Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1873 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. A Eise, a Fall and a Closing Spasm in Money. The Rate on Call Varies from 1-4 Per Cent to 7, Coin, and Closes at 1-8. THE GOLD SPECULATION FEVERISH. Government Bonds Buoyant and For eign Exchange Firmer, Two Syndicates Organizing in London to Invest in American Bail road Bonds. STOCKS STEONG AND MORE ACTIVE. Advance in Western Union, Har lem and Panama. RAILROAD EARNINGS FOR THREE MONTHS. Wall Street, ) Wednesday, April v? 6 P. M. ] On 'Change to-day cotton was in moderate re quest, but at easier pric?s. Flour was in better demand and steady. Wheat was quiet and un changed. Corn was in limited request and weak. COMPARISON CK THE EXPORTS. The total exports of domestic merchandise from New York to foreign ports for the weelc ending April 8 and since the beginning ?f the year com paro as follows:? 1871. 1872. 1873. For the weelc . . . $6,626,810 $3,595,108 $6,010,645 ^rev. reported.. 68,955,722 63,016,223 64,387,808 Since Jan. 1... $64,481, 532 $66,011,421 $69,398,543 TDK FOREION MARKET. The London quotations were firm for consols anil bonds. The '67's were Btrong and advanced * a *, but subsequently lost the improvement. Erie shares advanced to 51*. The London tjtock Ex change will be closed on Friday, Saturday and Monday. In Paris rentes closed at 50.27. TUB (iOVERMENT PURCHASE OF BONDS. The proposals to sell five-twenties to the govern ment were ten in number, tendering a total of $2,428,960 at prices ranging (ex coupon) from 114.49 to 115.90. The purchases, which were confined to $600,000, were made at 114.49 a 114.97, or at an average of about 3* per cent below their par in gold. MONEY UNSETTLED. The money market was easier in the average of the day's business, hut the rate on call was quite unsettled and fluctuated frequently. The early dealings were at about 3-16 per cent, with an occa sional loan at * per ccnt, which consideration was paid quite freely in turning stocks. By midday the rate had become *, and between two and three o'clock there was a momentary drop to 7 per cent gold, with a pretty active l'RESSURB TO LEND at 1-64 a 1-32 and interest. Before the close of banking hours these offerings were absorbed, and a later inquiry was maintained at 1-16 and even * per cent again. The influx of currency from the interior is progressing as rapidly as can well be ex pected, but as :he receipts so far are mostly national bank rotes, the lending powers of the banks are ratter weakened than strengthened, and wlllcontinni to be until a larger proportion of greenbacks ente-s into these receipts. Meantime, as we have airetly pointed out in discussing the Treasury prograMne of heavy gold sales, the OPERAJONS of the treasury will tend to heli'the banks In the substitution of gold for an equfalent of these notes, unless the locking-up clique, manage to buy the gold and pay for it with greenbacks, as they have done several times already the past and present months. The rate of exchangeat Chicago on New York has ad vanced to * a 6-10per thousand. Mercantile paper Is without other nan purely nominal quotation. Foreign exchange was firmer and rather more active, as a consi|uence of the easier rates for money, and rates it the counter, were marked up to 107* a 108* forprime sterling, with actual busi ness at a concessim of * a * per ccnt. The Gold Exchmge having concurred with the Stock Exchange for an adjournment on Good Friday, business 11 all departments of Wall street will be suspended except such as will necessarily arise at the bankeand private bankers'. gold FrvERisn ? 11" * a 118*. Tne gold market was re verisli and unsettled be tween the extreme* of 117* and 118*. The lower of these figures wu/ touched in the forenoon quite early under sales 'gainst the buoyancy of thc6< s In London, and ?e higher extreme was the conse quence of a rail under the easier terms for carry ing gold. Bu?*he market again drooped to 117* in the artern<on, with the closing sp.ism in money, and eventially left off at 118*. As an indication or the dm of the surplus capital of Europe and as an lmponant element In the solution of the great problep of the gold market we Invite the reader's attenton to a paragraph further on npon the sub lect Jf American railroad bonds in Europe. The facta therein narrated show that the owners of EUROPEAN CAPITAL ire learning to make their own investments, trre ipectlve of the time-honored and too conservative luthoritles which they were In the haoit of c<m tultmg. With mmey worth 7 per cent on ample security in Ameriai, the average English capitalist M beginning to se< the advantage of investing here despite any threaeued "turn of the screw" by the Bank of England. The course of the gold market iB shown in the tails 10 A. 2 P. M ll?* J0Ai 2:20 P. M lis* 10:02 A. M 117* 3 P. M... 118* 11 A. 118 3.11 P. M 117* i.,M 118 3 :35 P. M 118', 12 *24 P M 118* 3:40 P. M 118 12:37 V. M 118* 3:50 P. M 118* !P.M 118* 4 P. M 118 a 118* In the gold lounmarket the rates ranged from 7 per ccnt for caring to flat for borrowing. The operations of the old Exchange Bank were as rol lows :? (j?ld cleared....* $72,R80,noo Gold balances l,f.2o,o38 . Currency balanc# 2,281,230 The sub-Treas'y paid out $59,ooo on account of i Interest and $.100 on account of redeemed five twenties. The Iropeau steamer took out $371,040 in sliver. tAfLROAD BONDS. A more ftctlvtmslncss was done In the railroad bonds at firm Jlces. Union and Central Paciflcs closed strong. ie following were the bids at the regular call as aended by prices in subsequent aeallugs:? hivir \ork I'en t1frP3. 94 Pel, I.ack A West 2d m. 97 M->v Wrk *.en ?te.. 90 ftel, Lack A W 7'aeoli.. '-*''* Mw Yolk ten lUili. 90 Tol A Wal. 1st m. ox ? 96* l?ew York Ccn ;^t>..ini Tol A W lat m. 8tl. div 9u trie lat in, extend- ..1USJK Tol A Wall 2tlin W* Kite lit m, endow. . . 99 To) A Wab equip l>d?.. . 8f> trie ni, '7ft ... 99* llan A. Naples latui.... 87 Irlt- i'a.ldm, "83 ... . 87* Ut West 1st m,188H 94 Uric 7'r, 4tli ni, '*.... ?7 Ul WtH 2d in. IS9H H?* lirle 7' m, '8i....lW> 0,?l A Chic extended... nr.:1., lAiiiK Lockbonda... 96* Cbic.K i A r?c }03* HudH i*,idm, |*86.)i)4* MorrlsA Kwex lsim...lW Alh A Mia 2d hds 9?i Cen latm.n........ius Mich ? ell h'a, lat, '82.1(19* N J .-ouUicrn latin 7'a.. 75 chic .Bar A o 8'aitm.llO* Pitta, KW A Chic lat in.lOfi mh ti !<o 7 ip c ul 99'? Pitts, K W A Chio id ni. 9s* Mich hoANIalpc 106 I lev A Pitta *1 m 9S ClevATolsf lt)2 ("ie* A flit* 3d ra 9S (lev A lol newda .. 92 Clev A PiltMth m ?4 * C. I" A A old lid* 97* Chic A Alton a f 102 * . P A A new t.< 92 Chic A A it lal m 1(W* lut, lion A Tofd*.... 9fi* Chic A Alt income 9* Bull A trie nelxfa... 92 Ohio A Miaacuu at 93* l ate .-horffditdx. ... 93 Ohio A Mis* con 92* i.?le Shore edf 98 Ohio A Miss 2dm, cnn.. *5* ' Fir RK 7'a, rtSo 97 Peninsula 1st m.con... 90 4 es Faclflc go t>da...Io2* St 1-ouia A Iron M lat.. 94* Weitern laclf l>da.... U4* M A St P lat ui, LaO l). sy l)ti. on Paclflclt m.... Chic A Mil lat m 94 I non Pa< lflrK 7'i... 73 Col, Chic A Inn C lat. . S6 I run Pacitidc W's.. 7S* t ol, Chic A lndC2d... 7S illhoial en Jirct,7JiH)l Tol, l'AW,KD 89* Alt A T?r If, itn pf.,. MS Tol, ?? A W, W D 87 4 hit A N W ? 98 Tol. PAW, Bnrl'n dlv. 89 Chit A N W iibda I* Tol, P A W con ?a 74 I ht A N W den bda. 9t? N V A N II fi'a 97 4 hi. A N W 1 III 98 Boat, II A Krte latm 7'a 441* 4 hi. A N W cold bda. 80 Oe.l Kails A Mln lat m.. 8n'4 liaiA st Jo (invert... 