Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 12
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THE STATE CAPITAL The City Charter Again in the Clutches of the Assembly. HOW THE PATCHWORK IS TO BE DONE. Grumblings and Grimaces Over the Great Republican Fizzle. GREEI 1 VEXATION EVERYWHERE. Ail Extraordinary Anti-Custom House Vote and No Reason Why. The Motion for a Conference Committee "i. " Again To Be Considered To-Day. . . r" ? .22? Tweed "Moving On" Eastward and Fenian Rossa Looking Vainly to Albany. THE NINETY-MIIVT1I DAY OF THE SESSION. Ai.bany, April 18, 1873. The charter still hangs fire, and there is now a ?troup probability that the greatest struggle be tween the (actions that are warring over It Is yet 10 come. The action of the House this afternoon on the question of postponing the consideration of the bill took almost everybody by surprise who had not been previously let Into the secrets of the chosen lew who last night and early this morning laid THE PLlN OF CAUPAIUN which was so faithfully carried out to-day. It fell to tue lot? rather it was the designated duty? of Mr. Pierson, when the bill was announced Irom the Pen ale, to move to non-concur in the amendments and ask for the appointment of a conference com mittee, the Senate to be requested to appoint a like commlttce on its part. This motion set the ball rolling, and the Uiack norse cavalry who had been well .uppiied with new saddles the night before, came galloping in from the lobbies from ?U sides once t hey had got wind that the t tme for ac tion had at last arrived. Pierson evidently felt that 0 was something in the air that foretold evil ?nd, as he went along to explain why a confer ence committee should be appointed, he changed Ms tone from one of argument to that of supplica tion. Opdyke sided with him, and argued to show THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO nOPSES ?b the bill were so wide that an agreement was Wtterly impossible, unless the aid of a conference committee was called in to save the measure from litter defeat. Then up got Batchcller, from Sara toga. He was all aglow with the Inspiration ,a8t ??nday from his native Congress water, and folding his arms across his manly bosom-the more easily, probably, to curb the la I?,.1^t,Uo?n?.t.hat.ra.?ed wltn,n him? he raitr out the El *8*inst "'o motion to give the bin ovpr let Hf butrn?MCle9h0'. ,he conference commlt /? i u" at the House did not know exactly what the Senate u rncnitmc n ts were Ami luatter. Lincoln, of Ontario then jrot ud nn,iJL,? ?ormed the role alloUed t?% m^fu entfiS aaS? frcuon *11 Spurned, ^ 4 THE DEMOCRATIC LdBftTt^TS KrSSy &3sft*a 1 BnilS, the fnct that they and the Black nfS!*,rLw5re of one accord, and that even a Jou^^ "S^w^e'S^^r know" Re" did not'get' exc/tedC ?risr?sfs? when tt*e bill was 11 rat under consideration or how haa determined to do the very IfthiM Wends were now resolving to do r,ort- J1? ^0^ calmly anddeiibe?*. .tr ss, rjs Senate*b? men'8 raaflB lo ,f,<" by the SKwm Printed as a separate document. Now W . THB ochcinatino point ?f the debate, it the short talk that tnnir nia/>a ?? ^rvo^w^as'y^a^r l"e Vesu,tof .... * STR ANliE SCENE. t?eror? tho vote was taken there wm a fmi nnn... n luct, I do roi remember at anv tiuie this rear of 2m. i i ol postponement, it win in> ?otlced that every republicau from New York cltv 2?d Ofher member in auv War rto^ly idMtV 8? with the tutereata of the so-called ciutnm House party voted not to oMtrnM-Sn nth?! raj iL* ?,K?.?r?iu.v4eu.w.u ?eld in New *ork on Saturdav at which m?m ?r the "old boys" were preseut/.ml several o7 whom ?pc now here, "Just lor a change of air/' it should h5 tmrne In miud that the fttaatS in order tl. Jvi 5^^ itaelf and th^ Houae laat week ?rdered the bill printed before it wm sent Zffti mnif' .^'?Jnstructlon waa faltkfullv carried out *???*?! bl" M ????ded waa on the Ol** of 2ro7w5J? " wlU r**du/ perceived, werc ?he motion of Unco) n '?"t* day all y was to bar# mmmm siijrEr S pH??~ H piled, made up their uunda to have e ?!Til wv< "d theyoettied qpon tne doTu ??eadment printing idea ** t lie fc?w??w. ... u c*n,m, K5. the ?mi ff/LT9*. BUtm eare^T.,! U' th# ckmrHfT ?? tiirr can. Th#? SSHSKSSSs ?Huin it? rndit * >u- ">?r w?ll e? charter Ji * J the roau^ U,'r ould be indeed a reiw.hV" ?, * <Jeniocrat* mi*ht weiiTiLm?!, "1 <** vh due tb? overthrow on i.J . . l" lb',r efforla ?cal opposes ta. of tlie of tbtir poU \ The Senate to bu?7* ?'m?wtiiiiii, ?P wit* the kaain^vt ttet la?5 du?!l fftcWl,t ?lege of exeltt*<vely charter ou2rati?n5 ^ ?Duaa of bills and reaoiuuona liad ^ l,u*r ?he lower Howe, a. wen ? t?o? ri?^ci5j the ttpportuuiiv -v?t. R Stfca urg, fbo charter ?> jSb. n?, ( ^ ^ . Tmu? RKADtNi t U r ill La. ^ \JSSfS *ay Of the seMloa aa.i jrlth til thifl nh*w qj iurrr Ork hlk<..n ' ? m'U'MissjSfa zzjs aw a/. The Important and btctAiurt mum , r lr p *' yf! nnlntrodueed. aad 'un? Bic* ^ wl ?4> wrth miail local inttura. Coinmutet ,h' reporf 01 IUe ^ailroa.1 KelatwL^wtalUI^S JT Ce#?l0'w,, ?ntro.ioo ? \,j SW!?SlZZtm wt*u ^ "ru>* nuoboi* ( THJi MIGHT TO I'ltFF p I c a P I Sil !,LT<^TOMr ?***?>* Uwu tao "d trial the r# port be diaurreed to. and aaid ?m!i, /.!, [otrodaoedThe bill without much eousTle?t ??d foond Mace that ibe genorai o," ? ?i h* tyor of ?t. jj? thought it wouid ae uSriut 222J? vu ? great amount of ie^iAttol Cf* SSE? """"" ?' ????; 2Su?iyt HKU> HERE nayi-EVTi r OYER rra timr E2n ' ,/ '<?* :e<,,,lrem#nu ?f tu" railroad lor .la ???. Jt IS avvcaaa ry, MpaMcrio* Una ?mount of legislation. that members should have lr cc pas;ea ?