Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 13

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 13
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GEORGE FRANCIS TRAIN. Tlie ImiuSry Info Ills Sanity or Insan ity? The Doctors' Testimony. GEORGE'S PROPHECY IN THE TOMBS. The inquiry into "trie sanity or insanity of George Francis Train was commenced yesterday afternoon at four o'clock beiore Chief Justice Daly, of the Common Picas, and ujury. It wUl be icuicmbered that Train was indicted some four months ago lor publishing in th? Train Ligue obscene articles. He was subsequently arrested on a bench warrant to await trial, and was con nod in the Tombs. The offence was bailable ; but the Indomitable George ?would give no bail, accept no bail, and it was sup posed that be would not even accept the good ortioes of an angel if one had come down from lieaven and told linn to po free. lu the Tombs he would t>o; and the question arose, llow was he to be got rid or ? Common report said he was as mad as a March hare. District Attorney I'helps thought so, aud in this he was confirmed by the result of a medic il examination which he had Held on iilra. The doctors reported him mad, and this led to the inquir it'lo lie lunattco now being field on him in the Courts. The Court sat at lour o'clock. It was then crowded in anticipation of the advent of George, who soon alter made his appearance, carrying a great sealskin coat over his arm, his closely fit ting coat buttoned up to the chin, and a great nose gay within a point or his no-se. Flo looked a little flushed at fl st but siibsequent'y cooled down, and at least hall a dozen of the women most illy dressed and -repellent in look, whom morbid curiosity tmmght there, besides bis irlends, (ieorge Jones, General Jobs, n, ami any other half dozen or so George's eye m'glit have scauned In the crowd, iooked at niad as he. TUB OATH TO JlTtORS. The following is the oath taken bjothe jurors In tlu*; ; ? You do solemnly swear that you will diligently inquire and here presentment make, lor and on be half or the people or the Htate ot New York, whether George Francis Tiain, the prisoner at the bar, who stands ind.cted lor misdemeanor, be of sound mind and understanding or not, and a true verdict give, Ac., Ac. OATH TO WITNESSES. You do solemnly swear that the evidence yon shall give to the Court and jury touching the alleged insanity ol George Francis Tram, the pris oner at the bar, ami 01 all such matters and things as shall be required ol jou in the premises, shall lie the truth, Ac. OPKNINO THE CASE. District Attorney Phelps opened the case, ex plaining to the jury tlie peculiar character of the ?circumstances surrounding it. That originality, George Francis Train, the deiendant, had been in dicted lor a misdemeanor, a bailable offence, in publishing obscene literature, consisting ol arti cles which had appeared in a paper called the Train Ligue. The Jury were, no doubt, conversant, to some extent, with the public feeling excited by the publication of the articles in question. They were or a character which called ror the prosecu tion ol the party publishing them, and to that end tUe prisoner, Train, was indicted lor the offence, home lour months ago the prisoner was indicted, and was put Into prison pending 11 trial. As beiore said, It was a bailable offence, but Mr. Train would give no bail, and relused bail when offered by his friends, preierring to remain in jail. He (District Attorney) had received sundry intimations ol the condition or Mr. Train's mind; that it was a ques tion whether he was sane or insane, and whether, in tact, he ought to be put upon his trial upon the Indictment against him. To ascertain this l'act he hud been medically examined, and the result or that examination would be detailed to them by the medical experts. TIIE TESTIMONY. Dr. Thadderis M. 15. Cross, residing In the city, testified? Was connected with the hospitals In this city ior the treatment or nervous complaints; had devoted himself to the question or insanity especi ally? to the diseases er the mind and and the nerv ous system generally; had frequent opportunities or examining the diseases of the mind in all its phases: was called as an expert on trials involv ing these questions; Intellectual Insanity is an unsound state of mind, a delusion or the mind, out or which the patient cannot be reasoned by such evidence as would convince the majority ol man kind ; examined Mr. Train at the request or the District Attorney; had an interview with him or hair an hour; Dr. Hammond was present, and he conducted the conversatien. Mr. Chadwick objected to the witness stating the nature of the conversation. Question admitted. Witnea*? We talked on various subjects; talked about, his property in Omaha, upon politics, about Grant and nis speeches, about his journeylngs In Europe; he claimed to be a pagan dictator, and must be a dictator ; that the nation could not get on without him; that he must lead it on; that he was the only man that could save the people ; that Greeley was poisoned; that in sixty days lrom the of Marcn every stone of the Tombs would be razed, and that the streets would run with blood and that he only could stop It; when speaking of Mr. Greeley he became very much excited and so Incoherent in his utterances that witness could not understand him. y. What was, and Is now, your opinion of his condition lrom these utterances f Mr. Mott objected. He argued that the whole scope of the Inquiry was whether Mr. Train was sane or Insane on the particular subject which was the ground ol the indictment, and all questions as to his Ranltyor Insanity outside ol that were not Kermane to the present inquiry. Counsel reierred to the case of Freeman. The Court said? The inquiry is whether the pris oner is Insane or not, and I propose to make the Inquiry as comprehensive as possible, and not limit it to any particular course of examination after tne question is passed upou by the ,ury. Mr. Bell? An expert cannot give a general opinion as to insanity, but can state the effect pro duced upon the mind by the conversation and de meanor ol the accused. The Court? That is all that is asked for by the question. Answer the question. Witness? I should say that he was of unsound mnd. Mr. Phelps put In a copy of the Toledo a un, con taining an article which Train admitted was writ ten by him. Mr. Bell? If that article goes in evidence, Mr. Train desires that it shall be read In Court. Mr. Phelps objected to the reading of the article as improper and indecent writing. The Court, directed that the paper stand over for the present. CROSS-EXAMINED. Witness? When speaking of Grant and Greeley, Train said that there were three millions and a half or dead beats and three millions going to the graveyard; he said that Dr. Durant owed him $40,000, and that he was paying him 18 percent; he said that all the banks and institutions in Wall street were rotten ; that there was no money at all in the country; that everything would go up shortly, and that the streets would run with blood. J. Do you know whether that was false or not? A I do not know anything about it. Q. Some banks have gone up since? A. I don't know. Q. What did he say abont his property at Omaha? A. He hart a map hanging over his bed In his ccll, and he pointed out on It some thousands of lots that he said he owned there; lie also said he was an athels>. Chief Justice Daly briefly examined the witness merely with a view to make the evidence as clear as possible to the jury. The court adjourned at hair-pas', six till four O'clock this evening. BROOKLYN BUROLABY AHD ARSON. Within the past twenty-four hours two cases of irson have been reported and investigated by the Fire Marshal of Brooklyn? the first on Fulton ave nue and the last on De Kalb avenue. The investi gations made have failed to throw the least light on the guilty Incendiaries. The three story frame structure 802 De Kalb avenne, the lower floor of which is occupied as a liquor store by Hermann Peters, was set on lire about two o'clock yesterday morning. The incendiaries effected an entrance to the building by forcing open the windows In the rear of the store. Upon entering the rascals helped themselves to a dozen bottles ol brandy,, several bottles of port, sherry ana Rhine wines, schnapps, rum, cigars and a couple or pigeons. They also carried ?ff a quantity or clothing. Before leavintr, however, they saturated a coat ana pants with kerosene, which material they Ignited and threw behind the bar. In the rear apartment or the store shavings were gathered and drenched with the same Inflam mable oil. When t Ills material was ablaze the scoun Irels escaped. Fortunately the lire was discovered and extinguished i>eiore it had gained much head way, thereby doubtless preventing the sacrifice of Hie, as there were several tenants asleep, In fan cied security, in the upper part of the house. The police are looking alter" the perpetrators of this outrasreous piece or vandalism. The liotuc is owned by a Mrs. Anderson, ol New York. THE LATE BROOKLYN WIFE MURDER. The inquest over the body of Mrs. Margaret Mo tan, who died on Friday night last, at 28 North Portland avenue, lrom the effects of maltreatment alleged to have been received at the hands of her husband, Thomas Moran, was adlourned from yes terday until to-morrow afternoon. Coroner White hill took this course at the request ol the counsel for prisoner, who objected to inking testimony li the case In the ab^e'ice of the accused who hud not been conducted to the Cyroaer's oflice, through ivnie oversight. ' MUU?U THE VWAB IN LOUISIANA. Grant Parish B-lrmly Held ^ ,h* "?