?e*. fireproof, well venti lated ?nj lltfhird. heated by Mruin ; every mo lorn con venience on each floor AjipW to JOS. W. DlthXKL, S3 ?ichm?* place ; lIoMER MORGAN, No. 3 Pluo alruet, ?r M the prruit*?. A BATII I SO ESTABLISHMENT, COMPRISING Rl'S Plan. TurKUh, ItiMiian, ?ul|ihur ami private hath*, Ml Thirtieth afreet, to let reawnablr, io rc?pon*lhle Crtte? a*. nu will receive brokerage. Apply at 2U1 rontl av> uae. & A A -To LET. WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, ? a tarire huiiiliHtf ; four ? tortus, hutment and lolt \ ttr t in ut by 75 Hit d?n?p: wfll feimated lor any lund el nmiu kriwiu 1 u-nie ?; will he let In room* to suit a?i i mate Inbuilt at Mil Kim avenne, between Twenty aia'h and Thirtieth MMla A -TO LEASE. WORTH HOCBE. 202 FIFTH AVENUE, 7% . earner ?f Twi ntjr Uitti afreet, through to Broadway, for bti?lne?* or hotel purpo e*. Apply to W. W. STE PHhNfO.N.3?7 Hroadnat. room 22. A -TORE. WTTII DWI LLINO ROOMS AVI) CELLAR. Jt7 Ka-t thirty Inirtk MfMLMr Mm terry, to let, ?nl able lor any hn*lneaa reut 8 -A , poaaeuion iuimc fia cly. ? i . 1 ?! - " s.rlntf it. A ?TO I IT, AT LOW RENT, THE SECOND AND A. Third Hoore o< 2IM Bowery ; iiultahir tor nianntnc iur.nK n weliera or auv bu.-inea* requiring K?oU light. Apply at 2l.s Water ?t ? eet. Arnv?iciAjrs office to let? ?2 west tiiir Ijr-Hfth ittffl ; ? leaae of two year* or more Riven. A PYTR pTORY RKIl'K bcildino, with store, J\ W, Watfr atrret: (ln? location for bUKln**?. IllOMAe MiaillKE. I.U'i Second avenue, or 87 Cedar (ti A -To LET-LOW, Til'' FIVE STORY BUILDING /' ? t> I'm.ii Mvr.t, through to Veatry ; been occupied Mr ive yeara at a lurnlture (tore. H. K Li b. (IK VAF. Bowery National Rank. -TAILORS. FURNIT0BB, MILLTNFRP. NOR. 4. 8 j and* Twentieth street, next to Lord A Taylor'a, or t" -i tlier , a. now or altered. J Etisil'l', 2M Bretdwav or I'lir W. IV. I nili avciue. A FIOhk OF SllOF 3t UANSBVOOBT ST REST, 2.1X J\ (tt. with or without (team power ; ino.lui ate rent; nauiediaU- p<??-?- ii.ii I- 1. A H T BCBNBAM. 8H9 Hudoon (trret. ?TO LET, FOR Bl'*'I N IM KI'oHI S, Foil A ? term ut v??, ttie Kn Ming ?> Prim e ulrcet, be two. a ttroalwajr aa I Xercer ?trect. lot *101 teet. For lei in <* v to TliVV Alio V M 1 1. It V. M Wall "trect, or V. ? -TKveBmoN, Jr., II Piae itreet and M Filth avenue. A PI RUT CLAM RHOWlWAY STORK AND BASE j\ ment. corner of Twcntv tilth atreet. to |ea?e at re duced rent Inquire ut MAM I'LL D. liOKMAN, 21 Bpruce ?reel. A? ONION SUI'ARF. RI'ILIMN.i TO LKT. NO 2, ? em .r i ruarte.m h afreet, fornurly occupied by the i.eruian eavlnge Bank Alao, Nlnih at reel Rul'dlng near I'roadway, 111 Faat, with (in* (tore ami manulactorv ; l.TUi.ily occupied by lac Auiert ?an t'bttri h I'reaa t oinnaay. R Bl'K HKTT nVATT, 85 Wall atreet A A -STORKS AID OPPWEit ON RROAHWaT ? an. I Hutli avenue. ?A a< w lour atnry Hulldiui;. ?rllh ?' I eel lr<. Blare, i? being erected on Sixth a v. aue, in |h<' rear ol an I . aiincM with I, SS and l.iiw Broadway, betw. en Thirty lirat un 1 Thlitv ??< mid utreeta. to f>e readv for aeeai Itcl on he l?? mt Mny rte lower tlo<>r, ?n '-ia'h ac nue will I e .llvldid into ?t' re. of ih<- ?;*e to ?uli I. Minn eoniM w|t|i Hroaitaav If de?lred. The ?piej t1o<.r? w|ih <nt>anre fti.m Hrnijvn*. will aflord Br?i rle a I remi?e? tor y lMlHil^ aaiiaola and ottier* re Kirin; liirhk I lie apt-i r fi >r tor ?t?dio?. a eluti of ar te ? nil have t?.t 'I ace dlitdeit to null, or the whole or tn? pur I ot the building will l.e arraniji <1 to *utt tenanta. rlan-t the build. nir ran be aeen to applyliit; to W S. ? LLPdlM. 1,1 Riwdway nOARIXNU ll??lT?K OR RI'HINE^^.-TO LEASE, J > lonr Floor* in ?o.4 order IS room* . on llttdaon, bear ?or ill Moore atreet . r< i.t tl.JM am. un HRKEN * sV. I LI?y , Uwvera, IS1 Naaoau Mr et, np atalra. BAKRRT AND rONrP.<Tlo\j:RV ST'IRE, WITH Miop, to let or lor aale -W ith Iih.|? and ti\ture?, flrat tUaa aiaad ; rare chan ? In Rr(?kl>a iauulir iU Water ?treel. New York. AKhHY TO LEP? OR TUB CORNER OF 1I4TII atreet and Flt-f H^rniH' B D BARBMl PROP OR ANY I Ii.HT BI'-INES^ ?TO let, a Firai floor In W arri n atn ? t. m ar College place; ? place lor dwelling alati real ft.**' |.er nmniiiii HKi l.S A ?PI LLIHSV, Liwi. ru, IU K atreet. up atalra. r\FSK ROOM TO LEI. A riR-1 KATE CHANCB ' mr ailv< riming at ? nta. Api.i> at liie ..fllir ol tlio VI MM, Ti I.I i.KA* >o. ;? Ann ?tre. I KSK Ron* To LKT? FINK OPPfCB, ON Lh\KL with atreet , be?t li? -iti"n in eii? H. KDIiY A CO , No. I l ark place, corner Broadway. rkBRtRARLR ? OPFICE* AND DBHB ROOM, WITH J 1 ihelving. to let, on reaai.nable terms Apply at No. 7 Park place, necond ttoor. FArToitv POB RIUTf work, wtwtit or iron, or feed null: grand l.ieaUoii . cheap ; anv ainvunt of rriwer- lonr afore*, mill divide it into -mall ro?m?. wenty ninth atreet and Kevi atn avenue FOR M ARC PACT17BBRR. ?TO LBT, A LABOR. WELL lighted and ateam heated Room, with ?t> am power, at a moderate price. Apply at Ut Canal atreet, is the Wore. fmm I.orTS TO LET-AT HI WILLIAB KTBEBT, between John and PMItoa *!/??, JCa. -wj Inquire at KRRITT^BRO'.'.TJ John atreet TTOTEL Rl'SINES# ? TO LEAKE, THAT iHaRTLT XT Hotel (erectliigi taring Hroadway. between C.????er (natiUltc and Bible H urn-, over I tir .o n? ?i li odid atorea, ba-ement?, vaul *. Ac ,18? < Ti fbird avenue. HOTEL To LEASE-NEAB HIHH RRIIhiF, Wilms three minute*' walk ot railroad dei ot and uteani t landing ; a eapilal cbanee lor ho'el man rent 41 hit Apply to II (.'(ill N. C aRI*. IIM Hroadwav. and T OPTS -TWO DOI'RLE U?PTS TO RENT; WELL 1J liir tiled and in pleaaaat location Ml and IW Kaat rwintn th -i r . < t orrs to i.ft? ?fixino a ??ti? mmm PSBf with oh I without ateam power, -unable tor pr ntera or Uad . Apply to J. T PBBMoN, f? ?t eeL I o EO. 401 BROADWAY; OORNFR **I.K?R .fRI F.T To let. large Raaement Rr.e l>?. e on gr .ead It.**, Mid, Third and Pai ? ot I ..ur'h l-.n BORER MoRiiAN Kn I Ptne atre#t OPFICE (OR PART OP> To LPT-oN RIITR AYR nue. hi' IK located and Bne>t "B ttie an-lw iMiit aaee preferred Addreaa A. U< raid I H ?? arai. k ?Dm. PPICE TO LET-AT Ml PBARL RTMFBT. OPPfWtTB the Cotton Emchange art. . ? 8>" t. ????? pet ananna A J MoRRIlMIN. * Pearl atteel CTEAM POWI-B -TWO LAMB Bt tLtMMMI TO. Hi. i~ with or wlthoat power . It hi ? n ? >i a*n . <<? -t- '??? real Alan Engitie and R ? ?r tor .a laaaite at 88 Cannon atreet .d kll Nll.K 8 TEAR INiWI R To I.R1 Wirtl rtMl II., 1 ? It K<?ma; ?iw. ?'.%18, Tkl a Mln aal 80. to > .KI'l> A VII l.. k /. t ... ? QTEAM POB KB.-PBBT MIMBABMI MMRW| I* I lab l. nn corner wotrf or tr?a w-r> . ?-h lap. BW aath aviaue, Twenty^igMh a. d In.nii ? ?U ?t?. i* STEAR POWf R. W11B HI'.! I l? ?l t. i If- ?<?'.? atont.i ii-rjfd" mi taan aace . immediate I E hi. I.i I ... HI ii 4 la ti* ? CTKAM POWER i RRRT? M, ? ??? l" with lia-h- on ?1 aidea, vrrf ?Wd-i* bar wwaBar-ifR era; poa<e?,iia at .to ? > , . ' i*? Nit i . A ?RaM IM IIank MJeeL STKAM Pi iW with , v ? pvtR aav kind ol mann-ar i uete g<. ? ' ? >? ->iiit.i< power po.? ae n .t in. I no >li ?!*??. Kt8 We?t i iit? fl ?t . ? ,.I I . r ? a ?treet, i t J >li\ ? s '.n i. t, STBAR I'nWfcK Tu Irf, rNKt ?e and three ?ir<all K. i. n 't . . ..? IIJI ,.a.?iiil ?tre. t. < ith or wittuxii ;. I a J. CiLHOiiLY itli. e ?.. i CTP*M I ..?*!? I...e . n ? ?.\-Mi k? alaa Baaaad ? I n... t ??.?.r. m%- pww*r ?? I . - Apply to !' W. ||#||.M? 8W t'l> ?? a 4HI, i. vU??. b.ul POWER. WTTB 8MAU AMD i ? M. ., tor t I ' and upward Man eti the I r, m-.rn loO. F. MALI* ? tin -tnei Sokes to r- M-h?iiiPttAY a?i? es m ?t from tPWft fBBOt Hh ?' n?ar <" ti - .. . BaM'nient. fja. <iii av , near Mth *< 8i ? Rar 7Vd a , f I. W. A* < t>ilR'ii?>a corner Broadway an l We * I ?rtp i-axa ? rwt CTolF.8 TO KENT? THE NEW RulM 7* HARRA'4 Ky ttrcot aad MlWllegc plaee. W teet .cnt f raiiag an U frontiag on belli .trc H, line cellar (IRO W WELnlf. : >t (irreawl'h afeeet tr?