Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1873 Page 12
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WASHINGTON. Washington, April 14, 1873. Highly Important DrrUion of the Su preme Court? Ita KtTrrt. A Wj Important case was decided in the Bn prenr Court to-day, and one Which, on account of Ha *?? pendauce, has got a national reputation. "lfce-ijegtBlat urc of the state of IiOuislana granted *?*arter to an association -of butchers Riving them tlte exclusive right to slaughter cattle and sell ?Mat in the city of New Orleans for the next ?Swenty-five years. Other butchers in that city ^contested the right of the State to enact such legls 'laUon and brought suit against this company, de 1 daring their'chartcr void under that clause of the Ant section of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution which declares that no State shall make or enforce any law whicli shall abridge the privileges or immuni ties of citizen*" of the United States. The decision ?f the Supreme Court to-day, delivered by Mr. Jus tice Miller, Was that this constitutional provision was for the protection and twneflt of the emanci pated coloted race, and was not intended te inter fere with State regulations. "If the plain tilfti have privileges they are such as de pend on citizenship of the State and not ?n v.itizenship of the United States." Tins decision was concurred in by Justices Mi'ler, Clifford, Davis, Strong and Hunt, while the Chief JuBttrc and Justices Field, Swayne and Bradley dissent >d. Tills decision virtually disposes of the cake of Mrs. Myra Bradwell, or Illinois, who claims the privilege of practising law In that State under the same clause of rhe fourteenth amendment. Th? Govrrnmrnt and tike New York Central? The Company to l>e Proceeded Agaiuat Criminally. Collector Bailey having telegraphed to Commis sioner Douglass this morning that the New York Central Kailroad Company had sued him, and were about to replevy The goods seized by him, the Commissioner replied as follows Washington, April 14, 1873. 3. M. Bailey. Collector of Internal Revenue, Al bany, New York:? Retain possession ot the property of the New York Oeutral and Hudson Rivor Railroad Company, distrained by you. If you have already adjourned the Rale, sell on rhe adjourned day, otherwise pro ceed to sell as advertised. District Attorney Crowley hits been directed to defend you, and pro ceed criminally, under section sixty-seven of th?> act of 1860, against all persons who 'interfere with four possession ol the propertr. J. 11. DOUGLASS, Commissioner. ? Visitor* at the White House. There was a very large number ftf visitors at the Bxecutive Mansion to-day, many of whom called to pay their respects, and nearly all who were present had interviews with the President. Among the callers were Vice President Wilson, ex-senator Wade. Senator Sargent and others. There was Teference made by all these gentlemen to the prevailing topic of Indian mnrders, and the ITesi dent was asked for additional Information, bur be yond that already published there are no details. The President also received a call to-day from the soldiers' and sailors' orphans, who make it the custom to piy their respects to him on Kaster Monday. The children were received in the East Room, and all shook hands with the President. \ Appointments by the President, The President has appointed Egbert C. Saminis, Of Florida, to be United States Consul at Stuttgart; Alexander Clements, Consul at Atix Cayes; Gen eral Byron to be Melter at the United States Assay Mice, at Charlotte, N. C. Public band Oflires Discontinued. The President ts-day issued an order discon tinuing the East Florida Land district, and con solidating It with the Tallahassee district; also an order discontinuing the land ofllqps at Council | Bluffs and Fort Dodge, Iowa, and the land districts of the same name, and transferring ?ieir archives and business to the Des Moines district. These two land districts are discontinued for the reason that nearly all the public land contained in them has keen already disposed of. Rogcriki'ii Murderer Sentenced. The Court in General Term to-day overruled the motion tor a new trial of Tom Wright, convicted of the murder or Rogcrski. the pedler, and Wright was sentenced to be hanged on the 30th of May. The prisoner denied that he killed deceased, but Judge McAsthur said that the Court wus satisfied with the verdict. Treasury Balances. The balances In the Treasury at the close of busi ness to-day were as follows:? Currency, $2,137,236; special deposit of legul tenders for the redemption ?f certificates of deposit, $?">,240,000; coin, $70,746,790; Including coin certificates, $23,306,100; legal tenders outstanding. $358,400,308. NIXON S BALL. Aa Extraordinary Reunion in the Bowery? A. StrangcWay of Helping the Condemned Ma.ii1> Family? "A lUnfflt" Offered to Nixon. a ballroom at 193 Bowery was Inst night the fleece of, in one sense, one or the strangest and most peculiarly soggestive gatherings which ever took plM-4 in this city, where reunions among all classw, and low, for all kinds or purposes, grave and <tajr, lor political ends and lor tun, sometimes run i aot It was a social gathering, gotten up lor a t Uar liable purpose, to relieve tlie members 01 the 91 urving tamily of a man over whom the siiadow ol the gallows is fust deepening. The following do tunH'i>t, which came into the possession ol a Be aA.i,u reporter some days ago, casts a feeble Ugl ft o> the object ol this strange reunion:? r A COMl'LIMENTAfO BENEFIT ; To lie Tendered to > MICH At: 1. NIXON, i At Military Hull, 193 Howery, $ t .Monday Evening, April 14, 1873. $ 1 Music by McAaama. j Tickets one Dollar. > DANIEL GEARY, Treasurer: J joe * Kjenny, Secretary. * Since t?ie trial and the condemnation of Nixon to death th e wife and children of the doomed man have bee ? 1? the direst, straits. The rormer was oblig ?<! t> ??ell the vt rv wagon from which Nixon shot ;'hyt *.r to buy bread. The horse went next, and the family would have literally starved but 4^t t3ie charity of Judge Dowiing, who , on Vie occasion ol his llrst visit to Nixon ^ left biin u hundred dollar . bill lor Ills \ Vlif to liny rood, it would be a curious jpstbe# itica J study to determine the motives ? besides true charity which entured the honest Irish Uboarts which' were touched with the recital or the mb sery ??f tlie condemned man's family, and who Suuugur?r?d this extraordinary bill. The underly ing rooU e wu pure and healthy, and they prob dun tho?*?iitr "A WOW EE V BALL/' 0 ?m lth?U.n<1lng the incongruity, was about the * u va? 6r raiflo a lew dollars -among the hoys f. ?'rls" fc'or the children who ore soon to be fa't ft less. few people could undeiftand this, and mn ay were inclined to believe thai the ruinor of i..p last lev dayfl Hum a bail was to be held last tvht for Nixon's benefit was a cruel hoax. A li, '4. a i.i) reporter waited patiently otit?i<le the enira v"* to the anllglited hull until eteven o'clock, and li * l<oo. beprao to suspect that the whole alluir was s< *ae tneaniuglefes, practical iolw*. At that hour Wi.wever, n number oi young men ar rived, (-'a1* was li?, and the dreary looking jpuslciajm took their place? iieside a harp. B l.'n'lllV at nearly twelve o'clock, half a dozen co. Hfvrtably dressed young girls mode their appearan ?