Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Nisan 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Nisan 1873 Page 14
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_ P'TrATIOWg WAKTKff-FKMAI/.S. Cooks, die. 4II0RATT0 ST., IN THK GROCERY STORK? A RR .p< c:able young woman nscook; is willing to assist with ii^ washing uinl ironing; bent city reiere.nces. 4BA8T <>TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S? AS COM pcteut cook; ui>o as laundress; both will bo well recommended. C? WEST 44T11 ST.? A RKSPBCTABIiS WOMAN AS J flint class cook in a private lamily; i> u i;koiI Imki r, ami understand* her business iu all its branches; beet ?ity reirreuM irow last nlacc. 30 UNION COURT, UNIVBRSII \ PLACE, BBTWBBN ? t lltli nuil 12th sts.? A respectable Protests nt woman ?? lint-class ci?ok, 1111 washing, in a gentleman's lamily; country preferred; first closa references. ?>/v WB8T 13TH ST., BEAR.? A BE8PKCTABLH, Zt 1/ neat anil inly young woman as cook In a private lamily; understands cooking In all its branches; lour years' reference* from last employer. 4)7 8TII ST.. CLINTON l'LAOE ?A RESPECTABLE I girl in a private family; is a good plain eook: no objection to assist In the washing; no objection to the country lor the Summer. Cun be seen at present em ployer^ *)<) BAST JOTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS good cook ; is an excellent maker of bread and biscuit ^|-| WEST 43l> ST., BETWEEN BTH AND 0T1I AVS ? rl A young woman an conk; no objection to assist with the washing aud ironing ; best cHy reierence. 40 BAST :i2D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG O woman as cook, washer and ironer; good city ref erence. 4.1 EAST 32D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS T excellent cook city reference. | EAST 32D ST., BETWEEN 4TH AND MADISON rx avs.? As first class cook in a private faintly ; best city reference. Call for two days. r?? SOUTH 6TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE VfUJNO ?/?> woman as cook, washer and Ironer in a private lamily ; good reference; call for two days. r.r. WEST I8TH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE PBOT t)t) cstant girl as first class cook In a private family ; lies! city reference from last place. ft 9 WEST 1ST II ST., IN TUE STORE.? A RESPECT. "1?j able woman as cook; Is an excellent maker of bread, cake, soups and pastries; lirst class city reference. Cull lor two days. 77 IIENUY ST. ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS PLAIN 4 I cook in a suiuH private family; best city refer ence. 8R 6111 AV. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS COOK; ?/ understand* ail kind* of cooking; no oMectioii to po a shoi 1 ili*tun 0 in the ei uutry ; best city reierence. Qf CTII A V.? FIRST CLASS COOK; A SUPERIOR, fi\) experienced woman who has lived with families of distinction; perfectly understands serving dinners in French style; most satisfactory rccuiumcndatiou as to ability ami management; terms ,>40. ()(k sr. MARK'S PLACE.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as first class plain cook; economical anil trust worthy; understands all kinds ol lainilv baking; can take full charge of a kitchen, milk and make butler, or unsist with washing; best reierence. (11 USEES ST.? A FIRST CI. ASS FRENCH COOK ?*l desires a situation - good reference. 1111 THOMPSON ST., IN THE STORE.? AN AMERt -l\' I can woman as cook, washer and ironer; no ob jection to housework ; good references. 1 AQ WEST I8TB ST BEAR, SECOND PLOOB, I ' Iront.? A respectable woman as gi o.l cook and to dopni tot Uie washing; Is an excellent baker; best city reierence. mW EST 1ST II ST., FRONT BASEMENT.? A V*ERY competent woman as first class cook ; lias ^ood n t srence. 11 WEST 30TH ST? AS FIRST CLASS COOK; ONE J I'' who thoroughly understands her business; the best elty reierence. Call or address. 1 I ft WEST ;?n ST., NBAS fiTII AV. ? A BKRPBOT Il?* nbic anil verv tidy woman as good plain cook; would assist with washing r.nd ironiug; best city' refer ence. 125 203 mWKST IfiTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE TO UNO girl us )ila in cook., washer uud ironer In u small family. Good city reference. llu WK.-;r 2JTII ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN J I < a? first rul rook; an excellent baker; good city reference. Can lie seen for tw o ilavs. ion EAST HOUSTON ST., CORNER OP 2ND AV.? 1 -j" a respectable woman as good cook, to go In tlio country, to take charge oi butter; is a good baker; three years' experience. J HENRY ST., BEAR BOUSE.? A RBSPECT .1 ? " < able woman to cook. wash anil iron, and her daughter to do chanibcrwork and waiting ; no objection lotne count r\ ; good reference. "I OO WKKT 20Tn ST.? AS FIRST CLASS COOK IN A 1? ? private lamlly : no objection to the country dnr it g - ninnier mouths; tlrst class city reference. Hint CUli bell. IOC WEST X7TH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRl.8 ?(?' wish to mi together, one as cook the other a chambermaid and w aitress in a small prhato lumiu ; la-si city reierenee. SOUTH r.TH AV., REAR BUll.llINQ.-A FRENCH cook (KWas) in a hotel or restaurant. lijU CLINTON PLACE, REAB HOUSE.? A TO UNO J ? woman ns good plain cook and to assl-t with tli" washing and ironing; good reference Irom lust place; boar. ling house preferred. 4TH AV., IBTfllK 121 H AND I'.TII STS.. IN 1 ? O the store ?As Ilr?t clu?s cook in a liotel or board ing house. ('mi be seen for two days. jo.; west UTH st., between crn and tth J?> ? avs.? A respectable woman to cook, wa-h ninfe Iron in a small private lumily ; Is a good baker ; good city reference. 1')*) WEST 19 Til ST.? AS COOK IN A PRIVATE J.OO family; thoroughly understands her husincas; wilt assist with washing li require I : best city reference. J O J WEST 28TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN lO'l as first close cook ; understands all kinds ol soaps, lellies and desserts; i- an excellent baker; no objection b go a short distance in the country; best city reierenee. fall lor two days. 1'>7 WEST .Mil ST., KING NO. 8 HELL.-A RE 1?> 4 spec table girl as cook; willing to assist with wiistiim; and ironing. 1 | K BAST SID ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.? A RE i i'l tpectable young girl as cook and to assist in so use w aching and ironing ; best city reierenee frt m last I'ta'c. __ 1 j 7 WKST :?>TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG i'l I girl Osgood plain cook; would nssi-t with the washing ami ironing : bast city reference from last placo. 1 l(l WESTI7TH ST? TWO GIRLS; ON B AS FIRST 1 l? class meat and pastry cook ; thoroughly under stands her business; the other as chambermaid and waitress, or laundress; no ohiection to a private board tin; house, or would go In the country; best city refer ences. 1 ~v( \ WKST WTH ST. ONE FLIGHT UP, FRONT J?)"F riMini.? Two respectable girls; one as good cook and excellent washer anil Ironer ; the other as a nurse and to ilo sewing, and can run the machine and do light '.haiiiix r 'work . good reierenee* trem their last place*. 1 !\l\ WKST28TH sr., BETWEEN ITU AMD 7TI1 AVS.? I ? M * A respectable girl as good cook: willing to assist in the '.rushing and Ironing; is a good baker; best city reference. 1 rri east .ui) st., between sd and Lexington I??I avs.. Iirst Hour. ? A I'rotestnnt girl as cook In a small private family and to do the coarse w ashing; good references, t all tor tw o days. " 1 ,-?> WKST 1 XT 1 1 ST., NEAR 7TII A V , OBOCBBY l?l?j store.? A young woman as competent cook: un ;!rrsfands cooklnu In all its branches; excellent baker; la-si c iv rclerenrcs. 1- j WKST l.