Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 16

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 16
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to ut rem vuwamm TVBTtmm. TTENTION. ~ V FIREPROOF BUILDINO. PUt TOM, NASSAU AND A*K STREETS. ELEOAMT OFF1CK3 TO RENT IN TUB ABOVE MRRFHOOF WELL LOCATED BUILDING, BEING IN ?lose PROXIMITY TO TUB BTT HALL. TUb COURTS, TIIX POST OFFICE, AC.. AC. OFFICES SUITABLE F?!>R LAWYERS, BROKERS, ?ANE8. INSURANCE COMPANIES. AC., AC., CAN BE ?AD. SINGLY OR EN SUITE. OF ANY DESIRED 1, FROM 10X12 FEET TO b6S67 FEET, A1 $100, UN AND UPWARD TO $12,000, ACCORDING TO iND LOCATION. ABOVE BUILDING IS COMPLETELY FIREPROOF, KD WILL HE BRADY FOR OCCi'PANCY ON OR FORE MAY 1, 1873. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR OFFICES TO BE MADE BO HOMER MORGAN, NO. 1 PINE HTREKT. A ?OFFICES A, In the DREXEL BUILDING, ?tUTHEAST CORNER OP BROAD AND WALL STRBliTS, lor ? . CORPORATIONS. BANKERS, LAWYERS, AC., NOW OPEN FOR EXAMINATION ?i>?l ready for occupancy ON OR BEFORE MAY L Two elevator*, two staircases, Arc-proof, well ventilated lighted, heated by steam ; every modern convenience ; I10MER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine fctrcct, or on A ?TO LEASE. WORTH HOUSE, 302 FIFTH A\EM E, ? corner of 1 wenty-flllh street, through to Broauwnr, business or hotel purposed. Apply to w. w. m*. BNao.S, 247 Broadway, room 22. A NUMBER OF FLOORS AND WHOLE BUILDING to let, very cheap, for s II sorts of business purposes, ??First avenue, between Fortieth and! or I y -first nt reels. C. O. BILLINOS, Sis Kant Forty -first street. ?LOW RKN\ BRICK BUILDINGS, 20X70; WEST I * side ; cellars, yards, se wor ; front and rear catrancc ; r any business. O. E. Lot D. JO Abattoir place, loot of West Tlilrty-nlnth street ARGAIN TO AiJST UK ijEAsn, t u runfliiuna carpet dealers, the five, stoiy Building 43S Canal __~et; ha? been occupied for tile past live years as a fur ?Mare store; first cIush location, either wholesale or re tail; will he let low to a good tenant. A 1TENTION.-78 GRAND STREET, BETWEEN A Greene and Wooster street*. this three story Build ing, with two * tores In it. la to let or lease for business ?urposca; rent reasonable. Aptily to L. FIELDMAN, ?S East Nineteenth street, from 8 to 10 A.M. and from 4 to 8 P. M. ?SIXTH AVENUE. CORNER OK THIRTIETH street, (Store, two windows, especially suitable for -.'fist, ice cream saloon or any oilier ropcctable bum ?ei s. Apply Mil Second avenue. A SPLENDID FIVE STORY STORE BUSINESS House, 'i'13^ Water street, one of the oldest wholc ?kle stove houses in the city, to let cheap. THOMAS MoGUIBE, 87 Cedar street A STORE, WITH ALL TIIE NECESSARY AR rangements for a bakery to let, corner llith street ?ad First avenue. Apply on premises. A STORE TO LEASE? 70 FEET DBEP, 209 MOTT Jm. street Inquire on premises, room 4, of M. iiekr Sann. ' A SAMPLE ROOM TO LET. -A LARGE, LIGHT, well located Basement, with ale vaults, suitable lor Ike wholesale and retail wine business, or sample and taneli room. 28, 30 and 32 Whitehall , corner Pearl street, Magonally opposite the Produce Kxchange. A SPLENDID STORF, LARGE AND NEWLY FIN ?A ished, to let, at 183 Wooster street, near Bleeckcr; K location for leathers, flowers or business of any ? also dwelling apartment*. Apply to J. McDEK T, 160 Frlncc struct. A FOUR 6TORY BUILDING, ON SIXTH AVENUR JBl and Thirtieth street, titled up as Russian, Turkish, ntphur and private baths, to lease. Agents receive brokerage. 201 Second avenue. __ T 23 HOWARD STREET, NEAR BROADWAY? FOUR Lofts, *" " * " * " & A I !s, splendid light, suitable for any clean, light ? ess ; rent very cheap. Apply 111 BALLARD'd priut officc, ou tho premises. L go Geld LARGE SIZED LOFT TO LET-WITII POWER; :ood light: rent moderate. Apply to A. C, WENZKL, ' street, corner of Ann. STORE TO RENT? UNDER THE "SLOANE" Frcneli flats, routheast corner Sixth avenue and ty-thlrd street Apply to janitor, 74 West Fifty-third st A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR A LAW FIRM to hire very desirable offices, opposite City Hall, With or without furniture. 0. K. DEUTSCH A CO.. 285 Broadway. A CHANCE OF A STORE WITHOUT BONUS? 253 Hudson street to let. now occupied bv.a Jeweller; asade a fortune ; store no feet deep ; only (90 per inouth. HYLAND, 942 East Nineteenth street. A DESK ROOM TO LET-ON BROADWAY, NEW and Wall street: office handsomely furnished; all Modern improvements; rent $240 pt-r year. JACOB V. D. WYCKOFK, 04 and G6 Broadway. 8TORR- TO LET? ON SIXTH AVENUE; ONE OF . the beit locations: rent ?1,200; ?Ko Store and Basc nt;rentf750. D. GARRISON, 597 Sixth avenue. A ft, STORE TO LET-SIXTn AVENUE, $C00; GOOD . location, up town, west side; large show window, tc glass; high ceihngs; will lease to good parties, ply to H1NE A PELL, 567 Sixth avenuo. Broadway store to rent? near thirty second street; French plate glass show windows; good location ; rcut low to a responsible tenant A. C. I.QOM IS k CO., 1,254 Broadway^ Broadway store to rent? west side, near Twenty-eighth slrcett rent $3,10): Hx'.ure* can be ight low. Apply at the office ot A. GILSteY, 171 Broad jay; CORNER STORE ON NINTH AVENUE? ALSO ONE ou Eighth avenue, for druggist, fine grocery or hardware, with five years' lease. KEMPNER A ScKLwsS, 270 West Thirty -slxtli strect_ {\ESK ROOM TO LET.-A FIRST RATE CHANCE / lor advertising ace.nts. Apply at the office of the YEMNU TKLEGRAM. No. ZAiinslreef. 1 o OTEAM POWER.? ROOMS WITH LIGHT ON ALL j5 rides; very dcsirst-l" for woodworkers. Apply to SlCHOLS A SMALL, IN Bank street. ?aoare. Sweet Desirable office or desk room, with shelving, to rent, on reasonable terms. No. 7 Park place, near new Post oftice. TOLM STREET, 191. -TO LET, THREE STORY IIlGn J !i stoop House, with store in basement Apply on fmniwi TjlACTORY TO LET OR SELL? 218 WEST THIRTY J seventh street. 2ix 110. t ell or exchange, 6,000 acres Timber Land and Mill, Ml miles north of litica, near canal; Clear. PARTRIDGE, 129 Broad stTect, New York. First loft to let? 91 mercer street-, size 25x100; good location ; cheap rent Inquire on the premises. TTVHl RENT-WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, X 1-otts and Stores tor manufacturing purposes, In B? vlclnliv ot Broadway. Apply to engineer, on prem jses. 175 ilester street, or to 8. T. A A T. MEYER, 85 Walker street. ER RENT-FIRST FLOOR FRONT OFFICK, BROAD wav, n.-ar lliiuston street ; will lie rented low to a rabfe tensnt; imni 'diute possession. Apply to MOH RIS 81MMOND3, room f?. 6Q-J Broadway. SALL TO LET-FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES; SO feet bv 1 K) leet. For particulars Intake on premises, I) Broad way, corner Thirty -ninth street. TTOTKL A Nil THIRTEEN LOTS OF GROUND, COR XI ner of 129th street, with frontage on Eighth and St Nicholas avenue.*, to rent at a bargain. Apply to J. EOMAINE BROWN, 1,280 Broadway. LAl'ND t? TO LET, OR FOR SALE.? BEST LOCA Usn in the city. InqniraJCI Clxlh avenue. _ LOT TO LEASK-FOR A TERM OF YEARS, IN WA^ll Ion street, between Clarkson sni 1-eroy streets; ?Utable loroual yard, wlieelright. builders, Ac. JOHN W. DOYLE. 