>> law, and thus be removed from any sense or obligation to the compunles. Senator Madden, wh? is chairman ol the Rail road Committee, replied that the Legislature bad no more right to make railroads ear ry them free than to mue hotels feed them free. Senator James Wood wsa of the opinion that rail road companies did not give passes at present to members from purely patriotic motives. He would have been In favor of a bill to prevent companies from giving passes to members, but that had been tried and was found inoperative. He was aware of THB OBLIGATIONS nnder which members now feel they are placed and thought they should follow the example of Pennsylvania in the matter, requiring the rail roads to give free passes to all members during their terms of office. Senator Benedict thought that railroads were for the benefit of the pubUo, and that this bill should pass. Mr. Tlemann said he had passes over all the rail roads in the State, but felt under no obligations to legislate lor the benefit of those roads. Senator Lewis' motion to disagree with the re rrt of the committee was carried by 12 to and the bill was referred to the Committee of the Whole. Till FBRSONNBL OF THB RAILROAD COMMITTEE. The Senate Committee on Railroads is composed ol Messrs. Madden, Cock, Uakcr, Wagner and Fos ter, and of these the first two aloue are uncon nected personally with railroads. Wagner Is pro prietor of the Wagner drawing room cars, and Is, through that connection, Interested In every first class railroad In the State. Raker Is the financial agent of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, aud FoHtcr to a dire if j gf ltyg ?ew York and Oswego 8TBAM PQWBR ON TBI CAN AW. A discussion of some length ensueu on the bill continuing the powers of commissioners appointed under the act to secure the Introduction of some motor power other than animal upon the canals for one year beyond the time named therein. A motion to recommit the bill was lost, and It was passed. Senator Benedict called up the bill In relation to THE IIOMK FOR FALLEN ANI1 FRIENDLESS UIR1.S, which failed to pass last several evenings, and It was passed. MILLER AGAIN. The resolutions Introduced In the Assembly some months ago to expunge from the report of the Su perintendent of Insurance Mr. "Miller" the per sonul statements made therein (Mr. Miller at that time being under an Investigation), were railed up to-night by Senator Perry. The whole matter wan referred to the Insurance Committee to report Thursday morning. Senator Palmer's resolution referring ALL MINOR BILLS TO TUB GRINDING COMMITTEE is a preparatory move for the rush of buslA$k always attendant at closing hours. Senator Allen amended It, providing for a preferred caleudar, on which each Senator may designate the bill he would prefer to have discussed In a Committee or the Whole, and such bills should comc first in order until the calendar Is exhausted, when a new calen dar shall be similarly made out. A Ol'ARIl OF HONOR. The Lieutenant Governor announced the follow ing as the committee to wait on Mr. Charles Fran cis Adams and conduct him to this cltr. where be Is to deliver a memorial oration on Seward next Friday Senators Perry, Woodln, Adams, John son and Murphy. DONOVAN ROMA'S PLEA for Tweed's place Is received with so little consid eration by the Senate Committee on Privilege** and Elections that that worthy Fenian hero has little or no chance of succeeding Tweed during the pres ent session. The law of the case Ih sadly mixed, nothing being certain except that "Tweed and lus lawyer," as O'Donovan states, have resigned a seat that it Is further claimed he never held, and the constituency of the Fourth dis trict have been entirely unrepresented in the Senate for two winters. Beyond these facts, whether Rossa won the election or Tweed forfeited his seat l>y absence, or whether there is a seat for Rossa to take, the Clerk of the Senate having long ago re moved Tweed's desk to make room, are matters that no ordinary committee mar determine. It is quite probable that Rossa will never get an answer to bis modest request. TWBBD EAHTWAKD BOUND. Sergeant-at-Arms Young, In answer to a telegram to the Chief of Police of Toronto, received the fol lowing despatch to-day . Tonowro, April 15, 1871 William M. Tweed left hero yesterday It Is believed here that the "Boss" Is not on hl? way to New York so as to allow the Erie Investiga tion Committee to examine him. The Affirmative Voters Deny that Thejr Wert "Influenced"? Green Thriwn la as a Merc Ancillary? A Democratic Gain. ALBANY, April 16? Evening. There are some new developments concerning 1 the charter to-nlght w?icn flirot? considerable light upon the action of certain members who voted amgng the ayes this afternoon on the ques tion bf postponement. One and all deny that any peculiar Influences were brought to bear upon them, and all declare that the Tammany lobby had nothing to do with the way they voted. It would now seem that the Custom House defeat was brought about, po the republicans I refer to assert, by the determination of the latter not to give a conference committee a chance to open all TUB OLD SORBS IN THB CHARTER, especially as It got hinted about early in the morning that If the bill did get there all the beads of departments retained In the bill would be cut out. Cnder the circumstances the friends of Van Nort, Henry Smith and Delatlcld smith deemed it best to pass rouna the word to kill the motion for n conference committee, so that the Senate amend ments might be concurred In to-morrow, even to the extent ol including Oreen in the bill as one of the retained. However, it must be understood that this decision is a very happy one for Green, for his opponents in the Assembly, who are a clean three-filths vote of the House, were willing to keep him In the bill only on condition that a supplementary bill should be introduced defining the powers of the Comptroller and making him an elective officer from next Fall. The democrats, it is said, have been consulted on this point, and will make no great fight against concurring with the Senate amendments in view of the arrangements. Indeed, It is said that a promise has been given by several ol them thot they