Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 2
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A, A city nvM, roil sm.k. * CnitnL A? A.-A.? FOR BALK. AT A SACRIFICE, A ? II rut class lour -li.r v stoop brown Mont' Hon*'. 22.2xfi8, 95 loot I. til, on w > si t>l V?,|.miii avenue, HO icet south oi scvt-n'}- nurtli street ; clear view toPark; three doors in liuril wood ; parlor floor in t uli net work, tiy l'ottier A .-tymus, with lilr.irv and butler's pantry, mantel mirrors, Ac. Tern * u> suit, Good lncati'il Lot* taken in pay nit in. Iloue open lor Inspection. Imjuire of owner, A*. KLaRI-.k, ill I i- i Lliiet-mb stn-f t. A FOUR STllRY 111(111 STOOP BROWN STONE J\ House tur Hale, on Thirty ninth street, between l'itth anil Sixth avenues; price WW. it. if. drew a no., No. Sffcst Twi ntv-third street, Filth Avenue Hotel, A SCI, I N nil) INVESTMENT.? TWO FINE CORNER Plot", on I xt li avenue, lloiilevaril, at less than mar ki t value ; terms easy. STEPHEN 1>. YANCEY, No. 5 line street. ?KOR KALK, FOUR FIRsT CL VSS KM It STORY . ? high at. mi< fronts (Col' . li-n.?r Oil Iicirth -Me "I Forty-ninth street, h. tween I'l'th and Si.xilk avenues, 22x60, 20x00 and l( x6<>. Apply to WM. ('. LbsSI'tlt, 47 West Fortv-llinill sir ef. FEW OF THE VERY ( UOICt ST HOUSES IN THE ^ market, east Mi l west oi I iMi avenue, built by Messrs. Duggln A Crossn a i n: les- than n?r what they can be. replaced, a. L. WIi.i. ams a co , I2> Broadway. A? BARGAIN S.? AN EI.Ei i A NT ( 'OUN i: R HOUSE ON . l' iith avenue, -Murray Mill, -li leel wide ; iour story lirown atone, in Jee, near Ma lisuii avenue. 'JO leet wide, S-'liOUO; Thirty -sixth s reel, near I mli avenue, ^IVs.ooO. ffllilJAJI TUCKER, 220 tilth avenue. a MOST SUBSTANTIAL ELEGANT Y FINISHED, J\ wi 11-plnnned, unusually deep, choicely Incited, l'itth avi ii iii ' (mar For'y : hird street), 23 leet trout, coin it. 'in i-'cntli'tnen's Dwelling ; good light a id u.r; lot IMxIJS leet; for sale at a lair price, with or without the llrst ela? Km nil tire; conch house and sinblo; owner going to !?: irope. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 l ini' str i t. A FEW ELEGANT BROWN STONE FRONT Houses lor sale, near the Park; also a number of lliu* Ten: ineni Mouses; will lie sold cheap lor cash, or will Irade lor country proj ert.v willi a little cash. John FETVRKfCU, 1, 036 Third avenue. A LARGE HOUSE FOR KALE? ON TENTH STREET, J\ a little off Kroadway, lour story, high stoop, 2."ix~tx 1 ii; Sailors' .?nug Harbor leasehold; in splendid order; price $4 i.DOO. .1AMKS It. EDWARDS, 69 West Twenty third street T? ROADWAY, ABOVE FOURTH STREET, EAST ! ? side.? Lot, ?5xU>7.0. Call on or address S. S. FITCH, 714 llroadwav. Advantageous terms. \sv TERMS.? FOUR STORY OHIO STONE HOUSE, J Fifty-ninth street; three story brirk house, $lii,000, l.ighty-tlth street, near Madison avenue. S. IHoMSON A SON, Third avenue, near Llghty-third street. ALEX. TMAIN, 12 Pine street. "LIOR KALE, THE FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP I brown stone House 65 Hast Fifty-third street, near Madison avenue; hardwood and cabinet finish: will he sold low and on easy terms, owner going to E uropt ; price $38,500, Apply on premises to II. 11. BLISS. TOOR SAI.E-aT A SACRIFICE, A C09EY HIGH f stoop brown stone House, in first class central neigh borhood, with all improvements; the owner not having thue to attend to it wishes to dispose of it at once. Ad dress B. t!., I m ix l.'i7 Herald I'pluwn Branch olllee. IfiOR SALE? 28X60 FEET STONE FRONT BOUSE, PIN* islied in cabinet work in the most elegant manner. Apply on th" premises, 15 East Fitty-third street, near Fifth avenue. IjlOR RE NT ? K LEG A NT I. Y FURNISH KI>, Till: FOUR slo'y high stoop brown stone House, hardwood finish, (111 East Fitty-tnird street, near Madison avenue; rent low to a first class tenant. Apply ou premises, to H. H. BLISS. IF YOU WANT A GREAT BARGAIN 1 OFFER THE cheapest lour story 20 -loot House west ot Fourth avenue ; furnished in eabinet work. Must be sold. Pug. seartim given. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 888 Third a v. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO PURCHASE A HOUSE? Between Filth and -ixth avenues, tor $411,000; loca tion near the Park; size 20x50x100. For permits apply In DUNK A BEACH, 202 Broadway. rpHB CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE CITY FOR SALE? I Located on Sixty-first street, near Madison, lour Mury brown stone For permits upply to Hl'NN it SKAICII. 202 Broadway. TPALK QUICK. ?ONLY $17,750 FOB A BEAUTIFULLY J frescoed three story and basement brown stone House, 20 leet iront, n ?' Lexington avenue. Apply to FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 9 '6 Third avenue. WILL RE SOLI) FOR $4,000 LESS THAN ORIGINAL price? A first class lour story brown stone House, 22 feet Iront. between Madison and fciltli avenues, in ar Filty-fourlli street. HOWKLI. A HURST, Ml Third avenue. 4 OK f. LOTS, FINELY LOCATED, NO ROCK OR filling, between Filth and Madison avenues, below Eighty-sixth street, cheap and on easy terms. W. I*. SEYMOl Ii. 171 Broadway, TTII AVENUE-CENTRAL PARK, BELOW SEVENTY *) second street, one or two choice Building Lots lor wile very low. \. K. STEVENsON, Jr., 11 Fine street 0.?l> STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND LEXINGTON 0?J avenues. ? CointortuMc two storv frame Cottage, ten rooms; range, gas ; uardeu, truit, shrubbery; good neighborhood. B. C. WANDELL, next floor. I'll ST STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH 1 ? >1. avenues.? For sale, two lull Lots; price reasona ble K. U. LUDLOW A CO., No. :t Pine street. Anr WILL buy BROWN STONE house, JJlOo.UuU Fifty-second street, near Fitlh avenue; ?90,000, Forty -ninth street, near rllth avenue; $17,UOO, Twenty-second street, other bouses cheap. PAUL P. TODD, 55 Liberty street. d>l ISWlftn ?VALUABLE BROADWAY PROP JpiiU.Ul'H, t-rty lor s.nlc, near Thirtysccond street; a bargain and splendid opportunity tor invest ment. A. c. Loom i s a CO., 1,2M Broadway. A Eu?t Side. A? FOR SALE, EIUIIT FOUR STORY BROWN ? store high Itoop Houses, uu southeast COfMr of Lexington avenue and Seventy -llrrt street; one corner House, 20x40; Ave Houses, adjoinidg, on ' xington ave nue, each IfixW, anil iwo nouses on se> ty-tirst street ndioining, cacli 13x66; terms 10 suit. Apj .r 'on premises. Agkm at a bargain? in the BEST STREET IN' Harlem. &r> feet trom Lexington avenue, three story mid basement lil^ti fltoop lirmvn slone House. lsx4;.xlU0 Icet; finished In walnut, ash and nine; tine marble man tels throughout ; musi he seen to he appreciated. Call on owner, 140 East 127th street ? KICK SMALL BROWN STONE BOUSE FOR J\. sale? 132 East Twenty-soventh street, near Lexing ton avenue: posse mmsii at once . price low ; terms to suit. Apply to SALMON & McLELLAND, 33 East Seven teenth street. SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.? FOR SALE. IV A good business location, two Houses ami Lot, 148 Mon roe street, corner ot Jefferson. I nou ire ot the owner, J*. PICK, 230 Sixth avenue, corner ot Fifteenth street. A Till: EE STORY BASEMEENT AND CELLAR J\ Dwelling, furnished or unfurnished; all improve ments' cash $2,01)0, balance by instalments. Inquire at 821 hast Eighty-second street. A three sTomr basbbbnt and cellar Dwelling, tiirnlshed or unfurnished; all im pro ve in tnts; cash jj.uot), halnnce by Instalments. Inquire at S.t I'.ttst Etghtv second itroet. A SPLENDID FIVE STORY STORE, DOUBLE TENE ment House, on a prominent corner of First ave nue, for sale ; only flu, mil ciihIi wanted. THOMAS McOUIRE, 1,146 Second avenue. Atbbkb itort brick boise on lexinoton avenue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-iirsl street#; in splendid order; price $22,600. 1'. il. GRADY, 827 Sixth avenue. AN ELEGANT HOUSE FOR BALE OR TO RENT J 1 011 Thirty-ninth street, nenr Park avenue.? A four story high stoop brown stone, *)xOOxWs.!i; modern 1 throughout; separate and independent pipes and sewers to main in stnet ; house elegantly decorated .induing Diflcently flnisnedjrut $.