Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1873 Page 8
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BOARUKfin WANTEKi 1"" BLOCK FROM MFTH AVBNUE HOTEL, AT 1S1 West Twenty-third street, a lew geatlctne n ami a gentleman and wife can be accommodated with Hoard. i large hall, i room, now vacant, and one 1 < kgaat Suit of Room*. May I, to let. with Board, at 217 ereiice"Ur Ulie """"""''y desirable. Rel 1 DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS, ELEGANTLY FUR Dialled, to lit, with Board, ta adults. 43 Vi est Twenty ?eeond street. 1 BLOCK FROM BROADWAY.? ROOMS EN SUITE OR single, furnished, on tirst and second floors, with or without Board. Apply at office of C. A. lll'SbEY, 82 Filth avenue. 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY? $7 FER WEEK, large Room* with Board tor lour gentlemen; table loarders taken; handsomely tarnished house, good neighborhood nnd location. 61 East Fourth strc pL 2WKST THIRTY-NINTH STREET, FIRST Hot SI? Irom Filth arenoe.? Handsomely furnished suit of Apartments on second floor, with private table. 41 BLOCKS FROM BROA DW AY.-TO LET, A Sl'IT of elegantly furnished Rooms, on first and second floors, for families or gentlemen, with tirst class French table 25 Waverley place 5TH AV, 294.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED APART ments, with Board, will be vacant Ma* I ; Summer prices; also iront Room for single gentleman. Ref erence. CTH AVENUE, 341.? A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FUR nished Rooms, to be vacated the middle of April, to let, with private table aud attendance ; references ex changed. - 5 Til AVENUE, 224, OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK.? Elegant suit ofAparttneaU, with private table ; also otbor Kooiiip and a desirable Room lor a pnyniciaiL 5 th avenue? an ELEGANT PARLOR l'LOOR and a Suit on second floor, with private table, t*aa ?tetiU.v or permanently, in the pleasantly located double bouse 45 Filth avenne. CTH AVENUE. 347. -A VERY DESIRABLE SECOND O Floor (newly painted), with unexceptionable private table; also two front Rooms: references exchanged. Call ?>u Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 5 WEST WASHINGTON PLACE, TWO DOORB FROM Macdongal street.? Nicely furnlslied Rooms to let. with Board, together or separate, for geatlemen and wives or single gentlemen; a lew select boarders taken. C? BLOCKS WEST OK BROADWAY, ISO BLEECKER ) street. -Nicely furnished Rooms, with excellent Hoard, for families or single persons at 96 to $10 per week; $1 H) per day. "1 OTH STREET, 230 EAST. -WELL FURNISHED lO front, large and hall Rooms and middle Room, all itd ioirnng. with Hoard; southern exposure; location lentral ; tour minutes from Broadwav ; references. MTH STREET. WEST. 354.?' TO LET, WITH BOARD, A large Iront Room, on second tloor, with hot and cold water. MTH STREET, 315 WEST.? A FRONT ROOM ON THE fourth story to let, With Board. MTn STREET, WEST, 328 (EXCELLENT LOCA tion).? Handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board, for gentleman nnd wile or singlu geutloiucn; $14 to $21) for two; no moving in May ; relereuces. _ t ? ? EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET. OPPOSITE ,1U Madison Avenue Park.? To let. furnished, with Board, one Suit newly furnished Rooms; two or three Rooms. 1Q WEST TWENTY- FOURTH STREET, OPPOSITE .It/ Filth Avenue Hotel.? A Suit of Rooms, elegantly famished, to rent, to a party of gentlemen, with or without Board ; also single Rooms. 1U WEST TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE I ?? nue.? Will be vacant soon, large fcac.k Room, with middle Raoin connecting, third floor, extra wide house; superior Board , unexceptionable location; references. I Q EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET ? NICELY FUR .1 ?7 nlshed Rooms to rent, to gentlemen, with or with ?ut first class Board. OO EAST WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR BltOAD XiO way. ? Suits of and single Rooms to let, with Urst class Board ; references exchanged. OOD ST., 114, ONE Bl.OCK EAST OF MADISON AiO square.? Au elegantly furnished Floor to let, in suits or slnglv, with tirst class Hoard, irom April 15. ltel erenccs. Of PERRY STREET.? TO LET. FURNISHED, large Rooms, on second and third floors, with Board, to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen ;ne moving in May. 07 WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? BACK I Parlor, second and third floor Rooms, single and en saite, with Board ( no moving; references. OQ LAMARTINE PLACE (357 WEST TWENTY-NINTH jLdO street).? Desirable Rooms to let on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, with goad Board; house and neighborhood first class; references exchanged. 1>Q EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET -TWO ROOMS ON Zd tJ first floor to let, with Board ; ready for occupancy ; reference exchanged. QO WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? A Sl'IT OF OO two large Rooms on third floor to let, with Board, to families or gentlemen. QQ WEST THIRTY THIRD STREET ? RICHLY FUR OO aisbcil Second Flour, three rooms deep, with or without private table; also Hall Room ; liberal conccs ?M for yearly arrangement, or till Kail. ?) JTIl STREET, 146 FAST.? 11 ANDSOMELY FUR. i)T nished Room*, with Board, In suit* or singly; to he vacated on or beiori' May 1, to oiler lor the year or until September 18; reference. ___ 3- EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET? FURNISHED ? ) Rooms, with Board, en mite or Kingly : SutAmer ar rangements now made ; references exchanged. O- WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH 0?) and Sixth avenues. ? Newly and elegantly furnished aunny (ront Room.", first class table (private If required), lor latuilies or gentlemen : relerence. ?JQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.? ELEGANT ? >* 1 front Parlor and Bedroom, second floor; also Fourth Floor and single Rooms; location and neighborhood un exceptionable ; table excellent ; prices moderate. A i I WEST 29TH ST ?HANDSOMELY Fl'RN'ISHED tU Rooms, in suits or singly, with Board, in a first class house. jusi opened; bathrooms on each floor; no moving in May. 40 WEST WASHINGTON TLACE -HANDSOMELY ?> furnished Rooms to let, with or without Hoard, to single gentlemen ; private Inmily, where there are no t>tlier boarders. 40D STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? A SOCIAL PRI ? ) vote lainily will let. 1'roin May 1, n handsomely fur nished Suit ot Kooins on second floor to gentlemen; also a Boom suitable tor a physician, with Hoard, if required. Address F. S. <;., Herald CptOWl Branch olhce. 40I) 8TBEET, 212.? A NEATLY FURNISHED BOOM, O to gentleman and wife or single genUemen, with Board, near Broadway. A J WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? LARGE AND T"T: small hand-omely furnished Rooms to let, with R<ard ; location, house and table first class, anil all tin; romtorUi ot a home ; second story front Room aud Bed room. Ac. A /' WEST WASHINGTON PLACE -LARGE, PLEAS Tr*) ant Rooms on second floor to let, with Board, tor family or single gentlemen; one furnished ; one uniur Bislied. . A 7 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.? A IlAND ? I sotnely furnished suit of Rooms; private table if required , also, on iblrd tloor, two large Rooms, with Board . terms moderate A 7 WEST TWENTY- SEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN t I Broadwav and sixth avenue.? A front and bacg Parlor, with or without Breakfast, for gentlemen only; no moving ; terms $4 a $('. A Q SOUTH WASHINGTON SQI ARE. ? PLEASANT to furnished Rooms to let, with good Board. Refer ences. 