*Tll ST. REAR. ROOM I.? A YOUNG ?''r woman lis cook ; is an excellent baker ; noob.MC Uoii to a boarding house or to the couutry ; city rcterenci . JCC WKST 3itD ST., TOP FLOUR.? A RESPECT IBLE ')>) vonn ? w oinan to d<< plum cooking and assist with th" washing ami ironing iu n small private I'amilv; beat r?iy reference. EAST 421) sr., BETWEBB 8D AND I. i:\im. t)') ton avs. Three respectable girls: one as cook ; one as laundrc ; one as w allres. . ha*' no ohiection to Hie country for the Suinmct lie n:li- -. gi oil . Ity retc rences Irom tln ir la -t pi ice* IZfl 51S1 m NEAR in A V., THIRD FLOOR, 1??I front ? Two re?po'"at,le girn, sisters; one a- | ;.ook. washer and iron t. tin ither as chambermaid and waitress; wages #11; city references. 1 *??i WEST 2#TII ST . ?|l FLOOR ~\ RKSI'EC I'ARI E I ? JO girl us cook ami assist with willing; best city (inference. 1 r Q WEST 2STII ST. -A RESPECTABLE GliU. A Xs)?' first class cook in a private laim'y ; li st city (reference iron last place. Can be seon lor wo davs. l/oj WI ST 27TH ST.. THIRD FLOOR.? TWO GIRLS ; ; !")?) oiv as go??l rook ; understands all klods ofsoiips, t?-lli<- swei uncuts, ianis. Ac.; the other its seamstress t .ami to do a little hamberw ork ; understands Wheeler A : Wilsons machine: embroiders on flannel, uicrino or linen ; best cttv reference for both. 1 ( * I W KsT ^4 1 II - I ('OKNIIR OF7TH AV.-TWd j J'? r pirsous; one n< tlrst class cook, long cxpe- | rience In ilr-t i ! i s tamilles. th ;>;her as child's nurse or cliuinberuiald , ui st reference , country preferred. Call i tor two days. *>(tl WESl 1-tll - I r\v U, PKI.'TABLE 4JIBLS; I *1'" "it " ll" ?orxl plain i ook. w.tsher and ironer; the I ft hi r us i hamlM'i maul, v aitr. >? ninl to u->M ivith wafb inv niiu Ironing; in a i rivate lamilv ; ilrst clas- clly rrl- ' nences. < ull lor tw . days <H1<) WEST 27TII i IN I'l IK FNM'V STORK -A i"-' re?pe< a'.ii ,rl a. c tok; Is v j!l,i K t , as.-. t wi.h Hie coarse waehing. - ? - ?>?.??! a ivr.n i < i able young girl i ook, washer uuJ ironer - lie?t rity references. G(| | EAST :c.TH ST ?S cook IV \ PIUVAIf. , > 1 lamilv ; thoroughly onders afiiU li< r businm*, t>i*t city reference, OJW'WK-T 27111 ST.? \ ???:? T ?IAN"! (Jul. At ) i 'ook , und wlllittg io a ?mm w Hit tie eonr e wn-li Ing . gooil br a i , biscuit and pastry baker, understand" soups hiio meats ot all kinds: ha. no objection to goiii1.' In the country , good reierenee froiu her last place. " all lor two 4H1U WEST II ST A RESPECTABLE WOMAN a"1' will assist in tV> waahing in a ?mall private lamlly; best citj- reference from htr last Jplaee. ?tfkO WKST I'.iTII ST AS l'iRST CLASS COOK : UN der?talida meats ami pifci'.ry ill all branche*; lx'Hlir;it.T reference. (IAQ WrST 4 f T 1 1 '-T A P. I; PI- r CABLE Wf.MAV aa cook ii :t hi '. , family, won il do the p.';nn washing anrt ? rol'ing : riiy ri Ii ii le i s Call lor two d)r> -. (I/Wl KI'TM I : I NEAR Ml A\ AS COOK IN a small i ll ' 1 1 ? iiniiiv ia no obtei lion lo tile ? eiiiitry : li a ftoeil l>i'l? r und pilr. ? . and wi tie '< lyia.-c ! I I el: '? lie. all/ ji < till u |:>ll , has In si ? Iv iiit'itlae v> <i>i i? ui a SITUATIONS WASTKD? KKMAIiEH. Cook*. iitm. 9fKl WERT 2fiTII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS COOK, BY a respectable woman ; 13 willing to assist wltb the washing , ln'ni city relerenee. 91(1 east 2STII ST.? A RKSP KCTARI.K YOUNO /jI\I woman as cook, who 1s a good bread and biscuit biker; has no objection to the country; best reference Iron) her 1**1 employer. t all or address. 9111 KAST r9r" BT--AN HONRST, DECENT ? i IU woinun us cook in a private family ; good refer ence. 91 fl 6X11 sT" TOI> ELOOR, front room? a rk Zl" spcctuble girl as cook, washer aud ironer; good clly reference. 9] 7T1I AV.-A FRENCH COOK. ni r EAST 25TII RT., BETWEEN 21) AND 3D AVH. Lu I ? ) third door, back room.? Two aimer* in a private family ; one as good cook and to assist with washing and ironing, otlu-r as chambermaid and waitress ; good city reference. 917 WEST 28TM ST., BETWEEN 7TII AND 8TH w' I nvs.. rear.? A respectable woman as good plain cook ; good washer and Ironer ; best city reference. 91 7 KART 20TH ST., FIKST FLOOR, BACK ROOM ? ?11 A young woman, 2? years old, as tirst class cook ; understands her business thoroughly. 91 Q WEST 17 I'll ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND8TH A VS., Lt LO store ? flood cook in a small private family; 110 objection to assist with washing; would like to take care 01 house tor the Summer, with some assistance ; can give satisfactory references. ni(i EAST 21 ST ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK room. ? As first class cook ; Is an excellent baker; understands all kinds nf family cooking; would like to go to the country ; best relerenee. 91 Q WEST 28TH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND STH L ' ' avs., fourth floor. front room.? A respectable young girl as good cook ; willing to go a short dis tance in the couutry ; no objection to a private boarding home ; best city reference. 91 O WEST 27TII ST.? A RESPKCTABLE OIRL AS tL\ ?" first class 1 00k, washer and Ironer, in small pri vate family: best city reference. QOft EAST 57TH ST. -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as cook; perfectly understands her business; will assist in 1 he washing, and has 1)0 objectlou to a boarding house : pood relerenee. ^ *><11 EAST3.MIl ST.. FIRST FLUOR, FRONT ROOM.? JL-a L Two girls, one as llrst class cook, thu other as good waitress; good baker; no objection to the country ; best city reference. ___ t^9"l WEST SSTB ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE OIBLS ; ? ? J one as first class cook, the other as chamber maid; 110 objection to a private boarding house; good city relerenee. 999 WEST 32D ST., REAR.? A RESPECTABLE i-j young girl in a small privivje family to cook, wash and iron; city reference from tier last nhice. 99O EAST 2?D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOCNO _/.<?) girl its first class cook In a private family; can come well recommended. Call lor two days. 990 EAST HOUSTON ST., REAR, SECOND ? ? ') Hour ? A Ocrtiinn I'rotestnnt as good plain cook; will make herself generally useful in n small family ; speaks Erem b and English. Call tor two days. O9Q EAST 41ST ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE ? 1 wO girl as cook ; understands all kinds ol cooking aud is an excellent baker. 990 EAST 220 ST.? TWO PROTESTANT OIRLS TO iJa lO get her ; one as first class cook and to assist with the washing; the other as chambermaid nnd seamstress; can operate on 1 Wheeler A .Wilson's muchltic ; yood city reference. 99 I WEST 27TII ST., ROOM II.? AS COOK, ? ? r washer and ironer In a small private family; city references. 99Q CHRYSTTE ST.? A RESPKCTABLE OIRL AS ? ? O good plain cook uud to assist with tlie wa.-hlng and ironing. 99Q WEST 27TII ST., ONE PAIR STAIRS UP, back room. ? A respectable Protestant girl as cook In a small private family; thoroughly understands her business, and lias no objection to do the" coarse wash ing; over two years' city reference. 99Q EAST 81 ST St., BETWEEN 21) AND .1!) AVS.? A respectable girl as cnok. washer and Ironer In n private family ; no oblection to the country lor the Summer months; city reference. OOA EAST 14TH ST., CORNER 1ST AV? SECOND floor, front room.? A resi cctalile girl as cook and j to assist with washing In a private family, or do upstairs ! *ork an 1 fine washing; city reference. 9QH east MTU ST.. BILL 1? A COMPETENT | _?)" young woman as first class cook in a private I family; best city references from her last place. Callfor two days. f>.)9 WEST JOTH ST., BETWEEN 7TH AND STH AVS. ? a respect. ible woman as eook, washer aud ironer; city reference. . 909 EAST <8TU ST., BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? AS ? ? ) _ first class eook ; understands nil kinds of cook ing ; is an excellent baker. w ashcr and ironer. Best city rcicrcnce. 909 PACIFIC ST. BROOKLYN.? A PROTESTANT I ? ??_ woman as first-claw cook ; understands all kinds 1 of family cooking ; best relerenee, first-class private fam ily preferred. ?)09 WEST JOTH ST.? AS COOK, OOOD WASHER and ironer: cit\ reference. 