87 Dux, U R A M 7'a. lat,g. Mi U Utl.LaU A lat in,.. 98* AMERICAN RAILROAD BONDS IN RUROFR. As allowing the growing popularity in Europe of American rallroaU bonds as Investments we liave the announcement in recant Loudon papers or the organization in that city of two companies, with a combined capital of $20,000,000, whose purpose and plans, as set lorth In the following extract iroin the prospectus of one of thein, arc quite flatteriug to this country and its enterprises. The pro spectus coinmeuda itself to domestic as well as to foreign capitalists. It says:? ? of. th? company is to afford a reliable and convenient medium lor the investment of money 1. first mortgage bonds or American raU louds, a class of securities which, while vielilinir a considerably higher average rate of interest tlian those selected by foreign government securities trusts are more steady andsaie. Hallway deben tures In this country yleui irom four to five npr cent, while in the ifnlfed s tales first mortXe ?n^nnb?mVaVrom nine percent oronr tebentMM XEli?? ,U ,he United States ?i?1 1 - P? ? ar? convenient and netro 1; ' autl iu tlle event or interest or prin i^"1 Ining unp; old for a stated time alter pay taraeiju^fa??8 ' *tt.e ho,('ers have the power to ihn^r a"tl. Pay themselves. Moreover, besides .viVi. it?, the Irtt,,ciilses and equipments orval ?any *f these mortgage bonds are . d )y enormous land grants or State guarantees, or by traillc guarantees or several co operating lines. American railroad mortgage bends, which, on an average, pay better than British colonial bonds, are. like our railway debentures, pre-eminently steady and safe. Judiciously selected, their secu rity is ali but absolute, and nssnrance Is rendered doubly sure In the case ol the proposed trust by the area over which Its investments will be dis tributed. it appears to be almost certain that specie pay ments In the United States will be resumed within the next lour or live years, and the resumption will be followed by an increase in the valme oi cur rency mortgage bonds to the extent of ten to fiiteen per cent. THE CITY BANK 8TOCK8. The following were the kids for the city banlt shares:? New York, 138*; Merchants', 116; Me chanics', 137 ; Union, 140; America, 152; City,' 250; Phenix, 100; North River, 80; Tradesmen's, 150* Mechanics and Traders', 136; Gallatin National,' 118*; Merchants' Exchange, 90; Commerce 115' Mechanics' Banking Association, 107; American Exchange, 111*; Irving, 122; Metropolitan, 133 East Itiver, 112; Market, 123; Nassau, 106*; shoe and Leather, 150; Corn Exchange, 126; Conti nental, 80; St. Nicholas, 110 ; Commonwealth 86' New York County, 200; Importers and Traders',' 176; Park, 147; Manufacturers and Merchants'' 100; New York National Exchange. 90; Foarth National, 110. SOUTHERN SECURITIES BTKADY. The Southern state bonds were steady for the general list aud firmer for the new South Caro lines. The following were the closing prices -?Ten nessee, ex coupon, 79* a 80; do., new, 79* a 80 Virginia, ex coupon, 44 a 48; do., registered stock' old, 37 a 40; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 63 a 63*; do., deferred scrip, 13* a 14; Georgia sixes. 70 a 78; do. sevens, 88 a 90; North Carolina, ex eou" pon, 30 a 31 ; do., to North Carolina Railroad, 58 a 60; do., funding, 1866, 20 a 22; do. do., 1868, 17 tt IP; do., new. 17 a 18; do., special tax, 14 a 16; Louisiana sixes, 42 a 50; do., new, 40 a 47; South Carolina sixes, 30 a 40; do., new, January and July, 19 a 20; do. do., April and October, 27 a 30 ? Arkansas sixes, funded, 40 a 43. GOVERNMENTS BUOYANT. The government list was strong and buoyant under further heavy purchases, the '67's rising to 119, and leaving off, with no offerings, at less than 119 V. The new fives were held at llo and the sixes of 18l at 121. The following were the closing prices: ? United States currency sixes, 113* a 114; do. do., 1881, registered, 117* a 117* ; do do. do., coupon, 120* a 121; do. flve-t wen ties' registered, May and November, 113* a 114 ; do. do., 1862, coupon, do., 117* a 118; do. do., 1864, 117* a 118; do. do., 1865, do. do., 119* a 119* ; '67 'b registered, January and July lie* a 117; do. do., 1866, coupon, do., 117* a 117*; do. do., lser, do. do., 118* a 119*; do. do 1868, do. do.. 117* a 118; do. ten-fortlea, regis' tered, ill a 111*; <1o. do., coupon, 112* a 112* do. fives of 1881, registered, 115 a lie; do. do' do., coupon, lift* a lifl. STOCKS HIGHER AND STRONG. The easier tenor of the money market and the more cheermi expectations or Its Immediate future led to a stronger and more active market at the Stock Exchange, the chier feature being an ad vance of nearly two per cent in Western Union which sold at 86*. Erie rose to 65* , in sympathy with the London quotation. New Jersey Central was firmer at 98 and Harlem recovered to 126 Panama advanced to 109, but fell off at the close to 107*. Messrs. Edwards Plerrepont and G G Haven have declined the position or directors in Panama, to which they were elected on Monday last. The rise in stocks involved the rallure or an operator whose contracts, which were chiefly in Pacific Mail were settled by purchases "under the rule." HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? Erie Y0Fk CCDtral * f^EEEEE I 6? st. paui 59 ? 422 St. Paul preferred 74V *2^ Ohio and Mississippi 451*- I** Union Pacific....:.. 34* C., C. and I.e. ^4 ?a ' In Philadelphia Heading wan strong anil art*, vanced to lie*, Pennsylvania Improving in about the same ratio to 112*. RAILROAD EARNINGS. The following compilation or railroad earnings for the first three months or the year is made by the Daily Bulletin and compared with 1872: Atlantic and Great Western., tl owmm ?i Atlantic and Pacific . * 249 32? * Burlington. c. Kapids i Minn. 199141 Chicago and Alton. . . 1 niZSnn , 226,1 ,0 Central Pacific. 2'M? I'IMi Chicago and Northwestern . . . ! ?4"'^ Illinois Central.'..: ...... ffii? ?ro Tl M,ch" Sooth'e'rn 4,'o46$8 4K00 Mauetta and Cincinnati 449 :136 ?ri'n-? Michigan Central 1 813,0,5 Si "Si M,c. ? E& ?g isss i sf% Total $24,089,567 120,420,170 Increase, 1873 $2,329,622 ?Fourth week In March estimate#. SALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Wedneariay, tl.V'O l'S C's, c, '81... s3 120% 3500 UK 6-20, c, XH. . .*3 117% 10 200 sliB West Un Tel... c M% 400 do *5 700 do C 84Tt (too do *J.? 400 do C 84. ^ looO do MX 1500 di) 84% i?il> do 'it'4 400 Pac MSS Co Mis 100 lid C W>'-a 800 lio I* ? 300 do MP, no ?*>H 4INI do C &?>% 7(10 do 56% 200 no c 5t>% 300 no #6% 200 <to M>% *00 do 66*4 200 do 600T, WAWKK ?9% 100 do c ?9% 100 do c til' 100 do s3 09% 100 do 69% 14110 Eric KH 65 200 do 65% 200 86 1500 d* *3 ('6% 400 do o 05% 170") do 05% 400 do 65 Klrnt $6000Tcnn fi's, nl<l 79% Mko li no 6's, new.... 79!. 13000 Va 6's, con 68 ;iooo N V 7N. b 1. r 106% 2000 Missouri 6's. ..... ?|H 1000 M o 6's, 1J A8t Joi? 1 1(NK) Krle 4th 97* 7utOUn Pac Wtm ... h? 3WH? do ......... njj) lmWD Pac 7'*, l(t b.... 7-*% 6000 do ..... i-'X looo Un I'ac W?, inc.. <JS 2tntoo no '?]>% ltiooAlt A T II 2d in pf W looooai A Chic 1st m. 102% 8000 ( a H I * Pac 7'?. 10 j4. ISOOCloT A P 4th. . . ... H5 lOOOl'lt.FtWA ( 2(1 m. 99 ltiooohio A M con. ... 92% lliioo St li A I M Istm.. W 3000 M A Ht 1' lst,l.a('d H9 MIOO Chic A Mil 1st ... 94 aotWC, 0 A I c utm .. >?