Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1873 Page 2
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A* A ^ CITY REAL. ESTATE FOR SAI.K. Central. A-A.-A.-FOR RALE, AT A SACRIFICE. A ? first class lour story high stoop brown stone House, 2J.SX5H, 9ft foot Lot , on Went ?ide ot Madison avenue, nil feet south ol Seventy-iourth street; clear view to I'nrk ; three floors in hardwoud ; purler floor in cabinet work, by Pottier A styiuus, with library and butler'* pastry, mantel mirrors, Ac. Term* to suit. Good located Lots taken in payment. House open lor inspection. Inquire of owner, A. KLABER, 134 East Eighteenth street AM ADMIRABLY LOCATED FOUR STORY HIGH Stoop brown xtone Mouse, near Fifth avonite; very favorable College leaseliotd ; house in tine order; at a de cidedly low price. Owner determined to sell A. L. WILLIAM s a CO.. 128 Broadway. AN UNQUESTIONABLY ATTRACTIVE HOUSE IV East Forty-ninth street, close to Filth avenue, lour story brown stone high stoop, being completely over hauled ?l a largo outluv : a liberal discount until May 1. A. L WILLIAMS A CO., 129 Broadway A BEAUTIFUL IIIHH STOOP BROWN STONE HOUSE in Kort v-sixfh street, west of Slxlh avenue, most thoroughly built, exquisitely painted and frescoed and in complete order, at an exceedingly low urice. A L. WILLIAMS A CO.. 12* P road way. Anew, first class brown stone house and Lot oa Fifty -second mreet, m ar Fifth avenue, 2.r>xfiO. and two story brick extension ; lot 10J teet. Also one ad loiniug, same style, ?2xb8xlOO; prices reasonable. HOLLY BROS. A KISSAM, No. 0 Pine street_ N ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN sTONE HOUSE d. in Piftv-tourUi street, between Mmli-ou and fr ourlh avenues; finished in cabinet woods ; 2lxM; w-lll sell at a bursa in. Can be wen on premises or by culling on K. ZITTEL. 1,020 Third avenue. FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN STONE Uotisc for sale, at ;i low priee, on Thirty -seventh Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue* If. HUDSON Jr CO., 175 I itth avenue. A THREE STORY 31 FOOT HIOH STOOP BROWN atone House on that Mdeiidld block on Eaat Forty eighth street, iu?t ?a?t of Third avenue; very chcap If sold uiilek ; moiiev nil object S. FltEI! >ENK I' .1 A to.. 90f. and 90S Third avenue. A MOST ELEGANT HOUSE, MAGNIFICENTLY furnished iroin top to hottoin, for sale or to rent, on Thirty-ninth street, near Purk avenue; this Is onu oil he most exquisite establishments of its cla-m in the city; price J.O.UW . rent $6,000; tour story high stoop 'brown stone. JAMKS It. EDW Altl is, CD West Twenty-third st. Easy teems.? four story onio stone house. Fifty- ninth street ; three story brick house, $l<i,000, Eighty-fifth street, near Maili-on avenue. S. IlioMSON A SON, Third uvenue, neur Eighty-third street. ALEX. THA1N, 12 Pine street. FT ) It S A LE?A "bAROAIJT? ON "M URRAY HILL. 102 East Thirty -eighth street, one door from Park avenue, four story brown stone Dwelling, 2d.\.!WxlM.9; can be seen without permit from 9 to 1 and 2 to 5. CALLEKDER A LAURENCE, SO Pine street FOR SALE-FIVE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE high stoop Houses in Forty-filth street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. 200 feet west of Broad way; also three three sioiy brown stone high stoop Houses, IS) foet west of Eighth avenue, in Forty-fifth street, with renewals 60 years, Astor lease. Inquire on the premises or at 212 West Forty llllli slrct t. Four story ohio stone front house, west 129th street, near Fifth avenue? First class; all im provements; lully furnished; splendid neighborhood; will be rented for six months trom May 1. DIM; III .. PORTER A Co 2,30 ?> :M av and M2 Cedar at. Near fifth avenue, forty-first street.? Overlv desirable tour story high stoop stone Man sion. about 28x00xli'0, for sale extremely low ; easy terms; possession. V. K STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine street. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE ON MADISON AVENUE.? Elegant lour story high stoop brown stone 30-foot House, with splendid chandeliers, near Fifty-fourth street; finished iti hardwood; priee $45,000: terms easy. _ S. Flti.IDEN RICH ,V CO.. 906 and 90S Third uv_ WANTED? A CASH CUSTOMER FOR A HANDSOME four slorv brown stone House, on Murray Hill, at $25,000. Address LAWRENCE, Ilerahl Uptown Branch office. $38.uuu. four story high stoop private Residence, near Madison avenue, on East I'l:ty-thlrd street, north Side, in most beautiful order. PACE A McCAFFEBTY, Fiitli avenue, corner Fifty-second stresl. ^ ?DECIDED BARGAIN, ELEGANT East Hide. A C.EM AT A BARGAIN? IN THE BEST STREET IN Harlem. 35 l< ct from Lexington avenue, three story and basement hluh stoop brown stone House. Irix4.r>xl00 feet; finished In walnut, ash and Dine; fine marble man tels throughout ; must he seen to he appreciated. Call on Owner, 146 East 127tli street. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.? FOR SALE, IN A good business location, two Houses and Lot, 140 Moil roe street, earner of Jefferson. Inquire of the owner, P. FICK, 2W sixth avenue, corner of Fifteenth street BARGAIN TO CASH PURCHASER.? THE THREE story high sto* p brown stone House 7.'W Lexington avenue, inllv furnished : must be sold lfnmedlately, as the owner is going to Europe. Apply to HOMER MOROAN, No. 2 Pine street. ? FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, 29 EAST BROAD way; good business location ; Rutgers lease; (dieap for cash. VV. H. FALCONER, 1U0 Fourtli avenue, near Twelfth street. IrtLEOANT I- OUR STOP.Y BROWN STONE HOUSE, Li on Madison avenue, near Hepworth's church; treat bargain; no brokers. Address URGENT, box 200 lerald office. Ti'OR SALIC? 16 EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET? I? Four story brown stone lront, high stoop, all mod ern Improvements; between Madison and Fifth avenues; lease CO years. Inquire on the premises. EtOU SALE? A THREE STl>RY FRAME HOUSE, WITH lull lot; hot and cold water; 159 East 127th street, between Third and Fourth avenues, Harlem ; price $8,800. Inquire on tliaureiulscs. or of WILLIAM (IKK, corner of Elm and Frtmxiin streets. New York. $3,000 down. For sale? harlem-a two story frame cot tnge, with garden; lot ,17.6x100. 11; in I24th street, between Fifth and sixth avenues, and near Mount Morris Purk; house contains gas, bath and closet*. Apply at 161 Duatie street F~~10R SALE OR TO LET? THREE HANDSOME SMALL four story brown stone Houses, on Sixty llrst street, between tilth and Madison avenues, near Park entrauec; open every da \ . D. A J. JARDIN'E. Architects, 1,269 Broadway. TMOR SALE OB fO LET? A FIRST CLASS FOUR .T story high irtoep brown stone front House on Lexlng ton avenue, between Fifty -eighih anil Fitiy-ninth streets. Apply at the ollice of J. BE (a EL, 410 Broadway. IltOB SALE OR TO LET? FOUR STORY BROWN stone House 161 East Forty-sixth street, fully fur nished; price $20tfi00; rent $175 per month. J. Mt RE PON. 91 Fulton street. EMRST CLASS EXTRA SIZE HOUSE AM) LOT FOR salt ? On Gruinercy Park; one ol the most complete and modern improved houses, with extended dining room, two stories high, and butler's pantry ; house per fectly modern, flu i- lied n bard wood, frescoed, painted antl mm. -li? 1 in a costly manner. Apply t> HOMER MORGAN, No. 1 Pine street. / J RANT HOUSE. 44, 46 AND 4H NEW BOWERY, FOR U sale? Reasonably, or I a-t , tor respectable families; seven stories high over 100 rooms; stores, basements and vaults. Apply at 26 Third avenue. VJ"ORTII\\ EST CORN R .-U.VENTY-FoU RTI1 STREET li and Madison avenue, near Lenox Library. ? House extra sized, with bay windows; llrst elas? In every respect; built for owner ; terms easy; 70 percent may remain ; balance in yearly payments or hi Lots or House' unin umbered. Apply on premise*. \TERY DESIRABLE? ONE LOT ON SIXTY-SEVENTH street, running through to Sixty-eighth street, be tween Mndisuii an I Fifth avenue , w ill be sold cheap this week. Also 100 loot square on Third avenue, corner of Sixty -seventh street Many other cheap Lots. Call and satisfy yourselves. s. FREIDi.NKICH A CO.. 91*6 a id 9$ Third avenue. on AVENUE, M Mt EIGII I V si \ Til STREET.? FOf It O Lots, with Corner, lor sale nt a great bargain; easy terms. F. G. A D. BRoWN, 90 Broadway. QQD STREET, NEAR THIRD AVENUE.? A HICK OO three story high stoop brick House, arranged for two families, with all lmroveinenfs, to be sold cheap; terms to suit. NAFIE A ANDREWS, 1 5H Third avenue. OOO EAST FORTY KIGII I II 8 I RI ET ? F< IU It _ ?