Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1873 Page 3
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TO LIT FOR BIJHINBHH PCHPOSJSb. A TIVaTlOA. A ?W FIREPROOF BUILD-NO. FULTON. NASSAU A <D ANN STREKTS. BIEGAKT OFFICES To BENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN CLOSE l'ROXIMITY TO THE CITY HALL, THE COl'iUNL THE POST OFFICE, AC., AC. OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYFRS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, AC., AC., CAN BE HAD, SINGLY OK E.N SUITE, Or' ANY DESIRED SIZE, FROM 10X12 FEET TO 36X67 FRET, AT $300, f/00, $5G0 AND UPWARD TO $12.Wj0, ACCORDING TO SIZE AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY HREPROOF, AND WILL BE BEADY FOR OCCUPANCY ON OB BEFORE MAY 1, 1K73. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR OFFICES TO BE MADE TO HOM?B MOROAN, NO. 2 PINE STBtBT. A? TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, ? a large Building ; tuur stories, busmen t and loit; tOOI^et front by 78 teet <lf ep ; well si'uated fornn.v kind ul uianu aoturing bu?tnc-s; will be let in rooms to suit applicants. Inquire at.MJt First avenue, between Twenty. ninth mid Thirtieth streets. A -TO LEASE, WORTH HOUrtl , FIFTH AVENUE, ? corner of Twentjr-flfth street, through to Uruadwav, lor business or hotel purno c?. Apply to W. W. . TE I'HENSON, M7 Broadway, room 22 ___ A -TO LET, AT LOW KENT. TO A RESPONSIBLE A . iiarty, the Third and Fourth Floors ot 29t Bowery, suitable for a photographic nailery or any light manu facturing business requiring good light Apply at 246 Water street A RARE t'HANCE.? A PLOT, 80X100, TO LET, IN Forty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues; term, 5 to 10 years ; rent SI ,.ri00 ; will bit exactly lor a livery stable, packing house, boiler or machine shop, box inanutaeture, Ac. ? lia- a brick building. 3t>xl00 teet, I wo stories, with flagged cellar ; alsosewer and Croton wutur. AppiytoMr. J. PIT8UKB, 44ft West Fort Jr-flr.-t at. A CORNER STORE TO LET? FOR BUSINESS; IM mediate possession. Franktort House, Corner Frunkiurl and William streets. A BAKERY TO LET ? A GOOD CHANCE TO MAKE money; no opposition; will lie ready Slav 1. at 278 Mott street; rent low. Apply on premises. A BROADWAY BUILDING TO LEASE FOR A term of years: one of the finest locations In the city: 26x100. Inquire at 814, in the Btore, between 11 and 12. A MACHINE AND BOILER SHOP TO LET? WITH a large assortment of Tools ; a!*o Floors to let, with iteady Steam I'ower. 502 Wo-t street. A CHANCE FOR HOTKL KEEPERS.? STORE AND Jx Upper Part of 128 East Forty-fourth street, near the Gruud Central Depot, containing 60 rooms; well adapted tor the lintel and restaurant business. William S, uavey, 34 Uleecker street A STORE TO LET? IN WARREN STREET, 20X60, ONE block from Broadway ; suitable lor light business; rent $1,500 a year. Apply at Waverley House, 751 Broad way. _ A SPLENDID CORNER STOKE TO LET? ON THE west side of sixth avenue, 20x74- one large inside and several small Stores, fitted up; rents no object It' owner is suited with business; also a Corner store on Tenth avenue and one on First avenue and 109th street; leases will be given. Office UW sixth aveuue. \ STORE TO LET? RENT ONLY $70 A MONTH; A one of the best locations in the city lor tailors, butchers or barbers, or cigars. O'DWYElt, Oil West Thirty first street. Broadway, 1,188. -to let for business por posea, the three Floors, containing 16 rooms, with two bath rooms. Apply on the premises. (CORNER STORE TO LEASE? WEST SIDE; ELEGANT J plato glass windows: long lease; first class location for retail trade. Address W. E L., box t51 Ikm.d Uptown Branch office. DISK ROOM TO LET.? A FIRST RATE CHANCE lor advertising incuts. Apply at llie office ol the EVENING TELEGRAM. No. Ann street. For rent? with or without power, lofts and Stores. Apply to ENGINEER, on premises, 175 Hester street, or to s. i. A. T. MEYER, 85 Walker street. IjIAOTORY FOR HEAVY WORK. WOOD OR IRON, OR X1 feed mill: grand location : cheap ; any amount of Power- tour stories; will divide it into small rooms, wenty-ulnth street and Seventn avenue. 1 FACTORY BUILDING TO LEASE? IN GOERCK street; ground floor. 100x70 feet, with two other ttoors; rent moderate. Apply to D. 8. DODD, 212 Seventh street, a. ter 5 o'clock in the evening. CI BOCK BY, PRODUCE OR COMMISSION TRADE.? TO T let, the ne.w and spacious .-tores, with very lino cellars, 70 Warren street and 20 College place; splendid business location ; may be occupied together or sepa rately. GEO. VV?. WELSH, US Greenwich street. I0FT8 TO LET ? 6)X 100 AND 50X 50 FEET. WITH OB J without stcaiu power ; suitable lor printers or bind ers. Apply to J. T. rRKSoN, 27 Rose street. IIQUOR AND OTHER STORES TO LET CHEAP.? J Two Lhiuor Stores in the Nluth ward; a Fancy Goods, Candy and Shoe Siore in Hudson street; a Stable and a Feed store on Ninth aveuue; all In good locations. Appfy at tiin H udfon street. STEAM POWER ? LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS, C<>R ner building; light on all sides; low Insurance; Im mediate possession; rent very low; steam hoist and steady power. S. W. WILSON, 404 Bieecker street QTEAM POWER.? TO LET, LARGE AND SMALL kJ Booms, with olr without power (wood workers al lowed), at the Eureka Machine Carving Works, 40, 02, 04 and t*> Cannon street STEAM POWER TO LET? WITH WELL LIGHTED Rooms; 15x40, '26x55, 7r>x.W, 25x100, and Basement, 25x 50. Apply to NORRlri i MILLER, 22V East Forty-first st ( POWER TO LET.? SEVERAL WELL LIGIIT IO cd Rooms, of various sues, heated by MM* and with s' elevators; also two new five story Buildings, 54x70 and in second block troiu sujitn terry and lour blocks from Wall street terry; entrances Atlantic and i'tatc streets; pnccs low to good tenants. Apply to A. liuUUHTON, 44 Suit street, Brooklyn. STEAM POWER TO RENT.? A SECOND FLOOR, 100x160 lee.t, to rent, with steady Power: room lighted on three sides and skylights. Address MANHATTAN BRASS AND MAN I! FaC TURING COMPANY, Twcnty seventh street aud First avenue. STEAM POWER, WITH FOIST FLOOR, 61 BY >2 FF.KT, corner ol Mucdougul sad Amity streets, near sixth avenue. i'. W. COUPEE. STEAM POWER. WITH WELL LIGHTED FLOORS, tor $15, $20, $25 per mouth; plenty power; low insur ance ; ireu rent till Mar 1. E. BELLING, 311 and 313 avenue A. STEAM POWER, WITH LIGHT ROOMS, TO LET? Broadwuy, corner of Thirty-seventh street. Inquire of GEORGE BEABDSLEY, ou the premises. OTORK AND DWELLING: RENT $X> MONTH: Lakery, oonfectioiicr or milliner: $18 month, a small Htore and Dwelling, lor cigar* and fancy store ; a Resi dence and stable and laruc grounds, suitable lor road bouse; runt $1,(MK) year, at Trcinout; one minute trout depot. Apply toG. W. HOJER, 1M Third aveuue. STORE,. BACK. ROOM AND CELLAR, WEST TWEN ty uinih street, suitable t'orgroccnrorany other busi ness ; was ; $2fl. Inquire at 11 and IT Abingdon satmie (Eighth avenue), between Bleecker and Twelfth streets. WO LET? 26 COMPLETELY FURNISHED ROOMS liver first floor of 622 and 024 Broadway fuitable lor hotel purposes. Apply at once to ? GEO. H. TYLER, Olympic Theatre. 3IO LET-HOUSE AND STORE 283 BROOME STREET; good stuud tor restaurant unit hoarding house; will II. W. W. STEPHENSON, 217 Broadway, room 22. O LET-VERY LOW RENT, BRICK BUILDINGS, 20x7*1, lor manufacturing or other purposes: sower, T cellars; yards; entrance trout . und rear. 4J. E. LOUD, 30 Abattoir place, loot West Thirty-ninth St. ) LET? AT A LOW RENT, THE STORl street Apply ou the premises, from 9 to 6. rpo TjpO LET? AT A LOW RENT, THE STORE 62 ANN LET? TWO OFFICER 360 BOWERY, FIRST flour. fpo LET-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, LARGE AND X small Floors, with steuin power, steam beatini/, hoist und excellent light. Apply at 447 West 1'weuty sixth street. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT lift Fourth avenue; sutiuhle tor furniture, upholstery or uny good retail business; rent low to desirable parties; Second Flour can be had, If required. Apply to JOHN LI.OYD A SONS, No. 7 Warren strer . rpo LET-THREE LARGE AND THREE SMALL 1 Lofts, with -teiun power; admirably adnpted to nianutaetiirlug purpose a. Apply ou the premise*! 