Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1873 Page 2
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CITY REAL ESTATE FOR Central. k BEAUTIFUL IIOUSB, ON THIRTY FOURTH J\ street, near Park avenue, for sale at $38,008.? The houae is 21 feet wide and baa butler's pantry extension, is well built and arranged inperioct order: lot full depth. E. H. Lit PLOW A 00,No, 3 I'lne street. A perfect little okm or A houbb on lex ington avenue, between Kiity-eiglith and Fifty -ninth bt reels, about 18 teetwde; uriusunl bargain. A. L. WILLIAMS A CO., liri Broadway. A SPLENDID PLOT FOR SALE? ON CRNTBAL Park, Filth avenue, near Seventy-fifth atreet E. U. LUDLOW ft CO.. No. 3 Pine atreet A LARGE, SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN stone Ileuse, In pcriect order ; contains 20 rooms; on Twenty first street.a few Joors Iroin Broadway. 8. KD<> Alt HEUuE i;l), a Kftgt Kouttecnth atreet A I.AROR NEW FOUR BTORY BROWN STONE House and Lot, Wl hln a lew hundred feet of Filth avenue ; finished in cabinet work ; will he sold Ml a great sacrifice ior cash. Ofllce 999 Mxth avenue. AM YEAR8' LEASE OF 7 LOTS ON BROADWAY, between Filtitth street and central Park, will be ?old or exchanged lor unencumbered Property, or the ground will be leased lor 1(1 years or upward. Address W. B., station D. A BAR (I AIN IF SOLD WITHIN A WEKK? AN RLE gant four story nlrli stoop brown stone Botuc on sixty first street, lust ctisl ol Lexington avenue; nnlshed In a superior Stele; 111x5 '.\ldd.5. s. freidenrIch A co., 906 and 908 Third arena*. A FINE INVESTMENT.? SPLENDID FOUR STORY basement and Extension Residence, Eleventh street, near Fltth avenue; 18 rooms; aUlmproveinenU; superb on)er, M. r. WOOLLKY, 75 University place. A N ELEGANT HOUSE FOR SAl.K? OR WOULD rent it, partially lurnlshed; 119 I'last Fortieth street, between Lexington and I'ark avenues; a 25x58x9H.9 brown stone three story House. with all modern Im provements; price $;?>,0o0, or rent $4,000. For particu lars apply to OfciOROE SAMUELS, 469 Broadway. A? A.-A.-FOR SALE, AT A SACRIFICE, A FIRST . class l our story high stoop brown stone House, #2 2x58. foot Lot on west side of Mudlfon avenue, 80 teet south ol Sevcuty-tourth street elear view to Park ; three floors in hard weod, parlor floor cabinet work by Pottler * Stynms, with library, butler's pantry, mantel mirror*. Ac. Also a first class House ot similar dimensions and superior finish on Madison avenue, 25 leet from the southeast corner of Sixty- first street. Terms to suit: good location; lots taken In payment {houses open lor Inspec tion. Inquire, of owner, A. KLABER, at his marble work*, 134 East Eighteenth street. IjHJR SALE? A SPL NDID HOUSE ON FOURTEENTH 1 street, between Broadway and Filth avenue, 33 feet Front and of extra depth; the ground is leasehold; the leaso containing clause for renewals ata low figure. E. if. LUDLOW ft CO., No. 3 Pine street For sale? four new brown stone front first class tenement Houses, 37 Spring and 211, 213 and 815 Mott streets. Inquire at 20 Second avenue. For sale? five four story brown stone high stoop H oases tn Forty-filth street, between Bread way and Eighth avenue. 208 feet west of Broad way ; also three tnree story brown stone high stoop Houses, 150 foat west of Eighth avenue, In Forty -Attn street, with renewals 60 years, Astor lease. Inquire ou the premises or at 242 West Forty-tilth street For sale-on seventy-fourth street, near Filth avenue, a full front four story brown stone House, superbly nnlshed thr>ughout; to a quick pur chaser a low price will be named. FRANCIS CRAW FORD, 966 Thlra avenue, near Kitty-eighth street. IF YOU WANT ? GREAT BARGAIN I OFFER TUE cheapest four story 20-loot House west of Fourth avenue: furnished in cabinet work. Must be sold, Pos session given. FRANCIS CRAWFORD, 966 Third avenue, SPLENDID INVESTMENT.? ELEGANT RESIDENCES on Madison avenue; superb Mansions in Fifty-second, Filly-sixth and Kitty-seventh streets; great bargains; ex tra width palatial Residences on I- nth avenue, with Viable; Houses at all prices. PAGE A McCAFKERTY, Filth avenue, corner Filty-sccoud street East Side. A? I WILL PELL THAT SPLENDID BROWN STONE ? corner House and Lot on Lexington avenue lor $2H,000, worth $40,030; only a small amount of caah re quired. Ofllce 999 sixth avenue. First class extra size hoi'se and lot for ?ale ? on Gramercy Park ; one ol the most complete and modern Improved houses, with extended dining room, two stories high, and butler's pantry ; hou.-o per fectly modern, finished In hard wood, Ircscoed, painted and furnished in a costly manner. Apply to UOMElt MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street For sale very low? some ok the best built and finest finished Houses in the city, on Sixty-fourth street, near Madison avenue. S. M. STYLES A SONt |7?OR SALE OR TO LET? FOITB STORY HIGH STOOP A* brown stone Dwelling 103 East Sixtieth street; size 20x80x100; only $6,11011 cash required : rent $2,200. s. kilpa THICK, 1,009 Third avenue. I WILL SELL AT A VERY LOW PRICE AND MAKE the terms very easv one of those new and very finely finished three >fory nigh stoop brown stone Houses on Sixty-second street, near Third avenue. This Is worth looking after. S. KILPATRICK, 1,009 Third avenue. Three story high stoop brawn stone House, 20x55x105, In complete repair, with all thu modern improvements. Apply on the premises, 121 Lust Forty -sixth street, near Lexington avenue. d?o rim ?for sale-tub valuable lot tooth side ot 110th street, Klrst and Second avenues; terms easy : must sell; make an offer. Address BUSINESS, box 120 uerald I ptown branch ofllce, 1.265 Broadway, Wfit Side. A bulkhead and water rioiit, with one hall block, 400x81.6, for Mile or to lease for a term ot years, runnimr lnu Thirteenth avenue to West street. E r.. i H. T. HUKNflAM, 609 Hudson street. A BARGAIN*. ? SIX LOTS ON WEST TWENTY-THIRD street, finely located, either lor I rench (lata or busi ness purposes ; must be sold bclore the 1st of May ; will be sold cither in one parcel or separately ; terms ecsy. API' ELI. a Mccrla, 277 West twenty -third street A? FOR SALE AT A BARGEIN. 4 LOTS. NORTH ? west corner avenue St. Nicholas and Hint street. H. HUDSON A CO.. 175 Filth avenue. A REAL BARGAIN.? THE FOUR STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House No. 223 East Forty-eighth street, price J14.00" : terms easy; possession M.iv l. Apply to S. FlUDENRlcH A Co., cornei' Fi(ty-"ilfth street and Third avenue, in the bank. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, WITH OIODHM AND stable, to let, l)i miles above Central I'nrk, between (hNMNiw*ard and Undson hirer; perfectly healthy; 12 rooms, all modern Improvements; furnished, $2,2i?>; unfurnished. $1,800. Apply at Sale Deposit Company, 140 Broadway. CITY FOR COUNTRY.? All ELEGANT AND FIRST class four story high stoop brown stone Residence on Fifty-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues (finest block in the city). Including the new and expea sive Furniture, for a small place in the country, worth rroin $?.000 to $10,000. and tome cash ; this is one of the most desirable houses now offered tor sale. Full partlca lars from 8. KILPATRK K, 1,009 Third avenue. Eligibly locatkd plot of three valuable Lots, runninft from 125ih (IHU foot street) tn 124th street, lietwceu Sixth anil Seventh avenues; title guar anteed. Apply te IIOMI'.K morgan, No. 2 Pine street, or to STEPHENS BROTH EBS, 1&7 Broadway. For sale? medium sized brown stone Dwelling 125 West Forty-second street, tastefully dec orated ; in pcrtect order ; price low ; terms easy. Inquire Of J. CAMPBELL, Pacific Bank. Fob sale? half block (comprising 10 lots), fronting on Washington, West and Hubert streets, together with 100 feet valuable bulkhead; this is the largest plot to be had In lower part of city ; terms easy. Address J AM ES PKICK, Agent, 200 Hudson street. OB SA1E? nOTBEH AT OR FAT BARGAIN^- IN We?t Mth sf., Sftth st, 54th st and Md st ; several on lease lots, that can be bought at n sac mice. P. S. GOLDEN A CO., 957 Sixth avenue. OR SALE? TII E NORTH EAST CORNER OF Thirty -sixth street and Seventh avenue ; sise IOC feet on the avenue by 75 feet on Thirty-sixth street. Its prox imity to Broadway makes Itverv desirable for invest ment or Improvement. DYE A CURTIS*, BOi Sixth a v. I-IOR BALK? THE SPLENDID FOUR ItMI HRoWN 1 stone Douse, 10J West Thirty-eighth street; painted throughout in oil and beuutifuily frescoed ; terms easy; possesion. Apply to U. S. HEwSON, 414 Lexington AT. IpoR SALE? A NEW THREE STORY HIGH STOOP, S25 West Forty-fifth street ; Astor lease, 60 years; will be told cheap If applied for immediately. Inquire on premises or at 402 West Fifty-fourth street. 