Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1873 Page 11
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"~MTUATIOWS WA WTBIS? F KM I AJUK t?. Mm^VV ^yvWWVW^*-^- *"* ",*VV" T Cooks. I?. E LEWIS ST., TOP ROOM.? TWO RESPECTABLE women: one lo coo*, w?et> aad iron .the ether a? be r in ft id ; ? ?"<xl newer ; l? Jon* oMfeildi*..^ a good _______ _ oMUhlr nc more than high ptyi wine i effrencc CO BAST. 418T ST., BETWEEN MADISON aNI) 4TH DO \ runpectable young woman as good plain cook and to do the coarse wasaing tn a private faulty; iv tiling and obligiug ; tiestcDy referent e . ?T< ELIZABETH ST.? A BESPKCTABLE WOMAN A3 4 O flrat claw) cook In French, English or German ??trie 'can take full charge of a kitchen, hotel, club home pr large boarding house ; no oblectlon to the country ; wren years' first class city relereuce. Call lor two clays. Trm GREENWICH AV., REAE BUILDING, 2D rLO?*R. i 1 1 ?A young German woman as first class cook; thoroughly undorstauds American and French cooking; liono bui lirst claw people need apply. nn 8T- MARK'S PLACE.? A RESPECTABLE WO <7v man ait lirst cluu plain cook; economical Mid trustworthy ; understand* all kind* of family baking ; can -take ftill charge of a kitcheu and dairy ; will a?sist iu washing ; best city reference!. J|A'7 WEST 49T1I ST.. SECOND FLOOR -TWO GIRI.S 111 I to go into the country ; one um oook, wuslier and kroner; the other aa chambermaid and walires*; good BMmoM lift BROOME ST., CORNER PITT, TOP FLOOR.? A 11U respectable woman n? first class cook in a board* In* house, restaurant, or tainily ; good city relerenee. WEST 83D ST., NEAR 6TH AV.? A RESPBCT able woman as cook, and to assist with the asking ; in a neat worker ; good city reference. 115 IQfi 2D AV.? TWO GIRLS TO DO THE COOKING. J.OU washing and chumberwork ; wage* $13. Call otter 2. WEST 28TII ST., REAR HOUSE.? AS GOOD lut? plaia cook and to assist in the washing and iron ing; good city reference. 9A_1 WKST 19TII ST. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ATI woman in a private family; Is a. good cook, washer and ironer ; willing and obliging ; boat city relet- - once. . ? "iAli WEST 19TH ST.? TWO SISTERS TN A PRI ??.?JrU vat6 lamilv ; one as Cook? the other as laundrfcss <tr cluiiiiliei'iuaid ; best city reference. 1AQ WEST S8TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS GOOD JLrr*' plain cook ; an excellent washer and Ironcr; no ^objection bra short distance iu the country; good ref ?proucc. "I C/J WEST 2KTH Sr.-TWO GIRLS; ONE AS GOOD ?At/W plain cook and excellent washer and ironer or to do chamberwork and waiting ; the other as nurse and jpeamatri-.'s; goott rcfrrcnccs Ironi lastjplace. 1 t tO EAST 42D ST.? THREE RESPECTABLE GlltLS ; -JLtJU one as cook, the others as" laundress and waitress; (lave no ohjeotion to the country for the totunmer months; good city relerenee from last places. ^ KG EAST .10TII ST.? AS COOK; IS AN EXCEL i?Jt7 lent baker of bread and cake ; understands soups Rnd desserts; would assist in washing and ironing ; pri vate fumlly; good city reference. WAVERLEV PLACE, REAR BASEMENT. -A respeetablc woman as first class cook, washer I ironer ; no objection lo tho country ; good reference ; rding house preferred. mo EAST 37TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS jvO good plain cook, first class washer and ironer; 9St city references. X>"l r EAST 74T1I ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO juxtJ girl iii a small private lainily to cook, wash and gron ; best city reference. J*yi C WEST 48TH ST.? WANTED IN A PRIVATE julO American family, n Protestant woman to cook, iwnsh ailTI Iron ; also a girl of 15 to wait. nio WEST 17TU ST., BETWEEN 7TII AND 8TH iO avs? store? A good cook, willing to do some Washing or light house work; three years' city reference. 091 WEST 35TI1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as first class cook; no objection to a boarding ihouse ; best city reference. ?091 EAST 35TI1 ST.-A RESPECTABLE GTRL TO DO sJuZjI cooking, washing, ironing or housework. Call or two days. <>9 A WEST 27TH ST.. BETWEEN 7TH AND RTH avs., room 11.? As good cook ; willing to assist *n. the washing and ironing ; best city references. ?99r WEST 27TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTES tant woman as good cook and baker; will do p parse washing; good reference. OOO EAST 1BTH ST., THIRD FLOOR.-AS PLAIN Ai'Jo cook, good washer and ironcr, bv a respectable ^irl ; good references. Call or address. 907 VEST 29TH ST.? TWO SISTERS; ONE AS ib/O I good cook and the other as chambermaid and Sirailress, and to do tho washing between them, in a small private family; understand their business; best city reierencc. flOQ EAST 47TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl in a small private family to cook, wash and Iron ; good city relerenee. OOQ EAST 2GTII ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? A respectable married woman as good plain cook, washer anil iroiier, and to take charge ol the nown ? airs work. in a small private lamiiv, where who can avethe privilgec ol having her little daughter, nine years old, with her; good references. f}Al WEST 33D ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; girtl. one to cook, wash and iron, the other as chain jbermaicl and to assist in waiting. Call or address. O Af7 WEST 3 ID ST., FIRST *Tl7>OR, FRONT I room.? As good cook In a private family ; no Objection to the country; Bood city reference. a A Q EAST 40TII ST., NEAR 2D AV.? A COMPETENT O young woman as cook in a small private family ; ?rill assist with the washing and ironing: is an excellent cook; reference iri.m present employer. ?JO 7 7X11 AV., TWO FLIGHTS, REAR ? A RESPECTA Ol/ I Me cirl as cook, washer and Ironer, or would do housework in a small family ; Is a good cook and a Unit 'Haas laiHtdresst best city reference from la?t place. Qin MADISON AV.? A FAMILY LEAVINO OIU for Europe wish l? obtain situations for a cook and a wait res* who can be recommended. Inquire any Afternoon. Qj til WEST 4ITH ST., TOP FLOOR.-A WOMAN Ol as gooe plain cook, washer and ironer and good bisouit maker ; good city reference. Ol n WEST" 25TH SV7 REAR, SECOND FLOOR.? A Ol I respectable girl as oook, washer and lroncr ; best refereticc from last place. Q99 EAST 33D ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.? A respectable girl as cook and to assist with wash ing in a private family; good city reference. Q/M WBflt 26TH ST., BETWEKN 8TII AND 9TH Oil avs.? As cook and would a>s!;.t with the coarse Washing ; country preferred ; best reference. i> A O WEST 29TH ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK Ot u room.? A Protestant woman as good plain cook and to do the coarse washing In a small private family ; good city reference. Q A I WEST 2CTH ST., BASEMENT DOOR ? A COM O lT petcnt woman as good cook, washer and Ironer In a small private family ; best reference; no objection to go In the country. Q>7i\ 7TH AV., THIRD FLOOR BETWEEN SITH Ol v and 31st sts. ? A respectable woman as cook, washer and ironer ; good city reference ; no objection to the country. JT 17TH ST., BETWEEN AV. A AND 1ST AV? ') second floor.? A Herman woman as first class rook in a private taiully ; willing to assist in washing aud Ironing. i(QP 8TH A V, TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE TO') girl as cook, washer and ironer or as laundress, best city reference. K7Q 2D AV., BETWEEN S1ST AND 32D STS.