Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1873 Page 11
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'MTlUVriOKN W*STED-FEMAbK?. Cuoki. <M. nnw A V , , CORNER OK OTH ST.-A FIRST CI,.!5?* Oerwau coi.k lu u highly respectable American tfcaaiU. n q east md St.? a mreoTAUiK qibt. as cook DtJ or in a>>i*i w ill wiisIiImi unit trolling in a -mall private lumll.v ; good city reiereuce. Can be seen at her present employer's. _ r?A Ka.-t ii- r sr., xi.wt MADISON AV.-A RE. O" spot-table g.ri ** cook ; is un excellent liakci ami is arilHnu t<> usslat at wn -hlug ami ironing ; "No willing to |o ta Hit' country iu aimnor months; beat city reference. ' D7 WEST Will ST.-A RESPECTABLE JfoUNO | U I ?ii l a- pla >1 <?< < K., washer anil irouer ; betttciiy ret- 1 srence Irotn last place. Q-l (iRKKN ST.? A FIRST t'l ASs rWiOB OOCM iJJ. ili"4ri ? a ailiui.iou good reference. IA7 WEST 1ST 1 1 sr.? A COMPETENT VOl'.VO 111 I woman an co 'taad to asaist iu washing and iron ing: best city reference 107 WK ' 1 ,8TH - rop KLOOB. BACK.? AN B1 l'.{ 4 perleaced woman as flrst clasx cook; understands all kinds ui mcuu. m up-, pa -.try aud jetm-a; best city id BrOncc Oallioriwo lays. ljlQ " sr 13TH ST.?TH <V.-A .RESPECTABLE s-Vt/ young wotunn as , noil, w a - 1 1 ? ? i- > tid irour in a 1 ?in .11 family; no ?bje''tti u to ?o u short distance iu the Country. |(itl W|iST_. l.vrii i;ai; uni w i:ar ly.'' Iiou?e.? a. ilrst eta*-- cook ; nude r -tand? all kinds HI meats; soups, iie?*urts; is excellent baker; i>est city reference inn WE T IflTH ST.. TOP FLOOR. MtO.VT ROOM, !."?/ reur (louse. ? A respectable young girl to cook, (Mk.>h a i l iron iu a private laiuily, excellent baker; ciiy reference. mWRST 4CT11 ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOT'NH girl as cook, washer and irouer; beat city reier nice. Un west sr., X. a - 6TH AT.? A RESPECTA ?/ hie woman tocookaud assist with wax' inn and .roiling; neat and lldy in the kitchen , exo.'lleut city ref erence. IOO WEST 30TH ST.-RE.sPK( TABLE WOMAN AS L+J^d first cla-s cooic ; understands all kinds 01' laini y soufcing, French und I nglish soup.-, iresh meat, paltry, sreams, elites and leaseris; an excellent baker; willing jo take entire charge ot a ki chen it required ; 111 objec tion lo bo a short distance in the country ; best city and Colintr.i rcici eiKc. 1 all li.r two days. |OK WEST :son 1 sr.. BETWEEN 0TH AMD 7T4 i-j't aVs.? A respeciahle sirl as cook; no objection lo Hal 1 wlto the wa -h ng; good city reierence. 1 OO WEST 28TII ST.. BETWEEN til 11 AND 7TH jlOO art. ? A re p<-ctable young ulrl as good cook 111 a small priva'e lainily . wllhug lo assist in the washing sud iroiua^ ; is an 0 ic ; ? . ? 1 1 1 baker ; best city refereuce. I 07 V.M..T X<>. .". ? A I! IISI'KC r A loj ble girl as plain cook ; w ihinu to us.-i.~t with the trashing. j I | o v.l - I lin il ST'-, lll'AK,? A TRUSTWORTHY L i ? yiiuiiK woman (In lishi a ? good cook ; exci ilciit tvasher and Irouer ; uo ob.ectious to tlio country; best feierehces. t uii tor two days. I \ A WEST 40T11 ST.? AS OOOD COOK, WASHER Ltct: and lroner 111 ft piivate lainily; best city rof'er >noe. _ I 1Q Wi-ST Kill ST.? AS FIRST OLAS MEAT AND pa-try cook ; tlioroughly understands her btisi ne;sln ail iu branches; no -objection 10 a class board ing houi e ; city or country. 1/IQ WEST 17111 ST.. NEAR 7TI1 AV.. SIX'IIND JL'^ t/ (ioor.? A lewiiectalilu woman ?s-;ood cook and to assist will, washing; i? a ha- er: best city rclereili-e. 1 K7 80TH ST., NEAR 7TH AV., IN ?.ill-; STORE.? I 4 As competent cook and g?.o 1 baker; willing to <lo 1 the coarse wash in;; ii required ; best city rcicrcncc tor honesty and sobriety. 1 WEST 3SD sr. -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS ItJ'J cook, iu city or country; good city roler-nco 1( required. 1 C(\ h A ST ttOTU ST., THIRD K L( >OK, FRONT ROOM.? ItJt/ v young girl as good plain cook, washer, ironur ?r luunilre-s in small private family ; short distance .ruin City no oh.iect. JfiO .WE87T STB ST., rHIRD FLOOR.? TWO GIRLS; UO one as good cook ; understand- all kind* oi' soups, lilies, sweetmeats, mius, Ac.; the otlu-r a* seamstress nd to do ii little cbainl'Crwork ; unit 'l-- lands Wheeler A Wilson's machine: embroiders on ilannel, merino or ilnen; beat city reference 101 both. 9(11 WEST MTH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; ? SUl one as good plain cook, wnslicr and ironer ; tins other as chambermaid and w aitress and to a.-eisl with washing and ironing ; tirst cla-s city relereuce. Q|19 WEST 25111 ST.? TWO YOUNG GIRLS, sis tersjone as good plain cook, the other as cham bermaid and waiirefs. in a private family, or will do the washing between tin 111 it required ; both are lull v compe tent; city relerence. on," EAST SUTll ST.. NEAR 3D AV.? AS COOK 1M <j"'1 a small lamily; is Milling and obliging; soups >nd desserts oi all kinds. WB IT NTH ST., rHIRD FLOOR.? A PROTEST* L.\ It) mil woman as gc.od cook and baker, and would insist Willi 1 lie washing nn.i ironing . ko "1 reieronee. 9(i|; EAST ai'l'll >T.? A HESIM-.ctaRLE WOMAN Ld\ ID as eonk. washer and ironer, in a i.rivute lamily ; good city reverence. 907 WES1 WTH ST - AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN ??'' I as llrst rale cook: is an excellent baker; c.111 soiue well rccouitneud; 110 objection to go in the coun try. f>"lh WEST 27TII ST., BETWEEN 7TII AND ST1I ?t Al" avs. ? A competent pcr.-on as first cla-s cook in the country; is an excellent bread and biscuit bukcr; best ret. rente. Q11 WEST MTH ST., IN THE REAR.? A PR0T8S ' i 1 taut girl as good cook und laundress ; is a good bread, biscuit and pastry baker; understands soup-, meats and .tellies o all kinds; 110 objection to going iu the country ; good run re nee. t all lor two days. 9 1 I AST 25TH .-T., BtiTWFEN 21 > AND 3D A VS.? Alt) T\.u respoctalie young girls, sisters, together; Uiie as good cook, w a-lier an 1 ironer ; the other us chum tiermai I nnj waitress or to Uiac care of baby; best city references. 91Q WEST 1VTB sr. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN dmilCy h- coi k 111 a private lamily; understands all kinds oi lamily > ookiug; ill ussist w itli the coarse wash ing. Can lie teen one uay. > 991 WEST 331' H ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE OlRLS; one as llrst elites cook, the other as chamber maid; 110 obicctluu to a private boarding house; good city relereuce. 090 WESr 10 I'll ST., NEAR 7IH A V.? AN EX pcriencecf woman as cook in a ] ru ate family; understands her business p, rfi clly and ha . the most suits factory city leiercnee. Cau be seen until suited. OO^i EAST WTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT 4mi+J~T room.? As llrst class cook ; understands French, English and American Cooking thoroughly , six vear.s' excellent city relerence troui last place. 909 EAST 45TH ST ., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D A VS.? AS llrst cluss cook ; understands ml kind- ol cook ?? I njc ; is nil exeelieiil baKer. w a-her and ironer. Rest eiiy * ' wierenee. 9O/I EAST 28TII sr.? A RESPECTABLE ENOLJSII girl as llrst elas> cook ; best city relerence. *}?> A EAST 28TH ST.? TWO RESPF.CTAIiLE VOl.NO ZOt girls; one as ;ooil cook, washer and I rone r, llio other as ehambei maid and waitn -s and assi- 1 in w ash lug ; gooil city reiereuec. 0411 Irom lu till Jo'etoefc. ' O'Jt! EAST 41 ST ST., *TH FLOOR.? TWO SISTERS, aOU (Proles anu> ; one as cook, washer and Ironer, other as chumi erinaid and waitri ss; excellent city reier ences; city or country. Oil WEST 27T1I ST. ? \ GOOD COOK WOULD AS atI -i-t with the washing; no objections to thu coun try ; reference, <> J 7 EAST 28TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR.? AS GOOD ji't I cook, washer as 1 Iroiu r : no objection to go a snort ttlstai wc in the country ; good city relerence. 