Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1873 Page 9
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TO I<BT FOR BUSINESS PfTHPOSES. A TXLNTlON. NEW FIREPROOF BUILD' NO. FULTON, NASSAU A.?D ANN STREETS. ELEGANT 6fFICE8 To BENT IN THE ABOVE FIREPROOF WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO THE crrr hall, the courts, the post office, OFFICES SUITABLE FOR LAWYERS, BROKERS, BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES. 4C? 4C., CAN BE BAD, SINGLY OK EN Sl'lTE, OF ANY DESIRED SIZE. FROM 10X12 FEF.T TO 2f>X?7 FEET. AT *;?M, $400, $800 AND UPWARD TO ?12,U00, ACCORDING TO SI?A AND LOCATION. THE ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY HREPROOF. AND WILL BE READY FOR OCCUPANCY ON OR BEFORE MAY 1, 1*78. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR OFFICES TO BE MADE TO HOMER MORGAN. NO. 2 PINE STREET. ? ?TO LET, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, J\., a large Buildiag; four stories, basement and loft; 200 feet trout by75leet deep; well situated for any kind of manulacturtng business: will ho let in room* to suit applicant*. Inquire at SOI First avenue, between Tweuty niuth and Thirtieth strests. A? TO LEASE, WORTH HOUSE, ?I2 FIFTH AVENUE, . comer of Twenty-fifth street, through to Broadway, tor business or hotel purpo-e*. Apply to W. W. hTE PHENSOX, 247 Broadway, room 22. A SPLENDID CORNER STORE TO LET? ON THE west Hide of Sixth avenue, 25x74; one large inside and several small Stores, fitted up; rents no object if owner is nulled with business; also a Corner Store on Tenth avenue and one on First avenue and 100th street; leases will be given. Office 999 Sixth avenue. Avery fine store on canal street, near Varick street, to let. cheap, either with or without upper part JAMES PKICli, 200 Hudson street. AN ELEOANT FRONT OFFICE, WELL LOCATED, on Broad war, will be rented lor a mere song if ap plied tor at once. Address BARGAIN, box 185 Herald office. A RARE CHANCE.? A PLOT, 50X100, TO LET, IN Forty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues; term, t to 10 years: rent $1,500; will suit exactly for a livery stable, packing house, holler or machine shop, box manufacture, Ac. : ha* a brick building, 30x100 feet, two stories, with flagged cellar; also sewer and Croton water. Apply to Mr. J. P1TSI1 K K, 44.'> West Forty-first at. A STORE, WITH LOFTS AND STALLS, OCCUPIED now as a leed store; first class location for business; near Sixth avenue, in West Thirty -third street J. OLAKNTZER, 1,243 Broadway. A STORE, OPPOSITE COKTLANDT STREET ferry, newly fitted up, suitable lor confectionery, hardware, shoe, hat or other like business; low rent and lease; possession. 110 West street. A STORE, WITH FINE SHOW WINDOW; ALSO Second Floor, separately or together, between Broad way and University place; 21 Clinton place, Ligntn st.^ A? A.? TO LET, STOKE, NORTHWEST CORNER . First avenue and 123d street; will put in plate glass windows and give lease for live years. SAML. D. MACK, 2,132 Third avenue. AN OFFICE, SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN, WITH Reception Room, to rent, at 3D West Thirty-fifth street A? A.-OORNER STORE AND THREE ROOMS, . Third avenue and Seventy-sixth street, to let.? Lease aud possession at once. SAML D. MACK, 2,132 Third avenue. A? TO RENT, THE LOWER ONE OF THE STORES, ? 178 and 18) Filth avenue; also Stores on the first floor above and Suits of Roouis on the upper lioors. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A Co., NO. 3 Pine street. A BROADWAY BUILDING TO LEASE FOR A term of years; one ol the finest locations in the city; 25x100. Inquire at 811, in the store, between 11 und 12. AIMBLOR AND EXTENSION, FOR A PHYSICIAN, at 114 West Twenty-second street, near Sixth u ve nue. Terms reasonable. A? THE CHEAPEST HOUSE ON EIGHTH AVENUE, . it taken at once.? The elegant store 365, west side, between Twenty-eighth and Twcnty-ninui streets; 6plenrlid location tor utmost any business. A? TO LET, ON WEST SIDE OF THIKI) AVENUE, ? a Store and Basement; first elans place lor a fancy or grocery store. Auply to SHERWOOD A WALDKON, 1,032 Third avenue, between Sixty tlrst aud Sixty-socond streets. CARPENTER 8IIOP TO I.ET-15 THOMAS STREET; two stories and good eellar room ; rent $0W) per an num. THORNTON M. RODMAN, Heal Estate Agent, 606 ^roadway, northeast comer Fourth street OF CANAL AND WOOSTER STREETS? J First Floor, over the store, to let; room 22 by 72 feet; hoistway. gas, water, fixtures and shelving. Inquire on the premises. Desk room to let.? a first rate chance lor advertising agents. Apply at the office ol the 4.VEMNG Ti.LEGKAM. No. 2 Ann street. Desk room to let-fine office, on level with street; beat location in city. i a. EDDY & L'0., .No. 1 Park placc, corner Broadway. Factory to lease? in forty-second street. near Ninth avenue, 50x50, four stories and celler ; rant low. Apply to WASH. YOUNGS, 815 Seventh av. For rent? with or without power, lofts and Stores. Apply to ENGINEER, on premises, 173 Ilcster -.treat, or to is. i. A. T. MKYElt, 85 Wulker street. Factory building to lease-in ooerck street; ground Hour 100x70 feet, with two other floors; rent moderate. Apply to D. S. DODD, 212 Seventh street, alter 5 o'clock in the evening. Factory to let.? two floohs. with or with out steam power, to let, tor manuincturlng purposes. Apply at Kindling Wood Factory, 113th street, between 'Jhird and Fourth avenues. Harlem. (GROCERY, PUODLCE OR COMMISSION TRADE.? TO X let, the new anil spacious .stores, with very tlno cellurs, 7'? Warren street und 20 College place; splendid business location ; may lie occupied together or sepa rately. GEO. W. WELSH, S58 Greenwich street House and store 121 Chatham street to let. now tttted up as a clothing establishment; rent 91,500. Apply to HENRY G. LEASK, 12.! Chatham street, or to HYMaS ISRAEL, 803 West Twenty-fifth street. Lofts, mxso, with steam elevator, corner ol Canal aud Eldridge streets. W. C. FLA.NAUAN, 153 Bowerv. I1QVOR AND OTHER STORES TO LET CHEAP.? J Two Liquor Stores in the Ninth ward; a Fancy Goods, Candv and Shoe Store in Hudson street; a Stable and a Feed Store oil Ninth avenue; all in good locations. Apply at COS Hudson street Market on fourth avenue to let or for sale, betwcca Twenty -filth and Twenty-sixth streets; also Basement to let NO. <01 BROADWAY. CORNER WALKER STREET.? To let, large Basement tine Office on ground tioor, Second, Third and Part ol Fourth Loft. HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. OFFICES TO LET? 1$ THE NEW AND ELEGANT iron building 239 Broadway, corner of Park place; nil modern con venlencles, with use of elevator and heat ers. Apply tin premises to KNICKERBOCKER LIFE insurance company. # "POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, AT A LARGE RE JL ductiim ol rent? lloum 23 Amity street ; all improve % mcnts; Ui rooms; also a large garden; will be let lor business ii required ; house open from 10 to U mornings. STEAM POWER, WITH SPLENDIDLY LIGHTED Floors, 25x30, 20x6(1 aud 25x105, to let; best power and finest rooms in the city. Apply to the Engineer, Nos. 9, 11 and IS Baxter street. STEAM POW! R, WIT'' SMALL AND LARGE Rooms. tor $'!Juand upward. Apply oil the premises, % to G. F. HALL, 137 Elm street STEAM POWER? ONE OR TWO FLOORS, 44XS6, TO let; best and cheapest in thu eily ; no wood workers; steam elevators; insurance low. 160 West Twenty BCVLUtll street. STEAM POWER TO LET? WITH WELL L1UHTKD Rooms; 25x40. 