Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1873 Page 4
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BOARIJKHK WASiTKD. I HANDSOME LAROK ROOM; HOT ANl> OOI.D water; also Dili 1 1 1 o r Room, for a family or two 'ingle gentlemen ; ilrst t ins, loldc , excellent location 2<Ji Kat>t fourteenth street. 1 LARGE, NEATLY Pl'RNIHIKD ROOM, SI' IT A HI. K tor two gentlemen, Willi fir*! class Hoard, at 103 Second avenue, near Tenth Mreet; terms reasonable. I LA HOE PARLOR, PARTLY PURMS1112D; PRI vate tab|e it desired: al?i other Rooms, with ilrst class Hoard; references exchanged. ltio V\eit Twenty aooond street. 1 LAROK HANDsoM K H AM, ROOM WITH CLOSET . connecting, on third floor, to let, with Board, trum Mar L at 217 West Fourteenth street. House unusually desirable ; reference. 1 DEPAU ROW, ISH I I."l rKKK STRFK T. ? THRICE I large Rooms, with is urd.ior families or single per s. >ns, nt $11 tn $lti per ?i ek. No moving. HANDSOMELY I I l!NI - II Kl? ROOMS, WITH *?4 Breaktast, in prlv ve family, to let, to gentl ni' n ?only ; first class relci'i nre given ai d required- 535 West Thirty- tour tli street. LARUE, CON'N'EC I N<S RnoMS ON SECOND floor, hot and cold water, with Heard, (or a lauiily or party ?>t gentlemen. l.iT Murdmigul street. 9 OR n HANDSOM I' ROOMS WILI. BI2 VACATED ?J aMft May I: ri tiled i\ illi or ? ithout Bnaid, together or divided ; t nninr l,\ or h.v the year. ISO. 4 East Twenty-ninth street. OD FLOOR, WITH OR WITHOUT PRIVATE TAB1.R; also hall Room; everything strlc'lv tlrst class; lib eral concession n r y< ai l.v urrangen ent or for season. 33 Wont Thirty -third s'rec;. Reiereiiees required. O KLEOANTLY FI'RN ISHED ROOMS. WITH FIRST ? > ela?s I'uird. tnr g nth men and their wh<s; also Rooms lor single gcn.lcracu. at 47 West Twelfth street, near Fifth nvenue. rTII A YEN I E, !9t IN I I EQANT PARLOR FLOOR '/ and asm tot I'onais on third floor, with or without private table ; references required. ,r F. A -T Til I RTII' Til STREET .?ONE ENTIRE SFr ' ' oiul Floor, handsomely lurnit-hert, with private table ii desired : a soother It oins lor gi nth-men or couples without children; terms moderate tor Summer. rTH AVKN1E, 294.? ONE Hl'lT OF HANDSOME FUR ?) nished apartments. with Hoard: also front Room lor single gentlemen; Sum me r prices; reiereiiees. rTil AVENUE, 843.? HANDSOME BACK PARLOR TO ? ' let, w Ith board ; at-o other Room?Ior g< ntienieu and their wives or single gentlemen. rTII AVENUE, 224.? SUPERIOR SECOND FI.OOR ? I to rent, with or without private table, containing ft rooms: also one other Room; references exchanged. 7 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? HA NDSOMKLY furnished Rooms, on parlor and third floor, to let, with unexceptionable Hoard. ?JO PARK AVENUft. AO Desirable Second Floor, with Board. , No moving. References, ]?>TII STREET. 231 FAST -TWO WELL FURNISHED ? J front Rooms, southern exposure, and nilddlcHooin, all adtnlniiig, with Hoard : location central; lour minutes trom Broadway, no moving: references, MTII STREET, EAST. 317. NEAR SECOND AVE nue.? To let, wilh Board, fine, large, second btory front Room ; also a hall Room ; terms moderate. 1 A NINTH street, between fifth avenue It and University place.? Fin ? back Parlor, with two Bedrooms, with new furniture; also large and small Rooms. w ith good French table ; references required. "l/? EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, OPPOSITE .11) Madison avenue Park.? To let, furnished, with Board, one Suit; newl.v furnished Room, for two or three. n UNIVERSITY PLACE.? TO LET* WITH BOARD, beautiful Booms, nirt lv furnished, on second floor; a side Room, on first Moor, front; also Rooms ou fourth lloor; house first cla.-s. 9Q CLINTON PLACE.? FIRST CLASS FURNISHED ' Rooms, with or without Hoard ; first class reference required. ' 90D STREET, WEST, {44.? II ANDSOMELY FUR -iO nished Second Story to let to gentlemen, with or without Hoard, or partial ; family privutc ; best reference required. Q/f TO STREET, 2tm WEST.? NICELY FURNISHED -J j Rooms to let, with Board ; terms moderate ; refer ences exchanged. O/TTII STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? A VINE SUIT of Rooms to let, with or without hoard. For parti culars and add res.- apply to COLES A RVDEK, 1,2'J2 Broad way. Of' CLINTON PLACE. WEST OF HEOADWAY <jU (Eighth street1.? Newly rurnlshcd Rooms for man 11111I win- or single gentlemen, with everything comforta tile; price moderate: day boarders taken. OQTII STREET, KM, METWEEN LEXINC.TO.V AND JjO Fourth avenues.? Newly papered and painted Rooms, \ Heated to-day, to rent, with Board ; references required. WEST FIFTEENTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH ? avenue. Elegant Rooms, en suite or singly, on second floor, with Board; tlrst cla?* brown stone house ; location uiisurpHssed. Reference required. OQTH STREET, WEST, NO. 40? TO LET, WITH u ?/ Hoard, nicely furnished Floors. "Suits or ?ingle Rooms, with every convenience and attention; bath and closets on every floor; house, tatde and neighborhood first class; accessible to hotels and cars. Ol WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN HP.OAP Oi way and Fifth avenue.? Fine Suit nn?l single Rooms, tit families and gentlemen, with Board; *cter ences exchanged. QQ WIST FORTY FIFTH STREET.? A FRONT ? )?) Hooin. wiih hall Room, on third floor, to let, with Hoard, to Kentlemen and their wives or single gentle men. References exchanged. *>.*: WKST FOURTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ? J?) and sixth avenues.? New Ivaud elegantly tarnished snnny Iront rooms: tlrst class tahle (private it' required), tor families or gentlemen ; reference. WKST TH IBTY-FI FTH STREET.- PLEASANT lurnixhed Rooms, with Itoaril ; al?o Doctor's Ottice, 1(1 WIST SIXTEENTH STREET? ONE LARGB i ' " Room, suitable lor (entlemen; also other Rooms to let, with first ela-s Board , references. 39 AC) WEST SIXTEENTH STREET ?AN ELEGANT H JL auit m AMirtments. consisting ot Parlors and Second Floor, t.. let. with private table ; also pleasant Rooms for families or single Kentlemen. Terms reasonable tor the Mimmer months. Reicrem e< exchanged. A A WEST THIRTY-SECOND STREET.? ELFGANT it Rooms, on the second, third and fourth floor*, to let. with Board, lor families or single gentlemen ; loca tion fine and healthy, with all the comforts of a home. A r LEXINGTON AVENUE, THREE DOORS ABOVE 1 ? / Twenty-fourth street? Furnished front and rear Rooms, on second or third tioors. lor Kentlemen, with or without Break lust ; ho u?e containing all moilern Im proTcments. . 4ff WIST SIXTEENTH STBBBT.? HANDSOMELY ? ) lurniihed Rooms, with 11 rut elass Board, lor fami lies ami mukIc Kentlemen; terms moderate tor the Summer. J /' SOUTH WASHINGTON SQUARE. ?LARGE AND t1) pleasant Rooms, with Board, for uentli man and wife or t wi. single gentlemen of quiet habits, where lew lire taKen rn WEST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? TO LET. WITH ?)U Bo:ird. a de?lra!ile Second Floor, en suite or sepa rately also singie Room. r I WEST TWRNTT-FOIRTH STREET.? WILL BE * )t" vacant on May 1 Rooms, wifli Board, nn second ami third floors, suitable lor families; ulao single Booms; hammer prices. * -k> WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? TO I,ET, WITH 4 ?t Board, from Maj I, large and pleasant Rooms, in a d. sir aide location for business gentlemen ; terms mod erate- references cxchanned. ____ lhl WAYBRLEY PLACE, NEAR WASHINGTON .1 ' ' x square.? Large square furnished Room and ball Bedroom io let, with Board. 