Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 6
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L RELIGIOUS JJfflMffiWB. 1 APRIL 20 ? LOW SUNDAY. PULPIT EXERCISES TO-DAY. Herald Religious Commu nicants. THE LAWS Of THE 0 LD TESTAMENT. LIGHT WANTED FOR A SCEPTIC, Is the Doctrine of Purgatory Sound'! A Wail from an "Orphan of the Heart." RELIGIOUS TOLERATION EH JAP AH. The Genealogical Records Of Our Saviour. Tli? "Wh.ale of Scep ticism. SIN AND ITS PUNISHMENT RELIGION IN POLITICS. MOVEMENTS OF THE CLERGY. Service* To-d*y. Rev. Dr. William Morlcy Punshon will preach this morning at St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal church. The Bishop of New York will administer the rite of confirmation at St. A! ban 'a this afternoon, at Jour o'clock, muii celebration of Holy Eucharist In the morning at eleven. Pastor Cameron will lecturo on "The Book of Leviticus" this evening? in Seventeenth street Baptist church. Easter Sunday services at the Russian Greek chapel, at 11 A. M., m English. The Baptist Lay Preachers' Anniversary will be held in Laight street Baptist Mission this evening. Rev. Ilalsey W. Knapp will preach in the morning. Rev. Dr. T. De Witt Talmage will preach to the Tabernacle congregation in the Brooklyn Academy or Music, at the usual hours, morning and evening At the Church ol the Messiah Rev. R. D. Burr will preach in the morning and Rev. Henry Powers in the evening. A meeting in behalf of the nouse of the Good Shepherd will be held this evening la St. Bartholo mew's church. "The Sign of the Son of Man" is Bishop Snow's subject for the three o'clock service at the Univer Rev. w. n. Pendleton will discourse upon special subjects at the Flfty-thlra street Baptist church, morning and evening, baptisms following. ' llie Lukuown Way" Is the topic upon which Rev. J. M. Pullman will dilate this evening at Lyric Hall. Uo will preach iu the morulng at 1,283 Broad way. The new pastor, Rev. J. P. McClelland, wiu preach, morning and eveulng, at St. Luke's (Methodist Episcopal). Rev. Dr. John Cotton Smith preaches iu the Brooklyn Church of the Messian this evening. Al Fourteenth street Presbyterian church Rev. Robert Sloss win preach iu the morning and Rev. Dr. W dliuui St. Paxton will lecture to young people in the evening. Rev. Dr. Gillette preaches, morning and evening In Plymouth Baptist church. At St. John's chapel, confirmation services in the morning and preaching by the llcv. A. Wiswall In the evenlug. Rev. Wayiand Iloyt win preach in the Baptist Tabernacle in the morning and at Stelnway Hull in the evening. Rev. l>r. E. O. Flagg preaches morning and even ing in the Eighty-fifth street church. Spiritualist services at Apollo Hall at ten A. M. hair-past two and hair-past seven P.M. Professor S. B. Brltton lectores in the evening. Rev. w. c. Dawson preaches at the Otourch of Christ morning and evening. At the morning and evening services at Presby terian Memorial church Rev. Dr. c. S. Robinson will preach. R. s. MacArthur, the pastor, will discourse upon Interesting topics at Calvary Baptist church, this morning and evening. Rev. j. k. Denarest preaches at Westminster Pmsbyterlan church morning and evening. Bev. G. H. Ilepworth will dilate upon special iubjects at the Church or the Disciples, morning and evening. * At Ail Saints' the rector, Rev. w. N. Dunnell will conduct the morning and evening services. Services this evening at All Souls'. Preaching by ! Rev. George D. Chaney, of Boston. Rabbi Jaeger, a recent Hebrew convert to Chris tianity, will preach this evening at Trinity Baptist church. At Anthon Memorial church Rev. R. Heber New ton win conduct the services morning and alter coon; special subjects. Tha peanor the General Theological Seminary. r"10nr' 1,reachea at ??? Chrysostom s chapel this evening. Rev. Dr. Stephen n. Tyng, Jr., win officiate at the 0ahe U'Jly TriDHjr lDOrnlu* and A. lllggins, Jr., will lecture on Spiritualism at Franklin Hall, Jersey City, tlAs evening. Ex-Alderman Wilder will address the Cosmonoli tan Conference, at Turnverein Hall, this afternoon on "Corporation Monopoly." u. The of the Old mcnt-.v Reply to "Auditor." To the EmroB or the Her alp:? In last Sunday's edition of the Herald you print a communication from an "Auditor," who takes exception to what he considers "a remarkable ?er won '- recently preached lu St. Jolin'n church, New ork, by a clergyman who was so shockingly la nor ant of the A u c duties of a minister of the gos pel as to actually preach upon "a text from" ?tipr?08&-"the say that'hl ^ furtlwr ,h# writer goes on to wm/the um.T0n,,7B h'>W ,hat "can ^rmonize With the Uirlatmn doctrine,'- and lamenta ih. m..t ..?e .,Mrurn?, .l"r *C? ET'r.rr'1""'" Roman Catholics, -who stick to Jesus through thick and fhin." He has, however, thegener"?Mo forgive "the genuine Jew ' who -errs in Jno ranee," while for the professing Christian wh? ?bets Jewish laws he foret>ode* a pretty roT^h time or it in the great hereafter. P a U> rou*u Lire is too short, Mr. Editor, to waste upon ariru. nients based upon such false premises and on opinions so am agonistic to the advanced in ?elllgenco of the age In which we live- but as there may be some other "Auditors" who have l???lgieadJ.n wc a*k 'he in |r the laws of the Old Testament, and the Old Testament itself, be abolished, what becomes of Ite New Testament r According to the new dis pensation there are many laws contained in the Old lestament that are no longer binding upon the proiessors of Christianity, but It does not fol low that because certain laws are rendered in operative by aubseuuent lawa mad* by what It thought by torn* to be competent authority, that all tk* laws af tha OUI Minnt are to be set aside aa? declared utl and void. If this were so what becomes of the Tan Commandments ? the loundation of aU taw recognized by the whote otTlliaed world, which la to be louixi in "Auditor'*" objectionable law book, the Old Teatamentf Chris tian* would become jealoua of -he privilege of the Jews if, boeanae this decalogae had been Riven to them, they assumed, to the exclwHon or other*, all the rights and privileges it conveys. But not so. God tuteuded til* laws forth* good of tae whole huinaa race, and the worth/ clergyman or HL John'* church, who quoted them and discoursed thereon ao loarnediy, no doubt, will continue to And many "Auditors" more liberal than the Rip Van Winkle one who has so suddenly awoke out of his theological nightmare. BKM1 -OCCASION A.L. Washington, D. C., April 10, l?7S. A Wall From an "Orpkaa of the Heart," To the Editor of thk>:? I respectfully ask permission lor a little space 1* your rellglouB columns to make % few brief re marks. i am bewildered by tbc multilarlous musings of your theological correspondents. 1 am an orphan, that is, an "orphan of the heart." 1 hare oeen taking the rounds of all the churches, with the exception of the Catholic, and 1 And 1 can not receive that peace or Ood which I nsed onoe to do. While I read and listen to that "vast river of unfailing sooroe," the pulpit of New York, I grow more gloomy and despondent. Double-ditched doubt dares me everywhere. I take to poetry. And first 1 open that sublime poem of Goethe, "Faust." It Is to me the "green river" which my thirsty soul lores to swim along. 