Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1873 Page 15
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SITtAnOlfS WASTED-FEMALES. Drmninaken and Srtwtlrmtri, OQH 2n AV- between mst and ssn sts? a ? "0'/ ilrst cl.-i?- dresamaker, fully competent to cut, tit, *riin and dc-ivjn lor all styles of the Iuimihss, desires en. raucmcnts by tin' day or week ; highest reference. Call or aduress. A GOOD DRESSMAKER DESIRES A FEW KNG AC fo ments; i? a first clas* trimmer ? node rstands all the machine*. Address, tor one weck,.Miss FRANCIS, box Iti't Herald ofilce. AS DRESSMAKER AKI) SEAMHTBESS BY THE day or week ; understands cut tin* and tilting Indies' dresses; can operate on Wheeler 4 \\ dsou's machine. Address F. S., box 111 llerald ottie-. A YOl'NG GIRL, WHO HAS A GOOD KNOWLEDGE J\ of dressmaking, would take bin all wages nud ko under Instruction* lor three month*. Address II. 11., box J.Sj Herald Uptown Brunch ofilce. ? COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES THE CUS J\ toiu of a few uiore families at $2 per d?y; can cm, lit n i l trim on all modern styles ot efiiidicns* clothing ; also, is a thorou-'h operator on Wheeler X Wil-on's machine. Address DltK>SMAK.ER, ileruld Uptown Branch otlice, l.L'W Broadway. A FASHIONABLE DRESSMAKER, WHO THOR J\ oagtily understand* catting, fitting and trimming in all the latest styles, desire* a tew more tiist class custom ers by the day; a perfect lit guaranteed ; wood reference*. A.idress AMERICAN, box 112 Herald Uptown Branch cilice. A YOUNG GIRL WOULD LIKE A SITUATION AS seamstress and dressmaker In an American family; ran cut and tit ull kinds oi dresses for ludlcs and chil dren; can operate on Wheeler .t Wilson's and Singer's machines; no objection to go in the country ; best city reference can be given. Can at or address, ier two days, corner ot 5Sth St. and 7th nv. ; side door. A GOOD DRESSMAKER TO TAKE A FEW MORE engagement* by thedav; understands several ina chine*. Address DRESSMAKER, Herald Uptown Branch ?'ltlce. "IAr A NTE D ? A SITUATION BY A REGULAR FAMILY ? T seamstress, with the best city reference for several years, understands all kinils of family sewing, ladies' ?in. 1 children's dresses, and mending and taking care of ,the wushing; can dress lialr if required. Address SEAM fclKESS, Herald Uptown Branch ottke. General Housework, &c. 4 CITY HAI.L PLACE.? A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL to do general housework in a private family. r WHITE PLACE, WEST HTI1 ST., BETWEEN 7TI1 ? ) and full avenues. ? A respectable young t-'irl to do housework In u suiall private lamlly ; good city refer ence. 3 4 WASHINGTON ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, x with a child live years old, to do ut-neral house "work or to go out by the day or week. Call for two days. *>9 3D AY., CORNER '.ITU ST.? A GERMAN GIRL lor general housework. ORCHARD ST., ROOM 16? A RESPECTABLE ?>?) woman to <!<> housework ; Is a good washer, ironer anil plain cook ; best reierence ; can be seen lor two days. A A SPRING' ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL T:U to do housework in a private tumily. Calf for two diys. Z'Q WEST 43 1 ? ST.? A YOUN(J GIRL TO DO G EM TIO eral housework in it small private iaunly; cau be well recommended. Cull or address. OQ CHRISTOPHER ST.? A RESPECTABLE TOUNG Oi7 woman to do housework In a small privulc laiuily ; citv or country : good city reference!. "I OQ EAST HOUSTON ST.. GROCERY STORE.? A J iO German Protestant girl to do light housework In a small private family. _ 1A(\ WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG tU woman to do general housework in a private lauiily; good reference. 1/19 WEST 33D ST., ONE FLIGHT UP, DOOR 7? A ! "r respectable colored woman to go out by the day lioutccleaning; is reliable and trustworthy. Mrs. GREEN. "1 r7 WEST 51 ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO J I general housework In a small private family or mind children. "I rr>T WEST 33D ST.? A GIRL TO DO GENERAL I'M housework in a small private family ; best city reference. Iff 7 WEST S1ST ST., FIRST FLOOR, WEST SIDE, 't I baek.? A respectable young l'rotestani girl to do housework ; recommended from lust place, "1 Q1 EAST 119TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO lOi do general housework; city reference. Cau be wen for two da.vs at Mrs. Lyons'. 1QQ MONTGOMERY ST., JERSEY CITY.? A RE .Li/O spec-table Protestant girl, from Holland (under stands a little English), in a small laiuily to do general housework. Address MARIE H. OAO EAST S3D ST.? A SMART YOUNG GIRL TO do general housework in a smull family ; no ob )eetion to going a short distance in the country; best city inference. or Iff WEST 26TH ST., ITP STAIRS.-A RESl'ECTA ble girl to do housework inn small private family ; Lest reference. OIQ 6TII ST., NEAR BOWERY.? A RESPECTABLE xj 1 0 young German girl to do general housework ; good ?plain cook, wisher and lroner ; city reference. QWEST 32D ST.. REAR HOUSE. -A REriPECT JjLO able girl, lately landed, to do housework iu a iinall private lamlly : good reien nee. WEST HOUSTON ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT i room.? A girl lu a private family, to do general BM se work. *)PL*J EAST HOUSTON ST SHOE STORE.? A jU'tiJ young girl to do general lionsework, cook, wash and iron; best city reference. WEST 17TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY landed from the Old Country, todogenerul house irk. 257 *)(* i) WEST 41ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO JU V)<?J do general housework in a small private fam ily; good eity reference. *?0<3Q WEST 32 D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG (<jUO girl to do general housework in a private 1am jlyi city reference. EAST 25TH ST.? TWO WOMEN TO GO OUT by the day housecleaning. 300 307 309 311 EAST 46TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to do housework lor u small family. EAST 32 D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to ilo housework. EAST 26TII ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.? A young girl to do housework in a small family. *3"! Q EAST 2BTH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT *>LO able girl to do general housework; is a good gilaia cook, washer and ironer; good city reference. |Q1Q WKST 44TII ST., IN THE RKAR.-TWO RE OlO snectalile girls, lately landed, to do housework <n & small family : willing and obliging. *V| H EAST 32D ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO Ol I light housework in a small family, and go home , j) glits. Inquire for two days. ?Ql Q EA8f~36TH "stT BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D A VS.? 0.1t7 A respectable girl to do general housework; is a Stood plain cook, washer and ironer; references. 3t?Q 5TII AV., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? AS & O housemaid, a respectable Scotch girl ; best Lon don and city nferenM Apoiy tttm It fP o'clock AM. *>??ff EAST ISTH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AYS., , OOo tlrst lloor, back room.? A respectable girl to do ghoiisework lu a private family where she can have a good Sioine; good citv reference. ? >\>U WKST 2STH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN TO Do OOO general housework lu a small private family, or -would do chamberwork and waiting; (pilling aud oblig ing; good roierences. ?)