> stir* bi^-'i stoop blown stone ; first class order ; furnished tlirougiioutt best block east ol Third avenue; price $ 11,000; ti nil ? u.-.. Apply to L. WKN'DEL.SON, 7ti Nassau street. Q7 { W Wl arli.m -a neat two story <lP i .lMM/, brick Hou-e worth iS.000), within n min ute nt both steamboat lines; has all the improvements; liejgnb.ii !i d u:texi ipttonable. Apply on the premises, 526 12iiih -Hi ct. Went Sltlv, ABtXICIIKAP AND WATKR RTOHT, WITH ONE hnlt Meek, lor ?nle or to lease tor a term of years, run III trom Thlrtee lltli avenue to Went *1 rest. K I.. .* B. T. III. KNIIAM.aWI Hudson street. A" -I'llli' ."AMi" AT A BAROEIN. 4 l.OTS, NOR'IIL ? west corner avenue St. Nicholas ami I list street. II. IIODSMN A CO., 17J Filth aveunc. THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE ANI> Lot mi Amity street, near Mercer street; price reasonable ; term- easy. HOLLY BROS. A KJSKAM. So. 0 line street. A THREE ST' ' It V lll'JH STOOP BRICK HOUSE J\ iiii.l I. nt on thirteenth street, near Eighth avenue ; price #f.,ao 1 1 Il.l.v nuns-. Si KISsAM, So. 6 Pine street BOULEVARD Inf.-? FOB SALE. FOUR FINELY situated I. 'r i. i l V'th street, west of Tenth avenue. to u i . jnUN ijn, corner Greenwich and Des liro??eS Streets. Building i ors-ox 1 1, i v sixth Whim, West ? m l' "? " ? i xi |ian?e tor food eltv ?<" ? ? LEVI, No. 7 War ren street KALE? HALF HI.ih K COMPRISING IB LOTS), trotillim oil \\ asliingtiUi, Wot and Hubert streets, togeibvr wit li In,) feet valuable bulkhead; tliis is the largest plot to be had in low. , oi , ny . terms easy. Address I A M ES I i i 1 . A coll f | inn) H utlsoa stree t. flOK SALE? MEDIUM SI/ED BROWN STONE Dwelling IS \\t st Kortv set mi street, la-tefuli\ e orated ; in Krteet order , prii <- ton- . terms easy, ffiouiro ot .1. CAMPBELL, Pacific Bank FV.K SALE-TWO PLOTS ; ON E ,'SJX tUU FE !?? I ; ( iN E 75*KW feet, on and near Ki-(ht\ seventh wren Boulevard and B ver si to fan i e nought cheap it supiisd tor soon Inquire at 402 West Fifiy-tourtb street. Also several new House* tor sale cheap. Principals only II') It S a t E ? KOl'B ST< IRT B BOW N ST< > Ji K F I KST class House, on Thirtv-fltth street, between Fourth and Lexmeton n vennec sph ndid location: house ires coed; terim eu*y. Apply to WILLIAM KE.NNfc.LH, No. 4 Piue street. POtt SALE-' III.AP. FRONT AND REAR HOUSES, UN Molt street. Apply to J. J DUNCAN, 9(1 White st. I/IOR HALE? A 22 FOOT FROST FIRST CLASS HOUSE, J* 8'< West FIHv tJprd street. roMWotd parlors, mir ror*, Inquire an premises or ol owner, 31b West Forty ?i*th street. F* )R SALR CHBAP-THBKE STORY AND BASE ineiit hiuh stoop House. WWest Thirty-ninth street, or will be let to a tfood tenant. Apply to J. J. Dl'M'KN, p) White street T*~hwood, M MINUTES to WALL STREET -DEHIR able twelre room Dwelling, stable. Br. ; It) lull lots of 1 and the Whole on very easy terms and at only ?36,ts,0. 'v K kTKV'ENsON, Jr., il i'liit street or 2*> tilth av. CITY HEAL ESTATE FOB SALE. Wtil liiil*. <fc,l ftfWt EACH. -TWO FULL LOT* ON 12CTH ipT.' 'UU street and one on I27tli street, . Seventh and Eighth avenues; 11 y terms. r. L. UICU. MON l>, Manhattau Bank, 40 Wall street. MlMTlinnrom. 4 BARGATN.-A NEW THRBB STORY BRICK A House. 2Ox3Mxl06, with crery Improvement; first clans neighborhood Apply ?t the offleo ol the late A.J. Walker, 112 John street. New v,,rk, lr>. to I ? to 2 o'clock. I7U)R SALE? FOUR RTOItY HKOWN STONE HIGH ' stool) House. 20x60*100. in Thirty -seventh street; hard wood: mm hie hall; new; can tm hoiiKht low. OGDKN A CI. A UK, Broadway, corner of Seventeenth st. rriiOSE WISHING TO ?BUY LOTS, NOT SUCH AS 1 every broker has got, hut lots belonging to parties who mean to sell or must soil, will do weli by culling on S. KKEIDENRICH A CO., 900 and 908 Third avenue. BROOKLYN I'llOI'KKTY FOE SAI.E A.NO TO LET. nHUbl BUM OifTfll IHItU I H lit N ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OK FULTON AV. AND BOERl'M ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TILL 9 F. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. * CARRIERS AND a"gKNTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A? TO LET? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS? BROWN STONE ? House 173 Reinscn street, near city Hall; all im provements. Apply to THOMAS B. BKKDELL, 300 East llHtll street. A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, FIRST CLASS IN every respeet ; built by dav's work ; splendid loca tion, within three blocks ot the main entrance to the Park; will be sold eh<??p it uppllcd tor at once, as the owner is about retiring Iroin business. Inquire of JOHN DONO VAN^ M St. Mark's avenue, Brooklyn. A BARGAIN.? A NEW THREE STORY BRICK House, 20x3rixl0ti, with every Improvement; tirst clam neighborhood. Apply at the ottlee of the late A. J. Walker, 112 John street. New York, Iroin 12 to o'clock. A CHEAP HOME IN BROOKLYN? ONLY $rt,780; two Lots, AOxlUO, nnd House, live rooms anil cellar ; peaeli and pear trees and shrubbery ; on east side Clasoti avenue, 125 leet north ot Laturettu ; 30 minutes from Ful ton or Catharine ferry by l>e Kulb avenue cars. Owner, aNDER.-^ON, .'19 St. Mark's avenue, belore 9 A. M. ; or No. S Exchange court, New York. Brooklyn heights.? three story furnish. ed Mouse to let, tor six months; all improvements', a delightful summer residence; newly fitted up; rent same ns unfurnished. Inquire at A3 orange street TTVtR SALE? NEAR PROSPECT PARK, Mi PROSPECT J place, a fine three story and basement double frame House and Garden; house 37lax38; modern improve ments ; ground C2>jxl31 ; choice Irntt, Ac. ; H00 leet from grand entrauce to the Park; surroundings, first class houses. Apply to F. D. NOR it IS, 31 DeKalb avenue, Brooklyn. I^OK SALE? ADAMS STREET, BROOKLYN, A THREE I sfory brown stone high stoop basement anil sub-cellar House; all improvements; in perfect order; rented next year at $850; price #7,300; part can remain on mortgage; must be sold this week; owner leaving the city. Address WIDOW E K, box 20M Herald ottlee. I poll SA LE? $5,nt)0? TWO STORY BASEM 10 N'T AND sub-cellar high stoop I'hltndclphia brick House, 20x40; lot 100; 9 rooms, ."> marble mantels, bath room, hot and cold water, stationary tnhs, Ac.; house in splendid order; must be sold, owner leaving for Europe. For particulars iuquirc on the premises, M0 Clinton street, Brooklyn. FIOR SALE? A NEW, FIRST GLASS HKOWN STONE House. In the best location in the Nineteenth ward, 1.11 Koss street, between Bedford anil Leo avenues, Brooklyn, E. 1).; must be sold. Ini|iiirc on the premises. For sale-at a bargain, the neat two story high stoop and basement House, situuteil at 174 Dean street; would exchange for a low-priced House in New York, or Lots. Inquire at L19 West Thirty-seventh street, New York. IjlOR SALE OR TO LET? THREE STORY BRICK II House, 25 feet Ir. nt, ltl'.l Baltic street, between Henry and Clinton, Brooklyn; very pleasant neighborhood : six minutes' walk from South terry ; price $12,000; rent $900. Owner can be seen on the premises, or at 00 Broadway, room 7, New York. * HANDSOME nODSE (COST NEARLY $12,000 TO build) and Plot 100 feet square, on one of the must commanding positions in Brooklyn, near Broadway, Myrtle and Do Kali) avenue car lines; fine fruit. Mowers, grape arbors, Ac. ; one of the most desirable homes in the city ; will be sold low and on easy terms. Particulars with JERK. JOHNSON, Jr.. 21 I'ark row. New York. Took at this.? you can buy or rent, on J very reasonable terms, the first class three story, Ac., brown sfotte House 355 Pacific street; frescoed ceilings and ail modern improvements. Sec owner, tit .'Mi'l Pacific street, or *PA FA HO A CI. A I'P, li'H Itemseii st.. Brooklyn. T KT-$hi<0-Iii:iCK HOlSK, 7H FEET FROM LI K lJ avenue, Brooklyn, in Hayward street; all improve ments ; 1& minutes from ferry l>y cars. ALBERT DAY, 08 Wall street. rro LET-IN A BUSINESS LOCATION. CONVENIENT 1 to ferries, Ac., car route, on the northeast corner of Main anil Water street* (No. 3ff?, suitable lor anv kiwi of business. Ini|iiire of tlie owner, B. W. FEKLEY, on the premises. Brooklyn. Haa been natt us a Hqttot store. rro LET? A HANDSOME PRAMH house, vi.