1 read the over tures, preludes, Ac., with as much delight as If 1 was In the midst of a hundred stringed Instruments playing a symphony of Beethoven's. Then there comcs a pause. What is ltf The great artist, in the construction of his mighty poem, superstrucls upon the loundation stone of the universe, laid down by Bt. John. In the beginning wa* the word. In the beginning was the thought. In the beginning was the actlou. WU1 somo erudite doctor of divinity take these three little sentences for his text and throw light upon them? Mun I* a counterpart of these three sentences, in perusing further 1 find the poet, with true dramatic discrim ination, immortalizes the poor, simple Catholic girl, Marguerite, In whom is peraouiUed the charm, the grace, the purity, the conscience of the holy ltoman Catholic Church. Here, too, Is the conn*# Hlonal, remorse, resentence, in vrhice even the soaring philosophical wings of Faust hlmseir are chained lor awhile; and if Meplustophiles is not an tdei devil, bad enough lor the Catholic Church to take hold off, let it hold on to Its imaginary one, of that which goes around "like a roaring lion," seeking whom he may devour, or who may huve some greeaeacks, prob ably. Let us open Byron. Half way in Don Juan he prays; aud probably Beecher nor the Catholic Church never uttered anything so beautiful. I will give it in full Some kinder casuist* are prone to say. In nameless prist, that I have no devotion ; But set those fellows down to pray Willi me, and you ahull we who lias the properest notion Of aetUnK lnio heaven the shortest way. My aluiro are the mountain* and the ocean. The earth, the air and the stars aud *11 that Springs from the great whole, Who had produced an* will receive the soul. Ave Maria, 'tis the hour of prayer t Ave Msriu, 'lis the hour o( love! Are Maria, inuy our spirits dare ! Look up to tuce and to thy sons above I Ave Maria, oh! that lull .so lair Those downcast eyes beneath the Almighty Dove. What though the pictured linage strike, That painting is no idol? tin too like. Again, in Muuired, in his dialogues with the friar, we see through the mirror of liis mind ills gloomy spirit yearning alter? "Oh, Koine, my country, city oi the soul, the o jihans of the heart must turn to ; tliee and, indeed, it is but too true, for I have been ! strayiug away in v self; I have allowed the highway of my mind to tie tramped by the multitudinous hordes of teachers of the mammon and iree and easy school. Why don't they construct a churt'h whose teachings shall put a restraint upon the passions of youth, which shall disinfect the heart when it becomes infected with crime, widen shall tlx the mind and conscience exquisitely sensativo against the commission oi crime r It Is because their hearts are Impervious to those finer feelings which are to be found by repentance In the Catholic church, which in upper dries ain't quite fashionably lucrative or love making enough, which commands man to bend the knee and head to the cross, to shed tears, to bring up hi* baser sins upon the tablet of his memory and confess that they are damning. Let ttiem look at Napoleon the First kneeling in St. Helena, in the past, to a poor Italian youth to whom, &b the repre sentative of that church of eighteen centuries, he confessed his sins, because, as he saw. all great men died in it. Let them follow that brightest gem of French literature, De Lamartiuc, In his book of the Holy Land, or read Chateaubriand's Genius of ?Christianity, and, perhaps, they may not be so bitter against that church which Is the? ?>. Kerne, my country ! city of the soul. The orphans of the heart must turn to then. FITZGERALD O'NEIL. Religion* Toleration la Japan. To thk Editor or thk Herald:? As your paper 1* the great medium by which the public Is set right on all public questions I beg leave, through your columns, to refer to the re cent report, generally made, of tho publication in Japan of universal religious toleration. There is not one word ol truth In this statement. The same edict was published throughout the empire three years ago, and was only at that time intended for foreigners. The ambassadors of the different na tions Interposed their ofllces to huve the decree made to luclude the native Christians; but they only Hucccedud in obtaiuiug the release of those Christians who would consent, beiore receiv ing their liberty to apostatize, the prisons wince that period have been crowded with the faithful, to the exclusion of criminals, aud over one thousand five hundred have died of want and torture. This In the neighborhood of foreign settlements, how many thousands in the Interior it would be impossible to tell. All this horror would < ease without dilllculiy 11 the loreign representatives of all natiens would jolu heartily and strongly in demanding the rights of Christian liberty for the native as well as the foreign ele ineni ; but the fact Is, there Is being played at the Court a deep game of diplomatic chess, und no Ut ile jealousy of our American influence is lelt. The European Ambassadors fear to demand anything unpopular with the Court, and It remains with our American representative to obtain equal rights for all, both native and foreign Christian". Why not send a Hkkalii correspondent to interview the Mikado, aud give us all the iacts about Japan and its religious toleration. AN OCCASIONAL. BOSTON. April 7, 1N73. P. B.? The Boston papers are imitating the Hkhai.d in the publication of Sunday sermons; but it Is u very poor Imitation, one sided, and will ac complish no great, good. The editor* here need cxnausiou. They have become blistered by their great lire and their lounuatlons are weak. The Genealogical Records of Oar Sa viour. To the Editor or tor Hekam>:? The explanation given by your correspondent of last Sunday In regard to tbe disagreement of the genealogical records of Jesus Christ, as given by Matthew aud Luke, aeem to be, at tbe first glance, a very good one, and, no doubt, one which will re lieve the perplexity of a great mauy persons. Hut many ure so constituted that they cannot accept any statement which Is not based apon demonstrate* fact*, much less upon reasonable assumption. The explanation of "L. A. C." will never satisfy those . who arc given to reasoning. Something more po tent than hearsay evideneo Is needed to convince them. 1 also have been told by an eminent divine that one record was traced through Mary the mpther of Jesus, and the other through Joseph, the husband of Mary, ltut when I asked if he knew this to be a luct, the reply was, "Uh no I no ono knows posi tively that such was the case, but It is very proba ble that this Is the correct theory, for in no other way can we reconcile the records." This tells the whole story, Jesus may or may not have been a descendant of David. It Is merely a matter of opinion. 