1(17 WEST FORTY-BEroND STREET.? TO RENT, a ' ' I with Foard, d< -irable Rooms, to gen'Jetm n and wives or single Kentlemen; references. IIO WEST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET.? A LARGE XliJ front Rooin < n flu second floor to let. with Board; also a Hall Room on the third. Referent i ? required. E \ST FIFTY FOURTH STREET. -A FEW RE ) spectablo yoting men < ati be accommodated with good Hoard and very desirable Booms, bath and gas; neighborhood first class. 117 WAYBBLY PLACE, NEAR WASHINGTON LJ. I square.? Handsomely furnished front Room to let, with Board, on second floor, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. i,?o EAST FIFTY-SECOND STREET.? A HAND I wO some Ir furnished second story trout Room, with Board. In a private family. References required. TOO WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET? HANI) I foinely furnished back Parlor, second floor front Roum and ball Room, to let. with first class Board, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen. Reference* exchanged. 1'>(l WEST TMIBTV-FOURTH street, .near lOU Broailwnr and sixth avenue ? Handsomely fur nished Rooms on third Moor, with first cluss Board , ref erences required. l'Jl LEXINGTON AVENUE. BETWEEN TWENTY '?>1 elirhth and Twenty. ninth streets.? Rooms to let, with Board; b cation pleasant and convenient; refer ences cxchafiKeri. WEST FORTY-FOURTH STRI ET, BETWEEN ?>?) Sixth avenue nnd llr. *dw?\ ?Room and Bert rooiii, oi an entire Floor, w ith Boaril ; house and tsble first closs; no movlni' . references exchanged T-IW WBmT FORTY THIRD STREET, BFlWKfeN I OH Broadway am! sixth avenue.? Pie .mi iui niahed Booms to let. with Board, st summer prici - tutu WEST FORTY FIFTH STREET, MM; rroaD way.? A private .lewlsti flsmiiv win let a cm lie | Of handsomely furnished Rooms, on sccona floor, with I good Board; also other Ro >m ?? iilil WK-T !? O RT Y THIRD STREEl -A NEATLY ? I ? furnished Room to a gentleman *n,l wile or Miigle Kentlemen, with Board. 01?J lA^r THIRTY SEVENTH STREET WEAR ? I ? > I bird avenue.? To let, a nice!) film i-ln d fr<>nt Parlor, for p ntlemati and wife or two single gentium n ; with or without Hoard; rates reasonable. *?t?7 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SEC Z..L I olid and Third avenues.? Nicelv fnrni lied F r< .tit Rooms, with Board, for gentlemen, in a F rem h lauiily , moderate prices. References required. WEST THIRTY-NINTH STREET.? To LET furnished, with Hoard, bark Parlor . has water, gas and closets ; also a third story ball Rooiu; house lirst class. Reference#, ??i>1 EAST FORTY-SIXTH STREET.? TO LET, A . .? 1 1 nicely furnished f ront Uoom lor one or two gen tlemen. with or witliout Board. (loi WKST TWENTY THIRD STREET, BETWEEN Seventh and Eighth avenues ? a private family will let, with Board, on reasonable terms, two Rooms, handsomely furnished, to-g. ntlemen and their wives, ami two Rooms to gentlemen; no moving ; references re quired. wotw*, ()Qt) WFST F0ltTY>. VI NTH STTK'T, BHTWBFB J_j Br ad way a' (1 1 iahih avi nn ? ? claae I'oird ic a private Jewish family I?" two H'nir'e t;eu. le mon or h married collide; nioo iMr?6 with alcove, above the pa. lor. 0 A Q ?A"T TBI TIT* THIRD HTRKE ? KURNlStIrD ?) Rooms to !? t, with l oar t ; l'o' <1 n iRbl/O. h od ; at very moderate rnto< Reference requ.ieJ. nrn WEST TWENTY FIFTH KTKHRT TO I FT, ^?)o (iiroiii P(l roomfs, Break a*t it pre erred : to (fi n Demon or gentleman mid wlie; private family ; *i'iiaiion pleas nit i convenient to excellent restaurant] ; r> f rciioo* exchanged. ??/'| WKHT FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN 8EV /jl)l filth mi I K'ghth iiv mica ? A hiind'nmety tur ni-fied ulcnvo i!o?m o lc<, with I'oanl, to u iren leniun a nd nr. c ; terms mo. leriitc Reiercnros required. '?! n SliVBNTII AVENUE. PIRVr FLOOR.? A r W ?>!?) respectable young nn-ii can lie accommodated with good Hoard iiint o >m in a pi'ivaui English tnmily; terms sr. and $r> per work. 01 7 WhST TWENTY. KII TII STREET.? N'C 'I V ? > I 1 (Ufiil bod II n II Iinotn, with Hoar I, <n accord floor; suitable lor man and wiie, or two or three young men. OOQ WEST FOURTH ST RE FT, NEAH ElOHTII ? ????' avenue.? A nice lurnidied Room to let, wi ti or without I- oird ; also Ran unil Im h. Call lor two days. (iQft LEX I NOTCH AVENUE.? llA.VDSfiMEi.Y nut " K/l) ni-licd Rootna. singly or en mi' e. with first cla ^ tnli'o ; del.ght'ul location; closc jiro-v inii ty to ? entral Park ; terms moderate. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE HANDSOMELY FUR< nlrihcd Ito? ins, en aiiltc or t-inu e, with Hour *, lor gentlemen and wives or gentlemen: no moving; roier encei. Apply at t)G West Forfy-aecond struct. A PRIVATE FAMILY OF T 1 1 It K E ADULTS, LTVINO In Thirty-fifth street, near Filth avuutio, wish to let their second Floor to two or tour people willing to par liberally lor a conilortablo home. Audret* Al M. , box 1,633 Post office. Next door to ?!uani> hotfl-m wist thirty flr<i Mreet.? Fine accommodations lor gentlonien or a family, with or without private meals; highest ret croncea exchanged rrtHRHU LAROK AND NICELY FUKNfSHED ROOMS 1 with good Hoard, lor gentlemen and llcir wives or single gentlemen, in ? private family. !(37 West ihir ty-flttu strcot; no moving. Twenty ninth street, west forty. seventh Btreot? Furnished or unfurnished Rooms to lot on tlrst, second, and third floors, lor families or (.ingle gentlemen ; terms very moderate; excellent table. mo I.ET-A LARGE, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, TO J a party of young men or gcntl'mun an. I wile, with excellent table] a literal arrangi mi nt made with per manent parties. ItW Wnverley place. TO RENT? WITH OR WITHOUT HOARD, A NICELY furnished front Room, with two window*, to one or two gentlemen, Inquire nt 2t>l East seventy -eighth htieet, or -ii Pearl street, up stair*. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WIPOW, A CHILD to board, trotn two t iflve years. Inquire, for two days, at ilti Ninth avenue, in t tie candy store. WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? TWO HAND somcly furnished Rooms to let, with or wilhont Board; no moving in May; all modern improvements; references. Call al 118. A board and LODMIIVU wanted. -A 85WW* A*P WI|,K WANT HOARD FROM r>;w was? zr^S ? . hr,we< ? Second it nd Sixth avenues- tVrmll ro.J. ? A j?^PT' WITH TWO CHILDREN OYER 12 VKARS ygaiirjff OBNTIiSMAH AND W I FE WISH A PLE \ HA \T will mv llh?.?nv>m\T!,h ,r' '? '"r ?'l,lch tliey OALf^gtiuo*^ A,1U,es'i- l?>niedl#ieljr, Mr*. u. in" a ggjiaaas. ic?S!f jxsdt'usMt &ttteiire%xaa,aMsri^ssfi5 Vm " " X 1 V ** I'"'* ''l "? ^ k" c p^V "nel^'n.'.i r.' V.Vv " ^bW8y%rt^^rtfcala" "i"1 Mat"? **?*. t. ft: A NICELY FURNISH* i> room. WITH Ho vrd 4er?ldnofflcp.drCW' stuti"K fnU ?''"