Newspaper of The New York Herald, 6 Nisan 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 6 Nisan 1873 Page 7
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Opening of the Investigation Into the Loss of the Atlantic. MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE. Statements of the Captain, Chief Officer and Cabiu Passengers. rOOD IS WELL AS FUEL GIVING OUT. Two Days' Provisions Only on Board on the 31st of March. NO SOUNDINGS TAKEN, NO LOOKOUT KEPT. Running on an Unknown Coast at Twelve Knots an Hour. THE SNOW LIVE OF THE SHORE UNSEEN. Striking on the Rocks the First Warn ing of Impending Death. THE PLUGLESS BOATS, THE MOB CREW Tlie Ship Heels Over and the Uoiler Explodes. IGNORANCE, CARELESSNESS, INCOMPETENCY. The Awful Sight of Distorted Death on Prospect Beach. THE HALIFAX AGENTS HEEDLESS. Mringing tlie Rescued Passen gers to New York. RECEPTION AT FANEtJIL HALL. Superstitious Fears by the Passen gers During the Voyage. THIRTEEN AT TABLE. Relatives Caring For the Dead? Charity Busy with the Living. Halifax, N. 8., April 6, 1873. The story of t lie wreck of the steamer Atlantic and Its fearful loss of life never has and never will be fully told. The very worst suspicions of crim inal carelessness, negligence, incompetency, or whatever you may call it, have been .fully realized. Captain Williams, who now lounges about the principal hotel in Halifax, is the man who is responsible, and according to general wishes, as far as expressed, he is a man who ought to dangle from the yard arm before the rising of another sun. TOE CUSTOMARY INVESTIGATION has commenced ; but there will probably be nothing more heard from it than there has been from the Inquiry into the Metis murder off Watch Hill last Summer. There have been very many false reports sent hence concerning the terrible calamity, anil many persons who have been al ludea to as generous, brave and Immune will be ?tigmatlzed as wretches of the worst kind when the facts arc known. This statement is broad, but there Is an avalanche of evidence to support It. That Captain Williams is one who is criminally responsible it Is hardly necessary to repeat. His name and fame will linger lor many generations; lor there Is scarcely a country on the whole world's domain but which to-day is in mourning on account of a home which he has made desolate through his ignorance or lncompe ? lency. Tu the criminal negligence of the Captain, Which brought about the disaster, there has lol lowcd a painful Indifference to the care and com lortof the lost and survivors on the part of The Halifax ag?ntsor the unfortunate \\ hite Star line. THEY HAVE PONE NOTHING WHATEVER to alleviate the sufferings of the saved, and about the same may be said concerning their efforts to care lor the del'', or assist the bereaved Triends in Identllying and recovering the bodies. All this in difference, it should be stated, Is duo to the Hali fax agent.*, Who were notified at once by the com pany to spare no pains or expense in alleviat ng the sufferings of those who were affected l>y the terrible disaster. These instructions have been generally disregarded, and not until the arrival tills morning of Mr. Ponnelly from the New York ofllce was there the slightest assurance of the good faith am' good intentions of t>c company which has suffered so extensively In consequence of the imbe. ciilty of a commanding officer. Mr. Pcnnoily arrived i here at an early hour this morning, and, ttesides him an* the IIkkalm reporter here, were scores of others who were attracted by the disaster which has ?ent a pang of sorrow through the whole civilized world. Among the lumber were rnuuv who cauie to identity and convey tenderly home the lifeless lorms of those whom they had anticipated itud arranged for a hearty uod jovial welcome. Some wer<' lrom New York, some from ' Massachusetts and other New England stolen, all teuton a mournlul mission. There was a com mon sympathy, a sort of bond of soirow; and as ir to adn to its isipresslvenoss and strength, there intervened A RAILIIOAP COLLISION, Willi three 4/i' four killed and three times as many fa1 .illy wounded. Tins seemed an ill omen, audit proved to he what it seemed. The anxious and , melancholy passengers ivctv doomed to a term ol sorrow, fur as tliev uppruuclteri the scene of disas ter the faint rumors winch had met. them weie more tlmu doubly \< rilled. It was midnight and long iU?.er wiieu the Haliiax Hotel was reached, and nothing could toe done until morning. AT KhVKN O'CLOCK the little steamer Henry Kood left the Commercial wnarf, wath Captain Merrltt, of the New York Wrecking Company; Mr. Pennelly, of the White Star Line; Ike Herald reporter and a few others, > ami proceeded to the scene of the wreck, The 'story of this and that was told with great | effect by Mr. l.awson, who commanded the little craft; but the wlnue thing In a nutshell wan that the Atlantic struck 1 1 rock roKTV MILKS PIIOM THE TOINT where her ci.ptain or almost any other officer supposed her to tic. The scene of the wreck, as already described, was found .to be wretched and t wamtT my intre wn?u ire* masts pioiruding^ ugiy ,ip,?p, and with hundredB oi 'jost taking their last slumber in the *'ater,d0m8 an(j berths. The Hkkai.d's boat PMM<^ bver the wreck at low tide, and down through thtt skylight IN THE BRIDAL OnAMPEK could tio *een the lifeless tortus or a fond husband | and wi??! elupc<l in each other's embrace. But. this t Is only one of the tarrowlng scenca, which would till volumes. The Hon. Cyrus Fisher, of Vcrmonf! had resided in London for seven years pust in the practice of the law. He married Miss Mary Hi ploy, of Rut land. Vt? a daughter of W. S. Ripley, the Presl dent or the Rutland county National Bank. Mr. an<) Mrs. Flatter were Intending to make a srurmsE visit to tukik friends in Vermont. The Hrrald has given accounts of I this devotion to each other. The husband reiused ; to leave his wife, thoutth lie wan prayed to do so ! by the poor woman, and they perished together. Mr. Dorr, of Rutland, is here to recover anil lor ward their bodies. The first news received iu Vermont was by cattle from London, announcing that they were on board the ill-fated steamer. It was a sad surprise indeed. Many people visited the scene of the wreck dur ing the day by laud and steamer. THE SCENE WAS MOST SD0CK1NG. The boats and rocks were bloody, and the bodies were bruised and disfigured iu a horrible