Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1873, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1873 Page 9
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FLMIliL AND COMMERCIAL. The Relaxation in Honey JIaking Progress. The Rate on Call Ranges from 18 Down to 6 Per Cent. CMVOUEB BUOYAICY II STOCK. Pacific MaQ Rises to 61 and Western Union Tarns the Corner of 87. M0NEY IN LONDON 2 PER CENT. I Firtktf Advance in Foreign Exchange aid Government Bonds Rampant. GOLD HEAVY AND WEAK. A Gain of a Million Reserve in the Bank Statement. WALL STREET, ] Saturday, April 19? ? v. m. j ?a 'Obauge to-day cotton was quiet, with prtccs ruling steady. Receipts at the ports, 4,975 bale. Floar ood tiuued dull ?nd heavy. * heat jvas quiet and not essentially changed In price, while cor waa in better demand and firmer. rns impobtb of Tn* win. The total imports of foreign merchandise at the sort ol New *ork 110111 to1?1*11 p#rl8 dttrlnR tb0 JLl ?eek were $12,316,814, made up of dry goods and $9,046,616 or general merchandise. tub cotton movement. The total receipts ol cotton at all the ports for .'re ?.?*> HUM. ??"?' <*"5 bales the previous week, making the total receipts since September l, 1872, 8,168,638 bales, against 2,638,175 Dales last year-an increase in the present crop of 626,463 bales. The exports from all the ?orts doring the week were 8U.499 bales, against m 864 bales for the same period last year. The total exports for the expired portion of the cotton year are 2,044,793 bales, against 1,720,737 bales last year The stock at all the ports is 467,407 bales, against aoe,oo2 bales m 1872. THE FOREIGN MARKET. Cable despatches announce that the steamer Sootia has sailed from Liverpool with the half mil lion of sovereigns which was packed at the Bank ef England yesterday, as reported by our London correspondent. To-day's advices from the London market do not justify the apprehensions that this shipment would lead to a higher bans raw, for money is quoted as lending at 2 per cent upon con gott. London quotations have been generally steady except for the new lives, which declined hut became active and recovered *. The new French leaa has advanced to a premium of per cent, and Erles have risen to 61* a 62. money easy. Tae money market was easy? at least as con trasted with itself in the eventful past few weeks? and on call were made at 1-16 and Interest down to 6 per cent, the last rate prevailing at lg early as a quarter before three o'clock. The blftaest rate of the day in the way of turning stocks was H P?r cent, or rather that was the difference aarly in the forenoon between cash and regular ?rices. As the bonus of 1-16, the highest rate in actual loans, was for the two days to Monday, it was really equivalent to only 1-32 a day. In other wards* w the highest rate for money was equivalent to about 18 per cent per annum. Foreign exchange was strong, with an uuusually active demand for Saturday, and the rates for prime sterling advanced to 107^ a 108 for sixty day and 108\' a 108X lor sight bills. These figures will doubtless help to reassure the London money market. From Washington we learn that the outstanding extra greenbacks this evening are $2,117 000? a decrease since yesterday of $75,ooo. The Treasury balances are $36,000,000 currency and $72,200,000 coin, the latter being represented to the extent of $22,600,000 by outstanding certificates. The relaxation In money started the note brokers looking into their pigeon-holes, and, if continued next week, we shall probably see a revival of activity In discounts. THE BANK STATEMENT. The weekly statement of the associated banks Is favorable and shows that the deficiency in re serve has been so much farther reduced that the banks are now below the linetonly about a million dollars. But the return is still mysterious in its tollure a second time to refiect the undoubted heavy receipts of currency lrom the Interior, the Increase in deposits being only nominal. Hqwever, there is a conspicuous gain in legal tenders. The snow a considerable liquidation of credits, doubtless as a result of the fall in prices during the week at the Stock Exchange and the consequent retraction of advances upon Btock collaterals. Should the Treasury decide to prepay the May in terest without rebate on Monday morning the reinporcbmkny of reserve next week would bring the banks clear above the line of required legal reserve. Indeed, as the statement is quite probably made on rapidly rising averages they may be already in possession of ttr (toll twenty-five per cent. The statement com pares with Its predecessor of last week aa fol April 12. April 19. ? $271,516,900 $270, 190.600 I*ans 19,116.400 Specie ?714400 27 713 300 tofaTtenders.'. 36,493,800 36,6iw,800 ?The ehanges being in detail as follows:? Damase in loans. - ? Decrease in specie ?? ? i'ioo Decrease in circulation Increase In deposits. . Increase In legal tenders i.mb,wo? An analysis of these figures shows that the banks naw hold only $983,860? less than the reserve re qulred by law? a gain for the week of $1,041,350. In the national uanks really hold a surplus of abant $40,000, the deficiency being confined to the State banks in the Clearing ilouse Association. the railroad bonds. The railroad bonds were firm, with a well dis tributed business. Boston, Hartford and Erie firsts recovered to 36*. The following were the bids at the call:? t'm If re Mv Del, Lack A Weit2d m. S7 2*^ Y.Jk . MB. SI l)el l ack A W V, con . 9? 5?w *ork C?n ? s,um " T(,i A W lmm.fltl- div TO ESsUSESp ?i ssaat*:::* Erie 5S?, ?XUd.:: W Kn? Decs bonds Morris* Jj***1 n> luSfRS' m, ? I. '86.104)2 NJOn liim.n^.... 1?X h!Sk Vi ;'dm '75 ...1UI n J houllicrn lMin 7 /ft 5 tlL HttV fit in, V W k Chic mm. log SSa?? afif ::::::: ** "15: > w * ?? >* ?. ? f f c?T 1 Vol new Ms.'/ VI Chic ? Alton ? !.. tWiSTA?.:: ** 8? "????>???" 1* 6 SSrte mwSb." " P?n"n?.uT.rrnkcon.;; g>, SI r Osion ficlflc 7'i!'/. 7?V JolictAC hlc 1st CUIOD Fsctflc IBC 1(|'?. . 73H Col. Ch e k Inn C 1st. 8? Illinois < ?n "jner ct,7B.100 Col, Chlcj * Ind 2?1 " BetMvtlto aini 1st, 8'.. tM Tol, p * W, B Oj... . ? ? ? ? Alt A T?r U, 2d m inc. 80 Tel, ? * Bnri,? d 74 out t w w Ittm ?7X Tel. HAW ron 7'* 1* Chle a N W c sold lid*. 92 >4 N V A N U 6'?. ??_???? ? ? ? BH a St Jo convert... 