Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 15

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 15
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^ gn PATIOITB WAlfTKP? PEMAIiKS. Lanndrcuei, tM. n r.O WEST SI ST ST. -AN experienced colored .1 ' '?) laundress solicits washing to do at her own house ; linens and Uncrie* doue iu superior style. Mrs. J. W. SHOWN. T WEST 18TH ST.. REAR HOUSE, ROOM ?.? A. J'JIJ respectable woman to do washing for ladies and gentlemen at tier residence; best city reierenee. Call tor two 'lay*. 9]|) EAST 231) ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? 1 ' ' As first class l undress ; understands Muting and nil kind* of line washing and Queries; excellent refer ences. Oil EAST 4UTH ST.. SECOND FI.OOR.-A FIRST ?ill class laundress; best city refereuce ; lived six jears in ber last plac e. OlO WEST 1!9TM ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ^-l?i wishes ladies' it t ill gcmlcineuk washing at her own home: fl utiiifr done in the nriitestVyle. Call on or a'ldrcs-. Mrs. HEW MAN, tor two days. 91 0 WEST 36 I'll ST., TOP FLOOR -A FRENCH 4.1" woman wou d tike washing to do at home, tine or plain clothes, by the piece or dozen. Call tor two day*. Oi l EAST 38TH HT? ROOM 9.-A RESPECTABLE 1 i woman wishes to go out by the duy washing or huuseoleaning. 91 Q SULLIVAN ST., ONE FLIGHT, FRONT ROOM, left hand door.? A respectable coloreil woman v i>Iim some gentl< in ii's or 'sun s' washing ; also going out by the ilav's worn ; h>>usccluuuiug done at the shortest notice ,<;all ail the wieli. 991 WEST 41ST sT.-A YOUNG WOMAN TO GO out by tl e day houseclcuulng; understands all kinds of iiouseclcttiiiutf. *>??') KAST SSD ST., lil'.AR.- A COMPETENT VOTNO ? "Kj girl as lauudress; two years' city reference iroui last nltace. 4?0/? EAST StiTH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A COMPE tent womnn families', ladies' and gentle men's washing ; understands licr business thoroughly, (.'all on oruddruss Mrs. FOX. * *W7 WKST WTH >T.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS laundress; no objection to u boarding house ; best city reference. 9?>Q 56TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, ROOM !?.-A RE ?0 spectablc young woman to take iu washing or *;<> out by the day : best city reference. ?M 1 WEST 27TII ST. -AS GOOD COOK: WILLING XtI to assist with the washing ; no objection to the country' ()1A WEST 30TH 8T.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN i-l T as first class laundress in u private family ; un dci stands tine washing, ironing and fluting. *)/1 Q WEST 30TH ST.? A COMPETENT LAUNDRKSS ijln in a nrlvaie tamlly ; has three years und a half reference. Call or address. 2 fro WEST 49'1'U ST.? A FIRST CLASS LAUN '>?i dress wishes some ladies' And gentlemen's and faiuilios' washing ; can do lluting; first class city reter euccs. ?)/U) WEST 20TII ST.? AS LAUNDRESSS ; WOULD OUm go to the Country ; best reterenco. ?/kQ WEST 44TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT? A Ov'O rosDectable woman wishes work by the day to wall and Iron ami do hou? cleaning. Qin WEST 44TI1 ST., BETWEEN 8TH AND 9TH OLU avs., two nights of stairs up, front? A respect able woman wishes to take some families' washing home ; can do French fluting; best reference it required. Call for two davs. Q11 EAST 26TII ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT ROOM.? Oil A respectable Protestant woman wishes to go out bv the day washing ami Ironing or house cleaning; un derstands tinting und would do It at her own house. east 47T11 sr., between ibt and 20 avs.. OLTJ room 5.? A girl .>s laundress; can do all kinds of fluting :i n<] pulling ; relerence from lust place. Call for two (lays. OOfl WEST 21ST ST.? AS COMPETENT LAUNDRESS; ? >?j' " willing to assist with chambcrwork ; in a private family, good references. Q()A EAST S8TH ST.? FIRST CLASS FAMILY AND gentlemen's washing done at moderate price. Call or address. ?)')] EAST 34TH ST. ? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ? >01 10 do ladles', gentlemen's or monthly wishing, at her residence ; would go out by the day ; terms rea sonable. OO X WEST 86TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ritjt} to go out by the day to do washing and ironing or housucleaning ; good rclerence. ?>07 EAST 21 ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS OO 1 tirst class laundress, or to cook, wash and iron; good city reference. ?)^9 EAST 32 D ST.? A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS ? )tjJ laundress, or chambermaid and waitress, with h baby 3 years old; nest city relerence. *?1/1 7 KAST 17TII ST.? SCOTCH PROTESTANT AS Oil first class laundress or to do chamberwork and fine washiug in a private family; 110 abjections to the country. WEST 53D ST.? A RESPECTABLE COLORED *?''U woman to do ladies' and KentUynen's washing ai her residence; fluting neatly done. Call or address \ ICTOR JACKSON. A 1 n :,I> AV? NEAR 29TH ST., IN TIIE BOOK 1 1 1" store.? A respectable girl us first class laundress: understands all its branches; best city relerence ; no ob jection to go in the country for the Summer. A 1 Q EAST I8TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN T~-LO to take In washing or go out by the day ; best city reference. A<)FL WEST 321) ST. ?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO rt&t) do housccleaning or washiug br the day or week: good reference. A QQ WEST S2D ST.. BETWEEN 9TH AND 10TH " Ot7 avs.? Washing and ironing wanted at own resi dence A J_1 9TH AV-. REAR.? A RESPKCTAllLE WIDOW ^"rl to go out by the day washing or housccleaning: reliable and trustworthy. A \ C WEST 39T11 ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN 'itu wisnes to take in washing artd ironing: house cleaning also done : best reference. Call on Mrs. CLARK. A il* WEST 621) ST., TOP FLOOR, FRONT.? A TTU first class laundress wishes to get some more washiug, or would go out by the day. 4rO WEST 19TH* ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 'tO woman as flrst class laundress: best city refer ence. AC A 7TH AV., BETWEEN 3.1Tn AND 36T1I STS.? A respectable woman wishes a few gentlemen's or families' washing at 75 cents a dozen ; Is a first class fl liter ; best city references. A QQ 6TH AV ? FOURTH FLOOR, ROOM 9.-A ton young woman to go out by the day or to take iu ? some washing and ironing at her own home. A QQ 6TH AV ' IN T,,K GROCERY STORE.? a re TOO spectable woman wonld like to do some wash ing at her own house or would go out by the day; best city relerence. C 11 WEST .Will ST. BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TH tl'xl avs ? A respectable Knglish woman wishes la dies' and gentlemen's or families' washing; or to go out t>y the day; understands her business; good reference. Mrs. REYNOLDS. t\A7 ?Tn A V., BETWEEN 40Trf AND 41ST STS. -A ?)rl respectatile woman to work by the day ; is a good washer and irouer and thorough good nouse cleaner. CIQ 7TH AV., NEAR 39TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE ?.J~r :U young girt as laundress in a private family ; un derstands all kinds of fluting; has first class city refer ences. d()7 ,D AV- BETWEEN 39TH AND 40TII STS.? V I A respectable girl as laundress, has eight years' reference. 1 2D A V.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO WORK O II out by the day at washing. Ironing or houseclean Ing ; well recommended. Mrs. LEAHY. OA C BTH AV., BETWEEN 37TH AND SSTH STS. -A ')+>! competent woman as lanndress ; understands her hnsinesa thoroughly ; besf city reference. 