Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 3
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DRY OOOD>. Grand opening at a. t. taylor's Pattern Rooms, 81# Broadway, Tl'EHDAV, April 22. The last Importations are the most authoritative <Lc llgni Irom the llrit Paris houses for the full Bummer ?ca ton. Elegantly trimmed Spring and Hummer Costumes, ?nd choice design* ol trimming tor thin materials. 8. T. rAYl.OR'8 system of Garment Cutting taught at his only iatatilishnient, 816 Hroadwuy. ARRIS BROS. KID GLOVE8 A SPECIALTY Just opened, a lot of the movent and latest shades in one, two and three button, Harris' seamless Kid Q loves, for ladles. gentlemen, misses and children. Superior In quality to those of any other make. _ *77 Broadway, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets. H BAIR I I ! L. SHAW, 352Bowcrv, ireen Fourth and Great Jones streets, over dry goods store. The largest stock ol Human Hair Goods in the city. Import and manufacture their own goods, and retail them at wholesale prices. Price List. Short Hair Switches, $2 and upward ; finest quality Hair Switches, solid, not dved, 18 Inches long, 4 ounces weight $3 Do., 22 inches long, 4 ounces weight 6 Do., 2ft inches long, 4 ounces weight 8 Do., 32 inches long, 4 ounces weight 10 Long single Curls, naturally curly? 22-inch, $2; 24-inch, $2 Ms 26-inch, $4. Frlsettes, ?5.\ per vurd. Thread Switches, 30e. each. Shaw's patent Hair Switches, enn be combed and irushed, $1 each. Patent Issued October 2"J, 1869; re issued June 24, 187U. Can be seeti at 352 Bowery. Notice.? Any unprincipled person infringing on this patent, or counterfeiting these goods, will be dealt with According to law. . Brunch Store, 3(i3 Sixth avenue, between Twcaty-iecond and Twenty-third streets. Ladies' own ilair inade over in latest styles. Combings made up atftOc. per ounce. Goods sent C. O. D. by express, charges prepaid, on re ceipt of color, and money in registered letters or Post 9 dice order. N. B.? Through the immense increase of bnslness. we trill remove to the more commodious building 364 Bowery, corner Fourth street, alter 1st of May, 1M73. JAMES A. CONNOR A CO., 1,151 Broadway, (Between Twenty-sixth and Twenty -seventh streets), irill open to-morrow (Monday), 21st, a fresh importation of Yak Laces, new designs and all widths. Guipure and Llama Casaques, from (10 upwards, Lacos, Embroideries, Handkerchiefs, Coiffures, re iently imported. New and elegant designs, - at excep tionally low prices. J. A. CONNOR A CO., 1,131 Broadway, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets. JAMES A. CONNOR A CO. INDIA SHAWLS, SCARFS, Ac., Ac., In all the newest afcd most choice designs, suited for the present season, in large and small ceutres, at excep tionally low prices. A direct Importation. JAMES A. CONNOR A CO., 1,161 BROADWAY, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh streets Natalie tilman a co., 12 East Sixteenth street, between Union square and Fifth avenue, have a large assortment of imported Bonnets, Round Hats, Flowers, Feathers, Bridal wreaths mid Veils. N. B.? Dresses and Suits made to ordor. TIIE PARISIAN' FLOWER COMPANY. An Opeiiisa on Monday, April 21. New additions 01 the very latest styles In ., French Artificial Flowers. Leaves. Planets, Fruits, Wreaths and ? Trimmings. Also nn extensive assortment of Bridal Wreaths, Veils. Illusions and line White Flowers. Floral Garniture for Wedding and EvnyJng Costumes to ordix Artificial Flowers for l.Mxets and Vases filled to orde^ a specialty. THE PARISIAN FLOWER COMPANY, 28 East Fourteenth street, four doors west of University Place, New York. No. 9 Rue de Clery, Paris. Q.-jQ UNION BAZAAR, 343 OtO 343 Sixth avenue. 343 We will open on Mondav a new lot of Straw Goods and English Chip Hats, French Flowers und Feathers, in all the latest designs and shades. Our popular Ml bone YEmbroidered Corsets, fcrhlch we are selling at $1 80, worth $2." Our Guipure Laces, Passementerie Trimmings nnd Hamburg Edging and Insertions are offered at panic friccs. As we mako a specialty for the season, we guarantee them fully 10 per rent lower than any other house. We solicit an Inspection, which will satisfy the closest buyers. T. MAGNUS. "milusery and dressmaking. A? MAISON WALTON, 8?2 BROADWAY, ABOVE ? Union Square, Importer of Paris Bonnets and Kng tlsh Round Hats trom all the leading houses; also a rhoice selection of Flowers, Bridal Wreaths, Veils, Ac. ATl KINDS OF GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING RE pairedhya young lady, late of London, cheaper and with more care than tailors take, at 213>? East rtixth street, first floor, door to the right. A -LADIES' DRESS CAPS. CHILDREN'S NOR" ? mamlv Caps and Humaa Hair Goods at Mrs MEY* ERS', No. 3 Union square, west side. AT MME. COLLINS', 28 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, dressmaking establishment ladies can rely on get ting perfect fitting Dresses made, trimmed in the latest Parisian styles. Ladles Invited to call. AT MRS. R. A HASTINGS', 1? EAST FIFTEENTH street? Bonnets and Hats from the leading houses in Paris; English Straw, hlnck and white French Chips and Leghorns; a choice selection of French Flowers. AT MME, DUVAL'S, 878 BROADWAY AND 21 EAST Twentieth street.? Dressmaking and pattern roems. Imported patterns of cliaiming new designs tor Summer now open ; patterns cut to fit warranted pertect Drc?ses and Suits made in the most approved 1'arU style at short notice and moderate charges. u. Who w ish to'learn to cut and fit by the latest and best system for $9, should call Imme liately at the main dressmaking rooms of the Parisian Formula. Closing out this department. Removed from sixth avenue to 40 East Fourteenth street, Union square. Agents wanted. H M. OLNEYi C ? Importer of French Mllllneiy, nas a large and elegant assortment of Spring and Sum mer Bonnets and llats of her own selection from Vlrot, Re boux, Perrier, I'nhn and other leading Parisian houses. Elegant stvies Mourning Bonnets, English and French, traw and chip Hats, rich French Flowers, Ac. 30 East Fourteenth street, near Union square. COMPAGNIE LYONAISE, FROM PARIS, MALE artists in dressmaking, now open at 181 East Tliir ilcth street, between Lexington ami Third avenues. N. B.? For designs and workmanship we Invite compari son. Dressmaking.? everything in Tins line done in the best manner at moderate prices; em broidering by machine. Mrs. A. WHITTY, (192 Third avenue, second floor. RE88MAKING. -ELEGANT SUITS MADE VERY reasonably; ladies wishing to get their suits well made, nnd reasonably, call at 323 Sixth avenue, oue door above Twentieth street. Call for Minn BRITl'ON, third floor; ring second bell. Dress cuttino taught by c^rnwell's self flttlng Waist and Shoulder Chart, the only one by which you can cut correctly without trying on. Terms moderate. Satisfaction guaranteed. Office hours from I A. M. to 9 P. M. A. J. GRIP PEN A CO., 769 Broadway^ MME. A. MICHEL (FORMERLY WITH MARIE Galonoean), 423 Sixth avenue, New York, has re turned from Paris, per steamship Siberia, with a most ex quisite assortment of Bonnets and Round Hats, carefully lelected by herself in all the leading houses of Paris, also Brown's English Round Hat*. jy|ME. UALOUPBAU, 68 EAST TENTH STREET? Win open her Importation of Paris Millinery tor the Bummer season on Wednesday. 