Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1873 Page 9
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RAIiBS AT ATTCTIOW. DOOLKY A HENRIQUES WILL SE'LAT auction, on Tuesday, April 15, 1KTV at 12 o'clock noon, at the hxchauge -a euro ms, Ill broad way, ihe four story high stoop Dwelling House and Lot SJ Wen Thirty-third si reel, between Fitta avenue, Broadway ?nil Sixth avcuue; size ot house JL l)?kaS, about; lot at the same time and place, the three story high stoon brown atone tront Hou-e and Lot ItHi Knit Twenty-sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues; sue of bouje2ta?),lotiJJxi?.i?. Also, at the sane time and place, the three story high stoop brown stone 'ront llouse and Lot 132 East flxty-fllth Street; bay window*; parlors have just been painted utul frescoed ; size ol house ? x.'fl, lot a)xlUU.5. For maps and particulars apply at the office of the Auctioneers, 96 Broadway, or at the branch office, 1,20b Broadway. AX. CRIHTALAR, AUCTIONEER. * Ueu eel tlou-ehold Furniture, Pianoforte, Carpets, Ac. THIS DA* (MONDAY), April 14, at 10^ o'clock, the entire coments ot brown stone house 150 Henry atreet, uear Rutgers street, as follows Carved and vift Parlor and Bedroom Suits. Inlaid Cabinets, Imported Musical, Chair, Centre mil Extension tables, Carpets, Mirrors, Pianoforte. Phelan A Collender billiard Table, Clocks. Bronzes, Oil Paintings, China, Glass aud P. a ed Ware; Seal&kin Sack, Muff and Cap an < Camel's llalr Shawl: also, at 1 o'clock, two Horses, 15 hands high, 7 and 8 years o il ; sound mi l kind, Li-' hi Wagon, Harness, Robes, ad lie and Bridle, Ac. Catalogues ?t sa'o. Sealers and house keeoers -pecially invited, as there is no reserve, owner going to Europe. By wm. van tassell, auctioneer, office 11 u, 112 and 111 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. The well known Club House, 24 West Twi nty-clghth streit, near i roadway, on MOahaY, April 14, at U o'clock, Consisting oi Faro Table. Led and Black table, full set ol Keno Aiioauitus, Bulls. Wheels, Cards, Ac.; about 2.IMIU ivory Checks, Deal and Cue Boxes, about bio black walnut, oak iniug mid Sluing Rooui cane-seat Chairs; It) black walnut lOxteii-ion tables, round Card lab'e, covered with billiard cloth; very elegant Brussels Car Eiet, marble, top black walnut Sideboard, bron/.c Chandc iers and Fixtures, C. ockerv and Class Ware, Ac., Ac.; Llllie's Combination sa a; being the entire contents ot a first class sporting und club house. Sold to clo-e a mortgage. Cataloxucs now at office of the auctioneer. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. On TU l SHAY. April 15, at I0t$ o'clock, at the private residence <21 West Thirty-first street, near Eighth avenue, the entire Hou-ehold Furniture, Carpets, Ac. Rich rosewood Parlor Suits In hrocatel. eleaant French plate pier Mirror, Velvet Carpets rosewood, black wal nutund mahogany Bedroom suits; best hair Mattresses, Bedding. Chin i, G'ass and Kitchen Ware. Ac. Catalogues at the house mo ntng ol sale, aud at the salesroom 63 hast Thirteenth street . , . On THURSDAY, April 17, at 10K o'clock, at the private residence 144 W est Kort.v third street, superb Household Furniture, Steluway 7)* octuve 1 iano forte, Mirrors, Ac. Superb Drawing Room Furniture, on su'te; one superb French walnut Chamber suit, cost $I,/>UI: elegant Li brary Suit, Wing Bookcases, Ac. ; Carpets, best Mat tresses and Bedding. Particulars hi time. . on MONDAY, Aorll 21, at )?M o'clock, atthe corn ;r oi Bro idway and I wenty-tltth street, entrance on West I'wenty-fltt i street, the entire rich Furniture ot tony parlors and bedrooms; Velvet and Brussels Carpets in good order, best curled hair Mattresses, Bedding, French plate pier and mantel Jtirrors, Ac., Ac. Particulars in lime. By s. w. dadchy. auctioneer. DAUC1IY A JOHNSON sell this day, at 2 o'clock, at 4:>4 ('anal street, a large as sortment ol lion chold I urniture, consisting ol Pur'or and Bedtoiin mi s, ? ot'age Chamber sets, black va' Bedsteads, black walnut marble top Bureaus, Wash stands, Beds, Bedding, Hair .Mattresses, Feather 1 eds, Pillows, French plate rler and Mantel Mirrors ; Velvet. Tapestry anil InLrrnin Carpeis; Oilcloths, hattn. Damask ana Lace W.ndow Cur ains: shades, I ambrei|Utns, Cor nice, Toilet Feis, Crockery and Glass V\ are, wardrobes, Bookcases, Dining Room Furniture, Extension mid other Tables Pianolorte and a great variety ot other House keeping Article*, removed irom private residence tor convenience of sale. BY MAX BAY KRSDO it FER, AUCTIONEER? SET, LS, 10>4 o'clock, Uifi Orchard street, excellent Furniture, Carpets, Bedding', Ac. ; lullv furnished boarding house; 111 lots. MAX BAYERSDOkFliK A HACKER'S office, k45 Bowery. BY MAX BAYERS IORFER, AUCTIONEER? SELLS at 2^ o'clock, at 521 East Fifteenth street, elegant Meat Market Fixtures, magnificent Icehouse. Benches, Blocks, Knives. Ac, In iols. MAX BAYERSDORFEB A HACKER'S olfice, 243 Bowery BY J. W. CAMPBELL, JR., AUCTIONEER. CAMPBELL A CO. sell this day, ID!* o'clock, on premises 15 Third avenue, opposite Cooper Institute, Restaurant and Dining Saloon, Fixtures, Furniture, ottier contents, Ac., viz. -.?Bar, Counter, Bar Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Engravings, Itange, Crockery, Glassware, Mirror, Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Buyers, dealers specially invited. CAMPBELL A CO., office 348 Hudson street CI OLE A MURPHY, AUCTIONEERS. J Executors' sale of 301 Vacant iA>ts, situated in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twenty-first words of the citv ot Brooklyn an 1 the village ol f ast New York, on TUESDAY, April 15. 1873, at 12 o'clock M., at their salesroom, 379 Fulton street, Brooklyn, by order of the executor < of the late Charles Goodwin. The lots are well located, and the sale being absolute Offers great inducements to purchasers, whether for Im provement or investment. Sixty per cent can remain on bond and mortgage. DM. KKAMAN, AUCTIONEER.? HANDSOME ? Household Furnitnru at auction, Tuesday, April 15, at 10H o'clock, at private residence 165 West Twelfth Street ? Black walnut Parlor. Dining and Bedroom Suits, In biue cloth snd crimson reps; Biuret, Extension Table, mirror-back liat stand. Pier Mirror, Lounges, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Chlnaware, Ac. Catalogues at 14 Pine street. DAUCIIY A JOHNSON.? BY WILLIAM H. OTTEY, Auctioneer? Will sell on Tuesday, April 15, at In % o'clock, at 14# Waverley place, near Sixth avenue, the Furniture ot a 4 siory House, consisting of Parlor. Bed room and Kitchen Furniture, Brussels and Ingrain Car pets. Feather Beds, Pillows, .--hecrs. spreads, Mattresses, Bedsteads. Furenus, V aslistnuds. Looking Glasses, Toilet Set, Tables, Chairs, Parlor Stoves, Glass and Crockery Ware, lee Bnx. Ac. IjIDWARD PKTTINGER, AUCTIONEER,; SELLS TUK8 !i day, at 11 o'clock, contents first clais Billiard Rooms. 821 Sixth avenue, consisting elegant Bar, i.unch and Oyster Counters, splendid lour-puil rosewood Pump, Sil \erplated-ware, Glassware, Mirrors, Engravings, Oil Paintings, tour Phelan Billiard fables complete. Chairs, Tables, Carpets, Oilcloths, Gas Fixtures, Plumbingwork; also valuable Lease. HENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. Household Furniture, i'inno, Carpets. Ac., ?v OH MONDAY. APRIL 14, at 10 o'clock, ' - *t 40 West Fourteenth street, Comprising vf!T"*- and Carpets, Mirrors, rose wood ami wainut Parlor 5ui i ?