12U and 122 Woostcr street rpO LET? PABT OF A SToRe, FOR VEGETABLES, I fruit, Ac. In old established butcher store ; also a base ment to let; good lor plinniiiug, or unv kind ol' business. Inquire at ?77 sixth avenue, between Forty ninth uud Filtleth streets. fro LET-A DOUBLE LOFT, WUITABLK FOR A 1 cigar manufacturing business. Inquire at 20 t'oentius slip. _ rpO LET? A LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT, PLATE 1 glass windows. 37li Bleccker street, between Perry and Charles. flH) LET? THE STORKS AND Bl'ILDIJfOS ON T1IF. 1 northeast corner of Desbrosses and Greenwich streets, or such portions ol them as may be desired. Ap ply to il. F. HIWMONs, inti Greenwich street. TO LET ? STORE AND BASEMENT 76 SOUTH FIFTH avenue, near Houston street; $t>2 ? per moil} h ; and lower rent tor store without basement. Apply to A. JOURNEAY, 61 Llspenard street. rpO LET-A BUTTER. EGG AND CHEESE STAND, IN 1 a first elan Meat Market.; s1h>, s second Butch er's fixtures for sale. Inquire at :si IT lilru avenue. rpo LET?>F1NE STORE, M CHATHAM STBEET, J. suitahlo lor tailor, hardware. Ac. , has been used for a number of years as a gun store. Inquire of F. 1. X A LDE N H E Rfi , No. 9 John street rpO LET-TWO SMALL STORES; WILL BE ALTERED J to suit tenant Apply at m sixth avenue. fpo LET? THE ELEGANT NEW STORE, CORNER OF 1 Twenty-third street and Ninth avenue; a splendid location lor any first class Imsinc-s. (iOODEN Ot'G II A WEBER. Ill Broadway. rpo LEI? SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS FOR LIGHT 1 business purpose*. Apply on premises 56 West Eigh teenth street. rpO LET? A NICE CLOTHING STORE, CORNER OF X Oliver and South streets, near Catherine lerrjr. Apply on the premises. TO LET? RNTIRE ($**) PER AMI US) OR IN PART, First Lott 40 Llspenard street, near Broudwuy. Ap ply to A. jot UN EAV, 51 Llspenard street. TO LET? AT 1,270 BROADWAY, STORE, RENT $81) per month, and N77 Third avenue, store, $80 per tiionUt ; also line Store, corner Thirty-fifth street and Jtrtiadway, ready to rent, as the house was built two \I srs ago on the new extension, Broadway, ami lolli floors over head, 33Xo3; to be let for uiaiiuiacture or husl Xos oui Doses, GEORGE McGOVERN. TO LBT KWtt H>J?1I?KW WRWWM. TO I.F.T-A LOFT, SUITABLE FOR LIC.HT MANU farturlm purpo? t. t'J West Thirtieth (treat; rent 1400 per year. DVK i CUBTIS8, 503 Sixth avenue. TO LEASE? NBW STOREHOUSE, NO. 55 AVENUE D, whole or separate, with all modern Improvements, at a low rent Inquire ol S. LiOUTSTONK, 64B Sixth avenue. rTH) LFASK? ON BROADWAY, NEAR HOWARD 1 street, three Floors and Basement. Inquire In liquor More, t'tH Broad way. TO RENT? ONE OR TWO FIRST CLASS STORKS ON Broadway, near Thirty-second street, with l''rench I plate glass ?lio? windows; possession at oaee. A. C. LOOMls A CO., 1,254 Broadway. TO RENT? WITH STEAM PiiWKH, A i'l.uT OK SIX lots ot gruuud; would erect a building on part or all ot it to *uit a respoii-iblc tenant anil lurni. h steam power. Apply to McCLATE BROS., Twenty -second street and Eleventh aveuue. 1 TO LEASE? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES THE FOUR story brown stone Trout House 01 Ka-t Tenth street, second door west ot Broadway* size 28x75; lot 94.9 deep. Applv t? WM. A b. A. CRCIKjHANK, 55 Broadway. THE FRONT PART OK KIRST FLOOR? COMMAN !> ing situntion, northeast corner Broadway anil Fourth street, lor offloe, dentistry, tailoring, Ac. ; \ery pleasant; long time occupied by "American Society for Prevention oi Cruelty to Animals." inquire on the preinlaeit TrERY DKS1RABLE ROOMS, WITH STEAM WWII V to let, in building 3ffi! Second avenue, corner ot Twenty-second street. ? 4LOTFS TO LET? WITH STKAM POWER, 50x7.1 each, on Orand street, near separately or together. Apply to S. VAN RBNBSJSLALll CttlUKK, 182 Grand street. OQ EAST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD OO way.? This eligible property tor business purposes, to It'll lie lur a term 01 years. Apply on the premised. WA NASSAU STREET? STORE AND BASEMENT TO <17 let ; also an upstairs Store, very light. OEORGE ?. SICKLES. 79 Nassau street, room 0. DWBlLiKO HOISES TO LET. F urn tailed. Adjoint no fifth avenue on west thirty seventh street, to let, an elegantly furnished lour I story brown stone, extra size, rent do. Wcsflhirty third street, $6,000: West Forty-seventh street, do., $5,300; West Forty-seventh street, do., $3,.'<00; East Fiity-nlnth street, threo story brown stone, $2,500; East sixtieth client, tour story brown stone, $.'t,:t00; East Forty-sixth street, hast Forty-first street, $4, (W0; East lllitli street, near Third avenue, do., $1,200; Lexington avenue, three story brown stone, elegantly furnished. $3,000, and others. JACOB V. D. WYCKOKF, tw Broadway. A1 N ELEOANT ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, FOUR stories, Twenty-third street, betwefcn Second and Third avenues, to lease, coinpletclv furnished, tor three or five years. WM. S. OAVEY, 34 Bleeekor street. AT $185 A MONTH? WEST TWENTY-EIOH I'll street, neur Sixth uvunue, hnndsomely furnished medium sized House, high stoop, three story anil base ment. For permits apply at 26 East Fiftieth street. Pos session about April 24; rcicrcnoes required. AT $3X1 A MONTH-HANDSOME FOl'R 8TOR1 high stoop brown stone House, with all modern Im provements; fully lUrnislied; 160 East i hirty-cighth street, neur Lexington avenue. B. EDDY k CO., No. 1 Park place. A PRIVATE FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY WILL rent their tine tour story brown stone House, lully furnished, for six or seven months, just west ot Finn ave nue, between Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh streets. Kent low to u desirable party. Address box J>,oio Post oilice. A NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE? ON THIRTY fourth street, near Eighth avenue, $1,000; one on Thirty-eighth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, $3,50U Applv to E. A. DAlLt-.Y, MB sixth avenue. Furnished house to let-in fine location, near Central Park, to a small, strictly private Amer ican family of adults: no others need apply; owner will board out the rent. Address llENEY, box 1(>S Herald oilice. Furnished three and four story brown stone ilouses, in Forty-second, Forty -third, Forty fifth, Forty-Sixth and Fortv-seventh streets, between Broadway 'and Flltli avenue; moderate rents. WILl.lAM ELLIOTT & CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty-fifth street. /to TO-DAY ANI) SECURE THAT FULLY FUR "T nislied. first class House on Thirty-fifth street, near Filth avenue. A lease given for two years. Rent rea sonable. W. O. KNIOlIT, 327 Fourth avenue. Handsomely furnished small BROWN STONE House.? Furniture tor sale and House to rent, or would sell nil togcthi r; very liuudscmu and convenient, and not expensive. Apply oti premises, 219 East Seventy - second street, or at 187 raual street. SILSBEE. tiPT.FNDIDLY AND FULLY FURNISHED HOUSES on Nineteenth, Forty -seventh and HUy-Uiird streets . | . . nrivate laniilles; also lor sale at bargains. to let to private B^U NUAU K 2.i Union square. mo LET- A NICE THKBB STORY HIOH STOOP 1 brown stone House, partly furnished; the owner will take part o' rent put in bonrd; rent cheap. Apply ut 101 West Filtietli street. TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE, f>2 WEST FORTY fllth street, between Filllt and Sixth avenues. Ap ply to U. W. ALLEN, 152 Broadway. rpo LBT? FURNISHED, TO A SM ALL FAMILY, FROM A May to October, n desirable House, for Summer; :'6 Seventh avenue, unquestionable retercnces required. Apply to AUO. CRI'IKSU ANK, 55 llroadwuv. rpo LET? A FULLY FURNISHED FOUR STORY HTOn J stoop House, in a first dnss convenient neighborhood ; will lie rented lor a genteel boarding house, as It is lull of boarders at present; every tliiug included at $275 per month. Address HOUSE, box 13.IHcrald office. r RENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE, FUR nislied, 890 Clermont avcniie, Brooklyn ; located between two car routes from Fulton ?ferry. Apply to T. W. WOODS, MB Fulton street. rno RENT? FURNISHED, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, A In West Thirty-filth street, threo story high stoop Honse; rent $S,<00; or unfurnished, fS.On); otln rs at lc*s reuts. WILLIAM * E. A. CRUIKaHAKK, corner of Broudway and Forty-fourth street. mEAST TWELFTH STREET.? A FINE FOUR story House, luriilshed, elegant parlors, to let to a private lumilv for $1,010 am! ihe Hoard lor ihree persons. -lQ/\ WEST FORTY-FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN -L<iU Broadway and Sixth avenue.? Four story Eng lish basement House; flail y furnished; the owner will re serve oue floor and board if desiruble. To be seen iroiu 1 to 4. 