-A RE ? ?J I Jj spectatile woman as excellent cook ; no objection to a boarding house or country ; good reference. Q9Q 2I> AV- BETWEEN 44TII AND 4ftTH STS., TOP (j&O tloffr.? A respectable woman a^- cook, washer and Ironer in a small family, anil her daughter as cham bermaid and waitress; good reference. Call lor two days. CM ft 30 AV" BETWEEN fi6TI! AND 5TTH STS.. IN the fancy store.? By a steady young nlrl In a {irlvate family as t_oo<l plain cook; good washer and roner. or would do housework in n small private family ; boat city reference. Call from 9 ; ill 2. Ift'-Wi 8D AV-- BETWEEN 61ST AND 621) STH , ?vull third floor.? A respcctahle girl as cook Mid to assist with washing and ironing; good city refenee. 1AQA 3D AV., THIRD FLOOR, fMOltP DOOR *\'0? from filth St., over grocery.? A respectable "middle-aged widow woman as good plain cook, washer, and ironer, or would do housework tor a small family ; Rood references; more in want of a home than high Wage*. Call lor two days. ! i Chambermaids, &e. 4 HORATIO ST., NEAR JACKSON SQUARE, IN THE store.? As chambermaid or to do general housework. Call for two days. 9 WEST SSTH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S? A young girl as chambermaid and waitress, or cham bermaid and to do line washing In a small family. 1 n LEONARD ST. ? A YOUNG OIRL AS CHAMBER AU maid in a private family. nEAST 40TH ST. (LAST EM PLOVER'S).? A RE soectable young woman as chambermaid and wait ress; will make herself willing and obliging; best elty gefeience. 1 Q MADISON AV.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS JLts chambermaid ; will do some sewing and wait on an old ladv; good city references; four years at present em ployer's. nn JAN* ST.? A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL AS Av chambermaid and waitress, no objection to the Country. Apply for two days. f>9 LEXINGTON AV.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS chambermaid atld to take care of a child, or to do general housework in ( small private family; good ref erence. ? Q9 EAST SOT 11 ST.Ua LADY. OOING TO EUROPE, OZi wishes to procure a situation for her chambermaid, whom she can thoroughly recommend. Call from 10 till II. Mrs. J. E. SMITH. ?>9 WEST 44TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl as chambermaid or nurse ; best city reference. On EAST 40TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL DO as chambermaid and waitress In a private family ; bo objection to the country ; good reference from her lait Mace. Call for two days, An WOOHTER ST.? A FRENCH GIRL AS NURSE OR Ot I chambermaid; child no younger than Ave years; food reference. Call for two days only. Q,~ 6TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN AS J Jy chambermaid ?nd to do plain sewing, or would take c.aro ol children. 04. "ORTH MOORE ST., TOP FLOOK. BACK ROOM.? ?/^T A neat, tldv girl as chambermaid and waliress in a nice private lamiiv; would assist with the washing; has one year and a hall reference from Iter last plate. Call lor two days. IftO WKBT 17TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL WISHRS I to do chaniiierwork and sowing, or chatnberwork IBd a.?i?t Willi washing; good city retertnee* SITU ATHMH8 WASTKD-JPBMAl.ES.^ CkMBkwasUi, dbc. 1 On EAST 29TH ST.? A R EXPECTABLE YOUNG LZt^t Kill tut c burn bur maid and waitress ; best city ret ereace. mWBST KTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to do chamber work and waiting. or to do chatn berwork aud Que washing; good retereuce from last placid . 1 eye* EAST 22D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL iZO as chambermaid and to asalst with the line washing; country preferred. Call for two dayi at pres ent employer'*. 1 OQ WEST 19TH ST.. TOP FLOOR ? AS CHAMBER 100 n>n Ul and waitress or to do housework, by a tidy girl ; elty reference. __ 14.0 WB:iT 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG IT" girl as chambermaid or lauudress; no obtoctiou to the country ; six months' reference. ld.0 WE"T MTH ST.-AS CHAMBERMAID OR 4 ' waitress, no objection to a city family going In tno-oouwtr.v ; city reference. 1 ^7 WEfiT HST 8T . NEAR 7TH AV.-A YOUNG xO I girl as chambermaid und waitress; best city ref erence. 1 /tQ EAST BSD ST., TOP FLOOB.-A YOUNG ItIO German girl in a fine American family as chain bermald aud to help sowing. _______________ GRAHAM A V., BROOKLYN, E. D.. IN THE luu cigar store.? Two i-espocfuolo Geruiau girls (sisters) as chambermaids in a hotel or boarding house. mWKHT 18TH ST., NEAR 7TH AV.? A YOUNG wonta n a* chambermaid and waitress or chain bcrmaid aud to do sewiug ; best city reference. OAl EAST S7TH ST. -TWO Vol NC GIRLS. ONE AS ^i\'? chambermaid and to do tine wushing, the other as chambermaid and waitress; best city reference. OA4 EAST 37TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ^UO girl as chambermaid aud waitress, to assist with washing aud ironing ; no objection to the oouutry; best city reference, t)l >) BAST SSTH sr. . NEAR SO AV.? A YOUNU GIRL ?LO as chambermaid. 991 WEST 13T1I ST., PRESENT EMPLOYERS.? AS ju?t\. chambermaid and waitress, or clinmliermaid and to do plain aewing; best references. Call lor two days. OOC EAST SSTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT room.? A resuecliilile young girt to do chamber work and tine washing and lroniug ; good city reference from her last place. 99 K WEST 29TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as chumbermaid and waitress; willing to as sist with the washing and ironing; best city reference. Can be seen for two days. - 99Q EAST 47TI1 ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid und waitress; willing to assist with washing und ironing ; good reference*. tail on or address KATE MURRAY, ground floor. 9?->Q WEST 18TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROT ->)?) estant girl as chambermaid aud seamstress; best reference. OOC EAST 28TH ST.? A GIRL, LATELY LANDED, as chambermaid or to take earc of a baby. 907 WEST 27TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO % girl to do chambcrwork and waiting in a private boarding house; best city reference. OQQ %A8T 4iST ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? juttO A young girl as chambermaid and waitress; would assist in washing and ironing; best city reference. OAG WEST 88TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, lately landed, as chambcrmnffe and would assist in the care of children; will make Herself willing and obliging. 9 AQ 7TH AV.? AS NURSE FORGROWN CHILDREN, 4^0 or chamberwork and sewing; is a Protestant; 110 objection to the country ; city reference. 9ztU WEST SSTH 8T.-A COMPETENT GIRL AS chambermaid and waitress; neat, willing and obliging, Call tor two days. OKO WEST 47TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid and waitress, or to usehft with the washing; good city reference. OT EAST 12Tn ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS OIu chainRorraald and to do pis in rewitig; or would assist In wa-bing ; best city reference. on Q WEST 25TH ST.-A YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL OXt/ to do chambcrwork or light housework. Q9Q WEST 2.TH ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH ijZiO avs.? A respectable young English girl as cham bermaid and to do plain sen mg. /in 17Tn ST., BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. A.-A Trll respectable young girl as chambermaid and wait ress; good city reference. A~\ Q EAST 16TH ST., NEAR 1ST AV.? A YOUNG *?JlO girl, lately landed, as chambermaid and wait ress, or as nurse ; no objection to private boarding house. A* 9 WEST SSTH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECT i LZi able Protestant girl, lately lauded, as chamber maid and waitress; will be found willing and obliging ; can be welt recommended. zl7H 7TH A V.? A YOUNO GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID t: I If and waitress, or to do plain sewing; good city references. ?