Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1873 Page 2
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_ CITT REAL ESTATE FOB BAI.Bs Central. A-l.-A.-FOR SALF, AT A SACRIFKJF, A ? drat class four story nigh stoop brown stone Hoime, 22.2x58, 96 foot Lot, on west side of Madison avenue, Si) icet south of Seventy-fourth street; clear view to Park ; three (loora In hardwood ; parlor floor In cabinet work, l v Pottier A stymus, with llhrary and butler's pantry, niaii (el mirrors, Ac. Terms to suit. Good located 1-ot* taken in payment. Houhj open lor inapoction. Inquire of owner, A. KLABER, 154 East Eighteenth street. A POUR STORY, CABINET TRIMMED, BROWN stone House, between Madison and Filth avenue*, 25x60xlU0; will be Hold tor $5U,tHX); worth $85,000; this is au opport unity seldom offered. Apply to DUNN A SKAICH, 202 Broadway. A FEW FIRST CLASS LOTS ON AND NEAR FIFTH avenue and Broadway or Boulevard, for sale ex tremely low tor ready cash V. K. STEVENSON. Jr., 11 Pine street I1ASY TERMS. ? FOUR STORY OHIO STONE DOUSE, <j Fifty-ninth street ; three story brick house, $10,000. Elghtv-nfih sti M, near Madison avenue. 8. THOMSON A m>S. 1 hire! avenue, near Eighty-third street. ALEX. T1IAIN, 12 Pine street. FOR SALE-FOUR CHOICE LOTS, FINELY LOCATED ?>n West side, near-Central Park; terms easy. PEAR SON ASHEDLo.K, attorneys, Ac , 54 William stroet. TjlOR BALE-FOUR NEW BItOWN STONE FRONT J1 tlrst class tenement Houses, 37 Spring and 211, 213 and 215 Mott streets. Inquire at 20 Second avenue. FOR SALE OR TO LEASE FOR 10 YEARS? THE Bulldluc known ns the Working Woman's Home, 45 Elizabeth street, running through to Mott. A splendid chance for tenement operator*. $70,000 purchase money; can remain on mortgage. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, 106 Broadway. ATE A R FIFTH AVENUE, FORTY-FIRST STREET.? IM Overlv desirable four story high stoop stone Man sion about 23x6t)xlu0. for sale extremely lowicasy terms; possession. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pino street. OPLENOII) INVESTMENT.? ELEOANT RESIDENCES in on Madison avenue; superb Mansions in Fifty-second, Fifty-sixth and Fifty -seventh streets; groat bargains ; ex tra width palatial Residences on Filth avenue, with Stable ; Houses tit all prieea. PAGE A McCAFFER'l Y, Filth avenue, corner Filty-second street. THE CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE CTTY^FOR SALE on Sixtv first street, near Madison avenue ; the best locsiloii cast of the l'urk. Apply to DUNN A SEA1C1I, It '2 Broadway. Fi ll AV? NEAR 43D 'sT , ELEGANT" EXTRA' WIDE, (J extra deep stone Dwelling; for sain low, with or without the first class furniture and stable. V. K. STEVENSON, Jr., 11 Pine stteet 5TH AVENUE, BELOW THIRTY FIRST ST It K I T. (Late owner iust deceased) very substantial tour story high stoop House, lot 25x100, for sale, witli Immediate possession, furnished or unturiiished. at a very reason able figure. This properly has an immense prospective value tor business purposes, not taken in'o consideration n price asked to-dav. V. K. STEVEN >oN. .1 r. , II Pineot. WILL Bl' V V SPLENDID LEASEHOLD "" "" " Corner on Third avenue, near Fiftieth Hreet, with three Stores; rents for H.DOO a year ; only taHl ground rent ; size 21x75; lour stories 8. FREIDENIUCH ,t CO., 906 aud 908 Third avenue. East hide. A BARGAIN FOR SOME ONE.-TWO THREE STORY high stoop brown stone Houses, situaftd <m lltitli street, between Third and Fourth avenues; will lie sold lor 110,000 each ; only $2.0tH) cash required on each house, bal Mice on bond and mortgage. I'oliNISH 1 CONGDON, 175 Broadway. A? GREAT BARGAIN IN FIRST CLASS TENEMENT . Houses; also store Property on Third avenue ; also one 25xfi"<xl0 1, live story brown stone double Teuemunt, with bath, Ac. ; will be sold at a sucritlce; come quick; must have money. JOHN FETTRETCH, 1, 0:w Third avenue. AN UfVhSTMKNT.? ONI.Y $14,500 WILL BUY A NICE three storv high sloop French Flat on Fiftieth street, liiKt en*t of 1 liir.l avenue ; ^6 feet front ; rents well. s. FREII'ENRICH A CO., 166 and 966 Thlnl avenne. FOR SALE? 10 EAST FORTY -SEVENTH STREET ? Four story brown stone front, high stoop, all mod fin improvements; between Madison and I'lttli avenues; lease fit) years. Inquire ou the premises. FilOH SALE- A GililD HOME IN 11 DTI I STREET, 1 Harlem, M7 ; nil the modern lniprovemenls; two itory, ba.oiiietit and sub-cellur: ten rooms; terms easy ; Drice ?.rj SOUL Owner, 566 West Thirtieth Street. FflOR BALE OR TO LET-- A FIRST CLASS FOUR stor.v high stoop brown stone front House oil Lexing ton avenue, between Filty-eiglnh and Kitty-ninth streets. Apply at (lie ollice ot J. MECKEL, 440 Broadway. Fixe east pide (nineteenth wakd> corner P'opertv tor sale, at a very low figure; liquor store rented till lSitJ; rent I2perceti . cash required Si 1 1 ,< * so. HOWELL A H UllST, 921 third avenue. f 'IRANI' HOUSE. 41. 46 ANI? 4? NEW BOWERY, FOR IT sale? Reiisoiiably, or lea-e, lor respectable families; W feet frontage ; over lot) rooms; store*, basements aud vaults. Apply at 25 Third avenue. Mulberry street, near canal.? for sai e, cheap, tour "lory tront and rear briek lluildiugs. irith iplcndid tore; lot 25x100. Apply to 1>. F. Cl'KLEY, 12 >iitre street. *!)D AYF.NCE, NEAR EIGHTY -SIXTH STREET,? FOUR ts Lots, with Corner, lor sale at ? great bargain: easy terms. F. G. A D. BROWN, 90 Broadway. \\ t-st Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONF. halt block, 400x81. t?, for sale or to lease lor a term of ?ears, ritlilli'ie from Thirteenth avenue to West street. E L. A B. T. BU RN HAM, 609 Hudson street. A? FOR S VLB AT A BARGF.IN, 4 LOTS, NORTH ? west corner avenue St. Nicholas and Hist street H. Hudson' A CO., 175 Fifth avefcue. An investment worthy of INVESTIGATION.? A flue npartment House, w ith two stores, on Filly - icvelith street; price $-5.0 il; terms easy. MiilIKIs B. 1IAER '.rm sixth avenue. A BARGAIN.? $12,000.? A FIVE STORY SINGLE brick Tenement House, In Nineteenth street, near Seventh avenue . good order; well rented. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Eighth avenue, near Twenty first street. A BARGAIN IN TWO LOTS, BETWEEN EIGHTH . uud Ninth avenues, situate oil a HI.) loot street, en trance to the J'ari\. Apply tu HUGH N. CAMP, 106 Broadway. H0ULEVARI4 LOTS.? FOR SALE, four finely situated Lots, on l.Wth street, west of Tenth avenue. Apply to W. F. JOHN SON, corner Greenwich und Des )ro??es streets. YCKMAN ESTATE.? U_ LOTS' ON ELLWooD street, for sale at a bargain. Apply to HUGH N. SAMP, 106 Broadway. J" poR ~ SALE? MEDIUM TlZED BROWN STONE ' Dwell n ? lnA West Forty-seeon 1 ;tr> ct, tastefully dcc ?raU(l;in perfect order: price low; terms easy, inquire ?f J. t'A X I'B i-.lL, Pacific Bank fcloR SALE? Fouit STORY BROWN 8TONB FIRST P class House, on Thlrtv-fltth street, between Fourth ind I<exin<'ton avenues; splendid location; Ionise ires "oed ; terms easy. Appl} to WILLIAM KEN NELLY, No. I Pi tie street. FN WOOD, "? M i N t'TBS ' TO~ WALL" STREET? DESIR I able twelve room Dwelling, stable, Ac. ; 10 full lots of Laii i . the ? ii" ( on vi ry va-v terms and at only ?35,tsiO. V. K STEVENSOS, Jr., 11 I'lne street or 220 tilth av. M iM?r I luncoiK. 1IMR8T CLISS HOl'SEH FOB S.fl K, Some very low lor Cash, By A. C. 1 ,OOM IS <t CO., 1,2M Broadway. ()!' ( <? opt n trom H A. M. till fi 1'. M. i irtory stone iront, on 4- -t li st ,*near H'l av $14,000 I storv s;oiie ir. nl, oil -JStti St., near Mb av lft,iKK) I storV wood iront. oil .Till St.. near 3d av li,.')!*) iatorv atone front, on 46. h st., rn-ar Hili av Ifi, ;x>o i story brick iront. on Nlth st.. near I exlngton av. 17,i?W I utor'v brick front, on 3*tlt st., near 7tli av is.noo I Htorjr brick iron', on SV h st.. near Hth av. ? ? 18, *W t story hr.i k t ? ? til, oil 27th st., near Lexington av. . 21,0 0 lutorv brick iront. on 21 -r st , nenr-tli av.. 22,11.0 I storv stone front, (ill Mst st., near Mndlson av..., 23,000 I stor v store trout, oil .13d st., near 7tti av 2.1,1*10 I story stone front, on :',',tli st.. near fith av 2H,i (H) I story brick trout, on .'Vith st., mar Oth av 30,000 t story stone tvont, on 32d st , near Madison av 30,000 1 storv stone front, on S^tli -t., near 7tli av .... So.oon I *tor\ stone u . tit, on <>lst st., near Lexington av. . 