Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1873 Page 2
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JJi BTY RjUL ESTATE FO* PAI R. Central. A BEAUTIFULLY FINISHED FIRST CLASB NEW lour story high stoop House, 16x73x100, 17 East Filty icvemh si riot, near Filth avenue ; bUilvby daf's work ; price $50, ISM. Apply to the owner, GKtlHt.B CAUL )? 1F.I.D, 265 Broadway, rooms No-. U anil 10, An elegant four story brown stone House on Fifty-fourth street, near Madison avenue finished in cabinet woods, with mirrora, Ac., will sell tljiau, if applied lor immediately. F. ZITTEL, 1,0M Third avenae. A FINE FOUR STORY HIGH 8TOOP HOUSE FOR sale? 30 per cent below cost ; Seventy-foufth street, near Madison avenue: none handsomer fin lined: also one Ibree story, Seventy-ninth street, near Third ave nue, at $14,600. FRANK KIELI), 323 Eighth avenue, owner. A? A.-A.? FOR SALE, AT "A SACRIFICE, A ? first class lour ?tory high stoop brown stone House. 12.2\.')H, 95 tool l.ol, on wi st tide of Mad Mill u venue, MO feel south nt Seventy tourlh street ; clear view to Park; three tloors in hardwood ; parlor lloor in cubinel work, by I'ottier A stymus, with library and butler's pantry, umutul Illinois, Ac. Terms to siiit. i.ood located l.ots lakeu in payment. Ilou-e open lor itispeetion. Inquire of owner, A. KLAREK, 131 l ast Eighteenth street. _ A BARGAIN.? FOR BALE, AN EL XGANT FOUR story tiro w n House, frescoed Uirou hour, in Forty Klxth street, near Fifth avenue. Ap|ily to 1'. U. ORADY, 827 Sixth avi nuo. Broadway property, no. 1,27; fronting also on Thirty-thiid street, one o 4 tUo tinest and cheap est sltca, for -ale or to let; 23x150 leet Apply to C. PRINCE, 2 2 West Thirtieth strict. * fnoR SALE? MEDIUM SIZED BROWN STONE 1 Dwelling 125 West Forty-second street, tastetully decorated: 111 perfect order; price low; terms ea.-y. In quire of J. CAMPBELL, 1'acific Hank. FOR SALE? PROPERTY ON BROADWAY, NEAR Fourlh niroet, east side, 2.'i bv 137.6 Jeet. Call be tween 3 and 4 o'clock. a. S. FiTCH, 7K Broadway. I jV)R SALE- IIANI'SOME MAUULE FRONT HOUSE, tliree stories, Filly-fourth street, near Broadway. xft.ixlOO; pril l! low; terms easy. Apply to WILLIAM A, WHEELER, .07 Broadway, corner Fulton. JPOK SA LB? FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT J* brick House, on Thirty-sixth street, between Fitth and Sixth avenues; line house for a physliian or dentist A. C LOo.ML- A Co., 1,251 Broadway. IjlORSALE- IS TIURTY-1- IGUTH STREET, BETWEEN 1 Filth unit .sixth avenues, tour story high stoop browu ?tone llouse, iOx&OxUM) lect; In tiue order; cheap. A. 0. LOOMIS A CO , 1,254 llroadwav. T/OR SALE? SPLENDID BROWN STONE HOUSE, ON JT Thirty-seventh street, between Fittli and Sixth ave nues; tour story, high stoop; '21.6x55x100 feet; a bargain, A pply to A 1 . Loom IS A i !i ). , 1,254 Hi 1 iiit 1 w ay. For sale-in east forty-ninth street, one three story brown slofle House; price low anil terms easy; also two three slory Houses, 111 Fortv-nlil'h street, betwei 11 Filth and sixih avenues; one in Fiftieth street, between Filth and Sixth avenues. ORBQOR .v M 1 1,1,1'. K, loo East Forty -ninth street. For sale? focr stokv high swop brown stone House, Forty-sixth street, between Filth and mxth avenues; a good bargain. A. C. LOOM tS A CO., 1,254 Broadway. The cheapest bouse in the city for sale? Located on Sixty-first street, m ar Maillsou : lour story brown stone. i'or permits apply to DUNN A IwAlCIl, 202 Broadway. East Side. A? FOR SALE, eight four story brown . stone Jiigli utoop Hon; cs, on southeast corner of Lexington nvcwue and i?*veiity-tlrst street; one corner House, 20x50: five Houses, attfoinidg, on Lexington ave nuc, each lBxBO, and two Houses 011 Hsrenty-tlrst street, adjoining. each 13x55 . terms to suit. Apply on premises. A OENTEF.L HOUSE FOR SALE CHEAP? IF TAJCBH >V iiiiuieduitely, in Seventy eighth street, near Third avenue ; terms easy. Apply to 0. W. DITCllETT, No. 2 New Chambers street. A REAL BARGAIN. -THE FOUR STORY HI(!H stoop browu stone House 223 East Forty-eighth htrcct; price $14,000; terms easy; splendid order: unex ceptionable neighborhood. Apply on premises or to L. MENDELHON, 711 Nassau street A SAKE INVESTMENT AND N# TROUBLE -WE will sell a line east side corner Properly (Liquor Store, loaned till 1H76) at a decided bargain and guarautoo from 10 to 12 per cent interest. _ HOWELL A HURST, 921 Third avenue. A? CORNER SECOND AVENUE AND WITH (WIDE) ? street, tom story brown stone first class Tenement; all improvements: 21x56x70; desirable property tor an investment: $22,500. M. !?.. CltASTO, 2, KM Third avenue. A TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF FRAME, WITH F.X tension; gas and croton in the house ; north sido 127th street, between Third and Fourth avenues; the w VAvHll 1 1. ami u-nrih ?7..'i)il: tlio unliro property call be purchased for $s,fioo M. E cRasto, ~'.los llnrd a v. A TWO fTOUY FRENCH ROOF FRAME? ALL IM provemetits, Just put in perfect order, lull Lot; nortli tide l-2d street, near Third avenue. M, E. CRASTO, 2,108 Ttiird avenue. ABARGAIN.-A TWO STORY BRICK STABLE, 15 stalls, lot 25x100, in Fifty-third street, near Third avenue; price $9,730, terms to suit. Til OB. STOKES, coal dealer, t omcr Thirl) second stre.i t and Tenth av. i ThrE" pTORY HIGH STOOl* BROWN STONE Jx House, ull improvements ; parlors painted and trrs cocd : good order ; $14,000. Apply to OWNER, on the pri mises, 242 East Flltietli street. ? A NICE BROWN STONE not g&, ;iOX45, ALL ]M. provomonts, on Eighty-fourth street, betw^eh lirst and Second avenues : location perfectly healthy; rent $1,000; to a suiall genteel family. Apply to S. THOMP SON A SON, Third avenue, near Eighty-third street. For bale? on east seventh street, a two story attic anil basement House ; 19 feet front; price ?erv low : so tier cent can remain on mortgage. Apply to D. S. DODD, 242 Seventh street. alter 5 o'clock in the even ing. JX)R SALE? 16 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET? ' Four story brown stone tront. high sloop, all mod ern Improvements; between Madison and Filth avenues; tease 60 years. Inquire on ttie premises. F^OR SALE? THE ADMIRABLY PLANNED TH ItEF. story brown stone, 210 Kast Forty-sixth street; 12 rooms, iu pi rlect order; very low. Apply at any time. FOR SALE? ON MURRAY HILL, ONE DOOR FROM Park avenue. 102 East Thirty-eighth street, lour Mory portico stoop brown stone Dwelling. 20x55xi>s.9; to !ie bad at a bargain ; can be seen without permit troiu 9 to I and 2 to 5 P. M. CALLENDER A LAURENCE. 30 Pine street. fioif SALE? ONLY $2,000 IN CASH REQUIRED, price only $6,500, fine three story House, with im provements. " For particu.ars, sec premises 117 East 113th street. Handsome house in harlem-tiiree story, extension, garden in front, near steamboat. 48 inm ates from City Mall; in per loot order; will be sold chcup; Sail cash. 4H Pine street room .16. IF YOU WANT TO BUY A REAI.LY SUBSTANTIAL lour story bfOWD stone House, Ilnistied in hardwood, 10x55. atiply on premises 111 Madison avenue, near Eighty toiirtl, street, or to F. ZIT'l fcL, 1,026 I liir.l avenue. DDI) STKF.ET, NEAR THIRD AVENl'JJ.? A THREE OO story high stoop brick House, arranged lor two families, with sll improvements, to be sold cheap; terms ?Wttllit NEAF1L it ANDREWS, 1,531 Third u\euuc. Went Mrte. AHVCTtTFICT:.-* THREE STORY BASF. VENT AND sub-cellar brick; nil Improvements; a)\45xli*>, math ulclc street. between I ilth mid Sixth avenues; must i.w ?dI(1 j lor Jdl.itw, worth tH.UOO; [erins easy. M. K. ORAHTO, 1,106 Hawwtnue. AGRF.AT BARGAIN AND Ml ST BE SOLD THIS wi'ck.- A three story bawmcnt and sub-cellur brick: til improvements ; ncorly dill Lot; south side of liMh itrcct, between Filth and sixth avenues; gUi.SM), worth 116.000. M. E. CltASlO, 2,IUS Third avenue. FHiK PALE? HALF IILoi'K (COMPRTSIVO 10 LOTS), fronting on Washington. West uuil Hubert streets, together Willi 4<?>l feet, valuable bulkhead ; this is the laritest plot to be had In low* r pan ?i city : terms easy. Address . I AMES PRICE, Apenl, 2no llnd.ioa street. 17* OH SALE? 1(1 LOTS BETWEEN tfflD AN" I? 124TU street*, I7S feet east of Boulevard. Applv to LEO POLD SCHMIDT A- CO., 68 Broad struct. " i KV >R SALE-** WF.ST PlFTIKTH STREET, A F1K.