-u- iilars, LEOm'Cas! A 'j' -N "',:v'A.N AMI HIS DAUGHTER WANT rt.ii.. - aBtl " ? rrnn'1 Floor of three room* hi-suie* ?i?m ?? ? ?, HU1?li 'ninlly in adults ; tliov have liirni ? l. 'O<*',on hotweeii Twontv-liith mid Fortieth ? >.< ,i xiourth an,j sevc,n" *?u?* Add^M^'i:^^ A 'iKNTI.KM \N DESIRES A N I' A T I. \ I'l K\I<HFD Ksa rKSi KKai"--? ?; DOARD WANTED*(NEAE OENTRAI pipy o'm.c <>s' s,i,tl"? u'rnis, II ii M E, hox iKi 1 1 cru Id (^k'NTI.E.VAN, I.\I?V AM' ('HIED. 7 VI \KS cil nl teasss flMTUMAX AND WIFE DEsike BOARD aitin 1-7 n C^v, ? " frv ? ' 4 1 r ' ! ? rr ? ? T ? at ';' k Addrew ? N(TiaL, box 17,; H, ?,,,!, I I ptown Branch olll.-e llARI.EM -BOARD WANTKD. BV A GKNTIFMAM ?S?" S?, iyils LxSfeSg**" i "j)i:si'Ki TABLE SI'AMSII COLOBBD OIRl ?*w . ..V in i il. k9?U1' with Board, in a plain 'ainilv is out during the day; I, e? reference*. Address N s a Herald Uptown Branch office. uarl"s *? "? A - | \1" ANTED? ONE NICELY FURNISHED ROOM ivrTli ' *rL fHOM^0SatLI8T^f??M 81xth^lveni?K^><>f*><><*^ Al1" ! w^Tgr.'saSci; ag? ra ???? ErBgsss ay asasa I n km, Al.'AVr'-D-BV^ TWO YOl Vt; MEN I'ERMAVI ??VP tv ?rrn,? /?r* ain!l,er Dionth# on went ride, above For ?sa.w?. Ks?a-r - as, wAxFir-?\ris,&v?c,vris. ;;rr need address II. L. whekl?;r, I, ox 2.: U7 Post office * WA|iJr*P~B\ AYOVNO GENTLEMAN. A LAROF handsomely furnished Room, with Breakfast i.< ' Tl'ANTED.-A PLE ASA NT BOOM ASH HojThm kYl? ?),, ,? J,ol,n? 'ad.v. In a small, quiet lamllv. widow D?c tpUiwn B??,eh K"""' A,1'lr"~- "I'lfcT. HeJald V* "ANTE I) A NICEEY Ff II N IMI KD ROOM AND Board lor a Rentleman and wit . where then. nrV. no Other hoarders; convenient lo Broa.inav terms n,,f bp^mS: A"'lr",- B"AU" "*'x ,w "ptoSS \\' ANTED? KIR OENTLEMAN, WIFE DAl'OHTKR \} ' (Med 7) and servant, two eonn. cting BoomV wah Board. In a itenteel family, with hut t?.w or no oThir boarders; location h< turrn Tenth and T\n niv tlnril '?reels and fourth ??,| Seventh nvem" Addrel^ , ' orf? cc wllJch must he inoderale, U.S. M., Herald \\rA N'TED ? B(JAI! D AND TWO OK THREE I AH. l" ?? uniiirnisheii Rooms for six nion'hs ir..?. uJi i m'oii?hr !^IU,,iAm';rican") ? '?"'is Ironi ClOOto $ir> per month, Hiconlinx to comfort* mul location within r. raiiintea of Inlor, square: re le re aoes ex.hau^l Ad tei,arUUU AM KR1? ,'AN, Uerald L ptown J motelr. i.Ni.KI.LS TtRKISH AND ELEf'TRK' BUHS ill , j?\ Lexington uvenae? Ko#rn* tor nentlemeu or turn, Ues Iransien or pem.atient, with or withoilt ineal. ' dpi I table if denircd. HnthM open all Til^tit. | /"I ALLEN HOUSE, ne iii dson strpi-t i-oknfr ? |-*| K .V-?*1**"001 ?fito$7?? nep week i ifh Kintrlc l?o?'i?i ; *?intni' Kooni withoiK i>,,Hr i 2 upwards; EodKiiiK, .V) cents, KcllV.^rj.'nlr .?p?n Hotel sr. i.ermain, fifth aveni k, twfnty -ei on, l .stru t and Hromi w a v. Eleirant Suit* mid j muffle Booms now vacant; tn Me d'hote or LuriDean til*.. J most centra i location; rooms all iront p ' \rEW ENGLAND HOTEL, 30 ROW FRY r/mvi n Ba\ard street. -201 |,?i,t R?(im. fl ' 1 i inan'onTy! ^ <" ' we'eV V?/'^"^ ; CTIRTEVANT HOISE, BROADWAV, TWENTY I i <? ?hth and Twenij iiinth Mfei*. New Vork Ami r, r an plan. ?4 a , lav?This hotel has elevator* all imld ? improvement*; fituHied m ihe Kreal hotel centre I LEWir k OEO 8. LBLAND, Preprietor*. <T. J L' LI EN HOTEL, 4fi WASHINGTON pi Arp havlnir chained proprietor, and belnif newlv car! petert and renovated. Is open lor the reception , f, m taken ",lgk'KC'IUlrmtl1- 11 t?M? . da" hoard", foi.VTUV HOAKU. \ LADT LIVING a Ki.w MILES FROM inr i? i* . "ill take two or three little girl' in her Instruct. Ad..,. , f w., ?lou,n. ' A T A PWVATE FAMILY, OOdT, two or tour nerii i,won"- ' "iveuleit I., depot, lor hox " 'easonaldc. Address HOME, IV'.V"'. Tllh SI MMER. WITHIN K' iiIIcuihii. wife and , Inl.'l 'T i' ",r " r"llr,1"d. lor I Address, with lull I M M ...u/ ""''?"?""^leoirahle, I llcrald ofllcc. (tiulan, ALP ilA, Brooklyn Branch Board wanted? on the iiudson. for orn th'iuan und wile; ti'rms must lie moderate. Address A. N. L , hox &.0K1 New Vork Post ofBce. / Hit NTRY BOARD-AT A FIRST CLAMS IM<M V. house anions tlie hills of t onnei tieut ; tuhle ahund ant; ir nit. dairy. Ice, Ac. ; three hours from the city. Call on proprietor this day, at 112 Fultou st., lor particular*. (MJl'NTRV HOARD WANTKD? AT OR NF.AH MONT J rlair, N. . I., hv a gentleman, wile and two children (aged 7 and 4), from May lit until Ocioher I.V Address o. W. \\ . hox 129 atatlou A. statluu term*, which mu.-' he moderate. OOITWTRT BOARD. _ ^ CMH'NTKY lM)A'tl> WANTKD? BY TIIIM'B AUOI-TS; J ter.i,~ not to exceod fit |>er wook. AdJroM L. O. 0., box li j lie.aWl oil co. BvnwnR HBtnim. 1> A LISADEd MOUNTAIN HOU <E will to opened on or ahonttlie l?t ol' Mar. For terms, Ac., address l U/Zl'.N > A MtllWCAY, Klii'lcwo *1, Is J. P.tKMIUM POINT It 'HIRE.? DBLIflliTFUI.LY SITU H'i'J on tlio sound, one mile irom New Roc hello (Jcl'Oi ; good t> itlllli ', fVnllilttr, hoilttnu; l?l?*n >-?nt drives ; smblin^, Ac. Early applicatioU lor choice ol' lloointcsu lie made to A. 0. I'LlalProN.M WestTwi nty lourtli KiicoU ? OT. JAMRfl HOTEL, M vitl >V, N. J.-lilOHT i ' in Inn it s Irom Jersey Olt} lerrv, Cor Undt or l>es bro sos?tree s; PeunHylvnnln Hailrotd; binuli ill loca tion; Urn cli?- - 1 ibic, i li'K in ' I >? In rii i -lie I Koo na, en in to or singly: nil m >dorn nuiroven cuts , boating, driving, flood Hinii j i?i'. Ac. <JT. MA' K'H HOTEIi? NKW BRIOIITON, ) TATEN i > islam!.? This iHVorilu ronort, with ll? ln-auil ul Groun Is nil Out'a^es attached, it now beina i ut in tliur ou ill order lor i In* I'omnu spa on. and will open on or abonttlie llr-t o( May.' F >r terms mi l other liilorniutijii apply ut tin* Hotel, o: address O. OH CAMP, Proprietor. rpilK PAHK 1IOU8E, Ml MM IT, N. J., WILL OPEN I I Hi M ty as a iirM? class tanrly Hotel. t'liolce iioonis may now be mm un d. Pun- mountain air. bcau ti i nl -ei n ry, one hours ndo Irom hew York. Cottago* to II I und lor hale. >1. RIKRA. 1 ES, UllOANM, ?tc:. At iiaines rror* 27 Union square, I'irsl class handsome new I'mimlortes for saio oil very reasonable lernn, anil -i v ral used u little, very low for cash AT MANUFACTURER'S warkroomh, prior to removal, magnificent new etas* Agraffe 7X 0 rave rosewood, overstrung, iron Iriitno Pianoforte, 1 Oil, (-tool :in>l Cover, curved le^s, Ac. ; latent improve ments; lully Kuan. n end. UOLDSNMlH No. 7 Blcceker stroct, near Bowery. AHTKINWAY ORANI) SECOND HAND piano for rent low, or Hale on lustalnieuU, at WATERS', 481 Broadway. A (1ILRRRT CELEBRATED iKLI AN PIANO, RICHLY carved, lor rout, or Mile at a sacrifice, nt WATERS', 4il Bro idwuy. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD Vi. OOTAVK 1'IANO lor.o lor sale ; made order, eity maker: fully ruar anteodj uited flv<- months; cost $I,10U, tor :fc!7.r>; Parlor Suns, KtiiKcros, Rron/.cs, Chamber, liinmu Room Furni ture, Silverware, t'hlnnwnru, lilassware; a saeritlce; property family leaving city. 3t? West Fifteenth street, near Fifth avenue. AT 121) WEST 2il> ST., NEAR 8TH AV.? PRIVATE family will sell their mljtiiiflwnt 7'.i octave four round cornered rosewood i'ianotorte, used ft months, cost $l,tlO), lor $301, Including Stool, Cover, Music t'abinet; also I'arior and Bedroom Suits. N. B.? I'ianotorte has box for shipping. An elroant 7 i iota vi? pia no, very richly ca: ved ciue hi ul lean, with all the modern improve ment.