9 1 ( | WEST 8IST Si'., OR ICERV STORK.? TWO sisters, to go together : one as lir-t class cook; 1 other as mtrsu and chambermaid ; uest eity relerence. i ? -1 WEST 36 1' H ST.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS Z*'l cook and to assist 111 washing In 11 small private lamily ; the years' reicrence. Call lor two uay-. OjlS I VSl 28TH sr., SECOND FLOOR.? A RE.SPH r O"') able woniiin as cook in a private lamily; no <d> Metlou to th< country; has tirst class relereuce. Call lor two dm s. ?}(I7 7TII AV., TWO FLIGHTS I P, IN 1'HE III. Ml ? ?>' 1 4 A re.pectabic girl as cook, wa her and ironer, ?>r would do lion 1 work 1 1 a sinal i.untly lls a good cook And a tirst class laundress . best city r< lei etice. 1 \ %SI 311. sr.? an EXPERIENCED COOK IN a private family; good relereuce. Ol Q EAST SIST sr.-TWo RESPECTABLE W OMEN ; ? ) 1 ? one as good cook ; no < b 1 i on to assitt with the wu-hiii and 1 t itling : the other as chimi n rniaid mid lai'ndress; anderstan s llntlng and line wu.diiiig ; bes, c.iy reterence. Call lor two day. i>9( ) EAST S4TH ST.? A vol NO WOMAN As i'iii?K; wi ho . in as- 1st in tlsliln i 11 1 ling and obll n.g ; ?n -1 city reterenci ; Wtnilry preierred. < all for tivo day .. OQ1 WEST 2 11 II ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT #">?>1 A respectable wmiian as plain rmi , washer and irmier mil unill prlvatt family; no cb ei .1011 |o do general hnti-ew. rk I11 a stnail lamily. on I EAST ItSTIl s r.? AS FIRST CLASS COOK AND 0')T linker; can take entlro charge ol the kl. Inn; cTo marketing it reniilred. Can he seen fit two day ?. ? ? ? I WEST 2(irrl ST., BASENENT.? A COMPETENT t f'T ' i' person as good eook, Washer and ironer in a lirlvate family ; hest city relerence. I I WEST (57 T I ! ST.? A SITUATION AS COOK, ? ) 1 t washer and ironer ill n small private lamily. CJood reference Irom the present situation. ?y f i PEARL ST.? AS FIRST CLASS ENOI.HH ? ) 1 1 cook, where a kitchen maid is kejit; tin Icr hiimI- her business In all 11 branches, soups, cn ries, jellies, cream, Ices, ftc. ; first class reTerettgi ". 1 W. - 3D AV ? A RESPBCTABLE TOUNO WOMAN O'lo use, .ok; e'ctiieui washer and lront- 1*1 best city rclercnee. < nil irv two days. ?Jf?7 rril \V.-\ RESPECTABLE Woman AS FIRST , ?I'll rate cook; willing to assist witlt washing ; good i lly reference. J 09 W EHT :i,s' ST. ?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 1 Ou tirl u?Rood plain c .ok, wash rand iroin r or to . uo cliamoerwoi k In a small pi ivate ramiiy ; good ref'cr cnee. A OO FAST 13TII ST. -TWO OIRLS; ONE A.-t COOK V ? m nnd to iit^lsl with washing, the other ns ( limn lierimiid and waitress nnd to a -1st with washing If re quired;clty relt-renee. 44)7 EAST I ITII ST. ? AS FIRST CLASS COOK, HY ?M I >< respectable woman; understands cooking In all Its hrnnelies. boarding house or restaurant; best city reference: no otoeetlnn to the country. A I - WBST am ST.? AN AMERICAN UIRL. A8 T" x') good plain cook, washer anil ironer; would ?o In the coniiti T with respectable parties call ior two dai #. I MTl \TIO!*S WASTED? FK.MAL.KSi. Cooks. Ac. i A ftfl ?D ST.. FIRHT FLOOR? TWO FOCNO TIM/ (iirls; one as cook, washer and kroner: the other to do upstair* work; good cltv rufereuce. Call for two "lay*. ~ ||) 7TII \V? SKAH 40TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE young girl as cook iu a private famUy . will as sist ultli warning ii required; best city re ten iieeg. I 'all lor two day h. "i<t7 BBOOMB ST., NEAH VARICK.-TWO BE ?/U I apactaMe women ; one lo cook, wash and iron, I hi* other us chambermaid ami waitress; seveu yearn' city reference ; a good home wore Hun high pay. 2D AV.? TWO NEAR FRIENDS; ON 8 AS K1H3T "l?^U clans eook, washer ami Ironer; the oilier an chainbcrm.tid and waitress; city or country ; good refer ence. 7 J ^ KAST KTiI ST ? third floor.? a respkcta. I i 1 ' able woman aacoak and to ? ash und Iron ; g??xl refbrcn es. 777 7TH AV.? AS GOOD PLAIN COOK; WILL AS I I I alat with tUe washing and lrimlng ; Kood city ref erence. 7TII A V.. NEAR S2I> ST.? V MUST ItESI'KC I 'tO la devuiin^' woman; trmtwnrlhv ami reliable ; a good plain cook, washer and Irou.r; l~ a good baker; lull saliHiaction iu regard to character troio la i employer. Qt>"| 9TH AV., BETWEEN WTII ANI> MTU STS,, i1 ? I second ttoor, Iront room.? As good cook, or would assist with t!i washing ; le t city relcrences. 0()C 21) AV. (KING KCOND BhLL).? A UESVECT able young woman as good cook ; no objection to assist with washing an I Ironing; gomt clt\ relercnce. 1 -n AV.? TWO YOUNG GIltLS TO DO TIIK work of a small private tauiliv Ivetweeti them; one to do tbo cooking, an I is an excellent washer and i rouer; the other would do chainberwork and wait ing, an 1 help with washiug; best city reiereuce. Call lor two days. ? Aseoxranm cook and ro \s hot with the washing. Addreai M. D. , box UA Herald Uptown Branch Mn, \y AN'TI'.D ? HY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO tY man, a situation aa first ela-s cook ; excellent bread and biscuit maker; v> il li uk to assist ai washing; refer ence givon. Address P. M.L., Herald Uptown Branch otllce. AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation a* head cook or houseki eper ; cannot be surpassed in I'rench, Spanish, German and nil the new atyfes of cooking ; i capable of taking charge and doing ihe marketing of any first class place; citv reference from the first families. Address s. IS., Herald office. Cliumberimiirix, Ar. 7 31) ST.? A RESPECTABLE VOCN'f! OIBL AS chambermaid and to assist w ith washing; be?t ret orcnce iroui present place. "I 9 WEST 35T1I ST.-A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAMBER. I ?i maid and waitress in n private family. l)<* WliST 4'il'l I ST.? T WO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, " ) one as chambermaid and waitress, the oilier as lirst olass laundress, i r would assist with cliauiberworU ; up town Can be seen at their present employer's on Monday or Tuesday. QQ PARK AV., CORNER 40TH ST., PRESENT EM trrj plover's.? An l.nglish girl to do chainberwork and plain sewing In a small private laniily. mWEST 19T1I ST.? A ItKsl'i'CTABI.E YOI'NO r I r I as chambermaid and to take care of children. Call lor two days. UO WB8T BOTH ST.? A COMPETENT WOMAN AS ?> chanlbermiud and waitress, or chambermaid and to assist wltlr-washlng ; city or country; best citj refer ence. llO WEST 18TH ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TII I L<' a vs.? A respectable young girl as oliainbermald and waitress' or as waitress only in a private family; lived six years in her lust place. 1IU EAST 25TH SC.? A PROTESTANT YOUNG Wo. .1 ? i '+ man as chambermaid ; wou'.ddo plain sewing or waiting. 14JQ WEST l'JTH ST. -A VOL NO WOMAN TO HO 1 ? . u chambcrwork mill waiting nr do ehnmberwork and assl-t with the washing and ironing; willing to go ill the country ; gook reference. 1QJ WE8T JHT ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIBL ro I O r (lo chambcrwork and plain sew ing ; no objection to ttne wmliiBg. ___ l')(l WEST .Nil! ST.? AS CM AM MERMAID IND J flu waitress or to take care oi chll lreti; city refer ence. 1|-| WEST 39TH SI'.? A RESPECT ABLE PROTEST I i 1 ant girl as chambermaid '11111 seamstress, or to as sist with tin' care of children; pood city references. 1,11 WEST WITH ST.-A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAM i rJ bermaid ami waitress, or chambermaid and laun dress; go"d city reference. II - BAST aiTll ST.? A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAM JT') bermaid and waitress or chambermaid and to take care ot growing children ; good city reference. mWEST S2D ST.? A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAM hcrinuUI and waitress; willing and obliging; city references. 