will vote lor the bill as It came trora the Sen ate under all the conditions I have referred to. A (JRKAT ORAL OF INDIUNATION is expressed by some of the republicans at the Custom House folks who abandoned the men who have all along stoutly fought for them in both houses. To-morrow the question of. concurrence i will be definitely decided. The combination which defeated the conference committee advocates to day are confident, and as squalls are looked for vet, may It uot be asked how the republicans will i>e able to pass the supplementary bill to put an end to Mr. Green next Fall, In view of the fact that it will require unanimous consent In both houses to even Introduce It r Finding that the republi cans are determined on putting the charter through by concurring with all the Senate amend ments, if report speaks truly to-night, and that < tbev cannot, after all, kill It outright, do the demo crats not gain at least one point they have fought for as a blind In saving Mr. Green f CANAL FROM TROY TO LAKE CHAMPLATN. In the Assembly this evening the House went Into committee on the bill providing for a ship canal from Troy to Lake Champlain. The discus sion of the bill was Interesting, and was particl Eated in by several members. After a lengthy de ate the bill was ordered to a third reading. PASSED. The bill creating a Board of Commissioners of Emigration and the Senate bill amending the New ' York common School act making provision tor the appointment of trustees by the Board of Education , were passed. TUB CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS ESCORT. The following committee were apoolnted on the I part of the House to wait on Mr. Charles Francis Adams and escort him to- this city for the Seward | Memorial Oration Messrs. Clapp. Pierson, Husted, batch. iier, Vedder, 0. G. Cornell and Mackln. SHIPPING NEWS. AlmBMe for Mew York? Tbta Day* *rw AS9 MOOS. Hnn r,Kf*. 6 21 >uu teU. a 40 Mouu r.tts ....eve 10 67 man watrr. Got. Island... morn 10 38 Fandy Hook.. morn ? 68 Ilelt Uftte eve 12 23 OCEAN STEAMERS. ? ATM or PirtKTrKR FKOM KIW TOM FOR TBI MONTH UK APRIL. .Sail*. April It. Trlnarria April II Bremen April lt>. Qi< 11I WttlniiK'n April 17. fiMMM* 1 Aprli 17. *?aln I April if. hi? i?i Ant?rerp..|Anril l!?. A lri?tir I April if. taniornia April tf. **it.ia f April t*. Vitl? da Mavt*.. 1 April IV ?MIL.... Iiiinikjii Hrm Vt?rfc *<<iun>t>u Citj o4 Baltimore April M. April fl. AfrilS April a April 24,, April M ; ? *prn .1 ffeataehiand \pni M /<MMM4-iiii. 2V Broad war 7 Bowlinif (Jreen 2 Bou ling Ureen li Broadway. til Broadway. 1 69 Broadway. 15 Broadway. IV Broadway .7 Bowling Ureea 41 Broadway. |M Br >ad war. 2 Bowhngilreea 9 Broadway 2 Bowling Ureen 7 Bowling Ureen l.'> Broadway ,61 Broadway. >2 BowllnvOreao iw Broadway 15 Broadway 7 Bowl in? oreen \) Broad way 2? Broa iwar 1 BotrUuK Ureas rOUT or NEW TOM, APRIL 15, J8>8. CLEABE2X PieamOiip Bn?u rBr>. Cook, Uverpool via Queanrtowii ?4* li rranrktvu. Mt aniitiip 1 iaai < ui my, Cartla. llavaaa-Wm p riyda A ?* awiliip V?, Dvariorn, Havauuati-Nurray . Pcfrla M c* Twiijr ....... . . . . < Itv ?( Unil *. India Hlhtr V*i,t attau April M April if April M. April K April an April V Uverooot. Olaagow... Bremen... Ll vert), Mil . Hamburg . hivcrpool. ireruoo!. l.lvtroi 10I Ulaaaow. . llatnliurf . Havre Bremen. .. tiiverpool. Bremen .. Ola^nw . Liverpool. lla*i?urg . Bremen Liverpool., Liverpool . Olaimowr. ... I. ivernool.. I L.|vrrlKl<>l . . i Bremen. ... flteamnlilp OhubilM, Adklns, Charleston ? H R Mor ale* in "hip Wyanoke, Walker. Norfolk, City Point and Richmond ? Ola Dominion Steamship Cc. ship Elisabeth Nicholson (Br), Webster, Antwerp? Ar ki ll, Tufts k Co. ' ' ship Lillian (Br), Nicholson, Bremen? Boyd A Hlneken. Hhip Ncarcbns, Fierce, Ban Francisco? Geo D Button. Bark Jenny (Oer), Wlericha, Bremen ? F Behwoon. Bark Atbena (Oer), ChristolTcr?, Bremen Yin Phlladel phla-C Tobias k Co. Bark Frigate Bird (Nor), Lippe, Cronstadt? Funch, Udye k Co. Bark Venture (Br), Fetor*, Matanzas ? J O Ward. Brig Ho flu (Hp) Garriga, Barcelona? K Pais k Co. Brig Wiley Smith (Br), Joliusou, Cape Haytl? Isaac R Staples k Co. Brig Ida C (Br), Williams. Havana-J B FhtlllDi * Bona _ Brig Willow Bras (Br), Perkins, Havana? Bird, Perkins k Job. Brig D 8 Boule, Roule, Matansas? J H Winchester k Co. Brig James Miller, Thonibs, Cardenas? Miller k Hough ton. Brig Homely (Br), Le Daln, New Carlisle? Geo Y Bul ,CJr,g Martha, Cassldy, Galveston? C H Mallory k Co. Setir John Ifcxu), Howell, Havanilla. Bcbr L> 8 Davis, Starling, Trinidad (Cuba)? Jonas Smith k Co. Fchr S C Noyes, Ix>e, Baracoa? B J Wenberg. Bchr Annie Powers, Sparks, Harbor Island? B J Wen b<rtc^r Abhie Bursley, LoveU, New Orleans? N H Brig ham. Schr C P Gerriah, Armstrong, Portsmouth? Jed Frye k Bchr Ellen Perkins, Kelly, Providence? H W Jackson A Co. Srhr Dr Frsnklin, Rmith, New Haven? Rackett k Bro. Sloop James Henry, Reams, New Haven? Rackett k Bro. Steamer Murn, Crumley, Philadelphia. ' Philadelphia, Davis, Philadelphia. Steamer 1 ARRIVALS. u.'- ToPgi ToUmflva., carte*.. w d?y. JfE^dRTH) BY TUB ITKHALD STEAM YACITT3 AND IIKRALD WHITE8T0NB TBLBOBAPH LINK. Steamship Java (Br), Martyn, Liverpool April Sand Qi.eeiwtown6th. wlUi mdw and M pawnger" to 0 0 ^P'illlinOW, Iod 35 22, pained aCunard ste amer bound caat; name date, lat 44 41, Ion 4ft 28 passed lat 4:1 5l fii'Va1 " * X.X 210' l,0UT>d we?l- 13th, I'th U t MTV p^d" an 'InmTn JiSSme? do steamer do '"lftth lit i"' fn^ *? An?1""- line steamer do.' ' lms#e(1 a N?"onal Minnesota (Br), Freemen, Liverpool Anrll 2 Coun'd rant 1 an Ancllor Wne steamer, g:r,:r.i!?st'j Co Uad moderate SW up to the last twS dav? Ind" 3fc?WM&rW *" W' "h "rt Aprtl'li Llwoaffi aud ?