37 Wall street OFT TO LET-CORNER SECOND AYENUR AND . Kilth street, for light manufacturing purpose*. In mire on the Southeast corner of Second avenue and Fifth street. f OFTS TO LET? WITn STEAM POWER, 50X11*1, FOR JLJ light manufacturing. S6 aud 37 Wooster street. OFFICES TO. LET CUEAP-?2 BOWERY, CORNER Canal street Apply to WILLIAM E. WARING, Architect. FFICES TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, at reduced rent, at 27 old slip, corner of Krout st PHOTOGRAPHIC fULLBRY TO LET-CORNER OF Bleeekcr snd Canniit* #trcets: one ol the best lu the city ; has been used ss such tor a number ot yearc; rent ICO) a year. Apply :it KOCH'S, li<'utmlnr street. TJ EDUCTION OF RENT? NEAR BROADWAY, POS XV cession immediately, the large 25:oot Mouse 23 Amltv street; fine rooms and a large garden. Seen from M to 11 mornings. STEAM POWER TO LET? WITH ROOMS OF VARIOUS id*c?, well lighted, steady power: also three Base Eenfs: insurance h,w. Apply toNORRIS A MILLER, 229 ?st Forty-first street. STEAM POWER-FROM 1 TO IM0 HORSE; RELIABLE snd chcap; Roeins, large and small, for $ m and ?pwaid. <; F HALL, 1.17 Elm street. STEAM POWER -LARGE AND SMALL ROOMS, COR. ner building . light on ill sides; low Insurance; Im Bieaiate possession; rent verr low; sU'am hoist and steady power. r. M. WILSON, 4o? Pleecker street CJTEAM POWER AND ROOMS TO SUIT, FOR MANU D lecturing i'iirp?s< s, with good light, en first floor. Applv to JOHN s. SCUULTZE, (9 Wall street, or oa the premises, ?39 West Fifty-first street, ot LYMAN I i. HALL. QTEAM POWER.? TO LKT, LARUE AND SMALL ^ Rooms, 113 Nnssnii street, good light with or without Fower. Inquire Jn office No. 2. M. J. GIl.Mool.Y. QTEAM POWER TO RENT-SECOND FLOOR, lOUXUO D feet MANHATTAN BRASS AND M ANU FACTITR. KNG COMPANY, Twenty-seventh street and First av. STEAM POWAtR-ONE OR TWO FLOORS, 44X8* To let . best and ch< jpo st lu the city ; no wood workers; (team elevators; insurance low. 160 West Twenty ?cvenib street. CTKAM POWEE-TO tET. LAROE AND SMALL O Rooms, with or without Power (wood workers a|. Icwed), at the Eureka>iachlnc Carving Works, 00, 62, (l a ix I M Caunou street EORB, CP.I LAR AND LO>T OF 186 WASHINGTON street, between Dey and Fulton. Apply on the nlses. CJfORKP AND f)FFICT8 TO LET-IN FIRST FLOOR and basement of the large brown stone building, itheast corner South Filth avenue and Washington re. Apply to JOHN SHIRLEY A BON, 81 Cedar li CJ TO RE TO LET? 1,182 ?ROADW AY, UNDER WTI'RTE^ D vant House. Inquire of E. B. STUD LEY, W West Plrty iwoad street. CI TO RE MM BROADWAY. TO LEASE? 25X200 FEKT. h eatendiug IkroOgh to Cresby street, with barement and sul^cellar on very favorable terms, to an utj>n?ved K?t App to WILLIAM SIMPSON, No. 5 East four B TO LKT FOR BCB1RKSH PVRFOmil. KOONO STORY LOFT TO LET? 10X80 ; TWO FRONTS. Inquire at 94 New Sowery. 1W LET-THE FIRfiT FLOOR Or PREMISES 226 EAST Porty-sccoud street: 28x100- with or without alcana power. Apply to KORR1S k MILLER, 3.9 East Forty tlrst street TO LET? (AFTER MAKING A FORTUNE)? A CHANCE lor any one desirous ol kacplng a class bote) and restaurant; rent low ; terms easy. Address' H. MA1LLAHD, 61U Broadway. rpo LET-THE FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOOR* OF >9 A Ue? kmsn street, between Nassau and W i"""'* Srpi'% with Power: each floor feet Jnguliv ol ROKKR * FI.OCK, ?i9 broad way ; or JAS. CONNER'S SONS, corner Centre and Keade streets. TO LET? A FOT K STORY BRICK BUILDING; FULL sixe store ; 4M Third avenue. Apply at French's Hotel. TO LET-FLOORS AND OFFICES IN 73 BEEKMAN street. Apply lo S. WEEKS, Jr., 48 Mott street. TO I.ET? FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, LARC.E AND smull Floors, with steam rower, steam heating, hoist and excellent llgh I- Apply at 447 Wert Twenty -sixth st rpo BENT? FOR BUSINESS. A LARGE BUILDING. ON J Eighteenth street, near Broadway, suitable lor inllll nery or dressmaking establishment on a large scale. For particulars apply toWM. H. BAY NOR, No. ?><$ Pine St. rpo LET? SECOND STORY, WITH FINE BAY I window lor milliner, dressmaker, Ac. ; splendid show room. Apply on premises, 44 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. TO LET? A FITTED UP STORE, SUITABLE FOR any business purpose, in the most bu-y part of Tren ton, N.J. Inquire at 327 Grand street, New York. TO LET? PART OF FIR8T FLOOR, FOR BUSINESS purposes, at 713 Broadway. Apply to P. RONTEY, same floor. TO LET? FIRST FLOOR 110 LEONARD STREET, near Broad war; good building; low rent; will lie let whole or separate for ofllco*. Inquire on premises. TO LET- A FIVE STORY AND ( HI LAR BUII.DINO. on Worth street; suitable lor any business. W. W. LYON, 78 a venue D. TO LET-PART OF A STORK, FOR A RESTAUBANT, In a good location, near the Herald office. French or German protcrrcd. Apciy at 5tf Warren street In res taurant TO LET-THE FACTORY BUILDING, 124 AND 126 West Twenty-fifth street, near Sixth avenue, SilxlUO; four stories high. Ajiplv to J. N. II AY WARD, 124JJowery. rpo LET-A Fl'RNISH BB PACK PARLOR, 8UITARLE J. for a doctor's ortlci! ; strictly private ; good location; second door from coi iut; U'rnis reasonable. Address J. B., box 114 Herald oillce. TO LET-ON EIOHTII AVENUE, A LA ROE STORE and Dwelling together or separately, suitable for any km. I of buduess. Apply to T. BALDWIN, Jr., No. 2 Harrison street TO LET? RESTAURANT AND DINING *ALOON, with Barry A Lane range; hot and cold water; all cooking utensils; plate*, (lis ties; all complete. Iiii|Uire of T. CAROLAN, corner Tlilrty-flith street and Eleventh av. IIO LET? HANDSOME STORE 791 BROADWAY. Ol'PO site Gra.-'c church. 76 feet deep. Apply to JAMES II. CLARK A SON', up stairs. TO LET-ON TWELFTH STREET, NEAR BROAD wny, a Restaurant and Dwelling House, well adapted for elub or supper rooms. Apply to O. NAULE, 149 Fourth avenue. rpo LET-TWO STORES, WITH LIVING ROOMS AT A taclied, for_ fancy poods or confectionery stores; no liquor or lager beer saToon keepers need apply. . NATHANIEL BOE. 200 Varlck street TO LET? TO A LIVE GERMAN, A CORNER Grocery; has all fixtures, vaults and cellars; none but live men need uppty. NATHANIEL ROE, 200 Varick street. TO LET? 91 GRAND STREET, NEAR CORNER OF Greene, the Second and Third Lolts, 20x56; low rent. Inquire of S. CHILI) H, 77 Murray street. TO LET-AT 835 BROADWAY, LARGE ROOM AND Arte Rooms, for societies; rent moderate. TO LET-FINE LARGE ARTISTS' STUDIOS AND OF flees, at 835 Broadway. TO LET, REASONABLE? STOKE SS AVENUE D. AND a corner Basement, 57 avenue D, 2.~>x(i2; suitable Tor ?nrbnfiness; also handsome Floors. 8. L1GUTSTONE, fitio Sixth avenue, or cn premises. TO LEASE-FOR HOTEL, RESTAURANT OR BtTSI ness purposes, In a very desirable location, 63 East Twclltli street, three doors east of Broadway, with all the modern Improvements. Inquire oil the premises. 92,6'JOpcr annum TWO ELEGANT, VERY LIGHT LOFTS TO LET-IN marble buildings 92 and 94 Liberty street ; must be seen to be appreciated ; rent low. Inquire on premises. A. L. HEKNSTEIN A CO. rpO MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET, UP TOWN, A X large, well lighted Room, with steam power, at a moderate price. Apply at 334 Canal street, in the store. UNFURNISHED ROOMS, IN A GOOD LOCATION? Most desirable lor a doctor or dentist, having been occupied by a doctor lor a number of year* past; mod erate rent to a desirable tenant. S. THOMSON A SON. 1,476 Third avenne. VALUABLE LEASE OF STORE ON BROADWAY, near new Twenly-tccond Street Theatre? For sale at a bargain. Inquire of C. A. WELLS, 910 Broadway. TAr HOLES ALE RECTIFYING AND LIQUOR E8TAB TT lishmeiit to rent? With every nccessiry Fixture; excellent central location; moderate rent ; would rent lor other business, and remove fixtures If desired. Apply to JAMES price, 200 Hudson street, or on the premises, 119 Warren street 1 Q CLINTON PLACE-SECOND FLOOR, 28X100, JLO 5 rooms and bathroom. ti*S: basement 28xlu0; posses sion immediately ; other Apartments to let in the same street, between University place and Broadway. Apply on secood floor. ?/\TU STREET AND SECOND AVENUE.? LIGHT, Ow large and pleasant Basement to let, low ; excellent location for barter; suitable tor light manufacturing or commercial business. Inquire in drug store. Qrt FRINGE STREET, REAR OF BALL, BLACK k yU Ca's; ^fi.Pxli'1 ; lerin of years; tenant may alter to suit Apply 10 E. A. BIBliY, 84 Wall street, or V. K. STEVEN .--ON, Jr., U Pine street and 22; Filth uvenue. PA/\ LOTS ON BROADWAY, DUU TENTH AND ELEVENTH A VS. BOULEVARDS, FORT WASHINGTON*. PLOTS TO LET. PROPERTY RESTRICTED. Terms ? Eighty per cent can remain two and live years, hclf at 5 per cent Interest. Prices at average values of disinterested judges. For catalogues slid particulars, apply at ii:? Froadway. DAN'li-.L BUTTER FIELD. d?0 KAA -TO LET, ON BROADWAY, NEAR VAiUUVa Eleventh street, a fine First Floor, 28x110. suitable lor business purposes. Apply to O. NAGLE, 149 Fourth avenue, near Fourteenth strcefc WPHUW IIOl'SKS TO LET. Furalslud. A? HEADQUARTERS FOR FURNISHED HOUSER . 