1 r?n 7TH A v.? A COMPETENT filRL AS CHAM* li/U bermaid, or as chambermaid and nurse or to take the entire charge ol a baby from Its birth : best city reference. 1 W WEST 27TII ST., BETWEEN ft I'll ANI? 7TH J ? ? avs.? A respectable j-oung girl as chambermaid and waitress 111 a private family; bent city re. foreuce 1 r. ni her last place. 1,-7 WEST 31D ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN AS CHAM ?)| bermaid and waitress; best cltv reference from her hut place. 1 WEST 8T., THIRD FLOOR. ? A YOUNO J_? )0 (rirl m chambermaid and waitress or as chamber* maid and assist with children, hp?; city reterence 1 kO EAST S9TH ST.? A YOUNO OIBL AS SEAM l?IO siren and to do chambcrwork, or would take care of a crowing child ; operates on Wheeler J c Wilson's machine ; city re ten nee. 9(\Q WEST 2TTH ST., CORNER 7TH AV. ? A YOUNO i'l>) girl to do light chambcrwork and waiting; no objections to a short distance In the country ; good reler en'cc. b ?l / 1 WEST 27TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND 8TR ??. I " " a vs.? A reliable j ming girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private taailly; good city reference. oi /' WEST>27TH ST., ROOM 12 ? A YOUNO OIRL Zd JO to do chamliework and assist with trashing and Ironing; best c ity reterence. ?>1() WEST 2STH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ?jL'/ girl as chambermaid and waitress; gaod city reterence. 4>?)0 WEST 2"Til ST.? A STRONG ANH EXPERI Zi.Uid enccd girl as chambermaid and Waitress ; city reterence. i)6) ~ WEST luTil ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL i-i-.'J a* chambermaid and waitress and to a*-i?t with wa -hlng; good city reference. WEST 2JTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman as chambermaid and waitress or as chambcrmai t and to do owing ma pri\nt< family ; two years' city reference. ^ OQ/J WEST 4JD ST.. FANCY STORE.? A COMPE OOU tent girl as chambermaid and waitress or to do plain sewing . city or country; excellent cltj reterence. OOO EAST BfiTH ST.-A YOUNG OIBL, 1# YEARS old. to il> chambcrwork and waiting or tike care of children ; good reference. t>?> J EAST 41ST ST. - \ BESi'ECT.VHLE YOUNO ti)T 1 e-man olrl a . chambermaid and to do sewiag on machiiie. Hi ?t 1 Ity reference irom her last place. QQfi east swn sr., third floor.? a respect. ? i?)l> able vi m* girl us chambermaid and waitress, or to do sew ng and assist with washing; would uiludchil tircn; good reterence. Oil WEST J7TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ? II girl in 11 private family as chambermaid; is a good plain sewer; iir t class city reference. i) r I east 5iST ST, PRESENT EMPLOYERS.? A 4j')l respectable girl in chambermaid and waitress, and to in washing Call tor two da vs. i) "O WEST 47TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ? - ' ? chambermaid and waitress and to a%M wiili washing; good city rsferen t)PQ 6 r II AV., SECOND FLoolt. FRONT ROrtM.? A ri s|u etr e girl as ch .initH rmaid and to ns-ist in ? ashing 1111 I roning; willing and obliging ; oest city ref 1 ercnce; no oicce'.lon to ttie country, call for two diivs. OQ~ WYOMING PLACi;. -A YOUNO (URL. 16 if) years o. nee, to do light chamberwork and waiting* ' *>(11 7 r i I AV.. SECOND FLOOR.? A BEBPBCTABLS ? nirl a^ i hombet aiaiii or as nurse and si am stress ; I no oi 1 1 1 etiotis in go out o town ; bist city fliercnuc. I On 1 i!I> VV.. COBHEIt nil ST.? A RESPECTABLE ?>U' i youuggirlas eba nihe rmaid and waitress in a p irate family, or wouM mind children; best elty refer enca from ia d place. ??ik(i EAS1 r6TH ST., IN Til f, STORE. ? A YOUNO OUJ uiri as Jl r -t cia ? clianibi rmaid or waitress; no ob cetlonsto lie country; b. s. reierence. Call for two , days. I '-?1 I HI! AV., BETWEEN 27TH AND 2STH STS , ! Oil fancy ? tore ?A respectable young woman 11 s c! anbermald an I waitress, or chainbermaM and laun | rl > ss; thorou hly eouipetent and highly reeoinmended. ' ?>1Q EAST 4::') ST.? A RESPE.'T A RLE OIRL TO 1 ?)lf? do viut<i >crwork irscwln; or take care ot chil | drrii in a private tu iiiiy; cl y reicicuee. ?J I 1 EAST 21 ST ST., UP ONE PAIR OF STAIRS. O'rl front.? A rrs|iei iabl. vouag girl n*< hambermnid ?lid waitress in a -mall private taiuily ; c 1 ty rcicreuco from lust ( lace. ') I I WESI 2r,rn ST.. BETWEEN RTH AND 9T.I ? ) i r a vs. ?A yoiiii.' g ri .11 clinmla rmaid and wait ress ; best reief nee from last place. 'J. | U 1ST AV? A Ul SPEC CABLE YOUNO OIBL To f ) IU do lic'lit cliuniberwork and sew nig ; can run a sewing mai bine. Call lor two i'a* s. .IU " 2D AV., BETWEEN 22D AND 2.(D STS, FIRST tlo.r ? > yi.niit: ul rl to do eliamtierwork and to take care of childr 11 ; Carinansvllle preicrrcd. 11,7 W 1ST 4t T it ST.? A RESPECTABLE OTRL IN 'I'M a orlv'tte family to do upstairs work or general housework. Cail or two days. ill BAST "fTH Sr.? A YOUNO OIRL. Id YEA** 'T I I old, to assist in thcinberw ork und w ailing ; good reierence. | ?>Q WESI' 2 ill ST.? A Vol Nil PROTEST ANT ' I ?>0 girl as ciiiiniberniald and seamstress in a small femlly; would take care 01 one clitici . either grown or babv; to be seen until stiiti d ; no objeetions to the conn try lor the summer 1 OQ WEST 42D ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO "lOO girl todochamberwark and w aitlnu and assist with the wa-duiig and Ironinii; no objection to do house work for a -mall private tantfly^gooil cily reference. \ A 7 WEST (Sill ST.? A YOUNO OIRL AS CH \M T j I bermaid and waltresa. or would do chamber work and washiug; best cltv reference. ??WATI<MH ? AMEU-KKM.VLKS. Cbkuibtrmildt. dir. 4Z(\ vrrsr S18T ST, BASEMENT DOOR.? TO take can at one or two hlldreu, plain sewing, <>r light i bamberwerk. citvor countrv, tor the Summer, or the care ot ttn Invalid lady ; good city reference. ' t QQ 7T,f AV., TOP FLOOR.? A EE8MWTAELB i "If ?? young American girl as clianAcrnnw. wiltrt* and to assitt with washing and iroulug ; eity or country ? reference*. 4nr; west 37m st.. near ioth a v.? a re '''* speetable girl a- chambermaid and wiltnu) willing and obliging ; good city r?lere?ce. KAO 10TI! AY., CORNER SST1I ST ?AS CHAMBER maid and waitress, or clttinabertJiaWS aud plain sunnistress. or nurse ; is willing anil obliging. SQj? CTH AV? A YOI'NO, RESPECTABLE OIRL IN ft J.') a nrlvate family, to do ehamherwork and sew InK. or wouM wait on a lad> . Call from 10 to 5. K QK WEST S9TH ST.? A YOI'NO OIRL AS CHAM* *)0?l bermaid or to take care ot children. nAi) 2D AV., CORNER 35TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE I) rzj young girl a-. chambermaid lna small private fumlly, or to do light Itoun n ork. $377 KT" AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? AS ClIAM. 0 I I bemiaid and waitress in a private tamily. 1(\i ? O 3D AV., BETWEEN AID AND USD STS.?A ,\m)^ respectable frlrl to do chanilierwork and w alting, or sec to children , or Is willing to do honsework In a small family. ]||/< 7 2D AV., BETWEEN S?TH AND 57TH 8TS. . .UU I top floor, front rooms.? A respectable young girl a? chambermaid and waitress or to take care of chil dren and do plain sewiug ; best city refereuce. 1 'iQU BROADWAY, CORNER 82D ST.-A YOI'NO Kirl, willing auil obliging, as chambermaid or nurse . reference from her last employer. Drntniakm uutl !Sch nistrisscw. Q PACIFIC PLACE, Lfl'll ST., BETWEEN fiTII AND ? ? 7th a\ ?'.?An experienced French dressmaker ; under stands cutting and trimming in all its lirniicbcs; would like to go out by t bo dav or week in families; will take work home : terms $3 a day; llrst claes reference. Ad dress Mine KA M t'. 