Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 16
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(!1.KBKS AWT) SAI.FSMEK. TirANTKD-BOOKKKKI'KK AND GENKRAL OFFICE TT assistant; none l>ut thou thoroughly competent an'l temperate need ?' ply; wfewnw* w'U be required; ?alary not t<> exceed HHOO per year. Call between II A. ? and 4P.M. JAMES LEKKfcl, A CO., IW Lihrrty st_ ?m ANTED? a young man as bookkfeper, two Vt younR ladiea wishing to fc-ern the suit bus ties*, and ? thorough silk salesman ; cord reference required. M. KKIMA.N A Cq. ? Ptnon tquare. WANTED-A 8AEE8MAN WHO CARRIES A LIVE oi millinery goods to add samples of (rood setting articles to hi* own; a liberal commission will bo paid to vountry salesman only. Address I'. N., Herald offlrc. Wanted immediately- a young man wno understands the dry goods businew. Apply tins -dayat 514 Grand st. __ WANTED? A FIRST RATK SAI.KHMAN IN A BOYS' km) youths' clothing store. One who can influence trade will find a permanent situation by addressing box 164 Herald ofllca. ?flTANTKD-KXrF.KIKNCRD SALESMEN FOR HOSIE *T rv uiid furnishing goods; also for dress goods. Ap ply at C16 Third avenue. WANTEO-A BOOKKEEPER, WHO UNDERSTANDS the wholesale grocery business. Apply to 11. CAa' HIOY A CO., 3W Greenwich st. \AJ ANTED ? FIRST CLASS DRF.fS GOODS SALE8 T T men. Apply to T. K. UORTON A CO.,3!* and :1W Pulton st.. Brooklyn. COACHMtoN U:> (itttUK ? ?. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE MAN, AS coachman or rninttner ; strictly teinpernle ; Uireo years' reference. Address or apply at liis present em plover's, 140 21st st . South Brooklyn. . AFIHHT CI. ASS COACHMAN ? .It ST ARRIVED from Boston, wltli all tin- r? <juir*??l <)Uatlflcations. 4esircs u Dim tit ion as coachman; well rei omnieiiiled. ?Jail od or address Captain BOKHEN, Southern Boule vard and Boston road. Mott llavcn, opposite steam boat ?la lid I nr. MICHAEL LOORLEY. A FRENCHMAN (VKIIY GOOD COACHMAN) WANTS totliul a situation; good recommendation. Address Wf> Rant 33d St.. at tlie stable^ _ AUKST CLASS COACHMAN DESIRES EMPLOY ment; known hi* business thoroughly ; willing and obliging; strictly sober; married, one In family ; best eltv reference. < alienor uddresa K. F., SO 4th uv., Camp bell's harness store. A GOOD QROOM W A NTE1> ? ON K. WHO CAN MILK; must understand his business thoroughly and come well recommended. Apply at 460 East H4tti St., betweeu 8 and 9 o'clock In the morning. A GARDENER WANTS A SITU ATION (WITH FAM ily) ; is practical in its routine ; recommendations for ability. Address JOHN MULQL'EEN, Elizabeth Post ?Alee, New Jersey. A SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION; understands the care and management of horses and carriages; can milk and work iu a garden; would ?take himself generally useful; stood reference ironi last employer. Addaess GARDNER, coachman, 136 Kast X!d street A MAN AND WIFE WISH SITUATIONS; MAN AS first class coachman anil ((room; wife as cook and laundress; no cncumhranee ; boih first class servants. Call at or address -47 :<d ?v? corner loth st. ___ A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN AND gar dener, by a married man - no incumbrance ; thor oughly understands both branches, and wife as first class (Nk or laundress; good city reference. Address A. C., boa 118 Herald office. ' I AS COACHMAN? A MIDDLE-AGED MAN, LATELY from Europe; active and tasty ; good city reference. .Address W. M., ffl East 32d st, tor two days. A MAN AND WIFE WANT SITUATIONS IN THE country ; man as coachman and plain groom : wife to do general housework; best references. Address JOHN, box 134 Herald I ptown Branch otllre. A SCOTCHMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man and groom in a private family ; fully romp. ? teat; references unexceptionable. Call on or address SCOTCHMAN, 235 East 20th st, private stable. A SINGLE TOUNO Man WISHES A SITUATION? As first class coachman ; has left his last employer ?n account ot his absence in Europe ; can show llrsl class ?lfy reference, which will testily evcrvthing that is needed. Call on or address M. S., care ot M. A. Coleman, ?addle r, 1,262 Broadway. A GOOD, STEADY MAN, WITH FIRST CLASS UEF erences, wants a position as coachman; willing to jMn the country. Inquire at bourdlng stuble, 122 West A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN, BY A J3L thoroughly competent man, of good experience in the rare of horses; ten years' good city reference as to sobriety, honesty ana capability. Address -M. II., box M8 Herald Uptown Branch otllce. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN AND GAB dener. bv a single Protestant man ; can milk and ?lake himself useful; good reference. Address O. M., box 133 Herald office. An englishman wants a situation as gar dener; understands his business in all its branches; Rood references ;' married, with small family. Call on or address F. W., 67 Nassau st. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A COMPETENT coachman and gardener ; first class reference froin last employer as to character and ability. Address CAMBKLL, box IU3 Herald otiice. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A RE speetable single man lust disengaged : thoroughly understands the business; would assist in the garden; Ihrst class city reference. Address M., box 'AM Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A FII19T class man ; best city references. Apply to or address H. 8? at Graham's Saddlery Store, AS University place. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIN gle youn-^ man ; perfectly understands his business; la seber, willing and obliging ; best elf* reference. Call an or address T. B.. at C. Graham's Harness Store, 68 University place. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A SIN. gle man, who thoroughly understands the business; satisfactory references. Address C. C\, box 124 Herald ?ffice. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? IS MAR marrird ; eight years' city references; four years with present employer. Address, for three days, D. IX, box 1 10 Herald onice. AS GARDENER AND FARMER.? SITUATION WANT cd, by a single man ; thoroughly understands his business; is sober and obliging; good city reference. Ad dress E. D., box 200 Herald otllce. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A FIRST CLASS coachman ; knows his business thoroughly ; per fectly sober, Civil, willing and obliging; best city refer ence. Call on or address,!. H., No. 7 West 44th st A SITUATION WANTED? AS FIRST CLASS COACH" man and groom, by a single man; can milk and make himself useful ; good reference. Address T. D., box I2S Herald office. A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND GARDENER by a single man. who understands his business in all its branches; has flrst claas reference. Address 11. M., box 104 Herald office. A SMART YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS groom and coachman ; no objection to the city or country; can furnish good reference from his last "em ployer. Call on or address M. O'KEEFE, 442 West 2ith St., ter one week. ? ABESPECTABLB AMERICAN MAN WISHES A situation as coachman, where his wile can go as cook ; go* si reference will be given, ('all at 005 East 12th m. corner Av. B. _____ A YOUNO PROTESTANT MAN DESIRES A SITU ation as coachman and plain gardener ; understands the care of horses; can milk and make himself generally useful; good references. Address G. F., box 113 lieralu office A COLORED MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man, either in New York or Brooklyn; can give good city reference, ('all, for two days, at 134 West 49th st A YOUNG MARRIED COACHMAN. WHO UKDBB stunds his business in all its branches, wishes a situa tion; has 7 years' first class reference. Address P. F.t Herald otllce. A GROOM'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG man, in a private family ; is a first class groom ; no objection to the country . will he found willing and oblig ing; nine years' reference froin the Old Country. Call at the harness sU.rc corner 3Stb st aud Broadway, from 1 to 3 o'clock. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST classman (English); two years' cltv reference from last employer. Address R. S , Herald "Uptown Branch office. Broad *?v A GARDENER, WHO UNDERSTANDS FLOWERS fruits and vegetables in all their branches, could take charge of a gentleman's place , well recommended ; Married, no family; Is a Swiss. Address J . ('., l:h> Broad war, Williamsburg, N. Y. Atoung man wants a SITUATION as coach man or groom ; thoroughly understands hi* business in tbe care ot horses ; Is willing to go U> the country : has first class reference from last employers. Address M. G., Herald office, lor two days. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A SIN gle man of long experience ; can come well recom mended for honesty, sobriety and capability. Call on or address W. TYLER, M Broad st, last employer. A COACHMAN OK GROOM S SITUATION WANTED? by an Englishman ; thoroughly understasds the care and management ot carriage or road stock ; good city reference Address T. M. N., 146 East 3M St A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO SINGLE man, as eoachnvin. light work, or would take care <>l a gentleman's road or saddle team; Is a first class groom ; i an be highly recommended. Address J. 0., Herald Uptown Branch office, for two days. Og^CHMAN WANTS A SITUATION; IS A CARE i A GENTLEMAN ABOUT REMOVING FROM THE I . J\ city desires to procure ? place tor s Orst class <ol ' 4jr* <1 coachman. Call at 4u u est :wtli -t \ A SITUATION WANTED? BY A MAN AH GAR- ! dener and coachman , thoroughly understands the ' scare of tiorsesand all tli ngs appertsiniuv to thcut . also jrrei nhouse and vegetables ; nine years' reference from kmc family. Address J. H., box 17M Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED- BY A MAR- ' rleil nun of long experience ; flrst class city refer- ! Z, w?? ; wtie as cook ; Would go to the country. < all ob Address J W , III West 37th st, private stuhle. I A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED ? BY A young Englishman; thoroughly understands the , W horses and is a good driver ; best city references. <!ail ?? * "r address W. 11., 176 MacdoUKSl St., near Clinton ptace, 4 stable. BIT 'JATIOlf WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH OAB Agtnt- T' understands the business in all its branches. . Address Bi >WAK1) ToVEY, Engtewood, N.J. 1 rwiiCHMA SITUATION WANTED-BY A MAN I . fhat Highly understands his business ; can show | J, ' -ef' rcnces ; refers to hb< present employer, i _i Vi. oTinir to Vuropet onlv those tliat want first class ?.n need ' all ur aXfress L S? Mr. f)ll?s0ii's sad dterr^ -?r. ^ w#v' 1 COACHMKN ANO GAWDBNKR^ /COACIIMAN'8 SITUATION W/NTED- ^ \ v' man ;l? a sober and relialtU- uri\- aawi re mieclful ; nrst das* city reference*. to or *?l<trca? COAOHM AN, 121 We?t lMtil St J / 10A< HMAN'Ci Hn'^AfJON WANTKD-BY A FIRST \J clas^ ; IfKiKwighly understands the care an.l nrnnsg^ifient of borves and carriages . can 'urnlsh b-'wt city ['Icrt'iiMils willing and oblfing. Call on or ad dreft lor two ?luy? J. K., HI bast lJUi st. , carriage repoai tory. /COACHMAN AM) GARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \7 ed? By a single nuin thoroughly under tand* both branches ; Is ;? sober. reliable. obliging mait , l?'?t city reference. Adilrt uri rOACHMAN, box 11(j llerald office. (COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED ? BY A SINGLE J nun <ii Inn..' i xperi* iicc 111 the business: IS year* In ln?t place , be - 1 city references. Call on or ?dtlres? J. C , 140 West l&tll Ht. flMCUNAN AND GARDENER S SITUATION WANT " ' ed? lly a German, married ; wile first cla-s cook ; both willing; good rttoWBCt Call <111 JOIIM, 4f?l -If fi u riMMuntri situation wanted? by a binolk ll man ; greenhouse, flower*, Irult and vegetables. Ad dress ANDREW. ut Thurburn's, l&John st (G ARDENER'R SIT I ATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE T man, who understands the mimagcinent of green house, grapi ries, fruit, flowers ami vegetables ; liestcity reference. Addraaa A M. B., 876 Bi<nnwayt wed rtoff. /'' ARDF.NKR ? BY A FIRST CI. ASS M A N' . DNDER VT stands everything connected wlih the business, mid has llllcd Home of the best places in the country. Addro* L. I.., box 144 llerald oilier. (1 ABDENKR'S g ITU ATION WANTKD? IS A FIRST T class fruit and vcgetuble gardener; understand* the care of horM'fl ; can rn Ilk ; good reference. Address M? box 818 Herald (GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? BY A SIMM R T num. who is a (food florist, and veg; table gardener Call on or address ANTHONY, Bridgcman's, K7t> Broad way. (1 ABDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? FOB A FIB8T T class working gardener; understands gla-ti, sfo -k. farming; ten years' reference; would like a place where improvements are required. Address II. M., b( x Wii . llerald office. (2 ARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A PRA<3 T tleal man, simile; understands cultivating green house, graperies, vegetables fruit and lawn; best city reference from present employer. Address A. B., box 2K) Herald office. ? GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? FIRST CLASS; married; no children; litis it thorough, practical knowledge of gardening in its various brunches; iir?t claw reference. Address GARDEN Kl( 288 Mutt st. /GERMAN OA BDBNKB? SITUATION WANTED BY A IT single man, who thoroughly understands his busi ness In all its branches; greenhouses and graperies, Irult, tlowers and vegetable ; best city refereuce from last em ployer. Address A. S., 13 John St. Groom and coachman.? single yquno man, of long experience and good reference ; would inako himself generally useful about a gentleman's place in the country. Address J. D., boulevard s ables, 14 ) West 50th Rt PROTF.HTANT SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS A SIT uation us conch moil anil groom: would like togo a short distance In the country ; Is willing and obliging; understands his business ; can milk II required; three years' references from Inst place. Address, tor two duys, J. M., box ll.r> Herald offlee. SITUATION WANTKI>? AS COACHMAN A ND G ROOM ; city ur country; good reference. Address, lor two days, COACHMAN, box 179 Herald office. SITUATION WAITED? AS COACHMAN AND GAR dener, by a married mail, with one in mm I y ; under stands his business tlioro tii^lil y ; Kiiber and obliging , good relerences. Address. I., box llli Herald office. (JITHATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN, UY A O Frenchman, who Is thoroughly competent; a (fond, curelul driver; cltv or country; best city reference. G. V., 17 East 30th st QITUATION WAN'TED-BY A SINGLE YOUNG MAN, who thoroughly understands his business, us coach man or Broom, having served a number of years In first class families In the old country; he feels confident ol giving entire satisfaction to any person requiring Ills ser vices; no objection to the country. Address JOHN KOSS, 7M llth A v. (JITl' ATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN AND GROOM, O bv a single young man; a good, careful driver; city or country ; city reference. Aadreia II. M., 231 Lual20ili street. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION AS coachman and groom, or to work on a gentleman's place; thoroughly understands Ills business; steady, sntier and Industrious, and willing to make himself gen erally useful; country preferred. Call for two days at stable No. 2West22dst ______ WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND groom, by a young mun of temperate habits; under stands the care of horses, carriages and luirness; Is sale anil perfect driver; industrious and obliging in every war; best city and country reference. Can be seen at last employer's, Ham's curriage repository, 10 East 4tli street. P. F. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN IN A I'l'.I m vate family; best reference. Apply at 325 East 47th st. TIT" ANTED? BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, A SITUA TT tton as first class coachman ; willing to make himself useftil; best cltv rclcreucc. Apply to JESSE DAW, 6S3 Broadway. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A MAR riedniHn; no Incumbrance ; first class reference. Call at or address lor two days 145 West 39th st. WJ' ANTED ? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A tT single young man ; understands his business; refers to present employer. Call on or address J. AMES, ut Mr. Ferguson's. 114 West 46tli st. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN A SITUATION as gardener; good recommendations. Call oil or address GORDON BROS., 26 Broad st. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A single young man ; understands his business thor ntighly ; is honest and sober; good driver; best reference from last placc. Call oil or address COACHMAN, 160 West 20th st, private stable, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A RE spectable Protestant married man ; Is sober, lion est, and obliging; hns ten years' good reference from last emtdover; country preferred. Address JOHN F., Eliza beth Poet-office. WANTED? A GOOD MAN, A PROTESTANT, FOR gardener and coachman; must understand his business " ' "" mended. over the XKT ANTE D? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE tt married min, with o small family, as gardener and coachman; thoroughly understands gardening and the care uf horses and carriages, and hns good experience on a farm ; Is sober and obliging ; Is competent to take charge ot a gentleman's place ; has best references. Address J. box 12.1, llernld office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND groom ; single man ; good city references. Address box llHIletald office. WANTED? A FIRST CLASS COACHMAN; MUST come highly recommended from his last employer; those that cannot bring such need not apply. Aopfy at 87 Cedar st. basement WANTED?A" SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND groom by a Protestant voung man ; best city refer ence. Call on or addruas W. T., 40 West 10th st. for two day*. "V Vr ANTE I)? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A m man who thoroughly understands his business and can give the very best city reierence. Call on or address COACHMAN, ft2i 5th uv.^ WANTED-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND groom, by a married man without encumbrance; will be lonnd capable; first class city reference. Cnn be seen for three days at R. M. stivers' Carriage Factory, Vast 31st st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SMART, INTELLI gent young man, who understands driving and the care ot horses; strictly sober and not afraid of work; can also assist with gardening ; no oblectlon to city or coun try Address H.. box 119 Herald olllce. WANT A JOB AS GROOM, IN PRIVATE' STABLE; T T able to ride ami exercise horses. 32ti West :tfifh st. "IIT A NTE D? A SITUATION AS OARDENER, BY A tt single man, capable of taking charge of a gentle man's place , horse and cow if required ; good relerences. Addtess ENNIS, New England Hotel, 30 Bowery. HELP IVWTKI)- MALKS. 4 NGELL'S TURKISH BATIM, T1 LEXINGTON AV? JY Want agreeable, intelligent, Industrious American young men ami women, not older than 25 years; profita ble employment, with medical Instruction ; references re quired. A SMART. ACTIVE MAN WANTED IN A LIGHT outdoor business. Apply after 9 o'clock at the NEW YORK BOOK CONCERN. No. 7 Warren St., fourth floor. fcGBNTs ARF. MAKING $100 PER WEEK SELLING JY our goods by sample. A lew more smart iu?n wanted. Call at 96 Liberty st, room 25 Agents wanted ? the world s necessity in the market ; front $7 to $1,000 required , agents make from (5 to 950 a dnv. 116 Nassau st, room 7. A TRAVELLING AGENT TO CANVASS SOUTH AND West tor a leading cfimmcrclal lournal of this cltv; n liberal commission will be paid. Address, stating refer ences, previous occupation, Ac., NEW.^PAPER, box 130 Herald ofllce. Hardener and coachman; must understand his ss unit be willing and obliging and well recom d. Apply from 12 to 3 at W. W SHARPE A CU.'S, tie Tribune office. A CHANCE TO LEARN TELEGRAPHY.? MEN, women, boys and gtrls learn and take positions; demand greater than the supply THOMPSON'S College, 2l)4th av., opposite Cooper Institute.. A YOUNG MAN W A NTE D? -Tt J" OI'EN OYSTERS and a boy to wait on tables, at 407 rvi a v. HOY WANTED? IN A COMMISSION HOUSE, TO DO general work ; salary $3 to $4 per week. Applv at 67 Reade st, second loft. IJOY WANTED? ABOUT 16; HONBtlT, BRIGHT, IN J) dustrious. Address, with reference, box S,ul6 Post office. f BRAND BOY W ANTED? IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE 1*J who has been employed Inn law office preferred. Address, In own hand writing, with references, box 1,603 Pod office, New York. F1ARMER WANTED-TO GO a SHORT DISTANCE IN 1 New Jersey to work a dairy farm ; an American with fnmtlv preferred; he must full/ understand Ihe business. Apply by letter to Mr. JOHNSTONE, 165 Broadway, room l' care of Geo. W. Stephens. M-MENAMY. HESS A CO. HAVE AN OPENING . tor an energetic business, as traveller on the Hud son, expenses paid. $ho salary per month Competent .gentlemen apply alter II o'clock. 738 Broadway. I RANDOLPH'S NATIONAL SCHOOL OF TELEGIIA IV phy. 1.19 ^th st ? The best ntid most practical In the stakes. Recommended by telegraphers. Call and see for yourselves betor>- going elsewhere. CHOW CARD WRITER WANTED. -APPLY ATM VK O sey street. TO PAK;<NTS.-WANTED, a GOOD BTOUT BOT" about 15 /ears of age A^ply after 10 o'clock at 23 Heekinan st. BOORUM A PEASE. UMNTED-A YOUNG MAN AS W AITER. APPLY AT t, , i 5 e ^oto. House, 71 Hieetker ?t, bet wool) JOanJ II o'clock. * HKIjP WA?TK')-flV.K*. ^ WANTKD? A BOY. IS OR 1G YF.AKH OK AUK, AS A cnpyi?t n it wholutule houwe. AddritoT. A. B., Brooklyn rout office. WANYKU-KOU Till' 1'NITKD HTATKH MARINK ?* Corps, VO file, nbletod ed iron. 1 hi- ("entire olfer* ?wlendid opportunities to yi-it tort inn coiiD'ili - on board United Mates hipn-oi war. l-or turher iniortna.ion apply at Recruiting Kcndezvoun, b!) Chatham 'trt ft. New York. JAM I MAVIS. Mator United States Marine Corp*. W'ANTKD? A KI'HN?TI K;' CABTMAN; ONKWUmJ *' acquainted with the bun ni"?; nunc ethfr nee^j apply IlKtiHAAK A IIKANK, 438<;anal S?. II r A NT!-' It- A I.HY, FTOU II TO 14 YKAR8 fji.l), ?? tlia' will mate hiinwlt generally useful tn ly bar room. nriulre at Watlack Hou*e, Mijfl llav**, bqfwecii 1-' and 4 o'clock. WANTH D-A YOU NO MAN TO URIYB A HODA wafer wagon and make himnet' anerul in the lac torv. Addrem P. U. W., too* 148 Herald offloe. WANI'KO? TWO BUKDI.K OABItlliHH; REFERENCE required. M. RKIMAN A CO , 2S Union itquare. WANTKD- A SMART TO UNO MAN WHO UNDER ?? Hiatal* carvinr and taking e?re ot a restaurant; must come we I recommended. Call at 172 Atlantic at., Brooklyn WANTKD-A YOU NO MAN, WHO WRITES A ilOOD h-'Udaiid 18 willing to make him ell generully uac ful. AddrebK. In own hand writing, W. O. H., WW Broad way. ArOI'N(i MAN WANTKD? IN A PAWTUf HUPi'l.Y I store ; one who Iiuh a knowledge ot the business preferred; reference. from I'ist employer required. THOMAS O. IIOJKK. HUJ 3d ay. THK TIIAWKS, ABOY. If. YEA KB OK AH B, WISHES To LEARN plumbing and Kiiw fitting. t'ull hi w?Mw SB Mafe Ant kind ok employment wantkd-by a. voung man; in honest; speaks (Jcrinan perfectly; such km light porier, attend more or bar, or will work in ataclorv;the advertl-er knows the cltv well. Address DfhDi.ffe.Cri, llerald oflioe, lor three dayti. A YOUNG GERMAN MAN. A FIRST CLASS WATCH J\ makcrr wishes ? situation ; bent reicrences. Apply hi 121 Greenwich >v., nearSth st. t PRACTICAL DT8& ANI> BLEACHER WISHER A J\ situation on cotton, wool, linen or iutc. Address WM. Ml KAY, HA Jackson st., I'aterson, N. J. pONKOnORHK WANTED? ONE WHO IS A. FIRST V7 class hand In the branches of tancy cakes, confec tions and ornamenting - to a good man a lair salary and a permanent situation will lie given; single man pre MMd. Address B. M. BBIABtf, Albany, M. Y. 1 ENGINEER WISHES A SITUATION? EITHER ON U ro.irinK or stationary engine; can furbish the best ol reference. Address ENGINEER, bo* IfiO Herald office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A BAKER; GOOD REF erence* given. Address J. R., Herald ofllce, or 214 Madison 8t. SITUATION WANTED? BY AN AMBB10AN CANDY maker j no objection to the country. Call on or ad dress H if., U8 xt li a v. Tone regulator wanted-at fibcher'S, 42s West 2*<th st., between 9th and 10th av?. Wanted? four pianoforte tone regula. tors ; steady work guarantcd. 