17 1 Q 7TH AV., REAR-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN I IO would like a steady place a few days In the week, or would go ont br the day ; best city reference. 8CZ 1ST AV., THIRD FLOOR, FRONT.? TO DO ')?) washing and Ironing for one or two private families, by one that has worked in a laundry. R7J. #TH AV.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO Ol T take In washing at her own residence, or will go out by the day; reference. IOOQ SD AV., CORNER 76TH ST -A YOUNO >0?0 girl, lately lauded, to do washing and Ironing or upstair* work , is willing to make herseii, generally useful. Nurses, die, 7 WEST 4 2D ST -A RESPECTABLE COLORED girl as child's nurse . good reference. Call lor two days. _____ A J WOOSTER 8T -AS FRENCH Nl'RSE;' SPEAKS Tl English; good plain sewer; good reference OS nurse, midd'le al?pri CLASS ENolimit ' r?1 WEST S8TH ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER.? A RE 1>L spectable girl as 11 urse ; can take entire charge of a baby or two children and sew. Can be seen from II to m HOUSTON ST ROOM 7.-A YOUNO FRENCH girl in an American family as growing children's nurse; sew* on Florence's machine; experienced In the care of children: no obicction (^travel ; best city refer ence. ? 1 Oft WEST 22t) ST ?AH NURSE BY A COMPETENT .U ?U young girl; can u*e Wheeler A Wilson's machine; excellent city refevnee. mWKST 17TH ST., REAR-A RESPKCTARLfl young girl to take charge of children and do plain tewing Call or address. m FORSYTH ST.. REAR -A KIND AND PLEA8 aut Herman ? ofnan as nurse to an Invalid or mck. Call on or address Mrs H.. from 3 to 6 P. M. 110 WEST 24 TU ST -AN INTELLIOEST LADY AS II" nurse to an invalid or to take charge of an Infant from It* birth. _____ TOO WEST 20TH ST, NEAR BTH AV.-A COMPE x?i?i tent person as nurse and seamstress with a family going to Europe, cither to remain or return to America; speaks French and English fluently, aud well experienced In traveling : undeniable references. Call or arid re ?s. | mWBST WD ST.? A FRENCH WOMAN AND her daughter. 19 years of age, to take care of children and to do sewing in a private family ; both speak Oermau and a little English ; excellent rclerence. 1 OQ WEST I9TI1 ST.. RF.AR.-A YOUNO FRENCH , l^O glr! as nur>c, to tuko care of children In a private family; good relsrcuee 1 BlTtJATIONH WANTED? FKM AI.FH. 1\ urx a. <M. "|Q"| WRST 2STII ST.? A MIDDLE-AGED PROTES lOl taut woman a* nur?te; caa take a nahy irotn it* birth; no objection to the country lor the - uuiiner ; good oily relerencea. Caa be seen lor two da;*. 1QO 7TH A V.? A TODNQ WOMAN AS NURSE; GOOD i OO reference. m?TH AT.. IN FRUIT STORE.? A RF.^PECTABI.E jrounK women a* Infants nurse ; bus had -ome experience ; Is capable ol taking entire cl argc 01 ah by night and day; no objectiou to the country or to travel; good city reicrence. 1 A A 7TH a v.? a little oirl to mind cuil AtiU dren in a private family. 1 \ A TTH AV.? A YOU Nti OIRL, AGED IT.TOTAKB X Iv carc ot children in a Hitiall private latuily. 1 WKST S'tTII ST.-A YOUStl AMERICAN OIRL 1 Tl would like to tike charge of growing ch Klren ami do light housework and Hleep at home ; best city roi erence, if required, t all lor two daye. mWKHT S9TH ST.? A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL to take carrot one or two children, not under three yearnof age ; Ik ( a liable ot giving lesions, and ha* a good idea Of bur dressing. Hestoi ro eienee. 14/t KA8T 4,D ST., SBOOND FLOOR, FRONT.? A 1 ? -T respectable widow woman wishes a baby to nurse at her own home. Call all tuo week. 14-7 ,:AS'r:,-'> ST., SECOND KI.OOR, KAt'K ROOM.? IT: I A respectable mid lie-aged woman to lake care ot a growing cuild and do plain sewing ; good city reicr ence. 1 A Q WRST SID ST., THIRD FLOOR. ? A FRENCH I40 person to take care or children, from 1 ' years on wards prelerred, or youn ? ladies ? nd to sew; oneratesou Wheolor A Wilson's machine; excellent relereaoe. 1 in WKST ?TH ST., NKAR 7TI1 AV.-A OOMPR iTt" tent nurse (Protestant); can take entire charge of an inlant from its birth ; a family leaving lor country place preferred; superior city reierence. -t %TEST 51 ST ST.? A RELIABLE NURSE OA J.O I pable ol taking care of a baby ; six years' rcler enccs. 1 rtr WEST SSD ST.? A MIDHLE-AOKD WOMAN lOl to take the ent're oh urge of an infant; can bring six years' reicrence from her last plaro. mCHRYSTlF, ST., TOE FLOOR ? A FRENCH GIRL as nurse In a private lamlly. 1QH 7TH AVt ONK D(>?R EROM ?IST ST.-A lt/w young girl as nurse ; Is experienced in the rnre ot sn infant or growing children; is a good plain sewer; excellent city reference. OA 9 WEST 26TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 4^ir t Jj girl as nurse and to do light cliamborwork ; good city reference. OAQ SOUTH OXFORD ST., BROOKLYN.? A RK ?\JtJ speciable voung widow, with a good breast ol milk, alter her first baby, as wet nurse. Call for two days. OAQ WEST 32D ST.-A PROTRRTANT WOMAN AS ^UO nurse: fully competent of taking the entire charge of nn infant and bring it up by hand it required ; long experience and best city reierence. Call lor two days. 90Q EA9T 4,ST 8T - SECOND FLOOR.? A YOUNO Ljltt 7 Ainericiinglrl to take care of children. mn WE T 20TH ST., REAR? A YOUNO OIRL TO LiLVf take care of children: would do chamberwork or sew; is willing and obliging; references. Q1 Q WKST S3D ST ?A YOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN ZiLli to take care of children, do chamberwork or plain sewing ; willing and obliging; two years' city ref erence from her last place. Call for two days. 91 /L EASTS8TH ST.. ROOM 9.-A YOUNO WOMAN LaY T as nurse and chambermaid ; can operate ou Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; best city reference. Q"l A SD A V? BETWEEN 18TII AND I9TH STS.-AS ^IT competent nurse to take charge of a baby from its birth ; good city reference. Call for two days. 9 OA EAST 29TH ST.? A COMPETENT OIRL AS ?i?t lr nurse and seamstress or chambermaid find seam stress; understands waiting on ladies; best city rcler cnces. 221 ,KA8T21ST ST.-A RESPECTABLE PROTES ... A Jai" w.on"?n ts nurse ; Is capable ot tnking the entire charge ot an inlant from its birth ; many years' cltv reference. Gnu be seen tor two days. lv one WEST SOTH ST.? AS COMPETHNT NURSE; Li Li* ) best city reference ; no objection to the country^ 99Q EAST 25TH ST., FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ROOM ? ^ajO An experienced person to take charge ot an In fant from its birth und hrini il up on the bottle or other wise, In a gentleman's family ; highest reference. 9Qft WKST20TH ST.? A CATHOLIC MIDDLE-AGED ^OU woman as infant's nurse, or lor grown children ; Is an excellent seamstress and ?a good operator ; city reference. 90 f* WEST 20TH ST.? AN EXPERIENCED WO. mOU man wishes to go with a family to Europe either as nurse to children or an invalid ; accustomed to travel; best reference. OCC WEST 29TII ST.? A YOUNO GERMAN PROTES. Z>)i ) tant girl to take esre of growing children and to do sewing in a private tamily ; no objection to travelling. OQQ AV. C., BBTWBKM 17TH AND 1RTH STS.? A JjtJtJ respectable Protestant woman wishes a baby to nurse, off a bottle. QH'J WEST 40TH ST., NEAR 8TH AT. -A YOUNO OUO German girl, of 17, with a nice American family to take care of children ; knows hardly any English, but German well. qn? EAST 49TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Ol'Q as nurse and seamstress; can operate 011 ma chine ; no objection to the country In Summer; good city reference. Call for two days. Ol H MADISON AV.