1NWOOD, M MINUTES TO WALL STREET? DESIR able twelve room Dwelling, stable, Ac. ; 10 full lots of Land . the whole en very ea>y terms and at only $35.0001 V. K STEVENSON. ,lr . 11 Pine Street or 226 tilth av. 29 ATBNUB, MO. 112 -THE ELEOANT, EXTRA wide and extra deep lour story Dwelling tor sale on lllieral terms, at a low figure. Apply to LOUTS sollN, 835 Broadway. 3LOTHFOR SALE Oil TO LEASE? ON TiViRTIET n street, 175 feet west of Sixth avenue j three on Uanse voort street, near West street; a Lot on Fitly first street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to owner, 240 West Fifty fifth street. Q 1 A AAA ? THRBB STORY HIGH STOOP BROWN "PIt.UWo, stone; all improvements; palnu-d and frescoed ; good order throughout Apply to owner, on premises, 142 East Fiftieth street. JKIeeclianeone. FOR SALR-A NICE ROUSE IN 12BTH STREET; the rent of a small house In Jersey city would be acceptable for the owner's equity. Address, giving lo eality, description find rent, Y., box 182 Herald office. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR BALE ANB TO LET.^ JJERALD BRANCH OFFICE-BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OCR BRANCH OFFICE, IK THE LONG ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AV AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FROM H A. M. TILL OK, M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT STREET, BROOKLYN. A? TO LET? BROOKLYN HEIGHTS? BROWN STONE . House 173 Remsen street, near Citv llnll; ail im provements. Apply to THOMAS B. BEltDELL, 3o< Last 118th street A BROWN STONE FRONT HOt'SE, FIRST CLASS IN every respect] built by day's work; splendid loca tion, within three blocks of Uie main entrance to the Park, will be sold ubeap It applied lor at once, as the owner is about retiring trom business, inquire ol JOHN DONO VAN, 54 St. Mark's avenue, Brooklyn. ABARGAIN.-A NEW THREE STORY BRICK House, 2Ox3Hxl06, with every Improvement; first cIms neighborhood. Apply at the office of the late A. J, Walker, 112 John street. New York, from 12 to o'clock. A RAKE CHANCE-NO CASH REQUIRED.? A BEAU tlful three story brown sione hi. li stoop llouee, for only $I3,0IX), on Third street, between Fifth and Sixth av> eauei. Apply immediately. A. Lt YViiXuttd A W.. U 9 Broadw*?. BXOOKLTR PROPBRTT fOH BiLB A BB TO JLWT . _ AHANOBOMB II04JHK AND STABLE, WITH A largo garden, 2% miles from Or?? 1 street terry ; mm the horse ears: rent only $30 iter mouth. 8. B. HKUBBliO, owuer, 29 Bast Fourteenth street BROOKLYN.-TO LET OB POR SAI.K, THE DWEI.L Ins 443 Marcy avenue, corner of Hart street, a flue three stonr and basement 15 feet Iron t, with flnu yard; lms been repaired Mid painted throughout ; all the mod ern improvements; would lean* to a good party tor a term o? years; tor sale at a low figure. Apply on the i Premises, between the houra of 9 A. M and 1 p., or to le owner. J. A. MACDONALD, Plumber, 296 Mixta ave nue, New York. Brooklyn iirtuhta? thrkb story kurnishrd Home to let lor six month*; modern improvements; Inrgn courtyard ; delightful Summer residence; newly fitted up; rent moderate; hum as unfurnished. Impure on prembes, S3 Orange street. BROOKLYN? 125 AND 127 THIRD PLACR.-ALL modern improvements, rent #000. Apply to M, V. CAULK, US Broadway. Being in want op money por business pur poses. I ofler for sale any one parcel of Store Prop erty owned by me In the cities of Brooklyn or Philadel phia, all well rented. Please send in your cash offer* to a. J. SHKltM AN, 320 Pultou street, Brooklyn. TJ*OR SALE? NKAR PROSPECT PARK, ffll PROSPKOT X1 place, a fine three story and basement double frame House and Harden ; house 37Kx38; modern improve ments ; ground 62<>?xl!M ; choice fruit, Ac. ?, sou feet trom grand entrance to the Park; surround mtv, tlrst class houses. Apply to P. D. NOBitlH, 31 DcKalb aveuue, Brooklyn. J FOR SALE? ADAMS STItRRT, BROOKLYN, A THREE | story brown traino high stoop basement and sub-cellur House : all imivovements; in pcrleet order ; rented next year at $rt.rjO; price $7..VX); part can remain on mortgage; must be sold tnis week; owner leaving tho city Ad.lress WIDOWER, box 208 Herald office. Ii?OR SALE? AT A SACRIFICE, A TWO STORY 1 basement and Mib-ecllar frame House, 241 Tenth street, 19x3G; nine rooms, water and gas; w ill sell for ?t*)0; $l,H0Ucnsh ; balance on mortgage. BURRILL'S ul Estate office, 483 Filth aveuue, near Ninth street, South Brooklyn. IpOR SALE OR TO LET? THREE STORY BRICK 1 llou^, 23 foet tront, 1(50 Baltic street, between Henry and Clinton, Brooklyn; very pleasant neighborhood ; six minutes' walk from South terry; price $12,0fK); rent $900. Owner can be seen on tho promises, or at 60 Broadway, room 7, New York. Handsome house (cost nearly $12. ow to build) and Plot 100 feet square, on one of the moat commanding positions in Brooklyn, near Broadway, Myrtle and De Kalb avenue car lines; fine fVult, (lowers, grape arbors, Ac. ; one of the most desirable homes in the city ; will be sold low and on easy term*. Particulars with JERK. JOHNSON. Jr., 21 Park row. New York. Look at this.-you can buy or rent, on very masonab!e terms, the flrst class thrco story, 4c., brown stone House 355 Pacific street; frescoed ceilings and all modern improvements. See owner, at 363 Pacific street, or - PAFARD & CLAI'P, IDS Rcmsen st., Brooklyn. TO LET? PURNlSnED, PARLOR AND BASEMKNT Ploors, 215 South Third street, Williamsburg; rent $50. Iuaulre at 48 New Chambers street, New York. TO LET? NEAR HAMILTON FERRY, WITH OR without Steam Power, a well lighted secont floor Room, 50x5} feet, with good entrance. Apply at BOUrH BROOKLYN STEAM KNOINK WORKS, corner Summit and Van Brunt stroctt, South Brooklyn, or to S. EDDY A CO., Brokers, No. 1 Park piaco. New York. TO LET? THE FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE Dwellings 4GS> and 471 Tomoklns avenue, near Fulton street, Brooklyn; all improvements; reut $800. Apply to owner as abovo. TO LET-IN WILLI AMSBURO. NEAR ROOSEVELT and Orand street terries, that is. in Third, near Fouth Ninth street, No. 38; a brown stone House with cupola ; it has modern improvements anJ pleasant surroundings. For particular* apply to Mrs. PETER MURRAY, No. 20G S>>ii tn Ninth street, Williamsburg. Will be given at a low rate to a nice, responsible party. TO LET-A FURNISHED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN; three gtorv brick, in Port (Jrei ne place : th" owner, with family of three adults, would board with the party. Apply at 6Jl Pulton avenue, Brooklyn. TO LET? $800 UNFURNISHED, $'.W0 FURNISHED? Tho three story basement and cellar brown slono 10 South Eleventh street ; carpets new. Apply on premises. TIO RENT? THE NEW BROWN STONE HOUSE. FUR nuhed or unfurnished, 399 Olermontavenun, Brook lyn, located between two cur routes from Fulton terrv. Apply to P. W. WOODS, 3ii3 Fulton street TO RENT CHEAP? IF TAKRN AT ONCE, DWELLING 011 Carroll street. Brooklyn: three gtorv brick Dwell ing. Apply to L. W. OARRETTSON,, 26 Broad streot, room 12. dt I CA ?TO RENT, :<I7 HERKIMER STRRET: TWO story and attic frame House; gas, bath ; nine rooms; one block from Fulton aveuuo cars. Apply at Id Purk place, New York, up stairs. <JM ^AA ?NINETEENTH WARD. BROOKLYN, ? t'U. very cheap; three story brick, 9 rooms, with modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser. Apply to WM. O. SUMNER, 11 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. nnn WILL nuY CUKAP three story ?