36tli at. ann loth av, J. P. HALE. WANTED? A HOOI) CK1AR MAKER; MI ST BE UN married and wllllns to goto a neighboring city, and competent to take charge of a lactor.v. Address I. KOKAND, Earlc's Hotel, corner of Canal and Centre streets. W ANTED? AN EXPERIENCED MEDICAL BLECTRI clan, sound in body and mind; must understand the anatomy of the human system. Address PROME THEAN ,_He raid Pfflce. TIT ANTED? A FIRST CLASS SAWYER: ONE ACCUS ?t turned to general sawlug. Ofllec corner Oreen and Bay streets, Jersey City. T ANTED ? A FIRST CLASS NEGATIVE RETOUCHER. Apply to I'. C. DUCHOCHOIS, S28 Broadway. FRENCH Al?V KUTISEMKNTS. ITNE JEUNK K1LLE PRANCAISB. NOUVELLEMENT J arrlvee, pa riant correctenient et pouvant donner lea meilleurex recommendations, desire se placer pour sol gner les enlanta; elle salt partaltement coudre, Ac. S'a dresser, 9me rue Est, 53, prea de Broadway. UNB FILLE FRANCAISB DESIRE BB PLACER pour xoigner tin enfant et coudre. S'odresser par lettre a la HLLE FRANCAISE, no. 1 I'Juie rue Eat. FOR. SALK. A FIRST CLASS GROCER? AND LIQUOR STOKE JY for sale ? Doing an excellent business; long lease and low rt nt For particulars apply at sn Cannon st. WElL LOCATED FAMILY LIQUOR STORE FOR sale cheap? On Third avenue, doing a good busi ness-. a good lease and low rent. Apply to 1HOMA8 GAFFNEy, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street. A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR sale in Williamsburg, doing a good business; a long lease #nd low rent. Apply to TIIOMaS GAFFNEY, auc tioneer, No. C Centre street. A BARK CHANCE. -FOR BALE? ONB OF THE OLD* est and finest titled up barroom and Billiard Booms in New York. Inquire on the premises, 407 Grand street, corner of Clinton. w A A SPLENDIDLY FITTED UP LIQUOR STORE FOR sale in the best part of Brooklyn ; doing a tine trade; rent low; long lease. For further particulars apply to WILLIAM ABBOTT, 50 New Bowery. A GOOD RESTAURANT AND LUNCH ROOM DOWN town ; handsomely furnished Boardlna House, near Fifth avenue; Cigar Store on Broadway; light Manufac turing Business ; $300 required. WARREN A CO., No. fi Dey street. A LIQUOR SALOON FOR SALE? AT 31 CHARLES street ; will sell at a very low compensation. Ad dress JOHN OLSON. An oyster baloon and chop house for sale, at low price; also Restaurants, Hotels. Bakeries, Confectioneries, Drug Stores, Butter and Produce Stands. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Ceilur street. A? FOR SALE, CORNER LIQUOR STORES, AT LOW ? prices; downtown Ale Vaults, Stationery and Va riety Stores, I fat Stores, Furnishing Goods Stores, Coun try Grocery Stores. MITCHELL'S Store Agencv, 77 Cedar street A? FOR SALE. STATE AND COUNTY RIGHTS TO . manufacture and sell the most valuable invention of the age ; pay* 100 per cent WEBSTER & CO., 309 Broadway. A LARGE MACHINE, BOILER AND BLACKSMITH Shop selling out, consisting of Athes, Planers, Drills, Vises, Anvils, Punches, Shears, Riveting, Boiler Boilers, Bending Blocks, Steam Hammer; cheap. 60S West street FIRST CLAS8 RESTAURANT AND LUNCH Counter to let, Fixtures for sale; German prefer 49 West Broadway, 12 to 2 o'clock. A. A FIRST CLASS DRINKING AND OYSTER HOUSE for sale: well known; favorably patronized; low rent; splendid chance live man; bargain. Particulars 23 Chambers street. GEORGE . si Ml- l!S, store Agency. A STOVE HOUSE FURNISH I. NO AND TIN WARE Store for sale, established 20 years; located In great business thoroughfare; business $20,(00 year. Particulars gS Chambers street GEORGE W. MM EES, store Agency. A NO. 1 LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE ? SPLENDID LO cation; long lease: low rent ; extraordinary chance to make money ; rare investment. Particular* 23 Cham bers street GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency, N OLD ESTABLISHED GROCERY STORE FOR sale; location unsurpassed; extensive cash trade: Particulars 23 A enterprising party very rare opportunity. P Chambers street UKuRUE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A RESTAURANT, LAGER BEBB, OYSTER AND Billiard Saloon, with a long lease, low rent, situated in one ot the pleasantest towns in New Jersey; cause of selling, owner lias to go to Europe ; a bargain ror any one ; price $i,iil>0; terms easy, Call at 1:16 Third avenue. New York. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A LIVE BUSINESS man.? To lei, at Jersey City, a tlrst class Corner for restaurant or liquor business, good spot on the main busi ness street, near all the ferries and railroad depots; low rent to a good tenant Apply iinmcdiatelv to J. M. GIB SON, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Bakery for sale-first class location-. doing a good trade. Apply at two Sixth avenue, be tween Forty -ninth and Fiftieth streets. C CONFECTIONERY AND ICE CREAM SALOON ) downtown, doing a fine wholesale and retail bus! ness. owner having two stores will sell cheap; 6 years' lease ; established 1S57. D. F. CU RLE Y, 12 Centre street. C1IO AR AND SAMPLE R< M >M FOR SALE-WELL J fitted and stocked ; good location ; excellent cellar and yard ; four rooms above store ; rare chance. Apply to II V 1.1'., 1.4 William slri . t Drug store fob sale.-a long established, well paying Store, on one of the principal avenues of Brooklyn, with or without House and I<ot Inquire of EIMF.H A AMEND, 2u.'? and 207 Third avenue. New York. Drug stork for salk-at new haven, conn . doing a good and increasing business ; modern fix tures, long lease, low rent and well stocked. For par ticulars address A. H. HALL, New Haven, Conn., or call oil MORGEN h. KISLAY, 81 Warren street. New York. F.IOR SALE-$.VN0 WILL II uy a FIRST CLASS 1 comer Orocery Store, on one of the best avenues in the city, with three years' Lease. Inquire at 6X Third avenue, cigar store. For sale? lease, hood will, trucks, ac., of the old established wholesale and retail Flour aud Feed store. 6u0 First avenue, Bear Durtv-fourth street CH)I SALE ? A FIRST CLASS MEAT AND VEOE r table Market For particulars inquire In store, 8S& Sixth avenue. fi^OR SALE f \ It PET, HH YARDS, r nearly new; also 102 varts Brussels, nearly new. Address L H.. box 123 Herald office. FVJR SALE -KLEUANT wink AND BILLIARD Room (tour tables completer Inquire ou premises, 93# Eighth avenue. No agents IjVJR SALE WINE, BEER AND BILLIARD ROOM, r 192 Bleecker street; doing a good business ; well stocked, and will be sold at a bargain. Apply to WAL LaCK, 94b Eighth avfiiue. |V)R SALE-AT $311 AND ?:tf, TWO OROVBR k Baker sewing Machines, Address E. L? R., Herald F FHOR HALK-A VERY VALUABLE ANTIQUE: AC Ihenticity undoubted. Address J. S,, box 4,196 Post office. T^OK SALE-ALL THE JARS AND URNS OP A CON r lectionery store. Inquire at Broadway, for three (Lays. FiOB SALE-AT HAVMEYER A ELDERS' SUGAR refinery, Williamsburg, twolve 13 foot lengths of 10 inch and eleven li loot lengths jf i inch ilgnt Water ripea r.V?R SALE,? DOWNTOWN CORNER LIQUOR STORE, F Mtree years' lease, stbtk an I fixtures: will b? sold t hs??. >'"r >>erMcmari ?ddrsw M? sUUuU li. city. POH NAIiK. F??LrB/ SPIBNDID HI.ACK WALNUT 0OUN , *ith marble slab. 'J1 leat lone , also one 11 leet; Sr;?" / Ralls, H'?- ks, Ac. , rompie.'e ; also two Hort*s and ""K m. Apply at 3M Fourth avenue. 0* JK SAI.E-AN OLD ESTABLISHED BOOT ant> *, Hhoe More; will be sold wlih or without Stock. Ap p Q to JOSEPH HUC11ANAN, SO.) Third avenue. tjHJK SALE ? BKVBN YEARS' LEASE AND FIXTURES ' of Liquor store fi'il Tenth avenue, southwest corner 1 Forty-third street. Inquire on premise*. F^OB 8ALF.-AN OLD ESTABLISHED FAMILY Liquor Store in the Fourteenth ward ; reason for selling, < wner going into other business. Apply at 283 Mott street. TjlOR HALE CHEAI'-A LONG ESTABLISHED COAL r and Wood Yard, doing a large trade in Summer ; lour Horses and Carts and Wood Cutter, l'articumr* at 29934 Broadway, third floor. F>OR SALK-A LIQUOR AND LAGER IIEER SALOON and Ritie Oallery, with ample room lor Millard table*, Ac. ; tor sale very cheap ; in a desirable thorough tare ; the rifle gallery in HS feet long, aud the entire floor is 130 feet; a rare chance; satl-'iactorT reasons given lor wlHH. inquire at the place, 1UI Bowery. IjM)R HALE CHEAP-A IIOWE CYLINDER HEWING r Machine (No. 2), HUitaMe for th suddlcrv or shoe making business, on account or going Into another bust in"- Apply at 364 Third avenue. "LlOB SA LE? CHEAP, FRONT AND REAR HOUSES i* 129 Motl street. Apply to J. J. DUNCAN, 90 White St. IflOB SALE-CHEAP, THRU STORY AND BASE ment liip h sloop House 260 West Thirty-ninth slYeet, or will be let to u good tenant. Apply to .J.J. DUNCAN,