87 Bott, HA Krlf l?t m7 s 3- ? Del, i?ck a W 1st m... 99% Ced PslU* Mln 1st m.. TIM CITY BAM STOCKS. f>e following were the bids Hot the city bank glares:? New *ork, 183*; Manhattan, 160; Mer ?haats', 1U; Mechanics', 140; Dnlan, 140; America, u. puaix, M9 1 Tradesmen's, IN} Mechanics mAu?v_Wi amiin itmiifc m\ mi I eMitc Exchange, 00; Commerce, lit; Mechanics' Banking ft w(i?l>llnn. W7; Mercantile, 137; Ameri can EiMUIIb 1A1 ; Hanover, 1M; Metropolitan, . 133; Grocers', 1*4; East River, 1 12; Nassau, 101; 8b Nicholas, 110; Importers and Traders', 176; Park,14t*; Manufacturers and Merchants', 101; Mew Tori National Exchange, M ; Central National, I M; First National, 216 ; Foart* National, 110* ; Gold Exchange, 113; Bankers and Brokers' Asso ciation, 80. GOLD HEAVY? 118* A 117*. Notwithstanding the heavy importation oi, foreign goods for the week, knowledge of which was obtained by the clique in advauce and was ; used to stiffen the market on Friday, gold was | heavy and the market was feverish. The extreme fluctuations were between the limits of 111* and llT*. The coarse of the market is shown Id the M A. M US 13:31 P. M USX 10:30 A. M 118* 1 P. M 118 11 A. M 118* 1:26 P. M 117* 11 :1M A. M ...117* 3 P. M 1"* 12 M 118 3 P. M 117* a 117* In the gold loan market tbe rates ranged from 4 par cent to 7 gold per eent lor carrying. The oper ations of tbe Gold Exchange Bank were as foi iQWII !?? Gold cleared ?lo#,m,ooo Gold balances Currency balances 2,540,818 Tbe Sub-Treasury paid out 164,000 on account of interest and $2,000 on acoonnt of rodeomed five twenties. TBi fcraci* MormsNT. Tbe specie exports to-day amounted to mi sliver. Tbe total exports of tho week and since tbe beginning or the year have been as follows, compared with previous years:? Total fs* the week $842, ?03 Previously reported 16,606, sao Total since January 1, 1873 $16,348, 4?a Same time 1872 : 7,471,715 Have time 1871 ?. 20,00i,??2 Same tlma 1870 7,324,041 Same time i860 10,345,106 Same time 1868 20,611,860 GOVERNMENTS BUOYANT. The government list was buoyant aud advanced to tbe quotations prevailing a week or so since, when gold was selling at 119*, the sixty-sevens bringing 110* for a while, but closing * lower. Tnc following were the closing quotations:? 1 nUed Stales currency sixeB, 114* a 114* ; do. sixcB, 1881, registered, 117* a 117* ; do. do. do., coupon, 120* a 121 ; do. flve-twentles, registered, May and No vember, 114 a 114*; do. do., 1S62, coupon, do., 118* a 118* ; do. do., 1804, do. do., 118* a 118* ; do. do., 1866, do., do., 120 a 130*; do. aixty -sev ens, registered, January and July, 117 a 117* ; do. do., 1806, coupon, do., 117* a 117*;. do. do., 1S67, do. do., 110* alio*; do. do., 1868, do. do., 117* a 117*1 do. ten-forties, registered, 112 a 112* ; do. do., ooupon, 113* a 114; do. fives of 1881, registered, 114* a 114* ; do. do. do., coupon, 115* a 116*. FURTHER ADVANCE IN STOCKS. The stock market was strong despite the con jectures of a probable reaction after the sharp re covery of the day previous, and prices, after a little hesitation at tbe opening, advanced steadily until the second call, when a disposition to realize caused a reaction and a loss of a portion of the day's improvement. But the satisfactory in terpretation of tbo bank statement and the further relaxation in money occasioned a lresh rise in the closing hour of business, when the highest prices of the day were reached, Western Union, which sold at 77* on Thursday, touching 87*. The day's improvement ranged from one to two per cent and was most marked In Western Union, Pacific Mail. St. Paul and Northwestern. The Southern State bonds were firm. The Tenncssees recovered to 70. B1UHE8T AMD LOWEST PRICKS. The following table shows the highest and lowest prices of the principal stocks during the day :? IIiQ?ic8t. Lament. New York Central...., 102* 101* Erie 66* B6*i Lake Shore 93* 02* Wabash 60* 68* Northwestern VI 70* Northwestern preferred, 87 H7 Bock Island 109* 108* St. Paul 68 % St. Paul preferred 73* 72* Ohio and Mississippi 44 * 44'? Union Paeifio 33* 32* C.. C. and 1. C 39* 38* Western Union Tclepraph.... . . 87* 86* Pacific Mail 01 68* In Philadelphia, Reading advanced to 116* and Pennsylvania to 113*. ERIE RAILWAY RECEIPTS. Tbe following is the official return of estimated weekly earnings commencing November l, 1872:? 1872. 1873. 8 Days. 8 Days. For week ending April 16 (413,023 $398,860 Previously reported 7,280,645 7,68<>,166 Total earnings since Nov. 1. $7,690,668 $7, 980, 000 Decrease for week 19,173 Increase for five months and two weeks to date 280,338 BALES AT THE HEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Saturday, April 10? lOslft A. M. $21)000 US 6's, '81,c..b3 120} 2000 do 1203s 25000 do s3 120* 10U00 l!SC-20,r, '62..... 114 15000 US 5-20, r, '64.. .. 114 $10000 US 6's. cur 114 10000 do 1144 10000 do 83 114 10089 US 8-10, c, '67 119* 1000 no c 119* 10000 U8 5-20, r, VS, n. . 117* 20000 do 120 10000 LS 5-20, C. '66, 11. . 117$ 20000 ao Ii30 120', 15000 do ?S 117k 20000 do. s3 120 10000 do be 117J4 5IK>"0 do U7* '0000 do k~ ?wo Z: HJS ;g 1500 sbs West UnTel... 800 300 1000 MO 1500 1500 400 400 *00 401) 400 41)0 200 21*0 do., loo Eric kk. 100 do... 500 d*. do do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 117* 6000 UB 5'l. 10-40, r. ..c 112 10 A. M.<? Before Call. SB hs* aoo do. 86* 100 do. do. 200shsC A NW RR... 200 U Pacific RR. 500 100 1000 woo 3U) do. do. HOW 32V 33 200 C A R I RR. loo Panama RR Ill 200 do 1 10> 800 Pac M 88 Co 69 Ji 200 200 200 200 100 100 100 200 100 100 do. A iwZ Uo h3 iu?li do. do. oo., do. do. do. do. do. ioh>5 iocs 108ft 108$ 108* io?* 108?! 100 20i) 500 101) 500 300 1300 300 800 500 300 1500 300 000 300 1C0 100 :wo 300 am 30'j 3u0 700 800 300 20U 1100 do. do. do. do. do. do W* <00 100 T, W A W RR. 100 do 98* aoo do 69 1400 I. 8 A M b RR . . . . . 92* 200 do c sfiy% 300 do Kfc 600 do 200 B, Q A E RR 3* do. do. do. do.. <lo. , do. do. do. do., do. do. do si ...C 59* 300 .... 5 8* 200 .... 59* 800 .... MS 300 .... 59,4 400 .... 50* 500 .... 6?'? 300 . , , .. 59 100 .... 58* 400 59 100 do 58* 300 400 Mil A St P RR 58 '? do. do. 300 800 da do. do.. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. 68). S* 58* 58 14 68', 88 'J St 58', I? 59 do. < i< * . do. . 5t* . 59v; : %% C 101* do 101 S do. 101* llO C IWl 'j do 1)4 I"):, do 101;', C 101 200 N YC A 11 K Stl no Sill) 600 100 401) 400 two do 101* 200 59* 200 Mil A St P Dl 72?i 59* 100 do \...b3 72S 59* 200 do -?* 100 N J South' n RR.... 100 ao. ...'. 100 do 100 do 1400 Obio A Miss RR. . . 