-T r class new House; Cellcue lean ; 30x60x100; price I' II. '.itAliv, M27 sixth avenue. F^CiR SALE? THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT high stoop jgu West Thirtv-nlnth street or will se let to a Kood tenant. Ai;>iy to .1. J. UUNUiK, ?0 White street. FOR KALE CHEAP? IN THIRTY SIXTH. STREET, BE. tweeti Broadway and Se\ciitii avenue, a three story liikh stoop brick House, 2Uxt5. HI.N4. A PELL, 6:>7 sixth avenue. ONE KOBE BOUSE F<>){ SALE? THREE STORY, brown stone, 16.Nx.10; FUly-eljfhth street and Ninth avenue ; one block iroin the new Elevated Railroad . la th. u; cheap. J. W. STI . I NS A BROS., Forty-seventh St., North River, ntiil No. 6 Pine st.,i P. M. ONLY $211,00 ) FOR BEAI'TI FI'L FOCR STORY AND basement Dwelling, 77 West Eleventh street, near Filth avenue; IS rooms: complete order; possession. M. T, WOoLLKY, 75 I'nlversity plaee. cpr.( IAL \NI> PROMPT ATTENTION IS CALLED TO O that el.' .tint four story hlch stoop brow n stone Dwel* lint! on Uiat beautiful block. Fifty. seventh street, between Eighth mid Ninth avenues, advertised in Herald this sreck ; owner M-quest* me to sacrifice it necessary; bet ter ?i'e it to <1 iv ; Hi, laii.p i? \et buralnjr. hut on the flicker. A j pi \ to g. KlLl'ATEfCK, Third avenue, cornur o) Sixtieth street. rk(Wi-'HIU' ?'OR \ HOCSE AND LOT, ?Ji 1 1 r.? )\ M i . i- xt'xiii.i ;-.n si* t v fifth street; bI! the mode rn Improvement* . ciuriiets, window shades and chandeliers given in } term- easy, call and see for yourselves. 000 (il M IN HKThEBTH WARD) ?l^.t?UU. ars . class nelgbhi.i a three story IliKh stoop brick Hou^e; all tiwdcrn improvt -nicntj*: good order. WALT) i! w. MONfAul L, t hth avenue and Twtuty-IUst street. J1 iwclla in oils. MOR.VTNO SIDE PARK -FOR S\LB, VOCE T.OTS finely located on liiith ground, with iiiai<nlU' enl views; terms May. Apply at M William street, mom 20, BUUOKLYN PltOFEHTV FOR WALK _ AKU TO I.ET. A HANDSOME, THOROUGHLY Ft ltNISHRD THREE story blown stone House In Carlton avenue, for two Rears . rent H, nun per anuum. Apply In basement vi' *i rail street. New York. ' BROOKLYN .-hi LET OR FOR SALE, THE DWELL Ing No. <4.; Marcy avenue, corner ot Hart street; a fine three story nnd basement 2!S feet front., with a tine yard ; has been repaired and painted throughout; all the modern improvements; would lense to a good party for a term of years; lor sale lit a low flrure. Anply on the premises, between the hours of 9 A M , and ? P. M,, or tv f. A. MAcDONALH, No. r.m Sixth avenue, New York. fjlOR SALE? CHEAPEST HOUKR 7N BROOKLYN} 1 good Investment; three story basement and sub cellar House: all improvements . near Fulton ferry; rented next year for JfeWf; price S7.00' > , one halt can re sinln on iiieruairc if uesmd Address CAfcUii'lt. HtrulA i ?mce, BROOKLYN PHOfKRT V FOR SALE AND TO LET. J | EKALD BRANCH OFFICE? B HOOK L* N. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW TOKK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FPLTON AV. AND BOERl'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM H A. M. TILL DP. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 0 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT No. 7 FRONT STRKP-jj BROOKLYN! H^OR SALE -HOUSES. -THE TWO POUR STORT Buildings, and storehouse in tlx; roar. Inquire on tin- premises, corner of Court and WyckotI streets, Brooklyn. FiOR 8AXE-NINETEENTH WARD PROPERTY, Brooklyn, convcn ont to the terry; ?' tulit ot the ten new brick Houses, ouch 2(1.9 by 40x1(10, with brown stone liAscmcnts, sloops and trimmings, pleasantly located, on Kutledge stri et, between Lee and Bedford avenues; gas fixtures. dining room, kitchen and bathroom finished in hardwood ; every improvement ; price $7, SOU; terms easy ; uiso several Houses in Other par(s of the cltv. Apply to F. C. V ROOM AN, builder, on the premises, or at 444 (lulus avc n ue. L^ott SALE? A TWO STORY AND BASEMENT FRAME I House, with cxtcusjon, liW North Filth street, Wll linmsburg ; pas. water, neater, marble mantels, Ac. ; lot 2(1x100; price 91,000. U'iR SALE-NEAR PROSPECT PARK, 66 PROSPECT I place, a fine three story and basement double frame House and Harden: hoti-e 37Wx38; modem improve ments ; ground 62>*xl31 ; choice truit, Ac.; SOU feet from grand entrance to the Park: surrounding*, first class houses. Apply to F. D. NORRIS, 31 DcKulb avenue, Brooklyn. For sale? in Brooklyn, a mastic front brick llou-e, located in unexceptionable neighbor hood, within ten minutes' walk ot City Hull; Is In excel lent order and ha* modern improvements; will bo sold with or without Furniture; terms easy. Inquire of Mr. .SMITH for particulars, at 82 John street T7IOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE.? OWING TO THE r stringency ot the tuonev market tfte owner of sev eral small Homes that are in complete order Is com pelled to pav oil some mortgages, und will sell at a bar gain. Inquire at 130 Hail street, near Myrtle avenue. LET-$fi00 -BRICK HOUSE, "8 FEET FROM LEE avenue, Brooklyn, In Hay ward street; all improve ments; 15 minutes In, in ferry liy ears. ALBERT HAY, 68 Wall street. IMNER'S REAL ESTATE ADVERTISER. FOR April, mailed tree to any address; contains lists of Brooklyn, Long Island and other country Property for sale or to let. WILLIAM O. SUMNER, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. Su: STORE TO RENT? (M MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER of Bedford, for a liquor or grocer^tore. Apply to G. SWIFT, 620 Dekalb avenue, Brooklyn! TO LET.'? TIIE LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT corner Clinton and Myrtle avenue, suitable tor bak ery: also Store and Dwelltnu, Myrtle, near Washington avenue, Brooklyn. Inquire of S. F. BROWN, on flic premises. rpo LET? A FURNISHED HOUSE ON BROOKLYN J Heights, near Wall street terry, tor ?ix months; rent moderate, to a small lauilly. Apply to A. B. DAVEN PORT, 3t>7 Fulton street TO LET? AT FORT HAMILTON, A COMMODIOUS Anglo-Italian Villa (constant communication with New York by ferryuoat; rent $rt>'0. Appl.v to ED. ARMSTRONG, 128 Church street, New York, or Post office box 1,273. TO LET? HOUSE 21!) DEORAW STREET, BROOK lyn, near strong place ; rent $1,000. Apply on prem ise*. rpo LET.? FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? A THREE I story high sti op brown stone House, handsomely and In perfect order, on the southeast corner ol Cuiubrriniul street and Wiiloughby ayouue. Brooklyn, opposite Fort Ol*e.u I'ark ; the servants have been in llic house tlire<' years and win remain ii wan ed ; also a line Stable, will, its appointments, will tic let with the house If desired. Apply on the premises, or to C. DINSMORE. 32 Warren street, New York. rpo LET.? SEVEN HOUSES IN HAMPDEN HTREIiT, 1 Brooklyn (west side), between Flushing and Pant avenues; handsome Philadelphia fronts; all modern im SroyomontH ; ien minutes from ferry. Apply to F. 1 L'RTAo II , 38, on the premises; rent$'tr>. rilO LET? IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, 231 SEVENTEENTH 1 street, near Filth a venue, 3 story hieli stoop. In per fect order: painted :in I fresfned throughout ; rent low to good tenant. Apply on premises or ot o? uer, 143 East Forty-fifth street, if agro-able the owner, a widow, would hoard with family hireing the house. TO LET? A SPLENDID CORNER HOUSE, BROWN stone tront, bay windows; tht? finest location In Brooklyn; corner St. .Mark's avenue und Nostraud ave nue ; all improvements; immediate possesion. Apply on the promises or to W. S. PENDLETON, Photographer, all Fulton street, Brooklyn. W. B.? This house is A No. 1. rpo LET? NEWLY FURNISHED, IN BROOKLYN, IN JI eluding Table anil Kitchen Ware, the three story and busem nt llot^e, 34 St. Murk's avenue; location first class; couvonii lit to terries; price $1,300, Apply to the owner. 79 Water street, or to P. P. FITZ01.RA.llD, corner Flatbusli and St. Mark's avenues, Brooklyn. O PLEASANT ROOMS, FRONT AND BACK ROOM t J and bedroom ; gas and water; rent $10. 470IIerki mer street, between Schenectady aud Troy avenues, Brooklyn ; 4.'> minutes from the terry. 3~0 HALSEY STRELT.