90 White street. IilOR HALE CHEAP-A VERY GOOD LIQUOR STORE, with Stock, Fixtures and Lease ; rent $.0 per mouth. At 336 We?t Forty-fourth street ]?OR SALE CHEAP? A STATIONERY AND VARIETY Store. Inquire at 309 East Thirty-fourth street. Call In the evening, between 7 and 9 o'clock. IiVlR SALE CHEAP- -A TEA AND COFFEE STORE, well located ; doing u BOOd business ; low rent; purfv selling out to go into the wholesale business. Call at Sia Greenwich street H. CBAIO. Fou hale-cheap? stock, fixtures, and Lease of a well established luncv and gent's furnish ing goods store, in a good location. lftJ Seventh avenue. IpOR SALE OR TO LET- AN APPARATUS FORMAK lug Champagne, with 2,UH) ; also convenient place for making it to let Apply to Mr. AL'BRY, Dyer, 9J Fourth avenue. BlOlt SALE OR TO LET? A LIQUOR STORE ON West Thirty-fourth street, opposite, the Manhattan MarVetund convenient to the moot prominent steamboat laudiuq in the city; will be sold cheap ; very low rent Inquire on the premises of J. WALL, foot of Went Thirty fourth Ktreet, North River. /GROCERY STORE FOR SALE.? A FIRST CLASH " X small Grocery Store, doing a good business, will be sold cheap to a prompt buyer. 7-1 Washington street, New York cily. For particulars inquire of if. BUTLER, 836 and 337 Greenwich street <1 ROCERY, PRODUCE OR COMMISSION TRADE ? T To let. the now and spacious Stores, with very tine Cellars, 70 Wurren street and 20 College place; splendid business location ; mav be occupied together or sepa rately. G BO. W. WELSH, '.'.':i(iri emvii li ntreet. MARBLE BUSINESS EOR HALE? IN A SPLENDID location up town, with long lease at low rent; terms to suit buyer. Address MARBLE, Herald Uptown Branch office. SAFE FOR SALE.? A NEW MARVIN'S BEST FIRE proof and burglar proof Safe ; double doors ; combina tion lock ; never been used a day ; new from the manu facturers; tor sale at u bargain, owner having no use for it. Apply at n.i Broadway, room 4. CAFES.? A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SECOND k* hand Safes of all styles and sizes for sale cheap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STEAM SAKE COMPANY, 300 Broadway. OAFKS.-18 SECOND HAND SAFES FOR SALE VERY O cheap, and best makers: why should merchants, jewellers and others pay a fancy price when they can buy the same so cheap at 72 Maiden lane? TWO CORNER LIQUOR STOREH FOR SALE? EIGHT years established; long leases and cheap rent; will be sold cheap as the owner is going to Europe. Apply to OWNER, 323 East Fifty fifth street. TEA AND GROCERY STORE FOR SALE? IN NEW ark; lifted up in One style and doing a good cash business -. will be sold reasonably. For particulars ad dress Hl'SINESS, Herald office TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.? A GALLERY FOR SALE IN a good location in Brooklyn. Inquire at 245 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 1ST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR STORE FOR RALE? IN J good location; cheap rent For particulars inquire on premises, !>76 Grand street, corner Gocrck. rrm will buy the oldest tea and cof; .fJvFU fee Store ahore Chatham square, in Grand street. Address TEAS, station B. A MACHIKKU V. AMES' PORTABLE, T AI R VERTICAL^ SLIDE AND cut-oil' horizontal, hoisting and pumping Engines nil hIzcs; also Hollers on hand; improved Saw and Grain Mills, dear's Variety and other Wood working Machines; 12xls, 20x42, 11x24 and Koiicr and three-hone portable; good second hand Engines cheap. EDWARD 1'. HAMSUN. US St., New York. A specialty? horizontal ENGINES? WE have on I wind 7x10. 8x12, 9x12, 10x16, 11x18, 12x24, Ijx30, 14x24, 11x30. 15x38, 16x3(1, 18x24. Samples can be seen at 38 Cortlaudt street; second hand Eugines taken in ex change. WHITE1IILL, SMITH A Co., Manuiacturers, Newburg, N. Y. T WILSON* A HUAKK'H, WATER AM) DOVER * m. streets, a two-horse Baxter, also horizontal, upright, portable and hoisting Engines, Boilers, Pumps, Shafting and Pullo.vs, now and second hand. IjK>B SALE-STEAM ENGINE, BOILER AND KIND ling Wood Machinery complete. Apply ut MO West Twenty-third street. TTioK BALE? A ' SECOND Hand 18-hokse engine, r with locomotive boiler, complete and in good order. Apply to JOHN T. DUNKIN A CO., 856 West Twenty seventh street. Foe sale? three five, two ten, two twenty flve, two thirty-live, one forty horse Engines; one portable, two hoisting Fngines; one eight, one fifteen, two twenty, one thirty horse Boilers, second hand. JollN McLAKEN, Third and Grand streets, lloboken, a. j. FOR HALE? AT WOLKF A WETZLICH'S machine and Model-making Shop, 12 North William street, New York, a new patent Brick making machine. This Is the best brick machine yet invented. It ia capable of making SO.UOO bricks der day, requiring only the work of three men ; can be adjusted to any desired degree of pres sure, aiul tor moulds and bricks It is sclf-sandiug. For SALS cheap ? a powerful copperplate Printing Press. 24 inch plate ; easy to work. BEN I)ANN BROS., 1,134 Broadway, corner Twenty-sixth street, up stairs, TAMTED? AN ENGINE OF 80 TO 100HOE8E POWER, ' and Boiler of 100 to 125 horse power ; or two Boilers of 60 horse power each. Address, stating age, quality and price, OEOBGE W. COLTON, box 2,772 Post office. LOA^I (1EFICE8. T 77 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP stairs.? Highest cash advances on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbroker*' Ticket* bought, at 77 Bleecker street AT ho NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN FULTON AND John streets, NEWMAN LEOPOLD continues the buving, selling or advancing on iromonds, Watches Jewelry, Piano*, Merchandise, Lite Policies for any amount. AT WOLF BROTHERS', 896 BROADWAY. BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets? Money loaned on Watches Diamonds, Jewelry. Silverware, Silks, and particularly Pianos; private parlor for ladies; business strictly confidential. American office-established ism.? any amount loaned on Watches Diamonds, Jewelry. Hllverwure, India Shawls, Laces, Valuables, Ac. ; or will buv ; utmost value given. J. H. BARRiNGElt. 7S5 Broadway, opposite Astor place. AT 697 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET ? Liberal advances on Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Camel's Hair Shawls Laces and personal property of evory description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. AT 57 THIRTEENTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? I pay the highest price lor Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry; advance on the same. ISAACS, Diamond Broker, 57 Thirteenth street, near Broadway. w M ONEY LOANED-ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS FUR niture, Pianos and Merchandise ot every descrip tion. CHKISTAI.AR'S Loan office, 11 and 17 Abingdon square, Eighth avenue, between Bleecker and Twelfth streets. QQ NASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE ? 0?7 Liberal advances made on Diamonds, Watches, Je welrv and all kinds of merchandise. I he same bought and sold Rootn I. HAYMAN LKUPULD. 1 AO SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY FOURTH TVU and Twenty-fifth street*.? Liberal advances made on Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Laces and Shawls Same bought at lull value. L BERNARD. /JO,- BROADWAY. COBNBR AMITY STREET.? v)0?) Money llherailv advanced on Diamonds, Watches Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old-established Loan office. Same In light and sold. M. ROSENHKRO. Q"IQ BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND t7lO most reliable office.? Money advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac ; same bought at tull value. E. C. HEUTM. IOC 7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANCH .ijl) I office, room B.? Parlors tor ladles; branch 132 Fnlton street. Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamonds Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold, LIN 1>0 BROS. KTOKAGK. A ?STORAGE. . STORAGE for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS, PAINTINGS, Ac.; ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS, Ac., at the NEW FIRST CLASS WaKEMOUSK, built expre-*lr for the purpose, 102 TO 114 EAST THIRTY.SKCONO STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKS. CASES aad other PACKAGES containing articles ot EXTRA VALUE can be stored with SAFETY at low rates. Persons can forward their goods Irom any part of EUROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is Invited to examine the superior ac commodation*, light, ventilation, safety, Ac., which thi* warclioast possesses over all others. JOHN If. MORRELL, _____ Owner aad Proprietor. A? WEST SIDE STORAGE WAREHOUSES, 59S. ?34. ? 63ti Hudson Abingdon square, and 779 Greenwich street; for nirnlture, pianos, baggage and all other family property. All goods placed in separate rooms. These estatilishments are the most rn aponsible, extensive, reliable, accommodating and low est in rates In New York. Trucks and express wagons constantly on hand for the removal of iurnitore and baggage either In city or countrv. R. TAGQART, Owner and Manager, Office 593 Hudson street, near West Twelfth street STORAGE FOR FURNITURB, PIANOS, BAGGAGE, Ac., In SEPARATE ROOMS.-This is oi?e of the !>esl ventilated and safest buildings in the city ; elevator 'd hirildiug. MICH A LBS A SUM, 32 and 34 COIUUtwrc* 0tre*b luisr BJMcXer. iniurauv* at low rates EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS C1UNARU LINK. ) The British and North American Ro.viU Mall Steamships, between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Harbor. From Now York. ?Rl'SKIA. . . . Wed., April 111 CALABRIA. . Hat., April 19 ?JAVA Wed.. April 1 PARTHIA. . ..Hat., April 2fi H'UBA Wed. , April 3D ? ?SCOTIA Wed.. Ma* 7 ABYSBYNIA . Hat.. May 10 A I.GERIA. . . Wed. May II HATAVIA Sat, Mav 17 and every following Wednesday and .-aturdav Irom New York. Steamer* murk, d thus ? do not carry steerage pnMsengrr*. Rales of Passage? Cabin, $.*(1, $100 and #13", (fold, ac cording to accommodation. Tickets tn Paris, til. sold, additional. Return ticket* on lavorable terms. Steer age, $90, currency. steerage ticket* from Liverpool and yueenstown, and all parts of Kurope, at lowest rates. For might and cabin passage apply at the company's office, No. 4 Bowling Green; lor Fteerage passage, at 111 Broadway, Trluitv Building. I'll ARLK8 <?. FRANCKLYN.Agent. Or to P. H. DUVERNET, corner ol tUark and Randolph streets, (.'Incauo. III. PASSENOKHS PER STEAMSHIP RCHSIA EMBARK Iroin 1 lie Cutiard wliarl. loot of Orand street, Jersey City, at a A. M. , on Wednesday, April lti, 1*73. CHARLES O. FRANCKLYN, No. 4 Bowling (ireeu, New York. North german lloyd steamship company? For Soutbampton and Bremen. The steamship BREMEN, Captain 11. Schulenbtirg, will sail on We.lne*dny, April IB. at 2 P. M.. Irom Bremen pier, toot ol Third street, iloboken, to be followed by Steamship MAIN, Captain K. Von Otereudorp, oil Katnrduy. April 19. RATES OF PASSAOE TO LONDON, HAVRE AND BREMEN, payable in void, or Its equivalent in currency. rirnt Cabin $120 Second Cabin 72 Steerage 30 For freight or passage apply to OELRICHS A CO.. Agent*. No. 2 Bowling Green. W " 1 Vi>HTH^^-nr?^TAKir KTATKS?M AIL. CAR1\ye1wland^l,o^*jfu^jiyes""ronn^|,^^o001 on ADRIATIC " " BALTIC Saturday. April 2?^it 3 P. M. ??kTl( 8a turd ay. May 3, at K>:30 A. M. OCEANIC. Saturday, May 1U, at 3 P. M. ? r rom the White Star dock, Pavoniu terry, Jersey City. Passenger accommodations tor all classes unrivalled, combining safety, speed and comfort Saloons, staterooms, smoking room and bathrooms in midship section, where least motion la lelt Surgeons and stewardess accompany the steamer. Rales ? Saloon. $1U0 gold; steerage, $30 In currency. Thoao wishing to send lor friends I11 the old country can now obtain steerage prepaid certificate*, $32 currency. Passengers booked to or ftrom all parts ol America to Paris, Hamburg, Norway, Sweden, India, Australia, China, Ac. Drafts from ?1 upwards. For Inspection of plans and other Information apply at the company's office, ID Broadway, New York. Bills ot lading issued to Contineutul ports. J. II. SPARKS, Agent INMAN LINK. For Queeustown und Liverpool. Royal Mail steamers are appointed to sail as tollows : CITY OF WASHINGTON Thursday, April 17, 9 A. M. ?E ANTWERP Saturday, April 19, 9 A. M. CITY OF LIMERICK Thursday, April 24. 2 P. M. CITY OF LONDON Saturday, April 2ti, 2 P. M. CITY OF NEW YORK Thur-day, May 1, 9 A. M. 01 TY OF PARIS Saturday. May 3, II A. M. and each succeeding Saturday and Thursday. Irom pier 4f>, North River. RATES OF PASRAOE. Cabin, $Hft and $10u, gold, according to accommodation. Roiiud trip tickets at low rates. Steerage.? To Liverpool, yueenstown, Glasgow, Lon donderry, London, Bristol or Cardiff, $;tu. Prepaid certi ficates, $3J, currency. Passengers also torwarded to Ilavre.Hamburg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Paris, at reduced rates. Drut ts Issued at lowest rates. For cabin passage and general business apply at the Company's otHce, 1ft Broadway. For steerage passage, 33 Broadway. JOHN 0. DALE, Agent, or to O'DONNELL A FAULK, 402 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. M. S. GREAGH, 102 State street, Boston. F. C. BROWN, 86 South Market street, Chicago. WM INMAN, Liverpool, and No. 9 Rue Scribe, Paris. N UNITED 8TA E8 MAIL LINE.? STEAM TO QUEENS town and Liverpool. Sailing every Wednesday. IDAHO Morgan April 16, at3 P.M. MINNESOTA, Freeman April 23, at23? I*. M. From pier 46 North Klver. Cabin pannage, $HUgold , steerage, $30 currency. Prepaid tickets, $32 currency. Passengers booked to and from Paris, Hamburg, Nor way una Sweden. Ac. Droits on Ireland, England, France and Germany at lowest rates. AppN to WILLIAMS A GUION, 1.9 Broadway. ANCHOR LINK. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL DIRECT* The magnificent steamer TKINACKIA ?tails from pier 20 North River, on Friday, April 18, atuoon. Cabins, $66 and $7ft, currency. Intermediate, $15; Steerage, $31). HENDERSON BROTHERS. Agents, No. 7 Bowling Green. Anchor line. Steamers sail I'rom pier 20 North River, New York, EVERY WEDNESDAY ASH SATURDAY. 8IDONIAN... Wed., April 16 AUSTRALIA. . .Sat., May 3 CALIFORNIA. Sat., April 19 ISMAILIA Wed., May 7 OLVMP1A Wed., April 23 VICTORIA Sat., May 10 INDIA Sat., April 26 CARTA! J A Wed., May 14 COLUMBIA. .Wed., April 30 ANGLIA Sat., May 17 The passenger accommodations on steamers of this line are unsurpassed for elegance iiud comfort. Cuhln state rooms are all on upper deck, thus securing good light and ventilation. RATES OF PA88AGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, OK LONDONDERRY. Saturday steamers. Wednesday steamers. Oold. Currency. Cabins $75 and $65 $75 and $t? Cabin return tickets, secur ing best accommodations.. $130 $130 STEERAGE, $30 CURRENCY. Tickets for passage to or irom any sea port or rail war station in Croat Britain, Ireland or the Continent Issued at lowest rates. DRAFTS FOR ANY AMOUNT AT CURRENT RATES. Company 's offices, No. 7 Bowling Green, New York. HENDEK80N BROTHERS, Agents. N. B.? CALIFORNIA sails at 10 A M., April 19. ?lust published, "The Trip to Europe," a magazine ol information for ocean travellers; can be had free of charge on application. ~ OTICE TO PASSENGERS. Anchor Line steamer CALIFORNIA Sails on Saturday, April 19, from Pier 20, at 10 A. M. HENDERSON BROTHERS, No. 7 Bowling (Ircen. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STHAMSH1PS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The splendid vessels on this favorite route for the Con tinent will sail from pier No. 50 North River, as fol lows :? VI LLP, DlT HAVRE, 8unnoot Saturday, April 19 PEKKIRE, Daure Saturday, May I WASHINGTON, Rou^ini Saturday, May 17 ST. LAURENT, Lemarie Saturday, May 31 PRICE OF PASSAGE IN GOLD Including wine) TO BREST OR HAVRE, First Cabin, $125; Second Cabin. $75. Excursion Tickets at reduced rates. Those steamers do not carry steerage passengers. American travellers going. to or returning froin the Continent of Europe, by taking this line, avoid both transit by English railway and the discomforts of cross ing the Channel, besides' saving time, trouble and ex pense. GEO BOB MACKENZIE, Avent. .W Broadway. 1'lHK HAMBURG-AM ERiCAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mail steamship SILESIA, Captain C. Heblch. will sail on Tlinrsday, April 17, at 2 P M., tor Hamburg, taking passengers from New York to Plymouth, London, Cherbourg and Hamburg. First Cabin, $120, Second Cabin, $72. Steerage, $30; payable In United States gold. KUNHARD'I A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, General Agents, General Passenger Agents, 61 Broadway, New York. 61 Broadway, New York. The FRISlA will tali April 24. The SAXoNIA, as extra steamer direct, April 19. CIOOVS EUROPEAN TOURS? OVER ONE THOUS ) and in number, at reductions trom 10 to 45 per cent below ordinary lares, by all lines of steamers. To Vienna, eighty-seven routes; to Italy, seventy-two rnntes. Cir cular tickets tor Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, the Rhine, Ac., by all routes from Loudon. Tickets issued and berths on steamers secured. COOK, SON A JENKINS, KB Broadway, New York. "Cook's Excursionist" tor April, giving lares, expenses, 4c., lor all tours, now ready; price 10c. National line of steamers. Weekly to Queenstown and Liverpool; fortnightly to Umdou direct. TO QUEENSTOWN AND LIVERPOOL, from piers 44 and 47 North River. SPAIN, Crace Saturday April 19, at 10 A. M. ITALY, Grigs Saturday. April 2?, at 3 P. M. GREECE, Thomas Saturday. May 3, at 10 A. M. FOR LONDON DiRbC l\ DENM ARK, Sumner .Thursday, May 1, at 9 A M. THESE STEAMSHIPS ARE THE LAROEST IN THE TRADE. Cabin passage, $90 and $00, currency. Steerage, $29, currency. Prepaid steerage tickets irom Liverpool, Queenstown, Londonderry, Glasgow. CarditV, Bristol or London, CHEAPER THAN BY ANY OTHER LINE. For further information apply at the comoany's office, 69 Broadway. F. W. J. HURST, Manager. Gaze s bubopba n tours, by best routes. Tickets from Queenstown. Liverpool and Glasgow, via London, for all parts of the Continent ; Atlantic pas sages secured; Gaze's Hotel Coupons for all principal clues In Europe. GAZE S American office, No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. COAHTWIHK NTKAMSHIPS. UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP Company. The elegant screw steamship MERRIMACK, 2, nm) tons burden, Captain W. Weir, will sail for St. Thomas. Para Pertisnibuco, llahla and Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday April 23, at 3 o'clock P. M., from pier 43 North River. Vor freight or passage appl^; to GARRISON, Agent, No. 5 Bowling Green. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA AND MEXICO, HAVANA, PROGRESO AND VERA CRUZ. New York and Mexican Mail Steamship Line, leaving Dler No. 3 North Klver, at 3 P. M. P EVERY THURSDAY. CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) April 17 CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only April 24 CLEOPATRA (Havana and Mexico) May I CITY OF HAVANA (Havana only) May* CITY OF MERIDA (Havana only) May 15 For freight or passage atmlv to F. ALEXANDRE A SONS, SS Bnoadway. SAMJlNA.-FOR HL'ERTA PLATA. SAMANA AND ST. Domingo City. The United states mall steamship TYIIEE, Captain K. A. Delancy, will leave pier No. 4 North River on Thursday, April 17, at 3 P. M. Bills of ex change on I'uerta Plata, Samana and SU Domingo City, In sums to suit purchasers, tor sale. For freight or passage apply to SPoFPORD BROTHERS A CO., 29 Broadway. \TEW YORK AND BERMUDA STEAMSHIP LINE. For Hamilton and-St <)eorge, Bermuda, carrying the United states Mall, and sailing trom plerS7 North River, as follows Sldewheel steamship HATTERA8, Captain Lawrence, Wednesday, April 16. at 3 o'clock P. M. Sldewheel steamship ALBEMARLE, Captain Read, Thursday, April 24. at 'o'clock P M. For freight or pawage. iiavlni elegant accomtnoda Coa*. kffpiy !? LtKTH BOTHERS, K South street EUROPEAN iTBAWHniPH. P^ACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S ^ J.IIH' U) California, Japan and cuina, via Panama, carrying mails, ? a-?engers and freiaht to Astiinwa'l. Panama, -anta Martha, Urev'owu and Pacific const of Mexico, Central America, I'eru and cui.e. ? April 19. I873-- Steamer O-'iCAN yiTEEN, Captain Sea* bury, will leave Bier 42 Mi rth River, at 12 o'clock noon, 1 tor Aspinwull direct, connecting at Panama with the ?trainer MONTANA. Captain Nolan, touching at Aca puico, Manxauillo, Maaatlan, and :tl?i> conuoctiii^ tor ail Central American and -outli Paeillc ports. Departure* 01 I tli and itUih oi each mon'h connect with the com pany's steamer touching at Han Benito. Tonata. Salina Urns and Port Angel. steamer CHINA will leave San Francisco April 18, 187.1, lor Japan and China. For rate* ol passage, freight and all further Information apply at company'* office ou the pier, loot of Cauul suect. F. R. BABY. Agent TEXAS LINK ok OALVE8TON STEAMERS, TOUOT ing at Kev Went, carrying the United State* mail. The steameivCITY <>F S.v.N A.N'i'uNIO, Captain I'en niugton, is 111m receivln; freight at pier 2D fcasi Uivtr. and will sail Saturday, Ajiril 19. Through bill* of la hug giveu to Houston, cither liv tho 0. II. and II. H. It. or by tlie limn on Direct Navigation Company, and to ull nouns on rhe tialveston, 1 1 ? .u'.oii and Henderson and II. B. an. I C. Rulroad. No charge lor torwnrdiug in New York. For freight or passage anp v to C. II. MA L LORY A CO.. 133 Mablen luna or W. P. CLYDE, 1U Wall street, J^TEW YORK AND HAVANA DIRECT MAIL LINK. These first class steamships will sail every Tuesday atl P. M., from pier 13 North Hlver (toot of Cedar street), for Havana direct, a* 'ollows:? steamship CRESCENT CITY Tuesday, April 15 Steam-hip WILMIMJTON Tuesday, April 21 Steamship MOItiiO CASTLE Tuesday, April 2>J For freight or passage (having magnificent accommoda tions) apply to WILLIAM P. CI.YnH A CO.. Us) Wall sli est, D. M'KELLER, Agent in Havana. OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The Cromwell Steamship Line. F TOO Cromwell Steamship Li no. The ftteamshlp GEOROti CROMWKLI., Captain Samuel L. Clapp, will leave pier No. 9 Aortli .Over, 011 situriiav, April IP, at 3 P. M. Freights received daily. Through rates given to Oalveston, Imlianolii. Koekfort or Amnzas wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $60; steerage, $20. For freight or pas sage apply to CLARK .1 Sl.AMA \ -J> We-t street. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. -THE STEA V, Ell OEN ERAL 8EDOW1CK, Captain Evans, will leave pier 21 Easl River, April 23, at 4 I . M. Freight received daily. Through rates given toOalvestoo, liutlanola, Hoclt port or Aranzas wharf, Brazos, Santiago and St. Louis. Cabin passage, $M>; steerage, ?2.\ For freight or passage apply to C. H. MALLORY A CO., 151 Maiden lane. IflOK NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. 1 MERCHANTS' STEAMSHIP USE, from pier No. 5 Nortli River, nt 3 o'clock I'. M. EMILY ?. SOUDKR, on .Saturday, April 19. Freight received dally. Through rates given for St Louis, Vickshurg, Mobile. Galveston ami Indiuooin. For freight or passage (having superior accommoda tions) upply to FREDERIC llAKKlt. :k? itroadway. CLYDE'S LINE FOR BERMUDA. The A1 steamship * FLORIDA, Captain Cameron, carrying United States walls, wi I sail for Hamilton, R"r lnudn, irom pier 15 East River, on Wednesday, April 16, at I o'clock P. M. JAMES H AND. Agent, Wall street. IflOR NORFOLK. CITY POINT AND RICH MONII.? 1 Tho Old Dominion Steamship Company will despatch from pier 37, Nortn River, their elegant steamship RICH MOND, Conch, (or Norielk, City Point :tnd Richmond, on saturdav, April 17, giving through hills ot lading to all points South and Southwest. Through passenger tickets issued to all point?