#>?,?. V/UU brick House; modern improvements ; eight blocks to ferries; 12 rooms ; halt cash. O. V. UOLCOMB, 87 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. D. &B.500 House ; roUTooJifTmpro^mentaI!RneaKr lorrlis; Hnl'oklyn. E. D. d>7 WILL BUY NEW BRICK HOUSE; 15 ?JP 1 rooms; iinprovementa; near ferries; de sirable location ; a good investment. O. V. II ol.coM II, 87 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. D. WESTCHESTER COTIWTY PROPERTY FOR SALE AND TO RENT. A LARUE HOUSE, WITH CARRIAGE HOUSE, AND ire house Ailed, and six acr?s of ground, covered wldi IruiU ol all kinds, to rent lor two or llui'c years ; rent only $1,200 per uuuuui. Apply to WALTER UN UK Ull ILL, Von Hers, N. Y. 4 NI'MBKR OK FINE FARMS NEAR KINO HINO. 1Y with and without river views: $1110 to 41,000 per acre. HOWLAHD 1 BRANDBETU, bin* Slug. AT POBBS' FF.ItRY, ONE MILE FROM HUDSON Klver and one hour trom Crund Centul depot, thin elty, a nire t'ouutrj' .veat; ample grounds, line old shade trees, with exquisite river and landscape views; reut 91,000. D. O. BRADLEY, SO Broad street, room 42. Adwellino house with lot, iooxioo, and barn, in one of the best locations of Mount Vernon, will be sold cheap. Inquire on premises. Tenth avenue, Dear First street, Mount Vernon, Westchester enmity, HERMAN HOFFMANN. ON THE SOUND? HOME OR INVESTMENT.? FOR sale, highly desirable Country Seat, located con veniently near station on New Haven Railroad, by which it is 47 minutes only to Forty second street (on completion of Fourth avenue improvements this time will probably be reduced oao-Uiird) ; commutation $7S. This estate, of about ten acres, in its completeness is un surpassed, the grounds are high and heulttilul, and com mand charming water anil inland views ; the improve ments consist of spacious mansion house, with crtjr con veniences, stable, coach ftoate, Ac., all in the most thorough lepalr and ready for an appreciative occupant; price VMOfe, a part of which would be taken in eity Improved property. Full particulars, photographs, Ac., with STEPHENS BROTHERS, 187 Broadway. TARRYTOW.V? TO LET, A NICE PLACE OF TWO acres; hou^, IS rooms; ttuit abundaut; line river view ; carriage hon*e, Ac.; rent $900. JOHN WEBBER, 2S1 Grand street, corner Bowery. TO RENT? AT YONKERfl, FOR ?9M, HOUSE AND stables. with about one acre of ground, on Rlverdale aveunv ; house iust put in complete repair. Address OWNER, bo* 3,068 New York I'ost offlce. VILLA? AT FAIRMONT, WB8T0HBSTER ; NEAR steam and horse cars; SO minutes from Orand Cen tral depot; nine rooms: tower, conservatory, bay win dows; every variety of fruit; good neighborhood; plot li">\i.W; Immediate possession; price $6,i>oo; worth $8,000; ternn easy. S. CoCKCROFT, No. 5>? Pine street, room 9. <t> 4 OKA WILL BUY. AT MOUNT VERNON, NEW VTui"" llavcn Railroad, a complete small House of nine rooms, with n ee small barn and chieken iiouse ; quarter of .'.n acre well covered with Iruit; will not bu offered alter the lstoi May, R1KKR, HESSE A CO., No. 8 Pine street So* tAA ?AT MOUNT VERNON, N. Y.? FOR SALE ?fOioUU. or to rent? A line, large Hon*-, Stable ; lot IO>xlOO; gas, water and furnace in the house ; abundance of trmt ; rent $*>0, with the use of an acre ol garden Ap ply oh premises, First street corner Fourteenth avounc. dfe 1 nnn FOB a BIAUTOTt residence at VlOiUUU Mount Vernon, on the New Haven Rail road, 13 miles, or S5 minutes trom City. This elegant house has 11 rooms, with gas and elegant fixtures all through; hot and cold water; nice bathroom, finished la walnut and ash ; all the halls, the dining room and klteh en floors are walnut and ash; turnaee heats all through; first class elevated oven, range, wash tubs, large store room; has about half an acre of land very hanilsainely laid out . easy ten minutes' walk Irotn the depot; flag side walk all the way ; th- view ot the DonM is superb; the place is healthy "bev. id anv <itiestlon, having been occu pied by one or ourfLiu lor two years; he trill give nny one all the important tacts at>out it The place is iiuw offered at leas tnnn its value, but It must be sold heioro May I ; some one will get a l?autitui home at a bargain ; terms vury easy. RIKER, IIESSE k CO., No. 5 Pine street. JEKSF.Y CITY, HOflOKKN, HUDSON CITY AND 1IKKUKN REAL ESTATE. _ Vor Salt. /"J_OOI) HEALTH, LAW, ORDER, PROTECTION AND VT low taxation at Jersey City ; homes tor the people ; a pretty two story brick basement House, 7 rooms, 100 foot lot, gas, water, marble mantels, heaters, Ac. ; all com plete, only *3,5W; also elegant two story brick basement and sub-cellar House, 40 teet deep. 8 large rooms, loo foot lot, ail Improvements, the neatest house In the city, only $4,000; only gflou cash required ; balance In easy payments to suit purchaser ; the above houses in go<>a locations near the ferries; other places from $l,fi00to $4.vo00, on terms to suit everybody. OlUce open until 8 o'clock every evening, Send stamp for circular. ?). M. OIRSON, Auc tioneer. 27 Montgomery street. Jersey City, sccoud block trom ( 'or t laud t and Desbrosaes street ferries. To Let or L>ea?e> A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A LITE BUSINESS nan.? To let at Jersey Citr. a flrst class Corner tor restaurant or lienor business, good spot on the main busi ness street, near all the terries and railroad depots; low rent to a good tenant. Apply Immediately to J . M. OIB m>N, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. Tho let ob roR hale? French Boor house, modern improvements, near Court House; rent per month. Apply to A NIHIE W McLBAN, opposite l'ost office, Jersey City Helglita. PROPERTY out ok the city for 1A1?B OR TO KENT. At fluhhino? fob sale or to lkt, a very nice Cottage, II rooms, with about seven City Lots, tilled w Ith iruit ; uear depot ; terms very easy. J. jL HTEJiLB, Flushing, L.L_ AM A HBTHPOBT, n j., vacinjty ofsinoer ? Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with two ?J>t* '?r f ' ? ^ fon'aius 7 rooms, water and gas ; 0|? poaite Jackson Park, the proposed site for the erection of the Htaje build lags and grounds; will sell very low. Address, Ihji I.Vi Herald offlce. AT RIVBBSIpB, ON THE HOUND-ATTRACTIVE | shore Iront Residence, II rooms; modern improve ments; one aero ; healthy , near depot; $9,000. others. AJ if J, W, Ai iVAliiU, lUyffjtiu WvUtt. FROPKRTV out OF TBS CITY PVR 8&L1B OH^ TO RK1TT. _ FARM HUH SALE? ON MIDLAND RAILROAD. ,K J\ J. -,1* uvlles, best (Ann in the township ; vory high ; choice land; living springs; flue water power; new at'"*; large barn; carriage houe; granary; ?**! abundance fruit; trout pond; absolutely no chilli or moequltoes, near store, church, school, hotel. Ac. T. H. HHEPHERt, 181 Broadway. At new hriouton, a. r? unsurpassed loca tion. nouses all Improvements; rent* $150, $?tiO, ?760, $1 ,200, $2,soo year; lurnUhed, $IU0. $15), $?>, $100. $MM month lor Summer; dome with billiard rooms, atublca, extensive grounds. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pinsst. AT NRW BRUNSWICK, ON RAUITAN, JOININO city,? A country Seat of six acres choice land ; com modious Buildings; well fruited ; tine locution; will soil, exchange or reut. J. 8. FERGUSON, 39 Nassau street, room 8. AKI.^R FARM OF 17 ACREfL NEAR MILBURN. N. J., to e* "liansfu for merchandise ; tUrniture preferred, new or second hand. Apply to H. S. VAN DLslARK, 335 Broadway. At the seaside. ? cottages to let, at far Root away, L. I.; rent from $100 to $300. Apply to K J. 11EALY, Is Nassau street, room 21. A COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET? AT Englowood. near depol; lias billiard room; fine 4>iano; stable, Ac. Address box 108 llornld office. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE? FURNISHED OR UN ltirni lied, at Miliord, Pike county, Pa., for rent, tor Summer months or longer, at moderate rates. Apply to oraddresaD. M. VAN AUKEN, Mllford, Pa. __ Anew oothio oottaob for sa'.e or to lot? At Tonally, on the Northern Railroad ol New Jersey; built In the most thorough manner l>.v days work; containing 11 ro<>ms and a bathroom; finished in black walnut throughout, marble mantels, bay window, Ac. ; less thnn one hour's rldo Irom City Hall For par ticulars address OWNER, box 183 Herald olllce. Astoria -to close estate.