Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,380. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1873.? QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS.' DIRECTORY FOB ADVERT1SER8* AHUSEMBNTS? Foubth Page? Fourth, filth and filth column* _ #PTROL?H>*'? Fimnmrn Pic*? Sixth eulumn. BILLIARDS? Siitbknth Pack? Fourth column. BOARDERS W aNTKD? Foi'rth PAu?-Plr?t and wcond column?. _ BOARD AND LODGING WANTED- Fourth PaCW He?ond column. _ BROOKLYN HEAL ESTATE FOR BALB-Be^ond Page? Second and third column*. _ , . BU.- IN KSS OPPOBTl'Nl ilEft? Fovbth PAUB-Thlrd col umn. BTBINKBS NOTICES? Ninth Pa?h- Sixth column. CIGARS AND TOBACCO? FincEitfli P4?E-Sixth COl CITY "r?AL ESTATE FOB SAVE? Sbconb PAO^-Plret and second column*. . ?CLERKS AND SAi.KSMKN? Fwtkenth PA?*-Thlrd and i fourth column*. CLOTHING ? hiiTi r.vm Pagr? Fourth colurn*. COACHMEN ANU < i A 1U? K. N F. K K? Ki rr t enth Page? Fourth and tilth ?okMUM. OOABTWISK STEAMSHIPS? Tuird ^AGS^-fiXth COl gmn. . . COPARTNERSHIP ? EiRmarru Pack? Fltth column. CORPORATION NOTICES ? Fourth Page? llilrd column. COUNTRY BOARD? Fourth Page? Second column. DANCINO ACADEMIES? Fourth Hack? Sixth column. DENTISTRY- fourth Paue? Fourth column. DRY GOODS ? First Page? Blxth coining. Dwelling houses to let, fukSKhed and un FUKJilSH ISD? Third Pagm? Hmm< and third col EUROPKAN STHAMSHIPS? Third Page? Fifth and tdxtli ''?himni. BIT ROTE? First I1 AGE? Fifth column. FINANCIAL? Eleventh Page? Filth column. FINK ARTS? Thiki kenth Page? Sixth column. FOR SALE? Thihtkentu Page? Filth and sixth column*. FURNISHED ROOMS AND A PAR I'M liNTS TO LET? Thihd Page?' Third and fourth column*. FURNITURE-- Sixteenth Pa?ie? Fourth column. FREtNCII ADVERTISEMENTS? Firrucimi Page? Sixth HBLPWANTE D- FEMALES? Fi pteentii PAGE-Seoond A Mil Ulird (VilUHMH. HELP WANTED ? MALES? PirrRENTn Page? Fifth and sixth columns. _ . . , .. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC.? First PAO?-Third, fourth and liith columns. HOT. LS?Foukth Page? Soeond column. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED? SECOND Pa?JB? 8tttl? column. ... IJJSTRUCTltiN? Fibst Page? Fifth column. JERSEY CITY, IIOBOKEN, HUDSON CITV AND BER GEN RbIl ESTATE FOR HALE? Second Page ? Third minimi. _ , IJtGAL NOTiCEs? Fibst Page- Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES? First Page? Filth column. LOST AND FOl'ND? First Page? First and second columns. ? .. . _ MACHINERY? Thirteenth Page? Sixth rolumn. WARBLE MANTELS? Fourth Pagb? Second column. MUDICAL? Fifteenth Page? Sixth column. H1LLINKRY AND DRESSMAKING? First Pagh? Sixth *I6CEu!anEOUB ADVERTISEMENTS - Twelfth Page? Sixth column. MUBICa-L? Fourth Page? Filth column. FERSONAL? I' ihst Pagh? First column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, ?<\? Fourth Pace? Fourth coloinu. . FORT OFFICE NOTICE? First Page? Sixth column. PROPOSALS? Sixteenth Page? Filth and sixth col PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED-FBMALES? Fifteenth Page? first anil second columns. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Second Page? Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Pagb? Sixth .column. REAL ESTATE WANTKD-Second Page? Sixth column. RESTAURANTS- Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. REWARDS? First Page? Second column. 6ALE.S AT AUCTIOa? Sixteenth Page? First, second, third and lourth columns. SITUATION^ WANTED? FEMALES? Fourteenth Page? First, second, third, fourth, tilth and sixth columns, ? nd Fifteenth Page? First column. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALKS-Piftkkkth Pa?b Ihird column. SPECIAL, NOTICES? First Pace? Second column. SPORTING-DOGS, BIRDS, AC'.? First Paoe? Third Column. STORAGh? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. SUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Page? Sccond column. THE TRAD KB ? Fifteenth PAGG-Slxth column. THE TUKF? First Page?1 Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS -PURPOSEB-Third Page? First and second columns. TRAVELLfcKS' GUIDE?'! iiirub PAG-Slxth column. VNFURNISUED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Third Page? Fourth and tilth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Finn Pace- Fifth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PR0P8RTY FOR SALE OR TO LhT ? Second Pace? i hird column. TACHiS, STEAMBOATS, AC ? riRST Page- Sixth col umn. B?BA1D BH AISCH I'KKICF-IIPTOWS. ADVERTI8EXIENT8 FOB THB NBW YOBK HERALD CEIVBD AT TUB BRANCH UFPICB, 1,264 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN TIIIRTY-FIRflT AND THIRTY 0BCOND STREETS. ? ADVERTI8EM BNT8 ARK RECEIVED FROM 8 A. H. FILL. 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, f TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE HEW YORK JIBRALD. II B8SRS.KKEMBR k CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BBEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HBRALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SING LB NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTI E8 requiring TIIBM. ihlCAteOAAi*. HINT.? ORALINB I ORA LINE I I OF COURSE I AM J\ a favorite. ANN1B O.? YOUR PRIEND "JIM" WOULD LIKE TO hear from you. Address JIM 8M1TH, box 143 Her ald Uptown Branch office A? GEO. A?8, OF BOSTON, IS REQUESTED TO . cull upon or Rend his address to Mr. MARSHALL, #97 Broadway. . A WIDOW WISI1E8 ROME GOOD FAMILY TO adopt her years old. Address,lor one week, J. m. W., bo* ill I'Oil once, Bioomfleld, N. J. <?|}ARNUM CIRCUS." "LOVE AT FIRST 6IGHT."? J J Meet ine thin niternoon, at three o'c ock, MndWoii square it pleasant, otherwise in parlor of Iioiel. LAWRENCE. Brook i/yn.-lady with velvet basque with white lace edging around neck And in iront ; Pulton terry stage on Hroailway and Myrtle avenue car In Brooklyn : recivnLe J gentleman who bowed when ear Started; al?j saw him In Myr le avmne Tuefday after ?oon. Address LOCK, box 108 Herald office, when inter view may be had. C"TUARLE8 S. DUNHAM, SON OF G. W. DUNHAM, IN J 1830 and lor years alter a merchant in Kiceboio, Liberty county. Ga., has not been heard ironi since Au gust, Iwjd; then wrote that he was In the employ of one ?t his lather's tormor friends, in New York city i reliable Information as to his whereabouts or talc will ne liber ally I aid lor. Address box 24 Darlen |(,a.) I'ost office. Ad vertiser und photograph may be seen lor two days. C^IOKNK R i>EAT, " MADISON AYIXUB " STAGK, UP > Wallstroet to Broadway.? If you will allow ac quaintance addres*. sta ing where recognition took place to avoid error*, VBLvMT, box 804 Postodlce. OFKEK? LhT I> Bft RECEIVED. HOPE TO BB IN your town within two weeks. Send your new ad dress toon. Disappeared fiiom hkr home? on Saturday morning, April 3, suffering, it Is leared, under tempo rary abcrra.ion oi mind Mrs. B. Besrdsiev. hhe is of fair, clear coinpiexlon, gr.?y eves, mixed griiv balr, quite thin ; height about i> feci 'i inches, slightly built; ago be tween 40 and 00; quiet tnnnqeri <? nnd ion-voiced s dressed In black. Anv information legai ding her nill be thank sally received by her atltigicd iriends. 218 tiouth Fourth Street, Brooklyn. K D. BMMA.-BLONDK WILL MEET YOU AT TUB masquerade ball at Columbia Garden, Oncnwieli avenoe, West iwel'tfi Street, Thurtday evening, lilth. IiM.iKKLLA. JOHN V. G.