Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. A332v . . NEW~~ y0RK FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1878.-TR1FLE SHEET. PRIClT FOUR 'OENTsI DIRECTORY IH WKftlNEBS. AMUSEMENTS ? Ninth Page? Fourth, firth tad sixth column*. ASTROLOGY? Second Page? Sixth. column. MILLIARDS? Twelfth 1'age? Sixjb column. BOARDEBS WANTED? 8uo?u Put- Filth and sixth column*. BOARD AND LODOIXQ WANTED? 8ecoitd Page? Sixth column. BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOB BALE? Second Pagb? Second column. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES? Nikth PAC?-Third col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES ? S?vr.jTn Pact.? Sixth column. CIGARS ANO TOBACCO? First Page? Sixth column. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-Second PAttB-Pirst and MCond column*. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Eleventh Pagb? Fourth column. CLOTHING? Ninth Pagb?' Third column. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? Eutditd Fage? Fourth and filth column*. COAL AND WOOD? Fikst Pagb? 8ixth column. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS ? Eigutu PAGE-Fifth and sixth columns. C0PARTNEK.SUIP8? Firrn Pag*? Fifth column. COUNTRY BOARD ? Second Pagb? Sixth column. DENTISTRY? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. DRY GOODS? Pirst Pagb? Sixth column. DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Twelfth Paob? Second and third column*. EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Eighth Pagx? Fifth column. EUROPE? First Pack? Sixth column. FINANCIAL? Firm Page? Filth column. FOR SALE ? First Pack? Filth and sixth column*. FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS 10 LET? Twelfth Pace? Third column. FURNITURB? Kigiitu Pace? sixth column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS ? Eleventh Pace? Sixth column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? ELBTBim P ACS? Third column. HELP WANTED? MALES? Elbvnnth Pact? Sixth col umn. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC.-Fibst PAca-Sccond, third, tourlh and tilth columns. HOTELS? Second Page? Sixth column. _ HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTED ? Twelfth Page? Fourth column. JERSEY CITY. HOBOICEN, HUDSON CITT AND BER GEN REAL ESTATE FOR SALB? Second Pao? Third column. LECTURE 8EASON? Ninth Paob? Third column. LEGAL NOTICES? Twelfth Page? Kourih column. LOaN OFFICES? Eionni Pacw? Fourth ooumn. LOST AND FOUND? Fibs* Paob? Kirst column. MACHINERY? Fibst Page? Sixth column. MARHI.E MANTELS ? First Page? Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL-Fibst P agn? Sixth column. MEDICAL ? Second Page ? sixth column. MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKING? Fibs* Paob? Sixth MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Tenth Page? Sixth column. _ _ .. , _ MISCELLANEOUS? 8*eoirn Pasb? Sixth colomn. MU8ICAL? Ninth Pagb? Third column. personal-fib** page? Fim column. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Ninth PAG?-Fourth PRO POS Alls? Twiarrn Page? Fifth and sixth column*. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS WANTED ? FEMALES? Ei.rvkntii Page? Thin! column. PROPERTY OUT OF TUB CITY FOB SALE OB TO BENT ? Second Page? Thiru and fourth columns. BEAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE? Second Paob? Fourth and tilth column*. BEAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pagb? Filth column. RELIGIOUS NOTICES? First Page? Sixth column. REWARDS? First Page? First column. SALES AT AUCTION? Ninth Paob? First, second and third columns. _ _ _ SITUATIONS WANTED ? FEMALES ? Eleventh Page? First, second and third columns. SITUATIONS WANTED? MALES? Elbtbnth Page? Third and fourth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? Fibst Pagb? First and second col umns. SPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.? Fibs* Paob? Second column. STALLIONS? First Page? Second column. SUMMER RESORTS? Second Pack? Sixth column. THE TRADE'S? Eleventh Page? Sixth column. THE TURF? Fibs* Page? Second column. TO LET FOR BU8INBS8 PURPOSES? Twelfth Pacb First acd second columns. TRAVELLE RS' GUIDE? Eighth Paob? Sixth column. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? TwKLrrn Pagb? Third and fourth columns. WANTED TO PURCHASE? Eighth Page? Sixth column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALB OR TO LET? Second Pagb? Second and third columns. YACHTS, STEAMBOATS, AC.? Fibst I'AGB-Sixih col umn. HEBAIiD BRANCH OKFICE-IPTOWH. ADVERTISEMENTS FOB TUE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICB, 1,268 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN ThIrTY-FIBST AND THIRTY. SECOND STRBBTa ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FBOM SAM. FILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE BATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. FAKIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YORK HERALD. ^|ESSR8. KBEMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, 1IAVE BEEN APPOINTED PABIS AGENTS FOB THB NEW YORK UEBALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL ERS WITH COPIES OF THE HBBALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBEB8 OF THIS PAPEB TO PABT1ES REQUIRING THEM. PKIlfiONAIi. Allkn-mket me at tiib club on Saturday, at a P. M. ALLEN. ALPHONSB-DONT FAIL, AS Ton REQUR8TBD, TO meet mo at the Argyle Hutlnce to-morrow. FROU-FROU. N. MATHEWS WILL LBAItN OK SOMETHING )? to bis advantage by calling to-day at 338 Broadway. Leave city to-morrow P. M. H. H. Disappeared from her home? on raturday morning. April i, suffering, it U reared, under tempo rary aberration of mind, Mr*. E. Reardsley. She is of feir, cleor complexion, gray eyes. mixed gray hair, quite thia ; height about A leet 2 laches, slightly bnlit; age be tween 46 and SU ; qalet-mannen-d and low-voiced ; dressed In black. Aav information regarding tier will be thank fully received and liberally rewarded by her afflicted friend*. 216 South Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. D. BVA.-TO-DAY AT U O'CLOCK. UNCLB TOM. FRIEND? IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE VOU AT HOTBL TO day. Write again next week. NELLIE. C1BORGE JACOBS IS REQUESTED TO CALL 1MMB J dlately at 136 Went Thirty-fourth street. Handsome lady, with vELYfer~8ASQUB and dress, six o'clock Wednesday evening; Sixth ?venue car from near Thirty-eighth street to West Fourth street; through Cornelia to restaurant in Blcecker street ; tbe gentleman who sat diagonally apposite and admired, whom she noticed, would like very "inch her address, which she may send to BLACK O LOVES, Herald office. INFuUMATlON WANTEn? OP WILLIAM HOWARD, tbe owner ol two city lots in Toledo. Ohio, purchased ?f Gorge Hull in l?63; $10 reward for the desired Infor mation. Address J. I. BRAGG, 22 Desbrosscs street, New York. 1 ""INFORMATION WANTED-OF CHARLES KENTZIN ger : when last heard from was living in New York. Aay Iniormatlon concerning him will he thankfully re ceived by Mathles Rafrel, 162 Prince street. ? W1LL"WAIT PROM I O'CLOCK SHARP. L P. PLEASE, MOTHER, COMB HOME; I HAVE GOOD news trom the Wost EMMA B. THE PARTY WHO TOOK THE BREASTPIN ON LAST STSS!S*?.wlH P|C,,8C l? ?0 Miss MA V ?OORB, West Thirty-first street VENDS? PR1DAY AT 3, SATURDAY II. ~~ JUPITER W? WILLIAM GIBBS GARDNER, PASSENGER PER steamship Atlantic, will please call at 30 Pine street, room l. WILL MB. FERDINAND ABLES, FROM MANN helm, be kind enough to send his address to box 961 root office. New York. LOST AMJ FOUND. Found? bunch of keys, safe and niohT; owner can have tame by proving property nnd pay ing tor this advertisement. Apply to M. MIDDLETON. 