100 do 200 do 500 do 300 do I'*) do 100 C, C A I CRB?.... 800CAN W RR....... 79* 400 500 ZOO .300 do. do. do. do. 200 tP 300 do.. t:. do.. do.. & 33 K 34 34* 44* a# ?4* 39 39* 38* 38* 39 39 Kir at Board? 10(30 A. M. . $IOOOOTpnn Ct, old . . . . 79 200 abs Pac M 88 Co..C 00 lWK)H?:flrg,U, Jn AJy. 19 400 do 60 1000 N O 6'?, old b c 30 300 do 60* '87 92 500 do 69F 100)1 SVCi'i ii.JSSSJf C7'?,76....c imx 100 U 8 E* Co 75* !il<HX?Krie!kl m 97 3t? do 75* hp %"? HK?* m. 150 ewm")..: ?7 , ** . f?' " ' Toi Int sr, oS?fSnP^c,SR?d b* swo do ? ? 7odd do. ? 5(00 i; Pac r?, iff b ?? 25 s< c\rr """? 600(1 FT A HI. 7 Con 87 W 2000 (JARIt PaC "<g 6000 Tol AWabSd.... 2000 N J (Ten 1st, new lu'i 2000 ciev A P4tb wk 4000 Chic a Alt II r Ms m 10000C, CAIC2d b?0 73V 10000 do 72? 1000 T, P A W 1st, E D. 10* 2WI) B. H A K lit 30U '?A NW i b.snii 91 1000 Lone Dock hda .. t?li 1000 Am l)k A Imp7's. 96* J """ 300 75k 50 NYC A II R RR... 102 loo do. be 101* loo do c 101* 1400 ao 11)1* 300 do 101* 2000 do 102 500 do e 102 1700 do 102* 700 do., 101* 100 UlinoiK Central KR 118 300 Krie MR. . , be 66* 1600 do (it)* ?0 Erie KR prt bo 74* 100 Mich Cen Kk 105 ?OOLH A M S KK ,.Uc 92^ 90V I I MX) 1000 400 1 30<il do... do... do. . do... do... 100 Panama 'rr;; 300 do ,*& do .... 100 ... f* ::: & be 110 ... UO* 111 ju Am uk ? imp i s. ao lluv shs Metropi iau Bk IM 3? 4^./.. ' ljoS PU?.nl? Bank. 1? c.M S* ? _ Sty ?S ? * UBUHSMS* "MA4IV mjm Oc.. do., do., do., do. , do., do. . do., do., do. . no., do. 200 M', 100 100 Oalc* M Co. SB 200 West Ub T?) be MX #00 do 85% m do 85% 400 do 8MZ aoo uo c Ms MO <1(1. **? too ;?o 300 800 1000 1300 2*0 TOO 200 400 aoo wo sioo TOO 100 **> 1100 do. too do ?00 do. ooo do. 200 do. 600 do. AOO Uo 600 do. 200 do. 400 ao too do e 2100 Uo... 1U0C, C.C A1KR 7H do. 500CAN W HR be WO do ? do do 200 CAN W pf b e 90 N J C6U RK. . . 200 C A Rock 1 RR. do ?*% do.*.. lOV^g 44 C M?'2 do .C 109 do 109 do W9% do b3 861 100 400 100 200 100 M| __ 1 00 Mil A St PUR. set 900 300 2UU too 1900 200 100 100 100 200 100 400 Pacin< Mail ss Co am 100 400 500 100 wo 800 aoo 400 000 wo 200 <00 200 200 1900 600 KM 400 WO 700 do. do. do. do do. do. do. do. do. . do. do. do . do. do. do. do. ?b c.o rto. do. do. do. $15000 US 6's, C. '61.. is 118% 7u<j0 US f JO.c, '05 1J0 20(4)0 US 6-20.C, '("2. .b c liBM 10 ?o 1>K ( -11), C . t?, n . . . 117% do do do #?* .10 WH do be do MS* do. w;? do 5# do 59% do 59% do #?% do 59S 100 Mil* 8t I' UK pf. ... 73 500 UO bo 73 ioo do 100 do 735* 2(J0 Bolt, 3% 400 do s3 3 55 P. FtWAC.gtd ... 93 56 Chic A All pf...bc 112 lOOStLAIMRR S6 100 do DO 200 Jo ww yi% 63 do VI 10 Chic, Bur A Q KR.. 110 200 U A St Jo RK b c 43 10O do 43% 35Mor A EnexKK... 91 300 N J South RK 35 2U) UO 0C 35W 300 <10 35 S 100 At A I'ac pi' bo 25% 100 Ohio A M1?h HR.bC 44*, 200C, CA1CI 39 300 do 30% 180 uo c 39 UilS P. M. $14000 US 5-20, e. 'CS.... 117 V IfiUiO US 5's, 10-10, e.... U3Ti 5WO Us cur. 1 1 4 *4 7uoo cd s's, an, c.... us 4 4000 US i-W, c, '(57 119J l?i30 P. M? Uelore Call. 200 shs Wost Union Tel 86% 300 shs Erie RR 66% 200 200 aoo 300 1000 200 200 800 WO 400 3000 MJ 200 1.00 100 soo .l00 200 i'ac M ss Co. do. do., t:i do., oo. , do. Uo.. ? 10. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. <lo <lo. do. ?lo. do. do s3 60% 100 1100 10O 1800 500 500 100 1100 500 100 100 400 200 300 200 300 300 30 100 800 500 luo do 500 N* C A 11 K RK. 300 300 500 1U0 1200 400 S0J 8tt% 86*. 86% 86% 86* 86% 88? 80% 86% Mi.':, ??* 8? m 80% 86<4 00 tiO Ii0% 60'* 60% 6'J ?*? 80% 60% 60-:? 100 brio KR prof 75 ZOO Harlem KR 127 800 lib A M S RR 92% 100 uo b3 95 100 do 92% 400 Oo *J-'5a 100 I'&iminu KR uos " 0 L'ni'ac KK 3l.% 21'0 100 100 7uo 100 IMiO 101.0 200 33*, do c 33*i do b3 33 "4 do 33U do C 33% do 33% do. do. 100 Chic A K1KK 109% do. do. do. do* do., Jo. do. do. do . do . 2o0 do 109 100 Mil A St 1' KK.... 59V -'00 do 69 100 do 68% 4tW 110 59 1000 do C 59 50U ao 1)60 60 200 do 69 100 no 68% i00.Mil A Stl' Hit pi... 73% loo do 73 60% 100 do 73% 60% 300 do ItU 60% 100 Uo 73% 60% 100T, WAWKK 69 60% llxib, UAERR b3 3 60% 700 no 3 60% 4'J0 Chic 1KW Kit. . . . 80% <x? 200 U .V N W RR pi 87 60% 10C C, O, O A1 RR 85 00 3U0I1 A St Jo HR 44 Uo j'JK *00 Ohio & M Klt 44!, lit , ML.. 1111 ,1? ,. 4 (J. 69* 102 do 101% do c 1(*% Uo 102 Uo 1)3 IU2 do 10-' do 101 % Uo 101 % ICO Uo e 40 100 Uo 44 300 do 44% 300 do Hh SOOC.CAICKK c 39 400 ? do 39 iOO do 38% 200 do 39 400 uo 38% Second Ituurtl? 1 P. N> 3fish? Del A H Canal. . 112 800 W cat Un Tel be 300 210 400 600 2300 <lo. do. (lo. Uo. do. 86 BO!* wa 80.'^

mC 20N YC AJiudaon.... 10J 200 ;ioo 200 1300 100 do... l> c 101% do 1'^ 102 do 102 uo m>,{ do 102 100 Pac M .sti asiy i 300 <10 V0i SO Oo I?9% 700 <lo be 50;* 200 do 69 4 300 Uo !'9>, 300 do !*% 1000 do 00 "S00 do 59% 100 Uo 59% 100 do.: 6?X 100 Kne HR be 06% 100 Erie KR prcf 75% ioo Harlem KK 126% 10 do 1W 300 I.BAM bKH...bc 92% 400 sh* L SAMS HR. . . 92% loo i'awuiic KK U0% 100 <10 be 110% 900 l"n Pau uK be b3 200 Uo 33% 100 do 33S 7'W uo 3,')'4 100 do O 33,*? IZC.C, uAIKR 84% 12 do (tlO 81% 200 (' \ K W KK.,..bO K0J, IOO M A 8t P KK....bc 59 Ht 300 do {,a;4 100 T. W A \VR... 69 20O B.ll A Li KK be 3 22 N V, N II A: If.. 137 16 Chic A AURIC...... U.I 600 Del, IjK W Kit... 100 Uo. 50 do . 09% 9?% 99% pt be ' 20 100 Uau A M Jo UK.,, 44 400 do be 43% (?.OOOhio&M KR be 41 '4 4 OO do 44 i, 100 C. CA 1C bo 38% 100 do 39 IOO Uo b.5 .>9 150000 U8 6 28, c, fiT.. 119% 200 shs I- S A II S 60000 do 119)4 100 km RR 174000 UO ll?% 100 14000 do 119% 60000 U 8 6's, e, Hi 11?% 3000 U Pac 10's, inc. . . . ^731. 2 to 3 P. Ill, n 100?h.s Puiiama KK 200 Wells-KnrKO Ex. 41 0 West Un Td...., 200 do do do do 100 700 2700 1500 400 200 1400 ll'Kl 600 86 _ ? 87% do I>3 ?7% do bl 87 !.4 uo 87 do, do 800 do 6!i' 100 do 66' IOOO. Lack AW RR... 99 100 Bost, II A K RR..,. 3 80% 200 Ohio A M RR 41% 86% 600 (10 44% 100 do 03 44% 400 CAR 1 RK 109*4 1200 U11 I'ac RR 3.H', 400 do 030 33% 800 do 83% 300 uo 33% 600 ;13% 200 :a% 200 pjie M Sa (Jo 1000 do 200 do 100 Uo 600 do 20o ao 900 Oo 200 do 400 do 100 do luO 800 600 N y C A H RR 87 *0% 69% CO 60% O0'4 60% ^0% ?*% 60',, 69% 69% 60 100 N.J Southern 36 100 Han A St ,io 43 200C ANWRR..,, 400 (lo liO Uo 900 Mil A StP RR. 300 do. do. do. do. rto. do. 610 700 2B00 100 11 00 8J% 81 80% 69*4 59% 69% 59% 59% 60 69% 69% do 59% 400 Mil A St Paul pt... 73% . 7S% 1300 200 1000 2000 200 100 do. (lo. Uo. do. Uo. 100 L S A M S 92% 1000 Uo 93 400 .do 93% 300 Uo 93% 102 300 (lo. 102 '4 100T, W A W RR 69% 10J% 100 do 69 '4 102% 700 Uo 69% 102^ 13(^1 do 69% 102% 200 C, CAICRlt 39 100 do 39% 200 Uo 39 100 do b3 39% GL08IHG PKICES-3 O'CLOCK F, M. Western Union. 