way to look upon. A little child with its face blackened and distorted in agony brought shudders from the stoutest, and strong men turned aside and wept. The body of Mrs. Davison, her luxuriant hair half torn from the (scalp, tod her li^hs bruised and bloody, pre sented a sad spectacle. The dead lay 011 the side j 01 the island in rows, staring to the skies, and pre- | sentu^r such a hideous spectacle that those wli<j j witnessed it shuddered at the bare mention 01 it. The horror of tho scene was heightened by HUNDREDS Oh- KITDB COFFINS In the background, with their inanimate inmates, and simply numbered, t^ be placed in nameless graves, ft seemed more like the seenes whlcn follow a great battle than the frown of fortune upon simple commercial pursuits. It. is a singular fact that every person who sought preservation through lifebelts perished, and also quite as singu lar that EVERY MAK1UED MAN, with possibly a single exception, laid down his life rather than part with his wile. The only body which appeared to be mutilated was that of the stewardess, wtiich was found, with a lifebelt upon it, six tulles at sea, floating upon her back as calmly as though she had been asleep. THE MEIIKITT FAMILY. The bodies ol Mr. William U. Merritt and Miss Annie Scrymser, of New l'ork, were recovered. Their relatives have reached here and will forward the remains to New York. They will rearii there 011 Wednesday night. To survey the whole sad scene without an involuntary shudder is impossi ble. STORIES OF ROBBERIES OF THE DEAD are well-rounded. Mrs. Davidson's body, with $1,500 4n tier dress pocket, was picked up Hits after noon. Others who were supposed and known to have money in large or small sums have been > found; but there are no reports of their effects. J All the valuables arc taken possession of by a sort of semi-magistrate of Halifax; but there is NO ONE ritESKNT TO REPRESENT THE WHITE ST All I LINE excepting a young lellow who rime over as a ' waiter. All the officers of the boat and agents of i the company have been and are now, at midnight, I lingering around the llalii'ax: Hotel, and the dead 1 and dying who drilted ashore at Prospect arc at the mercy of the general multitude. Some are thluves ; some are not. The officers, to use an expressive term now popular in Halifax, are "snobs."' The representative of the New York branch of the company, If he comes up to what is expected of htm, will correct an this to-morrow. FUNERAL OF THE SECOND OFFICER. The funeral of Metcalf, the second officer of the : steamer Atlantic, took place here to-day, iroin St. ! Paul's Episcopal church. The bodies of Mrs. and Miss Davidson, two cabin 1 passengers, were picked np to-day aud brought to ! this cityfto-nlght. The divers have commenced work. THE INVESTIGATION. j Captain Williams' Statement? A Clear, Starlight Niglit?Vo Suunillnga Taken? The White Know Linr of the Shore Cn Kren-Vo Wftinin); of tli? Hauler? Coal Short When Right. Day* Out? Barely Two Days' Provlilont l.eft on the 31?t ? Aitoniuliiig. Admissions ? State ment* of Cabin PaasriiKerit? Eiploiiioii of the Holler? The Ineftieient Crew ? Chlef-tHlieer Firth's Admissions? The Mhinkeu Course? Irremovable Uenpon* ?iMtttjr. Halifax, N. 9., April 5, 18TX Tin* inquiry ordered by the Dominion govern ment Into the Atlantic disaster commenced to-day in the custom House building. be lore the Collector, K. M McDonald. Captain McKcnzie, a shipmaster, sat as associates with Mr. McDonald. Hon. 8. L. Shannon, ij. C., and H. Blunchard, q. C., appeared Tor the government, and J. N. Hitchie, ij. C., for the captain. THE AlTtlORITY FOR TnE INQUIRY. Mr. McDonald, in op-mug the Court, said the i inquiry was to be held under the thirty-eighth i chapter of the Dominion Acts of 1809, and would have the force of an Kngllsh Board of Trade in-' quiry. lie had not recel/ed the commission for the Court, but he had received an official telegram stating that it was on Us way, and tl all parties would consent he would go oil at once and rely on the commission i?omg received in good time. Mr. Ritchie for the Captain consented. Mr. Blancliard said unless there was a full and unequivocal consent he would object to going on. It might appear, when the cobhiiIssIou was received, that, there were special instructions which would require thein to begin again. All parties consented, and the Captain, James A. Williams, was called, sworn and read the following Statement, part ol it Ixflng a copy of a letter be has written to the owners of the Atlantic: ? CAPTAIN WILLIAMS' STATEMENT. (in the 28th of March the engineer's report showed the coals getting short, we having expert encod three days of very severe weather; the coals on board were ;<ii? tons; we being 1,130 miles lrom Sandy Hook, the speed came down from eight kuotr. per hour and with a moderate strong breeze to live knots per hour. Hoping that the wind would change tuvorably I kept on until the ;;ist, when our coals were reduced to 127 tons and t lie ship distant from Sandy Hook 460 miles? lati tude 41 :i9, longitude fti 64; as the ship by tills | time was making but seven knots per hour, the wind being at the southwest, the glass falling and a westerly swell on, 1 thought the rlsK too great to to keep on, as in the event of a westerly gale com ing up we might find ourselves shut out of all sources of supply; the chief steward also REPORTED Til K STORES S1IOKT, ' / fresh provisions enough for the saloon for two days and but salt for steerage for two days, when all but the bread anil rice would be out; at one I'. M., alter receiving the engineer's report, I decided to com o Uere, Sainbro Island being then north, fto degrees east, distant 1T0 miles. Durinir the aiter noon the w md was south-south west, with rain; at i eight P. M. the wind veered lowest and the sky was dear and starlight; I several times corrected the com -e n.v t/ic 1'oiar star; the course steered by l tUe compass was north, 24 cast, with 7 easterly , i deviation, which I considered ample allowance [ lor the sterly set and to lead five miles to the east of ?^m>tro Island. TIIK I AT*/. NEGLECT. 