30,000 ! storv stone iront, on Sftth st., near Stli av SI.IH.H) t story stone front, on Cist si., near Madison av.... 36,000 I story brick iront. on 3iUh at., near Mb av 30,000 I story st < .4c front, on :vjt ! t st., near Cth av .14,000 I story stone troiit, on ilHli St., near fitli av 3.1,0 JO I st'.rv stone front, on Vt li st., m ar Htli nv W.000 t*torv s'one. trout, on Ifith ?t., near 6th av 39,0 Ml I story stone front, on ,''.7tli ?t., near fitli av 4i>,nnO I story atone Iront. on Il'tii ?t., near <;tli av 42, 100 I Morv stone front, on Madi?oii a v., near fifltli at.. . 43,000 I story stone front, on IVJ I st , n. ar Madison av 47.000 I story stone Iront, on 43d st, near Mil av S&OOO l story stone front, on '2d st, near 5:b av 70.IR0 I storv stone frout, on Madi :i av,, near 3itli st >h\ ? h ?? I aton alone iront, on 5th uv,, near With st 150,000 Also a lar^e number of unfurnished House, to rent. Alto n large number of furnished llouc* to rent. Also ralitublc Improved Properly on Broadway for sule, verv low. UllOtlKliV) PHOPKRTY FOB SAL.K AXIf TO LBT. TTERALD BRANCH OFFICE ? BROOKLYN. AKVF.r.TIsl MI NTK FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, I> THE LojiO ISLAND HA VINOS BANK Bl'ILDING, corner of fclton av and boercm st. OFFICE OPEN FRoM~7a. M. TILL !> P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND a"uENT8' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET. BROOKLYN. ^ __ A? To LEI? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS? BROWN STONE ? House 173 Remsen street, near Cltv Hall; all lin Movements. Apply to THOMAS B BKRDELL, 306 East llStll street. A? TO LET, TIIE FhRBB STOBY HIGH STOOP ? brown uton. Dwelling, 431 l'a< itic street, Brooklyn ; lil modern liiijirovemi nts , m good order. .1 t'. BAILEY S' l ust Fourth street, near Bowery. A BROWN STONE FRONT IIOI'SE, FIRST CLASS IN evert reaper t; built by day 'a work ; aplendld lora II on, with in three blot ks ol tb? main entrance to the I'ark ; will t e -olii cb?ap it applied I r at once, us the owner i-t ? bout retlrltiu Iroin businea'. Inquiro ot JOHN DoNo VAN, r t st, Murk's av, nue, Brooklyn. Brooklyn hfioii ts.-tiiiii-.f. t??ryTurnished lion to let lor six months; modern Improvement*; larse equrtyard ; dolighUiil Muuiiiier r?-ldenee< newJy Jtted up; rent inoderate; ?ame us uulurnilhed. Inqufre ?n preililsrs r,i Oranv street. ? FH)R SALE? Nl \R PROSPECT HFaRKT fiC PROSPECT place, a line three -torv and bnsenient double Iratiie House mid i, aril, ti In n... ?7',x:?-. modern linprovo meiitj -.Krcund ?;ijxI31 ;cholcc irult, *e. ; SOU feet trotn fraud entrance to tin* Park; surroundings, first class lioiocs. Apply to F, I?. NOR HIS, 31 UcKjU afenuc, Brooklyn. . L'lia sale ? A!'\V ? III;:, it;;. i.VN, A I IIREK r story brown irauo high ?toop basement anil sub-ccllsr House : all improvements; in perfect order; rented next rear at $14); price $7.8??, pari an remain on morlKiiKe; fclir^t be sold t nl* week owner leaTlUg the City. AJJIus* ?, Lux 201 Herald unite. BROOKLYN PROPfiAfV FOR SALE AMD TO LET. For sale-a nkw, first class brown stone House. In the brut location In the Nineteenth ward, 151 Ross street, between Bedford and Lee avenues, Brooklyn, E. 1>. ; must be sold. Inquire on the premises. IjX>R sake or to let-three story brick .T House, 2.'i foot front, 169 Baltic street, between Henry and Cllaton, Brooklyu; very picasaut neighborhood ; six minutes' walk from South lorry ; price $12,000: rent $900. Owner can be seen on the promises, or at 56 Broadway, room 7. New York. Rapid transit.? choice lots, jsxioo feet i under clone restrictions, in a first class neighborhood near Prospect Park. Brooklyn, and the line of the pro poned Rapid Transit steam road, for sale at $500 and up wards; a splendid opportunity for investment or speeu lation. Apply at the office ol the late A. J. WALKER, 112 John street. No w \ ork from t2 to 2 o'clock. TO LET-PLEASANT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT brick Dwelling House. 208 WyckofT street; rent $300; also Store and two story Dwelling, 48 Italph avenue; rent $330. Apply to owner, 61 Liberty street, room 28. TO LET-FROM MAY, THE LARGE HOUSE 15 Tompkins place, Brooklyn, or would sell ut u bar gain. Apply to owner, N. W. 1U K Kit, No. 5 Pine street. TO LET? FURNISHED. PARLOR AND BASEMENT Floors, 215 South Third street, W illiamsburg ; rent $50. Inquire at 48 New Chambers street. New York. TO LET? IN A VERY DESIRABLE PART OF BROOK lyn, a House with all modern improvements; rent reasonuble to a small family. Apply to U. U. ENGLISH, 20 Beekman street. TO LET? IN A BIT8INKS8 LOCATION, CONVENIENT to ferries, Ac., ear route, on the northeast cornor of Main and Waler streets (.\'o. 33), suitable fur any kind of business. Inquire ol the owner. B. Me FEE LEY, on tho premises, Brooklyn. Has been u>ed us a liquor store. TO LET? NE A 11 HAMILTON FERRY, WITH OR without Steam Power, u well lighted secon.i floor Room, 50x5^ feet, with good entrance. Apply at SOUTH BROOKLYN STEAM KNUINK WORKS, corner Summit and Van Ilrnnt streets, South Brooklyu, or to S. EIH'Y A CO., Brokers, .No I I'ark place. New York TO LET? I'll IC FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE Dwellings 4(H) and 171 Tompkins avenue, near Fulton street. Brooklyn ; ull Improvements; rent $800, Apply to owner as above. rro LET? IN BROOKLYN, HALF OF A DESIRABLE 1 four story brick House; gas. bath, hot and cold water; remainder of bouse occupied by owners, three n lulls, Americans: bouse only five minutes' walk from Fulton terry; rent $50 per month. Apply at at 3H Proa pec t street. IIO LET-IN BROOKLYN, A CHOICE FRENCH ROOF House, on Washington avenue; three stories; 12 rooms; modern improvements; rent $700. ? JOHN I?. ELLIS, 37 Park row, room 30. TO BENT? 171 COLUMBIA HEIOHT8? SMALL three story and basement brown stone; ull improve ments; rent $1,49). Apply on tbe premises, trom 8X 10 JO A. M., or from 10 to 3, ut "J0"J Broadway, room 7. WILLIAM TP M HIM DOE. ?)"Q IIALSEY STREET.? FURNITURE, CARPETS, 0 I/O Plate, Ac , for sale. Apply on premises. du j K A ?TO RENT, ?.I7 HERKIMER STREET: TWO ?JjT'J"'. s'ory and attio frame House; gas. bath; nine rooms; one block from Fulton avenue curs. Apply at 10 I'ark place, New York, up stairs. Me Olin WILL BUY A FIRST CLASS THREE tpUUiUl/U story corner blick House in Lee avenue; all modern improvements; u Hue neighborhood; only $500 or $1,000 cash required. R. T. BUSH, owner, ISO Maiden lane. WEST* HESTER COINTY PROPERTY FDR SALE AND TO RENT. A LAROE HOUSE, WITH CARRIAGE HOUSE, AND ice bouse filled, and six acres of ground, covered with truits of all kinds, to rent tor two or three years; rem only $1.2.. il per milium. Apply to WALTER UN DERBILL. Yunkers, N. Y. AT YONKERS.? TO LET FURNISHED, ON WAR HI'R ton avenue, very neat House, with modern Im provements, unexceptionable neighborhood, Hue shade, only $110 per mouth. Apply to JAMES YOUMANS, Agent, Yonketv. AT YONKERS? ON HItIB GROUND. OVERLOOKING Jx. river, with beautiful view, 10 minutes' walk from depot, itothic Dwelling, containing 12 rooms, heated throughout by -team ; rent only $;i5i), at; owner must leuve town. Address JAMES P. WlL.->OX, 89 Dey street. AT TUCK AH OB. HARLEM RAILROAD, 15 MILES Jx. from Forty -second street? A House, containing 11 room*, with half an acre ol Land, m ar depot, to rent; abundance of fruit. Inquire ot JAMES IH'sKNHERRY, Tuck alloc, or of ICR A USE NICKEL PLATING COM PANY. 5s J, dm street. A NUMBER OF FINE FARMS NEAR SINll SING, with a i .'1 without river views; $100 to $1,000 per acre. HOW LAM) ,t B RAN ORE Til, Sing Siilg. / 111 KA P BUILDING PLOTS FOR SALE? AT WOOD. " lawn Heights, Woodlawn, abouttivo miles from tho upper pari of < itv, at Kingsbridge : Plot 1'Jd. about lour I Itv lots. $950; ml SI '(H); IPS, ?s5o , 19V, $S<Rl ; also entire Block" and half Blocks. At Fordham, fine Plot, 15 lots, I high ground, close to depot, $10,000; Plot, 10 lots, 1 Central avenue, all trnnt, $7, NX). At Tremont, Plot, ei*.