Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1873 Page 8
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FLMM1AL AND fOMMERfllL. The Stringency in Money, and the Rem edy, National and Local. Free Banking and the Abolition of the Usury Laws. The Speculation in Gold Thriving on Opposition. SATURDAY'S BANE STATEMENT. Xemforcement of the Besoms? The Defi ciency Reduced to $2,000,000. WALL STREET, 1 SCNDAY, April 13, 1873. ) I The week In Wall street has witnessed a con tinuation or the remarkable contest betweea BORROWERS and lenders ?f money and wide aud lrequent fluctuations in the rates paid and exacted for its use from day Do day. The scarcity of funds during the past month has excited the utmost surprise at the* mystery of where all the money has gone to. Indeed, the difficulty id Retting at money from, day to day lias provoked the speculation whether, in the reaction from the paper money issmjs of the war, we have not reached Ue stage at which money has begun to be more valuable than prop erty; and we might be induced to be gia to think seriously about such an ACCRETION OH TUE CtTRRENCY did we not know that within the next sixty days money, or its paper representative, will he a drug in the market, and be worth, as a source of revenue, less than a three per cent British consol. The rise In gold, and the exceeding stringency in muney, are both indices of something radically wrong in our monetary system which need remedial action In Congress, liotli are more or less the result of artificial manipulation of the markets; but then such individual or clique control ought not to be possible. The remedy of A FREE BANK1NO LAW. With a provision requiring the country banks to keep a redeeming agent at New York, would iro far to give the currency system an elasticity which 1b now sadly deficient, and which would prevent the enormous deportation of money from New York in tne Spring aud Kail and excessive redun dancy of it in the idle months of Summer. Tno re peal of the usury laws in the State of New ^ork, ?r at least lor the metropolitan d strict, as a sup plement to the passage of a free banking law in Congress, would defeat the efforts of combinations to derange the money market. As matters have been the past few weeks money, as a possession or investment, has paid larger proportioual dividends than anything on the share list. the rate on call, as the Wall street expression goes for transactions In money from day to day, has ranged all the way from 7 to 305 per cent per annum. On Thursday It was theught great hardship to have to pay >3 per cent for money until Saturday, but on SaUrday borrowers had to pay as high as per cent for money until Monday. The singular feature of the business is, furthermore, the fluctuation in a single day, which has olten been from one of these ex tremes to the other. That is, money was to be had at some period nearly every day at 7 per cent, or 1 per cent gold, although before or after loans were made at the MOST EXTRAVAGANT TERMS of the present crisis. The persistency with which money lenders succeeded In keeping up rates, notwithstanding toe steady and abmndant indux of currency trom the interior, has been paralleled by the Buccess of the gold clique in maintaining their operations against the lighter importations of foreigA goods, the lowness of the foreign exchanges and other important Influences adverse to their plans, not the least among the last mentioned be ing the revival of the foreign demand for American governraeut and railroad bonds. With all this the market seemed as pliable as could be In their hands. They opened It at 119)?, sold until they de pressed It to 117Tb and then bought until they raised it on Saturday to 119 '?? Usually these OPERATIONS IN GOLD would have been attended with less success be cause of the outlet any rise would give to domestic exports. But now the clique mark up gold with comparative Impunity, because thev know that the prevalent stringency In money prevents the ex porters from placing their bills of exchange at equable rates, a seeming paradox lying in the lact that scarce money, which should depress gold, ac tually helps its artificial advancement. The spec station at the Stock Exchange lias been more con. ?ervattve under the restraint of tight money, but the fluctuations in prices have been comparatively narrow. From ai>out Tuesday, when the lowest pnce? were made, to Thursday, there was a general rise aud no little buoyancy 011 the eve ef the Good Friday holiday, but the recurrent excessive strin gency of Saturday almost undid the Improvement. The rise in gold carried up government bonds to the highest figures they have seen In several years, the '67's, for Instance, touching 119J, and the sixes OX '81 121. LATEST PRICES OF GOVERNMENTS. The following were the closing prices of government bonds on Saturday evening:? United States currency sixes, 113>i a 114; do. do., 1881, registered, 117 a lis; do. do. do., coupon, 120 a 120Ji; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 113 '4 a lli>'*; do. do., lt>62, coupon, do., 117?* a 118; do. do., 1804, do. do., 117J* a lisx; do. do., 1865, do. do.,.1191; a 120; 1807, registered, January and July, 110>i a liojf ; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 117'i a 117. H; do. do., 186 , do. 60., 119>? a list?; ;, 1*68, do. do., 1 1" a 117 ; do. ten-forties, registered, 111'* a 112; do. do., coupon, 112'. a 1131, ; do. fives of 1881, regis tered, 115 a 116; do. do. do., coupon, 1 1 5 a 116. THE COCRSE OK THE GOLD MARKET. The extreme fluctuations dally In the price of ?old during the week were as lollows ? Jhyhin t. Loiivst. Monday u"'s? ? Tuesday J'? ? '!!!? Wednesday 11 ,1- . ,! Friday1"'.:::: : : ::: :: :::: : : : : ' '<&?* > Viday houdaj .; Saturday 11 J " 116 ' The last sales Saturday were at 118^, the quota tions closing at 118s, a 118 V SOUTHERN SECURITIES. The week was an unusually dull one In the Southern state bonds, and prices remained about steady, the only material changes being In the 3'ennessees, which declined to 79 a 59)?. and In the new South Caroll'ias, which advanced to 20. The following were the closing quctat.ons lor the Bouthern list:? Tennessee, ex-coupon, 79 a 79}%; do., new, 79 a 79 v*; Virginia, ex-coupon, 43 a 47; do., registered stock, old, 30 a 40; do., sixes, con solidated bonds, 53' j a 5.rj; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 13 a 14; Georgia sixes, 70 a 7a; do., sevens, 88 a ?o; North Carolina, ex-coupon, :;o a :sl; do,, to North Carolina Railroad, 57 a tvo: do., funding, I860, 18 a 22; do., do., lsos, 17 n v. ; do., new, 17 a is; do., special tax, 14 a 15; Missouri sixes, 83', a 94; do., Hannibal and St. Joseph, ?0 a 81; Loolslana sixes, 45 a 50; do., new, 40 a 47; South Carolina sixes, 30 a 40; do., new, June ana Jwly, I9)i a 20; do., do., April and October, 20 a 30; Ark ansas sixes, funded, 39 a 42; Mobile and Ohio Railroad, sterling, 90 a 93; do. interest eights, so a 90; Mississippi Central Kailroad first mortgage sevens, 87 a 90; do. second mortgage eights, ?5 a 87; New Orleans and Jackson first mortgage, 93 a 96; do. second mortgage, R7 a 80 ; Memphis and Charleston Railroad first mortgage, 85 a9o; do. second mortgage, 78 a ho; Greenville and Columbia Railroad, guaranteed by South Carolina, 55 a 60; Macon and Brunswick Railroad, guaran'ced by Ceorg'a, ?oa65; Memphis city sixes, 50 a 69: Sa vannah city neve ns, b2 a 3J; New Orleans sevens, 65 a 02. TITE BANK STATEMENT. The weekly st$\cui(pi mv iM$*ciate4 bants is , . Z ... f.