Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1873, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1873 Page 11
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iroAiTOW WAWT?ft.riimAiiK8. . . Cooks. Ac. K. O PRINCE OT , ^BROOKLYN. -A FTR8T CLASS fr&i cook, who understands baking, in a private family ; beat city reference. Can be wen trow to 2. WKSTSS1) ST.? A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN A3 perfect cook ; excellent baker ; beat reference. 1f\y| ?E9T 4JD ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S -A IUt: respectable young girl as rook and willing lo as aist in tbe washing an J ironing j understands her bus iness. _ WEST MTU ST. (PRESENT EM1'L0YER'S).-A ?ery excellent woman as cook. 104 107 238 TAQ WEST I8TH ST., REAR HOUSE.-TWO RE J"</ speetable girls: one as lirst class cook a?d excel lent baker ; the other as iirst class laundress , no objection ?o the country or city ; best reference. 1 CC WEST 81ST ST. ? AS KIKST CLASS COOK; I'-rC/ will assist with the washing if required : would go to the country with x lamily for the Summer months. one EAST 38TH ST.? A COOK, WILLING AND J'J obliging : understands uli kinds of good cooking In a private family ; reference. <?17 EAST 25TH ST., TUIKD FLOOR. BACK ^11 room.? A Protectant girl as cook; thoroughly competent; willing und obliging; short distance in the country. ' 007 WEST 29TH ST.. REAR.-A RESPECTABLE Zi) I girl as flrst clas- cook ; understands hi-r i'Uinvss in all its branch! s; is a good baker; boarding house pre ferred ; good city relerence. WEST 33TU ST. REAR.? TWO SISTER*: ONE to cook, wash andiron; the other as chamber maid and waitress in a small lamily ; excellent reterence OKA I7TH ST., BETWEEN 7111 AND 8TH AVS.. rear.? A respectable young woman as cook, washer and iroiier in a private family ; lour years' refer encc from last place. 9AO EAST 37TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN OWii as flrst class cook, washer and ironer, in a pri vate family or boarding house, city or couutry ; good ret Crence if required. OA7 EAST 11TU ST.. NEAR 21) AV., SECOND *)Vr I floor. ? First cla-s cook in a hotel or a first el ass boarding house, city or ci.uniry; would superintend a large hotel. Call or address. ?>A>7 7TH A V., RRAR, SECOND KLOOR.? A OIKL Ol/ I as cook, washer and ironer, or would do house work In a small family; isu good cook and first class laundress ; best city reference from her lust place _ Q"|7 EAST S7TH ST.. SECOND FLOOR.? A RE Oil sprctable girl as plain cook, washer and ironer; city reference f rom lost place. QOO WEST 531) ST.. BETWEEN 8TII AND 9T11 avs.? A respectable colored woman as cook; can to all kinda of plain cooking; well recommended. Qiri WEST 17TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN Oi)JL as cook; understands all branches; can make good bread, biscuit and pastry ; no objection to a short distance in the country: best city reference. vtAC WEST MT1I ST., SECOND FLOOR.? A RE TtUc) speclable young woman as flrst class ceok : thoroughly understands her business; no objection to assist with the washing il required ; best city reference. A OA ??T ST., FIRST FLOOR, BACK ROOM. -A respectable girl as cook in a private boarding Louse ; good city reference. _____ OCQ SD AV., FIRST FLOOR.-A HERMAN OIRL AS Out 7 cook in a private family ; U a good baker; will Assist with washing and Ironing. Chambermaids, ?Sic. 6 WEST tlST ST.. PRESENT EMPLOYER'S? A RE liable young woman as chumbcrmaid and waitress or waitress with a flrst class lamily; 110 objection to the country. 1A CHARLTON ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS I.U chambermaid and to assist in tbe wushing. Can be seen st last place. - 09 TITT ST., REAR HOUSF. ? A YOUNO OIRL TO do cliainbcrwork and waiting in a private family ; no objection lo the country ; gooii roference. VAUICK ST.? A YOUNG OIRL AS CHAMBER maid and to tate care of children. EAST 10TH ST.? AS FIRST CLASS COOK AND chambermaid and waitress in a family in the city. 60 69 "too WEST 38TH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG WO man as chambermaid and to do plain sewing ; no oblectlon to take care of growing children : best refer ?nee from her last employer. Call for two days. m6TII AV.? A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A situation for an excellent Welch Protestant wo man as Chambermaid. 131 FIFTH A V._ A LADY GOING ABROAD WISHES a situation as climnherinnid for a young Welsh woman, who is an excellent scrvaut. Call on Satday, April 18. ' 1AU EAST 4JD sr.? TWO RESPECTABLE. GIRLS .IrrU (sisters), either separate or together : one as ohamhermaid and seamstress; the other as laundress; no Abjection to Hie country for the Summer; good city reference. <)1 7 EAST 25TH ST., THIRD FLOOR. BACK ROOM.? I Two respectable orirls to go together : one as cook, the other as chambermaid aim waitress, in a small pri vate family ; best city reterence. OOC EAST J2TH ST. (PRESENT EMPLOYER'S).? ZiZit ) As chambermaid and waitress In a small private family. 91 O WEST 39TH 8T.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ixO girl to do chatnherwork and assist in washing and ironing, or lo do chanibcrwork and waiting : is will lug and obliging; understands her business thoroughly; best city reference. OAK EAST 2C.TH ST., BETWEEN' 1ST AND 2D AVS., OVfti three stairs up.? A Scotch Protestant girl as chambermaid and waitress in a small family ; country preferred. QA7 7TH AV., REAR. SECOND FLOOR.-A RE OU I speetable voung girl as chambermaid and waitress, or would take cure of children and do plain sewing, bast city reference. OQ1 22D ST., BETWEEN 1ST AND 21) AVS., TOP OOl. floor, front. ?A respectable Eirl as chambermaid and waitress or a* waitress aud to assist in washing ; best city reference. Off] WEST ?D ST.? A RESPECTABLE GIRL AS 0*JJ. chambermaid or as chambermaid and waitress ; country preferred; best city reference-. A/4.7 7TU AV.? A COMPETENT OIRL AS CHAM i t I bermaid ; four years' best city reference from last place. 1A/1 O SD AV., NEAR filST 8T.-A RESPECTABLE ?" TitU girl a* chambermaid and waitress, or chil dren's nurse; will no in the country ; city reference. 49 Dressmalcers and Seamstresses. MACDOUGAL 8T. ? A DRESSMAKER WISHES A few more engagements by the day or week; best references Call or address. "1AQ WEST 36TH ST.? A GOOD FRENCH DRESS .t'/O maker to work in a private bouse during the day : can operate on a sewing machine. Address Mine. OOMMEKV. "I (\4 WEST 42D ST., PRESENT EMPLOYER'S.? A JLVt respectable Protestant girl a< seamstress; oper ates on two machines. Call Irora 10 to 5. fV |Q 7TH AV.? A DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE THE XdUtJ work of a tew more families; understands all kinds of children's clothing: is a pood cutter and titter; no objection to work ins In boarding houses and hotels; expert on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Mrs. DEGNAN. ?VI "1 1 6TH AV.? A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN LADY O ll2 as seamstress or to Instruct children In the Eng lish branches; a good home more of an objcct thun wages. Address A. B. M. Q"1 O BAST R2D ST.. FIRST FLOOR, FRONT.? A Oi^ competent dressmaker wishes a few more cus tomers to ko out by the dav ; operates on WheelT A Wil son's machine ; terms moderate. Address M. MORE. vllQ CANAL ST.-AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER Jt i U would like the work of a few families hv the day; first class fitter and trimmer. Address Mrs. WOLFE. Q7A flTH AV - nrNO second bell, ?a compe ?7 I U tent seamstress and operator on ladies' and children's undergarments wishes a lew more engage ments by the day or week; no objection to the country. Call or address. SD AV., CORNER 6SD ST., SIDE DOOR ? A .l/Urt first class dressmaker ot long experience wishes some more engagements by the day in private families. Call on oraddress DRESSMAKER. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW more engagements to go out by the day or week: ean cut and nt in the latest style, and is a good designer ; Las been several years In one of the most fashionable French houses In the city; has her own sewing ma chine ; can refer to some first class families in tile citv. Address B. M., box 100 iJeruld Uptown Branch office, tor two days. General Housework, Ac, /?fk WEST WASHINGTON PLACE -A YOUNO OIH vu to do housework In a small private lamily ? li three years' ctt.v reference from law place. 1 QA WEST 4OTH ST.? A OIRL AS PLAIN COOK OR XOlJ U) do general housework ; in willing to go to the country. Inquire at basement door till Tuesday noon. 1 CQ EAST S8TII ST.? A TOUNO OIRL TO ASSIST \* tO at housework and mind children; U obliging. ?Can be scon at present employer's. 9OO EAST 77TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl to do housework In a small family or to do the downstair* work ; is a good co'k and a first class washer and ironcr. 'f)A 7 WEST HOUSTON ST.-A RESPECTABLE OIRL U5t fcl to do light housework In a small private family. *>Q7 WEST 4TH ST.? A MIDDLK-AOED OERMAN I woman to do honaework in the lamiiv of a wid ?war or In a private family. Call lor three days. Mrs. BROWN. Q1 K EAST MTH ST.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Oil) girl to do geaeral housework in a small private family ; good city reference from las' place. QO7 EAST jThT ST., PIR8T FLOOR.? A YOUNO OOl girl, not long in the country, to do homework or upstairs work, ('all lor two days. QOQ EAST JTH ST., FIRST FLOOR.? A OIRL TO 0?>0 do housework In a email lamily; can give the best reference. CIU 10T1I AV., NEAR 8?TH ST.-A YOt'NO WOM^N UUt to do housework In a enmll family; Is a good plain cook and washer ; cllv or country ; wage*, $14. COQ 8TH AV., SECOND FLOOR.? A OIRL. H %J&<J years old. to do light housework ; willing to glvo ?er services lor her schaoling. Call or address. *?/|Q SO AV., BETWEEN 4IHT AND 43D HTH., IN DtO the store.? A Oerman girl in uu American lam Hy ; beat city reference. Hotmektrperi, Ac, A Q WEST MTH ST.? HOU*BKEF.PER'R POSITION, TtO by a lady thoroughly competent; would prefer a hotel situation ; can (Ornish hignest reference*. Address jt. F, Cau be MCtt UyJV 13 9 o'vlock P, M, ?ItVATHMVa 1 - ? <*"?"*? Hoaiekec peri ?m. OOQ WEST SIB ST.? A YOUNG WIDOW LADY OP O refinement as housekeeper ; ? gentleman or bach elor's family prcierred. Address lor one weok A~\() WEST lflTH ST.. IN THE STORK.? A RB llj spectahle wlnow to du-geueral housework iu a small private family. ,X9H SD AV-. "EST FLOOR. ? A TOl'NG MARRIED itAXr German woman as working housekeeper, to take charge of a widower'* household or a xmal! family; understands all the dutlos of a household ; best refer ence. Address, for two days. Mrs. C. SMITH. roi 3TB AV., TWO PLIGHTS UP, BACK -A ? )OL young lady, aged 22 years, having great ability and experience in travelling, 1 1 1 nip with a flikmri family as housekeeper; no obieciion to travel; or as com 1 anion wticro sin? can be considered as one of the family. Call on or address. tor two days. Miss MfRCK \ YOUNC AND II 1(1 II I, V Ai'CllV TUSfl P.l> AMKKl A can widow wishes a liome In some gentleman's family; only tho*e having such a onn UMd apply; lull particulars mint accompany all answers. Address ADELAIDE MORTIMER, Herald office. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER; can give beat re 1 ere nee as to character and ability. Address A. K. S., Herald Uptown Braneli office. AYOUNO AMERICAN WIDOW LADY I* l>,.SlROU3 ol procuring a situation 1 y May I ns housekeeper in a widower's family or to do tip stairs work in a lamily , in or close lo the city preferred ; best ol reference. Ad dress Mrs. T., bos 174 Herald office. HOUSEKEEPER ? A LADY THOROUGHLY COM PR. lent wishes a position ; city or country. Address Miss E., station K. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE-AGED Tf woman, the charge and caro of a tenement house or pniiltc institution; would undertake the euro of an in valid, bavins; had much experience In sickiuM; respect able city rele ranee. Address HOUSEKEEPER, Herald Uptown Branch office. liniindiTski'ii, die. ? fast ?rrn st. (present employer s) -a ?? young woman as elass laundress in a private family ; understands llulutg , best city reference. 4MILLIGAN PLACE.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN to go out washing or housec leaning by the day or week; reference If required. Q1 CORNELIA ST., BEAR BASEMENT.? A PROTES Ol tant woman to go out washing and ironing bv the dav, or take It heme; is a good washer and ironer ; is willing and agreeable. on SIXTH AV., THITiD FLOOR, BACK BOOM.? A Of J respectable woman wishes families or gentlemen's washing. 107 *"E8T 1RT" 8T-. NEAIt 6TII AV., TOP FLOOR.? J U I A respectable woman to go out by the dav wash lug and Ironing or cleaning; understands her business; good reference. 9f\9 EAST S7TII ST.? A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS to go out by the day; understands all kinds of line washing ; city reference. 9fJ9 EAST 20TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wishes to go out by the day to wash and iron; good reference. Inquire for one week. 9Hzt- EAST 220 ST? A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A ?J\J h good waslier and ironer, would like more wash ing at her own house. ! 91 A WR3JJ5TB 3T? REARJJQUSB.? A REsrECT ?l\f able woman as lauiiilres*; understands her business thoroughly; willing ami obliging ; city or coun I try : best city refereucc. 99Q 42D ST.. BETWEEN 2D AND 3D AVS.. FIRST zL ~i*J floor.? A first class laundress to go out two days in the week; understands her business in all its branches. 997 EAST 46TH ST., TWO FLIGHTS OF STAIRS. j I back room.? A respectable woman to take in washing and Ironing, or to go out by the (18}% 9 A Q WEST SOTn ST.? A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS ilO in a private family ; beat city reference. Call or address. ,1 9 A EAST 1STII ST BETWEEN 1ST AV. AND AV. A.? A respectable woman to go out to do wash ing and ironing or liouseclcaimii! ; would take ladies' and Senile men'* washing at her own house ; also fluting neatly one ; best city reference as to honesty an l eapnbility. A AO WEST 17TH ST.. FIB8T FLOOR, FRONT TTU room. ? A respectable woman to take ladies' and gentlemen's washing; understands timing; best city ref erences. A \ fi WEST 28TH ST.. BETWEEN 8TH AND KITH it') avs.? A respectable woman to *0 out by the day to wa?h or do housccleaning; is a good washer and ironer and will make herself useful. EAST 14TH ST., IN THE REAR.? A RESPECT ?./AO able married woman wishes a few gentlemen's or a family's washing. Mrs. CONNELLY. ?9?? 2D AV., FIRST FLOOR, BACK.? A RESPECTA U^U ble woman wishes washing by the week or month, or to go out the two first days of the week ; good recommendation. Nurses. Hie, 7 PACIFIC PLACE, WEST 29TH ST., BETWEEN fiTn and 7th avs ?A respectable widow as wet nurse; child over a year old ; no objection to the Country. -|9I WASHINGTON ST. ? A RESPECTABLE MAR J <?2 ried woman as wet nurse. rrr KING ST., NURSE.? AN EXPERIENCED NURSE fjfj to attend on an invalid, or monthly nurse ; well recommended. 