\9/? wEST 30TH ST., BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TH OiT avs.? A competent sirl as chambermaid aud waitress; city or country; willing and obliging. >7 AO SD AY., SECOND FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE I ^trO girl as chambermaid and waitress; can be highly recommended. 7Q1 7TII AY., NEAR SSD ST.. TOP FLOOR, FRONT I Ol. rooms ? A respectable young girl as chambermaid and WattroM, or would take care of children. Qnu STH AV., BF.TWEKN <ftTH AND WTII 8T8.? A OUO respectable girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private family, or would do plain cooktug, washing ?nd ironing; best city or country reference. QA9 SD AV.. BETWEEN 52 D AND SSD STS., TOP OQa floor. ? A respectable girl to do cbninberwork and waiting or chamberwork aud assist with the wash ing; city reference. QOQ 3D AY., BETWEEN 8#Tn AND 57TII STS., TOP OOO floor.? A respectable Swedish girl as chamber maid ; best references. 1IIO7 2D AV.. BETWEEN MTU AND S7TH STS., TOP ,UO I floor, ttont rooms.? A respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress, or take oarc ot children aud do plaiu sewing; best city reference. Drrnmakrri and Bc?mitreu?>. 3 PACIFIC PLACE (29TH ST.), GROUND FLOOR.? An experienced French dressmaker; understands cutting and trimming in nil brauches; would like to go out bjr the <!ny or week in families; will take work home ; terms moderate ; first class references. Address Mine. RAMEE. UEA8T MTU 8T? BETWEEN MADISON AND BTII avH ? A young woman as first claws seamstress ; best city reference. 1 A ABINGDON SQUARE.? UNDERSTANDS DRESS ?Art milking in all its branches; ladies' and children's suits, latest style; work taken at hofue or bjr tbe day ; terms reasonable. - | Q McDOUGAL ST. -A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER t?7 wishes a tew inore engagements by the day ; best ol reference ; call or nddres*. Ift/J ORCHARD ST.? A YOUNO GIRL AS FIRST JLUU cla*s seamstress aud dressmaker ; tun operaio on dlflerent machines; no objection to the country. Call or add rest. lor WEST SITH ST.. BELL 16. -A DRESSMAKER l?>) by the day, understands ail kinds of family sewing : reference it required. Call on or address SEAM STRESS for two days. mWEST 80TI1 ST. -TO DO GENERAL HOUSE wn'k In a sin, ill private tamlh , city reference. "I I (J WEST ZflTH ST, NEAK BTII AV.-A DRESS 1*T ?/ maker wishes to go out bv the day; would also take In < ut and tit ladies' and children's dresses. Call from <? till 4. I -(? ?7>T *lTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR. FRONT. - J tit/ A re*i>ectiUilu colored woman as dressmaker; wishes tn go out to sew fry the day in families. Call on or address Mrs. K. G. 17/1 WAVE RLET PLACE, NEAR WEST10TH ST.? I IT A competent seamstress and dressmaker 1* open to an engagement by day or week; Wheeler 4 Wilson machine. Call on or address Miss BACKKTT. Ol ft WEST 20TH ST.? A DRESSMAKER, AN EXCEL wlU lent cutter, titter and trimmer, wishes a tew more engagements by the day or would take work home. Call on or address Mrs. Met aj.gahc. Ol O EAST 40TII ST.? A YOIJNG LADY WANT8 A JjL? tew more engagements by the day or week ; un derstands cutting and luting laities' garments; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machinc ; is also a stylish trimmer ; city retercuce. Call on or address DRESS MAKER. QOfi WEST 32D ST., FANCY STORE.-AN AMRRI uZt D con I'rotcstant as seamstress; can operate on the machine ; would wait on young ladies and assist with chamlierwork. Q111 6TH AY.? A MIDDLE-AGED PROTESTANT Oil 2 lady- understands dress and cloak making or teaching children; wages no object, but a pleasant borne. Address. A. B. C. Q<)Q WEST 4TH ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRKSSMA ker will go out by the day. Mrs. MICKS. A AO. 6TH AV.-WANTED, TEN FIRST CLASS J iO dressmakers. None others need apply before 9 A. M. or alter 6 P. M. Come prepared to work. J.7Q 9TH AV., THIRD FLOOR.-AN AMERICAN x I O young w ouiau to travel with a lady ; is a good seamstress and understands cutting and fitting dresses; " ?WP00(1 operator on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine ; no objection to the country. Call on or address for two days. fiftQ WEST ^Tu ST "A YOUNG GIRL 'TO DO t/yJO general housework in a small family. C-lfk 6TII AV.? AS 8EAMSTRE8SS AND LADY'S U1\J companion; has a sewing mncblne and is a good operator ; would take charge of an invalid ludy. Call on or address Johnston. r-|Q9TH AV.-AS WORKING HOUSEKEEPER OR TO O AO sew; can work Wheeler A Wilson's machine and will go far small wages ; to bring her child, 13 months old, with ner. Call lor two days. eC\A 8TH AV.-A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER x solicits customers by the day ; Would take suits to my homo ; fitting a specialty. COQ 3D AV., NEAR SBTH ST.? A YOUNO WO. OZiO man who understands dressmaking and hnir dressing ; can cut and fit children's dnfsxes, wait on lady and do sewing, or to take care of growing children ; enn operate ; is willing and obliging. < an be seen for two days. H[\Ci 8D AV.? A THOROUGH DRESSMAKER ANt> I UO first class fitter and trimmer wishe? the work of a flaw families at her owa home;wo?ld go out and fit ladles at their own homes If rcaiured. tall uq or addxets Miss FxrzrATStCK. MTUATIOW 8 WAWTMP-WCWAIiES. , OreHMkm an?l Se? autr?iMi< 9TH A V? AS FIRST CLASS 8R AM STRESS ,f yo (English); understands dressmaking ; wou?4 do light ehamherwork ; would lik% to maEe arrangements to take sewing machine situation permanent. Blag first ball. *701 UTH AV., NBAR 4IHT ST.? AS FIRST CLASS I ?dX. seamstress in a private family; can cut and St Indies' and children's dresees ; can furnish a sewing ma cblue if ro<|Uirud ; city roferouce. Can be aeon tor two days. 7QA "Til AV., NEAR 48TH ST.? AN EXPERIENCED low dressmaker wishes a few daily engagements i would go out 01 town or take work at lioiu*. Call or ad dress. Q/\ 4 bTU AT. (RING SECOND BELL).? A SEAM Ol/T stress to go out bv the day or week ; understands dressmaking ana family Dewing and Wheeler * Wilton's machine. Iil I BROADWAY.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO .TlT go out by the day to wash and Iron, or to do houseciennfng; good city reference. A FIRST CLASS CUTTER AND FITTER DESIRES A tew more engagements by the dav, or would take work at home. Andre** DKKSSMAKhR, box 123 Horald Uptown Hranch offlce, 1,166 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON GROVER k Baker's machine ; oue accustomed to dressuialkng and cau make buttonholes preferred ; also two or three ?uth Rt rllnm0rH sevcral Plal? "ewers. At 39 Eust \\r A NT E D? II V AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER, 1 1 %? U m,'n' " '?>' the day or week. Ad office x ^crtt1'' Uptown bruucii General Housework, &?? 9 A LITTLE 12TII ST.-A PROTESTANT WOMAN TO 'to general housework; is a good washer and ironer. "If O 1ST AV., BASEMENT.? A RESPECTABLE C.F.R. -P- luau f'rl to do general housework In a private tamlly. 1J.1 H KST 'WT 'I ST A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO I jT-1 do general housework In a small private lauilly ; tieatcitv relerecoe from her Inst place. "1 en WEST 61 ST ST., NE AR 7TH AV.? A RESPECT. I'J I able young girl as general house worker; city reiercnce. OIQ WEBT27TH ST.. ROOM 17? A RESPECTABLE young girl to do housework lu a small private family ; ^f?>.t terarenoe from lust place. 99A WBBT IHTn ST- PLACE. FIRST FLOOR. ? A respectable woman lo go to the country; un derstands milk, butter, washing and irouiug and will make liersell useful. 9 JO WEST 27TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? Jft/ A respectable young girl to do general house work; no objection to a short dlstnnco In the country. m AVENUE B, I7T11 ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A respectable Protestant girl to do general house work In a small private family; city reterenco. 