Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1873 Page 9
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FIN MIL AND COMERCIAL. Further Relaxation in the Money Market. The Last Bate on Call Equivalent to Abont 18 Per Cent. A "BAD" BANK STATEMENT. Below the Reserve About Three and a Quarter Millions. The Deficiency Made by Locking Up Legal Tenders. THE STOCK MARKET DULL AND FIRM. The Gold Clique Make a Further Demonstration. The Price Advanceft to 119 1-8 and Closes at 119. Wam. Strkbt, 1 Saturday, April 5?6 P. M. J On 'Change to-day cotton was quiet, but ",'c. per lb. firmer lor spot ami ,^c. a >ic. per lb. better for future. Flour coutiuue<l dull an<l weak. Whrat was dull aud nominal, while corn was quiet and easy. THE IMPORTS OP1 THE WEEK. The total imports of foreign merchandise at the port or New York for the past week were $7,576,073, made up of $2, 104, oho of dry goods and $6, 472, 013 ?f general merchandise. This amount iR a great ?eduction from the previous week, when the im ports footed up $13, ti 85, 000. It is fair to estimate that the present week's figures have fallen off one to two millions in cousequence of the non arrival of the cargo of the shipwrecked steamer Atlantic. TWE COTTON MOVEMENT. ' The receipts of cotton at all the ports during the past week were 40,637 bales, against 50,015 bales the previous week, making the total receipts since September l, 1872, 3,050,435 bales, against 2, 404, 22s bales last year, an Increase m the present crop of 695,207 bales. The exports from all the ports for the week were 49,070 bales, against 57,605 bales for the same period of 1872. The total exports for the expired portion of the cotton year are 1, 897,039 bales, atraiust 1,617,342 bales last year. The stock at all the ports is 518,125 bales, against 371,429 bales In 1872. THE FOREIGN MARKET. The London market has been lower for consols and United (states bonds, despite the non-advance ment of the Bank of England rate of discount, the minimum of which continues to be 4 per cent. The ten-forties were exceptionally strong and '? per cent, for reasons which do not appear. Erie ?hares were heavy and a trifle lower, in I'arls French rentes were easier at 55.97. MONEY EASIER. The money market was easier, and the rates 011 call ranged Irorn 3-16 as the highest extreme to 7 per cent coin as the lowest. The lractional rates, or "commissions," were paid for the two days to Monday, so that the market wan easier than at first sight it would appear to be from the terms for call loans. The decline to 7 per cent coin oc curred at about a quarter to three o'clock. The last quotation was 1-16 a 1-16 and interest. Foreign exchange was dull and nominal; rates were unaltered at 107)i for prime bankers' sixty day sterling and 108?; for sight bills. TOE BANK STATEMENT. The weekly statement of the associated banks is (he worst ever presented In their history, thanks to the success of the "locking-up" conspiracy, by which nearly lonr millions of greenbacks was withheld from the banks as a means to assist the "money clique" In forcing the extravagant rates which prevailed during the past week. The banks are now three and a quarter million dollars below the line of reserve, which, under the laws of Congress, they should hold againBt their present liabilities. Nor on this occa Hon can the fault be laid to the State banks, which are really better off than the nationals, the latter being behindhand over two millions. The ?tatement is made, It Is thought, on rising aver ages, so that the clique have probably done their worst. The totals 01 this week compare with rhose af last week as lollows:? March lit. April ft. Loans $274,;t48,';00 $273,634, ooo Specie 16, 170,100 lft, 604, 400 Circulation 27,636,700 27,716, oo Deposits 193,50M,700 187,087,000 Legal tenders 38, 720, MM) 34,940, S00 ? TUe changes being in detail as follows:? Decrease In loans $814,700 Decrease In specie 614.700 Increase in circulation ho, mo Decrease in deposits 6,821,700 Decrease in legal tenders 3,789,300 An analysis or these figures shows that the batiks bow hold $3,246,800 less than the reserve required by law, a further deficiency of $2,868,600 as com pared with the prcvions week. TDK CITY BA>K STOCKS. The following were the bids for the city bank B!iares:? New York, 1C3^; Merchants', 116; Me chanics', 138; Union, 138; America, 150; City, 260; Pheuix, 100; North River, no; Mechanics and Traders', 132; Gallatin National, 118; Merchants' Exchange, 90; Leather Manuiacturers', 176; Com merce, H4>i; Mercantile, 137; American Exchange, 110)*; Hanover, 106; Irving, 122; Metropolitan, 133; Market, 123; Nassau, 106; Mioe and Leather, 162; Continental, 80;* Coininen wealth, 86; New York County, 200; Importers and Traders', 175; Park, 146 MaunlucturerB ami Merchants', loo; Central National, 87; Ninth National, l0.i;Cold Exchange, 112; Bankers and Brokers' Association, SO. TilK RAILROAD BONM. The following were the bids for the railroad bonds >?w Yolk Cm t'l.lfF?. 93 Tol A Wab equip tidi... 84 h?w York ten b'l.ltR. 81 llmi A Nai>i< a utui.... M he* hik iui I'm.. 9o oivwm nt in, 1888 94 *?.?? V < i k ? t'ti I'f.fUli.'JO Ut West 2?i in, itfu syl, Yorkitn 7>. 76. . 10ii^ yuitiry A mi mi. no .1 fctte i?, ui, t xundeil. .a 2U Wl A riilc i xtrn lcd. . . 10.' l?rle 1st ni, endorsed... to (Juluia A Unc Mi ui... . 9H trie V'".-o m, ?Jtf. ;?? clue, K i Atac UBk tne7't,;um, tw k orris a, trie 7 V, 4th m. 'so y? '? J* .1 Cell lot m. it 1 .trie / ?, . lli in, Ms. .... w, N J ."tiiilliern irtin Law A- oefcbi nd?...?, . y& Puu, MV a Clue i?t m.lOS;, *,|.||,N \ A 1. litm,"77. 95 IT. Ik. I- V\ A C .'id in... W4 11 ud Ik 7'?,?d ri, * l. 'tb. lit . i ir\ a I'll 1 1- id in 98 liMiem I'MMin iu2 < .<?> * ri ni Harlem em and lift's... ?u ciev a f*ittMUi ni *?}? Ail, * run ill till* '.Hi | liu A All. ill t I Illl A lli A Mji> 3d lids lit 1 111. A All IMP! ll).i Mull *0 < l> < in '.19 t'lili a All incnuie 93 lhaii i-oA N I at, 7 pc 104 % ObioA Mitct-on ? I i'S1* ci*v a ioi new bii?... i a Ohio a vn?f< cun 9?C C. I A A old bilD 97 '4 Ulilo \ Mim *Aj iii, coll. ? 80 let, M011 A 'Jol Id*.. . !?*>>? Dub Afiioux I'ltvjainv 85 Itun A i.rle now lulu .. 9> riullitula Ut ui.ojii. yd l.nki liorediv bds. . . . 9JX Hi , ouu> a imn m Int.. 95 .Lake Shore roll c 98 Mil A ? I* IM ii,,k's,J'|>. 107 1 tiki Shore ?m r ;s X A St I' lm, ? .i-iii ffj ^ JH?r Kii 7'a, gi'il 97 >1 a st P i*i m, UC I), ss 4*? I'SClfiC K?ld 1 lis... M A Si I' l?t 111, I A II . n6 Western 1 aclflc bd?. ... l'4Ji M A Nt i* l*t ni. C A M n '4 LlliOII I acllir IM .Hi:, Juliet A ( Illl' lut III.... 1.14 1 I.. oil I 111 IttC I K TV. . . /4't ? ill, Chic A 111, I |?t . W, I nlon 1 acU)c inr K . 7:n, t'cL ? hir a Jmi no 7.? Jiiim in en J Ler ct,7&luu'lI '10I, t A W, 1; I) <jo A 11 A 1 1 r li wt mi, tin. -I ii i. A ?. W H yj Chic A N W int tHln . . w>u 101. 1' A \\ , Ruri'n dlv. s.-i Clitc A N W 1* till lulu. SSi? ,N \ A > Win ;>7 <;iik- A N W !?' in 1(0 A Erieirtm... :tM!? Iicl. l4t> 11 A WeatSil m. !7 Oil r'nlla A Mm i?t m. S'i lol A Wab int in, ex. . . . 95'? Bur. C K A Mr*. l?t,tf. ^9 T?il A Vah 2ilm '.'3 '., RKJR RAILWAY BARN1U08. TTte following is the latest return of estimated weekly earnings of the Krie Railway Company, sommencing November 1, 1H72:? 187*2. 1873. 9 Jhfju. 9 iMiyM. For week emllP" Mnrcft 31.... $Hw.H4? $4i:i.?00 Previously re)i?ned ?.6;i4,'.i/0 6,839,olA Total earnings siuce Nov. l..$A,09i,3M $7,'J6N,024 Increase lor week $'.'2,903 i lucit asi' ior Ove tnoutlis to ditte -07, 378 I OOLD STRONG ? 