Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 13,301. NEW YORK, SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 1878? QUINTUPLE SHEET. PRICE FIVE CENTS. DIRECTORY FOR ADVERTISERS. Forum Paok? Hrat, tccond, third, ARTRO" W-N .?? 1'AO^Hix'th 'column. 5t?J^DIiB8~WAJ^BD?^i^*WTB,rf'4,M?^(XWttd. third and fourth columns and Twentieth PAGt-Second BOARD'1 AND LODGING WANTED? Fifteenth ?age? Fourth and tilth columns, and Twicktietb Page Third and fourth column*. ?BO?^oYnS Face |U>iB??Vot1M<?? ?Sccond ?;srRs ?L X&l S^l8BBS?K-????? P.?.-F??n? rijOTllING Third Pack?^ooihI colunui. ? CO ACHMKN AND OARnBNER8? Tuirteesttii Page Fourth and tilth columns. D awtii COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS? Twentieth Pacf.-SIxUi ^?i>?CoT?lT.,IH8HiPft? Nikth Pack? Fourth column. COUNTRY BOARD? Fifteenth Pabe? Sixth column, and Srv^ISif.r" 'xcond! third, fourth, P ?t?h andalxth column*; Second PACR-First, *co ond, "trd, Jourth, tilth and sixth columns, and T> w vT I ,'|"n < / Yu lUShS* Vo' L 1ST,' FURNISHED AND UN ?WEFURNLSH ED-SktIkxth Pagk-SccoimI, third, fourth and fifth columns, and N inetkentb I Auk Second, thud and lourth columns. , EUROPE AN STEAMSHIPS? Twentieth Pack? Fifth and sixth column*. . , _ EUROPE? Foukth Paok? First eo.umn. itY i?rfsses? Third Page? Sccond column. ?,?W.SiffBr?WirU. ?. .M. ?>? HBLPmWANTED-FEMAT.E6-Tiii*IBSHTH Pagx-Scc HELP WANTED-Nfflr-T, ,,???? PACE-Fllth COl HOHSEsI cARRIAOES, Ac.? Third Pace? Third, fourth, hotels V,r?BwnC?pi?-Kifth and sixth columns, and t^J3???hPaor? Fourth column. , BOUSElf, BOOMS, AC., WANTED? NlHTH l'ACE-Flfth iK8TRl^CnuN-Tw?LnH P*cK-Fourth column iSv ' TY HOBOKEN, HUDSON CITY AND BBR JEBS RF A {'ESTATE FOlt BALE? Firm PAOR Fourtli find ftfth columns, and Eicuteentu Iage LFCTUEE SEASON? Fourth Paoe? First colutui. ?'/J ? ^ oFFK'teS Thirteenth Page? Sixth column. LOST a!M FOUND? Seventeenth PAOK-Slxth column. MACHINERY? Twelfth Page? Second column. VAKBLE MANTELS ? Ninth Pack ? Sixth column. MATRIMONIAL? Thihi) Paok? Sixth column. MPUirAIj? TWH?nil Pa<5E? VOIH'th COlUlHU. , y&XBBV AND DRESSMAKING-Th,hD Pace-F.wI MISCFXLANEOUS ADVERTISEMENTS-FouRTKEKTH MlSCEIXANEtJL'S? N?ntji Pack? Sixth column. M IJHIOAL/? 1 Twelfth Page ? Fourth column. , KEW PUBLICATIONS? Eleventh Pag*? Sixth column. pviiKONAL? First Pagk? First column. B PIANOFORTES, ORGANS, AC.? Thirteenth Pace profession al'Ssituations wanted? fem ales p Thiktecth PAOE-Flrst and sccond columns, PROPKKTY OUT OF TILE CITY FOR SALE OR TO RENT? Firm 1'aoe? Filth and sixth columns, and Eighteenth Pack? Third, lourth, lltth and sixth col .^ThVytE TO EXCHANGE ? Eighteenth Page? Sixth colmnn nnd Nineteenth P Aos-Flrst column. REAL ESTATE WANTED? Nineteenth Page? iirst col RELIGIOUS NOTICES? Tdihd Page? Sixth column. BPW A HDS - SPVEXTKKNTH PAGE? Sixtll Column. rales AT AUCTION? Seventeenth Pace? First, sccond, thlfd fourth, fifth snd slxth columns. aiTI'ATIOSS WANTED? t EMALES ? rwfci.FTH ? AUK Filth and sixth columns, and Tiiikteenth Pagk B ITU AtToNs'U WANTED ? MALES? Thirteenth Pag? RPE ( IVLVim'cES-THinn Page ? Sccond column. BPORTING? DOGS, BIRDS, AC.-Third PlMr-Third ???.?, ... TOE .nd Sixth col f HE TURK ? Third Page? Third column. foLET FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES? Sixteenth PA? Flr*t and second columns, and Nineteenth I age rRAYKLLEnb1' "gUIDE? Twentieth Page-SIxUi col IJN FURNISHED ROOMS AND APARTMENTS TO LET? Sixteenth PAGE-Flith and sixth columns Nine teenth Page? Fifth mid sixth columns, and Twen WANTm" TO 1'VroIAS?E? Third I'AGK-Flrst column. WATCHES, JEWELRY, AC. -Seventeenth Pagk WESTc1lKSTERncOUNTY PROPERTY FOR SALE OR TO LET? Fifth Page ? Third and fourth co umns, and Eighteenth Page? Sccond and third columns. VAC1ITS, STEAMBOATS, 40.? Third Page Sixth column. . II Kit A I'D BBAKCH (IFFU'K?UPTOWSI. i DVERTISEMENTS FOR TUE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT THE BRANCH OFFICE, 1,266 BROADWAY. WEST SIDE, BETWEEN THIRTY-FIRST AND THIRTY fECOND STREETS. ADVERTISEMENTS ARE RECEIVED FROM 8 A. M. FILL 9 P. M. ON WEEK DAYS (SUNDAYS. 