>***ea?er* 10 0 ^ Mallory A Co. Bad steamship Montgomery, Kalrcloth, Savannah April 12. with nidse and passengers to R Lowdcn. P * ?i.h?lni" p j?an Hazard, Savannah April 12 "> W R Garrison. P ' ?!,? p <'^#nlP'on, Lockwood, Charleston April 12 12 mi l?? s\V nf 0l^rn"c/8uio " R Morrnn A Co. 13lh Inst. ichr R Vltawk^"boMn<l !w?i?tii.0XC tign4la wi,t> a?dtoN2?ft.'ik Rwlih ^i" UwrfnM' Richmond. City Point oTln lon SWanuhip Corhpany? ?)as?en*0"1 * ?"> ^ Do "?llru'' (per), Wllschkz, London 63 davs with rod ho to Punch, Kdye A Co. Took tho midnin $ftK"&n'22 d moduratu w??U?er; been 40 days weat wiw'BffT.'SSirfisa Kwar ?. BurA ? 11 UuYftJ (of Yarmouth. N8), Hilton Middle*. boro S6 days, with railway Iron to order ; vessel to Rovd A llincken. Took the northern passage and had modpr ale weather lo Ion 90 W ; thence to the Banks ?/, westerly gales; from thence VfffHJ&VlS Hark Nermod (Nor). Krog, 8wansea 46 d&va with rail, waylron to order; vessel to Punch, Edvc & Co. Took the southern passage and had fine weather to Bermuda from th erfre 14 days with strong W and N W galea. Bark Juno (Swc), Nasholm, Rio Janeiro 68 day*, with ?0.^ r> n(lrc.wil" t(' w a rt k Co ; vessel toTetenfiVck. inann. OroMcd the onuator March 17 in inn \r . ?, ?/i lit^^diSl!1^1* *? <?N?thcn li*ht easterly winds to !S ultti ? ??i nee. strong, yariable winds; been 6 days north of H altera*. March 4, lat 17 46 8, Ion 28 60 W, exchanged VWV& * showing ftth pendant Maryatt's eoie No 0749. from Olasgow for Ortago! 39 days out ; aamS date" re/ mm assy* i r%se y.r.uw.^5w%,v d#y# north ? JmB Wart A?c?r' Plcrce' Za,& 16 d*ys' wlth to wiBth'?S.??n!i0SrV "*?*??. W?P'ande del Bui 69 days, Inr Mr^h5in?-^l(l05^n,fiJri?hikCo Crossed the Equa tor March SI In Ion 43 SO W i had varifihle weather* hnpn 7 days m>rth of Berm nda ; A arch 80, lat 21 67 N. Ion' 61 57, |?L? n7 American sU am frigate bound south. Brig Orfopea (of HaUiax, N8). Atkins, Arecelbo PR 15 Woir'jTfti! "ifJJi !i? Hlcki Pahlngr vessel to H J Do Wolf m Co. Had fine weather up to the 12th Inst* then l"0' ' heavy gale from HE, veering to NW In which lout Halter a^u J'b "* ? te?n#b?y]T north of Br wi?? Mrlg Adeline Rlrharilson, Crov days, with sugar to the Comtnercli ?el to Know A Richardson. Been teras, with heavy gale* from NB and N\V. sugs 'to'order *' ?*Vln' Tri*M,u,? Cob? with - A hr J^nhoff, Tamplco 20 dayg, with nking Echeverria A Co. Had fine weather* iJ!i Maracaibo), Jneobsea, Matanzas via Hl"uSU ;rr,f rf"kW,ter li,Ur'- "Uh Benjamin ^ ^n%^TboTn' 8"u? 9 ^wWveV^^m^: 5Sin? stn "na w! wind**?* r 10 IUtUrM; toence 4 days, with i?l!r *! nrt * Tlb{1,u- Virginia. fchr A C Lyon, Lyon, Baltimore. steamship City of Antwerp (Br), which arrived miles f rasa v*"iTUll?r*' rfP',rt?- April is, 338 ffremen *teamer^lmu^Bd?ea.t?*C ?1'MU wlth ? The ship I'lty of Perth, from Calcutta, which arrived Jan '2l1n Ion' 87 ST-'VJh a liqu*!^r,,n l1* Inil,?n Oeeiin i j ^ 87 oO K , Keh ?, 7 and 8, lat 26 20 8 ion 6i is R ssrs rtiurna "Zeeti3$? lee rrVlde S ?lT mX,enffwe?tk;i p'Std '"c'ipe'P^f u??,wV?or* /*b ^ ?* Helena M?f, h 9. Ascension w' MaJiSiaa' nSrSTfi'i 1 Equator March 19 in Ion 21 30 w , March * off 8t Helena, spoke shin Burvt 8t Fdmnmi frotn Maurltliis for Londnn ; March li. lat 5 22 s ion 16 2li 0S'l 8 ?on rTw (SrL for Dundee: 18th, lat 2 , ?? ^ if Altoa*a, from Swansea for Vaina* ralso, .9 days out. JIM, lat 1 11 N. ion 21 42 w .hin ci.: ? Sr'u'*'i!l0,Jl '?r London ; 23d, lat '23 41 ion uti**")! p ?. ?V'ft<?m Calcutta for Dundee ? iwth lat S ti N, Ion 2*146 W, ship Bed Deer, froni^ AiinrUfw; Liverpool. l.B day* out : April U. lat .V 10 8 Ion TO IS W exchanged signals wit>i a screw Vteamer ?h,? n. ; white tla<. with red ball In ihc centre, steering 8*7 .?T,^ ?h|P Mlnnehaba. which arrived on the 13th in?tant report* took the middle passage: March 26 1st 48 Ion 'w' had a heavy gale from NW. Tasting 24 hours hi wbl^W lost lower lualntopsall; been todays west of the Bank*. The bark Harvester, from Cevlnn and ii.... wf"S arrived 14th, reports:? llad llgbt vartnbla w nds to the Equator; In the Indian . ,cr?~A ?'?" ?" Ion ? E; th? had the 8R trMd<*? rerr iight* oa?ieil fun* AV n !l ii?52i A*}Ui *** winds to tlfc Kqoator io i? fkLV!. ? whl^l "?" erosned on Varrhiun lon Ion (>8 02, exchanged ?ignali with a In t. h i > Jl 11 4th pendent. No A. fto'm Ja'v.Z I'aaacd Through Hell Qatt, BOUND HOl'TFT. Steamship Olaueus, Walden. Boston for Xew York .i'i. mdseand uassenpers. t-. II K liimo. k "? wl h Hchr Modesty. Weaver, Providence for New Vork T8chr James Buchanan. Brown. Pr?nde7ce to. Now y8ehr Pell 8 C Vought, Hallock. 8tonln,w.n for K.w York* Jam?' P#rke'' 8r- ''?"tucket for New ET;i!.V,nlIr?.,,WP,rJov1<,ene? for *'w Vork. colli ^*nti9' "all. Bridgeport tor New York port parkle' "hropshlre, ProrWeace lor Elizabeth 2rDl ? Beam. Barber, Bridgeport for >ew York 2Ck ?? 8eraaton, Bearse, New Havea for Vew y(1pk 8chr l lotighlKiy, Klllolt, New tx>ndon tor New York "chr Jos Hall, Cornell, kew Hsreti f?r V* gclT J N Seymour. Hickey, Newport for New Vnlt gchr Charley Miller, Jones, Ne wP H* f( rV. :L p8chr Sarah Brown, Austin. Providence tor Ph,Ud7l. lumbheMonr?l'lk.UreU' P?rtI'UKl ^ Vort. with Vork.' ,Urrlet G4rdlner* MlU,r- F?u ^ver for Kew phinhr H*rriet Ry,n' "obblns, Somerset for Phlladel Schr Oolden Bnle, Wilson, Norwich for New Y?rV York* 8ar*h B Buckte^ ^"c kley , Wee; (mm , to? Kew Hchr Clara Post, Perils. Portchester for New Y,.rk V^r Samuel P&odwtn, Waterbury. Z Kew Schr J R Mitchell. Morrell, Greenwich for New v?r* Steamer 'Mia tea, (iale, Erovidease tor Sjy? y irk * mdse and paueogera. ?ura, with BOUND KA9T. 2*.rk/f*,,<1 B1".flulton. Otla. New York for Bo^on ^Brlg Orlone (Br>, Robinson, Elisabethport for Ht John, ^ R?"oll, New York for Norwl-h Schr Alice Oaks, Mason. Port Johnson for B^th bchr Warren Yates, Smith, New York for VrovEienr. Schr S Benedict. Clark, New York for Ernvtdei , ? 6* km J } f ''f1*. ?'*rl,h*|n. noboken tor Wareham dem-e' Raymond, Lord, Port Johnson for Provl. v^'hr Mary Tlce, Dunham, Ellxabethport tor New ||?. ' ?.!* "/."J"11' 8m',h- KHxabethport for Norwich gl'b' Jfywltos, Derwott, Philadelphia for Bocknort KvaDHertv.Ilaad. Ellaabet/iport fer PrSvfdeiee bchr Ell fownsend, Adamv New Yerk lorVrovt/i^?,^' Srbj An'?h -11, Sel"?- Virginia lor Olenwood tucket ' Burton, Johnson. Ilobokeu for t~aw. Schr Thas Murtord, Taylor, New Tsrk fer Pr?,ri^.?^? S:hr Jas Allstrwn Cobb, New *urk lor New lluvcn 8<lir Minerva, Haley, New York tor fell NeT Vork^ Brlatol land. 0Mr' 0MW*Jt. Eort Johnson for Beck a Ta?ro11, 'If.**' 1rw Tork for Boston of ^ .T ^lnef? Wlnrr, >ew Vork tor Hriiurcnort ham PPl Nick*r*'n- Now York lor North' Chat de8ncer?Wr,e W ?*rrer. llobokea for Provl &?r ?*rt??'.?hera,L ilew Tork tor Greenwich. ?lll i Eerria. New York for Poc^Vster uft! u WUliains, Morrell, uiw York tor Stamford. Hetor Margarelta, Wanaer, New York tor OlenTove " bmUh' Nlcke'?". "?? VortX

