Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 2
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AT K.lNZfiY'8, DRY GOODS. y 4 |^^V4 WWVW.A.'NV^ W> Great excitement Opening tliii week. ? bankrupt stock ot over 160,000 worth of rich Goods of every description tQ be sold at no eents on the dollar. Rich Laces, Shawls, Veils, Capes, Handkerchiefs, Collars, Sets, Silks, Satins, Velvets, Ribbons, Hearts, Sashes, Tie*, Splendid Fringes Gimps, Tak, Guipure, Spanish and French Laces, all to be sold at same rates. Particular attention U invited to the stock of Fringes and Qtmps. There are over 10,000 pieces from lowest price to finest goods imported, all to be sold. 811k Fringes from r>c. to $3 a yard, Black -Silk Fringes, 6c. to $3 a yard, AT KINZEY'S. Rich Passementerie oimpa, 50c. piece to $12, Rich Silk Trimmings, 25c. to 06 piece, AT KINZEY'S. Rich Watered Silk*, all colors, 7Sc. yard, Rich Corded bilks, 76c. yard, Good Colored Silk*. 62c yard, Fancy Lining Silks, 25c. yard, Tak I .aces front 25c. yard up, Real Unipuro Laces, 10c. yard np, Valenciennes Laces, 19c. doaen up. Black Silk Laces, Sc. to $8 yard, Coloref. Trimming Lace*, lttc. yard up, Cluny and Maltese Lace*, Sc. up, Silk Dotted Veil Laces. 50c. yard tip, fcilk Veil Grenudincs, S?c. yard up. Fine White Shetland Veils, 25c., Largo Shetland Wool Shawls, $1, Point Laces and Lace Goods, Lace Shawls, Capes and Siicqtics, Great Dargalns In Uandkerchieft, Hemuicd, Colored Borders, trom 6c. up, Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, 12Uc. up. Needlework und Hemstitched, 25c. up, Extra fine, all Linen, hemstitch. Corded and Tucked, 25c. to 75c., worth double. AT KINZEY'S..* Ladles' Tucked, Embroidered, Ruflled _ | Tic and Puffed Drawers, 47c. to fl W tyfrifm f ||'| dr. pai?'pu'"?t, ?uftled and ? rrzuiiiieu i ueinise, G9c. to $7 96, AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIKZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S, AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEY'S. Ftnely Tucked. Plaifed. Ruilled and Embroidered Marts, 74c. to $3, Dressing Sacqnes and night Dresses, from Otic, to $'J <5, French Woven Corsets, 59c. to $5, French Embroidered Corsets, $1 19 pair, Aprons, Normandy Caps, Misiea Sacques und Fancy Aprons low. All the new stvles of Bustles, Pads, Skirts, 4c., ut popular priccs, Hamburg Embroideries, 3c.. Co. to 50c, Hamburg Embroideries, 5 5c. to $1 25, Needle Work Bands. 25c. Guypuru Work Bauds, 25c, Lace Tidies, 12kc., 15c., 20c.. 25c., op, Applique l.ace Tidies, 25c., up, Valenciennes Lace Rutlllngs, 10c. yard. Tucking* ami Rutlliugs all styles, White I'ique Trimmings, 10c. ps . tip, Rutlllngs and Trlinmiugs, 2Sc. piece, All the new styles In Neck Ruftllngs, trom 10c. to$i -0 a yard, 1 Lot of Fancy SwWs Muslins, 15c. a yard. Tucked Embroidered Nainsooks, 50c., Plaid. Stripe. Tucked, Dotted and Kancy Muslins, very low, Regular made Hosiery, 25c. pair, Silk Clocked Balbriggaus, 30c., Extra length Balbrlggans. 4^c. pair, A large variety of Hue English Hose, Misses' and Boys' Fancy striped Hose, in every quality and kind, Oent's Halt Hone, in great variety, Regular made liulf Hose, 20c. up, Oent's Furnishing (Joods ? Shirt*, Collars, Ties Cuffs, Suspenders, Scarfs, Ac., Ac., Kid Gloves, One Rntfon, 89c. pair, Kid Gloves, Two Buttons, 49c., 6Uc., 8,0(10 pairs Lupin's Kid Gloves, ever?' sire and color, at SOc. pair. Misses' Kid Gloves 39o. pair np, Three-button Kid Gloves, 90c. The finest and largest stock of French Flowers in the city French Bonnet and Hat I'rames? Filly uew shapes lroui 12c. up, SO cases imported French Chip lfuts at $1. cost over $2, Every new shape In Straw Good*, every new in every shape. Opening. 20 canes new English and French Bonnets and liaui All silk four-inch Windsor Tie, 25c., ?11 silk Kouiun Windsor Tie, 25c., Five-inch wide Silk Ties. 2V. , rich chuugeuble Silk Ties, 26c., Rich Drape Dechlne Ties, 39c., rich Brocade Silk Tics, 39c., Opening 1,000 dozen rich imported Ties, worth $1 20, selling off at 59c., All the new styles in Parasols, All the uew Club Handles, Tourists' Sticks, Parasols, Bilk Parasols, iroiu 09c. tu $15, Imported Silk Umbrellas, Bun L'uibrellas from 9Vc. to $12, Fancv Ribbons, fic., Sc., 10c., 12c. n yflrd. Watered Ribbons, 10c., U'^c, 15c., 25c., Gros grain No. 9 Ribbons, 20c. a yard, (iros grain No 12 Ribbons, 25c. u yard, Rich fancy Gros ('.rains, 25c. a yard, Roman Ribbons. 20c. to $1 a yard. Sash Ribbnn?, !5c., 31c., 39o., 5flc. np, Rich Watered Sash, 5'Jc., 7"c., 89c , Roman Sash Ribt on?, 7fie up, Rich Brocade Sashes. $2 up. All the new Oxydized Button*, Oxydized ornaments, great variety, The new Ear Screw. Silver, with Pearl, Coral or Turquoise at 50c. pair, Fine Oxydized Chatelaines 49c. up, Rval Whitby Jet Earrings, 25c. pair. Fine French Gilt Bracelets, 25c., Rubber Chains, Lockets Sets, Ac . Ac., Lockets. Necklaces, Eardrops, Pins, Ornaments, .Sets. Novelties, Ac., Silk 1 atis, Gilt Sticks, 9^c., Satin Fans, Ivory Sticks, $1, Vienna ''ilk Fans. 19c. up, Carved Wood ^ uns, 15c. up, Lehfher Belts and Rags, Foru'iuonouit s < ard Cases, Ac., Photograph I- rutnes, Carved \\ ood 1 r aiues, 19c. up, 10c .,15c., 25C. np. Fine <!ilt Photograph Krames, 50c., Fine silk Velvet t raines, 75e. up. Fine Porcelain Medallions, $1 H9tip, Chrmnos in great variety, ate. up, Carved wood Brackets, 2V., Carved wood Match Sules, 12c. up, Onr Bronze D partment lias some very pretty and cheap Goods, A large variety of Bookshelves Bouquet Holders, great varietj? Perfumeries and Soaps cheap., Brushes and Couibs, great variety, Fancy imported Raskets of every k Hid aud style, from 10c to $6, Our Variety Department stocked with a Tho'ubutiJ and One urticlei, Our Notion