4(1 WEST NINTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH AND ? ' Sixth avenues.? To let. with Board, Rooms, fur nished or unfurnished ; ready tor occupancy last week in April; house and appointments first class; reference. Cj WEST THIRTEENTH kTRKET ? PLEASANT FUR ? /J nished Rooms to let to gentlemen and ladies; Board for ladies oily. CI WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET.? A PRIVATE ?JI familv offer a handsomely furnished snit of three or four Rooms, toacther or separately ; private bath; ref erences Private table if desired. CO CLINTON PLACE. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE ? SEC tlx ond ami Third Floors, haudsoutelv furnished, with ?r without Hoard, to parties ol gentlemen. tO WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ? }?? and Sixth avenue-.? Furnished Rooms to let, with ?>r without Board ; references required. frcj WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A SUIT OF TWO ?Ji' la nic Roams, with dressing rooms, to rent, with Board (first class house), to a small family ol adults or gentlemen ; references reuuired. 61 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH I and sixth avenues,? Several well furnished Rooms ?>n first and third floors : superior table and accotniiiaili lions . private family ; terms very reasonable. C7 FAST FOURTH STREET, TWO BLOCKS FROM I Rroa<l way.? Nicely furnished back Parlor, with nuhstantlal Board, for gentleman and w iie ; all improve inenta; no moving in Mav; charges moderate (k WEST THIRTY. SECOND STREET, NEAR O Broadway ?To let, w nh Board, one or two large Booms, connecting; hot and cold water; ouly a lew Iioardurs; relerenct s exchangi d. -|-|?> EAST TWELFTH STREET, ONE BLOCK FROM |1?) Broadwa\ ?Two ? oneectlng liooms on parlor noor ; large closet*; hot and cold water; sis,, third storr Iront Room ; hand sotuely iumiahed; tlr-i claM Board; references rxchangeii. -i ,4U east lanu stkeet.-nickly furnished J tO Room ana Board, in un Amei iean fatuilv $14 for two; one siugle Room, $7; desirable place tur a QUiet couple. "tQR wi st twentieth street. -a labob !")?/ front Room and haD Bed room, tarnished, tolet to a party of fwo or three gentlemen, with or without B< a rd ; family private. Mrs LOCKWOOD. 4W1(J WEST FOURTEENTH STREET? SINGLE GEN tie men or gentleman and wile can obtaiu lianoamnely turnished Room-, with Hoard ; house and lo cation tirstciass; references required. t)/|U EAST FOURTEENTH STREET- A IIAMI XoO some large Room, second floor, near Broad way, ilOt and colli water; also smaller Room, lor family or aingle gentlemen . first class tabic ; $7 to $15 . Do moviug. <)1 a WBHT TWENTY-FOURTH 8TREE I .? TO LET, dLil') with Board, two single Rooms, to genUemen; references exchanged 20Q WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.? A FEW ? ?7 respectable men. also a few young ladles, can tie accommodated with Hoard and pleasant Rooms, with lire and en* t) A <1 WEST SEVENTEENTH sTURET.? A l'RI jL'X Z. rate family will let two or three Rooms, fur nished or unfurnished, w ith <?r without Hoard, to gentle man and wife er single gentlemen. ??r/j WEST THIRTY NINTH STREET. -TO LET. ?>)') handsomely furnilhed Rooms, with llosrd; house has all modern improvement*, cuuvtiutul to four Jiui* ui i *x?, Mo WVY'?K <u Bay. HOARDERS WANTED. ?>n7 east sixty FIFTH STREET.? TWO OB ? ?" ' I three gentlemen can be accommodated with good Board and plainly furnished Room*; term* reasonable. ')1/| WEST THIRTY H FT 1 1 STREET -A NEATLY Ollf furnirihed front Room. suitable for a gentleman and wit* or two gentlemen, with board ; terms very moderate. *J"|C WEST TWENTY-SEUOND STREET.? TWO OlO large Rooms to rent, wilh Hoard, separately or together ; private boarding house ; good table , references exchanged. OQ1 HUDSON STREET? TWO YOUNG MEN CAN ?></ L be ucrommodated with Hoard and Lodging In a private Englinli fainilv with all Iiosho coinlorts; terms $tj to $7._ _ _ _ _ _ A (jf) WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? WILL BE TWw vacant on April 2#, First and Second Floors; parlies going lo Euro|w; will be let ill suits or otherwise, with superior Board or unexceptionable private table. A PRIVATE familt will accommodate gen tleman and wife, or two or three young men, with Room and Board. Inquire ut SW West Thirty-second street 4 GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN HAVE A A large unfurnished Room, with Boar*, in a nrivato house up town, west side. Address DELTA, box 147 Herald uptown Branch oftlc*. NOT "HARD TO FIND A GOOD BOABDfNG PLACE" lor a reasonable price ? l arge Iront second itoor Koom. brown stone house, newly nnd elegantly fur nished ;all conveniences; supe-rior Board ; best references. 131 East Twenty-seventh street, between Fourth and I<exington avenues. Ave miuuiesof Broadway and Filth Aveuue Hotel. BOARD AND LODGING WANTED. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE TWO ROOMS and Board in a strictly private family, In a good lo cation above Fourteenth street; none others need answer. Address, with terms, UOODSI'EED, 46 East Fourteenth street A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. CHILD AMD SERVANT desire two large Rooms on second floor, -with Board, until June 1, between Madison and Sixth avenues, above Thirty-third street. Address, with price and lull par ticulars, J. H.. box fi.473 l'o-t oftlce A YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE DESIRE BOARD with a first class private family; no oblectlon to Harlem or Yorkville ; references exchanged ; terms must be moderate. Address, with tull particulars, ALLEN, box 188 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted-for a married lady, in a private family, or where there are the comforts of a home, in New York or Brooklyn; terms must be cheap; her husband will be at home from Saturday until Mon day. Address COMFORT, box 210 Herald office. Board wanted-by a oentleman and wife until June I. in good location; terms not to exceed $2& a week. Address R. S. S., box 176 Herald office , refer ences exchanged. Board wanted-by two bachelors, near comer Thlrty-tlrst street and Fifth avenue -. one large Koom desired, with first class accommodations. Address W., box l,4<tfl Post office, New York. Board wantep-by a literary gentleman and wife, in payment tor a tirst class new Piano; an old one will he taken in exchange; location good; terms reasonable; references. Address B. A. B., 134 East Twelfth street. Board wanted? by a physician, the use of a Room, furnished or unfurnished, on firs' floor, with Board. Address, with terms, J. M., box 189 Herald Uptowu Branch office. Private family.-wanted, by a widow lady and son, adult, two comfortable Rooms, with good, nutritious Board; permanent for the Summer, ami per haps longer, it the place suits; term* moderate ; first class references given and required. Address BOARD, box 5,4111 Post office. nr anted? by a single gentleman, com Vl tortable Room, with lull or partial Board, near Kilty-first street and Ninth avenue. Address T. A., No. i Warren street, room 18. TV-ANTED? reasonable board for a lady *V and gentleman, with a front Bedroom and hall Room, in a strictly private family, west side; rclcrences. Address BOARD, Iiox DOti Post olllce. IITANTED? A CARPETED ROOM FOR MAN AND TT wife, with Board, within fifteen minutes' walk of Pavonia ferry. West Twenty-third street; Wcrman latnily preferred. Address K. W., box 147 Herald olllce. VI'A.N TF.D-BY A LADY, A SMALL ROOM, WITH VV Board; price not to exceed $10; or would give in struction in English in exchange for uart board. Address BOABD, box 178 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH GOOD f f Board, bv two young men; answers must give full particulars price, Ac.; location must bo west side, below Thirty louriti street. Address W. H. W., Heraid office. WANTED? UNFURNISHED ROOM. WITH BOARD, Tr tor lady and daughter, between Tenth and Fiftieth streets and Second aud Eighth Hvcnues; terms $4 each. Address APEX, 307 West Forty-third street flf ANTED? TH REE LARGE ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, f t with Board, for four adult* for six months j 10 minutes from Union square j terms about $1(10 per months references exchanged. Address, stating particulars and location, A. D., He raid Uptown Branch office. TirANTED? A LARGE DOUBLE ROOK, WITII T T Board. Cor two gentlemen, not above Thirty-fourth street. Address, stating terms, which mum be moderate, HARRISON, 1?.