Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1873, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1873 Page 10
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THE ATLANTIC DISASTER. Decision of the Commissioner 0f the Court of Inquiry^ F _/V Inexcusable Negligence After the Skip Bore TJp.ior Halifax. Captain Williams' Certificate Keroked for Two Years. Suspension of John Brown, the Fourth Offi cer, f#r Three Mouths. The Vessel Wot Properly Coaled? Captain Wil liams and His Officers Landed for Their Efforts to Save Life? The Currents? The Captain Not Awakened at the Hoar He Had Ordered. Halifax, N. 8., April 18, 18"3. The CommtfiBioncr convened His Court of Inquiry Into the low of me Atlantic at fonr o'clock tliiH afternoon, wBcn tbe following decision was ren -en tfib commissioner's decision. _ t>?i? wreck of tbe rtiAmship Atlantic and the lOM of life unhannilv attending it, into the cause# ol which tins tUnrl haa ^bleii inquiring has been one ot the most irichtiul marine disasters ot this century. A maunlflct n it k h^ ^up 04- ?|ie finest ever built, with nearly a thousand WSmmm/mM were hurried into eternity* were nurneu i ? oWmcf Qr tois inquiry i>m h??n to ascertain If possible, whether this disaster, S&SFSIS toS'lfitJlSia WW twSaSSbss'ss 2?S^wMusr?"R* i*tlon the nlrrICDLTT bkkn f*lt , ?>*< to d. pV-Ra u mm u!&? memory oulyTn Mating the circumstances and datt upon t2iw uUu from the clrcumstancea ot the case the evl ISiS^SSlMPi a certificate as master , Mtondi omc "r . jlradv . uii ... i|/, wiiK hi^it * third oliU er. v?? ,* axxnSm .i?toui <s%crp.??n?e^^'?s4 tteeu drowned. The ihlp *?S?3L?? ft1 v'^ntU abont ..J to nave experienced no difficulty until auoui *? v tiik 27th uat or mahch. when she encountered a gale which continued for three days during which she made comparatively slow P[?'F" her sneed betng reported at from seveB to eight {?lota Der hour. At noon on Monday, the 31st dav of March her position was found by observation to be about Jour hundred and slitv miles distant lro? handy The chief engineer reported only 127 tons ol coal remain Umt IB theDunkira and the wind comlnued ahead ind the glass gave indications of nntavorable ?weather. Captain Williams, atnr conMltationwith bis Jrst officer ami chief engineer, nrudenthr derided not to mti ( in nt to reach New York with so short a supply ot coal, but to change his course and bear up for Halifax the three preceding days the ship had been on *he re duced cons.mnUou of e.ial, and Irom the laei .that alter tw reduced eonsumptloo she was round on the eleventh r ^ ? less than forty-eight hour." m niv rcniainmtr the Inference seems inevitable that sac Had not suftlcfent coal on hoard when sailing for a *hlp if her cIm! From the engineers we have the lulonua tion that when usiug WELSH COALS her consumption was from fttty-tlve to sixtv ton* per da*. She hadon board bclore leavin* LiTerpoo a otul ot W7 tiniA r?f which eitfhtv tons wore used before her voyage whm' commenced, leaving only fourteen days supply* the^oal been of tbe best quality ; but the coal, in itead of being <" the best, was a mixture of Welsh and Enelish, of wtiich she consumed seveatj tons per ?tla; r, bb? tnl* gave her less than thirteen days ?u ppTy wh^ oorL Had the circumstances ot ttic pas iiV been lav"rabli. and no difficulties Irom !woid winds or lou\ weather been experienced. quantity of coal naght. undoubtedly, have Mrrion the ship and her passengers saiely to the? ?ort of destination, but the pa-suge acroas the 'Atlan tic in the Winter season, without more or less of unfavor *tii* weather is the exception and not tin rule, r avoir ill!! wMtbSr during the whole western passage In the Srco^tin"cMlesCofa low mcT^peed resulting 'iron. have been Instilled in changing j?U course ani ? n for Haliiax During the hour Irom the tunc trie snip s , Bnaiiiiin bv observatli'ii was obtained off the Slat ult. j until une P %l a iiistaicc ol about seven miles west Shv ? run which made her position by Captain itateinent ti> be at the time her course Wiinams statemeiiv v ^ loB M w Aaramlne i? north TC3 m^netrXu^'i 5?ir? mt current' a? StTOT ^ the conipa-? 11 the evidence on a>mrrrct and it must be remenib? red tliat these tacts are ?riven from memory only, then it l? ^twaV^'by a cur wie shit) must have beeu set to the wtstwaru oy a wur *cut of something over one knot >er hour 41 ?IOMI.HT . , ahe was estimated by the coinmoB log. at Intervalsof left In charae ot the second and fourth officers I to hischsrt joom , , o'clock, and to the officers of ?h?Vatch'u!"all hun at thre>- o'clock, or Soulier, It they the watcn w can niu? tny change in the weather ; SS&Mhi torn ?o Ughi was seen The captain s camrto call him at twenty minutes to three ?? ordered but was prevented from doinjrso by 1 UMMMrth oSoar^' It 2ls<?appear? that the officer lelt in j w?7<Jt OUT TH? COBMAWD 01VEN ST CATTAIJ. WILLIAMS TO | AWAKKIf BIB ? . __ . I .? ,|,H, n'elnck for I And that he slept until awakened , St IS shc^k oV the ship stnxltu the shore. At trotn twelve to seventeen minutes atter three o'clock the sbi|J ti the stairwavs leaditm from the saloon and SiSSTw- cnt off anu those between deck faring this time ot trial after tbe ship itrl!5jn8?fIX}Kf|r v..a fiees all that could lie demanded of men in their SSuMon Thtlr efforts to *ave lite .ppeartoliavebeen characterized bv judgment, teo'jeM aud bravery, u S^rX^y'Hti"^!!6 m ^a, washing ^v/r the ?hip. sweot away k> scores the timid and the jrea* ; an ?aly men of string nerve were able to save tneni ?elves by the roue communicating irom the wj*?* to the rock an<( trotn the revK to the ***"??? that had been n?tat>li*keil by some of the petty ofllcers. The ship tailing over s<i nuickly alter ?trlklng Made It impossible to successfully lower any of Eer boats, and betort- a?sistaa< e ceuM reach thein by t Clats from the fishermen residing in the UKalltv, many . ? p M on the :il"f ot 'March, was orndent and ^fflUflrt> ir'oi'tSe't'lme't'hat 'the 'ship'-Vru?"' was'lnarked Sylnueiiduy and c<K?lne.s t;?ToVhr^h^ ? wwclTon ihe mtJwtiijrof t^^'oMharwh^h" (/apta.n Williams b'lleve^the ^TArwra,;wv^ ?rcater er lesm-r <>xtent on the coa>t of No* a Be ?> . which is said to run with greater force . tuni ai< ti hi months of March. April and May than during inj seas in of the year. _ rAr, irUBTHkK OR ROT 8CrriClK?<t ALLOW A HC* WAS *ADK ST AT TAIN WILLIAMS rOB THK C'l'RHKNT Is the course that be steered does not ?*eem to he ? a noes tion of viui importance, lor It is wry probable that ine ?aine error as te the speed of the ship and the lack o! Vlullance on tlie part of the officers who were ODOJilJi whlrh is too apparent, and thr tutal notflcct to obtain soundings or u-e the most ordinary precaution that onsht to he us?-d in approaching the < oast, would have Bun her ashore bud sh<- beeB on the course that captain minium* supposed her to be, the distance trf?ui her fslat of departure, at oos f M ? 11 V m -lav to the land, ad her course been . ? rri-< tly tn'M. heint? iih.iut the same m. ihv distatu e Irom that point ot departure t? tin- spot ?here she was wrecked. It seems to lie Impossible to ?rV.V.ufit in anv other wav than bj want of vigilance for She fa^t of n" Ugh* being seen. It has U-n proved that Bit.?n i?l AND rnfcSUCTO AND !?KV1L S ISLARD LlCillTS were ??Tln goo4 order on that night Sambro light was diFiini tlv visible Iroiu the Devil lslaad ii^lit ? a distance , Sf a ~ut n'ne and a half miles-at a litileTietow the ship Sir... V I ml When ?he could not have been more than ??n or mll?s distant from t-anihro light The Bdah? seems*!! nave been tine. ? 'an tain William* state. f&tVtmldnVchC when he lelt the drcV. :ia<t aijiiin when ka came^i on dec k . tilV ?tars v J.'ftlA' Zv ll*n se^ii'at't^o or 'three mlles' dlsuncr Kome of the ?inn on duty have sworn that at one time durinx^he In er Tal between twelve and three o clock it was ery dark and some fine *leet falling. 