-^U shows a gain of a million favorable In so far ve of tllt) and a quarter dollars in ' ?hn?t banks, whose deficiency Is now redilCoJ _ d two millions, which Is prelly equally die u^. between tne National and state banks. Otherwise the statement Is an utter puzzle to the street, par ticularly in the Item of deposits, which shows a de crease ol about three quarter? oi a million, wlien the j act is known that the receipts of currency irom the Interior during the week have been at least live ami piobably nearly ten millions of dollars. A decrease of two mllMons in loans is only a partial explanation ol the Inconsistency. No one ran coutrmjilate tho matter without wondering at the mysterieu absence of the money. IX it has passed into the clutches of THE "LOCKING-UP" CONSPIRATORS, then their resources aro beyond the most travagant estimate of Wall street. An iv urease of half a million in legal tenders indicate^ lhe returning currency is beginning to b^ ^ a kinil which will materially Btrengtnen tb banks. The statement compares with It^pr <:doeeBH?>r 01 the previous week as tallows:? v 7 pri/k April 12. Loans $271,516,900 specie y<r... /li, 064,400 10,1:14,300 Circulation 27,71ft, soo 27,714,400 Deposits 187,087,000 180.899,200 Legal tenders, 34,940,000 36,493,800 ?The chaK&s being in detail as follows:? Decrease '.n loans. $2,017,100 lncreasa in specie.. 4bu, 900 Decrease in ( irculatlon 1.400 Decrease 111 deposits 787,800 Increase In legal tenders 663,300 AN ANALYSIS of the above figures shows that the banks now hold within $2,025,300 of the reserve required hy law? a tain for Uie week of $1,220,500. The two statcmen is compare in detail as lollows:? April 6. April 12. Changes. Specie. $15,064,400 $10,134,300 Inc. $469,900 Legal tenders. 34,940, 500 3a, 493,800 inc. 553,300 Tot reserve $50,604,900 $61,628, 100 Inc. $1,023,200 Circulation... 27,716.800 27,714,400 Dec. 1,400 Deposits 187,087,000 186,899,200 Dec. 787, S00 Total lia bilities. ..$215,402,800 $214,613,600 Dec. $789,200 25 per cent.. 63,850, TOO 63, 653, 400 ? Deliciency. . . 3,245,800 2,026,300 Inc. 1,220,500 STOCKS ON SATUKOAY. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day:? JUlylwst. Lot rust. New York Central 102* lootf Erie 66 -66 '4 Lake Shore "... 92jtf 91?,' Wabash 7o 69 Northwestern (No transactions.) Northwestern preferred 8.s so \ Kock Island (ex div) 109J? los St. Paul 69 68 St. Paul preferred (No transactions.) ()hio and Mississippi 46>^ 44% Union Pacific 34 33*5 C., C. and 1. C 393? 38 ^ Western Union Telegraph 84*; Pacific Man 57 S 66 The following were the quotations when the Hoard adjourned at three o'clock P. M. : ? Wotrrn I'nion. 84 % n s6 North west'n pi. 86 a 87 Wells-Fargo Kx ni1, u 81 N J Central 98 u 99 U s 1 x; re<w ? 73? a 74V4 Rock Island. . .xiiH'i a 109 Pacific Ma 1 6?i 1 ; 11 S6?j m I'aul 58>J a 5Mi ^ v Central. ..100% .1 lui St Paul prof. ... 74'? a 74S Erie 06'4 a i5'g Wiihasu ti'.i'., 1 69'* Harlem 1j4 a 125 Ohio A Miss..... 4i'a ? 44V, l.uho Miorr IV ? I'oston, 11 a K. Sk a Union Paclnc.. : ;V'4 a 33*, 0. > .? 1 1! S8^ n 39 In Philadelphia Heading was strong at 116, and Pennsylvania advanced to 11 1 '4. EME RAILWAY BARNING8. The following is the latest return of estimated weekly earnings ol the Erie Railway, commenc ing November 1, 1872:? 1S72. 1873. 7 Days. 7 I ><i (/a. For week ending April 7 $285,399 $327, a82 Previously reported 6.991,248 7,258,624 Total earnings since Nov $7,286,645 $7,688,156 Increase lor week $32,133 Increase lor live mouths to date ^9n,6il COMMERCIAL REPORT. Coffee Dull? Flour Quiet and Weak? W Ileal Kir in? loin and Uat* Steady? Pork Firm? l.ard Steady? Groceries <luiet? Petroleum Inactive but Firmer Spirits Turpentine and Itonin Mure Active and Higher? Whiskey Steady. Saturday, April 12?6 I'. M. The trade movement during the week which lias just closed has been only fair, when regarded ns a whole, though comparatively active in some de partments, The Spring business, though backward and not so excited as it is sometimes wont to be, has been more steady and perhaps rather more healtuy since its commencement than is usual, lie sides it promises to continue longer, so that, judg ing from the prevailing Indications, the volume of the entire spring's business will not iail behind, even though it does not exceed, that or some of its predecessor.?. The unexpected, and according to the undivided opinion of the mercantile public, wholly unnecessary radical enhancement ol the gold premium has beeu one of the chief drawbacks, and feas occasioned no little diss.itistactiou with the administration's ma nipulation of the monetary a Hairs of the country. A staple currency is one ol the necessities ol a healthy prosecution of commercial matters, and nothing is so deleterious in its iniluenre as a con stantly and radically varying currency. The re cent violent fluctuations and radical advance in the gold premium is but another term lor a con stantly depreciating currency, ami has very uatur nlly alarmed the business mintl of the country to a considerable extent, and, by con-equence, in tertcrcJ to a greater or less degree with the le gitimate prosceuLon of the business of the coun try. Vet, in spite of these disturbing influences, a fair business has been done In this, the chief business mart of tbe country, while values have fluctuated very much less than might have been expected, or than probably would have beeu the ease hail there been any apparent reason for the material enhancement of the gold premium, or any general belief in its permanency. The business in dry goods, hardware and kindred articles has been fair during the week, prices showing comparatively few and unimportant fluctuations, while the movement In breadstuff's was very slow, at prices which, showing but li tie change, were still unsatisfactory alike to buyer and seller. Provisions have found ready "market nearly alt the week and the market showed iucreaslng strength fr in day today. On Mitur d ?y the markets were nearly all <| u te t. < >11 "Change hour was quiet an I weak. Wheat was a little more sought alter and rather nriuer, yet not quotably higher. Coin and oats were in moderate request and showed no material change as regards prices. I'ork was quiet but firm, and tbe market tor lard was about in the same con dition. Other provisions, such as bacon, cut meat-, <*c , were in lair request and tlriu Groceries were quiet ami steady. Petroleum was firmer but nominal in the absence ot transactions. Naval stores were in lair re quest, and the market closed decidedly firmer for both spirit- and rosiu. Whiskey was quiet at uuehauged prices. OorrKK.? The market to-day was dull for all descrip tions, but prices were nominally steady. No sales were reported except Ina jobbing way, which were uaimpor taut. We quo i Kio, ordinary cargoes, bi&c. a 17c. ; lair cargoes, 17), c. a 1734c. ; good cargoes, l\V4c. a IS',1 . ; pi ue rg' es, i-^c. a 19c. ; Java, government bags, 20c. a 2U ; do., grass mats, I9;!?c. a 21^c.; .-Ingaporc. Iti^c. a 1 7 1 ^ c 1 , \ Ion, 17', i . a is'je. ; Maracaitio, lgc. a 19c. ; l.a guayra, l*c a Is', ; Jamaica, 16c. a I4 ; St. Domingo, I.'.1,, a bic. ; I'orio Rico, lsc. a 19c.; <nsta Kica, I Sc. a 19c. ; Mexican, 17!, c. a ls',c ; Manila, 17c. a I Sc. ; Angos tura, 17.V'. a |s',e, ; Savanllla, I7'?c. a is'?c. ; Curacoa, 17\c a lsh,c? gold, i>er lb . 60 a 90 tlar*' credit < ottos.? I he Kxehange having adjourned over from Thursday until .Monday there were no oflli lal quotations today. Ki.ocr amp (Ikais.? Receipts? Flour. 19,211 bbls. ; wheat, 22, MJ bushels; corn, 27,4'Si uo , corn meal, :ioO hbls. ; outs, 23,525 bushels; barley, 7, two do., and lor the week end ing flour, ? 2 , -VS t bids.; wheat, 611,430 bushels; corn, 9,s, 4i mi do. ; corn meal, l,22o bbls. and I.S3J bags; oats, *1,424 I'Usnels . barley, 27, n?>0 do The flour market was dull and easy, but not quotably changed in price. The sales 'principally lor local requirements) toot up about II, OIK) bhli., at prices within the range ol the appended quotations. Corn meal was in lair request and tlrm. Sales 70' l bids., including W i -tern vellow at $ I 2o a f t .5 on the dock, white do. at $.1 3ft a $.') 45, and brandy wiuu at ?.'! 60 a ?.s 70. Wc quote No. 2 (State *4 "0 a $?'