118 l4 A 119^. The gold market was strong on the decrease of ? in the bank statement, which, with ".he ' Heavier tunc of the Loitduu market, wan uboU by I the ol qvu to run the price ap to 119%, their ?'T'?rt8 being helped by the easier terms for the of money iu carrying frold. The course of the m artel is shown in the table 10 A. M 118* 1:MKM 115 10 :01 A. M 118% ]:3t?P.H 1J?X N :<>7 A. M 118% 8 P. _M... ?1? 10:64 A. M 118% 2 :14 P. M 119% 11 A. M Ilk* a:4? F. M 11?X 12 M lis* !l:o7P. M 119% 1 I', M 11*% 2 :f>9 P. M Ill' 1:06P. M US'j 3 I'. M 119 a 119% In the gold loan, market the rates ranged from 1-1(1 (to Monday) lor carrying to flat ror borrowing. The operations of the Gold Exchange ttauk were a* follows :? (?old cleared $131,W?,000 Gold balances 1,848,707 Currency balances 3,010,404 The Hub-Treasury puld out $84,00u on account of intercut and 1700 on account ol redeemed live twenties. THE SPFIME MOVEMENT. The exports of specie to-day were f620.v98, nearly all Hllver bars. The exports of specie for the weeK and since the beginning ol the year have been its follows:? Total (or the week $1,246,187 Previously reported 13,347,118 Total since January 1, 1873 $14,593,505 Same time 1^7-J 0,liM,ou8 Same time is7i 14,1178,470 Same time 1870 (,(78,810 Same tune lhtiy tt, 678, 906 Hume time 1868 17,117,326 QOVEBNMBNTB ST BONO. The government lint ?vas exceedingly strong, in response to the lurtlter advance iu gold, which en abled the execution of heavy orders for the foreign market. The sixty-sevens advanced to 118% and the long sixes of 1881 to 120 H. The following were the closing prices:? United States currency sixes, 113% 4-113% ; do., 1881, registered, 117 a 118; ?lo. do., coupon, 120% a 120s, ; do. live-twenties, registered, May and November, 112 \ u 113%; do. do., 1802, coupon, do., 116% a 117 : do. do., 1864, do. do., 117,'4 a 117k; do., 1865., do. do., 119 a llu1*; do. 1867, registered, January autl July, 116', a 117 ?? ; do. 1866, coupon, do., 117% a 117% 5 do. 1867, do. do., 118% a U8Jj{ do. I8ti8, do. do., 117% a 118; do. ten forties, registered, ill J* a ill \ ; do. do., coupon, 112% a 113; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114 a US; do. do., coupon, 114 a 115. STOCKS DULL AND FIR*. The stock market was strong, and prices ad vanced up to the appearance ol the bank state ment. which produced a temporary reaction. But, as the street was unwilling to believe the monetary situation to be as bad as it was represented in the bank statement, the market subsequently recov ered and closed tirui. Kock Island was exception ally weak, and went olf to 113 at the close. Panama declined to 108 % anil Harlem to 129%. Western Union was fuirlv active, and after an advance to 85 1 s and a relapse to 84%', recovered to 84%. In the Southern State bonds nothing was doing out side the Teunessees, which were llrmer, with sales at 80%. HIGHEST AND LOWEST THICKS. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Lowest. New York Central 101% 101 Lrie 04% 6:t% l.ake Shore i>2 91% Wabaab 71% 701, Northwestern (No transactions.) Noi l li western preferred (No transactions.) Kock Island 113% lis St. Paul i>y% 58% St. Paul preferred (No transactions.) Ohio and Mississippi 45% 11 ??' Union Pacific 34% 34 C., C. and (, 0 39', 38% Western I'nion Telegiuph 85'i 84'.,' Pacilic Mail 58 57 '4 In Philadelphia Reading was strong and ad vanced to lit). Pennsylvania was steady at 113. SALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Saturday, April 5? 10il5 A. M. $3000 U8 S-20.C, MB, n.. 117 $2000 US 5's, 10-40, r...e lli'i fiotm us 5-?>, r, 't.7 Ilft*i ooooo do be lll? 3ooo us 320, c, '67.. .us n?'4 lO A. M.? Before Call. 600 ?hg West Un Tel... c 700 do 8dd do 700 do e 200 <10 C 70(i 3i?0 300 COO 200 200 <1<> 100 Eric Hit 200 tin :<u) <io 100 Pac Mull .-.SCO 1I0U ilo do. do., do.. .too 100 100 100 300 700 do.... do do... ao..... 84 )i 84 w, 84 s 84 ,H 84 84 'J 84)2 84 '4 "it 63 \ 64 57' i 57 H 57* mz 100?h? 1.H4M8RR...C 92 600 do 9.' SO do VI 1 , M00 do C 91 !, 100 do 92 into do c yi?i 410 do 92 !? 800 do 91 % ftoi) do 92 K*l do I >3 9.2 :?*? 91% 200 Un Pac kk Mfi It*" do .s3 34)4 100 do 341a 101 no 34$. 2'0C A Kock I KK....C U3?Z ?C 88 do C ii'i do 57)2 SOON YC .t 11 K 101, '5 200 SIM 200 2110 2trfl 100 d<>. du do. 100 Mil A St 1' KK 200 do 400 Ob in A Mlta KK.. iu?i .... 113?, ...c 1I.U, 100 QO C ltuj, 400 do 101 )? 500 do C 101 I , 200 do ,... 101)4 300 do C lolJ, 100 do C 4S )j du C 101 Klml IFnard? IdsllO A. M. do do. du. . do. do. do. i> 9 'a 69 4ft .1)3 IS',' 1ft 4f><< 45 $3000 Ten 11 (fc, old 80% 3W*i do U3 11*111 Brookl) n li'it, w 1. D->>, 500 M11 h sou '-il 111... W)s lUOOTol A Wt?b let m. 1000 (It Went 2d 111... 2IHM P, Kt VV A C lit. 1U00 Pit,FtWA O 2d in. 4000C & 1(1, t Pa7' 101,'; 1UHIM A St P8X 1st. Ill 107 3000 Chic A N W lit 111 11)0 IOOOO, O* 1 C litm.. 21WI do 10000, P A Ash, new. 31XJO Ohio A M cou MM do ftOOOClev A Tol* fbds. 89** 1> H... 99 8li 93! . 11" 12 IB 102 200 id is 1'uc M SS Co... iioo do n'tl do 68 4oi> do 57 J, 100 do b.i m 2tW do. 2>?) Uo. . 16H0 do. . 100 do. . 4KJ do.. 100 do.. 100 do.. 200 ilo 10O Am Coal be lu U s Kxurei* 7 ill 5 N Y C A U K UK.. . 102 57 J J . . 58 .e 57J? ... ft??* 1.3 bili ... 67^ 200 10.00 l/vllk'AN eon.'W 9,'k 6uo louoo B, H A B 1st... 1.3 38jj ill shs Central Nat H'k 97 lUUljuickHOo be J'J'4 100 Quicksilver prcl.. . 5..'? 200 Mar Land k M'g... 14 II Del A II Canal. ..x |. 113 50 Con Coal of Md .lie 651tf do... 00. . do. . do., ilo. . do.. <10.. do. . 100 2tn do 100 do loo do aw do 2i??West l!n Tel 8110 500 1900 300 IU) W*i 800 7oi 41 si 400 1100 90U 300 2.110 I'H 0 I.VS) I 41 KJ do do. M? M 5o), ?'?>N So '4 #3 84 W 84', 84?. 500 100 21 S) 10.1 2011 500 8IIII :;oo 3u0 I0.1 -'I Hi Ilo.. 400 do., loo Erie Kl(. lou do . 200 do... 400 do.. do do. .bi.c 101 J, 101 ), ....'.3 101)2 lot-, I '1 " e 101 \ c 101 ? 101 , ? ? ? b3 loljj . . b3 102 i- loi ?? ....1)3 I0H, 101 X i'Jii .be.e ti.;', 1)4 C 64 "t;? do 84?i 100 do c si--, 40i I Harlem Kit 4o. do. do. 84J. 86 BiU 84 ? 85 8?T, H4_\ 84', 85 ... 61 b c 130 400 do 131 300 LS A M 9IJ< 8.SI do 9 500 do e 92 lis) do 91?< 100 Panama Kit loy 1 200 uo b c I09}J 100 ilo C 109 lis) ao li.J do 8SJ< 3(Sl U Pacific KK.b C.C ,4\ do. do. do. do. IIS) 200 li*l do c 3isi Mil Coal Co be 20o Mnni)o*a Min t>rel. 2IS1 1'hi: MSn Co 4ISI :;u) llSI its) l(?) 1 0 8H) 201) IIS) 121)0 600 21*1 2iM) 2lO 7i? 2>S) do. do.. do. . ilo do.. do. . do.. do. do.. do. do. . 85 81?-, 84 'J T: s_;h be 57 .... 57^* .... S 7 J, .... 67 ...C 57?i Ii7'j .... 57 4 . .c 67 ? .... ft/;l 100 do. 34; 210 do 1)3 34 13 C, C. ( A I KK C ' ft!, 500 C A it 1 KK be li t* 00 N J Ocn KK be 101 ., 20 do nil \ 20 do tol>. 100 M A St P KK. .'.9', 100 ilo IIS) do c 100 do e 300 do :00 do 3uo do till) 210 it, II ,. H lit) U, L A W lilt 100 do bc.o 10 I'itlh . r't W AC Ktd . li/0 Mor A Ksnex KK. . . 4: 0 Ohio A MNri Kit b r us) do c .. 57). IIS) do c .C 57 , 200 C, C A I C KK. S9X ?C 67), Wlir. P. AI. 97), 57 'i 67% 57* s 59', M?k ?& 99)2 y;i', ??' . 4 ft'J 45', 45 $.M)00 US 5-20, e, '67.. b c ll8)* JIOCOO US ? 2l).r, 1 .6)4 600U L;S 6-IU,c, 6.% lube 117', 14tU<l f>. M?Herwt ('all. 6ro shs Par M SH. 200 do. . do do do do io 1 r s f.x Co t*s) Vest I nlon Tel. r* blS I 221)1) 7i SI ill). do do.. do. do 8U0 200 300 4'HJ 21)0 ItSJ 1200 list ins) 51*) |fH) 15 200 do 301) Pnnama KK.... 100 N Y < A II u HK I2i0 do..... :i*io to 20.) i, SAM - Kit . 100 <hs I. S A MS Kit. ,e 9 1 3200 do 91', .'>? *4 2iKS) ilo 91 ', S7H i' O Krle UK <? 