Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1873 Page 5
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL ! An Unsettled and Stringent Money Market. The Rate on Call Varies from 1-16 to 1-2 Per Gent for the Two Days to Saturday. ADVANCE 15 FOREIGN EXCHANGE. The Gold Premium Firmer and the Market Steady. A FURTHEB EISE IN GOVEBNMENTS. Reported Negotiation In London of the Ten Million Six Per Cent Sterling Loan of the New York Central Railroad. A General Advance in Stocks and a Closing Reaction. The Bank of England Bate Unaltered? Consols Firm and United States Bonds Higher? The Treasury Sale of Gold. Waxt, Street, ) TncRSDAT, April 10 ? c P. M. J tbb government gold sale. The bids for the government gold were twenty in number, calling for a total of $0,072,650, tne prices offered ranging irom 117.38 to 118.10. The $1,500,000 -was awarded at 118.13 a 118.1a. one house offered 118.13 lor the entire amount. THE FOREIGN MARKET. The Bank of England rate of discount was not advanced to-day at the meeting of the directors, despite a loss or ?548,000 in the bullion account of the past week. The former matter seems to have completely outweighed the latter as an influence upon the market, consols having been firm, while United States bonds were strong and higher, if not buoyant. Eric shares advanced to 51&. In Paris French rentes were higher at 50.30, notwithstand ing a decrease of '250,000 francs in tUo weekly bullion report of the l?ank of Fi ance. MONEY STRINGENT. Tne money market was irregular and unsettled, the earlv tendency having been toward ease and re lax it Hot, in consequence of which the rate on call declined to as low as 1-10 per cent for the two days to Saturday, or 1-S2 por uay, equivalent to about 11K per cent per annum. Indeed a good many loans were made at plain 7 per cent for the one day until to-morrow, where the borrowers vere willing to take the money for so short a time. THE EXPLANATION being that a number of bankers had funda to lend this afternoon which they were not sure they might not be called upon to pay out to-morrow, Good Friday not being a legal holiday. Those of the brokers who were willing to take the chance of getting the money to return these loans to morrow were cheaply accommodated, but the members of the Stock Exchange borrowed, as a general thlnsr, until Saturday. Everything went on Bwimmmgly until about a quarter to three o'clock, when the money market suddenly began to harden and tlio rate (for the two days) advanced to X, x and eventually to X per cent; at least, such was the report from THE EXCITED TIIRONQ gathered on the corner of Droad street and Ex change piace, where actual transactions were con ducted in whispers by the parties thereto in order to avoid the risk of prosecution lor violation of the usury laws, great consternation having been oc-? CA8ioned by the discovery that some forty or flfty subptrnas had been iBsued by the Grand Jury to Wall street bankers and banking-clerks, summon ing them to give their testimony before that body on the subject of these alleged infringements of the law. It was also reported that several large banking houses had announced that they would call in all their loans on Saturday in their dudgeon at being charged with implication in the uBurious proceedings referred to. The closing spasm can be explained, however, by the necessity the buyers Df the government gold were under this afternoon of preparing to take it out of the Treasury, Again, borrowers, seeing the tendency oi money early in the day, put off thfilr engagements to the last mo ment and coming upon the street in a crowd all at once enabled lenders to "squeeze '? high rates out of them. A "JUMP" IN FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Under the prospect of speedy relaxation in the money market to easy rates, the foreign exchanges suddenly hardened, particularly as the cable re ported a loss of specie lu both the Bank of England aid Bank of France, ami rates lor sterling ad vanced ? per cent, to 107T< and 108?{ lor prime bills, with the usual concession for actual business. The closing stringency in money was too late to alter or inodlty quotations for to-day's business, which left oiT as follows:? Sterling, sixty days, commercial, lo7 a 107'i ; do., good to prime bank ers', 107^ a 107 ; do., short sigh?, 108 X a 108 ; Parts, sixty days, 6.36^ a 5.30; do., short sight, 1.2 ox a 6.25; Prussian thalers, 70)i n 71; Ant werp, 6.35 a 6.30; Switzerland, 6.35 a 5.30; tiambnrg, 94 a 04% ; Amsterdam, S9,li a 39Ji; Fran ki ori, 40 X a 40J? ; Bremen, 94 a 94?;. GOLD 8TEAI1T? 1177< A 118.^. The gold market was firmer, but with a steadier tone, the advance In foreign exchange as an Influence upon the market being partially coun teracted by the g/jld sales against exhortations of government bonds, wnose negotiation abroad was facilitated by the higher rates for sterling. Under these circumstances the price, which touched W'% momentarily in the forenoon, advanced, to 118*4, fell back to 118 >4, and closed quiet at 11N*?. Tne course of the market Is shown In the table: ? 10 A. M Ill 1P.M 11S,? 10 .24A. M llfx 2 P. M 11*'? 10:31 A. M 11H>,- 3 P. M 118J. 11 A. M Ill * 3: 30 P. M UfU |2M 11SX 4 P. M 118'*?11H^ In the gold loan market the rates ranged from l-lfl (to Saturday) lor carrying to flat lor borrow Inir. The operations of Uie Gold Exchnngo Bunk were as lollows: ? Hold cleared .....$111,083,000 Gold balances 1,442,833 Currency balances 2,ll5,a33 The Sub-Treasury paid out $? on account of interest and $9,400 ou account of redeemed flve twe titles. THE RAILROAD BONDS. The railroad bonds were moderately active, with prices firm. The Union raclflc land gra?ts and in. eomcs were unsettled, but closed strong. Boston, Hartford and Erie firsts advanced to 41?*. The fol lowing were the bids at the call, as amended by prices in subsequent dealings:? Turk ten L'k.ltU. ?4 l hie A N W oxten bdJ. M hew Y (irk Cm I' Chic A N W lit ni ? htw York ( in l"i,?ut>. W lien a MJo convert.. W fcew York t en 'V*#. 101 Del, l.ack A W lit ni.. Kile 1st in, extended... IU2X Del, !-?< k A ?e_?i M in ?7 trie l?t ni. endorsed... ?l; Del. 1?< k A W i ?con.. trie V' tn, 7?. 1*9, S Tul A Wab lot m, ex. . . XOS trie Vi.tdin, "83 1 ?>l A W 1st m, Kt L div in trie 7>,4lli ni, 'HI ?7'4 lol A Willi 2um.. ....... 1-rle J'i, Mh ni, tW W'5* ^ <>1 A W Ah equip Ud?... 84 Erie Vs. coil in gl<l bds. W t-t W eft 1st ni . IS** 94* Ia ut 1 ock bonds 97 tit W est lid in, 1S9S W ? hull, N YAK litrn, 77 9S Cllie, K 1 A I'nc j.'. Dud K ;'?,id ra. i f, 'K6.l04"-i WorrlsA Kshcx lstm..w.> Dud II idm, '76 lui S J Veil lutui.n...... ..I?3 Harlem 7'?, lot in 102 J< J, 1st in 7 1.. W* All) A .-usidbdi ?'tttf. k ? J, C M m.... W Alb A Ml?3d lids 94 V, Cle% A HUsHd 111 J'J* i loc , nur a g h's . 1st m. II 1 Clev a Pitts 4th in *4S Him so i p c lid ni Mk CbicA All Ittm lu.t . Mich s A N I II, 7 p C. .104)2 < ?Die A Micron nf Wu Clev A Tul i f It 2 Ohio A Ml*s con W Clev A lol new ihi?...m ? ? li l< ? A Mim< m in, con . ?<> ? V. I' A A old lid* UH Hi I A Iron M Int.. V'U l ei, Mon A Tot lids ... ifi'-i M II A M I' 1st iu,n's. I'D. Ill* l? Hull A trie new b?ls... W>I M A .SI P 1st in, 1 A MD. Like chore div bds. ... 91 M A St I' 1st in, CAM. W'S I *K? Shore <on r l? M A st I' 2.1 in, C A M.. IV I'lC Rh 7's, (rt'd Mo W7 Col, Chic AlnoClst .W jtml'iiVitmuld lula. , , W3 ClI.IUKA InUVAl... W, Wettern Poclflc bd?. . . . C4* Tol, P * W, E n Cum.ii Pacific i?t m.... H6J, i0i, p * w, w r? 87 >2 Uioarictt(!g7'i... 73k Tol. P 4 W, Hurl'n ?liv. 8ft I men Pacific inc It 's. . 