86% n Oulcksilver. 38 a Panama Ill k Adams t'.x ?4%i a WeUs-Kargo Kx 80 a Am Mer U11 fx. 66% k L' s Kx!>res? 7.V4 a Pacific Mail.... 69% a N V Central... 102% n Erie 66% a Harlem. 126 a Lake Shore 93% n Union Pacific.. 33% a 86% 1^2 95 81 59? 102 '4 66% 127 (JS% 33% Plttsbnrpr Northwestern. NorthweBt'n pf ,N J Central Rock Island st Paul St Paul prcl... Wabash Ohio A Miss.,., Ilan A st Jo. . . Huston, II A K. O. I A I C 88% a 89 8<l% a 81 H0 a 88 99 a 100 109 a 109% 09% a 60% 73% a 74 09S 4 69% 44% a 44% 43 a 44 3 a 3% 39 ? 39% HAVANA MARKBTB. Havana, April 17.? The market for sugar in dull and nominal. Exchange quiet and weak ; on United States, 60 days, In currency, 13 a 14 per cent premium; slmrt sight, 16 a 17 per cent premium ; 6n days gold, a :u) per rent premium ; short sight 33}? a 34 per cunt preuiium ; on 1'arix, a 30 per cent premium. EUROPEAN MARKETS. London Monwv Market.? London, April 19?1 :30 P, >?.? Consols and American securities closed uncbantro.i Con tois owned at 11 t'or money and the accost United States five-twenty bonds, 18B.Vs old. ?l? ; liifSTs, gs^ : ten forties, 89?i; new fives, 90, and Eri?t Railway shares at M&vrrpool Cotto* M a re kt? Liverpool, April 19 ? 1 :30 P. M ? The market closed steadier. The naies ol the day have beeu 10,000 bale.", including 2,000 for speculation and export. Ot the sales 6,000 bales were Anitticun. Sales of cotton shipped from Savannah ?r Charleston, March and April, at 9 S-16d. Middling uplands, S?V a 9)4d- : middling Orleans, 9kd. Liverpool BRKinsTcrrji >* arekt? Li vuiroot, April 19? 1 :30 I'. M.? The market Is quiet Liverpool Provisions Mabh?t.? Liverpool, April 19? 1 :,'?i P. M.? Beet, 85s. per tierce for new mess. Lard, 4t)s. per cwt . Liverpool PwrflfcrK Markf.t ? Liverpool, April 19? Evening,? fWhmon rosin, 8s. ?d. per cwt. _L0*0O% Produce Marer? London, April 1#? Even ing.? Calcutta linseed, 64s. BWVANWAIa. AUGl'ST BELMONT A CO., Hankers, 1!) and 21 Nassau street, issnc Travellers' Credits, available in all parts ot the world, through the Messrs. I)E ROTHSCHILD and their correspondent*. Also Commercial Credits and transfers of moDey on Calllornia. Europe and Havana. A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN ON BOND and Mortgage; first and Second Mortgages cashed; city property only. s. KltKIDKMtlrH A CO., 906 and 90S Third avenue. At reasonable rates-money on life en dowmenta, Insurance Policies, Mortgages anil other Securities. Insurances of all kinds effected with best companies. J. J. HABKICH A CO.. 119 Broadway, A -TRUST MONEY JUST PAID IN TO LOAN AND . buy MorUtageson Cltv Real Estate, In sums to suit; no bonus. Address TRL'8TEE, box 2,681 Post office, N. Y, ALL PERSONS DESIRING TEMPORARY LOANS ON Lite Policies, Commercial Paper, Stocks, Bonds or other approved Securities. Apply at 82 Cedar street, room 2. _____ Al-STOCK AND OOLD PRIVILEGES. Parties wishing to speculate can do so safely and with ntiall capital by buying privileges. Write or call on HA8KINS A BRAIN K, Broken, U Broad stri ct Explanatory circulars mailed on application. ROKKN NATIONAL BANK NOTES BOUGHT AT four (4) per cent premium. DB HAVBN A BRO., 40 South Third street, Philadelphia, Pa. B For nalb? first mortgage op $17,000 oa prop erty worth $40,000, opposite Stewart's Oarden Cltjr; good bonu*. B. PREIDRNRICH A CO., i"" aum r ? rt*A*vtky _ _ JJ0WE8 M MACY, BANKERS, 1$ WALL RRBIT, NEW YOKE, OFFER fHH 8AME FACILITIES TO DEPOS1TOB8 AS IHCOBl'OHATRD BANKS, AND ALLOW 1NTEBE8T ON DAILY BALANCES AT TUB BATE OF POUB FEB CBNT. 1 HAVE CONTBOL Of JO MM $?*8 Of MONEY 1 to tray flmt clam N?w T*l city First Mortgages, at MONBYTO LOAN-ON BONO AND MORTOAOK ON New York and Brooklyn Property5, nrst and second Mortgage* cuhtd promptly. JENNINGS or HILL YER, M Cedar street Money -teooo and $t,ooo-, another sum or $*,J0U; I will bay good first or second Mortgage*, at moderate discount; money in bank; no delay , princi pals only dealt with. MORRIS B. BAEB, 9M Sixth avenue. Money to purchase oood first mortgager. In New Yerk. Brooklyn or .fersey Oity. Principals only need apply. Addreas MORTGAGES, bo* 3,7<M rpel oAce. NOTieE.? OFFICE OP THE PORT BOYAL BAIL road Compun v. n Pine street New York.? The Coupons of Port Royal Railroad Bonds, duo May 1, will be paid at the office el the company at maturity. R. HI' II A Y B R, Treasurer. JEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE.? A SEAT FOR sale. Address B., box 6,820 New York Post office. N "PROMPT CASH LOANS? ON STOCKS, LIFE POLL X cles, Furniture, Pianos. Diamonds, Miscellaneous Securities and General Merchandise. Commercial paper negotiated. Storage. JAMES CAGNEY, Auctioneer, Real Estate and l.oan Broker, SSI Hudson street Robert winthrop a co? Bankers and Brokers, K) Wall street, execntc orders for Stocks, Bonds and Gold, allow interest on Deposits, and transact a general Banking and Broker age business. Tip top new "youk city second mortgages, $3.1X10 and upwardn wanted; money in five days; rate 9 to 8 per cent to cover. Principal only apnly, with papers, immediately, to J. B. LlCHTENbTElN, 183 Broadway, tv) i, oa N-$i2,ohoV ?umwo, * io.niibT $67floo7 $5 ,7w, ~$5~otio. I $8,000, *7.000, rrwM), $2,000, $1,800 and $5,060, on choice New York and Brooklyn city property ; three to flvo years: principal* only. Arnly, wltn papers, Im mediate! v to J P. LICIlfKVST: IN, | sa Broadway. TTHl'HY- -BROKERS -ANY PERHON WHO HAS I paid considerable amount of usurious excesa will find It for his Interest to address BLAOKSTONR, Herald office, a thorough and reliable lawyer, who thinks it right to maintain tho laws. WANTED ? a IoaN OF $3,900, ON FlftBT class City Property, valned at $12,000. Apply by letter to ROBERT NEWBERRY, 222 Concord street, Brookjyn. TITANTED-A LOAN OF $12,000, FIRST MORTGAGE vv on Filth avenue houws, South Brooklyn; value $28,000. For particulars apply to WILLIAM II. McCOOL, corner of Thirii avenue and seventy- first street. Y TO 11 PER CENT. We make a specially oi County, City ond School Dis trict Bunds; puarnntee legality of all bonds sold, collect Uie coupons without charge, or take same as so much cash on sale?. Send lor price list. The Ijhw of Municipal Bonds, just published hv our senior, should be In t tie hands of all interested in tnls class of securities. Two volumes, price $10. W. N. CoLEK A CO., 17 Nassau slrer.t. 7" PEE CENT INTEREST? Trades Savings Rank, 275 West Twenty-third street, near Eighth avenue. Chartered 187 'J. Call or send for circular. 