% 6000 do J" 3MJ0 do., ?.2? April 9?10il5 A. N. $2000 US 6-20, C, '(55. . .s8 119% 39u0 US 5-20, c, '66, n.. 117ft A. M.? Before Call. 2"0?ha Erie RR c 64% 500 do - 64% 200 do 64 800 do C 65 300 do 6bli 100 N YC A II R 101 ft 1500 do lor, 3800 do 101 J, 70O do c 101 U 100 C A R I RR 118*2 800 do UoV 6.10 do c 113% (*?J do 11% 500 I.SAM SltK 92% 1200 do c 9: 100 do C 5?2'n tioO do 8 i'/i 500 do 9? SOtl do C 91% lro Panama lilt s3 H 8 400 do 10* 400 llnrlem KK 123% 300 Ln Pac RK 34 600 do 33jf 800 C, C A 1 C Kit 89% 400 do 100 B, II A K RR 3% 100 M A St P It R c 61?; 600 Ohio A Miss Kit. ... 45 400 do 44% 200 do C 44^ Hon ril? IOi.'IO A. 91. K00 sha .NY C A 11 K KK. 101 % 1800 600 M0 100 WW 101 200 do do, do do. do. oo h3 101K do loi? 400 Harlem KK 124 101 It . ioi % ?3 101% 1)3 101% 101 % 300 400 100 12H0 200 do... do. do. do. do. . .bc.c 128 V 128% 400 Erie KK ,'bc 200 600 400 100 400 MOO 100 21(10 700 1UU . HUO Bar. CRAM 1st. . H>* 2000 Clev A PittB 3<? m. 100 MOO 8t L, J tie A Chi 1ft 90 2000 North Un lit 90 8000 Tol 4 Viblnm.. M S6?tm Meeh Bk k Ass 107 800 ilo 1(10 do 300 L 8 A M SKR MJUCoa Coal 10U uo luo Mil Coal Co. 100 l^uiek M Co. 11*1 N J Cen KR 100 uo 10 do.. 600 Went in To I 56 .b30 ft 7 .... US', , .be 100 SOU 400 <100 300 2?I0 iM do. do. do., do. 97V 400 ? 1000 7U0 31,0 a*i 900 800 1200 20" 300 800 3*0 100 100 t?uo 201' 7UO 100 1X0 two 900 12 CO 18P0 300 400 do. Ilk) V SE*U 100 ao 6 do 100 do 100 do...... ? lou Am M Un l'.xp 100 Mirli Celt HR 600 Pac ?H?Oo do do., do. ? do ?to . it?. . ?to. . do . do. do., ?to. . ?IO. . do. do . do. do., do. . do. ilo do do. do 100 100 600 200 100 300 300 M0 100 400 400 6.10 100 1200 100 100 lOUO 5oo 100 luo do. 00.. Uo. do. do. no.. do. do do. do do.. do.. do. do.. <io.. no.. do. do. do. do. .... 99 bo H4% ..C 84% :::: 8$ .... M* ,..c 81% .... 84% .... wji .... ?4*; .... M?. .... 84** ...C ?4% ... M? i .... 85 ...C 84* .... 85', . .1)3 85* :::: 3? ..ha 85% .... 85% .... 85* .... *5% .... 85% .... 7ft .... 74* . ... 70 b c 74V .... 74?; be 67 .0 103% .... 60',' ? t'C 60 'a ...C 66% .... 66% .... 66% .... 56% ...C 80', .... 56% ...C 60 ???? .... 56% . . .. 60', :?3 .... 56% ...C 50% 03 66% .... 66% .... 60 J t ...c #o? : 67 do. do. do. do. do 700 700 600 60 On F?c RR. do. do . ao. do. do. do do. b c do do ... 3U0 T, W A W RH 100 do 400 do lOOTanaiua RR loo uo 100 uo 100 do 100 uo 10J do 200 C A R I KR. 100 do li M) do 100 do 4110 do. 100 B. II A K RR.hC.tW 100 do 200 do 100 si A St P UK ? c ?5* ic 92 .. 91* 92 ? C 91* .. 92 .. 9J* c 92 .. 92% 92% ?C 92% ?' 9^ :: S& .. 33^ ic 33* .. 83% .. ?ifa .c 88* c 3 a* . 33* c 33% ... S3% .. 83 *4 ?{* ss do. Oo. .... Wi ... 10">% b c 10?% ... 108V ... 10K% ... 108* ... lO'J .. . 113* b c n:>* ... 114', .... 114 114% 3S 8% .83 3% b c 5.s% .... 58% ... 68 % ..c S8?? ..e 5*>% ... 69 ... 69* 09 '4 92,' 900 N Y '' A II R 101} 100 600 100 do. do. no. ,b3 101% .. 10!% .0 101 '4 100 Pitts, ft W ACgtd. 100NJ Sou th... be. 030 32" 100 do 81% 100 do 31* 200 St L A I M KK 87 76 do be 87* 9 Mor A Ksscx K It. . . 9032 100 New Jersey KR 120 lOOBtL.K CA N pf.... 66 200 Ohio A M RR. b c.c 44* 200 do 46 100 do C 44* 100 do 46 100 C, C A I C KR. 39 30O do 39?; $48000 UP 6's, 1881 6000 do SHH1OU8 0'n, '81. e 4000 US 6-20, c, '& 10000 r 8 6-20, < ? 6000 I' IS 6-20. r 23600 US 0-20, c 10000 do.. 10000 US 6-20. r '66. n 66, n. 67. 600?hB PaeM 88... 8J0 do 400 uo 390 do 100 do 100 do 3011 West Un Tel.... 1900 do 200 Erie KK 100T, W A W liR. .. 100 N YC A II KK. 300 00 200 do 100 do 900 do 700 do 600 do 600 do 600 do I?il5 and SilS P. M. 117% $50000 U8 ft-2o, c, 'i)7. .c U8* 47500 do 118* 600 do Mnall 118 1600 do 118* 400110 do 119 100 UK 5-2U, 0, '68. SUll 116% 1000 I 8 5'k, c, '81 115!, 10000 U8 6'h, eur 114 be 117}, ... 120% .... 117?, .... 117* IMS . 117 '4 . 117% ? H6* 1??30 P. M.? Before Call. 56* ... 86% ..e 56% . . . 66* .1)3 66* ..C 56? I ... 85% ? ? ? 85j: ... 66% ... 69% ... 101 '2 ... 10H, ... 101* ..c 101* ... 101% ... 101* ..e 101*Z ... 101 % ... 101s 400 shs Harlem RR. 400 do 300 L, S A MS KK. MKt do COO Panama KR... 200 do 100 Cn Pae KK.. loo do 500 Mil A St P KK.. 500 do 100 do IOuC A It 1 KK.... 100 uo 100 It, II A K KK... 100 St Louis A I M. 100 N J southern. . . 100 C, C A I C KK.. 300 ilo 100 do 126% 126 .'4 92 '4 92% lOtf* 109 ! MS 69', 59*4 .-<9C {if* ' P 31 '? : .19', 39,', 89* Sctond Board? 1 P. N. 1)3 79* lOOshsNYCAH 101* .w 100 400 1500 200 1300 do. do. do. do. do. $600'' Tenn f>, old 5l*K) Mixeourl 6's. . ltlOOCen I'lr ltIC::d lis 102* 15000 Un Pac 1st m 86 2000 do 86* 1000TAW 1st, Stl.dlv 90 91KI0 CAK1A I'ae?'?. H'3%. 200 Erie KR 3000 C. O A I C 1st 8? 70" 1000 Ohio A M 2d m... 86% 200)1 T, r A \V 1st, K D. 89* 40 mIih Merhuuiet>' ISk. 139 100<'unton Co 90* 5 Del A H Cannl. .opK 114 IPO Con Coal ot Mil be 6554 100 do c 66* 400 Un PacRR...bc.c M* 100 do e 33* 1100 110 84 300 do 1)3 34 100 do 34* 1000 West 1 11 Tel. I) e. b3 K6'a 1)3 101* 101*4 101* . ... bit 102 101* 65?' ? vi ? bc.c 92% I00LS A M S KK. 200 do 6 do <J2* 100 do 92'4 100 Puuiima RK.bc.bS 109 200 do 108* 108 :hoo 800 do 108% 200 < leve A Pitts gld . . 8S% 12 C A Rock I RK. . o e 114% 200 i:too 1UO 300 1300 2900 1300 1400 1200 100 1300 9000 do. do. do. do. do., do. do. do. do. do. do., do. 200 Harlem RR. 2(10 no 200 do. 86* .... 86% .... 86?, .... 86 ii .... 85* .... 86 .... 86% . ... 86% .... 8t>% ..S3 8f.% .... 8i* ...? 86% .be 126 .... 125% 126 60 d? 300 Mil A StP RR, 100 do 100 do 400 do 200 do 100 Mil A St P of. 100 do 100 do 100 do 200D.L A W RR 76 do 100 do IO11P, Ft WAC.Btd 114' ? tic 59% ... 69* ... 69% ... 59% ... 59* be 74% ... 74% be 99% 99* 99* 92% lOPae Mall 57* - be 66% 66* ft6% 200 Illinois Central RR 118 $5nnoo rs 5-ao.e, 'es, n. 9500 P, F W A C 4tli. . . antshs WettUn Tel... 1200 600 80ii 400 2IIO 200 111)0 900 oeo 14UI do. do. do. do. do., do. . do.. 117* 84% 86% Kri S8 85% HI) H57i 85* 85% 85% 85%' 400 45% ..C 45% ... 46% be <38 ... 87 ... 87* ... 88 ... 88 bu 39% ... 3 ..e 39% .be 60% ??30 #0 4 P. M. lOOshs CLC A I C RR. . 39% 65% 100 do. 700 do 200 N Y. N II A 11.. 100 St L A 1 M RR. . 200 do 76 do 60 do 800 C,C A ICRK... 000 do HH) do 400 Pac RK of Mo.. loo NYC A 11 It KK.u r I'll' 200 100 .3' id rOO 600 1300 2500 ?lo. ilo. 110. b.'t 101% 90.1 l>3 lul% 8300 do. do. do do 25 C. C,C' A I KK.. 200 rue M ss Co... 500 100 100 100 400 600 700 4110 100 7'*) 1200 100 600 100 2I? 200 21 N) 1DO 200 100 100 100 10J do. do. do. do. lio. du . ilo. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do., do. do. do. 101*! .. .. 101% ..1)3 101* .... 101* .... 101% .... nb .... 56% .... 56% .u r . '0 .... 56% u r 66% .... 66% ..S3 66 .... 56% .... 56% ,.s3 56 .... 66 .u r 55* A6 1)6 * 210 55* 800 ?KI lirie KK. 600 do 100 do 1900 do Harlem RR 200 00 loo ill 100 do 100 do * 100 Host. II A h KK. *10 do luo LS A M 8 RIt. . . 100 do. ?to.... loo do. lu? do ; 20oranania KK. 2ti0 00 200 do 200 16*1 ilo 200 I'll Par KR . . 300 do H?K) Uo 100 uo 600 do.. 21*1 Chic A Kill k I KK. 114% 2HJ do 114 300 do 113% 100 T, WAWKK 69% 200 uo 69% 100 do 60'. j 100 Mil AfttP KR..b30 60% . b3 65% ... 65% ... 12.',% .. 126% ... 125 ... 124% ... 120 .::: ^ .... 92% .u r 92% 92% .... 92 ..ii 91* .... 91* .... IO8J.4 .... 107% .... 108 .... 107% :::? '!% . 1)30 34% .... 34 ..S3 .14* 1)3 34 56 66% 56% 86% 56 66* 600 66 .b3 56 ... 55* do do do ilo do do do do KM Ohio A Miss KK 800 do 1300 200 IOO 500 700 69% 69 5*% B 5N% 58;>? 68% '6% 46 CLOSING PRICES? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Wentern Union. 86V ft Hfijf Union Pacific.. .IS** a 24 Panama l()7>i a KM Pittsburg 8hX ? 89 Lackawanna... 99'4 a 10U N J Central a 100 ~ "" Kock Inland ll.'IV a llSJf St I'aul fl?>8 a fr>2 fit Panlprel.... 