<) IB TO LKT-CORNRB DP YAt H k t? *Trn (j atreet, anil ible tor ? ira. ro- r r < ?r any ??h. r (o?4 bn'lnc-a ; ixi , alteratlona to be made in ii- t | iv n 4 '?* .? 1 1 .? >iraR> ST' HE AND BABFBENT OK THP WH' . ,1 second avenue. hetw??-i llftr fleet an: lit . gpaom) aireeta ; Pl>ior?. am raai? all toipr v*n?> ate t.? tel. Ati'iutri' .it .i l.aat Poriy ninUi eucel I ,?<naa? .it r.cnt away. QTOKP; 262 PIXTH AYENt F, RETWKPR *U 0 leijDth and ReventoewtB ?.r- ? t?: c.u' 'j>ra, .he I < tag. gna flxtnne*, Ac , c maple*- . alate gla>a A. w. MK MH li. I), utl*t, at the above auwbep. STORE TV1 KK.VT-EW SIXTH AVr.Ni K I Mil* the "Sluktne Preach Fliia" to janitor, ? r owner, 72 Wea t Fllty tbini "treeL (STORK TO LB T AND PIXll'BB* FoB SALB-BBTAB* Olpjliihi d II ye*r?, on one ot th<* beat a*eaaeeta Bro?.? iyn: ladoiiiK i? goVid whole* 'le an l retail tiu?inea*. rr'* III health cau*e for letting. Apply hi WM NACKKY, ?S Knltna avenue. rrilOKNTON M. RODMAN, BBAL ESTATE A*iFNT, 1 Min Broadway, ofr, th lor lea*e ftere aad Dwelling IH Waverley place; will let together or *?; rent fl,3i0; Store with hack Room and front BaaameRL P > rirat Moor, $30D; entire Lwellina Part at 7?si??b ave nue, corncr of Waverlcv p.'ace ; good ttand lor deu'.'ttrv, tnililacry or dreaamnklng; rem #MI. Po??e?alon luiiae dintely. Will aut in nrdar. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PUBPOiKI.^ T" O LET?IIOr8E8, WITH ST0BB8; PARLOR WOOMi with Basements, In brown stone homes. above farty second st revt, west side. Two Wr o*n il one *>?"??* $1,61)0. in Forty-eighth iitreet; a 8tore, 4S4 Canal ,tr*' fur^otesai.Wne^ FMBND, W^venM. TO LET-TUB BUILDIMO COIN?" ,*T y>r1^ and Mercery wtUalM^^J o j( RloIV porposcs Apply to fc. w. HA( II DCO _oJCtll HVCKU6 To AND 81X>RB .<<83BRO<IME STREET; ? iaad'tor restaurant ami boarding liouse, will as'l "? V. frTl^rHtN-MiN, i!l7 Hroadwuy, room TQ LET? TWO VACANT L0T8, ON AVENUE A, BE ?m. 'tween Twentv-?ecood anil Twenty-third I streots, for two veam; laimediate possession. Apply at First avenue, northeast eonu r Twenty tilth ItWl TO LET? AN ELEGANT n'RSlSHED STORK, TENTH street, near A. T. Stewart's, at moderate rent Ap ply at S?4 Brosilway. mo LET-A DESIRABLE BASEMENT, FIRST CLASS X In every respect, rent reasonable at 815 Broadway,, near l'weluh street Inquire off. tAHLEB, on premisaa. TO LET? MASONIC LODOK ROOM, *3A BIIOODWAY, for the use ot societies, Ae. : price $-00 per year lor one evening in each week: ai?o a line large ArtUta' studio owl Offices, with north light fflO LET-THE ENTIRE UPPER PART. OONSISTING 1 of four flue lolts, lt>4 Cbathum street, running through to Worth street; formerly occupied as Dauguerotypu gallery by Lords; it Is the finest location In the city lor businea-i. Apply to B. MARKS, 87 Cedar street TO LET-TWO BASEMENTS AT 11 CHATHAM street and 12 Fraukiort street Apply at tlie otllcc of French's Hotel. TO LET-THREE LIOnT, AIRY, DRY UPPER LOFTS, for storage. Apply at 198 Greenwich street. TO LET? STORE 36 FULTON PTREKT, SUITABLE lor u first class cigar or tobacco store. Inquire on the premUes. TO LET? LOWER PART OF HIGH STOOP HOUSE, suitable tor business or doctor's office ; three parlor*, lmll room and basements, with modern improvements. Apply at 45 East Tenth street, between University placo and Broadway. TO LET-A FINE RESTAURANT, TO A RE3PONBI ble party who will take charge ot a large house, finished lu French fiats. Apply to owner, 01 Liberty street, room 28. TO LET-THREE LOTS AND HOUSE 37X60, IN I Eighteenth street, near Hroadway; suitable lor a club or milliner and dressmaking establishment on a large scale; will be sold at a great bargain. Apply to WILLIAM it. 1IAYNOR, No. 5>t I'me street TO LET-A PART OF STORE AT 793 BROADWAY ; spleudid location; suitable lor optician, jeweller uud laney goods. Apply ou premises TO LET? PORTIONS OK THE AMERICAN STORES from $25 to $35 per month. For particulars apply on the premises, IS!* Sixth avenue. I.KT-A LARGE 8IZKD LOFT, WITH POWER. Apply to A. C. WEKZaL, 59 Uold street. TO LRT-AN ESTABLISHED LIQUOR STAND, SUIT able lor wholesale und retail ; will be rented low to a responsible puny. Inquire at 52 Maiden lane. TO LET? 20 DIFFERENT KIND OF OFFICES. APPLY ? to Dr. WASHINGTON, 87 Liberty street. TO LET? OLDEST, MOST SUCCE SFl'L BUTTER AND < heesc Store in the city. Apply at the premises, 186 Washington street. f? LET? AN OFFICE FOR A PHYSICIAN OR deutlsl, on I<exlngton avenue and Fiftieth street; lo cation vary desirable; terms exceeding! v reasonable. For further particulars address Dr. BATES, SI5 Second avenue. _ TO LET? STORE, CORNER FIFTY -SEVENTH STREET I aiMt Seeond avenue; House. 216 Wost Twenty-tilth strict, aud House, l'J7 Seventh avenue. Apply to C. T. WEEK.-, 210 East TwenCy-flllh street. T^HO LET? THIRD FLOOR, 25X80, 32 SPRUCE STREET. Iiiuulrc of s. MENDKLSo.N, (,n the premises. I^O LET? FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES, THE Whole or Part of five story Huiiding, 75x100 feet, with 4l)horsc power < ngliie, 2.15. 237 and 23'J East Twenly-tlllrd street, between Second and Third avenues. HENRY ERBEN. TO LET? 91 OR AND STREET, NEAR CORNER OF Greene, the seeond and third lolts, 20x55; low rent. Inquire of s. GUILDS, 77 Murray street. ?mn LET -146 AND 148 WILLIAM STREET, BETWEEN X Fulton and Ann streets; will be altered to suit. f S. .lollN.-ON, !H Exchange place. To LET-TO ENGRAVERS OR PARTIES REQUIRING extra well lighted rooms the two Offices ou filth floor, in the marlde builillug, 82 and 84 Nassau street; rent J.Ah). Inquire at room 27, on the premises. T? LET-PART OF STORE NO. 1 BARCLAY STREET, M suitable lor cigar, soda water or truit store. Apply ill flour store. rpo LET? VERY LOW RENT, BRICK BUILDINGS, J 20x70. lor manufacturing or other purposes t sewer, rrllars, yards; entrance front anil rear. G fc lOlD, 30 Abattoir place, loot West Thirty-ninth St. TVO LET? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, LARGE AND small Floors, with steam power, steam healing, hoist aud excellent li^ht. Apply at 447 West Twenty sixth street. IK) LET OR LEASE? SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS of building 275 West street, opposite Desbrosses street terry. App.y to MURPHY, McCURDY A WARDEN, 276 West street. fpo LEASE? LOTS ON THIRTEENTH AVENUE, 1 Twent) tourtli and Twenty filth streets, North River; also Lots on Hudson street, Jersey City; also water trout Lots on Newtown Creek. Brooklyn, and Bushwick, L. I. ; at-" Riker's Isl nnl. East River ; also water front I. and at hull's terry. North River. Apply to D. A A. Kl.NtiS LA.ND A SUTTON, 55 Kroail street. rj LEASE ? A LARUE III U SE WITH RESTAURANT, on Twelfth street, near Broad way; suitable for club bouse. supper room*. Ac ; flue location - Fixtures and Fur niture lor sale very low. G. N AGLE, 149 Fourth avenue. r?lR A NUMBEK OF YEARS-FOUR Lota, near James slip, with a tront on Cherry street of S-'t feet, and the same front on Mater street; suitable lor a storehouse or any manuiacturtng business. Inquire at iiiwt f street rLK tSK? ON FAVORABLE TERMS, ON FIRST Hand second floors, In the building ?2 and 84 Nassau street. fl:st < lass Otlices, suitable for bankers, brokers, laa>er?. Insurance or other professional or mercantile In. in. re of T. K. DAVIS, room 17. V' MOM XQl'AKE ?HOUSES, STORKS, BASEMENTS, Floors lor i isnos. sewing machines, dressmaking, millin ' y physicians, dentists, Insurance, restaurants, studios. Ac. J. H. LEI TS, 3 sixteenth street, corner Broadway. VP.SY DESIRABLE ROOMS. WITH STEAM POWER, > t<. let in building 3?2 Second avenue, corner of Twenty -second street. till KAXT TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD ???> sit ?This eligible property lor business purpose to I. aae lor a term o I years. Apply on the premises. ?WBUlia HOI KKM TO LET. PwtiiM. ?t bargains Extra desirable Hew \ork Dwelling* to let, nirnlshed. Weai Thirty seventh street ? Four story, brown ,i ... ii ; .. ? *???