007 SD AV.. NEAR ai? ST.? A RESPECTABLE <?0 I young woman as kitchenmaid or u> do general housework. OAK EAST 2BTH ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS.? Ov/?J An Amcrlean girl to do housework in a small American family in the country; wages $1*. *><17 East 46tii st.-two girls : one to do '"'I housework for a small tamlly, and the other as chambermaid and waitress, or to-nssist with washlug; best city reference. OIQ WEST 44TII ST., IN THE REAR.? A GOOD 010 girl to do housework or chainberwork and wuit lng ; best, city relcreuce. 007 east 21ST st.? a. respectable girl for OOI general nousework; city or couutry; cityrcler OOQ WEST 26TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OOO woman, in a private family, to do gonoral house work ; good city reference, ?J/11 WEST 17T1I ST.? A PROTESTANT 08BMAN otI girl to do general housework. Can be seen lor two days. OftO FIRST AV., BETWEEN 21ST AND 22D 8T., IN OUO Banery.? A young girl to do general housework in a small private family. A 1 O WEST SSTH ST., REAR, TOP FLOOR.? A COM il<) petent girl to do housework; is a good cook, washer and ironur; excellent city reiercnce. EAST 10TH ST.-A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY landed; understands general housework Al. 416 /LIT WBWT 16TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG rrx 4 woman to do general housework in a private family ; good reference. 1 1A7 2D AV., BETWEEN 61ST AND 62D STS., IN JalUl the bakery.? A respectable young girl to do general housework in n small private family ; will be round willing and obliging; good city reference. 1 1R9 2" AV < CORNER "2D ST.-A COMPETENT 1.LO& Ocrman girl, speaking English perfectly, todo general house work ; excellent references. Housekeepers, Me. inn MOrr ST? BEAR building, second XU U floor.? A* housekeeper or first clans cook ; 110 ob jection to the country; bent reference. 1 OJ WEST BROADWAY, IN THE NEWSPAPER Iat store.? A middle-aged American Protestant as housekeeper; has ability, experience uud Ayxtein to un dertake any position of trust: understands marketing, all kinds ot baking and desserts; willing to work, but will not go In a menial capacity; 110 objection to leave the city ; best reference. "I K/k EAST 2D ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS HOUSE X?JU keepor; understands all kinds of work ; or would dt> chatnberwork and waiting; live years' reference. Cull on or address J. MILLER. "I CC ELDRIDGE ST.? A GERMAN MIDDLE AGED JuU widow ladv as housekeeper ; is well educated and competent; no trillcrs. Address or opply to Mrs. M. OAO 5TH AV.-A 8ITUAT1ON AS HOUSEKEEPER 4u\fZi in the coantry for the Hummer by a competent person; best references. Address HOUSEKEEPER. 91 Q WEST 38TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND STH Zi 1 O a vs., fourth floor, frontroom.? A respectable girl ns housekeeper to a family or elderly gentleman; under stands all kinds of cooking; unexceptionable city refer ence^ QQQ 6TH AY., LEFT HAND DOOB, HEAD OF Oat/ second pair ot stairs.? A young widow ladv us housekeeper; widower's family preferred. Call after 10 o'clock A. M., on Mrs. W., as above. A LADY, WHO UNDERSTANDS TnE THEORY nnd lias the practical experience, would like to ob tain a position as housekeer in private family, extensive boarding house or hotel, anywhere, city or countrv; best reference. Address M. M? Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY OF THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY DE sires the position to take thorough charge of a gen tleman's large establishment : unexceptionable refer ences. Address L. A., care of Mr. James Donahue, Su perintendent Free Labor Bureau, New York. A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER in some first class hotel or lurgc private establish ment; has an extensive social and domestic experience, and the best references, ('all on or address by letter Mrs. CLARA WHITE, Westmoreland Hotel, corner of 4th av. and 17th st. A WIDOW. FROM NEW ENOLAND, DESIRES A position as housekeeper; widower's family preferred ; highest testimonials of character and ability. Address Mrs. l'EABODY, box 185 Herald Uptown llruuch ofllce. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, FROM VIRGINIA, DE pending on her own exertions tor a living, desires a situation as housekeeper, or to take care of children, or some other light employment : prefers to go West or to California ; references given If required. Address Mrs. L. fcrllAlU', Western Hotel, Couitlandt St. liaundrciaei, Ac, 4WEEHAWKEN ST., CORNER 10TU ST., SECOND floor.? Two German girls (sisters); can wash and iron good and understand housekeeping. Can be teen during this day. UEAST 39TH ST., BETWEEN MADISON AND STH avs.? two young women; one as first class laun dress ; the other ns first clasa chambermaid and to assist with growing ehildren ; best city reference. ______ Q7 CHOTTOmi IT.. THIRD FLOOR, FKONT. Ol .A Swedish girl as first class laundress; best city reference. 1 ffO BAST I STH ST.? A YOUNG WELSH WOM A N JUj (Protestant) as laundress in a private family ; good city reference. Call for two days. mWEST-WTH ST., SECOND FLOOR.? WASI1INO done for families and gentlemen on reasonable terms. Apply to Mrs. LQMAX. ion WEST 18TH ST.? A PROTESTANT YOUNQ I ? >? I woman as first class laundress; no objection to the country ; tho very best references. 1Q1 WEST 19T1I ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO Xdl go out by the day to <lo w a-Mng, Ironing ami liTmsocleanlng, to any part of the city; best city refer cnce. ? I A A WEST 40TH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS FIRST J.^r'X class laundress in a small private family ; excel lent city reference. 1A1 WEST 24TH ST., REAR, FIRST IIOI'SE, THIRD l*T I floor.? A respectable colored woman to go out by the day house cleaning or washing; good reference. 1 PLQ WEST MD ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? lOD As first class laundress In ? small private family ; good city reference. EAST OZD ST., ONE DOOR WEST OF JD AV.? A first class laundress to do a few more families' washing by the dozen or month; fluting and puffing; ladle*' evening dresses done from to $10; laces, *c. (5(\~A EAST 22D ST. , TOP FLOOR-aIRESF ECTA aUt ble young girl to take 1b washing at her own house. QAQ WEST 3SD ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN <?UO will take ladles' and gentlemen's washing at her own house, or go out by the day to work. OAQ WEST MTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ZAJ O desires to take washing home, or will go out cleaning or washing by the day; good city reference. EAST MT" ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ZilAJ desires fumilles' or gentlemen's washing to take to her own house ; best references. WEST HATH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? AN EX perlcnced colored laundress solicits washing to do at home ; would go out by the day washing or house cleaning; satisfaction guaranteed. OQi) EAST 39TH ST., FOURTH FLOOR. IN THE ZtOZt rear.? An experienced laundress sollrlts wash ing to do at her homo or would go out by tho dar ; relia ble and trustworthy ; city relercnce. Ask for Mrs. COL WELL. Q1H WEST 40TH ST.. TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTA OXU ble laundress wishes lady's or gentlemen's wash ing at hor own home or to go out by the day ; Outing And polishing done. <11 f) EAST S1ST ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND IDAVS., Ol^ third floor, back,? A respectable woman to do ladies' or gentlemen's or family washing , first cUMsUil t jwlishing and fluting done neatly. 214 n SrWAWWW WAWTM?? CTMALB8. ^auiulrtuct, Ac. O OK BAM ?TH ST.? A BESPBOTABLB WOMAN as first cIush lauudres* and chambermaid, under stands all kinds of Hating and ttne washing ; b*st of refer ence. Call (or two days.

