Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 4
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^ AWtKMUm. Ijnoi SQPAR* THEATRE. froprletor. Mr Sheridan Shook; Manager, Mr. A. M. Palmer. B?glni at S. Saturday Matinee at 1 :30. Carriages may be ordered at U. A MOST UNEQUIVOCAL. ARTISTIC TRIUMPH 1 New York'* Favorite Ac tress. AGNES RTT1EL. AGNES ETHEL, AONES ETHEL, AGNES ETHEL. IN FROU FROU. IN FROU FROU. IN FROU FROU. IN FROU FROU. baa delighted audiences which have crowded this theatre to its utmost capacity EVERY NIGHT DURING TlIE l'AST WEEK, and beau are now cold ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. No revival in the lilatory of the New York Stage, tt is believed. baa been attended with such overwhelming succcsa. All Novelties aro for the present postponed, and FBOU FROU, FROU FROU. FROU FROU, FROU f ROU, with its superb ^ mSB EN SCENE, ITS DELIGHTFUL MUSIC, AND ITS GREAT CAST, will bo given EVERY NIGHT and at the SATURDAY MATINEES until further notice. SBCURE YOUR SEATS IN ADVANCE. Box sheet open every morniug at 8 o'clock. THE CAST. AONES ETHBL. MARY GBI8WOLD. EMILY ME8TAYBR. JENNIE LEB. KATE HOLLAND. CHARLOTTE CAVE. LILLIB EDWARDS. D. H. 1IARKINS. W. B. LAWRENCE. GEORGE PARKES. E. LAMB. J. W. THOBPB. W. QUIGLEY. J. W. WILDER. THE SCENERY, By Marston, Include several charming Interior and an exterior of the Palace of the Barberlnl, with a distant view of VENICE, which has been pronounced by competent critica the most perfect bit of stage setting ever witnessed here, The Barcarole, at the beginning of tlie fourth act, composed by Mr. Tlssington, and sung by Miss Jennie Lee, Miss Fanny Hay ward Mr. Welsh Edwards and Mr. J. Cross. w OLYMPIC THEATRE. Mr. J. E. hayes Director SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. The FIFTH VOLUME ol Mr. O. L. FOX'S ORIGINAL AND AMUSING HISTORY Of llie TRICKS, TRIUMPHS AND TRIBULATIONS of nUMPTY DUMPTY will be issued from the OLYMPIC PUBLISHING HOUSE, 624 Broadway, ON MONDAY, APRIL 21, 1873, at precisely 8 o'clock P. M. The new edition will be produced in that eminently su perior style * hich has rendered the previous worts of this author, well Known to all patrons of the Home of Pantomime so exceedingly popular, and will Be pro ftuely ILLUSTRATED FROM ORTOINAL DESIGNS by thai Inhnitalile artist, . THE "AMERICAN GRIMALDI." Contributions from various EMINENT SPECIALTY ARTISTS will also appear in this edition. Owing to the immense demand lor the productions of this author, (lie new volume CAN BE SECURED ONLY BY SUBSCRIPTION, which WILL BE RECEIVED AT THE BOX OFFICE FROM H A. M. THROUGHOUT THE DAY. "It is meal and drink to me to see a Clown/] TALLACK'S. Proprietor and Manager. ..Mr. I. ESTER WALLACE ELEVENTH WEEK of Mr. SOTHERN in liia extraordinary Impersonations of DAVID GARRICK and LORD DUNDREARY, wliieli will be presented THIS AND EVERY EVENING anil SATURDAY MATINEE AT 1 :30 P. M. The following eminent artists will appear:? Mr. SOTn F.RN, Mr. JOUN GILBERT, Mr. J. B. POLK. Mr. BISHOP, Mr. ,T. W. CARROLL, Mr. BOOWNK. Mr. LEON ARD, Mr. HOLLAND, Mr. EliWIN, Mr. CUKRAN, Mr. PECK, Miss KATI1ERINE ROGERS, Mrs. FANNY FOS TER, Mme. PON1SI, Mrs. JOHN NEKTON. faoX PLAN OPEN ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. Curtain rises at 8 precisely, and carriages may be or tiered at l? :40. CO C ATHENEUM. UO?J Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. R. W. BUTLER Manager The mo*t Popular Place oi Amusement in the city. A C<%STANT SUCCESSION OK NOVELTIES. ADDED IO OUR GREAT CONGRESS THIS WEEK, The Great A ? r ? ? 8 in Number The Oreat T ZANFRETTA TROUPE T 8 in Number The Great ? <& 8 in Number Who are universally pronounced superior to all other Pantomime Troupes In this country. The Comic Trick Pantomime In Five Scenes, entitled PoP.>EY WOP8EY, ?nd the beautiful Burlesque, entitled ORPHEUS AND EURYDIOBl Or, A TRIP TO HADES, With ? solenoid cast. Mis* LISA WEBER and beautiful Burlesque Company. First appearance ot Miss LOUISE AltNoTT, the heautltul ?dress. Miss Llille Hall, Mips Minnie Jackson, Miss Helene Smith, Ac. THE FRENCH DANCING MASTER. The Count ot Madagascar , LUKE SCHOOLCRAFT The Sports of Central Park Messrs. Austin and llcss 100 ARTISTS WILL APPEAR NIGHTLY. Doors open at 7. Curtain ri>es at 8 o'clock. Bos office ?pen daily. Seats .secured In advance. MATINEES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY n appeal to the ci Writable. ' A' LAST THREE DAYS of the fAIB FOR THE ASSOCIATION FOR BF, FRIEND ING CHILDREN AND YOUNG GIRLS, AT REPUBLICAN HALL, corner or Broadway and Twenty-third street, I APRIL 2lT^ and 2.1. ?pen from 12 to I0W P. M. Admission 36 cents. MISS ANNIE A WATSON WILL PLAY "GRAND Polka de Concert" by Pattlson, and "Transcription a "eneflt Concert, Saturday evening, April J8, at Apollo Hall. hpiVOLI OA K I) E > , ? ? ? . A Eighth street, between second and Third avenues. THIS E VKNINO at 8 o'clock, I GRAND SACRED CONCERT. . _ Twenty- five of the best musiclnns. Director Mr. AUG. RCBBKLEN THK LEITIRE SEASON. LECTURE WILL BB GIVBN IB AID of TBE Central Dispcnsarv, by I'r H A. Raborg, at Lyric Jill, Sixth avenue, between Fortv- first and Forty second ?tfeets, on Monday evening. April 21, 1873, at 8 o'clock. Subject. "The Destiny of Woman." Ticket* 50 conu. Vf EBCANTILE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. ACADEMY OK MUSIC, THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL M, 1?7S. The last lecture this season wili bo delivered by the Slog of the Lyceum Platform, JOHN B. GO UGH. Subject? WILL IT PAY t (Revised and rewritten for this occasion) aod will be Mr. Oough's most brilliant lecture. Admission, 7?c. ; Reserved seats, ? 