23d Inst. EJ"ME. BERtHON? MODEST BONNETS ANI) HATS. 1YI 91 Rue Neuve des Petits-Champs, first floor, near the Rue de la Palx, Paris. _ Mrs! BACKER, AN EXPERIENCED DRESS maker, will make up Suits at the most reasonable terms, at her rooms, 26K Broome street, first lloor. _ LLES. A. VIOL, 65 EAST TWELFTH STREET, near Broadway, are now ready for novelties in ssmaklng;|beautlnil styles on hand; also Bonnets and Hats made and to order at lowest price. M'l meTadolPhus a co., latITsup KRINTE NDENT of Lord A Taylor's dressmaking department, have commenced business at 40 East Twentieth street, near Broadway, where they will be pleased to see their patrons. Ladies' own materials made. Very reasonable charges. ~LLF. J. M'KINLEY, CM FOURTH AVENUE, NEAR Nineteenth street, will open on Monday a case of Imported Bonnets; the latest styles. Specialty in Eng lish Round Hats. Madame myers, m> fourth avenue, the New York Mourning Store? Has a larire Stock of Millinery Suits, Ac. Mourning orders executed at a few hours' notice. wanted to purchase Any lady having for sale a good whef.ler A Wilson Hewing Machine can hear of a cash pur chaser by addressing Mr. SMITH, 143 Bast Twenty-eighth street. W ANTE D-A GOOD HOUSE REFRIGERATOR. SEND fall description and price to U CASH, box HO Her ald offlee. Wanted? a copper circular dye kettle, so Inches deep, 42 to 4ft Inches in diameter, in food order. Address, with price, CASH, orange, N. .1. WANTED? A STREET GLASS CASE. SUITABLE for hkt store.. Address a. J. SIM r.N DING BR, Fash - innabln Hatter, 1,284 Broadway, between Thlrty-tbird and Thirty fourth streets. \*/" ANTKD-TH REE I RON~TANKS, BKCONfTlfA N D' T? 300 l.twn barrels eai>ar|t)r. Coil on or address DEN8LOW A Bl'tslI, 130 Maiden lane, , HPKC1AL NOTICES. A -mm CASH NOW IN BANK, GUARANTEED ? to pay in lull th? Ton Thousand Cash Gifts to be distributed by lot tmont ticket holders to the Third Grand uit't Concert (postponed from April 81 in aid of the Pat> lie Library of Kentucky, at Library llail, Louisville, Ky on Tuesday, July 8, 1 ^73, as per following certificate ol treasurer:? _ Urrio or FAaxKBS and Dkovhh' Bank. > Louisville,, Kv., April 7, 1873. 1 This is to certify that there is In the Farmers aud Dro vers' Bank, to the credit ot the Third Grand 41 if c Concert for the bene lit of the Public Library of Kentucky, Five Hundred Thousand l'ollars, wlilcb lius been set apart by the Manager* to pay t lie Klftn lu full, aud will be held by the hank aud paid out lor this purpose, aud this purpose < .-Mimed) R. S. VEEOH, Cashier. Full reports from the agencies .-how the greater portion of the lOJ.UUO ticket* ill the bcheme to be already sold, and no lurther discounts can be allowed. Those remain ing on naud will he sold to first applicants. Tickets C lu ; halves, $5; quarters, $- M. This being the onlv scheme in the world in which the full amount advertised is actually distributed, aud the certainly that every ticket will be sold weeks before the . day set, should be a sutlieient Incentive lor those wishing to participate to secure tickets immediately. The Con. cert and distribution are under authority ol special legis lative act, and Governor Hraiulette, of Kentucky, on be half ol the management, with advice and consent of the Library Trustees, guarantees a full drawing ol the whole amount Dositlvely and unequivocally on July 8. All New York ami Eastern sales are made a ?p?>cial deposit with the Fourth National Hank of New Vork lor credit ot the Treasurer at Louisville. Bend money by Post office order, draft, registered letter or express, prepaid. For tickets, full programme, information and all par ticulars apply to the General Agency Supply. Til OH. U. lIAYri A CO., tiuy Broadway, New York. A? SPECIAL NOTICE. . Having been abroad from the city, In consequence of the dishonesty of my clerk, 1 would Inform the public that most ol the loan collaterals huve been recovered, and that in unv case I hold myseli responsible and will settle all loans'to the perfect satisfaction of my custom ers. JAMES P. MATTHEWS, Loan Office, 6:?7 Broadway, corner Fourth street. A. -HERALD BRANCH OFFICE. BROOKLYN, ? corner of Fulton avenue and Boerum street Open from ti A. M. to 9 P. M. On Sunday from 3 to 9 P. M. ALL OFFICERS, SAILORS AND SOLDIERS WOUND ed, ruptured oi Injured, however slightly, are enti tled to pension. Address or apply to Dr. E. B. JACKSON, late surgeon United Mates Navy, No. 4 New Chambers st. ADARIES (PRICES REDUCED), SOLE AOF.NT OF . Royal Havana Lottery, 585 Broadway: box 4.909 Post office, New Vork. Dealers supplied. Circulars mailed free. Any act or services requiring despatch, secrecy or gallantry will be promptly performed for liberal paymasters by addressing VICTOR LEGADARE, box 170 Post office, Hudson Cltv, N. J. A PARTY OWNING AN ARTICLE OF GREAT CON .sumption, will negotiate with a responsible party advertising largely udoii the basis of a royalty. Address ROYALTY^ box 153 Herald office. A? HAVANA LOTTERY DRAWINGS ON FUJI? ? April 22 the extraordinary Havana. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 19# Broadway, room 4. A? HAVANA LOTTERY.? PRIZES CASHED AND ? information furnished. Circulars free. JOSEPH NATES A CO., 71 Broadway, room 81, first floor. A? FURNITURE FAMILIES MOVED, CITY OR ? country : furniture, pianofortes packed and shipped ; storage for furniture, Ac. G. A F. Bl'RNHAM, us West Eleventh street, near Filth avenue. BURGLARS' PROOF STORE I.OCK-TIIE BEST IN the world. Couie and sec it in factory, 196 Greene sUeet, New York. F. QYSS. CITIZENS, AWAKE!? ALL OPPOSED TO THE DE ) structlon of Reservoir square by the erection of an armory arc urged to attend a meeting on Monday, 21st Inst., at 8 P. M., at Harvard Rooms, coi ner of Sixth ave nue and Forty second street. Danger ahead. HAVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY DRAWING 22d April. German State Lotteries. Circulars mailed free. Kl III. MANN A CO., Bunkers, S5 Nassau street; box 3,683 Post office. HS. DANZIGER'S NEW PATENT FLY AND MOS . qulto Destroyer and Shot. Indian Insect Powder aud Invincible Magnetic Paste lor the destruction of all kinds of vermin. 72 \\ liite street, coriKTr Broadway. Kentucky state lotteries? tymMois drawn daily; 12)4 per cent allowed ''.v NATHAN, No. 4 Gilscy Building, Cortlandt street; branch office, C12 Broadway. MEARES' EARES' PARAGON SHIRTS, made to order and warranted to fit. Sent by express, c. O. D., to any part or the country, at the follow ihg prices :? 6 Shirts, Masouvillc muslin and fine linen $12 00 6 Shirts, Wumsiitta mu-tiii and very flue linen 13 60 C Hurts New York Mills and best linen IS (JO Boys' Shirts ready made and to order. Fancy Shirtings in great variety. Directions for measurement sent on application. RICHARD NIK ARES, Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, /Sixth avenue and Nlneteeth street, New York. Mason and carpenter contractors who are willing to estimate for the building of a new club house for the "Aschenbroedel Verein" will please send their addresses to the club house, 74 East Fourth street, before April 23 lust. 1'IIE BOARD OF MANAGERS. OFFICIAL DRAWINGS KENTUCKY STATE LOTTERIES. KXKTCCKY- EXTRA CLASS Ml. 285? APRIL 19, 1873. 34, 6, 30, 55, 72, 33, 57, 27, is, 41, 63, 25. KENTUCKY? CLASS KO. 2S6? APRIL 19, IMS. 34, 22, 51, 4.8, 4, 71, 43, 39. 18, 65, 40, 70, 47, fi#. SIMMONS A CO., Managers, Covington, Ky. IUII.BT COLLEGE? EXTRA CLAtSNO. 1^5 ? APRIL 19, 1K73. 30, 50, (30, 31, 69, 40, 49, 67, 55, 8, 25, 70. miLBT COLLEGE? CLASS NO. lMi? APR! I !I9 , 1873. 3, 52, 72, 17, 31, 28, 35, 61 39, 7, R5, 32, 2, 33. t-MITH A CO., Managers Covington, Ky. J. CLLTE, Broker, lift Broadway, post offlcc box 4.969. o. -ROYAL HAVANA? EXTRAORDINARY DRAW Ing, April 22. A few choice lots left. J. CLUTE, Broker, 2t)fi Broadway. Regulator for sale? made' by p. rf.ynaud A Co., Geneva, for our own use; suitable cither for a store or for a private house ; for sale much below cost. OSBORNE ?V TOWNSEND. 