Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 7, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 7, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,378. NEW YORK, MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1873.-TR1PLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. M&ECTMY FOB AMERTISEB9. JLMU8BMBNTB? Eiena Pack? Fourth, Qflh and sixth columns ASTRO LOU V? Eighth 1'ack?'1 lilrJ column. BILLIARDS? Skcond PagB? Sixth column. BoARit^K" WANTED? Twki.ktm Paof? Fourth column. So Alt'* AND LODGING WANTED? Twelfth Pace? Fourth column. SHOOK I.Y.s liOARU? Twrirrti PAor? Fourth column. BROOKLYN REAL EsTATii FOB SALB-Skoond P?oi-Srcond column. BUSiN : OPPORTUNITIES? riB?T Pack -Sixth col umn. BUSINKSS NOTICES? Seventh Pack? Sixth column. CIGARS AMI TOBACCO? TwEurra PAcx-Third col 4 UU)D. CITY BKAL ESTATE FOB BALE-SbC01?d PACIB-Firrt auj s-conJ columns. . ELERK8 AND SALESMEN? Emttrttii Pack? Sixth col umn, aud Twxi.rra P?c?? First column. LOTH I. NU? I'WKLrru PAii?:?Tluru column. . COACH M UN AND GARDENERS- 1 wklith PACX-Flrst and second column*. . . COASTWISE 8TBAMSHIP8-Sxco*d PAGti-Sixth col umn. fcOPAKTNKBKllIPS? Fina Page? Fourth column. COUNTBY BOai.D? Twicirru Paob? Fourth column. T?ANC1S<I ACADEMIES? Eighth Paob? Sum column. DRNTISTRY? Eiohtb Pack? Third column. DRY GOODS ? First PA?K-Fifth nrd ?lxth column*. DWBLI.lNl- HOUSES TO LET, FURNISHED AND UN K I' RN IS HEM? Ninth Paw? 8econd column. EUROPEAN STE AMSUIPS? 8x00*0 Pack? Filth nl sixth columns. FINANCIAL ? Fifth PAGE-Fourth colnmn. fOR SALE? Second PAOa-Foarth and fifth columns. URNISHKD ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Ninth Page? Third .-olmnn, FURNITURE? i'wai.rrn Paok? Third column. FRENCH ADTEBTlSEMENTS ? Twaina Pack? Third column. BBLP WANTED ? l'BMALES ? Kt.tTKNra Pack? Fifth and >? sixth columns. * BELP WANTED? MALES? Th-blub Pace? Second col BOBBEs' CARRIAGES, AC.? Fibst Pack? Second, third and fourth columns. HOTELS ? Twelfth Pack? Fourth column. BOUSES, RoOMS, 40., WANTED? Twelfth Paob? Fourth column. .INSTRUCTION? Etonrn Pack? Fourth colnma. JERSEY CITY, HOBOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND BBB " OEN BBAL EhTATE FOB tvALN? Seconp Pagb Hfoond column. LEGAL NOTICES? Fibst Paob-MxHi column. C<OAN OFFICES? Ninth Pack? Sixth colninn. LOST AND FOUND? First PacB-First column. MACHINERY ? Skconu Pack? Fifth column. alARBLK MANTELS? Ninth Page- Third colrnnu. MEDICAL? Twelfth Pack? Third column. MILLINERY AND DBE88MAK1NQ? Fibst Pagb? Sixth column. MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTIHBMENTS-Tknth Pacb Sixtn column. . JfUSlCAIi? Eiohth Pagb? Fifth column. MEW PUBLICATIONS? Sbv?ntii Pack? Sixth column. PKRSONAL? First I'acb? First co'uma. ^PIANOFORTES, ORG \N8, AO ? Eighth Paof? Fourth . column. PROPOSALS? Twelfth Paob? Filth and hixtU columns. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS W ANTED? Ft MALES? , Kii.vx.iTn Pack? Fifth coluain. ITBOPKRTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO BENT? Second Pack? second, third and fourth columns. JREAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pack? Fourth BE A L? ESTATE WANTBD? Secojid Paob? Fourth col umn. ItBW-AfsuS? First Paok? First column. BALES AT AUCTION? Ninth I'ACR-Konrth, fllth and ? sixth columns. Situations w a ntkd? females? KLKv*Nm Pack? Flr*t, second, third, fourth and fllth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED ? M ALES? Ei.ETf.Kra Paok? Sixth _ oolumn. SPECIAL NOllCES? First PACK-?nrst and sooowl col umn*. SPORT 1NU?DOG5, BIRDS, AC.? First Paob? Second 8 column. IJMMISB KES0BT8? Twi-i nrn Paob? Fourth column. UU TRADES? Twelith Pace? Sccond and third col nmus. THE Tl" IIF? Fibst Paok ? Second column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Nrartt Paok? . First and socond columns. TRAVELLERS' OU1 DE ? Skcond Paok? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS To LET Nintii Pack? Third column. WANTED TO Pl/RCH A8B? IVkLriH Pace? Third col aatn. WATCH RS, JEWELRY, AC.-Nintb PAdR-Sixth col WKSTCHESTBR COCNTY PROPERTY FOB SALE OR T<? LET- Sicco.ip Pagk? Second column. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS, AC.? Eight* Paub? Fourth column. HI' MALI) HIIAM H OFFIt'K-I'miWN, .^dVeBTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD VECE1VED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,363 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN TH"lRTY FIRST AND THIRTY. (IEOOND STREETS. ~~ t ADVERTISEMENTS ARK RECEIVED l'ROM 8 A. M. tlLL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 0 P. k.>, AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARK AGEKCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. .lLTESS ltd. EKEMUIt A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL BRS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING TllLm. ' ' ~ - -- . LAUJ A i'KHWHSAI.. UINT.-ORALINE I ORALINE! ! OF COURSE I AM fa vorite. TKINS? HOW 13 THE DOG MARKET? fCOTCfl TBBMBB. ANN1K P.? YOl'R FIIIKND ".ITM" WOULD LIKE TO hear irotn you. Address JIM 8X1111, box 142 Hor alii Uptown Itruneb office. tT3ARXC.M'H CIRCUS, TUESDAY EVEN1NG.-WILL X) boon Broadway, near Fourteenth street, Sunday, Monday Of 1 Utad*y,at 11 A. M. or? P. M. TWniQOT'S," FRIDAY NJGHT, 11 P. KEU'TIF! I, D blonde, end of saloon notice reciprocal, nnvM Officer next table; condosccnd io communicate ; mention ?nu circumstance. Addre-?j CAl'TAiN F. 11., Horn Id Uptown Iirancli office. TfRIDAY EVENING. WAIJ, STREET STAGE. FROM J; terry to Twenty-third street, below Pitlh avenue Two ladles: one in Nile k'ri'en I k, black cloves, wvul.i comer a firoat lavor on uenttciuan who \\ as her vU m-vIs, *nd who j ulled the i-trap us she wan allKhtliijC, b.y send* ln? an address to* J. M. ltfc.ltl.AM>. Herald Uptown Branch office. ,TF TIIE WIDOW OR CUILDRKN OF THE LATE J. Linus W. Steveus will send their add reus to W1L 1,1AM MCDONNELL. Post office box 1,714, tliey will hear Of fome'hiii^ to their advantage. M* V SON LftFT HOME ON WEDNESDAY, 2D IN8T., under mental delusion; he is 33 years of age, S feet V inches In height, drcssml in dark clout*. Any c.n-> whr. will give notice of Jiis whereabout* or return iiIiii to his' afflicted patent* shall be miiIuM.v r< warned. M. K. Dr. LA NO, No. 4 Flushing av., Brooklyn. N. Y. rA N EB,? INFOHSI ATI <?X WAS I f! I Nniter^ (Switzer). Address Mr HEK'-r. DAtOEN, WHO LIVED ON LONG ISLAND lHt*gaimcf, can ut Whlteltalt street. Sans esi-erance? your flattering note is received. Mease rcconsider and appoint confiden tial interview, which will he honorably rcep' o :cd. Ad dress!'. 1>. L ..Jlc.rulil office. ftiriLKE.s -NINETEEMH STREET AND roDMB TT avciiuo, Monday, at two o'clock F. M. Do not teii. o. LOST VPID FOt'ND-AT H A K.N IMS SHOW, A OOI.I) WATCH and Chain. The owne- can have the ssme by ap plying ip JVME3 Mi LAI'UHLIN, at the Rm';, sixty-third ?tret i and Ihird aveimc. $5 RKWAC RVWABD.