Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1873 Page 2
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CITT RE AX. ESTATE FOR |U?. A -ON FIFTH AVENUE, SECOND ABOVE A. Eighty- fifth street, t acini Central Park, first class brown stone cabinet finish House; will be sold at ir?st bargain If applied for at once, as family are going abroad i &nu rery easy t If not sold quickly will be leased for ? of years. Permits, Ac. JE3SUP, 168 Broadway. A FINE RESIDENCE, ON MURRAY HILL, FOR A sale; all modern imp roVe men U, In complete order ; price tatjOOS; terms Tery eaiy. Apply to O. W. DITCHETT, No. 1 New Chambers street. A FOUR story brown stone flat, near A Thirty eighth street, in elegant order, rented $it,aU0, will be sold cheap or exchanged for House un town. LIONEL FROBHLICtI, . Third avenue, corner of Fiftieth street A FOUR STORY BBOWN STONE HtOH STOOF Home, 15 by 80 feet, lot #8.8, for sale, In Twenty-third street, one bloc* from Madioon square, for $38,000; terms easy : Immediate possession. Apply to B. HTlUDLOW A CO., No. trine street A NY ONE WANTING TO PURCHASE A FOUR STORY. J\ cabinet trim Bouse. 16x60*100, between Fifth and Madison avenues, for $50,OU1, will only find tbe oppor tunity by applying to DUNN A 8BAIC8, tut Broadway. A BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED FIRST CLASH NEW four story high stoop House, 16x73x100. 17 East FUtr seventh street, mar Fifth avenue; built by day's work j price $60,000. Aiiply to the owner, (JKOEGB CAUL FIELD. 166 Broadwsy. rooms Nos. 9 an<l 1ft j^N_ ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE A SUPERIOR BUILT AND BLEOANTLY FINISHED brown atonu House, four story high stoop, 16x06, and nantry cxtention; quite near 5th a v., below 57th si., lor sale cheap. Ap>.ly to W. 1'. HE V MO DR. 171 Broadway. A N IMMEDIATE PRESSING NBED FOB CASH IS Central. AN ELEOANT 35- FOOT FRONT HOUSE, WITH DIN. tng room extension, en Fifth avenne, near Dr. A -two nkw foub story, brown stone, ? French flat Houses ami Lot* for sale below the Pork, near Fifth avenue, 30x100 each; a lease will be taken for three or five year*; tll.OOO per year ; these are the most complete French flat nouses erer erected in this eitr : cash customer* only need apply. 99t>Hlxth avenne. Easy terms? two stonb front houses. Fifty-ninth street: onu brick House. * 16,900. Eighty fifth street, near Madison avenue. -K. THOMSON A SON, Third avenue, near Eighty -third street, or ALEX THAIN, H Pine street. Fifth avbnue. opposite the central park, SO feet south of Sixty -fifth street.? A first class new and elegantly finished four story high sloop brown stone iront House, with all the latest Inprovements; must be seen to be appreciated. Apply on the premises or ad dress QORMBLiUS O'REILLY. 110 East Forty-filth st FOB HALE? FIVE FOPB STORY BROWN STONE high stoop Houses, in Forty-fifth street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, 200 feet west of Broadway ; also three three story brown stone high stoop Uouses, 150 teet west of Eighth avenue. In Forty -fifth street, with re newals 60 years. Astor lease. Inquire on the premises, or at lit West Forty-fifth street. FOB 8ALB? 0PP08ITB THE PARK, ON FIFTH AVE nue, Viclow Ninetieth street, eight splendid Lots, with two in roar, high ground, and cheaper than any on the avenw coniidcring the position. Apply to B. H. LUD LOW A CO.. No. 8 Pine street I FOB 8ALB? MBDI\?M filZED BROWN STONE Dwelling UB Weist Forty-second street, tastefully decorated ; in perfect order ; price low; terms easy. In quire of J. OAMPBBLL, Pacific Bank. Fob sale? an elegant, first class foub story high stoop brown stone House, on Fifty-second street, near Fifth avenue ; bouse 23.8x70x1(10 feet, flnlshod In bard wood la very handsome style - price reasonable. For permits apply to A C. LOOMIfl Ik Cb., 1.264 Broadway Fob salb-an bleoant foub story high ?loon brown sfone House, on Forty-third street, near Fifth avenue, with or without the new aad rich Furni ture ; owner going to Europe : price reasonable. For per mits apply to A C. loom is A CO., 1,264 Broadway. Fob halb? property on bboadway, neab Fourth street, east side, 28 bv 1S7.6 feet Call be tweeu 3 and 4 o'clock. fi. S. FfTCH, 71? Broadway. Fob sale-front and rear buildings, u West Nineteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave aoes. suitable for store, uiannfactory or werk shops. Ap ply on the premises. M 8If?J ^ENHR.? fob kai*e, furnished. THE fiYrtiiin . ry fc'h.s,.00Pi i,rloUy ?*?? e'a?" Hmsc :m ?rndlson ?venuc ; flnJslictl In hanJ w??a bv Marcot, sold Wa*^?ine'itree?*y to WILLIAM KENNEDY, rpHR CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE .PITY FOR SALE? * M>cated on BJxty-flrst street near Madison; four &&OH?&nBgwavr?r P*rmiU ?PP'r * DUkl" * /?Sft AV., MURRAY HILL.-A FINE CORNER PRO y perty, <3 feet front, modern ; first class Stores aud Flata, price low; a fine Investment. W. P. SEYMOUR. ITS Broa4way. djO/l AAA ?BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY BROWN iPiiT.UUU. stone high stoop House, ia> East Fiftieth street, near Beektunn place; h ant wood finish; plate I: lass windows ; mahogany blinds ; frescoed cailiags, and a partect order. A. L. WILLIAMS A Cft, 128 BrMdw?j. East Side. A? FOR SALE. EIGHT FOUR STORY BROWH . stone higli stoop Houses, on seuthaaat earner af Lexington avenue und Seventy -first street; one corner House, 20x50-. #re Houses, adjoiuidg, oa Lexington a ve nae. each 18x50, and two Houses on Heveaty-flnrt street, adlainlng. each UlxSfi; terms to suit. Apply on pranUse*. t -FOR BALE, AT A REMARKABLY LOW PRIOR, A, a luagwlOcently frescoed and handsomely naishrd four story and basement House; also a three story, on l?xlngton aTenue; come and see them. FRAN018 CRAWFORD. 966 Third avenue, near Fltty-elghtb street GENTEEL HOI'SB FOR RALB CH BAP? IF TAKBN Immediately, In Seventy eighth street, near Third avenue ; terms easv. Apply io O. W. LiITCHBTT, Ma. * avenue . New Chambers street A FIRST CLAPS HOl'SK ON EAST TWRNTY-BIXTn street-; complete order; mast be sold; price $XUH); will entertain a lair offer. Call, and I will show it to you. KSIOHT, 3*7 Fourth avenue. A BARGAIN TO CASH PURCHASER.? THE THREE story high stoop brown stone House 735 Lexington avenue, tally furnished; must be Rolrt Immediately, as the owner Is iroiny te fcmrope. Apply to HuMfaiR MUR UAK, No. t I'lne street A GOOD CHANCE TO SECHRE A no ME? $1,000 cash, balance i$lt,U00) in quarterly payments, on 1 16th street; a three story high stoop brown stone. 20x5); or will exchauge. Inquire of J. KIN LEY SMITH, Aft Chambers Ktreet_up_sutrs. _ A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP STONE HOUSE, IN Fortieth street, between Park and Lexington ave nues, !u perfect order; a bargain. A. L. WILLIAMS * CO., 138 Broadway^ 1,1 OB RALE-FOUB STORY BBOWN STONE HOUSE 1 and Lot 118 East Forty Hi til street; house 15x50 feet lot ll? feet deep ; Imllt for the bresent ow ner. For per mits, Ac., apply to WARREN J. RITCII, Agent, 58 Ann it. TjIOB SALE? ON FAST SEVENTH STREET, A TWO JP storr attic and basement H out* ; 19 teet front ; price very low ; 80 per cent can remain on mortgage. Apply to I>. 4. DODD, 243 ven Ui strte tatter 5 o'clock in the evea tn? FOR SALE ? 16 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STRKBT Fotir story brown stone front high stoop, all mod ern Improvements . between Madison and Filth avenue*; lease GO yean. Inquire on the premises. ii,iOR SALE? THE ADMIRABLY PLANKED THREE. t1 story brown stone, 210 Fast Forty sixth street; U,; rooms. In perfect order ; very low. Apply at any Umo.,. IriOB SALE ON THIRTIETH STREET, NEAR SECOND 1 avenae. two three sUiry high stoop brick llousea^SLO ?