Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,387. NEW YOttK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1873? QUADRUPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. jaMUP.kmEKTK? Fourtu Paob? Fourth, fifth and sixth . . columns. J ASvkoLouY? Third Page? Sixth column. B" .LI AliUS ? Ski o Nil Pack? Sixtll column. By aRDERs WANTED? Fourth 1'ace? First *Dc* accord columns. V OAKD AND LODOIMO WANTED- roonn Pawa;? 1 t-econd column. , BROOKLYN' REAL ESTATE FOR HALE? Second Page? Second column. BUSIN ii so OPPORTUNITIES? First Pack? Fifth col umn. BUSINESS NOTICES? Ninth PAGK-SUxth rotemn. CIGARS AND IOUACCO? Mttonu Pack? sixth column ?11 Y KriAi. ESTATE FOR SALE? Hki'on? PAGE-Hlrst and second columns. CLERKS AND SALESMEN? Phteikth Page? Sixth column, and Sixteenth Pit*? r irst column. CLOl HI Ml? Sixteenth 1'ai;*? Sixth column, COACHMEN AND GARDENERS? alllKENTH Page? hirst and second column. COA8TW 1SE STEAM.iHiP.> ? Sixteen? Page? Fifth and sixth columns. OOPA..TNER.- MPS ? Eleventh Page? Fifth column. COONTKY HOARD? Fouetu Page ? Second and third columns. DANCINU- ACADEMIES? F'ourth Paok? Fifth column l)KN'l ISTRY ? > iitRD Pack? Sixth column. 1>K? GOODS ? First Pace? Sixth column. MWEl.LINU HOUSES To LET, FURNISHED AND UN FURNISHED? Third 1'ace? Second, third and lourth column*. ? EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS? Sixteenth Pape? Filth col umn. XUROI'K? First Pace? Sixth columa. FINANCIAL? Eleventh 1'aob? Filth column Foil SALE ? Sixteenth Page? Third and lourth columns JWitMSHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Tiiirii Page? Fourth column. FURNITURE? Third Pace? Sixtll column. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS? Sixixkntii Page? Third column. HELP WANTED? FEMALES? Fifteenth P Auk-Fourth and (I th columns. HELP WAN i l-.D? MALES? Sixteenth Pace? Second and third coiumns. HORSES. CaRiUAGES, AC.? First Page? Third, fourth and tilth columns. JERSEY CITY, IIOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BER G EN REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? Second Pace? Third column. X*EGAL NOTICES? First Pack? Sixth column. LOAN OFFICES ? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. HOTELS? Fourth Pack? Second column HOITS '.S, ROOMS, AC., W A NTED? Skoond Page? Sixth column. INSTRUCTION? First Page? Filth column. LOaT ANi) FOUND ? First Page? First and second col uuins. MACHINERY? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. MARBLE MANTELS? I OUKTII Page? I hird column. M t'I'RIMONIAIj? Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. MEDICAL? Ilium Page? . ixth column. M1LLIN RY AND DRESSMAKING? First Page? Sixtll column MISCELLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS ? Twelfth Page? Filth and sixth columns. MISCELLANEOUS? Sixteenth 1'ace? Sixth column. MUSICAL? Fourth Page? Third column. NEWSPAPERS?' Third Fame? sixth column. PERSONAL ? First Pack? i- irnt column. PIANOFORTES, OltOANS, AO.? Fourth Page? Third col umn. POST OFFICE NOTICE? First Page? Second column. PROFESSIONAL SITUATIONS W ANTED-FEM ALES? Fifteenth Pack? Fourth column. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Third, fourth and tilth col unions. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE-Second PAGB-Fifth ana sixth columns. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Second Pack? Sixth col umn. REWARDS ? Fibst Pack? Sccond column. BALES AT AUCTION? Thirteenth Page? Third, fourth, fifth and sixth columns. SITUATIONS WANTED - FEMALES ? Fourteenth Page? First, second, third, fourth, filth nnd sixth columns, and Fifteenth Pabe? First, second, third and lourth coluunts. SITUATIONS WAN l'EI)-M ALES? Fiptibntb Page Fltth and sixth columns. SPECIAL NOTICES? First Page? Socond column. SPORTING? DOGb, BIRDS, AC.? First I'ACE-'llurd col umn. STALLION8? First Paor? Third column. 8TORAGE? Sixteenth Page? Fourth column. BUMMER RESORTS? Fourth Pack? 'I hird column. TIIE TRADES? Sixteenth Page? I hlrd column. THE TURF'? First Page? Third column. TO LET FOR BUSINESS FURPOSES-Thirb Page? First and rccond columns. TRAVELLERS' GUIDE? Sixteenth Page? Sixth colnmn. UNFURNISHED ROOMS AND A PARTMENTS TO LET? Third Page? Filth and sixth columns. WANTFD TO PURCHASE? First Pack? socond column. WESTCHESTER COUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Second Page? Third column. YACHTS. STEAMBOATS, AC. ? First Page? Second col umn. H1HAI1) in: A V< II OFFiCE? UPTOWN, J^DVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1.2M BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN Til IRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY SECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS, 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGENCY OF THE NEW YOHK HERALD. ^|ESSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN APPOINTED PARIS AGENTS FOR THE MEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL MRS WITH COPIES OF THE HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OF THIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. FKKNOIVAL.. Annie c.? send address to -jim smith," box 142 Herald Uptown Branch office. LANCHE HOWARD? COMB BUM TO MASQUE rade Ball, Columbia Garden, Grecnwtch avenue, corner West Twellth street, on Tburaday evening. __ IMPORTER. (1HARLES T. DUNHAM, SON OK Q. W. DUNHAM J in 1830 and for years after merchant, in Riceboro', Liberty county, Ga., has not been heard from since August, lWi6; then wrote that he wan in the em|>lov of one at hi< lather's tormer friends in New York city Reliable information as to his whereabouts or fate will be liberally Saul lor. Address bo* 28 Pott office. Daricn, Ga. Adver ser and photograrh may be seen lor two days. ESSIE? YOU WILL SEE MY ADVERTISEMENT IN to-day's Herald. J. E H LLIE, COME HOME. MA IS NEARLY CRAZY. A RLEM? FOURTH AVENUE AND TWENTY eighth street, Thursday, at same time. 702. INFORMATION W ANTED? OF JOHN AND ELLEN Uolan, aged about 2ft and 18 years, who arrived here last Thursday night. Address MICHAEL CAIN, Borden - town, N. J. TACOB WILCOX, OWNER Or LAKD* IN TAZE tl well and Henderson counties. 111., offered bv Mr. MrMaster, deceased, call on MARCUS II. LAING, 65 Lib erty street. A. N. ? MEET ME THURSDAY, AT 202 MADISON avenue, at ll>? A. M. E. K Left home on friday, april ii-a boy 12 years old, named Anson Steel ; dark pants, gray trket. lappets laced with black silk ; grav cloth nat ; rgc ha/.el eves, brown hair. Anv information concern ing him will be liberally rewarded by his parents, L.225 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa. P. W-WHERE CAN I SEE YOU THUKSDAY^ ? Sunday? Addresa box 140 Herald office. I cannot torget Mr. s. s. beck, formerly actino master on United States sloop of-war Portsmouth, or anv one knowing of hint, will coufer a great lavor bv sending Ills address to Mr. GfcORGK TAYLOR, 710 E street, Washing ton, D. C. MATTJE-MEET ME ON FRIDAY, AT S P. M., SHARP, at restaurant. BOGUS. ILLIE? SAME TIME AND PLACE FRIDAY NIGHT. JACK. JACK. M_ J^ELLY BLY-BELL? OLD PLACE, 2>{. NO FAMILIARITY? TOO LATE. YOURS NOT RE ceivod until Tnesday night. If you will sead ad , dress will write ami explain. Address BLACK GLOVES, Herald office. Peach-disappointed can't you make it Friday, at same hour, instead of Thursday t It not, write. PAUL B. DORSEY WANTED-AT OCCIDENTAL Hotel, one o'clock this day. J. f. D. IIOTA? BTOR* INTERFERED; EXPECTED TO have heard irom you ; if yo? must go (ivo me address. ESAU. rfmo LADIES CONVERSED WITH GENTLEMAN AND A his friend with gla<*c< on Sixth avenue, on Monday evening, left thorn near Thirty-eighth street, please ad dre?s HARRY, Herald L'ptown llnmch offioe. Win- WILLIAM K PALMER, SECRETARY OF Til E American Machine Company, be good enough to ?end his present oddrcs-i to lio* l,?7ti Postofflet ' WILL E K. SAC4CETT, LATELY RETURNED FROM Germany, cotDinuntcme with Susie, West Ninth ?trcetr Will be out of town naiil Sunday. "ILL THE GENTLEMAN WHO TOOK A LIGHT Cane, Monday evening, from Donovan's, kvidly re turn the sanr.