<, Checkering Piano, w alnut ami cottage Chamber Suits Beds ikfJAlug, i hina, Olaa* ware. Kitchen I'tensils, Ac. Catalogues aT **U)- ^ Henry b. herts. auctioneer. RICH AND ELEGANT HOl'SLIIOLD Ft'RNITtTHF. STEINWAY GRAND AND U P R I GH " A \ (J s V A I V ABJLE OIL PAINTINGS, CLOCKS BROCKS PIKR .AND MANTEL MIRROHi RICH CARPETS, Jt'u! iMiJ* APRIL 15, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 22 WEST FORTY THIRD STREET. NEAR FIFTH AVENUE. Tire Furniture Was all made to order, regardless ol cost And is nearly new. I'ARLORS CONTAIN richly Inlaid ebnnv, bronze nnd gilt I'arlor Suit, In crim son satin, with Window Curtains to match; rich French plate pier and mantel Mirrors, valuable Oil Paintings by eminent artists; steinway A Sons, | arlor grand I'inno, 'French Moi|iie.t Car| ets, rosewood Eta -ere. rich Paris Vloeka, Bronzes, Statuary. Vases ornaments, ebonv Pe destals, Rs?cls inlaid Tables, Flower stands, Turkish Suit, in drab und blue -iU reps. Ac,. Ac. CHAMBERS CONTAIN massive solid rosewood Chamber Suit, English and Brus sels Carpets, tine Beds. Bedding, sprrng and hair Mat tress s, Lou nee s Tuiki h Ch'iirs, I aintins's, Engravings, fine wuluut Chamber Suits, Ac , Ac. DINING ROOM. English Brussels Carpet, walnut Sideboard, rich Dining Suit, in morocco; Extt nsion 'table, rich China, Olassware, Bilvcrwaie, Cutlery, Ciocks, licturos, Ac., Ac., together with a very line mid tull assortment of choice Kitchen and Cooking Utensils, with which tlie sale will com mence. Catalogues ami permits to view may be had on /jtrjijiay at the ollice oi tlie auctioneer, 16 Corilandt street HENRY B. nERTS, AUCTIONEER" * UOUBEHOi.D FI RMTI'Rf, ROSEWOOD PIANO. AC., ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL lti, AT 10U O'CLOCK, AT 2i?7 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, NEAR Til InD AVENUE, ? comprM ng velvet nn I mussels Carpets. pier and mantel Mirrors, Clocks, Bronzes. Paintings. rosewood and wal ? nut Parlor and Chamber hnits, in brocatel and reps: Etagc.res, seven octa?e rosewood Piano, oak Dining Room Suit, Extension Table, Ae. ; rosewood, mahogany and walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wnshstands, line hair Mattresses, Beds and Bedding. Turkish Lounges. Easy Chairs. China, Glasswari . Kitchen t'tenslls, Ac.. Ae. Catalogues now ready at. ofilce ol auctioneer, ItiCortlaiidt street. Henry b. herts, ai ctionekr. SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE OF WATCH S, JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, 6TORE FIXTURES, REGULATOR, JEWELLER'S SUE, AC., ON THURSDAY. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April 17. IH and ? 9, at 10 o'clock each day, BV ORDER OF MR. JOIIN CHAM BERLIN, at his store, 715 BROADWAY, UNDER NEW YORK HOTEL, ? jomprisine his entire stock, vaiHi d at over $.'.0,u00, which will be sold without any reserve, on account oi retiring from business. Catalogues will bo ready on the lfith inst J P. TRAVF.R, AUCTIONEER. -BY J. S. KMdllT A . CO., 1*5 Greenwich street, corner Dev. Monday, April 14, 10k o clock, special ale oi Hardware, Cutlery, House Furnishing Hoods, Plated Ware and Fa toy Hoods; at U o'clock t> good work aud carriage Horses, one Grocer's W agon, .1 light Buggies, 4 s ts Harness, iluuhie act of Truck Harness, Ac. E. B. HENRY, Salesman. J P. TRAVF.R, AUCTIONEER. ? Mortgage sale THIS DAY, April 14, 1*73. Elegant Furniture ol private residence, 11U West Twenty sixth street, at 10X o'clock. Elegant pier and mantel Mirrors, brocatel and lace curtains and Cornices, best English body Brus sels Carpets throughout thi' house. Centre l ables, splendid Clocks and Mantei ornaments, elegant Kold inlaid I arlor iuits in silk brocatel, made to order by best eitv maker; choice Oil Paintings Ohromos and Engravings; solid walnut marble top Chamber Suits, best curled lialr and other Mattresses, tine Feather Pillows and Bo stern, Tol let Sets, Quilts, Sheets. Blanket*, spreads. Hat Racks, Oilcloths Parlor and other Stoves, Extension and other Tables, Dining and other Chairs, Sideboard. Silver I late, China, Crockery and Olassware, I able Cutlery, Kitchen Furniture, Relrlgcrators Ac., Ac. By or ler ol John O'Dea, Mortgagee. ____ JACOB BOOART, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS NO. I North William street, enrnfr of Franktort.-I er sonal attention paid to the sales of Household furniture of lamilies declining housekeeping at their residence* ; also at the auction rooms. WEDNESDAY, April 11, at 11 o'clock, at the miction rooms, a general assortment of Household Furniture, SIIOUOOOD A CO., SALESROOM :tfW WEST Thirty eighth street, will sell this day, at 1014 o'clock, at 142 East Flitleth street, between Lexington and Third avenues, the Furniture ol a private family, consisting ol Brussels and Ingrain < arpets, < illeloths; Parlor, Chamber anil Dining Room Sets, Feather Beds Holsters and Pil lows Hair Mattresses, Quilts and Blankets, Wardrobe, splendid Parlor Desk, large Pier and Mantel Mirrors, marble top Tables China sets, Crockery and Olassware, Ice Chest, Ac. ; all kinds ot looking Cteualla, In lot* U> lull speculators or bu^eia. J M *AI.KS AT AUCTIOJU JU. JENKINS A CO., AUTION KKIU, . 96Blcccker Htreet, Now York. Special attention glveu to sales of Household Purnlture at the residences of tho-to lin i huuu'ki eping? \\ ill sell as luilows:? Tlii* evening, at 7 o'clock, the entire ooa enU of atora, ECU Sixth avenu\ comprl-mg ioys, Parasol* md Fancy Goods. On Ihur* (lay, April 17. at Oi West Tliirtv-lourth rtruet, the Household uiriiiturc, Beddiug, Carpets Crockery, Ac. On Sa.urdav, the .tt'i in 10 A. M., ai their tal"s r< Din, 9A BleccKer street, a var ety of Pain'ings, Engrav ings. Oas Kixtuics, . onteel Household Kiirniturp, Ac Hy orUcr ot the Citv Marshal. On Tuesday, the 22d Inst, at 10 A. M., at M Gre nwi-h avenue, ele .-ant Parlor and Bcdrnoui Furniture. Carpet*. Bedding, Silverware, Crock ery. Ac. On T lursday, the .'4th i , at 10 A. M., all Ihu Furnl ure, Htdilin;. Crockery, Ac., contained in house, HO v\es Tweltlh street On vediiesday, the :10th iust, at 10 A. M , the Furniture, Bedding, Carpets. Ac., iu dwell* ing, 221 t ixih avenue. LEWIS E. WOO'J, AUCTIONEER AND DEALER IN New Jersey Keal Estate. Jersey City Business Propel ty it Auction. LEWIS E. >VoOD will ell on Mou 'ay. April 14, 1*73. at 1 o'clock P. M., the va uuble Business Properly situated on .Newark avenue, above drove street, Nos. 141), 142 and 144; this property is stunted on the principal business th irouifh are ol Jersey iNtv. and offers a rare chance lor speculators ami those wanting a business site. For particulars apply to the auctioneer, 78 Montgomery street, Jersey C ly. __ MORRIS WILKIN , AUCTIONEER. Peremptory sale in par'itlon, by order of the Culrt of Common Picas. Eleven Lots on liiaaiMiii a venue, j'.ighty-tliih and Eighty-sixth streets. E. II. LIMlLow A CO. will se I at auction, on Wcdnof dav, April 16. 1S7-4, at 1-' o'cIock, at the Exchange sales room, 111 Broadway, New \ork (swle under tho direcuou ol i enry Moriison, i s<i-. Referee) , ... Madl.-on avenue, south we -t corner of Eighty-sixth street ? . i ht Lots, having n tronuneol 102.2 leeton Madi miii avenue an I 195 leeton E ght> -sixth street. . Mudisoii nvciiu -outhcast co-ner of hichty-sixtn street? i'lot ol Gcouud, .'t>> lee 8 Inches by 10. teet iinchca East Eighty t.ilh street? Two Lots, north side, i45 leet went ol Mu li on avenue, tear ol Eighty -six ill street lots, cue' i 2Axi>)2 feet 2 inch s. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain on mort 8agKRANKLlN BROWN, Attorney. M Lilierty st, N Y. Maps, Ac., at the ollice ol thu auctioneers, No. 3 Pine street. New York. OUBI8 VVII.K1NS, AUCTIONEER. Desirable Property on West Tenth streot, near Oreon wich avenue, a. auction. E. il. LUOLO.V A CO. will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY, April lb, 1873, at 12 o'clock. at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadwny. West 'lentil street? Tho valuable Plot of Ground, with buildings thereon, known as Nos. 131 and 116 West Tenth street, 39.2 leet front, 42.10 feet rear, hy average de ? ? i li of 98 leet. buildings consist ot two story, attie anil nasemcnt brick dweliinx, 25x36 feet, and two story brick s.ablc, 14.2x28 leet; $10,14)0 can regain on bond and mortgage. Mortgage sale.-colk a murphy, auction eers ? This day (Men lay), April 14, at ItHu .