>* I'll l.? 'I . rent . $5, "00 Wist r huts third street? Four storv, brown stone, an I 1 1> .. - 1 . ?ry I a tension, full siae (1,437), rent. . . . 6,000 We.t Farty - > en iti street Four story, brown stono an.l S4m ? * is rwuiv :?>Uai4U H.4SI). rent 5,300 Last ? if?> ninth sireet? 1 hree storj , l.rown stone, I; rooms, isiitiiw dtMi, rent 2,700 Ens* dusl-rssr at arj, brown stone. 16 rt"it?s .1*' 14.41, rent .. 3,300 ? i .'..rv, brown stone. || MM, mIm4i4 .nlrr .I.4K., leni 3,600 Easi ? ft? ' street? i our storv brown stone, free r? it (ijrth tomi ifce4 . I.MS . rent 4,5ii0 Es*< ll.t'i street fbr.e story and French IM ItWa rota. WiMslW t\jm. rent 1,200 Isa lasbt? t*w<itm< ruersterr English base SH i. .rde. ll 4 4>, r. lit 2,400 llHMtiis urn ? - flirsr story bnrwn stone, 14 r.? t' \ Satu ii.4.Ui. rtnt S,< 00 rmw*Mis4 Waal Hssft 41* ami IWaa story brV k, ironic Ihmisii 111 t.atfi.rsM . .. I?W Irs I - ? n h .tr?M F< ur st<rr brown St. ne, I _jn% ??.. Wt V. > 4,800 ? , *?? ri, re* slot* brown stone, rtn ?ns?. (Lm). rem 1,000 ? est ? ? - - * ? ib ? < ei- ?>>ur story br.>? a stone, I!,?- I a mint I .MB. real 4.000 ? , ei > oar sturr brown stone. In ttiMs j* il.Mi. r?a4 4. soil Esm* I 4tb suset -Three story Mssi stuns, iresrued, jm? ?? , a* en ....... l.tno |a. -. . , ? ! . ? is str-ei rhree story briek, per is srw-i HoaSi ll tM reni "00 l4d Fill) ssi 1. street lusr ?turj brow a stone. 16 MlktiiiMt, L4M rent .'.mi list PMtoMfc (irst ttftr Hiswi in front is t .sue in r??r will be Is for almost any ^ nf 1 , >? 1 IJS sent 1,000 ? a- ?nt? ? 01a strisst - ? ?sar storv bruwn stone. M ra ?? W sndtoMl I t~'' rant . t,M> Fi'ib ?< > ar story braww stowa, M ramns. Ma ln? Mi 1 ?i? ram I.M ?... a" ? nne t w st. rf Mssa stotse, M rauiua, p ? i?S real . I,? ass 'Slan Im sell *s4tslri in ??fff sscUaa ?: K?W list am* besuAiya an nna iaalt> 1 M J*' f i? fTlIOff. to sa< m Br adwat Xew Tort, and In Fu 'on sireet. Sroosl>n Hi >ti a ?T>I*? ru! ? aVoRY F*uLl?tl B*SE ? ijlt* Sifsllhs4 near 1 nir;j i. urlh eeat la ears tol Stoslrs , ts?l(M per H 1 1.. aM*r>n k n ?"? a i' im tut TtikTt-lttnarH , I near ntatb msa bandM.i ielv furntab* >1 |).l M mm hub tbree st?.r? and tm ? | m* at lw psraata ipytv 11 B ^ ta r ittivtb stre?L I* us 1 ?? Mo* as.sii Ap U Jt rsler'-nres r> aaired 4 F*?U.f (F'l^'t ki'WlW WILI. 1-Ef TWrfll I A sUfasei isrui tot N. asr n* 4>4,s ? S eenue, to a ' ?sissii s ' aSr . eeai ns- .knit*, fnt parnilv applv i u 11 a t M V ..a .* N k? trim street, or k< JAi uH aM ART* , is Cto steeet ll ??ilirn T ri ?nin IT firm T~ III Motif ? h It nst'l; fr 4. nan' l*<lt?S'natrt tsr Mk? elase 1. ?'? ' ,1 i'irk rent ??? ,/ $ Wt ? al ntut, l au fbtrd nu- tsanr laoetb street, j \TEs BimiBBH H?tt >1 <l? 4* MMtPRU 1 NsTI I tato tto^*r*>-i,ib vltfe Furn.tnr< M ss.e, about , ? 1 % " ansa) Us ix>?ii , nO eneveetsneaa F.?r bsrtoa Mrs addee ?> ioHk 9?tiU4 ?? 1 iiaa<r< .t-e. 1 \ THERE nV??T NIG 44 dTtnip MICK H il'fE TO ? let. wisb nr a Mb*>nt rwrttiM re . Ibe Kurtutbr innst b- ? M it i sa. ills# as lb* asrtles are suai 10 lease the ! e*ty 'ti|?fs ?e , 'amisaa 141 Eaat FirUetb sir. t \M FAMILY LKAVIMG n>ti bieofr rati a I large, otoj lete aad abftntlf fnrniabed liaaee to let, bs aied la Fart> tlMrd street between ruth aad Madi 1 am a*enaes. Iss terms 1.. a de>iral>ta un.ut for 1 paru< stars Udrra a , bo* t,lt Fuet u4Rie. THEER ?f"? f IWiVg ITIIKI PR<l!?T HOI ??? l*srt!r junii- bed. la Farts mntli stoe? t. rear aisit. arena' , ssill to let a r:. ATJ nm< , witl b? l#l. nt fpi tw<? r. ?.*??. MrflWitr m utb i IfMM \ t * Utrtkl I ^ t to n n ? t? , I APHIYATE FAMILY. UttVING TMB flTT, WILL reat tbeir four st. rv II us fully furnished nr.<|. ery. haddlng. Ae.?. lor sia or seven Months, inet west of I Ftftli asenae, betwee* Fi<rty-alt<b and Fort* nlaib : afreets, r*?4 low to* daamMa narlf Address bui J.W 1 rati oSeto ? UV HOI'KKI t?i let. VaraUhMl. AtAVILY m>IKO TO Et'ftorF. WHO MAT WI*II ? c?rvtul trim in to take rare ot IM ir ?i?*1 lur liiiur* ; I'D' Willing to |i?v a >inill trBL will And n*r with smalt umlljr Md no ihfMrr* t? ?ddr*?* tvr * ii W,, Herald ottlee ; must Mot i m* thuii IwmHv ?Mm' wulk irom A?uir pla< ? In ?< n .< r> i? *1**11 A KAMI I V, OOOUrVINO A MUST CI. AM* TURK! storv house in l < ?' I'jn ot Madi . n ?trrri, pom* to the roun.ry lor ill, miiii 1 . r, will r. iu t?? a re?p .r ' !?? party, fur five or ?li m> nth* or '*?*. tullv Urm-i J, rft.m l?tol Miiv, tkflr ltwt?, fMtirtum tl*?< wmul iIim.i u-i> ?t new Welter piano "M arwiwt inaetiwe, r*at $IW pel month. Address M M. M . Ii?rahl oitirr 1jU.E0A.NTLY PURM-HED IIOINE OH pttKTT j fourth street 10 let, to n small privai- fhm'iv only, from Mhv IS or June I: hirnliurr ci'miMr, lB''udun l*ri?e collection of picture*, china, ?la? and ? at > rjr term* IM per mouth. Ap|lyt?J 1. AKilt'T, Ul IV lit ?treat IjlURNISHKD HO08S IN II ARLKM TO RENT-TO A. small family : good location and convenient to ear* and boats; Immediate possession ; Ho.ird f<>* nntl?o?u and wite In part payuicut Auplv at Vti t'rand MWi t. For runt? partly puknikhkd. the eleuant House No. M Hot I'wcntveiuhih street nuw wcu pied by tlie Army ami Saw t'liiti . suitable lor resilience or clubhouse Address box 8,t>3ii rout otMoe. HANDSOMKLY AND NEWLY Fl KMSIIKP I \KilK sized lour utorv brown (tone hluli *Uwi|i lloa*e, In Eortr -seventh street, between Kttth and >tJ^th av-uuea, to let, at a moderate rent to a small taunly 01' 11. lull*. Ad dress box 20o i'ost ofllcc. HOUSKH TO I.KT.? WKST TWRS V SIXTH 8TRFF.T, $2,100; Wot I'weniv third street, ftJO); Wm Iweii h street, tl.sui); Went Filly-si cond street, il, (M); Lcxltiittou avenue, $3,500; Lexiuuion aw noe, fi'.VH 1'. A. HISSEY, lii fifth av., corner i-'ourteonih st I HAVE A FEW FURNISHED AND I N KI'RNISIIED 1 Houses nt ureal Imrgaius; tome full ol boarder*; others tor private tainilios. J. M. LETTS, 23 sixteenth street, corner Broudwav Sevkral first class brown ston >?: imusgs, in gootl localities, turirshed and unturnishcd. i>> lit HOFFMAN, COBUB.N A CO., MX.' sixth avcnuo. TO LET? FURN ISHBD HOUSES. AT RKDl'CBD prices and in good location!* Inquire uf U. B. MER KILL A CO., 64 West Thirty-third struct. TO LET? FURNISHED, ABOVE FORTY-SECoND sir -ei, lull si/.e lour story Illicit stoop House. com pletely uiruished, Including Stein w iv Piano, Painting*. Ac. ; Furniture, Carpets, Ac., in most perfect order ; tabic in rear may he hud II desired : will be rented low to pri vate lunilly only. S. LAWRENCE. 192 Front street. TO LET? FROM MAY L TO A GF.STLEM AN AND wife, altnoHt an entire House, nearly all turnUhed; modern Improvements and ncwlv painted and frescoed; rent $75 per month. Imiuire in #tore i>s<J Fifth avenue. TO LET? BROWN STONE HOUSE, FURNISHED. MX bedrooms, Ac., all modern improvements, near Central Park and East Eightieth street, liom Slav to October; prlco $125 per month. Address box 21u llerald f flint rflO LET? A FURNISHED HOUSE NEAR FIFTH kTM J nuc, full of tlrst class boarders; now doin,' a good business ; can lie rented tor ayear or louder. Addiest Mrs. STONE, box I2U Herald Uptown Kranch office. TO LET? FURNISHED, FOUR STORY FIRST CI. ASS House, East Sixtieth street near Central I'ark; rent per mouth $300. For particular!) address box 424 Post office. TO LET-A LARGE NUMHER OF FURNISHED AND uulurnishcd Houses; several elegant French Flats, on Sixth avenue. P. S. GULDEN A CO. , Mi7 Sixth awnue. O LEASE? A FURNISHED HOUSE. CONTAINING 33 _ rooms, now occupied as a hoarding house and well filled with hoarders ; rent Mffl iter monih; parties ot re sponsibility and experience only will receive utleutioli. Apply on premises, 13.1 West Forty tlrst street T T TO RRNT-A SMALL BROWN STONE HOUSE, FULLY furnished. Address.!. C. A., llerald offlco. TO BENT? VERY LOW FOB FOUtt OR SIX MONTHS, a furnished House In West Forty-sixth street; a great bargain. Address II., box SI 5 Post office. ? RENT? A WELL-FURN1SHED, HANDSOME brown stone House, for six months, to a private fam ily; rent luw; no charge tor u.