9?),| EAST ZS r 1 1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE ENOLioll 1 ??f-r girl as first class cook ; lies! city reference. 9OQ EAST IWTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO do plain cooking, washing and ironing in a small family; best city reference. 9tl WEST 3SD ST.? AS COMPETENT COOK; IS A ? I I good baker; willing to do coarse washing if re quired ; nest city reference for honesty and sobriety. 9 1') BAST 29TB ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I ? i ? ? u? good cook, washer and ironer In a private , family; cm Icitv references. 9 1 1 WEST 47TH ST., ONE PAIR OP STAIRS, w'l T fironi room.? As tirst class cook in a private family ; no objection to go to the country; best city refer- I en< e givi n. ff EAST 28TH ST.? AS PLAIB COOK, WASfll R ? ' auii ironer . city references. 9 I WEST ItiTH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE YOCNO ? 1 IP girls; one as good cook, washer and ironer, the other as chatnbermuW and waitress; willing to assist with the washing if required; best city references. 9 I 7 wi;st 27-rn st.? a protestant yopno wo ? ! 1 man as good cook , country preferred. Can be sem until engaged. 9 IQ WEST 81ST ST., IN OROCERV STORE.? TWO ? I ?' girls; cue as tirst class cook, will assist with f 1 h u.', the <>t lie r as chambermaid aud to take care of ! children; fie?< references. 9- < WEST 28TU ST., SECOND FLOOR.? AN EX- ' I ci Hi nt cook, who thoroughly understands all | sorts of cooking; no objection to u private boarding . house; willing to assist wltb u washer. 9K 1 WE!>T ITT II ST . NEAR 8TII AV._ A RESPECT- j able yaiin.' girl as cnok, washer and Ironer or wuitre?=; reference from last place. Call for two days. 1ST AV AND 16TH ST. ?A PROTESTANT JL i ? woman a? cook; will assist with the washing ! and ironing it required, or attend to milk or butler; tio objection to the country ('all for two dnys. ()nr. KITH AV.? AS PLAIN COOK, WASHER ANI) ' iron r; would go a short distance in the country ; best city relerenee. 'Ml 7 BLEECKER ST., CORNER OP BARROW, 1 over the store.? A respectable woman ?s good cook and excellent laundress In a small private family ; tin objection ton private boarding house. OAK EAST 2CTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE \MKRI O'li) ran girl to do plain cooking, washing and iron ing In n small family. QAO EAST S9TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS > m . I ) cook In an American family ; is a good washer and ironer; rau be well recommended. QAO kast 1,t" st - Til IRI? FLOOR. -a respect O'M aide woman as cook; no objection to do coarse washing ; good reference Call from iOtoS. s 'il 9' WEST 44 Til ST.? A (URL \S OOOD IH.AIS t) 1 w2 cook, washer and ironer; no objection to the 1 country ; best city reference. mo EAST 31 ST ST (BINO TOP BELL.)? A RESPECT- I ? ) I O able Woman to cook, wash, and iron in a small private tarnilv ; best city relerenee. Q"|0 BOWERY. FIRST FLOOR. HACK ROOM? A ? ) L ? 7 respectable middle u -. f'. woman lo cook, wash aud iron is small irlvaie family; understands baking; civy relerenee. Call for two days my WEST WTH st.. betwkkn htm and otii i ? ) i ? > avs -A ? idow woman as first-class e?ok ; no ob lion t<> ttu country; giwlcity n tercnces, Ol fT WEST 421) ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS, #)l?> n<lsh fo go together, -or Would go separate); one ai > ".>d plnm cook, washer ami lr..:ier; the ether as chambermaid a id waitress; best city relerenee ? 11 Q LAST 'tl ST sT? BETWEEN l.-T AND fl) \VS._ Oln a re ?pei table young wonNUi a* cook or to do general housework; uo objectlou to UU* or country ?'an f e s<-? n for two da 'J. ?>1(\ EAST 21 ST ST.? A BEHPEC TABLE VOI NO ?)l ?> girl as plain cook, washed aud inner; best Jity reference. '291 "TH AV., CROCKERY STORE.? A RESPECT ? i?l able Psotcstan! girl as cook In a private family. Call or address. 1)4),) EAST 220 ST. REAR.-A Vot'Nti WOMAN, O J J wrb a little girl eight year* 01 ' : Is a good cook, washer and Ironer ; malws good bread and wcutts ; 110 objectioa toiro in flje country^ >)i) I WEST 4IST ST.? A R ES PECT ABLE YOCNO ? I wouuin as oook in a private tarnilv ; bread and histuitbftker ; no objection i> assist with the washing and Ironing : bast city references If required. ^ ?> > t EAST .14 TH ST.. FIRST FLOOR. EKONT.? A COM ? )w' ) petent cook : good bren?! and biscuit maker . will ing to assist in washing and Ironieg; good sefV'renee. , EAST 28TII ST., RINO THIRD BELL.? A RE ? 1 spectable young woman is cook In a priv.ito tamiiv. one who understands her Ijiisiness thorougfily ; good ciiy reference. Call or address. ?>l)0 KAST .430 ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS efH'k, wiiH'ier and Ironer ; good city rckrcncc. call for two davs. O'H) '4TII ST, BETWEEN 1ST AND 20 AYS., ? third floor, ir- nt room.? A respectable young woman a* 1 \i?ll? nt cook, v a?h< r and ironer. 0?)?J WEST >*TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOCNO 0?)0 woman n> > <>ok , willing to assist with washing and ironing is a good baker; good city refironc*. EA I '2D r HI SPECTMH.K WOMAN AS ?????) 1 \cetli 1 1 no objection to 11 private hoard ln<r h.'M < 1 r a shori lii-t.nici in Hie country; good refer .ifieC. OOf i.Ai'1 li RT -A RRHPROTABLB m.i no ii-.iO kmi V ? v> 1 . v asliei Hiid irvurr ?, tit> iclcrosvs 341 situations wanted-pkmales. ^ Cooks, die. O/ln "AST S<Tn ST. -A RERPKCTABLF. WOMAN us good plain cook and to aiwlst with washing and ironing; good eity reference irom I ant place. Q/| 1 EAH 3STII ST.? A YOUNU WOMAN AS COOK o tl and to do coarae washing ; no objection to the country tor the summer ; bout reference. O /J "I EAST SSTII ST.? A YOUNU GIRL AH COOK, ?Jil washer and ironer in a private tuinily , bos lour years' reference irom lust employer, ?> .< 1 WEST '.'fiTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK -A Orl respectable woman as cook; 1h an excellent bread and biscuit baker; thoroughly understands her business : reference; city or country. EAST 2Jl> ST, BETWEEN 1ST AND 21) AVS.? A voung girl as good cook in a private family; can do all kinds of lamily cooking. _____ O A 1 EAST SITU ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 20 AVS.? Ot" L A respectable girl an good plain cook, -and is an excellent washer and Ironor. Call lor two days. O.j Q 7TI1 A V.? AN ELDERLY PROTESTANT WO. O ru man as plain cook nnd to assist in washing and ironing; no objections to tlio country. Can be been for two days. Q Ct\ WEST 2STII ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER, OR'lS OOI) Minctta lane.? Two colored cooks, capable and experienced in their duties, in a hotel or boaruing house in the country. OQ7" 21) AV., BETWEEN 221) AND 231) STS.-MAN 0O I and wiie as waiter and oook ; man ia a first class waiter and thoroughlvdomestlcuted ; woman is a first class cook in ail Its brunches and a good baker ; economical and trustworthy, ami both have ictureucesofthe highest character. Protestant. yj "I "I WEST *TH ST., ROOM NO. 5, FIRST FLOOR TT.l J. hack.? A respectable voung woman as cook and to a-wist "I the washing ; best retereiiee. AlO 2D A V., NEAR 24TII ST.? TWO If ESP I'.CT A I1LE il<) young wmneii, one as cook, the other as waitress; good eity reference. EAST 15TB ST., THIRD PLOOR, FRONT t:? iO room.? A girl as good plain cook ; willing to as slst with washing ami ironing; good city reference.. Ay) \ EAST IfiTIl ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? A * ^ ' I" i'rotestant woman as plain oook nnd to assist in washing and ironing In u small lamily : would prefer u place where my boy, 12 years old, could sleep nights. ? EAST 59TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS cook, washer and ironer. 4 ns WEST 17TH ST. -TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?J' ' woman ; one ns nook, washer and iroaer; the other as chambermaid and waitress; beat city reference. 