2 TILL 9 P. M.), AT OFFICE RATES. NO EXTRA CHARGE OF ANY KIND. PARIS AGKNCY NEW YORK. lyCEFSRS. KREMER A CO., AMERICAN REGISTER, HAVE BEEN ArPOINTED_PARIS AGENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD. THEY WILL SUPPLY DEAL EBK WITH COPIES OF TllF. HERALD, AND ALSO SINGLE NUMBERS OfThIS PAPER TO PARTIES REQUIRING THEM. FBRSOIVAii. A- B.-3BND TOUR LETTER TO GEORGE KINGS ? ley, box 17S Herald office. Annette robert wishes to find hkr sister. Christine Robert, of Ltuiffcvillc, si. Avoid. Moselle France. Address Mrs. ZIMMERMAN, Woodhavcn, L. 1. BEAUTIFUL. BABY (BOY) FOR ADOPTION. Cull n!i Mine. DUSPARD, 11 East Twcntv-clghth it reet, near Fourth avenue. A LADY WOULD ADOPT A CHILI) BETWEEN ONE and ten years; would be well cured for; parties of nouns preferred. Address Mm. RENNET, Herald Up town Branch office. A B ILLIARDS? HOW DO YOU LIKE GLEASOX'S NEW lamps in front of Carom Hall, if.l Bowcrv ? FIFTEEN BALL POOL. ''BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE." FRIDAY EVENIN'O.? JJ Beautiful brunette, milling sweetly on leaving. Address, In sincerity, ilAUlLDKIt, Herald Uptown Branch office. IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF 'THE GREAT American Whart Lccturer," he will lienr ol some thing to his advantage by calling on I'rof. FRANK Lt-.E, ate of California, or his agent, DANIEL BUCKLEY sFK, late of the old force, corner of Broudway and Bleecker street. 4!) AND art. ICEBERG? 131 EAST THIRTEENTH STREET. CAMILI.E LADY WHO RECEIVED A NOTE LAST SINDAY from boy after leaving Sixth avenue car, will please iddres* W. C., bo* 112 Herald office. Lizzie milky? send address to herai.d <>f flce. H. O. M. f -THEY WILL GROW DIM "WATCItIM? FOR YOU I J. THosic EYES. Missing? since Wednesday, vth inst., aoolv It. E. Falck, nge4 fl9; hair anil full beard, both very fray; height 5 feet 10. Dress? Black Alpine hat. heavy Irown overcoat, gray undercoat and vest, narrow dark itrlped pants, high Balmoral shoes. Information ooiicorn n?' him will l>e thankfully received and rewarded by his mil i J |||jjOrle:ins street, Newark. N. .1. Millie-is anything wrong? write mk im mcdiatcly. jJACK. Mary faw,e. who left Liverpool, eno. land, about 12 months ago, will please write lo her timer Annie, now Mrs. P. curry, Greenville, Unison iounty, N. J. M- RS. KITTY WILSON? PLEASE CALL ON MRS. Norton; she will hear something to bar advan tage. 70 Kast Twelfth street. EACH. -WHAT WAS THE MATTER? DIDN'T YOU tee inv communication? If you have not already written I should like particularly to see you early in the week. _ WBKT TOT-COME THIS AFTERNOON, IF YOU can ; If *ot, to-morrow. S~~ I'ROEON GEORGE W. LOVBJOY WILL PLEASE send hl? address to General Mactlregor, M Broad way, ro<.ui I. The party "who found pocketboor at Nlblo'son Friday last will please return It to H. UK I, AND, 124 West Thirty-first street. UTILL KATE LAMM NOB, who" LIVED AT 110 EAST T? Thirteenth street two vears ago, send present ad Iressto an old friend ? Address CHARLIE, Herald Up town branch office. DRY GOODS. YTIRRNOH STAMPING, PATTERNS, BRAIDING, EM" r broidery, vuiiiing. Mine. LEON CENDRIER, ?3tJ Broadway, New York. Indies desiring either stamping, Braiding or Embroid ering arc invited to examine (lie work of lime. Cendrier, flone by French artistes. Latest I'arls styles Nsmping Patterns for sale. Elegan elesln Braid and Embroidery always on hand. Couiracta taken by the year in anp quantities for Stamping, Braid ing, Embroidering any Quilting, or alliier of Uiein. Ibe ?Mention of the trade invited. ^ Sand tor rircuUrs. Agent* traattU ijj tact ciCft- ' R. OK Y GOODS. B. M.U'V A CO. & * * ***. ** * !