%000, or would sell inr $66,000. JAMES R EDWARDS 6V West Twenty-third street IV) R SALE? 16 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET? Four story brown stone iroiit, high stoop, all mod ern Improvement*; between Madison mid Fifth avenues; lease 00 yi ars. Inquire on the premises. XpOR SALE? A BABOATN? ON MURRAY HILL. 102 J East Thirty -eighth stieet. one door from Park avenue, tour story brown stone Dwelling, K)xS6x9tf.?; ran he seen I without permit troin 9 to l ami 2 to 5. CALLKNltER A LAl'RENCE, .'10 Pine Ftreet. XjIOR HALE? IN EAST FOIlTY-XISTH STRKET. A ,F three story brown stone, 916,100; also, one in East Filty-tliird street, $..t,iRio GREOOlt A MILLER, I.Y) East Forly -ninth street. L"?OH SALE-A THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE, WITH J full lot: hot and cold waters 169 East 127th street, between Third and Fourth 11 \ ? uu< *, Harlem ; price J- ftoo! ! Inquire on the premises, or <d WILLIaM oEK, corner of Elm and Franklin streets. New York. $2,0nudown J^OR SALE OR TO LET-A FIRST CLASS Fol It I story lilcli stoop brown stone Iront House 011 Lexing ton avenue, between Fluy-elgh h and Hltv ninth streets. Apply at ihe office of J. HI'.i KEL, 440 Broadwtiy. f^OR SALE OR TO RENT? THREE hTQKY BROWN stone House l''S East Fifty ntth street. Inquire of WM A K A I'KUIKSil ANh, corner Broad w ay and Forty-fourth street. BloR BALK OR TO LET? FOI R ST'JRY BROWN stone llou ? ICI East Forty-sixth treet. fully fur nished; pro i $20,600; rent $176 per month .1 Mi KEPON, 31 Fulton street. rpBREE STORY III', II STOOP BROWN STUNB 1 House 2 xS6xlO?( in perfect order, with all the inoaetn Improvements. Applv on the premises, 121 Last Forty -sixth str' < t, near Lexington avenue. ? >l? AVION PE. NEAR EIGHTY-SIXTH STREET.? FOI' R ? I Lota, with 1 orwr, lor ?aU; ai a K'rc-at hAinnin : c-afv terms. F. 0 ad Brown, DO Broadway. *? LOTS FOR SALE? ON LEXINGTON AVENUE, ? I near Sixty-second -tre t; also |t?i leetoi Mrtdisonavc iiitn. OM.cioRA MILDER, J&o East Forty-ninth st. ?)')'} EAST FORTY Fit) lllti BTRKKT-FOUB ZdU't story high stoop brown stone; tlr-t ciaNs order furnished throughout; best liloe 't east of Th rd avenue' t>r.oe $l4,t>*t; terms easy. Apply to L. \\ ENDtLsoN 7,, Nassau street. 1 (WHI -KOR SAn;> THREE STORY HIlJH ? I I.IM'u, stoop brown stone ; all improveim tits jiinted and frescoed ; good order. Apply to owner on jiicmisc', 242 Ess! Fiftieth street. C'M (W|(M BEAUTIFUL FOLB STORY BROWN <1 stone high stoop House on East Fiftieth Street ; hard wood finish. I rescocd ceilings, and in pci loot order ; oMN r lion es in desirable str< ts at sin. !nr .utes. A L. WILLIAMS a C(A, 128 Broadway. West Bide. \ BI'I.K ifEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONE Jl halt block, tor sale or to l< ase lor n term of years, running trom thirteenth avenue to West street, E L. A If. T. BURN HAM, 6(19 Hudson street. A? FOR HALE AT A BAROEIN, 4 LOTS, NORTH . west corner avenue st. Nicholas and 141st street It. lIODhON A Co., 176 Fifth avenue. ABARGA1N.-FOR SALE, ON WEHT TWENTY, ttilrd street, a large four story high stoop House, 2.'> > wide; lot lull depth; price $22,iK)n. This house It jll*ifc&rR1' EDWARDS. 6V West Tweuty-thlrd street , <ITY ERAL B8TATB KOH HALE. Euit Hide. A MAGNIFICENT PLOT OK GROUND, 2(10 FRET l rout, at Washington Heights, Imvini; the fin *t view? that cnn lie had on Manhattan Island, the natural topography nt tJm ground pre-eminently adapting It lor a gentleman's villa residence. V- *? HIBVENSON. Jr., 11 Pine street. A BARGAIN.? FOUR 8TOBY BROWN STONE, IN Forty-sixih street.ncar Fiflh avenue ; handsomely frescoed throughout. P. 11. GRADY, 827 Sixth avenue, between Forty-sixth anil Kortjr-MVMth stroete A CHANGE TO GET A IIOUSK. ON EASY TERMS.? Kour suiry doulile tenement House on Won1. Twenty sixth street, BnxfioxlOU; pood order water, newer eon nec ions . $ '.GOO. Own <r, 4-9 Wont SI* retitli street l?OR SALE? MKDIUM SIZED B KO W N STONE I Dwelling 128 Went Forty-secont street, tastefully dec orated : in perfect order ; price low ; terms cany. Inquire ol J. ' \ M I'll . I I.. Pacilic Hank. FiiK SALE? BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP BO0HL near Eighth avenue, I8.:ix lOxlilO; Astor lease, nearly <W years to run : price $lJ,fWU, II sol I at once. WM. A K. A cut; i K SHANK, corner Broadway ami forty -fourth st. XfOR SALE? THE THREE STORY HIOH STOOP I brown stone House 202 Went Thirty-ninth slrect: a modern and plcaMint house; all improvements; 2(1 feet wide ; price $IH,iHi0 J A <10 B. KdWARDS, (19 West Twenty -third streot For SALE-TWO LOTS, WITH mouse on one, IN Went Eighty-third street, WO feet east of Boulevard. Apply to A. M. FANNING, 23 East Fourth street I ?'OR SALK-ON WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET. A lour story English basement House, at a bargain, modern iiuprovi'incnts; price $11,090. JAMES B. KDH A KDS, lili West Twentv-thlrd street I pOU SALE CHEAP? A NEAT TWO STORY AN1) attic high stoop brick House in West Tenth street, between Eiitb and rixth avenues; price $13,000. Apply to KOMAINE BROWN, corner ot Thirty -third streot and Broamvay. For sale or to bent.-h7 west fifty third street, three story lirowyi stone high stoop, furnished or uiiiiirni>h<d ; frescoed; perfect order. Can be seen lrom H to (i P. M. Hotel and thirteen lots of ground, cor. ner of I2!itli street, w ith frontage on Eighth and St. Nicholas avenues, to rent at a bargain. Apply to J. BO MAINE BKOWN, 1,280 Broadway. INWOOD, SB MINUTES TO WALL STREET .? DB8IR able twelve room Dwelling, stable, Ac.; 10 full lots of Land ; the whole on very easy terms and at only 935,000. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., II Pine street or 298 Fifth av. rpHE FOLLOWING SUPERIOR BUILT AND ELE 1 gantly finished Houses:? 10 and 16 West (13d st., 27.6x65x35 feet extension nnd 25x85x100; prices very rea sonable ; also 18 to 24 East 57th st., IK to 28 teet front ; some with extensions ; also 20 and 43 West 56th st., Noh. 1 and 17 East Sid st, 16 and 24 West .r>2d st, and Nos. 5 nnd 16 East 48th st. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. O VERY DESIRABLE LOTS TO LEASE FOB TEN years or sell in the vicinity of Seventh avenue and Twenty-sixth street. Address TICKNER, Herald Uptown Branch ofllce, 1,265 Broadway. 3 LOTS FOR SALE OR TO LEASE -ON THIRTIETH street, 175 feet west of Sixth avenue ; three on Ganse voort street, near West street ; a Lot on Fifty-first street, near Eighth avenue, Apply to owner, 240 West Fifty fifth street. 6TII AVENUE, MURRAY HILL.? FINE CORNER Property. 45 feet front; modern first class stores and fiats; a Que investment and cheap. . W. 1'. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. QTII or CENTRAL PARK AVENUE ? CORNER PAR O eel, 109x100, overlooking Park; cheapest lots facing Central l'ark. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., il Pine street. f'1 ST STREET, WEST OF BOULEVARD-NEW IIROWN 1)1 stone House tor sale ; most thoroughly built and painted ; also one adjoining, to let. Apply on the premi ses, to M. FOB1IAN. <??! raa will buy a three story brick 1 ?? r House, west side : must be sold, tor leaving country. Price $7,960. K E.\1 l'NER A SCHLOSS, 270 West Thirty-sixth street. THE THREE STORY basement sub-cellar; baths, heater, range, Ac., in splendid older; price $11,500; was rented $1,200; 13u West Tenth street; money invested being 10 pi r cent. Apply to J. II. A E. TillKV, No. 2 West Thirteenth street. PLi\ft CASH WILL BUY 1 -n+.OUW high stoop English ifiio nnn ? A FIVK ST(,RY TENEMENT HOU-E tpA^SuUUv". in Sixteenth ward, between Sevcuth and Eighth avenues; al-o a niuuber of others. WALTER W. MONTAtiUE, Eighth avenue and Twenty-first street. nnn ONLY for a handsome three ?PZiW.l/UU story high stoop brick House, 2.Sx45x 103, on Thirteenth street, between Sixth und Seventh avenues; house frescoed and in fine order; terms casv. Apply to ISAAC IIONiG, 111 Broadway, rooms <? and H, basement. Niseeiiancone. AT P17 THIRD AVENUE? DO YOU WANT TO SELL, rent or exchange r ii so, call. Do you want to buy a residence, make an Investment, get posted on the value ot real estate? cull Have you property lor sale, to let or exchange? call and register, free of charge. Don't forget address, JAMES ltOWE, 017 Third avenue. : : \ BHOOKLYV PROPERTY FOR SALE AIMO TO LET. TTERALD BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR TPIE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO H P. M. CARRIERS AND aTTkNTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. \ -TO LET? BROOKLYN HBIOHTS? BROWN sTONE J\ ? House 173 Rcrasen street, near City Hall; all im provements. Apply to THOMAS B. BERDELL, 3U6 East 118th street \ NICE LITTLE NKW HOUSE FOR SALE FOR i\ $l,ei*i less than it i* worth.? Healthy location, in Brooklyn; line neighborhood ; all modern improvements; terms more than liberal. BIGGS A M>N. 206 Broadway. A HOUSE FOR SALE.? EXCELLENT LOCATION ; Grand avenue, between Fulton and Gates ave nues, west side; 21 by 48 teet; lot 100; three story and basement, handsome brown stone trout , plate glass panel, stoop, brick division all to second story, aun all tne im provements. 