-dhsikable Dwelling and 8 Lots adjoining Ravenswoori, near steamboat landing and directly opposite l r. Kanfont's; house bul't of atone, very substantia), 27x37, 13 rooms ; will he sold <m easy terms and a great bargain. Apply to JMtE. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row, New York. AT GREENWICH ? SHORE FRONT RESIDENCE TO let, 18 rooms, $500: desirable tor private residenee or Summer boarders. Other; furnished and unfurnished. Address J. W. ATW ATliK, Riverside Station, Conn. A FARM FOR HALE OR EXCHANGE? CONTAIN ING 2?i acres of good land, 0 of It wood, situated at Colom bia, Morris oounty, N. J., 2k mllos from Madison, on the Morris and Essox Railroad; a good two story llouso, wilh cellar, barn, stalile, carriage house and granary ; two liever-ialllng wells, one near the house, the other at the stable ; also cistern iu the kitchen ; large (tuuutlty of fruit, IN) peach, about UN) apple, pear, cherry and quince trees. Address T. M. O., Herald Uptown llranch oitlce. A DESIRABLE FURNISHED RESIDENCE, 17 rooms, all modern Improvements ; stabling, cow; cottage 8 rooms : IC acres land most delightfully situated, overlooking Englewood, SO minutes irom Chambors street. Apply at MM Montague street, Brooklyn, or 76 Chambers street^ Belmont iiall, Richmond terrace, new Brighton, S. I., (is rooms, furnished or unfumishod, to lease: one Ot the uiost successful houses near Die city. W. A. COLLINS, 28 Pine street BLOOMFIELD, N.J. -FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT, from May I for six months; 3 minutes from dopot; rent $75 per month. Apply to JAMES B. SWORD, 835 roadway. Bargains in new jersey farms.-34 acres, small buildings, fruit, $2,60'.); 29 acres, filled with fruit, good buildings, $1,500 ; 28 acres, buildings, fruit, $3,330: Iti acres, best fruit In the State, $5,500; near de pots; well located; Stock, Crops, Ac. J. S. FERGUSON, 39 Nassau street, room #. /COMPLETELY AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED VV House to renl? On Statcn Island; 35 minutes irom New York; everything requisite for housekeeping without expenditure of a dollar; bed and table linen, chiua, glass, silver, cooking utensils, Ac.. Ac. ; scenery unsurpassed ; location high and healthy; abundance of shade; large and elegant grounds; handsome croquet ground ; gas and hot and cold water ; reut$ll0 per mouth. Address W. it. E., Herald ottlce. C COUNTRY SEAT FOR 8ALE-AT A SACRIFICE, OR J to let, furnished, near Macomb's Dam bridge, flvo minutes from Melrose depot Inquire at 598 Broadway, second floor. /COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO RENT-FOR SEASON \J or year, at l'lainflc.ld, Scotch Plains, Orange, Mont rlalr. Bloom field and otlior desirable locations in New Jersey ; also at Yonkers, Sing Sing, Mount Klseo, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Rye. 1'ortcnohter and Stamford; several with water fronts; nice Cottages, $300 to $500 yearly. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. Farms, stone quarries, timber lands and town Lots lor sale by WILLIAM S. It EES, Real Es tate Agent, stroudsburg, Monroe county, I'a. Farms for sale? so acres, one hour from city, prlco $4,u 0; 07 acres, slock, crops, Ac., $*,5ti0; 120 acrcs, fine dairy form, $14,9)0; 200 acres, good im provements, $2v 00 ; also groat variety In Orange, Rock land, Westchester and Dutchess counties and the best sections of Now Jersey, irom 20 to 500 acres; several to ex change. S. IRELAND, 201 Broadway. FINE FARM-100 ACRES; good BUILDINGS; SIX acres in cranberries; all in tine order; 2l, hours from New York: $3,500; is worth $H,0W. Terms to suit. DARR1N, 50 Broad. 1:1011 RENT? A NEW STORE, 1*X<I0. IN TRENTON, N. J. ; an excellent stand lor any business. A' dress JOHN F. KLEIN, Trenton. N. J. TilOR SALE-AT NEWARK, N. J., A SPLENDID r House; 10 rooms; all the modern improvements; (?nee $l.',.'i0o. Inquire of T. R. DE Volt, 7?9 Broad street, Newark. IjlOR SALE-MADISON, N. J., HOUSE AND ABOUT 1 l'.i acres ol Land; Iiou c new, with modern improve ments; well situated, opposite Drew Theological Semi nary For terms, which are reasonable, apply to FRANK PHELPS, 103 Front street, N. YJ FfOR SALE- OKI OK THE FINEST COUNTRY HOMES 1 on the banks of the Hudson, near Tivoli, N. Y.; the river and Cat skill Mountain views Irom this place are unequalled .80 acres of Improved Land, upon which are native woods, a mansion house (new) of stone and brick, with French root, 52x30; also large Cottage, 14 rooms; coach house and stables, hams, sheds, machine and ear Enter shops: Icehouse tilled ; all new, newly painted and period order ; new private dock; 3,1*00 fruit trees of bearing age; property well underdralned ; Una wells of water; no lever an. I ague here ; eight or ten trains each wav duily; churches and schools near; Stock and Im plements sold if desired. Address C., box No. 11 Tivoli Post office, N. Y. pOK SALE? Large and valuable Chestnut street Property, Philadel phia. The subscriber offers tor sain the targe and valuable Property known an "Tlie Masonic Hall," north side Chestnut street, between Seventh and Eighth street*. Lot 101 feet on Chestnut and 173 tcct deep to Jayne street. For price ami terms npply to HORACE FRli'iS, 713 Walnut street, Philadelphia. For sale-farms, io to sno acres lying in the beat farming districts of Ornnge, Sullivan and Ulster counties, with or without Stock; ti?wni not bounded -.taxes low. For particulars call on or address D. II A SKIN, Otisville, Orange county, N. V. teAtwo " For sale- neat two story cottage (seven rooms); two Lot*; five minutes' walk from landing; Statun Island ; sidewalks llagncd; J^WUj^etisy^pa^vnieiitij. FOR FALE-AT nA8TINOS-ON-THE-nUDSON, A new three story French roof House, containing 12 rooms, with all modern Improvements, and about one acre of around in lawn and trees; eiifht minutes' walk to depot; 44 minutes to city br rail; half of the piirchaso money can remain ou bond and mortgage for one year or muro to suit the purchaser. For further particulars inquire ot J. B. I.KFl, KtlY, on the premises. BlOR SALE -IN NEW JF.RSEY, EIGHT BUILDING Plots. 75*330 feet deep, tour or live minutes' walk trotn Hawthorne depot, on both Krie and Midland Kail roads; also a Plot ot three or Ave aercs, and one of thirty two acres, with buildings, fruit trees, Ac. Inquire ot E. S. JANES, on the premises, or at ll'J warren street, N. Y. FOR SALE-COUNTRY RESIDENCE I MODERN 1M provements; fine truits. at Little Neck, L. I.; water front, boatboOse, Icehouse, stable; price flS,C00; uneii cutubered; would ex tkanuu for House in Brooklyn. JUL11S L POLLOCK, ;U Burling slip. For half, handsome country residence at Momstown ; modern improvements; all fruits and shrubbery ; high and healthful; four acrcs, upward; wlli close out Property, with Carriage*, Horses, Utensils, Ac,, at a bargain. See photograph. s. F.I>L?Y A CO., No. 1 Park place. FOB SALE CflKAP? AT QVFENS, L. I., A SMALL Farm of l'.>< acres; good soil, house, barn, Ac. ; con venlant to churches, schools, ,lc. ; terms casv. Apply to JAMKS U. HENDBIt EBON. Que MM, L. I. 1/GR 8AT.E CHEAP? A VKRY DESIRABLE RBSI r deuce 7 acres; 6 minutes' walk of West Elizabeth depot. CVatral Railroad. Parties desiring a line country residence, as well its a first class Investment, will do well to call at fa Murray street, New York, for maps and par ticulars. tlOR SALE OR RENT-ONE OF THE FINEST LO X' cated Places on Orange Mountain; elegant mansion, IS rooms, with all modern Improvements; line stable; iJ acres of land ; well shaded : completely furnishud ; would exchange lor improvtd city Property. s. ikk land, 201 Broadway. -- - IpoR SALK or to RENT-HANDSOME cottage, 1 overlooking Passaic Rtver, 90 mlnntes (rem New York; modern conveniences; large lot; prlcc low; terms easy. Apply to owner, 5)^ Pine street, room 11. FORECI.ohi It i: > U,E OF PROPBBTY? AT ATLAN ticvillo, N. J., three .quarters ot a mile from 1-ong llranch and three minutes' walk from rallroa I station. A two story and attic Ira me Cottage, with two story ex tension, containing eight rooms, besides kitchen and but ler's paatrv; water closet in house: tine plaisa, with ex tensive sea view; grounds beautifully laid out; lot about 7->x700, running trotn the main highway to the ocenn. There will be sold at the same time another Lot, 1S0x70U. The sale will t?ke place on Wednesday, April 23, at 1 P. M , at the Arcade Hotel, Long Branch. /TREAT NF.CK, L. I.? FORTY ACRES OF BEAUTI \X tully located Laud, near depot, churches, schools, stores, Ac. It is situated high snd commands a splendid view of the surroun liug country, Long Island Sound and Westchester county. Apply to WM. HfBVENBON, HW Fulton street, Brooklyn. Homestead to lease for the season or lor one year, at South Norwalk. Conn.?' To lease,