74,'. a 74J? . Wahagh m'4 i 09)2 Krle fi5J? a fiM. Ohio & Misis 44Ji a 44^. Harlem 1M>4 a V2i% Boston, tl *U. SU a :i? Lake shore ?ljt & 92 C, t Ait 39>4 a COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Lowfr>Rec?ipti at the Ports, 10,7:4ft Baleh? ?Flour in Better Ufuind? 'Wheat <&utet and Steady? Corn Kaay? Oats Firm? Pork Firmer? Lard Firm er?Sugar More Active? CofTee Q,ulet? Petroleum Nominal? Spirits Turpentine Easier? Rosin Firmer? Whiskey Easier. Wednesday, April 9? ? P. M. Coffee.? The market continued quiet for all de scriptions, but dealers still manifested their former firmness. Wo have only to note a sale of 4,101 bags Rio, ex Thetis, on private terms. We quote Rio, ordinary cargoes, 16\'c. a 17c. : fair car goes, 17)ic. a 17&C. 5 good cargoes, lS'^c. a 18Xc.; prime cargoes, 18*ic. a inc.; Java, government bags, 20c. a 21c. ; do., grass mats, li??ic. a 21>^c. ; Singapore, lfl^c. a 17'ic. : Ceylon, 17 ijc. a ih;,c. ; .Maracalbo, 18c. a lttc. ; Laguayra, j 18c. a 19 He. ; Jamaica, 16c. a 18c.; St. Domingo, j lu'ic. a 16c.; I'orto Rico, 18c. a 19c. ; Costa Rica, | 18c. a 19c; Mexican, 17)ic. a 18)$c.; Manila, 17c. a 18c. ; Angostura, I7*c. al8><c.; Havanllia, 17',c. a ! 18 '^c.; Curacoa, 17%c. a 18)ac., gold, per lb., 60 a 90 days' crcdlt. Cotton.? The movement In spot cotton was In active, and the market ruled dull and heavy, especially for the low grades, which were only In demand at low prices. The appended ((notations show a decline for all grades of l/tc. per lb., at which reduction the market cloned weak. Future deliv eries were moderately active but lower, cloning tame at 18?ic. lor April, 14k*. for May, 19 6-16c. (or June, 19,'jc. for i July, ond 17V- for October. We nun up Ihu*:? To-Day, LaM Kerning. Total. | Export ? l.fluu l.irm i Consumption 347 J42 449 Kpcculauon 17 ? 17 j Total 874 1,142 1,61# ?Included in the above are 30ti hale* to arrive. For future delivery (himls low middling) the sale* have been an follows Sale* lant ??veiling, alter thrje o'clock April, 200 at 18 16-lfic. ; May, 900 at 19S-16c., 700 at I9'*c., 200 at l#!<c. ; June, WW at 19Jic.. loo at 19 7 Ific., 100 at 19&c. ; July, 401) at Ifl^c.. 100 at 19 9-lflc. Total, .1,1100 hale*. Pales to-day up to tnree P. M. ?April, Swi at 18 l.'Htk-. (short notice), 1,200 at IHf<c. : Mny, ion nt !!? 1 11c , WO at 19*40., 1(M ai 19 Tide., 11)0 at ll?kc., 1HU at 19 l-IHc., Hm at 19!t'c., 1,000 at 19 1 Ific., 1(10 at 19c., 300 al 19 I I fie.. 1,300 at 19c. ; June, 200 at 19 7-lfic., (Wo at I9'?c? 100 at 197 l?c., 1,100 lit I9??c-, 200 at 19 ft-ltic. , liMt atlU'.'o., 1,?I0 at 1?ait>c.: Julv, 100 at I9*?e., 100 at 19 9-lAc., all at I9Kc., 20) at 19 9-10c.,8(lo at I9>,e.; October, 100 at I7*?c. Total, 10,000 bales. Grand total, 13JOO bale*. lUte? ..n cotton to foreign port* cloned steady an follown:? To Havre, bv nteam. 1'aC. a I'v' ; nail, 1c. compressed; to Hamburg, bv nleani, ?,d., coniprenned; to Bremen, by ileaiu, Mil, 1?. ; to Liverpool, by ?uaui, >,4, a 9-16<l. , Mil, 7-iM. a HA. , May, Mil. Jfd. a 7 Ifcl. The receipts at the ports cum up thus,? Galveston, 846 bales; New Orleans, 6,290; Mobile, 447; Savunnali, 377 , Charles ton, 712 ; Wilminrton. 73; Norlolk, 939; New York, 1,(101 1 Boston. 11. Totm, 10,726 bales. Tills duy lust week, 7,318; this day last ytur, 6.3J?. We quote I'phnuli. Alubuniu. iVnf Orleans. Text". Ordinary lft^ I5'4 IB1^ iS'j Good ordinary 17 17 17', 17^ Strict good ordinary 17'4 If l(<'4 18'., luiw middling 18?J 1?& 19 18',' Middling 19', 1st', 20W 2?C Good middling 2l*i 21% '?i'% 22\ ?The quotations are based on cotton In store running in quality not more than hall a tirade above or below the grade fiiioted Floor and Oram*.? Receipts? Flour, 13,879 bbls. ?, wheat, 17,070 bushels; corn, 20, Oil) do.; cornmeel, 22u bbls. mid M hat;s; uuts. 12.900 bushels ; barley, ti,5t!l> do. The flour market exhibited u little more activity to-day and prices were sternly. The sales slni e our last aggregate about 10,4ti*i bbls , Including ml kinds, ut prices within the range ol the uppeuded quotations. Conimeul was quiet, but Arm. Sales, 160 Mils, ol Western yellow at %'S a a $3 40. We quote : ? No. 2 sutc '. $4 00 a $5 25 Huperllne state 6 00 a tl !kt Extra State 7 25 a 7 75 Choice State 7 75 a 8 26 Superfine Western 6 00 a ? 60 Extra Western 6 90 a 7 00 Extra Minnesota 7 60 a 9 60 Kound hoop Ohio, shipping brands. 7 (Ml a 7 50 Hound hoop Ohio, trado brands 8 00 a 9 00 Family 9 00 a 10 26 St. Louis, low extra 7 00 u 7 76 St. Louis, straight extra 8 00 a 8 60 St. Louis, choice double extra 9 00 a 10 00 St. Louis, choice family 10 00 a 13 00 California 9 HO u 10 (JO Rye tionr 8 60 a 6 00 Southern No. 2 4 25 a 5 6J Southern superfine ?s uo a 6 50 Southern extra 7 26 a a 60 Southern finally 10 00 a 13 00 Corniueal, Western 3 20 a 3 45 Cornmeal, .lerse v 3 W1 a 3 65 Cornineal, Brandy wine 3 06 a 3 75 Baltimore 4 ut) t. o. b. Calorie 3 tin a 3 <15 Puili'licona 19 SOt. o. b. ?Wheat?The market continued nuiet. Scarcity of freight room checked the export inquiry and the demand was coiitlned to the requirement** of millers, Prices were unchanged. The sales toot up about 18,000 bushels, all in imall lots, at $1 40 tor rejected Spring, $1 48 a $1 6(1 for No. 3 Spring, $l 97 for white Winter; tl (i5wus bid and refused for No. 2 Milwaukee for export unit tl 53 fordo., deliverable in June. Winter wheat was entirely neg lected and quoted nominally as before. Corn was dull and slightly easier lor new. The sales since last report sum up alwut 84,000 bushels at fi3c. a fi:l'4c. tor old western mixed in store. 03c. n 64c. for new uo. afloat, closing at 63c. ; 70c. for do. white, 75c. a 77c. for Southern do. ; old mixed nominal at 66c. a ti6^c. afloat. Oat* were moderately active and steady. The sales foot up about 40,000 bushels at 63c. for old Western mixed in store, 52}<,c, a 54c. for new do. alloat, 48},e. a 60>ic. lor new black Western, 53r. a 66l4c. 'or common to fancy white afloat and 64c. for state mixed afloat. Barley was in light request and steady : sales 1,600 bushels Western at tl 10 anil 4,000 bushels ot light Canadian at $1 24. Bye wasdullaud nominal. Frkiuhts.? There was comparatively little accom plished in the line of first class freights, owing to the scarcity of available room. Bates were firm. There was a fair chartering business ennsumated at about steady rates. The engagements were To Liverpool by ?steam, 2,400 bales cotton, at 'jd. a9-16d. ; 2,200 boxes bacon at 60*. The nominal rate lor grain was Hd. a sK,d. By sail, 100 tierces heel at 5s. 3d. ; 170 bales of cotton 7-16(1. a Hd. ; to Bristol by steam 7,600 bushels grain atH'4d. The caarters include A British bark to arrive, hence to a Continental tiort, 5,200 bbls. renned petroleum at 6s. 3d. ; a British bark hence to Gibraltar for orders, 3,000 bbls. re fined petroleum at (is. Od. ; a British burk hence to Cork for orders to the United Kingdom or Continent, 4,5uo quarters grain ut 6s. 6d. or 6s. 9d. ; a North German bark hence to Odessa, 2,400 bbls. refined do , at 7s. lOkd. ; a British bark from Philadelphia to a Continental port, 4,000 bbl*. refined no., fis. 3d. ; a Herman bark to arrive, from do. to u Continental port, 6,000 bbls. refined do., on private terms; a Norwegian bark iroin do. to a Hultic iiort, 3,500 bbls. refined do., reported at 7s. ; a British bark from do. to a Continental port, 6,000 refined do.,tis. 3d. : a British bark from Savanuah to Liverpool, 2,000 bales cot ton, 9-l(xl. Molassks.? Foreign met with a moderate inquiry, bnt we heard of no sales. Domestic sold in a jobbing way to the extent of 1W) bbts. of New Orleans, at irom 68c. a 74c. Wo quote ... A 'etr Crop. Cuba, centrifugal and mixed I8c. a *2c. ? a ? Cuba, cla.ved ? a ? 