1 ; Family Circle, TOe. For sale at the Mercantile Library Rooms, 114 Broad Way, Seliirmer's and at the Academy on day of lecture. El ROPE. France? biarkitz. -grand hotel L'anglb ferre, reuuu , tml&roouw. (tillituil rooms. Foreign ft**DHt>era. B UHM1WIT8. OOTH'H THEATRE. BOUCIOAULT Edwin Beoth. Proprietor aad Manager LAST WEEK but two of the celebrated IrUh Comedian, MB. DION BOUCIOAULT, TO-MOKRrTw? (MOnBaV)' EVENING iu liU original character ot HHAUN THE POST. in hi* very ponular Irish Drama Of A It It AH NA POGUE, and also in hi* exquisite character protraiturc of KhKUY, in his beauliful one act Comedy Drama of that name. Each ot which plays will he prcduccd in the same com plete and elaborate manner as on iU lormer presenta tion. MB. SHIEL BARBY at MICHAEL FBENY Synopsis of Scenery and Incidents in AKKAII KA POGUE. ACT I.? OLENDALOUGIl BY 'MOON LIGHT? The Buins of St Kevin's Ablwiy and tho Seven Churches, 'By that lake whose gloomy shore Mk Skylark never wnrblko'er, Where the cliff lmngYTiigh and steep, _ ? Young St Kevin stole to sleep." The McCoul Take* His Rents und Meets His Love. AR RAII'S CABIN AT LABAOH. The Hnpplo-t Day In Shaun's Life. The Carman's Serenade. "Open the Dure Soltly, Fomebody Wants Ye. Dear." Arrah Receives ller Dowry, and What Came of It OAK CHAMBBB AT BALLYBETAGH. The Discovery of the Rebel's Nest. Fanny Power Discovers a Mare's Nost at the Same Time. THK BAKN. Paddy's Wedding. Hiding Under the Thatch. KlMlng Cues by Favor. The Rebel's Sons. "The Wearing ol the Green." The Search Warrant. Tho Arrest of the Rebel Chief. AOT 2.? -THE PRISON. Funny Provokes the Doe 1'ntll He Breaks His Chain. Fnnny Power Receives a Lesson In Love. Arrah'* Confession. Mi aim Takes Instructions to Defend II ts Own Case. The Alibi. BALLYBETAGH CASTLE. THE JUSTICE HALL. An Irish Court Dis orderly Justice. The O'Gradv on the Bench. Mr. Michael Feenjr i* Cro's-examined. shaun's Defence. ACT 8. -THE Dr. ADMAN'S CELL IN BALLYBETAOH. The Last Hour of the Condemned. The Wlte of the Pris oner Refused Admission to ills Prison. The Ingenuity of Love. How Arrah Corresponded wiih Shaun In Spite of Locks and Bars. ARRAH'S SONG. The Magnet of Love, and How iihaun by its Influence is Drawn irom His Cell. THE WATCH TOWER. On ihe Summit of Pallybotagh and What Took Place There. Seats sei-nrod six davs iu advance at the Theatre, or at Ditoou & Co.'* music store. 711 Broadway. NIBLO'S GARDEN. VOKES. POSITIVELY LAST WEEK POSITIVELY liAST WEEK OF THE BRILLIANT AND SUCCESSFUL ENGAGE MENT OF THE BRILLIANT AND SUCCESSFUL ENGAGK MENT OF THE CELEBRATED VOCAL, MUSICAL. TERPSICHORE AN, ECCENTRIC AND REMARKABLY VERSATILE ARTISTS, THE VOKES FAMILY, THE VOKES FAMILY. THE VOKES FAMILY. THE VOKES FAMILY, THE VOKES FAMILY, MUs VICTORIA VOKES, Miss JESSIE VOKES, Miss ROSINA VOKES, Mr. FREDERICK VOKES, Mr. F.VWDON VOKES, who will appear each evening in Til KIR GREAT SPECIALTIES. In order to present an entertainment of nneinialled ATTRACTIVENESS AND ELEGANCE the management h.tve perfected arrangements with Messrs. Shook A I'ulnier lor the combination with the Voke* Family <ii GEORGE FAWCETT ItOWE, GEORGE FAWCETT ROWE, OEORGE FAWCETT ROWE, In his wondcrlui impersonation of Charles Dickens' MICAWBEB, MICAWBER, MICAWBEB, MICAWBEB, in which he will he supported by the great original cast from the Union Snuare Theatre. OBeEltVE THE GREAT PROGRAMME. OBSERVE THE GREAT PROGRAMME. Tho Comical, Musical and Saltatorlal Farce, tho WRONG MAN IN THE RIGHT PLACE. WRONG MAN IN THE RIGHT PLACE. EMILY MERTON Miss JESSIE VOKE9 CLARA STAUNTON Miss VICTORIA VOKES SARAH JANE ?...Miss ROSINA VOKES BENJAMIN Bl'TTONTOP Mr. FRED. VOKES SAMPSoN BIFFLES Mr. FAWDON VOKES Introducing new Songs, Dances, Comicalities and the CELEBRATED VOKES' QUADRILLES. The performances will begin with the entree act Sketch, MICAWBEB, MICAWBER. Mr. WILKINS MICAWBER Mr. O. F. ROWB URIAH 1IEEP Mr. F. F. MACKAY DAVID COPPEHFIELD Mr. C. BURROUGHS Mr. WICKFIELD Mr. W. EDWARDS BETSEY TROTWOOD Mrs. C. M. WALCoT AGNES WICKFIELD Miss LULU PRIOR Mrs. MICAWBER Miss JOSEPHINE LAURENS Performance begins at ft. Carriages at 10:30, BOX OFFICE OPEN ALL DAY. MATINEES, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, AT t O'CLOCK. MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 28, the entirely new and brilliant Spectacular I'.allet Panto mime, AZftAEL; Or, THK MAGIC CHARM, produced on a scale of the greatest magnincence and introducing to the American public the great sensation femalo gym nast. Ll'LU, THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD. VTIBLO'S GARDEN. EXTRA, IX GRAND MATINEE PERFORMANCE. BENEFIT OF L. J. VINCENT, ST All E MANAGER. BENEFIT OF L. J. VINCENT, STAGE MANAGER, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 24, AT ONE. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 24. AT ONE. On which occasion will be presented a COLOSSAL AND DELIGHTFUL ENTERTAINMENT introducing (through the kindness of the managers of the various threatres with which they nre connected) the following magnificent CONSTELLATION OF STELLAR TALENT:? Miss AGNES ETHEL, JOS. WHBELOCK, Mine. MANZOCCHI, OOFTY GOOFT, Mine. PON I SI, F. F. MACKAY, Miss BELLA PATEMAN, T. E. MORRIS, Miss MARY WELLS, J. W. CARROLL. Miss LAURA JOYCE, OEOROE BECKS, Miss IDA VERNON, CLAUDE BURROUGHS, Miss BLAISDKLL, H. MONTGOMERY, Miss McCORMACK, C. NICHOLS, ? Miss PEARSON, W. LEONARD, Miss MAXWELL. II. GWIN'ETTE, all of whom, in the kindest manner, haw VOLUNTEERED THEIR INVALUABLE AID, and will most positively appear in the MOST BEAUTIFUL DRAMATIC PERFORMANCE given in this city for many years, Including, as it does, tue master act of Damas' great emotional drama of OAMILLE (by kind permission of Miss Matilda Heron*. A CHARMING VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MELANGE and Lord Lytton's ever popular LADY OF LYONS, WITH A REMARKABLE AND NOTEWORTHY CAST. Admission, ONE DOLLAR; Reserved Seats, FIFTY CENTS extra ; Family Circle. FIFTY CENTS. BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN. CJTEINWAY HALL. FESTIVAL WEEK. Q The public Is respectfully informed that a FESTIVAL WEEK OF GRAND ORATORIOS AND CONCERTS will be given on a scalo of COMPLETENESS AND GRANDEUR never before attempted In New York, under the direc tion of THEODORE THOMAS, COMMENCING TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 22. 1873. The following distinguished artists will appear:? Mrs. J. HOUSTON WEST, ( .Mrs. H. M. SMITH, t sopranos. Miss ANNIE LOUISE CARY, Contralto. Mr. NELSON VAltLEY, Tenor ihis first appearance in New York). Mr. MYRON W. WHITNEY, Basso. Mr. J. F. RUDOLPIISON, Baritone. The celebrated HANDEL and haydn society, from Boston, numbering FIVE HUNDRED (SOD) VOICES. Conductor CARL ZEKRAIIX Organist Mr. B J. LANG will appear, together with THEODORE THOMAS' UNRIVALLED OBCHESTBA, largely lncrea?ed on this occasion. ORDER OF PERFORMANCES:? TUESDAY EVENING, April '?!, at 8, ELIJAH. ELIJAH. WEDNESDAY, April 23, AFTERNOON and EVENING. GRAND PUBLIC REHEARSAL, at 1 o'clock, and LAST ORATORIO PERFORMANCE, at 8 o'clock, of SELECTION'S FROM ll.VNDEL'S ISRAEL IN EGYPT, including the grand double choruses, airs and ducts, and tho entire of Mendelssohn's HYMN OF PRAISE (LOBGESANG). THURSDAY EVENING, April 24, at 8, AT THE BROOKLYN ACADEMY, ONLY GRAND FESTIVAL ORATORIO, ELIJAH. ELIJAH. FRIDAY, April 25, AFTERNOON and EVENING, GRAND PUBLIC REHEARSAL, at 1 o'clock, ot' BEETHOVEN'S NINTH OR CHORAL SYMPHONY. ON FRIDAY EVENING. ONLY FESTIVAL CONCERT. Mr. ANTON RUBINSTEIN and Mr. HENRI WIEN'IA WSKI, Mr. ?. B. MILLS, Mr. WILLIAM MASON. The following distinguished vocalists will also appear:? Mrs. H. M. SMITH, MUs ANNIE LOUISE CARY. On this occasion BACH'S CONCERTO FOR THREE PIANOS will he performed i>y RUBINSTEIN, MILLS and MASON. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 2fl, ONLY FESTIVAL MATINEE. Last appearance during the Festival week of ANTON RUBINSTEIN. HENRI WIENIAWSKI, together with MRS. J. HOUSTON WEST, MR. MYRON W, WHITNEY, AC. SATURDAY EVENING, close of the Festival, THEO. THOMAS' LAST SYMPHONY CONCERT. Last appearance of the celebrated HANDEL AND HAYDN SOCIETY, and of ALL THE DISTINGUISHED ARTISTS. PRICES OF ADMISSION.? Reserved scat* to the even performances, 4S and $1. according to location; ADMISSION TICKETS ONE AND TWO DOLLARS; reserved seats to the niatlncc, 92; admission tiencfs to public roliearsals, $1; reserved seats to rehearsals, !W cents extra. Tin- sale of reserved seats will cuinmence Monday morning at Schlrmer's, 701 Broadway, at 114 Broadway and ut the box oftlce at Stelnway Hull. Brooklyn academy of music. GRAND FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE of Mendelssohn's Oratorla, ELIJAn, ELIJAH. ON THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 24, on a Male of completeness and grandeur never before at tempted in this country. Seats can he secured at the box office at the Academy, Brooklyn, and at 114 Broadway, New York. STEINWAY HALL FESTIVAL WEEK. ORDEk OF AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 23, AT I O'CLOCK, Grand Public Rehearsal to Handel's ISRAEL IN EGYPT AND MENDELSSOHN'S HYMN OF PRAISE. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 25, AT 1 O'CLOCK, Grand Peblic Rehearsal to Beethoven's NINTH OR CHORAL SYMPHONY, Admission tickets to rehearsals one dollar, Reserved seats fifty cent* extra. SATURDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 2fl, ONLY GRAND FESTIVAL MATINEE. MESSRS. ANTON RUBINSTEIN, HENRI WIENIAWSKI. MRS. J. HOUSTON WEST. Soprano, Mr. Myron W. Whitney, basso ; and Theodore Thomas and his Unrivalled Orchestra. Reserved seat* to the Matinee $2. w EVENING AT 8, FIRST TIME rOOD'S MUSEUM. DOM. MURRAY. Monday, april 21. 1873. " AFTERNOON AT 2. SPECIAL ATTBACTION for MATINEE PERFORMANCE*, The beautiful and gifted artiste, Miss JENNIE MORTON. In the celebrated drama ? ? entitled FA.NCUON TUE ORICKJBT of the celebrated Irish Comedian, Mr. DOM I NICK Ml BRAY, in his great drama .if ESCAPED FROM SING SING, with efficient cast. AIHU8KMKNTS. rpHRATRR OOHIQUR, 1 THEATRE OOSIuIte. SU THRATRB COIIQtTR, THEATRE COMIUUK, BROADWAY. THEATKB OOMIOUE. THEATRE COMIQI'K, THEATRE COMIQUB, THKATBR OOMIQirR THEATRR COMIQUB, _ THEATRE. CO THE ATRE 00*1^1 THEATRE < THEATRE CoillOUP. THRATRE C0M1QITE, THEATRE OOMIQUB, THEATRE OOMIQUR, THEATRE COMIQVB. ??4?s rr?Pr,*tor. r n"* tua'V'lof'ftUT# n f 'N NO. NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7; or, WAS HE GUILTY f NO. 7. NO. 7. NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 The above Drama lias never before been (inacted, and will be produced with new scenery, stage effects, Ac., on MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 21. Return of the old favorites on the same evening. The grout Ethiopian Comedian ?!' modern times, MK. JOHN HART. MK. JOHN HART, lilt. JOHN HART. miss .iftNNiK nronRs, MJSS JENNIE HUGHES, MISS JENNIE IiUUllES, Vocalist. the pleasing