-ENTIRE CONTENTS OF r ' /O Uuusc, nearly new, lor sale. Apply on pretu dL* 4 *71111 ?NINETEENTH WARD, BROOKLYN? (Jp'x.l'"'. Very cheap; three story brick House ; 'J rooms, with modern improvements: terms to suit pur* chaser. Ai>ply to WILLIAM 0. Sl'MNER, 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. A/Wl WILL BUY CHEAP THREE STORY ?tJ.Ul/u brick House; modern improvement* ; eight blocks to ferries; 12 rooms: halt cash. O. V. HoLcoMB, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. <???? CftA WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BRICK ?pl).?JWw House; 10 rooms; improvements; near terries; terms easy; location Nineteenth ward. o. \. II oLi'O M B. *7 Bread way , Brooklyn, E. I>. $7 Finn WILL BUY NEW BRICK HOUSE; 15 I ,?)U\ f room*; improvements; nuar ferries; de sirable location ; a good investment. O. V. HOLCOMB, 87 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. D. YVIi^TC'IlESTKR COUNTY PROPERTY FOR MM OK TO UKNT. "1BOTON LAKE.? TO LET, FURNISHED, KGB THE Bummer season, a commodious Farmhouse, ploas ( mitlv situated mi the lake; well shaded; country very healUifttl aud picturesque ; ice house filled. Add reus B. K. G., Mount Kisi o Post office, W'estchcster county, N. Y C COUNTRY SEAT Tci HENT-TN WESTCHE8TEB, AO J joining West Farms ; a la rue triune mansion, with modern Improvement*; garden, stable, coach house, 10 acres ot land ; uewlv painted and papered throughout; well adapted for Winter or Summer : three miles from Harlem , it good macadamized road all the wav through; to a good tenant a lease lor a term of years will lie Riven at a low rem; New Haven liailroad will run close In. | Apply to WM WATdON A CO., 9U Krunkliu street, or On the premises. ON THi: SOUND, NEAR I'ELHAM BRIDGE. A VERT desirable I'bicc ol 12 acres to rent; fine mansion, billiard hall, boating, bathing, Ac. 8. IiiELAMJ, 201 Broadway. RYE.? TO LET-ON THE MILTON ROAD, NEAR THE < depot, churches, Ac., two newly built houses, with modem improvements; hot and cold water; bath, fine ground*, carriage house. good garden, fruit. <Vo rent, e.ich. H.aju per annum ; will lease ti> satisfactory tenant* for less. WILLIAM MATII'KWS, 94 Catharine street. New YorK. fTIARRYTOWN -FOR SALE, A GENTLEMAN'S RE8I X deuce, with several acres In lawn and garden; beau tifully located, with extensive river view ; convenient to depot , one ol the most desirable Maces on the llndsou. It. VVARNOCK, 5IU Broadway. rTURRYTOWN.? TO LET, A NICE PLACE, 2 ACRES; 1 bouse, 13 rooms ; fruit abundant; flue river view ; car riage house, Ac.; rent $1,000. JullN VYEBBE R, id Grand street, corner Bowery. rpo LK r? IN MORBISANIA, WITH IMMEDIATE I'OS J se-sloB, a good neat House, containing two parlors, d tain jr room. sitting room and seven good bedrooms and basement kitchen; house in prime order and iu a fine, genteel location, with one acre of ornamental grounds, with an abundance of trees, fruits and shrubbery ot? nil responsible party it r ilr be kinds, ro a earetul and responsible part rente ) for one or more years at $.vsi per \ eAr. . G. W. D1 ft.' II BIT, No. 2 New Chambers street, N TO LET? IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, FIVF. MIS. tites' walk from McComb s Dam llridge, on the blutlr, a fine House, nearly tullv ftirnished, all the cltv Improve, merits. with carriage house anil stabling tor si* horses and three acres ot ground, heavily shaded with large old trees and plenty ol fruit; rent to a good tenant notiuiiul. ,n ill N K A V A S A 0 H . northeast corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. rpo LET? AT TKFMOST. 30 MINUTE* FROM GRAND I ?Ynt! at bpot, an elegant Collate; half acre ot ground, fruit and torest ttee . barn, Ac ; rent $.'<IOa year. I?. o. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, room ti. three minutes' walk froia Tremont depet, ?oad, Westchester County; thirty -five iitln uil < entral depot, Forty-second street, New rpo LET? FOB ONE YEAR, A VERY DESIRABLE I furnished House; on M>,unt Hope, Tremont, SO min utes froin Gram! Central depot: fine location : garden .mil fruit: II rooms; water In kitchen; large cellar, Ac.; terms m< d fate to a gnod tenant; an \merlcan family, with tew o: no children preferred For particulars call trom N to il V M. and Horn 1 to 0 1'. M. at Xt& East Twelith street, Niw York. <? 8. CUTTER, Tf> LF.T OR LF.ASK ? A HOUSE; ELBVEV ROOMS, large garden, plenty of shade and fruit trees; rent low; within three minute Har'cni Railroad. Westclu ntes iroin Orauil ( entral depot, Forty-seen York. Inquire of WILLI AM G. LENT, Tre itTESTCIIESTKB COUNTY FARMS FOR SALE >1 nice place ; JO acres : n.tar dopot; $3,000. 11 acres; Jond imprercmcnta; *??.'**? looacres; uood dairy lann; 10,000. Extra fine place. 160 acres ; $'J3,000. 100 otlierj, tr.'iu #:"',!ii>'t . > >? S IRl.LAND, Ail Broadway, YON K EBB.? FOR RALE OR TO LET-TWO FINK Houses, witn superb river views and shade ; elpse to steamboat landing: boat and bathing houses; all city im provements ; stable to one house. Apply te agent oppo site the station, or to UUitEBT A JGiiSSON, Architects, iw Broadway. V'ONKKBS.? FOR BALE OR TO LEASE, BRICK I House, within five minutes from depot, containing I i rooms and kitchen extension : g;?s, furnace and range ; spi ?pt'aml cistern water in kitchen ; all In good order ; lot 3ixlOo. Kor further particulars apply to GEO. W. FLf NAM, opposite railroad station. _ <)| |f\ At UES IN WESTCHESTER? $30,000, HIGHLY " ' productive; fine timber; trout, game: never faiHug springs, one mile froin contemplated depot of Northern and liousati.nlc Railroad, to terminate at White Plains', largo prospectiye value; good in rut house, Ac . ; very healthy. Address Vi U. U. U ALLOC K, ill Last Ninth street. JKKMKY I ITV, IIOItOKIN, III IIMIN CITY . and HimtiKN REAL l>T\TI - For ?ialr. T.^OR SALE- IKRSEY CITY HEIGHTS A FINE II French roof House, 2?t2 I'ttlbadc avenue; splendid View ; convenient to all the lines ol horse cars. g. t, tfLNNLi J, iu lirvadwav, room P. JKH81CY CITY, XfOBOKKW. lil'DSOK CITY AXD BEBGKN IIKAI, ESTATE. To L?t or Lmu< TERSEY CITY.? AN ELEGANT NEW 8TORPI TO el let, In Pavonla avenue, on one of the best corners in Jersey City :cars passing by It from all dirflctiofts. Also a store, 1M4 Pavonia avenue, aad Floors to let. inquire at 177 Pavonia avenue. TO LET ? IN LAFAYETTE, JERSEY jniTY, ONE TWO story French roof ami extension, anil one two story shingle root and extension frame Dwelling ; each 10 rooms, bath, launrtry, cellar and two lots of ground; dis tant one block trom horse cars anil five inlnutea (torn New Jersey Central Railroad depot; JO minutes from Lib erty street; $700eiirh. WOOIiWARD A SHERWOOD 16 Montgomery street, Jersey city, N. J.. ono-block from ferry. TO LKT? AT BERGEN POINT N. J., A COTTAGE, containing 9 rooms; about five minutes fW?m curs or boat; rent $C00. Apply to U. W. JONES, 212 Pearl street. TO RENT-ON JERSEY OITY HEIGHTS, 12 FIRST class Mouses, oil Magnolia, Chestnut, HnuMwin and Summit avenues; good locations; all modern improve ments; within 20 linnutes oi New York city by steam and horse ears; rent Ironi $IU0 to $ 1.(100. For lull particulars apply to or address S. WELCH, Agent, Pennsylvania Railroad office, 217 Sixth street, Jersey City. Altl ?AT BERGEN POINT, N. J., LAROE DOUBLE ?!PI^. house; 2ft rooms; half fnrnl?hcd; beauiitullv located ; barn, carriage house, one and a hall acres; bofitiM, bathing and Ashing; 60 trains daily; immediate possession, Imjairo at 164 ? est Tenth street. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR balk or to Rent. k ? EL1ZABET11PORT, N. J? VACINITY, OK SINGER J\. Machine Works; a handsome Coltuge, with two Lets. lor sale; house contains 7 rooms, water and gas; op Bosite Jackson Park, ttie proposed site lor the erection of ic State Capitol building* and grounds; will sell very low. Address OWNER, hux 150 Herald Office. AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8. I. ? GENTLEMAN'S RESI deuce , 18 rooms, lurnished ; billiard room, bowling alley, greenhouse, stable, beautiful grounds, surround ings and view ; St. Murk's place ; for sale or rent. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. _ A*T new BRIGIITON, STAThN ISLAND. ON RICH J\ uiond terrace and vicinity? Several modern Houses, all improvements ; rent $000 to $2,600 a year ; tnrnished, $8u to $.W a month ; some with billiard rooms and extensive grounds. IV. A. cullins, a Pine street. A FINE COTTAGE OP 12 ROOMS, ? ACRE OARDEN, near teft side, $6,000; one for $3.01X1; one lor $2,n00, and as low as $800, with irult and shade ; one hour from city. JOHN BLACK, 12 Chambers street. A -TO LET, A NUMBER OF COUNTRY' BEST . donees on line o! New Haven Railroad: three with water lrouts, within one hour of New York, T. S. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A NUMBER OF FINE FARMS NEAR SI NO SING, with and without river views; $100 to $1,000 per acre. HOWLAND A BRANDftKtil, Sing Sing. A NICE COTTAGE. WITH ABOUT HALF AN At'RE oi Ground, lor sale, iu the village ol Maiuuroiie< k, fronting on the water ; seven minutes from depot ; plenty of fruit; buildings lit good order. Apply to ugent, at depot. A COMPLETE TWO STORY AND FRENCH HOOF new House at Flushing; 6 minutes' walk from depot, SO minutes firotn city ; marble mantels, water and i;ns; lor $ft, 000; small cash payment Apply to owner, W. E. LEAVITT, 61 Wall street. At astoria-to let, a house on remseN street, with 11 rooms, gas, water, Ae. ; >4 acre of ground, fruit, Ac. ; possession immediately. Apply to JACOB F. WRIGHT, Astoria. _ A RARE CHANCE. ? BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN VILLA, just completed expressly for the owner, close to Montrose Station, Orange, N. J., for sale or to let: kevs with station master. Full particulars of HUBERT <k PIR88ON, Architects, 1M Broadway. A SHALL HOTEL, FURNISHED, TO LET OR FOR sale, near New York, on Long Island Sound. S. C. SM1TII, owner, Frankfort House, 202 William street. At newark.? for sale, at a bargain, a three story Mansard roof House, 12 rooms, range, furnace, bath, gas, laundry; convenient to ruilroads; $10,000, terms to. suit. ROBERT T. KEEKS, 80 Codar street. AT ASTORIA L. I.? TO LET FIVE MINUTES frniii st, amboat and lerry landings, two handsome two storv English basement dwelling Houses with gar dens. Apply 10 J ". .MORRIS or J. F. WRIGHT, Astoria. _ A T NEW BRUNSWICK, ON RARITAN, JOINING J\ city.? A Country Seat of six acre* choice lat?tl ; com modious buildings; well fruited ; fine location | will sell, exchange or relit. J. S. FERGUSON, 39 Nassau street, room C. A HOUSE, BARN, HALF ACRE OF GROUND, NEAR JV water, one mile from depot, 11) from cit.v; only $1,600; terms easy. C. K. COMBS, 162 Broadway. A FINELY LOCATED HOTEL, ON THE CONEY Island road, to let or lease, with 13 acres of the best Pasture Laud attached ; plenty ot shed 1 00111, box stalls, stablRfu-wagon houses and all necessary conveniences for a road house; well adapted for a good horse man; there are 11 rooms in the house, including parlors, reception room*. Ac. Inonire ol MARTIN WOOD, 2S Fulton street, Brin .lyn ; or# ddress box 289 Brooklyn Post olllce. Arj NY ACE? ELEGANT HOUSES FOR SALE OR TO let , one 10 rooms, one 1ft rooms; river view, good shade, IVult ; modem improvements; convenient by lout or cars. Inquire of J. V. ONDERDONK, Nyaek, N. Y. All persons desiring to purchase or hire Property on tin niched, will nnd full pur Sixth avenue, near 'nilrty-eighth street, roperty on llio Hudson River, furnished or unlitr nished, will nnd full particulars with S. EMBERSON, tifiO At riverside, on the sound? attractive shor" iroat Residence, 11 rooms, modern improve ments ; one /irre ; lieul tli v ; near depot; $9,000. others. Address J. W. ATWATER, Riverside Station, Conn. Amherst mass- fancy farm, fwsly im proved. 20 to 120 acres; superbly Knited; overlooks colleges, Mount# Tom ami llolyoke anu Connecticut Val ley; its schools, society, hvirtn and scenery utter rare at tractions to those pttvlng trom business, seeking Sum mer homes or wishing to educate children ; i rice low to close estate; will exchange for city House. For details address C. i). KELLOGG, Executor, No. 4 Pine street. New Vork. At kf.y port n. j.-for sale or to lkt-a Residence, 12 rooms, cellar, on Main street, 3 min utes from landing ; fruit ami nrtiitmentul trees; every thing attractive. Fur particular* inquire ot' W. h. WALLINO, 216 Washington street, N. V. Avillaoe residence to let? a perfect Bern ; only SO minute*' ride from Liberty street, l>y Central Railroad of New Jersey : hall acre, h'uras, shade, truit anil lawn ; nine rooms. Improvements urnl in first class neighborhood ; 8 minutes troui station at Crantord, N.J. Inquire on the premises. liEO O TOTTKN Attractive coitntrv home-one hour in Jersey, three minutes' walk from depot ; perfectly licalthy; aristocratic surroundings: handsome house ; 12 rooms," water, range, lurnace; modern Stable (coach man's room) ; one acre, garden, running brook, beautiful lawn, largo old shade trees: (lo.iHM; rent $750; photo graph. FERUI'SOS, Itil Broadway. A I SACRIFICE? MIST BE S<>LD. SEND FOR l'AR tlcnlars nnd make olfer for a fine Country Place near city; fine buildings; all improvements; four acris; plenty truit. Address MERCHANT, box 3,142 i'ust Office. 1>ARUAINN in* FARMS? ALL SIZES; NEAR DEPOTS; I> one to two hours from New York; several to ex change. C. H. OLIVER, No. 1 Park place. HELMONT HALL, RICHMOND TERRACE, NEW Brighton, s. I., OS rooms, furnished or tin furnished, to lease; one ol the most suceesstul houses near the city. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. / KlfNI RY RESIDENl'K S Ti > KI-.N I ro|; SEASON < >1! \ venr, at IMalnflelil, Scotch Plains, Orange, Mont kcinlr, Bloomllebl, and at other desirable locutions in New "Jersey. Also, nt Vonkers, Sing Sing, Mount Risen, Mount Vernon, New I'ochclle, Rye, Potclicster and Stamiord. Several with >\ater fronts; nice cottages, fctOfl to $.VK? yearly. s. I KELA n u, ?i troalwa) / lOTTAtiES TO LET? ON STATEN ISLAND, IN OOOD " locations, furnished ami unfurnished, with more or less land , ri?iit Irotn $300 to f l.tlun. HITCHCOCK. 52 Rrondwrty, room !U. D MOCKS AND WHARVES. NEWARK, N. J., FRONT. ing on l'assab; River (Morris t ihihI. rear), tor mult houses, factories, mills, lumber and coal depots. Apply at !C Duane street O. u. HOJER. ENllLEWOOD AND PA LIS A llES. -CHOICE PROPER tics lor ?ale or rent. Furnished Houses tor Summer. CHARLES D. KELLOtii;, So. i Piue street. IT1 N OLE WOOD. E NOLI .WOOD. F. NO LB WOOD. Pj Hou-es tor sale at bargains; Houses to let, tarnished or unfurnished, tor Summer or year ; Houses to exchange lorcit> property. KELLY BROTHERS, 205 Broadway. FIARMS, STONE QCARR1ES, TIMBER LANDS AND town Lots for sale by WILLIAM s it EES, Real E* tate Agent, Mroudsburg, Monroe county, l*a. LK)K SALE- A DESIRABLE 111: It K V I LLA, OK Til 8 r east hank of the Hudson ; 19 rooms, with the modern Improvements: flirnnae, hot and cold water, large tiled bail, hard wood floors and mantel-, decorated veiling*, piazzas and bay window ; groand high, rl\er view from near Newburg to the Catskllls; abundiint truit, hothouse for strawberries (ripe March I >, conservatory, cold graperv snd lodge, together with SI acres ot LaihI, diver sided with shrubbery, terraces, lawn, tine shado trees and evergreens; well drained and perfectly healthy ; one mile from depot nnd rtn miles from New fork. Furniture, Bedding, t lis ss and china sold with house. Price $3O,UU0. ippl) t<. TAYLOR A STEARNS, S'o I1, I'ir.e street. IT^OR SALE? A FARM OF ln|i{ ACRES, 5 MILES ? west of Morrlstown, N. J. ; price $d,iHJ0; or would ex change for citj Property. JOHH OA HILL, 23 Elm street F^OR SALE-ONE OF THE FINEST COUNTRY HOMES on the banks of the Hudson, near Tlvoll, N. V. ; the I river and Catsklll Mountain Mews from this place are unequalled. "0 acre* ol Improved Land, upon which are native woods, h mansion house inew . .t stone and brick, with French root, 52xfiO; also hirs* Cottage, It Woins; coach bouse and stnhles, barns, sheds, machine ami car penter -hops ; Icehouse tilled ; all new, newly painted and in perfect order: new private dock ; 3. oo'irult trees of bearing age; property well undcrdralned ; fine wells of water ; no lever and ague here : eight or ten trains each wav daily ; churches nnd schools near: Mock and Im plements' sold ii desired, Addrcu (J., box Jio. I* Tivoli Post ojliee, N. Y. T^OR SALE-BAY SHORE, LONG ISLAND, FARM OF " t'< acres; new House and Iinrn; will be sold cheap;, and Villa Plots; unsurpassed gunning nnd Ashing, sailing and Imtlilnr. I'nriiculars of maps. ,li. HN II. BKADV fluid av.-MMe. IIOR SALK-AT (IRANI) VIEw, BETWEEN PIERMONT and Nvack, on the Hudson, a Place ot about b!, acres; house, stable, carriage house ami outbuildings, in fine or der: grounds tastefully laid out. water all over, river frontage, boating, fishing and bathing, splendid view , dis tant three minutes' walk from depot, ac< cs.ible by steam boat and cars; will be sold lurnlshed, If desired, and im mediate possession given Inquire of A. MICHEL, care of F. Lledo A to, 132 and 1.14 Maidi u lane. I' SALE COl'NTIt V ltl>IDI \( I MmDERN'IM I1 pfovements. tine friilta; at Little Neck, L. I.; water front, bo*thouse, loelioiise, stable; price (I2.0IM; uuiu cumbered, woulii exchange for House In Brooklyn. JILJIS L. 1'uLLuCK, iy Uuritfitf PROPERTY OUT OP THE CITY POR ?ALB OR TO REXT.