73% N Y * N II ti'g W ilhni iKtii J! er ci,'7& tUl Punt, H A Eri? let in 7's 41 A li <* T?r H, Id m inc. mi% Ce<l Falls A Min 1st m. . AO1* t Mc * N W * I ?J8 Bur. C K * *1 7'S, 1*1, II- 91% CUlc AN W inttxls MS TUB NSW YOIIK CENTRAL LOAN. Coming closely upon the heels of the account of the organization of two grand companies in Loudon to Invest In American railroad bonds we have the announcement this afternoon that the New York Central 6 per cent sterling loan for $lo,oo?,uoo has been placed in London at the equivalent of 106 per cent currency. It wilt be remembered that a total loan of $40,000,000 was authorized, the proceeds to be devoted to retiring the outstanding funded debt of $15,000,000, com prising bonds which are not secured by mortgage, and to the building of an additional double track between New York and Buffalo. Of this total $30,000,000 was to be In 7 per cent currency bondg and the remainder in 6 per cent* sterling bonds, the latter forming the loan negotiated in London. GOVERNMENTS BUOYANT. The advance in our bonds in London, the higher rates of foreign exchange and the firmness of the gold premium combined to impart additional Btrength to the government list, the '67's being buoyant at a rise to 119% a 119%. The advance brought In a good many domestic sellers, but the buyers for Europe outnumbered them. The follow ing were the closing quotations:? United States currency sixes, 113 J* a 114; do. do., 1681, regis tered. 117% ? "8; do. do. do., coupon, 120% a 121; do. flve-twentles, registered, May and November, 113% a 114; do. do., 1882, coupon, do., 117% a 118X5 0o. do., 1864, 117% a 118% ; do. do., 1865, do. do., 119% a 120; 1807, registered, January and July, 116% a 117; do. do., I8ti5, coupon, do., 117% a 117% ; do. do., 1867, do. do., 118% a 119% ; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117% a 118; do. ten-forties, regis tered, 111% a 111%; do. do., coupon, 113 a 113%; do. fives of 1881, registered, 115 a 116; do. do. do., coupon, 115% a lie. SOUTHERN SECURITIES 1)1*1, L. The Southern State bonds continued exceed ingly dull, and prices were about as before except in th% case of the new South Caro linas, which sold to a small extent at 19%. The following were the closing prices:? Ten nessee, ex coupon, 79% a SO; do., new, 79% a 80; Virginia, ex coupon, 44 a 50 ; do., registered stock, old, 37 a 40; do. sixes, consolidated bonds, 53 a 54; do., deferred scrip, 13% a 14; Georgia sixes, 70 a 76 ; do. sevens, 88 a 90 ; North Carolina, ex cou pon, 30 a 32 ; do., to North Carolina Railroad, 57 a 60; do., funding, 1866,20 a 22; do. do., 1S68, 17 a 20; do., new. 17 a 19; do., special tax, 14 a 15; Missouri sixes, 93% a 94; do. Hannibal and St. Joseph, 90 a 91; Louisiana sixes, 43 a 50; Alabama fives, 57 a 60; do. eights, 80 a 85; South Carolina Blxes, 30 a 40; do., new, January and July, 19 a 20; do. do., April and October, 27 a 30; Arkansas sixes, funded, 38 a 42. STOCKS STRONG AND UNSETTLED. The stock market was strong and, up to the ap pearance of the closing spasm In money, even buoyant, prices rising % a 2 per cent, the chief ac tlvlty being in Western Union Telegraph, 4,800 shares of which changed hands at 87%. This climax was followed by a reaction to 86%, under the sudden "squeeze" In money. New York Cen tral advanced to 102%, Hock Island to 114%, C., C. and I. C. to 40%; Lake Shore to 92% and Pacific Mall to 67%, all of them receding late In the day % a % per cent. The rest of the market was steadier and firm. New Jersey Central recovered to loo, but Panama fell otT to 106. H1QQK8T AND LOWEST PRICES. The following table shows the highest nnd lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Jlifjfwat. Lowest. New York Central 102* 101 * Erie ?0 i 6ft* Lake Shore M* 92* Wabash 70* 70 Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred 87 \ 87* Hock Island 114?; 113* St. Paul 59* 58* St. Paul preferred 74* 74* Utile and Mississippi 45* 46* Union Pacific 54*' 34 C., 0. and I. C 40* 39* Western Tnion Telegraph 87* 80* Pacific Mail. 67* 66 In the above table Rock Island is considered as not ex dividend. There were no sales at 113*, but the equivalent quotation of 109* ex dividend was touched late in the day. In Philadelphia Heading was steady at 115*, and Pennsylvania firmer at 113*. SALES AT THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Thursday, April 10? 10:15 A. 91. $.K)dOO US 6's, c, '81.... 120* tf600 US 5-20,0, 'ti7.... 11** - " * 118* IMVT- |TMI, i:, I IT" 117 'Z 500 US 6-211, r, '07 11C* 2iK)0 U.S6-2D,r, '<>2.. be US* 7800 do til II 1.1 r.? 6-20, C, IB. .lie 117* llilHK! US 6-20, C, '68. 1000 US 6's, 10-40, r.... Ill 1000 US 6-20, C. *66, n.c 117* lO A. M? Brforr Call. 2200ghg Wont Un Tel. . . INK) 7(10 6'H) do. <lo. (In 86* lOOphsN YCA H H..c 102* 80* 600 Eric RK C t?i>S 86* Sou do 68V 86* 300 do 65* 900 2H>0 mill <lo. do. do. ttoO do 86* 300 uo c 66* WO do c 86* 200 Harlem Kll 126* 700 do 86* 4(K> do 12.'.* 200 do 126* 400 do 126* looc A K I UK JO 111 100 do *|. 114* 100 UO C 114', 11*) do 114* 40il LS A M SKit '.<2* 100 do s? 92* loo <io c 92* 86>i 8ii* 8.* 56 66* 56* 66* do C 60* 6ii(i Pac M s? Co e 2IK> do c 400 do 800 do ft' '0 7' 10 1J0 I III) loo 200 do. do. 66? 60* 100 do. do 66* 600 do 66* SIX) OO C 56* 21*) U Pacific KK C ?4* 82* w* 92* 600 1(10 200 MOO 3dO 100 100 l:io0 400 1000 lUil 1400 too do. 101* 101* 2(H) N Y C A II K Kit... 101* 100 do. * 3i'0 (lq 100 C, C A I C Kit, . 100 do 700 Mil A St P Kit. 100 do _ do lul* 3(H) T, W A W KR 70 102* 500 H, II A E Kit 3* 102 600 do 3* I'M do 030 .1* 300 do 3* 9H'"t do b5 I02* do 102 do e 102 34 *' 34 <2 89* 39* ft)* 59* do 1 02* do 1 02* do c 102* do 102* do c 102* 9) 0 Ollio A M KK C 45* liOO do 48* 100 do b5 46* Kirat Board? 10i30 A. BL fSproTrnnfi'Miew.... 79* 200 aba Brio RR 66* looo (K'orKia 7'? c oo loo do e 65* " 200 do 65* 410 Erie Kltprcf 73 11 C, V. C A I Itlt 85 1 00 Panama RR..... be It '8 100 do c 107* 200 do 107* _ 100 do 107 '4 73* 1200 N'* OA II K.bc.c 102* 2000 Mo 6's, HA St J ia.0 90 U 27IHHI MiBfOlirl (i'H D4 3000 NV 7V. I) 1. r 100* 1000 Eric 3d m 98* luoo tn l'ac 1st m.. .. 80'. 12000 do 80fa loot) Cn P 7**1 1 K 73J 90(H) do 2000 Un l'ac lo'.s, inc.. <3. . 6HH) do... 73* 6(*)0 do c 73* liHHU do C 73'.. 8000 do c 73* 1000 Mich South 8 f. .. 105 XOUiOt West 2d m.... 89* 10000 (J A It I A Piic7's. 103,', IOOO Alt A T II Inc 3IHHI St. LA I M Iht in. . 6000 do 2000 M A StP.Io div.. 11)000 T. P A W 1st, E I). 20000 h, II A E 1st 2000 Pit, 1*1 u A Old m. 6 hIik Continental 8k 97 Fourth Nat Haftk 81 96* g* J,., ?8 so liu I0t) 300 100 100 :soo loo 1HH) .'?00 3 H) 17(h) 10W) 700 1625 900 1M.H) 600 100 do b3 102* do 102* do 102* do C 10:* do 102* do c 102* do 102*4 do b4 10.* do 102* do 102* 25 Del A II Canal. .0|ig 113* 911) Bit N J C lxl .V I in 61 6oii Marinoxa Mln ore). 1 too US Ex Oo 0 75 loo Am M Un Kxp..bc ot>* 200 do C 60* 2iw Harlem KIt...bc.c 1-7 ftiKi do 127 100 do*. 12*'* 201) do 127 ioo West c n Tel . . .b c. c 86* loo 3H) li'O )..00 2(H) 2300 8oO WH? J.V.U 1SOO (Km 300 1!KI0 loi) 200 1(H) I'm) 24!*) IHIli 12(0 4110 HOI) I'H) 8(0 I 0 i^o 21 H) 86* 86* 86* uV 80* dn S3 K UO ?.2 do 102* do 102* uo C 102;* do 102* do 102* do c 102* do 10:* ?uu do # 102* *d0 ilo 102* 20OOA Pitta, gM... .bo 8j louc a It I Kit... .bc.c 111* 800 do C 114* 800 do Ill . 100 do c 114* loo do 1 14' 1 liOO do 114* 114* 60 L8AM S Kit t'J* do. do. do. do b c.c do. do do. do. do. "7' do Ii4 87 do 0 86* do 86* 88* Mi'g 86* 80* 86* . m* 50 86* :wo Hi,* 2(H) do. do. do. do. do C 92' 92', 92* 92* 92'. 92* gg 91* 92* do. do do. do. do do do ?3 1(H) Un J'ac ? 