1 think your correspondent of last Sun day Will admit that nowhere in the whole New Testament, or In any history whatever, has ho seen anyuilng which will tend to prove that ho his cor rect iu his views. Aud he must also admit that it Is just as reasonable to suppose that Jesus was not a descendant of David, as that he was. No proof can be brought to bear upon either aide of the question. For eighteen hundred years this question has been shrouded in impenetrable darkness. Our opinions may be affirmative or negative; but not a soul can say that ills belief Is the true one. The darkness will never be dispelled until we have "stunted off this mortal coil" and we sleep the sleep that knows n? waking. Then we may hope that all the mysteries surrounding the theological questions will be revealed to ns. Hut In this life there is no prospect of our knowing more of Jesus Christ than we already know. That Ho- was a good man and a great reformer few doubt : that He was the Hon of Uod or the descend ant of DavKl many disbelieve, it will take a more reasonable hypothesis than that contained in your correspondents letter to convince them that they are In error. The world la full of scepticism, and the nse ol assumption to combat it only makes the reasoning doubter more sceptical than jrw. _ Ji 11. COLLUQUE. The Whale of Modern Scepticism. To Ttir. KnrroR of tbi Herald: ? Why does not Mr. Talmage, Instead of wasting the time of his large audience* by sneering at sceptics, calling them fools, asset and other clown ish or clerical compliments, attempt to show them whore they are in error T "As Jonas was three days aud three nights in the whale's belly, so shall 1 the Son of Man he three days and three nlrhts in gTJ!?; " iMBUWieve uu ?u teniae ad "toe tore U ri?iin. -^ ****** Boiday? o whole tint nrtt <>l ?w? ?" fony dijm ipo* '?W'TNtltl ; INIHMnc to LuU, !?* J* "*? *mt ?? at/' *?"?!*. Mr. {ed itor, In awallowing whales tienca outdo eceptte*. >. K n* ?* Brtai* mm* Jmwmilm Aoylvaa. To rim Coitos or tri iibbal*:-. to o?e of tbe daily city papers of Thursday laat an article appeared la raroreooe to tae House or Refuge an<l Juvenile Aayluiu, wwen coutwiaod. either through Igti^rmuoo or dem^a, a larg. amount oi ?L??vaieinent?. it was averred tliat tho institution* named are pnvste, and that th?y w< re rounded by Protestant, aox-etanan eiticeoa. who liberally endowed them, and that, so Ur trow being pubiii , they arr controlled i.y private b ?*rd*. who til np tttoar own vacant lea. It ta lart'wr averred that they only re<*lvo a partial >om hall) support lri>m the St;?te, leaving the lufrreitrt to be drawn that the otlier half come* front the beaeftctton* of rrotwotant, aaaectartaa ctiU'-a*. II la Uirjn ult to comprehend how sucfc ? nw of folly an >1 ialar?prcaaatatioa could ba pat together. The lionae of Krfnge la aa una a a public Instltu Hon aa tbe !*tate Prison or Tombs. Not ona do! lar la coutribnted by private i>arite? kx it* sap port, ami the manner i* selecting trustee* i? pre scrll>ed In severs! acta of the legislature. a>uoii? tha trustees la aaa or more Ruuiau Catholic*. Aa to tbe management, wuirh la defrndod, the public baa pretty a ell made up ua mi a<1. ihe Society for tbe iteforuialloa of Juvenile delinquent* wan chartered or tba Legislature la INM. It aaa been liberally provided lor by tba ctty and mate Children and youtha under seventeen, who are aitber vagrant, dteordeny or ooavlctao of meauors and even feloalea. are aent to tba inaritu tlen. Tha polioa magistrates. Ooneral ?e?eioos and <'ourt? of o/er and Terminer in New Tort, aa well aa In avery oouaty la tbe Htate, commit ^ ,,oa**" 01 '"'W. and it i? made IS?- . r 01 ,h" ?' th. Mala Hriaoiia to Itandall a Island. The traateea have charge bote ?!../? "u<1 R?ru ?nttl reach tbe age *1 wT^i/."???' a i? "r>Mk ?' *,"'h ?n la?litatl?n, which is made by vsriou* staluic* s pu> e of con i?r w**wari| minora a* w. 11 ?i minor burglnra, la -Imply aimurd. a lew week* More ? yoatb uintKl auiit) o nomlcldc to Imprinoiiiin-iit wMiin Ita wniix The liouaeof It, ihge la tnaintaiu.-rt v,i,,.|!r an.| entirely by appropriutioiu from tne .slate aii.l r,tv reali/rd from tbe labor of the Inmate* 1 ulillc money |agiv<.|i toaanl it* support prccmi'ly In tho Name aiantier uublic monoy u Klven to Kup|>ort tbe peniu iiuarle- it recclvca annually 140,000 tram tb. Htate to , ,, fffii l!"*1 iro,IUL. JUc Ci l} i'""ui'iroll<r, III). Eu from the lloard ot Kducatiou aud ih<- procerdx or theatre and clrcua liceiiHea. The balance reimned w^L.1'PUrrt lb0 0f ?*toKC cornea frvui tlir work performed by the Intnuten, averaging i.'ui diii l>eryear; and It 1* a fact that tho income iroiu i5?wi 1 nr "0,,,"0e *PI,r,,,t? liea within a lew tliou aand dollurs of tho cost ol food, clothing aud luel require, for the culprit* In charge 01 the tr?i?tea? it would be alnioat n? aenalbie andcounHt tit t<> claim the Oroton Aqaeduct or the Mr <>kmi Nn\? } urd as a private 1'roteatant, uu-aectau^ii in?ti tution a* t lie Lluuae of iteluge. ,?f,iUliliere ,U P?"11 touched In the article under cotiaide ration which ha* been hnreioiore overlooked l>y those who have complained ??i the nianagenient of the Kefuge. The gemieaico aci aH. 11 "Pr,VHt? board," do mi up iii-.r hot it ia vary doubtful whether Mifri-ii iu iil'ij ?n'c* ?t. *" l" legal. Tho act of March iv. ihj4, provide* dlatlnctiv that the men. !i?rn0i{ "llie '???lc.tjr for rhe Kcl'oriuatlon of Juven ile Delinquents" shall be subscriber* to the a*?-o clation, and that only subacrlberacan be in, J, ? aiie linv Is very plain on this point, loi it h uirih. r 1 provided that In <-a*e of vacancies 111 the l(ou <| they are to be filled by persons who are "sub- - scribers as aforesaid." The institution doe* not receive Irom the trusteea or from au> private <111. zen a beneiactlon of Huy kind wnau V. r, n<-t ?>?en to tue amount of a picayune, aud there being no subscribers it Is difficult to see bow under the in w trustees claim to cxercise auinoritr. ? c'ilef object of the trustt^ea apj?ears to be to thi iiSnfl! 'r.W!,r)c j),'f,a'b,? f oui tho Inmates oi o^H <? iKC* .J l,,el,r la ,or 18 'artned out by contr.o 1 and it is onlv fuir to assume the inoat tH made ?h?! ..o ,e i<oai,<1 HRr i'? ? late report JL'M. a. very larF? P?rtlon of our time is devoted to labor, upon which, in a great measure, we de pend lor support." fcveu children of very teudei If*? ufe obliged to work. As to the subject 01 re gious teaching the request made by some Oatho lies is not unreasonable, and the refusal looks like 01 ? f'icreil, and even unalienable right, iully three-lift ha of the Inmates are of Catholic parentage, and have arrived at an age when then minds are thoroughly imbued with the doctrine* and commandments of thai Church, and. con, quently, are firmly attached to It. ti must tie clear to every lair-tlunklng man and worn iu Which Is the ostensible object 01 the management, could l>e iwst a?'hieved tin vuxu the agency of the ministers ol the rciiciuu m Whose lo d the culprits were raised. The trustee* can hardly be Ignorant of the f.ict that Catholic jouths cannot derive any religious ad vantage by jumping thein to attendance at services according to the original ritual established by the chaplu n of the institution. There Is no comparison be tween the Catholic Reformatory aud the Rein^ Jjone but Catholics under the law can be sent to I the former, and the admlssiqa of convicts is not permitted. In the case of thelatter three-filths 01 the committals are or the Catholic faith, aud they are denied the benellts of tim sacraments or K Church and attending its worship, it Is invciy bail taste, truly, to stigtn.iflzo those who complain of tills Injustice as a "superstitious thronir " Equally unfounded is the statement that the Juvenile Asylum is a private Protestant uns tartan institution. The legislature InlMlapoio prlated irom the state * treasury ITVW ior the purpose 01 purchasing tho laud ami erecting the buddings which is now lu ilo0 ^ r trustees -of the Asvluiu. current exjieuscs are derrayed by an aiuiual r,atlon irom the city tieasury of $110 lor ooii ,ui"at,e' which is added a shure iu the school fund, lustead of this only being one hull i'? iJL . maintenance, it is fully nine-tenths iuU?n?n being raised by subscription. It )? 