Vitamer < Jala tea. title, Mew Tort for Pall River. > BELOW. ??? 'n? 1^Spos! W c , p^k^V"*"1 ^ *? '? 0* Pilot boat SAILED. J8F832& ^c&&%rySSZ^ *"? Ravan f:?rdeniu ? ifhr. Hfmoro ? ^ern??dina ; Julia P Carney, 5g?> a:ar;^ p ? l*?rl?e Oliaiteri. hour. eak WM ? the rate of 2K inches per ?k?SSS??':? SatfefS; ??. in ib7i), m iJSSm ssssfKs.a'iis issr"' Point ?Lor? *e Ported ashore on Pull iifcT wams badly opened, and ^Le v^aiSi miiihUr? b?*ch. The sea made a clean breach over Sh ?mi hM'SS"?^ S:^?SSS ana a portion of her deck floated Into one of the dork w al s?^&k3F**9?8?8b IaTo Kc" ag%&|?%& SS55 &TJ& loss of fore SSull^r Vingtttkt'nt? NewVort & a ^iorouS frnm'pjS* if.?t CB* April 5? The schr 8 R Oevo, Keating K J?? K MttlRraye for Ronton, with passengers snrmur pairl? outnido the harbor, ani^i Tacit R \viUvn"i0' AP.r'J '?Th? VltenPG (Belgian brio), Nassel for nJi!I? n i' whlc1' *fas 'n collision on this place with the Orion (?), is proceeding up the river. ?fs%HHw^I'5?,f4 fn'w rr{?r^ re ,roln Cape Uavti:? "Sh- appeared w?Mr ?I?K^ il.T0*??1 of about 800 tons: bull painted 5.%5.7ltb * whl,c ?a"d i moulding on her escutcheon oa!nfp)i SrMohi0n * P'*?* ground ; foremast and bowsprit ma?t br?eh??t,I<lyJH,orey'rd P"nted black. and mC sliigsss ;g?sa???! spok <? March 2cf *n ' [a t "<9 (N* 'l o n iTuPl^Zk W#? ????>?. March 29? Advices from Rio Janeiro dated t" e K v^r "Sr^(ri;Rjei(JfUh1'lerin,!' npar San Antonio, of Bolivia^ N^Xtlon ^mphaSy"rB? ?f <?' k'vsnw'lI'^rvln^'^^Va^outU^fo^NewVnrk'/Ii?' a0' in^thnnm' h"^?^ ***' PUt <Ut? thia P?rt *7? WlthloM Inlat 25h rMn8d68"Pl5riEnCe th? tST,1''!16' ?.r *?& ,*? " sW, witlT torrents" whirh /.or ? aw.fy .thB three topgallantmasts. boom? The fL ?y miL'i e topmast heads and III? mom. ino fore and main lower topsails blew to ni?A?? &SS;?k?sSwHSs; broken. About 80 tons ot the car*o wp?? ih^?? ovorboard, and Uie ship steered for^MauriSua. Bh2 Is now being discharged and repaired. Portions of the m?i^? co?demaed by (lie surveyors an being unfit for ro ported'by ca'hlej ^Qm Ume ,0 Ulne> ^"viously re Messrs 8umn?r. Swasey Nawburyport, by letter from Calcutta, dated th? ?hin' P? m *?'" of shlp Importer, state that iun k ? l>pnph Ka -H, Nowburyport. no date, run down and sunk a r rench bark. The crew was saved. fprl1 2?T,,'e forest Queen, from Calves t?1? Liverpool, was spoken in a disabled state. lat 41 Nj Ion 30 W, by the Isabel, arrived here from Jamaica tfb* forest Queen arrived at Liverpool April 1) April S ? About 105 tons of Ihe cargo. 98 of whlrh having been on top, are In good oonditon have if^n ?!f1l'5rKCd e? Engelbcrt, Ifcliehr, Sum flSii Fran* clsco, which was stranded at Carlisle Fort, March SI - ih* ?Tbe*n5 saved. carg?' which I. more S le? 22^2 BlKbt"^N^^Vtefirge,^8^rnl*oV1 rrovlncetewntIfrirm Boston for ( astlue, weat ashore on Lowell's Point' n?2 U badly sprung and partially nil?d wfth water. f0^ Abhle Perkins, Reyaolds* fVom New York for London, naphtha and benrin# /2? sW? *ihn. tSA'^ar ssts^sf' kindness and landed them here last evenfnur when thpv PUed \veMrdltt.Dr ^?^orU.v amf Vheft w2nu?? Agent 1 earce, Shipwrecked Mariners' Society "j"se?"i4fSV7a, "ii: Kfvur, Spoken. la? 2 U WhJ) ^cporte<1 Am)' wuth, pCb 28, ?.u{PaMn(??r)l fr?m I>en*acola for London. March Man'^ iifiiit 4&f Ion 2ften' ,ro,,, Bremcn for New York. r^cP.^%M.mri?77Tloan8/KwNeW Y?rk f?r 8,n r.?ePbr^lST,'?,iSrNr.,t& X "ambur' for V-,p-" FrJ'^re'b 28."lat?M ".Von ? sW^00' for 8an March 27^ lat49 iS^fon 7<oSm Breme' for Phil'delPh'a. Febfflk lat o's.Von ^w"6' fr?m B?,,0n for San Fr*nciKo, Y Br"N/srcb MfuM4,rionK49 ' lken' from Brcm? for New 80W,r|oia*" ?' the l"ore,t (Br)' bo,,nd w' April a, lat lafrfn Mo'sow? Hong Kong (,) for New York- "eb 2, <wuh oi^.nod^lSVonfr- 'r0ai Mladle?boro for M.B?UVs!?fltAV#in London for *?" Tork. M?r^^?5n.0,VikeVonl20n IUmbur? f?" Philadelphia, dateHi* lm n.'er,?n' 'rom L,verp001 for Cardenas, no D^fa.?a1Wffl?M,wIilTerp001 for8aa "*ncl?o. ?MNjSlSaO W*W ?rka,U for UverP?ol, March 2. lat njutt N.TJV^0" Uverp001 for 6an Francisco. Feb Foreign Porta. ?. *ans?!r?BEsj?s ?ehr Lisale Dakers (Br). McDonald do F'ench, do; tt"N>;?nT W-8*^d' Boomerang (Br). nJw yo?t0*' April *?>rChaa McCarthy. Cobb, cii'1?diK! 4;4,'? AfiU, "Sgirit rena for north of llatteras nenry, sierra Mo fe; s?.?!ss^5is?fcas! orta ;^tb.^rk*CoMtanJtU0r*N(Jr'' Tali.^^^ mmmmm Robinson, f ManLaniss ; ......... Cuh?T4?Ii? Ji*1! *~Arr'r*<1' xteamer Santiago do Ri s?wwv3S? srS (Oetr'V^VwPV!,rk^tt^?#*m*h,P "ammonia 7te? hl" ("r>. wXeVjy.VVirr'kf^i^ ,"Wn"h?P (Oer), InjUp^ ' 't,*m<h'p K?* ???. .nd West Ar n dn Ger )A ?)ry e r w ' J o't. ' " * m 1 P Erneit MorlU cb,%^;rr (Br'- 0,bbo^ Hr Joh?, NH, April U?<'l. ,rr i' lihVL B Moata (Ousdaloup* i ; Nortb.tu' Home"'?. ?r?rEt Fniaclsco. 