'JPML t . weight of the testimony ?oes to show that the i"Wit was oae on which the light mlirht have heenserti and oasht te have heea seen some ume lieforr the dieasUr If a proper sad vigilsnt looK oat had been Ketit. A k os #rror must have tx-en made ill estimating tin apee l or SKrtlr from a reduced consumption of coal and a Mven knots previous to her eonr^ Iclau Staged on Monday, the consumption of coul was In SraaJed after she bora up lor Satnbro to her lull allow SImSTJot her hlgheet rate of sjM-ed tt Is in evidence that SnSer favorable clrciim-tanc. m witli steam alone, the XntK-."'' n"*" ?r :r< Sour. *?er liearing up at one I . M. on Monday i"< osTAiisiar. mkh rr-t usr* or sfran. llie WW'd ,ui lttK i,M'1 ki,,: *V,,U;'' fvi ' Ab?t at midnight Captain Williams wtiiMtod thai .she I had made an average of eleven knota, an estimate whk-h the event shows most have been inaccurate. The common log wax used, and this only at tntervala of two lmurs. The officers seem to have ilelt the duties ol heav ing the log u nd noting the rate of speed on the log slate to the ouartcrmastcrs. Krom tie time the ship bore up to I lultiax until she struck, ?he madean average of twelve knots per hour. Assuming her point ot departure at three o'clock on Monday to have been correctly aacer talncd tiie re Is no evidence of any northerly set of cur rent tn account tor the distance which the ship actually ran up to midnight and that which, estimating by the log the captain supposed her to have run. It in stated that sometimes a change of wind will produced a change ol current lor a tew hours on the Lahore and friable Inland Hanks at a distance offshore of trom flftv U sev eutv miles, but it is a well authenticated fact during thrf siwing months there Is no continuous northerly aet of current on this coast The facts that THE SOOT or out Or TUB PASSS.ROKHS ol tin' Atlantic was picked up. a few days alter the wreck, at a distance of tweaty-tive miles to the west and south, aad i hat two trunk* trom the wreck were picked up at u distance ot eighteen miles in the same direction, chow that the current sets off shore. Kales ot merchandise drift ing seaward from the steamship Darien, wrecked off t'!am Harbor on the 3d of April last year, proved the ex istence ot an off-ahore curreut at that time, and we have Htinnal confirmation ot the tact of an off shore current in the circumstance that the ice drifting from the north ward around Cape Breton instead or lining our coast closelv, as would be the case if an lii-shore current pre vailed, is very rarely seen in sight of our shores to the southward of Canso, so It therefore seems Impossible to account lor the error in estimating the ship's spued, ex cept on the ground of IHCOHI-KTKNCT OR C AHEI.ESBHES8 in calculating on the part of those attending to the log. I have also to observe that the conduct of the Captain in leaving the deck after midnight seems to me to have been, at least, imprudent, and calculated to create the impression on the minds of the officers on duty that tliev were not so near land as to make extra viglluace im perative. Captain Williams states that at that time he believed himself to be forty-eight miles from land. In this belief it is now known that he must have been mis taken, and it seems to have been culpable rashness for him, under the circumstances, to order the ship to be run towards the land for three hours at the rate of speed without taking the precaution to guard against any possible error in his estimation of his po?ltion, as In the event of the light, which ought to have been seen at eighteen or twenty miles' distance, not becoming visi ble in that time. HAD THK VICKY ORDINARY PRECAUTION BEEN TAKKN of sending u lookout at intervals to the masthead the disaster would la human probabilities have been pre vented. Hut the greatest and 1 may say, perhaps, the fatal error is found in the tact that the lead was never used, although the ship was In soundings for eight hours be fore she struck. Tills is a aeglect of duty tor which there call be positively no excuse. Ho accurate are the sound ings laid down upon the chart that had the lead been used at proper intervals the shift's safety would have been guaranteed, even had the night been one which the lights could not possibly have been seen. It is true that the fYci|uent use of the lead might have delayed her for a few hours in reaching port, but there was nothing to be trained In point of time tn making the port beiore day light, or, even if there had been, these few hours of de tent iob ought not to have been allowed to weigh against the safety of nearly ONE THOUSAND I.ITKS Til AT WERE IHPKRlLt.Kn, and more than half of which have been lost by the neglect of this plainly manifest duty. From a careful re view of all the. facts of the case I feel COM PRLLK [> TO STATE MY BELIEP IS that the conduct of Captain Williams in the manage ment of his ship during the twelve or fourteen hours preceding the disaster was so gravely at variance with what ought to have been the conduct ot u man placed in his responsible position as to call tor severe cen sure, and to justify ine iu saying that his cer tificate as extra "master and master might be cancelled, bui in consideration of the praiseworthy anil energetic efforts made by him to save life alter the ship struck, flic mitigated penalty of suspension of his certificate lor two vears should be Imposed. 1 also leel It my duty to state that the conduct of Mr. Brown, the fourth officer, in preventing the servant from calling Cap tain Williams at twentv minutes to three o'clock, as or dered, was, under the circumstances, an Improper viola tion ot the Cuptain's orders; and further. In the tacl that he was one of the officers of the watch after twelve o'clock, and ought to have wen the light and did not see it, and ought to have seen the land and did not see it, there is an implied culpablc neglect and wantot vigilance which considerations for the public safety demand should be marked by censure and moderate punishment. I therefore decide that the certificate of Fourth Officer Brown, master, should be snspended for three months. K. M. McDONALD, I'-ouimissiotier, We concur in the above. P. A. SCOTT. gkorue a. Mckenzie. The Atlantic Wreck. Halifax, N. S., April 18, 1873. Yesterday atternoon, alter the steamer left Prospect, seventeen bodies were recovered, mak ing fllty-nlne for the day, and twelve were re covered to-day up to three o'clock. The personal baggage oi the Merrltt family was recovered and placed in the hands of the Custom House authori ties. Going to Halifax for Coal. OFFICE OF TUB SOl'TIl WALES) Atlantic Steamship Company, J 17 Broadway, New York, April 18, 1873. ) To the Editor of the Herald:? Will yoH permit ns to correct an error into which our friend Mr. Sparks has inadvertently fallen, in his rererence to our steamer Glamorgan, in his letter in your paper of to-dayf He report* her (with other steamers named) as having put into Halifax In December last "for the very pur goseofcoalinft.'' Now, the Glamorgan has never een in Halifax at all, nor has she ever had occa sion to deviate from her course tor any audi pur pose as coallnij. On her December vo> age hither she put into St. Johns, S. F., in order to repair some damage to her engine pumps sustained in the terrific gales of that month, but she required no coal, and of course took none. Moreover, when She arrived here, although her voyage had been an unusaally protracted one, she had a considerable surplus of coal left. Yours, respectfully, ARCHIBALD BAXTER & CO., Agents. THE ANCIENT TESTIMONIAL FUND, New York, April 18, 1873. To TnE Editor of the Herald:? We enclose herewith fifteen dollars ($15), which please add to the fund for the Rev. Mr. Ancient. A. 11. C. A. L. 0. PIGEON SHOOTING. Third and Last Day of the Tournament at Hall'* Driving Park? Tinker Wlni a Twenty-Bird feweepatakea. The Paine pigeon shooting tournament at Hall's Driving Park, on the Coney Island road, was brought te a close yesterday. It had been an nounced that the only contest of the occasion would be a sweepstakes of forty birds each, under English rules with lew exceptions, and that the rise should be twenty-seven and a half yards, five traps being ased and the shot limited to one and a quarter ounces. As this sweep had but two entries (Tinker and Paine) a handicap sweepstakes of twenty birds each, $26 entrance, was gatten up to precede the regular coutest, which tilled admirably. the following being engaged therein:? E. W. Tinker, of Provi dence, R. I., 27 yards rise; Ira A. Paine, of Mew Yark, 27 yards rise ; P. Parry, of Philadelphia, 25 vards rise ; Miles Johnson, of Yardville, N. J., 26 yards rise ; A. H. Bogardas, of Elkhart. 111., 26 yards rise : W. J. Johnsan, of New Jersey, 25 yards rise, and Edward Parry, af Philadelphia. 