possession on or be tore the 1st ot May it desired, the lull sized commodious two story frame House, with barn and other outbuildings, ull in tine order; location one ot the Kleasanteston the line ot the New York and Now Haven allroad, overlooking (he Sound, r!\er and harbor and within five minutes ot tho depot; lo use well furnished, and has u as, furnace, rauKC, with hot snd cold water and laundry; grounds contain atiout 3U acres, with lurge garden, about luO fruit trees in full bearing and a variety ot small fruits. A family Horse, Koekaway, WaKon, Csrt snd a well stocked Hennery will be let with tho premises. For further particulars Inquire of A. O. NUTTING, 423 Broadway, New York, or of the owner. L. H. MOORE, oil the pr< mites, at South Norwslk, Conn. Long branch cottages to rent furnished; priuted catalogues with full descriptions and special survey maps to be Tind *t our otfres. r <i AD BROWN, No. !*> Broadway corner Wall ?nuct, and tfrauch olDce, l#Vjl PROPERTY DOT OV THE CITY FOR ?AMD OR TO RENT. MORRI8TOWN.? TO KENT, FOB HUMMP.B SEASON or year, elegantly furnished Country Seat* and Cot tages; Property of every description for sale or ex change. J. HM aBY JO tflN80N, W Broadway. NVAOK, ON THB HUDSON. -TO LET, HOUSES from $390 to $1,01)0; water, gas and fruit: fine river view; 6 minutes from station ; furnished II desired. B. B. WKHTOK. Newark.? for balk or to bent, two first class Houses, all modern conveniences, in moot pioasant part oi the city ; moderate prlocs. Apply to owner. #H fine street, room 11. 0 RANOK, N. J.. AND VICINITY SPECIALTY. - Oreat variety Property lor dale, rent or exchange. I. H. QkllRY, Hit Nassau Htroet, corner Liberty. Oall for rent and sale catalogues. 0 RAN UP. MOUNTAIN,- N. J. ? FOIt BALE? A BAR galn.? Handsomely furnished Residence, 16 rooms; large stable, grounds finely shaded, fruit, 4c. '.also sev eral very desirable Houses, hard wood finish, all modern Improvements; location unexceptionable. H K. 8MXLL, 1H Liberty street. ON THB BOUND, NEAR PELHAM BRIDGE? A VhRT desirable place of 12 acres to rent ; fine mansion, billiard ball, boating, bathing, Ac. 8. IKELAND, 201 Broadway. PRICE $8,000; RENT $600.-11 ANDSOMB DWKLI.lNd; 10 rooms ; all modern improveuien s; acre Lot; near depot Central Railroad, New Jersey. Address box 14 Pout office, Soine.i ville, N. J. PBIVATB BE8IDBNCB FOB RENT? LA ROB PRI vate residence, situated on Sunswlcli terrace. Asto ria, overlooking fca-it Kivcr, comprising two acres of ground, In perlect order; garden; greenhouse, slocked with rare plan's, hot and cold graperies In lull hearing; choice varieties of fruit trees; ice house, all filled ; salt water hath house ; stables for four horses, carriage house, ito. ; house completely lurnlsheil and in thorougn order; will bo let to a desirable tenant tor one or more years. llOM git MORGAN, No. a l'lnc street RARR CHANCE.-A CHOICE PABM OP 67 ACRES IN Bucks county (the garden of Pennsylvania), lor sale; a bargain ; land is smooth, clean auil rich as a gar den; good suiislaniial buildings, nice stone dwelling, largo barn, wagon lu. use. inllk house, granary, oiggery, hennery, Ac.; nice brook, splendid water; handsome orchard, choice iruit ; only a quarter ot a mile trout vil lage; dailv mall; two mites Irnm large town. 38 miles from Philadelphia; milk and 14 passenger trains daily ; only 3)? hours from Now York ; price, including all tne crops and immediate nouses-don, only $'i,tiiA); terms iiH) cash, balance very easy. Addre. s iJEOKUEL. WALK Kit, Richland Centre, Bucks county. Pa. STORES TO RKNT? ONLY $25 PUB MONTH, ON ONE of the best streets at Ml/abeth, N. J., suitable tor groccrs, druggists, hats and caps, shoe*, Ac., Ac. Apply to MARSH II. TUCKiitt. I'.?p? Washington avenue, Kliza both.N.J. OTAMPORD? nOUSE TO LET. PARTLY FURNISH O ed ; about an acre in fruit and shade trees; house in good repair. Apply to J. P. FELLOWS, 17 Maiden lane, STAMFORD, CONN. -REAL ESTATE OP ALL KINDS, Slumlord and Greenwich, ELBEBt WHITE, No. 8 Summer streot, Stamford, Conn. s 2JOUTH ORANGE, N. J.-TO LET, A OOTTAUE. CON ' taining 7 rooms, having a commanding view of moun tain and only live minutes from depot; rent$426. Apply to J. it AM HE, No. 9 John street, between tlie hours of 10 and 12 o'clock. rpo LET? AT RAVEN8WOOD, L. I., THREE DESIR 1 able HoufCS, ii to 12 rooms, conveniently located, near tho steamboat landing. Apply to J. H. HOPKINS, 2iti Broadway, room 12, from 1 to 3 1*. M. ; or at Ravens wood. TO LET-AN OLD ESTABLISHED BUSINESS STAND, at Cornwall, Orange county ; one of the best ill the country for general merchandise or the grocery business. Inquire of C. B. BAltTON, ?28 Greenwich street, N. Y. T lo LET? AT CLIFTON, 8. I? A COTTAGE, TKN m. rooms, 15 minutes fr#.n ferry; high ground; rent $36). Apply to N. MARSH, No. 6 Howling Green. IIO LET-AT TREMONT 30 MINUTES FROM GRAND Central depot, an elegant Cottage; half acre of ground, Iruit ami forest trees, barn, Ac. ; rent $500 a year. D. O. BRADLEY, 30 Broad street, room 42. TO LET-AT FAIRMOUNT, NEAR HARLEM, TWO Collages, convenient to city ; horse and steaiu ears; rents low to good tenants. W. 11. CLEVELAND, 49 First street TO LET? FOR THE SUMMER SEASON OR A YEAR, a large, handsome Farm House, containing 19 rooms, all in the finest order, on the north shore of Long Island, with stable, carriage house, line garden, Iruit, Ac. ; is within 'U S miles of the city, accessible by land or water, and Is ono of the finest country resiliences in the vicinity ot New York. Inquire of WM. I. PRESTON, 12 Bridge street. New York. TO LET? FUBNI HKD, COUNTRY SEAT. DELIGHT fully located, at Ciistloton Heights, statcn Island; dwelling contains 15 rooms, gas, water, Ac ; also tlno carriage house and several aerosol' ground ; view unsur passed; rout $1,500 per year: possession May 1. Apply to A. JOURNEAY, 51 Lispeuard street. TO LET-FURNISHED, A LARGE HOUSE ON THE balks ot the Passaic Klver, near Belleville, N. J., five minutes' walk from the depot. Inquire at 164 West Thirty -lourtli street. Kent $8,U. TO LET? IN STOCKBRIDOE, FOR THE SUMMER, A furnished House, pleasantly situated ; tvirn, orchard, Ac. Apply to Mr?. J. M. TAYLOK, idtockbridge. Mass. TO LET? A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR A FIRST class Residence or Hoarding House? At Port Rich mond, Statcn Island, only lour blocks from terry ; ele gantly situated. fronting a park; plenty of choice l'ruit atxl garden ground ; house just having been moUornly re bnilt, and will be In periecl order for occupancy May 1; with gus, hot and cold water and bath - 22 rooms; also a small Cottage adjoining the above, cont lining 10 rooms besides basement; rent low. Apply to JOH N C. BAILEY, 80 East Fourth street, New York, or W. M. WASHBURN, at Port Richmond. TO LET? SEVERAL FURNISHED AND UNFl'R. nisheri Houses and Places, at Metuchen, N. J., lor the season or year, at reasonable rates. CAMPBELL A P1EBSON, No. Park place. TOLET-AT LYONS, FURNISHED, A TWO STORY House, with two story liitchcn; burn, half acre land ; Ave minutes from horse cars, two miles from Elizabeth ; rent $211 Apply to JOHN SPARKS, near premises. mo LET ? FURNISH ED, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE 1 and three, acres, location delightful and healthy. 