'-*4-0 EAST 49TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST ANB SO If' floor, back room.? A respeetale girl to won by the day at washimr and ironing <>r would do house cleaning ; bag no incumbrance ; bw city reference. Q/vt WEST 1TTH 8T.-WASHINQ. IRONING A*D *? Hntlng dona by a first clam Englisn lanudre**: best city reterence*. Inquire for Mrs. Kll.KY, A1 A EA8T ISTH ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. TAT A.? A respectable woman as laundress lu u pri vate boarding house ; good references. A OA EA8T 16TH 8T - R"OM a.? A KIR8T CLASS TulF laundress to do washing for families and gen tie men; can do ladies' finery and French timing usstly; best reference. 1 10 WEST 318T ST., BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TII T'tU a vs. ? A llrst class laundress to do a couulu of families' line washing and Ironing at her home ; French puffing and Hutlng done reasonably. fiezfj 3D AV.. BETWEEN MTH AND 3?TH RTS.. Ut J I second floor, back room.? A youug Rirl a* laun dress, and willing to assist lu upstairs work; willing aud obliging; bunt city reference. n A O 3D AV.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO EN I 'lu gftjee the washing < ' a lew lanilliea. Call or ad dress. mr AV ? fOBNBB OF 51 ST ST.? A RESPECT 4 IhJ able youug woman as ; good city ref erence. 1 n? AV- BETWEEN JVITO AND 57TF1 STS.? J .?*}?*) A respectable Protestant girl aslirsl class laundress j best city refereuce. Nu?f?, Mi O A NORTH MOORE ST.-A PROTESTANT WOMAN x-Ti: as nurse ; can take entire charge of an Infant Iroiu its birth ; no objcutioii to travel with a ludy for the Sum mer; good relerence. Call or address lor two days. OA WEST ISTH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNO WO Ot in ii n as nurse to young children; In a good plain sewor aud a nice tlue Washer uiid iroucr. good city refer once. TKBD ST.-A MONTHLY NURSE CAN BE ENGAGED 'J Immediately; satlsafactory references. Address Mrs. HARPER. QQ 3D A V.- A WELL EDUCATED PROTESTANT OO German girl to take care of growing children and to do sewing ; best city reference. 1AO EAST 12TI1 ST.-A YOUNO WELSH GIRL 1 y -a (l'rotestnnt) as nurse; to take care of one or two children ; good city reference. mWEST ?9TH ST., NEAR Bill AV.? A YOUNG woman as nurse; can take care of an infant from Itsbirtii; no objections to llie country ; best retcr MM lQi) WEST 20TH ST., SECOND BELL.? A YOUNG 1 ~-J girl to take care of children; enn operate 011 Wheelor A Wilson se wing machine ; no objection to travel ; city references. "J QQ WEST 418T ST., FORMER EMPLOYER.? A lOy lady desires to llnd a situation as nurse nnd to do plain sewing tor a nice, pleasant girl who can read aud write quite well. mEAST 27TII ST.? A COMPETENT LADY A3 nurse und companion to some Invalid about trav elling in Europe for tho aoason ; highest reference* given and required. Address, staling particulars, A. L. K. '>07 WEST 36TH ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN OF 4U\f I experience as nurse ; capable of bringing up a baby with tne Dottle from its birth It required ; good city reterence. 91 O WEST 33D ST.? AN AMERICAN GIRL TO TAKE care of children and do chamberwork or plain sewing; willing and obliging; best city reference. 999 EAST 34111 ST. (RING THE BELL)? A COM petent and reliable nurse ; is a Protestant; can take the entire care of an infant or one or two children; Is a good plain warns! reess; city or country; good city roference. Call or addrciis. 99 A WEST 17TH ST.? AS FRENCH NURSE AN D to do plaiu sewing; good city reference. Call for two days. nor WEST 27TH ST.? AN ENGLISH PHOT K.ST A NT woman as first class nurse for an infant; can bring it up irom its birth ; Is a good plain sewer ; uo objec tion to the country ; best city references. 99 f\ WEST 32D ST., IN THE STORE.? AN EXPERT eneed woman as infant's nurse ; fullv competent; Ave years' city reference flPMB laal place. 9Q9 WEST 19Tn ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A RE spectable woman as nurse to an invalid, or us waitress aud chuuilierinuid ; uo objection to the country; city referonce. 9Q9 EAST SOI'H ST.? A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY Jjt ilu landed, to mind cliildreu or do upstairs work in a private lainilj ; willing nnd obliging ; good reference 94-)Q WEST MI) ST.? A MONTHLY NURSE CAN lake another engagement ; references to physi cians and first cluss families. WEST 27TII ST , NEAR HTII AV.,T1IIHD FLOOR, /?JO** front room.? A respectublu married woman us wet nurse; good reference. 9 /TO WEST B7TH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNO I woman as nurse and seamstross; Is fully compe tent to take the entire charge oi'a baby. Can cbiue well recom mended. 9Q1 7T1I AV . BETWEEN 28TII AND 27TH STS ? A ? if 1. very respectable young girl to take care of chil dren and sew ; is kind und obliging; best citv reference from last place. A Q9 WEST 3HTH ST., THBEE PAIR OF STAIRS. tO- 1 room 10.? A respectable woman to take saro of n child ; will have a good hoinc. Q7H 7TH AV - BETWEEN S1TI? AND 67th STS.? Ol W A respectable woman logo Into the country as nurse to growing children ; well recommended by her last employer. Call for t>vo days. DELIA HOBAN. 90 1ST AV., BETWEEN SI ST AND 62D STS ?AS tVir nurse ana chambermaid and waitress, by a Ger man girl. Waitresses, Ac. OO EAST 3OTH NT -A LADY, GOING TO EUROPE, OZi wishes to procure a situation for licr waitress, whom she can thoroughly recommend. Call from 10 till 11. Mrs. J. R. HMITH. Q7 CHRISTOPHER ST., ROOM 9.-A SWEDISH O I Kil l as llr st class waitress or chambermaid ; can do plain sewing. mWEST BOTH ST.? AH CHAMBERMAID AND waitress or chambermaid aud assist with wash ing; (rood city references. 1 r,n KAHT 37TH ST. present employer'B-a !''? respectable young girl as first class waitress or chninliermaiil In a private family. l?iQ PROSPECT BT.. BROOKLYN.? A HIGHLY RE J.U?7 spectable Scotch girl as waitress or chambermaid in ;i good tkmlly ; has gooa references. Call or aililress. 91 n east :?th st.? a young girl as wait Zj I ? > ress; no objection to do chamberwork ; years' beat city reference. ______ __ ?|-|7 BROOME ST. -A GIRL, 17 YEARS OF AGE, ^ 1 I from (Connecticut, as waitress in a small family or t" take care of children ; testimonials from the lady with whom she has lived tor ten years, or J. Staples, 118 Eutwit ?t. inijtiire of the housekeeper. /1H7 KAST 19TH 8Tt THIRD FLOOR, FRONT *?1/ I room.? A respectable girl as waitress or cham bermaid au?l waitress, or to take care of a child and do plain sewing; is willing und obliging; ticst reference. Miscellaneous. 1|| EAST 18TH ST.? A PROTESTANT A3 LaDY'S 11/ maid ; is willing and competent to assist in house keeping. Apply for three days. 1/; ATI! AV., AT FRENCH DYER'S.? A PARISIAN _l?J ladv ax governess to ladlr*, or ?onlil take the entire charge of one or two children ; country preferred ; best testimonials given. OO CARMINE ST., NEAR BLEECKBR.? A SOBER. steady and industrious married woman to bu em ployed ?>v the day ; cleaning preferred. Ok) I < E XI N G TO N A V . ? A N E D U C A T E D GERMAN jJ young lady with a family to go to Europe In the capacity of governess, lady's moid or nurse; unexcep tionable city reference. WB8T MTU ST. BKTWBEN 6TH AND 7TH 1 . .av"'/T K'rl> In'el.v landed, Inn small Fo antil V"" ' y or cou ulry- Cali lyr ,wo from 411 O WEST 4UTII ST.? A LADY, WHO WRITES A & I O plain, legible hand, desires writing to do at her own home or 111 an ofllcc. Inquire for Mrs HOMES. 