1 left my orders on the bridge as to look-outs, which word was passed to the officers relieving at Bil?lnight<-the second and fourth officers; I cor rected the, course the last tluje at 12:20 A. M., when I repeat* d my caution and orders; I then went ituo the chart room and sat down; in about fifteen minutes a Mr. Fisher came in to ask some particulars about the ship, as he was writing U< the iX>?nu4>oliUin newspaper; he staved about twentv minutes, and lett; mv intention was to run on until t}?ree A. M., and then to heave to a-i.i away the dttv; ut loiiluhriit Ibe bmd'd run was 122 miles, which wou'd i>1hco her forty-eight miles south of ?Sambro, the speed by log at 12:10 being nine kuols per hour; the night at this time w.tH cloudy jmcl clear: ut 1U:40 m.v servant came ti|? with my cocoa, when he was tolil not to awake : me until three A. M., when the secod officer; would call uie; the first iuuiuatioii I hail of anything was the 8TKUINO ON MKAmiKR'8 ROCK, or Mi agber's Isiiinil, and remaining, heeling slightly to port; the officers were quickly at stations, accompanied by the quartermasters. The first ?ea swept away ail the port boats, ami the ship lid-linn over rapidly noon rendered the starbourd boats useless; every effort was made to j Bead the people lorward, outside the ship. but ! terror defeated all oi.r eitorta: the second oitlcer wan in the starboard lltelioat; I earned two j ladies and placed them with him, and returned for 1 more; beiore J got an Jar us the saloon entrance, I finding the ship going over still further, 1 managed to pet hold of the weather rail mid pet back to the lifeboat; I took the ladles out and placed them in the main rigging; went hack and called to the second officer to come out, as the boat would roll over, which she did in a lew minutes, carrying with her Mr. Metcaifand from thirty to tortjr men; limliug t in* t 1 was 01 no use there, 1 returned to the in. mi riggiug and found that TDK l-AIHES HAD GONE. The chief officer, Mr. Frith, pot up Into the mizzeu rigging. where his retreat was soon cut on, tiiiu iiad to remain there until three 1' M., when the weather and sea moderated with the failing tide and he was got off. Mr. Brady, the third officer, finding the boats use less, went forward, and with the assistance of Quartermasters speak man and owons. establisned coiuuiuuuutioii wiui a rope to A SMALI. Ol'TI.YlNO HOCK. distant IVoni our starboard I ow about fortv yards; Owens swam first, but failed to tret a foot inn ; >1' ukin.iu then tried and succeeded; a stouter rope wus hauled on the rook, along which Mr. Brady passed, followed l-y the eldest of the men. By this time it was 4 A. M. ; I was at this time In t lie main rigging, trying to get the passengers t here collected to make an effort to get lorward. I Many went; but the larger number (several sulbon passengers among them) LAV Tllliiirt filRp. The purser was the orst to succumb to the Intense cold thai prevailed ; liuuing myself ui no use there I pot along outside the ship to t lie lore rigging, got the lore sheets and tack undone and slid ashore; we now had Ave ropes to the rocks, along which nieutotue nunioer ol 2oO passed safely, though nearly exhausted on reaching the rocks; Mr. Brady, accompanied by Messrs. Owens, Speakman and Thomas, now got a line across the inner channel, which wus about one hundred yards wide and shallow, though with a heavy surl running through; they then went up ami GAVE THE ALA KM, antl sent, a messenger to Halifax; about (litygot to the larger island by the line, though many were drowned in the attempt, among the number being the chief steward, wuo was drowned by the pas engeis crowding him down; 1, with the lourth officer, encouraged as much us we could the peo ple (about four hundred ami fllty) w ho remained on the ship's side to keep moving ami keep from falling asleep; In many cases they gave right up and died, apparently without any pain; twelve men j seated together laid down beside me, and despite all eilorts io rouse them tiled and slipped into the sea; at5:."0 A. M. the first boat cauie, but she was ; loo small to be of any use. THE CAPTAIN'S EMOTION. At this point the Captain's feelings overcome hint, and it was several minutes beiore lie could proceed. IK- then continued: in about twenty minutes more the first large bout was launched, am) proceeded to take the passengers off the small rocks; she was in half an limn followed by two others. I succeeded, fearing the ship would part and slide into deep water, in getting them to take oil" those iroin the ship lirst., and many were saved who. ii leli there to the last, would have perished from exhaustion; at tins time l missed the fourth officer, autf leared he had fallen in, when 1 saw him on the rocks encouraging and helping another boat, along; when all luiil lelt but about thirty men. my hands being frozen ami my legs st.ii), they took uie off, the rest followiug immediately. At 8:45 all the passengers were lauded, and lodged in a wooden hut., belonging to A K1S1IEKMAN NAM KD CLANCY, who, with lus daughters, gave them all thev had, made Urea ami warmed tliem; during the tiny they were dratted off to the various islands about, anil billeted among what houses there are there; Mr. Ryan, the resident Magistrate, tilling ins house ami tne others following his example; Nil WOMEN till CIIILDKEN WERE SAVED; atone P. M. i sent Mr. Brady on to Halifax to give particulars, obtain food and assistance, also to get steamers down early ami convey the passengers and crew to tialilax; at live I'. M.. the tide having lalleu, she brake in two abaft. the loremast, ship lulling over till the sea washed completely over her; her cargo was now washed out; having no other officer at hand, 1 detailed the boatswain and eight, men to prevent THE W RECK KIUS, WHO NOW 8W ARMED ROUND, from carrying away the saved goods, and set a watch of lour men during the night to pick up the bodies of such as might wash ashore; they picked up i?ut live during the night; at daylight the cus toms authorities came down and look charge; I gave to a Captain Sheridan provisional authority to employ what labor he required for salvage, with the understanding that the salvage should uot be over lorty per cent of the net value; ami ii this was objected to, to leave it to the arbitration of two justices ol the peace; we embarked all our savetf, amounting to about four hundred ami tweniy-nine. in the steamers Lady Head and Delta, amiairived at llalilax ut. three P. M., where Mr. Morrow-, -the Cuuard agent, who had promptly offered us every assistance, had places prepared tor all; I have given the company's carpenter oracrB to gei TWO HirSI>KKD 8HELT.S TO Bl RV THE DEAD ami an undertaker to attend to the saloon passen gers' bodies