< ? chaperoned, of course. They were a*! dentiy of t'w' respectable, hum-working classes, und their d'lvept was run signal for the ball to commence. A doorkeeper sat in the corridor oflt wde, and n \ ?'1,: Wl*M allowed to pnss without a ticket or wit Vwut paying a dollar. The first waltz mas done in * TUE COWMN STYLE which the Bo *<;r.v w- ii as the occasion inex orably demanc- wd- '?or Mxon hin self could pot have gone thr ik'Hf' Te grav*->y had lie been nreseait. As niiVnilght parsed more people began to arrive, and "thi iQASter of the ceremonies," who at' peared in aiblue woollen shirt, whispered to the I1W.A1.D repor dr: 1 "If you'll wait you will soon so,' the hall crarnnier.' with p^U; who s#ld they win come Iiere irw. the Kt. Patrick Alliance, at Tamuiau* Mall, and u'e other Ixtlle which jare going on else where." B)' and by a cotillion was foriged, the "plvoty" wk I"- folio waa, and as the reporter hurried down stairs li# could hear the clear, sharp ?ring or t (Te mat voice over the ?*tillncsk,ef the Bowery as he , shouted "Away!" with the usual rising Inflection ?',n the 'ast syllable. Meanwhile Nixo. n himself fay sick in his be<) in the condemned cei 't w?'lghJng the chances of his counsel's motion for a stay of proceedings, wUJth la to be made to-day. None of TH* FAMILY OP THE CONbFMNRD MAJ* of course appeared at f,all last night. several children were present a'"' sonic worklngraen. wno came In unwashed ark *' unkempt as when they had leftolT work, and felt ft "dently that there was nothing strange in the Been," or that thtlr dollar had beta lainspcuu SERIAL AND OTHER NOVELS. The leading novelists of the day are made M> serve at least one useful purpose? they are regular advertisements for American magazines and lite rary weeklies. Novels are turned into serials, and the serials become novels for the same excellent purpose. Mr. P. W. Robinson's "Little Kate Kirby," for in stance, served to advertise the paper in which it was printed, and the paper, at the same time, ad vertised it. Now It comes To ns in the shape ?X a book for a critical notice, and the result is more advertising. Ml this is very Ingenious. Much more Ingenious than Mr. Robinson's latest novel. Mr. Robinson evidently writes too much to write well. Sim* the achievement ?f his tlrst successes he appears to believe in the vitality of all hiB stories. He ought to understand what hi? readers quickly apprehend, that his heroes and heroines are only gilded beings. There is not a lalrly drawn, thoroughly individualized character in "Little Kate Klrby." Little Kate is the least interesting or important of the lot, and, though the book may be said to l>e "readable," It makes no impression on the mind. in marked contrast to this feeble story is "The Parisians" of Lord Lytton. It apucars to have been the purpose of this dis tinguished man of letters and of the world to bring Into his last work all his knowledge of men and of life. He gives us characteristic Frenchmen of every clasw? the Marquis de Rochebrlant, a legiti mist, very proud and very poor ; M. Lomercler, Ills old college friend, a beau garQon; M. Uuplessis, a Bourse (that Is Frenea Wall street) gambler; M. Savarln, a distinguished journalist of tlie elegant fullieton school; M. Gustave Kerne jii. another journalist, representing in Ills person and in his writings the brilliancy and the feebleness of the new I'aris under the second Empire; M. Louvier, a banker anxious for social consideration, and with designs upon Rochlbrlant'a estate ; and other speci mens of French society, drawn by the hand of an Englishman. Lord Lytton glveB us other charac teristic specimens or the people to be found In Paris: Laura Cicogna, a beautiful young Italian girl, the Adelina Pattl of the future; Mr. (iruhain Vane, an Englishman, and Cslonel Motley, an American. All these make the figures In the foreground of a picture painted with great effect. There are blemishes, of course, and some of these are very funny. The American gentleman Is made to call a magnificent reception at the house of ff. Louvier a "bee," and to say to Vane, the English man, "I am glad, sir, to hear from ray wire that you dine with us to-morrow, sir, you will meet Mile. Clcogua, and 1 am not without a klnkle tnat you will be enthused." This Is supposed to be an American phrase, but we believe few Americans will be able to understand It; hence we explain that "Klnkle" was regarded by Lord Lytton as an Americanism for notion. Another of Lord Lytton's funny blunders Is to make cigars become the more excellent as they get older. The old Lord evidently had no appreciation of the flavor of a "real Ha vana." Cigars, like champagne and Lord Lytton's novels, are best when they arc fresh. Now that Lord Lytton is dead where Bhall we look for the freshest of the fresh novels? Ills mantle, without question, fell upon the shoulders of Wilkle Collins. The stage carpenters are already at work nppn the "New Magdalen," ana it Is saidKlss Carlotta i Leclercq has secured the right to play It. "The New Magdalen," as far as the advertising process of publication has allowed ns to see it, Is equal to Mr. ColllnB' reputation. It is as remark able in plot as any of the great novels which pre ceded It and there is the same old skill In the de lineation of character as before. It will not make a "goody" book, but it will be a great book. Grace Roseberry, the false rather than the true, is a more remarkable heroine even than the "Woman in White," and it is not singular that the stage car penters seize upon this creation as a fit exponent of the emotional drama. The troubles and the false position of Allxe are slight in comparison, and there is no telling the quantity of tears that will be shed over the actress who portrays Mercy Merrick, the lost woman who stole her way back after vainly trying to tight her way back to home and name. "Bressant," Mr. Julian Hawthorne's novel, will soon De finished as a serial, and issued in book form. It is entirely unlike anything the elder Haw thorne wrote or would have written. We miss the quaintuess, the simplicity, the originality, the nameless essence and fragrance which gave Na thaniel Hawthorne the llrst place in American lit erature. For all this, or rather in spite of the want of all this, "Bressant" is a very good book dull sometimes, overladen with words, far Irom being crisp either, in phase or Ideas? bnt a very good book, giving promise of much better tbings In the future. We are told that about a hundred and fifty per sons. male and female, are conatautly employed getting up ever new rehashes of that delectable compound? the religious novel. The chief among these is Dr. J. G. Holland, whose semi-religious poems, from "Bitter Sweet" to "The Marble Prophecy," were the sources of so mncn fun. "Arthur Bonnlcastle" Is perhaps the weakest thing tbat was ever ctfl'led a novel. In Mr. Brad ford ?nU bis daughter, Millie, there are indications of skill In drawing character, but the religious dis cussions utterly destroy the book as a work of art, and the feebleness of these discussions renders it useless as a controversial pamphlet. Its author in the American Tupper, and this, his latest work, is tut crowning glory of daring mediocrity. There are some other serials worthy of notice, but they must wait a wed or two, since "Ouida" and one or two others demand attention now. Nobody can resist "Oulda's" appeals, and, even the grave editor of the PubHther'a Weekly remarks of "Poscorel," her new novel jnst published by the Lipplncott's, that the press 'will go for it" and the people read it by thousands. It is a matter of grave import with us whether we Khali "go for It" o? not. If the people want to read it that is their matter. We tried to read it but we oonfess to utter failure, for, to qnote one of "Ouidas" lavorlte words, the book grew more "dully" the farther we got iuto it. No, we will not "go for t." "Ox ley," a novel Just published by Scrlbner, Armstrong A Co., has one charming feature? the dialogue Is not constantly broken by pages of dull description. Though, as now seems Inevitable In the American noVel, a trip to Enrope constitutes part of the story, the book is one of fair interest aid will repay perusal; and it is so refreshing dow adaj- to get a book In which