Department? Silk', Cottons, Braids, Tapes, Puis, Needles, Ac., are cheap, AT KIXZEV'S Writing Desks. Work Boxes, Toilet Sets and Fauey Article!, AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S, AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT?IXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEY'S. at KIXZEY'S. t AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KIXZEV'S. KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KINZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KIXZEV'S, We are receiving evcrv day Mew Goods from auction, "we have every article advertised. We sell at the prices advertised Goods at wholesale lesa Than Jobber'* price*. AT KIXZEY'S. AT KINZEY'9, AT KIXZEY'b. fV 7 ana 769 Bro?d*aT TflLltA* riNZET'S, earner of Ninth street, DKY GOODS. Ar S"B B g 5"ek II <P?o S | E HHBRIIC U5I E H H R B II 0 8a KB 11 HUH RBB II O HHHH MS B HHRHIIO HH 8 v li II R K II 0 HH 8 1 H HRKIICOH H 8 8 1SEBE H 5 a B 00 H a 888 TEMPLE or FASHION. RRRR KEEEE A DDDDD It It li AA U D R UK A A D D RUE A A D D RRRR KEE A AAA D D R R E A A D D R R E A ADD R R E A ADD R B EEEEE A A DDDDD _ the price* of our LADIES' MUSLIN UNDERGARMENTS, all our own manufacture, sewed on lock -at itch machines and guaranteed to surpass any In the city In Beauty of Design, Variety of Styles, Superiority of Manufacture und Cheapness ol Price. Ladies' Chemise, tucked bosom, hand, front and sleeves trimmed w ith rutlle, made of Wumsutta muslin, at 95c. Ladies' Chemise, corded band^ front and sleeves, beau tifully made, ol excellent muslin, at 73c. l<adie.V Chemise, bosom of ulteruate tucking and ne?dlework Insertion, band, Iront and sleeves trimmed with crochet lace, at $1 40. Ladies' muslin Drawers, six tucks and ruffle, at 55c. Ladies' muslin Drawers, six tucksand needle work. edge, at 87c. Ladies' muslin Drawers, two alternate clusters of tucks, ?eedlowork insertion mid edge, at (1 23. Ladles' muslin Night Dross, double yoke front and back, trimmed with lace or rutlle, ut 41 25. Ladies' Night Pros, beautifully tucked and rutiled, full length, of wamsutta muslin, at 11 75. Ladles' Night Dress, beautifully tucked, bosom and sleeves trimmed with embroidery, ut $2. Ladies' Night Dress, finely tucked yoke front and back, trimmed with crochet luce, at $2 35. Ladles' Skirts, nine tucks and hem, at 75c. Ladles' Skirts, trimmed with two clusters of five tucks cach, and one of six, making sixteen tucks iu all, at 94c. Ladies' Skirts, trimmed with ten tucks and broad cam. brie tlounce, at $1 70. Beautiful assortment of Toilet Saoqaes. Corset Covers, linen, percale and cambric Underwear, misses' and children's Undergarments, ull at special Inducements. The assortment and variety of our Undergarments will be found superior to any ever offered bv any one estab lishment, und are specially adapted tor bridal trous seaux. ELEGANT VARIETY of infants' merino sacques, Shawls and Skirt?, cambric Slips, Day Dresses, Robes, Shirts Baby Baskets; In tact everything appertaining to a complete infant's outfit. Ladies should not tail to exumineour goods and prices. Wo are always pleased to show our goods to ladies, en tirely irrespective of purchase. our ladcryar meut de partment is ou the second tloor. ! OUR SUIT PARLORS. <? offer brilliant attractions in Ladies' and children's Suits, Capes und SacquesofCash inero, Silk and Drap D'Kte, Laco Shawls and Sacques. Fine imported Merlin Suits from $14 upwards. Linen Suits, trimmed with rultlc and llounce, at $2 50. Beautiful Linen suits, mudc of Bismarck stripes, at $3. Linen Suits, ut ull grades, up to $:t0. Full line of Alpaca suits, "'<>!?, ?vuii<cu. ' " aat8"^ .Su les"^" ra iTpe rs * '"JL'.mV of finest Merrlmac prints, in every conceivable pat tern, at $1 10, (1 50, $1 65 and $2 25, ull special bargains. CHILDREN'S SUITS! f* Children's Linen Suits from 65c. upwards. Beautiful Madonna Suits, tor children from one to six years of age, of tine Pique, trimmed with braid and needlework inserliaii, at $.!, $3 50 and $4. Beautitul Scotch Kill < I rest, lor boy from two to five years old, of tine .Marseilles, flue needlework insertion und edge, our own stvle. at 94 50. Elegant variety of Marseilles Dresses, Cloaks, Capes, Ac., at prices which will speak for themsehes. * EEEE H II ltRR II CC H II 6SS E II II K R II C C 11 II 8 S ? E II II R R II C H 11 S ' E II H It R II C H H S EE tflllill Kit It II C llllllli SSS E II 11 R R II C 11 H S K II II R it II C U 11 N E UHRRIICCHHhS EEEE U li R B II fiU U H SSS <$> <& | EIGHTH AVENUE, NEAR TWENTY-FOURTH T I STRKET, ? offer the largest variety ot CORSETS In the city. Over forty-five different styles. Fine hip-gore Corset, good lilting, 18 bones, at 75c. Fine woven Corset, 34 bones, ut$l. Woven Corset, heavy coutille, trimmed with lace edgo. 22 bones, at $1 25. Better qualities up to $3 50 OCR REAL, LACE DEPARTMENT offers manifold attractions In Ileal Uuipure una Thread Laces, Black nml colored Yuk I.aces, Real anil Italian Valenciennes, 4c. We Import nil our Lace* direct Iroin the largest Euro oeau manufacturers, und sell litem at luily per cent fcclnw regular price*. Rest quulity* real Uuipure Lace, full 2 inches wide, at 6Rc.. 80*'. anil 66c. per vard. Heat quality, lull iuciics wide, at 7Sc. and BSC. per , vurd. j?i"it quality, lull 3 inches tvlde, at 91 per yard. Wider widths in proportion. YY YY AA KK KK YY YY AA AA KK KK YY YY AA A A KK KK YY YY AA AA KK KK YY YY AAAAAAAA KKKKK YYY AA AA KK KK YY AA AA - KK KK YY AA ? AA KK KK l'Y AA AA KK KK Laces at special bargains. Real Yak I. nee Inserting.