-LBAVE FOR EUROPE ON 8ATI7RDAY. MARIE. VTR. OU8TAV BOGI8LAV ALBRECIIT, BORN IN ill Coeslin, 1'omuieritnia. Prussia, is rcqneatrd ?o send his present addref, an Icr H, 9,000, to BUiMJLPH MOtMB, advertising agent in Leipzig. U ARTUA KELLER.? YOUR PARE VT8 WILL FOR ghre everything " yon return before htdydays. NIGIITHAWK-WILL YOU SELL THE DIAMOND and pearl rings got Tuesday night. April If Address, staling terms, A. B., box 168 Herald otncc. E. ARMSTRONG WILL PLBASE CALL AT 287 Broadway. w w WILL AUGUSTS DK VERB C'EKK) HKND MIH AD dros to an Old friend who is very anxious about him? Address CLARA, Herald office. 114. LULU B. 8KND A LETTER TO ST. CLOUD Hotel? Did not see you pusa the Hotel as you ?aw. M. WAS ON FIFTH AVENUE SUNDAY, FROM S TO 4 P.M., from Thiry-Courth to Fory-elxth street; fid not see Klitie 8. nor Villette H. Will they send a letter, as be. ore, where < an lie st en? A. E. M. gQ-lO-UO TO M. TO DAY. ^ OATII STREET AND LEXINGTON AVENUE, TUE8 OU day, IU)< A. M.? Your address Is kindly solicited, explanation will follow. Address K., box 171 Herald Uptown branch office. La M .? f I ?.'? t*JC. Y OST-CHBCK NO, 13.181, DATED APRIL 7, 1873, XJ drawn by A. R. Van Nest A Co., on neventh Ward National Bant, for tm 82, and endorsed by E. W. Phelps. Payment has been stopped. L0^-VB8TBRDAY. IN THE VICINITY OF PECK slip, a set of Ariifleial Teeth. The Under will be Ft?tf>iyineW by k*vin* ,h,<ra w,Ul u *?-BRaN, 4 TOfT-ON MONDAY. APRIL 7. IN BROOKLYN, ON Pulton avenue ear, between Prankiin avenne an<1 nltst lerry, or la New York city, a black enamelled Sleeve Bntton, with bow knot ot small diamonds, w*?B N-jripUen on reverse, "OtrUe from Pa." The J|IH)flg S? Broad 'ewsrJ*d by returning same to <Vaod 108T-Bi(*ir BOOK NO. ??,?4, TMUP.D BY Till J ilaflnatun Savin , a In tjtatoon, aad IWiMM af IM ?ante has been (topped. the flitd r the owner ay returning the sam?i to tut bank. #44 BM#w*y, corner VWecher tue?t. $20 1XI8T AND roU!WD._ T WPT? $10 REWARD, SUPPOSED TO BE ON AN .Li Eighth avenue car, a Russia leather Pocketbook, MUi a mi in ot money. Please return to 119 Charles st, T OST? A ROU. OK MANUSCRIPT, EITHER ON TUB lj train or on entering ears at Willianwbridae on tlie 7 A. II. train from White Plain* The ftnder will receive a suitable reward by leaving same at room 31, it t'ham btrs?lrect, I OST? ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, ON CARS OR IN J sireet, probably on Broadway, between Fourteenth and Thirty-fourth street*, a lad.v's Cold Locket ot peculiar shape, with twisted chain ; locket contains only oae pic turc hutbus epace lor six. A suitable reward wiir bo ftven for its return to K. J. M OR RIBBON, Department 01 jinaace. City Hail Park. LOST? ON SUNDAY EVKNINO, IN GOING TO OR IN Mr. Ilepworth's ehnrrh. a Sealskin Boa. The Under will be rewarded by leaving it witn or addressing Mr. fSMfTH, 12 Barclay street. LOST-A LADYM OOI.D AND ENAMELLED WATCH. If returned to No. 7 Wert Twenty-eighth street a suitable reward will be give*. HEWAU1W. REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF ' fi*ALL !pO black and white Spaniel, lost l>omMadl?ou ave nue and Forty first Btreet on giorning or 7tn Instant. k? torn to m Madison aveuua. REWARD. LOST, A PARTIAL BET OF ARTI fleial Teeth, on a gold P,?*:.TJJj? Hr?^" W*i?h wtil be paid it left with I>r. WOODWARD, 288 Fltth avenue, near 1 hlrtleth street ________________ ?l~7w uZ REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR INFORM A Sl.UUU Hon wbloh will lead to the recovery of the t\ventv nieces of Black Silk stolen from 7# and 81 Worth street on the night of Uie 13th March. 1873. The award to be Dald on obtaining possession of the silks. RHODES, KlM* CO., 4?6 and 467 Broome street T~HE FINDER OF a LADY'S STEM WINDOW Watch, with a tortoise shell Chain attached, will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at the St. James Hotel. SPECIAL SOTICES. A? THE AMERICAN REGISTER, ? Tlie most widely circulated of the American Journals published In Rurope. A capital medium for American advertise rs add re.tsi iig themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain and the European Continent Subscriptions and advertisements for the AMERICAN REUISl'ER will be received and single copies of the paper may be obtained at the office of the New York Herald, Now York. A? IN BANK . $wo,ono, pledged to pay in full the iu.00!>ca*h girts which are to be distributed by lot among the ticke'holdcrsoi the Third Grand Gitt Concert lor the benefit of the Public Library ot Kentucky, the date of which lias been definitely fixed for July 8, 1873. The certificates and guarantee of the cashicr of the Farmers' and I. rovers' Bank of Louisvil'e, which holds the funds and is treasurer of the library, will be published as soon as received by mall. By the terms of the charter the money must beheld Intact, and can not be used for any purpose whatever except to pay gilt*. One Grand Gift, cash $100, UK) One Grand Gltt, cash W'.tXK) One Grand Gift, cash 26,01)0 One Grand Cii?h Gl. t 20,000 Ono Grand Cash Gilt 10,000 One Grand Cash Gift 6,000 24 Cash Git: a ot $1,000 each 24.0U) BO Cnsh Gilta of BOO each 26.0(0 80 Cash Gilts of 400 each 3* 000 100 t'axh Gittsof 300 each 30,000 160 Ca?h (iifts of 200 each .10,000 690 Cash Gift* of 100 each 69,000 9,000 Cash Gilts of lOcach 90,000 Total. 10,01)0 nifts.aU cash $600,000 Tickets, $10; halves, $6; quarters, $260. The whulo undei taking is under nuthoritv of a special sot of (ho Legislature, and lion, ex Governor Thomas K. Bramlote, ot Kentucky, has charge of the business of the concert tor trustees, one hundred thousand tickets? 10,000 gi:tn? ehanccs one in ten. New York sales are made a sr.eclal deposit with the Fourth National Bank ot New York. Fur tickets, (till programme, Information and all par ticulars apply to the General Agency s-'upplv. THO& 11. HAYS A CO., 0C9 Broadway, New York. ? HF.RAI.D BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, a corner 01' Pulton avenue and Hoeram street Open Irora h A. M. to 0 I'. M. On Sunday tram 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFPIOER-?, SAILOR8 AND SOLDIERS WOUND cd, ruptured or injured, are entitled to pension. Apply to Dr. K. B. JAOjvfeON, late Surgeon United States Navy, No. 4 New Chumiera street, ADARIES (PRICKS REDUCED), SOLE AGENT OF ? Royal Havana Lottery, MO Broadway -, box 4,909 Post office, New York. Dealers supplied. Circular* mailed tree. A -FURNITURE? FAMILIES MOVED, IN CITY OR ? country; Furniture. Pianofortes, Ac., packed and shipped ; storaire lor furniture, Ac. O. A F. BURN IIAM, 116 went Eleventh at, near Sixth ?v. A -CIRCULARS ADDRESSED FROM RECENTLY ? revised lists to reach parties la any line or business in the United tales ; also Hr.-t class residents of New York and vicinity. A. T. BILBY, Merchant and Manu facturers' Agency, No. 4 barren street. New York. A -HAVANA I OTTERY.? PRIKBS CASHED AND ? information furnished. Circulars iree. JOSEPH BATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 81, first floor. A? HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON FILE.? . April 22 the extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 196 Broadway^ roornf. BOWLES BROTHERS A CO.? IN BANKRUPTCY.? Notice.? All persons having claims mralnst the above firm are requested to make oa n to the same before a rcgrter in bankruptcy and band them to the under signed immediately, that proper action may be taken thereon. ALBERT VAN WAGNER, 128 Broadway, of Counsel lor Anignce. GREAT SALE Of Diamonds, Watches cnJ fine Jewclrv. As I am about retiring from the jewclrv basinets I offer my Innte sts*k of Oood.?, for the next IS days, to the putill<? and trade Roncrally below cost. JOHN CHAM BERLIN, 713 I roadway, under New York Hotel. C^OLD AND SILVER AND ARTIOLFS CONTAINING X gold bouiih at market prices; Polishing, Filter aim Photograph I'a ers burncl and smelted by Kctlncr hCUAWKL, 26 Jolin Mreet. Havana l iter v.? extraordinary drawing 22. 