4 EAST 4 si ii ST.? AS COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS IN a small private family. *J*} WEST S'TII ST., IN THE BASEMENT.? AN EX * ' ? j perlenced French dressmaker, period cutter and Utter, wishes a tew more engagement* by the day or week ; good reference. Call on or address' Mile. cou turier* rranoaue, tor one week. 1(1 EAST S2D ST.-A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER ' I " as seamstress : Is a good fitter and trimmer; un derstands all kind sol' tamily sew iiig ; ope rati son Wheeler ?V Wilson's machine ; pcrimiuanl situation required ; good reference. r.A WEST SD ST ?A LADY, QOING ABBOAD, wishes a situation lor her seamstress. |ft/? ORCHARD ST.? A YOI'NO (URL AS SEAM I'M) stress and dressuinkor, by the week or month ; operates on different machines; no objection to the country. Call or address. 1 (\d EAST86TH ST.? FASHIONABLE DREShM \KICR, l"'v) perfect cutler and fitter, wishes a few mure en gagements by the day in llrst class families; can operate ; best reference. Call on or address DE i .ssm AKEIf. 1 j/k EASTMTH ST.? AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR 11"' desire* a fe? more engagements by the dn.\ In private families, with or without sewing machine; terms f8 per day. TIO EAST UTS ST. BETWEEN 8D AND ITB li") avs.? A girl who speaks French, Italian and Spanish as seamstress, nurse or to do light housework ; good city reference. m' EAST 82D ST. (RINO FOURTH BEL I.). ?A t dressmaker wishes a few more customers by the day or week; can cut, fit and trim in the latent style ; operateson Wheeler >* Wilson's and other machines; terms moderate. OT O EAST 4UTH ST.? A YOliNO LADY WANTS A -i- lew more engagements by the day or week; un derstands cutting and tilting laities' garments; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine t is also a stylish trimmer ; city reference. ? all on or address DRESS MAKER. 99 WEST 31 ST.? A PERMANENT SITUATION AS -j _j | dressmaker and seamstress; wotthl not object to some other light work If necessary Ring second bell. 9'J7 WEST 33D ST.? AS SEAMSTRESS; UNDER _ ?) 1 stands dressmaking and Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine ; wages not so much an object as a home ; good city references. OCA M \DlSO.N AV.? AS COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS; aLD'F is a good operator on Wliccler A Wilson's ma chine. Oft.-. EAST 87TH ST ?A YOUNO WOMAN, AS SEAM ?)l N ) stress ; can cut and tit children's dresses and do all kinds ot family sewing; be-4 city reference. UAQ EAST 26TB ST., IN THE STORE.? A YOI'NO OUu girl as seamstress; operates 011 Wheeler A Wil son's machine ; cuts; will help as mallortako care of children; no objection to the country; reference. Call Inr two days. OID HTH A V,, BETWEEN 29TH AND 2RTII ST.? \ OAU young lady, Intel) arrived from Paris, as dress maker. 090 EAST S4TH ST.? A YOI'NO OIRL. A DRESS ?)i?< maker, would like a few more engagements by the day or week ; understands culling and fitting; call operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing inarbine; terms reasonable. Call on or address K. E. N. ?>?>*> 4T1I AV., BETWEEN MTH AND Will sfs? OOO in store. ? A young woman as seamstress ; can make Indies' and children's dresses anil do nil kinds of fancy sewing ; no objection to light chamberwork, care ot growing clilldren or to go a short distance in the conn try ; good reference. '?(' n fiTH AV.? A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER wishes a few more engagements to go out bv the dav or week ; city reference. m7TH AV. (SECOND HKI.L). ? A DRESSMAKER solicits engagements hv day or week; llts ami i I trim* nicely ; terms moderate. 1 7HQ !Vrn AV.? AS FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS; , 4 ' 'O English; understands dressmaking ; would do light chamber" ork : situation permanent. King ilr-t 1, 11. uOO !?? V-T 4GT1I ST.- A TITOROUGHL1 M COM 0*?*' p'.l?hed woman as seamstress and chambermaid, | or as child's nurse; best reierences 1 ?)~| 7 BROADWAY, STORE. ? A DRESSMAKER l.?)l I wishes a few more customers liy the (las or . week : can cut and (It and operate ; city rnfei e nee. [ A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER. WHO (iOES OI'T I I by the day, wishes a fi w inoro customer*; cut*, tits ; 1 tinil trims In lati .-.t Parisian style. Addresi*. DRESS. M A KI.K. box 199 llerald office. \ LADY OK REFINEMENT DESIRES A POSITION ' J\ a-i housekeeper or lady's companion ; understands I the earo of children. Address I.. Herald Uptown Branch office. TI7 ANTKD-BY A PROTESTANT VOl'NO WOMAN. A Vf few more engagement# by the day or week ; tinder- : stands alt kinds of family sewing and dressmaking : can i 1 ot-crute on several sewing machines. None lint first class families need address M. J. M., Herald Uptown Branch, lor two days. General llmiMtrork, Ac. 7r MONTGOMERY ST.? A PROTESTANT WOMAN t ) to do general housework; Is a plain cook, washer and Ironcr; in a private lumily; good reference. Q7 CIIRYSTIE ST., SECOND KtiOOR, ROOM 7.? A O I German girl to ?o general housework in a small respectable American family. . 1 417 WEST SVfH ST.? A COMPETENT, RESPECTA 1 ? j I bio woman to do' housework in a small family: good eook, washer and iruner, excellent baker; best rei i uruiic ?. | fc)Q E\8T IIOt STON ST., GROCERY STORE.? A 1 I ? O On man Protestant girl to do light housework In a small private tumlly. Ill WEST 19TII ST. -A RESPECTABLE fllRl, To L I 'r do general housework ; will assist with washing i and ironing in a ?inall prJvnte iBinily ; good reference. I OIQ ?TH ST., NEAR BOWERY.? A RESPECTABLE \rt yoong German iri to do general housework; good l>ii in cook, washer and ironcr; city reference. I QQQ BAST WITH sr.? A RESPECTABLE YOI' NO ; girl lo do house work in a small family; is will* ing and obliging. Call or address. I <)?>(? WEST 10111 ST.. NEAR Hl'DSON ST.? XS i _.?)?/ housekeeper lor an elderly gentleman or wid I owcfi Call all the week. i 4 ? I f? WEST 3OTII ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO Z Ii) general housework la a small private family; is ! a good plain ' o??it an I good w iiaher and ironer; no oojeu* ! tlon to do upstairs w ork ; good eily rdercnce. I 4 > | C k W EST 88D ST.-Vol Mi OIRL To DO til;N. i 1 ?' i i?l houiK'Word In a siiinll private family. I V-i EAST HOCSTON sr. A YOI NO OIRL To DO j general housework, cook, wash and Iron; best 1 city reference. Qfft 1ST ST? A~R ESI'Ei "TA ltLE YorNO WOMAN OiU to do gen rnl housework; is a rfood washer uuil ironer ; goo<l city retorencc. ! ?>')/? EAST 2-TH ST? \. TO!" NO OIRL TO DO ? general housework in u small pri\ate family ?: , where there ire no other girls preferi en ; is a good cook, | washer and Ironer; first tiasa city rcterences. ! ??4>0 FAST BOTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOI VO ? )_*?) person, who has acted as housckeer, would be . willlnv to accept a similar situation; good reference. Address L. M. ______ I >)4) I EAST NTH ST. IN BAKEKY.-A OERMAN girl to do (jtnerai hi us work in a siiuli private family. I ?>4>U WEST SOT 1 1 "ST-A VOfNoTj'lRL TO DO OOO housework or eiiumberw ork and waiting in u j small family. 'ill KA8T **** f"1! UP ONE I'AIR OF STAIRS ' irrl trunt ? A respectable younir girl to do gi ii 'Ml housework in a small private fnmlqr ; city reference itom list, lace. WEST S3!) ST.- V WOMAN TO DO OENEitAL i O'JO housework t city reference. ' WKHT ST ?A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO ? 'io general hou-ework ; willing an I obliging; I reference. r/?4> IOTII AY.. EAST OF 1WTH ST.-A YOt'NO GIRL ? to do general housework ill u small iauiil> ? is a good washer ; lately lauded. | 10TH AV.. NEAR ShTH ST.-A T0I71M WO t)'J r urn n to di> housework in a small family; is a gnisi plain cook, washer aul ironer; city or country; wages $14 - 7 i V 21) AV , BETWEEN 31ST AND 34D STfl.. ONE ? lliglit up. hack room.? A respeetuhlfc girl to do general housework; best city reference. 