51) minutes irom city ; stable*. c >w, Ac. ; also Cottage. Ad dress W. DEhltE, .lerome. WmUMW r County, N. Y. TO LET? ON SHORE OF LONO ISLAND SOUND, AT Whitestonc, a large, newly furnished for Sum mer boarders; also a newly Hirnished Cottage, of 9 rooms; the most beautilUl location for hummer residences near New York city. R. D. TUCKER, it Cliff street. TO LET VERY LOW-BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE; Northern Railroad, New Jersey; 25 minutes Pa vonia ferry. Chambers street; 9-5 per month ; 59 Liberty street, stationery store. E. C. FOROB, No. S Dey street. TO LET CHEAP? AT NEW BRIGHTON, 12 ROOM Houses; all Improvements; fine view of boy; tour Loti; live minutes from ferry. Owner 15i William street, basement. TO LET OB FOR SALE? AT PASSAIC, N. J., MODERN House, all improvement*, IS rooms; barn aud ten ?ores ot land ; plenty fruit ; low to a good tenant. PARMLY, 307 Uudson street. TO LET OR LEASE? COTTAGE, 15 ROOMS, 4 ACBEB, y. mile from station; splendid view of Sound; only ?400. Address A. M. HAL8TBD, Rye, N. Y. TO LBT. LEA8K OB FOB SALK-A VERY FINB brick House, twelve rooms, alt improvements, newly painted. Large Plot, corner et Astor and Broad streets, Newark, N. J. J. CORBIT, 253 Ninth avenue, N. Y. TO LEASE? THB CABTLETON HOUSE, WEST Brighton landing; bouse contains 20 rooms, and can be filled Summer uud Winter. Apply on the premises, of W. W. PUBDY, or W. A. TYLER, 58 Broad street. New York. r RENT? FOR A TEAR. OR UNTIL OCTOBER next, with privilege to buv, a nice, plain House, with 11 rooms, back stairs lor servants, about k an acre, with some very handsome shnde trees; house la in good order, and Immediate possession can be had ; is located at Westfleld, on the Central Railroad ot New Jersey, the best road lit America ; 55 minutes from the foot of Liberty street ; alwavs on time ; rent $40 per month, or for sale at $0.500 ; no encumbrance now on the property ; terms will be made to suit BIKER, HK88M k Co., No. 5 Pineal r) BENT FOR ONE YEAR, WITH PRIVILEGE TO buy? A large, handsomely finished House, with about an acre ot eroiind, beantittilly laid out; first class barn and other buildings ; five minute* from depot at West field, on ihe Central of New Jersey; all I his section Is about no higher than Elizabeth, and no mosnuitoes; rent tor vear, $1,000; or can be bought for $5,000 leas than value before May I. RIKER, BESSB A CO., No. 5 Pine street. VALUABLE TIMBER TRACT OF 30!) ACRES, FINEST In New Jersey, 40 miles from city, on railroad ; oak, chestnut, hickory; original growth ; nevertalling stream. J. 1). CUNDIC r, 98 Broadway. <l?1 KA MONTH?FURNISHED HOUSB, ONE ?pl?)U mile trom Lake Mahopac; 16 rooms; good na tie; nico lawn and plenty of Iruit and shade trees. Apply at STKATTON'S Houscturnlsblng Warcrooms, TO sixth avenue. djQCA BENT.? GOOD HOUSE AT CLIFTON. STATKN ipOtJl/ Island, 10 moms, acre or ground, spring water, near the street cars; ten minutes from ferry. Address W. B. TOWNhEND, 40 Broadway, or No. 10 Bible House. &?AA RENT. -FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, IN ?Ol/U the rlty of Bridgeport, Conu. ; Improvements; suitable for boarding hfruse. Call on owner, 7^3 sixth av. d?-| AAA CASH AND $1,000 MORTGAGE WILL BUY ipAiUUU a double House (eight rooms), in good order; h acre of land ; near depot; location healthy; living cheap. Address OWNER, box 65 New Brunswick ^N. J.) Post office. <jkQ CAA ? >o'b SALE OR RENT-COTTAGE, HARN, tPsi.OUv/. Ac., two acres ground, laid out in lawn, shrubbery, fruit, on Midland Railroad, SO minutes trom cltv, five minntes from dooot; price $7,500; cash, $2,500. Inquire at 192 Duane street. New York. &A AAA W,LL BUT A KARM OF 2W ACRES, 60 ?TT?UUU Improved, house and barn, with furniture and outbuildings, the rest in timber ; a team of Mules, 8 head of Cattle, Hogs, Poultry, Wagons, Sleighs, Ploughs, Harness and all farming Implements; about 110 miles from New York. Hall cash, tno rest in 4 or 5 years. Ap ply to WBBN KR. 269 Bowery. <bfl KAA CASH AND $5,000 MORTAGE WILL BUY an elegant Country Scat (12 rooms), 3H acres land; 10 minutes from depot Address OWNER, box 50 New Brunswick (N. J.) Post office. ItKAti ESTATE TO MXCMAWOg. " A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP HOU8E WANTED between Sil and 6th avs. and 40th and 70th sts., in c\ohant;e for a first class Mouse In 19th st, near 5th av., or good Factory Property east of 6th av. and near 21st st Apply at WASII. Yut'Ntl'S, HI5 Seventh av. A -WANTED, A COUNTRY HOME, NEAR NEW ? York, for cash and nsw first class sewing machines, best make, at low prices; a rare chance for an active man lo make a handsome profit Address L. J. I., box 1.513 Post office. AN ELEGANT PROPERTY, 21 ACRBS, NEAR ENGLE . wood, N. J.? For Improved eity property, modern residence furnished; 17 rooms; cottage 8 rooms. Apply ?t 7<f Chambers stieet. IpOR SALE OK EXCHANOE-THE BOSTWICK 1 Farm, Chautauqua county, New York, two mllos lrom Joinesfown, largest manufacturing Place in the county; 30.1 acres, onu-belf timbered; well watered; a Inr?c bouse and bams on the premises; will bo sold at a aiifc AviJru** vj v?U jt iuvm W BBAL ESTATE TO BZOBiNOE. Fob salkor bxchanoe-two thrbb story ?nd basement i rown stone House*, elegantly lo cated, tu the city , will sell cheap for cash or uxcliauge for merchandise. Add rem A., lie raid office. For bale or bxchanob-an elegant coon try Realdeuoe on Statcn Island, near Clifton; large mansion, all modern Improvement*, ouUiuildloga com plete, 20 acre* of land uuder tiitfli state of cultivation, abundance of choice trulls; well shaded ; flue view of New York city ami bay ; everything iu complete order ; furnished or unturidshed. 8. IRELAND, 381 Broadway. 1 WILL SBLL A FULTON STREET PBOPBBTT, 1 west of broad way , or exchange lor a flue House ud town. Inquiries responded to. s/kiLPATRICK, 1,009 Third avenue. WANTED? TO HELL. OR EXOHANOE FOR MFR chandise, 2,0110 acres choice Texa* Land, adjolnluj the Texas t'aoiflc Railroad in Van Zandt comity, Texa* Titles perfect lu every reaped. For particulars address C. 0. H K A UN K, box iSf) (Julvcston (Texas.' Post office. "Mr ANTED? A BROWN STONE FRONT BOOSE, EAST " or weatside, below Sixtieth street, in oxcliange for a splendid Country Heat, unencumbered, oue hour in Jersey. CAMPBELL A PIEltUON, No. IK Park placo. nr.rt ACRES, WBSTOHESTF.R COUNTY, AT DEPOT, on Harlem Railroad, hours from New York, suitable lor cutting Into lots; spTondid buildings, barns, cow houses, 4c.; best dairy farm in county; Iree of en cumbrance; price $212 OOuer acre; will exchange whole or part for City Real Estate. THOMAS O. II <>J K It, 930 Third aveitue. HKAb MS Vl'ATE WANTED. WANTED? FOR $80, 000 HASH, A FOUR STORY House, location between Fourth and Sixth avenues mid Twen'y-third and Sixtieth streets. Address 0. F. FOSTER, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED TO PURCHASE ? A MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE in tho upper part of the city, lor which a beauti ful Fruit Karin 60 miles from Chicago, on the shore of Lake Michigan, will be offered in pari payment; $4,000 or $5,000 in cash will be tmli for a property that suits. Ad dross W. P. C., box 131 Herald office. BOARDERS WAATKD. 1I.ARQF. ROOM, NEATLY FURNISHED, FDR TWO: also hall Room, for single gentleman, at ICS Second avenue ; house ami board 11 rst class; t< rms reasonable. 1 BLOCK FROM WA8IIINOTON 8QUARE. -PLEAS; ant Rooms, newly turnishod, with excellent Board, a' I V Macdougul street : pleasant home (or single gentle men or gentleman and wile. 1 BLOCK FROM BROADWAY.? TO LET, HAND X Romely furnished Rooms, on first, second .ind third floors, convenient to Delmouico's and other restaurants. 18 Univorslty place. 2D FLOOR? WITH OR WITHOUT PRIVATE TABLE: also Halt Room; everything strictly first class; Si West Thirty-third street; liberal concession for yearly arrangement or lor season. References required. 3 DOORS ABOVE UNION SQUARE. 838 BROAD way.? A nice, comfortable Room, with or without Break last, in a private French family ; reasonable terms-, fine location. 5TH AVENUE, NO. 76. -DESIRABLE. HANDSOMELY furnished Rooms, with Board: reference. 5TH AVENUE, S47.-A VERY DESIRABLE 8ECOND Floor, newly painted, with unexceptionable private table; also two Iront Rooms, on the fourth floor; refer* ences exchanged. Call Saturday and M onday. 5TH AVENUE. 