Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 10
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THE COUNTS.', KILLED HIS WIFE. Trial if Beorge ShefHin, Indirttd for Wife nortlcr ? Details of the Tragedy?Insanity from Jealousy the Menre? Only Ten Jurors Obtained ? Extra Panel Ordered fcr To-Day and Probable Speedy Comple tion cf the Trial. LAW OF EXTRADITION. The CJase of Carl Vogt? Interesting Ques tion of International Law? Writs of Habeas Corpus and Certiorari Served Out? The Matter To Be Argued To-Day. BUSINESS IN THE OTHER COURTS. Important to Merchant* About Selling Goods? A Virginia land Owner Who Refused To Be 8old? A Hint to City Marshals? Proceedings in the General Sessions. The trial of George Shefflin, Indicted for tke mnr dcr of his wife, waB commenced yesterday before Judge Brady in the Court of Oyer and Terminer. From a panel of loo only ten Jurors were obtained. An extra panel wan ordered for tins morning, from which the two remaining Jurors will, doubt less, be speedily obtained, and the trial be pro ceeded with without further delay. It is thought that it will not take over two days to finish the trial. The caBe of Carl Vogt, a Prussian, who is charged with having committed murder at Brussels, Bel gium, and whose extradition lias been demanded toy the German government on the ground that there Ib a law In operation in Prussia for the pun ishment ol subjects of that country who commit erimes in foreign territories, yesterday was before Commissioner White fur examination, but the mat ter went over for a week, as counsel for the ac cused has obtained writs of habeas corpus and certiorari to determine the right of Prussia under the circumstances to make a demand lor the ren dition of Vogt. The writB are returnable tnis morning in the United States Circuit Conrt. Judge Smniley was occupied yesterday In the United .states Circuit Conrt in trying a revenue euit? that of the SociftC des Propnetaires Vigni coies de Cognac, by areene C. Bronson, against a former Collector of this port, to recover an excess of duty levied off a quantity or brandy imported into this city so far back as 1857. The case, which Is devoid of features of interest, has not yet con cluded. in the case of Roe and Lockwood, who together have a bill amounting to some (14o,ooo against the city for stationery, Judge Barrett, at Supreme Court, Cbambcrr., yesterday, granted an alternation ?nit of mandamus against the Comptroller, The will is returnable on next Monday. The Corpora tion Counsel stated that he proposed to show that the city was never furnished with the goods set forth in the bills of charges, and that the whole thing is a fraud. Yesterday, in the United States District Court, before Judge Blatchford und a Jury, the case of the United States vs. 171 boxes, containing 17, loo cigars, seized at 205 Elm street, in this city, was brought to a conclusion. It was sought to con demn the cigars on the ground that they had not been properly stamped. The claimants ol the prop erty were Jose Gonzalez and Gabriel Uebert. There was a verdict lor the government, condemning the goods. Joseph liar tnett, who was Bentcuced on the 15th oi March, 1671, to ten years' imprisonment at hard labor for stealing letters from the Post Office, was pardoned yesterday by the President on the recom mendation of Mr. Bliss, United States District At torney, who stated that if the law permitted a lighter sentence it would have been indicted. Oscar F. Wainwrlght, who has been charged, be fore Commissioner Shields, with giving fraudulent ball in the ca>e of William H. Burke. accused of participation in the alleged "sawdust swindle," waived an examination yesterday, and was held to await the action of the Grand Jury. Bail tlxed at tc,cco. . ANOTHER MURDER TRIAL. The Trial of George Shefflin, Indicted for the Murder of ills Wife? Particular# of the Alleged Murder?' Ten Juror* OI? talncil- l'anva*?in|S the Subject of Free Love? Intimity from Jealousy the De fence. On the reassembling of the Court of Oyer and Terminer yesterday morning? Judge Brady on the bench? the room was crowded. The case or George Shefflin, indicted for the murder of his wife, had been set down for trial, and this was enough to draw together a large und curious throng, who aeem to reliBh nothing so much as supping on the borrors incidental to a murder trial. Shciliin was brought promptly into Court. He is a large man, and decidedly unprepossessing in his appearuace. The FACTS OF TUE Ml'KUKH. The offence for which he is indicted is still fresh in the public memory. He and his wife oc cupied apartments at No. 414 Fast Eleventh sjj?et. The statement Is that when the police entered the place on the morning of the 14lli ol January last they found Mrs. She HI in lying dead in a pool of blood, auti near her the mother ui Mr. shefflin and a sister, in a state at beastly intoxication. On ex amination Mrs. shefflin was found to be dead, her skull fractured and her tody covered with bruises. Meantime She ill to had ran away, but Detectives Bennett ana Clupp speedily tracked the fugitive to Ms hiding plait; and arrested him. On his arrest be confessed to killing his wlic, but stild that lie did it In a lrenz.v of jealousy, having found another man In bed with her. Oil being brought into court be was given a seat in the rear ol his counsel, Mr. William F. Howe and Abe H. Hummel. The prose Cation was represented by District Attorney Phelps and Assistant District Attorney Lyon. lhe first thing, of course, was GUTTING A JURY. This was but a repetition of the preliminary scenes in most murder trials. Mr. Howe, who was assisted by Mr. Hummel, questioned t lie jurors with his accustomed skill and judgment, as also did the counsel for the prosecution. The circumstances of the killing being of the peculiar kind described, Mr. Howe questioned cacn one particularly on the ?uoject of their views regarding "iree love." The answers of some of the Jurors to these uuestlons were of an amusing character and greatly served to relieve this part oi the ease from the dull tedium that otherwise would nave ensued. Such was the rigidnesH of the questioning, however, that from the panel of one hundred jurors summoned only ?ten Jurors were obtained. Tlie following are the names of the Jurors:? Martin Briggs, Uebert F. Cook, Francis A. Murdock, Hugh c<>ckraii, Henry O. HFentworth, Frederick W. Hand, Henry D. Ryder, ileury Klennor, Eiuil F. SchaifT and Joseph Ewing. AKOrilKR I'ANKI. OP JIROH*. ftpon Mr. Sparks, the Cierk, announcing thst the nauei bad been exhausted. Judge Brady expressed i bis regtet that such was the case, as It delayed the frogresa of the trial. He ordered another panel of ! oo for to-day, and meantime cautioned the jurors already obtained against talking about the case or reading anything regarding it. in the newspapers, I and then adjourned the Court till half-post ten o'clock this morning. THE CASE 0F CARL V0ST. Th? Prussian Treaty of Extradition? A Very Nice duration of International law? Wrlti of Habeas Corpus and Cer Itsrarl. Yesterday the case of Carl Vogt, alias Joseph Sttipp, came up liefore Commissioner Kenneth G. White. The prisoner, it will tie remembered, who Is claimed to lie a Prussian subject, is charged With having committed the crime of mur- , der at Brussels, Belgium. There