25x55, 75x36, "25xluO, and Basement, 25x ?0. Apply lo NOtt U1H Al MILLKR, XM Last Forty lirst st. TEAM POWER TO LET.? SE Vi: II A I. WELL LIGHT ed Rooms, ot various sizes, heated by steam and with steam elevators; also iwo new five stnr^ Buildings, 54x70 and :s"x*s, iu second Llock from .south terry aud tour blocks from Wall street ferry; entrances Atlantic and htate streets; prices low to good temiats. Apply to A. * HOUGHTON, 44 state street, Brooklyn. TEAM POWER ? LARGE AN'dTm ALL ROOMS, COR. ner building ; light on all sides; low Insurance; Im mediate possession; rent very low; steam hoist and ?teady power. P. M. WILSON, 404 Bleecker street STUDIO CAN BE HAD IN THE DESIRABLE lll'lLD tng St Union square ; rent $350 per year. Apply on premises, lo BELL & CO. mo LET? FOR BUSINESS P U RPOS ios7~La R g E AND JL small Floors, with *team powcij steam heating, hoist and excellent light Apply at 447 West Twenty sixth street ? mO LEI-THREE LARGE AND THREE SMALL ? A Lofts, with steam power; admirably adapted to manulacturiag purposes. Apply on the premises; 120 and J 22 Woosler street. TO LET-PART OF A STORE, FOR VEGETABLES, fruit *c. In old established butcher store ; also a base ment to let; good for plumbing, or any kind of business. Inquire at *77 Sixth avenue, between Forty-ninth and -Fiftieth streets. LET-A LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT, I ('LATE glass windows. 37C Bleecker street, between Perry xnd Charles. ' * rro LET? THE STORES AND BUILDINGS ON THE J. northeast coraer of Desbrosses and Greenwich Streets, or such portions ol flu in as may be desired. Ap ply to 11. F. SIMMONS, 4(19 Greenwich street TO LET-A BI TTER, EGG AND CHEESE STAND. IN a first class Meat Market ; also, a second band Butch er's fixtures for sale. Inquire at 344 Third avenue. TO LET-SMALL STORE, 38 CHURCH 8TRKET, BE tween Liberty and Cortlandt streets, suitable tor ?tore or ofBce purposes. Inquire at 81 Murray street. V mO LET-ON BROADWAY, OPPOSITE ELEVENTH A street a fine First Floor, 25x110. suitable for any first Class business. Apply to G. N'AQLE, 149 Fourth avenue. TO LET? FRONT AND REAR BUILDING 806 FIFTH street ; convenience of steam Power If wanted. In quire at t>32 East Seventeenth street TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, TWO Lolts, 25xH0 feet. Apply to 8- B. ALTHAUSK A CO., 144 Greene street fro LET? THE SPLENDID BASEMENT, PARLORS 1. and Extensions, at 264 East Broadway, now occupied by the Ainericus No. 6 Association ; in splendid condition for private or business purposes. Inquire at the house. JD. ABRAHAMS. TO LET? A SPACIOUS OFFICE. IN TME STORE 22 White street Apply to 1. 8. YOUNG A CO. TO LET-FLOORS OR ENTIRE THREE STORY Shop, 25x80, 124 Amity street, with power. Inquire an premises. TO LET-STORE AND BASEMENT 7rt SOUTH FIFTH ?venue, near Houston street; $62 50 per month; and lower rent lor store without basement Apply to A. JolIRNEAY, 51 Llspcnard street. (TlET? W6 AND 14H WILLIAM STREET, BETWEEN Faltoti and Ann streets? store and Basement C. ?>. Johnson, 5J Exchange place. TO UBT FOR Bt'MIIKSI PURPOSED. TO LET? AT 340 FRONT STRKET, NEW YORK, TWO Floors and Basement, each 101) by 'it l?et ; will be lot separate or together, with or without power ; alao smaller Shops on name premise*. TO LET? THE LA ROE BASEMENT 1.12 THIRD AYR nne, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth street*, suita ble fur any light business open. Can be seen at any time. CON 1)1 T, 139 East Twelltli street TO LET? FOR A PHYSICIAN OR DENTIST, BACK Parlor and Extension, with privilege ot? front l'arlor, at 40 East Thirtieth Htrcet, near Madison avenue. TO LEASE? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, THE FOUR story brown stone front House 51 Ea?t Tenth street, second door we<t ol Broadway; size 28x75; lot 94.9 deep. Apply to WM. A E. A. CRUIKSHANK. 65 Broadway. TO LEASE-THE NORTHEAST .CORNER OF SIXTH avenue. West Sixteenth street ; rent $4,200. Inquire In the store. TO RENT? WITH STEAM POWER, A PLOT OK SIX lots ot ground ; would erect a building on part or all ot It to suit a responsible tenant ami luruish steam powor. Apply to McCLAYE BROS., Twenty-second street and Eleventh avenue. TO RENT? FOR ONE YEAR, AN EXTRA SIZED House, tully furnished, in Tenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Address Box M2 Post ofllco^ The front part of first floor? commant) ing situation, northeast corner Broadway and Fourth street, lor otllee, dentistry, tailoring, Ac.; very pleasant: long time occupied by "American Society lor 1'rovention oi Cruelty to Animals.'' Inquire on the premlaea. rPHE LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, FURNISHED OR 1 unfurnished, will be let for light business; will eeil Furniture it required ; also other Rooms to let. Apply at 181 taacdougal street, corner of Eighth street. rpo PRINTERS, AC.-A LAROE 8UB-BASEMEYT TO 1 let, with use of steam power in the new .balMing 239 Broadway. Applv to KNICKERBOCKER LIFE 1N&UM. ANCE (COMPANY on the premises. mUB RESTAURANT AND BAR CONNECTED WITH 1 Robinson House and Hall. Sixteenth street, third door west of Union square, to let, to a responsible party ; new and handsomely fitted. TWO LOTS TO LEASE-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, iu the vicinity ol Seventh avenue and Twenty-eighth street. Address LEASE, Herald Uptown Branch othce, 1,263 Broadway. YERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH STEAM POWER, to let, in building 382 Second avenue, corner or Twenty-second street. e'TH AVENUE STORE TO LET? BETWEEN FORTY ) seventh and Forty-eighth streets; rent $700 a year. Itiquit* on premises. l)HI3hLl\? aOPMMt TO LET. Furnished. AT $."500 A MONTH? TIIE HANDSOME FOUR STORY high stoop brown stone House; extra depth, Twenty eighth street, wear Fifth avenue, extra crockery, linen, Ac., left; rtilly ?nd completely lUrnlshed; will rent lor bour-llng purposes. WILLIAM TUCKER, 22ii Filth avenue, A MAGNIFICENT HOUSE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, on Forty-third street, to lot ton responsible private family ; house is tour story high stoop brown stoue, newly uud elegantly tUruished and complete in every respect. A. C. LOOMIS ? CO., 1,264 Broadway. A? HEADQUARTERS FOR DWELLINGS To LET. . Real Estate otllee, of S. B. GOOD ALE, No. 5 West Twenty -third street, Fltth Avenue Hotel. AT $.100 A MONTH?1 THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House 25x75x100, completely lurnished, Fourteenth street, near Third avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT M0 A MONTH-FURNISHED THREE STORY higli stoop brown stone House, Flfty-iourth street, near Fiith avenue. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fitth avenue. AT :?160 A MONTH? FURNISHED. FOUR STORY English hn.-cment, brown stoue House , Ninth street near Second avenue: 11 rooms. Wli.LlAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT a month AN'l) BOARD FOR TWO ADULTS.? Corner house, Second avenue, near Twentieth street; large house ; 12 oilier rooms. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $1,200 A YEAR AND BOARD FOB THREE PER Bons. ? Extra size house, Twelfth street, uear Fourth avenue; handsomely lurnished. WILLIAM TUCKER. 220 Fifth avenue. AT $225 A MONTH.? NICELY FURNISHED FOUR story French rool house. Eleventh street, near Third avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fitth avenue. AT $185 A MONTH- TWF.NTY-EiainH STREET, near Sixth avenue? Handsomely furnished medium sized House, high stoop, three story and basement. Per mits at 26 East Fiftieth street AT $:M0 A MONTH? SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR Filth avenue, lully furnished, lour story browu stone; ?1x60: lb rooms. WILLIAM TUCKER. 220 Fifth avenue. A? FIFTH AVENUE. NEAR FORTY-SEVENTH ? street, fully and elaborately furnished brown stone House to lei to private family; rent $6.f>00. CRANK A CO., Broadway, corner Twenty-ninth street. A? TO LET, FURNISHED, THE FOUR STORY ? English basement House. 