>4S*ioo. all modern Improvement*; furnace, ranee. Ac. ; rbsndeliora aud m* Matures i.tfood neighborhoods/very cheap. JOHN McCLAVE, No. 1 Pine stBtet Ff.n-.m .?II MI'RKAY HILL, ONE DOOl^ FROM p.Vk avenue 102 East Thirty-eighth strert, foar ?rv portico stoop brown stone Dwelling, a>x?x*l.9; to be"ha.r?a a l,arga'ii 1 can be seen without permit from 4 to JUMI * oXllkNDER * LAPRENCB, 80 Pine street. IPOR RAW.? ON LIBF.RAL TERMS. THE FIRST CLASS ' (ear story llouse 312 East Ninth street, near wceod avenue. Apply to W. tL SACKETT, JU K?t Wlnth IpOB SALR-O-t TW KNTIRTII STREET. NKAR HKC* } oal avenue, where no nuisance can be made, one of the beet built three dory high stoop basement and an arched sub-cellar , all to perfect order; boos* JO by W, lot 100 deep ; lowest price f is.wo, cash $7,000: one on Sec ond avenue, near Tenth . rniij fcu.ieo, oil. UYLAND^JtJ bust Nineteenth street T7H5R SALE. CHEAP-TWO LOTS ON 105TH STREET, X1 near Madison avenue. OORNBLIUB U'RKIIJ.Y. no Bast Forty fifth ftreet IF TOO WANT TO BUT A REALLY SUBSTANTIAL I tour story brown atone House, tin Ism- 4 in hard wood, .i>x5A. anply on premise* In Madison avenue, near Klfhty-fottrtll street, or to F. ZITTKL, l.lil# Third avnnue. /?QTH AND BBYBNTT FOURTH STRKHTH, CLOSE TO ")0 Madison aveaoe.? Two very flue unusually well !>ullt and flnlabed full Km Dwelling*, tor Immediate sale, at beat prlee, by order of the owners; mortgages held by Mutual Lilt and North American Life: terms easy T. K. BTETBNBON, Jr., 11 Pint W?(t Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIflHT, WTTn ONE half Btaek, ?00*ni.?, for tale or to lease tor a tenu of yeart, running troas Thirteenth avenue to West street k!l. *B. T. BURN!! AX, Wt Hudson jtreet. ACHOIOB PLOT ok NINR LOTi IN U8TH STREET, north aide, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, cheap; excellent grade; no rocks, no eneumbrMce ; terms easy. Addre*. MILES I. ANSON. Woodside, New ark7N~jT AFIBBT CLASS FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT brows atone Bouse, West lhlrty second street, in Una repair, to close an estate , must be sold ; $!?,?*>. MokBIB B. BABB, 72 West Thlrty-lourth street. _fOK BALE AT AUCTION. SIXTH AVENUE - a tore Property. a?ar Forty-alnth street ; rare op crrr REAIi ESTATW FPU BALK. . ? -s?v ? ? - ? ??-" West 8M?. /"1HEAP? SIXTBBWTII WARD? A HUE BTOET \J high stoop brick House, 18 rooms ; all modem im provements: good order; 28*48x190 :can be routed in neon. WALT til W. MONTAGUE, Eighth avouue and Twenty-first street. FOB KALE? A PLOT OP GROUND. ON GREENE street, on the west side, between Broome and Hprlng streets, on whlob the Methodist Episcopal ehuroh ana parsonage now stand, Wttlf 190 feet square. Apply to JOUN M. CLAW BON, 1S8 Spring street Fob rale-two lots on south mdb op eighty. third street, 100 feat east af Boulevard, with one tianse thereon ; size of iota 80*73.3 on east sMa, and 71.3 on west side splice 91.3,300; oash $2,800. Apply to A. M. PAN NING, S3 East Fourth street. FHOB 8ALE-POUB HOUSES AMD LOTS ON THE north side of Thirty fourth street, near Second arenas; renting for f.\ (MO: price oily $46,600; cash $11,500. Apply to A. M. PANNING, ? Bast Peurth St. possession ; price less than 928,000: this is oeiUlmly one of the cheapest bouses in the market JAMEa B. EDWARDS. ?l Wet Twenty-third street Foe sale? a larob a foot wide sk story House, at only IU.000 cash. This property. 193 Tenth avenne is offered as a bargain to any real estate Investor. JAMES E. EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty-third street. T7U)R SALB-ON NINETEENTH STREET, NEAR 1\ Eighth avenue, a three story high stoop baatsmeut sub-cellar brick House ; $12,000; easy terms. JOHN MoCbAVE, No. 1 Pine street BIOR SALE? ON WE8T TWE NT Y-PIR8T STREET. ? near Seventh avenue, a 2S (bet wide, largie high stoop brown stone House, three stories; reduced from $23,UOO to $19,000. JAMES R. EDWARDS, ?0 West Twonty-thlrd street rR SALE. CHEAP? A NEAT 1WO 8T0EY AND attic high stoop brick Houso In West Tonth street, between Firth and Sixth avenues: price $i:<,000. Apply to ROMAINK BROWN, corner of Thirty-thud street and Broadway. For sale at a bargain-242 west twenty fifth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, a good neighborhood, at $11,000, a four story English base ment House; bath, gas, hot and cold water. Ac. JAMB9R. EDWAPDa. 69 West Twenty-third street' TjlOR SALE? A GREAT BARGAIN (MUST BE SOLD J ? before May 1), a fine four story brown stone House, on Seventy-ninth street, 25x60, lot 28x101, suitable for a school or Institution; all the cash required is $1,800. J. P. WILLIAMS A BON. 170 Wast Thirty-fourth street, corner of Eighth avenue. ?E10R SALE OB TO LBT-THE FOUB 8TORY HIGH r stoop brown Mono House 209 West Thirty-eighth street, near Broadway, with Carpets, Oilcloths, Mirrors, Cornices, Cbaudellers, Gas Fixtures, Shades. At , In the house. Apply on the premises, or address CORN'S O'RKlLLt, 110 Bast Forty-fifth street SPLENDID INVESTMENT.? ELEOANT RESIDENCE on Madison avenue ; also sffticrb Mansions in 52d. Stith and 67th streets, great bargains-, extra width palatial Residence on Fifth avenue, with stable. PAOK A McCAF PKRTY, Fifth avenue, corner Fifty -geeond street _ Kftft CASH WILL BnY THE TOIREE STORY iPT.yvU high stoop English basement sub-cellar; baths, heater, range, Ac., in splendid order; price $11,800; was rented $1,200; ISO West Tenth street; money invested being 10 per cent Apply to J. H. A B. THIbV, No. 2 West Thirteenth street <J>1 ft Kftft ?CHEAP FOR A HOUSE AND LOT, JplU.OUU. 18.9x48x100, 334 East Sixty fifth street; all the modern improvements; carpets, window shades and chandeliers given in; terms easy. Call sad see for yourselves. <fcl ^ BUY HOUSE AMD LOT 139 ?Pi.V.yl/U We?t Broadway if ofTorcil this week; good business locality; immediate possession ; titl?"uniTn tia*nhaKla< twn.flMKa ^ koou dusiiipbh locaiuy; immediate possession ; tltieuntm peachable; twn-fltthson long mortgage. Apply ut 'No. 5 East Forty-ninth street. Mlacellaneona. JTIPUL FURNIST1IU uUhed Houses for sulo and to rent FEW BEAUTIFUL FURNISHED AND UNFEJR Apply to E. n. LUDLOW A CO., \ Wo. 3 Pine street an<TM East Seventeenth street. A BARGAIN.? A NEW THREE STORT WRICK Honse, 20x38x106, with every improvement^ first class neighborhood. Apply at the ofllee of the lattfvA. J. Wallter, Hit John street, New Yerk, from 13 to 3 o'clock. FOR 8 ALE ? TI1RKE BRICK FOUR STORY HOIW.S, each house ZD by 80 fret; lot or each lOOfeet; bt'rt real estate ; lull price ef eacft- only $5,500 each, tit b down $3,000; property located Twentieth street and tw>6 in Thirty-first street 11 YLAND, MS East Nineteenth at Homes can be obtained by payment or* rent* tn the city of New York and adjacent iociilM ties, on the plan or the Pioneer Home Savlnp Bank. I 71 Broadway, ro?n 63. . V BH.OOKX.YS PROPERTY FOR SAIiBfe A VP TO LET. I JJKRALD BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. j ADVERTISEMENT* FOR THE NEW YORK ITERAli> RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, \ IN THE LONO ISLAND RAVINGS^ BANK VUILDTKe,* . CORNER OF FULTON AV. ANDi BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FSOM 8 A. M. TILJj fW M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TOV> P. M. CARRIERS AND AO I NTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOiKLYN. A rouse VK'f? wsasw-s Aiibowk stone front norsB. fvrst olabh ln?very respcct; bollt by day's work ; splendid loca lion, wtthin three blocks of the main eat ranee to the Park; will be solil cheap If- applied for at ? once: a* tlie owner in about retiring from business In.|in re of- JOHN DONOVjAN, M rtt Mark's avenoe, Brooklyn. A NICE THREB STORT, BASEMENT AMD CBULAR hie h stoop brick Uouse, In iioed ortfer, in Brvoklrn. on the lane of Faltou Ferry cars; sold a burxa in ifrcalleil for imnwdiately ; terms easy. JoUX WH ELAN, aft Eightfaavcnue, M ew Tork. D ROO I CMTWv? $W PBB ^ K B thri-e ?U>ry brick UwoUUJ?