Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1873 Page 9
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THE POPE. His ir<ilfn3ss* Condition of Healtii Improved, and the Christian World Consoled. Visitors Received at Audience in the Vatican. American Report of the Pontiff's Disease and Convalescence. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Rome, April 14, 1873. Ttio condition of the Pope has so far im proved that His Holiness was able to-day to give audiences to several visitors. American Report from the Vatican-* The Sovereign Pontiff Recovering Rapidly. New York, April 14, 1873. To rn* Editor of tiik Herald:? When any one wants to commmqicate or to Uear Hews he must go to the Herald. Will you be so tlnd aa to relieve the anxiety of many tens of thousands or your readers by stating that a special Cable despatch to the New York Freeman's Journal, received this morning, frbiu a most accurately in formed source in Uome, in reply to an inquiry by the cable, states that the Pope is not dangerously 111. He has been suffering for two weeks with a severe attack of lumbago, and has been confined to bed, but is convalescent and rapidly recovering. By giving this little note Insertion you will ease many hearts, and oblige, vary truly yours, JAMES A. McMASTER. FRANCE. Sleetoral Address from the Government Candi date?Liberty and Law Against "Perpetual Kevolntion." TELEGRAMS TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Paris, April 14, 1873. M. de Kfimusat, candidate for the National Assembly, has issued an address to the Paris elec tors, declaring that "fet all times, and under all gov ernments, he has sought and loved liberty, but lib crty founded on law, not perpetual revolution." He promises to faithfully sustain the policy of President Thiers, and expresses an earnest desire for the consolidation of the Republic and the main tenance of universal suffrage. The Cabinet Position and Republican Party Profession. The Purls ComtitutUmnel replies to an article Which appeared in the RttpubUqut- Fraru;aise , setting forth the republican platform ol opposition to the Rgmusat candidacy, in the following terms:? The article lu llie R6publxque hVarvraine sets forth taat whatever may be the services rendered by Count de IWmusai the elections ior serious par ties, worthy ol the name, cannot be distributions of prizes. In the eyes of a pure republican the Qualities which distinguish the count? and which the journalist thus enumerates, "diplomatic ad dress. a liberal nnd randid spirit, an intelligent and ?well-advised moderation, sent iments of courteous ?conciliation"'? may be suillcient titles for a Minis ter of M. Thiers, but are not enough for the man wno aspires to the honor ol representing republican Paris. Such a delegate ought, at ?the present time, and before everything else, to Relate himsell the determined champion of ;the following four articles of faith:? "1. The integ rity or universal suffrage; 2. the raising the state ?f siege: 3. The amnesty; and 4. The dissolution or the Assembly. Xnd as there Is no probability that Count de K< musut will Inscribe these propositions at the bead 01 his profession of fuitn It Is super fluous lor mm to solicit the suffrages or the repub plcaus." such Is the conclusion or our contempo rary, anil we must admit that It Is perfectly logical. Hut It imposes on us a not less rigorous obligation Cud traces out our duty, which Is to support the tan whom the raolcals for so many and such cogent reasons utterly repudiate. Count de R6musat will, therelore, be the representative ol the conservative parties at the poll, and it is to him that all who do not wish to sec a name like Shat ol M. Valentin or M. Kane Issuing rrotn the ,rn ought to give th?ir suffrages. - ? Prince Napoleon's Appeal to the Cor nicans. Parts, April 14, 1873. , Prince Napoleon Bonaparte has addressed a let ter to his constituents in Corsica, protesting against his expulsion irom France. He says:? '"The Bonapartcs have twice been the saviors of Fruncc. The name Napoleon can never be ban ished Irom the hearts or the people, it Is pro scribed because it is reared." SPAIN. Car list Canard and Sabbath Day Excitement? A Benrbonist Force in. & Critical Position. TELEGRAMS TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. Madrid, April 14, 1873. There was great excitement in Rurcelona yester day la consequence of a report that a carllst force was approaching the city. The volunteers were sailed out, and promptly obeyed the summons. It was soon discovered that the report was untrue, ?Ad the excitement subsided. CARLIST REPRESSION IN OERONA. ^e Carllst chieftain S&balls has forbidden the publication or newspapers in the town or Kipoll, province of Gerona. Vrench Report of Bonrbonist Demorali sation. Paris, April 14, 1873. A despatch from Perpignan says:? "It is reported Shat the force of Carlists nnder Sabalis, which re treated* from before Pulgcerda, is in a critical position.'' RUSSIA. Frew Manifesto Against Foreign War Corre spondents. TELE6RAIR TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. St. Petersbprg, April 14, 1873. The Journal de St. I'elerrtiurq says there Is no troth in the report that American correspondents Will be allowed to accompany the expedition Bgalnst Kuiva. THE VIENNA EXHIBITION. Imperial Turkish Contributions to the Expo* sition. TIL'GRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALO. Constantinople, April 