Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 5
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MLB. - BEAUTIFUL HOUSE, 0* TaiRTY-TOlRTH EL street, near Park ?venn?, for sal# ?t ?3?.C*>.? The ouse i? 23 feet wiilc and has butler's pantry extension, I well built and arranged in nerleet ert"l 'o* ,n" ?&"?? E. H. LUDLOW A CO., !*o. 3 Pine afreet. A 66 YEARS' LEASE OF 7 LOTH ON BROADWAY, between I'iriU th Btreet and < antral Park, will be ?old or eirhai're J I'-r unencumbered I roprrty, or the ?round will bo loosed lor U) yearn or upward. Address W. i'. , station D. AM NT? IN VEST MF. NT. ? SPLENDID FOUR STORY basement and Extension Residence, Ek-ve mil iitrccr, IM'II r Kilt h avenue ; 18 room* ; all ImpruVfiMgtii: sufrerb order. M. T. WOOLLEY. 7a I'nlT.-rslty place. AN ELEGANT HOUSE KOR SALE ? OR WOULD rent It, partially furnished; ll9K??>Worueth street, between Lexington and Park itvetfuest a 29xSnx9*.!) brown stone three story House. with all modern im provements; price tMXOuO. or rent $4,000. For particu lars ap ply to GEORGE SAMUELS, 400 tlroadway. A-A.-A.-FOR SALE, AT A 8ACIUF1CK, A FIRST ? elat'M tour storv high iiloop brown ston# House, 72.2x68. 10 foot Lot on went ride ot Madison avenue, H) net south ot Soveuty -lourlli Ktreet. eleur tVw to Park s three ?oors 1b bard wood, parlor iloor caMt* t work by Pottler A Stymus, witb HLrary. butler's pantry, mantel mirrors, Ac. Also -i tlrrt class House ot similar dimensions and superior finish on Madi*on avenue, 29 leet Ironi the mh< heart corner of sixty-tlrst street. Terina to suit : guod location ; lots taken iu payment : houses open lor inspec tion. Inquire of owner, A. KLABKH, at bk marble works, 1 34 East Eighteenth street. A FOUR STORY, CABINET TtotltiMED, BROWN stone House, between Madison and Fifth avenues, SxOltxlUO'. will bo sold for $10,000; worth (W.OOO . this is an opportunity seldom offered. Apply to DUKN A ShAIClI, 202 liroadway. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE OH FORTY-NINTH street, near Fifth avenue, lor sale or to let; neatly ?alntod and frescoed. In perfect order, with poases.'-ioii; $9,000 cat h payment, balance on iavorable terms. Apply' to owner, JAMES 0. SPENCER, 287 Broadway. Avery fine hoc be, bbventy-fourth street, near Central Park, ror sale, at most any sacrillce, ?r will exchange lor smaller Ilonse or Lota. FliANKFlELD, 323 Eighth avenue, owner. Avery cheap plot of four lots, on sixty fourth street, between Madison and Hith avenues, ft?r sale on very easy tor in a- A rare opportunity for a builder or one seeking a first class investment to make a handsome profit WM. E. HAWS. No. 5 Pine street A T $28,000? MUST BE SOI D? $3,000 CASH.-A FOUR J\. story brown stone high tt> op Moose, 20x90x100, be tween Broadway and Sixth avenue, near O I lacy Hotwe. WILLIAM TI'CKER, 221 Filth avenue._ A -I AM AUTHORIZED TO OFFER A SUPERBLY ? built, planned and finished, 30 foot mansion, adjoin ing Fifth avenue, with extension over enlire lot; owner is going abroad and price will be made extremely moder ate, with easy terms. Apply to J. B. WALLACE, 117 Broadway, room A A? FOR SALE, FOUR FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ? high stoop stone fronts (College lease) on north *ide ?f Forty-ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, S2xf?, S0x60 and 16x69. Apply to WM. C. LEKSTEIl, 47 West Forty-ninth street. F For sale? or will accept small houses, near Fortieth street, or First Mortgages, for a first class brown stone House, hardwood finish, on Madison avenue, on block from the Park. WM. QBE, owner, cor ner of Elin aud Franklin streets. FOR SALE-TUB FIVE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND Lot 85 Carmine street, rents for $3,600, price $30.0iJ0 ; also live story brick House and Lot 131 Mulberry street, rents for $1,900, price $19,000; terms easy. U. D. M1LDEHERGER, 80 Carmine streak FOR SALE? 12 LOTS, ON FIFTY- FIRST AND FIFTV sccond streets; two Nova Scotia fronts os Madison avenue; also brick Building, suitable for stable. Addresu ESTATE, Herald office. OR SALE? A CORNER HOUSE AND STABLE; A good opportunity for a physician : four story and high stoop brown stone front ; price $23,000; also bargains In first clasi tenement I'ropertv. D. OARHISON, 597 Sixth avcniie. For sale? harlem-a two story frame cot tajre, wllli garden; lot 37.6x100.1 1 ; in 124th street, be tween Fifth and Sixth avenues ami near Mount Morris Park ; hou>e contains gas, bath and elo.-iet*. Apply at 161 Duanc afreet. FOR SALE OR to let? on forty-ninth street ucar HMi avenue, a beautiful Residence, painted and Irercotd and In perfect order, with immediate pori 8o ssion. HENRY A. SMITH, 1,4)6 Broadway. B^OIt PALE OR to LET? TnE EXTRA DEEP BROWN stono House .522 West Twenty-third street, nearly op posite the Of and Opera Hou.<e; contain.'* every conven ience, and Is in neriect order; Mantel and Pier Mirrors may lie had If desired ; immediate posses ton. Apply to It. \V. UOLLENDER, 733 Broadway; New York. riUIK CHEAPEST HOU- E IN THE CITY FOR SALE? JL on Sixty-flrst street, near Madison avenue ; the best location east of the Park. Apply to DUNN A 8EAICII, 202 Broadway. fit-Hi HflA WILL BUY 10-FOOT IIIOII STOOP jpiy.Vvl/ brick ; $11,000, elegant brown stone, near Third avenue; $20,000, fo ur story brown stone; must he fold; other bargains. LIONEL FROEULICH, Third avenue, comer Fiftieth street. f\ OHO WILL BUY BROWN STONE HOUSE ?PU?J.UUU on Fitty-?ccond street, near Fifth ave nue: tl'.WO furnished House in Ninth ward; $30,000 Forty-niiitn street, near Fifth avenue: other Houses ebeap. PAUL P. TODD. 59 Liberty street. Bant Hide. AN EXQUI-'ITE LITTLE BROWN STONE nOUSE, clegaully furnished, for sale, before May 1, for $29,000; easy terms. See premises 219 East Seventy-sec ond street (wide street), or call on SILSBEE, 187 Canal ?trcet. A BARGAIN TO CA6I1 PURCHASER. ? TIIB THRICE storv lilirli stoop broUn stone House 735 Lexington Avenue. fully furnished ; must lie solil immediately, as the owner tspofn^ to Europe. Apply to HOMEK MOliGAN, No^S Pine street. ACORNKR BROWN STONE FIRST CLASS DWBLI , in;;, unc ol the best built anil finest finished hounds to tind, tastefully decorated and In perfect order, to be sold cheap. Southeast corner ol' Seventieth street and Lexington avenue. Inquire next door. A BARGAIN.? $1,000 CASH, BALANCE ON MORT gage, will purchase the two story and basement brick House, south side 119th street, near avenue A, steamboat landing, at 119th and 12IMI1 streets, or will exchange lor a Tenement 1 louse. Apply at 440 Hunt 119th street or of W. K. llKI.NCKfcKHOKF, 207 Broadway (basement), Ironi 12 to 2 1?. M. ' ARKAIi BARGAIN.? THE FOUR STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House Ka 223 East Fnriy-eighth ?treet; price $14.0011: terms easy; possession May 1. Apply to H. KKIDKNRICH A <?0., corner Fifty-flflh *tre< t and Third avenue, in the bank. A NICE. SMALL BROWN HTONE HOUSE FOR sale? 132 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexing ton avenue ; price low ; immediate possession. JOHN FOLEY. No. 2 Astor nousc. A BARGAIN.- A VERY PINK THRBK STORY HIGH stoop brown stone House, east ol' Fortj -third street, in best order, lor $l2,U00,.on easv terms. W. T. EM BLEB, 877 Third nvenuc, corner of Fitty third street. A LEASE OF SIX AND A nALF YEARS FOR SALE? Lot In Elizaiieth, with tiiree story front and rear House, ml rented to good tenants; iucome $1,40', ex netisos $510: price $3X00; terms easy. Address or apply to jAMKS KKNNY, 278 Mulberry street A? THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE. WITH FULL ? Lot ; hot and cold water, 160 East 127th street, be tween Third nnd Fourth avenues. Harlem ; price Inquire on the premises, or of WM. OKE. corner of Elm and Franklin streets, city. $2,0.:0 down. AOOOD CHANCE TO OF.T A CHEAP PROPERTY ON Third avenue; only $9,000 cash required. Inquire on the premises till Third avenue. ABARUAIN IN HARLEM.