Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 14

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 14
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MTTATIONR WA1VTRD? FKM AI.RS. Cooks. ?ic. UWEST 44 TH ST. -A REBPECTABLE WOMAN AS Brit clans cook in a private family ; In a Rood baker a?4 understands her business in all its branches; best eltjjrelerenee from lint place. 9 HORATIO ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN an cook; will assist with washing and Ironing; good NfcnneM 1Q ONION COl'RT, UNIVERSITY PLACE, BBTWKRN -IO Uth aud 12th sta.? A respectable Protestant woman ?a first-class cook, no washing, in a gentleman's family; eountry preferred ; first cla--s reteronecs. OA WEST 13TII ST.. SECOND KI-OOR, IN THE AiU rear.? A competent woman as cook in a country total: Is an excellent baker. OA EAST 40TH ST.? AS ClOOD COOK AND BAKER ; OVf also* is willing to assist witlt the washing ; thoroughly understands her business; good rily reference. QO SD AV., CORNER 9TH ST.? A GERMAN GIRL +94 to cook, wash and iron in a small private family. QO VANDAM ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG O i_i girls; one as cook and to assist with washing; the other as chambermaid and to assist with washing : go?d mi> J reference ; country preferred. OO WEST I26TII ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? OO As cook (from the North of Ireland; In a private family only; understands all kinds of soups, meats, tiud *??? and bread ; would assist lit laundry work. Call or mrtw. JQ EAST S2D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG Tu woman as cook, washer and Ironer; good city ref erence HACKKTT ST., BROOKLYN ? A RESPECTABLE v)?J Protestant woman, with little girl, six years old. tl cook and laundress In a smnll family, or would do jMiscwork in a vary inall family ; country preferred. GQ WEST 43 D ST., SECOND FLOOR,? A GIRL TO DO cook and assist with Mic washing and ironing in a small private lamlly ; five years' reference. Q-| era AV.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN CI as goo<i cook lua private family ; nix years' best city reference from last place. QU WEST IITII ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AH tfij cook, washer and ironer; no obiection to a hoard ing house . good reference. Ifll mi AV., CORNER OF 11TH ST.? A FIRST Iwl class French cook; understands her business lor the coun.ry or city. mWEST 18TR ST., NEAR 6TH AV.-A RE8PECT ahle woman as good cook ; is willing to assist with coarse washing; lirst class city reference. lAfi WEST 15TH ST., REAR, TOP FLOOR.? A RE IA/C7 spectable woman as good plain cook; is u good Baker; Will assist in the washing; ilirec years' reference. I OO WEST 30TH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A8 1*j?j first class cook; understands all kinds ot family ?ooking, French and English soups, fresh mi at, paltry, ?reams, le llcs and desserts; un excellent liaker; willing to lake entire charge of a kitchen; if required, n# objec tion to go a short distance in the country; best city and country relerences. Call for two days; ring base ment bell. I OK SOUTH ftTH AV., REAR BUILDING ? A FRENCH I ' cook (Klsas) in a hotel or restaurant. "I Oft WEST I9TII ST., TOP FLOOR, BACK. ? AN EX* AOV/ perienced woman as first classcook ; understands all kinds of meats, soups, pastry aua jellies; best city ref erence. Call for two days. "1 OA WEST 17TII ST., BASEMENT.? A RESPECTA hie woman as good plain cook, washer and Ironer in u small private family : city reference. lOl WEST 19TII ST. ? AS COOK. WASHER AND JLOL Ironer In a email family; best city reference. TOO WEST 49TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS A?JO cook in a private family; no objection to assist with washing ; best city reference, 111) WEST 13TH ST.. BETWEEN STII AND 6TH Itv avs.? A young woman as cook; has no objection to assist with the washing and ironing ; best city refer ence. 1/tO WEST I9TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS J xV cook, washer and ironer; best reference from last place. 1/11 WEST 39TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ItI girl to cook and assist in the washing anil iroulng, to a small private family. Kc-t of city reicrcuce, l^pr EAST ?R> FIRST FLOOR. VftOMT,- A RE Iti) spectable younir girl as cook and to asstst with the washing ami ironing . best dt.v refer, lice. Address. TiQ WEST SMTH ST., SECOND FLOOR. BACK Jtv room.? A young girl as plain cook, washer and Ironer, in a small family ; best city relerences. 1 Ci> WEST 28TH ST., GROCERY STORE.? A8 FIRST 1''^ class cook: one who thoroughly understands her fctwi? . Call or address. 1,-j WEST 30TH ST.. IN THE STORE. BETWEEN ? flth and 7c h a vs. ? A respectable young girl as good eo.ik ; city or country ; best references. IF A WEST 1ST II ST., R F.Alt. ROOM I. -A YOU NO ?)'t woman as cook, is an excellent baker, or would do chainbcnvork ; no oliirclion In n hoarding house or to (hi country ; city reference. ? nil trom I(itu4. Irtt east 90TB sr., third floor, hack ROOM.? tltj As rook; an excellent tiaker of broad and cake; understands nouns anil dessert*; will assist with the washing and Ironing of a small private lainily ; poud citv ?elerence. lftO WEST 27TI1 ST., THIRD FLOOR.? A RF.8PF.rT J")0 able girl as cook ; understands all kinds ot soups, ?neat*, garni', pantry, jellies, Ac. ; best city retvrences. 48T1I ST., BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH A VS. ? A respectable girl as good plain cook or to da gen 172 tral housework 909 WOOSTER Sf.-AS FIRST CLASS COOK; UN denuands her business pronerlv : best of city rci ureacc; alto a good kitchen maid, with superior rcjer met 0/\0 WEST 25 Til ST.? TWO YOUNG CURLS, SIS Z' 1 JL ters; one as good caok.flie other as chamber maid and waitress ; or would no the washing between tin tn ; are fully competent ol either; in a private family; city reierenee. ?mo west irra sr.. near tth at., first jZ'IQ floor, trrnt room ? A respectable English widow U cook, r. ash and iron: is a goo I bread and blscnlt ?taker; country preferred; has a little girl, six years old. who she would like in the house with her; reference if required. 9"|fl WEST 27TI) ST. -A YOUNG WOMAN AS FIRST X 1 vr class cook ; would do coarse washing. 91(1 1 ELI VAN ST. ? A K ESI'ECT ABLE WOMAN AS ?Z. I*' cook ; is n?t long in this 6ountry, and understands Kngllsh and American rooking and ran m ike good hreail ; understands the rare of milk and butter it required; the country preferred; ha* good reference. Ol A FAST 4TFI ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE PROTKS ZIt tnnt German sisters In an Amerienn private fami ly . one as cook, washer atid ironer, the other as chamber ?laid and waitress, ('all lor two days. 91 r East zvni ,-t . between an and;idavs, Zli' third floor, back room ? Two sisters; one asgood Cook and to assist with washing ; the other as < bamher ma'd and waitress, or would take care ol a baby best citv references front last place ; capable in both. Call or address (or two days. ? >1Q WEST 17TII ST., BETWEEN TTII AND ?TU I O a v?., in store.? A middle-aged gfrl as (food cook ; Mi> objection to do some washing or light housework; best reference. 990 VVKST 27T1I ST., BETWEEN 71^1 AND PT1I X ? lives. ? A competent yotttig girl to cook, wash m l iron in a private tauiily; good city reference. 901 EAST 3ft fH ST.? TWO OIRLS. TO OO To Xd ? < I gether ; one ?is first class cook ; is a good baker; tlie other as first class waitress; 110 objection to assist in *hamberwork ; no objection to the country ; best city ref erence. <191 EAST S^TII ST.? A PROTESTANT OIRL AS LLV plain cook in a small private family; has good titv reference. 