* groefr? Not ? While Prnon Within Twenty Miles ?f C?lftu-FUk?t liluri Eilabllthed. iFrom the New Orleans ricaynne, April ll.f The steamboat B. L. Hodge. Captain luenn. frocn , Oiand Kcore, arrived lust nip lit about iiln*.' o'clock, i and from the otllcets ai>U passcu>.e a on n.c boat we clean the following information:? When they passed Alexandria yesterday. about twelve o clock ii., the negroes wore still in posses sion 01 Coilax, with renewed confidence an I deter mination. as the whites hud made no uttaek. It appears that the whle men of the pa ish bad lormeu three parties to consolidate and make the att.ick; one the iladnot party, the others the Mont gomery and Alexandria parties. The Alexandria party, numbering only thirty-seven men stiong, started out to meet the other two patties, but irom some cause tliey failed to join each other and the Alexandria party were compelled to return to their homes. The negroes have pickets out for twenty miles? some say more? and about lour hundred 01 them are quartered in Calhoun's augur house, well armed and thoroughly organized. There seems to be no iurtlier disposition on the part 01 the whites to e?sa/ another atack, as they are not of suillcieul !o ce to cope with the negroes as yet. Mr. Uenrv Ilvam", sou of ex-uoveiuor liyauis, and the two Mr. liickmans came down on I lie boat, all ol whom were compelled (fearing lor the saiety of their lives) to leave coilax. one pas senger stared to us that the entire way down from Cum iit6 to Montgomery the banks oi the river were lined with negro women and children, seem ing to be lu th? deepest distress, who were to return to their homes. No Ireight could ue put out at Ool rax. and in fftc.t the owners ol treight desired that it. should not be landed, knowing that it would bo immediately de stroyed. Calhoun, who was taken o IT the La Hnlip a few days ago ut Alexandria, is now at large in that place, evidently without any icar of molest:' lion. The people treat him with indiiTerence, but no violence has been shown him. We are positively assured that there is not a white person within twenty miles or more of Colfax. What the end of this terrible affair will l>e we cannot now speculate, unless the much-glorieu Kellogg militia goes to the scene ol disturbance and quiets the outrages. [From the Alexandria Democrat, April f?.] Our community have beeu in a great state or excitement, backed by all sorts of wild rumors that have been waited from irrepressible Colfax every hour in the da.v since our last issue. Up to writing this article, Tuesduy morning, all we can gleau with any certainty ol truth, we give to the uublic. The negroes of Colfax, proverbially a bad and tuiimleut set, led by a few bad, very bed men, have taken entire and forcible possession of the Court llou-e and archives of tiie parish of (irant, and driven off violently every decent white man, and have turned the town Into an intrenched military camp, with (tickets and outposts commanding all the roads leading thereto. What their avowed purposes were and what legal objects they have in view, or their excuses lor such sliamelul proceedings, we fail to divine. We give lacis as we receive thciu and until turtner developments forbear comments. Sultlce to say that tiiiis far they have perpetrated many base and inhuman outrages. Three or four families of whites have been foiced to abandon their homes, and Ued here irom danger and lor protection, and are yet here. A large armed crowd went to the house of Judge Uutland, who had been previously driven away, searched and ransacked the house, destroyed the furniture and broke open a coitln containing the remains of a child of the Judge's and threw Us dead body into the road ! An agent oi Wheeler .V Wilson, a gentleman well known here, was on a tour selling their sewing machines, drove Into Col lux to pursue Ills legitimate calling, when he was< rudely approached and one of his sewing machines violently taken from hint, and was told by the mob he could leave and be glad lie lured no worse and was let off so cheap aud easy. As he retired in somewhat, of a hurry, a volley was tired alter him. They have been pressing horses aud provisions many miles irom Coilax, and are even forcing good and pesceiul negroes to join. Work o( all kinds for many miles around lias stopped, lor ull the laborers have gone to the seat of war. An armed crowd of thirty went to the house of W. J. Crulk sliank and took from Lewis P. Amelong, one ol the best and most peaceable citizens, his horse, and lorced him to go into the house and gel his gun and hand it to them. They then went off a to mtlitaire In search of other booty. Theso statements are all facts, and we give them as such. Manv other rumors of base outrages have 1 reached us, but we forbear lor the present making note of them. What all this will lead to or how end we are at a loss to say, but look upon it as the legitimate Iruits and teuclilngs of radicalism in Louisiana. The end Is not yet. CITY GOVERNMENT. [OFFICIAL..] Board of Aldermen.. .STATKD SKSSION. Mondat, April 14, 1S78. Present? Hob. 8. B H. Vance, President, m the chair, and a quorum of members. PETITIONS BErKRRKl). Of property owners on Went U7tli street, Irora St. Nich olas avenue 'to Twelfth avenue Boulevard, to liuve tlie game regulated, graded, curbed, guttered and flagged. Of A. I). Selleck, iul Waverley place, in relation to rent of premises leaded to the city. MOTIONS AND UKSOI.CTIONS. That Fiftv-flfth street, trom Ninth avenue to the North River, lie paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. Thai the Hoard oi Street Openings and Improvement* be requested to widen College place and to extend tUe street to Ureenwlch street. REPORTS LAID OVER. That 110th street, from Fifth avenue to the Boule vard, be regulated and graded. That the vacant lots on the south side of Forty-second street, between Madison aad Sixth avenues, be feneed in. That on both sides of Seventy-eighth street, lietween Third and Filth avenues, curb and cutter stones be set and the sidewalks be flagged ana reflagged. That a sewer be built In 104th street, from Second to Third avenue. That a crosswalk be laid across East Fourteenth street, opposite No. 004. That the sidewalk on the north side of Forty-fourth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, be (tagged. That the sidewalk on south side of Water street, for a distance of 160 feet from southeast corner of Uouverneur slip, be flagged where not already done. That street lamps be lighted in l(J6th street, from Third avenue to the East or Harlem River. That Eleventh street, from Dry Dock street to the East River, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Eightieth street, trom Madison to Fifth avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Thtrty-slxtli street, trom First to Second avenue, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. 