T?OR SALE, ? J? a ntimber of Stone ami Brick Buildings, with Steam Power mid Water Fi'lvllege; suitable fur any large manuliie.lurhig business, with Dwelling Houmi lor help. On lino of railroad, and tramways running through It, with station on the properly, and in connection witli all oilier railroads leading out of Boston. Three-quarters of an hour'H ride Irom Boston Terms of payment favora ble, or will take un intereit in any line good paying busi or exchange for other property. Address box M.fVM Pout office, Huston, giving real name, tap add rcss and particular*. No others win be noticed. I HOI SALE? FACTORY, 60X80; THREE DWELLING houses m acres Land, 400 n et front depot; SO miles from New York city ; extra chance. Apply at SMITH'S, 189 Broadway. FjlOR SALE-FIVE ACRES, GOOD IMPROVEMENTS, ? . well located, at Metuehcn. N. J., near depot price ?8, 800, payable $780 cash; hahincc small monthly pay ments Send for our Journal ior description of Proper ties in this locality CAMPBELL A PIERSON, No. 1)? Park place. l^OR SALE? IN PASSAIC, N. J., 12 ACRES OF LAND r joining Bloamfleid avenue and High street; ten min utes' walk to the DelawaVc and Lackawanna Railroad depot, and the same distance to cither the I'atorson or Newark Railroad; also, !.'? or It) acres close by it, with house, barn, granary, two wells, nice orchard, Ac. most tlio same distance to the Delaware and Lacka wanna Railroad, and but a mort distance to either the Paterson or Newark Kailrni d ; one mile I rom Passaic City; every part of the lunu cun be reached from the road. Ajiply for particulars to JOHN LAMBRECHT, 28 New street, Now York IilOR SALE? ON EASY TERMS, HOUSE AN1) I,OT I 268 Mount Pleasant avenue, Newark, N. J.; three I story, two story extension, At rooms ami cellar, walls hard finished, corniced, marble mantels and cenire pieces, gas, water, fruits, stable, Ac.; two minutes' walk to two depots to New York ; one block from horse car. Photograph view and lull particulars at our offices, 307 Broadway, New York, and 769 Broad street, Newark. N.J. Bt'CKBEE A CO. TjlOR HALE- COUNTRY VILLAS AND VILLA S1TF.S, I fronting on the Sound, at. Eastcheatcr Bar. The buildings are new, having been erected during ttie past seas 111, are conveniently arranged and handsome I11 design ; the location Is unsurpassed for health! ulticss ami beauty of surrounding scenery, while affording ample op portunities lor boating, sailing. (lulling und bathing; the land lias been laid out In park st vie, and will only hn deeded to such us will engage not to erect nuisances or obstruction*. The prlces.arc moderate and terms easy, so as to enable a family of moderate means to enjoy it delightful home, within easy distance of .he city. The new I'ortchester Railroad, to be computed In April, will have a station within Alteon minutes of the property . Plans and views can lie scon at the office of P. LORIL LAKD A CO., 1(3 and 18 Chambers street, wUere lull In formation will be obtained. FOR SALE? VALUABLE PROPERTY IN NEW Canaan, Conn., known as the Olmsiead Place. 100 aerosol' ridge land; lui go house (12 rooms), two barns, two carriage houses, wood and wash houses, hennery, Ac. ; 7U0 feet above sea level, commanding extensive views ol the Sound Irom Greenwich to Bridgeport, Long Island, Ac. ; two hours from Forty-second street by Now York and Now Haven and New Canaan Railroads; price $10, MMi ; terms easy. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. FOR SALE OR TO LET? 80 MINUTES FROM CITY, 5 minutes from depot, oil Midland Railroad, Cottage, with 2 to 13 acres, barn, Ac.; ground laid out In lmvn, sliriiliherv 11 ml fruit. Inquire ill P.12 Dunne street. For sale or to let? at montrose, n. j., op posite Orange Mountain, two handsome houses, with spacious grounds: locality very beautiful and famous tor freedom from chiils and lover; one hour from Barclay and Christopher street .errles; 10 trains dailv. VOSE A McDAMEL, No. S i'i no street. TitOR SALE OR TO LET? AT BAYONNE, N. J? A r throe story IIouso uiul extension. IS rooms, bath room, hot and cold water and gas, with six lots ol ground 1111 lor cultivation ; will bo sold or routed very low. Ad dress W. a. JENNINGS, Bergen Point, N. J. I ''OR SALE OR TO LEP-A VERY DESIRABLE Country Seat at New Ro''helle : beautifully situated on Long Island Sound; three acres, carriage house, stables, Ac. ; terms 10 suit. Apply to W. H. LB COUNT. IJIOR RENT? SEVERAL FURNISHED AND UNFUR. nlslied Houses at Metuehcn, N. J., one hour from Now York ; splendid country ; cheap Properties and reas onable rents. Send lor our Journal. CAMPBELL * PIERSON, No. Park place. /GARDEN PARK LOTS AT WHITESTONE, L. I.; \T $10 per month, without Interest, under restrictions; prices from $-00 to $500; an Association wanted to I ake up n whole block on tlio plan of Garden Park at White stone ; most liberal terms. Call on H. K. VAN SICLEN, 133 Nassau street, and get free passes. PRIST MILL AT NEW BRUNSWICK? DOING OmiD \ I business ; three rim stone; fine stream ; 2ti acres land, good house, outbuildings, fruit; must he sold ; only $9,000. J. s. FERGUSON, 89 Natsan street, roenn & IJOMESTEAD TO LEASE FOR THE SEASON OR L tor owe year, at South Norwalk. Conn.? To lease, possession oil <n before the 1st of May If desired, the full siz"d eommodiou? two story frame House, with barn and other outbu Idlngs, ail 'u fine order; location one ol the pleasantest on t lie line 01 the New York and New Haven Railroad, overlooking the Souti.l- river and harbor and within five minutes ol the depot: i.oitse well furnished, and has gas, furnace, range, jv lib hot and cold water and laundry; grounds contain about acres, with large garden, about 100 truit trees in lull bearing and a variety of small iruits. A lauiily Horse, Roekawav, Wagon, CHrt and u well stocked Hennery will be let with the premises. For further particulars Inquire ol A. <). N I'TTINO, 422 Broadway, New York, or of the owner, L. n. MOORE, on the premises, at South Norw alk, C01111. IT A\ DROME COUNTRY PLACE TO REN'f? FOR SEA H sou or year, 11 rooms, carriage house, Ac., depot; $400; possession ^""oUVER, No. 1 Park place Hotel property for sale-ih miles pro* New York, five minutes' walk from depot ; term -> easy. Apply to MORHI8 HVIXOBTOK, 121 Liberty st. MADISO*_S3 ACRES; BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED tor build ing sites; line forest shade: high location, one mile front depot; will l>e sold cheap ; no euouu brance. J. D. coNDK'T, W Broadway. Monkey, rockland county. new york, housf ! IX rooms, barn, 7 sires, abundance of fruit, fine j wi nery ; price Jti.iHM. Will exchange for city property or iiiortiinuc*. Address box 2.064. New York Fort otnee. . Monthly payments for an elegant BOUSE, 8 rooms: bath, water closets, elevated oven ratuto, j wash trays, Ac.; only %W h month, without interest, ! ami $7.10 down will liuv It, with two lots, on sow ered i Htreets; four minutes from depot, at WhiU'stone. L. I ; one hour from t'itv llitll by 31 trains daily, from t> A M . to midnight ; a year'* cAirrmMtatiou tree. Call on II. K. VAN SICLEN, 133 .Nassau street, and get tree paMM. NYAt'K. ON THE III DSON.-TO LET OR FOR SALR. a new French roof. 15 rooms, all modern improve* incuts, rent $l.i??t; a (iothic House, rent $ttdU; a Cottogei 7 rooms, rent SXit). furnished f.'/ O. K. K. WESTON, Mansfield avenue station, Nyark ORANGE. N. AT MONTROSE STATION ? N E .V ' complete Houses, superbly located; 13 rooim; eveiy possible improvement. JM.UU; rent $1 ,ia)0. F. s. > i' a l.i.K Ni t'lIT, owner, :i7T?'assau street 0" RANOE7 .V J.. AN If VICINITY (SCI ( I A 1, 1 I - Ureal variety Property for sale, rent or exriist: I. H. OERRY, 39 Na?snn street, corner of Liberty. Cnlt for rent und sale catalogues. Oranof. and vicinity.? residences ramuino ! in prire from $3, WW to $.">0.ui)i> tor sale andexchauKc ; houses furnished and untarnished to rent. Apply t > s It CONIMT, Washington place, near Brick i httrcli station, Ora use, N. J . ? ONLY SIUI) MOWN A N 11 $PI A MONTH WILL It; V goon House of 7 rootns In Garden Park, at White stone. Long Island, iu sight of depot, one hour man t'lty i liall, bv torty-one trains dally, from 6 A. M. to midnight . price $4,2U0: one rear's tare tree. Call oil II. K VAN j BiCLEN, Nassau afreet, and get lrcc pass. - \ I CI'LENDin RESIDENCE AT ASTORIA" FoR SALE 0 or exchange tor a desirable first class New Y nk ? I House flic property Is pleasantly situated ontheCrs I cent, between Grand street ana Jamaica avenue; the I dwelling Is MV, extension 21x21 : IB rooms, complete in i all appointments: grounds 2W)x325, filled wlthflowe-s, ' | truit and shrubbery; whole must he seen to be appre- 1 elated ; any one having a desirable New York re si Jen forcxeliange will find this an excellent opportunity as the , I difference will be paid in cash. Apply to JERL. JOHN- | SON. Jr. , 21 Park row. u PEC U LATOB8 \M> < API i'\U.