-harp, at 60tl Myrtle avenue. Brooklyn. ladies' and gents' Fancy Dry Goods, Calico, Flannel and Shirts, In lots to suit city and country trade: a'so a very tine large stock ol Kid Gloves. Ho-lery, Silk Ribbons, Buttons, Embroidery, bilk, Ac. sale positive. MARSHAL'S SALE.? WILL BF. HOLD. ON TUI-.8 day, April 1ft, by BURDETT A DE.NNIS, 113 I'earl street, lianovcr suuare, one heavy brown Horse ; fit lor cart or truck. T . C. BBIEN, Marshal. PAWNBROKER*' SAI.BS.? BY RICH ARD FIELD, Sheriffs and General Auctioneer. Salesroom 121 Bowery. MONDAY, Aj ril 14, by order Henry McAlcenan, Hi to l.ota Watchi s and Jewelry. WEDNESDAY, Anril Hi, bv order M. Mehrback and IL Freel. (iuU Lots Watches and Jewelry. THURSDAY, April 17, by ordor Simpson, Green A Co., 5U0 L 'ts Men's ant' Women's Clothing. FRIDAY, At. ril IS, by order Henry McAlcenan, 50) Lots Men's ami Women's Clothing. PAWNBR<<KKH'S SALE. WATCHES, JEWELRY. B. FIELD, S'lerl.fs and Oeueral Auctioneer, salesroom M Bowery, Will sell, THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, COO Lots Gol 1 and Silver Watches, Diamond and Gold Jewelry, Pins, l.nig s. Earrings, Gold Guard, Fob and Vest Clt tins, Ac., Ac. Also Guns. Pi.-tols tin I Musical Instruments. Also a large tot ot Carpenters' and Stonecutter-' Tools. By order HENRY McALEEN AN, Eighth avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SAL '.-THIS DAY, JAMES aGAR, Auctioneer, will sell, at 69 New Bowery, 500 lots Men's and Wonu n's Clothing, Ac. By order of J. Blu mauer, 172 Canal street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-WATCHES AND JF.WF.LRY. JAMES AGAR, Auctioneer, will sell, to-morrow (Tuesday), at 5J New Bowery, at 11 o'clock, 500 lots Gold and Silver Watches, Gold and Diamond Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Silverw ire, Guus, Pistols. Musical and Mathe matical Instruments. By order of A. J. Jackson, 90 Prince street. ,/? PAWNBBOKEIi'S SALE.? THOMAS J. McGRATH, Auctioneer, 131 Chatham street, v. I I sell TO-MORROW (Tuesday) 500 lots Men's und Women's Clothing, Ac. By order P. Ganley, 67 Division street. WILLIAM KENNELLY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL at auctionon Tuesday. April 15, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom. Ill Broadway:? Madison avenue.? Four Lots, situated on the southeast corner Madison avenue and 124th street, opposite Mount Morris square, KlUxlOO. '1. Fourth avenue.? Four I.ots, situated on the southwest corner of Fourth avenue and 124th street, 89x100.11. 124th street.? Four three story high stoop brown stone Houses, adjoining the above lots, between Fourth and Madison avenues; splendid location. l'.'itti street.? The three story brown stone House 237 East 1 24 1 1 1 street, between second ami Third avenues. 120th street ? Fine Lot, south side, 225 feet west ot ave nue A j lot 25x100.11. 113th street (south side).? Two Lots, 295 feet east of First avenue, 50x100.11. Thirty-fourth street.? The first class brown stone House 47B West Thirty-fourth street, between Ninth und Tenth avenues. Grand Circlc and Central Park Property. Fifty-eighth street.? The two first class brown stone Houses 318 und 320 West Fifty-eighth street, near the Grund Circle, Boulevard and Central Hark. Eighty-eighth street.? The two two story frame Houses and Lots on the south side of F.iphry eighth street, 184.5 feet east of Fourth avenue ; lots '-'5.<ix 100.8. Thirty -fifth street.? The brick Stable, sontli side of Thir ty-filth street, 150 leet west of First avenue ; lot 25x>00. Maps at Auctioneer's olllce, No. 4 Pine street. On WEDNESDAY, April 16, at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange Sulcsroom, 111 Broad way (bv order of the undersigned trustees of Walter Roche) : Eighth avenue (northeast corner of Fifty-fifth street).? Four the story brown stone Houses, with Stores, 930. 932, 934 and 9.V> Eighth avenue; good buildings: tine location. Fifty-fifth street.? Four story French roof brown stone, 257 West Fltty-fltth street. In Ine rear of the above. Sixty-eighth street.? The undivided Half Interest of seven Lots and Part ol Lot north side Sixtv-cighth street, 100 feet west of Ninth avenue; each lot 25x100.4. 100th street.? Full Lot south side ot 100th street, 200 feet east of Tenth avenue. Mulberry street. No. 27? House and Lot, 25x74. Mott street.? 68, 70, 72 and 7i Mott afreet, Houses and Lots; each lot 25x94. ?- ~ - 4 ????-. ? Baxti r street? No. IH. front and rear Tfr,n??" * ? front and roar feonscsT , - iDiiV-w!c.,!?neer'a offlc street. JEREMIAH QUINLAN ? J/MEB LYNCH, JOHN E. DEVELIN, ftDt' '3a^''cu'aTr^?SVv?,TC^M'.'1^:?.r.',. office, No. 4 Pin? Trustees. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, AS HERETO m lore, fclvcs hi* personal attention to sales of House hold Furniture at tne residence* oi lamillc.s declining housekeeping, or at liis spacious salesrooms, at Si) New Bowery, near Chatham square. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. Office SO New Bowery. Valnable Tenement Property in the Sereftth Ward. On Wednesday, Anril 16, at 12 noon, at the Merchants' Ex change, 111 Broadway, lour Tenement Rouses and I.oV>, and Water street, front and rear ton front one three story brick building and store, 25x2kV fnduiTing alleyway, together with three storv Irame house, 10x32: on rear two tour story brick houses, 25x2SW each, with yard, 43x36 licet. Maps and particulars at SO New Bowery. >1 A HHI.I-: MANTELS. AKLABKR, STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLEIZING . Works, 134 and 136 East Eighteenth street.? Marble and Maruleized Mantels, Tiling. Marble Counters, Monu ments, at priced tbat duly competition. Marble Turniug lor trie trade. AN ASSORTMENT OK MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for bcuuty of design and quality of workmanships blate Work ol all kind* .< specialty. PENRI1YN .SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Union square. CTEWAKT'S SLATE MANTELS.? RICH AND ELE cant design*} slate Works oi every description ; Mar ble and Wo<?l Mantels. T B. STEWART A CO.. 220 und 222 West Twenty-third street, Seventh avenue. N. Y. s. ? . i/.lilg Works, J2.'i West Kitty-first street, between Broadway an I Eighth avenue.? Garble. tnarbleized Man tels, Monuments, Headstones; large selections at very low prices. I.KOVL NOTICES. SUPREME COURT. In the instter of the application of the Department of Public Parks, for and In behalf ot the Mayor, Alder men and commonalty of the city of New York, relatl re to the _ Opening of Klngsbridec Road, northwardly from the southerly line oi ISSth sfrretto the Harlem Hirer, as laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Park, in the city of New York. We. the under-Uncd Commissioners ot Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owners, occupant i,r occupants of all houses and I its and improved or unimproved lands affected ihereby, and to all others whom it may conccrn, ^L^-Thatwc have completed our estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested In these proceed inns or iti any ol the lands affected thereby, and who mar be oppose 1 to the wlme, do present their objections in writing, dulv vended, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office! ISO Broadway (room 15), m the said citv, on or before the ?.n day ol April. IN7I, and thai we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so objecting within tho ten week-davs next alter the said 23(1 day of April. 