and t lie second oiflcer's, as their friends might wish tnem lorwarded; many bodies had conic on Khore lieiore 1 left. Home unrecogniza ble; but 1 identified those ol Mr. Metcalf, Miss Mer rill, Mrs. Fisher and the chief steward, together with several of the crew; I letr. the fourth officer and four men at the wreck to identify and take charge oi paper*, valuables, &c., that might be thro wnfup ; i saved 13 saloon passengers, lost 2o: saved 41ti steer age, lost ;Vi7 steerage aud crew ; but t^ree women were seen, the two 1 have spoken of aud unu who got up beside the chief sflloer and died in the rig ging with her bany EXAMINATION l>IKEOr. In reply to questions ol lus counsel he added 1 ww on the bridge up to twenty minutes past twelve ; up to midnight It was brilliant starlignt; when I left the bridge 1 went into the chart room, thirty leet abaft the bridge, on the upper deck, within easy call of the officer on deck; 1 got up at two o'clock, looked into the wheeuiouse. and then lay down lor an alarm; in making calculations I estimated her speed to be eleven knots; she bad Increased gradn nliy irom seven and a hair to t welve knots; the t hird officer reported that she had ruu 122 miles at twelve o'clock ; that agreed with my calculations ; I expected the ship at three o'clock would be eighteen or twenty miles sontn Of Sainbro. aid to la.y by until daylight; I hail not my clothes oil at. all; l had every reason to put confidence in the second oiticer ; lie had made two voyages in the ship; I always louud linn a Ulead v, sober man. CKOMS-IX AMINED KY Mil. BI.ANCHAKD. I had a latitude by observation and by chronome ter when I bore up lor Halifax; the charts have all been lost ; the ship increased her speed alter 1 bore up for Halliax, because we were not then so anxious to economize coal : the speed at twelve o'clock was about twelve knots; 1 reckoned then we were fort.v-eiglit miles oir surabro, then bear ing north, five degrees east ; I did not shift the course; Iconsnlfered wo would pass flv<, miles cast oi Bamuro iii_ht ; i had NEVXR BKKORK BKOfOllT SHIPS INTO UAI.IKAX; ?r been on tins coast ; the third officer had been in the harbor rwlce; none of the other ofilcers had ever been here ; I dui riot use tbe lead at all in coming to Halifax; I knew wo were wiihiu sound ings, north of La Have; I did not sound because the night was clear and Sauibro light should be seen twenty-one miles In clear weather and In moderate weather lliteen miles; the bridge was thirty-six feet above the level ol the sea; I Knew I was approaching the shore; the clearness of the night and the certainty of seeing the light were my only reasons fur not sounding; I am in>w satis fied thai wiien I weni Into the chart room I WAS MISTAKEN IN TlIK LOCALITY OK THE SHIP; she tun -<t have been mrther northward and west ward than I thought; I knew the ceasi was an iron-bound and dangerous one, though I had never been on it. licre the captain took the chart and explained the position oi the vessel. I would not. have got into forty-live fathoms of water until I was thirteen or fourteen miles south oi ,-ambro, where I snotild stop fhc ship; if 1 had been soiiuding regularly Irotn twelve to three o'clock I would have been on deck and the slnp would not have gone ashore; there were three quartermasters and the second and fourth officers on deck; It was my second voyage to America In that ship: when the t.hip struck there was a con siderable sweil on ; THKKR WAH NO SORT OK WARNINOj idie was going between nine or ten knots at i lie rime; mssmeof the statements in the press it is said I left the ship when about fifteen persons find been taken oil the rigging; what I said whs that when l icfi ail but about fifteen had left; when I left I was so benumbed and cold that I could be or no assistance; I had had iny leg broken a year berore and was weak; I was asleep when the ship struck; It was live minutes past three by my watch and fifteen minutes past three by the chief engineer's when she struck. CKoS-S-EXAMINEP HY I'M K COMMISSIONER. I left word to be called at three o'clock ; I ilo not know whether I was called at three, as the snip struck but a lew infinites alter; I do not think I was; had I been cailM at three sharp I think I would have seen the land in time to have averted t he calamity; from tne state of the weather when I came ou neck I think THE WHITE SNOW I, TNE OK THE SnORE would be visible at a distance or front two to three miles; the ofilcers ou duty, had they been ener getic. might, I tlunk, have seen that there was HonieiliiiiM ahead, and if orders had been given to reverse ihe engines the calamity might have been averted ; I have always made It a rule to make a:i my officers participate in the navigation of the ship, so tUaf each and all are equally conversant with myself in the position or the sliLp and the deviation r.r tbe courses steered by the compass; the White star steamers are supplied with primed orders lor the guidance or commanders; those orders are, that we are to take all possUile precautions against fire, collision and wreck; there are no special iii sm uci iouo us to precautionary siei>B in aunoutb ing tie shore; that in left entirely to the judgment | [ 01 the coinirnndcrs; Hie ofllcers in charge have j | lull power to change the course, <>r stop the ship if neei!! Hury, without consult ng the captain; there are no special Instructions as to soundings. This endi u ilio t uptttiii's evideuee. <>ncc during Iuh statement he wan much affected. The Couit adioumed lor one hour. Afternoon Meaaion. The Court resumed its session at three o'clock. 