Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1873 Page 2
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CTTV ItEAli l'STATi: ig SAI.K. Central* A magnificent home, to be sold at a i?ak gain. In the moat do ii able lo allty, betwecu Forty sixth uiid Fort) -eighth streets and Madison slid Filth ? venues: li.ur (lory high stoop linm n >tone, &">x75xlOO feet, new cabinet ilnish, all Improvements, with a por tion ot the imnorte 1 Fixtures and Furniture ; or will ex change for acceptable Property winch will readily let. li? iwi i n Fourteenth end Forty second streets, Fourth and Sixth uvenues; or new four story Houses lor small fami lies, in close proximity to Central i'ark; will receive or p. iv ii ili-rniccs in uptow n Lots, or cash. No out ol town 01 unimproved property desired ; party going abroad. jN.iiiri ? . m ttlii'.' nil particulars, Nos. Baud lol'ine street, room 26, from 2 to 0 J'. M. \ K BLEGANT FOUR 8T0RT BROWN STONB HOUSE J\ ani Lot on lifty -second street near Fifth avenue. SSMW.yiii; alio one adjoining, 22xwxl0tr; both new and Jirst class. 1IOLLY IlKOS. A KISSAM, No. li Fine St. * HI iUTIFUL IITCll STOOP BROWN STONE J\ House in Forty sixth street, west ol Sixth avenue, most thoroughly built exquisitely paiuted und irescoed, uii.i in complete order, at an exceedingly low price. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO., 128 Brondway. 4 FIFTH AVENUE RESIDENCE ; CIIARMINO PO J\ sitlon ; well pinuned; lroscoed ; reasonable price to ensure speedy sale; near Forty-ninth street V. K. STEVENSON, JK., 11 Pine street. k -I WILL SELL, FOR CASH, $10,000 BKLOW COST, ,J\ ? ii applied lor tills week, one of ti e best Duilt lour ttorv House" up town, near Filth avenue, flu blind in cabinet work ; good title. Apply at 'JJ9 Sixth avenue. \ N ELEGANT FOl'U STORY BROWN STONE J\ Hou? in Fifty-fourth street, between Madison and Fourth avenues, finished In cabinet woods, ilxfxi; will null at a bargain. Can I o seen on premises or by calling on F. ZIT'l EL, l.03i? 'I bird avenue. A_A.-A.-FOR PALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A . nrst class lour -t>>ry high "toon bfown stone House, 22.2x58, 95 foot Lot, on west side of Madison avenue, 80 leet south ol Seventy-fourth street; clear view to I'ark; three Honrs in hardwood ; parlor tloor in cabinet work, l>y I'ottier A Styinus, with lilirary and butler's pantry, mantel mirrors, Ac. Terras to suit, (iood located Lota taken in payment. llou-u oiieii tor inspection. Inquire of owner, A ICL \BKK, 134 East Eighteenth street An elegant Four story brown stone iiou-e, near the Park, 25x60, three stories finished in cabinet work and built by it first class builder; to u prompt purchases a low figure will be named. F. ZITTEL, 1,026 Third avenue. A FOUR STORY man STOOP brown stone J\ 1 1 oo-c t'>r sale, on Thirty ninth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues; price $36,000. II. R. DREW A CO., No. ,1 ".'est Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. ~|> ROADWAY, ABOVE FOURTH STREET, EAST J ? si le.? Lot, ?.'>xl37.ti. Call on or address S. S. FITCH, 7ii Broadwav. Advantageous terms. ?JTIOR SALE? A 91 FOOT FRONT FIRST CL 188 HOUSE, J S3 West Fltty tnird street; rosewood parlors, mir rors, Ac. Inquire on premised or ol owuer, .118 West forty-sixth street. "JjtOK SALE? 38 WEST FIFTIETH STREET, A FIRST I class new House; College lease; 3)x60xl00; price S'tfi.tMO. P. II. UitAUY, H-J7 Sixth avenue. IjlOR SALE? FIVE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE IIIOH stoop Houses in Forty-filth strep i, between Broadway and Eighth avenue, 200 leet westol Broadway ; a No three three story brown stone high sloop Houses, 160 leet we-t ?>t Eighth avenue, in Foi iy-tilth street, with renewals (W J'ears. AstOr". Inquire on the premises or at 212 V est Forty- (lilh siroot * IIOR SAL* ?A VALUABLE LEA" E, THE UPPER Floor , ol alow be Bank of the Metropolis, on the northwest eoniiroi Union suiiare and Sixteenth street; lour years' < a ?? iroin Mav 1, 1873; this building is located in the In i pur business ccnirc mid daily increas ing hi value. Ai ;.iv at tidy .-'ixtli avenue. IriUR SALE OR TO LET? FURNISHED. A THREE sti.rv ni-h s:oop brown stone House in Forty tilth ptrcet, betwi'ii I'iftli a id ixi? avenues. Apply to W. I I rZPATftICK, Florist 1,213 Broadway. JIOK SALE OR TO LET? THREE HANDSOME SMALL j four story brown stone Houses, on sixty first street lictween li.ili and H .tdUou avenues, nuari'urli entrance; O, en every dav. i >. a j. jaijdine, Architects, L$WBfoa<lway. "VTOW IS YOUR TIME TO PURCHASE A HOUSE? JM Between Fifth and ixth avenues, lor $41), Odd ; loca tion near the Park: size atOxfrixlOO. For permits apply to lit NN A SEAC'H, Broadway. VrORTHWK 1' CORNER SEVENTY-FOURTH STREET and Madison lavenue, near Lenox Library. ? House extra sized, with bay windows; lirst class in every re-pect; built lor owner; ? terms easy; 70 per cent may r< uiain ; balance In yearly pa> menu, or in Lots or House unincumbered. Applv on prcinNes. fPIIE ( 111. AIT. T HOUSE IN THE CITY FOR SALE? | I Located on Sixty-first street, near Madison; lour j story I row n stone. For permits arply to DUNN A I Sl.AlCll, 2UJ Broadway. rPHE CHE^! EST HOUSE ON MADISON AVENUE.? J Elegant four story high stoop brown stone ?i) foot I House. ? > 1 1 1 1 splendid chandeliers, near Fifty-fourth I tirivt: tlni-'iei! in hardwood; price StA.iiOO; term's ea",v. 1 s. FLhiDLMiicii a Co., 906 ana 90S Third avenue. fTTIl AVENUE? CENTRAL PARK, BELOW SKVEN'TY ? I seconil street, one or two choice Building Lots for sale vdry low. V. K. 8TEYENSOH, .Ir., 11 Pine street. Al {? ?FOR SALE. ON CLINTON PLACE. CL'M'UU, between Broadway ami Univer.-ity I tdace, a fine lour storv and basement hluh stoop House, in or !er ; walls painted thoruughout; Snu . Harbor 1 a*r;grou.:d rent j>ZOO; a cbance tor some person; terms easy. O. NAWLE. 149 Foiiith avenue. f\j U\ TO $M,(100 FOR ATTRACTm' BROWN v-';.HUU stone high btoop Houses on Lexiugton t; enue .uol ill suable streets. A. L. wii.liams a co. 128 Broadway. ono ? PF.CIDED BARGAIN. ?ELEGANT ""I, tour Mory lnu'b stoop private Residence, ii nr Madi-oii avenue, on East Fiity third street, nortii m Ic, iu must In . - tit ii ui order. PAtllC A McCAFFI RTY, Kiltb av uue, corncr Fllty-secoud street. K;i*l M?I<-. k ?FOR SALE, BIGHT FOUR 8T0RY BROWN J\ . (tune 'litili stoop Houws, on southeast corner of J.i xinirio!! avenue and Sevent.v-tirst street; one comer Haw, XMOi live HMMa. ml i OB Lexington nve nuc, ciie ii IfixSi'. and two Houses on Seventy-tlrst street, oiiioining each Ltx#6; term* u> suit. Apply on premises. ? AO BM AT A BAROAIR? IN THB BEST BTRRRT in Harlem. ;i"> feet from Lexington avenue, three story ami basement hlf-'h stoop brown stone Hou?e, Ir>xt.ixlt?l lei t ; finished in \\ ilnui, ash and Dine ; flue marble man tels throughout ; uiuHt lie seen to be appreciated. < all on owner, U i East l-'Ttii street. \ NICK SMALL. BROWN STONK HOUSE FOR I J V sale? 132 Ea?t Twenty -seventh street. Star taxing- I t< n av. hui ; posi-essiei! nt otice . pric e low . term* to suit. Apply to SALMON A McLKLLA.ND, 33 East Seveu teenth street. A THREE STORY HAS KM K NT an d SUB-CELLAR brown stone; nil improvements; plumbing war- I ranted lor three years; south side lli'th (wliie) street, near I Tl.ird avenue ; only %2,'M cash and S?,000 mortgage live years; c*U immediately. M. J5. CRASIO, 2.10* Third av. A -CORNER SECOND AVENl'E AND 11GTH (WIDE) ? street, lour slorv brown stone tlrst class Tenement; nil Improvement*; 2lx&jx7U; desirable property lor an Investment: $22,500. M. E. CBASTo, 2,;iw Third avenue. A TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF FRAME, WITH EX. tension; gas and Croton in the house; north side 1.7th street, between Third nno Fourth avenues ; the Lot is 25xW.Il, and worth $7,900; the entire property can be purchased tor $*,5U?. M. E. CRASl'o, 2,los I liird avenue. A TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF FRAME; AIL IM provements; lust put in perfect order; full Lot; north side 122d street, near Third avenne. M. >. CRASTo, 2,108 Third avenue. A? TO PARTIES WISH INO TO LIVE NEAR THE ? Park, two magnificent stone fronts, and three lfl.rt leet front", or will exchange tor Property below Twenty third street thai would bear alteration. BURNETT A BUCK. 1.07B Third avenue. ASPLFNDID OPPO BTUNITY. ? FOR 8 ALE. IN A (rood husiticsi location, two Houses and Lot, 14fi Mon roe street, corner of Jellrrson. Inquire of the owner, r. kick, no to it avenue, eorner of Fifteenth street AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN 3TONE HOUSE for sale? 25x?0, lot 1(0.5; terms casv ; might ex change tor another House. Apply to owner, 22 East Sixty ninth street. FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP STONE HOUSE FOR ?ale? Furnished or unlurnished ; handsomely fin ished, hard womt, plate glass, Ac. ;flne location, inquire on premises, 427 East Fiftieth street. A THREE STORV BASEMEENT AND CELLAR Dwelling, furnished or unfurnished; all improve inents; cush $2.utJ0, balance by instalments. Inquire ut 821 East Eighty-sci ond street. A FOUR STORY BRICK TENEMENT HOUSE. WEST of Third avenue, in Harlem, lor sale at a bar pain, or will exchange lor a lot, all rented. LI VERM ORE A LINSCuTT. No. 7 I'ine street. ].1AST EIWHl EENTH STREET, 223.