- I.OST, SETTER BITCH, C"LOR black aud tan. from W Carmine frcet. KEW \rd.-lo8t; april $, a*j struma* 3P*J Gold Shawl Pin, with coral setting. The ab(,\n re ward will be paid l->r the reiurn of the same to a* West Twenty-third street. SPK( i \ I. 1VOT1CKB. 7 A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? coraur or Fulton avenue ninl Hoerum street. Open trojn * A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday trom .t to ? r. M. A HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND Iniitrmalion lurtiitdied. Circulars tree. JOSEPH ATEs A <:o.. 71 Broadway, room SI, first floor. A -PtfiLIC LliRARY OF KENTUCKY l$l 10,000 FOR J\ . HO; dl.-ti il.m i>-u of gilt* will take place April ft; Whole lickets. 410; Lis Ives. $.V Quarters. $2.*V Joseph BATES, IIP Broadway, room 4. . A DARIN* (PRICKS BBdT'CR1>), ftOLB AOKNT Of Lrli R ival Havana Lottery, HI Broadway; box 4, WW Post oflct, New York. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. A? FltRNirUBH FAMILIES MOYBD IN C1TYOR ? coUH<ry ; Furniiure. Pianofortes, Ac., boxed and ?hipneil : storage tor furniture, Ac. O. A F. 0URNH A M, lift west I lib st , near &th av. E RIE RAILWAY, Notice lo l'a*sengers. The Erie Railway Passenger Depot at .Ter^y City, re cently i|ii?i I-.. yeil by fire, ba< bun replaced oy n new ?truetiti e, with Ticket Office, WaitiiiK Kooma anil all eon venien e tor the transaction of pas?enger busiiieas. Ferrr RimI* will run reculti'lv Iroin C:iamber? street and Tw eiitv third streel depots lo Jcrsct Citv at the ad vertised hours. J NO. S". ABBOTT, U. D. V, i'a*TT, General 1'aase.ver Agent. supcriatendent Transportatiou. GBE A f ti ALK of Diamonds, Watches . , and tine Jewelry. as i am about retiring from the lowMty business I ?TTcr my lar?? stork of G<ms1s, for tile next lAdavs, to f tio iv,iv'.ln<Lir.01'* *enerally belnw cost. .IohN CHAM. BE KLIN, 7L1 liroadway, under New York Hotel. OLD ANli NtLVKk AX'I ARTD LI 8 CONTAINING poin I otluht at. market prices: Poll-thin#, Filter una ? b"rn,,l sn l sinel'ed by it" flue1' fL ?CUAWL'U 2S,i?lm MreeV" gPUCIAIi NOTICKS. (llATUi A.<D BROKEN STONE OK EVERY DS X scrlplion, HUltablo for road* und coaorole work, cheap lor ca?h. AJdress CONTRACTOR, box HI Herald offlcu. _____ _ HANKINSON'S HT/AM CARPET cleaning Work*. IS Eas'. Twrnty-sevemh *trcot, between Ftlth and Madison avenues, New York.? No oounectioii v halever with any other house. Tho original 1IANKIN SON. and the onl> one of thai name established In this liiuiiuea* in l-ol. ' Havana l"TTFBY.-ext?aordinary dhawixo 22d April. German Slate Lotteries. Circular* mailed tree. K CULM A %N A CO., Rankers, t) A street; box 3,5# Post otllce. IN THE MATTER OK THE ESTATE *OK BOWLES Bros. A Co., In bankruptcy.? 'I ho lint of creditor* filed in raid case tit In,- Incomplete, all creditor* who hate not been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the assignee iu Boston, and stale their address and the nature and amount ol their claims in order tliut tho ?ullauiomit ol indebtedness may be as certained as early a* possible. HEM! Y J. STEVENS, Auifftee, 19 Court street, Boston. Hew York creditors can loam Ihc nece.tsarv (lieu bv applying to SANPORI). ROBINSON A WOODRL'KP, Counsellors -at Law. 1(K! Broadway, New York. Kentucky state lotteries.-*!, 000.000 is drawn daily; 12W per cent commission allowed. For information apply to 5. NATHAN, No, 4 (ill soy Building, Corlluudt strcot; branch office, 612 Broadway. NOTICE OP ELECTION. ? OFPICE OK THE NEW York Catholic Protectory, 29 Fi ade street? An elec tlou to tl! two vacancies in iho Board of Managers of the New fork Catholic i'rotcctory will bo held at this office on Thursday, May 1, 1873, MjfjtO P. M. OFFICE OF 'fnR BOARD .OK PHARMACY OF THE City and County ot New York, University Building, room 2d, University place, corner Wave rley place. N illco to Pharmacists. The Board of Pharmacy will be In session for examin ation and reglstrattonon the 7th, 8th and 9ih of April, l>e tween the hours ot 2 and 5 P. M., a* also on the first Mon days, Inesdav* aiid Wednesday* of June, Ausust, October nnd December. The Secretary will be in the office for registration on the first ami third Mondays of each month, between 3 an.l 4 o'clock P. M. Board of Pharmacy. William Ncergaard. M. D., President: Paul Baluff, Wil liam MtinliUii Smith, M. O. ; Theobald Prohwem, KrancU 11. WeUmann, M. D., Secretary. OFFICIAL LRAWINGfc KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES, bkntvckt- mn ri asm mo, 261? afkii. 6, 1873. I, 21, 37. 2S, 4S*. dti, 32. 55, 38, 29. S, 64. REMtrit ? class xo. 262? inn ft, 1K73. 12, 4, 63, fiH, 2S, 57, l'.> 60. 23, 34, 20, 15, 61, 48. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, fey. mur.r ( OLLUCie? >.XTH\ CLASS *0. lttl ? AfHII. 5, 1873. 64, 57. 31. MI, 46, M. .V, 61. 4C, 35, 63. 7L (BB11T 10LIXG?? CI All NO. 162? ArRlt. S, 1&73. 40, 22; 17, 78 6, 14. 41. 58, 18, 51, 5fl, 44, 65. S-MITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. : _ ? J. CLUTE, Broker, 't?Broadway. Post office box 4,96lt. ' Royal saxon government lottery at i.eip. sic, Germany ; 95,000 tickets; 47,500 prizes; Brunswick Government Lottery; Hamburg City Government Lot tery ; Royal Havana Lottery. Prizes cubhnd and inionna tion given. T1IEODOR Z8CHOCU, 1 10 Nassau street ; box 6, OHO Post office. Royal Havana loitery.-prizes cashed ,or ders filled; fnfotniatlou furnished; highest rates I aid lor Ppciiidi tank LiUs. Ac. 1AYLCR A ( O., tanker*. It Wall street, New York. Royal Havana lottery?the next extraor dluary Drawing will tnke place on the 22d of April, 1873. ,1. B. MARTINEZ A CO.. Bankers, 10 Wull street. Post office box 4.6fr5, New York. S jXAMMERlNO ? N KW YORK RAMMRMM 1N8TL 5 tuto, established 1870; Professors Mann and Colvln, Managers. 107 West Twenty-, bird street. Applicant* al lowed three days' Instruction to satisiy themselves; no pay for board or acrvlces until cured. Send for pros pectus. STAMMERING.? DR. WHITE'S UNITED STATES ST AM Ij mering Institute, 102 East Twenty-sixth street.? Beat references; to convince patient* will give one week's trinl ; no pay fbr board or treatment until cured; send tor circular or call and investigate. T~ O THE CONSUMERS t?F OAS 8UPPLIKD BY THK~ NEW YORK GASLIGHT COMPANY. Inconsequence ol' the atrikc of the gasmen a tempo rary short supply of gas is anprolieudcd. The necessary measures ar^bemg taken to inrolsh a lull supply at the earliest moment practicable, and the company hope ior the Indulgence of the public in the efTort to avoid giving the mauacoiuent of their works into the hands of the workmen. _# C. L. EYKBITT, President^ The fiftu and last drawino of the 8Sd Royal SaxoM Lottery will commence April IS and close May 3. There will be drawn 36,500 prizes out of ?,t00 tickets, to vrU:? 