Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1873 Page 13
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8ALBR AT ACCTIOIft DBLAN U. MULLER, AUCTIONEER. ? 63 desirable Lots. lituito on the Grand Boulevard, mUt street, tube sold ?t suction, by order of Alvln Hl^iriaj, Esq., ou TUESDAY, April 15, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, by ADRiAV H MUI.LKR, 1' R. WILKINS & CO., Auctioneers. Tbcae lots arc on liwli ground, bo id soil uud have ? coiuiiiandiug Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 Pine street. j^DRIAN 11. MULLER, AUCTIONEER. Valuable Lota on SHERMAN AND NAEQLE AVE NUES, El wood and 2 1 1 Hi streets, beint; part of the DYCK MAN ESTATE. ADRIAN H. MULLER, F. R. WILKINS ft CO., river view. Terms liberal. will sell at auction, on ^ WEDNESDAY, April 18, .11 12 o'clock, at the Exchuuge salesroom, 111 Broadway, New York, ?* LO fS ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED AVENUES AND STREETS. These lots arc on the line of Improvements, a short dis tance south ut the new parade ground, anil run l>e reached in 47 minute*, fourteen tiiues a day, by the Ele vated au<i Hudson Kiver Railroad. TERMS LIBERAL. Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 fine street. Adrian h. muller, a ucttoneeh. -auction sale of 12a Lota. Dwelling and Barn, near Judge Smith's Central Avenue Hotel, this (Tuesday), utlo'cloc.k, at the Exchange, ill Broadway l'lans ready at the auctioneer's oltice, No. 7 Hue street. Adrian h. muller, auctioneer.? -auction sale of valuable Property on Elm ami 126th streets. ADRIAN U. MULLER, P. It. WILK1N8 A CO. will sell ut auction, on Wednesday, April Iti, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, ill Broadway: ? Elm street? I he two Loti, with brick nnil frame Buildings thereon, situuie on the east side of Elin street, between Worth ana Leonard streets, aad known an Nos. 57 and .19. 12otn ulreet? The three story frame How and Lot situate on the south side of 126th street, 11> leet east ot Fourth ave nue; the house is about 4ft feet deep, contains 13 rooms, lias water and gas and Is In good order. A J. BLEECKER, BOH A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Supreme Court Sale in I'urtltloii, under direction of A. A. Itedticld, Referee, THIS DAY, April 15, at 12 noon. GREENWICH STREET? 3 story high stoop and base ment, brick House and Lot, No. 18, near Battery place. WASHINGTON STREET ? 3 story brick House, No. 19. In rear of the above ?, each lot 2tix>a block. PECK SLIP AND SOUTH STREET? Brick House and Store, 45 I'eck slip, northwest corner ot South street, 23x35.6. ; 50 per cent an mortgage. A J. BLEECKBR, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Valuable 4th avenue Property, near I'uion square. THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 noon. 4TII AVENUE? The well built 4 story brick English basement House and Lot in fee 261 4th uv., east side, third house below 21st st. ; lot 23x00, house 16 leet deep; has all the modern conveniences. Title perfect. Terms most liberal. Maps at 77 Cedar st A J. BLEECKER, SON 4 CO., AUCTIONEERS. THURSDAY, April 17. at 12 noon. WASHINGTON STREET? The 2 Lots and Buildings 375 and 377 Washington St., southeast corner of Beach st., oach 25x70, near the Old Dominion Steamship Company's pier and in the rear of the United States bonded ware house on Ureenwich and Beach sts. Terms liberal, A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Superior brown stone House on West Eighteenth st. THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 uoon, four story high stoop brown stone House and Lot, 37 West Eighteenth sireet, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; house 25x75, all the way up; In perfect order, and replete witn all modern conveniences; CO per cent on mortgage. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A J. BLEECKER. SON A (>0? AUCTIONEERS. ? THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 noon, two story brick Houses and Lots 57 and !>9 Thompson street, between Broome and Spring, 64.10x100. Maps at 77 Cedar street. A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTIONEERS. ? Supreme Court Sale in Partition. under direction of P. T. Ruggles, rel'eree, FRIDAY. April 18, at 12 noon. THIRD AVENUE ? The 3 4-story brick Houses and Lots TO). 992 and 994 3d av., northwest corner 59th St., t50J on .id av. by 60 feet on the street FIFT.Y-NINTH ST ITREKT? ' The 4 story brick Brewery and Rnlldings in rear; the ground is H4.ll front by KM). AVENUE A ? 3 story brown stone Tenement 186'aud 188 av. A, southeast corner 12th St., 51.9x95.6. AVENUE B? The brick House and Lot 151 av. B, east Side, between 9th and 10th sts. Stile absolute. For particulars apply to ADOLF LE VI NGEli, 281 Broad way ; maps 77 Cedar st. A J. BLEECKER, SON A CO., AUCTION KERB. ? Four Rutherturd Park Cottages at Auction. Will sell at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, on Tuesday, the 22d April, lour beautiful Cottages and Land attached, at Rutherturd Park, N. J., .situated on Lake, Livingston and Stnyvesant avenues ; these cottages were built by Mr. E. T. Christiansen of the best materials and with great care; they are tilled in with brick, have tine cellars and attics, and are replete with modern comforts; well supplied with water; room* handsomely arranged, as parlors and bedrooms, with abundance ot closets; marble mantels, Ac., Ac. Further particulars and maps at 77 Cedar street RT AUCTION, WEDNESDAY, April 16, at7}? P. M., 50 Union placc, corner Seventeenth street and Fourth av. We invite public attention to the exhibition of the ex quisite WoHis of Art in marble (pronounced the finest by the art critics ever brought to this country), belonging lo Mine. DE II. HAZARD, trusting to their merit to secure a good attendance on the ?evening of sale. Also Mine Hazard's Jewelry. Laces, Fnrs, Antiquities, Articles of Vertu iroin the Tutieries and French Empress, to be sold without reserve. The Furniture will he sold at 2 P. M. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer. 82 Filth avenue. ART AND FURNITURE AUCTION. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer. Office 82 Fifth avenue. ROBERT J30MERV1LLE will sell by auction, on Tues day, April 15, at mi,, o'clock, all the elegant Household Furniture and Oil Piiintings contained in the private resilience 214 East Eleventh street, viz. :? Rich curved rosewood Parlor Suits lu hrocatel and plush, rosewood Etagere. rosewood 7 octave Piano (Lindeuiau maker), Brocatel nud Lace Curtaius. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Velvet and Body Brussels Carpets, rosewood and block walnut Bed Room Suits, Curled llalr Matresses, Feather Beds, black walnut Amour-a-Olass, Library Suits in reps. Bookcases, Tables, Lounges, Dining Room in reps. Bullets, Extension Tables, chairs. China, Cut Glass, Sil ver Ware, Engravings, Cottage Suits, Ac. Art auction. SOMERVILLE GALLERY, Fifth avenue Hnd Fourteenth street. SUPERB COLLECTION of the Very FINEST CLASS of FOREIGN OIL PAINTINGS belonging to Charles F. llazclline, ot New York and Philadelphia, .?probably the most elegant offered in America thisscason, To be sob' on the EVENINGS of the 21st, 22d and 23d of APRIL. EXHIBITION NOW OPEN, FREE, Day and Evening. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, 32 Fifth avenue. j^RT NOTICE. Mr. T. C~~FaRRF.R, who for two vears past has been painting in England, Scotland. Switzerland, Flanders and Venice, has sent home a large representation in Oil and Water Colors ofhls rocent works, which will bo on exhibition at Mr. SCHENCK'S Gallery, 60 Liberty street, during MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, April 14, 15 and 16, . and will he sold at the same place on THURSDAY, 17th, and Fl( IDA Y, IRth Inst. Auction notice. THIS DAY (TUESDAY) At in o'clock, A LARGE LINE OE READY MADE CLOTHING to be sold without reserve. Also, CARPETS AND MILLINERY GOODS. ? Catalogues and goods now ready. HOYT, WHEELER ,t BRADLEY. 118 and 120 Church street. ASSIGNEE'S SALE.? THE STORE, LEASE OF TnE House and Fixtures of the l.iquor Store 428 First ?ivetiue, corner of 1 wenty fifth street, w ill be -old at pub lic auction on Tuesday. April 15, at 12 o'clock M. DAVID M. KoKIILKR. Assignee. WILLIAM ABBOTT, Auctioneer. Auction sale ok alder.nby or jersey cattle, t ? at Brlghtsidc, West, Farms, New York, on THURSDAY, APRIL 17, AT 12 O'CLOCK .