1 Qft? STREET.? TO LET, FURNISHED, THE FOUR lOU story brown stone House 61 West 130tli street, be tweeii Fifth and sixth avenues ; splendid location. Apply to WILLIAM KEN NELLY, No. 4 Pine etreet. Fnlnriilahed. A? BETWEEN FIFTH AND MADISON AVENUES, ? 20 Fiftieth street, first class House, 2Hlx90; rent moderate. A? TO LEASE Foil ONE OE MORE YEAH?? A. . first class 2ft-foot wide four story limwii Mom- House, near Firth avenue, on Klfty-seeond street, pardy lur nished. Apply to T. s. SHEPHERD, lHi Broadway. A THREE STORY lliGH poor BROWN STONE liout House to let, on Prospcct place : rent $ 1,21)0. 0. O. BILLINGS. IUM Kant Knrty-tirst street A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LET? All modern improvement*; good n< Igbborhooil ; runt $?JU. C. p. BlItLlNOS, CTBast lurty-first street. AN EXTRA LARGE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House to let, on Prokpect place ; rent iLgt c. o. hillings, :tss East roity-lnt mwt A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY II Kill H?OOP brown stone House, 25x60 feet, in Muillson avenue, to let. tarnished or untarnished. Apply to owuer, A. MORTON FERRIS, 62 Exchange pluee. ATHKEE AND a FOVR 8TOKY HOUSES, CHOICE locations, near Central Park, to lut very low to good parties. FRANKMLLU, 32Z Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY BROWS STONB HOUSE, 125 FIFTH avenue, to let or lease - will lie let lor boarding house purpose* upon satisfactory sr eerily being given. Apply on premises or to O. A. KIBSAM, So. 6 Pine street, trom 1 to 4 P. M . A LADY, ABOUT VISITING BUROFE, WOULD LIKE to sell Furniture, with live years' Lease ol house. Call at&S West Tenth street. A? TO LET OR LEASE, N08. 4, 6 AND 8 TWKN . tletb street, between Fifth avenue anil Hroudway, singly or together, lor business or dwelling. DREW, 16> I itth avenue. A l'IK.KT?/ 'J'AS* HOUSE ON FIFTH A VENUE TO E. H. LUDLOW A CO., l*o. J line street, or M Eust Seventeenth street. ' A FULL SIZED BROWN STONE IHOH "STOOP House, n?iw being thoroughly und handsomely re Jiaired; coiitnrns over twenty rooms; hest location in few York for a boarding house. Possession 20th of April. C. S. PECK k CO., I Ml null avenue. A HANDSOME THREE STORY BKfK HOUSE; IN good order ; contains U rooms; one block from Union square ; rent only $1. ??>. S. EDGAR mKHUD, V BMI Fourteenth street. A MAGNIFICENT HOUBB, NEAR FIFTH AVBNl'B, on Portv-third street, to let to a respon?lhle private famitv ; house I* four story high stoop brown stone, newly and elegantly furnished and complete in every respect A. C. LOOM 1 8 k CO., MM Broadway. Ai,a nor: boarding on QENTLEMEN'rf Lodging Houses to lease, 1,121,1,123 and 1,12.1 Broanway, cor itr Twenty-filth Street; BO rooms, In fine order. Inquire ot s. d. GoBnAN, fl Spruce street. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE House to let? Rent S'.Stf, taken in Hoajrrt ol owner, two Indies nnft mnld, wlei furnish their own apartment*; tor a gcntleiniin ana wile or a small family desiring a pleasant home, witnont the entire expense of rentand living, this is a favorable opportunity; location central and near Brondwny; best reterences given rfwt required. Address P.. J. tf . . tiii\ 172 Herald Uptown Branch office. Brown stone houses? bast thirty. fourth street and West Forty-ninth street; reasonable rent*; convenient localities ; tl.&K) an J *2, una HC'LL, 240 Broadway. BKoWN stone Hor*H, ALL IMPROVEMENTS, nine rooms, carpets throughout, to let, 43 East 112th St.. near Madinon avenue ; principals only. IjlAST EIGIITFKnth STREET.NO. JW; LEXINGTON j avenue. Wo. lm. Apply on premises. IilOlB STORY BROWN STONE BHl< K DIGn STOOP House to let, lease or tor sale, furnished; limned iaM possession; perfect house ; all modern. Apply on prem ises. iU4 East Mutli street. , HOUSES AND APARTMENTS TO LET.? HOUSE :tss ltleeek. r street: all improvements. Cottage, Ninth avenue, 7 J .oma, f'V. Two nice Second Floors, Ninth waul (American people). Apply at fiU! Hudson street. Hotw -Sl,**), ijn, $2,1*10, *2,4(10, |S,nuo, 55*, $4,iH)upto ?KX'**'. on Fltlri, Madison and I-exlng tain avenues and tlie most desirable orossstrertsiaiMMur. nisUed Housee. PAGE k M< CAFFhRTY, I'ltth avenue, corner Fifty second street. t Have house* to rent on ?th, 41st, esni, 1 ii'M, SHtb, 83d, Oth 4fitii, with, iWt.h,, SM, tilth, .Villi, Sid, fttii, rtHk 43d, Stftli. ft ills, M* 71st. Ifcith, Utti, 49U, 3<it h , ilith, 4Hth, 37th, Kith, ttllkind till streets, and in tact all locaiioTis; rents fW'lf JRi!40! ??!' ll J""' wnnt a Jioiisc, MORRIS B BAEl!,72n?|{ liilrtyivurtlt sit??u DWELUNO HOVimr TO LET. Valkralihei. POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY AT A REDUCED rent.? The large House 23 Amity street wlili all the modern improvements; has lit large rooms; also a large farden: will be kit lor business purpose* if required; louse open from 10 to 11 morning*. mo LET-NO. 9 EAST THIRTIETH OMIT, NEAR I Filth avenue.? Three story high atoop Brown Stone front. In tlrst r.ite order. For penult* and particulars apply to ALLEN, DOOLEY A HENRIQUi.S, SK> Broad way. TO LET-ON THE CENTRAL PARK, FOR *3 000, THE elegant four story browu atone Houae No. S Bart Eighty-sixth street. Apply to E. TAiLER, Jr., 47 Walker street mo LBT-VEBY LARQI! STONE M ANSION IN I WEN I ty second street, near Rroadwuy ; SI tret front ; either partially furnished or unturnlsh. d ; it leusod will be paint ed and ireseoed and put In complete order; .ins large laundry, separate troin klteheu ; large dining room*. Ap ply tu ty. a B. A. O R l< I KSH AN K, S6 ttroud way, or address J. j box 870 I'ost office. rpo LET? CHARMING FRENCH HOOF HOUSK, I seven minute* troin Mborty street ftrry, 11 rooms; all Improvement*; rent $30 per month. Apply to A. M. CAl'fr.N, 3. 1 Broadway. IK) LET? A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE HOUSE, CON tainlng 17 rooms and all modern improvement", on Bcekinun uirrnce, h.ivingu vlow over th-> Kast River su perior to that oi t'ooklvn Height-. Inquire southeast corner of Flltieth street and Beekman ptace. rpo LET-THE NF.VV Til REM STORY AND BASK I mentbrlck House, high stoop, with all the modern improvement*, 243 l.aM Hortjflrst street; rent $'W to tt good tenant. Apply at 22'J Ea?t Forty-ilrst street. rpo LET? A FINE, LARGE Til It EE STORY DWBLL 1 ing House, U) W?*t Twenty .fit tit street; $i,tfon: com lortablo Cottages In West l?7lh street. ue:ir Boulcwird, $*30. W. R. MORGAN, 240 Broadway. TO LET ($90 PKR MONTH)? KNiiLISII BASEMENT brown stouo trout No, 257 West rifty-seeond street; first floor ftservod for a doctor ; part to let oont litis dining room, bedrooms, parlors. Ac. ; small lamily de sired. rro LET? THE NEW BROWN KTON12 CORNER A House, Hire.1 story and basement, corner oi 'Forty third street and Broabl place. rpo LET? IN LEXIMUON AVENUE, CORNER I Thirtieth street, to physicians or anv (rented, re sponsible family, four sforv stone basement House, in complete repair; immediate possession. Apply on premise*. rpo LET? THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE 2X1 x East Thirty-fifth street. Can be seen fVoni 11 to 4 without permit. For particulars inquire next door, No. rpo LET-ONE OF THE NICEST HOUHES IN THE 1 city, lor three tauiilies; all improvements ou every floor. 4 17 West Forty-sixth street rpo LET-ON EIGHTY-THIRD STREET, WI ST OP 1 Boulevard, two story French root House, stable, Car riage llou :.o. and tour Lots oi ground In garden ; $000 per milium. Apply to I' BALDWIN, No. 2 Harrison street. LET? THE POUR STORY HIOII STOOP FIltST class Dwelling House 97 Eighth street, near Filth avenue, containing 21 rooms aiid all modern improve ments. Inquire ol S. OU IMANN, 4S Leonard street. rpo LET? FOUR STORY, OVER STORK, CONSISTING J of 32 rooms, ou tho northeast corner of Caual aud Mulberry streets. Apply in the store. rpo LET? A OENTKEL COTTAOE, NEAR TUB PARK. 1 Eighty-fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth ave nue*; nine rooms; garden, stable; all improvements ; line location; alt pat in perlect order; $9"W. Apply on promises or to TUPl'hR <fc CO., 20ii West street. rpo LET? A NEW TIIREB STORY BROWN STONE 1 House, all improvements, Prospect place. between Forty-second and Forty third streets; rent $1,000. Apply to v\. S. MKLDRUM, 1,209 Broadway. rpo LET? A FOUR 8'1'ORY BROWS STONE HOUSE, x JijO West Forty-second street, near Broadway; first floor reserved; 12 rooms and basement floor; newly painted and papered; rent $l,.'