209"W EST I R H ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A RE spertable woman In the conntrv to take charge of a dairy and make herself generally useful; bo?t city reference. if A r W B ST TiTH ST.? AS MAID OB NURSE, TO T? ) take entire charge of growing children and teach ; accustomed to travel; a good packer and dress maker. Call for two days. nn I MOTT ST.? A. RBSPBCTABLB WOMAN TO DO Ol/T house cleaning ; reterenee. QQQ 8TII AV.? A FRENCH LADY'S MAID; CAN ifJiiO ilress hair and do dressmaking tor misses ; good referenco. AddreM L. M. ___________ 67 1 8TB At.. Pit BOUT BMPLOYBB'S.? A YOUNG I 1 girl would like to accompany a family to Europe as ladv's or children's maid and seamstress ; is a very neat hand sewer. 1 HO 7 2D AV.. THIRD FLOOR? A GERMAN OIBL l,Ut/ I l? in American family; 16 years of age. A FRENCH PROTESTANT TO TAKE CARE OF children and to do sewing; (rood refercncos. Ad dress \ H . box 147 Herald I'ptown Branch office. A YOUNG FRENCH LADY WOULD LIKE TO TAKE a situation as governess in an American family ; has no objection to light chambcrwork. CaH for two days at 21.1 7th av. JULIE KAIIY. ? A WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE A SITUATION AS lailies' maid with parties going to Europe, or would travel with att invalid ; first class hairdresser; best city references. Address Mrs. L. SiiVMOlR, box 196 Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG FRENCH LADY DESIRES A POSITION IN a home where she can take charge of the house keeping or act as governess for two small children; has had experience In both rapacities; can speak ana teach French and German, also music; none but respectable parties need address; best references given and required. Address li< >VER> ESS, E. M . box Mil Post office. A HERMAN LADY WISHES TO FIND A SITUATION In an American tainllv, where she would teach Herman, music und needlework to young children. Ad dress T. C., 130 Deaa it, Brooklyn. A LADY WHO HAS GREAT EXPERIENCE IN travelling on the Continent and speaking German, French ami P.nglish, wishes to accompany a family or lady to Europe as Interpreter and companion ; best city reference. Address N. R, , Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESECTABLE YOUNG OIRMAV GIRL WOULD like to go travelling to Europe, with a ftimllv or as lady's maid ; Is also very fond of cnildren belt ciU relet - cncM. Ail di una by letter 11. U., nation D. MWATHHH WiyraP-IHiMALKH. HUmIUmmu, AYOUNfi LADY. REPINED AND AGBEEA1LE. having no home, would like to travel with an aae<{ couple or Invalid that would treat h?r a? one of the family; remuneration no object Went *r California preferred. Add red* AMERICAN, for three day*, Ilerald office. A WOMAN AND HER HUSBAND WOULD LIKK TO Ket wie or two buildings to take care of; hits taken uare of six buildlugs for the last three yearn; tian the bent references lrotu their last employer. Can be seen oa the premises until the 1st of May, 171' Mulberry at, room 1. A LADY OP SEVERAL YEARS' EXPERIENCE wishes a situation in a confectioner} store or si am other light business. Address K. E. Is'., 1,641 Spring Gar rl?*ll ut t ' 1 1 i 1 .1 . 1 .> I ?. I > ! .> deii ?t., I'hiUiieiphia. __ A RESPECTABLE FIRbT CLASS FRENCH LADY'S hairdresser and iialrworker wishes a place; can speak Herman; good reference. Address PARIS, Ilerald Uptown Branch office. AS LADIES' MAID, BY A FRENCH WOMAN, TO travel with a family to Europe; can speak German. Address R. W., bo* ltoi Herald Uptown Branch office. W ANTED? BY A LAST, A POSITION AS ACCOUNT if ant or a situation as governess in a private family ; best reference given. Address E. L. DAY, Washington, Conn. , WANNED-BY AN AMERICAN, A SITCANION AS travelling companion to an invalid hid v, or u? house keener, in cltv or country ; good retereucus. Apply at W. W. P. Union, 38 Bleecker st. \\T AJfTKD? A SITUATION AS NURSERY- GOVER ?* nes? or to travel with a lady. Address Mu? $, MaWSON, Ileralil Uptown Branch office, Intelligence Office*. /GERMAN SERVANTS POU ALL POSITIONS, CAPA *X ble and trustworthy, constantly found at 318 Bow ery, entrance on Bieecker st WjijW Mrs. LOWE. PROFKStilOKAL SITI ATIOSIS WANTED. . VBMALEI. AI.M)Y DESIRES A SITUATION AS READER BY the day or hour, or ns eompaniou to an invalid lady. Address COMPANION, Herald office. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION as governess; teaches German. French and music; Rood references. Address a. i>., box liii Herald office. ATODMQ LADY WANTS A SITUATION IN THE capacity of eirculnr folder, wherein she haskufficl eut experience, or lor any other genteel employment; she can give satisfactory references. Address K. F. K., 407 8th av. A YOUNG LADY WISHES TO OBTAIN A POSITION in sotno tnaiily, where she could instruct' the .iunior members in the English branches and music at a very moderate salary; pleasant homo in the country pre ferred; highest reference. Address EDUCATION, Brook lyn Post office, for one week. A FIRST CLASS HAIRDRESSER WISHES A PEW more engagements as Indies' fashionable hairdresser by the week or month ; terms moderate. Address E. C. K, Ilerald Uptown Branch office. A NORTH GERMAN EXPERIENCED GOVERNESS desires a position to teach German, French, English and music, or us interpreter to a family going abroad ; best references. Address LU1SA, box 186 Herald Uptown Branch office. A GERMAN LADY, AN ENPERIENCED TRAVELER, thoroughly conversant with severul languages, offers her services to a family about to start lor Europe as a travelling companion; terms, free passage. Address E. 8TEIUEB, i !2 and 24 Frankfort st. SITUATION WANTED? IN A FIRST CLASS MILLIN ory storn by n lndy who has learned the business in Europe; would also not as saleswoman and understands all kinds of fancy work. Address A. M. G.,box 104, Ilerald office. WANTED? POSITION AS GOVERNESS AND COM panion ; would take entire charge ; teach Frcnch, music, English ; reference. Address B. E., or call, for three nays, between 9 and 1, at Ladles' Christian Union, 64 Irving place, coruer 18th st. HELP WANTKU-K K MALES. A CHANCE ToT LEARN TELEGRAPHY. ?MEN, women, boys and girls learn and take positions; de mand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 20 4th av., opposite Cooper Institute. A YOUNG GIRL FOR CHAMBERWORK AND WAIT, ing ; must bo neat and willing. Call at 114 West 22d street. A? A.-LADIES WILL FIND PERMANENT AND ? lucrative employment by applying for the sale of our novel nnd beautiful invention lor the household; It U having an extraordinary sale wherercver show n. G. M. JACOCKS A CO., 67 Reado street, second story. A PROTESTANT TOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK IN a small American family; must be a good plain cook, washer and lroner, and bring good city rcicrence. Apply at 122 East 2Mth st., between 4th und Lexington ovs. A HOUSEKEEPER WANTED? A OOOD WORKING woman, about W years of uge. without encum brances; will havu entire charge. Address B. M., box 141) Ilerald office. (100K AND LA UNDRESS WANTED-BOTH PROT J cstants, in a German tamilv, in orange, N. J. ; refer ences required. Apply at HIS Fulton st., up stairs. DRESS AN1) CLOAK MAKERS WANTED-ALSO operators on gents' shirts, ut LORD A TAYLOR'S, corner Grand and Onrystle sin. Dressmakers wanted.? also an operatob on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. 