Newspaper of The New York Herald, 7 Nisan 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 7 Nisan 1873 Page 2
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CITY REAL KSTATB NIK SAI.F. Central. a ?A ? A? -A FIRST run FOUR STORY IIItiH s\ . stoop brown stone House, v est side ol Madison avo mip.?01wt miutli ot Seventy -tourlh street itliree floors In liara wood, tlio parlor tfoor In cabinet work by rattler A stymus; mantel mirrors. 22x58x98-, also n (our story Ohio ??tone high stoop house, sa Ea?t sixty-tourtli street; par lor and iiafement In hard wcod, t ack parlor and linll vtidKolcil witli marble ; * ill t>c sold at very low prices or Will eju-lmnge tor lots, Both houses open tor Inspec tion. IiKiuiio lor particulars of owner, A. lU.ABEIt, 134 East Eighteenth street. A CHANCE? FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE for sale cheap : Fifty-second street, between Fifth mid sixth avenue*. M leet trout. Tor permit* apply to DUNN * BKA10H, ?U? Broadway. A? ON FIFTH AVENUE, SECOND ABOVE ? BIghty-ftith Htreet, feeing Central I'ark, tlrst ela-s brown stone cabinet finish House; will be Bold at great tm renin it npplied for at once, a? family are going abroad ; terms very easy ;lr not sold tiuickiy will be feared tor term ol year*. Permit*, Ac. JESSUP, 266 Broadway. AN IMMEDIATE PRESSING NKED FOR THE money is causing the owner to sell the best built lour story Su foot House, near Madison avenue anil Sixtl r tli street; A decided bargain will be given; see this at mice FRANCIS CRAWFORD, Utti third avenue. flHEAPGOT LOTS IN THE CITY? SIZE, 25X100EACH. VV hi that beautiful Fifty-eighth street, near Central Park Circle ; price ?ir.,f(Ki i nch. THOMAS ll. MOJ BR, Iflii Third avenue. IjlOR SALE? A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOITHE ON went Forty-sixth street, south side, between Fifth and Klxth avenue*: in (rood order ; handsomely painted ana frescoed ; early possession ; price iSM.oiK). Address W. O. B. , Herald oihce. FOR SAI,*? NORTHWEST CORNER OF MADISON avenue and Flfly-tlxtli street, 2>i feet front; others adjoining oil avenue. 2S teet trout ; ?!??> two House on Fif ty-sixth street, between Mh;IIsoii and Fifth avenix s. Ap ply to owner, on premise*. Commission allowed agents on completing a sale. JTtOR SALE? A Tint l'li STORY AND BASEMENT 20 1 foot House, iii Pitt. \ s-' street, ?15, 000; also one in Sixiv fifth street, near Lexington avenue, SIS^UD, and it four storv. in F< rfy-slxfh street, II2,iV)0. Tnlk uuicK. i BA.vt'ls ci:aWFoRI?, 0W Third avenue. ?fclOR kAM- FIVE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE F high stoop Houses, In Forty-filth street, hetwo n KroaitWiiv and Eighth avenue, I'm) feet west ol Broad way ; itlm, Ihr'e three story brown stone blah stoop houses. ISO leet west of Eighth avenue, in Foit.v-lliHi si>-cet, with re ncwal* 60 years. Astor lease. Inquire on the premises, or at 242 West Forty-tilth sjreet FOR SALU OK TO LET FURNISHED- THE l'.I<EGANT I four storv brown atone Ilottsto, M West lfiHli street, I between Fifth and sixth avenues, with stable Lots in the i reur. Apply to WILLIAM KENNELLY, No. 4 Pine at IF ANY ONE WISHES TO PURCHASE A ifi- FOOT House, cabinet trim, located between Fifth find Madi son n venues, fcr $ may link no more, but call on Pl'NN A ShAILH, 202 Broadway. T ENOX 111 I.E.? AT AUCTION, BY .Ml' 1,1, Eli, WIL 1 J KINH. A CO., April !>, 20 l'ast siyty-niulli slreet, lour Ktorf brown atone. ZSxGO; lot 1UJ.0; the beat street; no n nuances. Murray hill-tuibty-fifth street, near Park avenue, a very desirable, well-planm d, four storv brown stone House, in copipleto repair and fres coed ; lf.dxCi'. lot 100 feet ; will be sold at a very toason iible price. V. K. STIiVENsON, Jr., II Pluc street anil Tift Fifth avenue. rpHE CHEAPEST HOUSE IS' THE CITY FOR SALIC? 1 located ou Kix^y -first street, near Madison ; (our story brown stoue. For penult* apply to DUNN A sEAICIl, 2U2 Broadway. 2 FULL LOTS FOR SALE? IN SIXTY-FOURTH Htreet, between Central I'ark and Orand Boulevard, low and on easy terms. Apply to J. W. MEACilEli, 470 fclxth avenue. Q1 HORATIO STREET.? FOR SALE, A FIRST Ol class Tenement Ilott?e, also a good Store, 4U.r> Tenth avenue : rent cheap. Apply to M. LITTMAN,103 Fulton sUu room 1, from 2 to S P. M. R?fct Mitir. A? FOR KALE, BIGHT FOUR STORY BROUN . stone high stoop Houses, on southeast corncr oi" Lexington avenue unit Sevelityflrst street; ime coriuir House, 20xftO; five Houseisadjoinldg, 011 Loxington ave nue, each 1(1x51), and two Houses tin Seveiity-llrst street, ndjoining, cue 1 1 18x53; terms in unit, Apply on premises. A i (ii K HMY BB10K HOU8B, 2? EAST BROAD way; good bu-lncs. location; Rutgers' leftse; cheap lor fail). W. li. falcoakk, 1UU Fourth avenue, near Tweltth street. (CHEAPEST HOUSE IK -HARLEM.? ONLY $2,500 J cash required on the lliree stor.v bri-k and stone House 2211 East U2ili street; must he seen to tie appre ciated; also two two story Houses, on which $-.000 Is re quired. .Apply to A. E. FOUNTAIN, 16(J East 'i'wenty liitfi street. Ij^OR BALK? THE HOUSE AND LOT (20 BV 7ft FEET) ami Furniture. CarpcN and (las Fixtures. 141 Ea?t Nineteenth street, near Irving place; the house is in first rate order, having been painted, papered and furnished very lately. Inquire on the pr-mLcs. For saw?? great bargain-three story high stoop hrown stone House, between Firit and Second iodides ; in perfect order ; liriec only $12,000; easy terms. WIlXBTT T. EMBLEB, ?77 Third avenue, corner of Fifty-third street. I poll BALE? ON KAST SEVENTH STREET, A TWO storv attic mil Imscnient House; 19 feet tront; priqe very low ; HO oer ceuagsan remain on mortgage. Applv to l?. S. DODD, 212 Seventh street, alter S o'clock lu the evening. For kale-on murray hill, 102 east thirty. elghth sireet, one door from Park avenue, that ticantttul tour story portico stoop brown stone Dwelling, S0x*6x9B.Vt contains 12 rooms, besides kitchen base inem and bathroom; plate glass window*, rear stairway, double plumbing, frsscoed and painted in oil throughout, and only needs to be seen to he appreciated. The cheapest house in New York to- lav; must be solil lielore April 1.1. A chance Cor a prompt purchaser. Can be seen, without flcr'Hli?. 9 and 1 and 2 mid 5 P M. ' cALLfciNliEfi A LAURENCE. SS Tine street. IJ10R SALE OR TO ltT-SZ2WJ< STONE HOUSE 161 : East Forty-sixth street, ihrnirWTt. _ J. M. mckessox, 91 Fulton r'r^at,^ HARLEM. -FOB SALE, A TWO STORY BASEMENT and attic Hou*c 9 rooms, water, Ac. ; good location. 3 minutes of boat niiii curs; price $5,700, cash H.M0; 33n Kast 123d street. Apply to BKRIllAN A Sl'EKR, corncr ot 128th street and Third avenue. Members of congregation anshi chesed moving up town and wishing residence near the new temple wlliflnd bargain in tlr-t cla?s lirown stone House, Sixty-third stiect; price $14. SOU; only S-'.SOOcasli. L. JACOBS, !'l 'J Third avenue. <iO f VSH WILL BUY A THREE STORY hign stoop brown stone Hou-c. all modern improvements, mxtv third sireet, near Lexington uvc >.ue. Il not sold by April IS will be withdrawn BURNETT .* BUCK, 1 07 j Till id avenue. West Side. A FINE FIVE STORY BROWN STONE FROST Store, on Murray street, for sale very cheap. Inquire ill FRANK PHILLIPS, 245 Broadway. a BULKHEAD AND WATKK RltlllT, WITH ONE JV halt Block, 400xsl.6, lor sale or to lensn tor a term of year*, running irom Thirteenth avenue to West ?treet. e7L- il. T. BURNHAM, 609 Hudson >irtw A? EXECUToK'S PALF.-TWO CHEAP I.OTS ON . Flltv -sixth street, betweeu Ninth and Tenth nve inuel lie sold to closet he estate. ","1' ' v,r% terms, POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren street. \FOUR STORY BROWN STONE 11(11 SK, 17 EAST Forty-ninth street, 17x.'>ixlw\ tor sale or to let; all modern convenience*: well painted and fresco# 1, and in perfect ccnlilioll: possession immeciately. Apply to owner. JAMES f ??I'l.Nf. It, 2*7 Bioadmuy. A? FOR SALE AT AUtTION. *IXTII AVENUE ? Ston Propertv, near Forty-ninth street; rare op portunity. Bv A. II. Ml'LLER.ou Thursday, April 10. at Merchants' Exchange, 111 Hroitdw #v. ? " \n"intii ward corner for sale? .w jane street; l>t 2"i\52- Prick building, 2Sx30; possession May I. E.LAI'. I HIRMIAM, tn'9 1 1 ltd son street. / 111EAP. ? FIVE STORY DOUBLE TENEMENT \J Bonw, brown stone front, hi a pi ivate neighbor hood; two families oil a t'"or; splendid Investment. WALTER W. MONTAUUE, Eighth iiwuue and Twenty I'rst street, l/'OR SALE ? A PLOT (if (IROUNT), ON ORBEKE .T sireet, on the vest side. I etwocn Broonn- and Spring ftrect*, on wl.icb the Methodist Episcopal church mid ptirsonagc now stHiul. being 10(l leet Miiiare. Applv to JOHN M Ci.AWSON. ISO S pi ing street T.