\nsaui> L root. vestibule door* and every modern improve ment. in best part of Twenty-tlrst ward, Brooklyn, near l Macon street. Apply to TiiOS. BEWLEY, 00 Broad street, I New York. I rno LET-NEAR HAMILTON PERKY, WITH OR 1 without Steam Power, n well Iif?htcil seconit floor Room, WxM feet, with (rood entrance. Apply at SOUTH BROOKLYN S IE A M ENOINK WORKS, corner Summit ami Van Brunt streets, South Brooklyn, or to S. EDI>Y A CO., Brokers, No. 1 Park place. New York. TO LET? THE FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE I Dwelling* 4R"-> anil 171 Tomnkin-i avenue, near Fulton street. Brooklyn,' all improvements; rent *800. Applv to owner as above. TO LET? FURNISHED. THREE STORY ANI> BA8E meni brick House, 12 rooms; convenient to terries In Brooklyn. E. 1). ; rent $H5 per month. Inquire ut 212 Broadway, New York, room fl. TO RENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOl'SK, FUR 1 nLshed or unlurnishcd, 380 Clermont avenue, Brook lyn, located between two ear routes trem Fulton terry. Apply to F. W. WOODS, 303 Fulton street. rpo BENT? m COLUMBIA HEIGHTS? SMALL X three -too- nnd basement brown stone; all improve I ments; rent $l,i&). Apply un the premises, trotu to It) a. M., or iiom iu to 3, at 20- Broadway, room 7. WILLIAM TUM HR1DOE. | "irERY DESIRABLE NEW HOUSES IN THE WEST 1 > purt ot Brooklyn: all the modern improvements i I rents very low. BLACKWELL A CO., fiS Liberty street. t 1 "Wl ? TO RENT, 847 HERKIMER STREET : TWO ?It I ? )' s',,rv and attic frame House : gas, bijtli ; ntno rooms; one block from Fulton avenue cars. Apply at 10 ; Park plm, New York, tip stairs. *gfln ,\ YF. Alt? A NEW TWO 8 TOBY AND RASE , q)<)UU ment Philadelphia trout House, with all modern improvements, on Park avenue, tiilrd house [ t rom Broadway, Brooklyn; 15 minutes irotn ferry. Ad- ! ! dress K. 0. A CO., box lftl Herald Uptown Branch office. I I dfc t 70a ?NINETEENTH WARD, BROOKLYN; ? i i|o", very cheap; three story brick, 9 rooms with modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser Apply to VVM. O. SUMNER, Hi Broadway, Brooklyn, E. 1)' dkC fWtA WILL BUY CHEAP THREE 8TORT ??LUi'o brick House: modern Improvement*; eight blocks to ferries; 13 rooms: halt cash. O. V. HoLcQME, *7 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. D. AS 7B/I WILL PURCHASE A HANDSOME TWO O"'. I ?)"' story, basement and sub cellar briek House, with all improvements, near the ferries. A bargain. D. F. CUR LEY, 12 Centre street, N. Y. &A "WWi WILL BUY FIRST CLASS BBICK House; 10 rooms; improvements; near lerrl?>; terms easy; location Nineteenth ward. O. V. HOI.COM 11, H7 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. <j?f' WILL BUT A FIRST CLASS NEW THREE ?O.'JUU story corner brick House in Lee avenue. : Brooklyn, every modern improvements neighborhood unexceptionable; only or SI, two cash required. SUMNER A PIERCE, 34 Park row. &7 WII-L Bl'Y ?IilrK HOUSE; 13 if I rooms; Improvements; near ferries; de sirable location: a good investment. O. V. HOLfOMIJ, St Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. WESTCHESTER (Ot'STY PROPERTY ^ FOR MALE A\D TO RENT. ^ \ BEAUTIFUL FARM OF 30 ACRES, KNOWN AS 1 . \ the Baisley Farm, situated iu the town ot New Ito. | cholle. on WcV mun's avenue, within IB minutes' walk ! i from depot ; house, barn and plenty of fruit, with good 1 sprliiK water. Will be sold at public auction, on tho premls ?*, on Friday, April 2S, 1873, at 2 o'clock P. M. term- ot -ale -10 p< r cent on day of snln ; 30 per cent in .'SO s, w Inui deed will be deli vered ; bala nee ot 90 per cent can rcmani on mortgage at 7 per cent, payable semi-an nually Kor particulars applv to J. A 1. PEARSALL, Iff! Front street, New York, or J, 1*. ROBINSON, Auctioneer, I New Rocliello. I AT YONKERS, THIRTY MINUTES FROM FORTY 1 \ second street ? l or sale, a first class Residence, con taining JU rooms, with i very modern improvement; 0110 acre or ground, beautifully laid out in lawn and garden; 1 first Class stable and carriage house; will exchange lot i New York or Brooklyn Holism. 1 s. 811 KFBERD, l^i Broadway. 4 ? KOR SALE, AT HCABBOROUQH, A LARUE I J\ . double House, with about 0 acres of ground, one 1 mile ftom Sing sing depot nod one mile from Scar borough ; location verv healthy; spring water brought into kitchen ; fruit of ail kinds; Ice pond ; outbuild ings; will be sold ou can terms anil very low price. T. S. SHEPHERD, 1?*1 Broadway. 4 LAROE HOUSE, WITH CARBIAOE HOUSE, AND 1 J\ ice house fllie.l, and six acres of ground, covered I with truits ot all kinds, to rent lor two or three years; rent olilv $1,2< JO per annum. Apply to WALTER I N DKKIIILL, Yonkers, N. Y. A FEW FUR IS 11 ED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSES J\ for sale or to let, in Yonkers. E. L. A B. BURN HAM, Got* Hudson street. New York. t r DO BBS' FERRY, ONE MILE FROM lit DM IN i\ River and one hour Irotn tirand Ccnty.1 depot, this eltv, a niee Country seat: ample grounds, fine old shade trees, with exauisfte river and landscape views; rent *1,0110. I) o. BRADLEY, 80 Broad street, room ii. \ LARtll: LINE OF OOOD LOTS AND VILLA PLOTS, J\ in vicinity of Fordbam, Jerome and We-t Farms, for sale very cheap ; aanexntioii to city, rapid transit and projected lines 01 ratlroud* will insure great increase in value in a short time. P. L lRILLAKD, 16 and 1H Chambers street, New York. \ COUNTRY BOTBL ro LET? MAR THE HIGH iV Bridge, pood business; will give lease at low rent to a good business man. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. 1/OR SALE ? IN WKSTCRESTF.R COUNTY, A TWO F story Cottage, 12 rooms, all furnished, new carriage house, one acre ol ground, fine garden, with choice fruit of ult kltuls ; stage from tb? door twice a day, the furni ture is worth $1,500, price for at' S3, SOU. terms to suit. Ap. plv lo It. O. FARMER, corner Canal and Washington streets, lor three days. ? WE8TCII BSTER COUNTY PROPERTY ?.t._ FOlt SAL.E OR TO KENT. ARRTTOWN.? TO LET, A NICK PLA CE OF TWO acres; house, 13 rooms ; trull abundant One river T view ; carriage house, Ac, ; rent (1,0(10. John WEBBER, KB Grand at Btreet, corner Bowery. TO LET? ON VALENTINE AVENUE, POBDIIAM, nice HoBH) fruit garden; 10 City Lot*; marble man tels, dumb waiter. II rooms, with carriage houM', stable ?<>r two horse*; eight minutes from depot, Inquire of M. W. COLLINS, 28 Went Eleventh street, New York. rpo LET? A LARGE HOUSE, HANDSOMELY Fl'R X n I shed; stable, variety Of trult, and about three acres of ground ; situated on Broadway mid Seventh street, Morrimtma; eouvenient u> steaiu ami horse cars; rent $1,600. Apply to J. G. BARNUM, Irving Place Ifotel, Irving place, comer of Fourtoanth street. New York. rro LET, AT Y< >NKEE8.? NEW HOUSE, FRENCH J roof, with tower, 15 rooms, till improvements, ample grounds; three minutes from boat, five minutes in. in cars; extended river view; very dcmrablu location', rent, $1,500. Apply to JAMES 8. FITCH, 10 South Broadway, Yonkers, or to OTIS BROTHERS A CO., .518 Broadway, New York. TO RENT? FOUR NEW STORES, IN TIIK GETTY Hou>e liiillding, city of Yonkers. Will lie completed Mav 1 ; suitable for any o' the following kinds ot business: ? Dry goods, crockery, boot ami shoe, clothing, fancy goods, jewelry, lints and caps, oarpots and oilcloth, millinery, confectionery, lanev groceries and fruits. Inquire ol PARTINGTON A ROCKWELL, No. 1 Getty House, Yonkers, N. Y. V*ONKKRS.? FOB SALE OR TO LEASE, BRICK L House, within five minutes from depot, containing 10 rooms and kitchen extension ; gas, furnace and range : spring.'and cistern water in kitchen ; all In good order ; lot 30x1110. For further particulars apply to GEO. W. PUT NAM, opposite railroad station. ?\7"ONKERS. ? CHEAP] A HANDSOME, NEW, WELL 1 built convenient House; containing 10 rooms ; well located, within 13 minutes' walk of station; a genteel and pleasant homo for a desirable tenant, at a very mod erate rent Address IJOUSEOWNEK, Herald otllce. 