-T>. ATTENTION!? ' i *7 For sale In Philadelphia.? Twenty-two (22) act's ,,f Land In the Twenty-sixth ward ot Philadelphia, on ranker i street, between Seventeenth and Twentieth stive', and Reed and Morns Streets, a portion ot the citv rapidly being built up and annually increasing in value, having doubled iu value in the past five years. Apply to I v s e\ \\ - 1,1. t? <oitth Broa.l -treet. CM Mxrr, !*. J i NICE OOTTAOE, FURNISHED OB I O unfurnished rooms cellar, barn, '/7 acres; reut low; i fi minutes' walk from New Providence depot. A goo- 1 i i taniily, Kockaway. Ac., for sale. GEO w. LOSS, 70 Fulton street. I SEVERAL Nlf'E HOUSES IN RAIIWAY AND NEW | n Brunswick to exchange for Dry Good* ; well , near depot. Address W. li. L., box 174 Post olllce, New Brunswick, N. J. rjpo close anesta i e -desirable dwelling 1 and eluht Lots ol Ground, at Kavenswood. idtolniiu ! A?t'>rla, near steamboat landing and directly oppoti ? | residence of Dr Banferd; house built of stone in most substantial manner. 27x37; 13 rooms; will lie soi l >n ; >itr> easv terras and at great bargain. Apply to Ji.ICK JOHNSON, Jr.. *1 Park row. New York. I To LE'l-AT RAVEnSWoOD, I* f.. THREE slrable Houses. 4 to 12 rooms , pleasantly licatfl , I ample urounds an I ol easv aicess ; rents $M) to j Apply to. I. 11. HoPKlN.s, 251 Broadway, room 12, lioiti II ! to 1, or at Raw-nswood. | rPO LET? AT BRENTWOOD, L. I., 42 MILES I ROM j 1 city, a furnished I'ottairc and Gard'-n ; within tiv i minutes walk ot station. Inquire or address S, f , 23 | Clinton street, Brooklyn. rntl LET? FI' It N ISlt E l> COITVOE IN srM'l.l.ToN I StRton Dland. rent (800 per annum. For further par ticulars inquire of L. I,, box 2,H'.I2 Post office, New York. rpo LET? good II. 'i '1 . LOW RENT, AT CL11 i 'N, ; J staten Island; I J rooms; half acr? ol ground . five i minutes from terrv; street cars pass th" house; r"tit. Jt.'st. Address W. B. ioWNSEND, 4U Broadway, or IJ | Bible House. rpo LET-AT WHtTESTONE, L. I., A GOTHIC IIO' sR ' 1 with ail improvements; large tiarden . rent fund, with one yiar'acomniutatioa ; it agreeabk! owner would board with tenant. Call on E. B. IIORTON, Jr., 44 Olllf sttwet. rro LET? AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATES ISLAND, J large House, stable and Grounds, on Richmond f ??r i*'e, three minti'es from landintt; rent $l,2t>J. Apply :o '1AVLOB A STEARNS, No. I){ I'lno street 1 rro LF.T-A WELL STOCKED GREEN IIOL'.SE ; 1709 ' 1 trrt ttliis*; a ill. r<xiiii? ii?r ftunily. tiuX I : offlof, KukIcv^'ooJ, N. J. rpo LET? A FIXE THREE STORY PHILADELPHIA 1 brick, brown stone trimnmius, high stoop, hot and i cold watur, batlireom. Ac., nil in goM repair, together ! with a large fruit garden; horse ears pass the door. Bint ! only two blocks from New York depot; rent low. For particulars apply to THOMAS MORTON, street, or 236 High street, Newark, N. J. rpo LET? FURNISHED, COUNTY SEAT, DELt'lHT 1 fully loea;ed at < astiefon Heights, Staten Islanl; dwelling, carriage house and groutnl-; posse?ion May I ; view unsurpHsseii ; fi.sis) per aiiiiuui. Apply to A. JOL'RN LAY, SI Liipenuri! street | rpo LET-IN RAHWAY, N. J., ONLY SIX MINUTES' 1 walk Arotn the depot, a Handsome Cottage, with eight rooms, dry cellar, gas, water and large garden! 1 rent S fKl per UliUUUl Apply ?l L. W, liAYVS AKD s olUve. . iu JUuiiVi ui. PROPERTY OUT UK THE CITY FOR KALE OR TO RESIT. TO LET? A NICE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, IX HOURS from city by Erie Railway, tbrca minutes from depot, with I'i large rooms and a tine large lawn about the houw, with abundance of shade, fruit aiid good gardens, ?tabling, Ac. ; to be let tor the season or by the year-, terms low ; furnished or unfurnished. For particulars inquire at4H4 Sixth avenue, of WINTER, or on the premi ses, at Mahwah. TO LET? AT TENAFLY, NORTHERN RAILROAD' OF New Jersey, one hour from N0w York, handsome Cottage. 12 rnusiK, liarn ami two acres of ground; alto pasture; seven minutes irom depot ; rent low. Apply at depot of THOMAS C. VKALE, or QEORME B. JELLI SON, 242 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, or D. T. AT WOOD, 353 Broad street, New Vork. rilO LET OR LJ9ASE AT PORTCHKbTER, ON MAIN A street ? A conilortalde Dwelling House, with modern improvements; pleasant grounds, carnage house, garden, choice irults, Ac., nil In excellent order ; rem rer annum or fully furnished $i,h*i. I nan Ire on the premise* of Mrs. HOWARD, or oi WM. MATHEWS, 54 Catharine street, New York. rro KENT.? AT lfAMAKONECK, WITHIN RIVE M1N" 1 tiles from depot, Houe.s with nine rooms, fine par den aud plenty of Iruit; good Sound view - rent. $5U0 Applv to. Captain GEDNEY, Matnaroneck. or J. O. HI TCHCOCK, 271 Canal street. WHO WOULD LIvE IN CRAMPED UP APART VV incuts in New" York when bv going to Newark, N a beautiful Mansard rooted Moure, completed last Fall and never occupied, can be obtained lor the same money 1 High ground* shady street, largo yard, trait, 15 rooms; all improvements; rent #iiUO yearly; No. 22 Newark street, near Sussex avenue; tne house would two small tamiliex it necessary. Inquire .it Dr. IIUYLAH, 77 Amity street, New York ; or at 1511 James street, Newark, N. J. uQiVa ONLY? COTTAGE, 12 ROOMS, THREE acres; hi*h ground; line view of Long Island Sound-, !?? mile Irotu depot. Address A. M. HALSTED, Rye, N. Y, 4:7(W\ RENT.? FL'.iNISHED HOUSE IN CITY OF ?I'i Bridgeport. Conn.; all itnproveinentss 14 rooms; central location. Call on owner, 723 sixt'i av. <41 finn ? SAW MILL AND 200 ACRES OF LAND ?L?JUW, for sale; splendid water power; machinery all new; turbine wheels, four wiWi,lron shafting. pul leys, Ac. ; a great bargain It applied for immediately ; terms easy; only $1600 cash required; a fortune to a bus ness limn. Apply to E. 8. BLUOMFIELD, Strouds burg, Monroe county. Pa. dto eflA ?FOR sale or to let, a well built House, with ti rooms, Ac., lot 50x106, In West Port Richmond. Inquire at A. M. Hi ll 'S res taurant, opposite the L'ostottice, Port Richmond, 8. 1. d>?? nnn-OR RENT $600.? HANDSOME DWELL ?|pU.Ul/U lng; three bay windows, nine rooms, attic, bath, water closet, range tubs, registers; uncommon vil lage conveniences; acre lot ; near depot Central Railroad of Ilew Jersey. Address box 14 Somervilie, N. J. <sjq nnn ?#, 700.? house and lot at west ?pOiUUU field, N. J., worth $8, mm, must be sold with in twenty days. PRICE A HAINES, 221 Broad st., Elizabeth, N. J., and 78 Nassau St., N. Y. il A Aflft CASH AND A COUNTRY HEAT \T RAY tji> I side will be exchanged lor a well located House In this city. DL'NN A BEAiCH, 202 Broadway. til; 111 OAA FOR AN ELEGANT MANSION, WITH ?PttU.UUI/ about 66 city Lots, on the Central Rail road of New Jersey. This portion ot the State is highjnd rolling, being 160 feet above tide-water, and equal in beauty to aiiy part of Westchester county; 55 minutes from toot ol Liberty street, over the best railroad In the United Slates. This mansion conta ns about 20 largo rooms, besides sewing room and man's room. Also, large, wine cellar, coal cellar, vegetable cellar aud fur nace room ; the parlor story is very elaborately finished in black walnut; parlor frescoed; the ground is very handsomely decorated with truit and ornamental trees; there is a lar^o stable, with room lor six horses, car riages, Ac.; tiiere are gas works on the premises to sup ply the house; location is very superior, having line view of the Orange Mountains from one side and Siuten Island on the other; easy seven minutes' walk to the depot; street lighted whole distance; no Incnmhraticc on the property; good eltv properly will bo taken In part pay ment. HI K EH, HE88E A CO., No. 5 Pine street. RE\L ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. A GOOD CHANCE TO SECURE A HOME? $1,1*10 cash, balance ($14,(Hi0) in quarterly puymens, on 116th street; a three story high stoop brown s one, 20x90; or will exchange. Inquire of J. MNLEY S.MI1U, 55 Chambers street, up stairs. AT MONTCLAIR. ?FOR SALE ( HEAP, OR WILL Ex change, a plot of Land, about 3!