-'OR SALE? MF.DIt M SIZED BROWN STONE I Dwelling MS \Ve?it Forty -ecotid street, tasteiullv di corateu; in perieet order; i rice low; terms eusy. lii - quire ot J. CAMPBELL, Pacific Buuk. FK?K SALE? IN WEST FORTY FOURTH STREET, first class three story and Im-i mmt high stoop brow o htone front Houses. 245 to 'Mi, 20xfn) and lS.VxnU; price M-I7.I**! and $]6.UIU. Inquire on the pre4iils<><, ,>r ot JAMES BLACK II I'Rst, tta West Forty. eighth street. 1.1 OK SALE? MKDII M SIZEO THREE STORY BRICK I Hotise'and Lot, 20x1 S. ZVt West 'twenty tlr.-t street; all modern improvements; ill perfcct order; good tieiulf borhood; price $13,au LXilt SALE? MOUSES AND LOTS. WIST 10IST ? street, $4,600; West Eighty -lonrlh ftr. et. $1 1.000; West Fourth street, ilS.oOH: 4' Hou?f.< and Lots, Kast Tliirty-lourlh strict, each; St. Mark's place, $2 1 ,0<N. ; and many others. Apply to A. M. FANNING, 2J East Fourth street. I.^OR SALE? THE FllrsT CLASS BROWN STONE 1 Hous", 220 W est Fitty-elghth street, between Broad way and Seventh avenue. Apply to owner, next door, nr 1SI West I wentv-ei'jhth stieet. I^OR SALE CHEAP? TIIE FOUR STORY HIGH I stoop House 26 We?t I orly-nlnth street, 20x65x100.5; house and location first class. john h cnuitrn, li rinc street. I/OR SALE OR TO LIT? 2'.9 WEST FIFTY-FIRST I sire, t, brow u stone Dwelling . 327 1'otirih sv> nue, .' tore uiid Dwelling. Apply to \M1. kMUIl r, ai W i ?t Piflv-flrst street. you SALE OR TO LET? THE TWO AND THREE I story Houses, l:v* uiid UW West Forty seventh street, bi'twi eu S xlh avi nuc and Hroadw.iy ; spkiidbl locution. Apply U> W ILLIAM KLNNKLLY, No- 4 1'inu street. Hot SE FOR SALE AM> A LARUE PORTION OF tin* Kurnltui-e.? All the rich Carpet" and Oilcloths. ' liandellers, sate for Silver, 4r., can now be purchased at a decided Imrg tiii and po-w s on given immctllalult'. Tills hotise, one ot tli<- most pertect gem* of a house. In W?-st Twenty second sireet, can be bad ata low prn e and very e??v terms Fur partlculAr* Inquire ol F. COLTON, .'4 KastTntrtetfuih street, n? ar Broadway. OIXTEENTH WARD-DESIRABLE Nl IGII BO It ? 17 hood. ? A three story, an t utile high sloop House ; all ^inoderri iinproveuieiits ; good order. WAL'IEU W. MOV TAOuE, Eighth avenue and 'I'wenl.v -first street. ~)()0 LOIV "N Jinth tnd Eleventh syenites, Boole vnnls, Fort Washlnj ton; plots to?tiit; property rrtriotcd; terms, SO percent f?n remain two and litre years, half st ftper cent Inter* ? >t prieen at average \ allies ol ili?intere >ed iudges. I or ^""ra^lrTi'^FIELD. F CmjtEAIi ESTATE FOR SALK.^ Wr?t Side. <lil 1 {WlA ?A CHEAP HOUSE, ON WKST TWENTY <!P 1 1 .UI HI, firth struct, between Seventh and Eighth avenues; modorcn improvement- throughout ; at llie above price. JAMES K. EDWARDS, fi9 West" Twenty-third street. J>l iMclluncouit. April list of houses for sale in desirable location* and at reduced price*, can be had on up plying to OODhN A CI.AKK, Broadway, corner oi" Sev enteenth street. A -MOUSES FOR RALE IN ALL PARTS OF CITT, . from $6,000 to ; also UK) Houses to r? nt : * number at reduced renf h ; call and sec my list; also Parta and Flats to let Apply to JOHN FEI'TREI'CH, l,U*i Third avenue. t.^iilt SA LB? PRIVATE AM) TENEMENT HOUSES. Business and Factory Property, in New York and Brooklyn; also Residence* and Farms in the vieiuify ol this city and adjoining State*. W. W. LYON, Heal Es tate Broker, 78 avenue T), New York. .10 It SALIC AT GREATLY REDUCED FIGURE.S 1' Several clugant lour story ti i ur li stoop stone (Tout Houses: also several medium and low priced Houses; best streets in Twenty-second ward. JAM EH PRICE, 200 Hiplson street. PANIC PRICES? HOUSES ON FIFTH, MADISON, X Lexington avenues and on best uptown streets; sev eral Houses that must be sold to close estate*. - 1'AOE A McCAFKKRTY. Fit tli avenue, corner Fifty -second st. I)R(H)KLY.V PHOPERTV FOB SALE A\D TO LET. TTERALD branch office-bkookly.v ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND HAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FlILTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM (Ta. M. TILL ? P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN.* B \hi;ai.v-a MBV three story brick _ - House, aix3S\lo?!, with every improvement: first ela-s neighborhood Apply at the office ol the late A. J. \\ alker, 112 John street, New York, Iroin 12 to 2 o'clock. A? TO LET, A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN . stone House, with nil the modern improvements, situated on Pacific street. Brooklyn. J, C. BAILEY, 51 East Fourth street, near Bowery. Brooklyn. -to let on for sale, the dwell In# 443 Marcy avenue, corner ot Hurt street, a line three story and basement, 26 feet tront, with a tine yard; bus been repaired and painted throughout; all the mod ern improvements; would lease to a good party for 11 term ol years; lor sale at a low figure. Apply 011 Iho premises between the hours of 9 A. M. and 4 l\ M., or to J. A. M ACDONALD, 21Hi sixth avenue, New York. Brooklyn house at a bahoain, containing eight rooms, only 20 minutes trom Fulton ferry ; hot unit cold water, marble mantels, Ac.: price ft4.i0u, on e.isv terms. Apply at :? Cbiii inoiit avenue, Brook I .? 11 TjlOR SALE? TWO I'll I LADRLPIl I A FRONT TBBEE 1 stories and husemcnt brick Monies, 3^x50x99.0 each ; situated on Filth avenue, South Brooklyn, near Ninth ?street ; the stores and dw ell 111 js nre well rented and is llrst class properly for investment. Apply to E. J. i ll \ Id-. H, 4fttj Filth avenue. For sale? near pi:ospect park, or, prospect place, a fine three story and basement double irame Mouse and Garden; house 37)ix.H?; modern improve ments; ground 6%xlSl; choice fruit, Ac. ; COO feet irom grand entrance to the Park: surroundings, first cLiss houses. Apply to F. D. NoHHIS, .11 DeKuib uvenue, Brooklyn. ruli HALE-CHEAP, EASY TERMS, THREE CHOICE I' Plots 011 M.vrllc avenue, Brooklyn, graded, paved, flagged : nine ot the lots corner lots; opposite the contcoi platcd Myrtle Avenue ltaiirond depot, on Ccdur and Chestnut streets ntul Central avenue. C. M. TALLM \N. room 18,187 Broadway, New York. U?08 BAliB? THREB STORT HIGH stoop PH1LA 1 delphia brick; 20 foot front: splendid order; dirt cheap, with or without Piiruiture. OW NElt, 174 Gales avenue. TjlOR BALE CHEAP? A DESIRABLE 1'I.OT FOR I manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge and Plymouth streets, 100x1071*, two blocks from terry, or will be divided If desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLY, 65 J a; street, Brook I V n. / 1 11 EAT BARGAIN. -ONLY $7,000 FOR A FINIJ U first class House, new; three story and basement; sideudid parlors, marble mantels, das', water, heater, range. Ac. : terni?easy: good nelgnlMirhood ; ten blocks from Thirty-fourth street ferry. Applv Eleventh street and Jackson uremic, iust out of Hunter's Point. A TN THIRD PLACE, NEAR COURT STRFKT, IS A 12 J room thn>e s'orv Residence and Lot. 130 teet deep, which will he gold for $7,500 to a reliable purchaser, 111 monthly payments. WYCKOFF A JAMES. 2iB Montague street. EAPID TRANSIT.? CHOICE LOTS. 25xl0fl FEET, under close restrictions, in a first class neighbor hood, near Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and the line Of the proposed R ipid Transit steain road, for sale at $500 and upwards: a splendid opportunity lor investment or spec ulation. Aptily at the otllce ol ilic late A.J.WALKER, 112 John street. New York, troiu 12 to 2 o'clock. mo LET? IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE THREE STORY I brick Hou?e 111) South Fifth street, near Fourth street ; rent 1>7ii<>. Apply to WILLIAM 11UGHBS, Uf> Woostcr ?treet, New York, between 10 IW 4 o'clock. TO RENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE, furnished. 900 Clarnmont avenue, Brooklyn, located between two car routes trom Fultom ferry. Apply to F. W. WOODS, ! Fulton street. TTKRY DESIRABLE NEW HOUSES TN THE BEST V nartot Brooklyn; all modern Improvements; rents very low to flr*t class tenants. Apply to BLACK \\ ELL A CO., SB Liberty strcet._ & 1 7 OH ?nineteenth ward, brookly, very ?