1 hat Kitty -second street, trom Second avenue to the East River, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pave ment That Sixty-third street, from First avenue to Third ave nue. he paved with granite-block pavement. That the Clerk of the Common Council of the city of New York be authorized and directed to executc a lease, on behalf of the city of New York, for so much of the premises situated on the north side of 12ftth street, be tween Third and Fourth avenues, owned by W. T. A D. Blodgett, as may be necessary lor the use of the Ninth District Civil Coart and the Fifth District Police Court, including prison accommodations In the basement of said B remises, tor a term of ten years from the 1st day of lay, 1873, at the annual rest of $9,0110. GENERAL ORDERS ADOPTED. That Second avenne, trom Nineteenth to Fortv-second street, be paved with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That Broadway, as widened and straightened, between Thirty-second and Fitty-ninth streets, be regulated and graded, and the curb and gutter stones be set and reset, and the sidewalks flagged and retlagged, and crosswalks be laid and relaid, and the carriagewav be paved ami repav?d with Belgian or trap-block pavement, and that the receiving basins and culvert* be rebuilt, mid that additional new sewers, with the necessary receiving basils and culverts, be built therein. That Twenty-ninth street, from Broadway tp the North River, be paved with Belgian or trapblock pavement. That street lamps be lighted in 104th street, from Eighth avenue to the Boulevard. That Seventy-fifth street, between Second and Third avenues, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set nnd tne sidewalk flagged. That on the north *!dc of Fifty-third street, between Filth and Sixth avenues, the sidewalks be flagged and re flagged. That street lamps be lighted In Sixty-sixth street, from the Boulevard to Tenth avenue. That the block bounded by Fifty-sixth and Flftv -sev enth streets, Broadway and Eighth avenue, be tene'ed in. That Croton mania be laid ia Sixtieth street, trom Tenth to Eleventh avenue. That street lamps be lighted in Sixtieth street, frsm Tenth to Eleventh avenue. That street lamps be lighted in Seventieth street, from Tenth to Eleventh avenue. That street lamps be lighted in Sixty-seventh street, from Eighth avenue to the Boulevard. That the vacant lots on the west side of Sixth avenue, from Fifty-fourth to Fiftv-Bfth street, be fenced in. That street lamps be lighted In Fifty-sixth street, be tween Eighth and Ninth avenues. That street lamps be lighted in Fitty-ninth street, be tween Fourth and Madison avenues. That the sidewalk on the north side oT Sixty-second street, between Fourth and Madison avenues, be flagged. That Sixty-flrst street, from Boulevard to the Ninth aveuuc, he regulated and graded, the curb and gutter Stones set and the sidewalks flagged. That boulevard lamps be lighted on the block of ground occupied bv the Normal College and in Sixty-eighth and Sixty ninth streets, trom Third to Lexington avenue, and in Seventieth street, from the Third to the Filth avenue. That the sidewalk on the east side of Fifth avenue, be tween Fitty-ainth and Sixty-second streets, be flagged. That a receiving basin and culvert be built on the north east corner of King and Varlck streets. Eaeh by the following vote Affirmative? The President, Aldermen Billings, Cooper, r alconer, Flanagan, Kehr, Koch, .Lvsaght, Monheimer, Morris, Ottendorfer, Kellly and Van Schalck? 13. That the Comptroller annul the present lease of the ? premiers now occupied by Robert Culkin under the Jef ferson Market Court House, and pay the sum of $3,400 in consideration. By the following vote Affirmative? The President, Aldermen Billings, Cooper, Falconer. Flanagan, Kehr. Koch, Lvi-aght, Monheimer. Morris. Kellly and Van Schalck? 12. ' Negative? Abler man Ottendorfer? 1. Ad iotu ncd until Thursday next, the 17th Inst., at 4 P. M. JOSEPH O. PINCKNEY, Clerk. Board of Aaslstant Aldermen. STATKn SESSION. Mot! DAT, April 14, 1S71 Present? William Wade, Esq., President, In the chair, and a quorum of members. PETITIONS RKPtMRED. From the citizens ot the Twentieth ward, for a public hydrant corner of KleventU avenue and Twenty-ninth street of propertv owners oil Hfty seventh street, between Second anil Third aventii s, to have sidewalk flagged. aXROM'TIONS LAID OTKR. That a sewer be built In L<ewi* street, from Sixth to Eighth afreet. that s ri et lamps i c lighted la Fittj sixth street, (roui Eighth to Ninth avi'iiiM That Plfty* rh'h s'reet, from Ninlli to Tenth avenue, ue pave I vriili l* l>(it u ur !mii block pavonicn . Thai Croion main-, t.c Uul 111 scvuiiuoilth ft root, from Tenth o rlevi ii h av nue. That ih>i sid< w i .k* on both side* of Filty-elBhth street, ,r?'." ^'"th to lentil uv. nue, be ftuM" d. . That street lamps b< lighted In I illy eight (treet from Ninth to 'I'eith avenue I li it 14 o gtreei, Irom Ht. Nichi las ? venu" to the Hud son regulated md urau. d, tlio curb ami gutter stones mi and ti<e ?de walks nagged. 'that the sidewalk en both sides of Lawrence atreet, Irom IJiitli hi I Dth street, Ik Hugged That the sidewalk on south side ot Filty-nlnth street /com Hi th to I h avenue, bo flagged. ."?Jiat street 'amis ho II. hie! on Tenth avenuo, troin Seventy-second to Kighty-firat atreet 'lha' street lamps I o tighiMi on Second avenue, from BevemV -<< cond 'o Seventy-elpbth street. Tlmt iti ti" h fid tm ot Ninety first street. Irom Third to Fouiti a%e*iue, cu-b and viit'er suits l<e net and the bldewalks Xe flagged and rellagged. It r TOUTS LA I II OVKR That the 1ree drinking hydrant now standing on the earner ot Podlh Fifth avenuo and 1 rooino Mr etlie re move I and |> need on the sou liwist corner at south lillli avenuo and rau I street. 'Iliat N'ne'y uinth s'reet, from First to Third avenue, bo regulated an I grided, the curb and gutter stones aot and the sidewalks I a mod. that Blovenlh avenue, from Sixtio'h to Hcvewty nlnt'i street, lie regulated and graded, the curb and sutler stones net and tli" sidewalks flagged. That UK id gireet, trom . irst to Filth avenuo, iter on latcd una graded, the curb ami giiUer slonos sot and tho sidewalks sa tged. That on both sidei of Fifty-sixth street, hotwoen Sixth and -oveiith avenues, curb and gutter stone* bo set and the tidewalks tie llag,'cd and rellagged. Thut 1 t'd street, irom First to Third avenue, be rorn Tatod and graded, the curb and gutter stones sci a id tho nillc Wll.kx tllll'god. That tOilh street, from First to Third avenue, be regu lated and graded, t'.io curb and seL ana toe sidewalks flagged . . 'that the sid walk oft tho aou'h aide ot rhlrty-flftli gtroet, In'twet n Tenth and Eievouth aveuiios, be nagged. That tho sidev.ilki on both sides of Tliiity-fourth street, between Eleventh and 'twelfth avenues. be flawed. That Forty second street, from Third to Madison ave nue, be paved with 1'olulan or trap-bloc* pavement. ?that Frankfort x not, Irom lvarl to Chatham streets, bo paved wl.h or granite block pav&pent That Jacob street, trom Kerry street to Krnuklort streot, be paved with Belgian orgraniti Idock pavement That Spruce street, from Oold street to I'rint ng I on?e square, bo paved with Belgian or granilo block pave ment QPNKKAf. ORllKRS AnOPTKn. That Btreet, Tom avenuo A to Harlem River, bo paved with in- lulu n or trap-block pavement. That a tree drinking hydrant he placed on tne so*th oant corner of ll'Jth street and Klrsi avenue. Kach by i tto following vote Atttruiative ? As^iMtant Aldermen Foley. Murphy, Clancy, Koat ng, Wimscr, llealy, Thornell, Thelss, t'o ltng ton, Otrack. Kropn, Keen an. the President. Awistant Al dermen hehoe, Bruck?, Kelly, Htuoiison, CuuiUky, Lin den, Somnicrs and I eye a? 21 That the Comptroller draw a warrant in favor ot Mar tin B. Brown, tor the rum of $*,KI6 W\ to tie in full pay, nient tor lulls hereto annexed lor prinliug lur lUe Hoard of Aldormen. By the following vote: ? ... Atllrinative-A ulstant Aldermen Knlc/, rianry, ivoat itig, Winner, Thoitix, S track, Krepa, Keoinn, the President, Assistant Aldermen Kehoe, Mrucks, Kelly, ISiuioiihoii, Oumiskv, Linden, Kommers and Boyon? 