4') Kflfk CASH WILL PURCHASE A CORNER wmiOvU over 100 feet square, only two blocks from Central Morrisania depot ; good location and neighbor hood. -7 Barclay street, sixth iioor. JER8KY CITY, EIOIIOKEN, 1HJOMON CITY AND II EE <? EN HEAL ESTATE. ,, To l>ct or LeaiCi A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A LIVE BUSINESS man.? To let, at Jersey City, a first class Corner for restunrant or liquor business, good spot on the main busi ness street, near all the terries and railroad depots; low rent to a good tenant. Apply immediately to J M. GIB SON, Auctioneer, '.'7 Montgomery street, Jersey City. TO LET-NEAR MARION STATION, WEST END OF Jersey City (forty trains dally, steam or horse ears), an elegant Cottage, stories, all modern improvements, 12 rooms three lots ol ground: rent $640. JAMKS It. DEV. tlC Cortlandt street, New York; THOMAS AL DR1DGE, near Court House, Jersey City. PROPERTY OUT OK THK CITY FOR BALE OR TO REST. A T FLUSHING? FOR SALE OR TO LET, A VERY J\ l nice Cottage, 11 rooms, with about seven City Lots, tilled with fruit ; near depot ; terms very easy. J. L. STEELE, flushing, L. I. A COTTAGE HOUSE TO RENT, *860; ONE, $500; also furnished House, $600; one, $A)0; one, $1,000; oil having stables and plenty of ground; pleasantly lo cated on New Jersey Central Railroad. J. C. FREEMAN, 1G2 Broadway. A FARM FOR SALE? ON MIDLAND RAILROAD, N. J. ; 22 miles; best farm in the township; very high; choice laud; living springs; fine water power; new house; large barn; carriage home ; granary; saw mill; abundance fruit; trout pond; absolutely no chills or mosquitoes; near store, church, school, lintel, Ac. T. S. sil kl'HKKi , isi Broadway. A HOTEL FOB SALE? FAIRPIE&D HOUSE, PA I IV fleld. Conn., to close the estate of the late lewis F. Cleveland; furnished complete. Inquire on premises or of W. W. STlil'H KNSON, 247 Broadway, room 22, N.Y. A ?TO RENT, FULLY FURNISHED, ON CASTLE j\ . ton Hill, near West Brighton landing, statcn Island, a commodious Residence, with s able and exten sive grounds ; the house Is ready lor Immediate occupa tion, and is provided with balh, water closets, stationary tubs and nil conveniences; stago passes the door; rent low. Apply to JOHN MoDONALD, No. 6 Battery place. A COUNTRY STORE WILL BE SOLD CHEAT TO clo-e an estate; JO miles from city, on a live railroad, for $5,500; terms easy. Inquire of C. F. COMBS, lti Broud way, room 21. A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET-NEAR NEW YORK cltv. or for sale. S. C. SMITH, owuer, Frankfort House. 202 William street. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN ISLAND? TIWSUR xV passed locations, Houses, nil improvements; rents $460, $600, $75 1, $1,2011, $2,500 year; furnished, $100, $150. $.tm $.100, $500 i non 1 1 1 for Summer; some with billiard rooms, stables, extensive grounds. W? A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street. A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET-FORTY ROOMS; splendid Summer resort; fine grounds, large shade trees; near New York; cheap rent. ? WARNER .t CO., No. 8 Dey street, room 31. AT NEW BRIGHTON? ?0 rent, a gentleman's House, furnished, 13 rooms, billia d room, flue stables, cow pasture, gardens; view unsurpassed. Also one unfurnished House, at reduced rent, with ull modern linorovemcnts; fine surroundings. O E. DUNCAN SMFFEN, 130 Broadway. AT ELIZABETH, N. J.? FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE, for House on west side, a noat double frame Dwo'l ing, containing II rooms, and every modern improve ment; with burglar alarm ; handsome gas fixtures and shades to every window. Lot 60x145. concrete walks, lawn, fountain and an abundance ot truit; convenient to depots. Price $15,500. J. M. MEEKER A SONS, 223 Broad street, Elizabeth, N. J. A NEAT HANDSOME COTTAGE AT SUMMIT N. J., to rent cheap to a Rood tenant; location ploasant mid healthy; large garden and a variety of fruit; within three minutes' walk of the depot. Apply to THOMAS L. HOLLO, 90 I'ark row, room 1, New York. 4 FARM OF Sfi ACRES, GOOD BUILDINGS, c\ orehar.l, Ac.; beautifully located; ljy, miles irom Wyckoff station, N. J. Inquire of Dr. KENNEDY, 122 East Tenth street. \ vilia^co nsisti no ok onfTlarge DWELLING XX. house, outbuild ins, three hothouses and splendid tuirk grounds, comprising In toto 154,1)00 square feet, is to l,e sold for Jti'-'.fttlO, which sum must be paid up entirely on account of the regulation of an inheritance; the villa is situated 20 minutes iroin Dresden and in the immediate vicinity ot the villa of His Roval Highness the Crown Prince of Saxony. For particulars address N. O.. 755, care of Messrs. Hiutsenstein A Voglor'g Advertising Agency, Dresden, Saxony. AN ELEGANT PR01'ERTY.-21 ACRES, NEAR Englewood, N. J., for improved city Property; modern Residence, furnished, 17 rooms; Cottage, Brooms, Appiv at7fi Chambers street. ? Belmont iiall, Richmond terrace, new Brighton. S. I., 03 rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to lease ; one of the most successful houses near the city. W. A. COLLINS, 23 Tine street. Beautiful cottages to let? in iiacicensack, Plidnfleld, Eloomfleld and all parts New Jersey. Send for printed description. E. M. MASON, No. 1 Chambers street. Beautiful pi ace on central a p? will sell low, or lease for term of ycirs; splendid lo cation for boarding house; also Cottages for sale or to l< t. JAQUEs, 2tis Broadway. /loMPLE TE LY AND E Le GANTI.Y FURNISHED House to rent? on Staten Island; Sfi minutes from New York; everything requisite for housekeeping without expenditure of a dollar; bid and table lin< n, china, glass, silver, cooking utensils, Ac., Ac. ; scenery unsurpassed ; location high and healthy; abundance of shade; large and elcgnnt grounds; handsome croquet ground ; gas and hot and cold water; rent SI 10 per mouth. Address W. I!. K., Herald office. / 10I NTRY RESIDENCES TO RENT? FOB SEASON oryear, at Plitinfleld, Scotch Plains, orange, Mont clalr, BlooinQeld and at other tleslrable locations In New Jersey; also at Yonkers, sing sin^:, Mount Kisco, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Rye, Portclnster and Stamford: several with water fronts; nice Cn'tnges $300 to $500 yearly. ^ S. IRELAND, M Broadway. /COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? FIVE MINUTES' \ walk troin the depot at Portchcster; house has 13 rooms, barn and stable, one acre of ground, shaded, rult. Address J. L. MOnHKIt , wienTlUt, Conn. /COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE- AT \ SACRIFICE, OR V.' to let, furnished, near Macomb's Dam bridge, tlve minutes troni Melro-c depot I >i<i uiru at 61)8 Brouuway, second iloor. KLEGANTLY FURNISHED Hoi -ii-AT ORANGE; superb location ; rent reasonable; near depot. In quire at 23 Centre street. "ElAims, STORE gi'ARiiii s. ri'.iiu u i.\ni>s and r town Lots lor sale bv \\ II, El \ it l!EES, Real Es tote Agent, Htroudsburg, Monroe county. Ps. li*ARM FOE SALE. 30 ACRES, snl l II SIDE, 1.7 I. ; r 12 miles from ferry, 30 minutes' time ; near depot; 2 miles from Jamaica ; tine hott-e and outbuildings, truifs, anil everything on the place tor a good home i>r Summer residence this Is o tell-supporting tarm ; price $l?>,u00. Address M. E. D., Herald I ptown Branch office, for oue week. T."' Alt MS FOR SAI.E- 0 ACHEs, ONE HOUR FROM r clt.v, price $1.0oo. 07 aer. , ??ek, crop ,.tc.. $S, 500; 120 acres. line dairy larni. $14, "Tin .iin m re*, good improve ments. $25, u00; also great vitricn in Orange, Rockland, Westchester and Dutchess counties atnl the best sections ?t New Jersey, from 2U to ."VO acres . s-%eral to exchange. H. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. L^INE FARM-ll*) ACRES. OOOD BUILDINGS; SIX r acres in cranberries; ull In tin. order; 21, hours from New York; $6, BOO t is Worth $- 1 0 i >? run to suit. _ DAK KIN, 50 Broad street. I/O I! SALE-AT CAI'E M V\ N I. HIE BEAUTIFUL r Cottage. siluatrtViwo bl... k- in in the Stockton House, consisting ol oik acre ot land, bounded by three street-, ' with Cottage Itirnlshed eompb-te ; stable ior two horses and unobstructed view oi the or. an; will sell In ex change tor improved | roperty ; onls cause of selling, death In the Inmilv. Apply to I >r. RICH, 619 Franklin street, Philadelphia, Pa. FWI BALE-MADISON, N J . HOUSE AND ABOUT ? l '4 acres ol Land ; hou?e new. with modern improve ments; well situated, opposite Drew Theological Senii nury. Fur ierius, which are reasonable, apply to FRANK l'llELl'S, lOfl Front street, N. Y. I/OIl SALE-ONE OF THE I INI >1 COUNTRY HOMES I on the banks of the Hudson, near Tlvnli, N..Y. ; ilie river and Oatsklll Mountain views irom this place are unci) nulled ; R<? acres ot improved I.nnd, upon which are native woods, a mansion house (n< ? ot s'oiie and brick, with French root, 52x50; also larue Cottage, it rooms; coach house and stables, barns, sheds, machine and car neuter shops: iccholtse tilled ; nil new, newly painted and in perfect order ; new private doi k; 3,U*t fruit tree* of bearing age; property well tin l< rd iMiiiei] ; tine wells of water ; no fever and ague here ; eieht or ten trains each wav daily ; churches mid schools near; stock mid Im plements sold it desired. Address c., box No. 9 Tivoll Pod office, N. Y. FV)R SAI.E-FIVR MINUTES from WALTON STA tlon, Northern liailroud ol New Jeraev. a neat Cot tage. with plot oi ground, fruit trees, ,te. ' Price $2,300. Address.' CoYTE A SON, ( ovtesvillo, N. J. l/<OR HALE-ON VERY EASY TERMS, AT BLOOM r Held, House, eight as; lot Iimx200; eight minutes from depot; price $",300; also oue at $.i,*>i. THOMPSON, 2oH Broadway. hH)R SALE-A BOUSE <T1 N ROOMS); LOT 111X100 }? it-n it and shade; one hour bv New Jersey Central