|PT, loUi cheap, three story brl"k, 9 rooms, with J modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser. Apply ?41 WM. O. SUMMER, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. WKSTrnES'TEf? COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OK TO RENT. An elegantly furnished new country Residence, In the higher", healthiest part ot lower Westclic-iur, is tor sab' or to let cheap, as the owner ha* moved from the State; all itnpr.v ??n;nto, including stable ; easy terms: notiettfr chance lor a narcniu. A. M. sOtkldo. Jr., 51 Chambers street. A HANDSOME COUNTRY PLACE ON THE HUDSON River, at Scarborough, one mile below Sinn Sing ; large double, brick house, 50x02; stable, gatehouse and other outbuildings; 10 or SI) acres: view* very line ; terms rasv. Applv to EDWARD AUSTEN, 287 Pearl street, or to Robert ll. BOOKMAN, si cedar Street. AT YONKERS.-LARG% NUMBER OF HOUSES TO let, tui nlsht'd or uiitnrinslied, season or yeur; also a number ol places tor sale or exchange. JAMES YOUMANS, Agent, Yonkers. A HANDSOME FRENCH ROOF HOUSE-SITUATED . 011 one ot the finest streets in Yonkers; all modern Improvements ; gionnd 53x217 ; price $15,000. luuulrc of DAVID T KENNEDY, 5to Third areuno. *N M.roA.Ml.V FURNISHED NEW COUNTRY ' J\ Residence, in the highest, healthiest nartot lower Winchester, is tor sale or to let cheap, a* tlie owner has moved Irom the State; all improvements, it eluding st nble ; easy terms; no better chance for a baritnln. A. M. HOTELDO, Jr., 51 Chambers street. A T YONKERS? A SNUG COTTAGE, CONTAINING 8 J\ rooms and 1 cllar. two full Lots, on an improved me nue. six minutes' walk ftoin depot; walk- flagged; water ill house, Shade 11-uOs trnit. Ac. ; price $4,500; pari cash, owner, at S45 Eighth avenue. ITIOR SALE AT TARRYTOWN? OR WOULD EX changc lor property in thi* city, a, pleasant two story French roof House, 1 1 rooms; gas and water; situated on Broad way ; good view ol the Hudson; lot about 00*200; with stuhlr, carriage house, Ac. M. M MILIiEBEROER, 80 Carmine street. ISIOB SALE OB To RENT? HOUSE AND LARGE r carriage house and an acre of ground 111 Mount \ or lion ; house Contain* it) room* : well and ruin water in flic kitchen; an abundance ol fruit and splendid shade trees, Shrubbery, Ac : finest place in Mount Vernon ; would ex change for city Property. Apply to J. 11. NICHOLSON, 531 Eighth avenue. rpo LET? AT MAMARONECK. WESTCHESTER COUN I ty, N. Y.. within five minutes' walk ot the depot. Part ol a furnished House, 5 or 7 room*: a I locution ; French family, liuiulre 01 the aicenf, at the depot. rpo LET? IN WHITE PLAINS, NEAT COTTAGE, 1 with HI acre*; plenty fruit ; food barn and out houses; Summer scaso-u or veur. J. D. HATHBUN, 1*7 Ren.le street. rpo LET? A LARGE MANSION HOUSE. IN THE VIL J in.e of Portehester. five minutes from depot; is rooms, pantries, lnumiir. closets, *c., with larue and coinn. odious carriage hoo-e, si it.les m.i ollutr oiitiiuiM iim- and la acre? ot Land, hi/lilv ornamented noil c ulti vated; suitable for a Inrge family or flr?t class boarding house or young ladles' seminary. For tK'rifilUuud terms apply to W. K. PEYTON. 372 Bowery, rpo RENT? TI1E RESIDENCE Of THE SUBSCRIBER, 1 at New Ro'helle Botnpletely fuinished, including garden, luwns orchard, stsble, enrrisge hott-e, Ac.; nD in fine order ; situation ln/h perfectly he illbv ; ip ;ir the Sound and one mile from depot Applv to S. F. COW DREY, <7 Wall street CjUlill I OR LARCE I U I' NTs MED HOUSE AND tliree teres: location 1 and healthy; siaide, fruit, Ac. : ,'o minutes from city. Address w. DEERE, Jerome, Westchester county, N. Y. K1 V A CORNER STORE AM) flpU.oUU IiwciiitiK at Sing Mng, oric uiiDtite from depot; good location; terms casj. Applv to JOHN II \ A.Ms, sing Sing. JEK8KV C ITY, HOBOKKN, HI DMON < ITV ANII BKKIiliJi Ki t. ESJATK. For Sale, t TIOMR .-HF\LTriY; HEfOHTS, JERSEY CITY; . \ ciicnp, cMittnodivas, cmrrvnleiit ; Cottsges SI. 000 to House* of CTery s. vie. JOHN If. PUTT, oppottt* Court i.'ou-e, Jersey City Heigh(? Trt Let or Lensr. 1 ERsF.V CITY.? AN ELEGANT NEW STOR"! I'O s| let, m P.ivoiila aventfe. on one of Ihe best corners in ?fersi y Cit\ , ( ui - pane nu by It Irotn nil dircctloilf Al-o a store. 1*4 Pavonia av euue, tail Floors to let lni|Uiro at 177 Pavonia iivi nnc. rpo RENT-ON .11.1! I V CITY II EU1H TS, 12 I'lRsT I class Hatisc, on in. chestnut, Bfiuldwin and Summit avenuos; gomi loiutious; all modern improv c menis; within 2<i loliuitt- ol New Vork city by steam aul horse cars; rent trom tt it $| i0). l or lufl particulars apply to or address k \vi i.cii, agent Pennsylvania Rallrosil office, 217 MXfiW' >>t. ,lei < y < ity, IMK1PKHTY Ol 1 ??K irk ( id FOll MI.R Oil TO IIFA'I. \--l.<'NO MKANCII COTTAGKM TO RE.Vf? FUR ? nhrfted. Printed eatalogae*. ? 1th lull <ie-erlptlous and s| eel,i I survey 1101! ?, to he had ill our ot'iee I 1. A It. BROWN. !SI Broadway, ruler Of Wall - Ice', Mild Branch olll c. oppo.-ilc Ihe di pot, LiiigJSiancli A K property out op tub city for SU.K OR TO ItKWT. A NICE TKI'CK FARM OK 31 ACRES, WITHIN A mile of Flushing village, will be void at a bargain. Inquire of H. K. GOODING, Flushing, L. I. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 8ALE, EXCHANGE rt* to lot ? Comfortable House, containing 15 rooms; good Iimtii and other buildings; due well of water; resi dence within lialf a mile from proposed depot of the Morristowu Branch of the Mont Otalr Kailroail and about four mile* t'roin Madison station. Parties desiring to see properly can address ALFRED PEER, Hanover, Morris county, N. J., or call at H4? Kulton street, Brook lyn, third Iloor, rooin 7, iiom 10J4 A. M. to 2>a P. M.. on April jr. _ _ A BARGAIN? FINE RESIDENCE IN BOONTON Park; half acre ground; plenty fruit trees; tlvc min utes from depot; price $4,700. Apply to owner, P. W. GAMMON 1>, HoonU.n, New Jersey. All along the iiudson river, furnished Residences for sale ami to rent for season or year; unfurnished llous sand Cottages ti rent by the year or louse ; Furins, Building Sites, Houses and Lota torsule; good investments; large tracts ot Land, In full view of the Hudson, easy of access to this nity, for tale very cheap, on easy terms. Parties desiring to purnhase or rent any ronerty on the bank* of the Hudson Kiver will find it to eir advantage to eonault the advertiser, who has made Hudson Kiver real estate a specialty the past ten years and is fully acquainted with the values and location of most all the property on the river bank and the interior Of the country. B. KMBERSON, fo9 Sixth avenue, near Thirty -eighth street. A PA KM OF 70 ACRES, 60 ACHES CLEARED, House ami Barn, Ac., for sale; two miles east of Montleello, Sullivan county, N. Y.: priu* $3,000; 46 Acres, two miles south of Ncwburg, Orange county; house, barn, fruit, Ac. E. L. A B. T. BURN IIAM, m Hudson street. A FACTORY WITH MACHINERY AND TWO DWELL ings, near this city, tor sale. Apply at SMITH'S Fruit Store, 180 Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8TATEN ISLAND.? TO RENT, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished ; gas, hot and cold water; modern Improvements: gardens, lawn, shade trees, stables; 35 minute* of Wall street; location unsurpassed. K. DUNCAN SNIFFEM, 13$ Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON, HTATEN ISLAND.? TO RENT, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished; gas, water ; all modern Improvements; gardens, lawn, simile trees, stables; 35 minutes of Wall street; location unsurpassed. CI IAS. E. LAWRENCE, 67 Exchange place. A? ELIZABETH PORT, N. J., VACIN1TY OF RINGER ? Machine Works; a hamliome Cottage, with two J Lots, lor sale; house contains 7 rooms, water and gas; op. Rosite Jackson Park, the proposed site lor the erection of te State Caullol buildings and grounds; will sell very low. A till ri -s OWNER, box 1 r><) Herald office. A? FOR SALE. A COl'NTRY RESIDENCE, ONE ? hour from city by New York and New Haven Rail road, tronting on Long 1 sin lid Sound; good hou>e, 14 room*; modern Improvements; 10 acres of Land, Irulf, flowers, Ao. ; bathing, boa fin? and fishing; will be sold very cheap. Apply to T. S. sll El'ilKRD, 181 Broadway^ A -MIDI, AND RAILROAD, NEW JERSEY. -I AM ? making a specialty ol Property on the line of this new road; within one hour of New York ; the land Is mounialnons, perfectly healthy and true from mosqui toes; 1 have a large number of Kiirnis, convenient lo de pot, and gentlemen'* Resiliences, with a few I.ots of ( I round. T. S. Sll EI'II EHD, 181 Broadway. A COMPLETE TWO STORY .AND FRENCH ROOF new House at Flushing ; (i minute*' walk tfom depot, SO minutes lroin eity; marble mantels, water ami gas ; for $6,UUti; small cash payuieut. Apply to owner, Vv. E. LEAV1TT, SI Wall street.