1 April. dcrman htuto Lotteries. Circulars muiU d iree. 1< I'HLMA.N N A CO., Bankers, 89 Nassau street; box 3,585 Pout oilH'p. IN THB MATT IS R OP THB ESTATE OF BOWLES Bros. ,i Co., In bankruptcy.?' 'i he list of creditors tiled in rai<! ea.-e living incomplete, all creditors who have not been reprc.tcnfi iliu Court are requested lo communi cate immcdin e v with the aa^'gace in Boston, and state their aitrtresH r.nd the nature ana amount ol their claims, la order that the till amount ol indebtedness may be as certained ns early as possible. HfcNitY J. MThV EN>, Assignee, 19 Con rt street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the necessary tacts l>y applying to SAN FORD. ROBINSON A WOODRUFF, Couri.s*lTorf-at-Iaw. ltd Broadway. New York. KENTt'CKY STATE LOTTKRIEfl.-$l, 000,000 13 di awn d.iiiy ; 12 X per cent commission allowed. For intormu'.ien ninily 'o h. NATHAN, iso. I Oltsey Building, Cordandt street; branch office, 612 Broadway. F 1 1C1 A 1 Mi AW I NOt? KENTUCKY HI ATE LOTTERIES. ittitu'ot- i xi it a class m>. 286? Aran H, 1873, 8b, At, I. ?i, li'J. .0, 29, 47, 4, 30, 3, 9. RFKMCXT? CUM KO. 204) ? APRIL 8, H78. 33. ?, ??, t, W, It, i\ 41, ti , 04, 10. FIMMONS A CO., Manaperr, Covington. Kt. rarifT ci i.l?ck-ixiiia oamho. 166? Aran. ?, 1.S7& 34. 27, 41, M. (I, III, -4, Ol, n2, 32, OS, 80, 68. tr.itH cdirct-tuil KO. 186? apfiii. rt, 1874 72, li, 81. 14, .17, I. *4, 40, 06, rfl. 17, 7V fMlTH A CO.. Mansrers, CoriiiRton, Ky. . . CLUTl, Broker, ICC Broadway. Post office lo* 4,9tte. 0 R KGCLAR ANNUAL SPRING OPENING This day (Wednesday), April 9, with Elegant Costumes, a ad Paris, London, Berlin and Vienna Novelties, B. ALTMA*N A CO.'*, 331 and 333 aixth avenue. Royal maxon government lottery at lbip. rte, <M?many ,96,000 tieketst 47.6U0 prizes; Brunswick Government umerv; Hamburg City Government Lot tery : KoTtFHavana'Lottery. I'rUes cashed and Intorma ^fen. THBODOR ZMCHOCH, ? 118 Nassau street; box 8,080 Post office. Royal Havana i ott krv-thh next extraor (?iiiar/ Dran ing will tako place on the 22d o( April, 1873. J. h. M aktini- % A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street Po?t otlice ftox 4,6e6, New York. OTAtfMEKlNO.-NKW YORK STAMMERING INSTI O td'c, established 1H70; Professors Mann and Colvln, Mana*s>f-. l.<7 West Twenty-third street. Applicants al lowed fllte# days' mtruetlon to satlstv thcmsc.vcs-. no pay for board or aervicea until cured. Send lor proa pec to*. TUP- /I AND LAST DRAWING OF THB 83d Roval Saxon Lottery at Lelpsic, Germany, will cotll?ence April 19 and cloae May 3. There will be drawn 34,ooo prlaea out of 81,000 tickets, to wit . ^ q( igo yoo thnlers. 1 Priae of HM,)U) Prussian thalera, 1 iSrlr.e ot 01, AO Prussian thalera, 1 Ptl/.i' ol flt'.otfl Prus?iHii thalers. 1 I'rlre of <D,0 0 Prussian thalera, ? 1 l*Yize ot St ,0 0 Pru*dan thalera, * i Prise of 2U.MN Prussian thalera, : S Prises of 10,000 Prussian thalers, 50 Prtxea ot ft, f00 Prussian thalera, 40 Prises of 2JSI0 Prussian thalers. 450 Prizes of-!Jw9Pr?-*fnrt thalfrs, and others. PrUe, cashed and ^rm.^rl^ ^ 1H Naaaan street Poatoffloe box 8,<1W. ___ __ ? KQo ivlQ IB DRAWN DAILY IN THB LICtlAL ?0o17.0q</ l?ed ilentneky I^tte^. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars tree; I4? ??"* contmWon allowed, address Bai.HY A CO. (offieo MtabBsheA thirty years), 174 Broadway. SPORTIKG? DOOUy *C>? 4 KOK k'Ai k aLIj KIM>8 01* KANCY DOG 8. A .~Jilrd*, Ac. ; "Medicines '?rnV'ly vf^'Vo Food lor mocking birds, at B. O. DOVKY S. No. BUreene street, near Canal. THE TITUF. HALL'S HALF MII.K DRIVING PARK, ON CONEY inland road, for sale, 011 easy terms. Inquire of K. W. ADA MM A CO., ll? Wall street. XTATIONAL ASSOCIATION TOR THE PROMOTION J.\ ol the Interests ot the American Trotting Torf. Sec retary 'tf otW'-e. Providence. R. 1., April % ld73. A special mectfnn of the Board of Appeals will be hold nt the Everett House, New York xily, on Friday, April 11, 1878, ?t 9 o'clock A. si. By order ot the President. D. P. LONGSTREET, Secretary. N. B.? Parties having any business or communication on which the action ol the Board it desired at this meet ing will please address the undersigned immediately at Providence. D. P. l.ONUHTREhT, Secretary. Prospect park pair oround association.? To let, the Pool Selling for the year 1S7S; also, to let, the Hestanrunt under the Grand stand lor the year 187.1 Scaled proposals for each sep arately will lie received un til April 8, at the ottlce of the Association. Pulton corner of Hoerum street, Brooklyn. The Association reserve the right to reject any or all proposals. By order of the Ex ecutlve Committee. GEO. W. OAKLEY, Superintendent. TO LET? FLEETWOOD PARK CLUB HOUSE yJD hitching privilege of grounds. Apply at the park or 112 Wall street. W, H. VANCOTT, Superintendent. HORSK CAHHIAOKP. AC. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THE SALE OF~*~ FINE AND GENUINE TROTT1 NO HORSES THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), AI'RIL 9, AT 10?i O'CLOCK, AT STABLE NO. 3 NKILSON PLAOB, BETWEEN WAVEKLEY AND CLINTON PLACES, ONE BLOCK WEST OF BROADWAY, REMOVED Tlll-.RH FOR OONVENIEXCK OP SALE FROM THE STABLE OP JOHN 11. ROPER, ESQ., By JAMES JENKINS, Auctioneer. Including an elegant, handsome fine, genteel and close matched team of youn:* mahogany bay trotting Marcs: are Hill sisters, fl and tt year* old this Spring-, were sired by Mhun Allen; they have line symmetry, style and gait, and are, without exception, the closest mated team in ap Roarance, style and gait to be found ; have tine dlsp oni ons; have neither vice nor trick ; fear nothing :are per fect pets; are all day roadsters and can trot together now better than 2 Aland promise to i rot much faster with a little handling; they are well broken to all harness; good under saddle, and are warranted sound, kind and true in every particular; can be driven by a lady, and will make an Al gentleman's tamlly or road team. A very last Bay Ueldlng, 16?i hands high, and 9 years old; sired by Cassin? M. (May, dam thoroughbred. He has line lull mane und tail, line head, long neck, an.l can pull a rond watfon any day In 2 :10. He is tine, easy and prompt driver, atrata or nothing, and one o; the best horses that goes the road : lie Is honest and well behaved in company, and as a gentleman's roadster is unsurpassed ; ho is warranted sound, kind and true In every respect. Rich .handsome blooded and genteel Bay Gelding, 16J^ hands high, 7 years old this spring, sired ov Iron Duke, he by old Harabletonian, dam by BeHi'oiinder; he Is finely built, with tine, heavy mune and tail; can show a 2 :S/> gait on road, and he Is ns fine gaited a* any young i trotter that goes the load; he Is warranted sound and kind. Also the fast and handsome bay mare Lydla; she is 16k hands high, 9 years old; was raised by Mr. Deinarest, of Roe.klund county ; she was sired tiy Rysdyfc'g Hamlileto nian, dam thrcc-i|uarter thoroughbred mare; she can go to ir tck and show 2 J); she Is a very resolute driver and warranted sound and kind. Also I Coupe, 1 Park Phaeton, 1 Top Wagon, I light top Trotting Wagon, 1 C spring Pony Phaeton, with top; single nnd double Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac. The whole comprising as fine stock as was ever offered at public auction, being all first cless nnd reliable, and fully as represented. Each purchaser will have ample time allowed him on cach horse for trial und examina tion. Gentlemen can have the opportunity of seeing them and having tliera examined at all times at stable, as above, prior to sale. N. B.? tale positive, rain or shine. At private bale-at arch, johhton-b MART, 19. 