- to Mr. DONOVAN f It's onty valve coa pists In being the gilt ol a friend If necessary a liberal reward will Ik given LOST A!VU POI ND. T OST-OJf MONDAY Mc.RMNO, IN HARLEM, A J J Russia leather Pocketbook, contninlti/ a snas of pionev, keys, Ac. The tinder will be liberally rewarded !>>? /???' ? i r 1. 1 is _ t|ie same to 22 Etm' 137th street. IOST? ON 1 H U RS D A Y MilKM NO, A BOI T II, IN J Broadway, Locket and Chain; locket h?? mono Kram siul set |n turquoise and t*arl, A liberal reward Hotel returning it the office of Fifth Avenue T,??!rA. Hckaoe of papers! contra*: rs, J**'*?' *0 my address, Ac., which are hi naM ir?.^*B^ hut "}!??"? A liberal reward ? ill be paid i < returned to n,y addresa. John C O. BUKT, St. Nicholas Hotel. I.0?4TM-A_ 0OLD LOCKET. ENAMELLED ON ONE iBdSr Win nl.i^i domino ami diamond eye rv k v w'lh Superintendent Money or 2n5 S?! M *ork Post office, between lu A. M. T O0T-OS MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 14, A SIDE Jj pocket, containing pocket-tmok ami two Under pocket, containing pocket-book and two letters: sinner WiJl he liberally rewarded l>y having it at No 1 West SUfcujifiii ?ir?et, baMiuvuifloyfc , L.OST A !VI> VOIINDW 1 (iST?ON MONDAY, A GOLD PBNCIL AND HU'K /.J rumrl locket, containing two pictures. The finder will bo suitably rewarded by returning the name to 11)8 West Fourteenth street. II RW Alton. r REWARD.? LOST, ON MONDAY, APRIL 14, A '??/ yellow seal skin Pocketbook, lined with blue. The Bnder can keep the money it contained and recclve tlie utiove reward by returning the pocketbook to 591 Broad way. SPKCI A I. WOTlCmir A -THE AMERICAN REGISTER, . The most widely circulated of tlie American Journals published in Europe. A capital medium for American advertisers addressing themselves to European patronage. Indispensable to all persons visiting Great Britain ana the Kuropcun Continent. . . ? Subscriptions und advertisements for the AMF.RICAN REGISTER will be received and single copies ol the paper may bo obtained at the office ol the New York Herald, New York. A -GUARANTEED. . The whole *500, OlO GIFT MONEY, which is all up 111 bank, pledged to pay In full the 10,000 Cash Gltis which are U> be distributed by lot among ticket holders to, he(,RAND QTFT CON(JKRT to be held for the bene tit of the Public Library of Ken tucky, at Library Hall, Lo u I s y i 1 <' ? K Xu?1 1 Tuesday, jily 8, Im. The following is ttie certificate ot the Treasnrer:? Orricic or Farh?bs and Drovkrs' Hank,! Loi'isvili.k, K(v., April 7, 1873. S This is to certify that there is in the Farmers and Drovers' Hank, to the credit of the Third Grami <lilt Concert for the benefit ot the Public Library of Ken tucky. live hundred thousand dollars, which has been set apart by the managers to pay the gifts in lull, and will be held bv the bank and paid out lor this purpose, and thiA purpose only. (Signed) R. S. VEACH, Cashier. Bv the terras of the charter the money must be held in tact, and cannot be used for speculation or any purpose whatever, except to pay the gilt*. The time for the concert that was set for April 8 has been extended as above, In order to secure a lull sale of the whole IiM.fM) tickets, and thus prevent the necessity of any pro rata scaling down ol gilts, us was the case at the pre vious concert- As Indicated, there is only ti limited number ol i diets left, which wi!l lie furnished to those who first apply. On the 8th (lay of Jul v, and no other, the iol:o\\ nig gilts will be distributed as announced, viz. one Grand <.iu, cash *1(0.1)00 One Orand Gilt, cash bO.uut) One (irotid Gift, cash ifl.iKK) One Grand Cash Gilt 20,001) One Orand Cash Gift 10,"00 One (Irund Cash Gift 6.IHK) 24 cash Gilts ol $1,001) each 24,00* DO Cash GUIs of SOOeach 25, OM) 80 Cash Gifts of 400 each 32,0*0 100 Cash Gilts of 31*1 each 30,050 ISO Cash Gifts of an each ? 30,000 590 Cash (tilts of 100 each WMKil) 9,000 Cash Gifts of 10 each 90,000 Total, 10,000 (lifts, all cash $500, 000 Tickets, $10; halves $5; <iuarters, $2 50. This whole undertaking Is under authority of a special act of the Legislature, and Hon. ex-Governor Thomas K. Brumleite, ot Kentucky, has charge of the business of the Concert for Trustees. 100,000 tickets? 10,000 gifts? chances one in ten. New York sales are made a special deposit with the Fourth National Hank of New York. Orders should he sent la immediately, as Irotn present Indications a rapid sale of all the remaining tickets will be made. Far tickets, ftlll programme, information and all par ticulars apply to the General Agency Supply. THOMAS H. II AYS A CO., 600 Broadv. ay, New York. A? HERALI) BRANCH OFFICE BROOKLYN, . corner of Fulton avenue and Boernmstreet Open Irom 8 A. M. to U P. M. Oti Suuduy irom 3 to 9 1'. M. ALL OmCERS. SAILORS AND SOLDIER8 WOUND ed, ruptured oi Injured, however slightly, are enti tled to pension. Address or apply to Dr. K. B. JACKSON, late (urge on United State* Navy. No. 4 New Chambers st. A? HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON FILE.? . April 22 the extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 196 Broadway, room 4. HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND information tarnished. Circulars tree. JOSEPH BATES A CO.. 71 Broadway, room 31. Urst floor. A BOSS HORSESHOERS WILL HOLD A MEETING ON Thursday evening, April 17, at 307 Third avenue, at 8 o'clock. All members are requested to attend Mils meeting, as it will be one of great importance to the trade. GEORGE GARLAND, President. Mat. Mowtgomkrt, Secretary. John Hai.ioan, Treasurer. DR. FILLETTE, MEDICAL ELECTRICIAN, RF moved to 351 Fifth avenue, one door below Thirty fourth street; refers to leadlag ph,\ siciain in this city. (1 OLD AND SILVER AND ARTICLES CONTAINING X gold bought at market prices; Polishing, Flltei anu Photograph Papers bumei aud sinelled by Refiner 8CHAWKL, 25 John street Havana lottery.? extkaurdin a uy drawing 22d April. German State LotterUm. Clrouiars mailed free. KUULMANN A CO., Bankers, 85 Nassau street ; box 3, 5S5 Post office. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF BOWLES Bras. A Co., In bankruptcy.? I he list of creditors illed in said case being incomplete, all creditors who have not been represented In Court are requested to communi cate immediately with the assignee in Boston, and state their address and the nature and amount of their < laim*. In order that the full amount ol Indebtedness may be as certained as early as possible. HliNRY J.STEVENS. Assignee, 19 Court street. Boston. New Yark creditors can learn the necessary facts by applying to SANFOBD. ROBINSON A WobDRUFF, Couasellors-at-Law. 102 Broadway. New York. Notice? the undersigned is about to re sign his position as one of the City Marshals, and, therefore, notifies all those persons who have any settle ment to make with him appertaining to business en trusted to him as such Marshal, to call before May 1, 1873, at Ills residence 722 Fifth street, between 6 and 8 P. M., (or settlement LEOPOLD RINDSKOPF', City Marshal. N AXARETH HALL REUNION SOCIETY.? THE COM mittee of Arrangements for the Reunion, to be held next June, will meet at the Astor House on Thursday, April 17, ai lOQclock ^M. _ OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. EKKTUCKT- EXTKA CLASS KO. 277? APRIL 15. 1R73. 58, 45, 38. 7, 23. SI, 69. fin, 43. 73. 37. 1, 6. KSTTCXT? CLASS KO. 278? ArBIL 15, 1873. 53, 15, 75, 28, 27. 69. 54. 38, 87, 21, 48, I. SIMMONS A ("0., Managers, Covington. Ky. ??XLBV COLLFGK? XXTHA I LASS KOl 177 ? APRIL 15, 1873. 44, IS. 48, 15, 7. 37, 61. 59. 5. 18, 23, 47. 25. MtXLSV COLLXGK? CLASS HO. 178? APRIL 15, 187X 46, 72, 66. in, 34. 211. 23, 62. 70. 37. 9. 13. SMITH A CO., Managers, Covington. Kf J. CLUTE, Broker, ii'ti Broad way. Post office box 4,969. Royal Havana lottery.? the next f.xtraor dlnary Drawing will take place on the l!2d of April. 1873. J. B. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street. Post office box 4,685, New York. Royal iiavana lottery? the extraordi nary drawing will take place the 22d Inst. Dealers supplied. Prices reduced considerably. S. SKRPa, 73 Wall street. SOFT CAPSULES. SOFT CAPSULES, Castor OH and manv other nauseous medicines can be taken easily and saleiv in DUNbAS, DICK A CO.'S SOFT CAPSULES. No taste. No smell. Bold by all druggists In this city. Sufferers from a certain secret practice skilfully treated; treatineat free to those who are poor Call on or write to R. C. SHELDON, 107 West Fifteenth stioet. The quarterly meeting of the woman's Union Missionary Society of America will be held In Dr. Crosby's Lecture Kooin. Twenty-second street and Fourth avenue. Wednesday, April 16 at two o'clock. Dr. W. M. Taylor. Dr. Batehelder, of India, and Miss H. G. Brlttan will be present The fiftieth anniversary of the new york Asylum for Lying-in Women will be held on Wed nesday, April 16. at At Marion street, at 12o'clnck noon. Patrons and friends of the institution are invited to attend. ? The fifth and last drawing of tue 83d Royal Saxon Lottery at Lelpslc, Germany, will commence April 15 and close May 3. There will be drawn 34,500 prises out of 82,000 tickets, to wit:? 1 Prize of 180,000 Prussian thalers. 1 Prize of ion, d 00 Prussian thalers. 1 Prize id 811,(1110 Prussian thalers, 1 Prize of 80,000 Prussian thalers. I Prize ol 4(l.Ki0 Prussian thalers, 1 Prize ol Sl'.Oi 0 Prosslnn thalers, 1 Prize of 20,000 Prussian thalers, 3 Prizes of 10,000 Prussian thalers, 20 Prizes of 5.000 Prussian thalers, 4n Prizes of 2,ono Prussian thalers, 450 Prizes of 1.000 Prussian thalers, aiMi others. Prises cashed and Inlormatun given. THEODOR ZSCMOCH, 116 Nassau street Post office box 6.080. TAKf. NOTICE? THAT 1. F. BRMVOOF.L INFORMS his ugents and customers in general that he carries on the Scavenger Bu iness ill the old stvle. All orders can lie left at. or sent by mall, to his residence, 448 West Thirty-eighth street ?QO IH DRAWN DAILY IN THE LEGAL ?P?)0?7,Do?7 ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kentucky circulars free; 1 ctn:s commission alloweiL Address BAI.EY A CO. (office established thirty years). 174 Broadway POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE. The Malls for Europe, during the strk ending Satur day, April 19, 1873, will close at this office on Wednesday at 12 M., on Thursday at 11 A. M . and on Saturday at7'i and 11 A. M. T. L. JAMbS. Postmaster. ? YACHTS, HTKA.MHftATS, A SLOOP FOR SALE? ALL COMPLETE ; 18 TONS ; can be seen at Boston Dry Docks, South Brooklyn; price $550. J. RETl-'ELD. For sale-an eight ton si.ooi- va/ ht,i7 feet long. 9 feet beam, in gi>od condition ; price f3N>. In ? ulre ol A. W. MINOR, 261 Chapel strive t New Raven, Conn. WANTED TO PUHCHASK THRKE IRON TANKS WANTED-SECOND llANR Irom 300 to 1,0110 barrels; must b? very cheap and rend, u,r prompt^-r^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ANTED TO BUY-A NEWSPAPER ROUTE. AS carrier that will pay fin or $12 a week. Adtiress, ?UUn| pwUc'ul??, J, U- ? HlITd. blk 110 U?r?ld office. , A SPORTING? DOGS. BIRDS, AC. A -FOR KAI.e'aLL KINDS OF FANCY DOGS, . Minim Ac. ; Medicine* lor nil 4iseaM>s, Prepared >ood lor mocking birds, at B. U. DOVEY ti. No. 3 Greene street, near ( una). Nick Newfoundland puppies.? address, for four day*, ao Fourth avenue. THE TURK. mo I.KT ? FLBRTW OOl) PARK CLUB HOUSE. AF 1 ply at the park or 112 Wall street W. U. VANCOTT, Superintendent STA.liL.IOMS. nDWARD EVERETT, THE SIRE OF JOB ELLiOTT, who trotted last Summer on Mystic Park in !:UX (the fastest mile ever trolted. either in | ubllc or private), also of Commodore Vanderbilt's Mountain Boy, who trotted In 2:20 *4, and ot Judge Kullerton. who has trotted in ZJIK, will make the season at the (ami ot William Keetch, near Goshen, Orange couuty, N. Y. For lurllicr particulars see the "Turf, Field mid I' arm." HOR.SK*, ( (KlIUURS tVl'. At private sale? at aroii. Johnston's N KW HORSE AND CARRIAGE MAKT, 10, 21, 23 AND 2ft HA T Til I KTEENTII STREET. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY PLACE AND FIFTH AVENUE. ROCK AWAY? A?l ELEGANT ROCKAWAY, BUILT TO OROI K, USED FOUR 'I IM ICS. TEAM? (CROSS MATCHED) SORRl'L AND GRAY, Fired bv Toronto Chief and Suffolk Ohiel ; warranted to trot in :< minuter. DOCTOR'S CARUIAOE. NEARLY NEW. TEAM OK BAY IIOKSES, 7 AND H YEARS OLD; sounl and true; sold on account of owner going uhroud. SEVERAL GOOD WO KK HOUSES. ROAD WAGON, NEARLY NEW. POl'll CLOSE COACHES. PONY PHAETONS, TOP AND NO TOP; PONY P1IAE tnns, Basket and Panel; 20 Top Buggies, Express and De pot Wagons. Prices 23 per eent lower than at any other place in the cKy. Call and examine. ARCH. JOHNSTON. T Attn- 1 ON, BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELL, AUCTIONEER (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TASSELL), Horse aud Carriage Auction Mart, 110, 112, 114 East Thirteenth street. important sale of an elboant PRIVATE ESTABLISHMENT. BY WILLIAM VAN TASSELL. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY.) APRIL 16, AT 10 O'CLOCK, at the PRIVATE STABLES 107 EAHT FOIlTY-FIRST STREET, between Third and Fourth avenues. I TEAM.? CROSS-MATCHED TEAM, OKAY HOUSE AND hay Mare, 15% hands high, 8 and 7 years old ; kind and true hi all harness; free Irom vice, trick or fault -. superior roadsters ; trot In three minutes to gether ; very stylish and haudsomc, and warranted sound, kind and true. HARNESS. -TWO SETS DOUBLE AND ONE SET SIN j(lc Harness, nearlv new, made by Campbell. LAND A ULEVTE. ? l'.I.KO AN I' LANDAULETTE, NEAR lv new hullt bv Demurest A Co. VICTORIA. ? VI (MORI A, USED BUT A FEW TIMES, built by Ham. ROAD WArtJON ? ROAD WAOON. IN PERFECT ORDER, with pole and shaft*. 