-A SMALL FRAME HOUSE on 113th street, west of Third avenue, for sale very cheap. S. H. Ul'klt, ISO Broadwur. BURR A HILLS, 2.281 Third avenue. A FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT BROWN STONE House, on 112th street, bet ween Third and Fourth ?venues, lor sale, or to exchange lor country property. D. DARRUW, 985 Eighth avenue. IjMRST CLASS EXTRA SIZE HOUSE AND LOT FOB 1 sale? On Uramercy Park ; one ot the most complete and modern improved houses, with extended dining room, two stories high, and butler's pantry ; hou?e per fectly modern, finished in hard wood, frescoed, painted and furni.shel in n costiy manner. Apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 3 Pine street % Ii^OR SALE CHEAP-A HANDSOME THREE STORY 1 high stoop brown stone Hou?e, Forty sixth street, near Lexington avenue : lUrnisUed u year ago; Goelet lease, 60 years to run ; price $13, G00: mortgage $7,0<K can remain during lease. Particulars of M. A. J. LYNCH, 68 Cedar street. For sale at a very low prick-a well built three story and basement s:oiie front House, ?ith all the Improvement* : terms to suit. 146 East Sixty fourth street, between Third and Lexington avenue*. IjlOR SALE? $12,000, BROWN STONE THREE STORY high stoop, 20x48, all improvements, on Eighty fourth street, between First anil Second avenues- terms lUT. Apply to THOMPSON A SON, Third axenu'e near Eu'hty-thlrd street flOR BALK-IIOl SE AND LOT, to CENTRE STREET": 1 terai* aasy. B. L. aNDERton, 210 Grand street. For salb? several desirable pieces lip Property, oil tba cast side of the city, on ensy terms. W. W, LYON, 78 avenne D. IilOR SALE? FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE ' 118 Fprty-flrth street, sine 2">x.V) feet ; lot lot) lect deep ; SO rooms. For permit*, Ac., apply to WARREN J. JliTCH,flfl Ann street! _ IT?0? BALB?AFULL LOf, S* jJKVENTY-SIXTH J1 itrtit near Third avenue; will be ?Q?d at * great bsrgatn. Appljr to JOHN GORMAN, co.>?t Hrenty ?Ixth street and Third avenue. FOR SALE- NORTH WEST CORNER OF MADISON ?venue and Fifty-sixth street, 23 feet front; others adjoining on avenne, 28 tcct front; also two lloofcs on Fifty-sixth street, between Madison and Fifth avenues. Apply fo owner on premises. Commission allowed agent ? on completing a sale. For salb-on second avenue, between Seventh and Thlrlleth streets, 10 Corners, some with buildings on Ihe rear of tots. JAMES HYLAND, __ 342 East Nineteenth street. For sale-the admirably planned three story brown stone 210 East Forty sixth street; 12 rooms. In perfect order; very low. Apply at any time. Foil sale ON TWENTIETH HTIIEET, TWO TENE ments; one at $8,5.10, cash ; one at $12,50 >, cosh $4,000, and ? 20 foot by 50 foot private three story high stoop; all modem Improvement*; arched and girder cellar. and marble mantels on every floor in house ; $15,<;?M, cash $7,500. HV LAND, 342 Kast Nineteenth st. Fob sale-onb of the best babgains-a new 25x50 ftct four >torr double Tenement House, west of Second avenue, all for $14 COO; on Twenty-tilth ?treet, west of Second avenue, front and rear, 25x50 feel, lot lOO, $}$,' 0U| ca?h >4,0U0 : on Nineteenth street, lour story, private, l#x?, ?t 100, price $14, (M); a (oar ?tory ' t' BYLAW. Ml EMt MtttitcoUi itrefj, . ' CTTT MAL MTATK rO? SAt*. ?art IM*. For iALB-nvB houses on irving place, each 2?x?0, lota 10*; price of each $26,000; one quarter cash dawn. HYLAND, WKwt Nineteenth street. OB BALK? A 20XW FOOL 6TORT HOUSE, LOT 7#i who a got $1,000 f All the sum 18.000. HYLAND, 342 East Nineteenth street F FOB SALE-ON "IIK^ FIRST STREET, A THREE story high stoop. 22x?0, lot 100; price 117.000; be tween i extngton acd Fourth avenues; tour story brown atone 53 feet deep House, between Second and Third ave nues, and Nineteenth street, tor a doctor. MTLAND. 3*2 Kaat Nineteenth street. FOR BALK CHEAP? A FOUR 8TORV BRICK TKNE ment House, oil 113tU street, near Second avenue; Bew ami In perftct order. Address 8. H. Ul'RK, 150 Broadway. __ ___ _ _ IflOR 8AI.K VERY LOW? SOME OF THE BEST BUILT j 1 and finest finished Honses in the eitv, on Sixty-fourth street, near Mndtson avenue. H. M. STYLES A SONS. I TOR 8ALB OR TO LET IN HARLEM-A THREE story and basement House ; every improvement: In i perfect ord-r; on l'-3d street, between Second and Third avenues; a bargain. Address Bl'ftH A HILLS, 2.2SI Third uvenuo. Fob rale or to leabe? suitable for i'ri- 1 vat* residence, institute or Summer resort? a larfe. cojiiuiodlous. first class double House, with surrounding {rounds, situated north of Seventy-ninth street and near l he East River. to CARTER A REDDEN, 11 Piue ! street, WMMr Kightv sixth slreet and Thinl avenue. HA HI. EM -EI.Et; ANT THREE STORY HIGH STOOP i brick Itcusr. Ks?x45xliH>; all improvements; flue lo cation, aca' boat laiidili,' ; saeritlcc $10,000; cash $I,/V0. i A t'O., 2,210 Third avenue. ; HARLBM.-TWO nu, LOTH ON THIRD AVENUE, ! west aide, with Hire ? small Houses and Stores; tor ail $22,0IW terms very eaav. BROWNE A CO., 2,240 Third avenue. ; JAMES II VI. AMI. M2 EAST NINETEENTH STREET. ? A notlee to inv friends and owners of private and tenement House*.? I a.u opening a large ottire iu 342 East Nineteenth street tor selling property and collecting reuta. LOTH FOR SALE.? VACANT LOTS ON EAST i Klebty-slxth, Klghty-sevenHi, Eightv-nlntb streefs I and avenue A, Including Corner Lots; also three s;oiy \ frame House und lour Lots on Eighty-sixth and Eighty- ; seventh streets; can bo pureha-eu on reasonable terms. Apply to the owner, JOSEPH HILLENBRAND, northeast corncr Eighty-seventh street and avenue A. j SPLENDID BROWN STOKE DWELLING ON LEX ington avenue? Beautifully frescoed ; elegant chan deliers, $22,000; other bargain* in dwelling and | Tenements. W. J. llAKPER, ?i2 Third avenue. The che'apest business cornrr in haulem? 4 story brick House, 22x?0, worth $25,000, lor $'.'0,000 ; ' possession ; terms easy. BROWNE A CO., I 2,240 Third avenue. > fclft KAfl -HOUSE ON EAST 20TII ; SU.flOO, WEST I ?P LU.UUU. 26th ; $1:!,000, East 70th ; $8,600 East 115th street; $26,500, Lexington avenue. SLADIi A CO., 23 Union squaro. d>Q"l AAA ?FOR SALE, ON FOURTEENTH ?]pidiX.UUU. street, near fc'econd avenue, a large four story high stoop brick House, in splendid order; parlors frescoed; Pier Mirrors, Chandeliers and Carpels. Apply to O. NAOLE, 149 Fourth avenue. Wcit Side. A BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, WITH ONE. halt block, <00x81.6, for sale or to lease for a term of years, running from Thirteenth avenue to West street. E. L. A B. T. BL It. \ II AM, 609 Hudson street. ANEW FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House, West Hlxty-tlrst street, and one on West Kitty-second street, both near Central Park, lor sale or to let; terms essy, D. DARROW, 9M Eighth avenue. A FOUR STORY DOUBLE TENEMENT, I'SXflOXlOO. Two stores; rented for over $2,200; price $18,601; terms easy. KEMPNKK A sen loss, 270 West Thirty-sixth street. A HOUSE FOR SALE? 257 WEST FORTY-FIRST street; all modern Improvements; 20x40x100; 13 rooms ; three stories, basement and sub-cellar: Philadel phia brick and brown stone front; nrlee $13,000; icnt for $L3C0. Inquire of J. PALMER, owner, 77 Nassau street, room 9. CITY FOR COUNTRY.? AN ELEGANT AND FIRST class four story high stoop brown stone Itcslrtenee on Fifty-seventh street, between Eighth an 1 Ninth avenues (finest block In the city), including the new and expen sive Furniture, lor a small place in the country, worth from M.00J to $10, 0U), and some cash ; tills is one ol the most desirable houses now offered for sale. Full particu lars from B. KILPATKICK, l,0!H) Third avenue. OR KALE? A SPLENDID BUSINESS PROPERTY, On Worth street, suitable for any business W. W. LYON , 73 avenue D. F For bale-an elegant three story high stoop stone House, with walnut doors and lisy win dow ; built by da vs' work ; price $13,000 ; terms easy. 326 West Forty-sixth street. For sale? a three story brick dwelling House, with two story extension, in West 1 hlrieenlh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. Possession May L A. D. W. BALDWIN, 1C6 Broadway. For sale? ftvk four story brown stone high stoop Houses In Forty tilth street, letween Broadway nun Kfcghth avenue, an feet went ul Hioad *?>? ; also three S stori- brown stone hieli stoop Hotter ft, 150 feet west vf Eighth u venue. In Forty-fifth stuer, with renewals CO year*. Amor lease. Inquire on the premises or at 243 West Forty tilth street. For sale? on thirty-sixth htrf.kt, between Broadway and seventh avenue, three story, brown stiSne House; in complete order; would trade for higher priced hounc ; possession ut once. S. EDDY ? CO, No. 1 Park fltD-e. TjlOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? TWO LOTS, MXI20, r with two larire Houses thereon. 