14, 1873. The Snlt in has sent twenty cases of articles, telecteiftn&i his treasures, to the Vienna Exposl Hon. _ THE bOGEBT MUBDEE TBIAL. The trial of Van winkle Bogert for the murder or tausom K. Burroughs was to have been laken up i the Peterson CoNrts yesterday morning, and a rg6 crowd or spectators were present; but, In mpllaiH " with a telegram from Judge Bedle, In xsey City, stating that he was sick in bed, te Court, was adjourned until Thursday brnlng, when the ease will be takeu up. le Judixe whs periectly well on Saturday night, Bt from Iiix Known anxiety that the trial should poceed without further delay, It Is feared that he Bust t>e seriously ill to have adjourned the Court Foi three days, it is said jthat if lie is not able to Sitat this term some other .Supreme Court Judge srtll probably be procured, so that, the case cau be 'isposed of at this term, as It Ua* already been muObk Am w ow; iuc?w THE MODOCS CONTINUED FROM FIFTH PAGE. provided with a guide who well knows the siuuosi ties or their mountainous country. Reporter? From your long experience, Colonel, among the Indiaus, may I ask your opinion of peace commissions? Colonel Chapm ak-?-I should not like to give an opinion loosely on the subject, for it is a somewhat intricate question, but I am aWare that the public look upon them, as a general rule, as failures. I wonld, however, say this with reference to the Peace Commission in question, that when they have evidence that the Indians are guilty of prevarication and acting with manifest ill faith, i think it dangerous policy for the Peace Commissioners to entrust their lives in the hands of such men. For my own part I have a far greater beliefin the honesty aua good conduct of, a wild Indian than of these semi-civilized Indians, for to quote Warren Hastings, "they have all the vices of the whites with none of their virtues." Reporter ? You have fought against the Indians, I believe, colonel ? Colon kl ? Y es, in 18.55 I commanded a battalion ef 500 men of the First. Oregon Volunteers, and we fought against TUB ROUGE RIVER INDIANS, whose location was about a hundred miles from that of the Modocs of the present day. We had several battles and lost a considerable number of men. and the war terminated in the Spring or 1856, by the Indians putting themselves under the pro tection of United States troops. PEACE POLICY. Reporter? Wliat is your experience of the peace policy toward* the Indians ? Colonel Chapman? My opinion is that I would make all Indians aiders and abettors who have knowledge of preconcerted massacres similar to that at the lava beds. They would tlieu know that their lives are In the balance ror such acts of vile treachery, and I would treat them precisely as we treat white men in this respect, making them equally responsible, ir they knew thai, we enforced thfc rtyime we should have numerous informers when such acts as those we have just heard of are ih contemplation. MB. MEACIIAN, THE PEACE CAMMI88I0NBR. Reporter? I suppose you know Mr. Meacham, who was wounded ? Colonel Chapman? Yes, certainly. He was a resi dent of Eastern Oregon, and possessed considera ble property on the Hlue Mountains, and his family resided at Salem, Oregon, 011 the line of the Port land, Dallas and Salt Lake Railroad. He was an enthusiastic Methodist and a highly respected man. I knew General Canby at Portland up to last De cember, and I always esteemed him as a line fellow and a Christian gentleman. SKETCH OF BET. DR. TU071AS. Rev. Eleazar Thomas, murdered by the Modocs, was widely known through the Methodist Episco pal Church. His early ministry was exercised in the Genesee Conference, but he went years ago to California Conference. In 1S60 he was a delegate the from California to the General Conference which met in Buffalo. He served three quadrennial terms as editor of the Oaluunun christian Advocate, effi ciently discharging the responsible duties of his of fice. In 1868 the General Conference changed the grade of the Book Depository at. San Francisco, aud made It a branch or the Book Concern, electing Dr. Thomas editor. He served until 1872, when the grade was again changed to that or a depository, i and Dr. Thomas reporteu to the Bishop of the Call- I rornia Conference for a regular appointment, and was placed on the Pctaluma district. He was a man of spotless character, of great energy, of tin. j faltering courage and genuine devotion. Going at the call of the authorities to attempt the restora- . tion of peace, he fell beside Canby, dying in the dls- 1 charge of duty. He died well, aud his family should be remembered by the country Jie was temporarily serving. BRAZIL. Project of a Second Imperial Visit to Europe? Constituent Censure of a Parliamentry Rep resentative?Yellow Fever Abating. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Lisbon, April 14, 1873. The steamship Neva arrived at this port toniay from Rio Janeiro, bringing dates to the uotn of Marcn. The Count d'Eu and his wife, the Princess Im perial or Brazil, w(fre preparing to visit Europe again. They would sail irorn Bio at an early day. The constituents or Senhor Manas have unani mously condemned his conduct. YELLOW KEVER ABATING. The yellow lever was sensibly abating at Rio and the other Brazilian ports. AUSTRALIA. Important News from the Adelaide Grain Fields? Breadstuff* Against Green Crops. TELEGRAM TO THE MEW YORK HERALD. London, April 14, M73. . Advices from Adelaide say the wheat crop or South Australia is satisfactory. It Is estimated that 180,000 tons will be available ror export. KU KLUI MARAUDERS WORSTED. Richmond, Va., April 14. 