1 Prize of 150,000 Pru3>lan thalers, l Prize ?f lO-VHK) Prussian thalers, 1 IMze ol wt.fno Pmssian thalers, 1 Prize Offtti.nno Phisslan thftlors. 1 Pri*c of40,(>C0 mtsslaii thaler.-?, 1 Prize ot atMTO Prussian thalers, 1 Prize of 2lUH*i Prussian tlialerv, 3 J*rizcs of lO.lKX) Prussian thaler*, 2u Frizes of A.COOnruMtlan tlialeH, 40 Pruo* of 2,oou Prussian thaler*. 430 Prizes of 1,000 Prussian thnlers, and others. Prize i cached and luTofmatioii Bivcu. ^tODOR Poft office box 6,089. HEODOR RSCHOCn, 116 Nasoau.sUeet t yr\( ? BROADWAY, 256. -WE OFFER FOR SALE ?t)\J the finest selection or new and oxotie Plants, just recelqed Iron; Europe by the last steatror, t/> which we respectfully call tho at entloo of ladles nnd ge?ill<-tnen of New York. N. B.? Gardens Ink! out In erer> stvle with out charge to the parlies purchasing plants iroin us. .1. BOOH BY! K A CO. dt 'xnn AAA CASH GIFTS.? KENTUCKY L1BBABY JluUU.UllW (lilt Concs??. nrflwiu? I>iuit?r*l^ Anril Ft Wholo U. CZvi: XLul* T:rket*. 1 5; Quarter Tlck.'ts, >2 a.', rtl* m Ki't < nnd descriptive circular* apply to 1*. c. TV v LIN, Stntlorer. ill Nb'suu street (opposite Post office), New York. KQO 18 I>RAWN DAILY is thi: LSOAL tfO'J.'fOt' lzeil Kentucky Lottery; Royal Havana and Kentucky circular'; iree. 12f,c. commission al lowed. Addross HALEY A CO. (office t siatilished thirty years), 171 Broadway, BPORTHi ?-DO?l, ?0 . A ?FOR SALE. ALL KiNDfJ or FANCY DO'iS. ? Birds, Ac.; Alodioitrcs f^r nil dUeases, Prepared Food torinockick birds, at B. (?. DOYEY'S. No. 3 Greene street, near Canal. 1TftAiiCTS~BCfLEB, NO. 3 Pl?CK SLIP, HAS AI.I, 1 Iho choice brocds of Dogs for sale and stock. Ill T LKR's Infalliiilo Mantje Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75c ; BUTLER'S new work. $2. Dogs boarded und train oil. Medicines for all disease*. TUB Tl nr. Hall's half mile driving park, on coney Js'aod r<?*d, for sale, on easy terun. Inquire ofR.W. AD AMS A CO., 116 Wall street. National association for tiii: pAohotioN of the Interests ot tho American Tutting Turf. Hec rtlary's office. Providence, K. 1., April 2, WX A special meet in l of the Board of Appeals will be held at the Everett House, Now York city, oh Friday, April 11, 1MP, at 9 o'clock A. M. By order ot the President. D. F, LyiiGSXREET- ?f'retarv. N. B.? Parlic* hsvUlff #Jiy l;iisl??e?s or communication on which the actl"*i of the Board If desired at t hi* moet InBwiU Pl??-r; address the undfr.-iirned Immediately at IrTfldenec. D. F. LONGwTBEET, Secretary. P* ROSPECT PARK FAIR GROUlfD ASSOCIATION.? Told, the Pool Selling for the year 1873; nl*o, to let, the Restaurant under the Grand Stand tor the year 1*73, Scaled proposals tr.r each wi arotely n ill l e rccvlved un til Aprils, at I'nc Office of t tic Association. Pulton corner cl'Bocrum si reel, BrooMyn. The Association reserve the right to re eel any or all proposals. R^ order of the Ex ccutD c Committee. Tif!6 W CAkl iEY, Superinf-ndent. HORKSSS CAREIAOBf, At . Allen* b. miner, auctioneer. SALESROOMS sr. CHAMBERS STREET. HORSE ACCTION MART AT NEW YORK MALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOCRTH AVENIE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTS STREBT. CARRIAGES AND UOKSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE HA I.E. RICHARD McCUl L'iroil, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac , Thursday of each week. Enjrtd of article* lor ? uoi loti i-ati bo made ai repository a* above, or salesrooms ol auctioneers. "T" TOP PONY PIIAETON~ ??)7^eS~DO.. |ia7~TOP 1 L Wagon. $'1'; Glfr, Farm Wagon and Cart, 5 lt<>ekaw ay*. IB top and open Wupon*. 10 top and op.-n Pony Phaeton* :t depot wagons, ft business Wagons, | single and double Harness, Whips, if. At 1 ,?30 Broad ? ; way, near Forty-first street. T OUR KACfORY, "T,?W BROADWAY, ABOVE Tlilrly-nlnth street, arc the following ?eco?d-haad ; hfx VeiuT'imcton, Conpe, Barouche, Bronsham, Pony Pline on, Conpelette, Victoria, cUvar. ?? ? *op , BK.YDUil*. PRA% ? Ma proad*ay. A LOI OF HORSES KiTeHH FROM THE COl 7TK7 | . eold or exchanged for Horses of less value '. suitable , tor (Ml tlw' of liiwincK. Inquire ot Ml Ca.vaUlrret. A -IfOn HAt.E?^I'EED? ONK QRA\ COLT, 4 YEARS I ? old, Mj4 hand* limb; can bent 2:10, double or sin- I Bit: aired by General Rnox.dam a s'nr if. are ; price , will exchartjp; tor Diamonds or Watches; also one Dusen- ! burv Sulky. good a* new ; also thm Bo top Wauons, one full-spring liubt Road wagon ; one side-spring patent , whet Is. light, good a* new : ane hoiivv full-siring Wn?iin, suitable lor around low n use Apply at IHfi \W*t Kourtli ?t. A A GOOD WORK HORSE FOIl SALR CHEAP? SOLD , for want if nw ; also new top Wavon, city mane. Apply to ROOFING COMPANY, #13 Seventh avcrac. ABBOOMKHTREKT BREWSTER HALF TOP POUR rent Phaeton and To;i Wagon. 1 ityht custom Concti, 1 six seat Phaeton, 1 Cabriolet, 1 Victoria, > extension top Phaetons, BO top and open* pony Phaetons. of till st\ lea; SO now and second hand Rockawavs, Ifttop an, l open Road, by the be ft rlty makers: Mtlkies and .-kelet .a*, '.y Dueenbury, Pray, #c. : 1 Depot Wagon, top and open I x 6rcss Wagons, l second hand Clarence ; names-1. Hlankets, | oboa, Ac. William II. GRAY, 30 And 32 Wooator ft. \PR1VATE STABLE TO Lit4Qq( SIIB, WITH every convenience. Apply at 110 West Forty -?ey. enth street. T_ FACfbBY^rT?7l^T?iGIEM : ALSO BAROCCI1E, I Roekaway*, Victorias, Phaetons, latest styles; che.ip- ! est in city. Near Grand street and Bowery, MB and I IB Eldrldfto street. DAY Ik son. j A LARGE ASSORTMENT NKWABD SECOND HAND ! Carriage*. all styles | family flocks ays, top and opon Baggier, PonjrPjtaetou?, ntgrcatl* redncca prices. WITTY s, I ii lion and Ncvnu streets, Brooklyn. N ELEGANT SPAN CARRIAGE HMRSES^B AT* tier ?t'"' k. bavs. 7 and a years old; It; hands; with out blemish. Apply at 161 East 'thirty second street, to KT HoOABM. A ?SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. . Wc offer fbc following, many of them otir own build and in excellent condition rurtaln I'oacb, T. Carta, Bark-to-hack Dog Cart, Coupe, Four eat Box W ag?tl, Tu-n. wheel (.Iff, Coup lettc, I.adics' iirhitig Phaeton. BRKWSTKR k 84 Fifth avenue, comer Foitrtei ntu ftri'ct. - CAOSIAQKS, <fcC. A "'SSift.' A?? ^WEACmB BALK BY PCBLIC Horaai roa.! and fatnllv A^l * SmSE* . i*r,ie*f- Ro,*?<- *c. on liter I ay, llor*M^ut?It D^fl2t'V"^splonrtiJ "tock 01 "Iwdert sisSMa?"---* k..* ? rc? "'i*1 extf? stylish bay coupe Horne 1.1V an"m?j ev?^?hU?2? ?h.thi! ""J" oud'a'ctiv? " V7rlr,v 18 wcil hlok' " to all har rAiRs^iixar1 ?-* ?? ?* old brod nnd?r*! 1 J"?- I5'* and 7 years Mil. II,?1! l" Kf?tuo>v ?M?a sired by Ale*, fife most trnl | " n*;ar!>' thoruughbrod; li one of the eltv ? rr-^? 