41 West Thirty-fifth streat. For admitunce apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 230 Filth avenue. AT $1,800 A YEAR? FULLY FURNISHED, FOUR story high stoop brown stone House, Fllteenth fetreet, aeur Seventh avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. * ? THIRTY-NINTH STKEET, NKaK FIFTH AVE J. L. nue, tour story brown stone high stoop full width IIou<c, lully and handsomely inrnished, at moderate rent; also others near same locality. CRANK A CO., Broadway, c orner oi Twenty-ninth street AT $3,600 A YEAR? THE ELEGANTLY FURNI9HED 4 story brown stone high stoop House 281 Lexington avenue ; to a private family only. WILLIAM TUCKER, 230 Fifth avenue. * ?NINTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE, A splendid three story high stoop double House, ele gantly furnished ; rent moderate; also others in all loca tions. Open till SIP. M. SIMONSON A ECCLESTON, SO West Thirty-first street FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? OR USFUR n lulled, No. 30 West Thirty-filth street; 31 East Thirty-second street $300 per month furnished; Cheap Houses in good locations; permits. O'DWVKR, 59 West Thirty-first street. Ol.MKS BROTHERS HAVB To LET a large number of Furnished Houses, at moderate prices, in choice locations. HOLMES RROTHFRS, 46 and 48 East Twenty-third street A H TO LET-FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY, FROM May to October, a desirable House, for Hummer; 36 Seventh avenue, unquestionable reierenccs required. Apnly to AUG. CRUlKSHANK, 65 Broadway. rpo LET? FURNISHED, A BE. VI TIFl.'L LITTLE J brown stone House, in complete order; just finished; every improvement ; ready to move In at oiiee ; rent $135 per month. Apply at 2o6 East Thirty -ninth street, alter 1 P. M. _ TO LET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED VERY AT A low rent, for five months trom May 15, a three story high stoop brown stone House In Forty-ninth street, near Lexington avenue. * w. c. Flanagan. ? Bowery. 110 LET? A FULLY FURNISHED FOUR STORY HIGH ?toop House, In a first class convenient neighborhood ; will be rented tor a genteel hoarding house, as It Is lull of boarders at present; everything included at $275 per month. Address HoUSE, box 133 Herald office. rpo LET-FULLY FURNISHED, A 20 FOOT HIGH .1 stoop House, near Fourth avenue; neighborhood ex cellent; rent only $l!,OUO FKANCls CRAWFORD, W Third avenue. rpo BENT? A FOUR STORY H Hi U STOOP BROWN 1 stone front House, on Murray Hill, between Filth and Sixth avenues, fully furnished ; will be rented low to a sm.ill private family; possession May I. Address II. I L F., Herald ofllce. TO RENT? A FULLY FURNISHED BROWN STONE House, for six months, to a private family; rent $1,000. Apply at 230 West Forty -eighth street. 1ITH STREET. FIFTH AVENUE? EXTRA LARGE 't well furnished House, 2u rooms; possession tnav be had before the 1st of May; highly responsible parties only. Address UlTY, box U9 Herald otllce, for two day & IK WEST TWENTY. SIXTH STREET, OPPOSITE ST. t) James Hotel.? A handsomely furnished parlor floor to let, either singly or en suite ; also one lu r ;e room, with hath connecting, on second floor, and one large front room on third fi?or; references. dtfl HA? FULLY FURNISHED, BROWN STONE, MAN JjplUU sard roof; $200. Sixteenth street; >250, four Story, near Westminster Hotel; also unfurnished Houses. J. M. LETTS, ?"i sixteenth street, corner of Broadway. Civil A MONTH.? POUR STORY BROWN STONE ?P.LOU English basement, furnished; linen, sliver, Ac complete ; Thirty-fourth street. clo?e to Broadway. Inquire ot owner. DR. HOWARD, 131 West Thirty-fourth street, from 1 to 4. C n tnr n tailed. *?T LOW RENTS? 22D STREET, NEAR 7TH AVENUE, A $1,200. handsome House, 22d street, near 9th avenue. $1,600; a first ciuss House. 22d street, near Lexington avenue, $1,800. ?W street, near 7th avenue, large lour storv high stoop brown stone, $2,400; another one, $2,900; .'4th' street, near 4th avenue, $2,400 ; 25th street, near 4th avenue, three story high stoop brown stone House, three rooms deep. $2,ouo. WILLIAM TUCKER, 230 Fifth av. T $1,200 ? Till RTV- EIGHTH STREET. NEAR THIRD avenue ; Thirtv-nlnth street, near Third avenue. $1,400 ; do. ntce House, $l,2l>i; do, largo House, $ 1. 600; Fortieth street Lear Park avenue, brown stone. $L800i Fort* -first street, $1, Sua Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 230 Filth avenue. A -HEADQUARTERS FOR DWELLINGS TO LET. ? Real Estate office of S. B. GOODALE, No. 5 West Twenty -third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. V ADJOINING FIFTH AVENUE, ON WEST FORTY scventh street.? To let elegant extra size four story brown stone; rent $4,800; West 57th street rent $4,000; East 59th street rent $2,000; West 57th street, rent $4.000 ; Finh avenue superb Residence, location unequalled, $5,000; East 134th street, three story brown stone, ele gantly frescoed, $1,000, and others. JACOB V. D. WYl'KOFF, 66 B roadway AT $1,400-111(111 HOOP HOUSE, FORTY-THIRD street near Ninth avenue: Forty-third street. $1,500; also Fortv-third street, near Fifth avenue, three ?torv high stoop brick House, $1,500. WILLIAM TUCKER, 22 n Fitth a venae. ?TO LEASE FOR ONE OR MORE TEARS? A ? first class 25-foot wide four story brown stone House, i r Fifth avenue, on _ Fifty -secoiul street partly lur hed. Apply to T. 8. SHEPHHEP, 181 Broauwav near . nlshed THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE front House to let, on I'rospeet place ; rent $l,Ji?l. 0. O. BILLINGS, 33* East Forty- tlrst street AT $1 WO A YEAR -HANDSOME FOUR 8TORT, HIGH stoop, brown stone house on Second avenue, near Stuyvesa..! street^ waLntAyj^rkFRgo ^ A THREE STORT HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LET? All modern Improvements ; good neighborhood; rent $900. C. O. BILLINGS. 334 East Fort* -first street pWKLLlnii HOUSES TO LET. Unfurnished. AN EXTRA LARUE THREE STORY niOH STOOP browu atone House to let, on Prospect place ; rent ?I.MW. c. O. BILLINGS, ,?8 East Forty-first street. A FIRST OI.ASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, 2^x00 teet, in Madison avenue, V- 'urnitheU or unfurnished. Apply to owner, A. NORTON FERRIS, 52 Exchange place. A THREE AND A FOUR STORY HOUSES, CHOICE location*, near Central Park, to let very low to good parties. FRANKFIEL1), 323 Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE IIOl'SK, 125 FIFTH avenue, to let or lease - will be let for boarding house purposes upon satistaciory security being given. Apply on premises or to G. A. KISSAM, No. 6 Pine street, trow 1 to 4 P. U. A? TO LET OR LEASE, NOS. 4, 6 AND 8 TWEN . tleth street, between Filth avenue and Broadway, singly or together, lor business or dwelling. * DREW, lflS Fifth avenue^ A FINE THREK STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House. 66 Perrv street, on Vannest block, to let; all modern improvements: rent $1,800. Inquire of owner. F. KN UHEL, 354 West Eleventh street. A? A.? A.? TO LET, A LARGE, THREE STORY HIGH . stoop House on I.oinlon lerrace, or West Twcntv third street. Apply to SHKKWOOD A WALDRO.N, 1,(81 'third avenue, between Sixty-first and Sixty-second streets, or R. P. 11 A KI r. N, 102 South Filth avenue. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIOll STOOP, IN lhirty -fourth street, near Lexington avenue; rent $2,800; price $30,000: a bargain. BURNETT A BUCK, 1,07a Third avenue, near Sixty-third street. A HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE FRONT TO LET? To an American family; owfier will Hoard the rent out. 160 East Fitty-fllth street. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRICK HOUSE TO let? 26 Third street, lew doors east of the Kowery: improvements uud in good order; rent $l,3u0. Apply at 217 West Thirteenth street. A SPLENDID FIVE STORY STORE BUSINESS House, -li'ttj Water street, to let cheap to a good ten ant. THOMAS McUUIKE, 1.145fBecond avenue, or 87 Cedar street. AT $1,600-1 N FURNISHED, THE FIRST CLASS FOUR story brown stone high stoop House 617 Lexington avenue. For admittance apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fltth avenue. AT $2,200? UNFURNISHED, THE THREE STORY high stoop brick House .10 Lexington avenue. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Filth avenue. AT $5,400, $4,H00, $5,000 A YEAR-THREE LARGE, elegantly furnished Houses on Madison avenue, be low Thirty -fourth street: want oilers. WILLIAM I I CKl'.R, ."JO Filth avenue AT $2,500? UN FURNISH ED, FOUR STORY HIGH stoop Drlck House, 25x70x100. oil St. Mark's place, near Second avenuo. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Filth avenue. AT $1,100 A YEAR? THREE STORY HIGH STOOP House, partially furnished ; owner reserves second story; Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue. WILLIAM 'I UCKER, ^20 Fltth avenue. AT $1,U00 A YEAR? 23 ST. MARK'S PLACE. A FIRST class three story brown stoile and brick House. For admittance apply to WiLLlAM 1 UCKER, 22 i l-itth If. AT $1.600? UN FU ItNl SII Ell A FIRST CLASS BRICK Dwelling, 2ox5 1x100, hiirli stoop, in good order and repair. Nineteenth street, near Eighth avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $1,280 EACH-TWO FOUR STORY ENGLISH basement brown stone Houses, Thirty -first street, near Third avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Filth a v. AT $3,000 ? THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN sfone House, on Thirty-second street, near Madison avenue. Carpets, Mirrors, Oilcloths, .tn. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $1,500 A YEAR? HANDSOME THREE STORY brown stone high stoop iluusc, 137 East Fifty-third street. WII.L1AM i'LCK Eli, 220 Filth avenue. AT $1,500? FOUR .STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House, 22.6x50x100; gas fixtures, Ac. ; Thirtieth street, neur Second avenue. WILLI VM TUCKER, 320 Fifth avenue. AT $1,800 A YEAR? TWENTY-NINTH STREET. NEAR Lexington avenue, tlire" story high stoop brick House. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER. ?"0 h ittli avenue. A -ON TWENTY-NINTH STREET, AT $1,800 A YEAR, ? between Eighth and Ninth avenues, l?undfiomc tour story high stoop brick House, complete repair; unfur nished. WILi.IAM 'I'UCKhR, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $1,400 A YEAR? THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP brick House 315 West Twenty-seventh street. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, ;2J Fifth uvenue. A HANDSOME SUIT OF THREE ROOMS, IN Til I It ticth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues; modern improvements; neigh liorhood unexceptionable; family private ; rent $30. Address MED1CUS, 33 Irving place. AT $2,400 -FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN stone, Thirty -eighth street, near Seventh avenue; smaller uiio $1,700, near Third :i venue; it good brlclt House $ 1 ,200 ; Thirty-ninth street, $1,4U>. WILLIAM Tl C'KKU, 220 Fifth avenue. T $3,000? NINETEENTH STREET, FOURTH AVKM E A uinl liroudwnv; four story; high stoop hrown stone llou.-e, unfurnished. Wll.LIAM TUCKER, 220 Filth avenue, one door ahove 'i wenty-eixth sUeut At $1,700.? AN ELEGANT THREB STORY brown stone high stoop House, Forty fourth street, near Lexington avenue. William TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue, first door Mow Tw enty-sixth street. Ar $$,000.? A 9 1 H ST CLASS FOUR 8 TOBY BROWN stone high stoop House, haiuisoniely frescoed, Ac., Thirty -ninth street, Fifth and Sixth avenues WILLIAM ll'CKER, 22i> Filth avenue. At $i,aoa? unfurnished thrbb stobi high stoop brown stone, Thirty-fourth street, near Third avenue. William tucker, no Fifth a venae. AT $1300.? BIOS FOUB STORY DWELLING, THIS ty-lllth street, Sccond and Third avenues. WILLIAM TICKER, 220 Fifth avenue, first door above '1 wenty-slxth street. AT $3,000- AN ELEOANT II AN Dm (M ELY FINISHED House, Forty-ninth street, near Fifth avenue, 17x 60x100. WILLIAM TUOEEK, 220 Filth avenue, first door above Twenty -sixth street. AN UNFURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-IN EAST A Forty II ith ttreet, m ar Fourth avenue, In wood order and very desirable; rent $t. 400 year. OODEN A CLARK, Broadway, cornerof Seventeenth street. T $UN AND $2^500? ELEOANT 8TONE REsT dences, hardwood finish; lour story; (50 feet in depth ; gas fixtures; Fiftv-nlnth street, near Madison avenue. wii.liam iL i'kkk, 220 Fifth a venae. T $8^00? ELEGANT FOUR STOBT BROWN STONE House on Forty-sixth street, near Filth avenue ; gas, fixtures, Ac. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. T $1,500 A~ YEAR? HANDSOME THREE STORY high stoop brick House, unturnisned ; 21x50x100; Nineteenth street, near Second avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. T $1,900.? UNFURNISHED, THREE STORY HIGH (toop brick House. 17 0x55x100; Sixteenth street, near Sccond avenue. wILLHAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth . venue. AT fan A MONTH? FOUR STORY BROW.N STONE Huu<e. completely lurnlshcd, billiard table. Ac., Fifteenth street, near Ihlrd avenue; 27x 75x100. WILLIAM 1 ucker, 220 Filth avenue. A NUMBER Or THREE AND FOUR BTOBT Houses to rent at reduced rate- and must tie rented. Come and sec my list. JOHN FETI RETCH, 1,018 Third avenue. A NUMBER OF THREE AND FOUR STORY HOUSES; good luxation-; rents $ii00 to $3,000. You can be suited with bouse by calliflB Oil MORRIS B. BAI.K, 72 West Thirty-fourth street AT $l,fl0i?? Til REE STORY HIOH STOOP RB1CK House, 10x56, on Thirty-flrst street, near Eighth ave nue. William TUCEER, 220 Fifth avenue. \t $2,000 ? the Handsome four story brown stone high stoop House, corner I<cxmgton avenue and Sixty-fourth street. Apply to WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $1,600 A YEAR? UNFURNISHED THREE STORY high stoop brown stone House, on Lexington ave nue, between Porty-ehrnth and Forty-ninth streets. WILLIAM 1 UCKKR, 220 Fifth avenue. T $2.000? LARGE FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK House, 20x60x100. on Tenth street, near Filth avenue. WILLIAM Ti CKER, 220 fifth avenue. A? THIRTY SIXTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. ? A good three storr high stoop brown stone, 16 rooms, flae order ; also lltty others. SIMONSON ? E> CLK.i foN. 50 West Thirty first street. ABBLBoant large- h6usf7 between fifth and Madison avenues; gas tlxtures, mirrors; parties leasing ran purchase the carpels lor hall cost. Apply ut 20 IM Fiftieth street. Four story brown stone brick nion stoop House to let, lease or tor sale, furnished; immediate possession; perfect house; all modern. Apply ? ?? prem ises, ;si4 Baal Ninth street. H" OUSES AND APARTMENTS TO LET.? ROOM M Bleecker street; all improvements. Cottage, Ninth avenue, 7 rooms, $000. Two nice Second Floors, Ninth ward (American people). Apply aif<03 Hudson street. TO LET? THREE STORY HIOH 8TOOP BBOWN stone House 451 East 57th St. ; rent $1,100; three story brick, 222 East 7-th St.. between 2<1 and 3d avs , rent, $7.v"? ; also 207 East 7Kth st, rent $700; second nnd third Floors 6 Rutgers place, W. C. FLANAGAN, 153 Bowery. TO LET-THREE STORY FRAME COTTAGE, NINE rooms, every Improvement, wood order. Seventy third street, between Third and Fourth avenues; price $LuOoand no less. Others. S. KILPATR1CK, 1,009 Third avenue. T~~0 LET? ON "ELEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN Broadway ami University place, a nice three story and basement high stoop brick House, suitable for dress maker, milliner or private tamily. G. N AGLE, 149 Fourth avenue. IIO LET-NEARLY 100 HOUSES. BETWEEN FIFTI . eth and Sixty-fifth streets. First and Fifth avenues; an early application Is requested. FRANCIS CRAWFORD. 966 Third avenue. A TO LET? A THREE PToRY BASEMENT AND HUB cellar brick House containing every modern Improve ment ; pleasantly located near Or. Duryea's church ; rent $1,000. A. D. Wai.X EE, 39 Park row, room 15, N. Y. TO LET? SMALL HOUSE 186 EAST TWENTY eighth street, now beln* pnt In complete order; seen from 11 to 2, without permit ; very desirable. CON HIT, 139 East Twelfth street. TO LET? THREE STORY HIOH STOOP BRICK House 22 Warren place (Charles street) ; modern im provement". Apply to DAVID iiRAHAM, 127 Mercer st. TO LET? COTTAOES, FIFTH AVENUE, HARLEM. ll.Mti street; House, Iwpiith street, corner Second avenue; Cottage, Plainlleld, N. J, JENKINS, 71 Broadway, room fiO. TO LET? UNFURNISHED, A VERY NICE, PMALI. siaed House, with all modern Improvements, on Flr?t avenue, between Sixty second nnd sixty-third streets; rent $iiO per month. Apply to Mr. ntNai BUTT, arocer, corner Slxtv-sccond street and First avenue, or to tho owner, 325 Tenth avenue. rro LET? ON THE OBNTBAL PARK, FOB $t 000, THB JL eieKiint four story brown stone House No. 2 Kick Eighty -si sih street. Apply to E. N, TA1LER, Jr., 47