9^4 WEST U7TI1 ST, SECOND FLOOR, FRONT _'T room? Af. gooil rook and to assist with the wash ing an I Ironing in a small private family ; can make but ler it required . country preferred ; best reference. 94*0 WEST ami ST. THIRD FLIGHT? A RESPECT able woman asgood cook; will assist in washing ?nd ironing; best city references. WEST WTH ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS COOK. * a*her arid ironer city reference. 232 200 WEST 27TH ST.. ROOM 10.? A RESPECTABLE ?/?) young woman to do plain cooking, or wishing ?r Ironing, in a small tamily.or to do general housework ; Is willing hi make herself generally tisetul. OQQ WEST 27TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE ^OO aped Atnerienti woman as cook In a small iaiiillv ; Would assist 1a washing; excellent reference OQ7 EAST MTH ST.? TWO GIRLS TO Co To. 4bifr I geth er; one as cook, washer and Ironer; the ?ther as chambermaid and waitress; good reference. hoo EAST .V/ril .- I ?A Kl> PEC 1 WtLE OIRL TO ^0?J do plain cooking, washing and ironing In a ?ins 1 1 family ; be*? city reference. 9 I I WEST UTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE, TRUST Z'i I worthy girl as good caok, washer and Ironer; Bo objection to' a hoarding house ; good city reference. 910 WEST 41ST ST., REAR. -A SMART, ACTIVE girl as cook in a small private lamiK ; Bo okjt 0 tlon to coarse washing, understands ull kinds of lauitly cooking. 24-1 WEST Wfl ST.-A.S hood COOK A.VI) TO assist with wasluug and Ironing; gsod city ret 9 J .A. 5D AV ' NEAR *,TM sT-- THIRD FLOOR.? A t" respectable young woman as flr-t rate cook ; Would like to live with a Southern tamllv In this citv; food city reference. Coll for two days. 9J.K WEST USD ST., REAP. HOUSE \ HESPEC ZiT?J table girl as co.,k and to assi-t with the washing ?nd ironing; best city reterent" from lust employer. OiQ WEST 47-111 ST.; ROOM Irt. A Rl -IM t 1 B1 K ?rfyTO young woman as cook, washer and ironer; one Who la a good baker: good city reference. 9,-1 WEST SWT ST., REAR \ RESPECTABLE Zt'tx girl as rook ; willing to assist with washing mi Ironing ; would do general housework tor -mall lauitly. 9CO WEST 16TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN j-i'iZj a? good cook and pastry baaer ; city or country; City references. OC(l Ulsr 10TB IT, SETWEEN 7TH ?sd rTS a?-s.-Asi xf cl't nt cook; ha? the best city reler ?nca. AM WRS1 ?D SI v I EST CLAM COOK IN A private tstuilv e\ ?llcnt city reference *)L*0 WisTSAIH I Fl EST CLASS look; NO JL\)ij ?b)?< tiou to a private uoarding house ; city refer ?noea 971 EAST tOTH ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM - JL i A Two respectable girls to go together ; one ns cook. ? nd the other as chambermaid and waitress, in a small (?rival* family ; best city reference. *)QA Ith av - in tiik stork.? a respectable aOt Protestant girl a* nook In ? small privab- family whera there are two or three gtrls k? l>'.; thoro'iglilv un ?1. r-u?ud? h*' businesa: has over twd vcau citv icier ?nee. MTFATIOWS WAIITBIVFKNALES^ Cooks. &e< qaa west arm rt., near hth av.-a youno ?)\ Mr woman nt cook in a prlvau* inmily ; will waist in the washing ; twelve years' city reference. Qf\Q HTH AV.,'NBAR 28TH ST.? A TOUNOOIRL AS Ol 'O plain eook ami to do washing ill a small private family; no objection to the rountry. OAT FAST 11TH HT., NEAR 21) AV., SECOND I floor.? First class eook In a hotel or a ?wt clan hoarding noun?, city or eouutry; would superintend a large hotel. Call or address. OAO EAST 32D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OU.; girl us eook; would be willing to help with the washing and ironing : city reference. Q"| r WEST ?2D ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS ?)1?) cnok or laundress; can do all kinds of cooking ; l>est city relerenco. Call or address. Q1 7 EAST S7TH, BETWEEN 1ST AND 2D AVS.? < / 1 I Two girls, one as eook, washer, and lroner, the other as chambermaid and waitress; tiood city references. Q1 Q EAST 37TII ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK ROOM. 01?' A woman as first clam cook In a private family; if a first rate tinker of bread, biscuit and .lessens; would assist in washing and ironing, and go iu the country lor the bummer months with the family t best city reference ?JOA 1ST AW. THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROOM -A ?)?-"/ respectable woman as plain coot; first class washer and lroner; best City references. QOA EAST S4TH ST., TOP FLOOR.? A YOUNG *J&" woman as cook in a private family, and to wash and ironj has good city reference. OOO WE8T 17T1I ST.? A PROTESTANT OIRL AS good plain eook ; will at<?Ut with the wunhuit;; good reference. 09 ft EAST S2D ST. ? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS Oaj ?J good plain eook in a small private laniily ; is willing to do the course washing ; best reference. 007 WBST Ml II sr -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN as Oaj I cook : will assist in the coarse washing ; country preferred. Good reference. OOA BAST 47TH ST.. ONE PAIR OK STAIRS.? AS OOl ' conk, washer and ironer in a small private tarn lly ; good city reference. OO7 WBST 89TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? TWO BE OO 4 spcotable young fhrU; on* to cook, the other to do chumherwork ami waiting ; willing to tlo the washing and ironing between them, best city reference. 007 WEST J18T ST.. BBTWUtS 8TH and urn avs - OO I A re spec 1 11 hie girl us good plain cook in a pri vate family ; is w tiling 10 assist with washiug; good city reference. Can be seen tor two days. IKtQ EAST MfB ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN OOt 7 to cook, wash and Iron in a small private family ; best city rclcrutice. Q J A WEST 2HTII ST.? TWO RE8PECTABLR GIRLS, ?) l u one as first clans cook, the other as chamber maid and waitress : bolli willing to do the washing of a small American family ; four years' city reference. Oil EAST 22D ST.? A YOUNG CJIRL AS GOOD Orrl cook; would help with the washing if required ; bent city reference. Q 40 BAST llTH ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 21) AVS., UT'J first flooj? As cook ; understands her business In all .is branches ; c.ui tie .seen for two days . O /f O EAST 90TH ST., FOURTH FLOOR, FRONT OtO room.? A respectable young girl 10 do down stairs work ; Is a good iiluin cook ami a tlrst cia s washer and lroner ; or would do housework tor a small family. OJ .4 WBST <2D ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RE8PBCT Orfx kble girl as good eook In a private family ; un der?tands soups unit jellies and all kinds of desserts uml Is an czcellcut baker; good city reference from last place. WEST 28TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER, OR 16 OuU Minetta lane.? Two colored cooks, capable and experienced in their duties, iu a hotel or hoarding house in the country. Q??Q WEST S0TH ST., ONE PAIR OF STAIRS UP, OU?/ back room ? A respectable woman as good cook ; best city reference irom last places. QQQ 21> AV.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL AS 0?70 plain cook and to assist with the washing and ironing. Can be seen tor two days. /4AQ SD AV.? TWO RBSPBOTABLB YOUNG GIRLS tUO to live together ; one as first class cook ; the other as laundress or chambermaid ; thoroughly uiider-tnml their business: no objection to the country for the Bum mer months 1 best city reference. Call tur two days. ,f"| 1 7TU AW, IN THE FANCY STORE.