8LEI011;? LIGHT SLEIGH, WITH VOLE AND SHAFTS. ROBES.? BLACK BEAK AND WHITE WOLF ROBES, Blankets, Lap Robes, Bridles, Stable Utensils. Ac., being the entire contents*)! a lirst class private stable. Will be on exhibition at the stable until time of tale THE "BREWSTER W AGON," A. ?in all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various improve ments introduced by us during the past IS years, making thein the standard for Quality throughout the United state*. These watrons are exclusively the production of our ?well-known Broome street factory, and are olt'rrod in stock in all respects e(|nal in duality to those huilt to the order ot the most valued customer, and at prices uniform to all. In order that we may not be confounded with a joint Block company ot carriage dealers who have sdopicd h firm name similar to our own, anil impudently claim ihe reputation we have made lor the "Brewster Wagon," we heg the public will remember that our only warcrooms arc at the corner of Filth avenue and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., Ot Broome street. A -341 FOURTH AV., CORNER TWENTY FIFTH ST., ? uptown Carriage ami Harness warerooins. Elegant assortment ol first class w?rk at unusually low prices. You will save money by calling belore ?urc.haslng elsewhere ES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 4TH AV., CORNER 2.VTH ST. AT AUCTION? ON THURSDAY', APRIL 17, 1N73, THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF LIVERY STABLE NOS. 182 AND IS4 SUFFOLK STREET, at I0)fc o'clock. Ten Horses, for conch ami single driving; 2 glass front Coaches, 1 close panel coach, 2 Barouches, 1 Doctor's Wagon, 7 four seat Wagons, some with pole* aud slums; 14 Top Wagons, 20 sets ot single and double Harness. Full particulars under this head on Wednesday morn ing. Catalogues now ready at livery stable and at auc tioneer's office, 110 East Thirteenth street WM. VAN TASSELL Auctioneer, successor toJohnstou A Van TaneiL AT OUR FACTORY, l,4i?4 BROADWAY, ABOVE TiMR ty-nluth street are second band Carriage*, as fol lows : ? Light Barouche, Round front Coupe Brougham, Cabriolet, pole and shalts; one top Road W agon. BRADLEY. PRAY A CO, 5.W Broadway. AT PRIVATE SALE. Brewster top Buggy, Pony Phaetons, jump seat top Buggy, by stivers; Express Wagons, second hand top Buggy, Wood Bros.; Rockaways and road W agons, 100 sets single aad double Harness, at 10 per cent below cost to cover advances. AT N. Y. SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY, 337 TO 341 4TH AV. CORNER 2.MII STREET. J ^ - LIU HT WAGONS. The acknowledged standard for (futility, lor pleasure driving or speeding, In all styles and weights, at the old place, 135 and 1.17 Chrystle street, New York. W. FRANK DlT8ENBURT, successor to Imsenliury A Van Duscn. A-URSiDUTI, LANDAUS. COUPES. LADIES' . I'haetons, Depot Wagons; ureal variety of season able Carriages; will make prices to ault purchasers; several second hand Carriages. IIAM, 10 East Fourth street At run \tk sale-very stylish, well matched pair ol Membrluo Mares 7 and 8 years; 19.3 hands high; tine steppers and kind in harness. Can be wen at lx Went Thirteenth street. A -FAMILY CARRIAGES.? IMMENSE STOCK OF ? every style Park and I'ony Phaetons, Depot, Ex press and Business Wagons Harness and Whips, cheapest place in citv, at 141 WM Broadway, near (.'anal Ntreet ARRIVED? F. II. CAMPBELL WTTU 70 HEAD OF driving and work llone*. For sale cheap at New York Sales ami .-storage ltsposltory, Fourth aveuue, cor ner Twenty- tilth street. A GOOD WORK HORSE FOR SALE CHEAP-FIT for either truck or cart: sound and kind; sold (or want ol' use. Apply to CARROY S. HOWARD, 613 Sev enth avenue. AROCKAWAY WAGON, IN GOOD CONDITION, lor sale cheap. 1H Morton street. In stable. ABKEWSTF.R TOP WAGON, IN USE BUT A SHORT time, cost $M5, lor sale lor $300. Apply at 120 East Kilty -eighth street. At privatb stable, m east sixty-second st.? Bargain, $600; prettiest Team In the world for sale; 7 and 8 years old : brothers; jet black ; heavy manes; tails sweep the ground ; can t>e sceli al any time ; sold lor want ?f use ; cost $1.H00; particulars at stable ; the horses uro perfect pictures, and In the hands of a jockey will sell lor |2,l)U0. A -ELEGANT CLARENCES, LAND A 18, FOUR AND ? six seat Phaetons, (our and six mat Rockawavs, Doctors' digs, two wheel Hog Carts, top and no top Buggy Wagons, at M. CI'KLEYS Carriage Factory, 109, 111 and H I East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. A -FOR SALE, AT THE CARRIAOE FACTORY, 210 . and 221 West Nineteenth street, a handsome full Clarence; also a beautiful square trout shitting glass panel Coach, especially suited to private use; they are both hi the flrsi i ln?s In material, style and flmsh. AT NO. 8 CORTLANDT STREET NEAR BROAD way.? Large assortment of light Carriages and Har ness; top and no toft Buggies, I'haeti ns and depot Wagons. Rockaways Victorias, Sundowns, Ac., of tbe very best build and flnisb ; 26 to 40 ner cent below Broad way prices. ARCII. JOHNSTON, No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. Avery fine bay mark, also a fink steel roan Horse, lor sale low; both sound and kind . 6 years vld. IS bands, drive single or double. Apply at private stable, rear ol LjO West Eighteenth street. A BUSINESS WAOON, $65 ; DO., $1(10: TOP WAGON, new, $IS0- do . $175; Pony Phaeton, with top, $160: do., $2i*i. $250; Rocknwavs. iroro $100 to $150; open Ponies. $100 to $135; Harness of all grades, at 1.430 Broadway. j a m hs j e nkins. A SPLENDID SADDLE PONY AND DOCTOR'S Carriage at a bargain ; ponv soutnl and kind; car riage In good order. lto West Forty-llrst street, near Seventh avenue. A Wk-HANI) HANDSOME BROWN HORSE, SL'IT J\. able for truck or any business; l&Vhand Mare, v?ry handy ; both warranted sound and kind ; at 543 Sec ond avenue. A LAROE ASSORTMENT OK PONY PHAETONS, J\ top and no lop, at prices to suit the time* ; two top side bar second hand Wagons, hung low; titilkies and Skeleton Wagons, Depot Wagons, Rockaways, extension top Phaetons, Victorias, six seat Rockaways, 10 Express Wagons, Harness, Blankets, Ac. WM. H. GRAY. 20 and 22 Wooster street. A -SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. ? W? offer the tallowing, many of them oar own build and In excellent condition Curtain Coach, "T" ('art. Back to ba'-h lour wheel Dog Cart, Coupe, Four-seal Box Wagon, Coupclctte H 11 l,\V h l>. K A Co.. H4 5th sv , corner 14th st AN ELKO ANT SIGHT SPRING LANDAU, MADE Br Wood Bros., (or sole ; been very little used. Can bo seen at private stable 114 West Fiftieth street. A LOT OF TOP BUGGIES, ROAD WAGONS, EX ore**, Grocery nnd light Business Wagons; also ? ?fcond band lop Bnggy. Std Weft 27th stroel, between Eighth and Ninth aveuues. A STABLE LET-AT 334 WEST EIGHTEENTH lUeot, In (be coftj v???. A IIOHNKfc. t'AKKI ACiKS, W'. AT HAKKKR A PHASE'S vnRl( TATTER CITY AUCTION MAKT^AND NEW YORK. TATTBK corner of BroadwaVano'hilrty-^ MAJOR CIIA8. W. BARKER, AU? TlONhKK. Regular sales of Horse* i. ?r r 1 J ?.<* 7\, , , i V EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. 24 hour* Allowed ior trial on every horse sold under ,'1,. The only auction mart In Ht?t* J>?vl ,?j! th j> . [ fac ilities tor showing horses on sale, viz.. a law am" ? rl^ATALolfunFOF80ALE THIS DAY AT 12 O'CLOCK The celebrated and extra slylish blood bay 'r''"'n* 0?ldlnu Boston Hoy, Hired l>v Draco, In l.?