25 yards rise. The rales under which they shet were the Itliade Island club rules, with eighty yards boun dary. The day was very pleasant for the sport, and the birds an average lot. The attendance of spectators was fair. After a close contest, Tinker won the sweep, killing eighteen out of twenty birds, and the first money, $126? Paine taking the second prize of $50. The shoot ing of the strangers? W. J. Johnson and the Parry Brothers ? considering that they were paorly pro vided with guns, was quite excellent. After the 20-blrd sweepstakes. Paine nnd Tinker continued shooting the 40-blrd sweep, agreeing that the scores made bv them should stand on the latter for the silver prize oflfered by Paine to the man making the best average score of the tourna ment. They then went to work, with much in terest evinced by the crowd. The shooting by them was decidedly first class, Paine killing his twenty birds in line style, while Tinker missed his twenty-eighth and thirty-second, so that the score between them stood 37 out of 40 and 36 out of 40, which uives Paine the houor or buying the piece of plate for himself. SUMMARY. Hall's Driving Park, L. 1.? Third Day of TnE Open Tot knambnt.? April 18, 1878.? Twenty-bird sweepstakes, $26 entrance, the shooters being handicapped; 80 yards boundary; 6 traps; l >? oz. sliat; closed with seven entries; value or sweep $176? the first receiving |136 and the second $60. Tinker? o. 1. 1, 1, 1, 1, 1* l?, 1, l* l, l, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1*. Total, 20. Killed, 18; missed. 2. 1*. 1*, l*. i?, l, 1. 1, o, i?, l", l, o, l, l, l, i*, i?, i*. i, l. Tetal, 4o. Killed, .'ifl; missed, 4. Paine? l*, l, l*, l, l, l, i?\ 1, l, i* i. l, i?, l, i?, o, 1.0, 1, o. Total 20. Killed, 17; missed, 3. 1, l, 1, 1, 1. 1. l l, 1. 1. 1*, l*. 1, 1*, l, i, l, l, i, l. Total, 4o. Killed, 37 : missed, 3. W. J. Johnson? 1, 1, !?, 0, l, l, i?, o, 0, 0, 1. l, 1, 1?, 1, 1, I. 1*, 1, 1. Total. 20. Killed, 16: missed, 4. P. Parry? 1, 1, 1, o, 0, 1, o. i?, l, l, i, i, i, i, i?( 0, l*. 1, 1, 1. Total, 20: killed. 18; missed, 4. Bogardus? 1. 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, l*. 0, o. l, l. i, l, o, 1, 1, 1, 1*, 0, 1*. Total, 20; killed, 16; missed, ft. Miles Johnson? 1*, l, 1, 1. 1, <?, l, l, o, o, l, l, 1*, 1. 0, o, 1, 1*, 1, 0. Total, 20 ; killed, 14; missed, 6. E. Parry? 1. 1, 1, 1, 1. o, 0, 1. 1?, 1, <>, l*. l?, i* 1, 1. 1, 0. 0, 0. Total, 20: killed, 14; missed, 6. Note.? The asterisk denotes that the biru was killed with the second barrel. Referee? Gearge S. I.anphear. Time oi shoatlng? Two hours and five minutes. THE MEMPHIS AND LITTLE ROCK RAILROAD. New York, April 18, 1873. To TnE Editor of the Herald:? I am In receipt of a telegram frem the General Superintendent of the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad at Memphis, to the effect that the report that said road whs damaged by the lata overflow in that section Is lalse. ami that the road Is in good runniod order. Very respectfully, J- <'? M. BUFFALOE, Agent M. A L. R. RR. SHIPPING NEWS. Almanae lor New York? Tbia Day. SI N AND MOON. IIIOII WATER. Son rises 6 Ifl (lov. Island eve 1 81 him m Is. 6 44 Sundv Hook aiorn 12 4<> Mvuu i urn. , .uioi a l to Uciitatic eve 9 ic OCEAN STEAMERS. BATES OP 'DEPARTTTRB WON NEW TORS FOR TH* MONTH OP AfRIL. Slmmttrt. Spain City ot Antwerp . . Adriatic California Rax on is Ville du Havre.. . Main Minnesota How York Columbia City of Baltimore. r rmiu I 'outsell land Italy City of London.... India Halt 10 Manhattan liansa HaiU. April IV ADril 19. April 19. Apnl 19. April 19. April 19. April 19. April 23. April 28. April 23. April 24. April 24. April 2t>. April 2fi. April 26 April 28. April 26 April 30. April 30. OeMiruitiun, Liverpool. Liverpool. Liverpool. Glaseow.. Hamburg. Havre Bremen. . . Liverpool. Bremen. . . Claagow.. . Liverpool. llamnurK . Bremen. . . Liverpool. Liverpool. Glastcow. . . Liverpool. Liverpool. Bremen... Ojfiie. *19 Broadway. 16 Broad way. lit Broadway 7 Bowline dreen 8i Broadway. iirt Broadway. 2 Bowiingdreen TJ Broadway. 2 BowiiniHireen 7 Btrwllnir (ireen 1!> Broadway 81 Broadway. 2HowlimrOreen (i'J Broadway 15 Brondwav 7 Bowlinu (ireen 19 Broadway 29 Broadvray 2 BowlingOreea PORT OF NEW YORK, APRIL 18, 1873. CLEARED. Steamship Adriatic (Br), Perry, Liverpool via Qucens town? J H Sparks. steamship City of Antwerp (Br), Brooks, Liverpool via Queenstown? John (1 Dale. Steamship Trinacria (Br), Thomson, Liverpool? Hender son Broil. steamship Spain (Br), Grace, Liverpool via Quecnstown ? F W J Hurst. Steamship Calabria (Br), McMickao, Liverpool via Quecnstown? C <1 Franc klvn. steamship California (Br), Craig, Glasgow? Henderson Bros. Steamship Ville du Havre (Fr), Surmont, Havre? Geo Mackenzie. Steamship Francis Wright, Faircliild, Wilmington, NC? Lorlliard sfeamsluu Co. Steamship Zodiac, Chapln, Beaufort? Murray, Ferris A Co. Steamship Isaac Bell, Blakeman, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond? Old Dominion Steamship Co. Bark Kxaudi (Nor), Marchusen, yuceiistown or Fal ?11. nth? Tetens A Kockmanti. Bark Hoycrolt (Br), McCray, Hamburg? llency A Par ker. Hark Atlantic (Nor), Jacobsen, Bremen? Punch, Edye A Co. Bark Emanuel (Nor), Lyderscn, Stettin? Punch, Kdye A Co. Bark Eldorado (Nor), Thomasea, Antwerp ? Punch, Ed ye A do. Hark J P Whitney (Br), Spiccr, Rotterdam? J F Whlt nev A Co. Bark Vereln (Ger), Apreck, Amsterdam? Funch, Edye A Co. Bark Arcturus (fier), Ziclke, Danzic ? C Tobias A Co. Hark Juuo (Ger), Lindt, Elslnore lor orders ? 0 Toliias A Co. Bark narzburg (Ger), Kuhlkea, Philadelphia? Oelrichs A Co. Brig C P Eaton (Br), Elwood, Liverpool? Jan Henry. Brig Mozart (Ger), Tietchens, Hamburg? Punch, hdye A c0. Brig Camille (Br). Pickett, Corunna? .las Henry. Brig Kedowa, Salter. Aspinwall? 8 L Merchant A Co. Brig Isabella (Br;. IIII1, Belize? Leaycralt A Co. Brig Marv Olivia (Br), Eno, Halifax. NH ? D K DeWolf A Co. Schr Charles H Washlngten, Holbrook, Governor's Har bor? B J Wenberg. Schr B 8 Young, Carbury, Harbor Island? B J Wen berg. Schr Ella Francis, Bnlger, Jacksonville? Van Brunt A Bro. Schr SWH White, Smith, Richmond? Van Brunt A Bro. Schr Margaret Slater, Blizzard. Wilmimrton, Del? 8 Godwin A Sons. Schr N P Goodall, May, Port Johnson ? (1 II Brewer. Schr John Boynton, 1)111, Calais ? John Boynton'a Son A Co. Schr Mary B Smith, Chadwick, Thomaston via Boston? J B llaviland. Schr Hero. Kelly, Salem? R W Ropes A Co. Schr Franklin, Vail, Providence ? Rackett A Bra Schr J 8 Se ran ton, Pease, Providence? I ft Staples. Schr C P Sell nit/.. Young, Bridgeport, Ct. Sclir Dart, Williams, Slumlord? Stumlur.l Manufactur ing Co. Steuiner Octarora, Reynolds. Baltimore. Steamer A C Stiuiers, Warren. Philadelphia. ARRIVALS. REPORTED BY TUB HERALD STEAM YACI1TS AND HERALD WIllTESTONE TELEGRAPH LINK. Steamship Partfcia (Br). Wutson. Liverpool April 8, and (jjneenslown 9th, with mdse and 1087 passengers to 0 G 'steamship Gorm (Dan), Jnhl, Barrow Jan 27, via Cadis (where she put in with cargo shitted) 2? days, with rail way iron to Arkell, Tufts A Co. Had strong W gales to Bermuda; thencc tine weather. . , Steamship Dcutschland (Ger), Ladewlirs, Bremen April ft. via Southampton 8th, with tndsc and 6H0 passengers to Oclrlohil A Co. Had moderate winds from N and fc and high K winds. April 12, lat 49 30, Ion 34 Si, passed an AO ian line steamer, bound E; lfttli, at midnight, passed -2 small Icebergs ; 17th, lat 40 2?, Ion 69 31, saw a Uulou steamer, hound K. ? , . ... Steamship Roln (Ger), Franke, Bremen April 2 via Southampton 6th, with mdse and 1020 passunsers to Ocl rlchs A Co. Had easterly winds most ot the passage. April 9, 10 and 11 had a strong easterly gale, wilh heavy seas. Was detained outside Sand v Hook 24 hours by fog. April 6. lat 40 40, Ion 08 14, spoke ship ThcmU (Br) lrom Antwurp for Philadelphia ; 17lh. off Nantucket lightship, a Cunard steamship, bound east. Steamship St Olaf (Nor), Hllle, Bergen Apr 2, w th mdse and lfio passengers to Fuuch, Kdve A t o. lla; strong head winds to Ion 2*2; slnee and SE winds, with moderate weather; in lat 46, Ion 47 3U, passed several ice '"steamship Mandingo (Br), Spence, Demernra April 6, Barbados 0th and St Thomas 1 1th, with unlse and pas sengers to K K Morgan's Sons. Steamship City of Merida, Tiinmennan, Havana April 13, and Nassau l4Ui, witli mdse and 6.' passengers to r Alexandre A So* . _ , , _ . ? Steamship Santiago de Cuba. Reynolds, Havana Anrll 6 and Matanzas 12th, with mdse and passengers to C L Guliliaume A Co. . ? , . ? steamship New Orleans, (lager, New Orleans April 12, wilh mdse anil passengers to Clark A Seaman. 