^puB R MrtHAVUl, each fflj street, Commfe**** f?re?ch Matt. BROOKLYN TO I.ET OR FOR SALE, TH1 ' DWRLL inr No. MilMarey avenue, eorner ot Bart street; a fine thrt ic story and basement, IS teet (rout, w ith a flue yard ; hi u bnvn repaired and painted throoKho at; all the modera improvements; would lease t?> a good party for a term of years ; for sale nt a low flgare. Ajt ply on the Jreraisrs, t-etwoen Oie hotfrs ot 9 A. St., and 4 P . M., or to . A. HACDONALn, No. J))K Sixth avenue, Neiw York. FOB SAXE? NEAR PKf ISFBCT PARK, MD'ROSIPBOT plac<& a fine three sti>ry and basement double iraino House anil (lurtjen; h?in :t7KxS8; asodern improve menu ; jrrnund K&xISl i?rholoe Irult, Ac.; 800 feet from grand cn trance tit the I'arX; surroundings, first class houses. Apply to V. F>. KOBRIS, SI DeKalb avenau, Brooklyn. For sal?- nouses tub two focr story RaiMtttKV aad st? rctmiv in the rear. Inquire on the premises, corner of Court and WyckolT streets, Mrooklju "EM>R SAI.K ? GOTHIC COTTAOB AND STABLE.; I X1 Mate roota ; twoAota, 30*100; corner, laid out in lawns. I Ac. ; house contaiafi cmht rooms, bathroom, attic and. I cellwt coavanicnUy arraaged ; all UnprovemcnSli. Apply on premises S10 'rh r?op avenue, corner Hart street^ / Brooklyn , price S/i3,SU0i Take De Kalb avenue ears. ' For salb? a.'two story and basement krams House, witfc extension. 198 North Fifth street, U H . UamsbiurE ; water, heater, marble muntois, iuc. t Ir jt axioe . price %* ,000. _____ rxAPiD transit? cnotcm lots. 25*19# r&'.-.T, IV under, close restrictions^ ia a first class nt^nl ,or hood. near Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and tfcw lino of the propuacd bap id Transit steam road,*'or sale at$au'.aiid upwards splendid opportunity (or inveftmeot or uintion. Apply at the oftlcool the late A. J. WAI.KER, U2.Tehn street. New York, from 12 to 2 o'rlork. /CTORB TO RKNT-6K6 XYRTLK AVRNUB. CTORNER 70 of Bedford; tor a liqnar or arocery stare. Apply to O. 'SWIFT, 530 De Kalb avottue, Brooklya. T HO LET? A THREE STORY KASBMENT AND SUB cellar briek lloase Aoittainlng ev?rv modern Improve ment; pk'Msntly located near Dr. lAuye?'*ehurch ; rent ftl.UOO. A. D. WAUNKR, 39 Para row, room IB, N. Y. TO LET? THB LAROE KTOKR AND BASEMENT eorner Clinton and Mvrtle aveajoe. suitable for b?k ery; also More and Dwelilnu, Mvrtle, near Washtngton avenue, BrooUya. Inqair* or S. F. BBOWN, on the premises. . mOLRT? IK BROOKLYN. A CHOICE FRENCH ROOF .1 llimse. o* W?jhln?ton avenue; three stories; twelve room* ; utolern linprovemsnts; rent $70n. JOHN P. ELXlS^W Park row, room 30. TO RBNT-THB NKW RHOWN STONE nOUHE, furoUhod, SOT Claremont avenue. Brooklyn, located between two our route* from Pulton* terry. Apply to P. w. woods. am Pulton ?t reet. ? VERY CHEAP IP SOLO AT ONCE.? PIVE FOUR, story Stored, Filth avenue, near Ninth street, Brook lyn. weft rented, with all Improvement* 11 B. UARDNttK, 7? Cedar ntreU Mnru\ -NINETEENTH WARD, BROOKLYN? , I UU. Very cheap; three etory brick IU.u? , 9 rooms, with modern Improvements . terms to suit pur chaser. Apply to WILLIAM O. SUMNER, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. a WKHTCHBHTHK COUNTY PHOPBKTT FOE WALK OK TO RKNT. A_A -A.-FOR RENT-BOUND VIEW HOUSE, . furnished, Mamaroneck, Westchester county, N. Y. ; this delightful Bummer retreat, situated on the orand Boulevard, ten roiuntetf walk from depot, accommo dating tk) to 70 boarders ; billiard, bar and reading room*, i tabling, fishing, boatliw. bathing, Ac. For particulars apply to D1NOER, PORTER A CO., >,308 Ibird avenue i frufl g| Cedar straff A HANDSOME COCNTRT PLACE ON THE MOMON River, at Scarborough. ?*!# below Sing Sing: large double brick kooajflOK*; seable. gatehoose and oilier outbuilding*; 10 or 89 acres; views very tins ; terms easy. Apply to EDWARD AUHTBN, *7 Pcexl Street, or te ftoBKHT B. BOORMA N, 81 Cedar street. AN ELEUANT GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE POR f>alc, rent or exchange: U acres beautifully im proved-, on Hudson hirer K. R j greatest bargain offered. W. POOLBY, IM Fifth _ AT YONKRR?.-LARUK NUMBER OP BOUSES TO let. furnished or uniurnished. Reason or year; also a number oi places fur sale or cxriiange. JAMBM youmans, Agent, Yonkers. At yonkeks, thirty MINUTES PROM FORTY second street? Por sale, a first class Residence, con taining Hi rooms, with every modern Improvement; one acre or ground, beautifully laid out In lawn and garden; first class stable and carriage house ; wUl aiohantfe lor Ne? York or Brooklyn House. X 4 in Broadway. WERTClinmCR COUWTT WBOPUWrr POB lALB ASP TO MWT. A BARGAIN IN NORTH M?W YOBK-FINB thr*? storv House, 12 rooms, In perfeet order. w?ter. gas, Ac., lot lOxlOU, id fine neighborhood, close to boats ?na car*, can be purchased at once lor $7,280: terms to VZi I FOTTSfi BBOTHKaa, No. i Warren d treat, branch ' 6~oe, y?rdbam A -FOB bale, ?casioro(;oh, A TABOS double House, wlUi about u ?... one mile from Sing sing depot and one mile from Scar borough ; locution very healthy; spring water brought into kitchen ; fruit of all kinds ; we pond ; good outboild ings; will be sold on easy terms and very low price. J T. H. 8HEPHBBD, Ml Broadway. COUNTBY 8BAT TO BBNT? IN WE8TCHE8TBB, AD joining West Farms; a large frame mansion, with modern improvements; garden, stable, coach honae, 10 aeres of land ; newly painted and papered throughout; well adapted for Winter or 8ammer; three miles from Harlem : a good macadamized road all the way through ; to a good tenant a lease for a term of rears will be given at a low rent; New Haven Railroad will run close by. Apply to WM. WATdON A CO., 99 Franklin street, or on the premises. depot Address OWNER, box 1,821 Post ofBc'e', New York, KOUNT KISGO, WESTOH ESTER COUNTY, DE lightfull.v situated, near depot? 13 Acres, good ise, 12 rooms; barn, large orchard, small fruits, tlsh ponds; everything nloo; price $10,000: easy terms. Dr. BYRN, 80 Cedar Htroet, room 8. ?N THE SOUND, NEAB PELHAM BRIDGE, A VEBY desirable Tlace of 12 acres to rent; fine mansion. &r" adway*", t>0*Uug' bftthin#- 4c- & IRELAND, 30l THREE SPLENDID FARMB FOR SALE AT PEEKS, kill on easy terms; also a Country Seat to let at a low rent ; beautiful location, near Peekskill. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street. TX7"BSTCHE8TE R COUNTY FARMS FOR SALE? ff nice place ; 20 acres; near depot; $9,UU0. Id acres; goodlmprovements; $4,000. 100 acres: good dairy farm; $10,000. Extra fine place; MO acres: 121,000. 100 othors, from $30,000 to >5 ,000. B. IRELAND, IflJl Broadway. FOB LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE AND three acres: location pleasant and healthy; stable, fruit, Ac.; 60 minutes from city. Address W. DEEKE, Jerome, Westchester county, N. Y. <S>1 q A fin F0R A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE AT ?]P?O.UUU Mount Vernon, on the New Haven Bail road, thirteen miles, or tbirty-flve minotes from city. This elegant honse has eleven rooms, with gas and ele gant fixtures all through; hot and cold water, nice bath room, finished in walnnt and ash : nil the htfllis, the din ing rooiu and kitchen floors are walnut and ash ; f urnace heats all through ; first class elevated oven range, wash tabs, large store room; has about half an acre of land, very handsomely laid oat: easy ten minutes' walk from the depot; flag sidewalk all the way: the view of tine Sound Is superb ; the place is healthy beyond any ques tion. having been occupied' by one of our firm Tat twi? Tears; he will give any one all the Important facts about It. The place is now offered at less man its value, but It must be sold within thirty Mya Some one will gst B' beautiful home at a bargain. Terms very easy. BMCBB. HESSE A CO.. N?. 5 Pfne street $800 JEKSKY CITY, IIOllOKJEN, HUDSON CITY AND nEROEN REAlfc ESTATE. ' For 8ale. TJIOR SALE OK TO LET? NEAR OOTTRT1 WOTTKE, A P French root' Honse ; modern improvement*; twsnty minted from ferries. ANDREW MoMfcAN, Jersey City Heights, opposite Post office. To L<t or Leaser TERSE"? CITY.? AN ELEGANT NEW STOTl* TO O let. In Pavonla a venae, on one of the best cofwi" In Jertioy'City ; cars passing ny it Irons sll direction* Also I a store. 