0 do 87 86* 87 87 8 67( 80* 86* H* 100 V 3 Cen RR 98* 200 do be 98* I'Hir, WA Willi 70 400 do be 70); 5(/> Mil A StP lilt. 69* KW do 89* do C 51' * do M* do 69* do b3 ..v.i* ....C 611* 2(J0 C A VW p? be 34* 15 Mil.AJt r RR pi. ... 1IH) Pac M SS *8 66* 6<ki u,ii a e KK be luo 2m) imo 200 1(H) too Mid 21 HI 101) ill) 200 2< Hi 40(1 66* do c 66, 66* Oo 56* do~ 54> . do.a 66* do. do. do c no - do C do. , loo Kri? KR 1>0.0 200 2UU 56* 50* 60* 66* ,'xi* 66* 66* do 66* ?00 do. 1)3 6A${ do 5j* do *3 69* do w* 87* 70 ^ _ 8* 300 do 8* 100 Par HK Of Mo SO HJO N J Bontb It It ... b c 33 * wo do S3 V, aool). LAWHR 91)* 100 .st L A 1 M RR....0 87* 16(1 Mor A Kfnti Kit.,, 90* lOOObuiAMKB C 46* 1210 do.... be 46* ?'?) ' do ...c 46* 1(0 do 46i. |00 do 2'0 ihi .25 C, C A I C KK. . .1* c do. 3D 59* 1'4|1IV and Siiia P. M, $1509 US 5-20, C, 'W HP* $151*) t'S f, 70, C, 'M. ,? 1191/ 8wu do 'Mm r-fti'oUdft-ifu.c, 'oe 117* 1500 US 5.20, C. *5. n.. 11JU 1000 UH 5*s, 10-40, r 12504) US .'-20, r, '(,7. .t) C I16S4 lOuoO US #??, 10-40, c 40000 US 5-20, c. *7 lUOUbO tlo 2UOO do tlo. Uo. Ill 11 m small 111 C I16U s3 I19? fit* U .. 119?,' 400 ??iwj l)ti30 P. M.? Befoie Call. 1100 shs West l*B Tel.. M?4 2(M -lis Panama RR... W'? 100 U S Kx Co. . . HW 1'ac M SS Uo... 4110 do 8>0 tlo .. 11)0 NYC A II RR 400 do &1) do IOUUii Pac KR ... 4U0 L S A M b Ul(. 7;> ~ afeO Uo. 56 W iuO do. flri?2 ItW flu. 56'4 2W)C k N W pi. 1(6*4 |i OS* 87 j? 102V 200 chic A Hock 1 KR. 114)4 1UI)2 loo Mil A St P HR M ltr.'J lOOtihloA Mi*s KR...C 45Jn 34*i 7m) C. C A I O UK <124 1410 do 65JS ... 73 be I2t>*4 1(131. ... 40 1)3.40 Second It ? writ? I P. ftl. $1000 B C ?'?, Ji, Jn AJy 19J4 200 shs Erie RR be ?V 310UU Pac7'?,lg b_. . 73*4 loo {000 U Pac 10>?,inc . . .. 7Vi 100 Eric KR nrl 2000 T, P A \V. lsvWD 87)2 2UO Harlem RK lOUOOTol A Wab 1st in. 95), 5 Mkh Cen IU> 20000 C, t' A I C -M 73), 80 Cleve A Pitt* gtd lliOOO Lake Shore- eon r 99 '.'1 L b A M - Rlt 92V lOUOO B, II A E 1st 41 V loo uo be Vlf 11*00 do be 41 2W) do .. . 2000 Bur. C R A M 1st . &J?4 300 Panama RK 2000 do 90), III) do 4000 Del A II re?, '91.. 103 000 oo SOOhIim Am Coul. . . .b c 01 4c0 do 6 West Un Tel S6 210 do 2000 do be S6*? 100 do ..c 8t.\ moCn Pac RK... ... 60) ... 87 ... 87),' 700 1(0 If 00 400 100 300 2200 2500 4MI0 liiU Mar Land A M'g. .. ti00 tlo b c 150 Am M Li iix Co 5 do 100 U 8 Express lOOPac 5(i 2<io do fit; do. do. do.. do. do., do do. do. 6 '0 tin 700 do..... loo do ..... 500 tlo 1200 do 100 do 800 oo 100 Quick M Co 39 " Sou t 5 8 Y C * II R RR... 1U&K 100 1500 do be 102'i 200 4tl0 tlo lOik 4.1) .'>00 do 102V 300 10cO do li (if 106)2 .S3 KKi 106 ... lOfi* ... H.C.M, ... way be S41? Mm 1(H) c: A N W BR pi.... 87 5 do. ...... be. c 87 40 C, C. C A I RR X4)4 H 100 N J ten RR 90 M7'4 loo do ys'i 87 '? 100 do be 100 H7'4 200 O A Ruck I RR..DC 114)4 M'.i 200 MAM put 74* N,'4 250 Pitt*. Ft W AC gtd . 92j5 t'7 20 do be 92?? ?7.'4' 6o Chic A Alt KB Ill 75 Sll'B, II .v K KK....bO 3 J( ?M do 3'; 1(4) tio 1)30 3*J !X\ 700 45, J, 5t:J, 100 II A St. Io KK.. . be 41 otl'j 100 Mor A Essex RR... 91 .'fi'i 4 0 do DO* 66? SO 90', 100 N JSouth'n SSM .v.jJ lut) Clue. Bur A y . . li c loo.'j C A 10 BB. 40 do 1)30 40)4 do 40 do 40)4 tlo... 40 V lw* 3i30 to 4 P. M. ."00 bIis Went Union Tel 87>; 800 sha N Y C A II R. B7)4 13u0 do , S7S 20() do K7 1U0 Panama Kit Hti7. liti Harlem RK 86V ;i00 oo Hti>? 100 LS A M SRR... 1M0 2500 500 1500 tiOO 800 1200 1 1U0 100 1?00 2>fJ0 10J 1000 300 do. do. do. tlo. do. do. do. do. do. uo. do. 50 Adams Kx... 8u) Pac M SS Co. 300 do .83 86 )? 2IHI ... W!', 500 ... 4<? ... H6'4 2100 . . . 8tiJa '.?M . . . 8flk 800 ttt'i loOt) do., uo.. tlo.. tlo.. do., do., dt do., do. do., do. do. do. do. tl o. , do. do. do. . do. do. do., do. . loo 800 400 300 lot> G0i I 100 1500 lOt) 2100 lot) 300 400 41 0 1100 500 11)0 400 uo.. 300 Con Coul 100 uo.. 100 Erie KR. 200 dt). . 400 do.. 300 do.. WW do., loo do.. 1100 NYC A 11 R RR 1400 do It) 0 do, 900 2(K)0 100 11)00 1100 600 100 400 5634 300 Un Pac KR 56', 20tl do 5ti'i 200C1CV A PittuRK 5ti'.J 100 do OOH 200 C A It 1 KK.... 5til2 100 dtX 5t;>, loo d 66? 5?Jm 57 57 1"0 lot) 2(JU 300 100 57 '{ ?K) IT, 300 do. do. do. do. tlo. do. 67', .... 57V . ? . 57'J k60 67 ... 57'^ ... 67 ... 56 do. Uo. tto. do. do. Uo 300 do loo do 100 M A St P KR... 300 do 2<,0 do 0'H) lit) _ 100 T, W A W BB... , . . ' 56*4 20^) OO ur 200 Boat II A E RR , ... tifi'a 100 do 2oo N .1 southern. . . 700UhlO A M Klt... loo do u r (J'i oOO do .. 102 -*4 mo do .. 102', 300 (III b3 102 Ji 800C, 0 A I C BR.. .. 102 V 800 III) 102W 102 102 X 106 ??, 126W i&S 92', 92 '2 92), . 93% 92 '4

, 92)4 92 , 92^ 34 34 X9 88J? ....... 114', iu? ::::::: m 1 14 '* X d ,li4 I10)| 110 109^ 109), 10:t?4 109a, R3 10H)5 IS .... I(|* -j| iw .u r 102)4 ko? 102)4 100 .... 102 SOO ioj'4 soo .u r 1I)2>? 100 .... l02'4 400 Uo. ill), do. dt). do. Uo. 59". 59 ik 5riJ, 59 w 34 1W 46^4 4-1, 45^ 40)2 40 'A 40J, 40', 39 Ji 39% 40 403, 39 CLOSING PEICEa? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. NorthwpRt'n pf. H6)? a I'nlon I'acitlc.. "3r,' a 41 Pittoliuri; 8hJ4 a i),V'i ,n .1 Central 9'.i a Hock Island . . . X 109)4 11 MJ'iilll 69 a SI Paul prri 74l4 a VVuPas:i 70 a Ullio A .Miss 45^4 a hoxtoii, tl A E.. 3)1 a C, t A 1 C 40 a Quicksilver Adams 1' x 92J4 a Aiu Mt r Un Ex. 66? a I' s Kx press. *" - Pacific Mail. .N V Central Eric Harlem...... Lake shore. . 67 76)i 57 "a 57 '4 102 tl lll')'^ 65*4 a ''5^4 125 a 126 9 2)4 b 92% 34 89 100 iop?; 5;i'i 74?i 70), 45 '4 ;iji, COMMERCIAL REPORT. Flour Quiet? Wheat More Active? Corn Eauirr? (laU Steady? Grocer io* Quiet Cotton Unchanged? Petroleum Strong? KoMin and Spirits Turpentine Firmer? Pork and Lard Firm. Thursday, April 10?6 P. M. Tlie merchandise murkets were generally steady to-day under a moderate movement at unchanged prices. The high rate of gold Iia? a tendency to re strict mercantile transactions of almost every character, the uncertainty with regard to the like lihood of the present premium being main tained, rendering merchants undecided as to their operations. On 'Change to-day there was very little change in the position of affairs, the markets being almost universally quiet at nominally unchanged values. Flour was quiet but Bteady. Wheat was a trifle more steady. Corn was easy. Oats was steady. Whiskey was firmer. Pork was strong. Lard was quiet at un changed prices. Uncoil and cut meats remained firm under a good inquiry. Business will be gen erally suspended to-morrow, tho Exchanges having ad. journed until Saturday morninir, with the exception of the Cotton Exchange, which will remain closed until Monday morning. Cottoh.? For spot cotton a moderate demand prevailed at abont former prices. Future deliveries were mod erately ncUve at rates showing 110 material changc, the market closing rather dull. We sum up thus: To- Pay. Lout Ki'rniiiy. Total. Export. 7.4ft 692 1,427 Consumption 3t?i 31 494 Speculation do ? no lu Transit ? 600 Boo Total 1,184 1,323 2,5u7 ?Included In tbo almvc are 100 hales to arrive. Kor lutnrc delivery (IihsIs low middling* the sales have been a* lollows Sjles last evening, alter thr 'e o'clock April, 100 at 18Jfc. ; May, 4,000 at 19c. ; June, 400 at lUMtic., ! 800atl9Wc., l.ioOat 19 6-lOc. : July, lOOatK 7-16c., 700 at l'J'bC. Total. 7.000 hale*. .--ales to-iluv up to throe r. M.? April, SOU at 18Xc., 200atl8 I3-I#c., 2ui) at 18 2&-S2c.; mhv, 200 at 19'rC., 100 at 19 t-l6c. 1,100 lit 19>?c., 9U0 at lit l-15e., 201 at WS'C., 1,300 at 19 1-lHc. ; May and Juno, UK) each at 19'4'c., together; June, 3.400 nt 19%e. ; July. 300 at I9'je., 600 at 19 916c., 2oo at 19';c-. 