7- 3D AV.? AS MONTHLY NURSE; CAN TAKE AN ? J engagement immediately; satisfactory re tcrences. Address Mrs. HARPER. Irr WEST SSD ST.? a respectable girl as f )f> nurse and seamstreFs; understands braiding and needlework; reference from the best families and her last employer can be ?iven. 9 or: WEST27TH ST.? A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL as nurse; operates on Wheeler A Wilson's machine; excellent reference. 9 | 9 WEST 35TII ST.? A WET NUR8E, WITH A fresh breast of milk, in a respectable family. (T WEST 49TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG f) woman as wet nurse. Call from 10 till 4 o'clock. 97?? RIVINGTON ST.. FIRST FLOOR.? AN AMERI L I II can widow wants a baby to bring up on the bot tle or child to board. Call after 10 o'clock A. M. r?rv/? MOTT ST. NEAR BLEECKBR.? A KIND AND OUU pleasant German woman as nurse to an invalid. Call on or address Mrs. A. Q"1 9 EAST 12TH ST., FIRST FLOOR.-A RESPECT O1Z1 able woman as wet nurse. Apply for two days. QQK WEST 26TH ST.? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OOtJ girl to mind children In a private lamily ; good reference from last employer. OQ7 1ST AV.? A RESPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, OO I lately arrived from England, to take care of chil dren or do plain sewing ; city or country. A A 7 7TH AV.? A COMPETENT GIRL AS NURSE: tt I over tour years' best city reference from last place. CQ'J 11 TH AV., ABOVE 44TH ST., THIRD FLOOR, OoO front room. ?A respectable young married|wo man as wet nurse ; to go out; milk 7 weeks old. 2H9ft SD AV., BETWEEN 110TH AND 111TH ST., Harlem.? A respectable young English girl, 13 years of age. as child's nurse, to travel with a family to Europe, or would go as waitress or chambermaid in the country lor the Summer. Call on or address for three days. A COMPETENT SICK NURSE, WITH MANIPULAT ing power, is now disengaged: recommendations from first class families and medical gentlemen in this city, and testimonials from England. 240 4th av. Miicnllanrom. nci FULTON FT., BBOOKLYN.-A COMPETENT ENO \)? listi Protestant woman, who has travelled on the European Continent, perfectly exempt troui scu sickness and ha* eltv reference, wishes to accompany a family to Europe and back; salary no object. Address AMABi-L, TKAV HLLEK. QAQ bast S8TH 8T.-A GOOD HOUSE CLEANER ?\1*J wanta work by the day or week. Can be seen ut any time. f)1 7 EAST J8TH HT., TUIRD KLOOR, BACK ROOM ? /ul I A respectable woman to do housecleaning or washing by the day or week ; (food reference. ()() i WEST 18TH ST. PLACE, FIRST FLOOR. ? A t woman dosires to go In the country ; perfectly understands care of milk and butter; la a good washer and ironer. 'Oil BAST 48TH BT., TOP FLOOR, ROOM 14.? A OJ 1 ladv to houseclean or wash by the day. A YOUNG GERMAN LADY WI8IIE8 A SITUATION in a One family, or to travel with ladies; under stands all kind* of work. Address II H., box HI) Herald offlce. A YOUNG GERMAN, FROM A VEBY RE8PECTA ble farailv iron* Vienna, who speaks the English language well, desires to accompany a family to Europe; would also return with them if desired. Address 487 (fruit store) (Ith a v. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY DE81RE8 TO AO company a lady to Eurupe as travelling companion ; lour years' city rclereuce. Address K. B., Herald Up town Branch ofllcc. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN SOLICITS ENGAGE ments to olean house bv the door ordav; excellent reiercncea Addrm Mrs. JOHNSON, auo West 2M st. VVTANTKD-IM MEDIATELY, POSITION BV A LADY capable, ot teaching the English branches. Ad dress Miss E. DAYMONDli, New Haven, Conn. Intelligence Ofllccs. SITUATIONS WANYED BY WELL RECOMMENDED O Swedish girls. Apply or address THE SWEDISH AMERICAN AOENCY, 87 i Atlantic uv., Brooklyn, N. Y. PKOFESSIONAL RITUATIUN> WAAITED FEMALEI, ALAKY TEACHER OP ABILITY WILL GIVE DAILY Instruction in English. Krmcb, Latin, Music and Drawing, at yuta nnarter. A good opportunity for pupils in llie vicinity of East Both st Address ADVANCE, lyBITINO WANTED? BY A LADY WIIO WRITES TT a good, plain, business hand ; would Im> glad to se | cure a quantity et work to t?e done during the Summer in the country. Address ADA BAY, care box 338 Post 01 flce, Albany, N. ? . OTtf W W I I D-KKMA^Kg. AT. STEWART A CO. WANT FIRST CLASS . operators on custom shirts; oniv cxoerim?.! hands need apply, at Ninth street entrance, iroadwav and Tenth street ' ANGELL'8 TURKISH BATHS, 61 LEXINGTON AVE nue, want two first class Protestant (llrls; one laun. (1re?s, one chambermaid and waitress; neither older than 26 years; wsges $16 tol^l. A -WORK GIVEN OUT TO PAY KIIR FIRST CLASH ? Sewing Machines. BLAKE. BUCKWALTER A CO lis tth av., coruer ol I2th St., and 101 iilvecker st,, uuar Broadway. A HMJ WACTKj?.PKIIIAliE?. A? WANTED, SEVERAL FIRST OT.AM SALES ? ladle* lor our flower, leather and ribbon depart nW,; "toady situation and pood sataiv to compctout hamig. STERN BROTHERS, 3> 1 f'th av. G e*Rlf u' FRENCH OK SWEDISH COOK WANT od lnfmeSl^-lr-My ? ?n?H private family. Apply ai IM West 43<i ?(. A OOOD I-LATW ?K'K- */8HKB AMD IRONBB A wanted? To go to Flab*.?.?- ,J" . *>>p,y w w u BOWK a, 388 Broadway, until M, to-day. ClAltPET SEWERS WANTED.? 0a.LL at ^ UROAD. / way. room 1. . CtOOK AND LAUNDRESS. BOTH PROTESTANTS, IN J a private German family, in Orange, N J. Apply at 168 Fulton st.. ono pair of stairs up. FIRST class dressmakers for waists and polonaises; only the bout n?ed apply , al-o appren tices tu learn the business; mum bo good sewer* ana wall recommended. Apply before ? A. M. to M. A. CON NELLY, No. 7 Kaxtibtii st., basement door. pIRL WANTED-FROM U TO I'i HUM, FOR A child ; must speak Herman and sleep at home. Ap ply coiner 40 li st. and s'th uv., in drug mere. rritlMMKit AND M M.I.I N I IK WASTE!). ? FIRST rl.ASS 1 and tasty ones only need apply to Mine. C. D1S LACY, 882)? liruadway, near I'Jtli st, TOM COM* KTENT HE WE KS WANTED.? NONE 1 others need apply, at (liand Opera House, stage door 3.0 24 to st Apply this morning to Miss FINCHETTE. XKr ANTK D? A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE TT work, washing. ironing and cookHig, in a small family. Apply at li.-i East .i.mi st. near Lexingtou av. it' ANTED? A OOOD, PLAIN COOK, ONE WHO IS A ?V good Imker ; also a good laundress, and to assist in upstairs work: none others need apply; two si - tor* or twu girls who nave lived together prciei rod. Apply be tween III and 3, at XKi Lexington av. ANTED ? A YOUNG WOMAN TO COOK, WASH TT andiron. Apply at HO East S4tli at. WAITRESS WANTED? APPLY AT 42 EAST 31 ST ST. this morning helore 9. or this evening alter 7 o'clock. Margaret McEnaliy will please call again. WANTED? IN A SMALL FAMILY, A PROTESTANT cook, washer and Iroiter. Apply, with city refer ence, at 235 West !?;id st, bet ween I aim ft P. M. WANTED-FOR A FAMILY ON JERSEY CITY Heights, a rcspectaldt' girl to do general housework. Apply between 10 and U to-day at li) West I3tli st., near Mil av WANTED? A SMART, ENEROETIC, THOROUGH TT business woman, to take en urge ol a dressmaking mom. to whom a good salary will he paid. Address ENERGY, Herald Uptown Hrarich office. flTANTED? A NICE, TIDY OIRL, ABOUT 1?, IN A >T small family. to assist In housework and mind a young child. Call at .S3s titli av. WAN TED-BY A GERMAN OIRL TO GO TO EUROPE tt as nurse or In any other capacity, where sho can make herself useful. Audress NURSE, Herald Uptown liratich otllce. "WANTED- A NKAT. TIDY YOUNG'GIRL FOR NURSE; TT must be willing to go a short distance In the coun try ; reference* required. Apply, from 10 to 12, at No. 8 East 451 h st. IITANTED? A FIRST CLASS SALESLADY FOR A TT private dressmaking and millinery establishment ; none others need apply except those who have been ac customed to work In such au establishment before. Apply at No. 8 East 18th st. WANTED? FIRST CLASS SKIRT AND WAIST TRIM TT mers; also, good hands on whlto work. Apply at No. 8 East IStli st. WANTED? AN INTELLIGENT, HEALTHY WOMAN, Iroin 23 to IS years old, to assist in a physician's office ; German preferred. Apply ut luO West &3d st., alter two o'clock. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS; English preferred ; In a small family ol four per sons. Apply, with reference, at 15 East 41st st., between 6 and Soxlook, this evening. WANTED-A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN TO DO GEN eral housework In a small family in the country. Apply, with references, to Dr. L., 21 East Houston st. lor two dnys. WANTED? A GIRL. WITH GOOD CITY REFER ence, in a small family; must bu an excellent washer and ironer and good cook. Apply at 40 East 34th st. _ WANTED? FI RST CLASS DRESSMAKERS; MUST BE operators on Wheeler A Wilson's machine ; also apprentices to learn French dressmaking. Mine. MARIE EGOEB, 868 Hroadway, third door above Union square. WANTED? A YOUNG WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework; must be a good cook, washer and Ironer; good references required. Apply at 74 East 54th st. "WANTED? A OOOD. IIEALTnY WET NURSE, FOR TT a l<al>y four mouths old; best references required. Call at 503 West 23d st WANTED-A YOUNG GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSE work; good washer and Ironer; wages (14. 235 West 37tli st, basement door. WANTED-A WET NURSE; A GERMAN WHO speaks English preferred. Apply from 10 to 12 A. M., at 336 West 2Stti st. "WANTED? A WOMAN AS A PLAIN COOK IN A TT restaurant. Apply at 348 Oth av. WANTED? AT 335 WEST 2STH ST., A GOOD COOK, TT washer and ironer; also n chambermaid willing to assist the same ; i?ood city reference required. TirANTED-A OOOD COOK, TO ASSIST IN WASHING, TT lor a first class private boarding house, in the coun try; best references required. Apply, after li o'clock A. M., at 107 West 44tll_St \TOUNO WOMAN WANTED-FOR GENERAL HOUSE X work; nuist know how to cook, wash and iron lor three in family. Apply at 460 West 34th st SITIATIONS WANTED? MALES. A FIRST CLASS WAITER DESIRES A SITUATION in a private family; would like to go in the coun try; best reference. Address It. M., box 138 Herald Up. town Branch office. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS DRIVER in a wholesale business; best recommendations can be given. Call lor three days at 352 Houston st., first floor. A YOUNG MAN, LATELY LANDED, WISHES A sitnatlon; understands the care ot liofres and can milk; city or country. 115 West 33d st. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS LIGHT porter, or to attend a horse and wagon and to be generally tu??ful ; best reference given. Address W. P., Herald office. A COLORED BOY WISHES A SITUATION TO WORK in house or garden. Apply at 142 Waverley place. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A 8ITUA tlon as porter, or a companion to travel with a family; speaks both English and German well; best reference. Call at 817 6th av. J. H. A YOUNG MAN DESIRES TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE with a gentleman or family as valet or wuiter. Ad dress J. F., box 131 Herald otllce. A YOUNG MAN, JUST FROM THE COUNTRY, wishes a situation as porter, or wonld assist in stable. Address M. MEITZLER, 422 EaW lftth st. A SITUATION AS BARTKNDER WANTED-BY A young ninn of good charaeler; capable of fulfilling any position of trust; obiect to ltarn the business thoroughly. Address LIQUORS, Herald officc. AN ENGLISH GENTLEMAN, AGED 26, RECENTLY arrived In New York, wishes to obtain employ ment ; has bail ten years' experience with a large Eng lish mercantile firm. F. A., 66." 3d av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, WITH REFER ence, having a fair knowledgo of waiting, wishes to get into some place where, he can learn ii thoroughly ; a private boarding house preferred. Address J. K., Ilerald office. A GENTLEMAN, OF EIGHT YEARS' EXPERI ence in the wholesale stationery and paper business, wants a situation ; is thoroughly conversant with every branch of the business. Address PAPER, Herald office. A SITUATION AS HEAD WAITER? TO GO TO THE country, by a young man, speaking French and Eng lish fluently ;good reference. Address C. K., Herald Up town Branch office. PBOOF-BEADER.? A COMPETENT PERSON WISHE8 a permanent situation as prool-resder, either on book work or on a daily paper. Address PROOF READER, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG COLORED man. n* waiter in a private family; best reference. Call at Id* East 13th st. TO INSURANCE COMPA NIE8. ? A GENTLEMAN OF larire experience In insurance, nn expert acc< nntant, good correspondent, Ac., desires a position in either lire or life insurance; best references. Address Mr. E., 18 Wall street, room 35. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE, ENERGETIC YOUNG man, a sitnatlon, In a grocery store ; has had good experience in the Loudon trade. Address A. B., 508 Flashing av. Brooklyn. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A YOUNG LAD TO GO in the country. Address MORRIS BARRETT, 19 West 10th st Wanted? by an active young man, a *itua. tlon as light porter or otherwise; speaks several languages; good references. Address TEMPERANCE, Herald office. ?W ANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN (FRENCH) A 8ITUA tt tlon as vulct, with a gentleman going to Europe, or as servant with a lamlly: references wtlT hear investi gation. Address H. II., Herald Uptown Branch office. A J situation as shipping clerk; flrst class references. I I.F.ItliS A \ 1) S A IjKS ,W K\. Accounts? eight languages ; arrears writ ten up ; books devised to meet special requirements; books opened, kopt, examined or balanced. JAME8_t:oX, 47 Wall St.. third floot%_ COMPETENT AND EXPERIENCED MAN WANTS shipping Address SHERMAN, 2M West 33d st A DRY GOODS CLERK? FOR A PERMANENT SITU at Ion. Inquire at 36 Newark av., Jersey City. AYOUNO MAN WANTED? TO MAKE HIMSELF generally useful, one who writes a good hand ap ply to BRAI.HTED A CO., 1,1211 Broadway^ DBUO CLERK WANTKD.-A FIRST CLASS PRE scription clerk, with good city references, will find a situation, with good salary, by addressing L. M. N., Herald office. DRUGGISTS' RELIEF CLERK-IS LICENSED AND wishes a few more engagement; Ai reference. Ad dress RELIEF, 030 Eighth avenue, city. Entry clerk wanted? in a wholesale lancy goods house ; a bright, gentlemanly lad front school preferred ; salary first year $2M); must be a gooJ pemnan. Address box 146 Herald otlloe. SITUATION WAMTKD-BY A MIDDLE-AGED MAN. without family, who speaks German, French snd English, and understands double entry bookkeeping practically ; will accept a situation in anv capacity where education, tact and business qualification* can bo ol service. Address In* Ml Uerald oilice. . . CjUBHLKI AND BALKHMKlV. n A. ^P0",0, "A?? A MTOAWM? A8 dress tryf,^mt!BUrnlaU ??uJ 0>t,y relcre.^,, Ad W'AKfP? a. THOROUGH BOOKKEEPER. AD i /! r*8. with roforonco and gttlary cjhucUmI under mm tettersO. D P., ho* 112 Herald office. 1 cr \V ANTED? TWO FIRST CLASH clKHM \N s 41,PgMRN tt must speak English fluently : stealy employment; r(>1til red ; Israelites prclerred. Apply v> LOUlrf APT, ids hwen st. Williamsburg.