2ud .lo (.:c, 2' (I Harlem KK 1 ;dC WW Uo I J0 100 Boft. II A b RK. . i \ iuu c 1 1 Pac kk :m '4 do 34 do C '(4'a 200 do 34,'i iuu Mil A St P KK fty'4 ilo.. ft9 300 do ft8)i 67)? 76 84 84?i 84)2 7,1) !M ', 100 84)2 do do 84', 81', 84 ?, ?*;, .i0 i hip A Kock I KK. 1)4 do. 7.*) 200 ..OO US) no Sl'j WOC. C.C A I Kit.. 1 v, 100 r, \n a w itit I'll'. *M III. 300 Ohio A >1 Kit . do I I| H MS) 91 '4 2H0 do. 84 H 84& 61 be 1.;', 57 '4 lO'shs W'Krt I'n T?! . . . luA) do. be ww do 1 414) 00 lis) no to.'l iu) m pref. . 4tU l'a> ,M So U, 7iw do SSI do ZOO do 900 It* A M S KK.. Jbo 900 do WlNYCiHM .1)0 lill'i 200 do. Mf) do li 1 '2 1 01) do U3 uuw 7oO do 10 JM ?tV. Un I'ac KK ....he 3#?i joo Jo t)<w as US) ?1 A St V Kit., h C 59 Ml UO UO 1 134 lis3 . IIJ'4 e il l'* . .*9 . 70), . 7o'4 ? ** ? 44<| ? e 44,*| 8?i'iiiiiI lionr<l? I P. ?l. 84)^ I'Msljj. liiirlfin HR... i.!"-, 8 1. 1 'Si do b v e 1>J), 2 *1 do 140 .00 do 129% 200 do 12.'1* 2uU do 129), 14'SI Krif KK 1) C 03 J, 100 1'HIIUUIU KK. lW9'i lis) N J Ccn HR. be.e 10I)< 100 uo li'l.-, 6 C C.C A 1 lilt. 86 88'^ 89 57 S* 91 > VI', IfSloicvcA Pitts. " "a inn be- 2ft AS) do lOUChle A Alt ItK lOUAt A I'ac pi... 101 Mor A Kswx KK... 90', II do . 91 JU0C.CA1CKK be 38', *aoroo US 5 20, C, V 21.. II Un Ktc 1st in 2i i' .-lit Harlem liK. ton do 2(4t no 1300 West Un Tel. ?<?l do H?0 do I'll do 100 do IDt) V 8 Ex Co. .. ??Ol'uc vl SSOo... ?><?) (1(1 100 do ? ?WO do. 11*10 (Id ?W Un PRC KK BOO <lo L'IMI N Y C \ li UH. M o do 400 , (Id ?oo d.' Erie KB NO do 118V aw ?*)', ?i!* I'M, mS .-jig MS, I 8-t'1. 7?'i K 7s' I 07 1 . S71,' l>7'., .K'l 10 Hi 10 IV 1UI? ? to 3 P. 100 sh* 1,R*?3RR m?i do. -l'?) no. I. li do *. &m do loo Mil amp hk 100 do 100 Panama KK Ilk) do iiHi ao II, 0 ltd HUM B. II A Klllt 13M >lo Mil OA K 1 KK < 100 .lu MO do 1(10 do . Kill do 30 do 2iKIOhi(,AM Kit . IHiO, 0 A I O KK 2li0 do.. IU0 (10 M. !?1? 91*1 !i i'; ; in** % .il) !?| . 109 .4 IOS'Vj MJ I IV , s>j ?v. ii \ II vj II Si ll.'lj? II 'a 11.4 41', 3K, .t.W .li'S CLOSING PRICE 3-3 O'CLOOZ P. JL iSi ' W< stern Union. 8i% tym, ktwlvcr Panama Adams x ahi Mer Un <? Pacific Mu l N \ Central Erie Harlem Luke h nor*'. a m\ 88)i ,i 4(i 1UM a o."",, fll4# i?l 'j, 67'., a in 37 N a .7 V, llll?i I 11 1 V til 14V 129 a Utf.V id*. , 91 J Union Pacific . n J Central. Hock island . . . > t Paul Ht 1'anl prcl . . W n haul t t >liio A Mii.. . . . Ho ton, tl A K. S;? i itil 41\ ,( ? 7ft 70 1 J HAVANA EXCHANGE. Havana, April .1. 1S73. BxchanRi ? titi United State*, mxty day*, i;old, 37 a 38 per f rut premium ; do , short sight gold. 40 a 41 percent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. l.oN noN Money Mahout.? London, April S? 2 P. M ? Consols closed 4t lor money and 'J.'l lor the account* United States live-twenty bond*. Iddft't, uM, '.U'j : IH-S7'*, !?'? ; ten-ioriies, t-8'4 ; hew five*, 'JOS,. Erie ltallway shares, r.llt,. I'miih Uoi'khf.? Paris, April 5? A. M.? Rente* opened at 881. !'7c. I.ivi kpool Oorrnt Markkt .? I.ivkri'ooi, April ft- 2 1'. M.? The market closed iiuicL The sale* oi tin* day havo been 10,000 hale*, inelnl llitf J, 000 lor speculation and ex port. tti the sales fl.LKO ita leg were American. Sale* of cotton shipped irnm savannah or Charleston, deliver able this month, at it',,.1. ; and from New Orleans, Marcli and April, al '.H-d. Livkrpool BitKAPSTcrra Mahkkt.? Livkrpool, April 5? P. M ?The market ia quiet. Livrrpooi. Provision* Marrkt.? Livkrpool, April 5? 2 1'. M.? Beef, 78a. 6d. per tierce lor new ineaa. Cheese, 7'is. tier ewt. for I he beat (trade* ot American tine. Bacon, 40s. (in. per ewt tor short rib middles. I .on don Proouck Mark trr.? London, April ft.? Linseed oil, ?33 Be. per ton. BpirlU turpentine, ifc. a 4Aj. 6d. per ewt. Pi\A\n \U<!l'ST BKI.MDN V A CO., Hankers, 19 and 21 Nassau strot, issue Travellers' Credits, available I11 all parts ol tiio w orld. through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondent* Also Commercial Credit* and transfers of money on Calllornia, 1 urope ami Havana. J"\ endowment insurance policies, mortgu?es and oilier securities, insurances (,i all kinds effected with heat companies. .I.J. IIAHitlCH it CO., 110 Broadway. \ LARUE KSTATE PCND OF $250,000, Jt'KT PAID J\ In, to he loaned on New York tirst class lteal Estate Principals, with (nil description of property, ad dress Attorney, box :itn Post otiice. LL PARTIES DERIRIXO TEMPORARY LOANS (>N Life I'oliclea, Commercial Paper, Stocks, Bonds and other approved securities, apply at H2 Cedar st., room ?TRUST MONEV JUST PAID IN TO LOAN AND { . buy Mortffaees on t'itv Ileal Estjite, in sums to suit ;

1 lionus. Address TRUSTEE, box '.',iisl Post olllce, N. Y. LAHlJK SUM OF MONEY ON HANI) FOR FIRST I ?'\ and Second Mortgages; cltv property only : quick A] A transactions. FRKIDENItlCH A CO., 9Jii ami VUS Third avenue. A SKAT IN NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE FOR -i"\ sale. Address (J., box 8,820 Post office, New York. A LAK'lE AMOUNT OF MONEY READY TO LOAN J\ or buy Mortgage* on New York city Property ; $:iii,ikiii to loan on Llrooklyu. Address 1'KlSCiPAL, bo* Post office. A? I.APSLEY A BAZLEY, BROKERS IN STOCK ? and |{old privileges, 47 Kxchan-.'c plaeo.? All con tracts neu'o'iated are tlr-t claas and have our certifica tion attached. Explanatory circular, with practical illustration* and references, mailed free. pOLD IS ACTIVE: PUTS AND CALI.B AT QUARTER V J per cent;no risks beyond amount invested. HENRY 0. CltO>S, 22 Broad street. JX0WE8 A MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET NEW TOKK, OFFER TIlTT" SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTERE T ON DAI LV BALANCE8 AT THE RATE OF FOPB FEB CUNT. ASKINS A BR A IN E, 11 BROAD STREET, Stock and Gold Broker*. stock Privileges a specialty ; Put*, Cull* ami Double Privileges on nil ac tive stocks. Small capitalists will tlnd tlii- a -;it <? method oi speculating. Explanatory eirculars, with references, mulled on h i-plicatloii. Henry a cross, member of nrw york stock Exchange, Broker In stock and gold privileges. Ref erences, F. 1?. Wallace A Co.. tlreenleaf, Morris A Co. ; Scott, Strong A Co. ; Gibson. Casanova A Co. ; A. W. Shcp ard A Co. ; It. J. Capron A <'o. ; Harney, Raymond A Co., and nmnr others. H' Money imo per cent last week-, buy calls and limit vour risk and save these rates. HEMtY C. CROSS. 22 Broad street, uiembcr of the New York Stock Exchange. NOTICE.? ' THE UNDERSIGNED, HOLDING a FOB tiuti of the first mortgage bonds of tlie Southern Mln Iicsota Railroad Company, would like to join with any other persons holding the first 7 per cent bonds of thin road In foreclosing them. Please communicate with WILLIAM VOuRHIS, Nyack, Rockland county, N. Y. OFFICE OF THE SECOND AYENUB RAILROAD Company, New York, March 25, 1873.? A i|tiarterlv dividend oi per share on the stork of this company has been declared, payable at ihe office of the company, 34 New street, on the loth day ot April next. HARVEY H. WOODS, Becreta ry. Prompt loans on stocks, life policies, h'r. niture, Dlumiiiid*. Piano*, miscellaneous securities and general merchandise Commcrt ial paper cashed. Storage. JAMES CAil.SKY, Auctioneer, Itoal Estate and Loan Broker, Xll Hudson street "pL'TS" ON STOCKS FOR 30 AND 80 DAYS, I PER X cent, an 1 for todays l? to per cent; no risk be yond amount invented; these nrTvilcges may pay hand somely in present r < n < I i t ?<n of market. HENRY C. CROSS, 22 Broad street. Member New York Stock Exchange. QECOND MORTGAGE FOR SALE? ON FULTON AVE O ntie Property, Brooklyn. Address GENUINE, box 111) Herild office. The attention or capitalists is invited to an Elevated Railway u'?oii an entirely new princi ple, a model of which can be seen at VOSE, DINS. MORE A CO. '8, SI Warren -treet. 