177 Second aveuue. TjVUND ? ON FRIDAY, APUIL 4t IN SPRING STREET. jT between Broadway and South Fifth avenue, a Port folio, with a certain sum of money. The owacr can hare It by proving property and paying expenses. Call at 231 Mott street LOST-A GOLD BRACELET, VALUED VBRY MUCn as a gift, in going from Tenth lo Sixteenth street. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning it to Ma fl Brevoort place. Tenth street^uear Broadway. LOST-A CUFF, WITH A SLEKVE BUTTON MADE of a three dollar piece, with gold laurel wreath on it. Return It to Dr. GILBERT, 222 Easi Thirty-third street, and get reward. LOST-IN a WALL 8TREET AND MADISON AVE nne stage, between the hours of i and 2 yesterday, ? Hold Locket nnd Cbsin, remaining a h.ili.Vg picture *nd three pieces of heir, the locket marked *n hack with letters a B., on tront small diamonds, wiih oearl In centre. The flader will be rewurded by leaving the aaiue at 20 Burling slip. New York. REWARDS. <?C REWARD-ON RETURN TO NO. 3 RUTHERFORD place of large black Newfoundland Dog, with whttt points. ? REWARD.? LOST, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, ?' April 9, In. Broadway, near Twentieth street a Ink Cellar. Tbe above reward will be paid on return ing It lo U3 Attorney street or 431 Grand street, bookstore. REWARD.? LOST. ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, a white Hpltx Dog. Finder will jdenae return same t" 13 Lexington nvcuue, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third streets. ____ 4?"1 PL REWARD.? LOST, ON TUESDAY, A GREEJ* fjo .Parrot. Return it to UMWcM Thirty first *traat and get the above reward. Mr* STERNS. SPECIAL KOTICEli $5 Mink l OFFtCB. BROOKLYN, V it corner oi ' Fsltojn aveaae and ftotrnm street V Open from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. * "n Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. A ""if r tLn "mWi-PBIBBS CASHED AND ? ? ?i u.?rP,*h*d- 01 'colors free. JOSfcFU U tywMw, rwwll&Htawr. gpgcuii wwncKg. -HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON _TILB\ A. April 23 th? extraordinary Havana. JO&KPH BATES, Broker, MB Broadway, room A ? FURNITURB FAMILIES MOVEU, CITY OB A. Stori 11th . country ; Furniture, Pianofortes bowd and shipped ; age for furniture, Ac. O. A *. BURNUAM, 116 West gL, near 8th av. ALL OFKICEBS, 8AILOB8 AMD BOLDIBR8 WOUND ed, ruptured or Injured, are entitled to penstop. Apply to Dr. B. B. JACKSON, lata Surgeon United States Nary. Mo. 4 New Chambers itroct, ADARIES (PRICES RKDUCED), SOLB AOBMT OP . Royal Havana Lottery, 881 Broadway ; bo* 4,90? Post office, New York. l>?al?ra aupplied. Circulars nailed DR. FKLLETT, MEDICAL BLECTBICIAN, BBMOV ?. ed to 351 Filth avenue, one door below Thirty-fourth street. Refera to leading physicians in this city: Gold and silver and articles containing gold bought at market prices; Polishing, Filter ana Photograph Papers burns 1 mad smelted by Keflner SCHAWKL, 25 John street Q.REAT SALS Diamonds. Watch** . . and fluo Jewelry. As I am about retiring from the jewclrv business 1 offer my large stock of Goods, for tb* next 16 days, to the public and trade generally below cost. JOHN CHAM BERLIN, 715 H roadway, under Naw York Hotel. Havana lottery.-extoaobdinary drawing 23d April. German Stat* Lotteries Circular# ?nailed free. KCllLMANN A CO., Bankers, 8ft Nassau street; box 3,565 Post office. rN THE MATTER OP THE BSTATE _OP BOWLES IN THE matter or tuk BbiiTts or bowlkh Bros. A Co., In bankruptcy.? 1he list of creditors (lied in said case being Incomplete, alt creditors who hive not been represented In Court are requested to couimuul eate immediately with the assignee in Boston, and mate their address and the nature aad amount of their claims, la order that the full amount of Indebtedness may be as certained as earlyas possible. HENRY J. STEVENS. Assignee, 19 Court street, Boston. New York creditors can learn the necewurv facts by applying to SANFOBD. ROBINSON A WOODRUFF, CbunsclTors-at-Law. 1UB Broadway, New York. VT AZARETH HALL REUNION SOCIBTY.-THE COM i.1 mlttee of Arrangements for the Reunion, to be held next June, will meet at the Astor Honse on Thursday, April 17, at 10 o'clock A. M. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. norrucxT? zxxba class ?a 209? atbil 10. 1873L 2, 74, 69, 16, 87. 82, 42. 18, 73. 66. 47. xxxiucav? cuss na S7 t-inii 10, 1873^ U| 81, * "" " " "" " IBIlbt ... couia-utii cuiira 169? apbil 10, 187% 3&, 00. 71. 87, 18, 6t, 6, 64, 2(1, 41, 55. MU LIT COLLXGX? CLASS SO. 170 ? AfBIL 10, 18731 73, 26, if, 70, 30, 77, 01, 89, 41, 18. 49, 46, IS. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. _ . , J. CLUTE, Broker, it)6 Broadway. Post office box 4,969. ' RHOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? THE NEXT EXTRAOR ?? dlnary Drawing will take place on the 22d of April, 1873. J. b/mabTIN&E k CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street! Post office box 4,686, New York, Royal Havana lottery.? the extbaobdi nary** ? era suppii XV nary Drawing will take place th? 22d of April. Deal plied. Prices reduced considerably. 8. SBBPA, 73 Wall street The depositors in the bulls head bank will please send In their Pass Books at once, to have their accounts written up. A. S. CAMERON, President. The fifth and last dbawino op the 83d Royal Saxon Lottery at Leipsic, Germany, will commence April 16 and close May 3. There will l>e drawn 34,800 prize* out of 82, 008 tickets, to wit:? 1 Prise of 180,000 Prussian thafors, 1 Prize of lftio 00 Prussian thaler*. 1 Prize ot 80,000 Prussian tbalers, 1 Prize of 50,000 Prussian thaler*. I Prize of 40,000 Prussian tbalers, 1 Prize ot 90,000 Prussian thaler*, 1 Prize of 20,000 Pruasian thaler*, 3 Prizes of 10,000 Pruwnn tbalers, 20 Prizes of 5,000 Prussian tbalers, 40 Prizes of 2,000 Pruiwisn thalors, 450 Prizes of 1,000 Prussian thaler*, and others. Prizes cashed and information given. THEODOR ZSCHOCH, . _ ^ ^ ^ Nassau street Post office box 8.080. <t?KQ Q rOQ IS DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?i)Ot7.*)OXJ ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky Circulars free. 12>?c. eomniL-slon allowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. fcPOKTHMG? IK)US. BIRDS, AC. A? FOR SALE, ALL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS. ? Birds, Ac.; Medicines (or nil diseases. Prepared Food tor mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'S, No. 8 Greene street, near Canal. A PEW CHOICE DOGS FOB SALE-TWO PINE bred Black anil Tans, females; 2 extra small and flne blue Skye Terriers, male and teatalea ; Dog 2 years old, female one year, finest pair ia.4J}is city ; 1 bin* Scotch Terrier Dog, good watcher and ratter; 3 scotch Terrier Pups, three months old. Can be seen at WM. T. ALLEN'S, Filth avenue and Eigbty-eighth street THE 1TRF. National association kor thk promotion of the interests oi the American 'I rol ring Turi: Sec retary'* office. Providence, R. I., April 2, 1879. A (pedal meeting of the Board of Appeal* will be belt] at the Everett House, New York city, on Friday, April 11, 1873, at V o'clock A. M. By order oi the President I). F. LONOHTREET, Secretary. N. B.? Parties havtnp amy business or communication on which the action or the Board in desired at thin meet ing will please address the undersigned immediately at Providence. D. F. LONG8TREKT, Secretary. STALLIONS. Edward everett, for 1879. Mr. Bonner'a bone Edward Everett (formerly Major Winflcld) will stand at ray place, the Lagrange Farm, near (Joshon, in Orange county, beginning on the 1st or April, 1873. Term.