* at 3#c. and 4Uc. per yard, Keal Yuk Lace Edgiug. lull 2 inches wide, lit fiUc. per yard. Keal Yak I.ace Edging, lull 3 inches wide, at 03c. and 75c. per yard. Black nilk i. Imps at 25c., 30c., 33c., 40c., 90c. and up ward?. Black Silk Fringes at 25c., 80c., 35c., 40c , 80c. per yard and upwards. Ail under regular prices. Full lines of Colored Hllk Fringe*, in all the newest shades, with buttons to match. Colored Laces to match, spring brasses. Large variety ot imitation 1 bread, Hpanish and fringed Luces, ut exceedingly low prices. Dressmakers supplied in any quantity at less than down town wholesale prices. Our inade un ljice Goods are attracting numerous natrons by reason of their su perior beauty aud the extreme moderation of our priCej. NORMANDY NORMANDY > NOKMANDY NOUMANDY NORMANDY NOUMANDY NOUMANDY NORMANDY NORMANDY NORMANDY Lace Caps In over 2ooditlerciit stvles, making the finest collection in ti;e city, ftt prices ranging > rum (1 25 to 9U 50. <& OUR BLACK DRESS SILKS are winning wido popularity and giving universal satis faction. 10 pieces black Silk at 91 25, worth 91 60. 10 pieces black Silk at 91 30, worth $1 Hi. 10 pieces extra quality at 92, real value 92 40, anil better grades In proportion. Fine Turquoise at *1, 91 2."i and 91 per yard. Fine Trimming Satin.-, all the new shades, at 91 15, worth 91 SOper yard. Black 1 rimming Velvets at 92 and 92 SO per yard. TTTTTTTTI PSSS T S 8 T S T 8 T RSSfl T 8 T 8 T 8 8 T 8S3S of every description and style, onr great specialty. Our elegant Millinery Khow Rooms contain over 2,000 Trimmed Bonnets and Round Hats, in richest and most tashioaab'e st)lea, which we offer at uttoulshingiy moderate prices. Biauiliully trimmed Round Hats, trom 92 Sfltinwardfc Beautirally trimmed Bonneta, tfom 93 upwards. Our great advantages in ttie purchase oi material* enable us to oiler our trimmed Huts at prices beyond competition. Call ami examine our Coods. STRAW HATH II STRAW IIATK1! STRAW IIAT8I1 in all the newest shapes at our Well known prices. All the latest stvles in Black Straw Hats at 40c. each. Fine Chip, Leghorn, Neapolitan and Kancy Braid Hats at bargains. We receive our Straw llats direct ironi the manufacturers and oiler all the latest novelties as soon hi issued. Ribbons in every (hade, quality and width at cheapest rates. FFFF L OOO W W KEEE KRK SS38 F L O O W W W E It R ft a F L O O W W W K R R 8 F L O O W WW W K R R 8 fTf L o O W WWW BBS It RR sass K LOO WW WW ERR 8 K L O O WW WW ERR 8 K L O O W W E R K R 8 F LLLL OOO W W EEEE R B 8SS8 all our own importation and manufacture. Beautiful Sprays, Wreaths, Montures, 4c., at popular prices. . ... Any style of Flower branched to order ill a few minutes without extra charge. Chenille, dotted, and Brussels Nets, Spanish Laces. 4c., 4c. Just received, an luvoicc of colored Veils, edged with silk fringes, the latest novelty. _ Lace and Orrnadlne Veils in all the newest shapes. V Oxide and Jet Ornament* tor ilats. Dress Trimmings, Shawl Pim, 4c., 40. I I'AKASOLS, in club stlrk, tourUt, Ac., ftt popular price* ^ , ,t, HPKC'I A Ij IN DC C ? Mb NTS t? *V . Huaiery, rial Hair Uooda, Ore pea, Hand* kerchtcfa, Oauts Furniahtng Goods, Ac., Ac. Ladies are cordially invited to call and examine our a* HortiiH iitM without the leant reference to purchase. W# arc alwuy* willing to show our good*, and arc confident . fi? i . M- >pore than pleased with our elegante* UbUaluneut aud with the many bargains we are uttering. No one urged to buy. All good n marked in Main figures. Ell RICH '8 TEMPLE OK I- ASH ION 287 aud &5'J LUhiii avenue nttar 24tU street. Air DRY GOODS. >. ? - .v.y?v?y iyiw? The new Dry Oooda Store. Great Inducement* offered. M. REIMAN A CO., late of New Orleans S3 Union square. a few doors above Tiffany A CO.. and 2$ East Fifteenth street, Importer* and Retailer* of SILKS, DRESS GOODS, Black and Mourning Dress Uoods, WHITE GOODS, Linen and Housekeeping Goods, Woolen Goods, Embroideries, Ribbons, Laces and Made-tin Lace Goods, Ladies' Gents' and Children's Furnishing Goods, Real Balbrigun Hosiery, Gloves and Handkerchiefs, SHAWLS, in Camels' Hair. Ottoman, Paisley and flue LACE SHAWLS AND JACKETS. An elegant assortment of fine Imoorted Ladies' Walk ing and Carriage Hulls, of Paris and Berlin Manufacture, Irom $12 upward. We are opening a fine line of Ladles' Linen Embroid ered and Braideu Suits ami Polonaises at extremely low prices. Also One Paris made Embroidered and Plain Under garments. Full and complete line of Domestic Ooods. As a specially this week we oirer a large line of SPRING MILKS. latest styles, at 75c. a yard and upward. Black Urus de Rhine and Gros Grains, 95c., SI And VP ward . Full line of Ponson, Bellon, Bonnet aad Cashmere Black Silks. l'lain Colored Silks, in great variety, remarkably cheap. Plaid Japanuse Poplin, 12kc.. worth 25c. Black and White sflk Stripe, Japanese. 37>fc., worth 50c. Silk anil Wool Velours and Taffetas. 75c., worth $1. Black und Colored Mohairs, 25c., and upward. Camels' Hair Cloth in all now shades, 45c., und upward. Plain. Striped and Plaid Mohairs. Irom auction, 15c. and 20c., worth double. French Cashmeres, all wool and new shades, 75c., value 90c. Mozambique* and Linos, 18c., value 30c. Bilk Stripe Grenadine. 20c., value 40c. Printed Linen Cambrics, 20c., value 25c. Chinese Uatiste Linens lor suits and Polonaises. We have placod ou our cheap counter Dress Goods oiii 12!?c. and upward. fr50 dozen tine Damask Napkins, $1 per dozen. Bleached Tablecloths, $1 25, SI 50, $1 75, $2L 4-4 Irish Linen, 2Sc. Great bargains in Black nn l Mourning Dress Goods. We oiler extraordinary inducements in Camels' Hair Shawls. Ladies' fine hemmed stitched Linen Handkerchiefs, 12 V'., value 25c 1,000 dozen gentlemen's Linen Handkerchief^, 25c. and upward. ^S)0 dozen full regular made Hose, 30c per pair, value 300 dozen superfine English naif-hose, $1 50 half dozen. Ladies' Gauze Marino Vests, from Siic. upward. Ladies' Guuze Merino Vests (high neck und long sleeves), 80c. and upward. Iu order to establish our trade in this city, wo offer to retail all oar good at wholesale prices. We respectiully solicit a share of the public patronage. M. REIMAN A CO. AT SOLIN RRRR GER'S. R R Inform their R R ernoval. patrons and the R R ? ? public of flielr It R educed prices. removal Irom R R Curmino. corner KR R at RRR our new store, Bieocker street, to It R i K R ~ ? ? ' 328 Bleecker street, R? ~ - -leecker street, --"*e J>"~ c ...xtn ??""