> 25 .Superfine state J J>u a 6 5d Kxtra State. 7 25 a 7 75 choice state 7 <j a B 25 Supcrllnc Western ?> "0 a 6 rs) Kxtra Western ? ?|| a 7 M Kxira Minnesota I 611 11 2 5" Kouivl hoop Ohio, shipping brands 7 is) a < 50 Huiinii hoop Ohio, trade brands S on a 9 00 f amily 2 J*{ ? st i. ids, low extra 7 J a 7 75 st l-oiiis, straight extra ? * a n .s st. bonis, choice double extra 9 on a 10 t*i St. bom-, choice family lilt*) a l.i i*) California 9 U0 a 10 ttl It ve Hour 8 50 a 0 UU >?11 1 tier n No. J. 4 25 a i?l Southern superfine ? a 6 50 Saul hern extra 7 2ft a 9 50 Southern family 10 OU a 13 00 < ornmcal, Western 3 IS a 3 45 Commeal, Jersev 3 60 a 3 65 Comment, Brandywlne...... 3 65 a 3 75 llaltlmore 4 00 f. o. b. Caloric 3 60 a 3 65 Puncheons 19 flO f. o. b. ?Wn*?r.? Private ? .i t>l<? advices were rather more la yorable, which tended io strengthen the finarket here, I rices war' firmer, but not qtiolaliiy higgler. I be sales comprise nb 'it 25, ts 4) bushels, at tl 04 lor prime No. 2 Milwaukee St ring, in sfc.n $l ?i p,r talr do., afloat; $1 75 tor so I do., aflont . $i .Yi i,,r lowa Spring, alloiit.; tl 90 lor red Winter, afloat #1 H5 a 91 PS for amber in ter; tl SO a ?1 U.', lor lair while. 10 a t'2 15 lor choice to fancy do,, and ?i ul a *i 40 for rejected Spring. Corn was Steady, but only in limited request The sales (to-day and yestc'din i itg ;regate alioii' s.i,(i?i , u-liels, at c: a a (* ,c, via \\ vawru tugged* u *to? J'cr De'aware yellow, afloat; nominally 65c. for Wo yellow, 7i*. lor do. white, ami 75c. a 77c for Ho *tern Oats were in Untiled request at previous pr1 .atlicrn. sales loot up about 62,0!>0 bushels, at 63c. lor -??*? ' be mixed, in titore; 51c. for lair while do., all' >id Western for choice to laucv do ; 62c. u Mc. lor .,?t; 66c. a 60c. ailoat, it H J 48c. a 51c lor new black, r Yemeni mixed, ij'e were inactive, and bcld n< .float, Barley and figure*. ^niuaily at former * kkkikts.? There was little ' the line of berth freights, bu* *t nothln done to day in The ch rterlng business * ? rates exhibited no change. Ln', u? i, tair. bu. ?hc <? ??* ?!*?? sine*. Th? su, ply of eonsenueiitiv ??,/*'' jeinand tor vessels lik- lit: tates, -'?*? w? have only to note in en ?i ? tn i ivfVt, Kruiu o . on 'on, by tail, at ??/? /*'. l?y steam, the nominal raU' tor lurtaiu ?imt?T' a i * a, and lor provisions 61*. The charters ui in ii- >'rman bark, hence to Stettin, 4,50J bbls. rosin, t , * i, ' i ? BritUh ship (recluirteredi, 1,1)06 tont, ?.rm? tn -th<> United Kingdom, timber, on privute i rJj .( an American bark, 429 tons, hence to Cuba, im.ity JiJ." >. on private terms; a Herman hark, from 1'iula i -iphia tu the Uerrnuu Baltic, 3,000 bbls. refilled ptlro ,?uui, at 6.-. Sd. 11 *v ami stiiaw.? The arrivals have been fair, since our last, and under u continual good demand. 'I he market rated steady. Wo quote: Shipping huy, $1 ; Retail qual ities, $1 20a lit); (Hover, 7.">eafl; salt hay, 80e a 85c; 1-ong rye straw, $1 in a Si 16; short rye do., b5e a VOCt Oats, &>c u 90c, and Wheat, 75c. Moi.assks.? Trade to-i!ay was very quiet, buMnes* be ing confined to jobbing lots ol' domestic. Prices were unchanged and as follows: Old Ooi). /tew Crop. Cuba, centrifugal and mixed 18c. a .2c. ? a ? Cuba, clayed ? a ? 30c. a 36c. Cuba, mu-covado, refining ? a ? 32c. a 37c. Culm, muscovado, grocery ? u ? 3tic. a 40c. Porto rtlco ? a ? S5c. a F.nglish Islands ? a ? 2.V. a 50c. New Orleans ? a ? 55c. a 7*0. Naval oTokk.s.? For spirits ol turpentine the market was moderately actiw aad closed decidedly higher. We heard ol sales of SO tibis. on the dock, at 54c. ;2C3 do? at 56c. ; 200 do. in shipping order, at 55c. At the clo e We. was bid and reiuscd. Knsin was in good demand and also closed decidedly firmer, with $l 37S bid lor strain d. The sales include 000 bbls. strained. *t $3 25. 8U0 do. do., at $3 30; 1,000 do. do., at $3 30, and .150 do. do., at $3 32%. Tar was neglected and nominal, at about $3 50 a $l 75 lor Washington and Wilmington I'ktrolkum.? The market lor retlned was quiet but Arm ; held at 21c. for balance id' mouth. Crude in bulk was al.-o inactive, but closed firm at ll)c. ; cases quoted at 2tie. u 2nJ-,c., and naphiha weak atll>jc. a 12c. At Ibu Creek the market was firm: quoted at $2 25 a $2 on the roads and $2 51 at Oil City. 'I he Philadelphia uiurket whmIiiII and entirely nominal ; refined quoted at 1.}jC., spot, and l'J^e., buyers next inoiith. Puovisiomv.? Receipts ? fork, 2,727 bbls. ; beef. 140 pack ages', cut meat", 5,H54 do. ; lard. 2,77rt bbls. and tierces; and lor the week ending, pork, 4,5ti8 bbls. ; heel, 447 pack ages; eu meats, 18,57s iio. ; lard, 10, 9itf bbls. an I tierces and 18s keg*. The market lor mess pork was Inactive and nominal, yet holders manifested their former Ami nes- aiiii demanded lull prices; held at $17 50, cash, bal ance oi mouth or Mav .fobbing sales were made to the extent ol 200 Mils, at $17 60; also 175 bbls. ol extra prime mess at $iJ 76. Bacon was firm and in lair request, 'i he sales comprise 100 boxes Western long clear art 9'-?c., 8iiO boxes short do. at 9^c., 0*' boxes do. at. 9i4'c. and 1,000 loose short ribs and short clear at tbe West at He. Beet was quiet, but steuny ut previous quotations. VVe heard ol a sale ot 100 tierces ol extra India iuc?* at $29 50. lieel bams were dull and nominally uucliaiigcd ; quoteil at $30 a $33. Cut meats were ill iair demand at steady prices, .'-ales were re porccd ol 1,1X0 pickled hams, 10 lbs. average, al 13c. ; 300 do. shoulders at J\c. ; smoked do. quoted at ??ic. a !'<?., and dry sailed do. at li^c. a tijtfc. ; 250 pickled Tiams at I2>,c. ; 200 tierces ol do , 17 lbs. average, at I2^c. ; 4u0 tresh hams at ll '-jc- . <00 do. shoulders at 7c., and 400 do. bellies at 10c. l.ard? ihc market lor Western was uulet and unchanged. We Heard of sales ol 2611 tierces steam tor April at 8 lA-IAc. ; 500 do. for .lune on private terms, a noted at !l 5-ltic. : May quoted at 'J l-16c. ; 250 tierces, seller i days, at 9c. ; city was quiet ut 8&c. a S%c. ; sales 100 tierces. su oa ii. ?The market to-day lor raw was quiet and steady. '1 he rales were about 67 lihds., part oil private terms, but including Porto Ricos ut 8f,c. YesterJav (Friday) quite a good business was consummated, the .'airs looting up 2, vi I lihus and 1,248 boxes, including all kinds, und ranged in price troui 7c. a H'.c. lor museovado ?lid 9c. aO' jc. lor ci iiirilugals. Keflned was in moderate request and sli _? fitly firmer, without being quotaldv higher. We quote Cuba? Helinitig, Interior lo common, 7c. a 71.a'c. ; lair lo good talr, 8c. a H'.c. : good to prime, H'^c. a H ?c. ; gn eery, lair to good, 8kc. a 8?4C. ; irnine to choice, 8jjc. a 9>4C. : centrliugal, hlius. and boxes, 9c. u 9,4,e. ; nioiaises, hhds. and boxes, 7c. a 8c. ; inclado, 4c. a tiVfc. Havana? Boxes, Dutch standard, Nos. 7 to 9, 7>,c. a ,sl?c. ; do., 10 to 12, xJjc. a Ik'. ; do.. 13 10 15, 9}ac. a 9?i'c. ?. do., lo to IN, 10c. a ltiV,c. ; do., 10 to ?0, lOJic. a iTc. ; white, ltl'^c. a 1 1 Uc. Porto Rico? iteflnlng, common to prime, 7c. a ; grocery, luir 10 choice, H.'^c. a ll^c. Brazil? Dutch stuud ard, aos. 8 to 12, 7c. a H',c. Java? Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12, s'i'c. a He. Manila? Superior and extra superior, 7 V- a sc. ii.ii k. ?The market to-day has heen unususallv quiet for both foreign and domestic, but no change in prices w as noticeable, since our last the sales toot up about 50 threes 01 Carolina at 7J4c. a 8>^c., and 200 bags ol Kan goon at liJtc. a 7},c. stkarini. was inactive, bat firm; quoted at 9c. in hbils. and ii'4c. a in tiercel. Tallow was steady and in good demand: sales 25 hhds. of prime at 9c., 3o bbls. ot do. at 9c., 150,000 lbs. ol do at :?