\<>ON. Will be gold, at public auction, tlic entire stock of thoroughbred Jersey Herd Book Cattle, belonging to and Imported and lireii by Richard M. Hoc; also several pure bred Scotch staghounds, from choice imported stock ; ou view the day previous to the sale. Briglitside is on the Southern Boulevard and West ?Chester road, one nule cast, of Morrisanla depot, Harlem Ballroad, or 2\ miles by the Southern Boulevard liom Iiarlem Bridge, Third avenue, sale to tase place ruin or shine. Trains for Morrisanla leave Grand Central depot, Forty-second street, at 9:30, 10:15 and 11:40 A. M. A' UCTION SALE. AUCTION SALE. Tills (TUESDAY) afternoon. April 15, at 2 o'clock pre cisely, at private residence IIS West Eighth street ulln ton place), between Filth and Sixth avenues, over >00 lots of elegant Household Furniture, velvet Brussels Car pets, magultlcent Parlor Suits, style ot Mnrte Antoinette. Pompadour, covered with rich French satin, brocatel ami reus, rosewood double round case 7'4 octave Pianoforte, Turkish Chairs, Lounges, Mirrors, I'urtnlns, Bronzes, fine Oil Paintings. Vases, Clocks. Bookcases, Ktageres, Tables, rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits, style of Louis XIV. ; Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, hair and spring Mattresses, Bedding, French walnut Bullet, Ex tensoln Table, Gla3?, China, Silverware, Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive, E. ROTH, Auctioneer, commencing this afternoon at 2 o'clock precisely. Goods packed and de livered lor purchasers, city or country. M. GRISTALAR, AUCTIONEER. Ai Genteel Household Furniture. Fine Oil Paiutlngs, Moiiuct ami Brussels Carpet*. Rosewood Pianoforte, Ac., on Wl- DN Es DAY, April Id, at lu1., o'clock. The entire elegant I' iimifnre in brown stone house 528 Seventh avenue, between Thirty eighth sud Thirty ninth ?treeta. containing rosewood and satin Parlor Suits, Brussels, Velvet and M on net Carpets, Lace curtains. Cabinets, Etegere. French Clocks and Bronzes, rare i ill Paintings, Barmore overstrung Pianoforte, rich Cham ber Suits, Lady's Desk, fine hair Mattresses and Pillows; China and Glass Ware, Dining Table and Chairs, Library fcuit. Bookcase, Card Table, Lambrequins, Kitchen lien aiU. 4c. Dealers and public invited. KAIiBUJlT AUCTIOI*^ ALLEN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. salesrooms 96 Cliaiubors ana 77 Rnade street Horse Auction Mart. S.'*7, A? an I 341 Fourth a/iauc, corner Twenty -filth 4rr nL Hv ALLEN H. MINER A HltO., THIS DAY (TUESDAY). APRIL 15. at li>H o'clock, at private rcsllunce 108 WK8T FORTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN IIKOAD WAV AN 1> SIXTH AVENUE, GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITUKK, M I B ROBS, CABl'KTS, AC.. IN GOOD OKI) KB, comprising Brussels, three-ply and Ingrain Carpets (nearly new); blaok walnut Parlor Suits, in reps and liuir cloth; line walnut Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Ac.; mar bio t.?j> Tables, M?;tres-es, feather Bolsters and Pil low*, Dining Ko mi Furniture, French China, Glass and Silver plated Waru, Silverplated t ntlery, Ac. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16. at lt)>? o'clock, at private residence 317 WBST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN EIGUTH AND NINTI1 AVENUE*. EXECUTORS' BALK. Conteel Household Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, Oil Paintings, valuable private Library, Ae., Ac. Particulars in lune. By order or Messrs W. S. Jarvls A W. R. Gillette, Executors estate W. S. Campbell, deceased WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY. APRIL 17 AND 18. at 10,'i o'clock, at tho Lluby House, NOS. 386. 388, 3*), 302 AMI 3M FOURTH AVENUE, CORNER TWENTY-SEVENTH STKEK f, THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OK THE ABOVE 0 HOUSES, comprising velvet, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets ; Pier Mini Mantel Mirrors, rosewood 1'iano, black walnut suit* in hrocatel and reps, Centre and Side Tables, Lace Cur tains and Cornices, KU^ere < locks and Mantel Orna ments, black walnut and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wardrobes, Washstands, Lounges aud Chairs, Mirrors; hair, Excelsior aud straw Mattresses; Heather Beds, Bol sters and Pillows; Toilet Crockery. Window Shades. Cur tains, about a*) pairs each Blankets, Sheets, I illow and Holster Cases, Towels, Ac. ; Dining Tables, large assort ment Crockery tor Dinner, Brnaklast and Tea Ser vice ; Silverplated Ware in great variety, Glassware, Cutlery, flash Counter, Barroom aud Lunch room Hx t tires, marble top Counters. Bar Settees, Chairs, Stoves, Bar Show Bottles, Glasses, Ac. Also a fine stock of Liquors, comprising Brandies, Whiskeys, Gins, Bum, Sherries, Ports, Ac. Kitchen and Laundry-Urge siae Moneuse Range. In perfect order, with all the appurtenances complete; Steam Tables and Heaters; large assortment ot Copper Ware, comprising Urns. Saucepans, Omelette and . telly Dishes, Kettles. Ac.; Tin und Iron Ware in variety; Man gle, Ironing Stove aud Tables, and, in tact, everything belonging, to a well-ordered hotel kitchen and laundry ; also Gas Fixtures throughout tho house, Steam Heaters und Pipes, Ac., Ac. THURSDAY, APRIL 17, at loti o'clock, at the residence CO EAST NINTH STREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY AND UNIVEBSirY PLACE, Genteel Houshold Furniture, Mirrors, Carpets, Pianos, Ac., Ac. Particulars In time. FRIDAY, APRn. 18. at 10'i o'clock, at 32 West Fifteenth street. all the Furniture ol the tlrst class boarding house located as above, comprising Carpets, Mirrors, rosewood and black walnut Parlor, Bedroom and Mining Kuruiture. Particulars in time. FRIDAY. APRIL W. at iny o'clock, at our salesrooms, !?.'? Church and 77 Keade street, handsome Household Furtilture, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Carpets In variety, Ac., Ac. Details in future advertise merits. Also, at 1 o'clock P. M., to pay charges and advances, for whom it may concern, 70 great gross patent Pant Kut tons and 290 great gross patent shoo Buttons. Allen b. miner auctioneeb. Salesrooms 95 Chambers and 77 Reade streets By ALLEN B. MINER A BROTHER, FRIDAY, 26th. and SATURDAY, 26th ot ApHl, at 10k o'clock, at the Worth House, JUNCTION OK BROADWAY, FIFTH AVENUE AND Twenty tilth street? Handsome Household Furniture, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets, Ac., Ac., all of which were mude to order and in fine condition. Particulars here after. Arch Johnston, auctioneer. Otlire and salesroom. 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Branch, 19, -I, 23 and 2ft East Thirteenth street, between Fifth avenue and University place. ELEGANT SECOND HAND HOUSE HOLD FURNI TURE. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell this day (Tuesday), at 10? o'clock, at the salesrooms, :i7 Nassau st. and 5S Liberty St., a flue assortment of Household Furniture, elegant Turk ish Parlor Suits, drab and crimson satin ; Hall llat Raeks, Et age res. Suit crimson striped reps; Buffet*. Bedroom Suits, tine Brussels Carpets, Dressing Bureaus, elegant Wardrobe, Easy Chairs, Curtains, Dressing Tables, Ex tension Tables, Dining Boom Chairs. Refrigerators. Crockery, Glass and China, Kltehen Ware, Ac. Arch. Johnston, auctioneer. Office and salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Branch, 19. 21, 23 aad 20 East Thirteenth street, near Fifth avenue. Genteel Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac. ARCII. JOHNSTON willsell at auction to-morrow(Wedncs dav), April 16, at 10 ti o'clock, at 16 Barrow street, between Bleecker and Fourth streets. Walnut and mahogany Parlor and Bedroom Furniture, tine Feather Beds, Pillows and Bedding, three-ply Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Kitchen Furuituie, China, Silver Plated and Glass Ware. A BOB. JOHNSTON, AUCTIONEER, office and salesroom 87 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse auction Branch, 19, 21, 23 and 26 East Thirteenth slreet, near Filth avenue. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, OIL PAINTINGS, CAKPTTS, Ac. ARCH. JOHNSON will sell at auction, TO MORROW (WEDNESDAY), April 10, at 10>i o'clock, at the private residence 3(54 West Thirty tlrst street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues, all the Furniture contained in said house, being in part elegant carved rosewood Parlor Suits, iu crimson, satin; Reception Chairs and Etageres, Centre Tables, carved solid oak Dining Room and Library Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Secretary, Bookcase, Lonflfees. carved rosewood and walnut Bedroom Furniture, Bedstead. Dressing Bu reau, Washstand, toilet Crockery, French, china and glass Ware; all the royal, Wilton, velvet and Brussels Carpets and Oilcloths. Ac. Also Fine Oil Paintings, by Fatell, Wallburgh, Holackcr, Thompson, Van Guigemle, Conradi, Wahtl, Ac. Catalogues at the auctioneer's otlice. ARCH. JOHNSTON. AUCTIONEER. 1\. Office and salesroom, 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post olllce. Horse Auction Msrt. 19 to 26 East Thirteenth street. Carriage Repository, No. 8 Cortlandt street UENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS. Ac. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Thursday, April 17, at 10'u. o'clock, at J4 Jones street (tieur Bleecker', all the Furniture contained in said bouse. Par ticulars to-morrow. Arch, johnston, auctioneer. Office anil salesroom. 37 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. Horse Auction Mart, 19 to 26 East Thirteenth street. Carriage Repository, No. 8 Cortlandt street. Handsome Household Furniture. Rosewood Pianoforte, Carpets, Ac. ARCH. JOHNSTON will sell at auction, on Thursday, April 17, at 10*a o'clock, at 142 Schcrinerhom street, Brooklyn, near Smith street, carved rosewood Parlor Suits, witlnut Dining ind Bedroom Furniture, Carpels, Ac. Particulars in time. Allen, dooley a hbnbiqubb will sell at auction, on Tuesday, April 16, 1873, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Exchange Salesrooms, 111 Broad way, the lour storv high stoop Dwelling House and Lot 39 West Thirtv-tliird street, between Fifth avenue. Broadway and Sixth avenue; size of house 21. l^x/ifi, about ; lot 2l.l'ilx98.9. Also. at the same time and place, the three story high stoop brown stone front House and Lot 106 East Twenty-sixth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues; size of bouse. 