21. 23 and 25 EAST 13TH STREET, between University place and Filth avenue. ELEGANT DERBY DOG CART, WOOD BROS., NEAR. LY NEW. TOP WAGON. IHTSKNBURY, IN GOOD ORDER. ELEGANT STIVERS ROAD WAtiON, NEARLY NEW. TWO CLOSE COACHES, IN GOOD ORDKlt. LAND AU LET, IN FAIR ORDER. STIVERS' BUILD. FHty Ton and No top Wagons, Express and Business Wagons, Harness, Ac. Prices 26 per cent less than at any other place In the city. Very light barouche, brewbtf.r build, GOOD ORDER. THE "BRBWSTKR WAGON." in ?11 weight*, for pleasure (Irving or speeding, embracli omenta t making them .^nniKitelj finished. and embracing In their construction flic various im provements Introduced by lis during (lie pastlftycars, the Standard for Quality throughout flic United States. Ihefc wagon* are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered In ft? ck In all r?*pectf> equal in qualttv to those built to the order ol the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order thot we may not be confonnded with a lolut ft< ck coivjany ot carriage deolcrs who have adopted a firm name similar to cur own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for the ''fcrewster wanon," we Leg the public will that our only warerooms are at the ?ornerof Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. URMVSTfctt A CO., ot Broome street. AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER. ! BALLS, CORNER OF BROADWAY AND THIRTY-NINTH 8TRK T, MAJOR CHAR. W. BARKKR, AUCTIONEER. Regnlier sales of llor<c?, Carriages. Ac., EVERY W t DNE8DAY AND SATURDAY, 24 hours allowed tor trial on every hone sold under warrantee. This la the only auction mart In the Htatc having the proper facilities for ih owing homes on sale, viz.. a large driving ring entirely under cover. CATALOGUE OF 8ALK THIS DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK. Gentleman's Road Turnout, comprlHlng the f nt, high bred and very handsome brown Trotting Gelding, Austin, stred by Tori nto Chief, 1* about 16% hands high. 6 y tsars old, a verv stylish, genteel, and gaincy driver, can trot in 2:10 to road wagon, and can be driven at speed by most ordinary relrsmeu : fears no locomotive; flowing mime and tall, and warranted sound ana kind. Also, tine Top Road wagon, built by Brewst>-r A Co., ot Broome street; Harness, Hiankets. Ac. Hold only tor want ol use. one Sulky, fine order, made by Weycand. The celebrated, elegant and fust dark bay trotting gelding Little Mae, fired by Major Low; in lb.'^ high. 7 {ears old: an elegant, prompt, <a*y driver: was never andlcd lor speed: Is warranted to trot in 2:45 or no falo ; l? finely gaited, upheaved and very stylish ; is posi tively one of the most perfect roadsters in the city ; has fine, flowing inane and u II and is warranted sound and kind ; sold fo close an estate. To pay advances one top Road Wagon. New nnd second hand Harness, Uorse Clothing, Sad dles, Whips, Hulters, Ac. Hy order of receiver, one Park Phaeton, one top Road Wagon, made by Brewster A Co. ; one Alaska Fox Robe, one Lap Kobe. Fine brown Coupe Horse, lri hands high, 0 -years old : very stylish driver; fine action ; sharp travcllur; ami warranted kind. Fast blai-k trotting Mare, 1ft)* high, 8 years old. fine, free driver; has trotted In 2:43; can trot inSinimites now, and is warranted kind. for account of whom it may concerts a powerful gray draught Horse, 16 high, 6 vears old, great worker. Seven top and Do top Road Wagons. Depot, h* press and Business Wagons. Also several other Horsea. Full description at sale. Bales never postponed on account ol weather. A? NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREETlNEAR BROADWAY. ? Light Carriages and Harness. Elegant flrat class assortment or Park and Pony Phae tons. top and no top: Basket, Panel, C Spring, Ae. ; light Rockaways; Depot Road, Jagger and Business Wagons, tine Top Buggies, Ac. ; also fine liue or Harness, Lap Robes, Blankets, Sheets, Ac. All offered at very lowest cash prices. Several Top Wagons, Ac., at onr old store, 58 Liberty street, very low. indeed, lo clofe out the stock. A HUH. JOHNSTON. No. 8 Cortlandt street. t LLEN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. J\ Salesrooms 95 Chambers street HORSR AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK RALES . AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, k CORNER TWKNTY-FIKT H STREET. Carriages ami Horse* always on hand at private sale. RICHARD MrCl'LLOUGH, Proprietor. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO.. Auctioneers. - Sales or Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries of articles for auction can he made at repoaitory as above or salesrooms or auctioneers. A BROOME STREET BREWSTBR HALF TOP FOUR scat Phaeton and Top Wagon, llisht custom Coach, 1 six seat Phaeton. 1 Cabriolet, I Victoria, 2 extension top Phaetons, *) fop and open pony Phaetons, or all styles; 20 new and -econd land Hockawavs, 16 top and open Road, by ihe best city makers: Hulk its and Hketetons, by Dusenhnry. Prav. Ac. t 1 Depot Wagon, top and open Ex press Wagons. I seoond hand Clarence ; Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac. WILLIAM 11. GKAY, 2) and 22 Wooster street. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer, will sell a brown Mare, about 14 k hands high (the property or Silas Wright, ot iloboken, N. J.), at public auction, at the Mart. 19 tow East Thirteenth street, Friday, Anril 11, at 12 o'clock, for account of whom ft may concern, to pav charges and keep. AREAUTIFUL BRETT, MADE BY BREWSTER, OF Fifth aveiine, lor sale very low; also double set or Harness and a very excel ent carriage Horse, at 219 West Forty-first street inquire ibr. MAOKIN or JOHN BBRRY. Owner going abrond by end ot this month. T. DBMAREST A CO., ?28 BROADWAY. We offer a large and elegant assortment of A. fine Carriages of onr own manufacture, comprising our popular six seat family Rookaways, 12 styles; Coupo Rockaways, 8 styles; Landaus, ft styles : Coupes, 8 styles i elegant Lnndaulets, S sices and styles; beautiful new style x Carts and Turn out Seats. Work first class in every respect Prices reasonable and popular with buyers. One hundred Pony Phaetons at very low price*. A LOT OP TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS. Ex press, Oroccrv and light Ruslness Wagons, tor sale cheap. 34 rt West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. AHORSB FOR SALE (CHBSTNUT)? STYLISH, sound, kind and free from l ad habits ; price $200. Til. GUNSEL, 19 Second avenue. ?'A WIDOW A