1INIKI KIN.i.Nt, ! a cabin passenger, was sworn, and stated: ? I went 1 on board the Atlantic at Quecustowu; on Mnm'ar, | alter t lie i apt.un tiwk the reckoning, it wan stated ; that the ship would hear np lor Halifax; I was on . (leek as late as half- r ust ten o'clock that night : tne j uight was dark ; some stars were visible, and there 1 was a light breeze j I went into the smoking rootn 1 and remained until eleven o'clock; theu went to I my stateroom ; went to i?e<l. and fell asleep imnie- | (I lately; 1 was aroused by the noise of the ship j striking; I put on my olotlies and got. to the deck; J tne sailors and oitleers were running about con- i fused ; I asked what was wrong, and was told by j the person 1 addressed that he did not know; about two or three minutes after I got en deck Til K BOILKK KXI'LODKU; I dung to the rigging and afterwards to the ship's ; side; several attempts were made to reach the rock, anil one man succeeded in getting to It; I | aHo saw several attempting to swim ashore; i I lound that the stern was sinking and that ! the place in which i was would likely be covered; I then got forward t.o where the captain was; he was encouraging them to get to the rock, and told them if they clung to the ship's side they would perish; lie told n e to take to the tope; 1 lumped into the water, seized one oi the three lopes (hat were out and reached the rock; after about an hour the ilshormcn came out in the boats ami rescued us; tho Captain and olllcers did, as l thought, ail they could do; so far as I could see, the Captain and officers were attentive to their duty ; ono oi the cabin passengers spoke to me about TUB CAPTAIN'S rKMPKHATK HABITS; he refused wine at dinner; f never saw him drink anything stronger than lemonade; it w s daylight before the passengers commenced to laud; I do not. know whether the steerage passen gers were prevented lrom coming on neck or not ; I have no reason to suppose they were. This ended Mr. Kinane's evidence. Mlt. HPENOKR JONK8, a cabin passenger, then testified as follows:? I was up until after eleven o'clock on Monday night, and theu weiii to bed; 1 was aroused b> the shock of the vessel striking; I went on deck and lound everything in confusion ; aboul eight minutes niter she struck she keeled over; the Captain appeared to be doing what, lie could to save the people; he was under the foremast, holding on to a rope and encouraging the people to gel ashore; I have had tuuch experience wiiti shins, beiug con ? neeted with a shipping house in Liverpool; the | discipline oi the Atlautic was excellent; the con , duct of the Captain and officers towards fho pas sengers was all that could be desired; they were gentlemen in every sense of tho word; they were always attentive to their duty ; I know of nothing j that could have been done to save more lives Ihan : were saved: I do not know, not; did I hoar of any ' effort being made to keep tin; steerage passengers I Mr. Jones gfivo hl? otfdonee In snob an Indistinct manner tliut part of it couUI not, be heard by tlie reporters; but this la Hie substance ol it. NICHOLAS HKANDT then testified? I was asleep ami was aroused bv the shock ; went on ileek Into tlie wlieelliouse and i thence to the weather sine ol the ship and climbed un lu the rigging; seelug that the stem wa* sink ing I went lorward anil remained until I was taken oil 111 the same boat as Captain \N Illuming I nave been to sea a great deal; this was my sixth voyage | in the White star line; the conduct ol the oitlcers and the discipline ol the crow or the Atlantic, was verv good; the officers wore always energetic in the performance or their duties; nothing could have been done to save life after the snip struck beyond what was done ; THE 8TEKRAUB UATCHKS VVKItU OPKN ; there was also a passage I'roiu the steerage to the cabin; when I was iu the wlieelliouse the time was eighteen or nineteen minutes past, three; the ship nail i hen keeled over; i aptuln Williams stood on the side of the vessel below me encouraging the passengers to keep moving about,, and for six hours remained getting the passengers into the boats; when 1 turned in at, eleven o'clock I noticed that tlie weather, which hail been clear, was getting I iiaay a night in which it would be difficult to make the land. This emlcd Mr. llrandt's evidence. Mr. McDonald said it was not necessary to have : the same story repeated, but if any passenger had ; any Hung new "to slate to come forward. CHARLES W. At.l.KN testified? I was a cabin passenger, and the firs' one on deck; my experience was much the same as that of utlieis; 1 was saved by the rope and the rock; It is my opinion that a good many more lives would have been saved If the ship hail been I manned by efficient seamen ; the Captain could not i net any number of men to do duty efficiently ; ONK BOAT 1IHMAINBI) SOUND ' as much as three hours alter the ship struck; that I was No. l boat; mv impression from the beginning ol the voyage wits that the ship was not well ' manned; there may have been a large enough I number, but tliev were not, efficient men; the ! captain and officers alter the vessel struck seemed ! to exert themselves as much as they could ; I con sidered the Captain and the officers competent to perform their duty; I noticed that one of the rules was to KXKRCISK THE CKKW AT THE BOATS once a week; that was not done; I believe that all steamers have that rule, but few obey it; there would have bceu dlltlcultv in gelling the boat into the water, but I believe it could have been accom plished; I heard oi a gross act ol insubordination among the crew the second nay out, but do not know of anv; Mr. Kluane told ine ol it. CHIEF OFFICER FIRTHS' STATEMENT. John William t'lrilu# chief officer ol the Atlantic. test llied At twelve o'clock noon on Monday the captain and I took observations by separate chro nometers and agiced very closely; the longitude was 65, latitude 41 39; a consultation ol the officers was held us to the propriety of turning round to lialilax lor coal, and we unanimously agreed to do so as the saiest proceeding: at one o'clock the ship was headed for lialilax, the course being north east; the speed was then about nine knots; Itlien went below;at fouro'clock I returned to the deck; my watch was from lour to six: no alteration was mrtde in the course; I was below Iroin six to eight; at eight there had been a change ol weather and several showers of rain : 1 REMAINED ON DECK UNTIL TWELVE; this course was not changed; there had been some dark clouds, but they had passed, and it was tnen clear; about hall-past eleven o'clock the quarter master told me the speed was twelve knots; at ten minutes to twelve o'clock the Captain came on the bridge, where 1 was, anil inquired lor the third officer (llradyi, as he wished to have the distance run by the ship from one P. M. to midnight; officer Hraiiv was at the time on his rounds ol the ship: the Captain alterwards came on the bridge and told me he placed the ship KOI II Mil. KM SOUTH OF SAMIIHO; I then went below; the Captain's orders were to keen a good lookout for loose Ice, and, in the event ol seeing the light, II a fixed light, to get it two points hi the port bow and call him Immediately, and under any circumstances, to