17th. lat SH, Ion 74, passed a brig showing a red flag, with letter II '"steamship Virgo, Bulkiey, Savannah April 15, with mdse and passengers to Murray. Ferris A Co. Steamship James' Adger, Lockwood, t harleston April 16, with indue and nasseiiKers to H R Morgan A (o. steamship Fanlta, Doane, Wilmington, NC, 62 hours, with indue and passengers to J Lorlllard Steamship Isaac Bell, Blakeman, Richmond, < itv Point and Norfolk, with mdse and passengers to the Old Do minion Steamshlti Co. Steamship Benefactor, Jones, Philadelphia, with mdse and passengers to J Lorlllard. ship Carl (Oer), Otten, Bremen 31 days, with mdse and 47ft passengers to H KoopA Co. Hail 1 birth and 3 death* among the passengers. Took the middle passage and had variable weather ; has been 8 days W ol" the Banks. Ship Algoma (of Halifax*. Curry. Antwerp 68 days, with emptv petroleum barrels to J F Whitney A Co. Took the southern passage and had tine weather. Hark Aphrodite (of St Joint, NB>, Bass, Liverpool S5 days, with mdse to E E Morgan's Sons; ves?el to J >V El well A Co. Took the southern passage, and hail tin o weather up to Bermuda ; from thence 10 days with liffnt W and Nw winds ; March 7, lat IS N, loa 35 W. passed part of a wreck, apparently that of a large vessel. Bark Orlen (of Yarmouth. NS), Cook. Liverpool Jan 17, via Bermuda 10 days, with mdse to Boyd A Hlncken. Had line weather up to lat 36; ironi thence heavy Bark Annie Troop (of St John, NB), Newell, Liverpool March 1ft, with mdse to J W Elwell A Co. Hark Argosy (of St John, NB), Jones, Antwerp 36 davs, with mdse to Punch, Kdve A Co; vessel to snow A Bur gess; took the northern passage and had moderate weather ; has been 8 days \V of the Banks. Bark Antelope, Davis, St Croix 14 days, with rum, su gar and molasses to Ri.che Bros A Co. Bark Brothers' Pride (Br). Morris, Cardenas 12 days, with sugar to J W Elwell A Co. Brig J W Hunt (Br), Hunt. Matanzas 18 days, with sugar '"s'chr'M'E Nason (of Provlncetown), Dawlln. Aux Csyes 12davs, with coffee and In/wood to A Noonis; vossel te B J Wenberg. Had line w.ather up to Hatteras; from thence trejh NW and NSE winds; April 7. off Jeremle, spoke sohr M E Higglns. trem Jai-mel for New York, 2 (lavs out; 12th. latZS 57, Ion 7 138, brig B L Peacock. Irom St S ago for Boston. Pasted Thrnngh Hell Gatf< BOt'ND SOl'TH. Steamship Tillle, Bailey. New London for New York, with mdse and nasscmrers. Sclir Thomas Jefferson. Hill. Stamlort Inr New York SchrMail, Mead, Oreenwicn tor New \ors, with stone **Schr' Haw?, McName, Greenwich for New York, with stone to order. . . ? , Srhr Daviil Pearsall, Sackett, (Irecnwich for New York, with stone to order Schr Hester <1 Davis, Portchester for New V ork. Schr Henry Tlrrell, Pawtucket for New York. Hchr Yosemlte, Marshall. Tau a ton lor New York. Steamer Doris. Young, Providence tor New York, witli mdse and passcntrer*. Steamer Alliance, Nichols. Norwich for New York. BOUND EAST. Steamship Dlrlgo Johnson. Now York for Portland. Brig China (Br). Parker. New York for Halifax, N* Schr Nathaniel Holmes, Arthur, Port Johnson lor Pro vidence Schr Highland. Lynch, New York for Roslyn. Schr Poll 8 C V ought, llalluck, New York for llun ''schr? Mary Ann Prcdmore, Sherman, New York for Providence. _ Schr Richard Hill, Smith, New York for Fall River. Schr Sarah Bruen, Austin. New York for Providence. Schr B w Brown, winters, New York tor Providence. Sehr Amelia, Terry, New York I >r Providence. Schr E 8 Thompson. Fullerton, New York for New Lon '"slhrTabitha A Hannah, Hill, New York for New Lon J?chr Willie Martin. Blake, New York for Portland. Schr Nlnntic, Beebe, Sew York lor New London. Hchr J O Huntington, Beverly, llolMiken tor Boston. Schr STaber, Cox, New York for Glen Cove. Sclir George W Whistler, Crosbv, Hoboken for Boston. Schr Eliza Williams, Hamlin, Now York for Boston. Schr Sunbeam. Bunker, Georgetown, DC, lor Provi dence. .. _ Schr O H I'errv. Dewltt, New York for Glen Cove. Schr Nautilus, Crockett, New York for Boston,. Sclir Isabel Alberto, Tooker, (leorgetown, DC, for no basset. . .. Schr Armenia. Kale. Georgetown, DC, for Providence, Schr Bengal, Hrainard, New York tor Boston. Sclir A Guraey. (lurnev. New York for Norwalk, Schr Mary E Coyne, Faceniire, Georgetown, IJC, for Wareham. . . Sclir l iving Arrow, Webster, Elirabethport for Boston. Schr Pacific. Glnn, New York for Rockland. Schr Alpine, Marshall. Hoboken for Salem. Sclir Louisa A Boardinan, Norwood, Eliza be thport for "schr Samuel L Crocker. Hatch, New York for Boston. ^ Hchr*: A Stevens, Kcudall, bli/.al>ethport lor rail ill ver. Schr Sinaloa, Sawyer, Elizabethport for Boston. Schr Ximenla, Engle. Ne? York tor Providence. Schr Casco Lodge, Walker. New York tor Portland. Schr White Kosm, M< Millan, Baltimore for Providence. Schr G M Wetitworth, Collins, New York for Provi dence. _ . . , schr Ben) Strong. Weeks, New York for Bristol. Sclir Charmer. Fletcher, lloboken tor Boston. w Schr John Manlove, Holland, Eli/:abeth|K)rt for war ren. Schr Venllia, Allen. New York lor Boston Sclir Francoaia, Adams, lloboken for Salem. Schr J V Wellington, Jones, Georgetown. DC, for Bos ton. _ Hchr Abhie II Brown, Nolan, New Y'ork for Boston. Schr F- 1'haro, -Sherman, New York for Providence. Schr C 8 Hazard, Phillips. New York for New Haven. Schr Josephine, Saimilcrs, New York for Narragansett ' Schr Helen, Smith, New York for New London. Schr Equal, Penlstoa. New York for Boston. Schr Ocean Ranger. Whitney, New York for Boston. Schr Golden Kagle, Hjwcs. New York lor Fall River. Schr Veranda, I'onil, New York lor Providence. Nchr American Chief, Snow. New York for Augusta. Hchr Gov Coney, Ridley, New York for Augusta. Hchr llenrv Castoff, Bemeiit, New York tor Bockiana. Hchr Abbott Lawrence, Grifllng, New York for Bangor. Hchr Gentile, Eldrldgc. Ilotnlotit for Portland Si br (I W Ciiiiimings, Rowe, New York (br Boston. Hchr Ppcedwell, Spaulding, New York for Bi'StoU. HcUr VviM*t ler, EccU', Ntw York lor I?nutvu. Schr golden Rule.Wnson, New tork ftor Norwalk. Schr Victoria, Vail, New York, for New London. Schr Quickstep, Smith, Elisabeth port for Port Jeffer son. Schr M X Brainard, Hopkins, Boboken for New Lon don. Hchr Alert, Hull, New York for Stony Brook. Schr Niantic, Ellsworth. Eli/.abuthport for Taunton. Bchr Praiiklln.Sinlth, New York for Norwich. Schr Harriet Baker, (Mover, Elixabethport for Bort land. Schr Kate * Mary, Cogpsweli, Rondout for Pmwtucket Schr A M C Smith, Gardner, New York for New Lon don. Schr J K Mundcll, Smith, New York for Providence. Bchr M O Well 8, Wells, New Yors tor Providence. Schr Ann Elisabeth, Get chill, Elizabethport for Provi dence. Schr Post Boy, Hnlse, New Brunswick, NJ, for Boston. Schr White Wing, Crandail, Hoboken for Westerly. Schr Ocorge P Kane, Pcteraon, New York l'or Bridge port. ?Schr Maria Adelaide, Kent, Port Johnson for Salem. Schr L M strout. Dean. Port Johnson jor Salem. Hchr Nellie Carr, Landell, Port Johnson for Boston. Sehr Fannie Hazard, Hunt, Port Johnson for Hartlord. Schr Sea Foam, Philbrook, Port Johnson for Ports

mouth. Schr Frank BColtoa, Steelman, Baltimore for Boston. Bchr Mary 11 Mifflin, Ferris, Hoboken for Warren. Schr Alexandria, Falkingham, New York lor Boston. Sehr C F Lawrence. Kelly, New York for New Loudon. Hchi J H Bartiett. Harris, Hoboken for Providence. Bchr Mary A Harmon, Davis, New York for Salem. Schr Eddie F Treat. Hodgdon, New York lor Boston. Sehr H V IHiryett. Carpenter, New York for Glen Cove. Steamer Thetis, (Jale, New York for Providence. SAILED. Steamships Zodiac, Beaufort; Francis Wright Wilming ton. NC; ships Edith Warren, Liverpool ; Kliinu, London: burks Eunomia, Oiieenstown ; Atlantic, London: Carrie E long, Cadiz; Trait d'Union, Progruso: Sandy llook, Matanzas; Jenny. Bremen; Claro Babuyon. London; brigs Eaglet, Barbados; Lima, Clenfuegos; Catherlna, Kingston; 8 P Musson, St Marys; Kodiak, Havana; schr Uolden Rule, Orenada. Wind at sunset, U, light Telegraphic Marine Correspondence. Nkwpobt, April 18, 1X73. 