Serto-Comlc MR. JOHN QUEEN, Mil. JOHN QUKEN, UK. JOHN QUEEN, In his Acts and Comicalities. MR. WILLIAM WKST, MR. WILLIAM WKST, MR. WILLIAM WEST, in hia laughable Banjo Solo and Hongs. The above artists will appear in conjunction wilh the mammoth list of Stars at the theatre" COMIQUE, 514 BROADWAY", where artists of acknowledged ability, only are en gaged. EVERY PERFORMER BEINO A STAR in his peculiar line of business, and each one with an abuiuluncc of extra songs, dances. Ac., consequently, every woek's entertainment produces new aud original material never before performed. Endorsed br thousands who nightly visit the RECOUNIZKD NOVELTY THEATRE OP TUK WORLD, viz., TnF.ATRE OOMIQCB, THEATRE COMIQUE, 514 RROADWAY, TITRATRF COMIQUE, Sit BROADWAY, THEATRE COMIQUE, 514 BROADWAY, THEATRE CEMIQUE, 514 BROADWAY, the birthplace of Novelty and Originality, Ketiirn of the favorites and THE NEW SENSATIONAL DRAMA. NO. 7, NO. 7, NO. 7, HO. r, Or, WAS 1IE OUlLTYf HO. T, HO. 7; All the mammoth troupe retained. MR. JOHN HART. MR. JOnN WILD. MR. LAKRY TOOLF.Y. MR. JOHN QUERN. MR. WM. WEST. MR. E. D. GOODINO. MR. D. KELLET. MISS JENNIE HUGHES. MISS KITTY O'NEIL. MISS ADA WRAY. Second week ot the most comical of all Pantomimes? THE SHADOW, THE SHADOW, THE SHADOW, THE 8HADOW, OR A TRIP TO THE MOON. OR A TRIP TO THE MOON, by the celebrated . FLALZETTIE TROUPE, FLALZETTI E TROUPE. eight in number. THE SHADOW, TUB SHADOW, TUB SHADOW , Or. A TRIP To 1 HE MOON, TRIP TO Tills MOON, TRIP TO Til 15 MOON, TRIP TO THE MOON. To conclude every evening aud matinees with the new sensational drauta, vht. NO. 7; NO 7; NO. 7t NO 7; NO. 7; NO. 7 - ? NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 Or, NO. 7 NO. T NO, 7 NO. I NO. 7 NO. 7 WA8 NO. 7 NO. I NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 HE NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 NO. 7 OUILTY. NO. 7 Or. WAS HE OUILTY f Rose W alton Mrs. Nellio Mocker (Iter ti rat appearance.) Mr. Harding Mr. E. D. Gooding Joe Brlggs Mr. John Queen John Marks Mr. D. Kellev Jimmy Harding Mr. John Wild Alt. Jingle Mr. J. K. Crossln Tldemu* Timorous Mr. J. A. Graver Dr. Mayflower. Mr. O. L. stout Dennis McFadden. .. Mr. James Bradley Policeman Mr. William West Charley Marks, a child Master Willie Julia Manning f \ Miss Ada Wrav Miss Campbell Miss A. Johnson .Miss Newton Miss Julia Lewis .Mis* Josephine "Smith . Miss Kitty Tils ton Miss Nellie Sand ford Clara Walker Josephine Lewis Marv Mitchell ' Working Alice Curtain [ Girls. Olive Dauson Mrs. Timoroui Mo. Mark:}.. I ?. I . Miss Nellie Ss SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY, .'"?'?IDENTS, A* SCENE l.-Tho Interior of Harding's Factory. Julia and Clara. The Great Secret. Joe Hrigg's AU^tlon. Itoso Walton Makes a Discovery. Harding's Tresclierv. Rose throws ofT the Lamb and' Assumes the Lion. Tho Watchman, John Marks. Harding's Proposition, and What Came of It. The Escaped Prison Bird. A Brotherly Meeting. The Mysterious Sho?. The Death of Harding,

and the Arrest of John .Marks for Murder. SCENE 2 ? .Jimmy and Jingle. Klour and Toast. The Flight of Rose. A Highway Robbery. Tho Escaped Con vict Maknsa Haul. ,rStop Thiol ! stop Thief I" SCENE 3 ? The Abode ol Mr. Udenius Timorous. The Inconvenience of Having a Wife who Is Fond of Pleas ure. Any Port in a storm. Taking Chances in Another Man's Clothes. Mrs. Timorous Makes a Mistake. Jingle Wants to Know the Time Deceiving ihe Police. SCENE 4 ? Jingle's Kseape How to Plebottomlr.e a Brother. A Poor Widow In a Sad Scrape. Getting Square on the Cop. SCENE 5.? Rose Walton's Home. The Murderess and Her Crime. Tho letter. "May Heaven Insplro You With Eloi|uemse to Clear the Innocent." A Poor Girl's Repentance. "Mother In Heaven, Look Down with a Pitvlng Eye Upon Your Guilty aud Broken-Hearted Chfld. SCBNE (.?Jimmy in Custodv. McFaddcn Makes a Haul. Jingle Makes a Speech trouble Among the Po lice. SCENE 7.? No. 7, The Morning of tho Execution. The Condemned Man Taking Leave of His Wife and Child. The Last Hope Gone. Preparing for Death. Exciting Denotement. THE ENTIRE NIGHT PERFOMANCE THE ENTIRE NIGHT PERFORMANCE AT THE MATIN RES MATINEES MATINEES MATINEES WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY Wednesday WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY WRDNESDAV AND AND SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY AFTERNOON AFTERNOON AFTERNOON AFTE.'INOOH AFTERNOON AT 5K O'CLOCK. _ AHC8KMBSTI. 5TH AVMNUJ5 THEATRE. CURTAIN RISES AT 6L Hoy. TB and 7S0 Broadway. sola Uam ud Manager Mr. AUOU8TIK DALY. "DIVORCE 1 1" AU0U8TIN DALY'S BBJLL.IANT DRAMA OF SOCIETY, EYERYMQHT. hr M'w CUr* MorrU. Mii? Fanny Daren fiKi i ^iu Fan"y M?rant, Mr*. U. W. Oilbert. Mi x* Linda (I r?m tl?l r V ?ir " ni? r ? M Roberta Norwood, Mi?? ?iher, Mr. Oeorge Clurkej Mr. T Jauiey Lewis, Mr. W. Davld?e, Mr H. Whit S (lzea K?wcett, Mr. 0. F. Devere, Mr. D. aud otlfer^ Chapman, Mackay, Bookman, Carroll wJlT" TZtoufT&X*0**'*' 0riglU<kl MU"1C by Dod "DIVORCE" MATINEE SATURDAY, at 10>i o'clock. In preparation, "MAN AND W IFF," and a new and original play ot poweriul emotional character. ?JRAND Ol'ERA II0U8B. JjlVERY NKJHT AT 9 rp he 0* ALL CJENSATIONAL D It AM AS, <*TJNDBR G W ASLIGHT," ITH ITS 1H RILLING I t II A1LR0AD I 1 E FFECT I I rpiiE A MUSING gCEN'ES J^T THE rpOMriS POLICE COURT I ! I HERS 0F C1 Y STARLIGHT, B ?yy ITH THE SPORTS OF TUB J^"EW YORK STREET "ARABS 1" M RS. JOHN WuOD >EAC II BLOSSOM. w FA PERFORMANCES IN AMERICA. Mrs. john wooD's FAREWELL BENEFIT and LAST APPEARANCE llllt OI10 IN NEW YORK PRIOR TO II Ell DEPARTURE FOR EUROPE, FRIDAY NKiliT, APRIi. 