\ ISO Herald Uptown Branch office. TIT ANTED? BOARD BY ? YOUNG LADY, WHO it would be willing to room with another; terms not to exceed $6 per week; references given and required. Address C. E? West Hide Adverusuuient office, S'J8 West Twenty-third street. "\ITANTED? UNFURNISHED, Tff(l ROOMS OR ROOM Vl and bedroom, with Board lor wile and daughter, S year* ot aire: between Fourth and Twentieth street* and Fifth and seventh avenues; terra* net to exceed $00 per month. Address C. SMITH, 245 Uleecker struct. HOTELS. ANGELLS TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, (II Lexington a vena*. ? Room* tor gentlemen or tami Ilea, transient or permanent, with or without meals; pri vate table If desired. Baths open all night / IRITTENDEN HOUSE, 1,144 BROADWAY, CORNER of Twenty-sixth street, on the European or Atneri ean plan; Rooms en suite or singly at moderate prices. enu> bt. mbmaim, nrre avbnuk, twbnty seiotnl street and Broadway.? Elegant Suits and single Rooms now vacant; table d'hote or European plan; most central location; rooms all front 7 IBBY HOTEL, 56 WAltREN STREET, THREE I J blocks from City Hall.? Room* 50c a dav, t- h $:i a w eek ; family Room! $1 a $1 50 a day, $4 a $10 a week. BW ENGLAND HOTEL, M BOWERY, COENBR Of Bayard street.? a*) light Rooms, neatly tarnished; 50e. or 60c. per night ; $2 Ml to $4 per week. For gentle men only. O ATM AN HOUSE, 31 BOWERY, CORNER BAYARD street.? Rooms en suite or singly, w ith or without Board. RoomsftJc.. 7 Be., $1 per opt CTURTEYANT HOUSE, "BROADWAT. TWESTV. O eighth and Twenty ninth street*, New York, Ameri can plan. $4 a day ? This hotel has elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. LEWIS A (JEO. ri. LELAND, Proprietor*. WAVERLKY HOUSE, 759 BROADWAY.? BOARD v? $2 50 a day. $9t.. $1.1 a week; Rooin?, without board, 75c. atnl $1 a dav. >4 to $7 a week; lamiiy Rooms $1 VI and $2 a day. $7 to f 15 a week. COL. NTH Y BOARD. ? ?COUNTRY BOARD.? THOSE WISHING BOARD XX. from the lit of April or May in healthy loealitv, goed table, terms moderate, will please address WM. If ELMER, Cornwall Landing, Orange county, N. Y. Ref erences given and required. (10UNTRY BOARD WANTED IN NEW JERSEY.? TWO J y oung gentlemen desire Board during the hummer month* In pleasant locality ; distance not exceeding 2d miles, within easy access ot city, Pic.iRu address, stating terms and full particulars, G. W., box 129 Herald office / KlOU ACCOMMODATIONS CAN BE HAD FOR \T tour adult*, in a private family, one hour trom the City HalL Inquire at 98 Liberty itreet, room 11 ON A LARGE AND BEAUTIFUL FARM, ABOUT ONE hour's ride from the city, by boat or cars, a family can get the Pet ot Board uud company good bathing, drives, Ac . at very moderate prices. Address HORN OF PLENTY, boil H3 Herald office. rrURRYTOW N.? BOARD MAY BE OBTAINED IN L private tatnlly; gas and bath accommodations, short distance troin depot ; reference* exchanged. Ad dress box 143 Post office, Tarrytown. N. Y. 1?'A N TED? BY A GENTLEMAN. WITH WIFE, CHILD. t? and nurse, Country Board, within one hour's ride of New York, from in Ida le of May until October, answers must state exact location, price, Ac. Address W. O. It., box 2,494 Post office. New York. \Ar ANTED ? BOARD IN THE COUNTRY. NEAR NEW 1 1 York, lor an old gentleman, at a farm house, where he would have plain comfortable tare and be cared lor ; t- rtn* 11111-, be moderate. Addrea* C., box 3,811 Post office. New Yerk. \ I ' A Hf?D? BY \ SINGLE GENTLEMAN, BOARD ON ?' staten Island, at or near New Brighton. Addrea*, with particulars. M H. C , Herald office M'MMEK RESORT8. Mountain house, south orange, montrose station. N. ,1.- This favorite flr-t class hotel Is open lor the spring and Slimmer season ; it lias all the con veniences and comforts of a city hotel ; ?l minute* tram foot of Barclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad ; :il train* daily. Extra inducements offered to parties wish ing immediate Board. C HITSBLBUROBB, Proprietor. Riverside hotel, carmansville^ foot of I52d street. North River, has been thoroughly refitted ami newly furnished; will he open for the reception of guests on or about the lstol May. Application* for Rooms received at the hotel by the unacritgned. b. r. paull o. duncalf. The park house, summit, n. j., will oi-ks 15fh May as a first class tatnlly Hotel Choice Rooms may now bo secured. Pure mountain air. beati tiitil s< ( nery, one hour's rule from Now York. f'ottagc* to let and for sale. J. RIERA. AVrKOI.OUV. A TEST.? MRS. VANSIBE, BUSINESS AM) MEDf J\ eal Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, tells name, day of marriage, brings together those long separated, gives positive information ?u all affair* ol life: no satisfaction, no pay. <521 Second avenue, corner Thirty-fourth street \ ?MADAME KKLLEV. THE OREATBsT LIVING J \ . Astrologist. spiritualist and C airvoyant, tells name* and ev< r.vthiug ; causes speedy marriages; cures all diseases; satisfaction guaranteed. 89 Hudson street, Comer Harrison. A TTKNTIOV? ( ONSULTATIONS on business, law VV suits, eni uiles, losses, absent friends, love, marriage, tFv,1!??! W ,'1' ? Ml refused unless satisfied. Mtuo. SINOHI, < lalrvoyant, <W1 Sixth avenue. L1| ROI'KAN CLAIRVOYANT TELLS NAMES. SHOWS fj likentwea. cause* marriages, gives numbers; !*> rents and 91 142 West Sfttb st, basement MISS WELLINGTON, CI.AIRVoY ANT. TELLS e vi ry tin :ig ; lueky numlNns has a positive cure for druakenne**. Call or write, tl East Twenty-eightl! IiROI LISTER IS (IIK. ONLY IN NEW T'<rk Send stamp lor citvular. set S41I1 uvi aae 1 *wij ur*i syii l I LBOAI. 1VOTICBS. ! QUPRKME COURT. O I u the matter or the application of the Department of Public Parks, tor and in behalf of the Mayor, Alder men and commonalty of the city of Mew York, relative to the Opening of Klngsbridge Road, northwardly Ironi the southerly line of loSth street to the llarlem River, a* laid out by the Commissioner* of the Central Park, In the city ol New York. We, the undersigned Commissioner* uf Estimate anil Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby (five notice u> the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of all nooses and lots and improved or unimproved lands atfccted thereby, and to all others whom It may concern, to wit ;? I.? That we have completed our estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested In these proceed ings or in any oftlie lands affected thereby, and who muy lie opposed to the same, do present their obiections in writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our ottlce, 190 Broadway (room 16), In the said city, on or before the 23d dav of April, 1H73, and that we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within the J ten week-days next alter the said 23d dav of April, 1*7.1, ^ and lor that purpose will be in attendance at our said office on each ol said tun days, at 11 o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract ot tne said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, and also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used by us in making our report, have been deposited In the office of the Department of Public Works, In the citjof New York, there to remain until the 6th day of May, 187.1 III.? That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said are as follows, to wit:? All those certain lots, pieces or parcels ot la'id contained, lying and being within the following bounds or limits, that is to say Commencing at the point iorinei] by the intersection of the northerly