v. * kskw ; i-&5S>f*SS IIORS1SS, CARRIAGES, AC. ABARU.VIN.-TO BR SOLD CHEAP, AN ELKO ANT Turnout, consisting of a pair of Horses (black). 0 aud 7 yours oil, IS1, huuds high ; very handsome and stylish ; ? most excellent roail team ana perfectly kind, gentle and sound; a lady ran drive them. Also tlrst class Bu??y, with pole and shaits, perfectly new, never been used, and set ot Harness. Apply to RICHARD MARSH, 43i?ort laiult street, New York. May be seen ut private stables rear of 90 First place, Brooklyn. A PERSON GOING TO EUROPE OFFERS KOR rale, below their value, a fine pair of Hainble tonlun bay Mares, li'* hands sound, sole and speedy. 1 hev have been driven by the present owner lor the la?t two years, and be ean confidently recommend them to any gentleman desiring a choice road team. For par ticulars apply to HOWARD, SANGER A CO., 103 and 107 Chambers street. A -BY PUBLIC AUCTION, (IN THURSDAY, APRIL J\.? 10, at the private stable of the late Ernest Fiedler, 41 Great Jones street, at 10} ? o'clock, all the tine Stock ot the late Ernest Fiedler, deceased, consisting of one pair of elegant bay Coach Horses, H and (I yearn old, about 14 nigh, very fine; ontf pair of blood bay Trotting iicldlngx, 5 and 6 years old, Ifttj high, can best 3 minutes; one Coupe Horse, 1#?*^ high, 7 years old, extra flno styled ; one single Coupe, one double Coupe, on* Coach, one Brett, two set* or double Harness by Duntconib, Blankets, Ac. Full particulars In to-morrow's Herald. JOHN D. IIAMI IN, Auctioneer. A PONY FOR SALE? SIX YEARS OLD; FINE MANE and tall; warranted sound and kind in all li a rites-* . is well broken t ) saddle for lady or child ; also. Basket Phaeton and Harnes.', almost new; sold only on account of sickness of owner. Apply at private stable, 169 East Twenty -eighth street AN EXPRESS WAGON, (100; HALF TOP DEPOT Wnron, $S8; Ne Top Depot Wagon, $100; Ponv l'hie ton, $100: 1 Top Pony I'h.-vton, tliiA; do. $200; 10 Top Wagons, 10 Rockaways, Harness of all grades, at 1,430 Broadway. A LARGE ASSORTMENT NEW AND SECOND HAND Carriage*, all styles; family Rockaways, top and open Buggies, Pony Phaetons, at greatly reduced prices. w ITTY'H. Fulton and Ncvtna streets, Brooklyn. A? BIGHT HORSES KOR SAI.E, FIT FOR ALL ? purposes; warranted sound and kind; at low prices. 67 and 9$ Woostci street Must be (old. A-LANDACLET8, ooi'PEs, CI.ARENCES, LADIES' ? Plmetons, Depot Wagon*.? I sell 20 per cent less than Filth avenue or Broadway stores; style and work manship unequalled. HAM, 10 East Fourth otreft ?A LARGE LOT OF CARRIAGES OF ALL kinds Rockways, Buggies, Phaetons. Depot, Ex press and Business Wagons made in our own factorv, 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. AT FACTORY? 75 ToP BUGGIES; ALSO BAROUCHE, Rockaways, Victorias, Phaeton", latest styles; cheap est id city. Near Grand street and Bowery, 14<t and 148 Eldridge street. DAY A HON. A MATCHED PAIR OF BAY HAMBLETONIAN road Horses, hands high, 7 years old, trot in 2:90, very stylish, pound and kina, lor sale, together or separate; owner going away. Apply to O. A. HOUSE, 194 Broadway. A COACH LEFT ON STORAGE AT 410 WEST THIRTY eighth street will be sold to pay expenses, ut 2M West Thirty -Arst street, on Saturday, lzth. ATOP BUGGY ? MADE BY WOOD BROS., NEARLY new, with pole and shafts, to be sold cheap. Private stable. No. 7 West Ninth striet. An elboant LAKDAULET, made to order, to be sold low. Can be seen at COBBBTT A CO.'S, 1? West Twenty tilth street. Bargains in harness, saddles, bridles, Whips, Ac. ; selling off before moving. EDGARS. NICHOLS, 10 College place, near corner ot Hurray street. A Barouche for sale-a private c spring Barouche, bellt by Ia>om A Williams, good as new; has been used only a tew times. Can be seen at 14 For ay th street, N. Y. Brewster, of broomb street.? top buggy for sale cheap, piano box, pole mid shafts, In good order. Inquire at private stable. No. ;? Bart Twelfth st. CARRIAGES.? A LOT OF SECOND HAND TOP J Wagons, light Roiul Wagon*, Doctors' \\ agons, Derby Dog Cart, Ac., at R. M. KTiVEKd' Manufactory, 144 to 152 East Thirty-first street. (tARRI AGES? "LIGHTLY DAMAGED-, GREAT BAR J gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de scription, at low priocs; now Is the time, to purchase, be fore trade commences. MANUfcACTUREKn' UNION, (138 Broadway. /1ARRIAOES. CARRIAflES, CARRI AGES.? NO TOP \ J sidebar road Wagon, by Dubois; sidebar top Wagon, pole and shafts, by Brewster t jump scat top W agon, polo and shafts, by Silvers; road Wagon, by Brewster; top Buggy, by Dosenbmy ; Pony Phaetons, Rnckaway, Ac. NEW YORK SALEn AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, Fourth avenue, corner ot Twenty-tilth street. Ciorra FOB sai.k vbbt CHBAP? ALSO a ret OF J Harness nt 23d Mulberry street BM)R 8ALE-AVERY HANDSOME BI.ACK PONY, SIX years, extra stylish and good driver, suitable for a lady or hov ; warranted sound, kind and very gentle. Kfl King street. VOIl 8ALB? FOR WANT OF USE. A BAY HORSE, F 7 years old; has good speed. Inquire at 447 West Twenty-sixth street. For sale? one pony built hobse. 9 yk \rh, I .?>>, hands, fit lor iiny business, $160; also one Pony, 9 years, 14 hand*. $K0; both sold for want of use. 20 Bethnne street, near Washnwton. 1MB SALE-ONE COACH IN GOOD ORDER, $100; r one Cah. in good order, suitable lor back huxincM, $79; one double set light Harness, $40. 249 West Twenty - clgnth street IftOR SALE? A FINE PAIR OF MAKES, VERY 1 stvliali, 19 'a bands and good steppers. Apply at No. 5 East I biriieth street. For sale-a splendid black pony, 5 years old, 1:> hands high, sound and kind ami cannot be. outstvlcd tn llic city : lutn been ridden under middle, aim driven to wagon. Apply nt stable 121 West Forty tilth si. IjlOR SALE? A BLACK MAJJE, 1ft hi HANDS HIGH) 7 1 yearn old ; suitable tor grocer, inllkniun or butcher; warranted round, kind and true. Inquire in tin' grocery store. Stl <;iini lt t street IIOR HAI.E-TWO PONY-BUILT HORSES, It.', AMD I ."> ' j hand*; fit for any work ; 0 and 7 years; .-.old lor want m vi.rk ;pricc? Sj'.'ft and $175. Jn<j ill re at 130 Perry s reet, rear. IjlOK SALE-ONE OF THE HANDSOMEST CREAM ? colored Hows in New York, for the saddle and Inr nee*. lftV hands high, B years old ; warranted sound and kind. ^ws. '( and 5 West I3th st. Fhjr SALE? a barrel OAST WHICH iias never Ik i'ii used hot once; a borgain. Apply ai 4 ift Went Thirty nfth street IH>R SALE- A HANDSOME PAIR OF BAY HOUSES, 7 and 8 yearn old: lfi.3 high; warranted perfectly sound ami kind in Kindle or double lint ncss unit without fault. Also Clarence, In good order; Park Phaeton, Har ness, Blankets, Ac. Can be ncen at stable No. 18 West Thirteenth street. For salk-a good saddlk or road horse, lor half his value. Inqulie 13ft East Twenty -sixth street. FOR SAI.E-A HIGHLY FINISHED FRENCH IM nortrd I'haeton (one or two horses), nearly new ; just the thinsf lor Newport or Central Park for lady or gentleman driving. Can be seen at private stable I,3ft3 11 road way. ?LIOR SALE? FOR WANT OF USK, DARK BAY MARK, r l.Vj hands 1 years, good hottnin; warranted perfectly sound and kind. Also light box Top Waxon, II a mesa, Sheets, Blankets, Ac. ; complete onttlt l'ricc $400. Ad dress J. M. L., box .1,228 Post ofllce. IjlOR SALE-ONE IIOKSE ANI> TOP WAGON, WITH 1 pole. Inquire at Bellows ' livery stable, corner ot Prowl and