the characters are allowed to tell their own story. The "Spring announcemeuts" so far do not otn tatn a single work of peculiar promise. Afl ALLEGED MURDERER AREE8TED. Memphis, April M, 1873. Last Saturday a man named Vaughan, with half a dozen aliases, was arrested on suspicion of being the man who assassinated General Thomas C. Hiud man, ol Helena, Arkansas, some four years since, while sitting near the fire surrounded by his faint ly. The police are very reticent in regard to the matter, out It is stated the arrest of Vaughan is based on letters wrlttes by him stating that he was hired to do flic deed by parties whose object It was to avenge the ruin ol a young lady by Hind man. Other partlen, It is sold, will also be arrested, and the whole matter given to the public iu a few days. IHIOHTS OF PYTHIAS. Richmond, Va., April 14, 1673. Tlie Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias, of the World, meets here to-morrow. Supreme Chan ctllorH. Berry, ol Chicago; Vice Supreme Chan cellor llavis, of New Hampshire ; Grand Chancellor McMuitao, of Philadelphia, and a large number of other delegates have already arrived. A grand welcome bail will t><* given to-morrow night. On Wednesday there win he a parade, In which altout one thousand knights will participate, and at night a iiani|jet will be i/ivu r? the Supreme Lodge by t he Virginia knlguts. The session will probably iaxl mwe than a week, The Produce and Petroleum Exchanges of this city held meetings yesterday and adopted resolu tions lor the revision uutl lUteraiivu of tutir rules and regulations. ASHY OF THE POTOBAC. Arrangements for the Annual Celebration In May. The Society of the Army of the Potomac Is to hold its annual meeting this year at New Haven on ? Wednesday, the 14th of May proximo. In anticipa tion of this meeting the President of the society, I General Burnsldc, has appointed the following Executive Committee :? Second Corps ? UcuvriA Francis A. Walker, chair man, New Haven. General Stall'? Major Charles E. Pease, New York. Cavalry Corps? Colonel W. H. Mallory, Bridge port, Conn. Artillery Corps? General John G. Hazard, Provi dence, K. I. First Corps? General John Newton, United States Army, New York. Third Corps*- Colonel Williarl Ballard, New York. Fourtli Corps? (ieueral Silas Casey, United States Armv, Brooklyn, N. Y. Filth Corps? Colonel F. T. Locke, New York. Sixth Corps? General W. B. Franklin, Hartford, Conn. Nintli Corps? Colonel D. R. Lamed, New Haven. Eleventh Corps? General A. Van Stelnwehr, New Haven. Twelfth Corps? Private Charles E. Fowler, New Haven. The members of the society will be glad to learn that General Charles Devens, now a member ol the Massachusetts judiciary, has accepted an invita tion to deliver the oration before the society. We are sure that no appointment, could be more ac ceptable. President Grant, General Shermau and other distinguished representatives of the govern ment have accepted invitations to attend the meet ing. The citizens of New Haven are making ample preparations to give the society a cordial welcome, and everything promises a pleasant gathering. Tuesday, May 13, the Ninth corps will hold its meeting, commencing with an oration and poem at three o'clock, and ending with a dinner In the evening. Wednesday the Potomac Society meets at three o'cIock to listen to eloquence aud poetry, following o.i with the business meeting and closing with the banquet, which Is put off until nine o'clock to enable the citizens to entertain the army societies with a concert at seven o'clock. Gilmore's band hus been engaged from Boston, so that excellent music is promised. The Grand Army ol the Republic holds Its meeting, com mencing on Wednesday and ending Thursday. A grand ball glvnn by the citizens closcs the series of meetings oil Thursday evening. New Haven is a most delightful place to visit in May, aud it Is so centrally situated lor the large nnuiber of olllcers or those army societies who re side in New England and New York that there can not fall to be a large attendance. The meetings are so arranged as to enable those who wish to leave New York or Boston in the uiurntng and bo at New Haven in season lor the meeting of that day. 4 CONFLAGRATION IN ST. LOUIS. St. Louis, Mo., April 14. 1873. The Missouri planing mil), occupying an exten sive building covering neurly the whole block bounded by Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets, Cass avenue and O' Fallon street, was burned yesterday morning. The loss is estimated at from $06,ooo to $80,000 ; insured as follows In the North Missouri, of Macon, Mo., for $8,000; Black River, of Watertown. N. Y., $1,000: Amazon, of Cincinnati, $6,ooo; German, of St. Louis, $1,250; Peoples, of Newark, N.J., $ 1,500 ; Humboldt, ofNewYork. $1,500: Narragunsett, of Rhode Island, $1,000 ; Citizens, of New Jersey, $1,250; New York, $1,000: Iiofl' man, of New Jersey, $1,200; Allemauia, of I'ltts burg, $1,600: Cla.v, <rf New York, $1,600: Franklin, of W heeling, Va., $l,ouo; Westchester, of Rochester, N. Y., $1,000; German, of Pennsylvania, $2,500: Alps, of Cincinnati, $1,000; Aurora, of Cin cinnati, $2,000; Alleuiunla, of Cleveland, $2,000; Penn, of Pennsylvania, $1,600; German, of Free port, N. Y., $1,600; Home, of Columbus, $2,600; Franklin, ol St. Louis, $2,500. The washboard factory of Kaine, Btza A French, and several small tenement houses on the sur rounding streets, were either destroyed or dam aged, Involving a further loss of, perhaps, $16,000; mostly insured in home offices. About fifty fam ilies have been rendered homeless by the fire, and they lost most of their rurnitnre. PIGEON SHOOTING. The Open Tournament at Hall's Driving Park. The pigeon shooting tonrnamcnt, given by Ira A. Paine to the sporting fraternity or the country, will be inaugurated to-day at Hall's Driving Park, on the Coney Island road, Long Island. This event, which is to continue to-morrow and Thurs day. promises to be full of interest to the many crack shots that will be present. Already the names of Captain A. U. Bogardus, of Illiuos; E. W. Tucker, of Providence; Miles Johnson, and AbeCarlin, of New Jersey; William Carson, of Philadelphia; Ira A. Paine, oi New York, and James Ward, of Toronto, are on the list to begin the sport, and others trom a distance are en route to thiff city to participate, among these being Abe Kleimer, of Chicago. To-day's programme embraces a fifty-bird sweep stake under the Rhode Island rules: $loo entrance, but $25 extra if made on the grounds. First, sec ond and third money will be given. Shooting will commence at one o'clock promptly, i he Coney Island cars from the Fulton ferry p ass the Driving Park. BACING IN CALIFORNIA. Agrictltpral Park Course, Saturday, April 5. Running race, half-mile heats, three in five, for a | sweepstakes of $000. 1 J. A. Cardinell names s. g. Tommy I Chandler, to carry 100 pounds 3 2 1 1 1 John Doyle names s. g. Ned, to carry Impounds 112 2 3 C. Smith names b. g. Callahan, to carry 88 pounds 2 8 3 3dis. Time? 54 53 .Si, 53, 64 !i, 52 * Same Day? Trotting? Putse $100; mile heats; best three in (lve, In harness. Cyrus Arnold's b. m. l.ady Kmma 11 O. A. Hickok's br. g. Democrat 2 2 Tune? 2:49 2:50. DESTRUCTION OF D0NALD30N'S BALLOON. Pnti.Ai>Ki.pniA, April 14, 1873. The balloon in which Professor Donaldson was to make un ascension on a trapeze bar attached to it this afternoon at Albertown, Pa., was torn Into shreds t>y the high wind, thus disappointing crowds of people iroin the surrounding country who had assembled to witness the ascension. A WIFE ACCIDENTALLY 8H0T. DlTUl'QUK. lowtv April 14, 1873. On Saturday night II. C. (lann. editor of the , sentinel, at Warren. III., accidentally shot at^l dan gerously wounded his wife, while carelessly hand ling a gun which he thought was unloaded. Flections were held yesterdiiy in all the Episco pal churches to select church officers for the en suing year. It if always the custom to hold these elections on Faster Monday, and thev are generally known aiming Episcopalians as vestry meetings. Wardens and Vestrymen are elected to hold office for a year. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanac for \cw \ ork? ' This Day, FI N AND HOOK Sun rises 5 22 Sun sets <5 3!t Moon rises eve 0 4s moH water. (Jot. Island. 0 58 Sandy Hook.. morn 9 13 Hell <iato.....morn 11 43 OC EAN STEAMERS. RATS* of nKPAKTt'IU' KROM new YORK TOR TnK MONTH II! AI KIL. {Stt/'MTH I fkul* j 'IIU I I Ida Ik April lf> . (Liverpool. Trinnrrla April 16 (llaafft !y Broadway 7 Bowling (irrton 2 Bowling <lrMO . . ift Broadway. Hlletia. lApril 17 llumbiirir 1 6 1 liroadway. Bremen April 16 Bremen... City ol Wnwhlnir'n; April 17 | l.tvirm.ol Spain . I April Id City nt Antwt rp. . Aoril ill . Ailrmtle April 19. . California April If. Saxoiila . | April 111.. Ville (111 Havre | April II' Llverj o?>l Liverpool . Liverpool. uiaiEOW , Mainlmrk' Havre Mum (April i>.< i Bremen, Minnesota .April 23. Hew Vjirk ' April 2T! Columbia.. (April 23 City el Baltimore. April 24. ?ri*ia f April M. Liverpool. Bremen libminw Liverpool tl nminirc fiy Broadway. 15 Broad way. IV Broadway 7 B-.wiinif ilreeo #1 Brand way. 5S Broad way. 2 HowilngOreen .".i Broadway 2 Bowlinff ilreen 7 Bowiini? oreen In Broadway ill Brondway. Iieutw lilaml i^pril2T>. jltreiiwn 12 KowlmirOrcen Italy (April 2''. <tv of London. A|>iii2f. . ?Inilla April 2tl. Baltic April 26 . Manhattan. April 30. . Liverpool, Liverpool . OliWKoW. . Liverpool . Liverpool llaiuui April 30. (Bremen. .. 69 Broad wav )!> Broadway 7 Bowline i.reen is Broadway 29 Broadway 2 BowlinvOreea l'ORT OF NEW YORK, APKIL 14, 1873. CLEAJIED. Stenmsh n Prance (Brj, ThotDnol), Liverpool via Qneena town? K \v .1 Hur.'t. Steamship Prronroke (Br), VVil.'inms, Cardiff? A Baater A Soil: .Hteaiiishlp Hid Dominion. Walker, Norfolk, Petersburg and Bli limond? Old llonniiioii 8|eaiii?liip Co Bteaioahiti (Vieaaoaake, Bragg. Portland-*! *' Amen. ship (ireenotk illr), Lowe, Hurl Spain? A Baxter A Pons. Mark Konkordla (Nor), MohUiarh, Sloe kholm? Flinch, Kd ve A 1 Jo. Ifark Marianna VJI (Port), rarvnlho, Lisbon via Phlla- , dclpliia? L B aiu-um k A i'o. Bark Erot dial), Maatellane, ilenoa? P;ineh, Kdye A Co. Kark Linda Stewart, S'tackpole, Savannah? Bentley, Ollderalecve A Co Bark Martha (<?er), Khrenrclch. Philadelphia? u Tobias A >:<). Brfclhlfi, Overton, Alicante? Tiirper A Beattie. Hrlj ,?'olin snail. Kiunbnll, Anplnwnll? Hand A Swan. Hr.t S Slower#. Sal vane A/rovo, P&? WaiMl, Plcld A Wayv ?rl(t Lv dla H Cole, .Tones, Onantanarrm? Wavdcll A Co. Brig velocity (Br>, Pons, Clentuegos? Com Wareliou*; <!o. Bris Abhle C Titcomb. Hull, Cardenas? Henry Mom. Brie Gazelle, Cole, Galveston? Brett, Hon A Co. Brig Etta Whlttemore, Wright, Fernandina? Warren Kay. Srhr E F bw, Olln, Savanaa la Mar? a Wesaels. Schr A N Whltmore, Greenlaw, Tarpum Bay? Isaac R Staple* A Co. Srhr Charles H Hodgdon, Matheson, Eleuthcra? B J Wenherg. Srhr Jessie B Smith, Williams, Jacksonville? Bent ley, Gildersierve A Co, Schr A J Williams. Morreli, Stamford? Stamford Mann facturiiig Co. . , . Strainer K C Biddle. Alexander. Philadelphia? Win P Clyde A Go. Steamer Bristol, Wallace. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. ? REPORTED BY THE HERALD STEAM YACHTS AND HERALD WHITESTONE TELEGRAPH LINK. Steamship City ot Antwerp (Br), Eynon, Liverpool April Sand Queenstown ?ith, with mdse and passengers to John S Dale. ... %. >. Steamship St Thomas (Bri, Drakeford. Lacuayra March 31, Porto Cabello April 2 and Port au Prince 7th, with "jd*? and 13 passengers to Plm, Farwood A Co. Huu light winds and tine weather up to lat28; thence strong north erlv winds, with heavy sea. attended with violent squalls, thunder, liirhtnmp ana heaw rain. Steuinship llorscKuards (Br), Hill, Philadelphia, with indue to master. . _ , ? , Ship City ot Perth (of Glasgow), Beckett, Calcutta Jan 17, with nidse to C L Wright A Co. t _ Hark Harvester (of Boston), Carver, Colombo Dec 14, via Aleppey, with mdse to master. The H U anchored in the lower buy. . .. Bark Louis (Ger), Linz. Pernambttco 37 (lays, with sugar to C Laliiiu A Co. Grossed the Eqaator March 17, in Ion 37. Had tine weather. Brig Thetis, Brown, Rio Janeiro via Hampton Roads, with coffee, to master. Schr t'arrie, Chase, Indianota IS 'lays, with cotton to Evaas, Hull A Co. Was 5 days north ol Hatteras, with heavy NE and NW wales. Schr M E '1'aber, Aldrldge. Savannah 6 days, with lum ber to the NewDtlrg Sawmill Co; vessel to master. Schr Eurotas, Brown, Virginia. Schr A A E Benton, Bnrdell, Virginia. Schr Julie Maker, Anderson, Virginia. Schr J H Seguine, Price. Virginia. Schr Barnard Jones. Crittenden, Virginia. Schr Tunis Depew, Sheridan, Virginia, Schr J A M Merrititan, Scott, Virginia for New Haven. Schr Marcena Monson, Dayton, Virginia for New Ha ven. Schr M A Tyler, Peterson, Alexandria. Scnr J J Pharo. Soper, Georgetown, I>G. Srhr Enoch Moore, Chambers, Georgetown, DC. Schr Belle Halladay, King, Georgetown, DC. Schr Helen llashrouck, Soper, Georgetown, DC. Schr E K Kirk, Burnett, Baltimore. Schr Jane Riley, Riley, Baltimore. Scbr Carrie Holmes, Holmes, Baltimore. Schr A E Babcock, Lee, Baltimore. Schr Howard Williams, Potter, Baltimore. Schr Charley Woolsey, Parker, Baltimore for New Ha ven. Hteamtug America. Birden, Philadelphia. The hark Sarah (of Yarmouth, N8), Gulllson, from Mid, dlcHhorough, which arrived 13th, reports made the. north ern passage, and had fine weather up to March 26, when. In lat 40 17, lou 37. experienced a severe hurricane, com mencing at NNW, veering around to SSW, lasting 20 hours; lost main spencer, mainstay sail and split stay sails; from thence calms and heavy SW and NW gales; has l>ecn IS days west of the Bunks; March 27. Harlet Pe terson, seaman, uative ot Denmark, aired 23 years, while attempting to reel' the foresail, fell overboard and was drowned. Passed Through Hell Gate. BOITNI) SOOTH. Schr P C Copeland (Br), Martin, St John, NB, via Vine yard Haven lor New York, 14 days, with timber to Chase Talbot A Co. Srhr Ltezie Brewster, Smith, Jonesboro for New York,

with lumber to Simpson A Clapp. Schr Amelia, Terry. Providence tor New York. Schr A A Rowe, Chapman, New London for Now York. Schr Belle. Simpson, Bridgeport for New York. Schr George B Marklc, Bishop, New Bedford tor New York. Schr Blackstone, Wixon, Providence for New York. Schr J Biirley, Rlsley. Newport tor New York. SchrGalota, Young, Newport for New York. Sehr Pacific, Ginn, Htontngton lor New York. Schr Duroc, Kendall, Newport tor New York. Schr Flying Fish, Selleck, Bridgeport tor New York. Schr James M Bayle.s, Arnold. Providence for New York. schr Esqulhinnx, Briggs, Newport for New York. Schr Josephine, Saunders, Newport for?New York. Srhr O c Ackcn, Mead, Stamford tor New York. Schr Mariner, Rich, Greenwich lorNewlork, with stone to order. BOUND EAST. Steamship Chesapeake, Mangum, New York for Port MptL Bark Union (Br), Renault, New York for St Johns, NF. Hark Lydia (Br), Holder, New York for St John, NB. Schr Transit, Kuckett, New York for Boston. Srhr Moses Fddy, Dyer, New York for Boston. Sehr R J Mercer. Rackett, Philadelphia lor Providence. Schr Lizzie, Taylor, New York lor Providence. Srhr Gamma, Huntley, Holiokeu for Boston. Schr A L Chapman, Knight, New York lor New Lon don. Schr Granite State, Loring, New York for Boston. Schr S M Tyler, Barrett, Philadelphia tor Boston. Schr C C Sadler, Bailey, Philadelphia for Hartford. Schr M W Gritting, Slocking, liolioken for New Haven. Scttr Samuel C Sharp. Sharp, Philadelphia for Boston. Srhr B Hall, Smith, New York lor Boston. Schr Tlios Potter, nill, New York lor New Bedford. Srhr Edwin S Tyler, Barrett, New