/)l EAST S8TH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO Ot A general housework In a private family ; best city reference. *>01 1ST AV., BETWEEN '-2D AND 23D STS.. FIRST ?OOA floor.? A smart young woman, knowing her'busi ness, to do general housework. ?QP 2D AV.. BETWEEN 22D AND 23D STS., FIRST ?)0> ) floor.? A young girl to do general housework In n -mall family ; beet, reference. iAO EAST BD* ST.? A ' RESPECTABLE GIRL, TrUO lately landed, to do general housework in u ?mall family. Can be seen for two duvs. vino EAST 11TH ST., SECOND FLOOR. BArK Trl/O room.? A younu girl to do general housework In a private family : city reference. A HQ 4,ST ST ' BETWEEN 9TH AND KITH AVS.-A T:IJ O respectable girl to do general housework In a (miall private family; is an exeollent washer and Ironer; good eity reference from her last place. 4<m WEST 31 ST ST.? A YOUNG GIRL, LATELY landed, to do light housework, or would take care of children and make herseh generally useful. 4C)n EAST 11TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ??U room.? A resectable girl to do general house Work; no objection to a small boarding house; good city jreierences. i?}f) EAST 15TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.? A *xO? ynung girl to do general housework or upstairs (Work lor a small private family ; best city reierence. S ffO WEST32D ST., BACK ROOM, SECOND FLOOR,? A respectable young girl to do general housework In a small private faniilv; best city reference; no ob jar Hon to go a short distance in the country. pr l\n WEST 40TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL IN small private family to do general housework; cau give best city reference. Call for two days. ffll 10TII AV., BETWEEN :f<TII AND 3?TII STS.-A %) J L respectable woman to do general housework in a email private family; best reierence. Appiv in grocery. U)f)A GREENWICH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL ")^U to do housework In a small family ; best city rei erence. HT1I AV.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN I Z)l) to do general housework; city reference Irom last place. SD AV., SECOND FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE Oill) girl to do general housework or chamberwork; ft ocx I reference. <iQzL SD AV- BETWEEN MTH AND BOTH STS., TOP *JO T floor, front? A respectable young girl to do gen eral housework in a small private family ; is willing aud ?bilging. aiU'O 3D A V., BETWEEN R2D AND 6SD STS -A respectable young girl to do light housework lu h private lumily. Call for two days; ring bell >o. 2. 1 1 oust' keepers, Ac. 4?? WEST 35TH ST.? llOtTSEKEEPER'S POSITION, tj by a ladv thoroughly competent . would prefer a kotel sil nation ; can lurnlsli hixncst references. Address K. F. Can bo seen irom 12 to :i o'clock P. M. Ulf; 4TH AV.-A WELL EDUCATED GEHMAN lady, fullv competent and trustworthy, as good housekeeper In a lamlly or superintendent In "a Summer liotcl; is a good cuok, seanistress and fvud of childruu. Address A. W. STITATIOIfS WAirrKU-KRHAIiBH. _ , House krruers. dMi. IIQ WEST 25TH ST.? A QUIET AMERICAN WOMAN 1 lO wishes (hi- charge oi a furnished liou-e this Sum mer in tin* city. Call on Mis* HARRKR, dressmaker. 1 i>*> AMITY ST -A RESPECTABLE WuMAN AS I housekeeper or assistant housekeeper -, lias best city reference. Address Mrs. GRICK. lgj 6TII A V.? AN AMERICAN LADY, WITHOUT 1 ? ' T encumbrance, as housekeeper ; thorough mid ex cellent business manager of servants: neat and system atic, Ac. ; liotol or residence ; can take ell tin charge 'nl gen tlcuiuii'* house ; reiereucea. Call on or address HOUSE KEEPER, lor two days. 1 ~f\ ELDRIDGE sr.. BA8EMKNT.? A WBLL-KDU. I ? MJ catcd widow lady as housekeeper in a widower's family. ai e WBST 30TH ST.? AN AMERICAN WOMAN AS 1 ?) housekeeper in a hotel ; has a practical knowl edge of the same. Address Mrs. SAN FORK. WEST 19TII ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A l:E ^?)w speciable woman as housekeeper in the coun try ; can luke charge oi u dairy and make hcTself usciul ; lu st city reference. 9*i9 VVl'.ST 83 1 ? ST.? A WIDOW LADY DESIRES A j situation as housekeeper III the city or country ; would Biro her services tof hoard fur herseli and two young children ; unexceptionable reference given. Call oil or address Mrs. M. QQn EAST I ITU ST.-AN AMERICAN LADY OF THE OO" highest respectability and relinenicnt as house keeper or governess. Call or address tor three days. Mrs. BKOWNKLL. A 7 1 :,I> AV., BETWEEN 32D AND 33D STS., ROOM + I 1 14 ? A lady as housekeeper or any positlou of trust. Cuu he seen from 10 to 2 o'clock. AYOUN'I LADY, AOED 21, WITH MUSICAL talents, would like a situation as housekeeper in a widower's family ; such a one would find a true Iricnd; reference given. Address Miss AVERY, Herald Uptown Brunch ottico. AMIDDI.E AOED LADY OK CAPABILITY AND refinement desires the supervision of a widower's family (kind to children), or us coiuiianioii to a liuly; highest testimonials. Address M. HEW LETT, .r>M Orange hi., Roseville, N. .1. Can he seen by appointment at Young 1 .allies' Christian \ssociation, 04 ir\.ng place. New York. ATHOKOI'ii If L V KKLIARLK, MIDDLE- AOED AMER lean lady as housekeeper and companion in some small, good family, where shecau have lull charge ; host rctcrcnce given. Address GOOD OPPORTUNITY', box l'jr? Herald Uptown Branch oiTloe. A LADY or EXPERIENCE AS HOC8BKBBPBB. OB any other positlou of trust, in a hotel ill New York or in the country ; best reference. Address, fur one week, Mrs. E. LEE Herald Uptown Branch office. A YOUNG SPANISH WIDOW, SPEAKING ENGLISH fluently, Intelligent, refined, but with limited means, desires u position as housekeeper, or would like to meet with a wealthy gentleman who would ad vance her the mcaiu to take a French flat, tor which she would give good security. Only parties of position, wil ling to make a liberal arrangement, need address CLA KITA, bex 111 ileruld Uptown Branch otllec, 1,266 Broad way. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, REFINED. EDUCATED and prepossessing, a stranger in New York, as house keeper, or would uccompuuy a lady to Europe ; Is fully competent: speaks several languages. Only tirsl class parties please address Mrs. ELLADON, Herald Uptown Branch otlice. AN AMERICAN LADY, 26 YEARS OF AGE, OF Ex perience, as housekeeper} is neat and active: coun try prelerred : dishonorable parties will be uuuotlced. Address Miss L., Herald Uptown Brunch office. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOU9E kceper; is willing to inaku herself generally useful ; can sew on machine and make children's clothing ; wid ower's family preferred ; trjflers not noticed: wages no object : nest references. Address Mrs. A. WILLIAMSON, Ileruld Uptown Branch ofllce. A DOMESTICATED YOUNG LADY WISHES AN EN gageuiont as housekeeper in a gentleman's family; a widower's preferred; i'ond ot children; good city ref erences. Address for one woek Miss FAITH, box 144 Herald Uptown Branch ofllce. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED? B* A young widow; has one child, aged 9 yeurs; wid ower's family, where there are small children, preferred; willing to do all the work and take entire charge, except washing ; no one under 40 need answer; a good home wanted, where she would be treated asoneol tne lamily ; no trlflers need answer; no objection to the country; ref erences cxchaaged. Address, tor one week, Mrs. HATT1E DILLON, Ke.vport. N. J. WANTED? A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY A middle-aged American woman: would tnke care of a sick person or wait on a lady. Address M. MOORE, box 156 Herald ofllcc. L. a u ndriLi*e*, &r, MEAPT 8STH ST., NEAR MADISON AT.? AS FIRST class laundress. Call at present employer's tor two days. ?_>l? WEST 44TII ST.? A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS i)<j wishes some ladies', gentlemen's mid families' washing ; can do fluting and do shirts beautiful ; best city reference. Cr EA8T 84TII ST.. BETWEEN 4TH AND MADISON avs.? An experienced laundress to do ladies' or gentlemen's washing at home; linens, Ac., done In supe rior style. (*{* WEST 4HT 1 1 ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS UO laundress in a private family ; is w lliing and oblig ing; good city reference. 