'Ibis is the cheapest house ill Brooklyn at the price asked, and must be told next week. T.ike Pul tun avenue cars to Grand avenue, ami Inquire on the premises. Brooklyn heights.? three story furnish eil House to let, for six months; all improvements ; a delightfUl Summer residence ; newly fitted up ; rent same us unfurnished. Inquire at 53 Orange street FIOR SALE? A NEW, FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE House, in the best locution in the Nineteenth ward, 151 Ross street between Bedford and Lee avenues, Brooklyn, h. D. ; must be sold. Inquire on the premises. EMtR BALE ? NEAR PROSPECT PARK. 68 PROSPECT place, a tine three story and basement double frame House and oardeu; house 87)^x88; modern improve nients ; ground 02^x131 ; choice trult, Ac.; HOo feet from grand entrance to the Park ; surroundings, first class houses. Apply to F. D. NORRIH, 31 DeEalh avenue, Brooklyn. VftOR SALE-ADAMS STREET, BROOKLYN, A THREE r story brown stone high stoop basement and sub-cellar House; all improvements; in perfect order ; rented next year at $850; price $7,500; part can remain on mortgage; must be sold this week owner leaving the city. Address WIDOWER, Ihix 20? Ilerald ofllce. IilOR SALE CHEAP-A DESIRABLE PLOT FOR manufacturers or builders, corner of Bridge or Plymouth streets, 10Uxl07li, two blocks from terry, or will be divided it desired. Apply to THOMAS KELLY, 63 Jay street, Brooklyn. FVjR SALE CHEAP? NEW THREE STORY BASE ment and sub-cellar House on Marcy avenue; all improvements. Apply at hardware store, corner Myrtle and Marcy avenues, Brooklyn. TOOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? FOR LOTS FREE AND r clear. 10 of the row of 16 brown stone front Houses on Mil con street, between Yates and Tbroop avenues. In quire ol MARK FARltELL, 212 Front street, corner Bcek tnan. I OOK AT THIS? YOU CAN BUT OR RENT, ON I j very reasonable terms, the first class three story. Ac., br. wn stone House 355 Pacific street; frescoed ceilings and all modern improvements. See owner, at 368 I'acktlc street, or PAFAKD A CLAf'P. 198 Remseti st . Brooklyn. JET? $800? BRICK HOUSE, 78 FEET FROM LEE j avenue, Brooklyn, m llavwnrd street; all improve ments , 15 minutes from ferry liv cars. ALBERT DAY, C8 Wall street. HAPID TRANSIT.? CHOICE L( ?TS. 25X100 FEET, , under close restrictions, Inn first class neighborhood, in ar Pro3pect Park, Brooklyn, and the line of tlie pro posed Rapid Transit sttam road, for sale at $NI0 aud up wards-. a splendid opportunity tor investment or specu lation. Apply at the ofllce ot the late A. J. WALKER, 112 John street. New York from 12 to 2 o'clock. rpo LET? FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY OF I adults, a cosev little brick House, completely fur nished. near Prospect Park, Brooklyn ; 8 rooms besides bit th room . all improvements; rent $800; references re qtiiivil. \ddre?? It. S., Iiux 137 Herald offlce. r|li> LET? A FRAME HOUSE, IN GOOD CONDITION. I on oates avenue, between Bedford and Nostrand avenues; r"tit cheap. Inquire of W. R. NICHOLS, No. 7 Beekman street, room 9. rivi LET? THE FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE I Dwellings 4f,;i nnd 471 Jomokins avenue, near Fulton street, Brooklyn; all Improvements; rent $?**>. Apply to owner aa above. rpn LET 84 WILLOW STREET, BROOKLYN HBIOHTS, 1 2'j storv and basement, I I rooms and improvements; 6 minutes trotn Fnlton or Wall street terry. WYCKOFFF A JAMES, 203 Montagne street. rpo LET.? THE LARGE STORE AND BASEMENT 1 corner Clinton and Mvrtle avenue, suitable tor bak ery ; also stole and Dwelllnil, Myrtle, mar Usshingtoti avenue, Brooklyn. Inquiru ol S. F. BROWN, on the premises. fTill LET-IN BROOKLYN, A CHOICE FRENCH 1 ILiu'e, on Washington avenue, three stories, twelve rooms, modern Improvements; rent, $700. JOHN P. ELLIS, 37 Park rnw, room J). rp<> I'.I.VI Ft IIMSIIED, IN BROOKLYN. WITH ALL I inoilern Improvement", the four story brick House near city Ilaii, trom May 1 ?o November 7; price $1(0 per mouth. Apply to WYCKOFF A JAMES, 2u3 Montague j street 1 rpWo FOUR SIORV BRiiW.N STONE BUILDINGS TO let? Situited on Clinton avenue, between DeKalb I and vs llloughby avenues. For information inqalre at 240 Clinton avenue. '?4*1 ? N1NKTKKST" WARD, BROOKLYN; | 'PIil t'H, very cheap: three story brick, ? rooms with modern improvements: terms to suit purchaser Apply to WM. O. SUMNER, 81 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. D' d WItL PURCHASE A HANDSOME TWO ?P'f' 1 *>*' story, basement and sub cellar brick House, with all improvements, near the ferries A bargain. I). F. CI l< LEV, 12 Centre street, N. Y, WE8TCITEHTKR l>OUNTYr PROPERTY FOH SALIC OH TO HI NT. AT YONKEKS. ? TO LET FURNISHED, ON WARBUIt ton uvenuo, very neat House. wi h modern Im provements, unexceptionable neighborhood, lino shade, only Still i per tuonUi. A|)|)ly to JAMi S V o U M A N ri, A '..???nt, Yonkera. A FEW FUHISHED OU UNFURNISHED HOUSES lor ???ale or to lei, in Yonkera. K. L. A B. BURNIIAM, fk/'J Hudson street, New York. A LARUE HOU8B, WITH OAKBIAQB HOUSE, AND ice house fll !o*l, anil hIx acres of ground, covered Willi lrulu> of ull kinds, to rent for two or three years; rent only $1,2 W per milium. Apply to WALTER l'N Dl.RIULL, Yonacrs, N. Y. A BEAUTIFUL BSTATB, MANSION AND IM provements, 25 acres. on Hudson Klver railroad , will sell lor 40 per cent In-low value, rent or exchange. W. POOLEY, 220 Filth avenue. A? FINELY FURNISHED HOUSES AT KIVF.RDALR, ? Yotikers, Hastings. Dobbs' Ferry, Irvingtmi, Tarry town. Montro-"' on Hudson, Fordham. Stamford, ltyo, South and Norwalk. WILLIAM TUCK E It, 22D Filth avenue. A BARGAIN IN NORTH K8W YOltK ? FIN B three story House, 12 rooms, in perfect order, water, was, Ac. , lot lilxllW, in tine neighborhood, close lo boats and cars, can he pur 'ha-ed at once lor *7,210; terms to suit POTTKR BROTHERS, No. 4 Warreu utroet; braucli ottlcn, Fordham. A REDUCTION IN III NTS.? SUVKRAL FINR Places, stable and grounds; al-o s-nall, desirable Houses, convenient to depot, $260 to $600 per year. B. I. BROWN, Fifth or 107. Ii street, Morrisania depot. At morrisania, wkstchbbtbb county-new two story House, good cellar; built in best manner; marble mantels, sliding doors, gas, piazza; two lots high ground ; eight minutes from depot ; 27 minutes from city , price $8,00.); terms easy. R. I. BROWN, lliTtli or I'lltli street. Morrisania depot. / "t I T Y AND country COMBINED? BLBGAMT lUisi I J donee, witb 8 acres ol land, at Fordbam, to lot, fur nislied, (or $2,000 ; 2i) rooms, every Improvement, abun dance ol fruit, line barn and other buildings. Will sell on my terra*, li vek.morc. a unscoit, 7 Pine street. TjioR SALE? IN westc 11 ester county, a two r storj- Cottage, 12 rooms, all furnished, new carriage house, one acre ol ground, tine garden, with choice Irult ol all kinds ; stage from the door tw Icc u day, the turni turc is worth $1,5;M), price for all $.1,500; terms to suit. Ap ply 10 It. G. JAM Ms, corner Canal and Washington streets, for throe days. IrtOR SALE AT FORDHAM? A OOTTAOE, CONTAIN ing 5 rooms, with 7t? Lots, handsomely situated, overlooking St. John's College grounds; all kinds ot trult and shade trees; tl ve minutes' walk Ironi Fordhnm sta tion ; terms easy. Apply to JOHN WHITE, Klngsbridge, or lo JAM ES ALLEN. Fordham avenue, between Tro inont aud Fordham. IilOR RENT, LEASE OR HALE-AT SPtJYTEN 1 Dttyvll, near station. House, Barn, Grapery, Con servatory, Laundry, Ac., one acre of (Iround, stockod with all kinds of choice fruits ami berries, strawberry and asparagus beds, largo croiiuot ground, Ac. Call on or addreii OWNBR, 100 Broadway, room 28. NEW ROCIIELLE. ? COTTAGE TO IjET ; LARGE lot ; plenty of fruit, and uiuo rooms ; very low to a good tenant GEO. G. SICKLES, 79 Nassau streot, room 9. PARTIKS DESIROUS OF SECURING A HOME OR A IMo( of Land tor speculation or investment, in West chester, should not delay making their selections, as prop erty is now very cheap and rapidly advancing iu value; we have a number of cliolcu properties for sale, from 150 acres to a single lot. Call at our branch ofliee in West chostor, ut