-j acres; splendidly situated lor building purposes ; front* on threes reets, and within tti teen minutes' walk of two depots; neighborhood improving fast; also a corner Lot, about 200x301). Address MONTCLAIR, Herald office. \ N ELEOANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE 1 V lor sale? 25x60; lot I00.5-. terms easy ; might exchange for another House. Apply to owner, 22 East Sixty-ninth street. J EXCHANGE? FOR DWELLING ON SKA SHORE A\D J other properly, Factory :'1S West Thirty seventh street, 10,000 acres timber Lands, and Mill near canal and Utlca. PARTRIDGE, Broad street. T7XCHANGE.? WB WILL EXCHANGE ONE OF THE JJj finest Residences on New York avenue, Brooklyn, worth $45,000, lor a small House. J. O. HOYT A SON, 171 Broadway. T^Xl'lIANOE? UNENCUMBERED. 100-ACRE FARM. .1 J Stock. Ac., tor cither good Business or House in Brookl) ii or convenient to New York. Owners inquire at 73 I'.eektnan street, third floor, alter 12. S^OR SALE? OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL ESTATE and Merchandise a Brooklyn city Railroad Charier, with ani S^OU) first mortgage bonds. Ad dress 0. 1. C? box 137 Herald othee. FOR SALE? OR EXCHANGE FOR A SMALL HOUSE In New York, Brooklyn or New Jersey, a well select ed private Library, with black walnut cases. Address B. E., box 115 Herald office. 17H> It SALE OR EXCHANGE? ONE OF THE FINEST Residences on Statei\ ; stand. near Cliltoti ; large luna tion, all modern Improvements ; outbuildings complete; al>"Ut ? acre, of land, under high state ot cultivation; abuit'liiiice of choice fruits and well shaded ; flue view ot Nfcw York city and bay; everything in complete order ; furnished or unfurnished. 8. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. IflQR SALE OR EXCHANGE? IN WESTCHESTER County, four full Lots, with House, and some money for a smalt modern House, worth from f 12.008 to $15,1 m east side, below Eightieth street. Call on owner, 201 East Fifty-fifth street. II?OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR STORE GOODS, improved city or farm Property in flic West? Two Houses and lour Lots in a good location in East New York, a House and Lot in the town of Beaulort. and an improved Plantation near Beaufort, south Carolina. For particular* address, with propositions, \\'. H. BRISBANE, Jr., care J. Snitlen, 35 Murray street, New York. TfOK SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR LOTS? A VERY r tine four story brown stone Dwelling, between Madi son and Kiitli avenues, above Sixtieth street. This is worth notice. S. KILPATRICK, Tlitrd avenne. corner of Sixtieth street. l^OB SALE, EXCHANGE OR TO LET? A FIRST r class now HousO, IS rooms, with eitrht I/ots, at Mount llope, Westchester county, five minute* from Tremont station. 11. R. it. Apply to JOHN D. OTT1WELL, ia? Third avi nuc. IjlOB SALE, TO LET OB EXCHANGE? A LARUE FAC 1 Tory, with Engine, Boiler and Elevator in Hrooklyn, near UlO terries. Address box 8,188 Pout office. New York. I HOB SALE AT A BAROAIN OR BSCS ANOE? FINE country House and nineteen Lots; well fruited and shade : three-quarters ol an hour from the city. JOHN ULAl'K, 12 Chambers street. L^lliNITLRK AND CA R PETS.? WANTED, IN EX r change for best New York and Brooklyn Lots, Fur niture, Carpets and a I'iiino. COI.EY A REYNOLDS, Beal Estate Brokers, 1,036 Fulton street, Hrooklyn. rilO 8X0 HANGS? GOOD DAIRY VAX* 09 MB ACRES, 1 in Westchester county ; good dairy or stock Farm of 213 acres, In' Dutchess county ; good aalry or slock Farm ot 3S0 acres, on Hudson liivcrt Rood truck Farm of 70 acres, in Bergen county ; Farm ol 130 acre*. In itocklaml county ; al.-o several small places Iroiu B to 60 acres. 8. Ireland, -0! Broadway. rrio exchange? for furniture or carriages, I 10 Lois in Rahway, 10 Lois lu Mount Vernon, West chester county ; all i lear. ,1. S. FERGUSON .'19 Nassau street, room fi. 'PlIHEE sTOHY AND RASEMKNT llllill STOOP i brown stone Dwelling, in best neighborhood in Har lem, convenient to boats and cars, to exchange or sale. HOW ELL A HURST, 921 Third avenue. \V'ANTKD?fo SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR M;:U ? ? cliamlisc, 2. (Mi acres choice Texas Land, adjoining th<? Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texas. Titles perfect in every respect. For particulars address t ' c. iieARNE. box 15S Galveston (Texas) Post office. Ur ANTED?A IIursE, IN l)R VICINITY OF TWEN tloth wartl^Brooklyn. In exchange for desirable un encumbered Lots on Kcilionl avenue Boulevard. Brook Ivn. O. II. PIKRHOS, Auctioneer and dealer in Real Estate. No. 6 Pine street. &?) Xflf| IN BONDS OR MORTGAGES WILL BCY i|pOi>)UU n nice I!.. use of 10 rooms, with every eitv inveniencc and Tarire garden, on Long Island, one hour tr>m down town; ireuuent trains. Andreas BALDWIN, box .'.'5 Herald oillcc. Jrt IWWl ?exchange for NEW YOKE ?SOi/jUlf'/i House, worth about $S0,utJ0, a Brooklyn llOUse and six Lots. Will psv difference In cash. J. O. HOYT .4 SON. 171 Broadway. REAL ESTATE WANTED. AN TED? FARMS IN UNION, MIDDLESEX OR ?? Monmouth connty. New Jersey, in exchange lor 'Brooklyn Houses or Lots. H. L. 11L1.KLEY, l;n> Broad way, corner Cedar street. I^W OFFICES. A T 77 BLEECKER sTREBB, NEAR BROADWAY, CP ' -V. stairs.? Highett cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, *c., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Blceekor street. U WOLF BROTHERS', 896 BROADWAY, BETWEEN i JV Nineteenth and Twentieth streets.? Money loaned on Watches, Diamonds. Jewelry, silverware. Silks, nnd particularly Planosj private parlor for ladles; business strictly confidential. 4 T 0)7 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STItEET.? -'Y. Liberal udTinces on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, >ilks, Cannes' llalr .sh.i?ls, Laces ahd personal prop riy of every description. JAMES p. MATTHEWS. Money loaned ? diamonds, watches, jew dry, Sllterwar.'. and the same bought ami sold, GKiiBGE 0. ALLEN, -<41 Mroadwaf, near Fourteenth street, and 59 East Thirteenths!. I I1Q SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH Tl tO and Twenty ilttli tfreets,? Literal advanresmada on Diamonds, Watches Jcwolry and all kinds of Goods. >ame bought at lull value. L. HERN ABO. r?Q" BROADWAY, CORNER AMITY STREET ? t IO?l Money libera ih i Ivancod on Diamonds, Watches, jewelry and all Meivhiindise. at the old-established Loan ofllce. Same bought and ?>.|^ M. MwlUHHW. 1 BROADWAY OVER HERALD BRANCH I ? I office, rr> >m B ?Parlors tor ladies; branch nj Fulton street, Brooklvn Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelrl , ,vc. Sainu bought ami sold. LINDO BROS. CIGAR* AMD VOBACCO. fj'SPANOLAH OF HAVANA TOBACCO, EQUAL TO Fi genuine in appcaranee and quality, at $B6 per th?ut lUk J ; alM tliu Celebrated "Whiff" Pahctelas, I J. ltAVNEK A CO.. (WAIaidou lane. HMROBWg WANTED. "I DESIRABLE BOOM. APRIL 1iT''a 1 large Room*. May 1, to let, with Board, at 224 Kart Twelltn street; bouiie and surrouiidingi eicopUoniilly Koorf. . I LAROB SECOND AND THIRD STORY FRONT I Room, with Hoard ; sin vie light Kooin. $5; Jay Hoard, $4. 39 (ireeiiwlch avenue, corner of Charles hi reet. MB AVENUE (NO. 7f>).? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED tJ with Hoard ; references. 5TH AVENOE, 234. OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK.? Elegant Suit ol Apartments, wllh private table; aibO other Booms and a desirable Koom lor a physician. BLOCKS WEST OR BROADWAY. ISO PLKECKER Vr street. ? Nicely furnished Rooms, with excellent Board, for families or single persons at $6 to $10per wuek; $1 0 per day. TO fll) PER WEEK? FOR SINGLE ROOMS, AT ?iP'l 172 Bleecker street; a pleasant Room for lit mily or two gentlemen; irood Table and central location. TO $10 PK R WEEK, $1 SO I'BR DAY.? PLEASANT ?P'J Booms, with excellent Board, tor bundles and sin gle gentlemen, at 176 Blceckcr street, six blocks west of Broad way. If J WAVERLEY PLACE, THE FINE-'T HOUSE TV 1 the city.? Handsome front room-, ?(S. $18, (30 and $25 lor two person*, with Hoard. Table Board $5, In advance. MTI1 STREET, WEST, m? EXCELLENT LOCATION; hundsotnoly furnished Rooms, with Hoard, for gentleman mid wile or single gentlemen, $14 to i'Jft lor two; no moving in May ; reference!. n WAVERLEY PLACE, ON THE FIRST FLOOP? ?.LE gantly furnished Parlors and Bedrooms, and ontho upper doors, nicety furnished liedroouis, with first ciaoj Hoard. 1 Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET,' OPPOSITE !?' Filth Avenue Hotel.? A Pull of Room*, elegantly furnished, to rent, to a party of gentlemen, with or without Board ; a Up single Kooms. 