- lit I lots, highest ground, barn, fruit ami shade, $ './HM; terms to suit on all. POTTER BRtiTHERS, No. 4 VVarren street, i Branch oillec Ford ham. HOTEL TO LET? AT YONKERS, ON THE HUDSON, on the Boulevard ; splendid location for business ; is Verv easy of acces*; ftj rooms, gas throughout; rent moderate It' applied tor at once. Full particulars of OGDEN A CLARK, Broadway, corner of Seventeenth ft rpo LET? A LAROE HOUSE, HANDSOMELY I'D R | I nlsheil ; stable, variety of fruit, and about three acres of ground ; situated on Broadway ami seventh street, Morrisanta . convenient to steam and horse cars; rent ; $1,600. Apply to J. O. BARNU.M, Irving Place Hotel, Irving place, corner of Fourteenth street. New York. f|TO LET? A FIRST CLASS FRENCH ROOF HOUSE, ON I ihe north side ot 1 36th street, tic t ween Alexander and Wills avenues. Westchester county; splendid location: good order, high ground; near the boats and cars; all modern improvements; rent low. Inquire at second house east of Alexander avenue. rpo LET? AT FORDHAM HEIGHTS, ON HARLEM J. River, a first class furnished House, with fine grounds ami stable accommodations. Applv to CH ARLES N. BAIHGATE, Fordham TO LET? A DWELLING HOUSE, CARRIAGE HOUSE and six acres ot land ; situated on Broadway, one mile -outli ot ihe Hudson River Railroad depot, at'Hnst lng<; house contain-' 13 rooms; is partially lurnislied. Applv to s. DYCKMAN, 364 West Thirty -third street. rpo RENT? ON RIDOE OVERLOOKING RAKEI 1 River, about one mile from High Bridge, Westches ter. ,i snug House, with 13 rooms; water in house, sup. plied t.y tain; good stable; rent $l,i.0t>. Apply to IIUOII N c V M I ' Ki 1 roadway. rpo RENT, FOR YEaR or SEASON? A SPLENDIDLY 1 lurni-lied llou-c, noar Macomb's Ham bridge, over looking lliir.ein River and city, with 21., acres ground, tin stable, Ac. ; will be rented very low ; situation per fectly healthy. Apply to HUGH N. CAMP, 106 Broadway. IT ILL A \T FAIRMONT, WESTCHESTER; NEAB ? steain and horse cars; so minutes from Orand Cen depot; nine rooms; tower, conservatory, bay win dows; every variety of fruit; gtiod neighborhood ; nlot l.'Sxl.'iO; Immediate possession; price $ii,UOO; worth ! $8,01)0; terms easv. s. COCKCROFT, No. fixi Pine street, room 9. V'ONKERS.? FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, BRICK 1 House, within five minutes from depot, containing 10 rooms and kitchen extension ; gas, furnace and range ; spring'and cistern water in Kite hell -.all In good order ; lot Sox low. For turtlier particulars upply to GEO. \V. PUT NAM, opposite railroad station. I)|)|) ACRES IN YONKERS-AT $r,.?) PER ACRE; fc'IU terms one-quarter cash ; is the greatest bargain in Westchester comity. S. CiicKCItoET, No. 5\ i'itie street, room 1), New York. JUfSl'.V CITY. IIOIIOK I.N, 111 l>SON CITY AMI IIEIHJKN UKAIi liSTATE. To lift or tiair. rro LET-NEAR MARION station, west end of I Jersey city (forty trains dally, steam or hnnrciril, mi elcgnut Cottage, '-Ja stories. nil mortem iini>r<>\?-nn ii t-, 12 riiiiiii", three lotn ?>l ground ; rent $M0. JAMES It. DFY. (K> Cortluiidt ctrect, New York; THOMAS AL DRIDOE. near Court House, Jersey City. PKOPKUTY OIT OK THK CITY FOB SALE OK TO RENT. |T I I I shim; FOR 8ALB OB TO LET, K VERT J\ iii< e Cottage, II rooitix, with about kcvpii City Lot*, filled witli irnit; near depot ; terms very easy. J. L. STEELE, Flushing. L. I. A I 1.1/ XHMTIII'iiKT. N ,1 , VAt 1NITY OFSINCER . Machine Works; u handsome Cottage, with two Lots. K>r Mile : house contains 7 rooms, water nntl ; op posite Jack*on Park, the proposed site lor tlie erect ion of the State Cnnitol buildings and grounds; will sell very Itw. AddreMOWNi R, box UO Herald oAn. \ ?ton SAI.K, A COUNTRT RESlOENiT, OH* J\. hour from city bv New Vork nnd New Haven Rati* road. trout i nir on Long Island Sound; good house, 14 rooms, modern improvement*; It) ncrcs ot land, truit. flowers Ac. ; bathing, boatllr/ nnd fishing; will he sold m ry cheap A| plj to T. > SHEPHERD, Is I Broadway. A -MIDLAND RAILROAD, ni-.W jersey.? I AM J\ . making ii specialty of Property on the line of Ihls new road; within one hour ot New York; the lund U niotintainous. perfectly healthy mid free troni mosqui toes; I have a large number of harms, convenient to depot, and Rcntle tnc it's Residences. with a tew Lots of (?round. T s. SHEPHERD, HI Broadway. 1 SMALL lKH'SE or EIGHT ROOMS IN THE CITY j\ to lei, lit $40 per month, woul I leave von nothing to show lor your money; hut sueli u House 'can be bought tor $50 a month, without interest, it ml *7.MI cash, lit V\ lilte stone, L. I., and von would own it m live years; one year's commutation free. Call on II. K. VAN S1CLEN, 133 Nassau street, and net free pass. AT RIVERSIDE. on rilE SOUND? ATTRACTIVE shore irouk Kesnli nee, U rooms ; modern improve ments; one aeri'; healthy, near depot ; $'.h<> i others. Address, I. \V. ATM A IKK, Kliersilc Station, Conn. A BIAI'TIFI'L STONE IIOI'SE TO LET ON STATES J\ Island; three aeres; lawn, garden, truit, stable, poultry, shade trees, Ac. ; perfeetl\ healthy; Hue pros pect ; rent low. II. B. MILLER, West Sew Brighton. 4 BEAUTIFUL Fa If V or Ml ACRES IN centbal J V New York; fine building*: good location; near town, railroad and canal; price $l,S0t); terms easy. Apply at 24# East Thirtieth street. /COMPLETELY AND ELEGANTLY Ft'BNISHKD Vv House to rent? On Staten Island; M minutes Irom New York; everything requisite tor housekeeping without expenditure of a dollar; bed and table liie n, china, glass, silver, cooking utensils, Ac.. Ac. ; scenery unsurpassed ; location high and healthy; abundance of sha le; large and elegant grounds; handsome croquet ground . gH s an I hot ami cold water; rent$llUper month. A ddr h-, W i; K , Herald olllce. / 'OIM u V Itl -IDKNCES TO RENT? Foil SKASON yj or year, at I'lalnfleld, scotch Plains, orange, Mont clalr. Bloouille Id and nt other desirable locations in New Jersey; also ?t Voukers, sing Sing, Mount Mount Vernon, New Rochellc, Bye, I'ortchesler anil Statnlord; several with water Ironu; nice Cottages $.'?NI to $!*A) yearly. S. IRELAND, 2nl Lioad way. /lOFNTBV SEAT To LET? Fl'BN ISII K.D ; 19 ROOMS, \j elegantly and completely turuislu d and heated ny furnace , range, hot and cold water; situated high ana healthy, In a lawn and giov" ot lieautltul trees; carriage house; lull iee house gardener's cottage and gardens; orchard, all kinds of frnlt : one hour trr.m Wall street; trains every half hour; rent very low to the right parties. Anpi) toCAPKR*. CLARK A CO., sK Cedar street. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SAL.K OR TO BERT. DOCR8 AND WHARVES, NEWARK, N. J., FRONTING Parnate Hirer (Morris Canal rear), fer n??lt house*, factories, milts, lumber and coal depot*. Apply at v! Duane street, flew York. 0, W. HOJER^ ENGLEWOOD AND PALISADES. ? CHOICE PROPER ties lor sale or rent Furnished Houses Tor Summer. CHARLES D. KELLOGG. No. 4 I'ine street. Elegantly furnished house-at orange; superb location ; rent reasonable ; near depot In quire at 23 Centre street. ? Farms, stone quarries, timber lands and town Lota for sale by WILLIAM S. RKES, Real Es tate Agent. stToudsburg, Monroe county, Pa. INARMS FOR SALE? SO ACRES, ONE HOUR FROM city, price $4,000; 67 acres, stock, crops, Ac., $8,500; 120 acres, tine dairy farm, $14,000; 200 acres, good improve ments, $2.V"<)0; also giwat variety In Orange, Rockland, Westcnester and Dutchess counties and the best sections ?1 New Jersey, from 2u to 900 acres; several to exchange. S. IRELAND. 201 Broadway. IjlOR RKNT-A NEW STORE, 18X90. IN TRENTON, N. J. ; an excellent stand for any business. Address JOHN F. Kl.EIN, Trenton, N. J. Fine fa rm-ioo acres; good buildings-, fix acres in cranberries; all In tine order; hours from New York ; $5,500; is worth $H,00 1; terms to suit. DARRIN, 51 Broad street. f"<OR SALE-NEAT TWO STORY COTTAGE (SF.VEN rooms): two Lots; Ave minutes' walk trom landing Stnten Island; sidewalks flagged; $:'.500; casv pay ments. DARRIN, 50 llroad street FOR SALK-A NICE HOUSE IN 126TH STRI ET; tne rent of a small house In Jersey City would bo acceptable for tho owner's equity. Address, giving lo cality. description and rent, Y., box 182 Herald office. For sale-handsome gothic house. 20 milks from Now York, on the Morris and Essex Railroad, 40x SO and extension ; 16 rooms; water, stationary wash tnbs, cellar, ice house, barns, carrluge house, fruit, large shade trees, Ac.: grounds lOOxtiOO from avenue to avenue; cheap ; will exchange. L. S. MARSH, 83 Warren street Inoa SALE? AT RICHMOND HILL, LONG I8LAND. 1 on Southside Railroad, ouly SO minutes (7 miles) trom ferry, a number and variety of neat Dwell ings; also Lots and beautiful Villa Sites. Place high, well drained, healthy and restricted against nuisances. Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Broadway, room 18; R. R. HAZARD, 110 Broadway, or O. B. FOWLER, on the premises. FOR SALE? FIVE MINUTES FROM WALTON STA tlon, Northern Railroad ot New Jersey, a neat < ot tage, with plot ot ground, fruit trees, Ac. Price $2,500. Address J. COYTK A SON, Coytesville, N. J._ If OR SALE? A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER AND WINTER Residence, containing 14 rooms; house newly fur nished; in complete order; all Improvements; carriage house, stable. ice house, Ac. ; \}-i acres, all tree and oleur; location unsurpassed lor healthiness; five mtnutes' walk trom station: 41 miles hy Haricin Railroad ; price, lor house and furniture. $14,000. Full particulars by addrt s - ing OWNER, box 75 Post office, Katoiiah, Westchester County, Now York. For sale? at newaric, n. j? a splendid House; 10 rooms; all the modern improvements; price $I2,S00. Inquire off. B. DEVOR, 70V Broad street, Newark. IIOR PALE-A NICE STORK IN THE CITY PORTION tor business In Wemtleld, on the Central Railroad, six miles beyond Elizabeth ; Hue opening 'or a crockery and general bouse furnishing goods store ; terms easy. RIKER, HESSIS A co., No. 6 Pine street TjV)R SALE OR TO LET? AT G REE N V I LLR, N. J., 20 r minutes from New York by Central Railroad, several new convenient Houses- terms lllierai. Inquire at Post oHlce, or of JOHN MORRELL A CO., corner ol' DautorUi and New Bergen avenues. For sale or to rent? in first class neigh borhood, three furnished Cottages, near each other, and near Stamford, Conn., on the New York and New Haven Railroad; none need apply unless prepared to give the best references. Apply to MELVILLE E. MEAD, South Norwalk, Conn. TJ10R SALE OR TO LET? AT PLAINFIKLD, N. J., I two new Houses, containing 10 and 11 rooms each, with all the modern improvements; splendid location; within live anil seven minutes' walk trout depot, For further particulars address E. O. MULFORD, owner, box 335 Post otllce, Plalnflcld. N. J., or WILLIAM N. CLEM, US Court street, room 6, Brooklyn, N. Y. /GARDEN PARK LOTS AT WHITE8TONE, L. I.; \T $10 per month, without interest, under restrictions; prices from $200 to $500; un Association wanted to take up a whole block on the plan of Garden Park at White stone ; most liberal terms. Gallon H. K. VAN S1CLEN, 133 Nassau street, and get free pass Health, pleasure, convenience.? for hale. at Rockaway, L. 1., House and six Acres, C0U tect front, on principal avenue, overlooking the bay: price $3,500. Apply to T. O. HAGUE, 85 Leonard street, N. Y. Hotel to let.? the cliff house at rye, Westchester county, N. Y., on Long Island Sound ; furnished ; one hour from New York by New Haven Rail road -, boating, bathing and fhtnng; also adjoining Cot tage, Stable and Grounds. Apply at 11 Wall Direct, room 11. Handsomely furnished, large house, at Orange, N. J., for Summer or year; within 12 min utes' walk ot two depots; 14 rooms anfl all modern Im provements; tine garden und fruits; $250 monthly. In* (|tiire of Al'OS. I'ltOAL, 13 Dcy street, New York. ]ONG BRANCH COTTAGES To BENT FURNISHED; j printed catalogues with full descriptions and special survey maps to be had at our offices. F. 1>. BROWN, No. 90" Broadway, corner Wall street and Branch office, opposite depot, Long Branch. Madison, n. j.-house to rent; in perfect order; tarnished or uniurnished ; 14 rooms; all con veniences, for Winter or Summer; stable, icehouse (filled), good garden, fruit, two acres of land. ,i . E* TU'HKNQR, M Weet Broadwa y . Monthly payments for an ELEGANT HOUSE, 8 rooms; bath, water closets, elevated oven ranee, w ashtray k, A c. : only $50 a month, without Interest, and $750 down will tiuy It, with two Lots, oil sewered streets; tour minutes from depot, aCWhitestone, L. I.; oue hour from t'iiy Hull by 31 trains daily, trom 6 A.M. to mid night; a year's commutation free. Call en 11. K. VAN SICLKN. 1.13 Nassau street, and get tree passes. Montrose, n. j.? a cosey little house. 12 rooms, with all modern improvements, to let, Inr ni-d>ed or uniurnished; tine lawn and garden ; two min utes trom station. Apply at No. 4 South William street. MONTCLAIR, N, J.? HOUSE (10 ROOMS) TO RENT, furnished or untiirnished, $800. Abo Cottage 8 rootiini tor sale ; price $fi,5i 0. F. W. BOUND, 135 Broadway, basement. New York. ORANGE, N. AT MONTROSE STATION? NKW complete Houses, superbly located ; 13 rooms; every possible improvement ; $'.t.5U0; rent, $900. F. s. STaLLkNECHT, 37 Nassau street. ONLY $400 DOWN AND ?40 A MONTH WILL Bl'Y A good House of 7 rooms in (iurden Park, ot Whi'e stoiie, I.. I., in sight ot depot, one hour trom City llali, by forty-nne trains dally, trom li A. M. to midnight ;prl<-C $4,200; one year's tare free. Call on II. K. VAN SK LEN, 1.13 Nassau street, and get tree pass. PATERSON, N. J., ONE Hot R FROM NEW YORK.? Houses an I Lots near depot for sale : price $2,0tit> ami upwards: Lots $i"W each ; rami- convenient to city .from $.1,500 to $15, flOO; terms of sale easy J A. MoRllisSE, corner of Main and Market streets, l'aterson, N. J. PRICE S6.000: RENT $fi00._H VNDSOME DWELLING ; 10 rooms; all modern I tup rove men s; acre Lot; near depot Central Itnilroad, New Jersey. Address box 11 l'ost office, KomervHIe, N. J. RARK CHANCE.? A CHOICE FARM OF 57 ACRES IN Bui ks county (the garden of PennsylvnuiA), tor sale; a bargain ; land is smooth, clenn and rich as a war den; good substantial buildings, nice stone dwelling, large barn. Wagon house, milk house, primary, piggery, hennery, Ac.; nice brook, splendid water; liuudsomc orchard, choice n-uit ; only a quarter ot a mile trom vil lage; dailv mail; two miles Irom large town. 38 miles trom Philadelphia ; milk and 12 pnsscnger trains dallv ; only 3), hours trom New York; price, including ait the crops mid immediate possession, only $ 500; terms $-.600 cash, balance very easy. Address tiKORGE L. WALKED, Riehland Centre, Buck* eounty, 1'a. CTORES to BENT? ONLY $25 PER MONTH. ON ON IS k? <il the bc?t streets lit F.IUnlieth, N. .1., suitable lor grocers, druggists. hats and cups. shoes, Ac., Ac Apply In MARsli U, TUCKER, I'.'1., U uslmigtou .avcuue, Eliza belli, N. J. QRADT BIDE, N. J., FOR 8 ALB OR TO LET? OOT luge House, stable nml ti n Lots ground Price $7,800; rent $CV?. \\ Ul exchange. K. II LUKLOW A t u., No. 3 I'iiir street, or 81 Ea>t Seventeenth street. rno RENT? AT WE8TFIELD, N. J., A NICE STORE, 1 In tin- business |oriu.n of the village ; rent very ?ion, HESSR A CO., No. S Pine street. low; tin iiit-il in t<- possession KIKKK brick, brown stone trim u> mi;-., h'gh moon, hot anil colli water, Puthro in, Ae., nil tn food repair, 'ogcllier with a largo Irtiil gaideu; hor? cars | -as* the door, ami onl.v two blocks from New \i.rk depvt: rent low. I'or particulars applv to THOMAS MtiRToN, WH Mioud street, or 28ft High street, Newark, N. J. rpo l.l'.T-AT BAVENSWoOD, 1. I THRER DE8IR i nble Houses, 8 to 12 rooms, conveniently located, near the steamboat landing. Apply to.'. II. IIOPKINS, 248 Broudwuy, room 12. from 1 to It 1*. M. ; or at Raventi wood. rpo LET-AT HASTINGS. ON- THE-lltTDSON, COT I tuge, containing 9 rooms; pleasantly situated; three minutes' walk troin railroad depot; rent reasonable. In quire of 8 Li. l>ORI. AND, near premises, or 11. PRES TON, 032 Fourth street, (irecnpolnt. rpo LET? FOR MANCFACI TRINO PURPOSES A .1 large brick Building, 128x50, three floors andulolt, with imailiug water now it. hor-e power day and night, on the line ot the Midland Railroad, with dockage on the Morris ('anal; ten miles in a straight line iruin City Hall. Address box H.704 Pout otlice. New York. TO LET FURNISHED? AT NKWARK, A TIIKEK story hrlek House, with hai'inent. containing ten rooms, hot and cold water, bathroom, water closet, gas, Ac For particulars Inquire ot E T. A II. F. BALDWIN, Rhodes, Building, 448 Broad street, Newark. N.J. Cen trally located : convenient to all the railroad depots. rpo I.ET-AN OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS STAND, 1 at Cornwall. Orangexounty ; >nc ot the best In the country for general niercniitirtln' or the grocery business. Inquire of l' B. BARTON, 22-s lireenwich street, N. Y. rpo LET? THE LARCER PART OK A COUNTRY I House, furnished, In a vcrv pleasant town in New Jer-ey, less than an hour from New Vol It; 7 or 8 rooms, at $luou year, or less rooms at less rate. Address I'uUN THY HOUSE, Herald ofllce rpo Let. m ask or nut sale? a "very fink I brick II. use, twelve rooms, all improvements, newly painted. Large riot, corner nl Astor and Broad streets, Newark. N. J. J ('ORBIT, 2.W Ninth avenue, N. V. rpo LET OR COR SALE- FOR Bo A RI>IN?? HOUSE, 1 Institution or school, furnished or ifniurtii-hed, large