527 Broadway. PEAT MACHINERY ON EXHIBITION AT I.l'XTON'S office, corner Palisade avenue and Congress (late Warren) street, Jersey City Heights, New Jersey. OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.? EXTRAORDINARY drawing April 22. R.ORTEGA, No. 9 Wall street. Post office box 1,846. R Royal Havana lottery.? the extraordi nary drawing will take place the 22d Inst Dealers supplied. Prices reduced considerably. S.SEKPA, 73 Wallstrect. Royal Havana lottery.? the next extraor dtiiarv Drawing will tase place on the 22d of April, 1873. J. B. MARTINEZ A CO., Bankers, 10 Wall street P. O. box 4,685. N. Y. STAMMERING.? NEW YORK STAMMERING IN8TI tute, c/tablished 1870, Prafci sore MANN A COLVIN, Managers, 107 West Twenty-third street; seven davs' in struction allowed applicants to satisfy themselves; no pay for board or services uatll cured ; send for prospectus. STORAGE.? -STORAGE FOR FURNITURE AND OTHER Good* in tlio fine Storage Wnrerooms, 2ai :inil 2*7 Hudson street, between Canal and Spring. Special atten tion given to the storage of Piano*. TO RAILROAD COMPANIES AND CONTRACTORS.? The Titan Iron Works manufacture Equipments, as Frogs, Switches. Crossings, Turn Tallies, Bridge Iron Work, Construction Cars and general Iron Work. For information and prices address STEELE A CONDICT, Jersey City. ___ WILLIAM H. HANKINSON'fl STEAM CARPET Cleaning Works, Ifi East Twenty-seventh street, be tween Fifth and Madison avenues, Sew York.? No con nection whatever with any other house. " The original llunkin-on, and the only one of that name, established in this business in 1861. "11 r HITMAN'S CONFECTIONERY, SO EAST TWELFTH TT street, third door West from Broadway. Confections of our own make, twenty per cent less than on Broadway and of superior quality. We challenge competition on our Forty Cents a Pound French .Mixed Candles. A full and fresh assortment of Stephen F. Whitman A Sons' (Philadelphia confectioners) Candies always ou sale. Soda Water, with pnre Syrnps of our own manufac ture. Give us a rail. &'JD ROYAL SAXON GOVERNMENT LOTTERY, AT O Leiusic, Germany. No. -*0,7a?, sold through this office, drew, according to cable despatch received, on the llrst day of drawing, fifth class, April IS, 6.000 Prussian Thaler*. The drawing will continue to May 8. Royal Havana Lottery, Extra Drawing, April 22. First Prize *100,000 Second Prize 100,000 Third Prize 80.000 Two P rises, each of 2ft,uoO Four Prizes, each of Jn.OOO Twelve Prizes, each of 6,000 and other*. Total. 16.000 Ticket* and 2,087 Prize*. City of Hamburg and Brunswick Government Lotteries. Prize* cashed ami information given. THKODOR Z8CHOCH, Poit office bo* 6,080. 116 Nanaau street, New York. dfe -'qO ?QQ IB DRAWN DAILY IN THB LEOAL Ized Kentucky Lottery. Royal Havana and Kantaeay circulars free ; 12^ cents commission at lowed. Address HALEY A CO. (office established 30 years), 174 Broadway. ~ (XOTH I N?. K * "ttendcAo by fir*. or AT EDWARD MILLER'S WELL-KNOWN E8TAB llshment, 160 Seventh avenue, near Nineteenth street.? Utmost value paid for Cast-off Clothing, Carpetd, Ac., by calling oa or addressing Mr. or Mrs. MIXLER. ALIGHT, DELICATE, COLORED, SPRING OVB It coat for sale? By a gentleman going in mourning i size 58; nearly new, fashionably made jprlce $20. Addrdh MOSHMAN, Herald office. AT B. MINT7/8, 6* SIXTH AVENUE.? WANTED, $75,000 worth of Cast-off Clothing, Carpet*. Jewelry, for the w eatern trade. Ladie* and gents will tie aston ished at the price* we pay in cash; silk dreMes, $10 to $75; coata, fct to.**); pants, $2 to $10. A note by post punctually attended to by Mr. or Mrs. Mlntz, in and out of the cltv. Merchant tailors can dispose of any quantity of Clothtng jeft on hand for ca*h. Add re* THOMAS I). CoMtoY.SH Pearl street. SCHWARTZ, 1,291 BROADWAY, CORNER OF TIIIR tv- llrst street, pay* the highest prices tor Ladles' or Gents' Cast-off Clothing ; all orders will be promptly at tended to. Addresi BCHW ARTZ, 1,251 Broadway. EXPSERIEli HATf EllSON A COOK'S FURNITURE KXPRKSS, . (1 Oft and IH)7 Sixth avenue, corner Thlrty-fHth street Furniture packed and shipped or removed In covered wagons in city or country. jLurnitm "taken on i ?orago. To ru^ reasonable. BArrLKSOM jk j ook, bjj s> ixtli avenue, curncr Tturty-fliUi aueet. rooRTraa-poog. birds, &c. A ?FOR KALE, ALL KINDS OK FANCY IIOGS. J\ ? Bird*. Ac. ; Medicine* (or all disease*. Prepared Food lor mocking birds, at B. G. DOVEY'S. No. 3Greene street, near < 'aim!. For kale? two black and tan gordon set tor Dog*, four English Setter Hogs, two Politer* (slut and dog), all thoroughlv broken; Spitz Dogs anil Spitz Pups, Newfoundland I'ops, Bull Terriers, Black Tana Scotch and Skye Terrier*, extra ratters; ratsain hand to try them ; Watch Dog on trial. H.GARDNER, 111 Souih Fifth avenue, corner Prince street. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dogs tor sale and stock. Bl'T LKR'S Intnilihle Manse Cure and Flea BxteriMuntor, 75c. ; Hl'TLi-.K'S new work, $; I. Dogs boarded ami trained. Medicines lor all disease*. For sale? ? choice spitz dog, snow white, directl v descended from dogs of the purest blood, be long! UK tn the old Junitd estate ; he i* just two years old, well trained, knowing several tricks; kind with children and In perfect health. For further information address E. 8., station O. J WISH TO PURCHASE OR GET THE USE OK A large an 1 flno Greyhound Do g. Address CHARLES SOMEKS, Herald oltiee. WANTED? A GOOD SECOND HAND BRBECH loader. Addn 'ss, with lowest price and description, box fi'.ii* Kockrille, Conn. TXUB Tl'RK. EHJBKTWOOD PARK.? AMONG THE CELEBRATED J trotting horses now oeing daily worked on the track are American Girl, Clara G. lleppo. Young Fearnought, Henry, Triumph, Reatherldooin, Charley Green, Honest Duteliinan, W. H. Allen, Mary A. Whitney, St. fcimo, Tennessee, Daniel Boone, ilarr.v llmlev. Gaze lit, Lulu, YoungBruno, Grav Kddv. Grace Bertram and Manhat* tan. The track is in good condition and the club house and restaurant under the personal supervision oi WM. li. VAN COTT. Trotting at kleetwoo d park-on Monday, April 21, at 8 o'clock? Sweepstakes ?740? Mile ileitis, best 3 in 5, In harness, William Lovell's b in. Toptcy. Pierce Hayden'*t>r. w. I.ndv Annie. R. J. Anderson's bik. g. Winfteld. same day, Match tor $890 wile heal*, best 3 in 8, In harness. John Murphy's b. m Kate. J. Pauling's or. m. Kelle of Orange H. W. VAN CuTT, Superintendent. TO LET? FLEETWOOD PASS CLUB HOUSE. AP ply at the park or ll'J Wall street W. U. VANCoTT, Superintendent. HOR SES, carriage: AC. A? MAJOR CHARLES W. BARKER, AUCTIONEER^ . CONTINUATION AN!) LAST DAY of the Immense closing out sale, Oil account ol the widening oi Rroadwav, OK TI1K ENTIRE STOCK OF HOUSES, CARRIAGES. Ac.. CONTAINED AT BARK Kit A CHASE'S Cltv Auction Mart and New York Tattersalls, corner of Broadway and Thirtv-ninth street, TO-MORROW (MONDAVI, APRIL '21, AT 12 OCLOCK. THE STOCK COMPRISES THIRTY head of highbred Trotters, Roadsters and Family Horses, just arrived Iroiu Monroe county. ALSO THE BALANCE OF TOP nnd no top roftd Wagons, Depot, Express and Business Wagons; double ntid single Harness, Blankets, Robes, Ac., left over from Saturday's sale. Among (lie Horses to be sold are the fast and very handsome chestnut mare Lady Walkle.v, sired by Rob Roy, dam by Eclipse; is lfij; high, <i years old ; elegant driver; warranted to trot in 2 ?0, and warranted sound and kind. Beautiful nnd speedy black trotting Marc, Fox Hunter stock ; 15' 3 high, ti years old ; stylish driver: warranted to trot in 2:50, anil warranted sound and kind. Highbred golden sorrel Gelding, sired by Gold Dust; l'i high, 7 years old ; extra line, handy driver; warranted to trot in 2:50. and warranted sound nnd kind. Fast black Mure, Black Hawk stock ; 16;,4 liigh, fi years old; very gamy driver; warranted to trot ill 3 minutes, and wurrai.teil sound and kind. Elegant chestnut Gelding, Fox Hunter stock ; V>K high, 6 years old ; handy driver; warranted to trot in 2:50, and warranted sound and kind. Handsome chestnut .Mare, sired by Philip Allen, l'e by Ethan Allen; Ift'U high, ti years old; splendid driver; wnrrunted to trot iu i ?0, and warranted sound and kind. The high bred bay Hamblctonlun Gelding Judge Shel don, sired by Iron Duke; 15 high ; 7 years old; extra fine driver; perfectly green and warranted to trot in 2 ;4B, ami warranted sound and kind. The celebrated roan Gelding Flush, sired hv Major Ed sail ; 16'., high ; 6 years old ; tree and