20xS0, lot 20x98.9. Also, at the same time and place, the three story high stoop brown stone front House and Lot 132 East Sixty-fifth street; bay windows; parlors have just been painted and frescoed ; size of house 20x30, lot 20x100.6. For maps and particulars apply at the office of the Auctioneers, 96 Broadway, or at the branch office, 1,260 Broadway. A UCTION SALE, AUCTION SALE J\. of elegant and costly Household Furniture, Tills DAY (Tuesday), at 10J? o'clock, at private rcsldeuep 210 West Twenty-ilrst street, near seventh avenue. ROBERT C. CA8IIIN, Auctioneer. Parlors contain Axnunster Carpets. French pinte Pier Mirrors, rosewood and walnut Parlor Suits, in satin broea teland Cotellne; Lace Curtains; elegant assortment Paris Bronzes and Clocks. Centre and Console Tables, inlaid Cabinet, Etageres, Turkish Chairs. Oil Paintings, Orna ments, Ac. ; magnificent four round rosewood 7'4 octave Pianoforte; also one beautiful square 7 octave Piano forte. Dining Room contains Brussels Carpet, Extension Ta ble. Buffet, dining Chairs, Glass, Chinu and Silver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. Chambers? Brussels Carpets, rosewood and walnut Bed steads, Bureaus. Washstands, Lounges. Easy ('hairs. Suits In reps, Curtains, Mirrors, Mattresses, fine Bedding, Paintings, Ornaments, Ac. Library Furniture, viz. Bookcase and Books, Library Tables, Desk. Chairs, Carpets, Ac. ; also Kitchen furni ture, Ingrain Carpets, Ac. Notice. ? House open st 9H O'clock. Catalogues readv. Take Sovcnth or Eighth avenue cars to Twenty-first street N. II ? Pale positive. Those desiring to purchase house hold Furniture would do well to attend. Cut this out UCTIOJTnoTIC E.? SALE TBI! DAT (I U ESDaY), Commencing at 1U% o'clock. Five story brown stone residence 120 West Twenty- third street, between Sixth and 8eventli avenues. Over $25,000 worth elogunt. costly and plain Household Furniture ; rare and costly Works of Art; brilliant toued 7'* octave rosewood Pianoforte. used one vcar, cost $1.0U0; magnificent Drawing Room suite, covered In crimson satin, blue and gold brocatel, silk reps, Ac. ; Centre Tables, 1'ier Mirror, Lace Curtains, Rosewood Etageres. Turkish Easy Chairs, line Oil Paint ings, French Bronzes, inlaid Cabinets. Jardinieres, Flower Stands, Bookcases. 100 volumes Books, Velvet and Brus sels < arpels, Ac., Ac. Bedroom contains rich rosewood and solid black wal nut Bedroom Suits, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstauds, Wardrobe. Chairs, commode, lady's Dressing case, Hair and spring Mattresses, Feather Pillows, Bolsters, Bheeti, Pillow Slips, Dining Room and Library Furniture, tlutrct, inlaid walnut, cost ?275; Extension 'lablo. Chairs, silver and China, Glass and Cutler v, Ac. ; Basement and Kitchen {? arfliture, which the sale will commence with. N, B.? Deposit required from all purchasers at time of sale. LI KE FITZGERALD, Auctioneer, would call the atten tion of his Iriends and the public to this sale, as It is the largest and richestassortment of Household Goods ofTered to the public this season. Goods can be shipped or stored until 1st of May. Augusts bar tines, auctioneer. Magnificent Household I'urniture, Pianofortes, Bronzes, Paintings. Drawing Room Suits and rare, costly Works ot Art, . . at public auction, THIS DAY (Tuesday) at 10, o'clock, at the residence % West 16th st., near 6th av. Drawing Rooms? Superb suits, covered silklbrocade, rich est description; Marfiueterle. bois de rose Cabinets, T . I.1..U I n cot l; 11 elll-s Jurflinii.r... i tiZl i-aiuuiigs o? ,-imoi. ..v nun, i?, nroiifli nistuary, ( locks, magnltl ent rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated maker. Music Stand, Stool, Cover. < hamber? Rosewood, walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, wardrobes. Commodes en suite, Stvle Louis XIV.; Mattresses. Ac. Dining Rooms? Exten sion Table, Bullet Silverware, Cutlery, chlnaware, Glassware ; Furniture ol basement, kitchen and servants' apartments. N. B. -Parties wishing to attend tills sale take 5th uv. stages or Gtb av. ?ars. I CHANCE FOR BUILDERS.? 100 FEET FRONT, ON jY Forty-ninth street near Ninth avenue ; frame and brick buildings; splendid location for tenements ; $30,500. MORRIS B BAEK, 72 West Thirty-fourth street. ART NOTICE. The sale of the large and elegant collection of Oil Paintings, advertised lor the ?l6th and 17 1 li Inst., at our gallery, 37 Nassau street, Is, la consequence ol the im mense pressure of other sales, deferred uutll Wednesday and Thursday, the 23d and 24Ui A|)r(l ARCS. JOUNSTON. Auctioneer. KAI.RM AT AUCTION. A UOTION H/vTiB OK I\ VAL.II.VHLK IMPUOVHD PROI'RItTY OH SECOND AVENUE, CORNER OV E l< i UVUSTH STREET. JOHhPll Mot III IKE will sell at miction an THURSDAY, April 17, 1*7:1, ai I* o'clock noon. at (hi' !.*< Iiaugo >*leiiri?om, III rroadway, tlie two lour story and cellar brick Houses, with Slr>ro?, l.HS and l,M5 heron! avenue, northwest corucr of Kight.oth street. AL?o, The Hirer story ami brick front Honae.wlth Store, '.21 East Ei'hlictli ft i ok t, neur Third avenue. - Map* ut the auctioneer1* ollicc, N7 ('edur street Adotion notiub. urob uui at ranrifi Residence, III Went Twenty sixth street, lihi* day, commencing at tUV^' o'clock. Over .'K*l lo'n of Hint class city made honichold Furniture, to bo sold in lot* to Milt purchasers, viz . Rosewood grand square I'lanolorte, eosr $960; elegant Parlor suits, latent styles uud rich covers; llrussuls Carpels, Oil t'nin t IllifM, llron/Asu, I<*ce Curiums, EtnKorus. Mirror*. Ornaments, trench (.'locks, marble top and inlaid tables, Cubini t<, Ac. Bedrooms contain Rosewood and Walnut Suit*. single ""d double liedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrnlies. Wa.-distunds, Dressing Stan Is, Commodes, Armoire-a Olaoe, 20 curled hair and sprint; lleds, Bedding, Lounges, Turkish Chairs, Pillows, Holsters, Carpet*. Ac. Also din i ntr room. basement lad kitchcu fttWltW. Albert b. waldrmn, auctioneer. .Salesrooms luH l.ihorty. 111 Cedar and 38 Church st Kurniture, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., on WEDNESDAY, at 11 o'clock. D. W IYES will scM as above a very large and general assortment of new and second hand Ooodi, removed to salosroon.s for convenience of Hale, including Parlor and Chamber Hints, Bookcases, Buffets, Wardrobes, Arnioires. Hallsiuiuls, Extension and Centre Tables, I lining anil Bedroom Chairs, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oil cloth*; Bedding of all descriptions; Pictures, Ctockery, Kitchen Article*, Ac. Catalogues at Hale. A -WILLIAM TKIST BAILKY, AUCTIONEER. . By V. K. 8TKVKNSON. ,lr. Sale TllIS MOBNINO, at 10U o'clock. Furniture aud Effects at Atf East Ninth street. Office 11 Pine street. Auction notice. auction notice. Largo sale THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, coniraencinu at 1>? o'clock, tlvc story residence 123 West Kid st, near 6th av. Pianoforte, Parlor suits. Bedroom Suits, Carpets, Mirrors, -Waitresses, Paintings, Bronzes and Basement and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. sale positive, lu lots. By f. ooIjTon, auctioneer. Genteel Household Kurniture In West Thirty-first street This day (Tuesday), April 13, at 10J* o'clock, at the private residence 321 West Thirty first street, near Eighth u venue, the entire choice Kurniture ol the dwell ing, embracing rich rosewood Parlor halts, French Piute Mirrors; Velvet, Brussels and other Carpets; black wul nut marhle top Dressing Bureaus and carved Bedsteads, Bookcases anil Wardrobes, Extension and Centre Tables, best Hair MattroatM, China and Glassware, Kitchen Kurniture, Ac.. Ac. Catalogues curly tills morning. On Thursday, April 17, at the private residence 1 11 West Forty-third street, near Broadway, really elegant and very superior Kurniture, Stelnway rosewood carved Pianotorte ; Frenoli plate pier and imuitel Mirrors; ele gant satin ilama?k I'arlor Suits, ul the richest designs and finish, which cost $l,;sni; also elegant and superb Library Kurniture, Krench niarnueterle and French walnut Bed room do.; Swing Uookcasos, superior best hair Mat tresses, China and Glassware, Ac. Catalogues iu time. On Monday, April 21, all the rich Furniture ol lorty parlors and bedrooms, to gether vv ith all the velvet, Brussels, und other Carpets; best hair Mattresses, French plate Mirrors, Ac. Ac., at the corner ol Broad way and Twenty-fifth street. Entrance, No. 7 West Twonty-fltm street. More full particulars in time with catalogue. Notice ot'Turthor sale oil Thursday . BY JOHN A, DUNN, AUCTIONEER? MARSHAL'S Sale.? Will sell Thursday nexj, 17tli, a largo lot of Flowers and Keathers, together with six new Curled Hair Mattresses and a large varietv ol Household Kurni ture P. DAI LEV, Marshal. By