* _ AT CRANFOKD? FIFTY MINUTES FROM CITY BY Central Railroad of New Jersey, a lew Lots on South n\eiinc, live minutes lroin depot, 50x200 feet each ; also a handsome Plot. 100x150, ten minutes Irom depot; will lie sold low and payment received in small Instalments. Ad dress R. H., box 11)4 New York Post olticc. T CRANFORD, N. J.? FOR SALE OR TO LET, TWO first class Houses. 12 rooms in each; closets in each ; all the modern improvements; good cellar; grounds nicely Inul out; shade and trult ; all in good order; lour minutes' walk t'roin the depot of the Central Railroad of New Jersey ; time from New York, 5') minutes. Owner, . . CA ii i LL, Cranford, N. .1. AT SPRING VALLEY. ROCKLAND COCNTY.-ll acres; irults abundant; elegant, large and Ilist cln<* buildings: at a bargain; ?ue photograph ot splen did property al Cluster, one hour from New York, $fi,5;!0. W. II. M ELLICK, 421 Brooilway, T GLENDALE, L. I.. THREE NICE TWO STORY. attic uml basement lloti'es for sale for half ca.-li, lialame by moiithlv instalments; within five minutes of depot. Price $'.8U0.$ l,tW0 and $l,40o. E. (J. LOCKE, l.'W East Eighth street. nCar Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON, S. I., ON THE TERRACE AND vicinity. several really desirable Hou. es; all Improve- I ments; rent J'i'K) to $2,300 year; furnished $S0 $350 month. Some with billiard rooms and extension grounds. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. BI.OOMI'IKLD,? BEAl'l II- I'L RESIDENCE, 12 ROOMS; | modern improvements; stable, fine ganlen; lot R'x220; live minutes from two depots; will exchange lor ] farm. J. P. OONDICT, 98 Broadway. C 101, LEGE POINT. L. I ? 1'INE HOUSE FOR SALE; J price $11,000: $5, noo mortgage can remain ; two story and attic ; 12 rooms; large kltchun, laundry and cellar; gatiiind wuter; over six lot*; grounds stocked with choi.'tst trult ; stable, well, hennery, cisterns, Ac. ; mag nlflei ut view; location itei tectly healthy; entrances two streets; rear schools, Churches, Ac.; five minutes from boat, n from, depot: 42 daily trains; ulglit trains tor theatres, Ac. ; Immediate possession. Apply to SMYTll A ME'l/.GI' R. Real Estate Agents, Poppcnhuseu Institute, College Point. A A (10PNTRY SEATS, FARMS AND COTTAGES FOR J sale, exchange anil to let.? Some furnished, in all purls of New Jersey , all prices: pi inted description*. K. M. MASON, No. I Chambers street. TON'OLBWOOD AND PALISADES.- CHOICE PROPER L ties Jor sale or rent. 1- uniished Houses for Summer. CHARLES 1). KELLOGG, No. 4 Pino stifa:. ItOR SALE AT A HA R< JAIN-AX ELEGANT COCX try Sent on the Hudson; two hoirs from the cllv, only three minutes from depot; spacious house, in lino, order; nhout tour acres of ground. Particulars with S. EMBKRsoN, 889 Sixth avenue. FOR S*IS-OKfi ol" THE PfWEST FA RMS IN STATE of New Jersey; 300 acres; rliolce and expensive buildings: truit of 'nil kinds in abuiiduncci well tanced and watered : the cheapest tarm offered iu tfe&et&rfcSit a word to the wise Is sufficient. S. S. MANGAM k CO., 8? Nassau *-trect, room 18J?. J ''OR SALE? IIOV SE AND EIGHT ACRES OP LAND or w ill sell u part, situated on high g round, splendid prospect, plenty ot tvult. healthy atul convenient; three quarters of a mile from three railroad stations in New Jersey ; hQC*e 4(txU4xU; all buildings, fences and place In general m perfect order! price lo\v and terms essy. For particulars Inquire ef owner, \V. D. v., No. 6 Beaver street. New York. For sale or to let-at grand view, on the Hudson, near the depot, two Cottage*, eight rooms ench ; modern improvement*, with river tront-; garden, I r u it and shade. For further particulars and photo trap lis apply to W. H. DUCKWORTH, 325 Washington street. New York. IjiOR SALE OK TO LET? A GOOD Hol'sE il2i:ooMS) 1 and 67 acres yf Land, in Washington Valley. N.J. inquire of NOAH \> . PIKE, corner of Front and Cherrv streets. PlftinneM. jr. J., or ot V. E. H LACK WELL, 247 Broadway, New Votk. FOR SALE OR TO RENt? A N E AT COTTAOE, WITH nine rooms, untarnished, and good location, in Green wich, Conn, Por further particulars Inquire of S. D. BENSON, 192 and 1SH C he rry street, Homestead to lease for the season or for one year, at South Norwalk, Conn.? To lease, possession on or before the 1st ot May It desired, the full sized commodious two story tramr llojise, with burn and other outbuildings. all In tine order; location one ot the plea s?n test on the line ot the New York and New Haven Railroad, overlooking the Hound, river mid harbnrnnd within live minutes ot the depot; house well furnished, and bus gas, innfBce, range, with hot and cold water and laundry : grounds contain about Hi, ncres, with large garden, about loo trnlt trees in tull bearing and a varielv ot small fruits. A family Horse, Rockawuv, Wagon, Cart and a well stocked Hennery will be let wltli the premises. For tnrther particulars inquire ot A. G NUTiIMJ, <82 Hroa tway, New York, or ofthu owner, L. 11. MOORE, on tii?' premises, at South Norwalk, t'onn. MtJWrCLAIR, N. J.? FOR SALE OR RENT, A FIRST ?Class new Hons", I ! rooms and hath room, hot and cold water; rotfge. furnace and all modern Improve ments; grounds lOx'iii'i teet. for particulars apply to C ARE\ A YALE, owners, 00 BetlVer street. New York. VfORRISTOWN,? AN ELEGANT MANSION; 17 i\l rooms; II acres; fine grove; near depot; good neighborhood : tor sale vr exchange tor in proved or uu lmprovvd Property. J. llh.Mtl JOHNSON, 94 Broadway. ORANGE, N Rl W- -NEAT PHOPBRTIM KT reasonable figures: a tine selection furnished and unfurnished Houses, reason or year. HAMILTON A WALLlS, No. Si Nassun St.. and orange, opposite depot. OBa NOB, N. .t AND T1CINITY.? SPECIALTT. Greai variety Property for sale, rent or exchange. I. 11. GERRY. '? Sii-s iu street, corner Liberty. Call tor Rent and Sale Catalogue*. ON THE SOI'ND, NT \H PKI.IIAM RRIDOK.?A verv desirable Plneo of 12 acres to rent; tine mansion, billiard hull, boattn/, bathing. <v . * rnrt.AXD ;oi Broadway. VMM BLAND COI M Y I UtM Nl \K NEW CITY? I Vlso splendid Country heat at Keck land Lake ; and village property at Nyack, cheap. Ka-v terms. H. MILLS, us Chambers (treet. OPL NDID VILLA SITES FOR SALE CHEAP? FOR ? > private r.' idem es only, st I'pper lluckensack; I choice location, near Erie and Midland Railroad. I- ?M M VSON, No I i , tubers street rro LET-FI RNISHED HOITSB ON SEASHORE, i south side oi .-tuten Island: -tillable icehouse ; garden, with truit in a bun lance ; rent Samper annum ; possession , at any time. Apply to A. .lot RNEAY, 51 Llspenard st. rpo i ' ' ' I NEWARK, X. J.. THE Til I'.l B - FORT I and basement House ?<?>?'? High street, convenient to Newark aud New York Kail osd ; 11 rooms and bathroom : gas and steam healer: rent ?'WO. Address M. W., Ilcraid office. _ rpo I.EI CHEAP lo \ GOOD TENANT? At SUMMIT, 1 N. ,t , s beautiful ('ottagi House, containing seven ' room", having s large gar b u and a variety ot truit; lo j ration health \ : within three minutes' WHlk of the depot. | Inquire of Tilos L. KoLLo, Park row, room 1. 'po LI A-E-l'oR THE TERM oF TIIRKE YEARS. TO I a responvibla tenant, the Port Lee Pavtllull Hotel and Grounds; rent moderate. In I'.iirc ol Captain GEORGE ANN BIT Port l-ee. rpo R1 <T? AT n.AINPlBLD, N. ,i? AN OLD FASH I loie d House, comfortable aud commodious, furnish ed ; a go nl range ; water on the second floor ; plenty of shade and iruit trees, barns, a. . ; ? nhin live minutes' walk of Evona station; l?stlon both healtbtul and ajrei ati'e ; JI.Vi per uio'i'll lor -i\ months, or $100 par month tor th< ?. -ir. Address bo\ :u i'(1s? offiee, or In quire off II. KiMHaI.L,!! New -ticet, New York. ! rpwo PINE RE.-II>I N< ES IS FM sHINO VILLAGE 1 can be 've ; i ' .ti v r . U'O anieieou.-> lerius. Inquire of S. 1' HIMld.Mi, I I mIih s. I.. I. C:T(WI R';nt ? I t RNisill.D lloi hi; IN city OF O i ' ' 1 ' H r . I - 1 < > ; . ? 'tin. all nnprox ements ; 14 rooms; central location. Call on owuer, 723 blxth avo^ nue, from life Iv'itlntk. ?? ?? A I / jijo fSSHWILL BI'V A HOUSE AT FAR ? I f I * llockiittuy. 2lx2tteet ami extension, Willi it qluirtVr i'i i'e of ,iV. Hid, near Hie beach and two ifej oi s. inonirv (?l 0. C, NORTON, v I'cnu street, bruuk hn I. I?. PROPERTY OUT OF THIS CITT FOR 8AM OH TO RKKT. 1 H Hon acres in NEBRASKA for hale-in 1U.UUU oue tract, in Butler county ; well selected for a colony ; on the route from Lincoln to Columbus; taxes pui?l nml title undoubted. Apply to OWN Jilt, lock box 41 l'oi>t oflicc, Philadelphia. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND STORE, L0 cated In ltarlcm; also two otber Houses to ex cliare lor a desirnUle Furra or unimproved Property. EUGENE CM K VALUER, 61 Liberty sireet, basement. EXCHANOE.-WE HAVE SOME SMALL, NEAT Brooklyn Houses. lightly encumbered, which wo will exchange for a good Farm. J. O. HOYT A SON, 171 Broadway, New York.