Walker street, DWELLING HOl'KKM TO LET. InfurnUhnl. TO LET? CHARMINU FRENCH ROOF HOUSE, seven minutes irom Liberty street ferry, II rooms; all Improvements; reut *30 per month. Apply to A. M. CAPEN, 3til Broadway. rpo LET? V KINE, LARtl K THREE STORY DWEI.L J. Ing Hon**, 14) Went Twenty-tltth street; S I ,<10U : com fortable Cottages In We*t I07tli street, near Boulevard, $?0. W. It. MOROAN, 24D Bfoailway. TO LET? RENT $2,200-S10 LEXINOTON AVENUE, southwest corner ol sixty-fourth street. House, three story high stoop brown stoue . all improvements; newly Sainted an.) iruscoed; immediate possession. kevs at _o. 838; or apply to FRANCIS CRAWFORD, IWtf Tbtr'd ny. TO LET ? UN" FUR MS II EI), 121 I.EXINOTO.N AVKNI'K ; rent $i,50u per year. Inquire on the promises, from 9 A. M. until 5 1*. V., or at 235 c ast Thirtv-third strvet, of JAMES CANDLER. Possession immediately. TO LET? THE NEW BROWN STONE CORKER House, three story and hnsoment, corner of Forty third street and Rroshi place. TO LET-A (iENTEEL COTTAOE. NEAR THE PARK Eighty -fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth ave nues: nine rooms; garden. stable; all improvements; line location; all put in perfect order; *yoo. Apply on premises or a> Tl'PI'I.R A Co., Ji West street. rpo LET? UNFURNISHED (CHEAP TO THE RHiHT J. party) 117 l ast Seventy-third street, corner Lex ington avenue; will be thoroughly repaired; many others in all locations. S. FREIDENRICH A CO., <?06 and WW Third iiventin. rpo LET? HOUSE 328 EAST NINETEENTH STREET, 1 three stories, high stoop, modern improvements ; to lie put iu Kood order. Apply to 11. MERR1TT, &3 Third avenue. TO LKT-FIBST CI. ASS DWELLINO HOUSE '.19 VEST Eleventh street, to private family only; shown from 1 to 4 I*. M. For nartieulars address R. to., cure of R. A. Adams, 6ft Liberty street. rpo LET? A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE 1 in Sixty-first street, near Tenth avennu ; tlio owner would Hoard with a party hiring game. Apply to M. FOKIIAN, on the premise*. rpo LET OR LEASE? THE FIRST CLASS FOUR i story brow n stone llousc, 30 East Twenty-first street, close to Broadway; contains 20 rooms ; in good order. Apply to s. E. II ekhe RD. M Rut Fourteenth street. TO I. EASE ? FOR THREE YEARS, A DESIRABLE corner House on Lexington avenue; trescocd throughout; rem $2,200; also one in Fiftieth street, $1,330; many others, at low rents. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 986 Third avenue. rpo RENT? For it STORY brown stone HOUSE M 1. West Forty-llith street, at a low rent to n responsible tenant. DELBXNY A COULTER, 914 sixth avenue. mo RENT? A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN 1 stone trout (modern), at llarlom, for $1,200. Apply to J. W. CODE,""!, Jr., 10$ itroalway, rooms 15 mil Hi. rpo RENT? UNFURNISHED, THE DES1RABLB 1 three story high stoop House <H Amity street; will bo rented low to a good tenant. Apply to Messrs. MrLKOI) A H EM M EY, 729 Broadway, or to li. H. LUDLOW, No. 3 Pine street or East Seveuiaenth street. rpo RENT OR FOR SALE? A THREE STORY HItill A stoop brown stone House, 13 room*; all Improve ments. Inquire ot the owner, on premises, 1,109 Second avenue. I TN FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. J West 19th st., between 9th anil lOili a vs., 4 story. $1,300 West 1st h st., between nth and 9th avs, 3su>ry 1,700 West 34th st., between 9th and 10th avs., 3 story 1,200 West 3ftth st., between 7lh and 8th a vs. , 3 story 1,11.0 West 38th St., between 7th an, I 8th avs., 1 story 1,8>0 \V est list st, between 6th anil 7th avi.. 4 story 1,300 West 4; th st., b. *t ween 7tli and 8th avs., 3 story 1,100 West lftth st., between sth and 9th avs., French Hat. WO Also some parts ol houses. J, DEN HAM A CO., 266 West Twenty-third street L7TII STREET. -TO LET, UNFURNISHED, A THREE I story brlek House, near Union square, to a private family oniy. A|iply at 101 East Seventeenth street, irotii 2 to 4 only. OJTIl STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE? FOUR wt story high stoop, 20 rooms; thorough order through out others. Holmes bros, 46 and is East Twenty-third street 2 -Til STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE? DESIIf ? 1 able three story brown stone House, in perieet order. Large number'of others. HOLMES bros., 4iiand 46 East Twenty-third street. QftTIl STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE ? FIRST ij") class three story House; very choice; perfect order; others. HOLMES BROTHERS, 4$ and 48 Eaat Twenty-third st. ^nn -T,> LKT' IN IRVING place, near ?P^i??JUU. Sixteenth street, a large lour story und busetnent high stoop House, in good order. ti. NAOLE, 149 Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth ^t. BO RAA ?TO LET, ON TWELFTH STREET, NEAR Filth avenue, a large llrst class high stoop brown stone House suitable for a private family or first class private bourding house. O. NAOLE, 149 Fourth avenue. FLllNIgllHl) itOO.lI.-i AND APAliTMKNl'S l'<? LKT. A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET? Was occupied by a doctor for three years; will h? rented separately or together; to bo occupied mi the 1st nt May. Inquire at 3n.? East Tenth street, in the base ment, opposite Tompkins Park. A SECOND STORY BACK AND THIRD STORY front Room to let, furnished, West Thirteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues; private lamily; no moving ; $s and (ID per week; gut. Iiuth, Jt e. Address W. 11. box 112 station A. A PLEASANT SECOND STORY ROOM, BKAUTI fully lurnlshed, to let. wlitiont board; lionise private ; hot ami told water : bath adjoining : eon venlent to restaurant.". 80 West Twenty-seventh street. y? TO LET, TWO FINE FURNISHED ROOMS, WITII ? out board. or with breakfast, to gentlemen or gen tleinan ami wife; private family, residing In their own house ; tituatlon pleasant; convenient to excellent res taurants , best references given and required. 2S? West 'i wenty-flfth street. A FAMILY HAVE A SECOND FLOOR, NEWLY AND handsomely furnished, ami two nail Rooms on third floor if necessary; rooms vacant; under Improvement; references. 168 East Thirty-tilth street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR, together or separate, lor housekeeping or otherwise ; house and neighborhood first class; immediate possess ion. Inquire on premise*, 883 East Thirteenth street Reference! exchanged. i HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOM TO LKT, TO j Y gentleman and wife, or two 371 Seventh avenue. A FURNISHED FRENCH FLAT, NINE BOOMS. J\ Price $1?5 per month. BALDWIN, nil West Fifty-filth street. A 8MTINO ROOM AND BEDBOOX TO LET? FUR J\ nislted, with aver.v convenience tor housecplng, at (tiper week. 419 West Thirtieth si., near Ninth av. A ?TO LET. A SUIT OF ROOMS, HANDSOMELY J\. furnished, In a private house, to gentlemen only. 17 Ens'. Twelfth street. * PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TWO NEATLY J\. fumi-died Rooms for single gentlemen, without board; reference required. Inquire at 2tSA Fourth av. "1/ LEU ANT LY FURNISHED ROOMS. EN HI ITE OR jrJ ainglv .for gentlemen; the house has nil improve ments and the appointment* of a refined home. A pply to owner, hast twenty-third street. IjflLEOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, EN SUITE* OB J (-ingle; all Improvements; no moving; small private family; best references; positively to gentlemen only. 117 Twenty-sixth street, between Fourth aiu Lexington avenues. IjMKST FLOOR TO LET? E1UHT ROOMS, WITH 1 all conveniences; rent $8S. ti<i West Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth hvcimics. ITUBNISHBD ROOMS To LET? WITHOUT BOARD, 1 at 17 East Twenty-first street. IpUBNISIIED ROOMS FOR FAMILIES OR OENTLE 1 men at 102 East Fourteenth street, opposite Steinwuy Hall. Very pleasant Booms, newly furnished, at mode rate prices. 1/1UKMSHED ROOMS TO LEI? TO OENTLEMEN. AP r ply at 'si Norfolk street, a few doors from Grand. Terms mod' rate. OPPOSITE ST. JAMES. IN TWENTY-SIXTH street.? House entirely renovated and all lurnish Intrs new and handsome : parlor tloor, with extension and private hath; suit of three rooms on third tloor ; lor gen tlemen only. 17 West Twenty-sixth strei u PLEASANT SUMMBB BOOM, NICBLY FUBNI8HED, to let, to one or two gentlemen; conveniences on floor; house suitable lor gentlemen o* i|tliet habits. No. 33 West Tenth street. SUITS OK TIIKEE OR FOUR ROOMS CHEAP ? t2?i ! and Ms We-t Fortieth street; water In all apart ment- . parties moving in now pav rent iroiu 1st of May. Housekeeper on premises. j C!'