Railroad. I or lull dcscriptlou appl; to C. J. DAY, Broad way Bank, 237 Broadway. ,i PROPERTY Otrr OF THE C1TT VOR SALE OR TO RENT. EMMt S VLE-FOR $1,060, A GOOD TWO STORY BHU'K Mipusc, in the village of Jamaica, L. I.. $100 down it lid $l.r> monthly payments. ('nil mi GEO. ShIDMORh, in Jamaica, or E. B. STURGE8S, 135 l>e Kulb avenue, Brooklyn. IjlOR SALE? NliAT TWO STORY COTTAGE (SEVEN r rooms); two Lots; Ave minutes' walk from landing Stilton Island; sidewalks flagged; $-.VW ; easy pay ments. DARRIN, 50 Broad street I^OIl SALE? AT MAPLEWOOD, N. J., ONE ACRE, House 'cottage), iiarti, stable., good garden: best or fr.nt; hard and sotf water in house ; <6 minute- from New York, five minutes from depot; price $4,200: ii sold this week, $3,800; liulf cash. Owner, WllITCOMB, 241 Nassau street, Brooklyn, L. I. LK)U SALE? A PLEASANT COUNTRY COTTAGE ON I the banks of the Hudson, at Carthage Landing, con taining seven rooms, nice yard, garden spot; iruit in ahumluncc; nrice $1,110. Inquire ot G. W. HI NT, 103 ?Murray street, New York, or C. K. HUNT, Carthage Laud ing, N-_ Y. __ L"<OK KALE CHEAP ? A VERY DESIRABLE REST v deuce ; 9.57 a/', res ; (! minutes' walk of West Ell/.nheth depot, t intra! Railroad. Parties des ring n line country residence, as well as a first class investment, will do well to call at 85 Murrav street, New York, tor maps and par ticulars. F'lOK SALE OR LEASE? AT NYACK, N. Y., THE Commercial I)oek Property, suitable for the lumber nnd coal buslne**: office, scales and fixtures complete; freight landed sufficient to pay rent. Apply to TAYLOR A SMITH. Ileal Estate Brokers, Nyack. B^OIl SALE OR TO LET? AT PLAJNPIKLD, N. J., two new Houses, containing 10 and 11 rooms each, with all the modern Improvements; splendid location; within five and seven minutes' walk from depot. For further particulars address JS. C. M tJLPORD, owner, box 3W Post office, Plalnfleld. N. J., or WILLIAM N. CLEM, 16 Court street, room 6, Brooklyn, N. Y. I [ton SALE OR RENT? DWELLING HOUSE, WITH ' 11 rooms, large barn and carriage house, orchard, three acres of pasture, at Kainntown. N. J., four miles from Long Hrauch, five minutes' walk from depot. Ap ply to L. WHITE, Eatontown, N. J. IM RNLSIIEI) HOUSE TO LET? Till'. COUNTRY SEAT of General T. B. Van Buren, United States Commis sioner at Vienna, situate on Teuneek Ritlgp, near Eitgle wood, N. J., one mile trom Walton station ; house fully furnished and commodious; gas, hot and cold water, fur nace, billiard fable, piano, library, Ac.: large stable, out house* and cottage on grounds; lOacres in enclosure, con taining ornnmciitiil and fruit trees of every variety. Ap ply to L. B. BUNNELL, 71 llroa^wuy, rouin 99, or at Ills residence, near the premises. Long branch cottages to rent furnished: printed catalogues with full descriptions and special survey maps to be had at our offices. P. G. A V. BROWN, No. !*l Broadway, corner Wall street, and Branch office, opposite depot. Long Branch. MoRRISTOW.V.? TO Ill-NT FOR SUMMER, LARGE Mansion, It) rooms; modern improveiuents; two ncres: garden, fruit, stables; use of horse and cow. Ad f, box 1") Morristown, N. J. 0 RANGE, N. J., AT MONTROSE STATION? NEW complete Houses, superbly located ; IS rooms; every possible improvement; $9,500; rent, $90if. K. s. STALI.KN'Et'HT, 37 Nassau street. ORANGE, N. J.? LOW PRICES, EAST TERMS; POUR hundsoine Residences; location liiKh : very healthy. Ji. P. SMALL, 111 Liberty street. ORANGE, N. J., AND VICINITY SPECIALTY.? Great variety Property for sale, rent or exchange. I. II. GERRY, 39 Nassau street, corner Liberty. Cuil lor rent and sale catalogues. ORANGE, NEW JERSEY? BARGAIN.? FOR PALE, beautiful House, 12 rooms, piazzas, bay windows; on" ncre; very healthy; depot two miles." Owner, 45 Seventh avenue. ORANGE, NEW JERSEY? TO LET, HOUSE, EIGHT rooms, lawn, shade and fVuit trees, barn ; five acres: very healthy; depot two miles; rent $050. Owner, 15 Seventh avenue. PROF. nOItSKORD, ABSENT PGR THE SUMMER IN Europe, will let his Residence, furnished, on Shelter Island; 16 rooms; library, ovfer 1,000 volumes; Peeonic Hav within toft rods of tho house; boat, horses and car riage, new milch cow; garden, 6tt acres of lawn, 20 varie ties of cherries: price 91, OH) tor tho season. Apply to or address W. 55. KING, Groenport, L. I. PRIVATE RESIDENCE FOR RENT? LAROE PRI vate residence, situated on Sunswiek terrace. Asto ria. overlooking East. Kiver. comprising two acres of ground, In ported order; garden ; green house, stocked with rare plants; hot and cold graperies In IUII hearing; choice varieties of fruit trees: ice house, all filled; salt water hatll house ; stables tor four horses, carriage house, Ac. ; house Completely furnished and iu thorough order; will be let to a desirable tenant tor one or more years. HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 I'lue street Rare chance.? a choice farm of 57 acres in Bucks county (tho garden of Pennsylvania), for sale ; a bargain ; land is smooth, clean und rfch as a gar don; gooil substantial buildings, nice stone dwelling, large barn, wagon house, milk house, granary, piggery, hennery, Ac.; nice brook, splendid water; handsome orchard, choice fruit; only a quarter of a mile trom vil lage; daily mall; two miles from largo town. 38 miles from Philadelphia; milk and 12 passenger trains daily ; only 3>? hours from New York; price, including nil the crops nnd immediate ooaiession, only $0,500; terms $2,500 cash, balance very easv. Address GEORGE L. WALKER, Rich I and Ceti tre, 'Bucks county. Pa. QTAMPORD.? HOUSE TO LET. PARTLY iTRNTNIl Cj ed ; about an acre in fruit and shade trees; house in good repair. Apply to J. P. FELLOWS, 17 Maiden lane, TO BRICK MAKERS.? FIFTY ACRES OF YELLOW Brick Clay for sale; same quality as the best Phila delphia clav ; suitable for making the finest class of front pressed or face brick, equal tn every respect to the best Philadelphia or Baltimore front brick; situated on New York waters; freight to New York, about $1 05 per 1,000. Address box 2,815 Post office, Philadelphia. rpo LET? AT Cl.IFTON, 8. I., A COTTAGE. TKN 1 rooms, 15 minutes from ferry; high ground; rent fowl Apply to N. MARSH, No. 0 Howling Green. 'po LET? AT NF.W BRIGHTON. STATEN ISLAND, J large House, stable and Grounds, on Richmond ter race. throe minutes from binding; rent $1,200. Apply to TAYLOR A SI'ISARN'S, H3 Pino street. rpo LET-ONLY $20 A MONTH AND BOARD FOR 1 owner and wile, a nicely furnished Cottage with all modern improvements, on the banks of the Passaic; within ono hour of City Hall by Erie Railroad ; to a small respectable family. Inquire of or address ENCIP, No. 8 Warren sttoet, up stairs. TO LET-FOR THE SUMMER SEASON, A IIAND somc Cottage at l ar Rocknway, L. I., furnished. For particulars apply at 210 East Nineteenth street, N. Y. mo LET ?AT TREMONT, 30 MINUTES PROM GRAND x Central depot, on elegant Cottage; half aero of ground, fruit and forest trees, barn, Ac. ; rent $500 a vear. D. o. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, roontt rpo LET?A FINE THREE STORY PHILADELPHIA I brick, brown stone trimmings, h'gli stoop, hot and eold water, buihrooni, Ac., all In good repair, together with a largo fruit garden; horse cars pass the dour, and only two blocks trom New York depot; rent low. For particulars apply to THOMAS MORTON, 528 Broad sin et, or 2'l5 High street, Newark, N. J. rpo LET? AT BLOOMFIELD, N. J.. OLD E8TABLISH I ed corner Store and Moat Shop, together or separate ; Fixtures complete ; barn and stable; rent very low. Ad dress, for Interview, J. R. I'., box IN8 lloruld office. rpo LET? AT RAVENSWOOD, L. I, THREE DESIR 1 able Houses, 8 to 12 rooms, conveniently located, near the steamboat landing. Apply to J. II. HOPKINS, 258 Broadway, rooin 12, from 1 to 3 1*. M. ; or at Ravens wood. rpo LET? AT 11 ASTINOS-ON-TIIE-HUDSoN, COT 1 t.igo, containing 9 rooms; pleasantly situated: threo minutes' walk iroin railroad depot; rent reasonable. In quire of 3, G. Do III.AN l>, near premises, or II. PRES ToN, BStfTourth street, Grccnpoint. rpo LET? AT PAIRMOUNT, NEAR IIARLEM, TWO I Cottages, convetiietit to city ; horse mid steam ears; rents low toKood tenants. W. H. CLEVELAND, 49 First street rpo LKT-FUBNI8HED, ON THE SOUND, AT BY 1 rain Point, 11 gentleman's Country Seat; 20 acres; hunting iiinl bathing; perfectly healthy; 20 utiles troin Grand Central depot, on New llavcu load ; runt, $1,000. Room -2, 'M Exchange place. q-^O LF.T? A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, FURNISHED, L delightfully anil healthily situated nt Garrison's, op site Wes' Point; 1ft minutes' drive from the depot ; eon tains 17 rooms ; hot and cold water, bathroom, 4c. ; Ice house tilled : carriage house and stable ; vegetable garden planted, t'rnlt, Ac. ; n< rses and carriages if prcsonr. coach man is hired. Apply to CHARLES O. SMITH, Cartage Office, Custom lluuse, New York. TO LET? AT STATES ISLAND, NEAR TWO LAND ing?, n comfortable House, with ten rooms and gag; good location and water view ; rent low. HITCHCOCK, .'