easy driver; war ranted to trot In 2:40, and warranted souinl and kind. Fast bav Marc, sired by Henry Clay, dam by General Clark; ISk high ; 5 years old ; gamy driver; warranted to trot in :i minutes, and warranted sound and kind. The speedy brown trotting Gelding Clav Boy, sired by llenrv Clay ; 15'.. high ; 7 years old ; splendid driver ; war ranted to trot in 2:50; auu warranted sound and kind. Fine buy Gelding, 15la high, fi years old ( prompt driver ; trots close to 3 minutes; unsurpassed tor family use, and warranted sound and kind. 1 he handsome and extra combined black snddle and harness Mare Cricket, 15 high, 5 years old ; very stylish driver; fine under saddle, and warranted sound nnd kind. Fine lanre black coupe Horse, 16 high, 7 years old ; fine action and appcarauce, and warranted sound nnd kind. Elegant and extra combined bay saddlc'and harness Gelding, Kentucky bred, 15K high; great style and ac tion, elegant driver, splendid under saddle, flowing mane and tail and warranted sound and kind. Handsome blocky-bullt brown Mine, 15*? high, fl years old ; fine stylish driver; can trot in 3 minutes, and war ranted sound and kind. Handsome bny Gelding, high,7years old; prompt and gamy driver; can trot In 3 minute*, and wurranted sound and kind. Fast brown Gelding, 19i{ high, 7 years old ; elegant driver; can beat 3 minutes, and warranted sound and kind. ALSO SEVERAL OTHER HORSES, including a num ber of Ponies. FULL DESCRIPTION in to-morrow'* Herald. STOCK NOW ON EXHIBITION. NO POSTPONEMENT ON ACCOUNT of weather. CATALOG!' ES NOW ready. A GREAT OFFER. OPENING DAY, APRIL 21, at New Warerooms, No. 8 Cortland t street. In order to open the Spring trade and give our cus tomers an extra chance wc shall offer till May 1 one of the handsomest, finest and most reliable assortment of light Carriages and names* at factory cost prices. Pony anil Park Phaetons, all styles; top Wngons, equal to any in the market; Rockaways, Depot, Jugger, Ex press nnd Road Wagons. Also Harness. Elegant show room, well filled; hard pan prlccs. Holies, Sheet*, Whip*, Halter's, llorsc Millinery gen erally. This will be the greatest chance of the season. Be sure to call betore you buy. No discount alter the .'Iflth Instant ARCH. JOHNSTON. No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. ^ the "BREWSTER WAGON," A. In all weights, for pleasure driving or speeding, exquisitely finished, and embracing in their construction the various Improve ments iutroduced by us during the pa*t 10 years, making them the standard for Quality thronghont the United States. These wagons are exclusively the production of onr well-known Broome street factory, and arc offered In stock lu nil respects equal in duality to those built to the order of the most valued customer, and at price* uniform to alL In order that wc may not be confounded with a lolnt stock company of carriage dealers who have adopted a firm name similar to onr own, and impudently claim the reputation wc have made for the "Brewster Wagon," we beg the public will remember that our only warerooms arc at the corner of Fifth avenne and Fourteenth street, and our only Factory on Broome street. BREWSTER A CO., ' ol Broome street. A? THE FINEST LOT OF nion BRED TROTTERS AND ROADSTERS EVER BROUGHT TO THE NEW YORK MARKET, at auctidh to-morrow, MONDAY, APRIL 21, AT 12 O'CLOCK, AT BARKER A CHASE'S CITY AUCTION MART AND N. Y. TATTERSALLS, corner of Broadway nnd Thirty-ninth street Ten of this lot are warranted to trot in trom 2 : SO to S minutes; the balance all elegant roadster* and lamlly Horse*. SPEED WARRANTED. SO PAPER TROTTERS. Head the descriptions in this column and attend the sale. A BAY HORSE. IBk! TANDS, SOUND AND KIND, 8 vears old, trots in minutes: Stivers' top Buggy, run one year, nnd single Harness, for sale cheap. Ad dress BISINESS, box 1M Herald office. \ LIGHT TOP BUGGY, NEARLY NEW, BY ONE OF JY the best elty makers. Also *ct of single Harness. 121 West Eighteenth street. A FEW VERY FINE ALDERNEY AND AYRSHIRE J\ Cows tor sale very cheap. Inquire of WILLIAM WATSON. 99 Franklin street. \ RRIVED AT LAST-J. C. DEZO, OF JACKSON JY Cltv. Mich., with 34 head of the finest single and double llnrses ever brought to this market, at A. S. ell AM BERLIN'S, Twenty-fifth street, between Third and Lexington avenues. At private salk-vkry stylish, well matched polr of Membrino Mnres, 7 and 8. rears, 15.3 hands high ; fine steppers, sound and kind iu harness. Can be se en at 14 West Thirteenth street A FINE BAY MARE, 15'g HANDS, II YEARS OLD; perfectly kind and gentle ; atrald of nothing ; just the thing for a lady : also light Wagon, Harness, Ac., all com plete and in jjood order, nnd will be sold vcy chcup GEORGE W. FIRTH, 81 Montgomery ?t., Jersey city Avery free and stylish bay horsf, i? hand* high ; suitable for coupe or dog cart ; elegant under the saddle ; perfectly gentle, and warranted sound and kind ; also English two-wheel Dog Cart and silver mounted Harness; also one set gold mounted Harness, in good order. Call at stables, before IS noon on Monday, 154 East Kilty -seventh street. A CHOICE SELECTION OK PARK PHAETONS, light Rockaways, Depot Wagons, Pony Phaetons, Sundowns, Victorias, Buggies and other seasonable styles family Carriages and light Wagons, new and second hand. MAN l.'FACTL'RERS' UNION, 038 Broadway. A FINE PAIR OF BAY HORSES (BLACK POINTS),' landau Harness, Livery, Ac., will be sold reasona bly at private stable ISH East Twenty-second street; Stable to rent. A GENTLEMAN, WHO CANT AFFORD THE LI' X ury, desires to sell hi* Turnout, consisting of one of the haadsomest pair of bay Horses in the city, Id hands, splendid steppers; also one Brewster Dog Cart, nearly new, one light Wagon, one Phaeton, two double and one single Harness; also a nice private Stable (6 stalls!, near Gramcrcv Park, tor sale or to let Any gentlemen wish ing a llrsl class establishment please address box 2,403 Post office. A? AT THE WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY . will always be found a large stock ot seasonable Carriages at prices to suit the times. 1,494 and 1,496 B r oadway. J os E I'H K E a l A CO. A GOOD YOUNG HORSE FOR SALE? FIT FOR any kind of work; warranted sound and kind: six years old. Inquire, lor two day*, at 121 West Thirtieth st 4 GENTEEL" HORSE, SEVEN YEARS OLD, SOUND A and kind, suitable lor any light work, to exchange for Furniture and Carpets, new or nearly so, good order. Address O., Herald office. A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR SALE-BAY TEAM. J\ 8 and 9 years old, with fine curtain Rockawny, built by Miner A Stevens; a sorrel Mare, 7 vearsold; Road

W agoii. Blanket. Harness. Lap Robe, Whip, Ac. To be seen at Mutt's liable, 121 West Twenty third street. HORSKS, CARRIAORX, ?RC. AT THE HORSE AND CARRIAGE AUCTION MART OK WILLIAM VAN TASSEL1. (SUCCESSOR TO JOHNSTON A VAN TAHHKLL). at the old stand, 110, 112 aad 114 East Thirteenth street, uear Fourth avenue. REGI'i.AR SALl.tfrOF HORSES ANI> CARRIAGES WILL BE HELD EVERY TUESDAY ASO FRIDAY, AT 12 o'clock. GENTLEMEN WISHING TO PURCHASE, OR THOSE having Horses or Carriage* to sell, will Mini this house perfectly reliable, m thin business will lie conducted on the irnne straightforward principles which have governed it in the past. We give the purchaser of every bone that is warranted sound from 24 to 4N hours lor trial. Horses and Carriages always on hand at private sale. LIUEHAL ADVANCES MAl>E ON CONSIGN MESI'S. Auction house ok arch. Johnston (Late Johnston A Van Tassell). OFFICE AND SALESROOM. OLD STAND, 37 Nassau street, opposite the I'osl office. THE HORSE AVCTION~mtANrH OF THE HOUSE IS REMOVED TO THE SPACIOUS PREMISES 19, 21, 2:1 and 2ft EAST THIRTEENTH STREET, between Fifth avenue and University place. The business will be conducted on precisely the same strict and honoralile principles which have always char acterized the dealings oi our house anil won the respect and confidence of the business community as well as the public at larg?. REGULAR SALES TWICE A WEEK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Entries for sales may be uiade as usual cither at our down town house. 