2.V On which occasion MRS. WOOD will appear in two pieces? The (Treat local Drama UNDER THE GASLIGHT, and the Coinody of THE HAPPY PAIR I T AST s IX NIQHTS ?OSITIVELY OF 'cjjnDER T iie QASLIOHT.1' SATURDAY moht next, Oi APRII. 26, LAST NIUIIT OF UNDER THE GASLIGHT. POSITIVELY LAST NIUIIT OF MRS. JOHN WOOD IN NEW YORK PRIOR TO HER DEPARTURE FOR LONDON. ?1 RAND OPERA HOUSE, M ONDAY, APRIL 28, MR. c CHARLES FECI1TER 0 WN WORLD FAMOUS D KAMATIZATION OF "Monte 0 1RISTO," B OX BUEET NOW OPEN [/OR THIS ENTIRE SERIES OF PERFORMANCES* CADKMY OF MUSIC. OI.R BULL'S ORAND CONCERT In aid of the MASONIC HALL AND ASYLUM FUND SATURDAY EVENING, APRIL 26, assisted by the members of the Olo Bull Coucort Com pany. The favorite young American Prima Donna, MISS ORAZ1ELLA R1DOWAY. The popular and celebrated Baritone Coml'iue, and the eminent rlanUt, MR. JOSEPH HART DENC'K. Ad mission *1 Reserved Scuts, $1 SO. For salo by diagram at Schlrmer's Music Store, 701 Broadway, and at Fred Rullman's Ocueral Ticket office, 114 Broadway. IRVING HALL. ? MR. WILLIAM S. PONTIN WILL APPEAR AT MR. C. HENRY'S CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, April 25. TI1E RECONSTRUCTED PANTOMIME OF HUMI'TY lH'MPTY will be in line working order on NEXT WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, and a rush to tho OLYM PIC may confidently be anticipated. IRVING HALL-MR. C. HENRY'S GRAND TESTI MONIAL CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, April 28. MASTER HARRY BENEDICT. THE GIFTED YOUNG pianist, pupil of Prof. J. Jay Watson, will nlay Men delssohn's rolchratcd "Rondo Caprlccloso" at Miw WAT SON'S CONCERT, Apollo Hall, April 26. THE OLYMPIC THEATRE INAUGURATED THE WEDNESDAY MATINEES, and has given them with great succoss for several years past IRVING HALL. I "Let all oliey." Mr. J. O. LOMBARD will sing this beautiful song at Mr. V. HENRY'S CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING. April 28. Grand complimentary concert and lite rary entertainment to Mr. GEORGE F. SARGENT? at the West Twontythlrd street Presbyterian church, Monday evening, April 21, 1X73, at 8 o'clock. The follow ing eminent artist; will assist:? Miss Annie Borlo, so prano; Miss Etta E. Hr ran. contralto ; Mr. Wm. Tobias, tenor; Mr. Walter Rosso I Johnston, organist-, Mont. Ed ward La Croix, pianist; Mr. Will. B. Van De Water, or ganist; Mr. Miron A. Ward, conductor; Mis* F. H. Churchill, tlotutloalit. Tickets BO cents. \riSITOR8 TO THE METROPOLIS WHO ARE COM peiied to return homo on Saturday noon can attend the WEDNESDAY MATIN KK at th* OLYMPIC, where 0. L. FOX hold* high carnival. YrVINO H ALL. I Mr J. G LOMBARD will appear at MR. 0. HENRY'S CONCERT, IRVING HALL, FRIDAY EVENING, April 2S. MISS ADA VAN WAGENEN AND MISS EMMA BURR will play Grand Galop Rriltlante and La ChMM Infernal*. at Mis* WaUoa'i Grand Concert, Saturday evening, April 20. _____ Fencing "and box ino academy, is clinton place, near Broadway.? Boxing taught In 12 lessons, i A flne assortment of Fencing Apparatus and Boxing I ii loves on hand awl tor sole. Colouei MOSWTKHY. ABnT??M?rr?. OLTMriC theatre. ' ^ ? J. 8. HAYES Lcsmhi and Muinr INAUOUBATION OF THIS TENTH BBA OK FUN. _ DURING THE BKIGN OF OBIMAUDI THB SECOND, MONDAY, APRIL 21. MONDAY. APRIL n. BVBBY BVBNINO, AT 8 O'CLOCK, UNTIL FUBTHER NOTICB. . THE FIFTH EDITION OF O. L. FOX'S world renowned Comic Trick. Pantomime of , HUMPTY DUMPTYI HUMPTY DUMPTYI thoroughly revlaed and reconstructed by the author, and produced under bis iminediat direction, in a SUPERIOR STYLE, IDENTICAL WITH THAT WHICH HAS HIT U EBTO ATTENDED U1S PANTOMIMIC PRODUCTIONS. The cast will embrace ??,vr GEO. L. FOX as CLOWN C. K. FOX PANTALOON C. W. RAVE I as HARLEQUIN MISS FANNY BBANB as COLUMBINE MISS- MARION FISKE as..., BURLKSQUE ?OSA ST. CLAIR (from tho Fifth Avenue Theatre, by kind permission of Mr. Auguitiiii _ as . .ROM ANCE . THE STH will be presented with S-.SJijy CAST, NEW BURLESQUE OPESINO. NEW am? uSXl. COSTUMES AND MUSIC, NEW TRICES r? vn??T.H.ANIP^, ''"ROTS, and a CORPS OF OLD ttu<J N1?w Hl'Et;iALTY ARTISTES. co in un munihs ol those famous Ath ^fi^ a.-. O^LBKOTHEIlS, the finest gymnasts in the ?Sddb "JfKf "ppear in their TRIPLE PAR " "?*??<; f*ua*u> CHAMPION HAT SPINNERS OF THE tVoRLD, who WJH '"fro'luco their specialties, entitled MUSICAL ROCKS nnd LES CHAPRAUX DU DIABLB. First appearance at this theatre of the WONDERFUL INFANT VIOLINIST, AMEBICUS who lias justly been stvlud THE COMING MOZART, lie-engagement lor a llmitccfflFriod of the CLASSICAL GYMNASTS, PROF. NELSON AND HIS SONS, the graceful and daring exponents of the Olympian Games. First time of the RUSSIAN VOCALISTS AS A SEXTETTE, the quartet having been augmented by the arrival of two additional artists, formerly ol the Grand Russian Opera Troupe. KVNOCK AND SMITH IN A NEW COMIC SKATING ACT. REVIVAL OF THE GREAT RAILROAD SENSATION. 12 NEW SCENES. 12 NEW SCENES. 12 NEW SCENES. SYNOPSIS OF THE CONTENTS OK VOLUME FIFTH. CHAPTER FIRST. Paoh 1.? THE RETltEAT OF ROMANCE BY MOON LIGHT? Romance and Burlesque Discuss the State o A flairs Current is 1873, and Unite their Forces to Levy f Contributions from all Quarters of the Globe to Offer to HUMPTY Dl'MPTY. Pagb 1? THE HAPPY HOMESTEAD UNDER THE HILL? The Merry Haymakers, with their Wives and Children. Peasantry and Pleasantry? llumpty and the Village Baud? CUSHION DANCE, by all the characters. 