17. Negative? Assistant Aldermen Murphy, Thornell and Codington- $. _ . . That street lamps ho lighted in 8i*ty-lourth street, IVom fifth to Third avenue. _ That street lamps be lighted in Forty -third street, from First to Second avenue. That atreet lamps bo lighted in Forty-sixth street, be tween Hnt and becond avenues. Hint street lamps be liotited In Fifty ninth street, Irom Tenth to hloventh avenuo. That I42d street, trom Hlooinuiudale road to tho (Irani Boulevard, be regula ed, graded, curb uml gutter stones be set and the sidewalks ho flagged. That Centre street, Jrom Chambers street to Broome street, be paved \vttli Bolulati or tran-block l avement That Kighty-elolith street, Irom Kightli avenue to Hud son Itiver, lie regulated and graded, tho curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks lliurged. That a receiving basin and culvert be built on tho southwest corner of Kloventh avenue and Kitty tilth Thutstreet lamps he lighted on both sidos and in tho | centre ot' tho Boulcvurd, trom Seventy-ninth to lUllh streot. Tliat street lamps be lighted in Fifty-seventh street, from Fifth avenue to the North Rivor. That the vacant lotsonboth sides of Kightli avenue, he i ween Kitty-sixth and Kilty-seventh streets, ami ex tending easterly, on Fitty -sixth and !? It'ty seventh streets, uliout -Oi loot, .'and westerly, on tho same streets, about | SOU feet, be fenced In. _ That Fift\ -seventh street, from Sixth to Eighth avenue, I bo pined with Belgian or trap-block pavement. That lamps bo lighted on Kitty-filth street, Irmn Fourth to Filth avenue; also that Crotou water pipes be hiid in raid street. That on both sides of Lexington avenue, between Sixl v-tlrst and Sixty sixth streets, curb una gutter stones be set, and the sidewulksbo Hugged. That Klghty-second street, trom First avenue to the East Kiver, be regulated and graded, the curb and gutter stones set and the sidewalks llagged. That on the north side of Killy-elghth street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, the sidewalks be flagged. That the vacant lot on the north side of Forty-eighth street, betwouu Lexington und Fourth avenues, be fenced in. . ..... That the crosswalk of Broadway and Maiden lane be grooved, so that It will aid horse travel. That the Commissioner ot Public Works be and he Is hereby authorized and directed to remove lamp posts and lamps trom all the portion of IStith street which has been declared closed by act of the legislature. That West. Broadway, from Canal to Chambers btreet, be paved with Belgian or granite-block pavement. That Colleen place, from Chambers to Barclay street, be paved with Belgian or irriinite-block pavement Kacli by the following vote:? Affirmative? Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Clancy, Keutinu, Wisser, Thornell, Tlieiss. Codington. S-'track Kreps. Keenan, tho President, Assistant Alder men Kehoe, Brticks, Kelly, Sitnonson, Cumisky, Linden, Summers and Beyea? 211. That Washington street, firom Spring to Charlton street, be paved with Belgian or tran-block pavement. That the lamp on the sidewalk between 274 and 276 Water street be suspended from the oullding 274 Water street, and the lamp post be removed. That 124th street, trom Sixth to Eighth avenue, be paved with granite-block pavement. ? _ That the sidewalk on east side of flouvernourjllp, from Water street to Front street, bo flagged full width. That crosswalks be laid, one from the southeast corner of Front and South streets to the entrance of the ferry house, and one from the northwest corner of Roosevelt and South street* to counect with crosswalk leading to ferry house. Each by the following vote Affirmative? Assistant Aldermen Foley, Murphy, Clancy, Keating, Wisser. Healy, Thornell. Codington, Strack. Kreps, Keenan, the President Assistant Alder men Kchoe, Bracks, Kelly, Stmonson, Cuuilsky, Linden, Summers and Beyea? 18. That the sidewalk on south side of Fifty-fourth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, lie flagged. That the sidewalks on both sides of Fifty-fltth street, between flic Ninth and Tenth avenues, be flagged. That the sidewalk on north side of Forty-fourth street, Ninth to Tenth avenue, be flafged. That on both sides of Sixty-first street, between Ninth avenue and the Boulevard, curb and gutter stones be set, and the sidewalks be flagged. Each by the following vote :? _ Affirmative? Assistant Alderman Foley, Murphy, Keat ing, Wisser, Thornell. Theiss, Codington. Strack, Kreps, Keenan. the President, Assistant Aldermen Kehoe, Bracks, Kelly, Slinunson, Cumisky, Linden, Hommcrs and Beyea? 19. Adioumed until Monday next, the 21st proximo, at 2 o'clock P. M. WILLIAM H. MOLONEY, Clerk. 8ALRN AT AUCTION. j^DRIAN H. MILLER, AUCTIONEER. Valuable Lots on SHERMAN AND NAEOLE AVE NUEP, El wood and 211th streets, being part of the DYCK MAN ESTATE. ADRIAN H. MULLErTpT R. WILKIN8 & CO., will sell at auction, on WEDNESDAY, April 16. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, New York, M LOTS ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED AVENUES AND STREETS. These lots arc on the line of Improvements, a short dis tance south of the new pnraile ground, ?n<l can be reached In 47 minutes, fourteen times a dur, by the Ele vated and Hudson River Railroad, TERMS LIBERAL. Maps at office of Auctioneer, No. 7 Pine street DRIAN B. MULLER, AUCTIONEER -A MOTION sale of valuable Property on Elm and 126th streets. ADRIAN H. MCLLKR, P. K. \V ILK INK A CO. will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April 16. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom. 111 Broadway s? Elm street? The two Lots, with brick and frame Buildings thereon, situate on the east side of Kim street, between Worth and Leonard street*, and known as Nos. 57 ami 59. 12titti street? The three story frame House and Lot situate on the $outh side of 121th street, lift teet east of Fourth ave nue; the house Is about 45 leet deeu, eontains 13 rooms, has water and gas and Is In good order. CALDWELL, AUCTIONEER," ~~ ? Salesroom 79 Nassau street Attention of dealers and houvki epersis specially called to the sale of elegant Household Furniture, magnificent rosewood Pianoforte. French plate Mirrors, new and second band, removed to our spaelous salesroom as above, and to be sold to the highest bidder tor cash, THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), at 11 o'clock, consisting in part of rosewood Pianoforte, Parlor and Library Sain, One Chamber Suits, Bookcases, Buffets, Wardrobes. Centre and Kxtenslon Tables, Dining and Bedroom Chair". Brume Is and Ingrain Carpets, walnut Chamber Suits, Bedding of everv description, Cniinbcloths and oilcloths, superb rosewood Wardrobe, Office Desks and Lounges, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waslistauds, Ac. ALBERT H WALDRON. AUCTIONEER. Salesrooms 108 Liberty, 111 Cedar and 38 Church sts. Household and Cabinet Furniture, Carpets, Mirrors and Bedding. ~ _ ,.?THIS ?AY> April 16, at II o'clock. D. W. IVKH will sell, as above, a very large atid general assortment of Fine Chamber Snits, Parlor and Library Suits, Bedsteads. Bureaus. Wa-tistandi. Bookcases, Buffets, Wardrobes. Extension at;.', centre Tables, Bedding of every description, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Cutlery, Plated Ware anil Crockery, Turkish and Oriental Chairs, Dining and Bedroom Chairs, Framed chromo* and Kngravingi, Oil and Crumb Cloths, Ac. Catalogues at sale. ^ Goods stored and insured till May I, free of charge. \ LBERT B. WALDRON. HfCTIONEER, JV Salesrooms 108 Liberty, ill Cedar and M Church street. Second Hand Furniture, removed trom residence of Martin Grove. Ksq. of Sixteenth street, on TlIU RsDay, at 11 o'cIock, D. W. IVES will sell, as above, the entire contents of the above residence, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Dining Room and Hall Furniture of every description. Brussels and Inpraln Carpets, Oilcloths, Matting, Kitchen Articles, Crockery, Pictures, Ac., Ac.; also part of the Contents of a residence on Staten Island ; alio Office and Counting House Desks. Chairs, Tables, Ac. . HAM K DAY, at 1 o'clock? at 1(H Liberty and 38 Church street, Horses, wagons and Harness. Particulars to morrow. \ ?J. P. TRAVRHS, AUCTION F.KK. ? BY~E. B. HENRY, will sell, this day, at 12 o'clock, at Slfc.' ?road v* f y, Williamsburg, 12 heau of rood work and road Horses, top and no top w agous, siiu^a aad doublu Uur uusa. tnJe iioalUve. ? ? PAV,P"?? AV A1 BERT II WALI'RON, AUOTIOHBBR, li? JU eny and 111 Ordar street 1lu< entire coiik'iiU 01 Maraud i e ,213 llroalway, OlILVrilO l ilV Ultll. Cn THlftti? i Y, at 10 o'clock. I>. W Ivea wi,i soil am ala've, embracing liar and Hack Bar, Cost J-PO. ilver pl.idcl Show Cam's, silver i>ln ej Beer Pump and I'll?; li.nfc A t looking Han 'e, co?t $:ui), uHpii ciic i ii i hi lit . im\ and wain t Aim ? liu r\ Desks, > la-. ware. Crockery, walnut Partitions, (ins Wxtu fen, Liquors. .'cgurs, At , Ht !? o'clock prompt.