12 to :i o'clock. rno THE DEPOSITORS OF THE GUARDIAN SAV I. ings Institution.? A dividend of 20 per ' ent en all amount- remaining tinpa'd w II lie declared Monday, April 7, 1873. JEREMIAH ylJIN LA N? Receiver, ?V.i it 1 1 (I til Liberty street, room 29. TTNION DIME SAVINGS HANK, lj 8811 and iWrt Canal street. Open daily, from 10 to 3, and on Monday evening, from S to 7. Assets, ten millions nine hundred and eighty-seven thoii-aml dollars. Six per cant interest paid. Money de posited on or before April III will draw interest from April I. Bank books in English, French and dermal). .NAPOLEON J HAINES, President T. 8. Akmm-r, Secretary. O. 8. Ciiai'in, i reasurer, WANTED-TO BORROW $2,510 ON MORTGAGE OF VV tirst <in?s property In New Jersey for one or two | years. Address MANUFACTURER, Herald olllce. j tlTANTED? BY AN' FSTABLISIIED AND SUCCE88 > ?v ful manufacturing concern, on liberal terms, a I capital of $2ft,i>l0, as a loan, or as si eclal capital, -on red by a tirst mortgage on property worth thrice the amount ; ; or an active, energetic and able business man might ' obtain an active Interest. Address W. U. t,\, box 1)23 Post olllce. New York. \lrANTED-TO PUBCHASE FOR CASH, ELIZABETH *v City Bonds, Houston anil Texas Central Railroad Gold Bonds. CHARLES ROBERTS. <1 Thomas stn-et 7 TO 12 PER CENT. We make a specialty of County, City and School Dis i trlct Bonds, Guarantee legality of all bonds sold, collect the coupons without rhsrge, or take same as so much ? u?li on silcs. Send tor Price List "The Law of Municii al Bonds." I Just published by our senior, should be m the hands of ! all Interested in this clasn in securities Two vols., price I $10. W. N. CO LBR A CO., 17 Nassau street. | "I A TO 20 PER CI.NT INVESTMENTS. I" Choice City u ml Count v 1 First Mortgage Railroad Bond*. Insurance, Gaslight, Hank an I City Railroad Slocks and Bonds; also other first class 'Intestines!* f ir \ale, at the lowest market rales, In ALBERT II NICOLAV A CO., Stockbrokers and Auctioneers, 4.1 inc strc t, Ne w York. N. B ? Prime investment* :? specialty for 21 years. AkJ mm WANTED Foa A SHORT TIME HY owner oi brown stone house ; liberal bo nus; will give note ami mortgage on furniture worth fll.UOO DOTY. Attorney, :i Union square^ A | (inn TO LOAN ON CITY REAL ESTATE. ?PTTflll'U #10,000 for Brooklyn (Id or Ith warn). Second Mortgages on city property wanted. Approved applications promptly attended to. OKORGS B. WALTON, 21 Park row. Sr (ii, $ift.w. $ar.'xu to loan tl.UUU on improved city property : Mortgages ne gtlated. T1108. A A ROBT. E M MET, H line street. A I H (WW) -FOR SALE, FIRST MORTGAGE, 3',' clUiUWH, years to run, on property at Bayonne City, K. I.; worth over double; terms liberal; brokers no' noticed. Address box 424 Post olflce. New York. IUUI OR $ 1 5,000 TO to AN? ON BOND AND ?IP?." F"" morta e m to boy New York city Mort gages. ALBi.EI A. Cl'Rris, No. 6 I inc street. T? loan on bond and mort ?J> I ' Ft F.t M Ft F gage, in sums ot 4.'i,in*l and ui w irds, on Improved City Property ; als. IM.UU0 on hand lor good Second Mortgages. NlSh A ROSEN FIELD, 304 West Twenty-seventh street. <1 ",llli( in TO LOAN ON BOND AND MoiiT 'F"F.\/Utr gage, in Nrw York and Brooklyn; Second Mortgages cashed RICHARD V llARNr.IT, _ 111 Broadway, room ?, basement. I An /WUi To LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, WITH ?IP 1 c)' ?' M F out bonus; also $A,U00, $30, 0W, $100,000. * ? ? ? " - - ? .--j leasehold .1K, HUI ooous , lino ??',w ti buy* Mort^afes; also Money for second and Wwrt^ v J AIL 1' JUDi>, Libert Libirtv ?UetU FINAOCUl,, iOI R AAA ,r,> U)AK-OH CITY OR COUNTRY ?P -i 1 1 ?.W\ M I Property Heron 1 arm LcapphaM Mort (.ugrg JUlUn L'?>lii> A AK"?STH'INU. li l'iuv street COl'A 1 l\VKtt?UI??"i. mm FIRM or .) A s II JORDAN A CO 18 fHIH DAY i ili.-holvcu tiy mulutil ci iiMiit. Hither pur tut- r will .?Kil iii UnuiUatiVu. 1 ?' JORDAN WM L. MO.NTAOrE. <' W. DAVKNHOKT, Spec iuL COMPTROLLER'S RHCEIPT8, Comptroller (.men reports the following amount* jpalU yesterday into the city Treasury KKCKIVKR or titXKH. From tiixcs, Crotiin rentuiid ,nteru>>t $','.'1 ? COI.I.KCTOK Cir AMNKSXU I iim ct'iik iii.s lor Hired open .ukhiiiuI mil rove iui lit 29, 5<C HUHKA0 OF 4UKKAKH. Krom nrrrnrv ol taxes, uHMHMiiantH, Croton rent uutl interest . . A,011 HUHBAP or ?'ITV liKVKNl'K. Krom market rent* and leex, Iioiibc rent and in toreat ?,IK9 j Total MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Hurltdi Rari,ow ? Baiirktt. ? on Saturday, April 6, by tlie K< v. jaiiw:- Milieu, at lit* residence, Jonathan II*ku)w, lute of Roxhury, to Miss Anna Maria, all of ih city. Cury? urewster wu Elizabeth, on Monday, March 31, 187.'., at the residence ol the bride's parents, by Rev. James N. Fitzgerald, assisted hy Itev. J. I'.. Patterson, Martin 1.. Cory to Annie E. Briwstbr. ail oi Elizabeth. 1>i:nn? Cii.l.? On Tuesday, March 25, at the Jane street U. P. church, by the Rev. George I). Mat thews, John K. Dunn to Jennie T. Uili, both of this city. No cards. Rittkrband? Michakms.? On Wednesday, April 2, by Rev. J. .1. Lyons, J. Sous Uittliiuand lo Joanna, daughter ol Dr. M. Mlchaells. Stkwakt? Lawkknck.? On Wednesday evening, March M, U78, by tlx Rev. F. Hamblln, j<uin n. Si swart to Harriot* Lawrence, all of this city. Died. Andrews.? On Tuesday, April 1, on steamer San Antonio, from (lalvcston lor Now York, Louisa I'., wife of II. M. Andrews and daughter of the lute Sidney M. Livingston. Notice of funeral hereafter. Arrson. ? Cyrus Lodub. No. 20s p. and a. m.? The members are hereby summoned to attend a special communication at the Lodge rooms, M Union square, on Sunday, April fl, at eleven A. M., sharp, lor the purpose of paying the last tribute 01 respect to our late worshipful brother, George 1). Aresou. By order. DAVID DE ME/A, Muster. DANIRL Jkrman, Secretary. Burke.? At. Memphis, Tenn.. Ignatius Rurke. son ol John llurke, late of Dublin, Ireland. ills remains will bo lorwarded 10 Hudson City, N. J. Notice of funeral hereafter. Burnett.? in New York, on Friday, April 4, 1873, Wtli.iam Henry, eldest son of Henajah I. and Sarah M. Burnett, aged 30 years, l month and 20 days. ! Funeral services will take place at. the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. Stephen Mott, 161) Allen I street., on Sunday, April o, at one o'clock F. M. Relatives and triends are invited. j Burns.? On Thursday, April 3, is7:i, after a short j illness, Maiuiarkt Burns, daughter of John Hums l and the lute Hums, aged 10 years ami 7 months. j Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, April fl, at one ] ! o'clock, from the residence ol her father, 105 Cherry street. Cai.dwru.. ? In Brooklyn, on Friday, April 4, Sta rev Pitcher, only son oi James and Laura 11. Cald well, aged 4 years, 3 mouth ! and 14 days. Funeral at half-past twelve V. M. on Sunday, 6th inst., from :>4;i Clinton street. Red Hank <N. J.) papers please copy. Corcoran.? On Frldav, Anrll 4, Ki.i/.A Corcoran, the beloved wife ol Joseph Corcoran, in the 2Jst year of her aire. 'I he relatives and friends arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, irom her late residence, 334 ' Fast. Eleventh street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at ' half-past, two o'clock, iicr remains will be taken { to Calvary Cemetery. Crooks. ? On Friday, April 4, Henry L. Crooks, son of Oliver and Elizabeth Crooks, aged 6 years and 11 months. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to | attend the funeral, from the result nee 01 his parents, Newtown, Long Island, on Sunday, April 0. at three P. M. Duncan.? On Friday, April 4, after a long lyness. Katie, only daughter of 1 humus and Ann Duncan, aged :i years and 11 days. Relatives and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, iins day (Sun day), April fl, at two o'clock P.M., from the resi dence of her parents. 312 East Thirty -eighth street. Duoan.? On Saturday, April 6, Mrs. Mary Du gan, aged 55 vcars. The relatives and friends or the family arc Invited to attend the luneral, from her lute resilience, ;'0& East Thirty-second street, without further notice, on Monday, the 7th Instant, at two o'clock. Duryke.? On Friday, April 4, Catherine P. Duryee, wlte of William H. Dnryee and only daughter of Cornelius M. and Jane Eiberson, In the iH'h year of her nge. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, the flth Inst., at two o'clock, from her lute resi dence, *0 Hope street, llrooklyn, E. D. Mttine papers ) lease copy. Eastman.? In llrooklyn, on Thursday evening, April 3, Mrs. Eliza K., widow of Smith J. Eusrmuu, in the 5lst year ol her age. Funeral will take place on Sunday, April fl. at two o'clock, from the residence of Mi. Richard s. Roberts, 32# Clinton avenue. Fisher.? on Saturday morning, April 5, Everett Neilson, infant son of Frank C. and Ella V. Fisher. The funeral will take place Monday morning, at ten o'clock, from his parents' residence, Uasliingtou ! Heights. Oirvan.? At the residence of Mr. Alfred Flostroy, Morrisanla, on Saturday morning, April st Maoa i,a in Loi ihh, only child of Thomas ami Emma L. Glrvan, aired 4 months. Funeral services .Sunday, April 0, at three o'clock P. M. Gorman.? Suddenly, on Friday, April 4, Thomas Ooi'MAN, a native of Bailyshannon, county of Don egal, Ireland, in the 47tli 'year of Ills age. I. ate a member of the rope's brigade. Further intelligence In to morrow s Herald. Ureoory. ? On Saturday, April a, W' .Iambs. the beloved son of William and Uriscllda C. Gregory, in the jcur ol his ape. The relatives and triendH of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence oi ins parents, 806 West Twenty-seventh st r et, on Mouday, April 7, at, half-past one o'clock P. M. UiTiHttF..? On Haturdsiv, April 5, 1*73, of apoplexy, Sarah L. Guthrie, relict oi James 0. Guthrie, aged 4a years. Remain* will be taken to Now Orleans. Lord have iriercv on her soul. Hknnkssy.? In Hrooklyn, on Thursday, April 3, Hannah, the beloved wile of John F. Uennessy, aged 61 years. Funeral from her late residence, 31!) Hrldge street, tills (Sunday), at naif-past two P. M. IlK'KKY.? On Friday, April 4. John IIickkv, a na tive of the parish oi Nocklon<f, county Limerick, aged 3*1 years. The relatives and friends of the family and those oi his brother Patrick are iespectfnlly invited to intend his funeral, from luslatorestdence, fitfoWest Fllty-lourth street, on Sunday alt moon, at two o'clock. !Iirhoh.? On Saturday. April 5 at rIx o'clock A. M., Rachel, daughter of Henriette Iiirsch. Funeral service will take place to morrow iMon dav) morning, April 7, af ten o'clock, from her late residence, '2*4 Third aveime. Friends and rela tives are Invited to attend. The members of the I. ad lea' Hlkur Ohollni Socletv an- respectfully Invited to attend the funeral of Kachei, daughter of their worthy member, Mrs, Henriette llir^eh, from the residence of her parents, 284 lhlrd avenue, to morrow (Mondayj morning, April 7, ut ten o'clock. MRS. LKVISON, President. JlowK.? At North Salem, N. Y., oil Saturday morning, April fi, of pleuro-pneumonia, Lykia Pi'rdv, wife of William Howe, in the 66th year of her me. The luneral will take place on Monday, April 7, at the Kplseopal church, In North Salem, ut two o'clock P. M. Carria"es will be In waiting at I'urilv's station to meet the 8:30 A. M. train irom New \ork. Hi nt.? On Sa'urdav, April 6. TnoMA^ Hint, a-red 76 years, a native of the county of Wateriord, Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectiully invlten to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 502 Eleventh avenue, on Monday, April 7, at. two o'clock. Jiiskiii.-'on.- On Saturday morning, April 5, Joskphtnk, beloved wife oi c. N. Josepii?on. Funeral will take place to-morrow (Monday), at nine A. M.. from her late residence, 247 Kast Thirty third street. The members of the ronwrcRatlon Temple Adath jeshuruti are requested to attend the luneral of the late Mrs. C. N. Josephson, from her late resi dence, 247 Kast Thirty-third street, at nine o'clock to-morrow (Monday) inornlng. S. so.MMKRICH, President. -On Friday April 4, Cath a iunk, the ke loved wife of lto<ly Keily, a?red 40 years, a native of Halljrdaiy, Kings county, In land. The "irlends or the latnily are. invited to attend th? luneral, from her late residence, 320 Kast Thlrty-0 Hi street, this day (Sun lay), at half past one o'clock. Kktciiam.? On Friday, April 4, Mrs. Joanna Ketch am, aged 78 years. Kclatl/es and friends of the family are requested to attend the luneral, from the residence of her son-in-law, Charles .1. Heck. 440 Kast Heventy nlutli street, on Sunday, April ?, at one o'clock P. M. Lkikiett. ? Oo Friday, April 4, Ci ifforp S., In'unt son 01 (ieorge W. ami J l.eggett, aged 0 moutns and 29 days. Notice of luneral hereafter. Mackay.? I11 Hrooklyn, on Saturday, April Clarissa M? widow of Hay S. MackSy* u?icd 70 years, u months and 16 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 20 l.afayette avenue, ou Monday, 1 April 7, at four o'clock P. V Macomhkb.? fn this city, Saturday, Aprils, saiuh Macmmukk, wuiotv oi l.rtw.ini Macomber, In the 7tith year 01 her ago. Relatives and friends of the family arc invltM to attend the luin-ral, from hef lite p'-ddeiice. No. 'JH5 Filth avenue, New York, on Monday, April 7, ai one O'clock p. M. Mkadi. ( ii Saturday, April ft, in Westchester, WOBtCllOHtOr County, PATRICK H I VO Of Honagher, Kings county. Ireland, aged 30 yearn. 'i tie relatives anil ir end -> are respcctfull in v ited to attend tUe luucral, on l'ucsday, at two o'clock 1 . M. Mkna ? on Saturday, April ft, at three o'clock a. m., alter a short Illness, Kmma lURTBO&nifK j Ukna, yminvct daughter of Crisunio Mend, of Co!>a, in the icth yeat oi her age. The obsequies w ill take place from the Belmont i House, 133 and I3.j Fulton street, to Colvan (Vine- ' tcrv, at ten o'clock Hum (Miii<la\) morning, to I which the Mends oi the family are Invited, Miller.? < On Friday, April 4, Meitik, only child of George and Isabella Miller, and niece or (Worse and Sarah Linlonl, aged ;i years, a months and 20 duys. ? The relatives and friends or the family an- respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from t ho rem- ! dence of her parent!