*, without any exception, $200, payable invariably before service, glut of which will be returned if the mare does Not prove with foal. Edward Everett was sired by Ryadyk's Uambletonlan, dam by Imported Margrave. Edward Everett la the sire of Mr. Bonner's horse Joe Elliott, who last Summer trotted a mile at Mvstic Park in !:1SH, which is the fastest mile ever trotted by any horse oranv age, either in public or privet*. Edward Everett is also the sire of Commodore VauderHlt's great horse . Mountain Bov. who died last November during , the epizootic. The following extract from an interview be- 1 twecn the Commodore and a reporter will show what the Commodore thinks of the stock :? Reporter? What is Mountain Boy's record f Mr. Vanderbilt? Ills best time waa X40. Fonr years ago he was matched In Boston against Lady Thome. The bey beat her six races oat of eleven, tne three best straight heats being Inside ot J31. But he was not in condition then, and ought not to have been put on the course on acconnt of his corn*. He has made a quarter mile in thirty-one seconds. That is the I as test time ever made. The Commodore daring the same Interview said v? He was the best horse I ever saw, and I think so yet He never weal oa the course in proper condition? waa never thoroughly trained. ! bought nlm when he was six years old, and have owned him six years. He had jnst reached tho right age, was without tault or blemish, reliable in every way, and could, after training, have beaten any horse in the world (Slowly, ana with em* phasls)? He was the fastest horse In the world. Mr. Bonner does not agree wilb the Commodore that Mountain Boy was the fastest horse In the world; but it is undoubtedly true that he was the fastest horse the Commodore ever owned ; so It will be seen that Mr. Bon ner's fastest horse, Joe Elliott, who trotted in 2 :isk, and Coinmodoro Vanderbiit's fastest horse. Mountain Boy, were both sired by Edward Everett. He is also the sire o? Judge Fullerton, who has trotted in 1:21% and who beat Gazelle last Fall In a fourth heat; ol the stratton Ally, that was sold recently tor $4,000 ; of the Mlddletown colt, of tho Kllpatrick marc, tho Marshall col', the Mc Orath celt, tho Packer colt, Mr. Low's colt and many more. I ?lll keep all brood mares at $8 per monll) for grass and $1 a heshel tor any grain which the ewuers request to have fed to them. All ace'dents and escapes at the risk of the owner. All letters respecting this liorse must he addressed to the subscriber, at Goshen, Orange count v, N. T. WM. H. KBRTOH. HUKSKti, CARK1ACE8, ?C. A LOT OF TOP BUOGIES, ROAD WAGONS. EX press. Grocery and light Business Wagons, lor sale cheap. 348 West Twenty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. ALARGF. ASSORTMENT NKW AND SECOND IIAN'D Carriages,*" styles; family Rorkawavs, top and open Buggies.Pony Phaetons, at greatly reduced prices. \vlTTY'S, Fulton and Kevins streets, Brooklyn. A? A LARGE LOT Of CARRIAGES OF ALL . kind.-; Rockways, Buggies, Phaetons. Depot, Ex press and Business Wagons made in our own factory, 141 West Broadway, near Canal street A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE CHEAP? Horse. 15)^ hands; can beat 2:40; three quarter seat piano box Wagon and light leather covered HarnesF: separately or together. Address TURNOUT, Herald office. A NICE ETHAN ALLEN BLACK GELP1NO, 7 years old, I#1., hands; can beat three minutes; cost $6U0; will be sold lor $:<60, right away; warranted sound and kind. Apply at stables 13 East Twenty-eighth street. A GENTLEMAN GOINO TO EUROPE WANTS TO sell his Horses; 16 hands, only six years old, stylish blacks, long tails, soond and kind in every way - also, a Brewster Landau and Harness. 128 West Thirty-first street, or O. W. COMHTOCK, Grand Hotel. AWEHTCnESTER ROCKAWAY, IN FIRST RATE Condition, built to order by Miner A Stevens, with TEAM OF BLACK ItORtSES, 16 hands high, 8 and 9 years old, kind and reliable every wav, and aet of city made double Harness, being the establishmentof a family going abroad ; to be sold at anction this day, without reserve, at th?jiew Mart of ARCH JOHNSTON, 19, 21, ? and W East Thirteenth street between University place and Filth avenue, flee catalogue above. AT-PAirr0RY"S? TOP BUOOIES; aMO BAROUCHE, Rorkaways, Victorias, Phaetons, latest styles; cheap Mtij city. Near Orand street and Bowery, 146 and 148 Eld ridge street. DAY A BON. A'LP?.nLATBJ VtflJKLA110!!- ?'OriNSTON'8 MART. 19, 21, Band 26 KAUT Til IKTKRKTH MTKBET. NkAK UNIVERSITY PLACET Croes matched Teem (gray and sorrel) trotting Horses. I4X hands high, ?..d 7 yea? old - kind aed true In Ti harness : sired by I oronto Chief" and ftaffeUt Chief;" very stylish drivers; have been used only for family driving, but are warranted to show a mile in 3 minutes; unsurpassed a* rpedster^ere disposed of onlv on ac count of 111 health of the owuor; will be sold either separately or together. Are warranted sound aud without blemish. A? LaNDAULETS, COUPES, CLARRN0B.4, LADIES' . Phaetons, Depot Wagon*.? I sell 20 per cent less than Fifth avenue or Broftd way stores: stvle and work jn?int*M> muiulled. UAM, U ?m( t'vuxUt Httti, HOR8BS, CAjff AOJjtl. *C. A UCTION HOUSE OK ABCH. JOHNSTOW OFK^^N^HAlii^tOO^ oLD ATAND, 37 Nassnu itmt, opposite the Post office. TUB H0B8B AUOTIOK B?A?OH OF THB HOUSE IB ""fi'AVM'Sfl m^reSVi'SBBBT. between Fitth avenue and University piece. The bMtaeM will he conducted on precisely the Mine Mrict aud honorable princlnles which have always char acterized the dealings of our house end won the respect ?ad confidence of the business community u well u the kSoUlIb^XLES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY throughout the year. CATALOGUE OF THIS DAY'S aALE, It O'CLOCK. GENTLEMAN'S FAMILY ESTABLISHMENT, com prising team of black Carriage Horses, IS hands high, 9 years old; kind and true in all harness; free driver*; afraid of notblug; all day travellers; together with West cluster Kockaway, six seats, in excellent order, built by Miner A Stevens; set of double Harness, In geod order. PARK TURNOUT, COMPRISING LIOHTBAY hoesk, B years old, 16 bands high; sound, kind mid true; an ex cellent roadster; together with TEA OART, built by Brewster, of Broome street BET OF SINGLE HARNESS, BY CAMPBELL. BLACK 1I0RSE. 16 bands, 6 years; kind and truelnall harness ; very stylish and last; an excellent family or road horse ; warranted sound, kind and true. 81DK BAR ROAD WAdON, by Oorbert i Schnmch. BROWN MARK, 15 hands, 6 years old; kind and troe; an excellent saddle mare. GENTLEMAN'S ROAD TURNOUT, comprising a BLACK TROTTING MARE, long flowing mane and tail, 16K hands, 8 years old ; very stylish ; has trotted in 1 :?0, and can trot in S minutes any day ; trained by Carl Burr, and ta i warranted sound, kind and true ; together with 6IDB BAR ROAD WAGON, nearly new^-Stlvers; SET CITY MADE HARNESS, Blanket, Robe, Ac. DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, 16 hands high, 6 years old) kind and true in all harness ; a good worker and war ranted sound. LANDAULBT, IN GOOD ORDER, BY STIVERS. DARK BAY IIORSK, IB)* hands high, 9 years; kind and true ; tree from vice ; an excellent worker. TOP PIIAETON. BY BBKW8TER. BRIGHT BAY HORSE, 15*i bands, 8 years; kind and true In all harness; an excellent roadster; sold to close a litigation. BRIGHT BAY COUPB HOR8E, 16 hands. 