Allen h. miner, auctioneer, salesrooms'^ Chambers anil 77 itn*de s'rcftt 11 nr. so Auction Mart. 3.7, JJ9 mi l .ill Fourth */.'ac\ comer i' went v- filth -fro t. By aLi..>n li A mat.. THIS DAY (WKHNhsTAY) AM> THURSDAY. A I* ll, 17 AMD .11. ni inv: I'duCv, lit the Llbliy Woinn. NOR. :M, VI, I'JI. .i)i AM> ;i>l lOll.WII AVENUE, CORN It i Wi.M'Y SI.V..NJII STKI K '. TUB KNTJKK CONTE NTS UK Til K aIMIVK 5 HOUSES, comprising velvet, Hrui-sels and tngraln Carpet-; 1'ii r mill j am 'I Mirrors, rosewood l n?no, black walnut suia iubrocalul ami reps. Centre and idu i abins, Lace Cur tains and Cornices Klagerc, locks and .Mantel Orna uii nt-, black whIihu ami inuiogairy RudstcatK Bureaus, Wnrd robes, V\ r?h-t.*nd , > oanges ami Chair*, Mirrors: hair, ivxccisior hu.I atruw Ma irciwon; Fcathif iiadi. Ilii'. cters and Pillows; c? im Crni-kery, Window Hhiilm. Our tains, about am pairscach Bumknts, sncets, I illow and i ols or Cases, iowel.-, .vc. , 1 in n t Tables, large assnr; mont Crocke y tor iinier, urcakianl am Tea Sir vice; Mlverpla'n I Wan in great variety, Otto, .wn'c, Cutlery, .asn Conn er, Barroom anil I.n icbro in Fix lures, ma ble 'up Counters hm Settees, Chairs, .^uivcs, liar Sllow I otlloa, Ghlsncs AC.. A Kit a fine stock of 1 .in?ior-?, com irlftng Brandies, Wkiskeys, Olus, Knin, sherries, Ports, Ac.. Kiu-lian and Laundry- Large st?.e Moneuse R*nge, In periect onfor, with nil the a 'purteu.iuoes complete; steam Tab. ee and Hunter*: large assortment nt Copper W ire, conirising Urns. Saucupans, Omelette and Jolly Dishes, iietlle'i, Ac ; Tin ind Iron War? in \ar ety; Man > e, Ironing Stove and rable*, ami. in tact, .everything belonging to a well-ordered bold kitchen tt'id laundry; al-o iSa? ri\turc? tlirouKbout the boUM), Ktiwni II ttors and l'lpes, 4c., Ac. KIUOAV, APRIL IS, at lb'-; o'clock, at 'tj Wei*. Kit eentb street, all the Kurnltiire o: the i1 rst clam to irdlDK liouss loc ited us above, com)irl?in(f Carfiet", Mirruro, ro>ewood and iilac.k walntit t'arlor, licurooin and UinlikK I'urniture rtrtiisulara in tiiue. KltlDAY, AI'RIL IS, at UtK o'clock, at our ?alrsrooni?. , Hbt.nurch and 7 1 Ke ule street, iiandsoine llgiiw bold Kurnlliirn, I'ic.r and Mantel Mirrora, Cn rpcts in variety, Ac. , Au DetaiU In future advertise men la. Also, at I o'clock P M , to pay cliarsos and advance*, lor whom il may conucrn, 70 ureal itr.iss pa ent Pant But tona and 2^0 K>''at Rroas patent. lio? Hutl int ALLI N B MINKR, AUCTIONKKR, Sale?ro?raa U Chambers and 77 Reade street II y ALLKN II. MI.VKK A, FRIDAY. i5th, and SA1DRHAY. 26tb of April, at I"1.;, o'clock, at the V. orlh House, JUNCTION OP BROADWAY. FIFTH AVRNIIB ANI? Twenty ilith street? Handsome Houaeho.d Kuraiture, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpetf, Ac., Ae., al! ol wliicli were made to order anil in fine condition, l'urilcilarj here attcr. Til rs I) \ V (Wednesday), April 10, at Il!li o'clock, ui the private residence 347 West Thirtieth street, between Ki|?luh and Ninth avs., KXi CUTOR8' 8AL1S (1ENTEKL HOUSKIIOLD KCkNITIIRE. Mirrors, Carpets. Modern Oil I'alii.ings, Private library, Ac., Ky order ot Messrs. W. S .larvis A W. It. (Illletle, ex ecu;or8 estate W. t.'ampbell, deceased, Cdtiiprhltiif velvet, II. n si Is and three-ply I'arpels, rosewood Mnts, In liroi-alc i ; mahotranj Piano. Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Centra and Side Tables, tirocil tel and luce Window Curtains, Ktaiteres, black walnut Bedsteads. Humans Wndistands and Commodes, DiniiiK Iixtetision Table, LotinKc. Hockeys, ('oti.i^e Miiti, hair ami tipriiic Maltre-scs, leather Beds, Bolsters anil I'll Iowa: line Preucb China and Class Ware, Kitchen Uton siU, Ac. THURSDAY, April 17. nt ltl'>. o'clock, al private residence, 60 EART NINTII'STRKhT, BMW KEN H HO Al> WAY AND UNIVERSITY PLACE, Genteel Household Kurnltiire, ller and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Piano, city maker, Ac., Ac., comprising as follows, vie. Velvet and Brussels Car pets, rosewood an. I Mack walnut Parlor .^uita, in brocatel and reps; i'ler and Manlcl Mirrors, black wiiliuit Ued steads. Bureaux, Waslistands ami Commodes, rosewood Etimeres, Centre and Side Tables, Loiinu-es, Easy Chairs. Bockers, DiniiiK Extension Talile, Hall Stand, lace and brocatel Window Curtains ami Cofnlces. Cottage Suits, Hair and Sprint: Mattresses. Keatlier Beds, Bolsters ami Pillows, Crockery, Mass, Miver Plated Ware, Ac., Ac. AM. CRISTALAR, AUCTIONEER. . in ii eel Household Furniture. Fine Oil Paintings, Monuet and lirussels Carpets Hose wood f'liiiio nrte, Ac., THIS DAY (WKDNE DAY), April 1?. at 10>i o'clock The cntlr? cleRant Furniture in brown stone house Seventh avenue, betwen Thlrty-eluhth and Thirty-ninth streets, contaliuiiK rosewood and satin Parlor Suits, Brussels, Velvet and Moi|Uet Carpets, Lace Curtains. Cabinets, Ete^ere, I rencli Clocks and Bronze*, rare oil Paintings, Barnioro overstrntiK Pianolorte, rich Cham ber Suits, l.adj's Desk, tine hair Mattresses and Pillows; China and Class Warn, Dining Table and Chairs. Library Suit, Bookcase, ( ard I'able, l.aiubrequliis, Kitchen Utcn> si Is, Ac. Dealers anil public invited. ^Y';t AUCTION, WEDNESDAY, April 16, al 1 % P. M., 50 1'nion place, corner Seventeenth street and Fourth av. We invije public attention to the exhibition of the ex quisite Works ot Art in marble (pronouueed the tlnest by the art critics ever broUKht to thin country), belonging to Mine. DE II. HAZARD, trusting to their merit to secure a good attendance on the evening of sale. _ ? *, Also Mine Hazard'* Jeivelrv, Laces, Furs, Antioulties, Articles ol Vertu irom the Tuileriosand French Empress, to be sold without reserve. The Farniture will be sold at 2 P. M. ? ROBUKT si iM i.kvi l,l,lo. Auctioneer, HZ Wtth avenue. A KT AUCTION. SOMERVILLE OALLERY, Fifth avenue anil Fourteenth street SUPERB COLLECTION of the Very FINEST CLASS of FORKION OIL PAINTINGS belonging to Charles F. Hazi ltlne, ot New York and Philadelphia, probably the most elegant offered in America this season. To be sol* on the EVENINGS of the Jlst, ffid and 13d of APRIL. EXHIBITION NOW OPEN, FREE, Day and Evening. ROBERT SOMERVILLE, Auctioneer, 8J Filth avenue. A RT NOTICE. Mr. T. C. FARRER, who for two vears past has been painting in England, Scotland. Switzerland, Flanders und .Venice, has sent home a large representation in Oil and Water Color* ol his recent works, which will be on exhibition at Mr. SCHENCK'S Uallery, 61) Liberty street, during MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, April 14, )& and hi, and will be sold at the soane place on THURSDAY, 17th, and FRIDAY, 18th Inst. Auction sale of ALDER NEYOR JERSpYCATJ'Lf!, at llrightstac, West Farms, New York, on THURSDAY, APRIL 17, AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON. Will lie af/ld, at public auction, the entire Stock of thoroughbred Jersey Herd Book Cattle, belonging to and imported and bred b.v Richard M. Iloe , also several pure tired Scotch Staghouiids, from choice imported slock; on view the day previous to the sale. Brightsidc Is on the Southern Boulevard and West chester road, one mile east of Morrlsanla depot. Harlem liailroad, or miles by the Southern Boulevard Irom Harlem Bridge, Third avenue. Sale to take place rain or shine. Traim tor Morrlsanla leave Grand Central depot, Forty second street, at 9 M, 10:15 and 11:4UA. M. UCTION 8 ALB.? 118 WEST ~ EIGHTH 5t7^ This (Wednesday) morning, April 16, at 1UJ* o'clock, over .ri0l) lot* of Household Furniture, velvet, H r ossein Carpets. Mirrors, Curtains: beautiful latest styles Parlor Suits, Turkish Chairs; rosewood anil walnut Chamber Suit*, Styles of Louis XIV. : brilliant toned rose wood 7 >4 octave Pianoforte ; at the largi- private residence 113 West Hth st. (Clinton place), between 5th and Hth avenues, property of latnily leaving for Eurotie : line Oil Paintings, Works of Art, Vases, Lace Curtains, Marie Antoinette and Pompadour styles Parlor Furniture, Ktageres, CabiBCta, Tables, Bookcases, Ixinnges, Exten sion Table, Hiii-s, China and Silverware, Cutlery, Mir rors, Curtains, Bedstead*, Bureaus, Withstand*, spring and Hair Mattresses, Bedding, Pillows, Holsters, Ingrain and Tapestry Carpets, Oilcloths, Ac h. ROTH, Auction eer. Oeods packcd and dellveren for purchasers, city or country. Cut this out. T UCTION SALE, AUCTION IALB J\ of elegant and costly Household Furniture, THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), at 10X o'clock, at private residence 21H West Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue, con.