8('"tlru,aTi's roudsters In Ini- , IT"*1'1 ftn<" wpH behaved, can be driven hv tr^neaCX<1ut"l,fa1tl,:Ul0 roa<1 ?ud ?*" ?vcr "-?? i, *7? J* *00'1 ,,11 company, doe, not fret or pull, "alnin? wi? trot In Lr KuLa&lfV** ??'? c?lebr?tod brown trotting y ?'jonJ, ? years old. aired hv Major WlnfleM lunaiNl This mare was imcr showed 2 J#*d! oowing 8 year* old. and snoweaiJB diivon dv Isaac Wooustm, was then taken J10 lit1 a^d'tri'rr ftS? " na on ?*d ; ",e cnn "I,ord ? virv fil-.hi.^i ni" ,nlle ?nrt.rep??t in 2 33; she i? l^inMVnS^lZ^ ""d " " IH'r,0? ""d.ter; 15**''h!inrt?"a bl*d fkmilr Horse, dark brown, '"?> nana*. (I years old, safe for a Indv to ride ordrlve out <y ns. U afraid of noting and in a No. 1 fa in ? j warranted sound and kind. Horse' ull' ',r.c.', ,.dni1 ""Uh hlock saddle and driving Z ? '?" old, Ion* flowing main and wher^Tvi.* h.*!?.>??0. "c,,p" ? attracts mneh attention y nerever he appoars ; c?n f>e driYon in all harnc*?and '"V,"'1 josaddi. .nd is warranted sound and kind, m Tfi ?.f ? n"c;,t P?ur phaeton Marcs in tho eitr. and k.1 i' on" ,5'? '? w a perfect model oi grace Jf nil ^en ridden and driven bv ladhi and ohildren and lias no superior in style and sir t tun; war s'"*? a""11'. *,n<l Also. Phaeton and Harm-as Ac., belonging to her. Tnls Is one ot the 11 nest and safest children k turnouts lu the city. Also, elegant four wheel Dogcart, pole and shafts, nearly new; light trotting Wagon, by Bnjwster. of Broome street; top Wagon, by Stivers: two wets single S~TOi?fKS!t"i&WS?1ir I AttSaTS S .!i'S!S ?"? ffi thcr particular* mav bo obtained. JOHN L. VANPBWATEB. Auctioneer. A T Al'OTION, at the oi l stand, IK), 112, lit Ksst Thirteenth street. Arc w" h.Tn^hi7hE7BaCndYveaTrf^ kind^ad s5wCewfJ!Ji!?rK?7! Uot.? ,e*c?,|,?'nt hor-CK. Ujev ^n ^''v? ,K.ho ' bred; very stylish and hand lTth<: cUy; wt.hri^l;l?2irU,1,rd?r ' h0 tafHl c*rrln'e tc?"" TK A fll^'nountrd Harness. BN^st^ A fef!:rEBrii.54aLART' bUl,t ,0 0rJer b* TRUIHNO rfoRSK? BAY TBf?TTINfl IfOR^K alnol UT16'V hrmK h {ihIU?,1U,0nl* 5^ dt',n n """"oughbr.-d mare; ir..1? '"ST". Syears old; kind and true In nil bar F ?'!? f! r?.m v'co or trick ; ? superior roadster ? trotted last rail, with mate, Inside 2:10 and is warrauted* to trot fears nothlng.?r U? h*'<> 1 a fr?? "riv? Ind Hiimksmu l8Ay"?rtB5DID. TRAM OHBftTM'T ?nrt .r.'AS? if bands high, 7 and 8 years old; kind and true in all harness : tree froiA vicc. trick or lault ha^e been used the pant throe years hv private familv and were considered the finest learn ut "Newport last ?oa sou ; are iu every way reliable, wound, kind and true. _ , At same lime, rr e,,ta,e ?? ,he lHtl' -'oseph Potter. w 5 v??? Unc<1 wlcl1 blue cloth, in good KO<;K^w*vauif- flphi Imported ; cost &.7W1. b,RSuu.r A Stevens ; *co!k WWX* " *'V ' iU g00d "nU ' ? bu,U lwo sets double Ilsrucss made bv Wo?d (Jibsoti By order of rotter BroK. r.sccuiors. No. 4 Warrou street. hmmu s T l',K S V M P?A ? MIT.K-WHITE Haytian ^"y-^'bus. silver mane and tail. 14 hands hfot'fl ? . ' *'n^ "'"lor saddle and great power ot endur anco : was used Inst Hummer by a ladv and it one ol the sound** Ponlw In the country; warranted perfectly ? .Sorrel Pony, 14 hands high. 7 vearaotd' kind goodHoadster. "0,s; frco and 8t'lil,h driver 'and ? !hc ab?v'> Property Is at private private sale un ABBftEIYEB'8 8AT<B~ ' IMPOBTANT AND PRBKMPTOR V RALE , .. _ BV AVt'TION AT STABLK 1TO WBHT.SUi Hl'^NK A It 6TH AY., RV ORDRR Of 1J IIW A RD JLPIUCK ' Receiver of all the " JO H Nf I?,,f?rA ULlV: Tl'rT'inN Kk""'" f' of stylish ond rich Jet black cUch, ronil or iifti Horsgs, ftMit J6 high, 8 \ f ura old, Kf iidicky bred flnely mated; in appearanee, sfyle. awton and Baft h^f; 2i.WiH"ier%M .r;tyle nnd fine 'appenrance lu this citv ? finely broken to all harness; fear no l^omotlve - arc rnes' andraan?,??'li"h.,,rtpper*: wl11 'ravel in four'min. vl. . ' ?rick f.?tV ^r.',|' 0il iHOUn" i""1 ki,ld ?nrt without fl??. i.? ' ai s mWi ; arc hardy and riiirtccd mid At for Immediate and everyday t?o. ruKgoo, anu t? J??J? "? rl^h d"rk aapple grey Horse, 7 years old la liiftj; has few superiors lor grace, atvl* nlui I e'.tm ?'|V t''":J,"?r* nothing, and can' l?e ilrivon to locoriiotlvd with perfect conflUeiicf and nafctv bv n Indv ? bandsome and lik'hh hre'dj'wlll trot, sssfifs ssa*"?" *?J ?',*"dsP."1".n"'1 hlgb-brud bay saddle or ladvV driving Horse, IA high, 7 yesr- old; has g?|i^ to siridl. non?'\ i IC" ,0 a!! h^r"Mi? has beat: driven nr 1?, lies to P ?? pbaeton, on nark ut watering place*, nnd to saddle is handsome, styilai., sn,1 nttra^l.c , in A tsvelei wi warranted and kind; Is a perfect PetV ogclbe? with pouv pbaeton and harness. 1 ' iumr Also the nandsooiost nnd finest stvleil dark chestnut thP ^ ,a^ blglifgy. Jraoid ; In J'..' r*MJ5 YV" . by ( ommodore ; was raised !nni i. brought here one year ago as a prein IU! ! saddle horse ; with use he showed .1 tine trotting Hii '! i"! ow'"'r w advised lo break him to harness ?nd drive hitn on road, w ?iic?i he couseouenlh did last Sei.tember; attcr a'.out tljt weeks' driving lie whs driven a IWI milt on Fleetwood track in 8:61. and wis raphHv '1'V,.r,:v!,u; thorciiiter, until the horse dl^Hse beiame j ?" "ctolier. when he was take.i troin the rosd and has been used but little since except tosh igh; he is fluelj broken to all harness, fears nothing, can driven win iri !'o ',?"r), ?Lr,,v,ir' requires nocbeck or martingale, will trot five miii ? in [& minute, to rosd wagon no v. ami pel'/ecf6 m is wsrr,nted souud, kiuu ,'uiji ?J>'!-i\the finest paturnl -.tvle.l trotting horse ftir anv gentleman * private use ever driven, aud nitli Droner handling v\ ill beat 2 :3,r> before Kail. ' p AUoa fnntotu and w-cll Known road Trotler. bav, l.n.; high, 9 years old this Spring: has record or 2 :Xt : can beat 1:40 now; Is elegant and ?tyllsh driver, handsome in ap pearance and sound, with exception of beiii7 slightlv sore In fore feet when trotted to Imlter; ranm.t be ner celved when driven and doe* not injure him for sree.ling in the lea*l. * ? ot^r^ &TJhL(lln* .,0|> 't Pti v?r? ; one open wapron. l?\ Dubois; top Waffon, i?y fhi/torifnirv ? ?i^fBtitukc^kcnJ rhaeton ; d?n*l0JU>d H?r. N. B.?Oentlejnen wishing bargains should call and e k w!i'i!r illTi ? a,"'1 they will ?ee that it is no Infer ioi' lot Of sale horses and new common country wagons !><?? Wvat^mitVmennt?rand r('pre'0",<'(1 ?< ^i^'iiing war rant ,v giv"n lni' a fu" ??3 responsible _Pale positivn, rain or shine. A ma?* n;,r;sI; 4 W*QtS?*0i?7 a'*' Johnston A Van Tas<el orrur. asii salesroom, old btand Si Nassau street, opposite the Post office. ' THE HOR8F. A I CTIOX IIKANCII OK TIIF woi-cit' *j RKMOVKD t o THE KPAf lOUg PREMIflEH HOl8t 13 19, 81, i"taud 2B K 48T THIRTEENTH M'fBBFT Vhi'kH i 11 th avenue aud I 'mversttv place. 1 hi business will 'ie conducted on preclselv ihe siw&wfewwrfsHfSsiK fSbttpSi tarit? ""h' wmnmnlty a. iviirnVtbu It KOI' LA R EVERY TrESDAY AND FRIDAY _ , thrcujhout the year. Klitrles i:ir may be made either at our - ?? ?? ?? a ?' _Llberal advances, as usual, made on consignments, A THE "BREWSIKJi ffAOo.V," A fn a I weights, for r'easti re driving or speedini . , . . rxqu/sifelj finished. 1 ?no nil. racing in tneir constrtirtloii fbo vnriV.n? rxr^,u,r^ * ??- - thrr Oghout iU fot ' cifliF of the if W l" '"? reputa* on wi i?r?"^S5??r",.?nd. LmplM'f,"!7 c,a'"' ,hn 1 <? Iho i!m L" m ,or 'Brewster U ngw,," we me al till- l orrier of ptmr,n, fr ,l,at our only wnrerooms Hftb avenue and Fnurteenth sireet, and our onl} I actorv on Broome street. ? HKBW8TKH A CO., ? ot Broome street. A. T' "EMARKhT A CO., r.28 BROADWAY. We offiT ^ li?r?(e and elegant assortment of Wo tk first p!hs? In cv^ry rennort ? A. ?BROKE Ot T IX A NEW PI.ACU. Kemovak Owing to the rapid increasn of our business, we have