37 Nassau street, or at the Mart, 19, 21, Zi and 2ft East Thirteenth street. LIBERAL ADVANCES, AS USUAL, MADE ON CON SIGNMENTS. A -THIRTY TOP AND OPEN FULL SPRINGS AND ? side bars, by Brewster, Diisenbury, Corhett and other citv makers; I Barouehe, nearly new; 1 second hand Clarence, 1 liicht curtain Coach and six-seat I'ark Phaeton, by Brewster; lop and open I'ark Pony and extension top Phaeton; Kockawavs, Depot Wagons, Juggern, side spring ; 1 Dog Cart, by stivers; Sulkies by Catferey; 1 Skeleton, by Pray ; I top platform Rumble Pony Pnaeton, by Wood ; top'uml open Exprees Wagons; 4 Philadelphia second hand Rock a way*. $100 up; 1 open Pony Phaeton, $120; Sin.'le and Double Humes*, all kinds, at VVM. II. GRAY'S. 'JO and 1'.' Wooster street. AT NO. 8 CORTLAN l)T STREET, NEAR BROADWAY. Light Carrieges and Harness. No Broadway expenses, no Br adwav profits. Work warranted as represented. ahch. Johnston. A COMPLETE TURNOUT FOR SALE-VERY stvlish chestnut Horse, 10 hands; sound and kind; an elegant l.aiidaulet, used only lour months; T Curt, made l.v Turrell A Son, Loadou ; 1 net of double and 1 coupe Harness, made by Hurt, of l.ondou; ul.-o landaulet Harness, city make . : Blankets, Holies, Whips, Ac. Tno owner can be seen at stables, 1M East Fittv-sevcnTli street, ueur Lexington avenue, lrom 8 to 10 A. M. and 4 to 7 P. M. A GENTLEMAN OFFERS FOR SALE, TOGETHER or separately, lits beautltul pair ot bay llumhletn nian Hories, l.V* hands high, 7 years old ; sound ; a child may drive thciu;trot in 2:50. Apply to owner, 194 Broad way, office 13. A? FAMILY CARRIAGE.^? IMMENSE STOCK OF ? every style park and pony Phaetons, top and no top, depot, express anil business Wagons; top Buggies and no-top. 141 West Broadway, near Canal street. \? $2,000 to $ft,ooo will be paid for debir . able Team and Carriage complete in citv Reul Es tate located in New York or Brooklyn. Address CI1AS. G. DA II I, ( i RES', 112 Broadway. ? ELEGANT CLARENCE, ONE CURTAIN COACH, ? verv light; one Phaeton. 011c Roekawav, one two wheel Dog Cart, one Buggy Wagon; all nearly new and best city builders ; also two double sets ol Harness and one single set, to be sold cheap to settle up an estate. Ap ply at M. CURLKY'S Carrlagn Factory, 109, 111 uiul 113 East Thirteenth street, near Fourth avenue. A -SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. ? Landau, Vlctoriu, Coupe. Park Phaeton, Cabinet, lour seat 110 lop Wagons, six passenger Rockawuv, Pony Phaeton; also top and no top Brewster (ot Broome street) Wagons. The above will be soul very low by A. S. I' LAN DRAU, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street, betwei 11 Broadway and Filth avenue. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF COUPES SELLING AT great sacritk'c, to close out ; Lamlaulets. Landaus, reasonable Carriages; several second band 1 urriages taken m exchange. 1IA.M, in l.a.-t Fourth street. A -SECOND HAND CARRIAGES. ? We olfer the following, many of tlieiu our own bujld, and in excellent condition Curtain Coach, "T" Cart. Baek-lo-back four-wheel Dog Cart, Coupe. Four scat Box Wa.'on, Coupelette. BREWSTER A Co., HI fttli av., corner 14th st. A COUPE, COST $1.0 )0, FOR ? too. A glass Quarter Couch, cost $l,7oO, lor $COO. Cabriolet, cost $1,200, for J600. A Barouehe, cost $l,P0(l, lor $4.W. Seasonable Carriages 20 per cent 1cm than Broadway or Filth avenue stores. II \M, ID i.a.-t Fourth street, A RARE CHANCE ? A BLOOD BAY MAKE, IftW hands high, lor sale; a stylish driver, sound and kind ; iust lrom the country. Inquire at f>3r? Broadway. JAMES A DOWN Ed. A? FOR SALE, THE PROPERTY OF A GENTLE ? man lrom the country, one extraordinary tluc coupe Horse, 6 years old ; also one brown Horse, ft years old, with long inane and tail, and warranted to trot in 2:4ft. These horses ure very stylish and not afraid of loco motives; they are sound, kind and true in single or double harness ; sold only 011 account of owner yoinu to California. Apply 011 M outlay to hostler, KiO Washington street. j^LLEN B. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOMS 9T> Chambers street.? Hor?- Auction Mart. NEW YORK SALES AND STORAGE REPOSITORY. FOURTH AVE NUE. CORNER TWENTY. FIFTH STREET. Carriages and Horses always on band at private sale. RICHARD McCUI.LOUGH, PROPRIETOR: ALiLEN B. MINER A BROTHER, AUCTIONEERS. Sales of Horses, Carriages, Ac., Thursday of each week. Entries of articles lor auc tion can be made at repository as above or salesrooms of auctioneers. A? FOR SALE CHEAP A CLOSELY MATCHED ? pair of bay Carriage Horses, lftl? hands lilgb, 7 and 8 vearsold, sound unit kind in all harness, stylish drivers; afso a chestnut road Mare, lft^' hands, 8 years old ; very stylish, sound and kind and can trot iu2:>0. Apply, for three days, at BAILEY'S Stable, 229 West Fortieth street, or T. A. SMITH, 383 Sixth av?iiue. B? SEASONABLE CARRIAGES, IN GREAT VARI . ety and of superior workuiunshio and finish, for sale by A. S. FLANDRAU. Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street. ?NO. 8 CORTLAN DT STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. 1 Opening week. Carriages and Harness. All our profits to May 1 given away. Noreasouable olfer relused. B B-TWO CIRCULAR FRONT ROUND BOOT ? Coupes, trimmed with brown cloth, Ac. ; bargains lor cash. WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,494 and 1,490 Broadway. Blooded team, perfect beauties, for sale? Very cheap; also Buggies, Harness, Ac. Everyway unexceptional and warranted throuuhout. Address HOTSPUR, Herald office. owner going abroad. /1HBAPB8T TURNOUT NOW in MARKET CAN' be \J found at Cook's Stables, 247 West Forty-first street ; consists of team gray Horses, Ifi hands, sound, sate, stvlish and last: Dog Cart and Harness, Any one meaning busi ness can buy at a bargain. c 10UPE ROCKAWAY but little used and In fine order. For sale at W. FRANK DUSEMIURY'S, successor to Duscnlmry A Van Duser, 136 aijd 137 Chrystle street. /1 ?EXTENSION TOP AND FOUR-SEAT PHAETONS Top Road and Dc|h* Wagons, Ac. WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, 1,404 and 1,498 Broadway. D -SEVERAL SECOND HAND JOBS IN GO()|> ? order; no reasonable offer refused. WEST SIDE CARRIAGE REPOSITORY. I,4:t4 and 1.498 Broadway. ISoR SALE? A FIRST CLASS LANDAU, Bl ILT BY Uuliler Bros., Paris, In perfect order; also a Coupe by Wood Bros. Company. The property of a gentleman about going abroad. Apply at private stable 36 West Thirteenth street. I|H)R SALE? A FINE BRED BLACK IbURSE, Hi 1 hands high, raised by Senator Morgan, of Ffftighkeep sie; pcrlcctly sound und kind in double or single har ness ; can trot in 40. Apply at private stable ifi West Thirteenth street. IjlOR SALE-RETIRED CONTRACTOR'S STOCK. ? 