Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1873, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1873 Page 8
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. The Monetary Stringency Gradually Abating. The Rate on Call Ranges from 1*4 a Day Down to 6 Per Cent Per Annum. A Buoyant Market at the Stock Exchange. ANOTHER FAILURE AND EARLY ALARM. A Reaction, a Rally and an Eventual Advance to Ante-Panic Prices. A Bold Demonstration by the Clique in Gold. Running lip the Premium in Face of Specie Shipments from London. Smart Rise in Government Bonds? Advance in foreign Exchange? Decline in Ten nessee*? The Week's Imports of Dry Goods. Wall Street, 1 Friday, April 18?6 P. M. f On 'Change to-day cotton was in better demand and firmer. Flour continued dull and prices wore easier. Wheat was quiet and unchanged, while corn ,waB active and firmer. TITE DRY GOODS IMPORTS. The total imports of loreign dry goods at the port of New York during the past week were of the specie value of $3,3U0,09!?. the amount mar keted daring the same period being $2,003,385. The amount sent Into warehouse was $1,280,057, W<-' the withdrawals were $972,393. THE FOREIGN MARKET. It will be seen by our special cable despatches that a hundred thousand pounds gold, or ubont half a million dollars, was taken out of the Hank of ?England to-day for shipment to New York, at tracted hither by the recent fall In the foreign ex changes. Our correspondent reports an appre hension existing in the market that this shipment . will lead to the raising of the discount rate *1 ' THE BANK Of ENGLAND, particularly if it should be followed by farther ex ports. Some of the Wall street despatches repre sent the amount coming as nearly a million dollars. It is quite unlikely, of course, that any further Important shipments will be made, for the reason that, with tho current demand up?n London from Germany for specie in the grad ual settlement of the French indemnity, the Dank will raise the rate of discount and keep the money ?thome. But the simple fact of a movement of specie of any extent in favor of New York justifies the recent sentiments ?r the Herald as to the abnormal character or the rise in gold. All our extravagances have not been sufficient to prevent the rates of exchange falling se ax to bring SPECIE FKOM LONDON to New York. We shall not go Into the argument of stringent money and like explanations. The fact is that while speculators have been running op gold en the plea of "the drain of the precious metals'' to Europe, our monetary relations with the Old World are such that the specie tide Is in our favor. At least It Is not against us, and will not be for many a long day, if wc may judge from the present tenor of the lorelgn exchanges. The London quotations do not confirm the re ported apprehension of a rise in 'he hank rate, lor consols have been steady, while United states ; bonds were strong all day and closed at an ad vance of % per cent. Erie shares were steady and other securities about as last quoted. ADVANCE IN FOKEION EXCHANGE. The farther relaxation in the money market and the more confluent anticipation of easier rates In the Immediate future started a brisk inquiry for Mils on Europe, especially as It was the eve of steamer day. Under this demand rates advanced per rent for sterling, prime sight bills rising to 108%, the market closlug firin on the Intelligence #f tTie coming dT" specie from London. The following shows the revised standard rates:? Sterling, sixty days, commercial, 106% a 107"V; do., good to prime bankers', 107% a 1075$; do., short sight, 10s% a loss ; Paris, sixty days, ?.36% a 5.81%; do., short sight, 6.27% a 5.26 %; Prussian thalers, 70% a 71; Antwerp. 5.35 a 5.30; Switzerland, 5.35 a 5.30; Hamburg, 93% a 04%; Amsterdam^ 39 % a 40; Frankfort. 40% a 40% ; Bre men, 03% a 04%. MONEY EASIER. The money market was appreciably easier, j although In the early forenoon the apprehensions j of lenders were excited afresh by the failure of the ' bouse of Lockwood A Co., and borrowers, in their j eagerness to secure accommodations, snbmltted to the terms then demanded, loaus being made at 3-16 j ? % per ceat at the start, the latter consideration being paid, however, mostly In the way of "turn ing" stocks. An the day wore on the rate fell off j to 1-16 dnd then to 7, gold. an<Lsome transactions : subsequent to three o'clock were reported at 6 a 7 j per cent. Accounts were pretty well closed by the regular hour, and the sidewalk market was aguln only slimly attended, the recent ; disposition or the street being strongly In favor of j confining transactions in money to the regular place inside the Stock Exchange. | GOLD STRONG ? 117% A 118%. The inconsistency of the movement In gold was ?eidom so welt Illustrated as during to-day. Not withstanding the announcement of the movement 1 of specie from London to New York and the cable reports or the buoyancy of our bonds in the foreign market, the gold clique deliberately raised the quo tation from 117% tell8>?, their efforts being assisted to some extent by the buylug of the importers in connection with purchases of foreign exchange for Saturday's steamers. We have already re corded the feeling of certain London speculators as to the advance in gold, their views Inducing them to go "short" of the market. To-day despatches were received thrsugh the cable reporting the atalpment of heavy consignments of May -coupons, and ordering the gold sold against them. These several adverse influences caused a reaction to 117%, but the clique went In again and marked the price back to lls^. The course of the market is shown in the following table 10 A. M 117 % 1:30 1'. M 118% 10:4V A. M 117 , 1:33 P. M 118% 10:57 A. M 117 , 2 1*. M ll?% 11 A. M 117% P. M lis 12 M 117% 3:40 P. M 117% , 12:02 P. M 117 >, 3:62 P. M 118 j 1 P. M 11* S ?:&5 P. M 118% I 1:23 P. M lit 4 P. M 118 a 118% In the gold loan mtfrket the rates ranged from 4 per cent per annum to 1-32 a day for carrying. The operations of the Gold Exchange Bank were as follows:? ' Gold cleared $83,152,000 Gold balauces 1.3H.'>,U41 Currency balauces 2,026,191 The Sub- Treasury paid out $4 1,000 on account of Interest and $54,000 on account of redeemed live twenties. THE HAILROAD BONDS. The railroad bonds were dull and barely steady At the call, but prices In the afternoon repealed a firmer market. The following were the bids at the " call as subsequently amended :? Mow Tort Can tVI*W 91% Chit A NWcitold bd*. Jtrie Mm, extended.. .102 Han 4 M Jo I u .... . Brie 1st in, endorsed... I'- Hhii a M Joconvert... *?>'?? . Erie rs.Mm, Xi 97 im. l.ark A W lit in... M% Kile 7'*, *th in, '80 V7 Del, Lack A Welt Zd in . K7 ilrto 7%, ' Ui m, 1W> Del, l.a< k A W 7 * con . 9% irfina liora bond* ..... . . fol .1 W mI> let on. ex. . !M\ ?uir <1 41 ??t in. 77. WV, Tul A W 1st m, ft L div ? i ? Hud H 7'?,ld in, ? I. t#.104(j Tul A >?'?l. 2<im .' ?:l*J nod B 7'a.Mm, 7# IM galena A Chteunex 101 aih A Mi" 1"1' '-"'S Mor is A Kkm>i .All A f iif> 3<i t"l? 96 fJi'm iMm.n luz Mich Ccu t'K.lBl III, '82.114 N J I-, let in r?, . 73% ' CTrte, Bnr A Q 8*s .tetm.121% Pitu Y w a c ?d m. .. W Mich Mo 7 p c 2d m ??