House and grounds, tlneh located, near lurry, Vander hilt Eanding, SUitcii Island. UEO. .1 i . UhF.N Fllil,l>, 6fl Broadway. rpo LF.ASR? THE i \ 4TLBTON HOVM, VU1 L Brighton landing ; house contains 20 rooms and can be filled Summer and Winter. Apply on the premise*, ol W. W. PL'RDY ; or ot W. A. TYLtft, M Broad itrect, New York. rpo HENT-KOR ONE YEAR, WITH PRIVILEGE TO J buy, a largo, handsomely finished House, with about an acre ot ground beautifully laid nut; first class barn mid other buildings ? five minutes from depot at Wcsifltld, on the Central, of New Jersav ; all tills section is lib .ul 1*) higher than Mi/abeth and no moqulloes; rent for year $l,0u?>, or can be bought for $3,000 less than value bt'loru May I. HIKER, HESSE A CO., No. J fine nrctt, PROPKRTy OCT OF THE CITY FOR. 8ALB OR TO IlK^VT. O RENT? AT PASSAIC, N. J.. 45 MINUTES FROM the city, H nunc a, at $?*>, $1.00(1 and $ 1.300. > EASTER. FRITT8 A CO., No. I Park Place. T TWO LOTS IN RAH WAT, N. J., FREE AND CLEAR, to exchange, for Horse Wasoa and Harness. Ad dress J. J , box 1.14 Herald office. ?/;AA RENT.? FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, IN ?]p")l 11/ the city of Bridgeport, Conn. ; Improvement*; suitable tor boarding li?'.ise. Call on owner, 733 Htth a v. ?1 AAH CASH AND 91,000 Mortgage WILL BtTT ipltUUU a double Hotua feiirht room*), in good order; % acre of land; near depot; location healthy; living ene'ip. Add res* OWNER, box 56 New Brunswick (N. J.) Post oitice. <fl?Q fAA ?FOR SALE OR RF.NT? COTTAGE, BARN, VUtuUl/i Ac., two acre* ground, laid out in lawn, shrubbery, fruit, on Midland Railroad, 80 minute* from city, Ave minute* from depot; price $7,500; ckbIi, $3,5UJ. Inquire at 192 Duane street, New York. dfcfi r.llA CASH AND $6,000 MORTAGE WILL BUT iJJu.uUU an elegant Country Seat (12 rooms), 3*J acres land; 10 minutes from depot. Address OWNER, box 55 New Brun*wick (N. J.) Po-t office. aia nnn for an elegant Iansion, with ?P4-U.UI/U about 05 city lots, on the Central Rail road of Now Jersey. ThU porHon of ilio Slate is lilitli and rolling, being ldT) feet above tide water, and equal ill beaut v to any part of Westchester county; 55 minute* from foot of Liberty street, over the host railroad in the l/'nlted States. This mansion contains about twenty large rooms, beside sewing room and man's room ; al?o large wine cellar, coal cellar, vegetable cellar aud furnaeo room. The parlor story is very elaborately finished in Mack walnut: parlor frescoed; there is a large stable, with room (or six horses, carriages, 4c. ; there lire ga< works on the premise* to supply the house : location U very superior, having fine view of the Orange Moun tains from one side and Staten Island on the other; easy asven minutes' walk to I lie depot; street lighted whole ilistance; lio incumbrance on the property , good cily property will be taken in part payment. KIKER, Hesse A CO., No. 6 Pine street. REAL ESTATE TO EXCHANGE. A PLACE AT BAYKIDE AND $10,000 CASH WILL BE exchanged for a House in a good location in this city. For particulars call on DUNN A SEAICH, -U2 Hroadway, A HANDSOME RESIDENCE ON THE UPPER END of iho city, with 75 Lots fronting on Hudson River, to exchange lor House near Filth avenue. (1. LESPINASSE, 113 Broadway. Avert productive CITV property to nx change for smaller city House, Brooklyn or Jersey City Houses or Lots or nearby Country Place, Iroe from mortgage. Address PlioDUCTIVE, Herald otllce. An eleoant four story brown stone House, 25x60, near Central l'ark and Fifth avenue, to exchange tor a Country place, worth about $Ji,OJO. Address L. F., Herald olticc. A -I HAVE VALUABLE SELECTED. HEAVILY TIM . be red and Coal l.and, near railroad*, free and clear, title periect, to exchange for Furniture, new or nearly new. J. CARMICHAEL, 37 Union fquare, Broadwav. FOR SALE (1R EXCHANGE? \ FARM, CONTAINING an Inexhaustible deposit of finest quality Fuller's Earth, valuable for making soap, hydraulic cement, terra coita ware, Blocking paper, Ac.; easy access to trans portation. Address XERES, Herald olllce. IpOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-THK BOSTWICK 1 Farm. Chautauqua county. New York, two mile* from Jamestown, largest inaniifncturlm; place in the county; SOB acre*, one-half timbered ; well watered; a large house and barns on the promises: will bo sold at a bargain. Address or call at room 55 Clarendon Hotel. FOR SALE, TO LET OR EXCHANGE? A LARGE FAC tory, with Engine, Boiler and Elevator in Brooklyn, near the ferries. Address box 3,lti3 Post office, New York. l^OR SALE OR EXCIIANGE-FREE AND CLEAR, r two modern brick Houses in Ncwburgh ; will tuke mortgages; value, $12, (HO. W. A. BARNES, 13 Wall st. NYACK. ? A HANDSOME NEW TWO STORY TOWER French root House, all improvements; beautitultv located, on the river, near depot mid steamboat; will exchange for good New York or Brooklyn Property. Ad dress NYACK, box 133 Herald offlee. \\r ANTED? NEW YOltK AND BROOKLYN PROP, n erty, tor which will he given u near-by country Place anu $&,uuo to $15,000 cash. DuTY A BRUNDAGB, 23 Union square. WANTED? TO SELL OR EXCHANGE FOR MFR chundisc, 2,000 acres choice Texas Laud, adjoining the Texas Pacific Railroad in Van Zundi county, Texas. 'Miles perfect In every respect. For particulars address C. C. HEARNE. box 158 Galveston ( Texas) I'ost otllce. rn/1 FOB A SPLENDID NEAT HOUSE tp I ,UUU in Harlem to exchange for a piece of Property out of the ci'y. WALTER W. MONTAGUE, Eighth avenue and Twenty-first street. IUCA v J K?flTK, WW TED. WANTED TO PURCHASE? HOME REAL ESTATE, Auction and Insurance Signs; must be in good order and cheap for cash; also a secondhand Sate and I'fTlee Desks. Addre.-s BROKER, box lt;4 llera Id Olllea. WANTED TO PCRCHASE ? A MEDIUM-SIZED Vi House in a good location in Brooklyn; price must be low. state price, terms and all particulars. Address HOMELESS, Herald otllce. BOARDEHI 1 SRWbS references, m Bank street rtl' llot UI,d water; QD FLOOR, WITH OH WITHOUT PRIVATE TABLE; also llall Room; liberal concession for yearly ar rangement or lor season ; everything strictly llrst class. 83 W est Thirty-third ,-treet ; rcterenee- required. 2D AND THIRD FLOORS, HANDSOMELY FUR nished. will be vacated about 1st of May : rented, with or without Board, together or divided, in sma'l pri vate family; references exchanged. 51 West Ninth street, betweeu Fifth and sixth avenues. t) SPENCER PLACE FOURTH STREET, NEAR Tentli.? Single gentlemen or gentlemen and ilieir wives will find two large Rooms, with Board, hand somely and newly furnished, on >ccond and fourth floors, front; term*, tl.'i and $20 for two. r.Tll AVENUE. 224, OPPOSITE CAFE BRUNSWICK.? ?) Elegant Suit* ot Apartments, with private table; also other Rooms and a desirable Room for a physician. r.Tll AVENUE, 347.-A VERY DESIRABLE SECOND ') Floor (newly painted), with unexceptionable private table; also two front Booms on fourth Moor, rciereucos exchanged. Call Friday, Saturday and Monday. T.TII AVENUE, 294. ? ONE SUIT OF HANDSOMELY ?) furnished Apartments, with Board, will be vacant May I ; also trout Room, for single gentlemen ; references required. ?/? TO SKI PER WEEK, $1 so PER DAY? PLEASANT ?!?"' Rooms with excellent Board, tor families and sin gle, at 174, 176 and 178 lJloeckei street, six block* west of Broadway. 9 WERT TWENTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFIH avenue.? Newly famished iront anil rear Rooms on second iiml third floor*, with first clam Hoard ; references exchanged. 1Q WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET, THREE DOORS I O irora Fifth avenue.? To let, with Hoard, finely fur Dialled Rooms ; house tlrstclu s; references exchanged. lOTH STREET, 031 EAST.? NICELY FITRNISIIED, l?