21st st? near 7th nv., 3 s. h. s. b. s., per mouth.. $180 48th st., near 3d av , 3 s. h. s. b. a, per month 175 28th St.. near Madison av., 3 s. h. s., per month 200 S4th St., near 7th av., 3 s. h. a per month 21* ?5tli st? near Lcxlnifton av., 4 s. b. s. and b., per month 228 59th st., Murray Hill, near Lexington av., t s. and b., p< r mouth ????? 275 24 tli St., near 8th av., 4 s. h. s. b. s., per month 800 4:'(1 st, near 6th av., 4 s. h. a b. s., per month 335 53d st., near 5th av.. 4 j. h. a b. s., per month 376 34th st.. near 5th av., 4 s. h. a, per month <00 Madison av.. near Slstst., 4 s. h. s. b. s., per month. ... 4'.'6 Madison av.. near 34th st., 4 s. h. a b. a. per mouth... 4.KI 43d St., near 5th av., 4 s. h. a h. s., per mouth f 0 ) 2*1 st, near Broadway, 4 a li. a b. a. per month M0 and others In all locations at corresponding rentals. S. H. GOOD ALE, No. B West Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. ACHJtNCK.-THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP browu stone House 436 Fast Fifty-eighth street, in perfect order ; furnL-hcd, 9L?"0; unfurnished, 91,2)0; Im mediate po'isession. VACtlE < BROWN, 971 Third av. A? CHEAPEST HOUSE IN NEW YORK, ELEOANT . ly furnished, four story brown slonc, on Sixtieth street, near Central Park ; must rent this week. WAL1) RON. 1,012 Third avenue. ATHRKF. STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO RENT, furnished, very cheap, to a small, desirable family only. 22J West Fiity-thlrd street, between Broadway and Eighth avenue. Houses of tills block have extra large front yarda AND ween A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, WITH CROUNDS stable, tolet, IJ, miles al ove Central Park, bet Grand Boulevard and Hudson River; perfectly health v; 12 rooms, all modern improvements ; furnished, $2,:on. iinfu rnishcd, 91,800. Apply at Safe Deposit Company, 1:0 Broadway. . AT 9300 A MONTH-A SUPERBLY FURNISHED House, to private, responsible party only, Lexington avanue. neAT Thirty-Mxtli street. ' WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. FINELY FUKNISIIEB HOUSE, NBAR THE pleasant rark. Washington square; rent f 1.200; If desirt d mostly taken In board for two. Address K., box 4,348 Post office. A -FOR BOARDING PURPOSES, RENTS RE ? duced, (louses near Fifth avenue on Sixteenth, Nine teenth, Twenty first, Twenty-second, Twenty -eighth, Thirtieth anil Thirty-filth streets and Madison a\enue, ftilly fnrn.shed. Apply to W.M. TUCKER, 2V0 Fifth av. \T 9?.000 A YEAR ? HA NDStlMELY FURNISHED four story high stojp brown stone House, on lorty sixth s<rcet, near Fifth avenue; prlvute f.imilv only. WILLIAM TUCKER, 2t? Urtlt avanue. AT 9S.?? A YEAP-AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY brown stone House, witli Carpets, Mirrors and all Furniture above parlor fli;or, on Forty-second street nenr St. < loud Hotel ; will rent for boarding purposes If de sired. WILLIAM TUCKER, fell Fifth avenue. A FURNISHED THREE STORY* I1ROWN STONE Houa>, containing 9 rooms, all modern Improve ments, at the redm ed r.-nt of 9IC0 per month, with lmme dlste possession, to responsible party. Inquire on prem ises. 106 West Fiftieth street. A THREE STORY FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-AT a moderate rent, either for a -private or boarding bouse ; central location. Address, by letter, C. M., sta tion D. A FAMILY, OCCUPYING A FIRST CLASS THREE story house lu best part ?l Madison street going in the country, will rent, furnished, (heir House, excepting " ** -- ? U*v I nr Inti?r_ tiic country, wi;i ri ui, rurmiuiea. wvir ?iuM??:, wwimai| flec<?nd noor. for lour or five ir.ontlis. from Mny 1, or later, to a responsible party; Uho of new Wcbcr plino and sow in.' machine. Address SUMMER TENANT, I'crald offlee. A I IMMENSE REDUCTIONS TO LET FURNISHED, adiolning Firth avenue, West 83<1 street, a newly and flegiiutiy furnish' d and frescoed extra size and ex tension tour story brown ?.toiie House, rent 9<V00; West 47th street, ditto, $A.?i)0; West 37th street, ditto, 95, 4U0; West 4.M street, ditto, 9?,m?f; West 47th street, ditlo, ?4,800; *>est 47th street, 3 story brown stone, rent 93,(J00; Lex'Dffton avenue, dltio, 9.1,1 (?? Kast ilZth slreet, ditto. $i.:u?. Apply to or address JACOB V. D. WYCKOFF, ?t and M Brouilwsy. A -FURNISHED AND UNFURNISHED IlOUSES TO ? lef, on rilth, Madison and I cxington avenuA and cross streets between Park and Seventh avenues, at prler# lo suit the times. These houses must be rented. B. S. CRANK, Uxofdway, coruci Twcntv-ntntb st H' T DWELLING HOUSES TO LET. I^uraliktd. A FOUR STORY BROWN 8TONE H0P8K. ELR gantly furnished, on Seventy. fourth street, near Filth avenue, to let. In conaeouence oi owner going abroad j very cheap to a responsible tenant C. 8. PR K A CO., 181 Filth avenue. A THREE STORY HOUSE ON THIRTEENTH .street, near Cutth avenue, to let; furniture cost $5,tsX); at reduced rent if let immediately. C. S. PECK, 181 Fifth avenue. TOURNIgHED HOUSE TO I.ET-27 EAST FORTY X sixth street; completely furnished. Apply between 10 u ml 12. TjlURNISHED HOUSE, ALL COMPLETE, TO LET-OX j X' Beckman Hill, Fiftieth street; to a good tenant rent ?' low. Apply to JOHN O. 1IIGGIN8, No. 7 Cine street^ i OU8F.8 TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, j - ? in desirable location, near the Park, ut moderate ? rices. Inquire ot WILLIAM H. M'COOL, corner of . hird avenue ami Seventy-first street , HOUSR 108 WEST FORTY-SEVENTH STREET, | fuilv furnished, will be rented low to a responsible : party ; Is tour st?ry, high stoop, brown stone. Apply on ! the premises or to 8. LAWRENCE, 192 Front sreet Newly and nicely furnished private rem. dcnce, In tine location np town, between Fifth snd Sixth avenues, to let, at a very moderato rent, to a small and responsible family of art nit*: owner going to Europe. Address J. R., box 108 Herald ofltcc. IO LRT? VT WASHINGTON HEIOHTS, 10 MINUTES ? from depot 152d street, large Cottage*, ftilly tur- i niched an.t tin'iirnishcd, on Boulevard, avenue St. Nlch- I otas ; SO minutes to Dcy street. A. B. MILLS, 121 Nassau i street, room 4; 150th street and Fifth avenue. j IIO LET FURNISHED? THE HANDSOME FOUR I story nousc 137 Kast Seventeenth street, near Irving I place, in good repair; paintings, mirrors, Ac., in parlors; rent low to a responsible party. Applv to ML'LLER, W II. KINS A CO.. No. 7 Bine street and 33 East Seven teenth street. Union square. TO LET? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, FIVE MONTHS from May in. three f-tory tirown stone House, Forty ninth street, near Lexington avenue; rent only tipper month. W. C. FLANAGAN, 153 Bowery. TO LICT? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. A THREE story brown stone House, on South Oxford street, Brooklyn; all improvements; first rings neighborhood. J. O. UOYT A HON, 171 U road way. TO LET FURNISHED? A FOUR STORY BROWN stone English basement House, in Thlrty-'burth fctrec, near Seventh avenue ; will b? put in perfcct onler, and is particularly suited to a phvsician. Apply to the owner, 2io Wo ,t forty-fourth street. No agent*. TO LET- FURNISHED, FIRST CLASS IIOUSE8. near Fifth avenue, on Twenty-fourth, Forty-recond and Forty -sixth streets, Mad ion -and Lexington avenues. KLADE & CO.. 23 Union square. TO LET? FURNISHED, FOUR STORY BROWN stone Private Residence 143 Lexington avenue, near Twenty-ninth street; newly furnitdicd ; desirably located, with nil improvements, and suitable for a small respect able family. Apply on the premises, from 3 to 6 P. M. TO LET? COMPLETELY AND HANDSOMELY FUR ntshrd, three story high stoop House, ill West Forty third street, between Sixth a M' line and Broadway, to a siuali private family only; terms, for six months, $175 per month, or $3,000 per milium. Inquire at 552 Broadnay, in store. _ rpo LF.T? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FOUR 8TORY X brown stone House, in Sixtieth street, near Lexing ton avenue. 8. G. 11 I'LL, .391 Hudson street. TO LET? FURNISHED, DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED on Ninety-seventh street, rotumnnding a beautiful view of the Hudson Hlver, a House, with five lots of Ground, suitable far a Summer or Winter resilience. Ap plv to <>'. D. HIl.YAKI), 141 East Forty-ninth street, alter 7 P. M. TO RENT? FURNISHED, ADJOINING HOUSES OF 10 and 16 rcoins, directly on transit ; stable and grounds. MORRIS A BROTHERS, South Fifth avenue, corner Bleccker street. THE BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP FOUR -STORY House IS7 Madison u venue to let, furnished or unfur nished. Apply to owner, A. M. FERRIS, 52 Exchange place. TWO HOUSES, NEWLY FURNISHED, AND IN MOST desirable part of city, will be rented low during owner's nlisoncc in Europe; also, small, cofey House on Forty-eighth street, near Hroadwav, well furnished, at $DtX)ior six month". For permits apply to A. C. LOO MIS A CO., 1,254 Broadway. nrE8T THIRTY-SECOND STREET, BETWEEN TT Eighth and Ninth avenues, first class neighbor hood.? A fonr story English basement House, fully fur nished, all modern improvements, nicely (rescued in per cct order, will be let nt moderato rent to responsible parties; immediate possession. Apply to V. K. STEVEN SON, 11 fine street and 220 Fifth avenuo. OQ WEST THIRTY -THIRD STREET* TO RENT? tJtJ Furnished : best of locations; hou/e in exaellent order; If preferred will rent unfurnished. Apply to SAM UEL C. REED, 61 Broadway. Ol Q WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? SECOND ZiJ O floor, front Room, to let, to gentlemen, without board, for the Summer; terms moderate, &97^\ ri;R MONTH.? A NICELY FURNISHED I O four story House, in Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue, to rent Apply lit drug store, corner of ! Thirteenth street and Sixth avenue. TJnfnrnishcd. A? HEADPUARTERS FOR DWELLINGS TO LET. ? 48th st., mnr .".d av., 3s. h. s. b. s. $l,f00 21st St., near 7th av.. 3 s. h. s. h. s l.fiOO 22d St.. near 4th ?v.,3 s. h. s 1,810 Lexington av., near fiOtli st, 3 s. h. s. b. s 2,000 Lexington av., near 30th st, 4 s. b. s. 2.100 26th st., near 4th av., 4 s. h. s. b. s 2.2(10 46th St., near Broad wav, 3s. h. t. b. s 2,3(0 451 h St., near 6th av., 4"s. h. s. h. s 2,5iX) 24th st, near 5tli av., 4 ?. h. s. b. s .3,mo S9;h St., near 5th av., 4 s. h. s. b. s .3, liiO 43d st, near 6th av., 4 ?. h. s. Ii. s. 3.3 W 46th st.. near 5th av., 4 s. h. s. b. s 3,5(1 , 2Sd st. rear Broadway, 4 a h. s. * 4,1X10 Madison av., near 3tth st, 4 s. h. s. b. s. 5,5)0 23d st, near av.. 4 s. h. s. b. s. 6,000 And others in all locations at corresponding orices. a B. OOODALE, No. BWest Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A? TO LET. (?.? WASHINGTON ST., 11 ROOMS.. $9(50 ? 232 West Eleventh St.. 14 rooms 1,.VW 50 Sixth a venne, 12 rooms 1,200 .333 West Eleventh street, J4 rooms 1,350 44S West Fifty-fourth street, f. and r MO 12 Abingdon square, 16 rooms 1,600 K. L. A B. T. Bl'RNHAM. 609 Hudson street. AOKNTLEMAN WILL RENT, TO A RESPONSIBLE and respectable tenant, his brown stone frrnt House, unfurnished, in the most desirable part ot the cllv, near Fitth avenue, reserving one floor for occupa tion occasionally ; possession Mav 1. For particulars ad dress THOM AS, Herald Uptown Branch office. An elegant large house, between fifth and Madison avenues; gas fixtures, mirrors; parties leasing can purchase the carpets for ba It cost. Applv at 26 East Fiftieth s'rect. A HOUSE, CONTAINING 10 ROOMS, OVER STORE, to let; rent tlioo. Call at 1,477 Third avenae, be tween Eighty -third and Eighty-fourth streets. A REDUCTION IN RENTS.? A BEAUTIFUL THBEE story hU.h stoop House, 203 East Eighteenth street, fine and convenient neighborhood, to let, onlv $1,55.1, THOMAS MctlUIRE, 1,145 Second avenue. A? TO LET, THREE STORY FRAME nOUSE IN ? Fifty-ninth street, near Eighth avenue and entrance to the Park. Apply at 318 West Fifty-ninth street. AN ELEGANT FOUR 8TORY BROWN STONE HOUSE in Forty-second street, near 8t. Cloud Hotel; newly painted and calclmincd : pcricct order ; rent $2,500. D. THOMPSON A BON, Kt Cloud HoteL A? TO LET, A FOUR BTOBY FRENCH BASEMENT ? House, 232 West Forty first street. In good order; modern improvements; rent low; also a high stoop House, 215 West Fortieth street; rent moderate. Inquire of JOHN MULLINS, builder, 233 West Fortieth street Avery fine house to let-very CHEAP to a good tenant, iu Seventy-fourth street, near Madi son avenue; or will exchaugc for some smaller House or Lots. FKA KKFIELD, owner, 323 Eighth avenue. A VERY CHEAP LEASE OF A FOUR 8TORT BROWN stone House, finely located, above Thirty-fourth street bavin? three years to run, will lie surrendered to anv party that will buy Furniture, which is as good as new, inclu>l'.ug Steinwav grand I'iano, Parlor Suits of satin and rosewood, and Chamber Sets of extraordinary beauty. Is furnished elegantly throughout with exqui site taste, and cannot fall to suit the mo <t fastidious. Will be sold for less than half Its vulue. Paln'lngs wHi be ra ti ined. but allowed to Pane until expiration of lease, if desired. Apply to GEORGE S. HAN FORD, 123 West Twenty-second street . A BOUSE, 244 EAST I I6TII STREET, THREE STORT brown stone, everv modem improvement, to let; rent very low. Apply to J. L, LINDSAY, 2h9 Greenwich st A -HOUSES TO LET, IN DIFFERENT LOCALITIES, ? at prices ranging from $1,200 to $2,Wl0per year; aim Part s of houses. COLES A RYDER, 1.282 Broadway, A MOST DBSlftABLE FOUR STORY IIIOU STOOP House, 724 Lexington avenue, near Fltty -eighth street; tine order and location; rent extremely moderate to good party. , y _ A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY niGH STOOP brown stone House to let on Hilrty-seventh street (Murray Hill), rent $3,(.0U; also first cluss three story high stoop brown stone House to let In Seventy-fourth street, rent $1,300. Apply to owner, 152 East Thirty-seventh st. At rm a YEAR-TOE HANDSOME three story brown atone House 137 East Fifty-third street. For admittance apply to wii.liam TUCKER, 210 Filth av. A -TO LET, 11.2 EAMT THIRTY-EIGHTH STREET, ? one door from Park avenue, tour story brown stone Dwelllu-", can be S' en without permit from 9 to 1 ami 2 to 5. C ALLEN DEB A LAURENCE, 30 IMne street_ A THREE STORY HOUSE, IN COMPLETE ORDER, on last Nln< teentli street, near Third avenue, at a low rent to a good tenant. WlLl.IAM T I'l KEH. 22<i Fillh a\enuc, above Twenty-sixth street. AT $?2UI AND $A5 II HANDSOME HARD WOOD finish s'one Houses, lour story. Fifty ninth street, near Madison avenue . WILIJAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue, first door above Twenty sixth street AT REDUCED RENTALS THIETY EHiin II STREET, near t'lxth avenue, four story hlph stoop bruwn ?tone Hoti&c; must he rented at once; $?,?i?i. WII.LIAM TUCKER, 22 i Firth avenue. AT $1,8(10 A YEAR, NO LESS? A HANDSOME BRICK lloure on Twenty-second street, near Sixth avenue. WILLIAM TUCKER, 22n Fifth avenuo, flrst door al;0? o Twenty sixth street. AT $l,2t?? THB RRICK dwelling hocsesia WEST Twenty-seventh street. For admittance apt ly to