s. w. dauchy, auctioneer. DAUCHY A JOHNSON will sell on Wednesday, April 16, at 2 o'clock, at their salesroom, *51 Caiiul street, 2IK) Carpets from the Fifth Aveuue Hotel, consisting of Royul Wilton, Axminster, velvet, mo luetic, body Brussels, tapestry and other Car pets, Rugs, Mats, Ac., eighteenth semi annual suit; all to be sold without reserve in lots to suit. Dauchy a Johnson.? by William h. otley. Auctioneer? Will sell on Tuesduy, April l.r>, at lil>i o'clock, at 148 Waverley place, near Sixth avenue, the Kurniture ot ai story House, consisting of Parlor. Bed room and Kitchen Kurniture, Brussels and Ingrain Cur Seu, Feather Beds, Pillows, Sheets, Spreads. Mattresses, edstcads. Bureaus, Withstands, Looking Classes, Toilet Set, Tables, Chairs, Parlor Stoves, Olans and Crockery Ware. Ice Box. Ac. ? DM. SEAMAN, AUCTIONEER? HANDSOME ? Household Furnituru at auction, Tuesday, April 13, ut ll)$i o'clock, ul private residence 165 West Twcllth street? Black walnut Parlor, Dining und Bedroom Suits, in blue cloth und crimson reps; Biiirot, Extension Table, mirror-back Hat Stand, Pier Mirror, Lounges, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, China ware, Ac. Catalogues at 14 Pine street. Ijl A. MURPHY A BROS., AUCTIONEERS. OFFICE 'J. 833 Broad way, will sell this day, at o'clock, the entire Stock and Fixtures of the old established Liquor Store, 223 West Twenty -seventh street, lu lots; a rare chance; dealers invited. CIIAS. J. DARLING, Salesman. ITlD. MURPHY A CO, AUCTIONEERS, 833 BROAD 'J way, will >cll, this day.ut 1 1 o'clock, the entire Stock and Ki.uuri s ol the Liquor Store 4dS Sixth avenue, in lots; dealers invited. CIIAS. J. DARLING, Salesman. I? DW ARD PBTTINGER, AUCTIONEER. ? MOSTGA 1 1 B li sale contents Ilrst class billiard rooms, S21 Sixth avenue, this day, at 11 o'clock, consisting ot elegant Bar, Lunch anil Oyster Counters, splendid tour-pull rosewood Pump, Silver I'lated Ware, Glassware, Mirrors, Engrav ings. Oil Paintings, lour Pbelan Billiard Tables, complete; Chairs, Tobies, Carpots, Oilcloth, Gas Fixtures, Plumbing Work ; also valuable Lease. Order AMOS A. WRIGHT, Mortgagee. /"i BEAT SPECULATION FOR MARKET GARDENERS, \Jf speculators, investors or homestead associations, at a positive cash auction sale to be made by JEBE. JOHN SON, Jr., at 12 o'clock, on Tuesday. April -'2, at Exchaugo Salesrooms, III Broadway, New York, of the Farm of Dr. Samuel S. Kuypers, deceased, situated at Jamaica. Long Island, on the corner of Van Wyck uud Liberty avenues, almost directly opposite the Jamaica Lot Association grounds, and nearly adjoining Tallourd Lawn, close to Berlin depot and the proposed Junction of the new Bay Ridge Railroad w ith the South Side Railroad, und but a short distance from iwo depots In Jamaica. The farm ? ill be sold in plots of 4 acres each. On one ot the plots tlu re is a gooil lioic c and outbuildings. The sale w ill be positive, by order of heirs. Ten per cent on day of sale, balance in 3') days. Maps ?t 21 Park row, New York. Henry b. herts. auctioneer. RICH AND ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STEINWAY GRAND AND UPRIGHT PIANOS, VALU ABLE OIL PAINTINGS, CLOCKS. RKONZES, PIER AND MANTEL MIRRORS, RICH CARPETS, AC. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 15, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT ?2 WEST FORTY THIRD STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVKNUE The Furniture was all made to order, regardless ol cost and is tiearlv new. PARLORS CONTAIN richly inlaid ebony, bronze and gilt I'arlor Suit, in crim son satin, with Window Curtains to match; rich French plate pier and mantel Mirrors, valuable oil Paintings, by eminent artists ; Steinvvav \ Sons, parlor grand Piano, French Moquet Corpets, rosewood Etagere, rich Pnrls Clocks, Bronzes, statuary. Vases, ornaments, ebony Pe destals, Easels, Inlaid Tables, Flower Stands, Turkish Suit, in drAb and blue silk reps, Ac,. Ac. CHAMBERS CONTAIN massive solid rosewood Chamber Suit, English and Brus sels Carpets, tine Beds, Bedding, spri ng and hair Mat tress' a, Lounges. Turkl-h Chairs. Paintings, Engravings, flue wulnut Chamber Suits, Ac , Ac. DINING llooM. English Brussels Carpet, walnut Sideboard, rich Dining Suit, in morocco; Extension ruble, rich China, 'Glassware, Silverware, Cutlery, Clocks, Pictures, Ac., .Ire., together with a very tine and lull assortment ot choice Kitchen and Cookins Utensils, with which the sale will com mence. Catalogues and permits to view may be had on Monday at the otnee ol the auctioneer, 16 Cortlandt street H ENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. HOUSEHOLD FURMTURh, ROSEWOOD PIANO, AC., ON WEDNESDAY. APRIL l?, AT 10? O'CLOCK, AT 207 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, NEAR THIRD AVENUE, comprising velvet and Brussels Carpets, pier and mantel Mirrors, Clocks, Bronzes, Paintings, rosewood and wul- 1 nut Parlor and Chamber Suits, In brocalel and reps: j Etugercs, seven octave rosewood 1'inno, oak Dining Room suit. Extension Table, Ac. ; rosewood, mahogany und walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands, fine hair | Mattresses, Beds and Bedding, Turkish Lounges, Easy | Chairs. China, Glassware, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., Ac. j Catalogues now ready utottlcc ot auctioneer, iticortlandt street Henry b. herts, auctioneer. SPECIAL PEREMPTORY SALE OF WATCHES, JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, STORE FIXTURES, REGULATOR, JEWELLER'S SAFE, AC., ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, April 17. is und 19, at 10 o'clock each dav. BY OROER OK MR. JOHN CHAM BERLIN, ut his store, 713 BROADWAY, UNDER NEW YORK HOTEL, enmprisine his entire stock, valued at over $.'0,U00, which will be sold without any reserve, ou accouat ul retiring from business. Catalogues will be ready on Ihe 16th inst Henry b. herts? GENTEEL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ON THURSDAY, APRIL I7TH, AT 10 O'CLOCK, AT 1627 BROADWAY (IN GARDEN), Between Forty seventh und Forty -eighth streets, comprising velvet, Brussels and ingrain Carpets, OH Cloths, Mirrors, walnut and mahogany Parlor Suits, in reps and hair cloth, centre, side and card Tables, ("locks. Ornaments, Pictures, chamber and Dining Room Furni ture, Beds. Bedding. Kitchen and Cooking Utensils, all the property ol a family leaving for Europe. Cataloguo at sale. IS. WEINBERGER, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS ? day (Tuesday), April 15, at 10 % o'clock, at 16% Bowery, for account of whom It does concern, 2 Krench Plate Mirrors: Cornices, Marble Slabs and Brackets; 3 fine Parlor Suits, I Reception Chair in brocade, 30 rolls of English and American Brussels, Three-ply, Ingrain car pets, Oilcloths, Matting and a variety ol general Mer chandise^ JACOB BOGART, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS NO. 1 North William street, corner of Krunklort.? Per sonal attention paid to the sales of Household Kurniture of lannlli'S declining housekeeping at their residences; also at the auction rooms. WEDNESDAY, April 16, at 11 o'clock, at the auction rooms, a general assortment ol Household Kurniiure. i ' JERE. JOHNSON, JR., AUCTIONEER OPENING OK SUBURBAN SEASON. FREE PASSES. COLLATION. HARRISON. IMPORTANT AUCTION SALE. A. J. WONDRA'S SPLENDID PROPERTY. AT 3 O'CLOCK P. M , ON THE PREMISES. ASTORIA, LONG ISLAND CITY, MONDAY, APRIL 21 1873. Large and elegant Mansion and Ground* on Henry street, comfortable pottage on Hushing avenue, desir able I'lig on Klushflig avenue, vacant Lots on Carver street, choice Lots on Second avenue, all te lie sold on verv easy terms, without regard to price. Maps and free passes of JURE. JOHNSON, Jr., Auctioneer, 21 Park row, New York. JAMES CAGNEY, AUCTIONEER, REAL ESTATE and Loan Broker, 5:11 Hudson street, will give per sonal attention to the sale ol furniture at private residences, hotels, store stocks, Ac. ; 23 years' experience ; prompt, reiiuble returns, moderate charges; appraising attended to. SATURDAY, APRIL ID, ? Entire elegant Kurniture ol the live, story hrown stone private Residence, 88 West Washington square, corner of Fourth street, comprising llic Kurniture of about thirty rooms, which is In excellent Condition ; full details hero utter. Catalogues will eontaiu about .'AO lots. PAWNBROKER'S NALI.-TIIIS DAY, AT HAM FOREST'S, 17 Bowc.rv? A large assortment of unre deemed Pledges, consisting ol Dresaes. Shawls, Rem nants, Spreads. Underclothing. Coats, Pants and Vests and various other artiole.s too nuausruiut to uieutnm. By order at M. Cook, 21 Aiuily street. N W.KS AT Airf TWM. MORRIS WIl.KIV^, ADOTTOVKKK. Peremptory sale tn partition, t.v order of the Court ot common Picas. hlcvcii l.ots on MhiIimiii uv<muc, l.irfhty lilth and Kicntv sixth ttreets. K H. l.UDl.UW A tin will m il at auction, oil Wednes day, April IK. 1S7.S, ut 12 o'clock, at the tfxchauire sales room. Ill Broadway', New York (hiiIc under thodiroclioii ol Henry Morrison, UtHj., lie to reel Madison avenue, southwest corner of Kintityslxtli street? Kltfhl l.ots, havtnn n irmila o ol' KB 2 Ice ton Madi son avenue mid I'M Icet on Uitflity -sixth street. Madison avenue, southeast co-uer of KiRlity-Mtxth alreot I'lot ol Oround. '.W lee I 8 inches l>y 102 lee ttttncho*. Ka-it KlRhty ItlUi streets? Two Lout, north ?i(le, U6 lent west ofMalNon avenue, rear of lllplitv-sixlti at rout lots, each s>x IJ2 toet 2 Inches. Two-thirds of llie purchase inonoy may remain on rnort tf ace. FItANKMN HltOWN, Attorney. 55 Ulierty St., N. Y. Maps, Ac., at the ofllce of Ibe auctioneers. No. .t 1'iuc