-A RE T"1 r spect.iblc young woman as good plain cook and to do the plain washing and ironing ; good citv relerence. ,< 1 - HAST 17TH ST, FIRST FLOOR? A YOUNG T"x? > woman as eook, washer and irouer in a small pri vate family ; best city reference. J 1 " EA8T S3D ST.? A RBSPBOTABLB YOUNG WO 11' t man to cook, wash and Iron ; lately landed. Call fur one duy. AO'A EAST 1STB ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? A T~ w r I'rotestant woman as plain cook and to assist in washing and ironing in a small family ; would preicr a place where inv boy, 12 years old, could sleep nights. EAST 59TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS *J cnok, washer and ironer in a private family; gimd city reference. 407 EAST HTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ?j I as eoolc or laundress; no objection to a boasdimj ooii 447 house ; steudv place preferred to the highest wages; g reference, t all tor two days. JO') WEST 4'irn ST., TOP FLOOR.? A RESPECT TOO aide young girl as eook, washer and Ironer; thoroughly understands her business; excellent refer eaee from last place. A 'JO WEST 421) ST., BETWEEN '.IT 1 1 AND IOTII TOO avs.? A young girl as rook, washer and irouer in a small private laniily . good elty reference. A 4 ?> WEST33D ST., BETWENN 9TII AND MTR AYR, ItO room I.? A respectable woman as cook in a pri vate family ; best city references. . WIST 1ITH ST.? A PROTESTANT OIRL AS cook, washer ami lroner; best city reference. A HA WEST Z7TH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS wish to go together ; ose to cook, wash and iron, and the other ns chambermaid and waitress; no objec tion to go a little ways in the country. 4-i) WEST l'.'TU ST., BETWEEN !>TH AND 1"TH > )~j avs.? A l'roicstant woman as cook ; city or roun try; best elty reference. A CO WEST 99TH ST.? TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; one as good plain cnok. washer and lroner; the other as chambermaid and waitress and assist with the wushing. 111 a small private family; first class citv rotcr ences. /fr; 9TH AV, BETWEEN ViTII AND 36TII STS.? AS rt)') g< oil plain cook, washer and irouer, in u small private limlly ; excellent reference. A rc\ WE T 31 sT ST.? A YOURG ROMAR AS FIRST cUss cook; understands her business; best city reference. 999 WEST 321) ST. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ' ) I woman, in a small nrlva e family, to cook, wash and Iron ; best city relerence ; en II lor two da ? S. J QC WBST 420 ST., RETWEEN OTH AND MTU TUo avs.? A respectable girl aa eook, washer and irener or to do general housework iu a small private family. -|\| W! sr "'.II s r., TOP FLOOR, FRONT -A HE ' I spectable g.rl as cook in a private family; no olv jectlun to do coarse wnshiug if required ; six years' elty relerence from last place. Call tor two days. WEST YlTIl ST., BETWEEN IOTII AND IITII 000 avs., third tloor. front reoin.? A respectable wo mail as cook and 'aundress; t>est city reference. COI 3D AV.-A RHP ROTABLE OIRL AS COOK, ? washer and irouer; good city reference. Can be seen for two days. 01 Q 6TII AV.? A VERY DESIRABLE SERVANT; A V) I tj very excellent soup and meat eook ; goo.l bread and bulseuli baker; city or country ; best elty reference. noj EAST HTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? 00 I A widow woman, with a little uirl 11 years of age, hs cook washer and lroner; no objection to Bo .1 short distune* in the country ; good references. Call for two days 7 77 71,1 A V.? A VOUNO WOMAN AS C..OK; ? I I will assist at washing or do general housework : good city reference. Q7J1 7TH AV? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL AS Oi" first class cook and to do the coarso washing In a small private taniily ; city or country; best city refer ences. OA?) *TR AV., OORNBB MO ST.? A RRSPROTARLR 0?'? I girl as plain eook. washer and ironer In a plain American lamlly. EAST MTH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE VOUNO w<mian us plain conk, washer and l-oner. 1 1(11 ,ST neah MTU st . THIRD FLOOR, I. I'M front ? As good plain cook and to assist with the washisg II reijuired lu a small private family t city relere nee. 1 A,' 7 31) AV. BETWEEN ?2D AND f, 3D STS -A L."?J I respectable girl as eood plain cook. Wisher mm li uiier. or as eliamberinaid ; good cltv relerence. 11^17 m AV . BETWEEN 59T1I AND DOTH ST^ ? ? 1-^4 Two resjieotable yonug girls; one as cook, washer and irmier ; the other us elianilierinald and wait ress and to assist in washing and ironing; 110 objection to the country ; city reference. 1t.11 C ID AV, NEAR 7"TH ST? TWO (JIH1.S ONE to cook, wash and iron; the other as inald and waitress, or would dochamlierwork and sen ing. BROADWAY.? A WOMAN AS OOOD PLAIV ,4 '/?) eook and to assist with the washing and Iron ing ; best reference. AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation as head cook or housekeeper ; cannot lie surpassed in French, Spanish, German i.nd all the new stvlesof cooking: is capable nt taking 1 hsrge and doing the marketing of any firs! class place; city reference troin the first lamilies. Address S. b., Herald olMce. ChairibrrinMitls,* <Vc. .- WEST 4.VTH ST.? TWO YOURG GIRLS, S'STFRS. ? 1 ,i<-?ire places in private family; one us chamber maid or waitress, the other as good cook; city refer ences. c?n be see* till salted. 10 ST \NToN ST.. THIRD FLOOR.? A YOUKO GIRL 1 ? ) to do cham'/crwork end waiting or to take care of children and sewing; country preferred. ?)- WEST '. III ST. PRESENT EMPLO VER'S. ?A > lady wlslien to get s good situation for a thoroo/hlv reliable girl. *4 chambermaid. Apply, lor two days, alter I o'ciock OAWESTMTH ST -A LADY WISHES SITUATIONS m' 1 lor her twn girls , em> to do chatnberwork and w?it a - , the other as first class laundr'ss; would assist with cusmberwork; uptown preterrcd. Can be seen from 10 till A M SJ "A kU"v WISHES TO OBTAIN ?J?# a sl.uation for hei 'chambermaid; e?n recommend he'"* '-'apahle and rejiable. Call lor two days (III VKXT KT.-A RESPECTABLE YOCRO ?l\r iflrl as chainbtruiaid aud waitress; uo obiyctiuD to go to tut couulry. WTPATHW WAIITRD- KK (WALKS. Chambermaid!. Ac. f\<) WEST 14TII HT.? A GIRL TO DO CHAMBER work ami waiting in a boarding bouse. Can be won lor two dayiC. 7 A WKHT sem 8T., PRESENT EHPLOYBR'H.-A ? t respectable girl ax chambermaid and seamstrc or would be willing to do chamber work and take rur? ol children; can operate on Wheeler A Wllwjn'a mi w lug machine; good city reference* 771 GREENWICH AV., REAR BUILDING, SECOND I I 2 floor.? A nice, smart, energetic, young German girl as chambermaid; city or country ; cau coma well rec ommended. 101 heAr^.r'5OTn,8T? A ?"NO GIRL AS CHAM. W 1 1 e 1 ? 1 o riw J 1 . \ scu,"^,rc"l,i '* a good operaioron thoroughl* WiUM,n " ?n?e'"ne; undent. and* all work I AQ WKHT 1HT1I KT.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNO J.W?7 girl aa chambermaid mid waitress In a private family ; or to IH> With the washing aud ironing. 1 HQ WEHT 30TH ST., BETWEEN 6TII AND 7TH A VS., I\?f7 in the toy store.? A trustworthy young woman as first clusschamberinaid and good plain seamstress In a private family ; best cltjr HIUtMW nr. WK.ST .130 ST.? A TOUNO GIRL, LATELY ? ? landed, ax chambermaid or waitress ; good ref erence troin home. 1 Qi. EAKT 70TIJ ST.? A RE8KECTABLB YOUNG I Jwt girl us chambermaid or to uiko cam of children. Can l>e seen at her present employer'*. I "I A A WEST S6TH ST., SECOND FLOOR, ? AH CHAM I 1" lieriuald and waitress; no objection to 11 elty > family going in the country ; best three years' city retur i ence. mWEST 4UTH 8T.-A REKPECTABLE YOUNG girl aschumhermiiid mid to assist with the wait lag . uo ?hicciiuiiH to a respectable iiourding llou c I A A WERT 40TH KT.-A YOUNG WOMAN AS CHAM .1 1" x bermaid and waitress*; good city reference. 1/L7 KAsT 32DHT.. BETWEEN LEXINGTON AND It! 3d 11 vs., second tloor, tront room. ? A young girl to do chamberwork and sewing, or wait on an aged lady Ina private lumily; best city reterence from last place. ICO WEST aSTB KT.