-A FINE, LAMNR j three story high stoop House, in superb order, IS ro itn.-, all|modern improvements, for sale, with or with ou t furniture. Apply on premises, or to A. TUSK AH, owner, 3 0 Canal street. L" OB HALE? A THREE 8TORY FRA M 8 BOUSE, WITH F full lot; hot and cold water; 169 East 127th street, I etween Third arid Fourth avenues, Harlem , price $*,500. Imiulri on tin premises, or of WILLIAM UEE, corner of Eun and Franklin streets. New York. T^oll SALE? 16 EAST ~ FORTY-SEVEN riY~STRKBT? J Four story brown (lone front, high stoop, all mod ern Improvement*-, lietween Madison and Filth avenues, lease 80 years. Impure on the premises. IIOR sale? THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House, in; East Fifty-firth street, near Lexing t<"! avenue ; ilJ. ^x?ix? ju , pri. , $2J,0m. Inquire of WM. A K. a. * hi iKnnA.NK, coriier liruudway and Forty- * lotirtn street. * * A 1.1()R SALm-HARLIM.-WE OFFER, THIS WEEK J only, the handsomest and best finished brown stone H<)U*e at the price in llarlem ; hard wood doors, trim and utturease . elegant mantels; tiled vestibule; chandeliers, ami all Improvements; two mlnues from ears, live from boat; choice location; worth SIH.iriO. tor tlf>,!Wl>. Please t,all B. BROWNE A Co., 2^40 Third avenue t^OR SALB-A BABOAIN-ON MURRAY HILL, US ' East Thirty-eighth street, one dooMroin Park avenue. m jvi??v * mi ij -? ii , ?. ? i, inii-wur iroin ram avenue tour story brown stone Dwelling, 20x66x118.9; can be seen without permit trom i? to 1 and 2 to 5. OALLENDER A LAURENCE, SO Pine street Ti'OR SALE? A THREE SToKY AND BASEMENT X1 House. 442 East Seventy -ninth street, mar First n venue, all Improve mints ; wide street; Belgian pave inent; price $b,UUJ; terras easy. Inquire at 410, next >10R SALE CHEAP? FRONT AND REAR IIOUflBS, I2y Mott Street Apply to J. J. DUNCAN, 90 White st. TilOR SALE OR TO LET-TWO HOUSES, FRENCH y style, one furnished ; perfect gems; replete with all modern oonvemences; 11 rooms; 40 minutes from City Hall ; Ave minutes from hoar and cars; location unsur passed; high ground. Apply to Mr. ALLEN, <>30 Broad way. Harlem.? three n u, lots, with cottage, near Moutif Morris Park ; finest location up town; aireet sewered andfeaved ; tor Immediate improvement or investment this is the best bargain in Harlem; surround ings first class ; terras easy. li BROWNE A CO., 2,240 Third avenue, IBXINGTON AVENUE, I XI. ? A LABGE FOUR STORY J English Basement House lor sale at a bargain if ?p p. Hid tot SuoU. A. J L.SKAR owner, ^iki ( auui street. CITY UrCAL liHTATKFOH WALK. Hunt Hide. 8 OR STREET, NEAR THIRD AVKNUB? A THREK t) story high stuop brick House , arranged lor two ffiinlUi'N; Willi all improvem< ills ; to lie sold cheap; terms lo suit N AKIK A ANDREWS, 1,881 Third avenue. ')|)r( BAST "KIGHTBENTH BTRBBT FOR SAI.E.? ? Three story brown Mono House. In perfect order. Apply on the premises beloro ID A. M. d* A /Jftfi ?FOR SALE, THREK STORY HIGH ?T' 1 i sloop hrown stone ; all improvements, painted and frescoed; (rood order. Apply to owner, ou premises, 242 East Ell tie th si reel. Went Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONE J ? hall block, <00\K1. ti, for pule or to li'asi' for a term of years, iiiniiiiiK Iroin Thirteenth avenue to West street. R. Li. 4 B. T. BURN II A M, 009 Hudson street. Ahargain TO A PROMPT PURCHASER.? THREE Lois on Ninth avenue, near Nlnetv-stxth street, with moe House anil . Stable, lor $18. (Ml; nmn v other cheap lots. I REID ENRICH A Co.. iKMi and 908 Third a venue A? FOR BALB AT A BARGRIN, 4 LOTS, NORTH . west corner avenue st Nicholas ami 141st street I). HUDSON A CO., 175 Fifth avenue. A SACRIFICE. ?A THBBB STORY BASEMENT AND sub cellar brick, all Improvements, 20x45x101, south sido 128th street, between Filth and Sixth avenues; must he sold immediately, lor $11,000; worth $14,000; terms easy. M. E. CRASTQ, 2,108 I bird avenue. A Git HAT BARGAIN, AND MUST BE' SOLD THIS week. ? A three story basement and sub-cellar brick, all Improvements, nearly lull Lot, south side of 1.8th street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; $11, 6'<); worth ?lMOU. M. E. CKA6TO, 2,108 Third avenue. A BARGAIN.? THE THRBB STORY HIGH STOOP tiriek llouso 440 West Twenty-second street (26xASx 98.9) will he sold cheap and on easy terms io a prompt party ; neighborhood first class. Apply to ISAAC liONIG, ill Broadway, rooms G and H, basemt nt A ORE AT SACRIFICE.? 215 WEST THIRTEENTH J\ street, three storv high Stoop; must lie sold, owner going to Europe; worth SiG.tMO. Open to an offer. JOSEPH tfASOW, No. 8 Pine street. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, WITH GKQUNDS AND stable, to lot? Two miles above Central Park, be tween Grand iinulovard and Hudson Klver; perfectly healthy; house 12 rooms, all modern improvements; ftir liUhcd $2,2t!0 untarnished $1,800. Apply at Safe Deposit Company, 110 Itroadway. "DOULEVARD LOTS. ? FOB SAI.E, FOUR FINRLY J 1 situated Lots, on l/i5th street, west of Tenth avenue. Apply to W. F. JOHNSON, corner Greenwich and l>es bros&es slreets. Building 'lots? on fifty-sixth street, we st of Ninth avenue, (or sale or exchange tor (rood ei iy Mortgages; long credit. Address J. C. LEVI, No. 7 War ren street. FtOlt SALE? HALF BLOCK (COMPRISING 10 LOTS), fronting on Washington, West and Hubert streets, together with loa feet valuable bulkhead; this is the lurgest riot l<i be had In lower part of city ; tonus easy. Address JAMES PRICE, Agent, Hudson street riOR SALE- A HOUSE AND LOT, 28X100, 619 WEST I Thirtv-slxth street. Inquire on premises, or of J. BEVERIDGE & CO., 121 Warren street filOB HALE? A NEW THREE STORY HIGH STOOP i brown stono House on Forty-fifth street, near Eighth avenue, on isior lease, nearly Go years to run; price $12,600 Tills Is a cheap house. ' WW. h. A. CRUIK SHANK, corner Broadway and Forty-fourth street FlOR SALE? A PEUFEOT GEM OF A HOUSE ; HARD wood finish, with every improvement ; West Fitty si x t h street, between Kilth and Sixth avenues; price $'.9.80l. Apply hi PETER S. GULDEN .t CO., 967 sixth avenue. F-HJR HALE-A GREAT BARGAIN. TnREE STORY brown stone high stoop House in We-t Forty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue; also one in Fltty-ninth street. Apply at 2ti West Forty-third street. Brokers need not apply. EIOB SALE CHEAP-THREE STORY AND BASE mi nt high stoop House, -til) West Thirty-ninth street; or will be let to a good tenant Apply to J. J.DUNCAN, 90 White street. EftOR SALE, CHBAP? A NEAT TWO STORY AND nttic high stoop brick llou.-e in West Tenth street, between Fifth ami sixth avenues; prlre $13,1100. Apply to ROM A INK BROWN, corner of Thirty-third street and Broadway. FOR SALE OR TO RENT ? 147 WEST FIFTY THIRD street, three story brown stone hi;_'h stoop, furnished or uiiiurnished ; frescoed; perleet order, t an be seen irotn S to ti 1*. M. IJR1CE $17.000.? FOR SAI.E, A FINE THREE STORY high stoop brick House, 21xS&, lot 100 ft, on West Thirty fourth street ; possession at onee : also a tine tour story hlxli stoop brick home on West Thirty-second street; all the late improvements; terms lor both easy. Inquire at SCO West Thirty-second street; price $21,000. QPLENDID INVESTMENT.? ELEGANT RESIDENCE O oil Madison avenue ; also superb Mansions in Filly - socoud, Kiitv sixth and Fifty-seventh streets; great Imr giilus; extra width palatial Residence on Filth avenue, with Stable ; also Houses at all prices. PAGE A McCAF FhRTY, Fiflh avenue, corner Fifty-second street. QPLENID INVESTMENT? A NEW FOUR STORY 0 high stoop, brown stone front, French llat Ilou-c, nil moilern Improvements; rented pir $2,700; price $22,800. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, *th av. and 21st st. mWO VERY DESIBABLB LOTS NEAR SEVENTH 1 avenue and Twenty -seventh street, lor sale or to lease for ton years. Address TiCHKoR, Herald Uptown Branch otlice. 