30c. a 36c. Cuba, muscovado, refining ? a ? 32c. a 37c. Cuba, muscovudo, grocery ? a ? 36c. a 40c Porto Rico ? a ? 35c. a 58c. English Islands ? a ? 25c. a 50r. New Orleans ? a ? 55c. a 75c. Naval storks.?' The market lor spirits turpentine was dull and nominally easier, closing at 53Jtc. We heard of aaies of 60 bbls. late yesterday at 54c., 100 bbls. buyers' April, at 56c. Rosin was decidedly more active and firmer, strained closing ut $3 16 a $3 25. The sales comprise:? 3.200 bills, strained at $3 20, 350 bbls. ol good strained at $3 25, 600 bbls. di strained, Ires on board, ut $3 80, 550 bbls, of do. at $3 20 float, S00 bbls. do. at $3 15 in yard, 500 bbls. No. 1 ut $3 75,500 bbls. low pale at $4,670 bblRiiale at $4 10, 9,600 bbls. strained. Including a curgo at Wilming ton, on private terms. Tar was steady at the opening, but subsequently closed Hriucr. Sules (late yesterday! 600 bbls. ot Wilmington at $325 for small, and $3 75 for provision bbls. To-da.v 100 bbls. of Wilmington on private terms quoted at $4 tor thin, and $4 25 for rape. City pitch was steady at $3 75. Pktrolkiim? on 'Change to-day the market for refined was nominally steady, with little or no disposition mani fested either on the part of buyers or sellers to do busi ness; quoted at 2Uc. for balance ol month. The market for crude was in about the same condition. The nomi nal price, in bulk, was 9'4c. u 9?^c. Cases were steadily held at 25*4c. a 26c. Naphtha remained nominally steady at 12,'ie. a lie. At the Creek the market was dull and somewhat easier; fiuoted at $2 16 a $2 17'... on the upper, $2 15 a $2 20 on the lower road and $2" 30 at Oil City. The Philadelphia market was entirely nominal. Nothing offered. Refined quoted at 19'4c. a 19, 'ic. tor spot or bal ance of month. Provisions.? Receipts? Pork, 674 bbls. ; beef, 210 pack ages: ent meats, 1,809 do.; bird, l,9i2 bbls. aad tierces aud 80 kegs. The market for mess pork was steady at the opening, but towards the close of 'Change holders were firmer in their views and demanded $17 60 for prompt delivery or future months. We heard ot sales ol 26o bids., lor April, at $17 35; 250 bbls., for do., at $17 40; 260 bbls., tor May, at $17 60; 100 bbls., in a lob bing way,at$17 37H; 60 bbl?. city mess ut$l7 25, and 30 bbls. of extra prime mess ut $14. Bacon was in moderate request at unchanged prices. Sales 100 boxes Western short clear at 9 1-ICc., 300 boxes do. ut 9 1-I6c. a 9'?r., 15 boxes long clear at. 9c. and 500 boxes part long and short do. at 9',c. Beef was in moderate request at un changed prices. The sales, m lot*, toot up about 300 packages, within the range of $9 50 a $11 tor new plain mess. bbls. ; $12 a $14 for do extra do., bids. ; $2.1 a $21 for do. prime do. tierces, and $23 a $25 for do. India do. tierces. Beef hams remained quiet, quoted at $30 u $33 for Texas aud Western. Cut meats were quiet but firm. We heard of sales of 200 tierccs oi heavy pickled hums at 12l4c. ; 100 boxes of dry salted do. at 11 Wc. ; 600 light city smoked hums at 14e. ; 20 boxes long cut liams at 13c. ; 600 city smoked shoulders at 9c., ami 75 boxes ol light pickled bel lies at 10'4c. Lard? The market lor Western wus a shade firmer, but the demand only moderate. We heard of Mies ot 600 tierccs of Western steam, last evening, at 9c. cash ; to day, 800 tlerees at 9c. ; 50 tierces on the dock at ; 260 tierces lor April ut 8'?c. ; 500 tierces for do. at 8 15-lfic. ; 50 tierces tor July ut 9)jc. ; May quoted ut 9 I-1H., and June at 9'4c. a 9 5-16. City lurd was quiet. About 100 tierces sold atH'.c. a 8?^c. Scoar.? There has been rather more activity mani fested to-duv In the murket for raw. and prices were ' steady. The sales aggregate 1.415 nlids. and 613 boxes, in cluding common refining at 7s?e., St. Jago at 7\c., Mus covado at 8c. and centrifugal at 9 5-lGc. Refilled was in moderate request and about steady. Wo quote Cuba? Refining, interior to common. 7c. a 7?ic. ; fair to good lulr, 8c. u 8'.o. ; good to prime, h'4c. a sJ0c. ; grocery, fair to good. Hk'e. a 8jfc. ; prime to choice, 8Jj,c. a 9*4c.. ; centrifugal, hlids. und boxes, 9c. u 9S,c. ; molasses, lihds. and boxes, 7c. a 8c. ; mclado, 4c. a fP,4c. Havana? Boxes, Dutch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7kc. a 8Uc. ; do.. 10 to 12, H3,e. a 9c. ; do.. 13 to 15, 9!4'c. a 'JHc. ; do., 16 to 18, 10c- a lOkc. ; do., 19 to 20, I0^c. a lie. ; white, lOUc. a ll'^e. Porto Rico? Refilling, common to prime, 7c. a 8",'c. ; grocery, fair to choice, 8kc. a 9>4c. Brazil? Dutch stand ard, Nos. 8 to 12, 7c. a 8'4e. Java? Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, HJjic. a 9c. Manila ? Superior und extru superior, 7.'4c- a 8c. liici-..? Business to-day has been only moderate, but former prices were ruling. The sales comprise about 40 tierces ol Carolina at irom 73ic. a 8Jac. ; 200 bags of Ran goon at 6.V ?. a 7'Bc. ; aud small lots of Patna at 7J4c. a sc. Stkarink whs steady, but quiet; quoted at H',,c. a 9c. In lioBheads. and 9.'1d. a 9?jc. in tierces. tallow was In light request at unchanged prices. Sales 200 bbla Western at X^c. ; and 26 bbls ot prime at 9c. Wiiiskkt ? Receipts, 270 bbls. The market was slightly easier and quiet. Sulci* 200 bills, at 90!4c. a 91c. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Oai.vkston, April 9, 1873. Cotton steady; (rood ordinary, Ift&c. u (<m-. Not re ceipts, Hlf. I, all's. Experts? Coastwise, 28; to the Con ti. num. 1,843. Hales, I, ISO. Htock. 66,920. Nkw Oruans, April 9, 1873. Cotton steady; middlings, 19c. u ltfj^c. Net receipts 6,290 bale*; gross. <>.7'? Exports? To Urcat Britain, 3,903s to the Continent, 6,932. Hales, 500; last evening, 1,71)0. 8 lock, 1KU.WJH. Mori Lit, April 9, 1873. Cotton dull ami easier; good ordinary, 16'.,c. ; mid. dlings, 18V. Net receipts, 447 bales. Exports? To Great Britain, 946; coastwise, 39. Hale*, 100. Htock, 39,091. Savannah. April 9. 1873. Cotton firm for good grades ; others nominal ; middlings, 19c. Net receipt*, 377 bale*. Exports coastwise, 2.02& hale*, 360. Mock, 47,941, Ciiari.fston, April 9, 1*73. Cotton quiet; middlings, 18fce. Net rcoclots, 712 hale*. Export* ?To Great Britain, 1,814 ; coastwise, 296. Bales, 41*). Htock, 28,644. Wilmington, N. C., April 9, 1873. Spirits ot turpentine quiet at 38c. Itusin higher a $2 ft0 lor strained. Crude turpentine steady at :?> tor bard; 93 30 lor yellow dip and vlrnlu. Tar firm at $2 rt). O.iwKea, April 9, 1871. Flour unchanged; sales 1,400 bids. , at $8 7ft lor No. 1 Spring. $9 7ft tor amber Winter. $H) fto mr white Winter, I #11 tor double extra. Wheat llrm but quiet; |>rlmc white i Canada held at 92 10. Corn dull ; sales ear lots Western, Me. Barley firm; Canada held at $1 12. Corn meal, ! $1 31 tor bolb il, (1 2ft tor unbolted per cwt. Mlllleed un changed: -Imrt-. #21; *hil)stuffs, $22; middlings, 123 per ton. Railroad freights? Hour to Philadelphia, 60c. ; to Huston, 7-'' to New Vork, 6;!c. ; to Albany, &4c. Re celpts by lake? 25,ft(J0 bushels of barley. liurcALO, April 9, 1873. Klonr quiet; Western Spring at $7 80 a #8; amber W in ter, 9* 50 a 99 2.'