% Pitts, m l Chic id m. 93 Mich K A N I s f, 7 p C. . IW.'j Olcv * Pitt* 2d m 99 ('lev A Tol s f. . . IDS Olev A Pitts3dm ,98 (.'lev A Tol new bds... VI Chic A Alt 1*1 ui IJJ3 c, p, a a old uis U8% Ohio a Miwconi...1I?< J" 0, P A A lie w bus ?!! St Louis A Iron M l)?t Men A Tol lids.... 9!t% Mil A .-tP 1st 111,8's.PO. IW Butt A trie new lids... 93 MiStP 1st, 73-10, l'l) SW Lake t lioredlT bds.... 92 M* MP 1st m, LaO D. NS% Lake Shore con r 9S'? Joliet A t lilc 1st in 104 Cen Pacific cold bds. ..108% Col, Chic A Inn ('1st 86>{ Western Paclllc bds.... 9<% Col. Chic A lnd 2d 71 % Union Pacific 1st in.... N5', Tol, P A W, K 1) ?9? Union Pacific I k 7's... 73% Tol, P A W. Bnrl'n div. 85)2 Union Pacific Inc 10's. . 73 N Y A N U?'i 9 J Illinois ( en 7 per ci, '73.100 Boat, H A Erie 1st in 7's 88)^ Belleville A K I II l?t, K's. 96 Ced Kails A Min 1st m. . 79 All A Ter II, id in prof. 88 Bur, CHAM 7's. lst,u. 88 Alt A IsrU, 2d in inc. 80 SOUTHERN SECURITIES LOWER. The Southern State bonds were heavy and lower, at least as far as the tone of the market was dis closed in the few sales that took place. Tennessees sold at 77 % and Mlssouns at 93^. The new South Carolina* were exceptionally firm, the April bonds bringing 20. The following were the closing quota tions Tennessee, ex-coupon, 77% a 79; do., new, 77% a 79; Virginia, ex-coupon, 43 a 48; do., regis tered stock, old, 36 a 40; do., sixes, consolidated bonds, 52 a 53; do., sixes, deferred scrip, 13), a 14; Georgia Bixes, 73 a 78; do., sevens, 87 a 90; North Carolina, ex-coupon, 30 a 31; do., issued to North Carolina Railroad, 67 a 60; do., funding, 1866, 17 a 20; do., do., 1868, 16 a 20; do., new, 17 a 18; do., special tax, 14 a 16; Missouri sixes, 93% a U3 %: do., Hannibal and St. Joseph, 90 a 91 ; Louisiana sixes, 42 a 49; South Carolina sixes, 27 a 40; do., new, January and July, 18 a 20; do., do., April aud October, 26 a 29; Arkansas sixes, funded, 39 a 42. GOVERNMENTS RAM r ANT. The advance in goki, the relaxation in money, the rise iu the London quotations of American securities and the general recuperation of good feeling In the street combined to cause a sharp rise in the government list, the '67's, for instance, jumping one per cent to 119% ? or two per cent since yesterday morning, while the sixes of '81, which were offered at 119 Thursday night, arc now held at 120%. The improvement was distributed throughout the list in striking but less extensive proportions, the advance in gold serving very naturally to check the effect upon THE CURRENCY SIXES of the easier terms for money, but failing to pre vent an advance of a % per cent, which was the smallest change In the list. The following were the closing prices:? United States currency sixes, 113*4 a 114; do. sixes, 1881, registered, 116 a 116),; do. do. do., coupon, 120% a 120, 1 ^ ; do. five-twenties, registered, May and November, 113 a 113%; no. do., 1862, coupon, do., 117% a 118; do. do., 1864, do. do., 117% a 118; do. do., 1865, do., do., HO.1* a 119% ; do. sixty-sevens, registered, January and July, 116% a 116%; do. do., 1865, coupon, do., 117% a 117%; do. do., 1867, do. do., 119% a 119% ; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117 a 118; do. ten-forties, registered, 111 a 111%; do. do., coupon, 113 a 113%; do. lives of 1881, registered, 113% bid ; do. do. do., coupon, 115 bid. STOCKS STRONG AND BUOYANT. The recovery of the stock market progressed to-day even more rapidly than the most sanguine "bull'' could have fancied possible, In view of the depression and alarm so lately prevailing. Indeed, the remarkable fall and succeeding rise of the past few days are all in keeping with the oft-boasted ability of American institutions to "dlvo deeper, swim further and come up drier" than any other rival concerns. The applecart which was upset so badly only a few days ago is now standing in its normal position, loaded with a new supply of vendible commodities. The brokers were on 'Cbaugc bright and early this forenoon, and set about business with the ntmost alacrity under the stimulus of heavy "orders" from buyers; confident that tlie "panic" had brought the market DOWN TO "UARD-PAN." But all this early confidence wan temporarily dissipated by the announcement of the failure of LocKwood A Co., aud buyers became anxiously eager to sell, the market receding suddenly one or two per cent. The nature of the failure being soon afterward revealed and the losses being mostly outside the Board, the confident feeling re turned, and prices once more surged up ward, but the market remained feverish until alter the relaxation in money, when a grand final rush took everything up to a still higher stage of prices, the figures reached In the closing buoyancy being either up to or l a 2 per cent higher than those from which the " panic" started on Wednesday morning. The table below will tell its tale In Illustration of these fitcts, while n an adjoining column the reader will find a rurther narrative of the excitement in the street, ?nd the result of un "interview" with the sus pended Arm of Lockwood A Co. Uarlem advanced to 127 and Panama to 109. Northwestern was made active, and rose from 77% to 79%. Boston, Elartlord and Erie fed off to 3 %. HIGHEST AND LOWEST PRICES. The rollowing table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day Righi'at. Lowest. New York Central 101% ov*% Erie Cfi% 64% Lake Shore 92% 90% Wabash 68% 6?% Northwestern 79 77% Northwestern preferred 85% 84% Rock Island 108% 106% St. Paul 57% 54% Ht. Paul preferred 72 70% Ohio and Mississippi 44 42 Union Pacific 32% 31% C.. C. and I. C 38% 36?^ Western Union Telegraph 85% so Pacific Mail 69% 56% In Philadelphia, Heading advanced to 115 and Pennsylvania to 113J< SALES AT THE FEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Friday, April lH?lOilS A. M. $1000 US 6 s c, '81.... C 118* $4000 US 5-20, c. '67 !17?i 1000 US .V20.C, 'ii2 .c 116 HUUO do 117J, 3000 U.S 5's, 10-40, c.... Ill* 10 A. M.? Before Call. ttOstu W c?t L*nTol...c 200 t>w 200 xi JO 300 5U) 300 300 *00 500 I' 00 900 400 400 300 1000 3000 2400 400 ?l)0 V*) ?)0 500 300 du. . do. dc. do. do. do. do. do. do do. do. do. do. do. ilo. do. do. du do. do. do. do.. do do. 500 Erie KR 60U lo HU0 Pacific Mail ssco. 71)0 da 900 500 I'M 800 300 900 _'U0 200 :*jo 2t 10 <1.0 SOU 2. 10 200 iu>. . do. tin. . ito. . do. . do. . ?lo.. tlo. 00.. do. . tlo.. do., do. . do 81 sa't H2-, S2Vi S2 S2?i 82 MX ?i!2 so HI ?1 <ll4 "IS Ilk 11 HI 1-4 HIS 31)4 his i-f/t 06 87 57* 57 u;< 88 , M* nr. 4 56 t6)t Mi wi ui', 8s 56% 57 500 shs C A N W RU. 100 do 2') do 200 do 100 Mil A St P Of loo tio 100 4o 100 do 2oo c, oak; br.... HOO 2.10 200 200 100 100 300 2m) 400 200 .100 100 Ml 201) 800 100 100 100 '<?* n% 77? J 77* 70 -J 71 JO* 70)4 38 37* :? ?tf\ 37* 37 36V 362 37 36* 36* 36* 3?V P III* do c 107? do . . lOTJi <lo 1'17'J do 107*J 107* 107* do. do. do. ?lo. do. do...... do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do do. do. do. do. do. 00. do. do. 700 C A K I KR. 100 600 500 100 UN) lit 10 7>J0 300 200 800 500 100 HOO liJO HOO 500 100 LS A USRK 91* 100 .TOO 1000 300 200 300 3W SOU 3 W JO 500 do. do. tlo. ilo. do. do. ?1* 91* ?* 91* 91 Hi 91 ?Mtti ill '4 91k 91 WIS 100* do HWS do <?' looJi llO ........C ll)0>4 ill). 