1873. Accounts from Edgefield give the following of a Ku KJux rai< One night last week a party or Georgians, three or rour in aumber, visited the plantation or Mr. Frank sharpton, living in the Dark Corner, in searcn or certain negro laborers who had left them. Not finding the negroes for whom they sourfht, they turned in aud whipped all the blacks on Mr. Slmrpton's place, and upon leav ing told them they would return on Tuesday night. This they did? the party inereased by one or two? and found the negroes armed ami ready for the fray. The latter fired promptly, killing a man named Fobb and seriously wounding another of the sum* name. About thirty shets were fired by both parties. The Georgians certainly appear in the < Jlight of very bold law-breakers. , ANNEXATION RPMPP8 IN CANADA. Toronto. Ontario, April 14, 1873. A lecture was delivered here on Thunday in Shaftsbury Hall by Dr. Tiffany, or Washington, on "The New Civilization," which he said was the re publicanism of America. It has given great offence. Nicholas Flood Davin lectures in reply to the an- I nexatlouist seitlments uttered. A COLORED CONGRESSMAN ARRESTED. COI.nMBIA, S. c., April 13, 1873. Mail accounts from Charleston state that Con gressman R. H. Cain (colored* was arrested yes terday on a bench warrant issued from the Inferior Court to compcl him to answer to an iudlctment for obtaining money under lalse pretences. The substance or the charge Is that Cain sold a tract or land to a colored man several years ago, for which he reeelved the stipulated price, since then the buyer has not been able to get possession or either laud or money. The case was not pressed by Solicitor Butts in November last, upon the pledge that Cain would return the purchase money. This pledge, it. seems, has not been kept/ as the case has since been reinstated. Cain was about to be sent to Jail, but on tne Intercession of Judges Cooko and Carpenter Judge Allen finally coriseuted to discharge him on $:ioo bail. 1 HOAX ENCORE. The Hern of Credit Mobtltcr Sued for ?300,000. Boston, April 14, 1873. A suit has been Instituted in the United states Court against. Onkes Ames ior $.100,000. The trial is to take place lu May. Tie suit grows oui dr cer tain cotton transactions at New Orleans during the war, for wlilcli the government obtalaed judgment against A. 8. Mansfield and others, and now sues Mr. Ames l*r the amount, alleging tiiai lie was a partner of Mr. Mansfield, The fixed events of tffe Monmouth Park Associa tion of Long Brunch, which have heretofore closed , iw wtU. lui'coruu' Ouae uu Um mu ut ? * MEXICO. ________ f Herald Special Report from the Capital of the Republic. Parliamentary Progress After the Presidential Message. The Mixed Commission and Diplomacy Towards Spain and France. Lozada's Revolution a Com plete Failure. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALO. The following special despatch to the Herald has been received from oar corre spondent in the city of Mexico, by way of Matainoros: ? Matamoros, April 13, 1873. Telegrams addressed to the Herald from Mexico City, under date of the 12th inst, bring the following special information. The Mexican Congress is assembled in session. The Legislature was opened on the 6th of April. The President's message was sat isfactory to the nation. The questions of the Mixed Commission and treaties with foreign Powers has not been acted on to date. DIPLOMACY TOWARDS SPAIN AND FRANCE. The Spanish Minister has left by way of Tehauntepec for Madrid. Measures are being taken by the Mexican Ministry for the renewal of diplomatic ro- ( lations between Prance and Mexico. REVOLUTIONIST FIASCO. The revolutionary attempt of Lozado has been a complete fiasco. THE HORSE DISEASE. The horse disease visitation has passed. It was very violent and attended with much fatality. WEATHER REPORT. War Department, ) Office op the Chief Signal Officer, J Washington, April 15? l A. M. ) Synopsis .Par tlu> Paul Twenty- four Hours. The storm cent re that was east of Cape Cod Sunday night is probably uow in New Brunswick; that in die Missouri Valley is now apparently near Lake Michigan, . bnt with diminished intensity. The highest pressure is in tbe Mouth Atlantic States. Northwesterly winds have backed to northwest in New England, with cloudy weather and light rain. Northwesterly winds have prevailed over the Mid dle States, bat have now diminished, and occasion ally veered to northeast, with partly cloudy weather. Southwesterly winds and cloudy weather are reported In the South At lantic States, and soultierly winds, with rain, have prevailed* on the Gulf coast. Brisk and high north aud west winds prevailed Monday afternoon on the Texas coast and very cold northerly gales in the Northwest; easterly wnids are reportec from Ohio and l.aice Michigan; southwesterly winds from Illinois. Probabilities. For Tuesday in New England north and cast winds, increasing possibly to brisk in Maine, with partly cloudy and clear weather; lor the Middle Slates northeasterly winds and partly cloudy aud hazy weather; tor the lower lakes increasing northwest winds and cloudy weather; for the South Atlantic and Eastern Gulf States, winds veer to west and northwest, with cloudy weather and llsrht rain; lor the upper lakes, norilieasierly winds, increas ing, possibly, to brisk, with cloudy and rainy weather; for the Western Gulf States continued cold northerly winds. Caution signals continue at Boston, Portland, Eastport, Dnluth, Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Haven, Norfolk aud Wilmington. Tl*r Weather in Thiit Cttjr Yesterday. The following record will show the changes in the temperature for the past twenty -tour hours in comnaripon with the corresponding day of last year, as indicated by the thermometer at Uuduut's Pharmacy, Hkkalu Building:? 