Fordham, or at N'oa. 4 anil t> Warren street. POTTER BROTHERS. _ TO LKT-AT TBEMONT, NEAR DEPOT, FURNISHED or not ; rent $900 a year; tine ground" and stable. Apply at 184 Third avenue. GEO. W. 110JER. TO LET? A FIRST CLASS FRENCH ROOF HOUSE ON the north side of 136th street, between Alexander and Wills avenues. Westchester county; splendid loca tion; good order; high grouud ; near the boats and cars; all modern improvements; rent low. linjulre ut (second house cast ol Alexander avenue. TO LET? FOR ONE YEAR, A VERY DESIRABLE furnished House, on Mount Hope, Tremont 30 min utes from Craud Central depot; tine location; garden and fruit; 11 rooms; water in kitchen; large cellar, Ac. ; terms moderate to a good tenant; au American family, with lew or 110 children, preferred. Call on owner, -'28 East Twelfth street, New York. E. H. GOODRICH. TO LET? AT FORDHAM 11 EIGHTS, ON IIARI.EM River, a ttrst class furnished House, with fine grounds and stablr accommodations. Apply to CHARLES X. BATHGATE, Fordham. TO LET? A DWELLING HOUSE, OABBIAOB HOUSE and six acres of land; situated on Broadway, one mile south of the Hudson River Railroad depot, at Hast ings; house contains 13 rooms; is partially furnished. Apply to S. DYCKMAN, 304 West Thirty-third street. rpo LET? FOR ONE YEAR, POSSESSION IMMEDI A ately ii rociuirod. at West Morrisania, a well lur ntslicd cottage, If rooms; gas, bath, hot and cold water, Ac. ; two acres nicelv laid out in fruits and garden. To a responsible ami careful party It will be rented very low, lcsj than one halt its worth. Apply to B. F. BRITTON, H Worth street, or on the premises, corner of Klla street and Morris place; three minutes' walk from Melrose sta tion, Harlem Kailroad. mo LET, AT Y (INKERS.? NEW HOUSE, FRENCH 1 roof, with tower, 15 rooms, ull improvements, ample grounds; three minutes trom boat five minutes trotn cars; extended river view ; very desirable location; rent, $l..m Apply to JAMES S. FITCH, 10 South Broadway, Yotikers, or to OTIS BROTHERS A CO., .'V48 Broadway, New York. rpo RENT? AT YONKER8. FULLY FURNISH ED, FOR l three or tour months trom June 1. to a small lamily, a House on Palisade avenue (with one acre ot ground), containing eight rooms; excellent spring water, gas, Ac. ; piazza on south and west : lull view of the Hudson as iar as stati n Island. (Or will sell.) Apply at "Observer" otllce, 37 Park row. iroNKERS.? FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, BRICK House, within Ave minutes fVom depot, containing 10 rooms and kitchen extension ; gas, furnace and range : springfand cistern water in kitchen ; all In good order; lot SuxWO. For further particulars apply to GEO. W. PUT NAM. opposite railroad station. d?Q _ TARRYTOWN. ? A FINE FRAME JjpO.tJl'lf. II Miisc, within three minutes' walk of depot; modern improvements and extensive views ot Hudson ; terms to suit. SUMMER A PIERCE, 34 Park row. <t>on nnn 1 0K 17 acres of ground, with ip^U.uUU river views, within corporation limits ofthe village ol Tarrytown; hall cash; balance mort gage ; a bargain. Address E., box 3U5 Pout office, Tarry town. A JERSEY CITY, IIOHOKKN, I1I7DHON CITY AM) BERGEN HKAL ESTATE. To Let or Lease, TO LET-ON JERSEY CITY HEIGHTS, HOUSES containing 8 to 12 rooms, with all modern Improve ment*, and with handsome grounds, trom $300 to MOO. O. P. HOWELL, opposite Court House. ? PROPERTY OUT OP THJB C ITY FOR SALE OH TO REST. A~? KLIZABETHPORT, N. J., VACIKITY OF SINGER J\ . Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two Lots, lor sale; house contains 7 rooms, water and gas;op Sosite Jackson l'ark, the proposed site for the erection of i# State Canltol buildings nnd grounds; wlllsellvery low. Address OWNER, box 150 Herald office. NUMBER OF FINE FARMS NEAR SING SING, with and without river views; $100 to $1,000 per inn-. HOW LAND A BRAN DRETH, Sing Sing._ AT ASTORIA.? TO RENT, AN ELEGANT RESI dcncc, embracing large house with all modern im provements. litre acres of land, stable, icehouses, Ac. ; all In good condition ; rent $2, 5(H); also a smaller llonse tor $500. Apply to HENRY TROWBRIDGE, 33 Howard street. A BARGAIN? MIST SELL TEN ACRE COUNTRY Heat, In New Jersey ; wnter Iront; fishing, boating, good buildings, choice Irult ; also a nice Dwelling on Jer sey City Heights, near fcrrv. 11. PATTBBBO, Broadway. AT ELIZABETH PORT, N. J? FIVE MINUTES FROM depot nnd Singer's works.? Handsome new Cottage, six rooms, lull lot; also another, with tour rooms; an other, 10 minutes from depot, six rooms, line order, two full lots, fruit trees, Ac., tor sale on easy terms, hv instal ments it wanted ; also Lots on monthly Instalment plan. E R. KELLOGG, offices No. 3 Hroadway, 10 to 12 A.M. only, or Second street. Ell/aliethport all tunes. A farm for sale-Ion midland railroad, n. J.; 22 miles; tiest larin In the township: 80 acres; very high ; choice land; living springs: fine water power; new house: large barn ; carriage house ; granary; saw mill; abundance of iruit ; trout pond ; absolutely no chills or mosiiultoes ; near store, church, school, hotel, Ac. T. H. SHEPHERD, 181 l(roaoway._ At flushing? fob sale or to let, a very nice Cottage, 11 rooms, with about seven City .Lot*, filled with fruit; near depot ; terms very easy. J. L. STEKLE', Flushing, L I. A? FOR SALE, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONB ? honr from city bv New York nnd New Haven Rail road, fronting on Long Island Sound; good house, 14 rooms, modern improvements; III acres of land, fruit, flower", Ac. ; bathing, boating and tlslilng : will be sold very cheap Apply to T. H. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A -MIDLAND RAILROAD, NEW JERSEY.? I AM ? making! a specialty of Property on the line of this new road; within one hour of New York; the land is mountainous, perfectly healthy and free from mo*<jul toft; I have a large number of Farms, convenient to depot, and gentlemen's Residences, with a few Lots of Ground. _ T. s. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY, AT MOTT Haven, near steam nnd horse railroad, for sale or exchange for City Property or Place in Country ; $15,000 equity. BIOHS A SON, 2116 Broadway. A COTTAGE HOUSE To RENT, CHOi ONB, $800; also liirntshed House, $&ni: otic, $8<)0: one, $1 all having stables and plenty ot ground; pleasantly lo | iuted on New Jersey Central Kailroad. J. C. FREEMAN, lfi2 Broadway. A GOOD noUSE IN ELIZABETH. ALL IMPROVE, mi nts, for sate cheap or to let low to a good tenant ; I convenient to depot; price $10,000; rent $720 per annum. BBABDSLeY, ivi Broad street, Elizabeth. A VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY, 1 % ACRES OF | /V rieli land, located near a village, on the Millstone River, Saw Jersey ; house I ' . story, 8 rooms; barn, car riage house and other outbuildings; location very desir able; neighborhood first class; property in pcrfcct order; will be sold at a bargain ; price $1,.^)0. VOOR1IEES A STRYKER, 231 Broadway, rooms 13 and 14. Alabama, IN HER VAST AND VARIED Re sources; Is described in TIIE SOUTH (illustrated numbers All should rend if $.1 a year; single copies 10 cents. Office ill William street. A SMALL OOTTAGB, AT BLUE POINT, GREAT South Hay ; very healthy; one acre; fruit; good fl?hitig. bathing, shooting, price $2,1)00. Apply at SK VESTRE'H Oyster House, tils sixth avenue. _ An eleoant; property, 21 acbes, near Englcwood, N. J., for improved City Property; modem Residence, furnished, 17 rooms; Cottage, 8 rooms. Apply at 78 Chambers street Belmont hall. Richmond terrace, new Brighton. S. I , 65 rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to leaae , one of the most successful houses near the city. w. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine stroet / IOUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? FIVE MINUTES' I' walk trom the depot at I'ortcheiter; house has 13 room*, barn aud stable, one acre of ground, shaded, rult. Addreu J. L. MOaUBK . GieuvUle, Cona. PROPKRTY OCT OK THE CITY FO * SALE OR TO RENT. (THUItOU MILL, WASHINGTON, CONN. -$2511 PKR J year lor a good home anil school of forty week*. Location unsti.-pawnd ; tour hours train New York. Ad dres?, tor circulars, II. II. MORlillOUSK.