* * u. " t * * * * * * ****?*??* # # * ***** * ? * * # **J.? R. h. * * # #* * * * ? * * M A C V * * * # * * * ? i CO, # * ** * * ? #* *? * ***** * * * * **v %*?* ? * * ? * * *? ? ? R. I?. MACV A CO. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. During this week will lie exhibited an unusually flue selection of I PARASOLS ' In nil the leading styles ? with or without Chatelaines, with long or short sticks, lined or unllned. NEW STYLE HANDLES. Fine <iualiiy goods and low-priced good* in sufficient variety < to meet all demands. CHILDREN'S PARASOLiJ! ?ery pretty style*, at a bargain. At the lIcE DEPARTMENT can be found the* LOUIS XIV. TEST, in elegant designs, in lace, silk, and crepe. Also LLAMA LACE, """vALENCTENNES FICHCS, SACQCES, SHAWLS. DOLMANS AND MARIE ANTOINETTES. LACE PaKASOL COVERS, FRINGED VEILS. CHILDREN'S LAWN Sl'ITS at greatly reduced prices. STATIONERY DEPARTMENT are the finest qualities of Tinted and plain NOTE PAPERS AND ENVELOPES, latest styles ; also BOOKS AND MAGAZIN^?* B??KS AND B,BLE8' at mucb less than publisher's prices. R. H. MACY A CO. * * * 4 %* *# ?? ? * ****** ??*?*****#** B * * * * ***** * * * R. H. *?*?* ? * ? ? * ? * * *? "ACV **?* * * C tt * * *# ** ** * * ?****' *#?* ? ? * ** ***** *?**? ? * * * In the following lines ?re to be found special iid van tages. CHILDREN'S FANCY HOS?" for Hammer wear. ~~ FRENCH PERCALES, prices rod need one-third. FLORAL GARDENING SETS, Croquet Sets and cardening Tools. A Job lot of HUOK AND DAMASK TOWELS, at $3 per dozen und less. VELOCI PEDES, single and double seated. GKNT'S FURNISHING GOODS, far below Broadway prices. POCKET KNIVES AND SCISSORS, small Wares and Yankee Notions. WHITE COTTON TRIMMINGS, in beautiful new patterns. OXYDIZED ORNAMENTS, LEATHER BELTS. Travelling Bags nud Shaw 1 straps. BLEACHED AND UNBLEACHED MUSLINS at factory wholesale priccs. LADIES' BALBRIOC.AN HOPE, with patent team. LACE, SILK, IVORY AND PEARL FANS of all descriptions. CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES, Ilne4 and decorated in all colors. STEAMER DECK CHAIRS, CAMP CHAIRS, DINING CHAIRS, FOLDING CHAIRS. The attention of ladles is called to a most attractive stock of HOUSEFURNISHIG GOODS, which are sold at surh LOW PRICES as cannot be met by any other house. R. H. MACY A CO. ? ? *? ? ? ^ ? ??? *?* ?? .*?** R II * *~* a a o y ;%? %* * oo. ?* ?? ?, ?? ?? ??? * ? ?? ? ? * ? ? * *? ? * ? ? . The uniformly very LOW PR1CM flt the MILLINERY GOODS of this house offered this season haye rendered thee " 1 1 k CY CO. ' ' the POPULAR RR*?RT ln ,ht city, for ladles - The bibbon department will repay examination. Thi?hou?o doe* not., like ffio^'UiWhlgh l'r|f*^ey uavt REDUCED their WHOLE STOCK ALIKE, ALL S/IAI.KS tHB flAyE rBl(;E. In order to give customers ample room inr selection the whole side of one feel Ion is devoted to STRAW OOOD8. R. H. MACY Jt CO. " Burehasc their straw outlets and Hat* direct from the manufacturers ?nd are consequently enabled to rctaluiirmKnt',Uttn" * KXTKfcMKLY LOW PRICKS. This week will be shown new styles In NEAPOLITAN and black and whlic FRENCH CHIP. large stock of tv ?JT?IJf.M,'NO hilkh, IN TIIR NEW SHADES, t Also making up hats. SiJWANT FRENCH FLOWERS and OSTRICH TIPS. i" 'Li. R- ?? MACY A CO., roOBTEENTH hTltfcfcT aNV HUTQ AVENUE. w dry goods. . - KAOKDINAKY \NNOt'NCB**^ek commfnctng April 21. ,. altmin . CO. .? .i*n 1? yvraORDINAHY B?KUA1>? MWfcTVEHliMTAl>i': KINOK l^A dikect ATTENTION fcV Asu KEbi'iioTKaw dike( t ;';|olwl(| 10.000 DOLLARS' STOCK OF B. ALTMAN A CO. LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING, PUBCnASED