184 Pavoiria avouiM, and Floors to let Inquire at 177 PaVoaU arenae. TO LET? NEAT LITTLE COTTAGE, 7 BOOMS, HANDY to ateam or liorso cars,' a* Bergen. .terser City Heights . rent <880. DAVID BANCROFT, 79 Cedar it TO LET?-IN LAFAYETTE, jiRHKT CITY, ONB TVH> story French roof and extension, and one two storr shingle roof amt extension frafho Dwelling; eitfh ID' rooms, birth, laundry, cellar and t\vn lots oi groiflad^ dis tant one block from norse earn wut.flve minutes trsni Jivw Jersey Central Kailroad depot: 20 minutes iVom Liberty atroet; ?7Weath. WOODWARD A 8HERWOOT>U It Msntgomery stre?t; Jersey City, *. X, ono block from ferry. flH) BENT? ON JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, 12 FtR?T L class Housed, on Magnolia, Chestriut, Hauldwin and Summit avenues; good locations; all modern imprive nit'.nts; within 20 minutes of New York city by steam and liarse cars; rent from' *400 to $1,000. For full particulars apply to or address 8. WELCH, Agent. Peuasylvada i Kailroad office , 217 Sixth street, Jersey City. \ PROPERTY OVT OF' THE CITY FOR ! SALE OR TO RBHT. A ?ELIZABETH PORT,. N. J., VAOINIT* OF SINOEB Jr. I, Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two Lots, tor tale ; house contains 7 rooms, water and gas; op p. Ate Jackxon Park, the proposed site for the ercction of the State CaDltol buildings and grounds; will sell very lowr Address OWNER, box ISO Herald office. AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8. I. -GENTLEMAN'S RE8I dence ; 18 rooms, furnished: billiard room, bowling Alley, greenhouse, stable, beautiful grounds, surround ings and view ; St Mark's place ; for sale or reht W. A.. COLLINS, 28 Pine street At rrtsw Brighton, staten island.-to rent, several brick Villas, furnished and unfurnished ; gas, water; all modern Improvement* : gardens, lawn, shade trees, stables; 38 minute* of Wall street ; location unsurpassed. GUAS. E. LAWRENCE, W Exchange place, AT NEW BRiailTON, 8TATEN ISLAND ON RICH mond terrace and vicinity? Several modern Houses, * II Improvements; rent $600 to $2,600 a year '.furnished, $80 U > $35f> a month; some with billiard rooms and extensive Hi minds. W. A. COLLINS, 28 i'ino street AT MODERATE RENT (60 MINUTES TO CITY HAM-), nice Place; gnu, Ac.; near depot*; garden, shade, Irul t; finest elevation and location in Flushing. WALKER, 112 Broadway, room 2. At new BRIOHTON, STATEN island.? TO RENT, ? several brick Villas, famished and unfurnlahod; gas, n ot and cold water; modern Improvements; gardens, lawn, shade treoa, stables ; SO minutes of Wall street; lac a tit n unsurpassed. K. DgNCAN SNIFFKN, 130 Broadway. A FIN E COTTAGE OF U ROOMS, % ACRE GARDEN,, ties r wea sWe, $6.000 ; on* for $8,l*A) ; one for $2, 000, and as law as $800, with fruit and shade ; one hour from, eity. JOHN BLACK, 12 Chambers street AFAR* 'FOE SALE? ON MIDLAND RAILROAD, N. .1. ; 22 nil lee ; best term In the township -, very high; ehotre land Irving springs; fine water power; new bouse ; large h.arn; carriage ; granary ; saw mills abundance frnit ; trout pond; absolutely no chills or moaqultoef; near store, church. school, hotel, Ac. __ T. 8. auBPIIKRD, 181 Broadway. A SMALL HOTEL FURNISHED. FOR SALE OR TO let? Near Wbw York, om L?ng Island Hoan'V 8. C. SMITH, owaer, 21)2 WiUiam street, Frankfort House. A -TO LBT, A NUMBER OF COUNTRY RESI . dences on line ef New Hsnren Railroad: three with water fronts, wlUUu.enc hoar etf NewrVork. " T. 8. 8HPMED, L.S1 Broadway. A NUMBER (W FINE FARM8 NEAR SING SING, with and without rtarer views v $100 to $1,000 per acre. HOWLANP A BRAJtDRKTH. Sing Smg. AN ELKOANT RESIDENCE AT NEW BRUNSWICK? Also- Bouses and Lots; Farms In vicinity, 20 to 200 acres; one. hour Hem city ; all near doyot EDWARD 8. VALL, m Broadway. Avery elegant summer and winter coun try Residence to let? New Jersey, west bank of the 'Hudson; 30 minutes to- city; 8 acres; tvruu moderate.. (?Apply to owner. 217 Went Thirteenth street SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A NICE CHEAP ' i\ home? Two new and handsomely built French roof Houses tor sale in the city of Elizabeth. N. J.; 11 rooms cach; modern conveniences; no Incumbrances of any kind ; live minutes trom depot; price $5,500; terms very easy. Would rent to a good tenautfor $500. Apply ot a) Race street, Elizabeth, N. J. A T ELIZABETH. N. J.-SOME VERY DESIRABLE House* for sale and to let: a bargain: one of fl> rooms: all Improvements; on paved street; lot 100x200, or more ground If desirable. BROOKFIELD, 81 Cedar street Bargains in small farms at new bbuns wlck.? Twelve acres, fruit Farm, food Buildings* cheap, $3,300; 34 acres goed Laud, small lTuildin/*, price $2,600; i,S mile of depot J. S. FERGUSON, S9 Nassau street room 6. Belmont hall Richmond terrace, new Brighton. S. I., 65 rooms, tarnished or refurnished, to lease ; one of the most successful houses pjar the city. W. A. COLLINS, 23 Fine street (10CNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? FIVE MINUTES' J walk from the depot at Portcheiter ; house barn, stable, oue acre of ground, shade and fruit trees, /oidrcsa J. L. MuSHKR, Glcnviile, Conn. COUNTRY SEATS, FARMS AND COTTAGES FOR sale, exchange and to let in all parts of Nevr Jer>oy; some turnUlicd, cheap. Printed descriptions. E. M. MASON, Mo. I CnainlH'rs street CtOUNTRY PLACE AND FURNISHED HOUSE TO ) let. for the Mummer, or for sale, on the Hudson, 13 minutes north ef Nowburg; railroads and steamboats; wry comtortable residence; situation unsurpassed tor bealthtnlnese, charming scenery and desirable neigh bors; stable, vegetables nnd fruit*. Address, tor particu lars or to appoint visit box 63* P ost office, Newburg, N. Y, /COUNTRY RESIDENCE j TO BENT-FOB SEASON OR VV year, at I'lainfleld. Scotch Plains, Orange, Mont clalr', BloomBeld. and at other tlesiralile locutions in New Jersey. Also, at Yonfcers. Sing sing, M,.unt Kisco, Mount Vernon, New Hochelle, Bye, Potchester and Stamford. Several with water fronts ; nice cottages. $300 to $au0 yearly. "? I ftELAND, aui Broadway. COUNTRY SEAT FOB MALE? AT A SACRIFICE, OR to let, furnished, near Macomb's Dim bridge, five minutes from Melrose depot Inquire at MH Broadway, second floor. IJNGLEWOOD AND PALISADES.-CHOICE PROPBR U ties for sale or rent Furnished Houses for Summer. CHARLES D. KEI.LOGG, No. 4 Finn street ENOLEWOOD. ENOLEWOOD. ENOLEWOOD. Houses for sale at bargains ; Houses to let, tarnished or unfornlshed, fer Summer or year ; exchange forciiy property. KltLLY BROTHERS, 206 Broadway. Eight attractive cottages oji central Railroad; tasty homes for young married persons; surroundings first class, near two (Upots; only $2,?A; terms very easy ; great bargain*. JAQCES, Broadway. JIOR SAI.K-A DESIRABLE BRICK VILLA, ON THE 1 east bank of the Hudson ; 15 rooms, with the modern Improvements; flirnaae, hot and cold water, Urge tiled hall, hard wood flmjrs und mantels, decorated eelling* and bay windew ; groand Uigh, river view front near Newburg to the CataklHa; abundant fruit, liothouso for strawberries (ripe March 1), conservatory, cold grapcrv and lodge, together with SO aores of Land, diver sified with shrubberv, terraoes, lawn fine shade trees an l evergreens ; well drained and perfectly healthy t one mile from depot and 61) nules from New York. Furniture, Bedding. Glasa and Chltig seld with house Price $30,01)0. Apply to TAYLOR* dTEAV.SS, No 1H l'ln? street. Foe sale?an j?tjkqant eksidenck for sum mer or WlnJ'. r, situated on high ground, on one of tbe finest aveDr,es In Plusking, L. I., consisting of 4 acres; furnished or ?nfurnlshed; 10 minutes' walk from depeti 41 tratni <Vatly. Apuir at Globe Fire Inturaac? EOS SALI rge and valoabto Chestnut street Property, Philadel phia. The subscriber offer* for sale UK iaj^e and valuable Property known a* "The Masonic Hall." north aide Ohe*t nu< ?treeL betweenSeyMth and Eighth street*. Lot 101 feet on Chestnut and 178 feet jeep to /erne atridl For prioe ind term! apply to HORACE r&ttl, 718 Walnat atfeet, Philadelphia. Eor SALE? one or TUB MOST DESIRABLE RB8I donocn la the vicinity ef Long Branch ; all modern prorements. ynvh two acrc* beautitni ground., for particulars addres* K, A- L- b?I ?m?e' * Y Fob sale? bat shore, long island, farm of V> acre*; new House and BarB: ylU be *old cheap:

also Lets 50x190, and Villa Nots; ua*urpas*ed Banning and fishing, sailing and bathing. Particulars of map*. JOHN n. BRADY, M Third avenue. ______ Fob salb-to close an estate (, the Dummy Engine and Machine Work* or ttehwOftee A Lang, established for past ten years, at Philadelphia, consisting of Tools, Patterns, Drawing*, Patent*, Ac., to gether with the Real Estate rented by them, consisting of one S story brick Machine Shop. Blacksmith -Shop, Boiler Shop, Ac. ; size of property ltoxHfi, having two fronts ; possession at once. Address UKO. W. GRICE, Trustee, 1,340 Beach street, Philadelphia. For sale? two new cottages at rockville Centre, L. I., on South Side Railroad, three minutes from depot; prices $1,600 and $1,800, respectively, hall cash. TUPS. W. BUTTS. 80 Naasau *treot._ POR SALE? AT BAIIWAY, N. J., NICE COTTAGE House, 24x90, lot 35x100; house coo tains 9 rooms; every convenience; situated In Jacques avenue; three minutes from depot; will be sold for $4,260 and only $000 wanted; this is a great bargal U. L. BULKLEY, 136 Broad Broadway, corner Cedar street Fob sale? in a large, orowino place, within 40 mile* el New York, an old established and very profitable Hardware. Stove, Tinware and Hooae furnisliing Goods Store; stook about $12,000; no rlslt for purchasers; bunineM cash; terms easy; perfectly satis factory reaeens for selling. Addre**, lor one week, C. A. H., box 163 Herald office. Fob bale or to lbt-wminutbs from city, 5 jnlnutes Crowi depot, oa Midland Railroad, Cottage, with 2 to 11 aere* bam, to. ; ground laid out la lawn, shrubbery and lratt Inquire at 193 Duane street. Fob sale ob to let? blboant residence, furnished if desired, fronting the Bay, Staten Island : fjne^bathlng, splendid. view ; $1J,U?^ ?rtns wgr^rent F>R SALE OB TO LBV? AT GREENVILLE. N. J., 20 mtnutrs from New York by Central Railroad, several new convenient Houses; terms liberal, fnnulre at Post office, or of JOHN MORRELL A CO., corner of Danteth and New Be men avenues. Fob bale ob lease? elegant house, ca k rlagti house, croquet arbor;, beautiful grounds, near PlaluOeld; aal table for first class boarding house ; sar roundlnga excellent Call on JAiffJl.S, 208 Broad way. OB BALE OR TO RENT, FURNISHED? MONTCLAIB, N. J.? Mehae, 1$ room*, bath atttt laundry; large sta F Me. carriage house, Ac. ; spring?, garden, shade a n?T fruit, with 8 acres of land ; X mile from depot on Midland road. J. H. PARSONS, 3$ William stwet TTERE YOU AftE I? DO YOU WANT" A DELIGHTFUL XX homer Then'roatf and inquire. Leas than an liour from New York, rife 'tVvo railroads; 80 aero* well stocked With fruits; house large and luliy furnished; stables are Inrge; man kept ntt th? place to take .entire charge; tame supplied with traits, vegetables and milk ; no extra ctMirce ; will rent lor. ? ' months or a year. Also, SO mine la ? from OhamMr* afreet > acres, well stocked' with fruits, Ae. ; modern House, 14 room*, all olty con veniences, bathrooms, hot and cold water, furnace, Ac.: ample- stable room androntbuUdlng* ; will rem furnished for 2yearsoraelL Also; at Glffard atatterr, Staten Island. I awres, well laid out; House, 10 reems; stables, Ac.; will sell very chcapv price $8,000; only $2,000 oa*h; balance any time. W. O. KNIGHT, . 3*7 Fourth avenue. Hotel, property fob- hale? is milks' from New York, five mtnutWwa* from depot; terra* oaay. Apply-to ?OBI?8 LlVINOS'flwM. Hi Liberty et. M( HONTHLT'PATMBNtS FO* ANKLEGANT HOtTSE? HH 8 rooms, batts, water close*, elevated oven range, wash trays, Ml,', Ac. ; only SSO a -month, without Interest, and #7M) down will buy 'it, vrtth two Lots, on sewered street, lour mltrntee Irons depot, at Whlteetone, Long Island, one houfftwa City HaU,by 41 trains dally, ftr<Sm 6 A. M. to midaltfkt ; a rear's oonnuntatlwn free. Call on 11. K. Van SIOLSN, 138 Nassau street, and get free pas* Madison, n. j.4? nonsE to rent, furnished oir unfurnished, witJk every convenience; stable, Ice M. M ?.???. VfultDIHON ?33 ACRES; BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED 1*1 for blinding dttes; fl*e forest xhudTe: high location; one mUe Irom depot; will be sold cheap ; no encum brance. XT D. CONDICT.flB Broad way. ONSEY, BOCKLAND COUNTY. NEW YORK, HOUSE II roome, barn,4? acres, abundance of fruit, fine scenery ; prlcc. #6.000. Will exchange for fifty property or mftrtgawea Address boa 2.0M. New York 1'ont office. MEorm suasu house, fine location, at Orange ; tv rill rent it great sacrifice. IiiQutve at 23 Centre street, Ntew York". M NLY 9JOO DOWN AND t*? A MONTH WILL BUY A good House of 7 rtfbms, til Oarden I'ark. at White 0 ^ _ stone, Long Island, oa sight of depot; one how from City Hall by 41 trains <1*41 y, from 6 A. M. to midnight; price $4.200 ; one year's fare fnwK Call on H. K. VAN BlCUtN, 133 Nasaao'stteet, aad get free pass. O RAN UK, N. J.? AT MONTROSE STATION-NEW complete Room, superbly leeated : 13 rooms; every possible unnrwremeM. *10,000; rent $1. 1MB. F. N. t?l'AL.l Jt N ECllT, owner, 37 Nassau street. RANOK. N. J.. AND VICINITY (SPEOIAl/TYV? Great vaTiety Property ftrr sate, rent or exchange. S1 0 ? I. H. GERRY. 39 Nassau street, corner ot Liberty. Call for Rent and Male Catalogues. I '/"kRANGE, N, J. ? 94M RENT? NEAT CO*TAO? U House, good neighborhood '-near d*pot ; eight rooms, modern conveniences. HAMILTON A W Al.LIti. No. V1 Nassau street,' ooracr of Pine, and-opposite depot, Orange. Rarb chance.? a choice farm of 87 acres. In Bucks couaty (the garden of Pennsylvania) "lor " sale a bargain. Lnaid is smooth, clean and rich as a gar den ieoed, substantial buildings; nice stone dwelling, splendid barn, wagosi boose, granary, poultry house, pig gery, Ac. ; nice brook, splendid water, handsome orchard,, choice fruit, only ? aille from village, daily mail, a miles from large town, 38 miles from Philadelphia and 3k hours from New York i mtlk and 12 passenger trains eally to Philadelphia, Price, including all the crops and Imme diate posnession, en ly $#,800. Terms, cash : balance very easv. Address GKORGE L. YVALkER, Rlulilaui Centre; Bucks county. Pa. STATKN ISLAND SPECIALTY.? FOR SALE, COTTAOB House and outimlldlngs, tlvo acres, with choice fruits t splendid situation, near filtenii ville station, staten Island. Railroad ; a bargain. PHELPS, 82 Cedar street. OUTH ORANGE. N. J.? THIRTY-FlVE TRAINS daily; healthy, convenient to depot.? To let, oce> Cottage, seven rooms, $4i5, and one, eight rooms, all modern Improvement*, frtno. Apply to WiLDBY A CO., oppeslte depot. South Orange. mo LET- AT RAVEN8 W OOD, L. L, THREE DE. X si ruble Houses, .8 1<> 12 rooms; pleasantly located ; ample grounds anil of easy access rents $4t>0 to $.160. Apply to J. II. HUPKINS, 26d Broadway, room 12, from II' to 1 I, or at Raveaswood. TO LET, IN NEW BRUNSWICK, TWO FIRST CLASS Country Scats, with five and six acres each ; one fur nished. J- S. FERUUBON, 39 Nassau street, room 0. TO LET? ON STATEN ISLAND, A HANDSOME STONB House; throe acres tn lawn and gardon; carriage house and stable; plenty fruit, shade and ornamental trees, berries. Ac. ; tine prospect; reut low to a good tenant. Apply to H. R. MILLER, West New Brighton landing. TO