Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1873 Page 9
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PROPOSALS. p&OFOSAU FOR SUPPLIES FOil INDIA Ji 8. j DsrAsnwr fwmtoa, ) > ? OrrtCs or India* Attain, \ ? Washinoior. March 30, 1878. J) floated proposals, In duplicate, will be 40?ud 42 Leonard street, New Yorfc, nntil li in' hi Tue*lay, the 2Mb ilay of April, P'VL-iT !?tt open for business on and alter the 8th day of April, 1*73, tor furnishing the following named articles, required for brae to !?<?*?. at the agencies named 8ANTEE AGENCY. 800.100 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, oa the hoof. 160,000 oounds XX Floor, or 12,300 pounds per month, or it* equlvalenti* wheat. 96.000 pound* Bacon, clear aides, or 3,000 pound* per month. 14,000 pound* Coffee (green). 28.000 pound* be*t Brown Suffar. 1,400 pound* Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 8,800 pound* best Hrown Soap, in boxen. 3,600 pounds Salt, fine, iu barrel*. YANCTON AGENCY. _ t 1,800,000 pounds, grogs weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoot. 84,000 pounds Bacon, olear side*, or 7,000 pounds per month. .. 480,000 pound* XX Flour, or 40,000 pound* per month, or it* equivalent in wheat. . 35,000 pound* Coffee (green). 00,000 round* bent brown Sugar. 3,000 pound* Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 7,000 pounds best Brown Soap, In boxes. 7,000 pounds Salt, fine, in oarrela. WHETSTONE AGENCY. . 5,000,000 pound*, gro*? weight, oi Beet Cattle an the hoof. 300,000 pound* Bacon, clear side*, or 25,000 pounds per month. A. 3,300,000 pound* XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per montli. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 200.000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 26,000 pound* best Brown Soap, m boxes. 4,000 pounds Suit, fine, in barrels. . ' UPPER MISSOURI AGENCY. 1,^80,000 pounds, gross weight, of Bcel Cattle, on the hoof. 108,000 pounds Bacon, clcar Rides, or Si, 000 pounds per 000,000 S'R Floor, or so, 000 pounds per month. 36,000 pounds Coffee (green). 70, 000 pound* best Brown Sugar. 4.000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 9,0(0 pounds best Brown Soap. In boxes. 9,000 pound* Salt, fine, In barrel*. 10,000 pound* Saleratus, in boxes. CHEYENNE RIVER AGENCY. 4,000.000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 180,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides, or 15,000 pounds per month. .700.000 pounds XX Flour, or 58,000 pouads per month. ?>,i,00 pounds Coffee (green). 40,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. , 1U.0U) pouudg i?#lerat<M, iu boxes. * GRAND Rlf&ll AOENCY. . . 6,000,000 ponnds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 300.000 pounds Bacon, clear side*, or 25,000 pound* per month. . _ 1,200,000 oounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 20O,<ki0 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 5,000 pound* Saleratus, In boxes. RED CLOUD AOENCY 6,000,000 pound*, gross weight, of Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 300,000 pounds Bacon, clear side*, or 25,000 pound* per 8,200,000 pounds XX Flour, or 100,000 pounds per month. 100,000 pounds Coffee (green). 200,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 12,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. 25,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in uoxes. 25,000 pounds Salt, Hue, in barrels. 12,000 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. UPPER ARKANSAS AGENCY. 1.370,000 nonnds, gross weight, of Beet Cattle, on the hoof. 276,000 pouuds XX Flour, or 23,000 pounds per month. 22.000 pounds Coffee (green). 45,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 18,890 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxes. pounds best Brown Soap, iu boxes. 4,800 pounds Salt, tine, in barrels. KIOWA AGENCY. -4500,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cuttle, on the hoof, eoo.ttio pounds XX Flour, or 41,666 pound* per month. 30,900 pounds Coffee (green). 63.600 pounds best Brown Sugar. 4,000 pound* Plug Tobacco, In boxes. 7, GOO pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 7,000 pounds Salt, fine, in barrels. ' 8,000 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. WACHITA AOENCY. i, 131,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beof Cattle, on the hoof. 138,300 pound* XX Flour, or 11,525 pound* per month. 16,600 pounds Coffee (green), 32,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 2,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, In boxes. 4,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 3,500 pound* Salt, tine. In barrel*. 2,000 pounds Salerutus. in boxes. BLACKFEET AGENCY. 8JJ00 pounds Coffee (green). 12,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pouuds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 3.000 pounds Salt, line, in barrels 3,000 pouuds Plug Tobacco, in boxas. CROW AGENCY. 25,000 pounds Coffee (green). ?JBlOOO pounds best Brown Sugar. 3,000 pounds Plug Tobacco, in boxen. 7,000 pounds best Brown Soap, in boxes. 2,500 pounds Saleratus, in boxes. 7,000 pounds Salt, flue, in barrels. MILK RIVER AOENCY (FORT PECK). 60,000 pounds Cotl'eo (green). ?140,000 pounds best Brown Sugar. 14,000 pounds host Brown Soap, in boxes. 16, 0U) pounds Salt, tine. In barrels. 6,t?0 pounds Saleratus. In boxes. 10.00U pounds l'lve Tobacco. In boxes. Bids for Beef Cattle will state price per pound, gross. Parties bidding tor the other articles will state price per pound, net, and furnish a sample of each article bid lor, except the Baron and Salt. The prices must be given -without modification or any proposed modification what 8VThc Beef Cattle must ho good, merchantable cattle, all steers, from three to seven years old, la good, healthy condition, and averaging at least 800 bounds, live weight, the weight to be determined by weighing on scales, when practicable. Their delivery must commence at each of ?the points named on the l*t day of July, 1873, at which time about one twenty-fourth of the whole quantity will be delivered, and tltereattcr the balance to be delivered in equal quantities on the 15th and 1st of each month. Bid* will also lie received for the delivery of the quan tity of Beef reoulred tor the months ot January. Febru ary. March, April, May and June, 1874, of what are known as ' Native" or "American" t;attle, or lor cattle that have been Wintered north ot Kansas; the cattle so delivered to meet the above requirements as regards age and con. dltion, and to average not less than 1,060 pound*, liv *TlfaVthere mav be no failure on the part of the con tractor he will be required to keep the Beef Cattle in the vicinity of the agency, to be delivered when re quired ? and should It be ascertained that he is not col lecting'catUe in the vicinity last enough, or should he fail to deliver them when required, the undersigned will purchase, or cause to be purchased, Beet Cattle a* he mav elect, at the expense of said contractor. All the supplies, except the beef, will be inspected and received by the government at New York, Fhlla delnhia. Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Omaha, Kansas <3ilv Sioux Cltv. or Yancton, and, with the further ex ception of tlour. must be delivered, packed and marked lor shiumcnt. bv the 1st day of June. 187S. The flour must be ready tor inspection and delivery at ouch times and in such quanties as will secure, at each Agency, at all times, at least one month'* supply. Bids will also be received for the delivery at St Louis or Kansas Cttv bv the 15th dav of September next of the following Bacon, clear sides For the Upper Arkansas Agency. 