1,265 Broadway TATEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN it Eighth and Ninth avenues, first clnss neiglibor hood. ? A four story English basement House, Hilly tur nistied, all modern Improvements, nicely frescoed, In perleet order, will be let at moderate rent to responsible parties; Immediate possession. .Apply to V. K. s f EVEN ? son, II Pine street and 220 Huh avenue. 1 oril STREET. NO. 37. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH I O avenues.? rirsl class extra deep 4 story brown stone high stoop house, 3 rooms deep to fourth story; house 23x76 leet, Iol26xi<!0; at auction, rhursday, April 17. at 12 noou. By A. J. HLEECKEK SON A CO., Auctioneers. ??QTH AND SEVENTY FOURTH STREETS, CLOSE 00 to Madison avenue.? Two very tine, unusually well built and finished lull sized Dwellings, for immediate rale at best price ; mortgages held by Mutual Lite and North American Life; terms easy. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. 7111) STREET, NEAR EIGHTH AVENUE -ONE LOT, 1 lj with Lot adjoining on rear; will sell below the market, and on easy terms. Address A. B. HULL, box 1U8 Herald ofuCC. <2i i RATI CASH WILL BUY THE THREE STORY VT.w" high stoop English basement sub-eeliar; l.aths, heater, r.mge, .tc., in -plendiil older; price $11,600; wa- rented $1,200; 13o West Tenth street; money invested beiiia lop r cent. Apply to J. 11. A E. TH1RY, No. 2 West Tiiirteenth street IMMl-('AsH $1,200? CHEAPEST IN THE CITY; i|p I .'"Ml frame House and Lot. 135 West Sixteenth street ; t'asi improving lot, worth the money ; terms to hint. Address o\\ NER. 42k West Sixteenth street (J>1 4 AAn-THKEE STORY BRICK HOUSE IN Macdougai street, m ar Fourth street, for tale at above price, nv OGDEN A CLARK, Ur. aJ way, corner Seventeenth street Al Isrcllanconi. \ BAROATN-A NEW THREE STORY nRIOK JY House, J)x3XxliHi, with every Improvement: tlrst cla?s neighborhood Apply at the office ot the In te A.J. Walker, 112 John street, Sew York, trom 12 to 2 o'clock. ItKOOKXY.N PROPERTY FOE NALE A!VD TO LET. TTEBAU) MUNCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. advertisements for the new York HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONO ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BIILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM HT. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AOENTS' DEI'ARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE. FIRST CLASS j\. In every respect, built by day'* work, splendid loe.i I turn within three Mocks ot the main entrance to the I Park; will be *ol(l cheap If applied for at once, as the owner is about retiring Irom business. Inriuirc ol JOHN DONOVAN, M St Mark's avenue, Brooklyn. ABAROAtN? FOR SALE? THE FIRST CLASS THREE story and basement brown stone House. No. 174 Bedford avenue, between Hewes and Penn streets; every Improve ment; price $13,000. of which #*.000 can be paid in short I instalments, balance on mortgage. Call and see before bu.vitiK elsewhere. SPOONKR k BAUER, 206 1'aual ft. \ noon, comfortable three story brick J\ Dwelling, centrally located, only 10 minutes' ride te Fulton terry; 1:1 rooms; ha* gas, water, stationary tubs, binh, Ac. ; neighborhood lair: house in good order; price $*M? ; 15,000 mav remain on mortgage for live yeahs. In quire at 06 Nagsau street, stationery store. An unequalled list.-baroains.? furnished and Unfurnished Dwellings, Business Property aud Lots, in all sections of Brooklyn. J. V. D. WYCKOFF, 66 Itroid way, New York, and 397 Fulton street, Brooklyn. It ARK BARUAIV ?TURK K STO RY BASED K NT and sub-cellar triune House, 28x40x100; contains 17 rooms; all modern Improvements; situated oil Mld rtagh street, close to Fulton terrv; price S&HJO; easy terms. W. P. COOK, ItU Washington street, Brooklyn. ClORNER TO LEASE? FOR THREE OR FIVE YEARS*. ) four storv brick, with Stutile, tine Store, Ac., corner of Classoii avenue unci Dean street. Address or see owner, 21# West Fiftieth street TjlOR SALE? A NEW, FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE J' House, in the best location In the Nineteenth ward, 151 Ross street, between Bedford and Lee avenues, Brooklyn, E. I> , must be sold, lurjulro on the premises. ftoR SALE? NKA II I' EOSPECT PA r"kT 66 PROSPECT place, a fine ihroe story and bascaicnt double frame House and Harden ; house 57><x3H; modern improve ments ; ground ti'JijX 131 ; choice fruit, Ac., flOO feet trom grand entrance to the Park; surroundings, first class houses. Apply to F. D. NORRIs, 31 DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. I WOK SALE-ADAMS STREET, BROOKLYN, A THREE T story tiro wn stone high stoop basement and "Ob-"ll?r Hulls*} ; all improvi'incntK ; in perfect orcjer , rented next year at $*S0; prire $7,900; part can remain on mortgage; in u>t be *obi ibis week, owner leaving the city. Address WIDOWER, box 20H IJerald otflce._ JfOB SALE CHEAP ? A DESIRABLE PLOT FOR manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge or i Plymouth streets. I00xl07?, two blocks from ferry, or will be divided if desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLY, W Jay j street, Brooklyn. ! Tj^OR JfALE OR To LET? 20 HANSON PLACE (ON I F the lllll), a handsome brown stone high stoop three i storv liascim nt ami suli-criinr, witb greenhouse and grapery ; terms easy. Apply on the premises. STORK TO RENT? liHti MYRTLE AVENUE, CORNER of Bedford, lor a liquor store or anv kind ot business. Apply to U. SWIFT, (ISO lie Kalb avenue, Brooklyn. rpo LET? THR entirk hecond floor and i tliree Rooms on third floor of I4i Summit street, Brooklyn, to a family ol adults, leiuia reasonable. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AMP TO LET. TWO STORY BRICK BASEMENT FRAMK HOUSE, near Bridge nnd Prospect streets ; contains 11 rooms, mul water, with poftavfisiot) ; or to let at ; price FyM". W. cook, n WfifhlnttWI street, Brooklyn. rrwo pour story brown stone buildings to ?? let? Situated on Clinton avenue, between DeKalb and \\ illoughby avenues. For uitoriaatiun inquire at 240 Clinton avenue. TO LET? IN BROOKLYN, ON HENRY STREET, NEAR Union, thrco story brown stouo House, furnished; rent $1 <100. A only before 12 to MuRliAN, COMLh A LAW Rl.NCE, No. 9 Maiden In lie. * TO LET.? THE LARUE STORK AND BASEMENT comer Clinton mid Myrtle avenue, suitable lor bak ery; also Store aii.t Dwellliiu, Myrtle, near Washington avenue, Brooklyn. Inquire of is. r. BROWN, on the premises. TO LET? STORK, SUITABLE FOR A DRUG OR fancy store, at Wllliainsbridge station, Hudson River Railroad. opposite Cost olllcc. Inquire ut Jeroiuc Hotel of EZELIUs A KNEWCrZ. riio LET? IN BROOKLYN, A CHOICE FRENCH ROOP I House, on Washington avenue, three stories, twelve rooms, modern improvements; rent, 171)0. JOIIN P. ELLIS, H7 Park row, room 30. To LET? NEATLY FURNISHED POR LIGHT HOUSE keeping, basement and parlor Floors Irom 1st of May . 2K5 South Third street, Brooklyn, E. D., thirty mlgntes' from city Hsu, n. v. Bent $is per month. a to LBT? A NEW, FIRST CLASS THREE STORY brown stone House, 542 Bedford avenue. Brooklyn, with all modern improvements; rent $950. Apply 10 A. 0. PARNHAM, 322 Broadway, New York. TO LET CHEAP? IN BROOKLYN, $460 EACH, TWO medium sized three story brick Houses, stone trim tniiws, 9 rooms, all la'.est improvements; would sell;, little cash required; long mortgage on premises; posses* slon any time. Apply at 171 Twenty third street, Brook" lyn, or to W. H. MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street, New York rpo BENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE. FUR I Dished or ttulurulshed, 39!) Clorinontuvenue, Brook lyn, located between two ear routes from Fulton Icrry. Apply to F. W. WOODS, sus Fniton street ___ UjO TO $4 WEEKLY.? COMFORTABLE, FURNISHED V*' Apartments for housekeeplug. 132 Hopkins street, Brooklyn. Take Flushing avenue oars from Fulton terry to Tompkins avenue. Apply all the week. (J>rn PEB MONTH; ELEVEN ROOMS; THRBB ??)U story high stoop House, 123 Eleventh street, Brooklyn. Stationary tubs, heater, hot and cold water, bath room ; gas, chandeliers, bells ami speaking tubes on each floor; plenty closets, good cellar, large grassy yard; three lines of cars conve nient, running to nil the terries; location cheerful and pleasant; house in good condition. Apply lit 125 Eleventh street, next door. Also part of 1-5 to let; ?17 per month. $700 TO ??.?