2ft? and 2C1 West Forty-aaveivtli street. Hi leet east Eighth avenue ; terms eagy. GKORGE BURCH, 813 West Forty-third street. For salr or to lbt? 215 wept thirteenth, street, convenient three story high etoop lluuse, 21xC5; will be sold cheap; rent >1,5*1. JOSEFI1 MASON, No. 8 Pine striet. For sale or to let-house and lot corner Sixtv-sixth street and Tenth avenue, on Boulevurd; an excellent chance for a hotel or grocery ; a Rood invest ment lor tlic purchaser; property lmt roving rapidly. Inotilre of A. LKWIS, 220 Church street, or 31ft West Thirty-, acond street INWOOD, 85 MINUTES TO WALL STREET ? DKSIR able twelve room Dwclline, stable, Ac. 4 10 lull lot* of Land ; the whole on veifT easy terms and at only JSf.'jtlO. V. K. HTKVENMtN, Jr, II I'lne street or 2W tilth a v. KIVERSIDE PARK.? A FIXE PARCEL OF LOTS, fronting the Riverside drive, below Eighty-fifth street, lor sale chenp to a prompt customer. This plot Is particularly desirablo as it can lie Improved at onee, the street belli* opened, regulated, graded, Ac., atul in th-a iinme.di.ite neighborhood of several tine residences. Any one wishing a choice location ironliug this Park can seenre a bargain by upplying at once to WILLIAM E. HAWS. No. ft Pine street. STORE PROPEIITY ON WEST SIDE OF NINTH AV ennc tor sale at low price; also three story high sloop brown s'oae fronts on tne west side, and several parrels of lots near Riverside Park. Inquire 01 OWNER, 402 West Ft I ty- fourth street. 2D AVENUR, NO. HZ? THE ELEGANT, EXTRA wide and extra deep tonr story Dwelling tor sale 011 liberal terms, at a low figure. Apply to LOUIS SOI1N, 335 Broadway. 3 LOTS FOR SALE OR TO LEASE? ON THIRTIETH street, 175 feet west of Sixth avenue ; three on Ganse voort street, mar West street; a Lototi Dttv-flrst street, near Eighth avenue. Apply to owner, 240' West Fltty flttli street. Q90 WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.? FOUR STORY high stmip ; line h<tn?c and neighborhood. 32 1. 1 HO; a bargain, easy terms M (old at once. Apply on premi ses. A bargain. <!?? Ofin ONLY FOR A NEW TWO STORY IIIC.H stoop House, 44 feet ileep, on 131st street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, south side, middle ot block; two parlors, Crutoii, dry cellar; terms to suit. Owner, on premises. Mlrtelianeo 11 ?. C1ALL OR ENCLOSE STAMP FOR PRINTED PRICE > lists of city or country Property for sale and ex change ; many bargains. JOHN 8. EWEN, 39 Nassau street. BROOKLYN PROPERTY FOR SALE AM) TO LET. p^ERALD BRANCH OFFICE? BROOKLYN. ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THE NEW YORK HERALD RECEIVED AT OUR BRANCH OFFICE, IN THE LONO ISLAND SAVINGS BANK BUILDING, CORNER OF FULTON AY. AND BOERUM ST. OFFICE OPEN FRoiM)" A. M. TILL 9 P. M. ON SUNDAY FROM 3 TO 9 P. M. CARRIERS AND AGENTS' DEPARTMENT NO. 7 FRONT fcTRKET, BROOKLYN. ?TO LET? HKOtTKLYN HEIGHTS? B ROWN STONE t HoQsc l73Remsen street, near City Hall; nil Im provement. Apply to THOMAS B. BEfiDELL, .Vfihait 118th street A BARGAIN.- $1.(100 LESS THAN ITS VALUE, A nice little House, 'J rooms, all Improvements, well located, In Brooklyn; only small cash payment required. IHGUS i SON. L" ?r, Broadway. BROWN STONE FRONT HOIHE, FIRST CI, ASS IN evefy fPspe?M : built by day's work ; splendid loca tion, within three blocks df'th" main entrance to the Pnrkj will Le sold che/ip it npplied tor at once, as the owner is about retiring from business. Inotilre of JOHN DONO VAN, f t lit. Mark's avi nue, Brooklyn. ?Alt ~ELEOANT MADIPON~ AVENUE RF.SI . deuce? Four story high stoop blown stone, first elsas cabinet finish, marble halls and all the modern Im provements, near Central Park; would exchange lor good elty property, or might take country plsce anil cjiJi: principals only need answer. Ad.lrets TRADE, Herald oC.'ce. * A HOUSE TO JjET OR FOR 8ALB-1,.W FULTON avenue, a splenriiJ four story brown stone front, ft# leet deep; the best staud in BrooklTU lor a goo?lajor shoe store. Also a cheap House for $<1,000, con titnlUHiiiVyi"', with ail Improvements, well built; the ratter 11 house nffxt uoOf sow for t7,WH. The reason that am selling so cheap Is that I ain ?,l"Ut going to Europe. Any one who will Invtst M.ftWKcan in.:1?* half ot the money. Apply to JAMES SWBKT, <128 Dc Ka'.b avenue. A COMPLETE AND NICELY FURNISnrtD TWO story and French roof Residence, 13 rooms, for sale, or to let wlin privilege of bnyliig; very convenient In ?very particular; large yard; beautifully located, on Green avenue, two minute*' walk from depot. Madison, N. J. O. li. I 1 ERSON A CO., Auctioneers and l)ealer* in Real Bstate, No. 6 Pine street. A BARGAIN.? FOR SALE, VERY DESIRABLE FOUR story Tenement Pronerlv, In Brooklyn, near ferry; rcut fi,??i price ?is, 900 <2,500 cmI?. * ' - t. OUffJML^TlJh HM ???? ittttl room 10, . BROOKLYN PHOPBHTT fOB IALK _ AMP TO LIT. ^ AT $8,000 CA8H IF BOLD BEFORE MAY-THE three story high stoop brick House 278 President street, opposite Carroll Park, Brooklyn ; tine location la ?U respects. Apnjy to owner, E. R. KELLOGG, No. S Broadway. New fork, from 19 to It A. M. only. Brooklyn.? to let or for bale, the dwell Ins US Marey avenue, corner of Hart street, a One three storv and basement. 15 tee t trout, with flue yard; lias been repaired an. I painted throughout ; all the mod ern improvements; would lease to a Rood party tor a term o' years; tor sale at a low figure. Apply on the premises, between the hours of 9 A. M. and i P.. or to | the owner, J. A. MA< DON ALD, Plumber, 2W Btath ave- , uue, New York. i Brooklyn? a well furnished three story Hou?e to let-, best locality on the Hill; terms easy, fall on or uddreiM OWNER, 14- Lafayette avenue. BROOKLYN? 123 AND 127 THIRD PLACB.? ALL uiodern improvements, rent $0X1. Apply to M. v. CABLE, 116 Broadway. Brooklyn.? to let. house* on gates ave nue, near Kalph avenue : Philadelphia brick and lirowu stone : 10 rooms; till modern Improvement*; rent $4(1 per month; Si minutes Irooi ferry. Inquire at 988 Hales avenue, or of J . rAMan, *7 Nassau slreet. /^OHMRIA HIIORTf, BBOOp.lB.-A BROWN \ stoiieUiouse, overlooking the river; will rent very cheap from Mnv or June till November. Address AL BERT, Herald offlte. , / lOSKY BRICK DWELLING, BROOKLYN, EQl'ITY \ $.V0O, tor country Property ; Horses, Carriages, Lot*, Chattels, Stores, Mortgages. Securities, Merchandise, Ac. : bargain; must he sold; possession immediately. Address OWN lilt, hox lUtt Herald otiice. For sale? frame house and lot in south Brooklyn ; house contains feur rooms and cellar ; price $M*iO, $H?00 cash. Apply to A. EDWAKDH, 213 Ful ton street, m <v York, first floor. For sale? near prospect park, et prospect place, a tine three story and basement double frame House and Garden: liou.-o 37.^x3*; modern improve ments ; griiitid (K.^xtSl ;.choice fruit, Ac.; 8U0 feet from grand entrance to the Park; surrounding*, flrat class noures. Apply to r, D. NORRIS, 31 DcKalb avenue, Brooklyn. FOR SALE? IN BROOKLYN, ELEGANT AND COM. modlou i first claw brown stone front Houses, on Wil louKhby avenue, between Mure.v und Noslrand avenues, containing nil modern improvements and built In the most?ub<tantlal manner; location excellent: accessible by three lines of curs; prices moderate and terms easy; persons desirous of securing a pleasant home should call ant examine for themselves. For photocrsphs and full I particulars apply to DE LANCET W. KNEVELS. 88 Wall street ;ortlce orRu'.gcra Eire Insurance Companv, 490 Willoughhy avenue, near Murcy. or HUNTINGTON A RICHARDS, Nos. 8 and 10 Pine street For sale? the two story and basfment brick House 40 Clermont avenue, 7 rooms, water and 8 as; price $4,300; $2, 000 can remain on mortgage; cars > all the Brooklyn and New York terries pass tlie door. Apply to Mrs. GRANT, on the premises. For sale? a real bargain, new three story hgh stoop House, only $7,300; terms easy; Macon street, ue ir Mnrcy avenue ; everv assessment puld. JAN. A. FISHER, 231 Broadway, 12 to 1 P. M. only. F' OR SALE? PLEASANT HOME, NO ENCUMBRANCES ? terms easy: 116 Clinton avenue, Brooklyn; plot I 30x123; garden, line fruit, imported trees; commodious j throe story bascnicntamt sub-cellar, brick ; must wind up I ami suil lor Kurooe. Apply next door ot WILLIAM AL BERT, owner, or to S. M. OSTRANDER, 75 Nassau street. FOR SALE CHEAP-THREE BROWN BTONK nouses in Brooklyu, on Third street. DEM.ARE8T A WHITLOCK, owners. No. Park place, New York. I7IOR SALE OR TO LET-NEW TWO AND THREE story frame nnil brick Houses, location on the Hill, 30 minutes to the terry, one block ot Pulton aveiiuo c.irs; price $4,000 to $0,300; very easy pavments; rent $400 to *700 per year. J Art. A. FISHER, 2*1 Broad wav, 12 to 2 P. M. only. For sale or to rent? twenty loth, with 102 feet of Bulkhead ou Newtown Creek, near Meeker avenue, Williamsburg, (tillable tcr foundries, glass v.