39.375 pounds. For the Kiowa Agcncy, 54,000 pounds. For the Wachlta Agency, 28,125 pounds. The Baoon must be sound and sweet and pat up In 8lTheCKiour to he fresh ground, of XX quality, to be made wholly from good, sound wheat, and to be delivered in good strong double sacks, each sack to be branded "In dian Department Klour " The Coffee to he delivered In double sacks. The Sugar to be delivered In barrels, rati head-lined. Proposal* will be received for the delivery of anyone or all of the above-named article*, lor any one or ah of MTbeA tTndersigned reserves the right to Increase or diminish the quantity of each or any of the articles which the bidder or bidders propose to furnish. Parties bidding for Flour are required to furnish samules each to be in quantity not less than one pound, with a n'rivate mark corresponding to same in proposal. Pa'tlcs to whom contracts for the supply of Flour are awarded shall, with 20 days, lurnish to the Commissioner ot Indian Affairs samples, in quantity not less than 25 uounds. of the ouality contracted lor. Bids will also be received for the delivery at the Agen cies on or about the 1st day of Jnly next, or other sped fled points, of Beef Flour and Bncon lor tlio following Agencies in Montana Territory rtLACKFEET AOENCY. 70,000 ponnds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof. 150 000 pounds XX Flour, or 12,500 pouuds per month. 26.000 pound* Bacon, clear sides. ' CROW AGENCY. 235 noo pounds, gross weight, of Beef Cattle, on the hoof, eoo.onn pounds XX Flour, or 41.666 pounds per month. fkiotio ponnds Bncon, clear sides. MILK RIVER AOENCY (FORT PECK). 160,000 pounds, gross weight, of Beet Cattle, on hoof. ^,000 000 pounds X X Klour, or 166,666 pound* per month. 150,000 pounds Bacon, clear sides. All articles furnished by contract made under this ad vertisement will be suniect to Inspection. and such arti cles as may in any respect fall to conform to the re quirements ol contract and the sample will be rejected, and in that case the contractor or contractors will lie boo ml to tarnish others of the required kind or quality without delav. or it thai be not done they will be pur chased at hi* or their expense. Payment* will be made at this office on proper re ceipts. alter the account* thereior shall nave been properly approved. Each copv of each proposal must have a copy of this advertisement a slip trom a newspaper) pasted at it* ** Vhe right 1s reserved to reject any or all proposals If ouch a course should be deemed tor the Interest of the '"No'bWhf'wlll be considered from persons who have failed to comoly with the requirement* of a former con Von tract, or part thereof, will be permitted to be as ?laiitui or AIM bv other parties without the written con aent of the Secretary of the Interior. No bids will be considered lor goods delivered at the ancles except as specified!/ thfi advertisement. *. oroposal wlll be considered that doe* not strictly ??, ?'??, ?* 8' , .(.rordiini to the term* of the adver isement of the (Commissioner ot Indian Affairs dated March 3U, 1873, the following articles, at SSforlce* thereto affixed. (Here insert the list of article* proposed to be f\ir?ii?hed.) Slid articles - are ?o be delivered in (here Insert the proposed place of delivery) by the (insert date). And if this proposal be accepted I (or we> will, within ten days after being noti fied execute a con trad accordingly and give, security to the 'Commissioner of Indian Affairs tor the faithlul per l0EH*hlde w^lF'be* considered unless accompanied by a ?MeaiitaeTn thei following form, to lie signed by two re sd onrt b^e oerso n ? w b ose su ffl c i? nc v must be certified by * United States Judge or District Attorney "We hereby, iointly and severally, guarantee that the above bidder (or bidders), it a contract shall ie a warded to him (or them) according to his (or thelri bW or Drorosal" will execute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security lor the '?WJ'ul the same, an prencribed in the Rdverttucnicnt for Fro posals lor Indian Supplies dsied March 20, 18*\ and in the event of his (or thelri fslluie to do so wt 'J/ agree and bind ourselves, our he'rsj executors and ad ministrators to lorteitand pay to the Lulled States as damages a sum not less than fifteen per cent on me amount of said Md or proposal." . . . Bonds will be required In the amount of the bid for the faithlul pertormance of the contract, with two or more auroties, whose sufficiency must be certified to by a 1'nlted State* Judge or District Attorney. Each bidder must designate hl? place of husinsss, where communications sent to him will be received, the same to be entered In his contract, should one be awarded 'proposals should be enclosed In an envelope, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Proposals lor Sup i,i ies for Indians. Bidders are invited to be present at the opening of tho bids will be opened In the presence of the Board of Iifttaa Commissioners and a committee to tie designated h? the (secretary oi the interior, as soon a* the time lor a-*,, living the same shall have expired, and the contract* ?Ul be awarded as soon tnare?iu,r as practicable.^ Acuiu voeuBuifcw* _ ?I PROPOSALS. Proposals fob Indian goods. Dvartkwtt op th? IimntOE, Omou or Indian Arntnt, Wishimoton, March 30, 1873. ' Sotted proposal*, endorsed "Proposala for Indian Good*," will he received at <0 and 42 Leoaard street, New York, until 12 o'clock K., on Tuesday, the 23d day of April, 1873. which plaoe will be open for business on and after the 8th day of April, 1873. tor furnishing, in the quantities therein Siren, any or all of the articles named in the following list: SIX) pairs 4-point white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 74x90 inches and weigh 12 pounds. 2,006 puirs 3-polnt white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 80x72 Inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,006 pairs ZK polnt white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 54x86 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 928 pairs 2-point whlto Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 43x46 Inches and weigh 5& pounds. 200 pairs lk-point white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 38x90 inches and weigh iX pounds. 300 pairs 4-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 72x90 Inches and weigh 12 pounds. 1,200 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 60x72 Inches ana weigh 8 pounds. 1,800 pairs 2W-polnt scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 54x66 Inches and weigh 6 pounds. 660 palrst-polnt scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 42x46 inches and weigh 5U pounds. 700 pairs 4-point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 72x90 Inches and weigh 12 pounds. 2,000 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 2,325 pairs 21,-poini Indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure Mx??i inches and weigh 6 pounds. 1,000 pairs 2-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x46 inches and weigh 6>? pounds. 400 pairs 4-point green Mscklnac Blankets, to measure 72x90 inches and weigh 12 pounds. 700 pairs 3-point green Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds, 700 pairs 2Vpoint green Mackiajm BlankeU, to meas ure Mx68 inches afid vMgli 6 pounds. ISO paijtj e-polnl gt4en MacklnacBianketa, to nacafr nre 42x46 inches snd weigh 5l< pound* k. * ? <00 yards fancy list blue Oloth. 