8chr Jesse Hart, from Brunswick, Oa, bound to Boston, loaded with yellow pine lumber, arrived this morning, leaking badly, and reports that on the 1 1th Inst, at 8 AM, during a heavy gale from WSW, 80 miles E by 8 of Cape Henry, the vessel sprung a leak of about 2000 strokes per hour, and was obliged to throw overboard about 2.1.000 feet of her deckload to lighten her; also sprung foretop mast Marine Disasters. Bark Snow Qcekn (Br), Boy, from Liverpool for Phila delphia, cot on Bulkhead bur, came off at 3AM April 17, and anchored below Newcastle, Del, where she remained at 10:30 AM. Bars Caul August (Oer), Siewerts, from Leghorn for Boston, put into Barcelona 24th ult, leukiim; would prob ably discharge for repairs. Bark Nereid, Bearse. at Boston 17th, from Liverpool, reports camc by the northern route, having strong blustering weather the entire passage, with severe gales from various quarters. March 26, lat SI 49. Ion 39 20, en countered a hurricane, which commenced very suddenly in terrific gusl? from ENE, accompanied with snow and hall, and continuing in full force lor 20 hours, during which lost most ot storm sails, washed away boats and received other slight damage to hull. Ac. At beginning of storm Henry Smith, seaman, a native of Germany, fell from i'or<-topsnil yard on deck, sustaining serious in ternal injuries. When in lat 47 SO, Ion 48 30, passed numerous Icebergs and a large quantity of tleld ice. Brio Alpha (Br), from Baltimore for the West Indies ?with a cargo of shooks, while at anchor below York Spit, parted both cables during the storm on Wednesday, and went ashore on Egg Island bar. The brig lost her chains and windlass. Assistance was sent to her from Norfolk morning of 17th. Sciir Mart D Ireland, from Jacksonville for Philadel phia, with lumber, while being towed out 9th inst, ran aground on the St Johns bar. Part of the deck load was thrown off and the vessel returned In a leaking condition to Jacksonville to unload and repair. Schr Someiiskt, Cruice, sprung alenk on her voyage from Savuunah to Monte Christo, but succeeded iu reaching her destination, where she discharged cargo and took in a fresh on e, consisting of wood, hides, Ac., for Savannah via Nassau. The Somerset arrived at Nas sau 27th ult, went on the dry dock for the purpose of hav ing the leak stopped, and proceeded on her voyage to Savannah on the 7th inst where she arrived ontne 13th. Schr Nellie C Paine, from Georgetown. DC, for an Eastern port, before reported ashore off Hollis' Mursh, Potomac River, got off 14th Inst and proceeded on her voyage. Alexandria, April 16? The repairs to the steamship E C Knight, which was injured in a collision with schr J J Ward 8th iust aad towed to the Navy Yard, it is thought will be completed in time for that vessel to sail lor New York on Saturday next Bristol (Pill), April 6? The Brilliant Star. Corner, ar rived here from Wilmington, encountered very heavy weather in the Atlantic, during which lost the boatswain, who was washed overboard and drowned ; vessel ulso lost bulwarks. Boston, April 1*? An unknown bark is ashore on Bnss Rocks, Gloucester Harbor. Dover, April 6? The Swedish bark Georg A Ludwig, Thomson, trom New York for Konlgsberir. arrived off here 3d Inst, reports had severe gales In the Gulf, una had part of bulwarks washed away. Schr Ariel, of Blakcney, Hawes, arrived here to-day and reports having been in collision with ship Westtleld, from Shields for Calluo. Liverpool, April 5? From a log honk picked up bv (he tug t'nlvorse, It is supposed that the brig sunk off' llolv head Is the Amalla, from New Orleans for this port; crew on board the .M"urv Austiu (s), supposed bound for Dublin. Laslasii, April 7? The ship Camana (of Liverpool), from Glasgow lor Han Francisco (general cargo), ran on shore at Clachlan Point in coming into Lainlasli, but came off without damage and proceeded on her voyage all well, making no water. Nkwrt, April 4 ? The Clvde, Prethero, arrived here from Baltimore with a cargo of grain, execriencod very heavy weather on the oassace, during which she lost longboat and galley and part of bulwarks. Nfw Bkdpord, April 18 ? The schr Charmer, from Boston for Philadelphia, ashore on L'Mommcdieu Shoal, broke up last night The crew were saved. Miscellaneous. Purser MUliken. of the steamship Parthla, from Liv erpool, has our thanks tor courtesies. A Kapih Passage? The steamship Deutcliland arrived at this port yesterday from Bremen and Southampton I uud made the rim from the latter port in 9 days 9^ hours, which is about the quickest run this year across the Atlantic. Ick on Tnr. Banks.? Icebergs on the Newfoundland Banks seem to have made their appearance unusually early this year. Almost every steamer arriving iroiii Europe reports passing these huge and dangerous mon sters. The steamship Deutsehlaiid, which arrived here yesterday from Bremen and Soutliamptoa, reports pass ing on the 15th Inst, at midnight, on the Basks, no less twenty-two bergs iu close proxlmitv to each other. The Deutschland also reports, while coming eut of Southamp ton, spoke steamship Khein. from New York, and received from her Mr James K Murphy. Sandv llook pilot, who had been carried off in consequence or a heavy gale pre vailing off the bar at the time the Rlteln went to sea. Qirraltar, April 1? Captain Arthur C Brittalu, master of brig David Sinclair, from Messina for New York, is detained at this port under arrest, accused of having assaulted and killed John T Owens, steward ot said brig, on the night of March 24. Genoa, April 4? The brig Mary Celeste, from New York, ha> discharged all her cargo but 500 barrels. All the cargo landed came out in good condition, aad there appears to be no damage as tnr as cau be .seen iu the quantity still on board. St TnoaAs, April Pi? Brig Almatn (Br), has been seized for account of mortgages upon her, and was sold at pub licanction, bringing, with anchors and chains, neariv $3000. Brig Surprise has been condemned and sold. Captain Scott is waitinu tor orders as to the disposition or the balance of cargo yet unsold. Savannah, April IS? The wreck of the steamer C S Hardee, as It rests near Fort Jackson, was sold to Ra venal. Holmes A Co, of Charleston, for $1900. Spoken. Bark R W Griffith, from New York for Matanzas, April 14, off' Chincoteague. Foreign Ports. Barcelona, March 24? Arrived, bark Carl Auguste (Oer) Stewarts, London tor Boston (sec Disasters). Barbados, March 29? Arrived, schr Minnie Reppller, Weeks. Philadelphia. Callao, March 14 ? Sailed, shipt Bcninmin Bangs. Bach elder, and Forest King (Br), Kitchen. Guanape; Jeremiah Thompson. Robinson, Macabi, Itith, General Shepley, Patten (tVora Guanape), Falmouth, E; bark Mathilda, Fruchtnlcht, Valparaiso; brig Commodore, Rivango, Pisco ; 10th, bark James A Borland. Fuller (from Ma cabi), United States; 22d, ships Colonel Adams, Butler, Puget Sound ; 24th, Ocean Traveller (Br). Murray.Central America; 25th, Jumua (Br), Frazer, Guanape, to load for United Kingdom. In port March 2S, ships Tautallon Castle (Br) Brown, for San Francisco, seeking ; Oakland, Reed, for Peru and Hampton Roads ; Frea Tudor, Bradford, from London, arrived 17th; Leonora, Griffin, from Cardiff, arrived 28th ; Golden Rule, Hall, from Guanape. arrived 23d, tor Valen tla (clearing) ; Vigillate, Whltrnore, troin Macabi, arrived 2Mb, for Europe (clearing) ; Andrew Jackson, Field, from Iiiulnue, arrived 23d , Andrew Johnson. O'Brien; Louis Walsh, White, and Wm Wilcox, Curtis, tine ; St Peter Br), w.-iia, do (before reported for ?-'an Francisco); barks Isaac Rich, Sheldon, from Guanape, arrived 20th; Alex McNeil, Leach, from Macahl, arrived 21st ; Whins. Pfje, from Guanrpe, arrived 23d ; Caroline Reed, Hicks, line : Emma Ives (Br). Waters, dlsg; brig Robert Cowan (Bri, Revely, from Sun Francisco, arrived 20th. Cat Francis, April S? In port bark Eliza Boulton (Br), O'Brien, for Baltimore. CiKNrcKOOs, April fi? Arrived, bark Sagadahoc, Oover, Port Spain ; brig Atalaya, Cole, New York. Sailed 7th, bar* Alexandrlna (Bri. Snow, Boston; brigs Christina (Br), New York; Tempest (Br). Wilson. Boston. Caroenas, April 1 ? Arrived, brig Ortolan, Phelan, Philadelphia; schr H W Foster, Rich, St Thomas; 9th, barks (tan Eden, Barker, Now York , Norton stover, Sherman, do: brig Sally Brown, Matthews, do; Northern Star (Itr). Dakin, Philadelphia. sailed sth, bark Mabel (Br), Finlayson, north of Hat teras; ttriirs Nellie Clifford, LittlefleM, do; Acelia Tliiir low, Gallison, New York ; Morning Star (Br), do; .teste Goodwin (Br). Baltimore; sehr w A levering, Smith, north of Hatters*; 9th, harks ('arlton, Trecartln, New \ ork ; Sarah A Staples, staples, north of Hattcras; brigs W II Parks, Dlx, do; Nancy Ross, do; Margaret, do; Geo Harris, s towers, do; Frank, New York; Raven, ftagua; Anna Lindstey (Br), Dunn, New York: schr Wapello, Penny. Baltimore. I??kh.?iu, March 27? Arrived, brig chesojwake (Br). Doe, Baltimore .and sailed April 4 on her return). Sailed 2T>th, brigs Maggie (Br), Strum, New York; 21th, Potomac llr) Wilson, Baltimore: 28th, Eastern star, Kos ter, New York; April I, Halifax Br), P>?wcr. Baltimore; 2d. schr Helen A Bowen, Alexander, New York; 3d, brig Gipsv (Br), Javne, do. In port Aprils, bark E H Yarrlngton. Dill, from Bos ton, iust arrived; brig HB Jones (Br), lor Baltimore, Idg; schr Mamtohah iBr), I*- Plane, for do, dot II avkk, April 13? In port ship Annie M Small, Packer, for Cardiff to load for shanghae. Havana, Aprtl in? Arrived, steamship Margaret, Baker, New Orleans; schr Martha Hale, Smith, Eastport. sailed Sth. brig Martha A Berry, Portland; 10th, harks Edina (Bri, Robinson. Savannah: Bismarck (Br), Met'ul jv, Sagus; hrigs Victoria Amelia (Br), Terrio, Baltimore; 'iarlta. Brown, Sagua. Cleared 9th, brig Elizabeth (Br) t'rann, New York; ichr Congrt ?, York, north ot Hattcras. In port 12th, barks Hattir G Hall, Flsk ; Emma L Onlton (Bri, .lour ; Teresa ( ital) , Demartino ; Josle Mil dred, Maine; Minsie ( arvili (Bri, Molyer; Kddjstone (Nor). Khlnd ; Sea Drift (Br), Aikenhcad, and Nueva Virginia iltal), flearpati, for New York , brlgi TWO Xarv's (Br), Thrussell, and Lizzie W Vlrden, Realty, for Balti more ; T II Havllnml (Bri, Boutin, for New >ork; I nun a Smart, tor Boston , schrs Daybreak, Blake, and Lizzie licwey, Parker, for New York; Kalinar, Lambert, for Philadelphia; Eva Adell, Baton, for New Orleans, and others, uncertain. Halipax, April 16? Arrived, skip Roseneath (Br), Me Council, olasgow Sailed IfUh, steamship Caledonia (Br), lloiuton. 