Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1873, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1873 Page 7
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BOAKDKKH WASTED. i "?!.? < K mi FI FTH AVENUE HOTEL?AT 131 1 w< >< Twenty-third I'rti'i ? ?fw gentlemen, ana alto grntx-HKii aud win-, rati Ic accommodated witb Board. 1wr~ iiopbk win or rimi atencf -mhs. -hear nan will have. on or liefore May 1, a lew dfr ?ir*l .? lt>? in* lor gentleman ami wite or *ln.'le gentle Man, ?i h nr?t claw Board. 7 West Iw.Mity ninth at IUttiB PLKASANT ROOM, WITH CLOSET, GAS, hot and ? old wut. r. Are an t firm das* Board, to let, l?>r $l>. *r??aU- tamlly ; excellent neighborhood. Apply at ju m , ?t hiikMaiii *r? t. IliKHIK AHI.K HI'IT Of BOOMS. ELEOANTLY FUR I. *?? '< V Willi Board, k> adults. 43 West Twenty - Mr Olid MfML Ibaut njgy-yat .street, oo una mn aM iiur ?Two elegant Suits ..f Rooms to let, With Boat J, at ivclm nl price , ( ? rmaneut desired. 1FI R.VWHED PROMT PARLOR, CONNECTING M. iri ni an t Katfirotini; aUo other Rooms, to let, w|;h or without Bond, to gi-uilemcu ; private family. W1 Wc?t Kort v-mtii street. ILAKt.K ROOM K'?K OEKTLEM \N AMI WIFE; two hall K.. iu* lor gentlemen, well furnished ami with ibo I Board Reference* exchanged 170 Clinton Street, ilrowltlyii Hot. ht*. IOR TWO MARRIED COUPLES OR UENTLBMEN may obtain very pleasant Room-, with superior, about nit tanle, in * private family hating a lew select boarder*. 4o Nrvtuih avenue, near Fourteenth street. 1ELKU ANTLY Fl'KNISHED ALCOVE Room? WITH B? ard. at .'II Ka>t Tliirtv tlr?t street N<> moving iu leriun moderate Hel. reuca* e ichaniied 2 NICELY FURNISH Ml ROOMS, ONE WITH Alr Cove, kiiix ly or logetltar, with ,.r witheut Board ; also a hall He, I room largo aud well lurmshcd lsii Lcxiug ton aveune 21) rUIOt, RfCHLT ft HMSHF.D. WITH "It Willi, out private table . also hall Room ; IllM-ral concession lor yearly arrangement or till tali. XI Weal Ibirly-Uiird alriei, near Filth a venae. 2 BLOCKS FKOM HHOAOWAV-M |?E r. W ITH Board, large Boom* for geuth and wile andgen Uenien; also table hoard. no moving iu May. US Kant Fourth street. 2 YOUNG LADIES IM SlKlNii BOARD t-AN BE AC coiiimodaieil with the comioru oi a burnt where there arc no other boarders; reicrcntcs required. lu Hutre at 3U7 Eaat I hirty-Uurd ? treat 3KAHT Til I RTY- FOURTH STRFET.-A SUIT OP Room*, with Board, by the year or ae??oU ; alio a back Parlor; references. 3D STORY BAt'K ROOM, To OENTLEMAN AND witb, $1* |ter week, w itli good Board, or three gentle men. $21 , also, on the 1st ot May, second alury back Kooiu, $2J. 15t> Waycrley place. 4 EAST TWENTY N1N I'll ITUIT, ItKTWEEN Fifth and Madison iivenuea.? Second Floor and Re ception Boom, wnh or without Board, lor season or year. Private table if desired. 4Tn AVENUE, NO. J49-ROOMS TO RENT. WITH or without Board, newly painted, papered aud neat ly furnished, at moderate term*, with every conven ience ; house recently chaugcd hand*. 5TH AVENUE (NO. 7<i). HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Room*, with Board ; rcfcrcnee*. 5TH AVENUE, 297? AN ELEGANT PAKLOR FLOOR nnd a suitol Boom* on third lloor, wltli or without private table ; reference* required. 5TH AVENUE, 541.? ELEMANTLY FURNISHED Rooms, en suite or singly, with Ur*t clas* Board ; pri vate table II prelerred ; references exchanged. 5TH AVENUE, NO. 273, BfTWEBM TWENTY NINTH and Thirtieth streets.? A Suitol Rooms on third tloor, aewly and elegantly furnished, with strictly llrst clas* Board. 6TH AVENUE, 224, OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK. Elegmit Suits of Apartment*, with private luble ; ulso Other Room* and a desirable Uooin tor a physician. 6TII AVENUE, NEAR DBLBONICO'8 {PRIVATE iuniilv). ? Furnished Rooms, with or without private table. UBNUNU'S Boarders' Directory. 37 Union tu|iiuro K EAST THIRTIETH STREET?AN ENTIRE SECOND ??r' with ''r,vat? luble If desired; also other ? """K^nuemen or couples without cliildreu; mod eraUi terms lor the Summer. 6TH AVENUE.? AN ENTIRE PARLOR FLOOR (FOUR lariro, airy rooms), aud a Suit on second tloor, with private table, transiently or pertuununtly, in the spacious double house. 45 Filth avenue. 7 Til AVENUE, 569.? NEWLY FURNISHED BOAKD tng none; tun Board, $6; Table Board, $4. 7 WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms to let, with Board, to families or gentlemen; terms moderate ; references exchanged. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms on parlor and third floors, with un exceptionable Hoard; references exchanged, 7 MORTON STREET, NEAR BLKECKER. -PARLOR and one or two Bedrooms, connecting, suituhlc for three or tour gentlemen or gentleman and wift, with or Without Board. 1'leasc ring lirst hell. d?7 TO $12 PER WEEK? FOR EXCELLENT BOARD ?4P I and uocd Rooms, at 29 East Washington place, be tween Broadway and the square. 9 WEST* TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTH avenue.? Newly turni-hed Suits of Rooms on second lid third floors with first class Board; riasoiiuble for Bummer; references. 9 WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET. FOUR DOORS Irom Oilsey House.? To rent, with Board, on or before May 1 ; permanent engagements can be made lor single or double Rooms en suite. 19 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED J Lj Rooms to let, with first class Board ; references ex e hanged. 1QTH STREET. 13S WEST, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE.? 1 u a pleasant third story front Boom to let, with Board, to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife ; reference. 1Q PARK AVENUE.? DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH iu Board, Irom April 15 aud May 1. No moving. References. 1 OTH STREET, 231, EAST.? WELL FURNISHED lO front, large and hall Rooms and middle Room, nil adjoining, with Hoard; southern exposure; locution central ; four minutes from Broadway; references. MTII STRETT EAST 317. NEAR SECOND AVE nne.? To let, with Board, flue second story Lout Room ; a hall Bedroom ; terms moderate. 1CTH STREET, 365 WEST.? A LAROE FRONT AND back Room, on the third floor, comfortably fur nished; will he rented together or separately, with Board, terms moderate. "1 CTH STREET, 215 EAST.? SECOND STORY FRONT X'J Room and Bedroom to let, with Hoard, on reason able terms; also third floor, largo Room; locution desir able tor parties wishing a pleasant home. 1C WARREN PLACE, CHARLES STREET? ELK pantly furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, with flrst class Board, in genteel house and neighborhood, near Sixth and Seventh avenue cars; terms moderate. 1C WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, OPPOSITE ST. J.*/ James Hotel. ? A handsomely furnished I'arlor Floor to let ; also large llooui, with hath connecting, on ?econd floor, and one large front Room on third floor; Breaklast It desired; reference. n UNIVERSITY PLACE.? TO LET, WITH BOA RD, beautiful Rooms on second floor, nicely furnished ; alto side Room on tlrst floor, front: house first class. 1Q GREAT .JONES STREET ?THIS HOUSE IS NOW JO opened wfth furnished Rooms and Urate lass Hoard ; ? desirable location for business men. Of WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY ij 1 Large, well furnished front Room, front Bedroom connecting, private baih, ample closets, second floor: also large front Room, with alcove and closets, third floor; also single Rooms; good table ; huu*: welt estab lished. . . ?Y| ST STREET, SSI) WEST, NEAR ELEVATED RAIL ZiL road Depot.? Nicely furnished lane and hall Room, with Board from Mav f, or before if desired ; table un exceptionable; ft rills moderate; references. 20D STREET, St, EAST.? A SINOLE ROOM TO LET, ? with tlrst class Board ; reference required. 20D STREET, 161 WEST. ? AN ELEGANT, NEWLY O furnished Second Floor; also three large, newly Airnishcd Rooms, with or wiih jut Board ; highest refer ?Bces expected. OQD STREET, 110 WEST, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE.? A furnished Room for a gentlemun. 