> large and small Room*, with good Board : modern conveniences ; central location; no moving; references. 1 ff WEST FORTY THIRD STREET.? A PLEASANT I ?J suitor Rooms, well lurlrished. w 1, h Hoard, In a first class house nnr Filth avenue; also Rooms tor gentlemen. References exchanged. OOD STREET, 317 WEST.-KICELY FURNISHED ? Rooms to let, with Hoard, to a gcn.lcinun nnd wife or a party of single gentlemen; Abuse, location aud table ilrst class; references exchanged. O'lD STREET, WEST.? TO LET, WIIH OR WITHOUT AO Board, handsomely furnished Floor, lour rooms, s imratc or together; references. Call lor three days at I 118. No moving. 4 9 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? FRONT PARLOR, j *"1 ? with Chandler connecting, to let, with Board ; a'-o pleasant Rooms, lor lamllies or single gentlemen, at sum mer prloea; superior accommodations ; reference. 44 2? Rooms, on the second, third and fourth floors, to lei, with Board, lor lamllies or single gentlemen; loca tion line and healthy, with all ihe coinlorts of a home. IS WEST TWENTY. NINTH STREET? HAND *t?) somely furnished I'arlor Floor and third story hack Room to let. to gentlemen or gentleman and wile, with or without Board. r/t WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? SI IT OF IWO ? Ml handsomely furnished Rooms, second floor, front ; also single and double Rooms for one or two gentlemen; strictly first class table. 1 / v EAST TWENTY-EIOIITH STREET.? FURNISHED J l"?) Rooms, with Hoard, to lamllies or single gen tlemen, ? III" EAST THIRTY-FIRST STREET ?FURNISHED JVM Rooms to lef, with Board, to families or slugle gentlemen. 11/? EAST FIFTY FOURTH STREET. \ FEW RE 11") spectabc young men can he accommodated with good Hoard ami \ ery dcsiiabie Rooms; luili and gas; neighborhood first clas?. . ? ? ? 117 EASI TWENTY -KlO IITH STREET. BETWEEN I I I Lexington and Fourth avenues ? I wo large tnr iii-hed Rootus, connecting, on the second lloor, with Board. _____________ 1 ' ) | E AST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR lu'T lomth avenue.? To let, with Hoard, a suit 01' Rooms: also single Rooms; house firs: class; owned by occupant; releienccs. "1 jr VM TWRXT1 SBCOND TRE1 i -TO LET, I 'T I with Hoard, to gentleman and wile, a Parlor and Bedroom on first lloor; reception Room It reoulreil, or would he rented to a physician. 1,-() FRANKLIN STREET.- A PARTY OF OKNTLR. >)? men or gentleman and wife can get well fur nished Rooms, w ith good table ; also tabic and dinner boarder*. 1 TARICK STREET, JERSEY CITY, UTWS N ? 1 I |- Railroad avi line and W ayni streets.? Fiirni-hed Rooms to let, with good Board ; In u-e all modern im provements, within ten minutes' walk 01 Jersey City ferry ; terms easv. OAQ WEST FORTY- FIFTH STREET, NEAR HROAP <i"n way.? A private ,lewl-h laniily will let a suit of hands mel v furnished Rooms, on second lloor, with good Hoard; also othes Rooms. 007 WEST THIRTY EIOHTH STREET.? A I BW ? ? i persons desirous of making arrant itnent* lor the Hummer can find very uicu Rooms, with first class Hoard, at reasonable prices. i)l)"7 east twelfth street, between SEC. ? I ond and Third avenues. ? Nicely tlirnlshed I font Rooms, with Hoard, tor gentlemen, in a French liitnily , moderate prices. References required. Win THIRTY-NINTH STREET.? TO LET ,<??>' I furnished, with Hoard, hack I'arlor ; has water, gas and closets; also a third story hull Room; house first class. References, *)OK WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET,? HAND somely furnished Rooms to lot, wi ll or without Uu.if*i rcftrcncc* c*uuutfv.i. BOARDERS WANTKD. ^ 01 n SEVENTH AVKNIIR, FIRST WOOi. .A FEW OJ ?J respectable voting men can be accommodated with good Hoard ami Ho >m In a private English family; term* $"> and $6 per week. QC'T WEST TWENTY-NINTH STREET (NO. 28 LA ?7)?J I martine place).? Desirable Rooms, on second Floor, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Board; hou-e first class. brown stuue ; neighborhood unexcep tionable; reference. Ann WEST TWENTY -THIRD STREET.? SPACIOUS tUIf an ) exceedingly desirable Room*. second an(l third floor*, to let, in unit, or otherwise, with superior Hoard or unexceptionable private table, to first clans parties only ; references. A GENTLEMAN AND WII'E OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can he accommodated with Hoard tn a private family where there are no other hoarders; terms He a week. Address it. p. B., Oreenpolnt Postoflice. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET. with Board, to a single gentleman, in a refined private family, near Fourteenth street ; references ex changed. Address DION, box 180 Herald office A SMALL. STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD like to rent their Third Floor, with Hoard. In Madi son avenue, near ? Thirty- first street Add row, with lull . name POSIIIIE, Herald Uptown Branch office, 1,SmJ Broadway. 1 A SMALL PBIVATE Family WILL HAVE TWO OR IV three Rooms to let, with Board, to gentlemen and wives or slntrle gentlemen, from May 1. m first cla^s brown stone h >u-e in East llilth stri et, tour minutes from bout or Third avenue cars. Address B. PRINCE, box 1.781 l'ost office, New York. mwo I, A ROE ANT) ELEGANT NEWLY FURNISHED 1 connecting Rooms In first class brown stone house; every convenience; superior Hoard; terms moderate, l.'il East rwenty-soventn street, between Lexington and Fourth avenues, ft or 7 minutes of Fifth Avenue Hotel and Broadway. Highest references. BOARD AND LODGING WAJITKD. j A GENTLEMAN AND TWO SONS DESIRE TWO Rooms, ftlrnished or unfurnished. with Hoard. Ad dress box 188 New York Post olllce, stating term?, locution and references. Any one who knows and will tell where a young man can find a comfortable home, at con venient di-tance from down town, will confer a lasting lavor by addressing a note, stating terms aud location, to UTOPIA, Herald offlco A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS WANTS THREE or four Rooms, with full Hoard. In a private family, botween Fourteenth and Twenty-third streets and Fifth and Ninth avenues; references exchanged. Address, staling term-, and accommodations, A. Jbi., box 3,139 New York l'ost office, ? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE DESIRE A LARGE well turn Ishort ituoni nml ample Table, with a pri vate family ; heat ion central: references exchanged ; the above pariv w ould contract to take charge of the resi dence of a tainilv during their summer absence. Answer with particulars to E. H. T., Herald office. BOARD WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE; private lamily preferred. Address box 072 Post office. Board wanted? fob three adults and child in city or Brooklyn; three Rooms required ; perma nent if suited. Address, with particulars and terms, Which must be moderate, W. L. M., box 160 Herald office. Board wanted-by a gentleman and his son, six years of ago in a private family on a farm within an hour's ride of the city where a good home for the child can be louud. Address G. F. B., Herald office, for three days. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IIAV ing furniture, a carpeted front Room, with Hoard; location between Eighth and Tenth avenues and Six teenth and Thirtieth streets. Address, with terms, BOARD, care ot Mr. Thornberry, 296 Niuth avenue. TIT" ANTED, IMMEDIATELY? BOARD FOR A FEW tt weeks, for gentleman and wile, between Tenth and Fortieth streets; references exchanged. Address, stating terms, which muat bo moderate, E. G. B., box 3,69D Post office. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND CHILD, a large, untarnished Room, with Board lor lady and child only, in a reapectable private family; location west of Broadway, between Broome and Houston street*. Ad" dress, giving particulars, M. S1NNOTT, No. 6 Henwick st floms. ANOELL'S TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATHS, 61 l.exlngton avenue.? Rooms tor gentlemen or latni lies, transit ut or permanent, with or w ithout meals; pri vate table If desired. Baths open all night. f 1ALLKN HOUSE. 