343 ? A HANDSOME SECOND FLOOR, with or without private table; also other Rooms; terms moderate. dfcft TO *10 PER WEEK, *1 80 PER DAY-PLEASANT ipl) Rooms, with excellent Board, for families nnd sin gle, at 174, 176 and 178 Bleccker street, six blocks west of Broadway. ? TO *10 PER WEEK.? GENTLEMEN OR GEN ?P") tleman and wife can obtain pleasant Rooms, with Board, at 70 West Washington place. Blcecker street an J Sixth avenue cars near by. "I A BAST THIRTY-THIRD STREET. -A FRONT AND I U llall Room on third floor to rent, with Board ; ref erences exchanged. 1 Q WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET, THREE DOORS lO from Fifth avenue.? To let, with Board, finely fur Dished Rooms; house first class ; references exchanged. I C WARREN PLACE (CHARLES STREET;. ? CALL Ju and select from e'eguntly furnished Rooms, il rst rlass Board; terms moderate; no moving; near Sixth and Seventh avenue cars. nWAVRRLEY PLACE.? DESIRABLE ROOMS, front and rear, anil elegantly furnished Parlors and connecting Bedrooms on the first floor, with excellent Board. References required. 1 Q EAST FORT Y-8EVE NTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH IO avenue.? EBtire second or third Floor, furnished or unfurnished, with Board; terms moderate to perma nent first class parties; references given and required. "I Q WE8T TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, OPPOSTE x t7 Firth Avonuc Hotel? A suit of Rooms, elegantly fur nished, to rent to a party of gentlemen, with or without Board; also single Rooms. 0-1 WEST EIGHTEENTH STREET.? AN FLKGAN'T Zj L Second Floor to lei, with or without private table, lrom April 26, for tho season or year. HOD STREET, NO. 114. ONE BLOCK EAST OF MADI siO son square.? Elegantly furnished Rooms to let, with first class Board; also one large and small Room, top floor. C)A WEST THIRTIETH STREET, ADJOINING GIL ?j~X sey House.? Nicety furnished Rooms, large closets, both ou same Door, with or without breukust. OQ EAST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET, CORNER OF ?0 Madison avenue.? Handso:ne Rooms to lot, with Board, to families or single goutlemen. Q"| WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN BROAD. Ol way and Fifth avenue.? Fine Suits nnd single Rooms to let to families and gentlemen, with Board ; location delightftil; references exchanged. 09 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? FURNISHED Oij Rooms, with Board, to let; the best of references given and required. prn WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET, NEAR ST. ?JU James.? New and haudsomcly furnished Room to let, with Board ; references. Ol ST. MARK'S PLACE.? ROOMS, WITH BOARD, OL furnished or unfurnished, to gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen ; only a few taken ; reference. 79 WEST NINETEENTH STREET.? FROM MAY 1, I Zi pleasant Rooms to let, with Board ; location for business; gentlemen desirablo; terms moderate. Refer ences exchanged. IfM WAVERLEY PLaCB, NEAR WASHINGTON lo? square.? Square Room and Hall Bedroom to let, with Board. lift EAST FIFTY FOURTH STREET.? A FEW RE 1 -LU spectable young men can be accommodn ted with good Board and very desirable Rooms; bath and gas; neighborhood first class. 1 f}4 EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET.? TO LET, with Board, two connecting Rooms on first floor, separately or together ; also one or two other Rooms ; ref erences given and required. -|9Q EAST FIFTY-SECOND STREET? A nAND JZjO somelv furnished second story front Room, with Board, In ? private family, for gentleman and wile, or two gentlemen; references required. 1 9Q WRST TWENTY-SECOND street.? itand XtuO somelv furnished back Parlor, second floor, front Room and hall Room, to let, with first class Board, to gentlemen and wives or single gentlemen ; references ex changed. mWEST THIRTY-FOURTH STREET.? ONE BUTT ot Rooms, with Board, in a first class private house. 1QQ WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. ? HANDSOME I.Ot/ Rooms on the second and third floors, with Board; situated very desirable; wide and airy; open through to the next street. 1 ^9 FRANKLIN STREET.? A PARTY OF GENTLE l'tJm i men or gentleman and wife eon get weU fur nished Rooms, with good table ; also table and dinner boarders. 99A WKST THIRTY.THIRD STREET. -BOARDERS wanted -, large and small pleasant clean Rooms, good Board. Si. $!i and *fi per week. 997 EAST TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN 8EC Ld ?t I ond and Third avenues.? Nicely furnished Front Rooms, with Board, for gentlemen, in a French family ; moderate prices. Hi fcrencen r< quired. 9Qr WEST TWENTY-TniRD STREET.? HA ND 4iO if soniely furnished Room* to let, with or wilitout Boar. I ; reference* exehauged. 9C7 WKST THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET. -TO LET, JjO I with Board, a desirable Room, southern expo sure. to gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. No moving in May. References required () 7 A WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET.? NEATLY H'-t fnrnl*hnd double and single Rooms to rent, with or without Board ; terms low. 9QH FOURTH AVENUE.? TO RENT, WITH BOARD, ^iOU by a l.rivate family, two or three cheerful Rooms neatly furnished, newly papered and palnte<l, containing modern improvement*; large Room on parlor floor, fur nished or unfnrntshed ; reference exchanged. OT REVRNTlf AVENUE, FIRST FLOOR.-A FEW OXu respectable young men can be arcommodatcd with good Board and Room lu a private English family ; term* *ft and *6 per weok. Qlfi WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET.? TWO OaO large Rooms over imrlor to rent, separately or together, with Board; private boarding house; good tabic. QOC WEST TWENTIETH STREET.? A GENTLEMAN OOu and wlft, or two single gentlemen, enn be accom modated with good Board, on reasonable terms. 3nrt WEST TWENTY- NINTH STREET, 28 LAMAR fJ I tine place.? Desirable Rooms on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Hoard ; house first class, brown stone ; neighborhood unexceptionable ; refer ences. Qftl WEST THIRTY-FIRST STREET? DESIR *8LE *?* l ? Booms, on second floor, comprising front and back Parlors, with ample closets, to lot, with Board, to ladies or gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives; loca tlon first class; no moving In May; references. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET, FROM MAY 1, TWO Rooms, with Boar.l, to gentlemen; Forty-third street, near Broadway, lenes reasonable. Reference*. Address M. B. G., box 167 Herald office. AFAMII.Y, OWNINO THEIR OWN RESIDnNCE IN Yorkvilie (first class brown stone), and net requiring the entire hoti-e. will let. tarnished (breakfast it desired), the front Room, second floor, to one or two gentlemen; charges moderate to tho right parties. Address COM - FoRjNJiox 1?3 Herald otllce. _____ NEXT DOOR TO GRAND HOTEL ? riNF. ACCOMMO dftlona, with or without Board ; highest reference exchanged. 36 West Thl'ty-first street. BOARD AMU LODGINO WAOTBP. AYOUNa~ LADY, ENUAGED DURING THE DAY, desires Board In a private ftemllv, resldini between Fourteenth an4 1 wenrv-eighth streets, and West of (?eventh avenue Address t. B. P., 357 West ^yeiUcuuih jtreeu yAEPlEI tTAWBD. BOABD~WANTED-BF A OEMTUHIAK AMD HUB ?on, nil yearn of lie in I private family m ? faro* within an hour's ride of the city where a good bom* for the child can be found. Address 0. F. B., Uinld office. for three day*. Board wanted-forobntleman, wirK, tiikrk children, respectively 8, 5 and \\i year*, aail nurse. In a respectable private family ; German or French pre ferred; location between Tenth and Fortieth street*. Address, stating terms aud accommodation, 8. K., Herald office. ^ Board wanted-by gentleman, wifb and daughter; two room* adjoining: priee not to ex reed $287 Addreaa JAMES MONROE, box 183 Herald WANTED? BT GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A I.ABGB furnished ltoom, between Twenty-sixth and Fortieth streets, where there are few or no other boarder*, witM Hoard for lady ; none but quiet parties need answer. Ad dress A. B. 0., box ill Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? BY A OENTLEMAN AND WIFB, A NIC* Jfj Hoots, with Hoard, in ? private family ; desiro t? ftirnlsh room thetn?olves: location below