90 WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND Sixth avenui-s. ? Pleasantly turnished Booniii to let, with Board. References required. tlQ LAMARTINE PLACE, W WEST T\V E NfY-NI NTH ?(> street.? Dusirahle Rooms ou second door to let, fur nished or unfurnished , with good Board; house and locality first class; rclerewe exchanged. 0(t EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR MADI son square? Beautiful Parlor floor to let, furnished; excellen table and attendance, with a small la mily owning house. on WEST WASHINGTON SQUARE.? TWO LARGE OD and elegant Rooms, on second floor, w tli first class Board ; ample closet room ; hot and cold water, Ac. Lo cation delightlul. I () WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? AN KLKC ANT *"1 ^ Suit of Rooms, consisting of on ' 1 re second floor and Parlors, to let, wllh private table : ilso other Rooms; terms reasonable fjr the Hummer mouths; reference# ox changed. _ ,-/l WET TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR BROAD ?)U wny.? Handsomely furnished Rooms to let, tvitll Board ; references; no moving In May. ri 1 CLINTON PLACE, NEAR El Til A VEM'F.-SEC ?)?? ond and Third Floors, hiind-omely lurnislicd, with or without Hoard, topnitlvs ol gentlemen. CO WEST TWENTY-SECOND BTRBBT.? PARTIES *}?) wishing Rooms, en suit>- or singly, through the. Summer ?eason, with first class table, can be accommo dated. Hi st references given and regal red. lOl EAST TWENTY SEVENTH STREET, BETWEEN 1**1 Fourth and Lexington avenues, live ininuft's of Broadway and Filth Avenue Hotel.? Large front second floor Room, brown stone bouse, newly nod elegantly fur nished; all conveniences; superior Board; best refer ences. . Ol\Q EAST ELEVENTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE from Third avenue.? Nicely furni hed Room.--, wlih or without Board; also large furnished Parlor, to gentleman and laity : Hoard lor lady only. QIA EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET.? PLEASANT ? I " f Rooms, with Hoard, for single gentlemen or gen tlemen and their wives, may be hud by applying at tlio above number; references exchanged. Ol Q WEST FORTY-NINTH STREET.? A PRIVATE I O family would li t a Second Floor to a party ol adults, with Hoard, where there arc no other boarders; references required. on/' WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR EIGHTH O'/U avenue.? Rooms, singly or en suite, neatly ttir atoned, with superior table Board. ?>;rQ WEST THIRTIETH STREET.? A NICELY EUR ? J?)0 ni-hed second floor Room to one or two gentle men ; neighborhood good ; reni$J0; Break last or partial Board If desired. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND A PLEAS ant home for the Summer months near Central Park, with Hoard for lady only ; Hone but those who cm nay tor first class accommodations need address ChNlKAl PARK, A private FASPTLV, IN etrst CLASS LOCATION, would accommcdate two or three gentlemen, oi gentleman and wife, with Rooms and Hoard; reference!' required. Address P., box 134 Herald Uptown Branch of fice. * \ D.JOININO GRAND nOTKL.? SUPERIOR ACCOM J\ modatlons, witli or without Meals, to let to fcSflf men or families; urn xccptiouable retort nccs exchanged, 3li West Thirty-first street. Board and rooms may be obtained in a small private tainilv for one or two lamilles or gem tlcmcn, a' .'l West Twelfth street, on moderate terms. IM'.tb !) A*l? l,()IMil\li WANTED, A PARTY OF SIX TO EH; II T PERSONS (TWO M \ll rled couples, flic others singlet want Hoard in We^ Twenty-first, Twenty-second or 'fwentv-third street, Wl!! require from four to six rooms; permanent If suited reference given. Addre-a, stating terms and locality BROWER, box 839 Post office, New York. A YOUNG LADY WANTS BOARD FOR A SHORT time In a Christian lamlly, near Thirty-fourth street' cannot pay over $7 per week ; best reference. Addres* II. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. Board wanted? in a private famii.y of re fincinent, by a young lawyer; the best reterences given. Address, stating full particulars. L. J. B., Iterate' office. Harlem or yorkville.? board wanted, by a young married couple, in a private family; reC erences exchanged. Address, stating price, ALLEN, bus 1.M8 Herald Uptown Branch office. \JLT ANTED? IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY SIX VV unfurnished Rooms for three adults, er one untur nished Apartment and Board for two. Address, witt term*. MODERATE, box 3,992 New York Post ollicc. ? "1ST ANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, ONE tv or two nicety furnished Rooms, with Board lot Indy only: location between Fourteenth and Thirty' fourth streets and Thira and sixth avenues; terms $lft t?i $IH per week ; If suited will remain through the Summer Address, stating particulars, U. 1*. B., Herald Uptown Branch office. BROOKLYN IIOAKD. 2t)~\ SCHERMERHORN STREET, BROOKLYN. ? 1 (lord Board at rea-onablu terms, ill a house witli all the modern Improvement*. HOTKLiS. ANGELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRtC BATHS, 61 Lexington avenue.? Kooma tor gentlemen or tanii lien, transient or permanent, with or without men la ; prfc vatc tallc If desired. 1'r.tlis open all Bight Hotel ht. germain, fifth avenue, twenty: second street and Broadway.? Elegant Snlts and single Rooms now vacant; table d'hote or European plan; most central loeatiou ; rooms all front. VTEW ENGLAND HOTEL, ?? BOWERY, OOBNER OP l\ Bayard street.? !fin Hght Room?, neatly itirnlsbcd 5or. or 6oc. per night; 60 to $t p?-r week. For gcntlo men only. O ATM AN ROUSE, 31 BOWERY, CORNER BAYARD Street. ? Room* en unite or singly, with or without Hoard. Rooms &ic., 75c., $1 per ni lit. STURTEVANT HOUSE. BROADWAY, TWENTY clRlitli and Twenty-ninth h treats, New York, Aincri can plan, $? a da> .?This hotel has elevators, all modem improvements; stttated in tho great hotel centre. LEWIS A GEO. S. LELAND, Proprietor*. Table D'uote.? dinners $i, including winb, served every evening 5 to M; Table a la Carte 8 A. M. to n 1'. M ROKI NSON HOUSE, SUtcenth Street, tliirj door went of Union square. COl.VTRY BOARD, \N AGED LADY or two or three children can lie accommodated with good country Hoard by addressing M. J. R., i'haUiain, Morris comity, N. ,/. Boaed WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIKK a N IS ctold, within an hour ot cltv. Address, giving lull particulars. F. C. R., box 4,101 New York l'ost otlioe. Board wanted? in a healthy location, near salt water, easy ot nccess, within three hours Of city, tor two adults; two rooms required. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, K., bo* 7* Broolo I v II l'ost ofliee. /1?>I NT1IY BOARD WANTED? ABflUT AN HOUR'S " / ride 1 1 hid the clt\ . t..r lour adults, at moderate prices. Address QUARTETTE, Herald olBce. E^Xt ELLENT COUNTRY BOARD ? GLEN COTE, TEN J inintites Irotn deupt; terms moderate. Address FARMHOUSE, l'ost oflfHTe, (Hen Cove. PARTIES DESIRINO BOARD IN THE COUNTRY IN a very pleasant and healthy locality can have tho best accommodations in o targe and commodious house, it?, hours fronrcity, on line ot New Haven road, on or filter April 16. For particulars address A. !?? bo* 1,682 l'ost ofllcc. SUMMER RE8URTM, % Afni'NTAIN HOUSE, SOUTil ORANGE, MONTROSR ItI station, N. J. ? Tliis tavorite tlr<t ila?s hotel Is open l(>r the spring and Summer season ; it bus ail tho con veniences an?l comlorts o( a city hotel ; mi minutes trem loot ot Barclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad: Ml trains daily. Extra inducements offered to purttc* wish ing immediate Board. * C. HITEELBgROER, l'mpMctor. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE wilt be opened oil or about the 1st of May, For terms, Ac., adtlrcsaCOZZENs a mi kkav, Knglewood, f>. J. Riverside hotel, cawvansville, foot 01* lfi'AI street. North Kivcr, tins been tliorottghly refitted Slid newly furnished; wilt be. open tor t lie reception o| i: ue st.? on or abottttho 1st of May. Applications for Koouis received at the IktoI by tlie undersigned. 8. r I' A I'LL. O. Dt'NC ALF. The tark house, si mvit, n. ,j., will opem l.Mli May as a tlr?t class family Hotel. Cholco Rooms may now be secured. I'ttre mountain air, beau tiful scenery, one hour's ride tri m New York. fottagea to let and tor sale. J. K1KKA. MATRIMONIAL.. milE ADVERTISER, w YEARS OF AOE, WISHINtl A to marry, would like to open a correspondence wl'li a lady not over at year* of age. Address I'llKl), JENi KINS. Sliangliac, China, enclosing photograulw

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