^^AtH.nta.v ajvd ci.v.tiiK VTT ^ \ YOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH Uk. ipnn ami groom; host city and conn try r?fcrtaco. Cirll on of address present employer, 63 Pearl hi., or ?<l dress box 110 Herald office Ayousn man WISHES A SITUATION AS COAOH iiian and groom ; has the invito! city reference. Cal on or address J. K., 121 West 4flth st A gentleman about removing prom TIIK city desires to procure a place lor a first class col ored coachman. Call at 40 West Jdth at A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED- BY A SIN gl? man: thoroughly comp lent In eveiyfhliiK appertaining thereto; experienced. carelul city driver ; willing and obliging ; reliable rcierenco. Call on or ad dress J. L , 02 liant Mill sL A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A MARRIED M\N; competent cuaclniiaii and gardener; no family; tlrst class reference from last employer; wife as cham bermaid and waitress. Address C AM PUKLL, box 163 HeraM office. A81NOLR YOUNO MAN WITH BEST CITY RF.P erence, rtcsiros a situation its coachman; is a caro Inl oil v driver and first class groom. Call on or address \\ . L.. Ti Htli st ,, private stable. A YOUNG MAN, THREE YEA RS IS' THE PRUSSIAN cavalry, wishes a situation to lake care 01 saddle or road homes, or as tlrst class coachman ; would like to go In the country lor the Summer .season. Call ou ALEX ANDER, I2ti East S2d It. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT coachman of long experience in tills city; la sober, honest and obliging , three yeaiV best city rei?*renco from and previous employers. Aduresa S., box 122 Herald oillce. A COACHMAN ANI) GARDENER'S SITUATION wanted, by a married man ; thoroughly understands botli branches; is a sober, reliable and obliging man; best city reference. Address M., box 118 I'eralu oftlce. AtOCNU M AN WISHES A SITUATION? AS COAOII man and lain gardener; would make hiinscli gen erally uset ul ; good reference. Address J. M., care ol J. W. Belts, Morristown. N. J. A YOUNO COLORED MAN WISHES A SITUATION; anything except waiting; best recommendations can be given as to liis honesty and smartness. Apply at 142 Waverley place. AN EXPERIENCED OARDENER, IN AMERICAN, English and French cultivations, 110 matter whit department, in a private garden or nursery, long experi ence and discernment in modern cultures, climate and habits, wants a situation in a largo garden, or entlra cltargc lor a rellned lamily ; honest, sober, great discre tion ; best refcreuce. Calf lor three days, at 21 East Ititn St., drug store. A SITUATION WANTED? AS COACHMAN, BY A rally competent man ol long experience in this citv ; a good groom and sale driver; three years' reference ftvm last ami former employers. Address M. M., box 222 licrald oillce. A GENTLEMAN ABOUT TO 00 TO EUROPE DE sires a situation for Ills coachman; best ol refer ence.. Call on or address D. 0. BLODGETT, 11 5th av. or 35 West l.'Ith st. /10ACHMAN AND HARDENER'S SITUATION WANT \J cd, by a single man ; thoroughly understands both branches; is u h. ber, reliable, obliging man; best city reference. Address COACHMAN, box 110 Herald oftlce. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE spccfable married man, without encumbrance ; has long cxperidtice and understands his business thor oughly; first class city references. Address M. U., ?22 West fed St.. or .108 West 23d st. (IOACHMAN AND GROOM. -SITUATION WANTED, J by a young Englishman ; .single; is a thorough man in every respect; Seven years' very best relereuces. Call on or address L. It. J., 12.' West Mtn st GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST class Trench gardener, knowing his business in all its brunches, In a first class placo : best references. Ad dress JOHN HARRAT, liOiig Island City Post oillce. CI E R.MAN OARDENER? SITUATION WANTED BY A T single man, who thoroughly understands Iih busi ness in all its branches; greenhouses and graperies, fruit, flowers and vegetable; best city relerencc Irout last em ployer. Address A. S., 15 John st. PROSESTANT YOUNO MAN (SINGLE) WANTS A SIT tuition as conchuian and groom; would like to go a short distance in the country; a year's reference from his last place. Address J., box 115 llerald oillce. PPOTEPTANT YOUNO MAN (SINOLEi WANTS A situation as coachman and gardener; understands his business; three vrars' reference from tils last place; is willing and obliging. Address M., box Hit llerald office. SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN LANDSCAPE gardener and horticulturist, 10 years' experience, who understands gardening in all its branches, and is folly competent to take care of a gentleman's place; moderate terms; good rcteronces. Address W. A., gar dener, James Fleming's scedstore, 67 Nassau street, SITUATION WANTED? BY A COMPETENT COACH man and gardener; has a thorough knowledge of both ; first class reference from last employer as to char acter and ability. Address W., box Ul'l Herald ofllco. Situation wanted? by a single man as coachman and groom ; 10 years' reference from lust place. Adilross D. No. 4 East 3Mlh st Situation wanted-by a coachman, who un derstimds his business in all its branclis; 15 years' reference from tlrst class families. Address W. II., box 20H II erald office. SITUATION WANTED? BY A SINGLE MAN, AS coachman or to take care of road horses ; good refer ence for tour years ironi last employer. Cull at private stable 145 West 24th st. WANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND TT groom, by a single man, who tho.oiighly under stands the business; also plain gardening; can milk; first class city reference. Address M., box 201 Herald office. \v\anted-a situation as coachman; by a m single man; understands his business: has first class city reference. Call ou or address J. Mc., 336 Kast'Jth St., private stable. WANTED-MAN AND WIPE; MAN TO ACT AS coach-nun and to inako himself generally useful, and the wile tor general housework. Address N. C., box 2,3;i7 Post office. TITANTED? A SITUATION AS OARDENER, BY A TT single man, capable ol taking charge of a gentle man's place ; horse and eow it required : good references. Address ENNIS, New England Hotel, 30 Bowery. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN ACQUAINTED WITH Vf the umbrella and parasol baslue*, to take charge of stock. ELLIS, KNAPP A CO.. 21 Walker st WANTED-A PLACE AS GARDENER, BY AN AC tiv vonng man, single; has a thorough knowledge of the business in its various branches. Address M. C., box 109 Herald ettice. TirANTED? A SITUATION AS COACHMAN BY A TT single young man, lately landed; 15 years' experi ence of his busiaese; lived In first class places In Ireland and England; will be tound willing and obliging; can milk if required; has good reference. Address W. C., llerald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? A SITUATION BY AN INTELLIGENT, sober, indnstrious and honest colored man ; can act as coachman, groom, gardener or waiter: can give the best references regarding character; Is willing to go to any place in the country. Address COLORED MAN, Herald Uptewn Branch office. 1 1 m jp w \ \ r gp-.n tL??. ANGELL'H TURKISH BATHS, 61 LEXINGTON AV., Want agreeable, intelligent, Industrious American vonng men and women, not older than 25 vears: proflta bli employment, withuicdical Instruction; references re quired. Agents wanted.? the world's necessity in the market; $7 cash necessary; can earn from $3 to $25 a day. BECK A SOHNS, lid Nassau St., room 7. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN BOY, ABOUT 15 years of age, wanted, in an office; wages $**> per year. Addr- ?s WARWICK, Herald office. it a ?? RANDOLPH'S NATIONAL SCHOOL OF /V . Telegraphy, 139 Eighth street.? Young men, why Idle away your time waiting lor something to turn up T So learn teb trapliy and take positions. A GENTLEMAN TO KEEP THE BOOKS AND AS sist in correspondence in the office ol an established inaga/ine. Answer must give reference anil slate sala ry, which mast be moderate. Address PUBLISHERS, box 19H Herald oSlco. A BOY, AGED 16. WISHES A PLACE la A BRO kor's office or wholesale tea house, Address G. E. BOND, box 083 i'ost office. A GENTLEMAN OF GOOD ADDRESS AND ENERGY to travel and ropresenl tho interests of an estab lished mechunlcal maga/.lne ; must be prepared to give satisfactory references and proof ol ability. Add rest Stating former employment, PUBLISHERS, box 198 Heral<l^>ffice. ?WE HAVB A PERMANENT POSITION, WITH A , chance for advancement, for a fairly educated Irishman, to act as collector and solicitor; to a compe tent gentleman, $15; moderate security required. After 11 o'clock- McMENAMY A CO., 7:>5 Broadway. Energetic men. of good address, to sell anil handle veneers; one familiar with furniture woods; a mechanic in those woods might address 440 Washington st., corner Desbrosses. OFFICE BOY, 15 YEARS OLD, WAITED? FOR A COAL yard, the father to give security for Ills honesty anil faithfulness. Address COAL, box 160 Herald Uptown i Branch office. ?fir ANTED ? AT ST. HEKMAIN HOTEL, 22D ST. AND W Broad way. first class cook ; also an assistant. The party applying from Clifford House, call at once. "ilr ANTED- A MIX BOY, 1? TO 20 (COLORED,) AT YV Madison Avenue Hotel, 27th st and Madison av. Apply from 7 to 8 A. M. fir ANTED? a man and WIFE to take charge YV of a farm ; also a single man. Apply at 134 Buw ery. Wanted? a yoi ng m \n to open oysters and wait on tables at OKI Broadway. TIT ANTED- BY A PRACTICAL MECHANIC, ONE YV who has hart considerable experience, a situation M superintendent ol a number of men, either in a shop or out doors; outalile superintendent i>r>'tarrert ; fully competent to superintend the construction of buildings. Adilresc T B., 153 Huron st , Greenpolnt, L. I. TIT ANTED? A GOOD REAL ESTATE MAN TO TAKE VV charge of Branch office. Wyoming, N. J.; 1ft miles frmn New York. Part interem will be given. Address, by letter, O. H. PIERSoN A CO.. Auctioneers and Deal ers In Real Rstate and General Agents Wyoming Land Company, No. 5 Pine street^ "1 %r ANTED? A CORRECT TRANSLATOR, OKNTLB TT man or lady, tor a literary work from tho (JeruiaB j bug ush, AdJfotxi % , im fviv vittve. | OOAOHMKN AND GARDIIfKRII. ^-^ANTRD-.V rOUKO MA*. ABOUT 18 Y8AK8 OF IV to drive a milk wagon : uiu?t l?o honest and so " . _ -? afraid to work. 998 id av., between 53d and Mr, Ana kv. .. 53d sU. bAM?, ...rn rxT ?w" IMPORTINO 1IOU8E A BOY i PtJ *. -rltos well and is oorrect at ?a.Vw.."""" 'iA"53"* WANTRD-A COMPUTUS* ^ tt man, with excellent references. A?. J '? to Id LI.Y A t o., Iitrtt'i av. WANTED? A YOIINO MAN AT MAKONI-I,"^; }" ami lie East 13th St., to make himseli nsetul WANTPD-AN experienced man to can'**]**4 tor a first clans fire insurance eomp.lDy and rcii. fj tat" business; unquestionable reinreiiees must iiccour pany implication. Address JACJLSON, bo* 134 Herald uptown Branch oitlcc. WANTED? POUR WAITEKS, AT TIIR M \N'SIi)N I louse, Brooklyn. WANTED?A HOY, 10 OR 17 YEARS OK AGE, AS K.N v b/ letter on y. with references 10 liOLf.INOSWORril A Liil-.lis. r;jt Broadway. WANTED-A MAN WHO SPEAKS GERMAN AND English and commands an established trade ol $100 roitto and euro horse. Ad dress WINES AND LIQUORS, box 133 II, raid oilice. WANTRD-A YOUNG MAN, TO OPEN OYSTERS who in willing to make himself generally useful. Apply at AO ART'S restaurant, 167 East, l.'.>iU st, llar lem. WANT3D? IN THE REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT of a law office. an oxperioncod copyUt. Adda's* box 4,084 New York Post office. TIT AN I'ED? MAN AND WIFE, EITHER ENGLISH. tt Scotch, Welsh or German; man to take enre of team, garden, Ac., and woman tor general housework. Apply at *7 iloekinan at. WANTUD? A SMART BOY, ABOUT 15 YKAIIS OLD in a real estate and insurance office, salurv at first $?; must reside III the city. Address, iu own liaud writing. INSURANCE, box 114 llorald office. YOUNO ENUI.ISHMAN, AGED 29, FIFTEEN YEARS In the Rrocery btislno as, with a lair knowledge of dry goods, will take a three years' engagement logo West, South, or to India or Australia. Address P. V. B., Post office, Flushing, L. I. Young man, who is acquainted witii car rlage makers iu New Jersey, New York and Con necticut, wanted, to sell fine color* and varnishes on commission; none other* uoed reply. Address LAR iu auks. Herald office. w THK TRADES. A YOUNO MAN, WELL ^ACQUAINTED WlTn ALL the branches ot cigar manufacturing, wl lies a situ ation as foreman. Address G. P. H., box' 14-' neraid office. COMPETENT REFINER WANTED-A MAN OF THOR ougli practical knowledge of sugar refining in all it* branches, to lake charge of a first class sugar refinery ; salary liberal to a competent man. None other need ap ply. Addross box 4,007 Post office, Boston, Mass. TO PHOTOORAPHBRS.? WANTED, A FIRST CLASS operator, who is a good hand in retouching nega tives : a permanent and independent situation; wages Irom $2.1 to $4(1. Address E. P. 8PAHN, Newark, N. J. ANTRD-AN EXPERIENCED ARCHITECTURAL draughtsman ? one wIm Is fainiliur with general office business. Apply to SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect, I. >2 South 4th st., Philadelphia. TITAN TED? A FIRST CI.A8S JOURNEYMAN TAILOR TT to go to PlMsfletd, Mass. ; constant employment and good wages. For parttcnlars apply to J. B, WEST, 55 Union square. WANTED-A SHIRT CUTTER. FOR ST. LOUIS; TO right kind ol man n good situation. Address, stating salary, Ac., box 4,711 Po<t office. WANTED? A SITUATION BY AN ELECTRO PLATER and gilder; has had 19 years' experience; refer ences. Address ELECTRO PLATER, 10 State st., N. Y. WANTRD-A MAN TO RUN A BAXTER ENOINE and make himself generally tiselul; must liavo license. Apply to h ANKINfiON A Co., 1,485 Broadway, between 10 and 12 o'clock to-day. ANTED? A PLUMBER TO OO TO CONNECTICUT;, V? uoue but first class workmen need apply. 11AVDEN, OEKE A CO., 8f Boekman st. WANTED-A FlitST CLASS SURGICAL AND ME chanical donllst to go to St Louis; a pool salary and sure situation to one who can fill the position. Ad dress Dr. B. T. 8 ANDERS, D2( Ollvest., St Louis, Mo. WANTED? A WATCHMAKER TO (JO TO M A ItTINS burg, W. Va. ; a single man. Call at once at office of J. T. SCOVT A OO, II M allien lane. WANTED-A GOOD WATCHMAKER. WHO CAN come well recomtnciidod. Apply to 8U.->SFELD, LoKSCil A CO.. 13 Maiden lane. K'OK ?IALK. A RARE CHANCE. -FOR SALE. ONR OK THE oldest and finest fitted up Barroom and Billiard lloo ns in New York. Inquire ou premises, 4J7 Grand street, corner of Clinton. A RARE OPPORTUNITY. -FOR SALE, A FIRST elass (iroccry Store, situated on one of the best cor ners on Third avenn" ; stock Is fresh, and selected with the utmost care; good lease; the owner having two stores wishes to dispose of one ef tlieui. Apply to JAMES OLWBLL A CO.. 181 West street. A. ? POR ?Al.n, OYflTISR SALOONS ANU ALE ? Houses, Corner Liquor Stores, Restaurants, Chop Houses, Corner tlrocory Stores, iiutler Stands, Bakeries, Confectioneries. Stationery Stores, Drug Stores, Ilat Stores, Kuril isbing Coods .