1872. 1H73. 1872. 1873. 3 A. M 49 40 3 P. M 00 61 6 A. M 45 3tf 6 P. M 53 48 9 A. M 49 44 9 P. M 45 45 12. M 54 49 18P. M 41 45 Average temperature yesterday 45!? Average temperature for corresponding date last year 49 H HEAVY SNOW STORM IN NEBRASKA. Omaha, April 14, 1873. The most severe snow storm of the season is prevailing between Fremont, Neb., and Cheyenne, Wyoming. It commenced at Cheyenne yesterday morning, travelled eastward slowly, reached North Platte last night and Grand Island early this morn Ing, and continaes there yet with unabated fttry. The snow drifted from tonr to Ave teet in depth and a person's life is not sale outside of shelter. Trains are laid up waiting for the storm to abate. THE FLOOD AT ALBANY. Albany, N. T., April 14, 1873. The flood here is receding rapidly. The water has left the docks. The river is now ready for navigation, though there is a very stroag flood current. MUSICAL FESTIVAL IN CINCINNATI. Cincinnati, April 14, 1873. The sale of season tickets for the approaching musical festival commenced to-day, realizing |4,750 for the day. This being the first test of the manner in which the public is to receive thisHnnsical effort, it has been looked to with much Interest and has resulted .entirely satisfactory to the management. Reports from singing societies outside ol the city represent that rehearsals are proceeding with much enthusiasm. The understanding is that the societies will lie here lor mass rehearsals on Fri day, May l. BILLIARD MATCH, ? New Orleans, April 14, 1873. F. Ubassy played Henry Miller a game of billiards to night (French caroms), jou points, Miller receiv ing the odds of discount. Ubassy averaged 16. making runs of H3 and 71, and defeating Miller by 117 poluts. THE NATIONAL GAME. Baltimore, Md., April 14, 1873. The flrst championship game between the Wash ington Club, of Washington, and the Maryland Club, of Baltimore, was played here this afternoon and resulted in the lollowmg score:? ? INKIXG.1 Club*. ill 3d. ilh. Ml. 9tK 7th. ?*. 9>h. WatthinBton ... o a 0 1 14 0 i> 4 :? ? 24 Maryland i o n o I 1 o 0 o- a AN IMPORTANT RAILROAD SUIT. Ghernsboro, N. ?., April 14. 1873. In the United States Circuit Court to-day, in the case of Henry Clews vs. The Western North Caro lina Railroad Company, Judge Dick appointed Major William A. smith receiver. Major Smith is President of the North Carolina Railroad Company and member of Congress elect from tbe Fourth Congressional district. The above suit has gone on appeal to the Supreme court of the United states. NAVAL ORDER. Washington, April 14, 1873. Assistant Surgeon Washington Matthews Is re lieved from duty at W lllet's Point, N. Y.. and ordered ? to itiuuit. roc dvujf tu uis iMfuuueat tUfl ?***?- . THE HERALD'S TRIUMPH IN JOURNALISM, rProm the Kvsnsvtiie (Ind.) Journal, April il.l Tfle Nkw York Hmii,d of 8uuday, April e, u a ssetstt* m jour,,aUHm u ?? * <iu.ntuPie , or 130 columns, or which seventy-eight are devoted exclusively to advertisements. I? is. we believe, the largest paper ever issued In this coun try. The advertisements alone will probably amount to at least $2fi,ooo. while the number of copies .ssued is 150,000. The Qibilo verr properly and complacently comments on thin triumph, and makcaseme suctions in connection therewith which are worthy the attention of ?he readers of the Journal. It assumes that "a people who advertise and read are a people whose success in lile la assured Their experience, tact and intelligence teach them to appreciate independence, zeal and enterprise in journalism and lei*l them to patronize such a newspaper as meets their Ideas in these qualifica tions.'1 ft rightly claims i hat a wide awake, inde pendent and enterprising newspaper is tho busi uoss barometar of the city in which it is published. Its columns readily show woen the people are prosperous and when busings is brisk. The exception to this rule is where a paper is crowded with advertisements 01 sheritrs sales, which is In dicative 01 bankruptcy rather than prosperity. Hut a great many business men overlook t he Im | portance of this fact. They tall to see that strangers will invariably estimate the commercial