hjlOR HALE OR EXOHAN.IR? A LAKOF. FIRST CLASS ' dwelling House, with stable, ice house and two or inore uores of land, at Summit, N. J., lor sale or exchnnuro for clfr Lots. Apply to T. R. WHITE, 33 Nassau street, ro nn 8. For sale? or exchange for city property, House and Lot 35 East Nineteenth street, ami House and Lot 83 West Nineteenth street. Apply ut W West Nineteenth street For sale or exchange-house and lot. in East New York, new, all improvements, equity $1,200; (or lluiter or Groceries. Call at butter depot, 171 Bridge street, Brooklyn. For sale, excuanoe or to let-a first class new House, 13 rooms, with eight Lot/, at Mount Hope, Westchester county, live minutes from Tremont station. If. R. R. Apply to JOHN D. OTT1 WELL, 199 Third avenue. TO EXCHANGE-NICE COTTAOE nOUBE AND three-fourth Af an Acre at Tappau, 14,000, no encum brance, lor Brooklyn House, not over $( 0. C. WAY LAND A AYMAR, 1?3 Fulton street. New York. WANTBD-CITY LOTS, IN EXCHANGE FOR A FINE brown stone House, In Harlem, near Boulevard ; must be well located und ready for Immediate improve ment. WARREN, 700 Broadway. WANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MEB chundise, 2,000 acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas l'aciflc Railroad in Vau Zandl county, Texas. Titles perfect In every respect. For particulars addles* C. C. II EARN E, box iw Galveston (Texas) l'ost uAlce. REAL ESTATE WANTED. WANTED? LOTS ON WASHINGTON HEIGHTS. Owners of lots on the Heights or ou the Dyckman restate can find purchasers by applying to 0. LEBl'IN ASSE, 112 Broadway. KOIl NAL.K. AN OYSTER SALOON, DOING GOOD BTSINES8, FOR sale, chcup, on account of another business. 760 Tenth avenue. A FURNISHED HOUSE? KEPT AS AN EMIGRANT boarilinK house, with Ave veam' lease, tor sale ; pos session now. Inquire at 141 Cedar street. A? FOR BALE, ONE OF TUB OLDEST AND FINEST . fitted up Barrooms and Billiard Rooms in New York. Iuiiuire on the premises, 407 Grand street, corner ot OUnton. ARARB CHANCE.? THE STOCK ANI) FIXTURES of n Toy and Candy Depot, including a nice Sola Apparatus and Ico Cream Oarden; good reasons lor sell ing. . J. STILWELL, 381 Grand street, Williamsburg. A CORNER GROCERY STORE FOR SALR-WBLL established ; location unsurpassed; largo cash trade : low rent ; extraordinary chance inuku money ; bargain. 1'artluuiars 23 Chambers street. GBOKQE W. 8IMERS' Store Agency. A FIRST CLASS GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISHING Store for pale? Located great business thouuht are ; leading avenue; enterprising party rare iiives'ineut Particulars 23 Chambers street GEORGE \V. SIMERW Ptore Agency . AN OLD ESTABLISHED MILLINERY. DRESS mnklng anil Fancy Goods Store.? Splendid business location; extensively 'patronized ; low rent; bargain. Particulars 23 Chambers street. GKOKOK W. SIMERS' Store Asreney. AN OLD ESTABLISHED MANUFACTURING BUSI ness (or sale? Well and favorably known and patronized; enterprising party splendid opportunity make money. Particulars 23 Chambers street OKOKU15 W. SIMERS' Store Auency. A BIO OPPORTUNITY.? FIRST CLASS LIQUOR JY Store lor sale, on the corner or De Kalb avenue and Schenck street, Brooklyn. Apply to JOHN LEONARD, No. 1 State street, New York. \ IIAT STORE FOR SALE CHEAP? BE8T HI'SI JY ness location ; also Drug Stores from $500 up light Manufacturing Businesses, Conl'eetioncry, saloons, Cigar Stores. ? MITCHELL'S Store Agency. 77 Cedar street A SODA WATER MANUFACTURING BUSINESS koR sale? Rnre chance; also Bakeries on all avenues; business streets; Grocery Stores; Billiard Saloons; Halls to let. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A BUT'lER AND PRODUCE STAND FOR SALE, JY cheap? Also downtown Restaurants and Liquor Stores near Washington Market; uUo corner liquor Stores in Brooklyn. Ml n iiLLL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A SPLENDID RESTAURANT KOR SALE? BEST business location ; also corner Idqttor Store* ; down sown Sample Rooms, Lunch Rooms, country Grocery stores, Stores to let MISCHELI.'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar s'reet A FIRST RATE CHANCE FOR A DOCTOR OR druggist.? For sale. Stock and Fixtures of a r>r un Store, in a thickly populated neighborhood; store estab lished five years ami is now offered for sale in conse quence of the death of the proprietor; can lie had a bar gain. Apply at 51 Market street, flfctwa, W. J. AN EXCELLENT CORNER OROCERT STORK FOR . V sale in Williamsburg? A good lease ami low rent; doing a itood business. Apply lo TllOMAS GAFF.N E V, Auctioneer, 6 Centre street. A WELL LOCATED GROCERY AND LIQUOR store for sdh* ? Doing a good btttUiOsit long ien-? ttiul low rent ; in a thickly settled neighborhood. Apply to THOS. GAFFNEV, Auctioneer, .\o. 6 Centre street. A GOOD FAMILY LIQUOR STORE CHEAP IN A pof'ious tenement nciuhboi hood; rout low. Alio flown town Sample Kootn, corner Grocery, corner Liquor Restaurant, Cigar Biore cheap for cash. LLOYD, 2'.> Brond'.rav. A -FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS, OLD ESTAB ? lished corner Wine and Lager Beer S'ore ; also go id place for seliinu liquor. lsl West Houston street. For particulars apply 011 the premises. AONB-HALF INTEREST IN AN OLD-ESTABLISHED Steam Laundry; object to increase the business and prepare to do family wort during the coming season; price #1,000. Address LAUNDRY, West Side Advertise ment otflce, SOS West Twenty-third street. A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, AN OLD ESTAB llshed Cigar and Stationery Store, News Depot and Route ; satisfactory reasons given lor selling Inquire at 3W> Fourth avenue. (1 ROCKERY AND HOUSEFURNISH I NO STORE FOR J sale, with a three years' lease of store.? Stock, will inventory, about $0,1X10, andisot the best quality ; loca tion good anil business paying. Inquire on the premises, No. 2 Avenue House, Five Corners, Jersey City Heights, of S. HUGHES. ClAItTAGE OF. FLOOR STORE. WITH TRUCKS, J Horses and Harness, for sale cheap. Inquire at 170 South street (1LOTHIERS ?ONE OF THF. Bf ST TRADES TN THE / city lor sale; Lease and Fixtures ; will exchange for City Property. Address X. Z., box 1-C! Herald Uptown Branch olllee, 1,305 Broadway. Drug store for sale on easy terms? Established 25 years; handsomely titled up; large stock of tlrst class goods; dolmr a fine business , sickness only reesmt for selling. A person in want of a store will do well to call on or address A. UIU?\\ Lit, New Bruns wick. N. J. IOR SALE? STOCK AM) FIXTURES OF THIS FIR.-tT class Liquor store and Billiard Room 199 Bleecke Inquire In the store. TfOR SALE ? THE LEASE OF ONE OF TIIE BEST F Suits in the apartment house corner of Firth avenue and Fifteenth street, together with the Furniture. <'r > k erv and 'ilassware, imported by the owner ; five rooms, not incitulltiK kitchen, servants' room, cellar, Ae. : 011 the avenue. For particulars address box ">,rt?0 Post office. 