-istlng of all arid every article necessary for house keeping, furniture made to order (or present owner. PARLORS CONTAIN- Velvet Carpets, rosewood and walnut Parlor Suits, 14 pieces, covered satin, brocatel and cotellnen; French Plate Pier Mirrors, lace Curtains, valuable Oil Paintings, elegant asfortiuent Paris Clocks and Bronzes, magnificent rosewood 7'? octave tmirr..iind cornered Pianolorte, one beautiful square 7 octave Plane tortc, rich Inlaid cabinet, Etageres, Turkish Chairs, Centre and Console Tables, Ac. Dining Room contains? Brussels Carpet, Extension Table, Buffet, Dining Chairs, Class, China and Silver Ware, Cutlery Ac. chambers? Brussels carpet, 8 rosewood and walnut Bedroom Sets, consisting Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstauds, Commodes; III spring and 15 hair Mattresses, fine Bedding, Lounges, Knsy Caalrs, suits In silks and worsted reps. Curtains, Mirrors, Paintings. Ornaments, Ac. Library Furniture ? vU.. Bookcaee and Books, Library Tnbles, Desk, Chair*. Carpet. Ac.. Also line assortment Kitchen Furniture and Cteusils, ingrain Carpets, Ac: ROBERT C. CASH IN, Auctioneer. Nntlce ? House open at 9,'s o'clock. Catalogues ready. Take Seventh or Eighth avenue cars to Twenty-Brut street. N. B.? Sale positive. Cut this out ITmaXSON_A TITSWORTil. AUCTIONEERS, OIVB their special attention to the sale of Furniture on the premises; charges reasonable ; returns prompt Of fice wx Broadway. __________ AUCTION SALB.? WE DESIRE TO CALL ATTEN tion to the referee sale ot II Lots, on Madison ave nue, Kightv-fltth and Elglitv sixth street*, to he sold at auction by K II. Ll'DLoW A Co., this day, atl2o'clock, at the Kxchange salesroom. X UCTION NOTICR AUCTION NOTICE. 2\ A large sale at private residence. 124 West 26th st., comprising over ."V*) lots of first class Household Furni ture, comprising In part every article accessary for housekeeping, viz. : Rosewood Pianoforte, elegant Parlor Suits, Brussels Carpets, Oil Paintings, Mirrors, Lace Cur tain', A<\ ; also DIuing Room, Basement and Kitchen Furniture, rosewood and imlmit Milts, single and double Bedsteads. Bureau". Wardrobe*, Spriag and Hair \fat tresnes. Lounge*, Clocks, Plate, cutlery, china, Clam ware Buflct, Extension Table, chairs, Ac . Ac. ' HENRY 7.IN.N, Auctioneer. r to USTE "MARTI NE S, A UCTION EER. A Magnificent Household Furniture. Pianoforte, Bronzes, Pnlntin-'s, Drawing Room Suits ' and rar>' costly W nrks of Art, at public auction, THIS DAY (Wednesday), at lOJi o'clock. at the elegant residence 36 West 16th st., near 5th av., the property of W. R. Livingston, h*q. Drawing Rooms? superb Suits, covered silk brocade, rich est description} Marqneterle. hots de rose Cabinets. Tables, Kncoignuurs. Jardinieres, elegant Canopv EtUg geres, Secretaire Bookcase, fiUU volumes choice BookM^ velvet medallion Carpets, Lace Curtains, Mirrors, Paintings tiy eminent artists, Brvnze Statuary, Clot ks, mag'iitbcnt rosewood Pianoforte, celebrated maker, Music Stand, Stool, Cover, chambers? Rose wood, walnut Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wardrobes, en suite, *tyle Louis XIV. ; Mattresses. Ac. Dining Room*? Extension Table, Buflet Silverware, Cutlery, Chinaware, Glass; Furnltuw of basement. Kitchen and servants' apartments. N. B ? Psrties wish lug to attend UUs sale, take ftUi by. fUktfei or , 6(lt av. cuts. A. RALGH AT tfTTION. ARCH. /OHNBTO*. AUOTIONiWR . office and vaioHruom, 37 N?**aW ilroot, oi/po?it? thi I'ost oitice Horae Auction Marl. 19 to ?'?'> KhI TliirU-on'h *troot lU'pu<it<>rjr, No. H Coftlandt <4ieot. liaiidMome Household I''iiri4turr, ritfKVuvd rianoluriea, Uar,Ut*?Ao. arch JOUNS on will noli At auction to-morrow (Thurndajr), Ainl' 17, at iOJ{ o'clock. si 142 ?cberui?rl>o n Kiri'ol. near Smith mretii, H.ooklj n . all tin* l-'urnii u ? c<itiiuin(iil in hiiJ hou?', carved walnut anil trill J'nr.<.r suiih, in green an I irolii aalln ; groan rapa wilnut dad ro >m fruit*. I'mnoinrit'H, BedntaiK Wardrobe, Waili. (?tuij", HiiiVi*, KxifiisJon Hiiiln,* ''aide* and Ohii'r*, Viiiuii. Velvet ami UruiseU l.'urFoL*. and Uilcioiha, K ? I cli. ii Kuril Ilun\ Ac. AKOU. JOHNSTON. AlK'TIONKRR Office ami ialrcrooiii, 37 Nh.kau utroot, opposite iho l'??t office. Ilorup Aurlion Aiart, Id to \Ut . a-l I li rtoentli Htrect t an Aito i opoflto.y, No S Poiiln dt nil-cot lloil A Mi OKKIO '?! KOKNirt'RK. ARC. I. JOIIN.tToN will anil oa lliui ilu.y, at 10*^ o'elo' K, at llio Kali'urouni, SJ Naviuu atroct, a Itir?to ataorl luent ol Honwhold and Office Kurnlturo. A Alton. JOHNSTON, AUCTION KKIt, tillico and salesroom ? I .susan ust ree.t, opposite the l"nat office Horse auction Branch,, -I ami -> l.A?t Tli r.eent'i sired. near t I Hi avenue li\Nl>SOJIt'. liOUSKllOL'l FI1RN TURK. MlKllOIlS Oil. PA lit I'l N iiJ, OAltl 1 IS, Ac Alt. II JOHN sO.i will se I at an turn, ?nm O Y (WKPNKSOAV), A I nl in. III IIS o'clock, uttlin private rrsi ionoo JMM West Thin? first street, ue Iniirn i icnili ?n .1 Ninth avenues, nil the I' urn ,1 ucc contained in snid hou*o, I fl m In part ( u-k.inl iarvo.1 ro . woo l I'm r. or Suit*. lit crimson, Minn: cpticii i h'lirs un I Ktagore;, ' cu re lahlei, iaivo.1 i-o ill ouk liming itooin and Library Furniture, '<i tile . Oliiiirs, hee.rctai'V, tiookcu o, LoUliiros ''ttrMiil rosewood niul wclnut Bedroom I'liriiitU'c, Bedstead. I>restn', I u ii'.iiu, Waahntuiid, toilet C'.ioo.vcry, Imcii. Ii, china an I (rlaia Warn ; ull the royal, Wilton, vnlvct ami Brussels Carpet* all. I Ollololhn, Ac Also i?,.i.,.i,? i oc oil i'lilui ii is. iiv Patell, W alHitirgh, Holaekcr, Thompson, Van ou.gcuile, Cenraui, Wahll, .lc. . A ItCH. JOHKB1U.N, AUCTIONKKR J\ office anil salesroom J7 Na saw street, opposite the I'i olUce Horse Am tion Uriincli. 19. 21, H i and 2.< l'.ajt Thirteenth street, near I Itlh avenue (ion.ool Household . ure, Carpets, Ac. ARCH JOHNSTON will sell at auction this (In/ (W-tdnes-. i!:iv) April Hi. .tt l 'm o'clock, at 1ft Harrow * trout, between It eecknr and Fourth street*, .... ? Walnut mill mahogany Parlor anil Bedroom tnirntturo, lino i atliur Beds, rl.lows and Untitling, three-ply Ingram rat pete, Oilcloths, Kitchen Furnltuie, China, silver Plated and i ; lass Ware. _ Alton JOHNSTON, AIICTIONK Kit. it lice and salesroom, 117 Nassau street, opposite tno Post office. llorse Auction Mart. Ill to 26 East Thirteenth street. 'Jariiauc Itc.i o ator>, No. H Coftiandt street. U..Nl'1'KL HOU.sKHOLO PIUtNlTURK, CAM* UTS. Ao 'AltOH JOHNSTON will *ell at auction to morrow (lliursday). April 17. at W'i o'clock, at :? Jones slrHut (near Bleettkci i, all the Fumi.uro coutauio I in said house. Miihog'inv and walnut 1'itdronm .-nits, Lrussels una fn ?rain Carpets, Kitchen Furniture, Ac A l.LEN 11. MINKR. AUCTIONEER. J\ sale- rooms !W chambers and 7i Leade street* l.y ALLEN 11 Ml.itiK A II KOTH Kit, FRIDAY, 26th. and SATURDAY, 20th of April, at ID', o'clock, at the Worth House, . JtTNCTION OK nitOAUWAY. KIKTH AVKNUK ANI) Twcti'y llltli .Htrtset? Handaome Hoim'hohl Kiirtiltnre, Mlrrora, Curtain*. farpeU. Ac.. Ac , all o. wh c i were 1 1 1 it i lc to order anil tu tine couiiUon. I urtit-tilarH lit re alter. ? A J. ltliKKCK Kit, SON A CO., AUOTION1'. IHtS. . Valuable tilt avenue Property, near Union Kijuare. KIIU IthOA Y, April 17, at 12 noon. KOUBTIl A Mi .liii? ' i'he well nulit 4 atory brick l-nu llHh huMiment House anil lee, ^ east side, lliirtl liou-c below Twenty-first ?tt cet, ,1 lot A lx '.to linusc 4t> leel tieep ; has all the modern conveniences. '1 i'tle pcrtect. Terms mo t liberal. ... ? WASII1NOTO.N Sl'ItlicT? The two I.ots aivl BuildinR* S7ft and H77 Wasliinulon straet, soutlit u-t corner ot Boacli street, eueli J5x7ii. near the old lloiiiiult'n Mcamsh pU - puny's pier and In the rear ot the bin oil Suites bonilul w urrlioutM) on ilrewiiwich iind B?acli hIh. T?tiih hl?erai. Superior brow n stone House on West ?'?iKh^ecn h f-lr<j('t Four story hiuh Htoou t>rown hIoiip House ftjul ijot ?< \\ e<t KiKhtcentli street, belween Kitth and Sixth avenues; house '.Tix7.,i, nil the way up; In perlect order anil replete wilii nil modern conveniences; 60 per cent on mortgage. TwosU.ry brick Houses and i.ots ftTaudM'lhon.pst.n street, lictwecn llrooine anil Spriug, bl.lOxlOJ. Maps ut <7 Collar struct .\ UC ' v Ah r A ULE ' lhM 1 ' U O V E D PROPERTY ON SKCOXD AVENUEj. CORNER^ IjlOIlWKTll street. will coll at auction on . , TIU'RSHAY, April 17, IH7H, ut 12 o'clock noon, nt the Kxehnnge .salesroom. Ill HioiuIwh.v, . the two loin story and cellar brick Houses, ?i h stoi r< s, 1,M3 and 1,616 Second avenue, northwest corner of ^'?Phe'three'story and cellar brick. front House, with Store, 224 Kast Eightieth street, near Third avenue. Maps at the auctioneer's otllcc, M7^< cdar street A I At< r,UN' Household Furniture. .W. O. HOFFMAN, Auctioneer. I, M. HOFF MAM'S BON A CO. will sell on HATURDA1 , April 19, nt 11 o'clock, at 26 West Forty sixth street. ull the ?Furniture, Fixtures, Ac., contained in the dwell intt house ot the atiove number. _____ HCTION NOTICE?BALK THIS DAY (WEONES. duy), commencing at ll))f o'clock, five, story brown stone residence. 