>3 h eh, 7 old an elegant an<l vorv gamey driver; has a record otef Mvitip Park .1 2:39li ; eu* xpved a forty ?:?it to road MDKim this day. is airald ol noihlng, nolaults, aud iawar ranted wound and kind. Also, , ? h? n n The tmt, black, tr..ttinp "elding l " ^ 1,n, "v Ar.i Knox 16*1 htich. o year* old ; a very nm , naii<v> driver; can trot clone to 2:40, and has had no hnn&llng ? ls n irrcat roadster, and is warranted sound and kind. S'he above iwo trotters will bo sold without reserve, to e,TlTe,,|ast|lia5ekPnrotting Mare Kate. Ahdallata "?ock. lfi^ high, A years old ; an extra line tree driver ; J ?? 2 :t0 : is warranted to beat 3 minutes, and Is wurrantea sound and kind and oerlcctly gentle for a lady to am e. Gentleman's Road Turnout, comprising the we|' known, fast and highly brod bay trotting Gelding John Henry, sired by Volunteer. 1!>J.. high, t> _S!t? the end. extra pleasant driver ; can trot in 2 .45 and go to the mm. ol the road ; is at raid ol nothing; has no ' v'ce* ?nd j* *** ranted j-ounu and kind. Also Road W ??"n' > 1 For account of whom It may concern, t "e speedy a ml very handsome brown trolling gelding Austin, sired by Toronto Chief, is about lt>!i high; 6 . * Jf?'? stvli-h, genteel and easy driver; can trot in 2 .41) to road wagon; can be driven at speed bv most ordinary runs man and Is warranted sound and k'""- M , ? Vcars l ine, powerful, gray draught iiorM.^ hiah. H years old ; prompt driver, great worker and wairanUd kind. Eight top and no top Road W agous. I *n New mid second band Harness, Horse t lothlng, l.ap Robes, Whips, Halters, Ac. Dotuit Kxnrcss and HiblDOM Wnpons. . One elegrunt ?-lx neat Park Phaeton huHt bv one line Double Harness, two KcrM>y?ult? and Waller^ four stable Blankets, one Malaci '* w^tP- A" ' llie pro. nerty of a prominent arinyotttcer ordered .o rexas. Handsome and extra combined 'V"". T. iu'sm ihirsf If)1, tiiuli, 7 years old, Kentucky oreu, in gant under saddle, Hue in double harness, and warranted sound and kind. Also several other Horses. Full description at sale. Kales never postponed on account weatuer._ A -MAJOR CIIAS. VV. BARKER. AUCTIONEER. A. IMMENSE CLOSING Ol'l SALE, on account of the widening ol Broad way, OK the ENTIRE STOCK OF HORSES, CARRI AGES, HARNESS, *C., eoniained at CITY AUCTION M*A KTAND N EW Yt)RK TATTERS ALES, corner ol J^.^A *' AN d'm&NI) A y"lrUU ' April l? and 21. at 12 o'eloek. The stock comprises thirtv head ol high roadsters, family and business Horses, just arrDid irom Ms!'xtv> Carriages, comprising Top and no top Wagons, Park and l'ony Phaetons; Depot, Express and Business Wagon*, double and single Harness. Blankets, Kohes, Whips Halters, Av. In I act, every fhtng In the Inirsc line. Sale of Carriages, Harness, Ac., on Saturday. Sale ol Horses on Monday. Stock now on exhibition. Sale positive anil without reserve. _____ A LLEN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER. A SALESROOMS lift CHAMBERS S1RERT. HOUSE AUCTION* M ART AT NEW YORK SALES ANl? STORAGE REPOSITORY, FOUR! II AV ENl b, CORNER TWENTY-FI FTH STREET. CARRIAGES AND HORSES Al.WAYS ON HAND AT PRIVATE HAIjK. RICHARD McCUI.LOrOlI, PROPRIETOR. A LLEN B. MINER A BRO., AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses. Carriages, Ac .Thursday ol each week. Entries of articles lor auction can be made at repository a*s>l?ove, or saif-rnnms ??i aiictionccra. \ ? FOR SALE, :i HORSES. 1 VERY EINE ?'''1 >'I:. JK., Horse, 6 years old ; sound and kind in sIukU or double harness, nml not alraid of locomotives. Also 1 liav Horse, tl years old ; a very line family horse ; adapt* d fur anv other business ; sound, kind and fast, aiul not afraid of toisomoi ives. Also 1 truck or draught lone, sound and a good worker. To he sold onlv on account of death In the family. Call at ftl Souih I'ifth avenue. pair of well m atched horb'.s. about lsH, 7 years; warranted Hound and kind in all narneiiH j and under saddle ; will be sold 'ow, together or singly, by a irentlenuin leaving the city Al.-o, one t?t DrtU'nt- wheel Htmicv, with pole and shaft* a,u,tl4i(V1i ? Imrnes. Can be seen at ANDERSON'S stables, 112 West Fiftieth street. _ _ _ _ A ?FOR SALE, THREE HORSES. 81 X YEARS OLD; . warranted sound and kind either In single or dou ble harness; one a laru'e draught horse, weighs 1AMI lbs , the others siand Ift l\ands high, and are very stylish drivers; to be sold cheap, as the owner has no in'rlher use lor them, inquire at4.'i and 4i Ureal .looes >t_ A BARGAIN IN CARRIAGES.? A HOTEL STAGE, A tor country, one Hearse, two carriages, two glass iiiiarter Coaches, two Hretls. one Phaeton, twenty others; all second hand ; aUCU Third avenue. 4 UENTLEM AN LEAVING TOWN WISHES TO SELL A a perfect fsnnlv Horse. 15,'a bands, dark brow i vearsold; perleetly sound and ,'''r ? 'VuVrtv tiVtli price $2flo. iD'iuire at private stable A7i> west Tlilrtv-nitii street, belere l? noon. * roD SALE ? A CLOSELY MATCHED PAIR ol A . bav carriage H,.rses. is14 hands high, 7 and ? years old sound and kind; fine style snd action; also a chest nut' road Mare ; can trot in three minutes or fetter, per fectly sound and kind and very stylish. Apply at BAILEY'S stable 237 West Fortieth street, or T. A. SMITH, IB Sixth arenne. , /CARRIAGES -A VARIETY OF SECOND HAND TOP V ' and light Road Wations. Doctor's Wagons, Rockaway, Depot and rurnout seat Bueaies, Ac.; also a >ery large and superior stoek new work, unsurpassed innnv partk. ular, at R. M. STH ERs'.IM lo 1 52 fhlrtv first street. / 1 ARRI AGES? HLHIHTLY DAMAGE D GREAT BAR t I gains; Carriages, new and second hand, of every de tcrlpllou, at low prices; * j ^^V-.'nn't K llh' ' U Nlos' ?38 lore trailc commences. MANL11 ACTuRr.Rn L?io>,wn Broadway. Fine turnout for sale cheap.-pair oe handsome I'onles (Kentucky Arabians), Life bands long tails and manes; perfectly gentle; """able for a lad v ; also Phaeton an.l Harness ; ran be seen at Thorne s sfaiiles Thlrtv-tlrst street, nca|- .Mxlh avenue. Address W. M. f>., box'3,917 New York Pott oftloe. Ij^OR SALE? for WANT OF USE. A GOOD TRAM OF r carriage Horses, with a light Brett, almost new. Ap ply at iw Madison avenne. , TTIOR SALB-THEEE open Bl-GGIES AN'? ONE P Park Phaeton, by Brewster; also double and single Harness. Apply at private stable 114 West Fiftieth street. r.iOR SALE-STIVER'S TOP WAGON; GOOD AS r new; Harness by Stllllngs ; Whips, Robes, Ac. ; also dark brown Mare, # vears old, sound and kind; can trot in three minutes. Any one wanting a ilr.-.t class turnout at a bargain, call at Mo IT'S stable. Twenty-third street, near Sixth avenue ,-tOK SALE- A sri'EIMOR K ROW N HORSE 15.3, 7 years old, warranted sound and kind in all har ness; also a Coupe, nearly new ; one set of single Har ness; all In flrst class order. Call at private stable 136 West Thirty tlr?t street . IriOR HALE-TWO GLASS FRONT COACHES, ONE ' Doctor's Phaeton, one sl*-seat Rockaway, top Bug g,cs, one Clarence ; all In good order. ^ IV>R 8 ALE- A BLACK MARE. 15 HANDS HIGH, 8 1 years old. Seen at stable 1U7 West Thirty-ninth street. Ihor "sale-three or four young horses, ' light w agon and Harness. Ill Division street VjlOR SALE- A PERFECT BE M'TY ? A BLACK PONY, r UK hands high, 5 years old, stvli-h, good driver; warranted perfect every way; suitable lor a lady or boy. 89 King street, near Hudson. F~1o,: SALE-A FINE FIVE-YEAR-OLD THOROUGH I bred black Mare; Hi hands high; warranted sound and kind; very gentle; steps well; price 250 West Thlrty-lourth street. T.10R SALE-A BEAUTIFUL BAY MARE. 15', HANDS; P can trot In 2 J*) ; perfectly sound and kind; very Dleasaut driver; S years old. Also a very hatidsome frown Horse, 16^ hands, fit for coupe or 'amlly ; ean tn.t In 3)4 minutes, and very stylish. Appiy to Mr. &M 1 1 II, 5?y sixth avenue. For sale-a splendid black horse is hands hitfh. 