<K); immediate possession. Inquire on the premises, or ot E. D. LAWRENCE, 1,408 Broadway. TO LET-SEVERAL HOUSES AND PARTS OF Houses in desirable localities and at modcraio rents. J. F. WILLI AMS A SON., 270 West Thirty -lourtli street, corner Eighth avenue. rpo LET? UNFURNISHED (CHEAP TO THE RIGHT J parly) 147 East Seventy-third street corner Lex ington avenue; will be thoroughly repaired; many others ill all locations. 8 FREIDK.NRICU A CO., 900 and 904 Third avenue. rpo LET.? DESIRABLE THREE AND FOUR STORY 1 Houses, central locations, up town. Rem-- reduced WILLIAM ELLIOTT A CO., 1,491 Broadway, near Forty <li tli street TO LET? A THREE STORY FRAME COTTAOE ON West Eighty lourtli street, near EUhth avenue. WILLIAM S. UAViiY, 31 Bleeeker street rpo LET? $2,100? THE THREE 8TORY BROWN STONE I Dwelling House |;M Hast Twenty-filth street. Apply to Real Estate Brokers OUDEN St CLARK, or HOLMES A BROS., or DREW & CO. rpo RBKT-FOCR STORY HIOII STOOP BRICK i lloti-e, on Thirtv-fec ond street, near Broadway ; one ol tli. best locations in the city for a rlrst class boarding house; 18 rooms, in good order, rent $3, A. i . L*)OM l.s & CO., i.wSi Broadway. 47 rPO RENT? A LAKOE * BTOKY HOUSE, NKAK 1 Broadway and 4Uh St., $2,500; :i story high stoop, West Mill hi., ii> in" IHIi uv., $8,000; East li&tli ?t., ucur <!d nr., $l,U*l ami $1,200; others. WM A E. A. OBUIKHUAHK, Kro.idwav n4 44th st. TO RENT? THREE HTOKY HIOH STOOP BlcoW.N stone House, on West !? Urty-tli tli street, near Eighth avenue. This is a new house and ready I or iinmediule occupancy. Rent, $.'.0.!ll. WX. A E. A. CRIIKSHANK. corner Broadway anil Forty-fourth street 2QD STRKBT, frontino MADISON -yrAitK.-TWO ? > Houses adjoining. or would rent separately ; 10 looms; will be rented tor boarding or club purposes; oilier*. IIOLMES BlaiW? I, 4f> find 48 East Twenty third st. 2,-;TH 8TBEBT, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE.? TO LET, ') tor business or private purposes, a very desirable three story House. HOLMES BRO I'llbltH, 46 uud 48 East Twenty-third street. OCTH HTHEET, NEAR FOURTH AVl.NUE? FIRST Jjv) class three story House; very choice; perfect order; others. HOLMES BROTHERS. 46 and 48 East Twenty. third St. 4J7TH STREET, NEAR MADISON AVENUE- THREE ? I story high stoop b , rout $1,600; Eait 30th street, $2,400, $l,?00 and *!.?**? ; Hist street, #1,4)0 ; 31): It street, $1,500; 4lith street, $1,K0; 200 others, unfurnished and luruished, dill'eicn: rentals, all locations. is. KLANAUAN, Fourth avenue and Twenty-eighth st ?>1?T STREET, BBTWBEN SIXTH ANI) SEVENTH ill avenues.? A three story high stoop brown stone Mouse to let, Willi mirrors, c arpels, tuts fixtures, shades, Ac. Apply at 2H E#st 'twenty-second street. TH STREET? TO LBT, BROWN STONE llol'SES 134 and 136 West Forty-seventh street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue: splendid location; posses sion immediately. Apply to WILLIAM Ei^NNELLY, No. 4 fine street. dkl ifWVrFtTLWf FURNISHED, BROWS STONE, MAN viUU surd roof; $200, Sixteenth street; $?'>?>, tour story, near Westminster Hotel; also unfurnished Houses. J. M. LET IS, HA .-ixlcentli street, corner of Broadway. lOU WEST FOKTY-iTFTH STREET.- THREE STORY J OO high stoop brick House, 84 leet deep throughout; unexceptionable location; rent $1,000: permits from owner only, ff Clinton place, Eighth street. ni)(l FOB A SMAI '< 1IAT Til K K I STORY tJPJ.'/Ul/ high stoop brick House, with all modern improvements and genteel neighborhood: to none but re spectable people. fiii|Uirc at IM West Tenth street. KIKNIHIIKD K(K)MM Ai?l> AFARTME.MS TO LET. A LADY, OCCUPYING A FINE BROWN STONE, DB xirnbly located, will let a hcuutilully furnished back l'urloi, containing hot and cold water and pantry, lor one your, to a k<'iii Iciniui who will advance felfO; high est relcrciice uniple security tfiven. Address A. E. M., Ilernld office. V HANDSOME FIRST FLOOR, WITH ALL MODBBN JY Improvements, for housekeeping, newly repainted; 0? uer In the bouse. Apply at 340 East Eighteenth street, between first and Second avenues. PRIVATR FAMiLY~WILL RENT A NH'EI.Y FU H nlslied Room to gentlemen ; gas and bath. Kn,r euces. 130 Hast Iwelitli street. A- FEW KLEOANTLY PUBLISHED ROOMS TO RBNT, without board : also reception Room suitable lor uu office. 3* West Twenty seventh street NICBLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND Bedfoota to let? To a gedUeman umi wife ; also a front Parlor to one or two single gentlemen Apply at HM Eighth avenue, between Fifty-third and Fifty -fourth streets; terms moderate. A FIRST" FLOOlT OVER STORE 433 EIGHTlF AVE nue, to let? Five rooms decorated, bCMdcs-liathrooim range, hot and cold water, water closet, gas, chandeliers Ainl fixture?, separate moier, Ac S. EMBERSON, u6'J Sixth avenue, near Thirty-eighth street. A? AT 1.021 THIRD AVEFlTriBETWERNl^fiETH ? and Sixty-first street*, third Hoor? A neatly fur nished hall Bedroom to let, to gentlemen, without boaid; all improvements. LAMB, HAN DSl tMKL Y Fi.'RNI SH BD 8BWND story front Room to let. to one or two unlet gentle men: no' iu Mav. 1 ?r> Eighth st., near Broadway. A~ LA ROE ELK OA N TL \ FURNISHED FRONT I'AK lor, with piano, In brown slone English basement house Mi East Ninth street. to gentlemen only. "I/LEUANTLY FURNIsliED ROOMS, EN SUITE OR _Ei single: all Improvements; no mi vin/ ; small private family; nest references; positively to g< titlcinoii only. 117 Twenty-sixth street, between Fourth an 1 Lexington avenues. I"7LBtTANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, EN BUITB~OR !i singly, for gentlemen: the house has all improve ments and t lie appointments of a refined home. Apply to owner, '.#> East Twenty third ?trect. "iji ROM MAY 1? FOR$7?A MONTH AND FULL BOARD r for two persons and partial Board for two persons, a Second Floor. .1 rooms, exclusive use of kitchen and dining room, and privilege of parlor and bathroom: house be twe>n Madison and Fourth avenues; near Fourth a venae stage or ear routes. Address, for interview, B. A., box 4,4*5 Poet office. IjVu km s H ED NEATI.*" FOR HOUHEKEK PIN ( f? P Suit of Rooms; parlor, Wo bedrooms, closets, kitchen, water closets, fcparale meter; all on second floor, front ing Elghtli avenue ; terms moderate. 3o;l west T weny - eighth street. IrtDRNIfUED ROOMS TO I.ET-WITHfjCT BOARD. 1 at 17 East Twi ntv first street. IjlURNDtHRD ROOMS TO LET? FOR HOf.SEKEEP 1 iug, for man and wife, at 180 Varlck street. ftURNISHED HALL, SPRINO BED, BATH ANI) closets, $3 weekly ; upper Room, $1 AO; Room* ami Bedrooms, $11 and $10 weekly , quiet private house; busi ness location. 106 bast Fiftenlith St., east ot Union square. tjHIRNIflllED ROOMS FOR FAMILIES fill (IENTLE I wen at lUi East Fourt<>entli street, opposite Steinway Hall. Very pleasant Rooms, newly iuinishcd, at mode rate prices. I A RUE AND BEAUTIFUL FRONT ROOM, fUR. J nished splendidlv, lor gentlemen; no hoarders; first class house and locution s superior accommodation ; all eonvenletiees. 21 Weet Niutb stmt, between i'tttli and Si4tV*VeiiiKi. A FVaNUHKD Room MO tfABnOCSTS TO MET. VTICELT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LBT-TO OBNTLE H men or fenttewen and wires, without boards tarmit reasonable. Apply at 63 Kmc Thirtieth street, corner fourth avenue. Ring second boll. PERSONS STUDYING ECONOMY IN LIYINO CAN obtain a Preach flat, cotuph tely furnished, at a low rent if they can pay $3lffldown for fhrnlture w. rth three times that cum : owner leaving city only reason lgr sell ing. Address Mr. IllVINU, station U. rpo LET, FURNISHED? THE PARLOR ANO BASE A m? nt Floors of ho rue 215 Sonth Third street, Brook lyn, E. D. ; rent $50. In<|iiirt*at 4# Sew -areet. TO LET-IN A FRENCH FAMILY, A FIN P. PARLOR ami Bedroom (private bith), verv Convenient for gentlemen; also ? Basement for doctor's olhce. 06 Ku>t 1 welith street. TO LET ? 88 IRVINO PLACE, CORNER SIXTEENTH street, Hecond Floor, one Room on parlor ?l'>or. front Huidncnt, together or separate, luriitslicd or untur nUliod. ' TO LET? AW RLEOANTLY FURNISHED BACK Parlor, lu the Hue brown alone house XI Ea.-t Sev enteenth street, opposite Stnyvesunt Park. IV) LET? PROM MAY I, TO A OENTLEM AN AND wile, almost nil emit* House, nearly all furnished ;