> CASH, BALANCE ON MORTGAGE, I UH will buy a neat, new, modem style two story and baiemeut Irmae House in South Ilrovklyn, close to cars. AKDRUS B. HOWE, No. 9 Pine street. <2? I 7HH ?NINETEENTH WARD, BROOKLYN; ?]p'r. I \/l/. very cheap; three story brick, 9 rooms with modern improve men Is; terms to suit purchaser' Apply to WM. O. SUMNER, Ml Uroadway, Brooklyn. E. !>? $n AHA WILL BUY CHEAP THREE STORY brick House; modern improvements; eight blocks to ferries; 12 rooms; hall cash. O. V. HOLCOMB, K7 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. TWO nouse, with all improvements, near the terries. A bargain. D. F. CPRLEY, 12 Centre street, N. Y. dfcf? r.fin WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BRICK ?Jpi).?JUv7 House ; it) rooms; improvements; near ferries; terms easy; location Nineteenth ward. O. V. HOLCOMB, H7 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. dj>7 KfiO WILL BUY NEW BRICK HOUSE; 15 ?]p I .?JUv " rooms; improvements; near ferries; de sirable location ; a good investment O. V. HOLCOMB, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. WESTCITKSTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF :*> ACRES, KNOWN AS the Baisley Farm, situated in the town of New Ro chclle, on Weytnan's avenue, within 15 minutes' walk from depot ; house, barn and plenty of Irult, with good spring water. Will bo sold at public auction, on the premises, on Friday, April 25, 1873, at 2 o'clock P. M. Terms of sale? ID per cent on day ol sale ; 30 per cent in 3d duys, when deed will he delivered ; balance of tlO per cent caii remain on mortgage at 7 per cent, payable semi-an nually. For particulars apply to . I. A I'. PEARS ALL, I68 Fronf street, New York, or J. P.ROBINSON, Auctioneer, New Iiochcllo. (Jjr 7rf| WILL PURCHASE A HANDSOME tP?J. I t)\l story, basement and sub cellar brick 1 AT YONKERS, THIRTY MINUTES FROM FORTY second street? For sale, a first class Residence, con taining at rooms, with every modern improvement; ono acre of ground, beautifully laid out in lawn and garden; flr-t class stable and carriage house ; will exchange for New York or Brooklyn House. T. 8. SHEPHERD, IHI Broadway. A? FOR SALE, AT SCARBOROUGH, A LABGE . double House, with about 0 acres of ground, one mile Irom Sing sing depot and ono mile from Scar borough; location verv healthy; spring water brought into kitchen, trim of all kinds; ice pond; good outbuild ings; will be sold on eusy terms ami very low price. U SHEPHERD, IHI Broadway. A BABGAIN IN NORTH NEW YORK? FINE J\. three story House, 12 rooms, in perfect order, water, gas, Ac., lot 19x1011, in tine neighborhood, close to 1 > >aUi ami cars, can be purchased at once lor $7,25i); terms to suit. Potter BROTHERS, No. 4 Warren street; branch office, Fordham. AT YONKERS.? TO LF.T FURNISHED, ON WARBI R ton a venae, very neat House, with modern im provements, unexceptionable neighborhood, fine shade, only $110 per month. Apply to JAMES YOUMANS, Agent, Yonkers. A CHOICE FARM OF 130 ACHES OF LAND, WITH good Improvements, w ithin 30 miles of the city, near depot; a tine investment. REED A HOYT. 12W Broadway. A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE, WITH EIGHT ACRES of land, ill a square plot, barn, hennery, workshop, ! with grapevines and pear trees in abundance; house nearly new; contains every improvement; heautitully situated, overlooking Southern boulevard; for sale on i easy terms, or would exchange for private house in this i city. LIVERMORE A LINSCoTT, 7 Pine street. A COMFORTABLE HOME. -SIX LOTS ON BRONX River, 45 minutes from Forty-second street depot; good hosting, fishing and bathing ; price $4,000. Address OWNER, care of.luiues Hurson, 601 sixth avenue. A FEW FURISHED OR UNPURMSHBD HOUSES 2\. for ale or to let, in Yonkers. E. L. A B. Bl'RNlIAM, 909 Hudson street, Mew York. ? A LARUE HOUSE, WITH CARRIAGE HOUSE, AND J\ ice house tilled, and six acres of ground, covered with tru'its of all kinds, to rent for two or three years; rent only $1,200 per annum. Apply to WALTER UN DEEHILL, Yonkers, N. Y. nBEAP BUILDING PLOTS FOB SALE AT WOOD VV lawn Heights, Woodlawn, about two miles from upper part of city, at Kingsbridge. Plot No. UHJ. about 4 city Lots, $950; No. 197, $900; No. 198, $850: 199. $S00; also' entire blocks and half blocks. At Fordhaui fine Plot, 15 Lots, high ground, close to depot, $li).t)0U; Plot, ti Lots, three fronts, $4,500 ; at Tremont, Plot, li Lots, high est ground, bam, irult and shade, $.1,500. Terms to suit on all. Potter brothers, 4 Warren street, branch office, Fordhaui. TT'OR SALE-A NEW ItOfSE, FINISHED IN THE r best manner ; all modern Improvements; 10 rooms, closets, cellar; convenient to depot; lot 50 by 100 feet; high ground; stable, Ac. ; price only $s,0tll); terms easy. K. 1. BROWN, lt>7 Hfth street, Morrisania depot. (TIOR SALE? HANDSOME STONE HOUSE AND T Orounds of late E. D. Nelson, ut Scarsdale; 8 acres in lawn, garden, shrubbery, Ac. ; a quarter ol a mile trom depot. Apply to BLEECKEB, son Jt CO., 77 Cedar st. For sale at PORDHAM? A COTTAGE, CONTAIN Inn 5 rooms, with Lots, handsomely situated, overlooking st. John's College grounds; all kinds ol fruit and shade trees; Ave minutes' walk Irom Fordham sta tion ; terms easy. Apply to JOHN WHITE, Kingsbridge, or to JAMES ALLEN. Fordhaui avenue, between Trc mont and Fordham. TjlOR SALE OR TO LE ASE, FURNISH El> OR UNFUR r njshed? House with 11 rooms, \ acre, garden, fruit, Ac. ; 1U miles from city via Harlem Railroad ; !?' mile Irom depot. Address OWNER, box 1,521 Post office, New York. NEW BOCH BLLE.? COTTAGE TO LET; LAEGB lot; plenty of fruit, and nine rooms ; very low to a good tenant. UEO. G. SICKLES, 79 Nassau street, room 9. ON THE SOUND, NEAR PELHAM BRIDOE.? A \ ERY desirable place of 12 acres to rent ; tine mansion, billiurd hall, boating, bathing. Ac. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. ON HIGH BRIDOE AVENUE, WESTCHESTER.? House and 8 Lots, shade and fruit trees; line loca tion; five minutes from High Bridge depot and a) minutes from Forty-s cond street. Apply to A. MERUIT, on tne property; price $12,000. PARTIES DESIROUS OF SECURING A HOME OR A Plot ef Land tor speculation or investment, in West. Chester, should not delay making their selections, as prop erty Is now very cheap and rapidly advancing in value; we have a number of choice properties for sale, from 150 acres to a single lot. Call at our blanch office In Wcst chester, at Fordham, or atNos. 4 and ti Warren street. POTTER BROTHERS. TARRYTOWN ? TO LET, A NICE PLACE OF TWO acres; house, 13 rooms; fruit abundant; fine river view ; carriage house, Ac. ; rent $1,000. JOHN WEBBER, 233 Urand street, corner Bowery. To LKT-AT TREMONT, SO MINUTES FROM ORAND Central depot, an elegant Cottage; bnlf acre of ground, iruit and forest tree?. barn, Ac. ; rent $500 a year. D. O. BRADLKY, 30 Broad street, room 42. TO LET-AT TREMONT, NEAR DEPOT, FURNISHED or not; rent $;sO a year; fine ground* and stable. Apply at l?t Third avenue. UEO W. HOJKli. To LET -A FIRST CLASS FRENCH ROOP HOUSE Off the north side of 136th street, between Alexander and Wills avenues. Westchester county; splendid loca tion ; good order ; high ground . near trie boats anil cars; all modern Improvements; rent low. Inquire at second house east ol Alexander avenue. TO LET, AT YONKERS.? NEW HOUSE, FBBNCH roof, with tower, 1# rooms, all improvements, ample grounds: three minutes from boat, five minutes ttom cars ; extended riv. r view , very desirable location ; rent, $1,500, Apply to JAMKS S FITCH, ID South Broadway, Yonkers. orU> OTIS BROTHERS A CO., 348 Broadway, New York. IiO RENT-A FINE RESIDENCE IN NEW RO chcile, ten minutes' walk of the New Haven depot or steamboat landing, containing 13 rooms and all neces sary outbuildings. For particular* apply to Messrs. LB LAND, sturievsnt House Broadway, New York, or to E. O. SIMONS, on the premises. &19 0h0 'OB A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE AT ?TP I Ait" ""/V Mount Vernon, on the New Haven Rail road, thirteen miles or thirty-flve minutes Irom city. Till* elegant house has eleven rooms, with gas and ele gant fixtures all through, hot and cold wau'r, nice bath room, finished In walnut and ash ; all the balls, the din ing room and kitchen floors are walnut and ash ; furnace heats all through ; first class elevated oven range, wash tubs, largo store room ; has about halt an nere of land, very handsomely laid onlt easy ten minutes' walk from the depot; Hag sidewalk all the way. the view of the Sound Is supeili ; the place is health v beyond any ques tion. having been occupied by one of our firm for two years; he will give any one all the important tacts about it. Ihe place Is now ottered at less than Us value, but It must lie sold within 30 days If m>t sold then th/t price will be $10,000. Some one will get a beautiful home at a bargain If he will buy before May I. Terms very easy. fMKEB, UfcSdK i to,, Ny. 0 Vmi street. WBSTCIIEHTKR CO TINT Y PUOPKHTl FOR SAMS AND TO RKST. rpo KENT? "OUR NEW STORKS, IN THE OBTTY 1 House building, city of Yon kern. Will ho completed