1f?OR SALE?BOOT AND SHOE STORK: A ORB AT 1 chance to make money; low rent, inquire at -40 Grand street. SALE? A FIRST CLASS MILLINERY, WITH A J; Glove and Fancy Business connected with it, doing 0 very large business; established over twenty . ears; any one liaving $15,000 to $20,000 way apply to W. W. Sill M WAY, .124 1 'mini street. IJIOR SALE? AN OLD ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE r Manufactory of French Contcctionery, wftli ? large trade. satisfactory reasons given lor setting. Tins is ,?? splendid chance for one who knows the tradek Apply to M. FOX, 103 Johnson street, Williamsburg, rear. TjlOR SALE- LEASE, GOOD WILL. TRUCKS, AC., 11F JP the old established wholesale and retail Flour ami Store. <">'*> First avenue, near rinrt v-fourth I/O It S YLF.-A CUTLER'S STORE AND LE ASE; ALSO J1 Shop, with 'team Engine. AJdres. N > t!Sj\i!i u. OR SALE-A WELL ESTABLISHED PAPER BUSI ness. Address PBCKHAM, bos Utt Herald iff TjlOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS BAKERY, SPLEN " didly titled up, now doing a goo 1 ( ash business over the counter, hor particulars apply on the oreinistS, tur ner Bedford and Laiayelte avenues. Brooklyn l^OR SALE-BLACK WALNUT SASH CASE AMI r Cornice, 25 feet lorn; : show Cases, Counters an l Shelving 01 a house furnishing burin am slore. 71 Sixth avenue. Tj'OR SALE? A PAINT BUSINESS; PROCESS OWNED r exclusively by advertiser; paints superior and thor oughly tested ; works in excellent locality and in com plete order; business very profitable; satistictorv reasons lor selling. Address PAffcTS, box IH? Herald ollUe. F TTtOR SALE? STOCK AND FIXTURRS OF A LIQUOR 1 Store; lour yours' lease, with apsritncuts to live in. Call for two days at 221 Elizabeth street 30R SALE? FOR $1,200, A WHOLESALE CLOTHING ' Manulacti ry, with 12 sewing m i hines iipi extensive ustoiu. ? H. Ul, 14 Centre street F custom. j^OR S ALB? LEASE AND FURNITURE OF A Pltl _J vate Boarding House; best iuiation up town inquire nt OS spring street 130 R SALE? STOCK ANI) FIXTURES OF AN OLD ES 1 tabllshed Fancy and Dry tioo ls store, ill Ninth avenue. I NOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR Store, doing a good business. 439 Washington strTet, corner Dcshrosses, one Idoek iroui icrry, a? Hie proprietor lias other business 011 hand. I^Ott SALE? WITH PRIVILEGE ? ?K LI tSE-THR Stone Yard, with shop, sione, Steam Etiai lie Rub WnFRea, Ac'. For further particular* inquire a; JAMES GIBSON A CO.'S, IMS West Forty-ninth street. TJK)R SALE? \ FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT, DOING F a larifc, trade; finely located on a prominent tof? ner; good olass of enstomers; Ioiik lease. Inr rent; for tune to right man. in tlAroitgh order and on easy terms. Apply to J. A. K AM PING, "(I Cedar street. fV)R SALE- GROCERY AN U MILK Dl'i'ol , -1 EAS C I'WWUUI /truiir FOR 8ALB. For bale-a first class corner orocbry Store, with One Stock, Horse*. Wagon*, Lease, Ac. ; a great tiarguin lor cash, Apply to D. VAN DKRUAW, room J, 18 Court street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE CHEAP-ON ACCOUNT OF SICKNES8. A Confectionery, with Tools, Ac. Apply at 311 Court itreet, near Peg raw, Brooklyn. Hardware and housefurniahinu store for sale.? Four year* established; law and strictly cash trade ; long lease, and goodwill ot the bu tines*; no opposition ; for sale l?w; good reasons for sailing. Apply to Mrs. NORTHROP, 371 Dcgraw street, Brooklyn, or at the store, corner of President and Smith streets. Hardware, housefurnibhing and stove Store lor sale? On the Howe ry. In the bc*t location for business, with I .ease, on the best ol' terms. Apply to J. BECKER, 393 Bowery. I WOULD SELL A MANUFACTURING BU8INE88 OF 40 years' standing, located la the leading business part ol the city. Sutlsfactorv reasons given for selling by addressing MANUFACTURER, box 192 Herald office. I UMBER YARD? TWO YEARS' LEASE, SHEDS, J Horses, Trucks, Desks, Ac., for sale cheap. Apply at 180 Lewi* atreet Restaurant for sale-excellent location in Brooklyn, E. D., well established, doing a good business, or the Property will be sold if desired THOS. GAFF&BY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. SAKE, SECOND HAND, NEARLY NEW, MEDIUM sized, for sale, at 180 Lewis atreet Safes.? herring's, fi.soo, for iuoj marvin s. Wilder'*, $36 to $10d, to close out. Lillle's improved Safe* at reduced prices. IJLLIE SAFE COMPANY, 81 Maiden lane, near Hold street. Safes.? a large assortment of second hand Safes of all styles and sizes for sale cheat). Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAM SAFE COMPANY, 300 Broadway. STOCK AND FIXTURES OF ESTABLISHED GROCERY Store lor sale? Must be sold ; good reasons lor selling. Call for two days at 923 l'lrst avenue, between Thirty filth aiul Thirty-sixth streets. Trees, trees,? a large lot of maples and American Elms lor sale, at G. W. JUDD'S, 116 West street. | THE BAR AND LUNCH ROOM 113 AND 115 JOHN street ; a rare chunco tor an American or English man; well adapted lor English chop bouse; prompt pur chaser will meet with a bargain ; owner wants to retire. . MACHINKKY. A" SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES-WE HAVE on hand 7x10. 8x13, 9x12, 10x16, 11x18, 12x24, 13x30, 14x24, 14x31), 15x30, 16x36, 18x24. Samples can lie seen at 38 Cortlandt street ; second hand Engines taken In ex change. WHITEIIILL, SMITH A Co., Mannlacturera, Ne_wburg, N. Y. A MRS' IRON WORKS? PORTABLE ENGINES, BOIL ers, Stationary Engines, Saw Mills, 16x36 and 12x18, second hand, at a sacrifice. B. P. HAMP8QN, 38 Cortlandt street A STEAM TABLE FOR SALE? COMPLETE ; LARGE Broiler and Pipe; also lHO-galion hot water Boiler; never been used. 893 Hroadway. A? FOR SALE, EIGHT-HORSE-POWER ENGINE t and Donkey Pump. Can be seen running at 130 and 132 Worth street AT WILSON A ROARER'S, 282 AND 284 WATER street.? Large stock of portable, horizontal, hoisting and upright Engines. Rollers, Pumps, Shafting, Pulleys, Ac., new and second hand. AT WILLARD A DE BEVOISE'S, 45 DEY STREST? Hoisting, Portable nnd Stationary F.ngiues, Boilers, Lathes. Rendering Tanks, Store Elevators, Pumps, Cal ender Rolls, Bhalnng and Pulleys, new and second hand. AFOUR-I1QR8E POWER ROPER COLORIC EN gine, with Shafting, for sale cheap; also Loft to let Can be *een running at 41 Warren street, upstairs. A GOOD SECOND HAND ENGINE, 15x42, WITH or without three cylinder boilers; also two sets Cylinder Boilers; would exchange for worn ont ones. JOHN STUART, 194 Broadway. For sale-one rip saw (Fornevs patent), two Gang Saws, to he sold cheap. JAMES TAYLOR'S Steam Stone works, Thirty-fourth st., corner Eleventh av. For sale-braiding and cord machines, from 8 to 72 carriers, by T. LBSCHHORN A CO., 52 Ltspenard street For sale-engines, boii.err, shafting, pul levs, Millstones, Tanks, Piping, Steam Pumps, Hoist lng Engines, Haw Tables, Pltilners, Ac. Address BENJA MIN FOX, 614 and 616 West Thirty -fourth street Kl'HOPEAN STEAMSHIPS. North german lloyd steamship company, Cor Southampton aud Bremen. The steamship DON'AU, Captain H. A. J. Nevnaber, l*ltl sail on Saturday, April 12, at 2 P. M., from Bremen pier, foot of Third street, Hoboken, to be followed liy Steamship BR KM EN, Captain F. Elugkist, on Wednes day, April I& RXtEs OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, IIAVRE AND BREMEN, payable in gold or its equivalent in currency. First Cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage .....a 30 For lreight or passage ?M^to CHS k CO.. Agent*. No. 2 Bowling Green. TI1E HAMBURG-AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mail steamship HOL8ATIA, Captain A. Barends, will sail on Thnr>day, April 10, at 2 P. M , for Hamburg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120. Second Cabin, $72. Steerage, $30. payable ill United State* gold. KITNnARDT k CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agent", General Passenger Agents, 01 Broadway, New York. til Broadway, New York. The SILESIA will sail April 17. C-IUN'.'.RD LINE. ) The British and North American Royal J!S'I -Steamships, between . New York' and Llv^rpoj}', calliiiif at Cork harbor. From New' York. ALGERIA. ..?Wod.. April 9 MAVA -Wed.. April'* ?RUSSIA Wed.. April 10 PA RTl'IA Sut. April 2 ? CALABRIA. ..Sat... April 19 ?rtJBA Wed., Anl. SO And every following Wednesday and Saturday from New York. Steamers marked thus ? do not carry steer age passengers. Kates nt Passage? Cabin. $90, *100 and $110, gold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, $16, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable terms. Steer age, $30, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Qucenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. For ircltht ?nl cabin passage apply at the Company's office, No. 4 Bowling Oreen; far steerage passage, at 111 Broadway, Trinity Building. ?? CHARLES O. FRANOKLYN, Agent. Or to P. H. DU VERNE r, corner of Clark and .Randolph streets, Chicago, III. IN MAN LINE. 1 For Qucenstown *nd Liverpool. Royal Mall Steamers nre appointed to sail as follows: ? CITY <?F MUNTHE.YL Sanday, April f% noon. CITY OF BRISTOL Thursday, April 10. 