.; w hite do., $9 80 a $H?. Wheat dull; stuck light; no Kales made public; quoted Milwaukee No. 2 spring at #1 ftft: Chicago do., $1 4i> n $1 46; Dulutli No. I Spring, $1 68; white Canada, $1 70 u $1 DO; white Michigan, Jl K) a $2. Com Ann; sales 4,. ion bushels Western on track and 4, ooo bushels in store at 62c. oats dull; sales small lots Western mixed in store at 41c ; quoted 3-c. a 41c. Hurley steady; Canada, !'9c. a 91; No. 2 Western, D0c. a Cftc. ; two-rowed stale, sue. a 89c. ; four rowed do., 95c. Bye? Hales nominal at 88c. Barlev malt quiet; Western. 91 a 91 10: prime Winter Western, 91 H) n 91 18: prime Canada, $1 20 a 91 2ft. Kve malt held at9ftc. The balance of the market I* unchanged. Cbicaoo, April 9, 1873. Flour qnlet and unchanged. Wheat dull and unset tled ; prices a shade lower ; business small ; sales of .No. I Hpriug, regular, ut 91 16'4 , Ircsli. 91 ID, . seller Way, 91 21 a 91 21 *4 ; seller June, 91 23; No. 3 Spring, 9) "7; rejected. Me. Corn steady, 30%c. a 30?#c., cash. ;H%c. a 34>,c., seller Mar ; 19, Uc. a 37c., seller June ; reiected 28e. Oats i|iue.t anil weak; sales ot No. 2 at 24>4c.,cash; 28'?c. a ifr'.c,, seller May; strictly fresh, 27c , cash. Kye quiet anil weak at (Be a 64c lor regular and fresh. Barley dull and nominal; No. 2 Kali nominally. 73c. : No. 1 sold at iVI'-.e. a 64c. Provisions quiet anil unchanged, l'ork sold at 91ft 70, seller May; 91ft 99, seller June. I.ard steady; nominally H'.c., oa?n ; HWc,, seller May. Bulk meat.- and bacon quiet and unchanged. Whiskey quiet ami weak, at 86>?c. Receipts? 8.0>?l bbls. Hour, .'*>,11110 bushels wheat. 20.nn orn, II, OHO do. oats and 12,1**1 do. barley. Shipments 10,000 bbb. Hour, TUlOO bushels wheat, 4,000 do. com, 9,0110 do. oat* and -1,000 do. barley. EUROPEAN MARIET8. LoNnoa Monkt M abkrt.? Loitno*. April 9?8 I*. M.? Consols closed unchanged, United states five-twenty bonds, 1867 's, 93k. Erie Railway ah ares, 61)*. Consols opened at 9.1 a W, for inmiey and 93 Vi for the account, lolled States tlvi twenty bonds, 1*08'*, old, 94k; 1*67'*, 93S; ten-forties, 81); new fives, 90\, and Erie Railway *hares at Nil, a SlM. I'ahis Boibsk. -Paris, April 8? F. M.? Rentes opened at A6t. 20c. and cloMd at ft?t. 27c. l.ivraronL Cotton Marrmt ? Livrrpooi., April 9?9 F. M.? The market closed unchanged The sales of the day lutje iiciip J0.UUU ha|?vi tiiciudmx iwj lor aueculalioa and export. Of the sales fl.i?*l hales were American. Kales of cotton (hipped from Savannah or Charleston, March an>l April, at Bud. Middling upland*, ?V'- ; middling ? >r Ic.ini, UHil a LivKKrooi. BKKAnxTrrra Market.? Livkkfool, April 9? P. M.? The market is i)iiict. Liverpool Provisions Markkt? Liverpool, Anril 9? Evening ? Baeon, 40?. per <wt. tor ihoH rib middles. Clover seed, -UN. a 42?. per cwt lor American red. I<oni>on I'HonncK Market.? Lompon, April 9? Tallow, 44*. per cwt. Spirits turpentine, 41s. Oil. a 42*. per cwt. Petroleum Markkt.? Aktwkrf, April 9.? Petroleum, 411'. lor Hue pale American. PHTAWCIAL. ^ _ August bei.mont * CO., Hanker*, I'.i and 21 Nassau street, issue Traveller*' Credits, available in all parts ol the world, through the Messrs. DK ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of money on California, l.uro|.c and Havana. A? LAPSLEY * BAZLEY, BROKERS IN STOCK . ami gold privilege*, 47 Exchange place.? All con tracts negotiated are nr*t clans ami have our certifica tion allached. Explanatory circular, with practical illustration'* and rctercnco*, mailed free. A -STOCK AN1) HOLD PRIVILEGES A SPECIALTY - No contract negotiated through this offlce was ever dishonored, fcuc ouotations in New York Tribune. WILLIAM WARD, 22 Broad *trcet, Broker iu Bond*, Stock*, Ac. A? TRUST MONEY JUST 1'AID IN TO LOAN AMI . buy Morlgngcs on City Ileal Estate, In sums to suit; no bonus. Address TRUSTEE, box J!, tin I Post olllce, N. Y. A LARUE SUM OK MONEY ON HANI) FOR FIRST and Second Mortgage*; city property only ; ijulck transactions. S. FREIDENRICH A CO.. 9U6 and UUH Third avenue. F flOR SALE-200 SHARES PREFERRED AND *10 shares Common Stock of l.iltle Rock and Fort Smith Rallroa 1 Company. Apply to or address FARS & STOCK BR, 24 New street, room 20. JJOWB8 i. MACY, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET NEW TOKK, OFFER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLOW INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT THE RATE OF FOUR PER CF.Nt"' HASKINS a BRAINS, STOCK AND GOLD BROKERS 11 Broad street.? Stock and gold privileges a specialty. Any one can speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circulars mailed. Loans negotiated on bond and mortgage-, $50,000, *10,000 and $10,000 to loan on City Property. WHEEI.ER A BEACH, 207 Broadway, corner Fulton street. Mechanics and traders' savings institu Hon, 283 Bowery, neur Houston street Deposits made on or before April 10 will be entitled to interest from April 1. interest paid on all sums from 9ft to $10,000. Open daily from 10 A. M. to :i P. M , and on Mon days and Wednesdays from 10 to 7. ALFRKD T. CONKLIN, President IIkhrt C. Kishkk, Secretary. NOTICE.-THE UNDERSIGNED. HOLDING A POR tion of the first mortgage bonds of the Southern Min nesota Railroad Company, would like to join with any other persons bidding the first 7 per cent bonds of this road in foreclosing them. Please communicate with WILLIAM VOoRHIS, Nyack, Rockland county, N. Y. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON VI I jLE, MADISON AND Indianapolis Railroad, Jeffersonville, March 26, 1873. ? The second mortgage bonds of this company, ma turing at Bank of America. New York, April 1, will be paid at maturity or the holders thereof may, at their iption, receive lirst mortgage sinking fund bonds, prlnct Sal and interest guaranteed, ut ninetv-tlve in exchange leretor. The exchange will be made bona tor bond, and the dillercncc of Ave per cent will be paid the holder in cash at the time ol making the exchange. THOMAS A. SCOTT, President. UNION DIME SAVINGS BANK, :i96 and 398 Canal street. Open dally, from 10 to 3, and on Monday evening, from B to 7. Assets, ten millions nine hundred and eighty-seven thousand dollars. Six per cant interest paid. Money de posited on or before April 10 will draw interest 'from April 1. Bank books in English, French and Clurman. NAPOLEON J. HAINES, President T. s., Secretary. O. S. Ckapik, Treasurer. WANTED? A CAPITALIST, WITH FROM 925,000 TO 950,00', to make temporary loans on railroad and other securities, for which a liberal bonus will be given. Address P., box 4,203 Post office. WANTKD? A LIFE- SAVING APPARATUS AT SEA.? A practical inventor dealres financial aid in devel oping a simple invention lor saving the travelling public lrom drowning at sea. Address INVENTOR, box 168 Herald oftlcc. WANTED? $1,0 X) ON UNIMPROVED RKAL ESTATE in Westchester county, near the cltv, worth tlirco times the amount. Addrcas A. Y. 55., Herald ofllce. 19 nnn -SECOND MOBTGAftB FOB SALE; good discount on deiirablc property; near City Hall, Brooklyn. Address box 8, (MO Po?t office. 19 BAA WANTED-ON VALUABLE IMPBOVBD l'ropertv, worth four timea that amount; seven inlles from New York ; no bonus. J. 11. HTIt.LING, 51 Cortlandt street. d? f nnrt $6,000 OB $10.080 TO I.OAN OK IMPROVED iPT.UUlF, real estale in this city; will loan in Horokiyn near Wall or Fulton lcrry. FEOBUE B. WALTON, 31 Park row. $5.000", $,}0()0 TO '.'()AN OK n<>ND AND in-rty'. V H room 1?, No brokers need a" piv. }N llroa.1 way, <Jbin nnn TO LOAN in one OB two sums, in ipHM'UU Brooklyn, lor three years; also several small amoonU) for First and Second Mortgages. SAWARD A LEAVITT, M Wall street. (tin nnn ESTATE FINDS TO LOAN on BROOK ?PlU.UlfU lyn property, near Ihe City Hall; no bonus. GRAHAM A CO.. JO William st., New York. d?1Q nnn? FOB BALE-FIRST mobtoage OH tirst class property, near Jersey Cltv, worth over double, and rapidly improving ; terms "liberal. Principals, address box 424 Post ofllce, New York. tun nnn TO loan ON city real estate, Improved anil unimproved, on Store and Tenement Property, and to buy second mortgage*. W. D. A F. BABBLES. 