1 A TO 20 PER CENT INVESTMENTS. 1? Choice City and County Bonds. First Mortgage Hailroad Bonds, Insurance, Gaslight, Bank and City Railroad Stocks and Bonds, also other first clnss investments, for sale at the lowest market rates by ALBEHT H. NICOLA Y A CO., Stock Brokers and Auctioneers, 43 I'ine street. New York. N. B.? Prime investments a specialty for 21 years. Ts THERE AMONG ALL TH E W EALTII Y persons In New York one lady or gentleman eiiarltublc enough to let a destitute lady have the above suin of nwnev. in return lor which she is willing to give her sorviees m any tionorahle employment f Must have the money before Tuesday, or will be turned iuto the strict Address Mrs. M. L. WILLIAMS, station B. $ ( tfUl TO LOAN? ON FIRST OH GOOD SKC 'x.Ui/'J ond Moripapos, in stims oi from $1,000 up wards; rtinds on hand by or before May 6. WILHAM C. RhDDY, Attorney at Law. 34 Park Row (Jfcll nnn TO LOAN? ON BOND AND MORTGAGE ?|?I l.UUU on first class property for throe years. Trust Funds. Apply to W. GRAVES, lfc Broadway, N. Y. d?"| i) fWW\? $6,000? EXECUTOR'S MONEY TO loan en City Improved Property, or will buy Leasehold Mortgages. IIAI.L J. HOW, 12 Pine street <#>7 (t nnn to loan-on first 'mortgage, on ip | O.UUU first c las* Propcrtv in New York and vicinity. Principals only dealt with. Apply at once to CAPITALIST, box ?,7?0 New York Post office. OA A TO loan? in sums to suit, on f luO.VlJU Cllyor Improved Country Property; ait u money for second and leasehold Mortgages. BIDWELL A ARMSTRONG, 12 Pine street <f?i nn rvAiT TO loan-in siuta to sdit, with ip U'Uj."JU out bonus; also 95.000, $20,000, $lf0,000. to buy Moritfajyeg ; also Money for second und leasehold mortgage*. PAUL P. TODD, 65 Liberty street COPARTVKHtMHIPS. NOTH'K.-ALL BUSINESS RELATIONS AND CON nectlons hetween the subscribers and (lorhnm Uray terminated on the 25lh day of March, A. D. 1878. ARTHUR CHENEY. New York, April 12, 1873. A. MILL1KEN. MUNICIPAL MATTERS. COMPTROLLER^ RECEIPT8. Comptroller Qreen reports the following amounts paul into the city treasury yesterday from the dif ferent Bureaus of Collection, Department of Fi nance. viz. RECEIVER Or TAXES. From taxes, water rents and interest $3,338 COLLECTOR or ASSKSSVIfNTS. From assessment* for street openings and improve ment* 19,231 BUREAU or ARREARS. From arrears of assessment, taxes, water rent and Interest 5,343 BUREAU OF CITY REVENUE. From market rents and fees 809 Total *26,722 Department of Public Works. Commissioner Van Nort, of the Department of Tublic Works, makes the following statement of pulilic moneys received by that Department during the week ending yesterday (Saturday) BT THE COLLECTOR Or A HHKSHJf K WTS. For Broadway widcninK $80,699 For Riverside Park opening 8,966 For other improvements 7 ,36(J Total $75,916 For water rents and penalties 1,681 For sewer permits 460 For vault permits 1,605 Grand total $79,712 NEW YORK CITY. The police arreBted 1,671 persons during the past Tft6k. There wre 346 births, 184 marriages, 638 deaths and 02 atiu bi[ttis in the city last week. Fire Marshal McSpedon reports sixteen fires for the past week, upon which tl? ebtjjnatcd loss iB $35,836, and the insurance $28,ooo. Six men were injured yesterday morning by tfeft falling of the scaffolding in the sewer at 132d street and the Boulevard. Peter Dtinn and Peter Geoghan were dangerously hurt and sent to Belle vue Hospital by the police of the Nineteenth pre cinct. James Donahue, Superintendent of the Free Labor Bureau, Nos. 8 and 10 Clinton place, makes the following report of business for the week end ing April 19:? Applications for employment, 949; of these there were 147 maicw ami 802 resales. Male help required, 121; retnale, 800. .situations procured for 94 males and 736 females, rt'hole num ber of situations procured for the week, 829. The affairs of the Bull's Head Bank are progress ing favorably in the hands of the depositors' committee. A meeting of tlio depositors is called at Teutonla Flail, (Sixteenth street and Third nve nne, Tor Tuesday evening, the 2b) inst., at eight o'clock, at which the whole situation of the deposi tors' interests will be dtsoussed and the day of opening the bank be formally announced. The persistent and praiseworthy efforts of the deposi tors lor the reopening of the bank are, therefore, about to be crowned with success. Shortly before twelve o'clock, on Friday night, Edward Bennett, a man thirty years of age, who boarded at No. 1 James slip, was ionnd lying dead at the bottom of the stairs leading irom the second noor, on which he lodged. For a long time Mr. Bennett had been of very intemperate habits, and as a noise as of some one falling was heard by several persons in the house it is believed deceased fell down a flight of stairs, and thus received fatal imiries. The re mains were removed to the Fourth precinct sta tion house, and Coroner Yonng notified to bold an Inquest. FATAL QPBPOWDER EXPL0SI0I. WTUfiNSTON, Del., April 1$, 1873. An explosion took place this morning in a por tion of Dupont's Powder Works, near Wilmington. HIM THE IIV QUA EUR. o Wk?t ?mraor Dl) WU1 m with the Ckart?r-HU DmUIm Mi Referemw im K-Wfe at Hajr?r Huremtjrir li Ooiig m t* IN N??r Apfwlfl? The Plra IhM la AiapMldna VaU Time A? , tewe? ?%o *? ?? *?k#? H* Aro^dthe Olty*Hftll and Court Hoase yesterday proartaeat politicians were conspicuous by their M'liiH, U4 MMMdad Senator TMmana, Mr. John ttllraMMMa oommisaloaor SMU The Mayors ofltoe was throi^Ml vmi oaMtra, ft*d ft Iftrge Bom ber or the at ware admitted to an Interview with Hla Honor. All these are more or leaa animated by o disinterested expectation of tavowto ectae, ana tha Mayor M ?wdeavoring to aeet the wishes or all those Mom aouestlona are warttv at oniMan tlon. Every hour of the day the Mayor has sug gested ta him the name et some gentleman who the augvester tnmka U qualified to Oil one af the twentyloor prominent public offlcea the Mavor will bo caged upon to nominate. a schedule or the vacant offices has been made out aud the names or the persons suggested with the names or their ref erences recorded, aud tu# Mayor desire* to ob tain, in reference to these candidates, all the infor mation that can toe sent htm in reference to their character and qualifications. When the charter becomes law the Mayor will, in coherence with well-tried ad risers, go through this list, and the nominations will then be made. In reference to ihe charter we are authorised