1H73. and tor that purpose will be in attendance at our said office on ea<h oi --aid ten days at II o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract of tne said estimate and assess ment, together with our maps, an I also all the affidavits, estimates and other documents which were used t>v us in making our report, have been deposited In the office of the Department ol Public Works, in the city Of New York, there to remain until the fith day of May, ITI III.? That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said, are as follows, to wit Allthose ecrtaln lots, pieces, or parcels ot land contained, Ivimr and being within the following bounds or limits, ihatis to say ? Commencing at the point formed by the Intersection of the northerly line or side of M.'ith street with the westerly line or side of the Eighth avenue ; running thence northerly along the westerly line or ?iile of the said Eighth avenue to tho high water mark of the Harlem Kivcr ; thence along the said high water mark of the Ilarlnm Riveras it winds and turns to the Hudson River ; thence southwardly along the easterly Ride ot the Hudson River, at high water mars as said river winds und turns. to the southerly line or side ot IS'ith street; thence easterly along the said southerly line or side ol ISSin street to the easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly, along the .said easterlv side of -aid Bou levard, to the northerly line or side of 14Sth street; mid easterly, along the said northerly line or side ot 145th street, to the point or place ol beginning. IV. -That our renort herein will he presented to the Su preme Colli of the State of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held In Hie New Court House at tin city Hall, in the city ol New York, on the 2f,th day of May, Mrs, at the opening ot 'he Court on that day, and that then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel ran be heard thereon, a motion will be made thutthe said report be confirmed. _ TIF.NRY PARSONS, ) WILLIAM J. PARSONS, /Commissioners. JOHN T. McOOWAN. i New Yoac. March 1?. 1373, AHlC'JKMKJiT'". 0 LYMPIC THEATRE. J. t. HAYEs Lessee and Manager. MONDAY hVI'NI'O, APRIL 11. EVfa.iY N1G1IT at rt o'clock, WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY MATINEFS at 2. LAST WEEK OK THE 4TH EDITION ol a. L. FOX'S Hl'MPTY DUMPTY. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 21. UKAND RECONSTRUCTION and FIRST TIME OF THE 6TH EDITION of G. L. FOX'S FA MOIT8 PANTOMIM R. NEW :*O^NE.<Y, TRICKS AND SPECIALTIES. Full particulars will duly appear See the present version ere it lie too late. BOOTH'S TUKATRB. ROUCICAl'LT. Edwin Booth.... Proprietor and Manager LAST N 1(1 IITS. 29.11 lo the 351' H periortnunoc of DADdY ii'miWD. BVEKY NItillT it nd EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON at 2. Tin- Ori'Kt Irish Coined ho, MR. DiON BOUOICAUiiT, will nppeur In the character of MICHAEL ?.'DOWD, ol the Clad.lauh. The public of Now *ork have recognised In thin extra ordinary delineation one oi those great ami tru'.hful work? of a rf which remain as lieirl..oms ot the sta"(>. The management leels gra tiled the llrsl performance w il date lr.nn BOOiH'STH iATRB. Seais may be secured in a lvanoe at the Theatre, or at A 's music s'oro, 711 Broadway. ?) | TH s riiK T theatre, t)T Thirty- ouctil street, near Third avenue. Moiis. LA ihoK.Nif Lessee iind Mannsor OPENING NIGHT. OPi.NlNtJ MdUT. Ea.VTER MONDAY, APRIL II. A SPLl.MDI B1L? FOR T11 K OCCASION. SENSATION D i A M A. NEGKO BURLESQUE. All the Gem-. anil Specialties of the Day. LOOK AT Hie. HOST OF STARS. Mile*. OERALDINK and LEOPOLD. Mile. BFRTHA, Miss f.da Zeiuler, Miss Krina Car, Him Ida Madicau, Mi? Carrie Elliott, Mr. J. S. Murphy, Harry c. Melvlile, Arl HoUtou. Joe Buckley, Harry sheldou, F. Younker and Orchestra. MATINEE TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOON. RYaNT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST., between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. Every evening at 8. Saturday Matinee at 2. EASTER HOLIDAY W 10.. K. BEST HILL OF THE SEASON. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF MASTER HARNEY, the Champion Dancer and favorite Dialect Actor. Firm time this Hon oil, by general request, the original BRYAN I M MINSTRELS' | SIIOO FLY. Slloo FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' | SHOD FLY. SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELN' | SHOO FLY. SHOO FI.Y. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' SHOO FLY. SHOO I LY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SHOO FLY. SHOO I'LY. THE CALICO HOP. COLTON'S LAUGHING GAS. Dan Bryant, .-eyrnour, Heed, stanwood. Morriay, hntcr aotl, Ac. .Mat. nee Saturday at 2. wals secured. Academy of music.? farewell of MLLE. MA HI AIMEE, THE QU KEN OP OPERA BOUFFE, AND THK NEW PARISIAN OPERA TROUPE, the Most Successful Organization on record. TWO NIGHTS ONLY ANU A MATIN i B. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, AT H O'CLOCK, LA GRANDE IlUCHESSE. AIMEE, ROLAND, JUTEAU, DUCHESVE. FRIDAY, APRIL 1H-LES CENT VIERGES, THE GREAT PARISIAN SENSATION. SATI'RDA Y ? GRAND MATIN EK, AT 1. LA PERK-HOLE. LA PERICHOLE. Admission, $1. It. served seals, $1 M. Gallery, 50c. Boxes, $H and $f>. Sale of seats will commence on Monday, at 9A. M., at the Aca lemy and at schirmcr's, 701 an I 111 Broadway. B C10NCKRTS ) of the HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS. Will sing Genuine Negro Melodic* at ASSOCIAI ION II AM., Twenty-third street and Fourth avenue, TUESDAY EVENING, April Id, at H o'clock. Admission 50c. Reserved seats $1. For sulo at Hurley's book store und at lb 1 hall. The proceeds oi tins concert will he devoted to the Colored lioine ot New York. FAREWKLI. CONOI'.BT AT DR. IIEPWORTII'S NEW CHURCH, comer Forty-fifth street and Madison av< nue, '1 II I RSDAY EVENING, April 17, ut? o'clock. Admission 50c. No roserved scats. For sale at Hook Concern, Cnrleton's, Put nam's and (Hurley's bo >k stores and at the door. MUSIC? LAUGHTER. 1?R. COLTON will give the FIFTH GRAND COMBINATION ENTERTAINMENT at the COOPER INSTITUTE, MONDAY EVENINIi, APRIL 14. Dr. COLTON litis the extreme pleasure to announce that at (treat expense he has engaged the celebrated TREMAINE BROTHERS' CONCERT TROUPiS, who will give n grand Concert, to occupy one hour, in which they will sing a selection of their soul-stirring Operatic, Sentimental and Comic Songs, such as have ?xclted thrilling sensations wherever porlorwed, accom panied on the womlcrtul Rurdett Organ Alter which Dr. COLTON will administer the LAUGHING OAS TO TWELVE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Tickets 25 cent*. Reserved Seats (only 3110), 60 cents. Doors open at 7; to commence ai 8 o'clock. PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, &C. AT HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Plrst class handsome new 1'ianotortes for sale on very reasonable terms, and several used a little, very low for cash. A MAGNIFICENT 7J4 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte lor sale, made order, city maker, lully guaran teed, used 5 mouths, cos' $1, KM), lor $275; Parlor Suits, Etagercs, Brontes, Chamber, Dining Furniture j China ware, (ilassware ; a sacrifice; property lainily leaving city. 36 West 15th St., near 8th av. A? A.? A.-PIANOFORTE FOR SALE, AT 121) WEST ? !C'd street, private residence: for sale, brilliant toned, 7'i octave, 4 round corners, rosewood Pianoforte, used 8 m niths, cost $1,000, will sell to cash buyer lor f.'dio, including stool, cover, music cabinet; tine 7 octave rose wood Pianoforte lor $150, can box for shipping: also Par lor and Hcdroom Suits, Carpets, less than hall cost, ('all and examine beiore purchasing elsewhere. A MAGNIFICENT FOUR ROUND CORNER 75* OC tnve rosewood Pianolorte, nearly new, brill i n tit tour, cost $1,100, tor $300; Stool, Cover; Parlor Stilts, fine Oil Paintings. Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Furni ture; usacrillce. Residence 113 West, Eighth street (Clin ton place, near Sixth avenue. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD P anoforte, cost $fi<>0, will be sold for $275, at R A T TERSON'S Furniture Storage Warehous s, fi^l and ti90 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street; contains all improve ments and very little used ; has packing box. AIMY WILL SELL AN ELEGANT PARLOR grand Steinway Pianoforte, carved legs and rase, mod"'rn Improvements, co-t $1,000, for less than half, in cluding Stool 28 Third street, near Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL PARLOR COMPANION? BICHLf carved, rosewoOd, font round 7'? octave Pianoforte; also, one inagniticent SquOTV 7 octave, both embracing all modern improvements, makers' guarantee ; also, entire elegant Household Furnitnre. Cull at private residence, 210 West Twenty-flrst street, near Seventh avenue. IT MANUFACTURER'S WARF.ROOMS. PRIOR TO j\ removal, magnificent new first class Agraffe 7^ octave rosewood, overstrung, iron frame Pianoforte, $20(1, StfKil and Cover, carved legs, Ac. ; latest improve ments; tally guarun'ecd. GOLDSMITH'S, No. 7 Bleccker street, near Bowery. BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIAN'OS; MANUFACTORY price $250: earved legs, overstrung, patent agraffe, Weber scale ; warranted; $250; instalments taken; $12 monthly. R. CABLE, 107 West 2*1 it, eorner 8th av. T7LEOANT roskwood pianoforte, chicker JHj Ing make, $100; great bargain; magnificent over strung, bass, carved legs and agraffe instrument; extra ordinary sacrifice: seven octaves; must sell; moving, lvti Bleecker street, near Macdougal. First class ^ and 7't octave pianos? at re d need prices, $275 and upwards: folly guaranteed; second band Pianos, celebrated makers, $70, $100, $190, $175 and $200. Pianos taken in e>change. Pianos to rent. One five octave Organ, with 18 feet pedal, $'(K). F. LUDKE. 45 Second avenue. THIRST CLASS PIANOS RETAILED AT WHOLESALE r prices, direct from factory. Send tor circular. 78 Barrow street, near Hudson sireet FMSCHER NEW SCALE PIANO, WITH PATENT IM provements: the most reliable pianos made ; splen did second band Pianos cheap ; Pianos to rent. 425 West Twenty -eighth street, near Ninth avenue. J P. HALF'S NKW 7 M OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale bv the thousand at Thirty-fifth street and Tenth av. NKW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOUBLE RF.F.D Cabinet Organs, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES ; $110 and $125 each. Fifty other styles, $55 to $500 and upwnrd eoch. The MASON A HAMLIN Organ Companv now offer, at their new warcrooms, 25 Union square, the largest assortment of the Pest instruments of this ciass in the world, at prices which are rendered possible onlv by their unequalled facilities for manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege ot purchase for quarterly or monthly payments. New, first class square and upright Pianos lor rent^Ucnt allowed ns purchase money ; 2U West Fourth street, one block from Broadwav. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED) CIIFAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or ?nle rent allowed purchaser; at MKKKELL'H, No. 8 Union square, 186 fourth avenue. P IANOS.- SECOND HAND, OK VARIOUS MAKERS, in thi. rough order, for sale at low prices; also Pianos to rent and on instalments, by CHICKERING A SONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Filth avenue PIANOS AND ORGANS.? GUKAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices tor cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during lhl? month, at WATERS'. 481 Broadway, than ( ail be found elsewhere. SECOND HAND PIANOS FOR $100, $7\ $50. $20; Cabinet Organ, $100. At DALY'S music store, 179 Eighlii avenue. Till" MOST RELIABLE, BIST FINISHED AND richest toned Pianofortes manufactured, new metallic agrafle. from $2.'5; 7 octave, nearlv new, for $1,111. CO-OPERATIVE PIANO MAKERS, III! Hleeckerst. 1 nn SECOND HAND PIANOS, IN PERFKC1 ORDI it. 1UU lor kale by WILLIAM A. POND A CO., 547 Broadway 4.1(10 CASH? FOR NEW SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOS, St'tiwm, (bickering and other makers, at bargains; pianos to rent or on instalments. J. KIDDLE. 13 WaVerley place, near Brnadw y l).\M IMi At'ADEMlKM. BAI LKTM ASTER DC MA ICS DaNCING ACAl)EMT 24 Fourth street.? All dances per quarter $,;, In prl vate lessons; bullet dancers' instruction for single and chorus dam es lor the stage. SAUSE'8 DANCING ACADEMIES.

PRIVATE LESSONS at any hour, day or evening. CIRCULARS at Private Academy, 212 East ticveuthst. WAI.I.ACK'S, Proprietor and Manager M- LUSTER WAI.LACK TENTii WKfcK of Mr. SOT HERN In hit extraordinary nunc ruination* of DAVID UABUIOK ami I.ORIl DUNHREARY. which will lie presented Til IB AND EVERY iiVhNINO and 8 ATI! KUA V MATlNftF. AT I :10 P. M. The following eminent ar ists will appear Mr aOTtl. RUN, Mr. JOHN UlLBEltT, Mr 5. H POLK, Mr. HlSHOP.Mr. CARROLL., Mr ROOWNK, Mr LEONARD, Mr. HOLLAND. Mr. EDWIN, Mr. OH KUAN, Mr. CKCK, Mint KATIIKRINH KOO-.RS, Mrs. FANNY FOSTER, Mule. PON1S1, Mr<. J.)IIN Sli TON. BOX I'l AN OP1SN ONE M >NTII IN ADVANCE. Curtain rises at 8 precisely, and carriages may be or dered at ll):40. BOWERY TIIEATRK. WM. B. KRKl.IiiM Manager MONDAY, AI'ltlL 14. 1873, and during the week : i iigitgeiiicm lor a limited period of MK. K. I. SIE.MIN, tlie popular lavorile actor, wiio w>ll personate tho FAS 1 KhT HOY IN NEW YUi'.K, Iroui the Fireside Companion, In the drama itrainul zed ny TONY PASTOR ?nd T. U DONNELLY. This highly sen-at onal drama will be presented with nppropr ate lorai sccnery, thrilling :ahleitux and etiects and a powerttil cu*t. All the old lavoriles ol the company will appear Kor parliru n f h ceo siua.l bills. In con unction with the. drama will be. ucted a new petite Comedy, entitled OHLIGINU A FRIEND. The first time in America. Cha.?. Foster's Drama, A BAD Lui, wilt Hpeedlly bo produced. NOTE? On Monday, Apr.l 14, the doors will upon at7L?; curtain rtaea at 8. rill AVENUE THEATRE. Cl'RTAIN BlfcBR AT 8. t) TIH and T.JO Broadway. Solo Lessee and Manager Mr. AUOUST1N DALY To-night, Monday, April 14, 1873. "ALIXE ! ! 1"? and? "NEW YEARS' EYE.' On the same evening, for this occasion only I and for tho LAST time this seuson. AU the BWatjComjan^ Y DAVKNPORT, K^AN>V ft?. K'n? MOUHMKH. Mrta H. UIUBHIT. oHXlUlB(. KI8UBB. *? ' est Mr MWWft Mr- J * ^CKAY' Mr. OWEN ufelr original P?rW TUESDAY KIUHT. Apr.l 18, nnrt EVERY EVENING alter, and also for the MATINEE t-ATURDAY, will ho reproduced in magnificent stylo Mr Auguslln Daly's celebrate J Drama ot society, in ilvo act*, entitled "DlVOitCEl" Alfred Adrlatiso, who regarded marriage an an episode and lound it laic ...Mr. George Clarke Captain Lynde, a iriond in need, indeed, and a Irienil in the way &ir. Louis James Rev. Marry Duncan, successor to the Martyrs, Mr. it. T. Ringgold De Wolf de Witt, an excellent authority on the management ol wive-. .Yr. Win. oavidge Temple ton Jilt, Esq., ol the New York Hitr, M r. .lames Lewis Mr. Burritt, ex-policeman and private detective, Mr Charles Fisher Pam, hi* partner Mr. J. A. Mackay Judge Kemp, a relic ot the last generation, Mr. D. Whiting Dr. Lang, late ot Bloomlngdale Asylum, Mr. George De Vcro Jim, with a new system ot naturalising ail in, Mr. Owen Fawcett Richard, Adrianse's man Mr. c. Carroll Christinas, one of the emancipated . Mr. Kran< Chapman Guinea, another ol the same sori Mr. W. Brckumn Wedding Gucsl.s, Visitors, Ac Mrs. Ten Eyek. a mother ol So 'lety, who hag pro v ded w ell lor her t ? o daughters Miss Kanny Morant Miss 1. 11 Ten Eyck, who made the Newport Match, .Miss Fanny Davenport Miss Fanny Ten Eyck, who got the best catch ol the season, alter all Miss Clara Morris Grace, "our niece," tor whom we must And some thing alter the dear girls are provided tor, Miss Linda Dletz Flora Penfleld, a bud In the Florida Grnvas, Miss Sarah Jewett Mrs. Kemp, the partner of the relic . .Mr.