is a- law tm existence in Prussia which declares that if a Prussia* subject commit wur der In n foretpn h? may ** tried for that otlenee li V?nn<l or brought within the hirl*- '? diction of I'.ngsia. The latter country now forma part oi Vne Nortli German Umpire, un?l tlie authori tics of that Kmpire have made a demand uj.on the government of the United Htaiea for the extradi t'Ou of v?gt to Germany, w that he may be tried ; mere tor the crime which, it in alleged, he pas com i mittrd in Belgium. There in no extradition treaty between the United Mates and Bclgiuu), and hence the government of the latter country could mute no application to the United States for the extra dition of Vojrt that oonld be attended to by the Secretary of State. When the case was called yesterday the prlsener, accompanied by some friends, rut in an appearauce. lie was represented by his counsel, Mr. W. T. Kint/.lng. Ex-Governor folomons at tended as couusel for the German government. Mr. JohauneA Koesing, the Consul General OJ Ger many, was also present. Mi. KlntziUK said he was not ready to no on with the examination, as he had that morning made an apulu alion to J udfe liiatchford lor writs of habeas corpus and certiorari for the purpose of deciding tlie first and great question In the case? whether or not, admitting all the facts to be true as set forth in the complaint, the Prussian govern ment had any right to claim the extradi tion of the accused under the treaty of 180'J, as tins treaty provided only lor an odcnce committed wi;hiu the Jurisdiction of Prussia, and this Juris diction, he maintained, was confined to the ter ritory of that couutry, while the offence charged was committed in the kingdom of Medium. He cxpccted every moment that Judge liiatchford would grant the writs. Kx-Govcrnor Selomons approved of the sugges tion of Mr. lilut/.iug. It was not necessary to go into any lengthy examination oi the testimony until the question was first passed upon by tlie Judge whether this was a proper case to be brought within the treaty. The Commissioner said lie was perfectly willing that thiB course should be taken and then ad journed the case for a week. ?Subsequently Judge liiatchford granted in tlie above case writs of habeas corpus and certiorari, returnable this morning at eleven o'clock. BUSINESS IN THE OTHEB COTJBTS. SUPREME COURT? TRIAL TERM -PART I. Merchants Hunt Know to Whom They are Selling Goods. Before Judge Davis. In i860 Mr. L. S. Lenhelm ran tlirec stores? one In Great Bend, I'a. ; one in Ulngbamton, this State, and the third in Mcadville, l'a. A brother of his liad charge of tlie latter store. Mr. Lenhelm bought largely of Clafiin A Co.. of thlH city, and hla bills were all pretty promply paid. A lire reduced to ashes the Meadvllle establishment, and as there was no insurance ou the place the loss lell heavily ou Mr. Leuheiin. This caused some delay in the settlement of the latter's accounts, but they were finally adjusted. Meantime, plicenlx-like. another store reared Itself Irom the ashes of the Meadvillo store, and Messrs. Clatlin k Co. sold liberally to the brother of Mr. Lenhelm, supposing, however, as had been the ease previously, that the purchases were on account of his brother. Finally, when the bill ran up to $3,354 78, and finding that Mr. L. S. Leuheiin would not pay, suit was brought to com pel the latter to pay. The case was tried yesterday In this Court, and resulted in a dismissal of the complaint, the moral of tho suit being that mer chants should Know to whom they sell goods. SUPERIOR COURT-TRIAL TERM-PART I. Concerning Land In Virginia and the Practice of Law on Original Princi ples. Before Judge Friedman. Johu O. Clute was, and is still, for that matter, owner of 1,300 acres of land in Kanawha county, Virginia. Understanding that Mr. Clinton Roose velt, owning land in the vicinity, proposed visiting the locality, ho wrote him a note, stating that if, after set-lag the laud, he desired to purchase It, he would let him have it at $3 per acre. Mr. Roose velt did not go, but a nephew of his did, and he re ported is Juvor of tho purchase. The fact was, and It way be true, that oil had beefi discovered em bosomed in the rocky strata, but or this fact Mr Clute had meantime been informed. The result was that when Mr. Roosevelt came Hind tendered him $9,:ioo for the land, w hich was the price agreed upon, lie refused to accept it. Upon this suit was brought against Mr. Clute to compel compliance with the contraot, and a referee te whom the matter was referred reported m favor of dismissing the complaint, which was done. The particulars of this suit were published in full at the time in the Herald. The cuse came up, however, yesterday in a new phase in this Court. Mr. Roosevelt assigned his claim to David Grosbeck, and the latter brought suit for damages for non-fulfllment of the con tract. This suit was also dismissed on the grouud that the previous action was a l>ar to its prosecu tion. Among the witnesses called was Mr. Clinton Roosevelt, a portion of wIiobo examination was as lollows:? "Arc you a member of tbe bar, Mr. Roosevelt ?" "No sir; but 1 practise law lor all that." "Uow does it happen that you practise law if you v ere never admitted to the bare" "The Courts allow me to practice." "So, thcu, you have studied Mrot',L. ??Oh yes.sir^'i, _ "Why wfcri you never admitted to practice?" "I would not belong to a profession limited in its scope and compelling the taking of a specific oath. I have nlways been known as thepoormau'siriend, and hope I ever shall." SUPREME COURT? CHAMBERS. Decisions. Bv Judge narrett. In the Matter ol N. W. stuyvesant, a supposed Lunatic.? Commission granted. Whitney vs. Whitney.? Motion denied, with $10 Smith et al. vs. Britton.? Motion granted for third Friday. Whltmore vs. Van Stclnburgh.? Motion denied. Clark vs. Smith et al.? Report confirmed and judgment granted. Ilowell vs. Howell.? Motion granted. Smith et al. vs. Wolf.? Motion denied, In the Matter of the Petition of New York Life Insurance and Tiust Company.? Report confirmed aud order granted. SUPERIOR COUP.T? oPECIAL TERM. Decisions. Rv Judge Sedgwick. Newton, Jr., vs. United States Trust Company et ! al.? Order of refcreuce. , Dodge vs. Ilennessy.? Same. i Coon vs. O'Urlen.? Order granted. l'owell vs. Cami).? Action dismissed with costs. By Judge Curtis. Shlpsey vs. The Bowery National Bank.? Case filed. MARINE COURT-PART 2. Action to Recover the Value at Goods Taken Under an Execution. Before Judge Spauldlng. j George Burk vs. George J. Smith.? This action , was brought to recover the sum of $247, as the 1 value ol goods taken under an execution. It ap peared that one George Miller, a merchant, ob tained a Judgment against one Johu Reynolds, a i grocer, for i lie value of certain goods sold and de I livered. After obtaining the Judgment Miller ! placed It In the hands of the defendant, a city Mar ] Html, for execution, aud lie levied upon the goods and chattels of Reynolds, and sold at auction sufficient of them to satisfy the judgment. The defence set j up was that the property belonged to the plsln tnr, who purchased it from Reynolds, and to sus tain his pretensions produced a bill of sale from Reynolds to htm of the store, fixtures and goods. During Hie trial ol the cause