Docks and wiiAitVhs, NEWARK, n. j., khontino Passaic Blrer (Morris Canal, tor malt. Iioue*. lactones, ihiIIm, lumber and coal depot*. Apply at Sft Duane sircct, New York. G. W. ilOJBK. ENGLKWOOD AND PALISADES -CHOICE PKOl'KR ties ior halo or rent. I Houses lor Summer. I'll AltLhS D. KhLLOGG, No. i I'ine street. IilARMS, STONE QUARRIES, TIMBER LANDS AND ' town Lou ttor sale by WILLIAM s. KKli.s, Real Es tate Agent, Ktroudsbure, Monroe county, Pa. F1ARM FOR HAliK -30 ACItKH, SOUTH SIDE, L. I. : 12 miles from ferry, SO minutes' time; near depot ; 2 miles from Jamaica , linn Ijuumi and outbuildings, iruits, anil everything on tbe nlacn tura nood homo or Bummer residence; Ihia la a self-Mippor ing larin; price $lti, <W. Address M. K. D., Ilerald uptown Branch olllce, lor one week. TjAAKM, IK ACRBfL SARATOGA LA KB. ONE MILK r from Saratoga Springs, first class, mid ot (treat prospective value. t?r ?'-ale or exchange. Apply to owner, stationery store, .'-'J Liberty stre.ot. IjlAltM FOR SALE OBBAP-67 Af!REH, FIRST CI.\S8 Dwelling, 10 rooms; outbuilding! good; all Kinds fruit; tine shade, well ? atercd ; two utiles from depot; two h urs from New York; stock, crops, ntansils; $A,U00; terms easy. Address II I'UNISuN, Kington, Somerset county, N. J. To see Farm take Central Railroad, loot of Liberty street, lor Flagton station. FMNE FA RM-tUO ACRES: GOOD mill, DINGS, SIX acres in cranberries; all In tine order; hours from New York ; $S,. XXI; is worth $H,(X)i; terms to suit. DA it KIN, &u Broad street IjlOR SALE? OR LEASE FOIt A TERM OF YEARS, A brick iiinl alone Mansion, 84x1-7 loet; uear the city; suitable lor hotel, institution or gentleman's residence. A. H. KATHBON i., 176 Broadway. Fob sale? a double house and abounds, ?'<iual to Kin city lots , hot uiid colit water, gas, sta tionnry wash tubs, stable, carriage house ; plenty ol fruit; 41) minutes from City Hall. Apply to the owner, 231) West street. SV)R KALE? NEAT TWO STORY COTTAGE (SEVEN rooms); two Lots; live minutes' walk Iroin landing Statun Inland; sidewalks HaKi^'il; $2,500; easy pay m tints. DAKK1N, so Broad street. IjViR SALE? A HOUSB (TEN BOOMS) ; LOT 811XS00; If-ult and shade; one hour by New Jersey Central Railroad. for lull description apply to C. J. DAY. Broad way Hunk, 237 Hroadwa y. fj^OR SALE?' VALUABLE PROPERTY IN NEW t'anaan, Conn., known as the Olmstcail Place, 100 acres of ridge land ; lurge house '12 rooms), two barns, two carriage houses, wood and wash house, hennery, Ac.; 7UJ feet above sea level, commardlug extensive views oftho South Trom Greenwich to Bridgeport, Lou,' Island. Ac. ; two hours from Forty-second street by New York and New Haven and New Canaan Railroads; price $16,000; terms easy. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. I30R SALE-COUNTRY VILLAS AND VILLA SITES, fronting on the Sound, at Eastchester Bay. The buildings are new, having been erected during (lie past season, aro conveniently arranged and handsome in design ; the location is unsurpassed for hcalthlUlness and beauty of surrounding scenery, while atlordim; ample op portunities for boating, sailing, Ashing and bathing; the land has been laid out In park style, uml will only be deeded to such as will engage uot to erect nuisances or obstructions. The prices are moderate and terms easy, so as to enable a family of moderate mean* to enjoy a dellchttul home, within easy distance of the city. The new Portchester Railroad, to be completed in April, will have a station within fifteen minutes of the prouerty. Plans and views can be snen at the office of P. LORIL-' LAIU) A CO., 16 and IS chambers street, where full In formation will be obtained. IfOR SALE- IN TI1E VILLAGE OP BABYLON, L. I., 1 a desirable Dwelling House, large mechanics' shop and other buildings, and about six lots of ground finely located, for $1,000, on easy terms; also 300 acres of Land, in Hrookhaven, L. I. : fine farming laud, easily cleared, elegantly located, covered with line timber, oak, walnut, Ac. ; no scrub oak ; price $20 per acre, about the worth of the timber ; payment easy, no agent or commissions. Inquire of the OWNER at Smith's livery stable, 337 Adams street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? AT RICHMOND HILL, LONG ISLAND, on Southside Railroad, only 30 minutes (7 miles) trom ferry, a number and variety of neat Dwell ings; aNo Lots and iicautilul Villa Sites. I'lace high, well drained, healthy and restricted against nuisances. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, room 13; R. It. HAZARD, 110 Broadway, or O. B. FOWLER, on the premises. IpOR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER AND WINTER 1 Residence, containing 14 rooms; house newly fur nished ; in complete order; ail Improvements; carriage house, stable, ice house, Ac. ; \\Z acres, all free and clear; location unsurpassed lor healthiness; five minutes' walk trom atation; 41 miles by Harlem Kailroad; price, tor house and furniture. $14,000. Full particulars by addrt it Ing OWNER, box 70 Post office, Katonali, Westchester county, New York. I^OR SALE OR TO LET? AT PLAIN FIELD, N. J., two new Houses, containing 10 and 11 rooms each, with all the modern imprevements; splendid location; within five and seven minutes' walk from depot. For further particulars address K. C. MULFORI), owner, box 3:15 Post office, l'lnir, field. N. J., or WILLIAM N. CLEM, 46 Court street, room 6, Brooklyn, N. Y. For sale or to let-two houses, pbbnoh style, one furnished; perfect gems; replete with all modern conveniences; II rooms; 40 minutes irom City llall; 5 minutes from boat and curs; location unsur passed ; high ground. Apply to Mr. ALLEN, 6,e.t Broadway. For sale or rent? one of the finest i.o rated Residences on Orange Mountain; elegunt man sion, 1M rooms, with all modern improvements; line sta bles, 12 acres land, well shaded, completely furnished; would exchange lor improved city Property. S. IRELAND, 2iii Broadway. Ti'OR RENT FOR THE SUMMER? ON TODT HILL, J Staten Island, a tine furnished House, with every modern convenience ; commodious stabling, outhouses, greenhouse, well stocked garden and abuudnnce of fruit trees, with 30 acres of lana. The situation commands a magnificent view and Is close to a railway station, with frequent communication to New York. Apply to McAN DREW A WANN, 40 Broadway, New York. IjlOR SALE OR TO RENT? A FARM OF 23 ACRES; 1 house, carriage house, horse and cow stables; abun dance of fruit ; 30 minutes from New York by rail. Ap ply to J. MYEkS, 2M West street. New York. Furnished residence-17 booms: modern im provements ; cottage ; stabling, cow; elegant, healthy situation ; near station between Englewood and Tenafly; recently occupied by L. Marcottc. Esq., of Union square, and adjoining his tine new improvements. Apply at 104 Montague street, Brooklyn, or itf Chambers street, N, Y. /GARDEN PARK LOTS AT WRITEBTONE, L. I.; \T $10 per month, without Interest, under restrictions ; prices from $200 to $.Ki0; an Association wanted to take up a whole bloc* on the plan of tiarden Park at White stone ; most liberal terms. Call on H. K. VAN 8ICLEN, 133 Nassau street, and get free pass HOMESTEAD TO LEASE FOR THE SEASON OR for one vear, at South Norwalk. Conn.? To lease, possession on or before the 1st of May If desired, the full sl/ed commodious two story frame House, with barn and other outbuildings, all In fine order; location one of the pleasantest on the line oi the New York and New Haven Railroad, overlooking the Sound, river and harbor and within five minutes of the depot ; house well furnished, and has gas, furnace, range, with hot and cold water and laundry ; grounds contain about 3?? acres, with large garden, about 100 Iruit trees In lull bearing and a variety of small fruits. A family Horse, Rockawav, Wagon, Curt and a well stockcd Hennery will be let with the premises. For further particulars inquire of A. O. NUTTING, 422 Broad wny, New York, or of the owner, I* H. MOORE, on the premises, at South Norwalk, Conn. Homes in new jersey.? houses, farms and Lots for sale, rent or exchange. Property in Eliza beth and Linden a specialty. C. P. WARREN, lt>9 Broadway, room 11. IONG BRANCH COTTAGES TO RENT FURNISHED; J printed catalogues with full descriptions and special survey maps to be had ot our offices, f G. A D. BROWN, No. 90 Broadway, corner Wall street, aud branch office, opposite depot, Long Branch.^ MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR A.N ELEGANT HOUSE. 8 rooms; bath, water closets, elevated oven range, washtrnvs.A e. ; onlv $80 a month, without Interest, and $750 down will buy It, with two Lots, on sewered streets; four minutes from depot, at Whltcstone, L. I. ; one hour from City Hall bv 31 trains daily, trom 6 A. M. to mid night; a year's commutation free. Call on H. K. VAN SICLEN. 