7| Q EAST liril ST ? A WOMAN TO I'O (lE.NEItVL i In housework and washing and ironing ; best reter ence. Oft 7 9TII AV., HE! WEEN MTH AND S7TII SI'S? A Oil | resitectahle girl, Intel} landed, to do general housework in a private latnilv. t'?M fo>- tt>r?e d??s NUTATIONS WANTt.n? FT:.?IA l,KS. ^ W? nciml llouHwork, Ate. 1/\/? 9 HD AV.. BETWEEN 82D AND WD STS.-A respectable young girl to do light housework la ? private family. Call tor two dayi; ring bell Mo - ist ,\v -a naraOTiNA oikl to no ? U I " general homework In u small lumll.v; good city reference. I I \(* 1ST AV., BETWEEN 7RTH AND 7'ITII STS., .ITU second Hoar.? Two respectable Protestant I bisters ut a small family to do the work between them. IIouaeUeeprrN, ?r, rtO EAST ?8TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE PERSON AS JLif housekeeper, companion to an oUl lady or invalid or any position oi trust not menial : uo objection to travel ; good city aud Brooklyn references. fall lor two days. Ifffk WEST 28TH ST., FIRST FLOOB.? A RESPECTA ' I' ' |?U? woman as housekeeper to an elderly gentle man or widower's family ; be?t ot reference : uootijictinn lo go a short distance in tin- country. ?'.UI or addre-s. '>111 WP! wra 8T? NBAS 7 Til AT.? A RBSPB< T ""L able housekeeper solicit- the washing, AC., of private families; best reference. Call on or address Mrs. DKlliNA.V 0"l K WEST 80TH ST.? AN AMERICAN WOMAN AS housekeeper In a hotel ; lias a practical knowl edge ol tlir mine. Address Mrs. 8ANFORD. WEST 19TH ST., SECOND KLOOB.? A EE. speetahle woman a-, housekeeper in the coun try ; can take charge of a dairv and inuitc liei?cli usclul ; liest city reference. ->< I "7 WEBT 1TII ST., NEAR BANK.? A CHOWAN ? ' ' I widow luily, w iili cuctimbrutiuc, as housekeeper iu the country or to a*?tst the lady of the house. Mrs. BROWN. mll'H A V - AN INTELLIOENT AN I) REFINED American lad\ desires a position as housekeeper In a llrsi class ! 1 > . t- I or private family ; lias bud large ex perience. Addre?< Mrs. PALMUR. r \> I Si ll AV., THIRD FLOOR, BACK.? A Vol NO ????! Frenrh lady, ol the liiuhcM respectability, de sires a position In u gentleman's house as companion or housekeeper : can speak French and EmMish; also leach music ami sinning ; oliu Would like to be considered as one ol the laiuily. 1 tii| litre lor Miss Dl'MONT. Call lor two days. AMIHIil.K lord lady op capability AND refinement desires the supervision of a widower's family ikiml to children), or as companion (<? a lad.v; highest testimonials. Address M. HHwl.K I T. Sftl Orange si.. Hose ville, N. ,1. t'nn lie seen by appointment at Young Ladles' Christian Association, (U Irving place. New Vork. \ WIDOW, WHO IS THOROl'OHLY COMPETENT, would like a position as hou?ekec| ar, or to take the churge of a house for a family or a party ot gentle men; best references. Address Ik?x ;l,3tH l'o?t oftiee. H'OL'S R K E E I'ER'S SI'ITVTION WANTED IN A wldowor'H family. or for au aged couple, by a mid dle-aged widow it good home preferred to hii/h wages; city or county. Address liOl'SKICEERER, box lil ticruld olhcc. !<:< II IKilM'SXCh. iVc. I Til AY., CORNER IWTH ST. -AN EXPERIENCED ' I luuudress tu do washing at homo. or would go mil b> the (In y washing or hou.'cclcanlog; excellent reference. *>?) WEST 44TH ST.? A GOOD, SMART WOMAN ? ' ? would lik> to pet a lew days to go out washing ami ironing, or housccleutdng. or ti< lake washing and irouuiK In tlic homo at Hi cents a dozen, ('all lor t\\ o days. I i| EAST 22 1> ST, PRESENT EMPLOYER.? A t" woman a* laundress; understands nil kind* of tin** washing. Inmlim a ikI fluting; no oli.cetlou to u convenient place in the country. FORSYTH sr.. THIRD FLOOR, REAR,? A BE spe .Miihle woman will (lo washing mid ironing at 73 l.r)l respectable woman wishes lainilies or gentlemen's washing. 1()l) WEST 15TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? AS FIRST lw?' class laundress In a private family; no obi wet Ion to do chamberwork nud ftuutly washing ; best city ret erence. Ill WEST 20TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTA III. hie woman desires to go out hy the day to wash and iron and do housccleauing ; willing and obliging ; can be well recommended. "MO BAST BHD ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WO 1 .1 O man to bo out day's work to do washing and ii on 1 iik or housecieaning; good city relfcrence lroni last plncc. Address M. it. 1 WEST aOTH ST., NEAR 6TH AV.-A FIRST J ? ? < class laundress, who understand! nil kind , of flue washing nud (luting, would like a first class family'* washing; llrsi class ret ere lice ; ring iirst hell. lOO WEST 2KTII ST.? A RESPECTA RLE FRENCH J ? ?? f woman to do washing at her ow n hou.-c, or would go out hy the day; understands all kinds ot line Anting. | ?)>? WEST 28TH ST.? AN EXPKRIFNCED WOMAN !?)?? t<> do washing anil ironing at her own house; undents nils timing ; has lived in a tirsi class hunily. Call on or address Miss iirenkv. * "I QO CLINTON ST., NEAR BROOME? AS FIRST J ? >? t class laundress, gentlemen's or family washing tak"ii ; also serves hy the day; understands (luting nud ?hi ill iik ; references tirst class. Call, or address LAUN DRESS. mTTII AV,? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES ladles' and gentlemen's washing; fluting and all kinds of tine washing; best references. Call inr two days. 1 t . > WEST 59TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOIUtG girl iis laundress and to assist with chamber work; best city rcfereucos. M - WEST MTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OTRI, AS ? t first class laundress; understands her business wi ll; French fluting and all kinds ot finery; best city reference. Call for two days. WEST 2ATH ST, OYER STABLE.? A RESPECT able worn m to do washing at her own home. 1 r J WEST 28TII ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? A l?) I" respectable Woman wishes to go out by the da> in llrst da is lainilies; is a HrM class washer, Iron, r and tlnter. 1 r I WEST 2STH ST.. IN THE STORE.? A RESPECT I ? J r able woman wishes some washing at her own houie ; understands fluting. "1/?1 WEST 27TII ST., NEAR 7TII AV.-A COMPE I'll tent woman as first class laundress; would do c ham lie r work il rei|til>'cd; understands fluting. I/JQ WEST 88TH ST.? A RESPBCTARLB OIRL \S I I lO laundress; can me a tliitiug uiachnic ; no objec tion to the country. kJlW ,:xsT :!7Trl flT? A FIRST CLASS LAUN _ ' ' _ dre<s to go out by the day to wash ; understands nil kinds of fine washing ; understands fluting ami all Kinds ot line laces. -)()/' WEST 27TH ST., ROOM 9.? WANTED, BY A ? * M ) respectable widow woman, washing and Ironing to do; best i e > e reuoo from present employer. m2l) AY.? A RESPECTAHLE WOMAN WISHES to go out by the day washing, Ironing and scrub Mug. . I. KIM o|>) WEST 88TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A FRENCH I r > woman would like w ashing to do at home, tine or plainclothes, hy the ,p lees or dozen. < all for two nays. VARICK sr.? A WOMAN V\ ISIIES FOUR DAYS' work In the week, to do washing, Ac. Ot/. WEST 2VTH ST., ROOM ?.? AN EXPERIENCED _ M 1 colored laundress to do wa -lung at her rctldonce by the dozen . week or montli. 017 WEST I'.rill ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wl I (h -Ires families' washing; understands fluting ; terms moderate : best refnftnee. Mrs. McGoWN, k)i) 1 WEST 27TII ST? FOCRTH FLOOR, ROOM 12? ZtJL r A respectable voutur woman would like soine families' w u-iiiiig; shins, dresses, 4c., don* nicely ; good city reference; t)i)r EST 27TII ST.? A COLORED \\ uM aN TO DO washing and houseclcnn uig by the day, I)?)r WEST 4?T1I ST.? A GERMAN FIRST CLASS ?????) laundress de-ires work by the day or to tako In line washing. Oood reference. 