!TS OF THREE ROOMS CHBAP -NEW BOMBS j Twenty -seventh street. Seventh and Eighth avenue*; water in apartment*; parties moving m now pay rent I Ma 1st ot May. Housekeeper on premises. O LET-A NEATLY FURNISHED FRONT HALL Bedroom, to gentlemen only . 37 per inontli. 301 West Thirty-first street. TO BBNT -A SUIT OF FUBNISHKD ROOMS, TO A partv of gentlemen, or would rent singly it desired. Apply at 131 W< -t sixteenth street. 1M) LET? A NEWLY FURNISHED FBONT ROOM, ON first tloor, tor two gentlemen, at (Ti a week, gas in Clnded ; horn- private. 6s West Washington place. TO LET? WITHOUT HOARD, TO ONE OR TWO OF.N tlenisa. a nicely furnished front Room, at lfil West Thirty-sixth street; private family; references required. QQ EAST TWENTY -SECOND STREET, NEAR Broadway.? To let. Parlor and Hcdreom on secutid floor, elegantly furnished, to gentlemen, without board. f A WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET. NEAR 'T'x Madison square. ? A pleasant, well tarnished Ihk k Parlor, also de?ir?ble front Room to let, wittvout board, to gctitlemvu onlv. ri\ EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET ? syl' ARE ?)" Room, second floor, and one en third door, both nea'.lv furnished, without board; modern Improvements; location central and respectable; references exchanged. oil fNlvKitsiTV plate, NEAR FOCBTBBNTB O" street.? To let, a handsome Suit of Roraa*. newly rtirnlilied, to gentlemen, without board; also a very nice single Htjdroom; family private ; references exchanged. ?>/?-) WEST FORTIETH ITRBBT.-A HALL IBB *i*)0 roi in to let, with privilege of narlor. and piano on the first floor, to gentlemen who arc engaged during the day; references exchanged. ibid WEST TWENTY- FIFTH STREET ? VERY ?>' 'U cheap: four nicely furnished Rooms on the sve line, al?o single Room, tor light housekeeping; every j convenience; sitv-lc Rooms for gentlemen. Oil NINTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVRNl'E, ! ? Vt L private bouse. ? To let, a furnished Room, to one or two R'<ntlem<'nor a respectable married coup'e lor housekeeping. 1 I |(\ BROADWAY. NEAR TWENTY-SB V E NTH ! l.L'x'-' street.? Handsomely fnrnisbeil First Floor, j over store, and other Rooms to lot for business or dweli . I1W. uo moving ill Mav. Apply uu premises, iwfirivisiiko room* a wo apart MK\T? TO LBT. A? SPLENDID FLOORS TO LET, IN THOKK FIRST ? rliu houses 20 anil 22 Went Fourth street. near Broadway; also Floor*, Stores and Apartments in the vicinity of Thompson, Amity, Bieeeker, SprliiK and Broome streets. Apply at 14K Bleecker street, near ihoBpiM street. A THIRD FLOOR TO LET? TO A SMALL FAMILY of adnits; three rooms. 325 West FUtMQlb street A FIRST CI?ASS, UNFURNISHED SECOND FLOOR to rent, liy private fauiily, at 31 West Sixteenth street, he t ween Filth and Sixth avenues; Urge and pleaaant rooms, with bathroom. Avert nice parlob floor, with basement, to let; All modern improvements and tine locatiou, at 206 Mat Kiiieeiii li street, near Third avenue. A -TO LET, FRENCH FLATS OF SEVEN AND NINE ? rooms; all light ; elevated oven ranges, stationary tubs, elevator, Ac.; finished first class; tine neighbor hood. FRANi is ( It AWFiiRD, Wit) Third avenue. A FIRST FLOOR OVER STORE 4S3 KIOIITH AVE nuo to let? Five rooms decorated, besides bathroom, range, hot and cold water, w&tercloset, gas, chaudcllcrs anil fixture*, separate uieter, Ac. S. KMBhU.sON, 660 SiMli avenue, near Thirty -eighth street. A SPLENDID FIRST FLOOR, 65 FEET DEEP, AT K2D Sixth avenue, to a respectable tamilv; has all mixlern improvements; would lie let tor genteel business purposes. Apply IB the limey store A -TO LBT. THE I I'I'ER oil LoWEIl PART OF . house 115 Waverley place, to a private family. Ap ply on the premises. \ private FAMILY, in A PLBASANT LOCATION "A. in the Ninth wart, will let, unfurnished. Part ot the Second and Third Stories to a small Amerii an luuilly ; gnu In every room. For particulars uddrcs* AMERI CANS, box 152 Herald oltice. A- oEXTLEMan OCCUPYING A Nr.u THBBB J\- storv brow u stone house, in tlrst class order nu.i lo cation, will let the Third Floor to a select laiullv ot two or three; rent $U>. Aildre-s D. B. A., Herald otlice ? TO LBT, FLOORS IN I'liK NEW BROWN stunk ? building 4.'2 Wist Nineteenth street, containing eigiit rooms each, imluling range, boiler, bathroom and every other coiiveuieucu. Apply at ill) West Mucteeutli M l eet. L"1 AST SIDE, UP TOWN? TO LET OR LBA8B, A Ej tramo House, consisting of seven apartments; also ?table ioob tor two horses, room and hay loft, situated on two lots; rent low to a good tenant Please call ou the premises, In Seventy lit tli street, UK) leet east of avenue A, or address EAST SIDE, box 177 Herald ofllce. J1LATS TO LET? ALL IMPROVEMENTS; SIX BROWN stone Houses, all new, to choice families; rent $35 to $:*i. Inquire on the premises, 41J West Filly -tilth, street, near Central Park. rpo LET -SECOND STORY, TIIREK ROOMS, AND I two Rooms In the third story, 856 West Twenty-sec ond street, to a small tamilv 'ot udults; possession April 16. Apply at :I7 University place. rpo LKT? 25 WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR J St. Janios Hotel, In the rear oi Trinity chapel, hand some Second Floor, with Carpets; rent $125 per month. rpo LET? IN A DESIRABLE COTTAGE, 445 WEST I Nineteenth street, live Rooms anil Pantry on sccoml iloor ; entrance entirely separate. Can be seen irotu 2 to 5 I'. M. Inquire at 407 West Nineteenth street. rpo LET? FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENTS, TN NORTH 1 Moore street, near Hudson. Apply to P. SlIEAUAN, 286 West street. rpo LET? THE BASEMENT OF 137 SECOND AVENUE, 1 consisting of three niee rooms and kitchen ; all im provements; local ion desirable. Inquire on upper floor. rpo LET? A SUIT OF ROOMS, IN THE FIRST CLASS 1 French Mat house 113 East Thirty-Unit street, near Fourth avenue; two parlors, dining room, kitchen, in ii m< I ry unit four bedrooms, with nil the Improvements; janitor on the premises; seen between 11 and 1 o'clock; rent *1 15 per mouth. rpo LET? HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR; THREE L rooms; hot and cold water; liath; rent 94(1 per month. No. 3 Warren place, Charles street. rpo LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND 1. Floor and two Rooms on third floor Clour rooms) of house 143 East Thirty-third street; rent $360. rpo LET? UNFURNISHED. SECOND FLOOR OF A J private house, occupied bv the owner, to a small family of adults. 75 East Fourth street. rpo LBT? SECOND AND PART OF THIRD FLOOR 320 J West Thirty-first street, consisting oi live rooms and bathroom ; rent $G0t) a year. Apply on premises. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR OF PRIVATE HOUSE 23 \\ est Twi ltth street, ueni 1'itth avenue; live rooms, with all modern improvement; to a small family of adnlts. Inquire of owner, on premises. Kent $80 per month, including mas. rpo LET-THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE 129 CLIN 1 ton place (Eighth street), consisting of front anil buek KaM iuents, Parlor storv and Room in attic. Inquire on the premises. rpo LET? A SUIT OF ELEGANTLY FURNISHED J Rooms en second Iloor of house No. 231 East Eleventh street Inquire ot J. KELLER, 61 si. Mark's place. TO LET-THE UPPER PART OF A SMALL HOUSE in seventeenth street, between Seventh and Kighth avenues; four rooms, ens and water; $30. Apply at Ji<6 West Nineteenth street. rpo LET UNFURNISHED? TO A PRIVATE FAMILY, L four Rooms and Bathroom, in a genteel private dwel ling. No. 4 Varick place oulliviiu street, near Hlccekcr). rpo LET? FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT IN FIRST I class house. Lexington avenue, near Sixtieth street t 7 rooms; ail improvements; $45 per month. Inquire at H77 Third avenue, comer Fifty llnril street rpo LET? THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE PRIVATE 1 House 3.15 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth ami Ninth avenues, to a snull tamilv, without children; rent $40 a month. Apply trem B to 12 o'clock. To LBT? SECOND FLOOR, THREE ROOMS, UNFUR nix hod, to a small American family of adults; loca tion central; rent $40 per month; hath and gas. 110 East