400 WEST 40TI1 ST., TOP FLOOR. ? A YOCTNO OIRL OO to cook, wash and iron or to do general house work In a small family; good city references from lust place. 4?>0 WEST OTH S t A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS OO plain nook and to assist with washing unit iron ing; good cltv reference. 4 AC) 1ST AV., CORNER BAST 2BTH ST., SECOND 'T? / floor, front room ? A Protestant woman as good plain cook and to usalst in the washing ; good city refer ence | J | WEST 2STII ST, BETWEEN ?ITH AM) KITH r'r T avs., third floor, front.? A respectable woman as good plain rook ; also a thoroughly good washer and ironer; no objection to the ntry; good city reference. 4~l' WIST MTH ST.? A YOUNG OIRL AS (jooi) cook, washer nml ironer; good city reference. Call Inr two days. 6TI1 AV ? AS EXPERIENCED COOK IN A I'RI vate family ; beat city references. ion 6? AV ? BETWEEN 29TH AND ?'TH STS., rt" ' first floor.? A respectable voung woman as good cook in a good private family; good city reference. CO I WEST SOTH ST.? A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS ')?it cook; would assist In the wushlug; uo objection to the country. 425 490 r jOI fiTI! A v.? AS FIRST CLASS COOK; GOOD ?)'t02 city reference. r.4H 2D A V., BETWEEN SOTH AND ftlST STS., second floor, back room.? A respectable girl as cook in a private family ; will assist with the washing, II renuired; is a good baker of all kind: will go n short way into the country; first class city reference. r QO 2D AV., BETWEEN .121) AND 33D STS.-AN EX 'I'lmj cdient cook: good baker of bread and biscuit ; best city reference ; no objection to go a short distance in the country. fjll EAST 16TH ST., BETWEEN AVH. B AND C.? AN Dli English Protestant woman as cook und to do \ washing and Ironing in a .small private family. f*f}A 7TII A V., CORNER ?D ST. (PRESENT EM \)_wT plover's).? A respectable woman as tirst class rook ; no objection to privute boarding house or i ountry ; best city references. 77(1 7TH AV.. NEAR 52 1 > ST.? A MOST RESPEC- I I I ?' table young woman ; trustworthy and reliable; a i good plnlu cook, washer and Ironer; is a good baker; full I satisfaction In regard to character from last employer. j OOl CTH AV., THIRD FLOOR.? TWO RESPECTABLE OO I girls; one a* cook, washer and ironer; the other as chambermaid and v. ui tress; good city rcierenuu Irotu last place. (VII :tl? AV., BETWEEN MTH AND MTH STS., ?/ I L first floor, front. ? Two respectable girls; one as first class cook ; ifae otlicr as chambermaid and waitress; both willing to do the washing of a small American iuiu ily; four years' city rcieri nre irom their last place. "I flf;7 21) AV.? A GIRL AS COoD COOK AND AN J..1*' 1 1 rxpericnci d laundress; good city references; no objections to the country. BROADWAY.? A WOMAN AS GOOD PLAIN j .1 ? M cook and to afssist with the washing and iron i lug ; bost reference. AN J il u AMERICAN WIDOW WOMAN DESIRES A Sir ing : where sin- could go home nights preferred. Ad dress WIDOW, Herald Uptown Brunch olllce, 1,265 l!i oflttwaj . A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, LATRL1 AR rivnl truui England, as cook; thorotighl\ un b r; stands French und English cooking; nool>t< rtions li. the country. Address COOK, box 117 llcruld Uptown Brunch office. TZTANTBD? BY a PROTESTANT woman, A 8ITUA * \ tioii to ctinl, wash anil iron: good linker: no objec tion to a -hurt dls;unce In the country; reference. Ad dre.ssJ. K. L , Herald Uptown Rrunch otlicu. Chainliermahli, A.f. 9 NORTH OXFORD ST., BROOKLYN.? A YOUNG ? American 4i> do chaniberw ork and take care of chil dren or chamlK'rwork and waiting; first class reference. 4 EAST IfiTIl ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Wo man a? ebainherntaid ; wou .1 do plain sewing or assist with the Ironing. Can be seen utber present em ployer's. 4 BEACH ST. ? A YOI'NO ifKI. AS CHAMBER niaid and waitress; would like to go to Orunge, N ; best city reference. | WHITE'S PLACE, WEST HTU ST.-A RESPECT T" able young girl us chambermaid and waltrcsslna small private lainlly ; seven years' relercnce Irom lier last place. IA FAST MTH ST.? AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT iU Hoinan us chambermaid, or to take cure of one or two growing children; country preferred: reference. Can be seen at her present employer's Iroin II o'clock. 4) rr WEST 55T1I ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A Z* ) lady wishes to get a good situation inr a thoroughly reliable g'rl, as cliainburm ;id. Apply, for two days, alter 1 o'cioek. Q(1 WEST 12TH ST., BETWEEN f.TH AND fiTH AVS ? ZifJ A respectable girl us chamb'-nnaid and waitress or to do fine washing; excellent reference. 07 CLINTON PLACE. ? AS CHAMBERMAID AND 0| waitress In a small private family or to araist with children; would preier to go a short distance In the country ; can be seen at her last place. -1 WEST AST ST.? FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID ? ) I and w nitre-' ; capable of assisting in the 'Ine wash* Ing of a small family. Bn' reien n es renuired. T7I GREENWICH AV? RE AR.? A YOUNG GIRL AS 12 cbamber'iiaid and w..itres>; or woultl do house work in a smuil private family (,/t ST. MARK'S PLACE.? A RESPECTABLE PROT ?/' " estant girl a? cliaml ermald and waitress; no objec tion to go a short distance in the ountry. "1 AQ FAST 3IST ST., NEAR 2D AV.-A KESI'ECTA. 1"'0 nic Protestani voung womnn as ehnmbermai l and waitress ; never lived out before. Inquire for two days. lflQ WEST ,"T'1 sr * pectablb touno I w.I girl as chamberiii n>l and waitress in a priv 1 te fnmilv : or as rbamhertnaid and tu assist with the w ash ing and ironing. Wr.-r 2.?TM ST ..\ IT-I E. TABLE GIRL AS chambermaid nnd seams' reus; citn operate; good city reference mEAST 41ST ST., NEAR ITH AT.? CHAMBER. ? b;nid or nnrlnrmsl l ; w ililn ' to do plain sewing; two first class .dty rulereni es of tour years each; young, tbly and genteel. 1 I u WEsT ia II Sf.. P.I T A EFN f.TH \ND7TH AVS.? IIO A respectable y.ititig girl ns elminbermald and wriltrc. >>r ??? do waitin : nl 'tie in a private family . I? st city references. "1 ( >1 WEST 1!>TH ST. \ RESPECTABLE YOI'NO J Zi J. girl as cliaiiibormai I and wai ress, or would take care of Children : Is willing and obliging ; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Call for two days. ine west son 1 si -a young girl as cham 1 Lt*) In 'ina Id and to nss;.t w ith the washing. ?!<?.- W EST 19TII ST.? A RESPECT ABIiB PROTEST I ?*') ant woman a? ehnmbermald and waitress; no objection to 1 > to the country ; city reference. 1 ??/? BAST an ST PRESENT EMPLOYER'S*. -1 1? ') young girl as ehitnihcrmaid and to do fine washing". _____ li)/i GREENWICH AV? A YOCNG ENGLISH GIRL J ij') us chambermaid unj waitress; best city reter 11 1 ?>1 AV. C, RING THIRD BELL.? A RESPECTABLE JOI gtrl as chambermaid and laundress, or to do gen eral iMUftWork; ia viry willing and obliging; city refer ence. 1?J A WEST S1ST ST. -A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO lot 4o chamber work and plain?cwiiig ; no objection to tine wB:ihin'(. I QQ EAST MTH ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S. ?A JO'/ respectable girl to <i< . chambrrwnrk and walt lug.or chawtierwork and take care ot a itrowing oliiid iu u private ?arelly. rail alter lOo'clock. 1?)(1 WBfT 28TI1 ST.? A TOUNO GIRL AS CIIA* IO<" berrnald und to assist with w ashing. 1 Al\ WEST irril ST.? A COMPETENT PEItSON AS 1 '! ' f chambermaid or waitress; country prtferred ; <i inontlis' city reference. 1/11 WRHT fiOTH ST.? A YOUNU GIRL AS CHAM III brrtnaid und wnlfrers, or vlj iiulKimald aud laun good m* i^niiioi