7 yean: kind in all harness; fine, stylish driver; warranted sound. BROWN MARE, 1<K hands high; property of Silas Wright, of New Jersey; sold for account ol whom It may concern to j>ay charges and keep. SEVEN OTHER BOUSES; DESCRIPTION TIME OF SALB. DERBY DOG OART (GOOD ORDER), BY WOOD BROTHERS. LIGHT BAROUCHE (GOOD ORDER), BY BRBW8TE& TWO DEPOT WAGONS AND ROCKAWAYS. THREE BXPBES8 AND ONB BUSINESS WAGON. Weather never interferes with our sales. * A -THE SPECIAL ATTENTION OF GENTLEMEN IS . CALLED TO SALE AT AUCTION THIS DAY (FRIDAY). APRIL II. AT 10? O'CLOCK PROMPT. AT THE PRIVATE STABLE 102 BAST 41 ST ST.. BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND 4TH AV., OF GENUINE AND FINE TROTTING HORSES, WAGONS AND HARNESS, including an elegant, handsome. One, genteel and close matched team ot young mahogany bay trotting Mares; are full sisters, A and 6 years old tnis Spring; were sired by Kthau Allen; they have fine symmetry, style and gait, and are, without exception, the closest mated team In ap pearance, style and gait to be found; have fine disposi tions ; Itave neither vice nor trick ; fesr nothing ; are per feet pets ; are all day roadsters and can trot together now better than 2 -JU ana promise to trot much faster with a little handling; they arc well broken to all harness; good under saddle, and are warranted sound, kind and true in every particular ; eau be driven by a lady, and will make an Al gentleman's family or road team. A very fast Bay Gelding, U\ hands high, and 9 yean old; sired by Cassius M. Clay, dam thoroughbred. He , has tine full mane and owl, line head, long neck, and can pull a road wagon any day In 2 :40. He is fine, easy and prompt driver, atrald of nothing, and one of the best horses tliat goes the road : he in honest aud well behaved In company, and as a gentleman's roadster Is unsurpassed ; he is warranted sound, kind and true in every respect. Rich .handsome blooded and genteel Bay Gel, Ting. 16 fi hands high, 7 years old this spring, sired oy Iron Luke, be by old IJambletouian, dam by Bellfounder; he U finely built, with fine, lieavy mane and tail ; can show a 2 J5 gait on road, and he Is as fine galtcd as any young trotter that goes the road; he Is warranted sound and kind. Also the fast and handsome hay mare Lydla; she Is 15k hands high, !? years old ; was raised by Mr. Dcmarest, ot ftoo.k land county ; she was sirod by Rysdyk's Hamhleto nian.dam three-quarter thoroughbred mare ; she can go to track and show -JJ; she is a very resolute driver and warranted sound and kind. Also 1 Top Wagon, I light top Trotting Y7agon, 1 Pony Phaeton, with top ; single and double Harness, Blankets, Robes, Whips, Ac. The whole comprising as fine stock as was ever offered at piiblie auction, being all first class and reliable, and fully as represented. Each purchaser will have ample time allowed him on caoh horse for trial and examina tion. Gentlemen can have the opportunity of seeing them and having them examined at all times at stable, as above, prior to sale. N. B ?Hale positive, rain or shine. Allen b. auctioneer SALESROOMS ?6 CHAMBERS STREET. HORSE AUCTION MART AT NEW YORK SALER AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES ALWAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE SALB. RICHARD McCULLOUGH, PROPRIETOR. ALLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac .Thursday of each week. Entries of arttde* for auction ean be made at repository as above, or salesrooms of auctioneers. TBE "BREWSTER WAGON." A In all weights, ?>r pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely flnivliod. and embracing in their construction the various Im provements Introduced by us during the past 16 years, making Uiens the standard for Quality throughout the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of our well-known Broome street factory, and are offered in stock In all respect* equal in quality totlinee built to (be order of the most valued customer, aud at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confonnded with a Joint stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to our own, and impudently claim the reputation we have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember Uiat our only wareiooms are at the corner of Fifth avenne and Fourteenth stroet, and our only Factory on Broome street BBEWSTER A CO., ol Broome street. At baukkk and uhabk's CITY AUCTION MART AND NEW YORK TATTER BALL'S, Corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street, MAJOR O. W. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. REGULAR BALKS OF HOR8EH, CARRIAGES, AO EVERY WEDNE8DAY AND SATURDAY. Gentlemen's private establishments disposed of at pub* lie or piivate sale to the bed advantage, and a general assortment of Horses, Carriages, Harness and everything in the horse line, to suit the needs of all classes of pur chasers, constantly on hand. A LARGE DRIVING RING in the Mart for showing homes on sale. Twenty-four hoars allowed for trial on every horse sold under warranty. Carriages taken on storage. Superior stabling for horses on sale. Outside sales solicited and promptly attended to. Liberal advances made on everything in the horse line. ^ ?BREWSTER. OF TWENTY-FIFTH 8TREBT. A Warerooms, Fifth avenue, comer Twenty-seventh street Sole maker* of Brewster Wagon*, with the Vertical Steel Plates. The maximum of strength, the minimum of weight, ob viating all spread ol the axle, a prevailing source of an noyance to those using road wagons. Besides the additional strength and security which this ?Treat improvement gives to our wagons, an experience ot thirty-four years enables ns to challenge comparison either in quality or finish. See ccrtiflcate from General McClellan Naw Yobs, June 1, 1871. Oilman* 1 have carefully examined your Patent Vertical Steel Plate Axle. I find that the addition of the Vertical Plato renders the axle ahbut two and a hail (2k) times as stiff aa T"?jrasare*oiBLL?. A SPLENDID ROAD TURNOUT.? ELEGANT BLACK Mare, long, (lowing mane and tail, 1S^ hands high, 8 years , an excellent stepper : has trotted a mile In 2:40, and caa trot In 3 iniautes; is without blemish ; perfectly gentle , very easy, prompt ainl stylish driver ; a flrst class gentleman * roadster, and warranted sound Side bar Road Wagon, built to order, by stiver*, nearly new; single Harness, nearly now. To be sold at auction this day (Prlday), at 12 o'clock, at ARCH. JOLNSTON'8 Mart, 19. 21, 23 and 25 East Thirteenth street, nesr University place, positively* without reserve, to the highest bidder. See| catalogue above. T N O. 8 OORTLANDT STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. Light Carriages and Harness. The cheapest house in the city. Entirely cash. All styles built to order and warranted. ARCH. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street. AT MANUFACTURERS' UNION-GREAT RALES every day ; the largest assortment of Carriages ever offered in New York ; siteM second hand taken in ex change. MANl'FAOTURERS' UNION CARRIAGE WaRKROOMH, &VH Broadway. A HANDSOME PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES, BLACK ; alio a pair of Rays, suitable for coupe or road. Can be seen ai private stable it Lexington avenue. BROOM K SI KKKT HRIiWSTER UALP TOP FOUR - scat I'haeloti and Top Wagon, 1 light custom Coach, 1 six seat Pkuetuti, 1 Cabriolet, I Victoria, 2 extension tup Phaetons, fit) top and open pony Phaetons, ot all styles; 20 new and recond hand Rockaways, ir? top and open Road, by the beft city makers, Sulkies and Sketetons, by Dusenbury, Pray. Ac. ; 1 Depot Wagon, top and open Ex press Wagons. 1 second hand Clarence; Harness. Blankets, Robes, Ac. WILLIAM H. GKAY,20aud 22 Wooster street. ABAROAIN.-A TWO STORY BRICK STABLE, 15 stalls, lot 25x100, in Fifty-third street, near Third * venue ; price $u,VW; terms to suit. TIIOS. STOKES, c?al dealer, corner Thirty -second street and Tenth av. AN EXPRESS WAGON, ?100; half top depot Wagon, $fii; No Top Depot Wagon, $100: Pony Ph? ton, tlw ; 1 Top I'onv Fhnston, $166; do. $200; 10 Top Wajrou, 19 Rockaways, Harness of all grades, at 1,430 Broadway. ' APAl* OK STYLISH CARRIAGE HORSKS FOR sale, a great bargain : young, kind, and in a good condition. M>out 15)< hands Mali ; also, If desired, close and open Callages, Harness, Ac., Ac. Call at private ?table KM We? Twentieth street, from 8 to 10 A. M. or 1 to 6 I . M. A SECOND HAND CLARENCE-LIonT?AVTT-tN good order, wmi be sold cheap, at CORBETi'S, 12# West Twenty-filth sfceet A HANDSOME DE?0T WAGON-WITU POLS AND Shaft*, built to or(V;r and used only a few times, cheap, at CORBETT A CvS, 124 and 1*> We*t Tureuty t)i tli street A? POR BALE? JUST FR?M THE COUNTRY, A ? pair of bey carriage hors*. ijv hands high, seven and eight years old. sound and kln&tn ail harness ; stylish drivers, aod closely mated; also ? fine chestnut Rond Mara; can trot In 2:fl0. Apply betwt?n 9 and 12 o'clock A. M., at T. A. SMITH'S offre, ?3 SUth avenue. SPLENDID PtTBNITL'RR AND GENBRAL TRUCK, _ _ good Horse, Harness, Catting Box and new Canvas for sale this day at a bargain, or will be sold to-morrow at auction. CAMPBELL ? CO.. Auctioneers, 946 HudfVB MfiMU HORSES,^ ARRIAOKS, ?SC. At MICTION THlSOAY BY ~ " WILLIAM VAN TAS8KLL. AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON * VAN TAhSKLL). HORSE AND CABUIAUK AUCTION MART. 110, II* and 114 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue. REGULAR SALES OK HORSKS AND CARRIAGES EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Twenty-foar to forty-eight hours given to purchaser* to test warrantee!. CATALOGUE OF TUIS DAY'S (FRIDAY'S) SALE, AT 12 O'CLOCK. _ TEAM RAY HAMBLErONLAN MARES, FULL SIS tern, sired by Cbief of Oneida, dam a Black Hawk, inare, 15 hand* high, 9 and 10 years old ; kind und true in all harness; free from vice; superior roadsters; trot in 3 minutes together ; can be driven by a lady ; were raised by present owner and arc warranted sound ; also sat Harness and ELEGANT COUPE BOCKAWAY, BUILT TO OBDBR, lined with brown satin. TEAM BAY HORSES. IS* HANDS HIGH, 6 YEARS old ; kind and true In all harness-, free ftom vice ; Rood travellers; free and stylish drivers; tear nothing; are in every respect a first claw carriage team and suitable for light business, and warranted souud-.alsosetof double Harness and 81X-8BAT BOCKAWAY, IN GOOD ORDER, BUILT by Miner A Stevens. PO.NY ESTABLISHMENT.? ROAN CANADIAN PONT, 14% hands high, 6 years old ; kind and true in all hitrne**; tree troiti vice; a good traveller, tree and stylish driver and warranted sound; also set flames*, and . TOP PHABTON, NEARLY NEW; BLANKETS, ROBES. Ac. BROWN SADDLE MARE, 14 % HANDS, 12 YEARS OLD; kind and true In *11 harness; Tree from vice: good trav eller; superior under saddle and warranted souud. THREE COACH KS IN UOOD ORDER. JAY MARK, HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD, KIND I true in all burner, free from vice, a last traveller, tree and stylish driver, fears nothing and warranted sound. OOUPR IN GOOD ORDER. BLACK HORSE 16fc HANDS HIGH. 7 YBAR8 OLD. kind and true In al! harness, ireo from vice or tanlt. an excellent horse lor general business purposes and war ranted sound. LIGHT TOP EXPRESS OB DELIVERY WAGON, with pole and shafts. SPLENDID SORREL PONY, 40 INCHES HIGH, 6 years old ; perfectly gentle, and a splendid pony for chil dren's use. BAY TROTTING HOItSB, SIRED BY RYSDICK'S HamMetonian, dam a thoroughbred more, U% hands high, 8 years old ; kind and true In all harness; free from vice, and can trot in 2:A0 auy day; a free and stylish driver and a splendidpole horse. TOP PONY PHAETON, WITH POLK AND SHAFTS, built by Brewster A Baldwin. BROWN HOR.SH, 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD; kind and true In all harness ; free from viee ; a first class truck horse and warranted sound. NINB FIRST CLASS WOBK HORSES, FULL DBSCRIP tlons time of sale. Top and no top Wagons. Ocminntown Rockawav. Top and no-top Pony Phaetons. Rockawayg. express and business Wagons. Harness, Robos, Ae. Weather never interferes with our galea. AT NEW YORK SALES AND BTORAGK REPOSITORY, FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. ? Light Carriages and Harness. The cheapest house in the city. Goods entirely on consignment. Sold to cover advanced. Small but slightly soiled Harness at cost A -FOR SALE, THROUGH A DEATH IN THE FAM . ily, throe very flue Horses; two of them hare trotted Inside of three minutes; they are 5 and 6 year* old ; the other if a very stylish driver and a good saddle borw; he Is sound and kind and nulot lor a lady to ride or drive. Inquire at 11 Liapeaard street, between Church and Wert Broadway. BAROUCHE FOR SALE? A PRIVATE C SPRING Barouche, built by Loos A Williams, pood as new; has been used only u tew times. Can be seen at 14 For syth street, N. Y. DBAU OR DOG CART. FOUR IN I7AND, WANTED.? Strongly built ; but little used ; moderate price. Ad dress H. V. X , Herald office. LTAMILY CARRIAGES? IMMENSE STOCK OF EVERY A style; several second hand and slightly foiled, lor sals at bargains. Now is the time to purchase, before trade ooaMne?cc& MANUFACTURERS' UNION, 633 Broadway. Fob sale? a fine, stylish five year old black Mare, 18 hands high, without blemish; steps well; warranted kind and gentle; price $.'ifS0; by a pliy sician with surplus. 268 West Tbirty-lourlh street. For sale? a fine pony, harness and phae ton ;"Ver,v desirable ; $360. Livery stable, 172 Mercer street IjlOB SALE? A BAY HORSE, 7 YEARS OLD. 1BK hands high; is warranted sound and kind; will suit a coupe or any kind of work ; very gentle and kind. Call at 25a West Mghteenth street For sale? a good saddle or road horse, for halt his value. luqalic 1SS East 'twenty-sixth street. For SALE? a saddle horse, wf.ll trained and handseme; will drive in single and double har ness. Address box 1,129 Piwt office, New York. For sale? a perfect beauty, black pony, 14Ji high, very stylish and fast traveller, 1 years old ; warranted perfect In every way ; suitable lor a lady or boy to ride or drive. 89 King street, near Hudson. For rale at a bargain? a landaulkt, nevriy new; Klcfarh, double Harness, Covers, Oonrh roan's Coats, Ac. Call lor MICUELE, at Uriggs' stable. Seventh avenue, corner of Forty -second street For salb-at private stable |a$ WEST tijir f?