-e of luruiture. Apply at n> West Forty -eighth street The three 8T0BY high stoop brown stone House 1T3 West Forty-seventh street, between Broad way und Sixth avenue: elegantly finished, frescoed and furnished throughout ; rent $3..', 00 or would let low lor the Summer. Call oil or address OWNER, 15 East Forty-sixth strict. YOBKVILLE, 240 KAST NINETY-SECOND STH RET. ? House containing 10 rooms, large cellar, nice gar den ; water and gas it desirable; partly furnished; rent $300 per annum. 4 STORY HlflH STOOP BROWN STONK; SPLENDID ly furnished; at low rent, w ith Board lor owner and son. Several for private tamilr. DOTY A BRUNDAGE, 23 Union square. MTH 8TRF.ET, FIFTH AVENUE? EXTRA LARGE well turnlslicd House, 25 rooms; possession may ho had before the 1st ot May; highly responsible parties only. Address CITY, llcra lit office, lor two days. !/>/> EAST SIXTIETH 8TREET,? TO LET, A FOUR XOO story brown stone Hcuhc ; all improvements; owner and wile would take a part of rent in Board if agreeable. Apply as above. tnlufnlshedi AnOU8F. 123 CHARLTON STREET TO LET. .$1.(XJ0 House 6'JS Washington street to let 1,000 A House 232 West Eleventh street to let 1.500 A (louse HO Jane street to let 1,000 A House 54 Sixth avenue to let 1,200 A House i'5S West Twelltn street to let DUO A Houso 104 Hank stteet to let 1*50 A House 333 West Eleventh street to let 1,350 A House 350 West Seventeenth street to let I,2n0 A House 285 West Twelfth street to let 1,0"0 A House IS!) West Tenth street to let 1,600 A House 249 West Thirteenth street to let 1,350 E. L. A H T. BURN HAM. lil-9 Hudson street. ATHRKI! STORY, HIGH stoop BROWN stone front House to let, on Prospect place; rent <1,200. C. O. BILLINGS, 338 Kast Forty-first street APRKTTY BRICK COTTAGE? ON FORTIETH street, near Park avenue ; rent S'->50; location best In the city ; price $13, SOU. BURNETT A BUCK. 1,1175 Tc.ird avenue, near Sixty third street. Avery convenient HOURS to let? 203 east Eighteenth street; fine neighborhood ; cheap rent ; also that splendid brown stone, efil Second aveuue, corner Fifty-first street THOMAS McUl'lRE, 1,145 Second av. A HOUSE TO LET-1.17TII STREET, NEAR THE Southern Boulevard; 15 rooms; all Improvements; furnished : curriugc house; garden, choice fruits; twelve minutes from Harlem Bridge. A. DK LEVER, Owner. A LARGE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone. West Twenty-seventh street; all Improve ments; perfcct order: rent low to a responsible tenant. BLACKWELL A CO., 35 Liberty street. AN RXTRA THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House to let. on Prospect place ; rent $1,400. C. O. BILLINGS, 3.1H East Forty-first street. A? 28 EAST FIFTIETH STREET- FIRST CLASS, . large House; all improvement*. Apply on the premises. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE T3 L.:T? All modern improvements: good neighborhood; rent $9<h C. t). BILLINGS, 338 East Forty-first street. A THREE STORY niGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE and Lot Third street a tew doors east of toe Bowerv, to let or for sale : all improvements ; rent $1,300. Apply at 217 West Thirteenth street A PARTY GIVING UP HOUSEKEEPING WISHES TO rent House and sell Furniture ; house is full size, four stiry, high stoop, brown stone, In fine location ; furniture Ly first class maker ; is of isod?rn design ami In splendid order; Includes piano tttfeinwar grand), paintings. Ac.; will sell at a great sacrifice. Address BABGAIN, Herald office. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BUICK HOOKS, consisting of 8 rooms, with all modern improve ments'. can be seen at2ol East Fifty-fifth street, between the hours 01 2 and 4 P. M. Apply at 205 in the same street, or at the office of French's Hotel. A? UNFUKNISIIFD HOUSES TO LET? AT RENTS ? ranging from $1,000 to $2,500; good locations. Ap ply to W. J. COLES, 1,267 Broadway. ArOUR STORY BBOWN STONE ENGLISH BASE tnenf House, 114 East Thirtieth street, to let; rea sonable rent. Apply on premises, or ot JAMES DAVIS, Jr.. 157 Dunne street. A COTTAGE ON WEST SIXTIETH STREET. NEAR Central Park, to let, $1,100; a Cottage and adjoining Lot on West Sixty-ninth street near Boulevard, $750. D. D ARROW, $65 Eighth avenue. A $1,300 HOUSE TO I.ET-319 EAST FORTY-FIRST ^1 street (Cutting's HIM); three stories', high stoop; ?t. iie front; all improvements. Call at 723 sixth avenue, If to S. \T REDUCED PRICES? HOUSES, FURNISHED AND un.iirni-hed, on Fifth, Madison, Lexington avenues and on an the desirable streets, page a McCAFFEBTY, Fifth avenue, corner of Fifty -second street ? -?2D ST., NEAR 6TH AV.. S STORY H. S $2,200 J\ ? :tf)h St.. near Broad way, 3 story h. s. b. s 1.W0 42*1 st , near Broadway, 4 story h. s. b. s 2,000 ?l st . near Bill av., a large 4 story h. s. brown stone, 28 rooms; also others, everv location. blMONM)N A F.CCLESTON, Open till 9 P. M. W West Tblrfy-flrst street A HOUSE OF 10 BOOMS-OWNER RETAINING two for strrage ami sleeping; runt, if made sure, at'out$M0; oilcloths, wardrobes, Ac , may remain; loca Hon i f ntial and ver.v pleasant. Inquire dt Mr. COX, mu de s'ore. 1 1. Fast F.iglitli street \ * A HfiF. THB?E ::7vkV SIGn r-TOO? KGL'Sf; !? J\ rooinM ftery improvement; In firsl (lass order; lair neiguborhood ; po?*essloii 1st M ros-e-sloii 1st May; $1,500. U I I.LI AM murphy, I5 Dey street t Four SfORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE ,/\ front House to let? On West Thirty. fourth street, 17 i"imt In perfect order; rent $1.00; also a store <>n sixth ItllW, IMH; one ol the liesf location.*; rent ? 1, 100; and a oracr and Store, well located, on Seventh ave n ?< , rent $!.'J?J. U. O \RRISON, 597 Sixth avenue. S V ALL HOUSE OF EIGHT ROOMS, IN TIIK city, to let, st $#o per mouth, would leave you notli 11. , ta show ft>r your money ; but such a house can bo t> \ight lor $tt) a month, without Interest, and $750 ca?h, at H hife?uu>e , U l? ami y?m would own it in five years ; o'h year's rommutatloli tree, t all on H. K. VAN SlCLhlN, US Nassau street and get tree passes. ITMI THIRD A'VF.NUE.-TO LET. FRAME HOI 8E9 -V at ???si $7?l . brick do. at (7?f. $1,000; alsoSstorj h. ? it il.JOO. $1,300, $l,?00; also French Flats in new I. 7 rooms and bathroom, all Improvements, at

r.l\ $4lt. $i-> and ap to $'.*! t>er month; also Floors nt ?>.?), XS an 1 $.1' per month. Call as above JAMES ROWE. LABOR. SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN st, i:> II iijse ; contain* 20 rooms ; all in good ordtr; on Twenty-'' rs4 street, near Brnadw.iy. S K. IIF.HBr.ltD, 29 East Fourteenth Street. 4 three sToky brick id ic>e on srniMi A aveiiwe, near Thirty sixth street, iu goisl order . rent only $l,mu per year. S. EDO A R HEIll'EilD, W RaH PoBrtee nUi street. Brown ktonr not seb-kast thirty fourth -treet and West I ? rty -ninth -ireet ; reasonable rents; cvuvtiucui ivrcaiiuos , $1,30 1 au J $2,010 ULLU J'O Broad wav. A FWMUffg HOC1BI TO LET. I nt urn Uhe?l. BEAUTIFUL COTTA0E8 TO LET-ON FIFTH ? \ tme corner >>f 127th and on lift h and flttfc .trr. i., near third avenue. luqulreof J. B. JEN EI *11,71 *n*Lwir.n>oiaA ? / K>fTA(iK IN SEVENTY FIFTH ST U RET, BETWEEN I awn.- A ainl ' i rut avenue, con tilling s room*, in . . in iiii urdi r, wi?h 000 ui Warn n's range*, hot and . t,i ?a ? r ami bathroom. Apply on the premise*. or to i u? n MUKPHY. a William ?fru?t. i 1AI.I. AT J*7 FOURTH AVENUE ANI> SEE WHAT A I .i . n :m! Dwelling nil 1 More you enn net at a low nat. lia* laartren room*. O. KNIGHT. F?t>R ItEVT-Wt HI 129TH ST., TWO STORY AND liitfmfillrl k lloo>e IWJ ? i -t i ; u ?t . ihr ? atory aud iM-eineni h. a. Ii ... l.tWO I- .i-i li it . ilin ?? r> and Immm ill b. ?. h I .