100 at 19 9-ltic. Total, V, 200 hale a. Cram) total, 16, 2J) tiales. The receipts at the ports were as follewn? (ialveston, 72s baies; New Orleans, flft; Mobile, 260; Savannah, 902; Charleston, 819; Wil mington. lift; Norlolk, 727; New York, 1,4(2; Boston. 4. Total, ft, 172 bales. This day last week, 8,150; this day last year, 6,268. We quote Uplrtnrh. Ala/virrut. New ftrleant. Ttjnt. Ordinary 1 6!$ l.V4 15'* lft'4 Good ordinary 17 17 17'k 17V Strict good ordinary 17% 18 18'i 18', Low middiiug 18^, 181* 19 19'* Middling 19^ !?'? ???jf 2I)?J Uood middling 21 ?? 21 7j, 22'-, 22% ? I lie quotations are based on cotton In store rnnnlrii' In quality not more thau hall a grade above or below the. grude ouotert Con kb? The market for all inscriptions was Inactive, and prices tor large lots and cargous were quite nominal In the ahsenso ol sales. The stnall jobbing business in progress was at about former prices. We quote:? Rio, ordinary cargoes, I6^e. u 17c.; lair cargoes, 17}?e. a I73.jc. ; good cargoes, 18'4c. a 18'gc. ; prune cargo*, 18\c. a 19c. ; Java, government bugs, 2 ir. a 2le. ; uo., grass mats, 19'ic a 2l^c. ; Singapore. I6?ae. a 17>ic- ; Ceylon, I7!,c. a lis^c. ; Maracaiho. 18c. a liie. : l.a guayra, 18c. a 19)?c : Jamaica, lt>c. a 18c. ; St. I>onilngo, Iftifc. a 18c. ; Porto RIcO.lSc. a 19c. ; Costa Itlca, 18c. a 19c. ; Mexican, 17XC. a I8>,c. ; Manila, 17c. a 18c. ; Angos tura. 17'ic. a I8',e. : Savanilln, I7'?c. a ; Curaroi, 17*-, c u l*'?c.. gold, per lb.. 60 a 90 ds?s' credit Floor ani> <J:iain ? Receipts ? Flour, 10,882 bills.; wheat, 17,800 bushels; corn, I.'t,'<u0 do. ; oat?, Ifi.^jndo.; barli y. 8.500. The flour market ruled quiet, hut steady, at no changed prices. The sales were 7,UW) hbls. Corn meal was quiet, with sales oi 6'W bids. Western > ellow, at ft 15 a (>:i 20 1 1 <> lit dock, $.i 2J store, 83 a $.1 40 lie | livered. We quote:? No. 2 state 84 00 a $5 25 Hui>erflne State 6 00 a <151 l.xtrii h.i.fe 7 2ft a 7 75 | Choice State 7 75 a 8 25 I Miperllne Wes'ern 6 no a 6 80 | Extra Western 6 90 a 7 Ml i Extra Minnesota 7 90 a 9 50 Round hoop Ohio, shipping brands. 7 00 a 7 .'*) Round hoop Uhlo, trade brands 8 in) a 9 00 Family 9 mi a 10 25 St. Louis, low extra 7 00 a 7 75 St. Louis, straight extra 8 110 a 8 50 ht. I.ouis, choice double extra .'.... 9 no a 1D(M St. Louis, choice laiuiiy 10 00 a 13 1)0 California 9 HO a 10 Oil live flour 3 fto a 6 uo Southern No. 2 4 2ft a 6 5) Southern superfine 6 00 a 6 50 Southern extra 7 2ft a 9 50 Southern family 10 00 a 11 uo Corumeal, Western 8 18 a S 45 Cornmeal, Jersey 3 80 a 3 tift Coruineal, Kiuuily wine 3 (15 a 3 75 Baltimore 4 uo I', o. h. Caloric 3 60 a 3 68 Puncheons 19 501. o. b ?Wheat was In rather better request and a li' lie more , steady. The market closed at about $1 69 a $i 6.1 for No, 2 I Chicago and Not th west. |l 61 a 81 66 for No. t Milwaukee, 81 70 a *1 73 for No. 1. 81 80 a 81 86 for red Winter, 81 85 a $1 95 tor amber attd #190 a 82 10 (or while The ?ales, i art last evening. w< re about 40,000 bushel*, at |iA:<a 81 56 tor common Chicago. 81 69 a $1 no fur fair No. 2 Chi sago i" store. Corn was eader, closing at about 63c. tor old mixed in store and 66c. a 63V'. 'or do. aiioat. 'Iba sales embrace 96,000 bushels, at 63c. a tittle, ior old mixed Western in store, 63\c. a 64V- fnr new high mixed afloat, 88c. tor Southern and Western yellow, 70c. tor white Western atlnat and 75c. a 77c. for white Southern afloat. Oats were steady, with sales of ftO.OU) bushels at 53c. lor old mixed Western In sti re, 4*c. a 5lc. for fair to choice dark and black new Western, 5IIJC. a 68c. for Western nnxed ailoat Harlev Wa? dull and almost unsalable at 86c. a 81 06 for State and Western and f 1 22 a 81 26 for Canada. Itye was quiet and nominal. I bree thousand bustiels peas sold at 8l05u81lu for Canada in store. Malt was neglcated and nominal Freights.? There has been only a limited business done In berth freight- owing to the light supply ol avail abia room aud iIk lull rates im?*d. I'ukIi lor charier I have been In fair demand and rates about steady. The engagement* to-day were To Liverpool by steam, 28, OHO bushels of grain at Ni. a H^d., with these rates hid at the close, bv sail, 400 bbls. pork at 4s. , 250 bbls. cottonseed j oil at 4llB. and measurement goods at 23s. To Glas gow 100 boxes bacon at 60s bv steam. To Cardiff by steam. 5' 0 bbls rosin at 4s. and 100 bbls. lard oil at 58s. The charters were : ? A British ship ml 989 tons) laid on berth for a general cargo to Liverpool. A Nor wegian bark hence U> l.e"vaut, with 14,000 cases refined petroleum a> 46c. ; a Norwegian b:irk, from Phila delphia to Copenhagen, with 2,m>? bbls. refined do. at tin. 10>?d. ; a bark (re. bartered) tro?i Philadelphia to the Coiitlneut with 2,!$M bbls. retlwd do. at or about tis. ; ru mored a Ku-smn bark (nowhere) from Philadelphia to the Baltic with 3,lia> bbls. refined do. at 7s. ; an American bark oi 512 tous register. henee to Coruuna, wiih tobacco on private terms, and staves to Cadiz on the basil of $. 0 for light pipe ; an American brig, Irou. Pensauoia to Rio, with 360,000 feet ot lumber at $2'.< and primage M Apart from, a moderate business in Jobbing parcels wc heard of no transactions. We >|iiotc :? Old Crup. New <Yop. Cuba, centrifugal and mixed 18c. a 22c. ? a ? Cuba, e laved ? a ? 30c. a 36c. Cuba, muscovado, refining ? a ? 32c. a :t7c. Cuba, muKovado, grocery ? a ? S be. a 40<'. Porto Kico ? a ? 36c. a 5fc. English Islands ? a ? 25c. a 50e. New Orleans ? a ? 55c. a 75e. Naval Storks.? The demand lor spirits turpentine llus been less aetive, but the market a shade firmer, under smaller offerings. The only sale reported was S'i bbls. "odds and ends" at 34c., nat. Merchantable quoted at 54o. a 54){c. The low grades of rosin continued in good demand lor export and the market lirm. anil freight room for the Continent more plenty. Sales of l.tHHI bbls. strained at $:i 20; 1,600 bbls. do. at $3 MX ; 1.600 bbls. do. $3 2o; 3,600 bbls. do., to arrive, on private terms : also 400 bbls. No. 1 at $4. Tar quiet, but tlriu, at $1 a $4 26 for Wilmington and $3 75 tor Washington. Pitch quoted at $3 76. l'KTBoi.Ktm ? The market for refined continnod dull, but prices were nominally a shade firmer; quoted at 20^c. a 21c. tor balance of month. Crude, in bulk, was Inactive but firm. There were no transactions reported, and in the absence ot sales we quote nominally 9?fe. a 10c? spot or mouth. Cases mei wnh u light inquiry, and were steady at 26c. a 2oljC. Naphtha was dull aud nomi nal at about 12'jc. a 13e. lor Western or city. At the Creek the market was quiet ami irregular ul $'i 26 a $2 30 on both roads, ami SJ 26 at Oil t ity. The PnilaJelphia market was dull, nothing oll'eringg. Rctlneii held nomi nally at 19??c. tor spot and last halt ot month. 1'rovisions. ? Keeeipts? Pork, Ci44 bbls. ; beef, 97 pack ages ; cut meats, 3,238 packages , lurd, 2,td0 packages. The market tor pork ruled strong, wiih a better inquiry lor future^liut not much change in prices, hales ol Jul bbls. at $17 37ta lor new mess, $14 tor extra prime. $16 f>o a $17 for Western prime nic-s aud $1M a $18 M tor city do. ; new mess, in round lots, held at $17 tor April. Kor future delivery, sales ot Alio bbls. mess, seller May. at $17 50 : 750 bbls. do., seller June, at $17 60. and 60$ bbls., buyer 90 days, at $18. Bacon was in 1air demand and steady; sales 150 boxes city short clear at it 6- 10c., 4UU boxes Western long clear at 'J'^c. and 100 boxes Cutnt>crlaud at 8'.tu. Beef was quiet but lirm, with sales of 7o bbls. at $5 26 for old plain mess, $12 a $13 25 lor extra uiess. Tierce beef dull and steady, and beef hams likewise with sales of 20 bbls. at $31 5oa $32 tor Western. Cut incuts were less active but lirm, wiih sales of #!) tierces hams (18 lbs.) at il'.c. ; 200 boxes heavy bains at Chicago (21 lbs.) at l(H,'e. : 120 tierces do. spot (16 lbs.) at 12%c. ; 1,100 city smoked hams at 13T?c. a 14c.: SK)0 smoked shoulders at 8%c. a 9c.; 250 boxes dry salted shoulders at ti^c., buyer paying the brokerage; so boxes rib licllies (12 lbs.) at 10)41'. : 25 boxes do. (13 lbs ) at 10'..c. ; 60 boxes do. (14 lbs.) at lite. The market tor lard was strong but <1 11 1 1 lor spot. Bales of 420 tierces, at 8l4c. lor No. 1, 8Kc. a 8jic. for cltv, 8?