AT AN IMMENSE 8ACRIFICE l'rom a recent tale, will be placed on our counter* on MONDAY and TUESDAY, April 21 and 22, aud the entire week, as follows:? ONE I/OT LADIES' FINK MUSLIN CHEMISES, corded, band and ruffled, 7'Jc ONE LOT LADIES' FRENCH BOSOM C11KMI8ES, tucked and pointed yoke, trimtned with Ham burg inserting and ruffle. ONE LOT LADIES' FINE CHEMISES, trimmed In va rious .styles with lluinburg inserting, plain and ?toss tucking and ruffling and tine llAmhurg embroidery, at Immensely reduced price*, aud ranging iroin SI, $1 10, $1 26, $1 5U to t- SO. LADIES' NIGHT ROBES, tucked yoke back and front and trimmed with cambric ruffle, #1 19. LADIES' NIOHT ROBES, cluster of tucks running down entire front, robe style, trimmed with ruffle, $1 AO. LADIES' NKJHT ROBES, trimmed down entire front, with Inserting, putting and tucks, or cross tucks nud c ambric ruffle, $1 75. LADIES' HNE EMBROIDERED NIOIIT ROBES, trimined in various styles with fine Hamburg embroidery aud putting, or tucks, ruffle, A<-.. at reduced prices, lrom $- 25, $2 fit), $.< and upward. One lot LADIES' SKIRTS, CHEMISES, DUAWEK8 and MISSES' FRENCH YOKE DRESSES i (promiscuously.) I One lot LADIES' UNDERSKIRTS, 69c. each. One lot LADIES' MUSLIN- DRAWERS, inserted putting and ruffling, 79c. LADIES' FINE MUSLIN DKAWERS, wide crabrolde-ed edging aud tucks SI 50. 150 dozen LADIES' FINE* MUSLIN SKIRTS, (?1 L each. ^Walking and Train skirts) in every Vrtl'itty.Oi Stye. Trimmed with pluin and tanc?4ti?kln&> Fine Hamburg embroidery, Ac. I 2f> 1 fO 1 77 1 87 aud MADE UK THE BEST MATERIA*! ONLY, l$l"S5 25 dozen LAKES' TOILET SACQUES (SI and CORSET COVERS, SI 10 trimmed with fine Valencia inserting ' SI .15 and edging aud emiiroidery, f 1 45 in many styles SI 87 200 LINEN PILLOW AND SHEET SHAMS, in single pieces and per set, nt reduced prices. An extensive stock of MISSES' UNDERGARMENTS, in CHEMISES, NIGHT ROBES, DKAWERS, also Muslin and Pique Dresses, Ac., Ac., AT REDUCED PRICES. INFANTS' OUTFITS, BASKET AND BASKET STANDS, INFANTS' DAY AND NIGHT DRESSES, SLIPS, SHIRTS, BIBS, DIAPERS, BARROW COATS, BANDS, SHAWLS, ALL AT VEltV LOW PRICES. Also An elegant assortment of CHILDREN'S LACE AND MUSLIN CAPS. The enumeration of All the above articles have been carefully made, and are. guaranteed to be precisely us represented. An examination is urgently requested. B. ALTMAN A CO., ~~ 331 and 333 SIXTH AVENUE. B. ALTMAN A CO. offer UNPARALLELED ATTRACTION in THEIR SUIT DEPARTMENT. COMPLETE AND UNRESERVED REDUCTION II! OVER 150 COSTUMES OF EVERY VARIETY AND STYLE IN WORSTED ? GOODS BOTH IMPORTED AND OF OUR OWN ^MANUFACTURE. Former prices, $25, $2?, S10. $32. $ ?, $'48, $4", $45. ALL REDUCED TO EIGHTEEN DOLLARS ($18) EACH. FINE SILK COSTUMES, I ALL former prices I MARKED DOWN $100, $125. $13\ $1:0, I TO $l(j5, $175. *200, $85 AND $100 ALL MARKED DOWN. | EACH. B. ALTMAN A CO. B. ALTMAN A CO. FINE CASHMERE CLOAKS, DOLMANS, POLONAISES, Ac. MARKED DOWN to *1.1, SIM nn<l $25. The new REDINGOTE POLONAISES, in ALL T1IR NEW COLORS, at $15, $16, $18 And $'.'0. Fine BLACK CA8UMKRE POLONAISES, nt $18, $-?'>, $30 And upwurd. B. ALi'MAN * CO. OPEN a tine assortment of LACK MA CO IK-', LACE DOLMANS, CAPES, Ac. In medium and very flne quality. REAL LLAMA SACUUES. $7 50, $8 SO, $10 50. FINE LLAMA JACKETS, il3, $ltf, $17 and $18. PARASOL COVERS, LACE CAPES, FICHUS, BARBKS, COLLARS, MAN DKEKCII I KFS. Fine assortment of RKAL THREAD and LLAMA LACE PARASOL COVERS. A very extensive assortment of SPANISH LACK and CHENILLE DOT LACK VEILS. FINK LACK VKILS, in ro?n<! ami low* tabs, READY MADE, at LESS THAN COST OF MAKINO. SPANISH LACE FICHUS $1 50 each worth $2 to $& All tlie new shades YAK LACKS, flue real THREAD LACES, GUIPURE LACES. Elegant Cloak and Dress FRINGES, ORNAMENTS, FOURAG1ERH, Ac. Co'orcd and OXIDIZED BUTTONS. BONNET, SASH RIBBONS and ROMAN HASHES. SILK SCARF TIKS and FICHUS. One lot SILK FICHUS, REDUCED to $1. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 and 333 SIXTH A YEN CM. pARASOLS OF EVERY CONCEIVABLE STYLE. ON MONDAY, APRIL 21, WE SHALL OFFER OVER 8,000 PARASOLS AND FUN UMBRELLAS IN ALL THEIR LATEST NOVELTIES, AT EXCEEDINGLY" LOW PRICES. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331, 333 Sixth arenne. 10 CASES WORSTED. MOHAIR AND SILK PONOEE DRESS GOODS In all the fashionable shades. 5 CASES MOURNING (lOODS, COMPRISING FINE BLACK CASHMERES, CREI'E CLOTH, FRENCH BOMBAZINE8, BLACK CRETONNES, BARATHEA CLOTH, GRENADINES, HENRIETTA CLOTlt and TAMISK CLOTH. will be offered at unusually low prices. Our celebrated Black Cashmere* are still offered s' Soe. and $1 10 per ynrd, ?ckuuw'ica;c(t t(> he superior to any retailing in the city at $1 J 8 per yard. OUR TOPULAR STOCK OF HOSIERY IIANDKER CHIEFS, KID GLOVES, GENTS' AND YOUTHS' UNDERGARMENTS and HOUSEKEEPING GOODS ? All offered AT REDUCED PRICES. B. ALTMAN A CO., 311 ami 1.13 SIXTH AVENUE. DRY (H)OU8. $50,000 8T0CK SILKS, DRESS GOODS, LACES, LACE OOOD9, HOSIERY, HANDKERCHIEFS AKJD HOUSE KEEPING GOODS 10 be sold AT GREATLY REDUCED PBICBS. B. ALTMAN A CO., o*lne to the present depressed state ot the market, TO MEET THE RtQCIKBMENTS OF THB PRESENT TIME, WILL OFFER. ON MONDAY, APRIL 21 (AND DURING TUE ENTIRE WEEK), must excellent opportunities to purchasers, their entire Mock haying been MARKED DOWN fully 30 percent below last year's prices. SILK AND DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT offers unusual facilities. ELEOANT BLACK (LYONS)" SILK, *2, $2 SO per yard. Superb quality Ponsons A Bonnet's make at 93, $3 60 per yard. Choice Striped Silks 85c., 91, $1 20, $1 25 per yard. All new colors ami shades of _ plain colored Drew Silks at ' $1 eft, 91 76, 91 W> and 92 vcr yard. TRIMMING SILKS, 91 46 per yard. ^ ALTMAN A CO. offer NOVELTIES FINE PARIS, LONDON anil VIENNA GOODS. B. ALTMAN * CO. WILL OPEN, MONDAY, APRIL 21, S cases entire novelties, the latest production of Europeau markets, comprising NEW AND ELEOANT OXIDIZED GOODS OF every description, comprising in part as follows:? REAL OXIDIZED CHATELAINES, with attachments. REAL OXIDIZED ciiatelaines, with vinaigrettes attached. KSAL OXIDIZED Hat, Dress, Shawl, Veil and Hair ' *~*" ^'?"?mont?. Pins, Buckles, Broochc*, Eardrop*, Holders, Ac., Ac., all of elegant, unTqtnhiad. ANTIQUARIAN DESIGN^ NEW, NOVEL and In great demand, and which wc arc offering at nearly one third of their regulur value. 1 LOT OXIDIZED VINA'GiT|5TTES, 78c. each. I LOT OXIDIZED SETS OF EARRINGS AND BKOOCH, 91. 1 LOT OXIDIZED SLEEVE HDTTONS, 60c. pair. 1,000 various patterns in Belt Clasps, Veil Pins, Bonnet and Dress Ornaments, Ac., at 25c., 00c., 75c. NEW STYLES SPANISH SHELL COMBS. NEW STYLES GARNET JEWELRY. Whitby, Jet, Rubber uud Pearl Jewelry. FINE PARIS FANS in Russian Leather, Pearl, Ac., all In the greatest novelties. ELEG ANT RUBBER SETS, consisting of EARDROPS, BKOOCH AND BRACELETS, for $1. REAL WHITBY JET ScfTiiTuiedallion and ? various dcsiKii*, 91 25, 91 60 to 93 per set. NEW GARNET EARDROPsTt 68c., 75c. and $1 per pair. New lot of REAL RUBBfcR~BRACELETH, handsomely carved in tin; latest designs, 60c. a pair, PEARL SCREW EARDRoI%09c. PER PAIR. FINE SHELL AND RUSSIAN* LEATHER FANS at 91 75, 94 to 94. 1 lot GILT STICK ~ FANS, at 92c. Extensive assortment of LEATHER GOODS. LEATHER TRAVELLING BAGS, SATCHELS. LADY'S COMPANIONS, BELTS, Russian leather Hues, with belt attached. POC'KKT BOOKS, Ac., *c. Elegant assortment of FINE RUSSIAN LEATHER and TURKEY MOROCCO SATCHELS, with nickel plated trimming. FINE CANVAS SATCHELS, with ktfsirtii leather trimming. HEAL RUSSIAN LEATHER BAGS, with belts trimmed with silver, at 93 60, worth 95 EXTENSIVE STOCK OF BELTS, of every variety, in Russian leather, j with steel, gilt, Turkey morocco, > jet and oxidized