Eleventh street, near Fourth avenue. To LET? FRONT AND BACK PARLORS, WITH EX tension nnd front Basement, 66 Macdougat street. Apply irom in A. M until 6 P. M. riK) LET? TWO ELEGANT PAREOR8. NO. 2 NEIL J son place, between Waverley place unsl Went Eighth street, one block trnm Broadway. TO LET? UPPER PART of thrbb story brown Htnne House . modern Improvements, 25 East street; rent $30 per month. TO LET? A SUIT OP UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS; suitable tor a small family ol adults. Inquire at 41 Lexington avenue, between tO i ir.d 3 o'clock only. TO LET? P BENCH FLATS, IN St' ITS OF ROOMS frotn 930 to $70 a month. Look at tliem in Seventy ninth street, east ol second avenue. Owner there all day. mo LET-UPPEE PART OK PRIVATE House, 881 1 East Forty-rdnth street: three nice rooms; to u party of two or three only; rent very icusoiLable; pro prietor o?ly liwiiiw In house. rpi i LET? AT 917 THIRD AVENUE, A NUMBER OK I choice French l ints, six to nine rooms, from $.'10 to $75 iiiid *sv, also Floors, at $25. $28, $:( i ami $85, six rooms, al o Houses from $H'. $550. *r>o,). $7 a), $l,ftn and up to $l,Nti); tarnished, $2,000; also one where owner would board with ft suitable tenant. JAMES HOWE. rpo I. KT? SECOND FLOOR, TO A SMALL FAMILY OF J ailulis; all modern improvements; rent $50 Refer ences given and required. 100 West Twentieth itrcet. rpo LET? UPPER PART OF HOUSE, WITH OWNKR; 1 suitable for a small family : Anierieuns preferred. Call at 140 East. Forty-flfth st., between lo and 2 o'clock. TO LET-LOWER PART OF HOUSE 117 WEST KORTY flrst street, near Reservoir square; locution first class; rent $45 [icr innatli. rirr LET? SECOND FLOOR OF IIIOH STOOP Blth'K j 1 House, consisting of throe rooms, plenty of closet i room, bath and gas. Also front and back Parlor, fur- i ni-hed, to a gentleman and wife, or te- a physician. Ap- 1 ply to G. BOL.LET, 188 Allen street, in buscmciit. rpo LET? ONE FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT OK ! I n large house laid out in flats ; consists of 10 rooms, I nil lighted ; Also the top floor, 8 rooms, with all the latest improvements an each Hour. Apuly to owner, 23U West Forty uinth street. TO LET? 10 EAST SEVENTY-THIRD STREET, NEAR Lexington avenue, second Floor, containing three rooms, and If needed one large room on third, near the Park ; good neighborhood; rent reasonable. TO LET? THIRD FLOOR OF BROWN STONE HO L SI ] 313 West Thirty-sixth street; lour rooms; rent $45 ] per month. Apply on premises. TO LET ? $46? KIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT, 6 i rooms, gas, bathroom, range and ever* housekeeping ] Convenience, in first class house. OWNER, 31 Nassau street, rootu 25. TO LET? SECOND FLOOR. FRENCH FLAT, SEVEN room*; all Improvements; 2lii Kast Korty-ttith xtreeV Also lour Rooms 141 East Twelfth street, corner of Third avenue. H. M. COND1T, 13S) EaM Twelfth street. TO LET CHEAP ? TO A SMALL FAMILY, A FLOOR of six rooms, private house. Fifteenth street, nenj Sixth aveuue. Apply to P. S11EAHAN, 2.H?> West street. TO RENT? TO A SHALL FAMILY, A FLOOR, WITH all improvements; rent $65; reference^ required. 235 East Fourteenth street, between Second and Third avs Third floor, consisting ok four rooms, to rent, to small family without children, in house ?*i Third street, between Kirst and Second avenues; imme diate possession it desired Inquire on premises. ?\TERT DESIRABLE FLOORS TO "LET-ON "SIXTH V avenue : good localltv and moderate priced houses. HOFFMAN COB URN A CO.. 802 sixth avenue. fT ROOMS ON TUIRD FLOOR AND BEDROOM IN ?/ In the attic of house 21 West Thirteenth street, near rifth avenue. toasBiall fnniily of adults; rent $:tf per month. Apply at tw Carmine street, in ertlce ul Mr. MIL DhHr. RlfJSK* 9')') I.EXINIJTON WEN IB.? I' ART UK A IKH.-K to a small ram 11 v, all improvements, with pri vate family ; rent reatoiJOile. Call of address COLES, tiv a 53 Poet office. XV AVTED TO PtKtHlsE V COPPER STUX WANTBB>? CAPACITY FROM 300 tut'iiio rallon*. Address, with particulars, G., bux 4. IM Post t.ttli e. "Wanted? two flub boilers; good; about v? 4 leet In diameter; capacity together from 8o to 100 horse power. Address, giving description and price, alsu when and where can be seen, box ?,125 Post office. DKMTI9T BY. t B1 DUTIFUL si r OP TROTH, $8 ?. SINGLE ?i, JV warranted; Plumper*, for hollow chvvks, impurt Ing youthful appearance ; extra (ting, with gas, B0 cents ; Stiver Idling*. M cents. M Sixth avenue. Remember 2112. C ,| WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, FIVE DOORS ? )-r east of Slxd avenue ? Sets, $|0; simile Teeth $1 ? cold, silver and other Killing, $l upwufd. Laughing gas administered. e Dr. tlASsKi ClttAns \%lt TOBACCO. F1SPANOLAS ov HAVANA TOBACCO, EQUAL TO i gcnuini' In e'|ipcuriiut'c and quality, at $ii.i i>er thous and ; also tliu iviclirntfd * " v% lull" Pane tela*, T. J. RAYBER 4 CO.. 00 Matdsu Uac. HOrstKH, WAITED. In iHiit City ttud Brooklyn. Astrrror vive rooms, with kitchen, bath ? i>J servants' rooms, furnished or unturuljh<'<la wanted Addren A. j RoUli, 827 Broadway. \ NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE (AMERICAN) WANT JY Parlor, Bedroom and Kitchen, within W mill nt<-4" walk or Sixteenth street and Irving plane. Address P. A , St. James Hotel, Twenty sixth street and Broadway. A-WANTED-FOR A FAMILY O F THREE, AN HN . furnished Cottage or Suit of Rooms In Harlem ; 11111*1 be dciitrubie and moderate reut Address AM LIU CAN, .station U AIIIOUU RESPECTABLE LADY WISHES Tf? tutu? a turn ts lied llou-? in a good location; wlier? flie rent willl*' partly paid with Board, with privilege >1 other boarder*. Aidrtaa II., box 174 Herald Uptowia branch office. ijKM'K UNFURNISHED ROOMS WANTED? KOK light hoiwefceeplng; uptown; rent moderate refer ence* exchanged. Address W. H., box l,ld? Po?t otlice PPMBW?ltl) ROOM. IWUfl FF.F.T SQUAB E \T r least, wanted, permanently, by a young man, at about $IS a month, in rather private house, within u-i* blocks of Cooiwr Institute ; wishes lounge :?* bed, us.' o? bath grate, go#, Ac ; situs secular solus Sundays. Ad dress <i RATTAN, box U3 Herald office. UAHLEM, NEAR BOAT I.A N DING -WA NTED, HV A " gentleman and wlte, nnturnished Floor, in a priva a house; lias and water. Address C. P. K., box New York Po?? otllee. NEAT PARTIES. GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, \V\NT Second Floor (lour rooms, carpeted), for h?ni*etieep. Inn'; good, central neighborhood itud modern house. Ad dn -- with lull Particulars, N K U N KS.i, HeraM i>4llce. Ur ANTED? IMMEDIATELY, A WHOLE FLOOR furnished? that Is, parlor, bedroom, bathroom and w.tter cioset -a* near Twunty tlrH street nnd Fifth ave nue as possible Address J. F. L? Union Club, cornor Fifth avenue and Twenty-first street WANTED? TO RENT, LOW, OR PURCHASE (PRE fer fonneri, by a siniill family of adults, a couwort able Dwelling ; locality, Lexington avenue, Oraiuerey I'ark or .-tuwesant square , would Uitv if a bargain. Ad dress, by letter only, M. 1)A LI ON, 2ti# West 1 wcnty-soc oud street. WANTED? BY \ LADY AND ADI'LT SON, TWO ON famished Rooms tor light housekeeping; fctrum n it to exceed ili per uiontli. Address 11., I'U East Four teenth street. \\r ANTED? AT llARLI.H. WITHIN' I'EN MINIITEet tt of either steamboat landing, in gontool neighbor hood, a Flat or l'art ot house, with nil modern Improve ments, by a quiet family, consisting of gentleman, wit? nnd three children, eldest aged live years. Address witli lull particulars ENGRAVER, 'Jt Ltirclay strei> AIT ANTED? A FURNISHED HOUSE, IS A GOOD LO tt cation, wile re the owner will roccive Bmtrd ad an equivalent for rent, with privilege, of other boarders. Address K-, box 111 Herald office. TITANTED? BY A FAMILY OF FOUR ADULTS, A t T small Home or French Flat in a good neighbor hood ; rent must bo low, Add res* li. \V., box. ljJ Herald office. "WANTED? IIY A LADY, A RECEPTION ROOK tt or a pleasiuit and v-iell furnished room, not higher up than ope flight ; location between Fourth ami Sixth avenues and Fourteenth ami Thirty-lour I streets; best references given iinibieqinred. Aldre<vs E. L. 11., II. r il l Uptown llruuch office. Ur ANTED? A Fl'IlN ISHED ROOM, FOR A GENTLE man and wife, above f weniy-tln rd street Addre? E., box 133 Herald Uptown llmtuii otllee. WkNTED? A HOUSE, ON A LEASE, THREE OB more years, furnished. ?r partly so, in n good loca tion. Address or apply to I).. 