to state, on the highest authority, that it will revolve the signature el the Governor. There are several matters or detail and one or two minor matter* that somewhat Implntre ou constitutionality, whioh It may be necessary to modilv, but to obtain these amendments supple mentary legislation will toe reported to. But a* they In no way affect tuc general scope of the charter, the Governor, It is known, positively has signified his Intention to make It law. There will be the delay or teh days allowed, not for the pur pose of reconciling any doabts or lor reflection ou any or the provisions, but "imply to enable Mayor Havemuyer to gain the lull extent or the thirty days for the selection 01 proper men to flu the vacated offices. Practically the charter Is regarded by the executive or the city as laws and in all the departments that are affected by Its passage ar rangements are being inadc toy which, at the end or thirty days, the new officials will be able to enter upon their duties at once alter the confirmation ot the appointments toy the Board or Aldermen. It Is uLso understood that the appointments will nat be made in detail, but submit ted to the Board or Al dermen in tiielr entirety or the twenty-Pour names, and rrom the present indications there In not likely to be unv want or harmony between the Board aud Mayor llavemeycr. A THE FAIE OF THE SHEPHERD'S FOLD. The managers or the .Shepherd's Fold Orphan Asylum, located on Eighty-sixth street, having found it necessary the better to care for the spir itual and physical necessities of their inmates to raise a large sum of money, have made extensive collections for a fair that Is being held nightly at No. 2 East Forty-seventh strict. It opened on Thursday evening, the attendance has Increased nightly, and It promises to materially aid the worthy object the ladles have in view. On the afternoon and evening or Monday and 'ltiesday it will be open for the sale of articles, which com mand good prtccs, ana go off rapidly. As the char ity Is one or the moat deserving in the city it should secure the generous patronage of our citl y-eus. HOUSKH, KOOHIS, dtC., WAHTEU. In t.Kis City and Brooklyn. An unfurnished parlor floor and base mant, with all modern convenience*, in a private house, occupied by oulv ono other lamilv. Add rum WANTED, box ids Herald office. A PARTY DESIRE TWO OR Til It RE ROOMS OR A Flat with a respectable family for light houwicop Ing, with use of bathroom, between Twenty-filth and Kll:y nnuli struuts, Third and Sixth avenues. Address, stating location and term*. ERGO, box 174 Herald office. A LADY OF EXPERIENCE AND RESPECTABILITY wantii a furnished House in wood locality, with the privilege ol' other boarder*; she will board the occupant and family for the rent, or in part payment of the Name, according to the number requiring accommodation ; ref erences unexceptionable. Address, immediately. 31. K., 44 West Twelfth street. A LADY PROFESSOR OF MUSIC WISHES TO KENT in a central location, near city ear*, twncomfortabiv lurui&hed Rooms, adjoining, with gas and fire, in a highly respectable lamilv, where no boarder* arc fallen and wburc she will "be perfectly undisturbed in hor studies; will be permanent if suited; not to exceed 910 a week. Address Mrs. B., Sebubevth Al'u.'n, 2:1 Union square. A LADY ENGAGED IN BU8IN ESS DURING THE day want* two unfurnished Room*, in good locality ; rulercuces given and required. Address, giving terms, Ac., box 5,6'it) Post office. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A ROOM IN A HOUSE occupied by a private laintly : permanent residence desired; rent moderate. Address J. J. C., Herald Uj>- i town Branch office. ' A WHEELER A WILSON FIRST C ASH FAMILY j 1\ Hewing Machine (nearly new), ei t I used in blfk , walnut, for sale at a bargain; also a t.'Om WV^Jfand Chain. Apply at 406 Hudson struct FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS DESIRES A NICE I untarnished Moor of five or six rooms; location I luuHt be between Twentv-third and Fifty-ninth streets, , Fourth and Eighth avenue* ; rent not to exceed $36 per ' month. Addres* S. J. 8., box 172 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, NO CHILDREN, I)B sire a First or Second Floor, west side* will take lease lor one ycur If suited ; reference given and re quired. Address W. K. Herald Uptown Branch office. AFURNI8IIED ROOM WANTED? IN A PRIVATE family, between Fourth and Fourteenth street*, west of Broadway. Hoarding house keepers need not answer. Address, giving full particulars and terms, W. A. R., 4fi4 Broome street. A GOOD SIZED ROOM, CARPETED, WANTED PER manently by a laoy teacher in a neat house uml street, in vicinity of West Twenty-third street; refer ences exchanged. Address LUTHER, Herald Uptown Branch office. Furnished booms wanted? roR the summer, by three adults, between Tenth and Twcutv-Becund streets and Irving place and Sixth avenue. Address VIR 01 NIPS, New York Stock Exchange. InURNISHKD BOOM WANTED? BY A SINGLE GEN 1 Human in a private lain 1 1 v, between Tenth and Twenty-third street* and Third and Klghth avenues; ternis *:t per week. Adnwi NELSON, Herald office. Hotel wantkd.-a responsible party, tiior. oughly competent, wants a first class Hotel, fur nished and in running order, lor which a lair rental will be paid. Address, for five days, giving full particulars, C. C., Herald office. House wanted? house in the country, with gaTden attached, for small family; not more than an hour Irotn Wall street Address box 9GU Post office, New York. T AROE BOARDING HOUSE FOR SALE-FlRNI lJ lure and Lease and cheap rent; lull of boarders, a good stand for the business. 328 Penrl street, opposite Harper's building. Apply for one week. OFFICE WANTED? FOB A PHYSICIAN, BELOW Thirtieth street. West. Address, with full partlcu lars and terms, PHYSIC, Herald oMre. PART OF STORE WANTED.