-orks I or other muiiutacturinn Apply to A. C. KINGS ; Land A sons, y< Broad street. For sale ok rent? the four story brick building, :W by 100 feet, on the corner of Thirteenth i streetand Tlilrd avenue, Brooklyn, suitable for almost | any kind of maiiiitacturing business, with Engine, Boiler, shaft liv/ and Helttatf; also tor sale, 111 the same building, Drilling Machines, Vises, shears and other 1 article-. Apply to s. B. POTTER. 78 Broad street, N.Y. Handsome house (cost nearly $i2.ow to bulid) and Plot 100 feet square, on 011c of the most 1 cominaii'lnu positions in Brooklyn, near llrondwav, Myrtle and lie Hulb avenue ear lines; fine fruit, flowers, I trrspc arbors. Ac. ; one of the most desirable homes In the 1 city; will be sold low nnd on easy term*. Particular* , with JERK. JOHNSON, Jr., 21 Park row. New York. IARGE IRON BUILDING AND FOl'R LOTS SOUTH J ca-t 1 o-ner Kr nt aid Davison avenue-, Williams burg, juiuioic for any mnnufuc lo.-y, stubles or depot. 1 Apply to ICE company, HI Canal street. ONLY $3,300 CASH. -FOR SALE, STOKE PROPERTY? The three story House and Lot, 00 North Second street, Brooklyn, E. D., occupied as a grocery by the {?resent owner for If years, with n iresh s'ock of grocer es, horse anil two wagons Apply on the premises. Reasonable rent-two story high stoop brick House, llaywnrd rtreet, 78 feet from Lcc avenue, Brooklyn ; tllteen mlnmcs from ferry; nil Im provements. ALBERT DAY, fcH Wall street. rpo LET- NEAR HAMILTON FKKRY, WITH OR 1 X witliout Steam Power, a well lighted seem 1 floor Room, & lx3i lei", with good entrance. Apply at ; souru Brooklyn steam engine works, comer Summit nnd Van Brunt streets. South Brooklyn, or to S. KIMtV A CO., Brokers, No. 1 Park Place. Ni w Vork. TO LET-STORE OR STORE Oil DWELLING, 201 Flatbu.-h avenue opposite Fifth avenue, Brooklyn; great thoroughfare, flue stand lor uny business, and daily 1 ynprovlng; rent low. Apply to A. HALLIOaY. 18 Harri son street, New Yorfc. TO LFT ? IN WILLUM8Bt'RO. NEAR ROOSEVELT and tlrand street terries, that is, In '( liird, neur i-'outh Ninth mrcd, No. 35* ; u Iminn stone House with cupola : it lias modern Improvement* ?uJ pleuant surroundings. For particulars apply tn Mrs. PK1KI! Ml'KKAV. No. 200 , Koiiili Ninth street, Williumsbury. Will In- given at a I low rate to a nice, responsible party. TO LBT? FOUR TWO STORY BRICK B * SEM ICNT Bowi, nine rooms; upper Part* of (wo house* ; I tour rooms, Orinnrt mrecf. between Harrison and Marry avenues; fifteen minute*' walk tn Smith Seventh street lerry j rents $25 and $10 per month. P. B. ALFEN. 18? Marry avenue. TO LET? A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BROWN stone House on Hxth avenue, between Tilth r ami Douglas* street*, two block* Itoin Prospect 1'urk ; nli liu Brovrments and in perfect order; rent II.W. Apply to OODY k HACKLEY, SJrt Montague ctreet. TO LET? A CORNER STORE, IN A POPL'LOCS neighborhi o I in Hrooklyn, suitable for a bakery; first class oven* anil bakehouse : or icr other business. Ap ply at 289 Columbia street, south Hrooklvn TO LET OR LEASE? A FIRST CLASH BRICK HOI SE, 14 room.-, all improvement*. 404 I>e Ivalh avenue, Brooklyn; good netghborllcod : rent low to poo.l t> nant: stable and Coach Huffs; it' desired. luqn.rv of JOB JOHNSON, A SON, 68) Myrtle avenue. CM LET OR TO LEASE- AN AKOLO ITALIAN VILLA; i has greenhouse, stabling mid all necessary out. building*; ?lx aires laid out in lawn; thu house isbeuuti fully situated, by (lie Narrows mi Long Island Shore ; has all the convenience* of a eity residence ; horse earatrum Hamilton avenue ferry, or bv boat from South terry, stopping at Kny Kl.lge ami Fort Hamilton. Apply to J. DICKINSON, 64 N'as-nu street. rro Hi: NT- IN BROOKLYN, FOR $^4MI, IIOI SE 1 Douglass street ; 10 minutes from three ferries; S rooms: go<sl order. Apply on premises, irom 11 to 3 o'clock. rpilK KI RNITI KE, TWO LARdP. FRENCH PLATE 1 glHss Mirrors, Carpets, window Shades, sprln.' lied", liair, wool. hu?k and straw .Mattresses, leather Pillows, Plated Ware, Crockery. <llas-<w?rc, Kltehen Furniture. Ac. (all nearlv new), ot a three story iioivm lor sale ?t a bar gain. Appl' MfTiCkl? ? av .near De Kalb. Hrooklyn. \fERY DESIRABLE MAIIUI.E FliONT HOI SF?FI R. nished or iiiiimnislied. to private tamily ; excellent street; cood neighborhood ; no nuisances; price JIK.OOO. A. O. DARWIN, ID P. lie street. d>.? HAH -PART CASH. WILLBPY TH' neatkst ?0.u'/V? Cottage in Brooklyn ; ilt lighttui location, three blocks ironi Fronted Park, twenty minutes walk of terry, near cars, well built, two rtcrr. high stoop, base ment und attic Iratne, filled in with brick to peak, seven flue rooms besides attic ; good dry ee'lar and storeroom extension. k*s, water, newer; perfect or.ler. Call and Dud It better than represented. OWNER, 2iifl Foiirtevnth street, between Filth and sixth avenues, Brooklyn. <J? J 7|\A ? NINETEENTH WARD. BROOKLYN. ?jp'T. I wlf. ver.vchettp; three storv brick, 9 rooms, with modern improvements; terms to suit purchaser. I Apply to WM. O. nl'MNER.Kl Broadway, Brooklyn. B. I>. ! W,,'L Bt:v CHEAP THREE STORY ! OiUHU Lrlck House; modern Improvements; eight I blocks to lerrie*; 12 rooms; halt cash. aV. Ilo LCi >M It, >7 Broadway. Brooklyn, E. P $C 7 r,n -KOR SALE. A HANDSOME BlUCK : ?li I Uui H< ii e. with all modern improve men*, , near Brooklyn Hall: price only $.\75>: mini hell. i I). F. crRtET, 12 Centre street, Ncjy York. <??/? nnn -for mm, four story frame ! ?pvJ." I\J t f. llou e, St. Jumes place, llioekivn. near I Oreene avenue; rent $80 amonih. Applv to OWNER, 13 1 Waverley place, near Broadway, New York. dt>/? -nil WILL BI'Y FIRST CLASS BRICK House; 10 rooms; improvements; near lerrles; terms easy: location Nineteenth ward. O. V, HfthUQil, h? Breed way, Brooklyn, E. D. $7 ^nn WILL Bl!Y NEW BRICK IIOI SE; 15 j I rooms; improvements; near terries; de sirable location; a good investment. . 0. V. IIOl.i OMR, H7 Broadway, Brooklyn, E. P. WESTt iJFkTBR COrSTY FRCPKRTY PUR HALE AMD TO RKIVT. A LABOR HOURS, WITH CARKIAOB HOUSE, AND lee lioure filled, and six acres ol ground, covered with fruits of all kinds, to rent for two or three ^nrs; rent only $1,2 0 per ani.iitn. Apply to WALTER TN DKRHILL, Vonkers. N. Y. ABEAI'TIFi'L PLACE TO LET? AT UNO srso; I all modern Improvements ; fnrnishei! or unfurnished. Apple to or mrnm i'aTtkrson, ho6 Broadway. At tuckahob, hablbm railroad, i# miles from Fortjr-second street? A House, containing 11 rroms. with half an acre of Land. near depot, to rent; I abundance of fruit. Imiulrc ot ,iamf:s DISKNHERRY, ! Tuckahoe, or of KRAC'SE NICKEL P LATIN (I COM* PANY, M lohll street. SPLENDID NEW COTTAOET EIOHT RfliiMS, TWO | city lots, barn, ftrape arbor, young fruit trees; water in the liouse;?) nilnuies from Orand Central depot ; lour minutes' walk from depot; price $3,800. Address WILLIAM WHITE, Mount Vernon, N. V. | A MICE COTTAGE, 11 BOOMS; OOOD STABLE ; garden, S'? acres ; fruit end shad* in abundance ; three minute* to Rve depot; rent $H!0 yearly. S. IRE- I LAND, 201 Broadway, or WM. BEATTY, I'nrtehcster. k T RTE.-A LABOR (51 BOOMS) HLEOANTLV FITR iV nished Mansion for the Summer. On high trrnuml, with vie w of the Sound. Cerrlaue bou?? and other out huitdinirs ; sli acre* lawn and garden For krrns address At Auirt. ot tf. rUkUU.s utTuu tutiU WBSTCHBST KB COUNTY PlomTT FO* BAH Ol TO IKIT. t HOUSE TO LET-U7TH STREET, NKAR TUB jflL southern famished ntes from 16 rn Boulevard, 15 rooms, all Improvement*, : carriage house, garden, choice fruit ; 12 rnln Harlem Brldga. A. DE LEYER, owner. A VALUABLE. WELL LOCATED, IMPROVED COR. ner aiul adjoining Property, lower part Westchester county, equity about $l7.00o, lor sale or exchange for Farm or Residence. BltlUS A SON. Mi Broadway. T ASTORIA.? TO LET, A HOUSE WITH SIX rooms, fronting river, dne mluuie froni ferry ; rent I 1200 per vear; also three Rooms, rent <9 per month. Ap. i ply to JACOB F. WRIGHT. Astoria. i T YONKKRS.? TO RENT, FOR ONK OR MORE A. years, a lirge Hume, couta'ning upwards ot .10 rooms, particularly adapted for a hotel or bo irdlng