SITUATIONS WANThn? FKItlAI.KH. Chambcrmaldl, Ac. 1 A n EAST 43D ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROOM. 1 ID A respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress, good city reference I'rom last place. mKABT 321) ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT room.? A respectable voting girl an chamber, two'lavs wuitfeaa u suiall private family. Call tor 1/IQ BAST BOTH ST.? A YOUNO GIRL AH CI1AM l rJ bcrmaid und to assist in waahiug; relereuce if required. Call for two days. i \ (i west aura sr., first floor.? a youno iTtJ woman as chambermaid and waitress in a small family or us chambermaid und plain sewer; good reter encc from last place. _ 150 MspeltaMemfl. ,mifr FLOOR, FRONT. ? A a small family. *>lrl a* chambermaid and waitress in 353 ant^girfas riumh. KEHlf!Ef;TAHtK PROTEST growing children or to aJiuMn ?W au,l,to tHkl-' rare of ence.J.llfor two day^Xg t&u"ll.UUg 5 B??J refer 1 WF.ST 27TFI ST., NEAR 7TH AV? FRONT luO building, two flights up.? A Herman girl, speak ing English and French, to do chambcrwork or sewing upon her own machine. 1 pr.| WEST 37TII ST.. TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT 1?)4- able girl as chambermaid and waitress tn a small rivate family ; the very best city reference ; no objec on to go with a city Iamily In the country. 1 WEST 28TII ST.? A Y.OUNO OIRL AS CHAM Xt^O bcrinaid and to take carc of children. 1 r.a BAST SOTH ST.? A RE8PKOTABLE PROTB8 LittJ tant young woman as chambermaid and waitress; lately landed. "I (*Q WEST 35TII ST.-A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL I.OO as eiiambcrmaid and nurse; best city references. "I fit EAST 631) ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYKR'S).-A IUt competent young woman as chambermaid nnd to ssslst wiihthe washing and Ironing, or as nurse ; good cliy reference. Call lor two days. "I >71 WERT 18T1I ST.. NEAR 7TH AV.? A 111 young woman as chambermaiil and waitress, or as chambermaid and to do sewing ; best city references. 0(|1 EA8T47TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL IN A -j"1 small American family us chambf rinaid and to do line washing und ironing ; iio objection to light wait ing or to go in the country lor the Summer; can bo well recommended from her last place. OAl EAST 37T1I ST., CORNER 315 AV.? A RESPECT ' I aiile girl to do chambcrwork and assist with tint washing in a private family: good city reference. 4)(W BAST 87TB ST. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as ehamhevm.'ild and waitress: willing to as sist with washing and ironing; best city reference. nil I EAST 20TII ST., NEAR 81) AV., IN THE BASE meiit ? A young girl as chambermaid and to do plain sewing; would take core oi a child. Call fur two days. Qf\fT WEST 2iVri! ST., UP STAIR!}. ? A RE8PECTA j-i'f') hie girl tuilo chamberwork or waiting in a small family; good rfefcrcnce. QAA BAST 2SD sf., NBAB SO AV.? AS COMPB w'") tent chambermaid and good plain seamstress and to wnit on a lady ; has good city reference. OAQ BAST SOTH ST.-A BBSPBCTABLB OIRL AS ?t\h) chambermaid and waitress; Is willing and oblig ing; 8 years' city reference from last place. Oil WEST 20TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE (iIRL AS .It 1 1 chamlu rmald or waitress; no objection to assist at washing or ironing. Apply for two days. mo WAVKRLEY PLACE. -A RESPECTABLE Zd 1 _i Protestant girl as chamberinald and to do lino washing in a private family ; best city reference; no ob jection to the country. tn K EAST 28TH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNO WO L>) man as chambermaid and seamstress; will assist with waiting ; no objection to a private hoarding house. Bert eity references. OI r WEST 27TII ST.? A PROTESTANT (IIRL AS jliL'J chambermaiil nnd waitress, fir would do house work in a small family ; is kind to children. 017 EAST 2STH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS CHAMBER* All maul ; will do t lie tine washing and ironing; good city reference; no objection to the country. '>! O EAST 29TH ST.-A CAPABLE OIBL AS WAIT ** 1 >' reu or chambermaid and waitress, or nuree;city or country ; best city reference. (Jail lor two days. k>k)/v EAST 47TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ' a> chnuiliermaid and tine washer and ironer, or would go as assistant laundress; no objection to go a short distance in the country; has 0 years' reference from her last place. Call nt the baker's. On A EAST yjTII ST., NEAR 3D AV.? A YOUNO woman as chambermaid aad waitress; has no objection to go In the country; good city relereuce Irom her last place. . ? Otn EAST J!?TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Z.? 1 eirl 111 chambermaiil and waitress and would assist with the washing and Ironing; good city references WEST 4 1 ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ^ Jj L girl as chambermaid and waitress, or to do chamberwork and assist with the washing and ironing; good city references. 990 EAST 221) ST.? \ RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl, not byi;r In the country, as chambermaid or waitress in a respectable private family. Cull lor two days. 99*J VARICK ST.? A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAMBER ? ? > maid and waitress; is willing and obliging: good city reference. 94) t WEST 27TH ST.? A YOUNO OIRL TO DO ? -j"l chambcrwork nnd waiting; best city references. 99K WEST 29TH ST.? A YOUNO (IIRL AS CIIAM _ _ ) bcrmaid and waitress in a small private family; willing to assist with tin washing and ironing; best city reference. Can be seen l"r iwo days. Q9C EAST 3tTH ST.-A YOUNO OIBL AS CHAM ?)_?' bcrmaid and waitress; 110 objection to a short distance iu the country; city reference. 99- EAST SOTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO < '' girl as chambermaid und to do fine washing; excellent city reference. <?97 WEST 27TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT I able young woman as chambermaid und wait ress; good reference from her last place. 4?9Q EAST 47TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK O room.? As competent chambermaid and wait ress; best city relereuce from last place. 909 EAST 1.VTII ST.? AS CHAMBERMAID AND ? ?)? seamstress, by an \nierican (Protestant) ; would w ait 011 young ladies; w illing to go to the couutry. Ap ply at iaiat employ, r's. fV)') WEST 4HT II ST.? A NEAT, TIUY YOUNO OIRL *??>?) as chambermaid and waitress, or would assisl in the kitchen ; good reference Irom last place. 901 EAST MTy ST., BETWEEN 2I> AO 3D A VS.? Zd'ii A respectable young girl as chambermaid and Wr. I tress ; best city references from her last emplover. 4)?> t WEST 2OTM ST., ROOM 9.? A COMPETENT ??.'Vt girl to do chamberwork nnd sewing or fake care of children ; can sew ou the machine; city rcterencc. Coll for t wo days. 9?)/J WEST ti IT 1 1 ST.. REAR.? A RESPECTABLE ? ?>l) Protestant girl as chambermaid and waitressln a private family; city or country ; good reference. .)0(l 7TII AV.. CROCKERY STORE. ? A RE8PECT " ablo Protestant girl a' clmmbermaid and to take care of children. Call on or address. 4V> < EAST 41ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO German (iirl as chambermaid and to do sewing 011 machine, best city reference from her last place. *> 11 WEST 47TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 1 1 girl in a private family a-< chnmbermaid ; is a good plain sewer; nr-t <lass city reference. i) I -| EAST SOTH ST., BETWEEN 21) AND SI) AVS.? xii A young girl as chamberinald ana to take care of children or to do li/ht housework and take care of chil dren; willing and obliging ; good city reference from last place. '>11 EAHT MTH ST. (BINO FOURTH BELL.*? A ? 11 respectable young girl to do cliainberwork and wailing in a private family. 919 WEST 40TH ST.. BETWEEN !?ril AND 10TH Li avs.? A respeetnide vonni^ woman as chamber maid and tn do tine wu?liiug, or housework In a small family, bet references, ("all tor two days. 9 J7 WEST HO US ION ST.. TOP' FLOOR, FRONT ^ t I room.? A ,'irl as clismberniald and waitress, in a small private family. 4J J Q EA'-T 4ft T II ST., NEAR, 2.1 AV., FIRST FLOOR, ? i y > back ?A "Irl as cliamliermald and waitress, or would do chamberwork .iud sewing ; has good relereuce ; w 1 1 1 i nir and obligimr. 