call him not later than t'irec o'clock; these orders I conveyed to the second oitlcer ; the lead was not thrown over at all; the lead was ready on the bridge ; I was aroused bv the shock when the ship struck; I went on deck and found a number or men trying to clear away No. 4 Hie boat ; it was just clear when A SKA CAMK ANIi HWRPT IT AWAY? No 7 lifeboat was then cleared anil also washed away; the sea was then working a clean breach over the fore part ?f the ship; she had keeled over to the windward and seaward; the passengers were taking to the rigging : there were thirty-two, including one woman, in the mtv.r.en liggtng wlili me at .daylight; 1 remained there till about two ' o'. lock in the afternoon, when I was rescued by a I boat's crew UNDER THK COMMAND OF REV. MK. ANCIENT; many wholeit the rigging to try to reach the ropes were wasiied away ; I was unable to swim; I was the last man who left the wreck alive; it, was. in mv opinion, impossible to have launched the boat slioken oi by Mr. A lieu ; It was carried away about daylight: I have had twenty-seven years' expe rience at sea, with a great many masters, and I found ( ant aiu Williams all that could be expected oi one in his position ; 1 have keen a shipmaster myself largely In the India trade; there could not have been any attempt to keep the steerage passengers below; the companion ways were ooen- I cannot give any opinion as to the quantity or coal she had, or whether It was enough or not; I joined the steamer in the morning, and left a lew hours later: a person might, be told that there were iioo tons oi coal on board, out that would not prove It : too often a shart quantity of coal Is put in ships; I consl lereil there wus not. the slightest risk when I went to bed at twelve o'clock in the morning the coiirsi was intended to take us about, five miles east of Mght; the point at which ?he struck Is, I learn, seven miles west or the light ; I can account lor ;he disaster Hi no other way than that there was A STKIINO SET TO THE N0KTI1WEST which wed 1 1 not know of: tho log was hove regu lars every two hours on two or three days during the Diissage when we had no observations; our dead reckoning was round eorrect: the chiefsteward had reported a short supply of provisions; that might be. because we took on board more passen gers than we expected. This completed the enter officer's statement. The Court then adjourned until ten o'clock on Monday. Relief for the Survivor*. Chicago, April 6, 1*73. The committee who are soliciting subscriptions in aid or the Fourth officer and survivors of the Atlantic disaster report that over |l,ooo have b#n collected. The money will be forwarded to the agent of the White Star Line to be distributed ac cording to his judgment THE STEERAGE PASSENGERS. We are now enabled to present a full list of the steerage passengers on board the White Htar steamship Atlantic. In Thursday's issue we pub lished the fullest list thcu obtainable of the pas sengers on the Atlantic, which was transmitted to ua by cable, from the London Hareau of the Hkrald. The letter below, given from the agent of the line, will explain the source from which the complete list of the lost ban been obtained. 'I lie alphabetical lint of the waved, published in the llKKAi.n of Friday last, is appended, so that all those who nailed will he accounted lor. THE AUKNT'H I.KTTKK. New York, April 5, 1873. TO THE I'MTOR or TIIE IlEIUUK? Tiie cable hart brought me to-day a full list of steerage uassengers per At' antic not vet accounted tor, t'l which l send you a copy. 'Hits list will prove to he In exees? ol the actual loss from the difficulty in separating In the cable me saire initials and christian names m the case 01 lamiltes: but all anxiety can be dismissed by those who surmised that friends might be on board it their names be not found in this list or in that of the saved, ul r< udy published in your journal, as doubtless they did not embark in our lll-iated steamer. 1 a ui. <lcai sir. yours obediently, ' J. II. SPAHK8. Sfcerugc Pawn^cr* Aisorr. am Allers, c. 0. H.. Aibrecht, llenlch, Adams, Joim, Anderson, Meustra, Andei son, 14a, Anderson, Hrita, Anderson, Joaness, Anderson, ti ?iwta v, Anderson, (Half, Anderson, Tonilne. Anderson, Johaii, Anderson, Jons, Anderson, Carl, Anderson, J., Arvidson, K. P., A rks,.ioe, lludhain, Martha, l alcman, Itosa, F.ird, Margaret, Hurl, Kdwiu, lntdhum Antony. Hcngtson, S. M., Hroers, Margaret ha, ltootcher, August, t Hjqinson, Martin, Hooscher, Jliann, lletigssoti, Anders, Htiigsson, sveu, Heng^sou, Sven, Hengssou, Kvrahln, Hrosirain, Hugo, Hengtsoil, O. A., lirotiuet, Antolnc, Hroi|uet, Justine, Hroiiuet, .st. Malre, Hroquct, Antolueltc, Hroquet, Jildld, lioswell, David, ItrortU, Hridget, llynie, Thomas, Hrady, Philip, llarry, Christ op lier, Jiiirrvlxulx^la, Uurb, .lames, Ho, liani, Hubert, Raggett, Catharine, linen, fat, llnrke, Ann, Itr.van, Hans,

Hryan, Mary, Hai ry, Kll/ai, Carcnu, Alice, Cardln, Margaret, Chapman, John, Cassidy, Catharine, Craw lord, Kllzabeth, Carlson, ulaf, Carlson, Matilda, Christ liisdiul, Kiiiil, Cydowa, Michael, Carlson, Christopher, Clegg, William, Culleii, Hridget, Camborouth, William, Cowlett, Robert, Coates, (Jeorge, Cooney, John, Coy hie 11. Margaret, Coghlen, .lolm, Cook, Louis, Cook, Ann, Cook. Caroline. Cook, Frederick, Cook, John, Cook, Kdward, Cook, Kdltlt, Cook, (Ieorge II., caer, Richard, Caer, Ann, Cornwall. Stephen, Crawford, Sarah, Cordes, Robert, Conroy, Kate, Conroy, John, Conroy, I'atrick, Calvert, Ann. Calvert, David, Crowley, James, Crokes, John, Crokes, Klien, Crokes, Thomas, Crokes, Margaret, Cleary, Ann, ! Clarke, Mary, Craken, Mary, I ?Taken, Deiuiis, i Crake n, Katly, I craken, John, 1 Craken, Jane, Craken, Kate, Craken, Mugaref, Coorigan, Thomas, Coorigun, Margaret, Cotfey, Mary, Doyle, Mary, Dunhoe, John, Dunleii. Ann, Dethlolt, Jos., Dutebrowskl, Anna, Dow n^, Maria, Downs. Thomas, Derr ck, I'atrick, Dcpalol, George, Dcpalol. Gulseppe, Dnglass, Ceo., Dunnwoody, Jane, Donohati, Dennis, Donolian, Mary, Donchan, James, Dunn, I'at, Doj le, John, Daiton, John, Duggan, Ttioinas, Diitigan. James, Daly, James, DoBavHii, Margaret, Durpc, Michael, Doyle, Tat, Dumphv, Alice, Doyle, rat, K<l wards, llenrv. Krwln, K., aim infant, ErlambKon, Nils, Kngler, Andreas, Kngler, Havld, Kngl'T, Dorothea, Kngler, Andreas, Kngler, Klsbeth, Kngler, Johann, l.ngler, Marguerltte, Kngler, J. (? Christian, Kngler, Magdalene, Kngler, Christiana, Kister. owen, Fielder, Allred, Farley, 