3(1 Ens. Twenty first street. WANTED- by A FOREIGN HOUSE, who HAVE V f an agency in this city, tlu' rear halt or a portion of a th-st flo?r siore in Maiden Lane or John ltte?l or Hroudway, lit tween Canal iindSpring -t.s., or str?e:s ad. a ?ent. Address- W., care of /.iuuiicrman A Well, 87 Prince ?t W ANTED- MY V SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A NICELY V? liiriilslu d Hall Room, with running water , house must be first class; location- between Twentieth and Tlurty-tonrth street*. Address A U., Herald Uptown Hranch office. "WANTED? EIHST FLOOR, U.N FURNISH KD, SUIT. *T able for a physician and In u resueciablo locality, between Thirty eighth and Twenty-third streets and Seventh and Lexituton avenues. Address, with terms, M. D., ins Fourth avenue. \\' ANf'ED IMMi DIATKLY HY A PHYSICIAN, TT three or four Rooms, tor light housekeeping, ami Dltice, unlXiriilshed, between Twenty-fourth and thirty fourth stroets nnd Sixth and Lexington avenues. Highest references given and required. Call on or address for three days. Dr. F. B. H., 12A Rust Eighteenth street. WANTED? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRE TO tt rent a medium sized House, fully and well fur nished, lor one *e*r from May 1st; location between Is-x ington and Sixth avenues and Thirtieth nnd Flftie'a streets. Address, with description uud price, box J, ml Post office. "WANTED? A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM IN THE tt house of u respectable family ; location Second ave nue to Hioudwny, Third street to Eighth. Addreus, stat ing location atnf price, EVERETT, 3U7 Bowery. \4, 'ANTED IN BROOKLYN. -A SMALL FAMILY DE 11 sire to rent a medtum-sUed Dwelling; rent mode rate ?. not too far front ferries. References given. Ad dress, with particulars, P. F , box S,20n Post office. N. Y. WANTED TO LEASE? A NICE, COMPLETELY FUR. tt nished House, three or tour story, high stoop, be tween Eighteenth, and Thirtieth streets, Lexington and Seventh avenues. Address, with price and particulars (no others will be noticed), A. E., box 124 Herald office. "WANTED TO RENT-BY A PRIVATE FAMILY. A tt well inruished three slorv House, from June I ; to be located in a respectable neighlxirhooJ, between Four teenth and Thixtletb streets and Eightn and Thir l avs.; rent not over $2.SU0 a yeur. State terms and location, ad dressing s. a.. Herald office. (JjO TO $14? A GENTLEMAN, OF GOOD IlABITS, vO will pay this nmtMint per month for a furnished Room, located between Tenth and Thlrtv-loiirth streets, Lexington ami Sixth avenues. Address, with full par ticulars, ATLANTIC, Herald Uptown Branch office. FDH1I1TURB. A ? STORAOE. i\. STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, M T R Bf > RS, PAINTINGS* Ac. : ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGOXS, ,*r.. at the NKW FIRST CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expressly lor the purpose, 101 TO 114 EAST THIRTY-SECOND hl'RKET, NEAR FOURTH AVKXUE. TRUNKS, CASES and other PACKAGES containing article* oi EXTRA VALUE cun be stor"& with SAI ETY at low rated. Persons i'?n torward their good* imm any part of EUR! >!?!?: tr AMERICA direct to this \s arehouse. THE PlIHLir In invited to examine the superior nr cmnmodiutlunx, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., wiiirti tin* warehouse possesses over all other*. JOHN H. MORRELL, Owner and Proprietor. * M AQNinO 8NT ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHO LI> JY Furniture for vale at a sacrifice: sii|orh Draoinic Room cull's covered silk brocade, ruit $.r;iw, i ir $21)0; do., $1.10; do., jlii; Piaootorte, Paintings, Bronzes. Mirror*, Carpets, rosewood, walnut t'baoiber Furniture. Mat tresses, Exiensiou Table, B'lifet, Silverware, Linen. Glass ware, I'lilnaw are; property family leaving city. M Went 15th st , nenr 5th av. A ? NOTICE.? 1' ARTIES IN WANi OF FIRST CLAM 71 ? HonsehoUl Furniture, all ui.ida to order, Parlor Mitts, in satin, cost STCJ. fur $273; brocatel Suits. J1?*) . rep. suits #.V): Bedroom Suits, $j:> upwards; Carpet, &o>-. pet vard; Tables, Mirrors, Bullet, Extension Tallies, Silver., Cutlery, China Ware, leM than half coat, at private turn o 12(1 West 2*1 ?t, near litli av. V H.? "'4 octave Pianoforte, cost $1 ,1*1 1, for $27 S. A FART Y WILL Bl'Y FOR CASH GOOD SECOND* hand Furniture tor a three or lour story bouse, anil will rent a house . Address D. II., box 14U llerald'oHloe. ATA OBEAT SACRIFICE IF CALL THIS DAY, \ r J\ private residence IIS West Eiglih street (Clinton Uace), between Fltth and Sixth avenues.? MaMiitieent latest style rarlor suit, hearty new, cost $57.\ tor #173; one do. lor $ir>J: brocatel and rep Suits, $7fl and ?r>0; rose, wooil and walnut Chamber Suits, $x> ui> . velvet Hrussela Carpets, 50c. up : Flanolorte, Paintings, Mlrrers, Curtain*. Buffet. Extension Table, Silverware, ,te? for any reason able oner. ('ail before purchasing elsewhere. Cut Oil* out A ?NOTICE.- PRIVATE FAMILY LEAVING THE JV? city will sell the entire elegant Hi tsdioid Purnl lure quarter original cost, part or whole, stilt purchaser;. Parlor* Suite, satin and brocatel. Chamber Suits, in ri ps; magnificent rosewood 7't octave Pianoforte, 00M *'.<75, for 5.J75; Library, Dining i-iirnlture; rosewood, walnut Chamber Sets, handsome Bronzes, Oil Pointings ..Carpets, Bedding, Ornaments, Ac. < 'all at private residence M West Twenty first street, near Seventh avenue. \ MANTEL MIRROR AND PIEB GLASS FOR SALE J\. cheap ; also soma Furniture. Apply at 20S East Ttlrtlcth street _____ C CARPETS, I Furniture, Beds. Bedding, Jkc. Payment* taken bjt the week or month. Term* ea?y. KEuyico., corner efTwi'ntv-flfth street an J. sixth avenue. flOR S A IE? A HANDSOME SUIT OF WALNUT FUR njturi' in *ray rep at a sacrifice, it applied foe to-day. LH Wuat Twelfth street. TTt OR SALE CHEAP? PARTIES LEAVING THE CITY r all the mrnttnrr, Car puts aud, lloasekeepipic Article* of 224 South Ninth street, , Pfooklvtfc K, D; In ?o im .Vn PC*"""t'S ?f "l J! ' Vl" A It M st'ko NO /mmid siirmn hasp and misfit carpets a \T specLivlH All -Izes English Brussels aid Ingrain for sale cheap at 112 FuJtoii ?tr?.?t, corner of Dutoh. Entrant** bi Dutch street. I OOB AT THIS ? PARLOR SUITS, < O0T an, FOR, J $ 1 23 ; rep S'lite. cost S75, $33; HertjotitB Suits, e?st t|,xi ti.rf7n, and :*??? lots of tlr't class Furniture lor leaa, than half cost, a I private residence W Mes? 26th at. House In let. ______ ______ Monthly or weekly payments.? carpet* Furniture, Bedding. Ac. _ DEALT A OV.VVLNjURAJt 3Maad 3Witiira avenue, near rw*nty-?junuu;r<wc. Prices iwwer tnauanv otnur nous" 11 tne city. . PRIVATE PARTIES DESIRING To DISPOSE OP* their Furniture an meet w'.th a civil 1 punhiiser l?jf atiiirc^iu^ b. H. ? Post olllce. AITEEK.I.Y AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR IfUR. vv aiture, '.'acpets an<l UedJing, at B. M. OOWrEIU TMWAU A ? (i.'S 155 and 1M Ckatbata, sUeet A? I mmense stock and low prte'es. MARBLE MAWWIB. 4 KLABER, STK V\l MARBLE AND M VRRLEIZVNU XV? Work)., l.'H ami IN Kast KlghteeKllt str'ft ? Xarhla and Marble tied Mantels. Tllini/, Mar We Counters Menu. menu, at pricoeUvatdety competition. Marble Tarniwic tor tne trade. N ASSORTMENT OF MANTELS, FNSUKPASSKl* tor beunty ot ih sign and quaiity of workinatMliitw i slate Work ot all kinds a specialty. , PKNRHYK SLATE COMPANY. Fourth avenue anil Seventeenth street, Uuion square. OTEWAIIT S SLATE MANTELS.? RICH AND hLK I ^ L'antdi'slgns, Slate Works ot every description; Mar 1 ble and Mantels. T B STEW vBT I Co., ?6) awl 2^2 West Twanly-thtrd streou near Seventh avenue. N Y. LJ ELASER A CO.. STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLE I O. I zing Works, m West Fitly (Irst street, betw ?"'? Broad wav and Litfhth avouue ? Marule, utarblei4ed Man j teis, M .numents Hi-adsioues; largo #oleettiuu at vecw 1 low vrk?? A

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