LET? AT BRENTWOOD, I* L, 43 MILES FROM city, a furnished Cottage and. Garden ; within live minutes' walk of station. Inquire or address S. T.,28 Clinton street, Brooklyn. r LET? TO A HOTKL OR LARGE BOARDINO house keeper, as a summer resort for their boarders*, the Mansion Mouse, and about live acrcs of Land ; bartw' stables, carriage and bathing bouse; beautlftillv situated; on the banks of the Shrewsbury River, at Red Bank,; a, pleasant drive from Long HramJi. Applv to G. B. HAIfc RIS.SOC Washington street, or ROBERT ALLEN, Jn, R*A Bank, N. J. TO LET OR FOR SALE? AT WEAVERTOWN, N, J., two miles from the Hoboken terries and near the I uited Schuuea Association Park and horse car depot, the Farm Residence of hdwaxd Dubois, Esq., now occu pied by C. A. Asunts A Son, florists; 3>a acres ot beautifully laid out garden ; plenty of choice grapes, shade trees and shrubs; larro greenhouse: good dwelling hoves and outbuildings; terms made easy. Apply to CRKVlRrt HRuTIi KRS, Newark ifcseet, lloboken, N. J., or "124 ? West Broad v-ey. ? t TO LET AND FOR SALE? FURNISHED AND Vrt ? furnished Conntry Seats, Farms ar.d fott-ege*, oa all parts of Staten Island. DARR1N, 60 Broad . TORENT-nOUSEMSOl'TN STREET, IN THE CITY of Newark, N. J. : has three stories, furnished, with Sas and water; nlcasantly located; desirable neighbor - eod ; within two uunutes' walk of horse cars aud. six; minutes' of depot t? New York, with twenty one '.tally traius; Immediate possession ; rent $700. p WILLIAM fl. CAMP, 619 Broad street, Newark. ' TO RENT? ^N. STATEN ISLAND. FIVE MINUTES from VanderbUt'i landing, furbished, tor a sear or longer, with or without Stable, a good sized llous<>, in complete order ; rent very moderate to a responsible Mn npt For particulars inquire at !W2 Broadway. <IM QH -ROSELLBl N. J., COTTAOB, 8 'ROOMS; dining room, four chambers, purler, tuent and kitchen; improvements; garden, lawn, tnees; ueautilul place. LOCKWOOD, t7s sixth aveaue. WILL PVUCHASK MAQNIFICENT RVILD ?OUU log ?tt?s on curbed aH guttered, steels, at Whltestone, u X. ; HO teet above, and overlooki?.g Long Island Sound ; 70 per cent can remain on mort&ar e. Call at U Cliff street and see map. El). TUCKER. RENT.? FURNtSHED HOUSE IN CITY OF IpjUU Bridgeport, Conn.; all improvements; 14 rooms; central location. Call on owner, 723 Sixth av. dM CAA ? DESIRA11LB COTTAOB (TUREB MIN ?4-.OUU. utcs' walk), West Brighton I.andlag, 8 rooms; plenty fruit, flowers and shade; suitable tor a geatlemiui moderate means; terms easy. , DAftRTN, BP Broad. > AO AAA? OR RENT JftO.-H AN DSOME DWKLj&. JpU.UUu iug ; three bay windows, nine rooma a'^iC bath, water closet, range, tuns, registers; oncommoi, vil lage conveniences; aore lot; near depot Central Ra Jroad of New Jersey. Address box 14 Somcrvllle, N. J. ft Aft -HANDSOME RESIDENCE, PTATKN Island, 12 rooms; carriage hoc^ shade, trult; waturfront; fine bathing; one ol the ^inst desira ble residences; splendid view; tcrm^acconi ^nodatlng^ AO AAA" $OR $4,700. ?H OU SB AN "ALOT AT WBST 5)O.UUU field, N. J., worth M,<XW uiust be sold with In iwenty days. PP JOB A HAINES, Z^^i Broad St , Kllxabeth, N. J? an ^ ^ Murray st, nTt. nnrt acres in ka ^sab~for sale-in O.UUU tracts to suit: w t>e |o)d for cash or part cash down, er exchanged y A merchandise. For parti culars address LAND OW ^jjb. Herald office. ^41 Kl^ vrK TO KXCH 1*0*1 TTi -fl"^k?ynU(or ! hS and? wme^and j HfAL UfATK 7? HXCHIWOIi A? WANTED IN RTnnilfu ^ FOB Lw??? HOU8E8 ? ?*><! Stores oa Third *venu?, SSr^a gored country Place M E ogle wood o% Summit, ^ ?r*M J|. J., box 1*0 Herald office. A TWO BTOBY (BRICK BASEMENT) 'BAM? HotUe, taarble mantels, heater, range, gas, water, In Brpoklyn, to exchange for unimproved frtrfwriy near city. Adamss P., Herala ofaoe. A N UMBBE Of FIBST CLASS AMP MEDIUM A House* at bargain* ? WUl take u pay smaller Houses, Stores and Tenement Property, ana Ldtswell located. A. WARMER PLATT, 116 Broadway. A VALUABLE LEASEHOLD TENBMBNT HOU8B jtl l Paying a rerv large Interest; free and clear: to ex change lor city or Brooklyn Property. Apply to EUGENE CHE VALUER, ti Liberty street, base meat Building lots and mortgages on property In the olty of Newark, N. J . to exohange for Dia monds and Pearls, or good Jewelry. Address A. B. C., Post office, Newark, N. J7 A 265 ACRE FARM TO EXCHANGE? FOR NEW York, Brooklyn or Westchester Property; farm lo cated near Petersburg, Va. : produce can be sent to New York. Apply to O. W. DITCHE f T, No. S New Chambers street. EXCHANGE? FOR DWELLING ON 8EA SHORE AND other property. Factory 218 West Thirty-seventfc street, 10,006 acres timber Lands, and Mill noar Canal and Utlca; PARTRIDGE, 129 Broad btreet Exchanging a bpecialty.-john s. ewen, Real Estate Broker, 51) Nassau street. N. B.? Par ticulars of property wanted for my next list Fob bale ob exchanoe-onb of the finest Residences on Htaten Island, near Clllton ; large man sion, all moaern Improvements; outbuildings complete; about 30 aeres ot land. trader .high state of cultivation ; abundance of choice fruits aKd well shaded ; line view of NeW York city and bay. everything in complete order; furotoiied or unfurnished. 8. IRELAND, *M Broadway. Fob bale, exchange ob to let-a pi rot class new'Houee, 13 rooms, with ei?Jit Lots, at Mount Hope, Westchester county, five minutes from Tremont station, H. a B. Apply la JOuN D. OTOWELL, 199 Third tffenue. ClOB BALE. EXCHANGE OB* LEASE-TEN LOTS ON X? nortfrsidc of 140tft street, Plith and Stxth avenues; will lease on a long term ; rent f 100 a year each. J. P. LEVY. 108 Last Kerticlh street. Fob bale? at orange, n. j.. or to exchange Ibr Now York Property, near brick chu?Ch and Junc tion stations, double HodM and f? aero of Land; house has water, gas. washtnbs, Ao. ; with or without turaltnre ; terms easy ; price >12,000. . TAYLOR A STBaRNR, No. IX Fin* street. FOB SALE? OR WILL ACCEPT SMALL HOUSES, near Fortieth street, or F)mt Mortgages, tor a first elass brown stone House, hardwood finish, on MaBtson avenue, one block IriXn the Park. WILLIAM (1KB, owner, corner of Elm and Franklin- streets. TTTEW YORK OB BROOKLYN PROPERTY WANTED JiT In exchange for neair by Country Place in W ost eite ste* county and cash ; also 100-acro Farm. DOTY A BBVNDAGE. a Onion square. T?YB.? TO EXCHANGE, A COTTAGE, CARRIAGE XV House and 1J? acres of Land, nfcar the depot on Grace Church street; II not sold l?y May I Kill be rented ; no ineutubrance. JOHN O. HIGQINS, No. 7Plueat TO EXCH ANGE? A NICE HOUSE, BARN, OABRIAGB House; plenty of fruit and shade and 5 acres ol land ; will pay cash, take New York, Brooklyn or Jersey prop erty. Apply at 15tf West Thirteenth street rpO EXCHANGE? OOOD DAISY FARM OF 165 ACRES, Jt In WestMiester county ; good dairy or sttn-k Farm of Sit acres, In-Dutotiess county ; good nah-y or stock Farm ol 9M) acres, on Hudson Biver ; good - truck Farm of 70 acrts, in Beriwn 'county; Parm of 130 acres, in Reckland county; also several small places from 3 to SO acres. 6. IRELAND; 201 BroadWay. r EXCHANGE? A RESIDENCE IN ELIZABETH; alMiiiprovements; well located ; for house In Brook l^n.^ C. 0. WA*LAND A AYMAtt, 163 Krftton street,. New TIT ANTOD ? TO Sm.L OR EXCHANGE FOR STEB TT chMdise, 2,HUU acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas- Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt couritv, Texas. Titles perfect ia every. respect. For particulars address C. C. HEARNE, box IW Walveston (Texas) I'ost office. RRAL ESTATE WANTED. ^ A 30 FOOT BY SO FOOT PRIVATE HIGH1 STOOP iV House wrtWted, in aeood location, for a cash cus Lunaer ; also a private 120,090 House to trade on Twentieth'* ?truet, near Secfead avenue*, must be in a good location, ? bigU stoop ; not over $13,099 t>r $15,000. BY LAND, Ha East Nineteenth street. TjlIRST CLASS PWELLWTQ- HOUSES ON OK NEAR JP FUUi or MaUfcoa avenues wanted immediately, for' sAlh. AaC. LOO.MIS A CO., 1,'<!64 Broadway. TirAWTEP-CITV OR FFRST CLASS BROOKLYN W Booses for New Jersey and Westchester County Kartlis and cash ; alsc* several fttm suburban Residences, free and first mortgages, to erxchange lor city Houses. )wriers apply to OKXiUS, CARLETON A CO., 98 Broad' way. BOARDERS W A.ti'lCD. 1 LABOR HALL BO<W, ' NOW' VACANT, AND ONE elegant 9wit of Rootr.