* k r CuTner R R corner R R Christopher. R R Christopher. With increased advantages we will do our utmost to please all classes by our prodigiously low prices, low prices, low. Grand opening MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, ol Ladies' Suits, riulergariuenta. Shawls, Silks, Dress Goods, Housekeeping Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Parasols, Ac. D. SOLINGER A CO., 328 Bleecker street, corner Christopher. K. B.? Open until 9 P. M. A. ?0 RE AT SALE OF DRY QUODS. Jt In n well-known fact throughout the trade that the wholesale dry goods business lias never been so hail as at the present time, nuii the small demnnil lor goods in the country compel* Importers to look almost exclusively tor a market lor their goods In this city. Tho consequence is a greater depression in prices than has occurred since tho great panic of 1H57. No merchant who imported tils goo Is or bought stock even one month since can. it he sells at cost, begin to compete with those who are now availing themselves of the opportunity ol' purposing at the present peremptory auction sales. BRADBURY BR08. have during the past week made a specialty of goods bought at these salc\ They are offering them at a small advance upon cost, and, as a consequence, THEIR STORE HAS BEEN CROWDED during the entire week. In manv Instances ladies would not believe the goods were perfect, us tho same quality of JAPANESE^ SILK sold by Importers at 75c. they offer at S7)?o., and the best quality imported at 6Uc. They guarantee these goods just as represented, or the money will be returned. Helaw are enumerated n few of the leading prices:? 28-inch Wash Poplins, 26c. Plain Colored Serges, 26c. Silk Striped Poplins (all the new ?ha3ss?. 48c. to 50c. Silk and Wool Poplins, 62?c. Vo 73c. Double-width French Cashmeres (new shades), 87}?c. Cost 91 23, gold, to import. Great Inducements in Black Goods. BLACK ALPACAS, BLACK CASHMERES, POPLlIiS. CRAPES, Ac., Ac., at equally low priccs. Also Black Gros Grain and Glace Silks at 91. Finer quality, 81 25. 24-Inch Cashmere, $1 r>u to $1 75. Up to the finest goods Imported. Great Inducements in other departments are also offered, including .Suits, Shawls, Cloaks, Cloths, Hosiery, Linens and White Hoods. Also Wl pieces English Prints at 20c ., best quality , and one yard wide ; usual price 30c. BRADBURY BROS., 312 an I H14 Bowery, one door below Bleeckcr street. 4 ?WALLER A M'SOULEY. Extra Inducements. Dress Goods. Dress Goods. Will open this week SB cases of the most desirable and fashionable Dress Ooods. from Auction, in all the new Colors and Shades, ranging in price from 20c. to $1 per yard, worth fully double the money; also 190 pieces of latest styles Japanese Silks,, at 60c., formerly $1 per yard; also ISO pieces ot Japanese Poplins, very rich, at 21c., 31c. and 37c. per yard, worth double the money. Black Silks, Black Silks, Heal Lyons Silks, of the best makes, at $1, $1 25, $1 50. 91 75 and upwards. Also 50 pieces of Striped bUks, from auction, at 85c , 91 and 91 25 per yard ; great bargains. Mourning Goods In every make and style, at lowest prices. Black Alpacas and Grenadines at great bargains. Suits, Dresses, Sacques, Taituas, Ac., Ac., made of the most fashionable materials, in the latest styles and best manner, at prices that defy competition. Dressing Rooms and every facility for fitting. Shawls? All the novelties in spring Shawls at bargains. Immense stock of Cloths, Cashmeres, Hosiery, White Goods, housekeeping Dry (foods, 4c., 4c., at lowest price*. All goods marked in plain figures? no deviation. WALLER A McSORlEY, 915 Urand street, near Bowery. A1 THE POPULAR CARPET STORE, 123 BOWERY, NEAR GRAITD STREET, 500 pieces Check Matting, just landed, 25c. per yard, 100 pieces Tapestry Brussels carpet. 91 25 per yard. Ingrains,1 'soc. per yard. The best75ccnt Ingrains In the city. The stock is replete with all the new and choice style? of the season. AT W. K. PEYTON'S OPfcNINO ON MONDAY, 550 pieces of tho Choicest Novelties In ' Spring Dress Oood\ Imported this season, at prices from 25c. to 5()c, per yard. Also, the most complete stock ? of Mourning Goods In town. Onr purchases during the past week (owing to Ihe con dition of the money market) have been made from 2U to S) per cent less than the rilling prices at the commence ment of tho season, anil we propose to give our custom ers the benefit. l" W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. JOUVIN A CO. KID uLOVKS, MAISON VIOLET PKR. lumery ? An assortment of the genuine articles alw ays on hand at U. GKODF.K A en. ft, (ate L. Ufuco