70 >ORSYTH ST., THIRD FLOOR, REAR.? A RE O spectable woman will do washing and ironing at her iioine. Oft SIXTH AV., THIRD FLOOR, BACK BOOM.? A Oil respectable woman wishes families or gentlemen's washing. "I AO BAYARD ST., ROOM 9, TOP FLOOR, BBAB 1\J? building.? A respectable young woman to go out hv the day washing, irouiug or housecleanlug ; best city reference. mWEST 46TI1 ST -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wishes a tew ladies and gentlemen's washing at her own home; good city reference*. -| no WEST 20TU ST., NEAR fiTII AV., RING FIRST \ JLZi bell.? A first class laundress? understands all kinds of fine washing, ironing and fluting? wishes first class iamllies' washing at her own house; lirstclass refer ences. 1')fl WEST 19TH ST.? A RESPECT A BLR GIRL AS JL U first clsss laundress In a private family, lias three years' city reference. 1 WEST 19TII ST., TOP FLOOR, REAR.? A L^dV tlrst class laundress ; best city reterencc. mWEST 2HIH ST., TOP FLOOR.'? A RESPECT able laundress to do families' or gentlemen's washing at her own home ; isat'rst clan shirt polisher; French fluting and pulling done lu the neatest manner. Call for twedays. "IQfi EAHT J8TH 8T' NEAR LEXINGTON AV.-A iOU young womun wishes gentlemen's and ladies' washing; luces and lace curtafus; also, French (luting done. 1 \ H WEST SEVENTEENTH ST., BETWEEN 6TH ItU and 7th avs.? A respeclublc woman wishes to take in washing at her own home, or will go out and work by the day; good references. U C EAST 2T.TII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS In a private lamily; no objection i<> the country. 1 V-i WEST HIT ST- AN 'EXPERIENCED COLORED I '/O laundress solicits washing to do at her own house ; linens and fineries done in superior style. Mrs. J. W. BROWN. 1 ZA WEST 16TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS: 1?Jt: can do French fluting and all kinds of finery ; un derstands her business perfectly ; has good city reference from her last place. Can be seen tor two days from 11 till 4. 1? rr rr west sist st? second floor, front. -a ')') good smart girl as laundress or cook ; good city reference from last place. Call or address. Oft 1 EAST 22l> ST.. TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE Z''t girl, a good washer and ironer, wishes to do some washing at tier own house. 41ft7 EAST 54TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I woman as lirstclass laundress; no objections to go in the country ; best city reierences. mo EAST 28TH ST, REAR.? A RESPECTABLE ?d L" woman to take washing to her own house; no objection to going out by the day, ti"it city reference. . ill/i BAST 880 ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT BOOM.? As first class laundress ; understands (luting and ull kinds of flue washiug and fineries; excellent refer ences. fV11 WEST 29TH ST.. REAR ? A RESPECTABLE JLl l woman to go out by the day as first class laun dress; steady employ ineni desired; or would take in washing. _____ mo EAST 28TII ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A FIRST iLO class laundress wishes some w ashing at her own home; does all kinds ol flutlug ; or would go out two days 01 the week. Call all the WML ff EAST 74TII ST, TOP FLOOR, BACK BOOM.? Z LO A respectable woman to take washing and iron ing at home or go out by tlic day. AV. A., NEAli 14TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE woman as laundress in ? private family ; good 217 OIQ 3TH ST., ONE STAIR UP.? A RESPECTABLE Zlo girl u " - ? * for two days. Kir I as laundress; good reference. Can be i a Ot?l EAST 35TH ST., REAR HOUSE ? A RESPECT able woman wishes a tew more families' wash ing. 4>??c EAST 4BTH ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK. -A RE spectable woman to do family washing; good reference. OO K EAST 22D ST., ROOM 17? A RESPECTABLE imiAO married woman wishes some ladles' and gentle men's washing and ironing; also understands puffing and fluting; best city reference. 9'3Q EAST 28TII ST.. FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECT able girl, a goon washer and ironer, would like to have more washing to do at licr own house. BASTMTH OT.. IN REAR. -A RESPEHTAIIEE jot woman woull like to take In washing and iron ing . (luting done by machine. nnn east mth st , first floor. -a compk ^OO tent woman wishes families', ladies' anil gentle men's washing: understands her business thorough!}. Call 00 or aiMiess Mrs. FOX. 41 I ft WEST l?TH sr.-A BBSPBCTABLB WOMAN iilU to go out by the day washing or housccleanlng, Rolerences. _ <) * 1 WEST MD ST.-A BBSPBCTABLB WOMAN, ii'tl With the best city reference, wishes washing at her own home, or would go out by the day. 4) | i) EAST 4 1ST ST, NEAR 2I> AV? A YOCMO RE spectalile girl as laundress and chambermaid; has good reiereace. OA Q WEST ,13D ST., FIRST FLOOR, BETWEEN 7TD and Hih avs ? A respectable young girl wishus to take in w ashing and ironing ; best reference. 2rl WEST 29TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTES ?)1 tant woman wishes to do fatniiv washing In her own house, or will go out by the dny to do wasullut Iron lug or housecleanlug Buoa referenco. MTIfATIONH WANTKD? FRWA1.K8. _ LannilrriMt, <Vc. QfTfl WE8T 47TH ST., NEAR HTH AV., SECOND ! ? Hour, room 6.? A respectable woman wishes a low I nil ics' or gentlemen's washing, by the iiiomli or dozen; terms moderate ; best reference. Mrs. MOORE. or.o west :m> sr.. between rru and hth ?> > O avs ? A competent woman to go out by ihu day to do washing or Ironing or auy kind ot bouse work. () nr WEST S5T1I ST ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ZiU? ) to L-o out by the day washing or boubeclcaiiing ! city wftwnce. ? ?>/W? MAST 49TII ST. ? A WOM AN W. NTS A I'KW OUO Indies' or lamiliob' washing at bur own boast* ; can do fine washing. tl/JQ KAST 11TU ST., M.Alt 2:1 AV.? A RESPEUT Ol'?7 ubl<' wmiiaii wanUalew giuucmui's or ladies' washing ai her mlllWM. OI /? EAST 47T11 ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 21) AVS., * ) 1 *1 room 6.? A girl as laundress; can do all kinds of tluting and putting ; role re nee Irom last place. Call for two days. ?11 7 KAST MTU ST.? A RESPECT A BLB WOMAN Oil as laundress In a prival ? family ; good reference. QOQ EAST 21 ST ST.. FIRST FLO OS, BACK KtlHM ? *? < ? " A respectable girl as laundress In a private faru tly ; hag best city reference from last place. OOO BAST 36TII ST.. FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM ? O^jO A respectable woman wishes a few gentlemen's and ladles' tine washing and ironing ut her own rcsi denoe, or ? ould wo out by the day or week. Q9 1 KAST :?l? ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN O^iT wishes washing at her own home, or to go out by the duy housccleamag, Ac. WEST J6TII ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Y^. wishes some washing to do at her residence ; un derstands pulling, liming aud polishing ; best ol reli-r cnco. King fourtli bell. OQ A EAST 33D ST., SECOND FLOOR, B ACK ROOMS. OOu A respectable young woman as laundress or up stairs work, with tine washing and ironing , five years' rclerence. Call tor two days. 3 OA KAST S9TH ST., FOURTH FLOOR.? A RE Ou spoctablc woman to go out wa^hiug or liousc cleaning; good It required. QQ"I EAST S0TB ST -TWO OIRLS, ONE AS FIRST 00 1 class laundress, the other us cliauibermaid and assist with washing aud ironing; best refcrcuces. 