house ; will lie rented verv low to a good tenant. Apply to MINOTT M ITCHKLL, Cedar street. AT TBEMONT, NEAR DEPOT-TWO SMALL STORES ami Dwellings; suitable for butcher, baker, milliner; rents 9Vi and $U.) per month. Apply to GEO. W. HOJER, 184 third avenue. A NEAT COTTAGE AND WINO, OARDEN, AC., AT New flochello? Etah't minutes to depot; one hour Hrom Wall ?treet; near I'resbj terlan ehareh, main build ing; to let moderate. A. LOCK WOOD, 128 Chambers street A BEAUTIFUL FARM OF SO ACRES, KNOWN AS A the Rnislcy l'ar.n, situated la the town of New Ho chelle, on We) man's avenue, within is minutes' walk ol depot; house, barn and plenty ol Iruit, with Rood s.pring wmer; will be sold ul public auction, ou the premise*, on FriJay. April IS, 1873, at 2 o'clock P. M. Terms of rale? 10 per cent on day <?>' sale ; 30 per cent In 30 duys, when deed will be delivered ; balance of 6J percent can remain on mortgage at 7 per rent, payable semi-an nually. For particulars apply to J. A T. PEARSALL, 168 Front street. New York, or J. P. ROBINSON, Auctioneer, New Rochcllo. A-OOI'NTRY SEATS AT FISIIKILL, TARRYTOWN. ? Sing Mug, Whltestune. Jamaica, Stalen Islmid, New Jersey, for sale or exchange. RUPl'S K. MolURO, Notary and Commissioner fore?ery State and Territory. A FARM OF 160 ACREfl IN WESTCHESTER COUN ty, 3i miles (torn city, on the lino of New York and lloston ltallroad; grand prospective value; prico 990,000; also 100 Acres on Croton I.uke at flfiuflflO. _ T. J. IH'NKIN A CO., 554 Third avenue. At yonkers-for male or to ricnt, fully fur nishe:!, one of the most desirable Places in the city, containing over an acre of land, beautifully laid outln lawn and garden ; the house, which Is In complete order, contains all the modern improvements; to a person de sirous of a first class placc at moderate prico the above cannot bo cxcellcd. Apply to M. MITCH ELL, 78 Cedar street A BARGAIN IN NORTH NEW YORK-FINE THREE story House, 12 rooms, in perioet order, water, gas. Ac., lot 19x100, in tine neighborhood, close to boats anil cars, can be purchased at once tor 97,250; terms to suit. POTTER BROTH Kits, No. 4 Warren street; branch ofllce. Ford ham. HEAP BUILDING PLOTS FOR SALE? AT WOOD lawn Height*, Woodlawn, about two miles from the upper part of city, at Kingsbriilge : Plot 196. about four city lots, 9950; 197, *900; ids, $*50; 199, 9800; also entire Blocks and lutlf Blocks. At Fordham, tine Plot, 15 lots, high ground, close to depot, 910,000; Plot, 10 lots. Central avenue, all front, 97,50ii. At Trcmont, Plot, eight lots, highest ground, barn, fruit and shade, 93,500; terms to suit on all. POTTER BROTHERS, No. 4 warren street. Branch office Fordham. FOR SALE? A DWELLING HOUSE, WITH LOT, 1(10x100, and barn, lit one of the best locations or Mount Vernon; will be sold cheap. In<juiro at premises. Tenth avenue, near First street, Mount Vernon, Wcst chesler county. HERMAN HOFFMANN. OI'SKS AT TREMONT, NEAR DEPOT? FINE VIEW; healthy ; gas and water in. M. HARD, 44 Boekman street. Lower westchesier county ? to rent, by season or year? OLIVER BRYAN, resident West chestcr couutv, 115 Broadway. Yonkers, completely furnished, conservatory, Ac. . . $2,700 Bi'onxville, Central uv., unfurnished, cheap 50J West Farms House, stable, fruit, Ac., unfurnished.. 1,000 West Fins., Hunt's Point, new Inlaid floor*, boating 1,000 West Farms, Woodstock, unsurpassed. everything. . 2,500 West Farms, Largo Boarding Houre, 37 rooms, fur.. 4,5i'8 Westchester village, nice Cottage, grounds, Ac <>'10 Al.-o several Plots for sale, with improvements; all the above as near business in time as Madison square MOBRJAANIA PROPERTY FOB SALE? A lO-BOOM Cottage House, situated ou high ground within three minutes of horse or steam ears, in good neighbor hood ; lot 30xl6J; cheap, ou reasonable terms, liuiulre of JAMES L. PAR- HALL, Washington avenue, corner of Filth street, Morrisaulu. MORRIHANIA.- FOR SALE, A FIRST CLASS 12 room House, with all the modern improvements, und about lour city lots of land iu fruit, shade and lawn, situated on high ground, overlooking the surrounding country ; or will be rented to a small, genteel family. For particulars Inquire ot JAMES L. PARSHALL, Washing ton avenue, corner of Fifth street, Morrlslania. RIVEKDAl E. WESTCHESTER COUNTY FOR SALE or to let. u first class Residence, iu perfect order, with gas and water; flue liuvn und garden planted; good stables, Ac ; one hour from Wall street. Apply to WP.n STER WOODM AN, Riverdule, or 121 William street, near Fulton, New York. PARTIES DESIROI.'S OF SECURING A HOME Oil A Plot of Land lor speculation or investment, In West chester, should not delay making their selection-', as prop erty is now very cheap and raiddlv advancing in value; we have n number ol choice properties for sale, f rom 150 acres to a single lot Cull at onr branch office in West chester, at Fordbaiu, or at Xos. 4 and ti Warren street POTTER BROTHERS. YE.? TO LET. A COTTAGE AND CARRIAGE HOUSE, near the depot, untumished, for the sou?on or year; JulIN o. HlOOINs, No. 7 Pine street. c H R SPECIAL NOTICE.? FOR SALE, AT MOUNT VERNON, N. Y., three minutes from depot. ? new two story anil basement frame Dwelling House, 22x30. finished iu best manner; lot 60x105; price 9V-00. Inquire tor Mr. JACOB J Alio hit, at J. Lockwood's office, at the depot, southeast corner ot Fourth avenue and First street. TARRYTOWN.? TO LET, A NICE PLACE OF TWO acres; house. 13 rooms; Iruit abundant; flne river ! view ; carriage house. Ac. : rent 9900. 1 JOHN WEBBER, 23.1 Orand street, corner Bowerv. TO LET OR FOR SALE-AT FORDHAM UEIOIITS. about six acres of Land, with two story ami attic House, lately put In complete order: good stable, barns. Ac.; fine upplc orchard nnd good garden: railway station about eight minutes' wulk irotn the properly. Apply to A. C. KINO -'LA N lift SONS. 55 II road street. rpo LET-ON VALENTINE AVENUE. FORDHAM, 1 nice House; fruit gardcu : 10 City Lots; marh'.e man tels, dumb waller, II rooms, with carriage house, stable lor two horses ; i Iglit miuutrs from depot. Inquire ol M. W. COLLINS, '.'ti West Eleventh stieel. New York. mO LET-ON WILLIAM STREET. WEST M'lltRISANH, 1 near Melrose s'atlon. a verv desirable House, contain ing ten rooms, together with carriage house, stable ami a good garden ot halt an acre. Apply to F. IIE.USLEY A CO., Broadway. rpo LET-92IO PER ANNUM, IN THE MOST DBCIRA 1 b'c part of Morrlsanla, n hand come two story French roof House, almost new; water and gas: high' gri uud ; very cheap. FULLER A CO., 19 BoM street. TO LET- HOUSE AT M AM A RON ECK, CONTA I NINO 12 rooms; also coach house anil stable ? fronting the Sound ; rent Jt'O.I. Address FRANCIS, box 815 Port other. TO LET? AT TREMONT, NEAR DEPOT. FURNISHED or not, Dwelling; tine grounds and stable; rent moderate. Apply to OaOBQEW. HOJER, 194 Third ay. rpo LET? A? FORDHAM HEIOHTS, ON HARLEM 1 River, a first class furnished House, with fine grounds and stable accommodations. Apply to CHARLES N. IS A I lit# ATE, Fordham rpo LET OR LEASE- A NKAT COTTtOE. WITH STA 1 ble. garden, and about three acres of ground, on the southern Boulevard, '2' . miles above Harlem Bridge, and opposite the residence of Colonel It. M. Hoe. Will lie rented on very favorable terms to an approved tenant. Apply to WM. SIMPSON, No.JJ East Fourteenth street. To BENT? AT YONKERS, FOR 9ftoo, HOUSE AND stables, willi about one acre of ground, on Riverdule avenue: house lust put in complete repair. Address OWNKlt. I ox .'J'** New York l'osi office. mo BINT? FURNISHED, A FINE RESIDENCE, 2', 1 miles above Harlem ; 10 acres of land, large lawn and gardsn, laid nut in fruits and shrubbcrv : large stable und carriage house ; fine views and boulcvnrd roads. Apply to JollN CASTELLO, 2,15ft Third avenue. rpo RENT? AT KIN'OS RRIDOE AND INWOOD, 26 I minutes Hoin the oily. Houses from 9300 upwards; very healthy ami good neigbi orhnod. B. 11. SEALEY, 34 Liberty street. THE ELEGANT PRIVATE RESIDENCE AT RYE, Westchester county t25 miles from city on New Haven road), formerly owned by Benjamin lender, Esq , will be o| encd lor summer Boarders on May I ; the house litis gas und hat i ' Is situated on high ground, command lng u tine view ol flic Sound; 10 acrcs of laud In shadt and iruit tries; accommodations for coachmen anil horses: beach within easy distance: location healthy; 12 minutes' walk from station. For further particulars apply at No. G East 7 lilrty-iourth street. UrBSTOHBSTER.? A FARM OK 51 ACRES FOR sale. 30 minutes from Forty-mcmm street depot; nice improvements} well located ; suitable lor sub livl tlon; tree and clear; terms to suit; will exchange lor un encumbered improved city Property. Address J. J. EX CHANOK. box 170 Herald Uptown Branch office, 1.2t>5 Brmdwav. w "ll'IIITE PLAINS.? BOB SALE, BXCHANGB OR TO > t rent, on Grnve street, neir Railroad avenue, u large, commodious, well-built Carriage Factory, suitable tor am manufacturing budtiess: also an tufire Block of lironnd desirably >itnated In North New York : also two form r I els . n rmorah'e terms. Apply to O. S. DKEW, 17ft Third avenue. EST F A KM S. ? I OK SALE OR TO LET? TWEN tv minute*' walk ttoni Tremont depot, five from hors' ems. 1 1 ous * containing 12 rooms, bam, carriage lioiise with about one acre ol laud; choice fruits, ahuuil anee of grupc*. Ituiitire on premises or nl Iress N. W. VAI EN'i I S K, West Farms, Westchester comity. \roNKERS.? CHEAP; A HAND^OMB, VEW, WELL built convenient House, containing 10 rooms; well I'K-nted. ? Ithln 12 minutes' walk ol station ; a genteel and pleasant home for a desirable tenant, at a very moderate rent. Address IIOUHEOWNElt, Herald office." JERfSEY CITYs HOBOKKN, IIITIWON C ITY ANO HKIMiEN REAL HMTATE. For Hair. 4 N INSPECTION INVITED.? A SELECT NUMBER ^ hfluilsome Houses, Jerse y t'lfv Heights; 92.IMHI to gii(r,: easy pavmeuts; possession May I; also a corner Store Property, large duelling allachcil; store neciiided as a grocery ; splendid chance for A baker; ? 