20D STREET, NO. 114, ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADl O son si|iiare. ? I'.legiintl) furnished Rooms to let, with flrst class Board ; also Rooms on top floor , uo mov ing. 20 CLINTON PLACE. ? FIRST CLASS FURNISHED Rooms, with or without Board , first class reference required. nOD STREET, 325 WEST, NEAR ORAND OPHRA Zo House.? Handsomelv furnished Rooms to let. with Board, to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen ; references exchanged. WEST THIRTY -Eld HTH STREET? ROOMS TO Zt I rent, singly or en suite, with Board ; relcrence ; no moving in May. ??Q WEST TWELFTH STREET, M'lAR FIFTH AVE juCi nue.? With Bourd. handsomely furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, for a family or party of gentlemen; tiousc pleasant ami nicely ttttcd up; no moving. OU LAM ARTINE PLACE iV>7 WK-f TWENTY ZiO eighth street).? Desirable Rooms on second floor lo let, furnished or unfurnished, with good Board ; nousc and locality first class. References exchanged. OUT II STREET. Iff,, BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND j?iCj Fourth avenues.? Spacious furnished Rooms to rent, with lt-iard, irom May I; hot and cold water; refer ence- m (Hired. OM WEST PORTY-SEVBNTII STREET. ? FOI'R ELE At* J gant connecting Rooms, with bathrooms, on second floor, also ottlce lor a doctor, with hr?t class table ; terms moderate. on EAST NINETEENTH STREET. -To LET, WITH O'r Hoard, one large Room for two gentlemen ; also single Room. Nice house and good table. QO WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. ? A SUIT OF OO two large Rooms on third floor to let, with Board, to families or gctitlenieu. WEST FORTY FTFTH STREET.? A FRONT Room, with Bali Room, on third floor, to let, with Board, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentle ? men ; references exchanged. *JA WEST NINTH STREET.? A CHOICE OF HAND O t somely furnished Rooms to rent, with or without Board, in a 'private faintly ; every convenience | refer ences required. OJTH STREET, 146 R AST.-II AN DSOME LY FUR Or nlshed Rooms, with Board, In suit* or singly ; to he varated on or before Mav |, to offer for the year or until September IS ; reference. ?U east twentieth street, between broad 'It way and F,,urth avenue.? A Parlor Floor, hand somely furnished, to let, to a private family orsiugie gen tlemen, with or without Board. 3pr BAST TWENTY-SECOND RTREKT.? FURNISHED ') Rooms, with Board, en suite or single, on second ?ad Uikrd Hoorit, UroBti f*l$/eu?e? cxcUtuweil, KOARUKUS WANTKD. OC WEST FOURTEENTH STRBBT, BETWEEN FlfTII OO and sixth aTpniiea.? Newly anil elegantly fur nished sunny iront Rooms first i luas table (private it re quired); lor families or gentlemen ; reference. op west Washington square? two large Ou and elegant Rooms, on second floor, with first class Board ; ample closet room; hot and cold water, Jtc. lo cation delightful. Oft EAST TWENTY -THIRD STREET.? A HANDSOME Ov) suit of rooms to let, with first class Board ; best re ference. Oft EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? A SUIT OF OO Knonu on second floor to let, with first class lloard ; ?too front Room on fourth floor; references exchanged. Oft WB8T TWBNTY -SEVENTH BTRBET.? TO LET, Ol) with Hoard, hall Kooin, for stogie gentleman; house strictly first class; table Board given. OO BEACH STREKT.- REFURNISHING.- A FIRST OO class Boarding Houae ior gentlemen and lliaUlni noon dinners; near business; splendid location tor bust nous parties. H. J. FOOGj QQT? ST.? BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH AVENUES, * , . ?; ??? ^ urnished or unfurnished Rooms, with or without breaktast, or with private table ; lauiily small. Reference* required. OQ WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET.? ELEGANT *ttJ Parlors and Bedrooms 011 second floor; also single Rooms on all Honrs; excellent table ; prices moderate^ Of) WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? AN OFFICE Ot7 and reception Kooin, suitable lor aphyaiclati, to rent; also Rooms, with Hoard. 11 EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET. -TWO THIRD T" I storv and one fourth story front Room to let, with Board; mil pie closets; relerences exchanged. iQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET? AN ELEGANT I ? Suit of Rooms, consisting of entire second floor and I'arlors, to let, with private table; also other Rooms; tr rins reasonable far the Summer mouths; relerences ex changed. Ai) EAST NINETEENTH STREET-WELL FUR 'x ? j nisheil Rooms, with excellent Hoard and reasona ble terms; references exchanged. AATB STREET, 120.? A NICELY FURNISHED front Room on second floor ; alt modern improve ments; relerences given and required. (A WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? SPLENDID It: location lor lauillies or single gentlemen; house and table first class, with all the coinlorls of a lioinc; Rooms 011 second, third uud fourth floors to let, with Board. AC WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOM ELY Tt) furnished Room*, with first class Board, lor taml lles and rlngle gentlemen; terms moderate lor the Sum mer. Aft EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? A HAND TU sotnely furnished third story (front I'arlor and a Hall Bedroom, with good Board ; also u Iront Baseuieut, suitable ter a doctor's olllce. y|Q WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH T?/ and Sixth avenues.? Nicoly furnished Rooms, with Hoard, suitable lor single gentlemen. No moving in May JQ WEST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND rt*l Sixth avenues.? To let, with Board, furnished or unfurnished Rooms; ready lor occupancy last week In April; house and appointments first cIosb; terms mod erate. ylQ WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? DESIRABLE Rooms, with Board, to permanent parlies, at re duced prices lor the Summer; references exchanged. ri\ WEST TWENTY-FOURTH 8TREET, NEAR FIFTH in' avenue.? A verv pleasant, desirable Room, nicely ftirnished, on second floor; table excellent and homelike; no moving ; prices moderate. rzi\ WEST TWENTY- EIGHTH STREET? TO LET, A t)U Suit of handsomely lurnished Rooms, on second floor, front, with private bath adioining; Board unexcep tionable. References exchanged. rrn west Washington place.? to let, with * JU Board, large Rooms on second and third floors, to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen ; house has mod ern improvements; terms moderate for thu Summer ; uo moving. CO CLINTON PLACE, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.? SEC ? J ?1 ond and Third Floors, handsomely lurnislicd, with or without Hoard, to parties ol gentlemen. r.O LEXINGTON AVENUE.? FIRST CLASS PRI vate family will let handsomely furnished Rooms, with Hoard, to two or three single gentlemen or gentle men and wives ; at moving in May. pro WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET-PARTIES ? JO wi>hing lino Rooms, en suite or singly, through tho Summer season, with first rlus table, can bo accommo dated; beat references given and required. CA WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET BETWEEN ? iTt Broadway and sixth avenue.? Double and singlo Rooms; also reception Room; day Hoarders taken; 110 moving in May; reference! exchanged. f I EAST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, BETWEEN ? It Madison and Fourth uvcnucs.? Third story lur nished Rooms, with Board. WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? ELIGIBLE tJ'X Rooms, with Hoard, eu suite or singly; location be tween Filth and Sixth avenues. JANE STREET.? BACK PARLOR TO LET, >>'J tarnished or untarnished, with or without Board, suitable lor two young meu or gentleman uinl wile ; American family. CQ WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? A SUIT OF ? JO Rooms or sepurate, with Board, to lamily of adults or gentlemen ; first class house; private family; reference*. OQ JANE STREET.? ONE HANDSOMELY FUR l)<j nished front Room on second floor, also one hall Room, witti Board ; ti-rms moderate ; no moving. ftA WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN Ot Fifth and Sixlh avenues.? Several well furnished Rooms on first and third floors; superior table and accommodations; terms very reasonable; private lamily. ??Q EAST FOURTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVE ")?7 nue ? ' Two or three gentlemen may havtf pleasant Rooms, wi'.li Bourd. rri\ IRVING PLACE, GRAMERCV PARK.? THIRD, I U front, large Room and dressing Room, handsomely furnished ; alio large hall Boom; noose una table first class; special inducements to permanent parties. 