100* do c l"o* ?it* >!? do do 2IIO Obio A Mini KK. 200 (Jo 700 tlo. do. do.. .. do.... 1100 N Y<;A il R KR SOU ;??i sou 3uU 200 r>oo ?.K) 200 200 50 1300 200 sill do SOOC Pacille KK... do ilo. do. 2000 1000 ,'kW ? la. do., tlo. , tlo.. do., till . do., tlo. 300 l.^OU 100 :<00 WW a*) 300 200 10U* ... 100 . . . 99l? 500 ... 1IW w?) ... I?>* 600 . 100?t SOU . c loo* 100 . .C 100 do. do. ilo. tin. do. do. ao. do. . tin. dp. do. do. do. do. 100* 200 B, H A K RR 400Pitnamit KK 100 Mil A St 1 100 Si 100* wow 100* lootf KM (111 Ilo. do. 100 800 too 200 600 200 do 40" C A N w KK (2000 Mliwrmri 6'*. MWO du Aft MX 5ft (It) 4o. do do. uo. do. do. do do. . do. ill) ilo. ill) . . 107 . 107'; . lin . n>?% . iohw ? >0?>2 . lor C 107 C 100* . ioih! ? 42* c 43 . 43 . 43;, . 42 '4 42', 42 S 42 ft I #2* 32 31 U 31 , 31', 81 '4 81'. 31V, ?IIS 31 >, 31 * 31 fi :u iff $ 8 * li B 3* 1 1 . . 55* fifiO .. w>* 200 .. 5f>* IIKI ... 77), Kir.l Hoard? I?i30 A. N. l?o kIii N T i: A W?4 .. ny? 10UV Ut> ioo,'4 7000 do 9SX 800 1000 Bnfl, N Y AErte Int. 94 IfOO 1UWI Harlem lHt m. - . 1<R 900 1000 Buff A K, new ... 93 1 00 lOuOUhl'ac l*tm ..e mi 2UO SOiW do 86H 1*10 2(00r Tarrs.lK b.... 74 1U0 2000 UPaclO'R, inc... c 72% 100 9000 Alt .1 T II 2d rn pi 88 100 soon Alt A T H inc l? loo 2000 Tol A Wat) 2d 93K ?#*) 1UIO do bc.c 93 ?i SO) 6UWi M J i>n 1st, new. I01,l? *00 lOOOp.FtW A C 2d... 99 WO lOUlClev A P4tfl H4 1(10 6000 Ohio A M con 9I>< 100 60OU B, II A K l?t 3H\ M 1000 L.'vllleAN culi.'SH ?4U /'JO 1000 Lake Shore con r 98 9U) 1A alls Am Kx Uauk. .. lll>? 6 do c Ul>4 ?o B'kul Commerce... 119 100 UH Ex Co 72Ji Ion do 7"-S 200 Erie HR bc.c 64',, 2CO Harlem KR c 123 Soo Wetil i'ii Tel be too 2"0 500 BOO 2<M 400 500 140U 400 MM JIK) MM I'juo noo WW 200 200 4HO 600 200 200 200 do c 100H do ioc5? do ?00? do c ltt>? do lUOji do *3 lUO'i ao 100 ^ do.. do.. do.. do. . do.. do. do. . do.. do do. . do. do. . da. 200 Panama RR 200 do i>c w:\i lOOUPac UK be 314, no. do. do. aoo do ioo 100 uo 600CAN WRIt. 100 C, C, O A 1 RR 134 do be 10N J Ceil RR .bc.c .be MWC A Rock 1 RR. .be 107 1200 900 900 1200 200 900 700 1900 900 1300 do 420 L 8 A M 8 RR 100 DUO 1400 700 100 200 800 100 100 600 200 uo. do do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do 100 N .T Soutn'n KR 200 M X tit P RR 107?i io/>, 107 Ji 107*4 107)j 107 107?4 107 . .1)3 107^ 83 6.V; .Vi'J bVi 95 \ 5.'.S, 7l 70* ml 97 WV 200 MilA 81 I' RK til. b c 100 do 100 ToL w A WliR.b c.c 100 do 200 do 100 Bout, II A E Rli.bc 20 D, 1. A W RR 98 "" 200 do be 97? IONy,.\ II A Hart RR 130)2 9 do be 137 fi do lM1^ 37 Mor A Essex RK..C 90'i 100 H A 8tJoRR....bc 89K 1200 Ullio A M BE ' " ' $4000 US 6'g, ?,c 10000 do I20& 16000 US 5-20, r. '02..... 113 2000 US 6-20, e? '?.... 117 1000 LI 8 5-20, c, 'OS I leS5i 61*0 l's 6-20, r. '06, n.b3 I16? 6000 do llj>? 26000 uo be 115 N0U0 U8 1,-20, C, 'oi, n. . llfiJi 10000 du 117 do. . do. . . do. . do. . do 37" ao biO 37>4 do %'/i WilS and ??15 P. 111. C 119J< #10000 US 5-20, r, '67. . .. 116 9000 ao c 116 22000 do SJ li(isn 20000 US 6-20, c, '07... .. ll.i'i ItiOOO do 119 29000 do * llUVi 20000 do be lltf.'I 600 UR ft- 20, c, DM 117 2000 U8 6'g, 10-W.e.... 113 latllO P. M.? Before Call. 100 slis West Union Tol 100 ill) 82W do 82 <4 do 82 UO C 82W do 82'4 mi do 8 600 do. 300 700 1000 100 800 11 wo 1800 2 m J ?MI0 7110 100 1600 1500 (jOO 900 aw 1000 H0O 1800 41 H) 3300 WllO 400 200 600 900 *11) 1100 70U 801) lllOO 7U0 VI 10 200 200 l.r>00 2ilO do 10(1 Chic 4 N W KK . 3(0 do 200 do. 100 soo 100 82k 82^ ml 835 83W 83<J 836 Wfc 83)2 3$ mi 83 V. 9.? 88* 8 1!* 83? s:i?. 834 Wi 84 84)i 84 '4 84 3% 84', 84 83K 77H rni 78 300 Pac M ss f.6*-. do. do., do., do., do. . do. . do., do., do. . do. . do. . do., do. . do.. do do. do. uo. do. do. do. do. KlOslisLKAMSRR... 92'jJ 400 do ?J,'4 200 do 92*1 400 NYC *11 UK c 100', ,n" do 100.S, do ioo;, ioo>i do c 1001, do 100*, do 10<l>?i do 100}, do 100*2 do IdO'-k do o lOJX do luo?, do c 100?Z do Ml do 101 <i do 101 1000 Erin KK ?Si4 A ERR s3 3* 3011 Uo 3*4 200 Un Pan RR 32*, 200 do 32i? 200 do 32', 300 do c 32k 700 do 3^3 100 do 32s, 200 CAR I RR 107>i 300 MOO 1200 2300 200 1U0 800 100 700 200 &(X> 5IJU (mH> 900 2(J0 3IW 10UU 600 do. no. do. do do. do. do. 107 ? o 117 11 .. 1IM . . 108'f .. ids .. I'M'* insj. 100 lOtl 1200 300 80U JOO 100 UK) 40U 800 UK) 6U) do. <10. do. do. do. Uo. do. do. do. do. do. HO.. 6(i}? MX 67 57', 67 '4 67 57l? 67',, 67 % 67 Ja 97*? r>7,'4 200 M A St PRR.'".' Mil ? 100 do 65 V ' 400 Uo b3 56 600 do ,'iti 100 do 58U; 3' do 6ti? 200 Mil A St I'rtul 1)1 . . . 72 100 Panama Rli 107 ^ 100 (10 108k 300 do 108?? 100 de 108*5 400 do 109 looT, W Art' RR 60i; 100 do c 67'f, 100 do 68'., 100 do 68!4 2100 ( >hio A M RR. . . 43 100C, CAIUUR 37 400L8AMSRK 91>a 1IU 100 100 600 do. do.. do. uu.. 100 200 100 2110 200 100 do. do. do. do. do. ISOOfOTpnn C's, old.... 5000 8 C 6's. n, A A O. . 1000 Eric 5tll in loooo Un Pac lo-*, inc.. 6000 M A St P Ut , L*Cd 10000 Pac R 7'*, KUl Mo. 10000 All A T H Inc. K u 38 as.H S(?ond Hoard? 1 P. III. 77*4 3?? sf>9 N Y PA 11 RR c 100S? 20 200LSAM SRR....bc 92'J "" """ do 92 do 92* do 92 100 600 73 100 88)4 >00 98 500 80 do. RUOOC.CAI Cist 86? .19 1000 L Shore con r. 200 slia American Ex . . 6 do I) c 200 West I n Tel I) c 000 fiOO 600 400 800 300 20" 100 16(J0 400 2iH) 200 400 700 moo 300 2100 600 3011 1100 uo. do., do.. do.. t:. do., do., do., do.. <lo. . do., do., do., do., do., do., tlo. . do., d* 66 66% 8STt 84 300 do. aw do 91 a 200 do 92 200 Here A l'itts ?td . . 88? 100 Panama Rlt be lOK'i 100 do 108*1 300 do 108*2 100 do lt)y 200 C 11 Pac RR 6 c 32'i 800 ao SiW . 800 C A N W RR 78 83K 300 do be 78^' 8S?4 200 C, 0,0 A I RR 84 25 do 84 60 do 84^ 100 do be S4'j 600 C A R I RR be 1(HJ, II'W do 107)| 8% 83Ji 84 83Ji 83J* 83', 83'i 83), 83'J 83K m. w; 100 Erie RR h c *3 Av 200 do 200 Pac MSS Co 57'4 ?*) do DC 6(>4 .V, do. do. do. do. do. do. do. ft7! 57 SOU do 107? 200 do 1IH l'W do 1077* ?00 do 107Ji 4?io nhi(, a Mian 43? S00 Mil A St P RR 66 0 :vw do.. be S8'j" H*? do 100 Mil A St P 1)1'. .b C.C 100 do 100T. WAWR be 100 do 3(10 B, 11 ,v E RR. . 7i'0 do 56', 71 ?i Ti 08 67 s, 3', 1,*)0 NYC A 11 R RR.bc 101 1600 ao louji $10000 U8 5-20.0, '87. .. 119^ SOOOO do 1)00 120 luo shs Ivrlo RR 6."i5i i 400 Del, L A W RR 97', 98 98 s; 97 \ 37 ?, 50 50 200 luu c 100 300 do be <io do CA 10 RR...bC ?Jo do <3130 to 4 P. M. SB' (i.-i'j .vm -Jo. 200 do... li*>0 do... 2<n) do... ?d?) (lo... .MlO do... ?<U0 do... aw uo... 21 JO do... fi 00 uo... kjO llarli ui RR 127 looshs Lh A M SRlt.. 100 :?io ism) 1100 llll 5)0 Un ,b3 (W?, 61', 66 >4 06 S, 66 92 9ir< 92 Jt 92.S 92 S l OUnPaeRB.".?."^.* 32=1 '.'"i uo :e.?J ?'*1 (('?..., .'42^. 100 do 3tW do 32J, '10. 10 300 Ohio .V >1 RR 43 300 600 do 4(0 West I n Tel. 200 800 I 100 800 100 6?) ! 600 i II'M ! :*.<) , so) , 900 ' liXW ! BOO iron) 1 tit Hi ! 4t? 1 800 ' 3iW I ItitlO 1 lltltl I .>.?) | lli'HI ?2it) ! 2300 do.. llo. ?lo. llo . do. do. . do., do., do.. do. ?to. . 1 127 " *<S 83, 84 ?W.J? ) >4 S3?k 83'., 83', ,?3\ 84 84 si'j S4% , 84jJ 85 84 \ 2*1 dfl ?0>) ilo lot*) do W> .lo 100 C A X W r.R 80? do ?"?' do 2t JO do 300 2 H) 310 Ml 700 901) MUO do. ilo. do.. do. do... do. S3 78'^ 78'i m 79 7?S 7U>, 1JNI Chit .1 R I RR 107 loo 11*0 800 IV It) imio 101) It'll Mil A do di> do do I m Am M U K? . . . I 600 NYC. t II It K It . . 