line or side of 14Mh street with the westerly line or side of the Klghih avenue ; running thence northerly along the westerly line or side of the said Kighth avenue to the high water mark of the Harlem Klver : thence ulong the salil high wuter mark of the Harlem River as It wind* and turns to the Hudson River; thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson Kiver, at high water mark as said river winds and turns, to the southerly line or side or 165th street; thence easterly ?long the said southerly line or side ot 19.1th street to the easterly side ol the Boulevard; thence southerly along the said easterly side of said Boulevard to the northerly line or side of 145th street, and easterly along the said northerly line or side of 146th street to the point or place of beginning. IV.? That our report herein will be presented t.o the 8u freme Court ol' the Stute of New York, at n special term hereof, to be held in the New Court House at the City Hall, in the city of New York, on the 2Gth day of Mav, 18/3, at the opening of the Court on that day. and tliut then and there, or as soon thereafter us counsel can be heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be continued. HENRY PARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. parsons, > Commissioners. JOHN T. McOOWAN, ) New York. March 19, IH7S. SAI.K OF WILMINGTON, CHARLOTTE AND RUTH erlord Railroad, under decree ot foreclosure.? By virtue ol a decree of the superior Court of thu county of New Hanover, in the htatc of North Carolina, made in the case ot Joseph Stuart and Philo ('.Calhoun, surviving trustees, against jthe Wilmington, Charlotte and Ruther ford Railroad Company and others, at the January term 1873 ol said Court, the undersigned, Kdwln K. Burruss, Charles M. Stedmaii and John D.Taylor, referees, ap polated by said decree, wiil sell at public auction to the highest bidder, at the Court House door, in the city of Wilmington, in the county aforesaid, on Thursday, the dav of April, 187.1, ut 12 o'clock M., the entire. Ruilroad known as the "Wilmington. Char lottc. and Rutherford Railroad" from its eastern termi nus in the city of Wilmington aforesaid to Its western terminus in the town af Rutherlordton, in said State, a distance ot 272 miles, of which 134 miles from said city of Wilmington te a point near the town of Wadeshoro, ami 00 miles from the city ot Charlotte to Buffalo Creek, in the county of Cleveland, in said State, are completed and in use. with all the railways, rights of way, depot grounds and other lands, tracks, bridges, viaducts, depots, station hoases, engine houses, car houses, freight houses, wood liou.-es, machine shops and all other snops, houses or bulldiiiirs, and all locomotive*, tenders, curs and other rolling stock or equipment*, and all machinery, tools, im plements, fuel ami materials of any kind for constructing, operating, repairing or replacing the said railroad or aty part thereof, and all appurtenances or fixtures of thu sutne belonging to or purchased by said before named de fendant and now In its possession, together with all and singular the corporato rights, franchises and privileges of Hie said above-named defendant, as the same are set forth in the Indenture of mortgage referred to In the coinpluiut filed In said case. And inciudiug also all and singular the shares of the capital stock of "The Wilmington Railway Bridge Company" standing in the name of said defendant, und all trie estute, rights, title, Interest, property claim and demand of said defendant in and to any ana all real und personal property or ef fects herein before referred to or which I* owned by suid defendant. Terms of sale, cash. Tho bonds of said above named defendant, "The Wilmington. Charlotte and Rutherford Kailroad rompany," secured by tho indenture of mortgage referred to in the complaint as bearing ante March 1, ls?'>7, and made to lie (irund Lock wood and the nlalniiffs, amounting in the aggregate to $.,710,000. will be received from the purchaser or purchaser* tn pay ment upon the following terms und conditions, viz Kor y thousand dollars of the amount hid at said sale is to be paid in cash, and lor the residue or remainder of the amount so bid, the bonds secured by said mortgage will be received to such extent and in such proportion as such residue or remainder bears to the aforesaid aggre gate uincunt of said bonds. EDWIN BURRUSS, ) CHARLES M. STEDMAN. 5 Referees. JOHN D. TAYLOR, J FEBRtTAllT 22. 1873. TO MARY ANN HODGES, DAUGHTER OP RICHARD Hodges, late ot Twylord Common, In the parish of Aconbury, in the county of Hereford, who resided about eighteen years ago at different places In and near Clerk cnwell, in tin* county ot Middleanx, and who is supposed to have emigrated to the United Stales of America about the year ISM, or to her legal representatives.? Take notice, that the Judge of the County Court of Hereford shire, at Hereford, lias maile u decretal order is a suit of Dickens ami Another vs. limns ami others, calling upon you and all persons claiming any estate or Interest under certain trusts of the will of Elizabeth Hodges, late of the Callow, in the said county, spinster, deceased, to send on or before the lSth (lav of July, 1873, by post, prepaid, to the Registrar ot the said Court, full particulars of the claim, with nil the necessary evidence in support of the same. In default thereof you will be excluded from any benefit under the said will. And further take notice, that after this advertisement you will be bound by any decree or order made or to be made in the said suit us if you had been personally served with the original plaint. By order 01 the Judge. J. J. NEYNOLDS, Registrar of the Court Dated this 13th day ot March, 1873. LOAN OFFICES. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, CP, stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, M atches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, a"t 77 Hleecker street. A T WOLF BROTHERS', 896 BROADWAY, BETWEEN Jx Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.? Money loaned on Watches. Diamond*, Jewelry, Silverware, Silks, and l>? r tie tilit rly Pianos; private parlor lor ladles; business strictly confidential. AT H\MAN'8, 710 BROADWAY-LIBERAL AD vanres made on Diamonds and Watches, Silverware, Ac., or will pay the highest market price lor the same. American office-established ism.? any amount to loan on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware. India Shawls, Laces. Valuables, Ac. ; or will buy ; utmost value paid. J. 11. BAKRINOER. 73!i Broadway, opposite Aster place. VT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diam<md?. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Camels' llalr Shawls, Laces a lid personal property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? I pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry. Advance on t tie same. ISAACS. Diamond Broker. 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. Money loaned on diamonds, watches, jew elry, Silverware, and the same bought and sold. GEORGE C. ALLEN, 841 llmadway, near Fourteenth street, and 6t? East Thirteenth st. on NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE P08T OFFICE.? ? )?' Liberal ndvanees made on Diamond", Watchc.s, Jewelrv and all kinds of Merchandise. The same bougnt and sold. Kooiu I. HA Y.MAN LEOPOLD. 1 I i'-i *IXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOl RTH T"' ' O and Twcnty-lllth streets.? Liberal advances mad# on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry and all kinds of Goods. Name bought at lull value. L. BERN A ED. ftUS BROADWAY, CORNS* AMITY STREET.? UO?J Money Liberally advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old established Loan office. Same bought and sold. M. ROSENBERG. 