120 West 23d street, between flth anil 7th avenues, over $25,000 worth ol elegant, costly, plain Household Furniture, rure ami Work of Art, brilliant toned 7li octave rosewood Planotorte, used one year, cost $1,000; magnificent Drawing Boom Stands, Bookcase. Aoo volumes of choice Books, velvet U1 MmlS' oAr|int "ricAt? r.*ewood and solid black wal n ut Bedroom Suitt, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Withstands, Wardrobes, (?halrs Comiuodes lad^s UressIn^ flair and SnrltiK Mattresses, feather Beds, ritiows. not slers Sheets Pillow Slips. Dining Room and Library Furniture? Buffet, Inlaid walnut, cost $27f>; Extension Table ilhnlrs. Silver, China, Glass. Cutlery, Ac.: Base ment mikI Kitchen Furniture, which the sule will com mence with N. B.? Deposit required trom all purchasers ITr Ume Ol "ale. LI. KK EIT'AOBRALO, Auctioneer, would call the attention ol his friends and the sale as tt Is the largest and richest assortment of house hold goods offered to the public this season. Ooods call be shipped or stored. ,,Y , w ('AMPBELU JR.. AUCTIONEER.? CAMP 1^ BELL A CO. will sell on Thursday. April 17, entire mentaorgo^.em"oC^ ture Ut lirivan1 residences, and guarantee full value. Office 5t? Hudson street. ? By P. COLTON, AUCTIONEER. ? " Superb Household Furniture, Horse and Carriage, Steiuwav 7V? Octave Pianoforte, in good order, Elegant Mirrors, Chandeliers, Ac., On THURSDAY. April 17, at 11 o'clock, at the private resilience 1*4 West Fortv tbiiil street, stt i erb Parlor Furniture, in crimson satin, with Window Curtains and Mantel Lambreklns en stilU' ; elegant steln ... ,i .. Pianoforte almost new, with tour round corners uti(f carved lees; Cabinets with tironie nicdalliont; Centre Tables French plate Pier Mirrors, Cornices and (insole Tables' Library Furniture. Library Table Wing Book cases. Lam tire tina, richlv carved "! " t ?l^Aoo : nne elecant French walnut Chamber f-Ult. ? ost f rarved Black Walnut Bedsteads and pressing Bureaus v.i riasa* TurRish Lounges and Chairs en suite ; best Curled Hah^attresses! Spring Beds. Bolsters, Pillows ? nil tiic (!hHndclicrs &nd (?&s Fixtu rt'8 find WIiulow shades throughout the house ; Oak lilniiiK Kouui iurni ture, Ac. about 1 o'clock, one splendid roan Horse, 15W hands fast trotter, time lr last ; s.lverplated Harness, Robes.^Blankets, . ? II rirh Furniture of forty parlor* and bedrooms, to nether with a?Uhe Velv.t, rfrossels and other Carpets : fiiit hair Mattresses, "rtTeit " Kninince N^'^W^srfvmity-^nh strM*? ^or?^ full particular? Si time, with catalogue Notice of further sale on Thursday T1Y MAX BAYKR8DORFBK. AUCTIONEER. -SELLS KrusacUOaroett. rich Walni.t Wardrobe. Slde cases, irtc1V.?kr.UH^,, . (ri,.Snnt Fre nc h rep covered Parlor S'lM Ah ACKER'S office, 246Bowery. ,.v lUADOltE J SW A KZKOPH , Al't TIONEKR, Dealers invit* Attorney lor Mortgagee. ,. w IIAUCHT. AI'CTl OKEKE? II A I'CHY A K IOHNSON sell, this day, at 10.^4 o'clock, at l#l tirand street corner Elm street, the entire ( .intents of a Lh'uor Store. Bar. back Fixture s Reer Pumps, fables, Chaira. Oas l?i?ture?, Llqnors, Wines, Ac . - TIV B W DAUCHT, AUCTIONEKR? DAL'CHY k J> JOHNSON will sell on Thursday, April 17. the entire eieitant Furniture of the tlrst class private resilience 44 m r* n street consisting ot live Velvet bedv Brussels. Ta Kv and Tna?ln t' arpeta; Parlor Suits. Oil Paintings, ISSS?rM PiUnoforV. Chamber Suits. Wlndow^urtalns, Toilet Sets, crockery and olas* Ware, rbn'ng^ Kitchen Kurniture. t hairs, marble top rubles. Ward robes Bookcases and everything usually found in a first i7as* hou*e By order of John C. M. U an, Kaector. _ I?Y IOHN A IH'NN. AI'CTIoNKKIt MARSHAL'S B sale. -Will', sell to-morrow (W>dn?s<layi,at I S o'clock, at 227 Bowerv, Feathers A . Hewing Machines. 'Ix new Hair Mattresses, new ice Boxes, marble top Tables, Carpets, one new Trunk, t< gether with a variety of 0A?,Y, Marshal_ BY S W. DAUCHY, AUCTIONEER. BY BFlT' AHI* W day/in*!.!^ at'll rr "'MTc(,rs2? v^nvrrrpte & ^r/n^ip Bn'^r; 'om'uht1 and om ^^rv ^^nicr; il^nngoX.r.lir' B"y'rsand >'^"p^l^c ,nvl,cd' Good, removed alter wie. Hndilon street. i vilY B 1IKRT8. AUCTIONEER _ IIOCSfcHOLD FURNITURE, ROSEWOOD PIANO, AC., ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL lit, AT 10H O'CLOCK, AT ?7 BAST HEV KNTEENTH SlRKKT, NEAR THIRD AVENUE, comprising velvet and Brussels Carpet*, pier and "ia"'c' Mirrors, tllocks, Bromem Paiiltlnga, rosewmid and wal nut Parlor and Chamber Suits, In brocatel and reR . Etageres, seven octave rosewood Piano, Room Suit, Extension Table.;wm?A mjh W and walnut Be.lsb ads, Bureaus, Wasbstands, mit) hair Mattresses, Beds and Bedding, \ Chairs, China, Olassware, Kitchen I ten .lls, ?c., x . Catalog um now ready avoffleo ?l au?ui)u?cr, lotuiUsui. i itroeL ^ t ' HiA iiKH at /itrrTiun. HRNBV' Si. 'ipMBt AUCflOvkttJtT v'PMMAI. l'l;Ur.M P TORY ?U,K OF Vr,\?Olio& JKWKI.RV, DIAMONIM STORM HlXXlUlRS, Hl-.Ot JiA'i OK JKWl'l,l.Kltii HAJ'K, At!., "" ON THURSDAY. KRIIMV ANH M ' TtMtO\Y April 17. l? mi I ' !?, at ll) o'clock each .??> ' BY I RDKR OK MR. JO II At OJIAIt IIKUlfl'li at hi< store, 71'. BROADWAY, IJNDKH M- W YORK Huo BI. comprising hi* entite Mliiok, valued at over win. U wn! bo mil J without any pemrve, on eoopubloi rcviiliw Iroiu Mlih*. Catalogue* will b? ready on the 18th inn*. HKIIBY u II RUTH? URN I'RKL IIODHKIIOI.D KURNITUW ON THURSDAY, APIUIj I7TM, AT 111 O'CJ.OUK AT l;>!7 BROADW O (IN OAROhNr, lie I wr<* ii Forty seventh and Vorty eighth xtrvvta, comiiniuittf voivet, lirusml* ?inj Ingram carpet-., Oil OIoilis, Minors, w il ii u i anil mahogany Parlor -imr> in rep* au. I hair c.iotli, outre, sidv ami card TeMn*, I Hock?, omnium!*, Cloture*, Chamber mul i - 1 . i n w i.imiiii i mm turc, Ueda. Bedding, Kitchen iinil Cnoking Utensils, all the property o? a tanilly leaving lor Europe Ontalogua at Mile. ? ? ? ? - ? ? JAOOll JtOli ART, AUCTIONEER? ti A I* KHKOOMri f?t? I North William street, corner oi Frankfort. Per gonal i tLi-iilion p.iiil in I I if sale* o 11. m ehold 1<* nuiluro <n luiiiiiii's declining hi usokeep u; at their naileunee; itlao ai tlio al the miction ri?.un TIUh IMY, April 111, at 11 o'clook. at tin. auoiioii room*, ! 1 . ??j-?i- ImiI.i Furnltnre, conslit hg hi marble to]i Cottaift Suit*. Teta a ifinn, ixiiiiiufts. Bureau*, WitMlisijiii In, i edatead* ami 4atir??w.?, I eallmr Bedn uml Be Kiing, ? ooktiiK 1 - 1 1 m, Offlc - 11 -ik.. In. ri 1 1 ii .i mis, Brussels ami Ingrain Carpet*, Oiiclolii. and lot i?l Butter, Beet', Ac. THURSDAY, April 17, at "o'clock P. M , at "(J!) Hlxih avenue, the Efl'eet* of a fish market ? marble lop Fi h Stnu. I, Counter, Ov.*ter Stand. Ii o Box, NliulriiiKt (las Fixtures. Au. I ,YCOI? HOC ART, AO I TIONFER ?MORTOAOIt KaI.B fl thisdav. April Irt, al II o'e'oek, at JW hast I'nrty aeceiid ?tr.- i, tv?o double Truck* ami twoFetadoublclliu*' nr.i, i wo llniwn, ltlaiikiiUi, Ac. JOHN CON i l'-i. l<L, Attorney i..r ft'on^e^r.* J P. TRAVKtlH. AITOTJOHRKR . By J. H. KNUIIIT ft TO. Asaiitnca sale, ? ?n Monday, April 21, nt luo'c'ook A. M., at store Ml lie* HtreM, tb( utit r? sini'ii and Tool.4 ol the i'r.-Miie lleitiiiK anil Mariiirnct.nriiii; Oompnry, consisting ut Kitting*. Hriinsw.irk, Miirhini.-tn' Supplier .iod HU'iini Kitlr.rv Tool*, logother with a lot "f I'mtcrnsainl one Vi^rtii ???! Boiler, complete. By otdi r A. < ;irt\ as sluii<>t?. K B JlRNuY, aalcsman. JAMRS CAONEY, AUOTIONBER. URAL R STATU and Ijnan llrokor, SRI IlinlKon Htreet, will giv? per M>n:il attention to the hnle ot Kurniiurii ut private roai tlcniM, hotclM, Htorest4ickn, Ac. ; twenty Hiht yr ir.i' o*, perl. ni-c ; prompt relinlile returna; muderaie iliui^e* Appraising altetnleil io. SATURDAY, April 19, ??tit iro elo^ant Furniture or the live ntory brown <ti>ue privute resilience, S9 West Wathington square, cornet Ctk st., coniprislm; the Purnitiiro ol iilu.ul !M rooms nil it ?hieli in in excellent comlltMti, will tie sold wiUiout nuy re erve. Full detail.* hercaiter, I'atii'.onuiM coiilttia about &r>ti lota. J P. TRAVRR. AUCTIONEER? OH KICK 59 OltRAT . Jotie.s street, w ill sell tUis d.iy, at III o'clock, at. pi i vato rc^idenco l'ta Kast EI?hteoutn street, near Lexlng ton avenue, nil the elegant Kurniture, cotmUUug ot a Kenernl anyortmenl fine Parlor, (.'haiuber, Idbrary, llall. Dining Kootu and Kitchen; tine Brusacltt uml other (>ar peln IhrotiKliotit the house; best Hair anil other Mivt trewiea, Feather rillows and KolmerK, larue lot ut line iieddimr. Oil I'atnliiiK" and RnKrnvlngs, i hina, Crock ery, illassware, Ac., all tlrst class and in ifood order JORKI'H M'fll'IHK, AUCTIONEER, will toll oil THURSDAY, April 17, at 12 o'clock M , at the i.xchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, without reserve, one T.ot on tlio nortli side of KJTtl* street, 22.i Teet east at Tonth avenue; stzu 2ft by ? rH. JENKINS A CO., AUCTION EER8, ? lift Bleeokor street, Now York, will Mil, on Thursday, April 17. hi 10 o'clock A M.,at 436 Wost Thlrty-lourth street, the entire Household Furnl lure, Heddlii'/. Carpets. Orockory, Glassware, Ac.; al?t> one 7 octaro I'inno, rosewood case. JOHN MORIARTY. .IK., AUCTIONEER?WILL SKI. I., April 17. 