15,460 yards saved list blue CloWv 16,776 yards Maved list scarlet Cloth, 200 yards gray list blue Cloth. 3,982 8-4 Woollen Shawls. 100 6-4 Woollen Shawls. 400 Heavy double Shawls. 4,924 pounns Linen Thread, standard make, No*. 30, .IS and 40, two-thirds dark blue, one-third whiter brown. 706 dozou snoois Cotton. standard make, 200 yards, J cord amd 6-cora. 266,326 yards Calico, standard prints. 67,800 yards Indigo blue Drilling. 47.500 yards good Bed Ticking. 1 43,575 yards brown Sheeting, 4-4 standard. 122,000 yards standard Duck, 8-ounoe. 20,750 yards plaid Linsey. 20,450 yards blue Flannel, twilled. 27.6IW jrujdij red flannel, twilled. 6,300 yards Ken tacky Jeans. 19,825 yards Satinet 1,000 yardscolorcd Drilling (fhr dress lining. 31)0 yards bleached Sheeting (tor slujaltu. 3.61*) yards Blue Denims. 8,000 yards Hickory Shirting. 348 dozen Cotton Handkerchief*. 652 dozen men's Wool Socks. 628 dozen women's Wool Hose. 483 dozen children's Wool Hose 44 dozen Woollen Scarfs. 17,197 Red Flannel Shirts 3.400 Gray Flannel Shirts. 7,885 Hickory Shirts. 1,100 Calico tihlrto. 45l> Women's Wool Hoods. 151) Misses' Wool Hoods. 14(1 Bud Coverlets. 3,300 pounds Yarn, assorted colors. 1,054 pounds Oilling Twine, 2 and 3 cord, equal quantl* ties, Nos. 30, 35 and 40. 904 pounds Cotton Maitre, for Seines. 500 pounds Indigo. 628 dozen best cast steel Axes, 3 to 4tf pounds 481 dozen best cast steel Hunter's Axes, handled. 609 dozen Axe Handles, 36-inch, No. 1. 647 dozen tinned iron Preserving Kettles, 3J^ to 10 quarts. 434 doMsn short-handle Frying Pans, Nos. 1, 2 aad 3. in canal quantities. 292 dozen Tin Pans, pressed, 2, 4 and 6 quarts. 50 dozen Tin Plates. 820 dozen Tin Gups, pints. 200 dozen Tin Cups, quarts. _ 35 dozen Tin Pal's, no covers, 5, 10 and 12 quarts. 40 dozen Tin Palls, with coven., 8, 10 aud 12 quarts. 25 dozen Tin Dippers, iong handles. 130 dozen Tin Coffee Pots, 2 quarts. 80 dozen Tin Coffee Pots, 4 quarts. 613 dozen tinned iron Table Spootu. 1,503 Butcher Knives, 6 inch. Ill) Hunting Knives, 6 inch. 120 dozen Skinning Knivca, 6-lnch. ?V> down Knlvos and Forks, good quality. * dozen Pocket Kaives. 113 dozen Taper Saw Files, 4){-lncli. 47 dozen Mill-saw Files. *52 dozen Planters' Hoes. No. 2, test cast steel. 120 dozen Hoe Handles 40 dozen Hatchets. 13 dozen Hand Saws. 691 dozen Fish Hooks, assorted sizes. 205 dozen Fish Lines, assorted sizes. 355 dozen Sewing A wis. 299 dozen Sewing Awl Handles 11? dozen Cast steel Shears. 7K aad 3 inches 44! dosen Coarse Combs. 126 dozen Fine-tooth Combs. 56 dozen (.'pen Thimbles. 93 dozen Zinc Mirrors. 173 Needles, assorted sizes. 87 Needles, Clovers' 544 Beaver Traps, Newhouse, No. 4. 50 Mink Traps, Newhouse. 3,385 Camp Kettles, in tiestw of three. 5,450 buncoes Heads, assorted colors. 600 Powhatan Pipes. 600 Reed Steins. 3,142 Sack Coats, assorted sizes, for men. 4,652 Pants, assorted sizes, tor men. U30 Vests, assorted sizes, lor men. 374 Loose Sack Overcoats, large sizu. 25(1 Suits 1 jacket and pants), lor boys five to ten years of age. 120 Vests, for boys Ave to ten years of age. 6,310 men's Wool Hats, assorted sizes and colors. 175 bovs' Wool Hats, assorted sizes and colors. 300 heavy Cassimere Caps. 1,558 pairs men's Shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 794 jiairs women's Slioes, good quality, assorted sizes. 200 pairs boys' Shoot, good quality, Nos. 5 and 6. 220 pairs misses' Shoe.*, good quality, assorted sizes. 324 nairs children's Shoes, good quality, assorted sizes. 9,8110 pounds Tobacco, Plug. 500 pounds Smoking Tobacco. . All the above goods must be delivered In New Tork. Philadelphia or Boston by the 1st day ot June next Also the following Blankets, which will lie required to be delivered by the 1st day of August next :? 1 too pairs 3.point white Mackinac Blankets, to measure 80x72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds. 1,000 pairs 2^-imint white Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 54x66 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 75pairs2-|iolnt white .Vmckinac Blankets, to measure 42x18 inches and weigh 5li pounds. 1,850 pairs 3-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to measure 60x72 inches and weigh 8 pounds. 1,250 pairs ?-"-.-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 54xC6 inches and weigh 6 pounds. 400 pairs 2-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to meas ure 42x46 Inches and weigh 5!? pounds. 2,450 pairs 3-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 80x72 Inches and weigh 8 pounds. 2,000 pairs 2)f-polnt indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 54x66 Inches and weigh 6 pounds. 350 pairs 2-point Indigo blue Mackinac Blankets, to measure 42x4o inches and weigh 51* pounds, airs 2k-polnt green Mackinac Blankets, ure 54x86 inches, and weigh 6 pounds. 200 pairs 2-noint green Mackinac Blankets to measure 42x48 incite* and weigh 5)4 pounds. Tne bids will be opened in tne presence ot the Board of Indian Commissioners and a committee to be designated by the Secretary of the Interior, as soon as the time tor receiving the same shall have expired, and the con tracts will lie awarded as soon thereafter as practicable. Parties bidding are required to lurnish samples of the articles bid for. All the samples of each bidder shall be designated bv a private mark "ttached to each sample corresponding with marks on the proposals. The prices must be given without any modification or proposed modification whatever. The right will be reserved to require a greater or less quantity (not exceeding 25 per rent in either ease) of any of the articles than that specified In the above schedules at the prices proposed. The right will he reserved to reject atw or all proposals. If such a course should be deemed for tne Interests of the *<Au'artic!es furnished nnder contract will be required to be delivered, packed and marked lor shipment, with out extra charge lor cases or balling when in original packages, according to directions which will be given, ut a warehouse to be designated in the respective cities where the go?ds are received, and will be sublect to in spection br the Board ot Indian Commissioners appointed bv the President; and such goods or articles as may in any resuecf tail to conform to the samples will be re jected, and in that case the contractor will be bound to furnish others of the required kind or quality within five days : or if that be not done, they will be purchased at his ?*lJo!bfds will be considered from persons who have failed to comply with the requirements of a former con No^contract, or part thereof, will be permitted to be assigned or filled by other parties without the written consent of the Secretary ot the Interior. Payment will be made tor the goods purchased on the presentation of the invoices thereof at this office, after tlie.y shall have been property approved. No proposal will lie considered that does not strictly coinplv with the following form "I (or we) propone to lurnish the Indian Department, according to the terms of the advertisement of the Com missioner of Indian Affairs, dated March 20, 1873, the fol lowing articles at the prices thereto affixed. (Here in sert the list of articles proposed to be furnished.) Said articles are to be delivered in (here insert the proposed place of delivery) bv the (insert date). And if this pro posal be accepted I" (or wei will, within ten days alter being notified, execute a contract accordingly, and give aecurity to tne Commissioner ot Indian Affairs for the faithtuf performance of the same.' Each proposal must be accompanied by a guaranty In the following form, to be signed by two responsible per sons, whose sufficicncv must be certified by a United States Judge or District Attorney; ? "We herebv Jointly and severally guarantee that the above bidder (or bidders), if a contract shall be awarded to him (or them) according to his (or their) bid or pro posal. will execute a contract accordingly, and give the requisite security for the taithtui performance of the same, as prescribed in the advertisement for proposals for Indian goods, dated March 20. 