5 yoars old; cannot t?e outatvled In this eltv - lias been ridden under saddle and driven to wagon. Apply at stable 39 West Forty-fourth street 1 inu ?ALE- TWO HORSES; $128 ONE CARRIAGE ; $125 r Truck Horse ; $l?l dapple gray Horse; sound, kind and true. Imiuire at UV4 Bleecher street in oysu r house. Ttoil SALE-HORSE, TOP BUGGY AND HARNESS; f also Road Wagon, together or separate, all in go.wl order Apjilv at stable 701 Water struct, before 1U A. M. or alter 6 V. M. T"K(R SALE-THREE WORK HORSES; ONE r Trotter, $115; one Mare, in foal to a llainbletonian, can heal I W. price $150. Apply at aw East loriietb st -nOR SALE-A VERY RANGY, STYLISH BROWN i route or coach Horse: Ifi.l hands high; also a back si* vcar old pole Horse, 15.3, sired by Prince Bashaw out of a Star mare ; promises great speed "an be seen from 9 to 11 at 131 West seventeenth street. Ask for JAMES CRAIG. fioR SALE CHEAP-A STYLISH IBK HANDS HIGH 1 black ^ Horse, 7 vears old. and kind in all harness; 4'otine nearly new, sn<l trimmed in brown cloth and satin with P'de anils' alts: also a new Harness all in eanullete order, and only been used by a private family ; wn he sold for one half Its value, as the owner has uo fSr tbem. Apply to WILLIAM L. LGEW, IM ave nne C^ ? F*~ Oft SALE CIIEAP-A HALF TOP FOUR-SEAT Phaeton, in good order, made by Brewster A ? p., of Ao in e street ' pne. $ W; also a llufit double and single "laTness made by Lowden. Apply at private stable 30 East Fortletii street noR SALE CHEAP? A GOOD HORSE. SUITABLE F 1?*<I any purpose. Imiuire at 135 hast Twenty sixth slreet HORS? TRUCK AND HARNESS FOR HALE? TO tetber or separately: all In good condition ; call and look at them. In.iuire ia vard 595 lAashingtoti street. HARNESS SADDLERY -THE LARGEST VARIETY HAof Horse Furnishing ManuiACturcrs; warehouse, 114 Chambers street A HsjeSS? HARNESS ? BARGAINS,? A SPLENDID !uM?irtment; elegant, well lighted show room, and the lowest prices in the city, at our new t arriage and Harness ware roods, No. a OorUandt street, near Broad HARNES8.-I HAVE A LARGE STOCK OF HAR n?M all kinds and styles. Of ray own make, which j r at extremely low prices : also Riding Saddles and BrTiltes Whips, spurs. Halters, Blankets, sheets. I^p Butwf and evsrytlnug In the horse lin^ches^lor ca^n. C3 Warns street, cymtr College plav*. F F HJ HOR?H?, < AHIlIACiKS, .SC. In.? TIIK LONDON HARNESS AGENCY, J ? A) East louitccntli street (secoMl floor). between Fifth avenue and Univer ity place LONDON. MA UK II vKNF^H A SPECIALTY. Tin; bout quality only, of approved style*, *1 reasonable prices. MANUFACTURERS1 UNION REPOSITORY, #3H Broadway. ? Carriages, Harness, largest n*ortmcnt ever offere i. at mo?t reasonable prices. All stvles ol Pain ily Carriugi h and Light Wagons, new and tecond hand. MANUFACTURERS' UNION, (Vl* Broadway. PRIVATE 8TARLR ? TMR OCCUPANT OF TUB PR! vates table, No. 7 East Twenty-eighth street, having more room than required, will rent three or lour stalls and carriage rwin, Apply at 107 Friiuklin street. SEVEN HEAVY TRUCK HORSES?FROM $125 TO $IV), suitable for any heavy work , also a tine giu.y Gelding, lor express, ch?up. lS-'J .koutli Filth avenue, near Oraml street. SECOND HAND DOO CART? TWO COUPBS, 8KAU I'ony Wagon, six seal Rockaway, Depot Wagon, scv eral t? > p and open Buggies, six-neat Hoc It a way, number Carriages, slightly soil. I, at Imrgu'its. MANl'VACrUt.ERS' UNION, 8M Broadway. 11RUCK AND CART? FOR SAI.R, ONE FIRST OtAsS *4 Truck and one light butchcr'a ?'urt, cheap. 7 5 Fir ft avenue. riMiE HANDSOMEST LEATHER SHIFTY TOP BUGGY J in the Clt.v, built bv Stivers, weighs 1*4 lbs. ; warrant ed to carry two persons: only run about one dozen times; sold cheap. sell kin's stable*, Harricon and Court streets, Brooklyn. rpo LET-ON WEST TH1RTY-EIOHTH STREET, SIT1T 1 able tor livery stable, carpenter- shop, or luismcsn where room is required, inquire of a. WARD. Mt> Ninth avenue. , TITANTED- A PUR OF 16 HAND CARRIAGE tV Horses. Address, witli full particulars, box HO) Post otllce. "II WANTED? TIIK BEST WORK HORSE I CAN GET V V tor $75 or less. Address J. T., box 1,378 Post office. 2 WORK HORSES FOB SALE. INQUIRE AT 319 East Fiitv third street. (J>7r ? PBT PONY FOR CHILDREN j PERFECTLY MP I ?). sale m every way, splendid lop potiv Phaeton, SIX"*; tine liglit express Wagon, good as new, $1?0. 511 Seventh avenue, near Thirty-seventh street. $1 n A -BROWN HORSE, SEVEN YEARS. lfiWi (JU. lianas, sound mid kind ; Team, 15Ji hands. B A years. $275 ; separate if desired. 418 Eighth a veuue, cor ner Thirty-tlrst htruot. Must sell. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. A GENTLEMAN, OF THOROUGH BUSINESS habits and experience, in desirous of obtaining an interest with a respectable oHtahlisned house, where 51,500 ca-h and at live personal services would be equivalent to an interest; isn practical bookkeeper and familiar With financial affairs: references first class. Address, lor two days, R. B. c., box 173 Herald office. PARTNER WANTED? IN A VERY SUCCESSFUL business in a large, growing city in Ohio, with a capital ot $5, l*K) to $10,000; a young man, witli good busi ness ouulilicatioiis, or a practical tailor, a good cutter, would be desired. For further particulars inuuire of JOHN BEL1 AMY, 1,024 3d av. References required and ample reference given. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH $400, IN A LIOHT, profitable business; good opportunity for any young man who means business. Apply to MOODY A CO., 1S3 Broadway. A PARTNER WANTED? WITH $20,000, TO TAKE THE place ot a retiring one, in an old-established whole sale drug house, now doing a good trade. Address DRUG GISTS, Herald office. ?, A PARTNER IN AN ESTABLISHED, PAYING business, with no risk ; 40 per cent profit guaranteed ; can be Cully investigated; $3,00i)to $5,000 necussury. Ad dress WILLIS, box 124 Herald office. A SPECIAL PARTNER ? WITH FROM $2(1,000 TO $50, IXK1 to invest In pushing a new Patent Medicine, unlike anything else now In market ; largo protlts guar antee! and the best of citv reference given and renin red. Address PATENT MEDICINE, box K3 Herald office. A BUSINESS MANAGER OR TBEASUREB W A NTRD ? With $10,000 to $20,000, lu an established manufactur ing company, paying large profit*; substantial ami per manent. I I. Lis A BRINCKERllOFF, 48 Broad street A QUALIFIED AND EXPERIENCED PHYSICIAN would lie glad to bear of a .suitable opening lor prac tice, or would take charge tor another fer a time. Ad dress G. C. 11., Herald office. A PARTY, HAVING A FEW DOLLARS, IS DESIR ous of-tlndlug some remunerative business. Address, with full particulars, HOUSE, Herald office. A FACTORY FOR SALE.? STAPLE ARTICLE, CASH sale, profits $75 weekly; price only $1.M(), oti easy serins. LLoyD, 2o Broadway. j ^ ADDITIONAL CAPITAL PBOCtTBBD kir merchants, manufacturers and others; mining prop erty, Ac., negotiated ; persons with capital seeking busi ness advised of approved opportunities. References', Benedict Bros., jewelers, 171 Broadway, J. II. Bewlev, Esq., Secretary Universal Lite Insurance Company; other leading houses, and our numerous clients, city and elsewhere. GRIGGS, CAELEToN A CO., Financial and Business Agents, 'JH Broad way. retiring oner tnetr Machinery, Good Ac., tor sale; open to Investigation; G. C. SNOW, 239 Broadway. A CAPITALIST AND BUSINESS MAN, WHO HAS large factory and steam power, wishes a partner, who can manufacture something which will pat lug Eroflts. Answer with full particulars, BIO CHANCE, t-iald olTlcc. ' ' A PARTY WITH 13.000 TO $5,000 NOW ON DEPOSIT wishes to Invest in some good paving business, light manufacturing, groceries, Ac. Apply to STRICKLAND A CO.., 7S Cedar street. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A LIVE BUSINESS man ? To let, at .lersey City, a first class Corner for restaurant or liquor business, good spot on Hie main busi ness street, near all the terries and railroad depots; low rent to a good tenant. Apply immediately to J. M. GIB SON, Auctioneer, -*7 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Business opportunity.? the advbbtisbr, who has a business tatty developed and capable of great extension, with corresponding profit, wishes thu eo-operation of one or two energetic men of good char aeter; some capital Indispensable, which w ill lie aintilv secured. Address, with reference, 1IOBART, care of S. Eddy A Co., No. i Park place. Business opening -safe, agreeable, profit able and u-etul; a medical gentleman preferred. Ap ply at 1*4 Broadway. IONG ESTABLISHED MILLING -BUSINESS IN THIS J citv.? Parties retiring offer their Machlner Will, Long Lease, terms easy. MAN OF EXPERIENCE AND TACT IN BBSAUBANT business in New York, of some capital, wishes i art ner of means to join; fortune sure; highest references. Address B. F. B? Herald Uptown Branch office. "VfEGOTIATION FOB COPABTNEESHIP DESIRED XM with a gentleman speaking and writing English, German and French correctly, in a productive, safe lite rary enterprise; determined energy, honesty, gentle manly address essential. Address A., box 134 lleruld office. PARTNER WANTED? ACTIVE OR SILENT, WITH $5, 0f*> capital. In an uptown real estate office, first class location Address B. M , station E. SMALL INVESTMENT AND LARGE PROFITS BY purchasing the Good Will, Stock, Fixtures, Ac., of an old established Confectionery; lo< atlon , Fourth avenue; rare chance. OOODENOUGH A WEBER, 111 Rroa.iway WELL ESTABLISHED COAL BUSINESS, HAVING A tlrst class trade, both family and with business houses, and making money, as books will show, lor sale to a cash customer; property consists of yards and every thing requisite tor business at the various offices. GRIGGS, CARLETON A Co., 9s Broadway. 11/ ANTED- A RELIABLE MAN, WITH $.KK), IN AN tt established business, paying from $50 to $75 per week. Address S II Kl< M AN, Herald office. WANTED? A good business MAN, WITH |8,?j0 to $6,000, in the plumbing, gas fitting and hnu?e fur nishing business, in a first class location. Address J. T , box 109 llerald Uptown Branch office, I,2fi5 Broadway. Ci I (in ~A partner wanted in a fine paying JPIIM/. business; none but parlies ot respectability and address need apply. Call at 365 West Thirty-first strest, near Eighth avenue. AenA -A MAN OF EXPERIENCE IN REAL ES" tate, searching titles, making abstracts, ami solletlng of patents, desires a gentleman with the above amount to invest In business; references exchanged; appoint Interview. Address ABSTRACT, Herald office. Ci'> &AA WILL BBLL TWO PATENT ?p Rights in each state for $2,500; cures I'iles and Dyspepsia. Send for circular to DR. L. II KINS Brunswick, Ga. CI KAA-'ART CASH, PART NOTE, WILL BUY A ?lioUH profitable business; $17,000 yearly ; no risk ; slock ami fixtures worth the money. Call on B Dai .' PHI NOT, 39 Park row, room II. |Q AAA -FOR SALE. ONE-HALF INTEREST IN a first class, pleasant and profitable bus! ncss that will pay $5,ixk) per year. WEBSTER A CO., 3ny Broadway. KAA -AN ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED. IN A M t. new enterprise which commands -uccess; oniy needs more capital and help. Particulars of MOODY A CO., ife groadway. A r\ (WiA WILL SECURE AN INTEREST IN ONE I ipo.V/UU of the most practical Invi nuoqs ot thir j age, indispensable in every store, dwelling or larm in ! tlie land. 303 Broadway, foom 5. EST ? . . r tab llshed business of character. Apply, In person, to ELLIS A BRINCKERHOFF, 48 Droed street (2>1(i finn WILL SECURE A HALF IN TERES! ?iU.WUU and earn 75 per cent yearly in an esmh INSTRUCTION. VT THOMPSON'S COLLEGE, ?> FOURTH AVENUE, opposite Cooper Institute.- HiM'kkieping, Writing, Arithmetic and Language;. Day and evening Ladles' department? Telegraphy taught practically with instru ments. Demand lor operators. A GENTLEMAN, <>F LARGE FAMILY. IS DRSIROCS of having a Prospectus of young ladies' boarding schools In New York and neighborhood within 30 tullca. Address JOHN M. ROGERS, box 3, 09H Post office. MISS GANNONS FRENCH AND ENGLISH HOME Academy for Youtig Ladles and Conservatory of Music, Babylon, L. I. Established IHtjti. Miss Ganuon Is assisted in the musical department bv her niece, Miss Louisa Eckstein, the celebrated nlaniste, from London. Harmony and musical composition taught, and pupils thoroughly prepared lor psrlor or concert playing. A French ami German pupil received on favorable terms. Location healthy and terms moderate. Address Miss GANNON, Babylon, L. l._ -pAINE'S BUSINESS COLLEGE-BROADWAY, COR X oe r Thirty-third street; downtown College 63 Bowery. Specialties? Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, Grammar, Spell ing; 24 writing lessons, $2 Bt); ladies quail lied as bouk JUepen auJ casuicr* Nu muvUiK, R. DRY U. MACY * CO. v ? * s* ???? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?***????? ? 0 * * * * * * ? * ? # ?/??? R' U" ?????* MA0Y ? 4 C 0. ? ? ? ? # .? ? z* * * * # * ? , ? ?* ? * * * \ ' ? ** R. H. MACY A CO.. In anticipation ofthe warm Spring days, hi?# now tally replenished their trtock <>t Spring and Summer Underwear, Summer Hosiery, Lisle O 1 >ro\ They would specially call intention to their LAOS DEPARTMENT, Wherein inav Ik> touud REAL VALENCIENNES F. DO IVOR, ITALIAN VALENCIENNES EDGINGS, SWISS AND LACK INSERTING^, EMBROIDKRED M 111) ALLIENS, all of which are used in making up tin* NO KM \NDY CAPS lor children, now so fnHhi<>iiat>l<>. Alio a very choice line of REAL BLACK TIIRT' \T> EDGINGS AND UARBK8. BLACK GUIPURES. DOTTKl) NETS AND SI'AMS 11 LACEb FOR VEILS, ROHAN RASHES, OROS GRAIN BACHES, I'LAIN HASH ES, STRIPED SASHES, PLAIU, In various widths, nt MACY'S unparalleled low prices. A choice little stock of HIGH BACK COMBS, JET ORNAMENTS, OXIDIZED CHATELAINES, OA R.N ET JEWELRY. THE HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT CONTAINS ' _ TABLE LINEN, BED LINES, NAl'KINS, COUNTERPANES, DOYLIES, SHEETINGS, LACE CURTAINS, PILLOW SHAMS, TOWELLING, TIDIES, at prices that will meet with approvul. THE nOUSE FURNISH I NO DEPARTMENT will well repay a visit. It Is replete with everything de sirable tor ordinary domestic use. ARTICLES FOR KITCHEN, IN EARTHENWARE, TIN WOOD? ZINC, RRITTANNIA, WILLOW, Articles for the DININO ROOM. CARVING SETS, GOBLETS, CORKSCREWS, HALT.CELLARS, BUTLER'S TRAYS, TABLE CUTLERY, CASTERS,' PICKLE JARS, EOO DISHES. Articles for tho BEDROOM. COMMODES, TOILET SETS, TOWEL RACKS. Articles for the SITTING ROOM. ROCKINO CHAIRS, OTTOMANS, HASSOCKS, FOLDING CllsiIRS, RUGS, RUSTIC BASKETS, WORK BASKETS. Tho above Items are only a small traction of the numer ous ihings to be louud in this most attractive depart ment. FINE STATIONERY, ELEGANT IMPORTED TINTED NOTE PAPERS AND ENVELOPES. R TiT MACY A CO.. FOURTEENTH STREET AND SIXTH AVENUE. AT SMITH'S PATTERN BAZAAR. 