iJ Ljoit Twullth Street, west uf Broadway. DRY GOODS. ^ T. STEWART k CO. Will offer on MONDAY. April JL . . . . BARGAINS IN sfLKS. Black and white Grisaille, I M ? Colored Checka and strlpea, I ?* ^ ?*<loc?d from 91 25 New Tints of i ? . , . ^ FANCY SILKS | V 25, reduced from tl 50 The richest qualities of ?_ . .. .. FANCY SILKS !*' 'educed from 91 75 Real Gaze de Chambers, 91 00, reduced from 91 SO xceedin^ rich ai>s, { ** ??> 'educed from 93 75 *lnch 1 75c., reduced from 9150 PLAIN, COLORED AND ( fr?m ?, BLACK SILKS, | from " upward* LACKS. Real OuiDure and Chantilly sacques and Shawls In new * designs, at attractive prices. IMITATION GUIPURE HACyUES from 912 upwards. And they will also make large additions to their stock of TRIMMING LA? 'EH, Hamburg Edgings and Insertions, Scotch Needlework and Guipure Lace Tidies. Specialties in REAL INI>Ta CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS and PARIS BROCHE LONG AND SQUARE SHAWLS. DRESS GOODS, 10 cases Double width Diagonal Alpacas, in neutral colors, 25c. per yard, lormerly 40c. 5 cases Extra fine POPLIN ALPACAS, 30c. per yard, formerly 50c. 20 cases of the latest PRINTED FRENCH PERCALES, 20c. and 25c. per yard, formerly 36c. and 10c. The latest novelties in WHITE GOODS AND LINKNS, marked down to the lowest uncos. Also a large stock of TtlCll AND COSTLY RIBBONS. The new Marseilles Sash, THE WATTEAU SASH. ROMAN and INI'IA SASH, en garniture. A large additional choice of PLAIN and FANCY RIBBONS, In their JOB LOT, at ll)c., 15c. and 23c. per yard. livery novelty in Ladles' Neckties, Fichus and Veils, 1IATS, BONNETS, FEATHERS. FLOWERS, Ac. An elegant assortment of NEW SPRING COSTUMES, Paris and New York made, viz. Poplin and Mohair Suits, $'J upwards. Handsomely trimmed Ulack Silk Suits, $50 to $175. Striped Spring silk Suits, $35 upwards. WHITE LAWN SUITS, $i 50 upwards. Pure Linen do., $(i upwards. MORNING WRAPPERS, i'i 50 upwards. 15 lucked Walking Skirts, $1 upwards. 20do.,$l 25 upwards. Embroidered do,, $1 75 upwards. Infants' Wardrobe.-, put up in mahogany cases, from $125 to $175. Fine Nainsook Dresses, Slips and Skirts, $!! 50 to $5. Choice Embroidered Walking Coats at very low prices. Plij uc Gabrlulles, for children two to four years' old, $1 75 to $2 25. The most fashionable styles of BOYS' CLOTHING on hand or made to measure. UPHOLSTERY GOODS. New ami choice designs In Furniture Coverings. Cur tain Materials elegant Tapestry and EmbroldJireil. ' and Piano Covers. ? .-*????? " mum usuaUvIattw'*^'*^"'? and Laco Curtains at prices un let,*- cuve. They will also open on Monday morning in their CARPET DEPARTM BNV a large line of entirely new designs of English boilv and Brussels $1 75 per yard; lormer prices. $225. Also a large line of SCOTCH AXMINSTER at reduced prices. A choice and lull line of I'Ri.NclI VELOUETTE8, in squares and by the yard, in new and exclusive designs. Aubusson, Axmlnster and TURKEY CAKPET8, In their own patterns, entirely new in style and of very bright colors, woven to suit rooms ranging from eighteen to thirty feet. RUGS TO MATCH. Rugs, Mats, Matting, Oilcloths, <ic., in great variety atul at very low prices. A visit of Inspection is requested. Mailorders for samples and prices promptly tilled. DRESSM A KINO 1) E P A RTMENT. UNDER SUPERIOR MANAGEMENT, in which orders for Mourning, as well as Hall, Reception, Carriage and Promenade Dresses are EXECUTED IN ONE TO THREE DAYS' NOTICE, without disappointment, warranted in style and elegance equal, ii not superior, to any foreign production. CHARGES EXTH EM ELY MODERATE. BROADWAY, FOURTH AVENUE, NINTH AND TENTH STREETS. T SIMPSON'S, Gin and 621 Eighth avenue, corner Fortieth street, Great West side Warehouse, opening on MONDAY, 21st, an Immense stock of new and choice Fancy Dry Goods. List of departments. Hosiery. Laces. Gloves. Embroideries. Yankee Notions. Dress Trimmings. Parasols. Millinery. Ladles' Furnishing. White Goods. Gentlemen * Furnishing. La lies' Ties and Bows. Infants' Furnishing. Corsets and Skirta. Leather Satchels. Shirt Fronts. All new goods at low prices. 50 cartons No. 16 Gros Grain Ribbons. 25o. yard. No. ii Gros Gram, choice colors, 22c. ,<i. 10,000 yards handsome embroidered Edging at 10c. yard. Iulants' double Merino Cloaks, $4 50. New Freii&a Paps, stylish goods, St popular prices. Regular made Hose, 25c. pair. Fine stock Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. English Socks at 25c. pair. Fine two-button Kid Gloves, 75c. pair. Kim one-button Kid Gloves, 50c. pair. Everything in notions. The most complete assortment on the west side of the city, and at the lowest possible prices. SIMPSON, 619 and 021 Eighth avenue, corner Fortieth street. A A. ?KID GLOVES. Just opened, a new lot, superior quality, one-button at 55c. pair, two-button at 75c. pair, at HARRIS BROTHERS', 877 Broadwav, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. A. C. w. FRENCH will open on MONDAY new Spring Styles of White and Colored Shirts, made to order. First clasn work and fit. | a 5 Call and see samples at |I $16, $42 and # ?H per dozen. Fine hnglish Umbrellas (or Indies and ir'iitlemen. I adieu' French Jewelry, Chatelaine*, Belt*, <tc. A complete new stock of Men's Furnishing Goods per steamshin Cuba. C. W. FRENCH, Importer of Men's Furnishing floods and line French Jewelry, 560 Broadway, Prince street corner. \ T SMITH'S PATTERN BAZA A R, 914 BROADWA V. J\ near Twentieth street.? The latest imported styles beautiful changes tor Spring and Summer, t iegimt toilets. Pattern'-, with cloth models, now ready. Pat terns fitted to the form warranted perfect. Magic Cos. tunic in linen made up is the feature for Summer. Come early. \ "CONTINUATION OF THK ~ Ix. great Carpet Male at RHEPPARD KNAPP'fl, ISii and lH'i Sixth avenue. Tremendous bargains. Seven spacious italesrooms tuily stocked with French Moquettcs nt $2 7ft, worth $4. English Velvets, $2 25, worth $1 Five frame body Brussels $i 65, worth $2 25. hligllsh printeif tapestry Brussels, >1 a yard? below the cost of Importation. Ingrains and three plys nt equally low prlccs. Oilcloths iroui one to eightyards wide. Upholstery Goods, slightly damaged by smoke anil water. Piano and fable Covers, $7 50, worth $16. Damask. Kcps at $1 26, worth $3. I ,nce and Nottingham Curtains. Window Shades, Hollands, Ac. Cords. Tassels, fringes and (limps of every kind. All are invited