York for Providence. Srhr l> Kalin, Phelps, Eli/.ahethport for Boston. Srhr E Barnes, Dow, New York tor Fall River. Srhr Sea tyueen, Booth, Philadelphia for Saco, Me. Schr Jas Martin. Brown, Philadelphia for Boston. Schr Cordelia Ncwkirk, Huntley, Philadelphia for Bos ton. Schr Eatrle, Chase. Hoboken for Boston. Srhr Niger, Thompson, Elizabeth port for Providence. Selir Union, Nlrkerson, New Yorator Providence. SrhrMarv F I'ike, Hood, New York tor for Newbury port. Srhr Owen P Hinds, Clendenntn, New York for Boston. Schr r.tta May, Sleeper, liolioken lor Boston. Schr W T Phillips, Bradley, Philadelphia for Provi dence. srhr Cetacean. Mace. Virginia for New naven. ?chr Eva, Cantlin, Elizabethport for New I.oadon. Schr Mairgie Bell, Gregory, New York for Fall Klver. Krhr Connecticut, Staplln, New York for Providence. Srhr Flifca J Kaynor, Mitchell, New York tor Provi dence. Schr Jnlia Baker. Young, New York for Boston. Srhr Emma Bacon, Bearse, Philadelphia tor Boston. Schr Churley Woolsey, Parker, Baltimore for New Ha ven. Schr Cornelia, Carroll, New York for Norwich. Srhr J B Anderson, Wheatloy. Philadelphia lor Lynn. Selir J H Wainwrtght, Averv, Philadelphia far Boston. Schr James Alderdlce, Rockiiill, Philadelphia for Bos ton. Schr Revenue, Kelly, New York for Bath. Srhr R S Graham, smith, EHzabethnort tor Providence. Schr St Marv, Steelman, Philadelphia for Mlddletown. Schr E H Kirk. Bonney, Baltimore for New Haven. Schr Geo Gilluui, Hamilton, Elizabethport for Middle town Srhr Harriet A Sarah. Crayton. Amboy for Providence. Schr Samuel P Godwin, Waterbury, New York for Stamford. BELOW. Hark Krageroe (Nor). Larscn, from Hartlepool Feb 14, with railwav iron to master (by pilot boat K F Williams, No 14). Hiirk Jnno (Swf), Nacsholm. from Klo Janeiro Feb 16, wit* coffee to master thy pilot boat Pet, No 9). Hark II D 8tover. Pierce, from Sagua, with sugar to Jas F. Wiiril A Co (by pilot boat Enchantress, No 18). Bark K F liaminan. Nichols. ? days troin Cardenas, with sugar to master (hy pilot boat Christian Berg, No 16). Brie Flora (Ger). Hanson, from Rio Qrande Feb I, with hides to Oelrtcha A Co (by pilot boat Christian Berg, No 1?). Brig Pel ope a (Br), Atkins, from Arccibo, PR, with sugar to master (by pilot boat Enchantress, No 18). SAILED. Steamships France, for Liverpool; Pembroke, Cardiff, Ac: ships British America, Antwerp; Liverpool, Lon don; Black Prince, do; Dilkhoosh, do; barks Keystone, Cronstadt; Ibis, tlicante ; Knergia, Londonderry; All inuro, Cork; l)a Capo, Cronstadt; Johanna Margaretha, Genoa; Hanoen, Cork ; Fanny Breslauer, London; Eliza White, Matanzus; brigs John Mason, Ponce, PR; Tell, Gothenburg; Lincoln, Rio Janeiro; Agnes Barton, Balti more; sclirw Nymph, Trnxillo; Victor, Para; Jesse Carll, do; Mary M, Jacinel; Impulse, Pernambuco; Lilly, Charleston. Wind at sunset NW fresh. Telegraph ic Marine Correspondence. Nkwpobt. RI. April U, 187:1 The unknown fishing schooner reported sunk near Reaver Tail on Saturday proves to be the schr Tickler, of New London, and companion to the schr J T D Strick land, which was ran Into and sunk by the schr W 8 Flint, off Brenton's Reel, on Saturday. The Tickler inls stayed three times, when she went om the rocks and be came a total wreck. The vessel was almost new, and valued ai Crew saved. .Marine Disasters, * Bark Scotlakii. Roger*. from Boston for Baltimore, which has been reported asbnre on the Three Sist.irs, floated off on Friday last without injury and arrived at Baltimore same day. Bhio Kjifkhtits iBr), McLeod, from Bermuda for Bos ton. went ashore on Scltuate Beach. Mass, in a storm on Saturday afternoon. The crew were saved. The vessel is high and dry at half tide, and in a good position to be Rot off The cargo consists of KMH) chests and 70 Mils of tea, saved trom the steamship Petersburg, wrecked at Bermuda on the voyaire trom China to New York. The tea belongs to Capt JlcLeod, and Is not injured. One halt ot the brig is injured in foreign offices. The vessel and cargo will be saved. Bam Ellki? F (Br), Foote, at Boston from Mavagucz, reports April 4. laf 3'.' 10, Ion 7142, saw a vessel on tire. 'AttiAM, weather calm, lowered a boat and went, along side ; found her to be cotton ladi u; picked up 6 bales; could see no name. Si tin Lizxir Kobt, of anil for Salem from Oloncester, while running in llftli, during the storm, struck on Aijua vita licet, below Salem harbor, about J o'clock. The crvw left her and went to town Another crew was engaged, who went to her In the evening and sm needed in getting her off ana bringing her to the wharf at Salem, apua j re 'illy not much dummied. Schr Maria Pi*rso*, (Irnnt. from Hohoken, before re ported ashore on the Middle (Ground. Chesapeake Bay, wns gotten ofl without damage and arrived at Baltimore 12th in st Kiioor Fox. for Sae Harbor, dragged her anchor (hav [ Ing only one small one ui bouts! nnd both tl'ikes gone from that) a few davs ngo, and went ashore on Ram Island losing fl0c<>rd?of wood trom her deck, and was abandoned with 12 feet of wafer in her held. KASieoRT, April fl-l' S huoy tender Iris, Johnson, re port* passed oa thf 7th inst, outside of Libfev Island, a vessel sunk, with uuMtheads out of water; a vessel was alongside ytmmnTow.v. April I? The vessel which was In collision with flic Kr*telh"rt ilian>, from Sail Francisco, when coining into the harbor last evening, is the svea. flalvor sen from Baltimore (matte); she lost lihhootn and lore and main jarus and sustained dai iage to port quarter. The hngclhert till'- with the tide T1ie cargo l? lielng dis charge):, gear .saved, and she is likely to become a total wreck. JWtsrellnnenna. We arc indebted to the?pnr-er of the steamship St Tho. maa. trom Laguayra, Ac, for favors. HrnR llATTir. N Rkep, hullt in Kast Boston for Messrs Shute A MerchatB nad others, has been enrolled in Glou cester. She is 347/2 tons. Schr C B Joifrs i1?te Ashing schr, of Salem), f? tons, built at Essex, Mass* In I8M. has been sold tortbe coasting trade, and will hail <ron i Rockland Hchk JtTNO. of SalenfA 71 tons, built at Orland. Me, in I860, has been sold, and^will hereafter hail from Boston. 8. hr Sa mum. N Smith, .?f Ti*bur,v, now at N?w Bedford, has l?een sold to Geo T M?Ttf?n, ol Mystic, Ct The new flshiag schr bin'V ?n K?se*. Man, by Messrs A ADA Burnkaui for l?wi JUfldO. Tarx A Co bat bets named Dante] Rherman. 8he Is 71.76 ton*, new measure ment. Notice to Mariaert. IRELAND? WEST COAST? DEPTH OF WATER ON ?MI!0 BAR. Information has lieon received at tlilM office tlint there is a depth of 15 feet water on Sllgo Bar at low waler or dinary Spring tides; bottom, cleun sand. There Ik a depth of 26 leet water on th?. har at high water ordinary Spring tides, and to oyster Island ltnad?. within the har bor, where ships drawing 19 met of water have dis charged Haltly afloat. Shins drawing from 11 to 15 leet can come to the quays ami discharge safely. There are ti leet water at low water Spriug tide* in some berths at Hligo quays. This notice affects British Admiralty Charts Nos 2410 and 2767, and Bailing Directions lor the Coast ol Ireland. Part X CHINA? EAST COAST? OBSTRUCTIONS IN PASSAGE EAST OF NAMOA ISLAND. The commander ol the Bonragne, passing from Natnoa Island and llalt-tide Keel, louml the passage near Crab Island obstructed by a long stri?g of tlsli-weirs, having a few open spaces between them, through which It is not easy to pass at night. These weirs, constructed of large sized stakes, would occasion much damage it run atoitl of. As it is recommended tor steamers to use tills chan nel during the period of the strong NK monsoons, ltis ad. vnAble to do so only in the day time, and to pass outside of Valf-tl'Je Keel, and lust to the westward of Lamoca Islands, dttriiiythe night time. This notice affect* British Admiralty Charts Nos 1,963 and 1,957. SOUTH AMERICA? COAST Or BRAZIL? BANK OPf PARANAOUA BAY The Brazilian government warns navigators to liewure ol a bank outside ot the bur ol 1'uraiiugua Bay, which is not shown on the British Admiralty charts, and oa which several vessels have lately been lost. The following in structions should be followed to avoid the hnuk: ? Vessels coming from the north or south, when iu the vlcinitv ot the bar. should 'not approach the land nearer than liito *?'