001 EAST .'V4TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN OO I to go out to wash, iron or do Iiuum clcauing ; well recommended. Call for two days. OOQ WEST 86TII ST., FIRST FLOOR. -A FIRST OOO class laundress wishes to take in ladies' aud gentlemen * washing ; will do them reasonable; cau do fluting; best city reference. |jj>) WKST ma BT., FIRST FLOOR.? AS BXCEL rUO lent laundress; willing and obliging; best city references. mWEST 2?T I r ST., SECOND FLOOR, ROOM 1? A first class laundress to do ladies' and gentlemen's or lamily washing b.v inonlli or doz<'ii ; putting, tinting and nil tineries neatly done; terms moderate. IIO KAST fb'i'll ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.? A j1>j respectable woman as laundress in a Qrst class place; best reference from last place. Can be seen lor two days. /LI '> 7X11 AV.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES r 1 _ to take washing at her own residence; an ex cellent shirt ironer, and would be willing to go out tlie tirst two days of the week. AS) ft KAHT 1UTH ?T? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN rk?\' wishes lo take washing home or go out by the duy ; goofl reference. AOl EAST 10TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? A "t-jI respectable Protestant girl as laundress in a small private lamily ; Is an excellent washer and Ironer. fan ho seen tin engaged. A OQ 3D AV., FIRST FLOOR. REAR.? A RESl'ECTA. tcZiO ble woman to go out by the day or week, wash lag, ironing or housocleunlnu. /jOQ WEST 40TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A GOOD LA0N i OO dress solicits washing to cm at her rooms; linen, Ac., done in superior style. AAA WEST 52D ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN J. 11 wishes ladies' anil gentlemen's washing al her own home ; clothes done up in good style and French tlut ttig ; goml reference. Call on or address Mrs. MAC. A (1/1 9TH AV - BETWEEN :i7TII ANI) 3ST1I., STS., t?7t third floor, back room.? A respectable young w oman wants ladies' nnd gentlemen's or a family's wash, ing ; understands fluting ami pnfflng. Mrs. mctiernan nOA WEST aDTH st.? a YOUNG woman as laitn dress or as chambermaid and to do fine washing; understands pleating and fluting . no objection to the country lor the Summer; best references. C'JO 14TH ST., BETWEEN AVS. A AND B, FIRST *)*>? floor, room 4.? A respectable woman wishes a tew gentlemen's washing to take to her residence; has no objection to go out by the day. CQ7 3D AV., BETWEEN SfiTII AND 36T1I STS. -A OO I competent, table young woman ns lirst class laundress; lour years' city retcrcnce irom last em ployer. KA~\ WEST rorn ST.. BETWEEN 10TII AND UTH llTcl avs ? A respectable English woman wishes la dles' and gentlemen';; or tani (lies' washing; or to go out by tile day; understands her business; good reference. Mrs. REYNOLDS. nt\{\ 2D AV., BETWEEN 30TII AND 31ST STH.-TWO OOU respectable girls, one hh lirst class laundress, and the oilier as first class chambermaid and waitress, in the city or country ; very best n tereiices. {?1 O 21) AV., BETWEEN .Til) AND :!4TII STS - A ItE UIa speetalile woman to go out by the day or week ; is a good washer aud ironer, or would go housecleaning ; best city reference. 70"1 9TH AV., BETWEEN 49TII AND SOTII STS., Ol second floor, back room.? A respectable girl, now disengaged, as first class laundress in a private lam ily ; first CUSS reference Irom her last employer. 7 no. 2D AV.. IN THE CANDY STORE.? A BKSPECT ? )yJ able American woman as first claas washer and ironor ; best city reference. Mrs. OR1FFBN. 7TII AV., CORNER Ol 61 S T ST.? A RBSFIOT* <")?) able girl as flrst class laundress ; best city reter ?nee from her last place. m7TII AV? A TO UNO WOMAN WOULD LIKE to do ladles' or gentleinenS washing at her home or would go out by the day. 9 179 2D AV., NEAR 1I2TH ST. -A RESPECT At H JU aide woman to take a family washing home, or go out by the day. Call or address. | N uric*, Aic. 2 WEST ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS NURSE with a family about to go to Europe ; good reference. Address G. STRISS. 7 WEST 421) HT. ? A RESPECTABLE COLORED GIRL ns< child's nurse : good retcrcnee. A|.ply troin 1 to 0. QH WEST 80TH ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS CHILD'S 4u't nurse; would artist wltli chamberwork ; city ref erence. _ _____ rtl WK8T 31 ST ST.? A PERSON FULLY OOJIPE. <ji tent to take care of young children as nur-e ; no objection to the country ; best city roferences. Cun be seen lortwoduys. ro WEST 42D ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS OO nurse ; lit capable of taking entire charge of a child from its birth ; good city reteronce. r A WEST 2JTH ST.? TWO YOUNG AMERICAN Ox girls, well educated, to take rare of children, with a lady who travel* during the Summer season. call for two days. ?A WEST 14TH ST.? A LADV WISHES TO PROCURE Ot n situation for a Protestant woman as nurse; in (ully competent of taking the entire charge ot an Infant from its birth ; long experience and best city reference. Call for two days. rr WEST 18TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED VU woman, with a lresh breast ol in ilk. as wet nurse. /?1 WEST 3HTH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER.? A RF DI spoctable girl as nurse ; can take entire charge of a baby or two children and sew. Can be seen from 11 to it. /'il KINO STREET.? AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES \)? a baby to nurse on the bottle at her own house, or would take care of an invalid i is a monthly nurse. Call or address Nl'RSE. 1AQ EAST ma ST., PRESENT EMPLOYEE'S.? A I IUO lady wishes to procure a situation for a most re j spectable Scptch Protestant woman as inlands nurse : perfectlv competent to take charge night and day and Bring it "tip on the bottle; 8 years' reference. Can be seen I tor two days. 1H7 WEST lfiTH ST. -A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS 1U I nurse and seamstress; can braid, embroider and do all kinds of lancy sewing; city or country; best city reference. 1(H) WEST 1STU ST. -A RESPEl 'TABLE PERSON llnl as nurse ill a private family ; can take charge ol an Infant from its birth ; best city reference. Call lor two day* mWESTMTH ST., NEAR BROADWAY.? A YOUNG American girl to take care of children and make herself generally uselul; has lio objection to go to the country. m FORSYTH ST.. REAR ?A KIND AND PLEAS- ' ant German woman as nurse to an invalid or sick. Call on or address Mrs. 11., ilrotn if to 6 P. M. 1 on WEST 20TH ST., BELL 2.? A YOUNG GIRL TO take care of children; can operate; no objection to the country . willing and obliging , city reference* 1 OQ WEST 24TH ST.-A COMPETENT TOONS WO 1 ? O man as infant's nurse or seamstress; cuncutand tit e hi Idren's dresses; can eome well rtComUMiKl. IO- WMST 2STII ST.-A RESPECTABLE, MIDDLE Of) aged woman would b e capable ol taking caro of nil invalid lady; is a nice seamstress; would assist in any light house work ; good olty retereneea. 1 Ai) DOUGLASS ST., BROOKLYN -AN ELDERLY J 'T Protestant woman as lady's monthly nurse or to take cure ol an invalid; no objection to travel ; compe tent ami reliable. Addnt-iE L. G., statin - terms. Ir.Q WEST 27TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO OO take care of children, and assist in chamber work . "ity retcrence 1 t r WEST 331) ST.. TOP FLOOR,- A YOUNG AMERI AOO can girl to take care ol one or two children ; Is capable ot giving lessons ; has a good idea of hair dress ing; Is willing and obliging ; no objection to go a short distance in the country ; best ot references. Ien WEST 18TH ST.-A YOUNG OIRL AS NURSE; O D willing to assist In the chambcrwork and will make herself useful. 