'n,0? "?n8? private, ror the Mayor and Trcsi dents of the two le^i.slutivc hranches of tiie citr government and of tiie ComrniH.sloiierH ol CitarltleM and Correction are tmong tiie tmnton. The Jn venile Asylum, like the House ^Ke^ge, has to make yearly reports to the legislature, knouiih * rlttt'n to show that neither of tlii-se m ??? are Pr'v*te i'rotestaut rer.rniator.e. ? Jn? i'e ^fse 0 one of t,,en' 1,0 private I'ndest ant beneiactlon* ure bestowed upon it and lu ih? case or the other Jews, Infidels atiu Boddhiats o iJ? contribute to make up the small deficiency that 1* required to support 1t. The right ot gentlemen who are not subscribers to the House or Kern el A Sceptic Wants Laight, To THK Editor of thk 1Ikkai.1i:? Aa you Btaie "there has never been but one divine resurrection," will some of your learned correspondents give the readers ol the Herald your theory as to the fact that none of the great writers who lived and wrote immediately after these wonderful events mentioned in the writings of the early Christians (the New Testament) make ' the least mention ol them. They appeared to lie ' ?? H?it wptM tfcli rrirnilrrinl innjtmt as YVas'ifnu ton Irving la with regard to Joe Mill. ] or old Itrigham Young, Plutaroh was a great talk er, yet he says not a word, Kieotltus, .stia:>o, | Antoninus, i'liiiy, all liveil and wrote ai>out this i time, yet they are as silent a# the grave in it-gaid to all the astonishing occurrences in connection with this sepulchre story. Syria was at that timu a province ot Koine, aii'l ruled liy an Intelligent Roman Governor, It Is reasonable 10 suppose i hat I these Roman writers and this Roman "Procu rator" knew soinctlilug about these matter* 11 they really occurred. cMi8A?:. I Win Mini lis PuiiUhmenl. To thr Editor ok tiik HkAald:? The irequcnt claims that men are converted lie. | neath the shadow ol the gallows and the apparent ' expectation of not a few w hose immls are red with the blood of thHr fellow men v\ hum they Imve Me- , llberately and intentionally sent, without warning or "privilege of clergy," the presence ol their i final Judge, that they themselves expect t?>gn di- | rectly to heaven, Instead of to the place where they j apparently belong, anl the assent of clerical lit- | tendauls to audi expectations being woll loinidi-d, make a few practical qi. cat tons pert hunt and titaely. First? Did our Lord Jesus Christ come Into the world to snve men from sin, or was It to save them from the penalty of ilnf Every ono can but see that there Is a vast difference between the sin and Its penalty, between Having a sinner from sinning aud saving bun from the penalty attached to the sins which lie actually commits. Voluntarily putting my nand Inta the Are would be a sin ; the suffering which woffld lollow, mentally and physically, the oenalty. Mealing Is a sin, the prison 111* a part of the pen alty ; murder la a sin, the gallows a part ol the penalty. .sromwi ? Does the Rible teach ns that the evil doer can go unpunutliou, aud that it U impossible for him to ehcapt* the legitimate penalty lor the sins he actually Commitar l>o experience and reason teach auch a doctrine r Thtra? la there any reason to suppoa** that the man who deliberately murders his leflow-man, then adds to Ida crime a lie by denying It, and resorts to every subterfuge which tho Ignorance of bis fellow* men and the law will permit to shield himself from tliq penalty, will truly and slnoereiy repent at the last moment, when the eartuiy judge has pro I noanoodthe sentence? Denying his crime nntli all top* of escape has passed, ana perhaps even to ike tart, ?M Ae tear of the fallows bolero Ms eves, Is the maa la meatal freedom, and can coer cion and tear of tae gallows change the heart of a maa t Do the after Urea of those thus converted, who at Ito laat moment csoape the gallows, Jnsti/y such a eooelHmsn f l inalljr. I* the uioctrtae of the vicarious atone ment, upon which apparently our religious teach ers depeud to enaMe men to escape the penalty of their mos, a Bime doctrine, and does man's highest 1 reason sanction It T Or Is It one of the doctrines of wen of which we read I For it does seem tiiut irom some cause the word of God has practically been made of more effect with vast multitude* at this day. We are told oy one oi the clergymen of tuo cily thai fi r one ol our condemned murderers "there is pardon beyond the death that await* blin II will but believe that Uod can save to the nt termoNt all those that come to Him." Is this a | Uuapel doctrine, or is It one of the doctrines of men which Is luring our criminal clashes on in a life ol 1 sin and crime, still exacting to reach heaven at laxt ?>v believing, instead ol b.v a life of right living or striving tb keep the command inents r It Is time these practical questiona were con aMend by all men. It Is either true that men can, l>v oclieving in a certain nrhcnie of salvation, i escape the legitimate penalties attached by <>ur iM^ator to an evil life, even thou gh. dellber a te murder may lie one of the evils actually S>inmUted, or it H not true; and If it M not trne, it Is certainly a ii ariul delnslou. Can laitli without a good Mo save a man? Uaviug Islth In the liberality of the Herald, and believing thai It Is doing much good by allowing writers of different persuasions to present their views and to ireely dlseuaa doctrines and crceds In lis i -"litum*. the writer hopes to bcc the above *U"stlous iairly and lully dlscnssed by some of your many reitgiona corrtsjKindeuts. INQCiRLK. The Doetrlste sf Pargatory. To viva Roirna or tbb Hbbalo:? The Catholic doctrine concerning purgatory is a very reasonable doctrine, and any one having the 1-ast conception of Bible truth can easily see this to be so. One of your correspondents has tie effroaury to counsel Catholics to carefully study the liibie that they may be better able to answer the qooatioa, "Does the Bible teach the doctrine of porgatoryf" Prom whom doea he receive the Bible, prayf Is It not to the Catholic Church that we are indebted for the Bible of the present day? Was it not through her maternal care the Scrip tures were preserve* when nearly every work of literature, art or scleuce was destroyed by tlie ha'titrisusT and yet he has the audacity to sug