-elghth street a pair of very stylish and hand sorae blood bay Horses, all blank paints, 8 sud7vears I old, 16 hands high, perfectly sound and genile, both gool In coupe. Call at stable or on T. P. ELDR1DGE. MO Bread way. , For sale-a sorrel mare, t years old, about 15!i hands high, s6und and kind, single and double; sold ror want oi use. Apply at No. 9 Khm Nine teenth street A. N. I1ANK1NSON. For sale?a roan gelding, by new jersey, by Oeo. M. Patcben, 16 hands high, 6 years old ; sound, kind and gentle, promising to be very fast ; also a pair of black Fillies, 14 bands high. Apply at private stable 107 West Thirty-third street. For salp.? a beautiful golden sorrel Pony. 14 hands high, flowing maun and tall; is sound and kind in every pnrticular; has been driven by a lady for the Bast year, and Is well broke to the saddle. f. O BEAM AN, 121 W?t Eighteenth street For sale-two pony-built hoboes, e and s vears, 13Jf and 16)f hands; (It tor any work ; price $180, $l78;alseone Ponv. 9 years, 14 hand?, $93: all sold tor want of work. 38 Bcihunu street, near Washington. FOR 8ALE-A OODARD BUOOY; used only a Hew times, nearly new. and a superb double Har ness, usedj>nlyslx times, at No. S East^Twcnty-eightn st. FOR BALE? HORSE, HARNESS and wagon, to gether or separately: a Brewster wagon, niude to order ; will sell cheap. Apply tor three days at 9H Nor folk street New York. For sale? an express route, with oood Horse and Wagon, and plenty of work. Call on or address JAMES McOOWAN, lJtH Third avenue. For salr-by a truckman desirous of lkay. Ing the business. Horses, Trucks and Work ; satisfac tory reason given lor selling by addressing JOHN F. FROST, box 397 New York Post office. For halb-a team of black horses, nkarly 16 hands high, sounl and kind. Address, for two days, box 130 Herald office. For sale? fine gentleman's turnout, con slsting of brown Humblctontan Marc, IS hands high, can trot In J:45; Brewster road Wagon, Stivers sleigh, Dunscomb Harness, Blankets, Robes. Ac. Inquire at BIGGS' stable, 141 West Thirty-seventh street FOR BALE? A BEAUTIFUL F.N' IMS II LANDAU and double Harness to match, just froin the Custom House ; also a Dog Cart and Harness, at exactly cost prices. Apply at No. S Kast Washington place. FOR SALE CHEAP-STOCK OF A CONTRACTOR RE tired iron) business, consisting of Carts, Harness. Feed and Furniture Truck, variety of Tools, Ac. JAMES MULRY, 3ii9 Kast Eleventh street Ir?OR SALE-CHEAP, A SOUND YOUNG BAY HORSE ; ' good double or single; One Coupe or family Horse. 67 West Forty-fourth street FORS.VLE-AT a bargain, a handsome, veby stvli?h black Horse, 1AJU hands, 7 year* old ; good In all harness and excellent under saddle; sound and kind. Apply to JOUN, at private stable, 51 Kast Thirty-third st. GOOD HORSES WANTED.? WANTED. A SPAN OF elegant Carriage Horses, good speed and roadsters; must be youag. kind aad sound 111 every respect, not less than 16 hands high : dark bay, chestnut or jet black pre ferred. Address, stating price, age, Ac., for three days, BLACK, box 140 Herala Uptown Branch office. Great sales daily.-bvery stylb family Carriages and light Road Wagons, new and second hand, at reasonable prices ; Harness, in great \ ariety. At the MANUFACTURERS' UNION, Ki-I Broadway. Harness?the largest stock of sinole and doable Harness and Horse equipments, at most rea sonable prices, at the manufacturers depot JACQBoWBKV, llll. HORN A CO., Ill Chamber* street HARNESS-BADDLEaY.-TllE LARUEST VARIETY of Horse Furnishing Goods n| all descriptions of any house in New York O. M. MOSEMAN A BKO? Manufacturers; warehouse, 114 Chambers street HARNESS.-THE CHEAPEST HARNESS STORE IN New York; good doublo Truck Harness, $30; good sfasle Buggy Harness, hand made, $17 ; a good stafde Blanket, $2 Ml; the largest assortment 01 Cart Harness In the ciiy. Please call and examine tor yourselves. FISHER A OSBORNE, 43 Murray street, New York. HORHKS TAKEN TO BOARD. BR1VE AND BRKAK, with good care, bv JOHN H. TWEDDLE, Mont S ornery. Orange ceunt.v, N. Y. Refcrcnces? James B. irewster A Co., New York city. Horsks wanted. -a pair of carriage or Road Horses, worth $3,UU0, wanted, for which would be given valuable Real Estate in Orange, N. J. Address B., pox 4tw Peterson Post office, N. J. IB AVE ONE Of THE BEST PAYING LIVERY AND B<>ardlng Stables In the citv, 33 stalls, first class cus tom, also I one mew brick Stable, SO stalls, with <0 boarders since February 1, 5 vears' lease, either of which I will sell at a low flgure, and payment made easy, as t cannot attend to both. Apply at 136 and 160 East Twe&ty* seventh suoet. LIOHT SIDE BAR TOP AND OPEN BIGGIES? A large lot Just finished, equal to an v manufactured, at $100? below usual prices, several second hand Ungates. ? MAN U KA'IU ItKltS' UNION, B.W Broadway. PAIR BRIGHT BAY AND STYLISH HORSKS. PARK PHAETON, seat* four. PONY PHAETON, s.-ata for four, beside* rumble for servant; both ty Lawrence, to order. Top Wsgon, bv Dusenbery A Vamlu/er. Depot Rockaway, Single and Double Harness; all In best order. At private stable, No. 3 West Twenty-?ecnnd street. One ligbt #?. $??&*?*?'?* HORg KB^ CAEHIAOM, *C. > PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT? TBAM BAT TIAHBLK ? tonka 11 Ma rut, splendid roadxtcrs, and warranted ??J|n?l. kind nod true i Harness and ELEGANT COUPH ROC KA WAY, BUILT TO OBDBB. TRAM RAY CARRIAGE HORSES, 11 J, 8 YEARS OLD, wirruiHol In every particular. PONY ESTABJ..13HI1KNT? ROAN PONY, PERFECTLY "ffrKSfrttfASl? Twenty road and work Horse* at auction. .MART OK ?? WILLIAM VAN TAP8BLL, 'H 112, 1U East Thirteenth street. STABLE WANTED.? ANY PARTY HAVING A COM ????loua private stable, near Forty-fonrth street, and will let the name lor six months, odd rem O., Herald Up town Branch office. rLET? A LABOR STABLE, WITH STALLS FOR JO horses; also a lance Ground Kloor 30 by 80 fret, suit able for blacksmith or carpenter's shop. Apply on prem ise* to W. J. A C. C. ALEXANDER, 45 Woosler "street. TO LET-A PRIVATE STABLE, COMPLETE, 204 West Eighteenth street. Inquire at 94 Maiden lane. TtTAOONS FOR RALE CHEAP.? ONE CONCORD EX VV press, 2 Grocer's, 1 Baker's, 1 Milk and 1 light Busi ness Wagon, 1 Coupe, 1 Top Buggy, at 22(5 Spring street. TXT' AN TBI) ? A LIGHT SINGLE TRUCK OR PLAT TV form spring Wagon; al-o a Horse for sale cheap. L. NA8QN, tU Twentieth street, Brooklyn. WANTED- A 2-M HORSE, OB BETTER; SOUND and kind; price not to exceed $900. Address JONES, box 188 Herald uilice. OA FIRST CLASS HORSES FOB SALS-SUITABLE ZAJ for carriage or business punyses,. ftrom. 1.100 to r^r ? i-voon, iniui ?.?w iu 1,?00 pounds. To be seen at corner of Bridge and Nassau streets, Brooklyn. <J?1 OA FOB A TEAM OF WORK HORSES, FOB A fluv farmer or tarnltnre truck, or slow work; a Rrtnty'siitii street80"*' "loW 248 Wert <k1 (\P\ -CHESTNUT R0B8E, 8 YEARS, 18 HANDS; pony made: sound and kind '.must sell to cloee business. 