Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1873 Page 4
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BOARDERS WAMCTBh . 1?" 7- A ROE HANDSOME HAM- ROOM. WITH CLOSET connecting, on third floor, to let, with Board, from May 1. at 217 feti Fourteenth Mreet. House unusually desirable ; reference. 1 COTTAOE PLACE. ? PURNI8HED KOOM8 TO LhT, 1 with Foam ; also a few table hi^irdcr* take# : conve nient t" three lines of car*, fall alt too ' eek. 1 LARGE BOOM ON SECOND FLOOR, 10 H OEN t Ionian and wife, with Board; hot aud cold water; reference*. li> Hank street I DESIRABLE SUIT Of ROOMS, ELEUANTLY FUR nlshed, to let, with Board, to adult?. 43 West Twenty second slnet. 1 ELBOANTLY FURNISHED SUIT OF P \ It LOR.-! X and Bedroom to let. together or soparately, with first data Board. M Swt Thirteenth street. Keieienoea, 2 BLOCKS FROM BROADWAY.-*? TO $20 l'Kit s?cch.? ilood Rooms and Board lor families ttnd single jenilemen; handsomely furnished house; good neigh borhood. til East Fourth street. QJ) FLOOR, WITH OB WITHOUT PRIVATE TABLE, ? also tmll Room; lilieral concession tor yearly ar rangement or lor wnson; everything strictly Arsl class; refrreaoe required. 8wnI Thivtj third street. /TTH AVF.NrE.-AN ENTIRE PAROOL FLOOR; ALSO ?) ihree Rooms on second floor, furnished and untar nished. w ith or without privote table, In , he double pri vate house 4.r> I-' i ! T i : avenue. _ /TTII AVENUE, -ilX BETWEEN TWENTY-NINTH ?) jmd Thirtieth street*.? A Suit of Rooms on third Boor, with strictly first* law Board. 7EAK1 FORTV-HXTil STREET.- H ANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, on parlot and third floor, to let, with unexceptionable Board. 1/t EAST THIRTY-TLIRD 8TREET.-A FRONT AND 11" hall Room on third floor to rent, with Board i ret ?renc s ( M lKiriK'1,!. in WAVERLEY PLATE (THE FINEST HOUSE IN 1U the city).? Handsome front Rooms, $15. $1S. $20 *nd $23, lor tw?> per- on.', witli Board : also Table Hoard, $5. U ASHLAND PLA( E (I'ERRY STREET), CONVE nient to Bleeckor, Sixth and Seventh avenue cars.? Front and bach Room", with Board, with or without iur niture ; terms mode rate ; no movlnp. 1QTII STREET, WEST. 134.? CENTRAL, EXCELLENT 10 location; handsomely furnished second alorv Rooms, with Board; terms moderate; pood tablo; only few boarders; all convenience*; no movlug; rcleronco required. 1 A NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AVENUE IT and University place.? Fine back Parlor, with two Bedrooms, with new lurnlture; also large and small Rooms, v Ith good French table ; references required. I A Til STREET, WEST, 854,? TO LET, WITH BOARD. It" a large front Room on second floor, with hot and eold water. 1 J1II STREET. 110 WEST.? A HANDSOMELY FUR. It nlshed h?ck Parlor and extension to rent, with Board, to a party of gentlemen ; house private; first clan reference. MTII STREET, NO. 2:.7, BETWEEN SEVENTH AND Eighth avenues ?A large, handsome square Room, front, fourth floor, neatlv furnished, Tor two. $-0; good table, aud cleanliness a specialty; to a permanent party only; __________ IP UNIVERSITY PLACE -ROOMS TO LET ON SEC iti ond lloor, with or without board i suitable lor gen* tlemen only; reference* exchanged. n WAVERLEY PLACE.? NICELY FURNISHED upper Rooms, front aud rear, and elegantly fur nished Parlors and Bedrooms, on first floor, with first rls's Hoard. Reference" required. rn W"EKT TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSTE O Mfth Avenue Hotel? A suit of Rooms, elegantly fur nished, to rent to n phrty of gentlemen, with or without Board ; also single Rooms. Q18T STREET, 850 WEST. NEAR ELEVATED RAIL ? i L road depot.? Nicely furnished large and hall Room, with Board from May !, or before If desired; tabb unex ceptionable; terms moderate ; references. f )?)D STREET, S60, WEST.? LARGE TniRD STORY -j front Room, furnished, to let, with Board ; and other Rooms, after May 1, to let, furnished or unfurnished. 2QD STREET. NO. 114. ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADI i) son square.? Elegantl} furnished Rooms to let, with first class Board ; also Rooms on lop floor; no mov Ing. __f 9Q WEST TWELFTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE <SD nuo.? With Board, handsomely furnished Rooms, en suite or singly, for a family or party of gentlemen; table good , house pleasant. 0(lTH STREET, 47 WEST? HANDSOMELY FUR it'.' uished or unfurnished Booms to let, on first, see. and and third floors ; excellent table at very moderate terms. OQ EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, BETWEEN Fourth avenue and Broadway ? To let, with first class BoaiMt, a hall Room on third floor, with hot aud cold water, for single gentlt man ; reference. OA EAST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET. -TO REKT, Ol? with Board, handsome parlor Bedroom ; also third story large back Room, without children, at reasonable i rates; reference*. ] Q1 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD OJL wav and Fifth avenue.? l'lne Suit, and single looms, to families ar.d gentlemen, with Board; refer ences exchanged. O ( TH STREET, 14rt EAST ? HANDSOMELY FUR l? 1: nlslied" Booms, "with Hoard, in Milt-; or slnglv, to he yacatert on or before May 1. to offer for the year or until September 15 ; reft renee. Q I WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH ?>"r avenue? Small and larae Rooms, with Board; house tlrst class in every respect ; referenco required. Oft EAST TWENTY-NINTH STREET.? TWO LABOE Oil Rooms, for gentlemen only; Breakfast or full >ard . | rivnle family. ? ' ^ Of;T!l STBEET.-AN E LEO ANT SUIT OF ROOMS O') handsome!* furnished, or nu entire Flcor. to rent with Beard, trom M.iy 1 Hi >ladl>on avenue, corner Thirty- sixth street. iir> EAST rORTV-NIN Til STBBE r, ONE DOOR FROM DO Madison aveuue.? Handsomely ftirnlsbed Booms, sn second and fourth flo irs to let, with first class Board ; references required. A 1 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET.? ONE SUIT, rJ consisting oi tnree handsome Room-, with full Roard;also desirable Booms in a t'nttape, pleasantly located on the ocean at Long Branch; references ex :tia nged. 4 rt (J ROVE STREET.? A SITTIN'O ROOM, BEDROOM X it and pan try, on parlor floor, with Hoard ; $10 tor two; also front hall Room, $7; no moving in May. A I) WEST SIXTEENTH STREET - FRON I PARLOR, T with Chamber conneetlag, to let, with Hoard. Also nlea.ant Rooms tor families or single gentlemen, at Summer prices. Superior accommodation'!. Reference*. 4QD STREET, 244 WEST, HALF Bl.Of K FROM TO Broadway, splendid location for Summer.? Desira ble fmnilv lioiim- or gentlemen , elegant furniture bought In exchange tor board; unexceptionable references ex changed. A n WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY T*.) furnished Rooms to let. with first class Board ; suit stile for families or parties of gentlemen; reference i ex changed A *7 BOND STREET -lL\Nr>K>ME FURNISHED T I front Parlor with Board, to a party of gentlemen or gentleman mitl wlfb ; table first cittxs; day boarders tnl> en ?. u u moving ; reference. CA Wl hT N INETF. KN T H STREET? SUIT OF TWO tM? handsomely furnished Rooms, second flour front; also single and doable Rooms for out or t*v? geutlemcn ; strictly flut class table. rn WERT TWENTY SIXTH STREET -NEW AND ty" liamUiniif |\ l'iiruihiu'd Room* to let, with Board; references. ri WEST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH and Sixth avenue*.? Board and Room* for one or two families or gentlemen in ? small t-ri ? au- family may be obtained. ri WEST THIRTY SIXTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY ?.).! lurnikhed Suits of Room*, with Board, toiretheror separately, in a w ide, Emrli-h basement honsu ; baths, 4c , on each iii of tanuiy private ; m>wwn C| WEST Til T R TV-SIXTH STREET? HANDSOMELY ?J1 furnished -uits of Room*, together or separately. ia a wide I-iitclinli till -Mil' tit houar ; ratlin, Ar., on cacli floor ; private table If dei-ired ; lamily private ; reference 9 r?