8t John, N B. Arrived 17th, steamship Thames (Br), llyde. London. Hailed 17th, steamship iMrj Carroll, New V yrk ittUh <y?UUj. Knrorra*, Jfc, March 2S? Sailed, brig Balear, Bahr, Porto Bella. In wirt Mui, achrs C A Farnsworth (Br), Benson, for New York; Bextie Morris (Br), Alleu, from Philadelphia, arrived 22d; Ocean Pearl, Blancliard, from St Thomas arrived 21st; John Wentworth. Lewis, from Wilmington, NC, arrived 15th. (Brt ^hotna' ril 1C< 10 B*"641. ?teamship Greece Arrived 18th, steamship Casta 11a (Br), Butler, New xork. _ M-*?aiwaa, April 10-Halled, barks Acacia, Robinson, Of Hatteraa; Gertrude (Br), Carlisle, do; Maggie (nr), Hemlns. New York: brigs Cases telle, Simmons, do; End or us, Parr, and H V Nichols (Br), Chaw, Philadel phia; Antelope. Hum ball, north of Hatteras; schrs W I Boston7' **e' ew York? Bright Star (Br), Huberts, Arrived, brig Lena Thurlow, a I V?rtiultf *SF Matanxas (aud sailed) . schrs Uelen An^chV^f-v,?:!1'?."?^!^?^, V*!? ?La.rha:'^i; York (and sailed 10th on her return) ; 31st, Louisa i, Mar tin, Baltimore; April 1, Carleton, Albury, Wilmington, NC:8th. Harry Bluff, Benson, New York (and sailed #th for Bock Sound). Panama, March ST? Arrived, steamship Great Republic, Caverly. Han Pranclsco. Hailed Slst, steamship Salvador, Dexter, Central Ame ricft. Poikt-a-Pitre, March 24? Sailed, schr Commerce, Arey, B*riaCiiort March 24. ship Monarch (Br), for Savannah ; brig Zetland (Br), for New York; schr E 8 Qlldersleeve, Shaler from J acksonville, arrived tilth, yn*K!<sTowN, April 18. 7 AM-Arrlved. rteamship City of Montreal (Br , Kennedy. New York lor Liverpool. St Thomas, April 5-Arrlved, schr David Miller, Fletcher, Martinique ; 6th, brig Union T (Br), Tufta, New York; schr. I P Wyman, Perry, Barbados; 7th barks Windsor (Br), Gardner, Barbados; James E Brru NUk erson, Montevideo; brigs Prentiss llobbs. Dodge Ma deira ; Zorllna (Br), Williams. Boston; *chr Pains, Shock, lord, Martinique; 8th, brig T Coftlll (fr)'1n,71^"7,Jkdji,n!Ji schr Augie Amesbury, Jones, ht Croix, 10th, bark James Kitchen (Br). Rev golds, Buenos Ayres; bi rigs G M . Jones (Br), Mean, Martinique; Dani Trowbridge, Hinckley, Port Spain ; schrOraee B West, Lonl, incent; Sailed 6th. brigs Hattie H Bishop. W e be r, < 3 ardon as , 7th, E Walsh (Br), Di>dge, Ponce, to load for Boston .Aurora (Br), Lctson, Cuba; sst Elmo (Br), Caffrey, Porto Rlvo, to 108Aooa,BAnril05^ArHv?d. barks Rachel, Norton. and Marv E Llbtiv, Libbv, Havana; schrs J B Marshall, Heavey, do ; James Warren, Drlsko, Cardenas; totfi, brig Knnis. Foster, Baltimore; Vtli, bark Daring, McDonald, 1 SnliedMh, schrs Helen J Holway, Dow. Philadelphia; Susan, Dearborn. New York. ? HtJa?o. April J? Arrived, brig Alice Tarlton. Ccnnor, P St JohwI'nB, April 1?? Steamship Olympla (Br), Young, leaves for New York 18th. . Ship Mt Washington, from Boston, has not arrived. Cleared 16th, ship Cavour (Br). Evans, Liverpool. Tratasi, Feb 20? Sailed, hark Zeta, for Boston. Triniiiad, April 8? Arrived, brig John Welsh. Jr, \ an selow. Philadelphia. Sailed 7th. brig Alice l?a. Foster, Philadelphia. Valparaiso, March 7? Sailed, ships Alex McNeil, Storer, Tulcakuano, to load wheat for United Kingdom; Com inodore. Gilmore, Sydney, NSW, to load tor San Fran tlni?port March 14, ships Independence, Strout,fpr Boston, completing cargo ; Kit ('arson. Spencer, for OaUno. about leaving; Tanjore, Humphrey, disg. tor do; Reynard, Howes, disg; Norway, Woodbury, wtg orders; barks Eureka, Knaclie, from Humboldt, arrived 5tn. ;Pkr SraAmHir DetrrscntAWn. } Amstrrdam, April S? Sailed, Jupiter, Warncken, Plula " Aktwkup, April 4? Arrived, Sarnia, Pillow, Wllming U Arrived ?t Flushing 4th, Vosta, Park, and Ahkcra, Alii strom, Philadelphia ; Equator, Hockort. Boston. Sailed 4th. A Klockmanu, Haaso. New York. Bristol, April 6? Arrived In Kingroad, Panama, Bors tal, San Pranclsco via St Thomas. Baucklona, March 30- Arrived, Rosa Barreras, Santoi. Charleston. _ _ Sailed 30th, Superior. Rod, Pensaeola. Bombay. March 14? Arrived, Industry, Russell, Shields; 15th, Augusta, Ravnes, Liverpool. Bbouwrrsuavkn, April 4 ? Arrived, C B Hazeltine, Gil Akkskkhavik, April 3 ? Arrived, Mosel (s), Ernst, New Y Sailed 3d. Johannes. Ihlder. and Oolnmbus, Ihlder, New York; Ncptun. Ploghoft, Philadelphia: 4th, Chrtstel, Bockclniann, and Augusta, von llarteu, New York; tiara, Illlmer, and Gutenberg, (ierlach, Baltimore. CARDirr, April 4? Entered out, Alabama (s), Flint, for New Orleans; Lawrence Brown, Williams, Bah la. Cofknh Aflviv, April 4 ? In the roads, J P Krlcksen, An dersen, from New York. . Dovkr, April 6? Passed, Landsborough, Thomas, from San Francisco for Hull. . Off do 5th, Westfleld, Humphreys, from Shields for cai lftO. Dunckness, April 5? Off, Vanguard, Michel, from Rot terdam lor Mobile. _ Drammkn, March 2#-Cleared, Alice, Gram, America. Falmouth, April 6? Arrived, Jan Nielsen, Anderson, Philadelphia for Elslnore. off, no date, Hvpatla (Nor ship), Flood, from New Or ?S?ff the Lizard 8th, Protector, Maroni, from New York ?Grimsbv^ April 7? Passed, Stratford, Olson, from Pcnsa C?(i* Ajulow,' April 5? Arrived, Seatoller. Brown, San Fran "'sailed 5th. City of York. Aubl. San Francisco. Put Into iiainltish 2d, River Krishna, Rice, from Ardros san lor San Francisco. ? n , . Genoa. April 3 ? Arrive^ bark Ocnova (Ital). Spelch, New York. , ,, ? . .. Sailed 1st, barks Taclto (Ital), Romussi, New York; 2<1, Antolnetta Accame (Ital), Repetto, San Francisco, via Mfnport 4th, bark. Bridgeport, Morgan, for Boston, ldu; brigH Mary Celeste, from New York, (lug; Speed (Br), Larking, for Philadelphia, via Leghorn. Wg. Oibraltak. Mareli 27? Arrived, steamship Envoy (Br). Brvant, Smvrna (and sailed 2fith lor Boston) '?barks ^nd, Wilson, Messina (and sailed 28th for Philadelphia) ; 28th, Young Turk. Nickerson, Messina (and sailed .Will lor Bos ton); 29th. ship Supply <r>}, Bahcock. New York (and sailed Slst for Vienna) ; April 1, bark Richard I ease (Br), Bartahv, New York. . AV , Also arrived March 25, bark Madagascar (Anst), Rada vanl, Sicata for New York ; britf Kolo (Ital), scarslglia, Naples for do; 2fitli, hark Lnlgi Russo (Ital), Maresca, (.ir genie for do; brig Plod (Aust). Tarrnboelila, Marseilles tor do-. 29th, barks Uiove (Ital), Paolo Pinui, Palermo lor Philadelphia; 30th. Harvest Moon, Perry, Messina lor New York; brig Kobt Dillon (Br), Blackford, do for Pos ton; 31 st, barks Ooncersione Ininiaiolata (Ital), Trora betta, Castellaniare lor New York, New York (Ital). Pollio, do lor do; Nuovo Ouislpp (Il?l>, Marchese, Catania fordo; Alaska. Potter, Messina lor do; J G Norwood, llarkness, do lor Philadelphia; schr Sam Slick (Br), Mug lord, Palermo lor New York (and all remained In port April 1. wlndbound). Sailed March 2t>, brig Nlmwaukie, Perkins (from Mes sina), Baltimore; Slat, steamship Brooklyn (US), Bryson, Vienna? convoy to US ship Supply, In port April 1, brigs Gugllelmo Tomnwlno (Ital), Asta rew, from I.icata for New York , Flamingo (Nor). Mos tleld, from Malaga ler do; Santo l'risco (Ital). ( iiflero. from New York; 'David Sinclair (Br), Brlttaln, from Mes sina for New York. Wind NW. II a v rk. April 4? Arrived, Jeanne Postel. Bonrges, Pcn sacola; 5th, Mareia Oreenleaf. Poole, New Orleans. Sailed 5tli, Franklin (si. Deinlcke. New J ork. Hielvo?t. April 4? Arrived. Sylphide, Christenscu. Bos ton; Venus. Davids, New York; 5th, Ncdcrland A Oranje, Haasnoot. do; Ilermlne, Wilms, Baltimore. Cleared 14th, llannibal, Niemann, New \ork. Isi.k or Wight? Sailed Irom Ryde April 5, Prinz Fred rleh Carl, Sens (from New York). Rotterdam. Off the Wight 5th. Elizabeth F Thompson, Black, from Mlddlesborough via Kamsgate for Galveston; #th, Prlmo, De Barbierl, Irom Shields tor New York. Liverpool, April 5? Arrived, Cuba (s), Macatilav.New York; Abraham Lincoln, Beifnnt, Philadelphia; 