*, $l,."> ; otlu n to rent and sold on iiislalnicnts, at JOHN M IHON'H, ,114 and .'ilii East Thirty ninth str eet A FAMILY DISPOSING OF THEIR FURNITURE BY auction on the 2tith mst., at 10*4 A. M., wants to soli b) private sale a handsome rosewood l'lano; round ners; modern improvements; city maker ; mil v guaran teed ; cost ? short tlmo since jfiftti, lor $300, Including Stool, 185 Kast Ninety-third street, neur Third uvenue. A FIRST CLASS PIANO, 7 OCTAVE, FOUR ROUND corners, us good as new; cost ifftiKJ ?. will he sold for $!?> 0, us the iiwm r Is breaking up housekeeping 507 Pacific street, Brooklyn. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD TH, OCTAVE PIANO lortc. tour round corners, richly carved, embracing nil modern improvements, maker's guarantee, n-ed 7 inonili*. cost $1,200, tor $K)U ; also beautiful square Piano forte. 7 octave, with guarantee. $1)75, tor $250; also entire elegant Household Furniture ; great sacrifice. ("all at private resilience 211) West 21st st., near 7tli avenue. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ALBERT Wchcr Piano, all Improvements, carved legs and moulding", at a great sacrifice lor cash. Apply at 256 East Forty -ninth street, near Second avenue. AT $15 >? BEACTI FUL ROSEWOOD PIANO, IRON triune, overstrung bass, every Improvement ; Stein wan Pianoforte, little used, great sac ri lice, lor cash. J. KIDDLE, i:t Waverley place, ueur Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE ROUND 7<4 OCTAVE rosewood Pianoforte, cost $US!J. for $275; Parlor Suits, cost $575, tor $200; one do., lor $1(11): hrocatci and reps Suits, $75, and $M): rose wood and walnut Chamber suiLv $.?.'? up; Paintings, Library, itining Furniture ; at it sacrifice. Residence, II!) Clinton place (Eighth street), near &ixth avenue. A LADY WILL SELL, FOB LESS THAN $100, A HAND _.\ some rosewood Piano, iron frame, round corners, modern style and improvements, including Stool and Cover. 2M ihird street, near Bowery. A LAKY WILL SELL ltER SPLENDID ROSEWOOD J\ upright Plane; price, including Stool, $130; terms easy. Call at 423 Broome street. * HEACTIFUL 7 OCTAVE RO8EWOOD PIANO, Al most in- w, $l.r<0; patent ugrulle treble, carved, 7.U, $250; instalments taken $12 monthly. It. CAULK, 107 West ---d street, corner (it li avenne. BAP.OATNS BEFORE REMOVAL. ?GOOD SECOND hand 7 octave Pianos, $151 to #251); new i'ianos, $:?*) and upwards; Meiuway's < bickering'* and others: Bur dell and other organs. Great reduction lor < ash. on in stulment- and for rent. S. X. BALL A Co., IM7 Eighth street, four doors oast trora Broadway. FpLEGANT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, CHICKBB j ing make, $100; great bargain; maeuiflcent over Btrnag, bass, carved legs and ag ruffe instrument; exira ordinary sacriflcc ; seven octaves; must sell: moving. 196 Bleecki r street, near Macdougal. tpiB8T GLASS PIANOS, RETAILED AT WHOLESALE T prices, direct from factory. Send for circular. 78 Barrow, near Hudson street. F11SC1IER NEW SCALE PIANOS, WITH PATENT IM provements; the ino?t reliable pianos made ; splen did serond hand Pianos cheap ; Pianos to reut. 425 West Twenty-eighth street, nc;ir Ninth avenue. TP. HALE'S NEW 7H OCTAVE PI A NOFOBTE8 ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For .sale hv the thousand at Thirty fifth -irret and Tenth av. NEW STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOUBLE REFD Cabinet Organ-, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES : $110 anil $125 each. Fifty other styles $55 to $.100 and upward each. The MASON A HAmLIN Organ Coinpuuv now ofler, at their new warerooms, 25 I'nion square, the largest assortment of the best instruments of this class in the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their unequalled lacillties tor manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payment* V"F. \V. FIl^T CLASS SQUARE AND UPRIGHT _i.1i Pianos lor rent? Rent allowed a* pure llase money; 20 West Fourth street, one block irom Broadway. PIANOS (BEAI'TIFI'L WEBF.R INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as the best, for rent or sale; 1 rent allowed purchaser; at .MEIIKELL'S, No. 8 Union Miiisre. i?;> Fourth avenne. P' IANOS.? SECOND HAND, OF VARIOUS MAKERS, in thorough order, lor sale at low prices; also Pianos ! to rent and on instalments, by CHIC KERINO <t sons, il ! East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Futh avenue. i pIANOS AND ORG ARB.? GREAT BARGAINS, NEW : X and most beauttlul styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, at lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or for r< nt, during this month, at WATERS'. 481 Broadway, than can be lotind elsewhere. PARLOR ORGAN AT A SACRIFICE? BEST CITY HIS Re ; five slops ; knee swell ; mil mum Hirer's price $.'iKi; sell tor $*(): must have the money. Address ORG AN, Herald Uptown Branch office. SECOND HAND PIANOS, M KLODOENS AND ORGANS, at $4(1, $S0. $60, $75, $S5 anal flul; monthly Ills till nients, or lor rent, at $.' per mouth, at WATERS', 481 Broadway. 1 Aft SECOND HAND PIANOS, in PERFECT ORDER, 1UU lor sale by WILLIAM A. POND A CO., 547 Broadway. MUSICAL. i Ml Sic TEACHEK OK \ M MBER Of YEAR* JY experience would like n few pupiln in the vicinity of Flltv-tlrrt street and Eighth avenue ; would give les ?on* at the mldtlice of pupiln hasn new anil original method ni teaching bexiiincrs. Teriu>Stn for 30 lemon*. Call on or address MI*1C TKACIIER, 301 Wcit Kitty. II r ??t street. k LADY. WITH CULTIVATED SOPRANO VOICE, n good reader ami having some experience In choir .-itiii ing. desire* h situation in a clt } choir. Address C. Y.a he* 226 Herald ofllce. AN OROANIST, WITH 14 YEARS' EXPERIENCE, desires a situation in or out of the city ; read* music at sight, transposes, compose" ami conduct* a choir, with best references: salary moderate. Address COMPOSI 1IIK. Post office, Brooklyn. A TENOR WIS 11 EH ENCASEMENT IN A FIRST class ouartet from May I. Episcopal preferred. Address, w ith particulars, BKLLiN I, Wx 1'iU llcrald ot flee. AriRST CLASS OltOANIsT AND CHOIR- DIREC tor of experience , and brilliant soloWt, desires an engagement. can provide a ijtmrtet at moderate price. Address cLARE W. BRAKES, l? Stuyvesant street flARD.? PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SINOINO.- MISS \ WATSON give* private Itssotis day and evening, at her residence, 92 Clinton place fEighth street), Instru ments ttirnlshed tor dally practice. M' ~ USICIANS- IF YOU WANT CHEAP AND BEAl'TI lul Music itt one lent a sheet to 1*4 Bleecker i street '.pick out irotn a Urg< wholesale stock ; if you buy fl worth I make you a present ot 33 sheet* ; those In the ! trade would make money by sending in their order*} I must be sold belore May 1. JaMES O'NEILL. POSITION AS SOPRANO IN A PROTESTANT church Address SOPRANO, 64 Wlllougbby street, 1 corner of Lawrence. WANTED? AN ORGANIST; SALARY $1M>; NO v? rehearsal. Address M . box 773 Post office. ' WANTED? A TENOR FOR EPISCOPAL CHURCH \> ia good reader and solo sinner) ; salary moderate. Call at HEROE'M piano warerooms, No 30 East Kour teenth street, between 3 and 61'. M. MARBliK UANTKLH. AKLARER, STEVM MAKHLE ANIl MABBLRIZINiI , Works, 1.