gest I he propriety of Catholics studying tho Bible. Jka well might a little urcUlu coumol tho white I haired mattnaetlctas to study Kuc'.idt Ferhups l:e ' considered his advice a piece ol bitter sarcasm, and I would have passed It hy unheeded but from his writing I Infer be could not distinguish be tween silence intended lor consent and silence winch means contempt. The Catholic doctrine In regard to purgatory maybe briefly stat?d thus:? Almtfchty uod has appointed in the next world a third place, which Is neither heaven nor hell, but a middle ptae ? ax I' i? called, in which pertain souls, who will In tho end go to- lieaveu. are lor awlilic ?Ictslned. We believe that some souis, the souls of Uttlc . hildreu, for instance, who have been made members oi Christ's Church by holy baptism ; or or ot hers, who, hy Hod's grace, have been enabled to pre -or re throngh iUe the purity and innocouco of iblhlrt n ; or ot others, who l?y tho help of the same gTiu-A-, have, by their sufferings or acts of voluntary penance railsfled Cod's justice lor tho temporal j ? tan > ii.iif-ut due ior ihe sins ot th ;lr nast lil?, nru received by Almighty Uod as aoou as tli' y nave left Hit* body, into the eii)o>mi'Ul of ov0rla*ttiiK bliss, in likf manner we believe ttiat thero are other son la pass at once out of this world into the realms oi everlasting torment In ; tuc next. But we believe ulao that there are many , oi tiers, which altiiougli not destined to receive rtriual punishment, urr yet not lit ior Immediate admission mt i tiiai place Into which "there shntl not euter anything thai is defiled." W hen we con aider th" carelessness ot men, tlieir want oi rigid M-li-eMtutlu Uiou uud blindness to their own li.uits, we can readiiy understand how Hie multitude of ordiuary iiuui persona uiav comuiit a thousand Mi.- n t. indeed, grievous slat, let ior which tin ? sli.ill have to "render an accent in ihe day of judgiiieut.'' "Idle words," Ac., lor example, lor whi< h iin-y never ieel compunction nor a*k the ror uivt'iifss ol Uod. Concerning many souls, t here on*, uiihoiigh we dart- not iio|ie Hist si the mo ment ot their departure out ol this world tliry ate so free from a'l statu and ?pot ol sin a? t ? he ready to puns immediately into the presence oi that oclng who is ol purer eyea than to iiehold iniquity there to dwell with htiu at once slid for ever; vet we feel ootiftdont that they iiav.i departed in th* grace and lavor o< flod, anil thst their evei lasting lot. therefore, will not be east among liars and bla*pheuiei? and Mutators i ' 'in the . pool in lire, there to l?c t irmeu led usy and Might j I tot ever and ever." Wo bellevo that the m.-eey i and lusts e of liod In Ills doihnra wiib th se aonU j 1 ?re reconciled h> their iieing detained tor e certain time la a middle place, there to tie pnnisli d and , punned i-nd dealt with acoordlng to His g0<' I i olea.ure uulii Hesoea Nl to admit the.n to the i n- , 1 joy men t or taai tieoutiful vision womjIi la liie and I Id lea eveflaeling. H is at<? a |iarl KUMoik ?? 1 lief Ilia', even when Almighty t.oii has iorgi\eii sin and JiisUfle.1 the repentai I sinner Si? mat ne i? . ones mors ia n state ?i grace, He aiili res-rtt'Sl ? | infllctiOB ol stNne tlfgree ol panlaiiiMeiil lot In* li ? I? i l anlnB as ae soe ia theloslanceo' the royal penitent, I?SVM. At the vei v moment thai nc waa assured by the BMUtS of the p'opa 'l Ihst his sin a aa (oraiv-'n ? "*fh" l< >rd naiu iskeu as ay t n sin" ? he 'was al-m told lhai he w. m id aoUyi a oer- i tain puniaiiineut for that sin? ?Nevenh lei- b.v i cause thou ln?-l given occatlan to the e.i. ml * of j the ix>rd to Blaspheme, 'or tin* the chill that ia | bom oi thee aliail s in-iy d.e." \ am. * ??.n tluis . Ifujrwttdl, wlttll tlM Mini* lH?Vii| ll*4 IfelMyB {'s , vaalty and prtdsia iiuiut*r?ng n?e * ? -ide ol i-is >, | no sooner had he done *o h? hei.t st r I ? , iilin; he couiesaetl that he "ha I s :.n d v i \ mm 'i i in what he had done," and he prave I that <."d j would take assy w? mbiuity, and a?> no-ti.i i- n t'lut the Lird heart! tM? pisvt-r and ' i". liie sl'i. Yet he went a verv sev. re | nt mw I . both upon the King and upon l is p -m I ? if- j lieve that this l? ?i??d ? law in desiln. wi t> the children of men ?tits t wn<'ii, tor Cnrist * mi'', h" I forxlvesam and alst dvps Hie -in-ier iiomli- c ? and t he eternal panlabmeni wim-h ?v n? " . 11 yet res ives some mnaier ptiin-niii-iii iinder l>v tne sinm^ eiim-i in n>- ? ?< or in t lie woi ld te rome ? h n ? ? I" oi st?u* i Im ii. g pnrlSed ny tne su : rn gs , ol pnigaiorv. we nn s?, not ?h-.t tn< <? cleansed from the giitlt of th ir sin , Mil ? il t . ' | lie i pa* I g 'M- del. I O. puuisnm I. I nirre j.iiniai.nient cas late sway *?n -ime shs* j trltlou n nd change ol heart can . o I h | i rough Mm amrtta ot Jaaus is.i?. I am sorry i 1 that lieautiieet wsa not ilm u??etl ? ?>. o .? who could give a more in!" dig nt und r?t - 1 ol the fe-rtpture* titan t a? wuieh "fn.i. ?i.' ( has ||v?a;mi ihen |??raoii? who arn.. ? i. ?t knowledge wid not In too* to my but im* * o?!?oii ? fhureh, and the turiher he ex'emla am ... ndci Ooopel trutll ttw U'O e en .r ? w. I ?. s ' iieantles of that Church, hint ni that > hureh \*ill ilnd the leai uinga of Chrlat t.>iio?iil o?t '?> ihe Very letter, be ?n*e she ia Ihe >o a ? I 1 ground of tru IB. ?' which was Bivineir . I slotted to teicUthe lailh to ah saiioiw. ami his I iro'!) th" beginning taught tin* i gaiury suMW tho real, (have not attewmtoi ? ? pro\e tills iloetnne. 1 aimpit ?iat. it ?. tt. ? %< r ' correif>otideot may get a r?^*eepU<>o te ?na ?? do lieileve. It lis has any ?itgai'ma? to moto I wouM like to hear them, la re,?rdl ?he i? which he mention*. II la not at all a? rraear toHof lii-t tbey siiotti I roO-r to Uw docir.Be af purgatory. I el il i* aw?-ntial lo "I rot - a .t lie should bs ame t? apply a-mo trfBet n. ^.p ?*' tton ot the parage ?hu-h w.o..o id ? t..i? i..a purga'ory. Wast dtotrinsd^ IMSMM hold in r> /aril to tm* i. xt i tiao au4 osbs ol ilielr coiuiaeiitatora. U la wiwp > wa at To a t iitholic. on ihe otw aaw4 it ?*?? >? t ciselv the same dor trine wMsh he boo haow s?toova I imn hi ruin ion lii a ?.? *. There a'a nmor postaapto III ti e tll.t iiuil r. stamei.ts < * p. It. .lit .,II. -Ipin. and aay thwwghuoi ItiliBisI inns t have a very grove mnihi a whether i*e ayatem ot oi" trine ahwa he hoa n^.a tayit rosliv emnraces as ii proie?*e* l? Bo, t? w? I'.li.le, We a.e no" al nbeiti t? ?oi W l*l?i? ahaioi any imrtion of li: "1'hia la of no tm >n . Ill n mean ihls or it may mean inal ; hot, m o?>Oer ess-, it i? ot no real roBtMHeooo.' la osbb* thoa ; is to set \ ooraelt up SSaVe t.??d t> ohho?h i ?? dtiin wonl to ?i>ur own oeivaie e*?o- . i?? a ? i no to receive, but mntilate. In? rev- ?? . I mere)) ni'ne l:na Important eoa?i4-ra"i.>B il'> ta th right U.l r.>teU woo. M kNl tlorlol St ??*???' ?? ?? ?aTBonnv. litshop llavcn arrived here la-- .?< 'k ir to Mexico III excel loot health. lt.? ... J- ? wwi detllc itc th Iteokmaa Mill Meth yl .i i . .1 church In-day. Her. J. H. KcC il o ? his agency of the Book Ibtpomiory st l ana?i. t??nta. Hev. S. M. Vernon has lie n thMia.cre.t I- ? 'ha frw Yotfc to the Pittsburg Conn r? nee, ami hoa tuken charge of lyrist church, Pittabuic. r*. *? ? L. M. lutn'on. late of Hyrauia.* I'ntverstty, haa hero | engaged as one of ihs pro^csaors ol Ihe OartiB t at- , verslty, Orangeburg, H. C. Rev. Dr. t rsw'ortt, I .to ? poster of Kighteenth atreot ohureh. New York, hoa been appointed pr?sidlug elder sf the To. gh?