WII.LIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. AT $3,800 EACH-ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN stone Houses on Forty dxth street, near Fifth aro SM. WILLIAM fl'CKEK. Filth avenue^ AT 145 EAST TWENTY NINTH STRBET-FI KS( CLASS brick House to rent, very reasotuilde. For lull par ticulars and admission apply to WILI.IAM TUCKRR, 220 Fifth avenue. A FOUR STORY HOUSE? THIRTY-EIGHTH 8THEKT. near Park avenue : rent, uniurnMn d. $2,5i?', fur nlshed. $^300: also four story lleuto, I e tug tun avenue, near Thirty- ftlth street , uniiirnl-he.i, $a.f?i. ROBERT T. if LEE'S, Hi Cedar street. DWBLLIKO HOUSES TO LBT. Dnfaralihcd. A HOUSE CONTAINING 10 ROOMS OVER STORE TO let? Kent $600. C?ll at 1,477 Third avenue, between Eighty-third ami Eighty-fourth street*. A ?FOR FIRST CLASH BOARDING HOUSES OR A > oinall hotel, to let. the three hrown Miotic Hon*?* Nob. 4 6 and t> Twentieth street, between Filth avenue and Broadway; most desirable location. To good ten ants term* wlli be made to suit J ESSUP, iM Broad way. A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE J\ House on Thirty-ninth sireet, between Fifth and hixth avenues, at verv low rent. WILLIAM TUCKER, 220 Fifth avenue. An elboant hocse to lbt-with mirrors, with or Without carpets; fine location lor business purposes. Apply at 29 hu?t Twenty-eighth street. A THREE 8TORY HIOU STOOP DOUSE IN FORTY J\. third street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues? Price $1,41)0; also French Flats. KEMPNEit 3l SCHLOBH, 270 West Thlrty-sixth street AHOt'SE, IN FIRST RATE ORDER, TEN ROOMS, all conveniences, to rent, and the wnole or part of Furniture for sale reasonably ; rent I1M0; every roriulisile for housekeeping; Ninth street, near Kecond avtnne. I'or particulars address 1*. A. R., 24 College place. A NEAT TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK COT tage, fronting Boulevard, near West Seventieth street, rent $760; a tonr story brown stone. House. West Filty-fourtli street, $1,800; a new first class lour story brown stone House, West Fittv-seventb street, $2,500; an elegant hrown stone House. West Fitty-tlfth street, $3,1100; all near Central Park. D. PAR ROW, $86 Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY AND 1IIQH STOOP BROWN STONE front House to let, on Tlilrtv-aixth street, between Fifth and Sixtli avenues; rent $1,00(1; a four storv and high stoop browu stone front, ou Thlrtv-fourth street, be tween Ninth and Tenth avenues; rent $l,H0O. P. GARRISON, *97 Sixth avenue^ AT IMMENSE REDUCTIONS.? TO LET. UNFUR nished, adjoining fith avenue, on West 47th street, an elegantly frescocd four story extra a I ice brown stone, rent" $4,&0; 6th avonue, ditto, $6,000; East 41st street, ditto, $4,000; P.ost 4flth street, ditto, $.1,000: Eust SWh street, ditto, ft'Jth street, near Madison avenue, ditto, rent $2,000; West 67th street, near 8th avenue, extra sl/.e ditto, $1,000; East 124tb street, elegantly frotcoed three story brown stone, $1,000; East 78th street, d'tto, $800; East 49th street, ditto, $1,800. Apt>ly to or address JACOB V. D. WYCKOKF, ?4 and M Broadway. A $1,200 HOUSE TO LET-S19 EAST FORTY-FIRST street: three story high stoop stone front; all im {iroveinentc. Call on tlic owner, on the premises, from 11 o 12 o'clock. ANY PARTY NOT YET PROVIDED WITH HOUSE ran have ehoice from about 97 at reduced rents. It will pay you to call. MORRIS It. BAB R, 72 Wust Thirty-fourth street AT RRRDUCED RENT-DESIRABLE THREE STORY hlgb stoon hrown stone H otise, Forty-second street, Eighth uud -Ninth avenues, $1,300; Thirty-third street, near Ninth avenue, two story high stoop Cottuge, 9 rooms, modern improvements, $'JJ0. MOI1R1S B. BAKU, 72_West Thirty-fourth street. A COSBY HOUSE ON FORTY-TII1RD STREET. NEAR Filth avenue, three story briek, In excellont order;. rent only $1,300. A. 0. LOO MIS A CO., 1,284 Broadway BEEKMAN PLACE.? TO l.ET, ON THE RIVER Terrace, between Kifiieihand Fifty-first streets, lour story House, with all the Improvements; rent only $1,600. JOHNJJ. HIQOlNri, No. 7 Pino street. I 1IKB DWELLING TO LET? WITH STABLE; RENT only $2,000; accessible by Sixth, Seventh, Eighth av enue and Broadway cars; also Hue Restaurant to let Apply to ownir, 01 Liberty street, room 28. Houses? aoth street, $sco; jud, $1,000 ?, ssd, $1,000' $!?); 60th, $2,000 ; 61st, (2, COO; tiflth . $1,100; J8th $700, und a large number of others; Splendid French Flats, 7 and 10 rooms, $6'J0 to $1,000; also Upper Part of private houses. LIONEL FROELICIf, Third avenue, corner of Fiftieth street. Harlem-mount morris park.-to let, a two story and husement, 9 rooms, all modern linnrove inents. handsome garden. Inquire on premises, 68 Wos 124th street, near Fifth avenue. Kent $60, HOUSE To LET- CONTAINING 12 ROOMS. HOT AND eold water, bath and stationary wa?htubs; posses sion May 1 ; rent $">40. Inquire tn the premises, 116 Last 129i li street, or address E. CAMPION, box 4,116 Now York Post ofllcc. IN COTTAGE PLACE, NEAR BLEECKKR STREET? A cosey House lo* a small family. Address, with ref erences, J. B., box 1CD Herald ofllcc. IOW RENT? ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE 29 J Amity street, corner of Greene ; all modern improve ments; will be let for bnslncs? it required. Seen from 1 to 3 o'clock. Rent only $1,200,? to let, the three story high stoop House 147 East Seventy-third street north east corner of Lexington avciiuo ; was beautifully tuodcruized last year; must be seen to be appreciated: to a dcsiruhlc tenant it shall be made coinfortublc and satisfactory. Apply to" owner, CHARLES 8CHLES1N <1 Kit, *12 and 94 Liberty street: Saturday and Sunday at his residence. 143 West Fourteenth street; or apply to agents. P. FREIDENHICH A CO., 906 and 90S Third av. rpo LET-A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE, 128 1 West Twenty-seventh street, between Sixth and Sev enth avenues ; tins been kept asa boarding house for last fifteen rears. For particulars apply at 138 West Twenty sixth street TO LET-CHARMING FOUR STORY FRENCH ROOF House, seven minutes irom Liberty stteet ferry; 11 rooms; all improvements ; $5-1 per month. Apply to A, M. capen, Sol Broadway. rpo LET? THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BASE A basement brick House 240 West Twelfth street, be tween Greenwich avenue and West Fourth St. ; also the a 1: 0 1 lie two story anl basement brick House 2S6 West Seventeenth street, between Seventh and Eighth ave nues. F. BLANCH ET, 294 Sixth avenue. rpo LET? THE TWO BROWN 8TONB DWELLINGS and ninth street Nos. 131 and 133 West Forty-ninth street; rent $1,4:10 ISI.NML Inquire of E. GRIFFITHS, I33J* West forty rPO LET-UN FURNf SHED, THE FOUR STORY HIGH* x stoop brown stone House, 124 Lexington avenue; rent $2,800 per y or. r; possession immediately. Apply OR the premises frouj p A. M. to 6 P. M., or of JAMES CAN DLER, 236 East Thirty-third street. TO LET? A GOOD HOUSE AND EIGHT LOTS OF uround, with stable, gas, water. Ac., on 152d street. 30 minutes from the Battery; rent $1,000. Aprly to JOHN ADRIaNCE, 176 Broadway. TO LET? THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House 224 East Twenty-first street, suitable for one or two families; all modern Improvements; gas fixtures throughout (he house. Apply at 307 ICast Eighteenth st. TO LBT? A COTTAGE, with nine BOOMS; laege yard and choice Iruit Apply at 134 West 121th street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, or 33 West Washing 011 square, near Ton rth street. ___ rpo LBT? THB RESIDENCE OF THE LATE JUDGB 1 Stuart, 84 West Eighty-fourth street, between Ninth avenue and Boulevard: three story house and stable; lot 60x100 teet Apply to SIDNEY H. STUART, Jr., 61 Cham bers street. r LET? THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK House 2M Greene street, near Fourth ; rent reason able. Apply to AAKON HaRD.MAN, 440 Broome street. r LET? IN HARLEM. A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, ON two lots, northeast corner of Fifth avenue and 129th street; rent low, most of which will be taken in board by owner, a widow lady. Apply on premises. O LET? FOUR- STORY BKOWNSTll NK HO USB 101 Eust Sixty-first street corner of Fourth avenue; all improvements. in good order; also three story brown sionu House 461 East Fitty-scvonth street; all improve ments; rent $1,100. W. C. FLANAGAN, 16J Bowery. TO LET? $900 BUOWN STONE HOUSE, THREE STORY high stoou; all Improvements; <.n Eighty-fourth street (2.1x45), near Mr?t avenue. Apply to THOMPSON A SON, Third avenue, near Eighty-third street. r LET-A SMALL HOUSE; NINE ROOMS; ALL IM provements; will l>e put in comnlete order; rent $800. Apply to J. W. OGDEN, Jr., 162 Broadway, or Mrs. LEE, i?7 Waverley place. r LET? HOUSE MS EAST 114TH STREET; 19 rooms: suitable for one or two families. Apply to JOHN QUINS. 