50 Wall street rf.1 m nnn TO purchase first and second WIUiUUU Mortgages on Improved Property or Va cant Lots; money Immediately. A. L, MOKDECAI, No 8 Pine street. <fe9nn nnn wanted? on bond and mobt.' tTAUUil'V/U gage on property in Hudson county N. J., In sums of $1,000 to $6), 000; mortgages not taxable Address H. C. A A. L. TAVLok. Herald otttce. rc/i nnn TO loan ON NEW YORK city im ?|pO? J" '.UvM / proved Real Estate in sums to suit; no bonus required; term of years. C. K. WILLIS, Montauk Insurance Co., 168 Broadway. COPARTNERSHIPS* The copabtnebship heretofore existing under the firm name of Augustus Funk A Co.. Is hereby dissolved by mutual consent, and that the said Copartnership will be continued irotn this date under the same name, by Augustus Funk alone, for the pur pose ot settling up the Mme. AUGUSUS FUNK. Nkw Yohk, April 4, 1373. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. 1)im.7N(iham? Pease.? On Tuesday, April 8, In Maillson H(|ttare Presbyterian church, by Rev. O. W. F. Birch, pastor ol the Second Presbyterian church, of Lexington, Ky., Mr. T. Dill i Miii am, of New ^ ork, to Miss Fannie C., daughter of the late E. H. Peace, of Sprlngtteld, 111. Died. Allbn.? At Norwalk, Conn., on Wednesday, 'April (i, Leander Allen. youngest son ol Leander L. and Sarah L. Allen, aged 1 year, 4 months ami 3 days. Friends are invited to attend the funeral, on Friday alternoon, April 11, at two o'cIock. Anderson.? On Tuesday, April 8. at two o'clock P. M.. at Passaic, N. J., David J. Anderson, in the hist year of his age. Relatives and friends are respectfully requested : to attend the funeral, lrom hi.s late residence, at three o'clock P. M., on Friday, the llth lust. Trains leave Twenty-third street and Chamners street ferries at 1 :46 P. M. Hrown.? In llarlem, on Tuesday, April s, Joseph E. liKOWN, aged 40 jears, 10 months and 12 days. The relatives ami lriends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 186 East 117th street, on Thursday, April 10, at eleven o'clock. The remains will lie taken to Greenwood for interment. Bt't'KLKY. ? Suddenly, on Tuesday evening, April 9, 1873, at 22 East Thirty-fifth street, Annie it., wile of William F. Buckley. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to Attend the funeral, at Trinity chapel, Twentv-fllth street, on Friday afternoon, the llth instant, at three o'clock. Burns.? On Wednesday, April 9, after a long and painful illness. William Burns, a native of the county Sllgo, Ireland, nged 40 years. "May his soul rest in peace." The friends and relatives ol the family, and his cousins, Thomas and Patrick Burns, are respect fully invited to attend his luncrul, on Friday, the llth lnst, at two o'clock P. M., lrom his late resi dence, 83 Monroe street. Clark.? At New Providence, N. J., after a long and painful Illness, which she bore with Christian patience and lortltudc, Elizabeth Pakkott, be loved wife at John W. Clark, In the 40th year of her age. Relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the Mineral, on Friday, llth lnst., at the New Providence Presbyterian church, meeting at the house at two a'clock and at the church at half past two P. M. Trains leavo New York for New Providence station, per Morns and Essex Railroad, loot of Harclay street, at ll A. M.. returning at, 6:10 P. M. carriages will be In waiting at New Provi dence station. Demabrst.? On Wednesday, April 0, James B. Dkm, in his 27th year. Funeral on Friday, lrom sixteenth street Baptist church, near Eighth avenue, at one o'clock. Rela tives and friends, also members of Cypress Lodge, No. 2os, F. and A. M? are respectfully Invited. Donfe.? In Brookljn, on Tuesday, April 8, Ed ward W. Donfe, aged 40 years, 8 mouths and 28 days. The relatives and frlendi of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, llth lnst., at four o'clock P. M.. from 206 Nineteenth street, Brooklyn. Donovan.? After a short Illness, Patrick Dono van, a native of ?ho Silver Mines, county Tippcrary, Ireland, in the 66th year of his age. Relatives and lriends of the lamlly are respect Hilly invited to attend the lunerai. lrom his late residence, 558 Keventhtavenns, on Friday. April 11, at two o'clock P. M. Fowlkk.? ou Tuesday evening. April 8, at the residence of his son, at West Farms Benjamin Fowler, aged h7 years 6 months. The relatives and friend* <>l the family are res pectliilly invited to attend his funeral, on Friday, April 11, At one o'clock l\ M,, ironi the rcHideucc oi his son, Lawrence G. Fowler. Freeman. ? On Wednesday, April 9, 1873 at Pla lnlleld, New Jersey, of Bcarlet fever, Ella, daughter of Jar\ls A. and hllzabeth B. Freeman, aged 15 years, 11 months and 4 days. Mineral services at. the residence of her parents, corner Peace and Fourth streets, at half-past teo o'clock A. M. on Friday. April u. Gallioek. ? In tills city, on Wednesday, April 9, after a long illness, Nancy Galliuer, in the 74ti? year of her age. Kelntives and friends of the family are respect fully invited touttend the funeral, at the residence or her aou-in-law, William H. Decker, 312 West Fourteenth street, on Friday, April 11, at ono o'clock P. M. Giet.? on Monday mornlnir, April 7, after a short and severe Illness, Captain John n. Giet, sea captain, aged 47 vears a months and 20 days. Relatives and friends of the family, and also tho Worth Lodge, 210, F. and A. M., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday, April lo, at 1 o'clock, P. M.. from t(ie residence of Ins father-in-law, I). Uriel., 1,577 Second anvenue, be tween Eighty first and Kelghty-secoud streets. Philadelphia papers please copy. Worth LoiXiK, No. 210. F. and A. M.? Brethren? You aro hereby summoned to attend a special com munication on Thnrsday, April 10, at eleven o'clock A. M., at tho Corinthian Rooms, Odd Fellows' llall, lor the purpose of attending the fnneral of our late brother, John N. Giet. By order. AUGUST H. BKUNING, M. Enw. J. Fbaron, Secretary. Gilsby.? In this city, on Tuesday morning, April 8, Peter Gu.hEY, in the fllst year of his age. Relatives and friends of the family are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence 33 and 36 West Twenty-eighth street, this (Thursdav) morning, April 10, at eleven o'clock. The members of the Apollo Hall General Com mittee are invited to attend the funeral of Alder man I'eter Gllsey, from Ills late residence. 33 and 35 West Twenty-eighth street. Bv order of JOHN McCOOL, Chairman. Herbert.? In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, April 0, John Herbert. The relatives and friends of the family are in vited to attend the funeral on Saturday morning, April 12, at ten o'clock, trom his late residence, corner ol Columbia and Carroll streets, thence to St. Stephen's Church, whero a solemn requiem mass will be ofTered for the repose of his soul. Hi'iik.? On Wednesday, April 9, Hithh, Infant son of llug.i and M. A. Hume, aged H months. Relatives and Iriends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the luneral, Irom the resi dence of his parents, 222 Fast Thirty-sixth street, on Thursday, April 10, at one o'clock P. M. Hunteman.? Lizzie IUnteman. eldest daughter ol Henrv aud Anna lluntcman, aged 2 years and 10 months. Funeral this (Thnrsday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from 256 East Houston street. Intemann.? On Tuesday, April 8, Johann Hinricft, only son of Card Htnrich and Rebecca Intemann, aged 4 years. 