*ep ale district, New Yorh Conferonce s rea.deaeo st . Sing Sing. Rev. H. R. BcsvU has been traav^rre-l from Qalncy Mutstoa to Bummlt C.ruve Or cuit, to lake the place of *av. O. Atkina u, who has gone to Kansas. Tho humiuertetd Methodist Episcopal church, Brooklyn. Rev J. M. Buck ley pastor, recently took up a col lection of ISM lor IBs Froedmea's Aid Society. Bt. Stephens' Msthodlst Rplscopal church, German town. Pa., was reopened last SebbaU, Biatiop Slmpaon, Drs. Newman and Kyastt preaching during tiis day. Tto Niagara Cvaftroacs of ths Methodist Episcopal charoh In Canada meets In Id gersoll April 23, the Ontario Conference la Pert Perr/, May r. Bishop Bowman's servlaet being greatly Deeded In sow 9 of the Western conferences it was arranged that bishop Foster should visit south America in his stead. The latter, who is to leave Cor Europe in May. will, alter presiding at tne Conference or Germany and Switzerland, proceed to bueuos Ay res and make inspection 01 ear work in that city and vicinity. This arraugement will t>e economical both as to time and money. The trustees of the Illinois Wesleyan University recently reprimanded the President 01 the institu tion, Rev. Dr. O. S. Muuscll, because he nail a play ful liablt of kissing the young ladies. They deemeJ it very nnwlae and improper, especially lor oue in his po-dtton; but as ue always did it openly and In presence of third parties, they acquitted him of improper intent. Tne l>octor resigned his position and took that of financial agent of the uuivei &Uy instead. The local Methodist papers are glviog tne salaries af the bishops, seoreta. ies and eiitura elected by the General Conference. There are thirteen bishops, two of whoui (Janes and Hiinu sou) receive $4,600 a year each; one (blsiiop Mor ris, superannuated), $1,000, and the other ten re i ceive each $4,500. 'i ne secretaries and oouk agents i 8?t ? the former $6,000 and tne latter ? ^J'ear ?*ch. The editors get $4,ouo a year ^ch. These sums are by the AUvoaitt com ai od with the > salaries and perquisites, 4c., of several of the cblel pastors (Methodists) in this city and in Brooklyn, and they are shown to be less ; than the least of them, and less man : half what is paid to some of tiie pastors; so j that the cry ol extravagance is not wen loumied I A second Wesleyan church is In process oi buildtnir In Yonge street, Toronto, Canada. A popmar meet ing In be hall of the Kvaugelical Alliance win be hekl in Mt. Paul's Methodist Episcopal cuurch, corner or Fourth avenue and Twenty-second street, this evening. The Methodist bisuopa, at their meeting hero last week, resolved to do away with "nominal appointments" in aunual couicrences, and lurtiiur that the jurisdiction of a bi&hop over an annual 1 conlerence shall extend only until anotfter bishop l has been assigned to it, and not as heretofore until : its next session. The missionary collection of tue j Wilmington Conference is reported ut $i!i,ou0. The i several committees appointed by the aunual con | ferences on the anniversary of the urst Methodist Conlerence held in America will meet in I'niiadel piua next Tuesday to corner auout centennial clobration of that event. Rev. \V. W. Sever, of the Protestant Episcopal Churcn, was received mto full connection in the Methodist Ciiurcu ut tne late session ol the New York t'onie.ence held in Lludsoa. rKES"BVTEUJAN. Rev. T. E. Thomas, D. 1),, Professdr in Lane flieological Seminary, has been invited to take charge or the First Presbyterian ciiurco, Walnut "ills, unciiina'l, and has accepted. The General Assembly of thu Prosbytertau Church has a bemi nary at Concord, near Charlotte, N. c., designed to educate colored girls lor domestic liie an J to quality them to be teucbers. Jt has now seventy j ttiree students, and has to reluse uiuuy more for i want of room, it is now proposed to erect au ad j dltlonal banning at a cost of $L5,ooo to accommo date the many applicants who cannot gain admis sioii now. Rev. C. 11. Baldwin, ol UuiHdale, Muss., ' to kucltd avenue Presbyterian church, cievo land. Ohio, and a salary of $4,000 a year. uev. W. II. oicasun, ol the Reformed church ut Newburtr. , ? * ?? has accepted a call to the pastorate 01 Gracj I Presbyterian church, Osweim, iTi. Or. Junius ' h.lH.f,irewis'l sermon in the Okurch oi ; f ie VVTonuut h?ife uext and his successor. ! ? v.1 cent,1 o1 J,oy' wlU be?lu bis labors Alay 4. m ','v iB to p,rouch iu tbat cnurcii to-day. j Hev, A. U. Hoe, 01 Geneva, N. Y.f has been called as ""PPiy to the Presbyterian church 111 Clyde, N. Y. Rev, Thomas Sheet, 01 tne North ui'i c n 18 to Cortlund Village, N. Y. Rev. K c. Monlort hue resigued his cuunre of orchard street Presbyterian church, Cinciunali, Ohio. The Presbyterians oi Attica, N. v., dedi cated a new cb .icfi edifico last Thursday week, i he negotiations for etlectiug the speedy union of ; the i'.iitfl: sh Presbyterians and United i'resbyte ! N'111* ?B lingUtml are making yatlsiactury proxies* i and many ure becoming more sanguine than ever j tint! this d< sirabie event may not be made so do , pendout on the movement In Scoriund as It has 1 hitherto been, but may be accomplished within the 1 uext fifteen or eighteen monti.s. There are about ' '"indeed and thirty-nine places of worsuip in Philadelphia and immediate vicinity, which kivi's but one church to every 2,000 of Hie inhabitants, estimating the population at a little over souls. The General Assembly ot the Presbyterian Church In the I. uited States ol America wiii meet on l liursday, May 16, 18 ;a, at eleven o'clock A. M., in the Central Presbyterian ci.urch 01 Bait more, Md. The Rev. John Eadie, D. D., 1,L. D.. Pro fe-sorof Kxcgetical Theology, and tho Rev. Iienry Calderwood, LL. D.. Professor oi Moral Philosophy iu the 1 niverslty of Edinburgh, are expected to represent the Synod of the Muted Presbyterian ( iiurclt, Scotland, in the next General AHsembly. iV'l <*?era/!. Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church meet at I.ittle Rock, Ark., on the *atne day. The Fo:ty-second street cuurch celebrated the Lord's Supper on .sabbath last when its pastoi. Rev. W. w. Newell, Jr., and people were cheered by the addition of hitceu new mem b rs 10 its communion. The recent action of Presbytery seems to be emphatically sanctioned, rile I ul verity place Presbyteiiau church. Dr. R. K. liooth pa.-tor, Iihh a meiubtrsliip ol 8.8. includ [hit itn two missions. Seventy-eight were udded i*?i u Kr. The Mitiday school numbers 1,260. The nygregHtc collections for the sever. l interests of ihw iri-neial him local cnnrch reached the large "iim of HM&4 lor the year just closed, und lust UhjiUv the New iork Presbytery dissolved Irs pit -Moral relation. The Rev. ceorge Swaiu. 01 the Reformed cliurcU at Marlboro, N. j' has accepted the call from the Gates Avenue (for merly the oenevsn) Pieauyt-rian churoli, corner 01 iiviiig place, Brooklyn. He expecta to enter i|.oo uu new ii<- id of labor next SabbAth. Rev. Or. He|i, of Lyons, N. Y., has resigned li s chariie J"1/* R* v. J. 1>. Klt/.geruid. or Cumber uiid, Md., has accepted a call iro.ii the Presbv teriau riiurch at Kuexviilc, III. Tho Presbyte.lan . 1. r li ii. louri. entn atreet, tins city, 01 wnlch Dr. Me irujr u the venerable pastor and irom which I1.1 a?soci*te, Or. suipli 11, lately retired on ao ? omit 01 tUe faiiui e ol ills neitlib, has given a united i4ii to ih| Rev. Dr. Hamilton, oi beLast, Ireland .... . BAi-iisrr. v?tn<lw>r, \t., ia son without a pastor, though h .p. to get IUV. A. II. Ball, who has just j o.