111 b?' sold lor hair cash value. JOHN W. PLATT, opposite Court House, Jersey City Heights. _ ? N UNFURNISHED BttTCK IIOUSB, WAYNE street. Jersey City, 10 rooms; will rent partially fur nished uoprr half can be !.ad ImmeiUuIely ; whole house, ' ROBE It I' t. M EE KS, 80 Cedar stnet^ AT JERSEY Cirr-AUCnO* fALE or SIX JV Houses nnd two vacant I-ots on Pnl.Oi'.'Ie, Cambridge and Central avenues snd Franklin street, .Jersey city Heights, on Monday, April 21, 1871, at 2 o'clock P. M., on the limnises. WEEKS A CHISSY, Auctioneers, 1 S4 Hudson street, lloboken, N. J. TSBBGIN POINT. N. J.? FOB BALE, TWO STORY AND I ) French roof House ; lot WX17I), stable, hen bonse, Ac., shade and iruit trees; will tell the Furniture (Jn good or rten ? the street has b?'en me.cadanii/ed, ??%ver*d, flagged, Ac Apply to BRAMUAU. A BEYMOVB, No- 1 t^c^ange JDl?C?> 5?r??jf..' "" mfflT t'lrv, Homsm, hddnon corrr AKP BMWjPI MUL MTATB. Far Sale. PO* RiLB OR TO LET? TWO VERT DKKIRABLE Houses onGleenwood avenue, Jersey City Height* 17 minutes from ferry; IS room* each : all modern im provements; In ip lend Id order ; liable with ou?\ Address V. W. u., box 6,085 Tv?t office, New York. : > ? To Let or Lease. "DRROEN POINT, St) MINUTES FROM NEW TORK- ; J J Several llourcs fo let, from $400 to $9W): one furnished i (or the Hummer. Apply to w. B. JENNIhOH, Bergen Point, N. J. yy ' HOUSES TO RE XT? IN JERSEY CITY. WITH MOD cm improvements. ? 221 Second street, three storv, basement end cellar, 12 room*, $?>>; 218 Seventh street, threo story und F.nglMi basement, $<M0; corner of Wayne unl Varick street*, three storv, basement and cellar, brown ."tone front, in room*, rent fl.v'OO; two three story 1 basement and cellar brick H> u?es on Pavonla avenue, II rooms, rent SHOO. For permit, apply to A. P. 8URLEW, 138 Newark avenue, Jersey City. fro LBT? BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE, 8 ROOMS. 6 LOTS; i. truil anil shade tree* : near ttntlon ; 30 minute* by Midland lUilroaR: rent CHABLB8 W. W ARD, 79 Cedar street. TO LET? ON JERSKY CITY HEIGHTS, SEVERAL Houses. with all modern linplovements; from S:VH) to (400. TIIIIMAS Al 1> il 1 1 >< i !?', ii, in- Cmirt House. mo LET-AT BKROKN POINT, A FURNISHED X Douse, containing 11 rooms; trains leave erery hour; boniM twice a day: ten mlnu'es to depot; reut moderate. A.ldi. tu S. 1)., Herald L'ptov.'ii Rraiu h ofllce. TO LET? AT WEST HOBoKEN, N. J., ON* BEROKN Wood avenue, very neat House, 10 rooms, lot 78x160; abundance ot fruit, stable, Ac. ; rent $400. Apply to 1". M. WELD 'N, 34 Stone street, New York, or No. 2 Warren street. West Hoboken. TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, ON VAN VORST sounre, first class brown stone House, completely furnished ; owner wishes to reserve three rooms on tip tier floor and board with the tenant; also first class brown stoue House on the square, unfurnished, to rent. Inquire at 57 Jersey avenue, corner York Jersey City. TO LET OR FOR HALE? FRENCH ROOF HOUSE, modern improvements; near Court house, rent $M per month. Apply to ANDREW McLEAN, opposite Post otHce, Jersey City Height*. TO RENT, FURNISHED? AT BEROKN POINT, N. J., onl.v 28 mlnnles (rom New York by Central Railroad of New Jersey, llouio, 12 room*, largo lot 80x170; street improved ; convenient to cars or boat; rent $1,200; new House on corner, bntlirooui, Ac. ; rent $1,200; Uothlc Cot tage on the watoi front, bath room, Ac. ; rent $1,800; un furnished House on the water front, S acres land ; $1,000; Houaes at $4?>, MOOand $fi0U Apply to BKAMIIALL M SEYMOUR, No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City. TO RENT, FURNISHED? AT BKROEN POINT, N. J., only 2ft minutes from New York by Central Railroad of New Jersey, House of 14 rooms, bathroom, gas, Ac.: situated on paved street, lighted with gas; live minutes' walk from depot; fully lurnlshod with tilings requisite for housekeeping; will be reuk-d moderately to a good ten ant. Apply to BRAMUALL A SEYMOUR, No. 1 Exchange place, Jersey City. TO MANUFACTURERS.? TO LET, THE IIOBOKEN Moulding and Planing Mills; three minutes from ferry ; 80 horse Knitlnc. aud Boiler, Shading, Ac. s four lots, two three storv buildings. Apply to W. M. MERRILL, 86 West street, New York, or 24 Newark street, Hoboken. "IQO YORK STREET? THREE STORY BRICK, 10 J rooms, modern improvements $800 140 Railroad avenue, two story lramc, 8 rooms, mod ern improvements Z00 204 Grove street, tine Store, 20x44 600 Small sums to loan on Hond and Mortgage. GEORGE XV. KlRTll, 88 .Montgomery st., Jersey City. PROPERTY OUT OF THE CITY FOR SA1.I0 OR TO RENT. A-ELIZABETIIPORT, N. J., VAC1NITY OK SINCER ? Machine Works; a handsome Cottage, with (wo Lots, lor sale ; house contains 7 room*, water and gas; op poaite Jackson Park, the proponed nitc for the erection of the State Capitol buildings and grounds; will sell very low. Address OWNER, box IK) Herald otllcc. AT RIVERSIDE, OM THE ROUND- ATTRACTIVE shore front Residence, 11 rooms; modern improve ments; one acre ; healthy ; near depot ; 59, WH. other*. Add re ?? J. W. ATWATER, Riverside statu, n, Conn. A? FOR SAUK, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ONE ? hour from city bv New York and New Maven Rail road, fronting on Long Island Sound; good house, 14 rooms; modern improvements; 10 acres of land, truit. flowers, Ac. ; bathing, boating and tuning; will he sold very cheap. Apply to T. 8. SHEPHERD, 181 Broadway. A -MIDLAND RAILROAD, NEW JER8ET.-4E AM ? making a specialty of Property on the line of this new road; within one hour ol New York: (lie land is mountainous, perfectly healthy mid true troin mosiiul toes; I Imve a large number of Karma, convenient to depot, and gentlemen's Residences, with a few Lots of Cround. T. S. SHEPHERD, 181 Uruadwuy. A SACRIFICE? AT ELIZABEIU, N. J.? A HAND some new French roof House, 10 rooms; hot and cold water, elevated oven range, bathroom water closets, stationary tubs, gas, heater, Ac. ; vestibule doors ; hall floor Inlaid with hard wood; eligibly located on a wide avenue near depot; large lot; if sold within ten day* will take $8.0u0 lor it; house cost more than that to build. J. M. MEEKER .t SON8, 22! Broad ?t . Bliaabeth. N.J. A? FOR HALE, DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED ON THE ? Shrewsbury River, 10 acres of Land, with a front ape on the river of 800 feet and en elevation ol 20 feet ? above the river: splendidly shaded with trees; also, pd 1 joining the above, a Cottage (8 rooms) and 'i acre of Land, with river lront of 17ft fe?L Apply, In person or by ! letter, to INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE JOURNAL, | 23 lley street. New York. AT EL1ZAIIRTH, N. J ? HOUSE NKAR DEPOT AND fine location, to exchange tor tugboat In good order. BROOK KIEI.D, HI Cedar street. AT ELIZABETH, N. J. -TO RF.NT FOR THE SUM mer or year, a beautiful new House ; 11 rooms, sta ble, Ac. ; modern Improvements. Address, for one week, S. o. BROWN, box 151 Herald ndlce. A FURNISHED HOTEL TO LET? FORTY ROOMS; I -.'V splendid Summer resort ; flue grounds, large shade trees; near New York : cheap rent. \\ ARNER A CO., No. 6 Doy street, room 21. ,4 TTRACTIVE HOMES FOR YOONO MARRIED PER 'V sons near Plainfleld, only $2,500? terms extraordln nary easy; surroundings fligt class; healthy location. JAtjUES, Commissioner of Deeds for all States, 208 Broadway. j A VALUABLE FRUIT FARM OF 82 ACRES, NKAR ; A Paterson, N. J., for sale cheap for cash, or exchange ; lor good houses. Address C. W. , box ISO Hi raid office. j t COSY HOLNE? OF EIOHT ROOMS, BATH, WATRR 1\. closets, washtrays, elevated oven range, heater, cellar; double lot; on sewered anil Macadamized street, I & minutes from depot at Whltcstone, L. L, 2t> minutes from Hunter's Point: 42 train.-, daily. 