?* latboms water until the light on Conxas Point bears NW (magnetic), and then steer for It until near the large red baey. which is anchored on the south end ot the bank. When at a convenient distance from the buoy the pilot signal should be made and the pilot waited for. When standing iu tor the bar pass to the southward of the buov and close to it to avoid another bank, which is one mile south from it. This notice affects British Admiralty Charts Nos 530 and 231 ; ITS II vdographlc OBIee Chart No 30. Nora.? It is probable that this bank is shown oil British Admiralty Chart No ?11, published Kept 28, 1?70. SOUTH AMERICA, EAST COAST? BRAZlt ? ANCHORAGE AT SANTOS. Captain Lormler. of the French ship Keuaudin. says that at Santos small merchant vessels generally lie alongside the quay, hut that large shlpc and men-of-war bring lip before the town, about 160 to 170 yards from the shore, and opposite the flag stuff of the Captain of the Port. ' The chart shows from 19^ to 26 luet water in the fairway, hut he did not nnd less thaa 36 leet. Steamers nmy proceed up without risk; the bottom being of soft mud, If they tonch they can easily get afloat again. Pilots are found at tlie village of Barra. They proceed In their boats to any vessels in the ofling that appear de sirous of entering. This notice affects British Admiralty Chart No 330. By order of the Bureau of Navigation. R II WYMAN. Commodore I'SN, Hydrographer. 8 Mydrogruphic Office, Washington, DC, March 26, Spoken. Steam shin Maryland, from Baltimore for Havana. April 10, off Chickainic'oniico. Bark Fanay M Carvlll (Br), from Buenos Ayrcs for Bar bados, March 18, lat 3 4ft N, Ion 4ft 30. Brig Adda .1 Bonner, from Havana for Baltimore, April 11. lat 31 10, Ion 79. Schr HuttieG McFarland, from Matanzas for Boston, April ft, off llatteras. Foreign Porta. Brkmkrhavkn, March 29? Arrived, bark Kate (Br), Mur phy, Savannah. Crookuavkn. March 31? Hailed, M E Corning. Hughe* (from New York), London. Calcutta, March 31? Arrived, Geo Skoltield, SknlUeld, Kio Janeiro. Sailed 31st, Achilles, Turpln, New York. Capk Palmak, Africa, March 11? In port brig Example, nurd, unc. Card i n as, April 3? Arrived, brig A G Jowett, Reed, Philadelphia. Hailed 5th, brig Torrent, Tibbetts, north ofllatteras. Oienfueuos April ft? Sailed, brig Myron us. Biggins, Palinouth: schr PR Baird. May hew, Boston. Caibarikn, March IS? Arrived, hark Orchllla, Havener, St Thomas; brig Hail Columbiu, Brereton, do; 22d. barks D chapin, Bunker, do; 2fttli, Mury C Dvcr, Hopkins, New York; 2ftth, brig Fanaie II Lnring, Lorlng, Havana; schr Bessie Black (Br). St John, NB. Sailed 24th, schr Juliet, Nash, New York; 26th, brigs Carrie Pnrinton, Whittemore, and Star (Br), Cook, do. Fai.moutii, K, April 1? Arrived, Nyhamn. Lund, New York; Vestu, Mllllsovicb, London for 1'hiladelphia; Que bec, Scholten, Charleston. ~ Sailed March 31, brig Amanda (9r), Hauck (from New York), namburg. Grkknoce, April 1? Arrived, Forganhall, Liddell. Pen sacola. Sailed 1st, Reform, Norgeson, Philadelphia. Gibraltar. March 22? Sailed, bark Arguutn (Br), Grun dy (from Burceloua), Darien. Havre. April 7? Arrived, ship Annie M Smull, Packer. New York. Havana, April 6? Arrived, schr Mary W Hupper, llodg don. Fernanuiiia ; 8th, bark Western Sea, Hanson, Boston; brig Faustina, Blanchard, New York. Sailed 6th. brigs MaryC Mariner. Dnrgln, Sacua; Lib erty, Devereux, north of Hatteras; schr Nellie Bowers, Stackpolc, Boston; 7th, brig Ada J Bonner, Bonner, Bal timore; 8th, bark Hesperus (Br), Waycott, New York. Halifax, A[iril 14? Arrived, steamship Caledonia (Br), Oveastone, Liverpool. Liverpool, March 31? Arrived, Carolus MagmuL Smith, San Francisco; Princess Dugmar. Savin, New Orleans; Fanny, llartaby, New York; Don Juuu, K.chaudla, Savan nah ; Wesley A Seymour, Splcer. New York ; Nelson, Walls, Peusacola; April I, Leda, Muiler, City Point; Han nibal. Gyle*, Mobile. Lonpon, April 1? Arrived, Carisbrook Castle, Smith, New York. Cleared 1st, Pallas Nlska, Philadelphia; Louise, Lehy, do-, Daphne, Drcyer, Providence. Lisbon, March" 23? Arrived, ship Marianna V (Port), Ferreira, Cadiz. Malta, March 2f>? Sailed, brig Katie (Dan), Robinson (from New York), Palermo. Mejillonrs, Feb 20? In port ship Matilda. Carver, from Caldera. Matankas, April ft? Arrived, brigs Geo E Hale, Pierce, Philadelphia; Delphinc, Wallace, New York; Wenenah, Stone, Portland . schrs Emma F Hart, Hart, do; Light of the East, Harper, Guadaloupe; 6th. bark Annie Mc Nalrn (Br), Fulton, New York; brigs Kossak, Elliott, do: Ethel Bolton (Br). Hancy, Philadelphia; schr Ellen M Penuell, Mitchell, Baltimore; 7th, bark N M Haven, Hall, New York. Pisaoua, Feb 21? In port bark Emma GScammell (Br), Webber, tor New York. Rio dANEiRol? March 24? In port, steamship Arcturus (Br). Smerdon. for New York in a day or two. Kio Granpk, Feb II? Sailed, brig Spring Bird (Br), Hopkins, StThomus. Shields, March 30? Arrived, ship Mcrom, Lowell, Lelth. St Pierre, Mart. Murcli 26? In port brigs Virginiu. J ohn rton, for New York, Idg; Apollo (Br), Paddock, for Balti more, wtir; Black Swan, Winaladc, for St Thomus. seek ing. Sailed 26th, brig Hattle E Wheeler. Bacon. Portland. Saoua, April 4 ? Arrived, schr Calvin P Harris, Phillips, Portland. ? St John, NB. April 41? Arrived, steamship Olympta (Br), Young. Glasgow via Halifax; schr Kubina (Br), Sc cord. New York. Trinioau (Cuba), March 24? Arrived, schr "Lincoln,', Hooper, Trinidad. American Porta. * BOSTON. April 12? Arrived, barks Tidal Wave (Br), Barnes, Loudon; Florence. Mayo, Charleston (and pro ceeded to Weymouth) ; brigs J II Dillingham (Br), Treat, sierra Leone via Havana; Ellen F, Foote, Mavagucz; schrs Sarah Smith, Smith, Philadelphia; Frank Herbert, Crowell, llobokcti. Cleared ? Brigs Gipsy yueen. York, Matanzas ; Benl Car ver, Williams. Charleston ; sehrs Belle Crowell, Nickcr son. Richmond, Va ; Mary E Amsdcn, Brooks, Philadel phia. 13th? Arrived, bark Liverpool (Br), Mosher. Antwerp; brig A M Owen (Br), Oxncr. Ponce, PR; schrs Rescue (Br), Anderson. Aux ('ayes; Kathleen (Br), Degevter, Matanzas. Matthew Kenney, Barter, South Amhoy; Bon ny Boat, Kelly, Port Johnson ; Jos Hav, Beebc, do; Chas S Rogers, Mayo, New York 14th? Arrivea. steamships Svend (foreign), Hansen. Liverpool; Koman, Hatter, Philadelphia; schr Kathleen (Br), smith, Matanzas. Also arrived 14th, steamships Siberia (Br), Harrison. Liverpool; Oriental, Snow, Savannah; Nereus, Hearse, New York BALTIMORE, April 11? Arrived, bark Scotland, Rogers, Boston; schr Mary Kreeland, Clark, Grecnport 12th? Arrived, bark Manitou. North. Matanzas; schrs M M Knowles, Small; Miria Pierson, Grant, Hohoken. Cleared? Steamer Ohio, (Ger), Von Kmster, Bremen (and sailed); harks Opore (Aust), Cnraaiin, Newry, I; J 8 Pondoppiiian (Dan), N Is sen, CienHueaoa; Tjorno (Norw), Hoed, Newry, I; brigs John Boyd (Br), Crowell. West Indies; Alpha (Br). Burk, We*t Indies; Mississippi (Br), Merchant, fienierara; schrs Howard, Wooster. West Indies; Jas Ford, Huntley, St Thomas; Wlilte Foam, Mul llken, Providence; Moses Williams Luke, Boston; F B Colton, Stcelmua. Boston ; Henry A Paul. Strange, Boa ton ; Reading Railroad. No 47, Little, Shcttonvlllc, N J; Marv J Fisher. Lawrence, l'awtncket; J J Moore, Frank lin, Providence. Sailed? Shin Dnisburg, Rotterdam ; bark Gustnf Adolph, Belfast; TC Berg, Newry; Pleiades, West Indies; Agero en, Newry, I; Zulinn, Writ Indies; brig John Boyd, West Indies; schr Howard, West hides; Jas Ford, St Thomas BATH, April 9? Sailed, solyr K M Brookings Brown, Ha vana. BRISTOL, April 10? Arrived, schrs R H Wilson, Durfec, Ilonoken. 