-A YOUNO AMKRICAN WOMAN Ol U as Infant's nurse; has no objection to grcwlng children ; has t>ie best city reference. Can be seen at her present employer's. Q1 O MADISON AV.? AS NURSE AND SEAM OLa stress; the best of city references Can be seen at her present employer's. Q"| Q EAST 31 ST ST. (RINO TOP BELL).? A RE OLO spectahle young woman, with a fresh breast of milk, as wet nurse. Ql WEST lfiTH 8T.-A NICE, TIDY LITTLE OIRL OlU in a private family to mind children and run er rands. Call for two days. Q-IQ EAST 43D ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL TO Oxt/ take care of children and go to the conntry ; good reference. qnn WEST 21ST ST.-A RELIABLE YOUNO woman as nurse ; will do plain sewing; two years' reterenco from last place. Q9A WEST 21ST ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO iJLt't girl as competent nurse and scum. -tress; two years' reference Irom her last employer. 090 MADISON AV BETWEEN 421) AND 43I> STS.? A lady wishes to procure a situation lor a nurse ; thoroughly competent to take entire chare of an itifunt or growing children, who is also willing to make herself useful, and has no objection to the country. OQ?J WEST 26TH ST.? A YOUNO OIRL. IS YEARS OOO old, to take care of children and to do chamber work ; can be well recommended. OQC WEST 2OT1I ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OutJ girl to mind children in a private (ainlly; good reicrence trotn last place. Q/4 C WEST 2STH ST.-A YOUNO PROTESTANT UTtJ woman as nurse to one or two babies. QA Q EAST 17TH ST.? "A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS OtO nurse for an invalid lady ; also understands the care of an Iftfant from Its birth. Call on or address, lor two days, E. D. qen WEST 26TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE PROTES Ot)U tant girl as nurse and scasnstrcxs, or would as sist in chamberwork, in a private family ; best city ref erence. qCQ EAST 4<?TH ST.-A YOUNO OIRL AS NURSE ; good reierence. A f\A WEST 29TH ST.. NEAR 9TH AT., BASEMENT TvT door.? A middle-aged Protestant widow lady as nurse to an invalid lady and to make herself generally useful ; no objection to the country. Can be seen lor one day. A 07 EAST 17TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.-A RE iU I spectahle married woman to take a child to her own house to wet nurse ; own child dead ; good ref erences It required^ A f|Q 2D AT., BETWEEN 231) AND 24TH STS.-A rrl'O competent nurse and seamstress; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; good city reference. /IAQ WEST 41 ST ST. -A RESPECTABLE OIRL AS rr""?7 nurse and chambermaid; can take full charge of a baby, and sew by hand or machine ; no objections to the country or to travel ; good city reference. Aid GREENWICH ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A OIRL. rr ID IS years old, to take rare of a growing up child and do plain sewing ; likes children ; good home pre ferred. call for one week. A1 Q ,nTH AV- third floor, back room. -a ^txo girl, who ran come well recommended, to take ? are of childrea and assist with chamberwork. Call l?r two days. |1 Ql 6TH AT., BETWEEN 26TH AND 2fiTH 8TF? T"1 i/2 ring top bell.? A Protestant young girl as nurse and seamstress, or would do chamberwork and sewing. A i)A EAST 14TII ST., TOP FLOOR.-A RESPECTA I ble girl as children's nurse ; is willing and obliging; best city reierence 'from her last situation. Call for two days. A OA EAST 16TH ST., SECOND FLOOR.? AN AMERl Tf can Protestant girl to take rare ot children and 00 chamberwork ; can sew on machine; no objection to the country. Call tor two days. A 97 WEST 24TU 8T.-A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO T" 4* I take care of grown children and to do light rhainbcrwork . best city reference. JQ9 WKST 38TH ST., THREE PAIR OF STAIRS, t'lii room 10.? A respectable woman to take care ol a child; will have a good home. . A r 9 WEST 82D HT.-TWO SISTERS, LATELY landed ; are willing and obliging to do as directed , one prefers taking care of children. A 71 7TH AV., BETWEEN 35TH AND 36TH STS ? I I L A respectable voting girl as child's nurse ; can take care of a baby from its birth; can do all kinds of sewing ; best city reference. A OA 2D AV., THIRD FLOOR -AN BNOLISH WO. nt t/U man as nurse In a small family or to wait on an invalid. r-in EAST 18TH ST., ROOM 19 ?A RKHPBCTABLB ?)m" girl as nurse and understands sewing on Wheeler A Wilson machine . has good reference. ?9K OTH AT., BETWEEN S1ST AND 32D STS.. UP OjjO stairs, first floor.? A respectable Protestant girl as nurse and to do plain sewing; willing to make herself generally useful. Call this morning from V to II o'clock. 9 21) AT., FIRST FLOOR.- fWO RESPECTABLR, OJ Li Protestant girls; to take care of children and do light work , best city ruicrcuc vjio oiiicction to the couu i trv or travel. ? ??* ATION* WAHTBP- FWM AliRg. Kurwt. M. fton 6TII A V.? A YOUNG OIRL TO TAKK CARP, OK ")_-?/ children aud make heraolt generally usotul; good cily relertuce. _____ ??0/l ?TH A V. ? A MONTHLY AND OINRRAL SICK U()l nurse ol lona experience, now disengaged : flr?t class la mi lies' uuJ physicians' reltrcuces. UslWiu or ad dres-s NURSE. DCO 2D AV., NKAK 35TII ST.? A COMPETENT i'KR mid iis nurse , can lake charge ol a baby ; u a good ?ewer ; beat city rolurcuce. _ _____ (?ntz 6TII AV -A HDY WISHES TO Pl'.OOl'ItK A UOiJ si'uution lor a respectable woman *> nurse; ih tully competent i<> lake the en'ire charge ol an inlant froin ll* birth; lung experience aud beat city reference; rare chance. /?4|Q OTII AV, IN STORK.? AS NURSE OB TO DO \)t>Z j cliimb rwurU uml plaiu sewing ; beat reterciice from last place. 7 in 7 rii av., bktwrbn mst and un sts.-a I If" highly respect hie yowu wi.i-iw (fc.nglixh> as iniunl's nursi, <r housekeeper lor a widower ; no direc tion to a pleasant Poumry reildrnrt. QOA 6TII AV, BETWEEN IjTII A Ml 46TII STS. O"'" (ring llu *c< ou t bell). ? A coini < t> til Wom*u as norve; thoroughly experienced in the < are <>i children. is luily capable oi taklnir entire charge ui an itiianl, can give many yiar.s' cily ratorMct. QAO 6TII A V.? A YOUNO WOMAN AS CHILD'S OuO nurse or to laUe cliargc ui Brown Cllldrcu; aUo u IH'UI sewer; best reference Iroin las; place. 1 Hf?9 S:i AV ? BETWEEN AND KID STS.-A l."Uj young girl, laielv lautle I, to lake cure ol chil dren utid uo chamber work or liouiowork itiasuiull tainily. 14) ,i O BROADWAY, OPPOSITE THE OltANH .4-1 Hotel. ? A competent person to take care of children atul <lo none xcwlug ; live j ears' city roierouoe lrom her last place. Call or address. AS NURHE? AN EXPERIENCED ENOLISH l'ROTES tant w oman ; thorough y understands iIm caru ol young clnMien ; Is tully competent lo lake entire charge ot an imam iroin birth and management ot auur?ery; many years' iJty reiorcnce Andreas J. H. L., Herald Uptown Branch ottlce. AIRKNOII (PROTESTANT) WOMAN WISHES A situation to take care of children and to do sowing; good rclerenec. Address 1*. !>., Herald Uptown Urunch otlicc, 1,265 Broadway. ABBSPECTABLE YOUNQ UIIU, AS NUMB rOB one or two children or to wait on a Ind.v, wllh a lamil.v going to Europe this spring ; excellent city reier ence iroin her present employer. Address, tor one week, is. TRA VKLLbK, llerald tipiown Branch oflot. A NORTH OBBMAN EDUCATED OIRL DESIRES A i\ position as nurse to growing children; best refer ence. Address AUdUeiTE, box 127 Herald Uptown Brunch olllce. ABESPECTAKLE YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, having a child two w eeks old, as wet nurso. Address, lor one week, A. M., wet muse. Herald ofllce. A YOUNO WOMAN AS NURSE AND SRAM STRESS; best relcrence. Address J. A. D., Herald Uptowu Branch olllce. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO KNOLISII woman a situation as uurtie ; no objection to assist in clininherwork. Address E. L., box 170 Herald Uptowu Branch oiltce. Waitresses, ?Str. 7 WEST 213T ST ?A LADY ^LEAVING THE CITY ran Rive llio best rt ooin u i ?? n<1 >? t uttis to her waitress, whom Mho has hud In her Inmlly lor seven years; to her chambermaid, who in also a due seamstress anil eaii lake care of children, and also to her eook. Applv, as above, lucsday ami Wednesday. 1 O wh'st MTU ST.-A respectable YOUNO girl 1 _ as first class waitress in a private tamily going to the country during the Summer; three years' city refer ence. AC) EAST 31ST ST. ? A YOUNG WOMAN WHO THOR T-J oughly understands her business as waitress. Ap ply before 9 o'clock this morning or alter 7 o'clock this evening. 1 "I O SD A V., BETWEEN 13TII AND 14TII ST8.? AS JIO waitress and to assist in chamberwork; good reterence. Call lor two days. mWEST 40TH ST. ?A YOUNO WOMAN AS, WAIT rcss mid cbniiiberninid ; lived 13 years at lust place ; would like a place iu the country lor the Summer; best city relercnco. 1Q1 WE8T 4 3D ST., FORMER EMPLOYER'S. ? AS i?H waitress in a private (anally; understands her business pciiectly; unexceptionable references. "I'-tfi WEST 18TII ST. ? A YOUNO WOMAN AS WAIT J.OU rcss and to assist with chamberwork; best city reference from her last place. 1 A A WEST 43D ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S). ? A J-T"T capable young (tlrl as waitress or chambcrniald j understands her business perfectly ; best reference. 1 A Q WEST 39TH ST., FIRST FJ.OOR, FltONT J T ts room.? A young woman as first class waitress; understands all kinds of dressings and salad* ; unexcep tlonable reterence from last place. "I/IQ WEST 39TII ST.? A YOUNG WOMAN AS WAIT ItiJ ress or chambcrniald In u small latntly, or as cbambermald and do plain sewing ; good reterence. 1 WEST 62D ST.? A YOUNO GIRL AS FIRST J OU waitress or would go as chambermaid and seam stress ; lett last place on account ot tamily going to Eu rope; three years' references. mrrn av.? a respectable vocng girl as first class waitress In a private family; will be found willing and obliging ; five years' city reterence. C)A Q EAST 52D ST.-AS FIRST CI.A8S WAITRESS; AT" understands all kinds ot salads; no objection to a first class hoarding boose ; excellent reference. Q"| e FAST S9TII ST.? AS WAITRESS AND CIIAM OJ tJ bermald ; good city reference from lust place. Call for two days. *V|Q WEST 41ST ST.-A PROTESTANT OIRL AS OL?7 first class waitress; no objections to the country ; good city relcrcuce. Miscellaneous. nEAST 42D ST.? A LADY IS DESIROUS OF OB fuming a situation for a German Protestant with a family going either to Liverpool or Bremen ; she will consider her services as an equivalent for her passage. Apply for two tlaya. 9fk VARICK ST.-A YOUNO OIRL OF SEVENTEEN to do upstairs work or to assist in the kitchen. Call for two days. Q7 GRAND ST.? A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL TO GO A I to France, either as lady's maid or child's nurse; good references. O A WEST KITH ST.-A RESPECTABLE FRENCH Otr girl, to accompany a family to Europe as lady's maid or to have the care of children ; can teach French and German, and understands English well. Refers to the ladv With Whom site is now living. ?A (\ McDOITOALL ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ?' girl wishes a situation to attend n lancv store, bakery, confectionery, or some light business; best of re lerencc. WEsT 24TB ST., REAR.? A OERMAN GIRL AS lady's maid or to care growing children; best reterence given, ("all for three days. 1 OQ SULLIVAN ST.. NEAR PRINCE.? AN AMERI I?)U can ?i>aan to take charge of an invalid and as- , gist in housekeeping; city or country; satisfactory refer ence. Call on or address. 1 CT EAST 59TH ST.? A YOUNG LADY AS COMPAN- ! I'JL ion ; no objection to travel. OI A EAST BOTH ST.-A RESPECTABLB OIRL TO JjLV' wait on an old or invalid lady : has no objection ; to travel ; is a good, plain sewer, and has best city refer- I ence. 999 WEST 17TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A RESPECT- 1 SiZiLt able widow woman wishes to go out to work by 1 the dav or week, or would do the work of a small family ! and sleep at home. 99y4 EAST 30T1I ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.? j ZdZt'T A respectable person, eduonted and experienced, | to wait upon a lady who is delicate in health anil re- j quires a nurse; would also assist In fine sewing and try : to render hersell useful in other respects; good reference. > 97 - BT II AV. ? AN AMERICAN OK REFINEMENT jL I t) and education as nursery governess or governess I to growing children or ladles' companion to parties at home or going abroad (understands French; food refer ences. Call on Miss STRONG, during this month. 9Q7YiSTA V., BET WE EN 17Tlf~ A ND 1 ST H STB.? ?0\J A girl wants a situation in city or country ; best reference from last place. OAO BOWERY -A YOUNG GERMAN LADY, WnO I OUO speaks French, as lady's maid or to take care of ; growing children, In an American family. Oil EAST 28TH ST.. THIRD FLOOR, FRONT Oil roam.? A respectable young girl, lately arrived from Europe ; ro objection to the country. OOl FAST XID ST., FRONT ROOM, TOP FLOOR."- A OOL middle aged Oerman person as ladv's maid; speaks English and French ; understands dressmaking, hairdressing and can do up laces ; no objection to travel to Europe or in the United States; good references. Ad dress SUSANNK RONEY. OA 9 WEST 26TH ST.-AS EXPERIENCED NI'RPERY Ota governess; understands English, French and the rudiments of music thoroughly ; Is an excellent plain ami machine sewer, no objection to the country or to travel ling. 0 4 C EAST 55TH ST. 01 J ilousec leaning or washing by the day. Mrs. CONSlDINB. OrxU 7TH AV.? A NEAT. RESPECTABLE OIRL AS OOO parlor maid and waitress; understands her business thoroughly . will he found trustworthy ; can be highly recommended from last and former employers in this city. Ring tha bail twice. ______ OQ7 7TII AV., BETWEEN 81ST AND ?D STS.-A 0?7 I capable prison to wait on a lady or growing children; Is a good seamstress and hairdresser; works on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; will travel i best city ref erence. 4Qfl WEST ;?TH ST.-A RESPECTABLE WOMAN ? t\J to do (*ay'? work, washing, ironing or house cleaning. References. 409 EAST I4T1I HT . IN THE REAR. -A WOMAN ^0<-< t" go out by the day to do housecleaning or to clean offices. Call on Miss HEARN. AiiA 7TH AV.-AN AMERICAN, WHO IS ACCU9 tomed to travelling, to go tu Enropc with a lady as maid ; good reference. Ring third bell. C(tC BTH AV . PRESENT EMPLOYER'S ? A YOUNO U\rU American woman in a family going to Europe, as maid to an invalid or a halt-growa entld; speaks French and some German. Address PERNKLLE. ^?9q 6TH AV., OVER HAIR STORE.? A VERT yA*J competent woman (French) as lady's maid, tor travelling ; speaks Utruian ; bast reference from last em plover (K7 ^ J?. AV" NBA* J9TH ST.? A YOUNO LADY, }' ? Vi ?rrived fram Switzerland, wishes to mske herself generally useful In a respectable family; for ref erences, A?., apply in Dyeing and Scouring Establiah ment " Q10 3D A V.? A RESPECTABLB YOUNO WOMAN 1 vxO a? lady's maid, and to go to Swop* WTVATIOKN W A\'TKI>- KKII AI.K*. niiHCo'.anruax. A COMPETENT AND RX '"Kill XNCED YOIIN'O WO loan wi^ho.4 u> IrnM-l with u l.t 1/ (lin ing the Sum mcr month*; iihIu'v tin ob ?oi whatever Address ti. A W., 1'tNtt olllce, Baltimore, Mil. AI.ADV TEACniMl II* A PRIVATB SCHOOL DB gir?.t emt'loym nt tor one or tw ? hour* *?rh ilnv. Ad tresa rKAUlli.K, box lUO No. ?' We*t I weuty- lurl nt. AOEKMAN r.AUV, AN EXI'f* RIKNTRD TRAVEL tor, thoroughly conversant with several lanffuafftt, olTer* h> r scrvicea to a lamily about to ntart lor Europe