bee d obliged to de-ert the old stand, 18 Liberty street, and arc now openiiik. al No. H coKTI.aSDT STREET, near Broadway, one o! tbe lnrge-f, handsomest and best assortments of light Carring -s aud Harness ever offered In this market ARCH. JQIIMHTOB, So. B ('orilandt street. VLBKItl l ' W M.DRON, M'CTIOKEfcB. fale rooms liw Liberty and Sfl Church striyst. Horses, Wagons and Harness, on MONDAY, at 12 o'clock. I?. W. TTES will sell this day 15 head of good Work and Road Horse*, llorkawavs, Top nnd No Top Wagons, Single and Double Harness, Ac , Ac. Full descriptions .it sale. Witrrnntic* extend 24 hours. * 1 INK jsADI'I.E MARE' FUR S Al .E--PKH KITTLY Jv Lr'il'.cn to harneas, at OORDON'S, Nt). 5 West Thir? tceuth sti' et. IIOR8KS. CARKIAUKd, <w. AUCTION.?' T. W. I.INDSEY, AUCTIONEER.-B. F. THEALL will noil this day, at 12 o'clock, at the cor ner ol" New Church and Cedar streets, 15 he ml of good work mill huslnos* Horses. ju?t arrived from the West: ? Rood warranty given; mile positive, rain orshino; par. ties wishing to s.-e horses before tho mU> can do so by ap plying at tho stable, corncr Oedar and New Church t-ts. _ ? LAXDAULETR, COUPES, CLARENCES. LADIK8' ? Phaetons, Depot Wau'on?.? I sell 30 per eont low than Filth avenue or Broadway stores; style uud work ninihlnp unequalled. n AM, 10 East Fourth otreot. A? A LARGE I,OT UF CARRIAGES OF ALL ? kind*; Rockways, Buggies, Phaetons. Depot, hx Drew and Business Wanotis made In our own factory, Ml West Broadway, near Canal street AT PRIVATE SALE? STYLISH, WELU-MATCHED -.Y pair oi Mors**; sound, gentle In all harness; suit able tor carriage or road ; caa trot sharp ; height about lft, V Addrcn 8., box S.24B Post ofllee. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT.? ONE MARK, . hands. 6 years old, trot in 2:50; Road Wagon. Har ness, Blanket*. 4c. Can he scon at Simmon's stables, 78 and NO Bank street, between 10 A. M. and S 1*. M. ACH ANCE.-SPLENDID TOP PONT PHAETON; perfect order; city hulk to order; pat Pony for children; well broko no tricks. Factory, 511 Seventh avenue, hem'tcu 'thirty-seventh and Thlrty.elfthth ats. AHOIHE FOR BALE? 1? HANDS; FIT FOR COAL or dirt cart. Call at 129 West Twenty -tilth streot BAROl CUE FOR BALE-A PRIVATE C SPRING Barouche, built by Loss A Williams, good as new ; has been used only u tew times. Can be seen at It For syth street, N. Y. BARGAIN.? FOR BAI.E, A HANDSOME DOCTOR'S Wagon or Pmr Phaeton, used eight Mutes: price $200: original owl I W0. Cun be seen at 100 East Thirty ninth street. or call at 39 Reade street. ( 1ARBI AGES? SLIGHTLY DAMAGED: GREAT BAR> v/ gains; CnrriUKCs, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low prices; now Is the time to purchase, be fore trade commence!). MANl KACTUUERis UNION, 638 Broadway. CI ARB I AG EM.? A LOT OF SECOND HAND TOP ) Wagons, light Road Wagons, Doctors' Wagons, Derby Dog Cart, Ac., at K. M. STIVERS' Manufactory, Ut to IK! East Thirty-first street. Depot wagons and rookaways, in large variety of styles, for oae and two horses; also a large s.? orUnent ot Pony Phaeton*, top and open, with awl without rumitles, _ BRADLEY, PRAY k CO., 658 Broadway. Fine stock.? one of thb finest and hand. somesttcuins of Trotting Horses In tho country for sale; dark bavs, 4 and 6 yearn old, brother and 'liter ; sired by Patrick Henry, out of Roanoke mare; IS4-* hands high; elegant, pure gait, very stylish action, thoroughly broken; ean be orlvea by any one accustomed to horses at the top of their speed; can teot together In J -JO now, and have Rover been handled for speed; warranted sound and without blemish. Are at the Mart of ABCII. JOHNSTON, U to 25 Bast Thlrtocnth street, near Uni versity place. This team mult bo sold. Come sec them and try them. Itis not oftrn thero is such n team in the market. The owner moat realize, and they are not held at fancy figures. ? IilOB BALE? VERY HANDSOME DARK STEEL GRAY 1 Ilorsc, 15. hand* nigh, 7 years old ; heavy, long tail; very stylish; prompt driver; splendid traveller: perfectly sound; can be driven by a lady 1 suitable lor the road, Park phaeton or tight coupe; will be sold rea sonable. Applv at TALLMAN'H stables, Thirty-eighth street and Broadway, or call at No. 8 Howard street. INOf SALE? A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY HORSES, 1 7andKyearM old: lS.:i high; warranted iiorfectly sound and kfmi In single or double harness and without fault. A Inn Clarence. In Rood order ; Park Phaeton. Har ness, Blankets, Ac. Can be seon at stable No. 18 West Thirteenth street. For bale? a fine saddle horse, hx hands high, 8 veers old : perfectly gonllo and well trained, and warranted sound ; suitable tor lady or gentleman. Apply to J. STRIDE, Imogen's stable, iM West Thirty ninth street. BIOR BALE? A TEAM OF FINE YOUNG HORSES; kind aud gentle : fit for any heavy work; separate If desired; price $7110; warranted sound. Apply at 91 Roosevelt street, milk depot. For bale-coupe, in good running order, $45; a handsome leather top Wagon. $175, used only four months. Apply ut livery stable 8& Walker -street,, near Broadway. For bale? a bay mare, isx hands high, guaranteed sound ; drives single or double and is an excellent traveller. Can be seen at M ('ENTIRE'S, 21 Verandah place, between Clinton and Henry street*. FOB BALE-A DARK BAY HOUSE ; LONG KANE AND tall ; 9 year * old ; about ir? hand* ; perfectly sonnd and kind : double or single ; lias beaten 2 :.V) single ; has trotted double In 2:27: ean re jieat, if not beat, his best perlorm nneeg; reason for selliuu, unable to mate him. Can he seen In first private stable, Thirty-sixth street, east of Lexington avenue. WOR 8ALE.