street, New Vork. TyjOltltlH WILKIN8, AUOTIOMKKK. Elegaul Furniture, Hue Mirrors, * Superb Carpets, Ao.. at auction. F. II. LUIH.OW * CO. will sell at auction on Thuriday, April 17, 1K7J. at II o'clock A. M , at the private resi deuce 1 5U2 Madison avenue, between Thirty-Ami and Thir ty-sixth streets, the entire Furniture contained in said limine, consisting of ebony and gill inlnid I'urlor Suits, superb inlaid Cabinet, handsome Library Suit, eleitant Bookcases, Library and Centre TBbles, rosewood ami black walnut Bedroom Suits, Turkish ('hairs and fancy TablM line Trench plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Mo. quet, velvet and Brussels Carpet*; Oilcloths, reps, silk and lace Curtains, Ac. : lino Oil I'ainliims, Ac., together with uti assortment of Kitchen Furniture and Utensils, with which the sale will commence. OLIVER BRYAN, AUCTIONEER, Office 116 Broadway, Real Estate at Public and Private Kale, Executors' Sales, Ac. ? Executrix Sale, by order ot' Mrs. John A. Nowhould, on Thursday, April 24, at 10 :?<> A. M., at 121 Liberty street All the coiiteiiHi.ii three floors, consisting of a large hit ol heavy and light Machinery, lor hoopsfcirt trimmings, Ac.; Dies, Hand and Foot Tresses, for lin workers, book binders, Ac. ; 60,000 tin Candle Holders, for illumination ; fiO barrels Metallic Trimmings for hoopskirts; barrels and boxes oi "El Solito" Burners anil Chimneys, largo iron Sale, scales. Trucks, Office Furniture, Ac. Sold without restriction. Good* moved before May L PAWNBROKER'S SALE? WATCHES AND JEW elry. This day. JAMES At I A K, Auctioneer, will sell, at 39 New Bowery, al II o'clock. SOU lots gold and silver Watches, gold and diamond Jewelry, Opera Glasses, Silverware. Guns, Bistols, Musical unci Mathe nmlical Instruments, Fancy Goods. By order ol' A. J. Jackson, 90 Prince si reel. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THOS. J. U'ORATH. Auc tioneer, 133 Chatham street, will sell tiiis day, at 11 o'clock. 500 lots of Men's anil Women's Clothing, Dresses, Shawls, Remnants, Underclothing, Bedding. Boots Shoes, Ac. : also, Goats, Pants and Vests. By order P. Ganley, ti7 Division street. Riciiahd Walters, auctioneer, salesroom i 27 East Broadway Household Kuraiture? Will sell thl? day (Tuesday), at itl'j o'clock, at ifi Attorney street, a first class assortment ot I'arlor, Bedroom aim Kitchen Furniture, viz. One elegant rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, French Piute Pier Mirrors, Laco Curtains, Tote-a-I'etcs, Solas, Chairs, marble top Tables, Bookcases, Wardrobes, black walnut Bedsteads, Tables, bureaus, Washstands, Mattresses, Bedding, Brussels Carpet, Stoves, Crockery, Ac. Sale positive. Q HERMAN, AUCTIONEER.? SHERIFF'S SALE OF Sardines, Ac. This day (Tuesday), April 1ft, at 10 o'clock, No. 13 Bowery, Meases ot native Sardines of ItMi boxes each, in good order, to be sold in lots to -nit deal ers, by order ot Matthew T. Brcnnan, Sheriff; Jacob Kochlcr, Deputy Also, a fine stock ,,t Liquors, vl/? of barrels and casks Brandies, Gin, Bourbon anil Rye Whis key, Port and Sherry Wines, Champagnes, Ac. s>ale posi tive. S HERMAN AUCTIONEER.? GENTEEL HOUSE ? hold Furniture. Bookcases. Library Oilcloth, Ac., this day, Tuesday, April I at 10, 'i o'clock, it 13 Bowerv, House hold Furniture of a librarian, consisting of Parlor Suits, Centre and otlice Tables, inarblo top Bureaus. Ac. : also one tine Library Bookcase and a complete Library of about -IX) volumes ot Books by celebrated authors: also Mirrors. Engravings, 50 pieces Oilcloth. Ac. Sale positive. Dealers invited. By order of LOUIS LEVY, Esq., Attorney. Ss DINGER, AUCTIONEER. 5. Large Furniture Sule at auction, THIS DAY, April 10, 1.(73. at 10 o'clock A. M. sharp. DING EE, PORTER A CO. will sell THIS DAY, at public auction, all the Furniture contained in the dwelling, 1G- East 129th street, llarlem, a few doors west ol Third avenue, consisting of elegant rosewood, mahogany and black walnut I'arlor and Chamber FornltutB, Carpeting, Bed ding, crockery, Table Ware, Kitchen I tonsils, Ac. Also on FRIDAY, April 19, 1H73, the entire contents ol private dwelling, 19 East l'!3d street, between Madison and Fifth avenues, comprising a large and elegant assortment of I'arlor, Library, Dining ltoom and Chamber Furniture in black walnut; handsome Brussels Carpets, Bedding, Crockery. Kitchen Utensils, Ac., with about 5 tons <>i coal. Catalogues at offlces of D1NOEE, PORTER A CO,, 2,308 Third avenue and 82 Cedar street. 0 BRIEF'S BALE.? R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER, 121 Bowery, will soil . n Wednesday, April IB, at II o'clock, at No. 5 Bowling Green, ft quantity of Otlice Furniture, consisting of Sates, Desks, Chairs, Ac. By order MATTHEW T. Bll EN' NAN, Sheriff. Jamks T. Dukphy. Deputy. s T UBNBR I "It Is a picture which could not possibly have been painted by any other than the muster whose name it bears. Everything is Turneresque in it. The wonderful floor of the sea over which the gondolas and barges lire gliding wherever their color is needed: the ha/.y air glorified by a rosy tinge that makes the architectural marbles still whiter; nod, more thin nil, that marvellous sk'.- ot enmulous clouds which, seen at the proper dis tance, become a pcrtcct heaven ol clouds? all these tilings mark the work as that ot the most passionately original artist of the age. Its .oily fault is the mult which Turner proudly . alls 'uiv luult,' tliat ol indistinctness."? New Vork Tribune. "There is only one other 'Turner' In this country."? New Vork Times. "It Is not unite so Inrec as The Slave Ship,' which is now one of the treasures in Mr John Taylor Johnston's collection, but it is quite as characteristic a worl; us that, and will, no doubt, attract great attention.''? Evening Post. "The exhibition altogether is of more than average excellence. The paintings have not been newly framed as an attraction, and tor favor have to depend on merit alone. That Is a severe test, and the collection bears it well. "?Brooklyn Eagle. Now on exhibition, free; day and evening, at the LEAVITT Art Rooms, 317 Broadway, three hundred . PAINTINGS, WATEK COLORS, Engravings and Efchim*-'. Sold by auction by order of the executor ot t bu estate of the late E. L. Cor Ilea, New Vork, also by order ol R. S. Baldwin, trustee, Baltimore, Ac., Ac., n n the evenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 17, IS and ID, at I lie Clinton Hall Salerooms. The Messrs. LEAVITT, Auctioneers. WILLIAM K K N NELLY, AUCTIONEER? WILL SELL Vt at anctionon Tuesday, Arril lf>, 1X73, at 12 o'clock, a the Exchange Salesroom. Ill Broadway;? Madison avenue.? Four Lots situated on the southeast corner Madisim avenue and 124th street, opposite Mount Morris square. 100x100.11. Fourth avenue ? lour Lots, situated on the southwest corner of Fourth avenue and 124th street, 89x100.11. 124th street? Four three storv high stoop brown stone Houses, adjoining tint above lots, between Fourth and Madison avenues; splendid location. 124th street? The three storv brown stone House 237 East 124th street, between Second and Third avenues. 120th street.? Fine Lot, south side, 225 feet west ol ave nue A ; lot 25xlim.n. 1 13th street (south side).? Two Lots, 295 feet east of First aveflue, 50x100.11. Thirty-fourth street? The fir?t class brown stone Hoti-e 47G West Thirty-fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth ? avenues. Grand Circle and Central Park Property. Fifty-eighth street.? The two first class brown stone Houses .'lis and 90 West Fifty-eighth street, near the Grand Circle, Boulevard and Central Park. Eighty-eighth street.? The two two story frame Houses and Lots on the south side of Eighty eighth street, 184.5 feet east of Fourth avenue; lots 25.0x100.8. Thirty fifth street.? The brick Stable, south side ol Thir ty-filth street, lftOTeet westol First avenue; lot 26*100. Maps at Auctioneer's office. No. 4 Pine street. On WEDNESDAY, April Ifi, at 12 o'clock M., at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broad way (bv order of the underpinned trustees of Walter Roche); Eighth avenue (northeast corner of Fifty-fifth street).? Four live sti.ry brown stone Houses, with Stores, 1)30. 932, 9:;t nn<t93A Klgbth avenue; good buildings; fine location. Fifty-filth street? Four story Frencn roof brown stone, 2f,7 West Kilt* fifth stre> t, in t lie rear of the above. Sixty-eighth street? The undivided Half Interest of seven Lots and Part ol l?ot north side sixtv eighth street. Kin leet west of Ninth a\ enuc ; each lot 2-r>\ 100.4. loot li street.? Full Lot south side ol 100th street, 200 foct east ol Tenth avenue. Mulberry street. No. 27? House and Lot 2.1x74. Mott street ? A". 