* May 1, to let, with Board, at 1:17 (Vest Fourteenth street; Bouse untnsually desirable. Rcf irencw 2 DOORS ABOVE 8TOVVEHANT SQUARE? WITH excsHSnt Hoard, second' floor front Room, newly lecoratcd'ancl ttirnished ; also two unfurnished connect ng Rooms; alf Improve n'&nts; relerences. 504 Second tvenue, betweon Sevontee ith and Eighteenth streets. 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY? $7 PER WEEK, large- Rooms with Board for families and single gen lerarn : table hoarders taken; handsomely furnished louse, Koed'H^lg^hMrhood aad locaHea. 61 East Fourth st 2 WEST THIRTT-NJNTII STREET. FIRST HOUSE from FMth avenue.? Handsomely tarnished suit of Lpartmenta on second floor, with private table. I HANDSOME ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR-THREE ) on second andtw* on tldni floor; first class location ; -onvenient to- oars; references exchanged. 375 West eleventh street. A ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS,. WITH BOARD, t forgeikUemen and their wives aad lor single gentle uea. W est Twelfth street, near Fifth, avenue. Call or two days. E WBST WASHINGTON PLACE, TWO DOORS FROM J Mat-dongal wree-t.? Nicely t urn tatted Rooms to let. vlth Hoard, together or separate, for gentlemen and rives or single gentlemen ; a tew seleei boarder* taken. CTTH AVENUE, 2#*.? HANDSOMBLY FURNISHED J ApnrtroeMs, with Board; also ft-eatR??m tor one or rwo single gentlemen; Summer price*; references. CTH AVENUE, 2 34, OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK.? >J Eieganl ?uit of Apartments, with, private table; lis* otlier Rooms anil a desirable Room tec a physician. 5TH .AVRNUE, NO. 30*. -DESIRABLE BOOMS, WITH or 'without. Board, can be secured tfor the Summer at educed paces in this most desirable location, opposite tfadisu.n square. 5TH AVBNUB.? AN ELEGANT PARLOR FLOOR AND a. Suifrof three Rooms on second floor, with private Able, transiently or permanently, in the: spacious doable lousf. 45 filth avuuue. PBR WEEK. -HANDSOMELY FURNISHED IJpO Ruoms to hst, witn Board, to gentleman ami wite ?r ?ingla??nt]eineu; house with modern Improvements. 101. East Thiriy-Uhird street, corner Secaod avenue. dfcft TO $8 PER WEEK ? SMALL ROOMS TO RENT ?U to slngla gentlemen; house newly furnished ; Board first class. 13 Abingdon square. $6 (Jh/J TO $8 PER WEEK FOR NU'JBLV FURNISHED ?J>0 Rooms, with Board; families sccomiuodnied B(|U?Uv low ; hot anil cold water in rooms. At 13V Mao iloUr! >1 street, near fourth. TO |7 A WKKK. WITH BOARD? NEWLY FA vu pared and painted; good table; house changed hand*. 3B Ureenwich avenue, corner or Charles street. MWUT TWHMY-KIOHTU- STREET.? TWO SUITS of. Rooms, on first ami third doors; also two single Rooms, with or without Board. NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AVENUE AND UniveraKy place ? Splendid back Parlor, with two Bedrooms, anely furnished ; also some targe and small Rooms, with good French table; references exchanged-^ tyj WAVKRLKY FLA OB, NEAR BROADWAY. ZL Large ftont Boom, with alcove and closets, on third floor; also Urge Iront Room a*d counectlng Bed* roum (private bath) on second floor ; good table ; house w^ll eatatxlUhed. 'OQD STREET, 360, WEST? LARGE THIRD STORY front Room, luruUhcd, with Board; also other Rooms. No moving. (){* CLINTON PLACE (EIOIITH STREET), WEST ?\J of Broad way ?Newly furnished Hooms, for iurr and wife or single gentlemen ; everything connortable ; price moderate ; day boarders taken. QrP WEST THIRTY-EIonTII STREET.? SIN(JLY Zt I and en suite, with Board ; no moving; references. OO WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND sixth avenues? Pleasantly furnished Rooms to let, with Board. Reference* required. OA EAST THIBTY FIFTH STREET.? THIRD STORY OU large Rooni.witn Board ; also, from last of April, handsome front Parlor and Bedroom on second Door; references. Oi) WEST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET.? A SMALL OjZi private family would rent a few elegantly mr nUhed Rooms to gentlemen, with Breakfast it desired; also reception Room, suitable tor an office. QQ WB8T THIBTY-TH1RD8TBEMT.? RICHLY FUR OO nished Second Kloor, with or without private table ; also Hail Room ; liberal concession for yearly arrange ment or till KaU ; references required. Arj D STREET WEST, 244. HALF BLOCK FROM TO Broadway? DeUghtful location for summer ? Oe sl/ahle Rooons on first and second floors, for families; >4e?mi lor gentleman ; elegant parlor and bedroom fur niture booght in aachauge for board; unexceptionable references A C WEST SIXTKKNTH STREET.? HANDSOM KLY famished Rooms, for families aud single gentle men, with first class Board. A Q WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN TrO Fifth and SUth avennes.? Front Rooms on second floor, with Board; Boom* on fourth floor; terms reason able for Summer; best reterenoes given; no moving In May. KINO STREET.? TWO YOUNfl LADIES (JAN BE _ . accommodated with Board la a private family v., terms W perweelr * CO CLINTON PLACE, N K All FIFTH AVRNUE.? F,feo * ) Li ond and Third Floors, handsomely furnished with or without Hoard, to parties ol gentlemen. ?? WEST NINETEENTH STREKT.-HAV.pj^KLT Uu furnished Rooms to let, with good l'x>ard, at very reasonable rates. References exchanged n AQ BAST TWELFTH STREET.? '^fjvRR A L PLEA 8 ll/?7 ant well furnished Rooms ie? with Board, to gentlemen and their wlvosor ia -me*; private table if desired ; reference* exchanged. inq WEST TWENTY-B* jhtH STREET. -TO LI T, JAJ?7 pleasant furnUbe ,, ,r0Bt Hoom, third floor, with good Bo*rd . to g*atUn^4n and wlf* ??* dngto geuUtmeu. No moving in j?ay. 50 BOiHDyill ymTTEO. 11 ? WB8T FORTTTHIBD STREET? PLKAgAHf Imbi. With Board, far gentlemen or gentleman and wiXtTtomUf m?U ; reterwaMs. 149 ,WK8T twrnty-fifth stbbbt. -board fob -t:r^ ladlea, with every convenience and comiort MA WE8T TWBNTY-FIRST STREET. ? A SUNNY T back Parlor to let, with Board, iu a small lam ny. to C9? of two gentlemen i reference. "} KO WEST BLSYBNTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY At. nirnlahed Rooms on second floor to let. with Board J? ?e ntiemajl and wife or single gentlemen ; rtf ereaoes excu.^god (]OA WEST TBInTH 8TRBET.-A SMALL FAMILY ZiZAJ <rUl let a HejwaT^ Boom, containing clo?ets, gaa and water i aaoftngle livpmi, VStfe Board, on very mod erate terms. <>Q J WB8T FOPRTH, OORWBR TENTH jZtJrh street.? Room* to let, with or without Board ; fa^ Vorabte tcrr,?* to parties having their otrO furnlLufs jgood loaWXtitf WEST TJVBNTY PIFTH 8TRKKT.-HA&D Ai I lamely furri^wed Room, with or without Board; no moving >n May ; ter?ns low. Q1 (i WEST TWENTV*KCOND STREETS? fW? OIU large Rooms to ront, wflh Board, *cparau>lf <w together; privato boarding house; good table; t.w encos exchanged. j, house and appointments first clasx in ersrj particular. Bcier to W. II. OERARD, 37 Union square. APIUVATB FAMILY WISH TO LET A 8BCOHD Floor, wltli Board, No. 60 WesP Forty slxt* street. be tween riltli and Sixth avenues. References rti^ulred. LAROB, PLEASANT FRONT AND1 BACK ROOMS T? let, with Hoard: abundant table: $16 to ?*? petf week ; no removal w Ma/. , ffl st Marl's place. Refer ence. O LBT? IflTH nOAUD, A NEATLY jrURNISHlta* Room fo9 single gtnttameii. 