- Accommodations unequalled. Ap ply at pier 37 or at the general office, 147 Greenwich street, corner of Dey. c TRAVELLERS' CITIZENS' LINE FOR TROY? PASSAGE $1 50 ? THE J elegant steamboats SUNNYSIDK and POWEI L leave pier 49 North River, foot of Leroy street, daily (Saturdays excepted), at 6 o'clock P. M., connecting with morning trains on Rensselaer and Saratoga, New York Central and Troy and Boston railroads lor all point* North, East and West. The mo<t direct route to Sarato ga, L;ike Oeorge and Montreal. Through tickets sold and baggage cheeked to destination. JOSEPH CORNELL, Superintendent. J^ALL RiVER LINE FOR BOSTON, via Newport aud Kali River. The world-renowned steamers BRISTOL and PROVI. DFNCE leave pier 28 North Rivor, foot of Murray street, daily (Sundays excepted). A. P. BACON, Superintendent. Navigation opened - people's line steam ers leave for Albany Tuesday, April 15, at six P. M., from pier 41 North River, foot Canal street, and daily hereafter. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. Trains leave New York, trom foot of Dosbrosses aud Coriandt streets, as follows: ? Express tor Harrisburir, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Cars attached, at 9:30 A. M. ; 5, / and 8 :30 P. M. Sunday, 5, 7 and ft :3 I P. M. For Baltimore, Washington and the South at 9 A. M. and 9 P. M. Sunday, 9 P. M. Express lor Philadelphia, 8, 9, 9:30 A. M. ; 12:30, 1, 4,1, I, 8:30, 9 P. M. and 12 night Sundav. ti, 8:.Kt and 1 P. M. For Philadelphia, via Kensington, at 7 A. M. and 2 P. M. Emigrant alid second class, 7 :1 > P. M. For Newark at 6, ri :30, 7, 7:10. 8:10, 9, 10, 11, 11 :4J A. M., 12,1.2,2^1,3,3:20, 3:40, 4:111, 4:3J, ), 5:20, 5:?), 5:5,1, ti, 6 :10, 6 :30, 7, 7 :30, 8 :IU, 9, 10, il : W, 12 P. M. Sunday, 5 M, 6, 8. 10, 9 P. M. For Elizabeth. 6, 6 :30, 7, 7 :4I>, 8, 8 :10, 9, 10, 11, 11 :?') A. M., 12 M., 12 :30, 1, 2, 2:10, 3, 3:2 J, 3:40, 4, 4:1(1, 4:3). 5:20, S:30l ft :50, 6, 6 :10, ? ?-'HI, 7 :30, 8 :1U? 10, 11 :30, 12 P. .M. Sunday, 5 :2UL 6 and 8:10 P.M. ^ l'?r Rah way. 6, 6 30, 7, 8 :10, 9 :30 and 11 A. M.. 12 M? 1, 2. 2 JO, 3, 3 :20, 3 :40, 4 :10 4 -S3, 5 :20, 5 :30, 5 :S0, fi. fi :30, ^ :30, 3 :10. 10 P. M., and 12 night. Sunday, 5 :20 and fi P. M. For Wood bridge and Perth Amboy, 6 and 10 A. M.,2 :S\ 3:40, 4:30 and 5:50 P. M. Fop New Itrunswick, 7. 10 A. M., 12 M., 1,2. 3, 4:10,5:21, tf, 9 P. M. and 12 night. Sunday, 6 and 9 P. M. For East Millstone, 7 A. M., 12 noon, 4 :10 and 5:21 P. M. For Lambertville and Flenilngton, 9 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Phillpsburg anil Belvidere, 2 and 4 P. M. Accommodation tor Bordentown, Burlington and Can* den, 7 and 9 30 A. M? 12 :30, 2, 3, 3: 40, 4 and G P. M. For Freehold, 7, 8 A. M~ 2 and 4 P. M. For Jamesburg. Pemborton, A. M.,3:41 P.M. Trains arrive as follows:? From Pittsburg, 6:50 A. M., IfflP. M., dully, 10:11 A. M. and fi:3f P. M., daily, except Mondav. From Washington and Baltimore, 6:40 *. >!., 4:54, I0':12P. M. "Sundav, 6:40 A. M. From Philadelphia, 5:21.6:60. 10:14, 1| :04. 11:54 A. M? 2:14, 3 :54, 6 :94, 8 :13 P. M. Sunday, 5:21, 6:^0, 11 :04 A. M. , . ? . Ticket offices, 526, 435, 271 and 941 Broadway; No. I Astor H i >ssc aud foot of Deshrosses and Coriiandtitreuti. Emigrant Ticket office, No. 8 Battery place. A. J. Cassatt. D. M. BOYD. Jr., General Manager. General Passenger Agent MISCELLANEOUS. A? FURNITURE FAMILIES MOVED, CITY OE ? country ; furniture, pianofortes packed and ship ped : storage for inrniture, Ac. O. A F. BURNHAM, 111 rt'est Eleventh street, near Sixth avenue. FEVF.RAEltTS, FRENCH TAILOR? CLEANING ? and repairing? 100 East Thirteenth street, one dnoi from Fourth avenue. New York. Ail orders promptly attended to. - For sale? a splendid opporturnity for en hghteneil and book-lo>iug people? An extremely rare edition of the Holy Bible, in 90 volumes and 50 languages. Apply to MARC1AL A CO., 40 and 42 Broadway. O MORE SKILLED GRAIN BINDERS WANTED-A _ . child can use the new Patent Sheaf Binder and Bag Tie ; right for sale. Address PATENT, box 4,998 Po>l office, New York, or call at 17 Cedur street, room 11, be tween 12 and 1 o'clock. STANDARD CANNED OYSTERS, IN ONE AND TWO pound tins, tor sale, with or without labels, by A. E. OUT ERBRIDOE, 69 Pearl street, Agent for AniiapolU Canning Company. o/r n BROADWAY, 256. -WE PARTICULARLY INVITE ladies and gentlemen of New York to come and see our tine and hcautitul sock ot new European Plants, latelv Imported from Franca, which are warranted true to name and colors and sold at very reduced prices N. B.? Gardens laid out In every new and fancy stvln without charge to tho parties purchasing plants trom us. Goods sent to any part of the United states. J. ROCIIETTE k CO. N CLOT HI NO. At. F. HARRIS', 71 SIXTH AVENUE. BETWEEN Washington and Waverley places.? Ladles and gen tlemen will be astoiilsned at the prices given lor cast-off clothing, Carpets and Jewelry. Never hetore have such, high prices been paid, as we are bound to fill an order, anil goods must be had. For Coats, from $3 to $20; Pants $2 to #10; Dresses, $5 to $70. Please call or address aj above. Ladies attended by Mrs. Harris. VT THE WELL RENOWNED ESTABLISHMENT. 21 fi Seventh avenue.? I have just received orders to tho amount of $75, 000; I am therefore compelled to pay tho following prices:? For silk Dresses, $."> to $80; Coats. $5 to $25; Pants. $1 to $11: the highest prices paid tor Carpets. Please call on or address Mr. or Mrs. ROSF/NBKRO, 24S Seventh avenue. N. B. ? Second house above Twenty, fourth street. VT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOWN E8TAB lishment, 160 Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street? I'lino* value paid for Cast oil Clothing, Carpets, by calling on or addressing Mr. or Mrs. MILLKR. AT M. MARKS' WELL KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT 101 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, ladles and gentlemen can receive the utmost value in cash tor their Cast-off Clothing. Carpets Jewelry, Laces, Ac. Pleasa call at er address the number as above. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Marks. Please try. and satisfy yourselves. AT 81 SIXTH AVENUE. THIRD STORE ABOVE Waverley place, ladies and gentlemen will he aston ished at the prices II. HARRIS p.iys lor Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Ac. We pay for Dresses, $j to $75; Coat", $'J to $20; Pants, $1 to $8. Please try and convince yourself. L adivs and gentlemen will be waited upon by Mr. or Mrs. VT 297 THIRD AVENUE. NEAR T W KNTY Till l!I? street, M. LEON pays highest cash prices for ladies' and gentlemen's wearing apparel, carpets, Ac. Ladies are waited on by Mrs. Leon. ? A -LADIES AN ^GENTLE MEN HAVING CAST-OFF ? Clothing, Carets, Furniture. Ac., to dispose of will dtTwell to call at H. MANNES', 300 and 302 Seventh ave nue, as I pay the highest price of any In the trade. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Mannes. ATS. MISII S. 137 THIRD AVENUE ?LADIES AND gentlemen can receive the highest price for Cast off Clothing and Carpets by calling or addressing. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mish. AT J. ANIl ALT'S, 178 SEVENTH AVENUE? LADI Ktf and gentlemen will positively receive the highest price for Cast-ofT Wearing Apparel, Cnrputs and Jewelry, as i have a great demand lor them from the West; the price Is no object as I must fill up my orders. Ladles waited on by Mrs. Anhalt. AT B. MINTZ'S, 88 SIXTH AVENUE.? WANTED, $75,000 worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, lor the Western trade. Ladies and gents will tie aston ished at the prices we pay in cash; silk dresses, $10 to $75; coats, $3 to $20; pants, $2 to $10. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mint/., in and out ot thecltv 0?J1 SIXTH AVENUE, NEAR FOURTH STREET. OtlJ Ladies and gentlemen will receive lorty per cent more than any other dealer will pav forCast-owClo.htp^, Carpets, Ac. Call on or address Mr or Mrs. NATHAN.

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