9^A WEST SSD ST., TW O FLIGHTS, IN THE IIAOU.? ? ?J"' A girl as cliauibennald and waitress; willing 10 assist in wasliing and ironing; has good reference. WKXT 47TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE UIRL AS ? ? fmd ehaniherinnld an I waitress an I to assi"t?i(h the wa?hliu ; eity reterence. (tr j WEST I6TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO w*/'T woman as chambermaid : will assist w lih w ash ing and ironing, or would make herself generally useful. 9 - I WEST 37 rn ST. ? A RESPECTABLE PROTEST Zi''T unt girl as chambermaid and seamstress; ope rate* on Wheeler A Wilson's mscliine; best eity refer ence. Call on or address M. O., tor two days. 4?r I WEST :U?TII ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK L'Vr room.? A young girl a- chambermaid and waitress in a small private family ; country preferred; good reference. 4>u?> ELIZABETH ST., NEAR BLEECKER.? A aOO young Protestant girl as ehnmlHriiiald hiiiI seamstress, or to assist with the care 01 growing chil dren ; understand" dressmaking : can operate; no oblec Hons to the country lor the summer; good ruterenoe. Call tor two days trmn !t till 4 o'clock. OQS KITH AV? A TOIIla OIRL AS OHAKIIR. id'") maid uml waitress, or chambermaid andtodo washing; good city reference. Call for two days, QAA EAST 3ATH ST., CORNRR 2D AV., THIRD Owl > floor ? As chambermaid ut^l to assist with the washing I11 a respcctablc family. . >)|W| EAST 331) ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL ? ItFif us chamberinald, or to do housework In a pri vate lonilly; reference c.iu be had. 41/J ? EAST SOTH ST.. SECOND FLOOR, FRONT, IIE Ow t Iween 1st and 2d avs.? A resiicetaiile roung girl chambermaid and nurse ; two years' retereucu Irom as last place. EAST 2ATII ST., THREE STAIRS UP.? A ? Scotch I'rotestdnt girl as chambermaid and waitress iu a private family ; eonntry preferred. Oil/; EAST mil ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNU OiM ) girl to uo out by the day or week in private families; is a good dressmaker ; can do all kinds 01 family sowing on any machine, (/'all or address lor two days. 'iflCl WKBT 44TH ST.-A VOUNO OIRL M CIIAM ? ?" !(' hermanl and waitress In a small privab fnmlly ; no oh ei'tion in go a short distance In the couli|ry with Li luuti'n 'est eitr rtjvrtiicc. HITUATIOlfH WANTED? rBMAJLBS. Chambermaid), Ac. onn WEST 44TH ST.-A RRSFECTAIILR YOUNO OvJiJ girl aa chambermaid and waitress in a resect able private family ; lu st city reierence ; no objeotion to Ku a short distance in the country. QAA KASTj S7TH ST.? A nSHOUBU PROTES tant young woman an ilrst class chambermaid; I city reference. CulJ or uddresa. OAQ EA8T S6TH ST.-TWO SISTERS, ONE AS tjyJiJ chambermaid and waitress or to assist with wash inn; the other as good seamstress; a home preferred to wage*. Call tor two days. Q"l A WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS chambermaid or nurse; best city references from her laat employer* QIA EAST 32D ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTES ' R?i *'rl t0 d? upstairs work or take care ol young children. mEABT agrn ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl as chambermaid ; is willing to make herself generally uselul. 'JIO <18T ST.? A YOUNG OIRL AB CHAMBERMAID ? or waiting and assist iu the washing; good city retercncc from her last place. Q*I 7 EAST 9TII ST., NEAR 2D AV., THIRD FLOOR.? OA I A good, Industrious girl. In a prlvute family, to do upstairs wora and assist with washing and ironing-, three years' reierence troin last placo. Ol h KAST37TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS.? Ol I A respectable young girl as chambermaid and waitress; good city references. QOl 7TH AV., CORNER 28TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE O-jI ynung girl as chambermaid in a private family ; is a good plain wwer ; llrst c lass city refereiHifc QOO EAST 22D ST.-rA U8VKSABLI YOlTNa ? )? _ piri as chambermaid and waitress in a respect able tain i ly. QOO EAST 28TH ST., NEAR 2D AV.-A YOUNd ilAZt ulrl as chambermaid and waitress; city reier ence ltoui last place. Q<)? east iwth st., third floor, back.-a 0?ij0 respectable young woman as chambermaid and waitress and to assist in washing and Ironing. OOQ EAST S5TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woroan as chambermaid und waitress; lour years' reference from lasi employer. ?i<.7Ql HUDSON ST.-A YOUNO OIRL AS CHAMBER Timid and waitress in a small private iumily. Can l>c seen for two days. OOQ EAST 46TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE CTRL AS ? chambermaid ami seamstress, or as seamstress alone: good recommendation!. OOA EAST 47TH ST., BETWEEN 1ST ANI> IO AVS.? *>?>V a young girl as chambermaid and to do line washing or plain sewing ; best tour years' city reference. ')?)! WEST 2f.TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OO L girl us chambermaid or waitress in a private family or private boarding house; city reference. Call lor two days. 340 EAST 37TH 48T., CORNER 1ST AV.? A RE spectable young woman as chambermaid utul ?waitress In u gentleman a lamily ; country preferred ; two years' city reference. O | f\ EAST 16TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS OtU chambermaid and waitress In a private tuinlly ; best city reference from licr last employer ; can be seen Tuesday anil Wednesday. O It* EAST 60TH ST., NEAR 1ST AV.? A RE8PECT Otu able t(ir I as chambermaid or waitress; would as sist with washing and ironing. Call lor two days. 0|Q WEST 12TII ST., BETWEEN GREENWICH OtO and Washington sts.? A young woman to do chamberwnrk and ]>laiu sewing. Call 011 or uddrcss Mrs. O'ROURKE. ___ q 1Q EAST BOTH ST., SECOND FLOO It. ? A RESPECT. O'rw alile young American girl as chambermaid and waitress : resides with her pan nts; best city reference. 3r/\ CAST 321) ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG i)U woman as chamhcrniald and waitress or chain herwork alone ; tirst class city reference. Call for two days. 3/ri WEST 89TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ?)L chambermaid ami waitress, or would do light housework in a small private family ; best city reier ence. 3r 1 WEST 43D ST.? A YOUNG GIRL, WHO IS AN ')t expert dressmaker, desires a few more engage ments by the day; well recommended. OK I WEST 421) ST.? A RESPECTABLE PR0TE8 ? >' )t" tant girl t?> do eliamberwork and sewing, or wait on ? lady good reference, OOP 3D A V., IN THE REAR FIRST FLOOR.? A RE OU') speetable girl, lately landed, as chambermaid and to do sewing, or as nurse and seamstress; Is a compe tent. obliging girl. WEST 621) ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS* CHAMBER* maid nnd laundress; best City reference. QQA 7IH AV., BETWEEN 31ST AND 32D STS., IN 0?"U the store.? A respectable young girl as chamber maid nnd waitress; 110 objection to the country; best city retcrenco. 373 4U1 STH ST., ROOM 20 ? A GERMAN WOMAN AS chambermaid. 49a EAST 16TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ? ?1 girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private family. I 90 EAST llTfl ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman nschainhcrtnaid and waitress; no objec tion to a short distance in the eonntry; good reference. J '??? WEST NtJH ST, ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG > girl as chambermaid and waitress in a private family; good city references. 1 'ifi EAST 14TII ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT I ?)U room ? A respectable young girl to do chamber work or waiting. 1 vvt:sT 40TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG T"? )* ) girl as chambermuid or waitress; good city reier ence from last place. \ 4 t) WEST SftTH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECT t:+^i able Protestant girl 'lately landed) as chamber maid and waitress; will be loiiud willing and obliging; can i?' well recommended. WEST 1KTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman as chambermaid and waitress; best city reference. 