plaintiff's counsel, seeing that the preponderance of proor was ?gainst in-" client, asked the Court to direct the jury to render a verdict for the defendant. Ver dict for defendant, with an allowance of $'26. MARINE COURT? KNERAL TERM, Decisions. Farley vs. Rohdenberg.? Re-argument ordered for the ensuing term l>eiore a lull Bench. Ceddlngton vs. Dunhnui.? Judgment reversed ami judgment for plaluttflr, with costs and $25 allowance. Krohler vs. Wallack ; Mahony vs. O'Callaghan; Hell vs. The Alfred Bliss Manufacturing Company ; 1 Anderson vs. Low; Rawson vs. Holland.? Jud'g ! meat affirmed, with costs. Roseufield vs. l'almer Judgment reversed and i Judgment absolute for defeuuant, with costs aud I $2-*' allowance. Travers vs. McBean.? Judgment reversed, new I trial granted, aud costs of appeal to appellant to I abide event. Hartung vs. Bruns Judgment reversed and new trial granted ; casts to abide event. Krutlua vs. Stewart et al.? Judgment reversed j and new trial ordered. Murray vs. Jackson.? Judgment reversed, new trial granted, with costs to appellaut to abide event. Chalmers rs. Thompson.? Judgment reversed, with costs of appeal, and judgment absolute for defendant. Harowsky vs. Thompson.? Judgment affirmed, with costs to the respondent. Tiffunv vs. The Kagle Paper Collar Company.? Judgment reversed, and judgment in favor of the defendant dismissing complaint, w ith costs of ap peal and of action to the deiendant.. c:ur.T of ceweral session;. A House of Kefuge Boy Sent to the Peni tentiary for Vive Yesn for a Murder on* Anisull I' pan the Principal of the 9c liool. llefnre Recorder Rackett. Yesterday a boy named Henry Westall was tried and convicted of an assault, with intent to do bodily harm, to Kdward il, Halleck. The evidence showed that the accused was an Inmate of the Qouse ftc/uge, Hiving bees ecu tliqe by iue father for dl?ord*rly eondnot, and that the pred entin;: witness wis the principal of UM school, ami that, on the afternoon of the 2d of December last, whlie the boy* were inarching Into the scnoolroom from the yard, Westall went up 011 the platiorm and plunged a Knife wli'ch ia used for making slioee jnto Tir. Halieck's nee*. The physician testified t)tu? thS wound was dangerous, and that Mr. Huiieok wes under his care for two Mouths. Prom the testi mony Qf the Superintendent, Mr. Jones, ItPAsptifea that the 6nly reason which the prljwne* aUeg^d for committing the assault was that, "Mr" Halleck had changed IiIh badge or gradek it was fun her shown that the boy's conduct Was pretty good, and that arrangements were being made to have him sent back to his no rent*. The Recorder, in passing sentence upon the youth. Maid that it was only through the Interposi tion of Providencc that Westall was not standing in the attltui'e of a murderer. His Honor scut lilui to the Penitentiary forllvo years. Larceny lot a Boarding House* Thomas J. He id was tried and convicted of grand larceny In steal ng, en the Oth of this monthf a piece of linen and six dozen handkerchiefs, the property of Dunlel Marines. The prisoner was caught leaving the hoarding house where he and the complainant bad apartments with some of the property in his possession, and when his trunk was searched the officer found the piece of linen, held was sent to the State Prison for three years. Attempted Burglary. Daniel Duiry, who was caught by a policcman In the act of breaking the fanlight of John M. Kelly's liquor store, 40 Division street, on tne 30th of March, was tried and convicted of uu attempt at burglary iu the third degree. A Juvenile PlcicpovkpocUet Sent to the Pe nitentlary. John Lorenzo, a boy, was found guilty of petty larceny from the person. Miss Mary Nolan testi fied that on the 7th of this month she was walking through Hroadway and the prisoner picked her pocket of a pockeibook continuing $2. Ho ran away and sno pursued him through several streets, and ho was Anally caught by a citizen. The uvenile thiel swore that lie was playing tag with a loy and that he did not steal the pockctbook. The Court scut htm to the reultcntlary lor one year. An Assault. James Down, who threw a timbler at Lawrence Kelly, on the 22d of August, at a saloon In Tenth avenue, was convicted of assault and battery and sent to the Penitentiary lor six months. COURT CALENDARS? THIS DAf. Sui'hkmk Court? Circuit? Part l? Held l>y Judge Fanulicr Nos. 879X, 406, 789, 47, ooo, 1821, 1382, 2,3(11), 89 X, 305, 321, 37m, 387^, 306, 65o>? ,061, 763, 825X, 905, 104U. Part 2? Held by Judge Davis.? Nos. 2182, 1178, 9N0. 14, 442, 052, 912, DM, 1008, 1080, 1017, 1013, 1010, 652, CC8>?, 1130. 2254, 428, 2340, 274. Hui-nuMK court ? chambers ? Held by Judge Bar rett Nos. 07, 77, 120, 143, 149, 170, 177, 178, 102, 231, 240, 260, 255, 269. Call 261. Superior Court? Trial Term? Part l? Held by Judge Preeduian.? Nos. 2040, 339, 2163, 1603, 2431. 206i ), 2081, 1521, 800, 212:., 2126, 2127, 2128, 2161, 2130, 2003, I860, 47. 1831, 1805. 2109, 2131. I'art 2? Held l?y Judge Curtis.? Nos. 2126, 60, 1090, 1740, 1762, 1770, 52, 2424, 1700, 1702, 1704, 1708, 1800, 1802, 1K00, 1808, 1832, 1834, 1836, 1842, 1814, 1846, 184S, 185K, 18:j4. Court ok Common Plkas? Trial Term? Part l? Held by Judge J. P. Daly.? Nos. 1352, 487, 1004, 1040, 1628, 1030, 3194, 069, 072, 1001, 1U06, 290, 1038, 1012. Part 2? Held t?y Judge Larreuiore.? Nos. 1760, 2*07, 2088, 2108, 2109, 2110, 2112, 2113, 2114, 1115, 2117, 2118, 2120, 2121, 700. Court of Common Plkar? Equity Tkrm? Held by Judge Ilobiuson.? Nos. 65, 80, 63, 67, 69, 22, 29, 44, 45, 46, 66, 66, 68, 00, 2, 0, 21, 27, 62, 03, 04. Marine Court? Trial Tkrm? Part 1? Held by Judge Curtis.? NOS. 1522, 1813, 1771, 1615, 1829, 1841, 1503, 1781, 823, 1847, 1861, 1461, 1141, 1931, 1941, 2267. Part 2? Held by Judge Spauldmg Nos. 1393, 1760, 1811, 1855, 802, 1820, 1110, 1072, 2323, 1052, I860, 1S70, 1262, 1010, 670|,', 1808. Part 3? Held bv Judge Howland.? Nob. 2265, 1491, 2183, 1740, 2268, 2313, 2325, 2312, 2261, 1790, 2330, 1103, 1010. BROOKLYN COURTS. SUPR'HE COURT-SPECIAL TERM. Interesting Reading tor Taxpayer?? fluent toning the Validity of Law* and the Actions of Public Officers. Befere Judge Pratt. Judge Pratt yesterday denied tho motion of Thomas Prosser for the continuance of the injunc tion restraining the Board of Education Iron ap plying a certain sum of money, 141,000, to other purposes than the erection of a public school house in the Twepty- first ward. Mr. Prosser contended that this amount had been appropriated by tho joint board for the erection of a school building iu that ward, and that, therefore, tlte Board of Education, who had determined to make school Improvements in other wards? had no right to exjvjud it for any other purpose. The case has excited considerable comment in official and private circles in Brooklyn, and the decision of the Court was looked forward to with interest. In his decision, Judge Pratt says:? It is unnecessary to examine the merits or this contro versy, as it appears from the complaint that no private right of the plaintiff Is mooted or injury threatened to him, which is not equally a grievance to all the other taxpayers in the district de scribed. No injury peculiar to the plaintiff is threatened, assumiug that all that is stated in the complaint is true. In a greater or less degree every person In