Forty-second street; termi >16. Address CONSTANT, Herald offine. WANTED? BY TWO OENTLKMEN, A PAK1.0K AND Bedroom, with Board, above Twentieth street Address box 3,46$ Poet office. stating terms. BEOOKL Y W BOARD. I A"" OENTLEMAN WILLING TO FAY |9 PER WEEK. can obtain excellent Board in the vicinity of Myrtle and Clinton avenues, Brooklyn, together with Back Par lor. Bedroom and Sittinu Room adjoining; washing a pil . mending; a delightful summer house. Address B. it , boa 1.8ri9 New York Post office. WANTED? BY GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, TW? Rooms, with Board, In private family, In Brooklyn, within twenty minutes' walk ot Fulton ferry. Address, stating terms and location, B. R. THOMAS, box 4,139 Port office, New York. HOTHL.M. ANGELL'8 TURKISH AND ELECTRIC BATIM, 51 Lexington avenue.? Rooms tor gentlemen or fami lies, transient or permanent, with or without meals; pri vate table if desired. Baths open all night Bo?rd? Vt^?f. OORN*? Bedroom on first floor" eek 1 0lle nice Parlor arf Grant house, 44, *6 and 48 new bowery, pob sale reasonably, or lease, for respectable families , over 100 rooms ; stores, basements, vaults; 78 feet front Apply at 25 Third aveuuo. Hotel st. germain, fifth avenue, twentt second street and Broadway. Elegant Suits and single Rooms now vacant; table d'hote or European plan; most central location; rooms all front fcTirRTBVANT HOUSE, BROADWAY, TWENTT O eighth and Twenty-ninth streets, New York, Ameri can plan, $4 a day.? This hotol has elevators, all modern improvements; situated in the great hotel centre. Lis Wis A GEO. 8. LKLAND, Proprietors. couw?y boarp' ,j A LADY IN THE COUNTRY DESIRES TO TAKE A few children to Board lor the Summer; good refer ences. Call at 244 West Forty-second street. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A PLEASANT HOME l\_ in a first class private family rosiding on the Hud son, 19 minutes by rail from Thirtieth street; no other boarders; stable if desired; reiorences exohangod. Ad dress A. HOME, Herald office. A OENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD AT ASTORIA from May 1. Address, giving tall particulars, GEN TLEMAN, Herald office. COUNTRY BOARD? AT FARMHOUSE TWO HOUR8 from city by Central Railroad of New Jersey ; Kood table ; beautiful scenery, very healthy, no mosquitoes; terms $8 per week. Address BUXTON, box 1/ North Branch, Somerset county, N. J. tnr l a* ftfvoMaleTiPT cR?h junr ' TO 1? J?ni;..P'cn^3r of ire^li mii'k ffjntJciBan, wife and with ftill particulars, 0. W. o., CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED? AT OR VICINITY OF J Summit N. J., by a gentleman and wife, from June 1 : terms not to exceed $a) per week. Address THOMAS, Brooklyn Branch Herald office. First class parties in quest of an ati rao ( tive Country Home, within hourly ncoess of city, will find at White Plains, Westchester comity, N. Y.. vory superior accommodations; spacious rooms, beauti fully shaded erounds cood stablins; every requisite for health, comfort and pleasure. Apply to or address Cap tain G. LYON. First class board and pleasant rooms can be secured for the season, trom mldtllo ot April if desired. Addross box 26 l'urk Ridge Post office, Ber gen county, N. J. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD, CAN BE obtained at Newark, N. J., SO minute* from New York ; horse cars pass the door every lour minutes. Ad dress A. A , 188 Clinton aveuue. References given and required. The formee country seat of the latk iion. ij James W. Beekinan to bo used as a family Hoarding | House: two acres of ground, nicely laid out: locality, house, Ac. , first class. Beekman Mansion. East S4S FlfUcth street ; the carrlago gale shaded by a willow tree. TWO LADIES WANT SUMMER BOARD, FROM MAY 1, on the Northern Railroad, N. J. Address, statin* terms, which must be modorate, BRIGHTON, Herald office. WANTED? BOARD FOR LADY AND LITTLE GIRL, within 30 miles of New York, in private lamily, on Hudson or llarlem Railroad; references required. Ad j dress T. L. H., Herald office. HJMMER RESORTS.^ COLUMBIA HALL, LEBANON 8PRING8, N. Y.. will unen for the reception of guests June 2, 1873. Board at reduced rates for the season. A book, illustrat ing Lebanon Springs aud surroundings, will be sent on ! application to DANIEL GALE, proprietor. I MOUNTAIN HOUSE, SOUTH ORANOE. MONTROSE ? station, N. J.? This favorite first class hotel Is open for Spring and Summer season ; It has all the conveni ences and comforts of a city hotel; 60 minutes from loot of Barclay street via Morris aud Essex Railroad, 34 trains daily. Extra Inducements to parties wishing im mediate Board. C. H ITZE I. BUROLR, Proprietor. PALISADES MOUNTAIN HOUSE will be opened on or about the 1st of May. For terms, *c., address C0Z2EKS A MURRAY, Knglewood, N. J. T>REMIUM POINT HOUSE.? DELIGHTFULLY SITU X a ted ok the Sound, one mile from New Rochelle depot; good sea bathing, foiling, boating; pleasant drives; stabling. Ac. Early application for choice of Roams can be made to A C. PLIMPTON, 54 West Twenty fourth street PEABODY HOUSE, YONKERS-OX-THE-HUDSON, U now open for permanent and transient guost*. Riverside hotel, carmansvillb, foot of 193d street. North River, has been thoroughly rofltted and newly furnished will be opes for the reception of guests on or about the 1st of Hay. Applications for Room* received at the hotel by the undersigned. 8. F. PAULL. O. DUNOALF. ST. JAMES HOTEL, MARION, N. J.-EIOHT minutes from Jersey City ferry. Corilandt or Det hrones street* ; Pennsylvania Railroad: beautiful loca tion ; first class table, elegantly tarnished Rooms, en suite or singly: all modern Improvements; boating, driving.. good stabling. Ac. * ST. MARK'S HOTEL? NEW BRIGHTON, STATEN Island.? This favorite resort, with Its beatiUinl Grounds and Cottages attached, is now beinir iut in thor ough order for the coming Season, and will open on ir about the flrst of May For terns and ether Information apply at uie Hotel, or address 0. DE CAMP, Proprietor. POST OFFICE NOTICE. POST OFFICE NOTICE. The Mails for Europe, daring the week ending Satur day, April 19, 1.373. will close at tills office on Wednesday at lz M., on ibursday at 11 A. M , and on Saturday at 7? aud 11 AM. T. L. JAMES, Postmaster. _____ A r HOTEL DE PRANCE, 8CH0TTENRIN0, NO. 3, VIENNA (AUSTRIA), situated in the immediate vicinity of the Honie of Repre sentative* and the Exchange; contain* 130 comfortably furnished Room* for guests, dining saloon*, reading rooms, smoking and bathing room*; elovatora, hotel car rlagos, 4c. Attendance In all the living language*. Opening of the hotel April IS, 1873. Respectfully, v LEOPOLD HOfiAUfc Director.', GUERLAIN? 18 HUE DE LA PAIX, PARIS. Ambrosial Cream for Shaving. Fashionable PcrfUinc for the handkerchief. Eau il? Lustre for the hair. Eue de Cologne (preparation specialc). JJJOTEL MlhABEAD, PARI*. This splendid establishment is beautifully sitnated la the Rue dc la Paix, the finest part ot the cily. adorning the new Grand opera, the fashionable Iwmlevards, the l'lace Veniloine ami (he Tuilerie* Onrdens. and is con ducted under the immediate superintedence ot the pro prietor, Mr. CASANOVA*, who respectfully offers hi* grateful acknowledgment* to American tsinilies and gen tlemen tor (heir continued pittronage. The reading room Is supplied with American and English r ipers: tiiere art. besides handsouie smoking and roiTen rooms; the apart ment* combine every com tort and elegance, and the su perior cuistne, oxiellent attendance ami conscientious no derate charges render the V irate. hi to the bestcla?*o? travellers a most comfortable end agreeable residence. _ Swiss and united couriers' society.? cou rlers may be secured on arrival by rainilles visiting Europe, on writing the Secretary, 38 Mount street, Uroa venor square. London, England. The qurkn's hotel, near the crystal I Palace, Upper Norwoad, Londen.-To touri-t* and families? Its elevated, pleasant and most salubrious posi tion, combined with the comfort afforded and its general aianagemcnt, have made the oueen's Hotel alavurlM (Htfi at ik* K WlllUHl Wtt't*1'

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