6t1i Al fredo Arriandiago, (ialveston ; McNear, Scott, New (Or leans; 7th, Zulueta, Bolg, da. Sailed 4th, Calcutta, Hamilton, Calcutta; <th, Charles Davenport, Morgan, Quobec. Cleared 5th, I'skots), Iluovinen, Philadelphia; Intrepid, Simmons, Cardiff and Panama. Entered out 5th, Nile, Newcombe, for New York: Am ity. Baker, Philadelphia; Austria, Delano, San Francisco. Loxnox, April 5? Arrived, Kundolph, hassoa. New York; Svalen, Borln, 8t Marys, Oa; 7th, M E Corning, Hughes, and Beantort. Thacker, New York ; Albert Fesca, I He hie, Wilmington. NC; Mary Ann, Harris, and Ollvo, Bonotno, Philadelphia. _ ? _ Arrived at. (Jravesend Rth, Thos Walters, Mitchell, New York; 6th, Ornen, Andersen, Peiisacola. LoNnoMnKRRT, April 5? Arrived, Kings County, McLel lan. Baltimore. . Cleared 5th, Francisco Chlazzaro, Plzardo, New York. Hailed from Movllle 5th, Harvest Home, Germau, St "'"nkwrt, April 4? Arrived, Ocean Traveller, Herman, and Clyde, Prothero, Baltimore. Palkrmo, March 24? Arrived, Bmma. Dicostanzl, Phila delphia; 27th. Dorian (s), Taylor, Messina (and sailed ^?th for New York). _ , _ . Sailed 24th. Tyrian (s). Lawson ; Dazzler. Dugdall, and Ferrari, Catlero, New Y'ork; 29th, Albatrow, Iverson, Philadelphia. . ? . Portsmouth, April 5? Passed, Emma k Carl, Harder, Irom Hamburg lor New York. Qukxkiitown, April f ? Sailed. Mary E Parker, Holloway. Lelth ; Ladoga. W illcy. Limerick. ? ? . Kio J AMictao, March 26 ? Arrived previous. New Repuh lie. Revnolds, Savannah ; Adelaide Pendergast, McVey, New Y'ork; Modesta, Lanfare Buenos Avres. Scrabstkh, April IV? Sailed, Emulation, Hartz (from New York). Stettin. ?... Shiklds, April 4? Arrived, Ann flrav, In port 5th, Folkvmng, Tantan, tor New York, preparing uroRF, March I-ArrWed. Ol.jla Davis. Plctou, NS; Imperial, Taylor, Cardiff; 3d, Calcutta. Da Tt'k?l, April 4? Arrived, Frey. Halvorten, and Aanersen. New York ; Hansa, Schilhaase, and Asetns, 'w^rKHroRu, April t? Sailed, Mary Fanny, Mlletich, New York. American Porta. ALEXANDRIA, April 15? Hailed, schr Edward Slade, "'"liitli? Arrived, schr C D Morrison. Boston. ,sAiied? Schr Henry Finch. Jersey i itv. ?__i? p 1 7? Arrived schrs ?T S Braffdon, Boston , A nn ie E Valentine, tJeorgetown, DC, lor Jaekionvllic* ; J \ Hinitli, a"^lVed-Schr J.>hn?B Clayton, Boston. BOSTON, April 17? Below, a bark (with loss of main- | "cleared? Steamship Flag, Poster, ?,hr^1 J1"' / v,,r ? HoUt Antwerp; A M Owen (wr), oxner, ! Portland ; 'schrs honry . >t , Rlch? BaU1,n"re' j ^Al'sf* 'beared "bark R A Alfen, Tarr, Matanras: schrs I Ad.lie Blaisdeil' c.arfleld. Richmond, Va; Crescent Lodge, j * ' 'iSkTl e' 1 Ste'ara s hi p ' c ( - 1 e 1 la n ; bark A Houghton; and I from the road? bark Blencathra. The hark M B Stetson I and brig Mary, outward bound, remained at anchor in r< VVth ? A'rr"ve d, bark Johanna Antonio iDuteh), W esse Is, Parrariwang ; schr Ahble Dunn, Fountain, Mutanxas. BALTIMORE, April 17.? Arrived, steamship George Ar nold Loveland, Boston via Norfolk; hark Oulsoppi Rocca (lul). Pollio, Llbata.bark Village Bell (Br), Utile, Lon donderry; hrig Zavella Williams, Veazle, Fall River; schr lsa"bella Jewett. Hopkins. Boston; schr Charles F. Paige, Grace. Boston. Below? Ship Abigail (Br) Ray mond. Boston; brig Concord, Kelly, Matanzas; brig Ilazo. Hooper. Mstan/.as. Cleared? Barks Flora (Nor), Peder?en, (Jueenstown or Falmouth, for orders , De neer (Nor), Tellelsen, Beliast, I; sehrs Slartlia N Wall, Burgess. Havana; Montana. Bearse ; R F Hart, Coomb, ; J T Alhurger, Corson; Joan Farnum, chase, ?nd M c Mosely, Cogglns, Boston. Sailed ? Marks (iau<< (Her), Bremen ; I. G BigvloW (Br). Sligo, I , brig Msggie V'sii iBr), Martinique; schr Ramon d'Aluria, St Jago de Cuba. . . _ . Went to sea 1? th, schr K 3 Newman, Newman, lor An "Wt.FAST, April 9 ? Sailed, schrs Malabar. McCarty. and ldella Small. R.ddilns, Baltimore; Mtli. tlco B lergu son. Ferguson. Wilmington, NC. . . DAN Valts, April I8-Arrlved, schr Geo P Trigg, I.lnne k cha'^EsTON. April 1H? Arrived, steamship Ch ton, Adkins New York; schrs Nellie Doe, Howard, Rock port; I'nlol Flag. Frlsbee, New York. a?r?i. pnt Sailed Schrs Frsnconla, Leavltt, Bath, Me, Sarah Pot ""kImTaRTOWN. April 15- Arrived, schrs Alask. s^rm,t, Brunswick. Ga, lor Harrington ; ^,ft^'V.J!u kii7Ih, ilV gffA'iW fewtoVh. J fetwing. Ke'nnismnW(roio .b " or Roland illotith ; Alnomak, Rogers, Irom do br Boston . B An u iitrin? (ireuorv, trom ?io tor do; William Riu. irrwy, iii.Mi h.iHg a rvltti fvr uc?ekj? firtm New Tork (tor da; Hardserabbte, Fay, from do for RoeV land ; Kate Walker, Rice, from do for Huston. GALVESTON, April 16-Salled, bark Sabine, Brekker, GE(?RG ETOW N , 8C, April 9? Arrived, schr Henrietta, Laagley, New York. 10th? Arrived, schr n J Hazard, Brewster, New York. Cleafed? Schr J K Flovd, Squires, New Vork. Ilth? Arrived, schr 8 L Russell, Smith, New York. 13th? Cleared, schr M A Iv ns. Bodiue, Charleston. 13th? Arrived, schrs C S Webb, Homan, and Rklg? wood, Henderson, New York; Maud Barbour, Barbour A J Thomas, Eldridge, and Mary Lrmbaroer, French, Belfast, Me ; J W Fish, Seavey, Charleston. Cleared? Schr Jos Fish, Huppcr, Kennebank. INDIANOLA, April 2 ? Arrived, schrs K H Clarke, R? leigli, Pensacola; A L Fitch, Fitch, Mobile. 4th? Cleared, schrs Lizzie, Pope, and A L Filch, Pitch,. MJ AtfksONVILLE, April 11? Arrived, schr* Constitution, Smith, New York : Minor Light, Fleming. Turk's Island i Atihev K Bentlev, Mehaffey, Charleston ; Ella Matthews, McEiwee, New York ; Campbell, Eaton, Boston; Sophia Godfrey, Godfrey, Charleston; 14th. Annie V Bergen, New York; Lida Babcock, Lee, Charleston: M W Drew Perkins, Belfast; Lena Breed, Kcnlieutu, Charleston ; (? E llallock, Tyler, New York; Sea Bird, Hogau. New York ; Lehman Blew, Clark, Charleston ; C H I'omroy. Cleared 12th, schr Eugene Borda, Smith, Portland. KEY WEST, April 17? Arrivea, steamships tleorge W Clyde, Cole, Galveston for New York : 18th, City of Aus tin, Kldridge. New York tor Galveston (and both pro ci'eded)' MOREHKAD CITY, April 14?Arrived, schr W J Mc Caolev, New York. MYSTIC, Ct. April 16? Arrived, schr McDivett, McDl Wtt, Philadelphia. . .... NEW ORLEANS, April 14? Cleared, ships Lorely (Nor), Peterson, Gefle (Sweden) ; lluunuh Morris, Junes, Bre men; bark Mercnriua (Nor), Lndwlgsen, Antwerp. NBWBERN, NC, April 14? Arrived, steamship Ellen S Terry, Salyear, New York. In Hatteras Inlet 13th, sqhrs Win Ties, for ? ? ; L Stur devaat, for . _ NORFOLK, April IB? Arrived, schr* W m N Oesner Eg bert, and wm McGee, Woodhull, New York; hflle T Kemp. Kemp, New York; Angle Predmore. Russell, Bar negat: John Howard, Doyle, Albany ; Cora, Boush, Sta ten Island; W 8 Sweet. Young, Wcllfleot NEWBCRYPORT, April 16? Arrived, schr John 8 Det wiler, Grace, Philadelphia. NEW BEDFORD, April 17? Arrived, steamship Waui sutta, Fish. New York. Sailed? Schr* Fleetwing, Cobb, Virginia; Hattie Perry, Chase, Philadelphia; WW Brainard, Fitch, New York; Louisa Frances. Kelly, do. NEWPORT, April 16, PM? Arrived, schrs Z Taylor, Hill, New York for Providence; T Benedict, Marr, Woodhridgo for Portland ; Sarah Elizabeth, Kelly, and Wm Capes, Kellv, Rllzabethport for Bostoa. Sailed? Steamtug Norman, from Philadelphia, of and for st John, NB; schr George Edwin, Sammls, for New York. 17th. PM? Arrived, schr Sylvester Hale. Coleman, Tanu ton lor New York. NEW HAVEN, April 18-Arrlved, brig Daylight. Marks, Ponee, PR. Cleared? Schrs Potter, Elsworth, Now York; 8 A Gur ney, Gurtiey, do ; Edward Lindsley, Bradley, do; Right Awav, Crosley, Virginia; Chas Woolsey, Parker, Sew York"; I' F Brady, Coimun, do; Mary Tice, Dunham, do;. Vermillion, Wells, do. PENSACOLA April 17? Cleared, bark Aurora (Br), Trew, Sharpness; schr Martha, Newman, New Orleans. PHILADELPHIA, April 17? Arrived, steamers AchiDvs, Colburn, Boston ; Rattlesnake, Pleree, do; barks Chanti cleer, Abrahams, Matan/.as; Athena (Ger), ChrlstotWi-, New York; brisr Minnie Miller, Lelaml, Matanzas; schrs Ahble. Ederan, Cardenas; Elizabeth l>e Hart, Low, Pen. sacola; Thomas Booz, Somers, Fall River; Lnnet, Binds Providence; Pioneer, Lotbrop, Boston; C P Sticknty, Mil this, Norwich. Cleared, sciirs Ida J (Br), Onlton, St John, K B; A P Cranmer. Isard, Providence; barge Meridian, Mcllwalii, I New York. 11th? Arrived, bark Snow Queen (Br), Roy, Liverpool via Madeira: sciirs L llolway, Mryunt, Jonesport, Me; Lizzie C Hickman, Robinson, Boston.' Westmoreland, Rice, Providence ; E Slnnickson, Wlnstnore, Lynn. Cleared? Bark Helene (Ger), Falck, Elsinore for or. ders; brigS V Merrick, Llpplncott, Matanzas; schrs E Sinalckson, Winsmore, Lynn; Westmoreland, Rice, Pro vidence. Lewks, Del, April 