> we-t TWELFTH street, between fifth ?/?) and sixth avenue? ?A large, nleulv furnished back Parlor to lot, ? ith or without Bo.ird rctcrences required. CO WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? PARTIES flO wishing Rii'ins. e:i -nite or single, through t lie Summer m jisoii, tlr?t rla-* Table, can be accommo dated; best reference* given and required. WEST TWENTY FOI RI II STREET? WILL BE fit vacant on Miiyl Room? w ith Board, on second j and third floor*, Miltable for lamlHi*: also single Rooms; | summer price a. /"-Q WEST NINETEENTH STREET. ? A SUIT Of i)0 Rooms or separate, with B..ard, to family of Sdnlts orgcntlemen ; first clac house ; private latully ; references. _____ _ 1 f*'T WEST TimtfrTlXTH strrbt, between U^r Fifth and sixth avenue*.? Handsomely furnished Rooms on third fllk>r. with iuperior Table sad accommo IsUons ; reasonable terms; private family. f??? WEST NINETEENTH STRKKT .-HANDSOMELY U*i furnished Rooms. wlih best Board, at reasonable rates Reference* exchanged. h A IRVING PLACE (ORA MERCY PARK).? NOW 4 V vacant, third front larire Room and Diesslua Room, handsomely furnished . also targe Hall Room ; table tlrst class; moderate prices; permanent arrangement*. 7<) SEVENTH AYRNUJ BET WEEK FOURTERNTH 4 ? and Fifteenth stru t-.? Desirable Rooms on second ?nd third floors, to let, with first class Board. References. QQ CLINTON PLACE.? A FEW FINE ROOMS. WITH vv Board. References exchanged. F"AKT TWENTY THIRD STREET.? DESIRABLE lUU Rooms for families rr gentlemen, with Board; unexceptionable reference* exchanged. 1 Ul WEST THIRTY l li. IITH STREET -A I< 1 ROE J 1 ^ front I'oom on the second tl"or to let. with Hoard ; also a Hall Room on the third. ):< ?crcm es n-.|inred. m? EAST FIFTY FOURTB STREET. i FEW RE ) apee table young men can be accommodated with good Board and very deglrablo Room*; bath and gai; neighborhood first class. mEAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET, B F.TWEE'! Lexington and Fourth avenues? Two large tnr aished Room*, connecting, on the second floor, with Board. 19 A EAST TWENTY- SEVENTH STUKKT? TO LET, i^T with Ro.ird.two connecting Room* on first floor, separately or together . also one Room OD sccond floor ; reference* given ;md required. ? 19 A EAST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR Fourth avenue.? To let, with Board, a Salt of Rooms; also single Room*; house first class; owned by occupant ; refeienco*. a 9G CHRYSTIR STREET.? FURNISHED ROOMS TO X&V let, suitable for gentleman and wife or *1iikI" gentlemen ; alM Rooms lor a lew ladies; with Hoard. No movlMS In Mar. TQQ SECOND AVENUE, BETyVF.E V EIGHTH AND luO Nintu street*? Roi>uis to Id, with Bosrl . uy uliil BOAftOBRS W4KTKD, 1 yj Q WEST FIFTEBNTH STREET.? FUBNIrtH ED 1 TO Room* to let, with Board, to single gentlemen or ge a Hem* n a nd wife : d a y Board; no moving In May. I r Q WEST ELEVENTH STREET.? HANDSOMELY 1 ? furnlshod Rooms to lot, with Board, to gentle man and wife or single gontlewon ; terms low for Sum mer. Reference. lno SECOND AVENPK. ?TO LET, A LAROE, pleasant Room, neatly furnished, with or with out Board. 9(jQ EAST ELEVENTH STREET, SECOND HOUSE ?llUO from Third avenuo.? Handsomely furnished from Parlor and Bedroom* to lut to tent lemon and wives; Board for Indy only : new house. QAQ WEST FOURTEENTH STR fCKT. ? SINGLE OEN ^jWO ticmen or goiitloinHii and wife can obtain hand somely furiilalied Room', with i'.oard, in first class hou^o and location. References required. Q1 7 WEST SEVENTEENTH P I REUT. -NICELY FUR /u I I nisht d double and s.ngle Rooms, with Board ; gas and bath ; American family ; term* $."> and per week. <)(>7 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN SEC J I ond and Third avenges.? Nicely furnished Front Room?, with Board, for gentlemen, in a Frcach family ; moderate prices. References required. O'WI WEST THIRTY-NXNTH STREET.? TO LET jLitjy.' furnished, wiili Board, l.nck I'arlor; lin? water, gas and closets; also a third story hall liooui ; house first class. References. OOiT WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? HAND dUtftJ some I y furnished Room* to let, with or without Board ; references exchanged. QJ O EAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.? FURNISHED ill) Rooms tn let, with Hoard; good neighborhood; ut very moderate rates. Refercnco required. <>,-/> WEST TfllRTY-NINTU STREET.? TO LET, with Board, a handsomely and newly furnished front l'arlor, suitable tor two genllemon or gentleman and wife; no moving in May. WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? TO LET, ttOU with Board, to tether or singly, a second sftrv front Room and hall Bedroom ; ample closct room, anil well furnished. Q]n SEVENTH AVENUE, FIRST FLOOR. -A FEW OlO respectable ynuug men can be accommodated with ?o'?d Rnnrd and Ko'uu in a private English family; terms 35 und $t> per week. QIC WEST TWENTYSnroND STREET? TWO OIU large To'ims over parlor to rent, separately or together, with Board; private boarding house; good table. ' 090 WEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET. -THE PRI 0^i?J vate family occupying this fine house have and will havo other Rooms to let from 1st of May, with excel lent Board, at Summer prices. 0,- 7 WEST S9TH ST., 28 LAM AUIi>'E PLACE. -DE ?)t ) I sim Die Rooms on second floor, furnished or un furnished, to let with Board; house first class browu stone ; neighborhood unexceptionable ; references. A A/ | WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.? SPACIOUS ?tVIF and exceedingly desirable Rooms, second and third floors, to let, in suit, or otherwise, with superior Board or unexceptionable private table, to first class parties only; references. rrj 7 SEVENTH AVENUE. BETWEEN TIIIRTY ?J-l I ninth and Fortieth street', first floor ?A few yeung men can have Board and Lodging in a respect able family, whero there are no children. A SMALL FAMILY OCCUPYING THEIR OWN house, near St. James Uotel, would rent a lew Rooms, handsomely and luxuriously furnished, with Breakfast If desired; al?u Reception Room, suitable for an office; location and accommodations particularly suited for club members. Address SAN FltANCISCO.' Herald Uptown Branch office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OP. TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with Board in a prl\ ate family where there are no other hoarders; terms SIS a week. Address R. P. 11., Ortenpolnt Postofllce. ? A PARTY OF TWO OR MORE DECLINING H0U8B keoping, and having Furniture which they desire to exchange or rent for board and comfortable home, may address ROBINSON, Herald office. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, with Board, to ft single Kcutlcman, in a refined 1 rlvate i.imilv, near Fourteenth street; references ex changed. Address DION, box 180 Herald office. ASUfT OF ROOMS TO LET? WITH BOARD, CON (listing of parlor, bedroom and bathroom '.house and'appolutments first class In every particular. Refer to Ii. R. Drew. No. 3 Twenty -third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. HOBOKEN ? TWO OR THREE SINGLE OENTLEMEN can obtain flue large Rooms, with Boara, by apply In? at 18 Hudson Terrace, directly opposite tho ferries. References exchanged. Next door to grand hotel-m west thirty first street.? Fine accommodations foi"gentlemcii or a family, with or without private meals; highest ref erences exchanged. rnwo large and elegant newly furnished 1 connecting Rooms In first class brown stone house ; cver\ convenience ; superior Bosrd; terms moderate. l:il llast Twentv seventh street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues. Dor 7 minutes of Fifth Avenue Hotel aud Broadway. hoard AM, Loponre wasted. Address ARMY, Hernial otb? w,lUih ,uu?' bo moderate. A LADY WISHES BOARD. BETWEEN FORTY-SEC ix ontl ami Fifty-ninth streets, Fifth iinil Ninth ave nue*; terms not toexcced $12 per week ; references ex changed. A<ltlres* M. R., box 8,006 rout ofllce. AOmuXAR AND WIFE WANT BOA UP-ONE or two Roams, furnished or unfurnished : nliont ?2p a weok : central location. Address, stating particular's A. A. A., station 1>. Board wanted? for the summer. in a strict. ly private family, by a rouiiit Udy v ishlng to prac tice in tnuslo; will furnish nl.ino If the family lias none; must to above Twenty-third street; best reference given. Address 3. box it'7 Herald office. Board wanted? with private table, for gentiemaa and wife: 1'nrror, Bedroom and Dressing Boom required s price not to exceed $50 per week. Ad dress CON FoIlT, box "US Ilera'd office. Board wanted? in iiari.em. for a gentle an. I wife and a single gentleman: location west of Potirth avenue, between I2Btn and 130th streets. Ad dress H. A. SF.ARLE, 475 Broadway, with description of room* and price. B~ CARD WANTED IM \l KDI ATKLY-BY A ~YOUNG genllemnn and wilt In a private family ; pcrm.inent If stilted : will pay $-to per month. Address W. F. R , Hcr aid office* Board wanted-in a private family or where there are few boarders taken, br a ludy whocaa furnish rooms and reel a new piano, If desirable. References. Address O. F. N .station D. Board wanted.? second or third story front and hall Itooms, with Board, for gentleman and wife: price, t^>\ permanent If Milted. Address A. M. S., Herald Uptown Branch oMc,'. FOI'R gentlemen want board in private family at Ma ten Island; location between Tomp kinsvllle and New Hrluhton preferred ; terms about $50 a week, for separate rooms If possible. Address, with particulars, BERLIN, box 140 Herald office. Furnished room, wrrn board, wanted? by gentleman anil wile; private family: within 13 min utes of Canal and Bowery. Address box'iSG Herald office ITNFURNISIIED room? good- sized closet on J first or second floor, with palatable Board, for a ladv; neat entrance; IS per week, with an Intelligent wotmin or f:itnily who inlnd their own business, below Twentieth street, near fourth or Sixth avenue. Address COM 1 OUT, Herald office. "I I' ANTED? BY A GENTEEL MAN AND WIFE (NEAT *1 without help), large Room and Board ; good house, above Tenth street, between Sccond and Eighth avenues and below Fiftieth street; price, between $14 and 133. Address SENSIBLE, Herald office. TVTANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, BABY AND i * nurse. Board in a private family or where there are few boarders, in a healthy location, convenient to and within an hour's ri<1? of the c ity. Address, stating terms, Ac.. Mrs. J. E. FOWLER, 249 vfest Forty-fifth street. WANTBD-A SECOND FLOOR, WITH PRIVATE tab le, near Madison square None but first class need address H._L WHEELER, box 2,317 Post office. WAmD-A LA RGB, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED tt Room, for gentleman and wife ; Board for lady otilT; terms not to exceed $20a week; location between Sixth and Lexington avenues. Fourteenth and Fortieth ?treets. Address L. M , Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? BY A LADY AND TWO SONS (ADULTS), ?? two Rooms, with Board ; terms not. to exceed $*5 per month , reference gl%en and requited. Address K. O. B., Herald I'ptown Branch office. KRtKIKI.VV HOAIIB. I CQ KENT AVENUE, NBA It I>K KALB AVENUE ? A gentleman and his wlfn or a party of four can be accommodated with good Board and front and ba'-k Rooms, second floor: h< use has a?s and bathroom, large garden, fruit and shade trees; S) minutes from ferries, near three ear routes; family private; reference given aud required. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR A PARTY OF four can be accommodated with good Hoard and front and back Rooms, second floor, at 439 Kent avenue, near DcKalh House ; has gas and bathroom ?, large garden, fruit and shade trees; 30 minutes from ferries; near three car routes; family private; reference given and required. HOTELS, ANGELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHsT 61 Lexington a venae.? Rooms tor gentlemen or fami lies, fransient or permanent, w ith or wlthoat raeall; pri vate table If desired. Hnths open all night. C (ALLEN HOUSE. K0 HUDSON STREET, CORNER ' of Lalght? Excellent Board, to to $7 50 per week, with single Room ; single Room without board. tJ and upwards; Lodging, 50 cents, gentlemen only. Open all night. Hotel st. germain, fifth avenue, twenty second street and Broadway. Elegant Suits aud single Rooms now vacant; table d'hote or European plaa , most central location; rooms all front XTBW ENGLAND HOTEL, SO BOWERY, CORNER ii Havnrd street.? ?0 light Roonas, neatly fUrnlshcd, 80 c or ftV. per night; $2 30 to $4 per weak. For gontlc inim only. UTl'RTEVANT HOUSE. BROADWAY, TWENTY >' eightti Htid Twenty-ninth streets, New York, Aascri can plan. $4 a day. ?This hotel has elevator*, all modern Improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. LEWIS A GEO. S. LELAND, Proprietor* <4)1 XTItV BOARD. A FEW I'l.RSt >N ?? OF RESPECT ABII.IT V, WISHING to secure Board through the Summer months in tne country. whcr<' they can have the pure mountain air and beautiiul scenery within 13 minutes' ride of the railroad depot, can do so by addressing Mrs. C. BELYKA, box 133 New I'alta, Ulster county. S. v., orcall at .33 Third avenue, between !> nnd in A. M Ad. tor W. EVANS. \ FAMil.Y RB8ID1NQ OR Till; I H OWN I HM, IN /V New .ferscjr, about 30 miles trom the city, can ac commodate a family of four adults; locsti'.ti h. althv, shady and nlea?iint; nillk, frulf, vegetables, *c., In abundance. Addles* 32 New i<iuu4urlck (N.J.) Post office. A LADY LIVING A BHORT DISTANCE FROM THE A.Oto wishes tho care and Instruction of two or three children) term* reasonable ; bent references given. Ad dress Z., box 137 Herald Uptown Branch office. Board or small furnish kd house wantbd On Hudson River or Harlem Railroad. from 1st or middle of May to October 1, lor small family (lady, boy 7 years old, infant and nurse); references Jiven and re quired. Address box 347 Grand Central Hotel. OARDERS WANTED.? ADDRESS J. P., BOX 155 Post otlice, Warwick, Orange county, N. V. /10UNTRY BOARD.