6 A. M. to midnight, by elegant F. end N. S. it H. ; for : ulc for monthly pay ments ot $5u, without Interest and $7(H cash ; one year's commutation free; beautiful scenery; well drained, healthy; churches, schools, and more convenient to liusi ness ill. hi Sixtieth street, New York; neighborhood under restrictions, ('all oil II. K. VAN H1CLEN, 13.) Nassau street, and get tree nil I visit it. A? TO REST, FULLY riTRNISHBD, ON' CASTLB . ton Hill, near West Rrigliton l.indlnv, Ktaten Island, a commodious Residence, with stable and exten sive grounds; the house is ready lor iiiitnediulc occupa i tiou, and Is provided with bath, water closets, slationary ' tub-i and all conveniences; stage pas-en llio door; rent | low. Apply tii JOHN BCDONA I.D, No. 8 Battery place. A LABOR OR SMALL COTTAOB AT LOBO BRANCH i\. to let, furnished ; the former for sale : suitable for hoarding house : carriage houses, stables; high grounds; well shaded; Ave minute* from shore. J. M. SPERO, SOt Bowery. A CHOICE TWO STORY FRENCH ROOF, BEAUTI ful, convenient He tide dm: all convenience's; large lot; shade; Elizabeth. N. J., for sale or let, $85 1; near two depot". O. II. PIERHON i CO., Auctioneers and ! Dealers in Heal Estate, No. Pine street. New York. Assuredly some of the finest PLACB9 for Summer residences to let, furnished and uufur ! nished, atOIen Cove, Ro?lyn Slid Manlia?sef. TERRY, in Front street, ?r Roslyn, L. I. A TWO STORY HOUSE. ONE ACRE OF OROUND. fruit, Ac., pleasantly located on c?ntral Railroad ! New Jersey, tor sale; $4,500; ferns easy. J. C. FREEMAN, Ml ltrondwuy. a CHBAP DWELLING TO LET-WITH ACRE IN I A gai den, covered with choice fruit of all kinds, at ' Ridge field. twenty minutes trrnn Psvonin lerrv via Northern Railroad. Inquire ot S. HAMMOND, 41 William street, or at station. A FURNISHED HOUSE IN PLAIN FIB LD, N. J., TO let? Pleasantly situated, near the depot: has all im i provemcilts. Apple to agents, Plainfleld ; VAN ZANDT, I fil Cedar street, or MOORE, 37# I'earl ?treet. AT a HAROAIN.? FOR SALE, A FINK PLOT OF (iroiind.ou a wide avenue, and situated near the new Bay Hi Ige ferry MfM Hempstead Railroad, only 3') min ute's from New \ork, and suilkble for a gentleman's resi dence ; size of properly. 217 feet front by IM feet deep. Inr particulars apply to E. MASON, 246 WestTeuth street, New York. AORKAT CIIANCK is OFFERED TO AN ENTER- 1 prising man.? A Property, consisting of an elegant j house, outbuildings and grounds. 111 acres olland, situ ated in u bcaullful valley In the ecflfru ol a growing vll- ! lage, three railroads running past the place. The bouse ! was built by u Hungarian nobleman: has all the modern Improvements ? hoi and cold water hatha, water closets, heated bv steam, patent cold air valves; stable, servants' ; house and other outhouses, which cannot be excelled for ' beauty and comfort. The land can lie laid out ill lots, ami readily sold lor hlgli prices 1 its being in great deimimi In the immediate vicinity; also a park on the same grounds, beautifully laid out with trees and shrutis, mm'- i adamlzed roads, springs, Ac. Tlie place must be seen to he appreciated ; only six miles rVoiti City Hall, New York. II must be sold or exchanged to divide interest. For fur ther particular* apply to C. K. DEUTSCH A CO., 285 i Broadway. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE-FURNISHED OR UN*. I J\ furnished, at Millord, Pike county, l'a., for rent, tor Summer inonilis or longer, at moderate rates. Apply to or address D. M. VAN AUKKN, Millord, Pa. Anew oothio cottage for sale or to ! let? At Tenuity, on the Northern Railroad < f Nov i Jersey; built In the most thorough manner by days work ; containing 11 rooms and a bathroom; finished in black walnut throughout, marble mantels, bay window, Ac. : less thin om> hour's ride irom City Hall. For par ticulars address OWNER, Ikix 1*. Herald office. Astoria? to close rstate.? drsibablk Dwelling and 8 Lots adjoining Ravenswood, near steamboat landing and dlrecfly opposite l"r. Sauford's; house built of stone, very substantial, 27x17, Ifrrooins; will be sold on easy terms and a great bargain. Apply to JERK. JOHNSON, Jr.. 21 Park row, New York. A FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANUE? CONTAINING 21 acres of good land, B of It wood, situated at Colom bia, Morris couuty, N. J., tk miles from Madison, on the Morris and Essex Railroad; a good two story House, with cellar, barn, 'tnble, c.irria/e home and granary ; two never-tailing wells, one m ar the house, the oth?r at the stable; alsocls'ern in the kit. ben ; large <)intntlty of fruit. ir> n peach, about liW apple, near, cherry and iiuuico trees. Address T. M. U. Herald Uptown Branch office. A DESIRARLE FURNISHED RESIIiENCR, 17 j\_ rooms; all modern Improvements; stabling, cow; cottage 8 rooms: 10 acres laud most delightfully situated, 1 overlooking Knglewood, 5H minutes irnm Chainliers > street. Apply at 101 Moutague street, Brooklyn, or 79 < ?('hainhcrs ?irect Beautiful iBd^erty near plainfif,ld-bn. J hanrlng in Tilue; elegant buiUlintrs, five acres, splendid Uh atiou lor road side or hlati-toneii boarding ho, i?e JAOv'Es, Coinmlwlouer of Deeds. 2W nroadway. I PROPBRTT OCT or THE CITY POft ?flf ? Q? TO ?mt. * BE A l TIP!.' L. RKHIDP.MCR POR HALR? IN f rvncv N . J. ; 17 miles from city, 34 U*li ",n, j IK walk from depot ; line shade, abundance of fruit, Ixvinsr brook through property, tine >choola and churrmV vi,S healthy ; laife plot land. equal to over to city tot, \?V*. containing 1.1 rooms, In tine order. For particulars Zi view of property ln<|ulre of JERE. JOllNrtoN jr ",11 Park row, New York. ' ? BAYONNB, N. J -TO KENT. HOUSES AT $.W $V>"> $475and$3HI, House, lot 86x190 and barn; rent Mm, IlituscK with moderu Improvements at $650. $<S7fl, $7U0 an. I $750. House i* lor sale? Que ot Id rooms, on corner, 6 lot* ? modern improvements; $12, COO; Houses for dale at $5.5110 $8,000, 98,000. 11(1,0*1, #13,000, $18,000, $25,0 X), $36,0i?) and $700(10. Building Plots on cany term*. Apply to lilt AM 11 ALL A S is Y MOCK, No. 1 Exchange place, Jer gey City. . BLOOMFIRLD, N. J.? PURNISIIED HOUSE TO RENT, from May 1 for six months; 3 minutes from depot rent $75 per month. Apply to J AM Ed B. SWORD, 8B5 roadway. ? C1YPRBSS TITLL CEMETERT LOT? FOR SALE J cheap, MOO .superficial feet, being east half of Lot No. 201 on section map No. 5, Cypress Hill Cemetery ; a c hoice location. Apply to WILLIAM A. COIT, No. <1 street, 11 rat floor. (10MPLETELY AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED J Housi! to rent? On Statcn Island ; 35 minutes Irom New York; everything requisite for housekeeping without expenditure of a dollar; bed and table linen, cliiua, glass, silver, cooking utensils, Ac., Ac. ; scenery unsurpassed ; location high and healthy; abundance ot shade, largo and elegant grounds; handsome croquet ground ; gas and hot and cold water; rent $110 per month. Address W. It. E., Herald office. /COUNTRY SEAT FOR 8ALH-AT A SACRIFICE, OR V> to let, furnUhed, near Macomb's Daut bridge, five minutes from Melrose depot. Inquire at 3W Broadway, second tloor. /COUNTRY HOME? nENT OR FOR SALE LOW. \J roomy ; modern lintirovementa: large garden t near depot. Address box 14, Koniervllln, N. J. CIOI'NTRY SEAT ON PASSAIC RIVER TO LET OR J for sale? 10 mile* from New York; Cottage, 12 rooms; stable and outbuildings; 10 acres; private wat??r front along the entire lawn ; all kinds ot very flne fruit and old forest trees; situation very beautiful and ptetureaaue. Wall street u itlun an hour ; dopothalfa mile lrotn house ; rent $700; also large House 111 Italian style; 18 rooms: bum and stable; 20 acres; private water front; rent $1,200. Apply to Mr. VAN ZANDT, 10 West Twenty-first street /COUNTRY HEAT ? 17 ACRES (WITH MORE OR LESS V ' land), Ballston Snrlngs, Saratoga county, Ji. Y. ; buildings all new; house 12 rooms ; carriage house, barn, Ac. ; much irult ; 3 acres timber; $5,500. Address II. A. COOK, owner, tKJ l)cy street, for two days only ; alter at. Ballsloii. (COUNTRY SEAT TO LET? FURNISH BD; 19 ROOMS, J elegnntly and completely furnisln d and heated D> furnace; raiure, hot and cold water; situated high ami healthy, In a lawn and grove ot bcautitui trees: carriage house; lull lco house; gardener's cottage and gardens; orchard, all kinds ot fruit; one hour from Wall street; trains every half hour; rent very low to the right partic. Apply to OAPBR8, CLARK It CO., X2 Cedar street. C1HCRCH HILL, WASHINGTON, CONN.