-A YOUNG GIRL TO DO J?/w chanihrrwork and waiting or take care of chil dren; city reference. ICO EAST 230 HT., BETWEEN LEXINOTON AND ? JO 3d iivh. ? A respectable young girl as chiiniher I maid and waitress, or would assist in taking care ol cliil 1 dren; best city reierenco. "1 ,"tn EAST 8HTII ST.? A YOUNG PROTEB'AN'T (IIRL !?'?/ an chambermaid nnd wait rem - willing to assist in the washing and Ironing, or to dogeneral housework in u miiuII private luiuilv living a tthort distance from the clly. 1 WKST J7TH ST., ROOM lit.? A YOUNO GIRL TO 1U1 do chumherwork and walling; good reference. 1 /> 4 EAST 6SD ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S). -A LvJt competent young woman as chamccrinald and to assist wlili l lie washing and ironing, or as nurse ; good clly reference. < all fur two day a. mWEST I8TH ST., NEAR 7TH AV.? YOUNG w oman an chambermaid and waitress, or chain I herniate! nod seamstress; best city reference. ! I OO CLINTON ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL ! lOO as chambermaid and waitress In a private fam ily ; has city reference* ; call or address. ME AST 70TH ST.. BETWEEN 1ST AM) 2D AVS.? A young girl to do charnberwork or general house work in a small lamily. on I EAST 2UTII ST. -A YOUNG WOMAN AS Adl'T chambermaid and laundress; good city refer ence ; will do no waiting. 9Hft WEST S2D ST.? A YOUNO WOMAN AS CIIAM ?ul) her inc. id and to do plain tcwiag; noobieotion lo tjike care oi'u growing child ; tiest reference ironi last employer; uo objection to go a short distance in the country. 9f 17 WEST 13TH ST.-A YOUNO GIRL AS CHAM ?\' I bcrniald and waitress or lo do line washing. M)A 7 EAST MTH ST? A RB8PBCTABLB GIRT, AS Z>'' I chambermaid and waitress or to take cure ot children ; best city reference ironi last place. Inquire in the atore. 9/17 EAST 44TII ST. ? A RESPECT MJLE GIRL TO ' I do unstairs work and assist with washing or do plain cooking and washing ; three years' rotercncc tram ? last place. Ring second bell. 900 east .writ st.-a respectable girl as &\JO < hanibernianl and waitress; is willing and oblig ing ; i< yearv' city reference tVom last place. 91 I WEST 2T.TH ST., BBTWEBN 7TH AND 8TH LjXX ova., second door, front room.? A respectable girl as chambermaid, or would take care of children; refer ence. 9"! ft WEST 27TH ST.? A NEAT YOUNG GIRL AS .U chambermaid and waitress, or to assist with washing; city reference. 91 O WEST 20TII ST.? A BE8PKCTABLE GIRL AS fcH' chambermaid. or chaniliermald and waitress; has lour years' city reference irom her last place. 291 EAST 21 ST ST.? RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL mj I ns chambermaid and do plain sewing, or to do chamhcrwork and waiting; best city reference. 99ft -WEST 28TH ST.-A CURL, LATELY LANDED, ? ' ? ' ' to do chainberwork aud waiting in a private family. 9<)(i EAST 4(TTH ST., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT.? lU A highly respectable youncr girl tn do ctiumlier worn and waiting, or charnberwork ulonc, in a private family ; b est city reference. 9QH WEST JSTU ST , IN THE UE \R.? A RI'.SPl CT able young girl as chambermaid and In do line washing and ironing, or as cook and to assist with the washing; best city reference. 20 I r.TII AV, CORSET STORE.? A YOUNO WOMAN' Ot: to do charnberwork and all kinds of tatuilv sew ing: woulu mako herself generally useful; goou city iei erence. 20(\ 7TH A V.? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ?J?7 girl as chambermaid and to take care of chil dren; good rcterenee from last place. Call be seen tor two days. Call or address. 41,1 n WEST 16TH ST.-AS CHAMBERMAID AKD waitress in a private lamilv ; food city refer ences. 9 A n EAST S7TH RT ? BI TWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS., parents' residence.? A respectable young girl to | do charnberwork anil w aiting in a small private lamiiv. 9 11 BAST 5ml ST.-A RE8PEC1ABLH YOUNG ^ a 1 girl ns chanibennaid and waitress in a private I family ; city reference If required. King the top hell. ! 9 ,| o WI ST S5TII ST.-A YOUNO WOMAN AS I 4<"rO chambermaid or as Ilrst class waitress; best city | reference. i 9 I 7 W'EfT :ni> ST - A COMPETENT Olltl. A S : I chambermaid and waitress or chambermaid I aud laundress; city or country; bestoity relcrcncts. 9 I Q WEST (1ST ST.? \ YOUNO WOMAN AS CHAM ' w'l C l>erniaid and to do plain sewing ; best city refer ence. 9 | O WEST 2STII ST.-A COMPETENT VOUNt! GIRL I ZtO as chambermaid and laundress; excellent, refer ence. 9 I Q WEST 31 T ST.-A YOUNO GIRL AS CHAM r ? " beim.iid and waitress or waitress and to assist with w ash lag : beet city reference. 2-1 WEST 33D ST.-A RESPECT MILE YOUNG ? )I glri as chambermaid and waitress or to take earn of children ; no objection to the country; best city relereace. Call for two days. 2rC WEST 27TH ST.? TWO (ilP.l.S; ONE AS CHAM ?/?) bermaid and waitress; the other as nurse; they | arc willing and obliging ; best city reference. 9 -Q WEST 3VTII ST.-AS CHAMBERMAID AND 1 > O waitress, Call for two days. | 9ft7 WEST 19TII ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS J 4 ?*) I chambermaid and waitress In a private family ; | best city reference. Call lor two days. 901 MADISON' AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? A ' L respictable young girl as chambermaid nnd i waitress, or to assist with the washing and ironing ; good I mwMfc QAA E.\sr BTH ST., CORNER 2D AV., BIRD I O'M f floor? As chambermaid and to assist, with the 1 wa thing In a respectable 'ami y. j IWIQ EAST 31 ST ST.. NEAR 2r> AV.? A RESPECTA OUO ble Protestant yonng woman as chnmhermaid 1 nnd waitress; never lived out before. Inquire for two I days. IIAQ EAST 31TH ST. ?TWO SISTERS, ONE AS i OU?7 chambermaid and waitress or to assist with wash ing; the other a- good seamstress; a home preferred to wages. Call for two days. i QKl EAST 43D ST.. SECOND KLOoR, BACK BOOM 91 ?' As chambermaid nnd waitress or ovist lo the washing ; no objection to the country. i ?i91 WEST 27TH ST.-AS C I! A M II E RXAID AND ?>??j L wsitres*. by a respectnb'.e girl, who enn lie seen at hT pre^nt employer's from whom she will rccclve the highest recommendation. ? >l?9 EAST 2STII ST N I HR 2D KV \ YOUNO ? ) _, w girl a? ehambermat.l a id waifrcis; city rcier dice tr.itn last place. >ti)n WEST 82D ST. unit \ RESPECTABLE ? colored woman ?s chambcrinni.l or to take charge of children ; no objection.-! to the coOutr.v. Call for two day*. | QQA EAST 47T1I ST-AS CliAM BERMAID IN A i)iW private f imlly. ?????> WEST .'fiTU hT.. BETWEEN ?TII AND 9TII I ?????> avs, ? A voting girl, lately '..u 'ed, us chamber I maid and waitress and to assist with the washing and Ironing. ?i'> 1 EAST "2D ST -A RI>PE( TABLE SWEDISH ? woman n* chnmbermuiil or t. . ,t? sewing; can operate oil machine ; best city rcferi nccs. I all lor two "?> ' 'ViK, W"ST (OTII ST.-A. RESPECTABLE YOUNO ? I girl as chambermaid and to do sewing In a small i private lamily; good cjiy reference from her last place. ? ?OQ EAST ?TH SI'., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM.? ! A respectable girl as chstiiberimiKl and nurse; no objection to the country ; best city reference. *1 | ? J EAST .'l.iT II sr.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ? I i O girl as chambermaid and waitress; good city reference. Qi O WEST 2(ITII ST, IN THE SIORE.-A RE ?J'T t) spectable young woman to do upstairs work and plain sewing or to mind children; would go in the eouu try; best city reference. ?> j O EAST VII sr., Shi ONI> ! I .oo It -A GERMAN *r I O Protestant girl to do upstair, work aad tako care of growiug children ; best reference, call for two davs. it in 3D AV.. BETWEEN 2M II AND f.TH STS? A