1S- Arrived, schr Atalanta. Turner. Ban ?n c'dar PP" (Mr,? <Hs"; Sailed 2vth, bark Mary McKrs.VbarD. Xe w York. ?ria Atucua inri, isrrio, nam more ; nn, narks ry (Br). Itndds, New Verk ; Ranqnereau (Br), , Cardenas ;brics Mary K Thompson, Hooper, la; Jaai. a M wiswell. (Jlover, do. KPaa ?TBi?sm? Cirr or A*rw*ar.l larch S-M Philadelphia via Bona. A wow a. March K? sailed, Uaetaao Mepeito, Maggiolo, Rata to l? in Kingroad Aprils, fmplre, Oaklay, from Darteo for (tloueesisr. BairaaT, April t? Hailed, Charger. Rngllsh, Penaaeola. RaaaaausTsa, March M? Arrived. Per a. ilibtwrd. New York. Raanan, March O? Cleared. Thor, KatNn, America. Boaaoa Avaaa, PahM? Kalled, Pathflnder, Morehotua, "foreign port-,*' osprav, Taylor, do; 27th, Margaret weir, Mcl'haii. Valparaiso. Cor*, April 1? Arrtved, Neptnne. Edwards, Pensacola. Cadis. March 27? Arrived, Commerce, Poaaett, Boston. Calcutta, April J? Arrived, Lucy H Wills, Pritcbard, Boston via Madras. Dual, April 3? Pawed, Sunny Region, Delap, from Maw tqt BtetUn. Dovrr, >? Ofl, AJ Popa, Scofeldt, from Hamburg for Philadelphia. t f Panned 1st, Graee E Cann, Cann, fronj ?* ScluR, Marrh Si? Arrived, Eulalia, BergstroiJl. York ; Hertfordshire, Noel, Han Francisco. Elsihohr, March 31? In the Sound. Brilliant. Jena, from New York for Stettin; Mary A Nelson, McNutt, from Philadelphia for u<>. KtmouTB. April 8 ? Sailed, Elizabeth Douirall, White (from New fork). Londonderry. Gm?at Yarmouth, March Si? Off, Charles Northcote, CUuasen, from for America. Oujoow, April I? Arrived, Alexandria (s), McKay, ?w York. Havrr. April 1-Arrlved. J P Wheeler, Jenkins, New York; Bablno, 1'alne ; Marcla 0 Day. Chase; Caledonia, ESSX. "nd Reguiua, Hansen, New Orleans; Freydls, Sr 9? cJv Baltimore leans. Oermanla (s), Winzen, Havana and New Or viiiKua0^: tf ??>timore; Balumore' AprU *~Arrlved. Oluaeppe Prota, Oalatoia, aiuSston lot^Sremtn. 00 ^ 8*,oM> ^rechteen, from 8pHr?8ul^wYorkmP0a' C'rt#r' C4r<5lff= M- Derb^ Cleared 2d. Leopoldine Fraude, V?l*t. Citv Point- ah? (?), Kills, and Win G Putnam. frltts,* Aew orCw; U ? Routh, Martin. New York; City of Brooklyn. Cousins R? John, NB ; Dronning Louise, limn, Xw^rkj feo Davenport, Boag, One bee. ' * Entered out Ski, Atalanta, Henry, for Hampton Roads ? Prussian (s), Dutton, Montreal: Manhattan (s), Price, New York; Richard Robinson, Stetson, and Yosemile Mack, do. 1 Off Great Ormeshead March 31, Investigator, Eord. from Liverpool fo' Balumore. London, April S? Arrived, D New York; Mikado, Ilberry, d?. . c'o*fcd 3d, Nuovn Marietta, Magliocca, and Lulgl Mon tuorl, De Maria, New York. Sailed trom Gravesund Sd, Daphne, Dreyer, Provi dence. Limkkick, April 1-Arrived, Albion, Olsen, Dobov. LpNpoNnEKnv, April 2-Arrlvod, Norsk Plag. Nielsen, Ballluioti Bailed 2d, flvalen, Boe, Baltimore. Lkith, April 2? Sailed, Win Cummlnjfs, Miller, Boston. Pknaktu, April 2? Arrived, Nouautnm, Thomas, and Belle Morse, Gregory, Iiverpool. Hailed 1st, Enos Soule, Soule. Rio Janeiro. Probolinuo, Feb 7? Arrived, Borneo, Walker, Singa pore , s Qukenstown, April 2? Arrived, Loyal Sam, Lindberg. San Francisco tand sailed 31 lor Newcastle). Hailed March 31, Facderncslandet, lljelm, Rotterdam ; April 2, John O'Gaunt, Dowden, Gloucester; City of Eoo oltow, Tate, Antwerp; Joscfa, Koch, do; 3d. West Derby, Uran. Rotterdam; Loch Dee, Miller, Hull; Tltania, Exe ter. Kusobank, Marrh 21? Put in, J P Erlksen, Lohmann, from New York lor Hteitin. Nwanska, April 2? Arrived, Southern Belle, Bobbins, Bristol. Kwinemundr, March 29-Sallcd. Dienstag, Radmaun, New York; Franklin (s), Dehuicke, do via Havre. [Pun Steamship Java. 1 Ardrossan, April 2? Sailed, River Krishna, Perrln, Sao Francisco. Antwkrp, April 2 ? Arrived, Caernarvon Castle, Jones, San Francisco. Sailed .id. Unto. Tabellc, Philadelphia. Arrived at Flushing 3d, King of Algeria, Smith, Phila delphia, Alexandria, E, March 19-Arrlved, America, Baas, New York. Bristol, April 4? Arrived, Foam, Tullock, Charleston ; 8th, Brilliant Star, Carver, Wilmington. la Klngroad 4th, John O'Gaunt, Bodcn, San Francisco for Gloucester. Bkkmerhaten, April 1? Sailed, Baltimore (a). Lillen hein, Baltimore (and from Southampton 4th) ; Koln (s). Franke, New York. Bordeaux, April 3? Arrived, Hilda, Olsen, New York. Sailed 2d, Socrates, Blonnes, Now York, Arrived at Paulliac 2d. Allegro, Kempr, Baltimore. Brouwrrsravkn, April 9? Arrived, Vesta, Davids, New York (and left for Helvoet); Nederland A Orange, Haasn sot. do; Hylphlde, Chrlstenseu, Boston ; Heriuine, Wilms, Baltimore-. . Cardiff, Aprils? Arrived, Lawrence Brown, Williams, Havre. Entered forldg2d, Nonantum, Thomas, for Rio Janeiro: Belle Morse, Gregory, Montevideo. C ah a ret, March 31? Sailed, Relne des Fleurs, Haiz (from Charleston), Mareiine*. Dover, April 4? Passed, Talisman, Baker, from Phila delphia for Antwerp. Off 4th, Hong Kong, Brandhoff, from Hamburg for New York : A Klockinann, from Antwerp for do. Dublin, April 1? Arrived, Riverside, Neville, Philadel phia. i>rau April 3? Arrived, Daphne, Dreyer, London (and sailed for Providence). Passed 8th, Beaufort, Thacker, and M E Corning, Hughes, from New York lor London. Off Sd, Vanguard, Mikcl. from Rotterdam for Mobile; Neptnne, Ny man, from Shields for Now York; C F Elwell, Utfey, from Middlesborough for do (and was off Hastings 4th) ; 4th, Peggy A Fanny. Monkscaten, from for New Orleans; Peter Maxwell, Sulls, from Philadelphia for Hamburg. Kxmopth, April S? Arrived, Tltania, Tansen, Philadel phia. Falmouth, April 2? Sailed .Vesta, Mlllosovlch (from Lon don), Philadelphia) ; 4th, Ystrooin. V-les, Doboy, (la. Folk emtone, April S? Off. Sulltjclma, Ulicnaes. irom New York for Stettin; 4tb, Fesla, Schlebe, from Wilming ton, NC, for London. Greenock, April 4? Arrived, The Cralgs, Heggum, Pen sacola; 6th, Seatoller, Brown, San Francisco. Grimsby, April 4? Arrived, Eurydice, Carr, San Fran Clsco. Glasgow, April 3? Arrived, Australia (?), Hedderwick, San Francisco. Gloucester, April S? Arrived, M M Peter, Greatorex, New York. Genoa, March 29? Sailed, Fenwick, Tove, Leghorn. Grangemouth, April 4? Sailed, Ilaabet, Jorgensen, Charleston; Sophie, Horensen, do. Galte, March U? Arrived, Kuroda (Japanese corv), New York (and left 13th tor Yokohama). Havre, April I? Arrived. Ville de Paris (s), Surmount, New York; Prince Napoleon, Barra. New Orleans; 