'H. D.", as Conductor? Extract of Strauss? Visit of tha Squire's family? A Multlttido of Mistake*? General Con tusion? Arrival of the Protector of Good v? MAGIC TRANSFORMATION OF CHARACTERS. Pacb 3.? ICE CREAM SALOON AND GROCERY STORE? The Honeymoon nnd Wedding Tour ot Harle quin and Columbine? Uproarious and Glorious Climax P AOS 4. -BOOT AND SHOE BAZAAR AND PRIVATE DWELLING? DijWl on the Promenade? Hydraulic Pressure? The Ever Vigilant Police? Galvanic Battery? General Consternation. Pack S.-'i'HE OUTSKIRTS OF THE GREAT CITY? Pursuit of Harlequin aud Columbine? Uurapty Wius the Game? "Go Where You Will, We'll Follow.'' Pack 6 ? BIRD'S-EYE VIEW OF THE METROPOLIS? Humpty nt More Mischief? Piscatorial Pursuits? More Tribulation lor Fond Hearts? Humpty Under a Spell? THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS TRAIN? Great Commotion? Down Brakes? Horror 1 Horror!? THE LOCOMOTIVE? Help irom an Unexpected Quarter? Saved ! Saved !? TABLEAU OF EXCITEMENT. CHAPTER SECOND IS COMPBISED IN ONE.ORAND PAGE, and Will Introduce THE "AMERICAN GllIMALDI'S" BOUQUET OF ART ISTS, comprising tho WILSON BROTHERS, "Americas." Professor NELSON and SONS, WILLIAM and HARRY JEE. Tho RUSSIAN SEXTELLE, Messrs. KYNOCK and SMITH, Mrs. CHARLO'lTE V. WINTEUBURN, Vocalist, and Mr. C. E. PIERCE and Mis.; GRACE RUTH, Comic Duellists. CHAPTER THIRD. Pack l.-A GERMAN' BILLIARD SALOON? Lager Beer and Pretzels? Bagatelle and Billiards? A Game for the Championship of America? 1 ascent of the Police? The Animals that are Pests to Well-slocked Henroosts are Caged at Last? "Visitors arc Requested Not to Feed the Animals" ? TABLEAU A LA MENAGERIE. Pagk 2? EXTERIOR OF A TUTONIC BEER GAR DEN?A Fresh Alarm? Countless Troubles? A Failing Out. Pjq:{ 3.-A PLEASURE PAIiK IN WINTER? Cay Moments? Fine Bracin* Weather, "Tho Ball Is Up''? How to Start an Arabian S:oed ? Cruelty to A minuls ? Where's BE RGH?? Extraordinary Metamorphosis. Pack 4.? A MUSIC STORE?' Tho Water Cure? Animated Skotchcs? Arrival from Sunny Italy? Humpty as an Italian Artist? "He Taught My Contle Heart to Love"? Interference of tho Police? "Down in a Coal Mire." Pack 5.? MODEL Lodging HOUSE? Approved by tho Board of Health ? Chambers to Let? "H. D." in Search of Quiot Apartments? Worn Outat Last; "Como Where My Lovo Lies Dreaming"? Sudden Alarm? The Freed men's Bureau? A Haunted House -Consternation of Humpty Dumpty. Pack H.? A STREET IN ALMOST ANY PLACE? A New Wny of Going 'Ihroitgh a Wall? Every tiling Near an End. A GRAND FINAL HISTORICAL TABLEAU, after the celebrated palming by Euianuel Lcut/.e, "WASHINGTON CROSSING TIIE DELAWARE." REMEMBER THE WEDNESDAY MATINEES, WH ICR HAVE SO LONG BEEN A FEATURE AT THE ACKNOWLEDGED HOME OF PANTOMIME. FAMILY MATINEES ON SATURDAY, AT 2 O'CLOCK. Seats can be secured six iluyj in advance. Q i TH STREET THEATRE, Ol NEAR THIRD AVENUE. MONSTER ATTRACTIONS THIS WEEK, ENTIRE NEW BILL, NEW FaRCES, NEW FEATURES. DUTCH POLICEMAN, GRIP JACK, LIMERICK BOY. DOUBLE TRAPEZE AND CHINESE NECROMANCY. MISCHIEVOUS MONKEY. DADDY LONG LEIJS. Songs, Dances, Character Changes, Oration*, Ac. CHANGE OF PROGRAMME EVERY EVE NINO. Matinees Tuesday aud Friday afternoon at 2 K o'clock. CHILDREN TO MATINEE HALF PRICK. New music.? "pity the homeless one to Niuht," Pratt, 30c.: "Be Thou W ith Me," prayer. I iller, 3tle.: "Lcs Botes Waltzes," Mettra, 50 c. ; -Manu script" and "Hypothesen" Waltzes, Strauss, each 75c. ; "The Spray Maziirkn," Pattlson, ; "My Mother Among the Anisels," "A Rose in Heaven" and "Not a Sparrow Fallot It," three new songs by Abt, with picture title, each 50c. Copies mailed. WM. A. I'OND A CO., Publishers. 5J7 Broadway and 3U Union square. <? A IMEZ vol s I,A MUSIC."? A COPY OF THIS iV hook presented to every person who attends Miss WATSON'S GRAND BENEFIT CONCERT, at Apollo llall, Saturday evening, April 2ii. OLYMPIC THEATRE? SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.? Lndiessnd children should not forget the MATINEES ON W E DN KSD A VIA FT KltNOO NS, which have so long been j opular at this establishment. TTABIETIR3 THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS TO > rent.? Proposals will be received until the 1st day of June next tor th: rent ol the Varieties Theatre, com mencing with the next season. The theatre is complete lu all its appointments of wardrobe, scenery, properties, Ac. Address K. RIGNEY, President La Variete Associa tion, New Orleans. MR. WILLIAM F. MILLS THE ARTISTIC AND AC compilshed Pianist, will appear at Mr. C. Henry's Conccrt, Friday evening, April 25. Gallery ok paintings. LOUIS DURR'S HISTORICAL COLLECTION, comprising over 3W patutinvs by the best masters from the fourteenth century down to the present time. Now open Irom 2 to 10 P M., tor the benefit of THE GERMAN HOSPITAL, in the GERMAN SAVINGS BANK BUILDINO, entrance on Fotirth avenue, near Fourteenth street Admission durir.',' the day, 30c. ; in the evening, 26c. IRVING HALL. MR. C. HENRY'S ORAND TESTIMONIAL CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING. April 25. Take YOUR families to the OLYMPIC ON either WEDNESDAY or SATURDAY AFTERNOON, to see the FIFHI EDITION OF HUMPTY DUMPTY. T HE FA IB In aM of the SHEPHERD'S FOLD, (An Orphan Asylum on Eighty-sixth street), will be continued the AFTERNOONS AMU EVENINGS Of MONDAY AND TUESDAY NEXT, Ihe 2lst and M Inst., AT NO. 2 EAST FORTT-SEVENTH STREET adjoining the Wlndtor IIou?e). _ Ticket* or admission Rood until used. IRVINO HALT,.? AMERICA'S chief OF BASSOS, Mr. J. O. LOMHAKI), will appear at Mr. C. HENRY'S Concert. Friday evening. April 2s. OLYMPIC THEATRE.? "KNOW ALL MEN BY these