Otis T respectable Protestant girl as chambrrmaid and waitress In a small private lamily; gocnl city reference. A?A WEST ?TI? ST -A HE8PEC r A BLE PROTEST iV)o ant girl a? ctimnb rmahl aud ? ailrcss in a pri I vatc laiullv ; b< ?i city rciireuce. ^ NITIIATIONM WANTfel >? FHMAI.EH. I'kambcraiBidi. Ac. Q/tl WEST 39TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS *'* " ? chambermaid and waitress. or would do light housework in ? smull private lainily; beat city reier OKO WK8T BSD ST., BETWEKN DTII AND #TH ??''u av*.? Aa chambermaid and todo washing; good city reference. OQA EAH'r lOTn ST., FROM 10 TO 3 O'CLOCK. -A RE. O'Ml spcctable girl a? chambermaid and waitress; no objection to go in the country ; best city reference. iAQ WKST 38TII ST., Mill STORK.? A RESI'EC ivO table girl, lately landed, aa chambermaid or nurse, or to do general housework in a small private family. A DO EAST 14TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YoriNO TAiU girl, lately chambermaid and wait ress In a small private lamily. /(OO WliST 42D ST.? A RBBfECTABLE YOUNO T ? O woman as chambermaid; and would i*??-l?t Willi the washing; 4 yeara' reference from last place. Call for two day*. y|OQ WKST 5ST11 8T.--A RESPECTABLE, COM *rZiO potent girl to do chainberwork iu a private fam ily ; willing and obliging. /IOQ WEST 42D ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG T"?>0 girl a* clmmberin.nid ami waitress willing to assist witli washing and Ironing ; beat city reference. AA(\ WKST 2BTII ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO "tw girl as chambermaid an 'I to a^lgt with the wuata Ing ainMroning in a small family; good references. AAO WEST MD ST. ?A YOUNO WOMAN AS C1IAM I 1 LI bermaid and waitress; good reference. A AH 7TU AV.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS CIIAM T:T- 1 bermaid nnd waitress In a small family, or as nurse ami chambermaid; over lour years' reference from last place. A CA W K.ST 28TII ST. -A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 16 to" yearn old, to do light chainberwork. or would as sist in taking care of children; is a good piatn sewer. A :,D AV > BETWEEN 31ST AND .120 STS.?TWO TOW respectable girls to do cha"iberwork and wuil ing in a private lnuilly ; best city reference. A r,Q WEST 32 D ST., SECOND FLOOR, BACK.? A respectable girl as chambermaid and to assist wilb the wusliin/, or as laundress; besl city reference. A Oft 2,) AT.? A RBSraOTABLB GERMAN GIRL TO *?? J\J do upstairs work aud sewing in an American lamily. nm WEST ;i3D ST. two STAIRS UP.? A YOUNO tvlfiL frcolch girl, as chambermaid au<l waitress. friA BA6TI8TH ST., ROOM 17. -A RESPECTABLE ? H" girl as cbambcrmaid and nurse. ri (> WKST 39TU ST. -A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 'Hi) woman as chambermaid; would assist with washing and ironing or would make herself generally useful. CQA 9TH AV., SECOND FLOOR, FRONT ROOM. tJOv/ A respectable girl as chambermaid or chamber maid and waitress in a small lumily ; cuu sew ; good rof ?rence. ?\A P\ 71,1 AV-i BETWEEN MTH AND40TH STfl. ? A ? ' 1 ? I young girl ns chambermaid and waitress or Chambermaid, In a private lamily ; best city reference. 6TU AV. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? A RE iJiJlJ spectable girl an chambermaid aud waitress In a private luuiiiy, or as chambermaid and to do plain sew "IK. _ _ ri-A 2D AV.. CORNER :il8T ST.? A RESPECTABLE ? ?>1)1: young woman as chambermaid and waitress; understands operating; on Wheeler * Wilson's sewing machine . good city wftwaw. Cau b<! scon lor two days, r 7 I 3D AV., SECOND FLOOR. ? AS CHAMBER ? J I "T maid by a competent young woman : has no ob jection to do line washing and ironing; can give satisfac tory reference. Cull on or address N. (TQO 3D AV A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ OIRL AS '/Oil chambermaid or lauuUrcss; no objection to the country ; best city rcfcrence. ??A?? 2D AV.. THIRD FLOOR, BACK ROOM. -A \)lfU young woman wishes a situation as chamber maid ami waitress jn a private family; best city refer ence from last place. ft! A 2,) AV--A RESPECTABLE young woman U 1 ? ' as chambermaid and to assist with washing and ironing; will make herscli generally uselul ; oust city reference. ? all lor two days. i'OO 6TH AV., OVER HAIR STORE.? AS CHAM BER * > maid and seamstress or nurse, by a very willing ami Obliging neat girl; beat city relercnces. 69U in-!l AV., IN THE FANCY STOItE. ? A RE --0 s|iectabie young woman as chambermaid and waitress in a small private family ; best rcterenco. 7CK 8TH AV., BETWEEN ?6TH ANI> 47TII STS.-A I "JO respectable Protestant girl as chambermaid ; no .lb ectloa to the country. Call or address all the week. 7C7 7T1I AV , BETWEEN .11ST AN!> WD ST.? A RE i ' ) i spec table young girl as chambermuid and wait ress; is willing and obliging; bus six years' reference from her last place. 800 3D AV., IN THE SHOE STORE.? A RESPECT ?? ? able young girl, lately landed, as chambermaid ami pluin seamstress, or to do chamberwork and take care of chihlren. 3D AV.? A (illtl.. 14 YUAliS OLD, TO TAKE mw of children. Q I 7 10TH AV. ? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL 0*x I to do chuudierwork in a private family ; is will ing to assist with the washing ; no objection to" the coun try. Call for two my. QQ J 1ST AV., BETWEEN MST AND 72D ST8.? A ?'?Vr Oerman girl as chambermaid or waitrcssina private family ; or washing in the house. qr9 1ST AV.. BETWEEN .'i2I> AND ,VU> STS., SEC t/OiS i ond floor, IVont? As rhambermaid and to assist with washing ; good city reierence. 1 2I* AV.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL i.VM IO as rhambermaid ami seamstress in a private lannly ; no objections to the country ; best city reference 1 1 1 I 2D AV., CORNER MTH ST., TOP FLOOII.-A 1.1 J *t respectable young girl as chu lubermaid -.willing to assist with w.ishiiu or waiting; best city relercuce. Call or address. 1 971 3D AV? CORNER 7JD ST., SECOND FLOOR, l.Li I I tront.- A respectable girl as chamlierniald and waitress, or would do chamberwork and tine washing. 826 I)r??smakrrs and Seamstresses. 1M1LLIOAN PLACE. 6T1I AV., BETWEEN 10TH und lltli sts.? A first class dressmaker, who is also a proficient seamstress; reierencc. "I 9 CLINTON PLACE (STII ST.)-A LADY TO OO OUT 1+j by the day to tatnillos in this city, who, having had several years' experience in the business of cutting, fit ting an<l making ladies' dresses, offers her services to those w ho may desire to have their work done at their own houses; is a good designer and trimmer; also chil dren's clothes included. Call on or address DRESS MAKE R tor two day*. ? ?9 WEST !>TH ST., IN THE BA8EMBNT.? AN EX perienced French dressmaker, perfect cutter and fitter, wishes a lew more engagements by the ilsy or week ; good reference. Call on or address Mile. F., cou turierc francaue, lor ono week. ?>9 WEST 24TII ST.? A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, ? who understand* the business in all its branches, cutting and fitting: making trousseau a specialty; best references; 92 .'0 per day, without board, or would take work home ; old dresses made ever equal to new. Q - EAST S2D RT.? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 0'? girl at seamstress; would assist with the chamber work il required. Call lor two days from 9 A. M. to 2 P. M. ?JQ WEST 2TID ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL 00 in a private family ; can cut, fit and trim ladies' and nultiD'i dresses in tne latest styles; has been ueeus tomed to work in a first < lan dres-making establishment; best city reierence irom last employers. | 9 BOND ST.- AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER n It wishes a lew more engagements by the dav at SI SO. er would take work home -, can furnish llrst class references. Address DRESSMAKER. A 7 WOOSTER ST.-A YOl'NO OIRL, NEW IN THIS I I country, who speaks a little Oerman, aud can sew well. IflO WEST mil ST.? A COMPETENT DRESS J maker, first class trimmer and fitter would like a few more engagements bv the day. King third bell. "I 4>A XTH AV., BETWEEN MTH AND 16TH STS. 1 ? i" An experienced seamstress; understands all kinds of family sewing on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; can cut and tit ; best city reterenee. -IO7 3D AV., NEAR HTH ST.-A FASHIONABLE IO I dressmaker; will go out by the day or week ; has all the latest styles; charge per day, $1 SO; references. 1 EAST 43D ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS IT"!) flr?t eln-s seamstress in a snail private family; good city references. I -7 WEST 28TH ST -AN OPERATOR DESIRES A 1?) I lew more engagements ?y the day or week; is a perfect seamstress; understands wheeler A Wilson's ma ck inc. 1 /><) WEST 27TH ST., THIRD FLOOR.? A RESPECT ll).> able girl as seamstress and would do a little chamberwork; understands Wheeler A Wiison'smachlne; | 110 objection to travel for the summer ; best city reference. 1 | ? ( | WEST 2STH ST., NEAR 7TII AV.-A YOl'NO , |tl./ girl as seamstress; understand" dressmaking ; 110 j objection to n-?l?l with light chamberwork. 179 EAST II. 'Til ST.. HARLEM ? A OOOD OPERA I. i _ tor on Wheeler A Wilson's machine would go out. | bv the dav or take work home; can do all kinds of fam ily tine sen Ing or shirt making. Call or address. 1 7<i 7111 AV up THREE STAIRS, FRONT ROM,. 1 11') As >e .unstress; uiider-tauds cutting ami fitting ; would go out by the day or take work home. IQQ WILLOI'OHBY ST., BETWEEN HUDSON AV. I lOO and Navy St., Brnoklwi, basement door ?As seamstress and to cut and tit ladies' and children's dresses and do all kinds ol family se? in/; has a Wheeler A wiison'smachlne: would assist with growing children or do light rlmmaerwork; no objection to Hie country. Call for two ilays. 1 n I LEXINOTON AV.-A RRSFKCTABLH PROTES 1 rj'-t tant English woman as seamstress; understands thoroughly the use of several sewing machines; would like to lake charge 01 a little girl ; city or country ; excel lent city reierence. Address SEAMSTRESS. EAST S3D ST.? AS HOOD SEAMSTRESS; CAN operate oa two machines; good city reference. QAit BAST 20TH ST., NEAR SD AV., SECOND Z"t floor.? A competent seamstress to no out bv the dav or week ; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; best reference, call or address. 911 WEST 27TII ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTF.S Z I 1 tant girl as seamstress; understands dressmaking andean use the different inacblucs; food city reference. 9 ) Q WEST 18TH ST., SECOND BELL.? A PERSON I ?/ who | erfectly understands dressmaking, cutting and fitting. Is also a good seaiustreas ; does the finest work ; Is a first class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine; would like a lew more engagements by the day or week in privute families; has a Wheeler A Wilson * uaihiae U rcuuiml. Callfvr twe day a 203 grrTTATioiyw wasted-ftcmales. Urcumakcn and HcamaireiMi. 91 Q WK8T 18TH BT? A DRKSHKAKER TO GO OPT jZLU by the <in.v or take work borne ; can cut, fit and trim. Tit<iuir<* In the bakery. 99A WE.-T I7TH u'wrl'hdme; csn fj! 1 , best n tercnoe. 221 V JSjm WS fjfiflW * Wihon machine : tern.aeaay- __ 225 SMHft gj* SsSr Sl= to go out by the week ; terms $1 60 per day. tlOC WK8T 41ST ?T.? A RESPECT ABLK^V Z?jO girl as ?e?^/t","x' ^ieTuon U) awist in light eon'a aewlng machine; no objection to housework 5 good reference. ? wvst WTH ST.? a rebp KCTAELR T^i!^ 250 woman as wamstress and to ?"?"Jf* l?r '^v<> chanibcrwork ; beat city reference, oan be Been lor two day*. WEST 47TII ST. AH SEAMSTRESS BY ANY 2?)2 machine, with improvement, by day or month, ran cut and tit; reterence. " _ _ pAST 40TU ST.? A KIRST CLASS DRESS O ,i,.uirr? a few more engagement# to go out fai W^elc" O7O 8TH A V.? A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER ju I ?> wishes a tow more engagement* by the day in private families. Call atier a A. M. OAft EAST ,9rH sT.-A RESPECTABLE YOIXNO OUU girt to go out by the day or week in private families ; 1m a good dressmaker; can do all kinds or family ?Wing on any machine, ("nil or a idreaa tor two days. OAQ EAST32D 8T.-A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN AS lirst claw seamstress; superior operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; can do all kinds of family newing neatly ; ran cut anil lit children'M clothing ; would assist In the caro of growing children; good city refer ence. Can he seen for two day*. 0"|?> BAST 34TH ST.? A COMPETENT DRKSS OXO maker, who perfectly Hnderstandseutting, fitting and trimming, desires an engagement by the day or week : term* moderate. , QOQ WKBT 2iTII ST.? A YOITNO DRESSMAKER flttU desires a few inoro engage men' s by the day or week or work taken home, ('all or address. QAA LEXINGTON AV., NEAR <0TH ST. (PRESENT *)T x employers).? A young girl as first class seam stress; understands cutting and fitting; is a good dress maker ; is willing to assist in the care of children or wait on a lady ; 110 objections to the country; works on dif ferent machines. A~\ A 7TH A V.? A FRENCH DRESSMAKER FROM r J t: Pari*; can cut ami ttt any kind of ladles' and children's droMes: to go out by the day or week; good references. Address French Iirkssm aker. d.~\ fi 7TH A? -A FRBHOH LADY'S MAID, WITH A TtlU family going to Europe ; bent city reference. Adaregg FRENCH DRESSMAKER. 4QQ HUDSON ST.? A FASHIONABLE DRESS tU" maker would like a Tew more engagements by tin- day or week. $1 fli) per duy and board. r A Ol fiTH AV., NEAR SiO ST.? A MOST RESPECTA hie young woman an seamstress; In willing to do light chamherwork; or would wait on a lady; has good ?'ity reicrenccs. /T /?7 7TH AV., BETWEEN 40TH AND 41ST STS.-A ?)0 f first c'ass French dressmaker wishes work in pri vate families bv ilio nay: can cut and fit ; understands all kin Is ol dressmaking and can operate on Wheeler A Wil son's machine. nnft 2D AV. ? AS DRESSMAKER: AN EXPERIENCED 'fOVt cutter and fitter and trimmer; would go out by the day. 9TI1 AV.? AS FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS I "ICy (English); understands dressmaking; would do litfhtchamberwork; hag a (Irst rate sewing machine; sit uation permanent. Ring first bell. 7HQ 6TH AV - BETWEEN 4UTII AND 41ST ST8. ? A I \fO competent dressmaker by the day or week ; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson machine. Call or address for two days. Q/IQ 1ST AV., NEAR 62D ST.? A YOUNO OIKL, A i/TU seamstress. to go out by the day or week; Is ac customed to dressmaking; understands different ma rlines; city relerence. 