activity and prosperity of a city by the character and general appearance of the papers published in it. No one can glance at a copy of the flKHAi.n, to which we have alluded, without being impressed at once with the magnitude and prosperity of the city in which it is published. They must feel that it could not be pub lished in any other than the greatest city 011 the Continent, on the other hand, let them get. no!d of an insignificant sheet, containing neither news nor advertisements, and they at once cou? elude that the city it represents is equally barren of enterprise and commercial activity. If they And only nerc and there advertisements of wholesale houses In the columns of the paper they will most certainly conclude that, as a place to buy goods, the city where it is published doesn't amount to much. This conclusion is inevitable. Drummers, of coarse, can control a certain amount of trade,' but their work Is almost doubled and their success diminished hall where the houses they represent persistently ignore or neglect to avail themselves of the advertising advantages offered by the newspapers circulating within the range of tnelr custom. In addition to the direct benefits which mer chants derive from an insertion of their advertise ments or bnsluess cards in their city papers, there Is a reflex advantage which many ef them do not think ol. if the paper is conducted by shrewd Journalists, who judiciously apply the proceeds of their advertising columns to Improving the other department* of the paper, and thereby increasing Its circulation and Influence, the busi ness men are proportionately benefited. Hor 8t rangers cannot resist the Im pression that a wide awake, newsy paper represents wide awake, liberal merchants and manufacturers, with whom It will oe both profita ble aad pleasurable to trade. The consequence Is they will make their arrangements to test the soundness of their Inferences, and when the dram mer presents himself he will experience no diiii cnlty and waste no time in securing their orders. The Uku ald's success ought to stimulate every paper In the country to put forth strong efforts to rank every competitor in its immediate locality. [From the Richmond Uulite, Aorll 14.] The Nkw York Hkrald of April n contained 120 columns, seven ty-elght of which were advertise ments, at the prices it receives lor advertising, I amounting to about thirty thousand dollars; com- , position, about one million ems, $i>,ooo for setting the type; 5,024 pounds of metal used in stereotyping. The Hkrald gives all the news of the world, and we expect to hear of Mr. lienuett starting one of his thousand reporters to discover a new planet above or below, just to keep up enterprise. I Prom the Kansas City (Mo.) Times, April 11. ] The New York Hkkaj.d on Sunday last contained seventy-eight columns or advertisements and forty two of general reading marter. The paper, tor the first time in its history, issued a quintuple sheet? j twenty pages? and was the largest ever published in this country. [From the Benncttsvilie (8.0.) Times, April U.) The Nkw York Hkkald or the 6th instant ap peared in quintuple lorrn, containing one hundred and twenty columns, or which seventy-eight were devoted to advertisements and forty two to news and general intelligence. ' This is an event unprecedented in the ! history of Journalism, and shows conclusively that the Hrrai.d is the business barometer of New York and of the country at large. Its columns show when business Is brisk and people prosperous. I he Hkkai.d is printed on Ave Hoe rotary eight and ten cylinder presses and two Bullock per fccting presses, being seven presses in all, and each day's edition Is Issued at the rate or 1,000 sheets per minute, taking two hours and a hair to ifsue 100,000 papers. Day and night the tel egraph Is at work bringing despatches rrom all quarters or the globe; corps or correspondents, reporters and editors are busy obtaining news, putting It into shape or commenting upon It; the proor reader* are at their post pursuing their ' onerous and wearying task; stereotypes, press men and assistants are awaiting the instant when their services will be brought into requisition, for there can be no delay, no pause, no rest until the daily paper is off the press and ready to go into the hands ol Its readers. And all this to be done each day. To us, unsophisticated country people, 1 all this sounds like a story In the "Arabian Nights Entertainment." Yet it is true. Verily, the Hkrald Is a great paper. ' THE HERALKAND SUB-MARINE ENTERPRISE ^From the Plattsburg (N. Y.) Republican, April li) I THK I.AST FEAT IN .lOI'RN ALISM. The modern proas sends Its agents ami inter viewers everywhere upon the face of the globe, to j the tops of the highest mountains, the depth* or the gloomiest mines ami caverns, ami to t lie wilds of Central Africa, for the accomplishment \ of feats ot which even the best organized national enterprises rail. And now coincs the story of a New York Hkhai.ii correspondent, who, the other 1 day, took a walk in a diver's armor over the wreck of the iil-tated Atlantic, winch lies at the bottom or the sea, otr the bleak coast or Nova Hcotia. He peered lot* the hold, wiere he saw fishes swimming in and out among the dead bodies, reastiatt like ghouls, and got. a sight into on<- of ike steerage cabins, where all the wsmeu and children were drowned an they lay in, their bunks. THE HERALD AND THE MORMON PROPHET. [Pr?m tin Richmond Enquirer, April 13.) The iUKALi> continues to cut-herald Herald. The last Issue, not content with declaring war against Spain, contains a long despatch Irom ling haui Young, who is thus made a special corre spondent. The Hkrai.d ought to be prosecuted for Brlgham-y ' i (From the New Haven Palladium, April u.J The latest addition to the Hkrald's editorial staff is Hrigham Young, who, though refusing to be interviewed, lias sent that enterprising journal a special despatch of some length, which he close* by saving:? "My whole life Is devoted to the Al i mighty's serigee, and while I regret that my