-. Gilbert Kilt.v Crosbie, who is satisfied with Iter own "way" Miss Roberta Norwood Molly, the Maid Miss Nellie .Mortimer Jenny Miss Griffiths Ali^l, a child Annie The scenery is entirely new and Is by Mr. .1 \MES RO BERTS: the new music is liv Mr. HARVEY DoD WOKTII, anil the play in produced with new and costly toilettes, furniture a la mode, Ac. Box sheet now open lor nine days in advance. PT. BAKNUM'S . GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S FAIR. MUSEUM MENAOl.RIK, AND HIPPODROME. RKMAINa WHEKE IT 18. EASTER MONDAY, EASTER MONDAY. RASTER MONDAY, AT THE AMi.ltlCAN INSTITUTE BUILDING (lil.NK), corner ot Third avenue and Sixiy-thiid street. In consequence of the inclemency i.l th wiutber and the rl-k of exposure to the large coilcctlon ot tropical animals, Mr. 1'. T. Barniim has concluded to remain IN NEW YORK FOR ONE OR TWO DAYS LONGER. (See Tuesday morning papers lor future movements.) I. A KG i'. ST MENAGERIE IN TUB WORLD. LARGEST TRAVELLING MUSEUM IN THE WORLD. LARGEST AND BEST ( IKCUh IN THE WORLD Two distinct performances in two separate rings, both in full view uf the audience, at the same lime. Mr. Barnum would advise ladies ami children to at tend the atlernoon performances, and thus avoid the crowd. Doors open from 1 to 5 and 7 to 10 I'. M. Double Hippodrome perform inees begin at 2 anil 8. Admission to all, 50 cents; children under nl.ic, 25 cents: a few reserved seats, 28 cents extra. FREE ADMISSION TO ALL who purchase the "LIFE OF P. T. BARNUM," written by himself, a book of BUJ pages, illustrated. Price rediiced irom $1) 51) to (1 60. THE GREAT BARNUM COMBINATION; OK, TRAVEL LING WORLD'S FAIR, which opens at the Capitoline Grounds, Brooklyn, MONDAY EVENING, April 14, at 7 o'clo' k, WILL EXHIBIT DAILY. AFTERNOON AND EVENING, DURING THE WEEK ONLY. Doors open at I and 7. Performances at 2 and R. TWO GRAND HIPPODROME PERFORMANCES, IN TWO SEPARATE AND DISTfNCT KINGS, AT ONE A N I* THE SAME TIME. COMMENCES WITH THE GRAND ENTREE PROMPTLY AT 2 and 8 O'CLOCK. Closing in Brooklyn, Saturday evening, April 19, the Great Travelling Word's Fair will wove on its annual tour as follows :? Norwaik, Monday, April 21 : Brldreport, Tuesdav, 22: Waterburv, Wednesday. 23; New Haven, I'hursday and Friday, 24 and 25; Menden, Saturday, 20; Hartford, Mon day and Tuesday, 28 and 29; Northampton. Mass., Wednesday, 30; Springfield, Thursday, May I ; Worcester, Friday,^; Woonsocket, It. I., baturday, 3; Providence, Monday and Tuesday, 5 and fi. oteinwaV hall. O MISS ANNA MF.HLIG. SECOND MATINEE RECITAL. WEDNESDAY, April 16. at 2:30 P. M. Admission, $1 SO. No reserved seats. Can bo bad at Steinway's, the principal music stores and at 114 Broad way. TO MANAGERS AND FIRST CLASS DRAMATIC STARS AND COMBINATIONS. MR. SAMUEL COLVILLE, Business Manager of the LYDIA THOMPSON TROUPE, and entrusted with the engagements lor the season of 1S73-4 of the Robinson Opera House, Cincinnati, will be at the Grand Central Hotel, New York, on the Iftth, ltith and 17th, and again on the 23d anil 21th. The present season ot the Thompson Troupe will close May 17, and lias a tow nights Irom May 12 open to negotiation in tlia vicinity of New York. Mr. < olville will sail for Furope on or about May 21, en trusted with Important business connected with the prin cipal theatres of the United States, and desires, prior thereto, to close up all the open dates ol the Thompson Troupe for the season commencing September 1. as well as fill all open time with the Robinson Opera House. Cin cinnati, commencing the same date? September 1. 1H7.1. Permanent address Box 3, *16 Post office. New York city. LYDIA THOMPSON TROUPE TIME TABLE:? April 14 and 19, New Opera House, Washington. April 21 ami 2fi, Opera House, Paltimore. April and May 3, Arch street Theatre, Philadelphia. Muy 8, 9 and 10, Opera House, Albany. CHOICE NEW MUSIC -"DARLING," BY MILLARD, J SOc. ; "Song of Little May," Miss Hodges, 36c. ; "Un der the Beautiful Stars Wo Met," Butterfleld, .'."c. ; "Pity the Homeless one To-night," Pratt, 30c. : Hypothesen Waltz," Sirauss, 75c. ; "Manuscript Walt*," Strauss, 75c,; "Niue O'clock in the Morning, a school march. Muller, 50c. WILLIAM A. l'ON II A CO., Publishers, 547 Broad wuy anil 39 Union square. MUSICAL. AN ORGANIST AND CHOIR DIRECTOR OF GREAT experience, and a fine soloist, is open for an engage ment: can provide a iiuartet at moderate price. Ad dress CONGREGATIONAL, station I). A FIRST CLASS TENOR IS OPEN FOR AN ENGAGE me n l from May 1. Address, staling terms, A. G. N , box 104 Herald office. A FIRST CLASS OEOAJCIST AND DIRECTOR OF great experience, an extra soloist. Is open for an en gagement; can furnish a good single or double quartet at moderate price. Inquire uf LOl'IS Bl.KGE, 30 Eust Fourteenth street A MUSIC TEACHER OK A NUMBER OF YEARS experience would like a few pupils in the vicinity of Flttv-llrst street and Eighth avenue ; would give les sons at the residence of pupils; has a new and original method ot teaching beginners. Tertns$40 for 20 lessons. Call on or address MUSIC TEACHER, 301 West Filty first street. A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS SOPRANO SINGER IS wanted lor the quartet choir of Trinity church (Epis copal), in New llaven. Conn.; a liberal salary w,ll tie paid. This Is an uncommonly eligible position for an ac complished singer. Address, giving nainc, residence and reference, M. N. Will rMoRE. New llaven, Conn. Musicians? if you want cheap and good, Music go to 91 Bleeeker street, one cent per sheet, from all composers, it you buy dollars worth I make you a present ot 2A sheets , a lot ol Guitar strings and Guitar Music; also Piano, little out of repair, $35. New York CONKERYATORY ORCHESTRAL School, No. 5 hast Fourteenth street, ne.\t to Del inonlco's. NEW MEMBERS HKi'KlfiP. The undersigned, present organist and choirmaster ot St. loter's It. C. church, Brooklyn, will be at liberty to accept ?* engagement May 1, in either Catholic or Episcopal church. WILLIAM DitEssLKK, 1 13 VV est Seventeenth sf., N. Y. WANTED?MUSIC LESSONS (PIANO, IS EX I IIANGE '? for French lessons, Address i'ilKNC 11 1 LAt HER. Herald office. c Anwmyr*. IJMON SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. PHPRIDAN SHOOK Milliliter Mr. A. M. I ALMER lie/ins at ti. Saturday Matinee at 1 :Stt Tin- management havo gnat pleasure in announclug the reappearance at this theatre of tho charming young actress, Mi. n AGNES cTHBU on MONDAY EVEKINO, April 14. upon which occasion, uiul on every eveniuit un il lurthcr wotlee, will Ui i>ro w liied, by special arrain'omrllt Willi Mr AUtlllXTIN Dai.Y, his briliiu.t i.d i|i aiioii ol MKIiillAl) and llhLhVY'S woudt-riul I)i ama. ill live acts, entitled, KHOU FR>?U. The play will he produced with eleuant new scenery by Marnton, auJ with the loltowiug Last Gil. BERTH. "Frou Frou" (her original part) , nl? ? Miss ?GNES ETHEL LOUISE, her Muter MK? M A II Y UltlSWOLD BAKO.\NH l)E l! a M It III, a Wmn in ol tin- Fu , ""re Miss EMILY PAULiNE, a Maiil ol the I'rem lit Miss .1 EN NIK l.fcK '?KNK8'S *1 * KAI'K IIOi.IiA.Ni> ANUEL1QJE .Mis CHARLOITh CAVE Ut.' V" s 1 Sartorv ?' Child . MissilLi.IE EDWARDS llKNUl SAtt'POHV.', I he Husband ol th Future thin original nartl Mr I) II II A KK IN ^ HUIWAKl), A I'apa ol the I r ? ent. . .Mr F. F. MACKAY COMTE l> . VA LUEAt-', tho "Frien 1" ol the llm linnil <hin original part) >lr O OltilE 1'AltKES HAItoN Or, CAMitltl, the Hunt. and ol till! Pres ent Mr. B LAMB I'l l till, it.i- I ? ? on))' tc r. who believis nature on ll-.e Htiiui' to be abominable Mr .1. W TilOltP V1NCKN I Mr J. W. WILDER ZANE1TO, a Sunny Italian Mr. W. ({UlULr.Y Box office open every day tr im A M. to 5 P. M. Seal# secured t?o weeks In advance. w OOD'S Ml'SKUM. DOM. MURRAY. MONDAY, APRIL 14, IK7J. KVENINO AT tt. FIRST T I M K of I he celebrated Irish Coiucd<an, Mr. DOMINICK MURRAY, In his xreat Drama of the GAMBLER'S CRIME; or, tho MURDER ON THE HUDSON. IIEATRE COMIQUE, AFTERNO.iN AT 2. SPECIAL ATTRACTION for MATIN EK PBR* OHM ANCE8. The beautilul little AeliCM., Miss MINN i E FOSTER, who will appear a.i T0P8EY, in the great Domestic Drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN T 514 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor AN EN I IRK CHANGE OF KILL. A NEW OLIO OF FUN. MORE NEW STARS. ANOTHER NEW DRAMA. Easter holiday week. First week of the PI.ALZETTIB PANTOMIME TROUl'E. FLALZETTIE PANTOMIME TROUl'E. This troupe will appear in the moat laughable ol all