-S200 PER J year lor a g' od home uud scliod ot lorty weeks; i? cation unsurpassed ; four hours trom New York. Address, for circulars, II. II. MOREHOUSE. DOCKS AND WHARVES, NEWARK, N. J., FIlONTINt; Passulc River (Morris Cat'.al rear), lor mult bouse, factories, mills, lumber and coal depots. Apply at '.i, Duane street, Now York. O. W. llOJEH. IjtNOLBWOOD, N. J. -KOR SALIC OB TO LBT? HOUSE. 'J two story, attic anil basement; 13 rooms ; barn ; tlvi acres of land; plenty ot l'rult trees; on moderate terms. CHARLES N KLLM A N, l'.W Franklin street. New York. INLKABIiTH, N. J.? MANSARD BOV8B, 14 rooms, !i all improvements; lot fif>x230; corner Jefferson avr titie and Anim street; fronts the Park; for sale cheap; easy terms; or exchange. Owner M Wall street, room 21. Farm, for sale? in the town of highland. Sullivan county, N. Y., on the Erie Railroad, If) > miloa irom the city; 100 acres. 30 acres cleared, gooii house and barn; price $2,800. Apply to R. G. PKIBCE, 10 Broadway. INARMS, STONE QUARRIES, TIMBER LANDS ANI> ' town Low for mIh byVlLLIAM S. REES, Real E' tate Agent, Mtroudslnirg, "Montoc county, Pa. FACTOBV FOR SALE-16 MILES FROM CITY HALL, 70 horse water power, steam power ; heavy buildings ; near four railroads nnd canal. J. FlnHEB SATTISRTHWAITE, 10 Pine street. 17*0 R RENT?* NEW STORE. 18X90, IN TRENTON, N. 1 J. ; an excellent stund for any business. Address JOHN F. KLEIN, Trenton, N. J. For sale? at Newark, n. j., a splendid House; 10 rooms; all the modern improvements; price $12,500. Inquire ol'T. It. DKVOR, 769 Broad street, Newark. . FOR SALE? AT H A STI NQS-ON-TH E- H CDSON, A new three story French roof House, containing 12 rooms, with all modern Improvement', nnd about oti" acre ot ground in lawu and trees; eight minutes' walk to depot; 45 minutes lo city by rail; half of the purchase mouey can remain on bond an 1 mortgage for one year or more to suit t fie purchaser. For luruier particulars inquire of J. B. LKFt ROY, on the premises. FOIt SALE? TO CLOSE AS ESTATE, AT FLATBCSI1. L. I., a tine Residence; barn, carriage house, Ac., t> acres; very low and on very cusy terms. HORACE BARNARD, Attorney-at-Law, 98 Broadway. fiW)R SALE? IIOCSE. OR TO LET; A LARGE TW'l 1 story and a'.tle double frame House, at Hath, L. I., with about an acre- ot ground, under tine cultivation : grapes and fruit; house tilled in with brick to the roof; in fine order; II rooms, attic, large drv cellar, finished with ceincut, ur.der whole house; would make a tine bast metit; within one minute's walk of the Coney Island Steam Railroad ; trains every hour; the Summer every halt hour; price $7, (W0. Inquire ot SI EDM AN WKUfll'f, Bath, L. I. SlOR F ALE-NEAT TWO STORY COTTAGE (SEVEN rooms); two Lots; five minutes' walk troni landing Stalcu Island; sidewalks flagged; $.'.'>00; easy pa\ uienta. DARIttN, 60 Broad street. PUNK FAflM-100 ACRES; GOOD BUILDINGS; SIX acres in cranberries; nil In tine order ; V.i hours from New York; $A,fiOO; Is worth $H,U0l; terms to suit HAKRIN, 50 Broad street IfOK SALE? AT WOODHAVBN? A NICK HOUSE with 7 Rooms, Carriage House and 7'4 acres ot Land; beautifully located near depot. 8. nUOY Jk CO. No. 1 Park place. IlOB SALE? A GOOD FARM OP 83 ACRES, W ITHIN I hour and 21 minutes of city, with good buildings, fruit and stock; price $5,iwi; terms easy. Apply lo II. M. JOHNSON, 'Jus Broadway. For sale? at mktcchkn, n. j i/jt ?ioxt>< > feet, good House, 12 rooms; stable, lawn, all fruits five minutes lo depot; concrete walk entire distaui < Particulars from owner, A. L. SCOT I', 55 Walker street. DOR SALE AT A BARGAIN? 10- AC RE COCNTin I Sear, in New Jersey; water front; good buildings choice Irult ; also a nice Dwelling on Jersey City Heights cheap. II. I'ATTHE RG 22!i'a Brortdway. FOIt SALE? 100 ACRES, LARGE HOUSE AND BARN at Heliport, near Patcho^ue ; South Hay frontage approachable by yachts ; rail depot nearby ; aflording h Uie low price of$S,00U quarters for club house or geutU man's fe.-idence;good gunning and lisliunf. . WM. T. J EN M. N't 1.4, 2W nroadway. I ton SALE? OR TO LET, FURNISHED OR UNFUI. nislied, at Atlantic vill", near Quoguc depot, L. 1.. Farm ot 2") acres, with all Improvement'; good donio house and outhouses; all in good order; line vie-.v ot lm> and near ocean batlung. Address box 1.D78 Post oftlci New York. IriOR SALF? NEWARK, N. J.? TWO STORY AN i' attic Cottage, with extension; all modern Improvi mentsi lour minutes of South Broad :*reet station, N?> Ji rsey Railroad; 5''. "W0: $1,500 cash, balance on cus> terms. J. M. ELLItuT, No. 2 William street. New Yorri or.W Yaudcrpool street, Newark, N. J. FJOB SALE? AT RICHMOND HILL, LONG ISLAM' on Soutliside Haili oad, only !'l iiimut-s (7 tulle - i lrotn ferry, a number and variety ot nest Dwell ings; also Lots nnd i.eauli.ul Villa rdtcs. Place hig well drained, healthy and reitrlcted against nuisauee Apply to J. W. FIELDER, 231 Itroadwav, loom 11; R. |: | HAZARD, 110 Broadway, or O. B. I'OWLEK. on tin premises. For sale? a pb wtipcl si mmerand wintei. Residetiee, containing 11 roems; liou-e m. wly fur nislied ; in complete order; ail Improvements ; caVria..-' house, stable, ice house, Ac. ; I!, acres, all tree uud cle ir location unsurpassed tor healihlnos ; five minutes' walk from station; 41 miles by Harlem liailroml; price, to. house nnd furniture #14,<4R Full particulars by adil;r? In? OWNER, box 75 Post office, Katonali, Westciicste. coiinfy, New York. I/OR SALE -ONE OF THE FINEST PA RMS IN NEV. X Jersey; 28t) acres; choice ; great sjieritlcc. 8. S. MANGAM A <'(>., Sii Nassau street, room 18, F^OR SALE-AT i:\ZE.N0VIA, MADtSON COl'ST. N. Y., a two story tratne House, containing 14 rooms . good stable ; till In good repair; line garden tir.d orchard with 11 acres ot laud hack of the home; seven milestroio the celebrated ( hlitenango V. hite rulpher Springs; be sold cheap lor cash. For particulars and photO.'ra!' apply to JESSE G. CARMAN, A BKO., 7.' and 74 C?f strict. .New York. For sale at a bargaln-an elegant cou? try Si at on the Hudson, two hours Irom the cl!y, o.ii three minutes from depot. The house la large an l a n ciotf, thoroughly built and hi tine order; all modern no provemenis. gas, water, barb, stationary tn!is, and tr^ Coeil throughout; grounds comprise ;tl>"Ut fo'tr acre beautifully la I I out In garden ami lawn, and Is we. Stocked with large and small fruits. There is a'-o a flu grove of native forest trees; carriage house, ice hou>< hennery, Ac. It Is finely adapted t"." a SU'iiiner bote Particulars with 8. K M BBEaON, tiiit Sixth avenue. Ml SALE? A COTTAGE HOUSE, 4 ) BY 45 FBI. 'I . k? piMM S fret wide along the front ; the first floor cn., si <ts oi a laru'c kitclu ti. dlti:it{ tin I sitting rooms, parloi and two bedrooms, two large pantries, fitted up wlit> iIm*i ri and shelves; on second floor four large hod ro'Hjis, with clothcspreascs; about aeret of choic land, with apple, pesr nml quince trees, and situated a' Stonr Brook. Long Island, only 15 minutes' walk fron the railroad; the property Is w? II locate I, fro:ifin: on a small lake and within mi-dialf mil'? of Lou t Islnn I Sound; will be sold lor 5 >,0 n, including Furniture, ^o particulars inquire of JAMES I.. PA HSH ALL, Washln - toil avenue, corner of Fltth street, Morrisaula. West Chester couity, N. Y. DM SALE-COUNTRY VILLAS AND VILLA SITES * .. rt"?",lnK en the Sound, at Eastehester Hay. Th buildingsare now, bavin ( been erected durini the pav season, are conveniently arranged and haudsoiuo in design ; 'lie location is tin.tirpassed Tor h?altiitulness an I beauty ol surrounding scenery, while affording amide 0| portunltlcs for boating, sai'in/, flslitng and bathing; the land hat been laid out In park style, an I will only t? deeded to such ^as will engage not to erect nuisances or obstructions. The prices are moderate and terms Mt]r, so as to enable a family of moderute means to euiov a d"llghttul home, within easy distance of the city. The new Portchesler Railroad, to be completed in AprlL will nave a station wHhm fifteen minutes of the propertv Plan* and views can be s 'en at the. office of P. LOKli. LABI) A CO., 16and 18 Chambers street, where rail in lormstion will be obtained. IpOR SALE CHEAP- AT QUEENS, L. L A SMALL ! Farm of IM acres ; good soil, house, burn, Ac. ; con ven'tnt to churches, school*, Ac. ; terms easv. Anulv t( JAMES C IIK.NIiKH KHuN, Queens, L.I. " tlOR SALE OR TO LET-AT GREENVILLE, ? BIN r utes by line ot New Jersey Central Railroad, a Hons containing II looms, near depot; rent $5HH Apply to CHARLES STOOEKEN, or at Post office. For Additional Real Estate Adwertlae aieaU Bee Another Put of tlk? Paper.

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