861 2d av. First class cook wastkd? on the Hudson, near the eity. Apply at 2lti West Mtk st. First class dressmakers wanted? for trimming handsome skirts; also hands for whito work. Only those accustomed to the work need apply. M A. DOUGLASS, i.) Kasl St. French maid wanted-near the city, for light chamber work, sewing nnd to assist with chil dren. whore there is already a French nurse. Apply at 210 West SKtli 8t. /"I IRL WANTED? AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS. \X Apply, for two duys, to Mrs. INGRAM, room 94 Astor House. LADIKS WANTED TO LEARN A GENTEEL BUSI ness never before introduced in this country ; tliey can earn at least $30 weekly at home In citv or country; taught in three days. Mrs. I1ARU1NGE, 4tti av., between Cist ana 62d sts., namo on door. WANTED? A MIDDLE-AGED PROTESTANT WOMAN tt to do general housework in a fnrin in New Jersey; to one who gives satisfaction geod wages will be paid; must have recommendation. rail on Thursday, between the hours of 11 and 4, on 1). t'RNER, 162 Broadway, room 19, third story. WANTED? A PROTESTANT GIRL TO DO OENERAL tt housework in a small family; must be a good washer and ironer and plain cook. Apply at 164 East 78tli st WANTED? A GIRL TO GO TO THE COUNTRY (STAT en Island); must he a good plain eook and good bread hakcr and willing to assist with washing and iron ing. Apply, NfwMD ii ami i o'clock, at 66 West Mlh St. WANTED-TWO RESPEOTARLE WOMEN, AS COOK and as chambermaid ami waitress. Call, between 10 A. M. and lkj M., at 328 East 16th St., on Thursday, April 10, and Friday, April 11. WANTED? A YOUNG <11 RL^ AS CHAMBERMAID and laundress. One with reference, who would ho willing to go to Orange, may apply alter 10 o'clock at 89 Park av. I WANTED? A FIRST CLASS MILLINER, TO GO TO Troy, N. Y. Apply to A. A W. W. SCHUMWAY, 324 Canal st. WANTED? A GIltL, TO TAKE CARE OF A BABY. Apply to the janitor. 95 Liberty st. TV-ANTED? A PROTESTANT NURSE AND SEAM tt - stress, with good references. Apply at ti East 22d st. WANTED? A DREShMAKER WHO CAN SEW ON Wheeler a Wilson a machine. Call at 282 West list it. WANTED? A GOOD DRESSMAKER, ?CALL AT 217 East 36ili st. WANTED? A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; must be n Protestant, with good city reference. Apply, after 9 o'clock, at to West 22d St. TIT ANTED? A WAITRESS, THOROUGHLY COMPE tt tent, and willing to assist with thambcrwork. Apply at 41 East 22d St. W ANTED? A BOOK, TO ASSIST WITH WASHING and ironing, and a chambermaid; Germans pre ferred. App'y at 21)7 West 33d st. TIT" ANTED? A OIBL TO DO PLAIN COOKING, TT washing and ironing in a private lUtnily. Apply at 346 Orand st. ?WANTED? A* EXPERIENCED OPERATOR ON TT Wheeler A Wilson's machine; none but neat and rapid workers need apply. 121 8th av., second lioor. WANTED-A GERMAN OR NORTH OF IRELAND girl as chambermaid and waitress, at No. 7 West 49th at. WANTED? A GIRL TO DO OBNEKAL HOUSEWORK n short distance in the country. Call at 99 East Broadway, after 9 o'clock. Wages flu. WANTED? A YOUNG GIRL AS SEAMSTRESS IN A TT prlvite family, must understand making chil dren's clothing and working on machine Apply at 31.1 Grand st. - - " ' ? ? ? ?? I TIT ANTED ? A PROTESTANT GIRL AS CHAMBER. TT maid and seamstress; wages $lt. Apply, with city references, atl2? East 86th st. after 10 o'clock. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL AS COMPETENT seamstress and to look after a child two years and a half old. Apply, with city reference, at 33 West 82d si WANTED-AN ENGLISH OB GERMAN WOMAN AS cook and to assist in the washing lor ? family of three adults. Apply at 113 Madison av. at 2 o'clock. WANTED? A PROTESTANT OIRL AS WAITRESS. Apply, with references, at 46 West 28tli st, before twelve o'clock. WANTED-A OIRL THAT THOROUGHLY UNDER stands washing and Ironing anil keeping the lower part of the house clean. 14 West 17th st. WANTED? AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER AS cutter for our suit department. None but those giv ing best rcfrrenees as to ability need apply to J. m 0. JOHNSTON, Broadway, Stli av and 22d st. WANTED-A OOOD COOK IN A PRIVATE BOARD Ing house. 49 West 24th st_ WANTED-A OKRMAN GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID and waitross, immediately, and a cook the 1st of May. Apply at t>7 West 35th st ? WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED WAITRESS AND TO tt assist with the washing and ironing in a small Iw.ardlng house; city reference. Apply at 163 West 21st St., basement door, from 'J to 12. WANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY OIRL AS CHAMBER tt maid and waitress to go to New Brighton, Staten Island. Apply, Thursday and Friday, at 31 Wcst32d st WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK FOR A BANK; must be fully competent and trustworthy, Ad dress, with roterences, s. P. T., bo* 2,891 Post office. W ANTED-A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, and one to take partial care ot a child and do L chamber work, inaniro at 8U2 East U) th sfc HELP WAVTBlV.F?MAMtC. WANTED- A 000 D PLAIN 000*. WHO OA* PI w ?-liiBf tad Ironing nicely ; private Umtiy. If tifc Mark's place. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A OIRL **} cook, irub and Iron. Apply at 101 KastStHh sk,b?tei meut doer. ? \Lf ANTED-A OIRL AS NURSE AND 8BAMBTBEH0; " also a chambermaid to a*si-t with children ; aUq one as cook, washer aud lroner. 108 Kant 62d it \VrANTED-LACE INFANT CAP MAKER; NONE HOT T? one who thorauiflilf understands need apply i tjo object. Call, lor one week, at Mrs. J. BUSC11 j}? No. 2 Allen street. _ \\7" ANTED?A TTI?Y GIRL for chambrrwork, ?t washing and ironing In a small family; German oc American preferred. only thoae with best referenced need apply Thursday, from 12 to 4, at 7ft Went KJth at. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A OIRL AS chambermaid and seamstress who understand! Wheeler A Wilson's machine Apply at 12 East tsth at, with bent city references, between 9 and 11 o'clock. WANTED-AN AMERICAN WOMAN OF EXPE* rience to tend a first cltm bakery. Address. In owtl handwriting. W. W. WALL. 707 Ctl. ay. TITANTED? A YOUNG WET NURSE ; MUST HAV1* TT best reference*. Address, with full particulars, if. E. V.. station D. WANTED? A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IROV fr Cor a small family living a short distance In tha country. Inquire at 122 Pearl at., first tloor. ?\irANTED? A GOOD OERMAN OIRL TO DO THAW \} berwork n?d to assist In washing and ironing. Ap? , ply, for two days, at 2it8 West II th st /"ANTED? A GOOD. BRIGHT BOV ABOUT U YEAR?f i nge. Addrvss, with relereuoes, R., bo* 4,574 js J WANTED? A OIRL ABOUT SIXTEENN VKARS OLI>; '? to ttike care ofan infunt Apply, after 10 A. M., ac 21- East Mth st ^ "WT" ANTED ? A PERSON AS HOUSEKEEPER IN A ' ' tenant house, for which service apartments will h.i Riven: must he well recommended. Address BLEECKEH STREET, Herald o?loo. \\T ANTED? A LADY OF DECIDED ABILITY, FOft keeping records and correspondence, in respon sible and permanent position. Adores*. stating export" ?"?Urfi fi'lerencos and salary expected, PUBLISHER, box 3, rift Post office. XKT ANTED? AS NURSEMAID AND TO DO LIGHT it chantbcrwork. a young Protestant girl, who will go a short distance into the country. Apply, before U o'clock, at 118 West 12th st. WANTED? A GOOD GERMAN OR AMERICAN OIRL ?? to rook, wash and iron inn small family ; good wages ; references required. Apply ut 68U Lexington av.. between fttitli and 57t li sis. fffT ANTED? A COLORED GIRL AS t'H A mRERMAIQ ? ? and to assist with washing and ironing. Applv, with city reterenoo, between the hours of lu and 2, at 39 West 47th st. \\f ANTED ? IN A SM t LL PRIVATE FAMILY, WITH ?? out children, a short distance In the country, a go<v( cook, washer and lroncr; also a ehumnermaid. who will be willing to assist in wash! njt English or German pre* ferrcd. Apply, before 12 o'clock, at HIT West 45t!i si. "flT ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A KIRvf, Tt class laundress and chaniberinuld ; no one ne?i| apply without eliy roiarenves and unless the Inst em ployer In the city eon lie seen. Apply at 313 Hast I7tli st.