*c- a 9c. tor Western stcum. tho latter for choice. lor future delivery there was a In ir demand ami sales were reported ot 3,000 tierces May, at 9 1-I6e. ; 260 tierces nt 9c., buyer paying brokerage; 1,500 tierces June, at 9 6- 16c. and 60u tierces J uly. at UJsc. * Rick ? The market was generally quiet at previous prices, with something ot an upward tendency. We note sales of 40 tierces Carolina at Irom 73?c. a 8>ic., uud -50 bags Kast India at <i?Kc. a 7c. sucar.? The inquiry for raw was light and with lew Offering*, the imirket rulled rather weak on the nominal basis of 8c. a 8*4c. per lb., tor fair to good retlning. We note sales of 8J0 buds.. chiefly Cuba Muscovado on pri vate terms, aud about .((Hi boxes chiefly Centriiugal (Uti test), a 9e. per lb. Iteflncd 'was qnltet at 10 9-l(lc. a lo*,c. lor A and II '4c. a ll??c. for Hards. We quote : ? Cuba? Ketlning, interior to common. 7c. a 7Hc. ; tair to good fair, 8c. a 8'jc. ; good to prime, 8*40. a 8 V'. ; grocery, fair to good, tike, a 8s., c. ; prime to choice, 8JJc. a 9J>aC. ; centrifugal, li litis, and boxes, 9c. a 9lee. ; molasses, hhds. anil boxes, 7c. a 8c. ; uieiado, 4c. a 6Vc. Havana? Boxes, Hutch standard, Nos. 7 to 'J, 7'..c, a 8Wc. ; do., 10 to 12. 8?ic. a 9c. ; do., 13 to 16, 'J.'4c. a 9xc. ; do., lt> to 18. 10c. a lokc. ; do.. Id to ;o, lOf^c. n lie. ; white, 10' .0. a ll'^c. Porto ltico? Keflning, common to prime, 7c. a 8'J,c- ; grocery, tair to choice, 8)ic. a 9l4c. Brazil -Dutch stand ard, Nos. 8 to 12, 7c. a 8V4C. Java? Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, 8'ic. a 9c. .Manila? Superior uud extra superior, 7>?c. a Sc. Messrs. C. Amaiin * Co. sum up as follows:? H/uui. Jiuxca. Hay. MclatU). Stock (nscertaincd by actual count, including specula tion), April 1, 187.1 25,960 27,002 131,880 2.1(51 Receipts since April 1 16,095 16,429 ? 1,061 Totals 42,(161 4J, i.'tt 134,8-6 3 212 Sales si 11 CO April 1 11.102 9,499 6.2U0 ? ? Stock this day, April 10, 1873. SO, ti62 32,932 129,tto6 3,212 Comparing with slock, April 11, 187- 32,412 37,238 92,063 1,967 Comparing with stock, April 13, 1871 36,392 47,333 228,778 4,852 Comparing with stock, April 14, 1870 74,653 99,697 363,115 2,063 Btkauink was quiet and tlrm, at 87jc. a 9c. { >t hhds. uud a 9^'c, lor tierces. We heard ot uo sales. i'allow quiet and steady, with tales of 40 000 lbs. Western at 8 '.,c. ; prime city quofc il at 8 IS-lGc. a 9C. Wuiskkv.? Receipts 597 bbls. The market was a shade firmer, but less itutne. Sales 150 bbls. at 91c. a 91>4e. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Uai.vrstoi*, April 10, 1873. Cotton heavy; good ordinary, 15J4c. Not receipts, 728 bales. Bxports to Ureat Britain, 3,13:1. Sales. 25o. Stock, 63,5ia Nkw Ori.kans, April 10, 1873. Cotton easier: ordinary, 13)?o. :good ordinal y. 10c. a 16'4c. ; low middlings, I7?4c. a I7?,c. ; middlings, 19c. Net receipts, 715 bales; gross, l,'-'48. Kx ports? To (ireat Britain, 3,463; coastwise. 934. Sales, lJXW; last evening, 2,200. Stock, 186, bo7. Mobilb, April 10, 1873. Cotton dull and nominal; middlings, I8!ac. Nei re ceipts, 260 bales. Exports coastwise, 6?3. Sales, 2iw. Stock, 38,668. Savahnait, April 10, 1873. Cotton quiet; middlings, 19c. Net receipts, 9:12 bales. Exports to Ureat Britaiu, 2,401 Sules, 630. Stock. 46,441 CiiARi.KSTon, April 10, 1873. Cotton quiet; middlings, IH^c. a 18^c. Net recelnts, 3.1,1 Icilus. J.xporu coastwise, 60. Sales, 150. Uic K 2.8,923. Wilmiuctow, N. C., April 10, 1873. Splrltsot turpentine lower; sales at 47c. Rosin quiet; $2 50 lor strained ; $J 75 lor No. I ; $4 25 for pole . a for black. Crude turpentine uuiet; $-? 25 lor hard; $3 6ufor yellow dip and virgin; $4 tor new crop virgin. Tar higher ; sales at $2 65. CriiCAGO, April 10, 1873. Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat quiet and weak: prices lower; snles of No. 1 Spring at $1 27; No. 2 do., $1 16S lor regular, $1 28 for fresh, cash; $1 20 '4' seller ! May; $1 -2>4 seller .lune; No. S do., $1 08 a $1 0M>?; re jected, 9!ic. Corn quiet and weak; sales of No, 2 mixed \ at 30', c , cash ; 34^c. seller May ; :t6)ac. bid seller June; rejected, 28c. Oata dull and declining ; sales ol No 2 at 24'jC. for regular; 27c. for fresh, cash ; rejected, 23kc. j Rye dull and declining; sales ol No. 2 at 61c. a 6i)?c. lor 1 regular ; 63c. for tresli. Barley- dull aud drooping; No. i , Kail regular oll'ered ut 74c. ; fresh sold at 77c. a 79c. ; No. 3, 64c. lor regular. Provisions steady. Pork active nt $16, seller .June; seller May, nominally, $15 75. l.ard I quiet and a shade lower; sales at 8'^c. cash ; 81^r., seller May $8 (.0 a $8 70. seller June. FuIk meats sU' ; sales of clear rib sides, loose, at 8)#'c., seller June ; shift clear middies, 8t.jC, ; shoulders, at Milwaukee, boxed, 6c. a 6'4c. Bacon quiet und uiicliutigcd. Whiskey steady at 86'-ac. Receipt-? 7,000 bbls. flour, 16,000 bushels wheat, 16,000 do. corn, 2.'?, 000 do. ?,ats, 1 ,ooo do. rye and 10,000 do. barlev. ShipmenU? It, 000 bills, (lour. 28,000 bushel jr wheat, 6,000 do. coru, 29,000 do. outs aud 11,000 do. barley. BorrAi.o, April 10, 1873, Flour qnlet ; Western Sniing. $7 SO a $8; amber, $8 50 a $9 25; white, $9 60 a $lo. ? iieat <1 till ; no sales made public; No. 2 Milwaukee Spring quoted at $1 56; No. 2 Chicago Spring, $1 45 a $1 46; No. 1 Hiillith Spring, $1 65; white Canada, $1 75 a $1 90; white Michigan, $1 80 a $2. Core firm ; sales 2,000 bushels No. 2, in store, at 52c. ; 760 do., oti track, at 52c. Outs dull ; sales 2,250 bushels choice Western, on track, at 40c. ; 7'>o do. mixed Western, on track, at 30c. ; Western mixed held at a 40c. Ksrley scarce; Canada, 95c. a $1: No. 2 Western, 9<)c a 95c.; two-rowed State, H0c. a 86c. ; tour-rowed do., 9.'?. Rye nominal at 96c. Barlev malt quiet: Western. $1 a $1 li); prime Western. $1 10 a $1 lfi: prime Canada, $1 20 a $1 25. Barley malt held at 95c. Other a rticles unchanged. _, . . , 4 Oswauo, April 10, 1873. Flour steady and unchanged; sales 1,400 hhls.. at $8 75 for No. 1 Spring, $9 75 lor amber Winter, >10 60 tor white Winter, $11 for double extra. Wheat dull ; sales 3.0(H) bushels mixed Milwaukee club at $1 70, held at $1 l*i. Corn quiet at Mc. for Wostern. Bailey quiet; Canada held at $1 12. Corn meal, $ 1 10 for bolted. $1 2.'> lor un bolted per cwL Mllifeed unchanged: shorts, $21; ship stuffs, $22; middlings, $23 per too. Railroad freights? Klour to Philadelphia. 60c. ; to Boston. Tic.- to New York. 62c. ; to Albany, 64c. Receipts by lake? 18,200 bush els wheat. PROVIDENCE PRINT CLOTHS MARKET. Pruvidpnck, R T., April 10, IM73. Print cloths ? 6\c.. ? !l%u. (or (>4 a tit. standard ami extra, wttti unlet business. EUROPEAN MARKETS. t?)roo?? Monet Market.? Loifnoir. April 10?1 P. M.? Coasols closed unchanged. United Mates five-twenty lii'ivlH, I Ws, 93V Erie Railway share*. 5I}|. Consols < > ; ' netl ut IKt1* for jimney nmf Wi lor the account. I niteil Su(es five-twenty boinlM. ISOo's, uld.M1*, IWs, ten-for'loa, *8; new lives, 80?