1873: and in the event ot bis (or their) failure to do so we Ueerbv agree and bind ourselves, our heira, executors and administrators to forfeit and pay to the United States, as damages, a sum not less than fifteen per cent on the amount of said bid or PIB?ndawlU be required in the amount of the bid for the faithful performance of the contract, with two or more sureties, whose sufficiency mutt be certified to by a United States Judge or District Attorney. , ? H. R. 0LUM, Acting Commissioner. C CORPORATION NOTICE. > TO PRINTERS. Orrici or Clkbk or rnv Co** ox Couscti, ) No. 8Cirr IIall, / Nfw Yonic, April 16. 1*73. 1 Sealed proposals will be received at this office until Saturday, April 2?, 1873, at 12 o'clock M., for the work of printing AJ0 copied of the Keport of the Auditor of Ac counts, in the Department of Finance, tor the quarter ending March 31, 1873. Specimens of the work required will be (\irnished, and all other information necessary will be given to estimators, upon application to the un dersigned, on or before Friday, April 24, 1*73. JOSkPII C. HfNCKNEY, Cltrk of Common Council, roem No. 3, City Hall. !>IAURI,K MANTKL?~ AKLABEIt, STEAM-M ABBLK AND MAKBI.KIZINO . Work.-, Us anil US ha^t Eighteenth street.- Marble and Marbleized Mantels, Tiling, Marble Counters Monu ment.., at prices that defy competition." MarbVe" "turning tor me trade. ^ An assortment of m a ntrlsTItI^rpahsed for hesuty of design and quality of workmanship Slate Work ot all kinds a specialty isuip. PKNRHYN slatf. company Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street, Umnn square. ^TEW ART'S SLATE MANTELS. -RICH AM> KLE O gsnt designs. Slate Works ot every J??cription ; Mar ble and Wood Mantels T B STEWART A CO.. So and 221 West Twi'nt.v -third street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y. C KLAHhR A CO.. STEAM MARBLE AND MARBLE O. Uiiig Works, 22.1 West Ki ft v first street, between Broadway and hig'itb avenue.? Marble, marbleiced Man tels, Monuments. Uvadftonet. large seleuUvw it rarr m'SIWKBH OPPOHTIIKITIEt*. A -CAPITAL SECURED TOR INCORPORATED 00M ? panics, merchant*, manufacturer* ; investmeut* made for persons with capital; interviews solicited with concern* havintr substantial reputation. CHARLES G. DAHLUBBN 4 CO., IU Broadway. A-THK SOUTH 18 INVALUABLE TO ALL IN ? leaded in Southern business or property Illus terosted Alabama and Georgia numbers already issued ; >3 a year ; single copies, 10c. Office 101 William street. A SPECIAL PARTNER WANTED? WITH A CAPITAL from $50,000 to $76,000, in a well established manu facturing ami importing house, doing a handsome, ?al9 wholesale bus incus, la^t year's sales amounting to over $500, duo ; profits guaranteed frem 49 to 60 per cent; com mercial standing Al. Address H. S., 14 Wall street, room lit _ A RARE OPPORTUNITY 18 OFFERED TO A MAN who understands the manufacture of stockings ; one who has the machinery preierred. Address or call on L. W., Sweeny's Hotel. J A LADY OP RESPECTABILITY AND POSITION would like to meet a middle-aged or elderly geu Hu man to assist her In a small pecuniary matter; good security given; none hut responsible parties need apply. Address M. A., box 160 Herald uptown Brunch office. A YOUNG AND ENERGETIC GENTLEMAN". WITH $3,i*X)or $5,000, can hear of a safe and lucrative busi ness investment Address 8. E. A., Herald office. AN ESTABLISHED AND PROFITABLE MANUFAC Hiring Business, protected by patents and having exclusive trade, will be sold cheap for cash or exchanged. B. E. 11 VAN DYKE, 82 Broadway. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOB A LIVE BUSINESS man.? To let, at Jersey City, a first class Corner for restaurant or liquor business, good spot on the main busi ness street, near all the terries and railroad depots; low rent to a prood tenant Apply immediately to J. M. GIB SON, Auctioneer, 27 Montgomery street, Jersey City. A KENTUCKY LIQUOR HOygB, 1>ESIK6U8 O? iV extending their trade in new Yorlt and Brooklyn, wish to nicot'.i a J?aftV VnQ irhows the trade or has n ronfl Jction in it to sell Kentucky pure Bourbon and rye whiskies ?f established reputation among good retail grocery, drug and liquor men; a liberal arrangement will be made with the right kind ot man. Address lor two weeks (1. II. of Abbott A Co., Advertising Ageuts. 141 Kultou street, New York. A PARTY FAMILIAR WITH GENERAL BANKINO wishes to join a party who will advance the requi site Capital for conducting a banking and slock commis sion business. Address COMMISSION, box 126 Herald office. A? $2,004? PARTNER WANTED, IN A FIRST CLASS ? office business, already established; pleasant and profitable; references given and required. WEBSTER A Co., 309 Broadway. _ A YOUNG MAN DESIRING TO GET IN A PROFIT able market business as partner can tiinl a very desirable chanoe by calling on or addressing J. C. CAR PENTER, 138 West Eleventh street, corner sixth avenue. PARTNER? MALE OR FRMALE, WITH $1,500 OR $2,00d; strictly first cluss, doubled the llrst six month* and will steadily increase; no patent medicine or humbug. Inquire at 302 Broadway, room 9. TO HOTEL MEN.? WANTED, A COMPETENT MAN ager to tako charge of a large and popular Summer resort; one who can purchase a small interest preferred. Apply in person to 8. EDDY St CO., No. I Park place. TO STATIONERS. PRINTERS, LITHOGRAPHERS and Bookbinders.? Several new patented Inven tions, as Checks, Trade Mark Labels, Postage and Rev enue Stamps, Writing. Printing Inks, and Paper lor pro tection Against Counterfeit; Patent* or Rights for sale. 04 Allen street, betore 11 A. M. \\J ANTED ? A COMPETENT COOK TO TAKE A VV lunch countcrat Berry'* Saloon, 23d st. and (itli av., Booth'* Hullding. Apply to-day after 12 o'clock. WANTED? A PARTNER, WITH A CAPITAL OF $1 ,000, to take share in a first class established busi ness. Address, name in lull, EXCELSIOR, Herald office. dj OHA -WANTED, A PARTNER. WITH $250, IN A good paying restaurant business; a sure chance to make money. For particulars apply at 52 Bowery. PIAKUFOKTES, ORGANS, &C. AT HAINES BROS.' 27 Union square, Pirst class handsome new Pianofortes for 8*le on very reasonable terms, and several used a little, very low for cash. AN ELEGANT 7 OCTAVE PIANO, VERY RI6HLY carved case and legs, with all the modern improve ments, $17S; others to rent and sold on instalments, at JOHN MAHON'S, :m and .IK) East Thirty-ninth street. A-A.-WE OFFER A PEW PIANOS OF OUR OWN ? make, return^n from hire, octaves, some nearly new and tully warranted, at extremely low prices for cash; also Upright, Square and Grand Arion Pianos to rent and sold on instalments. ARTON PIANOFORTE COMPANY, No. 5 East Fourteenth street. AT MANUFACTURER'S WAREROOMS. PRIOR TO removal, inagnitlccnt new first class Agraffe 7^ octave rosewood, overstrung, iron frame Pianofortes, $200, Stool and Cover, curvca legs, Ac. ; latest improve ments; tully guaranteed. GOLDSMITH'S, No. 7 Bleeekcr street, uear Bowery. A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR sale? 7S octave, made to order: city maker; fully guaranteed ; used five months; cost $1,190, for $275 ; Par lor Suits, Etageres, Chamber and Dining Furniture, ?silverware, Glassware, Ac.; a sacrifice; property of family leaving cltv. 3C West 15th St., near 6th MY. AT BKTTS' WAREItOOMS, 7m BBOADWAY, OOBNBB Tenth street, next to Grace church.? Piano* and Organs to let or sell on instalments; bargains lor ca h. CJ^BBTTS. A BEAUTIFUL ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO forte, overstrung bass, nearly new, cost $&00. for $180. 