1 rn WEST 33D ST.? A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN 10 I to take the entire charge of an mlaiit; can bring six years' reference ttoin her last place. lrti WEST 29NI ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOOT9 1 0' r girl to take can; ot children aad do plain *wit <; Is civil ami obliging ; no objecttoa to travel __ J70 CHRYSTIE ST.-A FRENCH GIRL AH NURSE I I w In private lamily. 17K EAST 7PT1I ST.? A YOUNG GIRL AS NURSE litJ and seamstress; can take entire charge of a baby ; no objection to travel; bust city rcl- ,r*ce. Call for two days. H'TFATIOIH WAIYTKU-PICNAI.RS. Nurare. <mc. 90H wrsT 27T" ST. -A RESPECTABLE GIRL AK a-V") baby's nurse; c.111 operate on machine; no oh* Jectlon to travel, never was wamck ; good city reference. 0 | 7 BAST 2STII ST.? A BB8PRCTABLE PROTKS ul I taut wouiin as nurse ; is willliu to lake euro of an in i mii t. troui it)- lilrtli; willing to go to the coun try ioi the Summer ; bust city rotcrcneo. Can be seen for two days. 91 n 2STH ST.. 8BCOND Kl,OOR, FRONT.-A UK. Zj It Hpeotable yi ung woman vrunta u b fljy to nurae at her own house, liu\iug Iter own baby ? few days. Cult for two days. 99] WEST 27TII HT.? A RKSPKCTABLR GIRL. AS 1 nurse ami plain Hewer and will atwiNl in ehamlior wx?rk nnd take lull charge ot a baby ; can do ail klndH of ucodii work. 99O EAST 74TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE MARRIED woman us wet nurse. 99') WERT 27TH SI'.. N H All 7T1I AV., FIRST lloor. ? A respectable married wouiflii a* wet uurhe ; good relereoce. 297 WEST 8IST ST., SECOND BELL.? A YOUNO ? I Kil l to lake euro of children and do sewing ; nooil city reference. 90 4 WEST SID ST., SBOOND FLOOR.? AS MlltSK, Ati'r by a competent young glrlt can use Wheeler & \\ axon's machine, and give excellent city reference. 0/10 WEST 17TH ST.? A STEADY WOMAN AS lO child's nurso ; thorou glily understands her busi ness; host city reference Irom Iter lust place. 9UH EAST 4TI1 ST.? AN llONKST GERMAN' OIRIl ? 1 ') as nurso or chambermaid, Call at her parents'. 9QQ 5TII AV.-A YOUNG OIRL TO TAKE CARE OF Zj'lCj (.'rowing children and sew; has six yours' city returenco. OA 9 EAST 59TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN tJ\l & to bring up uu luiaut on the bottle ; best of cufo taken. ')/ k 7 EAST 16TH ST. -A BABY TO WET NURSE OU I at own house; will have a good homo anil a mo ther's eare. Call all week. Ol 9 5TII AV.? A UOOD PROTESTANT NURSE TO ()i^ lake enro oi children front three to five years old; private family preferred. ?>1 9 MADISON AV. ?AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS ? M w for growing children. QIC WEST 12TII ST.? A YOUNO OEBMAN (URL, ? > I ' ) who understands English, us nurse In an Ameri can family. ?J 0,4 6TI1 A v., NEAR 2 1ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE OOr l'rotestant person us Intaut's nurse; is accus tomed to tin cure ot an luiaut; can do plain sewing ; best city reierenco. >J II WEST 41 ST ST -A SMVItT, IIESPBCTA8LB O'xl girl us nurte and to do plain sewing. OAK WB8T 28TH ST.? A YOUNG PROTESTANT Oti/ woman is nurse to one or two babies. ?) I 7 7TB AV. PROTESTANT GIRL AS NURSE; Ot I good rotbrenoe. Q I U WB8T BOTH ST., FOURTH BBLL.-A respect * V 1 ( j uiite married woman a* wet nurx in a first class family; has lost her own baby; would like to go to the country. Of* A 10TH A V., CORNER .HIST ST.? A BESPECT OU"x able married woman a* wet nurse ,110 objection to go In the country ; heal reference*. 1 HQ WEST S!sTU ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN XV/0 as nurse to an Invalid by thu week or moiuii. 1 hW 7TH AV - BETWEEN S2D ANI> Xil> STS.? A r " "O French girl as nurse and to da sewing; hur first place in the city. 49 A BAST 16TB ST., SECOND 'KLOOR FRONT.? AN x^x: American Protestant girl to take care ol a child and do cliumbcrwork or plain mowing; enn sew on Wheeler & Wilson's machine. AQrt EAST ,4T1, HT ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG tOU woman us nurse and cliuinbcrmaid ; good city references. 409 WEST S8TH ST., THREE PAIR OP STAIRS, TtOZil room in.? A restieetable woman to take carc 01 aohlld; will have a good home. riill EAST 1?TH ST. -A YOUNO GIRL TO TAKE OvU care of children. or do chutnhcrwork; is willing and obliging , can be well recommended. Call lor two day's. CG7 WEST 40T1I ST. -A YOUNG WOMAN AS NURSE t/vl and seamstress; is willing and obliging; no ob jections to the country; city reierenco. Cull lor two days. rop; 6TII AV., BETWEEN 31ST AND .521) STS., UP ?J? , <*/ stairs, first lloor.? A respectable Protestant girl as nurse and to do plain sewing; good reterenccs. /TOO WEST 27TH ST.? A BBSPBOTABLB PBOTEST UOO ant girl us nurse; city reference. Call Monday and Tuesday, from 10 until - o'clock. C 71 3D AV., RING.? A YOUNG UIRL AS NURSE >) I 1 and plain sewer; city or country ; best city rei erenco . r(\ O 11TII AV., ABOVE 44TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, ?J?./0 front.? A reaper table young married woman to go out as wet nurse ; milk 7 weeks old. Call lor two days. 7ft, 1 3D AV., NEAB44TH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN IWt as nurse ami seamstress; sews on Wheeler it Wilson's machine ; would assist with chamberwork ; Is capable ot hearing tile children's lessons if required; ko<hI city reference. 70/1 OTII AV? A MIDDLE AGED PROTESTANT I Ol/ weman as nurse ; lully understands the care of nn imant, to bring it up on ihc bottle; city reference. OWn HT" vv ? BETWEEN S7TH AND 8STH STS. ? A ?'OU most respcctuble young woman, wno is loud of childreti. as nurse ; will be found a trustworthy, reliable person iti such a capacity ; the highest testimonials w ith regard to character and capability given trom last em ployer; Is also a neat plain sewer; two years' reference. A FRENCH (PROTESTANT) WOMAN WISHES A Situation to take care of children and to do sewing; good reference. Address P. D., Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,365 Brokdway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL AS NURSE FOR one or two children or to wait on a lady, with a family going to Europe this Spring ; excellent city refer ence iruin her present employer. Address, lor onu week, B. TRAVELLER, Herald Uptown Branch office. A NORTH OF.RMAN EDUCATED OIBL DESIRES A position as nurse to growing children; West refer ence. Address A UOCSTi^, box 127 Herald Uptown Branch otllce. AS NUR8B? AN EXPERIENCED ENGLISH PRO testant woman; thoroughly understands the eare ol young children ; Is fully competent to take entire charge of so infant Irom birth ami management 01 a nursery- con give many years' city reference. Address ?I. B. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. VTUBSE.? THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO SECURE lY a situation, in town or country, tor a competent English Protestant nurse ; charge of an infant preferred. Address, giving niunc and residence, S., box 1,124 Post otfice, New York. Waitresses, itr. 7 WEST 21ST 8T -A LADY LEAVING THE CITY can give the best recommendations to her waitress, whom ihe lias had iii her family tor seven years; to her chambermaid, who Is also a title seamstress and can take rare of children, and also to her cook. Applv, asubovo, Tuesday and Wednesday. A /t WEST I3T11 ST. REAR. -A YOUNG WOMAN AS xl' waitress, or chambermaid and to assist with the washing and ironing ; city reference. f'fi EAST 54TII ST. ? A COMPETENT OIRL AS FIRST UU class waitress in a private family ; can be teen ut her present employer's. 1H7 WEST 49TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS WAIT J.U I ress; country preferred; two years' city refer ence from her last place. Call tor two days. 1 (11) WEST urn ST. -A YOl'Nli WOMAN AS FIB8T lO't class waitress; no objection to the country, ( all or send for, tor two davs, at present einplo? er's. I <7 EAST ,^l> ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT? A YOUNO 1x1 woman as waitress in a private family; under stands her business perfectly; has best city reference. ]i Q WEST SllTB ST., riBBT KLOOR.