tliat part or tne city is interested in having a school established upon the lot designated, and It may be and proba bly is true that a (allure to build a sciioolhouse iu that locality will be a serious injury to all the in habitants or the neighborhood. The rule Is well settled that for wrougs against the public, whether actually committed or only apprehended, the rem edy Is by a prosecution Instituted hy some officer authorized by law to act in its bchair. Any otker rule would Involve the community in excessive litigation and harass public officers with vexatious suits, if every taxpayer had a right to question th* validity or TnE law or tub action of a VPblIu officer in the Courts in respect to his rights in common with other taxpayers no law could be executed, no tax collected and no officer permitted to per form bis duties. When an act of the Legislature or the action or a public officer affects the private rights of a citizen he has his appropriate remedy I by suit, but If his grievance consists in a wrong, | not an Jnjury to his individual rights, hut in one, he suffers in common with his fellow citizens, he must in\oke the action of the officer or party empowered to sue In such cases. These views are only applicable to the cases where a private person, or a number of persons, assume in behalf ol the public, or in their own names, to challenge publlcoffleers to meet thetn In the Courts to doiend their olllclal duties. Every citizen is pre sumed to be Interested in having the law faithfully executed and is thereby qualified to be u party or relator to a suit, proceeding in behalf of the peo ple to compel public officers to perforin the duties imposed by law ; but there is a wide distinction between the latter proceeding and a private suit to CHAMPION TnE HtfHITS OF TI!F. COMMUNITY, and It is one rounded on reason and public policy. Neither will the assumption that the deleudauts, the Hoard orF.ducatlou, are officers ol the city ol Brook lyn, or a bureau ol the city government, change the aspect of the case. Section 21 or Title 11 of the charter of the city of Brooklyn does not describe the defendants uor apply In any manner to the property or funds iu the possession ol the Board of Education. It is Immaterial te t lie decision of this motion to determine whether I he Hoard ol Educa tion is a quasi corporation, created hv statute, in dependent, otthe control of the Common Cornell, and placed in charge ol the educational interests within the territory of the city, or t at the mem bers thcreorare city officers exercising the luuc tlons prescribed by law. Subordinate and respon sible to the authorities or such affairs as the plaintiff by his bill of complaint appears to have n? standing in Court to maintain ills action against the defendant Board in either capacity. The mo. tlon to continue the Injunction is therefore denied, with f 10 costs. The Third Avenue Sewer Assesments. A motion was made yesterday for the vacation of the assessment for the Third avenue sewer on cer tain property of John G. Leeds, in Prospect avenue (Middle street), between Filth and Sixth avenues. The petitioner claimed that alter the original con tractor for the work had failed, the Water and sew erage Hoard gave the balance or the work, without advertising lor proposals, to one Keener, at an ad vance of f 120,0 0 on the original contract job. Counsellor De Witt held that, in accordance with a clause 111 each contract, the Board could, titer an original contractor had failed, give the balance of the work out without advertising. The original contractor weuid be charged with the deficiency. Mr. Leeds only objected to being assessed for'the excess allowed the second contractor. Judgo Pratt intimating that he would decide to that effect, counsel arranged to agree upon a state ment of lacts to be presented to t tie General Term. Divorcing a Colored Mlnlater. Rev. Alexander H. Newton, a colored clergyman, brought suit against his wire, Vlctorlne, an oc toroen of about twenty years, for an absolute dl. vorce on the ground of adultery, and the case was referred. Yesterday tho referee reported in favor of allowing the divorce, and an appli'-ntion for the same was granted by Judge Pratt. Pli;; divorced couple lived In Pineapple street. COURT OF SESSIONS. Forgers Sentenced. Before Judge Moore. James Burgess, alias Primrose, and Daniel Sim mons, who were convicted ol forging a check for $000 on the Mechanics' Bank, were yesterday sen tenced to the Penitentiary for four years and six months each The prisoners, heiore their trial, at tempted to escape from jail, each being aided by Ms wife ; but they were detected unu secured. The wjvfj) were then locked up. THE EEE BmflUTin. Continued Information a? to How Erie Did Its Legiala ive Bruines*? Testimony of Hara iltonjf^ri. ami i 7r~^/ Albany, April is, 1873. The F.rle Investigation Committee met in the Court of Appeals* at four P. M. TESTIMONY OK HAMILTON MORRIS. Hamilton Morris was culled and sworn and examined by Mr. Htlckoiiey, counsel tor i tie committee, a* follows:? I tee by the public journal* it if stated I received from the Krfe Company In 1868, $22,000 in IHG'J and in 1870 $26,UUU; I wiah to: ay that the*' sums wore paid me lor my services und to pay countel X had engaged ; these sums were nil received (or thai purpose, except thai I {mid a portion for come Sumiuelianna stock; 1 see t stated ihat certain counsel deny they were employed by me, but they cannot deny they were employed by Mr. Oover personally, and that I paid tlioui tor their services; I cannot tell delnltrly how much the amounts were that I paid out; 1 have no uc count* which 1 kept; I paid Mime of ibe money to car - ger. $3,00U; I think to Judge Parkt r these were | not the tUli amounts; they were payments on account; 1 retained them, and paid them from time to time all the expense-tot litigation fees and sheriffs, Ac. ; I paid seine tour thousand or live thousan I dollars on the fOttleuicnt of suits brought against the Krlc Com pany; I did this in two eases; these sums came out <>t tlie ?tfi,o00 1 receive* In 186s, liiu9 and 1870; 1 hud u settle ment for one ycur : it was A HkTAlNKR Or TKN THOUSAND OOLLAKS tar one year ; I did business tor the company before the Legislature ; I represented the company in tlie classifica tion matter, al so la IH<;< us to the over Issno of bonds, and again in ItioU, concerning another investigation as to ?n overissue; I was also thus employed In 1^70; during all this lime I employed various counsel; t may have talked to Vun Vochtcn us to legislative matter.', lint not in the nature of a consultation ; I never hud any talk with Bar ber \ have had no conversation with Uenerul 1)1 ven in two years, I think ; never had any talk with him about money being paid to unyliody. To Mr. Wight? I received more than the alluded to, but I cannot say how much ; it wns all used to pay for my legal services for thcco ol other counsel und tor up pearances before the legislative committee; during all n?y five yi urs1 connection with the Krie (Company I never spoke to a member of the Legislature concerning legislative matters outside of the committee rooms; 1 do not recollect seeing Mr. Uutcher since latt Winter. To Mr. Jlabcock? I niny have paid out some ol this amount lor election purposes in lHtiH, and possibly in 1H69, bui never to be used in Senatorial or other legisla tive elections; It was for a genorul election; I was at that time chairman of the Republican General Commit tee. and (lOUI.n CONTRIHUTKD SON* TO TIIK KLrCTION Kl'NI", about five thousand dollars; I received about fifteen