mla Mtou Is not better understood by the world, the 1 time will come when I will be understood, and 1 leave to futurity the judgment of mv labors and \ 1 tdeir result a* tHey shall become manliest." This bnrst of piety is the only tniormaticn he conveys j which was not known before, except that he an nonnces his intent ion of civilizing the Apaches in his new home in Arizona. TAXPAYERS' LEAGUE IN LOUISIANA. New Orlrans, April 14, ih;3. A niM meeting was held to-night. The attend ance was large and enthnmaatic. Speeches were made and resolutions adopted looking to UlO juanqniHnt ?i ifcu JtauMa'a umw THE ATUITIC DISASTER. Captain Williams Makes a Supplementary Statement at the Afternoon Session? Coal and Discipline. Halifax, N. 8., April 13, IS73. The Atlantic Investigation by the Custom House Committee wan resumed at 2 :30 P. M. [The morn ing proceedings appearing elsewhere.] Ilenjamiu Kulker was sworn and testified as fol? lows:? I am keeper of Duvll's Island light; hare l>een keeper for twelve years; wan on duty on the night of the rust ultimo, at nine 1*. M., at eleven P. M., and again at three in the morning; the light la visible from nlue to ten miles; at nine P. m. I could hoc 'Sambro and Chebucto llead lights; at eleven P. M. the weather was thicker and hazy, with a ralu shower; could see Chebucto Head, but not. sambro; at three A. M. the weather was clear; could see both Sambro and Chebucto Head; wind westward; my light was in perfectly good order; previous to becoiftlng llghtkeeper I was in the revenue cuttera and al?o in the coast survey; Hiunot say how far Sambro Light should have been seeu that night, as the weather was thick outside and clear near me; am acquainted with the current oiT the coast; It Is stronger in tnc .Spring than at other times; it might make a difference ot half a knot or more In a vessel's speed; it is generally southwest and west, southwest ; sixty miles off, near Sable Bank, it is northwest ; havo round it a little northerly closer In shore ; it varies much; have known it to change with the wind in three or four directions in live or six hours off Cable Hack; when not affected by wind the cur rent is westerly; it Is stronger on the banks off shore than on shore ; Duvil's Island Is distant, about uiuc miles froiu Sambro. Captaiu Wood, Harbor Master of Halifax, who had been subpu'iiaed, was called as a wit aess, but dlil not answer. Messengers were seut for him but could not And htm. THK CAITAfN'H HCTPPLR1TKNTAKY STATKMKNT. Captain Williams then made a supplementary statement as follows:? The Atlantic and other White Stan ships were Intended to consume from fifty -five to sixty tons of coal per dav, but. wheu the coal is bad, as It proved to be in this case, the consumjltlon. went up to seventy tons to maintain the same rate of speed; the company have contracted and paid for tho best coal in the market, and cannot be held re sponsible lor the quality of the csal supplied by the fault of the contractors; tin; Knglish portion of the coal supplied to the Atlantic appeared to have lain at the pit's moutn ror some time, so that Its healing properties were very much Im paired; had the coal been the quality expected by the White Star line she wauld nave had lourteen and a halt days' full consumption, no ship of the White star line having made a passage longer than thirteen and a half days irom Liverpool to New York; the extra coal was supplied to prevent the necessity of tuking In any ill New York; there was Pan ample supply of provisions on board, the Government Inspector at Liverpool having ccr tilled to thirty-three days' supply when she left Liverpool; what we were greatly short of was salt fish and potatoes for the Roman Catholiu passen gers, the supply having been washed overboard in a gale; in regard to the eitlciency of the crew, they were us good as usual, though a little rougher; we consider ourselves lucky if we get ten good seamen suiong lorly take^ou board; this is so with all the lines ; since the aflbli tion of apprenticing seameu have deteriorated; the best run of tho Atlantis this voyage was ;mmj miles in twenty-four hours and thirty minutes ; the second olllcer was not in the chart room when the ship struck; llelt the ship strike; tne quarter master was at the wheel when I passed on ; I met the second ofllcer at the fore part of the wheel house; he was coming from the bridge; 1 said to him, "Mr. Metcalf, you have been in collision; why did you not call me ?" he said, "We are on the rocks." Kxamlned by the Commissioner -From twelve noon to one o'clock I'. M. on March :il, we steered west by north with two degrees westerly devia tion ; I think that was the course but am uot cer tain; the exact course would be west seven degrees sontli, and making seven miles thft dis tance, at noon, to Sambro, and to the point where she struck would be about the same ; 1 account lor the fact that the ship made 170 miles in fourteen hours and a quarter while her log showed a maximum rate of 11 knots, solely by the current; tl*e number ol the ship's crew, including oillccrs and aie it, was 140; I believe there were HI I passen gers all told, ol whom 35 were cabin ; about 250 of of these came aboard at (^ueenstown; of the ?67 persons on board 1 think 422 were saved; 1 hold a certitleate of competency as extra master, iso. 22,210; 1 believe It is on board of the ship; we intended to get provisions at llalirax, but did