(?., and 7<i bids, of Western attKo. WiusKKr. ? Receipts, 59li bbls., and lor the week ending, 2,621 bbls. The untrkct was quiet, but about steady ; sales 150 bbls. at 91c. DOMESTIC MARKETS. UAI.VHSTON, April 12, 1K73. Cotton dull; good ordinary, lj,'4c. Nut rccelpls, 037 bales, ball's, 250. Stock., 04,353. Nkw Ori fans, April 12, 1873. Cotton in lair drmand: ordinary, 13c. a 13^c. ; good ?rdinai y, li'V'. a 16Mc. t low middlings, ai77?e.; middlings, n 19c. Net receipts, 1,285 bales; gross, I .i4i7. i xjiorts? Cons* wise, 3,485. Sales, 1,(X<0; last even ill);, J, Hi", stock, 1S4.4'J8. Mobile, April 12, 1873. Cotton dull and nominal ; middlings, I8'4c. Net re ceipts, 144 bales; gross, 554. Exports? Coastwise, 323. Sales, 100. Slock, 39,'JOl. Savannah, April 12, 1873. Cotton? No market -, middlings, 19c. Net receipts, 860 bales. Hales, 220. Stock, 4-', 7/0. ClIARLHSTON, April 12, 1873. Cotton quiet; middling*, lS??c. Net receiuta, 4U0 bales. Sales, J00. Mock, 28,411. Wilmington, April 12, 1873. Spirits turpentine Ann at 50c. Roiiiu quiet ut $2 00 lor str .lined, delivered, ( rude turpcutinc quiet at $2 25 lor bard, $3 jO lor yellow dip, Si lor virgin. Tar quiet at f. 05. Milwaukkk. April 12, 1873. Flour quiet nnd unchanged. Wheat in tair ilemund and iirin , No. 1 Milwaukee, $1 29; No. 2 do., $1 I9f?. oats stead) ; No 2 at 27c. > oru iu lair demand and advanced 2(. ; mixed, 3'ic. Rye steady ; No. 1 sells at 04 >io. Hurley n "; No. 2 Spring, sOe. Receipts ? 3,o00 bbls. flour, 6,u0u bushels wheat, shipments ? (>,00J bbls. flour, 32,000 bushels wheat. Oswego. April 12, 1873. Klour steadv and unchanged ; sales 1,300 bbls., at $8 75 for No 1 spring, $U7.> lor amber Winter, $10 50 lor white Winter, $11 lor double extra. \V lieut quiet and un changed ; >o. 2 Milwaukee club held ut $1 08. Corn dull; sales ol 1,1*0(1 bushels Western at 58c. a 59c. Oats firmer ; sales ol 1,5 SJ bushel-* State at 42c. Corn meal sold at 91 3d fur' bolted. $1 25 tor unbolted per cwt Milllecd un changed ; $21 lor short.-. $22 lor slllpstulls, aid $23 for middlings per ton. Railroad freights? Klour to Phila delphia. COc. ; to Hoston, 72c. : to New Vork, 62c.; to Al bany. 5b-. Keceipts by lake? 6,500 bushels wheat and l,uoodo. barley. RtrrrALO, April 12, 1873. Imports for week ending to-day :? Hour, 33, 552 ; wheat, 66,775; Com, 184,. 'TO; o;its, 181,500;' barley, 12,1811; rye, 400. Kx ports lor week ending to-day Wheat, 65.3JB9; corn, 199.5J4; oats, 154,700; barley, 20,720 ; rye, 400. Klour quiet; sales of Western Spring. $7 80 a $8; amber, $8 50 a $>i 25; white, $0 So a $b>. Wheat dull; sales of Mil waukee No. 2 Spring at $1 55; No. 2 Chicago Spring. 45 a $1 40; No. 1 Duluth Spring, $1 05; white Canada, $1 75 a $1 90; white Michigan, $1 80 a $2. Comtlrin; sales l,2Ui bushels in store, and 1,500 bushels oil track, at 52c. oats dull; sales of small lots of Western mixed, on track, at 39kc. ; held at 3wc. a 40c. Harley quiet: sales of Canada, at 95c. a $1; No. 2 Western, 9llc. a 95c.; two-rowed State, 80c. n 85c. ; four-rowed do.. 95c. live nominal at sSc. Ilarlcv malt quiet: Western. $l a $1 10: prime Western, $1 10 all 15; prime Canada. $1 20 a $1 25. Barley malt held at 95c. Other articles unchanged. Chicago, April 12, 1873. Flour quirf and unchanged. Wheat unchanged: No. 2 Spring at$ll7'?, regular, on the spot, $ I 2i^ lor May, $1 28'; for June; N ? 3 Spring, $1 07'4. regular, reiecteii, 9 c. a 94' ,e. Corn in lair demand ami firm ; No. 2 mixed, 31 ',c. uHl'gC. cash ;34kc for May ;3d14c. lor June ; rejected, 28', c. nan steady; No. 2 ut -4J?e., regular; 27c a 28*,c. cash. Rye quiet and unchanged ; No. 2 at 01c. a 03c., cash; No. 3 at 58c. a OOc. Whiskey quiet and un changed at 80*-?c. .Mess pork in fair demand and higher, $ii> 25. steady; salable at $s 45 on the spot. Hulk meats steady and unchanged. lUeon quiet and unchanged ; sugar cured hams, 14c., loose. Receipts? 7,ooi bbls. Hour, 7,i*!0 bushel wheat, 81*10 1I0. corn, 19,000 do. oats, 2,000 do. rye and 9,0 0 do. barley. shipments ? 5,U00 bbls. flour, I4,0i>0 bu-hels wheat, 5,0 10 do. corn, 14,000 do. oats, 2, U00 do. rye and 7,0u0 do. barley. PI1 WC1VI,. * UGl'ST BE!. MONI' A CO i\ Itankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street, isme Travellers' Credits, available iu all parts of tho 1 world, through Ihe Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD ; nnd their correspondents. Aiso Commercial Credits and transfers of money on I California, < urore and Havana. \ TI, ANTIC AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY.? j J\ I hi' quarterly Dividend ?l' one and a quarter per I cent on 1 tie capital stock of the Pa< iuc Kallroad (ol Mis souri, will be paid at tile olllces of tins company ill St Louk Mo., uail at 2s7 Broadway, New Vorn, April 15, ' 1873, to stockholders ol record of April I. IM72. A. v. STOUT, Treasure. Nrw Vork, March 21, 1873. A ?STOCK AND COLD PRI VILEGES A SPECIALTY ? J\ Nocoiifra t negotiated throng 1 this office was ever disbonon d see quotations In New Vork Tribune. WILLIAM WARD, 22 Hroad street, Broker iu Bonds, Stocks, Ac. 4 MONEY TO LOW ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, , in New >ork. Brooklyn ami New Jersey Prin cipals onl\ apply to SA.Mi-.L S. Wool), Jr., 155 Broad way, room 10. 1 i LL DEPOSITS M AUI. i.N "on H K I 1 1 1: K APRllTlo JY in th" Third Avenue Savings Hank, corner Twenty sixtn street, will draw Interest from April 1 Six per cent from $1 to ihi T. W. DECKER, President. D?vit> Morgan, Secretary. i "a _$?>?) first itrchase money mortgage j\. on Brooklyn Property for sale, due July, 1874, liberal discount ; must have money. G. E. IioRlaND, Attorney, 1?? Hroad way, New York. I \ ? LAPSI.EV * B A/. LEY, BROKERS, STOCK AND A, Gold Privileges, 47 Exchange place. All contracts ' negotiated fir-t ? U?s ami certitleil. Explanatory circu lars, with illustrations and references, mailed irec. See quotations 111 "Financial (Jhiouicle or "New Yorker fla ndel's Zcitung.'' / Uil-.VKI.A N II. COLl'MB IS cFncTn"' \l'l AND IN * > dianapolis Railroad Company. -Sto< kholders of the above comi any who are oppiw <1 to Its lease to the At 1 lantic and creat Western Railroad, and to the issue of | .V OO.Onu additional stock, are desired to communicate with the Mill eribers. Tin- proxies signed by many ol i the stockholders at l ho transler oillee ol the Cleveland, 1 oltimbua, Cincinnati an 1 Indianapolis Lailroad grant tlii riuht to vote 011 Hie above matter-, at the ineetliiR to be held In Cleveland on the 16th ol April, stockholders desiring to revoke their proxies signed ax iiImivc wl'l ? lease send their revocation* immediately to LELANii ROTIIEKS A CO., 1 *j Nas ,111 street, New Vork. J?OWF.S A MAI'Y, BANKERS, 10 WALL STREET NEW YORK, OI FER THE SAME FACILITIES TO DEPOSITORS AS INCORPORATED BANKS, AND ALLt>W INTEREST ON DAILY BALANCES AT T1IK RATE OP FOl' It PER CENT. nASKINS A HR4INE, STOCK AND GOLD BROKERS II Broad street -Stock and gold privileges a special An; one can s| cculale Willi small capital and 1 latlc 1 s*. Exp iratory circulars main 'I. j IDLE (JAP IT \ LISTS CAN FIND THE BEST INVF-IT 1 iiient in mint rnl iminedlatcly by uddreskiug, v>.lb I lvtti uaiuV/ bo*. l,jyj J'uct vllitg. FIIVAVCU1. $4,000 OR $8,01 K) TO LOAN on City Heal Estate. OKOKOK B. WALTON, 21 Park row. (j? r OR ?w.wo TO loan on bond and tJptJ.UUU inortgHtfe ?n improved cliy or country pro perty, by ItAK A VVHKULfcK, Attorneys, ?19 Uruu . vvuy, rooui It), -No brokers need apply. Ctr\ JlfMI TO IW.U00 WANTED ON VALCABI.K i]P'),\/UU suhnrbui property, lair bonus; or will sell part or the whole property cheap ; a han Home fortuue sure. Address NEW JEKBEY, Box 178, Ueruld otllco. <iiQ TO LOAN on IMPROVED KEAL BbTATK, and to purehafe first anil second mort gaues In New Vork city and Brooklyn. W. D. A K. B.vM TLEs, 56 Wall streot JpOPA Notice.? ai.l business relations and win nation* between the subscribers and Oorham Uray terminated on th? 26tii day ot March, A. D. 1873. AKTHOK CIlENEVf NiW You, April 12, 1873. A. W1LLIKLN.. STATISTICS OF COIUIEECE iXD SAVIGATIO.l Monthly report No. 6 of the Bureau of Statistics will soon be ready for distribution. It oontains the statistics ol our foreign trade for the month ended November 30, 1872, and for the eleven mouths ended the Bame, compared with the corre sponding periods of 1871. We are indebted to the Chief of the Bureau tor the following synopsis Period s. Month ended Nov . 3u. 1*72 Month ended Nov. 30, 1871 Eleven months ended Nov. 30, 1872 Eleven months ended Nov. 3U, 1?71 Import ?. $42,428,079 40.175, 400 <33,999,597 SS0.64S.174 Vomestie Exports (Sf/tCtA Value/). (54,618,591 39,797,9a1 492,092,500 4?3, 121,594 Foreign Exports. $1,857,481 1,782.441 23,362,38# 25,141,439