71 EAST 124TH STREET, HARLEM. ?HANDSOMELY I 1 lurnished Rooms to let, with Board, on first and second floors, to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen; convenient to boat and cars. ijf* KAST I27TH STREET.? TO LET, FURNISHED I l) Room, to one or two single gentlemen, with or without Board, or with Boud on 8initiTi only. 77 ERIK STREET, JERSEY CITY. ? A LADY LIV i I tag in her own honse and no children will take a child to Board; a mother's care and attention guaran teed. lfMi WEST FORTY-FOURTH STREET.? A VERY H'U pleasant, handsomely furnished iront Room, with Board; nltfhest references given and required. 1HA EAST twenty THIRD STREET.? DESIRABLE I'M) Rooms for families or gentlemen,. with Board; unexceptionable references exchanged. 1/WJ EAST TWENTY- EIOIITH STREET. ? 11 AN D IU'7 some suits of Rooms; hrown stone English baxe ment house, all modern Improvements: also a Recep tion Jtoom ior a doctor'* ofBce ; with or without Bonn!. LEXINGTON AVENUE.? A VERY PLEASANT Room, on second Door, to let, with Hoard. Dr WEST FORTY THIRD STRKKT ? PLEASANT ?) Room*, with Hoard, tor gentlemen or gentleman and wile; lauitly small; references. 114 lift WEST FORTY-FIRST STRKKT. BKTWEKN HO Broadway and si*th avenue. ? Pleasant Room*. With Board, tor guutlcuieu and wives, or kuuiIciucu ; ref erences. ?? lift EAST FIFTY FOURTH STREET.? A FEW RE lit) spcctable young men ran !*? accommodated with good Hoard and very desirable Rooms. lath and gas; neighborhood hrst elans. llO EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, KRAMKRl'Y 11'/ Park? One elegant Suit, or a portion ot It, with or without private taMe. in handsome residence front ing pleasantest part ot park ; references. lOI EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET KIR. 1? 1 nlshed Rooms to let with or witliuiil Board, to families. single gentlemen or gentlemen and their Wives; reference given and received ; no moving, It) I WEST ' T W E > T V M N I II S T K I I f >^R I ^'r Slsth avenue. ? Law and small Rooms to let, with Hoard, to a married couple or v oung in<*n . terms quite reasouahle ; Tehle Boarders laken I'nll and see 107 WEST FORTY FIRST STREET.? TWO Boons, ? < I elegantly lurnUhed, witu Board, separately ur together ; labia BAirS. 1??1 LK X I Ni> To V ANEM E. BETWEEN 1WKNTY lOl, eighth and Twentvnliilli ?tr<*eu Ko ms to let. with Hrst cla*s Hoard , woa.d let ha< k I'arlor 10 a vh>st clan as ait olHee . relerences given and required 1O7 EAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET. NFtK LEX ? ' I kMtoniv -Pleasant tumished Booms to let, wiib good Board. to single gentl< taen or and witi 1 1H >" VST F I FTIETH STREET. NEAK LEXIS .1 N .1 " 1 " " avenue \ pleasant suit 01 K with l'.oard, to a gentleman and wlte, in a private faintly , no other boarders ; terms m>ideratr 1AO BAST TWENTY -BETE NTH STREET NEAR 'r") Lexington avenue.? Two Booms on set on I flour, furnished or unfurnished. with Hoard. 1 ( /? WAVERI.EY Pl.t !? - It V k' 1'tKI.OK WITH J'rO small extension and closets. to let. witii >r with out breakfast . terms moderate , no moving lr/l WAVKRLEY PLAfE, NEAR SIXTH AVEME !?)'" Two large lurnl'tie 1 Ro m- >n 1 t n .or ? tti or without Heard, to gentlemen or gnitieinau m l wile, all improvement* 1/'l WEST TWENTY SF.toND SfREI.f ? l?K*IR Iut aide and well furnisiied K.. .ma, with >< ? li? nt talde. for families or simile gentlemen; no moving la May; references exchanged. Ifjr WEST TWENTIETH STREEI -TWO FIR iOtJ nished front Rooms on second floor to let. with Hoard, to a party of two or three >ouu^ tu< n; terms, $6 per week !('/! WES1 TWI-ATY -lo oSN -I'. ' Dl JVM) ble Rooms, with first cla? Hoard, tu let, t> * n llciiieti ; also Tabic Hoard <411 be had. U?7 EAST 127TII STREET. II A RLRN.-PLK AS A NT ' I tront Booms to let, with Board ht<is> hot and cold water; pleasant location, two nnuuus (rent uoa: or cars. 1fi7 WEsT THIRTY FOURTH STREET.? DE- IRA* LvM ble front Rooin on smom SMT, with or without hall Rooms connecting; also itout Room uu fourth tl ? *, with Hoard ; reference required. Ofttt KAST ?EVKNTY-NINTH STREET -A OBNTLR aUU man ran have a neatly furnMied front Room with Breakfast, in brown stone bouse, ?<tupied by owner. tj/ w? NINTH AVENtTK, NEAR TWENTY TIIIRO MJ street ? A lew young men ran l>? a< > 01111110 lal> I with good Board i all modern improvements. Trrui* *> to >8 per week. onti WEST FORTY FIFTH STREET, NEAR IIROAlV i5UO way ? A private Jewish tamiiy will let a hand somely furnished second story front Kovut, witu alvwte, *ud good Board i also otfegf BOAR PICKS WANTKP. _ OMQ EAST FOURTEENTH STREET.? A HANDSOME large Room, second floor, near the bathroom; hot and cold water: also smaller Room lor family or ?ingle gentlemen ; first class table ; $7 to $1?L no moving. OAQ WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. ? A SMALL private family have a Room ami Bedroom on third floor to let. with Hoard, to gentlemen or gentleman and wife ; convenient location. *>1 ft EAST SEVENTEENTH HTREET.? PEASANT Alt' Rooms, with Hoard, for single gentlemen or gen tlemen and their wives, may he had by applying at tliu above number; references exchanged. tllQ WEST FOl'RTII STREET .-HANDSOMELY ^lO furnished Room to let. with Hoard, tor gentle, man and wife or two gentlemen, where tliey csu enjoy home comforts; reference required. ()1Q EAST FIFTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN JjLtl Second and Third avenues.? A private tamllv will let two large nicely furnished Booms, with Board on moderate terms; also llall Room. n()ft WEST Ft)RTY-THlRr> STREET? TO LET, ZjZV with or without Board, two Rooms; family private ; location first class, being hall block from Broad way ; references. QOC WEST TllIRTY-KOrRTII STREET.? A I'RI. tClOij vuto fatnllv lAmerlcan) will let to a gentleman front Room, all Improvements; partial or full Board; re.fcrenco required. OO C WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? TO LET. hnmisomelv furnished Second floor, consisting or two largo rooms and one small oue, with or with out Board. OOft WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET Til LET, BY ^lOll a private German family, a large, elegantly lur nis'icd Rooin. suitable lor two gentlemen or gentleman and wile, with or without Hoard ; ail conveniences OKir WEST TIIIRTY-EIG HTII STREET -A SMALL &')>) private family would rent a Suit of Room*, on second floor, with Board, to gentleman and wile or single gentlemen. References exchanged. WEST TllIllTY-NlNTH STREET. ? TO LET. u'll) handsomely furnished Rooms, wltb Hoard; house lias all modern Improvements; convenient to four lines of cars; no moving In May. OKQ WEST FORTY-SECON D STREET I'M I 1: Dished Rooms, with Board; will lie vacated May 1. Mrs FLANDRAU. OftO WEST 421) ST.? FRONT ANI> HACK ROOMS, with Hoard, for lady and gentleman, or single gentlemen; terms moderate ; uo moving in May. Refer ence. 9 (?% WEST FIFTY-FOURTH STREET. ? II ANIiSO ME MvJtf Booma to let, with Board, to gentlemen or gen tlcmcn or ami wives; house and loeation tlrstciiiss; terms moderate ; references exchanged ; no moving in Mn Q?R WEST NINETEENTH STREET. RINtl THE <?