1 k)/?7 BROADWAY, OVER HERALD BRANCH 1 . ? ' ) I otllce, room B ? Parlors tor ladies; branch 132 Fulton street, Brooklyn Money loaned on Diamouds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. UNDO BROS. CLOTHIJCG. A I B. MINTZ'S, 6* SIXTH AVENUE. -WANTED, J\ $75, worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets Jewelry, I for tile Western trade. Ladies and gents wid be aston ished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresses, $1) to $7 ; coats, $:t to $.11; pants, $2 to $10 t note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mint/, in and out of the cltv. VITEN HON ? LADIES AND ORNTLEMKN.I HROl 01 having a large order to tulfll. I am compelled to pay in cash more than anyone, without exception, lor cast-off clothing. Carpets, I'cddliu, Furniture. Ac. \<>u will find it hest to your own advantage to call on or address M r. or Mr- KO.>KN ItERO, .'*6 seventh avenue, second house above Twenty-fourth street. I ATM. MARKS' WELL KNOWN EST ABLLMI MENT, j\ 101 sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street. !adlrs and gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash lor their Cast-oil Clothing, Carpets, Jewelrv, Laces, Ac. I'lease call at or address the number as uliovc. Ladies waited on bv Mrs. Marks. Pleote try, anil atisty yourselves. IT 2-.I7 THIRD WEN I E, N . \R I'W I'STY-THIRD J\ street? M. LEON' pays highest price lor ladies' and gentlemen's cast-ort Clothlug, Carpets, Ac. Lndies are | waited on by Mrs, Lena. t T. K. HARRIS", 71 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN j -'\ Washington and Waverley places. Ladies and gen tlemen will In astoalshed at the prices given tori ast-off Clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never beiore have such 1 high prices been paiil, as we are bound to till an order, I and e <xl s must be had. For Coats, from $3 to $20; Pants, $2 to $10; Dressea, $5 to $7U. i'lease call or address us , above. Ladies attended hv Mrs. Harris. ATM. COHN'S, 426 SEVENTH AVENUE, BELOW J\ 1 hlrty-fonrth street? Fit jr* the full value tor Ladles* and Gentlemen's Wearing An; arel, Carpets, by calling or addressing. Ladles attended to by Mrs. Conn. A T J. ANII ALT'S, 173 SEVENTH AVEM K. -LADIES j JY ?nd g> ntlemen can obtain 'till \ani or ' ast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac., by calling on or addressing. Do not be nurabugtfca by fain pretenders. Ladic, attended to by Mrs. Anhalt. i T *33 BROADWAY. NEAR THIRTEENTH STREET? 11. HI.UZ pays the highest prices for Lad leu* and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Carpets, Ac., Ac. Ladles will be waited on by Mrs. iler/. A Til M AS.NI.S', 302 SEVENTH AVENUE? THE HIGH LY est price i aid for ladle}' and gents' east off Cloth ing, Carpet* Furnitare, Ac. Ladies attended to bv Mrs. ! MANNES. AT II MANNES', :?? SEVENTH AVENUE-THE jV highest price paid lor Ladles' and Gentlemen's fast off ?'loihing. Carpets, Furniture, Ac. Ladies attended to I by Mr'. Mantles. I IT EDWARD MILLER'S WILL-KNOWN ESTAB lishmeiit, ifio seventh avenue, m ar Nineteenth I street ? Utmost value pal 1 fur ( ast oft Clothing, Carpets, by i ailing on or addressing Mr. or Mrs MILLKR. | ACOB IfAHUR, $M SEVENTH AVENUE, BETWEEN rj Twenty toiirth and 'i'went.v.fllth streets. ? ill posi tively pay the highest cash tirice for Indies' and gentle nien a east -off Clothing and < arpnts. ? >?11 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET.? ?)?>2 Ladles and gentlemen will receive to per cent more His n anv other di aler ? ill nay for Cait-ofl i lot lung. I Cm p?t?. AC. jCfli up or addfvw ?. w Mr* w AMITHKMKNTM. J OOD'S MUSEUM. STUART ROBSON. POSITIVELY THIS WEEK ONLY. EVENING AT R IMMENSE SUCCESS of the Inimitable Actor, Mr STUART ROBSON, as Policeman A I 10H06, in bis new Drama, I. AW IN NEW YOKK. NION SQUARE THEATRE. AFTERNOON AT Z The young and beautiful Artiste, MINNIE FOSTER, in ler Protean Dram* ol the MAD TAP.

Full of Interest u _ Proprietor Mr. snERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Katun lay Matinee at 1 :30. CurilatfCH may he ordered ut 11. MR. ROWE AS MICAWBER. MR. MACKAY AS URIAH HEAP. MR. BURROUGHS AS DAVID COPPERFIELD. MR. EDWARDS AS WICKFIELD. MR. I. AM II AS TRADDLKS. MISSMESTAYER AS BETSY TROT WOOD. MISS FOWLER AS AGNES. MISS LAURENS AS MRS. MICAW HER. COUSIN JA<Ti{" WITH ITS GREAT ORIGINAL CAST. MICAWBER A GENUINE HIT. THE PRESS UN ANIMOUH IN ITS PRAISE. MICAWBER AND COUSIN JACK. EVERY NIGHT THIH WEEK. SATURDAY, FIRST AND ONLY MICAWBER MATINEE. MONDAY EVENING NEXT, MISS AGNES ETHEL IN FROU-FROU. SECURE YOUR SEAT8 IN ADVANCE. BOOTH'S THEATRE. BOUOICAULT Edwin Booth. Proprietor aud Manager FOURTH WEEK. 22 D lo tne 28TH performance of MR. BOUCICAULT in the New ln-ama in 5 acts, entitled DADDY O'DOWD. To the wiirld-lainou* plavs, "THE COLLEEN HAWS,'' "ARRAll NA POGUE" and "KERRY," Mr. Boncieault lias now added a fourth picture ol Irish Life mid Scenery, destined, like those admirable nieces, to encirclc the world with dclighttul entertainment. EVERY NIGHT and EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON at2. Seats may lie secured TWELVE DAYS In advance at the Theatre, or at DiUon A Co's Music store, 711 Broadway. ?<T. JAMES' THEATRE. IRELAND. > EASTER MONDAY. APRIL 14, FRANK MACEVOY'H NEW IllBERNICOK; OR, IRELAND IN AMERICA. Pronounced by the press the most amusing and popular entertainment ot the day, combining IRISH COMEDY, IRISH SCENERY, SONGS, DANCES, WIT AND HUMOR ill one performance. Popular prices? Orchestra, 75c.; Dress Clrclc, 80c.; Family Circle, 35c. Tony pastor's opera nousE. 201 bowery. GREAT SUCCESS OF THE NEW STARS. CHARLEY WHITE, BILLY PASTOR, BILLY BARRY, HERB WILLIO, CIIAS. McMILLAN, Miss CELIA IFEKD, Miss FANNY KOKDHAM, TURNER AND LESTER. GEO. MOORE, HARRY HART. AI L THE POPULAR FAVORITES THIS EVENING. The new And exciting l.ocal Urania, entitled. LIGHTS AND SHADES OF CITY LIFE. MATINEES TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Ladles admitted tree ou Friday evenings. Y E PSaLMODIKT, 1773. YE OLD FOLKS' CONCERTE. Certain of yn Goode Old ANTHEMS, FUGUES AND OTHER 8ETTE PIECES WILL BE PLAYED AND SUNG BY A GREATE COMPANY OF FIFTY. ut EAST SIDE HALL, Eighty-sixth street and Third av., THURSDAY EVENING, April 10, 1873. Ye flrst song .shall be at eight o'clocke. Benefit Cornell Mission, Seventy-sixth street Tickets, M)c. Scats not reserved. A PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &C. T HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Plrst class handsome new Pianofortes for sale on very reasonable terms, ?nd several used a little, very low lor cash. A FAMILY OBLIGED TO MOVE WILL SELL A splendid, flrst class rosewood Pianoforte, modern Improvements, agratfe attachment, Ac for half price. 305 West Twenty-tilth stn-et AN ELEGANT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte for sale cheap, at BATTERSON'S Furniture Storage establishment, tiW> Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street; round corners, carved legs, overstrung bass, rich tone, city makers, nearly new; will be sold at a bargain lor cash. , A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD 7V OCTAVE PIANO forte, richly carved, embracing all modern im provements: maker's guarantee ; cost tt'75. Stool, Cover and Music Cabinet Also entire elegant Household Furniture, family h aving the city. Call at private resi dence 21u West 21st st., m ar 7th av. Cut this out A MAGNIFICENT 7'4 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO fortc for sale? Round corners, celebrated maker, used 5 moil ills, for $275; also Parlor Suits, Paintings, Bronx*. Chamber, Dining Furniture; Silverware, Glass ware, Chluaware; a sacrifice; property family leaving cltv. 30 West 15th st., near 5th av. At great bargains, previous to removal ? Planus. Organs and Melodeons, new and second band, irom best makers. S. T. HDKuON, 7Ho Broadway. 