presents," lliat tho third performance of Die FIFTH EDITION OK (i. U FOX'S HUMPTY DCMPTY Will tako place ou next WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON at 2 o'clook. IRVINO HALL.? MR. 0. HENRY'S BRAND COMPLI MENTARY THSTIMON 1AL CONCERT, FRIDAY KVBNI NO, April 25. PARTICULAR MUSICAL NOTICE.? TICK ETS FOR Miss WATSON'S CONCEKT lor calf at ? Clinton place; Reymert's law office, 132 Nassau street; Oraliara's Phonographic Depot, 5(3 Broadway, anil box office. SAUSE'S CALICO SOIREE. Irving Hall, WEDNESDAY, May 7, IA73. FRIDAY1 HMHSg 2JAn n str c o t. Mo nd a y and Tu&av^e., II and 1^ T-^'^TviriC THEATRE MATIN ELS ARK WON U? ^ ii? v?t .lenervcdiT popular and arc flren at 2 ao^on bVtlVwKDNESD^'and SATURDAY AFTER NOONS. IRVINO HALL. Mr. M. F. WYNNE, thoyoung and wonderful Basso Profundo, will appear at Mr. C. HENRY'S CONCERT. FRIDAY EVENING, April 1'5. ' M~ RS. "*? JENNIE ADAMS W1 i/ls I NO "DAY AMD Night I .Thought of Ther .."with violin obllirato t,r Professor J. JAY WAT&ON, at Miss Watson's Concert, April 28. PROF J. .JAY WATSON." THE DISTINaUISIIKD American Violinist, will play Fanta*io from En chanted H.ute, and Nnrilrank's beautiful "Norwegian Serenade, at Mis* Watson's Concert, Saturday evening, April 2rt. J^BTROi'OLITAX 1 THEATRICAL AND snow "printing ESTABLISHMENT. HERALD BUILDING, BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. A LAROB ASSORTMENT OF THEATRICAL, MINSTREL and VARIETY CUTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND, AMVSXMtBVTS. Bowuy tubatbk. WM. B. FRKLIUH MONDAY. APRIL SI, 1873, aud until further nolle*, A BAD 1-OT. A new Drama. In four act*, by CHARLES FOSTER, take* from EDMUND YATES' Sto rjr Just completed in the Fire tide Companion. Entire new aceaery, new effect* and thrilling *ituattons, embracing the whole atreugth of the Company iu the This peculiarly constructed play depicts in a forcibly manner the tearful extent to which the humaa pai*inM will lead their slave*, establishing the souudneaa of th? adage that "fraili U stranger thau'ficUou." * - ? KVKBY NIGHT BAD A LOT EVBBT NlOU* Hi BVBttr NIGHT, Preceded br the Petite Cainedy ot OBLIGING A FRIEND. In preparation, a new and original sensational Dram^ by the talented authored. Ml.-* MARY WATSON, culled IN lUH'K. ' ST. JAMES THEATRE. IRELAND. FOUR WKKKS ONLY. 8F.COM) WEEK. STANDING ROOM ONLY AFTER S O'CLOCK, SECURE YOUR SEATS. FRANK MACEVOY'S NEW HIBERNICON; OR, IRELAND IN AMERICA. IRISH COMEDY AN I' CHARACTER COMPANY. TWO UOURS ON THK Al'LD SOD. FROM THE STAR, Al'iilL 1ft. "Last niKht Mucevoy's NEW HIliEltNICON was ex* hiblted tor tho first lime this season. An immense audi ence w as present ; every seat being occupied, and hua dmls were turned away, unable to obtain even stan.liug , room. This la one of tliu finest programmes of Ireland ever exhibited in this country. Connected with Ihe com pany are several well-known vocalists, including Ml-a Kate Cooper, the favorite soprano; Mis* Mary McCrea, the popular contralto; Miss Kute Ryrns, from the Dublin Theatre, aud other*. Mr. W. F. Lawlor, ns Barnev tha Uulde, Is not surpassed ns a delineator ot irlsh character, and Mr. Nenl Conway came In tor a larue share of ap plause. Mis* Kute Cooper, a pretty blonde, has not only an enviable reputation a* a vocalist, but as a delineator of Irish temule character, has lew e<|ttul? ou the Ameri can stage." Orchestra chairs 79e. Admission 60c. MATINKK WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, 2 P. M. General admission 50c. ; children Iflc. Mrs. f. b. conway's Brooklyn theatre. APRIL 21, 22, S3 and 34 DAVID GARRICK and POCOIIONTAS, Mrs. F. R. Conway, Miss Conn ay, Messrs. F. Hoche ani Lennox. I BRYANT'S OPERA HOUSE, TWENTY-THIRD ST., between Sixth aud Seventh avenues, near Booth's Theatre. Every evening at tf. Saturday Matinee at 2. LAST WEEK OF MASTER HA lt.V KY. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF SHOO FLY. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS, | ARRIVAL OF LUCCA. BRYAN l"S MINSTRELS. | Dr. Coltpn'O Laughing Gas. BRYANTS MINSTRELS. | TkUE LOVK BRYANT'S NINSTRKLS. I NEVER DID RUN SMOOTH. THURSDAY MATINER? l^uout to MASTER RABNET. 8UOO FLY. SHOO FLY. SHOO FLY. Matinee Saturday at 2. Seats secured. BRYANT'S MINSTRELS. EXTRA MATINEE. THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Anill 21, at 2, FAREWELL BENEFIT to MASTER BARNEY. The following popular artists have kindly rgluuteero4 for the occasion Messrs. JOHN HART, JOHN WILD, HARRIOAN and nART, ? R. M. CARROLL AN1> SON'S, by permission of Josh llart, Es<i. The Entire 'Iroupo ot BRYANTS MINSTRELS, THURSDAY, April 2?. at 2 o'clock. rnoNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE, 201 BOWERY. 1 THE <& A THK BEAUTIFUL T NELLIE. 7 QUEEN YOUNG I NELLIE. I OF COMEDIRNNE.A $> COMEDY, MISS KITTY HENDERSON, Champion Clog Duseute and Character Artiste. BILLY PASTOR | CHARLEY WHITE UNO. WIi HAMS BILLY PASTOR CHARLEY WHITE | JNO. W ILLIAMS HUGH IIAGGEETT, BILLY BARRY, HARRY HART. C,Et>. F. MOORK, C. F. SEABERT, BILLY EMMET. CELIA 1FEKD, FANNY FORDHAM, GOKENFLO SIS. TERS. AC., THE GREAT STAR TROUPE OF NEW YORK. in nn entirely new and novel programme. Matinees Tuesday aud Saturday. Ladles tree on Friday evenings. c 1HARLES H. FOSTER. UNEXPOSED SPIRITUAL MEDIUM. 16 East Twelfth street. May 1, 182 Ww I Eleventh street j DR. COLTON and PIERCE'S OLD FOLKS' CONCERT. Combined entertainment of quaint and humoroM Soug* and Lauohlng <>as, AT COOPER INSTITUTE. TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 'ft. LAUGHTER? ROARS OP LAUGHTER! Tickets, 23 cents. Rescrrad Seats (a few). 