{)<) fourth bell.? Two young men cat! have a nice furnished Room, with or without Board, in a plain, quiet latiiily, or man and wile, lor light housekeeping qntf WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR EIOI1TH 0"U avenue.? Rooms, singly or un suite, neatly fur nished, with superior table Board. QH7 BAST SIXTY-FIFTH STREET,? TWO OR OU I three gentlemen can be accommodated with good Roard and plaialy furnished Rooms; terius rea sonable. _ . OAQ UNION STREET, NEAR GOUBT. MOTH OUO Brooklyn.? A gentleman, or two gentlemen will ing to room* together, cun have a pleasant Room and f ood Roard with a social private family ; gentlemen wish ng real home comforts will find this an excellent oppor tunity; references exchanged. Ol A WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET.? A NEATLY ?)XU furnished front Rooin, suitable tor a gentleman and wife or two gentlemen, with Board; terms very moderate. Ol O EAST EIKTY-TI1IRD STREET? HANDSOMELY Ol Jj furnished Room, above the parlor, to let, to a sin Sle gentleman, with or without Breakfast ; no moving in lay; moderate. Q JO EIOHTH STREET, NEAR AVENUE C, TWO OtO flights of stairs up.? A lew young men would find it pleasant to Board in a small family of adults. Call lor one week. OIO WEST TWENTIETH STREET.? A SMALL OtO family will let Second Floor, three Rooms, nicely furnished, with Board, to a family of adults; terms moderate. QJ e WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY ? furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, with first class Board ; references exchanged. ? Or.O WEST THIRTIETH STREET.? A NICELY FUB Of to nished second lloor Room to one or two gentle men ; neighborhood good ; rented; Breakfast or partla Board if desired. fiftfi LEXINGTON AVENUE.? ELEGANTLY FUR" OOO Ished Rooms, singly or en suite ; first class table ; home comforts ; delightful location; terms moderate APBIYATB FAMILY WILL LET. WITH HOARD. A Second Floor, furnished ; references, sn West Forty sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AYOUNO LADY WISHES A ROOM MATE.? A RE spec table young lady, who is engaged out during the dav, can find a pleasant home by calling at 211 West Fortieth street A GENTLEM AN AND WIFE OR SINGLE GEN I LE man can find a pteaant home, with a young Jewish couple. III Forty -third street, oetween Broadway and Eighth avenue. Address F. S. G., Herald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE young men rooming together can be accommodated in a private lamily. Inquire at 308 West Thirty-second st. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A 8UIT OF HAND somely furnished Rooms, with Board, to a gentle man or gentleman and wife. Forty-third street, ncur Broadway. Address N. E. P., Herald offloe. A -TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED ? with fine, niry Bedrooms, Parlor, and Breakfast, In a first class brown stone house In 128th street, Third and Fourth avenues. Address ('., box 3,983 1'ostotllce. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET. WITH HOARD, OtlN sisting of parlor, bedroom anil bathroom, located on Twenty- first street, near Fifth avenue; house ami ai> B ointments first class in every particular. Refer to II. It. irew, >o. S West Twenty third st., Fifth Avenue Hotel. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN WEST FORTY JY sixth street, would let a Floor to s gentleman and wife or a single gentlcmnn. with or without Board; no other boarders. Address WILSON, llerald offlcfc No moving. _____ A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LIKE TO rent their Third Floor, with Board, In Madison ave mic, near Thirty-first street. Address, with full name, STRICTLY. Herald Uptown Branch office. A LADY OCCUPYING AN ELEGANT RESIDENCE near Fifth avenue, would rent to a gentleman and wife, with full Board for lady, a suit ot Rooms : none but first class parties, willing to pay liberally, need address COMFORT, box 160 Herald I'ptown Branch Office. A LADY OCCUPYING HKR OWN HOUSE DESIRES n party of throe gentlemen as hoarders: l<cxington ?venue, near Fifty-third street. Address BOARD, box 117 iie.rald Uptown Branch office. A GENTEEL, AORF.EABLK YOUNG LADY CAN have Hoard ami Koom with a widow holy. No other hoarders address Mrs. M. M., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,269 Broa<lwav. A FAMILY OK THREE, OCCUPYING A HAND somely furnished house, near Twenty-third street atid Seventh avenue, will let a few Room1', with or with out Hoard, lo agreeable parties, at reasonable rales. Ad dress SOCIAL, Herald office. YOUNtTo ENTLE M AN DESIRES A FURN fsiTED Room, with Board, In a private family; permanent If suited. Addles*, stating particulars, box ltiO Herald Uptown Branch offlca. Adjoining grand hotel <v\ wkst thirty tir-.t street).? Superior accommodations, with or without private meals, tor gentlemen or families ; unex ceptionable references exchanged. EAUTIFUL PARLOR "EXTENSION, WITH HE I) room, bathroom, water closet adjoining, suitable lor a physician's office, to let, with Hoard; house brown atone; neighborhood first class. For further particulars address C. M. H. , box 6,687 New York Post office. Iff UK NISH ED ROOMS AT THE WAVERLEY BOUSE, ' Broadway, one door from Eighth street? Rooms tl to ST a week: family Rooms, (7 to $15 a week; oard and Room, $10 a week up. nlNTLMAI AND WITH WANT A LARGE ROOM I T with Hf>ard. from April 21 or W to July I ; terns not exceeding t't'i per week; good location ; referenced. Ad 4re*t T. G . H<f%ltl Uptyyn Brum u vfflce. ONE ELEGANTLY FURNISHED SUIT OK ROOMS to let, together or separate; table and appointments ftrstciaa*. also siagle Rooms for gentlemen; references. W.t Kaat Thirteenth street, near Second avenue. Table D'Hotb dinners, $i, including winf:s served every evening. 5 to 8. restaurant open from 6 A M till 'J I*. vt Robinson House, Hixteenth street, third door west ot Union iguare. TWO HANDS! IMPLY Ff"RNlMI ED ROOM~S~TO' LET ? For a gent einaa ftnrt his wife or single gentlemen, with or without Board 2M West Forty-third street. TO LET- TO TWO GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMAN and wtie a fine large Kooin, with bay window, ele gantly furnished house and table unexceptionable. Apnlv for one week at U West Ninth street, four doors from Fifth avenue TOHlCYILLP THREE FINE ROOMS ON SECOND I fl.. r with Hoard, at Ul Kast Ninety-second street. IIOAKI) \%l> LODGING WANTED. ? GENTLEMAN. W IFF. CHILD '1 YEARS Ot,T? AND - \ nuroe waat. from the Mth of May, Hoard, with two tit>furiiuhed K. i.iii- net hu'her thin second floor, in some pro ate. rehued family ; would like nseofplnno : no oh lectloii to dinner at noon, as the husband dines In the ? H pr|. e mu.t not l>e too much. Address, lor one week, A. K. ? . Herald office. \OI H TLRM AN WIF1 AND CHILD DESIRE BOARD In a re?|.e. table private family , would preler lo fur m-li tlie r own apartment- beit references. Address, with particular*. * C , box -!"l Herald oflh e. \PAKIV OF SIX To EIGHT PERSONS (TWO M A R rn d ti uples. the others singlei want Hoard In West '???'? first Twenty -second or Twenty -third street; will r? iju.r" Com feur to six rooms . permanent if suited ; referent e given Address, staling terms and locality. RKOWr.K. box Post offtee. .New York. \Of Mil M*N AND WIFE HE -IRK BOARD AND . large >hady. se> .nd story rear Room, between F'urth and I ighlh avenue*, price nut over $Ai per week ; permanent f?r Summer if suited Address HALIFAX, Herald Uptown Hranch office, \ GENTLEMAN and WIFE HE-IKE "two "rooms ? \ and Hoard in a strictly private family. In a good In ? atton. alwtve Fourteenth stre. t; none others need a?.*fr Address, with term*, GOOD.- PEED, ii East I FswMitli street. \QBBTLRMAN add WIFE, OR GKNTLEMBN wanting l wo Koom-, good Hoard and a coiiilortablo home ta a small private family can call at '~i West Nine teenih street \ORNTL?MAN OF HIGH STANDING DBttlBl - A furnished Koom. with Hoard, in a private family, | where Uo re are no other boarders, the In st rcierences given. Address F. , box Itt lleral I office. A LADY AND TWO WINS, UNDER SIXTEEN, DE ?Ire comfortable accommodations between Four teenth aad Thirtieth streets. Fourth and >i*tli avenues; u rin- Bot lo eaceed p> r month r ferences .? changed, aad a*ein?BMj>t u suited Addfias J. L. If., UuaL u?v?s HOARI) A\l> IDDWIO WAWTMP. Ayouno man, with unexceptionable REF erencea, desire*. permanently, n will lurinshed single Room, with Partial Board onlv, In a private Ameri can family. or with but lew boarder*; central location. Address, with terms, wblcb mum be moderate, BANK, llcrald office. A LADY WISMKS To OBTAIN BOABD IN A FRENCH or other private family. Address B., 119 Fulton street, Sow York. Ayouno couple desire board in vicinity Of Broadway, between Eighteenth and Twenty clghtli streets; will lie permanent It' milted. Addrcas,