*, 207 Kast t hirty-second street, 011 Monday, at one oYlock. Mitlioan ?On Friday, April 4, 1S73, Roan Anna Fauan, wife of Michael Mullgan, a native ot the parish 01 crushlougn, county Cavau, Ireland, aged 83 years. Kelatlves and friends are respectfully Invited to attend t lie funeral, irom her lute residence, :U4 Stanton street, on Sunday, at hall-past two o'clock. Mri.yuiN.? At Newark. N. J., on Saturday, April 6, Jamks Mui.guiN, a native of the parish of Ilalin gaddy, county Limerick, In land. The funeral will take place on Monday, April 7, at hall-past ni 0 o'clock A. M., at St. l at rick's Cathe dral, Newark, where a solemn high mass of requiem will he celebrated at ten A. M. Myers. ? On Saturday, April ft, at twenty minutes 10 lour 1\ M., Wii.i.ik l.iioNxun, Infant son ot Henry V. and Julia II. Myers, aged 1 year, 10 months and 18 days. Notice of funeral In Monday's Herald. McClary On Wednesday, March 26, of bron clulls, Annk J., wife of Oeorge 0. McClary. ltemalns Interred in (ireenwood. Mchirmaok.? In Brooklyn, alter a lingering ill ness, Thomas McCormaok, aged 17 years, oldest sou ol the late Thomas McCormack. Funeral will take place on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of liis mother, 182 Twentieth street, Gowanus, south iirooKiyn. The friends ami acquaintance of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further notice. McLauoiilin.? At 91 Pearl street, Brooklyn, on Friday, April 4, Ann, wile of Phillip Mclaughlin, a native of Templeinore, county Donegal, Ireland, aged .'?? years. Funeral services on Monday mornlnir. at nine o'clock, at the Church of tho Assumption, corner Jay and York streets, Pbkinb. ? On Saturday. April 6, in Brooklyn, N. Y., alter a short illness, William T. Purine, in his 72d year. Kelatlves and friends o! the fnnnly are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, at his late resi dence, li Cheever place, on Tuesday, April P, at two o'clock P. M. Kedmond. ? Suddenly, at Jameshurg, N. J., on Friday morning, April 4, of pneumonia. .Iamks Kkd mond, for thirty yuars connected with Acker, Merrall A Condit. Funeral on Tuesday, April 8, at half-past ten o'clock A. M. Trains leave loot of Desbrosses and cortlandt streets at eight o'clock A. M. : returning, leave jamesburg at twelve M. and three P. m. Friends ot the family are respectfully invited to attend. Uouerh. ? CATtiAuiNB Rocikrs, wife of David Rogers, in the 68th year of her age. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral services, on suiidav, April n, at two P. M., In Church of the Strangers, on Ntllson place (Mercer street), between Eighth street and Waverlev place. Savauk.? On Saturday, April ft, Louisa C.. wife of William N. Savage, aged .'10 years. The relatives and friends ol the family are re spectfully Invited to attend her funeral, 011 Monday, at one o'clock, from St. Ambrose church, corner of Prince and Thompson streets. ScitAOHT.? On Wednesday evening, April 2, 1873, J. J, St'HACHT, in the 36th year of Ids age. The relatives and friends, and also the officers of the Third regiment cavalry and members of troop K ; members 01 Herrmann Lodge, No. 2H8, F. and A.M.; members of Paradise Lodge, No. :;40, I. O. of O. F. ; New Yorker Schuetzen Corps, Captain Rottmanu, and the Laudwedhr Social Club ar>' respectlully in vited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 169 Forsyth street, on Sunday, April 6, at half-past one o'clock I'. M. Smith.? At the residence of her parents, Island City, on Thursday, April 3, with Christian fortitude and in hope of a blissful immortality, M \ 11 y Lor iha, youngest, daughter of J. Andrew and < atlmi'ine Ann smith, aged 18 years, 1 month and <i days. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, trom the East Avenne Baptist church. Long Island City, on Sunday, April a, at one o'clock 1*. M. The Sabbath School of the church especially invited to attend. Her remains will be taken to Cypress lllll Cemetery lor interment. Tiikat.? At Washington Heights, on Saturday morning, April 6, 01 brain fever, bkulah Browning, daughter or K. It. and lOioda (i. Treat, aged 3 years. Funeral on Monday, April 7, at two P. M. VorheRo.? On Wednesday, April 2, at six o'clock P. M., Rev. O. VORBERO. The relatives and Iriends are Invited to nttend the Mineral services, which will take place at the Lutheran Church ol St. Matthew, corner ol Broome and Elizabeth streets, on Monday, April 7, at two o'clock P. M. Wktmoiik.? On Saturday, April ft. Lieutenant Oliver Wkthorr, Jr., United States Army. Notice of funeral herealter. White.? on Saturday, April ft, Howard White. sou of Michael and Mary White, aged 8 years and 10 months. The friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, to be held at one o'clock 1'. M. 011 Monday, April 7, from his lather's resi dence, 230 West Twenty-eighth street. Winstan i.ev. ? 11 kkiikiit Brooker, infant son of James and Rachel Wliistauley, aged i? months and 0 days. The funeral will take place from the residence of his parents, corner Tenth and Willow streets, Ho bokcti, N. J., this (Sunday) afternoon, at ono o'clock. CITY GOVERNMENT. |OKFK'IAI,.| Hounl ot Awslstunt Aldermen. BTATKO RKSSION. ' MOHMT, Morcli 31, 1.173. rresent? William Wade, Esq., President, iu the chair, I anil a <|iiorum ot members. HI SOLUTIONS LAID OVKR. That Centre street from Chambers to Broom* street, be pave I willi Belgian or trnp-hlock paveux tit. That the sidewalk on huth side* ot Fifty -fifth street, between Nlntli and Tenth avenue*, lie flagged. 'I hat a receiving basin anil culvert be built on the south west corner 01 Eleventh avenue and Kitty flfih ?.reet. That the sidewalk on north Hide ot Forty-fourth street, Iroui Ninth to lenth avenue, tie (lagged. That a sewer he built lu KlRy-flflli street, from Sixth to Seventh avenue. IdCmtRBB. That Fifty -eighth street, from Lexington to Fourth ave nue, ne ran u in he red. That the sidewalks on both sides ot Eighty sixth street, from Third to Fourth avenue, be flagged 3D feet wide, ami that I A feet be reserved t> . r courtyard purposes. That Herenty-flrst street, from Third avenue to the East Kiver, be paved with Belgian or trap-biock pave ment. a communication was received from the Commissioner of Public Work#, with revolution that he be authorized and directed to have Fourth avenue, from llSlh street to 124th street, regulated ami graded. RKPORT* I.AID OVER. That street lamps be lighted in Sixty-fourth street, from Filth avenue to Third avenue. That the lamp on the si lew, ilk between No*. 274 and 270 Water street he suspended from the building Wo. 274 Water street, and the lamppost bo remove I That street lamps be lighted in Sixty-filth street, from Kighth avenue to the Boulevard. That lamps be lighted In Heventy-ek'th street, *'rom the Boulevard to a distance frfl leet ot Eleventh avenue, also Croton water pipes lie laid . That street lamps lie lighted in Fourth avenue, between 124th and IJith streets. That a street lamp he lighted on the west side ot Broad wav. In tne middle of the block between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets. That street lamps be lighted In 132d street, from the Sixth to the Eighth avenue. That gas lamps be lighted in 113th street, from First to Second avenue. 1 hat a receiving basin and culvert lie built on the sou'hwekt corner of Thirtieth street and Third avenue. That a receiving ba-in and culvert be built 011 the I sou tlieast corner of Twenty-third street and Thirteenth avenue. 1 hat a receiving basin and culvert tie built on the north east curlier ol I weiuy- third street and Thirteenth ave nue. That a brick sewer be built In Eighty-third street. Eighth to Ninth avenue. genkiul ononis adopted. That Sixty-seventh street, from Madison avenue to Fifth avenue, be paved with granite or trap block pave ?lent. I bat the vacant lot* on south side or Fort v-seeond street, between Madison an I Fourth avenues, bo letieed iu. Karh by the following vote Affirmative? Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy. Keat ing, Wls*er, Healv, Tliiirnell, Thelss, .Codington, Straek, Krep?. Keenaii, the President, Assistant Aldermen Ke ho.', Brocks, Mimoiison, Curaisity, Linden, Summer* and Bevea? 