1 Nine Carls. Furniture Truck, Harness, Hand Cart ; rI-o large Yard and Stables to let; centrally located ; Eleventh street. Second avenue. JAMES MC'LRY, 309 East Twelfth street TOOR SALE? AN EXCELLENT SADDLE HORSE AND J pleasant stylish driver, sound and kind, and safe lor a lady to ride or drive, at JAQUE8 A MOONEY'S stono yard, foot Fifty-fifth street, North River IjlOR SALE? A CURTAIN OOACH, IN PERFECT OR 1 der, built by Brewster, of Broome struct. Apply at private stable, li'ft Lexing ton avenue. SIOR SALE? A ROCK AWAY', FOR ONE OR TWO horses; Pole oud Shalts ; seats lour; but little used; bought from Wood Bros. Mi.DON'aLD'S stables, Forty first street, between Lexington and Third avenues. F.IOR SALE? ON ACCOUNT OF OWNER GOING TO 1 Europe, one pair fine bay Horses, 8 jesrs old, about 16 hands, sound, true and kind, lull size Clarence, six seat Phaeton und Harness; also dark chestnut road Horse, 19.3 hands, sound. Rind and true. Can be seen at stable, 133 West forty ninth street, 8 to II A. M. For sai.e-a pair of dark bay houses, lono talis and inunes ; uncommonly stylish drivers ; will trot in about 3:30; suitable for a coupe or gentleman's road team. Apply to R. A. DONALDSON, 88 Dev street. IIOR SALE? HORSE, BAY MARE; BLACK POINTS, (lowing mane and tail; five years old; thoroughbred and last ; warranted perfectly sound ; price $3SU Can lie seen at PAGE'S stable?, Cumberland street, near Fiiltou, Brooklyn. ^ JIOR SALE? A VERY HANDSOME LIGHT PARK Phaeton, with platform springs and extension ton, made by R. M. stivers, of city of Sew York, scarcely ?oiled, at a bargain. Apply at Jfi Columbia street, Brook lyn . fjlOR SALK? VERY STYLISH AND FAST BAY PONY, 1 perfect pet, has been groomed by children all Win ter; miniature Phaeton; very unique establishment. A. G. DARWIN, 10 Pine street. IlOR SALE-A PAIR OF 18-HAND CARRIAGE 1 Horses; perfectly sound and kind ; remarkably fast and tree driver*; tio vice or trick; sold only lor want of use. Also one set ol gold-mounted double Harness and a Landau, Lawrence's make. Apply to STERRY FRY, otllce ot stable No 6 East Twenty-eighth street. 110 R SALE-A FIRST CLASS BREWSTER A CO. (OF Broome streeti Sulky, nearly liew; also it light Rosd Wagon. TRUESDELL'H stables, 126 aud 128 West Forty sixth street. TTMiR SALE? ONE TWO-HORSE "FURNITURE TRUCK, J one spring Cart, one Express Wagon, 0110 Buggy, at hair factory, Vitty ninth street, North River. flOR SALE-FIVE HORSES THE PROPERTY OF A gentleman about leaving the city, one pair of let black Horses, Id hands, Sand 7 years old; one pair bay " ' o A chestnut driven with irses are warranted sound and kind in single aud double harness; can lie seen until sold at 167 Monroe street N. M.? Nojockeys need apply fSoR SALE-A LIGHT, STYLISH BUSINESS WAGON ; r also A No. 1 Ice Wagon, tiew and first class. Inquire Ot .1. 1>. IIASstNOKR. Bl West Thirty-eighth street, oi BULL A MOORE. 33U West Twenty-sixth street. Horses, l'iJ4 hands hl?h, 5 and 0 years old : also 1 Sorrel, ft years eld, 1ft 'i hands high; has lieeti dt each of the others; all the above horses are 1 IIORKKS. t'ARRIiORH, ftr. FOB BALE-BROWN SADDLE MARK, 15 HANDS high. 0 year* old, ridden by a child, kind in single ami double harness, paees, trots and canter*, warranted sound ; price $:tnO. Inquire lor Mr. Morgan's mart" at DICKltLB Academy, or ul .SO Wait Ttlrtjf iliird street. IjlOK SALR.? HORSES AND DERBY-A PAIR OK dark Hays, over 15 hand*. 7 yeurs old in July, quick steppers, verv handsome. gentle And warranted in every particular. Dcriiv in excellent order and will be told low. LAMB'S Statde, corner Fori v -ninth street and I^ex Ington avenue : owner s rOllitlKH 11 Kant Forty-eighth at. INJB SALE? ROB WANT OK USE. A i.ltillT. SHUT Ins top Wagon. Pole and Bha ft* ; Alio a light double Harness ; nil in ^mxl order. Apply at private stable, No. o saw U9tl> street, corner o f Fifth aveiun*. BMW SAI K-i OMPLETE GKNTI.EM A N'S TURNOUT; flllc bred Kentucky bay Horse, 15 bands, six years old, warranted sound, kind und gentle, without a blemish ; trot in ill ret* minutcH-, 8 ti vera' Top Butfgy, nearly new; Jtnrnci*, Ac. ; price hull value. Inquire at 806 Broadway, room 4, one week. l/'OKJBLE? ONE CLARENCE, IN OOOD RUNNINO 1. oiiwr. 451 r ourth ^cnuv. FOR 8ALE? 3 BUOOIEB, I l'AHK 1MIAETON. 1 LAN daulet, nil city made and In good order ; also single and double Harney, at private ntulile, 114 Weit Fiftieth street. ' FOR SALE ? A SPLENDID NEW WAGON ; BUILT in best manner; suitable f >r a butcher or grocer- also a Butcher Cart ; will b? sold cheap. Inquire oi MICHAEL DOWNEY, 1(16 Raymond street, Brooklyn. For sale? a blooded mare, in foal to a first class horse; genuine pedigree; no humbug. Call ut l-l Fast Fitty-fourtti street, near Fourth avenue. E^OR SALE CHEAP ? Lit HIT Si, HAKE BOX K< 1 AD Wagon, made by one ot our best city makers, in per fect order. Inquire at house 20a Carroll strtet, Brooklyn. LtllR SALE CHRAP-A VERY FINE BAY MARE, 7 J1 years old, 151* hands; can trot in 3:Si>; Is a good driver, and warranted sound, kind and gentle, and true ill all harness. Can be seen at Underbill's stables, 54 Lafayette place. For rale-a fine pair of mares, very stylish, no vices, stand 15>? and good road iters ; also Brewster T Cart. Apply at No. ft Fast Thirtieth street. TpOB BALE? A BREWSTER TOP WAGON, WITH POLE J? and shafts; lias been but little used. Apply at COGiiSWELL'S Stables, corner Lexington avenue and Thirty-third street. PjV>R SALE? A BARGAIN, A LIGHT VICTORIA. TWO Coupes, one Clurcnce, In good order; new English style Brougham. 11. B. MOTT, 156 West Twenty ?seventh street. FOR SALE? ONE SORREL HORSE SEVEN YEARS old. sixteen bands high, sound and kind in single or double harness; to be seen at 70 Broome street; can be seen until sold. CHABLBB COBBY. For halr-a BLACK tkottinu horse; oait warranted 2:50; gentle ; also top Wagon: city maker; Harness, Ac. tall 111 good order; will be sold at a bargain. Apply al ARMOUR'S, No. 8 Seventh avenue. For sale- a park phaeton, in fine order; but lltt'.c used ; seats four. Apply ut BR1GGS' stable, corner of Forty-second street and Seventh avenue. 17IOR SALK A BEAUTIFUL HAY MARE, 15W 1 hand * high, 8 years ol< I ; cau trot in 2 :S0; sound and hind; very pleasant driver; also a handsome brown Horse, 10,'a hands; very stylish ; fast traveller; no luult Apply to M r SMITH 011 Monday at 51)5 Sixth avenue. FOR SALE? A GENTLEMAN'S TOBNOUT, CONSIST ing oi a brown Mare, 6 yean old, 11 hands high, sired by young Toronto Chief ; eaii trot in 2:60: lias never been trained ; is all sound, kind and gentle in double and single harness. Also a Dusenhury A Van Duser top Wagon, ill good order; Blanket, Robe's, Ac. ; bargain. 2?>5 Columbia street, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? A VICTORIA, SECOND HAND, IN FIRST rate order ; to be seen at the stable, 125 West Seven teenth street. For sale cheap? a hood horse, suitable for most any purpose. Inquire at ISft East Twenty sixth streot. For sale cheap? two express wagons, one light ami one heavy. Apply to SEAMAN LOWERRE A Co., :?/7 Spring street. EtOll SALE CHEAP? STYLISH TEAM OF YOUNG carriage Horses; sounii and kind; also set of gold mounted Harness, top Wagon and Phaeton, made by Brewster. Address W. C., box 141 Herald ofllce. 170R SALE? Al' 229 WEST FQBTIETH STREET, THE most perfect lady's Saddle Horse In the world : high bred bay; lft.21, hands; sound and perfectly trained. One mahogaay hay eouiic Horse; verv fiandsotiio. Three bays, suitable for gentlemen's saddle horses: thoroughly broken and drive in harness. Call foi Mr. RAILEY. EfUNE TURNOUT FOR SALE CHEAP# ? PAIR OF handsome Ponies (Kentucky Arabians), 13'^ hands, long tails and manes; perfectly gentle: sui.aole lor a ladv; also Phaeton and Harness ; t an be seen at Thome's stables. Thirty-first street, near sixth avenue. Address W. M. D., liox8,9l7 New \ork PoStOMM. f,l|NE STOCK -ONE OF THE FINEST AND BAND 1 SOMEHTteam of TROTTING HORSES in the coun try FOR SALK, 5 years old, Ift'1.,' hands; elegant, pure gait ; very stylish action; thoroughly broken: can he driven by any one: can trot in .'I minutes now; have never been handled for speed; WARRANTED SOIND, WITHOUT BLEMISH. ELEGANT TBOTTING TEAM SORREL HOUSES, RAISED IN VERMONT, ll^hands, 7 years old ; kind and true in all harness ; can trot In minutes; very stylish action; pure gait ; free and easy drivers; WARRANTED SOUND. WITHOUT BLEMISH. Are at the Mart of ARCH JOHNSTON, ID to 25 East Thirteenth street, near University place. Must be sold. Come, we them and try them. It is not otten there aro such horses in the market, The owner must realize, und they are not held at fancy figures. RE AT RUSH TO NO. 8 CORTLANDT STRKET. X Profits no object to May i. Unprecedented enter prise. Everybody i? going there t?