4 STEINWAY A SONS' ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, A 7 octave, curved legs, every Improvement, bargain (or cash ; beautiful piano case Mclodeon, $60. J. BIDDLK, 13 VVavurley place, ncur Broadway. A RARE CJIANCE? AN ELEGANT NEW PIANO, right from tlie ware rooms ; cheap for cash ; an oiu one taken In exchange. M. A. B., 134 East Twelfth st. A LADY WILL SELL HER SPLENDID KOSEWOOD iron frame upright Piano; price $130; term* easy. Inquire at 423 Broome street, one block earn of Broad way. k BRILLIANT TONED 7 '? OCTAVE ROUND COR j\ nered rosewood Pianoforte for sale. this day, nt pri vate residence 120 West 23d street, used since May lust, cost $l,i?Ht, lor $390: Stool, Cover, Music Cabinet, cost $!90, included ; abo Parlor Suits, Bedroom Suns, Carpel* Ac. ; less than half cost. Call thia day. 120 West 23d street. B. R. MARTIN. A FINE ORGAN, TWO BANKS KEYS, FOUR SETS reeds. eight draw stops, but little used. In fine order, $230. BERRY A CO., 789 Broadway. A LADY WILL SKLL A HANDSOME ROSEWOOD full iron Irame Pianoforte, celebrated makers, eost $400; will sell for $100. Including Stool: sweet and power ful toae. 2k Third street. A MAGNIFICENT AND BRILLIANT TONKD rosewood 7'4 octavo grand square Parlor Pianoforte, nearly new. fully guaranteed, cost $I.1(M, for $300 cash: Stool. Cover; rich Parlor Suits, fine Paintings, Bronzes, Curtains, rosewood and walnut Cham tier, Library and Dining Furni ture, at u great sacrifice; family leaving city. Residence 113 West hichth street (Clinton place, near Sixth avenue. Bargains.? a large assortment of new and second hand Pianofortes. Stelnway and Weber scales; u sacrifice; boxed for shipment; rosewood Pbtno only $'J0. PEEK A SON, 127 Bleeeker street. Beautiful 7** rosewood piano, serpentine mouldings. $125; patent Agraffe Treble, almost new, $240; instalments taken $12 monthly. R. ("ABLE, 107 West Twenty-third ?t., corncr Sixth ay. Fmsr CLASS PIANOS RETAILED AT WHOLESALE prices, direct from factory. Send lor circular. 78 Barrow street, near Hudson street filOR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE? A SMALL Pipe < irgnn, tour registers, octave of pedals. Apply to SHKRW1N A HERBERT. 23 Union square. U'OR SALE-A PIANO AND BLACK WALNUT BED r room set. Call for two days at 1.19 Lexington avenue" FOR SALE-A PIANO, II A HUMAN'S MAKE, SEVEN octave, with |>earl keys, and in general geod order; can be bought tor $200 cash. Call at 126 East Fifty sixth g:reet. J P. HALE'S NEW 7>, OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? are the liest and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale bv the thousand at Thirty-filth street and Tenth av. New styles five octave double rekd Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES; $110 and $12,'. each. Fifty other styles. $5# to $500 and upward each . The MAt>o.N A HAMLIN Organ Company now offer, at their new warerooms. 28 Union square, the largest assortment of the best instruments of this class in the world, at prices which are rendered possible oulv by their uneaual'ed facilities tor manufac ture. Organs rented with privilego of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payments. PIANOS AND ORGANS-GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATKfts', 4SI Broadway, than can tie found elsewhere. IJIA.NOS To RENT AND To SELL-ON INSTAL ments. W M V Pond A CO.. M7 Broadway. PIANOS AND ORGANS TO RUNT AND SOLD ON instalments; grout bargains for cash. CIlAS. J. BETTS, 7KH Hroauway, corner Tenth street, next door to Grace ennrch. 1>lAKO* (BRACTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good ns the best, for rent or sale, rent allowed purchaser; at MERRELL'S, No. f< Union ? i ? i iic, Ml Fourth avenue. PIANOS.? SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, for sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent mid on instalments, by CHICKERIMJ A sons, ii East Fourteenth street, uelwcen Broadway and Filth ave nne. The most reliable, be-t finished and richest toned Pianofortes, manufactured with new metallic agrafle, from $22j up ; 7 octave, nearly new, for $1.V>. CO-OPERATIVE PIANOMAKERS. 110 Rleecker st. E A HE SELLING II1K FINK.-T 7', OCTAVE Pianos for les? money than other houses ; Bradbury, $2W), little used: Pianos to rent. DECKER A BKOTII KRs, .V, Bleecker street. Annn for a handsome rosewood skvkn octave Piano, w ith carved legs and modern improvements, good as new. a splendid bargain; at 425 West Twenty-eighth street, near Ninth avenue. INHTR CCTION. VT THOMPSON'S COLLEGK, 20 FOi RT 1 1 AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute.? Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic and Langua^us. Day and evening. li lies' department? Telegraphy taught practically with instru mants. Demand for operators. a N ARTIST WILL TAKE A FEW MORE PUPILS IN Drawing and Oil Painting at her studio. 126 Eust Fifty fourth street. $10 per term. /t||| Hi II HILL, WASHINGTON, CONN.? $250 PER vv year for a good home and school ol forty weeks. Location unsurpassed . lour hours from New York. Ad dress, tor circulars, II. II. MOKKIIOUSK. PA INK'S BUSINESS COLLEGES, |,M BROADWAY corner iThtrtv third street, and 32 Bowery.? Young men qualified tor business; married and grown-up ladies Uffttkut ?dut:aUu|i uugUt pri vi?u:iy , day yr cvejuutf. w AMimEMESTX, OLYMPIC THEATRE. J. E. HAYES L?we and Manager MONDAY EVENING, Al'RIL 7. EVERY NIOIIT AT 8 O'CLOCK, and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 2. La*t two weeks ol the fourth edition of a. L. VOX'S HUMPTY Dl'MPTY, in wblcli the ACCREDITED APOSTLE OF PON has achieved a degree of success that has never been equalled in the annul* of amusements in America. The thronged audieucea that nightly assemble at this elegant theatre, and who, by their lavish applause nnd hearty lauuluer, attest their appreciation and enjoyment ?f the admirable entertainment presented liy the tunny Fox and hi* faithful followers, a (Turd undeniable evidence ol the undiminished popularity ot the "American <>ri mnldi" and his unrivalled corps of specialty artists. The most attractive performance In the city. MATINEES We.DNl-.BDAY AND SATURDAY. G1RAND OPERA HOUSE, T Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager LAST FOUR PERFORMANCES OF UNCLE SAM; OR, THE FLIRTATION, LAST NIGHTS OF MRS. JOHN WOOD. LAST NIGHTS OF MR. JOHN BROUGHAM. LAST NIGHTS of this brilliant catt:-Mr. HENRY CRISP, Mr. W. J. LEMOYNE, Mr. J. W. JENNINGS, Mr. E F. KETCHUM, Mr. J. E. PEAK.KS, Mr. M. GOLDEN, Miss ANNIE DELAND, Miss MARY CARY Miss ELLA D1ETZ, Ac., Ac. LAST MATINEE NEXT SATURDAY, at RASTER MONDAY NIGHT, April 14. special real is tic revival of the world-famous Local Drama, UNDER THE GASLIGHT, SEATS CAN NOW BE SECURED. rjH AVENUE THEATRE. (CURTAIN RISES AT &> O Sole Lessee and Manager Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, APRIL 10, FOR THE LAST TIME (but one), the brilliant London comedy, NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Characters by Miss Clara Morris. Funny Davenport, Mary Griffiths. Mrs. O. H. Gilbert, Mr. George Clarke, W. Dnvidge. D. Whitnev, C. H. Rockwell, B. T. Ringgold, Owen Fuwcett, Frank Chapman, Carroll and Gilbert. TO MORROW (FRIDAY) and SATURDAY EVENINGS, tor the last times, "OLD HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS." ??? SATURDAY, at l?t, FARWELL MATINEE of "NEW YEAR'S EVE!" Ad extraordinary programme for EASTER MONDAY. TUESDAY NIOIIT, APRIL IS. first night here of Mr. DALY'S world-famous Drama of Society, "DIVORCE I" Seats for the opening night* now ready. Theatre comique, 514 BROADWAY, Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor The new drama. CAPTAIN FIREBRAND; or, THE OATH OF THE TWELVE. Mr. WM. H. WH ALLEY as Captain Firebrand. The lightning Zouave Drill and the terrific Bayonet Combat by Mr. CHAS. AUSTIN nnd Miss CARRIE AUSTIN. The Quadruple Song and Dance hy Miss KITTY O NIEL, Miss FANNY LUCELLE, Miss CARRIE HAINES, Miss IDA GREENFIELD. Second week ot R. M. CARROLL and SONS. HARRIGAN and HART, JOHN HART, JOHN WILD, JOHN QUEEN, WM. WEST, LARRY TOOLE Y, JAMES BRADLEY, Miss JENNIE HUGHES, Miss KITTY O'NIEL, Miss IDA WKAY, Miss FANNY LUCELLE, MIssCAKRIE HAINES, Miss IDA GREENFIELD and a host of others in a new and pleasing programme, concluding with CAPTAIN FIREBRAND; THE OATn OF f HE TWELVE. Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. PT. BaKNPM'S GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S . FAIR, MENAGERIE, MUSEUM AND IIIPl'O DROME. LAST THREE DAYS] AT THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE BUILDING (Rink), corner of Third avenue and Sixty-third street. NO ABATEMENT IN THE CROWDS who flock in thousands at every entertainment to see the LARGEST AND KEBT SHOW IN THE WORLD, nationlzed alike by the ELITE OF THE CITY. TnE ARTISAN, THE TRADESMAN, THE MECHANIC AND THE LABORER. THE SUCCESS THAT HAS THUS FAR ATTENDED THE INITIAL PERFORMANCES OF THIS MASTODON OF SHOWS has no parallel (In point ot numbers) in the annals of amuse rneut in this country. MORE SEATS ERECTED. Notwithstanding Mr. Barnnm suppnred he had pro vided sutDcient seats for all in the spacious Kink, he nas found it necessary. In the last two days, to add 2.S0U chairs, inaklna the Rink now capable of seating double the number of people of any place of amusement in this country. LARGEST MENAGERIE IN THE WORLD. LARGEST TKAVEEI.ING MUSEUM IN THE WORLD. Largest and best circus in the world. Two distinct performances in two separate rings, both In full view of the audience, at the same time. Mr. Harnum would advise ladies and children to attend the afternoon performances, and thus avoid the crowd. Doors open from 1 to 5 and 7 to 10 P. M. Double Hippodrome performances begin at 2 and 8. Admission to all, SO cents ; children under nine. 23 cents; a few reserved seats, 25 cents extra. FREE ADMISSION TO ALL who porchase the "LIFE OF P. T. BARN I M," written by himself, a book of SOU pages, illustrated. Price reduced from 93 50 to $1 50. Will exhibit In Brooklyn, on Capltoline grounds, for ONE WEEK, commencing MONDAY EVENING, April 14, and thereafter every atternoon and night. VOKES FAMILY.? RETURN TO AMERICA. ANNOUNCEMENT EXTRAORDINARY. Messrs. SHOOK A CALMER, of the Union Square Theatre, have the honor to announce that they have ar ranged with Messrs. Jarrett A Palmer for the appearance of the wonderful VoKES FAMILY, AT MBLO'S GARDEN, FOR A BRIEF SEASON OF TWO WEEKS, commencing on MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 14, on which occasion they will appear in one of their cele brated specialties. This engagement ot the VOKES FAMILY is necessarily limited to TWO WEEKS as they have to leave New York on the 27th of April to meet engagements long since made ill other cities. A full company from the UNION SQUARE THEATRE will appear with the VOKES FAMILY. Sales ol seats will begin on Wednesday morning, at 9 o'clock, at the Box Office, Niblo's Garden. M STEINWAY HALL. MISS ANNA MEHLIG'S MATINEE RECITALS, SAT I' RDAY, A prll 12, I n ,'ift p w WEDNESDAY, April 16, > i r,M' Tickets Admitting to both rccitals $2 no Siimle tickets I SO Can be hail at Stelnway's warerooms, the principal music ttowMBd t tie Theatre Ticket Oftice.114 Broadway. A" CADBMY.? FAREWELL OP MLLE. A I M EE. THE QUKKN OF OPERA BOUFFE. AND THE NEW PARISIAN TROUPE. Two nights only and a matinee. Thursday, April 17, LA GRANDE DUCHESSE. Frnlav. April 18, LES CENT VIERGES. SATURDAY, at I o'clock. LA PERICHOLE. The xale ot scats commence* on Monday. VARIETIES THEATKE OF NEW ORLEANS TO rent.? Proposal* will be received until the 1st day of June next (or the rent of the Vnricties Theatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is complete in all its appointments of wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address E. RIGNEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans. R. GEORGE VANDENHOFF will rend THURSDAY AND FRIDAY EVENINGS lit the BROOKLYN LYCEUM. V m. e. a. 1 . YALE GLEE CLUB. The only appearance this season in New York, at ASSOCIATION HALL, THURSDAY EVENING, April la GLEES. COLLEGE StiNGS. Ac. Admission, 7ft cci?t?. Reserved Seats, 25 cents extra; at Schirmer's, Till Broadway, and at the Hall. QTSIHWAY HALL ,-S ATI' RDAY. APRIL I & O Positively LAST MATINEE of the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD, comurixiite RUBINSTEIN, WIKNI AWSKI, THOMAS' ORCHESTRA. To-night. to-night. YALF, GLEE CLUB. ASSOCIATION II ALL. Only appearance this season. PAUL FALK'8 TIVOL1 GARDEN, Eighth street, between Second an. I Third avenues. Every evening ai x o'clock, PROMENADE C( ONCERT, (1 ALLERY OF PAINTINGS. J LOIIS DURR'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over SOI) paintings by the best masters, from the lourteenth century down to the present time. .Now open from 2 to 10 P M.. lor thi- benefit ol THE GERMAN HOSPIlAL,in the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, entrance on Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street. Admission during the day, We. ; in the evening, 25c. MUSICAL. A SOPRANO, HAVING LED CHOTM, A THOROUGH muslr lan (willing tor u lest trial), will engage hfr services for a church In New York or vicinity. Address MARY, 410 Ea<t Fifty-second street. \ SUPERIOR BASSO POWERFUL LEADING SOLO voice mill sight r?'a(l?'r, will bo disengaged 1st May Aililress "SCHUYLER'' Box 17X, Herald office. ATTENTION, Gl'ITAR PLAYERS.? EXAMINE THE famous "Gold Medal Til ton Patent Guitar." W ?'Un ion place (Eighth street). Took the premium above all other guitars. J. JAY WATSON, Agent. C1ARIV ? I'lA.No" ORGAN, GUITAR. SINGING.? MISS ) WATSON gives private lessons, day and evening, at her residence, 9BI Clinton pln.'e (Eighth street). Instru ments :uruished for dally practice. Musicians.? only one cent per sheet for beautiful songs and pieces. As nn extraordinary i n duccmcnt, to close out in./ laife stock beforo the 1st of May, every one dollar's worth you buy, I make yon n present ol 25 sheets; no trash. Pianos cheap. Fixture* For sale. JAMES O'NEILL, 9? Bleekcr street MLLIAKIW. A 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\ I ? and the Pheiati A I'olleniler Combination Cush ions, manufactured and lor sale only by the Inventor ami patentee, II W. COi. LENDER, successor to Phelan A Colbndcr, 73H Broadway, New \ork. ?FIRST CLASS 5X10 BEVELLED BILLIARD , Tables at $:wt; flr?t cIbs. plain .1x1(1 Tablesat S3UU. GEORGE E PHELAN, No. 7 Bare lav street. Ii^OR .-'\LE? ONE FIRST CLASS ftXIO SECOND HAND Phelan Bevel Table; used but short time. Apply at OEOIlliE E. PHELaN'8, No. 7 Barclay streeL / "t RE A TEST INDUCEMENTS EVER OFFERED TO IT purchasers of Billiard Tables.? Now is your time to call and examine my splendid stock of Tables, at greatly reduced prices; Hliliard Tables complete for ?ISO. W. H. GRIFFITH, 40 Vesey street Al I'HOPOMAl'S. PROPOSALS WILL BE ENTERTAINED FOR OEAD X ing about nine miles of raiifoaU yn Loss Island. Ap ply U W w&y, twut K7? AnyraasmcMTPw. NIBLO'B GARDEN " "nIBLO'S garden. LAST THREE NIGHTS. the Scouts ok thk prairie. WITH THE ORIGINAL WESTERN HEROES, BUPFALO BILL, TEXAS JACK, NED BUNTLIVE. TWENTV INDIAN WARRIORS. THE SCOUTS OF THE PKAIRIE. ? - . _THB SCOUTS OF THE PRAIRIE. Buffalo Bill, by the original hero Hon. W. F. Cod? by the original hero J. B. Otnohundro tale Dunf Nc<j Bantline Dove Eye M1U-. Morlaccki At-T 1.? The Trapper and the Scouts. ? . ni}',,e's Temperance Lerture. . ' ?1?) Durii at the Torture Poft riT and his Lusuo. The Death of Ca'e Dnrg. ?r~? ? Wrapper's l.ait Shot. ACT 3.? The Scout's Oath of Vcnacance. The Scalp Dance-The Knire Fight. Ttic Prairie on Fire. The Performance^ comii^eno? wltn^th e roaring F?wv LAST MATINEE ON SATURDAY- AT TWO Monday evening. Anrll 14, first appearance this season and lirat time at tins theatre ot the celebrated VOKES FAMILY. whose engagement is positively limited to two weeks. NIBLO'8 GARDEN. ~ BENEFIT SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Cl"*irlr' On FRIDAY EVENING, April 