(KM I- mm I -'uu at, two ?tocy and I awintnt frame It iff ha?i IIHib <4 , three imry a-nl ! a fin nt Ii *. Ii 901) l i"! l.?i h a*, ill i. dory and t>. b. a. h , lurnlslicd .. l.'OO Wni D Ii -i . ihrrr s .ry ai. I b. brick h., Iurni?hed. l.SJO DIM, i.e., I'ltltri R A HO., "S Codar nt. and 2,'H8 3d av. F 'KIM II HA KMENT HOUSE, EAST SEVENTY rlflith rtri ct, near Ontrnl Park, four aloriea. Ofcet tr?>iit. .inbli . to let, lean- or mr nale, on laMirahlo leriua. A| | h toMOROAV So i l'lui stru t, or l>Kli W, lj& Killli | avenue. ? ? HARI .K M -To l.RT. \ THREE STORY IIIOII STOOP brown atom irunt llouno, 'Hi Haat 12 >tli afreet ir? -liij paiultd. Villi all iiimti rn improvement*; rent ("OIL HAKI.I MiKIH SIDE EAST ll.VTU STREET.? TO let b imlMiiiie two ?lorv hhih ?toop Hons v, all mod era Impeuveiueu a eotitcalcat to iioiit* and earn. Oau l?r Men (twin I ' A M. t? :? IV M Kent low to carolul U'U i ?nt- Inquire at 1(7 I aat Twenty eUhih ulre t. HOUSE TO RENT ANI? FURNITURE FOR SALE? Houae eonaUtt of 'J room*, nil modern improvements. ?.??, ? aiiT, !?? a ? i ?n t run Furniture new, < nly uw d I oMo mouth . wi*l miM at a ^ronl sacrifice ; local to n un ' exceptionable; only .in inlnniea iron New York, S inln uu ? from depot , r< ut k>??. For tad particulars uddrcs* j 11. 11 l?.. lUrald oflli e. Houses t<> let. -west fourteenth street, $<i,i?ti, ttui t wentieth afreet. $I,W- We?t Hiirly ' m cond. f i.'J.W; t lint' u itlace. .1*1; hunt Thirty tecoiid i fct i < ? t. fl.JOu; Second avmui'. $:t,w?t . MacdouKal atreet, | I'.-oO A. II II.->SEY, 82 Fifth atenue, eorner Fourteenth street. in *i>r fi ktken rn street, between sev. I tmh .ind Elglith .iveinit'a. a three ?lory huh atoop i lir i ? . IIoum' mil l? r, ui>' I low to n u'<?hI tenant Apply to J. RilMAINE BROWN, 1 ,2i*l Broadway. , ON WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET? A FOUR ?dory 1 tiKln-h li??i uu in browti atoio' lloiw. with i mirrors und iia? dxture*. to rent low. Apply to J. Ito ! MAINE UKUWM, l,'?i>i llroadway. ON 1930 STREET. Willi EI.Ei: AST VIEW t>F 1111) ton Klvar. a > otta;e and lour lot* oi Uroinid; all DKMioriilmprovemeiiti- : ?ill in' renli 'l ut a baruain. Ap ply to M\Ul IN HI I.I. Y. at River llou-e, or to J. RO Ma1.NI. BROWN, I. J* I Broadway. 1H> LET-ONE OF THOSE THREE bTORY FRAME lloiiwa, in Fifty-nlnthNtrect, near Hie t irflo und en j trance to the Park. Apply at .'!3h. MICHAEL TREAOY, TO LET? FOB THREE YEARS, THE FOUR STORY liri'-k Home in imnt and three *torv frame Ron*e in I ihe n ar i-'t W ?* .t l liirl v nitli firi ei, in ?r NiuiU avcuue; i an excellent location tor i grucary store. F BLANi H ST. .Ut Sixth avenue. TO LET-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, '.'40 Wnt Itlh it ,91,609; t<> lot, 2 story attic unil base ment 230 We* 17th it., 91,100, to let, dwelling part 310 Blccckcr sU 91, (MM. ______________ rpo LET? TU RBI STORY BRICK BOUSE, WITH X modern Improvenu kts. 402 East Twenty-tilth street; r? nt 9NW. Inquire ot W. II. OA K LEV, SM Broad way. TO LET? CHARMING FRENCH ROOK HOUSE, seven minutes t rotit Liberty Hired ferry, U room*; all Improvements; rent 960 per uionth. Apply to A. M. CAPEN. .161 Broadway. TO LET? HOI SK 168 SIXTIETH STREET, LEX I NO ton unit Third avenue*; lour story mi l basement brown stone high sloop, 20x62x100. owner at 42t) Went mty-ttrd street. TO I.ET? SOS WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, three stories, high stoop, with tnoilern Improvements, gas fixtures, mirror*, Ac. ; rent low to a muuII lumily. Apply on premises, ? TH> LET-ON THB CENTRAL PARK, FOR 92 000, THE elegant four story brown stone House No. 2 East Eighty* i ill) street Apply to E. N. l'AXLEIt, Jr., 47 Walker street rpo LET? 84 AND 3rt WEST ELEVENTH STREET, BE A tween Broad way and Ualverslty place; immediate possession ot SO; very desirable location. Inquire at paint store opposite, or 102 Water street. mo LET-THREE STORY HIOH STOOP HOUSE, 234 1 East Thirty-ninth strict ; will rent to two small lam il it's if desired; rent (1,200. Apply ut 220 Eust Tlnrty uluth street. TO LBT?223 EAST TUIRTY-SECOND STREET, THREE Nioi'v h it/ Ii stoop Dwelling ; modern improvements. Apply to II. CASSIDY, In adjoining house. ___ To LET? ON 104 I II STREET, BETWEEN NINTH AND Tenth avenues, II iusc, Stable and about 15 l.ot* of Ground, in good order; plenty ot trulls, Ac. Apply to J. W. COATES, 277 It u Ison street. rno LET? THE FIR8T ("LASS THRBB STORY BBIOK X House 2'.2 East Nineteenth street; rent 91,400. Apply III owner, 318 East Eighteenth street TO LET? FIVE STORY ENOLI8H BASEMENT House, now lilted with boarders; good location; rent low. Apply at 172 Bleecker bireet. TO LET? Til AT SPLENDID THREE 8TOBY HIOH stoop brown stone House, .'<0 1'erry street, on Van nest block ; ail modern improvements; frescoed through out; rem 91.KOO, Inquire oi owucr, F. KNUBEL, .151 West Eleventh street. TO LET? AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, HOUSES, assorted slses, from $400 to 92,800; 63 minutes to Dcy Street; also luriiislied. A. B. MILLS. 121 Nassau St. To LET IN HARLEM? A BEAUTIFUL HOUSB, ON two lots, northeast corner Mitli avenue anil 129th street; rent >400 aud board lor owner, a wldoiv lady. Ap ply on premises. 1M> LET? A FIVE STORY BRICK TENEMENT HOl'Sfc. with Store, 424 Third avenue, between Twenty nnuh and Thirtieth streets; will give a lease and do repairs. Apply at llio ofilce of French s Hotel. TO LET-BRICK DWELLING NO. 72 WEST 12.VHI street; healers, elevated rauge, bathroom. In black walnut; new mantels, French plate windows; 92,1100 spent in repairs: costly tulrrur and cornice..; small lam llv can lure il lor 9<M> per month. Owner, AM Broadway, room 12. ' rpo LET? THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK J. House, 158 West Twelfth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; all Improvements; rent 91.700, powtes sloii 13th April. Apply to U. J. SEAM AN, 03 West Four teenth street. TO LET-THE FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP DWELL ing House, 97 Clinton place, containing 21 rooms, with all mrdcrn improvements. Inquire oi SIMEON OL'TMANN, 4d Leonard street TO LET-FINE FOUR STORY DWELLING HOUSB, No. S Perry street; also 2J0 West Forty eighth street. Apply to OWNER, 01 Liberty street rooui 28. TO LET? AT A LOW RENT, THE NEW FOUR STORY high stoop brown stone House 90 East Seventy-fourth street, 2UX.MJX102; all the latest improvements; hard wood finish throughout. Apply to ISAAC UoNiO, 111 Broad way, rooms o and H, basement To LET? RENT ONLY MOO? THE DE81RABIE THREE story and basement brick house, No. 8 Mungin street, near Urand street; well suited lor a boarding house. TO LET-THE BLOCK OF GROUND, WITH THE buildings thereon; bounded by Seventy-elghtk streft, Seventy-ninth street, Broadway, Boulevard, and Tenth avenue; a lease will be given lor the satnelorS years II required; possession Hth ot May. Inquire ol J. E. HEALTH. 12) j Chambers .street, trom 12 to .'1 o'clock. rno LET-MODERN BUILT DWELLING HOUSES; 1 one on West Twenty second street, 91, MOO; one on Lex ingtofi avenue, 92,0t)0; one on Enst Hity ninth street, 92,000; one at Harlem, $7i? M. S. MYERS ,tr SON, 4:14 BfO?M street rno LET? A COTTAGE, 09 DOWNING STREET, NEAR 1 Varlck ; rent 94ii0; can be seen between 9 and 12 A. M. Address J. M. BECK, Molt Haven. rno LET? TO A ?MALL D' SIRABLE FAMILY, THREE J story brown stone front. 