Pantomimes, viz. TI1E SHADOW ; Or, A TRIP TO TIIE MOON. THE SHADOW; * Or, A TRIP TO THE MOON. The world-renowned and wonderful LIN J LOOK, LING LOOK, LING LOOK, LING LOOK. LINO LOOK, LING LOOK, LING LOOK, accompauicd by Second week of YAMADiVA, the Man Serprut. Mr. CHARLES and CARRIE AUSTIN Mr. CHARLES and CARRIE AUSTIN in the terrific Havonet Combat. Croat success of tho QUADRUPLE SONG AND DANCB, executed by Miss K ITT IE O'NEII., Miss FANNY LUOELLE, Miss CARRIE HAINES, Miss IDA GREENFIELD. All the Mammoth Troupe retained. IlARitlGAN I I JOHN and HART. b A IIT. LARRY TOOLEY, JAt Miss JENNIE HUGH ES, Miss ADA WRAV," Miss KITTIE O'NEIL, Miss CARRIE HAINES, Miss FANNY LUCELLB, Mist* IDA URKENFIELD and others In a pleasing programme. To concludo with the new Drama, viz. THE It ACE; Or, THE MYSTERIES OF TnE TURF. Mr. E. D KELLEY as THE JOCKEY MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ined. X | I JOHN I\ WILD. AMES BRADI.EY, C<T. JAMES' THEATRE. IRELAND. O EAST! It MONDAY, APRIL 14, FOUR WEEKS ONLY, FRANK MACEVOY'S NEW IIIBERNICON. Tlilrd annual engagement of MAOeVOY'8 POPULAR COMPANY OF 1R1.SII COMEDIANS AND VOCALISTS. The most amusing entertainment of the duy, combin ing Irish comedy, Irish scenery, songs, dances, wit and humour in one performance. A numhcr or the most pop ular Irish selections, arranged by Professor Mocsliu, will bo given every evening by an efficient orchestra. Secure seats curly to avoid the crowd. Reserved Orches tra Chairs, 75c. : Admission, 50; Family Circle, lie. MAIINEE SATURDAY TWO P. U. General admission Sic., children 15c. flERMANIA THEATRE. IT Fourteenth street, near Third avenue. AD. NEUENDORFF Director MOM AY. APRIL 14, MAT1ULDE, Comedy, in tour acta, by llenedix. Box office open daily from 9 till 4 o'clock. T ONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 21)1 BOWERY. JOHN WILLIAMS .KIIIN WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS COMEDIAN. (IRAND I THE WORLD-FAMED EASTER LANCASHIRE WEEK CLOU DANCER FESTIVAL.! AND VOCALIST, HUGH HAGUE MY, I DUTCH HUGH HAUUERTY, | DUTCH VOCALIST, GOBS AND FOX I IN COMIC I FOX AND OOSS OOSS AND FOX | 80NU AND DANCE I FOX AND OOSS BILLY PASTOR. CHARLEY WHITE. BILLY PASTOR. CHARLEY WHITE. THE GREAT VENTRILOQUIST? HERR WILLIO. A NEW DRAMA-THE BACHELOR'S TROUBLES. Barry, Einmett, Moore, Hart, Scabert, Celia Il'erd, Fanny Ford ham, Ac. MATINEES, TUEBDAY AND SATURDAY, at 2% o'clock . SiTEINWAV HALL. FESTIVAL WEEK. 5 The public !?< respectfully informed that a FESTIVAL WEEK OF GRAND ORATORIOS ANU CONCERTS will be Kiven on a scale of COMPLETENESS AND GRANDEUR never before attempted in New Yerk, under the direction of THEODORE THOMAS, COMMENCING TUESDAY EVEN INO, APRIL 22. 1373. FIRST ORATORIO NIGHT, MENDELSSOHN'S ELIJAH I ELIJAH I WEDNESDAY. APRIL 21, SECOND AND LAST ORATORIO NIGH?. Selections trom Handel's ISRAEL IN EGYPT, and the entire of Mendelssohn's HYMN OF PRAISE (LOBGESANG). The celebrated HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY, from Boston, numbering FIVE HUNDRED (500) VOICES. Conductor CARL ZERRAHN Organist Mr. B. J. LANG will appear, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA, largely increased on this occasion. THURSDAY, APRIL 24, lit the BROOKLYN ACADEMY, ONLY GRAND FESTIVAL ORATORIO. ELIJAH. ELIJAH. FRIDAY? ORAND FESTIVAL CONCERT. SATURDAY? ONLY (IRANI) MATINEE. On SATURDAY EVENING, April 2fi, THEODORE THOMAS' SIXTH AND LAST SYMPHONY CONCERT, when will be performed BEETHOVEN'S CHORAL OR- NINTH SYMPHONY. Last appearance In New York of the HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY. AND OF ALL TIIK DISTINGUISHED SOLOISTS. RESERVED SEATS, $3 AND $4, according to location. RESERVED SEATS IN SECOND BALCONY *2. RESERVED SEATS TO SATURDAY'S MATINEE $2 ONLY. Orders for seats from persons residing out of the city will be attended to by addressing CASHIER, Box Office, at Stclnway Hall. Tin- sale of Reserved Sents will commence THIS MOKNINO at Schlrnier's, 701 Broadway, al 114 Broadway and nt the Box Office at Stein way Hah. CJTE1NWAY HALL? FESTIVAL WEEK. O TWO (IRAND PUBLIC REHEARSALS will be given during the Festival Week of I1RAN I* ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2;t. AT 1 O'CLOCK, Rehearsal to Hymn of Praise and Israel In Egypt. FRIDAY, APRIL 2b, AT 1 O'CLOCK, Rehearsal to Beethoven's Ninth or Choral symphony. Admission Tickets to public Rehearsals, ONE DOLLAR EACH. rpHE OCEAN SYMPHOHY IN BROOKLYN, 1 Thursday Evening, April 17, at 8 o'clock. FIRST ANU ONLY PERFORMANCE. ?'RUBINSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY," by the Til ha THOMAS ORCHESTRA, under the personal direction of the composer, Mr. ANTON RUBINS'! ETN. VJ"EW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, (UK BROAD .?.1 wav, between Houston and Sleeker streets.? Every one should visit the wonderful Museum ; it is full of everything people should see and understand. Lectures daily on 'The Philosophy of Marriage." those parties unable to attend these important lectures can have them forwarded, post Iree, on receipt ot 25 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 Broadway, New York. Academy of mi sir. krooklyn-monday and TUESDAY NIGHTS, April 14 and 1.1 only, Ned Bunt line's thrilling realism, illustrative of llle iu tin Indian country, THE S?:o ITS OF Till. PRAIRIE, lion. W. F. Cody, the original Buffalo Bill. J. B. Oinohuii Iro, the original Texas Jack. E. t. ('. Judson, famous as Ned Runtime. Mile. Morlacchi, the peerless dansease. A band of Pawnee Indians, seats at box ollice, Academy of Music, 8 o'clock to 5 each day. VARIETIES THEATRE OF NIW ORLEANS TO rent. ? Proposals will be received until the 1st dav of June next t<ir the rent ot the V arieties Tneatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre Is complete in all It* appointments of wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address E. RIG NEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans. EASTER MUSIC.? ANTHEMS, "CHRIST THE LORD ? Wilson, 75c. ; and "Christ Our Passover." Thomas, $1 also Hj tun, "Morning Bri nks,'' Clarke, fli'c. ?, also soprano, solo and chorus, "Now Upon the First Day," Wilson, 35c. ; New carols, "Now He la Risen," "Our Easter Joy," 10c. each. DlTsoN A CO., Fobllahcw, 711 Broadway /GALLERY OF PAINTINGS. VJ LOUIS DURR'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over Sun paintings by the best musters, from Hie fourteenth century down to the present time. Now open trotn 2 to 10 P M., lor the benetlt ol THE GRRMAN HOSPI TAL, In the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK Bl ILDINO, entrance on Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street Admission during the day, 50c. ; in the evening, 25c Banjo.? bogan's "BANJO manual," the most simple, complete and only method of the kind ever issued, enabling the pupil, without the least knowledge ot music, to play tunes at sight, containing .V> tunes, price $5. N. B.? Instruction given on banio, song and dance, jig, clog and Irish iik dancing. Pupils fitted for the ?tnge. Professional Ban oes at all prices. JouA J. BOUAN, lug East Uoustou succu u??f Bowery. jt tv h* vneiriv V (1RAND OPKRA HOIMK, J tVestTwen'v th rd street, comer of Kt ''"l' Ourta n rises at H o'clock. Carriage* mav b* or'leri,d '*f o'clock. Mr. AUuUSTIN DALY Hula I ?