: modern improvements and newly painted and Iresooed; | reut #75 per month. Iiii[uire in store 6f'J sixth avenue. TO LET.? A SMALL FAMI1.T, HAVING MORE ROOM than they need, will let the second story of th? dexir | able three tt ry hou*.? 524 Hudson street, Ninth wurd, to a Mnall lamlly; rent $10. rno LET? THE SECOND FLOOR, 4 ROOKS. OF PIU 1 vale house S?4 East Ilfty-eighth street, to a sninll American tamily oi adults; water and bus; rent $30. Iiii|uiie on premises. r) T JIT? IN A PRIVATE HOUSE, A NEATLY flirnislied Room for Unlit housekeeping ; rent $10 Der month. 'i2t> West Thirteenth street. rPO LET-A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO A 1 middle aged ?eutlcinan oi unlet habits, "thought and independeuee. Addre.-g Ft KNlhll KU KOO.M, Herald Uptown Branch ofhee. TWO NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOMS, FOR gentlemen. 40H WMt 1'oriictli street. TWO VERY I'LKASANT ROOMS, FU |{ NISI I EI), OON neetlng, <'ii first lloor (front and middlo Parlors): also pleasant square and hall Room, front, on third floor, to getith men. I J(i West Twentv second strei I 2 I'LKASANT AND NICELY PC RKISII ED ROOMS; largo closets: bath on same lloor; without board; adjoining oilsey House. 24 West Thirtieth street. TO $4 WEEKLY. ? COM PORTA RLE FURNISHED ?PO Apurtnients lor housekeeping; 15- Hopkins street, Brooklyn. Take Flushing avenuu cars from Fulton ferry to Tompkins avenue. Apply all the week. 1 7 WF.ST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, OPPOSITE ST. J I Jam*".? Elegant and entirely new furnished Parlor Floor, with extension Room and private liath ; also suit I of three Rooms, on third lloor; breakfast served if I wished ; men servant*. 4?Q 1UIT TENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? tit*! Handsomely liirnished lloonis en suite or singly to | let, tor gentlemen only ; lamlly private; reference. | Q WI ST .TWENTY SIXTH STBSET, NKAB ST. TO James Hotel.? Furnished Rooms and Parlors en suite; baths and all ? oiivenlences; splendid location for doctors And dentists; terms moderate. OOC EAST FORTY-EIGHTH STREET.? TO LET, AN elegantly furnished Room, for one or two gen tlemen ; brown stone hou&e, gas, bath and all improve inenih; no moving in Hay ; private family . i~)[ZA WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET. -WELL FUR nlshed Rooms, en suite or singly; a MMttftll Floor, three or lour rooms, $15 to $20 u week; all con veniences. UKFl'HMKHtOl) HOOMK AMI) APART MENTS TO LET, A THIRD FLOOR TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY of adults; four rooms, two pantries. 52 Perry street. Can be seen from 2 to 5. A? TO LET, SOME OF THE HANDSOMEST I'RENJill . Flats ever erected in this City, eight and ton lanto rooms, all lighted, below the Park, near Filth avenue; ul*e 30 Houses, in good location*. Place 999 Sixth aveuue. A SECOND I' LOO It IN MADISON STREET, NEAR Clinton; t > large rooms bedroom, bathroom, water closet ; will be painted. Apply ut 215 Monroe street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, IN A PLEASANT LOCATION in the NiiiiU ward, will let, unfurnished, l'art ot the Second uud Third Stories to a small Ainericnn family ; gas ill every room. Pol" particulars address AMI. 111 CANS, box 132 Herald office. A BEAUTIFUL SUIT, SIX ROOMS, TO LET? TO A sinull lumily in elegutit brown stone, with owner; $(jd; 7^j Seventh u\eiiue. Take Broadway or University ear*. A? SPLENDID FLOORS TO LET, IN THOSE FIRST ? class houses 20 and 2-' West fourth street, near Broadway; also Flours, Stores and Apartments In tlm vicinity ot Thompson, Amity, Ulcocker, Spring and Broome streets. Apply at 14^ Bleeeker street, near Thompson street. At sa west fiftieth street.? a nick upper Part to let, consisting of seven room* j rent (900. Ap. ply on the premise* between 1 anil 5 1*. M. A THIRD Fl.OOR To LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY J\ of adults; Uiree room*. 326 Went Fiitccuth street. A? TO LET, HOME OF THE HANDSOMEST FRENCH ? Flats over erected on this continent, below Flity aeventh street, near Filth avenue, 8 ami 10 law moms; all lighted. Hrst class uuiille* only need apply at 0U9 ixth avenue. A SECOND AND BEST PA RT OF A THIRD FLOOR _/Y U.lot; privute house, Went Nineteenth street mill way bciweeu Kiulith ami Ninth avenues; ti'or 7 rooms, bathroom, Ac., $6.i or $65, to a suiuli lamily ; referenced required. B.J. HARRISON, 6lfi West Twcuty-iourth ttntt AMIUI FLOOR AND BASEMENTS, SIX ROOM.4, $3S per month , ul?.< > tlilnl story Floor, six rooiua, 92.', to let in 12 Kethuuc street, near Bank ami Hudson. Uood neighborhood. A BEAUTIFUL SECOND FLOOR TO LET? ON hixtb avenue, near Twenty -third street ; fdx rooms, water, K.i>, bath, and well adapted lor privute UOiily. C. s. PECK A Co., LSI Filth avenue. A HALF OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE? ALSO SUIT*, three to woven room*, and Store, with Dwelling >0 feet Utep; every convenience ; strictly private. Apply ht M Tenth street Basements, parlor and third floor of a i 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 > located hli;h stoop house, near Broadwa uptown: (.'as, ratine, lurnace. Ac.; rent moderate; relet" encei required. Addreee ALPHA, station <). 1,'LI HANT FRENCH FLATS TO LI' T? IN HANDSOME ! J brow n stone house 4M West Forty third street; each lloor forms a complete house of itself, and contains ratine, boiler, stationary waihtuhs, inarllc mantels, chaudelicrs. w ater closet, bathroom, dumb waiter, Ac. Apply on premises. EAST HIDE, Ul* TOWN. -TO LET OR LEASE, A frame House, consisting of seven ap>nrtm< tits; al-o untile room tor two liorses, wapou room and luiy loft, situated on two lots; rent low to a I tenant. Please call on the premises, in Seventy ihtli street, nut feet east of avenue A, or address EAST SI lit, box 177 Herald ofliee. Ijiunie LET-ALL IMPROVEMENTS; SIX 1< K< II N r stone Houses, all new, to choice families: rent H'i to $t?t. inquire on the premises, 41 2 West Fitty-fiith street, near Centrul t'ark. THIRST CLASS SECOND FLOOR TO RENT? FOUR r loom* ami bathroom: separate meter; modern im provements; rent $M; t<est reierenee required and given. 363 West Fourteenth street. *? ? _____ Half of first ci.vss house, with all im proveinents. 99 India street, Orcenpnlnt; ?<nt>- tour blocks irotn lorries, 1.1 minutes from Madison square. In quire on preml.ies, or at li>.< Maiden luue. PAHT OF FOUR STORY BROW N STONE IIOI SE, six rooms, including ?tout parlor ami all con veil* lenocm to a small desirable family ; ren> $75. AM Leaing ton u venue. pARLOR FLOOR TO LET?IN PERFECT ORDER, L in house 4IM Fourth avenue, between Twenty eighth h kI Twenty-ninth streets; will tie arranged i? .mjj K< o.l tenant; rent $tKNl. Inquire on the premises. OPLENIHD FRENCH FLAT? FIRST FLOOR AND i' Hasemcnte, I7H fast Seventy-ninth street, near Lex ington avenue : liiuh stoop I rown stone, eleuoutly tlii i-lted: ail Improvements; low rent; splem.ld lisution, near Park. y KCOND FLOOR, LARtlB ROOM ON TIIIHI. PRI 0 vale, desirable house ; tins every Improvement . pleas antly Situated ; 2;t.1 East i 10th street ; u iik nth to u lit at American luiiuly (two or three only) ; reference* ex chanved. UKfoNI) FLOOR- Fl V R BOOMS AND BATHROOM, K j in handsome house, Bitot deep; all improvements; the owner occupying lower part; no agents nee I applv. KM West Thirty -sixth street fTK) LET? SECOND STORY, THREE ROOMS, AND I two ICootns In the third story, W6 West TweittT-w ond street, to a small family ol ndult^; povt?