-cd hi* labors at i.reeutleld, Ma>s. Rev. J. ' "? " " ? has resinned his pastorate m i'oult '? ?. \ t.. t.wiu? In iii.iiealth. Rev. Jaiues Pierce, oi \ 1 1 ; noii | mt ersitv, succeeds Dr. (ioadov. |t?v i* mm tu, a>ter twenty yes rs' service with tne ,!ovter>^'- has resigned, and is '> ,t, v J- "? rainiiee. Tiie Ui baptist no. auuounc?>H the appointment ?? Ave I,#. w 1,1 ru to tlte lorriKli Held- Jaiues 11. nr. Hen laialn p. cross, (ieorge t h irciuil, and r.i. rii k II. Kvelth. all ol tne present class at n ? o.i, and He v, Oavid Downie, a graduate of ' :er. at present puHtor oi the ' a I ,-t (? ,u ih at .wonruevilie. Ohio, ihe growth oi OaiHiBi (Sureties iu i^nHion for the oust " "? ' *>? I M'tinim, 2. 107 ; member*, l,o;,i; . . .? ui a, s, a,ot7; Sunday schoof i. 'T '? a#?ociaiieii builds one new . h?t*w eeO yenr. ??*, a W, OatM, oi Norwaik. -Ill ?? i a pii-: orate of years to go to ? ui.. tt.a l r hi- h. aim a sake. Kev. j. c. Mukist, 1' '111 *' 1 " r *'f ^partcon's Pastor's col ,MH" *' ' P? ' ? ? ah to tiM Moout Purest Hap ^ . aua.ta, I;,,. W. |j. ^i.ernn r, u !!??? t? Cttntou, N, 4. Mr. h! ' " ' -? mi!,,, i iijia ?,.! ' -ii.-i> i .I* * j. i;,. v . ruo.naa , i * a ? ? ir. i? An io\er, t' .tin., to Tolland, N?I?. n r. i, K. K>.< kwrlt, Iroai houtli Wo?h|. ? .? a, ??n? i? N..I a Asiiiani, i uun. hav. V. K. *' '? 'an, M.. to auoaliunr, VI. ?' ' ? k II II. M I-., Ill ? ^ ?a. Pee, J. M Mn.iii. iro n liediord ..??? > tuaa. IU*. Ai'teiu mvjII, Irom Wash * ?? Iowa. li'i. ?. II. A Mil, L*** to Wewlfiiif, M^s. ? * leiht ha- aore , ? I I liie rail ol tiie <r' * *' Kweueg Pa. Hev. J. c. Waru, of " . *? ?^?,<e< Mm ealt ef te? B* <u-<t I > ? Ilifu im,Mi \ \ Kev. P. ' - .. ? pi. .1 I In' I 1 ""***** hi nanrfu raiia, Ma??. M . m MMMnNb has J' 'T ? r*rl ??e at INwnae ?1 r. Mrn. a a - oi, m 'U,?.ai.' la ? iij, ban gone to ? I a in* K? J, J. K o l. imra baa T**1 "* at IM Mrat Hapiist ? a. ? r i t rai - a?*? ' I ?* r> if??iM taftaa fHe?t July |. '? *? * ? IMr?a, MMMtt, M. \ .. baa MM le Mm tap i fat ehuren at ?" v i Ma? Mat rhurra now !??#?????*? ia is at liiii t ?it, ami a as ' 'M M I ??*. |?>a i ate year* ?g?>. A Haiil ai ? ' ? *?? msngmmn at b?wtrM, a new 1 *? a??Ma tf-m H?rla?<, ?. J.. aa<l the fi' > laae* LhnmMI feM MIMM a eatl M inalut. ' % k ?.? s, ?vr baa entered ai*ee wia work ** P"M?e ?r tba >a??M eMwed at ai'aaaeeaa, Ot * t s i M h n i . a. k MWM) MNB MMlMplW|MMIiM?lieltM I Mm etwe*, >? inm, m. A A Haptiat ? a ?oi. ? ia ?m- 1 ?n e a eoeacit, be im at Mgheim^ mm M tba a- , tummtmt ?tt at** m >?? Jer?ey. MtMfMiMi Uu" |at M the prwieaiaai l>i?wa^a' ckirdMi la Ml VMM MMM Me MHMM. IM l-f-^ ?l n?. SudieWe eMMM. maMfiMa, Hee. m. f. i an Mr* , N*as. praaaM M MMM Ma aMtee?fee aiai aNMNV! W pre -*?> }*mt b? t mm** aa ra e>*M? i>mN a^Mi. ?..? ua a.d i? tae kf aaaat . .( M* m ??? rharra. I.?? ... |.|..T|.? ,b, Ulur* lb leu* a?riag to t?~ *-verai Kr.^ai?a r?pM MMM MMt IMm HMM.a* tbree nubTi i-U ??*???? ? ??* Ma"# wb in- Maaad iu lividaaK a md M MM aaaaMM aw M aawuait Ia ?o earb aa>aaa lb*- taa fb,i.? . aa?mg IM '???'?* ?? aa?*?M M a*, i ar? m. Aaa'a. a. " or k a |^l III! w Jaawa. Iu J|i I be 'i ?< pa al H . j " aai>eii-d ??? ? I i Mm k. i I ?f ? p *. ouai ' ^."j wSSL'sx? H"v.'t35S r??l^ufl i be MIonaE ..I m.?n, .bai.b, iwit- ! h - ,Jr*fvK- *" **** m?'| aa t*a IM af iau, aad t? ne?M. a# n? a?a?p mmi araw n?ar .vhoM. baa keen ei*-? ir t iw bia ateaa UiU?>tM?b, ai Br*wCi/a, r*are>ib4H sa/s thai the kpiM?>fr*l khanM tu thai eMj ?i*p apetaie aae Hinwa M iha BMa.aUy and l*? third* Me the b?u?i. Al Mark ? cfevrrfe, Hro-.k lyn, L> I, |4m ^aa (aaar>e*4 iweatt MveM persoaa an the eteMa? M April I. ^ ? noaaa raiaoi m. Mgr. Mermlliad, abuae apr>-iutiaeat aa R sbee ar ^lear Apostotiu of Oeaeea bae ciniM a* Much trouble in Ilaritxerlaed. I? ? t>riiuaai p*ea< ber aad ft Melons iniaiubiUM. f>?nag taa VstVaa Cvaneu he Dfeftched ?t Horn* M Ue Pope m sa teMrna- ! Hon of the Deity. RUfcop Haran writes ir? Mexico that churhe* everywhere in the Kuiea arv tor better patronized than the itora an cfcnrrhw. 2 the Ctu w Mew*. * of L?ur,w7o? tlnnes to perioral mlraeiet uihmi ?<ck had dia people In the vleipita 01 Parkrraburg, w. \? the WliwL the T?at ?od ?he mmM tft0 M?" ????" ?* 1* watera of Lna.dea, coupled v>th "?u?c??" to the lad v. Hie latest leeorde.) IdiUuu Irow region la that 01 a Mrs. Decern!*.. How 01.10 w?? 5lua%PifirKt /,e#rB .?'*">? ?? ?omu.mioo. o?m plated with other du* asea. but s. n.?, on urn 17 187 a began to pray, nut to uo?l. tait to Ilia -hi. maculate Mother," aud 10 uhj cli? *at r, and after three days she whs p>*riectl . cur?xl. uu.l t4> abie to walk iroia the ctiurch and town to her I irm * home beyond, ihou?ii ?Ha had O.m ii uu.llM, to w^b even about her house ior yeara be o.<-. in?un, aion of the Itedeuiptloniat Hiihe a in fit. Jam a' church last week wm tor wouicu and over mx thousand communion* were pai taken of. Tina week the mission la lor men. i an ,>uud?y Muw Hall, of Harner's Kerry, and Mia* I'rtre, o? w U uiingtou, N. C., took the veil lu < invent of Om Lady 01 Merey to the laat i.a.u d place. ilia Archbishop 01 Algiers, MvuaeUuor 1-ivw no, ha? convoked a general council 01 ho. provm< ?? 101 the tirst bunday in Ma>, In th? Chuicu 01 -ot e Uame d'Airlque, near Altera. On tue laat day 01 March Father Thomas Burke, O. P.. left net., ad in cm pany with tather Lilly, O. P., jor Koine. He ex pected- to return to Ireland be.ure April JO. Mir. Meruiiiiod 18 in Paris, aud the exiled Archola. op ol Geneva preached at the Madrle.u* ou I'aaaton Sun day. 1 lie dedication of this C'at.cic church Tor tue colored people in bt. Louid will take place ou the lWh ol May. Woik will *00 u bo* commenced 0?, to? Catholic cathedral iu At.-uu, u*., which will be one 01 tho lln?at in tue tsoutii. Archbishop Manning hits writte.i an ode on Ht. Prui*?d b. tue l^on .on critics. On the mght of March 8, w.ille thi i.uuich of tit. Agostlns alia Zecca, of Naplea. was crowded at a jowdlea gathered and, alter ex ploding two bombs outside the church door and thereby creating a panic inside. they entered and began a general destruction o, eucues an 1 chairs and other turniture, and wound u.i by ainasluui: the high altar an<l jha* 01 lav Mauoona tuto irag ments, accompanyiug their acta with boisterous, blaaphenioua language, one 01 the the Church o: none in tue ilely !i ,?[.? 1 ^Paaaajfe of a bili by the ituiiuu Senate deueeing tnat Chrlatiuna ol all tltiuojtinktionH un^ver8itlCean(,l^h?8 l0r it,le THOftul otluus 111 lht! Tcrff 'wn bTco^ iU Bttlt'mor? Cathedral a week irom to-day and on tho htiudav .oliowiu; he will day? (^Tl0nr?rr. hls new ^ee- o? t,.e aame 1 v . ^olriKau win be conaecruted liiuiiop 01 Newark In tlu* cathedrui o t.iat city ls!*y',ey wla, "dioiato 011 both occasioni. P : a jour/ml acknowledges the receint of ?2U1 -m coatributlous lor "our iio y Fa her the Pope, whose trials, tue Jour ruil thinks, will bo afesuuged be lore next year. P.o mbi.v. u the daily bulletins ol his health can be depeuded on. The coliectioua in the tatnolic churciies o> Brooklyn lor tno Orphan Asylum, at ourls'iiias and Haater aggregate #17, ->i>7 4n. Last Tuesday ihe Catuolics 01 ilalumore laid the foundation si one ol St. Ann a church in that city. The ed lice will b ? o4xloo jeet built 01 granite, with niaible triiunuriga, capable 01 seating too persona a d to co?i 4 ,000. j;ev. w. fc. liartlett, 01 t&i? cathedra , is to be ouie pastor of the new enterprise. French Catholics are oiiran wing a tract society to couutcraci the leavcniuff 111 duenues 0/ Protestants in that 1 nd. ? . UXlVKIWALIiT. her?6 ?n,\Ter?alot8M?r.i;ana(,J n??nber 4,890 mem ofl !??