t'rosby street*. For sale-a BAY MARE, lMf HANDS HIGH, guaranteed sound ; drives single or double and is an excellent traveller. Can Iks seen at MoENTIKE'S, 21 Verandah place, between Clinton aid Henry streets. F For sai.e? a saddle horse, well trained a. id handsome: will drive in single aad double har ness. Address box 1.1? Foet office, New York. OR SALE? A LOAN GELDING. BY NEW JERSEY, _ bv Geo. M. Patehen, 10 hands high, <1 years old. soutid, kind and gentle, promising to be very last ; also a pair of black I' i I lies, 14 hands hlgn. Apply at private stable 107 West Thirty-third street FOR SALB-A PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT; DUBOIS road Wagon, Gibson Harness and dark bay Mare Apply to MITCH &LL A NEWBOLD, 49 Excban ge place For salk-a fir<t class work horse, six years old, warranted sound, kind and a good worker ; a fa'r trial given. Apply to T. NEARY, corner Spruce and Nassau street*. For SALE-TWO REVERSIBLE PANEL COACHES: also one rood Wagon, very cheap, price $101). Call lie fore 10 A. M , or alter 6 P. M? at 420 Gold street, Brook lyn, near Fulton avenue. FOR sale? a bay iiobse, EIGHT YEARS OLD; verv stylish, 1:>J< hands hlgh;<onad and kind in all harness; would suit family or coape. Apply at 27ft Spring street. I Tor SAI.E-A LAROE, FINE COUPE HORSE; pf.r fectly sound : very handsome: for style canuotbe surpassed. i,2?j? Broadway, sign or the big clock. OR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN SORREL Ponv, 14 hands high, flowing mane and tall; Is sound an<l kind in every particular! has been driven by a ladv lor the past year, and Is well broke to the saddle. 7 S. O. BEAMAN, 121 West Eighteenth street For SALE? single truck, one SET OF DOUBLE Harness, one set single Harness, one Concord Ex. press Wagon. Iimulro of JOHN FOLEY, 24 West street tfOR SALE-A HANDSOME CLARENCE. LINED F with blue eloth, first class plotr ulassiront ; runs very light; also a top Hugiry, nearly now : will be sold cheap. Apply at BURR'S I'lirriage Factory, >0 Mercer street IPOR SALE? TUB ENTIRE ROAD AND FAMILY 1 Turnont of a gentleman leaving the city, elegant and very stylish bay Gelding, lft.3 hlith, 7 years old, a prompt and tine driver; can trotin2:30; warranted sonnd and kind; Koad Watton and Harness; also ratr of Ponlea, chestnut and black, lihitrh, 8 years old ; ha\e the repu tation ol being the moat eleuant lady's team ever seen In Central Park: afraid ot nothing; can trotlnSmlnntes, and warrunted sound and UMj Phaeton and Harness. AMERICAN CLUB Stabtes^KW West Thlrty-nl, 1th street For sale-a private carriage and pair of II or sea Can be seen at 30# Kast Fortieth street For particulars apply at 127 East Thirty-fourth street. rR SALK-A SPLENDID MARE, WITH FOAL, flfiO; half her value: chnnk of a < anadlan, $83; both sen ad and kind. 77 New chambers street FOR BALE-TWO ORTHRBB WORK HORSES; WILL be told ch?ap. Also a small Horse, used to light wagon, fit tor batcher. grocer or any light work. Apply At coal office. Th>rt?-*litrrelr??t cut m First, avenge, HORSES, CAHRIAGK8, 4W, For sale-Canadian pony, iftj-j hands; war ranted ; suitable lor grocery or light express; heavy liulli: price $100. Can b? seen *1 K<1 Greenwich street, near Houston street. IjlOR SALE A BAROAIN? A HANDSOME UGHT TOP ' Bupgy, nearly new; best city maker. MARTIN ^ QUO. 'M Fulton street, near lerry, Brooklyn. FOR SALE-A LOT OP GOOD WORK HORSBSj JUST arrived troiu the country ; suitable for nil purpose*; to be sold Cheap. Apply at 178 Mercer street. fpOR RALE? LIVERY AND BOARDINO ST ABLE ; can stable 2i horsei or more ; now mil ; good lott ana wagon room; two years' lease and improvement* cheap ; good location up town. Address P. w. D., station K. FOR SALE? AT Fleetwood PARK STAHI.ES, 10ft West Fortieth street, two side-bar-top Wasons, new; have never been run: made In the latest style ; will be sold low. Also one Stivers' Top Wagon, pole and shafts. Also one Top Wagon, lull spring, made by Wm. H. Gray. For sale CHEAP? STOCK OP A contractor RK t(red from business, consisting of Carls, Harness, Peed and Furniture Truck, variety of Tools, Ac. J A MICH Ml'LRY, East Eleventh street IV>R SALE VERY CIIEAl'-BASKET PHAETON AND single Harness, used a few months last Hummer; will also sell a small sorrel trotting Mare, perleet pet. afraid of nothing. 208 Katt Kilty first street, east of Third *venue. Good houses wanted.-wanted. a span op elegant Carriage Horses, good speed ami roadsters; must ho young, kind and sound in every respect, not loss than 16 bands high; dark Imy, chestnut or Jet black pre ferred. Address, stating nrlee, age, Ac., for three days, black, lid* 1 4*1 lie ruiii Uptown Branch oiticc. HARNESS.-TI1E LARGEST STOCK OP 8INGLB AND double Harness and Horse euuiiinients, at most rea sonable prices, at tliv manuiucturers' depot. jJACOBOWSKY, HILBOBN A CO., HI Chambers street. Harness? saddlery.-' thb largest vaiiikty of Horse Furnishing Goods ot all descriptions of any house in New York. O. M. MOSEMAN A BKO., Manufacturers; warehouse, 1U Chamber* street. Harness for sale low.? fine new silver plated Phaeton Harness; also line light double and sihglo Harness, made iu the best manner with .Moffat's best leather. U'J West Thirty-third street, second floor. Horses taken to board, drive and break, with good cure, bv JOHN H. TWEODLB, Mont gomery, Orange county, N. Y. Reference*? James B. lire water A Co., New York city. Horse WANTBD-POR farming purposes; must he very cheap. Address, stating price and wliero to be seen, M. N., box 1.101 Post office. MANUFACTURERS' UNION REPOSITORY, 638 Broadway.? Carriages, Harness, largest assortment ever offered, at most reasonable priccs. All styles of Family Carriages and Light Wagons, new and second hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 638 Broadwiiy._ J>ONY PHAETONS. PONY PHAETONS with or without tops; panel or willow; with or without rumbles; on two, three or C springs; in great variety; finished In the most artistic style and lor sale at reason able prices, by A. S. FLANDRAU, 7 and 18 East F.iuhleeulh street, between way and Filth avenue. PRIVATE UENTLEMAN WISHES TO DISPOSE OF his thoroughbred lliunbletonian Marcs, full sisters; also the best 4-<eat Coupe Rock away in the double, with Harness. Private stable, SW3 East Twentieth street. OHERIFF'S SALE. k> Major 0. W. BARKER, Auctioneer, will sell at public unction q;i Thuminy, April 10, 1*73. at MARKER A CHASE'S Auction Murt, corncr of Broadway and Thirty ninth street. tit 11 o'clock A. M. :? Two Carriage Horses (black), about lfl'i hamln high. Also one Landau (Brewster's make), newly ilono. MATTHEW T, IlilENNAN, Sheriff. J. Skkdachkr, Deputy . QEOOND HAND BUGGIES. VICTORIA, TWO DOO O Cart*, two Coupes, Pony Wagon, Coupe Rocknwny, six?ea* Rockaway, Depot Wagon and several light Rock away s, great variety Pony Phaeton*. Road Wagons and other new Spring style Carriages. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, H38 Broadway. CJINOLE TRUCK FOR SALE-NEARY NEW. APPLY jj to cartnuin, Ifl New Church street. rjMIE "GENTLEMAN'S DEPOT WAGON." One of the most unique carriages for the conntry, and arranged lor two or lour persons. Kor pule by A. 8. FLANDRAU, 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue. w w 1VtantKD-A light side bar half STRING TOP TV Buggy, Broome street Brewster or Stivers' inako. nearly n?