70, 72 and 74 Mott street. Houses and Lot* ; each lot 2An'.M, Baxter street? So 111, iVont and rear Houses. Maps and pjrttculat s at Auctioneer's office, No. 4 I'lne street. JEREMIAH OUINLAN, 1 JAMES LYNCH, \ Trustees. JOHN E. DEVELIN, * \iriLLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, AS HERETO ?? lore, uiv. s liis personal attention to sales of House hold Furniture at tne residences of families declining housekeeping, or at bis spacious salesrooms, at 50 New Bowerv. near Chatham square. II'ILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. VV ? Office 50 New Bowery. Valuable Tenement Property in the 'seventh Ward On Wednesday. A [> r 1 1 Id, al 12 noon, at the Merchants' Ex change, 11*1 Broadway, lour Tenement Houses and Lots, 6!)S and <mx Water street, front and rear; on front one three storv brick building and store, 25x28'). Including alleywav. together with three storv frame house, 10x32: on rear two tour story brick houses, 25x2h|3, each, with yard, 43x36 feet. Maps and particulars at .VI New Bowery. BILIilA RDM. AT -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES J\ I . and the I'heian A Collendcr Combination Cush ions, nanuiacturrd ami for sale onl v by the Inventor and patentee, II. W. COLLENDER, successor to Pbelan A Cullender. 738 Broadway, New York. ?LATEST DESIGNS OF BILL! \ RD.T \ BLESjA N D . all appurtcnanccs connected with If*) trade; special attention to private trade. GEORGE E. I'll ELAN, No 7 Barclay street. "LH)R BALE? Til BEE BILLIARD TABLES, IN VERY F a jod condition. Inquire at 3*6 East Tenth street. C. WEIKMANN. I~10R SaLE-A FIRST CLASS PHELAN BEVELTARLR; been used but a little. Apply to GEO. B* 1'IIELAN, Rq T inrclay street. /1RRATEST I N Dili' EM ENTS EVER OFFERED Tt* *1 purchasers ol Billiard Tables, Now is vour time to call and examine my splendid site k ol Tablet a* greatly reduced prices; Biiliatd Tables complete lor |I0D. W. H. GRIFFITH, It) Vese/ street. NEW 8X10 Bn.LIARD TABLES. COMPLETE, FORim. Nonpareil and Bevel Tables (11 ifreat variety; sfceond hand Tables made over new, complete. $2fi to ?27.\ K \ VANAH A DhCKEIt, corner 01 and Uenlrw streets IIEM'IITIIY. HEAUTIFUI. SET OF TEETH, $8; SINGLE >1 warranted; Plumpers, for hollow cheeks, impart iug youtlitul auprarauce ; extracting, witji ga<, SO cents; stiver Oilings, 5u tcuis. <Ki SixlU aveuiXK, Beiuuinbor a*L A PUOPtntAi.ii. J>rtOPOHAI,H FOR SUPPLIES FOR INDIANA DktMKTUMnT or Tfia Tnteiuob, ) Orriou or (noian Arrsias, ! Waxiiinutom, Mar? h 20. 1K7.1 I Healed proposals, in duplicate, ? 111 he rswirtil Ht ffos. 40 mill 42 l<conard street, New VorX, until IJ o'clock M ol Tuesday, the 2'Jlh day <>l Anril, 1873, which nlace will he opeu tor husiucsx on and alter the 8lh day or April. IS7I, tor furnishing the billowing nmni d articles, required for issue to tiulluiw at the agencies named BAKTKR AOKNOY. MtVu) pounds, arcs weight, of lleef Cattle, on the hoof. lWOl# ootiuil* XX Flour, t>r pounds por inontli, or "" equivalent, in wheat. Se.OOD pound* Bacon, (lu#r sides, or 3,000 pounds per lunntli. 14,000 pounds Coffee (ereon). ? *2!w! Imllli'ls best Brown Sugar 1.wo pound* Plug Tobacco, In boxes. S.CU noun is l*<st lirown Sosu, in tmxos. J.Ctftl pounds Salt. flue, In I in r re In lunniwm ? VANOTON AORN0Y. ?.r" s weight, ?' HflPl Cattle, on the linol. m.uoo ixiii in l m Itucon, clour sides, or 7.030 uout<i'>|inr month. r 1 480,000 pounds XX Clour, or 40.IXX) pounds per inontli, or rtlil itH OQUl v a Umt itt wheat. ZB.wO pounds Coffee (gruen). "1'iwJ rounds IwHt brown Sugar. J, (MM) |?oiiti<>M Pltiff Tobncro, in boxes. i'r5!!poUn(!fl Hfown Koap, in boxen. 7 ,'*)() pounds Salt, fine, in narrt*lH. snnnnrw , WIIET8TONE AO KNOT. 'voP.'IJi P01"" "? J?'1"'"" weight, oi BeefOattle, on the hoof SW.WW poumU Bacou, clt!ttr sided, or 25, OKI pounds per ** inll'mn U?"1.1'1." ? V?,ur' or I00-01'0 pounds por month, nil, two pounds Coffee (green). 200.000 pounds boat Brown Sugar 12,000 pounds Plug Toliaoco, in lioxes. 2ft, (UK) pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes 5,000 pounds Salt, line. In barrels. , UPPER MISSOURI AORNOY. 1 ???.?*!' Pounds, gross weight, of BeefOattle. on the lioor. lOK.OOO pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 9,000 pounds nor month. 1 000,000 pounds XX Flour, or 50,000 pounds per inontli. .15.000 pounds Coffee (green). 70,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 4,000 pounds I'lug Tobacco, in Dotes. 9,000 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. 9,000 pounds Salt, tine, in barrels. 10,000 pounds Balcratus. in boxes. CHEYENNE ItlVKK AORNOY. 4,000,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 1 HO, 000 pounds Bason, clear sidtis, or 15,000 pounds per inontli. 700.000 pounds XX Flour, or 5H.0J0 poilnds por month. 20,000 pounds Coffee (green). 40, if*) pounds best Brown Sugar. 10,000 pounds Salerutus. in boxes. ORAN1) RIVER AOENCY. 0.000.000 pounds, gross weight, ol ReofOattlo, on the hoot. 300,000 pou ud.s Uacou, clear sides, or 25,00k) pounds per mouth. 1,200.000 bounds XX Floor, or 100,001) pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 200,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 poumls I'lug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 poumls Brown soup, in hoxey. 5,000 pounds Saleratus, in lioxes KEI) CLOUD AOBNOY. #,<*10,000 pounds, tfrons weight, of Beof Oattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 25,001) pounds per utonth. 1,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 100,000 pounds best Brown Suurar 12, oik) pounds Plug Tobacco, in irtixes. 25,000 pounds best Brown soap, in ooxes. 25,i"K) pounds Suit, flue, In barrels. 12,1)00 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. UPPER ARKANSAS AOENOY. 1, 'I70.HI0 pounds, urns:! weight, ol Beet Cattle, on Iho hoof. 276,000 pounds XX Hour, or 23,000 pound < per month. 22 000 pounds Coffee (greoh). 45,000 pounds best Brown Smrar. 2,Kuo pounds Plug Tobacco, iu boxes. ft, (loo pounds best Brown Soap, iu boxes. 4,NW pounds Salt, line, in barrels. KIOWA AUKNOY. 2,500,000 | ourvls, gross weight, of Beet Cut tlo, on the hoof. 500,000 pounds XX Hour, or 41, tftili pounds per month. SO, 900 pounds Coffee (green). Gli.tVK) pounds best Brown Sugar. 4,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. 7,500 pounds bet, t Brown Soap, in boxes. 7,000 pounds Salt, flue, In barrels. 3,000 pounds Saleratus, iu boxes. WA0H1TA AOEWCY. 1,130,000 pounds, gross weinlit, ot Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 138,300 pounds XX Flour, or 11,525 pouuds per uiomli. 15,5(10 pounds Coffee (green), 32,000 pounds best llrowu Sugar. 2,000 pounds Ping Tobacco, in boxes. 4,i*)0 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. it.ftiio pounds Salt, tine. In barrels* ".000 pounds Haleratus, In boxes BLACK FKRT AOBNOY. 8,000 pounds Coflee (green). 12,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in hoxro. 3.000 jiounds Salt, tine, in barrels. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxed. CHOW AOBNCY. 25,000 pounds Coffee (green). 50,000 pounds host Brown Sugar. 8,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in lioxes. 7.000 jiounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 2.500 pounds Snleratus, in boxes 7,000 pounds Suit. fine, in barrels. M I I.K ItlVEit AOENOl (FORT PECK). 60,000 pounds Coffee (green). 140.000 pounds best Brown Sugar I i.iMNl pounds best Brown Soap, in lioxes. pounds Halt, tine, in barrels. 6,000 pounds Haleratus, in boxes. 10,000 pounds I'lin? Tobacco, iu boxes. Bids for Beef Cattle will stiitu price per pou ml, gross. Parties bidding tor the other articles will stnte price per pound, net, and furnish a sample ot each article bid tor, except the Bacon and Salt. The prices must be given without modllleation or any proposed modification what ever. The BeefCattle must be good, merchantable cattle, all steers, trom three to seven years old, in good, healthy condition, and avernging ut least . uoo pounds, live weight, the weight to lie determined by weighing on scales, when practicable. Their delivery must commence at ouch of the points named on the 1st day of July, 1H73. which tluie about one twenty-fourth ot tlio jvliole ouautity will lie delivered, and thereniter the bnlsuce to lie delivered in I' liiiil ouantilies on the- 1 l h and 1st ot each inontli. Bids will also lie received tor the delivery ot the (inuti lity ol Beef required tor the mouths of January, Febru ary, Mar li. April, May and June, 1S74, of i\ bat are known ns'".Vative" or "American" ' nttlo, or lor cattle that have been Wintered north ot Kansas; the cattle mi delivered to meet the above requirements as regards age una con dition, and to average not lea* than 1,050 pounds, iiv " weight. That there mav be no failure on the part of the con tractor, lie will In- required to keep the Beef Cattle In the vicinity of the aitency. to he delivered when re quired ; and should it tie ascertained lluit ho is not col lecting cattle In the vicinity last enough, or should he tall to deliver them when required, the undersigned will purchase, or cause to be purchased, Bed Cattle as ho may elect, at the expense of said contractor. All the supplies, except the beef, will be Inspected and received by the government at New York, Phila delphia, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas ciiy, Sioux citv. or Yancton, and. with the lurther ex ception of Hour, must be delivered, packed and marked tot shionu nl. hv the 1st dav ot Juti", IS7X The flour must he ready tor inspection and delivery at such times and 111 such qualities as will secure, at each Agency, itull times, at least one month's supply. Kids will also be received (Or the delivery lit St. I.ouis or Kansas Citv l>* the 15th dav ol September next ol the following Bacon, clear sides:? For the Upper Arkansas Agency, 39,375 pounds. For the Kiows Agency, 04.000 pounds. For the Wacbtta Agenny. 