to call and sec latest styles and prices before purchasing elsewhere. RHEPPARD KNAPP, 188 and lttt Sixth avenue. AT MMK.J. D. LIVERRE'S, 441 SIXTH ATillVB, ML between Twenty-sixth and Twenty -saventh streets. Stamping and Embroidery Establishment? Children's pique Dresses, stamped ana already made; French Lin gerie and Ladies' Undergarments; handsome Initials and Monograms embroidered to order; Laces cleaned and made equal to new. ? At v. viootmoux's, 122 fourth avenue, stamp ing, Linironc Embroidery Establishment, ladies aad babies trousseaux ; specialty of initials, monograms for handkerchiefs, table and bed cloths; the largest stock Ot French embroidered goods; Marseilles dress and baby Clothes, Ac. ; wholesale department, 69 East Twelitn streets Infant capellnr per steamer. CIOMPAOKIE DES INDUS, J Paris. MM. VERDE DEUSLB FRKRRft, of the Compagnle des Indes, respectthlly address themselves to ladies of America contemplating a voyage to Biirope, inviting their attention to their prodnctloui of Laces and Cashmere Shawls, exhibited at their warehouses, BO Bun Richelieu, Farm, and No. 1 lit:? <Ie la Regence, Bruxellea. Those who call, either from interest and curiosity or for the purpose ot buying, will meet Willi 8.7"al courtesy. A* this house pays no commissions under any otT^-Unistanoes ints, thf to agents, the direct purchaser obtains all the ad ravages. All goods marked in plain figures, Prices invariant, English spokeu all over the house. Fabrlques de Dentcllss, I Fabriqnes de Cashmere del a i'e'i'i'i"i'ii. > Ac'ui d? ^Lenorei. | Casbnu r. . I 'mrlUUT __ 1 )"!ngl "lio'ir \rawUln iuTmany\^'aMlt'hrough the city f'Ss am I ? ffls. ind ahSJar eh g.nt and tasteful stock of ready made OresMA atlow grfces^ pAUI LOWE Dresden. Saesunasa. EauiUaus. DRV GOODS. At meares\ Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, WK WILL ON MONDAY open the largest and most select stuck of Dress (loo<ls of every quality and style ever exhibited on sixth aveuue, at remarkably low prices. We have all the new shade* In Cashmeres, Herges, Poplins, Alpacas and Mohairs, .. tithe following low rates:? ? ? willed Serges, 111 a I the new shades, flc. t inest twilled Merges and Ca?Uuitsre*. choicest colors, 60o. to 8()c. silk and Wool Pongees, 66c., 73c. and 80c., 90c. Very fine shades Mohair Foulards. 50e., and Stic. 60c. I'repe deChene and Camel's Hitir Cloth, 55c. and 63c. Brocaded .Mlk Serges tor polonaises, 85c. ; very lino. Striped Lisle Thread and Pineapple Lustres, 2tfc., 25c., 30c. Japanese Poplins and Mohairs, in great variety, '25c., 30c., 38c., 44c. and 5Jc. Bert brand* fclack Alpacas, 28c., 30c . 38c., 40c. and JOo.. with a full line ol Mourning Goods at low prtaps. Striped Silk Grenadines, buck ground, 28c. KS9 Grenadines, l ost goods, 44c., 50c., 56c. and 60c. ' Calicoes, choicest patterns and last colors, _ WB ARE ALSO OFFERING a full lino ot Black Silks in all grades ? . , , u of the most popular makers. Fine black Taffeta silks, $1, *1 la, $1 & and $1 38, \ery superior Taffeta and (Jros Urain Silks, $1 so. $1 75, $2, '-!> and $2 fio, 25 per cent under Broudwuy prices. ? . Taffeta and Turquoise Silks in new shades. Real Thread, Llama and Lace shawls, Sacuues and I'arasol Covers. Spring Shawls, ottoman stripes, $2 78, $3 28, S3 50 to $3. Cashmere Sacqucs, Talmas and Dolmans, from medium to tine, embroidered and lace trimmed. Cashmere Talmas ami Dolmans, $12, (14, 916, $18 and $20. Suit Department, with show and dressing room attached, in separate part ol the store. Having recently fitted up and opened this suit room, wo are prepared to otler snocial Inducements to pur chasers as it is our de.-ire to iniiko it the most popular department ot' the establishment. WK ARE NOW OPENING Ladles'. Misses' and Children's Suits, in every stylo. Ladies' imported Berlin Suits, elaiiorately trimmed, all colors, $2D, $22, $25, $30, $37, $15 ami $50. l.adles' Lav n, Linen and Batiste Suits, all styles. Lawn and Linen Suits, $4. $7, $8, 3'J, $iu and $12. . Ladles' Linen and Batiste suits, stylishly trimmed, beau tiful designs, plain and embroidered, $1 1 to $20. Children's braided Linen and Pique Suits, $1 75 to $2 .'.'J. Children's Normandy Caps, real and Italtan lace. ' Merino Cloaks, richly trimmed with silk and satin. Infanta' Baskets, embroidered Blankets, Bootees and Un derclothing an. I Corsets. We would ask our customers to carefully inspect otir stock in this department lietore purchasing. Wo have added largely to our former assortment and can now oiler lines of the finest woods manufactured, many styles of which we have exclusive control. Night Gowns in all ij uulitics ot lmislln and cambric. Chemises and Drawers, trimmed all styles, lace em broidery and putlln.', In muslin, linen aud cambric. Toilet Sacqnes In muslin, linen uud cambric, trimmed with luce embroidery and putting. Under Skirts, Walking skirts, Trail Skirts and Pillow Shams. Our assortment of French wove and hand made Corsets Is unequalled, having every style in lavor. Wo sell an embroidered French wove Corset, of which we have sole control, at $1 25, acknowledged to be the cheapest Corset in the market, worth $2 25. A large lot ot French wove Corsets, 50c. MILLINERY HOODS. Now opening a very large and elegant assortment of trimmed Hound Hats and Bonnets. Upyorteii iy,t our own manut?c^??