< iuro ind MONDAY. APRIL 14, \ AND EVERY EVENING AN,) SATURDAY MATIMBN UNDER Th K UASLIOHT. AUUSTIN DALY'S famous r?ull.?He, local and coatei porainou.s Drama, with It* ttirillinfC original RAILROAD SENSATION IN an. I the great realuju : PIER HCbNEMI reproduced bora wiili marvellous scenic and mechanical illusions and aa unsurpassable cunt Mrs. JOHN WOOD as PKAOH ULO-8 )M (Her last nights in Amurica^ to lie offered with entirely New Scenery by Mr. 0?SI*S 1 1 enter, Mr. Louis Ituiloci) and Mr <?. w Dayion, wtU u.l tin) orixinal* and t'io loilowing powenul C,\S?':? Ray Trallord, one of the New York "boods" Mr. .1 allied U. i'eakM Deniilt, of the rising Wall stroet generation - Mr. i-.dmund finro* Wlndel, Ills triend, sound on the stre t Mr. A. (1. Kim llvk'', one ol the men whom the law is uiwaya. reaching for and never touches, and whom cor oner-.' juries always tlml iiisUfliiiilo. . Mr. W.J. l^eaiajrM Snoriicy, a returned veteran, esiabtished aa a sol* dior messenger, hut own to anything else Mr. llenrf Or lay Justice Rowling, of the Tombs Police Court Mr. K. F. Ketchusa Counsellcr Rowe, an Attornoy of tno sume Court Mr. J. A. Mead* Bermuda*, one of the undcrcrust and one of tluf sidewalk inerch.ui pmiees Mr. John duraett Peanuts, a rival operator in papers anil matciiuS Jennie re 8am, a Fifteenth Amendment, with no propert; qualification*. Mr. K. U The signal Man at nhrew*burv Itend Mr. J. W. Rutlerdt (nmt Kailcrty), an Italian Organist lr< Cork Mr. Ju Sergeant of the Klver Patrol Mr. K. Martin, servant to the Courilandti Peter Rich, Uie In, y whu was committed Voillfg Terrjr I.auru Courtluud, the ilclle <>t Society Miss Mjry Gary Peurl Courtluud. pretty, liut no heart Miss Peach Blossom, a gin who was never brought k,, (her lint appearance in America) Jirs. John Wood Old Juilas, the right hand ol HyUu Mrs. u*inaa? Mrs. Van Ham, one ol the voices ol . ociety.Miss W. liroate Hue Karlle, one oi the echoes ol the voice. Miss Valmec Lizzie Lis'.on, anothe- MI11 Hredigam Dock Hoys, Policemen, Court i ifflcers. I'riMinets and Gentlemen Hy the Churw The cene ol ihe llr.t three Acts is New Yofk. The Sceue ol the lust two AjU is Lon^ Branch. SYNOPSIS. AOT I. THF, WOLVES OK SOCIETY. Scene 1? Fifth Avenue? The caller on New Year's Night. Scene i? Dulinonlco s? doing to tlie Tuesday "Sociable." See no 3 ? The Ballroom?' The Daughter w Shauiu t ACT II. TRAPPED BY A "PERSONAL." Scene? View of Basement i.lte? Byke's Target Practice ACT ill. PIER HO NORTH RIVER, Scene 1? The Tombs Police Couri? A Morning with Jus tice? What an Ebony Bo* Contained. Scene 2? Outslds the Tombs? The Most Agreeable View, hcene :t? Iks, l'iers of the City by Slariight -A Glance at Arab LIK> km New York, and crime at the Water's Edge. act iv. TUK I HON PILLOW. Scene I? Long ltrunch? A View at the West Ead ? Pencil Blossom Kinds ller Old Frieud. Scene 2? The Dark Putli? Byke on the Trail, scene :t? The. Kailroud Shed a I Shrewsbury Bend? Tlio 10:4tl Dowu Express Train! AO I V. CHLOROFORM. Scene? Pearl's Chamber? A Burglary and Its Cooss quonccs? Bermuda's Pony Express. A MATINEE OF UNDER THE UASLIOHT, SATURDAY, AT UALK-PAST ONE O'CLOCK. Mr. Daly begs to announce that he has engaged tfc* world-tauious Artist, Mr. CHARLES FF.CHTER, for a limited number ef nights, l>iu;lnninif on Monday evening, April Iftt, in Ills inugnitlueni realization of Duma* romantic uoro, MONTE CRISTO, which wlli bo given with a raoiit extraordinary cast ui Willi u period mlse-en-scene. Kox Sheet open for the entire first week, on Thursday morning, April 17, at 8 A. M. NIHLO'S garden. vokb? Lessees ?ml Manager!* JARKF.TT A PALM Kit. MONDAY EVENING, AI'KIL U, First appearance sluce tlieir return irora Enrone (by special arrangement with Messrs. Shook ami I'alincr). THE V O TOKES E 8 FAMILY THIS V o VOKKS B 8 FAMILY, comprising Miss VICTORIA YOKES, Miss JESSIE VOKE9, Miss KO.S1N A VOKES. Mr. FREDERICK. VOKF.a, Mr. FARNOON YOKEB. These celebrated Vocal. Musical, Tcrpaichorean, Unique ami Eccentric Artists will make their reappearance in America in the ORE AT VOKKS SPECIALTY, TIIE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN. THE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN. THE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN. Introdncing In tile course of the piece HlOU TRAGEDY, LOW COMEDY. Q BAND OPEBA and BALLET. The performances of the Vokes Family will be precede* each evening by the brilliant Comedietta, ORANGE BLOSSOMS. by a select company irom the Union Square Th?atr?. BOX SHEET NOW OPEN. MATINEES WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT X. IBLO'8 GARDEN. * FIRST MATINR& THE VoKES. THE VOKKS VICTORIA, IN THE JESSIE, BELLS BOBINf. OF FREDERIC, THE FAWDON. KITCnEN. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK. N COn ATIIENEUM. ?JO?J Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. B. W. BIJTLER Manager. SPECIAL^ EASTER HOLIDAY WEEK. (hdXTUA NOTICE.&EXTRAORDINANY ATTRACTION.^ BILL. THE LEADING STARS OF THE PROFESSION ENGAGED. A PERFECT CARNIVAL OF FDN PRESENTED. Embracing all the combined amusements of the univerM. First appearance ol the world renowned nautoiuiuiatj. THE ORE AT ZANFRETTA TROUPE. THE GREAT ZAN FRETI'A TROUPE, THE OREAT ZANFRETTA TROUPE, THE GREAT ZANFRETTA TROUPE, EIGHT IN NUMBER. NOT EXCELLED even by the lamous Ravel* The serio-comic Pantomime of KOaKRT M AC AIRE, with a splendid cast ALEXANDER AND J08IE ZANFRETTA will appear In the ComiQiie Francois. Miss Liilie Hall's new and original act. entitled THAT ANONYMOUS LETTER. Kitty Misi Lilly Hall Johnny Luko Schoolcraft GEORGE AND CHARLES REYNOLD will appear in their original specialities. Kngagementol tne celebrated artists. Messrs. AUSTIN AND HESS, who will appear in tlieir Champion Skating Carnival. Miss Lisa Welter's original Burlesque of P-L-U-T-O. A COMICAL CLASSICAL LOVE TALE. Orpheus Miss LISA WERER Aristae us Miss Minnie Jackson Clotilda Mr. George Atkina Pluto Mr. Geo. F. Coe# Charon Mr. Joe Lane Euridice Miss Lillle Hall Proserpine Miss Laura L. Clair Anollo Miss Heletie Smittl The Three Fates. . .Misses Kelly, Prescott and Sctiwlcaril The Kate Miss Ida Rotf synopsis of scenery, Ac., Ac., Ac., see small bills. A constant change ut programme. Doors open at 7; cur tain rises at * o'clock. Box office open dally. Seats so cured In advance. Regular Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. NOTICE.? Still more extravagant novelties In actiTO preparation lor speedy production. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN fUEATRE. THIS EVENING. DAVID GARRICK AND A COMEDIETTA. Mrs. F B. Conway, Mr. Frank Boche and company. UUBINSTEIN THOM AS FAREWELL MATINEE. STEIN WA Y HALL, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 19. at J. POSITIVELY LAST AND FAREWELL MATINEE Of THE GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON REC ORD, comprising ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIKNIAWSK I, wi ll THRO. THOMAS and his UNRIV ALLED olti IIESTKA. on thlaoccasslon Mr. Rubinstein will plav the A MINOR CONCERTO (Schumann). Bal lade (Chopin), and for the first time here several o# Hcnsclt's iueces, as slso several (some new) CoMPOSI" TIONS OF HIS OWN. Mr Wieniawskl will play th* Mendelssohn Concerto (first movement). The Theo. Thomas orchestra will perform OverturR "King Stephan" (Beethoven), "Vorsplel Lohengrin.'* "Der Rett der Walayren" (Wagner), and "Cavalry March" (Schubert), adapted lor the Orchestra by l,ls/.u Reserved Seats *i; at stelnway'a, 7ul and iW Broad way, ou iuesday morning, at ft o'clock. Mrs. jaklkyh waxworks, the cream of wit, humor and fun, AT ST. PETER'S HALL, Wett Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth am POSITIVELY FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, and FRIDAY EVEN I NO. APRIL IS. By the original Amateurs who nave made these ente^< tainmcnts so popular. Reserved seats at Pond's, :ta Union square ; Schirmcr's, 701 Broadway ; Dltaon's, 711 Broad way. _ CTEINWAY" hall O MISS CASSELY'S READINO AND CONCERT, At Steinway Hall, WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 16, Tickets, 9 1. For sale at the hall. MISS ANNIE A. WATSON'S BENEFIT CONCERT.' April :'6.? Tickets at 9! Clinton place; Graham's Phonographic Depot, fltti Broadway; Revmort'a Law O0CM, 13* Na?sau street. Programmes mailed. TKTROl'OLITAN 1 THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, IlERALD BUILDING. BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LARUE ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, JUNSTREL AND VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY

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