>2 Broadway, room .11. rro LET-AT BLOOM FIELD, N. J., A MAG X I KICK N'T 1 Country Seal, one hour IVom New York; unsurpassed lor health; grand mountain views; house elegantly lur liishod, with one ot the iinest collections of oil paintings and statuary in the Mate; nearly aeven acres, with va in ty oi fruit and shrubbery; carriage housr and stables; will be rented till March I, 1M74, at $-i'0 per month; Dela ware, I.aekawanua and Western Railroad, loot Barclay street, 10 :H> train. Apply to W. C. BAVENI1ILL. [ rno LET? AT JAMAICA, LONG ISLAND, UNFUR 1 ni?hed, two gentlemen's Residence*; barns, out hoUs< s, trult, Ac, ; rent fflno per annutn. Apply to W1L LK'IT BRONSON, J) Exchange place. rTO LET? ON THE EE I F. KAILROAD, AT OLIFTON, 1 nWcinlnif Passaic, only 80 minutes ttom New York, Cottages from $2A per month to $'s); in sight ot depot, churcnos, schools, Ac. Apply to FISHER a CO., 13 Tboinas street, New York. rt'i LET? FOR THE SUMMER SEASON OK A YEAR, I a large, handsome Farm House, containing l!> rooms, all in the iinest order, on the north shore ot Long Island, w ith stable, carriage house, tine garden, irmt, Ae. ; is within 28 mill s of the city, accessible by land or water, ami is one of the finest country residences in the vicinity Of New York, inquiro ot WM. I. PRESTON, 12 Bridge streei. New York, ? rro LET? A LA HUE, WELL FURNISH ED MANSION, 1 situated on a commanding eminence, in the beautiful village ot Kcllev ill' . N. J., on th banks oi the picturesnuo Passaic; contains Iti large rooms, with all modern im provements; stable and carriage house, garden of six iter w Itll abundance of trull ; only 4"? minutes l rum Cn v llali. New York, by two railroads; 13 trains dally earn way. For full particulars apply to o. DEWITT, HKO. A t:o\ 90 John street, New York, or on the premises. riVo LET? FURNISHED, COUNTRY SKAT, DELIGHT L t ii 1 1 v located, at Castleton Heights. Staten Island; dwelling contains 15 rooms, gas, water, Ac. ; also line enr rliige house and several ai res ground ; view unsurpassed ; rent fl.Ow per year; possession May 1. Apply to A. joURNEAY, 'il LUpenard street. rpo LI T? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED HOUSE 1 at lenafly, N. J., Northern Railroad; good stable; flno drives For larticulars (no agents!, address ill- alt ii, box ill Herald Uptown Branch < -ni < ??. rpo LET OR Foil RALES?FOR HOARDING HOUSE, I institution or school, turnlslied or unltirtilshed. largo House ami Orounds, linely located, near l*rry, Vandrr bllt landing, Staten Island. GEoitGE .1. GREENFIELD, M Broadway. TO LET OR FOR SALE? AT PASSAIC, N J., MODERN House, all Improvemeau, n rooms, barn and two acres ot laud, plenty Iruit; low to a good tenant. PAItMLY, 'MfJ lluilaoii str?et._ TO LET. LEASE OR FOR RALE? A VERY FINE brick House, twelve rooms, all Improvements, newly R alnted. Large Plot, forner el A st or and Broad streets, ewark, N. J. J UUBUlT, 303 Ninth avenue, N. Y. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR HAI.E OR TO BEST. rne LEASE-TUB CASTLETON HOUSE, WEST 1 Brighton landing: house contain* 20 room* anu ran be flll.-.l Hammer and Winter. Apply on the premises, or W. W. PURDY; or of W. A. TYLER, 58 Broad street. New York. TO RENT? A KINK RESIDENCE NEAK I1ACKEN suck ; al-o rosy Cottage lit Tottenville, Stoten Island ; will exchange (or farm or Lots. Owuer, W. S. FltKhUN, Builder, (JJ and H2 Pine street. rpo ItKNT? IN NEWARK, A HANDSOMELY FITK. J. ni-hed House, near depot to New York ; 12 rooms; large garden; Hue location; moderate rent Apply a* above, 79 South street or to BREWSTER KISSAM, 331 Broadway, New York. r> RENT ? FOR THREE YEARS, A FURNISH ED Cottage and three acre*, on the edge of Luke George, near Fori William Henrv; rent $700 a year. In?|Ulre ol HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. rp<) RENT-AT HOHOKUB, ON TIIK ERIE RAILROAD, 1 one hour from New York, n plain House .and lour acres. with very line barn; locution one ot the most beautiful in the State; reut $350. Apply to owner, N. W. 1UKER, 44 Pine street. rpo RENT-AT WESTFIELD, ON THE JERSEY CEN 1 trul (35 minutes, always on time), nine House (11 rooms), cue-halt" ucre ol ground; Ave minutes from depot; reut $35 per month; immediate possession. _ HIKER, HESSE A CO.. No. 5 Pino street TCI HINT FOR TIIK SKA SON ? COUNTRY RE8I dencc, furnished, about fiO miles from the cllv. on llousatonic road; suitable for two or three families; lieuse lluely located; veranda on all sides; 14 rooms; or chards, lieautiful grounds, larm, carriage house, Ac.; terms moderute. Inmiire at I'J Broad street, room 52. ()AA ACRES OF LAND, 120 MILKS FROM NEW YORK, ?iUU one milo trom depot; church and schools near by; a good chance to make a farm; price $.0per acre; will sell part or whole; will exchange. Apply to C. MATHEWS, 271 Bowery. QfiOn RENT. ? FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, IN ?PUUU the city of Bridgeport, Conn. ; Improvements; suitable for boarding bouse. Call oil owuer, 723 Sixth av. REAL ESTATE TO EYCHAWQE. A HANDSOME RESIDENCE ON THE UPPER END of the city, with 75 Lots fronting on Hudson Rlvor, to exchange lor House nenr Filth avenue. G. LESPINASSK, 112 Broadway^ A POUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, ON MUR T. rav Hill, between Filth and Sixth avenues, and S10,r0U cash, to exchange tor Lots. Tenement or avenue Property. Address CASH PRICE ONLY, Herald Up town Branch office. Exchange-fob small amount of cash and other Property, two small brown stone Houses, on 116th street, west of Third avenue; qiorlgnges very easy; also Farms, stocked, on Long Island, New Jersey and New York State. NICHOLS k CaFFEKTY, 9! Fourth avenue and 1,407 Broadway. For sale? or will accept small houses near Fortieth street or First Mortgages for a first class Drown stone House, hardwood flnisn, on Madison ave nue, one block frotn the Park. WILLLAM GEE, owner, Corner of Elm and Franklin streets. For sai.k at a bargain-the neat two story high stool) and basement House sltunted at 174 Dean street ; would exchange lor a low priced House in New York, or Low. Inquire af 319 West Thirty- seventh street, Now York. TpOR SALE, EXCHANGE OR RENT? SUPERIOR I?RI. I vate Hotel at Saratoga; Broadway, near Congress Spring; 30 rooms; terms easy. Apply to J. C. LEVI, No. 7 W urren street For sale or exchange? farm of go acres-, large house, fine views, Ac. ; near Ponipton, N. J. ; on Midland Railroad; price $20,000. Apply at Planing Mill, lu.i Bank street, New York. IilOR SALE OR EXCHANGE? THE BOSTWIOK 1 Farm, Chautauqua county. New York, two miles from Jamestown, largest manufacturing place in the county; 303 acres, one-hall' timbered; well watered: a large lioii-c anij barns on the premises: will be sold at a bargain. Address or call at room SB Clarendon Hotel. For sale or exchange? two three-story nnd linscmcnt Houses and Lots; one has a two story brick stable on front of lot, in East Fifty-third street; water and gas throughout; only a small amoiiut of cash required; or would take good Second Mortgages or a first class brown stone front House and Lot, west ol Third o venue. Apply to WILLIAM U. DRAKE, 100 and 108 | avenue C. FOR SALE? OR EXCHANGE FOR DRY GOODS. Anglo-Norman brick Cottage, 10 rooms; good out buildings: nbundauco iruit; acre lot; thriving village; New Jersey ; $5,000. HATCH A VaN DOREN, 610 Sixth avenue. For sale or exchange-plantation in Florida, within quarter of mile of Mrs. Stowc's; church, school and store, containing between 39 ami 40 acres; lias some bearing orange trees and some that will bear soon; title perfcoU Apply to A. W. CKUIKSUANK, 71 Broad way. For sa^.e or exciiange-a beautiful coun try Place on Statcn Island, 15 minutes' walk from