not come here for that purpose ; besides the two lookout men and the quartermaster there were abonl fifteen men In the watch wheu the ship struck; they must have been at work washing the dccks, Ac. ; 1 believe the statement of yuar i ter-inaster Thomas, that he cautionud the gecoud ofllcer, to be false; no ofllcer would allow such a breach of discipline ; I made allowance for the current, but not enough; I sup posed that the heavy westerly winds that prevailed daring the wluter would have neutralized the westerly set; I expected at daybreak to have had the land east ot Halifax in sight. This ended the testimony, and the court was ad journed until Krtday at three o'clock P. M.. when judgment will be given. A VESSEL STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Halifax, n. S., April 13, 1873. The Norwegian bark Haminga, Captain Christon sen, from New Orleans for Keval, was struct by lightning, Af>ril 4, 4ou miles west of Bermuda, and set on fire. The crew took to the boats, and, after ten hours, were picket! up by the Merman brigan tlne M?ta, from Galveston, bound to Bremen. The crew were landed at St. George's, Bermuda, on i the 7 t.h. THE NEW OCEAN CABLE. Hai.ifax, N. 8., April 14, 1873. The steamer Kansas laid, at Halifax on Saturday, the shore end of the new cable. BANK SUSPENSION IN NOVA SCOTIA. Halifax, April 14, 1873. Messrs. Cutler, MeLean & Co., of Boston, who failed on Friday, Had large transactions with pur ties in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and in consequence of the failure the t wo Liverpool bunks? the Bank ; of Liverpool and the Bank of Acadia? have both I suspended payment. It is believed the suspen I siouk will only be temporary. BARROOM TRAGEDY IN WILLIAMSBURG. Two Men Stabbed, One Fatally? Arrest of the Supposed Assailant*. At a late hour last night two pedlers, named Joseph Buell and August Friemoth, entered the lager beer saloon of Joseph Wall, First street, near J (?rand, Williamsburg, and, after partaking of sev- j eral drinks, raised a disturbance. A general row { ensued between them and some "sitters," wnen ' i they were both disabled by stab wounds. The injured men' were conveyed to the Fourth j precinct station house tn their own wagon. I 1 Police Surgeon Brady examined their wouads and lound tiiat Buell's wound is likely to prove fa- j ! tal, wiule his companion's wounds, indicted be tween his shoulders, are no' ?|iitte so serious. | i Before midnight Otilcer Cantleld and Sergeant : Bunce snccecded in arresting the supposed assail ants, who gave thelmamci a* William Hurthand John Murer. On the person ol Murer was fouud an open jack knife, partially covered with blood. The Injured met were sent to their homes, while their ; assailant* were detained at the station house. BREAK IN AN EMBANKMENT. I'liiLAnii.ratA. April 14, 1K73. I A ortion of the embankment on Cooper's Creek, ! ; near Cherry Run, above Meadow Mount, Camden, j on the Delaware, gave way to-day and caused con- . siderable damage by the overflow of hundreds of acres of meadow lauds. SERIOUS RAILROAD DISASTER. Mu.WAUkER, Wis., April 14. 1873. This afternoon one coach of a train on the W|. i nona and St. Peter's Railroad was thrown from the track by coming in collision with a cow car. I The coach contained fourteen passengers, wfco are all uiore or less injured, two probably ialall>. NEW ORLEANS COTTON RECEIPTS. NKW OKI.KAN3, April 14, 1871 The receipts of cotton this week will probably exceed 'J.'), ooo bales. The steamboat Exporter is coming from the Arkansas River with bales, ! being the lurgest cargo of the season. THE CAMDEN MURDERER PIERCE. I'TICA, N. Y., April 14, 1873. The following is a description of Fierce, the Cam den murderer:? Height, live feet eight Inches} weight, from one hundred and Hfty to one hundred ami sixty pounds; light aitburu hair, slightly in clined to curl; lignt brown whiskers; eyes, bine, lie was last seen with a guii on the track of the a weattiii Uuovuou. PORTO HXOO. Herald Special Report from the Colony by Way of Key West. Military Itorolt Against Spanish Authority" and in Favor of a Republic* American Pacificators Disembarked in Support of Order. Spanish Naval Reinforcement? from Cuba. TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Tho following special despatch to tht ITkrai.d has I won received from our corre spondent iu Porto Rico by way of Key West: ? Key Weht, April 14, 187& Despatches from Porto lljco announce thai tho troops stationed iu tho garrison have revolted against the Spaniards and in favor of a republic. Much confusion resulted in con acquenco of tho movement. AM Kill! 'AN EFFOHT IN SUPPORT* O* ORDBB. ? The crows of two American vessels disem barked for the purpose of restoring order. 