Velvet, Ac., } trimmings. One lot of GRAIN LEATHER BELTS, in red and Mack, nt 48c. FINE LEATHER BELTS, all colors, trimmed in oxidized, jet and ^ilt buckles, 75c. 2,000 Pocketbook.", 50c., 75c., 91 an 1 91 50. Also a lull and complete Stock of Toilet Articles, comprising BRUSHES, COMBS, PERFUMERY, TOILET SOAPS, Ac. FLORIDA WATER, 49c. per bottle. LUBIN'B EXTRACTS, 75c. per bottle. BAY RUM (quart bottles), 48c. per bottle. Lubin's Genuine Powder, 25c. All the above enumerated Articles Comprise Aniclesespcclally adapted for KIRvr CLASS TRADE, and arc well worthy an Inspection. B. ALTMAN A CO., 331 333 Sixth avenue. mo THE MOVING PUBLIC. parties about furnishing HOUSES PRIOR TO THE FIRST OK MAY ARE OFFERED SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS in HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. A I.T.MAN M Oft WILL OPEN MONDAY, APRIL 21, EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS in HOUSEKEEPING goods. NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS, $3 to $S per set FINE LACK CURTAINS, u .V), $0 to $9 per set. TOILET QCILTS, BED HI* UK ADS, $1 90, *2, $4 to fC. Fine Marseille! Quilts, $2. $2 30, $3, S3 to 98. FINE LINEN TABLE DAMASK, 98c. and $1 per yard. FINE LINEN HUCK TOWELS, $2 and $2 50 per dozen. Fine Linen Damask Towels, $,f, $4, $5, SC per dozen. BREAKFAST DOYLIES~iuiil DINNER NAPKINS at 75c\ , ?l, (I WJ to $2 SO. EXTRA FINE TABLE NAPKINS, ?3, ?3 ?) to $4 per dozen (large size). A VERY LARGE AND EXTENSIVE STOCK of flue LACE CPRT AINS, FINE BKO SPREADS, PIANO, TABLE AND TOILET CLOTHS, (elegantly emhrol lered In silk and worsted); FINE FRENCH 111 ( K TOWELS, BARNSLY LINEN TABLE DAMASK, TABLE NAPKINS, LINEN SHEETINGS, PILLOW-CASE LINEN AND MUHMNS, LACE TIDIES, in all tins. and every article for fitting up house, at EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. N. B.? Sheeting*, Pillow Cases, Napkins, Table Linen and all articles required tor immediate u*e, IIEMMED AND FINISHED TO ORDER J at SHORT NOTICE. B. AI.TMAN A CO., 831 and 353 SIXTH AVENUE. ALTMAN A CO. wiil also open two CASES of FINE WHITE GOODS, in WHITE PIQl'RS, VICTORIA LAWN, FRBNCB NAINSOOKS, SWISS AVD ORQANDIF. MUSLINS, SPANGLKD TAR LETANS, AO. , 1 cask FINE MC8LINS, 12)i? , per yard, tv cloae out. DRV GOODS. N EJTfiHSJVB DISPLAY OP CH0IC8 SPRING MOOD* A {<I> NOviiTriEfl JJ jj JJ jj JJ JJ JJ jj DDDD D D D II D D 1? A D A A M A A KN A A N N A A N N N AAAA N N N A A N N N II N n EEEEB L N II N II JJJJ ? DDDD A A N A N A N E ? II E II EBEE " H N.N II E N II EE?EB JLLLLL 759 BROADWAY. 759 BROADWAY. 759 BHOADWAY. 759 BROADWAY AND NO. 1J* CLINTON PLACE, ONE BLOCK BELOW A. T. STEWART A CU'8, A v?ll iag tliem telvc* of the present derangement in prices, are enabled to offer their entire stock of new Spring (foods at 25 per cent lew than cost ot Importation. The great success of onr first opening attracted the atten tion of over 80,001) visitors. Our ?eron<l grand exposition will take place on the following days:? Monday, April 21; Tuesday, April 22, and Wednesday, April 29, when wc shall exhibit a marvellous va riety of the richest Black Silks, Laces, Embroideries, P a n c y Good*, Ac., Ac., 4c.. i id r orted expressly for the fine city t r a de. V EVERY ARTICLE MENTIONED IN THIS ADVER TI8EMENT UUARANTEED A8 REPRESENTED. 888888 8 8 8 ^os&Srcc* 8 8 8 8 88S888 II II II II ^ Tf ii * II L II L II LLLLLL K K K K K K K K KK K K w K * K K K K 8BS8S8 8 S 8 8 888888 8 8888 88 RICH BLACK SILKS FROM AUCTION. Wc call spe cial at tention to a ease of rich Lyons satin fin ish Oros Urains, 26 (lichen wide, at $1 75, 91 89, $1 85, fil MO, 92; good value lor 92 SO. Also a large lot of extra heavy tiros drain, at 92 10, 92 20, 92 25, 92 50, 92 75 and 91-25 per cent unuer present market prices. Rich black Taffetas, at 91 35, 91 50. 