slating all particulars, BOM V Alt, Herald ottlco. A LADY DBS1BBS A MEDIUM SIZED KdOM, UN furnished, witli Board, aliout the last week In April, In a private tamily or where there ure tow hoarder*. Ad dress, with terms, which must be moderate, L. A. B., Brooklyn Brunch Herald offlce. A GENTLEMAN AND WIKK DESIRE BOARD IN . V tho tamily of a widow, and where there are no other boarders; to a ladv wishing to reduce expenses thi* i? a chance neldoni offering. Ada reus RETIRED, box 2UU Herald Uptown Branch office. Board and lodging wanted? at a moderate price, in a genteel tamily, residing helow Fourteenth street, liv a young man from Virginia, cany to please. Address R. , station O, Board wanted? by a gentleman and wife, In a very small, quiet family ; a handsomely tur nislied Room, witli large closet*; Board lor lady only; neighborhood must lie retired ; terms $20 to per week. Address ALPHA, box 147 Herald offlc:\ Board wanted? on Murray hill, prom ist ot May, by a small tamilv; well furnished second story, with private table: Filth or Madison avenue pre ferred. Addre** BAY WARD, Herald office. Board wanted. -a gentleman would LIKE to make arrangements with a private family own ing their house for a permanent home, loeated ubove Forty second street, between Sixth and Lexington ave nue*. Address (jUIET, box too Herald office. Hoard wantrd, by a gentleman and wife, in a private family; one or two nicely furnished Rooms, on second Moor; private table; references ex changed. Address, stating lull particulars, 0. II. D., Herald office. Board wanted? within walking distance ol' Stewart's, by a lady engaged In business; terms not to exceed $7 per week ; ruiorences. Address II. M., Herald .ifflce. Bouo wantbd? by a young gbntlexan, in a private f'nmllv. Address, with fall particulars, II. J., box 107 Herald office. Board wanted? for a young lady <eng. Ilslit, engaged out during the d.iv; a plain family, w here no other boarders are taken, preferred ; price must Is' moderate. Address, with terms, NEW YORK INK COMPANY, -'it Broadway Board wanted- fob gentleman, wife, child and nurse; BrlVltfl table, or whore there are no other boarder* . terms not to exceed Sin per week ; refer ence given and required. Address 11. K. 11, llerald Up IN ii Branch offlce. Board wanted? in a private family, for an elderlv lady and throe sons, between Thirty-fourth and Fourteenth strata, Fourth and Sixth avenues; term* mii-t be moderate. Please address E. J. M., oaro E. S, .laflray A Co., 3SU Broadway. Bt)ARI? WANTBD? FOB FOUR ADULTS, WITH three untui nii-ticd Rooms, between Fourteenth and Twenty third streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues; term* $|i?i per mouth. Address A. D., Herald Uptown Hi -.meli, office. BOARD WANTED? SECOND floor ONLY, WITH private table ; permanent: no children; location up town, west side preferred. Address, stating number of rooms, HIIAkM'EAHK, Herald Uptown Branch office. PARI. OR AND BEDBOOM WANTBD? WITH Pltl vate table, in a private tamily (German preferred), by two adult* . price not over $<.'> a Week ; also good Room tor one person, riot over $.'!) No boarditighouse keepers need apply. Address M.. box 5, Oil I'ost office. UM ALL ItOOM AND BOARD IN A ItKFl N ED V A M ILY ij wanted, tor twi ? brothers, IS and 17 years old, em ployed durum the day ; are Intelligent and kind ; willing tn !><? in Hili- iis<i(ul. eldest plavs piano nicely. Address PERMANENT, box 112 Herald Uptown Branch office. "\VT ANTED? BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A COM ?? lortable Room, with or without Board, with a party wlwre c iiniorts ol a home can lie enjoyed ; slate terms. Address AMOlt. box l.'Vi llerald office. AIT ANTED? A LARGE AND SMALL BEDROOM, vv w ith gaud Board, In a private family, in tho imme diate vicinit) ol Central Park or Prospect Park, lor two ladies, geiitli in in and rliild Address, with 1U1I particu lars, Imix 2,H7 New York Post office. TIT ANTED? BY A OKNTLKMAN AND WIFE, GOOD IT Hoard and well turnislied Boom; southern ex posure, aliove fourteenth street, west of Fourth avenue ; lull particulars and term*, which must lie moderate; references exchanged. Address 11. 11., box 3,147 Post office, Niiw York. \t ' ANTED? BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A NICELY H turn she t hull Room, with or without Board, with running water; house must lie tlrst class; lurailoii be tween Twentieth and Thirty-fourth streets. Address A. II , llerald Uptown Branch office. 11TANTED-A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH m or without Board, for single gentleman. Address, stating particular*, A., Ims i.'J: Post office. WANTRD? BOARD FOB GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND daughter <6 years old), trout Room, on second floor ; tu to $ per week private taiully prelerred. Address O. L. O., box I W llerald office WANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, TT tor two gentleiin n , Ninth ward and private tamily preferred. Address. statin* terms, Ac., which must bo moderate, BuAKD, box l.WS Post office. "IlTANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, BABY AND TT nurse. Hoard in a private ismity or where thore are few boarder*, in a healthy location, convenient to and within an hour's ride ol the city. Address, stating terms, Ac., Mr-. J. K, FOWLER, M) vve?t Fortjr-fmh street. II'ANTED? BY A W1D<?W LADY." TWO UNFUR T T nlslied trout Rooms and Closets, with Breakfast, second or third floor, between Sixth and la'xiligton ave nues and Fourteenth and Thirtv fourth streets; terms must be moderate; references given. Address 8 , box I,IM9 I'ost office. WANTED? BY A LADY, TWO UNFURNISHED Rooms, with lloaril . term* moderate; location central. AddrensJ. f.. Herald office. ilTANTED? FOI'R I'NFl RMsllKD ROOMS WITH TT Board, tor four adults and two children, between Fourteenth and Fiitv nititli street*. term* must be mode rate. Address BOARD, 5*1 Broadway, room 7. TITAN TED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND W I KE, ON E IT turnislied large Room, with alcove, or Boom with sinali one connecting, in a private tamily or where there are hut a tew boarders; terms per month during tho Summer; permanent If suited : location between Four teenth and Fiftieth streets, west side. Address A. G.. Herald Uptown Branch office. ( WANTED- BY MAY I, SECOND STORY WOHt yy Room and Bedroom: also third story Front anil Bed Room; Board and location must lie good; lor six adults. Address COMFORT, SI Morton street. WANTED? PERMANENT BOARD FOB MARRIED couple; essentials, respectable tamily. Room, with closets, dinner a' 6, mo lerate terms, walking distance from address. Address hM PLOY MEN T OFFICE, L'I5 West Thirtieth street WANTBD? TWO ROOM# (ONE LARGE, i SECOND floor prelerred), partly turnislied, with Board, lor gentleman unit lady, below Twcntv third street anil be tween I bird and Sixth avenues, lor the Hummer, if good table; references exchanged. Addre-s R. A., box 1M llerald office. Wants d? by a gbntlbm an, wi fe~an d n c rse also two ladies and one ^><ntleman. furnished lodg ings. with Board, or without. It near a dm i las* hotel; above Thirty-fourth street, near the Park preferred; price not to exceed (W, with Board. Address O. W. P., 44s Broome street. " \\' ANTED? BOARD Folt A FAMILY OF FOUR yy udults; twoor three Rooms. Address, with U-ruis, II. B. H . box IB Station a. \\ TAN T E D? B Y A G ENTLEM AN AND wl FE. O N R if or two nicely furnished Room*, with Board for lady only; location berwecn Fourteenth and I h I r t > -lourth streets and Third and Sixth avenues ; terms f IS to 111 per week; if suited will remain through tbe Summer Ait dress, stating particulars, U. P. B., llerald I ptowu Branch offlce. ? ' "IlTANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, A Fl RMSIIED IT Room, with breakfast and tea or breakfast only, in a respectable American or German tamily (no Israelltesi ; location east side, wltlun ten block* u< Fiftieth Street. Address, with terms and particulars, W. S., box If ) llerald Uptowu Urauvli gilluo. kiiooklW b?AUi>V <J?i" PER WKEK.