'I nomas, Ferls, George, Filgore, Klien. Ftnlay, Khaaheth, Fit/, pat rick, Mary, Filan, John, Falin, Catharine, ' Fi mid, Joseph, Fruiiu, The rose, Frund. ftarcane, Frund, l.oills, Frund, Marie, Frund. Joe, Frnnd. Pierre, Frund, Marie, Frund, Anne, Frund, Marie, Frund, Henri, Frund, Jules, Frund, F. Kugenle, Freiln, Fred, Frelhl, Joseph, Frelhl, Marie, Freilii, T. Marie, Frelhl, Agnes, Freiln, K., Frelhl. F. and D. Joseph, Flynn, Bridget, Fletcher, lifo/ge, Fletcher, Hannah, Flanery, Charles, Glenfleld. Annie, Ureoo, W lllSam, Golden, John Gneatasson, Ola, (iueatasNon, lUnglii, Gaeatassoti. Jans, Harvey, William, Cra ii, An .on. Orosck, Joseph, Cram. C. K., Ounenaldson, Anne M., Cogiardt, (ieorge, Goglardl, John, Cooaihular, J. J., Crlita, , Glger, , Coat/., Jean, , Caxser, Marie, Or iiiich. i'txk, Woldeu, Jane, Golden, Kate, (ioldrn, l,om>a, Griffin, Mary, Carvey, Mary, Crtitun, Patrick, Hadley, Margaret, Hawkins. Will. am, llceriiie??ey, John, Meermessey, Tliumsr, HID, Thomas, Hill. William P., itaetutt, Sarah, Hasbitt, Thomas, Hasinit, Sarah, Hasliltt, James, Havwood, John, Haiiley, John, Harney, Mary, Hariley, Michael, tlanley, Patrick, Harkau-sou, Rasmus, lleiuekKon, M., Hagrnau. lieury. Mormon. Peter, McKee, William, Murphy, Hrldgut, Murphy, Mary, Murphy, Sarah, Murphy, Pat, Murphv, James, Murphy, I'at , Moiler, Mangus, Matt -son, Sevouflo, M.ver, Augusta, Meyer, August, Meyer, l.ouise, Meyer, Augusta, Murray, James, Murray, Hridget, Murray, Isabella, Merry, (i., Merry, T? Merry, Isabella, McKod, James, MCConnel, Dennis, Moore, James, Moore, Dennis, Moore, Christ ar, Moore, Catharine, Moore, Hridget, Morr, Kliza, Maycrolt, Thomas, Morrlsh, Charles, Merdon, Frederick, Meyer, Henry, Mager, T., M ittison. Joseph, Meier, Hector, Meier. Louis, Mulli. Henri, Mahony, Dennis, Mahouv, John, Mahony, Denis, Maliony, Mary, Mahony, James, Mat'egaii, Ann, McNally, Hridget, McClelland, Anne, Morrlsy, Matt, Moran, rath, Maloney, Thomns, Malonej , Catharine, McKenna, Hessie, McKeuna, Kate, Moran, Hridget, Morau. Kll/.a, Miscall, Catharine, McCarthy, Timothy, McCarthy, J arch, Nancorral, James, Neuinley, Alf, Neuinley C., Neumley, Mary, Neumley, Alf, Nahmutz, Ferd, Nahmutz, Mrs,, Nahmutz, Klua, NahmntSB, Knube, Nahmutz, Madeliua, Nahmutz, Sangiing, Nelils, Maria, Ntlsson, Johan, N'ilsson, Olat, Nllsfion, T. M., Newbaner, Kosina, Nolan, Mary, Neubaner, Hoslnn, NaiiuiTy, Laurence, Nunnery, Mary, Nunnery, Kate, Nanncry, 'Thomas. Nunnery, Hernard, Nicholson, Ami, Nicholson, Mary, Nicholson, John, Nicholson, Pat, Olsen, Niels, Ohlssen, Nils, Ohlssen, Anders, Ollson, Johann, O'Mundson, Olivia, Odiet, Olivia, O'Heirn, John, O'Neill, Jeremiah, O'Neill, Margaret, O'Neill, Jeremiah, O Douell, Daniel, Peterson, Peior, Persdotter, Anna, Penrsdatter, Kliser, Persdatter, Hengia, Person, Gustaf, Person, Jonas, Peterssen, A. A., Paulsen, I'., Palmer, William, i'aluicr, Thomas, Porter, William. Pricliard, Hiohard, Prichard, Mary, Pursei, Michael, Phayer, Ceorge, Phayer, Margaret, Phayer, Kliza, PhaVer.-Ceorglna, Pearson, Thomas, Pearson, Klizubeth, Piers, James, Piers, Alexander, Piers, Harry, Piers, George, Piers, Ann, Poster, James, Plynn, James, Power, Sylvester, Power, Mary, Power, Joseph, Pow?-r. Thomas, Pryor, James, Peterssen, Olorf, Peterssen, F.ltna, Peterssen, Klna, Peterssen, Hauua, (julnn, John, RulesHhamer, Abraham, Roberts, Henry, Howe, John, Ryan, Patrick, Ryan, Mary, Rvan, Nanc.v, Ryan, Hridget, Ryan, Michael, Kyan, John, Ryan, Stephen, Ryan, Klien, Ryan, I'at, Ryan, l.awrence, Ryan, Mollv, Ryan, John Ryan, Hiley, Patrick (saved?), Hose, Kdwln. Rose, Rebecca. Rennlc. Thomas, Rock, Savla, Rock, Mary, Hock, Kliza, Rasmussen, Hcnjamia, Rogger, Alvis, Rich, Daniel. Rlcn, Catharine,, Varina, liich, Jacob, Rich, Daniel, Rich, Mary, Rich, Henjamln, Reter, Joseph, Schiacht, Clans, Schultz, Meinla, Sch a Hz, Johann, Slvers, Johann. Slvers, So roth n, Slvers, Margaret, Si vers, Turger, Strasscr, T., Schevebenueek, Henry, Schevebeudeck, Sofia, Hchevebcndcck, fceruia Ian, Schevebendeck, Sofia, Schlcgel, John, Hchlegel, J., Schiegel, Marietta, Schlegel, Jacob, s irguy, Kdwln, Sin gu v, Hannah, Sharman, llenry, .Hturt, William, Smith, William, Sndth, Julia, Smith, Sullie, Smith, William. Stretch. I.ougtilan, Siiiiski, Albert, SilllSKI, Auguste, Schkneclit, Wiiiiam, hchkno'ht, Henrietta, ^chkliec.lit, WlllDl, Scliknechr, Karl, Schkneclit. wunelmlna, Hchknecht, Henrietta, Schlegel, Minletta, Schlegel, Catharine, Sc'ilegel, Anna, Schlegel, Michael, Schlegel, Anna, sc.ideg?l, Chrlstlar, Schlegel, Christian, Seliest, Samuel, Selferi, Kve, Sellert, Kva, Selfert. Matlilas, Spitz. Maria, Stau 1, Leonbardt, Stelnbruner, Frid, Stirneman, iliusin, Schmidt, Jobauiies, Schneider, Kdward, Skefran, Mary, Smith, lUrry, Slser, William, Shay, Mary, Shav, Kale, Shav. Michael, ' Hcrzotf, J. TT., Heywood, James, Heywood. Hannah, Holier, Thoinaa, lluin/ati. Kdwurd, Hosktn, John, Humphry. Margaret, in, William, Ho?m II, SUHall, Harrington, Julin, II mni'ti i??y, Moses, ? In ?, Thomas, Jon- -, Catharine, Join >, Jolin, Jonas, !?>;: rail, Jolle-I, Al I It'll', Jonr , Amelia, Join's, Krt WilT'l, Join: % .loll II. JhIiumoii, Sophia, .lollaus .-on. S. A., | .locale- on, Anurs, I JollllURM)!!, I'. M., Johansson, J. M., Johusfii n i*cr, .leu- loner, Anna, JtK'Olisull, Anders. J,h' knoii. James KiM"f, Alexander, Kerrigan, James, Kenhan, Kiicn. Kuvauairh, Savah, Kieriian. .1 "liaii, Kean, Leunis, K i Ann. Kauiuian, U ' If, Knits, Johiinn, Klusak. luwsa, Klusak Joiiaun, Kirchkoir. Louisa, Kirclikotl, Anna, Kin nkoiV, Maria. Kramer, Margaret, Kramer, Joseph, Kramer, Maria,, Joluinu, K lut n. Maria, Klutli, Anna, Kl'iili. Iredcrlen. KriiHC, Frederick, Kroner, Casper, Kroner, l.lisa, 1 .oven. Kate, Lloyd, llenry, I,auioiir, Prudence, Lovan, iHddy, Lynch, James, I.annon, Bridget, Llngvest, L. A., Larsson, Joliaua, Luuber, Christian, Leo, J nines, Lyons, John, Lee iter, Thomas, Leeper, I Izzie, Keeper, Kmily, Leeper, James, Lovghtnan, Bessie, Kaskin, Catharine, Leahv, Pat, MeKeown, Thenias, Mould, William, Milium, Bridget, McKeon, Mangle, Snlllvan, PHon, .swift, I'. P., Shea. John, Sullivan, Margaret, .Sullivan, Mary, s illivan. Timothy, si iilane. John,, Ellen, Thomas, William, Tic ha, Kdward, Trumbull, Thi mfis. Truniiiuil, Sarah, i a>iis, Thoni ts, 'I i lev, George, Trevorn, Thomaii, Te-ruar, Cotttn t, Tesiiiar, H a. 