257 West Fifty-second street ; portion reserved for physician's office ; rent 980 per month; references required. TO LET? ON snORT OR LONG LEASE, THE P.LB gant House 130 West. Twenty-second street; 92.000; no ag< nts or boarding house keepers need applv. Call on the premises. TO LET? ON 152D STREET. A NEAT VILLA AND quarter acre ground, commanding beautitul view of the Hudson, fourth house Irom Boulevard ; stable privi lege If necessary ; will rent low to good tenant. Keys at River House, opposite 152<1 street depot, or 119 West Fif teenth street. He use has every improvement. TO LET-THREE BTOBY BROWN STONE HOUSE 233 Enst Thirlv-flith street. Con he seen from II tot without permit JOHN PYNE, 109 Nu <au street. i TO LET-TO A GOOD TENANT, FOR ONE YEAR, A line four story private House, on Nineteenth street. Apply on the premises, .'117 East Nineteenth striet, near Second avenue ; or ol JAMES IIYLAND, 342 East Nine tceuth sireeL FflO tfeV? THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK I House 231 East Twcnt.v-flrat street ; all modern Im provements; gas ll \ to i es ihioiikhout the house ; rent low to s responsible tenant. Apply to the owner, at 307 East Eighteenth street rpo LET? I A (lire? story brick House, 80 West S.1d st 92,2*0 A Ave story brown stone Hons . 126 M td'-os nv 4,1100 A lour story brown stone House, 206 >\ est 3K h st 2,7>l Also n small House ol eight rooms ill Brooklyn, Hancock el; three minuti * from Fulton avenue cars, ftOmiauies kit Inquire of K. B. MEU1ULL A CO., from ferry; only ??i 64 West lnirty-thlrd rty -third street." TO LET? TWO liROWN STONE HOUSES, FOUR stories high, 21x67, on East Sixty-first street, uerth side, between ./cxifigton and Third asenucs. Apply to ERNST WILLETT, 39 UroBifwny. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, 121 LEXINGTQ.N AVENUE; rent 92.MJ0 per your. Inquire *n th<j premises, from 9 A. V. nnfil S P. M., or at 235 i.a-l Thijry tllrd street, of JAMES CANIJLER. Possession immediately. TO LET OR TLPASE? THE FOUR STORY BRICK Hott-e **9 TMrd avtnue, near Fifty-fourth street; a good location for any kind oi business. F. blancu ET, 294 Sixth avenue. j rpo LET OR LEASE? TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY, ! I. the two four story b-ick Houses S8S and 390 Sixth avenue ; a good location lor unv business > . BLanCmET, 2.11 Sixth avenae, rpo LET OR LEASE ? .139 EAST EIGHTY-THIRD I street, s nice 2k story am! buscmcnt House; high stoop ; court ysrd ; ^is. water; large yard; retit9M In quire at 104 Satan street, room fl TO LEASR at A LOW P.ENT-A BRICE VILLA, situated on the Boulevard, between 142d and 14 'd strp?U; premises consist of 14 lots; the building stands on a high elevation, commanding a lull and lieautlfiil view ol the Hudson River; house contains 12 rooms wiih all modern Improvements, and in perfect order; shade trees, and handsome lawn atiJ stable attached. Apply to EDWARD J. KiNU A SON a. CM Brouui* street OMTELMNO HOrSKS TO L.ET. I' ulirulsln <1. TO RENT? $1,100 ANI> tl.jno, TWO NEW THRRF story basement and cellar higti stoop brown stone Houses, 167 and 17.1 East Kiirlu v sro<mii ?ire"t. near Third avenue. JOHN Lit Y, r. jj llrnadway. TO RENT? OH 1.1SD STREET, A COTTAOS AND Stable and 1 In * ot'iml, in perfc t order: all ' modern Improvement on north *!d ? oi sireef, the third houae ran ot Iwel'tli axeitti , with nplcinlid view of II lid "oil ttlver. A'ipiv to KoHMA <N A STIiPATII, 42 Walkor slmm, or J. ROMAJNE BltoVV N, !,28d Broadway. j Till' TIIBFR STORY IIIOH STOOP BH ft N STOVE House. alt modern Improvements, In perfect order, to a renpooslble party, lor $1.5 0 Iniiulreot' tliu owner, 148 Fifty-fifth .-fleet, near Lexington avenue. IrinjumviD ami furnished houses t< ? ' let ? Also purt* of houses iu good b cations. Apply to O. N AiiI.K, 14U Fourth avenue, near Union Suuare. WEST SBVENTY-PIRST STRKBT, BETWEEN 1- Ighth and Ninth avenues.? 'the Whole or I'art of i th? fine brown atone Hou?e at n very low rate. Apply I within, or to J. 1' TRAVEKS, 4ti Beekinan tr< et Arn PER month. -TO let oi; I.::asi:, ;.yi urn 3h?)U am street Inquire of the owner, JAMl-.H HVI.ANn, 342 Kant Nineteenth street. EAST SEY'KNTY-FIR-iT STREET? UOOD NEIOR. Imrhood .?Desirable tour stonr 'stoue "we'l m?, about 22x60xl0Ji nniurnUhed; only $1,001). V K. nil. VENbON, Jr., 11 Pine street and 236 Flttu uvenue. | d>(WW\ ?TO LET, UNFURNISHED, IN A HOOD LO eatlon nil W e?t Twenty -fourth street ? A two story ami basement br.ek Cottage, with couvciiieuccs. Apply nt 2i2 East Twent.v -evcntli htreet. (jjk) r/Wi -TO LET, ON TWI'.I FT1I STREET, N '? \R Fifth avenue, a large high stoop tirown stone House, Kultalde tor private family or tlrst < lass private boarding house. (>. NAULE, ll'J Fourth avenue. KIHMSIIICD HOO.IIS JK N I) AI'AKTMKM'S TO LKfr \ NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET? from May 1, to gentlemen only, without board, atSti Maedougnl sticet; gas and bath. A FAMILY OF TWO PERSONS WILL LET TWO i\. handsomely furnished Rooms to u single gentleman or irentlenian atid wife - f I Z per week, including gas and fuel . rclcrences. iasNM W. F. O., ln.x 168 lleralil otllce. AIIANPsome FURNISHED PAI LOB AND HEU room. both Iron!, to let, to iillcmuii and wife or two single gentlemen, without board. Inquire at No. 1 Ulccekcr street, (tccoud lloor. A LADY, OCCUPYING HER OWN HOUSE UP J\ town, wishes to let u very handsome Bedroom anil sitting Kooin to gentlemen only, wi limit board. Ad dress m. P., box 141 lieraid Uptown Branch office. A PARTY OF QENTLBXEN OR GENTLEMAN AND lady can b.< accommodated with a Parlor Floor, fur til^lied or iintiirnl^hed, where they will be a-" Mrletly pri vate as it they were in their owii home ; eiinvctiiunt to Fourth avenue curs and tua^e*. Address o. II., box liw Herald oitiee. AlI.Ni: FOUR STORY HOURS, FURNISHED? Elegant Parlors to let cheap, to a private taniily, who w in board tluree perftonn 111 F.aat Twelfth ?treet. VFEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH CON venlenee for housokeepinn, or to k'< iitli uu n ; mod ern ituprovciiii ins; lour llin s of > ars ? uliiti one bloek ; terms low. 4tej West l l?l rt> third ftreet. KLBOANTLT FURNISHED BOOMS, EN 8UITB OB singly : all improvements ; no moving; .-ma l private family ; best rel'erenee positive. ! 17 1 wenty-sixth street, between Fourth ami Lexington avenues. FWBNISBBD BOOMS INAPRtVATB FAMILY. W1TH out board; two or three Booms on neeond floor; also upper itoonis, to gentlemen i nly. Inquire at 171 Mac dougal street, above Waverley place. TjTUBNISHED ROOMS To LET, FOR HOUSE r keeping in a private family, (Ui Downing street, near | Variek. T71URNISIIED ROOM TO LET? FOR HOl'SEKEKP P Itig, for man and wife, at 180 Varick Street. TJlOUBTBENTH 8TRBET.? FURNISHED PA BLOBS F and Bedrooms to let, tor gentlemen only. Apply at 52 West Fourteenth street BUIRNISHRD NEATLY FOR HOI'SEK I' K PINO? SUIT rooms? parlor, 2 bedrooms, closets, kitchen, water clmet; separate metre; nil on second floor; troiitiiig Eighth avenue; terms moderate; :ton YY est Twenty -eighth street. HA It I, EM -TO KENT, PART OF F1 RNISIIFD House, tK-ar Fifth avenue, in perfect order, all im provements; seven minutes' walk from trains and boat. Address ii. m., station L. ONE-HALF OF FOUR STORY III "'.VN STONE house (six rooms), with all conveniences lor housc keepin::. to small, desirable family; <75 | er month. tiiW Lexington avenue. rpo LET-TO A LADY, OR LADY AND (IENTLEMAN. L a splendid, ?i"Wly furnished trout Parlor. Apply at 32 (? recti wifli avenue. TO LET? TO GENTLEMEN, FURNISHED OK UNFUR nlshed fin 1 4* orsingh ; hiith, hot mid eoid walor, lit 141 East Fifteenth street, ncur Irvliijr place. TO LET? A LAROE, NICELY FURNISHED ROOM. T<> ({'?nil men only, without hoard; references required. Inquire lit 14 Went Twenty-seventh street. mo LET ? FURNISHED, FOB IIOlfSEKKEPTNO, TN 1 private hou-e 22S West Eleventh street, to small fam ily of udultH, enlire Second Floor, 1'urt of tlilril, mid Iront Basement, In perfect order; rooms large sized ; modern improvement!; rental 4>ix;0 per year. TO LKT--IN THE VICINITY OK FIFTH AVENUE and Twenty-tier 'ond street, a handsomely furnished Sidtot Rooms, to n gentleman willing to pay a good price for superior accommodations. Hoard given it de-lred, and no other hoarders taken. Address box HUB I'ost oillec. TO LET? FURNISHED, SEVERAL ROOMS. TO gentlemen only, in a first claw house in Sixteenth street, between Union square and Fifth avenue : refer ence required. Addresa A., box 17H Herald Uptown Hranch oiHce. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS FLAT ON LEXINGTON avenue, near Kitty -sixth street; if desired Furniture and Carpets, nearly no w, will be sold at a bargain pos session itiimeuliiti (y. J. it. MARRECELLA, SB Third avenue. TO LET? WITHOUT BOARD, TO SINC.LE GENTLE men only, a handsomely furnished Room over the front parlor. References required. Inquire ut2J2East Thirty -filth struct. ___ rro I . ET? Fl' It N I si I E l> OR UNFURNISHED, A LARGE 1 Room on first floor, with private lamily, at U3 St Mark's place. TO LET? TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, FUR nislieil Apartments, consisting of three rooms, on first floor, hark basement and one room in attic; all In good order and everything ready for housekeeping ; In the best neighborhood of the Ninth ward. Rent low to a good tenant. Address K. J. J., Herald office. TWO NEATI.V FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLE men. rent very moderate; references exchanged. 26 Cottage place. Three furnished rooms, for gentlemen; one on first floor ;$4. gSund %t\ cheerful, respectable locality; no moving In May. 4SD Hudsou street. VERY PLEASANT, NEWLY FURNISHED ROOMS, for families or gentlemen, at 1112 East Fourteeuth street, opposite Steinway Hall ; first class restaurant in same building. WELI. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN? Also two handsome connecting Parlors on first floor to a party of gentlemen, in quiet hou'-c: no moving ; terms moderate to permanent parties. References. 112 W?*t Twenlv-Lhlrd street nu EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. NEAR ZiO Broadway ? Parlor and bedrooms on second floor, with bathroom connected, handsomely furnished, to gen tlemen, without board. OO WI ST TWENTY BF.VKNTH STREET.? A PRIVATE family, occupying their own house, would rent Reception l.oom, siiltiiMe for a doctor or dcntlot, together with other Rooms, :uriilahed or utt;urui->hed, without hoard ; to gentleinen only f|Q WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET. ? A FURNISHED ? Second Floor; private faiuiiy; reieri licet ex changed. J * EAST TWENTIETH BTBKKT? CLEAN, HAND 'i T some, furnished Rooms, without hoard. P| WE*T TWKNTY-FOI'KTH STRF.ET. ?NICELY ? /A f irnished Rooms for gentlemen. IOC IAIT ?*! WEENTH STREET. NEAR IRVING I ???! place. ? llaadsomely turn hea Rooms t<> rent, without I nard . convenient to We emm .tcr and other M- ' te-ls. references required. Call for i. week. OH1 SECOND A TIN UB ?TO LEASE an rt EflABT ?\'l toar stoff brown stone Iron* newl? r, (and bunliomlf turnl?he<|. or aMMratahed p< asma imm. 1 dlatelv if reijinre<l, testis reaeoaabie, real eetate tveuri- I ty , agent* ; f< *?> ? ilceT^ '>17 W,WT TWELFTH STREET -BUM LY FUR.' &l I n-!ied fr "it "i let, to oM or |su y ntle men , m mi .averlea r> ?)?>?> VfcST FI"TFENTII PTKEI.T ? % PRIVATE | OOO 111! ?> , *"? -of ? ' I. ir. n. ? . . a linn., ate ? re or two g ntl. in n 'hata'gi well Iran kid Kvou?. containing all mot .tupt m r:t< Q I ? W'T ? i' l r , \ Mi'MI O I ?) oni'll urn Mud ?>? ? ei .ui and Ma jr. 7"X(i 'HTll>lTf AfTOR PI.Mt - I I ?>.' pic , -at. t lurnl'hed trnnt RaoM. tor one or two 1 MRM Tei ni -i reaaotiable ; reie'i nr?? requU?d. Apply in Mile. A. D. FrancM*' Human llalr parlors. INKlRMsllKI) KINIHH \\l? Al'AKT MK%T* TO I.KT. BEAUTIFUL BOIT OF RooMB IN a PRIVATE ' brown lloa?e ; modern i-onv. nlenTs | net pal floor; moderate rant, suitable (or a small laiui . .41 East frilty-wvetilU street. I \ I A RI^sONARLB BENT-DBSIBAB1.B IM K r HP , /V mr/^ st< ry h gh s'Oviill" k him* with improve incuts, ;?i East lJ.*>t" slrfet, TiA'Tein ? eouvi nieut to ?l< aiu ? ears and boat. Apply aa prsmlsaa * VM FIB 81 FLOOR, WITH OR WITHOUT Fl BNITURB, i as desired, tour rooms, water an<t ai> ony on street ; Ani. rii an fannlv of adu'ta pref< rred. U Stujrve sunt street, Dear Cooper Institute Agoiid tiiher btobv Hfon nt ??r H<irBF, . west ot Third av nue. near the Para, at fl.MU aUo two Cattages, west ?i le, $i.<so<ach. HI K.vR rT A HL'I K. 1,9a Third avenue. A -A FAMILY OF ADl'I.TB, WHO OW* AND 04 ? cupy the>r hotiae. would let the larger psrtaf same to a stnsll faniilv , references exchanged. Apply at 477 WestTwentv second street A SECOND FLOOR? 4 R<H)Mt?, WAT^ K. i.kS, BATH, paiiiry. suitable foe >tnall faiullt. adttlla, Aatcrl ana l.s ati >n tie** Washington ?iaarr. AUdr> ?* K Nil o Post office. An pppeb fabt to bent? in benby street, . this citv, to a small American lamily of ada:t?, rent toMI Address M H L, box IV Hernld oth'-*. AC A I; I MINI - TO LBT.-BITHBR THE WBoi.B UP per Part or Part of it. In house :hi H est ? itt< ? ih strec t ; houM and neighborhood caiulleut A, ply at Ute i cremiaea ' WfFURNISHF.n ROOMS A WO APART* NBNTN TO LBTi AN AMERICAN FAMILY WILL LET ISKTRNIsTlKD. from Ul May .Third and part ot Second Floor*; in modern brick house-, pleasantly located in tireen po.nt, near ferries; >25 to $3U. Apply :it OK) Lorrimer street, Orcenpolut A KINK PARLOR FLOOR AMI BASEMENT, WITH one Med rot iu on second Moor, consisting of seven io 'tn*. with privilege ol bathroom, in high stoop boo e with owner; lias range, hot an i cold water, marble man tels, chandeliers, marble wash l>a?ins, stationary tub*, closots, *i neighborly oil unexei p'lonahlc : house ."J i .?{ w?dtt; io un American iHmi v rent very moderate. __ a. wjlki.n as ?a?t nath klrtet. AS I'N FIT ItNISil E l> SECOND F OOR TO LET? 3 large i Mwud hMtowft 61 Wart sixte* nth >t. \HKCOND AND THIRD FLOOR IN PRIYATR haiiKi wi howner' in rooms, all improvements; to one or two -mall families of adults ; r lit >r all per year, ?"?'?it. Apply at the ha-eno nt door ol 4M Kut Fltty-clgtilh street, between 11 an I I o'cltM A-OOOIt TENANT". Tilt >S . : ELKO ANT FRENCH lint* In tlim w lii,:li ?toi p brown "tone House. CM Lexington avetiue.neai FlftJ sixth Street, to let; cabinet finish, Mirrors, Cornices, Ac.; private hallway* ami siuirs- private neighborhood. Call and see tliem. on premise*; no agent*. OH AS. A MKT/,. \ nu? BBOOBD FLOOR IN BANK STREET. BR tween Hleecki r an.t Fourth street*, 3 lai ae rooms, witn closet*-. hot ami cold water. Inth room and laundry, ?.?; ? an be ?eeii lr? tu 2 to 1 o'clock. Apply at Ml Hudson street, corner Hank. A ri!1'", r.xnr.oR floor ii-ossession), ?*1 #*??: uNo Hull Hoor* <3 to 1 1 ; Store# ?"? husmi'"* ?a*emeut,Wiect deep. Apply to owner, 04 W est lentil street. 4 SECOND FLOOR TO LET lo A SMALL FAMILY" JY (American* on \ I : water aad go*. Apply at 7ul Ureeawiell street, ltank, Hon ,ay. APARTMENTS TO I.I.I It MS. CONSI8TIBO OF J\ seven rooms, complete, witb bath. I oiler. range, hot and cold water, dumb waller, private h ill, Ac.. In thn new anil elegant buildings on Fittli avenue, between Car roll and Macomb streeH, Hroolclyn; renta ??.ni per an nutii; tlie Atlantic and Filth avenue car? pax the prem ise*. Apply, beiore U M , at the biiildu.K*. or to \A M B. COOPER, Jr., A Co., -m Pearl street. New York. A? FIRST FLOOR To L'.T, EIOIIT ROOMS, WITH . every convenience, tail able tor a dentist or a phy sician ; rent monthly. t*> We <1 Teuih .street, between Fittli and Sixth avenues. A SECOND FLOOR, IN MADISON, NFAR CLINTON street; bedroom, two largo rooms pantries, water closet, Ac. ; all just painted Apply at 215 Monroe street. "Li VST SIDE, UP TOWN. -TO LET OR LEASE, A. Ti frame House, consisting of seven apartment*; bIm> .stable room lur two horses, wagon room and hay loll, situated on two lots; rent low io a good tenant. Please call on th? premises. In Seventy flltti street, l'O feet east of itveuile A, or address KAaT BIDS, bo* 177 Herald oftlce. T.1LATS TO LET? ALL IMPRoVI Ml NT SIX BROWN F stone house*, all new, to t hoice fatni.ies; r< ills, to 1 ii. | ui re on the premises, ? I- West HllvftitU Street, near the Central Park. IjIKFNOH FLAT-tll WEST FORTY -SECOND STREET, I corner Sixth avenue ; -I*. eight or nine r<<oai? ; rent rt asonable : only one t>lher family; location unsur passed, overlooking Reservoir square. IilitST r I \ n it BASBMBNT AMD BBOOBD I- loor to let in No. 7 Rutgers place JjlLOOItS T<t LI T? ON NINTH AVFN'l'E AND 1 1 N 1 Fifty-tilth street. *'x rooms, water, gas, w iter close's; ?32 to $-8 per month ; houses m arly new and .