The amounts of the foregoing, which consisted of nicrcimudise and of specie and bullion, respec tively, lor the eleven mouths euded November 30, 1872 and 1871, were as lollews:? Imports. Domestic Ex forts (Specie Values). Foreign Export*. 4614,374,81c i 4404, 473, 7ob 534.*99.402| 4 00, 5,4, .11.) 19.6.*, 7791 b7,lil.->,73i lo.245.772l 82,5,17, 2al $15,418,698 13,426,607 7,J4.'t,to2 ll,7l4,832 Merchandise... j J^jf' Specie and bul- \ 18 72. . _llon >1871.; The total value of commodities remaining in warehouse November 30, 1872, was $(15,825,029, as compared with $?f>, 048,439, November 30, 1S71. Allowing lor the diUerence in the warehouse ac count, the Imports lor the eleven mo.itns ended November 30, 1?7J, are In excess of the domestic uud loreigu exports combined to the amount of $117,707,227, while lor the eleven months ended No veinbet 30, 1871, the impotts exceeded the exports by only $48,611,607. The 10 lowing are the values of our foreign trade carried in curs and other land vehicles anil in American aud loreigu vessels respectively during the eleveu mouths ended November 30, 1872 and 1871:? Imports. Domestic Exports ( ihxeii Values). Foreign Exports, Land vehicles . 1 i | $17.629,1!K| *l,_2J,4St | $3,519, 3.j0 Amer'n vessels. / 1872 \ 171,328,4191 1 *1,021,319 t',54i,.A>6 Foreign vessels ) ( 445,041, 564 1 378,608, n43 13,299,724 Lund vehicles. . j i 14,Si:i,612| 6,294,327 -2,2I.m08 Amer'n vessels. \ 1871 < 1611.410,1751156,485,1167 8,0*7.49.1 Foreign vessels' ( 375,321.3-171 347,o4.1,3<\. 14, *11,1138 Vessels engaged In the lorelgn traile which en tered into un 1 cleared Irom the ports ol the I'ulted States during the twelve mouths ended November 30, 1872 and 1871 respectively Entered. Cleared. No. No. I Tuns. 11,0 U< 3,1.95,0. lj 11 Oil) 19,09 |r,4:i-,8.:i|l9,-^i4 11,07213,779,73 1 J,j91 lii.Sl'.l, I'JI 1 19, j8.. Tons. 3,751,350 7,433,237 3,810.276 6,7411,593 Amerieau vessels 1872 Foreign vessels 187 Ameriean vc-tsels 1871 Foreign vessels. 1871 In addition to the foregoing, thin report contains the public debt statement lor Maiclt, 1873; iutcr nal revenue collections lor the live months ended November 30, 1872; depreciation of the con tinental currency as deduced irom t.eneral Wash ington's account current'; trade aud ludustry of Newcastle-upou-Tyne; exports from Germany to the United states ; trade of Cuba ; prices current of Para produce; shipments of produce from Ueoige town, Demerara; trade of the liawauau Islauus; and removal of the prohibition of the exportation ol saltpetre from Japan. THE BROOKLYN WIFE MURDER CASE. Thomas Moran, the fellow who was arrested on Saturday for beating his wile to death in the tene ment house, 28 North Portland avenue, Brooklyn, was arraigned yesterday before Justice Kielly, who committed him for examination. Last night, dur ing a wake neld by the relatives and irlends of the deceased, Edward and James Fitzsimmons, brothers of Mrs. Moran, got druuk and had a ".set too" In the room where the corpse was laid out. They threw each other down several tlm^s and the police ot the Fourth precinct were called upon to take charge ?f the riotous brothers. Coroner Whitehui has been notiiled to hold an inquest on the body of the deceased. BUSINESS OPPO RT lT M ITIKS, ? CAPITAL SECURED Ft)R INCORPORATED ? companies, merchants. manufacturers; persons de siring investments lulnruieil desirable opportunities. References? 1'resi ents Merchants' I'ourtli National, Mer cantile Banks. CHARLES U DA11LGREN A CO., 112 Broadway. A PROFITABLE OPENING FOR A GENTLEMAN with $3,n00, ready to assist retiring principal, in an old established high class business, with enormous profits net income $10,0.11 yearly, easily made. Address Al, licrala Uptown Hranch otlice. A PHOTOGRAPHER, HAVING ALL NECESSARY apparatus, wants a partner to take views. Apply Monday between 10 and 11 A. M. at PRoTIN BROTHERS', 71 Wooster st. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH $2,500; CASH BC8I ness; has met with (treat success ; needs more capi tal and help ; will pay largely. MOODY A CO.. 183 Broadway. A RETIRING PARTNER WILL SELL HIS INTER est in a neat Poultry, Fish, Oyster anil Vegetable Store ; l,lK)U chickens killed weekly ; a fine opportunity lor a live man; corner Court and Pacific streets, Brooklyn. A PARTNER W ANTED? IN A GOOD PAYING ES tablished manufacturing business, with $.\0J0 to $10,000; business pays large profits. For particular* oall at if. i Pine street, room 12. (1LOTHIBRS.? AT VALUATION, THE LEASE, FIX J tin cs, Ac., of one ot the best and largest trades in the cilv; old and well established ; in lull working operation. Address X. Z., Ilerald Uptown Branch ottice. TO HOTEL MEN.? WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN ager, to take charge ot a larae an I popular Summer resort; one who can purchase n small interest preferred. Apply ill person to e>. EDDY A CO., No. 1 Park place. WANTED? AW ENERGETIC BUSINESS MAN AS Tf special partner In .in established piano firm; capi tal troin $.r>,000 to $10,00.1. Principals uddrcss P. 8., Ilerald Uptewn Branch office. A -nn ?A THIRD INTEREST WILL BE GIVEN IN iflfJUU. a splendid paying cash Travelling Buslnesf to a steady man who has $r>|0 cs-li, or will employ him on coed saiarv and expenses, with real estate sc. iiritv for nu ncy; those only nerd reply who mean business, have the cash and are willing to leave th< city at once; splendid ch.tncc for right man. Address GIL BERT, Iler ald office. <3:1 RftA CA,H WILL ?TI IIaLK INTEREST IN tpl,o"l' n money making business; will bear Investigation. Inquire in Lumber Yard, 1.S97 Broad way, corner i hirty-fltth street. r.nn -i will sell two patknt Upw.'MJU, Rights in I'acli st ite for $2, A00; cures Piles and nyspepsln. Send tor circular to DR. L. llii INS. Brunswick, Qj. Ci'i HI ill CASH WILL SECURE II \LF IRTXRM | ?p* J in a first class manufacturing luslness, three years ea'ablished ; will net $IO,UOO; rigid Inves.iga* lion. t all positively personally WOODBURY, 182 Fulton i street (5JO I K ,11 -PARTNER WANTED.? A TOUNG M \N i ijpO.Ul " I, oi good character, who will devoir httll" svll to business, can hear of a good opportunity t? engage in a first class business that will pay 100 per cent. WEBSTER A CO., 309 Broadway. STORAOK. \? ST< IRAGE. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, I PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, *e.. ! at the N K W Fl Its r t 'LA s> W ARE MOUSE, built e ipreMlr lor the purpose, 102 TO 111 EAST TIIIRi Y.9ECo.? i) I M REE T, NEAR FOl RTH AVENl'K. THINKS, CASES i and oilier PACKAGES cont.iinitiu articles oi EXIRA VaLUE can be stored with sai- El'Y at low rates. Persons can forward their goods from imy part of EUROPE or A M ERICA direct to tins warehouse. THE PUBLIC is Invited to exumino the superior ac commodations, light, ventilation, saiety, Ac , which this warehouse possesses over all others. John ii. morrell, Owner and Proprietor. A? WEST SIDE STORAGE \Y VHEIIOUSE*. !W3, 634, . t>36 Hudson street; 7i9 Greenwich siree# ami 10 Abingdon square; priu. ipal office, bil I hid -oil street, Be t Twelfth street ; for lurnlture, pianos, trunks ana I other family property ; all goods are placed in separato ! rooms, these establishments are the most responsible, extensive, reliable and accommodating in New York; trucks and express wagons always ready lor the removal oi liirniture und baggage, either in the city or country ; the lowest storage ami trucking rates In New York K. I'AGGaki', Proprietor and Manager. C1TORAOR AMD SAFE KEEPING rOR furniiuke, ii Baggaire, Goods and Wares of all descriptions, hi wparaie closed compartments, always accessible; goods raised on elevators; these warehouses are the oldesi and most extensive In America. H. G. IIAEGEK, Eighth avenue, from Thirty-third to Thirty-fourth streets. OTORAGE FOR FURNITURE, PIANOS, BAGGAGE, ? 