4 1 >T ST., NEAR 3D AY ? A COMPETENT LAl.'N _?)(' dress want gentlemen's or family's washing; pillow slin ins, wind ow shade- done 11 1 > 111 k'ood style; gents' w.isiilng done reasonably. Cud on or addicts M rs. UOBBS. k???|| WEST 29TH ST.? A RESPECTAHLE COLORED ???>?/ woman desires the washiie: > 1 Hi <t 1 ln-s uenth - ?in n or families; best reference. Cull on or address Mrs. FREEMAN. 4)111 WEST WT If sr., IN THE BAKERY.? A RE ? . | * " f roctable woin>in desires to go nut washing and 1,011.1 eh lining ; can be well recommcinled. n-|| WEST 4|?T ST.-V FIRST CLASS I.AIMJRI>'S ? ,?)!' wl lie< seme ladii- fttnl pentleiBeu'i or tkiinily u a thing ; ( an do fluting ; hi -1 ciiy refcicnce. (17/1 MI' I. BERRY ST.? AS HKsT CI A.-S I.ACND J, I ' I t * i thoroughly uuder?taiuls her bu iness; to go out hv tin dav. .)/?! LEX1NOTO* AY? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ?)U I v man, as first cins-. laulidrcss, or ns chambi^rins.d ; 1 an tie s< en at present employer's; best ; leaves only ou accouulot tamiiy goiug to Huron*. 21^ mi ?lnu WEST 44 r 11 ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT. ? A'RE ? )* ' >|"" ishlo wonian as washer uiiu irouer, aud to do hoit-P cleaning, bv the day. ? E \sr until ST., BETWEEN I sT AND 2D A VS., _ 1 third pair of stairs, Ironf renin ? A respectaide man to ?" 'he washing and irouilu 01 ladles nud Ken tlcnicn, or would (|o family washing by the dozen or ov the uvnii I1 ; understands French ilutlug. pulling and pol t.-lini^ In -up1 r .or style ; children's ( lotncs done up in the ncah'St niimnoi- : flannels washed the same as new; best reference it required. Call on or address all this week Mrs. Mft'oRMACK. OOM I \ST WTH ST. ? FIRST CLASS WASHINi; ? U and ironing; gentle men's shirts done u|> In a ?cry desirable maimer; flitting und pulling done at mod crate terms. ??.? 1 FAST 22D ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AYS.? ? >?> I A respectable woman to do imisIii i and ironing 1 at her own residence, or to go out by the day ; best n n r I euces. . j 1107 I \sT 22D ST.-AH FIRST CLASS LAI'NDRBAS tJO | in ft private family. __________ 111 | lit EST 37TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROT ?) I I e -i int girl as lati'idre>s or to do chatiii erwork i mid flue washing In a private family , three years' refer Mira from liisi place. Call lor two days. ) 1 r (TH nr.? a ri pkctable woman as I tb laundress; good city reference. Call lor two ; __ | 11- I WEST ftflTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I ???)'! solicits washing to do at home, or would go out | by tin day washing or houseclcnning ; reliable and trust worthy. I 't~f nrsT ?TH ST. ?A RESPECTABLE Vol NO ' ?)?)') girl as laundress In a private family; no objec tion to ah irdlng ImUfu ; best itv retorcuie. Call tor I two d?' ?? _ Bm'ATIOMI WWTKO? FF.n AI.K^. LanndreiHi, die. 41 "I WEST !8TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, ROOM *? A lit ftr*t class laundress to do ladies' and ge utlemen's or family washing by month i>r dozen ; putting, tlutinif and nil uuerit* neatly done . terms moderate. I EAST MTH ST., TOP FLOOR, B Af K ROOM _ r?*?* A first clusi laundress w Ishcs work by the day at housccleanitig or to take family washing hone to do. WKST :un ST.? A npROTAlU WOMAN **'t to <lo washing or housecieanlng by the day or 42 week; good reference. 426 WKST GST ST.? TO GO OUT WASHING BY the day. tril AV., BETWEEN WTH AND 30TH STS.. * store.? A respectable girl ns first ola?s laundress; no oin'itioi1 tu thu country w it it u private family; best city references. I'm EAST 16TII ST , ROOM i.-A FIRST CLASS 't ?/" t laundress to do mm Iv or gentlemen'# washln?; ladles' finery and fluting neatly done ; tcrtnn reasonable ; good reference. ) or, EAST 1 7TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I ?>? I wishes to get gentlemen's or tnralUes' washing at her own residence; understands tinting and docs u|i line washing in the neatest manner ; would go nut by the (lay : elty NRNDOfc I ||\ WKST MOT ST., BETWEEN 9TII AND litTit t r" nvs.? A respectable l'rotestant woman wants a couple ot families' washing aud Ironliv.; t.> do at home; French putting and fluting, fall or addres*. H; J 7TII A V., BETWEEN SflTH AND li'.lll STS,? l'r A respciable woman wishes to have a few gen tlemen'N or families' washing at 75 cents a dozen; is a first class lluter ; best elty reterence. rOQ WEST HIT 1 1 ST., BETWEEN IDTll AND 11T1I ?)??<> nvs.? A strong, willing woman to work by the day at w ashing, ironing or housecleauing ; good rciorence. - 77 GREENWICH ST., BETWEEN HOUSTON AND ?'l I King, in the rear.? A competent woman wilt go out by the day to do huti-tcclcauing, washing, iron ing, Ac. >Vll 7TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO OO ? )?'L out by the day washing and ironing or house cleaning. (ffilj SD AV., BETWEEN 9BTU AND -fill II $TS. ? A IMI j resectable girl us laiinlress; eight years' rel c re nee. 7C>(\ GREENWICH ST., REAR. -A RESPECTABLE ? Protektant woman wishes to go out by the day or week liousccli' or washing aud Ironing; good city reteii nee. 7TH AV., CORNER 6IST ST.? A WOMAN AS ( "'I flnt claM laundress; good city reference. 1'Off I 1ST ,\ v., BETWEEN 47TB AND BOTH sts (ring third bull).? A woman to do tlfie wash ing and Ironing In her own house, or would go out by the day. Can be ? ien an \ time through the week. IAflff JD AV.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS FIRST .1 M tit class laundress; thoroughly eiticient in evory respect; first class reference. 20 Niii'mcs, iVt'i I /r CHARLES ST., WARRRN PLACE.? A RESPECT iu able girl to take care of children, or to do light chatnbcrwork aud wailing. Cuu he seen at her present employer's. OA WEST ISTH ST., NEAR5TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, rear ? A respect able middle-aged woman as child's nurse and seamstress ; can take full charge of a baby from its birth ; can do all kinds of family sewing; has no objection to go to ihc country. JANS ST.? A PROTESTANT GIRL AS KCRBB and seamstress ; to go in the country; good rcter ibw. t all for two days. OQ PEBBY ST., BOOM ft? A BESPECTABLE WOM vn as first class laundress, would Uke some washing at herhou?e; family washing or gentlemen's preferred, or to go out by the day also. O I WEST ISTH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG WO. ? ?"i man as nurse nnd chambermaid iu n small private family ; Is a good nluin sewer; no objection to do \\ ash ing ; good reference. QQ SOUTH PORTLAND AV.. BROOKLYN.? A YOl NG ? )<> colored girl as nurse and to t ike euro of children In a family going travelling in the Summer ; best elty ref erence from her three last places. Call lor two days, from III to 2 o'clock. r | WEST WTH ST.? TWO YOUNO AMERICAN ? IT girls, well educated, to Hike. cure of children, with a lady who tra\cls during the summer season. Call for two days. r j WEST urn ST.? A LADY wishes to PROCURE ? )' r a situation I'nr a Protestant woman as nurse; is fully competent of taking the entire charge of an inlunt from its birth ; long experience and best city reference, fall for two days. WEST 3SD ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL to take care of children; no objection to the couu 54 r/r WEST 1ST II ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG wo ? I' I man, Protestant, as wet nurse, OQ SUFFOLK ST., IN THE BAKERY.? A WELL educated German girl, speaking English and French, a< nurse; cun lake full 'chirge of and give leu son* iu Ucrniau ; no oblection to travel, full or address. QQ 5T11 AV ? A FRENCH GIRL "AS NURSE OR CjO lady's maid with a family going to Europe. Can be seen Monday and Tuesday irom 9 to I- o'clock. "|Of? WES'I 2JO ST.? AS NURSE, BY A COMPETENT JIM) young girl: canu-c Wheeler >t Wilson's machine ?ind give excellent city reference. "1H7 WEST 18TII sr., THIRD FLOOR.? A VERY I * * I Competi If hum ; call take Ihc full charge of au Infant nnd bring it up by hand, or grown children; best cltj reference. "1 QQ WEST 19TH ST.. BETWEEN OTH AND 7TH .1 ? JO avs. ? A Protectant woman as competent nnr?e and seamstress; can fnke charge of a baliv or see to a grown child, or wait on a lady ; city or country, full for two (lays. 1 At) DOUGLASS ST., BROOKLYN.? AN ELDERLY .] i ? Protestant woman as lady's mnnthly nurse or to take care of on tnvalid; no objerfion to travel; compe tent and reliable. Addris-i E. L. <!., stating terms. 