133 Nassau street, aud get free passes. ?VfYACK ON THE HUDSON ? FOR RENT OR SALE, Cottages and Country Residences, furnished or un tarnished: Villa Sites, Lots and I'lots. beautifully situ ated, with wuter fronts, bathing, boating aad fishing. Maps and particulars of R. R. HAZARD, Jr., 110 Broad way. ORANGE, N. J, -FOR RENT OR FOR SALE, FI R. nlshed or unfurnished Houses; rentals $400 to $1,000; locution healthy ; 55 minutes from Barclay street It R. HAZARD, Jr., 110 Broadway. ORANGE MOUNTAIN, N. J -TO RENT, FOR BOARD ing house, large, handsomely furnished Residence, to first class party only ; part rent taken in board. Ad dress box 3,8(4 Post office, ORANGE, N. J.-TO LET, HOUSE. 8 ROOMS; LAWN, shade and fruit trees; barn; five acres; very healthy; depot two miles; rent $550. OWNER, 45 Seventh av. ORANGE, N. J. -BARGAIN FOR SALE? BEAUTIFUL Cottage, eleven rooms, piazzas, bay windows; very healthy ; depot l!i miles; price, with one acre, $4,sX>. Owner, 48 seventh avenue. ORANOE, N. J. AT MONTROSE STATION? NEW complete Hoyses, superbly located ; IS rooms; every possible improvement; $9,800; rent, $you. F. S. STALLKNKClIT, 37 Nassau street. ORANOE, N. J., AND VICINITY. -SPECIALTY Great variety Property for sale, rent or exchange. I. H. GERRY, 3$ Nassau street, corner Liberty. Call for Kent ami Sale Catalogues. ONLY $400 DOWN AND $40 A MONTH WILL Bl'Y A good House of 7 rooms in Garden Park, at Whits stone. L. I., In sight of depot, one hour from City Hall, bv forty-one trains dally, irom 6 A. M. to midnight . price $000; one year's fare free Call on H. K. VAN HICLKN, 13.1 Nassau street, anil get tree pass. PLEASANT COUNTRY HOME IN HEALTHY Lo cation. on I'assalc River, 9 miles, 48 minutes from City llall; corner Plot of l'? acres; good, old fashioned house, 9 rooms, water In kltcneu, marble mantel, stable, carriage room and other outbuildings; plenty of trait and shade; accessible by three railroads; near depots, churches, schools and stores; will be sold completely tur nished, with po?sesslon at once, lor $6,78t>. Bona fide purchasers onlv need apply to the owner, A. J, WIL LIAMS, 00 Walker street, New York. Rare chance.? a choice farm of .v acres is Bucks county (the garden of Pennsylvania), for sale ; a bargain ; land is smooth, clean aud rich as a gar den; good substantial buildings, nice stone dwelling, large barn, wagon house, milk house, granary, piggery, hennery, Ac.; nice brook, splendid water; handsome orchard, choice Iruit ; only a quarter of a mile froin vil lage; dailv mall; two miles from large town. 38 miles from Philadelphia; milk and 12 passenger trains daily ; only SS hours from New York ; price, including all tne crops and immediate possession, only $fi,8<>0; terms $2,.KW casn, balance very easy. Address (IKORUE L. WALKER, Richland Centre, Bucks county. Pa. Rare chaNCB.-to let, furnished, the ver. inont Summer Home, at Poultney. Vt JOHN NEWMAN, proprietor. SOUTH ORANOE, N. J.? FOR SALE? AN ATTRAC live new House, with ten rooms, five minutes Irom the depot; view unsurpassed , sure to please J. P. Tu:u*SOft WWe?t J?f??4w*y. PROPERTY OCT OF THE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT. STORES TO RENT? ONLY $25 PKR MONTH, ON ONE ot (lie best streets ut hli/.abeth, N. J., suitable lor grocera, <lrui'gl?ts, hats and caps, shoes, Ac., Ac. Apply to MARSH 11. TUCKEtt, I'JH Washington avenuo, Eliza beth, N. J. SHADY HIDK, N. J., FOR SAMS OR TO LET-COT tago House, H'ai>lo and ten Lots ground. Price $7,90,): rent *451. Will exchange. K. II. l.UDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street, or 35 East Seventeenth street. rpo LET? A KINK THREE STORY PHILADELPHIA .1 brick, brown stone trimmings, lrgh stoop, hoi and cold water, bathroom. 4c. , all in cowl repair, 'o^'ther with a Ui'Ke Iruil garden : horse car-. p?M the door, and only two block* Irom New York depot; rent low. For particulars apply to THOMAS MOliTON, 52 6 Uroad street, or 23ft lli^h street, Newark, N. J. TO LET? AT TENAI'LY, NORTHERN RAILROAD OF New Jersey, one hour irom New York, handsome Cottaire. 12 rooms, barn and two acres of ground; also pasture; seven minute* iroin depot ; rent low. Apply at depot oj THOMAS I). VEALE, or GEORGE B. JELLl HON, 242 Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, or U. T. ATWOOD, S3& Broad street, Now York. IIO LET? A IIOlJdE IN ASTORIA, FRENCH ROOK, U rooms; 32 lent; furnished or umurulshi-d ; grotm Is 7ft xlOO (cut , on Academy street, near Grand. Inquire ou the premise*. rno LET FURNISH KI) OR UN FU RN1SIIED-A TWO 1 story French rool Cottage, at New Brighton, 8. I.; convenient to ferry ; rent moderate. GOODENOUGH A WEBKR, ill Broadway. TO LET? AT BLOOMFIELD, N. J., OL1) ESTABLISH ed corner Store and Meal Shop, together or separate ; Fixtures complete ; barn and stable; rent very low. Ad dress, lor Interview, J. R. F., box it# Herald office. TO LET-IN CONNECTICUT, A FURNISHED HOUSE, wrttMNtmi very pleasant, liealtliy location; no ague or mosiiuiioes: three hour< troin the city ; stabling and pasture It required. Call this day, lor particulars, ou the proprietor, at 112 Fulton street fTIO LET? AT RAVENSWOOD, L. I., THREE DESIR X able Houses, 8 to 12 rooms, conveniently looatcd, near the steamboat landing. Apply to J. II. HOPKINS, 2.M Broadwa), room 12, Irom 1 to 3 1*. M. ; or at Ravens wood. TO LET? A FINE DWELLING SITUATED ABOUT four miles Irom Cutsklll and near Green's Lake, lur nished, for the summon pleasant location ; line views; ? nod boating and llshing. Iniiulre of GEO. GONNEK lAh'N, Leeds, N. Y. TO LET-AT HA8TING8-ON-THE-HUDSON, COT tage, containing 9 rooms; pleasantly situated ; three minutes' walk trom railroad depot ; rent reasonable. In quire of SO. DORLANl), near premises, or 11. PRES TON, 632 Fourth street, Greenpoint. TO LET? FURNISHED, FROM MAY I To NOVEMBER 1, a pleasant Residence, at Elizabeth N. J.; house double, containing 11 rooms besides bath, laundry, Ac., and all modern conveniences ; furniture good and com plete; lot 145 by 187 leet, abundantly supplied with iruit trees ot all kinds In bearing; situation healthy and con venient ; 5 minutes' walk trom North Elizabeth station, 15 minutes trom Central depot ; streets paved and lighted rent less an object than to secure a tenant who will take good care of the property. Address B. fJRNKR, 162 Broadway, New York, room 19, or call at premises, Jef ferson avenue, third house north of Port avenue, Eliza beth, N.jL ' TO LET-IN CLIFTON, S. I., A NUMBER OF CUT tages and Houses for the summer, lurnished or un furnished. Address D. S. CORNELL. TO LET? AT NRW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND, A House, containing 13 rooms, with stable, ID lots of ground; well furnished with shade trees; tlrst class neighborhood : 5 minutes ,walk Irom the terry, 40 minutes from pier a), East River: rent $000. Apply to W. EL LI >'IT, No. 9 John street, New York. TO LET? AT FAIRMOUNT, NEAR HARLEM, TWO Cottages, convenient to city ; horse and steam ears; rents low io good tenants. W. H. CLEVELAND, 49 First street. rpo LET? NEAR ST. MARK'S HOTEL, NEW BltlGH 1 ton, two Cottages, with all improvements; one fur nished. A. PRENTICE, 2J2 Broadway. rro LET-AT WHITESTONE, L. L, ONE LARGE A House on shore of Long Island Sound, lor Summer boarders, $1,000; one Cottage, 9 rooms, $400; one Mansard root House, II rooms. $500; one extra finished House, with all modern conveniences, $70t>. U. D. TUCKER, 44 Cliff street. mo LET OR FOR SALE? FOR BOARDING HOUSE, J. Institution or school, furnished or untarnished, large House and grounds, finch located, near terry, Vnnder bilt Landing, btaten Island. GEO. I. GREENFIELD, &6 Broadway. TO LET, LEASE OR FOR SALE? A VERY FINE brick House, twelve rooms, all improvements, newly R uinted. Large Plot, corner ot Astor und Broad streets, cwark, N. J. J. CORUIT, 25'J Ninth avenue, N. Y. TO RENT.? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, OF 11 ACRES, neardepot, at New Providence, New Jertev; nice house, 10 rooms, good outbuildings, plenty of fruit and shade; very desirable plucc. b. IRELAND, 201 Broad way. rpo RENT? A FINE RESIDENCE IN NEW RO J. chelle, ten minutes' w alk of the New Haven depot or steamboat lundliur, containing 13 rooms and all ueces sary outbuildings, lor particulars apply to Messrs. LE LAND, Sturtevant House, Broadway, New York, or to E. G. SIMONS, on the premises. TO BENT? A FINE RESIDENCE NEAR BAGKEN sack: also cosy Cottage at Tottenville, Staten Inland; will exchange for Farm or Lots. Owner, W. S. PIERSON, Builder. 