1 Ac., In separate rooms ; private walchineii in build ing al mull l. I his is the safest and best ventilated build ! ing oi tlie kind In the city. Trucks eonsiautlv on hand lot removing goods MiCllAl.l-s A SON, .'!2and 31 Commerce stree.t, !tear Bleecker. i uttcutiou paid to turmiure lur ihipiuvut. . S AL1KS AT AUCTION. H. MULLEE, AL'CTONEEJf 53 desirable .ots, situate on is Grand Boulcurd, 131lli stret, to be sold at action, by order of Alvlu lllgins, hsq., on TUESDAY, Aril 15, at 12 o'cluc, at the Exchange Sleiroom, 111 Broad wir, by ADRIAN H. MULLER, P R WILKIN8 k CO., Auctioneer. These lots are on high grund, RO<d soil and have a comm?dini; river view. Terms liberi. Maps at office of Auctioueer.So. 7 Pine street. ^DRIAN H. Ml'LLER, AUCTICNEER. Valuable Lots on SHE KM AN AND NAEGLE AVE NUES, El wood and 211Ui streets, txing part of the DYCE MAN ESTATE. ADRIAN H. MULLER, 1'. R. W 1 1. KINS * CO., will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, Airll 16, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchauge Saleroom, 111 Broadway, New York, 64 EOIS UN THE ABOVE MENTIONED AVENUES AND 8TRKE1S. Thcee lots are on the lino of Imp-ovements, a short dis tance south ot the new parade ground, ami can be reached in -47 minut/1*, iturteen t iuw? a day , by tliu Ele vated aud lludsou liivcr l'.ailroatf. TERMS LlBBtUIi. Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 l'ine street. Adrian n. muller, AiicTioNEi:R.-AUcrioN sale of 128 I.ot-, Dwelling aid Barr., near Judge Smith's Central Avenue Hotel, on Tuesd iy, April 15, at 1 o'clock, at the I xchaneo, 111 Broadway. Maps ready at the auctioneer's olT.ce, No. 7 l'ine struct: Art auction. Executors' Rale. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, 82 Fifth avenue, will sell on TUESDAY EVENI.SU, APRIL 15, al the Rockwood Gallery, 845 Hroadway, the Water Color and Pencil Sketches, Ac., of the late J. F. KENSEll, including a numlicr of important Oil Paintings of Mr. Loins Lung. Now on exhibition at H45 Broadway. j^RT AUCTION, WEDNESDAY, April 16. at "l}? P- M., 50 Union place, corner Seventeenth street and Fourth av. We invije public attention to tho exhibition of the ex anlsitc Works ol Arl in marble (pronounced the finest by le art critics ever brought to this country), belonging to Mmc. DE II. HAZARD, trusting to their merit to secure a good attendance on the evening ol sale. Also Mine Hazard's Jewelrv, Laces. Furs, Antiquities, Articles ol Vertu iroin iho 1 liberies and French Empress, to be sold without reserve. The Furniture will be sold at 2 P. M. ROBERT SUM lilt VI ELK, Auctioneer, 82 Filth avenue. Art and furniture auction. ROBERT so.MLltVILLE, Auctioneer. ( Ifllce 8.' Filth avenue. ROBERT SOMERVILLE will sell by auction, on Tues day, April 15, at ll)? o'clock, all the elegant Household Furniture and Oil Paintings contained in the private residence 214 East Eleventh street, viz. : ? Rich carved rosewood Parlor Suits In brocaicl and plush, ro-ewoud Ktugere, ro-ewood 7 octave Piano (Lindeman manor), Brocutel and Luce Curtains. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Velvet and Body Urns-els Camels, rosewood and black walnut Bed Room Suits, Curled ilair Matressc*. Feather Beds, blaik walnut Amour a-Giass, Library .suits in reps. Bookcases, 'tables, Lounges, Dining Room in reps, Bullets, Extension Tables, i hairs, Coma. Cut Oiass, Sil ver W are, Engravings, Cottage Suits, Ac. ART AUCTION. TUESDAY, April 15, at 7>a' P. M., Rockwood Gallery. 845 Broadway. ROBERT bOM&RVILL E, Auctioneer, 82 Filth avenne, will sell the Water Color Pencil sketches. 4c., of tho l?te J. F. Kcnsett; also a number of huished Pictures, by Louis I.ang. Art auction. TUESDAY, APRIL 15, AT 12 M., AT 214 EASi' ELEV ..NTH STREET (private Dwelling), a col ection of FINE OIL PAINT INGS AND ENG R A VIMin, PROOF AND LINE? to getlier with all the ELEGANT FURNITURE contained therein, including the CELEBRATED PAINTING OF MAUD MULLER, By CONSTANT MEYi-.R. ROB..RT SOMERVILLE. RT AUCTION. SOMERVILLE GALLERY, Fifth avenue and Fourteenth street. SUPERB COLLECTION ol the Very FINEST CLASS of FOREIGN OIL PAINTINGS belonging to Charles F. Ilazeltlne, of New York and Philadelphia, probably the most elegant olleieJ in Ame rica this season, To be sol'* on the EVENINGS of the 21st, 22d and 23d of APRIL. EXHIBITION NOW OPEN, FREE, Day and Evening. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, 8; Flith avenue. UCTION NOTICE. Special sale ot soft Hats, Panama Ilats and Men's, Women's and Cnildren's straw Goods. 300 cast s. in lull assortment. MONDAY, April 14, nt II o'clock. WM. Topping A CO., Auctioneers. 132 Church street. A A A IlT NOTICE. PAINTINGS. W CI'ER COLORS, Engravings and Etchings sold by order ol the executor of the estate ol the late E. L. \ orlles. New York: also, by order oi K. S. Baldwin, Trustee, Baltimore; together With a tew choice Paintings lust received from Europe, consisting of examples by Turner, bavul Cox, Frnh, Uuido Bach, Ranklejr, Ac.. Ac. The whole now on xhibltion free, day and evening, at Leavitt Art >-ooius. 817 Broadway, and to be sold by auction ?? the evenings vt Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 17, 18 and 19, ut 7>i o'clock, at the Clinton Hall Sale Rooms. The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers. AUCTION NOTICE.? RICIIARI) WALTERS. Auc tioneer, salesroom 27 East Broadway, will give his personal attention to sales o Household l- urniture at the Maiden :e ol parties declining housekeeping, or can bo reuiov, d to his spacious salesroom lor convenience ol sale ; Stores ot all kinds. Houses. Ac. ; storage for furniture, Ac. ; 20 years' experience ; prompt returns ; terms moderate. Auction sale at private residence 120 west 23d street, this day (Monday morningi, April i4, commencing al 10, o'clock, live atory brown stone resi dence, 1.0 Yic-t 23<i street, bet lith and 7tb avenues, the property of E. Guy. sq., leaving lor Europe, namely Rich rosewood lour round cornered carved legs an. I case. 7'4 octave Pianoforte, made to order, best 14th street maker, used J months, cost $1,000; magnifi cent Parlor suits, covered In crimson saiin, bin. and gold broeatel, silk reps; line Centre Tables, Mirrors, imported Oil Paintings, real i rcncii Bronzes, line Lace Curtains, rosewood Eta ores, Turkish Eas\ ( hairs, French Clocks, run 60 days; Mnijuet and Velvet and Brussels Ca pets. Rugs, miaul Cabinets, Jardinieres, Stands Chandeliers, Bookcase, 700 volumes choice Books, old Engravings, Ac. Bedrooms contain rich rosewood and solid black walnut bedroom Miits, namely? Bed steads, Bureaus, Wa-listands, Wardrobes, commodes, Artnoire-a Glace, Spring i eds, horsehair Mattresses leather Beds. Pillows, Vuilis, Blankets, Ac.: Dining Room? Rich black w alnut Bullet Co.'t $.'50; Extension Tallies, ( flairs, cut Glass, China and Silverware; Base ment and Kitchen Furniture, which sale will commence with. N. B.? Cash deposits required iroin all purchasers. Competent men in attendance to cart, puck ana ship goods lor pure tin ers at or sale. LIKE FITZGERALD, Auc tioneer; office and si ire 412 6th avenue. 