8 months and 5 days. The relatives and friends or the family aro respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from the residence of his parents, 284 East Seventh street, on Thursday, April 10, at half-past ono o'clock P. M. Jenninur.? At Memphis, Tenn., on Friday, April 4, Daniel Jennings, aged 64 years. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully in vited to attend the funeral, from the residence of James Borland, 174 Amity street, Brooklyn, on Thursday, April 10, at two o'clock P. M. Kino.? On Wednesday, April ?, 1873, William Kino, youngest sou or Jeremiah ana Mary king, aged 3 years, 3 months and 26 days. The Trlends ol the lainily are respectmily invited to attend the runcral, from the residence or his parents, 260 West. Thirty-eighth street, this (Thurs day) artemoon, at two o'clock. Lineblrou.? At Bridgeport, Conn., on Saturday, April 6, Julia Bullock, wire of Charles N. Lino burgh and only daughter of Joseph N. Bullock, for merly of Albany, N. Y. Mass.? On Wednesday, April 9, Mary Ann, wife of Herman Mass, aged 67 .\ears and 3 months. The iriends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from St. James' Lutheran church, Fifteenth street, near Second avenue, ou Friday, llth inst.. at two o'clock. Moore.? On Wednesday, April 9, at the resi dence of her nephew, Stephen G. Bogert, 319 Clin ton street, Brooklyn, Anna Moure, in the 73d year or her age. Notice of funeral hereafter. Millwaud.? On Wednesday, April 9, James Mill warp, aged 67 years. Notice of funeral hereafter. Moseman.? Oii Tuesday, April 8, 1873, William 11. Moseman, aged 3S years. Relatives and friends, also members of Naval Lodge, No. 69, F. A A. M., are Invited to attend tho Mineral services, on Thursday evening, at eight o'clock, trom his late residence, 413 West Twenty sixth street. McCakrick.? On Wednesday, April 9, John McCarrk-k, aged 26 years, sou of the late Hartley McCarrick, of Sllgo, Ireland. His iriends and those of his nncle, Edward L. Carey, are respectfully Invited to attend the fune ral, irom his late residence, 55 James street, on Friday arternoon, at two o'clock precisely. McNeil.? On Wednesday, April 9, Sakaii Isabella, wife of James McNeil, daughter of Jano and the late William Owens, aged 29 years. Notice of iuneral will be given in Saturday's paper. Mechanics' Lodge, No. 36, F. aud A. M., /.crubbabel Chapter, No. 147, and Ivanhoe Com mandery arc respectfully invited to attend. Nkii..? On Tuesday, April 8, arter a long and painful illness, Henry Neil, native of stepney, London, in the 64th year of his age. Relatives and friends of the family, also of his son. Robert, Rnd Stevedores' Association are re spectably invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 14 Hamilton street, at two o'clock P. M., on Thursday, April 10, 1873. London papers please copv. O'Brien.? Oil Wednesday, April 9. Mary, thp be loved daughter ol John and Julia O'Brien, aged 17 years, 1 mouth and 18 days. The relatives and friends arc respectfully in vited to attend the funeral services, at her mother's residence, 31 Park street, on Friday, April 11, at two o'clock P. M. Tho remains will be taken to Calvery Cemetery. O'Roi rke.? On Tuesday, April 8, John O'Rourkb, youngest child of Owen and Mary O'Rourke, uged 1 year, 9 months and 26 days. The relatives and friends of tho family are re quested to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, 340 West Sixteenth street, this day (Thursday), at hall-past one o'clock. Patten.? On Monday, April 7. 1873, after a brief illness, Mary A., wile of William H. Patten. The relatives and iriends or the lamily are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 19 West 126th street, tills Thursday, loth Inst., at two P. M. Rensselaer.? At Veve.v, Switzerland, on Mon day, March io, Philip Livinoston, second sou of the late Rev. Cortlandt Vau Rensselaer, D. D., in the 34th year of Ills ape. The relatives ami friends of tho family nre respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tho Presbyteriau church, corner or Filth avenue and Nineteenth street, on Friday, the llth lust., at nine o'clock A. M. HrssKLL.? At Strafford, Conn., on Tuesday morn ing, April 8, Lewis H. Russell, In the 66th year ol his age. Relatives and friends nf the family are respect fully Invited io attend the funeral, from Christ church, Stratford, ou Thursday afternoon, lotti lust., at three o'clock. Ryan.? On Wednesday, April 9, Mary Ryan, nft tlv? of St. Mullin's parish, county of Carlow, Ire land, aged 79 years. Wexiord papers please copy. Sciimedes.? on Wednesday, April 9, aft?r a Hn* gerlng Illness, Elizabeth, wife of John F. Sclimedes, aged 36 years and 4 months. Funeral will take place Irom residence, 296 Grand street, on Sunday, April 13, at hall-past one o'clock. Tho relatives and irlendB or the ramlly, also the members of Getty's Lodge, No. 11, 1, o. off). F.. and Amt Havener Club, are respectfully invited to at tend. The remains will be taken to Greeuwood Cemetery lor interment. Si tton. ? At Mansfield, Ohio, on Tuesday, April 8, Mary Ann sitton, widow of David Sutton, uged 84 years. The relatives and friends of the family and of her sons, George I). and Elllnguam B. Sutton, are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, April 11, from Friends' Meeting House, East Twentieth street, near Irving place, at half-past one P. M., without fnrther notice. Taylor.? Catharine H. Talyor, youngest datigh daughter or John and Mary Taj lor, aged 3 mouths and 19 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited fo attend her Mineral, oti Thurs day, April io, at ono o'clock P. M., from 165 West Thirty-ilrat street. Teed.? on Wednesday, April 9, of typhoid fever, at No. 6 cottage place, New York, Dkloss W. Teed. Funeral at Mount /Ion church, Homers, West chester county, Friday, April n, at half-past ono o'clock I*. M. Vandknhoop.? At Astoria, L. I., on Wednesday, April 9, Ellen Vanpenhoof, aged 41 years. The relatives and Iriends are invited to attend the funeral, from her Into residence, on Friday, llth inst., at two o'clock P. M. Walker.? on Tuesday, April 8, Charles stiart, youngest son or Stuart S. and Eliza Walker, aged l year, 7 months aud 1 day. The relatives and friends of the family are re spcctinl|.v invited to attend the funeral, from fh? residence ol his parents, 174 East Eighty-seventh street, on Thursday, at one o'clock P. M. RKl.Kaot S NOTICE*. /1HCKCII OK ST M A K Y I UK WRUI.V, >V EST FORTY \ J tilth dtreet. near Hrondwn.v.? Tin* Maundy Thur* day, 7H A. M., lltgh Celebration ; 8 P. M., Litany and MifflKK. / 1HITRCH or THK DMCIPLES (REV. GBOROB H V' llepwiirth, Pastor), corner ot Madison avenue and Forty-tilth street.? The sale ?ad rent* <.t Pewi will take |dar.e in the church, on Monday evening, April 14, at S o'clock. The building will be open tor Inspection sn.l the ^election of pews on Thursday, Friday and Saturday ol this weak, afternoon and evening. NIRCGLLAXBOVI. Jjl WALKI K's SONS ? FXTIIA AND IM AIN HOOK. ?j. binding done at shortest notice and lowest pvteei editions ol book* done In best style. .'>8 Dey street. CLOTS A JANES, STATIONERS. PRINTERS AND O Blank Book MAnuiacturer* 93 Fulton Blank Hooks inudv to pattern*,

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