24.1 East 10th street, between 2d and 3d avenues. A CHAN CB.? $900 WILL BUY A MAGNIFICENT rosewood 7 * octave lour round cornered Piano forte, richly carved, all improvements, maker's guaran tee ; cost $1,2D0; property family leaviug the city; a bcautitul 7 octave grand square Pianoforte, with guaran tee, cost $975, for $250 : also the entire elegant Household Furniture ; great sacrifice. Can be seen this dav or Sun day at private residence 210 West Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue. A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE BOUND 7U OCTAVE rosewood Pianoforte, tully guaranteed, nearly new, cost $950, tor $275; Parlor Suit, cost $.'>76, for $200-. one do., $150; hrocatel and reps Suits, $75 and $50; walnut and rosewood chamber Suits, $35 up; Paintings, Library. Dining Furniture ; a grcot sacrifice. Residence 113 West Eighth street (Clinton place), near sixth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY LEAVING FOR EUROPE will sell immediately for cash, their sut>erl> 7 ^ oc tave round cornered rosewood brilliant-toned Pianoforte, used 8 months ; cost $1,000, for $260; also some Household Furniture, fittv ner cent less than cost. Call at private residence. 120 West 23d street, near 6th av. N. B.? Square grand tor (125, nearly new. H. R. MA It'll N. First ci.ass pianos, RETAILED at wholesale prices, direct from factory. Send for circular. 78 Barrow, near Hudson street J P. HALE'S NEW 7>i OCTAVE PIANOFORTES ? are the best and cheapest Pianos ever made. For sale bv the thousand at Thirty-filth street and Tenth av. Magnificent seven OCTAVE rosewood piano forte, richly carved, with Stool and Cover, only $125; greatest bargain in New York; moving; must sell. 19t> Bleeekcr street, near Maedougal. New styles five octave double reed Cabinet organs, ready this month, at REDUCED PRICES ; $110 and $125 each. Fifty other styles, $K to $6(X) and upward each . The MASON ,t HAMLIN Organ Cotnpanv now ofter, at their new warerooms, 26 Union square, the largest assortment of the best instruments of this class in the world, at prices which ure rendered possible only by their unequalled facilities tor manufac ture. Organs rented with privilege of purchase lor quarterly or monthly payments. New, first class square and upright Pianos for rent? Rent allowed as purchase uionev ; 20 West Fourth street, one block from Broadway. PIANOS (BEAUTIFUL WEBER INCLUDED), CHEAP as the cheapest, good us the best, for rent or sale; rent allowed purchaser; at MERRELL'S, No. 8 Union square, 166 Fourth avenue. PIANOS AND ORGANS.? GREAT BARGAINS, NEW and most beautiful styles anil perfect tones ever made, and by best niukers. ot lower prices tor cash, or monthly instalments, or tor rent, during this month, at WATERS', in Broadway, than can be found elsewhere. WATERS' CONCERTO PARLOR ORGANS ARE THE most beautiful in style and perfect in tone ever made. The concerto stop I* the best ever placed In any organ. It is pro lueed by a third set of reeds peculiarly voiced, the effect of which is most charming and soul stirring, while Its imitation ot the human voice is superb. Prices iow tor cash, or part cash and balance in monthly or quarter!* payments, other Organs, $55 , double reeh Or,um, $10d; 8 stop Organs, $125, cash. Organs to let that may be purchased. Warerooms. 491 Broadway, New York. HORACE WATERS A BON. 1 Afi SECOND HAND PIANOS, IN PERFECT OBDEB, 1UU lor sale by WILLIAM A. l'OND A CO., 647 Broadway. ~ ~~ MUIHCAL. A FIRST CLASS OKGA NI.hT AND CHOIR-D1BEC tor ot experience , and brilliant soloist, desires an engagement; can pro tide a quartet at moderate price. Address CLARE W. HEAMES, 19 Stuyvc*ant street. AN OLD, WELL KNOWN MUSIC HOUSE IN A large Southern city wishes to make arrangements with a piano manutactorv to sell their pianos on the Instalment plan; best reierences and security given. Address PIANO, box 3,277 Post office, .New York. A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO AN? GOOD READER desires a position from May 1 In a quartet choir Iti New York or Brooklyn. Address WIIEELER, box 139 Post office, Williamsburg'. AN ORGANIST, WITH 14 YEARS' EXPERIENCE, desires a situation In or out of the city . read s music at sight; transposes, composes and conducts a choir: with best references; salary moderate. Address COM POSI TION. Brooklyn Post office. AN EXPERIENCED MUSIC TEACHER, PUPIL OF Carl Tnusig and Arabella Goddard. has vacancies for two pupils. Address B. C. D., Brooklyn Branch Herald office. A SOPRANO, HAVING A THOROUGH MUSICAL education and a very superior voice, highest reier ences. will engage her services. Call or address SINGER, M West Twenty ninth street, New York. C1ARD.-PIANO, ORGAN, GUITAR, SfNOINQ.? MISS ; WATSON gives private lessons, day and evening, at her resilience, 92 Clinton place lEIglitii street). Instru ments furnished for daily practice. C GUITARISTS, ATTENTION !? "BOLD MEDAL PAT J ent Tilton Oultar;" took Gold Medal at American l-air MANUFACTURERS' AGENCY, 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). Illustrated circulars mailed tree. Pri vate Guitar lesson*. "WANTED? A SOPRANO SINGER, FOR ONE OF OUR ? f first churches In Brooklyn. None but a good reader and first class artist need apply to CARROLL, box 1,U64 Post office. . M1SCELUXEOM. _ Rake chance for capitaubts.? look out for

burglars! Call and see the new Burglar Alarn; nothing like it; State rights for sale at 708 Broadway. FBG A WBB8TEB, Patentees TO UONTRACTOBS.? TO BB GIVEN AWAY. AQl'AN ttty >f vid narus. Apply at ZU BMt I weniy-umth ItfHf AltnmRIWEKTII. W" ALLAOK'S. ? -*? - ? Proprietor and Manager .Mr. LESTER WAX. LACK ELEVENTH WEEK ^ Of _ Mr SOTH8RM In hi* extraordinary impersonations of DAVID OAEKICK and LORD DUNDEE ART. which will lie presented THIS AND EVERY EVENING SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1 :30 P. M. The following eminent artists will appear Mr. flOTIT FRN, Mr. JOHN GILBERT, Mr. J B POLK, Mr. BISHOP, Mr. J W. CARROLL, Mr BOOWNB. Mr. LEON AUD, Mr HOLLAND. Mr. EDWIN, Mr. CURKAN, Mr. PECK, Miss K \TIIErI NE ROOKED, Mr*. FANNY FOS TEE, Mine. PONISI, Mrs. JOHN SEFTON. BOX PLAN OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Cnrtaln rises at 8 precisely, aud carriage* may t>e or dered at 10 :40. Bowery theatre. WM. B. FREL1GH Mauagcr SATURDAY EVENING. April 19, LAST NIGHT OP MR. E. T. STETSON and the great drama ol the FASTEST BOV IK NEW YORE, written by Tony Pastor and T. L. Donnelly, and the immense nautjeal drama of TOM CRINGLE'S LOG. MONDAY, April 21, will be presented an entirely new soi*atlonal play, from the Fireside Companion, written by Charles Poster. OOTH'S THEATRE. BOUCICAULT. Ldwili Uootii Proprietor and Manager LAST NIGHTS, THURSDAY, KKIUAY and SATURDAY. LAST TUKKf NIGU1S of DADDY O'DOWD, and LAST THREE NIGHTS of Mr. DION BOUCICAULT B i" his great character of ? MICHAEL O'DOWD. LAST DADDY C'IM.'WP MATINEE on SATURDAY, The public of New York have recognised In this extra ordinary deliueation one of those great ami truthful works of art which remain as heirlooms ol the stage. The management feels gratified the tlrst porturuiance will date Itora BOOTH'S Til KATRE. ON MONDAY NEXT, APRIL 21, ABRAH-NA-POGUE and KERRY. Mr. BOUOIOAULT as SHAl'N and KERRY. Seats may be secured in advance at the theatre, or at Ditson A Co.'s music store. 