May 1 : *ullable lor any 01 tho lullo wing klmlx ol business ? Dry goods, crock cry, boot and shoe, clothing. tauey goods, jewelry, liaiH and caps, carpets and oilcloth, millinery confectionery, Inner groceries ami fruito. Inquire of KARRINUI'ON A HOCK WELL, No. 1 Clotty House Voukers, N. Y. VTONKERS.? KOR SALE Oil TO LEASE, BRICK I llyuse, within five minutes frnm depot, containing 10 rooms and kitchen extension ; km, furnaco and range h ii ri off land cistern water in kitchen ; all in good order ; lot 30x100. Kor lurther particulars apply to GEO. W. PUT NAM, opposite railroad million. JEItSFY c'lTY, IIOBOKFN, HUDSON CITY AMP BKHGKN EjEAL ESTATE. To Let or Lcane. TO RENT-ON JERSEY CITY nEIGnTS, 12 FIRST c I a H.i Houses, on Magnolia, Chestnut, Bauidwln ami Summit avenues; Rood locations; atl modern Improve ments; within 20 minutes of New York city by steam run! horse cars; rent I rora Will to $1,000. Kor lull particulars apply to or address S. WELCH, Axent. Pennsylvania Railroad oflicu, 217 Sixth street, Jersey City. PUOPEUTY OVT OF THR CITY FOB BALK OR TO RENT. A -ELIZABETH PORT, N.J., VACINITY OK SINGER ? Mn chine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two lrfits, lor Mile; house eontalus 7 rooms, water and gas; op posite Jackson 1'ark, the proposed site lor the erection of the Slate Capitol buildings and grounds; will veil very lew. Address OWN Lit, lion 150 Herald olllcc. A NUMBER OK KINK KAKMS NEAR SIM; SING, with and without river views; $100 to $1,000 pur acre. IIOWLANO A BKANDKETII, Him? SniK AT ASTORIA.? TO RENT, AN ELEGANT RESI dence, embracing large house with all modern Im provements, three acres ol laud, stable, icehouses iiv .ul J{"<*l condition ; rent $2,500; also a smaller Holme street PP y 10 HKNllY HIoWBUIDOE, 33 llowurd A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE AND 3 ,,r n ,"wr,TSi?r !WiU:.r14 '".'le* Irotn citv : Central Railroad ait kiM iL r ^'' i'.a ,ln 'rom s'?t'on; 30 train* dally: *1 ? f I ? 1 "hrubbery in abundance: price BA RD, box ?jti ?H o raltf otHce? " ' " 0a^ uddrcSii C' tiAlIU' ATA SACRIFICE? ONLY $7, (XX) KOR A PINE, KIR.ST J\ class brick House, new, three story and basement; splendid parlors, marble mantels, gas, water, beater range, Ac. ; Rood neighborhood; terms easy; ten blocks lrom Thirty-fourth street terry. Apply at Eleventh street ami Jackson avenue, just out of fiuntcr'M Point. A ,sr'AND-A HOUSE, WITH KIOHT ROOM^, J\ lot luo feet square; llvo minutes to steamboat land ing, <die hour trom city. i '. W. I.oi N dks, 163 Wilsoti street, Williamsburg. AT NEW B liKJ IITON? TO KENT? TWO FURNISHED J\. and unfurnished stone Houses, with all the modern Improvements, delightful localit\ ; views unsurpassed; ?.'? V a,!d K&rdena ; near terry. Apply to O. (J. BENNETT, No. o Pino street. AT NYACK-ELEGANT HOUSES FOR SALE OR TO let; one 10 rooms, one IS rooms ; river view, good slnide, Irult; modern Improvements; convenient tiy boat or ears. !ni|iiire of J. V. UNDERDONE, Nyack, N. Y. A KARM KOR SALE? ON MIDLAND RAILROAD, N. ? ^"t farm in the township; very high ; choice land ; living springs; line water power; new Ionise; iarxeharu; carriage house ; granary ; sawmill; abundance fruit; trout pond; nh'nliitcly no chills or niosqultoos; near store, church, school, hotel, Ac. '? s. wHEl'llERi.', isi Broadway. A -TO LET, A M M It E It OK CftUNTRY HEsT . deuces on line of New Haven Railroad: three with water Irunts, within one hour of New Vork. T. S. SHEPHERD, I Ml Broadway. A HOTEL KOR SALE-KAIRKIELD HOUSE, FAIK J.Y field. Conn., to close the estate of the late Lewis K. Cleveland ; tarnished complete. Inquire on premises or ol W . W. STEl'tt ENSON, 247 Broadway, room 22, N. Y . AT ASTORIA.? TO LEV, KULLY FURNISHED, A J I new, first class Cottage, marble mantels, bay win dow, truit, shade and shrubbery ; terms moderate ; thirty uiinutes lrom City Hall. F. L RICHMONi). Manhattan Bank, 4(1 Wall street. AT FLUSHING ? KOB SALE OR TO LET, A VERY ... ,n'(,p fottiige, 11 rooms, with about* s?v n City Lots, tllleil with lruit; near depot; terms very easy. ' _ J. L. STEELE, Flushing, L. I. A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER ANI) WINTER RESIDENCE' at Wewtport, on New York and New Haven Railroad - I rencli Cottage, with l>i acres oftlround laid out in lawn and garden ; (lowers ready lor Spring planting; vegetable garden will be tully planted bv 1st May; house tarnished completely w ith lurulturc made to order bv host city makers: glass, linen and everything complete lor occupa tion : place very healthy and price very low : also Horses and Carriages. Apply to JOHN M. PIN KNEY , 79 Cedar street, or Sturtevant House. AT NEW BRIGHTON, S. I ? A GENTLEMAN'S RESI dence, IK rooms, furnished ; billiard room, bowling alley, greenhouse, stable ; beautiful grounds surrounding and view, in St. Mark's place, lor sale or to let; also oil Richmond terrace and vicinity, several modem Houses; al! I improvements; rent$fi0i> to $2,500; furnished $*0 to 8.1..0 pt<r mouth ; some with billiard rooms and extensive grounds W. A. COt, I, INN. 2.1 Pine street,. A FURNISHED HOTEL To LET-COST $250,000~ near this cltv. S. C. SMITH, owner, 202 William licet ; I ranklort House. A FIRST CLASS KARM, 56 ACRES, SIX MILES WEST ol New Brunswlok. New Jersey : rich land, fine new niiililiugs, ad joining a village ; church, schools, stores and mechanics; fine neighborhood, splendid location, 21; miles to depot oti New Jersey Railroad; will exchamm for Jersey i itv property. Frlce $15,000. Also a larm of <0 acrrH, ffood fln<? orchards, never fallme Ur.'M" i,1.!? !.?n ,clul">t' ''nee VOOR11EES A SIR* KER, JJ1 Broadway, rooms 13 and 14. A T GREENWICH.? KIRST CLASS FARM KOR SALE; /V 120 acres; smooth ridge land; new modern build-' '"K": r?"'1.|l!t5,J'5u'r1; ?!?(?*?; very easy terms. Address J. >V. AIM 4 ih I.. Riverside station. Conn. A LARGE HOUSE ON l'ASSAIC RIVER, RESIDENCE -TV of the late General P. Kearny, to lot, partly fur nished or not; barn, outhouses and about 100 acres. Ap ply to K. KEARNY, 139 Kront street, ortoG. H. HILLYER "2 Cedar street Also a tarnished House on the Hudson' A, MANUFACTURING PROPERTY KOR HALE lease or exchange ; gooil buildings, steam and water power, near New York. Agents paid commission ; full panic ulars. WARNER A CO., No. 5 Hey street. AT NEWARK, N. J.? HANDSOME FRENCH ROOF House ; 10 rooms; all conveniences; extra large lot 7' x200 : IiIkIi ground ; garden, lawn, Ac., all in order; 260 yards from Erie or Midland depot; imt suited for person doing business in New York ; price $7,300, little cash, or will rent tor $C0o; possession now. Address or call ou H S MAG RAVE, U) Howard street. AT JAMAICA, L. I -TO LEASE, AN ELEGANT S\ Residence, embracing a large house, barn, stnldes und other outhouses, with 43 acres of land; street ears niul trains go within 1U) yards ot the plaoe: will be let cheat) to a good partv. Address E. CAMPION, box 4 115 Post otliec.Jiew York. At closter, n. j? one mile from northern Railroad, 14 acres of Land, with nice llouse, carriage house, Ac.; beautifully situated; susceptible of belniz divided into a number of building sites; will be only a tew miuutes from depot of Haokensack extension, when Completed ; it must he sold. Particulars with HENRY V MEAD, 422 Eighth aveuue. AT HIGH H RIDGE.? SECOND FLOOR, FOUR handsome Rooms, to let. In a Kreneh root house, $18 a month ; more Rooms it required : 1!) minutes from Korty second street depot, or by Eighth aveuue cars. Apply at Pollock's Hotel, High Bridge. Belmont hall, Richmond terrace, new Brighton, S. I., (W rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to lease; one of the. most successful houses near the city. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pino street , , RESIDENCE IN MARKET, \ one hour trom New York; 10 acres, fine buildings, wilendld grounds, triilt shade and ornamental trees. Ap ply to REED A HO> T, 22:? Broadway. /lOUNTRY SEAT KOR SALE-AT A 8ACRIK1CE, OR \ J to let, tarnished, near Macomb's Dam bridge, live minute* from Melroi* depot Inquire at 59ft Broadway, second floor. Docks and wharves, Newark, n. j., fronting Hassalc River (Morris Canal rear), tar malt houses, factories, nulls, lumber and coal depots. Apply at 97 Dunne street, New York. G. W. HOJER. If A RMS. STONE QUARRIES, TIMBER LANDS AND town Lots tor sale by WILLIAM S. REES, Real Es tate Agent, stroudsbure, Monroe county. Pa. T^ARM OF Gf. AtlRKS KOR SALE, TO LET OK EX I .