17, PM? In harbor, brig Liberty, from Havana for Phllailelphiia; and schr Maggie Cain, from the West Indies for New York. 18th? Passed out, steamship Lady Lycett (Br\ from Philadelphia for Liverpool; schrs witch of the Wave, from Belfast for Baltimore; Wellington, from Viaalhaven< foo Washington. PORTLAND, April 16? Arrived, steamship Chesapeake, Mangttm, New York; bark Silver Cloud (Br), Doty, Bar row, E. Cleared? Schrs Teazer, Hadlock, Newark; Iona, Ken doll, Carver's narbor, to load for New York. PAWTUCKET, April 17? Arrived, schrs James Cadwal ader, Merchant, Philadelphia; Susan E Nash, Nash, Bal timore. Sailed? Schr* M V Cook. Falkenburg, Philadelphia; Luc v Church, Ryder, New York; Florence, Sacket, Uav PROV1DENCE, April 17? Arrived, bark Cnpld (Br>, Grant. London: schrs Ktta E Sylvester, Goodspecd, Vir ginia ; Bertie Pierce, Hawes, do; J J Moore, Franklin. Bal timore ; Mzzle Raymond, Lord, Port Johnson ; S 8 Brown, Mott, Northport; Z Taylor, Hill, New York; Warren Gates, , Smith, do. Sailed, steamer Tuckahoe, Brown, New York; schrs P M Whltton. Tnrton, Virginia; Nellie M Snow, Snow, do; Wm D Hilton, Weaver, Baltimore: Henry Crasky, Potter, Philapclphia; Margaret Jane, Kennedy, Haverstr?w ; H G Whildin. Nichols, New York : Ontario, Barber, do; Pan tliea, Johnson, do; Daniel T Wllletts, Smith, do; R P King, Bliven, do; Ann Eliza, Caswell, do. RICHMOND, April 16? Arrived, schr M E Byard, Camp, New York. ROCKLAND? Sailed 11th. schrs Empress, Kennedy, New York ; 12th, Cicero, Cookson; Idaho, Jameson; Mans field, Achorn, and Indiana, Pendleton, New York; lflth, O Jameson. Jameson, Richmond ; E F Knight, Pratt: Wm McLoon. Duncan, and Exeter, Pendleton, New York; D Ellis, Tornev, and Laconla, Hall, New York; Commerce, Torrev, New York. SAVANNAH, April 15? Arrived, schrs Emma McAd ams, : Mary B Harris, Mitchell. Portland. 18th? Arrived, steamship Leo, Dearhorn, New York; bark Mexlcaine. Vera Cruz: schr Eclipse. Boston. Sailed? Bark Ellen iBr), Mag. lire. Liverpool. SALEM, April I ft ? Arrived, sohrs Idle wild. Whorf, Tan gier; Venus. Wilder. Ellzabethnort for Pembroke. Sailed? Schrs E R Atwood, Norris, Baltimore; Albert Mason, Rose, Philadelphia. ICtli? Sailed, schr Venus, ami others bound east. STONINGTON, April 15? Arrived, schr E M Smith. New York for New Bedford. VINEYARD HAVEN. April 16? Arrived, steamer Cen tipede, Willets, Philadelphia lor Boston; schrs Henry A Paull, Strange, Baltimore foJ Boston : Cordelia Newklrk, Huatley. Philadelphia for do; N H Hall. Murphy, Hobo ken for do; Gamma. Huntley, Elizubethporttordo; Frank Maria, Wood, do for Saco. Sailed? Schrs J S Lamprey, Memento, Agaes, I H Ilor ton, Francis M Loring. Glcnwood, aud Abby Wobbj wrecking schr Mary J Lamar. Delaware Ray. 17th? Arrived, schr L M Jenkins, Jenkius, Boston for Virginia (and sailed). WILMINGTON, NC. April 16? Arrived, brig Orloff (Br), Rradshaw, Norfolk, Va; schr Freeman, McKenzie, New York. Cleared? Scnr Donna Anna, Whalev, Havana. WICKFORD, April 16? Sailed, schr Fakir, Knowles, New York. WAREHAM, Mass, April 11? Arrived, schr Amelia, Wentworth, . Sailed? Schr Argo, Resse, . 13th? Arrived, schr S S Smith, Snow, ? , ? 14th? Arrived, schr Mary Price, . 16th? Arrived, schr Angler, Bosse, . 17th? Arrived, schrs Paul P Keller, and Electra. _ MINCHtiUNHOl'S. Absolute divorces obtained fro* courts of different Staled ; legal everywhere ; no publicity: no feoatn advance ; advice free ; commissioner tor every State. FREDERICK L KINO, Counsellor-at-La w, 363 Broadway. Absolute divorces obtained from differ. ent States; legal everywhere; desertion, Ac., snffl cicnt cause ; no publicity required; no charge until divorce granted ; advice free. _ M. HOUSE. Attorney, 194 Broadway. A? HERALD BRANCH OrFICK. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenne and Boerum street. Open Irom S A. M.le9 P. M. On Sundav from 3 to 9 1*. M. DO YOU KNOW ITt WINCHESTER'S HYPOPHOSPHITK OF LIME AND SODA isagruud chemical food chemical food / chemical food ? for the brain, the nervous system and the blood. It is nourishing and invigorating and unequalled as a specific Cftmedy for nervous debility and all nervous affections, promptly relieving physical exhaustion and prostration of the vital forces and powers. It is a perfect and su perior substitute tor Iron and cod liver oil. J. WIN CHESTER A CO.. 36 John street. New York, Chemists, Proprietors. 91 and $2 per bottle. GRANT'S MAGIC INSTANTANEOUS INK AND FRUIT 8TAIN ERASER, the most wonderttil chemi cal discovery of the age. Every family, laundry and storekeeper shonld have it. Agents wanted everywhere. Very liberal inducements. Office 207 East Fourteenth st. HOW CONSUMPTION CAN BK CURED.? IT 18 NOW generally, admitted that the only medicines thai will cure Consumption are SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, SEAWEED TONIC AND MANDRAKE PILLS. The MANDRAKE PILLS clear out the liver and restore it to a healthy condition, purge off the foul slime and dis eased matter that are stopping up the stomach and bowels and iaterfcrlng with their proper work; they are tree from calomel or any other thing that is iiviurious to the system, ami can be taken with safety by all classes ami conditions. The SEAWEED TONIC gives tone to the stomach and other organs, creates a good appetite, and | assists to digest the food, strengthens the general system, ami the person will soon grow strong and increase in , I ticsh. I The PULMONIC SYRTTP ripens the diseased matter In - I the lungs and expels it by expectoration, heals all sores I and cavllles In the lungs, and thus are persons restored ! to health who had been given up as incurable with Pul | monary Consumption. In a few cases the medicine may not succeed, not from any want of power in the medicines I themselves, but solely on account of the imprudence of those using them 1 find the groat error with most people Is that they do ' not take proper care of themselves, and by exposure to our damp and cold atmosphere, an* continually adding cold to cold, so that nothing will do them any good. I < wish to state here very emphatically, that If people wish / to got well they must avoid exposure, damp, cold, or changeable wciithcr. particularly during the Winter and earlv Spring. They must not take cold, and in my ex tended experience I have found it best for consumptive people, during the coltl and damp weather, to remain in a well ventilated room, and with a thermometer regulate the temperature at or near a uniform standard. The temperature most grateful and invigorating to th? human svstem ranges ftoni 63 degrees to 78 degrees, but it mav be made higher or lower, to suit peculiarities. This temperature appears to abstract the heat of the body in atiout the same proportion in which it is generated In th? healfhv state of the system, and this degree of tempera ture is, therefore, the most congenial, for it neither ex hausts the vital powers nor gives rise to any unpleasant . sensations. J ' For the proper physical exercl'c, walking In the room and exercising In ralisthenlcs will be ample to give a. free and healthy circulation of the blood, and materially assist digestion. The diet requires strict jxttentlon. A nutritions and easily digested diet is necessary to aosist In making gooil' blood. Every one acquires a knowledge by experience of what does and what does not agree with film. Avoid all substances that are heavy on the stomach and seem to disagree with it; use on I v such articles a* experience demonstrates are right and proper. I fully believe that nearly all consumptives, who take mv medicines according to the directions and practice strictly the above diet and regimen, will get well, as thousands have been cured who have taken proper care of themselves and used SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP, SEAWEED TONIC AND MANDRAKE PILLS.* J. II. SPHENCK, M. D. Schenck s Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed Tonic and Man drake Pills prepared by J. H SCIIKNCK A SON. northeast corner of Sixth anil Arch streets, Pbadelphia. And for sale by all iiruggists and dealers. -H HI N F. HENRY, ? _ No*. H anu 9 College place, New % or*, Wholesale Agent USE HYATT'S LIFE BALSAM AS A SPRINO MF.DI cine, which, during the oast 28 years, by the certainty and greatness of Its manv tnonssnils of cures, has proven itself a remedy unequalled in the most severe eases of Rhenmatlsm, Neuralgia, (lout, ScroAi'a and all diseases arising from ,i vitiated *tate of the blood an I ?ysti in. Kohl hv druggists every where. Depot 2.10 lifuoij sti'vet, New York. '

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