4 UCTION SAI.E. AUCTION SALE. jv Till ? (Monday) MORNING, April 14, al ii o'clock, at private resid^ui e, 113 West Eigluh street (Clinton place , between i itth and t-lxtli avenues, over 500 lots of elegant Household Furniture, l'aintlnps; 800 yards vel vet, tirus-eis i arpets: Mirror*, curtains, beau iiul latest styles I'arlor suits, Turkish Chairs, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style of Louis Xl\.; rosewood 7'4 o tave brilliant tone rlano orte- property ol family going to Europe. Parlors l-iae Oil Paintings, Works ol Art, Bronzes, Va-es, lace < urlams. Marie Antoinette and Pompadour styles Parlor suits, htagcres, Cat mets, Tallies, Boukcas, ,?, Turkish Chairs, Lounges, -ideboard, Extension Tables, Glass, i lilna and silver Ware, Cutlery, Mirrors, curtains, Bedsieads, Bureaus, Wash-lands, spring and hair Mat tresses, Bedding, Bolsters, Pillows, tngiain and tape-try Carpets, Otic oth, Ac. E. KOI II, Auctioneer, i.oods packed and delivered lor purchasers, city or country. 4 ?BY HENRY 7.INN, A I'CTK i.NEER, /\ . sells thl? day all the elegant and costly Household Furniture contained n private mansion U4 West niith st., commencing al M>S o'cloi k, couil rising every article necessary lor genteel housekeeping? via., parlors con tain rosewood 1'ianoiortc, elegant Parlor Suit*, lut< st siyies, Brussels Carpets, Oil Paintings, l.ace Curtains, Reception ('hairs and Tables, Clocks, Ornaments i |.,. gores, Ac. Bedrooms contain rosewood nnd walnut Suns, single and double Bedstca Is, Bureaus. Wardrobes Chairs, Lounges, curled Hair and Spring Beds, Redding,' Ac.; also Dining Itoom, Basement and Kitchen Furni ture, Plate, i utlcry. China, Glassware, Bullet, LxUnsion Table. Ac. J UCTION. AUCTION. AUCTION. THOMAS WILSON, Am lioneer, will sell, this day, at II :30 sharp, at Jewelry Store, 1,-47 Broadway, without reserve, the entire stock ot Diamonds, soiid Gold and Silver Watches, and nil kinds of solid Gold Jewelry. This Is a rare chance to obtain line goods, and is worthy ol tbu attention of the irnde and private buyers. _____ TIIomas WILSON, Auctioneer. AUCTION S t LE OF APPLE AND PEAR TREES. Grapevines, Currant. Goosebery, Rasplierrv and Blackberry Bushes, Arbor Vita' and a large assortment of Ornamental and Flowering Sltiubs, on Tuesday, April 15, at 11 A M., at 16 I lev street. WILLIAM ELLIOTT. Auctioneer. * UCTION NOTICE. AUCTION NOTICE. 1\ Large sale of Household Furniture, this (Monday afternoon, commencing at I '? o'clock, at private residence, West I weiily-tlilrd street, near Sixth avenne, viz. Plain forte. Parlor Milts, Centre ra bies, Mlrrois, carpets, Paintings, Bronze*, Chamber suits. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, hair Afl'l snrinff Matlreises, Dining Room, Basement and Kitchen r'lrui turc. N. n.? Goods must be removed a ler si lo Assignee s sale. -the store. i.eask Of TBI Hoih and Fixture* ol tho Liquor Htorc 428 Fir it avenue, corner ol twenty flft n street, will b < sold al pub lic auction on Tuesday, April 15, at 12 o'clock M. iuvU4.;k. i^yisHLm, A?*i?nco^_ RAIiKM *T A"CTT*W. A LLKN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. . . . J\ Hdlfsroomti 95 Chambers aud 77 Kcsde street. Horse Auction Mart. 337, AS9 un.l Ml Fourth 0/Cltie, corner fweniy-fltth street MONDAY, APRIL It, at 10W o'clock. ?t uriva.e residence, 137 WEST FORfV-TlliKD STKfcifcT. BET # Er.N BROAl^t WAY AM) SIXTH AVENl'E, ,, MOBTGAU HE'S SALE. d Oenteel Household 1-urnlture, Carpet*, Ac., *11 M which are >n very line order, having been but little u*ed. comprising English Bru.te ? Carpet?, nearly black walnut. Kilt traced Parlor .-ut, in blue, walnut t entre and Side Tables Eiagere, flue line anu me mo* tint hugravings, Turkish Chairs, black w ilnn BedroonJ Suits complete, best hair Mattresses and Pillow*, Bet* Linen, Blaukets, Ac., In variety, Lounges. toilet crocM ery, walnut Extension Tubles, Buflet aud Chair*, dauiasjC Tablecloths, Suiiknisaiil Towel*; China, G.asa and Silver* plated Ware, Ac., ball and stair Carpet*, Hat staud,. kitchen Utensils, Ac. ; also Lindemau A Son# rosewooi* Piano, in good order. " By order Otto Young, Mortgagee. TUESDAY, APRIL IS. i. at lftW o'clock, at private residence - 108 WEST FOETY-TH 1 ItD hTREE f, BETWEEN BROAD* WAY AND SIXTH AVENUE, OENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORJf CARPETS, AC.. IN OOOD ORDER. i comprising Brussels, three-ply an.l Ingrain Carpetf (nearly new); black walnut Parlor Suits, in reps and uaii cloth; tine walnut Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Ac. I marble top Tables, Mattres-es, leather Bolsters and Pll? lows. Dining 1 o >iu Furniture, French China, Glass anil Silver plated Ware, Silverplated Cutlery, Ac. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, at 10? o'clock a> private residence . 347 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, Br.Tv\ LEN EIGHTS AND NINTH A Vi-.NC fcS, EXECUTORS' SAL K. J Oenteel Household Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, Oil Paiutings, valuable private Library, Ac., Ac. Particulars in time. By order ot Mes-rs. W. s. Jurvis AW. IL Uillettci Executors estate W. 8. Campbell, deceased. ' WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. APRIL 17 AND I8SJ at 111 % o'clock, at the Libby House, if NOS. SM. 388, 3*), AND 394 fOURTH AVENUE CORN hi R TWBNTY-SEVrfNTH STREET, j THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE ABOVE 5 HOUSES? comprising velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets; Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Piano, black walnut Suits in hrocatel and reps, Centre and .-ide 'lablcs, Lace Cum tains and Cornices. Etagere, locks aud Mautei OrnM mints, black walnut and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus! wardrobes, Washstands, Lounges and Chairs, Mlrrarsj: hair, Excelsior and straw Ma. tresses; Feather Beds, Bol?* stersand Pillows; Toilet Crockery, Window Shades. CurJ tains, about aw pairs each Blankets, sheets, Pillow and bolsier Cases, 'lowels. Ac. ; Dm ng Tables, large assort* uieut Crockery tor Dinner, Mreaktast and Tea Sew' vice; Silverplated Ware in great variety, (llass ware* Cutlery, Cash Counter, Barroom and Lunchroom Fir? tares, marble top Counters, Bar Settee*. Chairs, stovesk. Bar Show Bottles, Glasses, Ac. ? Also , a fine stock of Llouors, coinorislng Brandies, WhlskeygL Gins, Ruin, Sherries, Ports, Ac. J Kitchen aud Laundry? Large size Moneuse Range, ldi perlect order, with all the a >purteiiunces completes Steam Tables and Heaters; lurge assortment of Conpen Ware, comprising Urns. Saucepans, omelette and Jelly* Dishes, Kettles, Ac.1. Tin and Iron Ware in variety; Man^ gie, Ironing Stove and fables, and, in tact, everything belonging to a well-ordered hotel kitchen and laundryg also G .... ? - " ? Ulld P THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1 at low o'clock, at the residence JJ CO EAST NINTH isTRKKT, BET WE N BROADWA'Sf AND UNIVERSITY PLACK, Oenteel Houshold Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, I'ianon Ac., Ac. Particulars in time. v FRIDAY, APRIL 18, at 10% o'clock, at 32 West Fifteenth street, J all the Furniture ot the first class bo irdiDg bouse located as above, comprising Carpets, Mirrors, rosewood anil black walnut Parlor, Bedroom aud Diuiug FurnituroJ Particulars iu time. FRIDAY, APRIL 18, | at 10k o'clock, at our salesroom*, i 95 C^iurch and 77 Reade street, handsome Household Furniture, l'ior and Mantel Mirrors} Carpets in variety, Ac., Ac. Details iu future advertise* men ts. i Also, at 1 o'clock P. M., to pay charges and advance^ for whom it may concern, 70 great gross patent Pant But-* tons and 230 great gross patent hoe Buttons. ? oglllg l.o ll wen-oruereu iiim-i ami"-" f Gas Fixtures throughout the house, Steam Heaters Pipes, Ac., Ac. P \ LLEN B. MINER. AUCTIONEER. j\ Salesrooms 95 chambers and 77 Reado streets by ALLEN B. Ml NCR A BROTHER, ( FRIDAY, 25th. and SATURDAY, 26tU of April, at 10 o'clock, at the , Worth House, i JUNCTION OP BROADWAY. FIFTH AVENUE AN'Q Twenty-tilth street? Handsome Household Furniture^ Mirrors. Curtains, Carpets, Ac., Ac., all of which werq made to order aud in tine condition. Particular* herq* after. A A LLKN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Rcade street BY ALLEN It. MINER A BRO. ON SATURDAY, MAY 3, at W, o'clock, at their salesrooms. 