711 Broadway. BOOTH'S THEATRE. MATINEE. LAST MATINEE of DADDY O'DOWD, and last appearance but one of Mr. BOUCICAULT as MICHAEL O'DOWD As matinee performances at this iheatro are so largely atfended by ladies aud children, the management feels gratified in calling the attention of tamilies to the prominent feature* in all the Irlsti plays of this eminent dramatist In subject, character and dihlogue they are pure and IVee front adulteration in every sense of that word. And while they are proverbial for their depth of emotion and breadth of humor, thev contain nothing the most innocent may not witness, understand aud appre ciate. ST. JAMES THEATRE. "IRELAND." MATINEE | Mac RVOY'S MATIN Ei MATINEE SATURDAY, SATURDAY, 2 O'CLOCK. 2 O'CLOCK CHILDREN, ISC. CHILDREN, ISC. CHILDREN, 140. CHILDREN, 150, EVENING AT 8. NEW UIliEKNlCON, or IRELAND IN AMERICA. Ittl-ll COMEDY and CHAR. VOTER COMPANY. /TQC ATHENEUM, Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. K. W. BUTLER Manager EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTION THIS WEEK. The best ami most versatile company that has ever appeared in this city. ATHENEUM. A * ATHENEUM. T MATINEE ] AT 2>? O'CLOCK. ATHENEUM. <$> A, THE OREAT ZANPRETTA TROUPE, TSE GREAT ZANKRICTTA TROUPE, THE OREAT ZANFRETTA TROUPE. ETOHTIN NUMBER. EIGHT IN NUMBER, WILL APPEAR IN THEIR ORIGINAL SPECIALTIES. The beautilul Burlesque of P? L ? U? T? O, with the following talented artists In the cast:? Miss Lisa Weber, Llllie Hull, Minnie Jackson, Ilclene Smith, Ida Rosa, Laura Le Clair, George Alkius, George 11. Coes, Schwicardi, Kelly, THE SPORTS OF THE CENTRAL PARK, AUSTIN and UESS. Luke Schoolcraft, Geo. anil Chas. Reynolds, AND REGULAR ATHENEUM COMPANY. Afternoon doors open at I. Evening at 7 o'clock. Box offlco open dally. Seats secured in advance. Academy op music. aimee. FAREWELL OF AIMEE OPERA BOUPFE. TO-DAY, AT 1, GALA MATINEE. LA PERICHOLE. LA PERICHOLE. Admission, $1 : Reserved Seats, $1 50; Gallery, fiOc. Scats reserved at Aoademy and 7D1 anil 1U Broadway. Academy. la pf.richole matinee. FAREWELL AIMEE GALA MATINEE. LA PERICHOLE. LA PERICHOLE AIMEE GALA MATINEE AT ACADEMY. LA PERICHOLE. (To-day at 1.) La PERICHOLE. AIMEE anil JI'TEAt1 in their greatest roles. Farewell of aimee at academy. TO-DAY FAREWELL MATINEE AT 1 O'CLOCK. AIMEE In her charming role of LA PERICHOLE. ITH STREET THEATRE, r Thirty-fourth street, near Third avenue. THE GREAT STAR TROUPE EVERY NIOHT. DRAMA, BALLET, FARCE. BURLESQUE. ALL THE SENSATIONS OP THE DAY. First Matinee on Tuesday afternoon, April 22. B RYANT'S OPERA HOUSE.? SHOO FLY. GRAND MATINEE THIS DAY AT TWO. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. | To-ilav, at two o'clock, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS SHOO ELY, SHOO FLY, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. SHOO FLY, SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S NINBTREL8. MATINEE AT 2 O'CLOCK. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. Dan Bryant, Nelse Sevinour, BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. I Master Barney, Davo Reed. I)r. Cotton's laughable gas burlesque, THE CALICO HOP. Dan Bryant as Doorkeeper. SHOO FLY at 2 o'clock. SHOO FLY. Bring the children to sec SHOO FLY. Children halt price to Matiuee. SliOO FLY. DAN BRYANT'S. SHOO FLT. M RS. SCOTT SIDDONS. MATINEE READINGS TO-DAY, ASSOCIATION HALL, 2 P. M. Mrs. f. b. conway s Brooklyn theatre. Benefit ul Mr. FRANK ROCHE. THE WIFE. St. Pierre Mr. FRANK ROCHE POCAHONTAS. Entire Company will appear. B ARNUM IN BROOKLYN. MUSEUM, POSITIVELY LAST DAY LAST DAY OF THE GREAT MENAGERIE AND HIPPODROME AT THE CAPITOLINE GROUNDS. THIS SATURDAY, APIIL 19, IHREE GRAND EXHIBITION'S, MORNING, AFTERNOON AND EVENING. Doors open at 9 A. M., 1 aud 7 P. M. GRAND DOUBLE HIPPODROME. PERFORMANCES AT 10, 2 AND 8 O'CLOCK. Frnnklin avenue ears leave Grand, Houston and Roose velt street ferries every two minutes. Gates and Fulton avenue car* leave Fulton ferrv. Nostrand avenue cars leave South Seventh street, Willlunisburg. Hamilton avenue cars leave South ferry. All the above lines run to the immediate vicinity of the Show Grounds. THE OREAT TRAVELLING WORLD'S FAIR moves on its triumphal tour, and exhibits in N'orwalk, Conn., Monday, A| ril 21. National academy of design. The Forty -eighth Annual Exhibition of Pictures and Sculptures 'Is now open day and evening, Twenty-third street, corner of Fourth avenue. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Cor. Scc'y N. A. HC. DOBSON. THE OREAT BANJOIST, WILL ? perform on the 5, li and 7 string Banjos, at the Green Room, 141 Fourth, avenue, on Saturday evening. Admission IVee. rtRSlTPRE. A? A.? A.? A.? A.? A. . A Bargain, this day. for cash.? Private family leav ing for Europe will sell all their Household Furniture, in lots to suit? Superb Idue satin. Inlaid and gilded frame* Parlor Suits, cost $71*), for #300; one for $200, cost$?iRl; hrocntel suit, $12'>, rep Suits, 7 pieces, $60; velvet and Brussels and Ingrain Carpet; 14 Bedroom Suits, $40 up wards; brilliant toned i'4 octave rosewood Pianoforte, cost $900, for $.**) ; hair and spring Beds and Bedding, Extension TbMc, Buffet. Chairs. Mirrors, Chandeliers. Bronzes. Oil Paintings, Easy chairs, Lounges, Basement ami Kitchen Furniture, in lots, less than naif cost. Call this ilav, orlvatc house 120 West 2ld St., between 8th aud 7th avs. N. B.? Goods can remain in house until 1st. AT a OREAT SACRIFICE? IP CALL AT PRIVATE residence. US Vt est Eighth street (Clinton place), be tween Filth and sixth avenues ? Magnificent, latest style* satin hrocntel Parlor Suit, cost $750 for ?250; one do, crimson satin, $200; hroeatel and rep Suits, $150, $7.1 and $60; rosewood and walnut Chamber Suits. $3.f> up; mag nificent 7'4 octave rosewood Piiiiioforts. cost $*75, tor #27 fi . Paintings, Mirrors, Curtains, Carpets, Bullet, Ex tension Table, silverware, Ac., for any reasonable offer. Cut til Li out. AT PRIVATE SALE -FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY wish to dispose of their entire elegant Household Furniture, Parlor Suits, in state, brocatel and cotellne; Chamber Suits, In rops; rosewood and waWiut Bedroom Furniture, magnificent rosewood 7*4 octave Pianoforte, tour round corners, one grand square 7 octave Piano forte, Carpets, Bedding, Paintings, Ornaments. &r. Can be seen this day or Sunday, at private residence 210 West Twenty first street, near seventh avenue. A RARE CHANCE FOR CASH? AT PRIVATE RESI deuce 124 West 2rtth St. ; Parlor Suits, $7* to $150: rep Suits, $.'W . Bedroom Suits, $25, and 300 lots of first class Furniture tor less than half cost- Bome to let. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF CARPETS, FURNI ture and Bedding at lowest cash pries, bv weekly Instalments, at O'FArtRELL'S warehouse, 410 Eighth ave nue, between Thirtieth and Thirty-tir-t *treets. A RARE CHANCE FOR HOUSEKEEPERS.