418 Eighth avenue, corner Thirty-fti-gt at. &9AA (BREWSTER) TOP BUGGY: M0 DEPOT Wagon; $100 open Buggy; double Harneis,$40; Dog Cart, $150; all city ma le iff! in tine order. At 14iU Broadway, near Thirty-ninth street FOR 8ALE. AN OLD-EBTABUSUED JOB PRINTING ESTAB J\. llsment for sale? Sucoestftii operation 40 years; rot tensive cash trade; location umnirpaased t splendid chance. Particulars 23 Chambers street OBOBOB W. S1MERS, Store Agency. AN OLDEST A BUSHED CROCKERY STORE FOR sale? located leading business avenue ; large cash trade : satisfactory reasons given ; extraordinary cliance. Particulars 2i Chambers street OBOBOB W. SIMBBS, Store Agency. A WELL-ESTABLISHED BOOT AND SHOE STORE for sale? Located great basin ess thoroughfare: en terprising party ; splendid chance make money. Par ticulars a Chambers street. GBOBGB W. 8IMEBS, Store Agency. AN ESTABLISHED THIRD AVBNUfe RESTAURANT, Chop House and Dining Saloon at a bargain; has bar, well fitted up : good business ; rent S2& CAMPBELL A CO., Agents, S48 Hudson street. A NO. 1 GROCERY AND TEA STORE FOR SALE? well established ; excellent location: extensively patronised; low rent-, rare investment. Particulars US Charaliera street. GEORGE W. KIMr.RS, Store Agency. A NO. 1 DRINKING AND LACER BRER SALOON; splendid location ; excellent cash trade; low rent; unquestionably rare chance. Particulars 23 Chambers street. GEORGE W. S1MER.S, Store Agency. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR A SAFE IN vestment? The Fancy Goods Store, 487 Third avenue, established a) years, for sale. For information apply on the premises. A LARGE SHOW CASE? 10 FEET BY 20 FEET, SUIT able tor a halter or milliner; alio a handsome Counter. Apply at the American Stores, lwo sixth a v. A RESTAURANT, LAGER BEER, OYSTER AND Billiard Saloon, with u Ion? Lease, low rent, situ ated in one of the plcasantest towns In New Jersey ; cause of iefling. owner has to go to Europe ; n bargain lor any one; price $1,600; terms easy. Call at 130 Third avenue. A FIVE TEARS' LEASE OF THREE STORY II KICK Hoase, one block from Thlrfy-ft>arth street lerry, Huntcr*? I'olnt; tine barroom, stock and fixtures; desira ble location? on the wav u> Calvary Cemetery. W. J. LY NAM, Auctioneer, 27 Sixth avenne. A? FOR SALE, RESTAURANTS. OYHTBR SALOONS. * Hotels, iu best business locations; downtown Sample Rooms, Ale Vaults, Mineral and Soda Water Manufactories Country Stores. MlfCHBLL'e ?S Store Ageney, 77 Cedar street A? FOR SALE, LIQUOR STORES, ON BUSINESS ? streets and avenues in this city and Brooklyn ; But ter and 1'roduce Stands, cheap Drug Storee. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street A? OAKERIES FOR SALE; ALSO COUNTRY ? Bakeries, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Furnishing Good* Stores; also Confectioneries, Kaloous, light Manu lactuting Business: Billiard Halls to let MITCHELL'S Store Agcncy, 77 Cedar street A HALF INTEREST IN A LIQUOR STORE FOR s lie at low price, owner having two, cannot attend to it; also stores to let. MITCH KLh'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street 4 RARE CHANCE? TO BUY TUB LEASE, GOOD J\ will, Carts, Ac., of un old established Con I Yard. Apply at yard, #21 East'HIxteenth street, near avenue A. A VALUABLE PATBNT FOR SALE? TUB STATE OF New York can be bought at a low price ; the article is easily made, finds a ready sale, and pays a large profit. For particulars call upon r. D, RICHARDSON, 95 Liberty street, between 9 ano 2 o'clock daily. A FIRST RATE CHANCE FOR A DOCTOR OB druggist.? For mle, Stock and Fixtures of a Drug Store, in a thickly pspulausd neighborhood ; store estab lished five years and Is now ottered for sale in consc <iurnce irf the death of the proprietor; can I* had a bar gain. Apply at 61 Market street, Taterson, N. J. A RARE CHANCE.? THR STOCK AND FIXTURES of a Toy and Ctndy Depot, including a nice Soda Apparatus and Ice Cream Garden ; good rearons for seli iag J. STILWEliL, 881 (irand street, Williamsburg. A STATIONERY 8TORE IN BROOKLYN, AN OLD established stand, for sale cheap. Apply at 873 Ful ton street, Brooklyn A RARE CHANCE.? FOR SALE, ONE OF THE OLD* est and finest fitted up Barroom and Billiard Rooms In New York. Inquire on the premises, 407 Grand street, corner of Clinton. A FIRST CLASS OORNbR LIQUOB STORE FOR sale, with or without Stock : in a good location ; doing good business ; rent low. Apply to TiiOS. GAFF. NET, Auctioneer, No. 8 Centre street Drug store for sale? splendid location, near Bleecker and Carmine afreets, doing a goad trade ; price ti.SOU. Address K. P., box 148 Herald oflice. Drug store for sale? good location, nentlv fitted, well stocked and doing a good business ; a chance seldom offered. Apply to HaLB, IK William st Drug store for sale. -one of trb most compact and nleely fitted stores in New Y?rk ; capi tal loca'.len; cheap rent STRICKLAND'S Druggists' Ageney, 78 Cedar street. FOR SALB? STOCK AND FIXTURES OF OI.D ES tabllilied Boat and Shoo Store of 38 years' standing, tiranil ?trcot, one door irom ?iki : sold on account of retiring lYtm business. B. WILLIAMS. FVJR SALE? a liquor storb, stock and nx tares, vlth Apartments to live In-, can be bought cheap. 221 Elizabeth street For sale-a down town sample room, doing a nice cask business; will he sold cheap for cash as the owner has >ther buaineaa to attend to. Apply on the premises, 113 William street _ For sale cheap?' with stock and fixtures, an Oyster saloon, doing a food business; price $100; ? flrat rule chance for aov one commencing business; rent only WO. Inquire at M? Bast Twelfth street. 1/10 R SaLE-A wholesale business, well r established ; "trictly rash . no risk; pays from 2ft to St i per rent ; will i ?r the closest Investigation. Apply at 185 Spring treat. JIOR BALK? SODA FOUNTAIN; ALSO ROOT HEER 1 Fountain, marble top Counter, Tumbler Holders. Syrup .lars, Coum cling Pipes: all complete ; a bargaiu fjr somebody i uaii prim. WS Chatham street. FOR SALE-A LIQUOR STOKE OK A PROMINENT thoroughfare, near Hudson River Railroad depot, now doing a good business; lour year* ni, expired lease of the building. Apply to THOMAS RKILLY, on the premises, :v>0 Tenth avenue, corner Thirtieth stmt. For sale -an oyster and chop house, in one of the l>est locations In Brooklyn ; doing agood business ; (food reasons can be glvea lor wiling. Apply ?I 1*8 Grand street, one door from Fourtb street, Brook lyn. E. V. For sale? a cutler's store and lease-, also Shou, with Menu) Engine. Address No. 6 Sixth av. For SALE? a first clash wine and cigar Store, with Stock and Fixtures: will be sold at a groat sacrifice. Inquire or MILTON WATKRHOUbE, 174 Canal street. 17HJE SALE? NEW YORK CITY DIRECTORIES, A 1 complete series from 1H42 to the present time. In quire ol M M. VAIL, V Chambers street For salr-a dental officii in Brooklyn, situated on the moat prominent thoroughfare: estab lished five years. Address B. W. SMITH, (3 Uresae ave nue, Brooklyn. For sale? a cigar store, with or without Stock and Fixtures ; must be sold within three 'lays: lease four vears. Inquire alter four o'clock r. M. at 260 West Eighteenth street, one doer from Eighth avenue. TTIOR SALE? LEASE, GOOD WILL, TRUCKS.AC., OF r the old established wholesale and retail Flour and Feed Store, First e venue, near Thirty-fourth street. FOR 8ALB-A FIRST CLASS CORN KB LIQUOR Store : location iraod ; rent cheap. For particulars Inquire at CLAUSEN'S ale depot, 118 Canal *t/eet. FOR SALR-OIIKAiP. AN OfSTER SALOON, WITH Bar, doing a good business. Inquire at 1.19 Hester st Fob sale. -an old bbtalished fork storb to be sold, on account of U1 health. Inquire at 8tt Eighth avenue. For sale cheap, for cash-first class small Grocery, tn Bridge street, Brooklyn. Ex amine store and call of) Colonel WM. P. ROOMB, 336 Greenwich street For salb chrap-butchrr shop, in a oood neighborhood. Apply, tor two days, on the premises, MV WW TwcatY -MTtrnk Mm*. MM iwUH> aveiiM. for 8ALB. _ F? t k7A WnLr/BMTABI.rHUED OEW ths b2t?w?5 K^i11 *?? ? Ht.lrtm.kii.? business In Wm *Teni^.,j y ** *a emTtr a,y at 5/7 l^'0Q otreet, near SAfBl|i? 1 HEBBINO'S, MARVIN'S, WILDER'8 at m O to 00 per coot discount If purchased belora Ma'v ? Jiw. ?Den MM Silk Htfu; safe* repaired. 