3d, Olpra, Carevlch, New York; Annie M Sinull, Packer, do (not 7th); Shepherdess. Parnell, Savannah; Franklin (a), Stettin for New York ; Courier, La porte. New Orleans. In the roads 3d, Jeanne Postel, Uourges, from Pensa cola. Sailed 3d. Uncle Tobey, Sinnott, Cardiff and Callao. Hklvokt, April S? Arrived, John Bunyan, Glltnore, New Orleans. Sailed 2d, Ma as (a). Deddes, New York; 3d, Alice Roy, Douglas, da Hamburg, AprU 2? Arrived, Westphalia (s). Be h we risen, New York. Sailed 2d, China. Hahnemann, New York. Sailed from Crnxhaven .td, La Gloire, Rood, Philadel phia. Liverpool, April %? Arrived, Casa Blanca, Stephenson, Ban Francisco: Regent, Chase, do; Sd, Mary, Hamlin, New York; Michael Hutchinson. San Francisco; Aurora, Mobile; Attilu, Kalck, New Orleans; 4th, Stabbestad, Ncilsnn, New York; Laura B, New Orleans. Sailed 2d, Alioo (s>. Kills, New Orleans; Wm G Putnam, Richards, do; Dlnorah, Jorgensen, New York; Freich andel, Wachter, do; Caroline Lamont, Bowker, Port land, Me: 3d. Mimisslppl (s), Dunlevy, Boston; 4th, Droning Louise, Larsen, New York; Twilight, Ilattrtck. St John. NB; City of Brooklyn, Cousins, St John. NB; Lady Blesslngton, Williams, llung Kong via Cardiff. Cleared 3d, Darlen (s), Leighton, Bermuda and Phila delphia: Poselden, Ommundsen, Richmond, Va; 4th. Calcutta, Hamilton, Calcutta. Entered out 3d, Samaria (s), Billlncc. and Palmyra (s), Dowall, Boston -. ltalv (s). Grigs, New York; Usko (s), Huovinen, Philadelphia; Calisfa Haws, Haws, Sapelo; 4th, Arch Druid (?), Thompson, Philadelphia ; Austrian (s), Ritchie, Portland; J \> Heard, Carter, St John, NB. Off Bardsey Island 3d, Cynosure. Oram, from Liverpool for Philadelphia. London, April 3? Arrived. Mary Shepherd, Croot, Bos ton; Johannes A Kmelle, Schmidt, do; 4th, Evelyn, Pheaae, Pensocola: 8th, Somertct. McBrlde, New York; Constnntlne, Creevey, do; John Allan, Home, do: Hun dredth, Le Gresley. New Orleans; Pitho, Banner, Bos ton ; Samuel, Owens, do. Entered out 8th, Constantino, Creevv, for New York. Arrived at Gravosend 4th, Svalen, l)oe, St Marys; Ran dolph, Essen, New York. Sailed trom do Ath, Louise, Lehv, Philadelphia. Limbricr. April 4? Arrived, Albion, Abel, Pensacola; Kendrlck Fish, Watt-, Callao. Londonderry, April 8? sailed, Trapano, Merclch, Balti more.. Marseilles, April 2? Snllcd, Magdalena, Olsen. Boston. Messina, March 28 ? Sailed. Dorian (s), Tavler, Palermo and New York ; 28th, Tidal Wave, Crosby, Bostou; Bounding Billow, Reynolds, do. Mauritius, March 2? Arrived, Dulveland, Graves, Bos ton. Newcastik. April S? Cleared. Ettxine (s), Staples. New York (and sailed trom Shields 4th) : 4th, Sigurd Jarl, da Newport. April 2? Cleared, Pearl, Pensacola. Sailed 2d, Pilgrim, ifawktns, Charleston. Portsmouth, April 3 ? Passed, Kong Oscar II, Winsnes. from Pensatcola for Grimsby. Qurenstown, April 8? Arrived, Maria C Romano, New York; 4th, Diana, Bollo, do; 5th, Eastern Chief. Tar, do. Sailed 3d. Dcikc Rickinerx, (iennerlch, Antwerp; Lands borough, Thoma* Hull (both tVsm Sail Franelseo); Mar garetha, Dahl (irom Wllinln<ton), London; Slogasten, Olsen (from New York), do. Rotterdam, April 2? Cleared. C B Hazcltlne, Gllkey. Montreal. Sunpkri, ard, March tH? Arrived, Steboneatli. Scott, Pensacola. Swansra, April 3? Entered for Idg. Southern Belle, Bobbins, for New \ork. Smanelin, IW, April 3? Passed. Vesta, Parks, from Philadelphia for Antworp. Scilly, April 3? Off, Admiral Tegethoff, Rober, from New Orleans (and received orders for Bremen). St Nabaibr, April 2? Arrived. Nymphcn, Hagensen, Darien. Trieste, March 29-Arrtved, Rioardo III, CastelUno, Philadelphia. Teiet, Aprils ? Sailed, J Steele, Leighton. Philadelphia. TnuRSo, April 2? Passed iVntiand Kirih 2d, CulEcan, from the Tvno for San Francisco. Venice, March 23? Arrived, NuovoSan Mlcbele, Mano, New York. Warbf-npoikt, April 4? Arrived, Ocean Traveller, Han nan. Baltimore; Lecnano. Sararteo, New York. Watrrpord, April 4? Sailed, Maria Kanay, MUctlcb, New York. Amerleaia Porta. BOSTON, April 14? Clearel, steamer Olaticns. Bearse, New York; Br ship Peruvian Congress. Stockton, St John, N B; barks Jane Adeline, Blanchard, Havana . M B steu son, siemers, CieninegtM; brigs William Mason, Adams, Kt.lago, Coba; Caroline Eddie. Teazle, Maianzas : schrs Lucy Holmes, Kldrldgc, Part au Prince; Samus, llewcs, Fernandins, Fla. Sailed? Steamers George Appold and Neptune (and both passed Cape Cod at 10 A &>, Norinan; ships Mount Wash ington and New Wabeno; barks Victor, Jennie Cushman, Lyman Cann and Blencathra. Also sailed, ship Peruvian Congress; and fram the Roads, bark Union. The steamer Rattlesnake and hark Abd-el-Kader, outward bouud, remained at anchor in the Roads at snnset. 18th? Arrived, steamer Flag, Foster, Charleston ; bark Thos Cochran (Br), Smith. Liverpool; schrs Jennie Wood, Ponce, PR; Almon Bird, Darlen. Oa; Albert L Butler. Charleston. Alao arrived, brig OC Clary, Anderson, Havana; schr Osarey, Jacksonville. NEW ORLEANS. April ltt?Arrlved, steamship Tapna hannock. Reed, Cardenas; barks cuarlve Hickman Tingley, London: Villa de Comlllas (Sp), ,llmine<, Ha vana. Below, coming up, bark Union, Sonia. Trom Ha vana: schr Excelsior. McCaan, Galveston. Outside the bar, bound la, ships Arran (Br), Lawsvn.from Arurossan; Adoma, from Liverpool. Cleared? Ship Hoogly (Br), Frost, Liverpool; brig Jeanne (Nor). Hauff, Antwerp. Ilth? Cleared, ships Mayflower, Call, Havre; John I'at ton, Wynian, do; FraacU P Sage, Urquhart, Liverpool: E*eelsior (Nor), Siagdanlsen, Reval. 