- MAGNIP Icent Drawing Room Suit, covered silk brocade, cost $ti"0. tor $3)0; one do., $150, for $45; Pianoforte, Paint ings, Bronseiy Mirrors, Velvet-4'arnets, rosewood, walnut Chamber Furniture, Extension Table, Silverware: a sac ritlce; property ol family leaving city. 36 West 15th St, near 5th av. 2 1ABPETS.? A PARTY REMOVING FROM A FIRST \ J class resilience desires to dispose of all the Jarpets in the hmise. Address box 2,395 Post office. Monthly or weekly payments.? carpet* Furniture, Beddinfc*^ % ,V4 and 316 Intra avenue, near twenty ? Prices lower man an v other Bonse n the city. 1)RIVATE PARTIES DESIRING TO DISPOSE OF X their KurnlMM can meet with a cash purchaser by addreslng s li. K., b.ix.Wo Post olllce. PRIVATE SALE OF FURNITURE, CARPETS, OAS Fixtures. Ac., at the dwelling house 647 Lexington avenue, at very low prices. miig SECOND HOUSE BELOW EIGHTY-SIXTH 1 street, in Flith avenue ?A private family declining housekeeping, and not wishing to have a public auction, will sell at private sale nianv fine articles of Furniture and Carpets, hardly used. Can bo seen Friday and Satur day, 18th and 19th. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PATMBNTS FOR FUR nltare. Carpets and Bedding, at B. M COWPER TBWaIT A go's, 155 and 157 Cfcatfcan street. As ? StMfc MA WW MlfM W( Characters by Mi? AONF.S ETHEL. Miss EmILY MBSTAYER, Mis* MARY GllISWOLD, Miss JENNIE LEE, Mies KATE HOI LAND, Miss CHARLOTTE CAVB, Minn LILL1E EDWARDS, Mr. D II. HARKINS, Mr. J. F. MACKAY, Mr. EDWARD LAMB, Mr OEORGK PARKES, Mr. .1 W. THORPE. Mr. W. H. WILD lilt aud Mr. W. yUIGLEY. AMCSKMKWT9. . 'OOD'S MUSEUM DOM. MURRAY. FIRST GRAND MATINEE or MR. DUMINIOK MURRAY. TO-DAT AT t P. M. NIliUT AT 8. FIRST AMD ONLT MATtimil UF TUB (JAM BLUR'S OR1ME, Or, THE MURDER ON THE HUDSON. The great Irish Comedian, . _ Mr. DOM I NICK MURBA^ in his celebrated sensation Drama. THB OAMBLBK'S CRIME. MATINEE AT J. UA"oiJ NIGHT AT 9. LAST NIOHT OP THB GAMBLER'S CRIME. ^MONDAY? a PROM SINQ SING. UNION SQUARE THEATRE. . _ Proprietor Mr. 8ITERIDAN SITOOK Manager Mr. A. M. PALMER Begins at 8. Saturday Matlneo at 1 JO. Carriages may be ordered at II. IMMENSE SUCCESS of AQNES ETHEL IN FROU-FROU. THE nOUSE CROWDED NIGHTLY WITH THE ELITE OF THE CITY. THE MOST MAGNIFICENT REVIVAL IN THE HIS TORY OF THE NH.W YORK STAGE EVERY NIOHT AND AT 1'UE SATURDAY MATINEB until further notice, will be producod, by special arrangement with Mr. Augustln Daly, his brilliant adaptation of Meilhac and Ualevy's wonderful Drama. In live acts, ontltlod FROU-FROU. for which new and elegant scones have been painted by Marslon. _ FROU-FROU. FROUFROU. FROU-FROU. FROUFROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU. FROU-FROU FROUFROU. SATURDAY, AT 1 r'tft, FIRST FROU-FROU MATINEE. THAT THERE MAV BK NO DISAPPOINTMENT ABOUT SKATS THE ROX SHEET WILL ilE OPEN TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE. QLYMPIC THMATRE. J. E. HAYES Lessee and Mauagcr THIS (SATURDAY) AFTERNOON AT 2 O'CLOCK, GRAND FAMILY MATINEE. SAftftaUY EVENING AT 8, LAST NIOHT OF ffffi FolJtTll EDITION. MONDAfY. AI'ltlL jr,' .v.*s.?.r FIRST TIME OF THE FIFTH EDITION of G. L. FOX'S HUMPTY DUMPTY. New Cast, Burlesque opening. Scenery, Tricks, Cos tumes, Mtisio, Mechanical K Hoc is and an entirely new Pantomime. NEW AND ATTRACTIVE SPECIALTY ARTISTS. REAPPEARANCE OF THE FAMOUS WILSON BROTH E RS. SJTELNWAY HALL. FESTIVAL WEEK. J The public is respectfully informed that u FESTIVAL WEEK OF GRAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS will bo given on a scale of COMPLETENESS AND ORANDF.UR never before attempted in New Y?rk, under the direc tion of THEODORE THOMAS, COMMENCING TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 22. 1173. The lollowiiig distinguished artists will appear :? Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, I oftn, " Mrs. H. M. SMITH, 1 Sopranos. Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY, Contralto. Mr. NELSON V ABLET, Teuor (his first appearance In New York). Mr. MYRON W. WHITNEY, Basso. Mr. J. F. RUDOLPIISON, Baritone. The celebrated HANDEL AND II AYDN SOCIETY, from Boston, numbering FIVE HUNDRED (fiOD) VOICES. Conductor CARL ZERRAHN Organist Mr. B J. LANG will appeur, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED ORCHESTRA, largely Increased on this occasion. ORDER OF PERFORMANCES? TUESDAY EVENING, April IB, at S, ELIJAH. ELIJAH. WEDNESDAY, April 23, AFTERNOON and EVENING. GRAND PUBLIC REHEARSAL, at 1 o'olook. nnu LAST ORATORIO PERFORMANCE, at 1 o'clock, of SELECTIONS FROM HANDEL'S ISRAEL IN EGYPT, including the grand double choruses, airs and duets, and the entire of Mendelssohn's HYMN OF PRAISE (LOBGESANG). 1HURSDAY EVENING, April 24, at 8, AT THB BROOKLYN ACADEMY. ONLY GRAND FESTIVAL ORATORIO. ELIJAH. ELIJAH. FRIDAY, April 28, AFTERNOON and EVENING, GRAND PUBLIC REHEARSAL, at I o'clock, or BEETHOVEN'S NINTH OR CHORAL SYMPHONT. ON FRIDAY EVENING. ONLY FESTIVAL CONCERT. Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN nnd Mr. HENRI WIBNIAW9KI, Mr. S. B. MILLS, Mr. WILLIAM MASON. The following distinguished vocalists will also appear:? Mrs. H. M. SMITH, Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY On this occasion BACH'S CONCERTO FOR THREE PIANOS will l?e performed by RUBINSTEIN, MILLS and MASON. LAST APPEARANCE during I lie festival week of ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIENIAWSKI, together with Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, Mr MYRON W. WHITNEY, Ac., Ac. PRICES OF ADMISSION.? Reserved seats to the even ing performances, $2. S3 and $1. according to location , admission tickets, $1 and $2, reserved seats to the mati nee, $?. admission tickets to public rehearsal!-, $1 ; re served seats to rehearsals, 50 cents extra. The sale of reserved seals ?lll commence tills morning atSchirmcr's, 701 Broadway, at 114 Broadway and at tile box office at Stelnway Hall. UBINSTEIN MATINEE. MONDAY MORNINO RUBINSTEIN MATINEE. MONDAY MORNING. 11 STEI N WAY'S. EXTRA MATINEE. MONDAV. STEIN WAT'S. EX IRA MATINEE. MONDAY. Doors open lljf A. M. Commences 12>i precisely. In compliance with numerous requests AN EXTRA RUBINSTEIN MATINEE AN EXTRA RUHINSTKIN MATINEB rill be given at Stelnway Hall on MONDAY MORNING AT I2>?. MONDAY MORNING AT UJ-, A MOST ATTRACTIVE PROGRAMME. A MOST ATTRACTIVE PROGRAMME. Admission $1. Reserved seat, $1 extra. CM now be had at su-inway'-., 7oi and in Hr >adway. RUBINSTEIN-THOMAS MATINEE TODAY. STEIN WAY HALL, THIS AFTERNOON AT 2, GRAND MATINEE of the GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD. Comprising Anton Rubinstein, Henri Wieniawski, with Theo. Thomas and his unrivalled Orchestra. On this occasion Rubinstein will play A MINOR CON. CERTO (Schumaa), Ballade (Chopin), and tor .the first time here several of Henselt's pieces, also several new COMPOSITIONS OF HIS OWN. Mr. Wieniawski will play the Mendelssohn Concerto (first movement). The Theo. Thomas Orchestra will perform overture "King Stephan" (Beethoven), "Vorsplel Lohengrin," "Der Rett aer WaHyren" (Wagner), "Cavalry March" (Schubert), adapted tor Orchestra by Liszt. Admission $1; reserved seat* $1 extra, to be had at box office, 701 and 114 Broadway. MONDAY, ut half past twelve precisely, EXTRA RUBINSTEIN MATINEE. HSOCIATION BALL. k SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 19,2P.M., Matinee Readings by Mrs. SCOTT SIDDONS, with a new and brilliant programme Tickets SO cents ; no extra charge for reserved seats. For tialo at Schlrmers and Hurleys. |>!I I LII ARMONI0 SOCIETY. CONCERT SATURDAY EVENING. April 19, 9 o'olock. ACADEMY Of MUSIC. MR ANTON RUBINSTEIN will conduct ills "Ocean Symphony." MR. HENRI WIENIAWSKI, Sob Violinist Grand Orchestra under the leadership ol HERB CARL BERGMANN. ONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 201 BOWERY. JOHNNY WILLIAMS, GOSS AND Fox, HUGH IIAOt.KRTY, CHARLEY WHITE, BILLY PASTOR, BILLY BARRY, CELIA IFERD. SIXTY STARS A NEW PROCRAMME. MAT IN I.E. MATINEE. MATINEB. MATINEE MaTINEE. matinee. MATINEE. MATINEE. MATINEE N r (iRANU MATINEE MATINEE MATINEB MATIN BB MATINEE MATINEE TO-DAY, AT 2*. A ACADEMY OF MUSIC. PILHARMOWIC SOriETY. SOME OF THE BEST SKATS FOR THB CONCERT i .