-A GENTLEMAN, TRAVKLLINO IN r Europe, wishes to sell a pair of bright bay Kentucky Carriage Horses, 1? hands high. only 0 year* old; war ranted sotnH ami Kill <1 every way; Harness will bo gold if wnnted. Can ?k> won this day'trom 10 A. M. till 3 P. M., at 128 Wist Fourteenth street. For sam'.? an good work horses, just ar rived tromthe West, from 5 to 8 vesrs old, suitable for all purpose*; to l>o told cheap. Apply at 178 Mercer street. fr?OR SALE? TWO YOUNG HORSES; PRICE FROM ! tlfiO to ?8M?. Inquire ot'M. JACOBS, 239 East Thirty - ninth street, niter 10 A. M. TfOR SALE-TWO HORSES. HANDS HIOH, 7 AND 8 yearn: suitable lor cart or truck or express; chankey build ; warranted Round and kind. Inquire at 288 West Tenth street, near West. For sali:-v pair of vr.r.v rttlimh black Carriage Horses. 7 ami 8 years old thin Spring; 16X hands high', kin I and true ill all way*. Willbe sold on re.1 >nnnme terms, as owner is going abroad. Addres-box 1,603 Post oflii e. I JOB SALE-IN CONSEQUENCE OF BRING IN foal, a splendid Mare, Io?? hands; warranted ; price 1100; Imlf her yalue; one Canadian, $S.V Apply at 77 t bamber* street. For SALE ? PINE Yol'M! HORSE*. CAN BE SEEN for three day* at 11 1 Division street. Ir???R S \T.r- SEVEN C AN ADIAN HOUSE*. ,11'ST Ironi tin- country; young, vound and kind; l."> hands; good, heavi blocks; will bu sold cbeap. 201 West Six teenth street, near Seventh avenue. |7V? R SALE CHEAP? SEVERAL HORSES A NO P Wagons, suitable for any purpose, at the new Oltv Hall I. i very and Hoarding Stable. 1ST Adams street, Brooklyn ciu rciiii.i. 1 smith. TTARNESm-HORSE millinery. Oh, *0 gently o'er me '.oftHng! Such a gov and le^ite lecllng As I rbf.- oehir'i toy trotter O11 thq afCi. With mv girl so sweet and fair. With Iter ribbon* In the air, There is nothing to compare, MOBSMAN Know*. In a buggy gay and neat, With a home that can't be boat, And ny Harness, "Oh, ho cheap !" Cattic from MosEJjAN'S. _ I ' - .. ? " "? ~ ?? , ' - * "mosrmak^ 1 | iiiimitalile introducer* of all the rtew and elegant styles of rubber, gold, gllver and nickel mounted Harness. "Modes de Harne> iters'' (a good ways) from Paris. Elegant oil Painting at the door or the beat horse In ' *? ' can Institute on exhibition. So charge for ad America. America \vTivi*?oSEMAN'S Harness Ware rooms like the New York flernld ? "Because It has no mtol" nr. the American Continent. Manufactory and warehouse, lit Chambers street Harness, saddles, bridles, whips, ac.skll. ing oil cheap before moving. EDGAR 8, NICHOLS, 10 College plucc, near corner Murray street. t Harness.? 1 the i.arukst stock of SINGLE and double Harness ami Horse cfiitlpmenta, at inost rea sonable prices, at the manufacturer*' depot. JACOBOW8KY, HIl.BOI'.N k CO., Ill Cnambors street. Horses taken to board, drive and break, with good care, bv JOHN H. TWEDDLR, Mont S merv, Orange caunty, N. V. References-James B. rewster A Co., New Tnrfc city. I HAT* AN ELEOANT STIVERS' P.OAI) WAOON, built to order for which 1 have used but n few tlmei.; I will sell it lor >?.'0 If lean And a customer to d'jv. To be seen at Arch Johnston's Mart, 2ft East Thlr teenth street, near Unlrarslty place. B. T. THViO' MA>\Tw~rttEiis t'fflpjf REPOSITORY, SB Broadway.? Carriage?'. Harness, largest assortment ever offered. ?t most rfUMMlM priccs. All styles of Family Carriages and Light Wagons, new and second hand. MAM KACtI'RKRS' UNION, CSS Broadway. POXY, BASKET PHAETON AND IIARNRSH FOR sale.? Pony ti years old ; warranted sound and kind in .ill harness; can be rode by lady or child. <M lUird avenue. SECOND-HAND PARK PHAETON, MtlHT COUPE, Pony Wagon, two Dog Carts, Depot Wagon, *everai light Rocknwavs and Haggles; great variety Ponr Phaeton*. Road Wagons and other new Spring styles of Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, KM Broadway. TABLE TO LET? s 80S Esst Fortieth street. w TO I.kT? FROM- 1ST OK MAY. TWO PRIVATE STA bles. Inquire of WILLIAM H. HANK IN SON, 1.1 Last Twi ntj NTtait vtrcet. ?"ANTED? A IIAY I.ORSR Oil MARK, 11 TO I.V4 ' high; niu -t be strlish. sound, kind and free from bad lmhits. Address, giving the fullest particulars an to th.- animal and price, B. A., Herald office. WANTED? ROOM IN A PRIVATE STABI.R, BR T? twecn Sixth and Fourth avenues and Twentv-elghih and Thirty -sixth streets, for one horse, two rood wnnons; has own coachman. Address H. W., ho* l.ttrt Post office, slating terms. OA SOUND YOUNO DRAUGHT HORltRS JUST AR Z> w rived, at 801 Greenwich street, from 8 to S years, 1,200 to*> lbs. ; nisn four cheap Horses, lour saddle and driving Horses and two last trotting Mares; must be sold this week. Call early. Ki)n.A DEPOT WAOOW? A DOUBLE HARNESS iTUtr for $4?; Phaeton, flW; Top Bnggv. fine order, by Browser, $200. Stivers Road Wagon," ?ID0. At 1,?<& ?rwowny, near Thirty-ninth street. t|.1 O- EACH-THRKB NEW EXPRESS WAGONS j ?PI also a heantHiil doctor's Phaeton and two light top .'afa'-r Wiigon-.-, also Hsrne?a Blaikets. Hobes of all kinds cneap for casn. 1 11 Ea u - , \ i< *n th street, |QOS -TEAM BLACK HORSES. S TBARP. M hand* taound and kind separata if ofsiVVa; , ui'.Lst si ll to cicse parinarahln. Call at 4i!< Rlfhtb ?tiana I coiner Thirty (lr*t ?u?et A1 DRV ooons. T EMERY'S, GREAT BARGAINS FROM La?T WEEK'S AUCTION SALES, IX EVERY DEPARTMENT. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. THOUSANDS OP YARDS AT So., Sc., ft-.TtoTlOo. GRO OK AIM RIBBONS, 10c., Ilk., aUc., :>5c,.Slc. WATERED RIBBONS. 10c., 12Vjc., ir*., ay.., Xk. KO.M AN RIBBONS, 28c.. 29c., 31c.. 39c. ?e CORD EDGE RIBBONS, 6c , Sc.. 10r., 13c.. 15c? ISo. SASH RIBBONS, 2.V., Sir., SVC., 46c., #0c. up. ROMAN SASII RIBBONS, Mc,, 75c. Jl. WATERED HASH RIBBONS, 30c., 0<V , 7#C., *9e. RICU SASHES IX ALL THE NEW BIT LBS. FLOWER DEPARTMENT. THE LARGEST VARIETY OP PINE FRENCH K LOWE KM TO BK FOUND IN THK CITY. MONTURUH, GARLANDS, VINES. WREATHS. CLUSTERS. LILY OP TUB VALLEY, PINKH, KOSKS, VIOLETS, DAISIES, PANSIES, 1. 1 LIES, WILD PLOWERS, FORMING A COLLECTION OP FINE FLOWERS AND PARISIAN NOVELTIES NOT TO BE POUND ELSEWHERE. STRAW DEPARTMENT. ALL THE NEW STYLES AND SHAPES IN STRAW. CHIP. NEAPOLITAN. LEGHORN, SWISS AND FRENCH BRAIDS IV BONNETS AND ROUND HATS. AMONO WHICH MAY BE FOUND, WITH OTHERS, THE FOLLOW ING SHAPES:? RIVAL. PARK, AON PS, BUO, DELIGHT, VALEVTINA. [CECILI V, ST. CLAIR, BIANCA. SUNBEAM. CORRIENE, RUBENS, VENICE, TEVIOT. LUCERNE, VESTA, MAl'D, LIDA. WAVE. ROhALIND i, mo Dozen ties, wT'hVhYi 80AR1' oppabtmext. ittiaMRpe CRAI'E I>KOIIIxi WlW i'YJPM *">K; Rioa i impobtkd 'k?k soarVSITtHu(,J't1^,'vor t if ?S"kv"^,7, W&IS TUS 'ST"" C'l/'SRD uft*. "* * "'PABilS CHOICE OUT OP THE ENTIRE LOT FOR Mo SSfeS wSSK""" ssl ? ??. SSHF "NIJC srLRs, j^' vakd '1 VELVer apartment. m*mm& _ thread, avtprHK Vi'/VJSJ' pvohkhh VALENCIENNES ft? VKRV ^ RKlfInm2yR|' ,3'1100 YARDS BPKCIAL NOTICE. mhbkk^. MALTESE ANDEA[^V^vt'fe ^i ***?' ^ (Jj i'i-Ti2| f'Jfj RTLAN D V Allj/xx Xlie^ up crochet rdoikiul 1**1? *&" T"vH'nVP LINEN SAXONY FhmxVi* 'J * ARD. alu tsu ?sv risfisiajfifcfe&p". Pior JiKS,?' Marseilles vndP1"^ notice. 