*, and Krie Railway share at 51??. Pari* llotusit? Paris, April 10? P. M.? Rentes closed at .'til'. :?ie. Livi arooL Cottow M A Run* ? LrritRPont,, April 10 ? 8 P. M.? The market closed quiet and unchanged. The sales ol ihc day have been lo.ww lnUe?, Including ..(KJO lor specu lation and export, (if (he%s*.le? 6, nuo hales were American. I Kales el cotton shipped^lroin f-avnnuah or Charleston, Hthruarv and Mafch, at gViftl. Sales of cotton shipped I from Savannah or Charleston, February and March, at u y I., and from the same parts, deliverable In April, at 8 1 h i. The stock of cotton at sea hound to I Ills port Is 461. iu) hales, Including 1 7(l,ll0'^ American. The sales of tli" week have heen hales, including T,!*)") for ex port and I, (JU0 on speculation. The stock in port is (IHLUQO tales. Including 32S,i?? American The receipts of (ho * n k have heen 9il,(>? hales, including 5S,(AJU American. Actual export. 8,0tl0 hales. Tkadk at Mamciiksikr.? f.ivnnrooi., April 10 ? The mar ket lor yarns and fabrics at MancCester is quiet and un changed. hivKRroot BnRAMTrrrs Mahkrt ? LivitRroot, April 10.? The market for bread stuffs is unlet. Livkhiool Provisions Makkkt. ? Livkrpool, April 10 ? ft P. M.? Beef, W)h. per tierce lor new mess. Cheese, Otfa. p, r cwt. lor American tine. Lard. :t9s. 3d. per cwt. Loano* pRonccn Maimr?.? I^innoa, April 10? Even ing -Spirits turpentine, 41s. 6d. per cwt. Whale otl,Jt'i? j per ton, _ _ I KINAMClAl,.^ I ? LAPSLEY A BAZ1.EY. BROKERS I.N STOCK Jy. and gold privileges, 47 Etchanpe p'ane.? All con I tracts negotiated are first claas and have our ccrttflca I i, on attached. Explanatory circular, witli practical illustrations and references, mailed tree. V-ttTOCK AND OOLD PRIvrhEORS A SPECIALTY.? j\ No contract negotiated througr. this oillee was ever dishonored. free quotations In Ne?v Y-flrk Tribune. WILLIAM W A KD. U Broad street, Broker in Honds, Stocks, <te.i \ -MONEY TO LOAN O.N BOND AND MdKTUAOR . in New York, Brooklyn and New Jersey Prin cipals only apply to SAM L'KLj 8. WIjUU, Jr., IfiS Broad way, roam io. 4 LA R| ? K MUM OPlNOKBr OM HAND FOR 1 FlRST l\ and Second Mortgages: cliy property only ; quick transaction*. 8. KiiKIDkNitlcii A ('(>., 8U6 and Wis Third avenue. ALL DEPOSITS MADE ON OB BBM'KK APRIL A) In th<- Tntrd Avenue Havings Bank, corner Twenty-sixth street, will draw interest lrnm April 1. Six per cent from ?( to $4,1*10. T. W. DKCK Kit. President. I David Moroan, fircretary. | A NDKRSON'8, NoTTcH AMBERS HTRERT. MONET . V to loan; IM to bill OM, two IM thr. eyear Mort gage", at low rates. ? anted ;innn dlatclj". Bu<lder? I Li aus, Stocks ami Securities negotiated. _ FINANCIAL. AN AIU TO MERCHANTS. THE OAZ/.AM COLLECTION AO KNOT. Collection!! made in all part* of tho In tied States by Milt ill Mate and United State* Courts, and by Bank ruptcy proceedings. Reliable correspondents throughout the country. New York olllee, 221) Broadway. Charge# moderate and at regular rate*. "An acceptable aid to the merchant* of the city."? Evening Post . , . ? "Foremost among which (collection agencies) stands represented b/ Mr. (iazzum, 229 Broadway. lie has (elected competent and trustworthy agcuta In every county 01 every Suite."? Evening Mall. "Mr. Oazaam has thoroughly systematized the business, and his correspondents throughout the States comprise many of the first legal talent, recommended by the iudges betore whom they practice, and a banker's reference la also required."? New Vork Evening Express. "This company stands highly recommended by leading financier* ut this city, as well as of Cincinnati and Pitta burg. Evening Telegram. "A valuable institution to merchants, manufacturer* and trailers. "-New York Tablet. "Our readers having claims in America will do well to consult advertisement of Oaxeam's Collection Agency, first page 01 this paper. This agency is represented throughout the entire Continent of North America. Its references and recommendations are unimpeachable." ? Investors' Quart tan, London. AUGUST BELMONT It CO Bankers, la and 21 Nassau street. Issue Travellers' Credits, available lu all parts ot the world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and tlleir correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of money on California, Lurupe and Havana. TPOR 8ALE? 200 SHARES PREFKRRRD ANI) 200 1; shares Common Stock of Little Rock and Fort Smith Kallroa I Company. Apply to or address l-.Vtts ,k stocker, 24 New street, room n. AS KINS A HP.AINE. 6TOCK AND OOLD BROKERS 11 Broad street.? Stock and gold privileges a specialty. Any one can speculate with small capital and little risk. Explanatory circulars mailed. J AY COOKE & CO., No. 20 Wall street. New Vork. Exchange on London, Paris, llM Berlin, Frftnfcfort, Bremen Cftblo Transfers, clrcuU, letters, 0oItunercia\ Credits. JAY COOKE. McCULLOCH A CO.. 41 Lombard street, London. N' IOAN WANTED? $2\00<).? A MANUFACTURING J company ill full and successful operation; ample security by the stock ot the company; only principals need apply. Address J. B. 1'., care Oreshaiu A Dawson, &S Broad way. Forth" im'hjFs avisos bank, " . J corner ?f Eighth avenue and West Thlrtr-fourth st. Money deposited on or before the 20th ot April will draw interest trom April 1. Six per cent Interest paid. Hank open daily iroin 10 A. M. to H 1*. M. ; nlso on Mon day, Wednesday uud Saturday evening*, from fi to 8 o'clock. JOHN HOOPER, President J ami so. Bknnett, Sccrctaiy. <|>t? OA/i WANTED? ON A BltlCK COTTAOE AND full Lot in Brooklyn, near ferry; worth more than double; will be first mortgage. Address NE CESSITY, Herald oillce. $1 nnn $5,000 AND $10,000 TO loan? on im T.v/UU, proved Property In tliii city; will loan in Brooklvti, near Wall or Fulton lerry. Apply to GhOROE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. a nri? fi0,0M or $u,eoo to loan on bond and tj.wuu inorigage on improved cily or country pro perty, by KAE A WHEELER, Attorneys, 23U Broadway, room Hi, No brokers need apply. unit B8TATH funds to loan on brook vM'.vlWII lyn property, near tho City Hall ; no bonus. (1 UAH AM A ill., is) William st., New York. ^>in <Win TO loan-in one ok two sums, in <IP.IU.UlM/ Brooklyn, for three years; ulso several small amounts for first and second mortgage-.. SAWAKD A LK W I IT, m Wall street. 6f'(l AHA WANTED -ON FIICST CLASS FIFTH ifoU.lM/'/ avenue improved Property oil bond and mortga :e. Principals only addrets k.. Herald office. d[OAA (win WANTED-ON HO.NI) AND M ! ? KT - Y-iUu.UUU gage on property in Hudson ceunfy, S. J., In sums ot #1,"0.J to mortgages not taxubie. Address H. C. A A. L. TAYLOR, lie raid office. COP A RT S K as li I 1111 E COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the firm name of Augustus Funk ii Co., is hereby dissolved by mutual consent, ami that the said Copartnership will be continued from this date under the nam-' name, by Augustus fuuk alone, tor the pur pose of settling up the same. AUUUSUS FUNK. N t. w Yoick, April 4, 1873. THC USURY LAW CttlSADE. The charge of Recorder Hackett to the Grand Jury 011 Monday last in beginning to be felt among the clique of money-lender*, against whom It was specially directed. Those worthies thought there was "nothing in It," or that any wcuk attempt that might be made to give It effect would be easily frustrated. Whatever may have been the basis of their calculations, tliey will surely find that they | "counted without their host." .Combinations be get combinations, and the "engineer is likely to be hoisted on his own petard." Several of the most | influential men on 'Change hailed with delight, the fresh opening afforded them by Recorder Hackett's charge to move upon the enemy's works. The .sinews of war are pretty evenly divided, as between tho contending parties, and It only remains to be seen upon >? tucli bide the law and the prophets will oe found to determine the result, litstrtct Attorney Phelps was waited upon yesterday by a member til one or the leading law firms In this city engaged In the prosecution on the part or certain capitalists against some cliques und combinations of al leged usurers, wnicii resulted in the immediate issuance of a large number of subpienax for wit nesses to appear before the Grand .lury ou Monday next. Mr. i'helps gave his assurance that the ut most, zeal would be exercised by his department to vindicate the long violated laws upon usury in presenting the cases, several by the "cer tain capitalists" aforesaid to the Grand Jury, and that tie would himself attend be lore the Grand Jury lor that purpose. The names of the nartles desig nated In the complaints of course cannot be given at present. They are charged with conspiring to deiraud by purchasing money and locking it up, for the purpose ol enabling them to .charge Illegal rates ollnterest on loans, contrary to the laws of the State on Usury. The excitement on 'Change when tlie deputies of the District Attorney with their bundles of subpoenas appeared, and dropped their missives here and there, in the ofllces where parties are wanted for Monday next, was Intense, and the conviction rapidly gained ground that punishment lor usury was not played out in New York alter all. It will require a little time yet he lore such olllclai action can be taken as will bring the whole of these fraudulent operations to light, but when once started rich developments may be anticipated. THE NEW YOUR AND LOXti ISLAND BRIDGE. Work Began Upon the Rival of the Kait River Bridge. The work on this bridge has been commenced under the direction of Mr. Isaac I). Coleman, engineer of the Company. The workmen have broken ground at Long Island City, on the line of Franklyn avenue, between Catharine and Crescent streets, for the foundation and retaining walls. This bridge commences on the New York side at Seventy-seventh street, and Third avenue, ruuning parallel with the said Severn v-seventU street on its south side, over the west channel of the East Ktver, across Blackwell's Island and thence over the east channel of said river to Kirst avenne, at Franklyn avenue, ou the Island side. This bridge, as located, will be 9,?>oo leet in lengt h, and have an elevation over the hast River so as to give a clear space of 136 feet abov? hitrh water. Its crossing upon the island will be between the Work house and the Insane Asylum. The spans over each ol the channels will i>e 7?) feet, with an ln ter-lrn mediate span over tho island of &oo feet. It will be 73 feet 8 ln< hes In width, accom modating a double-track raliwav, a carriage way of 'J4 feet and three footwaiks on an aggre gate width of SO feet. There will be two towers on the Island and one on each side of the river. These towers will be '20fi feet high ntiovo high water at the point of supporting the cables. The probable cost ol this great undertaking will be from three to five millions of dollars. The grade from Third av enue to the river and from the river to Crescent street, on the Islsftid side, will be 3 feet 8 Inches In 100 feet. The towers and anchor piers will have a sollt* rock loundation. The shortness of the spans over the channels and the island, which are secured by the towers on the Island, rou ders it more feasible and gives It greater advantages than anv other location, for a permanent and du rable bridge, than has as yet been nttmed. LIPE-SAVING APPARATD8 ON STEAMSHIP* Nkw Tor*, April 8, 1873. To ttik Enrroa of thk Hbkai.d:? My attention was called this day to .in article In your valuable paper on life rafts for steamers, also to an editorial on the same subject. Both articles would imply that the stesners out of this port were not supplied with life rafts. The law passed by the Forty-first Congress for the better preservation of life on t>oar(l steamers plying the waters of tho United States did not, compel owners or stcain vessels running on our bays, lakes and oceans to equip with lire ra:ts; but to my knowledge, by their own volition, the owners of steamers out of this port, and also other ports of the United States, afe supplying their boats with life rafts in addition to an extra supply ol lifeboats. Life raits are now on all tho steamers running on the Sound, and most all the steamers mining down the coast. Tho American line of aLeamshlps now building at Philadelphia ror the European trade will have ten large iiferalts on each steamer be sides a lull complement of lllehoats. Permit me to say It is a well known fact among mechanics connected with the shipping Interest that ail the European lines of steamers running to this port are miserably equipped In regard to life saving capacity, such us lifeboats, raits, cork mat tresses, lire-pttBemrs, Ac. Yours respectfully, U. C. CALKIN. REAL ESTATE MATTIES. Kilfmlvf Kale* on '( imnf(e. Yesterday's business was almost exeluslvHy|con? fined to sales at the Heal Estate Exchange, where a large attendance congregated. A great number of paroelB were offered and sold at very good prices, while a few of the offerings were either bid la or withdrawn. Of private transactions yesterday wo have had no notice. A number of sales of property were effected, but no publicity caa yet be given ol the location, Ac. Considerable activity Is apparent In real estate in tho vicinity of Mount Morris Park, which In a very Bhort time will become as fashion able as Park avenue, from Thirty-second to For tieth street, on the completion of the Fourth ave nue improvements. Parties having an apprecia tion of enhanced values to come are making Invest ments in this part of the city, and cannot uusd very uiuch from reaping substantial results. 'l'he following are the particulars of yesterday's sales on 'Change DT HOLLKK, WII.KINS AMD CO. Frame h. and I. No 3 lhiyer st.. <. s., Si. 5 ft. w. of Chatham St., lot 41. 1x61. 2x24. 8x47. K, irregular ; A. lairooue ?7,2)0 4 s. lik. d., s. and 1.. 872 6th av , c. s , 2 1.4 It n. w. of 49th St., lot 20x62.8 ; 0. Miller 27,OJO 2 h. lik. stable and plot ol' ground. 215 and JI7 I ast 57thst, n. s., 170tt.e. ot3d av., size of plot 46.8x98.9; Isaac Koberson ? ? ? ? 27,009 3 s. fr. Ii., two 3 story bk. houses and lot <71 8th av.. n. w. corner oi West 47th St., lot 25x100: Jacob korn ???? ? ? ? 51, iw 4 s. l.k. h. and 1. 307 West I7tli st, n. 100 It w. of Stli av., lot 24.10x100.5; Joseph smith 17,100 4 s. Int. tenement h. and 1. 18 ' Kldridxe St., 105 it. from Stanton at., lot 10x87.6: J. I*. Cornell I-,600 6 s lik tenement h. and 1. 184, adjoining above lot 29x87.6; J L Cornell 28, M0 3 s. bk. li. and I 113 2d av.. w. s., 42.8 ft & ol 7th st., 1st 21x98; J. !>. Cornell .' 21,000 11Y JOS. K'liUlKK. 3 ?. tik. h. and 1. No. 7 Watts st.. between Hulllvan and \ariek Ms., lot 21.2x51. 1, Irregular: Chas (lerb. r. .. 7.5X1 Two 5 h bk. tenement houses and 2 lots, 114 and 115 Mulberry st, e. about 175.6 It. a. of Canal st lots together, 50x100.4, J. H. MeCaffeny 3lf,0iX> Bk. ir. ns. and 1. 