>w. Address, stating weight, color, price and when built, W. It. 8., box 178 Herald omen. 'ANTED? ONE l'AIR EXTRA FINE CARRIAGE Horses, lull lt>U hands high and well matched in every particular; must be Tree and dtylish driven; price moderate. Inquire at office of Karic's Hotel. rANTED? HORSE, SUITABLE FOB A FUBNITURB carl. Inquire at furniture store, 151 Chatham ?t. XMTAQ OBS FOR SALE CHEAP? ONE CONCORD EX V v press, two Uro -ery, one Milk and one liirtit Delivery Wag?;i; one Coupe, one Top Buggy, at 236 Spring street. WANTED? ROOM IN A PRIVATE STABLE. BE tween Fourth and Seventh avenues and Forty. second and Fllllelh streets, for one horse and buggy. Ad dress, stitlng ti rin?, W., box 1,389 Post office. Wil/T ?HAY HOR8K,*8 YEARS OLD, lftjf HANDS . high ; black Mare, lti hands high, $150; IlorA:, pony made, SIM) ; good farm Team, $300; must sell ; no httinbiig. -10 West Thirty -first street. INHTttlJlJTION. AT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, 20 FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute.? Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic mid Uinguiu'cs. Day and evening. Ladies' department? Telegraphy taught practically with inslru Mollis. Demand tor operators. AOENTLEMAN GRADUATE WILL INSTRUCT in Latin, Greek, French and English studies at pupil's reside nee. Address OMEGA, Herald office. A LADY. WHO HAS GREAT SKILL IN TEACHING Kugll"h to foreigners, will lake two more pupils in the evening. Address, lor one week, L'AMERICAINE, Herald Uptown Branch office. Business writing, bookkeeping, arithme tic, Ac., for gentlemen, ladies und boys.? Dol bear's Commercial College, 875 Broadway, corner P^ighteentli rtroeL Open day and evening all .summer. Pupils can have a general or special private course. Afternoon classes for teachers and school children. Stiffness, cramping anil trembling removed and an elegant business handwriting guaranteed. "PERSONS CONTEMPLATING GOING TO EUROPE L next season address Professor P., Herald Uptown Ilrancli office, who w ill enable them in three mouths to speak tolerably good French or German. M>\\ OFFICE 3. AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Ulamouds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Merchandise, Lite Policies for any amount. AT WOLF BROTHERS', 89-1 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.? Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, n n-1 particularly Pianos; private parlor for ladles; business strictly confidential. AT in MAN'S, 710 BROADWAY? LIBERAL AD vances inadc on Diamonds an.l Watches, Silverware, Ac., or will pay the highest market price tor tlio same. American office? established ihbl? any amount to loan on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, India Shawl* Laces, Valuables, Ac. ; or will buy; utmost value paid. J. H. HARBINGER, 735 Broadway, opposite Astor place. ONEY I.OANcD ON DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEW M clry. Silverware, and the same bought and sold. GEORGE C. ALLEN, 841 Broadws ncar Fourteenth street, and 69 East Thlrteentl QQ NASSAU STREET,' OPPOSITE POST OFFICE.? Ov Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Merchandise. The same hoiignt ami sold. Room 1. HAVMAN LEOPOLD. K7 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? 1 f ) I pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry; advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 67 Thirteenth street. near Broadway. A AO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH TTl/Oand Twenty-fifth streets.? Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Goods. Same bought at lull value. L. BERNARD. BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET.? ?t, ww Money liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old-established Loan office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSENBERG. 685 (HQ BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND Old most reliable office.? Money advanced on Dia monds. Watches. Jeweliy, Laces, Ac.; same bought at full value. 1Q/?7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANCH ,JU O I office, NK>m B.? Parlors tor ladies; branch 133 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LINllO BROS. f; BVROPB, NGLISH NURSERY AND PLANT FARM? SPR. ? cially laid out to meet American demand. THOMAS THORNTON, lleatherside Nurseries, Bagshot, Surrey, England, devotes special attention to Trees and Plains (especially Fruit Stocks) suitable tor the supply ot Ameri can orders. The lleatherside Nurseries occupy acres, ot whlcl) I HO acres arc covered with conifers, ornamental Treesand Shrubs, Frultand Forest Trees, Rhododendrons, Hoses. Ac. These arc grown In peaty loam on elevated table land, aad are hence peculiarly adapted to stand lonir voyages. Priced catalouui-s and all information furnished on application. Orders to be accompanied by a remit tance on Loudon, and T. THORN I'ON, on his part, refers purchasers, as to his triistw.j'thiness, to Messrs. W. H. Power A Co., 21 William street, Now York, from whom priced catalogues mar be obtained. PARIS.? HOTEL FOLKESTONE, NO. ? BUR CASTEL laae, near the Madeleine. Comfortable hotel accom modation at moderate prices; English spoken, y sc hahla Espanol. apartments at from 3 to 10 franca Table d'hote at 8 o'clock. Swish and united couriers' socirty.-oou riors may be secured on arrival by lamllles visiting Europe, on writing the Sec retary, M Mount street, Gros venor square, London, England. WANTED 11) PURCHASM ^itantbd-hecobd-hamd BABY CARRIAGE.? A I). Vv drcas, Stating price, MOTHER, box 119 Uerald uptown Branch olMa. WANTED- BODA FOUNTAIN, SECOND HAND, COUN tor Piece and Generator, tw country drug store, cheat. Address DOCTOR, l?<u W? lUrald office. DRY GOODS. GREAT SACRIFICE? A OREAT SACRIFICE I A QJREAT- SACRIFICE I R. H. MACY A CO. R. B. Bacy A CO. MARKED DOWN MARKED DOWN MARKED DOWN our entire rtom of importer*' prltej. We bate Imported Ribbons Imported Ribbons far below This immense stock of RIBHON8 comprises a full assortment of all the leading staple color* in all the . popular widths. The "R. H. M." brand of Ribbon Is not filled with cotton or raw eUk. It Is warranted ALL PORE SILK, and will stand the test of close examination. We now ofTer these Ribbons at a redaction of more than twenty per cent below former prices. Take notice. The ribbon anil silk Importers and Jobbers, being unable to compete with the low prion* at which American RlbbutiB are now offered, and being op pressed by the heavy duties oil foreign silk*, are still holding their goods at high prices. Take notice. This is the first break in the market. R. H. MACY A CO. are the first importers and retailors to offer their customers a raro opportunity to purchase a real pure ?llk imported Ribbon at as low prices as the American Hibbons, with mixed tilling, are now offered In this market In addition to the above we are now dl*pU)lnp a lull assortment of fine French Flowers and Feathers. Chip, Hair and Straw Bonnet* and Hmtnd Hats in all the leading styles, N. B.? Those U>w-prlc*<1 U indsor Tie. bate arrived ? Uast, and we offer them, < in all desirable shades, at lower prleet than any othor house in the city. R. H. MACY A CO.. Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. IMPORTED PATTERNS OF ALL THE LATEST NOV elttes are to be found at Mme. A. DUVAL'S new show rooms, 87H Broadway. i'atterns cut from measure war ranted to tit perfectly. pARIS.? AC COIN DE RUE. 8 RUE MONTESQUIEU. 