> get n good Carriage and Harness at oust. No humbug ; thin Is our stvle of opening the business. Don't miss the chance. No. S Cortland! street, nenr Broadway. ORSK, HARNESS AND WAGON WANTBD^FOft two Lots in Railway, N. J., tree and clear. Address J. J., box 187 Herald office. ______ Harness.? the cheapest harness stork in New York good dotihle truck Harncsa, $3ii: good single buggy Harness, hand made, $17; a pood stable Blanket. $2nO; the largest assortment ol Cart Harness in the city. Cheaper than ever on account ot moving May 10. Please call and examine for yourselves. FISHER At OSBORNE, 4:t Murray street. HARNERS.-I HAVE A UKUE STOCK OK IIAR ?less, all kinds and styles, of my own make, which I offer at extremely low prices; also Riding Saddles and Bridles, Whips, Spurs, Halters, Blankets, Sheets, Lap Hubes and everything (n the horse line cheap lor cash. E. BARILhTT, 62 Warren street, corner College place. Horses, truck and work, for sale, in quire at 2t/7 Filth street. New York. Reason lor sell ing, sickness. T POOLE HAS ARRIVED WITH 30 FINE HORSES, ? matched Teams, single Horses and saddle Horses; all good steppers, at TKANEY'S stable, 39 We?t Forty fourth street Ji'ST ARRIVED FROM THE WESTERN COUNTRY, (IS) eighteen fine work and carriage Horses, among them some line stepping buggy Horses; to be seen at 124 Clinton place, near Sixth avenue. LH.-TIIE LONDON 1 1 A K N K SS AliKNCY, ? 20 East Fourteenth street (second floor), between Filth avenue and University place. LONDON MADE HARNESS A SPECIALTY. OWNER, GOING ABROAD, WILL SELL, CHEAP, A light Barouche Carriage, Colling*' axle, made to or der for present owner by Brewster, of Broome street; nearly new and In splendid condition. Can be seen at *8 Sussex street. Jersey City, near the Cortlandt street ferry, till 1 o'clock each day until sold. PONY PHAETONS, Willow and Panel, with and without top, on two, three. C and platloriu springs, in great variety and at lew prices, at A S. FLANDRAU'S, Nos. 7 and 18 East Eighteenth street "PRIVATE TURNOUT FOR SALE.? FINE PAIR BAYS. .1 lfi hands, 7 and 8 years old. stylish and fast.everv wav riuht and unexceptionable; also two single Horses, very desirable ; park I'haeton, Bnggv and Harness for sale cheap, bv gentleman selling out ; should be seen by parties in pursuit of first class stock. Can be seen at stable 215 West Forty- first street. PRIVATE ST A BLE, ? ACCO MMOl) ATI O.VS* IN NEW an<l first class stable for lour or five horses, at livery prices. 1M Kust Kilty-seventh street. Call (juick or send note. PAIR FAST PACING BAY HORSES 15 HANDS, CAN make Z:P>; sold separate; kind and sound; also Car riage, Buggy, I'haeton und Sleigh with Harness. Seen at 211 Went Jersey street, Elizabeth. j. d. Rhus, 7^ rmm mim JJAIR BRIGHT BAY AND STYLISH HORSES. PARK PHAETON, seats lour. PONY PHAETON, seals for font, besides rumble for Servant; both by Lawrence, to order. Tod Wagon, by Dusenbury A V anil user. Depot Itockaway, single and double Harness ; all In best order At private stable, No. 3 W est Twenty-second street. Stables to let. M West Forty-lourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues ; stabling lor twenty horses and carriage room. Rent *I,-?J J. And No. 34 West Forty-fonrtb street; th'e cosiest Stable in America: stabling for three or five horses; carriage room ami elegant lour rooms for coachman; rent f 1,000. JOHN K A VAN AQH, northeast corner Forty-second street and Sixth avenue. OATS THE DOCTOR'S BILL AND GRT YOUR WIFE O and children a ponv phaeton. ARCH. JOHNSTON can give you the best article in the market and not de moralize your bank accouut either, tio to JOHNSTON'S new warerooms, No. 8 Cortlandt street, near Broadway. S TABLING.? ROOM FOR TWO OR TlIItF.E HORSES ami carriages in a first class stable, by the year. Inquire at H2 West Eighteenth street. S 'tables to let-on east ninth STREET, nkar ) Fourth avenue. J. 0. BAILBY, 80 Ki?t Fourth street, near Bowery. STABLE TO LET-THREE STALLS, WITH CARRIAGE or wagon room, In Twenty -seventh street, near Third avenue. Apply at >22 Fourth avenue, or 1,203 Broadway. STABLE AND LOT, 90X100, ON EAST ELEVENTH O street, near avenue D, lor sale cheap; terms easy. Apply at 132 Canal street, Ice Company. CTARLE TO LRT-3M WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET. ?J between Eighth and Ninth avenues; four stalls and room for two or four wagons ; rent *600. Inquire of Ufco. W. GRIFFIN, S8? Hudson street S" TABLE TO RENT-IN rORTY SEVENTH STREET; _! four stalls, room for four carriages and coachman's room; rent very low. Apply at Itm West Forty seventh street, or to s. LAWRENCE, 192 Front street OECOND HAND CARRIAOES, SIX-SEAT ROCK \ O way, small Pony Wagon, Depot Wagon, five Rock away", several Buggies, Coupe, Park Phaeton, number or Carriages, slightly soiled, at bargains, ? mantfa_cti ??*** I'MON, w Broadway. TO BREEDERS. -FOR SALE, A HAMBLBTONlAN Mare, 16U hands, 11 years old; a fine traveller, but too tender in lorward feet for driving; will be sold cheap. Address box 211 Post office, Jersey City. TO LET-TWO VERY DESIRABLE STABLES (ONB large and one small) ; ample carriage and coachman's room i central location, up town. WILLIAM LLLlui'T * CO., 1,11)1 Broadway, near Forty-fifth street. HORSES, CARHIAGFJ, ?C. THOMAS L P. BALL ft CO., 13H WOOSTEK HTREFT between Prince and Houston, have constantly on haml a 1*1*0 assortment of Single and Double Hugvv ?n,| Roekaway Harness, Single and Double Express and Kami Harness; Livery, Coach and Truck Harness a Blankets, Robins, Whips, Halters, .to . ladles' and genis* Saddles, Bridles, Ac., 4c. AU goods warranted as repre sented. rrnREF.-QUARTER CLARENCE FOR SALE? CHBaF 1 Apply to KIPP A M A ItSIl, 1,4112 Broadway. TO LET? (TABLES ON FRONT AND BEAR ok 144 and IS) West Eighteenth street, separate or toaether ; will be repaired or altered to suit tenants. Apply to 8. W EEKS, .Jr.. 4? Mott street, or to B. T. V* EEKS, M West Eighteenth street. TO LET? 10 OB 12 GOOD STALLS; ALSO FOUU VA cant Lois. Immediate possession given by J. C. WtNOH, 521 West Twenty-flrat street. TO LET? FKOM 1ST OK MAT, TWO PRITftTK Stubles. Inquire of WILLIAM 11. HANKINSON, 15 East Twenty seventh street mO BB NT? FROM MAT 1? PRIVATE STABLE, FOUR X stalls, and large carriage house, 331 East Seven teenth street. Apply on pwaillM, or .11 1M First avenue. CT ?FOR SALS, FIRST CLASS WESTERN NEW J, York roach, coupe and road Hones: black, gray, bay and brown, lron? 16'i to 16% b inds high, at llrigg* A Co.'s stables, Forty-second street and Seventh avenue. Ask for H. HUNTINGTON. "IITISH TO SELL OR EXCHANGE? A K<>UR-SBAT T.f Coupe Rockaway, very st.vli>b and trimmed In brown satin, for a sound Horse, or Mare preferred. Ap ply at 6,1 Irving place. \\' ANTED? A GOOD HORSE; ROUND, FREE FROM ?? viee ; bay preferred ; good traveller : with or with out good top wagon. Address, with particular* and price, which must be low, READY CASH, Herald office. WANTED? A SOUND YOUNG HORSE, OR HOME, light Wagon nnd Harness, in exchange lor a first class new Pianoforte. Address M. II., box ICt Herald office. w IT ANTE D? A SOUND AND GENTLE l&X HAND, 3U ? time, pole Horse, in exchange for a line single Horse ; will pay cash difference ; a full and responsible warran tee and fair trial required Apply to PETER.. private stable, 21 West Twenty-second street. Wf ANTED ? A SHIFTING I'oP CARRIAGE PIANO ?? box, In good order, to weigh ironi 25' I to 300 lbs. Address, stall n j: style, weight, maker and price, H., box 1,'.'77 New York roel office. i\ SEATED PHARTOK, NEARLY NEW, BREWSTER'S ") make, torsnlo very low, as the party owning itisnot going to Europe, but wants to sell. Applv at 115 Liberty street djjQA WILL BUY A GOOD BAY PONY BUILT ipOV' Horse. 15>? hands high, years old, sound and kind; also strong Furniture Truck, cheap. 