1 /aQ WEST MTII ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS I*)'' iiurMS aud M'limslr. n In a private fniuily, or would do chamherwork nnd waiting tn a small la.nil.v; Is capable oi bruising np n baby upon the bottle ; has best city reference. , 1/? I WEST 29TII ST. -A RESPECTABI.K YOUNG U )~r girl td take earn ot children ami il <? plain ?ewmg; in civil .iixl obliging: no objection to travel. Iff WEPT :i2n ST. ? A COMPETENT YOl'NO IT)") woman as inir-?c nnd seamstri "s : fully com pe lent to take the entire charge ot a I ui ?> y ; can conic well recom mended. Ofll EAST S9TM ST.? A COM PETEHT YOUNG ?VJ 1 woman as niirec: Is thoroughly experienced In the care of young eiilldren; fully capable of taking en tire charge of un Mtlant; can give many years' city ref erences. Can be seen inr two aays. i)||C EAST 19TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL. that can come well recommended, as liurte ami wtmilKM in a small lamlly. | twin west UD ST.? A MIDDLE- A GBO PROTMT. , 'O nut woman n* Infant's nurse ; la lully < antible ol | taking entire chariri Jhtlll (lay nnd night; would go with ? family to the inunl ry fur the Stimuli r, or to tra v 1 ; flut class city reference, ("all on Mondav ami Tuesday. | .11 A EAST 30TH ST.? A RESl'ECTA BT.E (URL AM JL 1*" nurse or companion to an Invalid laly; no ob I jci'tlon to travel; ba good plain sewer and has Nest ? ? ty reference. ! 99 r WE IT 30TII ST.? A RESPECTARI K VOI'NG I aii'l woman as nurse ; no objection* to the <'ountr> ; j best city reference. Call for two days. 9?>9 WEST .HIT 1 1 ST.? A vol Nfi oiijl, lately _?> ? landed, to min i children an I do liulii < h.iinln r ! work In a private family ; is willing an I obliging ; In -t re /ere nee. it ii \v. \ mi hum: i si;i.i.-h i in- r ? I"? class niir-e ; lully competent to take care of an infant from I'm hlrtli ami bring It up oil a bottle ; expe rienced In ?ick nana. _____ 9Q- EAST 4TII 8T ? A N HON EST GERM \ \ (III. L | ,i( 'i) as nurse cr chambermaid. Call at her parent-' ? ? I WEST .11 ST ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? OO t A yiiun.' if i rl to travel with a family either a* nurse or to wait ? n ladles ; la accustomed to the cm eh Idren : speak- pure German and Entrllshs I* Intelli. gent an I would I e luund a mclul person in miiiiy wav. Call on Mondav alleiuonii ironi J to S o'clm k. Ol) I f.TH AY., NEAR 21 -T ST ? V RESPECTABLE ? Protest ant perron as Infant's nnrse ; i-< accus f lined to (In caru ol au iniant ; can do plain sew Ing ; ?e-<t city reiercncc. i) < | WEST 1 1 ST ST. ? A RESI'Ei TABLE (llirii AS ? ? I I nurse and to do plain sewing to- Wl -T Mill ST. ? \ YolNi; (illfl. f.l MINI) growing children and ii??i4 In housework. I ,V?Q WEST 1.7TII ST.? A RESl'ECTA BLE PROTES ? )?)<~ tant lilrl as nur* ' ; ilt\ re I ere nee. Call Momiuy i ami Tucs. I ii} , from 10 u'.itil o clock. ' 7KQ 10TII AT., FOP FLOOR.? a vol \G MARIIIl I. I ?)l) woman as wet nurse; excellent physician*' rel ] erencc. ! 7Qfi TH AV.? A M 1 1 ) i ? I , E AGED PROTESTANT ( OU woman as nurse ; lully understands the care ol an iniant to bring it up on the bottle ; city reft rem-c. I t I RKNCII (PROTESTANT) WOMAN WISHES V I J\ altnatlon lo take care of children ami to do .??? in ; i good reiercncc. Address P. D., lit ral<l t.'ptowu Branch J ofllce, 1 ,266 Broad way. \ nmCTAlU VOI'NG HUM. AM NUMI POB i _Y one or two children or to wait on a lady, with a lamlly going to Eiirci ie this Spring : excellent eitv refer I ence i ron* In r present employer. Ad'lrc.i, lor on* net :;, H. T RAVE I. LE It, Herald Cptown Branch office. Wait rent ?, iSic. ' Al' WEST I9TII ST.? A RrsPECTART/E VOP.VfJ 'I') fxl rl ns ^v;i it : r\c Itcnt nfiM'tii'i* ?r hi \ j- lace, v>lifie?lie ?:un i?c .votii Momiuy irmn 12 until , ! 1 1(1 WEST :t7TH ST.. PI RST Pl.oolf -TWO YOUKO : I4!*/ girls; one a? ll r * t rl*M wailrrm, the other an chambermaid and plain seamstress; best reference from hut place. _ _ _ ___________ ' 1PA EAST S7TH ST.? AS PIR8T f!f-AS8 CHAMBER i J.? )U mold and w?i ires* in a private lamily. Can be I seen at her present place. I,-1 EAST 2*11 H ST - A VOI'NG (II KI, AS PI RST ! J ? )'x class waitress; or would go as chambermaid and I sen mure**; .1 \ears' reference iran nlacc; lelt on account ot family ?"iti?< to Europe, I (l|f WEST 27TII .-T.-HV AN ENGI.ISH PROTEST - I ii'rl ant. as housemaid ami waitre?.i, or as general j servant, in ft small family ; is kind to children. 9,4(1 WEsT :IIST ST., GROCERY STORE ?A COM | ij'l pi tent young woman as flrst class waiiroi*; beat city reiercuce. Mlirriiantons. ' WEST fiirn ST.? A t,AD*OF RKFTNT.MENT AND ? ho Is accustomed to the duties, in a ilrst class taei II v. as attendant upon an inxalld or aged lady, or to take charge as uiairctn ofomvor twiiuiotti(irlv*aclitl(li>vu; good rcturcuue* KlTr*TTO*S X% AWRn-FRMAIiKH, 't' ? ?vvwvyty^'* ? . *? '** w- ^*>?v - .w^ MiMcUsBcoiu. JO M.noroAM, st.-.a respectable toum !"?' tfirl wlshui a situation tu ii'i.-n.l ? Uacy -turn, bakery, contectioucry, or souie ligUt bajiuvos ; be ?t jf reference. 1 1Q WESTMSTST.? A FRENCH GIBL A.-. LADY'S i'T'' maid or take care of >uuug children and miw uu a machine. Call lor two days. tnt) MJMD80N AV.? AN EDUCATED YOUNG I ? French lady, having great experience in travell ing. wishes to engage with a family to go lo Kurop*; willing to make hcrselt useful. Address GOVERN bM. ') O r WEST 37TH ST.. TOP FLOOR ? A RKHI'KCT tj*ir) able young wldmv lady wishes to take charge of Uniawt houses In or out of the city; best relerence. RAO FIFTH AVENUE.? ? HIGHLY RESPECTABLE o?'u German person as lady's maid ami housekeeper^ is a good dressmaker and hair drawer: ran be highly recommended; city references. Address L. O. A COMPETENT AND BXPEBIENOBD YOUNO WO man wishes to travel with a lady during the Sum liter months; salary no olcccl whatever. Aduresa S. A. W., Pout office, Baltimore. Md. *S COMPANION OR GOVERNESS to YOUNG OR J\ married ladies; country, seashore or travelling abroad. In a Iul'IiIn educated lady, refined, pleasing inau ners. Address TACT, Herald Uptown Uraui'li office. AFRKNCH GIRL AS LADY'S MAID: IS A GOOD seamstress. Address L., bus 131 Herald Uptown branch office. A KIR ST CLASS WIRE BONNET AND HAT FRAME maker is willing to take work home; unquestionable references. Address 8., box ifi Bw?M office. Al' ANTED ? A Bin fcTfON AS stewardess ON A ?? steam vessel or as monthly nurse, by a lady fully i)iinlifled to nil either position Address Mrs. DW\EK, care of 11. W. McDonnell, No. 8 Clinton place. Intelligence Offices. pF.RMAN SERVANTS, FOR ALL POSITIONS, CAPA 1 I ble ami trustworthy, oountautly louud at SIS Bowery; entrance on Bleecker street. Mrs. LOWE. PROFBMXONAIj HTVATHWI WASTED ? I I . n VI, KM. A Vol' NO LADY, PARISIAN, HIGHLY EDUCATED, with best reteronces. teaching French literature ill this city, is desirous oi accompanying i lamiH to Lurotie or to the country as teacher <ir interpreter. Ad !res* MADEMOISELLE, care Mist l>u Vernot, lfB Wugt 2Vttl at HELP \v A\T K b-PBMALIII. VN APPRENTICE MILLINER WANTED.? APPLY AT 1, 130 Broadway. A? E. RIDLEY ,t SON. A PEW FIRST CLASS . milliners. Apply immediately uii the second floor 809, 811, :tii'. Grand tt.,? t.. TO Allen -t A? WORK GIVEN OUT TO PAY FOR FIRST CLASH . Sewing Machine* BLAKE, BUCK W A LTEIt A CO., ll:> 4tli av., corner ot 12th at. , and 1UI HKccker st? near Broadway. t -?W ANTED, A COMPETENT NUR8E, to TAKB J\ ? charge ot three children ; mint com" well recom mended. Call, between ID and I o'clock, at 1/7 East 1UIU si reel. A NICE GERMAN GIRL WANTED? TO DO THE cooking and plain washing and ironing in a prlvato l a in II v ot six persons; one who underst ind i her bust ness and can come well recommended will receive fid per month. Apply at (<57 5lh av., near !