8PANIBH REINFORCEMENTS FROM CUBA. Government aid has been requested from Havana and two Spanish war vessels are abonfe to leave the Cuban port for the coast of Porto Rico. _ CUBA. Bidwell, the Alleged Forger, Recaptured by tho Police? His Effort for Liberty and the St rait?What Was Found on the Fugitive. TELEGRAM TO THE NEW YORK HERALD. Havana, April 13, 1873. Bidwell was recaptured by the police ou tlic sea shore, twenty miles above this city. He bruised bis hands and legs severely when lu* jumped from the balcony of the prison. Uaps of this city and the island were found oa. the person of the prisoner. He refuses to say who aided him in his escape. indwell's friends un doubtedly neglected to insi ruct him thoroughly aa to the route he spQiild take upon leaving the city. BOW UK WAS KBAKRKSTKD. Bidwpll was recaptured last .Saturday at a poinf eighteen utiles distant along the coast. He was disguised. It is supposed that the same parties who aided his escape lor money recaptured him tn order to obtain the amoant of the reward offered for his rearrest, a Hum of $!500. He is now kept It close confinement. WEST INDIES. The British Naval Scientific Expedition at Ber* muda? Preparing To Sail for New York TELEGRAM TO THE HEW YORK HERALD. Halifax, N. 8., April 13, 181*. The mall steamer Alpha, from Bermuda and St. Thomas, arrived to-day. The -British ship Challenger, scientific expedition, was at Bermuda, and would soon proceed to Mew York. CHARTER ELECTION IN TRENTON, N. J. Tkenton, April 14, 1873. The charter election passed off quietly. A largn vote was polled and the ballots arc now being counted. The probabilities are that the whole democratic city ticket Is elected. Briest, democrat, for Mayor, Is elected ny about three hundred major ity over Campbell, republican. The democrat! elect four Uouncllnien and the republicans four, which will secure a democratic majority in the City Coun cil, thereby changing the city officials and police force, now republican, to democratic, appointments which will take place Immediately alter this elec tion. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The steamship Idaho will leavo this port on. Wednesday for Queenstown and Liverpool. The mail* for K 11 rope will close at the Post Offlca at twelve o'clock M. The Nkw York Hkrai.d? Edition for Europe-* will tie read; at hall-past nine o'clock in the morn ing. single eopies, in wrappers for mailing, aix cents. The Muttering of the Inneet Clan* hat Commenced. They are now < oimog out ol the walls ; they urn present In furs and woollens, they are in cupboard* and In conservatories, and nothing save KNOW I. KM* INSECT DESTROY KR will utterly exterminate them. A.? Citizen* and Mtranger* Who Dealrd ? tasty and elegant HAT of superior quality should call at ESPKNHCHEID'S, Manufacturer, 118 Nassau iirecV, be tween Beekuiun and Ann streets. A.? Herring1* Patent CHAMPION SACKS. 2.M and 252 Broadway, corner "i Murray stroat. A Remedy of Virtue and Merit fbr Bright'* l?isea?\ Ornufl, Uropsy, Diabetes, (lout and all Kidney affection* aiuT l'rinar> diseases? K KARN KY'd KXTRACT BUCIIU. Depot. 101 Uuane street Sold by druggists everywhere A.? The Finest, Moat Kxtenaive, Health* lul and popular Hathsi.ii this continent are the RUSSIAN VAPOR (MARBLE) B A I IIS, '2ft Ka^t Fourth street. Hav in if two large Baths (being the only institution in this country mi arranged) hatln rs have such temperature a? th<-y may desire. For nood ventilation and light, pura C'roton and thoroUKh attention they excel all other*. A.? Detective A?e nry,? Moonry'i l)etee? tive Agency, lt>2 Broadway; experienced operator* t fidelity aad despatch ; reier to II. B ciatlin, 140 Cliurul* street. _ Hrannadorf \ Metx Have lie moved their large stock of first class CABINET FtfKMTt/KK, UKAi'KKIKS. Ac , from I2."> RlvingUia street to their new and elegant buildings, 4X1 and 4&i Seventh avenue, near Thirty tourth street. Ilolynke's Celebrated Fever and Ct'llK. may lie ohtaiaeil at !>"s l.ulith avenue, between Filly -seventh and Fifty eighth streets. Royal Havana lottery (extraordinary. $1,200,000. ONE IMtIZE IN EVERY SEVEN TICKETS. Wll.l, UK DRAWN ON APRIL. 22, l*7;l I Capital Prize $50P.iWI I Capital I'ri/m 100.010 1 capital Krlae ... .to, ill) 2 capital Prixcs 42.VH) each 511,009 4 Capital I'rUrs ?10,1*00 each Mi. >11 12 Capital I'rl/.es $6,11)0 each. ??,il? 4i 'i rri/CB H.KI1 each 2)4,iUt* 1.607 Prizes amounting to itis.iOt 2.UW7- Priw amounting to $i.JUV?? I'rl/f s paid : iniormation furnished. Orders tilled. Highest rales paid lor Sp.iaUli Bank Bills, (iovcrnmcnt Security, Ac., Ac. TAYUIK A Co., Bankers. IB Wall street, New York. itoyal Havana Lottery.? The Kitraor dlnnry drawing takes plnce the 22d Inst. .1 B MARTI NEZ il CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street' Post ofUce box I ,'JB^ New York. Royal Havana lottery .?lOxtraoidinary Drawing April 22 H. ORI'EOA, No. 9 Wall street. Post office box I, $48. Two Year* Ago .|fty Son Contracted the Rroiichitls. and soontiecamc .*i ill he had to take to hi* bed After using a hottle ol Or. JAYNE'S F.XI'KCTOK ANT he ohtaine<rsiuue ease and was evidently bet-er, hut a strung fever coming on subsequently, his mother ami toy sell became anxious. and sent for our family doctor, lie told us ihe EXPECTORANT might give him relief. but would not cure him. so he gave us some medicine ot liia own pre si libing He rapidly became so much worse under the treatment that we all tenred he wmtld die aad as a last re??rt determined to give tho EXPECTORANT another trial To our great lay, alter taking two boltlea of this remedy, with the SA NATIVE 4*1 i, I. S as they were rriiulred, he was soon entirely ciire/i. I have since oated a troublesome case of Cr<>?p with, ihe EXPECTORANT, and kaow of it* being u>ed with bv results In other vases of Bronchial Dhardcr*. I can salelv say it inmt etcellent medicine for the throat and lung* JOHN SHAFFER, ot Mount Carroll, Carroll coanty. III. Wedding and Farty Iavitatio?a. Latest Paris s*yl<js Monograms and Krcach Note Paper. 4 Ufcta tatawunai KMC

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