-LOC AVION FROM Headn street to Maiden lane, first floor. Address BUCKMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 116 Cham bers street, New York. Rooms wanted-second story preferred-, must be with a nice private family, lor light house km ping; will furnish own rooms; locution between Fifth and Sixth avenues: Fourteenth to Forty second street preferred ; gentleman anu wile only, and near some good restaurant, or with partial Hoard. Address box 17 Mechanics' Exchange, 27 Park place, or call lor , owner >>i box, between I and -"-j P. M., during the week. TO OWNERS OF TENEMENT HOUSES.? I WANT I Apartments or store iu a row of two or more | tenements er French bats, to locale an office and take charge of house* ; have hud 18 years' experience as a real estate agent and can give the best reference. Ad- I dress REAL ESTATE AGENT, llerahl office. TWO GENTLEMEN (FRIENDS) DESIRE A NICELY j ftiraished Room, in a private family, without hoard; location between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Twenty- ( third C"d Fortieth street#: terms $10 per week. Ad dress COMJORT, Herald Uptown Branch office, l,2?s i Broadway. ' WANTED-BY TW O GENTLEMEN, THREE LARGE Rooms, unfiirnN.'icd, in a private residence, first or aecond flour, with bath, Ac ; also accommodations tor one servant; tietwcert Tentn 5?d Thirty lourth and Fourth and Sixth avenues prelerreiT. Address A. F.. box 1,282 Post office. Wanted hy a SMALL FAMILY OF a1> uITk i small three story House, or the Lower Part of a high stoop House, in a re-peclable neighborhood, be tween Sixth and Ninth avenaos, and from Fourteenth te Fiftieth street, at a reasonable rent. Addrc** S. R. E., box 142 Herald Uptown Branch office. Wanted? a large house, partially kur. nished, first class location, where rent will be taken out in board, with privilege of six boarders , highest ret Address WEBSTER, :tOH West Twentv i street. WANTED-BT GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A PLEAS" ant front Room, either furnished or iinlurnishrd< with Board, in a private family; location not below For ty tilth street; references. Address, with lull particular*' terms, Ac , E. R. , Ration K. 11T ANTED? FURNISHED OR PARTLY FURNISHED, tt four or five Rooms, by a responsible party, between Fourteenth and Thirty fourth streets Fourth and Sixth aveuues. Address U. J, H , Herald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED Room, without hoard, below Forty second street; private family preferred. Address, stating terms, U. H. R, Wl# I'.roadway. WANTED-SECOND AND PARTOE THIRD FLOOR (or Flat), ol six or seven rooms, by an American family of three adults; good neighborhood, east of Fourth avenue. Address WILLIAM, box 162 Herald office. WANTED? MY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, SIT ting and one or two small Bed Rooms, luralshed lor housekeeping. In a private family , Brooklyn or country fro i erred; runt must be moderate. Address H. E. B7. box 178 Herald office. ' WANTBD-BY A GENTLEMAN. A PABLO E~AND Bedroom, connoetlns, on second or third floor be tween Twentieth and Thirty -Blah streets. Fourth and Seventh avenues; a private lamily preferred; If mutually ? ?? a1 AkT ANTED? AN UNFURNISHED ROOM. WITH RUN ! J ning water* If * genUem*n of uneiceptlonabto JSST&SuS, KsESkt" ?OW??B, ROOOMI, *C^ WA IfTED, Cb fhli Ctty and Brooklyn. TIT ANTED IMMEDIATELY? BY AN AMERICAN T Y family. untarnished Second or 1 hird Floor, with m*nrn Improvements and all eonrenleneas lor light housekeeping. will) a private family, cm wnt side, and not below Twenty third street. Address, with Urmi and particulars, BiihTON, box 1M Herald office. w_a?ted-by a respectable woman, who la ty ant during the day, a Bedroom. Address Mrs. B. 8., M0 Eaat Thirty-third street, stating term*. WANTED? A TV RNISHED ROOM, WITHOUT BOARD, between Bleecker and Fourteenth streets. wrii . Ma. AiMraaa, stating locality tad price, JEWELLER, box 113 HeraiM office. WANTED-A SMALL HOUSE OR A SECOND OR TMM Fl<*?r, alx or seven rooms, with all Improve mentai terms reasonable. Addraaa N. B., baa office. ' TETANTEO-BY a small family, a furnished tt House In upper part of city, at a moderate rent. iU<Ml? wHh terms, 0. A. T? Herald office. WANTED? PARLOR FLOOR, BETWEEN TENTH and Fortieth streets, in good neighborhood ; hot android water; state price, location and number pf rooms. Address DOCTOR BURKE, 17 Stuyvesant street. ?OTANTKD? A SUIT OF ITRNIBIIRn ROOMS; MOD YY ern improvements, with privilege of light houae keeping, convenient to restaurants; between Eighth and Thirtieth street* Madison and sixth aveuues. Address, sta ting terms, which must be moderate, OWEN, Herald Uptown Branch office. "TIT ANTED ? BY AN AMERICAN FAMILY OF THREE tt adults, a small House, Part of a House or Flat, lira respectable location ; prompt pay; oarelul usage: rent about *71)0. Address IRONSIDE^, box 137 HeralJ office. WANTED? MAY 1, SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR, II 3 to S roomi, untarnished, for light housekeeping, two adults; any person having more room than they, require, with improvements, at a moderate rent, can se ejare a good and careiul tenant bv addreaalag, wltb par ticulars, L., box LM Herald offloe ; Americans preferred WANTED-LOWKR PART OF A UOCMI (NO FLAT', ?Y aimre Fortieth street, west side, for a (mall iamUx; Bwl neighborhood. Addraaa. with mil particulars, ILKX. Herald otlice. WANTED? IN THE TWENTY-SECOWD WARD, three or four Rooms; private house; rent not over 9M. Addresv giving all particulars, LIVIKUBTUW, bttX 120 Herald office. ? "UTANTRD ? BY A SINGLE OENTLEMAN, A NICELY YY faruiahed Room, by the year, In a strictly private family, where there are no other boarders; would oar liberally tor home comforts; location between Fourth and Seventh avenues an l above Eighth street. Addreaa SIDNEY MARTIN, box 176 I'ost office. WANTED-A SMAtf, HOUSE OR PART OF * house, with all modern improvements, situated be* tween Second and Twenty-third streets and west of Sec ond avenue. Address A., 1MU Ltuane street. ; lirANTBD? BY A ORNTLEMAN, WIFE AND SON. V* an unfurnished First or Second Floor in private bouse, between Fourth and Sixth avenues uud Tenth and' Thirjy-toarth streets. Address box H,67l Post office. WANTKD? TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS IN A RE spectablo locality. Address, stating lowest terms, F. R, box 389 Post office, clty._ WANTED? UNFURNI8HED APARTMENTS FOR A lamily of three persons ; location must be central. Address S. 