>-d at. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELKFRAPIiY? MEN. women, boys ami girls learn and lake positions; demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 80 4th av., opposite Cooper institute. ANGELA'S TURKISH BATHS, HI LEXINGTON AVE nue, want two flrsl class Protestant Girls; one laun drc s, one chambermaid uiid waitress; neither older than 88 years ; wages jifl to #^>. \GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK, IB A PRI vatu family; 331 East 41st st. (Cutting place), below 2d i?v. ARUChE PRESSER TO TAKE CHARGE OF MAN IT* liictory; a competent person will be liberally treated. A. N. LUCHS, 7d Greene st. \ LADY OP EDUCATION AND REFINEMENT. A cnergctlc and fond of business, wanted, to t?ko charge ol a large family hoarding house. Apply at 178 Mcei ker st, near Macdoiiual. D RESSMAKr.NO APPRENTICES WANTED 6th av. Kiiu top bell. (lOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER IN A PRI T vate fumily st Manhassot, L. I., one hour from city liv rail ; church near. Apply at advertiser's residence there, or at hisolllce, 31H Broadway. CHARLES H. SMITH, Nurse wanted? a pbotestant woman to lake chargodav end night, of an in. ant two months old. Auv wnll recoiiimenned may apply at fil West 4t*,tli St. Operators on lace bows oni.y roisT class hands ueea inquire. 19 Walker st. OPERATORS ON DOMESTIC ANO SINGKIt'ri machines; only those understanding hindin:r for ladies' suit*. EINSTEIN A HElt.MI AltD, 413 Broadway. WA.NTBD? TWV SISTERS ( PUOTEST ANTS), TO DO Hit' w?rk oi u Mini it nmlly. Oall at IAS Bast 7lst st. WANTED? TWO COMPETENT SERVANTS; COOK Hiid chambermaid, at 111 Went 47lli st. "IITANTED? A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; l\ I'llv reference required. Apply at 113 West 42d Hi., basement door. YITANTED? A WELL RRCOMMKN DED, COMPETENT TV )/lrl ai. laundress and chambermaid, at 214 Went 38th st. IITANTED? A NEAT, TIDV OIRL, 1.1 OR 14 TbA'Rfi V > ot age ; one who can take cure ot n baby. 477 Went. 2Jd Nt. IITANTED ? EXPK It I ENCED SALES LADIES IN THE W millinary department at Al.BL.UT ltlCII'S, 308 6th avenue. ' TITANTED? A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER Vl in :i private family, who will to tin- country fur tlii- Summer; assistance in washing; best citv rufcreuce* required, \pply from 9 to 12 M., al 12ti EsstlAthst. "IITANTED? A OIRL TO cook, WASH AND IRON ; ? i also one to do waiting ami upstairs work. Apply at I'.'l West 22.1 st. \lr A VI ED? A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK \ t in a small family. A jiply at fS7<i llud hob st. 11 'ANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A GERMAN PRO. ?V te-taut cook, washer and Ironer. Apply, with oily reference, ut2.w> West A3d st, between I - and 3 P. M.* UJ ANTED? A PROTEST ANT CTRL To TOOK. WASH and li-on in tin- country, a Miort distance from th? City. Apply at Ibl William St.. up Maim, on Tuesday, April ltt. ? ; 1 IT ANTED TW I'.N TV WOMEN, GOOD SEWKRW. V? Apply tin* morning* ?t 9ocloek, to \tiss I'iNt'll ETTE, at Mir.'i door, Grand Opera lioii-e, .'i2i> Wesl24lli st. - ? f ? IITANTED? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN To COOK, m wa-li mill In n for a -null tamily; references rp qaind. Call ii 214 I h-i 33d at. VlTANTtD? A I'ltOTl'STA NT VOL NO WOMAN AS it child * ii ir.?'' aud .camstiv -s. Apple. between I ?? and 12, at 49 East 20th it. U 'ANTED? A RfsfncTAni.E OIRL \S ("If \MBEIt maid and wtiires-. Appl., trom ''until 12, at 132 West 13th at UTANTED? TWO KKSPKCTAHLH GIRI.*; ONE TO take earn oi children and "i'W, In r n cham bermaid ami to a--l- 1 v illi washing and li ning. Call, with reference, at :'/> West fl-'d st., between Pi ami J. \\r ANTED? A Vol Mi filltL TO COOK, W\SII AND >? iron in a small family ; iiiti-i have the best city rel emm Call atit>.'> West :titii .-t. U 'ANTED? IN A PRIVATE KAMILV, \ OOODCOOR. neat and obliging; best city rile rc lice required. 2S East Atftli st. IITANTED? I- I V I ! I'll sT t'LASS MILLINERS: fiOOD \\ wage-, will be pai l ul*i a good su!c-.ady, Apply at 431 Sih av., betwi en 31-; and .' >. U 'ANTED? A VOl' NO OIBI. TO WASH DISHES IN a r. "taiir.'nt; most sleep at home.- Apply in liio Dining Saloon, Warren st \\* AN IED -TWO . : 1 1 : L. - , ONE I ill: Kill IIEN WORK, w.i-Iiuk; and in nim., the other lor elmnm rwork. in n private beaming hot . na.i* SIU and #12 per monili. -'J 7th av between loih nnd Irttli st. \lr AXTI-.D? A GENTEEL VOl NO OIRL TO ATTEND 11 to youir; eliildrcli; iniet I- kind, ittU'iUlvc unit wIltlM : i i econuuendailons required, appiv to Mr*. El . i. s ANDO \V OOD, KollU'\ ,ir I ami <>tlt ?!., betwe n I and ; 4 o cluck. ________ UTANTED? A OlltL TO TAKE < \RE OK A t'HIMI four years old and do the upsta ir? tvork; tnust uu I derftaml ? u .nt: nnd l ?* will In : to make ik i -'?ii generally usetul. Apply, uillt r< creii n, atthc lia. eiuentdoor of 72 West I7tli st., between 'J and U?V.!oek._ U 'ANTED- EMPLOYMENT, BV AN Al'TIV'E, INTEL lilt nt yoiitiK m in . ii a eh ,1 en inc. r, but is will ing to act a.l .i-r bookki eper, t a -tiler and in anv sim ilar po-ltlon; tie si ren ii ii - as to c.i|ineity and iu leuritv; i v wiiliint to R" We<t. Address O. K., care ot Hon. IN. . I. M a' rt'tj r \ I'- i'rcsd.vuy. UrANTED-A oir:r. to do the ciiamberwork and washii (ltd Ironinx lor h -mail lauiily. Ap. ply at 7u West 3U:li be: ween I ) and 12 o'r.loek. U- V N T E 1 1 * -MARf WAITER UIRL AND A Mi A It C kitchen ttlrl for a suihII Hotel, at 3D East IL.u.ton st. UTANlKD? A OOOD COOIC AND WAITR SS, TO GO to the country lor lli" "Uuitiicr niniiflij. Apply, ; with citv reference, at 656 6th av. UTANTED? A NORTH GERMAN OIRL \< t'HAM btrmaid and to assist in the care of children ; ejty rcferencea. Apply attMAth nr.. between an I it ;o-day. \| 'ANTED? APPRENTICES TO LEARN DRESS. ?? tnukinst. must be Rood sewer?. Apply, alter 10 O'rloek A. M , At 2>>4 VV. :n,i -t. "II ' ANTED? TWO GIRLS; ONE AS COOK AMI 11 washer; (lie other as chambermaid and waitress ' III a -mall prlva'e latutly. Apply iroui 'J .i.l 12, .Monday, I ai 112 i-.atit rtO i si. IITANTED? A GOOD PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND j 11 Ironer in A small family. Apply at 29 West 25th .1. Ur ANTED? A GIRL TO WASH AND IRON AND take care ot a child; reterence required. Apviy I West mil at r UTANTED? A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS (Protestant preterred), to assist with tine washing ; 1 must thormiHlily understand tli > above and be well re I eoiiMnended, to ?o to the Country for the sumiuer, Ap? j ply at 47S Lexington avenue attt>r tf o'clfH'k. UTANTED? K1 RST CLASS HANDS TO TRIM AND finish ??i?ts, also a prrtect operator upon Urorcr ft Baker's machine. 21 La?t )6th ?t., two doori west ol I' nioti square. \V' ANTED? i'OOKH, IIOCSEWORKERS, C1IAMHI P t* bertnalds, nurses, waitresses, laundresses, >ou"K (iris, nnd dirlv lateiy landed , sit us lions rea It; liluhe"1 wage . oDKLL S otllcc, UN West >UU ?W. near BreaJway . 1 Cauic aud seu.

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