80 and 82 Pine street. rpo RENT? RUTHERFURD PARK, FIRST STATION A on Erie Railroad, two new Stores and Dwellings, opposite tlie depot, suitable for any business. Apply to ROBERT S. walker, 206 Broadway, New York. TO RENT FOR THE SEASON? COUNTRY REST denee, furnished, about 00 miles trom the city, on Ilonsafonic road; suitable for two or three families t taeime llnely located ; veranda un all sides; 14 rooms; or chards, beautiful grounds, form. carriage hi. use, Ac.; terms moderate, luquire at 19 Broad street, room 52. TO RENT? FURNISHED. A COTTAGE, ON TODT Hill, Stutcn Island, with garden, shade trees: tine view and easv communication with New York. Apply to McANDREW A WANN, 40 Broadway, New York. VERY FINE GKNTLEM AN'S RESIDENCE AND eight acres of Land to let. at Shadyside, N. J., six miles iroin City Hall, partly furnished. ? JOHN 8. EWEN, 39 Nassau street WOOD8IDE, L. I.? SEVERAL CHOICE LOTS, NEAR the depot, for sale at a bargain ; part cash only. Apply at the oltice ol' the BROTHER JONATHAN, 48 Beekinan street. dtjCA PER MONTH]? TO LET. A HANDSOME STORE and 14 Rooms, stable, coal jutrd and room lor lumber yard ; situated at a shprt distance trom the city ; flue place tor business; lease lor live years. SAMUEL D. MACK, 2,132 Third avenue. -PLAINFIELD, n. j.-nearly new iPOfUUU, frame House ; commodious ; neat stvle; well built; three acres ground; one mile from depot. SUMMER A PIERCE, Park row and Beckman street, over Evening Mail office. tf>G nnn WILL BUY AN ELEGANT PLACE AT ?i/.Uv" Rntherfurd Park, New Jersey, three story Mansard roof frame House ; 12 rooms ; fine barn, hennery, fruit trees, shrubbery ; only 37 minutes by Erie Railroad ; terms easy. H. S. BIDWELL, 12 Pine street HK VI, ESTATE TO EXCILWGE, A 56 YEARS' LEASE OF 7 LOTS ON BROADWAY, between Fiftieth street and Central Park, will be sold or exchanged for unencumbered Property, or the ground will be leased for 10 years or upward. Address W. B., station D. A HOUSE IN HARLEM WANTED IN EXCHANGE lor a Place finely situated at Passaic, N. J., 43 min utes by Erie Railroad ; house has all modern improve ments. with 4k lots, fruits, Ac. ; price $12,000; equity can be mado to suit Address, with particulars, Z., box' 1,391 Post office. A 100 ACRE FARM. 4>$ MILES FROM PLAIN FIELD free trotn incumbrance, and money will be given tor city property not heavily incumbered." Wanted? a coun try Resilience, nenr Plainfleld, lor a llrst class Residence in Brooklyn. MARCUS H. LAING, 56 Liberty street. A FARM. 106 ACRES, FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, at $10 per acre, In New York State; must be sold. Inquire of P. ZEGLIO, 12 Centre street, or 34ft East Hous ton street, in painter's office. A BEAUTIFUL MODERN COUNTRY RESIDENCE, out-buildings and grounds, in tine order (unencum bered), for dwelling House in thisritv. CHARLES W. WARl>. 79 Cedar street. A HANDSOME RESIDENCE ON THE UPPER END of the city, with 75 Lots fronting on Hudson River, to exchange for House near Fifth avenue. I (1. LE8P1NASSE, 112 Broadway. A -FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR A ROW OF . small Houses, this city ; splendid Property on the Hudson; no encumbrance ; extensive water front, tine buildings: all Improvements; will add cash for good prop erty Also others on the Hudson, Long Island and New Jersey. W. H^HAYEs A sons, si Cedar street. AVERY PRODUCTIVE CITY PROPERTY TO Ex change for smaller city House, Brooklyn or Jersey City Houses or Lot* or nearby Country Place, free from mortgage. Address PhODI'CTIVK. Herald office. CIOSEY BRICK DU ELLING IN BROOKLYN, EQUITY J $".,500, for Horses, Carriages, Stores, Lots, Chattel*, Country Property. Merchandise, stocks Ac. ; must be sold ; bargain : possession immediately. Addr"? t'WNEIt, box K'd Herald office. Diamond* wanted -any PARTY WHO has fine Diamonds niav exchange for a desirable Dwelling, all modern improvemente, in Elizabeth. Address COL DKN, lleraiii i ptown Branch office. IpXCIIANOE? $12,000 EQUITY IN HOUSE, WITH ALL 'J modern improvements, and 12 Lots, abounding in fruit and shrubbery, tor unincumbered Farm nenr line of Erie, Midland or Lackawana ami Western, within 100 miles of Jersey City. G. P. UoWELL, oppo site Court House, Jersey Cit\ . 1 EXCHANGE FOR TEXAS LANDS AND CASH? SO J acres. 2? mil"* on Monlclair Railroad; pheasants, quail, rabbits, trout stream .inst the place for invalids; $4,i?*t. Dr. BYrtN, SO Cedar street, room 6. For SALE? OR will accept small houses near FortlelJl street or First Mortgages for a first cbiss brown stone House, hardwood flnisn, on Madison ave nue, one block from the Park. WILLIAM tiKE, owner, corner of Eiin and Franklin streets. ' I^OR SALE at A BARGAIN-TIIE NEAT TWO HTORY high stooti and basement House situated at 174 Dean street ; would exchange tor ? low priced House In New York, or I<ois. inquire af 319 West Thirty-seventh I street, New York. I^OR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A BRICKYARD, FORTY acres of superior Clay Lands. 5 Houses, Stables, Sheds, Fixtures and Machinery. In working order; over $,000 feet navigable river front, dock, Ac., w ithin 10 miles of Sen York, on easv terms, or part clt > property. Ap ply to C. CLINTON, Iti Hudson street, HooWten. J^OR SALE OR EXCHANGB-ORB OF THE FINEST Country Residences on statan Island, near Clifton : large Mansion, all modern improvements, oiithtnldlngs complete ; almiit it acres of land under high state ol cul tivation, abundance of choice fruits and well shaded, fine view of New York city and bay ; everything in complete order tully furnished or unfurnished. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. HIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? A HOUSE AND TWO Lota on Win ton street, between Brewster and Van lJU7^r, Staten Island, five minutes' walk Irom the lerry house; three story anil basement, French roof; in good order; gas, and water In yard; free Irom incumbrances. Inquire ou tUo ore ini*o?, REAL KSTATR TO KXCHANOK. IjVIR HALK OK KXCHANOK? A COUNTRY PKOI'. erty and Cash for City Croporty: will put in $101 (MM to $li,UU) lor good properly. PAUL F TODD, S5 Liberty street. |i>OR dALK OK KXCHANOK? F MtM OK I f, AOKKH, I at .Saratoga Hprin;*: also it Kann of ins acres, an Long Island ; alao a llou*? on Uates aveuuu . Hrool.lyu, at rooms, 2&x3uxlu0: price. $9,(xk> if if. ska Lie Y. *1 I ih..r,? IjlOR HALK OK KXOIIANOK? FARM OK flu ACKKH; large boiis*-, line views, An. ; neir Pomp ton, N. J. ; on Midland Itnllroad ; price **>? Apply at Planing Mill, 163 Hank street, New York TJ^OR HALK OB 8XCHANOR? A KOUR HTOKY " brown stone House, near I'roapecl I'ark, lor one in New York or near tlie lorries, Brooklyn. OBO. SMITH, 51) Chatham itrwt IjlOB HALK OK KXOIIANUK? TIIK HOST W I UK Farm, t'bauluHiiua coumv, New York, two m Irs from JhiiicsIowii, largest inHnnlacimini! place. hi lite county; 3iu acres, one hall timbered; well watt-red: a lim e liou o ami barns on the premise* - w II be t-olii al a bargain. AUrirejM or cull at room !>T> Clarendon Motel. FOR HALK OR KXCHANOK? TWO TURKK-STOKY and basement Houses ami Lots lias a twoalory brink Mnble on Iront of lot, ill Kant Filty-lhlrd h reel; water and gas throughout; only a in. ill ainoiint of cash required ; or would take Kood Second Mortgages or a lirst class brown stone iront House and lx>t, went ol Third ovenue. Apply to Wil.LlAW U. OKAKK, Wo and liW avenue C. FlOR HALK OR KXCHANOK FOR CITY PKOr erty? Kront and roar BniMing.s !