\N BK HAD AT NO. *28 BROADWAY KW MUSIC.? "PITY THE HOMELESS ONE TO Night," Pratt, 30c. : ' Be Thou With Me," prayer, I iller, 30c.: "Les Rosea Walt/.es," Meilra, .'i0c. ; 'Manu script" and "Mypotliescn" Waltzes, Strauss, each 75c. ; "The Spray Mazurka," Pattison, 60.:. ; "My Mother Among the Aniels," "A Rose in Heaven" and "Not a Sparrow Kalleth," three new songs by Aht, with plciure title, each 50c. Copies mailed. WM A POND A CO., Publisher*. 547 Broadway and 39 Union ?<|uare. \T ARIKTIKS THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS TO V rent.? Proposals will be received until the 1st day of June next tor the rent of the Varieties Theatre, com mencing with the next season The theatre is complete in all Its appointment* of wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address E. RIGNEY, President La Vartete Associa tion, New Orleans. Gallery of paintings. ' LOUIS IHIRK'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over .*?) paintings by the beat masters, from tile fourteenth century down to the present true Now open from 2 to 10 P M. u>r the benefit ol THE GERMAN HOSPITAL, In the GKBMAN SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, entrance on Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth street Admission during the day, 50c , in the evening, J6c C1ARD -PBIVATB MUSIC LESSONS, PIANO, ORGAN, J Violin. OulUr, Harp, Singing. Harmony 92 Clinton place (Eighth street). Established 1KM Students' Journal aud circulars malted. J. JAY WATSON, Director. MATRIMONIAL. WANTED.? BY THB ADVERTISER, A NICK, DECENT younnlady to warry Addrei* R. R. K . LUrald AKirSKMRNTS. qiBKATltK COMIQUB, Mr JOSH HART TmiJc a^Pwprtatog GRAND MATINEE TO HAY " w* The world-renowned MONDAY KBIT. LINO LOOK and April D, WTS, YAMADIVA. The moat comical an entire change ot all Pantomime* TUB SHADOW , Of bill. A TRIP TO fHK MOON. C UAH ami CARRIE AUSTIN, HARRIGAN .m l HART, Mint ADA WltAY. Miss KITTY O'NKIL, Miss FANNY LUCBLLB, .Miss CARRIE HAINES. Miss IDA GREEN FIELD, Ml?i NELLIE SAND FORD, mi t all the mtauiuiotli troupe ill a new olio, at tint MATINEE TO-DAY. The new Jraiua, THE RACE, at Matinee. A new olio and re ao pa a ranee ?f Miss JENNIE IIUGUB^ Mr. JOHN WEST, Mr. WILLIAM HAJU^ Mr. JOHN QOINN. and the new Drains NO 7| OB, WAS HE GUILTY. rTU AVENUE THEATRE. (CURTAIN BISKS AT 0* O 728 and 7:W Broadway sole Lessee and Maaager Mr. AUGUSTIN DAL1C DIVORCE I I The great Drama of Society. Characters by Ml** fa?ny MORANT. mi?? CLARA MORRIS Miss FANNY DAVENPORT, Mrs. G. H. GIL BERT, Mian LINDA DIBTS, Mlsa KATiE CLAXTON Mlna ROBERTA NORWOOD, Mis* GRIFFITHS. Mr OBOBGB CLARKE, Mr LOUIS JAMES, Mr. W. DAYIDGB Mr. JAMES Lewis, Mr. CHARLES FISHER, Mr. B. T. RINGGOLD, Mr. OWEN FAWOBTT, Mr. D. WHITINO, Mr GEOR6e DEVERE, Mr. FRANK CHAPMAN, Mc. J A. MACKAY, W. UEEKMAN, CARROLL aud other*. A DIVORCE MATINEE, THIS SATURDAY. AT ltf O'CLOCK. Ilia? r.Mr,\.,T?ft,ly hf,*l ^ announce that the rorjral of divorce wm i}? loiluw. ii by the production of a now ?P2iV)rl? .n ? '''"y pnweriul emotional character. . ^ revival oi the greatly popular play of MAM AND TlPE. ^RAND OPERA HOUSE. CURTAIN RISES AT? Mr. AUGUSTIN DALY Sole Lessee and Manager EVERY EVENING AND SATURDAT MATIN EH UNDER THE GASLIGHT. AUGUSTIN DALY'S tamoiis realistic, local and content* poraneous sensational Or una. with its thrilling original RAILROAD SENSATION lit and the great realistic PIER SCENE t ! 1 M rs. J oiuTw 00 D ' r" " ^ *V' as PEACH BLOSSOM . (U jr last nights iu America.) ' - MATINEE THIS SATURDAY, AT HALF-PAST ONE. Mr. Daly begs to announce that ho has engaged the world-famous Artist, Mr. CHARLES FECHTER, for a limited number of nights, beginning on Monday evening. April 28, lulils magnificent realization of Duuu/ romautic hero, "* ? .??>,* . MONTB CRISTO, which will be given with a moat extraordinary cast and with a periect unso-en-sccne. Hon Slicot opou lor tho entire first week this morning at 8 o'clock. XTIBLO'S GARDEN. VOKES. JN Lessees and Managers fARRETT .* PALMER FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY. (By special arrangement with Messrs. Shook A Palmer.) IN THEIR GREAT SPECIALTY. THE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN. HIGH TRAGEDY, LOW COMEDY, OPERA, BALLRT. Precedeil by the brilliant Comedy, ORANGE BLOSSOMS, BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN MATINEE, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT 2. THE VOKES FAMILY, THE YOKES- FAMILY, THE VOKES- FAMILY, N IBLO'S GARDEN. COMBINATION EXTRAORDINARY. SATURDAY, MATINEE AND EVENING. SPECIAL. THE VOKES FAMILY, IN THEIR GREAT SPECIALTY, THE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN. GEO. FAWCEIT R0WB? iu his GREAT CHARACTER, MICAWBER, WITH ORIGINAL CAST from the Union Square Theatre, including Mr F. F. MACKAY' URIABSIIBEP. SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO. Saturday afternoon at two. Saturday oveuiug at 8. Performance closes at W*JW Sumrday evening at 8. Periormance doses at 10 :3( BOX OFFICE OPEN ALL DAY. Vj" IBLO'S GARDEN, ~ EXTRA. FOR SATURDAY NIGHT AND SATURDAY- AFTERNOON ONE OF THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTIONS EVER OFFERED TO THE NEW YORK PUBLIC. THE WONDERFUL VOKES FAMILY VOKES FAMILY^ VOKES FAMILY^ VOKES FAMILY^ IN THEIR GREAT i SPECIALTY, BELLES OF THE KITCHEN, BELLES OF THE KITCHEN, ? BELLES OF THE KITCHEN, FOR THE LAST TIME IN NEW YORK, TOOETHER WITH GEORGE FAWCETT BOWE GEORGE FAWCETT ROWE AND THE GRBaThNION SQUARE THEATRE CAST IN MICAWBER, MICAWBER, MICAWBER, INCLUDING Mr. F. F. MACKAY, in his wonderful imperson ation OF URIAH II EE P. MOST REMARKABLR ATTRACTION. T1IE VOKES FAMILY, " TOGETHER WITH MB. OEOBOS KAWOETT BOWK AND THE GREAT ORIGINAL UNION SQUABS TMEATBB OAST IN MICAWBER SECURB YOUB SEATS. N 'IBLO'S GARDEN IMMENSE ATTRACTION. MATINBB. THIS DAY ONLY AFTERNOON AT 3. EVENING AT 8. BELLES of the KITCHEN. MICAWBER URIAH IIERP. THE VOKES FAMILY. GBO. FAWiTrTT ROWB. F. r. MACKAY. CLAUDE BURROUOBS. wblsimTdwabdr. n Montgomery. Mrs. WALCOT. Mum LAURENS. THIS AFTERNOON AT 2. THIS EVENING ATS N IBLO'S GARDEN BENEFIT OF L. J. VINCENT SPBCIAU. THURSDAY AFTERNOON. April 24, .it I o'clock. A RARE AND ATTRACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. N IBLO'S garden. OBSERVE ! eptraT/rdinary COMBINATION. TnB VOKES FAMILY. GEO. FAWCETT ROWE. Sl'EUIAU OBSERVBI bb"lles OF TUB KITCHEN. MICAWBER. Saturday, matinee, and rveninu. BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN. /??ERMANIA THEATRE, It fourteenth street, nbar thibd avrnur. AD. NELENDORFF Director SATURDAY. APRIL 19, DIE GRAEFIN VON SOMBRIVE, Comedy, In lour acts, bv Barrier* and PreboiA Bo* office open dally from 9 till ? o'clock. N EW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 618 BROAD way. between Houston anil Bleecker streets.? Every one should vlnit the wondartul Museum .it latuil ot ererr thing people should see and understand. Lecture* daily on " The Phllosopny ol Marriane '' Thus* parties unable to attend thuee important lecture* can have the in for warded, post free, on receipt of 26 e.ents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, HIS Broadway. Now York. M KRCANT ILE LI BRAKY ASSOCIATION. JOHN M liOUGM ACADEMY OF MUSIC, April 24. 1S7S. VffETitOPuLITAN THEATRICAL ANO SHOW PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LARGB ASSORTMENT OP THBATRICAU MINSTREL ANO VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON MAN A,

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