12th? Hailed, sU'ainsliip Mls<is?lppl. Crowell, New York. 18lh? Arrived, steamship Gen Meade. Sampson. New i ork. ?Wisrwi. LAN KIM'S. AH BSOLUTE DIVORCES OBTAINBD FROM COURTS of different States ; legal everywhere ; no publicity ; no fees In advance ; advice free ; commissioner for every Htate. FREDERICK I. KING, Counsellor-at-Law, S8S Broadway. A ?HERALD BRANCH OFFICE, BROOKLYN, i Cvrner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street. Open from * A. M. te 9 1'. M. On sundur from i w 9 P. M. K|gCELLAlTl!OPa, 'CHENCK'S mandrake pills SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE rtUA SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB FILL* SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE FILLS 8CiIENCK<8 MANDRAKB PILLS SCBBNCrS ^awdrake T1UM? SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS bchbnck'b mandrake pills. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCHBNCK'B MANDRAKE PILLSL BCHENCK'8 MANDRAKE FILLS. SCBENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCHENCK'8 MANDRAKE PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLSl BCHENCK'8 MANDRAKE PILUL BCHENCK'8 MANDRAKE PILLSL SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLflb. BCHKNCK'B MANDRAKE PILLSb. SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLA SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE FILLS SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLA SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE FILLS BCHENCK'8 MANDRAKE PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLS. SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLSL SCHENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS. SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLS. SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLS SCnEKCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS SCHENCK'S MANDBAKB PILLS BCHBNCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS PILLS. PILLS* PILL* PILLSL PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLSL PILLSL PILLS. TTUUk, PILLS. PILLSL PILLS. PILLS. PILL8. PILLSL PILLSL PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS* PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLS. PILLSL. PILLSL PILLS. PILLS. FILLS PILLS. PILLSL PILLS. PILLS. If yon have mule a habit of drinking Bourbon whiskey every day freely, so that In the morning yon lun a# appetite for breakfast, bad taste In the month aad the throat full of mucous, causing you to cough and (fit, uj your nerves so unstrung as to require five or its glasses of whiskey to steady them, that you may attend to but* oess, it is time you stopped the practice, and the only way to overcome it is to take n does of SCBBBCKW MANDRAKE PILLS, sufficient to physic the bowala well, and unlock the secretions of the Liver; after that, lfyoa ?till erave for liquor, take a pill, and a person may Wit three or four In the coarse of the Say, and by folio Winn this op for a week or ten days, all taste for sttatltntl will be gone and a Rood appetite and a relish for food bt obtained. _ SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILL8. SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. 8CHENCK'8 MANDRAKE PILLS. SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLSL SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLSL SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS. Blue Mass, and other preparations of Mercvrf, actually produce more suffering and death than the llwaeaa which they profess to cure.. And yat this corrosive Bin. eral, so denonneed by the allopathic doctors, la preaerlbed by them almost universally In Liver complaint, Oot? sumptioi of the Lungs, Ac. THE MANDKAKE PILLS are composed entirely o( roots and herta, ohtalaed Son the great storehouse ot Nature, and their salutary effseta will appear as soon as the medicine Is brought ta the test of a fair experiment. SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS do not produce any nausea or sickness of the stomach; but when given for Dyspepsia. It may be proper to aaa them in connection with SCIIENCK'S HBAWBSD TONIC. By this judicious treatment the digestive facul ties are speedily restored to their full vigor, and the want cases of indigestion maybe cored. When we reflect that the liver is the largeat Internal organ of tho body, that to it la assigned the Important duty of Altering the blood and preparing the hUe, that it la subject to many disorders, and that whaa it ia diseased, or Inactive, the whole body suffers sympa thetically, it is not surprising that a medicine which can restore the healthy operations of the liver should produce wonderful changes in the general health, aad effect cures which may appear to be almost mirac ulous. Headache, of long oontinnance, severe palaa >n the breast, side and ahoulders. aching of the llmba. a feeling of general weakness and wmchednaaa, and other alarming an.l distressing symptoms, indicative of Imperfect or disordered action of the liver, are speed ily removed by the use of SCIIENCK'S MANDRAKB PILLS. Costlvenesa, piles, bitter or soar crustations, and that Indescribable teellng of oppression, mental anxiety, languor, lethargy and depression of spirits which aaflt ? man for the management of business and the enjoyment of life, are all ro Ho veil by the use of SCIIENCK'S MAS DRAKE PILLS. ~ Prepared by J. n. 8C11KNCK * 80S, Northeast corner Sixth and Arch Ptreeta, Philadelphia. JOHN V. HENRT, Noa. 8 ami 10 College place, New Turk, Wboieaah) M*aV SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCIIENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'8 SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S 8CHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHBNCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHBNCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S 8CHENCK'S SCHENCK'8 SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S SCHENCK'S 8?HENCK'S MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB mTndrakb MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKE MANDRAKB MANDRAKE MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKE MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB Wandrakb MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKB MANDRAKE MANDRAKB MANDRAKE

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