*cm April 1#- sppty at .17 University piece. rpo LR I? TO A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY OF I ad nits, or gentleman mid wile, hi strictly privute bouse, Me ?esi Fittv-rtith street, fe'-ond Floor. eotlsistinK of five room#, with Improvements. For permits apply io (iARRKTT I). CLARK A SON, S34 Kliihth avenue. rno LET? IN A DESIRABLE COTTA0K, J. Nineteenth street, live It noms and I'lintry on second floor ; entrance entlrel> separate. Can be Seen iruia J to S P. M. Inquire at 407 West Nineteenth strei t. rFo LET? lit A FREJICH FLAT, BASEMK.Nt" AND A I'urior Floor ; a!l improvements ;. 'll.l Ea-.t Fittv -llr-t s'rect. I in] nlre of SYLVESTER Mt'HPIIY, SOO East Fit tieth street. rpo LET? HALF A HOUSE; REXT ftfiU. m LAST 1 Forty-first street. IK) I.KT-CPPBB I* \ RT OF IIOITSE, WITH OWNER | . suitable tor u small tniniiy only; American prelerred. Call at ltd Ea.-t Forly fllth strict, betwcuti W and i o'clock. rpt) LET-aw WEST TWELFTH STREET. FRONTINO ? i on Abingdon square, three t'jiper Floor , of It rooms: all conveniences. Apply in dru* ktoiu, o.'l Bud son street. TO LET? THE HALF OF A BROWN STOWS Hot *F, built for two fanUlics only, w ith all tlie latest im I proveincnts for each lamily *<p.trate; contain seven ro. in* and bath room. Apply to owner, 330 Uot Vuii\ nintli street _ 1m LBT? FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENTS, IN NORTH Meore street, near lludsou. Apply to P. bIII.AU \.n, iN.i w e?t street rro LET-UPPER PART OF PRIVATE HOUSE, 3H 1 Best Forty ninth street; three nice roouts; to a psrtv of two or three only; rent very reasonable; pro prletor only living In house. rpo LET? 12*1 EAST SEVENTY-FIFTH STREET, WEAR 1 Lexington avenue, second Floor, coutnmoig three rooms, analf needed one lar^e room on third, near the Park; K' i?l nelgbliorhood ; rent reasonable. rpo LI'.T? THE BASEMENT OF 137 SECOND AVESt'E, I consisting of three nice rooms and kitchen ; all Im provi'Uicnts ; loeatloti desirable. Inqiilrc^tn tipper noor. I rivi LET ? LOWER PART Oil SBCOND FLOOR, FIVt'. I l?i?e Rooms etleh ?, ell Imi rovenients ; very u?sirtbli ; | i-ee^vbabie to svv<J tvusutt. M Lcroy ttrcet. UNFURNIBMBD ROOMS AMU APART MBKWTOIJBT. mo I>BT ? A SUIT or BOOM. IN THE FIRST CLASH 1 French Oat bomw 11$ E*st Thlrt.v-flrst rttwt, near Fourth avenue : two parlor*, dining room, kitchen, limtxlry and four bedroouuir with nil tin improvement* ; janitor on the premises; seeu between U and I o'clock; reit |1U tier mouth. rro LET-UNFURNISHED, THE SECOND STORY, 5 1 room*; Third Story, 2 room*, with i;a a fixtures, bath, water cli?ets, Ac., In Rut Nineteenth street; rem $uau, wiili immediate possession. Apply at K?al Estate u(U< e, l.tti First avenue, corncr of Eighth street 1M) LET? THE IA>WKR HART OK A HOUSE WITH all modern improvements; rooms up stairs if re quired. Inquire itt $31 Eighth avenue, between Twenty sixth und Twenty seveuth streets. To be seen trom 1 to 1 o'clock P. M. I rpo LET? A I'ljKAH ANT FLOOR, CONSISTING OP 1 t'eur rooms, with uas und water; runt low to a Rood tenant. at 4?! West Forty-seventh street. _ TO LBT? TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY, AN ELECANT Parlor Floor and lour Rooms, ou third, or entire Second anil part of Third, at n low price to the right I>n ; t \ ; brown mono It owe. lUi.t Went Fittieih street TO 1 ET? 2311 EAST THIRTY SIXTH STREET? KITCH cn. Dining Itooui. front and back Parlors ami Hed [ room . all modern luiprovemeuts ; private house ; best ref erence. rpo LET-TWO NICE SUITS OF ROOMS, SIX ROOMS X each. In West Thirty-fourth street, lor small. Ken ted families. Inquire atSL! Went Thiriy fourth street. TO LET? THE UPPER PaRT OF BROWN STONE lIou*e 31.1 West Thirty -sixth street, consisting of six rooms. Apply on the premises. rpo LET? THE UPPER PART OF A PRIVATE BUOWM J. stone Dwelling, occupied hw owner. Inquire, before DAM, anil altera I'. M.. at oil East Thirtieth street. TO LET? SUIT OF SEVEN LAROB ROOMS. ON 8EC oud and fourth floors of house 83 .lane street; very conveatent ; best reference required ; rent $bb per nioiuti. Inquire on premises. TO LET ? UNFURNISHED, SECOND FLOOR OF A private house, occupied by the owner, to a small family of adults. 75 East Fourth street rpo LET? AT 2R0 EAST TENTH STREET, TWO ROOMS 1 and one lied Room, for $15 a month. References reqnired. TO LET? SECOND AND PART OF THIRD FLOOR S!0 West Thirty-first street, consisting of five rooms and bathroom ; rent $6tW a year. Apply on premises. TO LET? THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS ON THIRD floor, In strictly private house, first class neighbor hood, with pus and water, for housekeeping. Apply 119 West Tweuty-lourth street, between ID und i o'clock. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR OF PRIVATE HOUSE 23 West Twi Itth street, near i-'itth avenue; live rooms, with ull mo tern improvement; to a small family or adults. Inquire of owner, ou premise*. Reut $80 per month. Including ira-'. TO LET? SECOND , LOOR. FIVE ROOMS, BATH ANI> water closet, no dark o<- I root lis; also the Fourth Story in the lir..>?n stono house 21)-' West Tlilrty-8ixlh street. Owner in house. rpo LET? THE SECOND AND PART OF THIRD 1 Floor, in pr,vute House, with owner: all improve liientH; r< tit ,SH Can be seen troiu 10 to 12. 17* West Twenty fourth street rpo LET CHEAP? TO A SMALL FAMILY, A FLOOR 1 of six rooms, private house. Fifteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Apply to P. SUEA HAN, 38<i West street mo RENT-FIRST CLASS FLOORS, ON BROADWAY. J. near Thirty-second street, consisting of first, sccond and third floors uud rear basement; kitchen range, hot and cold wutor, dumb waiter, stationary tubs, water closets, gits, cbuudetiers, Ac. ; all in most perfect order. A. C. LOOMIS A CO., I.2M Hroadwuy. rpo RENT.? $75 TO $100 PER MONTH, ACCORD 1 lne to rooms reserved, to a family of two or three adults, a three story brown stone Uout-o (except two rooms), tor four months, Iroui June 1. Apply at 148 West Forty-ninth street WILL LET-UNFURNISHED, A FRENCH FLAT (el'jht rooms1, 373 West Twenty-third street, with bath, hot and cold water, Ac. _? (iOODEXOUOH A WEBER, 111 Broadway. 2D FLOOIt and PART OF SD.-7 ROOMS. To gether or separate ; all improvements; hou^s privates laundry in basement, to a good tenant. Call. 314 West Twenty-fourth street 1 r n WE8T FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR SIXTH J.?)U avenue.? Unfurnished Floor to let in the bouse of a private lauul* ; all modern improvements. Apply between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. On/| WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. ? VERY r t\ t\J cheap; four nicely furnished Rooms on the ave nue, also single Room, for light housekeeping; every convenience; single Room* for gentlemen. N mjROPEAW STK A M SHIPS. OBTH OSBMAN IXOYD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, lor Southampton ami Bremen. The steamship DON AC, Captain II. A. J. Nevnaber, will sail <iii Saturday, April 12, at 2 I*. M., from Bremen pier, foot ill' Third street, llobokcn, to bo followed by Steamship BREMEN, ? aptuiu F. Klugkist, on Wednes day, April 15. ? 1LATES OF PASSAGE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payublc in gold or its t ouiwiicm in currency. First Cabin $l-ii ml <'ii bin 7 Steerage 30 For tietgtat or puun apply to OliLRICHS a CO.. Agents, No. 2 Bowling ?ireen. rru E I IAN B UK* ; ? AM KRdCAN PACkI;T~COMFA NY'S J. iron mail steamship 1IOLSATIA, Captain A. Barcnds, will null on Thursday, April 10, at 2 P. M.. for Hamburg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, i 'herhoiirj .i nd Hamburg. First Cabin, $l!W. Second Cabin, $7.'