3D AV., THREE STAIRS, FRONT ROOM.? ? /TIt Two young girls, lately landed, to go together : one as seamstress, and the other as chambermaid and waitress. Can he seen lor two days. Q7CCTUAV.? A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS AND iMO operator on ladies' and children's undcrgurments wishes a tew more engagements; no objection to the country. Call on or address DEMPSEY. Ring secoad bell. IOI 7 BROADWAY, STORE, NEAR 36TII ST.? A ? Oil dressmaker solicits engagement* by the day or week ; cuts, tits and operates; city reference. AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES TO SECl'RE, BY THE 1st of May, it situation in a family going to Canada, or West; can do family sewing or any kind of house work, oroould wait on a lady. Address J., Jersey City Pott office. Answers promptly attended to. A FRENCH DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW EN -fl gaiements hy the day in families: can cut and trim latest Spring fashions. Address Mrs. T. L., Herald Up town Branch office. V COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES THE CCS torn ol a few tiore families at $2 per day: can cut, fit and trim In all modern styles: also enlldren's cloth ing; Is a first class operator on Wheeler A Wilson's ma chine. Address A. B. C , dressmaker, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,165 Hreadway. ADliESSMAKER, COMPETENT IN ALL ITS branches, wishes work in families by the day. Ad dress box 1<>4 Herald Uptown Branch office. A GOOD DRESSMAKER DESIRES A FEW ENOAOE inents; is a first class trimmer; understands all the machines. Address, tor one week, Miss FRANCIS, box l(i:t Herald office. A STEADY, ACTIVE, ENEROETIC WOMAN WOULD tike a situation as seamstress; is a good general needlewoman and an operator; first class testimonials as to character. AddrcssE. HEANY, box 141 Herald office. ACOOD DRESSMAKER TO TAKE A FEW MORE engagements hy theday; understands several ma chines. Address DRESSMAKER, Herald Uptown Branch office. /COMPETENT DRESSMAKER. ONE ACCUSTOMED \ to first class work, desires the custom of a lew fami lies: no objection to go a short distance in the country. Address MADAM, Heruld Uptown Branch office. Genera.] Ho a se work, Ac, 21 MACDOUOAL ST., NEAR SPRING, TOP FLOOR. - 2 Two respectable young German irit is in a small American family, to do general housework. ,| 7 NOliKOI.K ST.-A TOO NO PROTESTANT OIRL T" I to do general housework ; Is a good washer and ironer. Call lor two days. Q1 WEST ?rn ST., CORNER STH AV., FIRST FLOOR, Ol present employer's.? A respectable German girl to do general housework ia a small private family. Can be seen for two da vs. 1 AH EA>T XtiTIl ST -A YOUNG OIRL TO DO UEN luO erai housework. I O I ELDRIDGE ST.. FOUR PAIR OF STAIRS UP, back room.? A girl to do general housework in a small private family ; no objection to the country; good city reference, fall or address lor two days. miTH AV.? A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework in a small family. -I04 WEST I9TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO luT do general housework; no objection to the country. 1 EAST MI) ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? IN l a small family, tor general bSMwmt. 1 | I WEST 19TII 8T ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO Itt do general housework in a small private family, or would assist with washing and Ironing and upstairs w ork ; reference. "I .TO WEST 621) ST.? A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE _L?JO veung woman ilatelv landed) as general house worker ; honest, sober, industrious and willing to make herself generally u.-etul. Can bo seen until engaged. O no WEST 27TII ST., ,N I : A It 7TH AV.-A YOUNG girl to do light housework and make herself useful in a small, plain tainlly. Ollfr WEST 2HTII ST-1 RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl to do light housework in a small private family ; good reference. WEST 27TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A PROTEST. Ld' M t ar.t woman to do general housework in a small private futility; best city relerence. ni(j fiTH ST., NEAR BOWERY? A RESPECTABLE - I ?' young German girl to do general housework; good plain cook, washer and ironer ; city relerence. <IO?> WEST 27T1I ST. -TWO YOUNG GIRLS, SIS ZlOU ters, to do the work of a small family, or one to do chamberwork and plain sewiug, the other as waitress; woultl be willing to assist with washing : city relerence. Call at the basement. 9(9 MADISON 8T-A RESPECTABLE WOMAH w to do tretieral housework III a private family, with the privilege ol a child fi years old; wages not so much an object as a good home. Can lie seen at her last employer's. ' 9 -?> E 1<T llol'sToN vr . SHOE STORE ? A YOI7NQ m>)i) girl to do general housework, cook, wash and Iron; best city reterenoa. 9rttJ WEST I7TH ST.. TOP FLOOR? A YOUNO *?*)?) girl, lately landed, wishes a sttualion. 9011 ELIZA HF I U ST. -AN AMERICAN flIRL TO do general housework In a small family; best city reference. Qf|Q WEST I3TH ST. -TO D<> IIOISEWORK IN \ ??UO small private taiuiiy; good city relerence. Call for two day*. Q/W* EAST WITH ST , BETWEEN 1ST AND I'D AVS^l uUO A respectable woman to do general hon?ework In n small American family ; cau be well recommended. Call or address. 0-1 Q EAST 4311 ST.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL, IN A OlO small private family, to do general housework; city reference. Q1 O EAST 47TltST , BETWEEN 1ST ANI) 2D A VS.? Oil) A young girl to do genersl housework I11 a small lauitly. or as chambermaid and waitress; best city ref erence. QIO WKST MTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL. Ol ?/ lately lauded, to do general homework; good reference. 09ft EAST 28TII ST.? A GIRL TO DO HOUSEWORK O-jl/ in a small private f.nnllv where there are no other girls. Call on second fleor. ''?AST 47TII ST.? BY A STRONG GIRL, TO DO general housework In a private family. QV7 WEST 2)TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl in do general house work ; is a good cook, washer and turner . lust reft rene* _ BiyrATIOWS^WAWTED? FEMALES. ^ Cientral UoaMWorlt, iV?. 300 EAST S4TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO ? do housework in a private family, or tv do cham ber work and wail inn. ?>?> 1 urn AV, BKTWEEX 2UT 1 1 AND SOTH KTS.-A OOt respectable girl to do general housework in ? small private tainily ; good references it required. Call for three day*. OO7 EAST 21 ST ST.. FRONT BOOM, FIRST OO I floor.? A respectable Kirl to do general hou.-e work ; best city rolerence. Q |1 EAST JIST ST., ONE PAIR OF STAIRS, OtI front.? A respcctab'e Kirl to do general Iioum' work In a small private lauuly ; city reference irom last place. 3Z(\ EAST 59TH ST.? A RKSPECTA HLE YOUNG '??/ Kirl to do housework; U a good washer and ironer; first class city references. QQ1 1ST AV., BETWEEN KD AND BD STS.-A UK tJOI spec-table young woman, lately landed, to do general lnmsework ; can conk. wa*h and iron; will be found a faithful, honest servant. A HQ WEST MTII ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT lUO rooms.? A respectable girl to do housework for a small private family; or to do uustairs work and assist with the washing and Ironing; beat city reiereuce. Call for two days. A1A 1ST AV., NEAR 24TII ST.-A UK KM AN GIRL j" It to do general housework /f|Q EAST HHT ST.-TWO GIRLS, JUST LANDED, tIO to do general housework in small families; arc capable and willing to learn. Can be seen between Id and 4 o'clock. JOO WEST 26TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to do general housework in a small fainllv ; uo objection to a short distance in tho country ; relerehce. JOK WEST 17TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE VOUNtl girl to do general housew rk In a small private family ; pest city reference. 497 EAST fi9TII ST.-A RESPECTABLB GIRL TO 1 " ' do general housework; good city references. 4_'7Q WEST 54TH ST.? A COMPETENT, REHPECT K'rl to do housework In u small private lauuly ; oicellent city references. 4.^7 WEST iOTH ST.? A YOUNO GIRL, LATELY | " ? landed, to do light housework or take care of 4-f\Q #TH AV > SECOND FLOOR. FRONT.? a TOCNO girl to go out by the day to do geueral house work. rAO 10TH AV., CORNER 38TU ST., SECOND *)\f? floor.? A young girl, lately landed, to do house work in a small family ; is a good washer. FLl O 10TI1 AV.? A YOUNG IRISn GIRL TO DO LO housework in a respectable family. 