-A LABOR FRONT ROOM, WITH ?J>*J excellent Hoard ; first clM Meighborho'sl flit<-?n minutes trom Uulton or Catharine ferry; family private; references exchanged. 120 Third place. ______ Ofk STA'I K, NEAR HENRY STREET, BROOKLYN.? 'JVJ This house has been renovated and newly fur nished lor boarder*. Oentlemen will And large. air y Rooms, with excellent Board, only a lew minutes' walk troni South and Wall street lerries Oentlemen requiring hoard li>r tin- Summer rnny apply at ahove. A LADY, BBSIDINO REAR CUMTOK AV'ENTK^ Brooklyn, will rent a pleasant hack Ptrlor, adjoin ing cheerlul sitting room ami verandah, with excellent Hoard, Washing and Mending, to a gentleman appre ciating apleasant h'>ma ; 25 tniouM* to all lerries. Ad dress B. 8., box 1,889 Post ofllce. \N ELE<! ANT Sl'IT OK ROOMS. HANDSOMELY furnished, with lull or partial Board . second story of house, owned hv the occupants, who have no hoarder* or children ; located In a rtrat class neighborhood, utiout 1ft minutes' walk Irom either Brooklyn lurries; will let to a gentleman ol retried habits ; to one who can appreciate neatness or real comfort; will And eve vtliing that h desirable; a liberal compensation required an I refer dices exchanged. Address CENTRAL, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. HOTKL*. 4 NORLL'S TURKISH AM) ELECTRIC BATHS, SI J\ Lexington a venae.? Rooms lor gentlemen or fami lies, transient or permanent, with or without meals; pri vate taldc II desired. Baths open all night. / 1 ALLEN HOUSE, 106 HUDSON STREET, CORNER \J of Laight.? Excellent Hoard, $<> to $7 ftO per week, with single Room ; single Room, without board, $2 ami lit wards; Lodging, 30 cents, gentlemen only. Open all night. L'urnisiied rooms at west twenty-si xtJ i I street.? Invalids can have Swedish movements, health lilt, vapor niul electric haths carefully und tcien titlcally applied, under the supervision ol an experienced physician. IIBBV HOTEL, M W A R REN STREET, ONE BLOCK J Iroin City llall.? Rooms, ftd cents a day. $2 to $.< a week ; lamily Rooms, #1 to <1 .VI a day, $4 to S10 a week. Madison square house, buoadway and Twi nty-drst street ? Remrnished and refitted. An | tleu'nnt Suit of Knoius, parlor flour, corner, for rent, with | Board ; private table If desired ; also a lew other Rooms, ; VEW EN'OLAND HOTEL, 3" BOWERY, CORNER OP | Bayard street.? it*! light Rooms, neatly turnlshed; fttk or6 ?c. permght; $2 &0 to $4 per week. Kor gentle men only. OAT?\N BOUSE, 31 BOWERY, CORNER BAYARD , street. ? Rooms en suite or singly, with or without I Hoar I 7ftc., >1 per night. yJTURTRVANT HOUSE. BROADWAY. TWENTY. | i ' eighth and Twentv-nlnth streets. New York, Aiaeri | can plan $1 a day ? This hotel has elevators, all modern I imuioVeuKiits; situated m the great hotel centre. LfaWi* p P> .LJfcLA^U, JVvillWtUUh B COimTR V BOARD. An aged lady or two ok three children t-aii be accoininodaied with good country Hoard t y addressing ?*. J. It., Chatham, Morris county, N. J. A? COUNTRY BOARD. -THOSK WISHING H< t A Kl > . from the 1st of April or May. in bealthv locality, apod fable, terms moderate, will please address w.m It. ELMER, Cornwall landing, Orange county, N, V. Ref erences given and required. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BK ACCOMMODATED with Hoard, neat And pleasant room*, tine view ot Hay anil Narrows, in a private family, on State n Island, Hu minutes trotn cttvi terms moderate. Address COM FOitT^box 169 Herald office. AOBVtUUUK WW AND NUR8B WISH QOOD plain Board tor Summer season, on a farm, within one hour's ride trom City Hall; must Ikj a healthy _loca lion ; prico not to exceed $^0 per we?k. Address W. W., Herald Uptown Branch office. OABD from may 1-AT A. p. SMITH'S, NYACJC. inquire at 8 wM Tvntira street btfbri l P. M. Board wantbd? for a gentleman, wire and child, within an hour of cltv. Address, giving lull particulars. F. C. K., box 4,1 III New Yi.rk Post ottice. Board wanted at new Brighton.? a party of three adults wish to secure two Rooms and Board for the Summer at New Brighton Address, with full particulars, W. II. c., 4S Howard street, New York. Board wanted? fora oentleman, wife, two small children and nurse, within easy distance trom the city. Address, with full particulars, 8UUEEZ IC'S, Herald ottice. Board FOB FAMILIES OR ADULTS CAN BE OB tallied at a farm residence easy of access; terms moderate. Apply to MOODY A CO., IBS Broadway. CIOUNTRY HOARD. -FIRST CLASS BOABD FROM J Mar 1, at a farmhouse, at Upper Aquebogue, Long Island, i5 miles per rail trom Hunter's Point, irom at Jainegporf, salt water bathing (Peconle Bav) off the (arm, three-quarters of a mile from the house; nice rooms, piano, house well shaded, lawn, groves; also splendid drives and location healthy: terms $S, rhtl Irca $/>. Addroxs E. H. WELLS, Jr., Upper Aquobogue, Suf folk county, Long Island, N. Y. ZIOITNTRY BOARD ON THE HUDSON. -EVANS \J House, Tarrytown, will be opened May 1 lor the re ception of guests. Those wishing to engage Rooms can sec the proprietor at the house. COUNTRY HOARD IN OREENVTLLE, N. J., 2tl M I N - utes by New Jersey Central road. Address box 39 Post office. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED? NEAR HARLEM RAIL roail, within 10 miles of Grand Central depot, br a young gentleman, with an American private family, where there are but few or no oilier boarders; unexcep tionable references. Address MERCANTILE, box 1 3J Herald office. piIKAP BOARDING? MORRI8ANI A. ?CONVENIENT \J Floor or single Room ; good Board ; private family. Apply to Mrs FIRM IN, 114 East Thirtieth street, New York, or Mrs. EDWARDS, Washington avenue, tiear de pot, Morrliania. I EXCELLENT COUNTRY BOARD.? GLEN COVE, TBH in 1 ii ii t<- s fVoni depot; terms moderate. Address FARMHOUSE, Pott office, Glen Cove. IjllRST CI. ASS BOARD ? DELHI IITFUI- ROOMS; 80 1 minutes trom New York ; near Erin Railroad depot; terms low. Address 8, M. F., Rutlierfiird Park, N. J. I HIRST CLASS BOARD? AT TAItRYTOWN, FROM 1 May 15, with plenty of cream, milk, eggs, Ac., for families and singlo gentlemen; house lias modern conve niences, ample grounds and commands a line river view. For terms apply at 1 1H West Kourteenih street. ORANGE.? GOOD BOARD AND PLEASANT ROOMS in a private family ; terms moderate. Address box iO'i Post ollico, Orange. N. J. PERSONS OR FAMILIES CAN BK ACCOMMODATED with Board for the Summer at Montgomery, Orange countv , references exchanged. Address WM. TOPPING, Montgomery, Orange county. TITANTED ? AT NEW BRIGHTON, 8. I., OR NEIGH ?f borhood, a convenient, large, airy Room or two Rooms connecting, with Hoard, by a gentleman mid wile ; unfurnished preferred. Address J. C. 8., box 4,748 Post office, New York. WITHIN ? MINUTES OF NEW YORK (PLEASANT house .iiitl grounds).? Good Board and nlco Rooms can he obtained at moderate prices. Address F. G. D., Herald office. TIT ANTED? IN THE COUNTRY, BOARD FOR THE Vt season, for lady with two children, within 40 miles of New Yol k, and easv of access; private family preferred. Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, O. B. L., box 475 New York Post office. WANTED? BOABD FROM MAY 1, IN THE COUN try, within ll? hours' ride of New York city, for a gentleman, wife, three children ami nurse; two or three Rooms wanted ; must be on seashore or high ground. Address C., No. 7 Mercer street. RUMMER RENOKTH. ASTORIA HOUSE, ASTORIA.? SUPERIOR SUMMER Residence, with elegant apartment* and table; boarders tor the season at moderate terms; easy access by car or boat to New Y ork. ? AT MARK'S HOTEL? NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN Island.? This favorite resort, with its beautiful Grounds anil Cottages attached, is u?w belntr put In thor ough order lor the coining Season, anil will open on or about the first of May. For terms and other inloruiatlun apply ut the Hotel, or address O. DE CAM P, Proprietor. riOZZBNS* \ J WEST POINT HOTEL will open on or about the first day of June. Three Cot tages to let. with Board III hotel. Special terms ottered to parties taking board lor the season. For particulars ad dress EDWARD COZZBNS, West Point, N. Y. /lORTLANDT PARK HOUSE, CRUGER'S STATION, \J on the Hudson River, 1^ hours from New York, will be open June 1.? This house has a splendid locality and furnished new, and with its accessible advantage;- w.mld recommend it to those wishing Hoard tor the Summer. T. W. ROBINSON, Proprietor. TTEATH HOUSE, SOHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINUS, J 1 Morris county, New Jersey, will be open for tin- re ception ot guest* June 1. A|>i>ltcai iuii tor rooms can lie made by mull or personal! v at the Coleman Home, Broad wa.v, New York, wliore tlie proprietor, with plan* ot the hotisc. can be seen every Wednesday, from 12 until O'clock. J. WARREN COLEMAN, Proprietor. JA TOURF.TTE HOUSE, BE HORN POINT, J N. J., 30 minutes from the city, will open May I. Special Inducement* mudn to families apply invr early. Most accessible house within the suburbs of New York, l.ow fare by rail or boat. K. McMlCH AEL, Proprietor. Mountain housr, south oranor, xomtrosb SUitloti, N. J.? This favorite tlrst class hotel is open tor the spring and Summer ?eaaon ; it has ail the con veniences anil comforts ot a city hotel; ft) minutes trotn loot ol Harclay street, via Morris and Essex Railroad; .'U trains daily. Extra induce me tits ottered to parties wish ing Immediate Hoard. C. HITZELBURORR, Proprietor. Mansion housr, on the tbrrace, new Hrl - . - iVI Brighton, staten Island ? A first class family resort; ?.'? minute Irotn Wall street by boats from foot atroet, every hour Address Mrs. KoBEBT L. BU< Mansion house, larchmont manor? ig on New Haven Railroad ; aea bathing, boating, bil liards. bowling alley; large airy rooms; lawn ami shade; accommodation lor horses. Apply at 33 Fifth avenue. WM. SHAW. Mount prosprci house, montclair, n j.? I his deliKhtfui summer retreat will reopen May 1. Apply as above, Montvert hotki., midhletown SPRINGS, VT - Thls new und elegant house, sltualeil on the hill overlooking the village of Mlddletown, will open June I; accommodation lor Jm quests; teas, water, large, airy rooms und spacious halls make it second to none tor Sum mer. The mineral springs near this house have grown rapidly in Popular tavor, unit the invalid, pleasure seeker and ill look inn lor health and comfort will Hnd every ail \ milage here . j.rii es moderate and everything llrst class. 1> OuoI.irTLF, Proprietor, 121 West Forty first street, New York Madison llousc, New Haven, Conn. IJALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will he opened on or about the 1st ot May. For terms, A . addrcs* ? o/./.ENS A MURRAY, Englewood, N. J. lllYKRHIDE HOTKI., CARMANSVILLE, FOOT OP JV l'?2d street. North Kiver, has been thoroughly refitted and newly furnished ; will be open for the reception of Kuest?i>n or ahou' the Istot M i v. Applications lor Rooms received at the hotel by the undersigned. 8 r PAI IX O. Dt'NCALP, ilOI NIi IIII.I. IIM1 KL Noltl HAMPTON, M ASv ? 1~ N IV paralleled drive*, scenery, boating, groves, foun tains, Ac . climate health) f. vers and ague link tiown , water cure dim ontinued terms flU.MJto $-1 per week; special rates to families Send stamp for circular. I BAD PULLER, Superintendent. C. Rtm, Secretary. OT JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J.-EK1HT fi tnltiuti s from Jers-v City ferrv, c.rtlandt or l>es brosjH-s stn ets , Pennsylvania Railroad; bcaoUlul loca 'i n ret claw table, elegantly furnished Rooms, en aulte or singly , all modeiu improvement* , boating, driving, good stabling, Ac "rpUK PARK ilOUSR.o A "private" Family 1 hoardm? bonne. establish* I 12 year*, at Blnoinfleld, N J., oilers ?ir -t class accommodations to families or single per?oti? at moderate t?rii es: rooms large, airy and dellitbttully situate I , f ur minutes from two depots, good stabling Address J W IIO W ELL. U'OOHSIIURO PAVILION WitODsiC^irr I Tills magnificent hotel will tie opened June I , can be readied hv South side I .otic island Railroad ; lor terms, Ac., address M P. SEW ELL, Proprietor, f ? It > I I I KK. Am HON NOTICE. AUCTION NOTICE. Large sale of Household Furniture, To morrow Monday) m<>rnui4, commencing at O'clock, at private residence I2?i Meat Twenty third street, near math avenue, vu I'lanoiorte, Parlor Suits, Centre Table*, Mirror*, larpeta, Fundings, Bron/.es, Chamber ">uit?. lie uu.ids, Bun *ti?, w ardrob> ?, hair and spring Mattresses, Imihiu R??ini, Basement and kiicln n t urniturv. N. 11 ?For particulars of sale see Monday's Herald. A? A.? A ? 1 JO WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.? A ? private lamilr declining housekeeping, and not wishing to have a public auction, will sell all their ele gant Household OihhIs In lots to suit cash purchasers; magnificent Parlor Suits, covered in crimson satin bro Catel, cost $G<?, for tiVJ ; one do #2'0; rep Suits fid to $7.V Be droom suits $4o upwards complete ; Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, hair and spring Mattresses; fWa? yards Carpet 5dc per yard; Inning Kootn, Basement and Kitchen iuriuture. aUo mainillcent Plauoforto. cost $9#u, for $230; other articles too numerous to mention ; i ll i before purchasing elsewhere, at private houae iao West Twenty. ilurd street, ucar sixth avenue. B. R. MARTEN. N. n ? House open to day (Sunday) or Monday lor in spection. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT HOUSEHOLD FUR nlture for sale? At a sacrifice ; Parlor Suits, covered silk brocade, cost $?">S >. lor t-UU; do., $175, do. $4ii; Piano forte, Etag- re.s Paltitlngs.j Bron/.es, Carpets, Chamber, Hitting Furniture; Silverware; can be seen this day; property family leaving city. 3# West 15th st, near Mb avenue. ASPLENIMD MIRROR?RICH OOLD FRAME, CON nectlng cornices and ba*e, latest style ol orna ments, plate llU hv 2rt inches Anv person wtshlnx a beautiiul article cheap can see the same, at private house, by addressing MIRROR, Ucruld Uptown Branch ottico. , A PRIVATE FAMILY, BREAKING UP HOUSR. keeping, will dispose ol their Furniture In pieces to suit the purchasers. Any one wishing to purchase please vull at 11} pm 31*1 lUvvi. bet, JLmiiunUM and uto _ FURNITURE. J ^ ? DEURAAF * TA?LOR, Wholesale and Retail Dealer*. 87 and H9 Bowory, have now on exhibition ihelr new Spring stock of Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Suits* new patterns, at reduced prices. The largest stock in the city to select from. Branch storo 81 Fourth avenue, near A. T. Stewart fcj Co. 'a. J, ^ CARD, GEO. A. CLARKK, 717 Broadway, desires to call especial attention to his popular method of furnishing tine t'ariietn, Furniture, Upholstery, Par^ lor Beds, Ac. Parties desirous ot availing themselves o{ the advantages of the Instalment system in the furnish* ing of tholr houses or apartments are assured thatevery endeavor will foe made lo till their orders with prompM ?less mill satisfaction. A-storaqk. . 8TORAQF. for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORSj PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES. WAGONS, Ac., ttt the NEW FIRST CI.ASS W AREIIOUSE, bulltVxnresily lor the purpose, Ktt TO 114 KArtT thirty-second STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVKNUK. TRUNKS, CASKS and other PACKAGES containing articles of EXTRA, VALUE can be stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persona can forward their goods Irom any part of EC ROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is inviteil to examine the superior ac? com modatlons, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which thi* warehouse possesses over all ojhen. q morreu<j owner aad Proprietor. A -CARPETS, Furniture, Bedding, A Oilcloths, Lace Curtains, Window Shades, Blankets, Comforters, 4c., ^ at verv low prices, ut the large wholesale and rctaSf warerooms, 500 to 516 Eighth avenue, corners ot Thirty?, tilth aud Thirty-sixth streets. IJ. KELLY. I successor to H. O'Farroll. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FURNli tore and Bedding at lowest cash prlccs. hy weekly > instalments, at O'FARRELL'S Warehouse, 411) Eighth av-1 ejiue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-first streets. All thb furniture of family? carpets,* Bedding, Pictures, Household Utensils, everything s cost 9430, for $200; extraordinary opportunity for family, commencing housekeeping. Ail Fullou street, Brooklyn,' top floor. ~j A GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO PURCHASE FORj cash the entire Furniture of a four story house, must) be hatiilsome aad complete, for housekeeping. Aadrosw TURN BULL, Herald office. A PARLOR SUIT FOR MO OP TO $1,000, AT PORT-f INGTON BROTHERS, 542 Hudson street and 107.4 Charles stroet 1 Established 23 years. Eighth avenue cars pass the door. At bendalls oli? stand-furniture oabJ pels and Bedding, cheap for cash, or by weekly aniC monthly payments. C. E. CAN NON, 209 and 211 Hudson street, corner Canal. ^ A CHANCE FOR HOCSEKKKPEItS.-PIUVAT^ family will dispose ot their elegant Household Fum niture at a sacrifice, part or whole, to suit parchaser( Parlor Suits in satin and brocatel. Chamber Suits In reps* magnificent rosewood 7'4 ociavu four round Pianoforte! also one grand square 7 octave; Chamber and Dining Furniture, Paintings, Ornaments, Ac. Call this day ofl Monday at privato residence 210 West 21st St., comes 7th avenue. ^ A PARTY DESIROUS OF LEAVINO THE CITY WII.I( sell a small quantity ot Furuituro very low. To bq seen at 99 Sixth avenue. A -WANTED, FOR CASH, FURNITURE, CARPETS. ? Pianos, Mirrors, Ac., to furnish a largo country house ; will take small lots or entire house. W. HASTINGS, station <\ New York, t T A GREAT 8A0RIFl0fe IF CALL 09 MONDAY, All private residence ii:t West Eighth street (CUntoaj place), between Filth and Sixth avenues.? Magnificent, latest style Parlor Suit, nearly new, cost $575, lor $175; one do. tor $151: brocatel and rep Suits, $76 and $50; rose wood and walnut Chamber Suits, $35 up ; velvet Brussels Carpets, 50c. ap ; Pianoforte, Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains.) Buffet, Extension Table, Silverware, Ac., for any reason-' able offer. Call belorj purchasing elsowUere. Cut thitf on(- J A HANDSOME PARLOR PLYMPTON BED FO? sale? Good as new; cost $250; will sell for $150. C&1L1 at or address .11 Morton street. j A BARGAIN. ? HANDSOME FURNITURE FOR SALE} Brussels Carpets, Parlor Suit of black walnut, crim son reps; black walnut and oak Suits, Kitchen Utensils^ Ac ; will be sold whole or in Suits, at 21 East Twentletu street. I A -PRIVATE SALE- TAPESTRY CARPETS, CURW . tains, Cornices, Furniture, Crockery and Glassware*) 205 East 112th street, Harlem. I BY CAMPBELL A CO.. AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE 54sf Hudson street.? Olve personal attention to auction i sales of Household Furniture at private residences; ten! years' experience ; moderate charges; lull returns dav oC sale. ?) Black walnut mirror front wardrobe price $75; Llllle Sale, combination lock. $35: 4(J yards Brussels Carpet, $2U. 815 Broadway, roi.m6;li> Iroin 9 till 1 only. ? C1ARPETS, J Furniture, Beds, Bedding, Ac. Payments taken by the week or mouth. Terms easy. KELLY A CO., corner of Twenty- fifth street and Sixth avenufi IjlLEGANr ROSEWOOD CHAMBER SET? BEDSTEADJ l Bureau and Commode, with splendid spring ana hair Mattress, city make ; original cost $750, at a great sacrifice. 92 l lark street, Brooklyn. T71URNITURE FOR THREE ROOMS TO RENT? AT A, r reasonable rate. Address A B. C., 114 West Twenty, second street. FURNITURE, CARPETS, BOOKS, PAMPHLETS ANDt Libraries bought for cash, at No. 4 University placc^ between I'liuton place aud Washington square. 50,00V volumes of Books for sale. /GENUINE OOBELIN TAPESTRY FURNITURE?. Warranted. Two complete, very elaborately carved rosewood antique massive frame Drawing Room suits. Louis XIV. style, pur< based at the imperial manufactory. Des Gobelins, IHi.H, owner going to Europe, for sale, at 228 Filth avenue, where It can be seen. /lOOD SECOND HAND AND MISFIT CARPETS lA) U specialty); all sizes; English, Brussels and Ingrain for sale cheap at 112 Fulton street, corner of Dutch. En trance on Dutch street. Monthly or weekly payment*? carper* Furniture, Bedding. *0. dealy * Cunningham, 384 and SM Hiiru avenue, near 1 weiity-'ji'.{ii(iii;Mit. Price* lower tiiau an f otuer n >u? 11 the city. ? ? 11 ? 1 - ? ? ?? . ??? ? ? 11 1. ? ? ? ?? - *40 tjkivate parties desirino to dispose oh* I their Furniture can meet witli a cash purchaser by aildresiug N. II. lr? bux :Wi Post otilce. O EGRET ARY ANI> SOFA BEDS. ?THE LARGEST? O variety ot any house In the 1 nitcd States, Payne's Patent*. [>epot 40 Bleeeker street. OTORAOR ANi? SAFE K K E I'INO FOR FURNITURE, O Baggage, Goods and Wtrci of all description*, in separate cloned compartments, always accessible ; good* raked on elevators; these are the oldest and most exten sive warehouses in America. n. O. IIAKGER, Eighth incline. Irora Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth streets. v rpiiK kurnIturk, cvrpets. mirrors, window I Shades, Sprint: Beds, feather Pillows, llalr, Wool, Moss, Musk 11 nd wraw Mattresses, Plated and Glassware. Kitchi'ii Furniture. Crockery, Refrigerator, Ac., nearly new, ol a three story house for sale at a bargain. Apply at 272 Classon avenue, near Ue Haiti, Brooklyn. A I ,r E E K LY A N D MONTHLY PAYMENTS fT)R KUR Vt rnturc, Carpets and Bedding, at It. M. COWPER TUWAIT A CO.'H, I.V> and 157 Chatham street. Aft Immense stock and low prices. w ARREN WARO A CO., Manufacturers aud wholesale and retail dealers. We believe that we have manufactured during th* Winter the best assortment of thoroughly good Furniture and Upholstery that can be found In this city. We invito the attention of buyers to our Stock, which wo are dis posed to sell at very low prices tor cash. Designs aud estimates furnished. 75 and 77 Spring street, corner of Crosby, j \lr ANTED ? A BLACK WALNUT BUFFET, LIBRARY ?T Table and d wart Bookcase, cheap lor cash. Dealer* need not answer Address, with price and full particu lars, l-T KNUTKE. box 1,612 New York Post office. W' ANTED? GOOD SECOND HA Vl? pr,D??? cash. Parties declining housekeeniiw^ 5* FOR g^paruculars. S. E, S? a^Tox* ottl* BriHsels^vI'l/et lapVsVrv SK('"N" HAND r Pnce, CARPET, box Address, y KRO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, Im Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero Ketri iterator. Excelsior Building, 224 West 23d street 9 (|A(1 WALNUT BEDSTEADS, CHAMBER SETS,! "?''UH Ac.,ol various grades; stylish designs; richly carved and trimmed with foreign wood ; warranted thor oughly seasoned and best workmanship; at much beloflT ordinary prices. At manufactory, 8w8 Hudson street BILL.1AKI>H. A 1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\ I . and the Phelan A ('oliender Combination cush ions, munutactured and lor sale onlv by the Inventor and patentee, II. W COLLE.N DEB. successor to Phelan A Cullender, 738 Broadway. New 1 offc. II ?LATEST DESIGNS OF BILLIARD TABLES AND 1\ I ? all appurtenances connected with the trade: special attention to private trade. J GEORGE E. I'll ELAN, No. 7 Barclay street. I /GREATEST INDUCEMENTS EVKR OFFERED TO if purchasers ol Billiard Tables,? Now Is your time ta call and examine my splendid stock of Tables at greull,* reduced prices; Billiard Tables complete for flSP. W. II. GUI t' FIT 11, 40 Ycsey street. N'gw 5X11) BILLIARD TABLES, COMPLETB, FOR?SOO. Nonpareil and Bevel Tables In great variety ; second ban I Tables made over new, complete. $200 to $275, K A. V \ N A II A UM'KEIt, corner oi Canal aud Contre streets. TO LET OR FOB SALE? A FIRST CLASS FOUR, pocket Billiard Table. Apply to or address C. M, HE ELY, 138 West Twenty first street j TWO F.LEO ANT, NEW, FIRST CLASH, 5X.0 CAROJ# Billiard Tables tbcvelled) lor sale atsarritlce; balls, . rues, Ac., included. CHARLES KLEIN, " 1 - "nri Iirr*"iM? IH1 Yi nijlif T if ? iir "?try 1

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