West Brighton terry ; has everything complete ; will be st)ld if applied lor immediately for half its value; terms easy. Inquire ot Dr. GREGORY, 74-1 Broadway. For sale or exchange for city prop crty? Front nnd rear Buildings .r>2 West Nineteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues; suitable for a store, manufactory, carriage depository or work shop. For sale, exchange or to let? a first class gentleman's b'osidence in New Jersey; 19 miles from cl'.v ; 10 minutes trom depot; 15 acres all uuder cultivation ; variety of choice trult; buildings with modem improve ments worth alone $20, 000: stock, farming Implements and furniture If ties r. d; w.ll sellotinasy terms or exchange for business Property lightly mortgaged in New York or Brooklyn. Address FARM, box IDS Herald otllce. IilOR SAI.K, TO LKTOR EXCHANGE? A LAKllKFAC tory, with Engine, Boiler und Elevator in Brooklyn, near the lerries. Address box 3.183 Post office, New York. HOUSES FOR FURNITURE.? GOOD FURNITURE will be taken In exchange for equity in hundsomo two story high basement triune Houses in Twenty-sec ond Htreet, Brooklyn, near Filth avenue; healthy neighborhood ; wclfrented. Address HOUSES, 111 East Ninth street. TO EXCHANGI5-TWO MILES FROM PATERSON, N. J., 40 Acres, free from encumbrance, for House in Harlem or Brooklyn, or neat place on Long I '.land, near New York. II. B. GARDNER, 76 Ceiinr street. TO EXCHANGE FOR MERCHANDISE.? 25,1100 ACRES of the very best Land in Kansas, near towns and railroads, will be exchanged tor Merchandise. Address LAND OWNER, box 1H;? Herald office. ANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MER chandise, 2,000 acres choice Texas Land, adjoining tlic Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zandt county, Texas. Titles perfect in every respect. For particulars address O. C. llEARNE, box 158 Galveston (Texas) Post office. ?fXTANTED? TWO OR MORE SMALL HOUSES IN HO Vf l.oken, N. J . in exchange for a first class house in Passaic, N. .1. All modi iu improvement, FK.YSTER, I RITIS A CO., No. 1 Park place. XirE ATTEND TO THE EXCHANGE OF CITY AND TV Country Real Estate. a V. 'WAYLAND A AYMAR, 163 Fulton street.^ ftlf' nnn -WANTED, a good nearby farm ?J> LD.UUU. in exchange for a Livery stable in Har lem, doing an average business of $'.**10 a month the year round, ol which $too Is clear profit; will pay $1, OtJO or (2,000 cash, if accessary. JOHNS. E' WEN, 31) Nassau st. REAL ESTATE WANTED. AN ELIGIBLY LOCATED, thoroughly BUILT, J:\modiiiiii sized brown stono Hcu?e, worth about $25, 0<X>, wanted tor a cash purchaser. Principals only. A. L WILLIAMS A CO., lJK Broadway. 1*7 ANTED? :<0 TO 50 ACRES OF LAND WITH A TIDE tV water frontage within 8 or i) miles of New York. Address, with terms and lull particulars, M. N., box 4.01M, Post otllcc, New York. \\T ANTED? A SM \ l.T, COUNTRY SKAT IN KX T? change tor a three story brick House in New York; equity $6,000. Address FREEMAN, Herald Uptown Branch office. rOR lAU, A RARE CHA NCE. ? FOR SALE? ONE OF TIIE OLD est and finest fitted tip Barroom nn.l Billiard Rooms in New York. Inqulro ou the premises, 407 Grand street, corner of Clinton. ABARGAIN.-TIIK ONE YEAR ESTABLISHED Fancy and Confectionery Store, doing a splendid business, lor sale cheap, with tour years' lease : the storo is in an excellent nek hhorhood ; none other in the vicin ity ; reasons lor selling, owing to inability to attend to it properly; a splendid neighborhood tor millinery and dressiniikln^. \puly corner Quincy street and Classou avenue, Brookl.wi, A GOOD CORNER GROCERY IN A FIRST CLASS neighborhood, with new Stock, for sale ; a bargain; cheap rent and excellent trade ; satisfactory reasons for selling LLOYD, ud Broadway. Alt A HE C H A X C E.--SPLE NDID RESTAUR A NT, bar and lo Igiug House tor sale; irn at business location ; this is a chance that Is seldom offered. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. ?For sale, o > rub r liq uor stores at ? great bargains; also downtown Ale Vaults, l.uncli Rooms, Hotels, ?oda Water Manufactory, country Gro cery Stores, Mutter Stands. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street. ACORNKR GHOCKRY STORE ON LEADING AVE nue tor sale cheap? Also Bakeries, Confectioneries* at great bargains ; Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods Stores' Hat Stores, Stationery and Variety stores. MITCH F.Ll'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A CORNER MARKET ON SIXTH AVENUE, ESTAB J\ llshed 12 years, tor salo nt low figure. Inquire of IIATOH A VAN DORAS, C.lo Sixth a \ e one. A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, MEAT AND PRO. . vision Store tor sale, in Brooklyn, K. I)., doing good business, hilt inn t be sold Immediately. Apply to Tllo.MAS UAKKNEY, Auctioneer, No. 6 Centre street AN ESTABLISHED REAL ESTATE OFFICE.? HAND some I y and I till v furnished office, with large amount of desirable cltv and country Property, tor sale, to let and cxuhance, and good run of customers, will he sold cheap. Appl.v troin I to 4 at 159 East Twenty -sixth street. A STOVE. HOU8EFUBNISHINO. TIN WARE STORE lor sale; established twenty years; located on great business thoroughfare ; exu nsivo easli trade; rare in vestment. Particulars 2.{ Chambers street. GEOllGE W. SI.MEKS, Store Agency. A NO. 1 LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE ; SPLENDID location : long lease; low rent; extraordinary etianeo make money; great bargain. Particulars 2.1 chambers street GKOUOb W. SIMI.KS, Store Agency. A FIRST CLASS DRINKING AND OYSTER HOUSE 1\. for sale ; well known; favorably patronized; low rent ; splendid chance ; lKc men, a bargain. Particulars 23 < h ambers street. GEORGE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. A HALF INTERKST IN AN OLD ESTABLISHED Market tor sale; location unsurpassed, without doubt rare chance enterprising party make money; small capital required. Particulars 2.1 Cnatnbers street GEORGE W. HIM EBB, Store Agency. A FINE OYSTER SALOON FOR SALE? CHEAP; best lease on Eighth avenue; also downtown Chop llouses, Oyster saloons and cheap Drug Stores. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cellar frtreet A WELL-KNOWN LIQUOR STORE FOR BALE? Lower part of city; heart of business; excellent cash trade; sold in consequence of 111 health; sacrifice; particulars at 23 chambers street tJBOBUE W. SIMERS, Store Agency. FOR HALE. J GOOD RESTAURANT AND LUNCH ROOM DOWN town ; handsomely furnliliod Boarding llou?\ near fifth avenne ; Cigar store on Broadway ; light Manufac turing Business ; $31*) required. WARNER A CO., No. 8 I'ey street. A medium sized safe for sale very cheap on account of removal. Inquire at 457 Eighth uvenue, cbrner Thirty-third street. pLOTlIIERa? AT VALUATION, THE LEASE, FIX \J tares, Ae? of one ot the best ami largest trades in the city; old and well establish -d ; in full working operation. Address X. Z., Herald Uptown Branch offlce. Drug store for sale.? a long established. well paying Store, on one ot the principal avenue* ol Brooklyn, with or without House anil Lot. Inquire of EIMER A AMEND, 205 and 207 Third uvenue, Now York. Drug store for sale? on one of the princi pal .streets of Brooklyn ; lius been In the present pro prietor's possession for 21 yours ; the soda water bu*in?sa alone pays expenses. Address Mr. TIIOS. THuRPE, 287 ?lav street. Brooklyn. Drug stork for sale or exchange for a House and Lot, say worth #?,000; store one ot tho best corners on principal avenue und paying handsomely. Apply to STRICKLAND, 78 Cedar street. Drug store for sale? long established. good location and doing a good business; terms easv; or exchange lor real estate In Brooklyn. Apply to HALE, 152 William street. FOR SALE? IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST CLASS Grocery, with Horse and Wagon ; good location ; low rent; cheap tor cash to a prompt buyer. Inquire of ROE A COM8TOCK, 262 Greenwich street FOR SALE? LEASE, -GOOD WILL, TIIUCR9. AC., OT tliu old established wholesale and retail Flour and Feed Store, GOG First avenue, near Thirty-fourth street FOR SALE? a FIRST CLASS MEAT AND YEGB taWe Market For particulars inquire in store, 80S Sixth avenue. For sale.-downtown corner liquor store, three years' lease, stock and fixtures; will be sold cheap. For particulars address M? station B, city. For sale? a splendid black WALNUT coun ter, with marble slot). 