1 7<KJ Uo In It) 85 85k 83' , >t 1' Kit... 2T0O 600 1'>H) aoo do. 66 ?, H*l?, ltlu!, 101 lo.. 211) do.. .'I*l <11.. 200 do.. V*l no. 12tK) lilt) 10(1 MH Mil A St P RR pf... WO do s3 do. do. liN'S 108', 108', 108', 1081* 108 >2 Sf? 574 7-1 71 lo 101 V 300 101) "" 101 ? 99) 100T, WAWRR c:1; do 4oo N .1 fen KR . 5ito Pac M ss Co.. 4i*l 700 100 I 2IM) I 2 io i 100 .'HO ' 1600 | III*) 2700 ! 100 WJtl 1300 21 <0 .'?00 :?*i 120V do (10.. do. do. . do . . do. . do . do. . do. . 6$ dt 800 do Hf) do lot) d< 900 do loo C, r.t; a I RR .b3 .u r 67), 68 6><IS Ht'i r>^w is do. <U> do ?lo. do. do fit., o 67K .. 57 ' . :: $ .. 58 .. iw m . . IW-4 <1 twg .. 58Jt .. 58^, .. 68'^ .. 9'.( . . ? . :>y> <\H 50 Del, L A* Weet ...... H8 **J do 20" B. 11 A E RR as 1W 4?jn do ItWC, CAIC RR KIN I Urn son 200 3(t I ('.?no 2.N) 111) toy 90 I do ......... .b8 da d(? do do. d<>. dv. >vj 38 'J CLosnro fsioeb-4 o'clock p. m. Western Union. 85 * 8&X Pittsbnrg WK a ? Panama 109 ? 110 Northwestern . 79i* a 79K Adams Kx 93k a 94 Morthwest'n pt 88* a 87? Wells-Paw. Ex 79*ia 80 N J Central.. .7. 991? a 100 Aiu Mer I'll k)x. M a 66V Rock Island 106?l a 10HW P S K.xpresa. ... 74 a 74)3 StPaul 57 J ! a Pacific Mull.... 59W a HV St I'aul pret. . .. 72)* ? 73 N V Central... 101 ?? a 101)5 Wabaah 68 a 68* Krle ft'1,' a 66'? Ohio k Ml*.... 44 a 44^ ilurlcm 125 a 127 Han A BtJo.... 41s bid. Lake Shore 92^ * 92? Boston, II A K.. 3? a 3? Union PucUic . . 3KJ$ a 32^ C. C A 1 C. 38>J a S8J? COMMERCIAL REPORT. Cotton Flrmer-Reeftpti ?t the Ports Bale* ? Flour Low?r-Whtat Un changed?Corn Firmer? Oata Steady? Porlc and l.ard Firmer ? Groceries (inlet? East India Goods Dull? Petro leum Nominal? Naval Store. Eaaler? Wool In Fair Demand and Steady? Wblsltey Lower. Friday, April 18? fl P. M. I!nslno?s continued dull In almost all the ramifi cations of trade to-day, tue Wall street crisis occa sioning considerable apprehension lest ita in fluence become potent eYcrywhere, and the exer clBe of the utmost caution on the part of the mer cantile community seems to have become an ur gent necessity in order to work off any possible difficulty as a result of the locking up or currency and the consequent panic in stocks. As yet the ef fect is seen only In the shrinking of trade and the hcsitancy to assume any new obligations on the part ol the business public ; and It Is to be hoped that no serious trouble will grow out of Wall street difficulties. Still It Is th e part of wisdom, while hoping for the best, to prepare for the worst; hence the extreme caution which characterizes most of the mercantile transactions at tfce present time. On 'Change to-day cotton was quiet, flaur was dull, low er and nominal. Wheat remained dull, but without noteworthy change. Corn was fairly active and firmer. Oats were comparatively quiet. Provisions were again tinner, especially Pork, which ad vanced. Lard was firmer under a moderate In qulry. Whiskey was off xc. per gallon. Groceries remalne 1 quiet, and not materially altered in price. Petroleum wus nominally unchanged. Naval stores were quiet uiid easier for both spirits and rosin; Kast India goods continued dull. Wool was in lair demaud,;wiUi tho market ruling about steady. Asms.? Receipts for the past three days, 42 pac kages. The market for pots, under a fair jobbing Inquiry, was steady, at $8. Pearls remained entirely nominal. Buiii'iNC Materia t.B.? The demand lor brick continued fair and the market firm. Sales were made at $7 a $9 for'lorwy ; $7a $11 tor Long Island ; ?7 a $7 60 lor rale, which are scarce ; $12 a $16 lor Croton, and $40 u $m for Philadelphia front troin yard. Lime met with a tair 111 aulrv.andwas steady at $1 60 tor Rockland common, and "$I 78 for do. lump. Cement was dull and more or less nominal, at about $2 10 per bbl. for Rosendalc. Laths met with rather more demand, ami the market was flrui ; <i noted at $2 15 a $2 SO for Eastern spruce. . Other mate rial such as plaster Paris hair, Ac., were quiet, with w.'aissvTK; line' 32c. a 33c. ; adamantine, 20c. a 21c. Comes? The market tor Rio, as well as all other de scriptions, continued qtuet, yet the inquiry to-day showed a'trifle improvement which somewhat strengthened holders In their views. We heard of sales of 3,600 bags At Baltimore, ex Paladine and Camden Eroat 18 ^c. Wo niiote :?l<lo. ordinary cargoes, l?ic a 16V. ; lair car goes 17'4('. a l?Kc. ; good cargoes, 18c. a 18Uc. ; Prinio cargoes ^8l<c. a I8&c. ; Java, Government bags, 20c. a 21?, do!, grass mats, Hike. a 2l?c. ; Singapore, i6.!,c. a 17^Xc ? Cevlon, 17)ic. a 18?fcc. ; Maracaibo, 18c. ui9t.. L.a auavra llic. a 19>ac. ; Jamaica, 16c. a 18c. : St . Domingo, fft *c a?? ; Porto Rico, 18c. a 19c.; Costa Rica, 18c. a !?e "'Mexican. 17>ic. a l^c.; Manila. 17c. a 18c. , Angos tura wltfe M; Sa vanilla, 17?c. and 18Kc. ; Curocoa, 17V' v a ih^c Rolil per lb., 60 a JH) days credit. Votton ? A'inorc active demand prevailed tor spot cot ton and the market ruled firmer. The quotations an ?IMV...1 show no change. Future deliveries were tairly acUve and ) "c' a 6-lOe. higher. We sum up thus To- Day. Last Evening. Total. K.nort 1,243 208 L4M Consumption W? ? ^ Speculation ?" __ Tftt-i 1,1132 248 , 1,780 -Included 'in ' the above are 182 bales to arrive. Cor luture delivery (basis low middling) tho sales have bee n iw follows ? Sales last evening after three o'clock? Tnrll 100 at 18 7- 16c. ; May, 600 St 18 9-16C., 400 at 18V.. ru)B ut%l8 0-16c ? June, 200 at 18T^c.,800 at 18 15-I6c., lOf) at l<te *swatw'lVlfa.Vjnly.lOOaflJc.. 400 at 19 116c., loo . iyi^c ? August. liJo at 19c. Total. 3,200 bales, hales to dLv un to threoo clock ? April, 300 at 18Hc. ; May. 100 at IS ll iKo 5011 at lH,iC.. 100 at 18 13- 16c.. 400 at 18 16-iCc., 100 Itisr-c'.vw at : wttt.i?c., 500 at 1813-16C., 1,300 at 18%^., "lit at"l811-16c., 100 at 18%c., 200 at 181.V16C., 100 at 187,e-. loo at 18 13- 16c 100 at l*Xc. ; June, 700 nt 19c., 1,000 at l&c 100 at 19 1-16. ?00 atW- 2.800 at 19 Ll6c.,2lH) at lab',, ' jxjo at 19 3-16c., 1,900 at 19lac., 100 at l> tide 400 at 19 Vic., 1,200 at 19 3-16c? 1,2011 at lUS'c., 200* ?it 19 200 at 19^0., 2*K) at 19 3-16c,, 500 at 19^0., Jalv fiOO at i?^c., 400 at 195-16C., 800 at 19^0., 900 at 14M*6C 200 at ni&c., ?00 at 19 5-16c., 600 at 19, r 'jfl. ; August, in it WJic. ; October, W0 at 17^c. Total. 26, 000 bales, iirand total, i3,.sno bales. The receipts at the norte were JJf.Vllows"? tlalveston, 632; New Orleans, 3,419; Mobile, TO3* Savanna h, 718; Charleston, 260; Wilmington, 45; Norfolk, 891 VMaltlinore, 187; NewYork 734: Boston, 33 Total. 7,-152. This day last week, 9.4,3. rhis day last v ar 7 142. Hates on cotton were Ilrtn at the annexed hern res'? To Havre, by ?team, l\c s l'ic. ; sail. Ic., com pressed; to Hamburg, by steam Ad., do. ; to Bremen, by st.-ain, ic. ; to Liverpool, by steam, ??d. a 7-lt>d. ; sail, 5-lGd. a ',il. We Alabama. A'etr Orleans. Tcxa*. Ordinary }j!'