2 1'. M. CITY OF BROOKLYN Snturday, April 12,2 P. M. CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17. 9 A. M. CITY OF ANTWERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. CITY OF BALTIMORE Thursday, April 24, 2 P. M. and caclt succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from Pier 45 North River. RATES OF P/SSAGE. Cnbln, $98 and $100, gold, according to accommoda tion. Hound trip tickets at low rates. Steerage, to Liverpool, Qncenstown, Glasgow, London derry, London. Bristol or Cardllf, $30. Prepaid Certif icates, $32, currency. Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris at reduced rates. Drafts Issued at lowest rates. For Cabin Psssave and general business apply at the Company's Office. 1ft Br ladwur. For Steerage Pus-age, at S3 Broadway. <1011 N G. DALK, Agent; or to O'Donnell k Faulk, 402 Chestnut street, Phtliidcloliiu; M. S. Creagli, 102 State street, Boston; K. C. Brown, St! South Market street, Chicago; William luinati, Liverpool, and No. 9 Rm: Scribe, Pari*. V ATIO.VAL LINK OK STEAMERS." Xi Weekly to Queeflstown and Liverpool ; fortnightly to London direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from pier* 14 and 47 North Klvor. CANAD V. Webster Tuesday, April fl, at 2 P. M. FKANGB, Thomson Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. M. SPAIN, Grace snturdav, April 18, at 10 A. M. ITALY. Grigs.. Saturday, April 20, at 8 P. M. GREECE, Thomas Saturday, May 3, at 10 A M. I OR LONDON DIRECT. HOLLAND, Br.iL-g. Wednesday, April !?, at 2 P. M. These steamships Attli THE LARGEST IN TIIK TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and **>, currency. Steerage. S29. currency. Prepaid steerage tickets t>om Liverpool, Qncenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow, Cardiff. Bristol or l.oti Ion, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY flTHER LINE. For further .Information apply at the company's office, 09 Broadway. F. W. J. Hl'RST, Manager. TTNITED STATES MAIL LINE.? STEAM TOQUEENS U town and Liverpool. Sailiiu every Wednesday. WYOMING. Price April 9. at 3 P. M. IDAHO, Morgan April 1U, at J P. M. From pier 46 North River. Cabin passage, gold ; steerage, $W currency. Prepaid tickets, $'12 currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor way and Sweden. Ac. Draft* on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest rates. Apply to WILLIAMS k GO I OS, W Broadway. TI T HITE STAR LI N E. V> fur 01 EENSTOWN AND MVERP<W)L, CARRYING THE I' Si TED STATUS MAIL. New and full-powef?l *deam<hlps. Saillnfyrom New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. ADRIATIC .Saturday, April 19, aflO-JM A. M. BALTIC Saturday, April 2f>, at 3 P. M. CELTIC (Saturday, May 3, at 10 -.30 A. M. oceanic Saturday, May 10, at 10 A) A. M. ?From the White Stardock, Pavonla terry, Jersey City, Pause tfger accommodations tor all classes unrivalled, Combining satety, speed and comfort. .... Saloons, staterooms, smoking rt?oin and bathrooms in midship section, where least motion is telt. Surgeon* uud stewardess accouipanv the steamer. Rates? Saloon, $11)11, uoid; steerage, $30 In currency. Those wishing to send tor friends in the old country can now oiitain steerage prepaid certificates, $32, cur ' Passengers booked to or from allpnrt*of America to Paris, Hamburg, Norwa.e, Sweden, India, Australia, 1 lima. Ac. , Drafts from ?1 trawfrls. For Inspection of plans and oth?r information apply at the company's office, 19 Broadway, New York. Bills of lading Issued to Continental ports. J. II. SPARKS, Agent REAT WESTERN It steamship line. NEW YORK TO BRISTOL, ENGLAND, DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers for London, Cardiff. New port, Gloucester and all ports in Bristol Channel. The steamer* of this line will sail from pier 16 East River as follows GREAT WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 23 A It AGON, We-tern Wednesday, May 17 Cabin passage $70, currency Steerage flu, currency Parties wishing to send tor their friend* ean obtain prepaid certificates. Drafts lor XI uud upwards. For freight or passage ctpnlv to I.. IC. MORGAN'S SONS, , 70 South street, New York. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND A.VD IRELAND.? 1 Draftstor .11 ami upward* and Passage Tick .'is, by steamship and sailing packet, issued at th'i lowest rate* bV'IAPSt OTI' HltOTH EKS Id CO., *'? Soittli stra tl. O 'Donovan ito*s.\_ national live.? y par an tine, Statin island : New York, Brooklyn, and Jersey friends requiring tickets plea"c. write I telegraph friends arrival and s?e passenger* on buara irotn ?Wr 44. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS* ATLANTIC DI8ASTER.-PAS8ENGER8 BY STEA*. era can relieve anxiety of iriends at home by ? PASSENGER CABLE TELEGRAMS. For $2 notice ot arrival by steamer, Htate of health eart be forwarded from London, Liverpool, Hamburg, Bremen or Havre to any two addresses in New York. Ticket* tor aale at steamship offices, at Amenta', on the skips and by K I Kit NAN k CO.. Telegraph Agents, IS Wall street. Anchor line. Steamers *aU from pier 20 North River, New York, ?????EVfc:a* WEDNESDAY AND -SATCrfDAY. EUROPA.. ...JBat, April 12 ALEXAN URIA. Wed.,Ap. 89 TKiNACRIA.Wed., AprU 16 AU8TRA LLA..Sat, May 3 l? I8MAILIA. .. . Wed., Say 7 C9?RMBIA -Wed., April 23 VICTORIA Sat, May 10 INDIA Bat, April 28 CASTALIA.. Wed.. May 14 The passenger accommodation* on steamer* of thinUno are unsurpassed for elegance and comfort Cabin state - rooms are all on upper deck, tnua securing good light and ventilation. ? ??? RATE8 OP PASSAGE TO GLASOOW, LIVERPOOL OR LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers. Oold. Ourren< v. Cabins $73 and $65 $7? and $C> Cabin return tickets. secur ing best accommodations. $1*) tiao STEERAGE, $30, CURRENCY. Tickets for pa*?age to or from any seaport or railway station in Great Britaiu, Ireland or the Continent issued at lowest rates. DRAFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES. Company's offices, No. 7 Bowling Green. New York. HENDKRSOIT BROTHERS, Agcnta. Just published, "The Trip to Europe." a magazine of Information lor ocean travellers; can be had free of charge on application. 0 NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AKI> HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. _ The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Con tinent will sail from pier No. Ml North River, as fol lows : ? VILLE DU HAVRE, Surraont Saturday, AdHI 19 PERBIRE, Daure Saturday, May3 WASHINGTON, Roussan Satu day, May 17 ST. LAURENT, Lemarle Saturday, May 31 PRICE OP PASSAGE IN GOLD Ineluding Wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE, First Cabin, 9125; Second Cabin. $75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. These steamers do not carry steeraxe passengers. American travellers going to or returning from tha Continent of Europe, liv taking this line, avoid botti transit by English railway and the discomforts of cross ing the Channel, besides saving time, trouble and ex pense. GEORGE MACKENZIE, Agent. M Rroadway. COOK'S TOURS TO VIENNA. Kightv-seven different routes, via London, the Rhine, Piris, Switzerland, Ac., Ac., at great reductions; avail able by all lines of steamers from American ports. COOK'S ITALIAN TOURS, nearly 100 in number, at reductions running from 30 to, 4ft per cent helow ordinary prices, combining all parts ol Europe with Italy. COOK'S TOUR8 ROUND THE WORLD. Price $l.iM0, gold (available for going West or East)* The regular travelling tickets issued by COOK. SON A JENKINS, 262 Broadway, New York, and Fleet street, London. Special Personally Conducted Party leaves May It) for Italy and Vienna <105 days), from New Vork; $730, gold, which includes all expenses tor the tour. nPHE AMERICAN EMIGRANT COMPANY, NO. 3 BOW JL ling Green, New York, established IH'12.? Steerag* passage tickets, foreign cxchango and railroad tickets. Send lor eircuiur in English, German or Scandinavian languages. Address box 4,542 Post office. _ UNITED STATES PASSPORT BUREAU. ? AMERICAN citizens requiring Passports will apply to THOMAS SADLER, Commissioner, No. 8 Broad street, New York. UNITED ST VTF.S PASSPORT BUREAU. ? OFFICIAL i'nssiMjrts of the Department of State Issued by A C. WILLM ARTH, United States Court House, 41 Chambers st. F COAMTWI8E STEAMSHIPS. OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. 