11. JOINT BENEFIT JoINT BENEFIT BUFFALO BILL and TEXAS JACX. *'nl:,rlT LAST NIGHT HUT ONE. THE SCOUTS OF THE PRAIRIES. NIBLO'S GARDEN. VOKES MONOA* EVENING, April 11.1973. ,U*V1!'D FOR TWO WEKKS ONLY* The popular, brilliant and vcr?ntlle VOKES FAMILY. Hex sheet now open. N IBLO'S GARDEN. VOKES FAMILY. ROSIN A VOKES, JESSIE VOKES. YICTOEIA VOKES, FRED. YOKEs! FAWDON VOKES, BACK AGAIN. MONDAY, A PR II. 11, IN THEIR GREAT SPECIALTY, BELLES OF TUfTkITCIIEN. SALE OF SEATS BEGINS TO AVOII> THE CRU8H AT THE DOOR? ON THE FIRST NIGHT SECURE YOUR SEATS IN ADVANCE. THIS MORNING, AT 8 O'CLOCK. Bowery theatre. WM. B. KRELIGH Manager MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1873, AND DURING THE WEEK. THE GREAT ORIGINAL PRIZE MILITARY DRAMA! entitled THE REBEL'S LAST SHOT; OR, THE GUN' MAKER S BRIDE, In 5 acts and 12 tableaux, written by Charles Foster, the popular drnuiulK' author, and dedicated to TIIE GRAND ARMY OK THE REPUBLIC, replete with startling tableaux, terrific situations, battle scenes, skirmishes, Ac. This immense Drauia is founded on incidents of aetual occurrence that never have been written or aeted, and presented lor tlie first time to the patrons of this theatre. Note.? The peculiar characteristic tableaux at the finale suggest the audience remaining seated until the fall of the curtain. LOVERS IN A CORNER will precede the drama. Mr. E. TT STETSON will shortly appear in the FASTEST HOY OF NEW YORK, written by TONY PAnTOR and T. L. DONNELLY. Charles Foster's drama of A HAD LOT is in course or construction. XITALLACK'S. Vt Proprietor and Manager. ..Mr. LESTER WALLACK NINTH WEEK of Mr. SOTHERN in his extraordinary impersonations of DAVID GARUICK and LORD DUNDBBABY, which will l>e presented THIS AND EVERY EVENING and SATURDAY MATINEE AT I JO P. M. The following eminent artists will appear:? Mr. BOTH, ERN, Mr. JOHN GILBERT, Mr. J. B. POLK, Mr. BISHOP, Mr. CARROLL. Mr. BOOWNE, Mr. LEONARD, Mr. HOLLAND, Mr ED YIN, Mr. CURRAN, Mr. PECK, Miss KATIIERINE ROOKRS, Miss ROSE COGHLAN, Mine. PONISI, Mrs. JOHN SEI'TON. BOX PLAN OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Cnrtaln rises at 8 precisely, and carriages may be or* dered at 10 :4i). _________________ (1 HUMAN t A THEATRE, T Fourteenth street near Third avenue. AD. NEUENDORKK Director THURSDAY, April 10, DIE LIE DE K DES J4USIK ANTEN, Come<ly. in five acts, by Kneisel. Fox office open dally from till 4 o'clock. M Rf>. F. B. CONW AY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. EVERY EVENING, SEA OK ICE. Mr. Frank Roche. Mrs. F. B. Conwy. Mr. Walter Lennox. " A "EAT 1 SATURDAY-GREAT BILL. /TO /T? ATHENEL'M, ? Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER Manager THE SENSATION BILL OF THE SEASON. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION. A HOST OK STARS. THE UUKEN OF HURLESOUE, MISS LISA WEBER. TIIE UR1GAND CHIEF. GEORGE ATKINS. MISS MINNIE JACKSON. The King of Comedians, LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT. LES MAKtvOES, LES MARKOES. THE ZIGZAGS. THE ZIGZAGS. Grand Olio and Burlesque Performance. The Great Athene uni ('ompiny EVERY EVENING. Doors open at 7 s curtain rises at 8 o'clock. MATI N EES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAt BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE. TWENTY -THIRD ST.. between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. Every Evening at 8. saturdav Matinee at 2. BEST BILL OK THE SEASON. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF MASTER BARNEY, the rhamplon Dancer and favorite Dialect Actor. First time this season, by general request, the original BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SHOO FLY. | SHOO KLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' SHOO FLY. I SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' [ SHOO FLY. SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' | SHOO FLY. I SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' | SHOO FLY. | SHOO FLY. THE CALICO HOP. COLTON'S LAUGHING OAS. Dan Bryant, Seymour, ReeJ, Sun wood, Morrisy, Emer son, Ac. Matinee Saturday at 2. Seats secured. LB. LENT'S NEW YORK CIRCUS, . MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, CARAVAN AND ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN, THE GREAT AMUSEMENT TRIUMPH OF 1873, WILL REMAIN IN NEW YORK, AT FOURTH AVENI K AND TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, KOR THIS WEEK ONLY. MATINEES EVERY AFTERNOON. EXHIBITIONS EVERY NIGHT. Doors open at 1 and 7. Arcute Performances at 2 and 8. one Kilty Cent Ticket admits to all the Shows. Children (uuder nine years) is cents. OTEINWAY II ALL. FESTIVAL WEEK. The public Is respectfully Informod that a FESTIVAL WEEK OK GRAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS will be given on a scale ot completeness and grandeur never before attempted In New York, under the direction of THEODORE THOMAS, commencing TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 22, 1873. TUESDAY. April -2. ELIJAH. WEDNESDAY. April 2:. ISKAEL IN EGYPT. and MENDELSSOHN'S HYMN OF PRAISE. The following distinguished Artists will appear : ? Mrs. J. Houston west, i 8onriinn. Mrs. 11. M. SMITH. < Sopranos. Miss ANNIE Lol iSF. CARY, Contralto. Mr. NELSON VARI.EY, Tenor (his first appearance Id New Yorki. Mr. MYRON W. WHITNEY, Bass. Mr .1 K. RUDOLPHSON, Barytone. The celebrated and entire HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY FROM BOSTON, NUMBERING MVE HUNDRED (**)) VOICES. Conductor Mr. CARL ZE RRAHV Organist Mr. B. J. LANG Will appear, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA, largely Increased on this occasion. THURSDAY, April -I, tiKAToRlo IN BROOKLYN. FRIDAY, April 21, GRAND CNNCKRT. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, GRAND MATINEE. SATURDAY EVENING. THEODORE THOMAS' LAST sYMflloNY CONCERT. Reserved seats, and it, according to location. Reserved seats in Second Balcony, $J. The sale of reserved seats will commence on Monday morning April 14. at Schirmer's, 701 Broadway, at 114 Broadway ami at the box office of Stcinway Hall. VS80CIATION HALL M VTINF.ES. SATURDAY. APRIL 12, 2 P. M? A Lecture i>n "Indoors." by GRACE GREENWOOD, with s concert by the Imperial Russian Quartet French Horn Itlowers irom Daly's Fifth Avenue Theatre. Tickets, with seats. SO.-., at Schir.ner's and the hail. N't.W YORK Ml'SF.l M OK VNATOMY, 618 BROAD wav, between Houston and llieecker streets.? Every one should visit the wonderful Museum; it is full of everything people should see and understand. Lectures dallv on "The Philoeophv of Marriage." Ihose parties unable to attend these important lectures can have tlieia lorwarded. post free, on receipt ot 2.1 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 Broadway, New Yor't AUGHING GAS. FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. COLTON will give the next AFTERNOON ENTER TAINMENT at the COoPi'.R INSTITUTE. KRIDAY AFTERNOON, April 11. After n brief lecture SIXTEEN LADIES will inhale the ga?. Admission HI cents, to cover expenses. /"1UITAR, SINGING, ORGAN, PIANO, VIOLIN, HAR VT mony? I'rivnte lessons only. 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). Established ISM. Circular and "Stufems' Jour nal" mailed free. J.J. W AT.^oN, Musical Director. DANCINU ACAPBM1K8* CAUSE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. O I'RIVATE LESSONS ar. anv hour, day or evening. CIRCULARS at Private Academy, 212 East Eleventh ft FI\E ARTS. V4R. T. 0. FARRRR, WHO FOR TWO YEaKS PAST JtI has been painting in England. Scotland, Swit/.er laud, Handera, Venice, has sent home a large representa tion, In oil and water colors, ot his recent work, which will be on exhibition at Mr. Sclienck's Gallery, Ml Liberty street, during Monday, Tn>'sda> and Wednesday, April 14. is. I'i. and will be >old at same placc on Thurtday, 17th, and Friday. WUi iwto.

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