229 Mlz.lbeth st., w. 8., between l'rince and Houston sts., Iot20x>4 Idk. ; O. O Hen nett I 8,000 nv d. r. f Aim' n 1 1. li. 4 h b. s. h. and 1. n. h. oi G-ttii st., 125 ft w. of 4th av., lot '.'6x100.5; H. Smith 45,500 4 8. b. s. h. and I. n. s. ol t'8th st., 125 it e. ot Madison a v., lot 26x102.2 ; It. Smi'li 40,500 BY BI.HI c'KKH, SON AND CO. 3 s. bk. h. and 1., 48 llarrlsoa st.. It. 74.11 ft w. ol Waahlngtun st, lot 21x75; Thomas Auld 11,900 3 s. bk. h., stable audi. 11 Watts sL, 2|(7.8 ft from Variek st, lot 21.2x7Cxt>0; M. Sackett '. 7,000 2 s. bk. li. an I 2 l.its, 171 and 171li Division St., bli.6 ft. from Jefferson st, lots together 26x48.9; Herman Korn 10,100 2 s. bk. h. and I. 42 Thomas st,75 ft. w. of West Broadway, lot 25x100; 'lhotnas VVinlberliy 13,100 2 s. bk. b. and 1. No. 9 Jer-ey st, n. s . 158.8 tt. e. ol Crosby St., lot 19.6x16.5; I Weatlierbv 3,250 2 s. bk. ti. and I., 11. ailjoininx the above, lot 19.7x 67.3; T. Weatlierbv 3,200 2 s. bk. li and 1.. No. 13, adjoining the above, lot 19.11x67.8; T. Weatberby.. 3,400 2 a n ame h. (Hunt and rear) and 1. No. 9 Worth st., n. s. , a? ftw. ol West Broadw ay, lot 26x100; Henry Navlor 15,(100 3 lots *. s. of 131st St., 225 ft. e. ot 7th av., each 25x99.11 ; T. Weatherby 11,550 1 lot on it. s. oi 130th itt, 225 il. e. ol 7th av., 25x99.11. ; K. MeClalr. 2 lots adjoining, e. s.. each 25x99. II ; K. MeCluiu 7,<*4) BY K. II. 1,0 01.(1 W AND CO. 2s. bk. b. nnd 1. 3'Jl Bowery, e. s., 48.6ft l. ol 6th st, lot?24x'30; P. 11. Fay 28,300 BY iiuun N. CAMP. 2 s. bk. h. and 1.1 8 Macdounal si., 2G3.2 ft n. of Trlnco St., lot 25x100; James Barclay 13, COO BY JAMES M. M l LI. Kit. 4 s. O. s. h. (front), 3 s. bk. h. (renr) and I. 3(4 6th av., e. s., 46.10 ft, n. of 21st st, lot 27.2x99; W. ff. 59,300 Brooklyn Real Estate Sales, Mr. JeremlaU Johnson, Jr., sold at the Auction Exchange, Brooklyn, at puollc auction, Improved and unimproved Brooklyn property. Tiie prices and particulars will be louud below:? 1 h. and 1. No. 206 Franklin av., near Willouuhby av $4,910 1 lot corner Hamilton av. and l.nqiiver st 1,925 I lot on Hamilton av., m ar Lu<|tieer st, adjoining. . . 1,000 1 h. anil 1. on llainillon av., near Lui|ueer st., ad joining 4,975 1 h. and 1. on Hamilton av., near i.u iuecr st, ad joining 4,750 1 lot on Hamilton av., near I.uiiueer st., adii>inini; . 4,1 U 1 lot on Hamilton av., near Luiiuoer St., adjoining.. 1,'W0 1 lot on Hamilton av., corner Henry and Nelson st* 3,000 1 lot on Hamilton av., near corner Henry and Nel son sis., adjoining 1,200 1 lot on Hamilton av., near corner Henry and Nel son sts., adjoining 970 1 lot mi Hamilton av., near corner Henry aud Nel son sis., a<l mining 1,123 1 lot on HuniUton av.. near corner Henry and Nel son sis., adinluiiia 979 1 li. and 1. corner wllloughby and .lay sts 1.1,100 6 lots corner Carroll st. and Nvhitewell place 1,920 1 h. aud 1. U Tahnaii St., noar Jay st 2,000 TOE NEW STEAMSHIP V!LL E DU HAVRE. A Hplrndl'l Ve*Kel Added to the General Transatlantic Liine? Her Dimcniloiu, Arcommndatiom and Ollicert. On Wednesday afternoon last the new steamship Villc da Havre, of the General Transatlantic Cora paly, plying between New York au<l Brest and Havre, arrived at this port, making a satisfactory initial trip. This vessel Is 420 feet extreme length, 43 feet breadth of beam, 30 feet 6 luches depth ol bold, and her grog* burden (French measurement) 3.20U tons. She lias tlirie full decks and her plates arc ol the thickness usually employed in steamers of this character. Six water-tight bulkheads are lu position and excellent worxmansliip Is visible throughout the snip. The motive power U of improved description, the engine being ol the direct-acting compound surface condensing principle, having two cy bin ders, 3S inches and so inches in diameter, with a stroke of piston of 4 feet 0 Inches. Steam is sup plied by six boilers, ami in this department, every improved agency that can possibly contribute to the requirements of speed and safety has been brought, into requisition. The accommodations of the Ville dn Havre are In every respect excellent. The main saloon, 62 leet long and 42 leet wide, to luxuriously lil ted. Three kinds of marble arc used lu linlsliing the panda a1 out the spacious room, and white and gold taste fully distributed, make it a gem. Then there are mirrors in abundance, and a piano nnd library aro noticed lu place. The lirst class staterooms, equal to an occupancy of Uto persons, are pleasantly fitted, while the second class rooms, capable ol accommodating 110 persons, are extremely com fortable. The saloon tor the latter passengers la nicely furnished and very spacious. Steerage pas sengers are not carried on the steamers of this Hue, though the Ville du Havre has room for soo >?! these, should It be necessary at any tirao to glvo them passage. A ladies' private saUon and gen tlemen's smoking room are on the man deck, and j bath and retiring rooms are to be found In pro fusion. In fact, there are in this steamship all me conveniences of a first class hotel, ami all the ira I tirovemenfs for loading and unloading cargoes nave been provided her. She Is rigged as a three masted brlgantine. The hull of the Ville du Havre was built by Messrs. Andrew Leslie A Co., New castle on Tyne, and Hie machinery constructed by Messrs. Ma'udslny, Sous & Held, of London. Her oiflccrs are us follow*:? Captain ? Marias stirmont. o/nri-r*? Kugene 'iaray, FCnCloa Vie, Atptionao Galllard, Joseph Vlel, Puraer- Grelle. Doctor Allance. CkU-J Englrwer Parent. A CURIOl'S CRAFT. A Russian Auxiliary Mtearaer Take* Seventy-three Days from Antwerp to Sew York?Reviving an Old Bontoa Idea? Interview with the Captain ol the Finland. There is now lying at Harbeck's stores, Brooklyn, k a wooden screw steamer, bark rigged, which has occupied seventy-three days in the trip from Ant werp to this city. Hut an explanation will be found In the matter when it Is stated that her horse power Is merely twenty-five, and that steam Is only used when the vessel la becalmed or enter ing or ieaviug port. The name of tiita peculiar crait is the Finland, and her captain, Ltudbiuci, although a Russian, speaks excellent Kngllsh. In conversation with a Hkkald reporter yesterday lie stated "The Finland was built at Ile!singfor, lu Ktnlaiid, and her machinery was constructed in Sweden. The screw we can nnshlp at will; but the smokestack is always kept stauding and does not telescope, as would, perhaps, have been advantageous when wo ate not under steam. The following tire the principal dimensions of the ves sel:? Length, 130 feet; breadth of beam, 32 feet, ?and depth of hold, lc feet. We carry very llitiii coal, only about lorty tons, our consumption being about two tons a day. We carry an engineer and a stoker, and have sixteen hands In ail. ihe Fin land is 45a tons register, but can carry about a hundred tons more. We cannot fairly be called a steamer, our screw b^lng a mere auxiliary. Wa only steamed about six days on the voyage. Wo hail terrllic weather otr the Banks of Newfound land, wlwre we lost sails and drifted about lor weeks, l am told that this vessel is the llrst ol its kind which has ever entered this port. The town of Ai>o, in Finland, possesses lour vessels similar to tins one, engaged in the Baltic ami North Se* tiade. I nm hound to Hull, lu Kngland, assoou as discharged here. Good day, sir." About fifteen years :igo the bark Rover, of Bos ton, was fitted up In the fashion of the Finland f< t the Mediterranean trade, but the experiment proved a failure and the engines were removed. THE NEW COLLECTOR OF BALTIMORE. llAi.rnioKK, Md? April 10, 1*73. Washington Booth assumed the duties of t':o ofTleo of Collector of the Port of Baltimore lo-day, vice Jo in L. Tuomas, Jr.. whose term of ottke had ex^red.

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