received ilnce 1870 have been tor mv own professional thousand dollars per year tor my own services ; nil I have services; I have no knowledge of money being usea to Intlucuce the Legislature nor ol lis being used to elect Senators or others. Mr. l.incoln examined the witness; ho reiterated his statements. To Mr. Carpenter? There were besides me acting as counsel tor the Erio Company Mr. Onager and Judge 1'iuker, us I thought; but he denies it, and therefore ho must have acted lor Mr. Uould personally; 1 ACTKI) BKKORK TIIK LKQ IS LATUM in matters in which tlie Krle Company was alone inter isted; cannot tell of any else here In Alhiny; Van Vccluenctid not act In such capacity ; do not remember of his appearing before \he Legislature ; I practice In the courts In this city and district; don't rccollect of Van Vcchten ever appearing In the courts here as practitioner during the last lour years in any of tlx se Eric sui's; still he may have done so; don't recollect of Harbor doing so; dou't know of Tweed appearing as u practitioner In any oi these suits ; nor Mr. Little. To Mr. Btiekney? Tweed was a member ol the Senate from 1WS8 to 1872; don't know particularly how ho acted concerning Erie matters; in lHbH 1 believe he was opposed to them; utter that I think lie acted favorably in them; (iould made donations lor the rcpuldicun ticket on two occasions when elections wore coming on; don't knnw of any professional services rendered by Senator J. Wood or an v other member of the Legislature ; think I paid re tainers to counsel in bank bUls, but 1 huve no recollection ofnarticular cases. To Mr. Wright? My own services were solely in ap pearing before the legislative committed ' and ihitking up a pa'mphiet; don't romember ol Van Vechten or Sur lier aver making arguments before u committee; 1 know Van Vechten has done services for tlie Erlo Company ; he has drawn hills, amendments, counter bills und propo sitions; cannot now, from recollection, state what I ills, hut know that bills drawn tiy him havo been submitted ; have often seen him In conversation with Gould ; don't know of sny service Barber has performed for the Erie Company. To Mr. Stlckney? I understand that Barber Is not a law yer ; cannot undorstund what legul services he per formed calling tor pay to the amount of S4i>,u00 to 930,000. This ended the examination of Mr. Harris, and JOHN V. U I'RUVN WAS CAI.LKD. He affirmed and said I am a director of the Eric Rail way Company; I voted against tlio dividend on the com mon stock; I objected to it because I did not think the Jionrd was sufficiently Informed as to the true amount of tlie earnings'. Witness then stated his reasons for his vote. He wanted the company to wait till It became stronger; there were a great many objections to tho act. in his opinion; oao director, Mr. Ollphant, ho thought, ob jected qji the ground that ho did not think the equipment had been kept up ; the sunt of 2>? per cent was paid for nonotiuting the bonds; that was a laive percentage, but my Impression was, dealing with the firm ot Hlscholfs lieini A Co., who took the contract: it was a very good one ; under ordinary clrcnustances one or two per ccut ought to be enough. To Mr. Lincoln? The argument in the Board in favor of a dividend was that the English stockholders wanted the amount earned, whatever it was, divided ; In u general point of view it was not proper to reimburse BiseholTs nelin A Co. for the expenses in effecting the oiup d'etat which out on the cloula directors; that wan not a legiti mate charge upon the company. The committee tUen adjourned till to-morrow afternoon. THE JPSTH CASE. > ' ~Nkw York, April 14, 1873. To tite Editor op the Hbraij>:? My attcnllou lias to-day been called to a report or tne proceedings in the ease of The People on the complaint of Erall Justh Hgalnst his wife, oontatned In your Sunday's Issue. While I can scarcely com plain 01 tho report, in ho lar as regards the relative propriety of the conduct of myself and the com plnluant's counsel, yet It seems to tlx upon me the odium of cowardice and conveys the impression that the remarks of the counsel to me did not meet with the rejoinder thev deserved. That this is un true 1 think auy one present would testify. You will oblige me by publishing tills note. Respect fully, JOHN D. TOWNSEND. Nkw YORK, April 10, 1873. To TITE EDITOR OF THE HERALD:? Do mc the favor to say to your readers that I am not of counsel In the Justh rase. JOHN TOWNSIIENP, 103 Fulton street, New \orfc. REAL ESTATE MATTERS. A very large attendance appeared yesterday at tlie Exchauge for the purpose of participating In the sales of real estate advertised to rake place during the day by the various auctioneers. A number of valuable parcels were disposed of, but the prices, as a general thing, were not very satis factory, especially regarding the Westchester pvoperty, of which only nine lots were sold aud the balance withdrawn. In private transactions Mr. V. K. Stevenson, Jr., reports the sale of the four story brown stone English basement house No. 106 East Thirty-fifth street. 18.ex?oxloo, for $30,000. This house had been advertised to be sold at auctiou on the 21st lust, but has been withdrawn. The ioilowing are the details of yesterday's deal ings ou 'Change BY A. J. MMCrKKR, SOK AND CO. Brick h. and I, 45 Peck slip, u. w. corner >outh st. j lot 33x35.6; bophia lioyt $34,009 3 story bk. h. and 1, If) Greenwich st., w. a., 200 rt. n. Butte rv place; lot 26x74.6; Andrew Marun tt.iiOO 3 storv bk. li . and 1., 19 Waehlngton st., lu rear ut tho above; lot 26x74.5: Andrew Martin 9,260 BT J A Ml- S M. Mil. I. Kit. 3 storv bk. h. nnd 1. 21 Vestry st., s. g.,95.2e. ot Hud son" st. : lot 20.1x40; John B. Trevor, iilalutitr 8,900 3 gtorv lik. h. and I,, 233 37th St., n. 205 ft.w. 2d uv. ; lot 25x63.3; Joseph Boyis'.on 6,525 BY A I. I.K.N, DOOl.K.Y AMI IIKNRlqCKK. 3 storv b. *. h. nnd I., 132 Hast 8Mb st., s. s., W It. c. Lexington av., lot 20x100 5; John Jerolemon, Jr.. 18,800 3 storv n. s. h. and 1., 106 East 2m li st.. s. s., 125 tt. e. 4ili av., lot 20x1)8.9; Wm. K. I.almboer 17,900 4 story bk. h. and I., 39 West 88d st., 298.6 It. e. of . Broadway; lot 21.1x98.9; K. M. Mc.Millen 32,100 IIY WM. KKNNkl.I.V. 4 storv h. and 1., 330 .'8th st., s. s., 205lt. w. 8th av. ; lot $0x100; James Ureen 35,000 2 lots s. s. 113th st , 295 It. e. 1st av.. each 25x100.11.. . 4,110'.) 3 story b. s. h. ami I., 2X1 124th st., n. s., W7 ft. w. 2d ht? lot 2UxlOU.ll ; James Green 14,000 4 lots s. w. cor. 4lli av. and 124th st., together, 10'J.llx SB; l'eter Darley 26,000 3 s. b. s. house ami lot, 124th st.. 89 It. w, 4th av., lot HxlOO.4; J. Mcl.auKhlln 15,700 4 lots s. e. corner Madison av. and 12ith st., together, 100.11x100; Mr. Houston 52, (WO 2 two story tr. houses and 2 lots, i. s, f-8tli St., 184.5 it. e. of 4th av., each lot 25.6xlOO.H; T. Smith 9,200 BY MULLKR, WILKIXS A Nil CO. 1 lot a. s. 83d St., KM It. e. 9th av., 25x102.2; D. O, Warner 5,950 1 lot adioining the above, e. s.. 25x102.2; P. H. Hurl . 