. Steerage, $<0. payable lu Vnited States gold. KlTNHARDr * CO., C. I). RICHARD A BOAS, General Agent', General FMNIRr Agent a, CI Broadway, New York. M K road way. New York. Tfie SlLEaJ A will mil April 17. t'TUNAKD LINK. / Tbe British and North American Rovni >t Jiil steamships, between New York ami Liverpool, calling ui Cork harbor. Froiu New York. ALGERIA Wed.. April 0 "JAVA Wed.. April2 -RUSSIA Wed.. April Hi PAltTMIA Sat.. April 2C CALAUKIA. . .Hat... April i? *i'l'B A Wed., Apl. 30 And every following Wednesday ana Saturday troin New York, steamer* marked thu* * do nut carry stuor uxe passengers. Rates ot Faaxaffo? Cabin, $S0, #1(10 and $130, (told, a Cordlug to accommodation. Tickcts to Paris, $15, go1 1, additional. Return tickets on lavorable terms. Steer age, $S", currencj . Steerage ticket* from Liverpool and Qneenstown, and all parts of t'. U rope, at lowest rules. For treluht and eabin paasago apply at the Company1* office. No. 4 Bowling Green ; tor steerage passage, at 111 Broadwav Trinity Building. y' Charles g. fuancklyn, Agent. Or to P. H. DCVERN'ET, corner ol Clark and Randolph street >, i liioago, 111. PASSENGERS PER STEAMSHIP ALGERIA EMBARK irom llm < ii i i.i >1 wliart, loot ol Grand street, Jersey fit v, ut 3 I'. V.., on Wednesday. \ pill 9, 1*73. ClIAS. G. KHaNCKLYN, No. 4 Bowling Green, New York. ?VTATfONAL LINE OF STEAMERS. X\ Weekly to Qiteenstown and Li verpool ; fortuightly to London direct. TO QCE'iNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 41 and 47 North River. FR WI'K, Tli?ni?i?u Saturday, April 12, at 3 P. M. spaIN, Grace Saturday, April lit, at in v. M. ITALY, Grig* Satuitlav, April art, at 3 I'. \l. GREECE, Thomas. Saturday, May S. ut IDA M. FOR LONDON DMtKi'T. IIOLL VND, Bragg Wednesday, April 9, at 2 P. M. THESE f-TKAMSHII's ARE THE LARGEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passace, 990 and $sn, currency. Bteeraec. $.'!>. cnrrciiey. Prepaid steerage tickets from Liverpool, Qneenstown, Londonderry, Gfci slow, Cardiff. Bristol or London, ill KAl'HK I'll AN BY ANY oTIIKK LINE. For tiir'lier iiiiormation apply a' the couipanv'a office, ii!i Broadway. F. W. J. HCBST, Manager. WHITE STAR LINE. Y> FOR Ui KKNSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, OARItVlSii THE L'NITED STATUS Mail. New mid iiill-povvei-cd steamships. Sailing from New York on Saturdays, from Liverpool on Thursdays, calling at Cork Harbor each way. ADKI VI'IC Saturday, April Id. ut 10:11 A M. BALTIC Saturday, April**, at 3 P. M. CELTIC Saturday, M ay 1, at 10:30 A. M. OCEANIC Saturday, May 10, at 10:11 A. M. -from the k bite stardook, Puvonia lerry, Jersey City. Pajtseimer accommodations tor all classes unrivalicJ, combining sateljr, speed and ' oin'ort. Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms In midship section, where least motion is toll. Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Raton? Saloon, $1UU, gold; steerage, $30 in currenoy. Those wlshiuf to send tor trlenifs in Hie old country can now obtaiu stecraro prepaid certificates, $32, cur ri|'iuuiencerK booked to or from all parts ot A merles to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, See li ti, India, Austriilla, Chmn. *c Iiraftafrom CI upwards. I er Inspection of plans ami otn'if lniorinatlon ap; ly hi the ? ompant ? fflce, l'J Broad" ay. New York. Bills of lading Issued to Continental l?>rt*. . .t. II. SPARKS, A*ent. t t.NWAN LINE I i or yueeiistown nnfl Liverpool. Royal Mail Steamers are nppolnti d tn sail as fallow* CITY of BRISTOL Thursday, April 10. i P. M. CITY or BROOKLYN Saturday, April 12, 2 P.M. CITY OK WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17. ?" A M. CITY OK ANTH ERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. CITY OK BALTIMORE Thursday, April 24. 2 P. M. CITY OK LONDON .Saturday, April 2* J P. M. mi l e hi h succeeding Saturday and Thursday, from Pier 46 North River. RATKH OK PASSAGE. Cabin, $?." and $100, gold, according to accommoda tion. hound trip tickets at low rate. Meerage, to Liverpool, (jiieenstown. Glasgow. London derry, Loudon, Bristol or Carillil, $3i>. 1'repaul Certif icate". $32, currency. I'a-sciiscrs also forwarded to Havre, Hsmburir. Sweden. Norway, DenmarK and Pari* at rcduced rates. Drafts lasnsd at lowest rates. Kori I'as.ane mid seiu-rai bu?inc:n apply at thu Company's Office, Ift Brnadwai . For Steerage Passage, at .15 Broadway. JOHN (i. DALK, Agent: or f ? O'Donnell Fftnlk, 4M chestnut street, Phlladclpnlfc; . M. S. Ci'Cugit, 1J2 Suite street, Boston: K. r. Brown, W South Market street, chlcago; William Intiian, Liverpool, and No. U Rue Srribe, Paris. t NCHOR LINK. i V Steamers -ail from |>ic r 2 ? North River. New York, LV Kit V \TKIINEiDAY AND SATURDAY. r.l'ROPA Snt., April 12 ALEXANDRIA. WeiL.Af. 80 TRIN ACRIA. Wed., April M Al STRALIA. Hat., Mav 3 CALIFORNIA Sat . April l? ISM AILIA . ,W?d., May 7 COLl'MBIA Wed, April 23 VICTORIA s?t., May h> INDIA Silt.. April 2tl c A ST ALIA. Wed. Mav 14 The passenger necnmmodatlons on steamers of this lino are nnenrpnssetl tor eleganiM mm comfort. Cabin state rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing good lulu an I vcatilation. RATES or PASS Al,E TO GLASO'iW. LIYERPOOL Oil LONDON'DKRRY. Saturday steamer*. WedMmlay steamer*. _ . , _ tiold. ' t'nrraney. c ahlns 975 anil $G5 $7 ? ami $>i > Cabin return tickets, seenr. ing best accommodations. $1.T? $1,10 SThKKAGK, $."*?, CI'ltRKNCT. tickets for passage to or from any seaport or rallwsv station in Great Britain, Ireland or tha Contiiicul Imued at lowest raim DlMKfs KOR ANY AMOUNT AT CPRRBNT RATKS. Company's offices. No. T Bowlliiii Green. New York. , HKNDkRsojT BRorMKRS, Agents. ? nsl pnWisbed, 'The Tri|i to Rvmpf." a m?t:a/.iiH of iniiurinatloii tor ocean travalKrs, ttii hail irte of charge on application. KHItOPEAN 8TEA.WSFHPW. QVLT DIRECT LINE TO P&ANCE. ~ Tint OENRRAL TRANSATLANTIC COWPAWYH MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK jWI> HAVRE CALLING AT BREST. ^ The aplemlid vewela on this favorite route for the Con tinent will Mil trom pier No. SO North River, a* J<>1. lows VTLI. K pr H WRE, Sunnont Saturday, April 1? PKRKTRE, Daure Saturday, May) WASHINGTON, Roussau Saturday, May 17 8T. LAURENT, Lt marie Saturday, May 3| TRICE OK PASSAGE IN OOI.D including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE First Cabin, $128. Seeond Cabin. $73. Tickets at reduced rales. rhese mainiri d<> nut carry suera.'e paaaengers. American travellers going to or returning Tron? the Continent or Europe, t.v taklne tuu line, avoid both transit by English railway and the dueouitorta of croa*. inu thu Channel, besides >a v l n ^ Uiue, trouble and ex pense. _ OBOHGE M ACKENZIE, A*ont. M Broadway. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE ? 6TEAM TO QCKKNS, town and Liverpool. SaiiltiK uvery w ednesday. WYOMING. Price April 9, ut 3 P. M. IDAHO, Morgan April III, at 3 I'. M. From pier 46 North River. Cabin passage, #si> sold ; ateerage, $30 currcncy. 1'ri'paUl ticket*. $32 currency. PassenserM booked to and trom Paris. Hamburg. N'or. way and Sweden, Ac- Oralis on Ireland, Ea^lauJ, France and Germany at lowest rates. Apply to WILLIAMS A Ut COX. 29 II road way. CtOOK'8 TOURS TO VIENNA. ) KightT-ai ven different routes, via London, the Rhlnev lNris, Switzerland, Ac., Ac., at great reduction*; 4Y?U? able by all Hues of steamers tYoui American porta. COOK'S ITALIAN TOURS. nearly 100 in number, at reduction* ranging trom 30 to ib iicr cent below ordinary prices, combining all patkb ol ,'i^s1 T,'ftrRS ROUND THE WORLD. Price $1,0M), golil (a\ allable for aouig Wuat or East), The regular travelling tickets issued by COOK. SON A JENKINS, 2'K Broadwnv, New York, and Fleet street, London. Special Personally Conducted Party loaves May 10 lor Italv and Vienna <103 davs), (rum New York; $730, gold, wliloh include* all expensci tor the tour. ? /"1REAT WESTERN STKAMSniP LINE. NEW VOHK TO BRISTOL, ENGLAND, DIRECT. Taking goods and passengers lor London, Cardiff, New port, Gloucester anil all ports in Bristol Channel. The steamers ot thla line will sail troin pier 13 East River as follows ? . GREAT WESTERN, Stamper Wednesday, April 23 ARAOON, Western Wednesday, Slay 17 Cabin paseage $70, currency Stee ra ge 30, c u rretiey Parlies wishing to send for tlieir friends eau obtain prepaid certificates. Oralis for 11 uud upwards. For freight or passage up^ly to ... MORGAN'S SONS, 70 Soulh street, New York. Henry gaze european tourist director. American offlco, No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. Gaze's Tourist Tickets lor all parts of Eurono and the East by short sea ronte* from England. Oaze's Hotel Coupons? The cheapest aud best fur first class Continental and Oriental Hotels. tickets by any line of Atlantic ateamsblpa. Remittances to England and Ireland.? Drafts lor ?i and upwards ul PaMgt Tkskttii if steamship uud sailing packet, issued at tho lowest rale* br lAPSCoTT BROTHERS A CO.. s8 Soutu stroeL 0'DONO V A N ROSS A? NATH >N AL " I-INE.? y U ARAN tiuc, Staten Island ; New York. Brooklyn, and Jersey friends requiring tickets please write. I teleirranh friends arrival and see passengers on ttoard from pier <4. TpOR SALE? A TICKET TO LIVEKI IIY 1NMAN r line; price $80, gold ; regular price $100, gold ; good till 1st August next. Aildress L. D. a.. Herald otllcc. ASSPO RTS. -AMERICAN' lUTOKN'S REQU IKING Passport* will apply to Thomas Sadler, Notary Pnblic uud Commissioner, No. 1, Broad street, New York ; naturalized citizens must produce certificates of natural; sabon. ___ THE AM h RICA N EMIGRANT COMPANY, NOt 3 BOW ling Green, New York, established H!2.? Steerage passage tlokets, loreigti ?xchange and railroad tickets. Send tor circular in EnglrVti. German or scan imavian languages. Address box 4.542 Post otfloe. UNITED ST1TES PASSPORT BUREAU.? OFFICIAL Passports of Hie Department ol state Issued by A c. WILLMARTII, United States Court House, 41 chambers si COASTWISE ?Tlt.?MSUII?