331 Third avenue. TO LET? A TWO* STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House, with improvements, 149 Eighty -?eventh street; ?bo Pari of a brown stone House ; 110 children. Inquire corner Seventy-ninth street and Third uvcuue. No. 1,381. T~7T LET? FOU ft BfOftY BB0WN 8T0N E ENGLISH basement House, 114 East Thirtieth street: perfect order: reasonable rent; Parlors Carpets and Mirrors without extra charge. JAMES DAVIS, Jr. , 167 Duant street r LET? FOUR RTOItY HROWN STONE HOUSE 148, West Forty -fifth street; in perfect order; at a low rent to responsible party. DE VKNN V A COULTER. 981 Sixth avenue. TO LET? A THREE SToftY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone house, on East Forty-first street, near Modi son avenue : also Flats to let in the new brown stone Houses on north side of Sixty-ninth street, near Lexing ton avenue ; rent from $32 to $46; six rooms; all improve ments. Apply at Sixty-ninth street hou>e* or 128 Eaet Forty-first street. B. MULDOON. T TO LET? 337 EAST FORTY-FIRST STREET, NEAR Prospect plae.-. the SecanJ and Part of the Third Story ; to a small family will be let very low. 10 LET-A SMALL NEAT THREE STORY HIGH _ stoop House, nil modem improvements; genteel neighborhood ; rem $1,000; to none but who arc respecta ble. Inquire nt 164 West Tenth street. rpo let-dwellinoT fifth avenue," corner I 127th street; also Second avenue and Twelfth street; Cottages, 116th street, $40 a month. JENKINS, 71 Bread way, room 09. rpo let-one of those rouft story BROWN X stone Houses on Forty-sixth street, No. 2, between Fifth ami Madison avenues; finished in hard wood. Apply to JOHN O. HIGGIN.s, No, 7 Pine strect. 1H) LET OR FOR SALE? A FUBNISUED FOUR STORY flrstclass House, on Madison avenue, near the Park, w i l 1.1 am uEh, comer Blm and Franklin streets. rpo LET OR FOR SALE? IN EAST KEVENTY-MNTII street. Nos. 307 to 316, new and elegant French Flats; every modern Improvement; neighborhood first class; grand entrance to Central Park. Inquire on the prem ises. E. KILI'ATKICK. TO LBT OR LEASE? THE ELEOANT FIRST CLASS brown stone House .30 Ea<t TwenM -first street close to Broadway; has all modern Improvements. Apply to S. E. HEBIIEltD, 20 East Fourteenth street. TO LET OR LEASE? FROM MAY 1, THE SMALL, convenient brick Dwelling 103 West Thirtv-thlrd street; 2ll (eel In width; 12 rooms; rent per month, $1.0. Apply to Mr. MARKING, 120 Broadway. TO LET OR LKASK? THE ELEGANT MANSION 162D street aud amiiun St Nicholas, containing 18 rooms; all moirrn ImpflV'meiits; splendid views; 9 lots, hcauti ftiilv laid out, with shrubbery, Ac. : low rent to a respon sible party. Apply to OCT MAN BROS., 38 Walker street. TO RENT? I'NTURNIPHED, AN ELEGANT THREE story an<l ba'ement brown stone House; parlors frescoed : complete throughout. Inquire st 141 West Fif ty-third street TO HfXT-A PINE COTTAGE IN SEVENTY-NINTH sireet ; 16 room-, stable udloliilnjr . all Improvements. ?*K a uuYT. w. sixth avenue. DWELLING HOUSES TO 1JBT. UnfiiriiUbrd. TO BENT OB LEASE? 33> EAST EIGHTY THIRD street; high stoop, courtyard, gas, water, large yard In rear, grape vines and arbor; rent ISO per month. TWO THREE STORY HIOH HOW BRICK HOUSES, In good localities, for $1,100 and $1,-00 respectively. Apply to W. J. llARPKR, 862 Third avenue, near Kilty scc-nd street 2X EAST FORTY-FOURTH STREET.? TO LET, House, lflx.W all modern improveine ntt; will be ^ut In complete oriler. Apply to ALFRED ROB, 128 8QD hTflKKT, NEAR TI.'IRD AVENUE.? TO LET. A ? ? three story high stuop brick Konse, with all im provcmetiu, arranged for two families, and all newly palmed. XKAFlfl & ANDRRWH, I, Ml Third avenue. <t?nn KA' l? FOB TWO FINELY LOCATED COT' sPOUU tages, connected; improvements; carriage room and niftMi' ; iiIho Sao tte 'oni Floor in hrown stone house, with >ldo window* adjoining, SM Ernst Eighty sixth street. " v vj?l -TO LET, on fiftieth street, be yij'-'vO. twocn Second aud Third avenues, a very handsome throe story and bawnicnt high stoop brown itone House, all the Improvements; neighborhood itnex ceptlonablo. Apply to O. NAOLE, 140 Fourth avenue. 4*1 ftnn - TO LET> 0N ELEVENTH street, be lOVw. tv.ecn Broadway and University place, a nice three story and basement nigli sloop brick House, in good oriler. G. N.VGLB, U'J Fourth avouue. (jbO KAA -TO LET, ON TWELFTH STREET, NEaR Vi.OHw, Fifth avenue, a large, roomy first class high stoop brown stcna House, snitaulc for u private fum? lly or first c last private boarding house. O. NAOLE, 148 Fonrtb aveaue. FtRMHHED ROOMS AM) APARTMENTS TO LET. A N BLBOANT Ft KNISIIKD FRONT PARLOR, WITH Jx. piano, hot and eoM water, bath, Ac., surrounded hv first class restaurants, to let, lot wo geutlemen ; reterencea exchange I. 50 Eust Ninth street, a few doors west cf Broadway. __ A? TO LET, FURNISHED, AT MODERATE RENT, ? ono of the handsomest French Flats Inthoclty; 8 large rooms; also one unfurnished. Otlice 990 Sixth avenue. A FEW ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? Either single gentlemrn or tatnilles; references ex changed. til Clinton place. A SMALL FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN thev require, would let two furnished Booms, on the third floor of a house, with all the mortem improve ment*, to two gentlemen : on?iucstlonable references will he required. Apnly at 1G9 West Tenth street A NEATLY FUBJII8HED BOOM, IN A PRIVATE family. to lef, to gentleman, without board. In West Thirty-eighth street ; references exchanged. Address E, II., box 173 Herald t'ptowii Branch office. ? A WIDOW LADY HAS A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Room to let to one or two gentlemen ; no moving in Ma y. Apply >tW West Thirty seeow J styee! A? TWENTY -THIRD BTREST.? 1 ELEGANT, COM ? fortahly furnished Rooms, with all modern con veniences, to let, to gontlomen on reasonable terms, in the first class residence of a private tamily, 2^0 East Twenty-thinl street A PRIVATE FAMILY W'ILL LET PART OF THEIR House, inrtilHhcd for housekeeping ; rooms larue, airy and commodious, convenient and well furnished. 212 West Fortieth street. AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM? WITII GA8, bath, Ac., suitable for ono or two gentlemen. 239 East Thirty-third street, between Second and Third ave nues. No moving. A RECEPTION ROOM, SUITABLE FOR A P1IYSI cliin, furnished or unlurui-hcd, 61 Wort Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A LARGE AND HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT Room to let? To one or two gentlemen In a private famllv; all Improvements; relcrences. Apply at 312 East Fifty-seventh street. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO LET A FUR nlshed Room on the third story; will accommodate two if required. 141 East Twenty-eighth street A AM ALL PRIVATE FAMILY OF ADULTS WOULD let, to a gentleman, one or two Rooms, with closcts, bath, Ac. ; house first class and location central; a pleasant and agreeable home lo n quid gentleman ; terms modcrato ; references exchanged. Address HOME, box 180 Herald Uptown Branch office. IjU'RNISIIED APARTMENTS TO RENT? OVER THE 1 Trades Savings Bank, 273 West Twenty -third street. Call in the Bun* this weak. Furnished rooms to let.? references EX chanscd. Inquire at '-'(V) East (eighteenth street, cor ner of Third avenue, over the market, for all the week. Furnished? a large sunny front rooml to one or two gentlemen ; five minutes from Hamilton ferry. Call at or address 87 Sum mit street, Brooklyn. Handsomely furnished rooms to let? with out board, from May 1, to gentlemen only; refer ences. 