as a travel. hm companion terms, frco pa- arc. Address j ii. nTEIUi-.E. 22 sua Si Krankiort st., Now >ork, A LAD* AliOUT TO TRAVKI. DIIKINO THE BUM mer months can h?'ar oi hii aminlde companion wlio w.uilil m t hh amanu 'ii -is and do li iht sowing Address U. M., box. <1*1 Herald utllee. AVOtINO GERMAN LADY WIH1IE8 A BMUATTON in a Hue family, or to travel with ladies; under* { viands till klndsot work. Address It. it , l>ox ll'J Herald j office. AVOl'NU l.ADY or EXPRRXBNCR DBRIRES writing or any KOiiiroi situation, -atlsfactory refer I enee. Address li i, , Herald otltce. VYrANTRD? THE OAKK OP A TENEMENT HOUSE; '? RooM re 'en- nee. Andres- 1 H i liarP ? st ., room ii. WANTED? II Y A MIDDLE -AOFD ENULISB WO man, with Rood ri-r r? i?c? s, a Kltuanoti In a private family a* lady's maid and seamstress; either cllv or I miiii rv; m> aks ^ . u 1 1 Apply at Working Women's I Protective Union, 38 iiloeeker at. WANTKD? HY A lllUHl.Y EDIT ATI' D It I-1 PI NED yooir,' 1'reni h lady, very i billing, a situation ns lady'fi iiiaid. eoii.pHiii.ii or governess in the oil y. or with a laniilv count lo l.uropo prelorred ; references given. Address ULi.E., 11 era iJ Uptown Itmneli ollloe. Intelligence Ufflcn. RESPKPTARLF OTR1.S, WITH noon RECOMMKNDA ' tfoim, supplied good < a at the large olllue, No 1! Bleeckcr sir eel, corn. r Bowery. l>ltOFKSSIO\ Ah SITUATIONS WANTED? FEMALES. '? iq AT II ST., CORNER AV. 0.? AN* EXPERIENCED O+i) German governns* to ti'ach Gorman nml music in nt^Amerii'an family ; licit rcicruuco lroin bur last urn p. oyer. Ad. I runs M. k. A PARISIAN LADY, SUPERIOR TEACHER, SPEAK -\ Ing mid Inatructitig hi German, Kalian and 1'iiglish, a* well a< her tinnvi- tonguo , desires a situation us governess or companion; lier obtect la more a pleasant In line than Milarv , best city references. Addri an PARIS, box MS Mnld Uptown Branch oiiioe. A WKI.Ii RKCOM MENDED NORTH GERMAN PROT. J\. eatant wishes a situation as nurse in a family win re white help Is kept; ea|>ab!e to teach French; can new; will travel ii required . can i>e seen at present employer's. AddrM s. v., tferald uptown Branch ofiice. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY, VHO SPEAKS FRENCH, wishes a situation with a family to instruct ami take care of children ; beat roierortces. Address M. hi . . Herald ulllee. AYOIINO ENGLISH liADY WANTS A PI.ACE AS nursery governess ; Is perfectly competent. to tench French and music, would supervise the children's ward robe. Inquire at 483 Mb av , b twoen list and 42d sis. AN EDUCATED AND CULTIVATED LADY, SPEAK ing French and I'mtlish, several vcars abroad, wd( take under her charge ?uo or more ladles or children to Europe during May. For terms, address WATSON, bo* 8,ltf8> New York. A LADY INSTRUCTS ADULTS AND MISSES? Mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, chemistr", history, grammar, rhetoric, literature, oral explanations on difficult subjects, rendering study doligbtliil ; advance ment rapid ; first, class only. Address SKILFUL, box 111) Herald uptown Branch office. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES To OIVE, AT PUPIL'S residence, lessons in the English branches; arith metic, alKi'bi a and Ecoiuetry a specialty; will also give lessons in rudiments of French, Latin mid music. Ad dress II. M. M , I io \ 155 Hera'd Uptown Branch oltlce. Re icrcnccs exchanged. WANTED? BY A YOUNG LADY TO INSTRUCT AND take charge of growing children; sbo teaches and speaks the German, French anil English languages; also music: city reference. Address, lor one week, L. 11., Herald Uptown Branch office. WRITING WANTED? BY A LADY WHO WHITES a good, plain, business hand ; would be glad to se cure a (innntlty ni work to be done during the Summer in the counlrv. Address AHA BAY, care box &iti l'ost (it lice, Albany, N. Y. H ELI' W A \TK D-F K !>1 A LESS. A? WORK OIVBN (HIT TO PAY FOR PIRST CLASS . Sewing Machines. BLAKE, BUCKWALTER A CO., U.i 4th av., corner ol 12tli St., and 101 Bleeckcr st? near Broadway. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELE ERA PHY.? MEN, ffmea boys and girls leara and take positions; demand greater than the supply. THOMPSON'S College, 20 4th av., Opposite Cooper Institute. ANGELL'S TURKISH BATIK til LEXINGTON AVE nuc, want two llrst class Protestant oirls; one laun dress, oue chambermaid and waitress; neither older than 25 years; wages $15 to $30. A COOK WANTED? IN A PRIVATE FAMILY ; NONE need apply without best city relcrences. 57 West SMth st ? AOTRL WANTED? TO DO GENERAL IIOUSE work in u private family; must be a good washer and ironcr, with relerence from last place. Apply at 330 East 42d sL, between 1st and 2d avs. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT NURSE WANTED? To take entire charge of n baby, 9 months old ; Prot estant preferred. Call at 43 East 9th st, from 2 to 4. AOOOD COOK WANTED? FOB A SMALL FAMILY, who can do washing and ironing. 30 Wavcrley place. A GOOD COOK W.\ NTKD? FOR A SMALL PRIVATE family ; mu?t wn?h and Iron well, also have best city reference. Inquire at 29 Irving plan. A -WANTED? TWO STEADY OIRLS IN A private . family; one as plain cook, washer and Ironer the other chambermaid and waitress; mast do the washing between them ; no others need apply ; wages $14. 7ti 2d av. A COMPETENT waitress WANTED-TO assist with the washing and Ironing; one with good city references required. Apply at ll>3 West 21 nt st., from 9 to 12 o'clock, basement door. A FRENCH DRESSMAKER REQUIRES A GIRL OF IS nr 14 years of age by the week. Apply at 90 4th av A? WANTED, TEN FIRST CLASS SKIRT AND . waist hands. Come prepared to work, at 128 tith av., to-day : best wages pal A FEW COMPETENT dressmakers wanted? At AO East 29th st., southwest corner of 4th av. Applv, mornings, nil this week. - A ?WANTED, SEVERAL FIRST CLASS SALES* ? ladles for our ribbon and (lower departments; com petent bands can have a steady situation and good salary. STERN BKOTII El'tS, 3C.7 sixth a\cnue._ Dressmakers wanted? immediately, and an apprentice. Apply at 7'W fitli av., near 42d st. IillRST CLA8S CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS 1 wanted. Call at 15 Charles st. ClOVERNESS WANTED? A YOUNG LADY SPEAE T Ing German and French fluently and aide to teach In both languages and music : North German preferred. Apply between 10 and 1 i A. M. n( 16 West 4!'tb st. CMRLS WANTED-TO-DAY, FOR FIRST CLA88 8ITU J ations, 'city and eonntrv: hirhest wages. ? ODkLL'8, 109 West 3itb at, near Broadway. (1 IRL WANTED-FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK ; J small family four persons; wages $16. Apply at 413 West 47?li st. CI OOD DRESSMAKERS WANTED? ALSO AN AP X prentice. 547 6th av. prepared Milliner ? wanted, a first class trimmer, to go to Massachusetts. Apply to WOBTHINOTON A SMITH, 6(17 Broadway. _ Milliners wanted-a first class trimmer wno is accustomed to first class eity work; good wage? and sleadv employment given ; alio, an A No. 1 saleslady tor the showrooms. 