28,125 pounds. The Bacon must be sound uud sweet and put up in gunnies. 'I he Flour to be fresh ground, ol XX quality, to be made wholly IVom good, sound wheat, and to lie" delivered in good, strom- double sacks, Mch sack to be branded "In- | din 11 Department Flour " The Coffee to b?> delivered in double ?ncks. The Sugar to be delivered In barrels, lull head-lined. Proposals will Is1 received for the delivery of any one or all oi the above-named urticles, lor any one or all 01 .-aid Agencies. The undersigned reserves the right to Increase or diminish the quantity ol each or any of the articles w hl< h the bidder or bidders propose to furnish. Parties bidding for Flour are required to furnish samples, each to Be in quantity not less tliun one pound, with a private murk corresponding to same in proposal. Parties to whom contracts for tlio supply of Flour aro Awarded shall, with <10 days, tuniish to the Commissioner ot Indian Affairs samples, in quantity not less tliuu 25 pounds, ot the duality contracted tor. Bids will also be received tor the delivery at the Agen cies on or about the 1st day ot .lulv next, or other I Hcil points, ot Beet Flour and bacon lor the billowing agencies in Montana Territory jtiiACKFBET AUENCY. 70,000 pounds, gross weight, ol Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 150,000 pounds XX Flour, or 12,800 pounds per month. 25,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides. CROW AGENCY. 215,100 pounds, ttross weight, ol Bi ef Cattle, on the hoof. BGo.OOO pounds XX Flour, or 41 .iiO? pounds per month. sn.OOO pounds Bacon, clear sides. Mll-K RI\KK AGENCY (FORT PEOK). 150,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on lionf. 2,1X0,00) pounds XX Flour, or 106,8'i6 pounds per mouth. 150,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides. All articles ttimished by contract made under this atl rtlseuient will besUDiect to inspection, and such arti cles as mn v In hiiv respect fall to cotitorui to the re quirements ol contract and the sample will be relented, and in that case the contractor ><r ? ontractors will be bound to nirnish others of the required kind or nualitv without deiav. dr it thai lie not done they will be pur chased at his or their expen-c. 1 Payments will be made at this oiHcc on proper re- | cetpts. alter the accounts theretor shall nave been properlv approved. Fach copy of each proposal must have a copy of thm advertisement a slip trom ? newspaper) pasted at its bead The right Is reserved to reject anv or all proposals If such a course should be deemed lor the interest of the gov( rnnient No bids will be considered trom persons who liavc fSlled to comuly With the requirtmcnis ot a former con tract. _ No contract, or part thereot, will lie permitted to he as signed or tilled by other parties without the written con sent ot the Secretary o' the Interior. No bids will be considered tor goods delivered at the ! Agencies exoept as specified In this advertisement. No will he considered that does not strictlv comply ? ith the follow ing tnrin ? I (or we) propose to tnrnish the Indian Oe- ! partment, aecording to the terms ol the adver- ! tlsement 01 the CominlKKiiiiicr ol Indian Aflairs dated March 20, 1X73. the billowing articles, at the prices thereto atttxed. (Here insert the list ot artlclos proposed to be fhrmshed.) Said articles | are to be delivered in (here insert the proposed place of , deliverjOJiy the (insert date). And ii this proposal be | acci pte'd I uir wei will, within ten days after lieina not i - fled, oxeoute a contract tcc.ordlngljr and giro security to the Commissioner oi Ii diun Alluirj lor the taiihtul per lormance of the same." No bid will be considered unless accompanied by a puai antee in the following form, to lie signed by two re sponsible tierson- vNgw1 sultlclencv iiiuhi be certified by a Ii nited States Jud or I Ustri'jt Attorney "Wn hereby, ioinlly and suvcrully. guarantee that the above bidder ior bidders), 11 a contract shall be awarded to him or them) according to his lor thelri 1 bid .,r proposal, will execute a contract accordingly, and | givt the requisite security far the. talthiul performance 1 of the same, us prescribed In the advertisement for Pro- ' p?sals tor Indian Supplies dated March 20, 1873, and in ! the event ot his (or their lailuie to do so we ,iereby ?gree and bind ourselves, i.ur tielrs, executors and ad- ; ministratoss to torleil uml pav to the United States as damages a sum not less tliani fifteen per cent on the I amount ?t sunt bid or proposal." Bonds will lie required in the amount ol the hid tor the faithful pcrlormutico 01 the contract, with two or more sureties, whose sufficiency must he certified to by a raited States Judge or Dl-trlct Attorney. Each bidder must designate his place of business, where communications sent to him will lie reoeived, the same ti, he entered in Ins contract should one be awarded Proposals should be enclosed In an envelope, addressed to Hie undersigned, and endorsed "Proposals lor sup plies tor Indian*.1 Bidders arc invited to be present at the opening of tlio The bids will be opened In the presence of the Board of Indian Commissioners and a committee to be dc*i.ig4t,>d by the secretary 01 the Interior, as soon as the tno'. mr receiving the same shall have expired, and tln? contracts will be awarded as soon ttierealtor as practicable H. K P M M, 4ctu>? uunruuciouct PIUWMAlia. |^KOPOHAI,H KOU INI?HN (JOOIIH. ~ * Dki-iIuimknt ok tiik Intkuiob, > ovviok oir Indian \rrt(SH t WaaiiiNUTON, Marcli *) 147,4 I Soale.l propoaals, endorsed "1'ropoas i(,r lulls, floods." Will LO received i?t 40 and 4i I, coutrd ?!?>,. i New York, until 12 o'clock M.. on Tiick lav, the ?Sd i?v , ? April, 1S73. whieli nlaor will be open for tuisine... ,,u an'! alter the flth clay of April, H7t, lor ( urn lab in .' hi u,r quantltl"* therein m von, any or all of tin- article* named in the lollowim: Hal 300 pairs 4- point white Mackinac Blankets lo mwu urc 79x00 Inches and widuh 12 nonnls 2,005 pair* .l-pouit whlUi Mackinac Blankets, to mean urc 6*1x72 inches ami weigli H pounds. 1,005 pair* 25^ point while Mackinac Itlunkeln, to mea, lire Mxtiri inches mid weigh 6 pounds. 62:. pairH 2-iioint while Mackinac Blankets, to mean lire 12x46 inches and weigh 5K pound*. 200 pairs I1, -point while Mackinac ltlankct*, to meas lire 3tix50 niches and weigh 4K pounds. '?? pair i 4 point scarlet Mackinac UlaiikutM, to meas ure 72x110 inches and wi igli 12 pounds. 1, 301) pair . 3 point scarlet Mackinac lllankets, to mcas ure Indies hiih weigh H pounds. 1,800 pairs 2' j (join I scarlet Mackinac Blanket.*, toincas lire 5lx0fi inches and we lull li pounds 650 pairs? point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to mean lire 12x16 inches and weigh 5' ? pounds. 7D0 pairs 4 point indigo hlne MacLinui HlankeU, to measure 7ix'J0 inches and weigh 12 pounds. 2,0*) pairs 3-poini indigo Idue Mackinac Blankets, t<* nic.-i lire 60x72 Inches and weigh H pi. mi ls 2, T25 pairs 2>, point Indigo blue Maekuiac Blankets, te measure 51x6:1 inches ami wciuli 6 pounds. 1,000 pairs 2 point indigo blue. Mackinac Blankets, t? ini-aNiiro 42x46 inches and weigli 5'4 pounds. 4110 pairs I point green Muckinuc Blankets, to uic.asutu 72xWi iucties and wc lull 12 pound*. 700 pairs t p.uiit green Mackinac Hlaukets, to mcasiirti , 60x7* inches and weigh (4 pounds. ii?) pairs 2% -point green Mackinac Hlaukets, to meiu urc Mxtiii Inches and weigh 6 pounds. 4.i() pairs 2 point grvcu Mackinac Hlaukets, to meas are 42x40 iucties and we gli pounds .. J'K yards fancy list blue Cloth. }5>JK yards saved list blue Cloth. 111,775 yards saved list scarlet Cloth. ?**) yards K ray list blue Cloth. J.'.IH. R I Woollen Shawls. KM| ? I Woollen shawls. 4ft) Heavy double Shawls. 4,921 pounds i Miipii Thread, standard make. No*. WW and ID, two thirds dark blue, one-third whiuar brown. 705 dozen snooH cotton, standard make. 200 yardt, X cord tMin o-corc. "SS'S? yards Calico, standard prints. Iw.soilyards indigo blue 1 1 r i 1 1 1 n ? ' 47.&KI yards vc.hxI lied Ticking I IH, 57'; yards iirown Slice ting, 1-4 standxriL 122,000 yurita standard Duck, H-ounce. 20,750 yards lit it il latisev. 20,450 yards blue Klannel, I w illntl. 27.60't yards red Klannel twilled. 0.300 yurds Kentucky Jeans. 1;|,K25 yards Satinet. ' I,1 100 yardscoloreil Drilling (for dress lining). 300 yards blenched Sheeting (.lor sbroudal. 3tilKi yards Blue Denims U.i* ' ) yards Hickory Shirting. :I4H dozen CoUOn'llandkcrctiielk 052 dozen men's Wmil Socks. 028 dozen women's Wool Hose. 483 dozen children's Wool IIomi. 