100 YAKii; TO be SOLD AT^ywa.^ W?8TI1 kmruoidery at ?*?** MARSEILLES S?3iSS ^XCY^Ir^W^1^ ^rrt'"5 J4rA wniTli riyr E trim ty... I1|*r' H O Y ,i ' *H B M1 M E d',' FA H T O J W ^o{^ r? laot corS^' ^nca. WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT, , V;j ..Mil ?i Ai'iii' i' i ?!* . jnru. Y'.y. K KVTIN STRIPED PIQUES, 23c. P.vTRA PINK VICTORIA LAWN, 1<4 YARDS WIDE, HELLING AT 2,'ic. PINE WHITE DIMITY, ISc. yard. FIXE PRINTED LINENS, Stc. y*r?1. CLOSING OUT ODD LOTS LAOE CURTAINS. UNDRRWARE DEPARTMENT. FINE TRIMMED CHEMISE AT P(V> IJISKRTED AND TRIMMED ?"EMlSK, 79i:., FINELY TUCKED BOSOMS, Hfc., * ? KMII ROIDEKED AND RUFFLED CHEMISE, Mc., EMBROIDERED AND TUCKED CHEMISE, ?1, _ ? EXTRA FINE RUFFLED AND CORDED, >1 25, - TUCKED BACK AND FRONT TRIMMED, 11 M EMBROIDERED AND TUCKED BACK AND 'FRONT $1 80, ' FIXB TUCKED DRAWERS, 47c. AT KINZEY'3. FINE TUCKED AND RUFFLED DRAWERS *a? FINELY TRIMMED AND TCIW.J ??AWRil IwBr., EMBROIDERED AND TUCKED DRAWERS, 96c.. RUFFLED, TUCKED AND RI FFLED DRA^EIt.4, $1. EMBROIDERED, TUCKED AND RUFFLED DRAWERS. $1 67. ^ AT KIXZKT'S. EXTRA PINE TUCKED SKIRTS, 74c., 86c , FINELY RUFFLED AND TI CKED SKIR'lf", $1, CLUSTER Tl'CKS AND RI FFLED SKIRTS, $1 2.1, BIAS, PLAITED AND TUCKED SKIRTS. 11 98. EXTKA FINK AND EMBROIDERED SKIRTS, $2 25 TO 97, AT KINZKY'S. DRE8SINO SACQUF.S AND NIGHT ROBES, 96c. UP. MISSES', BOYS' AND LADIES' APRONS. RUBBER APRONS, BIBS, BUSTLES AND PADS. SPECIAL NOTICE. TWO CASES GENUINE FRENCH COULTILT CORSETS FINELY MADE. WE SHALL SELL THEM AT *1 <>G. FRENCH WnVEN CORSETS, Oflc. CP. FRENCH EMBROIDERED CORSETS, $1 W. BUSTLES, EVERY STYLE, FROM Xff. UP. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF ENGLISH FRENCH AND GERMAN HOSIERY CHEAP, SILK CLOCKED BALHRlUGANS. S?c. REGULAR MADE HOSIERY, 15c. EXTKA LENGTH BALBKIGGANS, 4Ac. ENGLISH HALF HOSE, IV., flkL tic., 2fic. Up fancy.ho?? ?^.? qFnts and'children. GLOVE DEPARTMENT. ONE BUTTON KID GLOVES, S?e. PAIR. TWO BUTTON STITCHED KlDS, ??c. I'AIH. UN DRESSED KIDS, TWO BUTTONS, 4Pr PAIR. MISSES' KID GLOVES, ALL COLORS, 30c. PAIR. 1.2DUI PAIRS LUPIN S KID GLOVES, IN OPERAS, MODES AND BLACKS, SI ITCHED AND PLAIN, AT 50c . PAIR. JEWELRY DEPARTMENT. REAL WHITBY .TET BARRINGS. 2.V, PAIR. SHELL GILT OXIDIZED IVORY, JAT, STEEL, CORAL AM) CORA LI N K JEWKLY IN ALL THE NEW NOVELTIES PROM PARIS. BONNET ORNAMENTS. LOCKETS, CHAINS, PINS. SETS, EARRINGS, SCREWS, BUCKLES, HKACHLF.TS, Ac., AT KINZKY'S. FINE ASSORTMENT FANCY WORK AND TOILET BASKETS. AT KIXZKT'S. PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES IX GILT VELVET. OXIDIZED RUSSIA, SWISS CARVED PROM 10c UP , AT KINZKY'S. BRONZES, OXODIZKD RUSSIA I.E AT II lilt AND PINK VIENNA GOODS, LOW ^ KINZEY'S. FINE VIENNA CARVED FANS, 15o. MI.K FANS, GILT STICKS. 98c. VIENNA SILK FANS. 19c. ALL THE NEW STY LBS IN FANS RUSSIA PORTEMONNAIB8, 50c. BAGS WITH BELTS, 7 V. ??._J ALL THK NEW STYLES IN BELTS, portemonxaies and cases, Ac. at Kmspv,g FIXE PERFUMERIES, SOAPS AND FANCY GOODS. WAX DOLLS I KO.M ?C, TO M. LAKdK CAR* ED BAC'rf COMBS, 25c. AT KINZEY'S. SWISS CARVED GOODS DEPARTMENT. TOWEL, HAT AND COMB RACKS. MATCH SAFE, BRACKETS, BOXES, PAPER CUTTERS, WALL POCKETS, MIRRORS, CIIROMOS AND FANCV FRAMES. OPENING ON MONDAY OVER A' K1'VZET 3' HWl LOTS OF GOODS FROM LAST WEEK'S AUCTION PA LB*. AT KIXZEY'd. SOME OF THE CHEAPEST GOODS OFFEKED THIS SKASON. AT KINZEY'3. wfLLIAM BIN7BY, 7*7 AND 7 9 PBOADW oV MSTM 4TRP.BT. A DRY ooom. T TUB GREAT EAST SIDE ESTABLISHMENT. SILK GOODS, STRAW 0'K>f)a EVERY DEPARTMENT OIOVNP. E. BIDLEY A HON. . !WH (Iran J street, New Y?rk. offer to-day 1,000 cascfc of n,^w Round IluU anil llonnou, Ju?trteliv, fml, choicest braid" and newest shapes. triui me '1 and untrliiuned. From auction and Importers. Over S.fuM cartons of (fro* gram nud all boiled RibhoftA at Iftc., 30o., 2 fir. and per yard, six inch block tHaid Sunh Kllitn.iiJ, .Vie, per var.l. Bargains in Sash Klbooas. plain auii watered. 130 cartons French Flowers. ioo pieces oolorod aiul black. .Ut TurquoUe, 75c., $1 an# ?1 SO per yard. $100,000 worth of new Fancy Good*. Yankee Notions Sllverwjro, House Fixings, willow War.-. Intknts'Oar rlaijes, ftc. Examine onr Curiosity Department. > Paranoia, every now stylo, at Mc., 75c , fl, 91 M up. Dress Trimmings, Silk Fringes, Passamenterio Gimp*. We havo the cheapest lines ot Roal Ibices lo this oily. Examine onr stock of Embroideries, Linen Handker chiefs, made-up Lace Hoods, ftc. Ladies' and mioses' Uu<lergarm*nt* a special ottering, cheap. Oentlcinen's Furnishing Goods, largo variety. Examine our Hosiery and Lisle thread Glovos, KID OLOVES. 1.100 dozen at 45e pair. 3.0W nozen 3 buttons ut 75c. and SI pair. 2.30) dozen 3 tiuttons, Eil wards'. at 91 ?5 and 91 50 pair. ?i? do/on GeuUcraon's Gloves at <1, 91 33. $1 M pair, oa? importation and manufacture. EltWARI) RIDLEY * SON, 309, Ul, Sliw Grand street, 03, ?4, 60. 08 and 70 Alionft, tlftu block east Iroin the A? A.? A.? INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS AND ? (tcarts; no wonder they sell. J. RUSSELL, SS East Twentieth streok K ID OLOVES. WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT. Wn have full lines, and am receiving per vartoaa stoamcrs from Europe all the tie w Soring shade* In oar Monograms and Edward Gloves, ackuowlcdcod to be Ik* boat LOW-PRICED KID OLOVES IN AMBRIOA. Tor the convenience ot Wostorn and Eastern bayert we havo opened an ofltco In Spellman's Building, 389 BROADWAY. Oar stock in Grand street comprises over 20.1*0 DOZENS OF KID CLONES, to which we invito special attention. E. RIDLEY A SON, , , , SO J, Ml nnd Sll\ Grand strnetj 112, (!?, W, 0H and 70 Allen street. New fork* Desbrosaea street ears from corner Broadway art Grant street bring you to the door in tour minutes. SPECIAL NOTICE. O The great Ribbon sal* ot R. U. MAC V A CO. wilt continuo ? ? all thu week. R. n. MACT ft CO., FonrteenUt street sixth nvemte. SMITH'S PATTERN R AZ N A R, 914 BROADWAY, NBAS Twentieth street.? New designs, NEW IMPOItTR# styles, Miiplc Costume. Iieautlilil Toilets. Patterns, with cloth models, now ready. COMB EARLY. mo MILLINERY AM) COUNTRY STORE KEEPERS. WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT. We have chean KUk. Millinery and Stra w Goods, Laoo% Flowers, Ac., well worthy ot Inspection. CaU at E. RIDLEY ft SON'S, ;W, :il I and :U1S ii'rnnd street; 83, 04, <W5. 