(4 and 136 East Eighteenth street.? Marble, and Marblei/ed Mantels, filing, Marine Counters, Monu ment-. at prices thaidely coiiipetit.on. Marble Turning lor me trade. A N ASSORTMENT OK MANTELS, UNSURPASSED J\ for beauty of design and quality of workmanship* Mate Work ot all kinds a specialty. I'ENKIIYN SLATE COMPAN'. Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Uiilon iquare. STEWART'S SLATE MANTELS? RICH AND ELE gant designs; Slate Works ol every description; Mar ble and Wood Mantels. T M. STEWART A ?H>.. 220 and ?r?> West Twunty-third street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y. y- KLARER A CO.. KTEAM MaRiILE AND MAHRLB i/.liiK Works, sti West Klttj ltrst street, between Kroadwav and I" ih avenue.? Marble, marbieUed .Man tels, Momiitimtt. <Ium1*(vuu*; large svivvUoiu Ml vox/ low Ktgefc ?WB<BWBI?Tg. BOWi'.ftr THKATRK. - Wl. II. FRKLIiiH jHnagnr MONDAY, APRIL II, 18T.V awl diiriUK the week ; engagement lor ? 1 united pwlod of Mil. K. r. SIKiSON, the popular favorite, actor, who will personate Ui6 FAS i'KST BOY IN Ne.lV Yi'..K, from the Fireside Companion, in the drama dramatized i?y ToNY PAHPOKand T. Ii. DONNELLY. TIilh highly -.un-iitioi'iil dranaa will Im? prcxciitiul with appropr aie local Kewrjr, l lirt liinK tableaux and origin*! ctlects ?nil a powerful cs.t- All tlx- old tavorlU)* ol ilio coin pin y willuppear Kor parltcu ars ??? small bllla. In conjunction wilh the. drama will be aclod a new petiia Comedy, emitted OULIG1NO A FJtlKND. The first time in America. Oh a". Fneter's Drama, A HAD LOT, will speedily be produced. Noil', ? On Mon lay, April M, the doom will open al7%; curtain risen at 8. WAI,I,A#I('H. i'ropriuuir and Manager Mr. LK8TKK W A I. LACK TENTH WKl'.K of Mr SOTHERN in hiaextraardiiiarj impersonation* of DAV1U GAKlllUK and LORD DUNDBEABY, whiHi will lie presented THIS AM* EVERY KVLNINO and SATURDAY MATIMSE AT I :D) V. M. The follow nig omiiiciit artists will appear .- Mr SOTH ERN. Mr. JOHN (j I liiiKItT, Mr. .1. II. POLK, Mr. BISHOP, Mr. CARROLL, Mr BOOWNK, Mr. LEONARD, Mr. Ill) 1,1. ?. N I), Ml- EDWIN. Mr. CUKRAN, Mr. i'BCK, Mis* KATHEKINE ROOKRH, Mia. KAN NY FOSTER, Mine, ro^isi, Mr-. JOHN SKKTON. ItoX I'l.AN OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Curtain rino.< at 8 preciaely, and carriages may he or dered at ID : W. BOOTH'S THKATRE. BOUCIOAULT. Edwin Booth T'ropriotor and Manager LAST MOUTH. Will lo the IVH'H performance of DADllY G'J?OWD EVKItY NIGHT and EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON al i. The Ureal 1 rinh Comedian, MR. DION BOUCIOAULT, will appear in the character ol' MICHAK1. O'DOWD. ol the Claddngh. The pnhllo ol New York have recognized in this extra ordinary delineation one ot those urea i ami trii'lnnl works ot art wliloh remain an heirlooms ol the stage. The management teels gta iticd the Aral performance will date Irom liOO I'lI'S THKATRE. Seats may be secured iu a I vance at the Theatre, or at DitNuii A Co.'s music Htore, 711 Broadway. ^05-ATHENEUM, Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. 11. VV BUTLER M imager EXTRA HILL. EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION. ALL NEW FEATURES THIS WEEK. AT Q ? A AT 7 MATINEK THIS DAY | 2k O'CLOCK.? ? ^O'CLOCK. TilE BELLES THE BELLES THE BELLES

OK THE PARLOR. THE FRENCH DANCING MASTER. Dancing Ma.ster HONS. ZANFRETTA Pupil Miss Warner | Lover Mr. T M Vanoe THE GREAT ZANKRKTTA TROUPE, eight in number, will appear In Iho Serio Comic Panto uilmeot ROKERT MACA1RK. The splendid Burlesque of P-L-U-T-O. A COMICAL CLASSICAL LOVE TALK. The following emiin nt uitists in the cast ? Miss LISA WE HER, MLs MINNIE JACKSON, Miss LILLIK HALL, Miss LAURA LB CLAIR, Miss IDA ROSS, Miss HELEN E SMITH, Mr. OKORUE ATKINS, UEO. II. COES, J. LANG. K. W. PRESCOTL Ac. The sports of the Central Park, Messrs. AUSTIN AND HESS, IN THEIR CHAMPION SKATING SCENE. 1,1 KE SCHOOLCRAFT, Ju? and CIIAS. REYNOLDS and Regular ATHENEUM COMPANY, introducing HIGH TRAGEDY. LOW COMEDY, URaND OPERA. Atternooii. doors open at 1 ; curtain rihes at 2'?;evi*h ing perloruiance at 8 o'clock. Bo* office open daily. Seats secured in advance. Children hall'price. RUBIXSTEIN-TlioM AS FAREWELL MATINEK. Steinway Hall. Saturday Afternoon, April 19, at I, POSITIVELY LAST AMI FAREWELL MATINEE ol the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. Comprising Anton Rubinstein, Henri Wicniawski, with Theo. Thomas and hi* unrivalled Orchestra. On this occasion Kuhlustein will play A MINOR CON CERTO (Schuinan), Ballade (Chimin), and for the first time here several of Henselt's pieces, al.-o several new COMPOSITIONS OF IIIS OWN. Mr. Wicniawski will play the Mendelssohn Concerto (first movement). Tne Theo. Thomas Orchestra will oerlorm Overture "King Stephen" (Beethoven), "Vorsplol Lohengnn," "Der Rett aer Wulkvren" (V\?gner). "Cavalry March" (Schubert), adapted lor Orchestra by Limit. Reserved Seats. $J, ?t Stein way's, 7ul and 111 Broadway RYAXT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST., between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. Every evening ut 8. Saturday .Matinee at 2. EAST hit HOLIDAY WEEK. BEST BILL OF THE SEASON. IMMENSE SUCCESS OK MASTER BARNEY, the Champion Dancer and favorite Dialect Actor First tline this season, bj general request, the original SIIOO FLY. B BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SIIOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTKKLS I SIIOO FLY. B it YA NT'S MINSTRELS' 1 SIIOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SUOO FLY. llOO FLY. SIIOO FLY. SIIOO I LY. HOO FLY. TUE CALICO HOP, COLTON'S LAl'GHINO GAS. Dan Bryant, Seymour, Reed, Stanwood, Morrisy, Kiuer son, Ac. Matinee Saturday at 2 Seats securcd. p T. BARNUM IN BROOKLYN. THE GREAT COMBINATION OF MUSEUM, MENA GERIE AND HIPPODROME? JUSTLY STYLED THE AMCSEMKNT EVENT OF THE NINETEENTH CEN TURY?OPENS FOR FOUR DAYS ONLY AT TIIE CAPITOLINE GROUNDS, BROOKLYN, THIS (WED NESDAY) EVENING, APKIL 16, AT 7 P. M., CONTINU 1NG AFTERNOON AND EVEXINO DURING TUE WEEK. THE IMMENSkTaVILIONS WILL BE OPEN AT 1 AND 7 P. M., AND THK GRAND TRIPLE HIPPO DROME PERFORMANCES AT 2 AND 8 O'CLOCK, TO GETHER WITd ALL TUK~VARIOC8 OTUER DEPART MENTS, WILL BE CONDUCTED UPON A LIKE SCALE OF GRANDEUR AS HAS CHARACTERIZED THIS MAMMOTH ENTERPRISE DURING THE TWO WEEKS' SEASON IN NEW YORK RNER! rpiRN G It Is a picture which could not poasihlv have been painted bv anv other than the master whose name It hears. Everything is TuraercKque in it. and marks him as the tnosi patnionatcly original artist of the age.? New York Tribune. "There is only one other 'Turner* in tills country."? New York Times. "Itisnotnuite so large as 'The Slave Ship,' which is no w one of the treasures in Mr. John Taylor Johnston's collection, but it Is quite ns characteristic a work as that, and will, no doubt, attract great attention."