-tores. MITCHELL'S store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A WELL ASSORTED STOCK OK KANCY GOODS for sale very low to aeash purchaser.? Goo I chance for party starting business ; also Fixtures. Apply at 355 Eifnth avenuo. A-FORSALE CHEAP, NEAR WASHINGTON MAR . ket. a Restaurant and Hnr ; must be sold Imme diately: rare chance. MITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar street. NEATLY FITTED UP LIQUOR STORE FOR BALE cheap? Up town, with rooms attached, and doing a good business; rent low. Apply, for tour days, to TH08. uAFFNEY, Auctioneer, No. ft Centro street. A RESTAURANT, LAOER BEER, OYSTER AND Billiard Saloon, with a long lease, low rent, situ ated In one of the pleasantest towns in New Jersey. Cause of selling owner has to goto Eurore ; a bargain for any one; nrice $1,600; terms casjr. Call at 130*Third avenue, New York. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.? FOR SALE, ONE OF the best and most eligibly located Butter Stands In the Munhatuin Market footof Thirty-fourth street, North River, which is now an assured success; lowest cash price $7j0; satisfactory reasons given for selling. Call to-day on felLLlAM U. BERGEN, stand 43* A (1LOTHIKRS.? AT VALUATION. THE LEASE, FIX J tures, Ac., of one ol the best and largest trades in the city; old and well established ; in full working operation. Address X. Z., Herald Uptown Branch office. Drug store for sale.-a lono established. well paying Store, on one of the principal avenues of Brooklyn, with or without Hones snd Lot. Inquire of EIMKR A" AMEND, 205 and 207 Third a venue. New York. IpOUR YEARS' LEASE OF A STORE AND BASF ' me lit on Broadway, near Prince street, r?r sale, at a bargain ; by order of the assignee in bankruptcy. Apply to WILLIAM C. WALKER, 299^ Broadway. FOR SALE? AN OLD-ESTABLISHED RESTAURANT; one of the best locations tn Brooklyn ; has two sa loons; in basement has billiard renni. War and ov.-ter counter; the best kitchen In the world; has every fa cility tor furnishing wedding and bull parties, Ac. Fine stock of silver ware tor lo?u ; Is doing a good cake busi ness. Apply at 17:1 Atlantic street. Brooklyn. For sale-eleoant fixtures of a hat Store, entirely new; would suit as well for a mer chant talior or nillnnery store. Apply at 419 .sixth ave line, In the store. I;w>R SALE.? AN IMPORTING HOUSE OF GOOD 1 standing wnnld sell at a reasonable price the tinod Will ol n oaying wholesale Havana Cigar trade, luelnding copyrights 6t several valuable and well known brands, witn a fair stocx of fresh goods In bond. Satisfactory rea son given for selling. Address box 149 New York Post office. FKR SALE? AT HAVMKYKR A ELDER"-' -Ti;aR refinery. Williamsburg, twelve 12 fool lengths ol 10 inch and eleven 12 foot lengths of 8 inch light Water Pipes. For sale-a patknt adjustable library Case, nearly new; will accommodate several hun dred volumes; suitable for club, association or library ; will be sold cheap. E. S. BROOKS, 1,288 Broadway. FHOR SALB-THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A first class Sample Room, two doors from llroadwav; satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply at 134 Bleecker street. New York. IriOR SALE? ESTABLISHED FINEST GROCERY IN Brooklyn; stock, $9,000; location on Court street; rent nominal. Satisfactory terms will be given to only a satisfactory man. ( IIAkLKS <). DAHLORRN A CO, 112 Broadway. "L"V)R SALE-A DOUBLE GROCEBY STORE IN A r good neighborhood and doing an excellent trade; cause tor selling going into another business. Inquire of 6* Gouverneur street. IrvjK SALE? LBASS, GOOD WILL, TRUCKS. AC., OF 1 the old established wholesale and retail Flour and Feed store (Mi First avenue, near Thirty-fourth street IjlOR SALE-POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, A RARE 1 opportunity; a Stationery Store, stock and Good will; price $.%iy1o, cash; location, two blocks of Post Office. Address INTEGRITY, Herald office. For sale? an established undertaking Business in a first class location, doing a vary business; good reasons for selling. Apply to W, II. O'DWYER, (W William street. fV>R SALE?AT A BARGAIN, ELEGANTLY FITTED UP I Cigar Stand, In a first class np town Broadway ho tel; rent very low. Address IIOIITON, box 132 lferald Uptown Branch office. For sale? book^and stationery store on Third avenue, 2<i years established ; cliesp rent and long lease; pood reasons for wiling Apply st l?ft Third a v. |VJR SALE CHEAP, ON ACCOUNT OF ILL HEALTH^ _ one ol the bc?t Stands In Fulton Market for butter, cheese, eggs, lard, hams, Ac. ; stands 1+2 and 1H3 Fulton Market. For tnrtner particulars inquire at the stand. tjllMT CLASS KRWiTpAPKR ROUTB OF UPWARDS r 4.10 papers for sale low for cash. Apply to LF. SEUR,^ Broadway^ ILK ROUTE FOR SALE. INQUIRE AT 127 WEST Thirtieth street. F M R ABF. CHANCE FOR A FORTUNE IF HOLD IN FIVE ? _ days.? Best paying Hotel, Restaurant and liar In New Brunswick, N. J. ; nicely furnished; low rent; daily receipts $:'A to $100; will be sacrificed for t.lie low price iif $^l,?J0 cash. Address box 174 Post office. New Brunswick, Refreshment and bar privilege at a pop ular park tor sale.? Address, with references, RE FKKSIIMKNTS, llcraid office. ' Safes.? a large assortment op second hand Safes, ef all styles and prices, for sale ebeap. Call and examine at AMERICAN STi.AM SAPK COM PANY, 300 Broadway. S \ FES. EH RING'S, MARVIN'S, WILDHR'S, CHEAP lor cash; "Up best fireproof safes made.'' Purchasers will .n troin i'> to 50 per v?Ul by waiUws st Ul H;ik 4 I tfftle Mmi, 81 Maid?u Uue? . . wa uu, Safbs -four sm allT Y * iTJTwtTZ email also lor lowellera, banker* *V AND g st 72 Maiden lane *? *?? wveJ[7. ej??s? QUIRK. SAFE FOR HA LB ? A NEW MARTIN1!* rpsjii ?B.l burglar proof banker's Safe (douMa IISSV.0." L00t'- fur the safe kcoplnVof *cJriU^! jowolry, books, *e. ; never been used a day- can TJh?,r \ for about hall price If removed at uuce , a'?reuM .^-V Apply at 115 Ur.ta J way. room 4. greut SHELVING ANI? tlOUNTERS FOR riALR ~VfM?w wn ??& APP" W LAMPK * ca, 03 (,w OHET.VINO AND COUNTERS FOR SALE CHEAP - n llav? been used i-?r fancy good* can ho removed m sections without being taken (part Apply at Mb Eighth avenue 1 FIRST CLASS MAHOGANY TOP BAR, WITH PIX^ tiirtra. at a bargain. inquire at i?l Greene Uiu store. AIM WTLL PURCHASE TUB LE/ttfB AND FTjf tttre*, Horse and Wagoa, of ?i cxenllt ?! Bakery, in Brooklyn, tlotng a sood business; Apply t? TIIoM VS G YFFNKY. Auctioneer, No rtt'cntrr street 4?r A||A ? tii k propriktor. having en F, gaged In otlior buiin ? s, will dispose ofliia long established clyster and Dining itoom, with stock. Fixtures, t.i ase and Good Will ; thu U a ram chance lor a porson to step into a good paying business. Apply m pei'iou or by letter troni ? to 12 or :i to 5 OLIVER I.IHUV, 137 I'ul'on street, New York. Al ACMI \ K?< V. AME.V PORTABLE, YALE VERTICAL, SLIDE AN? cut-oil horizontal, hoisting and puiming Kurine*, all sizes; al.-o Hollers on hand; improved Saw and (trails A Mills Gear's Variety and other Wood working .Machines; 12x14, 2tlii42, 11x24 and Holier and three horse portable; good second hand Engine* cheap. bbWAitu P. II AM SON, :w Cortland t si , New York. SPECIALTY-HORIZONTAL ENGINES? WE HAVB j . on lianil 7xll', 8x12, '.1*12, Hxl6, 11x18, 12x24, 11x30. 11x24, li*:?) Ux>i, HixlUi, ISx-,'4. Samples can be aeon at .18 Cortlandt street ; ?e? olid hand Engines taken in ox change. W 11 1TKH ILL, SMITH ft Co.. Manmactwrers. Vewburg, N Y. Ar WILSON a ROAKB'S, 2>?. AND 284 WATER street? Large stock ol Portable, Horizontal, (ipright and iloUtlntcKngine*'. Hollers, Punins, Shading, i'ulloya, Ac , new and second hand. A HORIZONTAL TUBULAR BOILER WANTED-" About ti leet diameter Uy IK feet long. Apply At Lli* LIE Bull, Kit WORKS, toot of Morgau street, Jersey City, this day. BLACKSMITH TOOLS? ANVILS, Vidua. TO NOB, S wed get. Hammers, Bellows, Portable Purges. Drills, Horse. Mule Slious, Shoeing Tools, Grindstones, l.alhca, Toecalks, Sieel. W. A. CARTER, 62 Cortlandt street, near (Iree.nwtc.h. Engine wakted-upright engine, short stroke, for bore mill, 21X1 to 2SU horse power, with oa without flywheel' hew or second hand, if in good order. Apdress immediately W. R. TUTtLE, St. Nicholas Hotel, New York. IjllOilT HORSrf ENGINE AND IS HORSE BOILER, 'J Tongue and Groove and Surface Planers, Hand. Scroll. Rip and Swing Saws; Tenoning ami lliro'sidua Moulding Machines GEORGE L. CUMMINGS, 1 40 Centre street. I1MUNE AND BOILER.?' THREE HOUSE POWER ii Upright Engine, in good order; also Boiler, :-'li a flings, Ac., for same, in complete running order. 