? {$> Good or .Unary. !;,* Strict good . ordinary mS L . Low middling 18U " Middling Ijj'f VjjJ 52 IlThe mioVation's are based on cotton in store, running In quality not more thau half a grade above or below the ^Kiloin^ANiHiRAi*.? Receipts? Flonr, 12,151 bbls. ; wheat, full bushels- corn, 18,700 do. ; corn meal. 200 bbls. , oats, ts'mn hruihels; barlev, 1,500 do. The flour market was dulTind pricei were lower, the market leaving off nearly no llnal at the. revised quotations appended. The sales include 7? I bis., comprising all kinds Corn meal con tinued quiet, with prlccs ruling about steady. We $4 00 a $5 25 Superfine State... ^ PfVXi :::::::::::::::::::::::: 7 Cliolce state a u Superfine Western ;;;;;; 2 Kxtra Western. ? Round^ honop#Ohlo','shipiiing brand's 6 26 a 7 25 Round hoop Ohio, trade brands............... 7 50 a 8 80 St'?. oui's,' iow extra.'. ? ? ? J U .M. Louis, straight extra....... < 75 ? 8^o St. Louis, choice double extra 8 75 a ? 50 SSMvcholcu 9 wS !o IS D* * 5 80 ?ye.??Ji, W i 4 2s* !>M Southern N o. 2. 6 00 a 6 50 fcouttiern supernne 7 ? q ^1 Southern extra Southern family li VV Cornmeal. Western 3 15a 3? Cornmeal, Jerscv a ' nn Cornmeal, Branaywine 4iHlt n b Hajtimore j::::::::::" iSV s? Caloric 19 00 f. o. b. llw'heat "was' stlil 'dull', ' but' prices' we're nominally un changed. The sales were about 30,000 bushels at $1 45 to $1 55 tor common Spring, $1 60^ a $J W 5 1'*/ ' ?, 6i raJo aad No. 2 Milwaukee, closing at about $1 68 a $1 hi fur Chicago and $1 62 a $1 W tor Milwaukee in Store and atat Com was fairlv active and firmer closing at 66V-. hid, and tic. asked afloat PfP oi.i mixed. sales aggregate about 1S6.?" bushels, iacluiling 40,000 bushels tor June at tMc. a 64_laC. ; ?u,' a WVc for old in store and 60l,c. for do. afloat; 65 aL. ^ for new Western mixed afloat :70c. for do. white ; Seiic for Western yellow afloat, and 7.*c. a 77c. lor South ern white Oats were steady, but quiet. The sales were ibout 2l!SoO bushels at 53c. a 54c. for dark to light mixed, 5^t c for dark state, 55c. a 56c. lorgood totancj new w hltt afloat MV a 54c. for State mixed afloat, and 65c tor State barley seed oats. Barley and rye were Inactive *""r?iouw?? RsrtlT freVghts" remained quiet, with rates ruling about steady. Vessels lor charter were onlv lu m, derate request, with rates not essentially chuiu vl The engagements were To Liverpool, by sail. 30,000 bushels arsin. at 6Vi?l. a O^d. To London, by steam. 15,000 bushels wheatat S^d.. and. by sail. 350 bbls. flour at 2* 7M. ; WbbU. renin on private terin*. To S) boxes bacon at 4Ta 6d. To Rotterdam, <0 tierces lard, toflU at ?Tw. To Gibraltar. ? hhds. tobaceo. ,,u pri H ?:taAtra:s B r itfs h "ic h <x> ne' r . ?K 7?V bJfiJ gdjium J'l'ufi'bbTs8 r^flm-d' petn?leumI'5s.^d.';,,an*American ^M^rk| hence to the River Plate, rull cargo of lumber at 24S.C. V i" ???<= i?.ri. 1^7 tons, hence, same voyage L'n t ^M St ia a Oerman brig, rechartered, ttom wTl mlng^n^ Corkfor ordTri tojhe t-nit.d Klngdom or Continent, 2,800 bbls. rosin. 6s. 3d., or, if 'IJ^eclvMntT. ?n American ship, from Mobile to Cronstadf, 2.W0 bales cotton at VI . an Anv rlcan hrlg ions, troni Leghorn '"narket remsfned as nrevlouslv re ported quiet but firm. A tew small eriers irmu the L.nfh are being tilled at current prices. We ?iunte:? Do mertlc cloth. 1&. "is1..,-, suot, an'd ?V. a |5o. tor tuture d*H K*r^AsnajCu^^RerapC con^fnaed^ d5l!5>or all descrlp .i,! ./ Manila liuoted at 10)<c.. gold. Jute was also ne X"U "ut ' steady held at Sc. a 5c ., gold. Jute butts were ouiet, hut steady nt 2c. a 2S|C., currency. ii.v An Straw are la fair snpply and good demand. Prices unchanged. Wequote ;? (lood hay, $23 a $30 per Ifn: niirdS. K $26:l,hipplng. $18 a $20; c lover $17 ft $18; lout? rye *traw, ?22 a $io, short do., #1^ a $?9, 0Yl'Ors^-VheWdbe?mandl3has fallen off somewhat during the uast few dayN but with light arrivals and a moderate I.?. fc holders are firm and prices unchanged. We auote -^New growth of state Extern and Western, 40c. 11 6BC. : California, 50c. a *>c. ; Bavarian, 40c. a 50c.. K tfoL assm'-^T r ad""'. Ktarh as lx?en light, notwithstand ing there was a tair Inquiry for both toreign and do mestic. The sales wero coaiined to jobbing lots oi do mestic- We quote:? OH Crni). Jfeir Crop. Cuba, centrifngal and mixed.... 18e. a 2Jc. - a - Cuba, clayed....... ? ? ?.Hr * Cuba, muscovado, refining - a - sic. * ?? Cuba, muscovado, grocery - ? - ?c- ? JJ; Porto Rico. .. -? - ??,?? " X English Islanda ZlZ &?.?' a 7K-'. SV?vi'. s"?i?s'.-The market "for spirttsot turpentine was irregular, and closed weak at 64c. a 54kc. "ale* bbls at 54Wc ; 125 bbls. at 55c. /66 bbls., to arrive, at M ,c . and I Si) bids to arrive, at MSc. For strainedro.nthe market was dull and nominally easier; quoted at $3 16 n $3 20 The tlner grades were moderately ln'Hiire'l tor. an. i jniaa rci)orU'4 of 3i) IjIjIh. of pale at $1 *??'? an J ?5i bbls if*o st $? Tar and plteh were neglecUii and n<(M?^h''wmhAsPh^en no essential change in prices since our last for any description. The demand has been rather better for whaie and sperm, and ^lard oil . has at i niore notice. We quote :? Crude sperm, $1 Mh a MnattTra" winter. $lV? a #1 70; bleached, $ ) at tj crude whale. 68c. tor northern, 63t . a 65< . ?out hern ; 70c a Wc. for natural wla?r, and 7So. a 7!to. r r , lea* lied linseed, $1 In casks snd $1 01 In bbls. . lard oil <*>< a70<- for i?rline winter, and 65 c tor _ No. . I ; liaden 60r u Ate. for nelected llffht, ao*l VM f or choice bravvii. CfiMie cottonseed, 4!?*4<'. n <*<'? , fwimwii*-? The uuarstMiy/ rttaoMi ramalutd dull ??.?i nominally unchanged ; qnoted at SO^e. for spot or bal ance of month. Crude in bulk wan neglected. but very firmly held at 10c. ; cane* wero quiet, but steady at 261fc. a 27c. Naphtha wai entirely nominal ; at the creek the market was quiet and rather easier, quoted at $2 3# on both upper and lower road. and $2 80 at Oil City. The Philadelphia market was dull, nothing offering; refined quoted nominally at 1'Jkc. bbls. ol redued Hold late last evening in New York at -0'4c. Provisions.? Receipts? Fork, ISO bbls. ; cut meat*, 2,210 packages; lard. 1.067 bbls. and tierces. The market lor mess pork was quiet and steady ut the opening, but sub sequently, under a better demand, ruled tinner, Salea 200 bbls.. early, at $18 2ft, cash ; later, 250 bbls- at $18 40, caah ; 280 bbls , bnyers April, at $18 SO; 600 bbls., sellers May, at $18 S7W. Last evening, 250 bbls., for June, at $18 25; and 280 bbls., for May, at $18 18; also 60 bbls. of old mess, to-day, at $17 28. Bacon was In wood demand una firmer. Sales 200 boxes Western short clear, eaah and April, at 9^c. ; 2.0U0 boxes do., at 10c.; 1,000 boxes, sellers May, at 10c. ; and 40 boxes, long clear, at fl%e. ; held higher at the close. Meet was steady under a fair inquiry. 1'hc sale* in clude:? 380 packages within the range of $11 80 a $11 for 2S?* Pj*'1" tness. bbls. ; $12 a $14 lor do. extra do., bbls. ; 7 4 * *, *?r A0- Prime do., tierces, and $23 a $20 for do. India do. tierces. Beef hams continued quiet, but were V ? ?3s- Cu* meats were la moderate request and firm. The sales include 100 boxes short cut dry suited hams at llj^c.. 19 a 20 lbs. average; 20 boxes do., 14 a 1U0 tierces of smoked hams at 14HC. : 800 dn 14 lbs. average at l?c.. and 800 smoked shoulders at 9c. Dry salted do. <| noted at 7kc. and pickled do. at 7Hc. a 8c. Lard ? For Western there was an im proved demand and the market was firmer. Sales SO tierees, on the dock, at 9c. ; 100 tierces. In store, at 9c. ; 60 tierces at 9 l-l?c., cash ; 80 tierees of kettle at 9 l-16c. and 100 tierces ol do. at 9UC. For luture? 