6* and 7") Allen street. Firth block east from thu Bowery. The Drtt-bro?se" street ears from the corner of Broa# way and Grand street, take you to the door in lour minute 4. nO BROADWAY. T7? O BENNETT WILLIAMS offers i tlranrdlnary bargains in Mlack ? Impure an* Thread Laces, Ecru, Clun.v and Colored Yak Lacea Spanish and French Blondes, Real Point and Valencien nes, Collars. Sets, Jabots, Capes, Harbes, Coiffures. veil*, Ac.; 10,000 yinln Hamburg Edgings and Insertion*, Pas sementeries, Ornaments nnd Loops. Llama Lace shawls and Sa^qn-'s. All the above are lull v 35 per cent below regime prices. MIIiUHERY AMI OUKKSiUAIUXU. DRHSS.M AK1NO. A cau.?e of complaint at the present time Is extrava gance in Indies' wearing apparel What it costs now to area, a lnny of fashion would have mpported an entire faitillv N few years ago. Messrs. LOUD ft TAYLOR, to prove that a retrenchment Is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that economy in material and trimming is particularly studiod in every dotail, and they are now I'urnlshlog Dresses at n niuoli les.t prloo than the coat of Imported garment*, while for style, flt, appearance and general make ut> they are every wajc equal t,i the finest Parisian manufacture. 1 bo no w recepcion romn and buudo*r conno?*ed wlt? this ilepartmotif tor tbo use of onr p?rrotiswiil be opened Monday ini'rnlm;. ie ts located on the Icurth tlaor and reached fcy the elevator. LORD A TAYLOR, Br? ;v<i> ii nd l * i nti'-th street I AD IBS' DRESS CAPS, CHILDREN'S NORMANDY J Caps and Balr Goods at Mrs. MYERS', No. 3 Union tquare, Bl'tinESs OPI'OIITI \ IT IKS, A? CAPITAL SECURED FOR INCORPORATE? , companies, inanufncturers, rutrehiiuis; per<i>ns desiring Investnaent'i Informed; desirable opporiunitie* References, Presidents, Merchants', Fourth National aud MorcnmUs Banks CIIARI.ES O. DAIILGREN A CO., 112 Roadway. A PARTNER WANTED?TO ."<iv (M v UOHT. agreeable In. sines : sinall eapltal rcouired ; buriney v ill pay well; BO rl'k. Apply to MOODY ft CO.. 1W Broadway. y AN EXCELLENT OIN'ORTITNITY FOK A PERSON OP means und experience iu business; iiost reference Klven. Addrers BlSINtJSS, lieritiil office. BUSINESS OFf^irttJWm -T .1 F, ADVERTISER, w,"> 'j,.is ? l.ui!no?s fully developed nnd capable of (!***?'? e xleuslon -villi corresponding profit, wohes tlie eo bperatlon ot one nr two energetic mun of i;ood ch:iractori soma capital lndlii)frn?ablO. which "III amply secured. Addrasa, wlttrretiTcnco, HOBART, caro ot 9. Mdy * i r#iii piucc. , j Business.? a lady havino a i,ARur, t\n able acquaintance woulil like to make a business ar? rangemcrit with a well established, first rlas< drc.s<in?ker. Address box njta Nc w York Post office. VOR 8 AI.E? PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS KOR A J.' dnreensen stein wlTidlng Watch, sloare stote IHa mond King, Earrings add stud : wilt cell the tickets very cheap. Address MO X Hit, box l?t Herald offlcc. PARTNER WASTED? A PARTNER, WITH $3.1**) TO $A,(XJO, to talio exclusive control ot the financial de partment or a business that pa\ s .'**> per cent orottt. Ad dress C. V., box SB Herald offlcc. TO MANUFACTURERS OF PAPER II tXr.IN08.-TnK advertiser. or active business habits, IS years' prac tical experience as s.-Ktant manager In a leading Enr llah house, who export largely t?. New Yark, thoroughly understands the trade In all it* different branches, U de sirous of entering an established concern, whom his atdllly and Intimate knowledge of rcccnt Improvements tuizht t>c made available ; highest reference* for ability ami Integrity. Address box 1^4 ller.ild office. .> AAA TO *5,000 WANTED? WITH A BI'Sf.NES.4 ?P/U.' "B ? man. to extend an old established hullnesa br opening a braieh store. Address A. !>., box l'*4 llerabt Uptown Hranch offico. _ ? k? ... .... ... - -- TScTr*i.yr,',B OCPREMF. COt RT. ? 7 lii the matter ot tlic application of the Department of Public Park's tor and in f.ebalt of tli.i Mayor, Alder men and conuuonaUy ot the city of New York, rdativa Ope ning of Klnjrshrldpe R"ad, northwardly Iroin th< southerly line of IMtlt street h> the Harlem 'lliver, o? laid out by tlie Commissioner* ot the Central Park, In the city ol New York. Wo, the undersigned Commissioners of Estimate and A si?f sMnent in the above entitled matter, hereby giro notice to tli. oh ner orowtu rs. occupant or occupants of all house- and lot" and improved or unimproved lamlo affected thereby, aud to all oth? r? w hom it may conccrn, to wit ;? f wo have completed our estimate find asses? mcnt, and tb?t all persons Interested in these proceed ings or in any ofthe lands affected thereby, and who mar be opposed to the same, do present their objections th writing. duly verified, to the undersigned Commisr-lonors, at our office, l? Broad way (rtom 15), In th?> said elty, on or before the /VI day of April, IH73, and that wc. the saiil Commissioners, will tear parties so ohiccUng within tha ten week days next niter the said ' day of April, 1873, and tor that purpose will be in attendance at onr saltf office on eaeh ol said ten (lavs, at II o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract ot the sai l csttonte and assess ment. together with mlr maps, aud also all the affidavits, estimates and other docunicuta w hieh were u-ed by us iu making our report, have been deposited In the office of the Department of Public Works, In the nil v of New York, there to remain until the flth day of May, lr*\ III.? That the limit* embraced t>> the assessment a'ore sald are as lollon s, to wit:? All those certain lota, pieces or parcels ot la-id contained, Ivlng and being within the following bounds or limits, mat is to su.v:? Commencing at the point lormed by the Intersection ofthe northerly line or >dde of ItUli street with the westerly line or side ofthe Eighth avenue: running thence northerly aloni( the westerly line or side of th? said Eighth avuntto to the hluli watermark of the llariem Itiver ; thence aloiv the said high w ater mark of the llaru-m Blvcr as It winds and turna to the llud?on Rlv rit'ionco southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson Itiver, at high water mark a* said river winds and turns, to the southerly line or ride o l.VMli street; thence easterly alomf the said southerly line or side ot l.SSlh street to tlie ea.'terlv side ol the Boulevard; thence smitherlv along the saiil easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly line or side of ltMh street, and easterly along the Mia northerly line or side of Itetli street to llio point or placo of beginning. It.? That - nr report herein will t>e presented to the an rreme (.'our I ol' the State ol irs York, at a s|*c'al torm horeof, to be lit Id in the New Court House at tbc City Hall, in thr> city ol IStw York, on tlio ?'th day of Hay, I87S, at the opunlny of the Conrr on that day, and that then and there, or as soon thereafter as <r>nn*el can t>? heard thereon, a action wlll he wade tital the said report be confirmed. nSKRY PARrhNS, ) wnj.n m J. pa kjion^ > Oomntl?rtoBer? JOHN I. Mcoow V>, * Toaa Msreh '? tsTt

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