50 cent*. Doors opon at 7. Commence at 8. MISS ANNA SIMON WILL GIVE IIER FIRST GUANO CONCERT, assisted by the following eminent Artists r? Mrs. G. V. BLINN. Contralto; Mr. F. RKMMERTZ, Baritone; Dr. L. damkoscii. Violin: Mr- F. BERONER, Vlollncello; Mr. F. VAN INTEN, Piano, on FRIDAY EVENING, April 25. 187S. at 8 o'clock % precisely, at ROBIN: ON HAL!., 18 East Sixteenth street, between Broadway anfl Fifth av. TICKETS AT 82. to bo obtained at th" principal luiuio store." and at the ticket office, 114 Broadway. Further particulars In future announcement*. / I L. FOX CANNOT PARADE WITH TDK EIGHTH IT. REGIMENT ON WEDNESDAY next, becauso tho patrons of the OLYMPIC MATINEE will anther ill forco to welcome their favorite 1H MPTY DIMI'TY. I R VINO IIALL. C. HENRY'S GRAND TESTIMONIAL CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, April 25. CI NAPOLEON CARROZZI, TEACHER OF SINO X. lug, Concert Accompanist and Transposer at sight on piano. Address 10 East I'nion miuare. MISS LOUISA MORHISON-FISET WILL SING "Fattl Patte O Bel Masetto, Irom "Don <;i(>vanlli,', at Miss WATSON M GRAND BENEFIT CONCERT, at Apollo Hall, Saturday evening, April 26. Magical bazaar. 1.182 Broadway, two doors abovo Twenty-eighth at. HARTZ & LEW Proprietor* JUST RECEIVED, HIE WONDROUS STEREOSCOPE, A NEW OPTICAL INSTRUMENT, by which means any person's Card Photograph being placed In the Instrument produces ONE HUNDRED different distortions mid still retaining the likeness. It i? so constructed as to cause your lean friend to look tat and your tat iriend to look lean, and will nlf'ord endless amusement m tho parlor to both youug and old. PRICE *3. <& NEW CONJURING TRICKS From 50c. BOXES OF TRICKS (IMPROVED) PROM $5. EVENING PARTIES ATTENDED WITH MAGICAh E NTE RT A I N M E N T. Price list sent free by mail. Our new store. 1,131 Broadway, under St. James notel. will be opened about May 1. N'EW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, 818 -BUOAD wt?y, between Houston and Bleecker streets,? Every one should visit tho wonderiul Museum ; it IstXill ot evorv tiling people should see and understand. Lectures daily on "The Philosophy of Marriage." Those parties unablo to attend these important lectures can have them for warded, post, free, on receipt of 2ft cents, by addressing SECRETARY NEW YORK MUSEUM OF ANATOMY, till Broadway, Now York. j^EPOSITORY OF WONDER. SCIENCE AND ART, 850 BROADWAY, near Fourteenth street M. HARTZ, ' ? 1 1 A The only place in New York lor perfect t'on jttring Tricks, from SO cents each, or in boxes irom $5 lo $130, with full printed instruc tion.''. Beautiful Scien tific Toys, unite new to '?neric.i. A*?iiy tricks, Wfieit m.tde of boxwood, fall ?ii account of warping , where such is likely M. nam's Conlttrlnj Tricks are made of Pat ent Hard Rubber. No conticctlon with par ties trading on the name and reputation ot M. Hart*. Send tor tho new eight page price list. Ks-enlng parties attended w If Ii msgicel entertainment. \ Will open n Branch Store about the middle of May. IRVING HALL.?-*flt. LOUIS BEROE. THE CKLeI brated Organl?t Snfl Accompanist will preside at th? piano at Mr. C. Henry's Concert, Friday evening, April 25. Banjo. -just issued, bog.i.vs banjo manual; the mojt flinple and only method of the kind ever published, enabling the pupilT without the least knowl edge of music, to play tunes at sight; containing 3.1 popu lar airs, also the bell chimes imitation ; price ?f work, S3. N. B.?lnilructions given In Haiijo, s?nc and hance, Jig, Clog and Irish JigDancing; pupils fitted for the stnae : Banjos of superior tone at all prices; ladles taught by JOHN J. BOOAN, 100 Hast Houston street, near Bewury. IRVING IIALL. 1 " all obey" and listen to this beautiful song as it will he sung by the prince of bassos, Mr. J. G. LOMB.tltD, at M ' C ' HENRY'S CONCERT, FRIDAY EVENING, April23. MISS CASA DENOON REYMF.ItT AND PROF. JAY WATSON, will nlsv Grand Dim from Lucia dl Ram mcrmoor, lor piano and violin, at Miss M atron * Concert, April 28. \\f KDNESDAY IS A GALA DAY ATTIIE OLYMPIC W THEATRE, as the "AMERICAN URIMALDI-gtve* a SPECIAL MATINEE at 2 P. M.. for the accommodation of ladles and children. _______ IRVING IIALL ? MR. JAMES THOMPSON, THF. IN imitable Buffo, will appear at Mr. C. HENRY'S CON* CERT. FRIDAY EVENING. April 23. The stage, lecture room, pulpit, bar,, on as teachers. Professor Philip Lawrence, author ol ihe "Model Speaker," "Lnwrouco Speaker," will instruct ladles and gentlemen. HM Fifth avenue. MRS ANNE lynch gives her third grand Concert on Tuesdav evening, April 22, at Robinson Hatl. Sixteenth street, between Broadway and Filth ave. nue. Doors open at 7 :19. Commence at 7 :M precisely I.D AND YOUNG PEOPLE WHO ARR AT LIBERTY on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS can enjoy neari* three hours of mirth at the OLYMPIC THEATRE. IRVING HALL. Miss ANNA R. BUI.KLEY, the celebrated Contraltow will appear at Mr. C. HENRY'S CONCERT. FRIDAY EVENING, April 25. ^ For sale-the manuscript or a French play, by Adolphe Bolot "La Fcmme da Feu," iusl received from Paris. Address box 2,55.) New York l t)wt office. _ CIONOR SEVKRINI, Till DISTINGUISHED TENOHJ O will sing Pnnoika's Tarantella (witnout words), at Miss Watson's Grand Benefit Concert, at Apollo Halk Saturday evening, April Programines mailed iroe. B L1TRANGKRS WHO ARRIVE IN NEW YORK ON O WEDNESDAY, are hereby InlormAd that t?* OLYMPIC MATINEE begin* at 2 o'clock.

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