? Evening Post. "The exhibition altogether Is of more than averafc excellence. The paintings have not been newly framed as an attraction, and lor favor have to depend on merit alone. That Is a severe test, and the collection bears It well. "?Brooklyn Eagle. Now on exhibition, free, day and evening, at the LKAVITT Art Rooms, S17 Broadway, ' three hundred PAINTINGS, WATER COLORS, Engravings and Etchings. Sold by aaction by order of the executor ot the estate of the late E. L. Corlles, New York, also by order of R. 8. Baldwin, trustee, Baltimore, Ac., Ac., on the evenine* of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 17, 18 and ID, at the Clinton Hall Salerooms. The Messrs. LKAVITT. Auctioneers. RAND FAREWELL CONCERT ' of the HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS at Dr. llepworth's magnificent new church. corner Fortv tilth street and Madison avenue, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, at 8 o'clock. They will sing genuine Negro Cabin and Plantation Songs. Service* of the organist volunteered. Admission 80 cents ; no reserved seats. Tickets for sale at Methodist Hook Concern. Carletoo't, Gurnev's and Putnam's bookstore* and nf the door. TO MANAC1F.RS AND FIRST CLASS DRAMATIC STARS AND COMBINATIONS MR. SAMUEL COLVILLE, Business Manager ol the LYDIA THOMPSON TROUPE, and entrusted with the eagagements lor the season of 1KT14 of the Robinson Opera House, Cincinnati, will be nt the Urand Central Hotel, New York, on the iMh, Ifith and 1 7th, and analn on the XVI and Mth. The present season ot the Thompson Troupe will close May 17, aad has a tew nights from May 12 open to negotiation in the vlciaity of New York. Mr. < olvllle will sail tor Europe on or ahout Mn v 21. en trusted with Important business connected with the pria elpal theatres of the United States, and desires, prior thereto, to close up all the open dates of the Thompson Troupe for the season commencing September 1. as well as (111 all open time with the llobinson opera House, Cin cinnati, commencing the same date? September I. 187S. Permanent address Box 3,816 Post office, New York C ,J LYDIA THOMPSON TROUPE TIME T ABLE April J4 and lit, New opera House, Washington. April 21 and 26, opera douse, i'aitimore. April 28 and May S. Arch street Theatre, Philadelphia. May H, '.1 and 10, opera House, Albany. STEINWAY HALL. ANNA MKHLIG'S SECOND MATINEE RECITAL, THIS WEDNESDAY, Aiiril Iti. at 2U P. M. PROGRAMME. P.intalste Chroinatlque Seb. Bach Rniiilo. A minor Mo/.art Song" witheut words Mendelssohn Somite. F sharp. Op. 2 schuinan Nocturne Field (inomentani Seeling Tarantelle Heller Hplnnlng Song.. Wagner Liszt Love Snlig Ilenseit Tanz Caprice. Sig Lebert Ballade. A flat t'hopln Tickets. $1 Ml, to he hnd at Stelnway's, the principal music stores, and at Ut Broadway. I TRENCH COMPANY.? BIJOU THKATRK. Robinson Hall, 18 East Sixteenth st, near Broadway. SATURDAY, APRIL l?, AT H. EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE. First appearance of Mile. ADOLI'IILNE MARRA, late of the HoutTes Parisicns. OPERETTE, BOHFFE. Music bv ADAM. COMEDY, VAI'DKVILLK. FULL ORCIlKsTRA. Reserved seats at Arnand's, PIS Broadway; Saussol's, 21 East Sixteenth street; Schlrmo/'s, 7HI Rroadway; Rul mau's. 114 Broadway. Orchestra, |1 00 ; parqaet, >1. THE STAtiE. -PROFESSOR PHILIP LAWKENVK, author ol the "*<>del Kpeaker." "Lawrence Speak er," "Coinstock's Elocution," Ac . will Instrmt ladles and gentlmieii, engageuiuuU cturaa^ed wbca oroUcleut. IM KUUiMMtue, AmrsKMwxTs. Thbatrb comiqur. 614 BROADWAY. MU. JOGI IIART Irf iw??i*n(l Proprietor GRAND MATINKK I IODAY M Vl'INl.K I _ TO- MAriNKUl TO" MATINKK I I?AY MA i'TNRrf I DAY. All Uio Mammoth Trouiie tu a New Olio ol fii LINK J,. .OK YAM AIM YA. AND AT MAT1NKB T/iu uiost comical of all I'antoialBirM, A Titir TO Til H MOON. ft* taa M,Ai,ziin isr i uouPR. I MATIN' I'. I I MA UNKill I MATINKK | I MATINKK! The Cnadrntilu .-'una and Dnnee, by MIS.* KITTV O'NKIi., MIS. 10 i OR .KNKIBIiD, ftliad CARRIE IIaiNKS, M1K8 FAN.?Y iAJCELLK, concluding willi t.'ie new Dram*, III I. RACK; TUB RACE, TUB RACE; or, Till-: MYSTERIES OK TUB TORT. Mll. D. K LLY an he JOfJKRY. MATINEES WKDNRBDAY AND SATURDAY. 'i lit: i'ii lire niithl lilll at Mat neox. IJ NION SQUARE THEATRE. Proprietor Mr. SHERIDAN SHOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMAR Begin* it H. Saturday Matinee at I :'I0. TO nigh r, AND EVERY EVENING and SATURDAY MATINEE, thr ebarming young Actress, Minh AO.XBS e.'lH KU iri Mr. Aucust n Italy'* brilliant ad iptatlon of Mellhac A lialuvi y'H wuiiilei 1 11 1 Omnia, i it live acta, entitled FROU-FROU. The p'ay will he produced with elegant new scenery ?n wnii the totlowlng Kraut cast GILBERTK, "Frou Krou" (licr original part) Miss AGNES ETHEL LOUISE, her Sister .Mlsa MARY GKISWOLD BARONNK UK CaMBRI, a Woman of tilt* Fu ture Miss EMILY MEsTAYBR PAII LINK, a Maid <>l the Present ...... Mish JENNIE l.KK TUB GOYKRNKS i... Miss KATK HOLLAND AN (IK LIQUR Miss CHARLOTTE OAVB GEORGIK, Sartoiys' Child. . Miss LI LI.I K EDWARDS IlKNItl A ItTOtil S, the iiusbaudol the Future . ... Mr. I). II. II A R KINS BKKIARD a Papa of the Present.. Mr K K. MACK AY CONTK. OK VALRHAS, the "Friend'1 ol the Hun hand (his original parti Mr. (J HO ltd K I'AliKES BAKoN DEcamuri, the Husband ol the Pres ent ^...Mr. K. LAMB PI 1'OU, the Prompter, who belle von nature on the slaite to be abominable Mr. .1. W. THORP VINCKNr Mr. J. W. WILDER ZANETTO, ? Sunny Italian Mr. W. QIJIOLEY Box office open every day from 8 A. M. to 6 P. M Seats secured two weeks in advance. 0 LYMPIC THEATRE. E. HAYES Lessee and Manager THIS (WEDNESDAY) AFTERNOON at 2. GRAND FAMILY MATINKK. EVERY EVKNINO atSo'clook. LAST WEEK OF Till! 4TII EDITION of O. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. MONDAY EVKNINO. APRIL 21. OBAND RECONSTRUCTION and FIRST TIME OF TI1K 5TII EDITION of O. L. FOX'S FAMOUS PANTOMIMR NEW SCENERY, TRICKS AND SPECIALTIES. Seo the present version ero it be too late. The tilth volume ol "H. 1?." Is now in press. OOD'S MUSEUM. DOM MURRAY. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. w EVENING AT H The great Irish Comedian, Mr. DOM IMC K MURRAY, in his sensational Drama, the GAMBLER'S CRIME; or, the M UBDER ON THE HUDSON. AKTKRNOON AT 2. The young and heuutilul Artiste, Miss MINNIE FOSTER, who will appear as TOPSY In the domestic Drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. DT. JAMES' THEATRE.?1 "IRRLAND." O FOUR WEEKS ONLY FRANK MicKVOY'S NKW II I R KRNICON ; or. IRELAND IN AMERICA. The most amusing entertainment iu the city. The lavoritc I rit-h Coined lati, Mr. W. F. LAWLOR, In Ills great character, BARNEY T1IE GUIDE. supported by Mr > EAL CONWAY, t ami a talented cowpuuy. Arvhestra, 75 n nts admisnton ; i atnily Circle, 35 cents. M VflNEE . ATURI'AY, > I'. M. General ml mission, 50 cent* ; < 'hildren, 15 cents. / i ERMANIA THEATRE. IT Fourtcentu street, near Third avenue. AO. NEPKNDORFF Director WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, IS73, das srirn nosfest, Comedy in three aeti, by Mi>ser. liox olhee op^n daily troin it to 4 o'clock. STEINWAV IIALL FESTIVAL WEEK. TUESDAY KVKMNfi. APRIL 22, 1873, at 1. OPENING OH THE FF.sriVAL WEEK MEN'UKLhSOHN'S GitAND ORATORIO, ELIJAH PRINCIPAL VOCALISTS ? Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, Miss OARltlE A. BKACKETT. I s*rtPr?n'*'. Miss ANNIE l.oriSF. CARY, Alto Mr. NELSON V ARLEY, Tenor. Mr. 11 IK AM WILDE, Itass. Mr. .Ml KoN W. WHITNEY, in hi? ereat oharneter of the I'ruphet l liiah. WEDNESDAY E\ EN I NO, AI'lUL 23, SECOND ANi> LAST ORATORIO NIOIIT. PART I. SELECTIONS FROM 11 AN DEL S ORATORIO, ISRAEL IN EGYPT. PART II. HYMYN OF PRAISE (LOROESANG), by Mendelssohn. PRINCIPAL VOCALISTS ? ? Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, 1 Mist CARRIE A. BRACKETT, Mr. NELSON VAIILEY, Mr. HIRAM WIl.DE, Mr. MYRON W. WHITNEY. TWO GRAND CONCERTS will lie gives on FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 25, and SATURDAY AFTERNOON', APRIL 2fi, at which Mr. ANION RIIH1NSTKIN and Mr. HENRI WIENIAWSKI will appear, together with the distinguished New York , artists, ? Mr. S. B. MILLS nnd Mr WILLIAM MASON. THE FOLLOWING CKLEBRATKD VOCALISTS will also appear ?Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, ) Mrs. H M SMITH, t Soprano*. Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY. Contralto. Mr MYRON W. WHITNEY, In eoniunction with THEODORE rUOMAS' (? RAN D ORCHESTRA. STE1NWAY II ALL.? FESTIVAL WEEK. TWO GKAND PUBLIC REHEARSALS will be given during the Festival Week ot ORAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS. WEDNESDAY. April 23, at I o'clock, REHEARSAL TO HYMN OF PRAISE and ISRAF.L IV EGYPT. FRIDAY, April 24, at I o'clock, REHEARSAL TO BEETHOVEN'S NINTH or CHORAL SYMPHONY. t Admission tlckcts to Public Rehearsals, ONE DOLLAR EACH. RESERVED SEATS, FIFTY CENTS EXTRA, can now be had at the tlrkrt ofllce. S'TEINWAY HALL.? FESTIVAL WEEK. ) PROGRAMME OF FESTIVAL CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, April 25, at8:? Overture, Iphigenia in Anils Oluck Concerto, D minor, tur three pianos and siring or chestra Bach Messrs. RUBINSTEIN, MILLS, MASON and ORCHES TRA. Aria Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY a, Adagio Rubinstein b, Scherzo, Tarantelle Wleniawski Mr. 1IKNRI WIENIAWSKI. Introduction and Bacchanalc to Taunhauser (new) Wagner (Manuscript.) THEODORE llJOMAs" ORCHESTRA. Aria, Gratlas AglmusTlbi Ouglielmi (With liute ol.llgato bv Mr. Eugene Weiner). Mrs. H. M. SMITH. Sonate Weber Overture, Wililain Tell Rowini SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 28, ONLY FESTIVAL MATINEE. RESERVED SEATS. T1IKEE AND FOUR DOLLARS. according to location. RESERVED SEATS iu Second Balcony TWO DOLLARS. Reserved Seats to Saturday's Matinee. TWO DOLLARS. The sale of Reserved Seats will commence THIS MORN ING at Schirmer's, 701 Broadway; at 114 Broadway and at the box office at Memway llall. STEINWAY HALL. MISS CASSELY'S READING AND CONCERT. Mi?s NELLY CASSELY has the honor to announce her debut as a reader THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, as sisted by the lolli.wlng distinguished artists;?* Miss CLEMENTINE LASAR, Mr. J. R. THOMAS, Mr. W. MACDONALD, Signor Ol.' ELI, Professor LASAR. _ pTi llo ha llT- m iss w ats< i n ? i~7 ; R a nd con cert, April 28. Secure seats early at 02 Clinton place (Eighth street), or at Reymert's law office, 132 Nassau street. Programmes mailed free^ Association hall SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 19,2 P.M., Matinee Readings by Mrs. HCoT'i SlDDONS, with a new and brilliant programme. Tickets Ml cents; no exirr. charge for reserved seats. For sale at Schiruiers and Hurleys. ______ NKW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 818 BROAD way, between Houston and Hleecker streets.? Every ?ne should visit the wonderful .Mrt- uin; it is full of everything people should see and understand. Lectures dailv on "Tnc Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unable to Attend these important lectures can have thru forwarded, post tree, on receipt ol J5 cent-, by addresslmr SECRETARY NKW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 Broadway, New ?orfc rpABLKAl'X VI V A NTS, BY PROFESSOR O. BARTLETT and AMATEUR DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENT, in aid Of THE NEW YORK INFANT ASYL1 M. at ROBINSON HALL, 18 East Sixteenth street, FRIDAY EVENING, April If. at S o'clock, and SATI RDAY MATINKK. April 19, at 2 P. M. Tickets nmv be obtained at Mrs. L. M. Bates'. 10 West lliirtv ninth street . I'jswell A Hazard's, Filth Avenue Hotel, and at the Asylum. '24 Clinton place. VARIETIES THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS TO v rent.? Proposals will be received until the 1st day of June next lor the rent ot the Varieties Theatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is cotnplets in all its appointments nf wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address K. Rlt. N EY, President La Variete Associa tlon. New Orleans. (GALLERY OF PAINTINGS. J LOUIS DURK'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over 3un paiutlnus by the best masters, from the fourteenth century down to the present time. Now open troin 2 to 10 P M., lor the benefit of TUK HERMAN HOSPITAL, in the OERMAN SAVINOS BANK BI'ILDING, entranceoii Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street. Admission durlug the day, fitte. ; In the eyening, 2.V'. DANCING AC'AII Kill DM SAUHE'S DANCING ACADEMIES. PRIVATE LESSONS at any hour, day orevening. CIRCULARS 4t i'iiv^te Academy. 21^ Laji bijvuuthit ATTH^TTHTTN. HTH AVENUE Til HA rtTh. GVllTAIN RI.-EH AT* * J 7,41 nn J 7 JB Bros I way. tSolo Lensee and M;in iger *...Mr. AUUIMTIN DALY Tllli (TUKSDaTT N(0HT, Ajn-lllJ, for (hp flr?t time in the new theatre. will In ao'ed Mr. AujmisMii Daly'a brillunt l>rum.t of so.doiy, in dvo ajui. emitted "DiVoTtOEl" livery scene new, by M r. .lainc* < Ntw and origin nl m'M'c. by Marvc y uudirnr n. Kurnlltirn ? la male M Agui Joe u i f j.n'U. Alfred Adrlanw, who warded n atr aco as a-i episode u .d .oun.l it la e nr. (Ii orge Olarta Cai>Uiu l.vii If. u J in n -c I, ill ioed, and a iriend in iih> wj?. ur. Loui? J*iacr? Ray. Ilarr/ nunflh, Bueci-asor to the Ma tyra, Mr. i*. l\ ltin?"olJ Do Wolf dc Wilt, nn excellent au liority on the luaaiiKermiit oi wi*e- ir. Win. wavidga TcuivkMun Jin, Kiij., ol' the Now York Bar, M i JniiKn lie wit Mr. Uarritt, ex policeman and iirivatc detect ve, _ Mr Gharlos ?,l*li?r Pam, hh partner .Mr J. a. Muckay Jud^u Keuiy, u rollc ot tli 1 liwt itenerution. Air. D. V, hltii?g Dr. l.aii'c. lalo ol Ulootniiigdalc Asylum, ? ' Mr. Onorso Do Vera Jim, with a new ?y stom of naUralizi.i,: a. I n . Mr. Owun H'awc<ti ftichard, AilrianseS min Mr, 0. Carr ?il Clin- one ol the o.n.iti i|>. ited. Mr. Kran ChuinnM (luim'H, another ui the a import Mr. W. It t-Kiuan Wedding (Aleut*. Viti ors, <Vc Mrs. Ten Eyck. a mother o: .-o 'ieiy, who h;?s pro v tied well lor her two daughter*. .. . Alias I .imiy Moraat Miss Lu leu i'.yct, who ni.ulo .ho N. w,>ori Aiau Ii, Miss Funny i uvenpurt Miss Fanny Ten Kye.K, who cot tho best oat oh ol the Reason, alter Mil Mi:.g OUra Morria Grace, "Our niece." lur Wiiom we in'ist llnj ?ono thiiigal'ter the dear g.ris are provided tor, Miss Linda Dicta Flora Penflold, a bud in the Florida Qrovn >, Miss Sarah Jowett Mr*. Kemp, tho partner of the re?lc.. Mr. Gilbert Kittv Crosbie, who is sa.islWd wn.h tier own ' "way" Aiihn Roberta Norwood Molly, the Maid. Miss Nellie M or. nncr Jotmy Mis* Griflil.i* Alfred, a child AdmIc KYNllP-H. ACT I. -Scene? Mrs. 'ten i.?ek'? City Rosidenco m Wa verley place.? i Holier ts.) 'Miven In marriage. AC r 11.? Scene? AltTtrt Adrianse's Summer l<od^e oa Long Imand, wuh View ol the Sound bv suiimsI and jMowii light.? ( oberts.i The .