1M HUDSON STREET, CORNER v > of Laight.? Excellent Board, $6 to $7 60 per week, w ith single Room : single Room, without board, $2 and upwards; Lodging, 50 cents, gentlemen only. Open all night. ^ Hotel st. gicrmain, fifth avenue, twenty sccond street and Broadway. Elegant Suits and single Rooms now vacant: tuble d'hote or European plan ; most central location; rooms all front. IIHHY HOTEL, 66 WARREN bTREET, ONE BLOCK J from City Hall ?Rooms Otic, a day and to Si n week; family Ro, ins $1 and $1 50 a day, $1 to f 10 a week NEW ENGLAND IIOTEL, :'U BOWERY, CORNER Bayard street.? 2t*l light Rooms, neatly furnl-hed, 6)c. or liOc. per night; $2 ,'M) lo $1 per week. For gentle man only. QTURTEVANT HOUSE, BROADWAY, TWENTY O eighth and Tarontv-nlnth streets. New York, Auieri can plan, $i u dny.? Thin hotel has elevators, ail modern improvements; situated m the great hotel centre. LEWIS Jt GEO. s. LELAND, Proprietors. \\T AVKHI.ICY HOUSE, 759 BROADWAY.? FULL Vt Board $2 90 a day, $9 to $16 a woek; Rooms, with out board, 75e. ami $1 a day. %i t;> $7 a week ; family Rooms $t .'U and ti- a day, ST t i r> a week. COUNTRY BOARD. A LADY IX Til K COUNTRY DESIRES TO TAKE A J\ lew children to Board for the Summer; good refer ences. Call at 244 West Forty-second street. A FIRST CLASS FAMILY" CAN SAVE MONEY, time and care and receive best Boaid. large Rooms, good society. Ac., near city, on a beautiful luriu, by ad dressing HARBOR, Herald office. A FAMILY, RESIDING ON TIIElR OWN FARM. IN New Jersey, about lit) miles from Hie city, een ac commodate a family ot lour adults; loeatii u licathv, shady and idea ant; mil!;, fruit, vegetables, Ac., In abundance. Address B.,box 32 New Brunswick (N.J.) Post office. BOAR D AND ROOMS FOR TWO GENTLEMEN, IN A private family, on r-oy City Heights, Address s. B., box ft, 017 Post office. New York. /COUNTRY BO \RD WANTED? WITHIN ONE HOUR \J trom New York, lor two g< ntleincn -and their wives, for three months; farm house preferred , home comforts; good table without style; terms moderate. Address, Ma'ing mil particulars, J. C. L., box 147 Herald ofllce. THIRST CLASS BOARD AND PLEASANT ROOMS P can be secured for the season, from middle ot April it desired. Address box 26 Park iTidge Post office, Ber g< il county, N. J. /"I ODD SUBSTANTIAL COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE \1 obtained iu Madison, N. J. ; house large; location desirable; plenty ot shade; Iruit. large and small, ill abundance: accommodations for two large families; those coming in Mav mid keeping their own convey ances preferred. Address box U9, Madison, N. J, LET? FOUR ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, at Bayonne. N. J.; 30 minutes to Liberty street; spletfdld view ol buy an I harbor. Inquire ntt>32 Wash ington street, corner ot Burrow, Irom u to 5. rpiIR FOR M E R COUNTRY 'EAT OF THE LATE IIOV. House; two acres ot ground, nicely laid out; locality, bouse, ,tc , ti r- 1 class. Peek man Mansion, East MS Flltiefh street : the carriage gate -haded by a w lllow iree. \\' ANTI.D-HY A OKSTLEM AN, WIFE, BABY AND tt nurse, Hoard in a private family or where there are few boarders, in a healthy location, convenient to an I within in hour's rid ? ot the city. Address, stating terms, Ac., Mrs. J. I.. FOWLER, 219 u'est Forty tilth street. TIT ANTED? BY A YOCNG MAN, BOARD IN A PRI tt vate family, in the vicinity of Bergen Point, N. J., convenient to railroad depot and boat landing. Ad lress, stating terms and lull particulars, C., box 4,73 J Post office, New York. SIMMER RKSOIITH. I A TOl'RETTK HOUSE, KKROEN POINT? WILL J oiX'ii nil the l-t of Mhv ; SO minutes trom New Yoi k by rnllur boat; thrl* hotel will be newly lurnMicd and conduced especially ior the convenience of ininilU'? durum the Summer ix-nson. Addle** H. M< 'MICHAEL, Bergen Point, N. J. MOUNTAIN HOISE, SOUTH ORANGE. MONTROSE station, V. J ?This lavorlte first clam hotel l< open lor Spring and summer c< a-"on ; It him all the conveni ence* nnn comforts o! n city hotel ; AU minutes from loot <.it Barclay ?tre<'t, via Morris and G?wx Kallroad, HI trains daily. Extra Inducements to partle< wi>hinn im mediate Hoard. C. HirZKLBl'llGhR, Proprietor. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOU-iF. will l e opened on or about the 1st of Ma v. For terms, Ac., address COZiSKNii A MURKAY, Liiglewood, N. .1. PHI MU M POINT HOUSE.? DELIGHTFULLY SITU a ted nn the Sound, one mile from New Uoehelle depot; good sen bathing, fishing, boating ; nlr-i.-aiit drive*! stabling, Ac. Ekrly application for choice of Rnmn en# lie luude to A. C. PLIMPTON, 64 will Twt uty ? Murtli street. CARATOOA SPllINOS HOUSE.? BE At'TIFULI.Y I.O O ciited neat Congress Spring. Open for guest* Jhmo 2. Board ni n du cd rates for the season. Full particu lar* iilven at til) West Thirty -eighth streot. CT. JAM KS HOTEL, MARION, N. J.-EKII1T i i minim* from Jersey City ferry. Cortlandt or Pes bro'M'i "trcets; l'enn?ylviinla Railroad : b-autiiul loca tion; tlrst cla*s talilc, elegantly fliriiMieil Rooms, ensitito or singly: nil modern Improvements ; boating, driving, good stuhliiw, Ac. | QT. MARK'S IIOTEL-NBW BRIGHTON, STATE* O Island.? This favorite report, with its beautl ul cround.i and Cottages attached, is now being rut in thor ou . li order for the comimr Season, and will open on or about the tlrst of May. For terms and otiicr Information apply at the Hotel, or address O. DE CAMP, Proprietor. MEDICAL. ~ * ? MME. MAXWELL, PIIVSK'IaN. RESIDENCE, j\? lit East Tenth street, near Third avenue. AM. MAIRIi MAC, M I).? OFFICE 129 LIBERTY ? street, near Greenwich street. ATTENTION!? DK. FRANKLIN (LATE OF 4'RUSSIA), private oRlce, 161 Bleccker street, New York. t M MAI'RICEAU, M. D.-OFFICE IW MXUtf iVi street, near Greenwich street. DR. AND MMR. DESPARD, PHYSICIANS? REKI denoe ll Miist T venty-eightb siicol, near Fourth av. Till, A .VI) MME, DUBOIS, DR. AND MRS. WHITE U head, 44 Oreat Jones street, near Broadway. "I1R. AN'I> MME. ORINDLH, PHYSICIANS. OFFICE, J f 1SU We .t Twenty-sixth strtet. near sixth avenue. DR. KIND'S OLD E*rAHMSIlKD OFFICE, 14 AMITY street, near Broadway and Orand Central Hotel. MME. IRini.Ii, PHYSICIAN, NO. 1 FAST FIFTY HC9&U st. Aetuio, IW Ure?bWiah su aua No. 7 GU? ar ___ VOn HALTS. f A NEAT CIGAb' STORE ? DOING A OOO? business, wtfti location tor manulac.turinir. Apply atflOH East Houston street, or LLOYD'S, 29 Broadway. A FIRST CLASS LIQUOR STORE FOR SALE-NEAR the Bowery; Lease, Stick ami Fixture*. For par tlcularg apply at 70 South Fifth avenue. A1 BILLIARD AND WINE ROOMS AT A BAR Rain, including valuable Lyase, in ons of the host locations uptown. Apply to EDWARD PETTING lilt, Auctioneer, 503 Hudson street, Ablngdou square. An oyster house for sale? doino a busi- 1 nes?of$179a week: owner cannot attend to two bmlnessen. Can be bought tor $180. Apply at 352 East Twelfth street. A RARE CHANCE. -FOR SALE, ONE OF TUB oldest and finest fitted up Barroom and Billiard It* on. sin New York. Inquire on premises. 407 Grand street, cornor of Clinton A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, MEAT AND PRO vision Store lor sale, in Brooklyn, E. D., doing good business, hut must be sold Immediately. Apply to ? THOMAS GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. 0 Centre street. A WELL KNOWN CIO AR STORK FOR SALE A Lower part city; heart business; excellent cash trade ; *old consequence ill health. Particulars 23 Cham bers street GEORGE w. .SIMEHS' store Agency. A HALF INTEREST OF AN OLD ESTABLISHED Market for sale; location unsurpassed ; without doubt rare chance for cnterprlslnj party to make money; small capital required. Particular* at 23 Chamber* street. GEORGE W. BIMEItS' Store Agency. > AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHA9E A , A fine paving business.? An eight years' established Mineral and Soda Water Manufactory; profits large: easy terms. Apply at MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A RARE OPPORTUNITY? FOR SALE, A FIRST ?Its* Grocery Store, situated on one of the best cor ners <*l Third avenue : slock. Is fresh, and selected with the utmost care; good lease; the owner having two stores wishos to dispose of oue ?f them. Apply to JAMES OLWMLL A CO., 181 West street A FINE OYSTER AND ALE HOUSE FOB SALK cheap.? Best business location, corner Groeerjr Stores, splendid Restaurants, corner Liquor Stores, Alt) Vanl:s, liukcries, Confectioneries, Hat Stores, Drug Stores, Stationery Stores, Furnishing Goods Stores, But ter Stands. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar Bt. BUTTER STAND FOR SALK? IN ON K OF TUB finest markets In the city. Inquire at 417 Teuth avej Due, In liquor store. /1LOTIIIER9.? AT. VALUATION, THE LEASE, FIX \ ) tu res, Ac., of one ot the best and largest trades in thn city ; old and well established ; in full working operation. Add re -a X. Z., Herald Uptown Branch office. Drug stoke for salf.? a long established, well paying Store, on one of the principal avenues of Brooklyn, 'with or without House and Lot. Inquire of E1MKK A AMEND, 206 and 207 Third avenue, New York. 1*0 R SALE? A ROAD HOTEL AND FIXTURES.? 1 Apply on premises, 151 Macomb's Dam road. FOR SALE? FIXTURES AND TWO YEARS' LKASB ol flue store in Grand street Call at E. B. RAVING'S, 292 Grand street FOR SALE? AN OLD-ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT; one of the best locntions in Brooklyn ; has two su loons; ill basement has billiard room, oar and oyster counter; the best kitchen In the world; has every fa- - cility tor lurni-iiing w. tiding and ball parties, Ac. Finn A slock of silver ware tor loan ; is doing a good cake busi ness. Apply at 17.) Atlantic street, Brooklyn, For sale? a good oysteh and imninc; saloon at s railroad depot Apply at 773 Suveiuli avenue. No agents. ITIOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS MARKET. INQUIRE at 738 Sixth avenue, near Forty-second street. fptOR SALE? AN OLD ESTABLISHED BOOT AND ' Shoe store ; will bo sold with or without Stock. Ap- . ply to JOSEPH BUCHANAN, 303 Third avenue. IflOR SA1.E-A PAINT AND PLUMBING BUSINESS. ' 1 on Fultm street, in Brooklyn; will he sold low, as the owner has other business to attend to. Addrest JEFFRIES, box 123 Herald ofllce. For- 8alb? Some splendid fixtures, side showcases, plate glass; Counters, i'i foot plate glass Cace, Safes, Ac., very low. 5t> South Kitth avenue, near Bluccker street. IIOR SALK? ELEGANT FIXTURES OF A HAT Store, entirely new; would suit as well for a mer chant taiior or millinery store. Apply at 419 Sixth ave nue, in the store. IfOR SALE? A FIRST CLASS GROCERY STORE AND Barroom annexed; lease 5 years; rent very mode rate; u bargain to a competent party. Inquire in iho store corner Gonverneur street and Cortlaudt avenue, Melrose, Westchester county. TjU)R SALE CHEAP? LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES J1 of a Liquor Store, with Apartments to live in. Call for two days at 281 Elizabeth rtreet For sale cheap? owner having two stores? a splendid Confectionery anil Ice Cream Saloon down town, established since li?7, doing splendid cash business. D. F. CUKLEY, 12 Centre street IflOR SALE CHEAP? AN ENTIRE NEW IMPERIAL ' Weed's Sewing Machine, never used, for sale at a bargain. Apply at 229 Broadway, room 63, from 4 to 8 (1ROCERY STORK FOR SALE.? A FIRST CLASS T small Oroeery Store, doing n gooi'. business, will lie sold cheap to a prompt buyer. 72l)? Washington street, | New York city. For particulars inquire of R. BUTLER, 335 and 337 Greenwich street. /IROOEllY FOR SALK? IN A GOOD NEIGHBOR \T hood : reason for selling, the owner going into other biislnes'. 311 Kast I hirty-sixih street SODA WATER APPARATUS, GENERATOR AND Fountain, formic, at 377 Greenwich street, In the clothing store, cheap. SAFES,? SEVENTEEN SECOND HAND SAFES, large, small and medium, best makers, at 72 Muiden lane. S. O. QUIRK. Safes.? a larue assortment of second hand Safes, cf all styles and prices, for sale cheap. Call ami examine at AMERICAN STlCAM SAFE COM PANY, 300 Broadway. a A FES.? HERRING'S, MARVIN'S, WILDER'S, CHEAP lO lot' cash; "th > best fireproof safes made." Purchasers will save from 25 to 6(1 per cent by calliug at QUIRK'S Safe Mart, 81 Maiden lane. SHELVING AND COUNTERS FOR SALE VERY cheap. Apply to ME1SEL, LAMPE A CO., 1)3 Cham ber- street. 1 FIRST CLASS MAHOGANY TOP BAR, WITH Fix tures, at a bargain. Inquire at 127 Greene tno store. jtiArm.vKav. AMES' l'ORTABLE. YALE VERTICAL, .SLIDE AND cut-oil horizontal. hoisting mi. I pumping Engines, all sizes; also Hollers on hand; improvcit Saw and drain MilN, Gear's Variety ami other Wood working Machines; 12x18, 20x42, 11x24 ami Boiler and three-horde portable; good second hand Engine* cheap. EDWARD P. H A M.SOX, 38 Cortlandt st . New York. A SPECIALTY- HORIZONTAL ENGINES-WE HAVR on hand 7x10. Sxl!, 9x12, 10x16, 11x18, 12x24, 13x38, 14x24,, UxSC, 16x38, 18x24. Samples can be seen at 88 Cortlanut street; second hand Engines taken in ex change. WlflTEHILL, SMITH A Co., Manufacturers, Newburg, N. Y. AT WILSON A ROAKE'8, 282 AND 284 WATER street? Large stock ot Portable, Horizontal, Upright and HoisllngsEnirincs; Boilers, Pumps, shutting, Pulley*, Ac., new and second hand. Engine wante^-upright engine, short i stroke, for bore mill, SOO to 290 horse power, "with or without lly wheel' hew or second' in good order. Apdress 'immediately W. K. TL'TTLE, St. Nicholas Ito'.el, New York. XjlOR SALE? ENGINES, 128, 100, no AM) 44) HORSE P power, cuHrnnt"cd io save one-third the ftaeli al-o 6 ) nnd 30 horse power Boilers, warranted to save one fifth.- ADldy to K B. Hl.ANi IIAUI), No. 7 I'ark place. ClOR SALE? ENGINES, BOILERS, SHAFTING, PIL I1 leys. Millstones, Tanks, Piping, steam J'mnps. Hoist ing En'.'ines, Saw Tables, Pinners, so. Aniircss BENJA MIN POX,.1 ii4 and Hi West Tnlrty-loiirth street. U?OR SAI.E? AT WOLFF A WETZLICH'S MACHINE 1" and Model .making Shop, 12 North William street. New \ork, a new pate nt Brick ranking machine. Tliis is the best brick machine yet invented. It iscapaldeof making 80,0()0 bricks der dny, requiring oni.v the work of three men : can be adjusted to any desired di greo ot pres sure, mi for moulds and bricks it Is self-sanding. IftOR SALE? A LOT OF TURNED SHAFTING, 2 INCH nnd 2V at machine shop, IS Yandewatcr streot ITtOR SALE-ONE 12X2ITN. AND TWO 8XI2IN. HOST* F zotitnl slide valve Engines. Apply at SOUTH BROOK LYN s I F, AM KNGI N E WORKS, corner Van Brunt and Summit streets, South Brooklyn. FOR BALE? ENGINE AND BOILER, NOW IN tTSB and in good running orders can be seen at C73 Ninth avenue. ? . FV)R SALE? lO-HORSE POWER PORTABLE ENGINE; fine order : now running ; can be bad at n bargain irhonght this week. WILSON A ROA K K, 883 Water st ONE PLANER. 83 BY 84; ONE DRILL; ONE LATHE, 20 by 20 loot bed : good tools; must be sold tnis w< ok. A. CRAFT, 470 Water street, New York. GTEAM PUMP FOR FERRYBOAT WANTED? ABOUT 0 "Woodward" No. 4 sine. to answer for bilge, feed and fire engine, in perfect order. Address W. W,, Herald otlice. ? \\MNTED IMMEDIATELY? AN F.NOINE LATHE, Mf IT to 8 leel swing, to take in abont 18 feet between cen tres; new or seeonl h md. Address, staling particular* as to make, prloc and where It can be seen, box2,2z7 New York Post office. ? ANTED? SECOND HAND STEAM ENGINE, 10 TO SO-horso poWSr. R. B. P. CO., 178 Dunne street w A LOAf OFF CH4. T WOLF BROTHERS', 8'.W BROADWAY. BETWEEN Nineteenth and Twentieth streets? Money lohncd on Watches. Diamonds. Jewelry, Silverware, silks, and particularly Pianos; prlva'.e parlor lor ladies; business strictly confidential. A MERIOAN OFFICE? ESTABLISHED 1864. -ANT J\ amount ionnea on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Sllverw ire, India Shawls, Laces, > aluable >. Ac. ; or will buv : utiuoil value given. J. H. BAICRINiiER. 735 Broadway, opposlto AstorjUace. AT W7 BROADWAY, CORNER FOURTH STREET.? Liberal advances on Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Silks, Camel's Hair Shawls, Laces and personal property of every description. JAMES P. MATTHEWS. ? AT 80 NASSAU STREET, BETWEEN PULTON AND John streets, NEW MAN LEOPOLD continues the buying, selling or advancing on Dion ends, Watches, .lewe'ry. Pianos, Merchandise, Life Policies lor any amount. 403 SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH and Twenty-filth streets. -Liberal advances ma Is on Diamonds, H atches. Jewelry, Silks, Laccsaad Hhawlfc Same bought at full value. L. BERNARD. Ill') BROADWAY, OLDEST ESTABLISHED AND " I O most reliable olllce.? Money advanced on Dia monds. Watches, Jewelry, l<acc*. ic. ; same bought a* lull V>HK*

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