(.'rh, APP'y u> owner, for six days, 48 hast Thirteenth street. "L1 ARM KOR SALB.? SO ACRES, SOUTH SIDE L I ? 1' 12 miles ft-oin ferry, 30 minutes ' time ; near depot; 2 miles from Jamaica ; tine house and outbuildings, fruits, and everything on the place for a good home or Summer residence; tnls is a self-supporting lann; price $16,000. Address M. fc. D., Herald Uptown Brunch otllce, for otic week. ^OR SALE -AT ORANGE, N. J.. BETWEEN BRICK X Church and Junction stiitlons (five minutes' walk from either), or will exchange for New York city Proper ty, double llouse, with gas, water. Ac.. Ac., w lift or with out I urnlture ; hall acre land ; price, unfurnished, $I2.IXX) easy terms. TAYLOR A STEARNS, No. 1 yt Pine street. If OR SALE. Large and valuable Chcituut street Property, Phladcl phla. The subscriber offers tor sale the large and valuable Property known as "The Masonic Hall," north .side Chest nut street, between Seventh and Eighth streets. Lot 101 feet on Chestnut and I7S teet deep to Javne j'rej] , "or price and terns rapply to HORACE FRITZ. 713 Walnut street, Philadelphia. FOR SALE-FOUR ELEGANT VILLA PLOTS, VERY desirably located on the line ot the Erie Railway fourteen miles trom Now York, a tow minutes' walk troin depot. Terms moderate. O. E. MADDEN, 96 Chambers street. IjlOR 8ALK AT CAPE MAY. N. J , THE BEAUTIFUL 1 Cottage, situated two blocks lrom the Stockton House consisting ol one acre ol land, bounded by three street.*! with Cotuge furnished complete; stable tor two horses and unobstructed view or the ocean; will sell In ex change tor improved property ; onlv cause of selling, ""/'v ?AIM>ly 10 br. RICH, 619 Franklfn street, I hllaaelphia, Pa. IfOR SALF.-AT ELTINGVILLE, STATKN ISLAND, 1' one hour from tho city, a House and five acres ol Land, mar the shore ; plenty of fruit ; good bathing, Hail ing, Ac. Inquire of TUN ISON, 75 Liberty street. IflOR SALE? ATA GREAT BABtlAIN, THE MOST DE ' lit/ li tf ul Country Residence offered this season ; 40 minutes trom City llall, in New Jersey, 4 minutes from station; trams nearly every hour; good house; splendid garden ; great variety aud abundance ol fruit. Apply to owner, 41 Maiden lane. _ FOR SALE? IN CLIFTON, S. I., FOUR SMALL COT tages; the price very low and terms easy. To let, furnished or untarnished, House ami Cottages for the Summer Address DANIEL T CORNELL. f^oR SALE? A SPLENDID HOME, IN THE COUN try; HO acres; large house, barns, Ac.; plenty ol shnde; Irult of all kinds; location unsurpassed, near depot: IV hours' ride from New Y?rk City nail. Apply loWM. M ACK AY. Sotnervllle, N^jL F~V)R SALE? MADISON, W. J., HOUSE AND ABOUT I u acres of I, and ; house now, with modern improve ments ; well situated, opposite Drew Theological Semi nary For terms, which are reasonable, apply to FBAMv pullps,103 freutiueel. N. X, PROPERTY OUT OP THE CITY COR MALE OR TO RE BIT. Fok sale? one ok tub finest country HOMES on the banks of the Hudson, near Tlyoli, N. Y. ; tlic* river and Catskill Mountain view* iri>ni tins place are unequalled . 8>) acre* ol Improved Land, upon which are native wuikIh, a mansion house (new) of stone unit brick, with French root, also largo Cottage, H rooms; coach house and stables, barns, sheds, machine and car pe (iter shops; icehouse tilled ; all now, newly painlou aud in perfect order ; now private dock; 3,000 Iruit trees of bearing ago ; property well undordralnod ; line wells of water ; 110 lever and ague hero ; eight or ten train < each wuv daily ; churches and schools near; stock and Im plements sold ii desired. Address C., bo* No. 'J 'J'jVou Port office, N. Y. J FOU KALE? AT A BARGAIN, TEN ACRE COUNTRY Seat In New Jersey ; good buildings, choice fruit, water front, near depot; also a tine Dwelling on Jeri^y City Heights. ii. I'A'i"! BERG, 2st9^ Broadway. FOIt SALE? AT CLOPTER, N. ,!., ONE OK TIIK K1N cst Residences, on line of Northern Railroad, N.J., to be found in vicinity ol New York; one acre land ; tine iruit and shade ; house tlnlshod in hurd wood, black walnut, Ac. ; inarMe mantels and basins; will be Hold on reason able terms; ahaigain. WILSON A COOK, ill Broadway, basement, room C. ?CH)B SALE OB TO LET? AT I'LAI N FIELI >, N. J., r two new Houses, containing 10 and II rooms each, with all the modem Improvements; splendid location; within live nud seven minutes' walk from depot. For further particulars address E. C. M ULFoRl), owner, box in.") i'ost odice, I'lalntlcld. N. J., or WILLIAM N. CLi'.M, 10 Court street, room Brooklyn, N. Y. fpOR BALK OR TO LET- AT GREENVILLE. N. J., 80 L minutes from New York by Central Railroad, several new convenient Houses; terms liberal. Inquire at Post office, or ol JOHN MORRELISA CO., corner ot Danlorlh and New Bergen avenues. Ft fit SALE OK TO RENT? AT MEREDITH, SIX tulles from Delhi, Delaware counly, N. V., a Grass Farm of 300 acres, with flrsl class (arm house and all necessary outbuildings, anil stalls tor <*) head of cattle; the bouse and stable lor two horses and pastures for two cows at $150 a year rent ; the whole farm lor $120 a year. Address ALONZ0 l'LACK, Hudson River Institute, (Have rack, N. Y. TTIOB 8ALB OB RENT? ONE OF THE FINEST LO r entod Reside noes on Orange Mountain; elegant man sion, IS rooms, with all modern Improvements: line sta bles, 12 acres land, well shaded, completely furnished; would exchange lor improved city Property. s. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. House to let-nine rooms, all improve moots, and Kuril I lure for sale ; 30 minutes Irom Now York ; splendid Summer resort; cheap rent, full par ticulars at WARNBR A co.'s. No. 6 I lev street. ]OWO BRANCH COTTAGES TO RENT FURNISHED; J printed catalogues with lull descriptions and special survey maps to bo hud at our offices. F. G. A 1). ItltOWN, No. i), ( Broadway, corner Wull street, aud tfranth otllee, opposite depot, Long Branch. "Yf ONMEY, ROCKLAND COUNTY. NEW YORK, HOUSE JVI. 12 rooms, barn, 7 acres, abundanco of fruit, tine fcenery ; price $tl,0lR V, ill exchange tor ellv property or mortgages. Address box 2, UtM, New York I'ost Montrose, n. d ? a cosey little housh, 12 rooms, with all nusK-in improvements, to let, fur nished or uunirnishcd , fine lawn and garden; two mm Utes from sUHion. Apply at No. 4 >outh William siroot. MONTCLAIR PROPBRTY FOB SALE? A FINK three stor* House of 14 rooms, with modern im provements; one acre of Land. Apply to ANORUS B. IIO WE or O. G. RENNET, No. !) I'lne street Newark, n. j.-hocsk and i,ot; all modern Improvements; a bargain If sold before May 1. Ad dress P. U. , box 111 Herald ofllce. ON THE SOUND, NEAR PELHAM BRIDGE.? A VERY desirable Place of 12 acres toreut; flue muusion; billiard hall, boating, bathing, Ac. _ H. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. 0 BANGS, N. J., AND VICINITY. ?SPECIALTY. ? Great variety I'roperty for sale, rent or exchange. I. II. GERRY, 39 Nassau street, corner Liberty. Cull tor Rent and Sale Catalogues. I)EREMPTORY SALE OF Valuable Building Property, at Orange, N. J. On Tuesday, April 15. instant, at 2 P. M., the subscriber will sell ut auction, on the premises, atl the valuable property lately occupied by Joseph L. Smallwood, lis<|., situate 611 Centre street, Highland avenue aiul Marbury place. The property consists of about 13 ucros, and will lie di vided into lots to suit purchaser!*. It is well planted with trees anil adapted for limnedlalc building. The valuable Dwelling House, Greenhouses and Out buildings, recently built by Mr. Smallwood, together with Grounds containing three acres, beautiliilly embellished with trees and shriibbery, Ac., will be offered in one lot. The property is situated In the best port ot the town of Orange, near the residences of Mayor Austin, Samuel Colgate and William P. Klttrcdge, is well drained mid un surpassed lor hoalthlulncss. Title good. Sale peremptory to the highest bidder. Terms easy. References? Aaron Qttimby and Blake A Freeman, orange, N. J. Truin tor orange leaves foot of Barclay and Christopher streets at 11 A. M., giving ample time tor nil Inspection of the Smallwood property prior to the sale, which takes Dlaoe at 2 P. M. WM PATKRSON, AruiLlt, 1878. Special Master 111 Chancery. KARE CHANCE.