-A VOI'NG 'X?7 woman a* first class waitress; understands all kliuls of dressings and salads; unexceptionablo refer ences from last place. ICC WEST 27TB ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ? )?/ competent waitress in a private family ; no ob jection to the country lor the Summer; best city relcr e nee. m7TH AV? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL AS waitre-s or chambermaid in a private family; willing and obliging; good city reference. 0(17 EAST 54TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN aU I ns first class waitress; no objection to the coun try ; best city references.. Call on or address. 290 l*T AV.? AH FIRST CLASS WAITRESS; BEST jO city and country reference. nop WEST I7TH ST.? TWO SISTEHS To DO IHI aOQ work ot a small lumtl y, or one- as waitress, the other to do chamberwork ami plain sewing ; cither in the city or stati n Island, (1QQ WEST 10TH ST-TWO PROTESTANT OIRLS. ^90 In a private family; one as wultress, other as laundress; to together; first claae references If required 9 4 rw EAST 37TII ST , BETWEEN 2D AND ,tl? A \ S - JtU As waitress in a private family; good reierenco 9 f n WEST HIST ST.. GROCERY STORK. -A COMPE itJ taut git I first class waitress; best city refer ences. 9^9 WEST 23D ST.. OOBiniB or HTH W.-A ? . ? young plrl as first class waitress or chamber maid ; no objection to a boarding house. 0,11 East utth st.-a yopng girl as first Oil class wsitros or chamborinaid ; best city refer ence from her last place. Call lor two days. ?_> |Q EAST .'IIST ST., SECO.NIJ FLOOR, HEAR? A O'tO respectful young girl us waitress in a pr.vatu family; good c it i reference from last plucv. ?? | 7 EAST 17 III ST.-A PROTRSTANT GIRL AS OTI first rlafs waitress In a private lamily;do ob jection to the eeiintrv , best city referenre ,-tl 4 W EST 1 ' I'll -T A COM PhTK ">T YOUNG OIRL t)iT as first class waitress; would assist in any other work ; best city reference ; no objection to the country. 7 | o 7TH A\ , CORNER WITH ST -A YOUNO Wo I xO tnan as waitress and chambermaid; has lived 13 years in last place, would like a place in the country tor the Summer , best city reierouco. M lace 11a neon*. nWEST 4CTH ST-A LADY OF REFINEMENT AND who is accustomed to the duties, la a first class fam ily, as attendant upon an invalid or aged lady, or to take charge as matron of 0110 or two uiolhcrlcsechildrun ; good references. UWEST 2IST ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S. -A very experienced person In travelling, speaking English, trench and German, desires to accompany a lady or latnilv to Europe ; is never seasick , kutd to call dren and a uood uurso to Invalid*. MlTllA'flOWH WANTKnuPKDlAliKH. miner llHnrnu?. OA VAKTCK ST. -A YOUNG GIRL OP BRVFNf EKN j" to do iipstuirs work or to assist. In the kitclu u. Call for two days. 1 97 GRAND ST.? A YOUNG FBKNOII GIRL TO GO ?L I to France, cither as lady's maid or child's nurse good references. 0 ) west torn st.-a bbspbctaiilk irkncii ? ?' 1 girl, to aceompnny * family to Kuropc n? lady's maid or to have tlio cure of children ; can teach French and Otrmun, and understands Knglish well. Rciers to | tin' tody with M iimn she is now llTtuil. A *7 WOOSTKR ST.? A YOUNO GIRL NKW IN THIS I 1 I country, who speakH u 1 1 1 tin ilermun and can sew m <11 r(l MuUOUGALL ST. A RESPECTABLE YOUNII >' girl wishes a situation to attend * fancy store, bakery, cotilcctioiicrv, or some light business; fiest of rulvrcuco. in I VTBBT HOUSTON 8T \ YOUNO FBBNCH I A "J girl, experienced lit minding growing uprliildreu, and can operate on the Florence machine; no objection to travel ; city relerences. Ou't from ? A. M. to 6 I'. M. mWEsTMTH ST., BBAB.-A GI'.RMAN GIRL AS lady's maid or to cure growing children ; bout iclercnco given. Call for three da ys 1 ??Q 8ULLIYAN ST., NEAR piumk -an a m i: r: I 1*>0 can wem in to take charge of an invalid and as sist in housekeeping ; city or country; satisfactory reter ciice. Call on or address. mEAKT 390 ST., SF.COND FLOOR, HACK ROOM. A respectable middle aged woman t.i take care of a growing child and do plain sewing; good city relor lfkH THOMPSON ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to no out to day's work and do Iioumi cleaning. 179 7TH *AV., BETWEEN 2UTH AM) 21ST STS.? J 4 ? / A competent person as lady's maid, first class Infant's nurse or seamstress: speak-- French an I KfigiUtli , accustomed to travelling ; satisfactory reference. 9||9 WEST 27TH ST., Mi Alt 7T11 AV.-A UP: +j spectable young girl to tako care of children, do light work and make herself useful. i>||) HAST 30T 1 1 ST.? A PROTESTANT SWISS imi 1 ' ' French Kir) as lady's maid; speaks English; good references. 9|"I EAST S8TH ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? ?t I J A respectable young girl to take charge of chil dren and to do chainbcrwork. Can l.e scon tor two days. 91 9 MAIDSON AV.-AN EDUCATED YOUNG ? I ~j French ladv. having great experience in travell ing, wishes to engage with u family to go to Europe; willing to make herself use ml. Address lioVKHN bSS 991 EAST 21 ST ST.? AS LADY'S M.VlD ANDSKAM w?l stress bv a respectable girl ; best elty reference. 909 EAST 29TH BT., IN BEAR, BETWEEN 2D AND ? 3d avs.? A young girl to take care of a growing child and do plain sewing ; is capable ol taking charge of a young baby ; no objection to go a abort distance In the country ; good reference. /T71 1ST AV.-A GIRL. A.OED 10 YEAB8, TO ? ' 1 I {ntuil children or to uo light housework. OAQ BOWERY.? A YOUNG GERMAN LADY, WHO *}' ' speaks French, as lady's maid or to take cure of growing children, in an American lumily. QAC 7TU A V., Room 9.? A RESPECTABLE PBO Ov"?.J testant woman to take care ol u gentleman's resldenco tor the Summer; best city reference. ?>1 ?> EAST 4:11) ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL To DO OIO sewing or take care of children 111 a private family. Best city reference. ?J9Q BAST 48TH ST.? A YOUNG (11RL, LATELY ?>j't landed, willing to assist in anything ; tour months In the country. Can lie seep for two days. oor WEST S7TH ST., TOP FLOOR. ? A BE8PB0T 0?)' ) able young widow lady wishes to take charge of tenement houses in or out of the city ; best reiorenee. '?*><? PAST 321) ST.? A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE OO") care of a child, do chamlierwork una plain .sew ing; best city reference. Call lor two days. Q I ft STH AW? A FRENCH LADY'S MAII); IS A i)t" good hairdresser and dressmaker; is fully com petent to tin the situation ; reference. Q I K EAST 35TII ST. Oto llousecloanlng or washing by the day. Mrs. CON SI DINE. A 97 WEST 24TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE CTRL TO T-i j I tuke care of urown children aail to do Iwlit chamberwork ; best City rcleretices. lOl StTFl A V.. BETWEEN 8BTH AND 3OTH STS.-A T"UJ. young girl, I- yoarsof age, to wait on the door or go on errands; smart, intelligent ; understands the city; good NkHMti J. (id 1ST AV., NEAR 29TII ST.. SECOND FLOOR, j */T back.? A vouiil' girl, 14 years 01 age, to mind a baby and tu make liei'Milf generally useful. rn 1 20 AV.? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A f)'7 t tew days' work in the week at hnusuciiuining or washing ; Is a tir-t class laundress ; bunt reiercnc.e. X- : i. eon ("TU AV., SHOE STORE, BETWEEN TOT II AND 0?J 401 li su. ? A young lady, spcnkiugiFrench (Paris), lo teach young children ;.ls u good plain and I alley nee dlewoman; would nut object to take entire charge of two children; would lie ti>uud willing and obliging; Miould like to engage with a luinily going to San Fran cisco ; best city reference. 