19. That street lamps be lighted In Fifty 'ixth street, from Eighth avenue t>> the llarlem Itiver. That a newer be built In 104th street, from Second to Third avenue. That a sewer be built in Ninth avenue, from 123)1 street to U'Sih street That Eleventh street, from I'ntversity place to Sixth avenue, be paved with Kelglan or trap block pavement. That, a crosswalk be lal I across East Fourteenth street, opposite fl<i? That a street lamp be lighted In Exchange place, mid wav between Broadway and New street. 'I lint the sidewalk 011 the north side of Fourteenth Street, hetwet n First and Second avenues, be flagged. Thai Klrst avenue, trom Houston to Fourteenth street (except b< tween the rail tracks), be paved with Belgian or trap block pavement, at the several intersecting , stree-s. Ihat Eighteenth street, from Broadway to the East Biver lie paved with lieWlan or trap-block pavement. That the sidewalk on north side ol Forty-second street, I betwei n hourth and Lexington avenues. 1 e flagged. I I hat Sixty-sixth street, from Third avenue to the East Biver. lie rewu'ated and graded, the curb and gutter stones pet and the sidewalks nagged. That the sidewalk on both shies of Fifty sixth street, from Ninth to Tenth svenue, be rtaggi d. 1 hat the sidewalks on both sides of t iffy seventh street, between Ninth ard Kl?-vi nth avenues, be flagged. That on tne northwesti corner of Forty third street and Ninth av< sue curb ami gutta( stones be set and the sidewalks be llagged an I reflaggeu. That the sloewalk on the north side of Fortvmnth street, between Madison and Flitli avenues, lie flagged. 1 That Forty-third street, 1 rum First swuue to the East River. b> regulated an I t/ra.lcd, the curb and gutter stone , sc. Hii l the side wnlks fla.'ged. Th l M <m .ivciiuf from in >r ? li side of filth ?*>(! to Haiti .in r, l> regulated mil tf r?vil<'>l , the ' urb and SUtt< I* s'oiipx ;< , unri the sidewalk* llag'ed. That i ? ? i ',ii > o; . n :,tli :re? t, lu'twfpn Third an I l ilth av. nu. , < ? 1 1 ? ai ,1 ..... r <toil('? be SO ami tilt' sld' \< ?lks he ?' , . . < : nil r II.. c I rh?t H igh >e'h -t ? t, : r ui ,, Klt'li avenue, l>e i.uved with Belgian ?? trap-block pavement. Thai i iity >fci.nd otrei t, ir.M.i Kiaii to .s.itn avenue, be renumbered. That ' ixt.v-scvc nth sirci ir. m Third av ? ue t < the East Itivcr, he regulated ami um, the curb and gul tcritftDriitt'i ill I til.- .I'll w . li.i . That in 'dxty cm mil ir.-et from Third to I'lflb ave iiu curl) ami gull. r ston It - net and the sidewalk* Hanged. i h it nil both cidrs < > I Fortv-nlnth street, from VadU.n to i i ill avi iiur. curl' aid ttlcr stones In- s t and it.. sidewalk i be tlagce.l Ami rcilau"red. That I bo sidewalk "ii ii< r f -ide ol Weft Twenty four' li utr.' i t, b t ween N in : It ,uid lontli avenues, being No*. 425 toi'13. i ii?* tus v , t o flagged. lack In' ii.. toilowiii-,' rote Affirmative -Assistant Alderman Foley, Muriili.v, Clniicy, K. mill;', W.-er. 1 1 * .*? y , riiortieti, Ihelss, t'.d dliigton, strand. Krep-. K.-euan. the 1'rosnlcnt, Assist ant Aldermen Keltotf, Brueks, itnonson, Cumiaky, ileii, Hummers ;i II I B( veil? "JM. \<1 ioiiriie.l until Moud.'iv ii 'xt, the 7(h proximo, at two o'clock I' M Wfl.l.IAM II. MOLONEY, Cierk lluard of \ldrrmtn. STAtru hks.sio*. TiitTHsnAV, April 3, 1K73. Present? lion. H H fi. Vance, President, in Die ehttr, and a quorum o. members. Ill OI.UTIONS lU'riTRRKO. That 1 1 ester xtreCt, Irom How. ry to Centra street. I.e ' witii lieiuiuii or trapblock pavement. i tint Hi.- Comptroller rem w the lease of the i remise* now occupied by Ui.- ixih I ; isi r 1- ? * Civil Court i niii the mii walk on the north side ot Forty-fourth street, between Ninth anil lent ll avenues, be flagged. _. HKPOETH I. A I II o V Kit. ,, Th'it street lamp be lighted in Tenth avenue, from Sixth tli to Seventieth stre. t. That ku? lamps lie lighted in Sixty-seventh street, from Eighth avenue to tli - itoulevar I. 'I hat street lamps be lighted in Seventieth street, from lentil to I. love n tli avenue. riiat a receiving baslu anil culvert be bulltoBthc south east corner of MikIhoii an I ciark'on streets. That street lumps lie lighted in liHth itreet, from Eighth avenue to the linulc v ir.l. That Itreet lamps bo lighted in Rixtieth street, from Tenth tn Eleventh n venue. That Or.don mains lie laid In Sixtieth street, irom Tenth to Eleventh avenue. That hi. iek b< untied by Kilty-sixth and Flitv seventh streets, liro.idway ami Eighth avenues, lie tcnceil In. Thai street la.nps be lighted in ."sixty-sixth street, from the Koulevartl to tho Ten lb avcuuo. That receiving basins nut em verts ho built on the cor ners ot Eleventh avenue niid Fourteenth street. That Koulevartl lumi s ho lighted on the block of ground occupied by the Normal College, and in Hlxty-elghUi and sixty-ninth streets, irom Third to l.exiti'.rton and from Fourth to Filth avenue, and in Seventieth street, from Third to Fifth avenue. That street lamps be lighted In Fifty ninth street, be tween Fourth ami Madison avenues. That the vacant let* on Finv-nlnth street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, lie fenced in. That Seventy third street, Irom Third avenue to tho F'ast River, lie regulated ami ttrade.l, tho curb and gutter stones set and tit" sidewalks Uagitcd. That tho side walk on the nor li side of Sixty-second street, between Fourth antl Madison avenues, lie MiikkcI. That the sidewalk on the easi side ot Filth avenue, be tween Fifty-ninth and Sixtieth mreott, be flagged. That a sewer be built in Tompkins street, trom Broome street to Delancev street. That, on both sides ot highly- fifth street, from avenue A to First avenue, curb au.i culler stotius bo set and tho sidewalks be HuKirod ami relinked. 'I hat on both sides ot Christopher street, from Green wich to Washington street, curb and irulter stones bo set and reset and tho sidewalks be flagged and retlagged. That a sewer be built in Now aveuuc, from to Man hattan street. That a crosswalk be laht irom tho northeast corner of Seventh avenue and Fourteenth street to the southeast corner of the same. That a sewer be built in lUUth street, from Eighth avu-' line to the boulevard. That on the north side ot Fifty-ninth street, between Third and Lexington avenues, the sidewalks lie Magged ami retlagged. That iu l iglifv fifth street, Irom Second to Fourth a ve nue, the curb ami gutter stones be set, and the sidewalk* flagged. that a sewer be huilt In Ninth avenue, from Eighty Sixth street to 1 10th street. That the si.iewiiik on south side of Forty -ninth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, be flagged. That a sower lie built In Ninety-ninth street, from Eighth ti venue to the Boulevard. That a sower be in lUth street, from Eighth ave nue to Khersidu Park. , That Second avenue, trom Nineteenth to Forty-second street, lie paved with liclgian or trapldock pavement That BIglity-tilth str -et, from avenue A to Filth ave nue, lie paved with Ib-i^lau or granite block pavement i bat ? ixty-flttli street, trout First to Filth avenue, lie paved with granite block pavement. I hat Ninety-ninth street, trom Fighth avenue to Kleventh avenue, lie regulated and graded, the curb ami gutter s ones s. t and th. - sidewalks llagged. That Sixt.v-tirst street, trom HuU'e vard to Ninth ave nue. bt^ regulated and gra led, the i urb and gutter stones set mid the sidewalks flagged. That 1.'i2d street, between Kleventh avenue, Boule vard. and to the Hudson Kiver, he regulated and graded, the curb ami gutter stones and the sldi-wnlks Magged. That