58 West 14th st. N'URKE WANTED? WHO UNDERSTANDS THE care of an infant; only those need call who have lived as nurses in this city. 47 West 47th st. WANTI D? A COMPETENT PROTESTANT NURSE to take charge of a child two years old ; one who Is fond ni children and can sew -.'best references re quired Apply for two days, 9 to 11, at Kast 37th st. "TIT ANTED? TWO OOOD GIRLS TO GO TO ORANGE; VV sisters preferred ; one to cook and assist in wa?h Ing. one as nurse and seamstress. Apply, between 2 and 4, ?i :tio Kast nth st ANTED? AOIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK at 177 Gates av., Brooklyn. IV ANTED? A PERSON TO ASSIST IN THE ('ARE Tf of a young child and invalid ladv; only tftow who are fnllv competent aad willing to make themselves gen erally useful need apply; must have city recommenda tions; wages Irom $12 to $15. Apply at 14 Kast 129th St. -TI7ANTKD-A PROTESTANT OIRL TO DO HOUSE VV work in an American family; city reference re quired Apply at M West 12th st fir ANTED? A WET NURSE FOR A CHILD FOUR TV months old. Call on Mrs. DOUGLAS, 142 East w w \\ WANTED-A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER IN A VV small family ; references required. Call at 35 East 62.1 st. TIT ANTED ? A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER AT VV Paterson, N. J.; must have good reference: family (mini! ; wages moderate. Call at 2#0 Fulton st , up stairs. ANTED- A WET NURSE MILK SIX TO EIGHT week* old Apply a( 155 Wet 34tli st. alter 3 P. M , ANTED- A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS; gne w illing And obliging. Apply at 7S West 46th st. ?nr aNTED-a girl to do general housework; W must be a good co >k. washer and Ironer, with city reference. Inquire at 2i6 Kast 62d st. WANTED-FIRST CLASS WAI8T TRIMMER AND tiuttonhole maker; none but good workers need apply 122 West 3?th st VITAffTED ? A OIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; VV good refereni e required. Apply after 9 o'clock A. M., at 326 East 13th St. ANTED- A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK in a small private lamily. Apply at 139 West 2lst st 'ANTED-A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A BOY TWO ply i w ANTED? A GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A ROT TWO Vf years old, and assist In doing the housework. Ap ply to Mrs LISTER, 329 6th av. Wanted-a young lady, who can oite oood references as to character and ability, in FK LIN'S Book and Stationery Store, 914?4 3d av., near 55th-st Wantkd-a oood SEAM8TEK8S. APPLY AT 37 East 31st it, between 4th and Madison a vs., iTotn 9 to 12 A. 1L WANTED-A COMPETENT NURSE TO TAKE charge of an infant Only those having best city reference uuud apply at 36 west st. w w HELP WANTMD-FKNA1.PIM. ANTKD ? A I'KOTKSTANT WOMAN TO TAKR CAKE young children. Apply at No. M7 Went 22d st. ANTKD ? COOK, WASHER ASH IttONRR AND and to dowu?t tin work. Apply ut U8 Wit 3J ?t WANTED? A WOMB AND SKA.vtvriti s- ON* WHO operate* on Wheeler A Wilson's machine mid run cut and II' lor children Apply ?t ArllUgtoU House, I4tll St., between University place and ftlh av., room 42 WAN1 ED? DRESSMAKERS WHO CAN OPERATE on Whcehr A Wilson's machine; also apprentice*. Apply at 2 ( nv Km . second bell ^ WANTKlJ-A GIRL 10 COOK. WASH AND IKON in a small private tnmlly in the city ol" Elizabeth Call irom i.i to I. al 3.4 Lexington av., near.Hth st. Rel crcnc.e required. wanted -a girl for GENERAL HOUSEWORK t T lor it un I daughter ; must ho a first c'ass wa*hcr and i roner German pre erred ; noes required. Cail irom 10 to 1 o'clock at ?53 West t?l ?t | 117 ANTKD? A GOOD COOK; AI.NO A Mini. TO TAKR ?? euro ot children and a w on Wheeler A Wllauu'a machine; beat rotuicncos required. Apply al 301 W oat OMh st, WANTED? FIRST CLASS COOK IM EVBBY WW, al St. U rmuin Motel. Fi ih avenue and Twenty MCMM ilwil, Apply irom vl* U A m WANTED? A LADY FITTER AM) TRIMMER, ex. perienred, in a tlrat claaa clt.v house Call lor tlireo days nt IX? W cat Kid st. \\r ANTED? A RESI'KCTARLK OIRI. AH CIIAHHKK '? maid anil laundress ; cliy relereuce lequircd. Apply ai 329 r.usi :>7ih st. WANTED? IV A PRITATB PAMILV, A 01X1. TO V T cooK, wn?4: .ind iron. Apply lor two days at 101 ?Ml Will at* , Lavement door. YVANrED-A OIRI. TO COOK. WASH AND IKON, ' I city retercnce required 31 West 36lh at. \\T ANTED? A OIRI. TO DO CHAMRERWORK AND IT tine washing anil Ironing and light waiting. Apply. Irom 9 to I o'clock, nt 170 West 4Sih st WANTED? A FIRST CI, ASS LAUNDRESS. THOSE having the host city references may apply atjl9 Wont 39th st^troiii 111 to II. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A I'KOTKSTANT cook, washer and ironer. Apply, with city refer ences, at 235 West 5-d St., between 12 to. and 3 P. M. "VAT ANTED? A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS MONDAYS, TT Tuesdays and Wednesdays; only those With the best city letcroiice may apply, between Hand 12, at No. ft Kant .ttith st. XAT ANTED ? A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK; T? l-.n^lisli or Oerinan preferred ; good reference re quired. Apply I etween 'J and 12 at No 5 I'.ssl 't'th <t. WANTED? A PERFECTLY competent COOK willing lo do coarse washing . hritiR Rood city retercnce irom her lust place. Apply al 12 Easiest., between the hours ot 9 and 12. \\f ANTED ? A COOK AND CHAM MR l( MA ID (SIS TT ters), or those having lived together preferred. Ap ply, with references, at t>5 West 1.10th st. WANTED? A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. TT with assistance. Those having city retercnce will apply at 143 East Md st. Irom II to 2 o'clock. WANTRI?? A Ol RL TO ATTEND UPON AN INVALID lady and make licrsoll generally useful; (,'ood ruler ence required. Call at U.'l Madlsou av. t W ANTED? A COMPETENT WOMAN, WHO THOR VV u uglily understands the care and management of a first class house writh a few boarders-, one who can do marketing ai all advantage and have a vcneral supervi sion Address TIFFI, Herald Uptown liranch olllco. WANTED- A FIRST CI, ASS COOK, WHO WILL DO the plain washing, in a small family. Apply at 37 1 Lexington av., between Hand 12. WANTED-A COMPETENT HOUSEKEEPER TO OO In the country; must be a good dressmaker and seamstress and able to take entire charge of house ser vants. Ac. Address, with terms and reicretices, T. L. S., 40 Frankfort It., New York. WXNTED? AN AMERICAN OR ENGLISH PROTES taut girl as seamstress, for family sewing ; one who Is willing and obliging and wants a home cun apply at 21ft West Sit Ii st.. city rclciencn, WANTED? A LADY WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER TV stands negative retouching : one who can do India Ink Work prelcrred. Apply to E. A II. T. ANTHONY A CO., Mil Broadway, between (? and 11 o'clock to-day (Wednesday), witii specimens of work. ANTED? FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS ON FINK work lor private family ; clt.v recommendation re quired. Apply, alter 10 A. M., at XI5 West 34th st. WANTED-A GOOD COLORED COOK, WASH KR and Irener In a private family; only those expe rienced need apply. 351 West With si., irom 10 to 3 o'clock. WJ W ANTED?' TWO YOUNQ WOMEN; ONE FOR THE tt city as good cook and to do the coarse washing, and one lor the country as chambermaid and tine wa ller an I ironcr; must have good references. Apply at 31 East 31st St., irom II o'clock until 3. WANTED? COLORED WOMAN AS FIRST CLASS TT laundress and to assist with the chamherwork ; must understand llutiug, Ac. ; city recommendation required. Apply , after It) A. M., 335 West 34th st ANTED? OPERATORS ON CUSTOM PANTA loons. Inquire at 124 Liberty st. TV" ANTKD ? A FIRST CLASS CHAM MERMAID AND TT waitress; capable of assisting in the fine washing of a small laiuily ; best references required. 51 West 51st st. WANTED? A CAPABLE PROTESTANT OIRL TO cook, wash and Iron ; small family, references re quired. 29 West 56th st tlTANTED ? IN A PRIVATE AMERICAN FAMILY, A TT Protestant wouiaa lo cook, wash andiron. Apply at 215 West 46th st w w WANTED? A OENTEEL COLORED WOMAN AS ' child's nurse and seamstress; must be kind and gentle, willing and obliging ; city recommendations re quired. Apply alter 10 A. M at Stft West 34th st. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO PROTESTANT girl to take charge of a child and who can sew on Wheeler A W iison's sewing machine and make herself generally useful, with good city reference. Call at 131 East J5th st. WANTED-A PROTESTANT NURSE (MU8T BE A good hand sewer) for a child two years and a liulf old. Apply, with city reference, at 88 \\ est 52d st ?WANTED? A GOOD WAITRESS AND LAUNDRESS ?T for a small family. Only those that have very food references need apply al 37 West 49th st., Irom 10 to o'clock. "WANTED? A LAUNDRESS AND TO ASSIST IN THE ?t chamherwork, wages SIC. Call, from 12 to 2, at !W WANTED? A YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL TO TAKE care ol two children. Inquire, with reference, at 3?3 West 31st st. WANTED? A PROTEST .INT NURSE AND SEAM stress; must he willing and obliging; references required. Apply, irom 9 to 12, at No 2 \\ (M 29th st WANTED-A GERMAN OIRL TO DO GENERAL housework. Apply at 121 l.ast 4iith at, near Lex ington av. WANTED? A OIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON for three in family. Call irom 10 till 2 o'cleck at 448 West 43d st. WANTED? A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN AS child's narse and seamstress. Apply, betweeu 10 ?nd 12 o'clock, at 49 East 20th St. WANTED? 300 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO EN gage in a light pleasant, and lucrative business. 114 7tli av., near 17tn jt_ WANTED? A GIRL TO TAKR CHARGE OF A CHILD auc! make herself generally usctni. Apply at 1,(101 6th av., second (lat_ _ ?WAN1ED-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. A RE8PBCT YT able girl as laundress and chiimhprmald. None need apply without good city reference to-day, from 10 to 12. at No. 5 West 4tith st WANTED? A COOK FOB A SMALL FAMILY; TWO other servants In the house; 20 miles from New York ; wages 814 ; references required. Apply personally at office 15 Broadway, down stairs. ______ WANTRD? A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS NUR8EBY governess and seamstress; one who is willing to go a short distance in the country and competent to take care of a little girl who Is an Invalid. Apply at 117 East 21st st., betweea 10 and 12 o'clock. WANTED? A BBSPECTABLB GIBL AS NURSE AND seamstress. One who can come well recommended may apply at 205 East 19th >t WANTED-A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WILLCOX Tv A fiibbs' machine; one who understands making and trimming suits when cut Apply at 11 Clinton place from 9 to 10 o'clock. WANTED? A PRACTICAL AND EXPERIENCED TT head laundress, for a first class ho'el; also two accomplished yonng ladles, well recommended, as cavhiers. Apply between 6 and 7 o'clock P. M. at 103 West IStb st WANTED-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS IN A SMALL TT private laiuily. to go a short distance in the cen.ntry . one to dogenerai housework, must tie good cnok, washer and ironer : the other as nurse, fully competent to take charge of ? baby . both must have good citv reler ences. fall this day. between lo and IX at 237 West St. WANTED? SEVERAL EXPERIENCED ILLUSION hands, on hand made pleatingt. E. I lis SON, 97 Prince st WANTED? A WKT NURSE KOK AN INFANT, AT 1H5 Joraleuion St., near Court, Brooklyn ; German or Swede preferred. WANTED-A PROTESTANT OIRL TO ASSIST IN TT the general housework of a small family ; city ref erences required. Apply at 40 West 22<1 st WANTED-A YOl'NG MAN TO CLEAN WINDOWS, tt light fires and inake himself generally nsctul. Ap ply, with reference, to PHILIP MILLIGAN, 1,259 Broad w ANTED? A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM mer ; none but one accustomed to a stylish Broad way trade need apply. _ ? , Miles LYONS A MOUNT, fOY, 27 Pnl?? square ET NURSE WANTED-FORA BABY SIX MONTHS old. Call be lore 12 o'clock at 130 East 18th st. w WEEKLY ? ANY LADY CAN EASILY MAKE an honorable, respectable and handsome living for herscli orhunilv bv a highly profitable and uew art, which can l>e followed at home. Apply at 440 Wert 44th St., from 10 to 4 o'cleck. ?ITCATIOflS M ASTED? MALES. QQ7 2D AV.. BETWEEN 22D AND 2JD STS.-MAN OO I and wire as waiter and cook ; man Is a flist class waiter and thoroughly domesticated ; woman Is a first class cook In all its branches and a good baker; econo mical and trustworthy, and both have references of the highest character; Protestant A COMPETENT MAB WISHES A SITUATION AS cook. Address J., bo* 210 Herald office^ A YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKR care of a horse and make hiiuseU uactul. Call at or MldrOM 146 taut 434 Ik prrrATTow* w*BTtcr- A YOUNG MAN. HONEST. WILLING AND itKljf able, wishes ? situation ; references Ai ir?s* M x Herald office. ' ? A YOUNG U lilt MAN, WHO SPEAKS FltEM!!! AND English. wants a situation as travelling servant to go wllh a family to Europe; has travel (j all over Europe; hest rrcomiiieuilaUoiu. Address /, /. Herald Uptown Branch office. AFKEMHIM4N wants A SITUATION AM VaLKT or coarler with a tamllv iroinjr lo Europe ; speaks ?our laiieiiu.n*; ??. .! reiereuco. Addr. m KUIIn ltKESSM AKER, 111 7th av. A FRENCHMAN. SPEAKING ENOMHH, OOO0 cook ,*nd tlr- t clu v< waiter, desires a situation , lie obluOtJou to travel ; bwt Hty references. t.'all* on >r ?d dress F, FOUHNIR, lit Kicecker St., room 34. A SITUATION WANTED? BV A SMART YOUNO Englishman, at colt breaker, steeple < ha ? rider, jrn om or coachman ; l> t? Miperior lio-neman In avory in spect; best relort nee Address HOLT BREAKER, H.-ralJ office A RESPECTABLE GERMAN (LIVINO WITIf Hit! mother and si tort would like to take it poailion a* porter tn an ortloe I uUdlng, where he could live , ?? t-. ie one bufore ; security given It required a-I J :??!*? (ill L. Itoiald office. i OKNTLKMAN Of LARUE EXPERIENCE IN in I\"e, an expert accountant, ^n?<l correspondent; Ac., desires a position ot rcsnon bilnytn a Lite or Fire Iiimii'hiico t'ompanv, where bit serviced would lie appre ciated; bent references. Addl e is Mr E., H Wall st , room ? A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, FAVoltABI.Y LOCATBft i\ In tills city, being extensively engaged in patent nicdlclncs, would like an auen'-y I'or other good medi cines or proprietary articles or would buy any gowd preparation having nn established trade. Address, tor one week, H O. A CO., box 1M Herald OiW. A RESPECTABLE MAN IND Win WOULD EIKR to take charge of a gentleman's residence during their absence the Summer month*; satisfactory infer ence. Address HOUSEKEEPER, box Ms Herald office. A YOUNO MAN. SWISS, WISHES AN RNOAOR ment with an Ameriom, cither single iiinn or a ram ll.v, ns travelling servani ; Isedroaled in the English and (leruian languages; has accompanied a laiuily aH ilirouvli the ilernian t'ont nent m e years ago For fur ther particulars address C. 0. X., Post ofllce, West liobe ken, N. J. A YOU NO MAN, 2D YKARS OK AOB, WANTS A situation to make himself generally useful about the house Address F. A., Herald otllce. Astkaoy, sober MAN WISHES a situation aw porter ; is not afraid of work ; Is only a few months fri in lie country, ami is used to drive bor es ; best refer ence it required. Address J. W. B., Herald office. DUY hoods, RETAIli OK WHOLESALE. -AN K NO llslunan wants a st uation; has -dx years' experi ence in the trade and seven month*' In a citv retell house; good references; sulary $12. Addreas box 145 Herald office. ? PORTER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A STKADF, trustworthy man ; best reference or a deposit Ad dress X., Herald Uptown Branch office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO ENGLISHMAN, who Is thoroughly competent, as first clas,w?iter and valet ill a private family. Address W. PEllOE*, It Bed lord st. QITDATION WANTED? BY A. FIRST CLASS COLORED > ' wfliter as head waiter in a large summer house! understands mil charge of dining room; first class city reference. Call at iWiti 7th av., present employer's. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO MAN, 1'? fake rare of rgad horses; tour years' reference from last employer. Call at harness store, 1,880 Broadway, corner SHtli st. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO COLORED man. as cook ; city or country. Cell or address ?9 Sullivan st., for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ABLE BODIED YOWNO man, conversant with both the English and Oerman languages; prefers the tobacco business, but lias no ob jection to engage In any other respectable employment; Is sober and honest ana can give first class city refer ences. Address K. II., No. 4 Catharine slip. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BOY. 17 YEARS OI.D, VW learn a trade ; willing to tnake himaelt generally use lul ; best of references. Address J. R., S3 Hester st. ?\ITANTED? BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GERMAN.' Vt of steady habits and good address, 28 years of age, a situation in any husineas; writes a good hand and speaks the rroderb languages; is willing to make himself gener ally useful; best city references ; small salary expeotee j can give $1,000 security ; American house preferred. Ad dress FRANK M., box 3,972 Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS NIGHT WATOIIMANj best city references given. Address X. Y , box M I Herald office. WAITER.? A FIRST CLASS FRENOn WAITER, Wll? lived in England tor several years: could act as courier; sneaks five languages; best references Irom Eu rope. Address H. I>. , box 128 Herald Uptown Breaefe ofnee. WANTED-BY A CHINAMAN, WITH GOOD REFER cures, a situation in a private family as waiter ; is willing to make, himself generally useful around Uie house ; no obiectlon to the country. Address LOUIS 11 1. IN KM AN, foot of Columbia St., Brooklyn, N. Y. WANTED-BY A STRONO, ACTIVE YOUNO MAN. a situation as porter or otherwise; writes a g?o4 hand mil can furnish ttrst class references. Address O. F. M., box 1M Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNO RESPECTABLE OERMAN ol steady habits and pood recommendations, a situ ation in a raw tobacco business; writes a good hand sn4 understands the business thoroughly. Address 24 AUea st., room 6. WANTED? A SITUATION AS BUTLER BY A YOUNG man. single, Protestant; will be disengaged next montn : highest reference from present employer for honesty, sobriety and attention. Address, by mail, J. J., No. 2 West mh st WANTED? A FIRST CLASS FRENCH OR GERM AM waiter. Apply at St. Jullen, No. 4 Washington place, after 9 A. M. WANTED-BY A MAN AND WFFE, NO FA MILT, the care of a gentleman's house for the season *r lonpor if required : best city reference. Apply at tbs fruit stand in New street, near Wall. WAITER IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, OR TO TRAVEL with n family, by un Englishman ; can be highly recommended. Address W. I'ILk, 4R Greenwich ar, WILL PAY WELL FOR STEADY, GOOD EMPLOY mcnt as porter; best references. Address CONFI. DKNCE, llcrald Uptown Branch office. A ( I. KICKS AMI SAIiKSMKN, A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN Al SHOE SALE*, man ; Is fully competent to take entire charge of & retail store; would gn out of the city; best ofreferuncs. Address S1IOK SALESMAN, Ileralit office. AYOIJNfl MAN WANTS A SITUATION. WHO served his time in a wholesale and retail grocery Kturc. Address II.. Itil Front St.. Brooklyn. YOUNG MAN. WHO HAS HAD SEVERAL YEARS* experience as bookkeeper, wints n situation ?? bookkeeper, collector, shipping clerk or any other posi tion of trust in some wholesale house ; best references <? thI can give security it required. Address G. B. K., Herald qffice. A COMPETENT BUSINESS MAN WOULD LIKE AM engagement, requiring only a portion of his time, la almost nn> legitimuto business ; reference* satisfactory. Address HOWE, Herald office. A STRONG AND DILIGENT YOUNG GERMAN wants a situation as clerk or porter in a wholesale store , good references. Apply at 123 Stanton St., first door. k -WaNTED-EMPLOYMENT as BOOKKEEPER J\ . or otherwise, by a middle aged man of Integrity and experience ; would loan his employer $SU0 cash on un doubted security. Address THOMAS, Post office box 2,104. Accounts? eight languages; arrears writ. ten up books devised to meet special requirement*: books opened, kept, examined or balanced. JAMES COX, 47 Wall St., third floor. An experienced double entry bookkeeper is desirous of making an engagement with some house where there are opportunities for advancement; salary moderate ; references unexceptionable. Address W. P., box 163 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN 09 OF EDUCATION AND THE BEST of habits desires a position of trust; can furnish bonds and highest references. Address E. L., box IS? Herald Uptown Branch office. A FEW CLERKS, RESIDING ON THE EAST SIDE, can And remunerative employment going to ana from their regular business. Address box 112 Herald office. AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG MAN. CAPABLE OF taking ' harge of a set of single or double entry books, desires a situation in any capacity or busisoss in whlob he can make himself useful and obliging ; good recon?. mendatlons; small salary. Address M. ?. GEORGE. Brooklyn Post office. _______________ A YOUNG MAN, 21 YEARS OF AGP, WISHES A situation as assistant bookkeeper or to make htm* self generally useful la an office. Address CLLItK, cars ol J. Nachwan, 1,114 2d av. DRY GOODS SALESMAN W ANTBD-APPLY TO K. O'NEILL, I OH and 11(1 6th a v. DRUG clbrk, from 1? TO * YEARS old. with two \ ' ars' exr erlence, good habits and address, who wishi s a permanent Dorition, may address, with recom mendatl. lis. DRUGGIST, staftonC. I) RUG CLERK WANTED? ONE WHO SPEAKS OER m an and ha* good references. Apply at No. 2 First iiuc. \|;anti:d-a good gebman dry goods sales. ?V man. One who thorough It understands htobasl l -??? may apply, with reference, to ROUSS, BELL 4 COl. 114 Washington St.. Ilohoken. \\TANTF.D-A SMART YOUNG MAN. GERMAN, OP tt good address, tor a real estate and insurance office; must be a good and quick writer and must understand the business. Address bv letter only, stating experience, age. salarv expected and referemces, 8. FRBIDBNRICit A CO.. 906' and 908 Third avenue. ORDER CLERK WANTED? IN *A WHOLESALE drug house ; one who has had some experience pre ferred; salary 9400. Address REX, box 160 Herald office. CAI.EiMEN WANTED-TO SELL THE ORIGINAL K7 Howe Sewing Machines; extra Inducement* to ex perienced men. THE IIOWE SEWING MACHINES CnMI'ANY, 4:17 Broadway. TEA SALESMAN WITH A NEAR BY SHORT CREDIT trade wanted to represent an old established house j, securitv required, Aduress, with references, TEA, box 12ft Herald office. "ll,r ANTED? EMPLOYMENT, BY AW ACTIVR, INTEL ? ? ligent young man ; Is a civil engineer, but Is wlllluc to act as clerk, bookkeeper, cashier and In any similar position; best references at to capacity asd integrity , i? willing to go West. Address G. K., ears of Hon. N. J. *?? terbury, 152 Broadway. WANTED? A CLERK THAT UNDERSTANDS Till* ?T family groosry business in general ; must ba?s rlt? reference sna be a temperate, steady young man. APb'T at W7 Hth sy. T ANTED-A SALESMAN IN A PORK STORE t* .1 Williamsburg Address. with refer?IN?a sud P*r? tivalart, I'OKK ttluRB. Herald office. TV

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