-trite Begun." AIM' III.? Sooue l-vtrs. Ten Eye It *9 Country Manor up the Hudson.? (Roberts). "the Curse of In cr^rence." Scene 2? At Uie Inn. " I'he Detective's Km ort." Scene .'t? At Mr:*. Ten Kyck's. "i'he lluslmnd Takesthe Law in Ilia Own Man Is." ACT IV. ? ^ I? St. Augustine, Florida. The *14 Spanish town ? (Robert'*), 'i'wo purposes." See no ii? 'tho Old Convent Hums. "The Law Retal iates," ACT V.? Scone? Elegant Parlors at Do Witt's, in New York ? (Dullocq). "The Dirorood." DIVOROK MATINRR Saturday, nt 1 % o'clock Mr. DALY bees to announce lhat the revival of l?I VOROE will b? followed by the produo Ion (tor the tlrsi time on an v stage) of a New and' Original flay, of Power ful Emotional character, lor which extraordinary prop aratlon la being made. G ???? Scats may be secured nine, days in advance. RAND OPERA IIOUSK. CURTAIN RISES AT i. Mr. AUOUSTIN DALY Solo Lessee and Manager EVERY EVENINO ANT~SATTIitl)AY MATINKB, UNDER ThK GASLIGHT. AUGUSTIN DALY'S taiuous realistic, local ana conten poraneous sensation il llrimi, with its thrilling ordinal RAILROAD SENSATION lit and the great realistic PIER SCENE! !t Mrs. JOHN WOOD PEACH hLoV'SIM ? (Her lost night* in America.) MATINKE SATURDAY, AT HALF-PAST ONE O'CLOCK. Mr. Daly l>cgn to annouucc that lie has enguged the world-lumoun A rtlit, Mr. CHARLES FECHTER, lor it limited number of beginning on Monday evening, April M, iu In* iiiaguillcont realization of Dumaif romuntie hero, MONTE CRI8TO, which will he given with a moat extraordinary cast and with u per foot mlbti-eii'scene. Box Sheet open lor Lite entire flrst week on Thursday morning, April 17, at H A. M. NIBLO'S GARDI'N. VOKES. Lc.vm-cs unil Managers.. IARRETT A PALM KB TWO PERFORMANCES TO-OAY. TWO PERFORMANCES TO-DAY. AFTERNOON AT 2. EVENING AT 8. AFTERNOON AT 2. EVENING AT 8. EN<JA<<EMKNT FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY (by special arrangement with Messrs. Shook and Palmer). THE V O VOKES E Family FAMILY, Miss VICTORI A' VOKES, MUs JESSIE VOKES, Miss ROSIN A VOKES. Mr. FREDERICK VOKES, Mr. FAWDON VOKES. These celebrated Vocal, Musical, Terpslehorcan, Uuiqu* anil Eccentric Artists will appear in the OREAT VOKES SPECIALTY, THE BELLES OK THE KITCHEN. THE BELLES OK THE KITCHEN. TlIK BELLES OF TIIK KITCHEN'. Introducing in the course of the piece HIGH TRAGEDY, LOW COMEDY, GEAND OPERA and BALLET. The performances of the Yokes Family will be preceded each evening by the brilliant Comedietta, ORANGE BLOSSOMS. by a select company iroin the Union Souare Theatre. BOX SHEET NOW OPEN. MATINEES WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT 2. I BLO'S GARDEN. FIRST MATINEE. THE VOKES. THE VOKES VICTORIA, IN THE JESSIE. BELLES ROSIN A, OF FREDERICK, THE FAWDON. KITCHEN. TnjTS (WEDNESDAY) AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'CLOCK. NIBLO'S GARDEN. MATINEE. THE VOKES FAMILY, VICTORIA, JESSIE. ROSINA, FREDERICK, FAWDON. THE BELLES OF T1IE KITCHEN. TO-DAY AT TWO. TO-DAY AT TWO. N 34 TH STREET THEATRE, Thirty-lourth stroet, near Tblrd avenue. THE GREAT STAR TROUPE EVERY NIGHT. DRAMA, BALLET, FARCE. BURLESQUE. ALL THE SENSATIONS OF THE DAY. First Matinee onVuesday afternoon, April 22. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. THIS EVENING. DAVID GARRICK AND A COMEDIETTA Mrs. F. B. Conway, Mr. Frank Roche and company. Academy of music.-farewell of MLLK. MARIE AIM EE. THE QUEEN OF OPERA BOUFFE, AND THE NEW PARISIAN OPERA TKOUPB, The Most Successful organization on record. TWO NIG NTS ONLY AND A MATINEE. THURSDAY E\ ENING, APRIL 17, AT 8 O'CLOCK LA CiRANDE DUCHESSE. AIMEE, ROLAND, JUTEAU, DUCHESNE. FRIDAY, APRIL 18? LES CENT VIE RGBS, THE GREAT PARISIAN SENSATION. SATURDAY-GRAND MATINEE. AT 1. LA PERICBOLE. LA PERICHOLEL Admission, $1. Reserved scats, $1 50. Gallery, 90c. Boxes, $8 and $6. Seats secured at Academy and 7?>i and 114 Broadway. Academy.? farewell or aimer! * AIMEE In GRAND DUCHESSE April 17. AIMEBin LES PENT VIERGES April 18. AIMEE In her great role of PERICBOLE on 8AT U RD A Y ?\l AT IN B E, at 1 o'clock. . Brooklyn academy.? rurinstein? thomas. THURSDAY EVENING, April 17, POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE of the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. FINAL JOINT APPEARANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIENIAWSKI, and TIIEO. THOMAS, with his UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. Will be perforfbedt'lor the only time in Brooklyn, ?'RUBINSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY," by the "TIIEO. THOMAS ORCHESTRA," nnder the di> rectlon of the composer, Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. Scats ut Brooklyn Academy and at 114 Broadway. TnE OCEAN SYMPHONY IN BROOKLYN. THURSDAY EVENING. April 17, at8o'clock, FIRST AND ONLY PERFORMANCE, RUBINSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY. BY THE THEO THOMAS ORCHESTRA. under the personal direction of the composer, Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. NEWARK OPERA HOUSE.? RUBINSTEIN ANIJ THOMAS. FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 18, ONLY JOINT APPEARANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN. HENRI W I EN I AWSKI , anil THEO. THOMAS, With his UNRIVALED ORCHESTRA. Tony pastor's opera house, 201 bowery. CROWDED NIGHTLY FROM DOORS TO STAGE. JoHNNY WILLIAMS, the famous Clog Dancer. HUGH HAGOERfY, in his Dutch Songs and Sketches GOSS and FOX.ln their Comic Songs and Dances. BILLY PASTOR'S entirely new Comic Songs. CHARLEY WHITE'S Ethiopian Representation*. The New Drama-A BACHELOR'S TROUBLES. A MOST MAGNIFICENT BILL OF FUN. Friday evening ladies arc admitted free of all chargc. Mrs. jarley's waxworks, the cream ot wit, humor and fun, AT ST PETER'S HALL, West Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth avb. POSITIVELY FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, and FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 18. By the orlgianl Amateurs who have made these enter tainments so popnlur. Reserved seats at Pond's, 39 Union square; Sclilriner's, 701 Broadway; Ditaon's, 711 Broad way. P- HILHARMONIC SOCIETY, GENERAL REHEARSAL FRIDAY, April 18, 2<C P. M. CONCERT SATURDAY EVENING, April 19, 5 o'clock. ACADEMY OF MUSIC MR. ANTON RUBINSTEIN will conduct his "Ocean Symphony." Mil. HENRk WlKNIAWsKl, Solo violinist. Grand Orchestra under the leadership nt HERR CARL BE RUM ANN. HILHARMONIC SEATS (TWO) WANTED. AD "resi MUSIC ? RITIC, station D. P"d 1 AUSE'S CALICO SOIREE, ) Irving Rail. Thwsday, April 17th. 1R73. N'ATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. The Fortv-eltfhth Annual Exhibition of Pictures and Sculptures Is now open day and evening, Twenty-third street, corner of Fourth avenue. T. ADDISON RICHARDS. Cor. Hec'y N A._ Ci RAND BILLIARD EXHIBITION GIVEN TO-NIGHT T at GEORGE BELLEAN s Milliard Rooms, corner Tenth street and Broadway, by Cyrllie Dion and A. Gar nier, to conclude with fancy shots. C1ARD.? PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS. PIANO, ORGAN, ) Violin, (iiillar, Harp, Hinging. Harmony. 'J2 Clinton place, Eighth street. Established 1884. students' Jour uul am' o?ronlM? mailed. J, JAk W ATs?0*s . UitiMiUir.

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