5,978 1 lot adjoining the above, e. s., 28xlU2.2 iC. B. Hart.. 8,0m> 1 lotadl'oiulng the above, c. *.,25xlu2.2; D. O. Warner 5.7.1) I lot adjoining the above, e. s? 25xM2.2; S. Bnaydon. . 6,i;ut) I lot n. s. 8 2d St., 100 ft. c. 9lii av., 2.'ixiu2.2; Mr. Hoff* mon 5,575 1 lot adjoining the above on ?. s., 26x11)2.2; Mr. Hoff ntan 5,60*) 1 lot adjoining the above on e. ?., 25\1U2,2; Mr. Hoff. mun 5,700 1 lot adjoining the above on e. a., 2Bxlirj.2; J. Meyer. 6,7C0 1 lot adioining tho above on e. ?., 26x102.2; 8. Hpuy don 6,900 1 lot w. s. Boulevard, 24.ll ft. n. 134th st., 26x100; W, H. Allen 8,900 1 lot adjoining the above on n. s., 25x100; J. R. Brown s,4.W 1 lot adjoining the above on n. s , 36x100; J. Bell 8,4ftn 1 lots. w. corner Boulevard and 134 1 h st, 24.11x100; It. V. Harnett 11.30B 1 lot adloining the above on the a. s., 25x100; R. V. Harnett 8,750 1 lot s. s. 134th St., 100 ft. w. Boulevard. 25xt)9. 11 , J. A. Robinson 4,0M) 1 lot adjoining the abave on the w. side, 25x'.)9 11 ; J. A. Booth 3,500 1 lot adjoining the above on the w. side, i'uw.n ; R. V. Harnett 3,000 2 lots adjoining the above ok the w. side, each;. I. A. Robinson 6,060 2 lota adjoining the above on the w. side, each 25x99.11 ; J. A. Robinson 6,900 llots. s. 184tll st, MO ft. e. of 13th av., 25x?9.U; H. W. Coates 3,350 1 lot n. s. 134th at., 1JQ ft. I. of I2th av., k5x?9.11? J. i: Lew la 3,400 4 lota adjoining tho above or. the e. a., each V5xW.ll ; B. P. I?airchlld 9,200 W?it?bM(er County Real Estate Salts. (At. Morrlaania.) 1 lot n. w. corner Anirerson av. and t'nion st., 32* 107.11 1 II. P. i)egrafr 900 3 lots adjoining the above on the n. a ; B. P. Fair cliiltl ... 1,800 3 '.ou< adjoining the above on the n. s. ; B. P. Kalr child 1,900 fcTJHICJPAL AFFAIH3. Alderman Ottenrt offer's Salary. Oswold OttendoOer, one of the present Alder men has declined to r<'celv<? anv am*? for th? " -'til.", i: ' ??<.? ? ' tvsj -?? ???.? i past niree niontns nan an entry to tliac effect has j been made on the payroll in the County Hurean. The Alderuian, who is entitled to as Alder man and as a sui crvlnor, assigns as a rea son for re using to ciruw ou the warrants that wi:ere au official only gives a few hours per week to public business he should not receive a salary over $2,600 per annum. The Sinking K nu t Commission. The Commissioners of the Sinking Fund met ycsterilav and had au hour and a hall's session, which was principally consumed by Clerk Dyke man In deciphering very difficult manuscripts in the Jomi or resolutions and reports of no general public interest. Comptroller** Receipts* Comptroller Creen reports the following amounts received yesterday in the City Treasury from var ious Ilureaus of Collection, viz. KBCKIVER or TAX Kit. From taxes Oroton rent and intercut $P,723 rOLLKCTO* or ASI.KHMMI.NT?. From nmesvmeni* tor street opeuiiiKsiiud improve ments 1C.799 P.I ItK.'.r or ARREARS. From arrears ol taxes anil a.ssebMiiciiU* and interest 4,619 Total $30,144 Comptroller's Payments, Comptroller Green paid yesterday the Bureau of Education the amount due for salaries of tcachors and employes and other general expenses to April 15, amounting to (150, coo. HCBRIBLE ACCIDENT IN A OHUBOtt Rock i. an i), Me., April 15, 1873. James Frank and A. Turner, white painting the Catholic church at ilath, Me., fell a distance of thirty leet. Turner had both his legs broken. Frank is seriously injnrcd internally. A WELL-TO-DO LUNATIC. PlIlLAUKLI'IIIA, April 15, 1873. John Sidney Jones, who recently set Are to a store belonging to him on Second street, was de clared to be insane. He was taken to Harrlsburg, preparatory to being sent to the State Lunatic Asylum. He, however, escaped from the third story of the l.ochiei House by climbing down the water pipe to the ground. Jones' estate is valued at over Utty-Uve thousand dollars. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. CoRTELYor? Chase.? On Tuesday, April 15, at the residence or the bride's parents in Brooklyn, by tlie Rev. J. 'i'. Duryea, D. D., Pktrb R. Cortelyou, M. 1)., to Juija F. Cijakk, daughter of Sidera Cliaso, all or Brooklyn. Rlber8 ? Nbff.? On Tuesday, April 15, at the res idence ol Mrs. Delterlug, Hoboken, by the Rev. Dr. Hartman, Alexander 1). Elbers to Henrietta W. Nkff, both ?f Ilobukeu. Hickie? Holsey.? On Tuesday, April 15, 1873, by the Kev. l)r. Eaton, William A. Hickie, of Provi dence, R. I., to Mary L. Uolsey, daughter of the late Charley T. Holsey, of Jersey City Hlghts (late Hudson City, N. J.) Providence (R. I.) papers please copy. Norton? I'kttit.? At stony Brook, L. T., on Mon day, April 14, 1873, at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Nancy Smith, by the Rov. H. V. Degcu, Prank P. Norton, of Brooklyn, N. Y., to Louise P. Petit, of the former place. Smith? Mansfield.? At New York, en Wepues d ay, April 9, 1873, by the Rev. A. Lannison, wal? lace B. Smith to MlsS Julia Mansfield, all of this city. No cards. van Cott? Teiinino.? On Tuesday, April 15, at the residence of the bride's mother, by the Rev. Francis E. Lawrence, D. D.r Henry Van Co?r to Julia, daughter of the late Peter Tehning. lfcied* Baker.? In Hoboken, on Tuesday morning, April 15, William G. Baker, m the 2?th year of his ago. Friends of the family and members of Hoboken Engine No. 1 arc respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at Trinity church, Hoboken, on Thursday, 17tli inst., at 11 o'clock A. M. Ancient Lodge, U. D., F. and A. M.? The mem bers of ttiis lodge are hereby summoned to meot at the lodge room, No. 8 Union square, at nine A. M., Tuursday, 17th inst., lor the pui pose of attend ing the funeral ol worthy brother Win. G. Baker, P. M. The officers and members of Albion Lodge, No. 26, F. and A. M. : of A me lie us Chapter, No. 215, R. A. M., and of Honoken Lodge, F. and A. M., are fraternally invited to be present. By order, C. B. CONANT, Master. Baitlch.? On Monday evening, April 14, after a long and severe illness, at his residence, 172 Essex street, Cuarles Baulcu, aged 47 years, 0 months and 14 days. The relatives, friends of the family, members of United States, ia?; AUeghania Lodge, No. 183, 1. O. 0. F., and Exempt Firemen's Association, are respectfully invited to attend the fueral, on Thurs day, April *17, at halt-past one o'clock P. M. the members ol the Association of Exempt Fire men are herebv notified to meet at 172 Itesex street, on Thursday, April 17, at hall-past one o'clock, lor the purpose of attending the luneral of our late member, Charles Baulch. FRANCIS It AG ADORN. F. S. Bradley.? On Monday, April 14, Catharine, loving and beloved wile of John Bradley, aged 27 years. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited lo attend her luneral, from lusr late residence, 317 Sixth St., this day (Wednesday), at two o'clock P. M. Boston papers please copy. Bradley On Tuesday, .vpril 15, Margaret D., wiro ol F. H. Bradley, In (lie 41st year of her age. The relatives and lrlends are respectfully invited to attend the luneral, Irom her late residence, 249 West Twenty-first street, on Thursday afternoon, at three o'clock. The remains will be taken to Auburn for interment. Brown.? On Monday evening, April 14, in the 84th year of her age, Mrs. Ann II. Brown. Funeral services irom the resldeuce of her son, Lewis B. Brown, corner of Nineteenth street and Fourth avenue, Thursday morning, April 17, at eleven o'clock. Byrnks.? At her residence, 319 West Fifteenth street, on Tuesday niornlug, April 15, Mrs. Hoskj i a Byrnes, aged 69 years. Notice of the funeral hereafter. Clark.? At Woody Crest, West Morrlsiania, on Monday, April 14, Helen Maroaretta, infant daughter ol William N. and II. Matilda Clark. Clink.? On Monday, April 14, Eli.wood C. Cline. Relatives and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the luneral, irom his late residence, r<3 West Twenty-fourth street, on Thursday, April 17, at one P. M. The members of Manhattan Lodge. No. 62. F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to attend a special com munication of the lodge, at 33 Union square, on Thursday, April 17, at twelve o'clock M., for the purpose of paying the last tribute ol respect to our deceasoil brother, Ellwood C. Cllne. Brethren of Bister lodges are respectfully Invited to attend. m. g. wanzor, Muster, i John H. Horsfall, Secretary. Corn well. ?On Monday, April 14, Jonathan J. Cornwei.i . in the oist year o! his aue. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral, irom his late resldeuce, 49 Norili Main street, Paterson, N. J., on Thursday, 17th instant, at ten o'clock A. M. Crosby.? On Monday, March 3, 1*73, at Palatka, Fla., of consumption, alter a short Illness, Clar ence F. Crosby, formerly of New York city, in the 27th year of his age. Newark (N. J.) papers please copy. Einhais.? On Tuesday, April 15, 1873, John W. Einiiaus, of Uright's disease ol the kidneys, uged 62 J years, 3 months and ti days, Notice of funeral hereafter. Foley.? In Brooklyn, on Monday evening, April 14, at his residence, Kosciusko street, near Yates avenue, John Foley, aged 43 years. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the luneral, from the Church of St. John the Bap tist, corner ot Lewis Bnd Wilieughby avenues, on Thursday, April 17, at hall-past uluc o'clock A. M. ; thence to Calvary Cemetery. French. ? In Brooklyn, on Monday, April 14, Fliza, wife of Benjamin F. French, aged 40 years, 8 months uud 9 days. Tue reiatlves and friends of the family are invited to attend the tuners), on Thursday afternoon, April 17, at two o'clock, from her late 'residence, 75s La fayette avenue, near Throop avenue. (Jkary. ? On Monday, April 14, Robert Oi.ent worth, infant son or Horace and Adella Geary, niied 4 months and 17 dars. services on Wednesday, at eleven o'clock, at the residence 120 Belleville avenue, Newark, M.J. Gerosa.? On Tuesday, April 15, 1873, afler a lingering llfness, Josmmi Gfrosa, aged 50 rears. The friends of the deceased arc invited to at- I tend his funeral, from Ills late residence, 769 Broad way, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Connocd.? On Monday, April 14, 1873, Matthew Gonnoud, from Kings county, parish of Klllaughy Glabe. The reiatlves and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, 132 We?t Nineteenth street, on Wednesday alternoon April 16, at one o'clock. Gibson.? On Monday, April 14, Hugh Gibson, aped 73 years, 4 months arid 10 dajs. The relatives and friends of the familv are re spectfully requested to a! tend the funeral' from his late residence, 421 West Forty-third street, on Wednesday, April In, at a quarter past twelve P. M. ills remains will be taken to Yonkers for Interment. Grime.".? On Tuesday, April 1ft, Francis Nrimes, a native ot liallyshannon, county Donegal. Ireland, in the 47th year ol his age. His friends and the friends of his brother, Bernaid Grimes, are respectfully invited to attend his I funeral, Irom his late residence. 113 Division street, oil Thursday, at two o'clock P. M.t thence to Cal vary Cemetery for Interment. IIalstki).? At Lyons Farms, N. J., on Sunday, April 13, Abel Hetfiki.d IIalstid, sou or ex-Chan cellor Halsted, aged 45 years. Funeral services at his lather's residence, Lyons Farms, N, j,, qq Wednesday, April 16, at three | o'clock P. M. relatives and mend* are invited to attend without turtlier noli e. Interment lu First Presbyterian church Ceuistery, Elizabeth* Will.? Jcwki'ii Hill, aged 7# yeari I Funeral to tsko place od Thursday, at one pTfiT "Oin his residence. J4? Tenth avenue. Friends anil relatives. aud aJso members of Covenant Lodge, 33, J. 0. 0. ??. are respectfully invited to attend. Hocrigan.? on Mondav, April 14, James P. Hor iugan, the onl . beloved won of James and Bmma Hourigan, aged IK months and 14 U?i h. Relatives and friends of the family arc rernect fully Invited to attend the funeral, this Wednes day, April 10, at one o'clock, from the residence of his parents, 35d Wett Eleventh street. Howb.? On Monday, April 14, Geuxtenb, wife 0 f Charles E. Howe, aged 23 years and 6 months. The relatives nnd friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her father-in-law, 72 Morton street, Brooklyn, E. D., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at tWQ o'clock. Huhd.? On Tuesday, April 15, Ciiriotina Agnes, onh child of Ebeoezer and Jenny A. H. Hurd. Relatives and friends are requested to attend th? funeral, on Friday, the 18th inst., at eleven o'clock A. M., from the residence of her grandfather, Pear son 8. Haistead, northwest corner of Seventieth street and Lexington avenue. Kkkler- On Monday evening, April 14, of con sumption, Henry H. Kkklkr, iu tho 4lst year of his age. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father, David B. Keeler, 240 Fast Fifteenth street, on Thursday. April 17, at two o'clock P. M. KuTcnAM.? On Sunday evening, April 13, MART Kbtcham, in the l'2d year of her acre. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday, April 10,- at half-past one o'clock, from the residence of her niece, Mrs. Charlotte B. Oakley. Huntington, L. I. Lee.? On Monday, April 14, SUSAN, relict of John Lee, In the 81nt year of her age. The relatives and friends or the family are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednes day, the lfith Inst., from the residence of her son in-law, William H. Guischard, 130 North Third Btreet, Williamsburg, at two o'clock P. M, Litugow.? on Tuesday evening, April 15, Eliza Lithgow, relict ol St. Clair Lithgow. Notice of tho funeral hereafter. Lynch.? On Tuesday, April 16, after a severe ill ness, Patrick Lynch, in the 37th year of his age, of county Cavan, Ireland. Relatives and friends of the family arc respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from his late resi dence, 003 East Thirteenth street, on Thursday, at half-past one o'clock. Newark papers please copy. Marshall? At Greenpolnt, L. I., on Tuesday, April 15, Elizabeth Ann, widow of Joseph Elliott Marshall, aged 64 years and 7 months. Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian church, on Noble street, Thursday morninir, at eleven o'clock. The remains will be interred at Mliford, Conn. Martueus ? On Saturday evening, April 12, AN nib Bolton aspinall, wife of E. Martheus. The funeral will take place on Wednesday morn ing, April le, at eleven o'clock, from the church of the Redeemer, corner Fourth avenue and Eighty second street. The remains will be taken to Green wood. MoNAonAN.? On Monday, April 14, Alice, young est daughter of Josoph and the late Alice T. Mon aghan, aged 0 years, lu months and 0 days. The Mends or the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her father, 130 White st., this (Wednesday) aiternoon, at hair-past one o'clock. Morris.? in London, England, on Friday, March 14, Georoe 11. Morris, of tills city. The Mineral will take place from the Church of the Atonement, corner of Madison avenue and Twenty-eighth street, on Wednesday, April 10, at half-past one o"c">ck. Ills friends and those of his sister, Mrs. J. G. Hamilton, are invited to attend without further notioc. Murphy.? On Tuesday, April 15, William H? son of Patrick and Bridget Murphy, aged 2 years, 9 months and 5 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from 269 West Fortieth street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. MoAhthur.? Society op tammany or Count bian Order.? Brothers? Yon are invited to attend the funeral of Brother John McArthuv Sr., lront St. Mary's church, Manhattanville, on Wednesday, April 16, at two o'clock P. M. By order of AUGUSTS soilhLL, Grand Sachem , JOEL O. Stevens, secretary. - ?- ? - McCaffrey.? In this city, on Snnday, April IS, Patrick McCaffrey, late 01 31 Essex street, in the 67th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attond tho funeral, from St. Theresa's church, Ratgers street, on Wednesday morning, April 10, at hall-past nine o'clock. The remains will be interred at Calvary Cemetery. Nugent.? In Jersey City, on Tuesday, April 15, Annib F., youngest daughter of Patrick H. and Ellen Nugent, aired 4 years, 1 month and l day. Relatives and Irlends are respectlully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, on Thursday, April 17, at two o'clock P. M. O'Brien.? On Tuesday, April 15, of congestion af the braiu, Thomas p. O'Brien, In the 22d year 0 1 his age. The friends or the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this day (Wednesday), at two o'clock P. M., irom the residence of his brother, Henry S. O'ljrfen, 741 Fifth street. Perry At Grace Church (Episcopal) Rectory, Hepklnsvllle, Ky? the place or family residenoe, ou Monday, February 17, 1373, Oliver Hazard Perry', M. I)., iu his 3lst year, tbe son of Rev. Dr. G. B. and Abby B. Perry, and the brother of Rev. H. 0. Perrv, Rector of AU Saints, Chicago. Raffkrty.? on Monday, April 14, 1S73, Bridget, the beloved wife of James Rairerty, native of the parish of Termon McGulrk, county Tyrone, Ireland, in the 73d year of her age. Relatives and iricuds are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 461 Eleventh avenue, between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth siroets, on Wodncsday, April 10, at two o'clock P. M. Tyrone Constif uflon please copy. Rianhard.? At Cincinnati, on Friday, April 11, William E. Rianuard, In the 50th year or His age. Balowin.? On Tuesday, April 15, Sitsie Blow, in tent daughter of C. C. and the late Sallle K. Bald win. Smith.? At Yonkers, on Monday, April 14, 1873, after a brief Illness. Samuel L. smith, aged 42. The relatives aiui friends of the family are re spect.nlly Invited to attend his funeral, from the Warburton avenue Baptist church, on Wednesday, April 10, at three o'clock P. M. Snecknek. ? 011 Monday morning, April 14, JOHN Snecknkr, aged 02 years. The relatives anil friends of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late resldcncc, No. 3 West Washington place, this day (Wednesday), at half past two o'clock. Scholey. ? Suddenly, on Monday, April 14, Charles sciioley, In the 07th year ot his age. His friends and the members or Ancient Chapter No. 1; Manitou Lodge, No. loo, F. and A. M., or New York, and the fraternity in general, are invited to attend the funeral, from the First Baptist chnrch. Grove street, Jersey city, ou Thursday, the 17th inst., at one o'clock P. M. Ancient Chatter, No. 1. R. A. M.? The obsequies or our late Past illah Priest, Charles Scholey, will take place on 17th in*t., at two P. M., In the First Baptist church, Grove street, near Wavhe, Jersey City. The members of this Chapter arc hereby sum moned to meet at rortlandt street ferry, athalf-padt twelve P. M. punctually, or Thursday next, to at tend the luncrul. Companions or otber chapters are fraternally invited to Join with us m paying tho last tribute of respect to tho deceased. DANIEL WOLFF, H. P. SCHNIBEL. ?On Tuesday, April 15, altera short Illness, Caroline E., wife ol Daniel Sctinebel, aged 23 years, 5 months and 8 days. The relatives and friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend her lunerai, on Thurs day, the 17th Inst., at ten e'cloek A. M., fr#m the First German Congregational church, 138 West Twcnty-lourtii street. Sekles.? on Tuesday, April 15, Sophie, wife of Sliuon Scklcs. Funeral from her residence, 077 First avenue, be tween Fifty-third and Fifty-fourth streets, Thurs day, 17th iust,. at one o'clock P. M. Shi'lts.? Ou Tuesday, April 15, Willis W., adopted son or William E. and Emily Shults. Due notice of the Mineral hereafter. Simpson.? On Tuesday, April 15, Catharine L wile or Llssack U. Hmpson. aged 65 years. Relatives and friends or the family are respect fully Invited to attend tbe Mineral, from her late rceldencc, 107 Huron street, Greenpolnt, Brooklyn, E. D., on Thursday, April 17, at ten o'clock A. M. strockbine.-- At Williamsburg, L. I., on Monday. April 14, Georoe Strockbine, late of Queens, L. In his 54th year. Relatives and friends are Invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday, April 17, at two P. M., from his late residence, 4ns Humboldt street (Colorado row), Williamsburg. VREEi.AND.-on Monday, April 14, Jacob Veee land, in t lie 43d year 01 his age. The relatives, friends, City Lodge No. 408 and Warren Association are respectluily invited to at tend the Mineral, on Thursday, April 17, at one o'clock P. M., from Ills lato residence, 118 White street, near Centre. City Lodge 4os F. and a. M.? Brothers, yon are hereby summoned to meet at our lodrc rooms, Bleecker Binding, corner Bleecker and Morton streets, on Thursday, April 17, at twelve M. sharp, ror the purpose or nttending the funeral of our late brother, Jacob Vrecland. A fail and punctual at tendance Is hereby ordered. By order of ALEXANDER mack, Master. James B. Yohbll, Secretary. Brethren of sister lodges are respect fuliy Invited. Van Antwerp.? on Tuesday, April 15, Lewis Van Antwerp, aged 79 years. The friends ol the family are Invited to attend the Mineral services, ou Friday, INth Inst,, at three o'clock P. M., from his late resldenco, 487 Pacific street, near Fourth avenue, Brooklyn. Van Dyke.? At Hyde Park, N. Y., on Tuesday. April 15, after a lingering illness, Thomas Van D ykb, in the 04th year ef bis age. Belatlves and friends are respectfully Invited to attend the faneral. at hair-past two o'clock p. M. on Thursday, f7th inst. Trains per Hudson River Railroad leave the city at eight A. M. and a carter to eleven A. M. Ward ? At his residence, No. 1 West Fortv seventh street, on Sunday, April 13, Dr. Thomas Ward, In his flfith year. Funeral at Trinity chapel. Wednesday, tbe lath, at hair past teu o'clock A. SI. Relutivcs and Ineuda are invited to attend, without Mirther notice. Willis.? In Harlem. on Monday, April 14, 1878, William M. Willis, aged 73 years. Fnncrul services at the house of hi* son-in-law. E. W. sackett, 54 West 127th street, on Wodneadttf aiternoon. 10th inst.. at four o'clock.

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