-- ... wers and Millinery of every description. Straw, t hip and Leghorn Huts and Frames; all the now shnpt's. Elegantly trimmed Huts, of superior style and finish, $10 to $15. same us sold oil Broadway, $18 to $30. Parasols a nit Sun Umbrellas. Nov opening all Hie New Styles. Tourist, Promenade, Club, iu different qualities. Sun uud ltatn Umbrellas, large assortment. NOW OPENING In out l ace Department, Real Yak l.aces, black and colored, till widths. Real Point, Thread, Guipure and Valenciennes. Also lines of colored Lao s, to trim Spring Suits, French, Italian and Blondes, all widths. Hamburg Embroideries at very low prices. Lace Ties, Collars, Sleeves, Bows, Fichus, Handkerchiefs, Rullllnes, Platings, ill now styles. OPENING O.N MOM) ' Y, Housekeeping Goods and Domestic Goods of every style, Napkins, Towels, Lduens, Piano Covers and Tablecloths, Nottingham and real I ace Curtains and Tidies, Tarlatans, Organdies. Swiss Jaconet and .Nainsook Muslins, nt lowest prices. NOW OPENING, Latest styles of Dress Trimmings and Fringes, Passementerie Gimps, Loop*. Buttons and Braids, Sash Ribbons, Roman Ties, Windsor Ties and Bows, Gros grain Bonnet llibbons, in all the new colors. NOW OPENING, Balbriggan. English and German Hosiery, In extra lengths, for ladles and children. Merino Undcrgarincuts, adapted to the present season. One, two and throe button Kill Gloves, m spring shades. 100 dozen extra long English Stockings, 88c., worth 63c. Ladies about lo make Spring purchases are respectfully invited to call and examine our immense assortment. We will afford every opportunity lor a careful inspection ot our goods without being importuned to buy. A II goods marked In plain figures aud strictly one price tliroughout the entire establisl incut. RICHARD MEARES, corner Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. A T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. Llama Lace Shawls and baches a specialty. We will open on M or. Jay, April 21, the finest assortment ot Llama Law? Shawls and Sacques ever efffered for sale iu this city. Ladles are invited to examine before purchasing else where, as v.'e have marked them at extraordinary low price'. A T JAMES M'CREERY A CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. Our plain colored silk department is now complete In Dress Goods trom $2 25 upwuril. The largest and most choice assortment of Goods ever exhibited by tile trade. Prices very moderate. Trimming Silks iu all the shades o?" brown, grav, purple, Ac., to match tho new colors in dress goods, $1 50. Fancy Silks. Fancy Silks. Stripes in tho new colors, $1 37>i and $1 80. Blackaiid while and grisaille ."-tripes, $1 25, recently sold tor $1 75. Black ground, colored Stripes. 87*?c. Gray and black Stripes, f7,'jc. A T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadwav and Eleventh street, Black Silks. A good reliable black Silk $2 00 The "Sublime" Satin >inisli 2 25 Bonnet's Cashmere 2 00 Bcllon, Gourd and all other approved inakos at prices that cannot be excelled elsewhere lor cheapness. A T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street, will offer on Monday. April 21, a large lot of Jouvin's one-button black Kid Gloves, slighti.v spotted, at $1 per pair, regular price $1 75; also a lot o! one, two und three button colored Kid Gloves at re duced prices. A tew more of those cheap English Silk Umbrellas left at $5. A T JAMES M'CREERY ft CO.'S, Broadway and Eleventh street. will make ou Moii lay, April 21, largo additions to their various popular Dress Goods Departments, Now grods of every description lor spring and Summer wear ut extraordinary low prices. Real INDIA camel's hair shawls. JAMES McC REEKY .V CO., Bradw#v and Eleventh street. on Monday April 21, We will clear out our stock of real India, Stella uud Calcutta shawls, at a great sacrifice, having marked them down to nearly one half tlielr orig inal price. Now is the time lor ladles to get decided bar gains in these goods. Open ceutre real India Shawls, $35, worth $65. Open centre real India Shawls, $15, worth $75, Open centre real India Shawls, $75, worth $120. Up to the the finest Imported, at a proportionate reduction. AT JAMES McCREERY A CO., Broadway and Eleventh street, will offer on Motidav, April 21. in their Ladies' and Children's Furnishing Department, a large lot of Imported Cashmere Dolmans and Sacques, irom $10 to $2 1, much under the cost of importation. Also 100 Suits, irom $25 to $35. worth $40 and $80. Children's Braided Pique Dresses, from $2 up. Children's Braided Linen Dresses, Irom $1 50 up. Ladle*' Underclothing and Infants' Outfits, ready made, in stock, and luiimiriid for Immediate use. Walking Suits and Dres-es, made in tho latest. stylos and at short notice, the styles and fittings unsurpassed. Ladies are invited to enlljuid examine our Miliinerv Department, constantly supplied with the latest styles of llais tor Ladies aud Children, at popular prices. A GRAND DISPLAY. EXTRAORDINARY B A RG A INS IN BLACK SILKS. 1873 SPRING IMPORTATION. 1373, CHARLES IIKARD Jk CO.. 301 GRAND STREET. will offer Monday. April 21, 1.6 additional pieces stipe rlor quality Black SILK*; new goods, ol recent impor tation, and much below regular prices. Rich Black tiros de Rhine ..90c., $1, $1 10, $1 20 Extra rich (Jros ile Rhine $1 JO, $1 40, $1 50, $1 60 Rleh Black Drapde Lyon $1, $1 10. $1 20, $1 40 Rich Black Drop de France $1 10, $1 20, $1 So, $1 50 Rich Black Gros Grain ... $L $} 10, $1 2 ?, $1 30 still richer Gros Grain $1 40, $1 JO, $1 tin, $i 75 Extra super Gros Grain $2, $2 25, $2 40, $2^0 Satin finish Gros Grain $2 25, $2 50, $2 75. v3 Also a large addition to their line ot Spring ami Summer Check and Striped SILKS troir. 65c. up. Friends, cus tomers and strangers are invited to call and examine. CHARLES HEARD A CO., aol Grand street. A. -GREAT CLEARING OUT SALE on account of removal. $411,110) worth of Ribbons, Laces, Kid Gloves, Parasols, to be sold, regardless of cost, during the next tlilrlv aaj's, nt the Great Bargain Store of MARKS ft GOLDENHORN, 277 Grand sirret, ^between Eldrldge and Forsyth streets. VTEW YORK 11 ? DYEING AND I'RfNT/NO ESTABLISHMENT, STATEN ISLAND. ESTABLISHED IN 1919. !H Duano street, near Broadway, j 752 Broadway, near KHfhtli street, > New York, 610 sixth avenue, near Thirty-sixth St., ? 