7QO 2D AV., SECOND FLOOR.? A RESPECTABLE I 0_j Protestant woman to do general housework ; no objection to u boarding how or restaurant. QztJ. SD AT> THIRD FliOOR, FRONT ROOM.? A "'t girl to do housework in a small family ; good reterence. 1197 2D AV., BETWEEN 59TH AND 60TH STS.. . 1 I third floor, No. 9? respectable young girl tor general housework: is a flrstrlass washer anil lroii'-r. good rook, and willing and obliging; best city reference. 1 SD AV-> BETWEEN 77TH AND 78T1I STS.. J.OU?J 111 the shoe store.? A girl to do general house work in a small tauiily; can cook and make bread well; ill the city. Homekeeptri, <Vc. I Q WEST MTU ST.? HOUSEKEEPER'S POSITION, T"0 by a lady thoroughly competent*, would preterit hotel situation'; can furnish hignest references. Address It. K. Can be seen troni 12 to 3 o'clock P. M. lAX 4TH AV. ? A WELL EDUCATED GERMAN I yi'J lady, fully competent and trustworthy, as good housekeeper In a family or superintendent in u Summer hotel; is a good cook, seamstress and foud of children. Address A. W. mWEST 20TH ST., SECOND FLOOR. FRONT room.? A rcsnectable woman as housekeeper in the country ; can take charge ot a dairy and make her self useful; best city reference. 91 r WEST 30TH ST.? AN AMERICAN WOMAN AS ZiLfJ housekeeper in a hotel; has a practical knowl edge of the same. Address Mrs. SANFOBD. - 99 ft CHRT3TIE ST.? AN EXPERIENCED YOUNO Zi^' ) person as housekeeper or would take charge ot a gentleman's house during the absence of the family lor the Summer months; first class reierencc from late em ployer. Address Mrs. TUMAN. 4>Q7 WEST 4T1I ST., NEAR BANK.? A GERMAN Ziif I laMy as housekeeper in the country, or to assist the lady of the house. Call 011 or address Jars. BROWN, lor three day*. OAft WEST 12TH ST.? AS HOUSE KEEPER { HA8 OUl) no objection to the country; best relerences. Call on or addrdss Mrs. M. 440 lil h o u w k ee p e 7 1 n' i?.', ExpERIENCB position of trust in the cltv up 5m ,1# '*(uilv. or any address Mrs. STRAUT. co"utry. Pleaao oall on ?r rQl 8TII AV., TWO PLIGHTS UP, BACK.? A YOUNG lady, refined and intelligent, as companion anil housekeeper; luily reliable; no oijection to the eoiintrv. Call or Miss MKKEEN Alt V. Only first class need answer. Do not ring. A Lady of highest respectability and refinement, being in reduced circumstances' and compelled to decline house keeping, would give her ser vices as housekeeper tor a pleasant home, where she Would be treated as an equal ; or would take charge ot a house during absence of owner: highest references. Address Mrs. 1.. E. L.. Herald Uptown Branch office. A MIDDLE AOED LADY OK CAPABILITY AND refinement desires the supervision of a widower's family (kind to children), or as companion to a lady;, highest testimonials. Address M. 11 KWLE I'T, 554 Orange st., Rosevillc, N. J. Can be seen bv appointment at Young Ladles' Christian Association, G4 Irving place. New York. A MIDDLE-AGED PROTESTANT. GIVING GOOD city reiercnce, wishes a position In this city as house keeper in a widower's family ; understands cook lug, and Is a good seamstress. Address, this week. HOUSE, lieiaid Uptown Branch offlce, l^M Broadway. A MIDDLE-AGED AMERICAN WOMAN OF ABILITY and refinement as housekeeper in a first claw tarn ily ; widower's preferred ; no objection to taking rare ot children or an Invalid. Address TKUSWORTHY. box 1&> Herald Uptown Branch oftlce. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PEKSON TO TAKE charge of housekeeping in a nice family. Add' ess M. R. B? box 17N Herald office. A DOMESTICATED YOUNO LADY WISHES AN EN gagement as housekeeper In 11 gentleman's family; a widower's preferred; fond ot children; good city ret erenees. Address lor one week Mijs KA1TH, Ihjx 144 lh-rald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY AS HOUSE keeper; is not afraid of work; no objection to the country ; good reference. Address L. D., box 166 Herald oftlce. A SMART BUSINESS WOMAN AS HOUSEKEEPER in some large hotel for the Summer; or would take entire charge of a linen room ; understands her business; has her own sewing machine; bc?t o' reference* if re quired. Address h. F. L., Herald Uptown Branch office. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN AS HOUSEKEEPER. OR would go as linen keeper in a hotel; hn? great expe rience ; is active and most trustworthy. Address Mrt. J. DMUA, Herald Uptown Branch ofllca. /IOMPTON HOUSE, 2(TH ST. AND 3D A V.. ROOM 59.? \ 1 A respectuble English Protestant lady as housekeeper In a private genteel family ; no objection to do the inmily sewing at leisure hours, or would travel to Europe as nurse; having b -en sfewardness is never sea sick ; excel lent reference irom the steamer Scotia.' Call on or ad dress Mrs. M. Ml'!., lor one week. HOI 'SEKKEPER .? A LADY THOROUGHLY COM PR. tent wishes a position; city or country. Addrcjs Miss E., station H. WANTED? A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BV A middle-aged American woman; would take cure ot a sick person or wait on a lady. Address M; MOOKU, box 15ti Herald ottlec. WANTED? A LADY WISHES A POSITION AS housekeeper in a hotel or hoarding house in or out the city; trifiers need not apply. Call on or address Mrs. M . room HU. Belmont Hotel, 1 niton st. WANTED-BY AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN, A situation as housekeeper In a linen room, or as companion loan invalid; either city or country; good re. erenees. Apply at Working Women's Protective Union, 3d fileeckcr st. LanndreMH. (Vc, 2Q WEST 18TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL Af? O first class lauudrcss in a private family In the city , can be seen at her last employer's until suited ; best city reference. OO WEST mil ST. -A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS ? )?j wishes soine ladies' and gentlemen's washing ; can do fluting and gentlemen's shirts beautifully; best city reference. on WEST 4.1D ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS v)'J latinilress in a private family ; understands fluting and pnfHng: good city reference. j fJQ WEST 43D ST., ROOM 12, SECOND FLOOR, 1 vl< ' front ? A respectable laundress wishes family washing to do at her own house. QQ SIXTH AV., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.--A I CitJ respectable woman wishes families or gentlemen'* washing. mWKST 20TII ST.? AS FIRST CLASS LAUN dress, bv a French woman. In a private family, to do principally fine washing; can do all kinds of Mill ings. fine muslins, laces, Ac., In superior style ; no ob 11 ? tion in tin- country near the ; k,m,| i-ity reference. 1 OO WEST 30TH ST., KINO TUB BASEMENT bell.? A respectable woman to go out by tlie day to wush and iron or do housecleaning. TOO WEST 15TH ST.-AN EXPERIENCED LAt'N XOZi ilreas to go out bv the day to do up families' clothes. TOO ELIZABETH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE OIRL l?>?> as first class laundriMh tor the country; under stands fluting and polishing and doing up linen* in the finest style ; good rclereuce. 1Q?? EAST 2*TII ST.. NEAR LEXINGTON AV.-A 10O young woman wishes gentlemen's and ladies' washing; laces and lace curtains; aUo. French fluting done. -1 \ A WEST WTH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to go out hoiiMcIeanlng or to do washing and Ironing; best reterence. 1 ill WEST SIST ST., RING THIRD BELL.? A I'tU young woman as tlrst class lauudre**; best city reiercnce. -1 4 4 WF.ST 40TH ST -A RESPECTABLE YOUNO H't woinan as laundress; good city reference*, no objection to country. 1 l() WE^T 39TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR. FRONT I'tn room ? A respectable youn* girl as laundress tu ? private family ; first das* city n ierence from la*t p lack Call for two uay*

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