70t> OBEBNW1CH HT.? A YOUNG PROTESTANT girl to take euro of children ; new* nicely ; is Wilting to make herself useful : good reference. Can be segn on Tue.-day and Wednesday. 9,1 A 30 AV.. BETWEEN BOTH AND 67TII NTS.' i 'I' third floor, front? A young girl in u small prl vate family. A COMPETENT ANO EXPERIENCED YOUNG Wo man wishes to travel With a ladv during the Sum mer months; salarv no object whatever. Address S. A. W., Post oUlee, Baltimore, Md. A LADY OP THE HiaHBST RESPECTABILITY DE sires the position to take thorough charge of a gen tleman's large establishment; unexceptionable refer ences. Addrt :.s L. A., care of Mr. James Donahue, Super intendent Free Labor Bureau, New York. A YOU NO GERMAN LADY WISHES A SITUATION in a fine family, or to travel with liulies; under stands all kinds ot work. Address II. It., box ill) Herald otllce. AVOIIXO LAl/Y OP EXPERIENCE DESIRES writing or auy genteel situation ; satisfactory refer ence. Address II. L., Herald oflloe. A LADY will) DV'NS ONE OP THE BB8T SEWING machines would like to engage in a hotel, city or country, to do all the plain suwiug, or would do it at home; best reference. Address, for oue week, Mrs. HALL, Herald Uptown Itranch oftlce. \S LADY'S COMPANION OR GOVERNESS? CAN cut and fit children's clothing aud operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine ; would be obliging. Address INDUSTRY, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. / COMPANION.? A LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH A \J family going to Europe who would require lier ser vices; she is most willing to render herself useful In any way. Address MARY M., Herald Uptown Brunch ofiice. /T101N0 TO BUBOPB? A FAMILY OR LADY GOING VT there shortly can securc the services of a French person, who lias often crossed the ocean, and is never reasick; best city references. Address PARISIAN, box no. Herald Uptown Branch oBce. TTT ANTED? BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A SITt'A TT tion to travel with a family either going to Europe or California. Address Mrs. JULIA WAUUEM, Brooklyn Branch Herald oftlcc. Intelligence Office*. ALL KINDS OF EXPERIENCED SERVANTS; also green girls wanted, for bust situations. Apply at 138 West llth st., corner 0th av. MAN SERVANTS FOR ALL POSITIONS-CAPA T ble and trustworthy, constantly found at SIS Bow cry, entrance on Bleecker st. Mrs. LOWE. PUOFE?8IONAI> SITUATION'S W A \ T K 1) ? FEMALES, | >.) BA8T 90TH st. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? A French woman as nursery governess; can be well re''otnmeuded. Can bo seen lor two uays, from tf A. M. to I I*. M. 1 WEST 2ST1I ST -A HIOHLV EDUCATED ENG lish lady in the English, French uud Latin Inn ftu.-iges as governess; understands care, training nnd governing children thoroughly ; news well by hand and machine. _ _ _ 0 4 O 8TH ST., CORNER AV. C.? AN BXPBBIBNOBD OIO Oerman governess to teach Oerman and music In an American family , best reference from her last em ployer. Address M. h. A SWISS LAD V WISHES A SITUATION AS GO V R R ness in a family in New York or near the city. to teach children ill French, (leriuan and music ; forwarded pupils or beginners. Address GOVERN ESS, 12 East 22d st. A LADY DESIRES AN ENGAGEMENT V-< COM panlon. in or near New York, or to visit Europe; or as governess to young children; best references re quired and given. Address*;. F. C HAN dLEK, School of Mini's, Columbia College. East t'Jth st., New York. PRIVATE INSTRUCTION IN ENGLISH BRANCHES, French. Elocution, Ae., by a lady, recently Princi pal of a successful school for young Indies, at hours to suit pupils. Address c. c , Herald om< e TXTANTED? BY TIIK ADVERTISER, \ POSITION US TV cutter and fitter in a dressmaking house ; Is thor - onffhlv conversant with A. T .Taylor's system Ai'drcss ENGLISHWOMAN, Herald Uptown Branch otllce. jjliP AV AUTKD?FK.M A hi s. A -WORK GIVEN OUT TO PAY Ff?!t FIRST CLASS . Sewing Machines. BLAKE. BUCKWAI.THt A CO.. 1 Ij llli av., comer ot 12th 'jt., and 1U1 Bleecker st., near Broadway. A CHANCE TO LEARN TBLBPRAPIIY ?MEN, women, boys and girls iearn and tnki positions; demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON s College, 21) tth av., opposite Ci oper Institute. A NGELL'S TURKISH BATHS. HI LEXIN.J roN A VE nue, want two first claw Protestant Girls; one I sun dress, one chambermaid and waitress; lisitlier older liian 2."> years, wa?es to $30. AFRW EXPERIENCED LAD i CANVASSERS wanted? T? sell by sample In tbo city and vicinity an article In great demand. To the right partlss liberal Inducements will be. made. Apply, afUr l(J o'clock, 92 Chambers street, up stairs. A FIRST CLASS TRIMMER FOR CITY MILLINERY Apply to Miss SPENCER at B. Travis A Co., S)5 Broadway. A GOOD OPER \TOR WANTED? ON THE HOWE machine. Call at 102 Duano st., up stain. A PROTESTANT NURSB ABLE TO SEW, TO GO TO , tho country. Apply till 2 o'clock at I IT west Kvl st. /lOOK WANTED? ONB THAT UNDERSTANDS HER \J business , soups, meat, pastry, Ac. , also a Mrst c laundress i .ill before 12 noon to day at 2UD W? st XW st. /1LOAK AND MANTLE MAKERS WANTEU-RX \J perienced workers accustomed t<> first class work; tho work gtveu otu. Apply to W, K. PtTTON, fit and 27i Boww. IIICI.P WANTKn-PKMAtRB. DRESSMAKERS AND AN ERRAND (JIRL W ANTKD? SI East 271b st. I) MSSMAJCBRR-W ANTED, FIRST CLASS WAIH1 unit skirl tiiiiidicrs. Cull, beloie iOA M., it n JjlEFERIENCED VII. I, AN !? TRIMMER WANT "j ed? Al?ogood lac e hands (or children s lace cup* iti the UNION HA/.AAB, 3tS fitli av. 171IRST CLASS l?R( 88 MA K 8BS FOR WAIST. ANIi polonaise; also a j [. re it M A. conni-XLY, No. r East llth ?t. /1IHLKTO WORK ON BEADED FLOWERS ANI? tilt IjT namenta; also an experienced I .i rwnraaii: hU'licsl wage* i<ii itJ tooim competent !'iM' ' '? r; 1 ?* ijlara Dm I en ii do all kin Is oi i" ml work. I ni|Ulro at 8. ELI AS', 1,272 Thiril avenue, near M'venty-ihlrd street (1 1 It! j FOR GENERAL HOUSE WORK-BY A FAMILY f occupying I'ri tu b list; all conveniences; (the must Hwp at her uwii honw. Apply at 21W But lliiih itrctl, corner I'hiril avenue [ADIES-ONK DAY'S ATTENTION, WITH SMALL 1 expense, will iiuuire a ncrlect knowledge of u beau tiful art, by which you make money. Call utOl Weal Forty-tourtli street. T Al 'NDRBSS WANTED? FIRST i LASS; NONE CUT I J those who thoroughly iindermtiind their business need apply. ID West Twenty uintli street. M'MEN-AMY, HESS A CO. HAVE AN OPENING FOR an educated lady In tholr establiibuioni ; salary i.?r llrst month $IV weekly; position permanent ; punctuality an object. Apply uitor II o'clock at 735 Broadway. Nurse wanted- in a private family ; must lie a good washer and ironor and e.nao well recom mended. Apply at -I West Fiftieth street. CU'K NURSE WHO UNDERSTANDS IIF.R BUSINESS ? ' wanted liy a lady. Inqulru at M. LElSElt, 170 Al av., corner 27th st,. II' ANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY. \ GERMAN PRO ?V to- tunt cook, washer slid ironer. Apply, with city reference, at 23fl Went Mil si., between 1. and 3 P. M. WANTKll-.V UKNTI.EL Yrtl'Nd (MRU TO ATTEND it to voting children; must lie kind, attentive unit willing: Komi recommendations required. Apply to Mrs. I K I! N A Mill ft OOD. Route vard an. I < fitli sL, bctw e n 1 aliil t o'clock. ANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY A GOOD WAIT rem. Apply at 4ti W. ,i 2t',tu st. "IVTANTED? A NEAT, TIDY GIRL TO ATTEND A ?' child two years .it ate > :e IS or upward*; city ret orence. Apply at I :t l Ma-. Uth a. WANTED-A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS, WHO thoroughly understands cutting mi I. ruai in at* and sewing on Elflptii maelilucs; Hist i U..s reference re quired. 