22 Spruce street, third tloor. Engine for sale.? a fops-horse power Roper Caloric Engine tor sale. F. C. STALLEY. 2 IS West Thirty-first street. For rale? one 12X?iin. and two hxisin iiori zontal slido vnlve Knjrines. Apply at SOUTH BROOK LYN STEAM ENGINE WORM, oorner Van Brunt ami Summit streets, South Brooklyn. IjlOR SALR-ENGI.VB AND B01LBR, NOW IN HSH 1 and In good running order; can be seen at 673 Ninth avenue. FOR SALE-A SLOTTING MACHINE, 7W FEET BB twee n col iimniij In complete order. Apply to E. C. FOROK, Nos. 5 and 7 Pcy street, room t). FOR SALE? ENGINES, BOItiERS, SHAFTING, PITI^ leys. Millstones, Tanks, Piping, Steam Putnps, Hoist ing Engines, Saw Tables, Planors, Ac. Address BENJA MIN I'OX. S14 an 1 518 West Thirt.v-fourth street FOR SAltE? BAXTER ENGINES, MADB BY COLT',-4 Arms Company, In !-izes 2, 3, 5, S and 10 horse power; the most popular because the most durable, saio and eco nomical. Circulars mailed free. W. I>. llCSSKLL, 18 Park place, New Vork FOR SALE? A SECOND HAND 10 HORSE POWER Engine and Boiler, Baxter's patent, made by Hewea A Phillips Newark, N. J. ; in good order, having boen put in thorough repair. WM. D. RUSSELL, 18 Park plaoe. New York. 1J10R SALE-A SECOND HAND 10 HORSE POWER 1 Boiler, good as new; used bat three months; "Bax ter's economical." WM. D. RlTiiflELL, 18 Park place, New York. Hoisting, portable and stationary en. glnes and Boilers, new and second hand ; laMiea, Drills. Rendering Tanks, Steam Pumps, Blower*, Shott ing and Pulleys. W1LLARD A DB BEVQISE, 4S Dey st.^ TWO WILLCOX A GIBBS' MACHINES, IN GOOD OR der, as good as new, will he sold cheap for cash only. Apply In lacc goods manufactory, 409 Canal street^ WANTED IMMKDIATELY-AN ENGINE LATHE, to 8 teet swing, to take in about 18 feet between <'eu troni imw i.r secmid hand. AJilrt-ss, stating particular! as to make, nrlce and where it can beseeu, 1 1 ox 2,2-7 New York l'ostonice. HOl'SES, ROOMN, ?WC., WASTED. In this City and Brooklyn. APnYSICHN. WITnOITT CHILDREN, WANTS Tf> hire a small llousn. south of Thirtieth street, between Third aud Sixth avenues, whera ho might remain several years; rent not to exceed $1,0U0. Address DOM US. lltrald ofllce. A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP nOITSE WANTED to rent? About SI, fix) per year, for private laniily* between Thirty-fourth ana Sixty secoad streets, Third and Fourth avenues. TUOS. G. HoJER. flttfi 3d ar. A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS DESIRE FOUR OR live Unfurnished P.ooins, on the second or third floor of a house located west ot Sixth avenire, above Four teenth street. Addrcsa or call on ADVBRT1SBB, 337 West Nineteenth street A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE DESIRE THREE Clf IXirnished Rooms for light hou^keeping In private house; good location ; references exchanged. Address, with terms, 11. B., Herald Uptown Brunch otBco. WANTRD? A FURNISHED ROOM. FOB A SING LB gentleman, between Tenth and Fourteenth streeta and University place and Sixth avenue. Addresa FRANK LIN, Herald olllce. WANTED? BY A GERMAN AND WIFB, TWO OB three Roomsln a respectable house, between Tenth and Thirtieth streets, please state rent, or would like ta have charge of a private house during the Hammsr Ma son ; can give good city reference. Addresa W. KUKP FER, No. 3 Fifth Avenue Hotel, trunk store. WANTRD TO IIIRE-A SMALL HOUSE, WITHIN Ave minutes' walk of Macy'a, Sixth arenas and Fourteenth street. Apply atau? Hudson street WTANTED-BY FOUR ADULTS, FOUR OR FIVR TT Rooms for housekeeping, up town; rent not over $3tf per mouth ; references Address H. J., 208 Baat TenU* street. ? WANTED? BY TWO GRNTLEMDN, THREE LARGE Rooms, unfurnished, in a private residence, flrst or seeond tloor, with bath, Ac. ; also accommodations for one servant; between Tenth and Thirty-fourth and Fourth and Sixth avenues prelcrred. Addresa A. P., box 1,282 Post office. t WANTED? BY A WIDOW LADY, A ROOM, OK BOOM ?T and Bedroom, with a private family, vicinity of Pike street. Address Mrs. D. ?>, 100 Henry street, slating location and terms. _____________ V-ITANTRD to RENT-A PROVI8ION PACKINfl TT House, of ineditun dimensions. Address, stating locality, rent, Ac., A B. 0 , box 181 Herald office. CIGARS A M> TOB ACCO. I3spa nolaS of Havana Tobacco, EwuaL to j genuine in appearance and quality, at $fi3per thooa atul ; also the celebrated "Wliltf" l'anc tolas, T. J. KAYNER A CO., 00 Maiden lane. CLOTIIINO. AT THE WELL RENOWNED EST VBLISHMK.VT, 2M Seventh avenue.? I have just received orders totho amount of $7.i,0U0; 1 am therefore coiupellu<l to pay tlia following prices For silk Dresses, $5 to $80; Coats, to $2ft ; Pants, 9i to $11 ; the highest prlccs paid tor Carpet* Please call on or address Mr. >>r Mrs. ROSENBKKG, 24d Seventh avenue. N. B.? Second house abore Twenty fourth street. AT II. ROSENTHAL'!*. 2S3 THIRD AVKNCE. NEAF Nineteenth street, ladles and gentlemen will obtain full value of Cast-ofT Clothing, Carpets, tc., by calling or addressing. Ladies attended to by Mrs. Rosenthal. A? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN HAVING CAST-OFP ? Clothing, Carpets. Furniture. Ac., to dispose of will do well to call at H. MANNBS', 3X1 and 302 Seventh are nuc. as I pay tho highest prlco of any la the trade. Ladies attended to by Mrs Manncs. AT HOWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOWN ESTAB llshment, 160 Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street.? Utmost value paid for Cast-off Clothing, Carpet*. Ac., by calling oa or addresalng Mr. or Mrs. MILLER. <j!in (Win WORTH OF CAST-OFF CLOTHING, OAR ?ipl'M'LnJ nets, Ac., wanted for Chicago; the highest price paid. Call on or address G. ELI AS. 412 Seventh av< nuc, between Thirty-second and Thirty -third street*. Ladies attended by Mrs. E. AATROUHtT. Adelaide h. lambebtbon' clairtoyavt.-. Consulted on all atlalra ol life. 28 Greenwich ave nue, near Tenth street. Attention '-know thy destiny-, consult this wonderiuily gifted clairvoyant; eires lack, tella everything. I.VJ West Forty llr-t street, near Broadway. I EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TBLLS NAM KM, SHOWS J likenesses, causes marriages, gives numbers; M cents and $1. 142 VV. it2Mh St., basement MISS WELLINGTON, CLAIRVOYANT, TELLS everything: Incky numbi-rs; has a positive cure tor drunkenness. Call or write to H Kust Twenty-eighth st MEDICAL* 1 _MME M VXWI-.LL, PHYSIt'lA.N. RESIDENCB, j\. 1H Fast Tenth street, near Third avenue^ M. MAURIi'EAU, M. D.? OFFICE 129 LIBBKTY street, near tireenwich street. * TTF.NTION !? DR. FRANKLIN (LATE OF PRUSSIA), J\ private office, 161 Bleecker street. New Turk. R. AND MMB. OK IN OLE, PHYSICIANS. OFFICE, 120 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth aveuue. A. D DR. KING'S OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE. M A MITT street, near Broadway and Grand Central Hotel. , AND MMB. DUBOIS, DB. AND MRS. WHITE head, 44 Great Jones street, near Broadway. D"

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