1 O- c. Qt'lHK, 81 Maiden lane, near Gold iitreet OA PES.? 18 8KC0ND HAND SAFES, ALL 8IEE8 AMD kj best makers, suitable for bankers, lewetMrs and others. Prices Dom $4<) to $6J?. At 7J Maiden lane 8. Q. QUIRE. SAP KM. ?A LABOR ASSORTMENT OF SECOND hand Safes of all style* and sizes for sale cheap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAK SAFE COMPANY. 3tW Broadway. QTOkB AND FURNITURB FOB 8 ALB CHEAP-SUIT lO able for a distillery atore or lager beer saloon, with lease. 23ft West Twenty-seventh street. rBRS, TREES,? A LARGE LOT OF MAPLB8 AND American Blow for sale, at G. W. JUDO'S, 146 West street WATCH AND JEWELBY STOBE FOB RALR-KS tabllshed 1858; located In an Interior city ef Penn sylvania, population 20,000: growing rapidly and a rail way centre; a chance seldom found. For particulars address 18M, box 227 Herald office. (fconn WILL BUV A COMPLETE MTNERAL WATER VUUU Business; good rontn, bottles, boxes, fixtures; low rents; any mau can make >1,400 this Summer.. Ad dress BELFAST, Herald offlca. JI4CH1MEKY. AMES' PORTABLE, YALE VERTICAL SLIDE AND out off horizontal, hoisting and pumping Engines, all sizes; also Boilers hand ; Improved Saw and Grain Mil in, (loar's Variety and other Wood working Machines; 12x18, 20x43. 11x24 and Duller and threo-horse porta til*> good second hand Engines cheap. EDWABD P. HANSON, 31 ifortlsndt at , New York. A SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL BNOINBS ? WB HAVE on band 7x10. 8x12, 9x12, 10x111, 11x18, UtxM, 13x90. 14x24, 14x9U. 15x3C, 16x36, 13x24. Samples can be seen at 38 Cortlandt street; second hand EuKines taken in exr change. WUITKHILL, SMITH A Co. Mannlacturers, Newhnrg, M. Y. A TWO-HORSE BAXTER ENGINE, NEARLY NEW| also a large assortment of Engines, Boilers, Pumps, Pulleys and miscellaneous Machinery, at WlLBON S RO ARB'S, Water and Dover streets. A GOOD SECOND HAND BNGINB, 15x41, WITH or without tliree cylinder boilers; also two Mt( cylinder Boilers; would ixohango for worn out ones, JOHN STUART, 194 Broadwaji For sale? boiler and engine, is first bate order, now running at ?73 Ninth avenue, when U can be seen. TjlOR SALE-ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, PUL1 r leys. Millstones, Tanks. Piping, Steam Pumps. Hoist* lng Engines, Saw Tahlcs, Planers, Ac. Address BENJA MIN fox, 614 and 916 West Thirty-fourth street. FOR BALE? a small boilbr AND ENGI ne, Al hair factory. Fifty-ninth street. North Elver. Eor sale? braiding and cobd machines, from 8 to 72 carriers, by T. LESCUHOBN A CO., O penard street WANTED-TWO GOOD FLUE BOILBBS. ABOUT ? feet diameter, capacity together Iroin 80 to 100 horse power. Address box 6, l'ift I'ost office, giving price and description, also where and when ean be seen. WANTED? A HO TO 75 IIOBSE LOCOMOTIVE BOIL er, tor which a 28 horse Locomotive Boiler will !>* exchanged. Call on or address UKA.NT, foot ol East Thir tieth street. New York. A r K lJROPR. HOTEL DE KBAJfCE, 8CH0TTENRING, NO. 3,VIENNA (AUSTRIA), situated In the immediate vicinity of the House of Repre sentatives ?nd the Exchanges contains 160 comfortably famished Rooms for guexts, dining saloons, reading rooms, smoking and bathing rooms; eleratori, hotel can riages, he. Attendance in all the lirtng languages. Opening of (he hotel April 15, 1873. Respectfully, LEOPOLD HOFBACB, Director. s DRY OOODfc. PECIAL NOTICE. The great Ribbon sale ft. H. MACY A CO. will continue all this week. R. n. MACY k CO.. Fourteenth street and .Sixth avenna. MIL.L.IWERY AMP DRKSmiAKlMQ. A cause of complaint at the present time Is extrava Sancc In luilles' wi artim aniiarcl. What it coats now to res< a lady of fkslilon would have supported an enttr* fainllv a tew years ago. Messrs. LOKO A TAYLOR, to prove that a retrenchment is possible, have so arranged their Dressmaking Department that economy in material and trimming is particularly studied in o/ery detail, ami they are now furnishing Urease* at a mucn less prlca than the cost of imported garments while for style, fir, appearance and general make up they are every wayt tonal to the finest Parisian manufacture. The new reMption room and boudoir connected with this department for the use of our lady patrons will hf opened Monday morning. It is located on the four til floor and reached by the elevator. I LORD t TAYLOR. Broadway and Twentieth street I YACHTH, NT KA. Mil OATS, AC. FOR HALE? A NEW I'ROPRLI.RK STEAM YAC11T. with double engine, surl'an- condenser, Ac.; owned in Europe. Address tor particulars P. W. P., box M5 Post otfloe. FOR SALE? A GOOD SLOOP; WILL CARRV EIOHTB tons In 8 feet 10 inches of water; would bo suita!>!a for lightering purposes. Apply at H18 Third avenue, cr< ner Fiftieth street For BALE? A SMALL SCHOONER; carries i? tons: suitable for oyster or market lj<.at Can be seen at C. WIN ANT'S gpar yard. Rush wick Creek, OrcenpoinU OR SALE, VERY LOW-STEAMBOAT KENB Island ; Is about 100 feet in lenirth ; draws 5 feet ol water; SIM tuns; was used last on Chesapeake Bay route. AddreM W. a. HARRISON, 1(0 We it Fourteenth street. ' SHELL CLUB, WHITEHALL.? SAIL AND METALLIC Lifeboats on hand and built to order. 3u8 and 273 South street and lllth street Harlem River. bTEPUEN ROBERT?. The celebrated china wood oil for spars and bright work, for sale In quantities to suit pur chasers. PHILANDER REED, 22 Old slip. RKHOlOHa I* OTIC ICS. Chu rch of the disciples crev. oeoroe h ) Hepworth, Pastor), corner of Madison avenue antf Forty -filth street.? The sale and rental of Pews will lake plaee lu the church, on Monday evening, April 14, at a o'clock. The building will be open tor Inspection ana the selection of pews on Thursday, Friday and Satnrdax of this week, afternoon and evening. riBCSCH OF ST. MARY THE VIRU1N, WEST FORTYj \J firth street, near Broadway ?This (food Friday, M A M.t Litany, Ante Communion and Reproaches; 11 to 3 P. M., three hours' service ; ? P. M , Litany and Mi? i?r? WA1NWRIOHT memorial chcrch-corneb W Waverley plaee and Went Eleventh street; Rer. W. T. Bsbert, rector; services (ln<A Friday. at ink A. M. ami 74 P. M. Rev. Noah U. Schenck, of Brooklyn, w?il preach in the evening. MABBLK MAWTFJL8* AKLABBR, STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLE IZINtl . Works, US and UW East Eighteenth street.? Marbla and MArblelsed Mantel*. Tiling, Marble Counter*. Monu prices that dety competition. Marble Turuiim menu, at . for trie trade. A N ASSORTMENT n> ?. Slate1 WkS&lk&H9* Md^iUUy 0 M JPec laity. of workmanablCfc - ^?5r^ ***nae an<l Sev,n[^Nn J^ COMPANr, ?We?Tw,ntyUiira ,t,i? <*>.? ai COAL A?D WOODU X>b?T KRB9B *IN5DIc^*"s5c^^PPlyA ?t lMLa* S s^etJusioomc. il? oreena, US ^^VBBER C1UAKS AMD TOBACCO. ESPAKOLAiT of' hayaba tobacco, bqhal to genuine in appearance and quality, at 9?per taw# and ; also the celebrated "WhllT' Fanewlaa, ? ?**" T. J. RAYBBR A CO.. ?> Maiden ian* MATRIMONIAL T" HE~ADVBRTWBR, S3 YEARS OFAOB. to marry, would like to epea a correspondence wll

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