^ Stuyvesant square, north, this (Thursday) morning, front 9 to 10 o'clock only. 2 GIRLS WANTED? ONE AS COOK, WASHER AND lroncr; the other as chambermaid aud waitress. lu> <1 uire a I 23 7th av. , near 12th st. r FIRST CLASS MILL1 NEKS AND TRIMMERS t) wanted? At 367 nth av. |()A WEEKLY.? ANY LADY CAN EASILY MAKE *P?\I an honorable, respectable and handsome livlnff tor herself or family, by a highly protltablo an I pui-* fectly new art, which can be followed at home; nlthotigli specially adaptod to ladles can be pursued bv cither sex. I ull inductions sent on rocelpt of 2ft cents and a plainly: directed envelope with postage stamp. Address 1N? DUSTRY, station D, New York city. pr I WEST MST BT,? WANTED, A CH A MB E RM All) ? ' 1 and waitress and to assist in the washing of a small family; cltv references. SITUATION* W A NTED-MALEB, . A SMART AND ACTIVE AMERICAN BOY, WITI* first elass reference, wishes a situation iu a store or office, Addreaa m; Wavartoy place. A TOUNO GENTLEMAN IS VERY ANXIOUS TO OBi tain employment ot any kind ; will work hard aiiif faithful for small salary; undoubted security will b? given. Address STANISLAUS, box 1U5 Herald ofDeo. A MAN (COLORED) WISHES A PERMANENT SITU* ation as head waiter, to take charge of a first clasl restaurant or hotel ; understands ftill charge and can ftjrJ nish the bost ef he In ; can give the bent city reference^ Address or call at W. W. Wall's diulug saloon, 42d st- amf Park a v. ^ AYOUNO MAN, SPEAKING GERMAN, FRENOEL Italian and Spanish, would like a situation an courier to a family going anroud; is well acquainted wl(tl every instance of European travel; good city roBsrcncuM Addieps J. 8., 366 Broadway, Williamsburg, L. I. " J A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN, LATB from the old country, in the grocery or tea bual? iicsa; a Catholic family preferred to livo wiUl- AddreoM C. J. W., Herald otlice, for two days. . ^ AS WAITER? IK A PRIVATE FAMILY, CITT 6rf country, by a Frenchman; understands English i best reference. CCC . P._ _ ?? , i , i. ? i ? yaauta? AYOUNO MAN WHO SPEAKS PRENCH, o'BRVA and English wants to travel td Europe with a prl vato family i lias travelled all over Europe ; bost reco Braileh offloo. Ii'' bQ* -6?^ fi*' V -I m im T i-v. i-iir. I **!?!? y AYOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION ON A OEJ, tinman's place; understands taking care of horses! can milk; would make himself generally luefiiii reference. Address M., box 219 Herald office.. SITUATION WANTED BS' A TOUNtf rlcd man as first class waiter in ? private family, understands hts business 'thoroughly and is very willing and obliging; best rcicrcnccs. Cull, on qi ^dreu,ASl 125 East 14th st. ^ . i i. ?? .in i*i ii hi giU" " AYOUNO MAN"- WANTS A 8ITUATi6n hf TI city ; can make himself useful, drive horses, Ac J and Is willing to work ; can speak EngliaU a ad UvrmaaJ Address 349 West 41st si ^ A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS BEEN CONNECTElf with the United States Civil Sen-Ice for a number ol years wishes to procure a position either in a business house or hotel; he speaks and writes English, French and( German, and is not afraid to work; references glvcai Address A. M. P., bo? 164 Herald office. . . ( A TOUNO MAN, JUST ARRIVED FROM SWEDSlI (speaks English, French and German), wants a situa tion to make himself useful In a hospital ; has experience and good references. Address SWEDE, box 164 Herald office. A RESPECTABI-F, AND INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAM . (Chinaman) wishes a iltuatlon In a private family as waiter or cook ; speaks English ami Spanish : best clti reference given. Address WAITER, 139 East 18th st J A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A9| grooin; would milk and make himself generally use? fnl on a gentleman's place. Address J. 0., box 114 Herald Uptown Brunch office, lor two day*. A SINGLE (PROTESTANT) MAN WISHES A SITUA. Hon as waiter In a private family ; run he hiehljt recommended irom last employer in the city ; no ohjoe tion to the country. Call ou or address, for two days, J. B.'t l,2C:t Broadway. A MAN AND WIFE WOULD LIKE TO GO IN TUB country for cooks; speak French, huglisli ami Dutch. Address BARON, No. 144 BjMokar st. ^ A"~ HOY OK 17 YEAR!) DESIRES A SITUATION IN* either a dry goods, grocery or shoo house; salary small ; best references. Address J. 11. K., box 1W Herald office. _ / hhrier and valet.? a youno man would \J like to accompauv a family to Europe; speaks Eng. llsh and German; also some French; good references.' Address EUROPE, box llfi Herald office. Martin menton, groom, wants * situation as groom, in the town or n short wnv in the country; has be-t city reference. Bull on or address MAltTIN MKNTijN, Groom, 1M East 4 1st St. SITUATION " WANTED? BY AN ITALIAN MAN Af C5 pastry cook In a private family; good reference j would go In thu country. Address G. B., box IW Herald Uptown Branch office. SITUATION WANTED? BV A YOUNG MAN, FOUR H years In the Prussian cavalry ; understands the train ing of saddle hordes; can give lessons to ladies and gen tlemen in riding on horseback and assist on thu road. Address ALEXANDER, ltfti Lexington av. WANTED? BY AN EXPERIENCED MAN, A SITUA. tlon as steward or head waiter In city or at a Sum mer resort. Address EDWARDS, Herald office. ^ WANTED? BY MAN AND WIFE, SITUATIONS AS ? f waiter and cook; man is a first class waiter ana thoroughly domesticated; wife Is a first class cook In all branches, good baker, economical and trustworthy ; botll have references of the highest character ; ProtestauteJ country preforrad. Address ADVERTISERS, 538 3d aT, between SSth and 36th sts. __________ W ANTKII-BV AN I.STDM.tfltlNT AMERICAN LAD: tt 10 years of sue. a situation In a first class mercan tile house, to make out bills, Ac.; writes a very plain! baud ;-can give good references, .Address W. E., box t, MS Post office, stating salary, Ac. TIT' ANTED? A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO MAN OK T T one leg, In some easr capacity ; is a good writer an<f a good, correct, plain bookkeeper; salary bo object. Ad dress L. B. J., box 119 Herald office. Wanted? by a respectable man (striotl^ tt sober), a Kit nation as meat cook, or pastry, dessert* and bakin g. Address X. Y., Herald office: " -IV-ANTED-A SITUATION AS FARMER BY ONE TT who understands tho business In all It* branches anil flic raising of cattle ; good wages required. Call at or ad? dress 213 West street, lYom 8 to 9 A. M. ? ? . >? WANTED-BY A LAD AQED 18, A SITUATION III some business house where he would have an op portunity to advance himself; Is a good penman and baa some business experience ; references given. Address tt O'O., Herald officc. ' ?rr-ANTED-BY A LAD OF 18, A SITUATION WIIEUH T T he would have an opportunity to advance himself: satisfactory reference given. Address M. L., UeraiJ office. CLERKS AMD BAL.BBMHT. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ASSKsr. nut In the office of a provision or commission mer.' chant; correspondence and bookkeeping; wages no ot?? lect ; can come well recommended* Address UONBSTTJ Herald office. ___ __ A WELL-EDUCATED AMERICAN ( S) WISHES A situation as bookkeeper or clerk; hai had experi ence as bookkeeper; can furnish cash security 11' required} Address C. M. W., Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED DOUBLE ENTBI BOOK KB *PK? U open for an engagement; referenca unexception able. Address R. M , box ITmeraid offiue. , A^m OOOD TRAVELLING SALESMAN. WHO CAJf add corjetj tv hi* ?ainol*?, najr applr at puce ? Wf Brondww#

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