2ttt East Forty-second street. <T?OQ BROADWAY.? CARRIAGES, HARNESS ; CAR UOO riages, new and second hand, most ci nrdete as sortment ever ollurcd, comprising every description of Family Carriages and Light Wagons at popular prices. M A NT FA 1 "IT It ERS' IMos, ,!:t? It roud w ay. 4 0(\l PEOPLE WI1.L VI-GT Till'. NEW >)U, iO'/ 2 Carriage Wareroonw tlil? week to see that "some things can be done as well as others.'' Maku up the odd half and go yourself. All on the square.'' No. 8 Cortlundt street near Broadway. RBIilOIOUS NOTICES. A NTHON MEMORIAL CHURCH, FORTY EIGHTH J\ street, west of Sixth avenue, Rev. R. Heber New ton, rector.? Services at lou, Willi sermon (repented) 011 "Heaven," and at 3*4 with next sermon in course on "Heroes of the Bible." Sublect? "Joseph, tne End in Egypt." Choral service by choir and chorus of chil dren. ALL SEATS ARE FREE THIS EVENING AT ALL Souls' church, corner Fourth avenue and Twentieth street. Service begins at 7?i o'clock. Rev. George L. chancy, of Boston, v ill preucli. Apollo hall, bkoadw.iy and twenty-eighth street.? The Children's Lyceum meet at 10 A.M.; Conference at 2'? P. M. Professors. B. Biitton lectures at 7)i P. M. isubject? "The Death Penalty." ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, CORNER OF HBtfRY AND Srumin el streets, Rev. William N. Dnnnclt, rector.? Divine services everv Sunday, at 10:30 A.M. and 7 :30 P. M. Seuts all free. C1ALVARY BAPTIST CHritclI -R. S. MA, ('ARTHUR' I pastor, preaches to-day. Subject*? Morning, "En" courngemonts on the Christian Lite;" evening, "Vualill cation* for Baptism and Church Membership." You are invited. C' 1HURCH OF THE DISCIPLES, MADISON AVENUE, J corner Forty-fifth street? Rev. George II. Ilcpworth preaches to-day. Morning snbiect? "God In the Begin ning, Now unci at the Judgment" Evening subject? "The Answer to Prayer." Congregational Bible class in church at 3. CUIURCH OF THE MESSIAH, PARK AVENUE AND ) Thirry-foarth street.? Morning, Rev. K. D. Burr; evening. Rev. Henry Powers. Service 01 praise, with short address. Seats free. Baptist church, Fifty-fifth street, near Lexington nvcntie, this evening, ana hear words of truth spoken l>y Rabbi Jaeger, who bus recently accepted Christ as the Saviour ot men. fiiuioi or our saviour.? rev. j. m. poll \J man wUI preach Sunday morning, at the Young Men's Universalis Association Rooms, I.2SS Broadway, nnd evening, at Lyric Hall, Sixth avenue, below Forty second street. Evening subject ? "The Unknown Way." /MVE THE POOR OHILDBBh A BOMB IN (g| VT country.? A meeting will bo held in St. Bartholo mew's church, Maduom avenue and Forty-fourth street, 011 Sunday evening, April 20, m belialt of the House of the Good Shepherd, Rockland county. Addresses by sev eral clergymen. REV. E. O. FLAGO. D. D., WILL PREACH ON srSil day morning and evening in the church in Eighty fifth street, between Lexington ,uid Third avenues. EKV. J. F. M'CLELLAND (LATE OF CHICAGO), 1 pastor of fit Luke's M. E. church. Fortv-flrsf street, near Sixth avenue, will preach Snnday at I0l, A. M. and 7*? P. M. The public invited and always welcome. RfcVT WAYLAND HOYT, PASTOR, WILL PBSAOH in the Buptlst Tabernacle. Second nvcntie and Tenth street.? Sunday morning, 10k u'clock, and In fitein wav Hall at in the evening. All arc cordially Invited. REV GEORGE F. SEYMOl'R, I). D , DEAN OF THE General Theological Seminary, will preach at St Chrysostoin's elm pel. Seventh avenue and Thirty-ninth street, on Sunday eveniuz, April M Service to com mence at 7K o'clock. A collection will be made for St. Stephen's College, Annandale, N. Y. Russian gueek chapel hm "Second avbnub? near Fiftieth street? To-day, being Easter Sunday, divine service in the English language at 11 o'clock. All cordially invited. O T. J 1 > H N'S 1 j HAPEL, VARICR BTREhT.? SUNDAY O continuation at 10k A. M. Service 111 the evening ut 8 o'clock. Sermon bv Rev. a. wiswuii SPIRITUALISM. -A. IUGGINS, JK. WIEL LECTURR n at Franklin Mall, Jersey City, on Sunday, April 20, at 7 :3Q P. M. Chiritualist s e rv icrs? at Union hall, k? corner ot <Jrove and Fourth streets. Jersey City; circle at 3. Mrs. Cides will <peak in .1 trance state ait) P. M. Dr. C. Stiles, Leader. riMIE TEMPORARY CHURCH OF THE HOLY J. 'I rinlty, Madison avenue and Forty-seventh street Rev. Stephen II. Tyng, Jr. . D. D.. rector, will preach at 10', A. M. and 7i? P. M. Children's church at3)f P. M. The cosmopolitan conference, ti rnverein Hall. 06 East Fourth street, will be addressed to-dav, at 3 P M., by ex-Alderman Alexander Wilder, M. D. Sub ject? "Corporation Monopoly," Dis Mission open toall. THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE BAPTIST LAY Preaching Association will be hel l this evening in the Laight streetchurch (corner ot Varick street), at7!? o'clock. Addresses by members ot the Association and by the 1 jstor. WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, WEST Twenty-second street, between sixth and Seventh avenues. ? Rev. J. K. Demnrest preaches Sabhuth morn ing and evening at 10 JOand 7 :30. YACITPS,, ft(. /CHAMPION YACHT, MARY EMMA. FOR SALE? \ Two sets of upar.s, two suits of sails, uiiclior and cable, sand hags. Ac., all complete ; 24 teet in length; can be seen foot ot 124th street, Harlem River. Apply at 4M5 East 119th street, or at 2i!7 Broadway, basement, from 12 to 2 P.M. _ __ 'OR SALE? NEW AND SECOND HAND TUGBOATS. Apply to E C. FORCE. Nos. 5 and 7 Dey street, room ft inoR SALE? X NEW TUGBOAT 16X16." APPLY TO E r C. FORCE, Nos. 5aml 7 De v street, room ti. b CIOB SALE? TWO BA ROES AM) ONE CANAL BOAT. P Inquire of GEOBOE S. TOWNSEND, Dry Dock, pier 52 Enst Klver. TiH)R SALE? A FINE CAT-RIGGED, FULL CABIN r Yacht, 20 tret long. In perfect order; furnished com plete. Apply to W. T. ( OALE, 70 Mercer street. IJIOR SALE- AN EfOHT TON SLOOP YACHT, 27 FEET long, 'J feet beam, in good 1 ondltlon price $:?o. In quire 01 A. W. MINOR, <M1 Chapel street, New Haven, Conn. ,"L^OR SALE? TWO SCHOONERS, CARRYING 100 AND J 1?0 tons; three Sloops, carrying I7<>, *) and tw tons. B. BENNETT. 304 West rtftet. I.10R SALE? PASSENGER AND 1'REIGIIT STEAM F boats, Steam Yachts Gerry, Bob; Tugboats, North River Barges. Stettin Canal Propellers. * (iK<> . F PLi ME it, >5 Soirth street. T.IOR SALE-A FINE SLOOP CABIN YACHT, PORTT J feet long; must he sold, as owner has gone away: price $1.0110. Address L. VAN DLRB1LT, Flatbush, L. L I^O R HALE CHEAP? SIDE WHEEL STEAMBOAT; 1 length. 150 feet; draught, 3 feet; accommodations for 60 night passengers; well lound. Apply to WlLLlAM II. HAZARD, Jr., 62 Harrison street. SMALL STEAM YACHT FOR SALEVERY CHEAP? 33 by ? feet beam, boiler and engine, locked safety valve; In perfect order ; government inspection and cer tlflcate ; tested to 105 pounds ; lite beiLs, buckets and other necessaries; will carry a Ashing partyjjt 12 comfortably ; boiler and engine rabfnned over. C t. RAYNOLDS ft CO. P?- And 1* Fulton street The sloop yacht glancf.-is g feet ? inches over all. 14 feet beam, and draws about 3 feetB Inches; hus flntT cabin accommodations and locker room; is fully furnished with, snils, glassware, china, cooking utensils, ftc., Ac ; is fftiished la mahogany, black walnut and yellow pine; a good Yawl will be sold with tho yacht. For further partlenlan call on or addres* WILLIAM L. sW AN, 31 Pine street. ?FOR SALE, THE WELL KNOWN SLOOP iptWVt Yacbt Mary C. Campbell, well found; two suits of sail* and spnrs complete , length 21 (eat. For particulars, 11. J. CAMPBELL, Tindhatn avenue, be tween Firth and sixth streets, Morrlsanta. MATKIMOHIIAli. \ LVDY OF UNBLEMISHED CHARACTER, RE fined tastes, means and good family, and matrimo nially Inclined, may find a congenial companion with e<|ual qualifications by addressing BACHELOR, box 170 llerahl Uptown Branch office. t young gentleman" of culture aniTrk. flneinent wishes to lorm the acqnalntance of a lady with tuenns; object, matrimony. Address ECCO HOMO, Herald Uptown Branch office. \\ J ANT EI>? BY ~ A W 1DOW ER, COKKESPON DENCK ?? with a respectable young ladr of about 25 years of age Object, matrimony. Ad<!leM w. COUI'JSR. bg* W# 1 UcruM I ptowu tfiau?U oifii*

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