11th? Arnved, schr Horizon. Leet .Elizabcthport CHARLESTON. Anril 1.1? Arrived, steamship Georgia, Crowell, New York. Sailed? Bark Jardine Bros (Br), Neilson, LlverpooL 14th? Arrived, schr A llavtord. Boston. Sailed? Brig M E Pennell, Eaton, New Orleans; schr 8 B Wheeler, Jones, for a Northern port. COOSHAW RIVER, SC, to April 9? Sailed, bark Wm Croscup (Br), Fitchett, London. Cleared to 9th, bark Kavensborough (Br), Unverzad, London. In pert!Hh, ship Burmah (Br), Morrison, for?, Idg; ham? Bartholomew Padre (Ifai), yuartino, and Lorenzo Valeria (lull, Antonio, for , Idg : schr Hyaicne (Br), Mordon. tor . Idg. E AS I PORT, April 3-Arrlved. schrs Marshal Ncy, Grif fin. New York ; 4th, Nellie II Malloch, do; 6tli. Z A Paine, Jones, do. EAST GREENWICH, April 12? Arrived, schr Golden Rav. Havi*. New York. I ERNANKINA, April ^-Arrived, schr Henry Allen, Tatam, Philadelphia. Kltli? Arrived, schr Sarah Woods, Hickman, (ttiarlcston, to load tor Philadelphia. Cleared? Schr s G Hart, Hart, New York. FORTRESS MONROE. April 13? Passed out to sea, steamship Ohio, tor Bremen ; ship Duishitrg (Ger), tor Rotterdam; barks New Light, for lllo Janeiro; Victor, tor Oueeustown; Minerva, for Belfast, I; Archlmcde, tor do. Northwood, fop, San Andreas; T C Berg, for Newrv: Ageroen, for Europe ; Pleiades, for West Indies: Gustu'v Adolf, for Belfast; /ulma, for West Indies; brigs Saml Llndoey, tor Martinique ; John Boyd, tor West In dies; Mississippi, for Ocmerara (all from Baltimore). sullen from Hampton Roads 13th, brigs Ahhy and Orion, from Richmond for Brazil; schrs l.aum T Chester, Caro line Hail. Virginia, Delhi, Francis Shubert, Rhodclla Blew, S G Vuuirhn. <1 B Johnson. Ruth A Prince. Moon liglit. HeJirv Finch, Joseph A Franklin and A il Hurl hurt, tor New York ; Etta Sylvester, for Providence, KI; Daylight and H Nlckerson, for Baltimore; Edward Slide, Win Mason and M E Cayni , bound lip the liav. Arrf^ed in the Roads 14th, brig Alice Mitchell. Rio Jan eiro, for orders. FALL RIVER, April II? Arrived, bark Starlight, Kel sev. Mobile; schrs David K Doanc. Satilla, Da; I'heodore Dean, Babbitt, Georgetown. DC; also a cotton- loaded schr, supposed to lie the W F dishing, Cook, from New Oi leans. GALVKSToN, April 7? Arrived, hark Rlukan (Dan), Claussen, RJo Janeiro. , Cleared? Barks St olaf (Br), Hassell, Wilmington; Vlck A Mebane, Hull, IJverpool , schr Veto, Henderson, Bos ton. * ?th? Arrived, schr Kate Wentworth, Mea?l, New York. Cleared? Brig Francis Lewey, Lewcv, Narva (Russia). GEORGETOWN, SC, April 8-Arrlved, schr HenrletU, Langlcv. New York JACKSONVILLE, Aprllft- Arrived, schr Mary Augusta, Holt, Boston. 9th? Arrived, schrs Wave Crest, Davis, Sag Harbor: Maryland, Torrev, and J il Drew. Carter. Boston. Cleared 7fh,scnrs Jaa Jones. Tliton. New York ; Jas A Crooker, Currier, Boston.'jth, Flora, Condon, I rovi deuce. MYSTIC, Ct, April I2-Arrlved, schrs Amiiv. Knapp, Charleston; Lizzie Bennett, Adams Philadelphia. Sailed Schrs Nm Holmes, Northrup, New York; Mary Uruv. Paine, do ., ? _ NEW ORLEANS, April l?-8all?d. iteamslnn New Or l?at)>. linger, New York. I 13th? Arrived, steamship Geo Washington, Quick. We? NORFOLK, April 11? Arrived, sehrs J GCurtla. Payn^ We I meet; s E Dawes, Hatch, Provinoetown. Mailed? Steamship Andean (Br>, Baker (ironi New Or leans), Liverpool. ? ? 12th? Arrived, sehrs Joe Hooker. Coram, Boston; En"*1 cotl, Endicott ; Crisis, brown, and J P Rohm o?, Har ding, New York. . ,, . , NEWPORT, April 11, PM? Arrived, ?chra George Edwin, Ham mill. New York; .John Mettler. Parker. do n>r Cohas ?t Narrows; Ueo H Murkle, BUhop, Dish ton lor New York; Jus Parker, Sr. Kelly, Pawtucket lor do; Thoiuaa Boa/, Somers, Kali River tor Philadelphia. 12th. AM? Arrived, sehrs Lottie O Well". Wells, South Amhoy; Daniel Pierson, Pierson, Savannah lor Port* mouth, Nil; Challenge, Bennett, liohokeji for Boston; Aluionak, Rogers, New York tor do; H T Potter, Ander son, Port Johnson for Lynn; Maracalbo. Henley. Eliza bethport tor Portland ; M Means. Over, do lor do ; Slnbad, Perry. New York (or do: VatchfUl, Gill, do lor Boston ; Ceres, Trefethen, Weehawken for Dover, Ml ; Iris, Long, New York for Harwich; Olenwoud. Dickenson, South Amboy for Boston; Telegraph, Clark, Roekport lor Nor tolk. Sailed? Sehrs Lottie, Somers, Philadelphia; Aurora Bo re alls. 14th? Arrived, bark Cupid (Br), Grant, London for Providence. NEW HA YEN, April 112 ? Arrived, iichr Sparkle Shrop shire, Trenton. Cleared? Bark Highlander, Baltimore; sloop Mary Eli zabeth. Todd, New York. 14th? Arrived, sehrs Georgia, Staples Ford, Apalacha cola; S W Bunnell Bunnell, Baltimore; hila- Wright, Smith, Newburg; Mint, Hull, Trenton; Vapor. Siddell, do; Emily, Beers, liotiokea; Mary Ti-e, Dunham, Elizahethport; Judge Kuuuion, Robinson, New Brung wiek; S R Smith, McKennard, Vlrginlu. Cleared ? Briir Machias, Bartlett. JJew York ; sehrs 8 fl Gnrnoy, Carney. do; s 8 Scran ton, no : Pease ; i! PShultia, Young, Hoboken ; Flying Fish, Sclleck. do: Talma, 81o cuin. New York; Sparkle, Shropshire, do. PEKSACOLA, April 10? Arrived, ship Zambesi (Brit Lewis, Rio Janeiro. Cleared? Schr Agniw, Hodgson, Sagua. PHILADELPHIA, April 12? Arrived, ship Owcgo. An derson, Liverpool : brt;/ Anuie Batchelrier. S;, elman. Sagua; sehrs, I C Liblyr, Fletcher, Ma vague/. ; May Mon roe, ilall, M stanzas: RtS Corson, Wiilets, Portland: A J Fabens, Bragg, Newnaven; Samuel Oilman. Kelly, Portland: Annie E Stevens, Montgomery, Providence; Estelle Day, Curey, New Bedford ; Jos Baymore, Unrdge, Brighton. Cleared? Steamship Horse Guards (Br), Hill, Stettin or Stockholm viu New York; ship Robona, Daggett. Havre ; sehrs Carrie Uonnell, Pink ham, Baracoa; M K Gray, Cotiklin. and Clara E Smith, Keen, Cardenas; Beta. Brown. Matau/.as; WH Mniller, Crowlev, Si lohn.NB; John D Pak'e, Haley, Brighton; Marietta Tilton, Rick etts, Salem ; Kstelle Day, Carey. Boston ; Jos Baymore, Burdge, do: M S Lewis, Lewis, Bath. 14th? Arriveu, steamships Juniata, Catharine. New Orleans via Havana; Regulator, Freeman, New York ; Hercules, Winnett, Portsmouth; ship I rancis Hilyard, Weston, Liverpool ; sehrs E H Williams, Ruwell, Hari ri a m : L A Buiiingame, Nickersnn. Boston ; S Washburn, Hatliawav, latinton; J C CottinChum. \yrcs, New York ; A P Cranmer, Izzard. Boston; Fannie Hanmer, Brooks, Greenpolnt; E F Cabada, Swain, Providence ; M 11 Reed Benson, New Bedford. Cleared? Brig Marshall Dutch, Turner, Bangor; achr Allle B Dyer, Cummings, Baracoa. Licwr.s, Del, April 14, 9 AM? Went to sea en Sunday, brigs Keystone, John Brightman, Albert De wis, and Annie MeKnlght. Also passed out yesterday, hark Ed ward and brig Annie Ingram. Arrived last Fridav night, sohr Abbie, from Cardenas tor orders. A light bark, un- ' known, left tor Philadelphia daylight this morning, ilk tow of tug Adelaide. Brsg George Burnham. from Car denas. also left sunrise, under sail. Brig Gem aud sohr John Rlrd still remain. PORTLAND, April 12? Arrived, brig Elizabeth Ann. Moore. Boston; sehrs Eben Fish, Noyes, Sagua; Volun teer, Smith, do. Cleared? Ste a mship Sarmatian (Br). Wylie. Liverpool; barks Panola, Nickcrson, and Wmslow, Davis. Kueuofl Ayres; brigs Antilles, Thestrup, and Merriwa, Davis, Ma tanxas PEMBROKE, Me, April 1 ? Cleared, sehrs Hirnm Tnck er, Knowlton, Now York; Ada 8 Alien. Owen, and Anna Frye, Smith, do. PORTSMOUTH, April 8? Arrived In lower harbor, steamer Hercules, Winnett, Philadelphia - 9th. sehrs Kato E Rich, Duughty, Baltimore ; Catharine, Pomeroy, Eliza bethport PROVIDENCE. April 12? Arrived, steamer Win Law rence, Hallett, Baltimore ; sehrs Irene J'. Messervey, Wail, Savannah : ,Wm