3 North River, at 3 o'clock P. M. SHERMAN, on SATURDAY, April 12. Freight received daily. Through rates given for fit Louis, Vlcksburg, Mobile, Galveston and Jndianola. For treigiit or passage (having superior accommoaa* tlons) apply to HtEDERIC! BAKER. 30 Broadway. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S Line to CALIFORNIA, JAPAN AND CHINA, via Panama, carrying mails, passeugers and freight to Aspinwall, Panama, Santa Martha, Grey town and Pacific coast of Mexico, Central America, Peru and Chile. April 19, 1873 ? Steamer OCEAN QUEEN, Captain flev hury. will leave pier 42 North River, at 12 o'clock noon, for Asplnwall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer MONTANA, Captain Nolan, touching at Aca puleo, Mann nillo, Mazatlan, and nlso connecting tor all Central American and South Pacific ports. Departures of loth and 20th of each month connect with the com pany's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonata. Salina Cruz and Port Angel. steamer CHINA will leave San Francisco April Iff. 1873, tor Japan and China. For rates of passage, freight and all further Information apply at company's office oa the pier, foot of Canal street F. R. BABY, Agent. J^"EW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINB. These first class steamships will sail every Tuesday 4t 3 P. M., from pier 13 North River (foot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, as follows:? Steamship MORRO CASTLB Tuesday, April 8 Steamship CRESCENT CITY Tuesday, April IS Steamship WILMINGTON Tuesday, April 2? For freight or passage (having magnificent accommodo* tlons) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO.. 119 Wall sirea& D. M'KELLER, Agent In Havana. UNITED STATE8 MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO HAVANA, PROGRESO AND VERA CRUZ. . New York and Mexican Mali Steamship Line, leaving Pier No. 3 Worth River, at 3 P, M. KVi'IltY rnvR2n*Y. ^ CITY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexicftf .April l?i CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) ??=? ;l? CITY OF MER10A (Havana onlv) April 74i CLEOPATRIA (Havana and Mexico) .May I CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) 3?y8 ay 8 F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, 33 Broadway. For freight or passage a^>|>iy to F?METRO^OLIs!crp^n Pi?orgfrelght or P assise C0. , 133 Maiden lane FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell steamship r.lne, The steamship CORTES, Captain Frank Kembte, will leave pier 9 North River, on. Saturday, April 12, at S P. M. Freights received 'inily. Through rites given' to Galveston. Indlanola. Rocktort or Aranzas whart, Brazos. Santiago and Bt Louis. Cabin pannage, $50; stecrage,$26. For freight or pajJ MUe apply to CLARK ft UK AM AN, 86 West street. Texas line of galveston steamers, roroa inn at Key West carrying theJTnitcd states mail. The ttenraer CITY of AUSTIN; Captain F.MrldWk f* now receiving freight at pier 20 East River, and will Bait Saturday, April 12. Through bills of lad in* given to Hotiston, either hyth# O. H. and H. R. R. or by the Houston Direct Navigation Company, and to all points on the Galveston, Houston and lleuderson ami II. B. and C. Rnilmad. No charge for forwarding in New York. For freight or passage apply to ? C. H. MALLORY ft CO., 153 Maiden lane, or W. P. CLYDE, 119 Wall street, NEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAM8HIP LINE. Fur Hamilton and 8t. George, Bermuda. The steamship ALBEMARLE. Read, master, wiQ bft< despatched, trom pier 17 North River, on Thursday, April in, at 'i n'elocH P. M. For freight or parage (having ele gant accommodations; anptv to LUM' B ItOTHERS. 28 Ponth street. FOR NORFOLK, CITY POPTT AND RICHMOND.-" The Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37 North Hiver their elegant slaswheel steam* ship OLD DOMINION, Walker, commander tor Norfolk. City Point and Klchmoml, on 'I'uesdav. April 8, at. IP. M._ glv ng through hills of lading to all points South ana Southwest. Through passenger tickets issued to ail points. Accommodations unequalled. Apply at pier37,or at the general ?Wee, 187 Greenwich street, corner of Deyu TRAVELLERS' CHIDE F PALL R1YER LINE. ' The world-renowned Steamers BRISTOL and PROVIDENCE will resume their place on the line on Monday, April 14. after having been thoroughly overhauled and entirely r< titled with every appliance tor safety ifnd comfort. A. IV BACON, Superintendent. FJNNSYLVAN1A RAILROAD. Trains leave Now York, trom foot of Dc.shrosses and Corlanlt streets, as follows:? Express tor IlarrUburor, Pittsburg, the West and Boning with i'ullinau Palace Cars utlnchi'd. at 9:30 A. M.;6,7 and 8::>0 P. M. Sunday, ft. 7 and X:3) 1*. M. For ltaltiinore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M. ;T and 9 P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. ?' Express (or Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9:30 A. M. ; 12:30. 1.1,5, V 8:30, it l'. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 0, 8:30 and 9 P. M. For Philadelphia. via Kensington, at 7 A. M. ami 2 P. M. Emigrant and second class, 7:1ft P. M. ? . ? For Newark at ?, 0:30, 7, 7 :40, 8 :10, 9, 10, It, 11 :?f? A. M., 1.!, 1,2, 2 :??,*, 3:2-1, 3:40, 4:10, 4:3V 6:10. 8:20, ft:;#), ft * I, ?, tl :10, f! ;30, 7, 7 :30. 3 :10, 9, 10, U JO, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 JO* For'kllMbeth, 6, 6 :30, 7, 7 :W, 8, 8:10 9, 10, 11. 11 :4<T A. M.? 12 M., 12:30, 1, 2 1 2 :30, 8,3:10. 3:41, ?. 4 JO, 4:30. 5:20, 6:30, 6:50, i 6:10, fl-irt, t JO, U :10t 10, 11 JO, 12 P. M. Sunday, 6:20.. ? For IUhway'6, 6 :30, 7, 8 :10. 9 :30 and 10 A. M.. 12 M? 1, 2. 2 ?? 3, 3 "5*8 kk 4 :10, J 3 >, 6 -it. 6 :30. 6 :50. ?. 6 :!*), 7 :30, 8 iiuj . 10 P M and i2 nlghl Sunday, 6:20 and 6 P. M. For Wood bridge and Perth Amboy, 6 and 10 A. M.,2 :3\ ' For NewnBru'nswick, 7. 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2.3, 4 :10, 6 .-K* 6 9PM and 12 night Sunday, ?? and 9 P. M. For Eart. Millstone, 7 A. M., 15 noon, 4:10 and 5 :T) P. II* For Lambertville and Homington, 9 A. M. and 2 P. If. For Phitlpsburg and Belvidere, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation for Bordentown, Burlington and Cool' den 7 and 9 30 A. M.. 12 :30, 2. 3, 3: 40, 4 and 6 P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 i. M? 2 and 4 P. M. For .lameshurg, Pemberton, Camden, 6 A. M., 3:40 F. M. Trains arrive as follows .?From Pittsburg, 8 :#) A. M.. 1 :0) P. M., dally, 10:14 A. M. and 0:34 P. M., daily except Monday. From Washington and Baltimore, 6 40 A. M.? t-M 10.12 P.M. Sunday, 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, ft '21 6:60. 10:14,11 :04, 11 a4 A. M., 2:1?, 3:31, 0:04, 3:43 P. M. Sunday. 6:21, 6:50, 11:04 A. M. Ticket offices, ftf\ 43ft, 271 and 944 Broadway; No. t. Astor House and toot of DesVosses and Corilaudt street*. Emigrant Ticket olllce, No. 8 Battery place. A. t. (Ussatt, D. M BOYD. Jc, Uencral Manager. General Passenger Agent. BILLIARD*. A1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\ I ? and the I'helnn ft Collender Combination Cash. Ions, manufactured and lor sale only by the inventor and patentee, H. W. COI.I.ENItEK. successor to l'hclaa 4 Collender, 738 Broadway, Nuw York. NEW ftXIO BILLIARD TABLES, |3co, CO.MPLETE? Ft conn hind Tables, made over now. $2i)u to &ZT&/ "Nonpareil" and "nf vol" Tables In crtmt variety. KAVANAQH A DKCKRR, comer Cunal and (>ntrs *0C W?.iRirrIT1'8 BKVEL BILLIARD TABLES-" ? With Delaney s patent steel wire, cushion* trtt i no i?e?t manufactured : second hand fable*, complete, |?.r $175 and npWArtR I nvcht?er? arc invited to exiimintt iji> j?^ieudid fetoctk ui Tables. \\ ar^rooru9v 4U Vessj itxsv^

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