1,000 tierces, sellers Muy , at 9 V ; 280 tierces, for June, at 9 9 16c. ; 1,000 tierces, for do., at 9>,c. City lard was firm at 9c. for choice ; 160 tierees of extra choice sold at 9 1-Mc., and 780 tierces of No. 1. last evening, at 8'4c. Dressed hogs were ia demand and firmer; quoted at 7%c. a 8c. for the range of city. Rick.? The market was moderately active to-day, with lormer prices ruling current. The sales include about 40 tierces of Carolina at 7%c. a 8)?c., 250 bags of Kan goon at 6%c. a 7c. Sruaii.? There was a little more doing in raw to-day, and the market was barely steady. Sales were reported of 19 hhds. Demerura on private terms. 100 hhds. or Cuba at 7?H-. hhds. of prime do. at 8Ue. and 430 hhds., description not given, at 7)$c. ; also 800 boxes of low grade centrifugal at 8}$c. Refined was In limited request at like. for standard A's and 11c. a llStC. lor hards. We quote Cuba? Refilling, Inferior tocomnou, 7c. a 7?c. ; fair to good fair. a 7?ic. ; good to prime, 8c. a 8^c. ; grocery, fair to good, 8lic. a 8>?r. ; prime to choice, 8^c. a 9c.; centrifugal, hhds. and boxes, 8^e. a 9'^.. molasses, hhds. and boxes, 6^?c. a 7'^c. ; melado, 4c. a ft'^c. Havana? Boxes Dutch standard, No*. 7 to 9, 7 Hie. a 7**c. ;do., 10 to 12, 8c. a 8}<c. ; do.. 13 to 15, ?\c. a 9l?c. ; do., 16 to 18, 9%c. a 10c.; do , 19 to 20.- lOSic. a lO^c.; white, 10c. a lie. Porto Rico? Refining, common to prime, 7a. a 8Xc. ; grocery, fair to choice, SS?c. a !i^c. Brazil? Dutch standard, Nos. 8 to 12, 6?<c. a 8c. Java Dutch standard, Nos. 10 to 12. 8c. u 8},c. Manila? Su perior and extra superior, 7c. a 7^c. Stkabink.? The market continued quiet, but firm. We heard of salea of 80 tierces on the dock, not strictly prime, at 9c., and 20,00i> lbs. prime on the dock at 9Vc. Tallow was quiet and unchangod ; sales 20,000 lbs., at 8?|c. a 9c. Tobacco.? There has been a fair demand for Kentucky, hnt other descriptions remained quiet Prices exhibited no change. The sales include 100 coses seed leal sundries, crop 1870, at 9e. a 10c. ; 100 cases Connecticut and Massa chusetts, crop 1871, at22)feC. a 55kc. 10" eases sundries, crop 1871, at 12%c. a 20c. ; 500 hhds. of Kentucky at irom 7c. to 14c. ; 200 lialos of flavauu at 80c. a $1 06, and 60 bales of Yara on private terms. Wool.? Bnsiness during the past three days has been moderately fair, with prices ruling about stcadv. The sales comprise : ? 23,000 lbs. Ohio fleece, 62c. ; 18,000 lbs. XX do., 82c ; 3,000 lbs. do., 86c. ; 8,000 lbs. scoured tleecc, 55c. a UOc. ; 17,(KKl lbs. of mixed fleece, 60c. a 6lc. ; 1,000 lbs. mestiza, 63c. : 60,000 lbs. of lleece at 46c. for common and Mc. for XX Ohio; 10,000 lbs. Spring California, 31c. ; 10 bags extra pulled, 44c. ; 20 do. scoured Colorado, 78c. ; 190 do. of super pulled, 47c. a 62>jc., 10,000 lbs. unwashed Indiana, 8,000 lbs. fine Ohio fleece, 78.000 unwashed fleece, 80,000 lbs. black Colorado, 32,000 lb*. Kail California, 90.000 lbs. Australian, 3,000 lbs. medium unwashed lleece, 80 bales fine Buenos Ayres and 10 bales of mostUa all ou private terms. Whiskkv.? Receipts, 604 bbls. The market was less active, and prices easier. Hales 160 bbls. at 91>*c. DOMESTIC MARKETS. Galvkston, April 18, 1873. Cotton flat; Texas ordinary, 14JJc. a I4j?e. ; good ordi nary, 15 ac. Net receipts, 652 bales; exports to Uruat Britain, 2.542 do.; coastwise, 87 do. Sales. 250 bales; stock, 54,69.'! do. Weekly? Net receipts, 4,467 bales; ex ports to Great Britain, 8,958 do. : to the Continent, 4,004 do., coastwise, 828 do. Sales, 1,350 bales. New Orlkans, April 18, 1873. Cotton In moderate demand; middlings, IS^c. Net receipts, 3,449 bales; gross, 3,472 do. Exports to Great Britain, 2,677 bales; coastwise, 196 do. Sales, 1,000 bales; last evening, 3,300 do. Stock, 179,000 bales. Weekly? Net receipts, 28,990 bales; gross, 30,26.1 do. Exports to Groat Britain. 15,507 balos; to the Continent, 21,037 do. ; coast wise, 1,030 do. Sales, 23,000 bales. Savannah, April 18, 1873. Cotton quiet; middlings, 18?%c. ; low middlings, 17}j;c.; good ordinary, 16l4c. ; ordinary, 15c. Net receipts. 718 bale*. Exports coastwise, 1,273. Sales, 485. Stock, 40,910. Weekly ;? Net receipts, 4, (532 Export*? To Great Britain, 764; to the Continent, 1,(586; coastwise, 3,169. Sales, 3,078. ClIARI.KSTON, April 18, 1873. Cotton nulet; middlings. 18'4c. a I8j?c. ; low middlings. 173?e. a 1 1 '!^c. ; good ordinary, 1034c. Net receipts, 2(50 bales. Exuorts coastwise, 77. Sales, 600. Stock. 25.028. Weekly Net receipts, 2,334. Exports? To Great Britain, 2,928; coastwise, 1,786. Sales, 3,700. Wilmington, N. O., April 18, 1873. Spirits of turpentine ilull at 48c. Rosin quiet at $2 40 for strained, ( rude turpentine quiet at S2 30 for hard, $3 55 tor yellow dip, $4 05 lor virgin. Tar dull at $2 G5. 0<wkco, April 18, 1873. Flour unchanged. Sales 800 bbls at $8 75 for No. 1 Spring, $9 7ft lor amber Winter, $10 60 lor white Winter, $11 for double extra. Wheat quiet and unchanged; No. 2 Milwaukee club held at $1 (58. Corn unchanged. Sales 2,000 bushels Western at 5Sc. Barley quiet; Canada held I atii 10. Corn meal? $1 30 lor bolted, $1 26 for unbolted i per cwt. Mlllfeed unchanged. Railroad freights? Flour to Philadelphia 00c.. to Boston 72c.. to New York, 62c., I to Albany 64c. Receipts by lake? 5, :'j)0 bushels wheat. j BurrALO, N. Y., April 18J873. | Flour qtfiet; Western Spring, $7 50 a $8; amber Winter, ' $8 50 a $9 25; white Winter, $9 50 a Sin. Witeut quiet; I sales 4,500 bushels white Canada, in store, at $1 87 a $1 88 ; \ quoted? Western Spring, on track, $ I 50; Milwaukee No. I 2 Spring, $1 52 $1 55; Chicago No. 2 Spring, $1 4ft; Duluth, I No. 1 spring. $ I 60; white Cauuda, $1 75 a $1 90; white Michigan, $1 NO a $1 90. Corn scarce and higher; sales 12,000 bushels No. 2, In store, at 53c. ; 3.000 bushels, on track, at 62c. Oats tlrni ; suies 150 bushels Western, in store, at 13c. ; Western mixed hold at 42c. Barley steady; sale< 6,250 bushels Western, In store, on private terms; quoted? Canada. 96c. a $1 ; No. 2 Western, Wc. a 95c. ; two rowed State, 80c. a 85c. : tnur-rowed State, 95c. Rve ? Sales nominal at 85c. Barley mult quiet ; Western. $1 a $1 10; prime Winter Western, $1 III a $1 15; prime Winter Canada, $1 20 a $1 25; rye malt held at ?5c. The balance of the market Is unchanged. Tolkdo, April 18, 1873. Flour sold at $8 50. Wheat dull and lowers sales of amber Michigan at $167; seller May, $168; seller June., $1 b'.'S a $1 69V Corn in lutr demand and lower; sales of high mixed at 43'^c. ; seller May, 44l,c. a 44>.jc. ; seller June, 45!i,e. ; seller July, Jti^c. ; seller August, 48c.; low mixed, 42Wc. Oats quiet anil weak at 40c. for No. I. Clover seeds sold at $4 00 a $4 65; mammoth, $5 75. Re ceipts? 1,000 bbls. flour, 2,000 bushels w heat. 6,000 do. corn and 3,000 do. oats. Shipments? 1.000 bbls. Hour, 4,000 bushels wheat, 14.0J0 do. corn and 1,000 do. oats. Chicago. April 18, 1873. Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat -lull and unsettled; prices lower; No. 2 Spring, cash, nearly nominal at $1 18'i a $1 19 for regular ; seller May gold at $1 20t a $1 2l't, closing at $1 20*4 ; seller June closed at $1 23; No. 3 Spring, $1 09V,; rejected, 95c. Corn steady; sales of No. 2 mixed at .'iSWc. for regular, 36c. for fresh, spot; 30','c. seller May; seller June ; reiected. 32c. ; do. canal, afloat, 33c. a 3lc. Oats firm at 28 W., cash : 2i?V seller May. Rve firm and scarce at b7c. for No. 2. Bar ley steady at 70c. for No. 2 Kail regular, 75c. for fresh. Pork steady, a shade higher ; sales at $16 60. seller Mav ; seller June sold at $16 8ft a $17: closed at $16 95. bid; sales at $17 25, buyer June. Lard steady at 8>,'c., cash; $8 56 seller May. Bulk meats In good demand ; no sale*. Bacon quiet anil unchanged, whiskey steady at 87 e. Receipts? 7,0(10 bbls. Hour. 9.000 bushels wheat. 60,000 do, oorn. 40,000 do. oats and 3,000 do. barley. Shipments? 6,0011 bbls. tlour, 10,il00 bushels wheat, 22,000 Jo. corn, 30,000 do. oats ami 4,000 do, barley. PRINT 0L0TH8 MARKET, PBOTinKSr*, R. I., April IS, 1373. Print cloths oniet anil steady, at 6J?c. a 6J^c. lor CtxM, standard anil extra. EUROPEAN MARKETB. T.onpon Monky Market.? I.ojfno*, April 1$? 5 P, M.? Consols and American securities closed unchanged. Erin Railway shares SIS,. Consuls ouened at 9:sl.j for both money and the account United States five-twenty bonds, 1365's, old, 91 W; IWi, 8SH: ten-forties, 39 V,; new fives, 9i). and Erie Railway shares at 51 V4. FitAHKroKT Bourse.? Frankfort, April 13? 5 P. M.? United States Ave -twenty bonds 'J.'\ tor the issue of WJ. Livkrpooi Corro* M*rkkt ? Livfrpoou April IS? 5 P. M. ? The market closed steadier. The sales of the day have been 10,000 hales, Including 2.000 for speculation ami export. Of the sales .VOW bales were American. Kales of cotton shipped from Savannah or Charleston, deliverable in April, at !M. Middling uplands, 9tfd. a 9'4d. ; middling Orleans, !M<d. The sales of the week have been 53,000 biles, Including 6,000 (or export and 2,000 on speculation. The stock In port is (HM.auo bales, in clinlfiivc 322. lion American. The receipt* ot the week have been ft* ,tmn bales, including 23,000 American. Actual ex port 10,000 bales. The stock at sea bound to this port Is 525.001) hales. ?>! which 2(KOOO are American. LlVKKIOOl Br> ADSTUKrS M ARKKT. ? LIVERPOOL, April 18?6 P. M.? The receipts of corn for the past three days have been 13,1)00 <|iiarters, including lulOU American. The re ceipts of wheat tor tin' past, three days have been 2,000 quarters, none ot which were American. The market Is dull. Wheat, lis. 4d. a lis. At. per cental for averaae California white. Corn, 27s 3d. a 27s. fVl . per quarter. Liverpool Provisions Market.? Livkri-ool, April IS ? P M.? Beef, -?.s. 6?1. per tierce fur new mess. Lard, 39s. 9d. perewt. London Pnontrcw Market? f.<>!tno*, April IS.? ?p!rlts petroleum, I.*V1 . per nation, lilnseed cakes, ?10 a ?10 5*. per ton, Common rosin. 3s. 6d. a 9s. per cwt. Spirits tur pentine, 4ls. per cwt. Trade at Mahchfstf.r? I.tvxRfoot,, April 13.? Yarns and fabrics at Manchester dull, with downward ton I'KTnoi.v.TTw Market ? AirrwERr, April 18.? Petroleum, 40.'?f. lor lino pale American. PWAWlAli. *4 -INVESTMENT BONDS. "lllE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SEVEN THIRTY FIRST MORTOAOE OOLD BONDS, which we recommend as a profitable and well secured investment, bear 7 S-10 per cent RoUl interest, and Iftive the following elements of security, viz. 1, They arc the obligation of a strong corporation. 3. They aro a first mortgage on the road, its equip ments, rights and franchises. 3. They are a first lien on its net earnings. ?. There Is pledged, in addition, for tho payment of principal and interest, a land grant ofli.HOO acres perinilo through the States and 25,000 acres per mile through the Territories traversed. The company Is already entitled to nearly ten million acres of fts grant, and its land sale? thus far have realized $5 6? per acre. With nearly 500 miles of the road completed and in operation, the earnings lor 1N73 will be lanre. All marketable stoeks and bond* are received In ex vhangc for Northern I'aciflcs on most favorable terms. ,fAV COOKE A CO., w Wall meet, New Yujrk. flHAIVClAli* LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN ON BON 3 and Mortgage ; First and Second Mortgages eashedi city property only. & FREIDBMBICM* CO, * 906 and 908 Third avenue. At reasonable rates? money on like en, i dowmenU, Insurance Policies, Mortgages and othm Securities. Iiisurances of all Kinds effected with beat companies. J. J. HABBICH A CO.. 119 Broadway, TJKOKEN NATIONAL HANK NOTES BOUGHT Af D four W per cent premium.^ , bbo., 40 South Third street, Philadelphia, Pa. > ACGrST BELMONT A CO., Bankers, 19 and 21 Nassau street, issue Travellers' Credits, available In all pMta Ot th$ world, through the Messrs. DE ROTHSCHILD and their correspondents. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of money oa> California, Kusope and Havana. HASKINS A 11RAINE. STOCK AND OOLD BROKER.?. 11 Broad street? Stock and gold privileges a specialty. Any one can speculate with small capital ami. WANTED? A LOAN OF $3,800, ON FIRST CLASS City Property, valued at (13,000. Apply by le'teQ to BOBEBT NEWBERRY, ttl Concord street, Brooklyn. 4 WANTED? FOR ONE YEAR. A LOAN OF $300, FO? which $40 will l>e paid. Address SECURITY, Qerakl office. perly, room 19, No brokers need applv. (til Ann *0 LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGIM ? lA.U" "" " for three years, upon first class improve? Prooerty In the city of New York or Brooklyn. Apuljft to H. GRATES, 192 Broadway, New York. COPABW KRS HIPS. ^ NOTICE~^AIX BUSINESS RELATIONS AND CON-, ncctionff between the subscriber* and Oorham Gran terminated on the 23th day of March, A D. 1873. i ARTHUR CHENBY. * Nsrw York, April 12, 1873. A. MILLIKEN. ? RELIGIOUS NOTICES. APOLLO HALL, BROADWAY AND TWENTY^EIOIITlJ street? The Children's Lyceum meet at 10 A. M i Conference at 2J, P. M. Professor S B. Hrittou lecture* at 7'A P. M. BAPTIST LAY PREACHERS' ASSOCIATION ? RE< I ular anniversary will be held In the Laight strwl Baptist Mission tn-inorrow evening at 7>f. Addresses by members of association. ?gROOKLYN TABERNACLE. ' REV T. DE WITT TALMAGE. D. D.. PASTOR. ACADEMY OF MVStC.-TO.DAY AND IIEBEAFTEn the Brooklyn Tabernacle Congregation will occui>% iliri Academy of Music MORNING and EVENING, ae .10 :.(J and 7 -*), until their now church is built. Seats free." j Bishop snow will preach in rnE university,/ Washington square, iiu Sunday, at 3 P. M. Seui4 free. Subject? "The sign of the Sou of Man." Baptist church, fifty-tuird street, sevj enth avenue.? Rev. Wm. H. PENDLETON preaches! morning? "The Indwelling Christ lite Hope ot Glory;'" evening? "Pharaoh's' Contempt of God." Baptisms foM lowing. _____ /1HURCH OF 0lTR SAVIOUR.? 