1 riO WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG H ? M F woman as rhamhennald and waitress; good city reference. Can be seen tor two days. 4PA WEST 4-1) ST., FOURTH FLOOR, FRONT.? A ?JU young German girl in a private American fami ly as chambermaid snd to help with the washing and ironing. J PT1 WEST 420 ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN (PROTEST 4')! ant! as rhamt-.ermild and waitress ; understands her business; ran be well recommended. 1 CO WEST I'tTII ST? A RESPECTABLE GIRL, AS T?)0 chambermaid and do tine washing, or as laundress; best city reference*. 448 I Kp WEST .120 ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTES. rr?l") tant girl as cliainlierma'd and waitress, or will do chAinbt 1 work and assist with washing; city reference. 1(1(1 GTH l\\. BETWEEN 29TH AND 30TH STS.. T'"V' room fl.? A respectable girl as chambermaid and to do plain sewing; understands Wheeler A Wilson's machine; good city reference. I QA ?D A V.? A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL TO I i/U do upstairs work and sewing in an American family. con JTII AV., BETWEEN 39TH AND 40TH STS.-A ? )? )\ I your.', girl as 1 bamlierinaid and waitress ; no ob jection to the country ; best city reference. CQC 59TH ST.-AS CHAMBERMAID AND TO ASSIST ?)?/'/ in washing and ironing ; no objection to a short distance out of (own; best city reference. K4C 7TI1 AV., BETWEEN 30TH AND 40TH STS.? A ? young girl as chatnbcrinaid and waitress or cbaiube rinaiii, in a private mmlly ; best city reference. BROOME sr.? A SCOTCH GIRL AS CHAM hernial I or nurse ; would like to go to the coun ! 547 \ 2D AV., TWO DOORS ABOVE 3IST ST., SEC ? )U? ) onil lloor, back.? A young lady as chambermaid in a .private tamiij ; no objection to the country. Call lor two davs. -/?/? 2D a v.. BETWEEN MSI AND 32D STS? A ? M)l> respectable uirl to do ui> stalls work ; excellent references; no objection to the country. it71 31) A V, ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL AS ? III chamhei maid and waitress, or would take care ol children and sew; excellent references liotu last place. Call for two day* '",71 30 AV-- BETWEEN 37TH ASP 3?TII STS., SEC. ? ) I I olid floor.? A respectable vtmng girl as chamber. maid and waitress; best city reference. /J 4 "I 1ST AV? IN THE BAKERY STORE. -A IfK *) r I speetable girl as chambermaid and waltres?, or would assist with Hue washing : is willing and obliging and has good references, ('all for two days. ?J/?/\ lOTll AV., FOURTH FLOOR. FRONT.? A KF. DIM 1 snectnble Scotch girl as chambermaid and wait re-i?: will be tound willing and obliging; two years' rcler ence from her last place. 0/\4) 21) A v.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS CHAM OUaj bermaid and to assist the washing and ironing. Q"l/? fiTH AV? AS CHAMBERMAID, OR CllAMBKK OJ.U maul and waitress. Apply for two days. 80/?2D AV.. NI'AR 44TH ST -A RESPECTABLE OW voting girl as Chauibcrmal'l and Waitress, or plain sewing in a private taiuily. Can be seen tor two days; city reference. Q/Jti SD AV. BETWEEN :.2D (Ml '.:>!> STS ?A ItE OUj speetable voung girl 10 do chamhcrwork or light housework; best city reference. U7 | 6TH AV. ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS SEAM 0 4 r stress 111 a private family ; city or country; un derstands working 011 dressmaking; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine and do all kinds of tamlly tine sewing: will be willing to do some chamberwork ; no objection to go out by the day, week or month . good city reference ; will i>e tound obliging. Call or address for two day*. 077 ST 1 1 &?., IBTWEEN IMD and vtn s r<? cium 01 I liertnald uixl waitress iD a private taiuily; city references. QCli 3D A V A RKSPKCTA Itl.E GIRL AS CHAM I OcM F bermaid and waitress, and assist with washing j and ironing , good city reference. * __ ______ ; Q(V> sl> AV., THIRD FLOOR. BACK. ENTRANCE ? j Mill s|.? a ruling girl as chambermaid and wait I ress in a private family ; can be well recommended from her last place. I on,-: 3D AV 54TH ST -a RESPECTABLE I 0,F?) voung girl ns chambermaid and to do fine wash Ing ; good city rolerOCC. _______________ (WIJ trril AV, SECONp FLAT-* Vol'Ni; gikl , iis e bam bcriu aid and waiijess. Can be seen at her present employer'*. j 1 l\ f <) 1ST AV , BETWEEN WITH AND 67TH STS. I.'cl^ third floor.? A respeciable Protestant girl as ebninlierinaid and wniiress; no obiection to ko to llie i vtiuutry f'vf suiniiter. SITUATIONS WANTED? KKM VI,KS. Chambermaid*, ( ?kc. 1 "1QO 20 A V., SECOND PLOOR, FRONT? A RR I.I')*' spec table girl as chambermaid and waitress; best city reference. 1 H ROADWAY. -A RBSPBCTABLB TOSIQ LaiwO girl as chambermaid and waitress or to <!<> fine washing und Ironing; the best city reference ; no ot> jertion to tile country. 1 ZKA 2D AV., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECTAB1.K 1 ?? HJt" young Kirl in a nice private family, as cham bermaid and to do Mwin(; Is willing and obliging. \LADV break INO V? H0P8BKBBPING WOULD like to Sim lire (pod situations lor in r two servants, us chambermaid and cook. Apply at 233 West 11th St. DrmHinnkert* and Seamstresses. PLACE (BTfl AV.), BETWEEN lOTlt and Uth sts.? A tir^t class dressmaker. who is also it thorough seamstress ; reference. 3 PACIFIC PLACE, 29TII ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7tb a vs.? An experienced French dressmaker ; under stands cutting and trimming in ail its branches ; would like to go out by the day or week in families; will take work home '.terms $2 u day; first class reference. Ad dress Mine. KAMI). "1 Q CLINTON PLACE (8TH ST.)? A LADV TO OO OCT x? by the dav to families in this city, who, liavinq had several /ears' experience in the business of cutting, fit ting ana making ladies' dresses, offers her >ervices to those who may desire to have their work done at their own houses; Is a good designer and trimmer; also chil dren's clothes included. i;all on or address DltKSS. M A K K R for two f?ys. "|^ ABINGDON SQUARE. -TO DO DRESSMAKING; IT understands her business In nil its branches; ladles' and children's suits, latest style, at short notice; work taken at homo or by the day. OO WKST 9T1I ST., IN THE BASEMENT.? AN KX perlenced French dressmaker, perfect cutter anil fitter, wishes a few more engagements by the dav or week ; good reference. Call on or address Mile. P., cou turierc franeaise, .or one week. UO #TII AV. ? A YOI'NG GIRL WISHES TO OO PO the country as seamstress in a private inmliy ; un derstands dres-mak n;. . V i . | G \ for two da> s. 1(11 I''. A ST mil ST. ? A RESPECTABLE PROTEST .11 'L ant girl us seamstress in a private family; cuts and fits dresses; all kinds id' family tewlnq; has some knowledge of hulrdrossingj operates on Wheeler A Wil son's machinc ; six years' city reference. Address M. JACKSON. inn ORCHARD ST.? A YOUNG OntL AS SKAM IU'1 stress; can cut and tit ladies' und children's dresses and operate on different machines; uo objections to the country. Call or addreaa. "MA EAST 51TII ST.? AN EXPERIENCED OPK. 11U rator desires a few more engagements !iv the <t: / iu private families, with or without sewing machine. nfr WEST 19TII ST., NEAR 6TII AV.-A GOT I* ?J seamstress in n private Inmily; operates > ? Wheeler A Wilson's machine : no objection to light cha her work, and has a knowledge of hair dressing ; coiiiUi preferred; excellent reference. 1 A r WEST '.'IT 1 1 STREET.? A FIRST ft. ASS DRESS maker and seamstress to make a lew more en gagements by the day, week or month; tan cut ladit s' and children's dresses in the first style; can opperate < i three machines; can do all kinds of family sewing;* needed ; would go to ttie country. Call for three day.1. Please to ring three times. 