-oiivelm nt for housekeeping Inquire at <n? W est Fllty-tourth >trcett Harlem.? the lower iiaif of a brown Htoue home to it t, to a small faiully ol adults; all modern improvements ; rent $.HI l?er month A| pl\ to Mr>. V YEi:, 'Jft East lilltli street or at No it Bank street LOW RENT. ? El N E FLOOR OK Fol'lt RooMS. IN brown stone private house. Fourteenth street; also front Parlor and Basement, t ??.?ether or separately. Ap ply at 331 East Fourteenth street. IOWER PART OF HOI'SE TO LET ? 321 SECOND J avenue ; desirable neighborhotsl. Apply on tlm ! premises. ONK F LOO II TO I,RT? TO A SMALL FAMILY; IIIUH stoop, private house, with modern Improvement* iitnl conveniences. Apply to owner. 2l'i Eu?t Twentieth street PARLORS AND BEDROOMS, WITH MIRRORS, chandeliers, Ac. , to let? Unfurnished or liirntolml, by flic month or year, to single gentlemen, ? Itlilii it lew steps oil he Kil til Avenue Holel, ill ? handsome brown stone high stoop liou-e : alio n ,-pbnlil Itooui tor :i doctor or dentist; the finest locution in tile city Address !*>.?? i lllce Imx 1,'Ji'iti. 1>ARL0R amp BASRMRNT? ' IOHT ROOM 8, ALL convent noes, anil other i' loors to let, in tli" elegant four storv high stoop lirown stone French flat linos, s, north side Fiftieth street, between First and second aye lines. Inquire oil the premises. QFLRNDID FRENCH FLAT i lii T FLOOB ARB O KiisetH' tits, 1"'< Fast Seventy ninth street, near* ingfnu aveiiuo; high stoop lirown stone elegantly I'm* Is bed ; nil improvements; low rent; splendid lucntma near I'ark. OEOOND AND THIRD FLOORS TOOETHRR oil P separately, of house StKl West liiteenth street, to a small Amen an family ot adulta. __ rpo LET? THF. LOWER PART OF A IHOH 8TIM?P I House; three parlors, ballroom. basement*; all moo ern improvements; rent >fiO. Apply to owner, ??*' r.u.,1 Twenty-rtrst street, near Second avenue. mo LET? AT 420 WEST FIFTY FIRST STREET, A I Floor of live Rooms mid pantries; gas, liuth awl laundry , relerence rei|iiired. * rpo LRT? IN A HOUSE WITH BUT ONE FAMILY OF I adults, the Second Floor and part of Third, in Iim'iK place, near Seventeenth street, toa small hunili (Herman preferred); rent from #!>Mot70. For partu ulars apply to A. SfMIri, Fulton, corner New Church street, between II and 12 o'clock. _ rpo LET? THR DESIRABLK SECOND FLOOR OS J. house S83 fast Tenth street- rooms, bedrooms and pantries; rent $Ul per uioiith ; possession imuu dtateiy. Inquire tor three days. To let? ninth ward-parlor floor, with Extension find Basements, with laundry, heater, r.ingc, Ac., to nn American tuinlly; 22'i West Tenth sin dj rent $V> per month. J. M. ELY, lU1! Perry street. rpo LET? LOWER PART OF BOUSE 43 VaNOAW 1 street, between Vurlck nnd Macdougal streets, viz., tin' two Parlors, one basement nnd one attic Boom] house in excellent order ; gas and water; in very good lie cbtiorhood : tninily to remain, only three adults; real trii kj per it ti ii ii iii ; references exchanged. To be seen I nun 12 to 3 o'clock. mo LKT ? FAR LOR AND BASEMENT IN HIOH STOOF 1 house, consisting of 7 large rooms, with all modern Improvcmeiita nnd conveniences. Apply to owner, 243 tast Thirty-fourth street, between Second and Third jvs. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR, WITH EXTENSION fused as n kiu-lien), balanen of bouse occupied bj owner, In 104th street, near Fourth avenue, second Man sard root brick house trom Third avenue ; $20. TO LET-IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, A l'ARI.< HC FLOOR and Bascim-nt Floor, containing lour rooms eaelij can be separated If desired ; ulso a third floor, a x pleasant too?. Inquire at 289 West Twelith street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY OF ADIJLTS, Third Floor, consisting ol tour room') and pnrt ol garret, in a small private imnily, at No. ft Meekman place, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets, Kasi Blver. TO LRT? LOWER FART OR SECOND FLOOR OF very desirable house 51 Leroy street ; all improve* tnonts. Apply only 1-0 Vanck street. rpo LET? AT Xi* EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR 1. second avenue. Third Floor, lour rooms, and in ,ri? rooms if renuired. with privilege of bath and ? Inquire ot the owner at the house. TO LET-SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE (FRENCH flat i 114 East Fllty-ninth street For terms, Ac., in. quire on premises. ri'O LET-THIRD FLOOR OF HOUSE J.?l SIXTH AVE. 1 nuc, near Twenty third street, containing ?lx rooms ; water mid gas. inquire oil the premises. TO LET? PARLOR AND It A ISM K NT FLOOR PBL vate House, 2;t2 Ksst Thirty -eighth street; mod. rn improvements , stationary tubs, rauge, heater, iiuii In closets, wardrobe, separate gas, Ac. Iaiiaire on the premise*. rpo LET? THIRD FLOOR IN HIOIl STOOP HOUSE, 1 with owner, at n reasonable rent, to gentlemen an I wife only. 2LI West Thirty-third street, up stairs; i it lull. O LET? UNFURNISHED, To A sM '.LL AMERICAN family, a Seto'id Floor and p.iri ol Third In house "xl Raat Nineteenth street, near Second avenue ; hon# iiaj tM'eii put In .plete order and painted throughout; all inot'em improvements. Apply at 12tl East Tweuty-sev ?nth street or 26 Liberty street. rpo LRT? A VERY DESIRABLE SECOND AND PAKf i )>t third Floor, in private' house; all improve' u nt*; fro .1 I nation ; Iii iploiidld order; rest Can Ik een u nil to 1. A. ?i. or & to 7 P. M. 474 West Titeu t> ' lurth st/i t. \ LET? Fm sD FLOOR, UNFUBNISHKD, TO gentle nn md w fi . w'boiit board Ue^t reference# given and rt j.?ired. *i i>lj nt h> l<e*ington avenue. po I Ei DOMIMCK STREET, FRONT AND BACK ssrinent, ti , n ni 9 BO. T Hssroient, front ami ' 'ack Parlor, tw^ltoouis on third 'ro LI T? TO A MALL FAMILY, THE SECOND I I iiMir and two . . I m > iii .. nil ttiu third floor, of house It3 last llur'v 111.: I itreet, near Lexington av. ; real ri'Ul LRT? THE UPPER PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE, I with ni i >'!? rn improvements ; h rooms $is) per month, ? r *i\ ro)ii?i? i?it itiuuih. luqutro ol owner, liti East Filtietb street. To M l - A i A VERY LOW Fl.U UK. THE MOST DrI siraMe iiorti'iii of .?? stone iroiit House, to a small family ol ad tlta. No. 337 Last Furty-flrst street. To ba seeu any Uuie. IN ? LET-TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS, FOR LIOIIT liouM'k) epin. , the Tlur! Floor, in thorough order, in house W Clinton place, Ai ply on premises. T?? I.F.r, MRPABATRLY OR TOOBTIIBR-D'PEJJ. I and l?wer Portions of three story house, central and desirable, to a iiett, responsible American lamily. Aildrr-<s lor one week, NfcAiNESo, box il7 llerald Up> town Hratii li ortlce. rpo I.I T-TIIK I PART OF CoTTAOE HOUSE, i NIT West Fiftv shlr.l ??reet : three room*, pautry, Ac. | r. nt |Ai. Two persons occupy the lower part. Apj Ijr as alMtVe. rp<> I.F.r? THi: SECOND FLOOR OF II 114 II STOOP 1 r -,i-? iu Variek street, consisting of six rootna, wa'er and ?*?. Inquire in th? baee nent. IO LRT--I VFfBMSHRO, TO A SM tLL FAMI'.T, lour R otos in a private house. Inquire at M King st. I IM LBT? TO A SMALL SATISFACTORY FAMILY, A I de? r?t>!e F'ut, live ir sia rooms, ir fall sl*ed hrnw? I MilMi e? fluui avenoo. near Thirty-eighth street! Iiai mee , a, iwl by small tiimily (three adultsi ; rent pf r m Jth. ' 11 Luck I.I sro id w i v rpo LKT-TIIRK.K UNFURNISHED ROOMS, IN A I private hi-n-e flr?i cla-? nelghborho?sl. with ainl water, far lisbtllwusrXeeplug. Cail Luiwecu 10 au? j MM, M it ViHTtnt) fourth street. far Other stores. Houses and Room to i Let ??e Third Pagi. T

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