1EV. J. M. PULI? \J man will preach Sunday morning, at the Yonng* Men's Universalis! Association Rooms, 1,288 Broadway, and evening, at Lyric Hail, sixth avenue, below Forty second street. Evening subject ? "The Unknown Way." CHURCH OF CHRIST, WEST TWENTY-EIGHThI street, near Broadway.? Rev. W. C. Dawson, the pas-, tor. will preach at 10}^ A. M. and 8 P. M. All are cordially invited. _ C CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH. PARK' AVENUE AND? ) Thirty-fourth street.? Miynlng, Rev. R. D. Burr J evening, Rev. Henry Powers. Service of praise, will* short address. Seats' free. Give the poor children a home in th^ couatrv.? A meeting will be held In St Bartholo mew's church, Madison avenue and Forty-fourth street, on Sunday evening, Aoril 20, in behalf of the House of the Good Shepherd, Rockland county. Addresses by sev-< erai clergymen. PRESBYTERIAN MEMORIAL CHURCH, MADISON avenue, corner of Fifty-third street, Rev. Cliar'es 3. Robinson, D. I)., pastor.? Services at 11 A. M. and 7Ji P? M. ; Sabbath school at9J? A. M. Rev. b. o. flagg, d. a. will preach on sun* day morning and evening in the church in Eighty* fltlh street, between Lexington and Third avenues. I>EV. HALSE ? W. KNAPP PREACHE8 IN THE t Laight street Baptist Mission to-morrow morning at lf?K. Coine to the Baptist Lay Preachers' Anniversary io the" evening. REV. J. F. M'CLELLAND (LATE OK CH1CAOO), pastor of St Luke's M. E. church, Forty-first street, near Sixth avenue, will preach Sunday at 10 }? A. M. ana 7>2 P. M. The public Invited ami always welcome. REV. JOHN COTTON" SMITH, D. D.. WILL PREACI1 in the Church of the Messiah, Greene and Cleremoni avenues, Brooklyn, Sunday evening. REV. A. D. GILLETTE, D. D.TPRE ACHES IN PLYM. outh Baptist church, Fifty-first street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, Sunday, at HlJS A. M. and 7 >4 P. M. REV. WAYLAND noYT, PASTOR, WILL BREACH! 1 in the Baptist Tabernaclo, Second avenue and Tenth street.? Sunday morning, 10W o'clock, and In Stein way Hull at 7?? in the evening. All arc cordially invited. RrSSIA.N WtF.KK CHAPEL, 961 SEUOMD AVENUE, near Fiftieth street? To morraw being Easter Sun dav divine service in the English language at 11 o'clock. All cordially invited. ST. JOHN'S CHAPEL VARICK STREET.? SUNDAY confirmation at 10U A. M. Service in the evening at 8 o'clock. Sermon by Rev. A. WUwall. THE RKV. DR. WM. morley punshon will nrcnch on Sunday, April 81, at 10X A. M., in the St. PauFs Methodist Episcopal church, Fourth avenue, cor ner Twenty-second street. rpHE BISHOP OF NEW YORK wTLL ADMINISTER J. confirmation at St. Albans church on Sunday after noon ; the service to begin at 4 o'clock. Seats always free. High cclebratioa of Holy Eucharist at 11 A. M. C. W. MORRILL, Rector. MTH STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CORNER.' of Second avenue.? Services morning at I0'i ? preaching by the pastor, Rev. Robt Sloss. Evening, at 7>i, fourth lecture to young people, by Rev. William M. Pax tun, D. D. nTH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, NEAR SIXTH avenue.? >unday evening lecture by Pastor Robert Cameron. "The Book of Leviticus." POLITICAL. 1 QTji WARD COUNCIL OF POLITICAL REFORM.? A AO meeting of the Council will be held at Oriental llall, 2<n East Eighteenth street, on Saturday ovening, April IS), at s o'clock, lion. Robert B. Roosevelt will de liver a lecture before the Council. All friends of honest government are Invited to attend. F. F. MARBUBY, Presides! Thomas McDowell, Secretary. LOAN OFFICE*. AT 77 BLEECKEE STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, UP stair-.? Highest cash advati"es on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Ac., or bought; Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought, at 77 Bieeeker street A T WOLF BROTHERS', S9fi BROADWAY. BETWEEN A Nineteenth and Twentieth streets ? Monev loaned on Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware, silks, and particularly Pianos; private parlor fur ladies; business strictly confidential. \T fi#7 BROADWAY. CORNER FOURTH STREET.-. Liberal advnncc-ff on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Silks, Camel's Uair Shawls, Laces and personal property of every description. james P. matthewh. A n?J SIXTH AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTY-FOURTH: TvO anil Twenty-fifth streets.? Liberal advancesmada on Diamonds, Waiches, Jewelry, Silks, Laces and Shawls Same bought at full value. L BERNARD. fiQC BROADWAY, CORNER AMTTY STRRET.? UOo Money lil>erally advanced on Diamonds, Watchcs. Jewelry and all Merchandise, at the old-established Loan otiti c. Same bought and sold. M. BOSENBERO. QIO BROADWAY, OLDR8T EST VBLISHED AND V 1 O most reliable office.? Money advanced on Dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Laces, Ac. : same bought at luli value. E. C. HERTS. 1 9A7 BROADWAY. OVER HERALD BRANCH JL??-v> I office, room B ? Parlors for ladies; branch 1(2 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Money loaned on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Same bought and sold. LIN DO BROS. A .STORAGE. -STORAOE. STORAOB for FURNITURE, PIANOS, MIRRORS. i'.WNTINOS, Ac. . ALSO CARRIAGES, WAGONS. Ac., at the NEW FlRsT CLASS WAREHOUSE, built expresslV for the purpose, 1U2 TO lit EAST THIRTY-SKC0ND? STREET, NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. TRUNKSL CASES aad other PACKAGES containing articles ot EXTRA VALUE can be stored with HAFKTl at low rates. Persons can forward their woods from any part ol EUROPE or AMERICA direct to this warehouse. THE PUBLIC Is invited to examine the superior ai*? CoTfimodatiotim light, veHtllation, safety, Ac., which ttmf warehuwa possesses over all ofhers. JOHN H. MORRELL, Owner and Proprietor. / k -WEST SIDE STORAGE WAREHOUSES. MS, KM j J\.t tUfi Hudson street, 10 Abingdon square and 77a Greenwich street, for furniture, pianos, baggage and alH other tamilv property. Ml goods placed In separate rooms. These establishments are the most responsible, reliable and accommodating in New York, and are aN waysguardM hy private watchmen day and night.. Goods received up to midnight R. TAGOART, owner and manacer, offices S93 Hudson street, near Wes* Twelfth street ' OTORAGE FOR FURNITURE. PIANOS, BAGGAGE. O Ac., In separate rooms; goods raised on elevator | this is one of the safest and best ventilated buildings it* the citv ; articles ? ot value "an be stored with perfect sittHy "in this building. MICHALBS A SON, SS and 3* Commerce streot, near Bleeckor. B II ,L I A HJI.H. il ?STANDARD AMERICAN BILLIARD TABLED J\L. and tho Phelan A Collender Combination cush ions, manufactured and for sale only by the inventor and patentee, 1J. W. COLLENDER, successor to Phelan .1 Co .lender. 73< Broadway, New \ork. ? "I ?LATEST DESIGWBOF BILLIARD TABLES ANI> <*Vl> all appurtenances connected with the tradei special attention to private trade. GEORGE E. rilhLtN, No. 7 Tlarclay street IfOR SALE? THREE BILLIARD TABLES, IN VBRY 1 good condition. Inquire at 'SJ& East Tenth street C WEIKMANN. f.^OR SA LB-TWO BILLIARD TABLES; HAVE BEEN 1" used two years only: will be sold cheap. Can he wen st 419 Third avenue, ImUmcii Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth streets. >fO Hi M RUG.? BILLIARD TABLES, LATEST I ft vU\ for r <h 1 ? j ? l o t ? - ; oecond hand 5*10 Tables for $176; par- ni wir<* OunhloiWippM^ old tit Mm, and can ouLy bo nurcJiased at soy waroroornSk 4V Vtu y aim* ft W. U. UMitma.

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