-FIVR ROOMS, NEWLY PUR. \J nislied ; private family; high location; ample grounds, plenty shade: good table. Would like < ue parly ; stable room. Adoree* box 71, North Tarrvtown. CIOUMTRY BOARD WANTED? BT THBEB ADULTS; J terms not to exceed $-1 per week. Address L. O. O. , box US Herald ofllce. B C 10UNTRY HOARD FOR A CHILD, AT A house. Address M. C., box 322 Herald officii. C10UNTRY BOARD WANTED? FOR TWO GBNTLR J men nnd their wives, for three mouths -.farmhouse preferred ; hoiue comforts; (rood tabic without sty e; terms moderate. Address, s'uting lull particulars, J. 0. L., box 147 Herald office. First class board and pleasant rooms enn be secured for the season, trom middle ol April it desired. Address box 26 Park Ridge Post oifice, Ber gen county, N. J. CIOOD COCNTRY BOARD l'OR THE SEASON.? T Double Parlors with connecting Bedrooms, suitable tor a birye family; alao single Rooms; location quiet; Iotb moderate. L. DUDLEY, com wait. conn. Good ACCOMMODATIONS CAN hi: h ad FOR FOUR adults, in a private family, one hour from City Hall. Inquire at 93 Liberty street, room 12. WANTED? BOARD ON STATEN ISLAND FOR OEN tleuian, lady and two children. Address, stating terms, s., I2.i East Thirty -llrst street. ?flf ANTED? BY THREE GENTLEMEN, ROOMS AND " first class Board, with a small family In the country, wlthlu one hour's ride ol City Hail. Address C., box 5, WO New York Post ftlfico. G 8VHMBR R S3 SORTS. Astoria house, astoria.? this well con ducted, handsomely furnished summer residence is rendy for boarders; superior apartments and table : tlno grounds and trees; thirty minutes' sail ; terms moderate. COLUMBIA HALL, LEBANON SPRINGS, N. Y? will r.nen lor the reception of guests June 2, 1873. Board at reduoed rates for the season. A booh, Illustrat ing Lebanon Springs and surroundings, will be scut on application tO DANIEL QALB, proprietor. REAT NBOK HOUSE, QUEEN'S COUNTY, L. L? between Whitestone and Sands Point? This house is now oren for boarders; easy of access by boa tor rail. Call or address as above or 105 East Twenty -olghtli street Hillside house, montulair, n. j., is now open for tho reception of guests: healthiest and most convenient suburb of New York. Apply at houso or at No. 3 East Thlriy-fourth street PALISADES MOUNTAIN nOUSE will be opened on or about the 1st of May. For terms, Ac., address C'OZZKNS A MURRAY, Englewood, N. J. PREMIUM POINT HOUSE.? DELIGHTFULLY SITU ated on the Sound, one mile from New Kochelle depot; good *ea bathing, fishing, boating; pleasant drives ; .stabling, Ac. Early application for choice of Rooms can be made to A C. l'LIMPl'ON, 64 West Twenty fourth street Riverside hotel, carmansyille, foot of 152d street. North River, lias been thoroughly refitted and newly furnished; will be open tor the recaption in" guests on or about the 1st of May. Applications for Rooms received at the hotel by the unaerstgie.-d. S. F. PAL'l.L. a nUNCALF. ST. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J -EIGHT minutes from Jersey City ferry, '"'ortlani ' or 1'es brosscs streets; Pennsylvania Railroad; bsau'i.ul loia tlou; first class table, elegantly tarnish'- i Rooms, cn suite or singly: nil modern improvements; i-stintf, driving, good stabling. Ac. ST. MARK'S HOTEL? NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN Island.? TliLi favorite resort, with Its beatrtltul Grounds and Cottages attached, is now beintr put in thor ough order for the coming Season, and will open on or about the first of Mav. For terms and other information apply at tne Hotel, .or address O. DE CAMP, Proprietor. PIANOFORTES, OIK* ANN, &C. T 1IAINE3 BROS.' l 27 Union squaro, Pirst class handsome now Pianoforte!) for sale on very reasonable tonus, and several used a little, very low for cash. AN ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANO, VERY RICHLY carved case and legs, with all the modern Improve mtnts, $175; others to rent and sold on instalments, at JOHN MAHON'S, 314 and 316 East Thirty ninth street. AT $153 ? BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD PIANO, IRON frame, overstrung bass, every Improvement; Stein wan Pianoforte, kttlo used, great sacrifice, for cash. J. MIDDLE, 13 Waverley placo, near Broadway. AN ELEGANT 7-OCTAVE ROSEWOOD UPRIGHT Piano, city make, bargain tor cash; first class new Pianos, of i and 7l4 octaves, and several used a little, lor salo on very reasonable terms, or rented. F. SCUCLER, 367 Broome street. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD 7U OCTAVE PIANO forte for sule ; mado order, city maker, fully guaran teed, used five months, cost $l,10>>, for $275; Parlor Suits, Etageres. Bronzes, Chamber, Dining Kurnltnro, Sliver, China, Glassware; a sacrifice ; property family leaving city. 38 West 15tli St., near 5th av. A ?FOR $300, ELEGANT ROSEWOOD 7'4 OCTAVE ?ix. Pianoforte, four rouad corners, richly carved, all improvements, maker's guarantee, cost $1,200, good as new, being used but 7 months; a beautiful 7 octnve Piano forte, cost $'.'75, for $250; Also entire elegant Household Furniture ; great sacrifice. Call at private residence, 210 Weal flat st., near 7th a v. A LADY WILL SELL FOR LESS THAN $100, A HAND J\ some rosewood Piano, Iron fYn me, round corners, modern stvle and improvements, Including Stool and Cover. 28 1 lilrd street, near Bowery. AT MANUFACTURER'S WAREROOMS. PRIOR TO removal, magnificent new first class Agraffe 7>? octave rosewood, overstrung. Iron frame Pianofortes, $20i), Stool and Cover, carved legs, Ac. ; latest Improve ments; fully guaranteed. GOLDSMITH'S, No. 7 Bleecker street, near Bowery. AT PRIVATE RESIDENCE 120 WEST 23D STREET, family declining housekeeping, will sell their superb 7U octave four round rosewood Pianoforte, used eight months; has all the latest Improvements; mnde by celebrated 14th street makers; cost $800 cash, for $300; including stool. Cover, Mnsic Cabinet, cost $100; also Ri.x for shipping ; five years' warrantee from maker, and bill of sale. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE BOI ND 7\, OCTAVE rosewood 1'iauoforte, fully guaranteed, nearly new, cost $!>50. for $275; Parlor Suit, cost $.>75, for $200: one do., $150; brocatcl and reps Suits, $75 anil $:>0; walnut mid rosewood Chamber Suits, $3.*> up; Paintings, Library, Dining Furniture ; a great sacrifice Residence 113 West Eighth street (Clinton place), near Eighth avenue. Beautiful 7 octave rosewood piano, al most new, $150: patent agraffe treble, carved, 7S?, $250; instalments taken $12 monthly. it. CA1ILK, 107 West 23d street, corner 6th avemte. Bargains before removal.? oood second hand 7 octavc Pianos, SIS') to >2,10 ; now Piano*, ??'WO and upwards; Htolnway's. ('bickering's and others; Bur den and other Organs. Urcat reduction for cash, on in ?Ulinents anil for rent s. x. BALL A Co., 137 Eighth street fi>ur doors east trom Broad WAy. IRST CLASS P I A N03 ,R ETA 1 LEI) AT WHOLESALE prices, direct from factory. Send tor circular. 74 Barrow, near Hudson street J P. HALE'S NEW 7'a OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? arc the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For Sftlr hv the thousand at Itiii' v vih -ir. i t and Tenth av. M^HAONIPICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, richly carved, with Stool nnd Cover, only $125; bargain m New York; moving; mustsell. 193 Bleecker street, near Mucdougal. NP.W STYLES FIVE OCTAVE DOC BI.E REED Cabinet Organ*. ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES ; $110 ami $125 each. Fifty other styles, $55 lo ?500 and upward each . The MAbON A HAMLIN Organ Company now otler, at their new wa re rooms, 28 Union siiuare, the largest assortment of the best instruments of this class In the world, at prices which are rendered possible only by their uneiiunlled facilities tor manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege of purchaso lor quarterly or monthly payments. N^?W, FIRST CLASS Syl'AKE A N ifUpRioitT Pianos for rent? Itent allowed as purchase money ; at West Fourth stroet. one block ffoin Broadway. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good as th< best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purctiascr; at M E KKEiX S, No. 8 Union square. 165 Fourth avenue. PIANOS -SECOND HAND, OK VARIOUS MAKERS, In thorough order, for sale nt low prices; also Pianos to rent and on instalment*, by CHICKEKING A HONS, 11 East Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth ?venue. PIANOS AM) OEGANS.? GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles and perfect tones ever made, and by best makers, nt lower prices for cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATEftS'. 4" I Broadway, than can tie found elsewhere PIANOS, PIANOS.? PEEVIOl'8 TO REMOVAL WF. A will mnko a reduction ot 80 per cent in our prlcos; 7 octave Pianoforte, nearly new, tor tl.vt. CO-OPE It ATI V E PIW'MAKI.IIS, IM Bleecker it. IANOPOETE (IIAZLETOVS), IN PERFECT ORDER, at 212 Eait lioth street. ? PIANO WASTED-WILL EXCHANGE AN INTER est In a good paying patent lor a good piano. Ad dress CARLTON. lit raid oflicr inn SECONDHAND PIANOS. IN PE Rl- EC I' ORDER, 1UU lor tale by WII*UAM A. POND A CO., 647 Broadway. . P WnCBtLAHEOUl, Jjs WALKER'S SONS.? EX I PA \ N I) PLAIN BOOK i. binding done at shortest noti-e and lowest price; editions of books done In best style, f 5 Dey street. ULOTE A JANES, STATIONERS, PRINTERS AND \7 Blauk Book Manufacturers, Hilton street. Blank Books made to patterns, \TOC SUFFERERS OF RIIE1 MATISM, SUFFERING 1 the pains ot the lost ones, win do yon bemoan your pains, when you ought to know I'rolessor MAO is at band, who can relieve vou by the dlscoverr of his NEW Zealand PLASTER only (no drugs, ir,), and afford you sleep in a few minutes and make a permanent cure. Professor MAC manufactures no cripples for life; no crutches renulred alter his treatment, office 153 East Twenty-ninth street. Uours, 10 A M. to 4 P M. and 7 to ?P_M. REWARD? TO ANY ONE WHO WILL prove that Dr. IIALKETTS (from P?rl?) unequalled Hair Restorer ever failed in restoring plentl fuil) the hair and checking It- tailing off. Price $fl the $1,000 unequalled II folly the bail ouantity sufficient for complete ? :u . ~ -??ut everywhere. Apply to l>r. IIAI.Kfc IT'S agency in New York, 107 East K1kIii.Ii street. BZCHMM. A DIAMOND RING, PiN OR FINE JEWELRY wauled in e^chang" for an el?jant set of. I'arlor Furniture I it l..-i'.,ro 11 o'clock U?i? d?V. ANVUKHDim. yiy all ack'S. B Proprietor and Manager. ..lfr. LESTER WALLACE TENTH WEEK of Mr 60THERN in lilt extraordinary impersonations at DAVID OABBICK and LORD DUNDBEARY, which will be presented TI118 AND EVERY EVENING an<l SATURDAY MATINEB AT 1 :30 P. V. The following eminent artists will appear Mr. BOTH KRN, Mr. JOHN GILBERT, Mr. J. B. POLK, Mr. BISHOP. Mr. CARROLL, Mr BOOWNR, Mr. LEONARD, Mr. HOLLAND, Mr. EDWIN. Mr. CURRAN, Mr. PECK, Ml*) KATHERINE ROOKRS, Mm. FANNY FOSTER, Mme. PONI8I, Mrs. JOHN HEFTON. , BOX PLAN OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Curtain rises at 8 precisely, and carriages may be or doled at 10 :40. OOTH'S THEATRE. BOUCICAULT. Edwin Booth Proprietor and Manager LAST NIOIIT8, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY. LAST THREE NIGHTS #1 DADDY O'DOWD, and LAST THRICE NiUHTS of Mr. DION BOUCICAULT in his ureal character of MICHAEL O'DOWD. LAST DADDY O'DOWD MATINEE on SATURDAY, at a. The public of New York have recocnized In this extra ordinary delineation olio of those great and truthful

works of art which remain heirlooms of the (tape. The management foeln gratified the ftrst performance will date ftom BOOTH'S THEATRE. ON MONDAY NEXT, APRIL 21, A BRA II- N A-POO V I? and KERRY. Mr. BOUCICAULT asSHAUN and KF.RRY. Seats may lie secured m advance :it the theatre, or at Ditson A Co. 'a music store. 711 Broadway. BOOTIl'd THEATRE MATINEE. LAST MATINEE of DADDY O'DOWD, and last appearance hut one of Mr. BOUCICAULT a* MICHAEL O'DOWD As matinoo pcrtormances at this theatre aro so largely attended bv ladios and children, the management feels gratified in calling the attention of families to tho prominent features in all tho Irish plays of this eminent dramatist. In subject, character and dialogue they are pure and free from adulteration in every sense or that word. And while they are proverbial for their dopth of emotion and breadth of humor, they contain nothing the most innocent may not witness, understand and appre ciate. BOWKRY THEATRE. WM. B. KRKLKJH Manager MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1873, and during the week : engagement tor a limited period of MR. K. T. STETSON, the popular favorite actor, who will personate the FASTEST BOY IN NEW YORK, front the Fireside Companion, in tho drama dramatized i>y TONY PASTOR u lid T. L. DONNELLY. This highly sensational drama will be presented with appropriate local scenery, thrilling tableaux and original enects and a powerful cast All the old favorites of tho company " ill appear Fjr particulars see small bills. In coniunctlon with the drama will be acted a uew petite Couu-dy, entitled ORLIOING A FRIEND. Tho first time In America. Clms. Foster's Drama, A BAD LOT, will speedily he produced. NOTE? On Monday, April 14, the doors will open at7*4i curtain rises iit H. jTofc? atiTeneaum. " t)0*J Broadway opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER...: Manager EXTKA BILL. EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION. AI L THE NEW FEATURES 1 HIS WEEK. TUB BELLES, THE B..LLES, THE BELLES OF THE PARLOR. THF FRENCH DANCING MA8TER. Dancing Master .Mons. '/anfretta Jumping J ai Lady'.; Maid, Kitchen Maid, I'age, Ac. THE (.ItiCAT ZANFRETTA TROUPE, eight in number, will appear In their ORIGINAL SPECIALTIES. The Snrlo-Comlc Pantomime, ciititlod HUBERT MACA1RK The beautiful Burlesque of P-L? U? T? O, A COMICAL CLASSICAL LOVE TALE, with the following eminent artists lu the cast:? Miss LISA WEBER, Miss MINNIE JACKSON, Miss L1LL1E HALL, Mis* LAURA LE CLAIR, Miss IDA ROSS, Miss HELENE SMITH. Mr. OEOROK ATKINS, GEO. H. COES, J. LANO, E. W. PRE3C0TT, Ac. Tho sports ot the Central Park, Messrs. AUSTIN AND IIESS. IN THEIR CHAMPION SKATING SCENE. LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT, Jr., nnd CI1AS. REYNOLDS, and Regular ATIIENEUM COMPANY, introducing HIGH TRAGEDY, LOW COMEDY, GRAND OPERA. Doors open nt 7; curtain rises at 8 o'clock. Box office open dally; seats secured In advance. MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Academy of music. -farf.well of MLLE. MARIE A1MEE, THE QIJLEN OF OPERA BOUFFR. AND THE NEW PARISIAN OPERA TROUPE, The Most Successful Organization on record. TWO NIGHTS ONLY AND A MATINEE. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17. AT 8 O'CLOCK, LA GRANGE DUCHESSE. AIMEE, ROLAND, JUTEAU, DUCHESNE. FRIDAY, APRIL 18-LES CENT VIF.RGES, THE GREAT PARISIAN SENSATION. SATURDAY? GRAND MATINEE, AT 1. LA PERICHOLE. LA PERICHOLE. Admission, $1. Reserved seats, 91 80. Gallery, 50c. Boxes, 98 and 90. Seats secured at Academy and 701 and 114 Broadway. BRYANTS OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST., between Sixth and Seventh avenues, near Booth's Tkcatro. Every evening at P. Saturday Matinee at 2. EASTER HOLIDAY WEEK. BEST BILL OF THE SEASON. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF MASTER BARNEY, the Champion Dancer and favorite Dlnlect Actor. Firs; time this season, by general request, tho original BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SHOO FLY. [ BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' ! SHOO FLY BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' | SIIOO FLY BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' SHOO FLY BRYANT'S MINSTRELS' I SHOO FLY THE CALICO HOP. COLTON'3 LA UG SHOO FLY. SIIOO FLY. SHOO FLY. SHOO I LY. SHOO FLY. HING OAS. Dan Bryant, Seymour, Reed. Stanwood, Morrlsy, Emer son, Ac. Matinee Saturday at 2. Seat* secured. IilRENHH COMPANY.? BIJOU THEATRE, : Robinson Ilnll, 18 East sixteenth st.. near Broadway. SATURDAY, APRIL 10. AT 8, EXTRAORDINARY PERFORMANCE. First appearance ot Mile. ADOLPHINE MARRA, late of the Bouffes ParUiens. OPERETTK. BOl'FFE. Music bv AOaM, COMEDY, VAUDEVILLE. FULL ORCHESTRA. Reserved seats at Arnntid's, 915 Broadway; Saussol's, 21 East Sixteenth street: Schirnier's, "ill Broadway; Rul man's, 114 Broadway. Orchestra, $1 SO; paruuet,91. Mrs. jarley to-nioht, with her famous flesh nnd Mood WAX WORKS, * AT 8i'. PETER'S HALL, West Twentieth street, between Eighth and Ninth .ivs Reserved seats at POND'S, 3J Union square; S01IIR MER'S, 701 Broadway; DITsoN'S, 711 Broadway. 1I1AIB FORTHECHAPIN HOME.? WOULD YOU MAKE ? " one of a crowd of active philanthropists? Would vou invest your money where thieves do not break in and stoalf Would you put your greenbacks where they will rerelve a double blessing ? Would you t So and be seen, hear and be heard, know and be known, minister and be ministered unto ? Would you attend the most successful and brilliant Fair of the season ? Go THIS EVENING to Apollo Hall, corner of liroadwav and Twenty eighth street; go TO MORROW EVENING; go FRIDAY EVEN ING; go SATURDAY EVENING, The Fair of all others to commend itself to the benevolent Is the Fair for the Chnpln Home. MISS NETTIE 8TIRLIXG AND MR. GEORGE SIMP BON will sing to-night At Association liall. Mr. ANTONIO L. MORA, Organist Ticket* SOconta. MUSIC AIi< A TENOR WANTS A POSITION IN * CATHOLIC church choir. Address I1AYDN, HernM afflce. A FIRST CLASS ORGANIST AND CHOIR-DIREC tor of experience , and t>rilliant soloist, desires nn engagement; can provide a quartet at moderate price. Address CLARK \\ . BBAMES, l;? S'uy ve.-ant street. GENTLEMAN WIM. OIVK INSTRUCTION ON THE pianoforte, at pupil's residence, tor $10 per quarter; best retcrencesgiven. Address, with residence, TEACHER, i)ox 120 Herald Uptown Branch office. FINESOPRA NO OK EX PERIENCE DESIRES A position In church. Address SOLOIST, UeraUl Up town Branch office. A LADY DESIRES A FEW MORE PUPILS FOR IN strurtion on the piano; particular attention paid to | new beginners; terms moderate. Inquire at 310 East 51 st I st., between 1st ami M a vs. t~1AW> - f I A N O, ( )RGAN, GUITAR, SINGING.? MISS I WATSON gives private lessons, day and evenlnir, at her residence, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street'. Instru ments famished for daily practice. /lONTRALTo 8INGER WANTED IN BROOKLYN.? A \ ) liberal salary will be paid to one acquainted with the Episcopal .service and a good reader Address, statin* wnere interview can be had, EPISCOPAL, Herald office. /GUITARISTS, ATTENTION l-"aol,D MEDAL PAT IT ent Tllton Guitar;" took Gold Medal at American fair. MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY, 93 Clinton place ! (Klulith -treet>. Illustrated circulars mailed tree. Pri | vate V'n'ar lessons. Musicians? ip tou want cheap and beautl ffil Music, at 1 cent a sheet, goto 94 Bleerker street, pick out from a large wholesale stock; If you buy 91 worth I make you n present of 40 sheets, those in the trade would make money by seodimt in their orders; must be sold botore Mnv 1, JAMES O' fife. ILL "\VrANTED? YOUNG PUPILS ON THE PIANO, BY A it lady, at her i esld ucu; terms $10 a quarter. Apply at lfl West Washington place. ?\1 'ANTED? INSTRUCTION ON THE FLUTE ( EVEN TT ing lessons. Address, with terms, C. D., bo* 197 Herald office. THE I.ECTIRE SEASON, CIOLLKOR OK PHARMACY j OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. Members, tbclr friends and ladles are invited t ? attend a Lecturo on MODERN PHARMACY, to be delivered by PROFESSOR C. F. CHANDLER. Ph D., to-night, at HP. M., In the New Lecture Hall of the College, Unlversltv Building, University place, corner of Waverlcy place. II. A CASSEHBER. Jr., Secretary 1~>k6f. C. F. CHANDLER, PH D .. WILL DELIVER A tree lecture on Modern Chemistry this evening, at eight o'clock, at the Lecture Hall of the College ol Phar macy, University Building. University place, corner of Waverlcy place. Tlio members of the medical and phar maceutical professions are Invited, as also all who arc Interested In the subtect. __ MARBIiB MANTKUl. A KLADER, STEAM MARBLE AND MARHLEIZINO , Works, lM and l.lfi Ea?t Eighteenth street.? Marble aud Marblolzed Mantel-, Tiling, Marble Counters, Monu ments, at prices that defy competition. Marblo Turuiug for ttic trade. ^ AN ASSORTMENT OK MANTELS, UNSURPASSED for beauty of design and iiuahty of workmanship, Slate Work ot ail kinds a specialty. PENRIIYN rfLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue nnd Seventeenth street, I'uion Square. STKW ART'S SLATE MANTELS. -RICH AND ELE gatit designs. Slate Works of every description; Mar blo and Wood Mantels. T B STEWART A CO. and m West Twenty third street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y. SKLABEH A CO.. STEAM MAltBI.E AND MAIIBLE ? l/.ing Works, KCI West Fifty-Ant street, between Brokdwav and Eighth avenue.? Marble, marblelzed Man tels. Monuments, Headstones; large selections at very low prices AMtrsgwgarrs. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. ? IL ? ? Proprietor Mr. HjJKBIDAN SHOOK Mnugtr Hr< A H PALI 1KB Begin* at 8. Saturday Matinee at 1 JO. Carriage* may be ordered at U. IMMENSE SUCCESS AGNES ETIIEL ^N FROU FROU. THE nOl'SE CROWDED NIOHTLY WITH TIIE BLITB OK TIIK CITY THE MOST MAGNIFICENT REVIVAL IN THE HIS TORY OF THE NEW VOUK STAGE. EVERY NIGHT AND AT THE SATURDAY MATINEE until further notice, , . ? will be produced, br special arrangement with Mr. Augustln Daly, liis brilliant adaptation of Meilhao and Halevy'* wonderful Drama. In Ave aots, entitled FROU-FROU. for whloh new and elegant scene* hare been painted by Marston. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROUFROU. FROU-FROU. ? SATURDAY, AT 1 :T0, __ FIRST FROU-FROU MATINEE. THAT THERE MAY BE NO DISAPPOINTMENT ABOUT SKAW THE BOX SHEET WILL BK OPEN TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. QLYMPIC THEATRE. J. E. HAYES Lessee and Manager THURSDAY EVENI.VO, APRIL 17, at 8 O'CLOCK, LAST NIGHT BUT TWO OF THE FOURTH EDITION of 0. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. FAMILY MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT 3. MONDAY EVENI.VO. APRIL 21, GRAND RECONSTRUCTION. FIRST ISSUE OF VOLUME FIVE of FOX'S niSTORY OF HUMPTY DUMPTY. PROPERLY ILLUSTRATED BY THE AUTHOR. SUBSCRIPTIONS RECIilVED AT THE BOX OFFICE. Character* bv Ml** AGNES ETHlil., Mis* EMILY M EST AVER, Mis* MARY GRIsWOLD, Miss JENNIE LEE. Mis* KATE HOL LAND. Mil* CHARLOTTE CAVE, Miss l.ILLIH EDWARDS, M,\ 1). H. II A l; KINS, Mr. J. F. MACKAY. Mr EDWARD LAMB, Mr. GEORGE PARKES, Mr. J. W. THORPE, Mr. W. 11. WHJ>ER and Mr. W. yUlGLEY. w OOD'S MUSEUM. DOM. MURRAY. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. EVE NINO AT & The great Irish Comedian, Mr. DOMINICK MURRAY, in hi) sensational Drama, the GAMBLER'S CRIME; or, tho MURDER ON THE HUDSON. AFTERNOON* AT 2. The voung nnd boautliul Artiste, Miss MINNIE FOSTER, who will appear as TOPS* In the domestic Drama of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. ST. JAMES THEATRE. "IRELAND." FOUR WEEKS ONLY. FRANK McEVOY'S NEW 1JIHF.RNIOON, Or, IRELAND IN AMERICA. IRISH COMEDY AND CHARACTER COMPANY. The favorite Irish Comedian W. F. LAWLOR, In his groat character BARNEY THE GUIDE. NEAL CONWAY, THE CELEBRATED REEL DANCER, and a talented company. Orchestra chairs 7S cent.?. Admission, 80 cents. MATINEE SATURDAY, 2 P. M. General admission, SO cents. Children, IS cents. STEINWAY IIALL.? FESTIVAL WEEK. The public is respectfully informed that a FESTIVAL WEEK OF GRAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS will be given on a scale of completeness and grandeur never before attempted In New \ ork, under the direction Of THEODORE THOMAS, COMMENCING TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 22,1873. The following distinguished artists will appear:? Mrs. J, HOUSTON WEST, Mr*. H. M. SMITH. {Sopranos. Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY, Contralto. Mr. NELSON VARI.EY, Tenor. His first appearanoe in New York. Mr. MVRON W. WHITNEY, Basso. Mr. J. F. rudolph. son, Baritone. Tho celebrated nANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY, FROM BOSTON, numbering Five Hundred (S00> Voices. Conductor CARL ZERRAHN Organist Mr. B. J. LANG Will appear, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA, lartfoly Increased on this occasion. ORDER OF PERFORMANCES. TUESDAY EVENING, April 21. at 8, ELIJAH. ELIJAH. WEDNESDAY, April 23, AFTERNOON and EVENING, ORANI) PUBLIC REHEARSAL AT I O'CLOCK, AND LAST ORATORIO PERFORMANCE AT R O'CLOCK OF SELECTIONS FROM HANDEL'S ISRAEL IN EOYPT, Including the Grand Double Choruses, Air? and Duets, and the entire of Mendolssohn's HYMN OF PRAISE (LOB(IESANG). THURSDAY EVENING, April 24, at 8, AT THE BROOKLYN ACADEMY, only grand Festival Oratorio, ELIJAH, ELIJAH. FRIDAY, April V>, AFTERNOON und EVENING, Ornntl Public Rehearsal at 1 o'clock of BEETHOVEN'S NINTH OR CHORAL SYMPHONY. ON FRIDAY EVENING. ONLY FESTIVAL CONCERT, Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN and Mr. HENRI WIKNIAWSKI, Mr. S. B. MILI.S, Mr. WILLIAM MASON and a number of celebrated Vocalist'. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. APRIL lid, ONLY FESTIVAL MATINEE. SATURDAY EVENING, CLOSE OF THE FESTIVAL. TIIEO. THOMAS' LAST SYMPHONY CONCERT. Last appearance of the celebrated Handel and Haydn Society and of all the distingulsed artists. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Reserved Peati to the. Evening Performance*, two. three and four dollars, according to location. Reserved Seats to the Matinee, two dollars. Admission T!c!:ets to Public Rehearsal", one dollar. Reserved Seats to Re hearsals, fitly cents extra. The sale of Reserved Seats will commence this morn ing at Schirmer's, 7ol Broadway, at 114 Broadway, and at the b"\ office st Stein way liati. P T. BAR. SUM'S ()R~E AT . MUSEUM, MENAGERIE AND HIPPODROME. AND GREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S FAIR IN BROOKLYN. A MAGNIFICENT CANVAS CITY AT THE CAPITOLINE GROUNDS. THE BEAUTIFUL TENTED FIELD VIEWED AND VISITED BY FOURTEEN THOUSAND PATRONS ON TliE OPENING NIGHT! FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE WEEK TWO EXHIBITIONS EACH DAY. DOORS OPEN AT 1 AND 7. GRAND DOUBLE CIPCUS PERFORMANCE PROMPTLY AT 3 AND 8 O'CLOCK. Franklin avenue cars leave Grand, Houston and Roose. veltstree* terries every two minutes. (Jatci and Fulton avenno cars leave Fulton ferry. Nostrand avenue cars leave South Seventh street, Williamsburg. Hamilton avenue cars leave South ferry. All the above lines run to the immediate vicinity ot the Show Grounds. rrONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. 1 CROWDED HOUSES I JOHNNY WILLIAMS, NIGHTLY GREETING BILLY PASTOR, TIIE GREAT HUGH HAGGERTY, COMBINATION I CHARLEY WHITE _ Of ? GOSS AND FOX, STAR ARTIST8 | BILLY BARRY, In their MOORE AND EMMETT, MAMMOTH Hart. Seabert, McMillan, Ac. ENTERTAINMENT. | LADIES FREE on FRIDAYS. ( 1 RAND FAREWELL CONCERT * U of the HAMPTON COLORED STUDENTS *t Dr Hep worth'* magnificent new church, , corner Forty .tilth street and Madison avenue, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17, at 8 o'clock. They wiii sing genuine Negro Cabin and Plantation Song*. Service* of the organist volunteered. Admission fin cents: do reserved seats. Tickets lor sale at Methodist Book Concern, Carlcton'*, Guruer's and Putnam's bookstores aud at the door. Association iiam.. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 19, 2 P. II., Matinee Kcadlncs t>y Mrs. MCOTI Sll?l)OSS, with a new and brilliant programme. Ticket* 80 cents; no extra charge for reserved seats. For nalc At Schirmers and Hurley?. VfliW YORK M ITSKUM "OF ANATOMY, 81S BROAIV way, between Houston and Bleccker streets.? Every ?ue should visit the wonderful Museum ; it Is full of everything people should see and understand. lectures daily on 'The Philosophy of Marriage." I hose parties | unable to attend these important lecture* can have them i forwarded, post free, on receipt oC25 cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MLSKC'M OK ANATOMY, 6i3 Broadway, Now York. \rAinmu tmbatrb or mnr Orleans to ront.? Proposals will he received until the 1st day of June next (or the rent ?( the Varieties Thentre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is complete In nil Its appointments of wardrobe, MetMry, properties 4c. Address E. KIUNEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans. /VALLKRY OK PAINTINU8. ur LOl'IS DURR'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over 300 paintings by the best masters, from the fourteenth century down to the present tune. Now open from 2 to 10 P M,, tor the henetlt of THE GERMAN HOSPITAL, in the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK HI ILDI.VO. entrance on Fourtli avenue, near Fourteenth street Admission during the day, Me. ?, lit the evening, iSc. M" ISS N ETTIB ST IRLIRQ AND MR. OROROE SIMP HON will sing to night at Association Hall. Mr. ANTONIO h. MORA, Organist Tickets Wc?at? 1 1ARD.? PRIVATE MUSIC lessons, PIaNO. ORGAN. V Violin Gnltar, llarn, singing Harmony. 91 Clinton place (Eighth street;, Established I8M. students' Journal and circulars mailed. J, jay WATSON, Director. Mm iimuoi N?. MR.Tr LINK LATER AND Mr. JOHN KEID will sing to-night at Association na'l. Mr. ANTONIO L. MORA, Organist, Tickets W) cents. Mercantile library association. ? John h. oouuii. ACADBMT or MUSIO, April 24, isn. fTUIE 8TAOE? PROFESSOR PHILIP LAWRENCE, 164 I Ulth avenue, will instruct ladle* nnd gentlemen; engagements guaranteed when proficient. Ladies in structed In graceful gesture by Miss Mary Lawrence. yANCINO AC'ADEMIM. S! AUDI'S DANCING ACADEMIES. 7 PRIVATE LESSONS at any hoar, day crevenlnij. 1 CIRCULARS at Private Academy 4W ?a?l fciavtuthiV AWrPSJBBTBWTS. BAND OPERA HOUSE. CURTAIN BIBBS At t. Sr. AUOU8TIN PALY Soto Leasee and Mtom, EVERT EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINE& UNDER TMK GASLIGHT. ^ AUGU8TIN DAI.Y'S famous realistic, local ana content poraneou* sensations I Drama. with Its thrilling original RAILROAD SENSATION III and tho great realistic PIER 8CENEIII Mrs. JOHN- WOOD as I'RACH BLOSSOM. (Her last nights in America.) MATINEE SATURDAY, AT IIALF-PA8T ONE O'CLOCK. Mr. .f).aly hoe? '? announce that he has engaged th% world-famous Artist. Mr. CHARLES FECIITER, for a limited number ef nights, beginning on Mondai evening. April 28, In his magnificent realization of Dumas' romantic hero, MONTE CRIBTO. which will be given with a most extraordinary cast and with u perfect misc-on-sceno. Box Sheet open for the entire first week on Thnrsdar morning, April 17. at 8 A. M. 