^. vfawVowc A*o SJSl! t \ .. N For llamillo' 1 'i',V ?;-ad. masfr, will b Tho steamship ALBI MAKL 0!l Thursday, April despatched, trom j, ?r i>a?age (having eie gaut a!cc om modation*; EUS. 28 South street F OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP LINE, from pier No. 3 North River, at 3 o clock 1*. M, hermanV on SATURDAY, April !? Frolcrbt received d ail v. Tliro'tgh rates given for 8tr Louis, Vick-burg, Mobile, Galve t >ti and Inrtlanola. For Irelght or paasu^e (having superior tu'<'inuinnda4 tloii. I apply to FJtlJDERIC it YKEH. :t0 Broadway. 1JACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP ( OMI'ANY'8 Line to CALIFORNf X. JAPAN' AND CHINA, via Panama. carrying mails, passenger* and trei^ht to Aspinwaii, Panama, Santa Martha, t'.reytown and Paeiflc coast of Mexico, Central America, l'cru and dale. April 19, 1 87$? Steamer OCEAN yl'EEtf, Captain Sea btiry. will leave pier 42 North River at 12 o'clock no?m, for Aspltiwall direct, connecting at Panama with the steamer MONTANA, Cupktln NoljjB, touching at Acu pulco, Man/an. Ilo, Mnzullau, and also connecting tor all Central American and South Pacific |iorts. Departures of luth uud 2illh of each month connect wiih the com pany's steamer touching at San Benito, Tonuta. Saliu.i Cruz and Port Angel. Steamer CHINA will leave -in Francisco April 1H. 1873, lor Japau and China. For rates oi passage, treighi and all fbrthcr intorm it'on apply at C iinjiany's olllce gu tbe pier, foot of Canal street. F R. BABY, Apenr. jjEW YORK AND H AVANA DIRECT MaIL H!SEr"~ These Qrst cla<? steamship, will sail every Tuesday at I P. M. .from pier IS North River (foot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, as sollows ? StK'Uinahlp MORRO CATTLE Tnesdav, April M Steamsliip CRESCENT Cll'Y I lie m lay, April 15 Steamship WILMINGTON Tuesday r April U For freight or pa^-a^e (having ma jrniflcent accommoda tions) apply to WILLIAM P. CLYDE A CO., U'J Wull atrcut D. M'KF.LLER, Agent in Havana. ITNirKD st a ri. s maii. to Havana xsdmkxico ) HAVANA. PROORI'.SO AN!" VKRA CRIS5. Now York and Mexican Man stvatn?lilp I.lne, leaving pier No. 3 North ltlx-er, at '$ I*. M. KVhttY Till US DAY riTY OF MEXICO (Havana and Mexico) Arri! 1 1 CITY OK HAVANA (Havana only Apr! 117 CITY UK MKKIDA (Havana inlvi April /I CLEOPATftlA (Havana and M -mc >) May I CITY OK H AVANA (Havana only) May s For fVeiKlii or pa*M?e .v,i?lv to F. AUiXANliftK A SONS, M BrMdwajr. B~'lOR NKXV ORLEANS DIRKIT.-IHK STKA.XI B K METROPOLIS, Captain Ni< ,?er?.,ii. mlHcavr f.lfcr Bast River, Aprils', at I I'. M I re. .lilt received daily. Tlirounli rate* Kivrn to Oalvesnin. India no'a, Rockport or Aranxas wharf, Bra/os mhiu,'i and St. I.ouis. Cabin puwiic, $.">); ateeraxe. >25. for freight or pas*.x?e apply th II. vi a l/t.uit Y * CO.. 131 Maiden Une. ElOR NKW ORl,F. AN3 DIP.Et'T. 'I'll*' Cromwell ?'u-ain-hii Line, The steamship CoiiTKS, Captain Frank Komldp, will leavo pier !? North River, on Saturday, April 12. at .1 I'. M. Kri iirhf* reeclved taliy. rhrntsrh rales given to (lulvesion, ludianola. it.u u: >rt or Ar.m/.us tvliurr, Br<U"-s Santiago and st l.oiiis. Cabin passage, $fiO; stcerane $2.V For freight or pat saire apply to CL.xBK A SE XM AM, *j West street. _ 11EXA8 I. INK OK (i \ l.\ K-T'lN STK.VM CHS, TOCCIl ing at Kev Wi-ji. i-nrrviriii tin* 1 iiiI mI Sl.i i? ~ mail. The s learner CfTV OK v! ST! N. i iptaln KldrMne, is now reoeix Itut freight at pier East I! I reft mid will buii Hnturdav, April 12. Through bill. of la ling give# to Houston. either by t!i. <!. If. and II It. It. or l?\ tin- Ho i- oh ! ?tr. ?-t Navfccntio i Company. and to all points m tin- Halve -ton, Houston >i lit I Henderson and B. H un I < . it lihvud. No charite for forwarding in New York. For freight or passage aoplv to ( it. M w. toft Y .1 <"(>.. i m x? a Men lane, or VV. P. CLYDE, 11 ? Wall -ireet, 1,'oR NORFOLK, CITY PoINT AND RICHMOND. - The Old Dominion ? ? earn-in <oni|.a?? wilidwpatrli Irniu twer 37 North Rn ?r ilielr elegant -deattwhlp HI' II .xioND. latwrenet, lor Norfolk. Citv point nnd Rleli niond on Thnr*dav. April 10, it i p \|., xivinu ihrontli Nils ot lading to all points South r, 1 Sontnwex!. Through passenger tickets Issued io alt p ti'? xecoitimodaKo unequalled. Apply at pier 37. iir a (he jeucral o(tlie,l-. Ortvnwii li atfiet, conii r oi lfc" (JAMXN'X.? FOR Pt'EKTA I'l.Xi X. S AM AN A AND SI I ' DumlngO Cltv. The I ?. tet ? :.<?' - mnil M> aiutliii TTBEK, Captain' I'. \. Deluio' !l leave pier N?. i North River on Thutiqn'. ,xp:i I \ r I" xi Bills of ex etiansre on Ptiertn Ptata! sam.i ? in I st. Domingo Clt\ . ill ? unis to sill; pun !i - ? - or i i'. I- or llvM'.lt M' pj- - ? apply (O sroH'o to :i: ?thi:rs a co., O H roadway. TRtVKIJ/hHs ?aiUE. VAIX IWVMK I, ink r The world ren I'tned -itextuT' HKi'Toi. and PltovroF.XCH will re-time their plar ? .>ti t fi 1- -ie on Moi. lu\ , Xpril li niter having iieen tnoroniHui iverhattled an I entiri refltMd wuli every appllan1-.' to itetv and, A. i* Hai i>y, s-ip??rlnteii(l('nt. IJI XNSYI.V X N' f A RAII.UI AIt. I fralii* leave New V >r*. tr .ni *o ?t ot IVshro*?"t an : Cor I ii 1 1 < 1 1 -?ireets, a< follow - ? Express p.r llarrisburit. Pttt<'oir4. the tt>?t and S?u!;i with Pullman I'aiaeis i ar? .,tt i. a' ?:.wa. M...V anil "*:W P. M. sun.lay. S, 7 and s li r XI. For Uultluiore. Waslini (ton and the mii: li at 9 A. M and P P. M. Mnndav H P M Kxpress lor Philadelphia.^'). ?;K) A. H. : 11:19. 1,4,5, li 8 3d, f P. M. and 12 nlgni sutid ? . . ;. I ?? p. M. *or Philadelphia, via Kensltw .n, i> 7 x M. an l 2 P. M F.uiiit:ant and aecond class. 1 l"> P. xi ror Newark .it a, * tu 7. 7 W. < l> ? W.II,U:WA.M 12, 1,2,2 :11, \ ?; .M, 3 Id. I I I. I li. .1 11, .1:21, ? W, .1 ? >. n. 1 :ld, (1 -I'l. 7. 7 :1 >. 1 :l" ' ll, ll M 12 P. ?l. Suaday.j:2 6, 8. lit. 9 P. M. For KlUalMlb, 6. ?:i". 7, 7 i ?>. < * la, > I ), II. II rW A.,V 12 M . IJ:?1. 1, 2, i, .1 :2 I, i ??, I, 4 ', l.KKO, 8:1 S :*), ?. 0 :1ft 'I :.???. 7 M. 1.IU). ll ,??. 12 P. M suodar, 2 >, 0 anfl H:Wf xi I 'or Kali v av B. 8 1 1, 7, < :W, l.H hi I O A. X., U V., I, 2::?I,.1.1 it. .1 10. 1 I I, l :.ti, i -i i. . u. i .1 1. ??, 5;i >, 7 ;??, Ml ?. W P. XI and 12 night Sunilsi . ^ f dad (I V xfe For XX oo-1 bridge md Perth Amhoy, 4 audit M.,I u l:4t>, I did and v*i F X! For New K r u 1 1 - vv i < k, 7, 1 1 X X! , 12 XI , |,| ^ 4 :lt', 3:2' 6, 9 P. xi and IS night sag I iv, o and 3 P. x| For Fast Millstone. 7 I.*., ? no ?n. I :W anl " M P. M. For I. imbeftviN) and Fleminu on, # A XI and 2 P. M. For Phlllpsbnrg and Relvidere. 2 ml i P. M Aceomntodatlou for Borttentown, Burlhuton and Can: den, 7 an I " x. XI., UuHl j, $ x ft | ,,, l r, P XI. For Fr. ehold, 7, i A, M . I ?*nt| tP. I. , _ u For Janiesburg, PeinkertMi. i'.*m?ien. <t A. xi i #i P* Trains arrive ,i< I'ollowi ?From Pllt-liuni ?> :30 A. ? 1 l?P. M? daily, M N A. M and ti xi f. xi . d itlv. eaoj' xiomlav. From WashtiiMtou and Baltimore, d M A. xi 4 Ml, III 12 P XI. Suniiav. rt ki X >t From PhHa4eh>hH 21. ii .W. 10:14 ll .?(M. II :.M A. M., 2:1* i:Xl,4:??,s tS P. M Siindav, >:?l. ?:V\ II i( x M . Ticket om-s. Ml. 4i',, J71 aid .'ll Brotdwav; N". i Aslor !!? iim and toot <*t Deahrossns add I'ortlnadt tioiurssl hrketom *, Mo S 11 ittery I'laee A. J t'assMT. I>. M. H: *X It. la, L . OMaral Manager. Crtuurai PanMMV AMOb

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