Seventy-fifth str et, between Second and Third avenues, bo regulated and graded, the curb aud guttua stones set am I the side u alks Hugged. That the Clerk of the Common Council of the city ot Neu York execute a lease Irom Alexaii ler U Whit claw ot (lie premises oil Hit! east side ot Fourth aveuuc, be twecn Twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth streets, known as Nos. and Ml Fourth avenue, tor u period of live years, trom the 1st .lav of May, M73. at the nunuui rent ot ?2,50t', lor the Sixth District Court ol sutd city. That the Clerk of the Common Council of the city ol New York execute a lease ot the premises corner ol Second avenue and First street, tor a period of ten veurs, from the l -t day of May, Is7:<, at the mtnuul rent ol $2,SiiO, for the u e of the Fourth District Court, l liat the Comptroller pay from the appropriation toi city contingencies the sunt of $l,i*iU lor u portrait ot ex Mayor C. Uodlruy (luuther. ADOl'TED. That the Comptroller pay to A.I). Selllek the sum o? $h,ihm, iu lull puyment ol the rent lor the pi-endues cornel Wavcrley p'ace and Macdougal street lor two years, end ing Muy 1, IS7?. and take from said >ellick a tulldiscnurge ol the city of and iroiu all liability upon liie aid lea>o lor rent. Adopted by the following vote Affirmative ? ' The President, Aldermen Billings. Cooper, Falconer, Kchr, Koch, Monlieluier, Morris ami Otu li dorter? #. Negative? Aldermen F'lanagan, Lvnaght, Mi t 'sfTerty, Keillv anil Van Schalck? 6. riPKits ruoni tii k noiKi) or assistant aliikkmkn kk rUMB. To build sewer in lMth street, Irora Second to Third avenue. To lay gas mains In Fifty-sixth street from Eighth ave nue tu Harlem Klver. To leu. e vacant lots on Forty-second street, between Ma lisoii and Fourth avenues. To pave sixty-seventh street, from Madison to Filth avenue with granite pavement. To regulate, Ac., Madison uvenue, from north side ol 124th street to Harlem River. To lay crosswalk across hast Fourteenth street, oppo site 614. To pave Eightieth street Irom Mndlson to Filth avenue. To pave Eleventh street, trom University place to Sixth avenue. To build sewer in Ninth avenue, Iroin I2.T1 to With street. To curb, gutter, Ac., both sides of Seventy -eighth street between flimland Kit til avenues. To Hag sidewalk on north sidu of West Twenty-fourth street, between Ninth and I'enth avenues, in tronlof No-. 1 U> to C16 inclusive. VKNKKAL OltnKRS AliOI'TI f> That the Commissioners of Public Works be !in<t aro hereby directed to notify the Eighth anil Sixth avenue Railroad companies, joint ly and severally, to remove the track on which their earn arr now run, on the; west sido of 'Coll, 'tic place, between Cliambcr;, and Warren streets, and remove flic track" at the expense of tlM city. If the railroad companies neglect or re i use todoso, and sue lor amount expended. That Kleventh street, between University place and Sixth avenue, !>e paved vv itlt llelgmn or trap block pave ment. That 1113d street, trom First to Fifth avenue, be regu lated and graded, the curb and gutter stone let and till' sidewalks flagged. That Nlnety-elghtlT street, from Flr?t to Filth avenue, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stone* and the *idcwalk? flagged. That Ninety ninth street. from First to Third avenue, he regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stone* kI ami the sidewalks flagged, That littil street, from First to Third avenue, be regu lated and graded, tliu curb and gutter stone* set itud toe sidewalks ilaggcd. That loith street, from First to Third avenue, be regu lated an I graded, the curb and gutter stone!) set jind tint sidewalks liaggeil. That Kiglity -eighth -street, from F.ighth avenue to llml S4iii Kiver, be regulated nml graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks flagged. That Eleventh avenue, from Sixtieth to Seventy-ninth street, be regulated ami graded, the curb and gutter stories set una the sidewalks flagged. That on the north side oi Fltiy-thlrd street, between Fifth ittnl Sixth avenues, the sldcwulks be Hugged and reflagged full wldfli. That the -ide walks on both sides of Fortieth street, from Tenth to Mevetith avenue, be Huggttd. That lft2d street, between St. Nicholas avenue and tho | Boulevard, be regulated an. I graded, the curb and gutter Stones set and the walks Magged. I hat the Commissioner of Pumic Works notify the New York and llarlein and New York and New Haven ltallroad companies to remove all the switches anil turn-outs irom the carriageway and sidewalks mi the Fourth auenue, between Twenty sixth and Twenty-seventh streets; and, In case of neglect or refusal, to remove tracks at expense of the city, and sua for amount thus expended. That the Comptroller draw his warrant In favor of Mar tin B. Hrown tor 9l,3tiA, the same being for printing. I liut on both sides Of Fifty-sixth street, between Hixtlll and Seventh avenues, curb and gu. tor stones be set audi the si, lewulk.s flagged j That a crosswalk be laid from tAe northeast corner o| Canal and Mulberry streets to the southeast corner o^ suid street*. That the sidewalks on tno south side of Thlrty-flflfl street, between Tenth and Twellth avenues, be flagged. That the Comptroller draw a warrant in tavcr of Martin B. Hrown lor $t..lii.'s>, lor printing lor UM Board ol Aldcrf be paved with Belgian or granite-block pavement. That West Broadway, trom Canal to Chamber. >treefJ be pa veil with HeUian or granite block pavement. That the sidewalks on both sides of Thirty fourth street between hleventh and Twelfth avenues, tie tla.u'ed. That Forty second sire, t, from Third to Madisoa avel nue, be paved with Belgian or traplilock pavement. I That 1* it ty seventh street. Irotn ??sixth to Kighth avennel be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement That on both sides ot Flitv seventh street, fron] Eleventh avenue to Hudson kiver, the soli w alks flagged. That the vacant lots on the west side of Fourth avenue and extending west AHI feet on Seventy-eighth and Hev entv-nlnth streets, be fenced in. Tluil on both sides of Furtvuinth street, from Madisoa to Fitlh avenue, the slilewalks be ilaggcd, I That on both sides 01 Sixtieth stroef, between First a nl ^?cond avenues, the sidewalks be flagged J I'hat Ihiiiiis be lighted in Seventy-first street, lietweel Second ana Third avenues. That street lamps be lighted in Forty-sixth street, twecn First and second avenues. That on both sides of Lexington avenue, between Slxtl first and Sixty sixth streets, curb and gutter stones P set ami the sidewalks be Hanged. _ That on both sides of >ixtv Hrst street, between Nlntl avenue and Boulevard, curb snd gutter stones t)i set anl the sidewalks be flagged and retlagged. Kach by the following vote Alllrinatlve? The President. Aldermen Billings, ,'ix pel Faleotier. Flanagan, Kehr. Koch, L> ?ut lit, ?n?'affertf Motilielmer, Morris, Ottt ndorter, Keilly and Vr Si II. ilck? 14. That the vacant lots on both shies nf Eighth avennl b*'tween Kitty-sixth and Hitv-seventh streets, and ej tending caste rly on Fifty sixth and Kilty-seventh stree* about 2u>i leet and westerly on the same street* about? feet, be fenced in. By the following vote :? Affirmative? The President, Aldermen BIDIngs, foopfl Falconer, Flanagan, l.vsaghf, McCafferty, M..nheioie Morris, Ottcndoricr, Keilly and Van Schalck? 1-. Negative? Aldermen Kenr and k.?h- ... Adjourned until Tliursdm n, xt. the 13th Inst , at fo| P. MT. J < JSK P 11 0. PINCHiNEY, t ier k.l

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