166a;i(1 168 fierrepont atMet, nenr Fulton. Brooklyn. Dye, Cleanse and Ketlnlsh ladies' nnd grnilemvu's Oar ?ueuu and Piece Go?<t* in a lawerlor manner. Ar STERN BROTHERS, Sixth avenue, and Twenty-third street. 387 Sixth avenue, 110 West Twenty-third struct Will offer * Monday and during the week, an entirely new assortment of Ladles' and Children's PARASOL AND SUN UMBRELLAS, comprising a large assortment of Novelties in Club stick and Tourist not heretofore offered, at exceedingly low priccs. * Also a large variety of OXIDIZED CHATELAINE parasol holders, PINS, ORNAMENTS, 40., AOL Ladles will be amply repaid by pricing our Parasols beloru purcliu 'ng. We will display Monday an immense and entirely new stock of Ladles' and Misses' STRAW HATS AND. BONNETS, iu all the new au<l desirable shape*, ut a reduction of 16 per cent oi lust week's prices. A large assortment of FRENCH FLOWERS AND FEATHERS, single and sprays to order. Uros drain and watered Bonnet Ribbons. Most complete line of shades in the city, in all widths, at reduced prices. SASH RIBBONS in GROS URAIN Watered, real Roman and Taffeta. 7-inch pure silk, black, watered. Gros Grain Sash Ribbons, elegant ouulity, $1 a yard, lleavy Silk Windsor lies, iu ull colors, 4tJc, A very attractive lino of all flic now and scarco shades of TAFFETA AND OR 08 URAIN TRIMMING SILKS, Black Dress an I Trimming Silks, cut uii in any quantity, 10 suit. COURI AULl/ri BLACK. CUKPKS. All grades constantly on hand, very low. our hues of LADIES' DOLMANS, MANTLES. CAPES AND JACKET* of Black Cashmere and Drap D'Ete, all trimmed in the most attractive manner we arc selling at extremely low prices. Drab and brown CLOTII MANTLES AND DOLMANS in great variety. We direct especial attention to our attractive stock ot IMPORTED LIN ION SUITS, l-legan ly trimmed mid hruldid. Imported Linen Polonaises, a choice assortment GRASS LINEN AND LAWN SUITS, from $4 .ni, upwards. WHITE LAWN SUII'S, iu plain and elegantly trimmed ?with Hamburg embroideries; a very lurgc stock. Ladies' White Lawn Wrappers. Swiss and organdie Suits. Swiss oversklrls and Polonaises constantly on hand and liiude to measure. ? CHILDREN'S PIQUIi DRESSES, SUITS AND MANTLES IN ENDLESS VARIETY. In Ladies' Tiftd Children's Undergarments, we are constantly ort'erlng real and desirable bargains. Ladies can rely upon fluding the most complete assortment from the lowest to ilncst imported Underwear * lor LADIES, MISSES AND INFANTS* In all styles and qualities. Our own facilities for manufacturing enables us lo constantly oiler new styles and grades, at really low prices, iu EMBROIDERIES AND LACE GOODS. We are continually receiving and making up the choicest and most attractive novelties iu Capes, Fichus, ? Collarettes, Sleeves, Bows. Jabots, 4c., Ac., all of our own designs and manufacture. The largest assortment of Neck and sleeve RulHlngs in the city. STERN BROTHERS, sixth avenue and Twenty-third street. O'NEILL A CO. are now offering the finest assortment of MILLINERY GOODS to be found in the city at retail, and the cheapest RIBBONS, Gros-Graln Sash Ribbons, Watered Sash Ribbons, Block and Fancy Plaid Sash Ribbons. 100 cartons 7:inch Oros-Gruln Sash Ribbons, $1 yard, all silk. 100 cartons 7-lnch Sash Ribbons, 95c., In all colors. 80 cartons 7-inch Black Gros Grain, $1 yard, ^ warrantee all silk, 20 cartons 8-inch Watered Sasli Ribbons, $1 36, all silk. 50 cartons 7-inch Block l'laid, ilic. yard. Roman Sashes. Roman Sash Ribbons. BONNET RIBBONS. All the new Spring shades, in 5, 9, 12 and IB. FRENCH AND ENGLISH CHIP HATS. BELGIAN SPlTt STRAWS, 60 cases Hair Hats and Bonnet*, $1. 200 cases of Milan Round Hats, from 65c. to $2 59. 100 cases of Milan Bonnets, from (I to $3 50. 25 cases of English and French Chips, at $2, worth $3 50. 100 eases ot American Chip Hats, {1 25. We have now on sale trie most complete assortment ot Straw Goods ever offered at retail in the city, and mncb below lubbers' prices, as we uiuniitaeturc'aud buy our goods Easi. Rich l.accs, BLACK TURK AD, GUIPURE, VALENCIENNES. SPANISH LACES, VEILS, . ^ DOLLED NETS. MI LANS, ILLUSIONS. Fringe Veils, in grenadine and crape. Lace Veils, in all the new shupos. MADE-UP "LaCE GOODS. , Children's Lace Caps. Normandy Lace Caps, from $1 to $25. FRENCH FLOWERS. .Ttisi received, 10 cn?es of the latest Parisian novelties in MONTIERS, ROSE VINS, GARLANDS, ROSKS, IN KNDLESfl VARIETY, which we are prepared to sell cheaper than any othei house lor the same cIimh ot goods. # LADIES' TIES In en I N'ss variety. 1.000 dozen 4W-tneh Windsor 'lies, '4Uc. Crepe de t'hlue Ties. Fancy Ties. Ladles, go to O'NEILL'S for MII.UNKRY GOODS. All good* marked in win In figures. N. B.? Reduction to tli? trade. II. O'NEILL A CO., 327 and 329 Sixth avenue mid Twentieth street. Black silks. Black Silks. Black Silks Extraordinary bargains just received , front auction, fully 25 per cent less than the regular prices. Bellow's Gros Grains, $1 2! j worth $1 75. uiiitiet's Drap Defiance, $1 60; worm $2. fii.uble Uhaln Gro* Grain, full boiled goods, at$lS5j Worth 92 50 n yard. Ponsou A Bonuett's tine Silks, |2, $2 25, |2 60. W. K. l'KYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. J^ADIES' SUITS, ?very Novslty Imported, in style ami color. Our stock embrace* all the Faslilonabln Materials in the marscf. Ladies will find our prices extremely moderate, at least SO peg cent lew than Hroadway and' otlier streets, and our work equal lo nnv In the city, W. K. PEYTON, Z72 and 274 Bowery, just below Houston street.

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