-A CHOICE FARM OF 57 ACRES in Bucks counly (the garden ot Pennsylvania) for sale a bargain ; laud is smooth, clean, and rich as a gar don; good, substantial buildingf, nice stone dwelling, large. barn, wagon house, milk house, granarv, piggery, hennery, 4c. ; nice brook, splendid water, handsome or chard, choice Iruit; one quarter of a mile trom village; daily mail ; two miles from large town, 3H miles from Philadelphia.; milk and twelve passenger trains dally; only hours from New York. Price, including all the crops and immediate posses-ion, only $t>,500; terms $.',.'>110 c.isli, balance very easy. Address GEORtiE L. WALKER, Richland Centre, Bucks county, Pa. UE8IDBNOE AT vVKSTl'ORT, CONK.? DOUBLE house, 17 rooms; good cellar; spring water in house ; fine, tall shade and iruit trees; beuuiliul water view ; good land adjoining; lor sale. Address Mrs. C. SAN FORD. RARE CHANCE.? TO IiET, FURNISHED, THE VER inont Summer Homo, at Poultney, Vt. JOHN NEWMAN, proprietor. Rockland county farm for sale? of 12 acres, with good buildings, plenty of fruit, at Nan uel. Apply to 8. RONDEL. 12 Cortlandt street. ^PECULATORS A\|> CAPITALISTS, ATTENTION!? 10 For sale in Philadelphia.? Twenty-two (22) acres of Land 111 the Twenty-sixth wurd ot Philadelphia, on Tusker street, between Seventeenth and Twentieth streets and Rood and Morris streets, a portion ol the eity rapidly being built up and aniiuully increasing in value, huvlng doubled iu value in the past tlvc years. Aj^ply to J AS. EVANS, 1,1M) South Broad street. CJTAM FORD. ?HOUSE TO LET. PARTLY FURNISH. O ed ; about an acre in fruit and shade trees ; house in good repair. Apply to J. P. FELLOWS, 17 Maiden lane. Stamford, conn.? real ESTATE OF all kinds, Stamtord and Greenwich. ELBERT WHITE, No. 6 Summer street, Stamford, Conn. OTaMFORD, CONN., WATERFRONT PROPERTY FOB O sale low ; large modern mansion, 15 rooms, 2>? or more acres- supremely liealthv ; tti trains dally to New Y?rk; $14,000. Apply 2H St. Mark's place, New York. S' MORES TO RENT? ONLY $25 PER MONTH, ON ONE j of the best streets nt Elizabeth, N. J., suitable for grocers, druggists, hat* and caps, shoos, Ac., Ac. Apply to MARSH II. TUCKER, I'J.'i Washington avenue, Eliza beth, N. J. rpO LET-A FINE THREE STORY PHILADELPHIA 1 brick, brown stone trimmings, high stoop, hot and cold water, bat broom, Ac., nil In good repair, together with a large fruit garden : horse cars pass the door, and only two blocks trom New York deput; rent low. For particulars apply to THOMAS MORTON, 52rt Broad street, or 235 High street, Newark, N. J. fpo LET, FURNISHED? COUNTRY SEAT, DELIGHT Jl fully located at Castlctotl Heights, .statcn Island; dwelling, carriage house and grounds ; possession Mav 1 ; view unsurpassed ; $1,500 per unuum. Apply to A. JOUR NEAY, 51 Llgpenard street TO LET? A LABOB, WELL FURNISHED MANSION, situated on a commanding eminence, in the beautiful village of Belleville, N. J., on the banks ot the picturesque Passaic ; contains ltllarge rooms, with all modern im provements; stable and carriage house, garden of six acres, with abundance of iruit ; only 4') minutes from City Hall, New York, by two railroads; 13 trains dally each . way. For full particulars Apply to G. DE WITT, BRO. A Co., 90 John street. New York, or on the premises. TO LET? IN PASSAIC, N. J., PART OF FRENCH roof House, pleasantly located, consisting ot fl large rooms; use of half the garden : rent $25 per month. Ad dress L. O. HAMPTON, box 663 I'ost office, New York, or apply at premises, on l'aulison, near Blooinfleld avenue, for Mr. Roinaln. TO LET? AT TENAFLY, NORTHERN RAILROAD OF New Jersey, one hour from New York, handsome Cottage, 12 rooms, barn and two acres of ground; also pasture; seven minutes trom depot; rent low. Apply at depot ol THOMAS C. VKALK, or GEORGE B .1 ELLI SON, 242 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, or D. T. ATWOOD, 335 Broad street. New York. ? rpo LET-A FINE, GOOD IHTLT TWO STORY AND I basement House and three lots of Ground la Green ville, N. ; 20 minutes from I.lhertv street; rent $500 per annum. Apply to WM. F ROTH, 408 Sixth avenue, or address Greenville Post ofllce. To LET -IN BLBAB1 Til, N. 3., A COTTAGE llol.'SE, In perfect order, containing seven rooms, a good ce ment cellar . gas all through the house; a good well of water on premises; street paved with Nicholson ; rent $iuo. Apply to HIGlUK A i'o , :ki? Broadway. New York. TO LET-AT CLIFTON, 8. I., A COTTAGE. TEN rooms, 15 minutes from ferry: high ground; rent $.v?i Apply to N. MARSH, No. t Bowling Oreen. TO LET-IN NEWABK. A HANDSOMELY FI R niahed House, near depot lo New York ; 12 rooms; large garden ; pleasunt location ; rent moderate Apply as above, 79 South street or to BBEWSTER K1SSA.\<, 2& Broadway, New York. TO LET? AT OBBBNWICH, CONN., FURNISHED House, stable, horse, wagon, Ac. : $100 n month. An ply to w. II. M. S 1ST ARE. 59 Exchange place, New York. To LET-A GOTHIC HOUSE OF II ROOMS. WITH every city convenience, a> White stone. L. I. ; rent $1100, witll one year's commutation. If agreeable owner would board with tenunt. ?;all on the owner, E. II. HOBTON, Jr., 44 CHIT Sireot. TO LET OR FOR SALE-AT PASSAIC, N. J., MOD ern House, 13 rooms; all Improvements; barn and two acres; plenty fruit; low to a good tenant 307 Hudson street. To LET OR LEASE? A GENTEEL MANSION, 18 rooms, with two acres of Ground; orriaincntal and fruit trees In great variety ; near depot, store and Post ofllce; 45 minutes from city Hall by :?) trains dally ; healthy, geuteel and convenient; will be let furnished or uinurnianed. SAMUEL D. MACK, 2,132 Third avenue TO BENT? AT NEW BRIGHTON, SEVERAL FU fi nished and unfurnished Houses, with all the modern Improvements; commodious stables, line gardens, lawn; locality unsurpassed ; 3.'> minules trom Wall street ; atro ducoil rents. E. 1). GRIFFEN, 130 Broadway^ TO RENT.? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, OF II ACRES, near depot, at New Providence, New Jerwv ; nice house, 10 rooms, good eutbuiidings, plenty eftrult and shade; very desirable place. S. IRELAND, 2U1 Broad way. TO RF.NT? FURNISHED, AT BNOLEWOOD, CON venlent to two stations, a double stone House, with modern improvements; barn and five acres ot land; grounds have abundance of fruit and shade trees; flne vegetable uardvu. Ac. Address box \77l) New York lost PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. TO KENT OB FOB SALE LOW? AT RUTHKKFUttD 1'iirk. N. J., 37 mluute* from New York, on Park ave nue. 12 minutes' walk Irmii brie Railroad depot and 6 minutes from Delaware unci Lackawanna, with plank walks, it fine two story unil French rout House, With an extension, containing 11 rooms; also a flnts I rcnr.ii root liain. Tho |/rounls are well shaded an I laid out with shrubbery, Ac. Address II. W., box 1J8 Herald office. THE 1 AVA BBSS SHALL BB TI1K GRAVE OK TUB Modocs.? My Atparagus Bed, with seven acres; all trulls, lawn, pood House. 12 rooms; stable, Ac.; one hour from city, for pale, Particulars uom owner, A. I.. .-><JOTT, 55 Walker street. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOK SALT1!.? A 1'IKCK OF Fropert)1, 80x2(10 feet, witli a good Dwelling and Barroom attached, on tho iloboken and Fort Lee turn pike, near the National Kiock Yard Company'* property, and 6 minutes' walk from the Weeliawken ferry, Hudson county, M.J. Apply to SAMUEL liAKTlioi'.K, oil Uut pre tnfsoa. WOODS IDE, L. I.? SEVERAL CHOICE LOTS, NKAft the dej ot, tor sale at a bargain : part cash only. Apply at the otilcc of the BROlllKit JONATHAN, ti Beekman street cash, $4,coo easy instalments, wiix ?]p?iv*U buy a iieuutiful Oothlc House, 10 rooms: four city lots; 50 minutes Iroio citv; rent nominal to suitable pa-itioa. MLOOMINGDALB, MS ThTrd avenue. U 4 CAA-I FOB A NICE HOUSE, TWO STORY, 9 rooms, in perfect order; lot 100x106; all kinds of fruit: small barn and chicken louse ; 8 minutes trom depot, on New Haven Railroad; 35 minutes from city ; this is a bargain, only offered to May 1. Ill K iC It, IIES.