-?? M- K-Mo?her has resi n *d his , astor Sr i...? -r^ ' lovva> 111111 lia;< one to tiic htmly er* 01 ^ouU H-'tJi'ng in Daubury con tinues. ihe pastor of tlio .1 at cuurch waa ? i?i?? y Invited to prt-acli iu a "chr.stun" church, !!> .u always Imd a reputation ior orthodoxy of the severest kind. itev. A. 0. li-toi.a d, pastor of the Baptist church, a Oalvinist ol the Htnct st older, preached in the b'nlverg.ilist churcn ia?t tiiAnflPhi^ sermon which lor christian thought and seutlinent is nolo., en equalled, it contained no doctrinal uilluslons, and was heartily commended by thoa.' old Universal sta who were n, ' iV e?r2 a?'? 'roui such doctrinal lood as was lur S fy^ TynfW?,er' iiuil('u "nu Wliitte.nore. 5?.= r-,9 a ee lua pastorate 111 Lurre, ^ '^""^etied by Brother L -cter Warren. Itev. N. c. Hodgdon, of Vernon, Mass., w o has been out ot health, is fast regainiug ma sticii 'th. ofurcUrt Pigeou coye, llass., wnf be ^ u about the l^t 01 May. i'lie Univcrsalist f!)?,1!? ^^toaghton calls brother Joseph K. Mason to its pulpit. He will huppli tiii lie graduates in July from fu ft 's Divinity School, and then receive nf o 011 crdmaitlou aU(J l)'- installed. 1 he Church 1,1 cll(ilsea (??niveraalist) has ex- -1 o?<jiSmi unannnous call to the he v. A. J. caufleld, U.oV S ' ?'? 1,e ''as accepted, 'ihe Metho tust, 1 resbytcrum and Universalis! ministers in WIN iiHion, \ t., frequently exchange puipits. very ac to the several congregations! ^ The Uni versallst society iu Webs, \ t., has a small, neat church, in which services are held ev-rv fourth hum J ay by He v. W. T. ltoss, of castleton. ' Iter. 0. liaH ?J?sed his pastorate In Cavendish, a.uJ k ' N. Van do Mark has le.t tno Um'ver salist church in Pittsburg and gone 1 1 Ul ick Hawk, h? it . v* . ? ilJrne> w,'? l,as nejn laboring with vmf ^wmrS.i ?c'n,r(!h ,n N.ackdurinjthe past the 1^01 May engagement iu that place on miscellaneous. n.Ti.,^ eTnBh co"Krelfruti',n llnal Sholom. of n? ii?iiQ V lmve elected Hev. J. Mendes ue holla, 01 San Jbiauclsco, their rabbi, and he has accepted the positi it. The General Con ference 01 the Lnited Brethren Churcn opens in tho city or Dayton, Ohio, Thursday, May 15. it is re ported that while a clergyman in Atalauta, Oa., was extolling the excellence 01 charitv on Sunday evening ot last week au unknown man suddenly rose itom ills seat, walked to the ulplt and * ill. a. J greenbacks the Bible. th.e services he again went to tho pulpit, shook hands with the clergyman and departed without having utt-reu a word, i lie last 2-1. J1".0 ,n t!1,n ,,e waH recovering slowlv. The MMr <le?. iof, 1)r- Moffat, the veteran mission ary and father-in-law of Ur. Liv.ngstone, visited mm recently aud presented him testimonials of their respect to the amount ol $:?>,u)i availably in vested. ihe number or convert* lu the Protectant missions of the woiid is computed at tws of this number 266,87V are communicants, mis calcu lation does not Include the 4.355 communicants of ????ative church at hlerra Leone, nor tho communicants oi the Baptist Ja maica Union. The number of nii-sionaries Th? fl?a iVe HCleJ^y in t e mi8s on Held is Al7ti. H iL wm anniversary ol the birth of John Huss will occur on tho eth 01 July. A proposition has been started amoug the Moravians to houor it with suitable ceremonies ol celebration. Hev A bhiv!?r,v&v' paster of Christ Lutheran church, ? ' ?*? ' "as, received a unanimous call to l>c come pastor ol bt. Mattnew's Lutheran church ? 8treet, Brooklyn, ihe Synod of Ohio of !L,HlL0lme<1 ,Ch,,rch ^ the United states will ?l th i?H ?ess'?" in the Keiormed church " SHelbyvllle, Illinois, on the 14th V m,, lice at Mauafleid^ MifJT CPnffr.eKatlonal church edl nce at MansQeld, Ohio, has been set ior Mav 4 sarvlhm r>^?? in Phn0?0,' h Wl" "0,tl its """'ver Hary tfufi rear in Pniladelphia. where a meeting nf ??/e^ an 1?^c,i5frv interest is anticipated, ifev Drs. Storrs , Budlngton's and Wm. M. Taylor's con gregatlons, in Brooklyn and New York, nave made "" ?r,*1 c?utr'^"li?ns toward the Congregational AhSJit isA0U .""i1, fol n,,e ,n thls v'clnltv. Aiwut fonr thousand Are hundred dollars nave k JHr ibeen collected, with the rest ol the churches to hear irom. The Broadway Tabernacle have Insured the life of their pastor, the Hev. Dr. 1 lay lor, for $:2u,ooo, on the endowment policy plan. FORTY-FOURTH STREET STIiCOClE. Tht Paitorer Patird Over? Prayers for the Dead? A Now Engliib Rabbi for Ik* Temple. This orthodox congregation having observed the eighth day of Passover, wliloh closed on Friday evening, gathered yesterday also In lante nuni bera In their synagogue on Forty-fourth street, be tween sixth and Seventh avenues. The first and elsatn days of tho* festival are kept as holidays by tbe orthodox Jews, and on these days Rev. Mr. Isaacs delivered addresses appropriate to the festival. Yesterday he did not prcach, but a aervico for the dead was celebrated in etead. A a an Introduction to this service , Mr. - le.iaes remarked that the Pasuover had % passed and they would now settle down to their ordinary avocations; but It became them to re member those that have gone from their midst, but whose memorials were still with them. We are now, s.ud he, about to remember those who have gouo be lore and whom vc must soon tollow. I*t uk therefore look bscu to the da?s of old, mid let n? lake rare that when we leave this world our children nliH.I have no regrets save that we are gone iron; tliem. Let our lives be spent in Ood's ' service and in doing good to our lellow men. And with tlieae words, said Mr. Isaacs, let us oiler up t'RAYKHS FOR TIIK l>KA I). Then covering his head nnd hat with his phvlac terj he, with a portion 01 the congregation stand ing. urtcrud up atlent prayers lor a tow minutes, alter which the people sat down, and tue preacher, taking the book 01 record of tbe ucad of the con gresratloa. prayed for each or the deceased de parted and l<y nnine. I tie ordinary sabbath aer tic was then continued. It was humorously suggested by one of the mem bers l'iat tne exhaustion consequent upon the Pass over diet of unleavened bread and bittor kerbs bad * probably uuuttcd tue veue. able rabhl, Isaacs, lor delivering a regular lecture yesterday, liutany o e who knows anything about the observance of ???? festival among Israelites must know that*|t is in ? rely the substitution ol unleavened crackers for leavened bread, und that there ;s no diminution and m an-e.y any other chauge in tho ordiuary diet of Jewiith lamilnia. AN KMJI.Iftll KARRI OOMINO. Tbe Temple eoii*r?gat 1011 are anxiously expect tng the arrival 01 He v. *r. liottheil, of Manchester, whom Ui?y have called conditionally to be ihelr Koglish iee.turer. lie Is expected to occttov tlicif Ei pit about two weeks henoe, and is to lector* <?? rea different .Hahbaili*. and upon different sul> jecta each itm?. The Teinpie conareitution pay his expenw'S hither, and If he is accepted, as lie proba bly will be, they promise him a good salary, too. fca?liM preachers are so scarce t tat the Tempi* has now been eti months looking lor one, a?d it IS to be bo fed has at last touud tb? right man in Mr. Oattkati

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