'P., Herald office. WANTED? BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, seven Rooms; $6UU Address L. 11. M., box 125 Herald office. WANTKD? BY AN AMERICAN COUPLE, TWO UN furnished Rooms, in a private bouse, in vicinity at Forty- eighth Btreet; rent #16 to $20 per month. Address MARCY, Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTED? OFFICE FOR A DBNTIST, NOT BELOW Seventeenth street or above Forty-Afth street. A<% dress, With terms and location, D. D. 8., Herald Uptown Branch office. E ANTED? A LARUE AND SMALL ROOM, FUB nished or unfurnished, except carpets, in a first ? house, private preferred, between Fourteenth and Fortieth streets. Sixth and Lexington avenues; terms moderate. Address, with lull particulars, !?., box 141 Herald Untown Branch office. YJirANTKD? TWO FRONT ROOMS, PARLOR AND TT Bedroom, furnished, on second floor ; terms not la exceed $U per week , between Fourteenth and Thirtieth streets and Lexington and Sixth avenues; references ex changed. Address box ISO Herald office . WANTED? THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE, WITH TT two or three Rooms on the third floor, in a good location; west side. Address, with full particulars, box 1760 new York Post office. WANTED? ONE LARGE OR TWO SMALL ROOMS, well furnished, for gentleman and wife, with or without Hoard, above Ninth street; without board price must not be over $30 or $36 per month. Address TUOM AS LISTi'N, 104 Sixth avenue. ill/" ANTED ? A SMALL HOUSE, RENT ABOUT $1.2110 TT between Twenty third and Forty-eighth street* and. Sixth and Ninth avenues. Address, with lull particu lars. box 3,760 .New York Post otlice. WANTED? UNFURNISHED, A FLAT OR PART OF A House, say six to eight rooms, tor a small, first class adult family. Address, statUig location and lowest rent, DOMO, Herald Uptown Branch utflue. WANTKD? THE LOWER PART OF HOUSE, WITH two Rooms on third floor. Address, stating loca tion ana terms, J. A., box IDS Herald office. TIT ANTED? BY TWO ADULTS, MOTHER AND SON, TT two or three Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, for light housekeeping ; moderate terms; prefer to live with a small American family of adults; first class references. Address 1). K. Y.,box 142 Herald office. TIT- ANTED TO RENT- A THREE STORY HIOH STOOP VT House, between Forty-eighth and Sixty-fifth streets: m ? further east than Second avenue ; price net to exceed ? ,300. Address RESPONSIBLE MERCHANT, Herald i-uce. In the Country. t\T ANTED TO RENT? IN JERSEY CITY, A SMALL TT Houi-e, about SO minutes' walk from Pnvenla ferry. Address, stating terms, Ac., S. R. N., Herald Uptown Branch office. WANTKD? A SMALL COTTAGE, IN NEW JER8EY; within one hour of City Hall, on Northern Rail road preferred ; rent must be moderate. Address A. B.,, 0., 171 East Eighty-seventh street. ? W4 ANTED-AT TARRYTOWN, A FURNISHED HOUSE for the Summer, by a private family; must be a first class residence, wltb all modern improvements, shady grounds, well drained, aid with a good river view: possession wanted from the middle of Ju*e to middle ot September. Address box 1,660 Post office. New York city. ' MISCELLANEOVR. IH WALKBB'S SONS.? EXTRA AND PLAIN BOOK j ? binding done at shortest notice and lowest price; editions Di boolu done In best stylo. 66 Dey street. Rare chance for capitalists.? look out fob i burglars! Call and sec the new Burglar Alarm; nothing like It; State rights lor sale at 71)8 Hrnadway. FKOi WKH.STKK, Patentees. OLOTE & JANES, STATIONERS. PRINTBR8 AND k? Blank Bonk Manulacturers, 93 Fulton street Blank Books made to patterni. SOFT CAPSULES, SOFT CAPSULES. Castor oil and many other nauseous medicine* can be taken easily and sately in DUBDAS, Dicr A CO.'S SOFT CAPSULES. No taste, no smell. Sold by all druggist* in thin city. DIAKBLt; MANTKLM. Aki.ahkr, steam marhlk and m vrbleisino . Works, I'M iiikI 136 East Eighteenth street.? Marble and Marblelxed Mantels, Tllinir, Marble Counters. Monu ments, at prices that del'y competition. Marble Turning lor the trade. An assortment of mantels, unsurpassed for beauty of design and quality of workmanship. Slate Work ol all kinds a specialty. PKNIfllYN SLATE COMPANY, Fourth avenue and Seventeenth street. Union square. UThWAKTS SLA TIC MANTBLS.- EHJH AND ELK O trant designs, Slate Works ol every description'. Mar ble and Wood Mantels. T B. STEWART A CO.. 231) and 2X1 West Twenty-third street, near Seventh avenue. N. Y. c KLABER A CO.. STEAM MARBLE AND MAR&LB ixing Works, TiS West Fttty-ftrst street, betweon Broadwav and Eighth avenue.? Marble, inarblelzed Man tels, Monuments, Headstones; large selections at vary low prices. DKNTMTRY. ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS.? TEETH EXTRACTBD; fresh gas daily ; Combination Sets extremely Unlit and dnrabln ; Rubber Sets, $10. 216 Sixth avenue, between Fourteenth and fifteenth streets. Established i* year*. _ Or- L. BKBHARD. A BEAUTIFUL SET OF TEETH, *H; SINGLE, $1; warranted: I'litmpurs, Imparting youthtnl appear unce ; Extracting witli (.as, ; silver Fillings, 80*. open Suuday till 12 2ti'I Sixth avenue. Remember MK Dlt WHITE, DENTIST, REMOVED To 239 SIXTH avenue, formerly of 7ft? Beautiful Artificial Tseth, $3. 910111111 (IS: teeth tilled at reasonable prices; all work warranted flrsl elass. Modern dentistry, ?or. r e. durkin, latb 373 Canal sireet, now at No. 7 Clinton place (Eighth street).? Artificial Teeth ou new principle ?, Immovable; used as natural teeth. Teeth extracted witliout pain with p*. or by benumbing process. ASTHOLOQY, AH -MMR. BLANCH, THE OREAT UNRIVALLED . bnsiuess and uiudicdi clairvoyant, 102 West Twen ty. eighth street, near Sixth avonoe. 4 TKST.? MRS. VANS1SE, BUSINESS AND MEDI jV cal Clairvoyant, Spiritualist, tells name, dav of niarriak'e, brings together those long separated, gives positive information on all affairs of life ; no satisfaction, no pay. 621 Second avenue, corner Thirty-tourth rtreet. A TTENTIQNy? CUS^ULTATIONS ON BUSINBSS, iV law suits, enemieJ, absent friends, lore, mar riage, sickness and death. I'ay reluteii ifii'cj* jatHfled. Mme. SINOHI, Clairvoyant, 621 sixth ivenum. ArtBVriON.-^SUW THY DESTINY AFTER YOU have been deceived afifl tan mttn ewis.sli. tftia wonderfully gifted clairvoyant; gives lucky number*; causes marriages: tells everything. IS9 West Forty-first street, near Broadway. Am -mm. 1 cell by thk oreatest liyuio ? Clairvoyant and Astrologlst, causes speedy mar riages and cures all diseases, best city references. ?9 Hudson street, corner of Harrison Satisfaction guaran teed. EUROPEAN CLAIRVOYANT TELLS NAMES, SHOW* JDi likenesses, causes marriages, gives n ambers; 4 cents and >1. ItfWestMth St., basement. Mmm ISS NORWOOD, REAL astrolooist. ? CON 8 U LI her for everything, personally or by letter. 141 East Twelfth street, northwest corner of Third avanue. i ISS WBLLINOTON? THE BEST voyanW. tells past, present^ M numbers; telU of leant s and thefts eighth street, neaf Fourth avenue. PBOFBSSOB LISTER 18 THB ONLY ASTBOLOORBl in New York. Send stamp for circular. WJUlk

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