110 West Party -third m T BOARD A1VI> LOPtHKK WAHTtP. AYOUNO MAN, A PIANO SALESMAN, WlbL QIVK an elegant new Piano, 7X oelave, of flri>t elms make.. niaHftfucturer's price $6U>, for 1476, and will taki Board hi first class ramCy for payment. Address PIANOk tttirald Uptown Branch- offloe. APRTYATg FAMILY WHO DBftHtB TO AC0O#^MK date two permanent Boarders aaa- And such (gc and wMe) by addressing H.,605 Broadway. man i (fBNTLEMAN WANT*. FROM END OPTUl? en THt9 month" uniurnlsfced, good sized ditiing and Bed room, with Breakiast in a first clajM'house only, og moderate urwa, for the Bammer, or petmaiienfljr if suited. Address, with particulars, stating ? price. BOOM SO, Hotel 6* Ueruwln, Twenty second street and Broad way. A A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OE8IRE AH ALCOYB j.x. or large Room, with Board, between Sixth and Ninth avenuea, above Fiftieth streeVnot to oxeeed $14 ? week. AddresarP". H. C.> box 5,473, Post office. Board wantbd-in healthy location, nbab salt water, easy of access, witMn three hours of city, for two adufta; two Booms required. Addneas, stal ing terms, which anitt bo moderate, P., box 71 rfrookiyn Post office. S OARD WANTED, IN JERSEY CITY? WAYNE. MBB I oct or Montgomery 'strtet preferred; a single gen in ? ii' desires Board in a private lamlly. Addres* W., box 8(tt? Post office, NeW- Yorts PARTIAL BOARD AMD SMALL BOOM VANTBO. ffT JL a gentleman, in a private liamily. neighborhoods# Ren rVoti* square. Addrfa* for three days BOARD, 7W Sixth avenue. PERMANENT BOARD AND ROOMS WANTED- BY* J. gentleman, wife aad daughter.. am moderate taring Addressr with particulars ana price, a B. A.; Herald offlce. RBSFBCTABLE COLORl>D OfRIi- WANTS 3MALL* Ko?m, With Board, In prfvata family. Addrctt N. ft A., Ilarlem l'cnt offlce. WANTED? BOARD, FOR LADY A NO MtS8 OF Mr. years; in priyate family. Where there are no other boarders; in Harlem or MorrisaitiA references excliang- ' ed. Address U. J; M., Herald olttce. \\T ANTED-iBY A LADY. WHO IS OUT DURINO TUB TT day. two unfurnished Room* with ffeard, in a ori- ' vats family: lotatloa between Fifteenth and Thirtieth" streets, Sixth >M Ninth avenues ; references exchanged. Adaress PKKRJNS, Herald yptown'Br?ttcti>?fflco. "IIT ANTE D ? B Y.'A* CLERK, HALL ROOM,. WITH OB TV without Boarai terms moderate: Address C. ft,x Herald office. HOTELS. ANOELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, 61 Lexington avori?e.? KoemriOr genllfrmfn or lami Hes, transient or pentianevt, with or without meal*; prl v? 4e table If desired. UallMopeu all night ? /CRITTENDEN HOU8E, 1,144 BftOADWAY, CORNER Vy' of Twenty-sixth iffreet, en the European or Ameri can-plan; Rooms en tirtte'Wulngly atmode?Ate prices. Hotel rt. oermain; ftttii avenue, twenty secoad street and' Broadway.? Elegant Salts anil single Rwms now rnfcant; table d'hete or SttropeM j>lan; most central location ; rooms ?U front Nbwewoland hotel, ? BOWBRY.COBNEROF ? Ba-yard street.? a? lldftit Rooms, neatly furnished; 50o. or 6t)c. per uiglit; $2 Mto $4 per week. For gentle men only. /"kATMyVN HOUSE, SI BOWERY, CORNER BAYARD V/ street? Rooms en stiitem- singly, wltli or wlthoaf Board. Rooci>80c., 75c., $1 per niKnt. STURTRVANT BOUSE, BROADWAY, TWENTY eighth and Twoniy-nintto streets. New York, Ameri can pi ? n, $4 a dav. ?This hole* has elevators, all rnoderm iinurovunients: situated in iho great hotel centre. LEWIS A GBOr-8, LELAND, Proprietors. CPU if TRY BOARD! At A LA?OE FABM HOUSE NEAR TIIE TTTY AMD depot, on a bcautllul farm, a family or t > can be accommodated with large Ko<un?, the best of B, ,ird, good society. Arte drives, bathing, Ac., at a moderate price, by addressing SOLID COMFOltT, box. II* L'erald office. OARD WANTED? IN FORDHAM Oft 1IOUNT VRR 1 nen, for two ladles and three ohildreu; situation must be open, and healthy. Address, with particular* J. D. TOWNflKND. 854 Broadway/ Board at a farm housb wanted? by a oen t'.eman, wile, child aud nursev 20 or Si miles from the city; must be health v and no monqiittoes ; price mod erate. Address J. & box 1,001 Post ogee. ? ALLEN HOUSE, 108 HUDSON STREET, CO R N KB of Lalght? Excellent Board; $6 to $7 50 per week, with single Room ; single Room, without board, S2 and Ujtwbrds; Lodging, SO cents, gentlemen only. Open all COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-BY HUSBAND AND wifo ; state terms, location and distance irom depot. Addross box 5,03a New York Host office. Parties desirino board .in ran country is* a verjr pleasant and healthy locality can have the best accommodations In a large and ooramodiou* house, hours irttfu city, on line or New Haven road, on or alter April U. For particulars .address A. P., box l,6ttt Post efllce. WANTED? FIRST CLASS BOARD FOR QENTLB maa and wlie, within 3d minutes of city. Addressi stating- tei his, M. F., box 181 Horakl offlco. B Sl'MMER HLESOltTS. flOUZESS' t WEST POINT HOTEL will open on or abont the flrstdayof Jnne. Three Cot tages to lot. with Hoard in hotel. Special terms offered to parties taking board iter the season. l'or particular ad dross EDWARD t'OfflESm, West Point, N. Y. OUHTAIR HOUSE, SOUTH ORANGE, MONIBOSB Station, N. This favorite llrst class bote! Is open lor the Spring and Summer season; It has all tne con ?eulences and comforts ol a city hotel; ?) minutes from foot of Barclay street, viu Morris and Essex Railroad; 94 trains dally. Extra Inducements offered to parties wish ing immediate Board. "* C. niTZKLBUBQER, Proprietor. RIYF.RSIDE HOTIiL, CARM ANSVILLE. FOOT O* 15'id street, Moitli River, has been thoroughly refitted and newly t\irnisli3il: wilt be open for the reception ol guests on or about the 1st of May. Applications for Room received at the ho'st by the undersigned. 8. f. PAULL. O. DUNCAL?. MISCFXLANEOU8. _ A" 'LADY" PATRON IS DESIRED BY AN EDUCATED gentleman , to a i.-uiirNO <>4 special study; alter one year loans reigned wjtli interest, but sen^u ofoblgaUoi* retulned forever. Address W. tC, ller&ld office. Partiou- . lars by letter and lata* view. f C1HRAPEST BOOKSTORE 11* THB. WORLD; LIBRA J rlt'S and Books ti/ tight ; t'as ilag ius Son. 33 n:utM free ; send stamp. LKOWAT BJUyi'liURs, No. 3 Turkman street, corner Park Row. ASTROLWiY. ATBST.-MRSL VANSIRB, BUSINESS AND MKDf cal Clairvoyant, Splrttaaiist. tells aamc. d?y of marriage, brings together those long separated, gives positive Inibrinatton on all Affairs of llfo, am satui action* no pay. 621 Second aveniM', corner Thlny-tourth street. Adelaide 11. lamhkrtson, clairvoyant,, consulted on all affairs ot life, at 28 Orcenndch ave-* nuc, near Tenth street. ______________ / I EUROPEAN ? LAIRYot ah trlls BAM KB, sunwrf J likenesses. causes, marriages, gives autubers; N cents and fl. 14i Wes'/ntli St., basement. Gipsy reveals prom thr cradlr to orave> nair.e, date of fnsrrlnite ; brings those separated to gether. 351 Third avenue. MISS WELLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS everythin lucky nnmbers: has a positive cur? lor drunkenue jn. call or write. 41 East Twenty-eighth street Madame "rob a, oreat natural clairvoy. ant, r ?veals your whole life from the cradle to th? grave. 4f i canal strcot, near Hudson. Fee $L PROF .LISTER IS THE iONLY ASTROLOOER IN NEW Y >rk. Send stamp for clrcuiar. US Sixth avonue near /wenty-Mrst street _ ^ MEDIC AL. A TTBNTfON -DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA^,' ?\. 1M Bleecker street. New York. mTmAURICEAO, M. D.-OPFICB m LIBERT/ . street, near Greenwich street. ' HmMB. MAXWKLT., PHYSICIAN. RESIDENCE? . 114 East Tenth street, near Third avenue. DR. HARRISON. MOVED TO 71 CARMINE STR fcfcTtf Office open all hours. D a and mmb. dbbpard. physicians.-.hesi. dence 41 East Twenty eienth street, near Fr.urth ar, D D M B. KINO'S OLD ESTABLISHED OFFIOF u AMtTV street, near Broadwav and Orand Cenf(>\ Hotel. R. AND MRS. WHITING AND MM',.; DUBOIS, H Great Jones street, between Broai^ w#'y An,| Bowery, ME. REST ELL, NO. 1 EAST riY7_ V-SECONDS^TRKKl ASSAM. 1M Ur?QUWlctl slrt:j? uu,; ?|y, j dutu av.

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