1 CfJ WEST S3D ST., TWO PAIR OP STAIRS UP.? _1?) I A competent dressmaker wishes a few more en gagements by the day ; best of city reference* 1 fi A WEST J8TH ST.? A DRESSMAKER WISHES A 4.1 )\ l tew more customers by tile day or week ; can cut, tit and operate ; c ity reference. 1 WEST 31ST ST.? BV AN < XPERIENCX D DRESS J.OO maker, a tew more engagements; Spring suits fitted and trimmed in the latest style. mEAST 112TH ST., HARLEM.? A GOOD OPERA tor on Wheeler ? Wilson's machine would go cut bv the day or take work home ; can do all kinds ol fam ily fine sewing or ,-iiirt making. < -all or address. "I A /I LEXINGTON AV.? A COMPETENT SEAM li/T stress (English) in a private family; understand? all kinds of sewing; good oprcnitorcn drover A Hutcer'a and Willcox and Clubs' machines; good city reference; city or country, ( all on or address SEAMS I'KKSS. AAA EAST I6TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS aUU seamstress in a. private family; I* p first cla.-* operator on Wheeler .V Wilson's sewing machine. Oil WEST 27TH ST.? A RESI'I'CTAHI.K PROTE? ? II tsntgir! us seamstress; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; good city reference. til 41 EAST 40TH ST.? A YOUNO LADY WANTS A JL 1 _j tew mure engagements by the day or week; un derstands cutting and ffttint; ladies' garments; operutcs on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine ; is also a stylish trimmer; city rctcrcnce. t-'uil on or address DUESS MAKEK. Ol A EAST 22 D ST., SECOND FLOOR ? A RESPECT tuL X able young woman as dressmaker and seam stress, to go out by the day; has a Wheeler & Wilsons machine. 2 OQ 7TII AV. CROCKERY STORE.? A RESPECT Oi J nble Protestant girl as seamstress and to dc ehamberwork, or to tuke care ot children. Call or ail dress. *) 1 0 WKST ,!,TTl ST- SECOND FLOOR, FRONT room.? A respectable Protestant girl as seam stress and to do light cliaiuberwork ; is a first rate sewer; good reference. nrn EAST 49TII. ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESS +*')') maker desires a tew more engagements to go out bv the day; has the latest styles iind patterns; under stands Wheeler A Wilson's and Willcox A Uibb's ma chines. 2ec WEST 27TH ST. ? A GOOD DRESSMAKER ' t wishes to obtain a tew engagements by the day or week ; can operate on drover A' linker's and wnee'er A Wilson's machines: terms moderate , good reference. Call on or address DRESSMAKER, all the week. 2 -A WEST 37TU ST.? A COMPETENT DRKSK *tft maker, first class cutter and fitter, to go out by the day; Wheeler A Wilson's machine; good refer ence. Call on or address A. K. 4K'A MADISON AV.? AS COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS; m l understands cutting and fitting Indies' and chil dren's (Irenes and is a good operator on Wheeler A Wil son's machine; best reference. Call or address for twe days. . Q/2 A WEST 39TH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS SEAM, ^v)' ' stress; has good knowledge of dressmaking ; alsi, liairdressing ; understands all kinds of family newlnj; j operates drover A Baker's machine; good references. Call or address.. 970 tiTIl AV.? A GOOD DRESSMAKER WISHES A ^lu few more engagements in urivute families by the day $1 .Ki per duy. QAfT EAST S7TH ST.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS OU?j seamstress; can cut and tit children's dresses and do all kinds ol family sewing ; best city reference. QAQ EAST 82D ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS OUw first class seamstress and suiierior operator od Wheeler A Wilson's machine; does all kinds of family sewing neatly ; cuts and tits children's clothing; or will gt out by the day or week ; good city reference. ?> | *.> EAST 32D ST., NEAR 2D AV? A YOUNG WO-' man as seamstress; would do some chamber work ; can do all kinds of sewing ; c.m operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; good city reference. Call for two days. . Q-| Q EAST : 4TH ST.? A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. ?) LO who thoroughly understands cuttiint, fitting and trimming, desires an engrgemeut by the day or week ; terms moderate. OIQ EAST SMTII ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND2DAVS.?' OlO A respectable -rirl as seamstress and chamber maid ; four years' reference. Q1 Q east 31 ST ST.? A YOUNG (JIRL AS DRESS 010 maker; would like n few engagements l>y th? dav or week ; cuts by system ; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, ''all on or address It. E. N. 3^7 2D AV.. CORNER 10TH ST.? A COMPETENT 1 seamstress ; can operate on Singer's and Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machines; will assist with the cham berwork if required ; good city reference irom last em ployer. _ 009 EAST 20TII ST.? A GOOD SEAMSTRESS* OOa wishes to engage with a lady t.y the day or week; can sew on all kinds of work mid operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; term* moderate. QiA KAS-r luru ST.? A DRESSMAKER. WHO UN 0*x" derstnnds cutting, fitting and trimming with taste in the late t i'ar.slan style tor Indies and children, would make a few more engagements by the day or week; has the latest styles; can work on any machine. Call this week. 011 EAST Z.'D ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS.? ? it L A young girl as seamstress: can do ail kinds of sew ing and operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, or would go out h.v the dn.v. Oil LEXINGTON AV. (PRKSENT EMPLOYER'S).? ? ?' r r A vouii'.#i)mjn n> flr*t class seamstress ; un derstand* dressmaking ; wishes to travel with a family or go to Europe; is willing to wait 011 a lady or growing children. . ? )/' I WEST HIST ST.? COMPETENT FAMILY SF.AM Ot ' x stress In a private family; would assist as lady'* maid or with cliainbcrwnrk ; can be seen at her present employer's; best city references. WEST 20TII ST.? A COMPETENT DRESS* maker bv the day or week; she thoroughly ,J understands cutting, fitting and making children^ ' 408 408 indersti. , . ... ? ? T~ . lothes : can operate on Wheeler A W llson's machine; i terms moderate. Call or address for two days. I WEST 1 7T 1 1 ST.? A PROTESTANT YOUNO girl as seamstress ; would assist In the chamber work or the care ot children. I Q | 7TII AV. ? \ DRESSMAKER SOLICITS EN gagomentsby the day or week ; tits and trims Bleely; terms moderate. Riuu second bell. lift 7TH AV.-A RESPEC r Alif.E YOUNO (11 KL ( *Tr)o as first class seamstress; understands cutting 1 and tlttlnu ladles' and children's dresses; all kinds (,f tamily sewing ; operates Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; no , objection to no in the conn try. A 7U 3D AV.. IN~ FANCY STORE. ? A COMPETENT t: I O seamstress, understanding dressmaking, pan cut and fit ; would work by the (lay, or would lake a perma nent place In a fancy store : can sew on machine. I OH HUDSON ST.? A FASHIONABLE DRESS* 'rO?* maker would like a few more engagements by tlo day or week. $1 ?> per day and board. fi" Til AV.-AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER Oww will go into families by the dav; fitting a spe clalty; understands Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine' 6klO 6TH AV.. FANCY STORE.-AS FIRST CLASS . seamstress and dressmaker; understands family f sewing and Wheeler A Wilson's tnachiuc; country {ire- I ferred; best city reterence. ? I l\ 2D AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL II* [ Dnil-I a fhmily as seamstress, and take care of chil dren. Apply tor two davs. 71 iA 6TII AV., BETWEEN 40TII AND 4IHT STS.-A I *'?' dressmaker ns seamstress and lailv's maul ; operates on wilder A Wilson's machine; the highest testimonials. Call or address inr two days. A AO 3D AV BETWEEN MTII AND .'ifirn STfi. .. ri special le girl nsseatnstresa In a private ( a 1 n i 1 s : \ . Is a g<H?d dre- niiiiKvr ; can cut and lit and can be wi ll I recuuuimulv'd

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