'wmmr VTIBLO'8 HARDEN. VOKEt 1M Lessees and Managers JABRETT A PAL1IBB KO It TWO WEEKS ONLY (by special arrangement with Messrs. Shook and Palmar); THE V 0 VOKES E 8 FAMILY, MUs VICTORIA YOKES, Miss ./ESSIE YOKES, Miss ROSIN A VOKES, Mr. FREDERICK YOKES, Mr. FA W DON VOKES. These celebrated Vocal, Musical, Terpslchoreaa, Uniqut and Eceentrie Artiste will appear in the OREAT VOICES SPECIALTY. THE BELLES 01' THE KITCHEN. THE BELLES OK THE KITCHEN. THE 1IELLE8 OK THE KITCHEN. TiTo,, ^?Ini^0.dS.clnf[ ,n ,lle course of the piece HIGH TRAGEDY, LOW COMEDY. GRAND OPERA and BALLET. The performances of the Vokes Family will be preceded each evening by the brilliant Comedietta, OKA NO E BLOSSOMS. By a select company from the Union Square Theatre. BOX SIHiKT NOW OPEN; MATINEES WEDNESDAYS AND SATURDAYS AT Sm TIBLO'H GARDEN. MATINEfc w THE VOKES. ME YOKES N VICTORIA, IN THE JESSIE. BELLES ROSIN A. OK FREDERICK, THE FAWDON. KITCHEN. NEXT SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2 O'OLOOK 1ST IBLO'S GARDEN. SPEOIAU BENEFIT OF L. J. VINCENT. A THURSDAY AFTERNOON, April at 1 o'olock. V RARE AND ATTRACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. N IBLO'S GARDEN. SPRCIAU OBSERVE ! OBSERVE I EXTRAORDINARY t COMBINATION. THE VOKES FAMILY. BELLES OK THE * KITCHEN. GEO. FAWCETT ROWE. | MICAWBER. SATURDAY, MATINEE. AND EVENING. BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN. Theatre comigue. 514 BROADWAY. Mr. JOSH HART Lessee and Proprietor The Mammoth combination of the world iu a aploas ing and entertaining programme. The wonder of the world, LING-LOOK, accompanied by YAMADIVA, the Man Sorpent. The most comical oi all Pantomimes, A TRIP TO THE MOON, bv tho FLALZETTI TROUPE. CHARLES and CARRIE AUSTIN in their Terrific Bay onct Combat The Quadruple Song and Dance by Miss KITTY O'NEIL, Miss FANNY LUOELLE. Miss CARRIE HAINES, Miss IDA GREENFIELD1. AN ENTIRE NEW OLIO. Conclndlng with the new sensational Drama, viz. THE RACE ; THE RACE; THE RACE; TIIE RACE; THF. MYSTERIES?OF THE TURF. Mr. D. KELLEY as the Jocker. MATINEE WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The ENTIRE EVENING PROGRAMME will bo enacted at the MATINEES. 5TH AVENUE THEATRE. (CURTAIN RISES AT M 72? and 730 Broadway. __ Sole Lossoo and Manager Mr. AUGCSTIN DALY DIVORCE I I . The great Drama of Socicty. Etrerr night this week will bo acted Mr. AUGPSTIN DALY'S brilliant c omedy of contemporaneous society, en? titled DIVORCE ! Characters hy Miss FANNY MORANT, Miss CLARA MORRIS, Miss FANNY DAVENPORT. Mrs. O, II. GIL. BERT, Miss LINDA DIKTX, Miss KATE CLAXTON, Mia ROBERTA NORWOOD, Miss GRIFFITHS, Mr. OKORGH CLARKE. Mr. LOUIS JAMES, Mr. W. DAVIDGB, Mr. JAM KS LEWIS, Mr. CHARLES FISHER, Mr. B. T. RINGGOLD. Mr. OWEN FAWCETT, Mr. I). WHITING, Mr. GEORGE DEVERE, Mr. FRANK CHAPMAN, Mr. J. A. MAC*AY,W. BKKKMAN, CARROLL aud Other* ? a divorce"matinek, SATURDAY, AT IK O'CLOCK. Mr Daly bogs to announce that the revival of DIVORCE will be followed by the production (for tho tlrst time on any mage) of a new and original play of powerlul emotional character, for which extraordinary preps rations are being made. ALSO? A revival ol the greatly popular play or MAN AND WIFE. 84 TH STREET THEATRE, Thlrtv-fourth street, rear Third avenue. THE GREAT STAR TROUPE EVERY NIGHT. DRAMA, BALLET, FARCE, BURLESQUE. ALL TIIE SENSATIONS OF THE DAY. First Matinee on Tuesday afternoon, April 21 fy ERMANIA THEATRE. IT Foorteeniu slreet, near Third avenue. AD. NEUKNDORFF Diroctop THURSDAY, Al'UIL 17, 1873. DIE GRAEFIN VON SOMERIVE. Comedy in four act*, by Barrier and Probols. Box offlce open dally from 9 to 4 o'clock. M RS. F. B. CONWAY'S BROOKLYN THEATRE. THIS EVENING. DAVID GARRICK AND A COMEDIETTA. Mrs. F. B. Conway, Mr. Frank Roche and company. B~ ROOKLYN ACADEMY,? RUBIN 8TEIN? THOMAS THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, April 17, POSITIVELY LAST APPEARANCE o? the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. FINAL JOINT APPEARANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN. HENRI WIENIAWSK1, and THEO. THOMAS, with his UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA. Will be performed, lor the only tline in Brooklyn, "RUBINSTEIN'S OCEAN SYMPHONY," hv the "THEO. THOMAS ORCHESTRA," under the di. rcctlon of the composer, Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN. Seats at Brooklyn Academy anil at 114 Broadway. The ocean symphony in Brooklyn. THURSDAY EVENING, April 17, at8 o'clock, FIR8T AND ONLY PERFORMANCE, RUB! NSTKIN'S OCRAN SYMPHONY, BY THE THEO. THOMAS ORCHESTRA, under the personal diroctlon of the composer, Mr. ANTON KUBINBTKIN. Newark opera house.? rubinstein and 1HOMAS. FRIDAY EVENING, APRIL 18, ONLY JOINT APPEABANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIKNIAWSKI, and TIIEO. THOMAS, with Ills UNRIVALED ORCHESTRA, UBFnSTEI N.THOMAS F ABEWELL MATINEE. ? Steinway Hall, Saturday Afternoon, April 19, at 2, POSITIVELY LAST AND FAREWELL MATINEE of th? GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. Comprising Anton Rubinstein, Henri Wieni.iwskl, with Theo. Thomas nnd lilt unrivalled Orchestra. On thU occasion Rubinstein will plat A MINOR CON CERTO (Schumaa). Ballade (Chooln), and for the first time here several ot HcnseU's piecos, also several new COMPOSITIONS OF Ills OWN. Mr. Wieniawski will play the Mendelssohn Concerto (first movement). The Theo. Thomas Orchestra will perform Overture "Kind Stcphan'1 (Beethoven), ''Yorspiel Lohengrin,"' "Der Bcil dcr Walkyren" (Wagner), "Cavalry March" g-chubert), adapted lor Orchestra by Liszt. e served Seat-, $2, at Steinu-ay's, 7in and ill Broadway MISS NF.TTIE STERLING. MRS JENNIE J. YOUNG. Mr. George Simpson, Mr. J. Linklater, Mr. John Bold, will sing at Association Hall to-night, Aorll 17, 1873. Antonio 1.. Mora, organist. Ticketsf.0 cents. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. " GENERAL REHEARSAL FRIDAY, April 19. iK P. M. CONCERT SATURDAY EVENING, April i?, ? o'clock. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MR. ANTON RUBINS! BIN will conduct ills "Ocean Symphony." MP. HENRY WIKNIAWSKI, Solo Violinist. Grand Orchestra under tne leadership ot HEBR CAUL BK ROM ANN. rTUBLEAUX VIYANTS, BY PROFESSOR a. BABTLETT and AMATECR DB AM A'fic" "ENTERTAINMENT, tn aid of THE NEW YORK INFANT ASYLT'M, at ROBINSON HALL, IS East Sixteenth street, FRIDAY EVKNINO. April 18, at 8 o clock, and SATURDAY MATINEE, April 19, at 2 P. M. Tickets tnar be obtained at Mr*. U M. Bates', 10 We?t Thirty -ninth street; Caswell A Hazard's, Fitth Avenue Hotel, and at the Asylum, 24 Clinton place. SACSE'3 CALICO SOIREE. Irving Hall, Thursday, April 17th, 1873. ISS JENNIE J. YOUNG, MR. J. LINKLATER AND Mr. JOHN R! .ID will slnjt to night at Association llall. Mr. ANTOMO L. MORA, Organist Tiokets 511 centa. VATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN. IN The Forty-eighth Annual Exhibition of rictures and. Sculptures Is now oren dav and evening. Twenty-third' street, corner of Fourth avenue. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Cor. 8ec*y N. A. MM TRENOR'S LAST RECEPTION DANSANTE, Lyric Hall, 723 Sixth avenue, Rooervolr square, FRIDAY EVENING. 18th Inst., si*. MRP JARLRY'S WAXWORKS, TO-NIGHT, AT ST. PETER'S HALL. THE CREAM OF FUN. COMK AND LAUORI "kCETROPOLITAN THEATRICAL AND SHOW PRINTINO ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LIBOR ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MIN3TRIJL A*D VAR1KTY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON IIaND,

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