914 BROADWAY, near Twentieth street, the latest Imported styles; heautllul chnnges for Spring and Summer-, elegant toi lets; patterns, with cloth models, now ready; patterns fitted to the form warranted period, magic costume in linen made up is the feature for summer. Come early. / iOH l'At ; N I E DES INDES, \J Paris. MM. VERDE DF. LISLE KRERES, of tho Compagnie des Indes, respectfully address themselves to ladles of America contemplating a voyage to Europe, inviting their attention to their productions of Laces and Cashmere Shawls, exnildtcd at their warehouses, 80 Rue Richelieu, Paris, and No. 1 Rue do la Regence, Bruxelles. Those who call, either from interest ami curiosity or fw the purpose ot buying, will meet with equal courtesy. As this bouse pays no oommlaaions under any circumstances to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all the advantages. All goods marked in plain figures. Prices invariable. Engilsh spoken all over the house. Fahriqties dc Dentclles, I Fabriqucs de Cashmere d e Bayeux, 14 Rue Itoyale. Indes, Alencon, 20 Ruode Lencrel. | Cashmere, Umrltzur. pARIS.- AU COIN DE RUE. 8 RUE MONTESQUIEU. 16, 18, 30, a ItUK DES RONS ENFANTS, near the Palais Royal. GREAT EMPORIUM OF FASHION. Known for nearly ttiirty years for the excellence, gooA taste and modest price ot each article INDIA AND FRENCH CAt IIMIItF. SHAWLS. Silks, Lace Goods. Mantles, Costumes, Party Dresses, readv-made rndcrclothing, Wedding Outfits, Baby Linen. Gloves, Perfumery, Fancy Art idea THE LARGEST, MOST VARIED AND CHEAPEST STOCK IN PARIS. R HILMM'.IIV AMI l?(ESSH\KI\(i. OllES AND MILLINERY. Lord A Taylor knowing that ,i cause of great complaint at the present time isthe extent to which extravagance iu ladies' wearing apparel i-. carried, and being con vinccd that retrenchment is possible, have so arranged their DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT, under the management of an experienced French modiste, tnat economy In materials and trimmings la particularly ami careiully studied in ail its details. Tlu-v ure now making Dresses and Suits at a cost much less than that of the Imported garments; while for appear ance, style and fit. they arc In every wav equal to the finest Parisian manufacture. Thi ir dressmaking boudoir is a periect hliou. and will amply repay any lady tor the trouble taken to vistit. In MILLINERY the display Is very fine, as It embraces choice selections of novelties in Hats, Bonnets and Flowers, trom the leading Parisian manufacturers. Also, Chip Hats, Straw Hats und Bonnets. Also, a large line of FLOWERS, FEATHERS, si r \YS, AC., which, for delicate beauty and ityli-li appearance, are not surpas-ied by any house iu the country LORD A TAYLOR, Broadway and Twentieth street. LEGAL WOT1CBS. SUPREME COURT. In the matter of the application of the Department of Public I'arks, lor anil In behalf ot the M.ivor, Alilt'r men and commonalty of the city ol' New York, rclati ru 10 the Opening of Kingsbridgc Road, northwardly from the southerly line ol lliflth street to the Harlem Ktver, as laid out by the Commissioners of the Central Park, in the city of New York. We. the undersigned Commissioners ol Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby give notice to the owner or owner*, occupant or occupants of all tomes and lot* and improved or unimproved land* affected thereby, and to all others whom It may concern, to wit I.? That we have completed our estimate and assess ment, and that all persons Interested III these proceed in?s or in any ol the lands alfen:ed thereby, and who mar be opposed to the same, do present their obiecrlons in writing, duly verified, to the undersigned Commissioners, at our office, lit) Hroedwav (room ISi, in the said city, on or tietore the XW day of April, isri, and that we, the said Commissioners, will hear parties so nb|?< ting within the ten week-days next aiu r the said Oil day of April, H73. and tor that purpose will he in atti nilance at our said office on each ol said ten days, at II o'clock A. M. II.? That the abstract of the said estimate and assess ment, together with our maiis, nn I also all the affidavits, estimates ami other documents which were used by us in making our report, have been deposited In the office of the Department of I'ulillc Works, in the cltv of New York, there to remain until the rtth day of May, 1S7A Ill ?That the limits embraced by the assessment afore said, are as follows, to wit:? All those certain lots, pieces, or parcels ol land contained, lying and being within tho following bounds or limits, that Is u> say ?? Commencing at the point formed by the Intersection ot the northerly line or side ol 14'ith street with the westerly line or side of the Kighth avenue; running thence northerly alotiif the westerly line or side ol the said Kighth avenue to the high water mark of the Harlem Kiver ; thence along the f aid high water mark of the Harlem Kiver as it winds and turns to the Hudson River ; thence southwardly along the easterly side of the Hudson Kiver, at high waver mark as said river winds and turns, to tho southerly line or side ot 155th street; thence easterly along the said southerly line ur side ot IMth street to the easterly side of the Boulevard; thence southerly, along the said easterly side of said Bou levard, to the northerly line or side ot 145th street; and easterly, along the said northerly line or side of 145th street, to the point or place ol beginning. IV.? That our report herein will be presented to the Su preme Court ol the state of New York, at a special term thereof, to be held in the New (To urt House at the City Hall, In the city ot New York, on the Mtlt day of Ma*, M7T>, at the opening of the Court on that dav, then and there, or as soon thereafter as counsel can ho heard thereon, a motion will be made that the said report be continued. HENRY PARSON*. ) WILLIAM J. PARSONS, [ Commissioners. JOHN T MrWOWA.N, ) Nmr York. March 18, IS73. ' K.I IIOI'R, PARIS.? HOTEI, FOLKESTONE. NO. 9 Rl'K CASTKL lane, near the Madeleine, Comfortable hotel ?c commodations at moderate prices; English spoken, y se habla Espanol. Apartment* at from J to 10 francs. Table d'hote at 6. Swiss ami united oovrikh' socibty.-cou ricrs may be secured on arrival by families visiting Burifpe, on writing the Secreta/y, jS Mount street, uro? vvuvr sguare, London, EugUui*

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