91 85 and upwards. Bellon'a black Uros drains at 92, 92 25, 92 50, 92 75, 93, .93 25 and 93 50. Pon S'jii's Black t.ros drains, at 92 25, 92 51, 92 75, 9?. 93 5 J. 0. J. Bonnet's black dros drains, at 92 75. 9:i, 93 80, 93 9<). C. J. Bonnet's $4, 94 50, 94 90, 95 and 96. Samples given i:ra tuitouslv or sent by mull 011 ap plication to all parts of the coun try. BLACK SILKS A SPECIALTY. MM MM II L M M M M II I> MM M M II L M M M M II L M MM M II L M M M II L M M M II L M M M II L M M N EEEE RRRR M II LLLL LLLL IIN NN EEEE R I BRIDAL WREATHS AND PARtTREH A SPECIALTY I EXQUISITE DESIGNS- IN lllilDAL VEILS. 500 car tons of rich Bon net and Ti nii 111 inn Itibbons, j un lm ed at the recent lari;<; auction sales at 50c. <'11 the dol lar; 7,'-2 -inch Plaid Rib bon*, at 90s. per yard ; new Spring Sash Ribbons, Irom 05c. Mird upwards; rich Roman Sash R'ibbous, at 9145 yard; 6,000 yards 4k-incll all Silk Kibbons, at 26c. per yard. PARIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. In addition to our already extensive slock of line French Flowers we have ju.-t received 5 cases of special nov elties. to wtilch wo Invite your particular attention. They com prise BouuueU, Montures, darlands. Ac. N. B.? Flow ers branched to order. Belgian. French and English Chip, Straw and Neapolitan Hats and Bon nets in the tnost rech e r c h e s h a p - e s . ENLARGEMENT OP HIBBON DEPARTMENT. 100 CARTONS NKW RIBBONS JUhT ADDED TO IT. FFFFFF F F F vrv r r v K A A A A A A A AAA AA A A A A K A H A N N CCCO NN N O < N N N O K N N 0 N N N O N N N 0 N N N c N NN O I N N CCCO y v y y y Y Y Y YYY YY Y Y Y [HAUlSQriS'rf I'AKIS KID GLOVE*, In I, 2, 3, luiUcns, lii uli the clioico Spring shade*. ISO (1(17. 2 button Kids. $1 per pair. K*) doz. fxlni fine 2-lmt t'jn Kids, $1 20pn>r, .VI ilo*. :i-btitton Kids, $1 Ml pair. An extensive assortment RiifwiaLeather l'nckcttiooks, Belts A Sateli els. Meal Itu^sia Wallets at 76e. each. Russia I/eat her Fans from 7() up. Velvet Hello, with lOdttlcr e n I style* of buckles and chatelaines, ItH'ltidiHK the latot novelty i? t und Jap anese buckles and chatelaine*. <Hlt, Oxi dized, Jet and Coral Jewelry, In choice pat- I terns, received l?y every 'steamer, at un- ' usually low price*. A large stock of flue finished Fans at prices defying com petition. I ndies' Silk Tie* In end les? variety. 200 do*. Mlk Windsor, wo. each. .10 do*, new Fringed Ties in all the new shades. Nov elties in Orenadlne Tics. The New (' o r i i a n d f f. Fringed Neck Shawl*. JEm b r r> I tiered Ties in all ool i or*. < 510 DOZKN RICH HI l/K TIES, EXTRA LENGTH, IN j ALL THE NEW SPRINU SHADES, AT 69c. EACH | JJJJ N It BEEBB N II E I _ E D A A A A N N N II BBBB S (l|? IV K N N N 11 K N NN II E N II KBERK I.l.LLL f 7 .V 7.M) HROAIWAT V"> NO- 1J< CLINTON PLACE, ONE BLOCK HKLOW A. T. STEWART A CO.'f. DRY GOODS. EXTENSIVE DISPLAY OF CHOICE 8PRIN0"g00D8 novelties ? L h L L h L L L T.l.I.T.T, ?* A A kk kk A * * A A * A A a A * S8B8 C OOO 1 8 8 ? 8 O 8S8S O 8 O 8 I 8 KSS8 0000 sn n N N N N N N N N N O N N N O N N N ON N N ON N N N KS 709 BROADWAY. 759 BROADWAY. 769 BROADWAY. 759 BROADWAY AND 1? CLINTON PLACE. ONE BLOCK BELOW A. T. STEWART k CO. '8. We have purchas ? cd at tlie late largo auc tion Halm over $1'X>,000 worth of the rickest goods im ported this scuson, ami expressly adapted for choice city trade, chief among which are full Hues of rich black, of the re nowed makes of 0. J. Bonnet. Bellon, Ponson, Taplssler, Qulnet. Also the celebrated brand of the Ootdcn Lion, by Tclllard, 25 per ceat under the usual price. En couraged by the large increase, of our business, we hate made ureal alteration!