2iu Bast IStli st. \\' ANTKD? BY AN AMFiitlCAN FAMILY, A VOUXO ii girl to take care ni children; to an a-jiv ably dis posed girl a good home is nth ted . w.i ;i . $ Addle-. .s II. U , box llll llerald office. W ANTKD? A COMPETENT PROTI. TANT NUUSK to lake charge ol a child two years old; one who Is fond til children and can new; best re quired. Apply for two iiny.-, v to ii, at 90 East 87th si. "Itr ANTED? SEVERAL FIRST CLASS DRESSMAK. ?V ers. None hut experienced hand-, need apply to Mrs. K. II. CON NELL, 3Ui West ".llth St.. lit ar 8th av. V\r/5T NURSES OBTAIN SITUATIONS. WITH IIIOH. ?V wages (free), by inquiry at HANSEN'S Agency, ill) I fitli si., near Bowery. WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GIRL TO VV co >k, wash and Iron; alHo a chambermaid, to asalat with wushlng and ironing; must have city rule re nee. Ajijily at Ml West 3^d st. WANTED? TWO FIRST CLASS SALESLADIES IN a fancy (foods store on Broadway; must lie prepos serailnK und able to reternuuos. Apply , for two days, ut&17 Broadway, under the st Nicholas Hotel. ANTED? A HOOD OOOK, AT 30 WEST FIFTY-SBC ond street. ANTED ? FOR A FEW WEEKS, A NEAT, COMPK tenl ?r>amstress that understands dresKiuakint? and on ft'huulcr A Wilson's machine. Apply at w w w ran operate o 7-' Wflit 17th st. 1XTANTED.? A YOIJNO KlltL Hi OR 17 TO ASSIST IN Vt Jiousework; one living with Iter parents preferred. Apply at M West I'JIli St., basemeut door. WANTED? A COMPETENT IIOD8EKEEPRR TOGO in the country; must ho a good dressmaker anil seamstress and able to take entire charge ol bouse, ser vants, Ac. Address, with terms and reierences, T. L. S., It Frankfort St., New York. "117" ANTED? NURSE GIRL, ro MIND ONE 0HIU>| Vf wnjes $7. Call, Irotn III to I o'clock, at 211 liast I3tll St., near 3d uv. Wf ANTE D? A MIDDLE-AOED WOMAN AS LADY'S tf maid; must understand perfectly dressmaking anil tmlr dressing; mine others need upplv. Call, lor twa (lays, at Stevens H uii<] i uu. No. <i West 27th st. ANTKD? A COOK WnO UNDERSTANDS COOK. VI lug ami is willing to assist ill washing mid ironing; private family; reference required. Call, alter 10 A. if., at 6u University place. nr ANTED? A COOK; MUST ASSIST WITH WASII. Vt ing anil ironing. 1-1 East 59th St., between U;x. lnftoa and 4tn ava. Ur ANTED? A OIRL, 16 OR 17 YEARS OLD, TO DO upstairs work . reference required. ('all, alter S o'clock, at IN West 12tli st. WA NT E D? TW E NT V WOMEN, UOOD SEWERS. Apply tins morning, at 9 o'clock, to Miss FINCH ETTK, ut .stage door, Orand Opera Mouse, 3211 West 24Ui su l\r ANTKI) ? AN EXPERIENCED COOK, IN A Vt private family; best city relcrcuce required. In quire at ltd) ftl place, Brooklyn. TITANTKD ? A MIDDLE-AO BD WOMAN TO DO PLAIN it cooking and assist vvitti tin; Mashing and tinning. Call at 2P.1 East l llli st. HT ANTED? A FIRST < LASS WAITRESS. AITLV At ?? West fiOili st. alter 9 o'clock, at tlie buM*uicnl ioor. TIT ANTED? A COMPETENT CHAMHEltMAlD. AP it lily, with rolorcnccs, ut No. 1 East Will st. before 3 o'clock. \S r ANTED? A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS FOR TWO T? days every week: cll.v required. Call at 332 Lexington uv., corner J9ih st. 1XTANTED? A OIKL FOR <;| NERAL HOUSEWORK. ? ' Apply at IliS Eaiit Fifty-eighth street, lourtli house Irom I' on r tit avenue. WANTED? A NEAT, TIDY OIKL AS WAITRESS, and to assist In sewing and < huinherwork; good eit? reference required. Call at 119 Easttilst st. AAT ANTED? A WAITRESS, WILLING TO ASSIST T? witli the chamberwork : will lie rcoulred to wear caps; also a seamstress who thoroughly understand* Wfie-'liir Wilson s inm'tiine. Apph between 12 and 2 al .'.I W est 38th -<t., on Tuesday. Ur ANTED? A OIRL TO TAKE CARE OF CIIILDRBM anil sew : white or colored ; city reference. Anptj at 117 East 38th st., between it) and 12 o'clock. TIT ANTED? OIRL To cook, wash and IROMi m good city references. Apply between 9 and 11 o'clock, at KM 2d av WANTED? TWO OOOD OIRLS TO OO TO ORANOEj sisters preferred ; one to cook and assist in wash ing, oiic as nurse and seamstress. Apply, between z ami 4, at .110 l-.ast Uth st WANTED-FIRST CLASS HANDS TO TItIM AND finish waists, and a perfect operator on drover A Baker's machine. Apply at 21 East 16th st., two doors west oi I nton -?i|itare. U WANTED? A PLAIN. RESPECT ABLE DOMESTIC, TO do the housework ol an elderly gentleman. Answer by letter, lor three days, to JOHN WHITE, 136 lileecktr st. Ur ANTED? A OIRL ABOUT U TBARS or AOS TO assist in a small family. I li? j tti tv at it/2 West 13tli*t? UrANTED? A OIRL AS WAITRESS AND CHAMBER, maid ; also one as cook. 67 West 35th St. W \ NT ED? FIRST CLASS HANDS To MAKE LADIES' ?V and misses' Swiss overdresses and tunics. LORD A TAYLOR, liroitdway aad 2Uih St., entrance In .'Dili st. \ \ * ANTED ? FIRST CLASS HANDS ON CHILDREN'S T V lace caps and bonnets, to work in the house. LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. Entrance in twentieth street. W ANTED? FIRST CLASS MILLINERS. FOR A PRI T> vato millinery establishment ; also good Imnds on tltie white work. Apply at No. 8 East ls:h st. I\T ANTKD? A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO COLORKD m girl to take charge of a young child by the day. Apply at 28 Bank su, for two days. W ANTKD ? A OIRL TO DO OENKRAL HOUSEWORK f? at 177 dates av., Brooklyn. WANTED? A OIRL TO DOdENERAL HOUSEWORK: Tf one that will gn home nights ; good wages ; small family. Call at in? West 23d st CULVIX VI' ANTKD A Vol NC WO.MVN V- LAl'NDRESpJ one who understands (luting by machine. Apply atSMMk av , near 3 it li St. U* ANTED? FIVE OOOD MILL! N L its AND TWO. saleswomen; good wage sand steady employment. Call at iW7 sth av., between :?9th and ulth *??_ 11' AVI ED? A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO OIRL TO >> assist with children ; city reference required. Call from 10 to 12 o'clock at No. 13 West 16th st., between, 5th and titli avs. _ il' ANTED TWO PROTESTANT OlltLS (HERMANS, it preferred) ; one as cook, washer and ironcr, wage*. $1' chambermaid, wages $15; prime lutuily; country tor summer Apply al 109 West :Vtth st. WANTED -A OOOD MILLINER TO do TO DAN. ?? liury .Conn. ; good wages and steady employment. Inquire at E. DltUKKR'S, 2i '-i Division st. Ai'AM'i D-A OOOD CHAMBERMAID \M> wviT ?? ress in a small private Omlly, to a.-slst a little i is washing and ironing. Apply, between 9 a'jd 12, at IJ* LcKingt sii av. \VrANTED-A COMPETENT Nl'RSE TO TVKI4 tt charge of a baby from Its birth . good e.lty retrrriiee. Call far two tejrt at S14 3d av., between 18th and inn WANTED? A OENBRAL HOl'SF. SERVANT SDK ? f must be a ???oJ plain co??r, wa.<ih(*r anu lr<#u?jri wafe?$U; German, Rweil^s or Danes only iijmm! apply, at IW 27tli it. liood r* ?i uirtU. WANTED? A STEADY dIRL TO DO THE Hol SR. ?? work of a small private tsinlly ,mu>t b>> a kihhI plain cook and v, asner and ironer uul have gooit refer euce. Apply at West 6Ath st., between *<tn a .n?i Jtii ava WJ ANTED? TWO HERMAN OR PROTESrANT OIRLf^ . W for hoiweworK; (?ne mnnt be 1 food ?i? F; y and Irouer. Apply at 41 West 51st st, for three days ^ WANTED-A dOOD PLAIN COOK. T''^s|sra*? W tho washing of a family of Ate. Apoly ai -v /c?* 2&th st. Wanted-in a private am k hic an F'.iiri.r VV three girls. Pretermits, one to iook. ? ash and iron ; a cbamoartnaldv to'asstsi with Ironing, ,nd a girl of 15 as waitress- Apply at 215 A'e.-u wtn st. 11' ANTED? A COMPETENT NURSE, P ROT EST XNT \? preferred, to take care of a cful , one veir Id; must havo the fcest dtv references, a^iply. between U aud I, o vloik. Ikt Oil West I7tb sw

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