21 feet long ; also one 11 feet ; Butcher Ralls, Blocks, Ac., complete ; also two Horses ana Wagons. Apply at 364 Fourth avenue. FOU MALE? SKVEN YEARS' LEASE AND FIXTURES of Liquor Store 591 Tenth avenue, southwest corner Forty-third street Inquire on premises. For sale? in old established family Liquor Store in the Fourteenth ward ; reason for selling, owner going into other business. Apply at 283 Mott street. For sale-cheap? stock, fixtures, and Lease ot ft well established fancy and gent's furnish ing goods store, in a good location. 162 Seventh avenue. IjH)R 8ALE-A ROAD HOTEL AND FIXTURES.? Apply on premises, 1M Macomb's Dam road. For sale-a first class sample rook, on Broadway. Inquire at 1,233 Broadway. IjlOR SALE? THE BALANCE OF A HAT AND CAP Manufactory Stock, Tools and Blocks; also a new Singer Binding Machine. Apply between 12 and 2 at 71 Greene street, second lloor. IriOR SALE ? AN EXPRESS ROUTE, WITH HORSE Wagon, Truck and Harness. Inquire at S3 Bowery' FOR SALE? FIXTURES AND TWO YEARS' LKASE ol fine Store in Grand street Call at E. B. KAVING'S, 292 (J rund street IrH)R SALE- LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AJf old established, first class Horner Liquor Store in the Fifteenth ward, doing n flue trade, but must be ^old this week on account of death in the family. Inquire at 7u South Filth avenue, corner Houston street, in liquor store. IjlOR SALE-A LOT OF TURNED SHAFTING, As sorted sizes, 2 and 2'4 inches, at machine shop, 15 Vandcwater street . For sale? the old established cigar Store, 149 Third avenue, with Stock, Fixtures aud Lease, at a very low prloe. Inquire 'nt the place. FOR SALE-AT DRAMATIC FORTUNA HALL, 218 AND 220 Second street a most elegant black walnut Bar, -J feet long, a tino piece of workmanship ; including Shelv ing, with Looking-glass; worth $3,000; will be sold lor half price ; Heater, Ranges, Boiler, lot of Dishes. Ou account ot changing hands. Ir?OR SALE? A FIRST CLASS RESTAURANT AND 1 Lunch Room, down town, doing an excellent busi ness, l he present owner wishing to return ttf Germany. Call at IS Broad street, basement IjlOB SALE? A FIRST CLASS, FINE GROCERY; ' rent very cheap; will sell at a sacrifice; average $300 weekly; strictly cash. Address CASH, box 120 Herald Uptown Brunch office. F~ OR "sale? A WELI. PATRONIZED LIQUOR STORE; splendid family trade ; rent paid on till May ; will lie sold cheap, as the owner has two stores, and cannot at tend to both. I tic] tiire in the store, 431 East Fifteenth street, near avenue A. XpOR SALE CHEAP? THIS WEEK, LIQl'OR BAR " and Restaurant ; long lease. 339 Sixth uveuuo, base ment For sale cheap? a second hand soda water Fountain, in white marble, Mathows' drainer, con necting pipes, svriip cans, all complete. Apply to or address O. BASSMAGIAN, No. 7ti l'lnc street, New York. FIXTURES FOR SALE? ABOUT FORTY FEET OF Shelving and three three-light Chandeliers, in good order. Apply at A. W. W. MILLER'S, li>4 Fifth nvenue, between Twenty llrst and Twenty-second streets, ?_ Grocery store for sale.-a first class small Grocery storo, doing a good business, will be sold cheap to a prompt buyer. 7-'l>i Washington street. New York city. For particulars inquire of It. BUTLER, 836 and 337 Greenwich strcot. ? GROCERY FOR WALK? IN A GOOD NEIGHUOR T hood : reason for soiling, the owner going into other business. 311 Hast Thirty-sixth street. /I AS FIXTURE8, MIRRORS, FURNITURE AND CAR \T pets, all in first rata order, for sale at private house. For particulars address H. VI., box 1,838 Post office. ILLINERY BUSINESS, WITH 8TOOK AND Fix tures, tor sale ; first class, lun^ establisiied, paying M . handsomely; terms easy ; nn exoeilont opportunity lor a paying business. JolIN SIEGEL A CO., 71) Cedar st. S AFB&? 1 1 1 it RING'S, If A RVIN'8, WlLDE R'H, t; H E AP lor cash; "the best fireproof safes made." Purchasers will save irom 25 to 50 per cent by calling at QUIRK'S Safe Mart, 81 Maiden lane. ' QAFES~ FOR SALE "CHEAP.? A LARGE SIZE SAFE, 0 2 medium and one small; Herring's. Lillie's, Wilder's and Marvin's make. 8. u. QUIRK, 78 Maldon lane. SHELVING AND COUNTERS FOR SALE VERY cheap. Apply to HElftEL, LAMl'E A CO., 93 Cham bers street. SODA WATER FOUNTAIN, ALSO ROOT BRER l'O'JN ta!n, with m irble top (bonnier, Tumbler Washer, Connecting Pipe, Jars, Holders, at half price. 102 Chat ham street. THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF AN OLD ESTAB iished confectionery store In one of iho best locations in Fulton street, Brooklyn. For particular* apply to 1), A M. CHAUNCEY, 207 Montague street, Brooklyn. dtjorrv WILL BUY A NICK LIQUOR .STORK; apartments to live In : rent cheap. Apply for tour days at 115 West Forty-socond street, In grocery store ; no agents. Tea and grocery store for sale? in ni;w arK; fitted up ill flue style and doing a good cash business; will he sold reasonably. For particulars ad dress BUSINESS, box 185 Moral I office. TWO LARGE SQUARE PLATE G'.\*s CASES FOR sale? 40 Incites ny flu*. 43 inches ;>i . nt, top an.l sides In single plntos, with mirror lis i ot each; made by r and coat over $ , . n- maile ana have been used for window cases, lm ai well adapted for any purpose; are in perfect order and will be -old cheap ; also n Morning Glory Heater, new this Winter Apply to HOWARD A GO., St? Broadway. MACHMIEHY. A~~MES' PORTABLE, YALE VERTICAL, SLIDE AND cut-oft horizontal, hoisting and pumping Engines, nil sizes; also Boilers on hand; improved Saw and Grain Mills, Gear's Variety and other Wood working Machines; 12x19, 20x12, 11x24 and Holler and three-liorsc portable; good second hund Engines cheap. EDWARD P. HAMSON, 38 Cortland! St. , New York. A* SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES-~WPf HAV K on hand 7xin, 8x12, 9x12, 10x16,11x18,12x24 13\:m 14x21, 11x30. l?.\:!!i, Ifix3ti, 18x21. Samples can be seen at 38 Cortlaudt street; .-ccond hand Kuglnus taken in ex change. WH1TEHILL, SMITH A Co., Manulncturers, Newborn, N. Y. AT WILSON ? ROYKE'sT 282 AND 284 WATER street? Large stock of Portable, Horizontal, Upright and Hoisting] Engines; Hollers, Pumps, Shafting, Pulleys Ac., new and second hand. A SIX-IK >U-K POW 1 R ENGINE FOIt KALK? OBTC > exchange for a 15- horse power engine. Inquire at M. HAMBURGER & CO.'H, I8 and 20 Vesey street. FOR SALE-THREE FIVE, TWO ten, TWO TWENTY Ave, two thirty -Ave, one forty horse Engines; ono portable, two hoisting Engine*; one eight, one fifteen, two twenty, one thirty horse Boilers, second hami. JolIN McLaren, Third and Grand streets, uoboken, N. J. 1j*OR SALE? AT WOLFF A WETZLICII'8 MACHINE and Model-making Shop, 12 North William street. New York, a now patent ltriek making machine. This is tin best brick machine yet invented. It is capable of making .M.00O bricks dcr day, requiring only the work of three men ; can lie adjusted to any desired degree of pres sure. and for moulds and bricks it is self-sanduif. InOR SALE?ONK UXSilN. AND TWO HVI3IN ~imRI. r zontai slide valve Engines. Apply nt SOUTH BROOK LYN STEAM ENGINE WORKS, corner Vuti Brunt an I s ii in in i t streets, South Brooklyn. , F1(')R SALK? ENQINB AND BOILER, NOW IV U8K and in good running order; can be seen at ti73 Ninth avenue. TjlOR SALE? lO-IIORSE POWER PORTABLE ENGINE; I1 fine order; now running; can bo had at a bargain If bought this week. WIL.iON A ROA HE, 282 Wati r st, TilOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? A NEW LATHE, P Shafts, Bolts, Ac., Tools, Portable Forgo, Anvil, Grindstone, Ac. Address Kl YPER.S, 807 Broadway. Roper two-horse caloric engine, good as new ; prion $ !.)); also a lot ot Minding, Ac. BARNES A MARTIN, Hi Cortland I street. UPRIGHT ENGINES, ALL SIZES, READY FOR use, wltli and without cut-off, cheap lor cash. HANI) It KW A HIl'LKY, 126 Washington street I V ANTED? A TUG OR RETURN TUBE BOILEB OP ?? about 15 horse power, a Fan Blower, a Surface Con denser lor engine I2U0, and sninll ocntriugal pump; must be cheap and in gooil order. Address c. w. skin.' NER, Stevens House, 27 Broadway. 'ANTED? AN ENGINE. ABOUT lOO-HORSE PoWEP .! Address, slating condition, dimensions and lowcsl cash price, ENGINE, box II:' Herald office. WANTED IMMEDIATELY? AV ENGINE LATHE 8' ? * to 8 leet swing, to take in about 18 feet betweoiL' e.i tros; new or second hand. Address, stating particular! as to make, prlcc and where ItVan be seen, box 2 2.7 New York Post offlco. w w ANTED? SECOND HAND STEAM ENGINE, 10 TO 20-horso power. R. B. P. CO., 178 Dunne street dM PLfl FOR A NEW 19-HORSS BOILER. AND VTtJU $3>i for a Dow Fox (i-horsc Engine. US VYiDiuiu street, third ttuor, or 208 Broadway, mom G.

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