>} West Nineteenth street, between Filth and Stxlli avenues; suitable lor a more, maiiulactory, carriage depository or work shop. I710R HAI.K OR KXOft A NOK? KLKOANT KKHIDI'.NCR I at Ilankeiisack ; complete in every respect; free and clear ; will take UettUiuiice in city and pay dhfercuco la cash. U. <!. SNOW, 419 Broadway. IjlOR HALK OR KXCHANOK? AT FUMHINO, AT tractive Residence; every convenience of best city bouses; 13 rooms, carriage house; hennery; lour acre* splendidly iruitvd and improved ; extensive views. JA.VIKH B. PaBSONS, 34 line street. IjlOB SALE, KXCHANOK OR TO LKT-A FIRST CLASH gentleman's Hesideure in New Jon-ev j 19 miles from cltv ; In minutes from depot ;.4ftacrcs all under cultivalloa ; variety of choice Iriilt; buildings with modern imi rove ments; worth alono $'J(l,Oi);i; stuck, farmin ; Implements and furniture II des r d ; w II aell uneasy lermaor ex ha:i^eiur business Property lighiiy mortgaged iu New York ?r lirooKlvn. Addri'is KAKM, box ltw Herald oftlue. FOR HALK, TO LKTOR KXCHA.VOK? A LAROK FAO tory, wi'h Knglne, Holler ? ml Klovator in Hrooklyn. noar the ferries. Address box 3.IM3 l' oltice, New York. t I/O It HALK, TO LKT Hit WILL KXCHANOK? A FUR r nished or unfurnished lino oornerSstory high sloop brown stone llou-o, 40.ox Mi; in order; will lake a uood tenement house ill oxcliauge ; would not he In market unless for sickness in owner's family. Apply to JAMKh ROWK, 917 Third avenue. HOTEL PROPERTY TO EXCHANGE? FOR I.ITERt stable; sixty acres Land: abundance of fruit; One buildings: doing lino business; in Middlesex county. New Jersey. H. ii. BUCKLEY, 13S Broadway, corner Cedar street. PROPERTY OV ALL KINDS FOR SALE, EXCHANGE ana to lot, in the city and country ; all prices ; printed description. E. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers street SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR SINO SING PROPERTY? 13 acres; largo house, barn, orchards, small Irulta; near depot; Mount Klsco, N. Y. ; $10,000, free and cloar. Or. BVRN, 8.1 Cedar street, room 0. rpo EXCHANGE FOR A FARM OR COUNTRY SEAT? 1 A lour story brown stono DweMiug. in one ot? the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, restricted in every way. Also two three story brown stone Dwellings In exchange for Brooklyn or New York Lots eligible lor Improvcmcit VVM. CALLENDER, llHi Broadway, Now York. WANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MEB chandise, 2,0U() acres choice Texas Land, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texas. Titles perfect in every respect. For particulars addroes 0. C. IIKARNE, box 158 (Jalvestou (Texas) Post office. WANTED-A FARM, UNENCUMBERED. AND stock, worth from $6,1)00 to (10,000 (Jersey pre ferred), ill exchange tor first class House anil Lois in Elizabeth. BEARDS LEY, iU:' Broad street, Elizabeth. E ATTEND TO THE EXCHANGE OF CITY AND Country Real Estate. C. C. WAYLAND A AYMAR, lf>3 Fulton street. w dt?"l C) AAA ?EXCHANGE, FARM OF 16 ACRES. ?P ! '*'? with good Buildings, near Puterson, flna location, for Brooklyn or other near by Property. J. O. IIOYT A SON, 171 Broadway. REAL ESTATE WANTED. jTnY OWNER OF A FIRST CLASS DWELLING, RE J\ twoen Madison and sixth avenues, willing to sell at a price under the market, lor cash, can find a purchaser by calling on STEPHEN D. YANCEY, No. 6 Pine street. WANTED? IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, A COUN. tt trv Place worth $1-, 000 to $15,000, In exchange for medium-priced brown stone House in -New York city. BELLAMY BROTH > B<, No. b'i Pine street. HOUSES, ?C., WAIVTEil. In tills City and Brooklyn. Apart of a house of six large rooms wanted? Location from Fourteenth to Fiftieth streets and from second to Seventh avenues; rent not to | exceed $80. Address 8. D., 42 Fourth place, Brooklyn. A GENTLEMAN WISHES A WELL FURNISHED Kitting Room and Bedroom, without board, near Broadway, north of Fourth street and south of Twenty sixih street. Address, stating terms. R., District Attor ney's office. A MAN AND WIFE WANT APARTMENTS IN A quiet house. Address, stating rent, J. G. H., 130 Bowcr.v, AFURNISnED HALL ROOM, WITH CLOTHES press, wanted? West of Sixth avenue, between Six teenth ana Twenty-sixth streets, by a young gentleman. Address P. O., Herald Uptown Branch office, with terms. An unfurnished norsE wanted? above Fourteenth street : a liberal rent will be paid for a modern, well-located House; owners please answer. Address DOCTOR, Herald Uptown Branch offico. TWO GENTLEMEN WISH FURNISHED ROOM, without board, at Harlem. Address immediately, stating terms, C. A. M., box 118 Herald office. TWO ADULTS WANT THREE OR FOUR ROOMS, with water, on second or third floors; rent must b?i low. Address, giving particulars, SHAW, St John's Purk. T\r ANTED ? BY A NEWLY-MARRIED COUPLE, TT three or four rooms, in a private family, in Ninth or Sixteenth wards; rent from $26 to $30. Address H. J., W Perry street. WANTED? A STORE ROOM IN ATTIC; A PAETT wishing to store some llirht articles of tarnlture ; the house to be occupied; vicinity west side. Address O. C., box 133 Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED-AN UNFURNISHED SECOND OR THIRD f ? Floor, above Twenty-third street, in a private fam ily, where no boarders are taken ; price must be moder ate and locution between Fourth and Sixth avenue* Address B,, box 173 Herald Opto wn Branch office. WANTED? BY A FAMILY OF TH REE ADULTS, A TT Second or Third Floor in a private house up town; rent must be moderate. Address A. W., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? IN A FRENCH FAMILY OF THREE PER sons, at4?k 6th av., next the corner of 28th st., first floor. Mine. B. TOUJA'S, a respectable girl for house work, good washer and Ironer; good reference wanted. WANTED-A VMALL UNFURNISHED ROOM. FOR tt an old lady living alone, not above Twentieth street; rent not to exceed $7; good reference. Address Mrs. HARRINO^QN, station G. WfANTED-TO RENT, FOR THE SUMMER, CO*. tt menclng with May 1 to 10, or for the entire year, it all suits, a medium sized plainly but well furnished House, within one hour's rlae by rail or boat from New York; neighborhood of Nyack or Yonkers preferred; must be near depot or landing; rent about $l,nou per an num. Address, with particulars, MERCHANT, box 2.698 Post office. New York. WANTED? AN UNFURNISHED ROOM (IN PRIVATE' TT howc preferred) for storage of furniture. Address STORAGE. Herald efflce. TIT ANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, AT THE END OF tt this month, an unfurnished Sitting and Bedroom, without board, permanently, if suited, In a first class house and locafioa only. Particulars to Room 30 Hotel St. (iertnaln, corner Twenty-second street and Broadway. w ANTED? IN HARLEM, BY A YOUNG MARRIED couple, a few unfurnished Rooms tor light house keeping. must be In a private house and convenient to boat and cars. Address with full particulars, stating terms, which must be moderate, F. A. F., 31 Liberty street, room '2!> WANTED-A HOUSE ON A LEASE OF THREE' TT years in a central location, furnished or partly so, where the owner would remain. Addres* or npply to D., HO East Twenty-flrst street. Wanted? flat of four or five rooms, with housekeeping conveniences, in good neighborhood, between Seventh and Ninth avenues, below Thirtieth street; tamilv very small; rent not to exceed $40 per month. Address, with particulars N. ltANSEM, box 1,1W Post office. WANTED? A SMALL BROWN STONE HOUSE. FOR a nice small tamilv ; price not over $1,500 per an* num. Address GEORGE L1SNEK, 887 Broadway. WANTED FOR SMALL FAMILY, A OEM HOUSE, TT furnished or unfurnished, between Fourteenth ami Fifty-fifth streets, Lexington ami Sixth avenues. Ad dress. stating size, location, repair of bouse, with terms. VICTORI A < w<w 1 1 > I i ; I.I.. 4,- Broad street. Wanted to rent? part of a house, or second floor, with improvements, between Second and Eighth avenues, for a small family ; best reierenccs Addross, with full partlculors, P. WEBER, 30 Barclay st In the Country, FlURNISnED COTTAGE, wmr grounds, WANTED For season, within an hour of city, in healthy loca tion, near the waters terms $80 monthly. Address JUN IPER, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. ^1 -STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLES BILIjIA KI>M. t> AMERICAN I _ and the Plielan A ? ollender Combination Cush ions, manufactured and lor sale only by the Inventor ami patentee, II. W. COLLENDER, successor to l'lieian A Cullender. 738 Broadway, New York. y? LATEST DESIGNS OF BILLIARD TABLES AND . all appurtenances connected with the trade ( special attention to private trade. ? UEoRGK I I'll I. L \ N, No. 7 Hi ir< lav street'. Fior HALE? TWO HI I.i IARD TABLES; ONE CAROM and one Four Pocket; made by Plielan k ('ollender ; will be sold chean. fan be seen at 743 Seventh avenue, corner Flltleth street. New sxid billiard tables, complete, foriimi. Nonpareil and Bevel Tables In great variety ; second band fables made over new, complete, $-A0 to $27.\ K \. VaNaII A DECKER, corner ol Canal and Centre street*. ClUAKM A Vl> TOBACCO. t^SPANoi.AS OF HAVANA fOBACCO. EyUAl. TO Fj genuine in appearance and quality, al $65 per thous. aud , also llie celebrated "W liitT" Panetelas, T. J. RAY.NEU A (HI., tt* Maiden I ana.

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