110 West Sixteenth street. PLEASANT FURNISHED' OR UNFURNISHED ROOM or Rooms to let? In private house, 415 West Nineteenth street; water and gas in rooms; references exchanged. Rooms furnished or usfuhnibhed to let? In a nice street, only a few steps from Washington square. Apply at 18 West Washington place. CJECOND FLOOR IN AN ENGLISH BASEMENT O house, two large rooms and tin extension; also a hall Room on floor above; handsomely furnished; suit able lor light housekeeping : or would be rented to gen tlemen separately, with Breakiast served in room If de sired ; retviences exchanged. Inquire at 130 East Thirty ninth street. Spacious, airy, well furnished rooms for gentlemen ; terms very moderate. 100 Bast Twenty eighth street, southeast corner ot Fourth arctiue. TO LET-THIRD FLOOR, UNFURNISHED, FOB housekeeping ; all improvements ; at 48 East Ninth street, west of Broadway. TO LET? NICELY FURNISHED, TO SMALL FAMILY of ndnlts, in private house 228 West Eleventh street an entire tiecond Floor, Dart Third, and front Basecunt suitable lor housekeeping; rooms large; neighborhood first class; rent #000 per annum. TO LET? A FURNISHED SECOND FLOOB FRENCH FhU>7 rooms; hath, stationary tubs, range and all improvements, in West Twenty-second street. Address H., box 1,906 Post offlcc. TO LET-TO ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN, LARGE front Rooms, ftarnished or unfurnished; bath, hot and eold water, Ac. ; at 141 East Fifteenth street, near Irving place. TO LET? FURNISHED, A LARGE ROOM, MODERATE price, to gentlemen onlv. 115 East Seventeenth st TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN, TWO NEATLY FUR til-hid front Room*, at 2G Donilnlclt street rLET-A LARGE, WELL FURNISH RD ROOM, central location, to gentlemen only, without board. Inqu're at 14 West Twenty-seventh sircot TO LET-WITHOUT ROARD, TO GENTLEMEN OR gentleman and wife, three large Rooms; one on par lor floor; all well furnished ; hot and cold wuter : mh In all; good location : everything comfortable; with private lamily. 20N West Thirty-eighth street. TO LET-THREE NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, ON second floor, together or separate. Apply at 830 Sixth avenue. TO LET-TO A RESPECTAIILE FAMILY OF ADULTS, almost an entire nouse, nearly all furnished and in perfect order, at $75. Inquire of owner, 339 West Thlrtv. fifth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, on Mon day, -from 9 to 12 A. M. or I'rom 6 to 0 I'. M. TO RENT-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT Parlor, to one or two genii? men. No. 10 First street Rent moderate. /-TH AVENUE, 164, N F.Alt TWENTY-FIRST STREET.? t) Furuished Rooms to let; heat and gas; bath on cacb floor. Apply to Mr. LAWRENCE, on the premises. 5 FURNISHED Room to rent, without board. d?S CA ?SITTING AND BEDROOM. FURNISHED ?|>?7 ?)U. for housekeeping" hot and cola water, bath, excellent washing arrangements; excellent location; no moving. 222 Fifty-second street, near Broadway. 1 I TII STREET, NEAR DEI.MONICO'S.? AN ELEGANT XI* Second Floor, parlor, bed and dressing rooms, bath, closet, hot and cold water ; also third story front Room, from Mav 1. Address H., box 4, MO 1'ost offlcc. IK WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREKT, OPPOSITE ST. ?J James Hotel.? A handsomely furnished Parlor Floor to let, either singly or en suite; also other nicely ftirnlshed Rooms; references. if 7 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET.? TWO VERY pleasant Rooms to let, without Board, together or separately, on the third floor, to gentlemen only 00 EAST TWENTY-SECOND STREET, NEAR BROAD way.? Parlor and Bedroom, on second floor, with bathroom, to gentlemen, without board. i)(\ EAST TENTH 8TRRF.T, NEAR BROADWAY.? ?<J Furnished Hootns, en suite or singly, for gcatlemcn ; family private ; reference. I A A MONTH FOR A PARLOR AND BEDROOM, ?PtO well furnished, with bathroom, lor a gentleman or gentleman and wile; reference exchanged. Call and sec. 60 West 1 enth street A O WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET, BETWEEN 'xO Six th avenue and Broadway.? Furnished Rooms ami Parlors, en suite ; bath and all conveniences; supe rior location for doctors and dentisu; prices moderate; no moving In May. 48 54 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET.? FURNISHED Rooms to lot to gentlemen only. BOND STREET? FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET lor slnv; to gentlemen or man and wife. nWKKT ELEVENTH STREKT, NEAR FIFTH avrnue.-~KlogHntly furnished Rooms ihot and cohl water), without hoard, lor gentlemen ; liouw newly refitted and refurnished throughout; terms moderate; references given and required^ -lit) WEST TWELFTH STREF.T. THREE DOORS ?L? Itom hixtli avenue.? A furnished Room on third floor, with gas and bath, to a gentleman. 1 (t/k WEST FORTY-FIFTII STREET.? TO LET, THE Lower Part of a neatlv furnished liaise, suitable lor housekeeping; also four Booms on U|. per ftodr ll' de aired; owner would board in part payment of rent if a/reeable ; rent moderate to responsible parties. Can be Ken from I to I. 1Q1 WEST SIXTEENTH RTREF.T.? SllT OF FUR lOi nt?hed Rooms, to gentlemen only : possession Im mediately. _ 1QK EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVINO lOtJ place,? Handsomely lurnislied Rooms to rent, w ithout board ; convenient to Westminster and other hotels; rcicrene. INFtRNISHF. IJ R?H) MB A*D APART WESTS TO LET. I N ELEGANT FLAT, ON A CORNER, NIKE ROOMJ; J\ all lighted from the street; ?lxe of house, 1hree blocks trom Central I'ark ; west side ; strictly Unit class, with janitor. Ajiuly to JOHN BRANIOAN, M7 Eighth a"? ? CirVtBiniHID BOOMS AMO APAJtllW DIBITS TO L8T. AN1CE SECOND FLOOR, MODERN IMPROVE, men to, One house, occupied by a small Aincr.caa family, near Washington s,,uare Park, to rent, trom Ma* 1. Address B , box 4.315 I'o.-t office. A LARGE AND BLEGANT OORNEIt BROWN KTONB House, 961 Secoud avenue, to lot in floors; First floor aatt Baneinent, $60; Second Floor. $?); Third Muni, $10 per month. THOMAS McQUIRK. 1,145 Second avenue. A 1 ?LOWER PART OK THE THREE 8T0RY IJI OH Ali stoop bouse 153 Wort Tliirtecntli street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues to let; neighborhood unex ceptionable. Apply on the premise*. . A NICK SECOND FLOOR, OP FIVE ROOMS, II* Wert Twetitv-eigbth street, to let? To a family of adults; water, gas and good neighborhood. Apply at 6ilj Washington street. AVERY DEisTRAI^fi- SUIT OP ROOMS IN A PRF> vate house; be?t floors, with modern convcni* nrcs; good neighborhood; suitable for a small rami! v. 241 Bart Fltty-soventh street. A WELL FURNISHED RECEPTION BOOM TOi let; suitable as office lor physician ; refcrcneea ex?t changcJ- 2a8 West Twcnty-.ltth street To Let? Fine furnished Rooms, to gentlemen or gentle* man and wife; breakfast If preferred: private family g situation pleasant ; convenient to excellent restaurants i references exchangod. SM West Tweuty-flfth street. A PARTMKNTS TO LET? THREE ROOMS SECOND*1 /\ floor ; closet In cacb room ; water, in kitchen. Call on Monday at 2?Carimno street. A? THB UPPER PART OK PRIVATE DWELLING ? 103 Macdougdl street to let, unfuruUbcd ; tcvcut rooms, with u*e of bathroom; rent low. Avery convenient flat or suit ok poor Rooms to let in the splendid brown ?:ono llathousq 78 West Forty-eighth street, between Fit Hi and ttixtt* avenues. Apply lo the porter, or to Mr. TRENOR, 723! Sixth avenue. A party havino sufficient furniture poi a bouse may Board out the rent or value ot t same ill a refined Southern family. Address C1IAHLI TON, llerald office. AT $M PER MONTH? DESIRABLE PART, PO0M rooms, of three story high stoop brick hotise, wttU improvements, ta East 12uth street, near Third avenue,: Harlem. convenient to steam cars and boats; references) required. Apply on the premises. 