1873, ill 880 and Ss2 Broadway, New York, nil the elegant Furniture contained In the wareroonm of John llerrllck A To. All the liirniturc wax made under the supervision of the celebrated manufacturer, J. F. C. Plckliardt. Tlte slock consists ot finished and unfinished poods, Ac. ; rosewood Parlor Suits, in satin and different colored trimmings, cassiinere and reps; wa liiut Parlor Suit, tliilslnil in Kilt, Ac. ; ulso plain and slnirle Miit< lor bedrooms, library and dining rooms; cost $1, frill to make; nl-ooak and walnut Sideboards uml uuirhle top Tallies, All the stock will he sold without reserve, (Joodsou ex liihitioii. IEWI8 B. WOOD, AUCTIONEER OFFICE 79 MONT J gouiery street, Jersey City.? Will sell, by order o t the assiftnee, on SATURDAY, April 19, 187S, at 12 o'clock M., at the .salesroom, 79 Montgomery street, Jersey Oily, forty i40i Bonds of >1.000 each, of Decatur, Sullivan and MatUxiii Railroad Company. Nos. Ito 4il, $40,000; terms at sale. MORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. rercmptorv sale In partition, by order of the Court of Common fleas. Eleven Lots oa Madison avenue, highly tilth and Eighty-slxUi street*. E. II. IiUllLdW A CO. will soil at uuctlon, on Wedues dnv, Ajirll IB, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Sales room, 111 Broadway, New \ork (sale under the direction oi Henry Morrison," Esq., Referee) :? Madison avenue, southwest corner of Eighty-sixth street? Kiuht Lots, having a frontage of 102.2 fuetou Madi sun avenue and 195 n ot on Eighty-sixth street. Madison avenue, southeast eoncr of Eighty-sixth, street? I'lot of tlround, 30 feet H Inches by 103 fcet'iinches. East Eighty tilth street? Two Lots, north siile, 146 leet west of Madison avenue, rear of Eighty. sixth street lots, each ilxllW feet 2 Inches. Two-thirds of tho purchase money may remain on mocfc Kin. FRANKLIN BROWN, Attorney, 86 I.ihcrty st., N r. Maps, Ac., at the office of the auctioneers, No. .1 Pine street, New York. *?OJtRI8 WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. Desirable Property on West Tenth street, near (irocn wicli avenue, at auction. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY, April 16, 1873, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway West Tenth street? The valuable I'lot of (Iround, with buildings thereon, known as Nos. 134 and 136 West Tenth street, 311.2 feet front, 42.10 feet rear, by average depth o| 98 teet ; buildings consist of two story, attic anil oasement brick dwelling, 25x36 feet, and two story brick stable, 14.2x2* teet; $10,000 can remain on boud and mortgage. ORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. Elegant Furniture, ? Kino Mirrors, Superb Carpets, Ac., ? " y- ? ? at auction. T. II. LUDLOW A CO. will ssll at auction on Thursday, April 17, 1873. at il o'clock A. M , at the private resi dence 2il2 Madison avenue, between Thirty-fifth uml Thir ty-sixth streets, the entire Furniture contained in ssid house, consisting of ebony and gilt Inlaid I'arlor Suits, superb inlaid Cabinet, handsome Library Suit, elegant Bookcases, Library and Centre Tables, rosewood and blac-k walnut Bedroom Suits, Turkish Chairs and fancy Tames, fltl# French plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Mf> i|iiet, Velvet and Brussels Carpets; Oilcloths, reps, silk and lane Curtains, Ac.: tine Oil Puintings, Ac., together with an assortment of Kitchen Furniture ana Uteusita. with which the sale will commence. Maxson A titswortii. AU< honeers. OPTIC* 208 Broadway.? Real Estate, Mocks and Bonds sold at the Exchange. special attention given tu sales oi Vessels. Furniture and Merchandise on the premises. M Morris wilkins. Auctioneer. Elegant flftusehold Furniture, Stelnway Pianoforte, Hue Mirrors, rich Carpets. . K. n LUDLOW A CO. will sell st auction on Friday. April 1*. 1873, at II o'clock A. M., at the private residence I4!i West 'lwi nt\ first street, near Sixth avenue, CtfM wood and gilt I'arlor Suit In velvet, black walnut Parfofc. I suit in reps, gilt Reception Chair*, rosewood Pianoforte (Hteinway maker); Pier and Mant'-I Glasses, velvet Mar 1 tel lambrequins, I.aee Curtains, black walnut and ebony Bedsteads; Dressing Bureaus, Armoires-aglace, Cora nindes, Lounges, Turklsh^nd Easy Chairs; black walnut andebnnv Library Table" Dressing Table, Writing Desk, marble Mantel Clocks, handsome China Vases, Basoan Statuettes, Mattresses, Palliasses, Bolsters and Plllowa, Axminster, Wilton and Brussels Carpets, Oilcloths. Ac. ; Engravings, Ac., Ac.: together with an assortmento# Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. catalogues now ready and can be had on application to the auctioneers. No. 3 Pine street or 36 East Seven teenth street. PAWNBROKERS RALE -WATCHES AND JEWELRY. R. FIELD, sheriff sand General Auctioneer, Salesroom 121 Bowery, will sell Tills DAY at il o'clock, 600 lots Hold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Oold Jewelry, Pins, Rings, Earrings, Oold Guard, Fob and Vest Chains Ac., Ac. Also Guns, Pistols, Musical Instruments By order M. Melirbach, Grand street, aud IIu^U Freel, ?ON street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.? THIS DAY, JAMES ACaR. Auctioneer, will sell at 89 New Bowery, 500 lot# Dress Shawls. Remnants, table Linen, Sheets, Spreads, Coats. Pantaloon* and Suits. By order of A. B. Barnard, 404 Third avenue. PAWNBROKER'S SALK.-SAM FOREST, Auc tioneer, sells this day, at 17 Bowery. 800 Iota Men'* anil Women's Clothing, Silk and other Dresses. Shawla. Remnants. Bedding, shoes and other Ooods. By order of Francis Fely. Front street, Brooklyn. ilCHARD WALTERS AUCTIONEER? SALESROOM 27 East Broadwi *' ' * to sales ot Household R1 Richard Walters, ai ctioneer-salesroo* 27 East Broadway? Will give bis persoual attention to sales ot Household Furniture at residences of families declining housekeeping, or can be removed to salesroom ; storage for furniture; prompt returns; terms moderate. lICHARP WALTERS. AUCTIONEER? BUTCHER ... shn inorhiag# sale? Will sell this day (Wednesday), at 2 o'clock P. > 161 East Fifty third struct, the Fix tures < if a first class Butcher Shop, viz.? Counters, Benches, Rucks. Ice House, Knives, Blocks, Butcher Cart. Ac. LEVI WtiLF, Attorney fur Mortgagee. SHERIFF'S SALE.? R. FIELD, AVCTIONEER, 121 Bowerv, will sell this dayv, at 11 o'clock, at No. 5 Rowling (treen, a quantity of Om?e Furniture, consisting ot .-ales, Desks, Chairs, Ac. By order. M ATTHEW T. BRENNAN, SheriflT. Jis. Drurnv. Deputy. \lrlLl.IAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, ' Office 50 New Bowcrr. New York. will ?eil, on Thursday, 17tli Inst., at 10)," o'clock, thn Fiiruiture contained in private residence 372 Paetfte street, near Bond, Brooklyn, consisting of Partor Suit*, crimson reps; French plate Mirrors, marble top Tables, Brussels and Ingruln Carpets, (lilelnths also Chamber Suits. Hair Mattresses, Extension Table, oak Dlnlm;, Ac., Ac. WILLIAM ABBflTT, AUCTIONEER. ?' Offlce 80 New Bowery. Valuable Tcneim nt Property iu the .-eventh Ward. Ot? Wednesday, April 16, at 12 noon, at the Merchants' Ex change. Ill Broadway, four Tenement Bouses and Lota. 6S#> ami r-ysi, Water street, front and rear : on front oM three story brick building and store, 26x28*$, Including alleyway, together with three storv frame house. 10*32; ou rear two lour story brick houses, 28X2*1, each, with yard, 43x36 feet. Maps and particulars at flfl New Bowery. \1MNANS A GARRRTSON, AUCTIONEERS? BOOMS vv 5.7 and .129 Sixth avenue, near Thirty second street | Furniture sent, without delay will be in time for next sale. Sales at private dwellings given special attention MATHIMOSIAL. V WIDOWER. AOF.D 39. OK GOOD POSITION AND well Mt?bMnhed buninriw bt'inx ? bout to I keep house with his daughter, would wish to make ttia , acquaintance of a refined young lady or 'J,|d"",, , . good means, with a vlow lo uiairuuoujf. Auuto?4bo* "'.O.VJ l'v*t uUlcv,

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