41 do/.en Woollen Searls. 17,1117 Ited Klannel Shirts. .1,400 Orar Kldnuel Shirts. 7,605 Hickory Shirts. 1,10) ( Uillco Shirts. I.iii Women's Wool Hoods. l.M Mi.isea' Wool Hinids. 141) Red Coverlet*. 3,300 pounds Yarn, ussorted colors. 1,004 pound.s (lilllni; Twiiio, 2 and 3 coril, equal ituautt , n ties. Nin. ,'il>, 35 and 4l> 904 pounds Cotton Maitre, for Seines. 500 pounds Indiuo. 628 dozen best cast steel Axes, 3 to 4'a pounds. 4HI dozen best cast stuol Hunter's Axes, bundled. 50!) dozen Axe Handles, 36-inch, No. I. 617 dozen tinned Iron I'rcaorviug Kettles, 'Wi to It qtwrta. 434 dozen shorl-handle frying l'ans, Nos. 1, 2 anil 3, in ... euual ouautities 2'/! dozen I'm I'ans, pressed, 2, 4 and 6 ijuaru. .50 dozen Tin Plates. 820 dozen Tin Cups, pints. 200 dozen Tin Cups, ijuarts. liTi dozen Tin I'all.s, no cove-s, B, 10 and I2i|?arts. 40 dozen Tin I'ails, with covers, S, lOaud U quaiU. 25 dozen Tin Dippers, long handles. 130 dozen Tin Cnfleft Pols, 2 quarts. HO dozen Tin Coffee Pots, 4 i|iiarts. 613 dozen tinned iron Table Hpootij. I,5n:i Ituteher Knives, tiiuclt 110 Hunllni{ Knives, li inch. 120 dozen Skinulnt.' Knives, 6 Inch XlO dozen Knives and Korks, ?ood quality. s dozen I'oeket Knives. 113 dozen Taiier Saw Files, l.'i iuch. 47 dozen Mill saw Klips. 352 dozen Planters' Hons, No. 2, best oast steal. Hoe Handles. 40dozen Hatchets. 13 dozen Hand Saws. 6', II dozen Kisli Hooks, assorteil stees. 205 dozen I'ish l.lues, assorted sizes. 355 dn/j'U Se wiiiu Awls. 2!W dozen Sewing Awl Handles II? dozen Cast Steel Shears. 7^ aud 8 insltea. 441 dozen Coarse Combs )26dozcu Kine-tonth Combs. 55 dozen Open Thiuitilcs. Kidozcn Zinc Mirrors. 173 Needles, iiksoi mil sizes. ^ Needles, tilovcrs' 544 Heaver Traps Newbouse, Nil. 4. 50 Mink Traps, Ncwhousc. 3,3s'5(!amp Kettles, in nests of tliree. 5,450 bunches lleniis, assorted colors. fix) Powhatan Pipes. tint) Heed Stems, 3,142 Sack Coats, assorted sizes, for men. 4,652 Pants, assorted sizes, tor men. D3t) Vests, assorted -izes. lor men. 37t loose Sack Overeoiit.s, larite size. 250 suit > racket and pants), torbovsflvo to lea ynn, of aire. 120 Vent., tor boys live to ten vears of ai^e. 6,310 men's W 001 Hats, assorted sizes aiitl colors 175 hoys' Wool Hat a-<nrted sizes and colors. 3U) Tieavy Ca-simi re Caps. 1.5.W pai' s 111 n's -hoes, xoml quality, assorte.l sI/ksl 704 pairs woineu's shoes, unod qiialitv, n^sorrci/ sizes. 2.10 pairs bo\ s' Shoes, good quflfity, Nos, '1 and i: 22n pan s mioses' Shoes, tfooil .|iiatity, assnrleij size* ,'L'4 mi Irs children's shoes, ^oiia iiuallty, aaioi'tuil dize*. 9.0)0 pounds Tobacco, Plug. 5'n pounds Suiokiiig I'obaceo. All the 11 liovc ifoisls must tic delivered tn N'cw York? Phlladr Iphia or lioslon hv the 1st duy of .June no*'. . Also the tollowlnu Blankets, which will be rcu urcd to. Tie delivered by the 1st day of August next 1,400 pairs 3 point white Maekitiae lilan'iets, to rucasur^ iiox72 inches, and wel^h s pounds, 1,UOO pairs iiolnt white Mackipac Hlaukets, to inuaa urc >t vtili inches and weigh li pounds. 7B pairs 2- point white Mackinac Blankets, to ri<jLsur?i 12x46 inches and weigh 5', pound'. 1,850 pairs ( point scarlet Maekinai Hlaukets, to in -asur* li 1x72 iOches and weigh * pounds. 1,250 pairs point scarlet Mackinac Hlank' tj, to ineiw urc 54x00 inches and weigh 6 pounds 400 pairs 2-point scarlet Mackinac Hlanket?h to tneaa tirc 12x46 Inches and Weigh 5'4 pounds. 2,450 pairs 3-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Hlnnkcts, to measure 60x72 Inches and weigh H pcunus. 2.001) pairs 21.; point indigo blue Mackinac I'.ljaketa, to measure Mx66 inches and weigh li pntmds. 3M pairs 2-point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, tip ineasure 42x40 Inches and weigh 5't pounds. 100 pair* UK-point green Mackinac Hlankvto, to moai urc ."itx'iti inches, and welirlt ti pounds. iWl pairs 2-niilpt green Mackinac Blankets, to >ueitsur? 42x46 inches and weigh 5'.i pounds. The liii|. Will be openeit III Hie prc-eiice . 1 t'!0 Ho:iri| of Indian 1 ominissioners and a committee to lie desiini iteil by the Secretary of tlv Interior, as soon s , the liino lor receiving the same shall have expired, and the con tracts will lie awarded as soon thereafter as pr.n Hr able. Parties bidding are required to lurtiNh saiapiea 01 the articles bid lor. All the samples 11! each bidder shall be deslauateil hv a urlvate mark "ttache l to cacti sanipla corresponding with marks on the proposals The prices must be given without any uioiliflcatioil op proposed uiodillcatiou whatever. The right will be reserved to require a greater or lea* quantity (not exceeding 25 per cent in cltli r cit-el of iiu.v ol the articles than that specified in the above * .'indole's at the prices proposed. The right will be reserved to reject any or all proposal*. It such a course should be deemed for the Interests 01 lliu government. All articles furnished auder contract w 111 be raqulreit to be delivered, packed and marked lor shipment, vvitli out extra charge tor cases or bailing whim In origiaal packages, according to directions which vv ill be given, at a warehouse to be designated in the raspeetive cities where tllfl : 0 sis arc (MllTM, and Will lie MlbjTCt to in- / spection by the Bnai d nt Indian Cnmnii.-, sinners appointed I by the President; and such goods or articles as may u ? any respect tail to conform to the samples will be ri iccteii, and in that case the contractoi will be hottii I ' liirtiish others of the required kind or quality wiibmi !1 , days; or if that be not done, they will t?e purchased at 1 expense. "* No bids will be considered troio persons wl\o h failed to comply with the require menu ut a toriuer ? *T" tritct. **"? No contract, or part thereof, will be permitted* assigned or filled by other parties without the- wi consent ol the Se -retary 01 the Interior. lUon Payment will be made for the goods purchas?sl . nth, presentation ol the invoices thereof m, this otlice, L they shall have been properlv apiirovcsl. alter No proposal will Ik* considered that does fiat ? comph with the following form : ? iwu-iiy "I oir wei propose to turulsb the Indian Ih-pr rt aeciii'dlng to the terms of the advertisement 01 ' missloner of Indian Ailslr-*. dateit March 20. Is" , ' ,7}" lowing articles at the prices theiato sflixeil u.V,' i sert the list ol ar'lele* propo-ed to be tnraisli ,Vi 's,,i i articles are to lie delivered in .liere in.ert the plac e of delivery) tjy the (Insert date). And , ' posal be accepted I (or we) will, within ten " being notiUed. execute a contrrct accnrilin v i? . security to the Commissioner M Ind.aa A , 'J ,1" faitluul periormance ol the saint . loirs ior 1110 Each proposal must tie accoiupanied by a mi iranrv in the follow. ng lorni, to be signed liy two re p, .noble 'ier soti.-. wliow sutHciency must !>e ceruaed r I nii...i States Judgo or District Attorney .? "We hereby jointly snd severally go.ira ?((V) that tlio above bidder ior bidder*), if ueontrac; sh: iU lje .. .iVliril , . to him (or them) according t'. his n>r l-icl ., posal. will execute a coiitraod aecordsugl . ,,, . requisitu set;uritv tor the laithtul pc .,' ilJtlll,.,. ,0 same, as prescribed in the idvertisvin nt ior ro ) ?U for Indian goods, dated Ma.*. ?? 20. I-.T, ?? .S t i'^t^o ev7?? 01 his ior their) inlluro to di?so we .l*cr ,, , . " ourselves, ?lir heim, exe :ators Mid ?a,? ,ii.i rVoost. forfeit and pav to the b'nl:*d stat?e?, a- damage*. , ' .*? not lev. than tllteen par ml ?n tU? ai ,ount of said bid nrupu^iil. Honds will be required ? the wjiou nt ? ,.. faithful performance ,.t the contra witl w . ,, ! c -ti,ie.i W aV-XJ Stales Judge or DUtrlck Attornjy. 11 K, t/ljl 11, A ? o'.mg Comtulsjioner. M?V* OWJ CKS. A T 77 HI.KECKKR 8TRRS1 BROADWAY, I'P J\ st?irs-HljbMl caafc e dvancGK on Diamonds Watches, J? \velry,Ttnilo-. Ac.. 41t bought; l'ltwniirokurt* lu net* bouuht, at H BU?<lter street. AMKKKAN OFFICR? Kf /TABUSIIKD KM WY >A amount loan**! on wr oh-", Diamond*. Jewelrv, silverware. India Shawls, I.i Valuables, .?<?? . or will buy ; value kiv en. ,1. H haKKIMIKH. Broa f #uy, opposite A^toi pi. ice. 4 T 57 TlltRTRRNTH ST"/ :KT NKU{ H ? ? < ' V I ? W VV, r * p*y the hluhoM prlr ? (or btatnoii'K Wiu-lie.s and Jewelry ; advance on if ?am?' Isaacs, Diamond Broknr. 57 Thirteenth *1 r< 1 1 t, near Broadway. MOSKY LO \NK'.( MS DIAMONDS, WATCHKS, Jewelry anil furniture CM Ills r VIXKK'S l.outi (Mice, II mid 17 A'j nuiloii t'lnuo', Kiithth avenue, near Bleccker street, f Aortwe taken, Parlor tor ladies 'ill NASSAU tlTilKKT, orPOSITK I'OS r OKKICR - ? Liberal Advance made on Diamonds, Ui.lics, Jewelry and a >i kinds <>i uiMtehandisc i he same bought aud sold Uo'jiii I. ti WHAN LI OI'OI.IV ? -- - ? ? - - I < IVJSIjCTH tVKJM'K. BRTWRKK TWI NTIM'OljRTII i?t I'wentv tilth streets. -Liberal adwm<r#iu Ida i oil IMnnioiids, WatcUes.Jowelry.SllM, Lie o/ aiMSIi.iWl* Saiuv lioiitflit at lull viuue. l? Hf, K N A ItD. | 4)/.- BB< ? A l)W A Y, OVKH HKK.ALD BRANCH i 1 , ) 4 ?illiW, room B.? Parlors lor m iles ; brme i I U I Milton ?treet, Brooklyn. M.ntej I'W.m.I oil Diamonds, | Watches Jvwelry, *c. s?nve u;4UjL

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