'I' sinar, Auffust, To: mar, Lr-'e, i'enmar, /.wcfth, T? sinar, l?rH:e, 'I e- mar, UlCi . 'l esmar, > ? n?r ing, Ti niik, Jaeoii, Todd, W iliiani, 'l ou t, J a >1 ?. i i mips m, i: nut, Tets-o, < ari. loun August, Hi rl>, A lull i u, I'liralClls: .it'. Jo llStOII, Tin itlensson ' , Tnnleu -son. I'., 'tonnes an luneiiardt, Tuutritun*. v? li iam, Tii' imp, Jul ii.", Tofom, I'm. 1 1 iiey, Marv, '1 laey, Jol Tracy, Ma,?-a t, Triu-v, . i ? , . , Tracv , \\ iiiiain, Tampim. j^ini s, I'xlev, If in , Watlfey, Anna. V\ hire. ili'ir jie, Wiene, Joli .i,. Wit'*#, lift 111.! II \\ lese, John, Wtese, \Viiha',ienat Wnle, Caroline, WesMV'.'hl liooert, W. lllKle.V, I e:io, Wiiison,' John, \\ illiam-i, William, \\ lihaiiiH, Klizubeth, V il Hum . David, w llliams, Kiiy.aheth. Williams, T. li., Williams, Kllzabeth, Wadley, Amos, Waile, William, Warder, Nicholas, Wa'dcr, Benjamin, Waynian, William, Waytnan, William, Way man, W. Wood, Robert, Wood, Caroline, Welsh, Margaret, Wilson, w. II., Zed roth, Kathnna, /iu hrison, Augusta, Steerage Passengers tared. Anderson, ?., Andersou, Christopher, Andersen, 10., Anderson, John, Anderson, M., Anderson, Mr., Anderson, (). H., Anderson, Otlo, Anderson, Peter, Baglau, Patrick, Parron, William, liartzeron, A., Bateman, James, Baskfull, James, Peering. Thomas, Bentrosmuson. Mr., Beren, UitstavS, llei mien, Hans, Bier, A., Bishop, Alfred, Itlanter, Win., Black, Tlios., Black, Geo. Booth, Thomas, Booth, William, Brainan, Allred, Brlnelsen, August, Biirkmun, John, ? turns, Benjamin, Burns, Michael, Cameron, Alex., (.'arisen, John. Carmody, Michael, Carroll, Joseph, Carroll, 1'., Carter, Robert, chanson, c. M. H., Chaplain, Thomas, Chrlsteaum, Mr., ClasBlicht, Clause, Coates, G., Collins, Michael, Colsen, Theodore, Connolly, Thomas, Connolly. I'atrick. Cornelius, C., Cornwall, E., Cosgrove, Patrick, Coughlin, William, Coyle, Martin, CrlHmcratt, Chris., Onlay, Thos., Cu tin ingham, Michael, Cunningham, Thomas, ciiiiniuKhain, William, Curling, Christian, Dalton, John, Dey, Henry, Deer, Johannes, Devlin, Arthur, Dlnotoe, John, Dolierty, Kdinund, Donnelly, John, Donnelly, Owen, Doran, James, Dondler, W? Doyle, Kdward, Do.vle, James, Doyle, John, Drlscoll, Cornelius, Drumbuskl, Frederick, Dunn, P., Kgan, Kdinund, Kllinirer, Knnle, Klly, John (J., Eitlske, A., Krickson, Marcus, EsiiicHen. K., Farrell, Thomas, Ftgiflns, Edward, Flantiagan, James, Kliun, Simon, Foley, James, Folk, Mr., Fruin, John, Fun if o, John, Oayner, Edmund, George, Richard, (iiovani, Alilarte, Glandtleld, William, Coodall, Henry. Gracefod, I'atrick, Greener, M.. (iroom, Charles, Gundersori, (ismond, (iustave, A., (Justave, Joiin, llanimell, Stephen, llanay, Michael, llandley, John, llauiioii, I'atrick, Hanson, A., Uanson, Harris, Hanson, <>. P., Hanson, P. M., Ilanterson, Peter, llartfcven, Pierre, llaveley, < Tiarles, Hawk, William, liny, William, dayman, William, llayman, W. H., Henry, James, llessel, John, Holland, John, How let t, Itobert, Hair, C., Huirhes, Hugh, Huxley. Andrew, Inifclson, s., Isaacson, C. A.. Jack-on, John IJ., Jacobs, Henry, Jarvi?, Thomas, Johnson, Charles, Johnson, J. II., Johnson J. M., Johnson X. K.f Johrausen, J. A., Jeties, Arthur, Jones, Henry, 'Jtrii's, John If., Jones Koliert K., Kalion. M., Kelly, Joseph, Kelly, Miciiael, K Ily, P., K?-lly, W illlam, No. 1, Keiiv, William, No. 2, Keskl, (!., ' Keves, Thomas, Kohn, Frederick W., Lal-ner John, Lawsen, K. B., Leadon, Hampton, U amer, John, Lee, Rudolph. Lepper, James, Leiper, William, Levert, Peter, Lopliain, William, I.o we, John, Lucas, James, Lucas, John, Lunsem, B. McAdam Peter, Number oi steerage McAllister, James, McCabe, Charles, McCarthy, Tcrrence? McCuppen, Thomas, McQrath, James, Met; rath, John, M< (irath, Patrick, McKay, Peter, Mcl.atchey, Joseph, Mc.Maun, John, McNainara, John, Makerham, John, Malone, William, Mander, John, Manning, Thomas, Medcalf, Thomas, Meilley, Henry, Merle, M., Mile.y, Albert, Meyer, James, Meyer, Victor, Mills, Kdward, Moffat, Thomas, Msore, Daniel, Moore, Patrick, Mormon, Peter, Morns, Charles, Mumr. John, Murphy, John, Murphy, Thomas, Neal, Jeremiah, Neilsou, Neal, Neilsou, lllaf, Neilson.O. M., Netlson, W., Nelson, O. J., Nesbitt, Richard, ? ?Connor, Patrick, O'Noll, Hugn, O'Sitllivan, Tim. J., owen. John, Parker, George, Parker, William, ? ParriBii, Alexander, Parsons. Henry, Parsons, Neli, Parflgnessen, oiaf, Patterson, John, Peck, Benjamin, Pe leraon, Chris. M., Penson, Martin, Peters, J. A., Peters, John, Peterson, E., Peterson, R. R., Potter, Frederick, Pratt, James, Pratt, Thomas, J'ritcher. R. E., Puzn, Kvan, ?junta, John, llaby, Frederick, Kerifon, Thomas, Heduey, Thomas, Reiiiy, Patrick, Kelllv, Peter, Reynolds, Richard, Richards, John, Kilt, Thomas, Reedly, Daniel,, Peter, Roiters, Peter, Roland, Winiiiin, Ronack, James, Russell, George, Ryan, James, Siattery. Patrick, Sampson, I'atrick, Scan Ian, Cornelius, Scbelby. Daniel, Schmidt, Jacob, Hclnippal, William, Schwartz, Andrew, Schwartz, John, Swartz, M., Schwartz, MichaeT, Seadon, Hampton, Shainmav, Henry IL, Shaw, William, Shianzer, John, Shamir. Mi' liael, Shu It, William, Sinclair, Thoiuas, Sluover, MltcbcK, Smidt, Jacob, Smith, tieorjje, Smith, John, Smith, Ralph, snntli, William, Svenson, 11., Svenson, Mr., Svenson, O., Svenson, K., Svenson, D., Stanellaod, John, Steveruian, John, Saalburson, Andrew, Sullivan, Cornelius, Sullivan, M., Sullivan, Michael (1), Sullivan, Michael (kJ, Sullivan, I'atk., Sulson, Nell, Huiisuns, U., Sussey, Peter, SuccliiTe, Patrick, Svlcnsk, Jonn, Swanki, John, Tapman, John P., Taylor, John, Taylor, Richard, Telletr, Joseph, Thomas, Robert, Thompson, K,, Thompson, L. P., Thorn, Charles, Tolsard, Daniel, Trevereaox, Tliomaa Tye, Edmund, Tyonarlser, William, L'nson, Peter, Ulstan, J., Valentine, William, Vollske, Alfred, Wade, Wihiam (1), Wade, William u), Wadley, Jonn, Wallam, William, Walsh, Daniel, W aisli, James, Watidson, Mr., Ward, B? Warden, James, Ware ham. Jonn, Weoser, Charles, Way don, Frederick, Williams, Francis, Williamson, John, Wilson, Thomas, Wood, Robert, Wood, William, Worthlngton, William, Wrcckeuburg, John, Wren, John, Zmck, Dubler. pawngers savcJ, 312. AR RIVAL OF PASSENGERS, Their Statement* to a Herald He porter? The Liverpool Agents Severely Coa* demnert. The saved passengers and crcw from the steam* ship Atlantic will arrive from Boston, via the Fall CONTINUED ON ELEVENTH F&QK

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