1 A ?TO LET, UNFURNISHED, SPLENDID FLOORsj iV, and Apartments in West Kourth and the adjacent streets, from Broadway to Sixth avenue. Apply at 149 Bleecker street, near Tnompsi n. A SECOND FLOOR TO LET, FIVE ROOMS, INJ private house, high stone stoop, 321 West Twentieth street, near Eighth avenue; good neighborhood ; all im provement*; rent $40. Apply to PEARSON A TALL MAN, Sixih uvenue, corner Twenty-iourth street, or ta JAMES PEARSON, 243 West Twenty-first street To b?? seen by permit only. A FRENCH FLAT TO RENT? IN THE "itLOANE'J building, southeast. corner of Sixth avenue tindl Kilty-third street. Api ly to janitor, 74 West Flity third St., A SECOND FLOOR TO LET? IN NEW HOUSE, S2tt West Twenty-tlr.-t street; six apartments, water and] pas; rent $45. Itutitlro on | remises. A? FLOORS OK TWO It) TWELVE R ;IOM\ RENT1 ? Irom $10 to $65 per month, In Eighth, Ninth and) Sixteenth wards. > E L. A B. TL BURNHAM, COO Hudson street I A LOWER PART OF A PRIVATE HOUSE TO LET? In a most desirable location, to a small family: suitable for u pliysiclun; rent moderate. Apply itt 31V West Kitty-first street, between Eighth and Mntii avs. AT 215 WEST HOUSTON STREET? TWO ROOMS ON. first floor, $16; also three Room i on third floor, $1$ per mouth ; all improvement-1. A FIRST KLOCJR TO RENT-OVER STORE 4331 Kighth avenue ; five room*, besides bath room ; hota auiJ cold water, k&h fixtures, range, Ac. ; rent $50 peg month. Apply on the premise*, or to & KMBKRSOX, 659 Sixth avenue. E A FLOOR TO LET- NEWLY PAINTED AND PA X\ pered, consisting ot four rooms, en suite, kitchen! mid bath rootn ; gus, hot and cold water; to a party or gcatlemeii or a small family; references. 1,168 Broad way. AT 619 AND fc'l EIGHTH AVENUE, CORNER Fortieth street. ? To lei, whole Upper Part over Simpson's store, 15 rooms; in good order; gas and WAter ; MiituMe for dwelling or light business; rent low to a good parly. Basements, parlor and five chambers in a pleasantly located house up town; all conveniences; Broadway curs; rent moderate to responsible tenant. Address B., box 173 Herald Uptown Branch office. DON'T FAIL TO SEE THAT BEAUTIFUL FIRST class House 1)7 India street, Oreenjiolnt, only four blocks from terries; 20 minutes from Madison square v rent $4U; nine rooms, all Improvements. IOIIT ROOMS AND CELLAR, WITH CLOSETS, bath, water closet, elevated oven range. Ac., in good neighborhood; $00 per month. Call on H. K. VAK SICLEN, 133 Nussau street, lor permit. French flat, fiu.vt floor, to rent-seven: rooms; all modern improvements; Furniture unit Carpets tor sale ; all first class and In perfect order. In-1 quire ot janitor, 74 West Fifty-third street. ?jUIENCH FLATS TO LET? ON SIXTH AVENUE, ONK r door above Twenty-first street; 10 rooms on a flat; all modern Improvements- Apply at 115 West Twenty second street IpREKClI FLAT. 61 WEST FORTY-SECOND STREET, ' to let ; seven or eight rooms ; opposite Park ; rent rea son able. Apply on premises. Light housekeeping ? two or three rooms, . private house, top or attic fioor, lor twelvemonth# at least References. T. G. R., GO East Seventh street ONE MORE FLAT TO LET IN THE WUITTEMORH. House? Six rooms, gus, wuter and bath; lino Res taurant and elegant Barbershop. Apply to owner. 611 Liberty street, r? oin 2S. ONLY $MM RKNT.? CHEERFUL FRONT BASEMENT,! kitchen, tare* pantries, two parlors, bedroom, con* scrvatory. stationary tubs, heater, in complete o'deSM Sixty -seventh street, near Grand Boulevard. GEORGE B. WALTON, 21 Park row. PARLOR FLOOR, BASEMENT AND ROOM O# third tloor, in high stoop house, with all Improve ments and conveniences ; possession immediately. 21? Bast Twentieth street, near Third avenue. CUX ROOMS AND CELLAR, WITn CL08ETS; GOOtf U neighborhood ; $10 per month. Call on U. K. VAN" 8ICLKN, 133 Nassau street, for permit. SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS IN PRIVATE HOUSE, ten rooms; all Improvements; to one or two small, respectable families ot adults, in a very beauiilul loca tion in the Nineteenth ward, overlooking th.? East River. For permit address L. K. J., llerald Uptown Branch office. SJECOND FLOOR TO LET TO A SMALL, FAMILY, 5 witbont children, 137 West Tenth street; all modem improvement*; large yard ; rent $40 per montli. SECOND PLOOR, UNFURNISHED; GAS, BATH, AC., ?t 78 Mncdoueal street; privato house, verv pieasant neighborhood; to small family only; rent $43; good refer ences required. SECOND STORY OP TRIVATB HOUSE 107 BARROW street, four rooms; gas and water; good yard; small family preferred ; balance occupied by the owner. . C. LAPORQE. TO LET-A NICE THIRD PLOOR , 26 X80, WITH/ office. Inquire of S. MENDELSON, on the premises, 32 Spruce street TO LET? A FEW DEBI "ABLE FLATS OR SUIT8 OP Rooms in an apartment building In charge of Jani tor. Inquire of CHARLES C. WAK.ELEY, 104 East Tenth street. TO LET-COMFORTABLE FLOORS, POUR ROOMS; $17 to $21 : nice buildings; pretty location; Twelfth street, near Second avenue Apply to JAMES MULRY, SOU East Twelfth street r LET? PARLOR FLOOR, THREE ELEGANT room*, with Basement* ; further, Second Moor, three rooms; bathroom, brown stone private house; very low refit to res pons Ible parties. S31 Bast Fourteenth si TO LET-TO A SMALL AND RESPECTABLE FAMILY, the Second Floor at 303 Fortv-seconil street, near Second avenue, eontaining throe large rooms, lor $33 a month. TO LET? SECOND PLOOR, POUR ROOMS ; FOLDING doors, pantries between ; water and gas, to a small family. Inquire at 41 Montgomery street TO LET-BASEMENT, PARLOR AND SECOND Floor of house 425 West Forty-sixth street, in first' elass order, with all modern improvements; rent $75. ? Inquire on premises. TO LET? THIRD FLOOR, FIVE ROOMS. FIVE FAN" tries; hot and cold water, bath, privilege of station ary tubs; rent $'B, gas included, to small lamily. 449 West Kortv-ioiirth street TO LET-IN A NEW, FIRST CLASS BRICK nOUSE. Third Floor, four rooms; modern improvements; only one small family In house; none but an American family (no chlldreni need apply; rent, including gas, $.U per month. 2J4 105th street, near Third avenue, south side. mo LET-THF. SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS AND A part of garret (six rooms), in the fine brown stone home 402 East Fiftieth street; rent $600. Inqiilie ofZ. 8. O., on premises. TO LET-THE THIRD ANt) C^E-HALF OF SECOND, Floors, with all modem improvements, In flr?t close; brown stone front dwilling house East Seven ty-tlrsb street, between Second and Third avenues. Inqutro of A. KIRCHEIS, 200 Broadway. rro LET? AT A MODERATE RENT, A DESIRABLE J. Second Floor and one Room on third, on Taylor street, between l'e llord and Wythe avenues, Williams burg. Apply at 65 south Third KfWt, WllHamibtl iy. i TO LET ? SECOND FLOOR OF 311 HENRY STltERT,! consisting ot four rooms, pantry, water and gas; rent $.V> per month. Apply on the premises. 110 LET-ON SIXTH AVENUE, ONE DOOR ABOVH Twenty-first street, French Hats, II rooms on atlat; all modern improvements. Apply at 115 West Twenty seeond street. r LET-SOUTH SIDE FORTV SIXTH STREET, FIRST house west ol Eighth avenue, two upper Floors, alfi Improvements, private house; rent $80 per month. In quire on premises. TO LET?SECOND FLOOR, 321 BAST SIXTEENTH street; good location; all modern Improvements, . Apply from 1 to 4 P. M., Sunday excepted. TO LET? NINTH WAHD-PARLOR FLOOR, WITal extension Basements, with lnuiulrv, heater, rouge,, Ac. ; 226 We*t Tenth stree'. J. M. ELY, IPS IVrry st. . r LET? THB UPPER PART OP A COSBY LITTLES* House, 233 West Seventeenth street. TO LET-BROWN STONE HOUSE 235 EAST FORTY? eighth street, the Upper Part; adnlt futility ; modern Improvements; most fashionable block ; low rent; with owner. mo LET-IN THE PRIVATE HOUSE ?l FIFTH I street between Second and Third avenues, twa er cellent Floors ; price $40 and $36 ; each Door to a respeef able couple. * ^ For OtU?r "To Let" Advertisements |*> ?Ikv here.

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