95 Chain ncrs ami 77 Reade street MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL PROPERTY, NEW ANS -WORN, embracing Medicines, Instruments, Trus-ev Scale and Weights, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., Ac. Tim goods w.ll be ready for examination Friday, May 2. ^ Adrian h. mcller, auctioneer. ) Valuable Lots on Sherman ami Naegle avenne? El wood and 211th streets, being part of tiie Dyckuiai} estate. 5 ADRIAN H. MULLER, P. R. WILKIN8 A CO., ^ will sell at auction, on Weducsda.v. April 10, at 12 o'clock^ at the hxehange salesroom, ill Bromlway, New York:?I Sherman avenue? Four Plots, south side of Shermair avenue, coininenciHg MA) leet east oi Elwood street, eact con.aining 7 city lots ami one lot on street Naegle avenve? I wo Plots, north side of Naegle avenue Imnie.liately in the rear of the Sherman avenue plot each containing 7 city lots and one lot on street. El wood street? Two Lots, cast side ot hi wood street, 1 feet north ot Naegle avenue. I wo hundred and eleventh street? Four Lots, south sida ot 211th street, commencing lUUieul westot Nuuh aveuueJ each 25xirJ.ll. 1 These Lots are on the line of Improvements, a shdnj distance south ot the new parade ground, and can hoi reached in forty-seven minutes, fourteen times a day, bg the lvlevated uu?l Hudson itivcr Railroad. , Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Oftlcc aad salesroom 37 Nassau street, 4 Horse auction branch 19. 21, 2:t und 25 Last Thirteenth Sm UKM'i'l'.L HOUSEHOLD FUkNITURE, ROSE WOOD P I ANOFO RT E, MIRRORS, CARPETS, Ac., AT AUCTION. <. ARcn. JOHNSTON will sell, at auction, on Monday^; April 14, at iu).s o'clock, at 26'i WEST I WEN t'Y'-SI-.COND STREET, NEAR EIGHT* ?venue, all the Furniture contained tn said house, viz.^ carved rosewood Parlor Suit, in green and gold satiBj, Reception Chairs, Etageres Ac.; carved walnut ana mahogany Dining Room and Chamber Furniture, curled flair .Vai ros?es, leather Bed* and Pillows and Bedding] Oil Painting and Engravings; Brussels an l Ingrain Car-* pets and Oilcloths; also rosewood Pianoforte, WilllaoM 1 1 a 1 1 A Son maker; Piano stool and Music; Etagcres, Mis rors, Ac., together with the Kitchen Furniture, witS which the sale will commence. Catalogues now read?| at the t.iiice ot the auctioneer. ^ A1 site thfl( 25 Ea*^ RCH. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER. l onicc and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite Post ofllce. Horse Auction Branch, 19.21, 23 aud Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Genteel Household furniture. Carpets, Ac. ARCn. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Wednesday^ April It!, at lo>? o'clock, at 15 Barrow street between Bleecker and Fourth streets, W alnut and mahogany Parlor and Bedroom Furniture, fine Feather Beds, Pillows and Bedding, three-ply lugraifl Carpets, Oilcloths, Kitchen Furuituie, China, Silvof Plated and Glass Ware. i RCH JOANSTON, AUCTIONEER, JY nflire and salesroom :<7 Nassau street, opposite thff Post otllce. Horse auction Brunch, la, 21, 23 and 28 East Thirteenth slreet. near Mith avenue. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FITRNTTURE, MIRRORS, OIL PAINTING*. CARI'TTS, Ac. 1 a Hi H. JOHNSON will sell at auction, on WEDNKS1>aY, April lii, at I0J4 o'clock. at the private residence 364 West Thlriy first street, be* tween Eighth anil Ninth avenues, all the Furniture contaiacii in said house, being In parfl elegant curved rosewood Parlor Suits, in crimson, satin a Reception chairs and Etageres, Centre Tattles, earvea solid oak Dining Koom and Library Furniture, Tables Chairs, secretarv, Bookcase. Lounge* carved rosewoo<_ and walnut Bedroom Furniture, Bedstead, Dressing Bu3 reau, Washstaiel, toilet (-'rockery, French, china atuf Class Ware; all the royal, Wilton, velvet aud Urussel Carpets UIIU Oilcloths, Ac. Also i Fine on Paintings, bv I'atell, Wallhurgh, Holackcrj) Thompson, Van Cuigetnle, Conradi. Wahll, Ac. Catalogues at the auctioneer's otlice. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the i'ost office. Horse Auction Branch, 19. 21, mid 2ft East Thirteentl* street, between Fifth avenue and I niversity place. > ELEGANT SKt UNO I1A.Ni> HOUSEHOLD FURNU Tl'RK. A RCT. JOHNSTON will sell on Tuesday, at 10 % o'olockJ at the sa'esrooms, 37 Nassau street and M Liberty street] u tin, tssortment of House hold Furniture, elegant Turk? I h I'arlor suits, drab and crimson satin. Hall Hat Racks. Etagiies, Suit crimen striped reps; nutlets, HelromiJ Suits, tine Brussels Carpets, Dressing Bureaus, eiegani Wa a robe, Easy Chairs, Curtains, Dressing Tables, Kh tension 'fables, Dining Hooin Chairs. Refrigerators* Crockcry, Cilass and China, Kitchen Ware, Ac. A LBEKT B. WALDRON, AI'CTJONEKR. J\. .salesroom- bis Liberty and 3H Church street. THIS I > \ V . at 12 o'clock. Horses, Wagons and Harness. Particulars nt time ol sale. Auction sale of Furniture, Ac., on Wednesday. A I GL'ST L MARTINE8, AlCflONKKR. Mii.'nitlccrit Household Furniture, 1'ianofortcs, Hrmnrs, Painting-, Drawing Room Sulta and rare, cosily Works ol Art at public auction THIS DAY (Monday), a. in'j o'clock, at the residence 3? West I6ih st. near 4th av. ; Drawing rooms? Superb Suits, covered silk brocade^ richest description ; niar<iucterie bois de rose Cubiiu tsj Tdi?li Kncoigneurs, Jardinieres, elegant Canopy, Kia-s gere, Secretaire, Bookcase, >?? volumes choice "Books;* velvet, medallion Carpets ; I ace Curtains, Mirrors. Paints Ings by eminent nr tsts, bron/e Stainarr, Clocks, magi iiillcent rosewood Pianoforte, cclcbrat< d maker ; Music) stands, stsol, Cover. Chambers? Rosewood, walnut*. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes en suite, stvle Louiet XIV. ; Mattresses, Ac. Dining rooms? i * ension Table Buflet, liver ware. Cutlery. ( hlnawnre, Olassware, FurJ nlture ol basement, kitchen mil servants' apartments. N B ?Parties wishing to attend this saltf take ftth av.t stages or titli av. cars. ICIION.? T. W. LINDSEY, AUCTIONEER. ii. I . TIIEALL will sell this day at cor Church and Cedar streets, a lot of good llores just arrived] ?A ii. I . TIIKALL will sell this day at corner Newt Church and Cedar streets,a lot of good llor es just arrived) Irom ilio West ; a good warrantee given. Inquire at l bo. stat ic, corncr New Church and t edar streets, New York. AUCTION SALE AUCTION SALH of elegant and costly Household furniture, THIS DAY (Monday), si o'clock, at four story residence 210 West Twenty-first street, near seventh avenue. ROBERT 0. CvHHIN, Auctioneer. Parlors contain Axtninsier Carpets, French Plate Plef* Mirrors; lateststyle I'arlor Sni.s, in satin, brocatel and" cote line; Lace Curtains, elegant assortment Par.M Bronzes; Clocks, Centre and Console Tables, Inlaid Cabi net, hi age res, Turkish Chairs, Oil Paintings, orna ments, Ac. Magnificent four round rosewood 7)4 oc'.avoi Pianoforte; also one beautiful -i|uaro 7 octave Pianoforte. Dining room contains Brussels Carpet, Extension Tablo, Bullet, Dining Chairs, (ilsss, China and Silver Ware, Cut lery, Ac- chambers? Brussels Carpet, rosewood and wal nut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, Lounges, lias/ Chairs, suits in reps, t urtains, Mirrors, Mattresses, Be.l oing, Paintings, Ornaments. Ac. Library Furnlturn, ?l /... 'look' ase and Hooks, Library Tables, l)efk, chairs, ( ai pets, Ac. Also Kitchen Furniture, Ingrain Carpets, Ac. Notice.? House open at Uk A. M. csralegnes ready. Take Seventh or i.iglith avenue cars 10 Twenty-first st N. B. ? Sale positive. Those desiring to purchase house* JioUl liuuiturvi would ilu well to uticuU Uut laie.

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