* on our premises, ex tending Into Clinton place, expressly to enlarge our Mb it o i) , M 1 1 1 1 n ?. cry and Uu derweur Depart ments. v. EVERY ARTICI-E MENTIONED IN THIS ADVER T1SEMENT GUARANTEED A8 REPRESENTED. 888? 8 REAL LACES IN OREAT VARIETIES. Real and Im itation ParasolCov* ers, Handker chiefs, Barbed, Kan Covers, Ac. 15:) doz.Vai. Edgings, 20c. tie/.. 200 dor. do.,*. lOOdoz.ltalinn Edgings, Mc. _yd.,w'h 2tk\ 600 do/. Br lis wis Footings, 20c. doz up. Black Brussels) Veiling)), 60c. yd. up. 1,<M0 yds. Colored Brussels NetatflOc. .vd. Dotted Veilinga, $lyd. up. A large lot of English Crape* In now color*. 50c. yd., w'h $1 30. Children's Lace llat*, $3 cack up. The new. Fringed Gren adine Veils. Spanish Veils, new si vies, from 91 it to $? 40. Elite organdie and l.ace Ties, from 30c. to $3 HI ea?h. Italian and Real Lace Jubots. from 85c. each to >10 70. I.ace Rutlings, In 20 different sty 1 o s, from lie. yard to $1 25. it ==t i ABOVE MADE UP GOODS are manufactured i the premises from the latest French pattern*). ? ?<? Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y YY Y YY Y Y Y C <00 OOO OOO DDDD a o o o o o OG O G O O O O O O O o o o o o o o o 0 I) O D O D O D O D O D 0 D 8S8 8 GOO OOO OOO DDDD D 8 1) 8 D 8 D 888 D e d e D 8 fi NEW EMBROIDERIES AT LOW PRICES. ? 3> 10. 000yd*. Hamburg Edgings, 7c. yd. to 70c. :i,M3 yd-). Embroider ed Flouncing*, 51c. to $2 10 per yd. <'a*e extra tine French Nain sook Hdgings, 3Hc. t?$3 25 yd. lOOdoz. band embroider ed Sets, :iNc. to $1 :i6?et. OOdoZ. fine Dimity Hands, 12c. to 3<Jc. Magic Routings, 23c. piece upwards. Ladles' tine Linen Collars and Cuff's, new styles. Ladies' flue Linen llannker chiefs, l*e. each up. UNDERWEAR 1>E PARTMENT? Chemises front 78c. to fine emb'd at $175. Drawers from 78c. to fine emb'd at $3 35. Night Drosses from J 1 HO to tine emb'd at #7 fri. Dressing Sacqnes from $1 2 ? to flno emb'd at $5 35. Corset Covers from ?! 1- to 8390. Underskirts irrnu 75c. to fine emb'J at $3 'Jft. Walking Skirls from 8"to. to tine emb'd at $ii 10. Also Cor.-cts in great vari ety. ENLARGEMENT OF UNDERWEAR DEPARTMENT. The Ix'st materials at the lowest prices. O O O o o o GO O G O OOOO OO OG DDDDD 8PS898 OO GO D 8 8 O O G D O O O D O O O D O D 0 O O 1) O G O I) I O l> I OOOO DDDDD S 0 8S88S8 8 S 8 8 8HS888 JL'ST RECEIVED, ONE CASK OK OXIDIZE D DKKHS AM) POLONAISE BCTTO.VK Tlie new Fringe for (if n ml I n e Veil*. All the oprinx "IimiIi ? ia Priniffi from (He. (*>?<1, Plain and croch et Button* in *11 Mimic* ninl ilw*. N. B.? Fringe* ami Butl?n? made to order at ulinrt notice. J?>t received, a l?rci' AXHtrllHPiil "I tin1 new Cloak Ornament* and Fron Buttons; alxn the Crape Frlntfe, suitable lor Veil* and lore verr de*criptlr?n of Mourning Uooil*. A very lance ?tock of Silk and Jet Pa**eineutarie, at low price*. Our aimtll warn ami Notion* Department in replete wttli every neec*-*urv article; SewiDtf silk-. Twist* ami Braid* or the beat niaiHilactiire.liicvcry possible shade and color: 36-yard plucca lilack Al paca liraid ai4?c. piece. Pearl, Dres* and Shirt Button* of niiwt superior flnUti, at 10c. d'i/!. ; Protective Plaited Wiitan, He. yard ; Dex ter knitting Cotton, ? II n u in b e r *. Tape*, Bobbin*, Pitt". Needle*, KTeatlv un der U'-iial price*. We have added to our^mal! Ware Pvnartineat a full llnu of Kobcris' celebrated Steel hinnw. t ? t V L t L UX U. AA A A A\ A A A A A A AAA ? ?PA A A flSSS 0000 8 SO 8 8 PSS9 8 H 8 ?*.(* SSSS O o o 0 X 0 N N!f N N N M N N 0C00 N N N H N N N N N N N N NN JN ft |f T VW BH( I A I)W A V AVI) NO. IV, CLINTON PLACE, | I ONE BLOCK BELOW A. T. hTEWABf 1 ?XV8. I

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