-.E A CO., No. 5 I'ine streot larmn ACRES OF LAND IN MICHIGAN FOR lv/,vV7\J sate at government price. A gentleman wishes to make arrangements to purchase the same in joint account : a great chance to make money; first class references. Address or call at room 151 liarle's Hotel. Clfi AAA ?KENT, $600; COUNTRY SKAT, 13 v'J*'-"'''. rooms, pantries, closets, stationary tubs, broad verandas; acre garden; It) minutes' walk to depot Central Railroad, N. J. Box 14 SomcrvUle, N. J. Clf* Z,i\l\ FABH, 40 ACRES, GOOD LAND, NICE tpl),ovU houso, barn, crib, plenty ot fruit, near railroad, very cheap. LEWIS, Northport, L. I., or at2(J7 Front street. New York, Tuesdays, trom 'J to 12. ILEAL EST ATE JTO^ EXOII A IV GE. A 55 YEARS' LEASE OF 7 LOTS ON BROADWAY, between Fiftieth street and Central Park, will bo gold or exchanged lor unencumbered Property, or tho ground will lie leusetf fur 10 years or upward. Address W. 1)., station D. A SPLENDID RESIDENCE ON THE HUDSON River to exchange lor u good Second Mortgage or unimproved city Property. ALPHOOH A SMYTH, 1.017 Third avonuo. A HOUSE IN HARLEM WANTED IN EXCHANGE torn Placc finely situated at Passaic, N. J., 15 min utes by Erie Railroad ; house has all modern improve l) touts, with 4'i lots, fruits, Ae. ; price $12,000; equity can be inado to suit Address, with particulars, Z., box 1,391 Post oltlce. A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE IIOU8E, ON MUR 'V r.iy Hill, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and $10, C00 cash, to exchange tor Lots. Tenement or avenuo Property. Address CASH PRICE ONLY, Herald Up town Branch office. A VALUABLE LEASE OF AN ENTIRE BUILDING on Union square, close to Broadway, rented to re sponsible parties, netting $*),000 a year; aud a handsomo brown stone House on Filth avenue, in Paricm, toex cliangc for a House worth ubout $60,000, above Fortieth street; principals only. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO., 128 Broadway. A FINK COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE, TO let or exchange, for city Property ; buildings in good order. Call on or address OWNER, 332 West Thirty-first st. "IJ KOOKLYN HOUSES, PAYING 10 PERCENT, TO J) exchange for Lots, or near-by country or village or factory Properties. J. B. STEVENS, 5>? Pine street, room ?. CIOUNTRY SEATS, FARMS AND COTTAGES, FOR ) sale, oxchange and to let; all prices, all parts: New Jersey, near station ; printed description. E. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers street Dry goods business and three story Store on Graham avenue, Brooklyn, lor sale, or ex change for Lots or Country Place. J. B. STEVENS, No. 5>? Pine street, room 9. IjlOR SALE-OR WILL ACCEPT SMALL nOUSER 1 near Fortieth street or First Mortgages for a first class, brown stone House, hardwood tlni.sti.on Madison ave nue, ono block from the Park. WILLIAM GEE, owner, corner of Elm and Franklin streets. If OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A BRICKYARD, FORTY 1 acres of superior Clay Lands. 5 Houses, Stables, Sheds, Fixtures and Machinery, in working order; over 2,000 feet navigable river front, dock, Ac., within 10 miles of New York, on easy terms, or part city property. Ap ply to C. CLINTON, 10 Hudson street, Iloboken. For sale or exchange? 100 acres of land near Port Jervis, In Pennsylvania, for Dry Goods or Merchandise. Address MIL FORD, Fitly-first street, New York, or Herald Uptown Branch office. For sale or exchange? in westchehter county, four tull Lots, with House aud some money, for a small modern House, worth from $12,000 to $15,000, east side, below Eightieth street. Call on owner, 201 hast Fifty -til tli stroet. I7*OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? TWO Til REE- STORY ' and basement Houses and Lots; one has a two story brick stable on front of lot, in East Fifty-third streot; water and gas throughout; only a small amount of cash required; or would take good Second Mortgages or a first class hruwn stone front House and Lot, west of Third ovenue. Apply to WILLIAM 11. DRAKE, 106 and HM avenue D. J"*OR SALE OR EX(?nANGE-ONE OF THE FINEST country Residences on Matan Island, near Cliiton ; large Mansion, all modern improvements, outbuildings complete; about acres of land under high state of cul tivation, abundance of choice fruits and well shaded, lino view of New York city and bay : everything in complete order tolly furnished or unfurnished. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. TT'OR SALE, EXCHANGE OR RENT-SUPERIOR PRI. J? vate Hotel at Saratoga; Broadway. near Congress Spring; 30 rooms; terms easy. Apply to J. C. LEVI, No. 7 W arren street LV?R SALE? OR WILL EXCHANGE FOR JEWELRY J? or Furniture, a number of fine budding Lots on graded streets, near depot Address, giving particulars, M. A., Herald otfice. 4 For sale, to let or exchange? a large fao tory, with Engine, Boiler and Elevator in Brooklyn, near the terries. Address box 3.1S3 Post otlice, New York. IF.ASE FOR SALE ? BRINGS $2,500; WILL BE SOLD J for $2, (MR), or part exchange for property. 11 and 17 Ab ingdon square. Eighth avenue, between Blcecker and Twelfth streets. ON MAN1IASSET BAY.? FOR SALE* EXCHANOB or rent, furnished, fine Residence ; all improvements; carriage house, Ice house (tilled) ; abundance lruit and shade trees; fine bathing, boatinc and fishing. ? O. G, BENNET, No. U Pine street. CALK OR EXCHANGE.? A RIVER FRONT, WITH A lO number of lots unencumbered, in Newark, N. J., for improved proporly and cash If required. JOHN SIEGEL A CO.. 7? Cedar street TO EXCnANOE-TWO MILES FROM PATERSON, N. J., 40 Acres, free trom encumbrance, for House In Harlem or Brooklyn, or neat place on Long Island, near New York. 11. B. GARDNER, 76 Cedar struct. "\1T ANTED ? TO SELL OR EXC1IANOE FOR MEB VV chandise, 2,000 acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Znndt county, Texas. 1 Itlos perfect In every respect. For particulars address C. C. IIEARNE, box 168 Galveston (Texas) Post office. n nnn CASH and a COUNTRY seat AT BAY ?!> LU.UUU side will be exchanged for a well located House In this city. DL'NN A SEA1CH, 202 Broadway. REAT. ESTATE WAITED. Attention, brokers and dealers in real Estate.? For sale, an east and west side Map Book of New York city, showing all the lots, with dimensions, Ac., contained in the district bounded by Forty-second and 155th streets and East and North rivers ; lots arc all drawn in pencil, admitting of any corrections whenever necessary; books are handsomely and substantially bound, and are first class in every respect and will be sold at a reasonable fleiire to a prompt purchaser. For farther particulars apply to HAMILTON KWKN, 73 Cedar street NEW YORK CITY PROPERTY AND CASH WANTED for fine Business Property, Dwellings; improve ments. good will; business $70. OHO per annum; stock of foods $30,0)0; at depot on Harlem road; ninety minutes, 'rincipali only address OWNER, Herald otfice. WANTED? .10 To M ACRES OF LAND WITH A TIDB water frmitago within 8 or 9 miles ot New York. Address, with tei m- and lull particulars, M. N., box 4,090, Post office, New York. ASTROLOGY* A? MMF. LA BLANCH. THE GREAT UNRIVALLED , business and medical clairvoyant. 115 West Twenty sixth street, en Sixth mid Seventh avenues. Attention.? consultations on business, law suits, enemies losses, absent triends, love, mar riage, sickness and death. Pay refused unless satisfied. Mine. SIN'Gllf, Clairvoyant, ti2l t>ixth avenue. A TEST-MRS. VANSISE, BUSINESS AND MEDI cal Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, tells name, day ol marriage, firings together those long separated, gives positive Information on all affairs of life ; no sat ist act ion, no pay. (HI Second avenue, corner rinrtv loiirtli street. IjU'ROPK VN CLAIRVOYANT TKLLS NAMES, SHOWS 'j likenesses, causes marriages, gives numbers; 5J cents and $1. 142 West 25th st, basement MME. ROSA, GREAT NATURAL CLAIRVOYANT, reveals your whole life trom the cradle to the grave. 472 Canal street, near Hudson. Fee $1. MISS WELLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS everything: lucky niimttcrsiffas a positive euro tor drunkenness. Call or write. 41 East Twunty-eiglitli street Tin: WONDERFUL AVIItol OClsT W ILL REV E \ ? from scientific principles, all til) airs of life. 81 Tli rd avenue, near Twelfth street. No gents. MEDICAL. ELL, PHYSIC 114 East Tenth street, near lhlrit avenue. A. | ATTENTION l-DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), private offlce, 161 Biccc Her street, Ncwjfork^ MAURICEAU, M. D.-OFFICE 129 LIBERTY street, near Greenwich street R. AND MME. DUBOIS, DR. AND MRS. W1IITE" head, 44 Great Jones street, near Broadway. R. KINO'S OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE, 14 AMITY street, near Broadway and Grand Central Hotel. R. AND MME. OBINDLE, PHYSICIANS-OFFICE. 120 West Twenty-sixth street near .-ixth avenue. B. AND MME. DESPARD, PHYSICIANS. -RES! dence 41 East Twenty eighth street, near Fourth av. MME. 'VAN BUSKIRK, PHYSICIAN.? BBSIDENCB, 154 East Twenty-eighth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. ME. RESTELL, PHYSICIAN, NO. 1 EAST FIFTY seooud st. Agent*, i W Greeuiriclt st. aud Mo. 7 6th at A. M? D D D b M

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