Butler. Knowles, Virginia ; Robert Ripley, Snow, de; Isabella Pierce, Pierce, do; Eddie Pierce, Hawkcs. do; Millie Washburn, Kalley, do; Titmouse, Handren, do; Win D Hilton, Weaver, Baltimore; Alex ander Young, Jones, do; Senator Grimes, Philbroulc, do; James O'Donnahue, Warren, do; Elwood Doran, Warren ton, Philadelphia; Oceanus, Young, do; Flight, Chase, Elizabethport; Henry Cole, Chad wick, do; C W Locke, Bnnce. Elizabethport; Daniel Morris, Man sor, do; Cynthia Jane, Gardner, do for I'awtuckct; Har riet-Lewis. Hunt, Elizabethport; Willow Harp, Horton, South Amboy; Luna, Wells, Port Johnson; M R Carlisle, Nothrup, do; Estelle, Furni9s, do: Francos Burrctt, Allen, do; Helen Mar, Ward, do; Amelia, Terry, do; Ontario, BaTber, do; Favorite, Clark, Hoboken; Mary A Predmere, Sherman, do; Francis C Smith, Keen, Hoboken; Albert Pharo, Bing ham, do: Evergreen, Buncc, do; Richard Hill, Smith, do-.RO Whildln, Nichols, do; David A Berry, liiahop, do; I'lyawnv, Enos, do; Panthea, Johnson, do; Suscesa, Richards, llohoken lor Pawtucket; Robert Blair, Brooks, Haverstraw for Pawtucket: Mary Isabel, Sammts, New York ; Phil Sheridan, Murphy, do; sloop Fred Brown, Baker, da * Sailed? Sehrs J Burlcy, Saunders, New York; Starlight, Blatchford, do; Blackstone, Wichsoti, do; Alton T Miner, Miner, do; FC Smith, Keep, do; Sarah Purves. Lisle, do; Romeo, Foss, do. 18th? Below, schr ffm 8 Flint. Sailed? Steamers Gulf Steam, Crocker, Philadelphia* Catharine Whiting, Harding. Philadelphia, schre Lunet, Hinds, New York or Philadelphia ; Sarah Bruen, Austin. New York; James M Baylcs, Arnold, New York, JH Youmans, Smith, New York, L ATolles, MeMulien, New York. PAWTUCKET. April 12? Arrived, sohr M V Cook, Fal kenburg, Philadelphia; sloop North America, Lyonis New York. RICHMOND, April 11? Arrived, sclirs Mary E Simmons, Gandy, Boston ; Alphy, Salisbury, Portland. Sailed? Schr Eva, \ oorhees. New York via York Rlvor. 12tti? Arrived, steamship Richmond, Lawrence, New Tork. Sailed? Bark Vonskabet (Nor), Johamun, Brazil; brigi Orion (NG), Kukin. Baliin; Abby (NG).Topp, Brazil. SAN FRANCISCO. April 12? Arrived, ship Mattcrhorn, Arey, New York, 120 days. Arrived fith, hark D C Murray, Shepherd, lluiioluln. Sailed 6th. ships Lookout, Wlg.-uin. Bellnigliuia Bay? River Indus (Br), Shearer, Liverpool : hark Times (Br), Arnold, Cork SAVANNAH. April 1ft? Sailed, bark Penelope (Sw e)? Von Thulen, Cddevalla (Sweden). 13th ? Arrived, steamship Magnolia. Palmer, New York] sehrs Magnet, Smith, Orient; Kfllc Simmons. Bath ; (Char ter Oak, Wiscasset ; Somerset, Nassau; Addie Bryant, Roeftport; Annie Jones, and Lizzie Carr, do. 14th? Arrived, steamship Seminole. Mathews. Boston. Cleared? Schr S P Hall, lor New York. SALEM, April 12 ? Arrived, sehrs Lizzie Smith, Corham, Tangier; Marv Cobb, Humphrey, Philadelphia ? Nellie, French, and Mary E Gage, Church, Port Johnson : Allle Oakes, Plllshury. and J S Weldon, Rich, Eli/.al ethportj Island Belle, Harris. Eastport for New York : Mai, el Hall. Bartlett, Rockland fordo; Unien, Westcott, Spruce Head for Philadelphia; Yankee, Hlggins, Portland tor New York. STONINOTON, April 11? Arrived, sehrs Eclipse. Dixon, South Amboy; I) T Willetts, Smith, Weeliuwki-n ,or Pro vidence: Margaret. Jane, Kennedy, Hav rstraw lor do. VINEYARD HAVEN, April 11? Arrived, brig- Hattie E Wheeler, St Pierre, (Mar), for Portland ; O C Clary, Havana for Boston : Abhy Ellen, Savannah lor do; schra Osprey, Jacksonville lor Boston ; Arinirf a Hull, Satllla, (la, for do; H T Townsend and J P Allen, Savannah for do; Almon Bird. Darien for do; James \ I'otler, do fo^ do; J R Norrls, Wareham fordo; Newell B llaweg, YirJ Slnla for do; K S Potter, Philadelphia lor do: Albert I? utler, Charleston for Weymouth ; Mag'.'ie J Ch idwick, Baltimore for do: Sarirent S Day, do for Belfast ; Lizzlo Smith, Virginia tor Salem; Ida Ella, Elizabethnort fordol Mary D Haskell, Matatizas for Portlan I ; R Rose, Miles River Bridge. Md., tor St. John; B. F. Farnham, Boston, for Jacksonville: Taylor A Mathius. Emma G. Ed wards, J. S. Lamprey, Anaie May. James L Mnlov and Jane D. McCarthy do for Philadelphia ; Herald, ilo tor New York; Balloon, Portland, for do: Joseph r;. Stover, Vlnal Haven for do; Wellington do lor Washington; Twenty-one Friends and John Shay, Salem tor Phila delphia ; F. A. Newcomb, Tangier and Massasoit, Oleu cestcr for Baltimore; Meteor, New York lor Halifax, to work on the wrecked steamer Atlantic. Passed by schooner Malabar. Belfast for Baltimore. Sailed? Brig Hattie E Wheeler and sehrs Rosannah, Rose, Lizzie Smith, Newell P Iluwes, anil Marv D Has kell. 12th? Arrived, brig Isaac Carver. Bosioti for Charles ton: schr? Maggie P Smith, Philadelphia for East Cam bridge (had her rigging damaged while healing in oil West Chop, llth>: John S Detwfler, Fred Walton, SalUo M Steelman, Jennie N Huddell, L Q C Wish art, A D Huddell, and M E Itockhlll, Philadelphia lor Boston ; Kata M Hilton, Charles A Jones, Joseph H .Ir ; H M Squire and John T Manson. Baltimore for do; W II West, Edward Rich. John A Li-wls, and Alice, Virginia tor doi I-oretta Fish, Port Royal for do; Addie L Cutler, Savan-J nah for do; Edwd Kidder, and Alice B, llohoken tor do; Plymouth Rock, New York for do; Hannah Willett, ana Herbert Mantor, Port Johnson for do; Jesse Williamson, do for l'ortsmonth; E G Wlllaril and Clara K Rogers^ Philadelphia for Portland: F Merwln, Lotta Bell and Denlker. Baltimore tor do; Julia and Elizabeth, Chil mark for do; Bramhall, Hoboken lor do; Anna Bell and liver, Newcastle, Del., for do; Pyrola, do tor Rocklandl Eliza Sawyer, do for Belfast: Lucy K Cogswell, do for New-) buryport; John Jairtes, Virginia fordo; Lark.Weeliawkeig for do ; D M French, do tor Salem; Venus, Kli/nhethporf for Pembroke ; Marlon, Draper. Petomae River lor Bathl Alabama, Roekport, Mn, for Norfolk; X A 1'arwelU Boston tor Wilmington, N C; Garland, Maeliia for NeW York. Returned? Brig Hattie E Wheeler; schr Uosannah 1 Bose. Sailed, sehrs Meteor and Joseph G Stone r. >'> ind E M NK: blowing heavy ; afternoon NE strong: raining. ISth? Arrived. Schr Planter, Glen Cove tor Boston. Sailed, hrig Hattie E Wheeler; sehrs Wellington, Baloon anil Kate Shrs M Hilton and N A Farwell parted one chain each during the gale ot yesterday, but nave since wcoverea their anejuirs. w WILMINGTON, NC, April 11-Arrivcd. sehrs Tlmothjl Field, Leland, Boston; Ida Rclla, Fischer, New York. Cleared? Scnr Adolph Hugel. Wicks. New York. WARREN. April II? Arrived, schr Marv H M illin, Pel* ris, Eli7.?b<'th|iort . WICKFORD, April 12? Arrived, schr Fakir, Knowles Elizabethport. M IS< H|,|, \N KOI S. J ABSOLUTE DIVORCES obtained in any STATE* Iftfnl everywhere ; desertion. Ac., sutflcienf cause , no pnhlieity required . no tliarjje until divorce is granted? advice tree. M. HOUSE," Attorney, 191 Broadway. ABSOLUTE DIVORCES OBTAINED FROM COURTS of different States; legal everywhere; no publicHvi no fee* in advance ; advice free ; commissioner lor ever* state. FREDERICK I. KI.NO, CounselIor-at-Law,:i?U Hnud way. A? HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, ? corncr of Fulton avenue and Boerum stri in. Open from 8 A. M. to 9 1'. M. On Hundav from 8 to 9 P. M. DO YOU KNOW ITT WINCHESTER'S UVPOPflOSPHITE OF LIME AND SODA is it Brand chemical .ood f{>0(, chemical food for the brain, the nervous system and the blood. It is nourishing and invigorating and unequalled an u specific* remedy for nervous debility and all nervous utTectiona, oromptly relieving physical exhaustion and prostration of the vital forces and power*. It In n perfect and sn nerlor substitute tor Iron and cod liver oil. ,1. WIN CHESTER * CO., M John street. New York, Chemists, Proprietors. $1 and $2 per bottle ____________ rrjiE SCOUT #F THE RAPID. SEE THE PEERLESS. NOW RKADT.

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