10, 18, 21), 22 RUE DES HONS ENFANTS, near thu Palais Royal. OREAT EMPORIUM OF FASUION. Known for nearly thirty years for the excellence, good taste and modest price ot each article. INDIA AND FRENCH CAUHMIRE SHAWLS. Silks, Lace Goods, Mantles, Costumes, I'arty Dresses, rcaUv-mutlt! underclothing, Wedding Outfits, Baby Mucn, OIovcs, Perfumery, Fancy Articles. THE LARUEST, MOST VARIED AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN PARIS. ___ PCOLE, 8tM HIIOADWAY. ? At a great sacrifice, large stock or staple Dry < roods. Must be sold tie fore May. Fixtures of Store tor sale. * SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR, 914 BROADWAY, NEAR Twentieth street.? New ilOMigns. NEW IMPORTED styles. Magic Continue, beautilul Toilets, Patterns, with clotli models, now ready. COME EARLY. MII.UNKrtY AM> DRRHSHAKINU. Dressmakiso. A cause ot complaint At the present time In extrava gance In Indies' wearing apparel. What it costs now to aress h lady of fashion would have supported an entire family a few years ago. Messrs. LORD A TAYIjOR, to 6 rove that a retrenchment is possible, have so arranged leir Dressmaking Department that economy in material auil trimming in particularly studied in every detail, and they are now tarnishing Dresses at a much loss prior than the*coNt of Imported garment*, while for style, tit, appcaraticcpaud general make up they are every wa> eiiual to tho finest 1'arislnn manufacture. The new reception room mid lioudolr connected with Uiis department lor the use of our lady patrons will he opened Monday morning. It 11 located on the fourth tluor and reaehed by the elevator. LORD A TAYLOR. Broadway and TWIlHklll street. Dinner and evening toilets, promknadk and Travelling Suite. Novelties in Dresses for the watering places made to order on short no: Ice and mod erate prices; Materials furnished if desired ; Bridal Trout scan* anil Mourning ; French Corset*. Mine. A. DOTAL, '21 Bast Twentieth street and *7H Broadway. "DARIS MILLINRRY.-MMR. DOCOAL'i MMMM .1 removed from No. 20 Rast Fifteenth street to No. 35 West Twenty-third street, between Fitth and Sixth ave nues, near Fifth Avenue Hotel. POST OFFICE NOTICE. P iST OFFICE NOTICE.? THE MAILS FOR EUROPE. during the week ending Saturday. April 12, 1873, nil! close at tills office on Wednesday atl.'M. ; on Thursday at 4 P. M , and on Saturday at II A. M. T. L. JAMES, Postmaster. LEGAL SOT?C?l. " Ol'PRBME COURT. In the matter of the application of the Department of Public Parks tor ""'"I in bchu'.t of the Mayor, Alder men and commonalty ot tliu city of New York, relative to tho Opening of Itlngsbrldge Road. northwardly from the southerly line of l?>5th street to the Harlem River, as laid out by the Commissioners ot the Central Park, in the city ot New York. We, the undersigned Commissioners ot Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice tn th? owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all houses and lots an 1 improved or unlmprove I lands affected thereby, and to all others whom it may concern, to wit;? I.? That we have, completed our estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested In tltesn proceed ings or in an.v ot the lauds affected thereby, aud who may be opposed to the same, do preseut their objections in writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our ottlee, 150 Broadway (room 15), in the said city, on or before tin: Z'td day ot' April, 1H7.I, aud that we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within the ten week-days next alter the said X3d (lay of April, 187:1, and for that purpose will be in attendance at our said ottlee on eaeli ol said ten days, at II o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract ot the said estimate and assess ment, together witli our maps, and also all the affidavit*, estimates and other documents which were used by us In making our report, have been deposited In the office of the Department of Public Works, In tho city of New York, there to remain until the ?Ul day of May, 1*73. III.? That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said arc as follows, to wit:? All those certain lots, pieces or parcels of la^id contained, lying and being within the following boumlsor limits, that is to say Cominor.ciiii: at the point formed by the intersection ot the northerly line or side of 145th street with the westerly line or side ol the Kighth avenue : running thence northerly along the westerly line or slue of tlx*, said Eighth avenue to the high water mark of the Harlem Kiver; thence along the *ald high water mark of the Harlem itlver as it wlnd? ami turns to the Hudson River: thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson Kiver, at high water mark as said river winds anil turns, to the soiith"rly lino or side o 155th street; thcncc easterly along the said southerly line or side of 15>th street to the easterly side ot tho Boulevard; thence southerly along the said easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly line or side of 145th street, and easterly along the said northerly line or side of 145th street to the point or place of beginning. . .. IV.? That our report herein will be oresented to the Ba preme Court of the State of New Yora, at a special term thereof, to be held In the New Court House at the City Hall, In the city of New York, on the *th day of May, ls/3, at tho opening of the Court on that day, and that then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel can bo heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report bcfcoti firmed^ pARao;fs .* J i'aksons, } CommUatoBergk JOHN T. McOOWAN, ) New Yoa*. March 1#, 1S73. YAUIXS, HT RAM BO ATM, JkC. For male? several of the finest firs* class sloop Yachts in the country ; also Steam Yaehta ud Open Boats. JOHN WOOD A CO., B* Beaver street. JjlOR^ALE? A NRW PROPELLER STEAM YACHT*,' in office. with double engine, surface condenser, Ac. ; owner Kurope. Address for particulars F. W. P., bo* 566 Post For rale? the cabin yacht glance, sloop rigged; has good cabin accommodations; is full* found in sails, rigging, cushions, Ac. ; will be sold fur nished; steers with a wheel; Is finished In black walnut and msbog.iny ; Iron work all galvanized. For further particulars call on or address W. L SWAN, 31 Pine st. F OR SALE-FREIGHT PROPELLER, IN GOOD order; boiler now; carrion tons In seven fleet J. B. JAMBS, J4 Dey street TjIOR SALE? THE SCHOONER NBLLV BLOOM FIELD, r of Stamford. Conn. Can bo seen at WM. BOO OB1 Shipyard. Greenpolnt, L L FOR SALE? A OOOD SLOOP; WILL CARRY EIOHTT tons in 6 feet in Inches of water; would be suitable for lightering purposes. Apply at 818 Third avenue, oor fief fnieth street. Et CELEBRATED CHINA WOOD OIL FOR 81'ARS nd bright work, tor sale In i|iiantlties to suit pur rs. PHILANDER RKKD, M Old slip. Wanted to charter for the months or July and August, a Sloop Yacht, with accommo dations tor 14 or 15 persons. Address, stating rail par ticulars, HBCIUSTARY H. V. C, Holyoke, Mass. OH POOT COPPRR FASTRKRD SECOND HAND ZA) Sail Beat, without sail, for 175: W seoond hand Hhtpe* Boats, wood and Iroa. cheap , st/ea, a?i Vpeon Oars. OTBHHRN ROBERTO, U4t? . rtrm Harlem R?y?.

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